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EDITOR, The Tribune. I write in response to the reported remarks of the Hon Minister of National Securit y, Tommy Turnquest, on the September 27, defending the unfortunate remarks criticis-i ng and vilifying the judiciary saying that his actions b laming the judiciary for the state of murders in the count ry. W hat is more unfortunate b y this inexplicable and unprecedented subversion of the Bahamian legal system is t he fact that His Lordship, the Honourable Chief Justice had been forced to defend against this flagrant attack on the j udiciary contained in the earl ier remarks by the Hono urable Minister in a press conference called for that purp ose, of itself a most unusual e vent. N ot only is the unwarranted a ttack against the Judiciary b aseless, it also reflects a state of national insecurity and a f ailure to understand the workings of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas which has e ntrenched a separation of the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary. Despite indicating that he did not want to encroach on the independence of the judi-c ial system, his intemperate r emarks had just that effect and forced a response from the head of the Judiciary. In our legal system, judges, b y convention, do not nor m ally respond to criticism. They are not beyond criticism, I have perhaps been its most consistent critic, and are always accountable for their actions in the performance of t heir judicial duties. However, the Honourable A ttorney General, as head of t he legal profession, a nonpolitical designation, has an express duty to defend the rule of law and the honour a nd integrity of our courts as does the Honourable BarC ouncil. Yet they were mute in the face of the initial attack on the Court by the Hon ourable Minister for National S ecurity, forcing the Hono urable Chief Justice to respond by way of a press conference. What is equally distressing is that, in the same edition of The Tribune, the Honourable Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs, John Delaney, forecast the introduction of Amendments to the Bail Act, the Criminal P rocedure Code and the Penal Code at the next sitting of Parliament and which he indicated to be a comprehensive and multi-pronged a pproach to the fight a gainst crime, while failing t o address the untimely r emarks of his colleague and to ensure that the court would n ot be forced to defend its o wn integrity. T he matter will now form the subject of parliamentary d ebate, during which the c ourts will, no doubt, be subj ected to further attacks behind the veil of Parliament ary privilege. T his is a most cowardly scenario, in which the weight o f the Executive and Legisl ature is being brought to b ear against the integrity of t he legal system and in which t he judiciary has been r educed to the untenable p osition of having to defend t hemselves. T his is a sad reflection on our national state of affairs and is quite inexplicable, given the fact that the Chief Justice is a former Cabinet M inister and political colleague of the Honourable Minister of National Securi-t y. I accordingly write this lett er, in the absence of an appropriate response from e ither, the Honourable Attorn ey-General, the Bar Council o r the wider legal profession, to point out to the Government that they have crossed t he bounds of acceptable behaviour and should desist from undermining the integrity of the Court, as such fooli sh action places us in a Cons titutional crisis and potent ially discredits our judicial and political process irreparab ly. I thank you for the opport unity to make this interv ention and hope that in d oing so I would not have been casting pearl before s wine. ARTHURDIONHANNA Jr C hairman Caribbean Human Rights Project Nassau, September 28, 2011. EDITORIAL/LETTERS TO THE EDITOR P AGE 4, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 THE TRIBUNE The Tribune Limited NULLIUS ADDICTUS JURARE IN VERBA MAGISTRI Being Bound to Swear to The Dogmas of No Master LEON E. H. DUPUCH, Publisher/Editor 1903-1914 SIR ETIENNE DUPUCH, Kt., O.B.E., K.M., K.C.S.G., (Hon. Publisher/Editor 1919-1972 Contributing Editor 1972-1991 EILEEN DUPUCH CARRON, C.M.G., M.S., B.A., LL.B. Publisher/Editor 1972Published Daily Monday to Saturday Shirley Street, P.O. Box N-3207, Nassau, Bahamas I nsurance Management Building., P.O. F-485, Freeport, Grand Bahama ONTHISpagetodayintheLettersto theEditorcolumnMrADionHanna,the lawyersonofformergovernor-generalAD Hanna,criticisedNationalSecurityMinisterT ommyTurnquestforhisremarkscriticisingandvilifyingthejudiciary.Heaccused M rTurnquestofblamingthejudiciaryfor thestateofmurdersinthecountrytoday. It is obvious from the facts that Mr Hanna has overstated his case. National Security Minister Turnquest did not blame the judiciary for the state of mur-d ers in the country. However, he did say in a talk to Rotarians o n September 22 that the courts growing practice of granting bail to repeat offenders of violent crimes was greatly contributing t o the countrys escalating crime problem. In other words, the courts were not the cause, but were certainly one of the many contributors to what is now a major security and social problem. As Mr Hanna, a lawyer,s hould appreciate, his statement of what he alleged Mr Turnquest said and what in fact Mr Turnquest did say are oceans apart. A c ontributor to a situation is certainly not the cause of the situation. M r Hanna also claims that Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett called a press conference to defend the Bahamas legal system against Mr Turnquests flagrant attack on the judiciary. Mr Hanna interpreted thec alling of a press conference by Sir Michael as of itself a most unusual event. In fact, this most unusual event never took place. No press conference was either called or held. Instead, an enterprising jour nalist contacted Sir Michael to ask his opinion on Mr Turnquests remarks and got a c ommendable interview. M r Hanna then criticised Attorney Gen e ral John Delaney for failing to defend the rule of law and the honour and integrity of our courts. In the matter of bail for repeat offenders which is what is the issue here the Attorney General is too sensible a man to make a fool of himself in public by defending the indefensible on this particular question. And, in case Mr Hanna is trying to turn this into a political football we must point out that during the Christie administration, thec oncern of legislators over the matter of bail was the same as it is now. I f the Christie governments former attorney general Allison Maynard Gibson is to be believed and there is no reason not to believe her there was concern even in the ranks of the magistrates. On May 19, 2006, speaking on the amend ment to the Criminal Law Miscellaneous (Amendment Act say: In conversations with Magistrates, thoseb efore whom most bail applications are made, they said they are often shocked to see how many people whose request for bail wasd enied by them (Magistrates before them requesting bail for anothero ffence committed while out on bail. These people had gone to the Supreme Court and been granted bail. She then gave examples of repeat offenders continuing a life of violent crime while they awaited trial for a previous offence or offences. Her observations andc omments were in lock-step with Mr Turnquest. S he also gave a breakdown of offences c ommitted with a firearm. In 2004, she said, 7 per cent of the 234 persons arrested for fire arm offences were on bail. Also the majority of violent crimes committed that year were with a firearm. S he gave statistics of where ballistic analysis confirmed that a single firearmw as linked to multiple incidents, i.e., armed robberies, shootings, murders and grievous harm. In fact, she went into g reater detail than did Mr Turnquest at the recent Rotary meeting. It was for this reason that at that time her government was amending the criminal law, specifically the Bail Act as theI ngraham government will be doing when parliament reconvenes next week. The 2006 Bill, which Mrs Gibson proposed, p rovided for appeal to the Court of Appeal by either the prosecutor or the pers on convicted where bail was either granted or refused by the Supreme Court. She felt that the right of the prosecution to appeal on the issue of bail was particularly important as statistics have shownt hat persons, while on bail take not only the opportunity to abscond but more importantly to commit further crimes. T he police have indicated that persons out on bail sometimes interfere with witnesses either by themselves or through their acquaintances. F or anyone not to understand what an i mpact these repeat offenders are having o n our society and not to appreciate that they could not commit these crimes without the courts bail they would have to be deaf, blind, and live on another planet. We often wonder if some of our judiciary and this includes certain defence lawyers are indeed living on another planet, as they seem to have failed to appreciate the lawlessness that surrounds them. T he judiciary needed a wake-up call. Mr Turnquest gave it, and in this he has thef ull support of The Tribune. As for Mr Hanna and like thinkers we invite them to ponder the words of the learned Law Lord, the late Lord Bingham, a former Lord Chief Justice of England: I do not consider it would be right, he said, even if it were possible, for judges to ignore the opinion of the public. They do not live the lives of hermits; they area lso conscious that the gift of infallibility is not conferred on them, alone among mortals. So when differences of opinion arise between judges and an identifiable body ofp ublic opinion, the judges are bound to reflect whether it may be that the public are right and they are wrong. Cowardly attack on our judges LETTERS l Judges should not ignore public opinion Distributed throughout the Bahamas byBWABahamas Wholesale Agencies Ltd. East West Highway, Nassau Tel: 242-394-1759 1 Milton Street, Freeport Tel: 242-351-2201 If itsFLOURs OKAY!A favourite of The Bahamas for many years! OK Flour is a Patent Flour-the highest quality flour available Enriched and versatile, OK Flour is well suited to many baking and cooking applications OK Flourbetter value per pound A T f OK OK OK F F F l lo ur i s a Patent Flo u EDITOR, The Tribune. I thought I would have had m uch pleasure in reminding the Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest what he said about Minister of N ational Security leading up to the 2007 general elections, but today after the murder c ount is above 100, and his blame and attack on the judi ciary, I pity Mr Turnquest. I am convinced that after the constant attention and attacks on Minister Turnquest, his frustration andi neptitude has got the better part of him. The National Security problem has overwhelmed all s tratum of Bahamaland, where you see the Commis sioner of Police stops just s hort of saying what his minister says; the Superintendent of prisons cannot solve a murder of a staff member that happened years ago; Haitian boats evade the Defence Force and land at South Beach regularly whilst the d irector of immigration attempts to pass these events off with news conferences. The Minister of National S ecurity slipped into bar room talk at that Rotary luncheon when he spoke the truth a bout the judiciary! Sadly he is now to pay, the price for this faux pas! M r Turnquest will learn a lesson for this mistake; indeed he may pay a tremendous political price! I t would be of interest to hear what his political opponents Forbes and Munroe, both lawyers, have to say a bout that. But, if you cant handle it, dont touch it; if you cants tand the heat, get out of the kitchen! RANDY MONCUR Nassau, September 26, 2011. I I f f y y o o u u c c a a n n t t s s t t a a n n d d t t h h e e h h e e a a t t . . .


