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Title: Jamaica times
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Jamaica Times
Place of Publication: Kingston Jamaica
Creation Date: June 28, 1902
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Kingston (Jamaica)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Jamaica -- Kingston
Numbering Peculiarities: Volume and number designation is dropped with issue for <Jan. 6, 1962>.
General Note: "A weekly newspaper and magazine."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 41 (Aug. 25, 1900).
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VOL, TV., NO. 31.]



28, 1902.


md 3333 :


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C~nb's lo*g dx~i is te est a t d fl hppy real ity aA
sang e star. the flng of (Gmcs, Palms and ths martyr d Marti ea
the palace in Bavaau where T. Estrads Il'.la. a Cuban eleou
wro& A pvr#ident of the new republic. The seone at the pale
hltd w a partielarly tmpreeive one.
" ---AB-P E--- --

L L CAPITAL-179,530,

A. H. J0v

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Cali" 66 vat
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Full of Naws

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Ah, Ikk jlkk, A. Abk,. Ak,

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~9~ ~=iV IliliV`T=l~ ~j~:ilY



June 28, 1902.



A sad domi O tragedy was r
hot month fa<-"t- EBou
which is nt without interest for
many women. A retired merchant,
while sleeping, felt a hand glide aude"
hij-~lUow, wiere he kept his purse. lie
Immediately stprt up, eized a revolver,
and hired, then *track a light, aA
found he had killed his wife. It seems
that she ww, afraid to ask him for
money, and resorted to stealing from
him when he was asleep. From this
sordid story the questionn naturally
arises, Should a wife have a regular
allowance? To my mind she should. It
is exceedingly humiliating to a self
respecting woman to have to ark her
husband fr every farthing vet one

knows of families, not only well-to-do
buV Ifba2t1&f richt, where the maiditMIgtIFd
wife and mother, if she wanted a
a pen Iy Stamp, or a copper to give to a
beg~ *, had to ask for it. True, she I a l
a luxurious bome, the right to order new
gown. to her heart's content, h*d
eve, yLhinu~ provided that anyone could
*iAnt in reason, but she had not the
hanalini of a shilling Any line of con
duct uiqre calculated to drive an aver
as wuo'min t petty shifts and meia-
ness cannot be imagined. Whether
the wife in the story just quoted was
treated in this fashion of ctorse I do
not know. She may have been one ot
those foolish women whom it is im
possible to trust with money, who on
the mot liberal allowance waste, nd
muddle, and ran up accounts and drive
busbeads to distraiooia, >ut,- a4 S-Be.-
al pricuiie, i.. heglumin married life
teiuMi iilqwanee ahuI4 Ik. a d,
Vt hifE a-de Ye for the usbaad'e
mam aad/station. If it must be only
mn skif a week, ten aillings let it
be that se is free to administer to the
bet of e ability, Should *he prove
unworthy of taust, or unable to make a
fair allowanee to meet her expenditure
it may be withdrawn, but she sbonld
first get the opportunity of showing
what she can do.

For Deaf Women.

An eminent scientific man has a wife
who lu her hear ngK. He g-t for her the
best treatment, but without xscess a
Then he purehansd every kind of appliance
known in the way of er-trampets and the
Uka, Hi* wife found that they enabled
eto hear ouly one person at a time,
who was speakinL directly to her, brt
they *-* piat-ler l-n touch witsh the
general coaveration going on around her;
moreover, they were tiresome to hold.
At last, in despair, she asked her husbamid
why he did not hirmimlf invent something
to give her relief. He set to work, aind
nanlly hi efforts were crowned with snc
e*. He evolved an instro.enut of the
laeaL tot i.~e hell, not angieaceful in
hasea, and hbring a narrow t-rtoi0se*'-llc
bd that fitted over the head. This
spared her the fatigue of holding it. De
Aendg- deim it, And., reatin lightly on
the e if each ear was a receiver in
oortoiasehell. formed rather on the lsapel
of t/tl tattrdl follow of the ear bit'
arge is as to .gather in more Librations.
When this was adjusted she was able to
bear not only what her guest~ said, but
for the fnt time i years attended the
theatre with pleasure. A lady -who has
menu one of these marvellona but simple
inventions. tried it on. 8o powerful
is it, that she imagined a lady was speak.
n to L very loudly, and took it off,
when bi e eadu ed iodld ot
of a oositve Ato ma-tlued to the ealke

Won. 1 w1 WUWW u.Ouf. f a4ppwiiat
It Is rather ornamental, having somewhat
the appearanoe of the hair oramenuts
worn by JapanWee womed. Whee asetual
diease of theear existsthis nstramn t
ise naturally oLfa use, but many oasm of
deafnee arise from weAknrs 1 ot the andi-
tory nerve, and forwthe- t Is marvellmo
p i0iftuta. It maut not, however, be

A. A l te a eorrespoe
|dwi q<9|ng, Ai Wi'rl who ope 6
e children an
5ays, she can |
is instnoere. Aflirt t to be deplised,
for she is not evil motives, as
IE Wad I'dAd l5 ho

ihe BeWmr eof irIe. a*
yr hftnpbSolif Ar I atloagh
a nioe giri should do that her mother
has taught her, the 'Mother say,
is often t*erm p af tion-"'ed for
your &nna tiM l ih tan as 1 8
devise you to choose ympathe
one who will rejoice At your joys. and
deep at your sorrows saud one who has
clkivated not so her talent as
the blessed virtaee weetue s ad
ympanthy. Choe I t_ --m-t., but
not an over inteblle woman, for the

over-.dou'aerd we oa.L meant ,tor ad-
*itfiowoi rather 't l oe.s t It 'the
humptio,,A and loIdleid woman, for
she is a hjrrur ;pr ajsette, for she
is terror. A t' *Aiwaysw remitds
me of a cockney who shoot
for a bag.' aot ~er M but for tbhe
sake of being able to my how much he
ha killed."


Once on a time hbre two little girls
\Vib rather shortly~ ~ -d ery tong
uis. "
Dorrie and BeMs -names of the
Djine had biow eyedd Beasie's were
Madge was the nameea doll they loved
beai, .jt ^ (
8he wa"s o sweet a"d *ir prettily dres6d.
Oat to the g'r den theyiook her one day,
Nose said, I'm bak g but there you
may stay .
All by yuurslves. BUt, oh, don't dis.
agree 1
I'll ring the bell when I want you for tea."
Then they played nioely apon the green
A after their nurse i" tliuR1irseryu hid eone.
Dorre pluuke d aili and trimuied
Mages' bat,
And-whde the dol Ti4iing patiently
Best made a picture dearest doll,
Until Dorne; jaupi .rmu n ed t all.
"1 shall take MadAe walk now," she
Then B s got up fse very red,
IYoun l.am t touoh -she rid ; "I
want erere "
"Ye--I hall have s'- a aid. Then,
oh denr,
Dorrie slapped Bess pulled Dor
rie's hair I
(Where will you b h a naughty
Poor Mag lay Ja miadst of the
TbiLaiug, "A, this y sad sigLt !"
Upln rrem M r.
rSud, "Oh, how nabiw WAght for a
doll I"
Then le flew took Midge
High up m the air t felt near the
Hung lihe right up o ach of a tree;
Then he called down pgir4, Now
What comoeaof fight t stop now;
cole, kis,
And be uoud ioMdea after this!"
Nuver again did girls ht;
when the other not

Soon she remember
And the words am
disagks )1'
So thte row's ilet,
Aq.d we will hope thW
uiU. *

Madge in the

id after alli
gt bmak their

ee greatest of all Tonics.



Miss J. A. BIRD, 9 Stanwick Road
West Kensington, W., writes :-- For
nearly two years I was a terrible sufferer
from an iiame- whieh I theaght was de
to an affetion of the heart. I was not
1,able L avm y _.r a L J lyg
and ainy eiirrtion wai poltive agony.Of
Miss Bird suffered for nearly two years course I had no appetite, and my mental
from a severe 8 illness which she attri- condition was most painful I felt always
so depressed and nervous, and thought I
buted to heart Itrouble. It proved how- never should get woll. At last I dis.
ever, to!beflatulency and wind over the covered that my illness was due to flat.
heart. These distressing complaints. lency and wind over the heart. It was at
This juncture that I tried Phoaferine,"
and the accompanying mental depression, and found it such a valuable remedy.
were cured by "Phosferine," in which After three large bottle I felt quite a
i Bir shas every conence wonderful relief. My appetite returned,
Mis Bird states she ha every confidenceand best of all I got rid of that terrible
Many of her friends alo speAk in ithe depression. I went on w th the remedy,
isghst terms of its recuperative powers. and am now able to get about with ease,
and take an enjoyment in life. I have
every confidence in Phosferine," and
haveareoommended it to many friends who
speak in the highest terms of its recuper.
Strive power. If you think my letter
would be of any service you are welcome
to ulih it."
m9=m0 Owz. JL31ImeOALW.
Miss OLGA NBEBBzOLE, the beautiful tand gifted i6tress, write:-"I find your
Phosferine a most excellent nerve tonic. It is both invigorating and fortifying, sad
I shall take pleasure in reomnuendiing it."

SoAL0 C0oA DS.8

Phoeferine enjoys the distinguished honour of having been supplied by commands
i. I. M. the Empress of Russia. H I. ir rdDenehess Olga of Russia
H. M. the King of Greece- H. IR-H.*tte OrAt Princess of Roumania
H. M. the Queen of Roumania H. I. H. tbeGrand Duchess Serge of Russia
H.. the- Dowager Empressf Rusra is H. K. H. the Grade Dueeeseof Hesse
H.S. the HereditaryPrincess ofLainingen H I. H. the Grand Duchess Xema of Russia
And the principal Royalty and Aristocracy throughout the world.


New Life
to the

PHOSFERINE is the most pewrrful Nerve and Recuperative Tonic known
[t removes Mental Depression, Want lf Tone and serves Power, 4It has remarkable
Health givimg, Strength-giving Energsitiy, and ej.epating properties. 4 -
No other Medicne has received sue' absolute proof of its extraordinary pTropr.
ties in rMtoring Shattered Constitutiotts, and nb-givnlf back to the prematurely aged

New Life and Inergy.
Pale, weakly Iohdren and people Puffering from broken-down health, brain-fae,
nervous exhausnion, the weakening after-efeats of severe illnesses, derive benefit from
the first doee; it gives a new lease of lifa
Proprletor--Ahton & Parsons, Ltd., 17, Farringdon Road London, England.
Prieo In Great Britain, bottles. I/ 2/9 and 4/. Sold by all Clietiiist,, tore, o.
The 2/9 sioe ehntatsn nearly font times the 1/ lt si-
%ld b. JUSTIN McbCAi Fl1Y, 8 King strelt. Kinvtton, and ino-t dealers.











4p g 0--L-




--~ -





.Jura 28.1902.


OU fY~lf-5~0

7unatd to e~riiiate b eliaeI40
w lbe glad to i osr t the *son
ansd addretvss of Tneahers its vost of

9wonw, wSM w4 W s m*aanc.cr* '; 0wsm
e with vamwi anu '.1



Specify for the J.maieo Tim

At a meeting hed on the 1Stbh nt. the
Exeiative deMid that eaodidates who
compete for the Union Sebolarship will
have to take the'let year pupil tearbher'
examination of the present Code and not
the preliminary. Intending candidates
will htae to work very brd if they desire
to be successfuL It must not be for.
gotten that' whereas uder the former
Cod- the candidate were expected to do
Compound Rules and Weights and
Mea'nmmi-re Arithmetm-i tOy-wtlfti-owt
have to+do Elementary ynila Fraetions,

racu oe ano I raoiesen a nm nonuwenou
s~cou;ti. According Wo hbe Code 10
bebolarships (Ait. 126) will be granted
on the pisMing of the Ist year puoil
teachers' examination which is the second
of the series and the Executive has de-
cided that the Union Scholarship will be
awarded on the same exau. to avoid comn-

A s,,lendid addition has been made re-
specting Trade Scholarbhips in Article
127a of the pre-ent C:de, by which
a Trade Scholar may, with the
Apwcitil saettou of the Deprautient be
appointed to a trade other than one of
those speified in the Aricle The trades
specified are: carpenter, filter,, shipwrinrht
boiler maker, bla-kamith, plumber and
copprsmith tach live year ; and cooper,
wheelIright, bnsklaypr-ai d u.amon eak
.two yean. Five 8.dolaphiiUe 0n, We
awarded yearly each vlaing 25. per
annum to scholars who snewed in passing
th" ectnd yewr pnpil tao'theer 3xramina-
tiol. .~uocwtful osuidIl.teR8 will teesive
monthly the snMe of.l 17s. 6d from. the
Superintending tanpector of schools for
-oard, lodging, and otherexpenses. The
lalance per annuma 'of t 10s,
will be retained by the Govern-
-nent which stam will be jpaid
.at the expiration of the lindenture
for the purpose of obtaining an outfit for
the apprentice. ,s a very lar e majority
of persons know u'thinq about this exam
iniaTi-- an3--d- h hciOlarihTp, --tea onEre
would do ell to bring it to their notice
A scholarahip lasting in ame a for a
maximum period of five years at 25. per
year or a total of 125 ia surely something
worth competing for.
The Teacer of which Mr. A. L. Wal-
cot master of West Branch is mow Editor
contains a splendid leader hei4pdu "Oed,
tinuation Sehooal." The cdior has rleaJt
with the subject ui a very -av imanaer,
and has among other thinq- ~ wa- the
necessity for snoh clhooas, When our
pnuis leave school at the age of 144 lrame
nnunber of the boys are absolutely nofit-
for art ain tAdesa Wb knoy a MEa id
which a boy (too uyoog) aeleated a arraotm
tradi. In less than six nfditb*. he "et
broken down and bad to lkrive It. And
then besides -he Idea .-of he Co mtod
sioners wasu t make it posslble that'papil
who desired could further their educatou
cas"'. It is a matter for rouret tlati tihe
Gove. Uen lt lis shirki.d it% duty in this.
r **-. t learimg it to be aeconpli*ktrd by
pria-.e effurt4. Wl,4 IN there to hinder
th e .y areaidon of sucb school in Kin sa
t n and other towns of importance ? Seve.
ral years have elpsed samethe reeom-.
mpnilatuon was im i4 e and though the Ja-
Smaica Union of Teaseier hau recoramind
r ed the starting of each sohoole ever since
the Colmmiseton rose the matter is yet in
Phey-roei. We hope that the Thaer w

I... %k witt no UNOUmin B wom weNOs we
.- Ri about the Ocreaton of thf schools
,, noi distant date and oa the linea esaifi
ed by the Oomnmissioners.
ALR naT J. Sxrrt,
General Secretary J. U, T.

Diftereaeas of opinion still qxet bep
twee a the dldlerint esles oT witf1i 5i
-why? These are the fats. SwIMls Amd


A -" i -- I 1

Their y Ilow-plomed reb .
Up yonder height where Nsd
Unfolds her plendonrs and e:a
Tlw.re in a ooureoum mood of
old dalliance pas and glled &
I.all I tite nmuessgeof nIy.ul
Pos ponel to tits high samvures

fh ined,

Naught carn re ilest Apoalypee 4pt rol
Voiceless yet vocal m the mJ
Of harping woods it pasees oat l,
Sabhuwe and tne sad aa _talda at I
Ele~t and pure, andto thy t igh,
Nameless and holy keep it to
J maericus.

Thh *uam" hwws SL P6 Ia d Mat pisa n
.d te lrvdh ME. LuEmIN. Nw Tak

WA2u4 or Iozixiu. uzuin a


month there will probably be delay in
the issing of subsequent advanow I I
WhewI So now when the next month*
Iv advance does n.tt tun: u tlhroug.l
I;ribably an oversight of the manager
'the teacher must suffer by not setting
his pay. Now let's see. Mr. Teacher
tails to get his pay. Mr Manager is
nt fault If the tea-lier tirks or, hand
,o the manager, the maximm r mnst seek
tor rtfu"e. And wh, n w:11 lie findit!
In Article 411 of tle ('ion int rth
thing is wrong. Don't you see? Mr.
Department ~on msnt not go on like
t.hlij. You- e teachers for every litdl.
offtme. ToU bock boff Itf p-D

you know the vehemence of Artile 40
!t- a- tt o ge atr 1 '~-ouL -I

tech at. iogner.ea. Why dont a t4
eitt,. and trberefore Tan mit on ilw
taeslt iairuccl+, 6'thy amut, 3
make tie teabchs s ~rmponR-le r send,

none will b e late. our amrragemet
i' amlo :ad asiltber*t way .S teach-
re pay rmay h'e A delIv y him a
late as the morning of the 17th if it b
a post day. Do you see through this
hint? Whatever on do don't let your
teachers and managers go" pulling on$
another to pices ov-r this little monthly
- -vankc. Ad do, dru-t e your teach-
en for every little mishap. If t
oould they would f" e yV toow./Don
you know?

,. By -
T b- UIT6. B--

C. W MNi At ADY,
scretar. f teJ K. .K A oeiuiwn
S9. ..
a --=i- *^-.- --.-,----

L I**raIN i r ....I

tnelf th'sy Ad not s to goet It, The
*code* w ki c was i form" no to A XLU3th

ol fIk yAl 1 ag Iede 1T3, r Tha De*

proviions tor .he travelling ad daily ex.
pI- nesI Intalo to sebn atendausk .
Will this authority kiedly expl what
" provasia for travelling" mu slnes be
thinks otherwie. He should remember
that whmA the oouteotion a pne tI
sanded Code was not in the heads of
the tdesem and tberfore. whn the
G01ker advsed the teacher who astl er
ad the mtter to read his Code, te t eanh
er would only aWsdwhabbebhad meadllt**
tore. The amended Code whieh the
teacher have jut received rys that A
special allorwae will be made to met
part of the expenses." The teachers are
not seern *nd therefore could not know
what the *mended Code intended to sayp
We have you dead here sir.

