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Group Title: Criminal Gator.
Title: Criminal Gator ; vol. 3 no. 2
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Title: Criminal Gator ; vol. 3 no. 2
Series Title: Criminal Gator.
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Language: English
Creator: University of Florida Department of Criminology, Law and Society.
Publisher: University of Florida
Publication Date: Spring 2004
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The Criminal Gator

Sprn 2

Director's Message from Lomi Lanza-Kaduce, Ph.D.

2004 lool, to be i good ,e ir
for Crminolo', and L- A [t the
Uniers ti of Florida. The p.:.-
grnam c.:.ncinue:. [.:. build. Lat.c
fill Dr Eve Br-ink joined our
lacult'. Ae Aelconmed our inau-
gural M.A. cla:: int.:. :.ur nev
.anducte. pr':'gr am. and -,e
gained ipprovil ilor neA Ph D
progr-,im. AlreAd) thi, ,aer Ae
ha had :.ur .:.. int M.A./J.D.
pri.:graim appr.:..ed and ha had
ct.:.- ne' f.acul, member:i j.in
our raink:-Angelh Gover ind
John MicDon-ild

Not onl) doe: OCur 1lCuli', have
nal:.n31l and ,ncernaci.:.nal .,,ibil-
ic, in re:eairch and :ch.:.lairhip.
but it ilo:0 arner: studentt
teaching evilutiion: thit con-
tinue t.*: be amn.:ng the .er, best
in the un,.eri:i,. We rec.:.gn:ze
thait thN:rE evluilon" rEllecc
the quilit:, of the student": -i
well 3a the qual.i .:.f he f.culc,.

A: the univer':i[': :indard:
have increiaed. :o have our:
We c.:ntinue t.:. get .:me .:.f [he
.er, beC;[ L:udenC; in the .er,
bert college in Floridi': fli- :hip
university, No Aonder the', do
'ell--man, :.f them earn h.:.n-
:r. pui'rue :eni.:.r the;e;. and
get involved Aith undergr-idulte
ire:eirch The Crinminoilo', &
Lat H.:.n.:.r S.:.iEc, larg1. er
Chan e.er and reaularl, br.ng:
spe.akeri [.*: mee t 'inh o.:ur .'u-
dent: We lIke pride in the
:ucce:: of our under-riduite:
.: the, m .:.e inc:. he -r'.rk
''.:.rld and nc.:. .me .:.f the be:.
-riduite ind 13A :chxooi:

We ire il:0o mnalinm :[inde: in
the ,riducte pro:ainm The cur-
rent graduate student ; pui'ue
originala l re:e.iarh tha[t he, pre-
pi'e for publication ievieA ind
thit the,, present it conler-
ence.--*.:.nme 20 .:.f [hem ,ill

have attended n-tionmil Conllr-
ence: before the .ea-r i: Out
We enl.:., -.harp graduate :.u-
denu: h.:. enricch [he incellec-
tuil life of the Center

Our student: our f1acul',. Our
teichin.2. ind our ree:erch ill
gi.e u; rea.:.:n c.:. expect g.:..:.d
chng i f.:.r Criminn.:.l.:, & Lait in


Recently Published Articles

Alex Piquero ha. article:
conm.n out in .oo01o:ogicl I-'E
.;)pectie, Jotur al of Re:earhl in
Cimae anid Defeiiquen:i, ioutli
Solenice &. u]menile ju:t.ce ond
jou Ir l of" Ci inoij :c Steve Rice ind John Reitzel
have al:o recently, had a paper
on profiling accepted b, the
jouInQl off Ci ihjolu :c'e for
Jodi Lane ind J-me: Meeler
had their paper. "Social Disor-
ganization Percepti.:on.. Fear .:.f
Going Crnme and Behvioril
Preciuton: Among White:.
Liltno:. ind Vietna-e:e." pub-

