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Title: Our little book for little folks
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Title: Our little book for little folks
Physical Description: 106 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 19 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Crosby, William Edward ( Editor )
American Book Company ( Publisher )
Publisher: American Book Company
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: c1896
Subject: Children's stories   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's stories -- 1896   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1896   ( lcsh )
Readers -- 1896   ( rbgenr )
Textbooks -- 1896   ( rbgenr )
Rebuses -- 1896   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1896
Genre: Children's stories
Children's poetry
Readers   ( rbgenr )
Textbooks   ( rbgenr )
Rebuses   ( rbgenr )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
United States -- Ohio -- Cincinnati
United States -- Illinois -- Chicago
Statement of Responsibility: arranged by W.E. Crosby.
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/ f-C










school work suitable to accompany the oral teach-
ing, even in kindergartens. In this book, a few com-
mon words, selected from the speaking vocabulary
of very young children, are used again and again, in
simple, natural sentences, so constructed as to culti-
vate the brain, the ear, the eye, and the tongue, in
number, color, shape, size and expression.
Mere repetition of words makes a book lifeless, but
when these words are combined in sentences that
arouse varied thoughts, and call forth different forms
of expression, they become educative in every sense.
In this book, the child is made a part of the lesson,
and thus becomes familiar, not only with words and
sentences, but with the common things around him,
which they represent, and his various faculties are
guided, cultivated, and thus educated, from the very
first lesson, in the three steps of observation, simple
thought, and expression.
The lessons are made easy and attractive by the
beautiful pictures, many of which, in mere outline,
can be copied by the children, by the large, plain
script, and by a simple series of drawing lessons,
beginning with straight lines and ending in common
forms. The last part of the book contains pleasant
stories and poems, to be read and re-read, by the
teacher to the children, who will, in time, follow the
reading in their books, and, later, will be able to read
for themselves, the same lessons.
The Teacher's Notes give an outline of work, to be
filled in or enlarged, for the various classes.
If the "Little Folks" are led along the first steps of
learning pleasantly, and the teachers are aided in
their arduous duties, by this book, its aim is well
Copyright, 1896, by American Book Company.
W. P. 2

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_am donm onh

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L(at &i &mt Watc 1

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1 I1I'I' NpI al G.1 1 I ii I I l

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Ta cu u cat.
jM CL, dc & .
TaJ cu cat.

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LP1ado- tL wra cat.

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So-L tL cL9 o afnat6u cat.
Sjzt6 tou afnuA thQL c.
t-L cOat cmJTL RtJ bc0.
r-u Lu V0U, qa- off,&

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J cacru Ac L .to,
Cairu toh cat Atk t6w d ?
ITi cat cca ebo MVt dcL{.
CoratctL e dLot w, d 4 ??

TIa doi coak j t~,W dAc .

See the dog and the cat.
See the boy and the girl.
The dog can see the cat.
The cat can see the dog.
I -can see a girl and a boy.
The boy can play ball.
I can play ball.
Can the cat see the doll?
The cat can see the doll.
Can the dog see the doll?
The dog can see the doll.
Can the dog play ball?

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The boy has a dog, and the
girl has a doll.
I can see a black and white
The cat is playing with the
green leaves.
"Can you see the leaves?"
"Yes, I can see them; they
are cherry leaves. I can see
leaves on the tree."
"See the red round cherries!
One, two, three, four, five. I
can count five cherries on the

Scaj m bJ),vv*
tw a, hb.
Oruh c4~al a co nut muu
oxr. tuci


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adm onm cJa"


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C rWAi ah Zaunul.

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aTwa WA0 n c n

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Thw py oiJ- b ta cq4 u.
Ti7 doca K'oJbW AkL

S- atfh cat auial
tL cL C.

