I UK T R I l'. I! N E The Tribune SATURDAY JAN. 25, 1913. The benefits provided for by the Brit1-.I1 [nsur ince K< I became available on the 15th of this month. The question whether thejecalcitrant attitude of the British Medical \ tionLeaders would make the Ai I in any di gree unworkable. On the 11 tli inst. Mr. Lloyd George was able to state |that in every distrii i a sufficient number of Dot tors had d to sei make it possibli to carry out the work calh d For by the Art— al m< n having then sent iii tie ir names. It 1a pit) that the ruli :h .1 fine fession should have lowered the prestige of so hi as the Bi itish Mi dual \ tion. W hen the Bradford 11 tors reiu! 1 d to work the the authorities at 01 lv< rtised for men to work at fixi d sal aries of to take other work. The ratifying, but when men who had said "No" saw thi danger they quickly surren1. The salaries above;, mentioned give a fair idea of what licos will be aide to % % %  1 n iiinl t tli new 1 ondit 0 • B long the ma .\ ill find the v a substantial boon to the practitii On the Ri pi irt stage of the Home Rule Bill, the < lovern it carried an amendm with the cordial assent of the Nationalist -. providing for proportional re| tion in c stituencies returning three or more bers to the Irish Parliament. This M a lai >ssible, of the Protestant minority in the South of Ireland. The death "of the Dul Abercom ha quis of Hamilton to vac ite 1 at Londonderry through going up to the I louse of Lords Derry has gen< rally 1 tui nedl Ini though by nan m ijoi it 1 he Nationalists are runnin Protestant Home Ruler. The two parties, are to evenlj {divided thai the 1 lectioneering il are looking aftei each voter mostJanxiouslv.They don't want any of their supp rt( take so much as a slight cold On Friday 10th Januarj a Nationalist ig on u sttep roof wasnoijt 1 d b) a friend low to be taking the usual risks of his trade. There, outlined against the sky, was a vote in er "Mulligan !" he cried in alarm "Couldnt that roof wait tills the poll ?" A correspondent London pap pa's the situation : — "The 1 avity of the election campaign here by the fact that ; I'm nisi ave now publish obituary noti es in the papers. They are detern that the enemy shall m of their I rhey aci use the Nationalists <4 the 1 ubtle cunning. But the Home Ru had ni publish latel I y are lokin delitors with a ei tilde. X R r J who really land w expose I at 1 u loan old. I elect 1 will probably turn on about a dozen doubtful Votes J* A FELI ( >\Y COI ONIST HONOURED. \W are pli d to learn that of our I 1 How Colo Mr. A E a formi r Bo ird now en thi ir of n on the I 1 tuti of Vocal Mu and >t in the Grammai 11 I %  hat Mi. I. winning his spins and 1 i n g 1 r 11 i an larship. 1 Princi| >al of the \ idemy I L. Wiley, A. IV. of 1'ui'. Nashville 1., of which latt titu tion lev ral other mi and %  B. A. De*gi lh othi c meml 11 gi id\<a\ lej. and .1. C. 'J a\ lor ti MiCar net t a' Patience Munnings, and le/. I Mack 1 y; Mi liti Mat and l.eonoia XewbId 1 -is Prince A. I liggs, Syl ter I i l'llini|li b.. ; Master I. X twbold. The nan," ol Mrs, Alice ; son was ina itlj omitted fron an ived per mail steamer "Miyesterd j S. AGN S' CHURCH Sunday, a6th Jan.. in 0 I • rona' & Ded ( nBrmation 7. a. m. union 7. 30 a.m. Mattins Solemn Mas jv sion and Si rmon %  < 'at* hism 4. 15 p. m Sob inn Evi : men, and i AUDLEY .1. BROW R .* COMMUNlC\TED X1. ODK >!S COMPARISON. Tin Royal Societj I ty to Animals. 1 he followin | i .i r. were p: ed ami c invicted foi nn It. to animi 1 ere acq but tile mitted, w In • • %  1 %  etj'action, n7 1 lilty ruelty admoni 1 1. : lilty of minor of' ruelty were cautioned b) Inspectors. ; ; J3 SermOnS were piOn the Subjecl of Men y to Animals, by I of the Church of England 28 1,217 says wen written b) si hool childn n on the subji Ct of kindness to animals. We have a" 1 OT< iponding Institution here knownjaa the I >umb Friends I .eague. following 1 • what our So iety did In : •Bahamas in 5 ? > 5 %  ) %  > 5 5 %  • > > THE CAB \CT. Xa 111 X P. ; %  %  %  I Cal \c\ led by the 1 lonourable 11use of Assembly in iI iris had b en rakt n by •!. 1 1 i ommitti e ol the 1 lous an I aftei ; rolon 1 I Vit what has it amount d to Mr. Editi 1 I >nl) 11 1 can U ler the to ;i a ed, and their b C the drivei has 1 ly hi id ed "I lit.'.' Vint" 1 re| I f M 1 to Li< ms' |> porary tting in %  up uown to be .. and not to be it 1 n licet is and pay the / that en-Is it until • il of the license is requin I ib are lired undi ' 1 on •a the b 1 of such N 1 % %  just walkout this evening Mr. Editor and see for unt and repi >rt in your next publim how many I lacknej ar1 1 .1 % %  \ ou lied vith 'he numl marl impi thtn Now win [ht, Mr. Editor, lide the law in this manner. Praj tell us. 1 taring all summer C ; ed to stand around and block up any Public Strert soon as the New \J& dawns thi n I; e M uh.tiou of Can;


