T II E T RlftUNE The debate is to be began Friday. I i I precincts (if the house i I parliament as weil as the political clubs and drawing ro ori with intrigue, i | its vary from houi to hour •.I the probable fate of the brought forward by Sir I irey which el Male" from the firsl clause ol the bill, which i way for ami which will enfranchise a numerically varying arri j All the m i the h i left to vote as thej pli amendment and the issue i> likely to 1) ore of vi ters either way. Newcastl ful b ittleship !it I-;i> oe Ja i ro, was launch-! torn Elsw : %  The now j tons. ( • ntinople, --'. — Purkej toll df the I I irand Council faIs ol Europe foi a ;, I'urkey and the I' ilkan alThe joint note of th Adriai to tl %  fate TOYTL Grand Feature show Friday Jany. 24-th at 8 p.m. Huylers Orchestra ,. ,.; i /.! EN id (NOR AND hi IV. I h Paris by one ol th< tro i| • in the World. It i das and is much more jnI than the ordinary. The j is magnificent, and ng will : I, ture woul I : [uality. : Prof. Von R • %  \ HE HI LLRINGERS S< iNG" if u ] Bass Ballad. ;. LAS 1 1 RIEND. Beautiful. 4 EASTER El i imel in a new vauille int. Come, hear him laugh. b, I.I I I I I. Mi ITHER. 7 MANUFACTURE OF Rl HEFi iRD CHEESE. \ ducati mat. 8, Comic S i o, STOLEN GEMS. HAND. COL< IURED I EA I I US-.. • A Morning on i he Boil de Bou lutiful pii in" filled with th of the B 'I ickets may be r ei ve 1 now. Admission is, Don't I I Monday al \.y p.m. fd the Aegean Islands to the pow> era for future determination. In return the powers promised their bonrvilent support as long BS lurkev deferred to tlieir Counsel. Washington aa. -An attempt to alter the mon comm I to insist up >n a nation of Rockefeller despite his lition %  v in n i of the com nil The commit! teral 'its de cision directing Chairman Pujo and Samui I ntermyer, counsel, > %  > in-il; %  i; ir Mr. R feller's examin iti |Suakinm,Egv| t, • %  —Threehnnnd fifty Moh amme I Pm i I India • • I wh ch nverwhelme I the IMPERIAL BIG Special Programme. Friday at 8 p.m. ,. •• i by REX. (i "|. ' l rael" bifi iinl H AVE your old sofas and Chairs repaired uid re-caned Satisfaction Guarantor d. APPLY lo GEO. T 1'!. I 1 111 or "Tribune"' Office. Dynamite. A FRESH supply just received by schr. '"II line Darling For sale by CHAS. I ALBURY. FIGH IIN'G K. ;• "tl the W i; would info.-" all who appreciate a Go A Smoke> that we onii have on hand an extend HAVANA.! [GARS. Wi ..„,,,-,, %  brand to b. Havana and Sumatra Wrappers, and Havana Fillers throughout. The manufactur. %  ""' i i SAUNDERSA Co. Ba> Street. DEWARS 'WHITE LABELWHISKY %  V .1 | i| R V VUDEVIL1 1. BII !. 1 !UWEEK. Wi Cal RAG I IMF HITS of the %  > '!'• RS. "At I Revival "My Little 1 Man." Two PROF B i MAGICIAN ial NEW 1 I i-. At N ' THE STROMBUS Magazine [z nov: read/ and on sale at the "Tribune" Office HO I'LL l OLON1 M and CITY PHARM \ Price 6d. PASSAGE BY "FRANCES E." to Miaintwillbe TEN DOLLARS Children -1year* and under Childre in and under f i. i houl Notice. (I! I." Nassa. X. P., i in. ist, 1913 Cheap end Good. ; Among the Families of STOUT £ 7 o o S MEUX s ST %  mm Light and Nourishing. •z c —* •-* § E IS fHE OLDEST AND ALWAYS HAS THE LEAD For Result Advertise in The "Tribune'


