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Group Title: PROTON
Title: PROTON ; vol. 7 no. 2
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Title: PROTON ; vol. 7 no. 2
Series Title: PROTON
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Language: English
Creator: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Florida
Publisher: University of Florida
Publication Date: February 2008
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2007 Lise Meitner prize is
raI awarded to Professor
Pierre Ramond
i ',.'"l This )ear the Lise F..,itner prize is a ,arded to
l Professor Pierre Ramond for his groundbreaking
disco eries- in theoretical ph,,cicl that led to the
.iuperstring theory' Luring the ,ears 11.51-7 1
Ramond ,ho had then juist erompileted hi5 'h CI
tludIies ,as workingg at the I laonal -ccelerator
Laboratory t Loutside C hicago later renamed F:ermilab
Ramond and a handful of goulng theoretical phgsicists
had been bright to this ne ,, established laboratory ,
to Support e perimental ph, sicists in their Ork VVhile
there Ramonnd conducted independent research that
laid the foundations for Siuperstring theory' Th rough
Skiud ing 1'Paul irac .5 Ork from 1 "1_.- ,here he
Pii ,,e Fatrnon i ei ri l, Pres so Eentl formulated the equation describing the ,ae ifunc ton
fIJisson In t on tIe iletane& PRie lnrnnanee an of the electron Ramond succeeded in generalizing
a pIS'S o so at Chaine a ..inte s tL the idea to the quantLIs ml echanical description of a
string carrying spin

His ork made it possible to constrict string theories i.th both b rosonic and fermionic degrees of
freedom necessary, for describing elementary, particles associated ith forces and matter respect ely
- consequence of this formulation as the disco erg. of a ne t.pe of s.limmetrt bett aeen these degree
of freedom later named Sui pers nlmetr ,hich .as also found to be a pplcablle to ordinary e quantium
field theories describing ordinary, Ipoint-likel particles This snnmmetrg' is no attracting enormous interest
and e idence for its e.,stence ill be searched for in the ne partlile accelerator named the Large
Hadron Collider ILHC.I [hat ill start operating this gear at C.ER I

The a ,ard ,as presented .Ianuiarg,. ith a public lecture gQ en b,. RI amond The Lise F.1Cetner prize is
a ,arded b, the Fgsikcentrumn of ',othenburg comprised of the ph,'sics institutes a[t 'othenburg
Ini ersitg, and Chalmers The prize ic gi en to researchers ,ho under difficult conditions succeed in
making groundbreaking disco series in ph,'ysic

Lise Meitner 1;.0-19 '1. .as an "us.trian-S edish nuclear ph s. icist In E.erlin in
1'i-.4 sdhe started stuidging the effects of bombarding I_Iraniin ,ith neutrons The
e ,periment .as conducted by the chemist l '' 0 Hahn. and ,etner formulated the
theoretical e, plantations of the problem ,ieitner workedd in E:rlin until 193.. hen. being
born of a .le .ish famni, she .as forced to escape and consequently, came to S eden

In Kungal she made history, Hahn reported the results of the experiment in E.erlin Lise
r..Celtner and her nephe ,ltto Frisch explained the results The, realized that the atomic
nucleus, pre iLocusl thought to be indi isible could be split and that a large quantity of
energy ,as emitted in the process whichh ,e no kno ac s I cssion This conclusion led to a race bg,
mango laboratories ,hen the potential for de eloping nuclear weaponss among other things ,as realized
Lise i,,1e.tner 5 contributions ,ere ignored ,hen ',tto Hahn recei ed the 1"Ij1 I lobel Prize in C hemnitrg,
for hi5 research into fission .itlner became a '3S edish citizen in 19-4 and mo ed to C. ambridge in
liT$F0 She died there in li1'..

