I I! I T R I BU N I. The Tribune li ESDA-: 1W. 21, 19I3. Quite a number of Commission! rs an to b rrn lined within the next few weeks. We have bei :i thinking that Ibis itinerant 1 calls lor an improvement in meansof transport. If only the Government owned • >; two pood mi''.ir boats <>f about or 80 tuns—or even more, how much easier and more comfortable the w "i ino\ ing tin ials would bel J )o.s not frequent removal need of something hi.' thi si I'll oty ''I other use could be found inr a vessel of tins kind: A sional \ isit to the spon| 1 iunds would not ] %  < %  .nil;-' >ur Circuit %  .hi find it :i 1' < >ui dColoni 1 tary has more than once done outnd touring. I low much n fficientlj and swiftly he might me sw h win k with such, a boat at hi al In i'l an ou! island epidi travelling might n much. 'I'll.11' 1 M1 111 many wa\ in touch with out-island conditions if this want \T' and in case of urgent m 1 it\ such as was laid ,MI oui late noi just '• %  1 : e lasi tn 11 1 1 oux present govi rnor or a u 1 or might be thankful to I an engined boat at call. Would it be "lit of place for ri pri sentativi 10I out-island constituen to look ipto thi ? The matter mstoust< %  com 'an tin in more intimately than the men tin i island. We notice that Chinese ladies 11I' education anfinding a new catling: A growing number of them' .H' taking up nui 1. after undergoing a good training under Euro| an aui pices in large Chinese centres. This is a go< "I sign, and may mean much for China Tinfollowing, published by -a Si nit I lolland, in the "i lommtin wealth Magazine"! 1 ial monthago, is worth rcproducing: THE INV Vd< >\ SCARE. Sir Arthur Wilson !,.idi • : ed ui thi inva lion He it with in. pel And, Oslo, he carries on the high tradition of the Admirals -A ho, ffl m the da\ of the Armada, have alwa\ s 1111derstood the true methods ol defending England, and always u quite confident in I] ver to make those methods int. And, now, by the help '""''"'•_•' %  1 lion, v a uaiia. i u of In-N'o'rs, we can see how referred '".1 select I— i ...•:.: 1 Governor has sent a \lexs ige to the I louse transmitting a Resolution of the Cham1 d Commerce 91 na a grant of £200 to defray 1 the expense of .; 1 exhibit from tins Colony at ill" r*oronto Exhibition, Canada. 'I [us has I immensely the traditional pun ciple <>f the defence ha I n strengthened by the latest s< ii n til'ic in\ 1 nti >i>s. and 1 iallv bv the use of in li ss telegraphy. committee as follows : lion JaI' S aids, M :G. M Cole, R. II. Currj T. Culiiier ami C. 1 Allan v. Wi Ij trust that this matter will I taken in hand f We see that the lid' waiter! do not now perform night duty on tin' dorks when and w • orare Ian led, hut that Watchmen are employed ini si r The lunatic, Hilton Jo after being at large i I to the \sylum, on tm lav last. 'Idi'; rincipl ..,„! decided promptly, for if that we all knov l'o defend am thing is to 1 lone, there is ngland, find A hen \' i lie is and fight him there. 1 >on't wait for him to i nun Go to him, and at! So you defend your ow n Now, it istrange in old i Ini-.v difficult it might b him. Nelson could not 1" the French in the Levant months before he dis them on tii' Nile. Ile could not make out how theI'oulon out, n< il had through the Straits of He o llld not lind it in the W i i Indii s. Mi n %  lost m the mere hun.. And i ion wi hard to i ieve. idays, it i that we should not know wl til B found, !llO\ l MM !l! ol ' li) is II if a nu-take is n hound iftly. Wireless mi uuani. running round in no time. Sipia dioiion the wrong tai k can be ailed at a moment's not i no time to if it is • wish or intention that it be ri"d out thoroughly and Hi | i ely. The nut-islands ill n uuicated with and i I from them. j from Septen 18 to I i : i 191 2, 186 aeroplan hav el' St thi a \\\ es, "!' tinn her I (lishmeii. We e for thi' conquest 1 I the air. Vest rday v tin day for the nCommittee, and • %  fliat oui I %  I i. B Esq., will b tunil will n suit in. The Money Lending Bill was 1 a third time ah I in the I lous ig. Aid.I. DONE POI.H ; Sunday evening a burglar n to Stoi Stoi %  n tli i"e pi ilicemen v 1 then < %  The \I,-' %  j night with the following i R, I.. Pillingei ; Mi %  I A. Van Winkle: Mr..and C |. v II : .1 rs. .1. .1. 1 Kelly, R Til. ham Christ IO) The Spi %  1, at %  %  %  ing of I I pointed VI sis. H h'n, W. C. IV Johnson, l< II Cu I'.. V. Solomon and I. S I). M"-'"v. -is the s'anding C m j ft 11 11 pre sent Ses ion. i hej w ill, no positions can be 1 d : subdoubt, soon begin I ir lal ours, ordinal mi am of action ran e jt 1 ailed out. It is iniposi ible that, m the narrow Northern seasi Ward I home, any blunder should not ient and 11 lined straight aw n\ : illy those on the no interval could be won | mail v some snap scurry, which would .'without in the least suffice for landing a 1 importatii big body of troops. Then, Sii and the goods are thus detained Arthur has.shown us that f, here two weeks Ion through so'iiimomentary mis.* brought from 1 ham < %  "'.ir battleship Caught OUt, and wire off the The lunatic Exuma bvmail schooner "Nelspots swarm upon swarm of sublie l^eonora" from Exuma, sent ines and desti rsai C nmission %  ; 1 \. C. I Kinrcak drst rue-1 combe, iii care of Captain Storr, tion on heavj transports -theii for deliver) at the Asylum, and ideal prey. So away to bed, in who .>. as n fuse '. admission, and perfect | 'nly let ua n member, w hen we wake, that, 1 all. oui real safi ty li< s in consequentl) s aped several days ago, was captured yesterday, and conveyed along Bay trusting our own t, City, in custody of the lv Iminan aulhoi itv. .. brotherhood, and in Poli e. Let us hope that 1' that oui neighbours 1 ime one at the Hospital, is anxini I friends with on this 1 ion, to admit the w ilh tie 1,1 %  patient. Mrs. Mi I Dun •' %  • I 1 ; Mr. 1 Thompson Jh George I J' i^P> ne, I \ !\ %  mill t, (rlinton, All Pratt, i hilip Know |i s, Li wis Geo. N. R ihming, (has. G. Rahming. (13) Waid I.inei "Santi 1 foi Tampico on Frid I night. \'aI nu.iiA IOI3. %  |"n the Ti ibune Editor. Sir: ; lonv owns and upi [ospitals : one in City, and the Other a: Matthew Town, Inagua. The at Inagua I ham costs about I %  pei yi ar, in luding the larv of tin1 doctor win' h l 0 ne here 1 osts us onsi lerably more, yea c this" colony can allonl, in my opinion.. The annual appropriation is £60 10. To this must he added tinfix* >,which amount to £l8aO. The total therefon 1 | ,. Fhe I lospital is su| ' be supervised by seven Commi ion 1 They an appoint* d by the Governor annually. The old LJ)oai-d re signed m Jul\ Tin fcoiisidei ed then 1 Unappreciated