Til E T U I B i N I". itands 4 ; Why only in t! -' X' '•' Year ? Tl just as many I lacks dui latter nine months of thi as in the 6rst itllS. I HOUSA of \ is mbly ma I Law not enl ; efl it on the pai • Ftl should not exist. V'om trulv, MEDDLER .** Sat. Jan I litor Tribu i in my I have 1 sur | I !i in i this i ing i' I i told me I could not i their I Tli i : for tin* la I lain but he up to II • ha I %  • tead "f ,! %  • i in ; I'M I had 1 foi lh< i — OLD CITIZEN. P. S. Since on to but ill not t ier< ; i lr. ] Sanitary Ii md i. nsive ti th thn >.. n i %  ird. the way. what arc the is for th Cl -I the Mari dul %  We are authi ed tli .: L. I i Bi ice, J ved in Wa hi [ton and succeeded in mal ith the Waj m d 1 imitti '• for 'i ue da\. the instant. By Cabl rai of aist ini tanl it appears thai Mr. Bi en a heai ing. We hopi it will have much i B A of I lotball was playi d ion the Eastern Parade yesterday afternoon, which resulted iii a victory f %  >r the Blues. A large crowd assembled to witness the .ime. pulpit must be push of the ,.0 1lt \ iap by in.1il direct. i nps ("i Aii SJI m p nd oulei per earl) imer, R. !'. BR \ ent, Wins Pub. Co IU, N I'., I'i n >-. : T 'l II \V II I II. I I i i .II Stllld \ ''' I in in % %  ••'" 'I liv l)\ I '.ill, \li it 3 i, Jarmrj I itl 1 H SALE >R RENT S \ R OOM LHVI LUNG rildin >n \ rili Sid %  %  i Shii j i i 11 sired. ; ; It ti W V; MOOR New Opportunity To Make Money Wonderful
  • >>>><^>w^>mw aB w..^m l v b< re. Big reeti. In the coantty, imell lowm %  1i citiefl — i M:W. : n Hundn ' pwde flliOO in -* Months Simm i imk-' $10 a Any." IODei I "Matte $581 profit In thtrc ii. iitth-. Be st one mi out* "post card photographer." If in GoldJ liy parcel* post. • Ith i-u.lit %  IK -it one e. .'IT tii-1 -nr on back your entire ori .filial fa Write^ today foe complete free information. £ The Chicago Ferrotype Company, 110 Ferrotype Building. CHICAGO. ILL.. U. S. A. TELLS ABOUT 50000 BOOKS FREE BY MAIL > WORTH $10 TO ANT HI AH Ev.-ry umVU.>ua IM.il.ly. Indi. laglcnu Disease, tho Afl-r-elTecliiof raft iJTinn ; h. LIVIT. Kidney, and Bladder Tr The prol l< m of the emj t\ pew vanishi s into this air, when rated pastor is surround ed by an c!ucu-"t body of personal workrYs^L, To get men into the kingdom, the pull of the Remember I fyf build'n %  %  i %  k .i i ' Kli.orirg, Siding HIK! IIH I ii • >4 d. Per IOO I pet. SPOI C Wl 'i du M itl n"i have a i ham e lik ,i ime tn on e ss is i g 111>-<'M ill' I rry. ml -•• i-k HI No i gi nf ituii' ei "i nil \i \ |;i THE l 1MI10 BUY. We di sire to tlmnk you fni Miiir V in I ] ;i' IIIIIIII^' : .mi i-iisliiinei!., >>ni nd lliings for 191 "• 1 <" IIS .I" v..u tli.1 s wel sv 'r pdto pie ise you in tin past, m will ilo in the Futuresid • ini erelj hope 1 '..r 1 ilia re | vi 111 < ustom, I'll BAHAMAS TIMBER 1 %  iMPANY, LIMITED, ARTHUR B. SU1 ION N11. la East Stieet. M.n. -II'IIIIH' II. Ulli-I, •t'.ii"- !" .a •— -^—_-.-—-. •" tH a "~ Ionic you have ulTiT.d; how old or atubhorn your MM I">w ,11. B roo haw failed to (In I rcli.f or how diacournyojl M..I %  Hod y."l are -Ihla bn-h will tow a ravatollan aiire you inw hope a new leaae on lira. It n rhuefc niii <-i and lack and advtra-Juet the' Ihlnaa you jh..ul' 1 h un.l f„'.l,.w 11 m wan. v.-.r aW-Hme " I %  la ti m "lil iiifl young men %  nd •romen those who know and those who want to know. o MM CM MONTH IOO PICIU.II 20O aRTICLES OF alNIKU INTCRCST The "Shop Nolaa" Departmen; givea et o do tiling Imw to m.nkc "AmataurMe. baaii iliowto engines. maK.it. and all the thingl nbo By mail, palvt-nr 82.00 (Ot Id wmTg roe run SAMFLK COPT TODAT HOIMTI.AK MKlllAMtS CO. 111. w WaaMegeje M CHICAOO 0 % %  ^FUS SELL' 5 CONDE rxbtP M I Lii 5JEJJ V j r EPAIr;D BY "i | |0 N OTI C E. T HIS is to inform my P itrons antl the Public m General tn.it I have opened my Public Black Smith Shop; snd am n \ readj to do anything in the linn ol Geneial repair 01 new s i illy. All wiii< done ally. P \. Huyler, 533 I Easl (Wharr)

