Florida White Sketch of Ellen Adair Beatty – NY Fashion Bazaar

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Florida White Sketch of Ellen Adair Beatty – NY Fashion Bazaar


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Civil War
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North America
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North America -- United States of America

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Founenoi-n her life- amin-ng thlm n ilh .ll it
rev_ larilo-D anll1 thie arin.sity -.aii lil teor lil.
comle v ilh tILt a-i'.ent of Van,:. wIi u kis'v- he:
hi'stoer ,i -r -mc:eou d fli.l. tilte -t t .i i brlif
that t rinl, lihr imal'k i.. Blaik Bay:iou: imh- i
that findi. Ilmr oiur. ,i1:1r iiave exlillaian; lihe
calie-r in New Orl.- aIS'; a; n anonymous vn I i:.
forr Ihi- aie.r-r il.r-. Ih h;l, in the old -" P-...
aiillr her loval. Incrr- liirri- c.l:-irade Dusky; he
lbefrienidiing ift Fiann Ii Grl: hlier association wit!
Mr- Milliiun, anld tim mr.iiner in which she
mavteii Ihi it ,en-l'rou-. r lim, wl.]mm n ll frl 'I -a,'.i.
ruin--all -hit-e. "it lo many li--r ini.Mrent
1and s:. n1incl1 diil.ll, _,'- wnvr-i n tr.:cethli
Waili i'. nli Ii nI lrim-a of -I l, -. llcli im cnclaeli
e,,,,. ,,,, ,.'. m,,,,,. ha tiia he i,'t a r i r,-: s himni ilf ul
Io) lie cliarm of tie 'tarC ,. i;.I:-t iIl'? iie.rla.I i
creati- -:. anal clo-ses the Ti,..k vs lilh :t mmi'tl ilha,
.- 1L ... m. I llOl?-

1iN THE THiti-H,:LE,

R i'o '--ut, ''* '.-l-:1] 'it .i.-itr a.---r :"'-r iill an l n -...:.
.iil r, l
In mill'--' -*:,:i-r i i-r e,.:.ur i:.ii,.i '- their hopeful stor2
FIr i lt'rae nr 1,ur, iI. ).ir..I i r, rli. i...;,-:.ui glad re
"A u.-'. ,.% -ar, 'ldI rn: II, hath come to u

A.n r .r- ..n Loi, n.'-,- '[i..-li -.f joy within it there may
S' r':,I ip ro l i I m.. l r.:it u., I .- ... i r m i-, ... ,-
'i..... r, 11.1 Y -ui rr.-.., ri ir.ri.J r in- -a
il.-r ,- t...1i
0 Ne Y' .lr, e-.!-il trh.-. mtl e r -r ,t i hri ln-: I.: i irtir. Ir
The fl. .-r .. I' -urIn iinl-ir hle..:in .t I L it, eier .-- i. -cr-
T. ,relr sciu..- ,
Go- l r ta r r Iha i arr-; ..rr l- r,.l. i -e il '.:.- i- I miii
T '.:.'ugli rur.,r-s-t-'.i,- l Itur i.lar'l a -.l k im .n i'.rm'L rt-g
ea mcr aia ie
TDhB r-' -- l a Jday .i f : alm a t lait, rhi-mm' wi- tihi i-r.:

rii-n n rmin g n. C) F.-l.l II ill.' ilt- t-'r niuse.i' a rh-
-.-m I.,n:ld

dL -l1-ar.
Ltl n ay gracious bi to c i iu tlli tLlre olri hl ie.
l' : ...-. ._


A eKE.rcr OF ELLEN .DAIR HE.iTk Y-ONE (r.f
TrE. NOBLE-1. MO-rT AUl riUL .AND roIir
I REMcriEEni iLn.ou'--alil uILily V atl' |a.:--
that I -alt in 1ll:- ibr iil hi.- h itrpI ,if t11 i:- 1 l
ca;ile likIe IhI e olf lmy Chla dlIdI an. ..i- n lh.:-
pine ht ill-.. f FI.-i eJl.i. ail(. Iin i_ lit y 'fIrln- I -
relut.ll I hIm t --I-n hinl -1 mit--a Ih-- b.t ii iVt-i
thie itrm..dl: 111d, and ki'u,-ed rime .c-- :di blh iln lll
r-a ly n], .iri 1i N, f li h- nI'v.ii \l ri'[i L II;-r :.
Ihe' fil iill--iliet full. z l.a, \elhlo m :-,.: n, andl
th,? nighii. P-lhsinllc, t"s .- v ,!ic ning ai ll
Lhb-r pIle '-1 ,:en (-h l,.._- and 0[L Ihl- ail
nill p i i'Ulrn :. I li.-.a l tle roll -I whe-els .at
lam.t. I &,Tw ti e b ri i it. lt e 'l ilh it, thl.eiek l i:,lr-.e-,
rcominln." up hie ilrive, until pr:-:nily I waa- in nay
fall.:r's arms. Aa wea: c:inlt up [the it-4ps I
noiit ..l lhat Ir, .e wa in lull ldress..
*" I hi '- b -etl mlina at a er-tui l r ..,Ile r...t. h:i
anll w ira a r i,, l..iy," it-- -i.l. I lha e I :melm
a oiust AO Jri Beltiiy ai lier la.inm: mt
binita Stoiuli day y.1 iu .iall '-?e l'e-r. S.'lhe la'
arIc aiveld aitimte hliim.iag- ibr at.: and at bohimn ih-in
uny tlhir i Aniricaiit we 'nman.
I-ns 'i.- l'.- b I itl'ful, father, ant-d do-,s lshe.

-" T hl' lZr at it le f':-n ri; ;.- ,if.iri-l.,ii Yc-.. II a.
Be-alt' is- lja nai-ua-i leiaulifuil I evr Saw.
A o' a f li e d ire,. it i Il;ke I. -rclt Ii -- s ernl a
i.a t ,I f hlir. But it is nM--i al.--r- ,l.:r beauty .r
bheat rat,' ~inl in llce' -i.,: ithat ake her r', ad.
njinable. It is lter r-"'eat f hirt. hc-r gracious
aiid r n.-bll manner "-
SSite can nol be at all unr." mu motlh-r
s.iid. fieelaga little nrittiial It,.lUle t'l) lietr V .notht-r
.j i.tlit r-o xtr.avs'i nt'.-tilly pr l .i-d.,
I- dI-es- ntl think of age when I.--kin-. at
Mr- Ba-t'y." my t.uier said. im i- one doei, it
is only tu renembnebr Slihank.p ar.-'s worda..
A" A'e can r'.t wahitr r, n-or custl.m'- stale
B-er indraite rarirt' "
The incident staredi in my Liemo y: nmy
father's d-c ription of the Lady o.ft Cu4abiarca
impressed nit: deeply.

