Memorandum from Pete Hildebrand to members of the Women's Studies Executive Committee and to Helen Safa, Anita Spring, and Sandra Russo

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Memorandum from Pete Hildebrand to members of the Women's Studies Executive Committee and to Helen Safa, Anita Spring, and Sandra Russo RE: proposal for a Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research
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Women in Agricultural Development (WIAD) papers
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This 13-page document includes a memorandum from November 12, 1993, to the Members of the Women's Studies Executive Committee and to Helen Safa, Anita Spring, and Sandra Russo. The topic of the memorandum is a Proposal for a Center for WOmen's Studies and Gender Research. The first part of the document is the Proposal. The next section is the Rationale and Background. The sub-sections for this are Part Efforts to bring Together UF Scholars, Graduate Education, Research Potential, Future Collaboration, Grant Writing in the Area of Women's Studies, and Fundraising from Private Sources. Page 5 is the "Staff of Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research", and describes all of the positions in the Women's Studies. Pager 7 is the "Time Line" starting on Spring 1994 until Spring 1995. Page 10 is the Proposed Budget broken down by Personnel and Expenses. Page 12 is another memorandum to Dr. Willard W. Harrison discussing details after the meeting.
Dr. Anita Spring has devoted her life to research in topics such as international agricultural development; food security; entrepreneurship and African business; women/gender in international development; environment and resource management since the 1970s. She has conducted research and produced many publications at several prestigious universities including Cornell University, San Francisco State University, and recently the University of Florida. She is currently a professor emeritus in the Department of Anthropology, and director of the Sub-Saharan Africa Business Environment Report (SABER) Project at the University of Florida.

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rso l 8 - G eve L 611 - T

Xnde!rson I fall 8 - Gainesvilie, H, 32611 - EL_: 32: )


November 12, 1993

Re: Proposal for a Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research

To: Members of the Women's Studies Executive Committee
and to Helen Safa, Anita Spring, Sandra Russo

Leslie Lieberm an and I took your suggestions and revised our first draft o he Center proposal. We a-lso drafted a letter to Dean Harrison and made an appointm-r with him for Wednesday, November 24. After his input, we probably need to revise again and mail it to Er. Holbrook with whom Leslie and I have an appoin:tment cn, December 10.

Sorry, we did not get this to you earlier. Please look at the proposal draft :: : hitters and bring in vour corrections, comments and suggestions. We will dis:a!s I:: next Tuesday,_November 16 at 2:30 p.m. during our Executive Committee nme, h 1: nderson Hall.

P R 0 PO S A L

Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research


The mission of: the Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research shall include:

1. linking the existing strength of University of Florida scholars and students in a new, future oriented ,educational enterprise.

2. offering a broad based, interdisciplinary education to undergraduate and
graduate students to prepare them to understand the relationship between gender and society.

3. enhancing Ihe education and training of faculty and professionals in research, theory and application of gender and diversity issues to classroom and other activities.

4. creating opportunities for students and faculty to conduct interdisciplinary research needed to understand critical gender issues in the US. and internationally.

5. serving the Alachua County area and the state of 1lorida.

Rationale and iack round:

iThe success of the Women's Studies Program is closely tied to the scholarly
productivity of its fa,:ulty. Although women's and gender studies is the research focus of many faculty members in various UF colleges. at this time their efforts arp isolated and scattered. There is nbo centralized, collaborative research agenda to which scholars from various units and dis,'iplines can contribute. However, many researchers have. ex.,pressed the wish to develop ni mechanism that would facilitate research oil women aMnd! Penlder issues. An increasing number of graduate students from many disciplines have indicated their interest in developing their skills by participating in such a research environment.