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    T II E IKIBtNE I >n. : ; Mo official informD is available regarding the uma's mailings, but it is understood that the ship's bottom '.imaged through a turning bursting in the course of her la--! voyage iron New York. The repairs will take fully two month-. London, 23.—C_\ril Maude pro.! J t>-night at the Playhouse a new comedy. "The Headm islei written a few years ago by Wilfred Coleby, The piece proved very successful. London, 23—Sir Felix Schuster governor of the Union of London and Smiths Bank at a meeting of thi Shareholders to-day said thai generally with the glowing productiveness of the various countries from which Lurope ieceived hei supplies of fond and raw mate riaLtlie demand for gold might he expected to show continuous expansion. For this the increased production old might he expected 10 be sufficient, out not more than sufficient. Washington, 33.—Shipping agreements whereby the t N rth German Lloyd, the Hamburg American, the lf traffic of the Hamburg American Line. More testimony was given by C. J. Heck frefght traffic manager of the Hamburg American Line ope rating to the United States.He produced a pooling and rate agreement between the Hamburg American and the Royal \1 ill Steam Packet Line in tiie United States trade between Jamaica, Central American and South America. MRS. ANNA J. EDWARDS. Recently arrived fro.n Tampa, I11.. is pii pared to undertake, DRESSMAKING, in the latest fashions. In addition, Mrs. Edwards also is a Specialist in HAlk STRAIGHTENING. and solicits the patronage of the general public at Mrs, Ingraham. BLUE HILL ROAD. Clifton Hotel. Nassau, N. P. Bahamas Openfor the Season. November, 191 2 With a I Modern Improvements Rates—#2.50 and upwards. Best / Service. I DWARD SAI NDERS, Manager dfhc (^trombus The Premier Bahamian Magazine "The Strombus" includes an Official Directory, a City Directory, (in Advertising Section and Facts m and the Bahama* that will make it probably the most in; fill c onpilut: % %  :: ,-. i :!led to the public. Published Monthly lid. per c>py. .).-. 6d. per year, Leon E. II. lutpu.h. Editor and S : /.. (c/t.ii I liupuch. Man.. 1 "Tribune" Office, II Market St. Nassau, S.I .. Bahamas. THE STROMBUS Magazine is now ready and on sale at the &f 'Tribune" Office H! 1 l.lI OLONIAL, and Cl IV PHARMACY. Price 6d. "PASSAGE BY "lli VNCKS I. to Mi c 1 will be I IN lx ILI.ARS Children us and un lei -> (. hildi Ifl 5 years .iriA under •-' |. Subja 1 l houi Notu e. ()ffice "I-rant et E 49a Eilt lii.v street. Nassau, N. P., Jan. 1st, 1913 EMPLOYMENT For Every and Any one and All the Time on our Sisal Plantations down Went. Satisfactory earnings can be made, if work is pursued steadily and industriously Most of the work is by the job or contract. Houses to aCCOmodaM those who wish to reside there. Small cottages for Men and their amil ies provided on the plantation NONE NEED BE IDLE Go there and the Field Superintend, cuts will put you to woiked Tools, and Implements furnish, |. S. F< HINSON CO. Nassau, N. V •AVE your old sofas -and Chairs repaired and re-canea Satisfaction Guaranteed. APPLY 10 GEO. T. BEfHEL or "Tribune" Office. W L would inform all who appreciate a Good Smoke that we o'.w have on hand an extensive St k <>f HAVANA CIGARS. Wi guarantee our brand to be made of the finest Havana and Mimatraj Wi ippi rs, an'il Havana Fillers throughout. These Cigars are manufactured on oui premises by skilled workmen and (treat pains are taken to pmduce an article ol superior quality. rhe success we have met with in the past leads us 1 unfidently toexped the pationage of connoiseurs. |. L. SAL'NDERS A Co. Bav Street :< DEWARS 'WHITE LABEL' WHISKY Good. Among the Families of STOUT i v ~ Sic: ft > c ~ £ MEUXS STOUT Light and Nourishing. > M V. 0 w 1— w' ^w 9J 0 — a /. %  a v.; IS THE OLDEST AMI) ALWAYS HAS THE LEAD For Result Advertise in The "Trit^ine"'