s S- She mitit liok 111e3 Mary Stuart.." I lou-lnbr. 11. vlys of steamers. The "men and mu-
t ud I pireal %over thi puiitire of thlat.i or., ll nirjln.n of war were lab. ii 'ue ly poled up the
r fLitd quetlen--.n-. o-'f my c:ierlit-t iolol-un-o.-:, river in flat bo-als. C(.'orn-quentl\ arms were
v nlal dethroned ly i.onocl;stil bla ngrapLer-. wanting.
iu Stately-sweei. with dark ia y e.vs iuler The small body of KentuckV Iroopm, soharsh-
r Ilalck Irheb s rin.d ine blek br-i .-," -i Ii..kd ly -in]:.'aTiri l..d a:-t .a dc;z- .n guun among
r the picture of the biitpl- s S...uti-li q'ie-.u, in them. They aM:re 'taijimal on 'liel.lnk of the
the g.ig.ou-i purpl-b.-l ind- "Keep-sake," and so river oiipo-ie' il tI e l 2i..i.: f the main fight-
r lookedl i.o I had I-.rnt" l by ci"'( qu-ii.'i.iu.I f,,r show merely-like the ox Iitl,.- ,-lepliaran in
h the grand lady with whom my f.aili:r h.fI l'l l id classic days or the log cannon of our Revo-
e dined. I looked forward eserly to the fulfill- lution times. They were commanded to retreat
i ment of his promise that I s-l.milli see her. if attacked, and ilh.y vlil -.,. Go.._rd Adair was
S It was not fulfilled in those days. And they impressed by thli: i]ti.i IIo .."f his s"l-p.i..r
ir w i-:rn: -ln ago. Beautiful Cai: abirne i. wilh its i i.lei':cr rtpi.rt. It n:aiit.rid Iiat thi.-t I: l .wn
* mnii nitiior.l, old live-oaki-- lle pIiidl--,'f Fl- rilia '"iiL.- i ,i ilit..1iy 1.ility i:s.l I.t'n hii lly
*l --h.i5 pasred intIt a .l n bh.uid. Ih !iani..le ijr -x ( il:.l I.l i I .ar rI'pIrt-i-; hid t.-lci inai11-I t.'
S is a memn 'ry. I have I- aril d Ibal i palt or lll, orlljel. He rirpl.-:'l to it in tlh. ne[ti.spiaplI. el Z
i .:li man-ion is used nes z i.iIiaiy. Tiltl two ei lihe K nutu' ky t, --psright iu public opini,-u.
'lur111 i.l roil r-i l fr in a- wli..-'1 neat C:lal_ 1-:n leral .laclkMiDn a.. r' ilh anui Ii pi-rt mp
ci stre-d iT hf 'rett- ll ;' '. c 2 i ... .,, .: .. .. '* *- *.. -.. ,tr.,l ** Pil... I
MiX prI':." W&. 11 tli. .ilsr :pr if G( -', aI. Aal.a i
Inli. a',- lte c-lihall.:i ed plrryy, hal thi right -lIf
inaint- w ep.' u_ iind aunu.litimis. The challue.-ee
J;a wiIh,.I r t'Wn.
r .:A- lt leri ai-. 'j lien the l.l i-i .- 1 wad m ir side r.
.in.! i:.trdc oer vern--iL Al ir tlh hIked bhest
% '.i_ i, f Gre.-\lr of Ke-ntl, Vs;i wt-i. pl.,
-Y II =*"-a, im, il ,e f l ihe LmIm aim-I. i i :ad tla -
Lmeii,-li iil Lm,-l.: IiIatu iiL' Ui.l rhte ?_m-e t i ,if
s "_ Si i rt.:. pmtititni !i' daii, lt.-r Elhl n it ar .1
-kl tcl .f l:r t-Iler a lit,-- She wa-v rh-rn I:.
>l:.tit, mif the- .-atmmm lhd.dl i il Se mat-,r V a'le. arl
y ht ., l I,, i ll e .1 r .',' i ,:. ,t "1 t-hin -t,_,n. I' i-n
d h mjr fa *U.lm, tm i ?. ,-, i ll I a iu t-p oine linut l r: .
u-ur, e u l I he I ra.l ,I tho lre,?iiideut 16
n p r.-l IP _rv m i umnil_ i ,r-, f.>l' r i thi aIlihlor .lr
i ;,,-,p--'ii i,,,te- inr ThiLhi- I .ii,-c- ta mii rm:,.-_,.Lr,,
,v -- aa-il li T- enI hl i .. -letry' 'il1111 do. tm r- Ul llt i
Sil -l o er 01 a pri-' i.11 il ,'iti Vi l. -i i- a lhini ii f e
-_imi.-e l -. e .i ell ie ii to r i airll. S i Ir I Ie- lit- W hin ,
lit_ f--mi alil ai'- ell I..:L.ninal 0 l the (li r'it e.e-

it .
'- Madamn." It,: saidl n hin i,.- Wrl s'eated, -" you

nt0, order be v.:linles to) be. biu Ie -i-ma gnifii:en t
allCb...n ra that lie wa '..
i, ir- sn. aaBn ,,rar -j i..' t4 "uFu lnnarely-. gerl ral, this ie a free ('oun-
l c 'ry," sr I t hel b *l utilul daughter of AdI air.
.-m BPit 1 .' l aui. -wer it, ru dam-1 shall an-
I ,h an,. ri: e mtn ther l.'l? "L,' g aeerau It \ill nive me an Oil'llm i
Lu a ,li Ca.1,ar l -. i-vs n otnr.lm- in h,.r la tuni c\- t i. a n i ta some jllngi I have omiatt.d i r
i1a s-. sheI -) A I .in:l iven hliomie to ico im at.ivy. li.,- IEimn iraphli. W ith a soen-- of r my flattllr'-
i met the lady oif m~y :hildI-Ih Idrl-ain. tfit lie mitl, -t it ndrirerice Me al to his o 'w di, -t.rr
first lin? timnl r I-tfore la-'It on Lm.-olmtit have friarn.. lao nm-nctiorm -imi,- mI i ne. l- -ii Iih.b
I]ll'lia ln. 1'i r.ath.-r in ih ittit11 '. t, f r tEh ni- wat '.w,-ijld l[.- tv iiellertd [i,-nor ili him nlnijlri y-
nait .[:II .i- .n.:il.-l f,-r ti b:. itiountai 0 trip. i .I ITha for iU.l:tDri.l, lIIe I il Ih:l 1i:t1 i LiLrri.'-itule lOf
,':a Adt -i l'inim .ens frL-mn hc. tIl- h ri i neri; Loiut iana .-,tec t lain thanks. for i aviti-|, N-rwa-
comipiling: a I.mek-lhr S.m'livenir. .f N r,nid O(ilr-inma.
Ien aii.- Wiomtii -p- rrit.-nil r. nmini- enc- i- f ThI pr iea:nt, ct zarti-dl nd elianiged ,cilihr.
[lih" c(li-Ii 'rtILJ Wi and statre. n ent of Amert'ic That i. h,t r ILliiuc' rd tie we ak til ri odart m.f h ik r -FI
an-t Eur,-,a. whot-e frieln-.hili-, .he h-ai eanjmym .I, armor. Him a a -wibhe-.l thai vote of tliunks
and 1 .1 hsm Itm-et e', her rilletl a large, quailt, ti Ib,- fir;,,arre-n. I-H t..,k tI, or three hurried
blat- b-.-und .ll -c. -ti ins- lt ,; all i-. the ru-A u mi illp-Il in lfrnt of Mrs.
Sb.' ai n.,w on ,ererc-t>n rian .tt her:. tall W hit. and lteh-l lt li-_ i nd.
il-litre wa t i- re tiit. li tL-. ilaulitif l c- .-s .1ll- t i oi i lhe l Idauir.Ltler O-f a brave comnrade.
.fill bri.'L with kinriije, arind inIl-!li Cue. 'andt in 1-arTmS tanld thci w[far i f a niman I blnir. '- -
*h:r l ltaiar r-.iai nrd itre hi charm ,-t 'i-at v said. 'Tlhim atlic u- io i, i l..i. Let by-gones

n.iarry I:.1 a' we-lil a.- bas .- a l Ailura is he-l tam And a N ih a I tlie maile t -f ui e tri iumlh, fair
L At e Cti ica -r, that l i mou- i iptor ai-I Ellen iine.he, I with her wi l- d ran.erl [lir Il.-y ry
.Iln eln s mele-_Ie to 1r i l.tIe her i-rm and tal.- :, din ild I thp herl : but iIhe de- liinh.l hi, prul-
.1a1I thi e lli ttW and ill- al.f t-Il- :1- ay r IfIa ir tribe. fme-l, .l bm ,-lp alt f,-r Irhat time.
ryes t- Fl.:-ril.a W while Hme:,.. laaehrlesq lhe wa;f ii tho-e day..-lI .',
iahe wi s a native f Kc nti.r ,ky il. t. la t wri the -wit-f a-f Ili niot accompllihed gLentl-
fiil Ail.ilc-ean ,n W lomen (ilomIn.Ie fr K ntu .:k. % i nian in lthe ("jrpilld Aai e il- t> mi ,nar iim el
ind itnr father r ac : tAlv a Gia-rfm .oli in whi r ., be..stt ., "it, nl ,i-.e an- I livare.t Her ijler -e.ute
Ueld a g.ilantlv it the I.,aille of N-:-. trilmansi- taili ingly i lita-ur -.-lue, with ;t t ouch of li.r
n ti,-, Ir even l .. :erpi l J-i l e .I, inii-. -.xu ;trern-- but pute indi nviuel lity. Men of lat-
n 'l :n. It irt i i .l-n, h l .i--il litim .ti t, eif 1 l, r.-hlr iae mn poe-t, erowi dedl ar o IIn her.
O.- f i il li tnl_ I 1 il. II l- It" iti ..e aim 'i 1' _-t'ii 1m..L., I ti-- att l al ai lea--uI l. li;e ; :. _; '-
th, I , ot oie Lraauisiaina Lei-latue. That Io rvrtloa, vwlth liher pr'ai- _. J.--hn Quinocv Adams
ii.. e of rtLtinl ; w .- .t tlI n it, i ti the ,i, )f -- Iil l- I ,:i. -re-I. 'i l w -i t ,il ', i i nll M utl -. i, ,-% i
HiRlc.rv"- all hm" lel thou.. i tol l i.- I a?.- .cel The I r laI ire.- .naln r, t[ihe pl,:ttiesl inl h-er allmm
naist 'It'll el u nIrliiOt in Gen ielra l in hli iil :l Will, bir rillihant 'l.anm t ramn the I alnlou
reI-r-ct of lthe- battle Yif t li. l arllen.te' i him i,. iIar_ .,f theI tliy. Th.- nlbum haid 1 little liii-
a That c l.-dlenge- is a i ater i.-f hi-ery e.ry. It w:a, s's ivr.n her on i,.r lirih, l.iv by
.tn'i t1 is te, llCe fr, l..a k ,i. f u- cat[.n-, ..nly, oame dern in,_ui-hi d arhm per-l- -in on i .J-liu e
ImherebY hawa a tale-. illustr.ative ,-f the -pirir Story. A' -[be lurnerl the tna-I, richly polish,-d
iand wit aof the IKentrltcl y otict-r' diui-hte v- pas,_. 'l e tai'd
fair Ellen Adtuir. The lIZall-nge ctri rat or an \Vhair a pitiy to apr-il all th-tse fair leaves
injustice by General Jacluso-n in his r.-port w ii illy sentimnent I have it mind to say
of the i.iitle :of Ner Urleans. H: wrote: tli-i no Lone shall awrit itn it aito a noit o:er
The Kentuckyr tIr'-pse rationedd con the- r-lher 1ifty."
side ,-f tihe river tiledl jizlmctiouejly ona b--irl at- Dull anrd lidat tic it w ill lie then. to the
tathel He- failed in ',tte thatt theV flied .i e- lac.t lz .--I,. '' Iri. r l i, L' young interl.clitnh r.
1a uil fthey were. unnrnm ed riti hard hb--n r-rl. ieredl No, for I -ill dedilate it to Folly," cri..
to retreat in case of an anttack. It was before fair Ellen, and fortlhwith .he painted the Cap


