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Fall 2006

Volume 6, Issue 1

American Society of Criminology Annual Conference Los Angeles, CA

This year, faculty and graduate students will be flying across the country to present papers at
ASC's annual conference, which will be held in Los Angeles, California. The department boasts a
number of interesting presentations, some of which are highlighted below. The conference runs
from November 1st until November 4th, 2006.

Lorna Rivera-Alvarez & Wesley
Jennings: "The Effects of Parental
Attachment on Self-Control. A Look
at Attachments Among Puerto Rican
High School Students."

Carrie Schrage & Jodi Lane:
"Legislator Ideology and Corrections
and Sentencing Policy in Florida"

Jodi Lane & James Meeker: "Do
General Fear of Crime Questions
Gauge Perceived Risk, Fear of Crime
or Behaviors? An Exploration into a
Nagging Question"

Ron Akers: "Social Learning Theory
and Life Course Criminology."

Stephanie Hays, Amy Stauffer, &
Karen Parker: "Female Offending in
the Aggregate. A Within-Gender
Study and Comparison of Female
Offending. "

Tasha Youstin: "Supporting Capital
Punishment. The Relationship
between Death Penalty Approval and
Confidence in the Justice System."

Christine Driver & Eve
"Improving Comprehension
Juvenile Justice Process."

Christine Driver & Eve Brank: "An
Evaluation of One State's Attempt to
Improve Juvenile Comprehension of
the Court Process. "

Jeff Ward: "Attitudes toward and
Perception of Police in Rural 'Speed
Trap' Towns."

Nicole Piquero &
"Control Balance
Corporate Crime. "

Alex Piquero:
and Exploitive

of the

Matt Nobles: "Philadelphia's 6un
Court. A Preliminary Analysis."

Kate Fox & Angela Gover: "In Pursuit
of Factors that Predict Stalking
Victimization among College

Lonn Lanza-Kaduce, Jodi Lane, Ron
Akers, Carrie
Schrage, Erin Lane, & Jessica
Perry: "Implementing 'Thinking for a
Change' in Florida's Juvenile

American Society of Criminology Conference Chair

Our very own ALEX PIQUERO is serving as a co-chair with
Doris Mackenzie for the 2006 ASC Annual Conference held in
Los Angeles, CA. Alex will also be playing the bass
guitar during an evening performance. The name of his band
is The Hot Spots.

State of the Syndicate 2

New Cohort Introductions 3

Publications 4

The Usual Suspects 5

Extra Extra 6



September 25, 2006

The Syndicate is the graduate student organization for Criminology, Law and Society.
Its mission is to support the academic and professional development of graduate students
in the program. This fall, the Syndicate is poised for its finest year of service to

The Syndicate's September meeting featured two insightful sessions with guest speakers:

* Graduate Assistants United co-President Bret Seferian offered an update on UF's
comprehensive new health care plan for graduate employees. He also contributed
information on GAU's collective bargaining efforts to secure graduate assistants this
year's annual pay raise. Bret concluded by describing GAU's efforts on behalf of
graduate students working under the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, which is
presently addressing budgetary shortfalls and strategic planning for the upcoming
five years.

* Lonn Lanza-Kaduce addressed the group to provide further detail on the CLAS five-year
plan and its implications for the graduate program in Criminology, Law and Society.
Lonn explained the nature of potential budget cuts and reassured everyone that the
CLAS budgetary uncertainty would not hamper the extraordinary growth and productivity
that our program currently enjoys.

In other news:

* Efforts to improve the graduate student office facilities are ongoing. New computer
equipment, including a robust workgroup printer, promises to make the shared basement
offices more productive. Thanks largely to the initiative of Jeff Ward, graduate
students now also have access to a full-sized refrigerator and freezer unit and new
* Several CLS graduate students are pursuing external fundraising activities. Tasha
Youstin will head up the Syndicate's fundraising committee, in conjunction with Jessie
Perry and Becky Hayes.
* The Syndicate would like to recognize Saskia Santos and Krissy Tennyson for their
efforts as social coordinators for the Graduate Student Council in 2006-07. GSC has
reported record attendance at social events this fall, thanks largely to the
enthusiasm and energy that Krissy and Saskia bring to the organization.
* The Syndicate will again support graduate student travel to the American Society of
Criminology's annual conference in Los Angeles. We are pleased to supplement travel
grants available to conference presenters from organizations such as the Graduate
Student Council and the Graduate School. The University of Florida will be well-
represented at ASC in 2006, with more than 20 graduate students presenting papers or
* Carrie Schrage has been elected as Syndicate Treasurer for 2006-07. She replaces
former Treasurer Erin Lane, who graciously agreed to fill the vacated position during
the spring 2006 semester. In addition to handling regular treasurer duties, Carrie is
serving as the program's official representative to the Graduate Student Council.


