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Particle Physics for a Day T,1,a, r',n-,nLn

This ..asn [ goir a erage field trip In Plarch more than
O. 000 high school students participateOd in Hands-on
F'artile F'Phys i, 5 ,last ercilasses and former d .scientifl
Collaborations jus.t like real particle ph, sic.ists. do

Students from across. Europe the I_inited States South
Africa and E.razil analyzed data from large particle collider
e. periments at C.ERI I the European Center for I luiclear
Research Miost students participated in this act ilit bo
tra eling to unt ersities and research institutes near their

Classroom grouirps. dCisc used their findings ia
Idn conference .ith other grouiips of students from across
he Country or e en across, the globe F'h,ic sts at CERI and at Ferl I latonal -ccelerator Laboratori,
moderated the ideoconference.s i.n PMarch 2.'4 the
Department of Phsis participated by hosting .student. from
EI.uihholz Gaines uile and Radgte Comunitn High Schools
Thomas Jordan -~sistant in 1ith Physi U coordinated the
e ent at 1_IF

This i a great opportunity for students to interact th
5.ientists and gain a better understanding of ho modern
research in ph,sics works said rof l..chael Kobel
Technical _Ini eririt., of Ciresden ho initiated this. program
thinn the European 'Particle 'Phys.c5.s ,-Liutreach Group fi e
,ears ago I hope identifying subatomic particles. in real data
from the large experiments at C. ERI .ill inspire them This .
g,,ear scientists at more than 102 uin ersities and laboratories
In 2. countries ,.il host students In the I_lted Statecs students. ill partly ipate in the P..lasterclasses as
part of the 'juarkl let program

The students analyzed isiual displays of data Collected at the Large Electron-'Positron collider the
predecessor of the Large Hadron Collider at .ERI Stludents Interpreted e ents that displag,ed deca,'s of
candCdate E.osons to determine whichh decag mode occurred They compiled their results and shared
their branching ratios in an effort to determine the size of
the strong-couLpling constant The students at UIF
Concentrated on e ents in hich the 5 decaed to It .0
electrons and shared their results in a late afternoon ideo-
conference .ith t o other grouLps,

The students also learned about the contribution to
current experiments, at CERI I and Fermilab bgy I1F
physicists The department contributes to C.ERI j s CMpS
experiment and to CDIF experiment at Fermilab
IF,.. ,:: .:., F ...-i\,s I,.ct,,dnI ""-U .,.:- ..-. :. .:iiIII: The opportunity to e. perience state-of-the-art research in an
authentic en ironment ga e students insight into the International organization of modern research -t the
same time theg,, learned about the building blocks of our unt ersie through presentations by .scientists
in ol ed in particle physics research The Hands-on Particle Phs gs student research da, s took place
under the central coordination of F'rofe.ss.or V/obel in close cooperation .ith the European Particle Ph,s Cic.
-Lulreach Gro.up- and .ith the support Of the HelmholIz -Iliance Ph,isg.l at the Terascale and the ,German
Federal l. inistr,, of Education and Res.earch E.P E.F 'uiarkl let s funded by the 11 S I national Science
Foundation and the _I S Diepartment of Energyg

Spring 2009

Friday @ 4:00pm
2165 NPB

Condensed Matter
Monday @ 4:05pm
2205 NPB

High Energy
Tuesday & Fridays
@ 2:00pm
2165 NPB

Thursday @ 4:05
1002 NPB

Quantum Theory
Wednesday @
2205 NPB

-lan Dorsey Chair
F'am M larlin

college of
liberal arts & sciences

TU F Jl I-.'r Th. E .it-r Nto.n



/C044 /1/

Reitze Elected to second term as Ligo
I Spokesperson
David Reitze has been elected to serve a second term
as the Spokesperson of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration
(LSC). He will continue to lead the LSC, a worldwide
collaboration of almost 700 scientists and engineers
engaged in the search for gravitational waves from
cataclysmic astrophysical sources using the LIGO and
GE0600 interferometers. For more information about
LIGO visit http://ww ligo.org.
Outstanding Referees
Congratulations to Jim Dufty and Charles Sommerfield on being selected as
"Outstanding Referees" by the Physical Review. Refereeing is an
important, but time-consuming task, and the Physical Review highlights the
important contributions of outstanding referees. Thanks for your service and

American Physical Society (APS) News
Congratulations to new APS Fellow, Jacobo Konigsberg.
Citation: For his contributions to the discovery and studies of the Top quark,
and for his leadership in the CDF experiment. Nominated by: Particles and
Fields (DPF).
Bernard Whiting has been elected a Member-at-Large of the Executive
Committee of the Topical group on Gravitation, the largest of the topical
groups of the APS.

Research Foundation Professorship
David Tanner has been selected to receive a 2009-2011 University of Florida
Research Foundation Professorship. These three-year professorships
recognize faculty who have established a distinguished record of research and
scholarship that is expected to lead to continuing distinction in their field.
Congratulations to David for a well-earned distinction!

