Revised Constitution of United Confederate Veterans 1891 (Gift of J.J. Dickison)

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Revised Constitution of United Confederate Veterans 1891 (Gift of J.J. Dickison)
United Veterans
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Civil War
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United Confederate Veterans,

ADOPTED JULY 3d, 1890,





ADOPTED JUNE 2d, 1891,



Gen, JOHN B. GORDON, General Commanding.

Hloplins' Printing Office, 22 Commercial Place, N. O.



CHATTANOOGA, TENN., July 3, '90.
"Upon motion of Comrade Gen. Clement
A. Evans, the following committee on revi_
sion of the Constitution was appointed by
Gen. John B. Gordon, commanding, with
instructions to report to the re-union at 4
p. m., viz: Comrades C. A. Evans, ch'n; E.
Kirby Smith, W. L. Cabell, D. A. Given, F.
S. Washington, L. Jastremski, J. Wm. Jones.
Said committee made their report, sub-
mitting a revised Constitution, which was
read article by article and adopted as a
whole unanimously, as follows:"
ARTICLE 1. The objects and purposes of
this organization will be strictly social, lit-
erary, historical and benevolent. It will

endeavor to unite in a general federation
all associations of Confederate veterans,
soldiers and sailors, now in existence or
hereafter to be formed; to gather authentic
data for an impartial history of the war be-
tween the States; to preserve relics or me-
mentos of the same; to cherish the ties of
friendship that should exist among men
who have shared common dangers, common
sufferings and privations; to care for the dis-
abled and extend a helping hand to the needy;
to protect the widows and the orphans,
and to make and preserve a record of the
services of every member, and as far as
possible of those of our comrades who have
preceded us in eternity.
ART. 2. The officers of the general head-
quarters will be as follows: A general, two
lieutenant generals (one Trans-Mississippi,
one east of the Mississippi), an adjutant-
general, a quartermaster-general, a commis-
sary-general, a judge-advocate-general, a
surgeon-general, a chaplain, and such aids
as the general commanding may appoint,
one of whom shall be designated as secre-
tary and one as treasurer.

Each State having five or more camps, and
every five or more camps in contiguous
States shall constitute a division, which shall
be officered under a major-general and a
staff similar to that of the general.
The various associations shall be permit-
ted to retain their name and organization,
S but they will be registered in numerical
order, according to the date of their forma-
tion or incorporation into the United Con-
federate Veterans, as Camp No. of the
division of the State or States of--
SThe camps may, at their option, adopt
/the following nomenclature for their offi-
cers, viz: commander, first, second and
third ( or more) lieutenant commanders,
adjutant, quartermaster, surgeon, chaplain,
and officer of the day, assistant-surgeon,
treasurer, sergeant-major, vidette, a color-
\ sergeant and two color-guards, and define
their duties.
S ART. 3. The representation of the various
organizations at the annual conventions
of delegates will be as follows: One dele-
gate for every twenty or more members in
good standing, and one additional for a

fraction of ten members; provided every
camp in good standing shall be entitled to
at least two delegates, and that the generals
and two lieutenant-generals shall be ex-
officio members of the convention.
The delegates will elect to serve for one
year the general, two lieutonant-generals,
but the major-generals of divisions shall be
elected by their divisions. They will also
select the time and place of the next annual
convention, at which general reunions will
be held. By a two-thirds vote they may also
change or alter such articles of the consti-
tution as they mas see proper to amend.
ART. 4. The delegates will adopt a gen-
eral seal and badge for the United Confed-
erate Veterans. The adjutant-general will
furnish, upon proper requisition of the
camps, blank traveling cards, bearing the
seal of the association of Uuited Confederate
Veterans, for the use of comrades in good
standing, the same to be countersigned by
the officer authorized to do so.
ART. 5. Certificates of membership in the
association of United Confederate Veterans
will be issued to organizations applying for

admission by the general, when their con-
stitution, by-laws and roll of members has
been examined and found to conform with
the requirements of this constitution. A fee
of $2 shall accompany such applications,
which fee shall be placed in the general
treasury of the association. Each camp to
whom a certificate is issued, and belonging
to this general association, shall annually
in April forward to the adjutant-general a I
\true and

