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O in Physics ... s,:.., ......

l-, p in.' 1 -_.' I Ih n I' Lo ''l I 1 '.. .. .' 'II I ,al I '. 1'. F. I' 1 I, i Hl H a',_i''
Ping Cheng Aneta Pelko\a katia Mlalie\a ..n.l Heather Ra\ .n n F.n-.il.- 1'I1i, .. -F' I iiii
F IT I hI-,, I-, I I- Ir,. ,V. I, I .,_| ,' I I,,', I i l. 'I,| l I -, I 1 1, I-"" 1,_ I',I,_, I I,, .,, ', ,r, ,_ I," I I ,l h ._
I F I i. I- I|... I 1 l I p l n l1| ''1.. 1 '|- l.. |l .1 I.. .- II. Il. p1. | lIll l.. -I Il.- I .II I I I l lI). l J .. In I' In I I .
l .' I I.I- L ,,_. .i n. *,, L I IIl. i..n ,' I. 1 II L A, ', I I,.l II L. I I. I ,Il. L 1 '. I 11))- 1 .- 1 I I) ,I I'I. II l .
.11. ,_ .,I.1 i _r,. I~I, II, ,l .-I ,? I-A Ih ._,_ I 1 'I-L"I- I I II ',.I. n i n.1 .I I ., I, I., ,L- 'I,_ W .- I nIF'L I .

" SLiZETTE A PA.BIT. LiF Department ot Ph\sics .Alunni. PhD 2004
I .1\d isor. Protessor Stplep en Hage. CiI-m.'r. tlIl i ioitdl ortoli1l !v.cn'ihl .laotr tc ,at
Sc..'rlool of \. i n.llhc Ihl i lAl E ltll1d.rr nii Phlili.l Co. i rl ll hlinl m I'.tll \- I',,i_ I 1i1-1 -I-,-_ I,*
I F \. --- ... II l l... 1 1.. 1. l I .-I. i -. I ,- X hI l, u i I. I i, lM .-

Ill, ,-T -.l,_ ,ll. F T el, I m n- ,1 I .h l~d I_ ll I -l -' i, I-,I, h1 .~1, I ,"1 ,_ _, "

Il-.' ,'I.. ", ,', ] I .I ,, I C\ ,_'.. I ,i I I I I I Io,_,p, L 'l, I,' I .1 'L I\ I,' II I
mi i. l._ L,_I II', l l 1 l1 nl.. I ,_ r, ,I. i n l i _,_i .1 1 ,|._ I,_,I II'I. i I.',,a n l l, I ,, ,i ,L ,,_ l l.. i, -I, l I',',,I .~ I.. I ,I
II.,, .,i ,, I .11 .1 p l i, .. l oI- .p I I I .-,I F -',,_l i .. \ l i l .- 'I ,i, l .- ii A l I -. l -1 .. .. l.. ,I I, h .1 .. 'I.. l.
i',i .. .11 | Il-L. ', I 'i I, -1 .I. I I, .. ,_ l ., .,i l l .I .II _i_ i, ,I -"L .1 I i. I I I .- L ', I, I ,I iI ,, l. i
, rI I J l. l i p I. i l l L- I, II 1 I I ,I I I i,_, ll I I.'' 'I, 1 -I- 1 .. l.-1 I ,, i. ,, I ,l. I ,I h l.
, i .,i ll ln_ _1.. h, I I ,11 '1 I. '.. n ,_,?l I I,,_ I, ll .1. h I I ',, I. ',.,p h1- ,l, l1, lI. l, ,i ,

S I I n I I .. ,' .-- I ".I. I .1, 1 ,_ .'.I I ) I "l, I..-. I I V .-I 'I IF I, .1 I i L.. I ,_ -- .,- 11 I .,-- I 1 I I,_-W

