Anderson, T.B. to Belmont Perry – Jan. 3, 1890 – Palatka, FL

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Anderson, T.B. to Belmont Perry – Jan. 3, 1890 – Palatka, FL
Anderson, T. B.
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Civil War
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North America -- Florida -- Palatka
North America -- United States of America -- Florida
North America -- United States of America -- Tennessee
North America -- United States of America

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Palatka, Fla., Jan'y 3rd, 1890.

B. Perry, Esqr.,



Dear Sirt-

Tour fayor of the 28th ulto. to my Mother, as regards a Pho-

tograph and Autograph of my Father, duly to hand, but owing to a

slight indisposition on the part of my Mother just at present I

have been asked to write you.

My Mother, as are we all, will ever be willing and pleased to

do whatever miay be in our power to gratify or favor friends, either

of to-day or of days gone by, but you must know how embarrassing

is our position when I inform you that if any of us have ever known

you we are unable to call to mind when or were it was. You also

cannot but readily understand with what reluctance we would part

with one of the few Photos of Father, even for the short space of

a few days. I understand that Mother requested you, in a letter

she wrote you some months since, to let her in some way be informed

as regards yourself, but in yours of recent date you made her none

the wisero ,,jf you knew Father, or were in any way or at any time

thrown with him; or if you have any special or particular motive,

other than satisfying a mere idle whim, in desiring the Photo and

Autograph, even if we have never known you, we will be glad to

grant your request. On the other hand, should you still see fit

to withhold the information I have asked above, I hope you will not

__. _____~__~ ~_ ___ ___ __I ___ I~

2. B.PO

eear it too wreat a display of selfiShness on our part it not grant-

Aig yepr sltple request*

should you *eaiidr it saeesnary to further eommaateste on the

.WbjSlt et e Bure you may again take the matter up with Iother or

simply address,

Yoars respectfully,