THE T RIHU \ E by the Pflwets. We hi ai that thev used to t • illy sup< rvise,, isequentlj things t kept prettj '. A i p„, ,rd is i!'w i" charge. 'I hev „„ |. Mnonthand pass the account thei I e, ha 1 i T nnis an I Tea. O in Institution, prior rigl the I is .1 rite i ... use it I raw I I %  i.%  %  li IS II rhe nurses i I pla\ I. That am evcningil the lcn< i D that the nighl Mui in h*r i >ms. It was then after io oV 1" '.. The i n on < I %  i; • from 8 < a.m. The nui % %  as called to her duty, I porti ti to 1 vra .upheld \ %  It was O] i Doctoi ni >1 found. I In MI\ i %  %  %  : The I • '. 'i was %  %  >t there, rhe p i lil :il h ni a weak heart The Col ini;il Surgeon had to u %  culation. Nearl) an h >ui had d. Tka Chief Medical ( i icei harl to b u unoa d. I le pei forme tli o\ ieration. 'I he patienl mav die, from the delay. What then"? Now Mr. Editor, I hive given j all IIHi ts,so that the public | might know whal ioe are getting! f"i our nioii^ji. Should an InI MiUiti.iu sucn as we II \l*. and ; tin ; iii Cut theic special Co mi ion I" 1 promptled to i p irt upon, and ncJi %  ii Mr Kditoi A P.VI lENT. i .• , i"i neressMT %  '• With the I %  ork. SANITAS. I .. I iiuill for ih i' ed i i (I. Le I U] "I ii i• i %  : in %  I %  \\> • i Mr .it the ,if ill • ( in than i in a v I nv< the I'IIV. In London int< i hibited, tin' I rbed and thereby sprea Our sagacious Civ 1 Engited a si te t to tl B Unit sp.il lui'a irtiiUtiicl> ami l learn that there has been d idl.x-k over the property. TheonlyCemetervofimpoi [am a has not a foot of frontage, onl\ remote eoi i i 'u| Bn d are bein lovei and over again, and with a f intermural interment al space for other desicabh butial MP RIAL -vac. / light. B m. els of Excellent • teFliPt" IN SON \( Ht IAN l SI E 'ill I 01 HAND l\ MORMAN'U Don't Wear a Truss! UTTER THIRTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE. I HAVE PRODUCCD AN APPIIANCE FOR MEN. WOMEN OR CMIIDREN THAT CURES RUPTURE. I SEND IT ON TRIAL II you h .1%  thine come to mi V. hera i i? where I bat Send attached cou| i j -,, free, my illustrated Rupture and it.dire, showing my A| ; people who III I It is i... %  I I % %  %  %  \Y 19. This wi h 1 cu mil centi • L ibeP 1x6 |'i !MMV( and ixl intl 7 I pei _.\l t from Jack %  H'IVII 1 'lb. at :DER ; 1 The abovt h C. E. Bt joia. ate %  %  fenn Curing Rupture Iw over 30 years. II Ruptured, write him today. [ make it to your measure and i %  hi*-. enthui Till OUT TREE COUPON attOVY AND POST TODAY H or bt. to O. S. A. FREE INFORMATION COUPON Marat] raptor* r # o->\ 'in i • -"""""i 1 •().) S.HSVII.V.IK an i. MM PASSAGE "FRANCES E." ,.,...• wiillM ibN AXJLI.ARS i luMi. ii — i -' yean and under Children—5 • d unJer %\. Subji ii n i hooJ Nutice. 1 Iffice "Iramet E." 1., Eat Buj iti t,N. I'.. Jan ISt, I'll ; 1 Race ts if better than its women. A*GOX ArfOO IldWVS NJ toi IIIUM l>|(>:)) 00'CSt ">,< J 1 'I>"J *H %  lUlHu.i inunjuowiiv ,JJ ..oiniinBiMlMY,, m.iuioq jni *AIS ,„ ..uiJ'i-a ..""N do HS.. "Si iHNI -tYMSMa-J JO "l" ' siarusid OOE MINOK MO snd o OOM NOin poi %  •*(""-' """ r '1 I %  • %  I MJ twcaJV soiUBqaoj\[ JBindoj : I ])j..iui Wat PI"" 1 "Llf^. tm no* ipn| MHOI,J ., •.PI">M "V'i ""'S P ""U"Q VfVfO v .11 aNiiuaNn H3 noA om NiAAiHM.. UOIIOIJ •nrai 0uit*u|iNnBj •amn N.iiprui m| 3UIZgTJI*J %  HI •