'he necessary base for such a program is already in nlace in the form of an
undergraduate program in Women's Studies (in Sprin. 1994. eight courses with a WST prefix and 25 cross-.iJted approved courses will be taught), two graduate certificate programs with gender emphasis, and a faculty already actively engaged in gender-related research. However, concerted efttorts must be made to organize a Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research. Ihe strength of the existing Womnen's Studies Prograr (CLAS) and the Woinen in Agricultural Development program flFAS) serve as a solid foundation f r organizational development,

in the U.S. there are opportunities for large grants in the area of women's and gender studies. Centralized coordination of experts on the IUF campns would facilitate the preparation of gra(!nt proposals to secure/obtamt support for research, curricullm development, and training. (Attached see a list of interested scholars at IF). In addition private tunds can be 'lapped it proper fundraising strategies are developed,

Past Efforts to Bring Together UF Sebholars. fThe Women's Studies Program has show-cased gender scholarship through its Colloquium Series for six years This fall .a faculty theory seminar was started upon request from colleagues who wanted to read and discuss cutting-edge theory in the field. Roundtable discussions of graduate students focus on current temiaist theory. A new initiative last August Ibrht newP faculty together at a retreat for information sharing and networking, Our semi-annual newsletter and occasional updates reach an audience of 500 members of the university and Gainesville community. Our committee structure reflects our effort to hrinc together faculty from differentt disciplines and colleges. Our Executive Committee. Advisory C:ommittee, Curnculum Committee and Liaison Committee meet at frequent intervals. We have developed collaborative activities with the Women in Agricultural Development (WIAD), the Center for Latin American Studies. the Center for AfricanAmerican Studies, the Center for Gerentological Research, the Iram Museum of Art. the Institute for the P:Itychological Study of the Arts. Student Sevices. City of Gainesvill Commission of the Sthtus of Women and the City of Gainesville Division of Nature arl (Cuitura l Operations.

Last years two day symposium, "Women and Politics in the 1990s." and this year's four-day Florida Statewide Women's Studies Conference (April 1993) brought lozether national and international researchers to our canmus. Next spring, panel discussions are scheduled on topics that will bring together members from different disciplines and their perspectives. "Ihe two-day symposium, "Constructing a New Discourse on Age and Gender," (February 1]994) is especially designed to include scholars and practitioners

Graduate Edu:atlon. Vanous meetings of faculty across campus have recently
been held to discuss the future of graduate studies in Women's/Gender Studies. We wish to expand the "Gradluate Certificate in Women's Studies" program, which is open to all UF graduate student:. The Women's Studies Program has received approval to offer four graduate courses, under the WST prefix. A number of the Women's Studie-s faculty members as well as some department heads are interested in the recently approved program making it p possible to institute a "Cluster Ph,D." with a focus on Women's Studies. During the ;ast two years . Ph.L). dissertations and . master's theses with a gender focus were written (see addendum listing these dissertations and theses) in various departments. ;The proposed center would enhance research fir dino and opportunities for both faculty and graduate students.

Research Potential, Future Collaboration. Over the last two vears the Women's Studies Program has :initiated contact with the College of Medicine. Nurgin. I aw, Education, Journalism, and the Fine Arts. it is also important that Women's Studies initiate collaboration with the new College of Natural Resources and Environment so women's issues and A under research will be part of the proposed environmental degrees. The need was articulated to establish a structure through which individual researchers could work together on multidisciplinary grant proposals. An urgency to develop various intercollegiate workshops related to gender issues was also voiced.

Grant Writing in the Area of Women's Studies. Individual researchers in the area of women's/gender st dies at UF have already shown that they can he successfil in competing for grants. Many have received large grants (see appendix listing scholarly articles and grants received). Through collaborative projects they can multiply the funds coming into UF. Man', ot these successful women are willing to cooperate in a grant writing ventures to which their expertise could contribute, Others would like to continue their grant writing on an individual basis but use the umbrella and resources of' a Center for Women's Studies iand Gender Research. Moreover. the Center would provide a structure for encouraging successful senior researchers to mentor junior faculty in their attempts to obtain cxtrnal grants.