President: Matt Nobles
Vice President: Jeff Ward
Treasurer: Carrie Schrage
Secretary: Kate Fox


| nLtur a tc-I 2006 Cutrixm a u1, r" a Ct coroe Cg aut \

/ 1I

MVew Masters

J jb'fAy eae joins us from the
University of North florida where she
received a B.S. in Communication
Arts. Ashley aCso syeciaCized in Public
Relations and minored in
CriminoCogy. Her main areas of
interest include: juvenile delinquency,
media effects on crime, and imitative
behavior in criminals. When Ashley
has free time she enjoys reading,
drawing, andpainting. Entertaining
is also a hobby of Ashley's, as she
enjoys acting, dancing, and making
people Caugh!

"'V'iiL -"midthf brings a great sense of
humor to our department! Sven
earned his B3.A. in Sociology from
Stetson University in florida. Sven
often takes a Neo-'Weberian approach
in his anaCysis of crime and the
criminal justice system. His current
research looks at the fink between jury
information processing and jury
verdicts. He enjoys readings, running,
andwearing shorts with hotes in them!

j'sicl 'Sfli has electedto continue
her education at the University of
florida. Jessica received a B.A. in
CriminoCogy Cast year from Uf. She
speciaCizes in corrections research but
remains open to new interests. When
Jessica is not reading about prisons
andprisoners she likes to pCay sports-
especiaCly racquetball Other hobbies
include: hanging out with her friends

and fiance, pCaying with her cats, and

tsiaCcyj rT'w,' ,'ir' earned B.A.from
fCagCer College, located in Saint
Augustine, florida. At flagCer, she
double majored in Psychology and
Sociology. Stacy's main area of
interest is sex crime. More
specifically, she studies the behaviors
of sex offenders. In her Cimited free
time, Stacy trains andrides horses.

MNew DoctoraC

Rebecca MKayes migrated south
from the great state of Michigan to
join our graduate program. She
earned B.A. from Western Michigan
University, where she double majored
in Social Psychology and CriminaC
Justice. Rebecca earned an M.S. in
Criminal Justice from Michigan State
University. Rebecca's areas of interest
include: crime in the media, jurors'
perceptions ofpretriaypublicity, and
gender inequality. Rebecca is devoted
to community service, which is
exempCified by her voCunteerism at
Alachua County 'Victim Services. In
her free time, she enjoys theatre and

Mfayden riffm comes to the
University of florida from 'Virginia.
H-ayden earned a B.A. from 'Virginia
Tech, where he double majored in
-istory and PoCitica Science. H-ayden





attended Caw schooC at the University
of Richmond earning a J.D. He also
received an M.A. from Radford
University in Criminal Justice.
H-ayden mainCy focuses on drugypoicy,
theoreticalperspectives in law, critical
criminology, and criminal aw. In his
free time, he enjoys reading and

Justin Smith aCsojoins theprogram
from Michigan. He received a B.S. in
Psychology and an nM.A. in sociology.
He earned both degrees at Western
Michigan University. His current
areas of interest include: socialcontrol,
drug policy, race & crime, gender &
crime, and crime in the media. When
not studying crime, Justin enjoys the
beach, fine dining, live music, and

rliSSon Timbs joins our graduate
program after holding an instructor
position at the coCCegiate level She
earned a B.A. in CriminoCogy from
Arkansas State University. She then
attended florida State University
where she received an M.S. in
CriminoCogy. Allison also hoCds an
M.A. in PoCiticaC Science from
Arkansas State University. She
focuses on criminoCogicaC theory and
gender & crime. She Coves to spend
time with her dog, read, andpartake
in craftprojects.

Welcome &

Good Luck#

Faculty Update!
The department will greatly miss Brian
Stults and Angela Gover, who have
joined faculties at other universities. To
help fill these voids, the department is
pleased to announce that a search is
scheduled to be conducted this year for
a fullprofessor position to be filled for
Fall 2007.






Wesley Jennings has a forthcoming publication set for
2007 entitled:. "Revisiting Prediction Models in Policing:
Identifying High-Risk Offenders." American Journal of
Criminal Justice

Alex Piquero has a publication forthcoming in the
Journal of Quantitative Criminology and 3 other journals
(see below). Alex also has a forthcoming book, Key
Issues in Criminal Career Research (Cambridge
University Press).