T II l. T R 1. I \ I ed than at an) previous time, No progress wa? made and there was very little effort to confirm any one. Oporto, Portugal, 18—The British steamet Veronex which was wrecked heie yesterday morning is in > perilous position anil o lv a few ol ibe i | i passenger* have been saved. The only life line connecting the steamer with the shore hmke alter 33 of those on beard had been rescued. A number of bodies, mostly of ch Idten cvnt ashore today, The a-ithoriiies aie making heron efforts to gel anothei cable to the steamer P iladelphia, 18.—The f.. r mot polar explorers, ( sptaiu Amundsen Admiral Peary and I ieutenant Sir I rnesi Sh ckleton, weie e 1 ofhonoui at a reception by the \ rt Club in tins city toittg it. Havana, 18.—Robert Orr, General Manager ol hl t 1 Railu iw (.1 II,n ana, h is gi ne to St. Augustine Florida, for the purp< se of conferring with l lei Flagler regarding 'he installation of regulni femes between Key V\ %  l and 1 lavana. I he object in view is the transportation of entire trains on the ferries. London, 1 1 1 he P irte's 8on to rail a national msemhl 1 Tuesday to take under advi*menl the Balkan situation probably heralds furthei con ession on the par: of tie I Hi dish ^nr nment. I he Balkan delegates in 1 do not believe the Port pi) to the joint note of tf, powers will arrived here from home port made haste to leave England for the sunnier south. (^"hc {§trcmbu§ The Premier Bahamian Magiuint "The Strotnbus" includes an I ial Dire> tory, a City Directory, an Advei tisi m and Feu 'about Nassau and the Bahamas thai will make it probably the tnost in: : %  ;,; US) fill I %  pilation ever submitted to public. H \VK vour old SOfas and Chairs repaired and re-canea •s ;• isfaction (iuai inte* I \ } *I*1 V 10 GEO T BE I'lll-I. or "Tribune" Office. Dynamite. A FRF "-II tupply just recei\ed 7\ by schr. "Hattie Hailing I .1 ale CHAS. h ALBURY. '\T, T I would inform all who appreciates Good *mnke that we now VV have on hand an ext< Stock of M WANA CIGARS. We I guarantee our brand to be made of the finest Havana rind Mirnairn \ 1 %  •!-. and Hav ma I %  111• • ul I These I ne manufactured on oui premises b\ skilled workmen, {„,„, 1 |m e an aiticle ol superior quality. 6d. per copy. 5s. bd. f wr. |)( v . ,,, ea< s uscnfitleotlj Published M-mthlv 1 / %  :. /.' Dui %  /. Ulbert 1 %  ; % % %  1 \tana (tr, I rii % %  e Of) % %  14 M %  '••' >•'• iu, N.P., Baha the pationage ol 1 oni oiseurs. Remember f you are thinking ul buildii In use, ih it we A ill sell lot the next week a Ian grade of No 1 Iluorii :.'. Siding and half inch I down 1 ly being made to lav four super-Dreadnoughts as purl ol the \ears programme. When these ves-els are completed France will hue eleven new and first %  I is battleship*. Paris, 19.—Edouarde Bolin, a| French invent. .1, h t im • eeded in telegraphing n photograph from Bordeaux to Pai is in the record time of four minutes. The most interesting feature of Rnline'sl invention is that ,t ,s possible to 1 carry about a small apparatus,' weighing about 10 pounds, and immediately Jattachit J at any] telephone station London, it) I he | ngtish capital last week has lived up to its uc.ist climatic reputal im, mosi of the Ann 1 ic in* besucba flat refusal as was fore, celling at shadowed from Constantinople. Bs.4d.Pe1 tool— t SPOl CASH You will nol have a chance like Paris, 19.-The minister of this for some tune to come as the | marine is about to ..sk parliament Mill will be Mating upon the is". to hasten the vote of ihe naval |nd from thenon we will te cajry. programme. Arrangements ate ing our usual sfck of No 1 grade of lumber ol all siz' -. Now II HE I 1MB l ( > BUY. We desire to thank vou for •• %  11 1 nd patronage during 1913 and to wish oui customers, one and all, the Best ol good things for 1913. We can assure vou that RS W6 have tried to please you in the past, so Wl will do in tiie future and sincerely hope for a share of voui UStom, Mil BAHAMAS riMBER COMPANY, LIMITED, ARTHUR B. SUITON No, 10 E sl Street. Man A SERVICE of Song, with ( >r gpn and other Instrumental mp iniment will l>e rendered .(i Zion R iptist Chun h on I u< day evening 2JSt lannatv, at half puSl %  en. Vdmission 6d. and 3d. Light refn shmenti will he sold. S\l NDfc RS & I I5av Street. WHITE LABEL'. WHISKY 1 Cheap end Good. Among the Families of STOUT V V. 5 / %  f) [S THE OLDEST W*l> VLWAYS HAS THE IF W For Result Advertise in The "Tribune S*


