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Title: The Tribune
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Publication Date: December 12, 2006
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.w ~in





Volume 103 No.19

THE government could face
another Anna Nicole Smith-style
residency row after two foreign
women were given fast-tracked
status after allegedly committing
several breaches of Bahamian law.
A Nassau lawyer is trying to
block their bids for citizenship,
describing the women as having
continually abused the kindness
of the Bahamas and its people.
The women, who once ran a
Nassau establishment, and have
since supervised rental units, have
allegedly worked without permis-
sion and rub a business without
proper authority, according to
legal and government sources.
The issue of the women and
erupt into another major embar-
Christie and his ministers.
Embattled Immigration Minis-
ter Shane Gibson, who has come
under fierce attack for his han-
dling of the Anna Nicole Smith
affair, could face more probing
questioilsfollolvingalleged "pref-
erential" treatment for the two
women, whose connections with
the Bahamas date back some
Director Vernon Burrows that the
women have worked illegally in
the Bahamas.
And he alleged that one ran a
Nassau business for several years,
and continued to do so et en after
sion for her to own shares in the
The government is being chal-
lenged io conduct an investigation
into the women's actitities and
their allegedly "opportunistic"

attempts to ingratiate themselves
with senior politicians.
In addition, it is alleged that the
son of one of the women is now
"gainfully employed" in the law
office of a leading politician.
A source told The Tribune yes-
terday that he and government
16, n easy-gomg disregard
for the laws of the Bahamas and
the strange failure of any authori-
ties to do altything about it.
The source said he wondered if
any black Bahamian could go an\.
where and move so easily up the
they citme to know.
The source said he had reason
to believe the women had
obtained permanent residency in
the Bahamas even though they
did not meet the financial criteria,
and had previously worked in the
country illegally.
. Their applications, he added,
were fast-tracked by the govern-
ment in spite of the fact that nei-
ther seemed to have convincing
grounds for applying for such sta-
tus compared with thousands of
butions to this country, loved and
respected itspeople and who
nonetheless continued to wait for
Urging the ministry to review
the matter and consider revoca-
tron, he said it was important it do
so before the women were granted
citizenship, which could not be
The original breaches alleged .
by the women's critics came dui-

SEE page nine

zy ,
'L ,-,
MA 110MAN'S hody is removed from a track road off of Cox 178) yesterday. The body 9
was discovered shortly after Apm. Details usere sketchy last night, however police said the
upper portion of the body uses burned. The death is being treated as suspicious.

(Poto: Tim Clarke

Search for three
men after murder
A Al ANinbis la tel or 1,e'
was gunned down at his home
early yesterday morning after
being accosted by three men
who fled the murder scene in
his vehicle.
Police say they are now
searching for the three sits
pects, who are still at large.
The gunmen reportedly fled
the scene in the victim's 4
Runner jeep, licence number
104341, according to Reginald
Ferguson, assistant commis-
sioner of pollee.
Police press IIalson of ficer
Inspector Walter Evans told
The Tribune yesterday that the
shooting occurred in the area
of Cordeaux Avenue and
Charles Vincent Street after
midnight on Monday.
masCording to renrtsa trherse
dence in that area and knocked
on the door. One of the occu-
pants opened the door, accord-
ing to Mr Evans,
The men then entered the
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Tribune Staff Reporter
ter Fied Mitchell has announced
that the Bahamas will be sup-
portilig international sanctions
against Norih Korea and Fiji.
Mr Muchell made the state-
ment at a press conference yes-
terday at the headquarters of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In October this year, the UN
Security Council voted uttani-
mously in favour ofa.resolution
imposing sanctions on North
Korea over its claimed nuclear
Resolution 1718 imposed
weapons and financial sanctions
but they are riot backed by the
threat of military force.
Mr Mitchell told reporters the

SEE page nine

Tribune Staff Reporter
order is about to be put into
effect against a Long Island
boat-building business which is
suspected of having been
behind a spate of respiratory ill-
ness iti the Mangrove Bush set-
The three-month order, and
medical assessments currently
being carried out on those suf-
fering from respiratory prob-
lems in the area, will allow the
government to conclude to what
extent the operation is respon-
sible, said Dr Marcus Bethel,
Minister of Energy and the
Environment, yesterday.
This is the latest outcome of
an inquiry which began in Sep-
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Bahamasc~t Whlsl geoeEs Ws iha





Agreement for

Foreign women given

fast-tracked statuS

despite alleged breaches

0 f B *

a Sheraton
BAHA MAR and Starwood
Hotels and Resorts have
announced an agreement for
Starwood to assume management
of the Radisson Cable Beach
property and convert the resort
into a Sheraton.
The Sheraton Resort at Cable
Beach will open in spring 2007,
as the resort nears its completion
of an extensive 580 million reno-
\ation project.
The Sheraton Resort at Cable
Beach w ill be the first of four
renowned Starnood brands to
open its doors as part of Baha
- Alar's mega resort projecL
The Sheraton Resort at Cable
Beach is undergoing a rop-to-bot-
rom facelitt. including renovations
to the guest rooms, lobby, restau-
rants and pubhe spaces. The con-
version is the first phase of a dra-
motic capital investment pro-
gramme undertaken by Baha Mar
Al aran nounced t ha th bad
formed an unprecedented rela-
tionship to det elop a mega-resort
on Cable Beach w i[b two of the
world's best-known gaming and
hospuainy companies Harrah's
Entertainment, and Sheraton's

SEE page nine

CRmpaignefS fit SBR

tragedy victims clami
ministers are trying

to priect PLP figures
CAMPAIGNERS represent-
Ingvictims of the Sea Hauler
tra d .are determined to
embarrass the government into
action, claiming ministers are
"We wildl not let up," their
representative Lincoln Bam said
yesterday. "They are not going
to put these people on the back-
burner until after the election.
We are going to be in their faces
because children are going hun-
Harrowing tales of hardship
and desperation are emerging
from the aftermath of the sea
collision which claimed four
lives three years ago.
Twenty-five people were bad-
ly injured when the Sea Hauler
struck another vessel en route
to a Cat Island regatta. A crane
fell on to the deck, crushing sev-
eral passengers.
Now Mr Bain, picked as
SEE page 11

T'he Baham~as will otbulig

I i

Society must now.give Mr ScaveHa
and the other leaders.of our law
enfOfCCment agenCICS aH the help
they need in terms of resourceS
and moral and practical support
in their efforts to stamp out
COrruption in the rankS *


in their efforts to stamp out cor-
ruption in the ranks.
There is, however, a bigger
task facing the nation that
requires dedicated, competent
and imaginative leadership at
all other levels becattse the fab-
ric that holds Bahamian society
together is badly tore and tat-
tered and in need of extensive

11en criminality and bad
behaviour go beyond a certain point
and threaten to define how a society
SCCS ItSelf, then that society is in
trouble. We may not be at that point
but it seems we are dangerously

* In brief

Two million
watch UK

::= .:-,:::-
MORE than two million
British viewers watched last
week's Channel Four TV docu-
mentary on the Oakes murder,
it was revealed yesterday.
Director Matthew Wortmann
said the official figure of 2.1 mil-
lion represented about 10 per
cent of the British audience
"which is very good for a docu-
drama of this kmd."
The hour-long programme,
Murder in Paradise, went out
at peak time on December 7 as
part of Channel Four's 'High
Society' series.
It focused primarily on the
Duke of Windsor's involvement
in the Sir Harry Oakes murder
case in 1943, when he was Gov-
ernor of the Bahamas.
Mr Wortmann, who headed a
film crew on a shooting mission
to Nassau in September, said
all British weekend papers
selected the programme as their
"pick of the day". This was foli
w bysptositive write-ups in
Four Nassau residents were
interviewed.for the ramme
Th Trib 's prog di
t John une managmg ed
>derley, h t iaTCrr Gail
Saunders and reactor Peter

POft SOCU fity

pf8 ISed in
Dominica n


Santo Domingo
A .GROUP of US lawmak-
ers who examined a Dubai-
operated Dominican port on
Sunday praised its security mea-
sures as they concluded a 24-
hour visit to the Caribbean
co te ix Democrats tou ed a
port east of Santo Doiningo
operated by DP World, the
' United Arab Emirates-based
:conipaniff6rcedt sblfiis feceixt
American acquisitions after ait
uproar by Congress earlier this
year over concerns about secu-
rity against terrorism.
The delegation praised the
port's U-loaned scanning sys-
tem, part of a US Customs and
Border Protection initiative to
keep contraband and nuclear,
biological and chemical
weapons from being shipped to
the United States.
"If we're going to be involved
in trade, we're going to have to
partner... with companies that
we may feel uncomfortable
with, to make sure we secure
the American people," Con-
gressman Kendrick Meek, a
Florida Democrat and House
Homeland Security Committee
member, told The Associated
DP World does not have
input in the port's inspection
process, Meek told a press con-


HE new comman-
T dant of the Royal
Bahamas Defence Force,
Commodore Clifford Scavel-
la, sent shivers down the
nation's spine last week when
he declared that some 250
members of the Force are cor-
rupt and needed to be
removed while another 250
"can go either way depend-
ing on which way the pressure
comes from".
As if to underline the
Commodore's comments,
there were reports in the
media about an ugly inci-
dent which inflamed pas-
sions at Mathew Town,
Inagua. It is alleged that
some members of the Force
stationed at that island bru-
tally assaulted a resident and
threatened others who tried
to intervene.
moNd twidataid cteht om;
other half of the Force is a
dedicated and committed lot,
we need to be seriously con-
cerned. We are already aware

'Ci'"fol" .""T:Web
Royal Bahamas Police Force
and in Her Majesty's Prison
As Mr Scavella intimated,
these bad apples are a product of
our society. That same society
.must now give Mr Scavella and
the other leaders of our law
enforcement agencies all the help
they need in terms of resources
and moral and practical support

o be sure, the great
Majority of Bahami-
ans are good people -- law-
abiding, hard-working and
decent and it is also true that
every society has its share of
criminals and anti-social delin-
But when criminality and
bad behaviour go beyond a
certain point and threaten to
define how a society sees itself,
then that society is in trouble.
We may not be at that point
but it seems we are danger-
ously close.
The causes are many and
complex and they include
strong negative external influ-
ences. But many are of the
home-grown variety which
have been allowed to grow like
weeds and get out of hand.
There are obvious structural
weaknesses in Bahamian soci-
et o g back tt la q.aBut
been rooted in the ricli soil of
civility, friendliness, respect
and good manners.
This has been the case not
nlyso ehy t per rc tc
and economic level from Over
the Hill to the humblest Family
Island settlement where
strangers were graciously greet-
ed, sometimes with rhetorical
flourishes such as, "Pm pleased
to meet you and I hope 19e will
no more be strangers," or a ver,
nacular rendition thereof

panelists on a radio show
recently recalled how
t IbtohhtiHaHlo oc d ontio
nation in the. City n as not just
il b ult d d I
ant ut c ure an even e e-
A lady Trom the humblest
household had at least one Sup-
day-go-to-meeting dress and
pentleIn nwe uit ly pt I
and lodges. More importantly,
good manners were indispens-

able. Perhaps all that was des-
tined to change in a modern
world, but change need not
involve the abandonment of
fundamental values.
The most intense and devas-
tating assault on our values took
place in the 1970s and 1980s
when the drug traffickers
descended on us with a
vengeance and nearly destroyed
e un e ith th hcooriT.1icity
In addition to losing our
good name in the world, we
suffered severe and in sonfe
cases irreparable damage to
u u om k sou dy un
full of drug money, were con-
ditioned to scoff at the idea of
honest work.
We lost much of our sense
of shame; ill-gotten wealth
became acceptable; some of
the worst criminals became
respectable and even sought
after as they changed expen-
sive. automobiles like they
changed their clothes.
No sector of our society ind
. hardly a family went
ui s dr ree d
the vortex and compromised.
One of them explained his
pitch for drug dollars this way:
"Bring the money here; the
devil had it too longl
The Bahamas became a dif-
feen a lancsestasuttthe o-caHed
and schoolchildren identified
them as their role models.
Mafia-style killings became the
order of the day and the funer-
als of some executed gangsters
were occasions of vulgar
Some of the effects of that
nightmarish era remain with
us today and perhaps we will
never fully recover from the
effects of it. But we have to
continue the fight to salvage
as much of the real Bahamas
as we can for the peace, secu-
rity and prosperity of future
* *

t has long been a
I Bahamian weakness
almost automatically to look
outside ourselves whenever we
are challenged by problems, so
it is not surprising that some of
us advocate the recruitment of
police officers from outside to
deal with our crime problem.
We are indeed a small coun-
try with limited human
resources in many areas so it is
sometimes necessary to seek
expert help from abroad. But
we ought to look first to otur-
selves for the leadership, the
will and the ingenuity to solve
our problems.
A paper by Maurice Punch
of the London School of Eco-
nomics summarized inline

refers to a consensus on effec-
tive measures to tackle persis-
tent police corruption and mis-
'Ingredients are strong lead-
ership, a multi-faceted organi-
sa tonal strategy, a well-
resourced internal affans unit, -
proactive techniques ofinves-
tigation, and persistent efforts
to promote professional stan-
dalt generally accepted that
while there are problems with.
community policing, law-
enforcement is somethmg like
democratic government inas-
mu hde n ta itso
developed counties with large
racial and ethnic minorities seek
to recruit police officers from
within those commumttes.
The wholesale recruitment
ofrank-and-file expatriate per-
sonnel is likely to create more
problems than it will solve ma
society that is already conflict-
ed m its attitudes towards for-
Furthermore, those countries
from which we would recruit
ew t cc azeoalso str -
inality in their own law enforce-
ment agencies. The London
Metropolitan Police Force -
Scotland Yard of the
most respected police organi-
sations in the world but it, too,
is plagued with corruption.

he 1993 murder of a
young. black man,
Stephen Lawrence, by a group
of white thugs became a cele-
brated case in Britain as Scot-
land Yard was accused of racial
bias and corruption in bungling
the case. An inquiry confirmed
that there was indeed institu-
tionalised racism in the Force.
Another investigation into
one police station in east Lon-
don found a web of organized
corruption in the local drug
squad in the 1980s and 1990s
and described the unit as "a
force out of control, racist and
The British prison service is
also facing serious corruption
challenges. The Times of Lon-
don m September referred to a .
survey that revealed sizeable
corruption problems in at least
seven English jails and said
that wrong-doing by staff was
endemic and may well be
Nevertheless, a highly
respected officer from Scot-
land Yard was recently
engaged by the Government
of South Africa to help set up
an ahti-corruption unit in that
country's police force. Perhaps
we can use that kind of help,
but not rank-and-file foreign
police officers.


We must look to our selves




e In brief

Haitians are

haarTueadn ith

yesterday on marijuana posses-
sion charges.
Bermane Necy, 38, Michaelle
Thermidor, 44, Makaty Ben-
jamin, 28 and Guirlame Josue'
29, all of Kool Acres, were
arraigned before Magistrate
Carolita Bethel.
It is alleged that on Friday'
December 8 the men were
found in possession of six .
pounds of marijuana which
authorities believed they intend-
ed to supply to another person.
The men all pleaded not
guilty to the charge and were
remanded to Her Majesty's
The matter was adjourned to
December 15, when a bail hear-
ing will take place.

d en ies drug

A YELLOW Elder Gardens
man pleaded not guilty to a
drug possession charge in Mag-
istrate's Court yesterday.
Renaldo Ferguson, 26, of
Yellow Elder Gardens was
arraigned on the charge of pos-
session of marijuana with the
intent to supply.
It is alleged that on Friday,
December 8, Ferguson was
found in possession of 21 grams
of marijuana which authorities
believed he intended to supply
to another.
Ferguson wa anted bailing
The case was adjourned to

Tic k etson
Sa19 fOF

] Un iO?
j un ka n oo
TICKETS are now.on sale
for this year's Junior Junkanoo ,
Box offices opened yesterday ,
morning at Galleria Cinemas in .
the Mall at Marathon and on
JFK. ,
The tickets are $10 for gen-
eral admission and $20 for VIP.
Organizers of the event say
they hope supporters will come
out in record numbers to cheer
on the nation's youth,
This year, a number of Fami..
ly Island participants are jonung
in the parade, which will also
see a few schools making their
first appearance.

Appeal after
StOleR ffOm

sto OloaptopecoTtute were
Deaf over the weekend.
Vice principalSonia Rolle
told The Tribune that the lap-
tops were kept in the principal's
office school, but staff became
aretth ex rewderees 3
The culprits entered the school
through an air-condition vent in
the pre-schooPs classroom.
The vice principal stated that
one of the laptops was of "vital
importance" to the school,
because it contained a software
programme called an "eye com-
municator," which interprets
the speech of deaf persons into
sign language, and then displays
it onto the screen.
Ms Rolle said the total cost of
both laptops is about $5,000.
A camera and radio cassette
player were also stolen from the

., O me
.4 0: r a 1 1 e'




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N(ll S H TIZE tM Te
And Apphance Centre

Tribune Staff Reporter

THE government cannot say
whether salary percentage con-
tributions to the NHI scheme
will increase because they
"simply don't know" how
10 to 15 years time.
Health Minister Dr Bernard
Nottage said that the current
rate of contribution set at 5.3
per cent is "reliable for the
short to medium term".
Seeking to clarify his state-
ment on Sunday's Parliament
Street radio show on Island
FM that the $235 million pre-
dicted cost of NHI could
increase, he pointed to infla-
tion, a demand for greater ben-
efits, or salary and drug price
increases as unpredictable fac-
tors which may cause the over-
He emphasized that he does
not view the possibility of ris-
ing costs as an issue, as it would
be "ludicrous" for anyone to
imagine that "once you calcu-
late a figure today, that that
This is in contrast to.the
claims of some critics who have
asserted that government mis-
calculation would be the cause
of anyescalationof thecostsof

the NHI scheme.
The costs will in fact be
three to four times what.has
been estimated, some allege.
During the interview, Dr
Nottage initially dismissed the
suggestion that any rise in costs
would be reflected in an
increased contribution per-
centage rate.
He said that as salaries natu-
rally increase, the level of funds
that the percentage represents
would also rise "cushioning"
the extra cost of the service.
However, later when asked
whether he could give any
assurance that in 10 to l5 years-
time, the current suggested 5.3
per cent contribution rate
would not go up, Dr Nottage
quickly rejected that sugges-
tion as well, saying that the
government could not give
"guarantees of that kind".
"In any insurance pro-
gramme of any kind, the pay-
ments depend on usage and so
forth," he said.
All insurance companies
have actuarial assessments on a
regular basis, and the result of
review whether there's any
need for.changes in people's
contribution rates."
According to Dr Nottage,
the contribution rate as it

stands is reliable for the "short
to medium term".
He also expanded on his sug-
gestion on Sunday that, as the
.government's plan was "not just
about getting extra funds or
improving access but also about
improving standards of health-
care," healthcare providers
would be required to enter into
a contract with the government
setting out treatment standards
before they could be part of the
"You have to set standards
that healthcare services have to
meet," he said. "At the present
time those standards are not
official standards."
Dr Nottage said that a cer-
tain level of service is required
"if we are going to protect the
National Health Insurance
According to Dr Nottage,
"treatment protocols" have to
be ensured "so that the
providers of care are providing
what we regard as best practice
standards for delivering health'
He added that government
will only remunerate service
providers if they are seen to be
providing the determined stan-
dard of healthtare.

