Til E T R IU: N K On motion of Mi A. K. Solomon, seconded by Mr. Addciley. A Bill for preventing Tumults and Riotous Assemblies and for the speedy and effectual punish ment of Uioters was read a second time,committed to a committee of the whole house and passed. On motion of Mr. Sands seconded by Mr. Culme r A Bill relating to money lending was read a third time and passed. Ordered that the Clerk convey the s\id bill to the Hon. the Legislative Council and request their concurrence therein. The House adjourned until Thursday evening at half past seven. J Nassau N. P. J.iny 21st 1913 My dear Mr. Editor, I like your suggestion <,f yesterday, tli.it s-veral Serjeants of Police should be Appointed whose sole dulV should be to see that the Police mi' patrolling their distil' ts." This is very necessary Mr Editor, in fait it used '.0 be done and why it has grown into disuse I cannot imagine, I used to see even the Serjeant Major, and sometimes the Acting Commandant, % %  • %  hen any one wai tempot ivil\ filing those ; (/ %  'us, an I cannot u e w by, if a is sec the need of making rounds at night, those when permanently appointed should not di it equally expedient. The Police need waking up Mr Editor and it bt hoves thoft iponsible, to see to it that our Police Department is improved in discharging their Public Unties. Tours f.iithfullv NIGH r WALKER. > "GOVERNMENT NOTK ES." H. W, Lightbourn and Charles S. Rae, Ksquires, have been nominated to serve on the Licensing Authorit), M i-s Grace Ann \\ barton has been appointed a Charge Nurse at The Hospital. Miss Molly Turtle, Telephone Operator has been granted twenty eight days sick leave. Mi Dolores Clare has been appointed an Acting Telephone Operator CABLEGRAMS London, 20.— \ determined but unsuccessful attempt was made; Saturday night or Sunday to ste d if .400.000 worth of bear Is from the establishment of Maik Kul bin, jewel merchant, or 32 Neathborn Viaduct, The burglars apparently wendisturbed while at Work and fled. Mexico, 20.—A hundred federals were cut to pieces by rebels near I Ateleingo yesterday, London, 20. — Ilalkan plenfpnu ; entiaries who art? awaiting the Turkish reply do not attempt to conceal their impatience and firm determination to prevent Turkey from postponing Settlement of war longer than a week. Rochad Pasha received long cipher messages from Constantinople this afternoon and it is assert ed he was instiucted toconfei with Sir Edward Gr< v. with the i| je< t of obtaining direct intervention by the powers under the form of diation.Or in another M iy if more acceptable, so that Turkey might be spared the humiliation of ceding Adnauopliat first hand. THE STROMBUS Magazine" is now ready and on sale at the "Tribune" Office 'Price 6d. Atlanta, Georgia, 20. -Plans are being made for tripling the United States army forces in the Panama Canal Zone, it was said here to-* night by Brigadier General Evans who has just returned to Fort McPherson from Washington. Remember I f you are thinking of building a DOUSe, that we u 1! I Sf II ha the next week a lair grade of N> i Flooring, Siding and half inch celling at 8s. 4 d. Per 10x1 Feet. SPOT CASH I You will not have a chance likej this for s,"ine tune to rorine as tUe | Mill will be starting up on the 15th •and from then on we will he carrying our usual stock of No 1 grade of lumber of all sizes. Now is THE TIME TO BUY. We desire to thank you for your kind patronage during tQia and to wish out customers, one and all, the Best ol good things for 1913. We can assure you that as we have tried to please you in the past, so we will do in the future and sincerely hope for a share of youi custom. THE BAHAMAS TIMBER COMPANY. LIMITED, %  \\< li Ilk B. Si; T TON No. to Fast Stieet. Manager London, 20. — M. F. Arrowsmitli of Bristol, one of the lust known provncial publisneit, died today. New Yotk, 20.Two battered sleds which have journeyed to opposite ends of the earth occupied a place of honour toda\ in the American MusHum of Natural History, Captain Atrtundson, discoverer of the South Pole, today | led to the museum one of the sleds used i iv his expedition and it watplared % %  a si. (I whu h Admiral Peary n-i il w lien he found the North P< % %  Charleston, S. C, JO,— The sinkling el a large fXinish steamship wuli all hands on board ofi the Southwtst roast of England durtv the terrific hurricane on the 2OI1 of rveeember was the scene witnessed by Captain Reo of the Spechia which arrived here Saturday nifzht from Hamburg. The name 5 55 MEUX s STOU T Light and Nourishing. J* *-* z v*^ c fa %  J 0 o V. ~* \.' IS THE OLDEST AND ALWAYS HAS THE LEAD For Result Advertise in The "Tpibunfe"