Quiry.-Does partaraph 17 of Carcllar
184 of tne Education desire to et
managers and teacher at longerbeads?

receipt forms are not received' in the
0 1L1Ion < ._ .-- ^I ---.

l-- a b0 ha'.77 keeplmgI Iy It.
:l,,~j ~at*a. bae kenon. io
""Ob~Clat. I 6i Inu to 'pmmuf C Iv
Cid *=&r*.boeo h4*! tKnomi
,~. u k a IJ._,,

- .-W.W"ltS.

04 tooll~w.~lkr~ r r
bltPpi, C~r~

lbou 'uqma bw'Ing Cas Pocket

wlUiJndbOR wiNWe

thnAh anatbet phr
tiban tb oute blac-thi lacT hbl
aft ib _bik1-k~k U;It
twii~iilk I Llrrl_ =Podt-a
tbfaa~ bpri~ ~11tbllt----

ths uiolo of Vanto-twen. destr
to rdoa arbdia l joF ft prposo alone.

__ __ I



___ _I ----.,r. Erin 3 -Tr


-- -~--7

-r I

--- -;1 I I~s- ;_1 --



. ._ _____ L __ a. __- -





1 momoom, kme -- se ar-e *.he jism-




"U p -- --go ZK I




" m;- in R O 2h l 9qad22 ,5 I

1, 1


3 zomey ApASWbi-
betou sWae 5I u d m, atria meire et she fi 4
.iipdsekrbau~vibasbuLag 1. eaiimi i
peInpearrr pudmmi~a Thuara.. the 'Bye .tS~
Ieh d me r sh
pe wa sdo .asil n
am and shal te "I
4 7%8Mt v atItig" m'm b LW Il

t~ljL~ Nefti~ rr pw

Onlsye bemio. WOeslam it 0" &pow "me
boe". 'he pedessly1 *A-%P doule ovma 1091i UR It thrheeaL" isk a
so *eed. b" seed ismav"d frm aemIoiuble pleity~ of water and, sum; we id m
SowerG. Bow seed in opea pas or boxes, wre newop-iotmsM Plant BNOM
,n't Hi thev oooag up too thickly they can spring, tfrr lI t hwandome plants a
r traoplamted. is town in i ie fall the plants ll be dvi
ealy beees oB r1)11 6A &I.- -It erk- rk2.1_ -4.u 'e

Vatnsit.-rhis well known platat
ame vi t 9 1Mn o WW and nd e *flOw-
.. Tb Saloumr


June 28, 1902

00 &2 '4*


aoa the Uow eU r i sm all. The U MRJ giant,
and tried and rested sorts are the

THIS HOTEL is not the finest building in the island.
is open throughout the year.


The CUmrAT is superb. Temperature in hot months
acres from 61 t- o t 4 oge.
S. l Tn is not exoeled anywhere in the island; and
_t ."CL A M.0MOTkrAiBs.

A coach meets each Train at Williamsneld lailway Station.
e uFares for Adult S: O6d.
I quite


Visitors are allowed the use of the OOLF LINKS at
SBruardia on application to Secretary of the Clab

No viaftr e~a form a correct idea of the Island unless he
has seen the iterior. Untrathful st s.mnts made by inter-
ested persons in Kingston should be distegarded.

Jobs undertaken to all part" of the Island.
.. The Rates for both HOTEL and LIVERY are as moderate
'. as those of any other establishment,
LETEuRS AND TELEGRAMS receive prompt personal attention.







l_ il "_----___ ___ __ ___ -- ____ __ -u

For all particulars, prices, and infnrmi't apply to Sole Representative in the West Indie,


=.=n=. .=

. y

[June 22, 1902.]


D !showed that while a the class room,
rWAR SMaI d traIlag deprtmn they ha ben
ED WA IlRDM I S .i--,.- LA.., ..- -LA .-h-a --- !

Mreared for

Four pupa were beigj
the lambridge Local I


fumnuidUMft. I'Nmau ir flfTRFt

tMIuildioin idt 1n1rrt fi n

The Edipr:
S\ | oWprmn mel was riib tet. le n "
Sir,-The man who cMa only defend his and rendered o the well known style
ase by afew satoiuous qaestians mmaiu the ladies. and the Wetwood i ool-
have a weak feat ined. I Am quite a The ,violn seeompaaiment by
willing hboe.s r to liy sf y Well"lt wih-- Monltu B ~rrset and the part
ar by hi: s qiesoltos f#r no of Mr. CaeuirJey, MiW Barrett
I c n id Uthena. I bhavesUote and MiL Mobrlus, led by MiT ory ;
time Aty sVWO co meply to sio Weat- ftett oe the piuo obtained wwa e W a .1 18.... ..........
nwrk'i W*rwm pleame. Miss Gay piaofort aea o oN
ie "skrsr .wll Ulthe be if te were done la ofieesyle. The dear t l o-
$ara dAalt h las I rhibn to Mat.L Ai Bs f of. Minw v eMoe .Mir o
xim. T.erwnis. id mist b re Tveo g Webb, were ftrlly toel he a n ,Oti e I
shballowi tioftught IAet tbed tera these rspctivetes ad tnhrilid the
to ob0taS sted isolders andd k eattaBi- and ppr e dinee withTO SMOKER8 OF
ward. Is Aoestt.need that. W do note
want o kill the "at Bwe oly want toesave W Msial Drill, and action soaP
hiam. As lre saith the Lord I ave were the chief features of the eenag ARP CIGARETTES.
So pleasure tote death ofthe wicked, in whiih the pauUIs shone. The tion
but that he would term and Hve." I re og I' The Dwarfs wAezxtremely ooma4 1to l otoetololloikotofoie
rred theo o a battle sb mas might be At the elee of the program the
maggested b bRev.. Chas. Barron expressed tba he k giving away of value.
"Onward fNhtstla SoIldirs et. of the school to the arstet.. A B able n eae ts in exchange for
-The C0rtiSodier aroohn gBtp nstmeaber ofmhe Wesetwood School 0mem tbq olktis packed in HMap
16- t,.oIA knred nl tmgt

limmw-dL- a F w W --00011NO --


T s





' Wel-wishe-r"mnd his ease ns weakened ledge testify to the a oeeafl work the

CBu yin ]wmi u w t wu n m .:u & --".--. ... .. ., "gr V A ..v -.,, % -,,p ,
that Bedward ay be a ae. 1 do re- The Cmha-man agrad wMit Mr. BW G .
member the paral and that as the trs that rare musieal talents had'abee -'
4r darses, poUomo, noxious weed.doo w early tn evidenaselt this onoert- He ,
resemble the wheat our Lord said Let spoke in high terms of the all round flo llln i
them both grow till the time of harvest,' talents of thb Barrett family including IUi Ut 1a U U JO
but you see this fellow has made his prick Mrs. Casserley, and this was not uear
lea and poisonous propensities so widely praising in viewcf the ented familone year and three
seen and felt that, one can make no mo* to which she belonged, and which tree
take in rooting him out-accomplices also included the late Mr. Barrett months from now to get as
and all. Browning, the aunt of these ladies, many of the presents as they
As I have already said his strong bold whose poetical works, with those of
is in the lowest strata of the com. her hasbaad, few persons with a claim want. Now is their chance to
mnnaty, snd shall I say a few of another to a knowledge of English LAterature get a valuable Clock free.
trata-igoramaue though they be, of hadl not read..On, behalf of the school 14 mweet, mild and fro-
whom a Well washer" may be a fair be tendered ha thu b t al Uwbo had
repreW tative. Wht the ele*i need contributed to u ak the a s b a de- g t Oigarettee for a Ipenny.
to do then is to attack thtis sromb old sded sad plmasitg se Alte the a ny.
of ignoraaoe and poverty and "l as" ,ad UaoSn m that ol wud ra -
not by power or by ,bigt but by the open for sMMtSt emiB on lfpnred. i A. SAMUEL, Ao~Ga
Spirts o the t Lord of l dmisp the J.St... "G .fiH.Rboa., Ktingston
4tricma, mthast ~l s 'be.es samliur e
&toI* -lWeweaid the tae ain ry '
Ainmisr atr Q of Mia& nLauher wh1 a he We ia steasg s toth a. ip
t .a k gekArriddime. 'Robe f 9'.. 64 0.
.jw^^ Jy ,wading Miggieg ]tBr IM^ < ,.w[. S -
sbredi, bet riUye Ms thM ham ioa 1 8ohbo Ch *IorCA--- $hO .' .0 .--"..
to wrete" ish fstd. wb axolek aw p ia Pnao Gol Th- AT-B Evnag Iaiu -k
spoken of itb pistle of 8t Jd.A wo iN, wA hUa
A%"e lE614.10 o spealati< had e 3Song-4hehard Made '
oetward prolemton e. presaltntly. ta Neheteole
Bedwar and a micos pltaoe allies) d ho 4 Vocal Trio-'The Chough and Crow'
turn the word of God Into a lie, apd play Mrs. Casserley and the Misee
dbe u odern Simon iagus. Barrett.
If a Wellwithr" ii not satisfied I 5 Piano Solo-' Selections from Spind Harbour Street.
will ask you, Mr. Editor, to give him ler'
ifhe *a ri-+a-----A
lately disnss the matter, I have no 6 Song-' dreamed a dream'-- -
objetion. For as 8 Paul, after his Mi .1
eomrwp, beMme a terror to e4 @I 7 Piano dte--'ide the Se'
a "WelU.-sher," after being oavineed of Mises Nethrlole and Barrow. Pteenta for ~gB aw
At seae of sob teUachin as Bodwrd'ts Son-' Wail sg
nay beeomau~l as n ase o of le. rley. *' M
meet even m eteoving this evil. 9 Song- Dear Htl t '
oetc., am, WeN -' ,SL ,"
Mtn W"bb
Thortma ne To. 10 School Chorn-'There war a aRBSDr CHIfA
ThJo to 1ll, Newport, Mol .- a .
June 16th, 190L 11 Murl Drill. %I -- Ao -

IThiDM AN garL wa
U nsal Weatwood breakwn
i i' ir -n P



week 17tb st.
J. a. L.vy. Bq., of BrowA' Town
wa ppeasiE freo praminlg by ma.
axpcfe rand target basaea. T'he
a d. ev. W. M. Webb eoaid Sa s 1e
In O brief opening address' he wel
coed the gets who had leiced great
intert In te lo by oaain.g eat
duoete the Ie weather.
The Seesi jMust had ibee
ft some, mt -44 wk, t 4d
nuanl and wrk


TusvAL Fos R rPtaHaxtArr PArT n.
1 School Chorase-' Chimne and Down
the Stream.'
2 Piano duet-C(hoemrdme Sldats
Mismes T. Baeuma id Mohtvmaa

4 Action 4-ang-' The Dwarfs'

o AI J1snv-3- b ~qAUu
o Song-. The Idow Copa'
VOW s Ket6-6 uol.
~ua~mure andk

8 Sonmi-' Smia Of a fther'
Mss We bg
9 Piasq do"i-* Rend.'
Misses Ntbemrole sad


Endo4vment Assurances

atLow Premiums with


I~. .

I ltpalsof tae W~WA.


\.eedone. Mris T mnd, e a nW a m.
witii their usual enery. MKi Towns
ind had now been in Jamaia nearly FV
even year and has had searely a Eo I lM

land. ThIn wai K iettng teatimoid
to the healthblneof Jataioa gePerally
.and Wetwood in particular. The
.bright, healthy appearance of the pupile

U. Quantity

L ".


Lu S.r, L~~1

-T. =%WO*. "-,
OAs a:Lw

leagr than Jamae.

S~kBLUI w.twd, hwift
men ii I.,aIiI


; ~tnu'v~r-~ p.
la~iaokYIoIP; '; I
qvarr J*f D
--~ 8 L.~,1~fOUEISJQI3ja~



I .

-- -- --- --

- - ---- ---1 -- -qqw

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, _,,.,,, _I ,,,,,,,., _,,.,,



I I -- .C

- --- -

V ."!ll = -W I=! _=: "T" E- --__

r~l-l--l-3. ,- Im 4-1 inn--

*kwot ka s __maa hor wlvw mm tim ni -- --- GOMM

I"~ --UI Y-U UI ~ --~- ---'-- --- '~s-- ~~YC-

II-- ~-

--- `

F "' 1~-
~l~~'E ~iC+:--

t, -

Whe 1, a. s= s,6 ifk. I1
bg for "geoli"cl tbSI ,r i:
ed 43. 4. 5, who wao samugate m4
a ': 2 'o a 1L 2. a

with the same word, mMd wft dffer-
eat meahla: ,
Remuoring his -- he dispayed the
- of the head of a bluejay which be
had shot as It perched on the of a
column or the porch. He had ated a
-- to fire the same old fowling piece
with frbicb be shot a gull which drop
ped on the iron used to Join the
wpaIr of the Jo Nancy.

-*- ,,,# k. 4, i l ,
or A. bmle.o $UA pM

J986__~_~ ruIY ~I~CiJ t~.

omr an ~Cd

fWy. .4
Weisait haP tlyr'a uatluera m.
No rm Iii M1,17 .14K thi iab
Part of &* pie9 rled: "No. no;
At I..t. Le must beIoew It' sno.-
*ta me iuSuf
IP(ISek rf WW ~h a MOLi

I V e.

1*e m A ftli

Alvet NaMld. an hiu% u& and bpln
lmab havig a sup ape'de auw.o

bad lo-mbw mi*4 Iai ;"-.aI
hailsr .I ld) wbLu~lIOm~d
Summol J msd Urns

Ia primals uaum a chariulud u

Deblad aives les end ea"Vi

1rltld rtety fa Newtl rk ad leave
a boya mlime.'
Bebead a river In It"y and leave a
Behead a cape In Nova Scotia and
leave powerful.

Adle to Gettltml p Ia the World.
"What" exelaimad the orator-"what
two ~PangI are h eng mankind to et
up ia tbe w rtdWr' 'Th alarm clock
SIVA~ 4%ie 44rA.,-' iahs*ered a densea

JI.14&-A~ e: L Banrm I. Haw-
alles as --4L- Hewusl .

TWlaU. t NOye L PeEL Ii LIac
L3;itllm q + + .. & iLe ++: c...SlqmpbL

6la. Crata 7.a Cherr.
-rN&d.-taff. :1. P,. War. 'IL TM

s, Ri. .a. &O. ,. DWg. 8r.L &.
/stio.t,, ,-.ZtgaP.st,
e A Ea..lB:-on 'BLo PRkenatil-I
baec T. Aon Nm -
No. 11it--i'-(Paldee: L Oorn. 2,
Peea. & Pears. 4. Peach. Saf .
6. Cnrrants. 7. Cherry.
No. 152.-Diamond: 1. P. 2. Hoe. &
Pi B--,T~ a+. it T. ..
No. 18.-tifmare. Words: L-L F air,
4i Atm,,. .IAea, 4. Rent. ,..--.
Ebamt. A-e. ebm.so& 4Ol B L m

o.AWte, t 3wd.
*' aVf t-GeogapaiaI AiacmaUs
Lti~,el.-I m WlleOe t.' d. 4

After, t he amma


June28 1902]

J4)Ya T-IM .