a -


F-, .---r- ---

_I __




- ~



", 51

v,: rctir-.u. She knew in w 1.t her i. th l .V. i\' l:.en :ut..l in ilu .u ,it .. l h" i n, I k h .h t li"['' ,.. TIh, e
n. -h a.l ha i:iili.a ,.i l,:-r !,.,:, .i r 10 h.- iI., .m-, inn ...,,I *.,.r..,A. .A ,:l*l. bI, are also among the "transient dwellers" an
li;l- .t p...ntl 1i..iier." L,.l.i .l.Il pp,,:r v.h ,i:.. iH..l i ,: 'i.. t.-. Fi.-... h L .i lI gentleman and hisprettvandrich niece,
31-.:.-I, z iil., '" Lh filr- il ir!. I .o.,ul,1 te:a,: L11:1-I 1-1111 0I A1t II'.,11-i .. Ai.1, L. r hose dead father had been the friend
=-i .1b11.1 I., ,hi 1,-, <:,,i a ,-i ,:,i. ih r ilui l -.,l i- ,i l. (.!. i ,- Assembly, 1:,i.:. r...- rh.,t e i ,,,.. u -. 1,b ..i.. Russian anarchist. There arrive on
g.l-.:rl .':i... n .h-:hl nui ll n Il> L.I H i, -in;" ,,r were dri.-,.i .iiihII- ,,I, :,i0i at one as at the the scene a young Al.-.~.,., in gentleman of
.ln'e ~ell." other. Th'I. .oi.. -.. ,.I th.. Li,,: School of Art wealth, an Irish patriot, and M.P.--a "Home
".III- j"if :-i, lir iin-,olvp -ieain-t the severe r.l..i and a keen-witted Irish adventurer, who
Drit I,:r no i:unr- of nt -i I- I'.l it, l, iue ,:1.. ; 7*: l i...t lut,. ef r....ii- i.. .|I:,.I hliU,. that their has plenty of good looks, assurance, brains-
fc. f. n, i, 111. lir h, ,,i c.]v,.. 11 i ui.: f.a r.,. i-. l.r li.,:' ,, l .,: i .1IIi..1 1'1,.'n I.L the present everything but money. And m money he is bent
,-ni .-i'. IL, -1 Il I .-. il 1..liiv.Iitv i. v. i...I style of "full dress," which, as everybody on it in. He first tries to win the hand of
n; ,i..r:-! "upPl.,.-!-i ni m ,l,'.i,,.';. i knows, is half dress. I hold," writes one, "that the a I.IhIh heiress, and by a bold move con-
se,:u, likely. i.l eiurta ini. o,,,,, tr.. .... e the living nude model, exposing her shape for the trives to checkmate his rival, the Ane.i.: I.
g.:.,,n ;i_ "re.t._rrei- ,.t -i [,in ,- Il,- .:,: .:-,..-. purpose of art and ne means of supportof her- gentleman. But though he breaks up the
*.:h i,"r aL.,,our 1 i.In j.,:. [r. ,. i,, .' .l' :, .ii' iip1 ,. .i.:p,.' l.:ii u ,p..: 1 h:1. ; :i. m ore happiness of the lovers, he can win no favor
<.' i-rli--:rin,_" d,,l,.." 0i....,i r. iti *I* ..0..- t Hi,- ,:,'IIl _-r",-'i .l,: 1i., i,,.- v.,..mi whi.', stands with the girl, and he presently finds other game
flOn- .ri :,.mpri, ." .I,.I. I ii ,.. I -l.' hli i. ,-sp.,.:.p r I,:- pel :.n in sug- in the person of a soft-hearted little American
J .,r 11, li ..i n 1,r:il- 1i: i n :ii-:l l ji r, ,'t ., r: 1 ii I:, -. .'..r Li: ..I, pIurpose w idow w h ., i: t i ,: .i; l.i p i .,i in i-i..i: ,,1 ..;x
\';iui.:,l i in: :ll...: r,, 1 ,:-.-,:.r!_.> h, ,-, | ,.ir-f *. .' ii,. r". '* C bi" nI'" r'. "*rl i IIIt Ill j;' 1l,(" iniagina- h rii ,I. I .. ,[n, 11, l _... i ,'i. ] i, In a v., 1 -.
n I T Inh I r I .r. _- i rj il ,? I,, a lli: r I, i.. ,n. i!il;it old m an is I I cl, ..' l I i- .. ,, Zil i6,: ,, 1 ,, 1 "
Si l.i. 11- 'r ..m -h ,. ....-o i I.,-, 1 i. I. the N ihili ... I,, .. II.. 1. .- l i .1:m h.. ,i
u] l.,|II I,..I --. .. : i,, |.] I., ih i I. I b i,, 'i r,,li_, i.Co ,lI. if they are not pushing am ong the!:.. .i r..,i ,.].1 i,,. ,. .le. .. ii.
thl,.. 1 1, ", ,, ,', ,- ,I-,_-- I T.,,- ,1, ;hi,.ecorous plotting his anarchist schemes and II., ll,-. 11
II,-. ..,. 1,Ir .-: !i t :.,m-born extreme. .:,l,ir,i, ii: 1...n.. -i,,,. beauty communication with his friends. 1 i Ill- l Fpi,
V .en i. II .ii ., al 1. u, .i..j. .. -. i, i...i It' r i A,-, : ,1 -tandard Zeno learns, then, knowing himself' -ii.i.. ..I
hi -,i l,-..,1 ,._ -1"' .el,.- 1 ., i .. l. i.,ir I,. .,, L,, :. 1. r,:., ,-. _.,,,, r ,: It ,eases to he returns to R ussia, finds that the .-.. i ,:I r
1L -_ i .. .n.,': .,.,. I hi. ,_ I,..'.. n ]i,,.u l,.. I,,- i,,..I ,f l",i : ,, i _,:hil Ir..,.1 ,,u- Il.d: desired is ready to pay any price in order tI. ,, pI .... .
r., ri ,'! !:)[!:i ,:,:! ;i I., tit, tha t. In .i ,, rI it .:. -I, ,, 1 .: moment, sion of the old chief alive. The spy comes back,
S1 ., n n uitii i- 4 l 1.. 1...I i speedy I. : .:lio of feeling. .,:. .. .. ,;r and nam e, ;n.. ii ..1-
C ,, P1*.1 *. CI% l1. l'. The e,-h. .vri.1. i .il. pl i-,,1 ., r uir. IIIII ..It il 1 I1.:,,.. .and pretends to be a
i f arm'- in-l b,;r. i, ,l in I 1. -it r ,lf Russian rebel and to sympathize with the exile
S .. i I 1 'II,' ,, I ,: ,-",, ,l .,r.lii n'.I I h ..-.. the pecirl- nre Inst outof in his Nihilist belief. He can, however, con-
Sr i -- Ir n.:.i in the lm lky v lr.-n,--- of the trie trive no plot for E.i,.I,, ,. the old Russian.
r ., I ,.., .. i 1 .. :. i.,, .m : but tL u theI m.,ral ..-u---whis- W while he i- I ..._ ;u.- his brains, the idea is un-
..l ,. h.. 1 : h -, .- h .: l.ers I .l... l.i. iii; I, ir,; l f1im by Farley the novelist.
S, i r,.,, F.1 I. i, is been '.~:;; u.. a book in his happy
S. 1 ,-, .' i, ,'," ,' E 1. r f,!., ,-.,.. ,,, ,,' ,,!e,the breasts summer 1,.I;,I.Ar. He admires the old Russian
~ 1~. 1 h ~.- h, iIl,. ,il,,n.:l l.,, l!. ),:[ I, qI ,'.,' ,, l \' ,:I ....,.,an ,. .l l ', i ,. ,, ,,fl, l h l. i,ew novel.
l t: i. ..: .I r I I, ": -:, -I'l I ,.;. '* ] lnn ,. I l, by w which
i.. -. ,. t his -i .I I, .. ,n. i ii i. in I 1 1. 1,..' !. to R ussia.
",v,,h ", ,I' i 11 -;,h ,hii ,, r,- u' ,,,--rhu I n.,^ I nllt;,I t,,I Ill r I: r,, rt 1 I.* .: *- r in thepesence
'No- Ill hi. it 1111 ;Id I.. l l[] -.: 1 1, t .l i. .- I [ O f rn ir ,n r ab i i i .. [n lV .n Io I,'l, Inl
;-lon ,a I ,,.., hi.,l m n l. -l -, .,, !, I l pa3,_- ,t. V. I.. II .I I[ w hat the oth.L 1, ,'i, ,.Ia1,: 'i" .and suffer, and
.it ..-.. ..'-' l,,,""h l,,_-. tl ,~.h,,,.,-- -, L,-u N ,I,..l.., ,,I how the tw o 1,:.-,: ,ttl,. iI. ,Iii ,:t,. is left to the
\ ..,11 .'1, l,,. u,,l ., I1I L ihilllllil N i book to tell.
I Ilc ill -: inl i .,.-: .. i l 'Ilimll r Il .- ,l'i. -i II.' ,, -'lh-,..x I,[ ; Il I ..I..I".. iih l I, ., 'I .il.- I **I, .I. THE BAYOU BRI DE.* A new novel I, M a
It n i h ,. t,,.. b -,: .i 1. 111. ,..- ..,,i ,,,l l!i. L' ttl1 tIl Il ': -lul Ir.i_ l- ; e II h I- E B ryan is now itr. pI .rr. .I ill -I. ti
T e .%I c.. '1 l l an _,r, ,il iil, m il,* n .i.1 i s s i-.- a.. i ...i ... .-.. rt,- rr. ... ; i,. l,' .it ,:]-r- ,[ ih I- \ ,- 0 :1 .1..h
-'Li u pi ls hIl a t C'.,It; l l ... I. i f ll 0,1 t 11 ., r i\ i f .-'.l l1 0I, ,..|,,:n ,. 1 llnd i.Jft,,
it-i [ .,.Winl ] \ r "' *'l lr r *I1.' ." h :.. -, I n -lnl' li ,: I I-. Init ih, I II.
o f u- w l.ho had h ..i Ii in r, -Hr L h .- O. .u i\..11t ,'.. ,"lt "<,1, .. \" I .
the g rau i[.nrjl i,,. i 1 T, .. ,.,. rl- .p"l, ,, *l I It,* l II h ,,p-,i l.i l .' \V ,.5
1:' liln p II ,. I I ...t 1....1 r- .. 111, 1 l l. n .-.-,. l I. -II i. i i..1 1n
iir.t, K h,:i.1_. :ilI. tn.. ': -. n 1 "-, -i,, ,l .. I1, I l,, t Iu iaose earlier days, the emperor and the ease and race ii, 1.l.. ll:. I ..
.,1 l,..,ld .1.. l. ,'. ati actions In society. the story begins sr.; Ib i rnh tl-r p...,: ,.n' is sus-
i, in.ll "h"l, l. T.i",, m ,,l. _.ii .. I. u l| \, h il" l 1. [ i,, In .- 1lI,: tainted w without ln i.ti ,1 1 ) t l- 1.
so i -,l.le. H !he ...,,,, h.i -.. ... ,, ,m -H,-.,I t,,i.. ,," i .r, L rine- '. ,h, cli 11.I%- T he plot is unique. hll,. Ilin in l. i. .i .(-,l Iih
ci. H.. ,, f ,r I Ihi -.,,li-i l-,, n h*.1 n ,n : -', ll -' l ,- iI -, 1 lit :. I .. r, l other ,,.irlr ll y I1 ., li 1- ,.., ,. er per-
11^;;,;;-;> Lit; ill 1% I'D Ili, i;St. Pit:.- irj Those t. I 1. I 1.3s
i A. n Iu -tl, .. I- lr I n: h, ih- l, l" ll ,rsl ll[ i ic -h I, n pI-, I In d b 111 111 -'i .. m any ofse ,,u, gri t l. "' 1 -ih el -p-- I.., ,sscant
lrlh. n i ",-,i l,,_ ii,,, n-,; l- Ih -.h_, ti; ,',! 1 T "
' I ,l. l L 1 Ith ,' ,. tr -l:i il lh,[ ... l. l. rla l II .r.; I n.- I ,. ', l : 1 ,hrl l t.r tI o lI "l"' m any of ,,- ,! n ', nin. 11 ,I at1n". r t, in o nbll nr T he
IV,II. .I -, I..1 n .' I I IIel '., ', : A- ,i -I, ?In ; II n lll ,I' .1 "" .'L ,..'l, L ,I h .l.r.. ,.f P 1,, I,.I I, i, m i'.: .l,v h, n l ,, ,t o b u lk

