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Title: The Tribune
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Publication Date: November 14, 2006
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LO 8 0 M E7 1 F


PRICE -750

- .. --.-- --

Tribune Staff Reporter
AS THE police intestigation
mtoclauns of corruprion at the
Ministry of Housing gets under-
way, a contractor is refuting
Nei llie Wisdom's explanation
of why some builders were
awarded more jobs than oth--s>.
During a press conference
last week, Mf H isdom was
asked to provide an explana-
the case, while others.who are
also on the official list of
"approved contractors" -
including one contractor The
Tribune spoke to have
received only one housing con-
tra a v been made that

P3510t'S ilfilrder shocks costilittillity
Tribune Freeport Reporte(
FREEPORT The Eight Mile Rock comments is in shock
laft the brutal daylight murder of a young man belie The body of the victim, who suffered multiple knife and gunshot
wounds, was found at Hairna Hill.
According to reports, the body is believed to be that of Trol Se\-
mour, a pastor at Mount Zion Baptist Church and a debler1 driver
for KFC restaurants.
Details of the murder remain sketchy, but it is belleted that it
to ao rh jmer of three young children, was making a KFC
deliverymethe time when he was run off th6 road b\ another per-
son in a car.
SEE page eight

BEC manager
denies being
asked to keep
electricity on in
Anna Nicole home
Tribune Staff Reporter
KEVIN Basden, general
nianager of the Bahamas Elec-
trica Corporation, yesterday
denied allegations thal.despite
an overdue bill, he was asked
to keep the electricity on in the
home in which Anna Nicole
Smnh resides at the request of a
. high lankmg government oftt-
Other than the denial of the
report. Mr Basden would say
little more He maintained that
it is not thecorporation'spolicy
to discuss customer accounts.
.Anna Nicole's former
boyfriend, Ben Thompson, a
South Carehna reallor, was at
Horizons on Saturday trying to
assert his ownership of the East
ernH ed\ rTe as turned
away by Ms Smith's attorney
SEE page eight

media portrays
4 9
political blow to
PLP gOVerBillent

"r"ribPACONNUNE itor
major political embarrassment
andablow to the PLP's election
prospect is getting massive play
in the internationatmedia.
More than 130 news organic
sations around the world report
ed yesterday that the former
Plasboy Playmate has become a
handicapp" and "an election-
season liability" for the govern-
ang party.
According to one Florida-
based ABC affiliate. "Officials
in the Bahamas are learnmg
that the controversy that fol-
lows Anna Nicole Smith can be
hazardous to their political
The story is ruiming in Cana-
da, Europe, Australia, China
and the US where it is bemg
SEE page nine



Volume: 102 No.296


for some years contracts hate
been disproportionately award-
ed to a small group of
"favoured contractors.on the
basisof criteria other rhan those
which should legarrmately be
taken mto consideration, such
as.quality of work
Last week Air H'isdom said
than the disco-pancy can bc
explained b\ [he fact that some
contractors are better able to
finance the construction of large
number of projects. whereas
some smaller contractors can
only finance one, two.or set-
eralhouses at a time.
However, this explanation
was disputed by a contractor
SEE page nine






Cl: ontractor c~~.lams

IIOax bomb

gggy, at any

number t tee
Tribune Staff Reporter
BOMB scare paralysed
court number three on Nassau
Street lesterday disrupting the
day 5 scheduled cases
Despite later proving to be a
hool, some hate argued that
the ine dent which left court-
room staff "scrabbling" to
leave the building, azid prisoners
\\air(ng outside the courtroom
on their bus "in limbo pro-
vides An opportunity to raise
the question of the desperate
need for greater secttrity m and
SEE page eight

Victim of beating
by police is
* *
decision on officers
THE victim of a police biat-
ing says he is disappointed with
the decision to let the officers
intolled get off with a slap on
the wrist.
The man, Luther B own, skys
he is happi an internal tribunal
ruled in his ratour. but is upset
that the of f wars a ho beat him
were only fined three days' pay
In June of this year, a police
tribunal found three officers
guilty of using "unnecessary vib-
lence" to arrest Mr Brown.
SEE page nine