Richard C. Hollinger and Jason L. Davis just published
an invited chapter entitled, "Employee Theft and Staff
Dishonesty," in The Handbook of Security edited by
Martin Gill. The book was released by Palgrave
Macmillan in July.

MiRang Park has a forthcoming publication in
International En, i, i/,jdir (Vol. 1&2) entitled: "Drug
Trafficking of North Korea."

Brank, E. M., Lane, J., Turner, S., Fain, T., & Sehgal, A.
(in press). "An Experimental Juvenile Probation
Program: Effects on Parent and Peer Relationships."
Crime and Delinquency

Schoepfer, Andrea, Nicole Leeper Piquero, and
Stephanie Carmichael (forthcoming) "Do Perceptions of
Punishment Vary Between White-Collar and Street
Crimes?" Journal of Criminal Justice

Piquero, Alex R, Leah Daigle, Chris Gibson, Nicole
Leeper Piquero, and Stephen G. Tibbetts (forthcoming)
"Are Life-Course Persistent Offenders at Risk for
Adverse Health Outcomes? A Research Note." Journal of
Research in Crime and Delinquency

Langton, Lynn and Nicole Leeper Piquero (forthcoming)
"Can General Strain Theory Explain White-Collar
Crime? A Preliminary Investigation." Journal of
Criminal Justice

Piquero, Nicole Leeper, Stephanie Carmichael, and Alex
R Piquero (forthcoming, 2007) "Assessing the Perceived
Seriousness of White-Collar and Street Crimes" Crime
and Delinquency, 53(3).

Langton, Lynn, Nicole Leeper Piquero, and Richard
Hollinger (2006) "An Empirical Test of the Relationship
Between Low Self-Control and Employee Theft" Deviant
Behavior, 27: 537-565.

Piquero, Nicole Leeper and Alex R Piquero (2006)
"Control Balance and Exploitative Corporate Crime
Criminology, 44(2):397-430.

Brank, Eve, Jodi Lane, Susan Turner, Terry Fain, and
Amber Sehgal. (in press) "An Experimental Juvenile
Probation Program: Effects on Parent and Peer
Relationships." Cime & Delinquency

Lane, Jodi. (in
Criminal Justice.

press) "Joan Petersilia: A Life of
Corrections Research." Women &
Volume 17, Number 3

Lane, Jodi and Lonn Lanza-Kaduce. (in press) "Before
You Open the Doors: Ten Lessons from Florida's Faith
and Community-Based Delinquency Treatment
Initiative." Evaluation Review

Lane, Jodi, Susan Turner, Terry Fain, and Amber Sehgal
(in press). "Implementing 'Corrections of Place' Ideas:
The Perspective of CI i .li and Staff." Criminal Justice
& Behavior.

Ron Akers has four publications for 2006.
* "Social Learning Theory: Correcting Misconceptions,"
pp. 89-99 in Stuart Henry and Mark Lanier, eds., The
Essential Criminology Reader, Westview Press
(Christine S. Sellers and Ronald L. Akers).

* "Empirical Status of Social Learning Theory: Past,
Present, and Future" 37-76 in Frances T. Cullen,
John Paul Wright, and Kristie R Blevins, eds.
Taking .li 1: The .>/t a.' of Criminological Theory,
Vol. 15 Advances in Criminological Theory.
Transaction Publishing, (Ronald L. Akers and Gary
F. Jensen).

* "Theory and Research in the Sociology and Social
Psychology of Crime and Deviance," in Mathieu
Deflem, ed., Sociological Theory and Criminological
Research: Views from Europe and the United States
Elsevier Science

* "Parental and Peer Influences on Adolescent Drug
Use in Korea" Asian Journal of Criminology online]
illp: 1I\.1Ii.i..i g/10.1007/s11417-006-9009-5 August,
2006. (Sunghyun Hwang and Ronald L. Akers)




I U -

%. .

Attention Faculty and Graduate Students:
Be sure to submit your bi-annual activities for publication in The Criminal Gator. At the
beginning of the fall and spring term you will be asked to submit: recent and forthcoming
publications, ongoing research, recent and upcoming paper presentations, grants, and teaching
and research awards. You may also submit any other news that you want to share with the

Carrie Schrage and Jeff Ward: "Re-Evaluating the Effectiveness of Intermediate Sanctions: A
Recidivism Analysis with Self Report Data"
Lora Levett and Tina Kelchner: "Jury Perception of Police Expert Testimony"
Tina Kelchner and Ross Wolf: "Educational Incentives for Law Enforcement Officers"
Jeff Ward and Matt Nobles: "Police Quotas: Debunking Myths and Uncovering Truths"
Dave Khey is expanding his dissertation studies (the CSI effect) to include both local level and
federal level analysis direct from jurors post trial.

