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Group Title: PROTON
Title: PROTON ; vol. 6 no. 4
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Title: PROTON ; vol. 6 no. 4
Series Title: PROTON
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Publisher: University of Florida
Publication Date: April 2007
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    Physics faculty, students, and postdocs attend APS meeting
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Physics Faculty, Students, and Postdocs
attend APS Meeting

The MIarch meeting of the
!'meriCan Phhic ial Societ ,
(AFPS as held Mlarch 5-
2007 in Cien er Colorado In
addition to the many contributed
talks by our faculty students
and postIdoCs s.e eral faculty y
S a e in ited talks to the

Prof Alan Dorsey. Squeezing
s ,uperfluid from a stone
C.ouping Lsuperfluidity and elasticit p in a suiperse olid
Prof Jim Dufty. I lonequilibrium Statistical
mec hanlcs for Today 5, graduate e Stludents
Prof Peter Hirschfeld, Effect of strong
correlations on transport properties of disordered
cuprates wsltenls I I, C hen and Le. Ke'npet as
neii as pstoc Sie.hecf ,3ase, .a e Ea11ks In
,elated a'eas
Prof Adrian Roitberg, P,1.1P.1 in comnple.
systems using SC. C. -I- I b and its implementation
in minter'
Prof Yasu Takano Pmagnetic phase diagram of
Prof Kevin Ingersent. Nasim Khoshkhou and
Matthew Glossop. Vondo Physics in a
Lissipati e En Ironment
Matthew Glossop and Prof Kevin Ingersent.
I lumerical Renormalization '-,roup Study of a
C11sipati e Quantum C[ot
Brian Lane and Prof Kevin Ingersent. Eand
filtering and quantum phase transition in an
asgimmetric double quantum dot
Dan Pajerowski, a second year graduate student
workingg in Mark Mes.el 5. group presented a
contributed oral talk entitled ,Magnetismn of
Rubidium C obalt He ac yanoferrate I lanopartic les

Kevin Little, an undergraduate at Taylor
Uni ersit., in Indiana and a participant in the IIF
Ph.sic. REI P'rogram during the slimmer of .I'00
whilee working in the PMeiel group presented a
contributed talk entitled Magnetic Propertiees of
iManganese llll in C.luster-based C.oordination
Saritha Nellutla. a postdoctoral researcher at the
I IHrMFL in Tallaha.s.ee presented a contributed
talk entitled Thermomagnetic StuLdies of
Y2 laC r:,'8
VVork from the UF Microkelvin Laboratory ,as
presented in a contributed talk entitled
ultrasoundd Propagation in the I normal State of
Liquid ;.He'i':i .:. -erogel

4silacis .-f lallks can be t o-.nd at
ittp ineeiong aps 'lo Mleeltng M4FO- -- content 662

- State of Florida 1iUn ersities. reception ,as also
held on Tuesday. March i. from ..-8 pm The
reception ,as. .ell attended by faculty students.
alumni and guests In addition to the talks and
reception there as a 20 year retrospect e about
the disco ery of high-Tc suiperconducti ity' led by'
nobel prize .inner ,-,eorg E.ednorz and also a
rumor afoot that a group in Europe had built a .2-
qubit functioning quantum computer

il Pnlolt cqonltcluled
i ln P It .C. cS lu enl
&,,an Lane AIL,e,
pl ot can te
et &tedi on page .