Established a1956 by an old Bahamian family
Parliament Street (near Bay St.) Tel: 322-8393 or 328-7157
Fax: 326-9953
Crystal Court at AtlantisParadise Island Tel: 363-4161/2
Lyford Cay next to Lyford Cay Real Estate in
Harbor Green House) Tel: 362-5235

PRIME Minister Perry
Christie has hailed the third
Bahamas International Film
Festival as a major boost for
local creative talent and the
tourism industry.
He hugged festival founder
Leslie Vanderpool on stage
at the Atlantis Thesitre on
Thursday as the audience
awaited the opening film of
the festival, After the Wed-
ding, and praised her drive
and determination.
He said the government
was committed to supporting
the festival, which organizers
hope will eventually rival oth-
er major film festivals around
the world.
No fewer thitn five
Bahamian film-makers are
represented at this year's fes-
tival, which Mr Christie
described as "world class".
He said Ms Vanderpool
had been "unstinting" in her
efforts to attain standards
thaahtan wouM d make the
milthed toovernm nt wrasa
Bahamas remained one of
the best locations for film
maLka t ghad dSean Con-
nery was presenting actor
Nicholas Cage both are
Bahamas residents with a
career achievement award at
the festival.
selOv hf r- eeveea
are being shown, meludmg
Adaptation and Wild at Heart.
Ms Vanderpool has praised
Mr Cage as "a gentleman
who marches to the beat of
his own drum" and sets an.
class and film-making tal-
Before Thursday's showing
of After the Wedding a Dan-
ish production which earned
high praise from the audience
guests attended an outdoor
reception at The Cloisters on
Paradise Island.
The Versace-sponsored
event eluded champagne, a

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PM Christie praises film

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EDITOR, The Tribune
I HAVE said some time ago
that no one has taken seriously
the voice of Bay Street mer-
chants over the past few years
as it relates to the junkanoo
bleachers. I think that I speak
for many when I say that we
have experienced the worst
summer business ever. The
assumptions as to why sales
continue to decline might be
many, but there are two facts
for sure: the lack of convenient
public parking and the increase
in the harassment of tourists in
the area.
Business owners are usually
high spirited and optimistic
towards the end of every year
for hopes of a busy holiday sea-
son, especially if the year sales
were slow. I was shocked a few
years ago when junkanoo
bleachers were erected weeks
before the exciting event began.
About two years ago I met with
the minister with responsibility
and I guess he did.the best he
could have done at that last
stage in the game. Year before
last a few store owners along
with Mr Comito and his team
had a more formal meeting with
all persons involved, including
the 9 Cube group. Again, I
guess I will give Minister Wis-
dom a little credit for keeping
his word on some of the issues
discussed. Nonetheless, I per-
sonally feel that it was still not
enough to'attract the customers
back to the area.
About two weeks ago (a
month before the schedule
] k ohoe blse rss ir )

uam and it was then a
damn.elt seems that this new
junkanoo business 'thing' with

bleachers the day before the
event and have them removed
expeditiously, then maybe it is
time to contract another com-
pany who can meet these objec-
tives. This is no game. People
are being hurt as someone else
makes lots of money in the
process. I am a business own-
er, but how can I pay Christ-
mas bonus if sales goals are not
met. Think of the many jew-
ellery store employees who
depend on sales commissions.
I can think of nowhere else in
the world where people nught
even consider doing something
so stupid. We shut down the
number one shopping destina-
tion for locals and tourists alike
on the island, and turn it into
an industrial zone for weeks in
preparation for a parade. I just
can't imagine this being done
at the end of October in New
York in preparation for the
Macy's Day Parade to be held
the end of November. Sounds
stupid right?
Our customers make it clear.
They don't shop on Bay Street,
because there is no convenient
parking available. The early
erection of Junkanoo bleachers
adds to the problem of conges-
tion (oftentimes the entire
width of the sideivalk is
obstructed) and to the lack of
convenient parking. Like I have
mentioned earher, this new
'thing' steals the spirit of Christ-
mas from Bay Street. Actually,
I think it is selfish as hell.
I end by saying what I have
thosyn.public office, when
li ci net s not te

Owner Bevens of London

will go on no matter how much
store owners complain of the
loss of sales because of the con-
gestion it causes. And to sug-
gest that locals no longer want
to shop on Bay Street, so we
should pack up, cut our losses
and run is preposterous. Just as
the Mall, Harbour Bay and oth-
er shopping areas of New Prov-
idence offers the convenience
of parking for customers, we
only want the same opportunity.
With Bay Street as filthy as it is
and also it being saturated with
hawkers harassing tourists
everyday and all day makes it
bad enough. About 90 per cent
or more of the convenient street
side parking is reserved for the
fortunate taxi drivers, some of
whom are never at their vehicle.
(Parking meters should line Bay
Street instead in order to create
revenue for the treasury instead
of money for wrecker drivers,
but that is a topic for another
day). Despite our challenges
throughout the year, we look
forward to the possibility of a
busy holiday season yet the
powers that be continue to steal
the spirit of Christmas from Bay
I am not suggesting that we
don't use bleachers or even as
some may think, that junkanoo
is moved to another venue. Like
many Bahamians, I too love
junkanoo. What I am suggesting
isothtat w me rs responsible
moa satm n p e
store owners and landlords. If
this seating company cannot
hire enough staff to erect

as long as they remain docile and toe the
party line -regardless of the political par-
ty in power. But let them show a spark of
independence, and then they become robots
of their journalistic masters.
At present the b$te noir of PLP politi-
cians is Tribune Managing Editor John Mar-
quis, before him it was and still is Tribtine
publisher Eileen Carron and before her, her
publisher father, the late Sir Etienne
Dupuch. In other words Tribute reporters
are smart, but once they get too obnoxious-
ly smart for PLP politicians it is assumed
that they can only be scribbling on the
orders of their ring masters surely no
true Bahamian would write like that about
a brother Bahamian. And so those biased
ring masters are really the problem- or so
the politicians would have our readers
The politicians don't seem to realize that
their attempts at flattery to win over our
journalists and try to split our newsroom,
o t ser a se% close ongethed. r
laugh at political folly. They know that at
The Tribune unlike ZNS they are not
told what story they can or cannot cover,
And once their Bahamiall editor.has
assigned them a story they are not told
what they can or cannot write, or in which
direction thsey ouldbesla t"cit vThen o
both sides of the story, arid when one side
won't talk, say so at least the reader ivill
know that they tried to give all sides equal
And when our young reporters believe
they have arrived at a stage that they want to
try their hand at "opinion.pieces" we
encourage them to go for it. However, we do
not try to direct that opinioil. *
Unlike Darrold Miller, who recently
resigned from government-owned ZNS, our
reporters cannot say that The Tribune tied
Miller, "ZNS tied my hands a little bit after
the PLP came to power, but I'm free now."
At The Tribune our repof-ters areefree:
But PLP politicians, knowing the pressure
that can be exercised over ZNS's reporters(

do not appreciate such freedom. We don't
believe they know what "freedom" means to
h free press.
We recall the jubilation coming out of
the office of the late prime minister Sir Lyn-
den Pindling on the death of that fearless
journalistic warrior Sir Etienne Dupuch.
With him gone, they said, it would not be
many moons before The Tribune would also
be gone. It almost sounded like Sir Lyn-
den's conceit od the 1992 victory of the
FNM it's only an "interim government"
he sniffed dismissively. However, it was an
"interim government" that ran two terms
and gave Sir Lynden a state funeral.
What the PLP did not know was that Sir
Etienne other than writing his editori-
als, and those only up until four years before
his death had nothing to do with The
Tribune from 1972. That was 19 years before
his death. And so there was no reason that
The Tribune's presses should not keep
rolling as vibrantly as before. The hand-
over from father to daughter was so seam-
less that no one even knew the day it took
We recall an occasion during that period
when a hard-hittmg report was written on
the PLP. We don t recall the subject matter'
LA the next day PLP spin doctors were
blasting Sir Etienne from the roof tops.
Although the article carried the byline of
to eo our reporters, the PbT- ned::
dent Bahamian reporter felt that the
reporter could not have produced such a
piece without Sir Etienne standmg over his
shoulder. The fact was that Sir Etienne was
in far off Japan and had no idea of what
was gomg on m Nassau.
Sir Etienne was so tired of the corrupt
politics of the time that the moment he sat
down on a plane headed out, he never gave
the Bahamas another thought. He was just
so relieved that he had a staff that could
carry ori without any reference to him that
, he had many enjoyable years before his
death at 92.
And so the various PLP politicians can
carry on with their flattery. Our reporters
see throfigh their hypocrisy and dismiss them
with a daily laugh.

EDITOR, The Tribune
The introduction of the NHI
plan at this time is nothing short
of ingenious on the part of the
PLP. At a time when the cur-
rent Government is over-
whelmed by scandal and incom-
petence, they have expertly
managed to change the subject
by introducing the NHI Bill
with such urgency. Mr
Christie's Government, which
has been known for its affinity
to consult all relevant parties,
has suddenly changed its modus
Operandi and is now forcing the
most important piece of legisla-

tion in years on the Bahamian
public without consulting or dis-
closing all of the pertinent issues
to members of the health care
industry, the insurance indus-
try or the citizenry.
While I urge the Official
Opposition and the media to
continue .to remain fully
engaged on the NHI debate, I
also urge the Opposition, the
media and all other political
parties to ensure that the PLP is
held accountable for their
recent string of embarras-
ments. By shifting the country's
attention to NHI, the PLP has
managed to remove the spot-

light from other pertinent issues
pertaining to Anna Nicole
Smith/Shane Gibson, Vincent
Peet, the Ministry of Housing
and the Attorney General's
These are all issues which
need further examination and
the Opposition and the media
must not forget their duty to get
to-the bottom of these scandals
and hold the Government
December 8 2006

hospital & PMH

Suite 57,
Off Shirley
Doctor's H


The pr oblem

NHI has e clip sed other issues

Call for your massage or a Gift Certificate
for that special someone today
Grosvenor Close West Mon to Fri. 8:30am to 7:30pm
Stmet between Sat: 8:00am to 1:00pm


* In brief

Prevail illness

for Haiti
THE disclosure that Haitian
President Rene Preval's
prostate cancer may have
returned has soine here worried
that more political turmoil lies
ahead with his planned depar-
ture for treatment.
Prevail revealed Sunday that
blood tests in Havana showed
possible signs of cancer but said
the results were inconclusive.
He said he would return to
Cuba on Drecemmber 26 for more
Reaction to the news has
been surprisingly muted in a
country that on y ys ore
had buzzed with rumors that
the bearded 63-year-old leader
was gravely ill'
The president's medical dis-
ga tdth tegang2 IIIho
overthrew former President
Jean Bertrand-Aristide, a one-
time Preval ally.
Preval won a landslide presi-
enjoyed several months of rela-
tive calm m the country. Since
May, however, dozens of for-
eigners and Haitians have been
kidnapped and gang fighting
has forced hundreds to flee their
homes in the capital of Port-au-
Prince despite the presence of
an 8,800-strong U.N. peace-
ke g e president was
first diagnosed with prostate
sn rt cos2tn annea2earof

hero leadS
challenge in
St Lucia vote
ous challenge at the polls Mon-
day by opposinan candidates
led by a former six-Jerm pre-
mier regarded as the father of
the Caribbean island nation,
according to Associated Press
Prime Minister Kenny
Anthony's governing Labor
Party was seeking a third con-
secutive five-year term in the
17-member House of Assem-
bly, while Sir John Compton
tried to lead the party he helped
found 40 years ago to victory in

ge po ledthesmall
island to independence from
Britain in 1979, came out of
lead th
t rP rtto. The 81e
year-old led St. Lucia for 29
years, first from 1964 to 1979
and then from l982 to l996.
Kenneth Monplaisir, chair-
man of the Electoral Commis-
sion, predicted a heavy turnout
throughout the day and some
election observers estimated the
final tally would top the 68
There are 135,958 people eli-
gible to yote. Four indepen-
dents and 17 candidates from
each of the two parties are run-
nurg for election.

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) world school

St Andrew's School, The International
School of The Bahamas, an authorized
International Baccalaureate (IB} World School,
invites applications for the position of a
part-time Primary teacher of Spanish, with
effect from January 2007. Candidates should
possess the necessary academic qualifications
and experience for the position, including a full
teaching qualification and at least a bachelor's
de9 '

Interested candidates should apply to the
, school's principal, Mr. Robert Wade, by following
the directions on the school's website at

Mr Rob rt Wade
St Andrew's School
PO Box EE 17340
Nassau, Bahamas

Fax: (1 242) 364 1654

The closing date for applications is 22 ,
December 2006. Applications from unqualified
candidates, applications arriving without the full
information requested or applications received
after this date will not be considered-
me a mm wa nt

Doctors Hospital

- r;J ~i ;Lt;\

Monthly Health Lecture Every 3rd
Thursday of the 19Ionth



PHONE: 322-8100 OR 322-8219


TUESDAY, DECEMBh-M 12, zuub, rHo-t- 0


expected to be resolved as soon

ernment paying out funds which

the discussions, promotions
should be forthcoming shortly.
"The Public Service Com-
mission has reviewed all the
recommendations and sent
those on to the governor-gen.
eral and so those should be
* communicated shortly to those
officers who were successfully
the promotion exercise," he
The minister said that he
also expects further recom-
metidations for promotions to
be made in the near future.
A second problematic issue
raised at the meeting, Mr
Mitchell said, was the question
of payment of officers who did
not undergo the required train-
ing for their positions.
"There was a group of offi-
cers that came in under the
previous administration and
aropseaytsrathnenge ourstelandpta
as prison officers until they
have completed their training,"
he said.
The minister said this situa-
tion has "been dragging on"
since Frank Watson was the
minister of national security.
Mr Mitchell said that Mr
Watson employed these offi-
cers without "actually follow-
ing the law ii1 that instance
because their was a emergency
need for people to serve in the
position of prison officers."
This problem, he said, is

Tribune Staff Reporter
AN increased level of trans-
parency in the Public Service's
promotion practices is needed
to prevent conspiracy theories
from taking hold of govern-
ment employees, Minister of
Foreign Affairs and the Public
Service Fred Mitchell said yes-
Th minister made this state-
ment as he announced that
government is taking decisive
steps to clearing up the backlog
of promotions of officers serv-
ing at Her Majesty's Prison.
Speaking at press briefing at
his ministry yesterday, Mr
Mitchell said there seems to
be "communication issues
throughout the public service
with regard to decision mak-
tra rr ca trn difor
these decisions. There is still, in
my view, too much of a culture
of secrecy about how promo-
tions are done, how recom-
mendations are done, and so
eo le are often left in the
Parkp about what is actually
happening with their career
prospects and tend to specu-
late and become subject to var-
ious conspiracy theories of one
kind or the other," he said.
Mr Mitchell said that Prime
Minister Perry Christie last
week met with the all the rele-

---- -
M FRED Mitchell
vant parties to determine how
to clear up the backlog and
move forward with promoting
those prison officers who are
long overdue for advancement.
The meeting was attended
by acting president of the
NU IoonnaNCC gass1 eTrdae
of the Bahamas Public Service
Union (BPSU) John Pinder as
well as other trade unionists,.
including representatives of the
the BEC line staff union, he
Mr Mitchell said that prison
officers have expressed con-
cerns that promotions due
since 2003 have yet to be
He said that the last week's
meeting was "amicable" and
"frank" and that as result of

party to the convention and
subject to all of its provisions
within six months.
He said: "The main thing is
that it makes it easier for
Bahamian ships to access
ports and use these identity
documents for access into
ports for seafarers.
The mimster>claimedathe
ratification of the convention
was important for the
Bahamas Maritime Authori-
ty, which has the third largest
ship registry m the world.
He also announcetithat the
government has agreed to
become a signatory to the New
York Convention, 1958, which
allows for the arbitration of dis-
putes involving shipping inter-
ests throughout the world.
shi rper e =
.Bahamas flag as well as com-
mercial entities have no option
but to take proceedings relat-
ed to arbitration elsewhere.
"So now that we have actu-
ally signed onto the conven-
tron, this means that the
Bahamas can become an arbi-
tration centre in situations
where there involves shipping
interests," he said.

Mr Mitchell claimed that a
number of cruise ships had
already suggested that the
Bahamas was a "convenient
jurisdiction" for an arbitration
"It could mean more exper
tise coming into the country'
more business coming mto the
country, and more employ-
ment," he said.

Tribune Staff Reporter
THE government has rati-
fied two "important" interna-
will result in easier access for
Bahamian ships into foreign
ports and a possible increase
in employment according to
Foreign Affairs Minister Fred
The minister told the press
that the government has
signed onto the International
Seafarers Convention which
was adopted by the Interna-
tional Labour Conference in
June 2003, and that the con-
vention imposes two sets of
"The first is the issuance of
mt dtsee i%7isn
print biometrics to Bahamian
nationals and permanent resi-
dents serving on international
ships along with the mainte-
nance of a national database,"
he said. "And secondly, the
acceptance of documents
issued by other states for shore
leave, transit and transfer,
Mr Mitchell said the
Bahamas will become a full


. : ..4

2006 Lecture Ser~ieS

P u rp o s e : d ue h bl c r sth e d y

.OmN 0 US)T



Every third Thursday of the month

January 19

Jluly 20

Augiust 17

Venue: Doctors Hospital Conference Room

RSVP: To ensure available seating

Screenings: Free Blood PressureCholesteroland
Glucose testing betweerr5pm & 6pm.

Please join us as our guest every month for this
scintillating series of the most relevant health issues
affecting society today.
Refreshments will be provided.

March 16Sptmr 1

October 19

April 20


Mayl 8

June 1.5

December 21

Mitchell: more transparency~

New maritime treaties to give ships



I Illi~i~lr~ I

Resorts International
Requires a:

Ideally the successful candidate should be:

A qualified Accountant (ACCA or equivalent),
or sitting fmal examinations.
Experienced in the hospitality industry.
Able to communicate effectively at all levels.
Able to motivate and lead staff.
Computer literate, including full knowledge
of systems, controls and the importance
of deadlines.
Willing to relocate to any of the destinations
>n which we operate

Applications should be sent by email or faxed to:
Sandals Resorts International
P.O. Box 100
Montego Bay
Fa 518-1004
OR E 'lt .
-mal o.
Applications close on Friday, January 5, 2007.