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1n& qL A CL
?UTh04JP uLQY=mk&4.
FT6OaD uromea
Iqj&ot5 1[a-

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3ba CU qV^CrQjU MLL ;
Anu tJuh aL UM00 hromQ,
Arui aL, ae ouiR 1ih tor.
j~nd ojye e-~

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Th Kodse a ht
ric"'-eL/^ hi-Q/ "~i t id

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3 cam, A& a, Xoce
Jt Lb oAQ -


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3J cL cl

&~amuv PoJkoe ~24z,
uch&a~U%&d&~wn ceRm?



c ha pcoa?

h{oWL)h Qauvi

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hQd/ ILo3~?

~-~ h~a Pec~ia~ I

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Sorm, &OaJr Jb ohk cqJu/rh,.
Som- uoJWeb aAQb hLcQ.
SomA rara aom uowun.
Aru o ak ib Tnuot
ith ahi am44A .
A UAA&4 W Lot

-Ace~ a ma ct)yf
Wze afru a .
AQ Asbs M D ot
S CL cA"v .

ame o-ak, &?

Find a lily.
Is the lily red? i
Is the lily green? 4
Is the lily brown?
This lily is yellow.
Some lilies are white.
Find a yellow lily.
Has a lily green leaves?
Is a lily leaf like a rose leaf?
Have you a yellow lily?
I have a lily leaf.
And I have a white lily.
The lily leaf is green.
Find a green lily leaf.

C/amL mOj cu uAit y?.

SOTmrUL2Yo& b oAu-dk.
S omr ru A it oM -uh .

Cae ytb a o udite hX?
AU &av ahe mn ot acjnr,.
S OJL cu, &Aq~ru

oTnmcb utXt aJ.
Mid)LQ kqu

Find an apple blossom.
Apple blossoms are pink and
Cherry blossoms are white.
I like the white blossoms.
Do you see the pink and
white apple blossoms?
Apple blossoms and leaves
are on the apple tree.
Cherry blossoms and leaves
are on the cherry tree.
Can you find a pink and
white blossom on a tree?
Is it an apple blossom?

jYli "UEifNtI e

{L;ocrrv u U ElJitto:uA,?
3 I

4 14fvLrma rturW cnm l a&daxjmue&b too.
[ten I I F U F Ft I

,-m1 att

d 0nwnG Vtant buVW,
J uWant t6 lvlto UaUL.

^^^^tow E- S-ONG-^^^ 4

(9fu ua u- &
- P, Q Ic Ll l 2 wr&vu. L ?

cipL"), aMr o& alit- la

IJ II*s i i ri Iom i n'i

Jl&4Jt 2 {m thAJ t.

I like the yellow lily.
Bring me two white lilies.
Lilies have green leaves.
-Have you three red roses ?
Roses have stems and leaves
Iind a pretty rose leaf.
Do you like white roses?
Yes, white roses are pretty,
bunt I like red roses better.
I like the red roses, but I
like the pretty lily best.
Is a rose leaf like an apple
I have roses and lilies.

What do you -
see in the apple? \t
I see some apple seeds.
Do all apples have seeds?
Some apples are green.
Some apples are yellow.
Some apples are red.
All apples have seeds.
A cherry has a seed.
A cherry tree grows from a
cherry seed.
An apple tree grows from an
apple seed.
A cherry seed is round.

Have you a yellow rose with
a stem and leaves?
Yes, I have red roses, yellow
roses, and white roses.
The roses all have stems and
green leaves.
I have a white lily and a
red rose.
I have a yellow lily and a
white rose.
The lily leaf is not like the
rose leaf.
Bring me two green leaves.
Do all leaves have stems?

I have four oranges.
Oranges are round like
a ball. .
are yellow. -__
Oranges have seeds.
Do oranges grow on trees?
An orange tree grows from.
an orange seed, and all oranges
grow on orange
Do all oranges have seeds?
Some oranges have no seeds.
Are orange seeds round?

The little girl has a large
yellow orange.
See the little dog play with
the orange.
The boy has four oranges.
S"Little boy, little boy, give
Ithe girl an orange."
The little boy gives the little
girl an orange.
Now the little girl has two
yellow oranges.
The boy has three oranges.
Two and three are five.
Four and one are five.

3 Tco n, 0, q

u am aK alCLj c tit.

SMo-6Aot jui u StrQmb.
cglLM, WU5cvTh Po htQrim.

