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Group Title: CES Gazette
Title: CES Gazette ; vol. 4 no. 1
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Title: CES Gazette ; vol. 4 no. 1
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Creator: University of Florida Center for European Studies
Publisher: University of Florida
Publication Date: Fall 2006
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The CES Gazette
Volume 4 Issue 1 Fall 2006

On the 19th of October, seniors from 11 classes
at Buchholz High School expected to hear a
speaker talk to them about cultural diversity.
The students didn't know that the speaker was
University of Florida student Joakim Noah,
who is best known for leading the Florida Ga-
tors basketball team to the 2006 NCAA title
The usual pre-assembly chatter was shat-
tered when one student spotted Noah enter
the auditorium. Seconds later all 400 students
at the NW Gainesville school engulfed Noah
with a wave of cheers and screams as he mod-
estly smiled and ambled to the stage. Just one
inch shy of 7' tall, he towered over the high
school basketball coach who accompanied him.
But Noah was not at the school to talk about

Life is more than basketball
The theme of his informal talk was "Appreciat-
ing cultural diversity." Students and teachers
listened raptly as Noah spoke of his own mixed
cultural background. Having a Swedish mother
and a French-Cameroonian father meant Noah
grew up on three different continents, spoke
two languages other than English, appreciated
the customs of people from other countries,
and learned to embrace how he himself is
Noah spoke of the value of travel for
students in broadening their knowledge of and
interest in the world and its peoples. "Why
spend $20,000 for a watch when you can travel
around the world?" he asked. As he spoke of
some of his most unusual experiences abroad,
many laughed or gasped in surprise.

Speaking to students on their level
The successful program was co-sponsored by the Center for European
Studies, the Transnational and Global Studies Center, and the African
Studies Center. While Noah's schedule is pretty tight while training
for basketball season, CES Academic Programs Coordinator Brano
Kovalcik was able to arrange for Noah to speak with permission from
the University Athletic Association. Because Noah is both admired by
the students and is within the same age range, the seniors were able to
fully appreciate the message of cultural diversity that was delivered by
the speaker.

Table of Contents
From the Director.................................... Newest additions.................................... 5
FLAS Fellows ...........................................2 Study abroad programs..............................6
International Food News..........................3 Community service................................7
Coming events .........................................4 Contact us............................................. 8

The CES Gazette
Volume 4, Issue 1

Amie Kreppel, Director
Petia Kostadinova, Assistant Director
Brano Kovalcik, Editor
Gail Keeler, Editor
Jane Dominguez, Graphic Design

The CES Gazette is published each semester
to provide information to faculty, students,
and supporters of European Studies and
the activities and programs of the CES. For
further information, please visit our website
at www.ces.ufl.edu.



The CES awarded the following FLAS Fellowships for the 2006-07 academic year:

Lisa Booth is a Ph.D. student in the Department of History, whose dissertation focuses on the impact
of Gulag prisoners on the Russian intelligentsia. Lisa's study of the Russian language will help her
with her research on this topic.
Christopher Cary (School of Music) is pursuing research in historical musicology focusing on the
20th century Polish composers and is studying the Polish language.
William Eriov (Department of History) is studying Italian as part of his research on Sicilian Chris-
tian heritage.
Fairuze Sofia is a first year law student, interested in European Union immigration law who is taking
Portuguese language.
Kristin Meyer (Mass Communications Program), another professional student, is taking Russian
language needed for her research on Russian youth's perception of HIV/AIDS infections.

Each FLAS fellow receives a $15,000 stipend and tuition waiver for 12 credit hours.
Congratulations to the AY 2006-07 CES FLAS fellows!

The CES Gazette, News from the University of Florida Center for European Studies, Fall 2006

It was a busy, roller coaster, summer for the CES with exciting news, staff
changes and some sad goodbyes. As many of you know, thanks to the continued
support from CLAS and UF administrations and the tireless efforts of the CES
staff, the CES was renewed as a Title VI National Resource Center. For the first
time, we were also awarded Foreign Language andArea Studies (FLAS) fellow-
ships and are currently able to support five FLAS fellows for 2006-07 academic
year. Soon after we heard about our successful grant application, we had to
say goodbye to two long-time staff members. First, Nubia Pena, our previous
Coordinator for Administrative Services, left us and sunny Florida to join her
husband who teaches at Erasmus University in the (rainy and much colder)
Netherlands. Then Nikki Kernaghan, who was the first Outreach Coordinator
for the Center, accepted a position with the Transnational and Global Stud-
ies Center at the UF International Center. We wish them both good luck! In
addition, Natasa Kovacevic, CES graduate assistant and the previous editor of
the CES Gazette accepted a job as Assistant Professor in English Language and
Literature in Eastern Michigan University (brrrr!). Congratulations, Natasa!
We are very pleased to announce that Felissa Scott and Gail Keeler recently
joined the Center as Coordinator for Administrative Services and Outreach
Coordinator, respectively (see page 5). We promise you will not be bored in these
jobs and WELCOME! On another exciting note, the CES family was also joined
by two devout future Europeanists, Declan O'Dwyer and Nicolas Kizelewicz
(see page 5). Congratulations to the new parents!
The faculty, staff and students of the CES are excited by the opportunities
that the recent Title VI renewal provides, and we are all looking forward to work-
ing with others across campus to continue to strengthen European Studies at UF.