Madeira~: Shoppin Plaz 32-00 aahnM I -61



. The Bahamas International
Film Festival wrapped up its
third annual celebration of
films, events and panels on Sun-
day with its awards presenta-
tron and closing night bash.
BIFF showcased a slate of 50
stateses do en artvaand
folur days.
"The high calibre of repre-
sentation of films presented this
year's was.incredible," says
Leslie Vanderpool, the festival's
founder and executive director.
"There were significant mes-
sages from many countries with
a special concentration in the
The festival presented three
juried competition categories;
the "Spirit of Freedom" (both
narrative and documentary sec-
tions) presented by Chopard,
and the "New Visions" award
going to the filmmaker in the
narrative section presented by
Hard Rock Caf6.
Audience Awards, in which
all festival films are eligible,
were also presented in the cat-
egories of best narrative feature
and best documentary.

BIFF's board chairman
Andrew Law introduced the com-
petitions, jurors and presenters.
In the Spirit of Freedom com-
petition, each cinema artist
explores the potential of the
human spirit and how freedom

peR pirit of Free-
dom Narrative Feature Film
Award was presented to Chron-
icles of Escape (Cr6nica de una
fuga] (2006, Argentina), direct-
ed by Israel Adridn Caetano
and starring Rodrigo De la Ser-
na, Pablo Echarri and Nazareno
The award was presented by
Chopard's Rodney Chee-A-Tow.
The jury comprised of film pub-
licist Mickey Cottrell, agent/man-
ager Breanna Benjamin and pro-
ducer Molly Mayeaux said the
film was chosen "for powerfully
and emphatically portraying a
cautionary time in our shared
human history".
Mr Chee-A-Tow presented the
2006 BIFF "Spirit of Freedom"
documentary award to
Encounter Point (2006
Israel/Palestine), directed by
Ronit Avni and Julia Bacha and
starring Ali Abu Awwad, Sami
Al Jundi, RobiiDamelin, Shlomo
Zagman. Co-director Ronit Avni
was on hand to accept the award.
Jurors for this competition
included: human rights activist
Clint Kemp, Hamptons Film
Festival artistic director/Berli-
nale Selection member Rajen-
dra Roy, and co-president of
Zeitgeist Films Emily Russo.
The 2006 BIFF New Visions
Competition Award was pre-
sented to Half Nelson (2006,
US), directed and co-written by
Ryan Fleck, Starring Ryan
Gosling, Anthony Mackie and .
Stephanie Bast. Mr Fleck and
writer/producer/editor Anna
Boden accepted the award.
The jury also selected Premi-
um (2006, US) as a Special Jury
Prize film for honorary men-
tion. It was directed by Pete
Chatmon and stars Zoe Sal-
danMI Dorian Missick, Hill
Harper..Mr Chatmon was on
hand to accept his award.
Jurors for the New Visions
section included filmmaker and
actress Sara Driver, Moving Pic-
tures editor Elliot Kotek, and
president of Shoreline Enter-
tainment Morris Ruskin.
The Audience Awards were
presented by Kelly Mondesir
from sponsor FedEx Express.
Best narrative feature in this



M THE Eleatheran Adventure

category went to Johnny Slade's
Greatest Hits (2006, USA),
directed by Larry Blamire and
starring John Fiore, Vincent
Curatola and Robert Giardina.
Mr Fiore accepted the aviard.
The 2006 BIFF Audience
Award for best documentary
went to: Eleutheran Adventure
(2006, B ahamas). Director
Kareem Mortimer was on hand
to accept the award. -
Following the Awards presen-
tation and screening of Holly-
woodland, introduced by co-star
Molly Parker, Leslie Vanderpool
invited all the guests to follow

one of the Bahamas' legendary
to the closing night bash.
BIFF is a non-profit organi-
sation dedicated to providing
the local community and inter-
national visitors with a diverse
presentation of films from-
around the world.
In addition to offering films
that might not otherwise be
released theatrically in the
Bahamas, organizers say BIFF
provide aa unique cultural
experience, educational pro-
grammes and forums for explor-
ing the future of cinema.


WinnerS are chosen



- I L -I -I




Mr Missick said the state of the
judiciary in Grand Bahama is very
distressing and saddening.
"Iagree with Mr Shurland that
the state of judiciary in the north-
ern region is in a mess," he said.
Mr Shurland said that all
lawyers on Grand Bahama are
significantly affected by the situa-

file the matter, which should be
here in Grand Bahama, in Nas-
"We (in Grand Bahama)
accepted the title of second city,
but we are not second-class, in
that we expect there to be justices
sitting and hearing our matters."
Additionally, Mr Missick was
also concerned about the depar-

ture of the deputy chief magis-
trate, who will be demittmg office
in Freeport next week to take up
a position in the AG's office
"Today, there has been no
name of a replacement, and so we
expect a further situation to
develop come January when the
courts reopen to hear criminal

ing this beautiful edifice, mannmg
it with adequate staff by putting in
place two justices so that we can
really realise the benefit of swift
justice," he said.
There is presently one acting
justice, and Justice Lyons, who
was sent to Freeport to hear crim-
inal matters. He has suspended
all matters until the government
addresses the independence of the
judiciary, which has been called
into question after government
neglected to conduct a review of
the judges' salaries every three
Mr Missick said that it appears
as though those

resppeoangible t
decision are not
concerned about
the situation in
"Since Jitstice
F. Lyons' ruling
there have been

v. aa gereepi
crisis and that the
courts are func-
tioning as usual,
other than
Grand Bahama,
N and so therefore
there is no rush
to solve this
"We know
RT attorneys that an appeal
nd and George was filed at the
eed with Attor- last minute, but it
lyson Maynard. has not been
) that there was heard and it is
not scheduled to
be heard as far as
I am aware of anytime this year.
"In the meantime, no criminal
matters have been heard and a
series of criminal trials were set
for hearing from October to
December. Similarly, in the civil
side, numerous contentious mat-
ters that were set to be heard have
been vacated with no indication of
when we will get a date again,"
he said.
Mr Missick said clients could
not afford to fly to New Provi-
dence as some wealthy residents
had done.
-"Most Bahamians are strug-
gling just to try and afford a
lawyer. Under the act, it is manda-
tory that matters that relate to the
northern region shall be com-
menced in the northern region
and should continue there," he
"Sayop man I }101 hyg,@om
Equrt t9 pupt. hpre is Lonenti-
Llement under e act to 9 iid

Tribune Freeport Reporter
FREEPORT The Supreme
Court in Grand Bahama is in "cri-
sis" and lawyers are frustrated as
matters before the court have not
been heard since Justice John
* Lyons' controversial ruling a
month ago.
Freeport attorneys Carlson
Shurland and George Missick dis-
agreed with Attorney General
Allyson Maynard-Gibson that
there was no crisis,
They assert that, while the
Supreme Court is functioning in
New Providence,
is not tim case
"There is a cri-
sis...and while .
we might have
had the AG say .
that the courts
are functioning,
that in my opin
on ista tT
and I say that
categorically and
that the Supreme
Court, particular-
ly in Grand
Bahama, with
regards to crimi-
nal matters, is not
Mr Shuriand. 5 FREEP
Mr Shurland is Carlson Shurl
an attorney at Missick disag
Shurland and Co, ney General A
who specialist in Gibson (abov

criminal law, and no crisis.
Mr Missick is an '
associate attorney at Callenders
and Co, who specialist in civil
Even though Freeport is often
described as the second city, the
lawyers said residents do not
expect, or deserve, "second-class
justice, or a second-class judicia-
"We won't tolerate it and it has
to be corrected as possi-
ble," said Mr Shurland.
Mr Missick said the situation
in Freeport cannot be overlooked.
He explained that the Supreme
Court Act provided for a
Supreme Court registry in New
Providence and Freeport, which
serves the northern Bahamas,
including Abaco and Bimini.
Mr Shurland stressed that there
is a need for two full-time justices
in Freeport one to hear criminal
matters, and a second to hear civ-
il matters. . on .




Gr and. Bahama Supreme Court in 'crisis'


invited for

the Golden

Heart Award
lb ch of th
THE loca ran e
Sir Victor Sassoon Heart
Foundation is now accept-
ing nominations for the
Lady Sassoon Golden
Heart Award.
The Golden Heart
Award will be presented at
the annual Heart Ball on
February 17, 2007.
The award was initiated
by the foundation to
applaud and gtve recogm-
tron to an individual who
has selflessly given of
themselves to promote
human welfare and digni-
ty, thus making life better
for his fellow man,
Nominations for the
award must be accompa-
nied by reasons for sub~
mission and must be sent
in writing to the- Golden
Heart Award, Nassau, PO
Box N-8189 or delivered
to EVES, Cable Beach,
Nassau, which is the office
of the Sir Victor Sassoon
(Bahamas) Heart Founda-
The dean ice for submit
sion is January 26, '1007.
The annual Heart Ball
will be held in the Crown
Ball Room on Paradise
The ball is the major
fundraiser for the
Bahamas Heart Founda-
tion and the proceeds help
to underwrite medical
costs for children and
young adults with heart
Mrs Andrea Archer,
deputy permanent secre-
tary with the Ministry of
Health was presented with
the Lady Sassoon Golden
Heart Award last Febru-
ary for her contributions as
a school welfare officer
and for her co-authoring of
the Success Ultimate
Reassures Each One Pro-
gramme (SURE) and the
Prot idine Access To Com
granime (PACE).

2.8 Like BitSSI GOS 00de $41,903.00
intercooled Turbocharged
Super Select 4(UD
Sut c Trgnsmission
front and side airbags




, ,- -- ~


on your own lot? We have many unique designs for Apartments
and Houses ready to build.
We arrange financing. Come see our designs today!

With over 40 years'experience, J & J Chisholm Construction
Ltd. has been building custom homes in the Bahamas. We
8 cialize in renovations, airs and construction of homes
and businesses for persons with their own designs.


Cordially invites you to come and see all of its

Wonderful gift ideas and cooking supplies for
the holidays.

Every kitchen gadget you could possibly want.
Zesters, mandolins, coffee makers,
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So come in and enjoy

The Hbolitle Stoine
Sandypg,@ll .
Monday thru Saturday
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Of J apan eye

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For.Easy Financing Barik And
Insurance On Premises

Check Our ces
Before buying


Bahamas Bus no



world school
St Andrew's School, The International School
of The Bahamas, an authorized International
Baccalaureate (IB) World School, invites applications
for the position of teacher of IVIathematics, with effect
from January 2007. Candidates should possess the
necessary academic qualifications and experience
for the position, including a full teaching qualification
and at least a bachelor's degree. Candidates for this
post must be qualified to teach to pre-university level
and be familiar with the demands of the IB Diploma
programme. Preference will be given to candidates
who have experience in teaching Mathematics
to IB Diploma level. Successful BGCSEliGCSE
experience is also important.
Interested candidates should apply to the school's
principal, Mr. Robert Wade, by following the directions
on the school's website at

Mr Robert Wade
Princi al
St Andrew's School
PO Box EE 17340
Nassau, Bahamas

Fax: (1 242) 364 1654
The closing date for applications is 22 December
2006. Applications from unqualified candidates'
applications arriving without the full information
requested or applications received after this date
will not be considered-

loyment Opport~unity


Core RespwashlSales
Managing die makk facilitia, indeding he mainternace
service provided by a misy dentenal ammeans and
Ovrran-ing she grivillirr, storaggates, and n:arnt sayspliers
ktween archliaas and paiwral contrasers.during
en.> ng.ain, waywagem or se-s anslau.s
Missirewida kGig walve age planninB
nee-lopong ad.04.1 rn-neing spare and prwwww
usublish and trainuin n-c.xd*, ther detail pallimmismatial
Gualifkasons, Skills 4 Experbace-
no .9 y<-us p. sound funandedge dpropeny trumpanm gain.-iple, .
sounidl ksur.Adg: ofowinst dooments aid spedfladens
.4btry no ansilyn cared interpre finacial 3==..=sa paque

coal planningshink
' Remuneration Package:
Wolfer an arising wed wironmos with oppensorev (2 gath
asul development we she war a manpensive compearason padays
which include pedsmance based incentives, hadik visionAnnd
and lifeinumeasuralaysimpha
1.researedpeanessi divianarrh.-ines...m-sinwarrING<.rE-mail
do., with mplea dsheir cenisences krma n...nber sist, 2eos so


name ss ag
N- Bahames
E.. all addams anna boomeonasheath Leam


Wendur's is now recruiting

Crew Members/

Cashier s &
Maintenance Staff

(Or all IOCatiOHS.

Interested persons should apply in person
at Any Wendy's Locations from
December 11-15, 2006
Between 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon
Must be able to work shifts & weekends.
.No phone calls please.

04 what tastes right."



*?,\""'?,E MpA COCK
FREEPORT With infla-
tbiontpate se aper
City candidate Zhivargo Lamg
stressed that many families will
be facing severe financial hard-
He said that he is particular-
ly concerned about single-
mother led homes, and the
working middle-class families
who struggle to pay bills and
cope with the high cost of living
m Grand Bahama.
According to Mr Laing, the
IMF is forecasting 2.5 per cent
inflation this year or next year,
which is more than double
what the FNM saw when it was

in office.
During the FNM rally in
Freeport, Mr Laing told resi-
dents that he returned to front-
line politics to fight for his
country and for residents of
Marco City.
Mr Laing expressed concern
for the "so-called stateless"
young Bahamians born to for-
eign parents, as well as for
teachers and students.on
Grand Bahama.
He pointed out that stateless
children who call Grand
Bahama their only home can-
not get a response from immi-

gyration officials on the progress
of their status applications, but
. Anna Nicole Smith, the for-
mer Playboy playmate, can
hear from them in days.
11e also noted that young
teachers were not paid by this
government despite being on
the job for months and months.
"On top of all this, young
children loose precious school
hours because the government
cannot execute sunple repairs
or ready school for opening on
time," Mr Laing said.
He said that young children
are suffering unnecessary over-
crowding in schools because
after five years, the govern-
ment refused to execute plans
left in filace to build a neces-
st!"Mr high school on
High school graduates, he
said, face a grim situation when
they leave school because jobs
are limited and higher educa-
tion opportunities are inacces-
sh Laing blames the esca-
lating social problems, crune,
violence, domestic abuse, stress
disorders and mental problems
in Grand Bahama on the eco-
nomic problems facing young
Hei said that an FNM gov-
ernment would care about
Freeport and Grand Bahama.
Under an FNM administra-
tion, he said, investments will
flow into Grand Bahama in
abundance once again,

3 4
&, MikF & E-:,gite
candidate for Marco City

"Good, solid, well-paying
jobs in abundance will be cre-
ated in Freeport and Grand
Bahama, once again because
an.action, not talk, oriented
government will be in place.
"Soon the Port Authority
will have a government to deal
with that holds it accountable
to fulfill its responsibilities to
the residents and people of the
Bahamas and works with it to
promote economic growth for
all," Mr Laing said.





FNM candidate voices

....... ...

SSee the full line of your favourite~Ford vehicles at


Sir Albert J. Miller

I I~r~rT~~~l~rlC~ -


Agreement on Radisson
FROM page one
parent company, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide.
"Since acquiring the Wyndham, Radisson and Nassau Beach hotels
m2005, we have made it our primary goal to raise service standards and
dramatically improve the guest experience across all three existing
Cable Beach Resort properties. We are excited that Starwood is bring-
ing its distinguished Sheraton brand and hospitality expertise to Cable
Beach in order to provide our guests with the highest standard of ser-
vice," said Don Robmson, president of Baha Mar Resorts.
"The signing of this management agreement also marks an important
milestone in the development of the highly anticipated Baha Mar
mega resort project."
Baha Mar has also formed a relationship with Caesars, which is
expected to create a 1,000-room luxury casino hotel with signature
restaurants and entertainment.
The hotel will also have the Caribbean's largest spa, a 100,000 sq ft
casino and meeting space.
tuTh trRegis nd da xp d tsop r dma h Ma wH aa
M .estin and W Hotels are also expected to lend their brand to Baha
Mar along with Nicklaus Design, which is expected to create a new 18-
hole signature course, the highest tier of the company's design offermgs.
The course, the only bne-of its kind in Nassau, willbe an integral part
of Baha Mar's phase one development of its planned $1.5 billion mega
reso er the agreement, Baha Mar mal commission Nicklaus to cre-
ate additional signature courses either on site or at a convenient off-site

IIARIRRS 10 Support sanctions




2006 m EMPLOR


. 4.0L V6 Automatic
The world's
most trusted

lowing the military coup earlier
last week.
Immediately following the
coup foreign ministers from nine
member countries held an emer-
gency meeting in, London
overnight to discuss possible
action against Fiji.
They decided Fiji would be
suspended from the Common-
wealth pending the restoration
of democracy and the rule of
Mr Mitchell said: "Fiji will be
suspended from the council of
the commonwealth, which *
means that they will no longer
be able to participate in any
council meetings or be the recip-
ients of any commonwealth tech-
nical assistance except where
technical co-operation is limit-
ed to the restoration of democ-
Mr Mitchell said the govern-
ment condemned the military
coup in the "strongest terms",
and that the Bahamas does not
support military intervention of
any kind in the civilian or civil ,
p ITa Tet ers of the
coup have already promised to
take a "tough stance against any-
one inciting problems".
And there are also reports
that several prominent Fijians
have been taken to the armed
forces headquarters.


AS OF JULY 31, 2006
IBS 5000)

The purchase of Sun Oil Limited, formerly Shell
Bahamas Limited by Focol Holdings Limited has
significantly changed the organizational structure,
operations and Imancial performance of our Com-
pany. Focol Holdings Limited group of companies
has evolved into a leading distributor of petroleum
products in The Bahamas and Turks & CaIcos

The Directors and Management of our Company
moved swiftly to realign the assets purchased from
Shell Bahamas to produce a business model for Sun
Oil Lunated that is sustainable. Shell's company
brand had not reflected its global stature in the Baha-
mas and Turks & Cascos islands in recent years.
Management believes that combining Sun Od's local
knowledge with Shell's global resources will
continue to recapture the imagmation of the public
in The Bahamas and Turks & Calcos Islands as it
relates to the Shell brand.

Our Grand Bahama operations contmue to produce
record satisfactory results. On August 15, 2000, our
Group was afforded the opportunity to acquire the
shares of GAL Terminal Limited and the assets of
Texaco Bahamas Limited on Grand Bahama, which
was financed in part with a 3 milbon dollar bond.

This year's net income was sl3.302 million. Our
share price has mereased from 58.05 to $11.21 during
this period.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank the
shareholders, management and staff for their contin-
ued confidence in our company.

We look forward to even greater results in 2007.

July 31, 2006

July 31, 2005
5 29.876

5_ 29,876


5 0,38



Year ended July
31, 2006

Year ended July
31, 2005



O 80
0 50



Copies of a full set of the unaudited financial statements can be obtained from Stephen Adderley at
the Freeport OII Company on Queen s Hrghway Freeport. Grand Bahama, Monday through Fnday
from 8 30 AM to 5 00 PM

F n Co. Ltd

FROM page one
He died at the scene after
ioing gunshot wounds to
Auguste's death raises the
umbr t homict s in e
Assistant c commissioner Fer-
uson said the matter is under
. active investigation .

