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.. ,
* *

- d.f- Fi. 1 I 1.

Well, here it is The Great Newsletter Take-over Issue, brought to you by none other
than the ever expanding lunatic fringe in Gainesville, Florida. Interestingly enough,
this turns out to be an All-Woman Take-over Issue as well. But don't let that worry
you. Not only do we allo\v men into our libertarian organizations. but they are given
every opportunity to succeed and prove their worth. In fact, I wouldn't be a bit
surprised if a man actually reached a position of authority and responsibility one of
these days.

In This Issue:

Mad-Dog Mara. director of the Univers.ty of Florida' s National Organ.zation for Women
and regular castrating columnist for the Independent Florida Alligator. tells of
feminism at its best (and the way it would be everywhere if the rest of us ot off our
asses and pitched in). proving once and for all (- hope!) that the women's movement
is not a dirty commie collectivist plot . Mistress of Self Defense. Alyce
McAdam, gives an eye-witness account of the Joan Little trial in North Carolina.
Part I ... And who has suddenly become a mealy-mouthed moderate? Last seen
carrying a Consider Castration placard, Sallie Ann Harrison, the Southland's
fairest flower, appears to have watered down her approach to rapists. Next thing
I know, she'll be joining the League of Women Voters . Damn, these women
j.ave no commitment Mr. Dickson', our beloved deposed editor, gets a page
io do his thing'as our token male. (Hey there Jerry, notice I left a page olank for
you?) Well, either that or there's an empty space in his steed. Plus,
whatever else there's room for. (Hmm, maybe that's why you're supposed to
write the "In this Issue section later. 41 wonder they took my last newsletter
away from me.
--Abby Goldsmith

lli//A egy I TOW
I seriously doubt 'f there s anyone in this
hemisphere or the next who does not
realize that rape is an abomination.
Therefore, it should stand toreason that'
rapists themselves are highly unpleasant
people. And. as rapists are unenjoyable,
women-hating loonies who contribute
nothing to society save fragmented psyches,
social diseases and unsolicited semen, they
are quite obviously more trouble than they
are worth.

Stricken with the Plague in the 14th Centur
England had a similar problem. Not until
the offending vermin were exterminated,
were her fair streets safe to walk

Faced with the enormity of our task, we
must'look for a latter-day pest control
person, a vermin exterminator par
excellence. to keep our streets safe
to walk and semen in its place The man
I'd like to nominate for the position is,
unlikely enough, B.F. Skinner, who came u
with something that was, by Goddess,,
downright revolutionary. And what he said
was, "ALL behavior is controlled by its
consequences --..-. L






VON, 4J. =-u 1A

r ,J.

-- -I WP &. I- 1


Okay, so you're probably what all this has
to do with libertarianism. Rapists are no
good, Joann Little is heroic and Gainesville,
Florida has more than its share of helping
agencies. So what?

Central to all these articles is the principle
of protection, the idea that we, as women,
are no longer willing to be victims in dealing
with our oppressors. Joann Little's story
is the story of a woman who fought back,
Ms. Harrison's column is an appeal for
more of us to do so. Ms. Mara explains
how we get our skills and how we help each
other to grow strong

Consider for a minute these ideas as they
apply to libertarianism .n general how
these skills and attitudes apply to the world
as a whole. And then you'll see what it
has to do with libertarianism.

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help to keep FREE! publishing and
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Make checks payable to FREE! Enterprises
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Editor in exile Jerry Dickson
Artwork in absence .. .Greg Prather
Contributors in exile .
Mike Endres
Michael Anzis
Duncan Frissell
Don Smith
Fritz Rolphing
Greg Reeser
Anonymous Others

And now, for the REAL THING!

Members of CLIT (Conspiracy of Lesbian'
International Terrorists) .
Janet Mara (Closet Officier)
Sallie Ann Harrison (Closet Sweeper)
Alyce McAdam (None of the Above)
Token male Jerry Dickson
Zoo Keeper and Mother of the Revolution
Abby Goldsmith

As fugitives from that abominationi know'*
as the Libertarian Party, we were tired
of the intellectual masturbatiofi and the "
constant ego-massaging that are that
organizations hallmarks. It struck us that
it was time to get on with things and go
out into the world and do something positive.
something to make life better here and
now, instead of endlessly discussing the
most unimportant details of future utopias.
And it struck us that the skills of learning
how to be good ward-heelers or competent
campaign managers were not the skills we
would need.

