Uhler, Margaret to Elizabeth Alexander – Aug. 23, 1976 – Milledgeville, GA

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Uhler, Margaret to Elizabeth Alexander – Aug. 23, 1976 – Milledgeville, GA
Uhler, Margaret
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Civil War
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North America -- Georgia -- Milledgeville
North America -- United States of America -- Florida
North America -- United States of America -- Tennessee
North America -- United States of America

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University of Florida
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Rt. 3, Box 55
Milledgeville, Georgia 31061
August 23, 1976

Miss Elizabeth Alexander
Library of Florida History
University of Florida
University Libraries
Gainesville, Florida 32611

Dear Miss Alexander:

Your kind assistance last week was a great help to me and I
appreciate your time and effort on my behalf. After I left
the Etta Anderson papers with you, it occurred to me that I
I had left you with some pretty incomplete data. "Letters
written to Mama by her mother" isn't exactly what you could
call enlightening. The two letters in the envelope were
written to Henrietta Buford Adair (later Mrs. Patton Anderson)
when she was attending a private school in New York under the
chaperonage of her aunt, Ellen Adair White Beatty. They were
written by Henrietta's mother, Elizabeth Cromwell (Mrs.
William H. P.)Adair of Morganfield, Kentucky. I do not know
who Mr. Earle was, but Mr. E. S. Meany a-pears to have been
a professor in Washigton who was writing a history of the
state. The letter to the unnamed friend concerns Captain
Thaddeus Foster of Gainesville though his first name is
never mentioned.

The marginal comments in the Iew York Fashion Bazar article
were supplied by Henrietta (called Etta).

I hope this information is adequate. If I can supply anything
else, please feel free to call on me.

It was a distinct pleasure to make your acquaintane and, again,
my sincerest appreciation.


Margaret Uhler