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Group Title: Criminal Gator.
Title: Criminal Gator ; vol. 3 no. 1
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Title: Criminal Gator ; vol. 3 no. 1
Series Title: Criminal Gator.
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Creator: University of Florida Department of Criminology, Law and Society.
Publisher: University of Florida
Publication Date: Fall 2003
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2003 American Society of Criminology

Conference to be held in Denver

The annual meeting of the
American Society of Crimi-
nology will be held in Den-
ver, from Nov. 18-22, at the
Adams Mark Hotel. Several
program faculty and students
will be participating this year.
Ron Akers is chair of the
2002-2003 Sutherland Award
Committee for ASC, will be
presenting "Thoughts on
Criminological Theory and
Practice," and is session chair
of "Social Learning Theory:
Tests and Analyses."
Jodi Lane and James W.
Meeker will present "Fear of
Gang Crime among Whites
and Latinos: Testing Previous
Theoretical Findings."
Nicole Leeper Piquero and
Jason Davis will present
"Extralegal Factors and the
Sentencing of Organizational
Defendants: An Examination
of the Federal Sentencing
Guidelines." Nicole is also
teaming with Andrea
Schoepfer on a paper enti-
tled, "Exploring White Collar
Crime and the American
Alex Piquero is presenting
eight papers, three of which
are co-authored by graduate
students in the center. Alex

and Stephanie Carmi-
chael are debuting "Do
Emotional Contexts Mod-
erate the Effect of Risks
and Rewards on Vio-
lence?" Lynn Langton,
Gretchen Luecking and
John Reitzel join Alex and
Stephanie on "Does the
Experiential Effect Operate
Differently Across Gen-
der?" Alex will also pre-
sent with Allison Chappell
on their paper, "Applying
Social Learning Theory to
Police Misconduct."
Karen Parker will be busy
presenting three papers at
ASC. The first, co-authored
by Scott Maggard is enti-
tled, "Racial Threat, Con-
centrated Disadvantage and
Types of Race-Specific
Drug Arrests: Accounting
for the Rise in Drug Arrests
from 1980 to 1990." Karen
is also working with Mari
DeWees on "Gender, Eco-
nomics, and Crime: Ex-
ploring the Effect of
Women's Relative Eco-
nomic Marginalization on
the Gender Gap in Offend-
ing. Karen and Mari and
also working with Rachel
Bridges Whaley on another
paper, "Women, Region
and Violence: Assessing

Regional Variation in
Women's Status and In-
volvement in Types of
Brian Stults will present
his paper, "Race and Arrest
in U.S. Cities from the
Conflict Perspective."
Graduate student Steve
Rice will be presenting
"Street Side Justice: Per-
ceived Police Legitimacy,
Emotions, and the Collec-
tive," and will serve as
panel discussant at another
session on legal issues and
police operations.
Besides his paper with
Alex, John Reitzel is pre-
senting "Lines and Shad-
ows: Perceptions of Racial
Profiling and the Hispanic
Experience" with Steve
Rice. John and Dave Khey
are also working together
on "Applying Messner and
Rosenfeld's Institutional
Anomie Theory: Homicide
Rates at the Neighborhood





Other Conference News.....

The ASC is not the only
conference attended by the
criminology faculty and
Brian Stults presented his
paper, "Racial Threat and
Police Force Size: Modeling
Intervening Processes," at
the Southern Sociological
Society annual meeting in
New Orleans, La., this past

And graduate students
(and newly engaged cou-
ple!) Scott Maggard and
Allison Chappell pre-
sented "Discrepancies in
Cocaine Sentencing: A
rest of Black's Theory of
Law" at the Annual Meet-
ing of the American So-
ciological Association in
Atlanta, Ga., this past

ASC Information 1

Other Conference News 1

New Faculty Spotlight 2

New Graduate Student Spotlight 2

Faculty Publications 3

Awards and Recognitions .3

Other Departmental News 4

Inside this issue:


New Faculty Profile: Eve Brank, J.D., Ph.D.

Welcome to Eve Brank, one of two new faculty in the center this fall semester! She joins the faculty as an p
assistant professor. Eve graduated from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, law/psychology program with
a J.D. and PH.D., in 2000 and 2001, respectively. She was a lecturer in the University of Florida Depart-
ment of Statistics from 2001-2003. Her current research focuses on several different aspects related to chil- Cd .4
dren and families.
Eve is investigating public perception and support of parental responsibility laws, and also plans to look at
the impact of these laws on those who come in contact with them, such as parents, children, judges, attor-
neys, etc. For the past year she has also been working on a U. S. Department of education grant in develop-
ing a National Middle School Survey. The survey examines several facets of a juvenile's life including
delinquency, victimization, aggression, etc. t
Also, while she was at Nebraska, Eve worked on the implementation of Family Group Welcome to Eve Brank, one oftwonewfacultymem-
Conferencing, and now she is involved in an evaluation of the program she helped found. bes in the Center!