-.. iW a.,U, ur ----, bier, arlto or the I
Britalo, bhav sod
-Mr .A.Y-Ji DePas' psfe lor a ining g LMt USN i"
as- te reetab COhes Tournatmt was a again/ held here,
Boded amd set of Obesaem*. entered. The "b0
Pardon and Cox have the job of recon- dtees thbei as
truetlt g Fort Clarence Btwery. ereditatte to he IW
The lupctor o(nerwl bh i got Uoothr. With regard to
A14 top of his &Soo, for mnedicai attend- while e Mi p6|orti
saee. He sa~ed on itWdnesday. Honors s *oeir
Ju4ge Lamb, we learI with rgret, is gIse baon in V V
not well. The'trials at Moeatgo Bay are Lve the ga I
adjournedd tdI July Itt. Meantime Y i t O
soneour got on with Trelawai Cirmt trees. In this eonn
work. :
Montego Bay has one Barber shop inJanaiat KW
which lnspeot6r Thomas 'ebently ordesd a alid tihe seesr
to be closed on Sandays. He has now o j Mia Peargaz
withdrawn hisb order, avinrg tutoadthe who held the asa
Law backed tbh Barber, opt him. For four years
The. tleur ods oJolepgte hoIool i senior boy bhas
sow a thtng of the past. Misb Mary Centre; and for tl
Morrison however is to conduct a re- seeo, this eerne
oratory e4ihol for gir lsad bo)s on the beat seiorgi l
Orange saret 8&AtoorPreftue Mr. R. Be .
Burns, i urr n -mI'o the, Por~r ti h 'Por 'l;
1a> -0 &, -ftB8seks- f"retffievf offi^"
work on board ship. He got 6 weeks in th.te w5 8r
Two lads in Kingston have to pay 5.
for pitching stones into a Mango Tree.
TLree Lan'asbire men have deserted
from Newcastle.
On a St. Catherine property 20 banana
buncbes baye recently been maliciously
Re the Levee, that was to have been i
held had Corunation arrangements held,
Mr. Sidney Moxay, who is a J. P. of
:St. Catherine confides to the public that
he has no drep. suit, and does not care
to spend 7 on getting one. He asks why
sboulu a dress sait be demanded.
There ts war betwem St. Andrews
Board and the Government over the
alaryof Mr. ibnxmam who was appolated -'
PIr 1tomsa&iwMtradent of to' TIfoi
Mr. Ansell 'R t has been admitted to THE "
practoe as 4 Aleitor. -W wish hbima
thoaoagly steeedftiateSeer' h e to oft lbs many ld Y. 0:t bt who liat
taken to Larw-t a profesaon. He eaten
into artnership wits Mr. &e V. Mantea,
e~ihor, another 1oM Y. Cb J 1. i. .
AstreH ifeaW : uTsdiy saw E.
ftsrna from At. Mary.. 4
Mr. Hiaggart aitsa o the Part Morant
' der Jiamico4 hesth -
The ton. Thbo. Copper Amade Cam.
bridge Locals candidates happy on TeN.
day by giving them the certificates they
loave won.
Army heat Navy at Skittles last Satur.
4ay in Port Royal. The entents cordial
hotwee tb a th two b heskatof theervio
was, however, in no wise disturbed f4r
victors and vanquished afterwards, d d
each other proud in "a free and easy
Cuba bre (in Lucea) amet Jamalea (a
represented by that towi) into a "erap ,
other night. A tale of broken hbabdslt
likely to be told in the Losea Petty Sbs-
aons Court at an early.da"f.
"Psychbe" has been oNqutting eausically
Smith the Cupid of Montrqva BIV in the
tCo House, to their mutual satisfac.
Mr. Vendrye has been appointed to
bold the Balance in the Kingstaion R.M.
Court w(as Mr. Vioker who goes pro tson
to the, m enrt.
M. arrived la tfMy i.onneetaon with the
inaugeuaon of a North Side Direct
.. -----r--y---.--

At the Collegiate HaU on Tuesday
afternoon there was a large gathering of
parents and friends of the secesofull 6an-
s 'In t he last Camsbridge Loal Ex.
miosations to witness the distribution of
the Certfllates.
The Venerable Archdeaoon Downer
took the chair in the ahooue through
ladiposition of Mr Cap et.
Mr Pr et.. t ~i1eB etary oaf the T b na l
orMIt re the report of the exL
aminations, including that of the Higher
Local Biamlna~tom.
Thbu latterBa Examlnate ws hlld--for
the ftrestime out of England-in Jamaica
to 1896, when our only candidate plsed
creditably. Last year it was hqd agia
in June, hen three bajndidates were .x-
rnsnedt and all p roadito of them with
snentary Higher Local held last Deceen

.rL1~rr "~LiiQjl*-jlLL~Yr"LBr ;f~TL'--;'I1"~;:



''4 11


hhsi1U ll~ .is PQOTUNtED.
:~l.i8 *af' u- 1 nt ,,


-~ -1i 4 4 r~:F



i.. L~9v. *2

R -li'
ct -4r' 11

S* '1

On Tusodaynews ame thota n b Ii"
Fowria ,I L v =amseriosl II), ti4 tht a"
thereoman.tla.rnastlea ws postpnd, vwi
Pot. i.*bj~ the~c l W.1R Pot e~sslNJii
true. (~aiosdsraI.e une..asinrs ha ex.I

ifrit tims utsd I ros$]
din Borse i both-mW

land. I I
tat lerWottig

qWleueJm- I is rIII#
esos MAsbtgsWY
ti, olt bostheor ski,
Inwer so e b &

wrth hr" of Jmai

I. asttw, ~9we kuSI
aasd doom= is ln*'
0, gm bmt Odf'?
so PositionS ~

INK t, wefi, vre~raa
od has ",Mj6~ oilr
Wd. e& a

on purpose for the Coronation. A great
amount of effort and work lay accomb
plished by the various Committees. BEt
pense had been- incurred by private Ift
dividuas, and some of the earHest eventS
wee already in miotio. .
Howevertebe wa %othiVdg t be droe
but to petpoeet i l e a- tat wu
the word :a'4heVa ao g ti the wa
only tbheReaing ame fo it
to {ae of J ti

wa The ee j xproed hi en
rt9oneiy oN ..mhtfer. It1 ..-&hA
the to =0o w *taed I'
ell might rpedtiis pernmhaBiio i
given to use the track.


of disloyalt m~mit etada mws.
Wex-jpinba Yjtes nud by~breeders
the fact of the bo'mo haing ,xi
the running point in their traultng forcda
them to proceed.
Mr. Tait replied that expenses hai
theless ready and wIllta-tQ g f t -- ,
their'plans. Also, be haed.
r of, our matr eit th, taH wft"
postponed without iPuk4.
It Was arft4ewtoIes( this -a W'
.6e Race 8taad oep0iy
-TENa ~PE1i~t*G AUUjl1Oby
Mfeatime. wu -l*s aw .l.ikmi i
Thh ra~rgmwnt aleeg the!ij l*~ wrbo~k'l
he ueld not b6Ot *wt AjjM
jag" that tij law g'n4.Ir de ktV
jieter to alter. thed at eh
Aoties, but hat en d.i he
a*& "ould
see mid wea ~+ifllyt~~

-Officil; ewrs. *ac Iemgs~Cuii
41r; croil~ii~~a~ I-i~a~

W admd-ornvatt aince tae ist

kua-.i4ed to -kw#
wo tm Ts _day asthat*heI

Krngston. 0.w uml in.h u.- i tdj

""sa a 1 the asomda" All gulp
Wtha II ls Un ~qo$Ue 'OlE: min ur n
Tim's PriMy OCeMiG MhIinq bdi
nsofslal news bhdeqWe us m atmo
emold be takie. At. l h hemvws
ate atRight Mr. O a* berfaaL ms
wher ho bwe*a tThe unoblal vet
lamn of- tgihgmau elrueAd- 4m4-'e
His IeelReiab prIoatmed tshe boUil
day p~ db ibg odbi~-ra
TheKbm's health bas sot Wonge
feasbe 1teSltob VOWama p oft
lnd .t OI om m ttat ex"rcs t
h sot deftietly ao 9 46 d16
a at Aldeibot whre while visitinga
ufitairy imD~dm~bt fuoctica he pot threugbe
O chlled. Wes haulps aa.1 ~dOW~~~-SI~i
aNd aW n e pwmhwamit-usa
l a t InfmMation of hi, bowels aR U
extrremly li ~tlrt~r ts.

~ari~r -----I--------- --- ----- -- ------------------- ---

the acievle.

r i recalling the ed a-
Yr diarl dap o the pest, compared
_iMN tbmassesm at the period
st obeooatho rwith the 6 advance
l)iiJ1" knmwledlge siaem. Befer-
'toL IuPevaiing system of e anin.-
-jmaid their efales preo
i- a -pte%*l a eas of seleion for
eLepmntseo, u to te arqarentrt of l ig
rrwre bnbft it to A elos
Wa a wSasooonded by

ata-y 1e-6weeA the lati a. d',tfr
a"d tbis performed at .Biml
PalJeakt- 1 p.m. on Tues~day m W
e absess was s WMved. TherK aM
stoed the operatiom wll Uand 44ll f Oe I
efruMshig sleep free which be svwor M .
10 p.m ha ving rallied ooiN dibly.
8o far went the ntews ol Tusda
Naturally it cl eted oMthbing kia tW
Smsternaoa.- TIhe City was ea the
boorAt = its ady rb of &MAag d
fatsaeir ffo HfU tftr 0 Ti
bad ey was- guwell* known tMh
detaisof workers at one buding and
another went eoawith their task; s ro
fstbhe taevoluntur movements of A
I mthe M brain Us been ptralyed.
ii~ at itb evetytig -gtood stU,

the Iland. Lawr *ose of tbi aieady
wdted dM atiny slm lrega to dia fppmed
for it 4bccasm kr own tsat the CantrTa

way was expr-ssed for the
King,w bitiseonlytruth to' say a exoi
enquiries were numeronu as to whether th
26th ado 27th already proclaimed s#
holidays would remain so, Coronation ot
not. Many also Iretted and funded
audibly at their disappointment. This
was no light matter, for already there


wth -.u ,
---th adent----o *ahiff #alus save

eDoumom ir eds i Iu m Ir -
hkeaesiaid m ir hMul rt

a insa
Kimng te inn.-a wuit 4 lsl
t5a umidW bktdr ti -btti
sThbs wute'l to dt W Jet&e

[tw = St dd Wm a o+

avoid al eni tatreral-en oL la si
Imrt we eaggAtep .- _Iin Ra -a o

about the Coronation that

should tbe haowd alone, ad tba the

should be erowned in eai private
tyof a on hi reovery. lh cde. wbse
itw su gagesed in Ega nd thhsat to
mvoid ab entire disarrntgement of plam
boumt tbe Corontiof tIhat the Queen

hould be trowne H riaoe, andfth theo

ing o berorned mi priWat
styLe on his rooery. TMia Uat W

fti^jJ~ &M^IAhm_

brwny pdtd ut -,*a
ahe serib t the
%biob had beam
met to s.pplieate theriae M ,
was God's good pleasure, to spate ie
of the King. The oironmsteneesof
last few days had given a striking eamnpe
of the u certainty of human sfin.
Someusme people seemed to think that
God'e- PfroldMo was unfair ad was
esislfr rMatid the mnbas sad atdai.k

L, ouat by Dr. Morris
W4ib? general
*i-- Ar--~~ u k .w-. bowrw a
l -Bb e -w0 ld be the 24th
i(ayI, I t is a public holiday in
"-in em of our late blved Que
Wbetbr or not any day will be chosen as
an Arbour Day to be universally observed
throughout the Island, there are numerous
oeoasioi which would be fittingly marked
Sthe pluting of tare, ech as children'
habd u, the via of friends, the anl-

wm t S t Ut t4 '
-^is^SumkT te pliyta t antless

Jan0 28, 1902

into bd W ha it. Othe r bought the
sire was to keep down the' ntlves
t0e s&toM &Md it wads to epm
a school here Fridsys to esM.'t thme
dasirdus ofl ontiatOR their studies.
It t expected tht simisri meeting
will be hld ia other parts of the
prish.L ___
Buft Bay.
On M*oadnt die Misionary Me stl
priedsMtverby Dr. Johnston ao -o
S samwr sfullj. Tbere was crowded
b Tb DotoWr ) ex~ra
Si' Pp 'o. m-nt spread

TI. Dmoonf Hone.
-UT TUwDAs .
A TmpUus1 t111 log

timo )*kwilbe w



8Pidor to al other silar prepaUi. a
CT, fma Coa Tur. Hu the larylgest
meB thei world, and is used throughout Ildia

W %ear. O n a.

know- M :e fomed with tt ,
th.e ltr SeIthA wl he H ia e r ood take in etional n. very sHon. Talr n. --a

tPls. iSa iuu r sllaa i.reSeked s ,d talked with v-. 6 lho"' her speker took p t ir Ald L Bery, BQ.t David Baedo
bud4 i J a de d **oel regularly .aud i faq*

s -AofNt e t .adth m in hthe. mew of .t.e t'eral t.o 4oke so mers meEa t oW .s m

teRem .1 lneMesry swuts.. A form ponemriet, hoe an d vIe'tuestn ofre is his w. 8. .a wthBthe
Arlhbbhop and on Thur adacnst em of hill a bnn thi sfate 0in ( fo bshag bt ot Fthe rt of Elr In.
tUe Coiuols~on iervisd Wetm- lntw, take. noarI, hmeat, I -aed oheea ad take.... _-.- a taut. l-. a bs. veyu.m af me. tha

.a.u te l'ai .. Church of Britain. i idle and would doubt to dfl, Hlt M BURKl Sef Mta1 .
Kinstonthore^ was s e t8 FRIDAY. *- geatans mere a00^^ktnoedIw wri "owin ^o t
TN TU 1Att5 ORUR-CE lk SAW mewd was sitU tr: tharatn tt rhe tGov n en Ie some loent orf t C-a
In9:e King p___ Z~ mx to jrovIe ,Ihrd droiiow fr tb; Hte & iogafy 0

t1^o iametirvi kn og pass" flied aIW~9 heo o" t to a"e tha tue mWis Rae auvid H= th
ke.n Po"Ict nen i edt W PA arade ahscell day, acu aly idle andiiii se I rgLd doula r if. Ii, q .Re

[June A8, 1992.]



_ _ __aim
ST.4.4.4 f~ faF, o~4 .,wusn A*wwuiv uuuiJ


".'J/. ME0D5Dl-& An UruYOv.rNiN.
The Editor.
bir,-knowing that the JAMAICA
TIMms is following the policy of being
fair to all partial it s rapleaure to me to
bring to ynur notice my answer to a few
of the assertions of H.G.J. in yoqr iMsue
of June 21st.
A refawtaCo to be "'oomprehensive"
should be sousebtent, hut, so ar as I
have read, G,J. eas not writeB an
article against Seventh Day Advenuttts
but what is self oontradiotor. In hi
latest, for instance, he depicts as as
"violent," aod yet so peeoeful that we
would not eves give an obnoxious leep
ing' car a kick We ae so nimble that
no system. of inlelleotaal or spiritual
bluok houses can e devised tc corral s,
yet Adveunsm i, rapdly dying oot-
etting behatifUly le- seeh year r
e ese that he'might adopt the word
of Paul and sy amog other th I sm
his very attempt to nmask' as proves

iuN WuwIuMY i u&ow ueive any uI
his eqoalntaae think him to be raid
of sh ridieulous, good for nothing, half
dead seeet ase hamne usto be. I my-
self cannot believe the element of cour.
age is lacking in his make-up he is
simply inconsistent in his statements
when attacking Adventiste.
tie claims that his article in the June
Churchman is complete refutation 'of
my reply to Glengoffe. In that article
I said, and I repeat it, that the first
civil authority for Sunday is the fa-
moun edict of Constantine A.D. 321,
and the first eoclesiastiel authority is
the Council of Laodiees aiskt ALD.,
a. G. J. does eo and aao podo
any prit atherity for S nday keeping.
By athorty I mean the B'ible, wh ih
s tbe oaly redl m nty, sad for o
bake of rgaeamt I will.a include

a' w r As Orv awo.
ieavlesaor to be-.ttte the
of Lnadle taku het by so
he In hOpWl"his a na l BW does I
attempt o pro"y these Wr r was MA
a er btm t4 U mWe

k 40 to bapurtaum s i.*
getting thatby o1 f he Isf e eWi
how ignoble i the firt r"eeognOtia t
unday by a Co o fl o Christian
bishop, a fact which we do not deny.
He claim that te Bishop of Rome bad
no authority over other hop #at
forgetful or iorat of the fet hat. the
Couamil o Nb (7 ,wM)wle wra'
in a Greek say, reesad,- the
bishop of Bomd at J i -t Is of ie W e
pi~, and tht the OeseMa oef asid
(S47) made b Oh oat o Af t S
Stanlefy Hisaof th Easter lanhaeb, sl
ete. Thu the faots iet"-er.pr ta--
the Bishop of Rome"*d hTlav ei
over the other bme at t dme of W
CounOil of Lm- ta, IM h ald
H. G. J. to th ee strary .nLwtthu d :
Why does rot G. J. eoarnet B r.
Brikamaninwhen tI eas it rt m O
tine the Gn who e s m ad alaw fee
the proper wmrMineot Si yi Wh
S* ---

Smith's DIme Dmsmrly r dt EeIog tu
that "?he-bs. e-fIi*
as a sabbath olaM 64bena w
impossible ooo3 he Ohwbmms
in the Brairast s? me as atl-0t1
Bishop Taylor(Churchk o i0MO sad
every valumes of his Dater Daftsamif.
for being uakshm h **uay Sh In
primtr9 ohrisd alAd a llwm of Work
on te D"Is &&F Sim IU no 9LM~o of W
SMOUM lop Wb'~ba slow -up Dr. axel

Uoat oft &be qbu r ab mmauwm mm
for, the lirasimolt &UPPMred
Marn Nemader mas -ein 1

far from the invstbm9 1E a amte
to establish a dineqmm d
tcmpeetr~ ad hr hww hioneidApes:

%d eAs som uiin h.1M
-eis--r66iskiwi-,~~m j
ow foraim Now"the


foe 6bey Sm a" 4atinmemte- t

all t&a hee wc do is to excWaiui "spelo

It i sa d thbo Christ never o uaas d
Christian to ubwrve the "Jewib
Sitbbath," bqt I will venture thoasserblts
that the exrssion "IJewih tatalk
oarnot be found between the seoveYo
the Bible. We read that "the sevtr
day i the 8abbath of the Lord," aot te
dabbath of the Jew;" and the Stvitr
maid. The abbath was made tor MUs-
does m-&-a spell Jew.? It should Mbe
membered that the 8abbash was
over two tboumad year before theMre w
a Jew. Why not repadist 4 1
Bible? Earb writer of ise vldo-
books was a Jew. Why not repenagh
Ohrist? He took onJewish flesh. smee
at the whole plan of salvatio for it i
Jewish t1 John 4 2.
But when we eome to. investigae
we And thrt feAsu did teedb hise d
lower to hare due -epard for thMlin-b
bath. In MatL 4. 0, heM ejela teI
to pray that their eight frem Ja ema
be not a the Sabba Day. He inD
whethe t-is- -Hat" tlr r
heedigq the .la.tretle wo4d ot be

kkk Meu- i u:nv W f
his resrreutiom, ao be knr oo 6 e"
his istene aadertod hi tn meathe
sveanh day, yet hbe 4didot modify Lb
statement or offer any further expaitr
tions. Nor does Matthew, who wrote
six yea after the resurreetion. and
certainly sbould have known by that
time which was the proper diy, offer
any further explanation.
What did the young ruler uIuni the Saviour to mean when '* said, If
thou wilt enter into life keen the ron
mandmomtei (Matt. 19, .7.) DiI he
understand that he was to kee tb
firs day sloeg with tse. oet. rl-
iasd ? Not at all for th tatees.t
was made befaoe tfsreerfieIow when It
k amowledfefl by .U that the so .,
]f b de de se d ventb dey
Y.t..*- e sAgma. ser the

a a per et amd P-l PeIeMem
iAmy, ej dbood. With d.e Mepet
for J. I tarenty.
Port Aateale. W.I rTAmm nx