3 o > 3 cr ST % 03 a o CD 03 THE IBXJK ius aiddictus |ur&re in verba 3/Cagi: en I! I nOVSTi ro SWEAR IOTHK DOG A AS OF 0 MASTER. V0L X Nasra.ii N. P., Bahamas Friday January 24, 1913 No. 25 LEON E. H bUPI c EDITOR ASH Pfcopii % K '). I'l. |8 ,, VIAKKRT STUBBT Na i N I' %  v VMAS. u, PUBLISHED D \II.1 ".I >Vc %  Tuei i %  • | %  v id ... lid %  ' I -. 4'! • %  .... i l> r ii '.1 .-v. r)cl m Mil* \ I I I %  .v i %  %  %  well V'iliml'''T I "'". %  I MII lliel.ihfa : | symp itli v which ei corWe ire in -\ iing that ibe !•'.. V". C. Band is on the up g ade, and ur?e th< m to per* -vi re We do noi think i: fair lo the b ind foi children to he illowed to romping and shouting, and %  lis to be tu II 1 i| i. ling ;ir >und IIIP band, i when they are playing, as was done last nighl it disturbs the att'HtiMn nf the pfnyer poils %  We do not tu| -h.it any inir would oi 11 %  "-1 if the hildn n il mce ih ut. ir if grown op eole around—quietly— in fart we think it wi uld be pleasj I'll'\I n'l [Steamer "Miami" atI this IMP noon from Miami with the following i get Mist M. i lark ; Mesdames C. A. McLnwry, C. II. Clark, W. II. Beni l-lv. MHI R, Seymore; Mr. an Mi --. P. A. Can ace, Mr. and Mi-. V'olney Foster, Mr. and Mrs I). I>. Muir, Mr. and Mrs las C. .art. Mr. and Mis II. A. I'lrk, Mr. an I Mr*. P. R. Hewitl.Mr, Mrs. C. E. Wings ; Messrs, II. I). Baker. W. V. Leonard, G. I Woodruff, < i P.Rich ird, fas. Doig, II. S. Warwick, R. N. Liahtbouro and A. P.iMir. I'r. A. I Pease a8. Messrs Sam Fergurson, Prince Fergurson, and Ernest (iilbert. i Dempst "S >l oi ani ved this inoining from Hall IX X. S. with g< i and one I i [Hunt nrtiisii. Will stfiim to nighl 11 i and Mi xican ports. <•* The \ %  lot ii Vai lit irrived this morning '. Vork. N issau, X. P. I 1913. I. I'. II. Dupuch, i M|. toi "Ti ibune' Sir; For t ime I have heen trym.' I" si I\'the problem, n laboui ing cl and ngs, .11 jsion, that the goveinip e in 1 for the scanty subsistence, "1precept" in very I I I set tits ex imple by MI 1 wages tu the lab urinan, ih would have tu h How suit and I ;.m p isitively 1 eitain thai there would be i" ts, and by no n 1 so ei .11 migration t' 1 ndvertisemeuts h ive ep>ur journal for labourbj the I. S. J hnson i %  >. ai 1 e West, notices have also heen ituck up by lite B. I. Co., for men at Wilson Cjty, and in neither case, e to beol lioned, Btrnngi rs abroad, and those coming here who p"iuse your pang such elaborate adrermenta would be ol opinion thai labourers out here ore well paid, I tit juirlng and b Inline.I 1h.1t I'w shillings'* pei day is the BV( I I hi ve in ird them cry shame, at our em in 1 ally. How in God's name Mr. Editor ran a family man sul.sist on 10 meagre a sum, 'tis haul to (ell, I am of opinion, that if a labourers' union was established it would be a great advantage and consequent ly strikes for %  Mi. Editor lei me take a family say ol six, as the average m household, and I will try and let you see bow that lordly two-shillings is MX ni. BREAKFAST I i im M i' Fish %  butti < i W licit' I tal is. herbs i : That Mr. Editor it ns I ; possiblj m b it, read and tea w< uld he a n Unknown luxu redited. Mr. Editor I am sure yon have aln ittention, and have foi mi d some i ncl is on in w ai mind .1t" ih'i existing ntatives shou att ntion to their const iluet i our condition made more wholesome, II titwas better paid, he wouli I i bl to spend i and live •'• tt' i, t he As) lum and : • rowded, and i e a more prosperou i town. 1 ihinli sii that dishonesty is ttered I y the governmentjtin that they i man from hand to mouth, of co i should -, but tell me sir, if after I an ful studj manner laily wag at what could be expt i ted i Having n ithit g laid by I u i !. days hi gi aero lly tal, and what does the government, do for In ni if lie (the labouret I possesses property of any kind, down Upon it as a hawk upon its prey a:i ites it foi lira tun nt, a real slavish pi III e. Mr. EditOI I hope as we have in a new year, the Honourable I Ion iembly may find it possible to have the tat in i and regulate the wages foi the lai'r. Lei us continue to be friends in the futute as in the past, making new and retaining the old for tl<£ new is silver but the old is gold. Thanking you for space sir. Yours faithfully, SUFFERER. CABLEGRAMS. January 24th, IQM. London, M.—Shoutl of I tor" weie hurled across the fi Ol of the I louse o| ('iiintllollS to-day when Premier Asquith refused to allow unlimited debate on suffrage amendments to the franchise reform bill.