LOCAL NEWS THE TRIBUNE THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011, PAGE 7 Upgrade valid from intermediate to full-size car, on rentals of 4 days or more. Offer ends December 10, 2011 and is subjectto availability. Rates, terms and conditions subject to change without notice.CDW + taxes + fees +unlimited miles + free double IN FLORIDA when using the upgrade couponYOU JUST GOT A C ONGRATULATIONS FULL-SIZE CAR AS LOW AS $ 210U S W EEKLYF or reservations, please contact G oing Places Travel at (2423.6900 o r (786 or at 1.800.468.3334. Be sure to request rate code RC1 and coupon code AU4368BJZ. T HE Department of Immig ration announced that it repatriated 111 Haitian immigrants on Tuesday. The group was flown to Port-Au-Prince on a Bahamasair charter flight which d eparted at 9.30am, the department said in a statement. Among them were: 79 men 20 women 12 children T he repatriation exercise f ollows several routine appre hensions of suspected illegal immigrants throughout NewP rovidence. The Department of Immi gration remains committed to t he timely and orderly repatriation of illegal migrants, the statement said. 111 HAITIAN IMMIGRANTS REPATRIATED B y CARA BRENNEN-BETHEL DESPITE the publics frustration over how long it is taking to complete the New Providence R oad Improvement Project foll owing several snags, Ministry of Works officials say they are satisfied with the progress and still on target to finish by the first quarter of 2012. Environmental specialist S henique Albury told members of t he press that the project has been hampered by a number of issues, including bad weather and challenges with equipment and utility lines. S he said that in some cases, w ork had to be halted when workmen discovered underground util-i ties that needed replacing, or when parts were unavailable or arrived late due to shipping problems. In other cases, she said, the v ibrations from the heavy machinery being used to complete the project may have actually caused leaks in water lines that then had to be repaired. Ms Albury said that in some areas, these problems meant thats ections of the project had to be r e-designed. This is not a process that can take place overnight, she said. Delays in a project of this magnitude are to be anticipated, which i s why the ministry seeks to provide frequent updates to the pub-l ic. Ms Albury said that while there is still much to be done, a lot of progress has been made and significant stretches of road haveb een completed. She also responded to suggestions that BEC would have to dig up some of the finished roads to access power lines. Ms Albury explained that prior to the start of the project, consul-t ations were held with the execut ives of the utility companies, who were invited to submit their requirements, which were then incorporated into the design as far as was feasible. ROAD IMPROVEMENT PROJECT STILL ON TARGET E NVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST S henique Albury said that the New Providence Road Improvement Project is still on target to finish by the first quarter of next year


LOCAL NEWS PAGE 12, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 THE TRIBUNE T HE hit Bahamian comed y C razy Love b egins a nother run on pay-per-view in the Bahamas on Thursday, September 29, follow ing successful screenings at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. On September 9, Crazy L ove became one of a limited number of all-Bahamian movies included in C able Bahamas pay-perv iew list. C able subscribers t hroughout the Bahamas w ere able to buy the movie and watch it at home. We have had an incredi ble response from audiences inside and outside of the Bahamas, said director Clarence Rolle after returni ng from the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. We were the first allB ahamian film to have a full t heatrical run at Galleria C inemas, and now we are on pay-per-view. So, this has proven to b e an historic film, and we are glad it is now available in homes in Abaco, NewP rovidence, Grand B ahama, and everywhere that Cable Bahamas service exists. W hile in Trinidad, Mr R olle spoke with theatre a udiences and on filmmaker panels about Crazy Love Along with directors such as Jamaicas Chris Browne ( Third World Cop and Ghetta Life ), he gave his views on filmmaking in the C aribbean. Crazy Love a production of Vision Pictures, will run o n Cable Bahamas pay-perv iew channels from Thursd ay, September 29, to Sunday, October 2. It stars Leslie Ellis-Tynes a nd co-stars Dana J Fergu son and Matthew Wild goose, who now appear as n ewlywed couple Kelly and P aul in a new Cable Bahamas HD advertising series. BAHAMIAN FILM LAUNCHES ON PAY PER VIEW CRAZY LOVE director Clarence Rolle, right, takes part in a panel on filmmaking along with Chris Browne, left, director of Third World Cop and Ghetta Life and Bruce Paddington, director of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. Hit comedy scores film festival success We were the first all-Bahamian film to have a full theatrical r un at Galler ia Cine mas C C l l a a r r e e n n c c e e R R o o l l l l e e


INTERNATIONAL NEWS PAGE 16, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 THE TRIBUNE OBAMA:CANT FIX IMMIGRATION ALONE W ASHINGTON, US Associated Press FACING WEAKENING support among Hispanics,P resident Barack Obama expressed deep frustrationy esterday over what he called an inaccurate and damaging perception that he can fix the n ations flawed immigration system on his own. Thisnotionthatsomehow Icanjustchangethelawsunilaterallyisjustnottrue,ObamasaidduringaWhiteHouse roundtabletargetingHispanicvoters,akeyconstituency forhisre-electionbid. T he president said compreh ensive immigration reform continues to be a top priority for his administration. But he blamed Republicans in Congress for failing to join Democrats in supporting legislation that would address the flow of foreigners into the US and deal with illegal immig rants already in the US. NEWYORK, US Associated Press W ITH 1,096 essays for 60 M inutes under his belt, Andy Rooney will deliver his 1,097th on Sunday's broadcast of the TV news magazine. And it will be his last asa regular contributor. T he 92-year-old Rooney w ill announce his departure at the end of the program, where he has been featured since 1978, CBS News announced on Tuesday. It will be preceded by a segment in which Rooney looks back on his career with 60 Minutes correspondent Morley Safer. There's nobody like Andy a nd there never will be, said Jeff Fager, chairman of CBS News and 60 Minutes executive producer. He called Rooney's contributions to the program immeasurable,a nd added, It's harder for h im to do it every week, but h e will always have the ability to speak his mind on 60 Minutes when the urge hits him. ANDY ROONEY, who will deliver his last 60 Minutes broadcast on Sunday ROONEY TO END REGULAR STINT


NEWYORK, US Associated Press AMAZON CEO Jeff Bezos yesterday showed offt he Kindle Fire, a $199 tablet computer, challenging Apples iPad. Bezos also took the opportunity at a New York press e vent to introduce a new line of Kindle e-readers with b lack-and-white screens and lower prices, further pressuring competitors such as Barnes & Noble which are trying to break Amazons dominance in electronic book sales. The Kindle Fire will go on sale Nov 15. Its about half the size of the iPad, making ita close match with Barnes & Nobles Nook Color tablet, which came out last year. But while Barnes & Noble seest he Nook Color as a jazzed-up e-reader, Amazon has broader goals for the Fire, as a platform for games, movies, music a nd other applications. E ven before its release, the Kindle Fire was heralded as a w orthy competitor to Apples iPad which remains the overwhelming front-runner in t he tablet computer category, having sold 28.7 million of them from April 2010 to June 2011. Amazons position of being a ble to sell services to the t ablet puts it in a better position than many other tablet manufacturers, who have essentially been simply making the hardware. The Fire runs a version of G oogles Android software, a nd will have access to applications through Amazon's Android store. It lacks the cameras sported by practically every competing tablet. It also lacks a slot for memorye xpansion, a common feature o n other Android tablets. Amazon's cheapest new Kindle will cost $79, and dispenses with the keyboard the Kindles have carried since the f irst model launched in 2007. F or $99, Amazon is also bringing out the first blacka nd-white Kindle with a touch screen reminiscent of Barnes & Nobles latest Nook device. A version with access to AT&Ts cellular network willc ost $149. Versions without a dvertising cost an extra $30 t o $40. INTERNATIONAL NEWS PAGE 18, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 THE TRIBUNE %DUWHQGHUV 6SDFH&OHDQHUV %DUXQQHUV (PDLOSKRWRIXOOERG\fWR $QQTXLHWWH#JPDLOFRP KINDLE TABLET TO TAKE ON APPLES IPAD THE KINDLE FIRE, unveiled yesterday, a $199 tablet computer l aunched by Amazon to rival the iPad