Fundraising from Private Sources. The Women's Studies Program has located
various funding sources for women's programs. Internallv we raised funds through faculiv donations via salary deductions, through grants for our conferences from the nrovost. dean, ORGE and other departments units. We initiated two major mailings to C(IfAS and Business Administration alumnae to be foilowed no with a phone canmpain. A rol called "Friends of Women's Studies" has raised money through book sales. 'hincheon and other activities. In a special campaign we were able to raise $ 14,000 to initiate an endowment for the newly created Irene Thomoson scholarship Fund. Professor Thompson (English) was the founder and first director of the Women's Studies Program.

'Ihese efforts in the fiscal years 1991-1992 and 1992-1993 have netted approximately 'i0)00

A major initiative to fundraise tor the renovation of the historic Women's Gyvm to be the new Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research has been stared in collaboration with the Provost. ColleLe of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Collee of Architecture, and the UF Foundation. The Provost has allocated $ 5.000 of initial v ans to remodel the intenr ot this building, and two architects are in the process of drawing up plans to accommodate a (:enter for Women's Studies.

Staff of Center for Women's Studies and Gender Rerearch

Director. 'the Director has a background in Women's/Gender Studies. a sfronq history of scholarly publications; and academic administrative experience. S/he administrates and coordinates the Center's activities, including academic programs, fundraising, colloquia, special events, community, national and international collaboration.

Associate Director. The Associate Director has a background in Women's/Getlder Studies, a strong history of successful grant writing, and scholarly publications. S/he brings together major researchers and investigators at UF, and with their help identifies major research projects in the area of women's issues and fe.minist/gender research for which grants are available (major focus on education, medicine, law, inournalism, agriculture, world economics or other). S/he also collaborates advising students and in fundraising with the Director of the Center.

Executive Committee, 'lhis Committee is comprised of 13 to 15 members of the Women's Studies facity representing disciplines with a strong focus on gender studies. It develops policy for academic programs, degrees. research initiatives, findraisin, define the mission and goals of the Center.

teaching Faculty. Present Status: The Women's Studies faculty consists of (a) Director (teaching one course): (b) approx. 50 affiliated faculty (teaching courses approved by Women's Studies in their own departments): 2 adjunct lecturers (teaching one course each per semester with WST prefix); visiting professor (DAAD exchange. teaching two courses per semester); 'lAs (see below). Requested for Fail 1994: A search for two additional half-time faculty with teaching obligations in Women's Stulies

Graduate Teaching Apsistants. The three to four graduate teaching assistants are necessary to teach oult growing begiining WST courses. Presently, the enrollment is 60 each semester for the core course WST 3010, and we expect this number to increase. Therefore we need to offer more sections. Since it iq a tIordon nile course,. ,we need

Research Faculty: Faculty members from the Center and affiliated faculty members across campus engage d in gender research, desiring to use the umbrella of the Center for their work. (T'lere are already approximately 50 - 60 members interested in such aiffiliation).

Graduate Research Assistants. The halt-time research assistant assigOned to the Associate Director aids the development of research coordination and other necesarv

ta sks. The four half-time research assistants assigned to the Director aid in a multitude. of tasks such as production and distribution of the newsletter, national surveys. fundraising, deveiop.nent of Women's Studies library. coordinate colloquia and speakers tor events such as conferences and symposia, library research for director's scholarly ;'ork.

Administrative Assistant, The administrative assistant mrnnes the offi e staff of the Center, does the accounting, setting up filing systems, organizes receptions, oversees the activities of the WST Art Gallery, provides information on women's studies to campus local and national inlquiries, processes appointments, oversees arrangements for conferences, comvilesg course schedules.

Secretary. 'The secretary handles the correspondence, answers the phone. receives visitors, types manuscripts and other documents, orders supplies and books/journals. Oversees the Cent er', library.

Work Study Students. Four work-study student; complete office tasks such as xeroxmig, answering the telephone, mailing, tolding, typing, up-dating mailing lists, and other activities assigned by the Administrative Assistant.