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    -I 3 o p > 3 CD K rr o 0 QD THEJI n !NuUitts j.£i;;;^: |ur&rc in verba Oytagistn BFIVn OOl'Mf' Id SWEAR '<> nilDOG .IAS OF NO MA VOL Nas?a.u N. P., Bahamas Saturday January 25, 1913 No. 26 LEON K •• in i'i c .. F.OITOI PuM I OPPICK;s ,| HA.RKBT PKB8T NMMU N. i'., BAHAMAS. '. ii r.l. i ililiu U M II. i., . Ve iiienday and ii May— >i iigle ropy ... j riMsdaj, I'liin ^i.iv mid SatuflHi 1 igle '•••)> .. n! iVteklv ... ,J.I \t" Itllll |>. 4 ) M' ... )*, 'lalfY family ... i' \ V \ !'.!.!• IN \ l)\ \\l I I rti inn Rata Six pence |*i litn I .i in i iiiwrtino : %  i H t II ..er. nit in i I OIIC | II line A i • its uodei i GOVERNMENT V >i ICES. Mi s Ii. E. S. Sutton, Telephone < operator has been granted fourteen days sick Leave. Miss Muriel Lightbourn lias been appointed an Acting I phone i ': i rator. I enders are called for, Lighting the oil lamps et< of the East era, Western and Southern Districts. + A Mail Contract has been en tcred into by Robert A. Kelly, for the "Mayflower" as Mail carriei lor The Current and Lower Bogue. + The Revised Jury list 1913 is published. / HON. HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. '1 hursday evening 23rd. January iqij The House met Recording 10 ad joiiriunent. Present : The Hon. F. A. I lolpies Speaker ft at. Message No, n. The Governor has the honour to inform the House that as far back its IQIO a despatch was received froji the Secretary ol State with regard to the preservation of ancient monuments. A Convintl %  ippninted to cK al with the subject, but ow into u n circumstances the work has In en delayed The questioi ration of the O I Forts ol the I ol my has 1 1 i-i'.l in the 11 1 ise, it has ided by the Gov. • 1 Commit to and to sub! nut i" 1 he fa vourabli 1 ition I of the I louse ic suhj with t he I>I %  -''! v ii ion >f an monuments in this Isl %  1 In-subject ial the t.i m of the I louse or of any 1 >m'milteethat may he appointed to lei the 1' ( 111 \lol I'm of Mr. Joll I* %  1 t Ii'' *tion asked by him this evening %  i 1 ordei -'I to i Inprinted. M'. Bethel m u >m 1 thai tlie pptll 1 Smith lie ir%  %  I to a \l' ••!-, 1 Bo i oiiiuii jly. ; Mr. Sands Ii HI led in a port from the Seh 11 (lommittee re a report of a \ "ir 1,; indemnity fi ir 11 an ,; xhibition which as ot d er id to I" print l)r. Culmer from the Commit! is re the Bill on Public Health purled. \ Mill to ision fur securing the Publ c h alth," .-nil. "A Hill relating i" Lepers." On motion of Mi. \ EC. Soloinon, (he Hill for preventing Tumults and Riotous assemblies was i' a I .1 t'.ir.l time and p.issed. The Chief (."h rb ordered to c mvey the : all to the Legislative Council and desire then eon urrem e. Mr, Sands presented the follow1 Re olution M llioll was read a lust time and order* 1 i" be print ed. That the House will indemnify the Re< eiver 1 1 11 1 I indTi isuret in paving out of the Public Treasury, by Warrant to the Commissioners of the Bahamas General Hospital the sum of {"103 -0.5 being the amount required in addition to £160 granted by vote of Indemnity hist sessi.mi to adjust their accounts for the financial yea I 1 t March 1412. On Motion the House adjourned. l \l'l I %  %  •,:: \\|s Januarj 113. I onden, 13, 'i \ nth made cleat 1 1 % %  ol hi and hi! : met on the subject ol Women's suffrage tins vening, %  tion ot tl ble for the 1 te on the t"ranch I irm Bill in the I louse ol l*h< I' opinion on women suffi no ply dividf the Housi -'hie lor any I lovvrn%  i to prop • it of V %  l 'i V\ imen. I with • he hai Id ' 1ve the question to liie free judgment of the H Ii 11 •I IWI 1 speaking of the I .1.1(1 .1 plo' possibly is 0111. ol the I 1 ''• of Wi mien's ,ufI lie S|i, aker said tl I 1 %  lent was that if ll id subst of the Hill were m a its it shou with'!' iwn id a D< w Hill pre* I, 1. n id ;. — 1 hop %  we shall win on Mo Lloyd 1 ieorge today told a di putiition 1 if suffranting the working w omi n ol thi Bi itish Isles, whom : Sir Edward Grey received at tin rreas irj Uepartmer.t. Washington, -'3. — Secretary Kn ix's reply to ihe British pn • aga inst the exemption of American coastwise shipping fiom Panama Canal tolls assun 1 the British go vernment that domestic coastwise trade will not itted to extend operation into foreign cornpetitive fields and that increased tolls will not he laid on forei 1 shipping to balance the remission to American ships. If Great Britain is not satisfied on these points America proposes a special commissii 'ii ol adjustment, London, 33.Chief in public in-' i biuary marriages will be that 'if Lord R youngei daughter Lady Sdwina Stewart Rol erts and Major Lewin of the Royal Field Artillery, (Continued on fourth page.) 1 ]

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    Publication Date: Saturday, January 25, 1913
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    *. -.:- 7M14.'. ",
    .. ;. ,,, ,..- A..



    \ uUtiu ac.ddictus urare in. verbal 2fagistri


    VOL X Nas.at

    N. P., Bahamas Saturday January 25, 1913

    No. 26

    I_ ---- --~ -

    LEON E. DUI'C .,, A Cnomm'nittee was appointed to
    oDITOR A-. PtPRi.ItuR deal with the subject, but owing
    O1010ICE. 38 44 iIARKI KK MTREET to unforeseen circumstances the
    Nassau N. ., BAIJAMAS work has beeun delayed.
    :' n. .- Iio:;f The question of thi preservation
    .................... .. ............. ..... ... ......... f the O ld Foi s of the Colony has
    IMILISItlEIU 0iLd ) ii1,been raised in the House, it has
    M dayj^eyinesday^ r a'nd Fia literefore been decided by t1' G;ov-
    Tuesday. Trhur.dav antl Saturdaiv-- ernment to dissolve I lie Committee
    hngle copv ... ... li previously referre to and to sub-
    NVeekly ... ... 40d I mit to the favourable consideration
    loithli ... ... s. 4 1 of thlie House tlie subject of dealing
    rter ... ... 4. with thle preservation of ancient
    ea iv Ry ... ..- ,monuments in this Island.
    i' Y \RLE IN A IWA N\ E. 'Ilie coriespndence 1 .ling within
    -- ____hi's subject i at the .i -position of
    Adverti'ring Rates: -Six pence per iine thi; House or of any 'elect Com-
    for htirt imsertion : three pence per line mittee that may he appointed to
    f tIr e i,,d insertiion; and one penny per cr ls, le a
    line f.., ,nisequeit insertinn cons ler the proposal.
    Advertisements under eight lines 4s. On Motion of Mr. Johnson the
    ques ion asked by him tlin- evening
    and lie answers tliereto ordered to
    GOVERNMENT NOTICES. be printed.
    S,..... Mr. Bethel motioned that the
    Miss H. E. S. Sutton, Tele. p-t, ,, 'if Mrs. Eliza Smith be ie-
    phone Operator has been grant- fe rre d to a. Sel,\ct onmiinittee.
    ed fourteen days sick leave. os,. itee Andeor son, Bowengl.
    S. Mr. Sands handed in a report
    Miss Muriel Lightbourn has froi the "elect Committee re a
    been appointed an Acting Tele- grant ol C2. also a report of a
    phone Operator. Vote of indemnity for ,200 for an
    I exhibit at the Canadian Exhibition
    Tenders are called for, Light. which ,\as ordered to be printed.
    ing the oil lamps etc. of the East D)r, Culmer from the Committee
    ern, Western and Southern Dis- re the Bill on Public Health re-
    trices. ported.
    + "A Bill to make provision for
    A Mail Contract has been en. securing the Publicl icalth," end.
    tered into by Robert A. Kelly, "A Bill relating to Lepers."
    for the "Mayflower" as Mail Oi, motion of Mr. A. K. Sol,-
    carrier for The Current and mon, the Bill for preventing Tu-
    Lower Bogue. mults and Riotous assemblies was
    Lowerread a third time and passed. The
    T e Chief Clerk ordered to convey the
    The Revised Jury list 1913 is said bill to the Legislative Council
    published. and desire their cor.currence.
    ......................... ................................ M r. Sands present d the follow -
    ing Resolution which was read a
    HON. HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. first time and ordered to be print
    Thursday evening ed.