After all, we are supposedly anti-politics
as a movement. Political skills are not
appropriate for an anti-political
movement. The old means and ends thing
may be tiring, but it is true nonetheless.

Well, by now everyone's heard of the fiasco
in the Big Apple and I assume that whatever
libertarians were left in the LP have finally
quit. Good. Let's leave the LP to the
conservatives, the reactionaries and the
politicians And let's get the Libertarian
movement rolling again. I know of a number
of good women willing to help.

The August 1975 issue of ANALOG
turned out to be a libertarian delight.
Two (!) heroic short stories dealing
with freedom and free enterprise,
"Consort" by Jerry Pournelle and
"Doing Well By Doing Good" by
Hayford Pierce. Probably coo late to
buy on the stands, but maybe available
by writing to ANALOG, Box 5205,
Boulder, CO 80302. And, the good
news is out! THE DISPOSSESSED,
Ursala K. LeGuin's novel about
an anarcho-communist world has won
this year's Hugo Award, sf's
equivalent to the Oscar and Emmy.
Expect to see this excellent book in
every grocery store.

Ah yes, it would seem that libertarianism
is just about everywhere, but in the
libertarian movement. .

-Janls Mara

How do you perceive the women's movement?
Do you picture demands for "free" abortions
and day care centers? The ERA, perhaps9

If so, you're not alone. Most people see
the ERA as a feminist s main goal, with
other statist or reformist proposals closely

Well, at least here in Gainesville, it ain't
necessarily so. Most radical feminists
either repudiate the ERA altogether or see
it as merely a recruiting action to attract
fledgling feminists. And, in my three years
here, I have never even heard of a feminist
action in favor of state-subsidized day care
centers or the like. After all, why should
we work to give the thugs running the current
system even more power over our lives.

No! The focus of Gainesville feminism is the
development of individual women's skills
and self-confidence through consciousness
raising and political action. As the feminist
activist and poet Rita Mae Brown says, "The
women's movement is revolutionary women's
volunteer work. "

My individualism probably started as a revolt
against my upbringing in a repressive home.
Throughout my childhood I was kept firmly
in line by my father. He was the petty
tyrant of the household, ruling my mother,
my sister and me with absolute power. He
knew what was good for us and he made
damned sure we got it ... whether we wanted
it or not. Any plan, however modest, was
subject to his approval and instant can-
cellation. Add to this the usual treatment
accorded female children in this society
and you have a pretty good idea of my
condition by the time I was 22, which was
when I finally got involved in the women's

I mention this less out of diehard resentment
than because it's so unhappily typical. I
came to Gainesville only because I was
told there was a strong feminist movement
here. And, strong it is.

While the New Left and other children
of the 60's continue to dissolve into
apathy or doctrinaire ideology, the
women's movement has established
a women's center, a women's clinic
and a rape counselling center. And
it has fostered a proliferation of
activist feminist groups, alliances
and communities.

The Gainesville Women's Health Center
reflects the philosophy of self-help by
putting women back in control of their
own bodies. For two dollars a woman
can purchase a speculum (an examination
device) and the staff will show her how
to use it properly. The GWHC
performs pelvic examinations and
abortions at cost, putting emphasis on
the women's comfort. And it does this
without a penny of tax money.

Co ordinating the existing helping
organizations is one of the functions of
Women Unlimited, Gainesville's
Women's Center. There s a ride,
a job and child day care clearing center,
a store featuring goods made by and
for women and an innovative educational
program aimed at all segments of the
community as well.

The Gainesville Rape Information and
Counselling Service works with women
who have been raped by offering
counselling and an escort service to the
hospital if the victim desires. More
importantly, RICS acts as a buffer
between the victim and the institutions
bent upon raping her again if she choses
to report the crime. RICS volunteers
will accompany the victim to the police
station and even to court if necessary.