1. Spring 1994 (Wo;en's Studies Program Activities)

a) Put forth i materials to establish a Center for Women's Studies and Gnd.,er
Research for FY 1994-1i995 (uly . I l 14 start up)

b) Hold February symposium "Constructint a New Discourse on Age and
Gendei" with funding from ORGE, CLAS, Florida Humanities Council,
AARP and the Women's Jr. League of Gainesviiie.

c) Prhodj;'e a news!et ter

d) Teach 9 WST prefix courses and others for WST certificate credit.

e' Develop ciister Phl). in Women's Sludies.

f) Host Dr. Katharina Liebsch, a teaching scholar with funding from the German
Academic Lxchange program (DAAD;.

g) Hold a bi-weekly colloquium series.

h) Arrange Riaduate student and faculty forums on gender issues.

i) Fundraise for the renovation of the Women's Cvymnrasium for the new Center
for Womnen's Studies and Gender Research (CWSGR).

J) Submit proposal for a Summer Teaching institute on gender issues in the

k) Recruit tacuity for WST iall courses.

1) Collaborate on activities for Women's History Month (March).

II1 Summer 1994 (Celter for Women's Studies and Gender Researclh)

a) Appoint an Associate Director.

b) Identify research strengths in gender studies on campus.

c) Investigate appropriatee research projects and funding agencies.

d) .MeeP , with Fsearhers. and interest groups on campus to discuss the
feasibiii f cri air ni procts.

e) Facilitate grant proposal development and submission.

f) Hold Sumr:r Institte on gender in the classrooms.

g) Plan Fal N':w Faculty iRetat.

,II. Fall 199

a) Contact facul:i returning from summer absences and integrate them into grant writing projects of initiate new proposals.

b) Develop and submit grant applications of the Cente.i

c) Facilitate development and submission of grant applications rom other units

d) Develop intercollegiate workshops promoting mentorship for young faculty oil preparing grant propo;als.

e) Prepare proposal for a cluster Ph.D. Program in 'Wotmen's Studies.

f) Collahorate o n activities for People Awareness Week and other campus-based projects,

g) Hold "Womin'n in German" national conference. October 23-26.

h) Host another exchange faculty member (who would teach WS I courses) funded by DAAD (Ciennan Academic iExchange).

(continue othei usual functions of the Center - e.g. newsletter, colloquium, hmndraising, teaching, ardvisemeut)

IV. Spring 1995

a) Work with interdisciplinary groups who are planning and preparing griil
propiosals. Wrt're and ubmnt p:opts!a.

b) Evaluate and expand intercolleoiate workshop pilot program on mentoring
young ficultv on writing and preparing grant proposals.

c) Plan a conference on "Gender Studies: The .Future of Rescalch.'

d) Participate in Women's History Month.

e2 Condi,�e to fundraVe.

(continue othe, usual tunctions of tle Center)

V. Summer 1995

a) Assist in completing research proposals to be submitted to: ialt deadlines.

b) Holds Sum er Training Institute on gender issues in the classroom.

) Con tinue iu r!daising.

d) Writes FY 1994-95 report. for the Deans and Vice-President Holbrook on theft.
proges.; ofi: !te C(ent.r forr .

FY 1994 - 1995

)ir rc.r (lt) i 'E)
(deperlning cmn Or. Kraf's contract)

Administrative Assistant (1.0 FTE) Secel-av fLO VTE) 3-4 Graduate lResearch Assistants
(0.5 F;l. at S 8,00 eachi 3-4 Graduate T.'eaching Assistants

2 Adjunct 'feathinmg !acuI l
(0.5 F. a .t 17.500 each)

1 Faculty to teitch Sunmmer B 94/95
(0 5 ,' F.l

3-I Work Study Stlludent
(0.25 FIE at $ 600 each)

$ 25.000O

S 24,000 - 32,000 $ 24,0300 - 32.000

S 10.000 - 12.000 S 1,800 - S 2.400

l .t!iA


Operating Exp:.nses (OE) $ 12,000

Libraiv Atllocaliion (SV"Ti ' ,
Publication (newsletter, announcements
conference, pt ocredingr. ) 5 rf,000
Colloquium Sees 00
Annual Sympo.iumi/Conference 5.000

FoTal 25,PNi

Thiv item is based on a possible search for two faculty for Women : sStudies (and another department).
othenvise. the sam amount is needed for adiunct lecturers or v rising tacudtv.