Spring 2007

Friday @ 4:00pm in
Room 2165 NPB

Condensed Matter
Monday @ 4:05pm in
Room 2165 NPB

High Energy Physics
Tuesday @ 2:00pm
and Fridays @ 2:00pm
in Room 2165 NPB

Physics Colloquium
Thursday @ 4:05 in
Room 1002 NPB

Quantum Theory
Wednesday @ 4:05pm
in Room 2205 NPB

Alan Dorse Chair
Pamn Marlin

47th Annual Sanibel Symposium

The 47th Sanibel Symposiumn ,as held at St Simons Island cGeorgia from
February 21 27 2-00 There ,ere -45. participants sho .ing iup on site
For a list of speakers and abstracts please is.it htp I ., qtp ufl eduisanibel

3- n 3 -2..20, *S xe 3 63 -0520O.. E : 0O. h

college of
Liberal arts a sciences
Ihe Fowmatp ,h lor 1Ti C .iIr Niall,'r



SuUmm-ier Lectuire series
It is our pleasure to announce the first Center for Condensed Matter
Sciences (CCMS) Summer Lecture Series (SLS). The goal of the SLS is to
provide interested students, postdocs and faculty with an in-depth look at
frontier topics in Condensed Matter Physics. We hope that this informal,
non-credit (ungraded) mini-course will be of intrinsic interest to many of you
and inaugurate the first of many such programs.

CCMS Summer 2007 Lecture Series: "Fermi- and Non-Fermi Liquids"
July 9 July 27 Monday, Wednesday, Friday in 90 minute lectures

This mini-course will familiarize the audience with the main concepts of the
Fermi-liquid theory, as well as with several main mechanisms of its
breakdown in one and higher dimensions. The theoretical concepts will be
illustrated with abundant experimental data. The course will consist of ten
90-minute lectures. Further information will be provided as the date of the
series approaches. If you have questions please contact Dmitrii Maslov

Special IFT Colloquium Seminar Speaker
On Wednesday, April 11, at 4:00 in 2165 NPB L. Smolin will be speaking
on "Loop quantum gravity: basic results and present directions". Loop
quantum gravity is the best studied background independent approach to
quantum gravity. This means that it realizes fully the principle from classical
general relativity that the equations of motion of the theory depend on no
fixed classical geometry or fields and have no global symmetries. Loop
quantum gravity is in fact the only quantization of general relativity and its
extensions known to be rigorously well defined and consistent. I introduce
the basic physical assumptions of this approach and explain how they lead
to the main results which are known about the theory. Then I describe
recent work applying the framework to cosmology, black holes, and high
energy astrophysical observations that are sensitive to possible violations or
modifications of special relativity due to quantum gravity effects.

News Bits


I-" 2: I fT4" m



Stephen Hill organized an invited symposium (sponsored by GMAG) entitled, 'Magnetic Bose-Einstein Condensa-
tion'. This symposium brought together five invited speakers, including UF's Yasu Takano, who have been working
on some of the most recent examples of materials displaying possible magnetic Bose-Einstein condensate phases.
The title of Yasu's talk was 'Magnetic phase diagram of F2PNNNO'. The other speakers included: lan Fisher
(Stanford), 'High field behavior of the spin-dimer compound BaCuSi206'; Cristian Batista (MST, Los Alamos),
'Dimensional Reduction at a Quantum Critical Point'; Vivian Zapf (NHMFL, LANL), 'Quantum Magnetism and
possible BEC in an organic Nickel compound'; and Matthew Stone (ORNL), 'Quasiparticle condensation and break-
down in a quantum spin liquid. All of the talks featured recent high impact research which has been published in
journals such as Nature and Physical Review Letters. The symposium (P4) took place in March.

S Recently featured on the front of Science magazine is the large disk of muon
chambers, where the University of Florida team led the design and construction, as it
is being lowered into the cavern of the CMS experiment.

COVER Part of the cylindrical Compact Muon Solenoid particle detector descends to a hall 100
meters underground at the European particle physics laboratory CERN. The detector will capture
the hail of particles produced when CERN's Large Hadron Collider smashes protons at
unprecedented energies. A special News report beginning on page http://www.sciencemag.org/
cgi/content/short/315/5819/1652 profiles the new collider.