L OSANGELES, US A ssociated Press AN ATTORNEY for the promoter of Michael Jacksons final concerts saidW ednesday the singer's pers onal physician asked the c ompany for life-saving equipm ent just days before the pop superstar's death. Kathy Jorrie, who works f or concert giant AEG Live, testified at the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr Con-r ad Murray that she quest ioned some of the doctors requests, which also included the possibility of hiring a seco nd doctor to assist him. Dr Murray told me M ichael Jackson was perfectl y healthy, in excellent condit ion, Jorrie testified. She said Murray told her not to worry about Jackson's c ondition. Hes great, she recounted the doctor telling her in a conv ersation the day before Jacksons death. Murray asked for a CPR machine in case one wasn't available at the concert venue a t Londons O2 arena, Jorrie explained. P rosecutors allege Murray caused Jacksons death by providing him with a lethal dose of the anesthetic propo f ol and other sedatives with out the proper lifesaving equipment or skills. Other testimony came from Jacksons former personal assistant, Michael AmirW illiams, who recounted a 35s econd phone conversation with Murray on the day Jack son died. He said Get here right away, Mr Jackson had a bad reaction. Get somebody up here immediately, Williams told the jury. He said the doctor never told him to call 911 or d escribed Jackson's condition. Williams said he arrived at Jacksons mansion just as thes inger was being loaded into an ambulance. He saw Murr ay, who he described as frantic. Earlier in the day, a promoter told jurors that Jackson appeared strong during one of the final rehearsals for t he highly anticipated comeback concerts. Paul Gongaware, an execut ive for AEG Live, said Jackson seemed engaged and energetic during the rehearsal just two days before he died. P rosecutors called Gongaware to demonstrate the importance of the concertsa nd in an apparent attempt to show that both the singer and his physician were deeply engaged in preparations for the show before Jackson died on June 25, 2009. G ongaware also testified t hat he saw Murray at one of Jackson's rehearsals after people affiliated with thep lanned concerts complained that the singer had been missing some of the sessions. P rosecutors wrapped up t hir direct questioning of Gongaware before defense attorney Ed Chernoff briefly q uestioned the executive. Under the cross-examination, Gongaware acknowl-e dged AEG is being sued by J ackson's mother for negligent supervision of Murray when h e worked with Jackson. Jorrie also testified about drafting a contract for Mur ray to work as Jackson's per s onal physician. At one point in negotiations, Murray requested his contract be modified to allowh im to hire another physician in case he was tired or unavailable while Jackson was p erforming in London, she testified. He wanted to make sure t hat there was somebody else a vailable to be of assistance, Jorrie said. In opening statements Tuesday, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren said Murray delayed summoning INTERNATIONAL NEWS THE TRIBUNE THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011, PAGE 19 A MBESTA-ExcellentFinancialStrengthRating NEW APPOINTMENTPatricia Hermanns,President & CEO of Family Guardian,has announced the appointment of Bryinda Carroll to the position of Assistant Vice President, Legal & Compliance.In her new position,Ms.Carroll will have responsibility for the Compans legal matters and oversight of compliance strategies. An Attorney-at-Law called to the Bar in 2004,Ms. Carroll brings to Family Guardian a wealth of local and international experience.She holds a Bachelors degree in Economic History,a Master of Science degree in International Finance and the Post Graduate Diploma in Law designation. The Company welcomes Ms.Carroll in her new role at Family Guardian.NASSAUIFREEPORTIABACOIELEUTHERAIEXUMAIFINANCIAL CENTREICORPORATE A member of the FamGuard Group of Companies Bryinda Carroll, BSc, MSc, PGDLAssistant Vice President, Legal & Compliance JACKSON APPEARED STRONG IN FINAL DAYS MICHAEL JACKSON fans hold signs outside court y esterday during the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr Conrad Murray in Los Angeles. DR CONRAD MURRAY in court yesterday emergency crews and lied to doctors and medics when he failed to reveal he had been giving Jackson the medications to try to help the entertainer sleep. C hernoff claimed Jackson g ave himself a fatal dose of medication in a desperate a ttempt to get some sleep. H e said Murray had been trying to wean Jackson off propofol, but the entertainer kept requesting it on the day h e died. Michael Jackson started b egging, Chernoff said. When Michael Jackson told Dr Murray, I have to sleep. They will cancel my perform ance, he meant it. P rosecutors rejected Murray's version and told jurors the Houston-based cardiologist also had a tremendous stake in Jackson appearing in the concerts. The doctor had initially a sked to be paid $5 million a y ear for working with Jackson, but Gongaware said he i mmediately rejected the prop osal. Instead, Murray accepted an offer to become Jackson's doctor for $150,000 a month a sum he was never p aid because his contract had n ot been signed before Jacks ons death. M urray has pleaded not guilty. If convicted, he could face up to four years in prison a nd have to relinquish his m edical license.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS PAGE 20, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 THE TRIBUNE NEWSPAPER SECRETARY WHO SOLD BEST SCOOPS LONDON, ENGLAND Associated Press NO ONE SUSPECTED t he secretary. E fficient, well-dressed and well-liked, Sue Harris was at the heart of the Sunday People, the smallest of Britain's weekly tabloids. She booked f lights, reserved accommodation, and tallied expenses for t he paper's dozen or so fulltime reporters. These journalists implicitly trusted the petite, 40-something south Londoner whod spent most ifn ot all of her working life at the tabloid. Maybe they shouldn't have. In 1995, Harris was dismissed over an allegation that shed been feeding herp apers juiciest scoops to the Piers Morgan-edited News of the World, betraying her co-w orkers for a weekly payoff w orth about $375. Although P eople journalists had long believed there was a traitor i n their midst, they were s hocked when Harris was exposed. Everybody knew there was a mole, said a former senior journalist with the People. We never thought the p erson we were looking for w as her. No secret was safe from H arris, who spent years sitting a few feet from the Peoples senior editors. S omething similar was happening at one of the People's sister papers, the Sunday Mirr or, where reporter Chris H ouse was accepting about 1,000 pounds a month to leak his colleagues stories. I n his 2005 book, The Insider, Morgan recalled one of the disclosures -the news that a popular British television p resenter was having an affair. Morgan said the Sunday Mirror had spent three m onths working on the story only to have it stolen out from u nder them the day before it was due to run. If I was their editor Id w ant to top myself, he c rowed, using British slang for suicide. Morgan turned on his inform ants when he became editor of the Daily Mirror, which shares the same publisher, T rinity Mirror PLC, as the S unday Mirror and the People. Incredibly they had just carried on, so I fired them, h e wrote. P IERS MORGAN, who was editor of the News of the World when Sue Harris, a secretary at rival paper theS unday People, w as paid to pass on her paper's juiciest scoops L ONDON, ENGLAND Associated Press TWO REPORTERSwho were fired from the British newspaper News of the World h ave filed unfair dismissal claims against Rupert Murdochs News International. News International said it will vigorously contest the case filed by former chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck. T hurlbeck is expected to c laim he was fired for whistleblowing in the phone-hacking scandal that brought down his t abloid. A preliminary heari ng will take place at the East London Tribunal Service cen tre tomorrow. T he Press Association reported that another former journalist at the tabloid, IanE dmondson, has lodged a s imilar claim for unfair dis missal. A person familiar with the matter confirmed that on c ondition of anonymity. Edmondson was arrested along with Thurlbeck in April o n suspicion of conspiring to i ntercept voicemail messages. Both have been released on bail pending further quest ioning. Murdoch closed News of the World in July as allega t ions piled up that the tabloid s ystematically intercepted pri vate voice mail of celebrities, politicians and crime victims. REPORTERS FIGHT NEWS OF THE WORLD DISMISSAL