    23rd. January 1913
    The House met according to ad.
    jqurnment. ... .

    The Hon. F. A. Holpies Speaker
    et al.
    Message No. i The Governor
    has the honour to inform the House
    that as far back as g9ro a despatch
    was received fro.n the Secretary of
    'State with regard to the preserva-
    tion of ancient monuments.

    That the House will indemnify
    the Receiver General and Treasurer
    in paying out of the Public Trea-
    sury by Warrant to the Commis-
    sioners of the Bahamas General
    Hospital the sum of "o103 o 5
    being the amount required (in ad.
    edition to 160 granted by vote of
    Indemnity last session) to adjust
    their accounts for the financial year
    ended 31st March 1912.
    On Motion the House adjourned.



    January 25th, 1913.
    London, 23.--I'remier Asqulth
    made clear the attitude, of hi,,,selj
    ad his colleagues in the cabinet
    ,'n the subject ot \Vomen'ssuffirge
    this evening, wlhen lie moved the
    adoption ol the time table for the
    debate on tlle Frianchise Reform
    Bill in the House of Commons.
    The Premier said opinion on wo-
    men suffrage w's so sharply divid-
    ed on bo'h sides of the House that
    it was impossible for any Govern-
    ,nent to propose tlhe enactment of
    Votes for Women. Therefore with
    the full consent of the Cabinet he
    had decided to leave the question
    to the free judgment of the House.
    James Lowtlier speaking of the
    House of Commons made a pro-
    nouncement which possibly is olm-
    inous of the fatte of women's suf-
    frage amendment. The Speaker
    said the gencr;il ;ule of Parliament
    was that if the form and substance
    of the Bill were materially chang-
    ed by amendments it should he
    withdrawn and a new Bill pre-

    London, 23.-I hope we shall
    win on Monday, Lloyd George to-
    day told a deputation of suffra-
    gettes representing the working
    women of the Bitish Isles, whom
    he and Sir Edward Grey received
    at the Treasury Department.

    Washington, 23. Secretary
    Knox's reply to the British protest
    against the exemption of American
    coastwise shipping from Panama
    Canal tolls assured the British go
    verrnment that domestic coastwise
    trade will not be permitted to ex-
    tend operation into foreign com-
    petitive fields and that increased
    tolls will not be laid on foreign
    shipping to balance the remission*
    to American ships. If Great Bri-
    tain is not satisfied on these points
    America proposes a special corn-
    mission of adjustment.

    London, 23.-Chief in public in-J
    terest among Febtuary marriage
    will be that of Lord Roberts'
    younger daughter Lady Edwina
    Stewart Roberts and Major Lewin
    of the Royal Field Artillery.
    (Continued on fourth page.).,






    N 40


    -~-----. ~ ; ~;.~....~~..-.~-~






    .,,.,L(W _..

    The Tribune


    SATURDAY 'JAN. 25, X9g3.

    The benefits provided for by
    ' the British Insurance Act be-
    came available on the 15th of
    this month. The question was
    whether the recalcitrant attitude
    of the British Medical Associa-
    tionLeaders would make the Act
    in any degree unworkable. On
    the Iith inst. Mr. Lloyd George
    was able to state Ithat in every
    district a sufficient number of
    Doctors had agreed to serve to
    make it possible to carry out the
    work called for by the Act-
    15,ooo medical men having then
    sent in their names. It is a pitx
    that the rulers of such a fine pro-
    fession should have lowered the
    prestige of so honourable a body
    as the British Medical Associa-
    tion. When the Bradford Doe-
    tors refused to work the Act,
    the authorities at once advertis-
    ed for men to work at fixed sal.
    aries of f500 with power to
    take other work. The response
    was gratifying, but when the