9o-r wJP- oLu htQimb ?
Soti cQ446 or ta tWj.
Cor ?JouOL AJ^ tAje cterrwL
, J qcaru ah t 6t, c4urn
t corL aj tL AtjT
ct6Q4 a/abLg 4.

W clk~um Lum2 ,Lbmh.
G)La -k^U btpmb .

'TPuL, kLd hLo-) fLaL cu Ltmnr.

a tb Gy stQmAh.

(AoLt L>MVAU0, wLttQ amuWU?
ouAjI*k am Al.

UXLat 'b A.,L onu tA -Lo ?
AL ULt Lb ULL mt6 OThLt tf?
T uLat Lb Wt& tiu, Au Ac .
Tk uAdLt Lb ULkaQ tQ u~Lwt
W-Puh t c9uh e t Lam .
C--\ Pl 7 "-


3.0 Cb a.ncL o* p .
UWn axunh to-^u4 ? S-Aleue eu-u
Spt. p

d 0 d t

3 aU Wtc rt &q Ju wttju
76m,,, afyd thim 4h t6Q

A -

"Two cents for each orange. That's
Six cents for three."
"Six cents for three."
"For three twos make six. Two,
Four, six, don't you see ?"
"Yes, I see."

"The peaches cost more. For one,
Three cents will do."
"Three cents will do ?"
"Yes, two threes make six, and
Six cents will buy two."
"Will buy two ?"

"Oh, apples you ask for, such
Nice ones you see." "Nice ones Isee ?"
"For one cent and a nickel,
I'll sell you just three."
"Sell me but three?"

"Pears, peaches and apples, and
Oranges, too. Oranges, too.
So nice and so sweet, they
Are all sold to you." "All sold
by you?"

"So, children, I thank you for
Buying to-day. Buying to-day.
My basket is empty
And I'll run away." "Well, run

"But as it is pleasant this
Fruit game to play,
Come back with your basket
On some other day." "I'll come
some day."


3- cc~m a 13o1TLQ
Yw[3e ahz auniR
Tq&C4 bao1r a c

90cr Tawaiao AL.wP JwA-b ?
tk&, oahg, jlve &ac
T^ hjccb and ?tt Ajcb.

TjA4ia^ A b Awet Lb.
c90I4 QL. uts &wn
Qc ~khL.

T abh Pe b ue/ u.



Can you see a pear?
It is a green pear.
A pear grows on
a tree. .
A pear leaf has a stem.
A pear has seeds in it.
The seeds are not round. ,
A pear tree grows .w:Y
from a seed.
Pears grow on pear trees.
Find a pear leaf, a pear and
a pear blossom.
Do all pears have seeds?
Yes, all pears have seeds.

Find me four pear seeds.

Are pear seeds like
apple seeds ?

Give me five grape seeds.
Are grape seeds like ~,
pear seeds ?

Can you see
seeds ?

two orange


Are orange seeds like apple

seeds ?


grape s(






orange seed?

from a




I can see a peach.
A peach is yellow
and round.
A peach has one seed.
Peach trees grow from seeds.
A peach blossom is pink
and white.
It is a pretty blossom.
Can you find a yellow peach?
Do you see a peach blossom ?
Is a peach leaf like an orange
Is a peach seed round?
Is it like a cherry seed?

Do you like peaches?
Yes, I like peaches, pears,
apples, oranges and grapes.
They are all good to eat.
Can you eat the seeds of
cherries ?
No, I can not eat the seeds
of cherries and peaches.
I do not eat the seeds of
apples and pears.
Are any seeds good to eat?
Do all peaches have seeds ?
Can you find a peach leaf?
Is the leaf a green leaf?

Have you an orange ?
No, I have no orange.
I have a yellow apple.
Is it like an orange ?
It is yellow like an orange.
Its skin is not like the skin
of an orange.
Its seeds are not like the
seeds of an orange.
Are the orange seeds brown?
No, the orange seeds are not
The apple seeds are brown.
Are the peas brown ?