New Faculty Profile: Brian Stults, Ph.D.

Welcome to Brian Stults, one of two new faculty in the center this fall semester! He joins the faculty as an assistant professor. Brian
completed his Ph.D. in 2003 in sociology at the University at Albany (SUNY), Albany, N.Y. He was an assistant professor in the
Department of Sociology here at University of Florida from 2001-2003. His current research
focuses on racial discrimination in the criminal justice system, and he is specifically inter-
ested in the effects of racial composition and residential segregation on African American
arrest rates and police force size in US cities.

Following his general interest in racial conflict and segregation, he is involved in two col-
laborative projects. Brian is co-Principle Investigator with Dr. John Logan (SUNY-Albany)
on a project funded by the Ford Foundation in which they are using 2000 census data to ana-
lyze patterns of racial segregation and residential attainment. The project and its website
have attracted national media attention.

He is also involved in collecting and analyzing historical data from 1880-1920 on residential
segregation, occupational mobility, and crime in New York City and Chicago. Preliminary Welcome to Brian tlts, oneoftwonewfaculty
results from this project were featured in the August 6, 2001 issue of U.S. News & World members inthe Center!
Report. This project is partially funded by an award from the National Science Foundation,
of which Brian is co-Principle Investigator with Dr. John Logan (SUNY-Albany).

The Program Welcomes It's First Batch of Graduate Students!

We would like to welcome the first-ever Center for Studies in Criminology and Law graduate cohort! The new class has had a few
weeks to settle down into the graduate school routine, and already look like old pros! Now it is up to the rest of us to match the names
with the new faces!
Loma Alvarez-Rivera, BA University of Florida; Kristina Deak, BA SUNY; Stephanie Hays, BA, MA University of Oklahoma; Kristin
Johnson, BA, University of Florida; Kristin Kelly, BA University of Florida; Erin Lane, BA, University of Florida; Sarah Martin, BA,
University of Florida; Jennifer Matheny, BA, University of Kentucky; Matt Nobles, BA, University of Florida; and Dan Sargeant BA,
Providence College, MA, University of Rhode Island.

Page 2

Publications by Department Faculty and Students

"Publish or Perish." Words that strike fear in the hearts of all aca-
demics! You must publish to earn respect and recognition from fel-
low peers, and, let's be honest, to keep your job! However, from the
amount of publications this department has, it looks like no one has a
thing to worry about!
Joseph Spillane's edited volume, "The Evolution of Federal Drug
Control Policy: A Century of Myths, Personalities, and Failures" is
now in press (with Haworth Press) and should be out by the end of
the academic year. He also wrote an article with William McAllister
entitled, "Keeping the Lid On: A Century of Drug Regulation and
Control" which appeared in a special issue of Drug and Alcohol De-
Jodi Lane has been busy working on three articles with James W.
Meeker. Their paper, "Social Disorganization Perceptions, Fear of
Gang Crime, and Behavioral Precautions among Whites, Latinos, and
Vietnamese" will be published in an upcoming edition of the Journal
of Criminal Justice. Two of their articles have already been pub-
lished. The first, "Fear of Gang Crime: A Look at Three Theoretical
Models," can be found in Law and Society Review 37/2: 417-448.
The other article, "Exploring Women and Men's Fear of Gang
Crimes: The Importance of Sexual and Non-Sexual Assault as Per-
ceptually Contemporaneous Offenses" is in Justice Quarterly 20/2:
The fourth edition of Ron Akers' Criminological Theories: Introduc-
tion, Evaluation and Application by Roxbury Publishing is now out.
This edition is co-authored by Christine S. Sellers of University of
South Florida.
As usual, Alex Piquero has been quite productive with six recently
published articles under his belt. His paper with co-author Allison
Chappell (which is being presented at ASC) has been published in
Deviant Behavior. Other articles Alex has co-authored has been pub-
lished in Crime and Delin-

Awards and Recognitions

Joseph Spillane received a University of Florida Humanities
Scholarship Enhancement Fund.
In May, Jodi Lane was honored with the Distinguished Service
Award in Criminal Justice, presented by Chapter 15 of the Flor-
ida Council on Crime and Delinquency.
Steve Rice has received the Gordan and Ruth Streib Award for
outstanding graduate student paper in the Department of Sociol-
ogy (with coauthors Danielle Dirks and Liv Newman).
In September, Alex Piquero was asked to be part of the FBI/BJS
UCR Crime Index re-design team. In July, Alex also gave a pres-
entation to the British Home Office on criminal careers.