    men who had said "No" saw We are pleased to learn that
    the danger they quickly surren- one of our Fellow Colonists
    dered. The salaries above.-men- Mr. A. E. Leslie, a former Board
    tioned give a fair idea of what School Teacher, is now enjoy-
    medicos will be able to earn ing the unique honour of a
    under the new'conditions. Before place on the Faculty of Fessen-
    long the majority of them will den Academy and Industrial
    find the new law a substantial Institute in Florida, as professor
    boon to the general practitioner. of Vocal 1Music and Assistant in6
    .0 the Grammar Department of the
    On the Report stage of the Institute, and that Mr. Leslie is
    Home Rule Bill, the Govern- winning his spurs and is gain-
    ment carried an amendment, ing respect for Bahamian Scho-
    with the cordial assent of the larship.
    Nationalists, providing for pro- The Principal of the Academy
    portional representation in con- is Mr. Jos. L. Wiley, A. B., of
    stituencies returning three or Fiske University, Nashville
    more members to the Irish -Par- Tenn., of which latter Institu-
    liament. This was done to secure tion several other members oi
    a larger representation, ifpossi- the Faculty are graduates and
    ble, of the Protestant minority hold B. A. Degree.
    in the South of Ireland. The other members are grad-
    uates of one or other of the Nor-
    The death :of the Duke of mal and Industrial Schools of
    Abercorn has caused the Marquis their native land-the United
    of Hamilton to vacate his seat States.
    at Londonderry through going ,
    up to the House of Lords. Derry It is expected that tomorrow
    has generally returned Unionists, the Cadets of the Western Vol.
    though by narrow majorities. unteer Fire Brigade, accompa-
    The Nationalists are running a nied by their young comrades
    Protestant Home Ruler. The of the Southern Brigade will at-
    two parties are so 'evenly Idivi. tend Divine service in Zion
    ded that the 'electioneering Baptist Church at 4 p. m. The
    agents- are looking after each service will be conducted by
    voter mostjanxiously.They don't Rev C. A. Dann.
    want-any of their supporters to
    take so much as a slight cold We have been favoured by
    On Friday loth January a Mr. R. D. Brace with a spect-
    Laironalist working on st ee men Eastor Card, kplxwIho,
    |N1a1^~~ ~ Ai 46W~t ,rtti "...^ .d~i^

    I IL I I III I

    '. T "|

    - F

    low to be takinathe usual risks
    of his trade. There, outlined
    against the sky, was a vdte in
    "Mulligan !" he cried in alarm
    "Couldnt that roof wait till after
    the poll ?" A correspondent of a
    London paper puts the situation
    thus:- "The extreme gravity
    of the election campaign here
    may be judged by the fact that
    Unionists have now ceased to
    publish obituary notices in the
    papers. They are determined
    that the enemy shall not mrnow
    of their losses. They accuse the
    Nationalists of the same subtle
    cunning. But the Home Rulers
    have had none to publish lately.
    They are looking after the deli-
    cate electors with a moving soli-
    citude. No 1-lome Ruler in Derry
    who really loved Ireland would
    expose himself at this juncture
    to any risk of a feverish cold.
    The election will probably turn
    on about a dozen doubtful

    Y YL-` -"---~ -- -Y -- -

    Wertz Pub. Co. asper the adver- stitution here know as the
    tisement in another column. Dumb Friends League.
    l Si: The following is what our
    The Mail Steaaiemr "Miami' Society did In the Bahamas in
    steamed last night for Mia Ii tr .
    with the following passengers.- ? ? ? ?. ?- ?A ?
    Miss E. A. Williams; Mr. and
    Mrs J. H. B. Edgar, Messrs Ed- THE CAB AT.
    ward George, -DeTa npancour,
    V. Guerin, F. B. Belford, A.Reus, Nassau-N. P.
    Lester A. Da ley, and J. C. 23 .laiuarv Y 91(3
    Taylor 10.) To thie Edlit if 1th- ritbule.
    Alisses Carnettal Newbold, Dear Sir
    .Patience Munnings, and Tezel The Cab Act was passed by
    Mackey; MesdainesSophia Mac- the Honourable House of As-"
    key, and Leonora Newbold ; sembly in 1909, after consider-
    Messrs Prince A. Higgs, Svylves- able pains had been taken by
    ter Dean, Fred Turnquest, and a Select Committee of the
    Moses Stubbs ; Master Lerry; House, and after prolonged de.
    Newbold. (io) bates and consideration. But
    ,what has it amounted to Mr.
    The name of Mrs. Alice John- Editor Only a farce as far as
    son was inadvertently omitted Il can see.
    from the list of passengers whole Under the Act, Drivers are to
    arrived per mail steamer "Mi. he licensed, and their lice-ises
    ami" vesterd7v. cancelled when the driver has
    I I ceased to be a tit and proper per-
    S. AGN I-'S' CHURCHI sn to hold a license. One on.
    + lv has to read the column lread-
    Sunday, 26th Jan., in Octave. el "hI th'e Magistrate's Cpurt"
    + fromi week to week and see the
    Patronal & Dedication Festival number f (In vers whliose iiames
    __ are so frequ-ti'tly reheated as of-
    Confirmation 7. a. m. fenideles and yet we find these
    First Communion 7. 30 a.m. same dri els leavr the Magis-
    Mattins 9.50 (o. i. m trates Court and continue to
    Solemn Mass,Proces- rive their c'ahL as usual. Licens.
    sion and Sermon 10.30 a.m. ed by the Board.
    Catechism 4. 15 p. m Carriages or Cabs are |Liir-
    Solemn Evensong Ser- ed to be submitted for ins, ^ ion
    mon, and Procession, 7.0 pm bef re be ng licensed. This
    AUDLEY J. BROWN I means only a temporary fitting
    Rector. or brushing up to pass inspec-
    Stin, asonce passed it ends it for
    COMMUNICATEDI) that quarter. l'requently, own-
    ers.burrow horses, harness and
    ODIOUS COMPARISON. even carriages are known to be
    _--- Itaken for inspection, which are,
    The Royal Society for the Pre already licensed and not to be
    vention of Cruelty to Animals. used by that person, but only to
    e/n(oass inspection. They pass, se-
    The following is wh.it the Cure a license and pay the pre-
    Society (lid In England in 191 1. scribed fee to the 7Treasurer, and
    7038 offenders were prosecut- that ends it until renewal of the
    ed and convicted for cruelty to license is required. Cabs are
    animals. required under the act to have
    183 persons were acquitted, the allotted numbers marked on
    but the Society's costs were re. t1he tamps as well as on the back
    mitted, which justified the Soci- of such carriages. Now just
    ety's action. 1037 persons guilty walkout thisevening Mr. Editor
    of minor acts of cruelty were and see for yourself and count
    admonished in writing, and report in your next public.
    24,3ao persons guilty of minor cation how many Hackney Car-
    acts of cruelty were cautioned riages you find with the numbers
    by Inspectors. marked on the Lamps thereof.
    3432 Sermons were preached Now who has the right, Mr. Ed-
    on the subject of Mercy to Ani- itor, to set aside the law in this
    mals,' by Clergymen of the manner. Pray tell us. During
    Church of England 289,217' Es. all summer Carriages are allow-
    says were written by school ed to stand around and block
    children on the subject of kind- up pny Public Stre but as
    *7Te "ulation Air
    06 "** V rI Ts' WS