T 1 THE 3 a* 0) rf CD K :r o (D < X Jfulfius dddictus jurare in verba 3/tagistn BRING BOUND TO SWKAR TO TMK DOO 4AS OF NO MAST KR. VOL v .Vas.'au tf. P., Ba/iamas Wednesday January 22, 1913 Nc. 4 1 i LEON K. H UI'ITC BoiTOI AND I'BOPKIITOK OfWCK; (H 4 MAttKRT STBUff Nassau N. I'.. F.AKAMAS. P. (i. Bos lti;. PUBLISHED DULY. M nirfv, VeiluesiUy ami Friilay — • %  U|(ltrop| J,I. Tue.day, Tliiii.ithl> ... ,, 4 1 B-irtwlj ,.s. HalfY-a.lv Hs Veai v ... ... ifiv I' kYABLE IV XIIVAWK. Advertising Rates: Six |*nca |ii lint for tirsl iiivirtii'ii ; iliui|tfitcc pW line '

The Tribune.
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Title: The Tribune.
Uniform Title: Tribune. (Nassau, Bahamas).
Alternate Title: Nassau tribune
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Tribune
Publication Date: Wednesday, January 22, 1913
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 79, no. 210 (Aug. 3, 1983); title from caption.
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* T ,

r .

. *!; ^ .r

ulutis v4dictus Juritsr in v*rba, 2agitbri


-*-' peuw- X. P., Bahamea Wednesday January 22, 1913 Nc. 4 1

LEON E. 14. DUPI'C .
Narau N. P., SAHAMAS.
P. 0. Box lta
M naday. Vedoesday and Friday
singlee copy ...
Tuesday, Thrrlay and Saturday
,n0gle conp ... ...
Veeklv .....
Uointhiv ... ...
O marterly ... .. .4
HatfYsarlv ... a
veal.y .
Advertistag ,lates:--ix pence per
for fist ia.rtion: three peInce pei
'For swcox intertinn: aid one penn
Shne~tf sublwquent insartionr.
Advertisements adetr eigbt line

The Mail Stearner "Miami"
rived yesterday morning
Miami. with the following pas
gers: -
Misses A. Clark, K. Smith,
E. A. Williams; Mrs. G. A, Wt
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Spencer, Mr
Mrs. W. S. Crittenton, Mr. and
H. C. Lang, Mr, and Mrs. H.
Manus, Mr. and Mrs. R, M. R
Mr. and Mrs' Chias E. Searis,
and ,s. G. M. Clark, Mr. and
R. M. "Cutte Mr..and Mrs. J
Philbrick, Mr:andi Mrp. I. H.
gar,. Mr. Mrs. A. M. Atterb
Messrs K.. fi. Cochtrn, Ab
Rees, and John T. Wilkinson,
Me-danies Bessie Taylor
M.irgaiet Knowles; Messrs: T
Dorsett and Adam Gibson (4)
The Mail Steamer "Havana'
rived yesterday morning from
York, landed the following pas
gers and proceeded to Ha
with 130 passengers:-
Misers K. Dauchy, W. Gil
aun, L.. H.', idge', L. Muialroi
Ho ga, s. Packer, E. RIox
. S rt, C, Wilk and E.