Page 2


Page 3


cm Shun-Pei Miao, graduate
student, (Advisor, Richard
Woodard) is recognized for being
a finalist in this year's
competition for the Madelyn
Lockhart Dissertation Fellowship.
The ceremony was held Monday
evening, March 26, at the
Photo of recognition President's House. Shun-Pei's
ceremony, Shun-Pei Miao is dissertation is entitled, "The
located center Fermion Self-Energy during
Inflation," and she will defend it at
11:00am on Tuesday, April 24. This fall she will start a 2-3
year postdoc at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands.
Her long-term goal is to take a faculty position in her home
country of Taiwan.

r Sung-Soo Kim, Jian Qiu,
I IE IIE IUfPS atrick Hearin, and Jesus
_____ HU M Escobar attended the first
MAinC-... n 2.7 annual Dirac Lectures at
F. I.ID.TA i Florida State University
rATA 5,,. March 14-16. The topic was
'Twistors and Twistor Methods
Sin Higher Order Loop
IwrA ~ iAmplitudes'
GA .... 00 50http://www.hep.fsu.edu/

The poster of the workshop
can be found at
S .2007 Poster. pdf.

In February, Daniel
Sindhikara was
awarded the
SChemical Physics
Center Travel Award
for Graduate
Students" for
conference expenses.
The grant was used
for a trip to the Sanibel Symposium at St.
Simon's Island, Georgia where Daniel
presented a poster on his research. The
award was in the amount of $150.

Daniel also received the NSF EAPSI
(Eastern Asian and Pacific Summer
Institute) Fellowship for the summer of
2007 for study in Japan. This fellowship
provides opportunities for graduate
students seeking to make international
contacts. As part of the program, he will
be attending an orientation in Washington
DC, April 1st-3rd, another in Tokyo, June
12-19th, then staying at the host
institution, Nagoya University, in Nagoya,
Japan, through August 23rd. At the host
institution, he will be working with
molecular simulation expert, Professor
Yuko Okamoto.

In addition, Daniel will receive a 2006-
2007 Graduate Student Teaching Award.
He will be presented with his award on
Thursday, April 26, at 3:30 pm in the
Friends of Music Room in the University

Student Awarded Prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

Bradford Barker, a junior physics and mathematics major, has been selected as one of 317
Goldwater Scholars in the nation. The award is for the most outstanding students in math,
science, and engineering in the country and is open to sophomores and juniors. Each university
in the country is able to nominate up to four students, and each community college is able to
nominate up to two. Besides Brad, Ed Miller (physics and chemistry), and Dustin McLarty
(aerospace engineering) won the award. The fourth nominee, Gloria Tavera (cognitive
science), won an honorable mention. Last year, UF also produced three winners and one
honorable mention. One of the winners last year, Don Burnette, is a physics/mathematics/
electrical engineering triple major. The scholarship provides up to $7500 a year for the
number of remaining academic years that student has left, which, in Brad's case, is just one.

* The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program was established by
Congress in 1986 to honor Senator Barry M. Goldwater, who served his country for 56 years as a
soldier and statesman, including 30 years of service in the U.S. Senate. The purpose of the
Foundation is to provide a continuing source of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and
engineers by awarding scholarships to college students who intend to pursue careers in these
fields. For more information about the scholarship, the official website is


Page 4

Recent Publications
M. T. Glossop and K. Ingersent, Kondo physics and dissipation: A numerical renormalization-group approach to
Bose-Fermi Kondo models, Phys. Rev. B. 75, 104410 (2007), 23 pages.

Thanks to Brian Lane who contributed the photos of the APS meeting in Denver and his visit to Utah. More photos of the trip
can be viewed at http://picasaweb.google.com/brianlane723/MarchMeeting07


B--- '

B^ I <

F ....- --- --

S. T

Th.e N s a m y n r p d by te s t to p e te d' a a
from th facua nd staff. An y S invited to submit mat ob e ine in th pbli S
should ob e senilBft t a alfEin, phyic5sne^ws~hsul~l^niiedu by Kth4thi onayofeah onh

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