RELIGIOUS NEWS, STORIES AND CHURCH EVENTS R E L I G I O N S E C T I O N C P G 2 4 T H U R S D A Y S E P TM E B E R 2 9, 2 0 11 T H E T R I B U N E S W ITH barely a breather between concerts that had him island hopping in The Bahamas last week, one of country's youngest music moguls now finds himself in the Cayman Islands as he continues to show the region why he is nominated for both male vocalist of the year and song of the year in the South Florida Gospel Music Awards. Y et d es pi te t he b us y s c h edu le, V i n c e n t V M a c M c D o n a l d J r s ays i t i s a b les s in g t o b e ab le to com bin e h is p as si on fo r med ia and mu si c wi th hi s pu r pos e fo r mi nis t r y wit h a t woweek to ur i n Gr and Caym an a nd Cayma n Br ac. I am ecs tat ic to b e p er f o rm i n g and do ing mot iv ati ona l s pea kin g in T he Ca yman I s lan ds ," s ai d V M a c I t s my se cond t im e i n th e i s lan ds and I e njo y it T he a tmo s phe re is r elax ing an d t he peo pl e t r eat v is ito r s as i f th ey ar e fa mil y m emb er s. I r ea lly h ol d th e Cayma ns in m y h e a r t b ecaus e it r emi nd s me so mu ch o f hom e." V Mac i s k nown in h is nat iv e Baha mas as t he CEO o f a r e c o rd c o n c e r t s o und en gine er ing and t elevi si on pr od ucti on comp any He is als o t he yo ung es t Baha mia n pr odu cer t o h ave to p ra ted s ho ws on r adi o, t he in ter n et an d te levi s ion s i m u l t a n e o u s l y n a t i o n a l l y B o r n wit h a d ef ect th at r es ul ted i n th e lo ss of o ne eye an d sev er e s i ght d e f i ci e n c y i n t h e o t h e r h e h a s ta ken his s to r y of ins p ir at ion and mo ti vat ion acr o ss th e C a ri bb ean, Un it ed S ta tes a nd Canad a. I liv e m y li fe wit h the qu ot e, I on ce was b lin d b ut no w I se e', s aid V Ma c. "T hat s not ju st ph ys icall y bu t s pir i tu all y a s wel l. I want o th e r p eo pl e t o u n de r s t an d t h e i m p o r t an ce of ha vin g t he s cal es r emo ved fr om th eir ey es and to kn ow h ow im po rt ant it i s, es peci ally as a yo un g pe rs o n i n t hes e cra zy te mpt in g t im es t o kno w wh at it mea ns to wa lk b y fai th not by s i g h t F r es h ou t of his own r e c o r di n g s t u d i o s h i s l a t e s t a l b u m E l e v a t i o n i s s c o r i n g h i m m a jo r s u c ce s s an d r e c o g n i t i o n i n t e rn a t i o n a l l y H is f i r s t s ho t at win nin g awar ds t his f all w i ll be at th e S out h F lo r ida Go sp el M u si c A w a r d s whi ch wi ll co me on th e hee ls o f h is t ou r of At la nt a. I want Caym ani ans t o r e m e m ber me as s om eon e wh o came to t hei r te r r i t o r y an d b le ss e d t hei r h e a r t s w i t h t h e g r e at n e w s o f Chr is t ," s aid V Mac whe n as ked wh a t h e wa n t s t o l e av e i n t h e is la nds "I want th em to r e m e m b e r me as so meo ne th at cam e a nd mi ni s t e r ed to th em in all in t he ef f o r t f o r c h a n g e a n d t o h e l p t h e m emb r ace t hei r pu rp os e. V -MACK V -MA C IS EL EV A TIN G' W ITH C A Y M A N ISL AN DS T O UR


The T ribune Thursday September 29, 201 1 PG 25 RELIGION B AHAMIAN music star Ricardo Clarke has relaunched his "Wasting No Time" school campaign just in time for the new school year. A re gg a e a rtist w it h stron g ti es to the c h u r c h, Mr C la rke is pa ssion at e ab ou t rea c hin g ou t t o t he na ti on' s yo uth He na me d hi s y ou th in iti at iv e af te r o ne h is hi t song s, W a sti ng N o T im e ". Th e sin ge r sa id l ast y ea r' s ca mp ai gn w a s a n over whe lmi ng s ucces s ", r e a c h i n g 15 ,0 0 0 stud en ts i n 50 plu s sc ho ol s th r o u g h ou t New P rovid e n c e, Grand Bahama, A baco, Cent ral and Nort h Eleu ther a, Ha rbou r Isl an d, Sp an ish W e ll s, C en tral an d No rth And ros an d S an S al va do r Mr C l ark e en co ura ge s stu de nts to ne ve r sett le fo r a ny thi ng b ut the b est in a c ad em ic s, a nd e mp ha sise s t he i mpo rta nc e o f usin g ti me w ise ly i n sc hoo l. T h r ou gh s cho ol vis it s me nt or in g, en ga gi ng i n w o rksho ps a nd h osti ng c on c e r ts Mr C la rke an d h is te am fou nd a w ay to tra nsl at e th ei r me ssag e int o on e th at the c h i l d r e n ca n un de rsta nd. D urin g th e te a m's c ou rte sy vi sit to the M i n i s t r y o f Y out h, Sp orts an d C u ltu r e Mini ste r C ha rle s Ma yn ard sa id : W e ne ed as ma ny pa rtne rs a s possi bl e to a ssist in ch an gi ng t he mi nd set of ou r y out h a nd to he lp th em fin d be tte r w a ys o f r e l a t i n g a mon gst the mse l ve s. W e be li ev e yo ur p rog ram me i s a c ri tic a l pa rt of tha t ef f o r t, h e s a i d When asked about the relaunch, Mr Clark e s aid: "I am extr emely excited about this undertaking. W e will be able to use the students' love for us and our songs and hopefully direct them to a pr oductive lifestyle. It is safe to say that all schools encourage their students to avoid time-wasting habits and aspire to great ness academically It is my aim to rein f o r ce t h at a n d p ar t n e r wi t h s c ho o l s n a t i o n a l l y in w hatever w ay I ca n, to achieve this result." When asked what t he s tudent s c an e xp ec t du ring on e of hi s sc h ool v isi ts, h e sa id, O ur i ni tia l vi sits a re mo tiv at ion al i n n a t u r e, wh ere w e spe a k to stu de nts a bo ut th e v al ue of a go od e du c ati on c ul tiv a tin g a h ea lt hy n et wo rk of f rie nds a nd h ow the ir p r e se nt m ome nt i n sc ho ol i s imp orta nt to th e ov e ral l dire c tio n of th ei r l if e. O fte n ti me s thi s le ad s t o a rep ea t vi sit w h ere w e a r e in trod uc e d to som e of th e sc ho ol p rog ram me s, e spe ci al ly the one s th at d ea l w ith co nfl ic t reso lu tio n an d the stud en ts i n t h e m Ea rli er th is y ea r Mr C la rke be ca m e th e fi rs t Bahami an t o w i n t he C a rib bean Go s pel M us i c M ar l in A w a r d in t he Re gg a e R ec ord in g of t he Y ea r" c a te go ry fo r h is so ng N ot Se ttl ing C l a r k e l a u n c h e s s c h o o l c a m p a i g n HIGH FIVES: Palmdale Primar y students meet and greet Ricardo Clarke. GOOD TIMES: Ricardo Clarke poses for a picture with students.


IT IS a great temptation to throw our hands up in the air and say that in our nation things ar e out of control, out of our contr ol and out of ever yone' s control. It is as if we have a moral and spiritual "dig up" going on that is cr eating major changes in the progr ess of our people. Where do you think we should go from her e? Do you have some ideas to offer on the subject? Some suggestions that I hear circulating are: 1. Hanging (even public hanging) 2. Y outh programmes to do more preventive work 3. Parenting classes 4. Prayer and fasting 5. Quicker settling of criminal cases and longer sentences 6. Assisting the police with information 7. Bringing in foreign police to assist our local officers 8. Super vising the music our children hear 9. National spiritual transformation 10. More effective rehabilitation while in prison 11. Providing each child with academic or technical skills before graduation 12. Control of greed and materialism 13. Family planning and population control 14. More social workers to detect family prob lems 15. Political unity of all parties to address the problem together W e may not all agree on these proposals but we need to consider the part that we are each willing to play What are you pr epared to do? How willing are you to make sacrifices to commit yourself to some proj ect, programme or principle? How ar e we a par t of the pr oblem? T o what degree are we contributing to the sit uation? 1. Are we improving the conditions in our own family relations? 2. Are we working to positively impact the next generation beyond our immediate family? 3. Are we willing to be involved in prison min istr y and follow-up assistance? 4. Are we spiritually grounded and setting a godly example? 5. Are we blaming more than offering ideas? Where we go from here gr eatly depends on whether we allow God to lead and direct our way and whether we are willing to follow the directives to love, shar e, care, help to heal, forgive, and live lives of digni ty and integrity Pray ponder and partici pate. Keep hope alive. The T ribune PG 26 Thursday September 29, 201 1 RELIGION D EACO N A l va rdo Ad de rle y w il l be o r d ain e d t o t he sacred p r i est h oo d n ex t W e d n e s d a y w hi ch is th e F east o f S t F a it h of A q u it an e. Th e co nc el eb rat ed Mass w il l b e h el d a t Ch rist C hu rch Ca th ed ral wit h ch ie f ce le bra nt Re v Lai sh Bo yd S r Bi sho p o f t h e D io cese of Th e Ba ha m as an d T he T u rk s an d Ca ico s. Si n ce be in g ord ai n ed a s a d eac on i n 2 01 0, Mr Ad de rley serve d a s c ura te a t H o ly Cross An gl ica n C hu rch As cu rat e, F a t h e r Ad d e rl e y h a d t h e p ri m a r y re spo n sib il it y fo r t h e y ou t h an d r e l a t e d m i ni stri es of t h e p a r i sh H is ot h er du t ie s i nc lu de d re ad in g t he g osp el p rea chi n g, v isi ti n g t he sick an d s h u t i n a n d a s si st i n g i n t h e o v e r a l l d ev el op m en t of th e pa rish F at he r Add erl ey gr e w u p i n t he Al l Sa in t s P a rish a nd was n ur t u r e d by h i s p a r e nt s, Do n al d Add erl ey a nd S t ep ha ni e T u rn q u e s t a n d g r a n d a u n t M a r i l y n R usse ll He i s a 2 00 7 grad u a t e o f t h e B a h a m a s B a p t i st C o m m u n i t y Co l leg e wi th a n Assoc iat e D e g r ee i n p s y ch ol og y an d s o c i o l o g y In J u n e 2 0 1 0 h e w a s g rad ua te d wit h a d i pl om a i n p a s t o r a l s t u d i e s f r o m C o d r i n g t o n T h e o l o g i c a l Co l leg e, an d a Ba ch elo r o f A r t s D eg ree (H on s) i n sca r e d t he ol o gy f r om t he Un iv ersi ty of t he W est Ind i es, Barb ad o s. H e is curre nt l y e n r o l l e d a t t h e C o l l e g e o f T h e B a h a m a s p u rs u i n g a di pl o ma i n ed uca t io n. P rio r t o t est in g hi s vo cati o n, Fa t he r Add erl ey was a m ed ia sp eci al ist H e was e m p l o y e d a s a r a d i o an no u nce r at th e B ah am as B r o ad cast in