FROM page one

ing the period when Mr Vin-
cent Peet was Immigration
r Their limst dt i oa
g ng -
ment is willi oh rantaricast
y peop
themselves with certain
"influential" people, said the
One of the women, it is
alleged, Tormed attachments
with several Bahamian males,
When the second woman
arrived in Nassau in the late
1990s, she too seemed to have
determined to remain in the
Bahamas by any means possi-
ble and to gain profitably from
its opportunities, said the
She also allegedly began
ingratiating herself with peo-
ple who she felt could be of
social value to her, seeking
undocumented employment
The case of the foreign
women echoes the Anna
Nicole Smith controversy in
that she also appears to have
become a close friend of a
prominent person current
Immigration Mimster Shane
Gibson before being granted
residency inside one month ex-
lier this year-
Observers. believe the 'two
women' issue could explode
into another major pre-election
embarrassment for the PLP,
which is already reeling under
the impact of a string of scan-
Ann ol f e
to hold an inquest into the
death of her 20-year-old son
Daniel, and the reality starlet's
questionable acquisition of res-
idency status contmue to haunt
Mr Christie and his Cabinet as
they approach elections next


Ch n stmas Sales Eve nt
The SmartChoice is on
everyone's Christmas Wish List!

4 P


FROM page one

resolution binds the Bahamas in
law because it is it member of
the United Nations, and that the
sanction applies to "large scale
arms, nuclear technology, relat-
ed training, luxury goods and to
the inspection of cargo on the
high seas."
According to the minister:
"While there is not any signifi-
cant trade or any trade at all
between the Democratic Peo-
ple's Republic of Korea (North
Korea) and the Bahamas, the
fact is we are the third largest
ship registry in the world, so
these sanctions will also
apply to Bahamian registered
When the resolution was
passed in October, North Kore-
a's UN envoy, Pak Gil Yon, left
the UN chamber after rejecting
the "unjustifiable" resolution
and accused the Security Coun-
cil of neglecting US pressure on
North Korea.
wa edN eK et CTunTil ao
any increase in US pressure
would be considered a "decla-
ration of war".
Mr Mitchell also announced
that the Bahamas was slipport-r'
ing the decision to suspend Fiji
from the Commonwealth fol-





7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30

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(:05) A tin CRASH (2004, Drama) Sandra Bullock, Sleeper Cell: American Terror Dexter "Truth Be Told" (iTV) Killer
SHOW Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon. iTV. Racial tensions collide Torture" (1V) The network needs kidnaps someone close to Dexter.
among Los Angeles residents. A 'R' (CC) Darwyn. (N) A (CC) A (CC)



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046:( ) At (:15) As ALONE IN THE DARK (2005, Horror) Christian Slater, Tara
CAMPUS (1998) sters. A 'R' (CC)

A BLOODRAYNE (2006, Horror)
Kristanna Loken, Michael Madsen.
Premiere. A 'R' (CC)



En joy Great Food, Prizes and Lots of Fun.

i'm lovin' it

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I Pillsa~l--..B-~L-.~~ 1-~I-I.~

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spokesman by the victims them-
1 s, aned fatDe cn seen; Sea
taking up the people's cause,
accusing the government of a getting about 2
callous lack of concern and child. There
demanding action. foodstore tha
"If the government is inter- except perhaps
essted in swift justice, then It is an insult.
where is the justice for these "The govern
victims?" Mr Bain asked yes- Royal Oasis d
terday. were a lot of
He said it was becoming clear
that the government was stalling ., .
on the issue to protect senior
PLP figures from having to face
big pay-outs because of their
links to the vessels involved.
"We are also going to ask for
certain lawyers to be disbarred
for allowing politics to come
between themselves and their
clients," said Mr Bain,
He cited the case of Mr ,
Cedric Hart, a father of six who :2
had been reduced to begging
by injuries he received in the .,
tragedy. 9
Mr Hart, he said, had to pay
out $350,000 in medical fees -
his entire life's savings and was
now scraping together every
lhe could to support his 5 CLEVER
"Hs children shared an apple, taking up th
for Sunday dinner," said Mr
Bain, "If things are good they have been to
get an apple and an orange. I ermnent that
saw one of his children come because there
up to him one day and say tion of money
'Daddy, hungry' and he broke mg.
down in tears. "As far as w
"At the same time the rent there is an ex
collector came for his rent. I case, too, if ju
paid his rent for him because believe the g
he had no money. In three years have come u
he says he has received just maybe $1,000 p
$2,100 from social services," istic figure to e
Mr Bain and Mr Duncombe ple to live."
claim the victims have been Mr Bain al
allowed $70 a month in food seemed to be
stamps, which was recently which their ba
increased to $100. are being ta
This, they say, stands in stark them."
contrast to the efforts the gov- None of the
ernment made on behalf of the been to a cou
Royal Oasis employees in awareof anyl
Freeport, when 1,400 votes taken on their
were at stake. Mr Dunco
'the Sea Hauler victims, he sprung to pr
said, were "poor and powerless" champion of fa
people whose 25 or so votes with the victim
were scattered over New Prov- plans anoth
idence. Thursday.
"At the moment, they are "All of these

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member, after a number of people living in the
settlement were found to be suffering from
breathing complications diagnosed by a local
pulmonologist as being symptottiaticof a condi-
tion knownas severe bronchospasn1.
The disease is defined as a narrowing of the
bronchi the airways into the lungs caused by
contraction of the muscles in the lung walls,
inflammation of the lung lining, or combination
of both. It was proposed byliome that hazardous
fumes from the boat building operation were
According to Dr Bethel, he chaired a town
meeting around two weeks ago during which the
report of the official investigation carried out by
the department of environmental health services,
and the ministry of health's analysis of that report,
were presented,
Before this meeting, Dr Bethel himself travelled
to Long Island to interview the relevant parties

people who suffered serious
trauma as a result of this
tragedy. Some suffered
appalling injuries, some lost
"A commission has already
pronounced on the negligence
which led to this disaster and I
feel the government is trying to
evade justice. They are trymg
to defuse the issue until after
the election.
"However, the kind of hard-
ship these people are suffering
can't go on for another five
years. It's interesting that vic-
tims of tlye Chalk's plane crash
have already been compensated
and that happened after the Sea
Hauler tragedy.
"The Attorney General's
Office and the Social Services
Department seem to be sitting
on this and it's the kind of
behaviour that cannot be toler-
Mr Duncombe said it seemed
that the whole Sea Hauler issue
ha' I ym eota)stan 11 atter
is before the courts, but none
of these victims have a court
date and some have had no con-
think the only court that is in
session on this matter is the
court of public opinion.
"The government needs to
accept its reslPonsibilities and
restore these people's lives, as
happened in the Royal Oasis
and Chalk's situation. Things
are very hard and very painful
for them now.
"The government is going on
about this National Health
Insurance scheme, but they
show no caring or compassion
for these victims, and that is
fundamentally wrong."
He said he was prepared to
take his campaign into every
constituency.until justice was
"It is tirpe to stop playing pol-
itics. We need to educate the
electorate about this tragedy.
A lot of people thisk the gov-
ernmerit has already addressed
this situation, but they haven't,"
he said.

5 cents a day per
is nothing in a
t costs 25 cents,
s a peppermint.
ment paid off the
ebt because there
votes involved. I


people s cause

ld by the gov-
this was done
was an expecta-
being forthcom-
e are concerned,
pectation in this
stice is served. I
vernment could
p with $500 or
er month, a real-
nable these peo-

leged that there
a conspiracy "in
sic rights of suing
ken away from
victims had yet
rt and none was
behalf, he added.
mbe, who has
eminence as a
thers' rights, met
s this week and
er meeting on

people are poor

Boat business
involved in the complaint. The meeting then
allowed those involved to further voice their con-
cerns, he said, and a "solution for how to move
forward" was reached, in the form of the order,
"The cease and desist order is being effectek
we speak. I expect that will go into effect within
the next day or so," said Dr Bethel.
However, Dr Bethel emphasized that the order
was not a determination of guilt on the part of the
business. It will require the business to, or the
next three months, stop all operations, to assess
what effect (it was or is having on people's health)
while we do the investigations of the healthistatus
of the people." (
It could be intended if necessary, he added.
"(The) evidence is not conclusive but there is
still a possibility, a probability, and as long as
there's a possibility that individuals healthy can
be affected then we want to err on the side ofictiu-
tion to protect people's interests."


llpaig11CTS Ffo






~ :





Tel: (242) 356-7764

Tel: (242) 351-3010


IIII I~C-~- I L~r~-L -

Tribune Business Editor
THE Grand Bahama Charix-
ber of Commerce's president
has pledged to work with the
stam 3artment dev

SI~bhams~cm t 42.22.305f 242.322.2033

dd hhussebhfi
financed "largely by
credit rather than
wages and investment
income", the Department of
Statistics' report on the
Bahamas' National Accounts
has warned, a move likely to
generate new fears about the
impact from a consumer
The report found that pri-
vate final consumption expen-
diture by Bahamian house-
holds in 2005, representing the
amount spent by Bahamas res-
idents on a wide range of
gopds and services during that
year, mereased by $89 million.
Consumption spending by
Bahamian households
accounts for 68 per cent of
gross domestic product (GDP)
spending, the Department
found, adding that the Central
Bank of the Bahamas report
for February 2006 showed that
consumer credit rose by 22 per
cent during 2005.
"This implies that the

demand has been strong,
buoyed by growth in employ-
ment of 2 per cent in 2004, and
by total household income and
average household income reg-
istering 10-year highs in 2004".,
Meanw hile, the National
Accounts report said prelimi-
nary reports showed the
Bahamian economy enjoyed
3.7 per cent GDP growth in
2005, increasing from $5.7 bik
lion to $5.9 billion.
"This growth was predomi-
nantly due to capital develop-
ment by government in the
housing market and private
int est ments, mainly in the
hotel industry," the report said.
It added that as a result of
investments such as Kerzner
International's Phase III
expansion on Paradise Island;
the Bimini Bay Resort & Casi-
no; Interitational Ma rinas'
Chub Cay project; and the
Cotton Bay investment in

Eleuthera, the Bahamian con-
straiction industry had grown
by 6 per cent in 2005.
Gross capital formation,
which measures capital spend-
ing by the public and private
sectors on items such as build-
ing materials, hardware and,
infrastructure, was said by the
National Accounts report to
have grown by 5.6 per cent.
Investments in machinery
and equipment grew from $864
million to $912 million, based
oh preliminary external trade
For 2004, the National
Accounts report said prelimi-
nary data showed the Bahami-
an economy's GDP grew by
2.9 per cent, up to $5.7 billion
from $5.5 billion. GDP in 2003
rose by 2.1 per cent.
The report also revealed the
impact that the September 11,
2001, terror attacks had on the
Bahamian economy, particu-

larly the restaurant and
tourism sectors.
In 2002, the hotel industry
saw growth in its gross value
added a measurement of
salaries and wages, plus the
industry's operating surplus -
fall from 6 per cent to 2 per
'cent, while the restaurant
industry went into rapid
retreat, growth of 9 per cent
or $143 million in 2001 turn-
ing into a 23 per cent or $109
million decline.
In 2001, the Bahamian econ-
omy saw its slowest GDP
al Accounts report finding that
employment and consumer
confidence had both peaked.
As the US economic slowdown
spilt over into the Bahamian
economy, along with Septem-
ber 11's impact, the construc-
tion, real estate and business
services industries all suffered

increased consumption by
households was largely sup-
ported by credit, rather than
increased wages and invest-
ment income," the National
Accounts report revealed.
"Accordiixg to the 2005
Labour Force Report,.the
average household income fell
by 1.8 per cent, moving from
$39,626 to $38,894.
"Conversely, the Consumer
Price Index continues to reflect
increasing prices of goods and
services in the Bahamian econ-
omy, growing by 1.98 per cent
The Natioital Accounts
report is again likely to spark
concerns about the savings and
investments habits of many
Bahamians, who tend to spend
on current consumption, and
do not sale enough to meet
future or unexpected need ,
such a retirement.

Many are also mortgaged up -
to the eyeballs on debt financ-
ing, such as credit cards and
consumer loans to pay for cars
and other luxury items, and
often this debt burderi
becomes too much to repay.
Consumer confidence and
spending is critical to the
Bahamian economy's well-
being, a factor underscored by
the National Accounts report
in analyzing the years 2003 and
consumption of 6.1 per cent
and 3:2.per cent respectively
"continued to drive the econ-
omy in both periods".
That confidence had fallen 2002, resulting from
a slight increase in unemploy-
ment and 1.8 per cent drop in
private constunption spending.
Since then, "consumer

the Golernment was "shghtly
ahead" on revenues as the first
half of its 2006-2007 fiscal year
drew to a close, and recurrent
spending "pretty much in line
with the estimates", the admin-
istration's capital expenditure
had "exceeded the estimates for
the half year".
He attributed this to the
numerous construction works
undertaken during lbe summer
re itrde ooj oo1r teo

September. plus upgrudes to
docks. sea walls and loaditorks.
"The bulk of it is in the tt ans-
port sector.'" Mr Smith said..
"We're pretti much going full
speed ahead on the capital
releases, not to niention the
.subsidies to Bahamasair and the
Water & Sewerage Corpora-
tion, especially in this last fis-
cal half."

tice" on how customs is admin-
istered in Freeport under the
Hawksbill Creek Agreement.
Chris Lowe, o rations man-
ager at Kelly's (Freeport), said

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Tribune Business Reporter
the Bahamas yesterday said it
had. not ordered the commer-
cial banks banks to increase the
equity requirement for mort-
ga loans to as much as 35 per

The regulator was respond-
ing to this newspaper's
inquiries, after The Tribune
received a telephone call from a
woman who claimed that when
she went to a bank to apply for
a mortgage loan last week, they
were told that effective imme-

SEE page 5B

EASTERN ROAD #3063: Set within a quiet cul-de-sacthis
charming, modern 3 bedroom 2 5 bath family home has Master bedroom,
living, dining and kitchen on the top floon Living and dining open to
spacious covered patio with lovely sea views. Ground floor comprises
2 bedrooms, bath, laundry garage and family room opening to seduded
lush, landscaped garden wkh sparkling heated pool. Offered at $625,000.

Miami Herald Business, Stocks, Analysis, Wall Street

Nation al Account s


consumer cr edit fears

SB~yibNuI eHAs ANsEdito eotwrssedn inne ydbntwgso

inVCStments, with construction industry growing 6% in 2005

Gap ital expenditure ahead of estimates Chamber chief seeks

'mutually re eable'

$4* a 8 gg a ofa
A. 1 L U LL50LU 0 w

Tribune Business Editor
THE Government has
exceeded its half-year projec-
tions for capital expenditure
due lo the need to upgrade crit-
icalinfrpstructure, the minister
of state for finance told The Tn-
bune, iIi addition to increased
subsidies to Bahamasair and the
Water (& Sewerage Corpora-
tionnes Smith said that while

Central Bank: No mortgage


y& Damianos


Chamber advises

On budgeting,

I Ml- I MitSUNI-

tfic efA cdueli cAdveareens

School of Communication and Creative Arts
Part-time Instructor in Foreign Languages (Spanish) (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach Spanish at the introductory level. The ideal candidate
will have at least a Master's degree in the subject or a related area and native speaker
competence in Spanish.
Part-time Instructor in Foreign Languages (French) (New Providence Campus)
Candidate must be able to teach French at the introductory level. The ideal candidate
will have at least a Master's degree in the subject or a relate area an native spe r
competence in French.
School of English Studies
Part-time Instructor in College Composition (New Providence Campus)
Candidates must be able to teach first-year college composition courses. The ideal
candidate will have at least a Master of Arts degree in English. However, candidates with
a first degree in English and a Liberal Arts or ESL/TOEFL master's degree will be
School of Sciences and Technology
Part-time Instructor in Biology (New Providence Campus)
Ideal candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree in Biology and be able to teach
biology at the introductory level.
Part-time Instructor in Chemistry (New Providence Campus)
Ideal candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree in Chemistry and be able to teach
chemistry at the introductory level.
Part-time Instructor in Mathematics (New Providence Campus)
Ideal candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and be able to
teach mathematics at the introductory level.
All candidates must have earned degrees from a recognized accredited institution in
the relevant area or its equivalent '
To ensure consideration, application materials must be received by December 15,
2006. A complete appHeation packet consists of an application letter, a College of
The Bahamas' Application Form, a detailed curriculum vita, copies of all transcripts
(original transcripts required upon employment) and the names and contact
information for three references addressed to:
The Director
Human Resources ,
The College of The Bahamas
Oakes Field Campus
Thompson Boulevard & Poinciana Drive
P. O. Box N-4912
Nassau, Bahamas
Please visit the College's website at for more information about the
institution and to access the College's Employment Application Form.

FALL 2006

Please be advised that the following computer labs will be used for transcript
December 20 --- 21, 2006

Tribune Business Reporter
THE Bahamas Chamber of Commerce yes-
terday reminded small businesses of the impor-
tance of proper budgeting and record keeping as
they end 2006 and prepare for 2007.
Speaking with The Tribune yesterday, the
Chamber's executive director, Philip Simon,
said small companies in particular depend heav-
ily on the profits obtained during the Christ-
mas season to boost their year-end figures.
Hovvever, he warned that it can be little things
,that throw the financial figures off and dampen
that h ye nea rr n t y, a g
and accounting," he added.
Mr Simon said this time of year was when
businesses finalized their budgets for the upcom-
Ing year, adding that it was important they set
obtainable and realistic goals, then stick to them.
He said this advice should apply to personal
finances as well.
Mr Sirnon added that the Chamber was
always concerned about its members' safety


The Property is located off Fox Hill Road in the vicinity of Prince Charles Drive.
The parcel is a parallelogrant in shape, is on a level grade and contains 15.32
acres. .

All that piece, parcel, or lot of land being lots #81 & 82 being bounded on the
north by Springfield Road running thereon One Thousand One Hundred and
Eighteen and Sixteen Hundredths (1,118.16) feet, on the east by lot number 83
running thereon five hundred and eighty-seven and eighty hundredths (587.80)
feet, on the south by land running thereon nine hundred and seventy seven
and ten hundredths (977.10) feet, and one the west by lot number 52 running
thereon five hundred and eighty-seven and eighty hundredths (687.80) feet.


or 4,

as arms
or sm' tY an


The property is for sale by owner. No agents. Asking price is One Million Five
Hundred Thousand (B$1,500,000.00) dollars not The right is reserved to
reject any and or all offers. All offers to be submitted in writing by December 31 ,

C10 P. O. Box N-8097
Nassau, Bahamas


You can be EXEMPTED from the following COB courses if you have the
credentials indicated in the table below.
You need to:
1.- Complete a COB Course Exemption Form and
2. See your academic advisor for additional details.