h- i lIn ,. _.,,..' ].,,..,;ii.. -.: i, I ,,. ,I T Lli,h:-,i _lane,, h 'i l,,l ll" r "ir lleinla' i l.- u, l 'lrI the-w world hom e, thle lih- .,,f rr,- ';_. i irm a V.,:ir,
n, ir l ll in 1,11..*l n .11,,. .i L I s Ih n D T 1 [ '1as 1 r. i- .1 ,1.., .- l :. i.- l, ,1 l u
11, 1 i.., -l., I .., h, .,I H lk.- -,,,, 0r, 'h 1 "n1.- ri n \ iln cl, tl, hey ..-l. t i,.t ,h. l-r a.- i-, 1.n. h ash, l it-,.]t ,] ,. Ih,, lilt .h h -n..u i
W. H. I d hil di lb,:i,.i ,,, and broIll ,P, So l ,,,.T.l- Hl. ,n"'t
|,..,j i 1, ...1 ni, III. 1, -,.; ,,,il :.I .;i ii. i ,nc 1 l.l ,' I. II, 1 .L ,.,t *h I- ht I i a_ h b I never seen a d I-,,.I il; ..i IIIinl,. h .1 h! id ,L ;I|
,11..It11 :n...l -- ..._.u_.lll t li n in Jllii., com panion exr:pit i( ,il,.r, l t- lin I. .
i ,',ll. E .Ir l. i l .n... :n P i..,.. ,.. ... H er m other, a i.:111 i '' ( < llurmLe remg o nl 1 h'
F .' c n il ir., ir ,i .t ln ,',1 'h'i,' u, i'-, bow ed under ,i=.:m I,_il'l. Ln .,", ",. IJ ,,. ~.. ,. I c. i..',r -.i. l. 1 I ; lil r Lii 'i, i .cr '. a rI'n iilii...,i-- is h er only insli n l ':'i T" i. ', Ii l,, h : 1- .I1. .nl I..-
L ,in :.;i i-i fl.-.L I:': .'i. I i il A r .. .' ... fore the story i.l |. 1 :' Ini 'Ini, i,.lpuiri i I.iI i:. --
-. I.' 111-11 h as I- I A,- -. t
c .' Iti. iif- \i I, "F ti. It 1 '1 "-r,n: i r.' r,-II an ignorant br l.l --I n1 1 pI il:, i. s, rri, I11. rihe
A ll t t i t .,. 1. i .. I i ,.-Ii.r .. ,t ... I \v .- I .. g irl b y mn iii .iic i.-r .. Ii.: l, .1 tr ,i ii I; r
Y ..i tr -..r.l-, 11 ,lu" ,,ve' .' l r ri. ;I e. ,, of N ew o .>n ,, h ,-,I d .l i in ,1 .n, ,v.n II1.
"u.. J -H er,. ..' ;',', .., mot er. B h ck %,,,, .,I T I,r u..f; ,,,t -, r, Il,
S' itL'.:-rrJ ,', ,L ll];-,- -., .:.,' ,." I n i ..., ,. n,. i lhL-i- r-,. h ._-h ,,i i iI;- ,III b.'n til,: -. I .. 1.1 n, i,
r. l, 14v i i- i, l, ; ; dow -il ,-_ h,, .- i l.1nv l i n _.. 1.. ,I ,. t1, ', 1 .: 10 '"C-,,r

l,-l,. I nh ..lIh .. CREAMI, OF NEW BOOKS i. her o, in, 1111: 1, .1' .l:.),l; .icni
-.. ,,i .. n ,, .,.,, ,,r ,,,'. I ," W ,,. ,i p ,, ,, .i ,,, ,. i oarse ,
. .. ''. I.) "Du^-II uIIIUi "FIST' PERSON BIGOULAB*is the name of igroom, and when. it.: ."rl' -, sher
i 0-1 7 1I_ .1Il, I II. u 1 r i ri *into his arms, sle defends herself like a young
- I-I n mustache nllh patchouly, r).' I I .i .s last and most ambitious Se wounds him motall, as it
.,i i l,. in- 1, affinity v -, ..i. ~ -iii tr- "l .: l personage around wm savage he wounds him mo aly, s it is
r-r ". i 11,, i .. -l:r ara ters ;,,,il- .olv,- makes her escape under cover of
ihe il._.hi .lll- rain down the bayou, i.0 a Eboat
II1, ,-- .-t 'lhll hi,. h I.. l..u \- rr, ci I,-,,.'., I hl I. WII ',,'I il hri tle villag,- l, i le1 r ,:.,' -, Fr .,-, I,
,.nller I'',,, |.. 1, _, ih1to h;-:lmilJIt La, 1 ; ll l ,, -lltlt n ,* I :.*:r, ii1v '- watched and hounded by a spy _;' ll'*-h,:d *; ii. ,_- [" f, -" Itr;\ ,,f "h, i ; --
tr'CID .. ]1,uL I:. <: "m .1 |ji l rlri. I' .11 Illil .i llrn i t [,'nH I-r hl...Li I i ...1 h I, l It K,
,: -- F ilh .,'-- ,, Lr, lhdC,,ElM n,,v,.liOl. 'ir, v *l'ir S" r '' C lC .,I, .I IE 1BO S, '1,1,r1 i ,,i r
It -,iill,.utt t e t ,, ,- h] t. ken 0 be iunin._ ru b i n...r ; l. h 1 rm ;,,,:wif..wl:, onle:, 'n .,I .h
... .. ... r l [ -1E 11 1 'A..l. .n in I I' 1' 1 h'l, .r- a I l l. i l l' rI
1hil [l]':.m t.d4 e roClli.,1 l ,-.Ito lhey SPv. ,de L bnbrly, ,J lrr F.,ia .,:,n N,.,. 14 PrVe .-. es., ptbrhi e r, I1 t,:,:; !,.~.dr 1 .r re-..t 're, 1...rk.