g Co rp ora ti o n fo r t wo y ears, an d h el d t h e sam e p o si t i on at v a ri ou s r a d io st at i on s fo r s i x ye ars pri or to t h at F at h er Ad de rle y w il l c eleb ra t e h i s f i rs t M a s s o n O c t o b e r 6 a t H o l y C ro s s A n g l i c a n C h u rc h D E A C O N ADDER L EY T O B E O RD AINED T O PR IES THOO D I say thank you Lord! THE p sal mis ts d ec la re th at i n a ll t hin gs g iv e tha nk s. T w o mo nth s a go I ha d the d en gu e fe ve r an d i t wa s aw fu l. So me thi ng y ou w ou ldn 't w ish on a n en em y I lit era ll y th oug ht th at I wa s go ing t o die Ho w ev er Go d in a ll Hi s m erc y sa w fi t tha t I r e c o v e r ed T rust me w he n I sa y ha lle lu ja h Go d go t m e th roug h th at' So to da y thi s a r tic le is sa y th an k yo u Lord fo r g ett ing me thro ug h o ne o f t he w orst e xp eri en c es of m y lif e. A s ba d a s th at w as it sti ll w as g ood Tha t is si mp ly b ec a use a ny d ay a bov e si x fee t is a go od d ay I ca n say tha nk y ou Lord a nd i t i s w it h a g rat efu l an d hum bl e he art I say th at I th ink a bo ut the fac t th at I c o uld h av e be e n de ad a nd th at ma ke s m e a ppr e c i a t e li fe e ve n mo re. It i s so e asy t o co mp la in an d fin d e v e r yt hin g w ron g wi th a ny thi ng but th at is be in g un gra te ful a nd th ere i s a lw a ys som et hin g to be tha nk ful fo r Ev e n in ba d sit ua tio ns we c a n fin d the g oo d. W e ha v e to sto p co mp la ini ng be c au se as ba d as th ing s are i t c o uld w o rse. T h e r e is a song tha t g rou nd ed m e w he n I w a s c om pl ai nin g. It g oe s so me th ing al ong t he se li ne s: "I' ve h ad b ad da y s a nd g ood d ay s. W he n I th in k i t ov er my go od da ys ou tw ei gh m y ba d da ys; I w on 't c omp la in ." Gue ss w h at? My go od da y s a lw a ys out w ei gh m y ba d da ys so I sa y th an k yo u L o r d I th an k Him f or t he c a r I driv e the j ob th at I h av e the h ou se I l iv e in for the fa mi ly a nd fri en ds I h av e. I ju st tha nk Go d for li fe Like so m an y I co ul d h av e b ee n de ad a nd ju st a me mo ry b ut I t hrow my h an ds u p an d say th an k yo u Lo rd, I w ill n ot c omp la in God ha s be en be tte r to us tha n w e ha ve b ee n to o urse lv es an d tha t d ese rv es a 't ha nk y ou Lor d If G od de c id es tha t He w on 't do a not he r th in g for us, th at 's oka y be c au se He ha s do ne p le nty He l ov es us an d sa y s th at if w e a sk ac c ord ing t o His w il l f or ou r l iv es, w e 'l l g e t i t. So He i s n ot lo oki ng to d uc k ou t o n us bu t ma ke us a wa re o f w ha t w e ha ve i n Hi m. Mo st o f al l I th an k God fo r se nd in g Hi s so n Je sus C hri st d yi ng o n Ca lv a r y s C r oss for ou r si ns. W hi ch m ea ns tha t w e w il l al wa y s ha v e ac c e ss to H im if w e a cc e pt Hi s p erf ec t gi ft of lo ve W ith e v ery thi ng th at h ap pe ne d i n the pa st mo nth s I say t ha nk yo u Lord fo r bri ng in g me th rou gh i t a ll ALLISON MILLER Deacon Alvardo Adderley W H E R E D O W E G O F R O M H E R E ? REV ANGELA C BOSFIELD P ALA CIOUS


T HE one-s ide d, twis ted, incompl ete p r os per ity gosp el th at' s em anating fr o m man y chur c h pulp its tod ay is ce r t a i n l y n ot of God ( Y ah w eh ). Th is t w i st ed vers ion of godly pr o s p e r i t y pr imar ily benefi ts th e r eligious l eaders whi le the majo rit y of th e con gr e g a t i o n l ive a lif e o f w ai ting for their br e a k t h r ough, a lif e of pover ty or jus t bar e l y mak ing it De s p it e th e fa ct t ha t ma ny ch u r c h l eaders ar e twis ting th e wor d of God for t heir s elfi sh fin anc i al gai n, it i s the w i ll o f Go d t o pr os per His peo ple; H e takes p l e a s u r e in the pro sper it y of His ser v a n t s ( th ose who fait hful ly ser ve Him ). H e re s how David says it : PS ALM 35: 27: "Let them s hou t for j o y an d be glad, t hat favour my righ teous caus e: yea, l et them s ay con tinu ally L et t he L or d b e magni fied, which h ath pleas u r e in the p ros per ity o f his s er v a n t G o d s word is for ever tr ue and sur e ; He w at c h es o ver hi s wor d to Th e tim es t hat w e'r e li ving in will d ict ate t hat o ne has a per so nal r e l a t i o n s h i p wit h G od and f aith full y obey his c o mman dment s if he or s he is expecting t o walk in God s pr osp erit y plan. A r e th er e wo lv es dr es s ed in s he ep clo thing among chur ch leader sh ip th at a r e mer ciles sl y fleecin g and abus ing t he s heepf old? Y es t her e ar e! Does th is nul l ify God s pro sper ity pl an? Abs olut ely n o t Th is is cert ainly not the tim e t o be t aken for a ri de by ult erio r moti ves r e l i gi ous leader s whos e s ole pur pos e is t o ad vanc e t heir agenda; i f you all ow your s elf to b e t a k en via r eligio us r hetor ic and h ype the f ault res ts so lely on you. W atch th is! 1 JOHN 4: 1: "Beloved, believe no t e v e r y s pir it, b ut t ry t he s pir its whether t hey ar e of God: b ec au se m any fals e p r op hets are go ne out int o the wor ld. God want s you t o pr o s p e r T he gos pel ( th e goo d news) i ts elf is p r o s p e r ous t o t he s oul that s livi ng a G od-f eari ng, r e v e r ent lif e and has a w o rki ng kn owledge o f G o d s p l an f o r h i s o r h er l i f e ( J e r emi ah 29: 11: "For I know t he plan s I h ave f or yo u," says the L or d. "Th ey ar e plans f or good and not for di sas ter to give you a fut ure an d a hop e). T he gos pel is al l about pr os per ity as the entir e pl an of salvat ion is God' s pr o s p e r o u s p l a n o f r e d e em i n g m an T h e p r oblem we have today is that we've limit ed th e wor d pr os per it y pr ima ri ly to m o n e y I n G r e ek t h e wo r d p r o s p e r i s eu o d o o ( p r o n o u n ce d y oo o d o o ) which has sever al meanings such as to help someo ne on t he r oad/al ong th e w ay; to succeed in reachi ng your des tin y; to su c ceed i n bus ines s affair s A p ers on could h ave m illio ns of dollar s and yet be ter minall y ill ( he/s he is not pr o s p e r ou s) or he/ she c an be men tally un s t ab le ; f i na nci al l y s p eak i ng s uch per son is r e g a r ded as a mult i-m illio nair e but not as pr o s p e r o u s I n sp ite of t he con st ant quot ing of Hos ea 4:6 ("M y p eople are des tro yed f or a lack of kno w led ge") b y the r e l i g i o u s set many are yet b eing des tr oyed due to thei r lack of kn owledge. Th is lack of knowled ge i s lik e a gr een tr affi c li ght to cr af ty r el ig iou s lea der s th at s ay "Go a h ea d y o u ca n f i n a n ci a l l y r a p e t h i s c re w ." How many t imes have you hear d a f ast talk ing, hoop ing and hackin g r e l i g i o u s leader thr ow the f ollo w i ng pass age of s c r i p t u r e t o mo t i v a t e p e o p l e t o g i v e fin ancially; s imp ly becaus e of th e word p ro s p e r ? 3 JOHN 1: 2: "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." And the itching ears, gullible, na•ve r e li g i ou s c hu r c h f o l k wo ul d s h o ut "Amen, I receive that." W h e r ea s 3 Jo hn 1:2 h as ab s ol ut el y nothing to do with financial prosperity Soul prospereth: In Greek, the wor d s o u l i s : "p s u ch e ( p r o n o un ce d ps oo khay') which speaks to the rational and immor tal soul. Now let' s look at pr osperity from the financial blessing perspective. H e re s t h e t r u e p u r p o s e o f b ei n g blessed by God, especially financially: GENESIS 12: 2: "And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name gr eat; and thou shalt be a blessing." Unlike most the so-called anointed reli gious leaders today Abraham knew and understood what was meant by "and thou shalt be a blessing" GENESIS 13:2: "And Abram was ver y rich in cattle, in silver and in gold." G EN ES I S 2 6. 12 1 4: T h e n I s a ac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundr ed-fold: and the Lor d blessed him. And the man waxed great, and went for w a r d and grew until he became very great. For he had possession of flocks, and possession of her ds, and gr eat store of servants: and the Philistines envied him." In Hebrew pr osperity is "shalowm" or "shalom" and it has several meanings: safe (-ly); well' happy; friendly; welfare; good health; peace (-able,-ably); favour; r est, and salute. A beli ever who is livin g a f aith ful li fe u nto th e L or d an d o beying His c om man dment s s ets hi msel f up to li ve a pr o s p e r ou s lif e; and als o wealth an d riches s hall be in o ur h ous e. PS ALM 112:13: "Pr ais e ye t he L or d Bles sed is t he man that fear e t h the L or d t hat delight eth great ly in his command men ts Hi s seed s hall be might y up on e a r th: t he gener ation o f the up righ t sh all b e bles s ed. W ealt h a n d r iches s hall be in his hous e: and hi s r ighteo usn ess endur e t h for ever Saints con trar y t o what o ther s might s a y God want s you t o pr osp er fi nanciall y If under th e Old T es tament which was est ablis hed upon th e blo od o f b ulls and goats Abr aham, I s aac Jacob, Job and oth ers li ved a fin ancially pr o s p e r ed life, h o w m u ch m o r e u n d e r t h i s N e w T e s tam ent, which is est ablis hed up on th e bloo d o f Y ahs hua Mes s iah (Jes us th e Chri st ), wou ld Go d have us f inanciall y p ro s p e r ? For too long the b ody of Chri st has been l iving ben eath it s p rivi leges, w e' ve at te nd ed con fe re nce af ter co nf er e n c e f r om one fi nancial s eminar t o anot her and yet st ill livin g f rom pay cheque to pay cheque. As dis ciples o f Y ahsh ua M ess iah livin g under thi s New Covenant w i th bet ter p r omis es than that of th e Old C o venant, i t s yo ur covenan t ri ghts to live t he abundant life (John 10:10). Y ahsh ua came that we might have life, a lif e in exc es s livi ng in the over flow a lif e wher e t her e is noth ing mis sin g and not hing lacki ng. I n Gr eek, t he wor d for abu ndantl y is "per iss os which has s everal meani ngs: excess ive, e xceedi ng abu ndant ly advant a g e G od wants you to pr o s p e r For questions and comme nt s contact us via ema ils:pastormallen@y or kmfci@ or telephone numbe r 1-242441-2021 or 3. Pastors Matthew a nd Brendalee Alle n, Kingdom Minded Fe llow ship Center Inter na t iona l The T ribune Thursday September 29, 201 1 PG 27 RELIGION GOD W ANT S Y O U T O P R O SP ER P ASTOR MA TTHEW ALLEN Share your news The T ribune wants to hear from people who are making news in their neighbourhoods. Perhaps you are raising funds for a good cause, campaigning for improvements in the area or have won an award. If so, call us on 322-1986 and share your story