COB Course Credentials
CIS 100 Computer Literacy 1) High school transcript with 'C or higher in
Computer Studies or related area at grade 10
or above OR
2) Diploma, Certificate or other documentation
of formal instruction in Computer Studies or
related area OR
3) Pass an examination administered by School
of Business CIS Department

ENG 119 College English Skills I Advanced Placement (AP) English grade 'C' or
International Baccalaureate (IB) English Higher

FRE 103 Introductory French I, BGCSE French grade 'B' or 'C'
FRE 104 Introductory French H BGCSE French grade 'A'
MATH 140 Basic College BGCSE Mathematics grade 'A' or 'B
SPA 103 Introductory Spanish I BGCSE Spanish grade 'B' or 'C'
SPA 104 Introductory Spanish II BGCSE Spanish grade 'A'


relax Lo, I uc3Uurts vCCocIvIDt-rt I L, LUUO

( '

and security at this time as well.
You can never be too cautious," he said, "as
crime can be just a second away." In particular,
Mr Simon said that as business increases at this
time of year, crime does as well.
Mr Simon.said this is why the Chamber always
chooses to hold its crime prevention seminars
right after Thanksgiving.
In addition, he said the recent placement of
Junkanoo bleachers on Bay Street was "obvi-
ously a concern". While the Chamber general-
ly leaves commentary on the issue to the Nassau
Tourism and Development Board, it agrees that
they are "just not conducive to shopping"
Mr Simon said the Chamber appreciates the
pe aann m u b ddht wT c
modate both sides.
He said 2006 has been a good year for
Bahamian business, a factor he attributed to
the absence of hurricanes and extreme vari-
ables in fuel prices.
Mr Simon did point out, however, that the
country's economic structure relying heavily on
imports makes it difficult to control costs for
some necessities.

as the Sheraton feature the largest free-stand-
able Beach when ing luxury spa in the
is completed in Caribbean, an 18-hole Jack
. The resort will be Nicklaus golf course; 175,000
Sheraton, one of square feet of convention
Hotels & Resorts' space; 20-acre beach and pqol
er a management experience, with 3,000 feet of
eraton will be the contmuous beach space; and
Starwood brands 50,000 sqixare foot village.
Baha Mar's prop- .Construction on the bulk of
thers bemg St Reg- the project will begin in 2007,
Westin. The 1,000- withtheopeningscheduledfor
ar project will also 2010.
2 a

BAHA Mar, the developer
behind the proposed $2 billion
Cable Beach strip renovations,
yesterday said its completed
resort project would feature a
1,000-room Caesars branded
hotel and 95,000 square-foot
casino when completed.
The Cable Beach Resorts
owner confirmed that its
Radisson Cablq Beach Resort,
currently undergoing an $80
million renovation, will be

Resort at C
the work
Spring 2007
operated by
Star wood
brands, und
contract. Sh
first of four
to manage
erties, the o
is, W and
acre Baha M

Culinary Hospitality
Management Institute




I h
Comm. & Creative Arts

Sciences & Technology


Records Dept.

GCC Rm 102






Pick up your transcript

If your major is in


Bahamians fear NHI lack of health choice

A global leader in audit, tax and advisory services

We are currently seeking two qualified Managers to join our Audit practice.


Successful candidates for the Manager position must have at least six years professional public accounting
.experience, two of which should be at a supervisory level. Experience as an Assistant manager would be a plus,
Applicants must hold a CPA, CA, or other professional designation recogruzed by the Bahamas Institute of
Chartered Accountants.

Excellent opportunities exist in our Nassau office to broaden your professional experience in a varied practice that
offers competitive compensation and benefits packages.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and a copy of their professional certification to: KPMG, Human Resources
Manager, P.O. Box N123, Nassau, Bahamas or b <<' e-

@ 2006. KPMG, a Bahamian partnership, and a member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG intemationa a
swiss cooperativgli rights reserved.


FirstCaribbean International Bank is the combination of CIBC
and Barclays Bank in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Belize. We
are the r gion's larg tp bilicly Praded I nk7 u r s3,500

manage over 700,000 active accounts via 100 retail branches
' and corporatelinternational banking centres.

Atlantic Medical

Clinical Administrator

Atlantic Medical Insurance (AMI), a subsidiary of Colonial Group
International Limited (CGI) headquartered in Bermuda, is seeking a
Clinical Administrator.
CGI, with offices in Bermuda, the Bahamasthe Cayman Islands, and
the British Virgin Islands, offers a complete rarige of premier financial
and insurance services to both local and international clients. This is
an opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing innovative company
focusing on providing clients with first class service and access to
competitive products.
Reporting to the Operations Manager Designate, the position of
C infecal rnisnisutrator wilieb reor sible for vari idkanyre-
certifying patients for off-island air evacuations and hospitalization
and maximizing medical claims efficiency in a demanding and rapidly
expanding environment. Other duties will include but not be limited
Periodic review of medical enrollment forms for eligibility.
Reporting to re-insurers regarding large and potentially large claim
losses and coordinating reserves
Liaising with doctors, social workers, medical facilities (local and
foreign) regarding client and claim queries
Dealing with walk-in and telephone queries, assisting enrollees and
their families with medical and claims related queries
Reviewing in-patient/out-patient authorization and following up as
It is essential that app icants possess the following qualifications,
experience and attributes:
Registered Nurse currently registered with the Bahamas Nursing
Licensing/R stratioriAuthority and on their"Active" Nurses List

M Eg of qdD- Mn Cs nCSe e ence
Strong customer service skills including confidence in dealing with
clients in a professional manner to assist them with their inquiries
Proven communication (verbal and written) and organizational skills
Superior proficiency in MSWord; knowledge of email and electronic
calendar software;accurate typing at 45 wpm
Experience in creating reports and as well as composing
Ability to work under pressure, multi-task and meet deadlines

Compensation for the successful candidate will be attractive and
linked to performance. AMI offers an attractive benefits package that
includes comprehensive medical insurance, contributory pension plan,
life and long term disability coverage.

if you have a keen commitment to quality results and want to
contribute your talents to a dynamic company, contact us about this
opportunity. Applications will be treated in the strictest confidence
and should be made in writing to:
Atlantic Medical Insurance
Attm Human Resources
2" Terrace, Collins Avenue
P.O.Box SS 5915
Nassau, Bahamas
Closing Date for applications is December 21, 2006

Address app iaion o oaidCak,(mi:RsaidCak:iscrbenakcm


-ri Ir T~IC)I Ihle

without prior warning or truth-
ful detailed information.
Bottom line a mass of
bureaucratic crap which they
themselves (the Government)
cannot understand, and God
help us, performance is another
"Who suffers in the end? The
business community and us the
people whom they claim they
pre trying to protect. How iron-

"Please tell us how the Gov-
ernment figures it can outsmart
Canada, the UK, in socialized
medicine? It isn't suc-
cessful in those countries, as
waiting lists get longer and
longer, and services are dimm-
ished for items such as mam-
mograms. Pray tell, how can we
Bahamians think we are so
damned smart that we can make

it Ao tTePaed7ekd ''It has not

worked in Canada, it has not
worked in England, it will not
work here. It is just another tax,
any more taxes,
One respondent concluded:
"The bottom hne is that I don't
have confidence in any govern-
ment to do anything right
(including this one). The end
result is usually.poorly thought

v5a wn ceh plreesu all

expertise to deal with her case?
Also, the Government spends
all of this money promoting
BTC, why can't they spend
money on educating and inform-
ing us about the national health
Others pointed out that the
Bahamas was looking to intro-
duce a universal, socialized med-
ical care system of the sort that
had failed in the UK and Cana-

PMH on a -as- ou-go basis,
particularlyChen most of us will
never use it? Will this be anoth-
er 'cash cow' like NIB, where
the funds are 'loaned' to
Bahamasair and the like never
to repaid entator added:
o er coaTw this govern-
e cannoke a hasty decision

mee usooman election mandate.
I am pril ly emtphlopy with

company will cease their plan if
this plan goes through! The
Government has a bad record
of getting persons to pay
National Insurance. They will
not do a great job with the exe-
cution of this health plan."
Again picking up the theme
of choice and the right to
choose, another respondent
said: "At present I have really
good coverage that my employ-
er pays for, and should this
National Health come into
effect, I am going to lose this
"I just don't trust government
to do anything right. They can't
run Princess Margaret Hospital
now. Could you imagine what
we are up against? I don't know
what this National Health is all
about anyway. Don't I have a
voice?!!!!! LORD HELP US.
Can't I just contribute $10 to
the health care for the poor
Bahamians per month?"
A petition signatory added:
"I think it should be a.dual phin.
If you currently have insurance
you should be allowed to prove
that and not have to be included
in the NHI.
"If you desire to drop out of
your private plan you must
prove that you have picked up
another insurance before they
release you,,similar to how they
deal with your house insurance

whhTanoku h enaoml e hge vh
ernment runnmg this. How is
PMH going to deal with this? '
Many other concerns..."
"I think the national health
care bill is a mistake," said

anomPG n a
to do with is run poorly, and
second of all thave a daughter
that has an eye condition that
doctors in the US are seeing her
"If this Bill comes to pass,
will I still be able to have her
attended to by these doctors or
will I be forced to find a doctor
here who may tiot have the

WT NEIL Business Editor

essed concerns that the
expr ent's mandate ro-
Governm ry p
posed National Health Insur-
ance (NHI) scheme will deny
them the nght to choose their
h It carandphraov d edat

ado etrbon to slow d I d
necessary information to prop-
erly assess the plan.
That was the overwhelming
message coming from responses
to the petition launched by the
National Coalition for Health-
care Reform, the grouping of
private sector and trade union
organizations, which has called
upon the Government to be
more open and transparent on
the NHI scheme, and to slow
down the rush to pass legisla- -
tion and implement it.
One respondent said: "Why
does it have to be mandatory?
My company provides a good
health insurance plan. I am a
single mother and cannot afford
another $40.00 plus being
deducted from my salary."
Another added on November
20: "Perhaps the Bahamian peo-
ple, along with employers, need
to have a position at the table,
especially in Freeport, Grand
"Questions: What happens if
the employer has group insur-
ance for its employees? Employ-
er contributing 65 per cent of
the premium. There is a Nation-
al Insurance contribution also.
Further contributions are
expected from the employer for
the National Health Insurance.
"The small employer will cer-
tainly go bankrupt after paying
all of these contributions. In fact,

er unemployment figures will
And another respondent'to
the Coalition's petition, who
replied on the same day, added:
."The tax proposal as is cannot
possibly meet the demand that
we I id usponh ehe 1se
selves will not be able to cope
with the demand.
"The cost to individuals and
business will be simply another
tax with nothing to show for it.
Private health care will still be
needed. However, very few peo-
ple wilLbe able to afford both,
Why are we being taxed for the
same service we can get now at

Addmress ap lctins o icole M r ift(El:nolelgifithfistaribenbakom


* 880 4,538 sq.ft. office suites.
in the heart of the Bahamas' financial area.
Excellent visitor and local pedestrian traffic.
* Features a full standby generator.
Dedicated parking facilitieS*

K ingsCourt
Bay Street, Downtown
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel 242-393-8618



i 13

* Provide technical guidance on the development and maintenance of
business application system products used within the Bank in accordance
with established standards and guidelines
* Provide systems development support for large development applications
within Technology
* Design and implement business application components of assigned
projects within the current operational environment, ensuring
Performance levels meet established Service Level Agreements
* Mentor the other Systems Developers within unit, as required
* Analyse business requirements, design and implement, moderately to
highly complex technology-enabled solutions to business

* Good organisation, planning and basic management
* Expert knowledge of at least one of the following
programming languages: VBA, Java, C++, C
* Knowledge of WebSphere MQ on the following platforms:
AIX (preferred), Win2k, AS/400 (WebSphere MQ Client
application development would be an asset)
* Knowledge of WebSphere MQ Message Broker (Message
flow development experience would be an asset)
* Working knowledge of the AIX platform (or another UNIX-
based platform)
* Working knowledge of DB2 (preferably on AIX), SQL Server,
* Basic knowledge of WebSphere Application Server
* Prior experience in a bank technology department would
be an asset

* Engender a culture of effective team working and continuous
professional development
* Extensive travel may be involved

* Knowledge and experience of the banking industry at
management level including regulatory financial
management and operational issues.
* Preferably qualified and experienced audit or banking
professional with 1 to 2 years' experience in PQE ACIB,
ACCA, CPA, CIA, CISA with tertiary level graduate
* Proficient in high quality auditing, risk management, inter-
personal and reporting skills

* Effectively and efficiently perform functional and regional audits on an
end-to-end basis and support Senior Audit Management in performing
consulting assignments, developing local relationships and subject
matter expertise in key business areas, and contributing to the wider
. development of the audit function
* Evaluate control processes to manage key business risks through audit
field testing, delivering timely audit working papers of high quality
Contribute to the planning and reporting of audit assignments as
required by Senior Audit Management
Undertake relationship management and consultancy assignments with
business units and key processes to identify and agree on control issues
and related action plans
Develop subject matter expertise in key process areas of the Bank and
act as a point of contact for the business, supporting the ongoing audit

Hoteliers urged to greater uni


The following persons are ask to

collect their items that were left with John

S. George for repairs within the next 30

days. Any uncollected items after 30 dayS

will be sold to cover repair cost. Please
contact our Service Department at (242),

322-8451/2 between the hours of 8 am

until 5pm Monday thru Friday *'

Desiree Archer, Black and Decker Iron

MS. JORD FergHSon, Two Vacuum B/D & Bissell
Wenzel Gray, Singer machine

Cheryl Moss, (2) Black and Decker Irons
Kevin Rolle, Shop Vacuum Cleaner
* *
George Bethel, Haler Television
Ron Pinder, Eureka Vacuum
Rose Taylor, Sewing Machme

Olivia Mortimore, Eureka Vacuum

Capital expenditure ahead of estimates

LegalNotice FROMpagelB
NOTICE He ed nrBaalhlama
ed" by global oil prices, some-
JUMPSTART REWARDS INC. that outoinel trou eset
fuel purchases a technique that
involves buying forward at set
(In Voluntary Liquidation) prices to offset rising oil prices.

G Over its 33-year existent tohne
Notice is hereby given that the above-named by ,
the Bahamian taxpayer has
Company is in dissolution, which commenced on contributed more than $290 mil-
the 23rd day of November 2006. The Liquidator is lion to keep Bahamasair flying,
and the likelihood that subst-
Argosa Corp. Inc. RO. Box N-7757 dies will increase in the 2006-
Nassau, Bahamas. 2007 fiscal year will further
'fuel' cries for the airline to be
The Central Bank of the
Bahamas reported last week
that for the first three months of
the Government's fiscal year,
ARGOSA CORP. INC. to September 30, capital spend-
(Li dator) ing was ahead by 14.6 per cent,
qui reflectmg increased spendmg
'onoedduc iOon andobealth. It
The Government has pinned
L Notice its hopes of progressively
egal reducing the fiscal deficit on 8
NOTICE per cent revenue increases dur-
mg the fiscal years 2007-2008
and 2008-2009, and Mr Smith
indicated to The Tribune that
MORTON CITY CORP. those targets were still achiev-
able due to the unpact that var-
ious foreign direct investment
a (In voluntary Liquidation) projects, and their piii-offs,
wilthave on the economy.
Notice is hereby given that the above-named "A lot of that is driven by
the coming on stream of the
Company is in dissolution, which commenced on anchor projects, and up to
the 7th day of December 2006. The Liquidator is now, they're fitting into the
timeline," Mr Smith said. "The
Argosa Corp. Inc. P.O. Box N-7757 Kerzner project is moving to
Nassau, Bahamas. completion, the Abaco Club
project is well on the way,
ground has been broken in
Grand Bahama aiid Mayagua-

months, and work has started
ARGOSA CORP. INC. on Baha Mar.
Barring any unforeseen cir-
(Liquidator) cumstances; anything external;
we anticipate seeing on rev-
enues fi'om increased employ-
ment and increased imports."
Legal Notice The Government's own fis-
cal projections are that the
NOTICE GFS fiscal deficit will fall from
1.9 per cent of gross domestic
aoi''e'sG 2 in 220000 6 -22000087
YALU INC. and 1.1 per cent in 2008-2008.
It is projecting that in the
latter two fiscal years, recur-
(In Voluntary Liquidation) rent revenues will increase by 8
per cent, "a little above the
Notice is hereby given that the above-named growth rate in the economy",
due to expected revenue rises
COmpany is in dissolution, which commenced on resulting from "the massive
the 8th day of December 2006. The Liquidator is i ct capital n eshment
Argosa Corp. Inc. P.O. Box N-7757 ment measures.
NRSSauBahamas. TheGovernmentgenerated
a Budget surplus of $3.7 mil-
lion for the first quarter of its
2006-2007 fiscal year, it was
revealed yesterday, as a 20.3
er cent revenue increase out-
paced an 8.6 per cent recur-
ARGOSA CORP. INC. rent spendmg nse.
A 21.5 per cent rise in tax
(Liquidator) receipts was sparked by "buoy-
ancy in economic conditions",
while collections of fines, for-
feits and administrative fees
Legal Notice were also higher by 19.8 per
NOTICE Recurrent spending rose
from $260.9 million to $283.3
million the year before, with
al d' 14.57
VALLUMIE INVESTMENTS INC. caCtfrosp 6.m pon to $3p07
Import duties were ahead
(In Voluntary Liquidation) 13.49 per cent at $118.5 mil-
lion, compared to $104.4 mil-
NOtice is hereby given that the above-named lion in 2005, while revenues
and grants stood at $326.9 mil-
COmpany is in dissolution, which commenced on lion compared to $271.8 mil-
i id t i
lion in 2005.

FI m 0 rI

mme ate hiDment

Call Now Ask for Ana, Dahr, or Humberto

Fax +1-954-880-0785 Email usa@japanesevehicles. com

e ht 8th day of December 2006. The Lqu aor s
Argosa Corp. Inc. P.O. Box N-7757
Nassau, Bahamas.




ident Michael Hooper.
Mr Miller was unable to
attend the luncheon, so J Bar-
rie Farrington spoke on his
"This is quite an accom-
plishment for Russell and he
goes from strength to
strength," he added.
He noted the effective lead-
er ship of Mr Bethell, and
promised that Mr Miller would
continue to bring that kind of
leadership to the association.