J P > 3 c CO r+ CD a 3O OD 0) THE 4 RIBUNI ^fttlHus addictm ;arare in verba 3^agist B ndey, Wednesday and Friday — tinxUcnpy ... Jit. IU'MI.II I'll. >da> an. 1 Saturday— single cnp ... id .Veekb ... 4 }<| •louthlt i41 3 'l • 4. rfaHYearl* r*eany ... i iwnce 1*1 line fni in %  1 itertinn : thret M line 'T V nd insertion; and one penny par in r foi subsequent inneilioni hi !in"4S. also Messrs Ins E. Vdderley and Vggustus I.. Hi pbum. V ) I S FR( M GR \ND I'. Ml \M \. 1 )u i lirntinas Day the Hoy-. Cadei i nrps organized by Mr. VngusIUN I.. Hepburn HI tended Divine Service %  >' St Stephen's Chun h I \l R I 1 1" 1 ladets are comp HI 1 !)•• Su lay Sch KII Boys. At 2 1 i-" marched t'i the %  im nis 1 me 1 '1 Reniden e and iddress fr.I'll him, als< 1 fnuii J..-. E, \ i'1-i l> v Esq I ii<* CommisMnnei ^|< • k* tn I he boys (). K. and simwiii his appreciation in entertaining (hem with Cakes and Lemonade q The Bight Mile Rocks Band or. (ran 1 ted by Mr. A L. Hepburn pUyed vary nvell for tin* first time Mr. C. Robinson Bandmaster. On New Year's Day tin* Cadets marched tn Si Stephen's and Attended l)i"ine Service. At 2 p.m. tii"\ marched, headed by the Band again t<> ill* Residence nl W, B.Cooper, Esq., J. P. (School I'eacher) and wen* anier tuned by linn to Cakes aii.iLeinon. ade. \t %  jo p i" a dinner was Riven in tin School-room by a number >>f gentlemen in honour o( I it-Commissioner, Jos. I'. Adderley, Esq, as a welcome on his return to this island OO 1 visit. The Commissioner attended and gave a fine adThe Public landing place at 8 Mile Rock has been grenily ini|,in\ p| b) lie Commissioner, It is in >v> in fine condition. I\ Till' \I\(,M R VTES COURT. j 1 ihy cqi j. W m. Bowers—I. I .mil shouting in Sireet. II, Using profane and indecent III, Throwing stones to I he danger ol persons inStt M I\', Resisting No, I S. Smith Inle in the execut i< m ol Ins d ny. I, Dismissed, II. Ill, and IV l-.i '1 1 v or ii I 1 vs. Fran is knowles—Assaulting 1 and i" 1' ing I v*a Kn iwles—14s. or 1 ,. Halton I lanna — Breach Sponge and I'urtle Fish ri< \ I Irdeied In proceed tn Vndrns 111 j there join the Sloop "I I .1 I and pay IOB, Costs f %  %  r 1 Xpences incurred by the Police in effecting his arrest. 4. -Francis Knowles — Breach Sponge and Turtle Fisheries Act — Sentent ed to one month's imprison ment and ordered to pay the tfi-. advanced by Messrs Young and Son failing which the imprisonment to be increased to six weeks. Prudence Dames—I, Drunk in treet. II, Using profane language. III, Vssaulting 1 unstable No 33 while in the exei it ion of Ins duty. !\'. Vssaulting and beating GeoBury. Fined 10s. or q days, 6 — I ,'Etoite Bowles Using language towards Annie I! 1II in Street tending to a Breach of the peace. II Using language towards Mary Davis in Street tending i<> n breach <>f tli Both i harges I tismisseii abreast of the times. lh ,| idly number of whom were p "• %  ni I 'ben obligalions to send them regulaily and (n:n tu lily. I he chl ere then served with 1 • kes and can lies. Mi Mann has been here but a short time, and 1 but voice the sentiments of the inhabitants in gener al. when I say we aie well pleased how out children an improving, and hope that his stay with us maj -'i than he expects, us changing ["eachers *o often tends to retard the progress <>f the child ren to no little extent. —I venture 10 say that this event begins a new in the History o! Headman's Cav School. shall be pleased if voti are^nble to insert the accompanying programme. The Programme was as follows •. live Songs by the School ; Open1 1 \ Idress by the Teacher ; Address by Mi. I". Darvtlle ; Recitations bj E. BurrOWS, I'd. I urnquest, Reginald Hunt and A. Rit' Ine; Dialogues by E. Turnquest and others and W. Cartwright and E, Burrows. Round "Bun Bom Bell," by the School ; Closing Address I". M. E. Wells, Esq., National Anthem. I am, Dear Sir, Thankfully yours, AUGUSTUS S. RITCHIE. CABLEGRAMS. Washington, 18.—When todays r\ • utive session of the senate adjourned the deadlock between Democrats and Republicans over confirmation of president Tafts liatmants was more pronounc1 ontinued on fourth page.)

The Tribune.
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THE pp'Mg4


------- c;-------------- -----------


Nas.*au N. P., Bihamas Tuesday January 21, 1913


LEON E. H DUPl ca, ,
00INICas- 38u 44 PAK,!T ASTRISBT
Nassau N P.. hAHAMLh.
A. fillOI ts,;

M onday, ANedne-.day and Friday-
iinglecopy ...
Tuesday, Ihiiuridav and Raturday-



At 3:30 p.m a dinner was given
in the School-room by a number of
gentlemen in honour of Ex-Com-.
missionerJos. E. Adderley, Esq,
as a welcome on his return to this
island on a visit. The Cornmis-
sioner attended and gave a fine ad.

dress, also Messrs Jos E. Adderley
an Avgustus L Hepbuin.

Th_ Puhlic landing place at 8
Mile Rock has been greatly imi-
proved by the Commissioner. It is
now in fine condition.
2 -j'tiy. 1913.-Win. Howers-I.
Ltoud -houting an Street.
II, Using profane and indecent
II,1, Uhrowing stones to the dang-
er of persons in Strect.
IV, Resisting No., 66. S. Smith
while in the execution of his dutv.
I, Dismissed, II. Ill, and IV-
Each 15< or 14 days.
Francis Knowles-Assaulting
and hbeating Eva Knowles-14s.
or 12 days. ,
3.-Halton Hanna Breach
Sponge and l'urtle Fishe ries Act-
Ordeied in proceed to Andros and
there join the Sloop "Lead and pay
los. costs for expenses incurred by
the Police in effecting his arrest.
4.-Francis Knowles- Breach
Sponge anid Turtle Fisheries Act-
Sentenced to one month's imprison-
mont and ordered to pay the 16s.
advanced by Messrs Youn'g and Son
failing which the imprisonment to
he increased to six weeks.
Prudence Dames-1, Drunk in
II. Using profane language.
III, Assaulting Constable No 33
while in the exec-tion of his duty.
IV, *Assaulting and beating Geo-
Fined ros. or 9 days.
6 -L'Etoite Rowles-Using lin-
guage towards Annie Ball in street
tending to a Breach of the peace.
II. Using language towards Mary
Davis in Street tending to a breach
of the peace. Both charges Dismiss-.
Deadman's Cay,
Lnn Islnnd.