JUdiCial SyS(0111
Operates as usual
despite closure
Tribune Staff Reporter
DESPITE prog noses bz
inembers of the Bahamas Bar
A sociation and legal counnien-
tators that all Alagiviate Courts
- and possibly all Supreme
Courts -- could follow Justice
John Lyons' ruling and close
their courts due to the possible
loss of iridependence, business
yesterday went on as usual in
the Bahamas' judicial system.
Even Magistrate Renee
McKay, who last week ruled
SEE page eight


Perhaps the time has come for
RROther minister to be given

feSponsibility for relations with the
Judiciary as this might remove any
lingering COHERSIOn in the public's
mind. In some jurisdictions there iS
& MiniSter Of fUStiCC. .

It is sometimes quite'painful to have
10 CriticiSe people you know weH,
including some for whom you have

high regard, even affection. I have,
high regard for Mr Ingraham but I
repeat that it is not fair to him xxor to
the institution of parliament nor to
the country to have him in that

particular post.


The Tribune wants to hear
from people who are
making news in their
neighborhoods. Perhaps
you are raising funds for a
good cause, campaigning
for improvements in the
area Of 11870 WOD 88
If so, call us on 322-1986
and share your story.




A POLICE officer has
become the country's latest traf-
to rat lity allibeintg killed in a
The incident took place
a on in xt$pmlionprSusni ay

I >n officer Inspector Walter
n "!laid tthee >f6cae sosde
was attached to the Central
Detective Unit.
The officer was off duty at
the time and was riding his
motorcycle west on Carnuchael
Road, just east of the Coral
Harbor roundabout when the
incident took place.
Mr Evans said he was accom-
panied by a female passenger.
The motorcycle collided
reportedly into a vehicle which
was travelling in the opposite
"Both persons on the motor-
cycle were thrown from the 2
machine upon impact," Mr
Evans said.
The officer was pronounced
dead at the hospital. The female
passenger, who was also taken
to hospital, is presently listed in
stable condition
Police are investigating this
matter, which is the 41st traffic
fatality for the year

I Nu e th sW dbay's=
one cl mingat have read in thasb o
Hou of Assembly Speaker Oswald

ul a u af
cationafor uch a hidgh office edue
Then the writer, who signs as A
Friend, goes on to speak highly of Mr
Ingraham, saying that he has charac-
ter, reputation and integrity.
It is true that I have more than once
in this column expressed the view that
Mr Ingraham is not qualified to be
Speaker, but I reject the suggestion
that I have ever spoken disparaging-
ly of Mr Ingraham. To say that some-
one is not qualified for a particular
post is not disparaging. .
On several occasions I have said
much the same as A Friend: that Mr
Ingraham is indeed a gentleman with
many fine qualities. Nevertheless, it is
still my opinion that he is not qualified
to 14 Speaker, and I believe this view
is shared by many who have had the
opportunity to observe him in the
Chair over this entire parliamentary
It has little or nothing to do with
having or not having a university edu-
cation. We have had a number of
speakers who did not have the good
fortune to get a university education
butwhonevertheless acquittedtliem-
selves well in the Chair.
Of particular note is Sir Clifford
Darling, who presided over the House
at a very tense period m our political
history when eight former party col-
leagues and some close friends of his
sat on the Opposition benches.
Sir Clifford was scrupulously even-
handed with his former colleagues even
though, to be quite frank, some of them
tried repeatedly to bait him into rash
action against them. He understood
them, he understood politics and he
understood parliament-
Sir Alvin Braynen also occupied the
Chair at a very interesting time which
saw the transition to majority rule and
independence. His formal education


them, and the society they in turn
If we chip away here and down-
grade there, we will inevitably weak-
en the foundations of our society
and degrade our quality of life. We
have only to look around the world
to see how hard it is to build or
rebuild these institutions when you
have never had them or once they
have been destroyed.
* *