page 2


International Foods Workshop
This summer, CES together with Transnational and Global Studies, presented a Teacher Workshop on "International Food." Presenters
from CES included Brano Kovalcik, Nikki Kernaghan, Edit Nagy, and Stefan Craciun. Brano, Edit, and Stefan provided a sampling of
food from their native countries (Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania respectively) and discussed the cuisine's influences and traditions.
They also answered questions about the impact of
religion, seasonal change, and regional variation on
the style and preparation of meals. In some cases,
politics even played a role. Brano, for example,
discussed how the transition from Communism
affected the availability of ingredients as well as the
time and opportunity that a family could devote to
meal preparation.
For the Hunger Banquet Activity, Nikki di-
Svided the participants into groups representing the
population of the world's continents. She then sec-
tioned a loaf of bread, which represented the total
7, amount of food resources available, apportioning to
.L each group the relative amount that their continent
consumes. As a ratio of population to resources, the
continents with the largest populations consumed
the FEWEST resources.

Cooking with Chef Brano
A typical Slovak lunch: Bryndzove HaluJky
(Dumplings with feta cheese)

1.5 lbs. potatoes salt
3/4 lbs. all-purpose flour butter
1/2 lb. feta cheese (bryndza) bacon

Peel and grate raw potatoes. Mix with flour, add-
ing water if necessary. Salt to taste. Using a wet
wooden plate or small cutting board, form dumplings
(haluiky) by pushing small lumps of dough into boil-
ing salted water with a teaspoon. Lift from water with How to thank the cook in Slovak:
a slotted spoon when the halutky float to the surface.
Thank you for the delicious meal. Dakujem za chutn jedlo.
Rinse with water, and mix with brynrza. Saup n diced Can you teach me how to cook it? Mdiei ma naudit'ako sa to vari?
bacon in butter, if desired. To serve, sprinkle bacon Better yet, can you cook it for me? Alebo mietouvaritpremha?
Better yet, can you cook it for me? Alebo .. m eidto unarit'pre m!a?
I do not want to ruin the taste Nechcempokazit'chut'
Dobri chut' (Bon app6tit) by cooking it myself. mojim varenim.

The CES Gazette, News from the University of Florida Center for European Studies, Fall 2006

page 3


A Roundtable Discussion on
Hungarian Politics Today in
Historical Perspective
November 6, 2006
12- 1 p.m.
Anderson Hall 216
Edit Nagy, Dr. Alice Freifield, Dr. Richard Scher.
Sponsored by CES.

International Education Week
November 15, 2006
10 a.m. 3 p.m.
Reitz Union colonnade
International Education Week is a joint initiative of the U.S.
Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to
promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environ-
ment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn,
and exchange experiences in the United States. It is an oppor-
tunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and
exchange worldwide. Sponsored by UF International Center,
Transnational and Global Studies Center and VISA with CES
and other university international programs represented.


... .. ........ -7 -

Visit CES on the web at www.ces.ufl.edu for the most
up-to-date listing of news and events and additional
information about the Center.

"Everyday Art" Global Education
Workshop for Teachers
December 7, 2006
8 a.m. 5 p.m.
Harn Museum of Art
Co-sponsored by CES, Transnational and Global Studies,
in conjunction with the "Resonance and Inspiration: New
Works by Magdalene Odundo" and the "Ceramic Reflections:
Selected Ceramic Vessels from the Harn Museum Collection"

"Corruption, Electoral Competition,
and EUAccession in Eastern Europe"
talk by Tatiana Kostadinova
January 16, 2007
3 4:30 p.m.
Anderson Hall 216
Kostadinova is an Assistant Professor in Political Science at
Florida International University.