-- -----------
and Mrs. W. T. Steven, Mr and Gilmore Adderley,Thaddeus Toote,
.TOR Mrs R.C. an(lderson, Dr. and Mrs. Jefferson Armbrister, Zachary Tay-
R. C. L6..k, Dr. Mrs. GeO. lor, Claudius Wilkinson,
iT Wilkins, Genl. and Mrs. A. A. The trial proceeded.
Harbark; Messrs W. A. A lott, J. The Jury returned a verdict of
A. Belivean. M. Beauvias J. Bolte. "Not Guilty."
rell, W. J. Board.ran, F. T. Bulk, The Court adjourned until to 50
C. IH. Clark, F. B. Cruckqr, C. H. a.m. tomorrow.
-- Eckerscn, N. V. Gardiner F. Guerr-
lick J. Stuart, Wan. A Thompson, HON. HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY.
ad H. C. Tinker,and A. Wilkins; Dr. Monday Evening,
4id A. H. Stron, (65) 20 January 1913.
1%.44 Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Beckwith The House met according to
s. and four sons, Messrs F. F. Menen- adjournment.
U 4'jend A. Rae. (8) Present:-
t Misses M Lindquist, Mr. and The Honourable F. A. Holmes
Mrs. Theo. Robinson. (3) Speaker; Honourables J. P. Sands,
line--- J. W. Culmer and Dr. G. H. John-
r lih The-Motor "Frances E" left yes. son ; Messrs G. Weech,.H. G. Mal-
y rP, terday morning for Miami with the colm, C. E. Bethel, G. M. Cole. 13.
following passengers.- E. Williams, C. 0. Anderson, E.
4** Misses Araminta Saunders. Mary L. Bowen, W. P. Adderley, J. R.
..,- _Qga ith Symonett, aud Elaine Young. Dr. C. C. Sweeting, L. W.
a.. ; TTe-danfwsAdtn Flixabeth 'Young, C. E. Albury, W. C. B.
from Goodman, Jane Munro and Jane Johnson, T' Culmer, R. H. Curry,
sen- Russell; Messrs James Strachan, A. K. Solomon, E. V. Solomon.
lie ijamin Dorsett, Clarence Bren. On motion of Mr. Weech the
and nan, Frank Evans, Felix Deveaux petition of the 1. S. Johnson Com-
lite: Moses Davis, William Taylor, pany praying for a rebate was re-
and Alexander Simms, Shedrack Major ferred to a Select Committee,
I Mrs William Deveaux, Allan H. John. Select Committees were appoint.
Mc. son, Theophilous Clarke, Thomas ed as follows :-
eed, Russell, John H. Miller, 0. Ran. On motion of T. Culmer second.
Mr. dall Sweeting, W. T. Walters, ed by I. E. Williams, To take into
Mrs Richard Weldon, William Delancy consideration the questions asked
r. M. Alexander Delancy and by him on the i4th inst., and the
Ed- Gilbert; Master Nathaniel Rolle. answers given thereto with power
ury; (S8). to call for persons and papers (re
ram prisoners from Cat Island.)
(29) The American Steam Yacht Messrs. T. Culmer, Williams,
and "Virginia" with a party on board W. C. B. Johnson, A. K. Solomon
'htos. en route to San Juan, Porto Rico and Anderson.
arrived yesterday morning from On motion of Mr. Albury se-
Charleston S. C. conded by Mr. Adderley ; On the
r. petition of certain inhabitants of
New IN THE SUPREME COURT. the Current, praying for a road.
ewn- January Session 1913. Messrs. Albury, W. C B. John-
Vana 21 January. son and Adderley.
The Court met at lo.3o. On motion of N r. Curry seconded
gan. Present:- by Mr. Bethel; on Athe petition of
n, E. His Honour D. Tudor Esq. K. certain inhabitants of Kemps Bay
water, C. Chief Justice; Honourable F. praying for a fprry boat allowance.
Ia C. Wells Durrant K. C. Attorney essrs Curt sw


a a

'* h*



rlautea wTison, ;samnaoang a
chilld:under a years of age.
Mr. Rae appeared for the defen-
The following Jury was empan-
elled: John A. Bethel Fred N.
Boskeld, Wiliam S. Whitehead,
Edward Bode, Mordecai Taylor,
David Bonamy, Joseph Bowen,

ed by Mr. 1. W. Culmer leave was
granted Mr. Sands to introduce
and read a first time.
A Bill to consolidate and amend
law relating to Ithe protection of
females, the suppression of broth-
els, the prevention of cruelty to
children and for other purposes,
which was ordered to be printed.

briski,; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Barry,
two children and nurse, Mr. and
Mrs* J. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Merriman, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Mor-
rill, Mr. and Mrs. T. F. McManus,
Mit.and Mrs. G. B. Richardson,
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Russell, Mr.


d I


/ I'f

-111 1111!t7 -7 -- -- 1111-1 7 -I- - -V W 77 -91`7- OFEER-19


1 ^.

y .