Bahamas Hotel Association's
outgoing president, urged his
fellow hoteliers not to get
bogged down by competitive-
ness, but to trust each other

same boat," he said.
He added that despite the
many advances the industry
has made, there was still room
for improvement. "I challenge
you to create new opportuni-
ties for the hospitality indus-
try," he added.
Mr Bethell announced the
executives for the new term.
They include: Elizabeth
Vance, vice-president for the
Family Islands,; treasurer Peter
Webster; and senior vice-pres-

Mr Bethell ends his presi-
dency at the end of the year,
when he turns over the reigns
to Russell Miller, from Kerzn-
er International, who takes up
the post on January 1, 2007.
Mr Bethell gave what can
be considered a farewell
speech at the association's
annual Christmas holiday par-
ty. .
"We need to be stronger and
realize that we are all in the


Year C&F Miami
1997 C&F 8700

1998 C&F 10250
1993 C&F 5850
2000 C&F8250
1995 C&F 2900
1996 C&F 3150
1996 C&F 3600
1997 C&F 4350
1997 C&F 4200
1993 C&F 5500
1993 C&F 5500
1996 C&F 6850
1996 C&F 5250
1997 C&F 8350
1997 C&F 8350
1995 C&F 4150
1996 C&F 2900.
1998 C&F 8550
1998 C&F 8950
1997 C&F 9300
1999 C&F 3450
1997 C&F 3200
1997 C&F 3150
1999 C&F 4800

1997 C&F 3450
1997 C&F 4200
1998 C&F 3850
1997 C&F 4400
1997 C&F 4250
1997 C&F 4400
1997 C&F 4000
1997 C&F 4150

S/N Make & Model
65419 Honda CR-V
4 H n R-V
65450 Mitsubishi Challenger
65415 Mitsubishi Pajero
65866 Mitsubishi Pajerolo
65874 Mitsubishi RVR
66085 Mitsubishi RVR
65133 Mitsubishi RVR
65144 Mitsubishi RVR
65962 Mitsubishi RVR
65699 Toyota Hilux Surf
66133 Toyota Hilux Surf
65328 Toyota RAV4
66160 Toyota RAV4
65439 Toyota RAV4
65187 Toyota RAV4
65851 BMW 3201
65744 Ford Taurus
65858 Merc-Benz C200
65807 Merh-Benz C240
65856 Merc-Benz C280
65941 Opel Vectra
65925 VW Golf
65918 VW Polo
65413 VW Polo

65573 Honda Civic
65500 Honda Clvic
66157 Honda Civic
65928 Opel Vita
65799 Honda Civlc Ferio
65464 Honda Civic Ferio
65420 Honda Civic FerIo
65651 Honda Civic Ferio

65948 Toyota Corolla
66011 Toyota Corolla
65882 Toyota Corona
65836 Toyota Corona
.65935 Toyota Markil
65810 Toyota .Sprinter
66168 Toyota Windom
65118 Toyota Wlndom
65909 Toyota Windom
66044 Toyota Windom
65956 Toyota Windom
66167 Toyota Windom
66003 Toyota Caldlna
65884 Toyota Carib
65690 Toyota Corolla
65981 Toyota Corolla
65887 Toyota Raum
66480 MItsubishi RVR
66681 MItsubishi RVR
66800 MItsubishi RVR -
66608 Mitsublshi RVR
66638 Mitsubishi RVR
66377 Toyota HIIux Surf -
66613 Toyota Hllux Surf
66723 Toyota RAV4
66799 Honda Civic .
66545 Honda Clvlc
66693 Honda Accord
66976 Honda Accord
66938 Hondal Clvic Ferlo
66680 Honda Inspire
66614 Honda Integra
66692 Honda Integra

1998 C&F 3900
1998 C&F 4090

1995 C&F 2800
1995 C&F 2950
1997 C&F4850
1996 C&F 3150
1995 C&F 3350
1995 C&F 3100
1995 C&F 3250
1995 C&F 3350
1995 C&F 3100
1996 C&F 3350
1996 C&F 3300
1995 C&F 2650
1997 C&F 3900
1999 C&F 5150
1997 C&F 3950
1995 C&F 3100
1996 C&F 3100
1997 C&F 4450
1997 C&F 4300
1997 C&F 4600
1993 CAF 5500
1993 C&F 5100
1996 C&F 6400
& 3
1998 C&F 4100
1999 C&P 4200
1995 C&F 3250
1995 C&F 3300
1997 C&F 3250
1997 C&F 4000
1997 C&F 3750
1999 C&F 4750

T )




International Business Companies Act
(No.45 of 2000)

Notice is herebyIn leuntathtLiqui crndance with Section
138 (4) of the International Business Companies Act, (No.
45 of 2000), ALBION SERVICES INC. is in dissolution.
(BAHAMAS) LTD. is the Liquidator and can be
contacted at Marlborough & Queen Streets, P.O. Box
N-10429, Nassau, Bahamas. All persons having claims
against the above-named company are required to send
their names, addresses and particulars of their debts or
claims to the Liquidator before the 24th of December, 2006.


111V1tes tenders for the purchase of:

All that piece, parcel or lot of land known as Lot Number 11B being
a portion of lot number (11) in Block (HN) Section 1 Bahamia
Subdivision Freeport Grand Bahama Island Commonwealth of the
Bahamas. Situate upon property is a three bedroom single family .
dwelling containing 2,000 sq.ft.

Colinalmperial Insurance Ltd. (formerly ImperialLife Financial)
will sell as mortgages under power of sale contained in mortgages
dated 2nd October, 1987 and recorded in volume 6492 at pages 86 to

Colinalmperial Insurance Ltd. Reserves the right to reject any and
all offers.

Interested persons may submit written offers to THE MORTGAGE
BAHAMAS to be received no later than the close of business on
December 20, 2006

NOTICE is hereby given that ALIOS PIERRE OF NASSAU,
BAHAMAS, is applying to the Minister responsible for
Nationality and Citizenship, for registration/naturalization as a
citizen of The Bahamas, and that any person who knows ariy
reason why registration/ naturalization should not be granted,
should send a written and signed statement of the facts within
twenty-eight days from the 12TH day of DECEMBER, 2006
to the Mirlister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship,
P.O.Box N- 7147, Nassau, Bahamas.

Legal Notice


(In Voluntary Liquidation)

Notice is hereby given that the above-named
Company is in dissolution, which commenced on
the 30th day of November 2006. The Liquidator is
Argosa Corp. Inc. P.O. Box N-7757
Nassau, Bahamas.

(Liquidator) ,


A major international financial institution is seeking the
Services of a Finance Manager. The successful candidate
muSt pOSSess:

A professional accounting qualification (CPA, CA, ACA) and at
least five (5) years post qualification work experience in an
accounting firm or financial institution with at least three (3) years
in a managerial or supervisory role.

Duties to include:

Completion of regulatory and Group financial returns
Implementing new accounting standards and regulatory
Daily Monitoring of Branch and Subsidiaries Balance Sheets and
review daily exception reports to ensure corrective action taken as
Daily monitoring of Credit and Market Risk
Preparation of annual financial plans and budgets

Candidate should also:

.Posses good Technology Skills MS Office (WORD, EXCEL, etc.)
Have the ability to work with minimum supervision
*.Be able to coordinate small teams to achieve reporting results within
tight deadlines.
Possess good interpersonal and communication skills
Have the ability to foster a team environment.

This position reports to the Financial Controller

THE COLINA IMPERIAL INSURANCE LTD. invites tenders for the purchase of:

All that piece, parcel or lot of land known as Unit 12-W in the Victoria Court
Condominiums situate on Victoria Avenue in the city of Nassau in the said Island of New
Providence. The unit is ae subject property is a two bedroom, one bathroom
condominium 1,224 sq.ft.

Colinalmperial Insurance Ltd. (formerly Imperial life Financial) will sell as mortgages
under power of sale contained in mortgages dated 2nd March, 2005 and recorded in
volume 9278 at pages 362 to 383..

Colinalmperial Insumace Ltd. Reserves the right to reject any and all offers.

Interested persons may submit written offers to THE IVIORTGAGE ADMINISTRATION
MANAGER, P.O. BOX N-3734, NASSAU BAHAMAS to be received no later than the
close of business on December 20, 2006



timely via preference share
issues, effectively redeploying
capital by taking money out of
the system to strengthen their
capital base and then relenting
Others redeploying capital
are First Caribbean Interna-
tional Bank (Bahamas) and the
Bahamas Electricity Corpora-
tion (BEC) with $20 million and
Although BEC's only has a
$53 million component, a large
chunk of this is likely to be con-
verted to foreign currency to
finance overseas equipment
puTheases.entral Bank also
revealed that the external
reserves contracted by $93 mil-
lion to $454.7 million in October
2006, "almost three times high-
er t n the decline registered
inThis was due to increased
nand fopfo seiagndcm encpyaty?

while businesses ordered extra
inventory in preparation for a
season in which demand was
traditionally higher.
And the corporate sector's
demand for financing, to com-
plete mergers and acquisitions
and raise capital to fuel further
growth, is another factor behind
the liquidity tightening.

The $54 million acquisition
of Winn-Dixie's 78 per cent
stake in Bahamas Supermarkets
by BSL Holdings involved $24
million in bank debt and a $5
million neferncoensha s e
million in Bahamian equity
while the takeover of Caribbean
Bottling by Walter Wells and
his group has taken more capi-
tal out of the system.
Ba kaadn tak mhm

For the 10 months to October
2006, Bahamian dollar credit
grew by $612.8 million or 11.8
per cent, compared to last year's
increase of $423.9 million or 9.2
per cent-
Increases in mortgage and
consumer loans of $275.2 nul-
lion and $193.4 million respec-
tively were responsible for the
lion's share of the $585.6 mil-
lion increase in private sector


diately, the Central Bank had
required the banks to dramati-
cally merease the downpayment
The caller was concerned that
this change would put mort-
gages out of reach for the aver-
age Bahamian, as it would
require them to save a huge
deposit before 'becoming eligi-
ble for a loan.
However, a representative
from Governor Wendy Craig's
office told Tribune Business yes-
terday that no such directive
had been made to any of the
clearing banks.
Just recently, the Central
kdi tuhT 1 an e
mercial banking system stood
0 2,naa hseale hoe
aghit nbc w u1r tow do hn ti
messed earlier in 2006.
And while the Central Bank
may not have increased the
mort agi starmeskt id, edidr oon-
economic activities in October
what Tribune Business revealed
three weeks ago that Bahami-
an commercial banks may soon
filid it more difficult to grow
their asset base by the tradi-
tional routes of mortgages and
consumer lending due to tight-
ening liquidity, a situation
caused by a combination of con-
sumer demand, seasonal trends
and corporate needs.
Paul McWeeney, Bank of the
Bahamas International's man-
aging director, had written in
sarr hpoorlte soo hen tu On
first quarter, that while "gener-
ally sound'economic conditions
prevail, a weakening in system
liquidity may challenge core
asset growth prospects in the
Liquidity refers to the surplus
assets aftd cash within theiG@m-
x:"ilbanso n a
ploy as loans, usually through
mortgages or consumer lend-
in t generate a higher rate of
When there is excess liquidi-
ty in the system, this often
means that the commercial
banks are holding too much
cash, depressing borrowing
rates and profits.
However, when liquidity
tightens, as in the current situa-
tion, it means that Bahamian
commercial banks have rela_
timely less surplus assets avail-
able for lending, something that
tends to drive borrowing rates
higher as potential borrowers
compete for scarcer resources.
Central Bank has attributed
the decrease in liquidity to a
combination of factors, includ-
ing the strong credit growth and
the upcoming festive season.
Consume khean couwi d
finance the purchase of Christ-
mas presents, including foreign
exchange for overseas trips,


Applications, from qualified persons only, should be


Monday, 18 December 2006

Central Bank: No mortgage

Manager Human Resources
P.O. Box N-4917
NRSSau, Bahamas

Application Deadline:


A global leader in audit, tax and advisory services

Vacancy for the Position:

Manager, IT Advisory Services

Key job functions and responsibilities include the ability to audit internal controls over
financial reporting performed in conjunction with financial statement audits which
must be assessed in accordance with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
standards. Must be able to perform information system audits as part of a financial
statement audit and identify strategic business risks, as well as analyze major business
processes to ensure appropriate controls are in place. Ability to test key controls and
evaluate design and operational effectiveness. Must also perform due diligence IT
reviews inclusive of IT strategy and risk management and information security.

Successful candidate must have a Bachelors Degree and at least five years experience
in IT audit or information risk management. The Certified Information Systems
Auditor (CISA) designation would be a plus,

KPMG offers a competitive compensation and benefits package inclusive of medical
and pension plans.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, a copy of their degree and professional certifications and a
copy of their transcripts to: KPMG, Human Resources Manager, P.O. Box N123, Nassau, Bahamas or
2006 KPMG, a Bahamian partnership anda member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG Intsmational, a Swiss
tooperadva All rights reserved.


This ideal candidate will report directly to the General Manager. This position requires the
preparation of estimates based on O/A design intent, construction drawings and documentation
and local conditions. Experienced in lump sum or construction management of commercial and
residential projects.

Duties and responsibilities:

* Perform quantity take-off for all items incorporated in the project
* Prepares level 1 to 5 estimates, participates in value engineering
* Estimate and track labour, material and equipment costs
* Tendering, contract negotiations and scope of work preparation
* Support field staff in cost control and change order evaluation
* Develops and maintains unit costs, prepare unit cost estimates
* Assist in project planning and scheduling
* Provide support to the project team in all areas of cost control and estimating
* Interact/liaise with subcontractors and suppliers
* Prepare general conditions estimate
* Perform other duties as assigned

Qualifications: The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate or graduate degree in
engineering, estimating or construction management with field experience in general
construction, purchasing and accounting with expert knowledge of MS office. 5/10 years in
Construction Estimating in ICI and Residentiaisectors. Self motivated with strong management,
leadership and interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate both verbally and in writing.
Physical Demands and Work Environment to be reviewed.

N ot I ce

NOTICE is hereby given that ODALAINE ADOLPH OF 75
the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for
registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, and
that any person who knows any reason why registration/
naturalization should not be granted, should send a written
and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight days
from the 12TH day of DECEMBER, 2006 to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N- 7147,
Freeport, Grand BahamaBahamas.


NOTICE is hereby given that HELENE PELOQUIN OF
NASSAU, BAHAMAS, is applying to the Minister responsible
for Nationality and Citizenship, for registration/naturalization as
.ae nw e ri /s tn Tu tob n wstTd
should send a written and signed statement of the facts within
twenty-eight days from the 5TH day of DECEMBER, 2006
to the Minister responsible -for Nationality and Citizenship,
P.O.Box N- 7147, Nassau, Bahamas.

(0soloNWEALTHOF TillBABAsts 141114

Inquiry Side

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thi 110** italkilill and inelity trandpassark p.*>. ) so r ts ? ,w.isal on 1110
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feet more of as on its 50170 .s (some Land inating thereon Ikly feet
more or les on the EAST by lish Pond ruitmrag Iberror 2?" feet more of
N and on Lit h1.91 paltiv by a fittilly ( 1 FE*t) 100 FR( we 90
water mark and partly by The Sea nioning thenon 2);.1 29 let rest as lu
wlichaid piece paine) or trace of land was passed to had Proder and
situated at Wilson Bay is the vicinity of leal grarwl Abram Taylor betwen
IMines ano Beonals Harbour on de Island of Cal is ad me r ile lshot I
& Gannonalds of The Balum,


IN inr. MATw or ise wining hers.u:.1 at


IN THE MATrr Ror Till rrrmoN OF
111E FRA rE OF senisoN Mo.1w allatooR


HF FORE the Honourable hate Jeanse Thooquon Assis of he Supleme Com 0 -te
n anonathof 16
0171DIhe if dayof Notenaba AD 2181

I PoN HE1RING \Yaham P Hames9in panveer

n 151IFREBY ORDEREDas follows

1. That leave be given to the Pchtioner to agend tir descriplion of At lard Ja med r
a Pension a ties mans a1016*

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This Order was drawn up by Messrs Holowesko & Corispany,
Attome for the etitioner
A. Nov. 22, Dec. 2, I2

I -

Pricing Information As Of:
BISX ALL SHAR INDEX: CLOSE ),673.79 I CHG 00.00 /%CHG 00.00 / YTD 323.08 / YTD % 23 92
e.2.vk-111 52.1kd..o.1 Sec.urn PrealousClose Trada.5Close <" E*-..1. .01 1-P5.1 Co 5. PE "*eld
1.85 0.59 AracoMarkets 1 1 O .0 .689 O N 1 0
12.05 10.25 Bahamas Property Fund 8.00 0.00 0.796 0.260 10.1 3.25%
8.00 6.90 Bank of Bahamas 8.00
0.85 0.70 Benchmark 0 2 0 2 O 0 0 6 060 8
1.80 1.26 Bahamas Waste 1.30 1.30 0.00 0.170 0.050 7.6 4.75%
9 9 9 5 dbi BBaamas 9 9 OO 0 78 O OO 2 0 0
2.20 1.64 Colina Holdings 12.40 12.40 0.00 400 0.943 0.660 12.4 5.32%
1 40 00 Commonweal aBanBDRs 4.96 4.99 0.03 0.134 0.045 37.0 0.91%
2.88 2.10 Doctor's Hospital 2 0 2 0 00 595 0 0 0
6.21 5.54 Famguard 12.00 12.00 0.00 0.779 0.570 15.4 4.67%
O %5 F scCaribbean 14.15 14.15 0.00 92 500 15 88 12.25 10.00 Focol 12 5 1 25 OO -0.170 0.000 N/M 0.00%
1.15 0.50 Freeport Concrete 0 0.532 0.135 13.5 1.88%
10.20 7.20 ICD Utilities 60 60 0 0 0.582 0.560 14.8 6.51%
... 1 520 r Sn. rhR Estate Fidell 0 r-The ur Securitisa g ag 1.269 0.195 7.9
52ns-1-II *52gsk-L.o. B Bahamas Sp rmarkels 8.d S760 A 165 L .sr Po., EP O 0 PtEM Y eld8
10.14 10.00 Caribbean Crossings (Pref) O 8.25 10 0 0.021 0.000 26.2 0.00%
r, 5.2 0 20 RND Cob Over-T ter Scourities
-13::..:. 2eOO BDAB -2100 J300 -11Ot., 2220 O000 194 OOO%
14.50 14.00 Bahamas Supermarkets 144650 155550 144050 SO 02 4
0 60 0 35 RND Holdings
BIS K Listed Mutual Funds -
52.vK-HI 62.vk-LObt Fund Name NA v YTD Last 12 Months 0 Ta YIeld a
i B re F nudnd 2. 4 9
2.4723 2.2982 Colina MSi Preferred Fund 2.472341"
1 20-4 1 1442 Colic.a Bond gd O
BISX ALL SHARE INDEX 19 Dec 02= 1,000.00 MARKET TERMS YIELD last mo/th awho tas aweded by closing pnce
g"","'th so n do in buds nks a BM BSue in do of Conna an@Memy
Previous Close Previous day*a weighted pdee for dally volume Last Price Last traded over-tho "'"g ';" f""enulaf3s weighM pdm dbFydally volume Wee Ao mp nd m a share for the last 12 mlhs 30 2000
Daily Vol. Number of total shares traded today NAV Net Asset Value
DIV $ Dividends per share paid in the last 12 months NIM Not Meaningful
m go. eq. ed the ast unth undng :> r ewe vs INel"X Widi on



. .