KATI\1 I.-\TCHE\'.-\. \ssistu it Plroessor. LiF Departm\enl or Ph\sics
l i or to D Id Ie i I l 1 .1 \' 11F11 1 l i n I I l l l I
II I 1 .-| .. 1 II. I I I '.. 1.\ 1 .1 -II. 1 l. ..W 1 \. 1 h1.. 1. I1. I I. Il I.. I l. i

I ^ H ,i i 1. 1,U I I ,, .n l, _n \, L- ,-n I. l i l. I,_ | 1 I, ,l ,_ l ,l.l I., I. I .. l .-p I
I, .,I .-,_ l I1 l ". l .LI I I I I I ,l l .'1 I F I i -1-1 1 1. -,,.. N I ,ln l,,.i.l .- ,ll I 1 .. l ,
r ,,?'ll.i I n I1 I h-. I, .-. 1 I. 1, -.l I I I. .1 ...-1 .I 1I-,, -, l II I A ,n .-,i hl n r ,-,..
,',r,,ll LA i, I. h I.- 1k. I Il '. .I l I l ..- 'i l ,l'I i I ..' I. I l. I, i l i .I LI P ~I F. II 1 .1' .-.- I I, ,

l.,l. ,,_ I n ,l,,1 I I. I I '. |, I II .. I ,.,-. 1 -1. .- \,.I 1 I_ l...t.', I .I_ l i, .1 i. i n .,.1 II h I, I I I I I. I. .1 IIl ,1 I
.'I r, l I. r l I_ Il .. l i ', l ,, .- l ,. I I 1 *, 1 '., I._ l ln 1., ., I l l I I', L .h1-1- ,.II II .1I-1- I .
], -. I~I~,- I 1 ,1 I I, ..Ii..I l l I. II'- .- I I _l1 1 hl X',r l I, .n ..I Il I F n. I h .-r,,_ I. l
', ,_ I 1 ,_1 l.,..i, r,,_ I l an l, r ,, .. r, .~-~,_1..W A '11 ..r ci F ,, u l ,,i IIn,. lI I I.. ,_ I ._ .I-, I ,, 11.1 1. 1. .1 I ll. ,I

b..\THERINE D(OOLEN. LiF Deparltmenlt o Ph\sis 2nd \ear graduate sudentl
L.\d\ isor Pro essor Da\ id Reitzel I l. l.. .1 I .1 liF .n I-..- i.I .I I 1 ` ,111 .11-._

41 .A.I.,,, 1' I I I ,,II -I L, 'I IIk,,_ I -] LI,,l -.'I, ,I ,,- kI I II i '' I.I. I II' I1 I, 11, 1
; WA l l 1.1.. l
rLcI \' 1 1 I l I. 1 1.1 i II-. .1 I,,1 I,_ I.h L I,,I it lu,1,l, 1, II. L,,k,
I .1. I,._I, 1 I. ~,,,h I'.. ,I L. ,_, I ., I I .,,I I. I I ...1 1 II l. I l 'I h ,i II _I IIIs l I. I ,

I ll,,I Il I .-II 1 i) -_I II-, Ll. I_ ,, ,, I, I' )I ., F r11 r,,-. ~_I I ,_ ,'. l 1r
l. .n ll n, ., ,I ; n ] .,,_ 1. I i u l L ,an nF, I, 1 1 ,,h,__-I k II, LI .' 1 L ,, ,

,?.1. l 1 1._I, I' ,1 .I-' n l a, .L ,II,, Is ., ,_ .,_ I I ',,_. ,,?I _,?I L,.',, I I i [ F L.<.1 I al.[ ', -,,, .