.,. |i. 1 rh IL J i r, ... ..t- t l' fc in: [I n II ... .- t l l.r i... n -.. -. In.' I I l i l u i. n ".k l .n, Inn hl--
knwt Qh- -anic I.- [I, J.-.1 %,ir], .ltlri ^iih ci trl v ir.1 *[ .IIiet
enu m it lt a~ I I .LI th- I i,.. 1 I 11, I .s .I z .- n ~. Jem r~re Is*. I I r wr 1, 1 11 t i .- .I p:1ra n l M r .u
l i, ^L .ll ...- 5,, .,- L l n l .I,, li. ] II ,. -i.. I l, I 'I, ; |r.I. r .r... l -,,r .....I. .. 1 ,, r ... ... i, r u .i .:-. .. r ,, .-.

S i 1- 1, jllt i ip I =I i l li t 1 1 1 I I" Ir .. -. .. [' i l1 i, ,r 1 11 1 1. 1. i ,. -1 i l ...r. I, .i h e q rt
li .. l-,', li. -''I l_" 111 l h." 1 .. I i ] it -. i Llnn, .'r ir,, i ....:r ... n. i ', .. r ,I. 1 ,-., hr- l ilir n,- ,.n., ..n ],i .-.i,..r i, l-. ... [I,-
,:" i, .li" li.:. b .I,.,IIL1..D':" rh : _, .' r .. .''[. l ..t ..-Ir r .r '. r 1,' ..I.. .. t r..I ill'- ,;- *- ., ,I -. h 1 T .,.
h *I tr t D n.I tI I I I ,I .- i"h .llI .l..*r kt .. r,*.. 1 ..[ .- .- 1 :1 I .- ... I r t .. ... Il 'i t.r...,1 .1 i .. rh
Ilrell l7 i ... 1 Z I. \ ill Hi .1 1 I.t I ... II O l .r.t Ir ... .... .....I r., I, W. 1, .r.. 1. y r ;. (1-
r r l j -l .ITt .*'. Z-. I' -i ll l .I I l .. Ih.- l t i th re e q u a r teIr
l't.1 n: 1 '-[0l ". 1 .,r'r. ..r 'n. -i r.. i li ,. ,nl 1, .[ L n. .-' .n ,, r r t '- :: an d on e Iirt
f i ln .,, :,. 1 .lli,. i l .. ,'...- .1 lI., ,. -;l ,, ,.I.. .. I -L, ,. I I,, ,dll, ,. ,- r ,, It .,,I l .-- l. -
/ r- I.r l hi ui r. 1 ll b ,l t ,r .- t. I 13 L: ,I I -... ,, ... n ,i .- .1. r ,... .... .- I .. ..i r -. ... .... ... .. ,r
t'l lll"l- '-,.. :.-',LI :'l'I ,,: "'l 1.,i ". I I',L L h I 'l--l,,. ,-, ,,,",' ...... [T r'- t ,Lt ...... I 11 .l .. ... .. .l.-h : ,,- ,r .l, .lrll'., iI.t .... r ,,I ,- ri rl. ..i I ..r. r"
1 I -', 1 1 1 I r I. 1 l Ir..- i.. [ I ,.-l i.I r l.. h' ,. r .I ., t *i .. .II 1, l .. 1- i
I .'J": l In ili,.- r i l... | l ] ,t I t"':'l i ll. t n. t h. nj l bnlhl,, *, I tIl +.,hi. L *-- i ..l I -I rhr. [,.- .-.t i ,.. r. .r ., I .n. ... .,1 .i s 1 '"ll r. ,,I l l.l- ,,u
1: i- r. i l ,h ,. r l II .,-h i k .t Ii 'I, I ... l it ,*,- z .Irl ^ r ... .. ... i, t .. ,,, ., r ......Lt .. ... 1.. 1.. l ,, I..i..F. .. r.
.- | I- r, i i' l. l i'.:r I *;i i. .-Ir. : l i : .r I ii..r i .. .i.- *. ..i j. : .. ..,,. ri.,., r .1 1.111 l.ilt |
11. l. I 1 ,.i -l i i ,l .-r -, [l ,' l .. tl 1 .. ". r -,. h e I h .- .I -t r.. 1 t,.. ', !.. r I ..r n .
.: n i it .- i l 1 .1 i 1 1 b r .. ,u ..... r.... ... I ...% ; ir r : T .
SI 1 r I l ] i n i r l : .i l 1 1, V[ .' l I p\ :.rrr i....i l -. i .. : ... .r.N-..j r i ; i.- l i
.. .. 1.i, i i. ,r -. i,,_ ... .. \ ... *i... .... nr. i r I' .: .. ', l., .l n i ,..' .,i.i, I .f n. n. '.-..r1 -I

lit-, p r i r -,. | !..i i ,V o ,I .. li It i. .,. ,,. i i i ..,,i r .. .. ,,. ,r ,r. d .- '. ,,,n, .,.' r. r .. i. .... d --, r ,

l r I i. l -I r .. t i ,, .. -,, ,, ,, .,- ., ", r l,.. .l ,- i,,,, h... ,. ...,l ,-r. l ,I. !. ... ...... .. I. t ..- 1 .r ..1 I,
S I I t l P I l lI- l ll II- .1. 1 1t. I-- 0,.. .l- ,11 I l.n. l r lrIb-: .1 -i, 1 1. '. lh l. 1 1. 1 ,l I
S"I 11I. 1 I '.. I I .r I r i ,-r .- 1 *.:. .tl tl :. I r .h l r,, i.r r I..-"li |. .. ll tl. i ,. l.." r ll l i..I .i... ----
[ ? I '..l i [d 1. 1 ,' .....I ( ', ,,I.1 ...,, i r r ..r- r .. i .
I I ,' : I I -- r ri..1,..1 .., ,-ri .,,I .,J r" i, T ,l' i' t,... -l '.r .*,i .. ..c ..r u .t, !i i l.,,II I, --i rl. Lt, l ..
I r T r -i- r.1 tr. t* .. _" lr .. i ." ., h i h... Il *. l r, i r" I" .l ... II. r ... r l. I i. l.. ,I.. .. .
IF. .L IL ,' ic-. ". '," ,lll, f r, -..; l i.., r, ..,. .. .- .* .L r -. r I "p, *. r t 1 .: -, n," h ri. ,*' r l* t

11 I. "r *' l *.lllV :.T,,, -, 1 : .' ,,* M h.'.,, l i' ,.- ,.!h l t, ,rnr t,' r ,, rJ ..r i. ',,, j, L ,, l r ,|.-,i ,l .....i h ,. r
E]l l..r .t :'. .ill.t r' ii -,l I '. .T lI. | I-- i' '. .. ,r :..1, h i- .'l r-, l ir.-. l- : .--. n. .- |. |.. n.i r i i ..
h .. ..d .....-r,. .. ., Ft. .. 1. [ ,.: I. rI I lN- I.'-

J u !i .ll I, | .. LI', ". li0 : H i.:,' l'. ,1iil. i l L .,1" rl, r -,I I t .,, I, ,.., .,.r i n .i r L tn.',1 p I:.1 11 ,- l .[ tl. i;..r -,r. 1 ...l l- .. -,,, i, i 4,.l ,p' h
...,,,1l' '..1,,,. ..- .= ],i,.- ,.. .T l., ,. .,t! J ,n I ht-_'t. ,. ,i- r'" ,,:. .rh .-- ... ".. .. .

