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Group Title: Criminal Gator.
Title: Criminal Gator ; vol. 5 no. 2
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Title: Criminal Gator ; vol. 5 no. 2
Series Title: Criminal Gator.
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Language: English
Creator: University of Florida Department of Criminology, Law and Society.
Publisher: University of Florida
Publication Date: Spring 2006
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Volume 5, Issue 2 Spring 2006


Spring is Conference Season!

March will be a busy month Committee Chair, and she will
for UF faculty and grad stu- be presenting the awards for
dents. Two major confer- the best dissertations in this
ences dominate the schedule: division this year.
the Academy of Criminal Jus-
tice Sciences will meet in Bal-
timore, while the American Lora Levett is co-chair for
Psychology-Law Society two APLS symposiums, Eve
holds its meeting in St. Pe- Brank is co-char for one sym- Baltimore Harbor, MD
tersburg. posium, and the conference
will feature papers and post-
ers from several UF faculty
APLS offers a host of oppor- and grad students, including
tunities. There will be a Christine Driver, Jodi Lane,
"Welcome to Florida" party Lonn Lanza-Kaduce, Ron
co-hosted by UF's Depart- Akers, Lora Levett, and Eve
ment of Criminology, Law and Brank. Our very own Chuck
Society with the Legal Psy- Frazier will serve as a panel
chology Program at Florida discussant.
International University, Psy- S
chological Studies at Nova
Southeast University, Univer- Several other UF faculty and
sity of South Florida Depart- grads will be in Baltimore for
ment of Mental Health Law ACJS. Alex Piquero, Nicky
and Policy. Piquero, Lonn Lanza-
Kaduce, Beth Parker, Jodi
Lane, Ron Akers, and Lorna
Eve Brank will serve as the Alvarez are authors on ACJS
APLS Dissertation Awards presentations.
Vinoy Tower; downtown St. Pete

Inside this issue:

Recent and Upcoming Publications 2

Recent and Upcoming Presentations 3

Upcoming Conference 4
Faculty News 4
Department Contact Information 5
Special Thanks to and Karen 5

Recent and Upcoming Publications

Alex Piquero has articles coming out in Criminoloyv, Journal of Criminal Law & Criminoloyv, Public Health Re-
ports, and Criminal Justice & Behavior.

Karen Parker and Wesley Jennings collaborated on "Threat, Urban Climate and Police Use of Force: Assess-
ing the Direct and Indirect Linkages Across Urban Areas" (with J. MacDonald and G. Alpert) in Justice Research
and Policy.

A copy of Karen Parker's 2004 Criminoloqy article (Parker, Karen F. 2004. "Polarized Labor Markets, Industrial
Restructuring and Urban Violence: A Dynamic Model of the Economic Transformation and Urban Violence") will
be reprinted in the The International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Penology, Second Series, Ash-
gate Publishing Limited, in a section organized by Richard Rosenfeld. It's forthcoming June 2006.

Eve Brank appears with "Classroom based cognitive-behavioral intervention to prevent aggression: efficacy and
social validity" (with Daunic, A. P., Smith, S. W., & Penfield, R. D.) in Journal of School Psycholoqy (in press).

Angela Gover and Eve Brank appear with "A specialized domestic violence court in South Carolina: An example
of procedural justice for victims and defendants" (with J. MacDonald) in Violence Against Women (in press).

Nicky Piquero and Alex Piquero collaborate on "Democracy and Intellectual Property: Examining Trajectories of
Software Piracy" in Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (forthcoming, 2006).

Andrea Schoepfer and Nicky Piquero contribute "Exploring White-Collar Crime and the American Dream: A
Partial Test of Institutional Anomie Theory" in the Journal of Criminal Justice (forthcoming, 2006).

Nicky Piquero also appears solo with "Causes and Prevention of Intellectual Property Crime" in Trends in Orqan-
ized Crime, vol. 8 (2005).

Wesley Jennings appears with "Regional variations in punitiveness for white-collar offenders: A re-analysis of
the crisis in the savings and loan industry" (with J. Miller) in Journal of Crime and Justice (forthcoming, 2006).

Amy Reckdenwald-Stauffer contributes "The Interaction between Victim Race and Gender on Death Sentencing
Outcomes: A Further Exploration" (with M. Smith, J. Cochran, S. Fogel, and B. Bjerregaard) in Homicide Studies
(May or August 2006 Issue).

Jodi Lane appears solo with "Exploring Fear of General and Gang Crimes among Juveniles on Probation: The
Impacts of Delinquent Behaviors" in Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, vol. 4 (2006).

Lora Levett contributes three papers: "The effects of voir dire questions on a juvenile waiver case" (with F. Soth-
mann, M. Rosenthal, S. Greathouse, and M. Kovera); "The Effects of Voir Dire on Juror Decisions in Juvenile
Waiver Cases" (with S. Greathouse and M. Kovera); and "The predictive validity of the juvenile waiver scale and
its generalizability across participant groups" (with C. Crocker and M. Kovera). All papers will be presented at the
meeting of the American Psychology-Law Society, St. Petersburg, Florida, March 2006.

Stephanie Carmichael and Angela Gover appear with "The Successful Completion of Probation and Parole
Among Female Offenders" (with B. Koons-Witt and B. Inabnit) in Women and Criminal Justice, in press.