Will you please allow me a little
space in the columns of your valu-
able Paper to say how the 3ist.
Decr. last was celebrated at Dead-
man's Cay.
Our school teacher, Mr. 0. H.
Maton, gave in Entertainment for

No. 40

the school children, wh'ch was
carried out with great satisfaction,
to both chi1ldegAjd Parents.
All met at the School room at
to o'clock on the morning of the
31vt, when the Programme was
lIegun by singin2"Rule Britannia."
Then came the Opening Address
by the 'Te.icher. This wasfollow
ed with Songs, Recitations, and
lI'alogines hy the Scholars, and a
Closing Addr-ss by M. E. Wells.
E-q., school techier at Clarence
Town, when lie impressed upon the
children th- need of a good educa-
tion to keep abreast of the times,
and the parents (a godly number of
whom were presentO their obhiga-
tions to send them regularly and
I Ite children were then served
with cakes and candies.
Mr. Mason has been here but a
short time, and I but voice thesen-
timnents of the inhabitants in gener
al, when I say we are well pleased
how our children are improving,
and hope that his stay with us
may be longer than he expects, qs
changing Teachers so often tends
to retard the progress of the child
ren to no little extent.-I venture
to say that this event begins a new
era in the History of Deadman's
Cay School.
Shall be pleased if you areable
to insert the accompanying pro-
T1he Programme was as follows:
Five Songs by the School ; Open-
ing Address by the Teacher; Ad-
dress by Mr. T. Darville; Recita.
tions by E. Burrows, I'd. Turn-
quest, Reginald Hunt and A. Rit-
chie; D)ialogues by E. Turnquest
and others and W. Cartwright and
E. Burrows; Round "Bim Bom
Bell," by the School ; Closing Ad-
dress by M. E. Wells, Esq., Nation-
al Anthem.
I am, Dear Sir,
Thankfully yours,

uahingon, 8.- When today
executive session of the senate
adjourned the deadlock between
Democrats and Republicans over
confirmation of president Tafts
appointments was more pronounc-
(Continued on fourth page.)

ingle cop .. ... id
eekiv ... ... 41d
1ionthlyv ... ...I.4t
2uiarterly 4....
Half Yearlv .. .
Yeany.. ... i6

Advertising Rates:-Six pence per line
for first insertion: three pence per line I
fnr second iniqertion: and one penny per
line for %iubequent insertions.
Advertisements under eight lines 4s.


On Christinas Day the Boys Ca-
det corps organized by Mr. Atigus-
tus L. Hepburn attended Divine
servicee at St. Stephen's Church E.
M. R. The Cadets are composed
of the Sunday School Boys.
At 2:30 pm. they marched to
the Comminis ilner's Residence and
received an address from him, also>
from os. E. Adderley Esq.. The
Coimmnisioner spoke to the boys
0. K. and showed his appreciation
by entertaining them with Cakes
and Lemnonade

The Eight Mile Rocks Band or-
ganized by Mr. A. L. Hepburii
played v:vy well for the first time
Mr. C. Robinson Bandmaster.

On New Year's Day the Cadets
marched to St. Stephen's and At-
tended Di"ine Service.

At 2 p.m. they marched, headed
by the Band again to the Roci.
dence of W. R. Cooper, Esq., J. P.
(Scfcol Treacher) and were *nter






