Title: Fit as a fiddle
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Title: Fit as a fiddle
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Copyright Date: 1941
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nditor, 7orids Agricultural
Ektemion SSOrvice

The strength of a. nation-in peace or war-is dependent ol
the health of its people. 'Both'bullets and butter are of ut~rost
importance in defense--bullets during war but butter and other
food products at all times. Intensely patriotic spirits must :be
fortified with strong, virile bodies.
Once the people of rural areas were the strongest and health
est in America, a towering fortress of reserve strength on which
to draw. Conditions have changed, however, and urban sanita-
tion and health development have progressed to the point where
the country can no longer claim to be more healthful than-the
city. Nutrition has not, -pt, pace with sanitation, and in far too
many cases undernourishmennt exists in both city -and country.
National nutrition statistics reveal that only. one.family.iri 10
has a good diet, less than:four in 10 have passable diets, and over
50 percent of the families have poor diets. Poor nutrition is evi-
dent among families of the. rich, the middle classes 'and the poor.
All need ioTafiily plenty uitlso the rijht kintdsa things to e~t.
In a study of 8,000 families in Flbrida, Dr. Ouida- D. Abbott
and her coworkers.of the Florida Agricultural Experiment Sta-
tion's home economics department, found very few with
good diets, 25 percent with passable, and about 75 percent
with inadequate diets. Of 10,000 women and children
examined,. three-fourths being rural.children, 33 percent
were found to have a deficiency of vitamin A,-41 percent
had bad teeth, 53 percent of the children were suffering
fromanemia, and many rural women had pellagra. While.
it. is true that this'-study included perhaps the ,porest areas in
the state from a nutrition standpoint, yet it. is also tiue that
malnutrition is far too prevalent in Florida. .
Failure of children in school to make proper progress often is,
directly traceable to improper nutrition. The ssame trouble also
causes loss to both.' children.,and adults through sickness and.
absence fronrwork. It's expensive to be sick, it's not so hard to
be well. Southern people are sometimes accused of being :.hiftf
less when often it is a case of illness due to lack of proper nu>
"Home demonstration agents and nutritionists with the Agri-
cultural Extension Service have been helping rural families learn.
more about foods and balanced diets for many years, but still
there is need for more people to study the matter and learn more
about it. Their members will be glad to tell of methods used
and results obtained, as well as to assist others .along the same

.road 'Alany: F16ridi -families fia6'ftigd.ItM It
e goodo
T-.10 400VT IT
Florida's Climate.- and sous -wi e abundantly of the
thinv .. nepded'.fq-r -* ,faM I ly t able., 'It IFA,e4SIIY.,PO$ iiMe tO.Ibe
nou Med 'Ato u are all that U
WH ri t three,
th djL us,,q -tft;, iat U
m d [ced
00 Oero Van, Pro,
-as mqeh. aii:, po,.isible -.At qme- Iri& g !,r' t
e pus, Dumness
pendon bulhg all the fob&: -The rrioney, ipuy..rqp,
short, and the. foods would h0eW be left off. Siit
if they: are grO*Ih-gI ',the.garden of...orchard r
elsew ore on I tire. stored, WCans Ir
pantry or inbiha. or billa,4'bout:t diiaejh
al . .. t. e -A-
h h
Mys ereVv. en ne 6
n We,= ow
d# A know,:h to, use.these foQdj3,L-h'Ow,. 64
And. geive' ihbn i. :j I tbey' *Ill n ai. the4: vitib"""- A -,i". e r ,
ins an
'7,,jmportant food: vii'lue"j, qtd 't
en lcifii. 6:
eater. Jaded, apetitek oemiofiallY hc64 to be,:whetted wid the
food, oanlie, cdo6d axd. served in- ""YS:Io 7do- this,:,, 71 the,
meals ixtust bewelj bida'nced. know' s that.,:
Vita inB are whethei or.uotth6y. 1kno *hmd vitamins
auqes:,.a led carboh t.e 81
are. Subst A dt 4 Itits, Minerals.
th ,
and. 6Wkar.e.l. ill req ed to.-Ice6p 8 1,wady healthy: and'gro#*
Difflerght f6ods".tontain rent t
t wg8 in-4iffe, amoun K, And,!:
,oz:jtet 4W. $ noesarr to:,tat a' VrietY of oods for.
lbalthy r9tepAiph. A f a of,,potatoes I or sir A,
hqn r,
ge fo
sa oul¬ PvM,4'-niuch 7
`Carbobydratcs,,Ai'c'h' d ce fat' i ih it Id
pro u s n. e o y. wou.
n6tbuild bone, br and by itself it woiild-iftot keep aperson
ljiiiijthy wit4 bo4nding vfin and, vigor for work: and,,4,,wat dr-
', `gh-e I ::.- -: ','W- L :
n asked h they--fee tob"inan peop e sa 6ey re, e
'Y A
pying" poor health wbeh th6y 4hould bq enjoying goo lipalth.
Aessju less', M ey -Aazy,,wheh ever
Ojikes tobe HS I e P,
tte L to be Zippy
thing;is4t dr4g.,JM rnuch'be r, JaO Aciiv,e.
Hums 4OW To LEAP.N WHArVO 00
The. three think's stcd above aT6 not dtificult to doi'Jf,,vved6n
b, W d 'like V4
or tai.iiins'and,,cilrboliydrgtev"siare', re411#.
'f bd6. pfterly, `"dAQ Plaja 17
efy: implO, W jrqdllce and UM 0
mernbers'of fanuyarewe nourisMdvhIl&..,:`
getting' lenty.tovat Oqjhree.square meals,2,-day-slaould -Con
Aafti several different ldud61 oo


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1619k4d`f' l$TV,0%, VlesPaOiTfor
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17, Ni W Ill
Or 141,04
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r -'T 1, 116,
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2 ''4- no "T

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4, 4T;

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