The Tribune.
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Title: The Tribune.
Uniform Title: Tribune. (Nassau, Bahamas).
Alternate Title: Nassau tribune
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Tribune
Publication Date: Friday, January 24, 1913
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 79, no. 210 (Aug. 3, 1983); title from caption.
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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eb / ^;J'*5*- ..ti p ^^ I- ** '7,
I. '*, .
,0^' ^* . -, ;,'" ^ / -.'. ^ \ -.,".
8,,,4''.' . *- ,
-.. -"",
.+. 4.

,,, -;;."._.3 I 4.. -

N\ulius addictus lurare in verbal Vytagistri


-ll~l lllI . .. ON, a _

VOL.x Nass*au N. P., Bahamas Friday January 24, 1913

LEON E. H, buP'C I le Elder Dlempster Steamer
EDIroR AWL PosPRiai.R, "Sokot," arrived this morning
from Halifax N. S. with general
O NsPAIC' u 38 4 ,IA IIKRT STRI T I cargo and one (distressed seaman)
SNassau N. P.I, 1AAs. passenger--Jfft Hunter, and 35 in
........................................................... transit, W ill steam to night for
PUBLJISIlElI ) ) \ 11. j Havana and Mexican ports.
M uiday, NVediieday au |'t 'iilav-
ii,!ler,,ie y ... ... ,1. i The American Moto, Yacht
Tuesday, l'hrn dav .an, S;tu,,i '"Pa lestine" arrived this rnor ing
vin.'le ropy .. Id from New York.
..Veekh ...... d
' e i iiP... ... .. .s. 4 Nassau, N. P.
Half Y ,lv ... ps. ig9 Jany 1913.
i1I.Vy t . .. i' 1. E. H. Dupuch, lsq.
i Editor "'Tribune"
Advertising Rates: -Six piece per litie 'Sir:- For sometime I have been
fr first insertion ; three pence Cer line trying, to solve the problem, relat
f',r second insertion: anld one pten1v per ing to the laboui ing class man
ine for subsequentt insertions. I anid his earnings, as d have come
Advertisements under ei.,ht linrs 4s. to this conclusion, that the govern-
An excellent pioiramme was imept is culpap e in every respect
well rendered by the Eastern for the scanty subsistence.
Volurrteer Cornet .Hand last night "Example is better than precept"
on theLibtary Green to a large and i va very true adage) If t lie govern
sympathetic assembly which eincr-. lment would set the example by
ed some items of the programmI:,F. ro'ying good wages to the labour-
We take pleasure in syaing that i,.g main, the rest of employers
the E. V. C. Band is on the up- would have to follow suit and I am
grade, and urge them to persevere positively certain that there would
We do not think it fair to the be better results, and by no means
band for children to be allowed to so enormous' an emigration to
be romping and shouting, and Florida, advertisements have ap-
youths to be tumbling mnd wrest- pearel in your journal for labour-
ling irinund the band, especially ers by the J. S. Johnson Co. at t'e
when they lay0fog, as was West, notices have also been stuck
done labt night it dittrtbs the at. up by the B. T. Co., for men at
tsntion of the pTnyers and spoils Wilsimn CJty, and in neither case,
the pleasure of the hearers. 'was the wage to be obtained men-
We do not supt)ose that any tioned,'strangers abroad, and those
one would object if the children corning here who peruse your pa-
dance about, or if grown up peo- per seeing such elaborate adver.
pie promenade around-quietly- tisements would be of opinion that
in fact we think it would be pleas- laboureis out here are well paid,
ing. but upon enquiring and being in-
,t formed ihat "Two shillings" per
The Mail ISteamer "Miami" ar. day is the average wage, I have
rived this forenoon from Miami heard them cry shame, at our em
with the following passengers : players generally.
Miss M. %.lark ; Mesdames C. A. How in God's name Mr. Editor
McLawry, C. H-, Clark, W. H. can a family man subsist on so
Beardsly, and R. Soymore; Mr. meagre a sum, 'tis hard to tell. I
and Mrs. F. A. Carrace, Mr. and am of opinion, that if a labourers'
Mrs. Volney Foster, Mr, an M union lwth d .,
SD,,+1PI..'l--<,11,J"T II, an gnd nsequenl
Stewart, Mr. an Mrs H. A. Tuck, ly strikes for wages would cause
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Hewill, Mr. and better results.
Mrs. C. E. Wings; Messrs. H. D. Mr. Editor let me take a family
Baker, W. V. Leonard, G. C. say of six, as the average man's
Woodruff, G. F.Richard, Jas. Doig, household, and I will try and let
H. S. Warwick, R. N. Lightbourn you see how that lordly two-shil-
and A. Pa3 ne ; Dr. A. L. Pease 28. lings is spent.
Messrs Sam Fergurson, Prince BREAKFAST
Fergurson, and Ernest Gilbert.. Ho einr 4, Fish Aid, butter id.