St. Marf-Aboe Rook-.
The viou Br rn=eh of theJ. A. 8.
which thifh oly a moath or .o old
has S members, and before whisK Mr.
Battenshaw tiectred on Agrielture on
May 9th, had araged to haveanother
Imtanru fnam him da Jnnia .hLA.

many washc. did tlmt t. U anO
mw formboutnt whassre WM a
mmosthe sdd-4 rEOlg I
UudiuaaMIy snculpI pu~

ISqd anaMr. De9o huM M.W
appiutment.t 3oub o~rvy esr

rvA aosM be &hvw awlA

mdro It is- Pei dkM m\I
gK. IL isMi wit ui M






Ti I~~WLRn go*Rlw kAN .. ..
vlsi. sklestyI~rr~ *1 ft

bad tir Aft.
day 210d talk.u,
nil ame" mptsed%

At She!? uleknsanwone
sowos, byMrum no&&n
Kism Chaeh% sAg with Aes
ML Henry amp"&m. Mr.e
AL r, 4aaok mrk, I.. Ka

fttswme by N a KmAhly,
Ylw Cti~tiOWAA IM &Ld..

wed at l". Kr. iammeim pe -in
G& % @of n m .wonailm io
Use 1Ieow OMwh ba bn'b. Sh .m
anti" pelE b rbflraythe dwskmb

mm"g a es WiOL weaIIIOp
mwvf on W" of thualm



Sulphur Solution InseaMiide,

-acE -W
RO ..s WB1R P P- d AX ..
L. 8 S 8 *


The Agricultural Wareouse,

H. G. BURNET C& 00 CO.


ly~rCsnn~ ;t

1459 N GT60 Kimr, ai



-I -

L--"~ -

@-160 -r iI A mm hi -- W



~--~~~~~~- ~-- --




w Wkmm 2= a= awmkmawdiA mh

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f .. A, :, -+ +
;j 4tX~i^-^^^ ^W

'-II ~ Z-- --~-r~r--- ,.--i;-- 7 iI-II- : ~-1 -il~ i. -; -


ltMifl -k i .

Isled bad tug -
V' 'm a --Met Mt
W oer ft.r Mum

l.itor eL sDu,.
v. T IIh .Js ai, i
S Tempt

------ Ire

WMW W Ua-M tW-
am& r5 r

- -'

The illness of the King has
proved more serious than it was
ist first considered to be, and as a
result the Coronation has had to
be postponed. It is useless to deny
the fatthbat this will detract from
the brifliancy and hbppie
event. For A iIh xt
fimtMioms m y, so drMvnw, and
su immsink eLu.. the p m

Mom i' n~~ ,w &hr" I
- i t. ain ina- tonm syal ad fela s

bk itj .tsid hftgy foul9fto

w.uCd see to p7e- ;pad--
=Oake *it towidlaly dil to
effect a re-anwrym ret- he gEi
ring ian Iddon, d fat, partakes
of the bdill t and.-- pitpesque
groupi-ng, ia a&aleideosope. It

ains a mauts, ad- the .a a i
pesadiug em ite' bela

Coneathia woidtA. ive'

than't I4iJ Vola amg, snd

t? .. *hs* ..
h ir .,i gop,
4% lif&'WIL>J-JtM~iM

on lot"

*sn4r ad Pe
Saa AJa;a ilt;l. mien VSay

tt wad

/he --Iaww g ot

<$1. ages. .wit

Sdsppairi t at

so "athwS tj number
gil prsots; .hat, qqJltmrrtou at


I o vtoua.h ..

We wethren te
lowered, *re the g
bhek confused hul
shouting of commai
-and then observe
city quiver like
Slowly, imperoep
ba u move. A
Er o its engines

iqd at n & er 0at

trids, ecmthi ae

ot p _tha t <

4p aT again tu
ULcoU5eioMU8y as if
irn~peong to se oon
have goneklnu us.
truly loved them,
everything appear.
es -- e ...Utnlu ,u

that helped to a
ad&rwefts r for as,
SMeomfort iathe mi
.r* ht s-e

ms," rhve left us-
TraU i V h e aSot4
We omi aet eittr
hv nii 4. beoa
of owesl in

spont 'tEven"
r* ii. a_-,A _

'w9~~., -n~T

i~irjf~~k ~ ~ me nflaarrc flr
sums~ ~ A -- r -.

'b'egreen a tour bisurt am
iLed -wonrds td -loving ded
bteis I# W hasce will abiM
as.. These, aJmtheee o., 4
hfrfAU jp j0*


94AW04 OW muuir IMap*lM mqI*
be fovugstl Oaiy the fhner- fo 11
of iour1o^ We h rIdeadti i
main; only that Which i

real T
Ila mile of.
% Utavre t told tha a M
alein | -in ', d reiaeded

t mwerpnilseh L1 mftr, 66
*nn aerned so steh. sa. And lisi

twei.u mJ .d o o. htnm. Thtisio
are loved one tsautde withd ter a
et-o afrfuiy^ ^W have lond2
on another; a surely no one
;ads to'b 6tS4 of Hbs too4A won-
4dbril friendly. of all-that bte
tween man .aqd w omaan. This i
iaei olosees, the tmoot atimate, I,
If*a been hallowed by a hundred
Mt4 aud is to-day as new and
frtsh a theme. or, soa aud poem
Ia itbha ever been. And these friend
[Ihli i irweetpn and reafrh lift'9
reariness@-what most not the meao
&," AD *

EWU UL mIam- an= w- ytow bee

sbe rieds have goet -I
'* I'e ahid 'bb .that retl lo e
d. W fr~i~s~.. e-beahat r lpmu
4i33% tod every oDa's. *eIaos
tswr out the truth ftwob

api L'M-y -iu, ;.ar j. T]ibr
Ie may dtils of life may dm
tivia details of life way demand

aasiarn b~e 41 "en he

claims w, end weAtot apoj all
tre that are e or'have gone
way forever I
So long as maw read Engilh
poetry, so long will O nLts I amIna
lyrib on "The Old- FPminli Faoes
appeal t them, becu;o 'of lU' path
and because of isstremeadoum i,
plieation. It laoksn many esseatials
of a perfect poem-bekaty of m.tr.,
teatby of words, hasa ot got. But
.- ** *I .* J ----

is unmuu M, r N I 11 III *UfI
and through. with true sad intenee
6ndotibu. The p6et pake of 4ailat
on the mmorips of the *oae kiowa
n d Mill "dear i e espephof :thqe
that --bhp departed; sad ,te .me

by rree gt a



__ ~I_, _

l I I I. I -.dK -

- --

course, feeling of ieolato sometimes c e hi ow attention Daily do-
a onoe la fatore et rhe one ties may press upon him: but hit*

sympathy..s Bot l r M it b-the old friend sip will no,
Is not tmn. thate s-v.o ph Ihave become like cast-off garments.
e. For ftbat were so, the joys It ould -not be otherwise. It i
and mMorrofW 9Ui dd m*i5 t o-nly people of ome depth of ohar
'*tobIakh s, ievd ler vold er ilwho see capable of anything
m. "m be io s,.e Mombythe like rlltrienadsip at all, and sheer
g ldlirrinrtl o 4i lk 'do mo love lightly ad without
P m tt 'We:*ff fe- XTmh;Usaly &usr friends have
ud Bl*D a'litSs w ai 4. anad though wiA
eou- Mres hae ad moir closely t quaribes n my go dloolw
itllti' W ha u. d.alorste 6 aeinsi that perleation isnioe.blb.
wOre e ieaeh beths likes i' haan bdieg, neverthelsilwhat
db& li t h1ItS. of aSio M there is of dream inl them may wei
tlnlad.bg. MAlSM Moueiomle- w be *rgivec on aooohst of tb emas
fft or1Bid9artWlWd oe ohtmMe bel l a d-/ And it is for the good
Zif"VB rr g hlbopdIn- qualte hat m en and woesn love
A4W hgtw ulo dtlmar tis aaid one another. Sometimes, it i trse *
iiimilar wq; Stam is hbivaw those anfiad that he has been de-
Sifltt. dr it fa d
Siu ihbshrio c _' k isofa ie shoigh nu. ceptiont oplete nd the awaken
e Aphi o r-hi ing kee an bttw, t he
i standing isl cosB not complete: frioanship will ceaon to exist. But if
iaver is sad never cn -be; and he has not been so orelly deceived,
vemru ar a here the ianxorable fact of human he will still 'continue to care for
rapplingioast o individuality comes is. Deep down that friend even though estranged,
lbub of voices -a i the heart of every man and woman or though parted from him by
nds and responses are feelings of which tey hardly death or distance. Yes; true love-
e the huge floating ever, or never speak, even to their true friendship-does endure so
a thing of life. nearest and dearest--of which in. long as life itself endures. It is
tibly almost, it deed they cannot plainly speak, see- like those happy moments of our
Lnd as with eovy gin that words fail to express to the childhood which have become a part
it draws fuar t afU- l.that wdfeel. But of these of the very texture of our being,
from the boar S feeli in. another one may.have, It has besn remarked by EUni-
i'o gae, for l if not a ooiple anderetanding, at se that. we -sut come out of
upola thoes e tof lolgunw witbbi thee breain me toercf tde iattioive' tipow- Ohst e must gle lp something of
dide a heat; ae he hs wA o g mtd epnd ceameh
4,p& iVr dwj6 po, but

rkuBB. u AlmI 'the value of se-depedenor
oeweas a "S orf fo e ooh -. a amob a we like; couftm hi
a oS awayd s ut auday of s t ought and eelid are to he frdo o
rn out beads aLu Mtio i that lov diendship are eaf-lficpt we ot sb-
f still hopgat POWai stie? n m-rn loe .ad hba ympSathy fV
s wmorethoesuth As a ri ale weonly feel what our peter wor&t than- he stra joy
And if we. ha e friend. have been to -s after they an o6vrligtru e uttitrity' affords 7
how dreary does are goae. It not zaIoftee that we 24o, th, bit 4f pthe Stoics, or
And indendd, fur prize adequately what we ha %ve pre. Jetje--whiohas a man, appeals to urt
raryafor t iitsu*. We take most thiAgs the mort And how many men can
make life brighter ip our- lives as matters of ooptee, IT;e a lff ifo ilaii6hitbsinBtsppres-
whose words a w and we nevor oal (I r4 a ioasd qaqpletsotlinati ?
St of srlals any rate. venipr ey perosie Sk, ni "iat g, ontadoes net require
miles veren their ifeot uoa Bans wrisIR tboir 4 piqn friends-
I" wate r at s16me 4oIa6 .iboi0"t ^ ff Ihi 9# 4oehh '..a
-p *hap. Notiey f :GUgAsfwhom.olwe e Wa nriA lat 11 1iWe b hw ofn
me 41-:^ loos *.*^ .e latterpdg 6 ? ^r ; have bee .
a out.'y sdatiqE& .1 o, emnstense .sa d de. S6ti% if wade not require
"em"" oh =e^th We "Ov. Wool.t od en 1. 1

__e_ lo_, _tbstid ktw &Wna5ura
gar haas what bhis

i t 7 17- tn -, -

- m__





; Z. 1 1 7 = 7": :1 ll



~~___ _~ __

_~_ ~_ ________


- -- ---~ '~ i---1L---IIL--u-L



Juine .28,19iib2.j

J At a I C A


. w. l~ .... ...
All, r.a1 a gone, the old famil J .' o f .4 wl. u, it w 1" oM
What IMs 6Wa t y
these wordsr i"jplpf t fluh OeaibL at proposfioi so 64
z totopmww~amy---o oai~--"l.- ...- -., W... Y
i.t in never so bad a.. th ith Ahe e quoted. For asi fthel sm
majority of as; b16 id% o t ribe Iideas, that are trly. and abidingly tqo *
it- is at: paat saymwed aie.. groi these are of meek good, eve
of those w deeply ovia Wast s tyng them by the ruqbgh foot Vrle Wes
wild longing we zptiiense, h f what me call s*ooss, w"iho sper
suffering at u what pain. ii oR Of m0o0on4y; Yte;y'Pot osthe o
;I JtIssr DaIsTls. men th4t hbvo, resabed the heart of
t, he, Itb World and wedded other ISe
-4 WU* Lnut l.,isp .t- to *X bloodW. ,"
Amono- here been wor o. oou p ariprely bew
.i poor men. Shall we reseil a few. prob"
--o nMsAthS, JW g fat rA0ura (we w-u
BRODs, as we hoe remarked, was refer to the Laman sid1 of word
s mllioaire, a suooessful maker of His Peoftonley) i;S FtAMIis of
money,: in hbomn Wre imaplted, or AIss'LaEtRs, Sazsrs's, LOTOLA,
at any- e wo gratified, none of haImox, BUnYrai, WIZay, DP A
those s*Ahiwoi 0npotle towards min e, Sig Oanin. These am en ted
enjoyment, or those sordid aimef preat ideas and toeir ideas u W
ny pmn w Mf ppear ft _10hig M410 tr n -
es o-ata milli onaire. He was onooeption of things was the ma-
not a Slfiodulgent men; he was ot terialistic one that now grows apace cans
a monomaniac accumulating allions in the world. He oould not appre- bo i
to add to millions, that tor tirme eiate the fact thot true WEatness to -
his name, or the name of hbi business, might lie quite apart from the Could
should rise above the surrounding big pile of money, the big Empire, pretty
crowd; his was not a sordid mind. the big Organizatiou, and immense ten
Emphatically it was not., It was plans of cunqueet or acquirement. He pnuh
filled with big ideas ; we say big, be- would have trouted ua a crank or paria
cause there is a difference between a fanatic the man who said to quiet
big ideas and greatidea, a different him, "Better fail to establish a big .unl,-
into which we will proceed to enquire. Empire, than gain it by falsehood, able
It is indeed a dif"hiftthat at i th by cruelty or by mangli g the
present juncture is largely lost sight happiipes of onau foow. h.cun EUM
of, but it is a dtlffeee that exist beings." Rae0onus2 talaid Wt V
as afaotsand theimpra.p isahosld be that man. "Choosp goal, and let ^
take into aoount Bry age It3ba 6i on two roads hil
OWh i= md tt B---of lad-oi4,-- er ~i -odthert. h -
Onrton, Babit id .teiuni rOW. t,. th, oro. o aaby k Of tr by
thes llie dts, like oloids, betseesa crelty, by allu p.o kiad
thM Sodi of tha Thinkr' and the nsm; lake tpea.'*t* h qf -bef e ^
abiding 0"1 tihi o6F v A e way9 aw d -d "WO
aNr d in lathe kyabove is & a, that ;Be -s M
Via 6ut -i'. 66e pi w m^&A _is"."r Muet d; i
disappOK e h, Ue lie- as clvdrl y a a y Mi m A.
of Time, Prinoipte staad sumr and this is the old ad and dierotus teach s
unfadingly briht. Very big thing ing that the end jsti"tla th6e meas.
is not a great thing, the Twentieth This, is typical of a materiiati.o The
Century and its clamorous wrswhip age. It takes for granted that there
nakotthitanding, Wt mustnot_be are no laws higher or more imposing She
oerdfdu and a misled by the differ- than thoe to secure man'sk ob R
enoe of degee. In vala is the bulk euae or ooanenisnoa. It is on a par
increased where the one thing dis ps with tike Hellg that oal H
in kiudp fom the other. What id, Sportmmn who. play simply t
for insta*e, b booe modrebding Wi the game, to do ,which they r
what a. Batteroup is hnd hiat a will hirk the rOla uht.ge they
HEase is,. will-allow thelasta hes n do h without belig 10M t.
latWe beig mede bigent d s~iee o s gt. ,hi mIM.IaI aN-iee to d1
ornate to perplex it into do a big peo of work, and ha g
of the o&he ia with the I t got them he wai not priparo d I
They forever i'. The bouaderas allow. anything el to r. to
of two Kigd me&et ~.bat en them. his purpose. He pad marked |

other horS at ofan uSplu.,# Ap31
.tesious, inexpsable, eteual wa ia te game he was pla g e
th eoves-JusarfAt aida vr ould e s mesli bta 8)ih ocoi
used freshermore beautiful, more eA them a%^2
lightening imfertha when, pat-. recent and s lsot; for hi)telf he
ting the Lilie"s fbide the Magi. irould no have let a n r
,oent S'olomon n6 aid ** th toil oept or injuuion6 i o~l m.ii u
not neither do theyw piba ad .yest ti.esteps a shqppdo adeshe.
loay anto yo...thut So diu iliall goal o i. his iWg pleam f ow and '
his, glory wa not arranged like again he flahBed out i hupatieeoe M
o:" thoteva rnd' if o mo's wihat he termed. their '*wotu ms
wealth had abdh tiultpl sd-l&e- ,. arettetn "; but he not avers ii
ty twmiL n ,Mi isgood zat d. paear bapt way
1 'mave e. iOibl '. a odd tt'i pOhio 'or

for him to outd. th. 1o r -a. aistr he had safely and h
hA ti Rgaodry dM ae th li e she'th ihnt .e iaesrt.