^iliF1,17 ^


Natlus addictus lurare in verba Cagistri



ho Triunnb carries n thethigh tradition of The CGovernor has sent a We see that the Tidfwaitel^
The Tribune the Admirals who, from the d'vs Message to the Housg transmrrit do not now perform night du
of the Armada, have always un. ting a Resolution of the Cha&in oW -the docks when and wh
TUESDAY JAN. 21, 1 derstood the true methods. ul de- ber do Commerce suggesting a cargoes 'are landed, huit t
gY' 3 fending England, and always grant of 1200 to defra thle Watchmen are employed in
been quite confident in their expense of an exhibit from this stead.
.,,.Quite a number of dommis- power to make those methods Colony at the Toronto Exhibi-
aioners are to be moved within efficient. And, now, by the help tion, Canada. This has been The' lunatic, Hilton Jordan,
the next few weeks. We have of his Notes, we can see how referred to a select committee after being at large over a week,
been thinking that this itiner- immensely the traditional prin- as follows: -lHon. Jas. P. Sands, wasrecapturel at Adelaide, and
ant system calls for an improve. ciple of the defence has been Messrs. G. M. Cole, R. H. Curry conveyed to the Asylum. on Sn..
ment in means of transport. If strengthened by the latest scien- T. Culmier and C. E. Alburv. turday last.
only the Government owned tific inventions, and especially We sincerely trust that this -
ohe or two good motor boats of by the use of wireless telegraphy. matter will be taken in hand ihe Money Lending Bill was s
about 70 or 80o tons-or even The historic principle is the one and decided promptly, for if read a third time and passed,
mr6te, how much easier and that we all know. To defend an\ thing is to be done, theiie is in the House, last evening.
more comfortable the work of England, find the eneniy out no tinc to waste, if it is the
moving these officials would be! wherever lie is and fight himll wish or intention that it be car.; WELL DONE POLICE I
Does not frequent removal there. Don't wait for him to tried out thoroughly and effect- Sunday evening a burglar
suggest the need of something come. Go to him, and attack i\ ely. The out-islands will iwa kmmonn to be inside of the
like this ? Plenty of other use So you defend your own shores. Have to he comnuuuicated wih Ludismuith Shoe Store. The
could be found for a vessel of Now, it.is strange in old days and exhibits urged from them. Store las three openings. N.<
this kind: An (occasional visit how difficult it might be to find ; :less than three policemen were
to the sponging grounds would him. Nelson could not locate From September 1908 to Oc- ;there. The burglar escaped.
. not be amiss. Our Circuit Ma- the French in the Levant for torbr 6th 1912, 186aeroplanists '
gistrate~might find it a boon. months before lie discovered Ihatvelost their lives, of this nuin The Mail Steamer "Miami"
Our esteemedColonial Secretary them on the Nile. He could ber 23 were Englishmen. W\e steamed for Miami on Saturday
has more than once done out- not make out how the loulon are paying a heavy price for the uil It -wit the following pas-
island touring. Hlow much more fleet got out, nor where it had conquest of the air. sengers.--
efficiently and swiftly he might gone to, through the Straits of *Miss R. E. Pillinger; Mr anc
have done such work with such, Gibraltar. lie could not fid it Y'sterd.d was tle day for tie Mrs. A. Van Winkle: Mr..and
a boat at his disposal! In in the W\Vet Indies. Months Il earnings before thie Ways ld 'rs. C. J. Kelly; Messrs.J. J.
case of an out island epidemic were lost in the mere hunt. And Means Cominmittee, id w ll Imple Kinmwles', C. NK. Kelly, R. ..
accelerated travelling might errors of direction were very fiat our anmbassador L. G. B3 ic1, illener, I'. 1. Eles and Wit-
mean much. The Government hard to repairor retiieve. But, Esq., will be lfforded an oppor- I liam Cliristie. (to)
could in many ways better keep nowadays. it is inconceivable tunitV, and tllht niuch li ICbfit
in touch with out-island condi- that we should not know where will result tlierefrrin. Mrs. Alice E. Duncrombe; Mr.
tions if this want were met, and the enemy's fleet is to he found. and Mrs. l'ox Thompson ssrs.
in case of urgent necessity such The movement of every ship is The Sperker, at the sitting' of George Ferguson. Jonl ne,
as was laid on our late gover- recorded. News flies A the Ho "n Thnrdy 'ist, a-. \W n. '. Knowles, jain
nor just after the last hurricane, Ieven if a mistake is i is pointed.\l-sis. 11. ( lclI, (G n I H.nry Glinton, Alfred
our present governor or a suc- bound to be rectified swiftly. W\. C. 11. Johnson, R. Il. Currv, 1 Iyritt, Phlilip Knowles, Lewis
cessor might be thankful to have Wireless messages are merrily E. V. Solomon and 1). S. D. i Knowles, Geo. N. Raihming,
an engine boat at call. Would running round in no time. Squa. MoNelpv. as thes'nnding Com- Chas. G. Rahming. (13)
it be out of place for representa- dronson: the wrong tack can be n,,; n ',. ,, \, .u .ts for IIhe pre- --
tives ofout-island constituencies recalled at a moment's notice: sent Sessioni. They will, no The Ward Liner "Santiago"
to look ipto this ? The matter positions can be recovered : sub- doubt,soot begin their labours. steamed for Tampico on Friday
seemSto usto concern them more ordinate means of action can be A night.
intimately than the members for called out. It is impossible that, Thlie present freight service byv I
this island,. in the narrow Northern seas near the Ward I.ine is very income en. Nassau, loth January 1913.
home, any blunder should not Ient aind unsatisfact -rv to lin- To the Tribune Editor.
We notice that Chinese ladies be rectified straight away : and porters, espic(ia;ll those on the Dear Sir:
of education are finding a new no interval could be won by out-islalis. The mail vessels' Tins Colony owns and up-
calling: A growing number of some snap scurry, which would I generally have to leave without keeps two Hospitals: one in
then are taking up nursing as in the least suffice for landing a anyiv of tfIeir latest importations, this City, and the other at Mat-
a profession, after undergoing big body of troops; Then, Sir 'and the goods are thus detained thew Town, Inagua. The one
a good training under European Arthur has shown us" that if, here two weeks longer, at Inagua I learn costs about
auspices in large Chinese cen- through some momentary mtis.- 6oo per year, including the sa-
tres. This is a good sign, and chance, our battleship were The lunatic brought from lary oftheDoctorwhich is0oo.
may mean much for China I caught out, and were off the Exuma by mail schooner "Nel. The one here costs us consitler-
spots swarm upon swarm of sub- lie Leonora" from Exuma, sent ably more, yea even mostthan
The following, published by marines anddestroyersareready by Commissioner F. A. C. Dun- this colony can afford, in my
Canon Scott Holland, in the to emerge, and wreak destruc- combe, in care of Captain Storr;, opinion,. The annual appro.
"Commonwealth Magazine"sev. tion on heavy transports-their for delivery at the Asylum, and priation is a l6000. T a this must
eral months ago, is worth repro- ideal prey, Soi away to bed, in who was refused admission, and be added the fixed salarieswhich
during: perfect peace Only ltdts re- consleiuently escaped several amount to f18o0. The total
---- member, when we wake, that, days ago, was captured yester. therefore is 7820. Tihe Hospi-
THE INVASION SCARE. after all, our real safety lies in day, and conveyed along Bay tal is supposed to be supervised
-- trusting our own spirit of friend- Street, City, in custody of the by 'seven Commissioners. They
- Sir Arthur Wilson has dispos- ly human brotherhood, and in Police. Let us hope that there are appointed by th governor
ed of the invasion scare. He believing that out neighbours was some one at the Hospital, annually. The old rd re-
does it with tnquicL"tiloned pci- are as anxious to be friends with on this occasion, to. admit the signed in July. The sider-
l authority. lid as, he us, as we with 4em.. p , ed their services unappreciated


..* .. .

