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Group Title: PROTON
Title: PROTON ; vol. 6 no. 10
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Title: PROTON ; vol. 6 no. 10
Series Title: PROTON
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Language: English
Creator: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Florida
Publisher: University of Florida
Publication Date: December 2007
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Professor Gene Dunnam Retires
o after nearly F', years of distinguished ser ice Professor Gene Dunnam ill retire
at the end of this semester P'rof CiLinnam as hired as an -ssistant professorr in
the Department of Physics in September lF':.. The department had IList Imo ed
into a ne building ,hi h had not been named Yet bot wouldd soon be called
VVilliamson Hall after the C chairman ,ho hired himn Professor EBob VVilliamson
Enrollment at the Uni ersity of Florida as only about 15 000 at the time The
department boasted 15 faculty whichh included Tom Scott and Stanley E.allard ithe
latter ,oiuld become chairman the net ytearl E.esides being hired to teach he
also ran the homemade accelerator To help raise academic standards in the
department he ,as part of an effort to require that qualifying e-ams ,ere written
Frior to 1":O.0 they ,ere only oral E.eing a Gator fan he recalls that in those days the football team ,as
not ery good so to boost attendance
tickets ,ere sold to faculty for half price

Looking for ,ard to free time Prof Ciunnam
plans to finish building a pipe organ and use
the boat he just acquired to do lots of
fishing His mus1ICal acti itiCe being his
fa rite he ill continue to sing in t ,0
Church choirs and is a member of the

PiO L'unnan 1rn 11 te L L00t,
11 1.:-.. '','.:. '.:. ; .Ij r.- I.:. I HJ jl
it'r' i i l [ pih ,il -d ii Ili Ui J IiiniIjili

Tne Depanieni Of 7 Pn5. sc
lnoSL5 a pa; in fln'nL', i .
Pf C-unnain 5 ,eliiernent on
dti',ewnfll .30
4001& p1 7o10| IL I l
FainL'nc *3aL *C'-o'e'5
, tLnnie, '-,; Lif FLLInance
Languages. FoV7edT E:tan
I tLeniie mntein IuF pies aenil
-'ene CDunnain Ja;ck ;oaln
and Ca-Iels5 _dinan ioLiniei
Dean of'- L -4 l
PI1IL' i''J i PCr L'unnirn
1fl0 Prof Henm, \ an Fins Ill

UF Plans Bold Move to Improve Math and Science Education
; cuice C'L-a; lJel s
In the worldd s moi t technologically ad anced country math and science teachers are in shockingly
short supply I10 the Uin ers.ity of Florida is making a bold mo e to make sure the state has enough
qualified science and math teachers. to educate the ne.t generation Equipped ith a grant of up to 12 4
million from the I latonal I1ath and Science Initiati e and an additional 1 million endo ment from the
Helios Education Foundation t ,0 1UF colleges are launching a ne program to recruit science and math
students to the teaching profession molding them into top performers in both the laboratory and the
classroom i no ,n as FloridaTeach the program ill combine the efforts of IUF s College of Eduication
and its College of Liberal -rts and Sciences to retool the uni ersity programs for preparing math and
science educators To read the full article please isit
http i las uifl eduie entsine ,5/articies/2C'0 1114-floridateach htmil

Depr.en of 01.ics PO Bo 1140 *0.erit of Flria *0.evile Flrd21
P-35-396052 F-5-9-524 *hss eO -hy.uf 0 0 h-p/wwpy .uf~d

Fall 2007

Friday @ 4:00pm in
Room 2165 NPB

Condensed Matter
Monday @ 4:05pm in
Room 2165 NPB

High Energy Physics
Tuesday @ 2:00pm
and Fridays @ 2:00pm
in Room 2165 NPB

Physics Colloquium
Thursday @ 4:05 in
Room 1002 NPB

Quantum Theory
Wednesday @ 4:05pm
in Room 2205 NPB

Graduate Students
Wednesday @ 5:15pm
in Room 2165 NPB

"lan L'orseg Chair
Pan Mlarlin

college of
Liberal arts a sciences
IIhE F ,a f' tl. Io. f r I ii. C.7I1 NalllIn


The above picture shows many of the participants to the recent "Pan-
American Workshop on Molecular and Materials Sciences: Theoretical
and Computational Aspects", held at the Institute of Physics, Universidad
Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, in Cuernavaca, this past October 9-11,
with the participation of 50 scientists from American countries. The
workshop was the seventh in a series, previously organized also at the .
University of Florida, and was done partly to honor Professor David
Micha's long term involvement with its organization. ..
Prof John Klauder has a little fun
Ne s Bits on Halloween
News Bits

Professor Andrew Rinzler and his former graduate student Zhihong Chen (now on permanent staff at the
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Tarrytown, NY) have been awarded United States Patent # 7,261,852 titled
"Transparent electrodes from single wall carbon nanotubes" (Assignee University of Florida Research
Foundation, August 28, 2007). The patent discloses a method for fabricating thin films of single wall carbon
nanotubes that are simultaneously transparent and electrically conducting, features that are necessary for
opto-electronic device such as solar cells, light detecting and light emitting devices. The method, along with a
series of related patent pending developments could result in the broad commercial application of carbon


Farewell & Thank you!
December 14th will be my last day on the job, and I'd like to reflect back and say a farewell
to you all. I came to the Physics department 10 years ago, thanks in large part to Joan
Raudenbush. I had been working at Physical Plant, and was helping coordinate the
disconnection and re-installation of the Physics labs from Williamson Hall and other places
to the new Physics space. Joan's idea was that it would be wise to have someone within
S the department that was involved in that process and asked me if I was interested and I
accepted. Over the last 10 years, my job has evolved from Electrician to building
manager to groundskeeper.