I& W-Kohli :i r
O~i~iv hil' LmIiy
mba B t is tir gowd of-
fat anon" T-


GUI indet-d to 'ply him-with

litr. ia ikwOr', *b ir -a b-

I4sim tiLrnT wprid ioh
~LLLLLLL~~~s~~~LLLLLLL.Tba wvidua~i~

a... *. -



irneps "7' butprp~~l
~~~...AfI*LL ~L. ..~L.L.~

substance bees thrice before ,t

0" -;I w NE- I .Sa InIN" r 11w, .lwaaaA. 7Wi AF I--

wUs this ws 4a uui 94ept of
savn~lty. Hi wcsdrd not~4 have
goilm for ob' ori" -atof
Osels sibosth sk -A
l AotLpON. Iaeke
'-mn^ or had les:-It,:
'ld the mpeouw rHiidd

@ngi Mea idmts. but he

b6, How. goda it sotlou:
C Be Oontmmued.)

our jiatyq to,

hxt I. a P wh a 1.
general y wll askes it their
mess ad pleasure, each of them,
libt a useful tree. The Day,
I be made a very happy and
y festival, and we urge Minis-
espeially to take up the idea and
it. We rould alo like to draw
ular attention to Mr. FwcETTr's
hint that it is u-eless to plant
rs the planter is willing and
to take proper cre of *he
lnti.' Thee are certain
s taT Jamaica where tree. have
d readily, and as readily
die. The sight is bnot x-

Pi tk IVk7L.

b reon so t er
|(. >e .. ,if I Ms. ....M r
'rd bing m. d .t .tr.i

wi"e wide Heaves i her e &eaMit
ile wn doa to me through the cha=-
ey u Ita smil$, if I redI
to my aiig"uptM

~a". Va. muns* Poe
ass tt me s partSfr duugAht of

!~ifj leunsfthraeeajmwmd her
wf Mhe- lurIW e,

jihr; i.-r .Meir I Irs

The'tWial of

Tw beaitab of 1 ;
j A boom


I~- *- 7a^s- tW i '-j.- nuw W~-- a


ocaurre, next when pr
examination of suspect* o d'
sad thea when the Riot Oomnlmitea
sat. Of course, in the present ae se
the mesibs of the Ant bha to Ae
made mudc smaIler so a to estoh cshe
abh, bu t he shap of theb e e i**
know and its te.ture. Iti *6is.
worthy that the trials have evoked
1ftie attention, less exdrOiesm t tad
no disthwbanoe ini ostag f-say.
Of coureS one Ihas to remember th6a
100 Pothle are on duty the~ e and
H.M.8,' Ppye is in harbour. Se
leaded and drilled s %ome eon.

Thi.e !Comm s ,n ap-
THI TAXIfIIs pofatei to enquirer
COMETiR. into ingtona's bw

-'~' 9 I~ ----~sa-a I

a. worK mass waee ana we w neW0 __

Qpologise to our readers for not
summarizing or oimmenting on its'
pooeings in our last We are
inhlined to say sadly "Put not
your trust in Commissions" even
when over them presides our dear
Sidney Olivier, and when* as
in the present case they contain
such really good members as Mr.
T. F. Clarke. This Commission-
er, we apprehend, like many
another before is in Jamaica, wil
set forth a well-paced and met,
badly eqprea d .sa ry of the
evidence taken and a shnihM Eopen
Report tbhreio, whicl el egy

9t A-b ir. w". 5'T
embed p. ij. smsbs WI.

Widdleson. Mr. IAddhOn soomeow
semsw to rHil.MW'.,L-,Oiwe; .sod is in
so ro tms One thing should be
McU Uu ot~ d the pilko, viz.

tha* Al 1ipid,.ihi-

Sra A -

.a'dlyI4 I.-' -,

o* 'r hh~L' ij


*I .1.. i. -. u il

I -i ri A IIF 4g

A.11Lti Alh" j.

i tI

Al -



__il ~L ;_IL_ _1


____r 11I MhA _[ lf __ .



Um .




a of



I. T' Y Y-l- ----

---- -
-L~r- --

'r -

-~~ -



tina creed dmay biid tor be the
sdmmo* of om'. Belief Thbe reader

WUt not bear too bard on that
aetlphor for we are coDicious it isi
--- t a. WIy gud one A Oreed nIay
better: be deaned as one'e Bliefs im
a pocket book edition. If we have
the Selif why not the pockes-book
editno The dangerr oome In woen
oar expressed reed ceases, 'in part
ra im th whole, to have a vital on-
aotole with the Belief.
An eve"t of iz4 ir'
.xvnI "we a be b ek ivek
been -le apival of
r. Stookley. He tepree ns Elder
a, d .Fyfe Compay. in' whoe
hands lie to no lmoall ~r t t
tiy of toe Fruit Trade
s. d. o. powet fers
*xil, tbe < Ba pop Dh Bat
Ha~h *iddlo;' Do whd Put Atvl :b

,o, s r..au

tioae ptf ix mirdon pwonmsronad
it, A4i to t owe f doar isorbem
CDorthat baqe to be* iavrwo d Mr.
tookley seems to hbv a. atire
lv open mind. He spetas frankly.
What we want, be Bays, is good
fruit, and the ports that have good
fruits are the ports that our steam-
Wrs will go to.

4 r. .Ltf e*..mss. dOoro I
patipWliBBUes'aperm ^B. wB newF Oor-


a death
>* was

w. somw
d2atm bees

* f-L


w f

Falmouth NoteW
The old sayings man apibs etc.'
came in aptly reading our satieipations
as to having a good old time on Tbhrday
and Friday this week. The action taken
by all the good promoters of the sports is
very good, am wq oould not very well feel
happy when glooj is cast over srh an
event; we know that many are deeply dis-
o I Thwe for i tne
a a t r.,W W. ~ tiW
r9r pba( we dedifilto wy wmeh

basd" IL 6%.l'e "Gum be eSV*fi

6mu' Ul0 tish& they 5S4 V4.W .
bebe a losellls
ha mVedime~hy U!.WM&
pO~~ga. Deputy ooa Mr. D. A. N'd~
werenIne jumror,4 J. Wilson, D, Ii
we e" iftd smv"oewme a~s follows: J. R. Young, E. P. Mesimdo.
Jask, Albany, 149(1, 2. 3, 4, 4, 7, 8, 12, __________
19(sxeep S 6 1,I~ exceptt 1, 2, 3,)____
151,152, [ w L b.OiIE (
A 13. B W %l M O M 448-6 10to
M jea ile', taem 1h em6lk 5, 1, 1".

t%.,r),g4p ihW ~Italbbo aniv~d Iaa~tl8 3
ImI8, (msS1) missb ]rtat, the f 3rd from. FRtsARI_
1-P rd,;HS M irisSSw, 45 ( ta, 4)w,15 '
sw Air .eidr of, II~eK,

BSU~~ULT 421Lbd ha
bi d am a mee~ el wL &,. -
3 boa not of ;r .iS

be sh



Taut ~a4 O~

'.o~ '-'-frl -dwnn r
w.4wte mr-v1Q -# .4 LA.'n*
rary bg U~ (Pr
~ gs wwd


both kiand.

MabTar a bern
1. Jul"afrom
1. bv.Ue Onadi

aim ii'vibr~1 bth f3~L~r
s md u rs.evs irdusr.-*ad
'Is~ptr#btlww gas of" tmk
(mgd)' W. AUG. tie V1MAN.
eWdnM P.VO.

.. 1 1 6



i s4esaehek, for Isad.
table, 9d esah, 3 for ie.
In White, Crimson, Rose, Secrlet, and
Also a l&are assortment of Vegetable
and Flower Garden Seeds.
304 King St.

*ta .

..... AB"IV "pr .......uair
U.n a x i

June 28, -1902.



<* i-I .. t 1 I: I it a a



A big seek t, f seletfrot in

ToV134, Tray Cloihf and.

All widths and for single ad dooue beds,
120 Harbour Strmt,




Harbor Str U, st o
Harbour Street, Kingst on
-- ep



Al we ask of smokers i .
Oareful Comparimac.

ii W .W. 4~5SSrb a--3ib`n I~aush uter T r~oy..
I Ind Ale own *6 IL pUPB ay&
1 e8mToronto, Carlada,
GOODB11JB ~A JJ~j Boader. live with the Headwaster-
at hise saUAURfI bhme -i WyzL a W.
zatvPic, at 'jlch there is k ating sI
terms that wi l aol at eigt.!
l1u, Bou To Cs ad m&uCMr rMbO acelekt Ul, healthy
PLATMl8Ia we f s iq* Weda" Funnl.currian.
body, eeIi atdVAs emZUUWO IModem IadquaS.
bi"Ld Wl slua an d X KMa M XILUWlAJWW,
a *Anw 4bu eoSwmdft Absol
uI bu. f.1461"- S fL O SBt baud' parents be"..
I xpwswd the uteatmt vatfaet"Of.0-
Ir % ftiw to Rev. I. A.Paget.. N Half.
m i lbw%* sbalww asklobaw* I S Old ww Tna.tr TIU

TF IbW ID VM a 1wsi au~nn

W. ff. LUSM& Deb*M~ D~a
S-doe.. W.queq Ceeu 66 0" tP 1 ofeTrpos.

0 ams16 "do"es w aitoek wevi ous b took-takln, we will darlinTHIB MONTH4.
'1 allow .iNi utouuen Othebove disowut, of all CASH PURCUABE
UUS flj fWAW A, Ol.ux=JLM@U UA

SYoU&MOhoss YOU40owa Good.. sad Take Your- Discount.
Esnember .ur COw adn fti'Oo and Shoe. as' ino' udedlIa
"pArI -tIWL
'SA AA EM -oil 10




[A -16MK---


June 28, 1902.

- ,1 n p ailand his Trouble,

A week lnor i Kimpti bulman was
re the Cout for haing left his bus
SHe r
-4we years and baa Mever bees in trouble
before. His present fix ame thus:
TJakng a passenger from the Atlas boat
bM fare omad m a resoehla the hotel that
ei had oo change. So he weat in to get
that aid a drink. Meeting a friend he
gt dcatting aod forgot waiting cabbie,
who after a long wat ventured to insert
Mi head and ask for his fare. In that
nestat the Polieman defended on the
-be, which was neroheless not at large,
r for tboh the driver was oat of it the
ira were atieased to a post.
Borme busmsn ge their week's pay by
being allowed l they make on a Satar.
day. In one ma at least a man who
worked frm a.m. til 2 p.m. gut 8s 9d.
fok-ti week.

'On Lady Hemming's Property."

A orrespondent writes: With refer*
weeor -a-aragraph a year- hat-
-rom Buff Bai .i re Bx. John Hart,
with there was really no trial nor was th
*ocnsed psaoed in the dock. The chare
agalst, the youn man was brought to
the attention of the Resident Magistrate,
Mr. Musson, but the two J.P's named
were not associated with him at the time.
What took place wa this; Mr. Tape
the overseer of the property in question
was asked a few questions by the R.M.
without entering the witness box, and in
the end Mr. Masson found that there
was no case against the accused. The
eircaumstaoes surrounding this oarge are
Ahese. Mr. Hart is fro, a highly-re
4pected family of St. Andrew. H is
only betweeas eventeen and eighteen
yea. The clerlhip which he ospied-
was his fint berth in life. In oonsequees
of his outhful experience e itae
tedik placutn the boio sadw ir i 0iar

ings. Theen facts seem not to hae bee
taken into consideration by thoen wi
ntituated promdinp auint *,
3 he aCo a i a
whilt his famcrl wa a placed; a i
asbe expense ad aniety--a .a to "a
sxpeosed-So attend. e Oout at BwF
ay. We I say a ithatl oar orrelMndet
intimated this eae wia called, We ln.
erred it wa tried. -

We have rooeived several lttoer on
the above. One or two we reprodPe



Iw A A i_

Form A and under the Registration of Titles Law, 21 of 1888.

WasgA8 the several Parties me'aioed bew have applied to have the Lad herein rapesi velr dserhied
broqht under the lefgstration of Title -No. 2 of 1888 and the Referee bhving pro a y approved
of the Regstration of Title for the said L ai bariig directed that publieation of the same be made as speciSed
below, and that Notice be served on the ina poasewi o, harge of, or owaing the adjoainig leIds
THns is theretoreto NotAft ll Ay ist.rest in or claim agarint re sed Lfaids mentioned be.
low tht in cas no Caveat forbidding tbhA aio of the TitO to I of the sid Lads be received by me oh or
I hall pr d as by Law directed, to bri ingd under the operi ofthe aid Law.
., H. F. POUYAT,
SB Begifuw of TiM.u
N.B.PForms of Caveast ay be hBad on ap ton at the OMee of Title, the Barrack, Klingtos.

Name of Applicant.

Lihard Hughe
Brown of Port An
tonio, in the Pa
of A-Pnlad, ia ti
Island, Carpenter.

Mary Ann Wil.
liams, of the City
and Parish of King-
stou spinster.

Date of
Order of





I. I

AlltbA or pae e ItAd ituate *
No. 17 WmSftrmthe, Towia .a Poon


Numblem lubber oflPeriod witi
NotiA c:Notifl a-wlob si ft
sionG, a a su tadateofAdwe
JAmicLother b timmento
IN4e w -ICave at may
papers. beentered.


Sl remalteg portion fae
land now blngiag to Tho s lards, th
westerly iad formeai *t Andrew P Iton,
won of W. 1i. J. Pilton,, an Nw h-weuterly on
land now or formerly of Mi.w Marshallek, a is
more partdlakly described in the plan or dia
gram thereof marked A and lodged with the

7TH JUNE, 1902
All that piece or parcel of Land situate in
the Parish of Kingston, and known as No. 49,
Love Lane, ogtaiinui frei East to West 75
feet, aand rom North to eath 33 feet, hbe h
same qsBs;er iew, qad bheiing and boasalia
North B o Mn. IakAerin Wles,- tSon
*o Lo-l ~;i aBr ('love e 11e. and)
s"41FI~lr~ Ij' ILrb Irl

of the Town of Mon.
tego Bay, in the I-
land of Jamalca, the
wife of Lionel Owens
of the City of Colon,
i iity ofepublolrto
Colombia in Central



*s *n f of Leand

4wWeSt a

A L r of*a nd ute "i
W ooda-i:" fbe Parah of BHIever,
6oaaimI O reu s mere or less, allied or
known e t's lead, butting North bn the
Parochial B oad o Woodlands, Boimh
oand4Aia the m of S. Rird, Dae
1-B' ^^-m'' JB-tM-c'- tHMfVlfrtt KerrQ^


* -1



- 0*
o3 -


To the Etwor-.
tsit,- tbis the ed o it U1l. Mr Y, 4.FFE. LJ1..l l,
ynJch has esaaped, le. he Cat. be IX1UAIW
,lpeo am "T he autboriti.es are fM li l t et
do their dlSu' It m ay be so Mr.,libor WAMKIKA&l Z AID MUME r
bur we woa. _beid heAo ve rnom A i
ulam. Let ws a bve the o fa ts. 14 im r
btr, oanoira. The 'w Env a A
avo been rlhtu of wrong tob the
-ea me o ftAemat, ot to b tit ALO rATs.Y AI. I &
0&o atPT .U .B DIN ._. ._. ,., .-
s .T v eeaped., It ,h G.doerni., .LIsun Bnie. u
it to Ma. wy MADI TO ObDL. AKImmmul et roa i

Y ours, r .

K l m ng sto dr. June_ OlF-A .I_,l -
.81 -- .. ..... -- *il "1 **1 *n r 11101 '.l-llI, IJ I ll d r folf r r
al sUir, to be oalm d f Sl lccke li .l.d. .
ct. ..anno. t a 110e4 Your R IB o,,.,._,
t 4 "illina =Q16 Il .4uoUr a.... ."
canno ming upof ha e the a
i. sudirotow -beextin i*A.a.O icrke aew, .

-+-_ .. 11. ... ...S .. .

eLand t-.e uuuII, apha.
were worth their slt we woald hear wsuch no ne.
a4 pvliO se0lri "woMil rsult. I. only1 .BOC 4 r annu m.
walOt t h ow is oil.i n fiLs oLet lon or braihers. Sbortha "
w-- .t. k :had orrespoodence. --
,e,- be ..- ,: Principal, : A. NOL Co,
....th_ '"Ju a -- o~(10 y .ars at Churoh of Engla~nd O0
a4th Jutte Jae sa e. car Bchool.) A...
We ,fv reter to thb w is n other Ae*tant i A. FILAMe l

I, -

- ..,




. _I-i;a- i


-- --~i~-----

. .


: i

C~-1 :) :.' C
.. ~ ..
r"'i I ,II
i~i't '`
1 '


Po-- -- ----


-'- -


44 W :

I I -- .



June 2

4--ma.W swP9 HogRfnof

me Bsm l wthe Oesfhher fa hat has

of erJeltry to Ian I1 i
tee aresi ofmrr thoe which one

iofZlee ofee atsbi Mas, was a"" S
-krimMtt h-iethrcft ww v

beo of faiM 0auu add te 440- of S.-
Ucieia l- isdl Oulsa. dhwto
thhP sad asrer eIn Ohtis. Md later
kexerae at de Isleade of aqtt h .e
'"Bv n iwo osr tdhreo de it SOcho
ff0M s*t out a squad into the bill. I wuit
on sMnyof tbee expeditions Oar order
were lwr and srit. wEvery bodfe
Ma rmanI, or child, w to -0mod.
*8We wiereordB to g6Set what inuferi*
tid weoould frown these we Iond, sad tao
UN the wmt atit.. Jl nug of
- imee ^J'^^111*

given *be waeWr cam
SThe method was svere. The prison r
was pinned foe upward on t"e gro=
the neek of a broke potle saa fore in-.
to hib mouth and water was poured in.
'I havs sen two or three buckets
poured in, making several gallons and
swelling the native's body to twice and
three times the natural size., Then he
