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OCTOBE; o2:0


OpOta OKf Physics Outreach Programs
UU FiTe a c h uFTeach hlIp i., -.1 II i. ll -L I I iFT. -., I- .I. -, I

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EI 1 t, i,, ,,,,,,,i -,_ I, FI .- i . I .. Ii,- I I F T _. I, ,.11

TLl,_ "i~ .i.i i -.,i- I. I ,_. I i F l'i i ., l_ i L ,- i F.. .l i L I .e \ -
L .FT ,_,,, I, LI .,1I I11i I ..-iI ,i-,,l .,l 1

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i- il ,I F I.. ..I 11. .I L .L i.. I \ n -

----REVVAL "-


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International Summer Research Program in
Gravitational-Wave Physics: Research
Experiences for Undergraduates around the World
..1 | .].- 1"111. .' \II .' 0'. L p l I _;i. L II .- I I .n n ... ii I.... t l .h L I ._
p .n i. 1.. n. 11 .-i F n >. .pl r l .I n il...1. '1.n .1 .-.1- -1_J I- I. l 1. h .- i
II V I". | II I-11 1-- 1 I i -i6 II I l Il i. lI I I II I I II
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S. .. . n E. I I i 'L i iIii i ..'i i '.1i i- i l i -i. I 'I .IV I I,._ .. I I
.l .-. I pI- .i, I in I' E Ii- i I. II Ip.,n. \ 1 IT;i ,i ll, ._ ..I lli_ I I II
1..11 ", I, E tl.F '- "'- w 1 -I i."i-" ." ." "';i t,- i .hl. ', _',,_ V-"" '--;.' '"_,n, '-1. n- "I- -, -

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l l l \ "'. li 11 ,1u l ;i -' i I I s i l I l I ', I I l I _1.i I I l... I_ L I I I ,;i l 1,

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..... ';i'."i ". "''_ Betrnh d W killing I'. r ,,i,_.l'i, ,ll ,,It, .,i.1 G uido M ueller nt,,_ll,,11 ,I -l,,,- I ll _,?It

S C H EPR EO ,il- i p .1 -. t II...., II E E t ._,,._ I, ,I ,
EL ,,_ I -', ll 1 ,- ,_V I ,,, I, EIt,, 'I I i ll,_,'', I I k I,,, I' ,,I ,,_,; I ,I ',

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L I .I F lI,1 -i F, I- r,,_ '-l,. 1,I,, ,l i t- ,_i ,11 1 t.-I I --I F p I l I i I 1, p -, -- I', _I 'I ,- l l. I I ,,'I ,
.' II,, -,I I pF l, ,,i., F %N 1 I, .'' .'', I Fi ..1, 1I ,. 1,11_. 1 p l i ., .- .lI ,I I.i -_ h 'I ,- I'lil',

'IL,, ,_i', l 1 II.' F li ;.'. i lItal, i',n I .i-i .Lill-i 'i, III,_ t N l i '.'. n i .- I,..n _, -1 In ii .- I ,_ i,,, I I 1- I -,.-, L,, I._ .F II I I i .' I F I I i I. I I ..' i t I ''I L- I

ln. nli .PI IIl. 1'1,, -, L.- li .ii t ni.- Ii 'L, l I Pl'eI. .,I, .. ...I l l.1n i I I, Paul .-\%er\ .-.,_I ,t II, ,ll ,, 1 1 1

Depr. en of Phsis *SO Box 1140 Unvrst 0O. Flria Gansvle Flrd 3261
P-352-392-052 F-5-9202 *esis ews -y.uf 0 h-p/w wpy .uf~d


Fall 2008

Friday @ 4:00pm
2165 NPB

Condensed Matter
Monday @ 4:05pm
2205 NPB

High Energy
Tuesday & Fridays
@ 2:00pm
2165 NPB

Thursday @ 4:05
1002 NPB

Quantum Theory
Wednesday @
2205 NPB

"lan CDorseg C hair
Pam~ Marlin

college of
liberal arts sciences
Tketv F ii~i ri1r TliGt CirrN li

LI IC I jll l I'IV i r i- I I I-- F I I I .-,~ I. L-.. I, I.- I I rci.-ii h .- rci.- ii I.~.~1 11
-1-- --I-II I~ ~'LC 'C '.' I -III' I D 'I I'l I~I F-F- 11 'l h I" I .III I 1 1-1 II'-I



Page 2

SpotC~ t on Physics Outreach Programs con't To view online visit http://www.phys.ufl.edu/department/outreach.shtml
UF Physics Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
(http://www.phys.ufl.edu/reu/) Since 1999, the department has run a 10-week summer research
program for students who are contemplating a career in the physical sciences. Supported by the
National Science Foundation and UF, the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program
serves fifteen undergraduates per year, drawn to Gainesville from all over the country. Each
participant carries out original research under the careful guidance of a physics faculty member. The
program also offers professional-development workshops covering scientific communication skills and graduate school
applications, seminars on active areas of physics research, and field trips to other scientific laboratories such as the National High
Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee. The summer ends on a high note with a symposium at which each student presents a
talk on his/her project. Program coordinator is Kevin Ingersent, kevin@phys.ufl.edu.