lft. -l l .- III,: h ul, '. ,. .n -- ".' .*;',"*,+- F "ll i :[ L u "~l[ L .-.rldu l .Ui L ,-,r .ii -" _.l .n ,lr n .]r r .n ,, l ',,i t "' r.t t ..... I- ,.*..,t*I* -- ,.!**_I'1L..I.-n-rl,,..-,,. rT ...... ('i l- ,,nl -t -'
.[. .l]Hn l L. *.',r .,r I.,,,,, .. "I I ri-i ,mI ii .t I I-I ".... ,; r n rl L.,,r I;. 1, ,t r 1, !* n ."' ],', II r._ ...- li i .,-
1 |i;. i' 1. : l I. .... I *,.' V l[ I .. r ,i '. ,i ,.i i i h ,,[,. t n f -. t .. nr n 1 1,- .irl ._ ir'. l t [ .l .:.l I. .n 1

l 1- 1' *' "t I' u h'nL !In,: .i I II,. i ], l r- r ,,a. i r..'.I l 'l i, ,i', r,-,l ,~ ,tb ,"L t- r t"*,i,' ,L,l L, : rl ,r n .1 ,, t_, l,-,i.,r [|i,1 ,'**Ll.n u, I [ .-,, j ,n,,J iii i,:, .l ii, l', i+ .1 l ,,,-i r i t, 1 .
h n, rnL:,Il I,+, J.,I l "l :L ,_ + |r l'j -'i l Ln'." I'r3. i nl --l'll l ,t,?- 't.tL. n r~tir.- b.'l!" :tll til.,*n lr ri ir'r .1 u'l '] *l" l'. t,.,, r ,, l- ..ll li,'l.J- ,t,,ir ^!, |r.|., j ;[,;,h l:It l,..- tL.|.
uI: L, ,II, I N i. .. [L1. r ,, t ,I I t IlI| r ...- I .. r r, i t .1 .- I" ,. 1 .1 -i I .r .,
I* Il. IN. .. ,1 I I I I.... -(- IF, I pI .- ,,ar ^ k-n '. I l :..

hi t 1 t .. l r ,-. ,. l i .._ U l I. 1 -, ..-.. I l .- i.. .. ,r :., .i .. i
n li 1. I l i .s I l.l i.. i ni i ,..r ,i i ,n r .. k r.; ...r -r r. 1 ..-1,.. .I -r ...- I r,- .t r I r1. .1 .L I|Kit. r IIj[

) I- | .11] I L ,. h h I l ,, rIn" iln lt-r hJ, r,|. : l,, r i. rir-l ,.,l 1 .. ,-,1,l,, .. ', ;. Ih t"1 -_'*'***. r h* ,li'.ii ,-2 l .. l ,-,1 [_.a .IL in .1 : l. 'l .'.. ,r .

.- | I all"' l u .i l n.i rii r .. e-r -lsb rn ( :.. i .l ....* u m .. r i*' -** .*** .. al-'. l~ l ..t l s.: I.i p .: .[ i 11.-.i .r I.r ,*1 ;. r
-li 1l 11~ 1 1 ti Lit I ri I Lt I ~ Ie Ic '. .r I. 1 t H-. -1 :. i-. It I Ia L I 1 1 .r .~j-l r.1 L .t- I 1 11

-V I 1 .i l1 *lI -1 It l \ ii. I ,i .,rl bl ,. I' rllrs i .. -,l i ri.- .-L [l' 1 .1 1. 1' .". .I i ll .r..l.--t .1 1 i h... I -t :I
c0 i t11 1 ~ r m. I ri-r 1111 o a I Ir n. ,LM t C, .i 'r d .11 1 .!- 1 r n a

P l Lna. rt r. : j Iut. A..r rni I. l~ ll rp nn J r..... l l r ..t %, i I

r z+ :t* I n'. r- l. l l. i i :l -. M- h ,- i ,, E, ,,, ; .. L 11 r,,.a.r .i r l ., ., r L,.i.t, L.l-..I ,.-r1 h' "
1 Li ll y hll.I TH. l. i ,. : r 1 t.l :. r n. n -i ,r ,e in ", II i ,l .,II' ., r L I ,, "',,Ii : r, : I r i 1 1 Lr,.
w i rn ,t .n l h ,:i i ,I ,'-l.\ lI I I I' l ri n n, r ." 1, l i l ,, .I L,. .l. ..I 1 1 .I i. r -i l r ,- r r llr ,.t trI,.n 1 il.I I
1,,.- : tI r-.t ,, | ,..r L. l Li ', .t, l .l .. ....n.l r r ,J "i l .l r ,i i l I. I ,,l l I' ii. .. tr.. I n I; I-.l .-
I n i .P: jt c' i lr "i l h, t, r'a I, .IB, I it -ni' FYIiii M :.I.rl .' l .[ i 1 I ... ..r' .- i n I. ... i m. .l] sI.. ,r ..rt ;0. _
t lli ] l r,. ,,h.l.rv L I l r ri ll. -. ] -r i I: +l J :i i u r i 'Ir .I -T nr. .i, .. l V. 1' i-1. 1 1, i... ',lr :'IIh1.. ,r,-I .-r '.i 1 il .i E I r I ... ', t
,Ii I. 1 I I I.I t 1 1 it .r'risi-r ... rl_-.r, r r.J t, l.., ... .r n -ll..l. -il'J r I rI uL,,: r. I -L I II.- I
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I II, In l lh h u l.-1 [ .i e .n t r n .m,,-,n.I r .. 1 l K ., .i 1:t a tI. N ,- r i ,., u ._- .I I.- rl, lr I ` .F 4 ,1 ; 1 -",t.- "n. n t lr, h1 1 n. 'A .r l .. 1 if

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-I I,_,. 1 P 1- 1 [11 -..[ ,, .,. Ir h ill.4i Irr.- ..,, t. J d .1 I n,,It r I .r ...I. 1 ,. :n" l r .rt,1 .I I .. I :, .: ., h ..11.- 1' al n r ,,,h- r,,,.?

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AI: n Lr: I,1 II LE,,t n[ it: I n'. ..g.I II- d k t ['.'I I l,, FtJ ` ...LJ r1J, l"t.'u F'l" ". ,,I1 ; ,-1 ,- L I l I tl ., r.,!r o -r :i [..'i n t. mtl' I. ,- A.I ,a l ]. :. I..r- ,L' .,1
A ..,t A A ,b a L2 r .r ,I Ir I I, I 'l. l An. J r I-,I e, [ ., ] ..-.11 l ,l t l, I, .-l ,l-.. ,, r a. I ..x- j n 1., 1I 1- -v r-- -- -- k c1 ch h.I s un ..F
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-i l -ut r I.T. u I p .h a n.: rir ft l r I-:I.-u : s r u -.1- r Q .- 1 1-1 -n. I -1- h f nt. 1 = 1 r e Vr i .". ( -.,. .r nodra r uc r l.- [ l~ie r.; l 0 zJ
f) E .. .ns:nHs 1 r. R I o P) T1 0 rt Ncr.: u Fo P L I "F it;.lt, =. 9: I s tJ I r, 1,,1- ;I Is ...s: I ari an. I : ;1 r r r. F rI it 17,- I c.,I. Ie e Ir IF I It I I"..a I
4r 1,ir, .e i. -aI;,w I-4w.- %il h .i n i e .s Ir, a~ -.t br l W r a d -=J i a. t- .1 .I l i I .s l -
Morn, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 -Al~e Ia. Vs. 1c Li-.i yqrd ff -e Fu .ru Ly .1. n r f .r:pe :. fl. zc.~ra I x ic -am A .1z.rn u.j!a n ll e brier
In LL |" r .' ,e.- L I'.? r[ l.. [ t L T .r .l a lnl, It ,,,n, l ,I inr rt,' Art 11 t1 (li r,, I aI I ', r in F ll I. ",
b _" J & ..r e !. r I' ,.. .l h.' t- ir I I.- .-r: iI ) 1 ,, 3, I .. r .-l I ur, I.. ,I s ,-r ur r I ",b l Ir l,
h ,', r t.". .h.1 ..S d... n I [ + I .,. F IIJ.'a"l .. .| I I -[V1''. lr ,,rd t, -, l h II i ln t V1, a t. Li.n .,- -k' -'t, : .5" IN d *.'.-i N na r. i+r'a. d
,'5l -- ,- I+r, I..,- r n 1 ;,,= ,' I.n-' l ,l -_ -4 nl,-j Ii|. It~ I_ I ['1 I",rL ,V'I- 1-, r +'-,1t .- tl ,| .[ r. '.r ,,I: n: --I I I-I i,,r uI- I I"I't .l 1'. L t -1 1 D n
III.. + | r.. r l .- -, ,- h z- II, II.' lr I- + L "t n 1, ''I r in. O i ,t I ',. r., -a", L, ''-~iJ fI. ,J l.,rr rt : l. NJ .t I, I,,: th.i t nr 11-D I Lt,-1 r .h Id-