was rolled on the ground and the
water got out, and the process was
repeated. The native resisted, and the
soldiers rubbed the bottle across his
mouth, lasoerating tbe ieh. ,
'After tWhewbier e wma lver, the
I i '" w 'VFWllb o-

*1Wo fea w
M'e, ba dd

WMa IWa.

saome exourson. We always killed a
few natives.
'rAnother 'ndent occurred. The sol.
dim were 'vin _enver

14 tx f ore ead auser.
11 hP at h le ~ n te lt the-

""-"late a"m T heoIy$ostart. m
wn fer aiS r ru sent wh eb

"in 'Aepr Thi e Pa. Moale

w to ake to e ais tert I e
was W tM handy a t*ta at'tel
o" for*g ied hahveM te =ade ""- I

sa Ta s a m e l l ai

badtIca~nd the Mom ne..
MThe Stae h We adopkda Llwp
wi tBat Chise sha not be pr
Udite to come into owed Phli T e

bs sroald int be perm ittedh to omet

ofge %ato Rlooa' or the terv taory of
were mouid be Tn e.l"n exaluson
"oaic y, Is ant ain aS a et a
Teo States had, adoptedt La proC.

hint Ceserse bel not a rotser

ed whie over the UrtIted "taet f a
w o wa ae atie Bagm

of dp


01Mutse'ht m.h


0*04 the

baili from M-ft
dxyears ben Re-
ms, ada leader
roag-sad foroefsl
as mrked, Jois

_lr he doee ai act or indor try.
Be lh a elews reeerdasd i a Civil
series eform, tohat t he, believes in
gia*g nTd of secures and cuttig dowo
wfi*n sle .
H4 wa for peaoe whb-the war with
vs" mootedand isnojbigo. An-
traber of the Cabinst i Sehaw
Secetay of the Interior. He i said te
lp.v the pietareque trlik of going in-
esoaniso lo the custom bh6ue to see how
dr tis treated by tte promising

'l-Ylke Mr.- Moody who is a bachelor,
Mr. Saw tbasuawiq ah enters well into
hisi worad plans.
Of Mr. Moody -we asy give the follow-
detailk He has light urly hair and blue
yes a good bolar, he u also an exael-

the Presidents Cuban policy. That policy
is to treat Cuba in the most generous way
possible. To give her freedomA toegoar

SI .

vroo~rr n's r Wrntta E AYU~
01 Iedaud twee ied 1y Mr. R. &!*-
Cempratlcvely urkaown abroad, nd, *W-


~)eR lie, da M*Ie to"arJ 41
sai weSor Law. faults am
b~ to ~dos sadhekig huour.

W1'll pay your bill at sight.' said the

aid the barber.
S[am bound to get on in the wolId,'
said the book-binder.
I have divert ways of earning a Ifitng,'
aemarked the diver.
I am going to turn over a new I leaf,'
said the publisher.

of TEMAI&with
: fc0^o.T s8d orggg- g W ggI(,

long aor elbow aleviatd with or without
tJhe tted lnflug.M Siple bloa, with
big rooBd oila tsad aooabtn shields
are in he b~ht of style sad make most
beeoInig M d wAUditeory vaits The
sarbt example llstrated is 'of write
Habutai *lk bomblaed with cream
aipue loeuand is made over. te fitted
ling, witb long sleees, but washable
fabriM are betUer Iied and elbow
sleeves ean be ubtitd- when preferred.

4163 Womans Blouse.
.32 to 40 bust.

The lining is smoothly fitted and closes
at the centre front, but separately from
Mhe waist. On it are arranged the teuked
fronts, the hd ad the back of the
waist. The frots are tucked at their
pper tio, but left full and free over
te bt sn o making a mos) becoming
effect The teb k is plan, imp drawn
do" l61 es aw t uthewaiWt- l'-;bAt
e 4t s& t sy o with narrow
iight cuas but the pattern provides
t os f elbpw length as well When
a i lsn mintea yoke portions are
t fro thIfruts to which the tacked
floats are joled&,
To t the blouse in the medium size
4 yard of material 21 Inches wide,
3yr'd_1t7 inache wide, 3 yards 32 inches
i or 2yrd 44 Inebs wide will be
required, with yardscf all.over laoe for
shield and atock and 3 yards of applique
to trim as illustrated.
The pattern 4163 is cut in sixes for a
32,S a8438an4wbteasure.
Any reader of the TiMsE wishing to
order any pattern mentioned. n this
column, can get a form from us which
on being sent to May Manton" Oom.
paIy, New York, will = the needful

It s with deep and siere regret that
we record the death of Mrs Arthur ARper.
Thtse y lady, who was a daughter of the
late Ar. eorge A. Dowu of the JamaUio
Agrlmoltural Sooley was carried only
about a year ago to r. Arthur Roper of
St. Aan. The wedding took place as
Half Way Tree maon me day Mhat
ohessBr t--. Loft-
house. Yon, healdy and poseming a
happy di ition ad excellent quall
of mind, the pth into the future seemed
abrig ton e for her.M Trs loper leaves
a Iaby not many days old.

The Vaccinator Comre.
When the doctor come so softly
With hiMittle kit of tooht- ,
Heaps ma heaps of fluffy otton,
Yards of bandages on spools,
Such a lot of funny scrapers,
Little tinyapo ta of white.
Strips of buadaw!isive plaster
Which sttok on so very tight,
Bitltes labelled antisepti."
And another bottle labelled
Ordinary alcohol"'
When the doctor very slyly,
-With no purpoiCe to dCeive,
Says to you in ones pert"isive,
SWon't you plea roll up yoqr sleeve'?
SThen you know at once that you are up
aualint the rVacination ora.


AN, a L A v k2,, I-~-----~

-- -r --


Jaiabn J AM2AICA TtM .

,Y1A in f it 4 k.aM co 1' the. abip service that was rnltasi sa. nait t l bU IIb l th
In 4' I I "aaier,
Ot "*W., -t0=rIA. trqng' l figure t taoUld himu fallit weI ArtAMO a
'bt mtebe ritb lt: ,, a b 11, wid ,. is o h one ir o S a and oI Vate a~
,i ..Ae ,',T 1 ji4, Iabah be wasa teIl~ id St~. ,be ball -jt ei YfSt, t os
I .. icountryman and -Alsoeause be w a te b ,niM -.&, t
ng ay. fro home *ap4 o mght, ," hi wer ., rpL up' only be t
j':.TEt lCrb mBe seriously .mbsasued by the tb llpLrflmsw 1lt b! roatlon aWieemlp Sd t'
.so. of Indlscretion whichh this place rst on t othr ad ItblUni evolving 1s go a gampse fiitx 4a
fI o .TTKT was bulkt t encourage. 1 observed 0aetPi is ,bmis a atu-. It osae the fut -I
: J J hias eye war al.'wy on the we i t ~ atnwi mdiately t ei, with fltt..'d".
Swhea the ball was rolllag and that ta iImpalpabli toe. At the "Twenty, bElak, even IMd' bovl"
S when It fell in the wrong plaec be' MIS a u ptla- called the eroir. A n I-q"'V oe
By WILLIS EMERY a I with a spm of pain.' t that b was d ga foolish Young. tlan d lo
I hid seen him lose about 200 francs, U ,t y last I m y7 wSbed him o hiw
SOris7ht1at. a !, upon the numbers 8L 32 and 38 when to 'mwi aI w'ts aool dwindle with h hp p e w
eWao .L..'. a very charming yo Yung woma, simply rtio i straight rigidly.
dressed anescorted by a youth who Iaadml thn n mast rto i ad hand upon his slee a
S. Looked as if he might be the brother 'oXut.... g i be tll kI a ar aa. a
"Don't do IV said! In a Iw'ts,
,b CABLO was. t of the player. approached the table" I"m"d hearing Pat an ling- n e Ir
I lo mome *Ob~t tere.adwe and addressed the object of my Inter Ig Soban. iLrd A.rresteord wbhoe "Whit wha the dely do you nnI.
tur; The season was e sr at He had no seat but was rechina lf been a byword on the con- demanded and drew forth hai ha
Sy J~e. TI gdirns were over betw two oter gamester to ttb recent death of htis '- h ,st y drew frth -
wb,.,' 6t wth a. t1MtWaod lay downbi bt ,. Vo. 4q- o fte an the day hn l.S
odoe'lsi .Uer atP, mooiht, but At the soundot te woman's voice bsedr Wty Gold not oeb ei s t what i had twma
in the '~i' 1ithere we gla 'Chts hbe strd htened up. withboldUng ia lic to ths man wan pMat wust not I .o. b
and a beat that smed to strieI upgs money, and turned to speak to her., thanr t tho at reus to whpm r evoler, bt
t teapt tb's .an A dnA tAfe l ent Their conTeration Was-wo rn al bmuMs lT mi i .i g AA-
that are bdteMUtrfetis aIf Lowers. ness-of mine, an 1 noved aside, but I ; p 2 r h a a-e &d wuy ewhy, tsenth I
-nm -unt bah "-fRaollytt W d I e'that
whm ai t'ad M1 a t,'P rWIMads d Ine come away. ''BIrwa not Inristeqt, akndn r a shama kInw there-ta so why m had a eitd. hi,.s a
with ba att thhe t and w beaten she veler 4 ey beeuqth, spe the atr ly ew Ow the Wal
strolled 'e~tid to 'te place WOre fi thib excuse 5oeta3 l 4uity thpti 'tT Ialt n is eamnabg aa1s iol l tbe a e* w .. .mw.h
Itort are expected to spend tbei i mon- wais eglentlag, et tbe esence-of tb, afford whispered Wilmot. "I don't w .ave an stran*
ey In the purchase of nervous prostra. afair was obvious. I felt a strong de- like the kok of him." t was- hat to sa that whMcI
tion. I had never visited this temple sire to take the young man by the ol-. "Nor- ."' was my rejoinder. "Co knew should be said. but thatht m
of absurdity before, but Wilmot, who lar and mareB him out of the place. foutf bose numbers! Why don't they
had spent some years abroad, bad been but tht etiquette of Monte Cnrlo for- come?"
there often-much oftener, in fact, bids such help from man to man. So I "They won't show again," said Wil-
than any real friend of his would have remained passive, while the croupier mot. with the confidence of an experi-
wished. On this occasion he lost about announced the ppmber 32. enceict.jbler,.xbo is always deceived
20 louis without winning a bet. The ypung woman, whom I rightly with the notion that be has some small
"Well. weu.L e cred. "I'm not It judgi.te)'bcthb e wte of thbe played lwil.t ;'tbe ways o.chance. "He R I
luck tonight Aren't' bu gola to turnd 4awani Idlang considerable yexz- i
play?" atbO'< be -had lahi'a 't i is another franu
SI confessed that I ohld see motwna 'at, "h da i.' In hla pe itd L "but t I looks a
in the sport. I hadttried it lewee 'ti l I If s Fn ake :aa her If
and had found, as one who lacks the B t

t .n 1 ,A I, oOm. have .

'3 J o nl usi -pe Iw a .t !,. ar*
t 1 t1e Dtaina Tdphefl b li A N
S tl w t 88 'h t lt lAtttlal ehbre ra ta he

tod =4 malldm l atjbly *t&b hd sti. I& th his eyev full of
vernal bit of 14ory Varrdwy fplied bI meaning.r
numbers. "Whs Is a terble .place." he said.
b- b-a"ll-ac Wo meas et-et Jtt nd t
I. won, sad the rospler had .caagedu tlae,, neit lm t 106k outr'
ln ast the nots from tbe u Ul The sf lPstbjilfed & Our SM had
'!Vleb h" 10 taaick a&pll th thre co"ls re laa.j He covered 2 ""
opt .- ', let- g-vr, sarweasw. .

I the had. esm 10 thel mea 1K.t 1ae t
0. trM ut- a saves hwat at'o rJ agSa
.ls: poflttadA beftertaS 06 vaie of

& In ea the alatbene sum ha tiay ta' r be
St al t t n rl. Wham the bear had bee m

"pled but there o h gat t ied ty a ki d .on
i*.y =M. 66ti y,

about Two or three men wfI do6d Thlen qW O pea bd e s t haet.M 't
Ing here anUd then to lay 'tb 'bt was. au l. In ma. .It lways.amesum s
but we bad room to spare at the end atua that fate shDld t t. The ,." ;
of the board, rhe wa remained element u pity la a heaqp h beast'!
awhile to watch t the tab e play- mshoeed by the brutaUirty of ehaer at
er-. is very slow to believe that the ulti
There were no great pi or i loses mate lmtntlom cen be bad. It may bate
I waa interested pdinlpally In two we- seemiA only talk to.this oun gentle- -
\men who at side h ad one of :them af n.thatlWea boulmhave a tro o, j, ,.G, .* ,.1
loslng. It h menaf tim tfl bif ltliat n6,g* tea sc h* for 'diss atl *
the woman who est'wub awry with fqrina4e w the qweat f.khf a .. .
te e w awln who iad wlnst ,the l.0 a qg.iie .
roithe w o er with a new com.a. '.* egan MaSm k|rait in l
awlth aset c --$ t .thie t*Ive btl"gl thae t l
play,. for Lt her el tB mred t'A
SAnme~t b &Me' I&VaY iii i hl*VrbtSSS te .

I*. *



June 8, z19M.

a -- an in~rr k bs

00 KL?40,8TRUff

JI AVE pl- a to omIlounee to
the Geeal tpabwt sad my Pst
rom, that sinee I have fined the
0-as weh L ebadon hand to bi7d,
I -s o ew e pem asn: to TUa
-ad BISPAiJ PIAtb as wall
ahear Musi.al Instemmant. Orders
ahd be sent in early to avoid dils.
"Phfoo tPPibestmeulatl is from
the great Maan, Pt. Jslia Pa.

UlWA-D SiuvwK 5WQ..
I&aAUn Bra'IKK, ae.,
Demrir-It b with machpleaCur
that I wehe tohtbuk ofor4e wa
*l whibh y avetd my piam.
It has never bee better "doe 'ad I
thk Tr for your valuable pervnle.
SBelieve me, yearn faithful
Ju.uwr P oi.

Greoe- C~gan$I

L. OAhdOO & 00.,

Carfl niarrgtb Iaiaturv,
22, Kinjt Street, Kingston.
Both abroad and locally our

1gams an& O1gmrttu
A* knowledged of super. qiaty
he jw ai smatlemed again s
WjteOw O rr* p.t
up te fM(M '

3suUr' AfL UNKOi,
mr. ,m .

Shaft and 'biictrlg .,

*mmn*i Oa1Weber* m

-Pliough., Ou ltivators,
3.w~s Oorr~.g~hefleur s
Chaft Cutrters,
moriv."-, oortalzwnez
P imento 7anzzer.

Orange Suad~d KnrIl

ami Lug'two




is SBtsI up o the Enlsh cibp e.d
&and gas.m' enOiOy llslr3~in.
slkiuwii 'lSheamwp, 4%
most fauoareljl eeqiniui~a. aT.
rtoimsd hy the Nqolillty e
of the W"nJ -

Ta~iloring De.
ploys m. Ctta ws

1~7~ fluuLIm flmdij'

-- --_ -- -- 4_ F._... OR

Ladle. BOOTS and 8HOES
of the hihest' grades



qus Pyaro, a To" a ..

ASSOrTE CaTp~. -

4L TW*~ dibbek
.IoIwrw A-

M-Ne U-'-4
-- fi-

'WsrlO~I~R 'sJ





rr1F F~,




a -

z~ ra~ -THE SCOURE.,
/IIF CIL ________

TAs wdor 3 i s
SF~-Dao~imSJ. w d with thobs
wr~b TZ romsuch
as tl-- md Rdik irt of 6W -O-~emmor,
who maru a aopl of Mw tS uper.
irrt lsi of gohoolm691 by we-Q
mandy uqt dtb Umofienodv A~le s
116. thesgvutli1d Code of the ele.
mentarq wiols, it a foun'ktioe of
bo or-f iD O tos sothe *chbolmmss
Iem P*fr'ml we to sm. ly pointtout
tfhr-aw a' few rtw te of., r~
10%ast~g Papr Tb. oJAXUIA- Tfwin .
seose anm aaept, as t esab hydra-
hee"-'sb4iDbe t' b0 J t the tetehers,
The t &adyer-peats anad
of ehdrer, alel the whits buV4 the
eahers of Jua nr to.ughbly
Spnes~r the ~ Depsrtetbl wlnD6~
y to te l~oss eutarried by tbim
WaskbqIt ad".i the bur .
A.r- a matter. offas they we of opinion

that M'r. Capper V as ot oeay fadld noo
to plsot the further edeaon of the ele
mentatry sw b tols ola better pay-
meat to the teachers,b ,that be has
l 90 yeari, folly xhAsrted his eful-
nee in the propounding'of good sensible
methods for his department. Neither
the teachers nor the parents are sattfied,
yet, with a great salary, Mr. Capper
site sanguine. Job had long endur
anoe, but he had not as much to endure
as with the teachers of the island. Job
would long ago have blasphemed, the