The T ribune PG 28 Thursday September 29, 201 1 RELIGION THROUGH th e me mori e s o f th e l iv in g, the a nc es tors d o s pe ak We wa nt t o s ha re the s tori es of yo ur a nc e sto rs w i th our hug e fam i ly of T ribu ne rea de rs Se nd y ou r te sti mo nia ls to f ea tu res @t ribu ne me di a. ne t to a ss i st u s a s we co mb t hrou gh t he pa ge s o f the T rib une Ob itu ari es f or o ur w e e kl y A nc es tra l S tori es fe a ture T hro ugh y ou r me mo rie s le t t he v oic e s of y ou r a nc e sto rs be he a rd. S H A R E Y O U R ST O R I E S By ALESHA CADET T ribune Features Reporter T HE lat e matr iarc h Cle omie E liz a bet h i s r ememb ered b y h er lo v ed one s as a Super wo man" From taking care of her family of eight to building a house out of pocket, Cleomie stood strong. The 78-year -old Inagua native took her last breath on September 11 while in the ar ms of her only living daughter Lilian Rolle. Reminiscing about her mother s l if e M s R o lle t o ld T r i b u n e Religion that her mother was an independent woman to very end. During her last days, Ms Rolle said she would offer to help her moth er c hange her clothes and per form basic tasks, and although her mother s welcome was always w a r m, sh e wo uld put up s ome r esistance, tr ying instead to help herself. This is one of the many ways Cleomie taught her children "the t r u e m ea n in g a n d v a lu e o f str ength", she said. Ms Rolle said her mother was pr epared when the time of her death came. Cleomie even shared with her daughter that she did not think she is going to get up out of her bed anymor e. "I asked her if she is r eady to go. I also asked her if she had made peace with God, she told me yes a nd ever y t ime I wo uld go to check on her she would repeat the O u r F at h e r p r ay e r s a id M s Rolle. C le o mie w as ba c k a n d fo r t h between Nassau and Inagua since 2 008 after experie n cing medi c al complications due to a stroke. She moved back to Inagua in May this year "I told her I would take her back because the doctors said ther e was nothing else they could do for her So I took her back to Inagua. I took her back and we spent some r eal good times together talking and laughing. Her last days wer e pretty normal, she talked up until the very moment she died." In Cleomie's younger days, she wo r k e d a s a j a n it r es s a t th e M o r to n S a lt C o mp a n y S h e worked there for seven years. "She was always hard-working. Even at h ome an d ar oun d the yar d, she always found something to do," Ms Rolle said. Her time at Morton Salt ended when she had to take the r esponsi bility of raising a big family "She stopped because she had her eldest daughter's kids, my sis ter's kids. She was taking car e of them at the time. She could not do that and work so she had to stop working," Ms Rolle said. G we n d o l yn M o r t i m e r d es c r ib e d h e r a u n t Cleomie as woman who put "all her strength" behind the callings of her hear t. Wh a t ev e r wo r k she found to do, she did, whether it was beating r ock or any th i n g el s e. Wh e n ev e r s h e h ad a p r o b l e m she would go to God and ask for gu i d an c e o v er her life." S T R O NG UNTIL HER L AS T BREA TH C l eom ie E liz abet h


By RENALDO DORSETT Sports Reporter I n just its first year of exist ence, the high volume of participants and successful hosting of the UWC Triathlon Bahamas set the s tandard for the rapid development o f the event in the near future, according to its organisers. It absolutely exceeded our expectations in its inaugural year. We had an amazing turnout of over 200 participants, including individual racers, relay teams, a children's cat egory that also had individual and relay teams as well, said KimberlyP yfrom, vice president of UWC T riathlon Bahamas. It was our first year and we weren't 100 per cent sure of what the turnout would be. Our location...we thought 300 was a good number so to have two thirds of that filled, we were absolutely thrilled. Simon Lowe, winner of both the Conchman Triathlon in Grand Bahama and the Pineapple-a-thon in Eleuthera, captured his third con secutive event when he finished first overall in a time of 1:04:48 seconds. Alana Rodgers was the womens overall winner in 1:21:39s. Pyfrom added that the stunning turnout for the event gives an indi cation of how quickly the event will be able to develop. I anticipate that next year we will double our numbers. Everyone was so excited about having this type of event here, she said. We had quite a request to also expand the categories in the event. Next year, we look to offer not only the sprint triathlon like we did this year but also the Olympic distance triathlon as well as having two categories for the kids. The UWC Triathlon also featured special needs participants, which gave the event a wide cross-section of athletes, while increasing the profile of the UWC in the Bahamas. We had incredible feedback from the participants. Despite the weather delay at the beginning, everything was able to run seamlessly. We had amazing sponsors that also came out to support, Pyfrom said. All proceeds went directly to the UWC. We had a lot of representa tives and amazing volunteers from UWC that were able to pass on some information as well as others who came out and did research on the charity and the UWC campuses around the world. The UWC Triathlon Bahamas began at Clifton Heritage Park this Sunday and featured a 750m swim, 20-kilometre (12.4 mile and five kilometre run. The swim consisted of a clockwise buoy race, the cycling portion of the race took place on the "Albany Loop" and the run consisted of a 5K out-and-back along the trails inside of Clifton Heritage Park. Established back in 1962, UWC accepted the first Bahamian in 1971. The UWC is a global educational NGO that seeks to unite students from across the globe who have been awarded based on merit and "irrespective of race, religion, poli tics or the ability to pay, with the aim of fostering peace and international understanding." It was founded by Kurt Kahn under the premise that: "Students aged 16 to 18 are grounded in their own cultures, but still impressionable enough to learn from each oth er." In the Bahamas, UWC premiered in 1971 and sent its first ambassador. In nearly 40 years, over 90 Bahamian students have graduated from UWC Colleges. His Excellency LB Johnson served as chairman of the UWC national committee until 2008 before the position was filled by Mrs BJ Clancy-Deveaux. The Bahamas UWC national committee consists of UWC alumni and volunteers dedicated to providing Bahamian high-school students with the unique and transforma tional opportunity of a UWC education. UWC students are selected from within their own countries as ambas sadors of their country. According to the organisation, the traditional UWC graduate "seeks to apply their commitment to posi tive social change throughout their lives." "We are proud that a UWC edu cation can and often does benefit whole communities, not just the individual who received the scholarship." THETRIBUNE SECTIONETHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 INSIDE TRAK T T U U R R N N T T O O 3 3 E E . . . T T U U R R N N T T O O 5 5 E E . . T T U U R R N N T T O O 7 7 E E . . . EURO SOCCER ROUND-UP: MESSI TIES FOR 2ND ON BARCELONA SCORING LIST RUGBY WORLD CUP: GEORGIA BEATS ROMANIA 25-9 NFL PRO PICKS WEEK 4: ANOTHER CHANCE FOR TEXANS TO PROVE THEMSELVES TENNIS: KANEPI UPSETS WOZNIACKI AT THE PAN PACIFIC OPEN DREAM BEA T FEVER 83-67, ADV ANCE TO WNBA FINALS T T U U R R N N T T O O 8 8 E E . T T U U R R N N T T O O 4 4 E E . . . A YOUNG BOY r aces to put his bicycle in the holding area during the UWC T riathlon Bahamas in Nassau over the w eekend. SEE MORE PHOTOS ON PAGE 2E UWC TRIATHLON BAHAMAS SEE KIDS RESULTS IN FRIDAY SPORTS P h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f J a v i e r S a n c h e z UWC Triathlon success! TRI-ATHLETES cross the finish line during the UWC Triathlon Bahamas in Nassau over the weekend.