Coegs of Liberal ,ris and Sciences

COME'fAIEE Cnter mr Wiomrln' StidJiLsand cnde Resexr (CW SG Ri








e - ad t,

secretaryy ID OA:G.t

A Pii traie ,;
Asistant 1ful tiTi

kes~1~rcirc AsttSts 11ti~

.G-;r3 . adu.a te
Teaching Assistants
'haf Iirnel

, Cougce f W:k,
Study Stdet


f'tJOj University of Florida

Anderson Hall 8 - Oainesvill,. FL 32611 - Telephone: (904) 392-3365 Fsx: ('904) 392-4873

Dr. Willard VW. Hari- lu
Dean, Coliege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
2014 Turbingron all

November 12, 1993

Re: Research component ot Women's Studies

De Dean Haim

After a meeting with Dr. Holbrook on September 27th, 1993, the Women's
Studies Executive Committee decided to add a strong research component to the
Women's Studies Proeram and to rename it "Center for Women's Studies and Gender
Research." Ideas that were part of an earlier concept (International Institute tor Gender
Studies) were incoqrp))rated in the expanded mission of the newly proposed Center.

The attached document proposes the establishment of a Type 11 Center with the
addition of an Associate Director for research to coordinate and develop collaborative efforts in gender research, We are asking. Dr. Holbrook to fund the Associate Director
and two half-time grilduate assistants plus some expenses for FY 1.994/1995. We anticipate that external funds will soon partially cover the cost of personnel and
operating expenses. ,

The other items in the budget reflect former requests for the Women's Studies
Program (for staff, et:.). It is an estimate of our formal budget request due in Spring

We are very confident that with this initiative and with start-up money from the
Office of Research aild Graduate Education we will be able to bring in grants which
would provide considerable overhead for future administrative needs.

I have made an appointment with your office for me and Dr. ieberman on . to
discuss the project wia:h you.

D)irictor:, Womes Stulie Program

University of Florida

S Aldcrson Hall - (iajrJcsvi]le, F 32611 - Telephone (904) 392-3:65 Fax: (904) 392-4S73

Dr. Kare: Holbraok
Dean and Vice Prcsiicnt, IORGE
-- Gri;iter Halt

Ncvenmber 14, 1993

Re: Research component of Women's Studies

De I D r. T )b iorok,

Our conversation at your office on September 27, 1993, with Maureen Tuiim (English) stimulated Ilhe development of a research component for Women's Studies. The Executive Comniittee and interested faculty across campus have prepared the enclosed proposal to 'change the Women's Studies Program to a Center for Women's Studies and Gender Itesearch. This Center will remain within the College of liberal Arts and Sciences and can be created with or without special support.

However, if wi:. established a viable cross-campus collaborative research and grantwriting program on a large scale, we need some initial support from ORGE. Women faculty on the UF caripus have been successful researchers and with the coordination and symbol of the nev Center could bring in considerable outside funding. See the attached list of women interested in collaborating in our Center who have successfully applied for grants. soine of them already in the area of gender research.

We propose ar initiative spanning one academic year and two summers (FY
1994/1995). During this time period we will promote research efforts and submission of group proposals as well as mentoring workshops designed to aid young faculty in learning the skills of grant wriiing. If we are successful, both personnel costs and operating expenses will be partially funded through these external funds.

'The budget accompanying the proposal for the new Center includes requests from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and from ORGE. We ar re askinP your office to tund an Associate Director who will have primary responsibility for this research initiative, and three tor four half-time research assistantships in addition to the three halftime teaching assistant we had in the past.

We are very confident that with this initiative and with tis start-up fii ;. we will be able to bring in grants which would provide considerable overhead for filture adminis rativc needs.

Your secretary put me and Dr. Lieberman actinge Women's Studies Director
during my sabbatical ihis Spring) on your calendar for December 10th. Dean Farrison has received a copy o:! our proposal as well, and we will discuss the project with him before our meeting.

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