    ', ~

    tH i TItR U_ E

    stands is enfomed. W -y .1my utt must be secodepd v, .'
    in the New ear? There are Push of the -fiw: .- Biblienl
    just as many Hacks during the Record."
    *latter nine months of the year,
    as there are in the first three Vi"BtAIN your Easter -Cards
    months. / cheap by nmad direct. Maii nie
    The Houi of Assembly 2V. instarnps for Art Samp!e, and i
    makes or passe"Laws, but they oder er early eamer nt,
    are not enforced if they require Wirz P. Co., Not ,I.
    any extra effort on the part of Nassau, N. P.,
    tl: Police. Bain R n)as. Bl'o 235.
    Surely such a state of things _
    should not exist. THR Western Boys I;rignade
    Yours truly, t will 'mi.irch t Z|,,r Churwcll
    MEDDLE R on Suinda;y aftPrnoon headed by
    their Dtrum Corps. Thire' will be
    Sat. Jan. 25th. Athletic Sports on the Weslte n
    Editor Tribune ,each at 3 o'clrk lriiday after
    Dear Sir nolon. ar U4try 30, yI the ,outhe ii
    Never in my life have I srelt nal estorn C'adets. Collect ,n,
    %v l I ;he l,en a! h h ,i rio,,,s ii
    sucli a st nk of Notten 1h i i i. I h r ,,, i,.
    our market as it is this morn- GFOiRiGE tiAW'tR
    I (;FOR)F c;lA:'KXYl

    ing-- It has given so many peo.
    ple nausea some told me they
    could not eat their breakfast.
    This state of things has bet:n
    going on for the last six weeks
    Twice I called at the clerk's
    policee to complain but he was
    out and was told upl to I
    o'clock a. in. lie had not been
    there- I think our Government
    instead of looking for ienii of
    long service-- They had better
    look for tthose that give good
    I'. S. Silce writing the above
    I again \i to the market but
    thel Clerk *as still not there; I
    then appealed to Mr. Peters, thle
    Sanitary Inspector, and he had
    the offensive fish thrown over-
    By the way, 'what are the
    :hours for the Clerk of the Mar-
    ket to be oH duty ?

    We are authentically inform.
    ,-ed that L. G. Brice, 4esq., had
    Arrived in Washington and had
    ,succeeded in making no apipoint-
    ,ment with the Ways and Ileans
    X;Co'innittee for Tuesday, the 21st
    SBDy Cablegram of 21st instant
    hit appears that Mr. Brice was
    given a hearing. We hope that
    'iit will have much effect.

    A arame of football was played
    on the Eastern-Parade yesterday
    afternoon, which r'suted in a
    victory for the Blues. A large
    Crowd assanb".to w!teatA -


    The problem of the empty
    pew'vanishes into thin air, when
    a consecrated pastor is surround
    ed by an eff~gnt body of per'
    >onal workAf To get men into
    te.kingdomi, the pull of the


    S )HOUSE, wiii. Ouitluildings,
    .'tuatle on North Side, E; t Shirley
    ~l, No. 205
    One Half the Purchas, price mni,
    eiramn on Maitat-e if ,iesired.
    s apply to
    WA'1. I :R K MOORE.


    (f you are thinking of building ;.
    j house, th It \e will sell 1fr the,
    next week a fair grade 4'f N, 2
    FIloritrg, Siding atid hall inch
    rellilng .it
    8s. 4d. Per 0oo Feet. SPOT CASH
    You will not have a chance like,
    this for some time to corr.e as the
    Mill will be starting upon tle 15111h
    alid fromn thenon wo e will Le carry-
    iig our usual stock of-No I grade
    of lumber of all sizes. *
    We desire to tlhnk you
    for your kind pt-
    range during 1912 and to wish

    of god. things for 1913. We ran
    assure you that as we have tried to
    please you in the past, so w will
    *do in tle future ad sincerely hope
    for Ha slure uf vou, custom.
    No,. io East Street. Manager

    |W----- -- --- -^^

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    Make Money "
    Wonderful discovery. A new, scientific process of photo-
    graphy with a world of money-making oppor-
    tunity for ambitious men with small capitaland
    Abou y No Experiene.
    Investigate Today time
    Post Card Machlne
    A wonderful machine that takes, finishes, and
    delivas original post card photos in one minute
    anl tt M.t, by the new "Mandel" .y01 Lowf B
    Positive Process witot pat films or printing.
    The machine makes five different styles of Pomd Porta
    pictures in three sizes: Post cards, 3x4% inches; ^ st Card GalleUr
    miniature post cards. 2x3 inches; and one inch
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    The le of your first supplies practically gives you back your entire original invest-
    ment. Wr rttoday 0 1ompit om ifao .numatoe.
    The Chicago Ferrotype Company,
    110 Forrotryp Bidiau CHICAGO, ILL.. U. S. A.