quency, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adoles-
cent Psychiatry, Journal of Criminal Justice, Journal of Research
in Crime and Delinquency and Sociological Perspectives.
Nicole Leeper Piquero hasn't been a slouch either! She has two
forthcoming articles to look forward to. The first, co-authored by
Matthew Hickman, "The Validity of Niederhoffer's Cynicism
Scale," will be published in the Journal of Criminal Justice. The
other, co-authored by Miriam D. Sealock, "Exploring General
Strain: Gender and Coping Skills in an Offender Population" can
be found in a future issue of Justice Quarterly. Nicole also has
five entries in the upcoming Encyclopedia of White-Collar and
Corporate Crime. Two entries will be co-authored by Lynn
Langton, and another two with Andrea Schoepfer.
Karen Parker and Mari DeWees have had their article,
"Women, Region and Types of Homicide: Are There Regional
Differences in the Structural Status of Women and Homicide
Offending?" published in Homicide Studies. Also, Karen,
Patricia L. McCall and Jodi Lane collaborated on "Exploring the
Racial Discrimination and Competition Processes of Racial Vio-
lence in the Urban Context," the title of a chapter to be included
in the edited volume Race and Ethnicity-Across Time, space
and Discipline.
Brian Stults, John R. Logan and Richard D. Alba had their arti-
cle, i in c.. and Entrepreneurs: Assessing the Payoff for Im-
migrants and Minorities," published in the Summer 2003 issue of
International Migration Review.
Finally, graduate student Steve Rice has three projects coming
out soon. One is a book review of Violent Acts and Violentiza-
tion (Lonnie Athens and Jeff Ulmer, eds.) in the Journal of
Criminal Justice and an essay titled, "All the Rage: The Inexpli-
cable Inverted J" in ACJS Today. Steve and Sociology graduate
student Danielle Dirks have also had a chapter titled "'Dining
While Black': Racial Rituals and Black American Restaurant
Experience" accepted for publication in an upcoming edited vol-
ume by Brill Academic Publishers.

Crime as Business, a national wide working group in white collar
crime at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania,
and was given a two year appointment on the editorial board of
Journal of Crime and Justice. Nicole has also been chosen to be
the principle investigator for a National Institute of Justice Inter-
national Center study. The $20,000 NIJ grant will be to examine,
"Intellectual Property Crime: Causes and Implications for Pre-
Karen Parker has been invited to serve on the Crime, Law and
Deviance Section's Nominations Committee of the American
Sociological Association. She has also been elected to a three-
year term on the University of Florida Faculty Senate.
Congratulations to everyone!

Nicole Leeper Piquero was asked to join the Working Group on


Page 3

affyl "&=



University of Florida
P.O. Box 115950
Gainesville, FL32611-5950

We're on the Web!

The Center for Studies in Criminology and Law is an interdisciplinary pro-
gram, teaching students with a wide range of interests and c. I-,,,., ,,is re-
search on crime, delinquency, law, and justice. We are one of the largest
academic programs in the College ofLiberalArts and Sciences, otering
both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Graduates go to: law schools;
graduate schools; and careers with law enforcement, criminal and civil jus-
tice, and human service agencies.

Other Program News..............

Jodi Lane is overseeing a University
Scholar. Rachel Currie is conducting
qualitative research on fear of crime in
East Gainesville.
Karen Parker was gracious enough to
host the first crime-deviance group event
of the academic year at her home. The
second-annual "Welcome to the Aca-
demic Year" reception was a hit!
The next crime-deviance group gathering
will be a "Happy Hour" at Napolatano's
(a.k.a. "Nappy's") on Thursday, October
2, between 6and 8 p.m..
The crime-deviance group is made up of
faculty and graduate students who get
together several times per semester to
network, talk about research, and of
course, to socialize! Nicole Piquero is
the faculty organizer and Allison Chap-
pell is the graduate student organizer.
And speaking of Allison....The Wedding
Bug must have hit the department his

Congratulations to graduate students Alli-
son Chappell and Scott Maggard, who
were recently engaged on a trip to New
York City!
And congratulations to another set of
center graduate students, Lisa Holland
and Jason Davis. They have already
taken the plunge and tied the knot June
21 at the Baughman Center on the Uni-
versity of Florida campus. Lisa received a
full-time tenure track position at Univer-
sity of South Florida-St. Pete, and Jason
has a lecturer position at the same univer-
sity. Wishing the newlyweds the best of

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