3-. e o 01.ysic, P x31 0 U t .f *a G l Fr *
P-352-392*0521 F-5-9202 *esis ews -y.uf 0 h-p/wwpy .uf~d

Spring 2008

Friday @ 4:00pm in
Room 2165 NPB

Condensed Matter
Monday @ 4:05pm in
Room 2165 NPB

Physics Colloquium
Thursday @ 4:05 in
Room 1002 NPB

High Energy Physics
Tuesday @ 2:00pm
and Fridays @ 2:00pm
in Room 2165 NPB

Quantum Theory
Wednesday @ 4:05pm
in Room 2205 NPB

Alan Dorset Chair
Pam MIarlin

college of
Liberal arts a sciences
The F /h i.latirl, fLr Tlii C ..r fNaltl r,



Konigsberg featured
in Magazine

Professor Jacobo Konigsberg is
featured in a special "Careers" issue of
4 the New Scientist Magazine.
The interview can be viewed on pages
Al 14-15 of the online magazine:

IFIE VcareersgALSuid

News Bits

Professors Hai-Ping Cheng and Peter Hirschfeld have
obtained a DOE grant for Focused sessions in the 2008
Sanibel Symposium on recent development in first-principles
studies of high-Tc cuprates. http://www.qtp.ufl.edu/sanibel.

The 48th Annual Sanibel
will be held at The King and Prince Gold &
Beach Resort on St. Simons Island,
Georgia. It will be held from February 21-
UP TFebruary 26, 2008. For more information
visit http://www.qtp.ufl.edu/sanibel.

Darlene Latimer and Bill Malphurs have both been selected to
receive Division Three 2007-2008 Superior Accomplishment
Awards. They will be recognized at the awards ceremony at
9:30am on Wednesday, February 13, in Emerson Alumni Hall.
According to the award announcement, "Superior
Accomplishment Awards recognize efforts that go the extra mile
beyond your normal assigned duties."
Congratulations, Darlene and Bill!

Feb7,Frd Gegry
"Siec an Ahism Mutall
Feb 14 inaaiid
.D* ckhove,

Naolo toNnlthga
F eb 21 -itr ece
Fe- 8 ihelRbnti


eb ,Vlin af

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Physics Student attends Biomolecular Solid State NMR
School in Vermont
Hyoung Jeen Jeen, a 3rd year graduate student working with Professor Aneta Petkova, attended
the 1st U.S.-Canada winter school on Biomolecular Solid State NMR at Stowe, Vermont, January 20-
25, 2008, with financial aids (winter school organization committee and Prof. Petkova).
SThe organizers of this winter school were Dr. Rob Tycko
(NIH) and Prof. Bob Griffin (MIT). "The primary goals are
to foster the scientific development of the next generation of biomolecular
solid state NMR spectroscopists," says Dr. Griffin, "to introduce
biomolecular solid state NMR methods to senior scientists who are
currently working in related fields, to encourage the sharing of
information and the development of productive relationships among
biomolecular solid state NMR groups, and consequently to accelerate
progress in this field".
The winter school consisted of lectures, problem-solving sessions, and
workshops. The topics covered were from fundamental principle of
biomolecular solid state NMR to practical aspects of solid state NMR for
biological application. Approximately 50 students and postdocs attended
this winter school. Well known physicist, Prof. Charles Slichter (UIUC),
also attended. Hyoung Jeen was glad for the opportunity to attend, "I
was very excited to attend this very terrific and interactive meeting. I. .
could easily discuss very basic questions with well-known scientists and
lectures on broad topics helped my understanding and gave me some ... _, -
ideas on my research." _

University of Florida yPhyPIU' IEuI
Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
2008 Summer Program wil offer...
* valuable research experience
* workshops on cutting-edge
science and career choices
* tours of research facilities

3:00p- 3:45p | NPB 2205

Minutes from the Spring 2008
Graduate Student meeting have
been posted at

F-1 -------
07/1gi4a.6 Qpat&wd,



irPV) r


Employment Opportunity

Postdoctoral position in Gravitational Wave Astronomy The LIGO Research Group at the University of Florida
invites applications for a postdoctoral position in the area of gravitational wave (GW) astronomy and data analysis. An
appointment for two years is anticipated with possible extension. We will be continuously reviewing applications
starting April 1st, 2008 until the position is filled. We are looking for a scientist who is willing to take a leading role and
actively contribute to an exciting and rapidly growing area of gravitational wave physics. Expertise in astrophysics,
statistics, signal processing and computing is desirable. The UF LIGO group consists of six faculty members, four
post-docs and three graduate students. The group is a member of the LIGO Scientific collaboration, and it has made a
significant contribution to the design, development, and construction of the LIGO detectors. The UF LIGO group
maintains a vigorous research program in many aspects of gravitational wave physics. Increasingly important in our
research is the analysis of LIGO data, the development of tools for data analysis (particularly wavelet methods for
burst searches), real-time monitoring, and characterization of the LIGO detectors. We are expanding our research in
the astrophysics of burst and binary inspiral sources of GW radiation and also the development of data analysis tools
and strategies for the LISA experiment. The group has access to excellent computational facilities including a network
of SGI workstations and LINUX clusters with several hundred CPUs located at UF. Applicants should send their
curriculum vitae, a brief description of research interests and three letters of recommendation to:
Dr. Sergey Klimenko, Physics Department, University of Florida corner of Museum road and Gale Lemerand drive
Gainesville, FL 32611-8440 klimenko@phys.ufl.edu