This is a maple leaf.
What a pretty leaf /
it is!
Are maple leaves brown ?
Some maple leaves are green.
Some maple leaves are red.
Some maple leaves are brown.
Can you bring me a red
maple leaf?
Can you find a red and
brown maple leaf?
I can find some green maple
They grow on maple trees.

The boy's name is John.
The girl's name is Mary.
John has two dogs.
Mary has two cats.
The cats are little cats.
The dogs are big dogs.
One of the cats is yellow.
One of the dogs is white, and
one dog is black.
One cat is yellow and white.
Have you a dog or a cat?
Do you like black dogs?
Yes, I like all good dogs, and
all good cats.

A dog has four feet.
A cat has four feet.
A boy has two feet.
Have you two feet?
See this foot!
Is it a dog's foot?
No, it is a cat's foot.
A dog's foot is not like a cat's
foot. ,,
I can see the cat's foot.
Can you find a dog's foot?
Two feet and two feet
are four feet.
A cat can run and .

This is the head
of John's dog.
The dog has two
eyes and two ears.
Have you two ears ?
I have two eyes and two ears.
The dog has two large ears.
.- This is the head
,: : l of Mary's cat.
The cat has two
eyes and two ears.
The cat's ears are not big
like the dog's ears.
Are cat's eyes like dog's eyes ?

A dog can run and play.
See the dog run!
The cat can run and play
with the ball.
Run, cat, run and play.
John can run and play with
the dog.
Mary can run and play with
the cat.
See, see! the cat has the ball.
She can roll the ball with
her feet.
I can see the cat roll the ball
with her feet.

A little brown bird
Has a nest in a tree.
I can see the brown bird.
Can the brown bird see me ?

The brown bird sees the cat.
But the cat can not see
The little brown bird
And the nest in the tree.

The little brown nest
Of the bird in the tree
Is under the leaves,

And the cat can not see.

The cat is under the tree.
The tree is an apple tree.
A little brown bird has a
pretty nest in the tree.
The pretty brown nest is
under the leaves.
I can see it, and I can see
the bird.
But the cat can not see the
bird and the nest.
She likes to eat birds.
Cali the little bird see me ?
The brown bird is in the

What do you like to eat?
What do cats like to eat ?
What can dogs eat?
Can you find what birds like
to eat ?
The bird can fly to her nest
in the tree.
A cat can not fly, but she
can run.
Can you fly like a bird?
No, I can not fly like a bird,
but I can run. like a cat.
The birds like to fly.
Boys like to run and play.

A bird has two wings and
two feet.
A bird can fly with her two
See the bird's foot.
It is not like a dog's foot.
This foot has four toes.
Are there four toes on a
dog's foot ?
Are there four toes on a
boy's foot?
A boy has two and ten -.
A dog has feet and toes.
A has two -- and eight -.

I have some little sticks.
See, I can make a
square with the sticks.
The square is made of four
A square has four sides.
Now I will make a chair.
I can make the chair
of red sticks.
The chair is a red chair.
You can make a house
with your sticks.
Is your house a red house ?
Can you make a yellow house?

See what I can make
with my sticks.
This is a nice ship.
Can you make one like it
with your sticks? ,
See! See! I have made a red
ship with my sticks.
Now I will make a chair.
And I will make a house.
See me make a square.
Can you draw the square
with a circle round it?
Yes, I can do that.
I like to play with sticks.

Here are -.
How many
circles can you see ?
I can see nine circles.
~Are circles round?
Yes, circles are
around and flat.
Is a leaf a circle?
No, a leaf is not round.
Is an apple a
circle ?
No, an apple is ,
not flat.
Can you make a circle ?

How many eyes have you ?
What are your eyes made for?
Eyes are made to see with.
How many hands have you ?
What are hands made for?
What is your mouth made for?
What are your feet made for ?
What do you have on your
two feet ?
Do horses have shoes?
Do dogs have shoes on their
four feet ?
Are horses' shoes like your
shoes ?

Can you make a circle?
Can you find a circle on
page 71?
How many circles do you
see ?
Are all circles round?
Are all circles flat?
Make three round circles.
Are all circles white ?
No, some circles are black,
some are blue, some are red,
and some are green.
Find circles on page 101.
Are they all round?