Study Abroad Fair
January 24, 2007
10 a.m. 3 p.m.
Reitz Union Colonnade
CES and other study abroad programs from across the country
will exhibit to students about their choices of program of-
ferings. CES will also advertise its European Union Studies

"Nomadic Peoples and
Cultures" Global Education
Workshop for Teachers
January 30, 2007
8 a.m. 5 p.m.
Florida Museum of Natural History
Co-sponsored by CES, Transnational and Global Studies, in
conjunction with the "Tibet: Mountains and Valleys, Castles
and Tents" exhibit.

The CES Gazette, News from the University of Florida Center for European Studies, Fall 2006

page 4


Felissa B. Scott is our new Coor-
dinator for Administrative Services.
For the past three years, Felissa
worked at the FSU College of Medi-
cine as their Coordinator of Ad-
ministrative Services after earning
her BS degree in Psychology from
Florida A&M University. In June,
she married her husband, Lensey, an
internal medicine resident at Shands
and started working with CES in
September. "I enjoy working with
numbers and problem solving," Felissa says, "but it is more about
the people I work with and everyone has been great."

Declan Hugh O'Dwyer was born
at North Florida Regional Medical
Center on May 2, 2006, weighing
6 lbs. 7 oz. and measuring 18.25
inches. Parents Conor O'Dwyer,
Political Science Assistant Professor
and his wife, Ingrid Kleespies, Asst.
Professor in Germanic and Slavic
Languages, say Dedan's favorite
activities are chewing on his fingers,
staring at ceiling fans, and sleeping.

1 Gail Keeler filled the position of
Outreach Coordinator in October.
She comes to us with nine years of
experience in promotion, outreach,
and public education from UF/
IFAS Monroe County Extension
and Monroe County Recycling.
Graduate school enticed Gail up to
i the frozen north from the Florida
Keys two years ago and she earned
her Masters in Mass Communica-
tions from UF in December 2005.
"I couldn't wait to work with a dedicated and results-driven group
of professionals again," she said of her decision to join CES.

Nicholas Daniel Kizelewicz was
born at Shands at AGH to Caleb
and Kristina Kizelewicz on June 9,
2006, 2:15 am. He weighed 6 lbs.
14 oz. and was 19 inches long. You
could tell right away he was born to
be a scholar. Not even three weeks
old when this photo was taken, he
was already deep in thought.



Evgenia Ilieva is from Sofia, Bulgaria and
is currently pursuing a PhD in Political
Science at UF. Her academic research
interests include international relations,
politics of the European Union, and politi-
cal theory. "I guess I am sort of a book-
worm," says Evgenia, "because whenever I
am not reading books for a class, I usually
find myself immersed in a novel. Although
I like many genres, lately I have been read-
ing mostly Borges' works."

Iryna Ivashchuk is a first-year law student.
She is originally from Ukraine. Iryna holds
a Bachelor of Business Administration de-
gree from North Georgia College and State
University (minor in Spanish), where she
was valedictorian, and a Master of Science
in International Affairs from Georgia Tech.
Aside from studying for her law classes,
which takes most of her time, she enjoys
playing piano, dancing, and napping. She is
a huge college football fan ("Go Jackets!").

Mirjam Allik is from Tartu, Estonia where
she got her MA in Comparative Politics at
Tartu University. Mirjam is now pursuing
a PhD in Political Science at UF and her
academic interests are elections, electoral
systems and methods. The decision to
come to UF and the process of getting
here happened quite quickly. "One thing
I learned really fast here" says Mirjam,
"is that Florida differs a lot from what
I'm used to. It is snowing at this time in

The CES Gazette, News from the University of Florida Center for European Studies, Fall 2006

page 5


Study Abroad Program in Krak6w/ Wroclaw:
The capital of Poland for almost 500 years, Krak6w boasts one of the best-pre-
served medieval city centers in Europe, while offering a lively, contemporary
social and cultural life. Wroclaw, the "Polish Venice," is a city of islands and
bridges located at the geographic and commercial crossroads of Europe. The city
enjoys a thriving arts life and a vibrant youth culture.
Students will spend four weeks in Krak6w studying Polish language and
culture at Jagiellonian University (JU). They will also meet for an interdisci-
plinary humanities seminar taught by UF faculty that begins in Krak6w and
continues in Wroclaw for the final two weeks of the program. Both cities will
be used as the "classroom" providing a living context for the literature, history,
architecture, film and art discussed in the course.