-- *

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* --

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- - *
. .




- -

.. *


Attn: Office Manager
P.O. Box CR 56766
Nassau, Bahamas

Please respond ~by email to:


Stores Cgyfi ~d gt~e a


Available from Commercial News Providers


The ideal candidate will report directly to the General Manager andfor Construction Manager,
prepares and maintains schedules, develops and reviews project baselines, monitors and tracks
progress. Supports Business Development and Marketing activities as it relates to proposed
project scheduling. Support project in claim situations, Responsible for the protection and
promotion of the interest of the company in all matters.
Duties and Responsibilities:
* Prepares summary and detail level schedules for a variety of project sizes
* Develop full CPM togic generated baseline schedules for large and small projects
* Perform monthly progress updates and create target comparison and periodic look-ahead
schedules. Monitor and track progress at detailed and summary level as necessary
* Develop and update periodically cost loaded schedules when required
* Participate in all project schedule review as required
* Support Business Development and business unit marketing activities in the development
and preparation proposal presentations. This includes developing preliminary bar chart
schedules and staff charts
* Schedule reviews and analysis as required
* Perform other duties as requested
Qualify 9tions: The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate or graduate degree in
engine, ing. 5/10 years in Scheduling on budding pro acts. Iarge pro ect experience is essential.
Additional experience in SAGE/Timberline Software, project engineering, field supervision or
purchasing is desirable, Knowledge of budding construction, materials, systems, market
conditions and trade practices is a must. Conceptual ability to work with minimum information.
Expert knowledge of MS Office, Primavera, PS and Project. Excellent oral and written skills
required. Self motivated with strong management. leadership and interpersonal skills with the
ility t communicate both verbally and in writing. Physical Dempnds and Work Environment to


The ideal candidate will report directly to the Office Manager and provides administrative support
to one Or more members of the Project Team.
Duties and Responsibilities:

* Sendingfreceiving/distributing documents, faxes and alike
* Performing all WOrd processing, including letters, memos, minutes of meetings, reports and
dOCUMents as required
* Arranging meetings, travel, copying, maintaining file system, file retrieval, office supplies
* Create and maintain spreadsheels
* Attend meetings and prepare minutes
* POffOffi Other duties as aSSigned
QU8ilf|C8tlOns: The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate degree in office administration or
relevant discipline, expert knowledge of MS office. 2/5 years In Construction Administration. Self
motivated with strong management, leadership and interpersonal skills with the ability to
communicate both verbally arid in writing. Physical Demands and Work Environment to be


This ideal candidate will report directly to the Construction Manager. Plan, coordinate, direct and
supervise personnel, subcontractors and vendors engaged on projects ensuring that they
complete the work on time, within budget and to the quality specified. Will be responsible to
protect and promote the interest of the company in all matters,
Duties and Responsibilities:
* Establish & maintain Master Progress Schedule
* Maintain Owner, Architect, Subcontractor & Vendor relations
* Prepare Budget and Financial Reporting
* Maintain General Contract and Subcontract Documents
* Maintain Ot.iality Assurance and Control
* Establish & monitor administrative procedures for the project
* Organize work & train staff organization on projects
* Keep informed on requirements for insurance, Safety, Labor Relations, Employee Relations,
maintain EEO compliance, etc.
* Assure applications for payment and collection are properly disbursed
* Keep management informed on progress of project and budget
* Perform other duties and take on other responsibilities as required
Qualifloations: Formal engineering or architectural training with 8/10 years in building
construction means and methods, 10/15 years in Project Management, ICI & Residential; large
project experience is essential. Thorough knowledge of construction cost, scheduling, line and
grade (survey), estimating and engineering principals and techniques, as well as accounting
principles. Familiar with various construction methods and materials, their characteristics,
installation procedures and tolerances. Strong computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft Office
suite of programs. Knowledge ofSAGE/Timberline Software, Prolog Manager and Primavera
scheduling desirable. Strong management, leadership and interpersonatakills with the ability to
communicate both verbally and in writing. Physical Demands and Work Environment to be


The ideal candidate will report directly to the Office Manager and provides administrative support
note one or more members of the Project Team.
Duties and Responsibilities:

Assist the Accountant/Controller in all aspects of accounting
Job Costing, monthly invoice reconciliation, bank reconciliation, payroll
AP/AR and PayfOil
Purchase order preparation and tracking
COntract and Change Order preparation and control
Prepare and maintain spreadsheets
Perform other duties as assigned
Qualifications: The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate or graduate degree in accounting
with expert knowledge of MS office. 2/5 years in Construction Accounting. Experience in
accounting programs such as ACCPAC and SAGE/Timberline software is an asset. Self
motivated with strong management, leadership and interpersonal skills with the ability to
communicate both verbally and in writing. PhysicafDemands and Work Environment to be


The ideal candidate will report directly to the General Manager, preparing and maintaining plans
and records, conduct legal surveys to determine property boundaries and maintain controls of
lines and levels as stipulated in construction documentation for all structures.
Duties and Responsibilities:

* Planning, directing and conducting surveys to establish and mark property boundaries
* Working with computers and electronic equipment to determine precise locations
* Advising on matters related to legal surveyS
* Use techniques such as Cost Planning, Estimating, Cost Analysis, Cost-in use Studies and
Value Management to establish a project budget.
* Must have an orderly analytical mind and be prepared to work to very rigid time schedules.
* Must be accurate in all aspects of work.
Qualifications: The candidate will have an undergraduate or graduate degree in geomatics or
survey engineering. 10/15 years in Construction Surveying in ICI, Residential Sectors & Marine*
Proficiency in MS Office with above average measuring, mapping and mathematical skills.
Experience in using mapping and drawing software such as AutoCad and survey software. Self
motivated with strong management, leadership and interpersonal skills with the ability to
communicate both verbally and in writing. Physical Demands and Work Environment to be

Please respond by email to:
Fax: 242-363-1279

P.O. Box CR 56766
NAS681, BahalitaB


This ideal candidate will report to the Construction Manger and/or Project Manager. Supervises
[he field construction assists in the organization, planning and scheduling of the works staying
within budget, on schedule and to the quality specified.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Plan and review the project work with the Senior Superintendent
Supervise the construction in accordance with the plans and specifications
Coordinate, schedule, monitor and direct the activities of the subcontractors and suppliers
Review and implement changes
Monitor cost control and job costing, assist in review of monthly estimates
Management of safety program, quality control, quantity reporting, forecasting and
* Quantity surveying, filing, site inspections, doctiment control and payroll
* Keep CM/PM informed as to field changes
* Job site logistic, expedite materiaIdelivenes, site coordination
* Experience required in the areas of; roads & site services, R/O plant & sewerage treatment,
water park, hard and soft landscaping, structures and interior finishes, mechanical and
* Perform other duties as assigned
Qualifications: Formal engineering or architectural training an asset with 5/10 years in building
construction means and methods, scheduling, change order, cost control, general contracts,
general conditions, subcontract documents, drawing and specifications, ICL multi residential and
custom homes. Strong management, leadership and interpersonal skills with the ability to
communicate both verbally and in writing. Knowledge of programs required; accounting, MS
Office, cost control procedures, SAGE, Suretrack, Primavera. Physical Demands and Work
Environment to be reviewed.
Please respond by email to:
Fax: 242-363-1279
Attn: Office Manager
P.O. Box CR 56766
Nassau, Bahamas



with dat~;~~!Mi@Mtat*S offe
Atin: Office Manager
P.O. Box CR 56766
Nassau, Bahamas

Please respond by email to:

Attn: Office Manager
P.o. sex ca seves
Nasspu, Bahamas



Please: respond by emlail to:

Attn: OffIce Manager
P.O. Box CR 56766


Please respond by email to:

M ce Manager
P.O. Box CR 56766
Nassau, Bahamas


Available from Commercial News Providlers

P19889 Fe8pofld by Omfflil t0:

: 1~11~1~13~ 1



, CommercialDivision

(U.S.) INC. (a Minnesota Corporation) ("Mosaic")


Statute Laws of The Bahamas, 2000 Edition ("the Act")

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Petition for
the winding-up of the above named Company was .on 17th
day of March 2006 presented to the said Court by Olympus
Univest Ltd. (in liquidation) c/o BDO Mann Judd, Third
Hoor, Ansbacher House, East Street North, Nassau, Bahamas

AND that the said Petition is directed to be heard
before the Honourable Madame Justice Cheryl Albury in
Court at Law Courts, the Harrison Building, Marlborough
Street, Nassau on Thursday, the 14th day of December,
2006 at 11:00 o'clock in the forenoon and any Creditor or
contributory of the said Companydesirous to support or oppose
the making of an Order on the said Petition may appear at the
time of the hearingin person or by his Counsel for that purpose;
and a copy of the Petition will be furnished by the undersigned
to any Creditor or Contributory of the said Company requiring
such copy on payment of the prescribed charges for the same.

DATED the 6th day of December, A.D. 2006

One Millars Court,
Nassau, Bahamas.
Attorneys for the Petitioner

NOTE: Any persozi who intends to appear on the hearing
of the said Petition must serve on or send by post to the
above-named, notice in writing of his intention to do so.
The Notice must state the name and address of the person,
or, if a firm, the name and address of the firm and must
signed by the person or firm or his or their attorney if any,
and must be served or if posted, must be sent by post in
suffittent'tilne to r6hch the above-nanted not later than 4/00
o'clock is the afteffiookof the l3ih day of Decetneber, 2006l

Mortgage Specialist
RBC FINCO, Main Branch

The successful candidate should possess the following

qu BIFS Diploma or degree in in Banking (or

* At d re70re years banking erience. Previous
experience m portfolio and liab 1Ty administration
would be an asset.
* Negotiating/Selling skills
* Strong leadership, coaching, relationship building,
problem solving and confidentiality skills
* Ability to manage multiple priorities
* Ability to make sound credit analysis
* Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel, Power Point)

Responsibilities include:
* Contributing to meeting team sales plans by acquiring
and growing profitable client relationships.
* Providing customized solutions and financial advice
designed to satisfy the client's long-term goals on
obtalmng a mortgage.
* Seeking out new clients by developing relationships
within the community and local centres of influence.
* Enhancing the experience of existing cents by
providing accessibility and one-on-one advice and
valuable information on the intricacies of having a
* Successfully anchoring clients with the appropriate
delivery channel within RBC Financial Group.

A competitive compensation package (base salary &
bonus) commensurate with relevant experience and
qualifications will apply.
Please apply before December 14, 2006 to:

Regional Manager
Human Resources
Bahamas & Caribbean
Royal Bank of Canada
Bahamas Regional Office
P.O. Box N-7549
Nassau, N.P, Bahamas

NOTICE is hereby given that LIVITA JEAN SIMON OF #44
.is applying to the Minister responsible for Nationality and
hzen Ip ortrhe istratiord tural at n as a7citi n of T
registration/ naturalization should not be granted, should send
a written and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight

aspso 1 f 0 it1aTC t z sRhi2,0060 theNMi
Nassau, Bahamas,

Legal Notice



Notice is hereby given that in accordance with section 137 of thed
International Business Companies Act 2000 BLUE FOREX FUND
LIMITED is in dissolution.

The Date of the Commencement of dissolution was 8th
December 2006. David Thain ofArner Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd.,
Building 2 Caves Village, P O. Box N 3917 is the Liquidator of
BLUE FOREX FUND LIMITEIL Allapersons harmg claimS
r d i ulnarT t id bts oeth iq da r e retht
8th January 2007.

g g

the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for
registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, arid
that any person who knows any reason why registration/
naturalization should not be granted, should send a written
and signed statement of the facts within twenty-eight days
from the 5TH day of DECEMBER, 2006 to the Minister
responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, P.O.Box N-
7147, Nassau, Bahamas.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the loss of Bahamas
Government Registered Stock Certiticate as follows:
stock Internet Cedracate Maturity Date Amount
Rate 16
BakAntasGoverishientRegistbred 1125'APR -52245 1SOct2015 125,000


I intend to request The Registrar to issue a replacement certificate.
If this certificate is found, please write to:
P.O.Box N7788
i Nassau, Bahamas
APR Above Prime Rate
Ocean Centre
.... ":""."^:""dHolder

Saffle 2006 00inners
First Prize: 2007 Toyota Corolla
Winner's Name: Philip Collymore, Golden Gates
Ticket Number: 40723
Telephone Cont: 361-5572

Second Prize: Trip for 2 toParisFrance
Winner's Name: Payton Ewing, P.O.Box GT-2768
ticket Number: 29284
telephone Cont: 356-2801/2

Thii-d Prize: Trip for 2 to Las Vegas
Winner's Name; Joseph Jones, Washington Street
Ticket Number: 30768
Telephone Cont: 326-2648

Fourth Prize: TWp to New York
Winner's Name: Brian Francis
Ticket Number: 26640
Telephone Cont: 326-4048

Fifth Prize: 7 D to Freeport
Winner's Name: Dominic Ferguson, #4Tangerine Street
Ticket Number: 57772
Telephone Cont: 361-3062/323-7826

Sixth Prize: 7%@ to a
Winner's Name: Jamaal McPhee
icket Number: 42888




and the Department's previ-
ously planned changes to over-
the-counter bonded goods pur-
Mr Lowe said these would be
"one of the foremost projects"
for the.Chamber. He added that
reaching agreements on these
issues were critical for ensuring
Freeport businesses did "not
have our businesses hampered
and interfered with on a daily
"We will be seekirig to work
with Customs on the issues we
all have," Mr Lowe said.
They're going to need the
Chamber of Commerce and the
Licencees Association to assist
them in arriving at a mutually
agreeable practice for the next
50 years. This is solving the
problem for the next 50 years."
Many of the contentious
issues surrounding the opera-
tion of Customs and bonded
goods have arisen because the
Customs Guide to the Hawks-
bill Creek Agreement, devel-
oped through consultations
between the Ministry of
Finance, Customs, the Port
Authority and its licensees, has
not been entrenched in statute
law and given legal authority.
As a result, Port Authority
licensees have developed dif-
ferent strategies to comply with

the Guide and the Customs
Department, meaning no uni-
form practices have ever been
established or followed.
Under the existing regime,
wholesalers such as Dolly Madi-
son, Kelly's Freeport, Bellevue
and the Home Centre are able
to import goods duty free under
the Hawksbill Creek Agree-
Other Port Authonty
licensees then present these
companies with an annual letter
indicating they will be buymg
goods from them for use in their
own trade or business during
the following year, entitling
them to buy those goods duty
At year-end 2005, Customs
had wanted to change this prac-
tice, so that when a licensee pur-
chased these bonded goods
over-the-counter, they would
first have to go to Customs and
present them with a valid
invoice for those products.
The Customs Department, in
its proposal, would have
approved the purchase and sent
a stamped version of the invoice
back to the licensee, who could
then proceed with the purchase.
In a speech to Freeport
Rotary Club earlier this year,
Fred Smith, an attorney with
Callender's & Co, said: "This

proposal was met with great
opposition by licensees as like-,
ly to be unworkable, given the
vast administrative workload it
would place on Customs and
the consequential time-lag in
processing applications, many
of which would be urgent.
"It was also likely that this
would have had a severely detri-
mental effect on the business of
licensed wholesalers and retail-
ers. After negotiations between
Customs and the Grkild
Bahama Port Authority, Cus-
toms decided to temporarily
shelve its proposal to change
the practice. However, the
threat of its re-introduction at
the end of this year remains."
, .However, Mr Lowe told The
Tribune that he did not think
the Customs Department was
planning to re-introduce its
over-the-counter bonded goods
proposal at ybar-end 2006.
One possible reason for this is
that the Customs Department
is busy dealing with a separate
bonded goods issue, this time
relating to whether Port
Authority licensees can "law-
fully display" duty-exempt
goods on their shelves for retail
The Home Centre, the build-
ing materials wholesaler owned
by BISX-listed Freeport Con-
crete, has filed a lawsuit with
the Supreme Court, seeking an
injunction to stop Customs
charging duties worth almost
$800,000 on all products dis-
played on open shelves in its
new $6 million store.

While Freeport-based whole-
salers sell stock m their stores
and display these goods on their
shelves, a different practice has
often been adopted when other
Port Authority licensees seek
to purchase these products as
bonded goods.
The Customs Guide to the
Hawkshill Creek Agreement
requires wholesalers to
retrieve products from bonded
storage in their warehouses
when they are purchased by
customers entitled to receive
them duty free.
Mr Smith said previously:
"This is because Customs
requires the licensees to pay
duty on all goods displayed for
sale in their stores; it is only
goods in the warehouse that can
be sold duty free.
vided for in the Customs Man-
agement Act or the Hawksbill
Creek Agreement, and
enforced by Customs is oner-
ous for licensees and for their
customers. It means that the
same product needs to be stored
in two different places, and also
means that licensees who are
entitled to purchase products
duty free have to wait to be sup-
plied with it, rather than sim-
ply being able to pick the prod-
uct of the shelf and pay for it.
"Licensees consider that their
business would be greatly
improved if they could simply
sell all their products off the
shelf, without having to pay
duty on all products they place
on the shelf for sale."

working with Customs to arrive
at mutual agreements on all
Issues relating to the practice of
bonded goods.
Under the Hawksbill Creek
Agreement, Grand Bahama
Port Authority licensees are
entitled to import duty-free into

Freeport a whole range of
goods, which can then be sold
on duty free to other licencees,
provided they are for use in
their businesses.
Among the most contentious
issues are whether bonded
goods can be displayed at retail>

1875.~~~PRi ; ~~4 1

1 ooo

Via fax: (242)328-7145

93 4-2948

Telephone Cont

I _

N. Neilly
(for) Registrar

RO. BOX N-167
NassDaeude beB
Probate Division
In the Estate of MARY ALTAMORE, late of the City of
Fort Lauderdale, in the State of Florida, one of the States
of the United States of America,
NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of
fourteen days from the date hereof, application will be
made to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas in its Probate
Division by STEPHEN B. WILCHCOMBE of 429 Grenada
Avenue, Freeport, Grand Bahama, one of the Islands of
the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Attorney-at-Law,
the Authorized Attorney in The Bahamas for obtaining
the Resealed Grant of Letters of Administration (single
personal representative) in the above estate granted to
Representative, by the Circuit Court for Broward County,
Florida Probate Division, on the 11th day of October,
N. Neilly
(for) Registrar

NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of
fourteen days from the date hereof, application will be
made to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas on its
Probate Division by PAMELA L KLONARISof Edgewater
Drive in the Western District of the Island of New
Providence, one of the Islands of the Commonwealth of
The Bahamas, Attorney-at-Law, and MIKE A. KLONARIS
of Sunn side Estate in the Western District of the island
of New Providence, one of the Islands of the
Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Attorney-at-Law,.are
the Authorized Attorney in The Bahamas for obtaining
the Resealed Letters of Administration (single personal
representative) in the above estate granted to ANGELIKI
ZIKAKIS, the Personal Representative, by the Circuit
Court for Broward County, Florida, Probate Division, on
the 13th day of March, 2006.