I :hed ,n joui iol of i miiwol ju:-
lice Jodi l:ro collaborated Aith
Su:in Turner ind Cirmen Flo-
re; .:.n "Re:Eea.cher-P.acti[t.:ner
C :.llab.:.ra[ti:n in C.:.rrect:.n:.n :
Overcom.ng Hurdle: for Suc-
ce::Iul Prtner-hip:." Ahich i:
f:'rthc:-min in C i llrriil lju:to .e
Ret reat
Nicole Leeper Piquero ha.-
EAO lfrthcomini2 article: to
report The fir:t article.
"Extralegal Fact.:.r. and the Sen-
tencmng .:.f Organi.zat.:.nal Defen-
dant: An Ex:minilton of the
Feder-l Sentencmng Guideline."
i: CO-iuthored b', former crmi,-

n.-:l.:.g, graduate :ludent Jac:.:.n
Divi: ind A^ll pper .n in Jo lol
of Cr riril ju :(cee Ncole il:o
tearmn, -,ch Michael Ben-.:.-n .:.n
"White C.:.llar Crime and
Crim-nal Cireer: Specil",n. -,
Tr-iectoi", of 'Punctuited Situ-
a-t:.nal O offending, which h -.11
be published in joutil o (Con-
erifpori r' CLrnrll'l O Jlv:r cE;
Brian Stults te-imed Aith John
Login ind Re'.nold: Firle', for
che upc.:.ming C.'emn ioi pi, arti-
cle. "Segreg-at:.n .:.f Min.:.rit.e in
the Metropoli "
(m.ore on p-ge 41

Volume 3, Issue 2 1

New Faculty Profile: Paul Magnarella, J.D., Ph.D.

Welcome to Paul J. Mag-
narella, one of the many new
faculty in the department
this year! He joined the fac-
ulty in the fall of 2003 as a
full professor.

Paul earned a Ph.D. in an-
thropology and Middle East
Studies from Harvard, and
received a J.D. from the
University of Florida College
of Law. His research inter-
ests include humanitarian
law, international law, human
rights law, anthropology of

law, UN Criminal Tribu-
nals and the Middle East.

Last spring Paul, along
with seven other UF col-
leagues, visited the Euro-
pean Union Parliament
(Brussels) and the Euro-
pean Court of Justice
(Luxembourg) as part of a
program establishing a
European Union Studies
Center at UF. Paul also
recently completed an
article entitled,
"Diasporas and Human

Rights" for the forthcom-
ing Encyclopedia of Diaspo-
ras He is currently edit-
ing a special issue of the
journal, The Oriental An-
thropologist published out
of Allahabad University,
India. The issue is devoted
to, "Asian and African
Perspectives on Human
Rights." His own article
contribution is entitled,
"Universalism vs. Excep-
tionalism: Human Rights
and the 'Asian Values'

New Faculty Profile: Angela Gover, Ph.D.

Welcome to Angela Gover, a
spring 2004 assistant professor
addition to our faculty!

Angela graduated from the
University of Maryland with a
Ph.D. in Criminology in 2000.
Between August 2000 and De-
cember 2003 she was a faculty
member in the Department of
Criminology and Criminal Jus-
tice at the University of South
Carolina. She recently com-
pleted a process and outcome
evaluation of Lexington
County's Criminal Domestic
Violence Court, which was the

first domestic violence court
established in South Carolina.
The project was funded by the
National Institute of Justice
(NIJ), U.S. Department of Jus-

While pursuing her doctorate
degree, she worked as a Re-
search Associate on a NIJ
funded project that examined
the environments of boot
camps and traditional facilities
for juvenile offenders. In addi-
tion, she worked at the NIJ in
the Violence Against Women
and Family Violence Research

and Evaluation Division.

Angela's research focuses on
issues related to family vio-
lence, criminal victimization,
juvenile delinquency, and
evaluation research. She is
currently examining the utility
of therapeutic jurisprudence in
the prosecution of misde-
meanor domestic violence
cases and the relationship be-
tween victimization and offend-
ing among females.

New Faculty Profile: John MacDonald, Ph.D.

And finally, the criminology
faculty welcomes John Mac-
Donald, another spring 2004
assistant professor addition!

John graduated from the Uni-
versity of Maryland with a
Ph.D. in Criminology in 1999.
Between August of 1999 and
December of 2003 he was a
faculty member in the Depart-
ment of Criminology and
Criminal Justice at the Univer-
sity of South Carolina.