Bring me a cube.
How many faces can you see
on this cube ?
A cube has six faces.
Touch the six faces of this
What is in this cube ?
Is a cube solid?
Are all cubes solid ?
Are all the faces of the cube
squares ?
Count the square faces.
Are there six square faces ?
Do all cubes have six faces ?

What keeps birds warm ?
What keeps you warm?
What keeps dogs warm ?
Do cats have clothes?
Do you have clothes ?
Who made your clothes ?
How are your clothes made ?
Are your clothes red ?
Who makes your shoes ?
What are your shoes made of?
Who makes birds' clothes ?
Who makes dogs' clothes ?
What are your clothes made

I have two legs.
My legs are made to walk
A dog has four legs.
A has six legs.
A fly has wings.
A spider has wings.
A has
eight legs.
What do
flies eat ?
A has
- legs.
What do spiders eat ?

The cube is solid.
It has six faces.
Each face is a square.
The cube has six square
Here is a box. It has six
faces. Each face is a square.
The box is the
shape of a cube.
The box is not a
It is not a cube.
Can you find a solid cube ?
How many faces has it ?

What are on the
ends of your fingers ? ,
Why are nails on
the ends of your fingers ?
Are there nails on a
cat's foot?
Are there nails on a
hen's foot ?
Why do hens have
nails on their feet ?
S have nails on
their hands and feet.
I have ten nails on my hands.
I have ten nails on my feet.

Here is a solid.
Do you know
what it is ?


The two

me a solid- like this

ends of this


are circles.
This solid is a cylinder.


have you

seen like

this solid?
Is a can a solid ?
A can is not solid, but it has
the shape of a cylinder.
Did you ever see a cylinder ?

What live in the water ?
The fish
live in the
Can fish live on the land ?
No, fish can not live out of
the water.
Can you live in the water ?
No, I can not live in water.
A fish can swim in the water,
but he can not walk on land.
I can walk on the land and
swim in the water.
Can a bird swim ?

The table is made of wood.
Wood is part of a tree.
Can you tell me what things
are made of wood ?
Chairs are made of wood.
Some houses are made of wood.
The sticks that we play with
are made of wood.
Is your bat made of wood ?
Yes, it is made of wood.
It is like a cylinder and is
solid and hard.
Are all bats made of wood ?
Are all bats round ?

One day King Christopher found
fault with everything he had on
the table to eat.
And he told his cook that she
must make him a good pie for
dinner the next day. "I want,"
said he, "a new kind of pie that no
one ever had before."
So the cook thought over all the


ways she knew of making pie, but,
alas! these pies had all been made
Now it happened that a lot of
blackbirds lived near the King's
palace. They liked the cook because
she fed them.
So they all got together to see
what could be done to help the
poor cook. At last they thought
of a plan and flew to the kitchen
There sat the cook crying as hard
as she could because she found no
new kind of pie to be made for the
"Mrs. Cook," cried the blackbirds,
all together, "we can tell you of the
nicest pie you ever heard of."

Much you know about pies!" said
the cook. "Besides, I don't want to
know the nicest pie I ever heard of.
I want to know the nicest pie I
never heard of."
"Well, that is what we can tell
you," said the birds.
Then they chattered away at the
cook until they had told her all
about the wonderful pie.
The next day the King sat down
to dine. He sent for the cook.
"Where is that pie I told you
to make ?" said he.
"Here it is," said the cook, and the
servants came bringing a large pie
on a dish.
It was put on the table before the
King. "It doesn't look very nice,"

said he, "but we will soon find what
it is made of." So he lifted the crust
of the pie and four and twenty
blackbirds raised their heads out of
the pie and began to sing, as black-
birds do when
baked in a pie. -'1 .
The Kingi --
laughed, Iandl -,1 I
the Queen 1 "',
laugh ed
too, as --


the birds went flying round the
room, and the K ing said he thought
this was a new kind of pie. And

this was the pie that the blackbirds
told the cook to make.
Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocketful of rye.
Four and twenty blackbirds
Baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened
The birds began to sing.
"Oh, isn't this a dainty dish
To set before a King!"