Contact Info:
Chris Caes
3326B Turlington Hall
392-8902 x204

Ewa Wampuszyc
3326B Turlington Hall
392-8902 x203

Contact Info:
Amie Kreppel
3324C Turlington Hall
392-8902 x210

Petia Kostadinova
3324A Turlington Hall
392-8902 x207

Summer Study Abroad at
Vesalius College, VUB in
Brussels, Belgium:
Brussels is the unofficial capital of Europe hosting
the headquarters of the EU institutions as well as
literally hundreds of related organizations. A primary
goal of the program is to introduce students to life
in Europe today through examination of the EU.
Courses may include visits to the major EU institu-
tions and guest speakers from those institutions to
discuss current events like enlargement of the EU,
the common currency (the euro), and the evolving
Transatlantic relationship between the EU and USA.
UF students participating in the program will be able
to partake fully in student life at Vesalius College,
an English language international college within the
Dutch speaking Belgian Vrije Universiteit Brussels
(VUB). Unless previously discussed and approved by
the Program Director, all students must take a 3-unit
course, EUS 4950 Overseas Studies in Europe (topic
varies by year).

The CES Gazette, News from the University of Florida Center for European Studies, Fall 2006

Sign Up For Our Email Newsletter!
Want to know what we're doing? What grant monies are available for European study? What international events are approaching?
Sign up for our weekly email newsletter, CES Weekly Update, by dropping an email to Brano Kovalcik at branoko@ces.ufl.edu.

page 6

Prague Summer Study Abroad Program:
Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the most beautiful cities in
Europe. Built on seven hills along the banks of Vltava river, the city is not only a
cultural and architectural museum of the middle ages but also a vibrant cos-
mopolitan meeting place, home to Kafka, Kundera, and Mozart. Prague has a
special Old World charm. The whole inner city is a protected area with hundreds
of ancient houses, palaces and churches offering many opportunities for scenic
walks. Museums, concert halls, and theaters are easily accessible to students, as
are student clubs, numerous cafis, cafeterias and restaurants.
Students combine English-language curriculum with an in-country cultural
experience. Czech language instruction is also available for those interested (but
not required). Non-degree and non-UF students also welcome!
Contact Info:
Holly Raynard Hana Filip
hraynard@ufl.edu hfilip@ufl.edu
3326C Turlington Hall 370 Dauer Hall
392-8902 x208 392-2101 x217



CES staff, faculty, and students answered
phones in the University of Florida
WUFT-FM public radio station studio as
part of the 25th Anniversary Membership
Drive on October 18. Over $3800 was
pledged during the 3-hour shift, making
our show the most successful pledge-
earning program of the day. This was the
second time CES had volunteered for the
As Center Director Dr. Amie Kreppel
and the DJs talked on air about CES and
its mission and programs, thousands of
listeners learned about us. CES staff per-
sonally pledged over $1000 and challenged
other Title VI centers to meet the CES
WUFT-FM (Classic 89) and its
repeater station, WJUF-FM (Nature Coast
90), are public radio stations serving North
Central Florida. They present a distinc-
tive blend of sounds: classical, jazz, folk,
and world music; national, state, and local
news; and special musical performances
and public affairs programs.

Salzburg Study Abroad Program:
The Salzburg Summer Program is a six-week summer overseas studies experience
open to UF and non-UF students. The program will include courses in Music
and European Studies, and students can earn up to 6 credit hours that will count
towards University of Florida summer requirement.
Instruction is in English, except for German language class. Even though
the Salzburg European Studies program is perfect for History and Political Sci-
ence majors, and those students who want to complete the introductory German
language sequence, it is available to students of all majors. The Music depart-
ment offers a component with studio and music history courses. All courses
offered through the Salzburg College.
Contact Info:
Glenn Kepic
107 Academic Advising Center
392-1521 x107
The CES Gazette, News from the University of Florida Center for European Studies, Fall 2006

page 7


The Center for European Studies
3324 Turlington Hall
PO Box 117342
Gainesville FL 32611-7342

Contact us:
Dr. Amie Kreppel
Email: kreppel@ces.ufl.edu

Dr. Petia Kostadinova
Assttant Director
Email: petiak@ces.ufl.edu

Phone: (352) 392-8902

Gail Keeler
Outreach Coordinator
Email: gkeeler@ces.ufl.edu

Brano Kovalcik
Academic Programs Coordinator
Email: branoko@ces.ufl.edu

Fax: (352) 392-8966

Felissa Scott
Coordinator for
Administrative Services
Email: fscott@ufl.edu

Graduate Assistants:
Evgenia Ilieva
Iryna Ivashchuk
Mirjam Allik

Help us introduce Europe to others!
Donate funds for student scholarships and study,
I speakers, programs, conferences, and teacher training.




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