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Graduation Spring 2007

The depailmeni of
Physics hosled a
reception in honor of all
Ihose graduating in Spring 2007.

Pho Graduates
Anand Balaraman I Jim Fri
Hyunchang Choi ioonsieok Leei
Shu-Chen Liu I ,r, mlhac.
Costel Rotundu IE.ohdan -ndrraki
Karthik Shankar E.rnard VVhiting I

HiL' .-'.zuaie Karthik Shankar Iim
4iuS o, Bernard Whiting ILI

Dr. Richard Garrett peseent Erica
Bolin 11t I ie ene ; F,cia *:a ,,eri
4i11 a'

Mauricio Pilo-Pais i piesenrie mie
Fu Dr. Euge;i )Dui r ai d
Dr. Eugene Duninain

WEr LJir
lunioeiac, ute ls!o, Mandi Hughes lunaeiisause V sl, Nick Park iirI
, i,1 1,, minne, Bob Hughes i,,i,,enl Betsy Thomas

Alan Dorse,, Chair
Pam Marlin

Shun-Pei Miao Irm 4sl, 'o, Richard
Woodard IL 1 ,11 .a,0uaie il,0 a Pr 'i ,n
.ummenin, 200-

PoC' ',,auaite Shu-Chen Liu iln 4-\slor' Gary has IL I and
i"e paents 1i

Depar t of P PO x 1 0 U t f F a G e F
(P)* 35-9202 (F 35-32-52 -hscnes py .uf0 0 hfp/w wpy .uf~d

college of
Liberal arts a sciences

Ihk" ti 7't0f >at.> Iur I T ic C.,11,r eval, 'r,

U va4rsv~AA$We4



Professor Peter Hirschfeld has been
selected to receive a 2007-2010 University of
Florida Research Foundation Professor-
ship. These professorships recognize faculty
who have established a distinguished record
of research and scholarship that is expected
to lead to continuing distinction in their field.
Congratulations to Peter for a well earned

A symposium in honor of
N. Yngve Ohrn
Quantum Molecular Response and Reaction
Dynamics: Theory and Computations. A
symposium in honor of N. Yngve Ohrn will be
held in September 2007. This symposium will
focus on areas of research exemplified in the
career of Professor Ohm: Nonadiabatic
approaches to reactive atomic and molecular
processes; dynamics without potential energy
surfaces; alternative descriptions of time
dependent phenomena; propagator methods and response properties.
For more information please visit http://www.phys.ufl.edu/ohrn

74 d4 -, (-

Congratulations to Professor Aneta
Petkova and her husband, Christo
Palamarev, on the birth of their son,
Adrian Emmanuel Palamarev (7 Ib
13 oz, 21 in), who was born at 8:17
am on Sunday, April 8, 2007. Adrian
has dark eyes, light hair and a
charming smile.

News Bits

The Department of Physics hosted
r Dr. Barry Barish, the Linde Professor of
Physics at Caltech who received an
honorary degree from the University of
Florida on May 2. Congratulations, Dr.

Summer Lecture series
The first Center for Condensed Matter Sciences (CCMS) Summer
Lecture Series (SLS) will begin in July. The goal of the SLS is to
provide interested students, postdocs and faculty with an in-depth
look at frontier topics in Condensed Matter Physics. We hope that
this informal, non-credit (ungraded) mini-course will be of intrinsic
interest to many of you and inaugurate the first of many such
programs. CCMS Summer 2007 Lecture Series: "Fermi- and Non-
Fermi Liquids" July 9 July 27 Monday, Wednesday, Fridayin 90
minute lectures

If you have questions please contact Dimitrii Maslov


The May 2007 issue of Discover
Magazine features an article on
Dark Matter detections and the
CDMS experiment which involves
Professor Tarek Saab.

Professor Hirschfeld takes time to relax at the
end of Spring semester


Page 3

Physics Students selected as University Scholars

Four Physics majors were selected as 2007-2008 University Scholars: Victor Albert, Bradford Barker,
Jaymin Jhaveri, and Travis Miller. The University Scholars program includes funding for summer research at
UF. All participants are required to submit a research paper to the Journal of Undergraduate Research and may
also present their findings at the University Scholars Symposium in Spring 2008.

4 National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health is holding its
annual Graduate Student Research Festival
October 11-12, 2007 at the NIH campus in
Bethesda, MD (near Washington DC). PhD
students are invited to apply for travel awards
to the festival. These awards will cover travel,
lodging, and meal expenses for attending the
event. There will be about 250 travel awards
given. If your research has any kind of
biochemical, biophysical, or bioengineering
component, you are strongly encouraged to

For event details see:

Dan Sindhikara, a
physics graduate
student working with
Professor Roitberg,
received a Teaching
Assistant Award from
the Graduate School.
Professors Dorsey,
Meisel, and van
Rinsvelt attended the
ceremony held in the Friends of Music Room,
University Auditorium on April 26.

