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Title: PROTON ; vol. 6 no. 9
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Professor Art
Hebard to be
Honored by the
Physical Society
_Oh L r ,L 4A tJrf N

Distingluished F'rofe.ss.or of
F'h,-ics, Art Hebard
together ,ith 7 rofessors .Iun
-kifntS u of -o nama-,,akuiin uin ersity' and Robert
Haddon of the _ini ersit, of California-R erside has
been named the 2000 recipient of the -merican
'Physical Sociely s .iames C. PJ..C -,rodd. Prize for lie
materials s for the disco er' of high temperature s uper-
conducti ity in non-o-ide sIystems I am delighted to
ha e recei ed ne s of this a ard and am honored
that I ha e been selected to be included in such a
distinguished group of co-recipients Hebard said

The a .ard .as established in 19iii to recognize and
encourage outstanding achie ement in the science
and application of ne materials Hebard as one of
the co-disco erers of suiperconducti ity' in potassiuLm-
doped C.i.0 His breakthrough paper on the topic .as
Suiperconduclti it' at 181/ in 'otassi.um-doped C.i0
whichh according to VVeb of Science has been cited
more than 1 ":00 times since it as first published in
1991i Hebard recei ed his E. in physics from i ale
ini ersit y magna cuinm laude in 1'ii.2' He earned an
M.. S and Ph L' in physics from Stanford I_ni ersit. in
1'.-h.4 and 1; 1 respect ely E.efore coming to LIF in
19I he workedd as a member of the technical staff at
"T&T E.ell Telephone Laboratories for nearly 2.,

Hebard .ill be honored during the MP.arch 200.
meeting of the -merican F'hy.sical Societt here he
,ill recei e a certificate and a share of the iS 000
prize "rt is an internationally. reno ,ned expert on
the electronic properties of materials said F'hysics
Chair Alan Dorsey He s made a number of
important contributions disCO ering ne materials
in enting ne measurement techniques and creating
ne applications for no el materials The .Mc. ,roddy'
Prize is an important and ,ell-des.er ed recognition of
but one of his many scientific achie ements

Prof Eugene
hnt er nearly -0 earst
of diStlngLQiShed
ser ice 141 to bee

Gene Dunnam ,ill
retire at the end of
this semester The
Department of h' scls ,ill hold a part' in his.
honor on Frida. 110 ember ".0 starting at
F. 00pm in 2.205 IIF'E. I ,th adult refresh-
ments I si. please mark your calendars
Darlene Latimer idarlene@iTph'ys ufl eduI has.
gracioius.ly agreed to collect donations for the
part' and a girt for Gene

Prof Gregory
Boebinger is
Elected to the
rank of Fellow
of the AAAS
Gregory Boebinger
S Director of the I national
High P.lagnetic Field
Laboratory and Profeiss.or of F'Physis. at
Florida State uni ersity and UF has been
elected to the prestigious rank of Fello of
the -merican "-sociation for the
"d ancement of Science I ".".S" This honor
as. formally announced in the 'c'tober 2'.
s.siue of the journal Science E.oebinger ,a.
recognized for research in high-temperature
superconducti ity' and t o,-dimensional
electron and hole isysteims including the
de elopment of pulsed magnetic fields as. a
prominent research tool

- leading researcher in high-temperature
superconducti ity .oebinger came to FSIl in
2004 to become Director of the I national High
PMagnetic Field Laboratory ,here he
continues, to u.e intense magnetic fields to
suippres. si.perconduicti it' and in estimate itIs
nature He regularly collaborates. ,ith
colleaguiesi at Los. -lamos. I national
Laboratory :ee 7 Eoevnc.ei pa.e 4I

Depr. en of Phsis *SO Bo 6 1140 Unvrst 0O. Flria Gansvle Flrd 32611
P-352 6392-052 F-5239 02 -hscnes py .uf 0 0 h-p/wwpy .uf~d

Fall 2007

Friday @ 4:00pm in
Room 2165 NPB

Condensed Matter
Monday @ 4:05pm in
Room 2165 NPB

High Energy Physics
Tuesday @ 2:00pm
and Fridays @ 2:00pm
in Room 2165 NPB

Physics Colloquium
Thursday @ 4:05 in
Room 1002 NPB

Quantum Theory
Wednesday @ 4:05pm
in Room 2205 NPB

Graduate Students
Wednesday @ 5:15pm
in Room 2165 NPB

"lan Dorsey Chair
Pam Mkarlin

college of
Liberal arts a sciences
I ; F ,i(7>u fi..-, I r Io li Ca.tIo, Naliznl


The Institute for Fundamental Theory
Special Seminar

On November 19, at 4:00PM, in 2205 NPB, the University of Florida will
be honored to host a lecture by Sir Michael Berry, F.R.S., which is
entitled "Hamilton's Diabolical Singularity". Sir Michael is a renown
physicist and an extraordinary expositor of complex physical phenomena
to both lay and professional audiences. He is famous among other things
for the Berry phase, a phenomenon observed, e.g., in quantum
mechanics and optics. He specializes in semi classical physics
(asymptotic physics, quantum chaos), applied to wave phenomena in
quantum mechanics and other areas such as optics. He is the (co-)
author of over 400 articles and books, and the winner of numerous
awards as listed below:

Prizes and Honors
1978 Maxwell Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics; 1990 Julius
Edgar Lilienfeld prize of the American Physical Society; 1990 Paul Dirac
Medal and prize of the Institute of Physics; 1990 Royal Medal of the
Royal Society; 1993 Naylor Prize, London Mathematical Society; 1994
Louis-Vuitton Moet-Hennessey 'Science for Art' prize (Paris); 1995
Hewlett-Packard Europhysics Prize; 1996 Dirac Medal and Prize of the
International Centre for Theoretical Physics Trieste; 1996 Knight Bachelor
Queen's Birthday Honours; 1997 Kapitsa Medal of the Russian Academy
of Sciences, 1998 Wolf Prize in Physics; 2000 Ig Nobel prize in physics;
2001 Onsager Medal (Norwegian Technical University, Trondheim); 2002
Novartis/Daily Telegraph 'Visions of Science' competition, 1st prize
(Science as Art), 3rd prize (Science Concepts); 2005 Polya Prize,
London Mathematical Society; 2005 Chancellor's Medal, University of

1982 Elected to the Royal Society of London; 1983 Elected Fellow of the
Royal Society of Arts; 1983 Elected Fellow of the Royal Institution; 1986
Elected Member of the Royal Society of Sciences, Uppsala; 1989 Elected
member of the European Academy; 1990 Elected to Indian Academy of
Sciences; 1995 Elected Foreign Member of the National Academy of
Science of the USA; 1995 Elected Member of the London Mathematical
Society; 1998 Elected a Governor of the Weizmann Institute; 1999
Honorary Fellow, Institute of Physics; 2000 Elected Foreign Member of
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences; 2005 Elected to Royal
Society of Edinburgh

Seminar Abstract
Hamilton's first application of the concept of phase-space later so fruitful
in physics, especially in the hands of Dirac was a prediction in optics:
conical refraction in biaxial crystals. This was one of the first successful
predictions of a qualitatively new phenomenon using mathematics, and
created a sensation. At the heart of conical refraction is a singularity,
anticipating the fermionic sign change underlying the Pauli exclusion
principle and the conical intersections now studied in quantum chemistry.
The light emerging from the crystal contains many subtle diffraction
details, whose definitive understanding and observation have been
achieved only recently. Generalizations of the phenomenon involve
radically different mathematical structures.

News Bits

Professor Heather
Ray received a
1 H$500 travel award to
attend the SNS
i' users meeting
M Neutron Source, at
SOak Ridge
Laboratory, TN), from October 8 10,
2007. Heather presented a poster on
a proposed neutrino experiment.

The Department of
Physics welcomes
Martin Meder, who
has joined the High

Energy Physics
Group as Office
SuManager. Martin
comes ronm theSour

College of
Pharmacy and has been with UF for

M19 years.M r,

Pharmacy and has been with UF for
19 years.

A Reception will follow the seminar.

Page 2



Graduate Students: From mid-November to mid-December,
local middle and high schools will have Science Fairs.
Judges are needed to help evaluate the projects and to
encourage the young students. A typical event will require
one morning of your time, and all of you are qualified to be
Congratulations to Michael Schmitt,
The schedule and registration form for judging may be found at: physics graduate student who was
married September 22, 2007 at the
http://www.phys.ufl.edu/-meisel/2007-Science-Fair-Judge-lnfo.doc married September 22 2007 at the
In the past, I have judged with physics graduate students, and they Heather Yerby (now Heather Schmitt),
enjoyed the experience, which they listed on their CVs. If you are a a graduate Snim
who is a UF graduate (B.S. Animal
interested, I suggest that you consider pairing with another physics who is a U graduate S Animal
graduate student, so you can carpool and exchange ideas about the Sciences, class of '06).
process and projects. In every instance, there was plenty of food for P o by Jn
the judges. If you have any questions, please let me know, and Ms.
Pam Fitzgerald (fitzgepp@sbac.edu), who coordinates the
volunteers for Alachua County Public Schools, would be happy to Tara Dhakal, graduate student in Prof
hear from you. Amlan Biswas' group, has been given a
travel award of $500 to attend the 52nd
Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
These local fairs should not be confused with the Alachua Region Conference to be held in Tampa from
Science and Engineering Fair that will be held at Santa Fe November 5 9, 2007. Tara will be giving
Community College. Judging for this large event will be February an oral presentation entitled Growth of
29, 2008. http://tlc.sbac.edu/scifair/html/dates.htm mixed phase manganite nanoparticles
using substrate induced strain". The talk
-Mark Meisel, Graduate Coordinator, meisel@phys.ufl.edu is scheduled for November 9, 2007 at
3:24 pm.