ty the P verS. We hear that ney, be ma ed V slackly ? pits aind with a satisfied Boar
thev used to really supervise, Should not-these matters
ald consequently' things were quiredI. .B
kept pretty straight. A now p"Ni P. p y 2cncilir.
Hoard is uow in charge. They ly appointed to enquire inti, I re Withi the Lands Acqutisition Act
meet once Wnonth and pass the port upon, anid improve conidi- iin force this trouble 1'ould dis-
accounts. hev take very little tins there? I appear and tli Government enr-
or no other, interest in the place See to it Mr. Editor. abled to carry out this import-,
The Chairman has been over the Yours truilv. a i ork.
(3weri~V it~ ,ioirk.I~
Place once. It was with the A PAT':NT. Y'urs,
Governor at the Christmas din j, S\NITAS.
7 ncr. Tl trained LEnrigli uis- ;!. IAN ); ACU;SJUTION --- ---
Se,, \wlhell they so disirn are fre. ACTS\( Ti\ P IA
quenitly relieved fniuht dut\. L(;'tor riIbur." i A --
Often when they are supposed Dear ".ir It is with some ~-
to be on dut%' they are riot :thev statihf.icli that 1I I laiw t thep Sp0cal P gPm n'e.
are out of tlhe Iiisli ituti>i, seek- subjflt tlhat Lieads tils c.oiiiu- W c0C n 1s y Night.
ing their own pleasure, or in iientionT. at p.m.
their rooni Kest iu". T'liy Wlivhn the Bill for the Acqui.
leave their duty before tim' to sitimon of Landls was introduced 4 fl4 cels of Excellent
dress to go out for Ulie evCiiig into the [House, that body wa-; Fictur is
?tlihev go in and on, often, after too ready to reject it without i cuIn "h lirt
'*' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ L '11 i 1 I 11 ,1 ,*l l l ii ,,i to 6 6 f ti Flirt'*A
I o clock when they s!i i.lI i iiig the measure tie consider-
have been there at 8:p.m. The a ion that it deserved. .i *., W, s 1' 'o)G AND
local NwIse.; follow tlih e;xaiple It is a cause for satisfction MONOLOG.
set them. ITh Iplacce, and iis that I learn it is ai in to be
p Iti 'it S, IIst, therefore, suffe t:iken up and thi-it nieinbers .o(f I' lN I k YN Ill H M-\GICIAN
by this" irregularries. the Asvsmlbly wvIo -)were (d 'in- I SLE.GHT OF HAND
Not long ago there was a big tic in their 'ppo'iti'41, aiy now l\ il ORMANCrIQ.
fuss up there. 114' Oiscs, all agreien ble to its p;It SS: e. -
three, had their frieodl up to This prea'Wl- is to l'radup to i.n,.,i>', I. -Etiitin defeated
Tennis and Tea. Othirs,rr.siditn tihe eal c id f r tli. lt t-r and n i t- jt b*Ihy I04)11)1 toiay ad
in the Institution, ais.> wanted I thait is lir i rl wthat the (o ;*, h' l m" l Ie ic 5'rd .coi l i
the en.Cr ILw itt'rI )I' e s ba tw e 1\' votV poii to nil.
th Trennf i CourttIt. %hVi104 :.dl.. i. I,, n Win V I C Ish orv in Wal-
parties thought thell had thl. i r I -e l' s 41 s ore i I noIhl lt i v if
prior right. They claimed thit I ''lieterv, a bonvcni the Court was theirs. t'lie nurse will so Io be in.lisu-l S abl) j \\';siiiniton, jq.--This week
Ses had jained p)ermissiIu to :M\- b' 1 am wrong, I !np"1 I sw 4p'lvn w ith a cold wave over
use it f4% the Superiiltt nd niit. ,ini, but it is nol uiilikevl'. twe ihte No 1ii \ 't a1il central we1st,
There w4 1sone uupleas ntntss. rejiort is true. .ic>rlin< i4 theP bulletin issued by
The nurses retired. The others \VWT need another Cicteriy. tlhe it- >il u rlau today y. Tlihe
played. M r. Miller has shown that tha Ie c \v w v will .xind (east cm l
that same evening it came to remaining space at thlie disposal ith.1.st :ird ri nfi'd form.
the knowledge of the Doctor of the Goerniminent, is, at the
that the night Nurse was in lher most, no4t more than Milicient I 3i be
rooms. It was then after iq for 1o0 graves. If we were to L
o'clock Thte inurse should have suffer from an epidcnmi we ICx6 1Twgitue 1I G.oove and jx6
,been on duty from 8 p.m. to 6 would be placed il a ver,' seri- .'N!vt]i tt 4. ri7 l
a.m. The Iurse was called over ous prediciwinent, beside-s, the 1-6 nd 4 s.tide. ,-at 0l. 3i
to herduty. Thematterwasre- overise of any graveyard is a 1m 2 .,
ported to thle Matron. The nurse menace to the health of the stock just front) ack
was upheld. A quarrel eiisu'd. (Citv. In London intermural S mville sic' ln .II:a .IIn.
It wasoperation day. A p tinIt b iu iig gr-unds arc pro hibited, \':is ;II s-'.4 ;,I I ,.1 I1).
was being chloroformed. Tlie the main reason bIinlg thei 5'i8 vtIs Oincles at 305.
Doctor left the Hospital. lie danger of having t[e graves 35,. & 41-,. 11" of.
was sought, but not found. The disturbed and thereby spreading 'L. C 5At.ND'.RR.
case was reallfty to operate. The disease-. 492 Bay St.
Doctor was not there. The pa- Our sagacious Civ1 Engi -- ------
tient had a. weak heart. The neer has selected a site that has PA S A G E
Coloinial'Snrgeonii had to use ar- given satisfaction to the Board Pl "S- A G. E**
tillicial gieadins to keep up air if I. .iltli, aunl it. 'oO is vrrv -' ". E.
-tulation. Nearly an hour lihad e celet otL irQAl"t'
elajisedi .1". Amw mw
-Officer had to. a 2. OvrMfie prepefty. 6 5 h
.' ^'^tS ^y Childrea-5 years nd un ler *4.
errfomined 'the opera ion. The TheonlyCemeteryofimporlance Subject to cha e \i hout Notice.
patient may die, from the.delay. has not a foot of frontage, only office '"rantes E."
What then ? remote corners are unoccupied 492 Iau liy street.
Now Mr. Editor, I have given and graves are beinIg used over Nassau, N. P.,
all these facts, so that the public and over again, and with a de. .lan. ist, 1913
might know hat we are getting sizable location for another, but
for our ionW Should an In- will set the matter of intermur-
atitution su Vas we HAD, and al interment at rest, and give A Race is no better than its
aflstiog the Colony so much mu- space for other desirable burial iwomien.

I k '.. 11

%a mE a wmw a
a ase wrmea, -rns
to amEM TMT 1 11PTU0
If you have tried most everything
else, cotoe to me. Where others fail
js where I have my greatest success.
Send attached coupon today and I will
send you, free, my illustrated book on
Rupture and Its CQre, showing my'
Appliance and giving you prices I
names of many people who have tri
it and are extremely grateful. It is
instant relief where all others faira"l
Remember, I use no salves, ng har-
ness, no lies.

ThI dsabsli.CL Iroeks, wI= bm Cofrig
1bu11 for 11W ow yr". I fbp-
6A, atrs 11111=6.
I make it to your measure and send
it to you on ait strict guarantee of satisfaction
or money refunded, and I have put my price
so low that anybody. rikh or poor. can buy It.
Send it on trial to prove what I say
is true. You are the judge and, once having
seen my illustrated book and read it, you will
be as enthusiastic as my thousands of pa-
tients whose letters are on file in my office.
Posta 2% pence. or bc. to U. S. A.
C. 8. BROOKS. 1098 State St.
Marshall. Michigan, U. S. A.
Please send me by post, in plain wrapper,t
your Illustrated Book and full information
about your Appliance for the cure of rupture
Name ---...........................