I have many fond memories of my time here and of the people I've had the opportunity to meet and work with, and
I thank you all for that. My plans for the near future involve re-discovering the world outside of work. I look forward
to spending time with my wife of 32 years, Annmarie (who will be retiring from Shands after 30 years, most of it in
the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), and with our son, Eric. -Don Brennan

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71 Students Meet
Faculty Event
g r~" The Department's annual
"Graduate Students Meet
, the Faculty" poster
Session event will be held
ion Thursday, December
6th, from 4:30pm until
about 6:30pm in room NPB2205. Refreshments will be
provided as well as encouraging lively discussion
between faculty and students. We will also be
announcing the recipients of the annual graduate student
awards --- so be sure to be there!

New Graduate
Professor Stephen Hill will
be taking over the duties of
Graduate Coordinator of the
Department of Physics as of
January 1, 2008. Professor
,I, 4 Hill can be emailed at
hill@phys.ufl.edu for any
questions regarding Physics graduate studies.
He replaces Professor Mark Meisel who has
been Graduate Coordinator since 2001.

SPS Coffee Break! Stop by NPB 2205 Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:00 -
3:45pm, where the Society of Physics Students provide coffee and cookies for purchase (just a
few quarters). Hot tea and hot chocolate are also available. It's a great way to socialize with
colleagues, talk with professors, or simply take a break. Faculty, Staff, Undergrads, Grads, Post-
docs, and anyone else affiliated with the department are encouraged to come by.

Physics department student assistants take on new challenges

Physics will be losing two student assistants who will be graduating
this semester. Giovanna Morini has worked in the Physics main office for
two years and will be graduating with a BA in Linguistics and a BS in
Psychology. She is currently applying to Grad school in child language
development. Kurt Howard has worked in High Energy physics for nearly
4 years. He will receive his MBA with a concentration in Finance and will be
looking for employment either in Florida or Georgia. Best wishes to you
Giovanna Morini Kurt Howard

Two senior graduate students receive CLAS Dissertation
Fellowships for 2008
Pradeep Bhupathi and Sung-Soo Kim have received McLaughlin Dissertation Fellowships for the Spring 2008
semester. Administered by CLAS, each award provides $5,000 and a tuition waiver. Funding for these
fellowships comes from the Charles Vincent and Heidi Cole McLaughlin Endowment.

Pradeep Bhupathi is a 6th year graduate student working with Professor Yoonseok Lee, and his expertise is in
experimental low temperature physics. Supported as a research assistant (RA) for most of his tenure in the
department, Pradeep is studying the properties of superfluid 3He confined by aerogel. He played a key role in
building the sophisticated apparatus used for his experiments, and to date, his work has appeared in 4 peer-
reviewed publications. He expects to complete his PhD thesis in Spring 2008.

Sung-Soo Kim is a 6th year graduate student working with Professor Pierre Ramond, and his expertise is in
theoretical particle physics. He is studying the fundamental aspects of supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory and
supergravity, and to date, his UF work has appeared in 1 peer-reviewed publication. Sung-Soo is an outstanding
teaching assistant (TA), and his accomplishments were recognized with Teaching Awards from the Department
of Physics and the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). He received the CLAS Outstanding
International Student Award in 2006. Sung-Soo is expected to complete his PhD work in Spring 2008.

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Fall 2007 Exams


August 22
Xingyuan Pan
"Electronic States and Magneto-Optical
Absorption of AllnSb/lnSb Heterostructures"
Prof Stanton, Chair

October 8
Yun-Wen Chen
"Properties of Amorphous Silica and Its
Interaction with Water A Computational Study"
Prof Cheng, Chair

SFor a listing of Physics Alumni
from 1934-2007, please visit
^ ^

Physics Food
Would you like to help
someone this holiday
season? The
Department of Physics
has asked everyone to
bring in donations of non-perishable food items for
The Bread of the Mighty Food Bank. The Bread of the
Mighty is part of "America's Second Harvest," the
largest food recovery and rescue organization in the
United States, serving nonprofit organizations in
Alachua and surrounding counties. Items can be
placed in a box in the mail room of the second floor of
the new physics building.

http://www.breadof themighty.org


August 20
Rukshana Alli Patel
"First Observation and Measurements of
chi_cJ Decays into Two Charged and Two
Neutral Hadrons"
Prof Yelton, Chair

September 25
Xiaoming Wang
"Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopic Study of
Semiconductors in a High Magnetic Field"
Prof Reitze, Chair

October 4
Jeffrey Scott Little
"Quantization of Constraints Using the
Projection Operator Formalism"
Prof Klauder, Chair

October 9
Sergo Robert Jindariani
"Fragmentation of Jets Produced in
Proton-Antiproton Collisions at a Center-of-Mass En-
ergy 1.96 TeV"
Prof Korytov, Chair

November 26
Jesse I. Angle
"Gamma Background Studies for the Xenon
Experiment Utilizing a High Purity Germanium
Prof Yelton, Chair
Prof Baudis, Co-Chair

November 27
Jonathan D. Lawrence
"Comprehensive High Frequency Electron
Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of Single Molecule
Prof Hill, Chair

December 5
Tara P. Dhakal
"Manipulating the Magnetic Domains of Hole-Doped
Manganites by using Electric Field"
Prof Biswas, Chair

December 10
Naveen Margankunte
"Infrared Spectroscopy of Phase Separated
Manganites and Electron-Doped Cuprates"
Prof. Tanner, Chair

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