Recent and Upcoming Presentations

Angela Gover presented two papers at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology, Toronto,
Canada: "Challenges in a Study Measuring the Impact of No-Contact Order Enforcement in Lexington County,
South Carolina" and "The Intergenerational Transmission of Violence: A Gender-Based Analysis of Social Learn-
ing Theory."

Jodi Lane and Derek Chadee's paper "Fear of Gang Crime in Trinidad" was presented at the 4th International
Conference on Crime and Justice in the Caribbean, February 8-11, 2006.

Karen Parker will give a SSS Presentation in March 2006: "The Rise and Decline in Homicide Rates: A Macro-
Level Trajectory Analysis" with Patty McCall and Ken Land.

Nicky Piquero will present two papers at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Meeting in Baltimore, MD in
March 2006: "The Role of Personality in Explaining White-Collar Crime" (with Shelley Johnson Listwan) and "The
Effects of White-Collar Crimes on Consumer Consumption: The Steve Madden Story" (with Lorna L. Alvarez)

Lonn Lanza-Kaduce, Beth Parker, Jodi Lane and Ronald Akers are also presenting "Initiating Faith-Based
Juvenile Corrections-Exercising without Establishing Religion" at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Meet-
ing, March 3, 2006.

Christine Driver and Eve Brank will present a poster as part of Christine's M.A. thesis work at the American Psy-
chology-Law Society Conference in March entitled "An evaluation of one state's attempt to improve juvenile com-
prehension of the court process."

Eve Brank and Jodi Lane (with S. Turner, T. Fain, and A. Sehgal) have a paper accepted for a symposium at the
March 2006 annual meeting of the American Psychology and Law Society, St. Petersburg, Florida entitled "An
experimental juvenile probation program: Effects on parent and peer relationships."

Jodi Lane, Lonn Lanza-Kaduce, and Ronald Akers collaborated on "Reflections on Developing and Implement-
ing Florida's Faith and Community-Based Delinquency Treatment Initiative (FCBDTI) for Incarcerated Juveniles,"
which will be presented at the American Psychology and Law Society Conference, March 2, 2006

Lora Levett (with S. Greathouse, F. Sothmann, R. Copple, & M. Kovera) will present "When juveniles are tried
as adults: Does the juvenile qualification process result in a bias jury?" In E.M. Brank & L.M. Levett (Co-Chairs),
Players in the Juvenile Justice Puzzle: From Public Sentiment to Putting it into Practice. Symposium to be con-
ducted at the meeting of the American Psychology-Law Society, St. Petersburg, Florida in March 2006.

Lora Levett and M. Kovera also present "Psychological mediators in the relationship between opposing expert
testimony and juror decisions." In L.M. Levett (Chair), Juror Decision Making about Expert Evidence. Symposium
to be conducted at the meeting of the American Psychology-Law Society, St. Petersburg, Florida in March 2006.

In May, Alex Piquero will be delivering the keynote address to the Dutch Ministry of Justice on demography and
crime, and in June he will be giving a plenary on crime and incapacitation at the Crime and Economics Workshop.

Upcoming Conference

The fourth annual training conference, "Serving Youth: Strategies that Work" is scheduled for Friday,
March 17th in Gainesville, FL. REGISTRATION HAS BEGUN and is limited to the first 300 people, so please
make sure to register before the end of February. Please visit the website for everything you need to know
about the agenda, workshop descriptions, etc. You will be able to download a registration form directly from
the website:

Faculty News

Karen Parker will serve as a Minority Affairs Committee Member at the American Society of Criminology's annual
conference this November 2006 in Los Angeles.

Nicky Piquero was the 2005-2006 recipient of the University of Florida's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Teacher of the Year Award.

Jodi Lane received the American Society of Criminology Division on Corrections and Sentencing New Scholar
Award, November 17, 2005.

Lora Levett tied for third place for the AP-LS Dissertation Award. Her dissertation was entitled "Evaluating and
Improving the Opposing Expert Safeguard Against Junk Science."

Angela Gover is serving as chair for several Spring 2006 graduates, including Jennifer Matheny (M.A. thesis,
"Childhood Victimization & Adolescent Violence: A Partial Test of Strain Theory"), Ashley Taranto (M.A. thesis,
"An Examination of Existing Literature on Same Sex Intimate Partner Violence and a Proposal for Future Re-
search"), Kate Fox (M.A. thesis, "Predictive Factors of Stalking Victimization and Perpetration Among College Stu-
dents"), Christian Fong (B.A. honors thesis, "The Relationship Between Corporal Punishment and Aggressive
Behavior"), and Sara Dohod (B.A. honors thesis, "Fear of Crime Among College Students").


The University ofFlorida Department of Criminology,
Law, and Society is an inter- disciplinary program,
teaching students with a wide range of interests and
conducting research on crime, delinquency, law, and
justice. We are one of the largest academic programs
in the College ofLiberal Arts and Sciences, offering
under-graduate, graduate and doctoral degrees.

P.O. Box 115950
Gainesville, FL 32611-5950

Phone: 352-392-1025
Fax: 352-392-5065

Thanks Karen!!

The faculty, graduate students, and staff from the program
give a HUGE THANK YOU to:
Karen Parker for their hard work and creative manage-
ment of the departmental newsletter for the last five years!

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