Prior to becoming an academic
he worked as a grant monitor
and conducted intramural re-
search on juvenile violence and
homicide at the National Insti-
tute of Justice in the Criminal
Justice and Criminal Behavior
Division. Within the past two
years he has completed work
on two federally funded re-
search projects, including an
examination of the relationship
between community policing
and reductions in violent crime
in large U.S. cities.

John's research agenda has
focused on examining the so-
cietal causes and responses to
violent crime (including homi-
cide, inmate assaults, and police
use of force) and racial and
ethnic disparity in the juvenile
justice system. He is currently
studying the relationship be-
tween social capital, race, and
perceptions of the police and
plans to write a book on police
use of deadly force over the
next two years.

I Volme 3 Isse 2 age

Upcoming Faculty and Student Conference Presentations

The department is definitely
earning some frequent flier
miles this semester with its
large showing of faculty and
students presenting at upcom-
ing conferences.
The theme for this years Acad-
emy of Criminal Justice Sci-
ences conference seems to be
"Viva, Las Vegas!" The confer-
ence will be held at the Riviera
Hotel and Casino from March
9-13, and will showcase many
UF papers.
The new kids on the block,
Angela Gover and John
MacDonald will present
"Gender Gang Membership and
Violent Victimization" with
Robert Valois.
Jodi Lane and James W.
Meeker will present, "Fear of
Gang Crime Among Women
and Men: Testing Previous
Theoretical Findings ." Jodi will
also team with Lonn Lanza-
Kaduce, Donna Bishop and
Charles Bishop on, "The Con-
sequences of Transfer On Girls
In Florida."
Jodi Lane's University Scholar,
Rachel Currie, is presenting a
sole-authored paper at ACJS

entitled: Fear of Crime In Mi-
nority Neighborhoods
Alex Piquero is busy with
four papers, three of which are
co-authored by graduate stu-
dents. Alex and Stephanie
Carmichael are presenting,
"Gender Differences and Per-
ceived Sanction Threats: The
Effect of Arrest Ratios." Lynn
Langton and Zenta Gomez-
Smith join Alex on "Exploring
the Effects of Low Self-Control
On Perceptions of Sanctions."
Alex will also present "Shades
of Brown: Perceptions of Racial
Profiling and the Intra-Ethnic
Differential," with Steve Rice
John Reitzel.
Nicole Leeper Piquero will
debut, "The Causes and Pre-
vention of Intellectual Property
Crimes," and will also team
with Miriam Sealock and Timo-
thy Brezina on, "Can General
Strain Theory Help Explain the
Relationship Between Race and
Gretchen Luecking will pre-
sent, "Pathological Gambling
and Low Self Control: A Partial
Examination of Gottfredson
and Hirschi's General Theory
of Crime."

Not to be outdone by the Ve-
gas crowd, Allison Chappell
and Lonn Lanza-Kaduce will
present, "Integrating Sociologi-
cal Research and Theory with
Community-Oriented Policing:
Bridging the Gap between Aca-
demics and Practice," at the
Annual Meeting of the South-
ern Sociological Society in At-
lanta, April 14-17.
And aside from the ACJS con-
ferece trip, Gretchen Lueck-
ing will team with Tanya
Koropeckyj-Cox on, "Attitudes
about Childlessness in the U.S.:
Age, Gender and Other Corre-
lates, which will be presented
at the Population Association
of America's Annual Meeting,
April 1-3, in Boston.
Steve Rice will be presenting
the paper "Studying Death
Chamber Final Statements:
Evidence from Texas" at the
Law and Society Association
Conference in Chicago in May.
And finally, Eve Brank will be
presenting some of her paren-
tal responsibility research at
the American Psychology and
Law Society meeting in Scotts-
dale, AZ in March.

Fellowships, Awards and Recognitions

-Allison Chappell has been awarded the McLaughlin Dissertation Fellowship, worth $3,750 from CLAS.

-Alex Piquero was awarded the CLAS 2003/2004 Teacher of the Year Award.

-Joseph Spillane is participating in the Provost Faculty Fellowship program this semester.