SPORTS PAGE 2E, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 TRIBUNE SPORTS P h o t o s c o u r t e s y o f J a v i e r S a n c h e z M M A A L L E E O O V V E E R R A A L L L L C C H H A A M M P P I I O O N N & & R R U U N N N N E E R R S S U U P P Place O'All No. Name Age City Sta Time = ==== ===== ===== ====================== 1 4 55 Simon Lowe 28 Nassau BAH 1:04:48 T T R R I I A A T T H H L L O O N N A A G G E E G G R R O O U U P P R R E E S S U U L L T T S S M ALE AGE GROUP: 15 19 Place O'All No. Name Age City Sta Time ========================= === ======= 1 19 61 Aaron Chea 16 Nassau BAH 1:17:47 2 60 62 Martin Dean 16 Nassau BAH 1:30:58 3 75 59 Carlo Cheeatow 19 Paradise Island BAH 1:40:28 4 89 60 Manfred Erwi Ginter Jr. 16 Nassau BAH 2:08:58 MALE AGE GROUP: 20 29 P lace O'All No. Name Age City Sta Time ========================= === ======= 1 9 53 Alec Packington 29 Nassau BAH 1:10:45 2 15 57 Todd Wilson 26 Plantation FL 1:15:16 3 64 56 Simon Darville 26 Nassau BAH 1:31:30 MALE AGE GROUP: 30 39 Place O'All No. Name Age City Sta Time ========================= === ======= 1 28 51 Gregory Michelier 31 Nassau BAH 1:20:36 2 36 43 Dorian Roach 36 Nassau BAH 1:22:08 3 42 50 Cameron Roach 32 New Providence BAH 1:23:43 4 47 48 Rob Rothwell 33 Nassau BAH 1:25:40 5 48 47 Kyle Albury 34 Nassau BAH 1:26:33 6 59 69 John Proctor 35 Nassau BAH 1:30:01 7 66 41 David McGorrin 38 Nassau BAH 1:35:01 8 84 42 Patrick Maura 38 Nassau BAH 1:55:40 9 90 40 Manfred Erne Ginter 39 Nassau BAH 2:09:00 MALE AGE GROUP: 40 49 Place O'All No. Name Age City Sta Time ========================= === ======= 1 5 32 James Nottage 41 Nassau BAH 1:05:57 2 7 33 Sean Farrington 41 Nassau BAH 1:06:49 3 8 27 Jason McCarroll 44 1:10:38 4 10 34 Adam Isaac 41 Nassau BAH 1:10:58 5 11 25 Dale Winner 46 Nassau BAH 1:13:22 6 14 39 Paul Davis 40 Nassau BAH 1:13:46 7 18 21 Jim Avery 47 Hillsborough CA 1:17:24 8 20 24 Stefan Krauskopf 46 Nassau BAH 1:17:50 9 23 31 Simon Townend 42 Nassau BAH 1:18:29 10 27 29 David Slatter 43 Nassau BAH 1:20:21 11 30 38 Massimo Liusso 40 Nassau BAH 1:21:03 12 34 20 Robert Bethel 48 Nassau BAH 1:21:57 13 37 22 Calvin Lockhart 47 Nassau BAH 1:22:41 1 4 45 37 Vincent Turnquest 40 Nassau BAH 1:25:30 15 46 35 Christian Illing 41 Nassau BAH 1:25:34 1 6 52 23 Edward Bethel 46 Nassau BAH 1:28:33 17 68 19 Michael Fernander 49 Nassau BAH 1:36:08 18 72 75 Tim Lee 48 Nassau BAH 1:38:20 19 77 36 Scott Blacquiere 40 1:43:15 20 88 26 Adrian Burrows 45 Nassau BAH 2:07:44 MALE AGE GROUP: 50 59 P lace O'All No. Name Age City Sta Time ========================= === ======= 1 6 18 Mark Davies 50 Nassau BAH 1:06:31 2 22 15 Gregory Lowe 57 Nassau BAH 1:18:22 3 35 14 James Brown 57 Nassau BAH 1:22:08 4 71 16 Chris Leigh 55 Nassau BAH 1:37:47 5 82 17 Gilbert Gray 53 Nassau BAH 1:50:18 MALE AGE GROUP: 60 69 P lace O'All No. Name Age City Sta Time ========================= === ======= 1 78 11 Andrew Barr 61 Nassau BAH 1:44:48 2 79 9 George Smith 68 Nassau BAH 1:46:43 3 80 12 Hennie Serfontein 60 Nassau BAH 1:47:09 MALE FAT TIRE P lace O'All No. Name Age City Sta Time ========================= === ======= 1 17 65 Chris Maxey 49 Lawrenceville NJ 1:16:01 2 21 58 Peter Wagner 19 Nassau BAH 1:18:10 3 31 52 Jonathan Fillman 30 Miami FL 1:21:35 4 49 49 Alex Gentry 33 Miami FL 1:26:37 5 50 71 Peter Hill 33 Nassau BAH 1:27:58 6 55 68 Kevin Ruth 43 Nassau BAH 1:29:04 7 56 74 Jason Albury 23 Nassau BAH 1:29:34 8 62 70 Athanasios Fatseas 34 Nassau BAH 1:31:15 9 63 66 Marco Montanari 48 Nassau BAH 1:31:26 1 0 65 72 Ben Hogarth 32 Nassau BAH 1:32:21 11 76 67 Michael Barford 44 Nassau BAH 1:40:32 1 2 86 73 Conner Pinder 10 Nassau BAH 2:07:42 F F E E M M A A L L E E O O V V E E R R A A L L L L C C H H A A M M P P I I O O N N & & R R U U N N N N E E R R S S U U P P Place O'All No. Name Age City Sta Time ========================= === ======= 1 33 8 Alanna Rodgers 24 Nassau BAH 1:21:39 T T R R I I A A T T H H L L O O N N A A G G E E G G R R O O U U P P R R E E S S U U L L T T S S FEMALE AGE GROUP: 30 39 Place O'All No. Name Age City Sta Time ========================= === ======= 1 44 6 Elizabeth Shaddock 31 Nassau BAH 1:25:13 2 67 5 Tamsin Cates 34 Nassau BAH 1:35:10 3 69 7 Megan Reynolds 30 1:36:08 4 70 4 Jen Marbury 35 Nassau BAH 1:36:32 FEMALE AGE GROUP: 40 49 Place O'All No. Name Age City Sta Time ========================= === ======= 1 38 2 Katrina Montgomery 40 Nassau BAH 1:22:46 2 41 1 Christy Winner 43 Nassau BAH 1:23:20 FEMALE FAT TIRE Place O'All No. Name Age City Sta Time ========================= === ======= 1 73 63 Sylvie Staboli 45 Vero Beach FL 1:39:06 UWC TRIATHLON BAHAMAS: THE RESULTS SEE KIDS RESULTS IN FRIDAY SPORTS R R E E L L A A Y Y R R E E S S U U L L T T S S MALE RELAY Place O'All No. Team Name Time ========================================================= 1 1 117 The Beast Crew 1:01:57 Jay Major/ Trevor Strachan Jr/ Cedric Bowe 2 12 118 The Real Deal 1:13:24 Daniel Strachan/ Simon Frank/ Quinten Degraaf 3 24 114 Richard, Brian & Phil 1:18:35 Richard Pyfrom/ Brian Moodie/ Philip Cumming 4 26 121 Wildside Racing 1:20:19 Josh Stern/ Stephen Turrisi 5 32 102 Conch Slop 1:21:37 Paul King/ Chris Lennard/ Jim Bernard 6 54 120 Uncle Sam's Army 1:28:45 Adam Thibault/ Justin Ritchie/ Michael Pennell FEMALE RELAY Place O'All No. Team Name Time ========================================================= 1 16 107 Ksk 1:15:28 Katherine Bowers/ Kylie Nottage/ Sarah Farrington 2 25 101 Baark! 1:20:10 Sarah Kennedy/ Allie MacPhail/ Brianna Flynn 3 53 104 G-Fit Gems 1:28:39 Heather Knowles/ India Mackey/ Wynsome Carey 4 58 105 G-Fit Janes 1:29:58 Jessica Robertson/ Nadia Stubbs/ Bianca Lee 5 61 123 Djs 1:31:08 Jennifer Anand/ Dorothy Richards/ Sarah Noar 6 74 119 The Soaring Moms 1:40:03 Sirpa Merz/ Tracey Ward/ Melanie Thielman 7 81 109 Nh3 Ladies 1:47:21 Ebony Gibson/ Patrice Sugar Smith/ Anna Proctor 8 83 106 G-Fit Jewels 1:50:58 Leah Treco/ Tia Wilson/ Sakina Sands 9 87 103 G-Fit Gals 2:07:43 Miriam Johnson/ Ghia Richardson/ Erin Brown MIXED RELAY Place O'All No. Team Name Time ========================================================= 1 2 112 No Limit 1:03:23 Trevor Strachan/ Marissa Strachan/ Neil William 2 3 108 M And M's 1:03:35 Gabrielle Misiewicz/ Anthony Misiewicz/ Carol Misiewicz 3 13 115 Team Laser 1:13:40 Lee McCoy/ Sarah Cox/ Adam Boorman 4 29 113 Paw 1:20:48 Steven Wilgus/ Jeremy Parr/ Samantha Allen 5 39 100 3connect Bahamas 1:22:58 Andrew Hanna/ Caroline Moncur/ Anna Zyiokek 6 40 111 Nico 1:23:01 Stephen Holowesko/ Ludy Knowles/ Alessandra Holowesko 7 51 122 Y-Knots 1:28:01 Christina Nihon/ Justin Cunningham/ Cameron Symonette 8 57 110 Nh3 Tears For Beers 1:29:51 Diane DeWitt/ Paul Hutton-AshKenny/ Jeff Robertson 9 85 116 Team Scr 1:56:05 Larry Russell/ Sylvia Russell/ Amanda Graham R R E E L L A A Y Y R R E E S S U U L L T T S S Place O'All No. Team Name Time ========================================================= 1 2 297 Fernander Brothers 18:00 Khyyn Fernander/ N'Nhyn Fernander/ Khalil Fernander 2 12 296 Flying Js 22:00 James Claridge/ Jack Watson/ Jack Kelly 3 18 300 Tambearly T'ree 23:51 Lauren Eads/ Rhyan Rigby/ Alexandra Gardner 4 21 299 Pink Flamingos 23:53 Priscilla Cruz/ Alena Miller/ Kajsa Merz 5 41 298 Lionfish Killers 34:16 Delaney Mizell/ Marcus Moncur/ William Watson