It s clear that these organizations
represent the libertarian principle of
volunteerism as few others do. They
offer viable alternatives to "establish-
ment" services and, because they are
voluntarily funded and completely
independent of outside control, they
can stress the value and power of the
individual women without the restraints
Cc6004. s)

--Alyce M.Adan

[ had made no plans to attend the trial But,
as ] drove North, I heard a radio news
report and 1 couldn't get it off my mind.
After nine hours of driving with no particular
goal, I decided that I had to go to Raleigh --
even if I goti not further than the front of the

The Goddess was certainly smiling upon me
and urging me on. I drove thru downtown
Raleigh,, parked the car and walked a mile
to the courthouse. At 7:15 AM I was the
second person in line for a spectator's
pass. 1 was told by others in the line that
this orderly system for getting tn began just
the day before. Prior to that, it was a big
game riding the elevators until che trial
began, hiding on other floors in the building,
coming in thru the basement.

The courtroom, average sized in a new
building, startled me. W th the national
attention the case reLcived. I expected
something larger. I'd never re itzed before
that courtroom benches are like church pews.

The first two pews were reserved for the press.
The third pew was for the prosecution. I
was told that the people filling this pew were
the Allegood's, the jailor's relatives. They
were clean scrubbed, Sunday best-dressed
country people. One woman in particular
fascinated me. She had long greying brunette
hair, part hanging down her back, part
swept up in waves in the style of a country
western singer.

The fourth pew was reserved for the defense.
Joann's mother and her two younger brothers
were there, as well as the people who headed
up the survey that resulted in the change of the
trial's location.

The next two pews were for the spectators. By
S *' ;,the line held as many as would be able
i .'t in. The trial began at 9:30.

.e defense staff filtered into the courtroom

before the trial began. (1 owe much
of what I learned from a. women next
to me

before trial began. I owe much of what
I learned from a woman next to me.
a rape crisis center worker from
Chapel Hill. ) Jerry Paul, head of the
defense staff is a massive man,
approximately 40 with almost
completely grey hair. One could picture
the phrase "good ole boy" applying to
him. Another young white male
lawyer, tall thin, in a white suit,
medium length curly hair and handle-bar
mustache participated in questioning
while I was there. A third white male
lawyer did nothing but keep track of the
case for possible appeals. The final
member of the defense team was
Karen Galloway. a young black lawyer.
She just emanated competence. later
well shown in her closing arguments to
the jury. A portion of the defense team
that coundn't be neglected were Joann's
personal body guards. I never heard
on national news that threats had been
made on Joann's life. but it was
included in every local radio broadcast
I heard.

The day before had been Joann's first
testimony. The defense had completed
its questioning and the prosecution had
begun its cross examination. The
prosecution was 'o continue the day I
was there.

The prosecuting attorney began by repeating
questions about testimony from the
day before. Joann has a soft voice
and the prosecutor shouted the questions
at her. His offensive demeanor brought
an objection from the defense. The
judge replied that if the prosecuting
attorney yelled, the jury would just
have to take that into account when it
was deliberating the case,

As the prosecuting attorney made Joann
go back over detail after detail, he

I (c~utY^ i..')




No sooner do I let a woman handle FREE!
then it bits the dust! Actually I am glad
that FREE! was able to end its 2 year
life with an issue as interesting and no
doubt controversial as Ms. Goldsmith
has put together.

For the past few months your editor's
financial resources have been stretched
beyond what realistically could be
expected by myself if I also planned to
engage in such trivia as eating and having
a place to sleep. FREE! has never
been self supporting though I have no
doubt it could have been by use of
stricter budget control'by myself. It
seemed like whenever FREE! got a
few dollars in the bank I would buy
something else until it reached the
point that I purchased $4000 in printing
equipment and really only had an average
income of $15 to $20 per issue It
just doesn't work out folks!

I have decided to end publication with this
issue rather than put off the decision
until January as I had originally planned.
1 thought perhaps by suspending publication
for 3 months something may be able to have
been worked out.