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Ill~ IF LIr ; 1 i ,,j- -1 tr,. -% ,.'nl-lt; I[ 1-`1, I- -'1.I I-f I~ h,_ -1r, %I L,", r, i-': ,? 1.1~nLtw ll' .n l, I-h,- is', of. velvet the-I' I"[I I F' '
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ph DdJ@ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Lr. ,.,1" IF'1, -I-,r T!lJ I,,l" J N.11',t IaL." IlFul ,-,,I-,, Vtr.'.t 1,1'0,4', Ir-e ['l :,[fu' 1,+J- L ,'J,;:lJ L : d dI L+.+. ,.~l l.Il,'


and bells on t he initl:l lcaf. Taking. the cue.
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lT .l-I. hl i .. I ..Il,- Ib i in [l i t- l' l l i i, ll,11',
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S liniad Lamb recipe anl iiiIpromptu Vrere, Und
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Beautiful Mrs. Norton l a(E their in tlbe tirst
tluli of her lyric fratie. Sahe i n-"o., i like a
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sani Mrs. WIalite.
Sir Ediward Lvi'on, tlite fanioius nouvelit, wasl
then plain Mr. Bulwer, and n'r so li.,naa .1-
'tm. ri-n' tht- artitioraaty Ua he- 'a a4 nfierward. Hi-
wa ihe center. oliwevetr. uf at brilliani irlterie,
fiiind til ]ienal aif da ..]- iil club thiit eavit',-rly Ib-.
s-iuslt' Mi-. Whit tll. becot:ie a:,ue i-f isl, ni-n.
SburI,-. She <:r.niientid, l.iut -..a-n :aftl-r the club
*prop-:,' a-' .i onie itf is bY aw% taI'. lht no itimelbel
h.-ialil ac(e-t-pt in ivita. lai, in t an e-uertainnilnt
to "hich tli- (.li-hr membin bi-Ir of ie [ oliety ai' l
tilat b-een invited. This was done uti d..ibt in
order to utilize the popularity, -f tili- fair Animeri
('itn ,\t Mi r W bhia-'' n .rr.a.- ornintt-d. Afterward, while -lite Wai- :Wt-tldintl
a; rolirt .ct, thiefrlub met and Buiw..r re-ad the
ftolliwing %erse'iDnscribed to Floridia \\ bite-
o.ui truant memberr:
"'iau ha n' e t '. A, r ladl, ; i-r I .- tjiba
[ai n i ilir- -:ri ,,f h,'- a:i. ju!it rin- L' ,.
In l v.,ln'r i hap v r. wi'lll n,:r are ne
S bull ;l-. un v.:i.. Ih l: "I u; .-r.-
tlt 'ir ': lJ ri-.iarali i 'h" -- r lii. i' l -Tag a:r.'.n .
Wi l at-ir, eiaze -i.'h a-,I ai ..r- .
I w-ul l aLSk. it i i-r -,, [*- rr..'.ii. ,
la; ntarr rt._rn l,.r n,. inuage nti,'re'?
Fura..l e ili. ,i''ert [ 'i -, alh ,.a.
W ,'lI bl.t .-.tit tih-.- i, rr.;.m .:.ur s,.-g;
Th,,u- li lila t iii -. t-a.w r.:.u ar. -rue.
Though jaeal:.IsJ, awe fTe'il i'e are wroni.r