**t.. ~


On motion. ofMr. A. K. Solo- 4G-- o -t e a airge Danish steamship
mon, seconded by.Mr. Addeld.ey,* CABR Wi. .". 4 lalriareds on board off the
A Bill for preventing Tumults London, -A A deternin' wftciast ot of Engla.-'d Iart&
,and Riotous Assemblies and for London, .-A dt anaf one-, to th terrific hurricane on the 26th
the speedy and effectual punish unaces-hful attem t was made by B i t t .ember was the scene witnes-
ment of Rioters was read a second Sa*4oday o'ght orf y tWila t nfrohh s 'sta nWig Re on uA 9Pp1* i
'time,committed to a committee of $40o.0o worth of ea"ls from 'Phers,,n rorti ashinglon. here Saturday AIght
the whole bouse and passed. establishment of Mark Rubbin, from -. The name he
On motion of Mr. Sands second- iwel merchant, or 32 Neathborn London,' ao.-M. F. Arru.wsmith lost ve.e not known. y
ed by Mr. Culmer. erduct. The burglars apparently of Bristol, one of the best known
A Bill relating to money lend- fled at work and provitiapublishe died today. MR
ing was read a third time and pass- i -
ed. e -New Y*ek, 20.- rTwo battered Special Programme.
Ordered that the Clerk convey Mexico, 2o.-A hundred federal led wbhcl have journeyed to QP- Wednesie ty Ni.Nght.
the said bill to the Hon. the Legis. were cut to pieces by rebels neat polite ends of the earth occupied a ",s p .-
lative Council and request their Ateleingo yesterday, place of honour today in the Ame- t '
concurrence therein. rican Mu-.Om of Natural History. 4 Ree of E oellent
The House adjourned until London, 20.-Ialkan plenipot- Captaii Ainhodson, disc.ve'r of OictUPI:
Thursday evening at half past ntiaries who art' awnting the te So uth ptole, today prs ed to! including "Th PFlpt"
seven.Turkish reply (10 not attempt to the museum one of the sleds used I I
se conceal their impatience and firm lv his expedition and it was placed PROF ROGERS IN SONG AND
Nassau N. P. determination to prevent Turkey I-side a sled which Admniral Peary MONOLOG.
Jany 21st 1913 from postponing settlement of war u hen e d the Nortlh PRle. PROF ROYS THE MAGICIAN
My dear Mr. Editor, longer than a week. t IN SLEIGHT OF HAND
I like your suggestion of yester- Rochad Pasha received long ci- Charleston, S. C., 2o.-The sink- PERFORMANCI.
day, that several serjeants of Po. pher messages from C onstantino-
lice should be appointed whose pie this afternoon and it is asert
sole dut should be to see that the ed he was instructed to confer with
Police are patrolling. their dis. Sir Edward Grey, with the ject
tricts. o of obtaining direct intervention by
Thisis ver necessary MrEditor, thepoers under the form of me-
in fat t it used :o be doye and why diation, r in another way if more
in fatspitalsed'obedoneandwY acceptable, so that Turkey might WA
it has grown into disuse I cannot acceptable, so t hat Turkey might
imagine, I used to see even the Ser- be sped the humiliation f ced-
Acting Commandant, when any one l f ,
was temporarily filling those posi-
tions, and I cannot see why, if act. --I
ing officers see the need of making .
rounds at night, those when per-
manently appointed should not
deem it equally expedient. K_'_____-____________
The Police need waking up Mt. '
Editor and it behoves those re-
sponsible, to see to it that our Po- A
lice Department is improved in e
discharging their Public Duties. l
/Yours faOthfully ur a vPOLISH
H. WV. Lightbourn and Charles Remember umos
S, Rae, Esquires, have been nomiU O
nated to serve on the Licensing tfyou rethinking of building a
Authority house, that we will sitl for the G O co m' ,eN. "
Miss Grace Ann Wharton has next wek a fair grade of N,) 2
been appointed a Charge Nurse at Flooring, Siding and hall inch
The Hospital. ceiling at, the_
Miss Molly Turtle, Telephone 4P r too Feet. SPOT' CA'H I A Im ong the Fam ilies
Operator has been granted twenty You will not have a chacp like
eight days sick leave. t this Y)r s e.time t in pe e ei I a the
Miss Dols C e hs be Mill will be starting upon the i5th : T U
MISS Dolores lare as een and from then on we will t ecarry-
pointed an Acting Telephone Op- ing our usual stock of No i grade
rator of lumber of all sizes. Z 0n
THE We desire to thank you i
STROMB3US ronage dun4 (n two Z
out customers, one and all, the best to 1
... of good thbinp for xg913. We can i V
S assurp you. that as we have tried t'o
please you in the past, so 'We 9vi THE OLD6EST AND.ALAHA THE LEAD
h now ready and on sale 19 In the future and sincerely hope _I
at (or a iare of yotu .c4stom. -
at the THE BAHAMAS TIMBER p R ims ",
lTribune" Office COMPANY, LIMITED,1 OP ASH Advertlse -
cAO 6d. No. ;o HSte,. Ea stpr 'Tb MaaU *
W ,",

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