However I have been ripped off by too many
libertarian publications to not realize what
FREE 's subscribers would think with just
such an announcement. I will not be
associated with anything remotely
resembling a libertarian rip-off. Therefore
I am sending pro-rata refunds to all sub-
scribers. If you do not receive a check
within the next 2 weeks & feel you are
entitled to a refund please write me with
a copy ofthe cancelled check or a mention
of how & when the payment was made. All
I have to go on is my records & there may


very well be errors

Thank you for your support in the past
and you will be hearing from me if a new
publication is revived
--Jerry Dickson

I have to apologize to the contributors
to this issue for the typos which are even
more numerous than usual. Also to
Sallie Ann Harrison for the scroungy
title typesetting. It seems my damned
typewriter decided to run out of carbon
ribbon at just the crucial time. Same
for the "cont'd's". Sorry about that

Additionally I should note that Ms
McAdam's article on the Joann Little
trial was shortened considerably as it
was supposed to be continued next issue.
If a continuation appears elsewhere I will
see to it that FREE! subscribers receive


For Sa Le to movement printers or
activists: AB Dick tabletop offset press
plate maker and supplies. All you need
to start printing. Only 9 mos. old and
in xclt condition. Will sell to libertar ans
at over 50% off new price and over $250
less than asking price in newspaper
advertisement. If you can afford it this
is an exclt way to help out free enterprise
groups and have fun yourself! Call Jerry
373-0884. I would rather sell this
equipt to someone who will use in the
cause! Please call and see if we can work
something out.

This page was originally to be used for an
editorial on the LP. Let me sum it u
very briefly: Any party which rejects
candidate for not paying taxes is NO pa
of principle !! !


p.o. Boa -7776
tbAohblulU/ I* 9SjO3

AOveN'o/eaF' C.OACfi 4. 4

of red tape and regulations.

Further more, as skills and political
consciousness become raised, more
and more women realize that the present
system is the problem, not the solution.
How many times can you get fucked by the
political system before you cease to rely
upon it? There is nothing like a concrete
kick in the ass to forever banish closet

Our numbers are increasing and our
strengths are growing. When the time
comes we will be ready and able to
many of you can say the same?


PF'i.pD%$oP (,DJ#O9 *'

Of course. there are those who would
advocate death for rapists. I see this
as a special interest issue I suspect
that this proposal is being pushed by
none other than the insidious feminist-
run-funeral home lobby.

What is left to consider one might ask"

I would answer that there is yet one
revolutionary tactic still unconsidered
as a social consequence for violent
acts committed upon women. I am
speaking of the unthinkable social
disaproval. What if we started beating
the shit out of those who attack us on
the street? The next astronaut deserves
to be a hapless masher who had his
ass kicked by a mighty amazon!

Consider if you will what would happen if
we started attaching consequences to the
act of rape! Imagine what might happen
if rapists thought something unpleasant
would follow their actions!

I am well aware that some militants.
particularly radical feminists, advocate
castration I for one consider such a
proposal irresponsible and unnecessarily
severe. Women who consider such drastic
measures give no thought to the long range

If nothing else, there's the disposal of the
problem Women do not share the
sa- fascination with "balls", either
-d or detached, as men do, and
vouL d be hesitant to assume the
Iory task of disposing of them. However
.. "n be argued that, like placentas, human
S.-ls can be used in medical research,
S sbk in studies of lower primates.

I submit that slam-barn, thank you
Ma'ain, should be followed by Shit
,and Gbddamn !!

asked for very specific times and distances.
("This took 2 minutes, would you say? '
3-4 feet? ') Yet every time Joann would
say three to four feet, he would repeat
'F'ur to five feet. He increased every
time and distance as he summarized her
replies, He never was able to trip her up
or get her to contradict herself.

Joann was outwardly calm and displayed a
dignity that was truly amazing. She never
bristled at the prosecutor's questions, even
when, after re-questioning her abt~ut Allegooc
forcing her to perform oral sex, he. sked..
"So, he (Allegood) asked you for a rNura.A-,
sex act and you gave him an unatura act
instead.," The defense objected and was

L 1 .014 cow r v .

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