-UF Policy for Emergency
Notification Information
Use and Access
The university has been enhancing its emergency
response efforts in connection with providing information,
warnings and security for its students, faculty and
staff. Part of this effort involves the collection of
emergency contact information to be used in case of a
campus or other emergency involving the university or its
constituents. The university has started collecting
emergency notification information for students during
the course registration process. Plans to start collecting
this information for faculty and staff are underway.
Faculty, staff and students can enter their emergency
contact information through My.ufl.edu ->My Account->
Update Emergency Contact.

Personal cell phone, personal e-mail, and emergency
contact information is being collected for campus
emergency notification, preparation and response. This
information is protected from disclosure as a public
record under an exception to the Florida public records
law for security system plans and, unless required by
law, the only business process under which UF will use
the information is for emergency notification, preparation
or response. The emergency contact information is
being collected for use in notifying the individual or
emergency contact in case of an emergency that could
threaten the safety or health of people or to prepare or
respond to an emergency.

This new collection and notification process is an
important step that will enhance the University's ability to
prepare for and respond to emergencies. Thank you for
your participation. If you have any questions about this
initiative, please contact the Directory Administration at
273-1388 or emailto:DIRECTORY-@LISTS.UFL.EDU.

Physics Food
Drive a

PO Box 086
Gainesvlle. FL 32627
Phone (362) 3384839
Fax J362) 39"5470
January 15. 2008
University of Florida
Physics Department
ATTN Lori Bell
P-0. Sox 118440
Gainesville, FL .311
Dear Mil Bell,
On behalf of Bread of the Mighty Food Bank and the Gainesmile community, I thank you
and the Physics Department hummly for your donation of 94 pounds of food received on
December 14, 2007. Your donation was yea ay pprciated
As we entered the holiday season. the shelves of the food ba* were quite empty. A public
appeal requesting help for the Bread of the Mignhy and olthe food service agenies in our
area resulted In a tremendo outpouring from the Gainesville and University of Florida
communities We at the Bread of he Mighty had a vision to dstribute 300 ood boxes at
Tham~g...;; ar-d 250 F003 Witei fr 1e Crr~rwrrw, tmlIaav Bw. wo bener.Mr6% of
PMPI~ I~e so... mIIwYd .t be OeliBj!'ne&6 a~ ~ IIV .Y6 bme I~riI ~ulrtl 3'~r-
boxes at Thanksgivng and another 299 boxes in the week preceding Chrinsms
The goal of te Bread of the Mighty is to continue to make a difference in the ability of mur
1rrk fncn-pr 311 orgaVEZ 3li110n! 10 WJ 8-1d 'riel Me reed, C I hfl PIAA OP41 111wr n
VVt. We nWrP OfdoadlI.n frnm MupnrDlS %o- 11 u M W s iv 1 ll rin %1m ee
improvements in our ability to do thips Ramembef- an*1ime is a good time t ondut a
food drve to supporl the ftood bak
Togeirkr 11e can irraimair. arci shengirer. tt e i-.q* & &r se.:,.rg ar. wEie and M: re
inmaninthb lnoso w, 110 %eerd Than% oU aqjk- ICI r.UF 61JPPC I rW P rsnill 1:1 I..
the hungry and care for the needy. God bless.

Aime K- Voyles

The PRTO is a motl nesete prouce by the Phsc Deatmn to pulcz th deatmn' aciite an new from
th faut an stff Anon is inie to sumi maera tobe prite in th puliaton Sumsin fo th PROTO shol to*
be- sen to Pa Maln -hscne y .u~ by the 4t Moda of eac moth

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