U GRANTS: Bringing in the money!

Joe Spillane: National Science Foundation Grant "The Social Organization of a Public Science: Mapping the
Changing Topography of Substance Abuse Research"
Eve Brank: The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Grant "Parents' Response to Parental
Responsibility Laws"
Eve Brank: American Psychology-Law Society (Interdisciplinary Funding Award) "The Interrelationship
between Law, Psychology, and Medicine Regarding the Decision to Care for Elderly Family Members"
Christine Driver: American Psychology-Law Society Grant-in-Aid "An Evaluation of One State's Attempt to
Improve Juvenile Comprehension of the Court Process."
Dave Khey: Graduate Student Council Dissertation Grant "Forensics and the Media: The Affects Forensics in
Television has on the American Juror."

For the first time, the Department of Criminology, Law and
Society is proud to announce that a flag football intramural
team has been formed. The team name is The Usual Suspects.
Graduate students compete in the 8 on 8 co-ed flag football
league here at UF. Regular season games take place at
Maguire Field on Sundays at 5pm. Currently, The Usual
Suspects have a record of 1-1!



The Criminal Gator Editorial Staff
Faculty Editor: Jodi Lane
Email: jlane@crim.ufl.edu
Graduate Student Designer:
Jeff Ward
Email: ieffward@crim.ufl.edu

University of Florida
Department of Criminology, Law and Society
P.O. Box 115950, 201 Walker Hall
Gainesville. FL 32611-5950
Phone: 352-392-1025
Fax: 352-392-5065

th e pa st fve y lears. We 'w also'i
The new st'aff i s compise of

We ^^m~inite^ facu[ilty, f* graduate
studeni'B~tsan ther readers to share
yolur ideas forimprovement!^^^^^

Wesley Jenninqs was the winner of the Department of Criminology, Law,
& Society Graduate Student Paper Award for his work entitled:
"Regional Variations in Punitiveness for White-Collar Offenders: A
Re-analysis of the Crisis in the Savings and Loan Industry."
Kate Fox was recently awarded the 2006 Justice Research & Statistics
Association (JRSA) Student Paper Competition Award. For her paper
entitled: "In Pursuit of Factors that Predict Stalking Perpetration and
Victimization Among College Students"
Special Recognition:
Alex Piquero was elected to the American Society of Criminology
Executive Board as Executive Counselor.
Paper Presentations:
MiRanQ Park presented a co-authored paper with Dae Hoon Kwak at the
ACJS conference in March, 2006 in Baltimore. The paper title is "Gender
Disparity of Drug Sentencing in Korea" .
Eve Brank presented a paper at the Law and Society Association Annual
Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland (2006, July). "Conceptualizing Parental
Responsibility Laws in the Larger Context of Family and Juvenile Law."
Nicole Leeper Piquero traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to present a paper
at The Stockholm Criminology Symposium (June 2006) entitled:
Rationalizing the Fear of Falling: An Examination of Motivations of White-
Collar Crime."
Carrie SchraQe presented at University of Florida Graduate Student
Council Research Forum in March 2006. Her paper title is: "Evaluating
Gainesville's Work Release Program: Implementation and Effectiveness"
Tina Kelchner presented a paper entitled: "Does Higher Education Open
the Door for Promotion in Policing? An Analysis of the Relationship
Between One Agency's Educational Incentive Policies and Promotional
Practice" at the Southern Criminal Justice Association (SCJA) Annual
Conference in Charleston, South Carolina (September 19-24, 2006)
Ron Akers will be in Spain Dec. 17 to 30 giving invited presentations at the
University of Madrid and the University of Barcelona on criminological
theory and applications of theory in delinquency prevention and
treatment. Ron also served as a member of the 2006 ASC Program
Committee and organized the Author-Meets-Critics sessions. Additionally,
he has served as chair of the 2006 Student Paper Competition Committee
for the Crime, Law, and Deviance Section of the American Sociological

The University of Florida Department of Criminology, Law, and Society is an inter-
disciplinary program, teaching students with a wide range of interests and conducting
E research on crime, delinquency, law, and justice. We are one of the largest academic E
Programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, offering under-graduate, graduate and [
E doctoral degrees.
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