The Career Resource Center will present 'Career Options' for Astronomy, Chemistry and Physics
Majors on Tuesday, November 13th at 4:05pm at the Career Resource Center, Reitz Union.

-Ipcomin g s200 Sutimer Lectuire er[es
The Center for Condensed Matter Sciences organizes, and funds (budget
permitting) an annual Summer Lecture Series (CCMS-SLS) in the Department of Physics. The CCMS-SLS will
consist of 10 12 lectures over a 3 week period to be given during the summer semester. The lectures will be
presented by a single lecturer, or multiple lecturers in a highly coordinated fashion, on a subject in the field of
condensed matter sciences. Lecturers will be awarded $3,000 (to be split between multiple lecturers) for the
summer 2008 series. In addition to organizing and delivering the series the lecturer will be required to provide a
complete set of lecture notes at the end of the series. CCMS plans to web publish the lecture notes. The CCMS
Summer Lecture Series aims to facilitate a conceptually deep and extensive understanding on a specific subject in
condensed matter sciences for the benefit of graduate students, researchers and interested faculty.

Each Fall semester the CCMS Executive Committee will solicit proposals for CCMS-SLS to be given the following
summer. The solicitation will be made to the faculty in Physics and related departments at UF. Upon
recommendation from a member of CCMS, proposals from lecturers outside of the University of Florida will also be
considered. Proposals are due by the beginning of the 2nd week of Spring semester. The 2008 deadline is
Monday, January 14, 2008. The CCMS Executive Committee will review the proposals and announce in the middle
of the Spring semester. The lecturer(s) will be awarded $3,000 in total after the completion of the lecture series and
the submission of the complete lecture notes. Should unforeseen circumstances prevent a lecturer from completing
the proposed set of lectures the amount of the award may be prorated in proportion to the number of lectures
actually delivered. For more information visit: http://www.phys.ufl.edu/ccms/lecture.


E Hazardous Waste Training
The Division of Environmental Health and Safety will be conducting Hazardous Waste training classes
for all laboratory personal and staff who generate hazardous waste. The Hazardous Waste training
classes provide the information required to comply with federal EPA requirements, including
hazardous waste identification, container management, and disposal procedures. A Lab manager (PI),
or designated hazardous waste manager from each laboratory, must attend annually. The responsible
party for each laboratory is then required to train their staff. The training session will last
approximately one hour. The class will be held in Room 2205 NPB at 10:00AM on Friday, November 9th. Personnel
unable to attend the departmental training session may contact the EH&S office (392-8400) to make alternative

In an effort to improve student and community safety awareness, utilize current technology (thereby conserving
V"OLICp resources), and in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime
Statistics Act, the University of Florida Police Department has published its annual 2007 "UF Together for a
Safe Campus" safety brochure. the report includes statistics for the previous three years (2004, 2005, 2006)
concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or
controlled by the University of Florida, and on public property within or immediately adjacent to and accessible
from the UF campus. It also includes institutional policies concerning campus security such as policies
regarding alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, sexual assault, the reporting of crimes, and other personal
and property safety issues.

The "UF Together for a Safe Campus" brochure is available for review by accessing the University of Florida Police
Department web site at http://www.police.ufl.edu. Hard copy requests may be made by e-mail to updinfo@admin.ufl.edu,
or by mail to Chief Linda J. Stump, Director, University of Florida Police Department, P.O. Box 112150, Gainesville, FL

Recent Physics Publications
For a list of recent physics publications please visit
http://web.uflib.ufl.edu/msl/subjects/Physics/2007_bymonth. html

Boebinger Con't from Page 1

Boebinger also has a strong commitment to interpreting science for students and the general public. In addition to his
many scientific publications, he has written articles designed for mainstream audiences in both Physics Today and
Scientific American and gives frequent public lectures throughout the country. He also has been interviewed and
demonstrated magnetic levitation on the History and Discovery channels.

"I am particularly honored to be named a Fellow in the AAAS because it is a wonderfully cross-disciplinary organization
focused on advancing science broadly--much like high-magnetic-field research itself," Boebinger said. "This mission is
critically important because there is an increasingly urgent need to educate and train greater numbers of the next
generation to become scientists and science-aware citizens. I am keenly appreciative that this personal recognition
would not have occurred without the many fruitful collaborations with so many colleagues through the years."

"Being elected a Fellow of the AAAS represents a significant level of achievement within one's academic field," noted
Kirby Kemper, FSU's vice president for Research. "Professor Boebinger has proved himself to be a national leader in
the field of superconductivity research, and we commend him on this latest accomplishment."

The AAAS (www.aaas.org) is the world's largest general scientific society and publisher of Science, which, with an
estimated total readership of 1 million, has the largest paid circulation of any peer-reviewed general science journal in
the world.

b-e- S t o Pm M y te h M a o ec m

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