The Theoretical
Group and the
Department of
Physics are
pleased to invite
you to a reception
in honor of
Robert Buchler
Buchler and Jim Ipser,
upon their
retirement after a
combined 62
years of teaching,
research and
service in the
Department of
Physics at the
University of
Ipser Florida.

The festivities will commence with
light refreshments at 5:00pm on
Thursday, April 23, in the
department conference room, 2205
NPB. Spouses and companions are
cordially welcome.



News from Ferm ilab ContributedbyJacobo Konigsberg
These have been exciting weeks for the Tevatron program. CDF and Dzero jointly announced the discovery of the
electroweak production of single top quarks and also larger exclusion regions for the mass of the Higgs boson. These are
very significant milestones for the field and each a real tour-de-force. Below are several media releases that discuss the
results including a short interview on Chicago Public Radio.

Science News: http://tinyurl.com/bcp22u
Boston Globe: http://tinyurl.com/cntnom
Washington Post: http://tinyurl.com/djro8a
Chicago Public Radio: http://www.wbez.org/Content.aspx?audiolD=32699

The discovery of a new and unexpected composite particle,is described at:
with the original Press Release from the Fermilab at:

In light of recent results from the Tevatron at Fermilab, Jacobo Konigsberg was also recently interviewed for a
video in the discoveries page of the National Science Foundation web-site,
http://www. nsf.gov/discoveries/disc_videos.jsp?cntn_id= 14502&media_id=64903&org=NSF
In the interview, Darien Wood, co-spokesperson for the Dzero experiment, and Konigsberg U m i
discuss the Tevatron Collider physics program.

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ttp:/ww.phy suleusmnr



C) ah tee Ifewe


Upcoming Celebration for Physics
Graduating Students
A celebration in honor of physics graduating students and their
families and friends will be held Friday, May 1, at 2:00pm
In 2205NPB. Please plan to attend!

March 31 marked the first day of this year's Cryogenic Symposium.
Students in Cryogenics gave 8 minutes lectures on selected topics
(listed below) over a five day period.
Day 1 -Davis Blank Liquid Natural Gas; Rachel Colbert Cryogenic Tribology;
Jennifer Vail Cryogenic Machining; Stephen McLaughlin Cryogenic Detectors;
Daniel Bannoura Superconducting Applications; Joel Mousseau Cryogenics at
Fermi Lab; Gaurab Sarangi (Cryogenics at the LHC )
Day 2 -Amandeep Chadda Helium Conservation; Justin Cohen Quantum
Computing; Zou Jie Quantum Measurement; Richard Ottens Evanescent Heat
Transfer; Wenya Wang NMR; Giovanny Diaz Cryogenic Recycling; Junjie Liu
Day 3 -Andrea Booher Safety; Kristen Huppert Metal Properties; Hsin-Wu
Tseng Cryonics; Tony Law Cryosurgery; Ryan Monaghan Cryotherapy; Paul
Prado Medical Applications; Yanbin An Wind Tunnel; Gage Redler Laser Cooling
Day 4 -Sanal Buvaev Thermometry; Brian Malin Heat Xchangers; Chris Olmo
Cryogenic Cleaning; Danial Sabri Dashti Space Storage; Casey Bosman
Telescopes; Dimitrios Koukis Infrared Detectors; Jeremy Paster Material
Properties; Xiaoxiang Xi Supersolid
Day 5-
Ishmal Lewis Unconventional Superconductivity-Introduction; Alan Teran
Unconventional Superconductivity--Applications; Julia Neff Atomic Force
Microscopy; Bryce Bolin Atomic Laser, Ethan Soergel Fuels; Dylan Smith
Weapons; Joe Grange Cell Storage

SPS Annual Spring Picnic

The annual Spring Picnic, hosted by the Society of Physics Students, was held on Saturday,
April 11th at Lake Wauburg.

IP .-;x-

I'> -

"~y" THE PROTON Page 4

S--taf Nfews ----------------------------------

Staff Recognition Ceremony
On April 1 the College of Liberal Arts and
Sciences presented it's employees with Service
Awards. The following are from the Department
of Physics:

Pam Marlin, Information Specialist, 10 years

S15 years
Pete Axson, Engineer, 20 years
Martin Meder, Office Manager, 20 years
William Malphurs, Engineer, 30 years

Attending the ceremony were, left to right, Martin
Meder, Pam Marlin, William Malphurs, Alan Dorsey
(Chair), and Pete Axson.

VIA a "flippy '(Retirement, Yvonne

"-sday. "Vath ;1, al 1 (411i"1

Yvonne Dixon, Office Manager, retires after 35 years of service

Photo left:
Physics secretary staff "
celebrated Yvonne's
retirement by holding e
luncheon in her honor
with family and friends
in attendance.

Other photos: The Department of Physics hosted a
celebration in honor of Yvonne's retirement on March 31.
Above photo is of Yvonne with Professor Pierre Ramond

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