0* o 'VS oV--s uhSWA1M IAt V
*0o SoINVHOaW RVeiqlOJ
(poQ)o 00o*t jg zsd e' waf
SMAOI Oq I fl1ui 3t 0 n Pf Pul '31"tU '90Ujil
o0 toq s121 (me~d 61) 6.131"1111i N A m*= ,.
*o'sn tdi 'doq pulr o aoq 10 a10-pw a n)""
X3BUW 03 M0 q-swql op P0 I& ASira leAIS
S2MIUW IV mugO A I0.Mv 0"
UIU9Md 00C H-XsV HO s =0Va onE
'MOU31 0) UMAL
uau- unoA pug plo-smBlp JI 03 spaddi1
9aid oi qW lIIU AJ 0! 31 P
eq~0a191.1 ooo(u sa
u 0. auZ osLo--- W

saluqaam i|ndoa

WM aro 0ausw 11AJ.AIAN
3-- "W


31UE SW%

.... .................................................


, ed than at any previous time,
prWgrwm was made and there
very little effort to confirm
. one.

_________ SB _______--- -.--.------.---'1 '***-I-.


Oporto, Portugal, 18-The
British steamer Vertonrz which was
wrecked here yesterday morning is
in a perilous position and o4lv a
few of ihe 139 passengers have
been saved.
The only life line connecting
the steamer with the shore broke
after 33 of those on beard had
been rescued.
SA number of bodies, mostly of
441dren cline ashore today,
The authorities are making
heroic efforts to get another cable
to the steamer

Philadelphia, xS.-The foromo-t
polar explorers, Captain Auiunrlsen
Admiral Pearv and Lieutenant Sir
Ernest Shackleton, weie guests
of honour at a reception by the Art
Club in this city tonight.

Havana, 18.-Robert Orr.
General Manager of 'he- Un t il
Railways of Havana, his gr.ne to
St. Augustine Florida, for the
purpose of conferring with Henryv
Flagler regarding ihe iistall;ition
of regular ferries between Key
Wept and Havana.
The object in view is the
transportation of entire trains on
the ferries.

London, 19.-The Porte's (deci-
siori to call a national a'semblv
Tuesday to take uider advispnient
+ h 1 l l 1L.

arrived here from home port made
haste to leave England for the
sunnier south.

(he (btrombus
The Premier Bahamian Magasine
"The Strombus" includes an Offi-
cial Directory, a City Directory,
an Advertising Section and Facts
about Nassau and the Bahamas
flt -,h ill make it hrobnhablv the

A AVE vour old sofas
arid Chaftt repaired
and ve-eaned
.ntisfaction Guaranteed.
or "Tribune" Office.

A FRESH supply just received
by schr. "Hattie Pailing
Fot sale by

most interesting and useful corn- \ would inform all who appreciate,a Good 4mnke that we now
pilation ever submitted to tihe h;ve on hand an extensive Stock of 1l \VANA CIGARS. We
public. I gu;ai.ntee our bianiiid to be inale of the finest Havana and sumrtra
Wr;ili)ppers, and Hav;ina Filleris thr.roghout.
Published Monthly T 'hese Cinars ate manufactuired on oui premises by skilled workmen,
6d. pe, copy. 5s. 6d- per, vean. And erept pains are taken to pr(duice an aiticle of superior quality.
S6d. perthe succs we have met w,,h i the past leads uscomfide ly toexpe-t
--- the pationage of co nnoiseurs.
LeOn R. H. upucih, Fditwr and Proprietor. 1. L. S \NDERS & Co.
SA. A. Dillet, A4 ciate Editor. Bav Strwet.

"Tribuiie" 0 tice, 44 Maaer.et St.
Nassau, I..DhmS.

D R"
V,1~i &W IT LA E
N p

SQIJI ,Mituai on |probably
heralds further concession on the Remember
part of t0e I'mrkish government. f you are thinking of building a
1Ihe Balkan delegates in Lndon 1 house, that we will sell for the
do not believe, the Porte's reply to next week a Iair grade of No 2
the joint nrte of th. powers will I Flooring, Siding and half inch
he such a flat refusal as was fure- ceiling at
shadowed from Constantinople. 8s. 4d. Per to100 Fet. SPOT CASH
-- You will not have a chliance like
Paris, iq.-The minister of this for some tune to come as the
marine is about to ask parliament Mill will be starting up on the 15111th ,
to hasten the vote of tihe naval and from then on we will Lte ciary- 1
programme. Arrangements are ing our usual st"ck of No grAde
already being made to lay down of lumber of all size's.
four super-Dreadnouchts as pail NOW IS THE 1 IIlE TO HBUY.
of the ears programme. When We desire to thank you
these vessels are completed France for your l And pat-
will have eleven new and first ronage during 1912 and to wish
class battleships. out customirS, one and all, tlie best
ol good strings for 1913. We can
Paris, Td T r assure you that as we have tried to
Paris, .-Edouarde Bolin, a please you in the past, so we will
French inventor, h succeede d i do in the future and sincerely hope
telegraphing a photograph from for a share of youm custom.
Bordeaux to Paris in the record THf BAH AM AS TIMBER
time of four minutes. The most C-OMPANY LIMITED I
interesting feature of Roline's C ARTHUR SULIMITE ON
iS h~ i i posileto ARTHUR B. SUTTON
Invenion is that it is possible to N. to East s treet anarer
carry about a small apparatus, ......................... ......-- -.-------- -------
we ighing about t6 pounds, and A SERVICE of %mine, with Or.
immediately attachit : at any gpn and othkt*1,rumerntAl
telephone station. accompantinent will be rendclerled ri
Zion Baptist Church on I tuesday
London, tq.- [he Enelish evening 2.1st January, at half past
capital last week has lively up to seven.
its worst climatic reputation, nd Adinissinn 6d. an(d 3d.
2VU,%iu fF tlia A ~.,,; ..- ...I,,t I nlit refreclshments will he s1ld



end .






Among the Families


0~ vCtct


For Result Advertise.

in The "Tritui

t~C~ j,


- c ~e4:

S- I- J_ & A, r, A - I-"

*i t, 1 w H*l all

I,~F;"L I\~II~~~- -~- ~- -

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