On April 24, Provost
Janie Fouke hosted a
reception in honor of all
student scholarship
award recipients.
Bradford Barker,
Goldwater Scholarship
recipient, was invited to
attend along with his
family members.

Student Travel Awards for Summer 2007


Naveen Margankunte, a 5th year student working with Professor David Tanner, has received
a CLAS Graduate Student Travel Award of $250 and a Department Award of an additional
$250. Naveen will attend the International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron
Systems (SCES) to be held in Houston, TX, on May 13-18, 2007. He has contributed an
abstract entitled "Phonon Modes in LPCMO Thin Films".

Deepak Kar, a 4th year student working with Professor Rick Field, has received a Department
Award of $250. Deepak plans to attend the Summer School entitled "Standard Model and
Beyond" to be held in Princeton, NJ, July 16 27, 2007.

Aravind Natarajan, a 5th year student working with Professor Pierre Sikivie, has received a Department Award
of $250. Aravind plans to attend the conference entitled "The Hunt for Dark Matter" that will be held at Fermi Lab
in Batavia, IL, on May 10, 2007. He has requested the opportunity to present a paper entitled "Caustics and the
Search for Dark Matter".




Spring 2007 Exams

January 23, Rajiv Misra
"In Situ Measurements on Ultrathin Magnetic Films"
Chair, Prof Hebard

February 27, Alix Preston
"Stable Structures for Interferometric Gravitational
Wave Detectors" Chair, Prof Mueller

March 23, Nathan Heston
"Room Temperature Space-Charge-Limited Mobility
Studies on Conjugated Polymers"
Chair, Prof Tanner

March 27, Sung Su Kim
"High Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
Studies of the Spin Gap Compound NiCI_2-4SC
(NH_2)_2" Chair, Prof Hill

March 28, Saiti Datta
"High Frequency EPR Studies of an Antiferromagnetic
Supramolecular Grid" Chair, Prof Hill

April 4, Ritesh Das
"Nanomagnetism in Granular Ni/Al_20_3 and Layered
Fe/Pd Thin Films" Chair, ProfHebard

April 17, Gregory Boyd
"Transport in Cuprates" Chair, Prof Hirschfeld

April 17, luri Oksuzian
"Search for the TT-Bar Resonance on CDF"
Chair, Prof Jacobo Konigsberg
Co-Chair, Prof Korytov

April 24, Daniel Sindhikara
"Studies in Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics"
Chair, Prof Roitberg

April 25, Andrew Hill
"Helium Recombination in the Early Universe"
Chair, Prof Fry

April 26, Gill Brubaker
"Spin-Coat Assembly of Photonic Crystals and Nano
Arrays" Chair, Prof Tanner

April 26, Alexander Kemper
"Impurity Studies in Cuprate Superconductors"
Chair, Prof Cheng

May 10, Daniel Arenas
"Proposed Experiments Using a Free Electron Laser"
Chair, Prof Tanner

April 9, Shu-Chen Liu
"Quantum Turbulence: Decay of Grid Turbulence in a
Dissipationless Fluid" Chair, Prof lhas

April 12, Karthik Shankar
"Black Hole Evaporation: Validity of Quasi-static
Approximation" Chair, Prof Whiting

April 19, Anand Balaraman
"Cell Count Moments in the Halo Model"
Chair, Prof Fry

April 24, Shun-Pei Miao
"The Fermion Self-Energy During Inflation"
Chair, Prof Woodard

May 7, Aravind Natarajan
"A Study of the Inner Caustics of Cold Dark Matter
Halos" Chair, Prof Sikivie

May 31, Alexei Drozdetski
"The Standard Model Higgs Boson Discovery
Potential in the Decay Channel H -> ZZ(*) -> 4 MU
with the CMS Detector"
Chair, Prof Mitselmakher
Co-Chair, Prof Korytov

The Law's the Law
from the Gainesville Sun April 2007

Politicians often imagine that the law
doesn't apply to them. But the laws of
physics almost always do. New Jersey
Gov. Jon Corzine suffered a broken thigh
bone, cracked a dozen ribs and fractured
his sternum and collar bone after his SUV
crashed on the Garden State Parkway.
Now we learn that the governor's SUV,
driven by a state trooper, no less, was
traveling at about 91mph, 26mph over the
speed limit, and that Corzine wasn't wearing
a seat belt. A word to the wise, Governor:
Speed kills and seat belts save lives. Even
pols aren't immune from the law of physics.

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fro th faclt an staf Anon is inie to subi maera to be prne in th pulcain SumsinortePOO

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