Fall 2008

Friday @ 4:00pm
2165 NPB

Condensed Matter
Monday @ 4:05pm
2205 NPB

High Energy
Tuesday & Fridays
@ 2:00pmr
2165 NPB

Thursday @ 4:05
1002 NPB

Quantum Theory
Wednesday @
2205 NPB

"lan CDorset, Chair
Panm Iarlin

college of
liberal arts & sciences
The F Imp..^(-I| Tl,. iGirvrp N


Wote in Physics con't To view online visit http://www.phys.ufl.edu/academics/graduate/women.shtml
MARIA NIKOLOU, UF Department of Physics Alumni, PhD 2005 (Advisor, Professor David Tanner)
Currently a scientist at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., NJ In 2000 and after obtaining a B.S. in Physics from
the University of Crete, Greece, I joined the graduate school of the University of Florida in Physics. Upon
completing a year of core courses and after exploring potential projects and research groups, I decided to join
Professor Tanner's group. Two projects immediately drew my attention; one on electrochemically prepared
conjugated polymers in collaboration with Professor Reynolds' group in Chemistry; and the second with
Professor Rinzler on transparent, single walled carbon nanotube films. Both projects were fascinating from the
very beginning and gave me the opportunity to collaborate with other groups. The interdisciplinary character
of these projects was very rewarding both personally and professionally. During my research endeavors
everyone in the department was very supportive and in a way I always felt as part of a big research family. Looking back, I
cherish these years that gave me a lot of good memories. Many hours of hard work were shared with classmates and colleagues
together with many fun and memorable moments. Gainesville is a great place to be and there are always things to enjoy. I left in
2005 after finishing my PhD having many good friends and collaborators with whom I still keep in touch. I continued my journey
by accepting a Post Doctoral appointment in Materials Science and Engineering Department at Cornell University. There I
worked on the development and testing of biological sensors based on organic thin film transistors. Currently I'm employed in
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. applying the learning I have acquired through my studies in Physics.

SHEATHER RAY, UF Department of Physics Assistant Professor
My specialization is in experimental high-energy particle physics. I earned my Ph.D. from the University of
Michigan in 2004, performing a top quark cross-section measurement on the Collider Detector at Fermilab
(CDF) experiment. Post-graduate I switched from accelerator-based particle physics to accelerator-based
neutrino physics. In September 2007, I joined the faculty at UF. I am the only experimental neutrino physicist at
UF. I am involved with the MiniBooNE neutrino oscillation experiment (Fermilab). MiniBooNE is searching for
evidence of neutrino oscillations claimed by the LSND experiment. LSND was looking for muon anti-neutrinos
to turn into electron anti-neutrinos. LSND observed a -i"r' ii. ...r.i excess of events best fit by a neutrino
oscillation model. However, the Standard Model of Physics cannot accommodate oscillations from the sun, atmosphere, and
LSND, the three areas with claimed observations of oscillations. Confirmation of the LSND signal would require extensions to
the Standard Model we would need to determine what new physics model could cause all oscillation results. I am also working
on a proposal for a neutrino experiment to be located at Oak Ridge Lab, TN. This experiment, Osc-SNS, is designed to perform
several high-precision measurements using an accelerator based neutrino beam with lower energy (~30 MeV). My group
currently consists of 1 undergraduate, 2 graduate students, and 1 post-doc.

SAITI DATTA, UF Department of Physics, 4th year graduate student (Advisor, Professor Stephen Hill) I
I entered the UF physics PhD program in Fall 2004 after finishing my Masters from University of Pune, India.
Even before I joined the program I knew I would be working in condensed matter physics, though I was not
sure whether to work in theory or experiment. I'd had training in theoretical physics earlier, but I decided to
move to experiment to see how it feels to do "hands on" work. I joined Dr. Stephen Hill's group in the summer
of 2005. It's been a learning experience since then, from building resonators to understanding magnetic
properties of single molecule magnets with microwave spectroscopy. Single molecule magnets are basically
molecules containing transition metal ions that behave as magnets, showing interesting quantum phenomena
at low temperatures. The field itself is interdisciplinary and I have had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with both
physics and chemistry groups from different parts of the world. At present I'm trying to finish up my experiments and moving
towards writing my thesis for the PhD degree. I surely would like to continue my journey and I hope that all the experiences I've
gained in these years will help me in the process.