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    11 yflt" Writge

    that makes
    Fact *

    rm PtH- which you may begin reading at
    any time, and which will hold your interest
    forever, Is running in
    Popular Mechanics
    Are you reading it? Two mllhionsof people
    are, and t is favorite wit progreive
    reader Sout in as HI ma in Nost America.o
    It ppeli to all clasme-old and younpg-men
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    want to kpow.
    1a. iOLUww o VaO M@ AL INTSWUT
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    dl artic for home and shop, repair, etc.
    "A-atqw Mhotbanc" (10 pages) tells how to
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    emnines, maic, and all the things a boy loves.
    By main per year $2.00 (Gold)
    001 -M FE SUAEu COPY TAY
    e 16W.WMub-a*SL.CAUCAGO A
    ts w. w .HI Q

    * ., ., -.
    .1., ~

    mm----- --r..~, r ;_a -~-__Lb- '~. ....

    --' N6OTI IE.
    HIS is to inform my Patrons
    and the Public in General
    twat I have opened my Public
    Black Smith Shop; and amn now
    ready to do anything in the line ot
    General repair or new work Horse
    Shoeing specially. All work done
    Meclhi iically., ,
    P533. A tu (lr,.,
    533 Bay Streat. East (What0

    I ,;~,- -------- -II--.~.~,,,,, I I ~mna -na--I-~~77-- rC--l~ l~lll~a*a~lll~ 1


    ..... . I .



    01 04.11

    ..he .trombu H AVE our old sofas
    and t hairs rqpaired
    The Premier -

    was y eauij rough a It 4 .
    bine casing bursting in the course "th, Svr .,-M an
    . I* .. .... v r of rO S tUMS= an Uw-
    of her last voyage rom New York.cia Directory, a City Directory,
    The repairs will take fully two an Advertising Section and Fcts
    months an Advertising Section and Facts
    monthsabout Nassau and the Bahamas
    London, 23.-Cyril Maude pro. that will make it probably the
    duced to-night at the Playhouse most interesting and useful com-
    a new comedy. "The Headmaste," pilation ever submitted to the
    written a few years ago by Wil- public.
    fred Coleby. I'he piece proved
    very successful. Published Monthly

    London, 23.-Sir Felix Schuster1 6d. per copy. 5s. 6d. per year.
    governor of the Union of London
    and Smiths Bank at a meeting of Leon E. H. Dupuch, Editor and Proprietor.
    the Shareholders to-day said that S. A. Dillet, Associate Editor.
    generally with the glowing pro- L. Gilbert Dupuch, Manager.
    ductiveness of the various coun- "Tribune" Office, 44 Marhet St.
    tries from which Europe received
    hei supplies of food and raw mate. Nassau, N.P., Bahamas.
    rial,the demand for gold might he
    expected to show continuous ex- THE

    For this the increased production
    of gold might be expected to be
    sufficient, but not more than suffi-
    Washington, 22.-Shipping
    agreements whereby the 1 North
    German Lloyd, the Hamburg
    American, the Red Star and other
    trans Atlantic lines keep out of
    each others European ports, were
    acknowledged to-day before the
    house committee on merchant ma-
    rine by Sickle of New York, direc-
    tor of traffic of the Hamburg Ame-
    rican Line.
    More testimony was given by C.
    J. Beck fiefght traffic manager of
    the Hamburg American Line ope
    rating to the United States.He pro-
    duced a pooling and rate agree-
    ment between the Hamburg Ame-
    rican and the Royal Mail Steam
    Packet Line in the United States
    trade between Jamaica, Central
    American and South America.

    Recently arrived from Tampa,
    Fia., is prepared to undertake,
    in the latest fashions.
    In addition, Mrs. Edwards also is
    a Specialist in
    and solicits the patronage of the
    general public at Mrs. Ingraham,

    Clifton Hotel.
    Nassau, N. P. Bahamas
    Openfor the Season.
    November, 19x2.
    With a t Modern Improvements
    Rates-$2.50 and upwards.
    Best of Service.

    is now ready and on sale
    at the
    "Tribune" Office
    HO 'F.L COLONIAL, and
    Price 6d.

    to Miami will Ih I EiN D)l.L.ARS
    Childreti-12 ears and under
    Childrea-5 year. and under $4.
    Subject to change wi hout Notice,
    ofice "mran mes E."
    492 Eat% 13By street
    Nassau, N. P.,
    Jan. ist, 1913


    For Every and Any one
    All the Time
    on our Sisal Plantations down
    Satisfactory earnings can be made,
    if work is pursued steadily and
    Most of the work is by the job or
    contract. Houses to accommodate
    those who wish to reside there.
    Small cottages for Men and their
    aminel i provided on the plantation
    Go there and the Field Superintend.
    ents will put you to worked
    Tools, and Implements furnish.
    Nassau, N. P

    or gorriban e~-

    --- ~" -- -- -


    EW. would inform all who appreciate a Good Smoke that we nonl
    have on hand an extensive Stock of HAVANA CIGARS. We
    guarantee'our brand to be made of the finest Havana and Sumatra
    Wrappers, an'd Havana Fillers throughout. .
    These Cigars are manufactured on our premises by skilled workmen,
    and great pains are take to produce an article of superior quality.
    The success we have met with in the past leads us confidently toexpecl
    I the patronage of connoiseurs.
    J. L. SAUNDERS & Co.
    Bay Street

    W R


    A*H IS T











    Among the Families

    Z O
    t0 x


    For Result Adverti e

    r~8a~dlg~i~;~:i~~:"*t' 'r *~ o .,~^:


    Ldwo. a-No official inform-
    atioS i aWvailab_ regarding the;
    Leasitaia's sailigs, but it is un-
    derstood that the ship's bottom
    -dL.. .. ..L hL

    p I~~'BI~w1# -`7r~--'-*' a

    I --:~eqUrr -i,--- -- ---- I . .


    th al Cling

    --- --

    of STOUT

    M 1 u X'S^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^--llJ--

    *---'-^__-. ^.-^~~lilbMk^-^MMiU~

    -,, ,.--- ^ :.^-^-- ----- ______ ____.-,^- ---, --- 2






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