Quarknet (http://quarknet.fnal.gov/) QuarkNet has ~50 centers in universities and laboratories -- -
participating in high-energy physics experiments. Initially, each center includes two mentor physicists and
two high school physics teachers. Goals for teachers include a deeper understanding of physics content, .
an appreciation for the machinery of modem science, an introduction to inquiry-based teaching as well as -
evolution in individual teaching to a more student-centered mode of instruction. Teachers, with the help -
of local mentors, will take part in the construction and testing of detector components, create data sets and -
develop online experiments for students and help develop classroom detectors. In succeeding academic
years the teachers extend their research work to the classroom. They also work with the physicists to design a research-oriented
institute for up to ten other area teachers who will the center in the second year. The center receives ongoing support in following
years. Though it used to be, UF is no longer a QuarkNet center. However, Thomas Jordan is an official UF employee with the
Physics department and is project coordinator of QuarkNet so UF is again an active center in the project. Recently, Thomas visited
Buchholz High School to work with the physics teacher and install a cosmic ray detector for student use. Program Coordinator,
Thomas Jordan, jordant@phys.ufl.edu.


H Andrey Korytov, Professor, has
been approved by the CMS
Collaboration Board as the new
Convener (leader) of the CMS
Higgs Physics group. The CMS
Collaboration Board is the body
which approves all the important decisions in
CMS, it consists from representatives of all the
CMS Institutions (~140). In this capacity,
Andrey will coordinate for the next two years
(2009 and 2010), all the CMS work related to the
Higgs searches. Higgs unquestionably is the #1
physics priority for LHC. A large number of the
very best people, from many institutions in
CMS, will work on this subject. Congratulations
to Andrey!

Heather Ray, Assistant Professor, was elected
to be a representative of the 2008/2009 Users
Executive Committee, a group of people who
are the go between for users and management
of Fermilab. It's a 2 year position.

Sam Trickey, Professor Emeritus, gave a
five-day, 10 lecture, Short Course on Density
Functional Theory and Applications, on the
invitation of the Physics Department at
Michigan Technological University in
Houghton, Michigan. There were about 15
graduate students, postdocs, and a couple of
faculty who attended.

Celebration of first test
run of largest particle
accelerator On September 10,
the Large Hadron Collider
(LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland,
was "switched on" and circulated
its first successful beam of
protons. The Department of Physics played an important and visible role in
developing one of the detectors (CMS), and will continue to contribute
during the analysis and discovery phase of the project. To commemorate the
event, the department held a party with a direct video link to CERN, with
Professor Darin Acosta reporting live from the LHC answering questions.
The photo shows Professor Guenakh Mitselmakher (far left) discussing the
LHC with students with Professor Darin Acosta on the back screen.

Cryogenics Staff Coinmmended Art Edison -... -.._
I'I .. .- i 1 .. ii I i .i 1 R I.,; _n I l N._-. L. i.,i r..- I, .ini
s p" -'. |II .. ."p F .-. .Ili \ 114 1 .I i .,_, ,_,,,i. l, l ... r l i i i i,, .. l l I -.. II
S ....- N eil s llh n \N lli -. ., .. .. i.n i..l. l.. _l, ,.. I.. I
.s ,pp., ,1 i li ..ri,, II._ ii _. .. 1. II l i .11 l',i -I L"Lil i._.. _i'I G reg Lab ie
T i.- L-,.._,_i l-,,I_.- I -, L 1i I L-r I.I, 1 1 .-I .. l l .. ,ii '. p .li. l .-Il l I n .-i n ..Il_ -
Sl ,i. _. ._in. ,1 h l ..- l ,iI..n I _.l I ..,-l. I ,-_ I',_ 1 l ., _,1 I II' .,I


Mov ing Oil.... Nathan Williaius p. I il,,1 1.-1
1' ... l-..- 4 I .,I ,I i. ,II 1 ,i ,, < I, L,, _I -) II I'`

II', L,It N ,ll., ',


faculty ... Professor Greg Stewart
will be attending a talk given by
Bruce Brandt, former facilities
director at the NHMFL in Tallahassee
and currently working at the new
Chinese High Magnetic Field

Laboratory in Hefei. The talk will be
on the Chinese high field effort, and
be held October 2, at the Physics

Department in Seoul National

OT1,iMembership for Under-
physiC s graduate and Graduate
Students Full-time enrolled under-
graduate and graduate students are
highly encouraged to take advantage of
the American Physical Society's free one

year membership to introduce you to
the American and international

http://www.aps.orgmemb ership student.cfm
OCT 14, LEErI-

year sem inaru of to
dieto tth1 HMLi Tlahse

htp==the American andinternapltional cm

Upcoming American Association of Physics Teachers
meeting The American Association of Physics Teachers Meeting is taking place
October 17 18 in the Department of Physics. Professor Rick Field will be giving a
presentation about the state of particle physics, and Professor Fred Gregory of the
History Department will be discussing Isaac Newton's contributions to physics from a
historical perspective.