teachers have not yet done so but now,
they sa rring toptarr Mr. Oapwand
h eo tem at the fom ofd the
TM-eTehrs dee not aeon etl iVTr
a W Ur ebl w Am .a Ind d t h e r e f re a t ;

r -m _...wA m.u..Im. ..A -lm-..j L..

ty he "mehmi ,
te p r j r llBI t r I
s thist? Iook at 1B, hear theiap
porter of tL They it ise god, yet
onty o, .~ey aen', Adare pt prove the
truth of the goodness. Only bame, Illg
oal satemerts ; yet, too, Governor He--
mia, his Priv Counell, and more so
the Legislative CounoU passed it ever.
One member, lon. Mr. Webb, said it is
for the good of the Teachers, yet they
wont prove it. Teachers are not to speak

aWV man rIm nmawueyi y q I. Wm
new ca be done, wait and ee
King be blindfolded. Now in
the eae being put to the Kinp
lately ne ar that a & kabe
besent nroad to get me al
bears d parentto *defr
efor our own legates I
tmst be done. We woet be
ss daf b e 8uperlaontebdln
beiag ia- mpathy with te
moey already voted for a
ample. Mr. 0pper lived
lest lear eot othe moemy vo
okaQtuet year, Artlelb 118 will
the able. If Mr. 'Caper
to py tmeaebrs better, how w
aaged m tm a 6ma aro klot

"a-- s ers working leas No..
O, iatn down ofi shool, et. m
S hostage of teaOhers pay. This a
u1 supse Lh -t4is wil-
1, double of ths by l without
S betg ineriinated. This dep
So( roesed will bring dialoyi
.'t iort n oi Jemae1c. The teach
l4ue well to appease tivhe and
the people's temper, bat the
fully eome when Mr. C. sho
Son hub oebth-e people bui
peak fr he**vea. Vow

Bear with me, asr. Suppose
id thdclass bringing 6 a ye
per month i-13th, 2 B ,;twl
I Af t 1at te f the' war


spinb=, %e A y* M rool ya
145th Of fIO jt heormd -s isrv
t- IL. .. I -C .I

kdA tme asool eai ti sea w er

wway O"eaIm wwau wam s aSm
isat theaed hof ool year. Thead-
millon of aying lCreased advaae6s
bhown tha the h ad earned and
therefore merited it before. Here it oar
coteattoa, Sir. Is It eoaet It ls said,
too, if a school is to be examined at the
eainning of any Imoth, by Atand starts
-by prophecy, that B, by guess g, the
eah must make ap his average o the
and of the mouth wohih does not eome
Th is feeoa in the whole scheme, the
oney foifted, the A Is for thi~ maot
js was uot worked et fup to inspection,
inat the teacher must work If be rnaisn in
the same school The l).imkon Is, s not
thi mo strousT What school ul bring
thbawmont? Itis qgalatelearthata low
school Lhat loeepe marks or even high
one, tkoee w amt gain will ave u in the
a of the B24to pay for the former that
.loes an G oand IjiAm Isthis the
sste to be tolerate?
Jauasica Teachers Are you Jobs?
Tak_ shew I Karmm war adimtestt ation

fre bytLeles t ~toh&0Kin* -unot

if ecsaryDo ot nger wait puoeta.
Be freemen and women. Shake o dull
aloth adi rise to the ocasioM Your
younger brothers and sters are yelping
and bowing at your apathy. Med the
breach yo are leaving for them, or else
their blood will be on your beads The
longer this-thing lasts, the longer it will
eating. Lot these evil thing be taken out
of the Code. I am not finished.
Thanks, Sir, I am, etc.,
P. 8.-Article 40 along with many
others especially 118 have been a esrious
dragon the reMation of the Super-
ltd of eheeoo No other
Department as bem under mesh trial and
bee so feumd wadag. Mr. Capper and
&Ll .L..... ... -L ...L..

f --. W
Auge1 $1w" Hb-ify to the better*
Nm t of Teahebi, parntm ad sebool.
No Dertnet has allowed what the
deatlmanl 'le h. i it because Mr.
fnea sr ympathy with his men,
Wbr nibe as not? A Bbihop the
other day aid that the EduAction
of the onstry is going to the wall;
another, yes ago, said, "no man with
brain ean teach under the system ;" Gov-
ernor Blake maid It s a uArlesque;" yet
It still goe on. Taxpayer are saying
worse things. How horrible 1Monstrous I
Away with the system. Show me how

luu vuuuaiWg U* L Im aIm ( 9 eD euOI iRteacnIlU
. Will the awd I will show yoe how it will be a pa.
addition to ltg eoern to the Government. Wll
Stisb abso. M. C. state what be will do with the
rlht balance grant of each school. Can a
h*e beobe improe-so as to make sbalace
ysnek *x* graVt? Oaan ural be tenght in'scbools
bo the King after this? The baae ant I affirm,

ltutm p~aiul ooneerm. We unst hope when
ly 4000 r. ber as ged all the text books
ted. Look mt tiM, MaaBty the King
yield kmot will grant him Knighthood for his uc
was willing eem.
as e man. Before eltrning to thie sabjeet etain
3wlm .tie w f-oineretter appear two Lon-
How the d papen wM I bive, mst have
se-atng the desired rea hoped for. I am very
Ssypathy, ln3I here, too, but I must apoluoise. The
hbeg4utha sbleetant be dropped easily ase ome
M, Capper thout. In ooolsIon mst say that
.artment .if If even te 8 M balance rat was added
ty of I all tothela0 As as to give an advance of
her have f 19e per month,\ this would usot be
r current of atisfactor by virte of Artiole 40.
I tmte has P"PPge."

aid be put
let alone to
ito Article

Sa school,
ar advance
lveo months
sahbol lhai

prove* to 0. Balance will lbe ISUA-=E
1s, th tt is 831 4. But you will receive
only 2386-O 14 e that t is 274 and moth.
ift more for the past rA though -you
oulfoal have got the full balance inaond
ing the Improvement. The Goveranieut,
theeforer saves 9 out of a school,
the earning of a poor natie,- But look

To th Bditor.
Sir.-I a sorry that ech critiolsms of
ite Q Apertii to"t'g aa.petor of ehootl
Continue to appear as ooml fbrbm the
. ID^,,1 llr_l*i O -,--f L a r IoT %

Peerso.ally am of opinion that there
is n- other Inspector on the staff se
able and who seems more willnag-4t
help the teacher than the Sup % intead.
'Ig Iusetoreo.. S&hools.l-I am &o.
A MinBaB P. R. M. IlIANCR. J.U.T
MaIrs B B P.4, 9qth Jqpq 1902.

_ ____1_____1~ _Y_

---- Y- '


r -- -- -I-e I ?-- I-. --T~. ._ 1

-----------~----- --- -~

I a l mc:]IIAV -] &%

I p I F mor -

_ ~______ ____~___ I

--sii I



m -- I I- m ..m o L w itlm t i a &a

a I ,



. -


- -- ---



if I A I ii R IK A

--- -- ------ ---------- ---------- ---I- I---I-~-~~U-l C-Y--~-~-~ U~ ~U_ I~m_I~


T -- wm w -wCI a -6mwwbmwv


fm ad! ft Ormw'- hm- Kmid d- -..Ith-- 0-7--&#ni- I it tm m-;-k-Pao--


~-- -I



now -%V. Kpwm


- -1--I-- -`-- ~-~-- ----- -- -- --- -` --- ~-- ---~-

-~-- ----~-- --~---~ ----~II~- -~ c


jjp -& 7;;- j=



_+ I- -_ __



June 28,1902. JA A A I A TIME 8. 17


e a
I It w avmali'aqtw, ,uJihr1'uevmiutoll
I aw attenmptirg to give a sport aEso' i
oount of -j-e ddfenm of Mafeking d a. ^S ^^am0m flIO
seen from a trooper's point o .view. mrT t, M.ata OL YIII
When I arrived is MAfoking three weeks j gto lmlsSrua.t J
before the war stted, I found the A__ SO R ai A
town fall of sn oe,46, KIJG STREET, 64, Port oyal Street.
Smot four squadro ndr Col. Boar. Cm .
The rest of0 1he were under CoL. o -- onSa@ 1 rlrtl -
Plimer It Rhodesia They werm a fe .Llb eJ m .t -MANUFACTURERS OF THE-
lot of me recruited ito the Colony, A O H
most ot whom had seien votive services OiD, L d
in Kasr wars. I tried to join bit '
their strength wa made up, so I joined MA K l R
theBes a 'ld riesr a Aorpa oaonsistng Cnorah-mn rB. J.t. TiHnE WE'ST INDIES.
of a ilountd. detimebn ad- -two In.- I' '.i
fanr ur- 1 n eI ed to thO e "--'- '-i nd
Kone. ebd to $%my our 6% a 4 The House in the relaadlr-
bor pad n. ty. W E: We woeo if Watea s
wSth Martir Ri at Arit, tt about a SSmeup e VMSg ts. Bro ,Ite er, Proprietors of Olub Brand
__oLLSM dal ^i^- Jamaica Kola Wiae.
we we re KKt&b Litarre Aeent Rpest..a spealty
tlow a e. dd Silvr Medra at Buflo Exhibitio.,
trek Vraggo dSrawn oro the roads Bayoet charge bat on that owsoraon sahliuh ~
leading out to the country, and also when we arrived we found the -birds hait ri nmde t order Iad ZolI 3ynp A qni&dty
brhl wmire. Our Artiller onooisted f fown so we emptied the sandbaa sunt ia SI
four munale loading 7 pad gnas discarded filled an the trench mad mnarchd. bck P ..pt attantonto emantr order.
Sas out of date by the Klberley Vol with their bae and corrwited i on. On All work done on the Eilunen
unteer Artillery, a lib. Hotchki' s san the 26th Dec. we made tho ae tack on i.s sprintended personally and gua.l
a double barred Jib Nordenfelt, and Game Tree a Boet fort pitrintp-1 on our ranteed bSyC. C. MAszy. l o f IL
about eight Maxims. Later on, an old N. W. front. Tthe attack wu.ea delivered rhe Leading and best Watch maker
an similar to those in the streets by C 85 uadron Potect>rat Re'npnt theIsd A t ake
ere, was dug out of the native gnpport ) h n qindro a ,n tn r. oebri ip theI aC C. A ppren ic TH BAGS.
location and used, and another was analand Rifles were on th rih tlk Mantoer. GROCERIES IN CLOTH
made on the spot, but the breech eventu- cut off reinforcement. ; tie tririoouredl trin Ceresota Flour, 1211. 2/3
ally blew out. would alsu have operated : but the line M White Rice. Islbs. 2/6
There were two or three gag ments had been torn up the night before The _, Wl1,, IUTI,,tI. W Split Peas, 121s, 2/
before we weI eloy d '.eged. sad 7tb, gans started firing at the fort .at 1 fl MOU U o, lamp Sg, lbs, ,11
one of oar armoured traM in W blo*a daybreak but did little bhyoel waking 11 Pu.reu ia, i641%, Ni1
up and a Isai Net n Mrt sad o te Berw. We did not loWse Ony Wn -ra109rl Snar, S I
0mn witk t. Afl We 4li6e maine wr .in, the advance, mat wee shlotn p ts the WhlVe A. 2a
t o uid ruadtheltown ad a mivber andbs, trying to et in; three offAiera WATER LAKE, KINOBTON Brow A. ,
sie dyr l also al, a.d .rashes we killed Blag ianto the loap-bolea Clar Browia `.b
-be-lli .erw...i "sowri ofrt- --, ......
40,,g,... J'+` j emu..-94
s.net.m-d sa m-ea -killed, ad TBa CITY. kil, a
clams e4 1 iKera" 30s ld..l..a..a. h Ir

bu N -o:n-&" rt 0100 Wit ISO
s ,t n to t.ll as to mrneeder,. '_r he bmp a ui _ae wPe a y e ts eofat heme.t s* .-
dM shell the town; Ba Sayd Pe^pl emfiqi eat. iMk saother ru3Sba
wruhed he sould start as soon as. he na Mry 1th au l teso ak the .
Is&s we didMnt lstesdto wwar. pliee j u wgth needy 14AKKB8 Ati.n.
The we am w te a .i mHI %uq jeim a-
IaSger just o the town umwer 1he wee killed 06C of ps tolie was W"
ed Cross ag, as also the Ho alao d -loweedto eomea to lose rage under the
Conena. They started shelling n white flag and g
day, but did little damage s the bohs TIa sHaor E .
are mostly ae of oor iron and d They captured the .S.A. Fort and the OPTICxAJW etyj mFod. peek
soft-riek-- N ne wkid for Ji surrendered in the V1tsh 9
time, abltough the Boers were evening 0o0. oon oeasmiieaIiThe MOMI LLENT AND SPinDWO
six inch thr.wl6 g a 99b A.w5 Relief party on the 1th but his mer
sad several tad Is6ad sI Me ^ meied ather apiid as- we M- amCp OUnr WATCHWORD.
g. Tr t o thia the* exeted t.o ,d, as w rr sRN" a .
Sby. L8. A. P. wh tw b 1" y washed out by thke --
think two axilha. The lBoe;c~ *pt s I a to say the e. ;i .
In *tbatr 66.10444 4W~riy aD" bopaOler iithum"lJ Dili$ B CBW TB UW I
-ie If.t -' "I te .I detd b. J a0 her, 2. aiads .
b "ea ppordt "b it attary. I g re"f sv at with a large let of a o.u w" a law 1o
heaT ly am proptioo ,, ,. Uo,,, .- _. ... ...., .. ,T Une af +i. .;- ..+ ,+ ,
T were '01 Lreple ,** lost sa* toa before eauk eaen
aesap.tajor aod a number of me. The above formed the sbstauee of so wleS Under aU i t.
ad Csam Kesn been taken the addressgs delivered At a Dsseumm Hos o.
town would ha AS It was the Topese messing by dth aler, 11" at 76 6i 111'..
ke tobe plaes. The 0i ghttIotk too up weed pted e InMafeklagm a .
was on the wester we Z a trooper, and who In now a pleater Of1"e Jaokelt at.
amawsruations ewe. uea., otee at -3. -
ItwAmeorag. t tak w Myai' ls *"ai B- L -*
amdeds Boork strw wkas s we. DM Satn #hirlA t %U Va- S
a bi ItefiUe-SghtUs 8Ir7Ja
gambet sob a s was hit. MeWe she"flled a sery re Is am i looking 1 i
TNM "t"L "Aom, Olaavadys the 1h tla a 00D wlls
and waited till 'lare infordce nme o sloaif r Mtrwn -t kniBd as 44 Ht an do 4 A 'lUill *
meas uan up And I MWe al kdeda bl w
we coveedthe retreat of the gans ad i
lost several nmon sad nearly- flf our Leggings a ow,
bores. They followed Us up tll. wa 1got "and Jbi at at
to our, advance renh, and when they.a
tion as e naad o reiwve ere. ham= is. a s-L as o

SWWto a ohe. o w *t *Iirtl*a lrr r

-e- Thes GALVANIZE LACIRW $U, ADZ aeU t am A

UBIiL RmnGnn.
39. KINO STbndFishintg laX a AnluH, tI msa f4I@SAy #b. 4 iar4 OU .* -


t A T M IA

a._LS____U_-A *.eMW

t Il
UB$"(Irh (efi)

Wwy^bmb with tsbi dMr-7
Mte b d and th6e g
of the Lor rdght &aM asl.e~ beApboe 1'

,ml y Chrlta, our Passver, whilp the
asaedft i events wugget the t coda-o
mon experience of the believer in
bleb there is apt to be more murmur-
lag than rejoicing.
2, & And the whole congregation of the
eldures of Israel murmured latgaIn Moms
ed Aaroa l l t wH. p

-O_ 11d assio m 1 .ie a. to
fathdtfadt g atiherlea6d 1Nb akr
two.day, for nooe fell oa the ibabath.
If' they tetraed mar tbn. th m"uab
any other day, it bred worms and
stank. but not so the surplus gathered
on the sixtb day. All that God aked
of them was faith and obedience, yet
In everything they trianasreed& 8$me
-"4lH PonremIt m t INh u eggh U e or-

th'' -~~r upom t14 esp;~~i~

=i,. 1

sodke-3. i-- biswfs ovw.
'revod the -uOwo sa. a spuhrali pull
dl. dat~rk..e. vgiSahmie w which
mmybefdt.hamp tesIJ m the

-Amd- whee b lmObthie aeof shroud
x lid ti sees that tbs ItIUdUb.
~~1~..& ''

to *SUN S a e ir fce of 5e laorutd ,
fremimf lhad aad pe si bst aand ex-
pase of kig ashbe.
lt =tJt a eeMe will be presented
wb* the toesia sonndafor the whole
earth to be burned up. Happy they who,
haviag lived the life of the rigteous, and
having seted the Saviour of the world
as their Redeemer, and having their
names written in heaven, are borne by
angels safe from harm, and can witness