N. Neilly
(for) Registrar

December 6, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/ r/00707
ELIZABETH CARROLL, of Leeward Road, Imperial Park,
in the Eastern Distnct of New Providence, one of the
Islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, have
made application to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas,
for Letters of Administration of the Real and Personal
Leeward Road, Imperial Park, in the Eastern District of
New Providence, one of the islands of the Commonwealth
of The Bahamas, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that such applications will be heard
by the said Court at the expiration of 14 days from the
date hereof.
N. Neilly
(for) Registrar

December 6, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/n r/00709
Whereas NADIA A. WRIGHT, of Sunset Drive in the
Western.District of the Island of New Providence, one of
the Islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, has
made application to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas,
for Letters of Administration with the Will Annexed of the
Real and Personal Estate of DONALD KENNETH
DELAHEY Iate of Ridgeway Drive in the Eastern District
of the Island of New Providence, oneofthe islands of
the, pop;traogwealtlL of The .Bahamas, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that such applications will be heard
by the said Court at the expiration of 14 days from the
clate hereof
N. Neilly
(for) Registrar

December 6, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/npr/00711
Chancery House, the Mall, in the City of Freeport on the
Island of Grand Bahama, one of the Islahds of the
Commonwealth of The Bahamas, has made applications
to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas, for Letters of
Administration with the Will Annexed of the Real and:
Personal Estate of PAUL EUGENE RUESS late of the
Municipality of Au, in the Canton of St. Gallen in the
Confederation of Switzerland, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that such applications will be heard
by the said Court at the expiration of 14 days from the
date hereof.
N. Neilly
(for) Registrar

December 6, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/npr/00712
Grosham Close, Turtle Drive, Bel Air Estates, in the
Western District of New Providence, one of the Islands
of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, has mada
application to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas, for
Letters of Administration of the Real and Personal Estate
late of 32 Grosham Close, Turtle Drive, Bel Air Estates,

in the Western District of New Providence, one of the
Islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that such applications will be heard
by the said Court at the expiration of 14 days from the
date hereof.


December 6, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/npr/00506-
Whereas DAVID CUNNINGHAM, of 830 N.W. 110th
Avenue, Plantation, Florida, United States of America,
Terrace, Miami, Florida, United States of America,
FREDERICKA CUNNINGHAM, of 2901 S.W. 67th Lane,
Miramar, Florida, United States of America and DAHLIA
CUNNINGHAM, of 1340 S.W. 196th Terrace, Miami,
Florida, United States of America, have made application
to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas, for Letters of
Administration of the Real and Personal Estate of
STANLEY CUNNINGHAM late of 2901 S.W. 67th Lane,
Miramar, Florida, United States of America, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that such applications will be heard
by the said Court at the expiration of 14 days from the
date hereof.

(for R irar

RO. BOX N-167
Nassau, The Bahamas
December 6, 2006
Probate Division
In the Estate of NANCY S. WARD, late of 29 Farrington
Avenue in the City of Gloucester in the County of Essex
in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United
States of America,
NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of
fourteen days from the date hereof, application will be
made to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas on its
Probate Division by EARL A. CASH of Marlin Drive in the
Western District of the Island of New Providence, one of
the Islands of the CommerawealthatIberB@hanas,
AttorneymatnLaw, the Authorized Attorney in ThaQghamps
for obtaining the Resealed Grantof Probate of Will without
Sureties in the above estate granted to DOUGLAS H.
WARD, Executor, by the Trial Court, The Probate and
Family Court Department in the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts, on the 11th day of February 2003.
N. Neilly
(for) Registrar

RO. BOX N-167
Nassau, The Bahamas
December 6, 2006
Probate Division
In the Estate of KATHLEEN MARIE REGES, late of 698
Mouton Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90031, U.S.A.,
NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of
fourteen days from the date hereof, application will be
made to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas on its
Probate Division by C. YVETTE McCARTNEY-
PEDROCHE of Skyline Drive on the Western District on
the island of New Providence, one of the Islands of the
Commonwealth of The Baharrias, Attorney-at-Law, the
Authorized Attorney in The Bahamas for obtaining the
Resealed Grant of Letters of Testamentary in the above
,estate granted to LEONARD PATE, Sole Executrix and
Trustee, by the Superior Court of the State of California,
United States of America on the 2nd day of August 2006.
N. Neilly '
(for) Registrar

In the Estate of GRETA MARGARETA WALTERS, late
of Third & Parnassus, 670 8th Avenue; San Francisco,
California, one of the States of the United States of
NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of
fourteen days from the date hereof, application will be
made to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas in its Probate
Division by PETER D. MAYNARD of Windsor Avenue in
the Eastern District on the Island of New Providence, orse
of the Islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas,
Attorney-at-Law, the Authorized Attorney in The Bahamas
for obtaining the Resealed Order Appointing Administrator
in the above estate granted to MARGARETA
ENGSTROM, the Administratrix, by the Superior Court
of the State of California for the City and County of San
Francisco, on the 9th day of January, 1975.
N. Neilly
(for) Registrar

December 6, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/npr/00703
Whereas PENELOPE ANNE WINNER, of Las Cabrillas,
West Bay Street, in the Western District on the Iplahd of
New Providence, one of the Islands of the Commonwealth
of The Bahamas, has made application to the Suprerne
Court of The Bahamas, for Letters of Administration of
the Real and Personal Estate of ALLAN JAMES WINNEER
late of Las Cabrillas, West Bay Street, in the Western
District on the Island of New Providence, one of the
islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that such applications will be heard
by the said Court at the expiration of 14 days from the
date hereof.
N. Neilly
(for) Registrar

December 6, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/npr/00704
Whereas AGNES ROSE SWEEPING, of Governor's
Harbour, Eleuthera, one of the islands of the
Cortimonwealth of The Bahamas, has made application
to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas, for Letters of
Administration of the Real and Personal Estate of DAVID
BRACLEY SWEETING late of Governor's Harbour,
Eleuthera, one of the Islands of the Commonwealth of
The Bahamas, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that such applications will be heard
by the said Court at the expiration of 21 days from the
date hereof.
N. Neilly
(for) Registrar

RO. BOX N-167





Probate Division

RO. BOX N-167
Nassau, The Bahamas
December 6, 2006

Probate Division
In the Estate of ELIZABETH M. DOLLERY, late of 430
Hackett Boulevard, City of Albany, County of Albany,
State of New York, U.S.A.,
NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of
fourteen days from the date hereof, application will be
made to the Supreme Court of The Bahamas in its Probate
Division by MARVIN B. PINDER of Madeira Street, New
Providence, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of
The Bahamas, Attorney-at-Law, the Authorized Attorney
in The Bahamas for obtaining the Resealed Grant of
Letters of Testamentary granted to JAMEBR DOLLERY,
Executor, by the Surrogate's Court in and for the County
of Albany in the City' of Albany New York, United States
of America, on the 18th day of February, 2003.


e Bahamas
ber 6, 2006


Probate Division

N. Neilly

in the Estate of JOHN ZIKAKIS, late of 3430 Galt Ocean

Dec. 11th -13th, 'OS1


Senior Sports Reporter
WITH this still being the
off-season, the Striders Track
and Field Club took advan-
tage of their training site at
Fort Charlotte by hosting their
first Cross Country Meet on
More than 200 competitors,
representing a number of
clubs and schools, competed
in various age groups in both
the boys and girls divisions.
Club head coach Stephen
Murray said the meet certain-
lyserved its purpose, espe-
cially as the athletes get close
to taking a break for the
Christmas holidays.
"It went really, really well,"
said Murray, who decided to
combine with the Road Run-
ners, Star Trackers aird Club
Monica, along with CR Walk-
er, to put on the meet where
they are all doing their off-
season trammg.
Unlike the CH Reeves and
the Bahamas Association of
Athletic Associations' Nation-
als, which were held last
month, Murray said they
decided to add another
dimension to their meet by
implementing a primary divi-
And to make it even more
interesting, Murray said they
decided to split the athletes
up into age groups.
Except for the under-20 and
& open men's division, all of the
age groups competed in a two
kilometre race (or one lap)
around an obstacle course. -

The under-20 boys com-
bined to compete in the open
men's division, which pro-
duced a showdown for the top
spot between the Williams
brothers. Oneil, back home
from college, beat out older
brother Jason.
"Some of the clubs let me
down because they didn't
even show up," Murray
reflected. "But we still had a
lot of participants and so I was
pleased with the amount of
Based on the response they
got from the parents -and
potential sponsors on the side-
lines, Murray said they intend
to make this an annual event
just before the Christmas
Here's a look at the top
six finishers in the various age
Boys 6-and-under Godfrey
Arthur (Striders), Miquel
Bethel (Road Runners), Sean
Miller (Striders), Kenon Ram'
say (Road Runtiers),
Edvaughn Carey (Road Run-
ners) and Jordan Hepburn
(Club Monica).
Boys 7-8 Julius Nottage
(Striders), Kizrique Co.x
(Striders); Anthony Rolle
(Striders), Sylvano Knowles
(Gerald Cash); Mariano Kelly
(Striders) and Franklyn
Mulling (Club Monica)-
Boys 9-10 Timothy Wilson
(Striders), Demetrie Forbes
(Road Runners), Ricardo
Nixon (Road Runners), Mark
Duncombe (Striders), Thomas
Wilon (Striders) and
Dominique Lightbourne
Boy 11-12 Lopez LaFleur
(Striders), Theotis Johnson
(Sun Blazers), Oneil Sturrup
(CH Reeves), Trey Carey
(Striders), Tyrone Burrows
(Spirit of Excellence) and
Adrian Williams (Road Run-
Boys 13-14 Marlin
Henchell (North Andros),
Patrick Bodie (Road Run-
ners), Zhivargo Thompson
(Spirit of Excellence);
Navante Lamm (Road Run-
ners), Teniel Babbs (Striders)
and Marvin Minns (Sun Blaz-
Boys 15-16 Jimmy Joseph
(Sun Blazers), Cerio Rolle
(Spirit of Excellence), Paul
Russell (North Andros);
Parish Gullaume (T-Bird Fly-
ers), Sean Lockhart (Road
. runners) and Dereck Wong
(Club Monica).

Boys under-20 Laquardo

M BOYS 6-AND-IJNDER: Godfrey Arthur Jr from the Striders Track and
Field Club is all the way outjn front for the win on Saturday.
(Photo: Felipd Major/Tribune staff)
son Miller (Road Runners);
Keno Thompson (Road Run-
ners); Keino Perigord (Spirit
of Excellence) and Marcel
Tides (Sun Blazers).
Open men Oneil Williams
and Jason Williams.
Girls under-six Tia Miller
(Striders); Marissa White
(Club Monica); Angel Butler
(Itoad Runners); Janielle
Shaw (Striders); Ashley
Williams (Striders) and Tren
Haven-Armstrong (unat-
Girls 7-8 Lauren Light-
bourne (Spirit of Excellence); .
Daniel Shaw (Striders); Car-
nesha Nixon (Road Runners);
Chino Curry (Striders) and .
Latice Collie (Sun Blazers).
Girls 9-10 Talia Thomp-
son (St riders); Evessa
Dorsette (Sun Blazers); Vanil-
la Walker (Striders); Zahra
Powell (Striders); Kennedy
Corbin (Striders) and Danielle
Gibson (Striders).
Girls 11-12 Keisha Baker
(North Andros); Eldeacia
Carey (Road Runners); Shau-
na Miller (Striders); Dawnque
Maycock (Striders); Bricalessa
Wilson (Striders) and Jessica
Rolle (Spirit of Excellence).
Girls 13-14 Hughnique
Rolle (T-Bird); Shaunte Miller
(Striders); Desiree (Striders).;
Calvarette Oliver (North .
Andros); Sharee King (Strid-
ers) and Tamara Myers .
(North Andros).
Girls 15-16 Lexi Wilson
(Striders); Raquel Stort
(North Andros); Tamara
Davis (Road Runners); Char-
lene Innocent (Road Run-
ners); Ashley Dorsett (Club
Monica) and Letilia Steven-
son (Road Runners).
Girls under-20 Alexionette
Pratt (Striders)- Wendy
Derosin (Striders); Michelle W GIRLS 6 AND UNDER:
Cumberbatch (Club Monica); Tla Miller races out in frott.
Lavanda Bain (Club Monica);
Tia Rolle (Club Monica) and (Photo. Fat(p ajor/
AnoIria Ferguson (Club Mon-




z .


7-8: Lauren Lightbourn out in front for the win.

course after

Striders on

cross country success



I- ---e .... ~.*~._r-~.~_~...* .......~_~...~. .. ---- -----

I Ul--NUAY, UtUt-MBER' 12, 2006, P-AGEt 11B




8 UNSTOPPABLE Temple Christian pomaguard Melissa ll'olyg shots over five St. Francis & St. Joseph defenders. Temple Christian won the game 14-2.
(Photo: Tim Clarke)

Father Marcian Peters Invitational

FROM page one

the third, drawing the foul on
two of the plays.
She said: "It feels good to
win, and to score the points
for my team. I only want us
to continue winning so we can
go to the championships.
- - -- ---- "My team we need to play
. harder on defence and I am
going have to get all the other
players involved. We don't
shoot.a Jot, we need to start
shooting more, all of us.
Wong tool the team other
back,,scoring altl0,ofthe
team's third quarter points.
She ended the game with the
top score of 13 points.
The Suns had contained the
Shockers to just one pomt at
the end of the third.
The Shockers would get a
lucky roll in the closing min-
utes of the fourth quarter,
when Bethel stepped to the
The Shockers boys also suf-
fered a loss yesterday, falling
to the hands of Galilee 20-14.
Just as the Suns depended
on Wong topcore, the Shock-
ers turned to Christon Panza.
Panza scored all the Shock-
ers' points, while Galilee got a
combined effort of eight and
six points from Denzel Smith
and Leon Strachan.
Before the Suns took to the
court the Kings College White
Tigers defeated the Faith
Temple Warriors 25-17. Top
scorer in the game was
Michael Carey with 10, chip-
ping in was Denero Balfour
with five.
.The Father Marcian Peters
tournament will continue with
play today at the Sir Kendal
Isaacs gym, with elittlination

5 STEVEN ROLLE (13) of
Faith Temple takes a jump-
shot against two defenders of
--- Kings College. Kings College
won the game 25-17.
(Photo: Tim Clarke)

mm a .,
e .




- ,L


. *

. . .

O .

< .. *
.. ... e
.. .. .....

e * *
me. e
a .
-- *
am .. -
* *

e .. so


* -

to Noell Dorstt WINNERI of the Dolphins and Patriots drawing


- *




Awards night for

women's basketball
Senior Sports Reporter
WITH the first half of the New Providence Women's Basketball
Association set to come to a close on Saturday at the DW Davis Gym,
the executive board have planned an awards night for the 2006 season.
Felicia 'Antoinette' Knowles, who is in the first year of her three-year
term as president, said it's expected to be a special night as the much
anticipated showdown with the College of the Bahamas Lady Caribs
and the Cleaning House Lady Angels to be played.
The awards presentation will be held in-between the two games
scheduled for that night.
The opener will have the Junior All-Stars taking on the Sunshine
Auto Lady Cheetahs and the feature game is between the Lady Caribs
and the Lady Angels.
"So far this season, we've had tremendous fans support. The gym has
been packed just about every night." Knonles pointed out. --All of the
sponsors have given us positive feedback. The\ hate been impressed
with the league so far."
Knowles said it's only fitting that they close out the first half of the
season with the awards presentation from last year.
Shantell Rolle, who helped to lead the Johnson's Lady Truckers to
the title over the Lady Angels, will cart off the most valuable and
offensive Player of the Year awards.
Linda Pierre, the talent centre for the Lady Cheetahs, will be
crowned with the Defensive Player and Rookie of the Year aviards.
Jean 'Bubbles' Minus of the Lady Truckers is the Coach of the Year.
Rolle, Pierre, Glenda Gilcud of the Lady Truckers, Suzette McKen-
zie and Sheral Cash from the Lady Angels and Christine Sinclair from
the Lady Caribs will all be honoured as members of the NPWBA
Knowles, a forward ivith the Lady Truckers, said they are hoping that
they can show their appreciation to the sponsors for their contribution
to the league.
She noted that the season has been fiercely contested so far and even
though there have been some blows, all of the teams still performed at
their best.
"You can't predict who will win on any given night," she reflected.
"That's just how competitive it's been when the top teams in the
league are playing."
On Saturday night, COB routed the Jr All-Stars 100-28 in one of the
more lopsided decisions as D'Asti Delancy led a balanced scoring
attack with 22. Kiovonne Newbold had 20 and Deandra Williams
chipped in with 17.
Garcia Newbold had nine in the loss.
And the Lady Truckers stayed undefeated like the Lady Caribs
with an 85-67 victory over the Defence Force.
Shantell Rolle exploded for a game high 34, Glenda Gilcud had 30
and Antoinette Knowles helped out with six points and 10 rebounds.
Natasha Miller scored 30 in a losing effort.
Tonight at 7:30 pm, the Lady Cheetahs will be in action against the
Lady Angels and, on Thursday, the Lady Truckers will take on the Lady
All those games will lead into Saturday's first half finale.

- -


Kenya Bethel to the line, hop-
ing to score the first two points
for her team. But, alone on
the line, Bethel could only hit
one of two. '
Even though the Shockers
had only posted one point on
the scoreboard, however, the
point had given them an ener-
gy boost.
The team opened up the
third quarter with five steals,
but they weren't able to con-
vert on any.
Suns' head coach noted the
errors his team was making,
but refused to call a time-out,
and turned to his bench for
A couple of substitutions
made.turned things around for
the Suns; Wong, who had
trouble advancing the ball
over the half court line, was
now going 'coast-to-coast.'
The swift Wong cradled the
ball to the rim three tunes m
SEE e 11B
? E

Junior Sports Reporter
THE competition level on
the fifth day in the Father
Marcian Peters tournament
was turned up a notch with
the Family Island teams
adding to the mix.
Although all the teams
came out fired up, it was the
Temple Christian Suns who
brought the most heat.
The Suns easily got past the
St Francis Shockers 14-2 to
keep a flawless win-loss
And it was the sharp shoot-
ing of Suns' Melissa Wong
that assisted with the win.
Wong, who dominated the
first half of play for her team,
was hoping to have a shut-out
game against the Shockers,
but the personal foul she
picked late in the second quar-
ter turned things around. .
The foul sent Shockers

5 MELISSA WONG of Temple Chhstian Suns dominated the coinpetition, scoring a game high13points. Ga~






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