Some millions of insects mlnbit r ap pnlper-i were fni 'ull-I IIItiirl- ii,, f
"Ithel il i i. ul i' i -- thesun fi K l 1npEll "al i -l it i i r quee n l... ii..u n f -
Your glanices Alioldl beam herr alone," Lb' empll,'Ir. It wii 1lji: lip iu l il lit.- i-.nin. at
:i ir laL i i:i l. ii PMati %ii ,iu Floriial. W hitle'
MI r. \i hilt' i:is ol<.f i gu,- l a. K ita \'il i: ic i t-ile r ut ,t .1ai li-ul. Tl,. niartLl, ntls s.i .
I.ani' t oIri. ; *iid wlitia Vi orin a :i-t.,. alJd lIIt jl,:, bi,| i,, :r-d It ll t e ,idvln irln.i In itr s.
lhl i [ tlier in uI ha it d ft[li. ~l:. i- ipp.-: al l I t i W ile'- LohlaIn uiJr. i i :InI 11 tii-l.u i er
yo-untg eUteDn' lil-il "dt r.irvi*..-.,nl.. All Iht- on.iv. Ell.n' swetra-inr savers 11..I pi, Iri
cout l A' a.- ca.ur-e in nimournnlm Ell1,nI -pint I [ i t c.. all' i.t ,,i.t[ I roii iii .1 Bii r l .t- iitlce
-did brun,-ile bi-.iu y .haI allt i .it Icnr lii- 11.it1ta 1t I t lOu as Ali ittiai ti11 I, it ljai I,.i.ia t
lt iIl's deir:e 1,r n a.el a -ff i.,y i,ri ,lat ., ,,i-i. .in I -:r -, rmy lai. lth. ,,i-ti1a be.-idLis
lh1 OI-I..i-ii.I ".,o I.' la. k f..r !lh I.l. -t ll tie a-1 As m i ].iti- i .ietllnin [ re ZA-i, it : -iari-aln r Iijut
ti!l ,t i-..'.- .i a aa" nlu l.aaiti.i..i In i.. ilhl?: ia iu.- I ,11i, kI ,,til anal ti.: il ,: ,i ,ata, i, .1 Ihis
il,,tij i-,.,.lt .,?: ,rf-_it iL.i._ d liut all [ 'itib i -lib ,11,1) -'. k -.-, .a4 .-our ',>\.il n -li,.-_-, h .-i iL ,i,., r.- "
iti .1 a_-ti I. hul t.i.,r,..'l ii.-r- itialil ".u i ,,a i.-i Ailot r [I.- h ,-.iivtni- it oif ir-l'. \ hilr i ai betiau-
m materials. aIv-a i.iivi.-LiIl tII ai ih.y 'a l. 1: l.,.Lck. tif,1 b u ?j l ti, b ,,-nz, .-p.,,, ',f
Ellen's dr-:- %%i- bio.:aiue sirin aud vt-lvr-i, her
ornam ent- hli ji: pi.,-arl T. ia-, veIt ha uil i I la iv.ii.a J "-
"Ishall luli at figli, in it, blown as I am," that of Caroline, Qillti. ,of N:plr-. Thi: v n.
-Lb.: .,;1 ir, her friends at one of her receptions. erable mother of N. Apl.,l-n hbai -,ii infi M.
SPit it, on beforehand, and let us judge," White to visit her. Tlhe iro.ui W.aI tdille-l with
lli'in-" 11 a1i r-.d ] noble guests; but ]lleti w ii'*i it-Ii .1 I,'artl IyI
It .as :i,l i .d sh,- ., lO put il ,,i a ril .',i ,'t I :. l 1 11, r'-.1 l. I :, th,- Ia .. ..itkia
:"a.,- Ia. -li i l, see i1 ,-1t.-- i r in..l .r .I'l- L.. i .La it i ,1 l t, A i, ltai -u l,, r i. i ii, a1 nal A .
:1 lia.r flends heard l ,: liii il .r. aljIl bInr i ir. kiss,- hi,:r.
lor next day si ,quitr torll TlI(-iv I,.t Ti. .l,, arh'nl runc qIu -n if Naiile- pr:.- el her
ntfitly i ,pl.e pI.i.-Lt In- l ,I itil nlof Il, iii hand, savii-,.. a"- -I.l l i,| i LI tI-,. \,,at,. 'W hat
plilinln- aul l niu r:. who should be announced shall I si'n.Il Vu .LI a itki rj O l,- ii ,rI.l"
i.,ur L.uii- N.Lp.a.r i ca Ellen l,...,l II. l m,1: n ,i, tiid l ir iy in
A lill f.-ll up.,n the aristocratic company, hers and said, archly,. Y..iIr .-lit d "
Tli,- tilturae a-nmpa,--i was but a poor young ad- The queen smiles jil i-n. -i 1 WI, I II Ell--n
'..:ti.Lii,:r It-li, !.iiing in London in obscure had returned to A.tii ii -l,.- I-,.. tia. I ,u
in,,i..s;i H i;, Ilit.ll r. Irin l h.ill .i H .,ittl.ui .. :tit .,,l ,,,,im ,- letterfrc.ii r',,,li r,i ,n ] u.J .h,:, .,-.
l -.l ii S; iz.. rllra. I- .l tAll, tri.,,i m l r .i l r.'- .al and-pearl casket, in..Il~- .1 i ltiI..I e aI' ;i,
P..r-. Mizi. \\W liha illl .I ii i i..-i,n tbLly .nu -r the queens' hand, bI. iutilat l- :iI -i i iIl a.t
1.ii oi I. y i -,- Vx I a it hFir sa;\ ..hailt.. the wrist. A m ar]l i -l.-.I.l ,- i :.l ,l inl,,- d
l ti ..-If thatV .-i liit,.I I..-ftoil.. 111-.1 lii ring on the third iln ul li.i.l aI.T l.,uilv u n
Itor -ortt -cut lhad ai nal-d i t-r ill far..d 4-... sent to her; but the: l--l -AI in l iI it i .i- ti-ient
W i.-a Ii- Ah tarn .li puil I..a l: I,. L -.,n .I.:.l, L.ui was wrecked at sea. I I- l a ir .. i 1 wholl., .e .
IN apl,.l.: nl win:.lrf .,i c1e -ee. hi m, el".r ,l ni',:,]. 311,1 ua,.iV iv,'I,-t w\'el I ,,.i l/ J
iv t iala d a .J itt- li t l i i il ,.( l T li, i,,,,- li. i,: i, i 1 ,, N1o t i,. r in\v .;fl t
Io) ti.,llilt-n tl. ,:'xile lift- art i i.- l.ii-,, that "Florida W lhir, iCic, V,.,J Ii.,m ,.,.,, .- ud
Bilt li-. its ia, admivintd ini. .. i.ty. H,. eminent persons ii al Ihe di-ail.iai crosa+-ivena
lid nev-r -arne;I, d "' FI..ri.Ji \i" r- -' .ei- I,, .i ti. h ie Pope. ll:- wa-i na..I of his reli ionI/. /
lions. H-i e viiid i-i r only liheti, i't t ,ii lu a it hi,,, '. I;,a -i ;,-i ,;l-l,., h,,,I:aa i l, l chi i iriLa S -
ll,:l in_ tir- it i nY L let.-iS aI i i ].r parlir- Hre ,:,f inind 111 nI pi -.i n ll- it oai l c ,- ii l, la IIl, .ali a .
liii. iam l l hi time .il ,ia unt ihilonoaa:l. l,- h ur. ali, ,n Ii Iii ,,i ri til Tiit- -i" as '-. a i-'l Vi.LalI
A- taia 1,h in .- rn,,nm ,Jur aa t i:.o n a.l-pu, l he u tlat-. In Ihe l -,iatr ,i-n an: exqui-iiha-lv a ain-.d i f P -hL
l.,rn-.l l.aIck lurpri-. t-- il-rna; ... I 1 sTa lt,: it l I_,- .4f 'llria t in antiithly t. Thue J'alinl i.a a
tbrilliant He. t iill r-plu di h--. anid u.n,.irclitn it ;.v:re lagei aI ai pll rrfrit-t-ll.- rliiii-) --c --'1 .
lti p.ale I I:uil:aer faic.e little rat.,: Jd ith the w'l uniin u- Mis. W hite a-ld lthis cr-i-. and a "
I"a'tl tonita iu-,f ,,ith,-r coltly relit's to help build the w
But Ell-n'z kind heart atal A iiirilivan ind't- S.,hlll-in Pr'e-hby.-riai chunrcI l WasmhingIon aA.4rtr
peutl.t-uie I-aved hin t.raii-in -.i. C iv--lf ii lii: R"I-v. Mr. Pir7en is now p.Tl tor. i
Si a c n>it- 1 ii i- l imai. -iilino- a wi-lcoimei-, It ik li r. her zie l tand iaienierositr flint flis_ -
e 1 ricl i l -, r.-Ai tli.llt.: the bhii k p ,lTitar:- a. lii.i a.1 i i, t lt-nc f /r
no.Idingi aboliv.t hlir i..iaiiai laria. S:- iell Flori.t-i Whil be" ws as much admired in Par- i*/-a'-
him Ii- tidl: r,-v-r hi eLi-mbailraimtiil by lier ii aiadl Vie-nona ia slihe had been in thie En-
Sra ,fe.ful catdi:tllilv. gi-tli ca ,pital. Bur all this 'ila mir;!;..ii .ih nol"'t-- I
L wa linui aware you had clinncle] your l-.poll her. TliIe allanlrie- aln soc-ial itsii,.-ir ot'; .
d.ay for receiving, madame," Lnuilnureil le ll-th- t'. f.r-irgn coiirit ]-lft. no- laint up-oi iher bl-a l---
priliiCe. tiful nilure. She v':-s ir'ill lihe a-n e rIln :, 5' : A
Nor hare I. This reunion is wholly im- r.ialaanir Ir-inai-ha-lf child, half queen. Her -
pIropin.lii. My fri.ndl- have come to see how ntaiii- candor ni: n putitiv and ia-r -inrLlhe:lll-ated .
Iliutii- I li>ul in lil:ink." love for her husband. who ;lh-nV end to .--- -
** Ha.ri.usl Y.Vii. biho wt.iuld make an Es- fier t*7 in almai-inlain il any a-rmLly,' -av-i inc
,1limtn if I.t -umni- ,- -.In I.a,a-il. Y.-u look like her ti:,m ilt-Tenqiltriain tiat hiu- a--t -uipt ll-is-.
i.e(: G.:-ihles- it Ni.tll,," re- ingly lovely woman in a di--iplaied (:aout.
turn-dl young- Louis.. She is almost too p-r fect to Ibe a li-lriinOe," I
Afti-r ai a.Oirt stay, lie withdrew. his enabar- .ii:l ia id t -i-lf whenl 1 i-.I li-t li b pri-sronially
rtailnnt -l r ii re -moved by ilte haiulhLvy italne of nitld ithr.ulih lilr i.'..rieprlhniihenae and dirites,
th:-e Britiih damest anil lords. with i Iha,--rlu a-i pi u inii he-r intu n nlovl-I. I
'Whlin thl- doo-r closed upon liLui, lthe .shIlrp- had alniays held I:t N.iiare never bi:.twoed all
ion,:,d ,-i.. ..-f Mlarchiiim-ness--somnrbodly--siid to four of lier i ;il gil'ft-i..-atil V, grace, initell.crt,
li'. W haile: ai1[l.s. upi:iiiupon i- ne ma.itil. PBut hert. \a as
This is-oneof niy strilngie-.t obj-t.aii,naintoyour a tomrin i .) had h irni thi-s p'-rfecl dirlem
republic in country Its ipriut.illers a.blice you dt.tiu 10 a vr-n-r.alle ae. Here i'w a pi.rlfr-ct
to rirceivie r vetryhody as your -i.lual. For in-~ t-e- -f w,-im.ulai-l Larmartine described iher,
-ianci-. ti.e r;lvent-iurtr whoi h just ItE.-ftt." when Ih r.,--,i- f D:-Ip)llule Gay-thlt- first ife
** 'Y..,r laiyShip is naiir.ak.-n,'" nr:rpled i our n if GirOarlin: "** She ha, In-auity, nil. v'abi 'rity,
Ai't-nier-an princei -. The d,-m...-:r.atic princi p-,".-lii: 1',-:s.ii. wiroi nly liudiernert- sincerity,
ph.I.s lt uur e "vernmnilit in ino \wi-: nfftl ou-tr lel:teuen,:e--the I-al ev' n a C(halli-al."
-o..i hl law'- W e do i ot ,i'iil .r. /.'-, dI "i.1 oCur 'Fl riaWlVhiilte' h:ld inlthe re-liotliis prinuip|les
ei,.|luidls any mnate hfin you h1 A_ t lr 'il: ei.: n- of thr-r yoithl lbiroui-'h nil thei c'han:'i s oa f iii-r oa-.
tlcnunin W-ho has just -ft, I knw itti.ilblig nitpolifau life low tniil s.hte ailli-tlirdl tr ihe -
iaain lS him but his mislii'ijin: auid Ilis prov oi her chi'rcl-thle ull-fiaslioied \ A .
rt1,-. Thiii i- it,. crinim ;n niv i..i itliy ." Prei-blterirn-e-s n be seen frnmii blt- f:art Il thatie
T ha- nL .-.a li,'.,..- t.. a i... -.,i h ariL va- 'il :' .'l'.". 'o .i.:n'-. I .u.... h ,.:.;";.. ,: -ug r l.. a,-a'.
i:t illd ti'h a litilet -nil:- of ti a.nti disiain Laudni, atilt she wia inside a thia:lter bIut once, )
Ye- iti:fli. i a.'id Fl--,rid.t Wi ,i'-, illie Lon- ahtllhoul` tlgh Wi wasi lihaketrspenre wirshilper and
dal.- i-.a-t is laI ch lrini .itrit l herl bt-t-:Liii- her bIutl poss-ua t-d extraordinary hlailiir, i: (al-edin. as
li--vedJ liunl.a' .i. in Fl.,rii-.. Ilit Anti 9c`t.n talyi b.' n n to her drainatic'.
lilid ihn r reven,,-e on tlih: siaip ,itilh..u-u in;il:cii:.n i-S i.- I.rurl. d it, Amni i a l'. auid aftrlr a lIoig
pe. rioil it mr iarii in -- f ar hlr it-t hii-barid. -,li e
Th, aliili-iig rof foritune had tossed Louis iiimali i- tIl ii-Irl-trti:iniid 4-..d DI-iair B13I:lliy, andi
N iplhta-oni inil rhli th r: t ron He- aa-1s ..nipmr.--r (.f iettll-.1 d n ii~ I' r half i of Ce t-i ji \tar it hl.atS, in
F ai.ii e. The British Inurnu lhall p.aild hl r d.i- li..r l.,-iu ifail liom:- t C icalaac-ia aic-ar Monlti-
itisiiia.-ii r.-rl-pe(i:l iih lihr -iew it onalj li, .and li;e ct-lI-. Fltrlr-la
and] ii falir Sp.irih Ibide lihd .-,ner to L,-nrndion Her.: "Ie- breame aill (Ii-vtiliu-i ini IJi-autifyinog
ii. r.-lirn ithr roya" l coiirtesy. There Vict.ria iniul -Uce l l ll i li- lte comiunitly. .'-he iJli-m ab out,
liit publiilY. adri',-r.r -l tlihe Fr,'nc'li potenlaie- hlr a nuniber oat i.ulni.-d piopli. aind she had
W'iilli ihe order of knihtbhood The. Paris nov- i-s mauy diiinuguished gu-sis. -'Sie visited the sick