from afar the fiery destruction.

k to ig 6;ww;7) La OT&W.
mom of 1LUsreppol hdbaesv stsd In
the Afrles tr, smd thy might be
- mp that the voul4 have te do ahg
of time B*.ith. Oovarmmmt Af uIAJNdt

J. TiG.AdM she Bust hbad.
t of tame isedm was the. appulssamt
of a 9air~as. It wasr,~uasdA~at

SirAlp ofred 000s6 -t". to h w.-

t~ie. 'wts wi-As sa 6Ued u sala. tmm
irnWdsumm wOueuged tha be l ota e
__Mt: Wdleimb (Zf IEva" I~Botaii~d &.)

Sk Alfrd _Jsothm pot 0.0 rowno-
dtz4 -wb" u awrid amou~YR U
aterudo do sawww" th"Cbit#~
w.W be frnshed without duI4sbe
beieved that s- t Mws A was more
?&MY WEm.toul rna tlay
!c n~bmm Am~m. Sh*a rmn

who have signed the qdo..ll0 to, the
_Amrhil nft~ k ro u *J > A l j ,u> _-j~l


fd their intentio0 of j(411mg the sec-
tion, are :-Meas. ColelId, Limited;
Mesmer. Hemy Diaper sad Co. Me-rs.
Etane, Soas, Cad, Co. M mess. Elders
and Fye, Limited ; Mes Wm. Goee
sage and Sons, Limited ; Meers. bughel,
Treleaven, and Co.; Impeyial Direct West
India Mail8ervic, ; Messre. Wm. Alfred
Jones and Co.; Messrs. Leech, Harrison,
and Forwood ; Messrs Lever Bros.. Limi-
ted ; Messrs. Sandbach, Tin'ne, and Co.;
the West India Association of Liverpool.

-IVL T I Ir. C

- ------------


--- ---- ---- -- ----- -- -

r ---------- -.- -~..


June 28, 1902.


th s i t. 1o "s 9 J ...
Reporter Teach A J.P. the scheme is not likely to become ..
tive. 7 1< .
Mr. W lliam Thomse, a WriehmbJ.P. --* --- .
.. i. i '~~A LMA- f i^ ._ _* II I* l1 1- J.

Anglanu, has receiveds.emplah Irms
it Ihe -law from the land newspaper re
norters e

ordered t vb e isttef row thE o onrt dur-. -at OIe b bs started
S hearing of afflhatin asunonm., t has eIt P fhre'of v
dlng that no onehot e s6teeted withthe v t to ivertilm t and
Should be alJwred to esmin. ,To hs. T naear4ewer i f l part
*,WideltastooiS h etb e reporters ais.- willbes gIperally
h thsat the air t to .ty, and The pM, rieto1w op W
ebe the ,Cd omnion uq, ,ptpfoni. ~rted aed a, Benoh i 4 qu1rei .t ercula
Sthe s e effect. L.:~jiwrates bhave oo i O to Wer the bare cost of
Swer wauttyr to deal.with any.ese e. Thi is L t saro' 1 clroaltti
eepti.a- court open not merely to the were the mod popular paper
Press bpt to the public geferally. does not exoeeed 50,000 p
L I where there are several aili
....... "" o of less thn 10,000.
How ftoKii Dtray ogs. 8--,

Stray Dogs seized in Kingston are kept
by the Police fora sort time and then
killed, by does of pmrs.i aoid we believe r
morf11Ei 1,000 are thu dertrobyd year
ly. But is not this proessm el?
A lethal ebamber of the Paris pound is
qaicker-and klpder. It iA. cage capTbl
-t. 1tg30 oademnnpa- dos. It
rolled po; alaform, is sunk by by.
M*+16,& .l t_ .L

hermetically celoed, carbonic acid is turn-
ed on, ,ad Ino 80seeondA evo- dog dies
without a struggle. By the ol system in
Paris of using common gas, the animals
suffered two or three minutes.

Black Hill-Portland.

Coronation has been the chief talk
hem. Everybody has been preparing to
go to Port Antonio for an enoyable day.
We will be celebrating t Coronation here
on the 3rd Jual wMbe.M IHewit intends
to give a a lCae Law
It will bie o1u id -,
There will gatute at
other eon V. weeMW
show true at tserption was
ot -ip to Tam t ..; dfrr 1edtme
the gate. -- -
A Lantern. -bmture oaki offin-
hoohroom ltte !l'=A -( A;

t. F. C. nughit ba* for tbro da
thisweek. pris for w oebu n
tos 1.-o10d. r. r
Aocident I aooidentu! so it is in the osn
of Sam, a boy of about nine years.
Sammy wa aent'-ut of school and he'
thought that be oould go and cool his
thirst with a few of Cain's mangoes. Bad
luck attended Sammy from the start to
the en d, fMor didn't -fmd ny on the
ground. He therefore east his eyes up-
wards and beholding tit.e fruit., e thlne
decided to try his chance in olhbbiUg.
As soon a he eapld euh .te.top, Cain
amie up and requested him to, oome
4own. Sammy thinking that he might
1e punished prepared to flee from the
ratto rsfe. So he went up hi
ad settle hbrla e No soonermdia he
settle on bis airy refuf~ than he '*
coming headlong .dow, and fdindg for
a bed saome Pingai makers" in weh
he rested.

Pensioning the Poor.

, The Hose of Common. this session
passed the Aged Pensionert' bill, granting
to deserving poor persons peaslous of trom
5 ts7 lhingb weekly at and after the-
age of sixty-five years.
t is etuimated that the sum of
10,000.00 will be required annually to
pay the tensions, the Naional EBxeinoer
aln the local authorities each providing
hal the amount.
As howevM the Government has de
flared that it eould net provide its sbhar, I

Q Pll~SiQJ- LM 'Now,
Ite thepwr of dhe

wo -u n ar ,,u iwm *. "*.
hoar bee nued on. a, number of boys
aimed tImselves swinging the wire.
They -di wari evening mily a fe W
minutes before i e nihtly current was
eat along Fish es i Wjtldteinrningr on
ofhe electicity a lue flijae .hnt out of
tbehebd of tb wire,. btmnmimr off,the;:i3m
Ition, ao ftlte wire began to squirn about
tbe streett, attracting the attention, of
many people.
While the crowd was waehbing this,
Campbell came along. oi wit warned of
the dangac, buthe tuok hold of tne end of
-the ware, ,.prsasly o to.,wove itesatlo
A wa..: IA C 1,000 volts of eloeti,
; 'ou ih i bod. ,saad w ltb t

Moho.'a, -l a.. .M r.

P' T tyo aur mnSihq mes ;
ePanp o- y be mtbWse. .
PalSIes fit for. l1hg low.I
Crumplbed ahirt ai -rjacket
ati rptonff oir WfeMinuf
attna ve't ooald~ no me .

iupraised above oab fellow,
Soteorgetp his feloWit men,
Masters, rulers., lords, remeajhr;
That yor mpn &fiodre&, men;
Men bylabor, ment byr eing,
SMenby thaugb adn by lame,
Tlaindi jeqsal rsigh e to soaninu
IJon a man's enobldg name.
Thee se jfibe^ koldeiitdusian
Therq are little weed elad rils,
There are feeble, inch high savings,
Thee are oedars on the ills,
God, who coonts by m a. oact stations,
Loves and prospers you and me;
For to him all ala ditsatitonm
Are as pebblesoaR the sea.
Tolling bands alone we blUders
Of a natiM's easlth oame;
Titled laxineashipenioned,
-Ftoad 4tteaed o4e sae ear -
By the *eat of therbs forheabds;
Liirng only to rejloce,
While the poor mans's outraged freedosk
Vainly lifted Up its voice.
Truth and justice are eternal,
Boru with lvelieess and light;
Secret wrongs ball never prosper
While there ie a runny right;
God whose world heArd voies ia dinging
Boundles love to you and me,
Sinka oppression with titles,
As the pebbles in the sa.


THEM el.00K "
m em mean me a s do so we a 9 tilar a em M a misam man emen we am a man

-r Byi ormaFI WJIU W&R3AJ.UvT U 40 AALJiaOBL FauwJ v&a -X ;
17od in MWtlitW7 somYhwoI* ,6ff ngbijeiuig*
4. midesty'ss%,. Ginxeria Post ()tfice.
Wfr Offie azid Othtor DopaatMefW
&K al ptiealar and laformAes aplWy to sole RLprea.tatp in sh ei
W#4t Iadle%
FRIDK W.MARTINEZ, Barcadaes oW*.

-9 zW. U

F'ifw fifvun
Wa ATTA rr~r

Fiz: Ju-ox

an Biss
San Set

lam 30
-SIr -rsrN

45 pt.;

5.31 a.m
6.35 p.m.

--. 4-_a----vjS

**y. Ma' wyii t poi, t
Our Carriages 'aue Elegant. Oar
Herses well bred and well trataed. .
Our Coachmgn intelligent and civil,
making a turnout for-eomforc, elegant
and style unequalled.


Jamaica Government Railway.



.Perk -1k

WIlliamasfeld -
Clir'don Park
a rPaths



. .1



t'b rlqhbt410 rr t hs


TRAIN8 raom

Kinagsrto n
Gregory Park

Aaft"dd -

An otW Bay.
Buff Ba

oPt. Ant
Pt. Ant. WrT. *

K I N 0 $. o0r

Port Anopaio,-




~v LeK








am. p.
7. 0 ,
-7.1 30


6. 16'
ta a

11.01 4
11. -





- -A R n.-M

Gregory Park-

Bwanr wia
9 1~frl



vuln-r S S S
KINGs? oN.
............. ...... .....-.
a; -
Jtkmdb= ,jkl4.11
UM '~.3b B Al ____

GagLosame. 1041 ~I!i-'
SPirk- I -

0 4

T ro


11. 4,

.5 6


24 -

a' 1

--PE n %I --MV= M.-

I Ins

- -r .

I Z ----I-----I-- ---- ----L-



-- -- Y- r I- -- -- r- -r- L-


-- ----


=" -plq

- -- I-IF -- -- Aq IF


20 J AMA IC A T IME 8. June 28, 1902

P.yng Labour M.P 's -
The salary and allownoesa noW paid to
About members are thus glyar: Mr
abg W0e annum. however. -lives I L MIN
3.11M..P., who lives in the smburM of
London, is allowed M50 per annum. in JIamsica and Bristok crrqtng
addition to hi salary an aety a I Ree r -. ge _ce *ar
e dd to ge yaove mh-is o cio Bo lJ, -and -fchrrngh
of the A gaminratsed Society of away HIS MAJESTY'S MAILS.
Servants. T. Bar, M P., hM. s R. M. 8. Pont M "Ai" salls
a year, house, light, bhet, sad travel fTo Kingston, auly 10t, at 4 p -.
nases. B. PieL and MrI. Qn ickt route to E g d.
bm.. are seretaries @n he o krhre Tonm ofBi' wq .Qui EiTicE, WicE skm epesialy obul for tbh
ad Weti" minde ors tos'. d re. T woNIC, wE8 mATIVWEi D TO .TIVE' WINE i & 8
carve an allo wance n s i wie it er palata,.le. Redne d rate of Ps.s.a.' _
beeru delded to give any appe- ed Cargo carried to Bristol and tria
bers of %te Miaes's Fedenasm who are Kaow thbrrout tbha world a#4 prescribed in all ces to idwon, olasgow. Liverp fool, .
wd duo to furbi.t AM pAin lemii'a a, ae tlly and 4teaealtscensc, to yofrge n1mD, also to tbe Coati e t.

journeys to the ouse of Commons. Ioh btt l of' r I A AISI ber, is 88. JaiMs to oCATAL LINE

otad a pttadieaet o ll Inre IaP withoI*t 8i 1st irdi8 .s8. "sT. LomU,, o*PAns." Snar
Ssaddnly doern m g ta be i a flted Yo .S ad "ST. PAUL," ail eert
+... "r ilH r.,mnff p.i- l,, r^"-----,,,. or ...B t--
sand diseases described in the sa.p .T o ba8 spona. iJpehl cvey Pa..
,e -o..h.- roMd&M.M. ir m ay s ul, Tatd 7 am .

Stuandma n 8: *What aem you du.eg "ST L'U*S msials. PmU1
In the pantry, Tomy /
or *. Oh e .I11 I 1L -& In S
thugs awsy, dran'm i Fortnigt~ly Service between Jamal ,
Mammsa: fightingg again? Why, *a v .s.r. NOSILADIES' TOILET TABLE ermuda, TURKS ISLAND, and ALI.--
good little boy wouo't Irrt a hair of i o without the carrying reigh and Ps gr m s _
another boy's head.' soessorie Transhipping through to Inerior o
Jqlhnny : Well, I didn't I just Caada HAVE VXUitoI KingdoCne and
,' a nit ,sg.' 1lI HAVEB *M RJYI'INO YContinent.
pu.r..ed his nose... They need to furnish it completely.
Editor: My dear air, your jokes are .iM Stook of Hair Brashes, Combs, Te wdc Traing (
both original and good.' ;Box02, Colognsi, goilet Waters, R.W. e Weekly Service to New 5
.RB ding h umrist j high lAst.i tad. ec., is ms mo varied York and Jamaicn, earrytg Freight
pE.tor : Ye^, air, wer, but the ri -It-s peait.e4o ." l.te l t
good seas o at r and s he~ Rhea t l inI o E .__.. M Ckind..ii. -
crita ones asB Eg"* Ua And at SNIBE O l t H Oo-i-e
.. g own, oadtg ftd _

a Its. f- reds a ar ti ps,

S .L. DICKS the Ctinent i by

-* A -. O11b a b through i~ 8 of Laig. --
to complain yet; bat. l forgot to I ei i m s.RIN
the jam cupboard to-day and thai DO TOO' Z'O'W' a GRBorW C FE`IGHT SERVICE
isn't a bit mis ing.' TO NEW YOR -
weinr inoiUls ---genf n, merI Wa-
b a err -"I .s .T. .adLOR DE TITCH EW Y. NEWf YORK TO -
e the a a. do bt to S TANT SP RING. INGSTOI .
b master, who found ii was' tpnbAe e o v
e oub~ whe lotethe Ec T&ADs gA ste-mer lea-es New Yorer
Ie to yr seat nd 't w or YOUI WILfr MORE.. week on Saturday for Kingston direct.
stn,' id the easter.w A steamer leaves New York for
Ar hm u 1 O D EAe ,IO T~H .t" evey w, N EWs d orlls atPorts --
ad whpemae ; tl w~a rer t the W upply all want Yor and Ogarettee01. for the Uitd K--m and

ading ofier tent for im. ea 8r,--I ar neither a ,< Plinoeae t. DCSTenor, nor atSmt .. ir -- ed y ti C
Aed cook who labMurnt a 5th jodnta BAMBURG-AMERICAN LINE,
Wh tisthe valothe a ros?'Pt oanyorThro ng. Ayeandle amhbdeirg and New York.
ed. it tbrea kdown d Pharynitis end thro ned LWyni s : and for some monts wa "I _,""e' erle tNaYo. fo
SOne sahillinwas the reply, unabe to do l l wk itn parochial vi itiner aly ic L EEC, HA RRiSome r ool r D
-Korh H. Agents., verpooL.
*I and l tkee d tougt by th I ho EPL ulum FOWOOD
Mbot '.aw 1. ,i -T t.. e.ani Agen nd, Jamaior.
19, here i taeyet Wvtr w te toa. r fo fthe 'ed K a
As Irish jsoldie d dristinrghed CINGSTON HOME SCHOOL AfN
bimel in ln augageLntC pt the front (Copy] Bro rpton yio arare,
and ady e bwattls wo g lfor t hub do Yrk, 21st en tber, 1901. n l- tin -
eanding offer aen t tfor bf. D h I r,-I am neither a "ill ai tnhi i Eminet Tncoenor," nor a "S rt te
Whyour will hea takes the aer 8? ongtre," to your ay posti. nonsidr it an the rtiene iade 181, PRuNci Si TR RT.
'aked thIe Genera emere nIon aren reeves his mind btTo oliag yorhtow .ery valuable he hasith Prp.
SWhat is the value of the cross?' Pt fond our Throat Losenges. A year and a halt ai I had had a setenue Thac- HE Priia the Rev. 8. Ro
asked. breakdown Pharyritis and throitened l-ayngitis: and for some months was Brthat, it a competent
' One shilling,' was the reply unable to do my isal work either pa vately an parochial visiting, or publicly staff. A Christian home for country
Snrrs and I'll take the Y.C. and 84 In preaching. Indeed it was thought by ones-edical wan thrt I should always pupils. The currIulim comprises
19 do.,' P Ba answered. h troublehink with the hoat. I have sed r senes for some time without s with Hebre ., a sNo Tmple
A lady was look for her hTand, at wi and OS &ne of ti ithou brakdon e, Kmg tun, us, or
and inquired anxiously of a hoasemaid: myfSunday work means four full services (lo htih I sing with the Choir) to hand, Typewriting and drill. Terms
'Do you happen to know anything se of of which I preach, o will see this is a compliment to moderate. Write the Principal.
year master's whereabeute ? the vpne and effiacy of yar Pastlles. I now bay 4ti the Lotenges made
'I'm no ure ma'pa,' replied the car upin your own boii Yrs. fatbhfully, F. CHAMIBERS, Ptiited and Pblished by the Propris.
fal doeoti, 'Bat 14wak they're in the I have recornmenadd them to gsdoses .pople. sor. W. R. T)1t7.. at No. Temple
wash.' To EVANS, SONs & Coj Liverpool. Lane, Kanguton.