UF Office of Technology Licensing Presentation
Dr. Leonard Terry, of the UF Office of Technology Licensing, will give a presentation
entitled "Office of Technology Licensing Facilitating Technology Transfer to Serve
Faculty and the Community" on Tuesday, October 14, at 4:00PM in NPB 2205. This might
be of interest to those who may have produced (or will produce) something that is
patentable. This presentation is open to all physics faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Ramanujan Fellowship awarded to alumnus
The Government of India, through the Department of Science and
Technology, has awarded Dr. Sudarshan Ananth the prestigious
Ramanujan Fellowship for the period 2008-2013. Dr. Ananth is an
Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Science Education and
Research (IISER) in Pune, India. He works in theoretical particle
physics. Sudarshan came to UF in the Fall of 2000 on an Alumni
Fellowship. He worked on supersymmetric quantum field theories
under the guidance of Professor Pierre Ramond, Distinguished
Professor of Physics. After graduating from UF, Sudarshan worked as a Junior Scientist
at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) for two
years before moving back to India.

Deepak Kar, Physics graduate student, gave an invited talk "Multiplicities and
Underlying Event" on behalf of the CDF collaboration at International Symposium on
Multiparticle Dynamics (ISMD 2008) held in DESY, Hamburg, Germany from
September 15-20, 2008.

Update from Physics Alumnus, Lewis Dudley Miller, PhD: "I graduated from the UF
Physics program in 1971 and have recently retired from a senior physicist position with
the National Ground Intelligence Center. My graduate education at UF prepared me
very well for my 37 year career in government and academia."

1 The Hertz Foundation is offering graduate
He tz fellowships for innovators in the Applied
Physical, Biological, and Engineering Sciences
f""", for up to $36,000/9 month personal stipend.
http://www.hertzfoundation.org Visit Hertz Foundation for more information.

Center for Condensed Matter Sciences
CCMS Undergraduate Fellowships for 2008-09 have been awarded to the following
students carrying out research under the mentorship of a CCMS faculty member (listed
in parentheses) these can be viewed on line at http://www.phys.ufl.edu/ccms:
Allessandra Gallestegui (Biswas) Adam Ross (Andraka)
Ryan Honeyager (Tanner) Ivan Rozano (Ihas)
Lukas Jawaorski (Lee) Todd Schumann (Hebard)
Sarah Joy (Hershfield) Eric Swanson (Lee)
Mauriccio Pilo-Pais (Sullivan) Cameron Thacker (Hirschfeld)

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It; Scevwce Faiv Tir-leL
The Alachua County school science fair is only 9 weeks away! Judges are critical to
the success of these fairs and because of your past service, please consider being a
judge again this year. Your assistance will truly be appreciated. You may register for
one or more fairs. Please indicate all categories you are qualified to judge when you
To register please complete the registration form- or contact:

m.J It's Science Fair Time!! A

1C-- ~r~-a-, r-rr~re~

Tor-yse, Please complte the re-yit for, or contact:
Pam Fitzgerald, School Volunteer Program Specialist
Alachua County Public Schools
1725 SE 1st Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32641-7220
352-955-7243 (phone) fitzgepp@gm.sbac.edu To download forms, which inclu
times and registration,
Judging Categories: Behavioral & Social Science, Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, please visit
Computer Science, Earth & Space Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, http://www.phys.ufl.edu/downloads
Mathematics, Medicine & Health, Microbiology, Physics, Zoology

IUF omntThe UF Gator Band
______ UF community R QUEST -

Campaign is now
online Welcome to the 2008
UF Community Campaign.
Thanks to the generosity of UF
employees, last year's campaign
raised 1.2 million dollars for area
charities. We hope to raise our
goal of 1.3 million dollars and
more for the 74 agencies in the
r2008 campaign. For the first
time, the campaign will be
online. This means you will not
receive a contribution card as in
previous years. To start the
giving process go to http://www.ufcc.ufl.edu and click the
pledge now link. Additional information including a list of
agencies and information about their services, campaign FAQs,
and messages from the campaign leadership can be found at
http://www. ufcc.ufl. edu. Contact the UF Office of Community
Relations for further information at 392-4567.

Time to VOTE!
Seven college bands, including UF's Gator Band, are
participating in the Battle of the Bands, a quest to win a
$25,000 donation from Paramount and Lucasfilm Ltd. Visit
to cast your vote for your favorite performance of the
Indiana Jones theme song.

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Visitors from Switzerland
Professor Frederic Mila and 25 physics students
from the University of Lausanne visited the physics
d A, department laboratories in early September. At
Swiss universities, funds are available for student
43 trips for educational purposes, so the students
decided to take advantage of the low value of the
dollar relative to the franc, and come to Florida. In
addition to visiting UF's department, they visited
the NHMFL and some other educational high
points: Disney World, beaches, Cape Canaveral,
the Alachua Sink, David's Barbeque, and The


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