I ice 4Id Fish 41d herbs id, lard or
Pork 2d Total is
That Mr. Editor is as near as I
could possibly come by it, bread
and tea would be an unknown
luxury unless it be credited. Mr.
Editor I am sure you have already
given this subject your attention,
and have formed some conclusion
in ycur mind as to the factor or
factors responsible for the existing
state of affairs, our representatives
should pay more attention to their
constituents and possibly have our
condition made more wholesome.
If the labourer was better paid,
he would be able to spend more,
and live better the Asylum and
prison would be less crowded, and
we would have a more prosperous
town. I think sir that poverty and
dishonesty is strictly fostered by
the governmentin that they keep
the working man from hand to
mouth, of course no man should
be dishone-t, but tell me sir, if
after careful study of the manner
that his daily wage is spent what
could be expected ?
Having nothing laid by for rainy
or sick days Iis end generally
winds up in the hospital, and
then what does the govern-
ment, do for him if he (the
labourer) possesses property of any
kind, swoops down upon it as a
hawk upon its prey and confiscates
it fot treatment, a real slavish pro-
Mr. Editor I hope as we have'
begun a new year, the Honourable
House of Assembly may find it
possible to have the tariff reduced
and regulate the wages for the la-
Let us continue to be friends in
the futute as in the past, making
new and retaining the old for the
new is silver but the old is gold.
Thanking you for space
I am sir.
Yours faithfully,
january 24th, 1913.
London, 22.-Shouts of "Trai-
tor" were hurled across the floor
of the House of Commons to-day
when Premier Asquith refused to
allow unlimited debate on suffrage
amendments to the franchise re-
form bill.