GENDITH SARDANE, 2nd year graduate student, (Advisor, Professor Tarek Saab)
I entered the graduate program of the UF physics department in Fall 2007. The first ten months seemed to be
an eternal roller coaster ride. Balancing my responsibilities as a teaching assistant and as a graduate student
wasn't a pleasant ride. You have to deal with problem sets on a daily basis, including Sundays. But my
seemingly stressful, nerve-racking first year wasn't all that. I learned a lot of physics from a group of very
talented faculty. Also, I was able to interact, learn, chit-chat, "eat-all-you-can," and play badminton and
'quantum' ball with some brilliant and talented fellow graduate students. As astrophysics has always been a
source of fascination and wonder for me, I am working with experimental astrophysicist Dr. Tarek Saab. The
UF Physics Department is part of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) collaboration that works on WIMP direct detection.
We are involved in the analysis of data mined from the CDMSII experiment, which is currently running at the Soudan
Underground Laboratory in Minnesota. We test and study the behavior of the germanium and/or silicon cryogenic detectors in
order to understand how they work. That has been ten months of learning, challenge and great memories--and I am looking
forward to the coming years at UF.


4 lesea/&ct

Fermilab Result of the Week



c~aaiC /t4ew6

Professor Rick Field and graduate
student Deepak Kar were selected for
the "Fermilab Result of the Week" for
August 7,2008. "Studying the
underlying event in Drell-Yan
production at CDF" can be viewed at
Fermilab Today WEB newspaper

The figure shows the average transverse momentum versus the number of charged particles
with pT > 0.5 GeV/c and letal < 1 (excluding the lepton pair) for Drell-Yan production in the
region of the Z-boson (70 < M(pair) < 110 GeV/c2) in proton-antiproton collisions 1.96 TeV.

Countdown to LHC First Beam
Source: Prof Darin Acosta
The first attempt to circulate a beam in the Large Had I .I
Collider (LHC) will be made on September 10. To *..
view multiple webcams (photos right) of CMS
commissioning and run coordination of the CMS
control rooms and experimental cavern please visit
http://cmsdoc.cern.ch/cms/performance/crc.html. An
online calendar of events can be viewed at
CRCcalendar.html. For more updates visit the CERN \' .L-.- I.
http:/ /public.web.cem.ch/Public/Welcome.html

Studet /News
Graduate student Deepak Kar attended the Hadron Collider Physics Summer School at
Fermilab (http://projects.fnal.gov/hcpss/hcpss08/) with department and CLAS travel
support. Michael Burns, Myeonghun Park, Ronald Remington, Joseph
Gartner (all grad students) and Partha Konar (postdoc) from the department also
attended the school.

PhD Graduates Summer2008
Sung-Soo Kim, Advisor: Pierre Ramond, "Light-Cone Formulation of Maximally
Supersymmetric Theories in Superspace"
Lester Pinera, Advisor: Andrey Korytov "Measurement of Event Shapes in
Proton-Antiproton Collisions at Sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV"
Sung Hee Yun, Advisor: Amlan Biswas, E. t(I of Disorder in Cuprates and

The Department of Physics
welcomes Denise Carlton, new
Program Assistant with the LT-
CCMS Group. Denise comes
from the Department of Surgery
and has been with UF for
23 years.

Photo taken by Nathan Williams

Page 3

Avekage PTversus NchgI
CDF Run 2 Preliminary Ni 4
70 MAWk 10 .

ATLaS Chlq.8P..lk.( W0(IA.O PT4O.O.V5r
-eothh l.ptcepa-
0) 5 10 15 20 25 3D 35
Number of Chaerie Prticles


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Students and Staff from Jordan Glen School explore Physics Exhibits

Depart *ment* of* P ics,-POBx 1i i oida
P-352-92-052*1 F-352-3920524 a iH. 0 0 y .u

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