We u -- i the Y

"Fir stdy en we Iply a-I
-at is ho-- teh, T.. l-.

Down lbeside a little 1IoL
Twnt y little coats of green,
Tlv *uty v.. .s all wbit 'and cln-- ..

"u r.t wec- study, tben vwe, ,lyl

Wl]en ~ve fr gie" go to selioo]l7

Aster Brnlfro, grave -and stern,
Called th" h in their turn

Taught them, one, two, three, four,
How to leap and how to dive;
From his seat upon the log,
Showed them how to say "IKer-
Also how to dodge a blow
From the sticks that bad boys

Twenty froggies grew up fast.
Bullfrogs they became at last.
Not one dunce in all the lot.
Not one lesson they forgot:
Polished in a high degree,
As each froggie ought to be.
Now they sit on other logs,
Teaching other little frogs.

Three little kittens lost their
And they began to cry,
"0 mother dear, we very much fear
That we have lost our mittens."
"Lost your mittens! You naughty
Then you shall have no pie."

Three little kittens found their
And they began to cry,

"0 mother dear, see here, see here!
See we have found our mittens !"
"Put on your mittens, you silly
And you may have some pie."

The three little kittens put on their
And soon ate up the pie.
" 0 mother dear, we greatly fear
That we have soiled our mittens!"
"Soiled your mittens, you naughty
Then they began to sigh.

The three little kittens washed their
And hung them up to dry.
" 0 mother dear, do you not hear

That we have washed our mittens?"


your mittens,

0 you

good kittens!
But I smell a rat close by."

Re ee.

One day a wasp flew
window, and buzzed

into an open
around the

In a minute, every one in the room
was running after him with brooms
and sticks, trying to kill him.

At last he got away, and flew
home to his family.
As he told them of his trouble,
Mrs. Wasp said: "Why is it that
nobody likes us, while our cousin,
the bee, is loved and taken care of ?
People make a house for the bees to
live in, and feed them if they can
not find enough to eat."
"Well," said Mr. Wasp, "I will ask
cousin bee the next time I see her."
In a day or two the wasp met the
bee, who was getting honey from
some flowers.
"Cousin Bee," said the wasp, "my
wife and I want to know why people
like your family so much better
than they do ours? My back is as
yellow and as bright as gold, and my

shape is much better than yours."
"Well," said the bee, "what you
say is all very true. I am homely
and plain, but I am busy all day
long making honey, and people
know that I do good and do no
mi chief.
"'Towv yo have a pretty coat and
beautiful wings, but yon have a
sharp sting, and you will it, too.
This makes people angry with you.
If you are ever so 1 c autiful, yonuwill
ntv\-er b1e loved, if you are cross and

A wasp met a bee that was buzzing
1n1wr by,
Ai id said, "Little cousin, e:'n you
tell me why

You are loved so much better by
people than I?

"My back shines as bright and as
yellow as gold,
And my shape is most elegant, too,
to behold,
Yet nobody likes me for that, I am

"Aih, cousin," the bee said, "'tis all
very true,
But if I had half as much mischief
to do,
Indeed, they would love me no bet-
ter than you.

"You have a fine shape and a deli-
cate wing;

They own you are handsome; but
then, there's one thing
They cannot put up with, and that
is, your sting.
"Mycoat is quite homely and plain,
as you see,
Yet nobody ever is angry with me,
Because I'm a humble and inno-
cent bee."
From this little story let people be-
Because, like the wasp, if ill-natured
they are,
They will never be loved, if they're
ever so fair.

,,4k 'It .

Two little kittens,
One stormy night,
Began to quarrel,
And then to fight.
One had a mouse,
And the other had none;
And that's the way
The quarrel begun.

"I'll have that mouse,"
Said the bigger cat.
"You'll have that mouse ?
We'll see about that !"
While they scratched and bit,
As only cats can,
They forgot the mouse,
And away it ran.

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