No. 25


-e it


':: :


- r CI* 3_ --- a,.------~ ''ZWWV'-- l r~r-- --- ---- ---r ir- --.-


The debate is to be begun Fri. of the Aegean Islands to the pow:
day. f The lobbies and precindts of ers for future. etermination.
the house of parliament as weil as in return t a a
the political clubs and .drawing their be"hevdft
rooms, are soothing with intrigue, as Turkey deferred to their coun-
Forecasts vary from hour to hour sel.
as to the probable fate of the ---
amendment brought forward by Washington 22.-An attempt to
Sir Edward Grey which eliminates alter the money trust committees
the word "Male" from the first decision to insist upon an exami-
clause of the bill, which if carried I nation of Rockefeller despite his
opens the way for amendments physical condition wis defeated |
which will enfranchise a umineri- to-day in a rather stormy session
cally varying army of women, of the committee.
All the members of the house are The committee reiterated its de
left to vote as they please on this cision directing Chairman Pujo
amendment and the issue is likely and Samuel Untermyer, counsel, to
to be decided by a score of voters! make arrangements for Mr. Rocke-
either way. feller's examination.
Newcastle, Tyne, 22.-Thelarg. JSuakinm,Egypt, 22.--Three hun-
est, most powerful battleship dred and fifty Mohammedans
afloat, the Brazilian super-dread. pilgrims from India t- Mecca were
nought Rio oe Janeiro, was launch- drowned todv wa flood which
drownedflood wh ch

ed from Elswick to-day. The new
fighter displaces 27,000 tons.
Constantinople, 22.-Turkey to-
day submitted to the will of the
powers. The Grand Council fa-
vours accepting the proposals of
Europe for a peace settlement be-
tween Turkey and the Balkan al-
The joint note of the powers ad-
vised Turkey to cede Adrianople
to the allies and to leave the fate

Grand Feature show
Friday Jany. 24th
at 8 p.m.
Huylers Orchestra.
DU I'Y. This picture is acted in
Paris by one of the best theatrical
troupes in the World. It is a high
class drama and is much more in-
teresting than the ordinary. The
stage setting is magnificent, and
such real good acting will be a
treat to loves of the reel. This pic.
ture would be hard to equal, excit-
ing, tragic and a film of quality. :
2. Song by Prof. Von Ros
Beautiful Bass Ballad.
3. LAST FRIEND. Beautiful.
4. EASTER EGG Comic.
5.4Beau Brummel in a new vau-
deville hit. Come, hear him and
laugh. *
8. Comic Song b Prof Von Ros.
o0. "A Morning on the Bois de
Boulogne"- ih beautiful picture
filled with the magnificent scenery
of the Bois.
Tickets may be reserved now.
Admission-is. 9d. 6d.
Don't forget our Grand Matinee
Monday at 4.30 p.m.

overwhelmed the entire caavan.

Special Programme.
Friday at 8 p.m.
i. "The Flirt" by REX.
2. "Ireland aiml Israel" big
FIGHTING picture.
3. "Her Lord and Master"
4. "The Locket" see the
5. "\Wht', the Use" very Comic
BlIl.1, Tll' WEEK.
\Ve call your spec ial attention to
the Two big AG.\ I INIE HI I'S of;
the e, suwi 1\ PROF.
IRO )(GES. i.
"At the Levee on Revival day."
"My Little Loving Aero Man."
Two bhi New York sensationsalso
Special NEW trick Perfoinmance.
6(l. 9d( is.
At Nassau's only Theatre.

is now ready and on sale
at the
"Tribune" Office
Price 6d.

to Mivam willbe TEN DOLLARS
Children-ta years and under
$6.85 -
Childrea-5 yeats and unJer $4.
Subject to change wi hout Notice.
Office "F ranges E."
492 Efast 13ny street.
Nassau, N. P.,
Jan. ist, 1913


y.AVE your old sofas

or "Tribune" Office. .

.l j

7 TR-SH supply just received
, by schr. 'Hattie Darling
Bor Mie by 1

W I1 would inform all who appreciate a Good Smoke that we now
have on hand an extensive Stock of HlAVANA.CIGARS. WN\',
guarantee our brand to be made of the finest Havana and Stumatra
Wrappers, and Havana Fillers throughout.
These Cigars are manufactured on our premises by skilled workmen,
ind great pains are taken to produce an article of superior quality.
The success we have met with in the past leads us confidently to expect
the pationage of connoiseurs.
Bay Street.

--- *






Among the Families




For Result Advertie
In The "Tribiin

-L1 -- i-- --1- ---I---- "--


...L..- i.;.. .


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