By RENALDO DORSETT Sports Reporter YET another member of the Frank Rutherford Elite Development Programme has signed a letter of intent to pursue education at an NCAA Division I University. Danrad Knowles has become the latest in the group to make the trek from the Bahamas to NCAA basketball as he signed on to join the Houston Cougars for the Fall 2012 season. Knowles, based out of Houston, Texas, joins a star-studded group of recruits for the Cougars which has the Conference USA powerhouse b oasting one of the top classes of the early signing period. At 6 10 and 190 pounds, Knowles is a long and lean but highly skilled face-up forward who shoots the ball well out to the three-point range. On its website, ESPNs scouting system ranks Knowles with an overall grade of 94, which places him 56th overall, 15th in the power forward position, 11th in the region and eighth in the state of Texas. Swingman A long with Knowles, the Cougars also signed swingman Danuel House and center Valentine Izundu. House is ranked as the No. 27 prospect in the nation and played asa teammate of Knowles for Texas PRO last summer, emerging in a talented class. Knowles was one of the breakout players of the summer but he is not waiting around to see which schools try to get involved late in the process. He turned heads at the Under Armour Best of the Best camp and initially caught the eye of a number of scouts and coaches in attendance. His star continued to rise at the NBPA Top 100 camp and he continued his strong play on the AAU circuit. The home-schooled Knowles said his relationship with Cougars head coach James Dickey is one of t he main reasons for his choice. In his first recruiting class for the Cougars, Dickey signed fellow Bahamian and member of the programme Mikhail McClean of Second Baptist High School in Houston. The Cougars football programme also includes a third member of the programme redshirt freshman defensive end Alex Cooper. By ROB HARRIS AP Sports Writer LIONEL Messi moved into a tie for second place on Barcelona's career scoring list, getting a goal in each half Wednesday night to lead the defending champions to a 5-0 victory at BATE Borisov of Belarus in the European Champions League. Messi scored in the 38th and 55th minutes to give him 14 goals in 10 games this season and 194 in his career, matching Laszlo Kubala. Just 24, Messi is closing in on Cesar Rodriguez's team record of 235 goals from 194255. "I am very happy to have equalled a man who was so important in the history of this club," Messi said. "I knew that I could match Kubala, but I didn't go out tonight thinking about scoring goals, nothing of the sort, just playing like always." At Minsk, Aleksandr Volodko's own goal put Barcelona ahead in the 19th minute, and Pedro Rodriguez doubled the lead three minutes later. David Villa added a goal in the 90th. Barcelona (1-0-1 Group H on goal difference over AC Milan (1-0-1 beat visiting Viktoria Plzen of the Czech Republic 2-0 as Zlatan Ibrahimovic converted a penalty kick in the 53rd minute and fed Antonio Cassano for a goal in the 66th. England's dominance of the Champions League appears to be on the wane, with Arsenal the only team to emerge victorious this week after beating Olympiakos 2-1 in Group F. In London, Alex OxladeChamberlain scored for the Gunners (1-0-1 minute of his Champions League debut and Andre San tos made it 2-0 in the 20th. David Fuster, unmarked ona corner kick, scored for Olympiakos in the 27th minute of the Group F match. Chelsea (1-0-1 a 1-1 draw at Valencia in Group E, a day after Manchester City lost at Bayern Munich and Manchester United was held to a tie by visiting Basel. Roberto Soldado's 87th-minute penalty kick after a hand ball by Salomon Kalou tied the score in Spain after Frank Lampard had put the Blues ahead in the 56th. "The important thing for a striker is to control the ball and in that sense I wasn't on form tonight," Soldado said. "With the chances we had we could have taken a more positive result from this game. We want to be in the next phase of this tournament and for that reason we realize our home games will be decisive," he said. In other games, Bayer Lev erkusen beat Genk 2-0 in Group E; Marseille defeated Borussia Dortmund 3-0 in Group F; Zenit St. Petersburg beat Porto 3-1 and Shakhtar Donetsk tied Cyprus' APOEL 1-1 in Group G. C C Y Y C C L L I I N N G G T T O O U U R R D D E E N N E E W W P P R R O O V V I I D D E E N N C C E E THE Tour de New Providence will be held over the weekend of October 29-30, starting and finishing at the Clifton Heritage Park parking lot at Clifton Pier. There will be a race for the competitive cyclists and non-competitive cyclists. Prizes will also be presented to the oldest and youngest participants. For more information, interested persons can visit or call 425-1057. S S O O F F T T B B A A L L L L B B I I S S H H O O P P E E L L L L I I S S S S O O F F T T B B A A L L L L C C L L A A S S S S I I C C THE Baptist Sports Council is scheduled to hold a meeting 6pm today under the pavilion at the Bahamas Baptist College for all churches interested in participating in the 2011 Bishop Neil C Ellis Softball Classic. The event, which was originally scheduled to start on Saturday, has been pushed back to Saturday, October 8, at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex. Competition will be held in the 19-and-under, co-ed and mens division. There is a registration fee per team in each division. For further information, interested persons can contact BSC director Brent Stubbs at, or call 5022363. T T R R A A C C K K A A N N D D F F I I E E L L D D R R E E V V . B B A A C C K K F F O O R R D D C C L L A A S S S S I I C C THE Baptist Sports Council is slated to hold a meeting 6pm today under the pavilion at the Bahamas Baptist College, Jean Street, for all churches interested in participating in the 2011 Rev. Enoch Backford Track and Field Classic. The classic is scheduled for Saturday, October 22 at the Thomas A Robinson. Competition will be held in the under-7, under-9, under11, under-13, under-15, under-17 men and women divisions. There is a registration fee per athlete. For further information, interested persons can con tact BSC director Brent Stubbs. C C O O N N C C H H M M A A N N T T R R I I A A T T H H L L O O N N I I N N G G R R A A N N D D B B A A H H A A M M A A THE 25th annual Conchman Triathlon is scheduled for Saturday, November 5 in Freeport, Grand Bahama. It will comprise of a onekilometre swim, a 25k bike ride and a 5k run. Interested persons can register by logging onto the Facebook Event Page, email organiser Bert Bell at or calling him at 727-5886 or 727-5381. SPORTS TRIBUNE SPORTS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011, PAGE 3E Make a Statement TH TH TH E E E AL AL AL L L L N N N E E E W W W Power | Safety | Technology | LuxuryAvailable in SR5 and Limited Models V6 engine Keyless entry Front & side airbags 7 passenger seating 3 years/60 miles warranty. Trade-ins are always welcome Available in Grand Bahama at Quality Auto Sales (Freeport Queens Hwy, 352-6122 Abaco Motor Mall, Don MacKay Blvd, 367-2916AUTHORIZED DAIHATSU AND TOYOTADEALERA part of the Automall groupShirley Street at Church Street Open Mon to Fri 8am 5:30pm Sat 8am 12noon Tel: SPORTS IN BRIEF NCAA BASKETBALL Messi ties for 2nd on Barcelona scoring list LIONEL MESSI (AP NEW SOUTH WALES DEFEAT TRINIDAD & TOBAGO SWEET VICTORY: New South Wales captain Simon Katich (left and teammates celebrate their team's victory over Trinidad & Tobago during the Champions league Twenty20 match in Chennai, India, on Wednesday. (AP Danrad signs letter of intent to join the Houston Cougars