in good standing on that date, and shall, at
the same time, pay into the general treas-
ury the sum of ten cents per capital for each
member shown on such roll, and no camp
shall be permitted representation. in a gen-
eral convention of the Uuited Confederate
Veterans until the said camp shall have paid
said annual tax and all other amounts due
by such camp.
"--ART. 6. The generals, lieutenant-generals
and major-generals shall be empowered to
appoint their respective staffs. Where no
division is formed in any State, the general

shall appoint a major-general to form camps
and organize a division.
SART. 7. All papers and documentspertain -
ing to general headquarters shall be for-
warded through the division headquarters
for verification and endorsement, where divi-
sion organization has been formed.
ART. 8. Every camp will be expected to
require of each applicant for membership
satisfactory proof of honorable service in the
Confederate army or navy.
ART. 9. Every comrade in good standing
will be privileged to attend the meetings of
any organization belonging to the United
Confederate Veterans, and receive that fra-
ternal consideration they design to foster.
ART. 10. It shall be the duty of the divi-
sion commanders and their staffs to aid and
urge the formation of new camps wherever
they can be advantageously formed within
their jurisdiction.
ART. 11. The general elected under this
constitution is hereby empowered to issue
such orders for the good of the organization
as circumstances may, iu his judgment,

suggest, covering cases not provided for by
this constitution.
,-ART. 12. Beyond the requirements of this
constitution, the various camps shall have
full enjoyment of the right to govern themn-
, selves.
AnT. 13. Until the divisions can be formed
as provided for in this constitution, the vari-
ous organizations will report directly to gen-
eral headquarters.
ART. 14. The discussion of political or re-
ligious subjects, nor any political action,
shall be permitted within the organization
of the United Confederate Veterans, and any
camp that will have acted in violation of this
article shall be declared to have forfeited its
/ARBT. 15. One of the aims and objects of
the United Confederate Veterans is to mark
With suitable headstones the graves of Con-
efderate dead wherever found.

- 9 -


Following amendments to the Constitu-
tion unanimously adopted at the Reunion
held at Jackson, Miss., June 2d, 1891, pur-
suant to the 3rd article of the original
To AnT. 2. Moved that Art. 2d of the Con-
stitution be amended by striking'out the
word "secretary" in the last line and adding:
"It shall be the duty of Inspectors General
to examine the rolls of all camps organized
and to be hereafter organized, and when-
ever it shall appear that an unworthy name
is borne thereon the Inspector shall notify
the Camp Commander, examine into the
case fully and report. If the charge be
sustained, after the party accused shall have
had a fair hearing, the Major General of
Division shall order the name stricken from
the roll."
To ART. 3. In Art. 3 strike out the word
"ten" and insert the word "twenty." Add
in Art. 3 after the words "elected by their

divisions," "whose term shall be for one
year and shall not be eligible to succeed
Add to Article 3 of the Constitution "that
no delegate shall be represented by proxy
unless said proxy shall be to a member of
the same encampment with the delegate
giving the" proxy."
To ART. 5. Be it resolved, that Article 5
of the Constitution be amended by adding
thereto to the following:
/That all new Camps organizing shall pre-
sent their roster of members through the
; Division Commander to all Camps recogniz-
ed and admitted to fellowship in this Asso-
ciation, in the States, where said new Camps
are located. That after the said roster of
new Camps shall have been favorably passed
upon by said recognized and admitted
Camps in this Association, the said roster
shall be forwarded to the General Com-
manding who shall, through general orders,
announce the organization and fellowship
of said new Camps. Where no division is
formed in any State the roster shall be for-
warded to the General Commanding who,

in all respects, shall conform to the rules
herein prescribed for Division Commanders.
Resolved, that no Camp shall be allowed
representation in any meeting of the United
Confederate Veterans, unless the Camp
shall have, on or before the 1st day of April,
preceding the meeting, paid all amounts
due as initiation fee, $2.00, and also th/
Amount due per capital.
\To ART. 14. Strike out the "The" at
beginning of said Article and insert the
word "No," and strike out the word "nor"
and insert the word "or."

5-' I'

- I -