-At the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology this past November, Jodi Lane was voted Executive
Counselor for 2003-2004 for the Division on Corrections and Sentencing. She is also on the 2004 ASC Program Commit-

-Paul Magnarella presented a paper entitled "Rwanda Reactivates a Traditional Court System--The Gacaca" at the
Annual Meeting of the Association of Third World Studies in November 2003 at Louisiana State University. He also served
as a discussant on a panel entitled "Anthropologists, Promoters of War or Peace?" at the American Anthropological Asso-
ciation Annual Meeting in November in Chicago.


department is


earning some

frequent flier

miles this

semester with

its participation

in upcoming


Page 3 1

Center for Studies in

Criminology and Law

University of Florida

P.O. Box I 15950

Gainesville, FL 32611-5950

Phone: 352-392-1025

CheckI out o u t I


The Centerfor Studies in Criminology and Law is an interdisciplinary program, teaching students with

a wide range of interests and conducting research on crime, delinquency, law, and justice. We are one

of the largest academic programs in the College ofLiberal Arts and Sciences, offering undergraduate,

graduate and doctoral degrees. Graduates go to: law schools; graduate schools; and careers with law

enforcement, criminal and civiljustice, and human service agencies.




Recently Published Articles, Continued....

(continued from Page I)
He also worked with Richard
Albany and John Logan on the
article, "Residential Inequality
and Segregation in an Immi-
grant Era: An Analysis of the
Major Metropolitan Regions of
the U.S." which appeared in
Host Societies and the Reception
of Immigrants (Jeffrey G. Reitz,
Angela Gover has two sole-
authored works in the making.
The first, "The Impact of Native
American Ethnicity, Childhood
Maltreatment, and Other Risk
Factors on Juveniles' Percep-
tions and Adjustment to Con-
finement in a Boot Camp and
Traditional Facility," will be
appearing in journal of Offender
Rehabilitation. The other, "Risky
Lifestyles and Dating Violence:
A Theoretical Test of Violent
Victimization," can soon be
found in journal of Criminal us-
tice. She is also pairing with
John MacDonald on, "Youth-
on-Youth Homicide: Assessing
the Structural Influences Over
Time," which will be published
in Homicide Studies: An Interdisci-
plinary & International journal.
Finally, Angela has already had
an article published with John

MacDonald and Geoff Alpert.
The article, "Combating Do-
mestic Violence in Rural Amer-
ica: Findings from an Evaluation
of a Local Domestic Violence
Court" appeared in Criminology
and Public Policy.
Aside from his articles with
Angela, John MacDonald has
two other soon-to-be pub-
lished articles to mention. John
worked with Karen Parker,
Geoffrey Alpert, Michael Smith,
and Alex Piquero on, "A Con-
textual Study of Racial Profiling:
Assessing the Theoretical Ra-
tionale for the Study of Racial
Profiling at the Local Level,"
which will be appearing in
American Behavioral Scientist
He also contributed to the
upcoming Police Quarterly arti-
cle, "Interactive Police-Citizen
Encounters that Result in
Force," co-authored by Geoff
Alpert and Roger Dunham.
And along with Pamela Latti-
more, Alex Piquero, Richard
Linster and Christy Visher,
John had the article, "Studying
Frequency of Arrest Among
Paroled Youthful Offenders"
published in journal of Research
in Crime and Delinquency.
Eve Brank has had an article
accepted in the journal of Crimi-

nalJustice. The paper is entitled,
"Paying for the Crimes of Their
Children: Public Support of
Parental Responsibility."

Paul Magnarella had five
articles published in the Encyclo-
pedia of Modern Asia. They
included "lran-Human Rights,"
"Kazakhs," "Turkey-Human
Rights," "Turkmen," and
"Uzbeks." He also authored
"Questioning the Universality
of Human Rights," which ap-
peared in Human Rights and
Human Welfare. He also has
five articles awaiting publica-
tion. The first, "Turkish-
American Intellectual Exchange
and Community Research in
Turkey (1930-1980)" will ap-
pear injusur, The UCLA journal
of Middle Eastern Studies. The
other four, "The Universal
Declaration of Human Rights,"
"Human Rights: Definitions and
Violations," "The Military and
Human Rights," and "The Right
of Self-Determination" will
appear in the forthcoming Ency-
clopedia of the Developing World.

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