Justice of the Supreme
Court has just given the
Executive branch of our Govern-
ment a well-deserved public scolding
for playing fast and loose with the
Judicature and for becoming con-
B fused over the difference between
the two and the separate roles of
each of these constitutional institu-
In delivering his dramatic ruling
of November 6, 2006, Justice John
Lyons didd great service to the nation
by speaking out courageously abotat
what he perceived to be an attack on
the. independence of The Bahamas
There may be controversial aspects
of the judge's stunning pronouncement
but there is much in it that citizens of
this country should take to heart. It
should be posted on the internet for all
to read.
Mr Lyons takes issue with a press
release emanating from the Attorney
General's Office and which presumes
storeview the performanckof higi court
Ed amst edx ofMuAt nw2
(Th judge attributes the press release
to egaicte in h Atan len
and courageously challenged*the
Attorney General to take responsibility
for publicizing what she said was meant
to be an internal document).
The judge likens this extraordinary
document to a schoolmaster's report or
a human resources manager's report
and says he has never seen anything
like it. He says the "review" is capable
of carrying the inference that the Judi-
ciary is part and parcel of the Attorney
General's Department.
"The press release went so far as to
boast that the increased conviction rate
was probably due 'to. the increased
effectiveness of the agencies of govern-
ment working together'. It left no doubt
that the Judiciary is one of those agen-
So here beginneth the first lesson:
"The Judiciary is not an agency of
government. It is an independent body
established under the Constitution. The

role of a judge is to ensure a fair trial;
fair to the prosecution and fair to the
defence, as mandated by the Constitu-
tion. A judge is never to be judged by a
'conviction rate'."

ut the judge goes further and
says that even the prosecu-
tion's role is to assist in the prosecution
of a fair trial and that the rate of con-
viction is not a criterion by which any
prosecutor should be judged. "Any per-
son holding that view needs to be dis-
avowed of it now."
The Legal Department and the Judi-
ciary are separate entities. The Attorney
General heads one and has been
appointed to be responsible for rela-
tions with the other.
Perhaps the time has come for anoth-
er minister to be given responsibility
for relations with the Judiciary as this
might remove any lingering confusion m
the public's mind. In some Junsdictions
there is a Minister of Justice.
- Here beginneth lesson two:
. "The independence of the Judiciary is
the pillar upon which our Constitution-
al freedoms are built. Judicialindepen-
dence is at the heart of practically every
UN charter on human rights."
That is why: -
"Judigial salaries and conditions of
service are protected against diminu-
tion by our Constitution:It is well recog-
nised that diminution of judicial salaries
and conditions of service can easily be
achieved by, over a period of time, sim-
151y not increasing them."
The judge put his finger right on the,
heart of this problem and some othd?
rol16nsme hawhen ssnh a .
belief on the part of ministers and their
advisers that judges should not be paid
nmr dianobnunTistem.ed its ugly head in
up ministers concluded that nobody
should be paid more than them and that
nobody should come ahead of them in
the order of precedence.
Some of them, for instance, could not
understand why the Leader of the
Opposition should rank right behind
the Prime Minister in the order of prece-
dence. So they put the Leader after min-
Perhaps that is the main reason why
the PLP Government has failed twice to
cause a mandated review of judges
salaries to be carried out and why rec-
ommendations of the ad hoc commis-
sion have been ignored. Judges cannot
be paid more than ministers! .


but he was a great speaker.

ot all of us who are in the busi-
itess of regularly offering
social and political commentary take
delight in criticising those who are
responsible for our national institutions
and governance.
In fact, it is sometimes quite painful to
have to criticism people you know well,
including some for whom you have high
regard, even affection. But it is about
our institutions. I have high regard for

DOZENS of executives and
companies have been subpoe-
naed by a federal grand jury in
Puerto Rico stemming from a 0
probe related to the US territo-
ry's governor, according to at
Associated Press.
Governor AnibalApevedo.
Vila has said that Ofautigitimo sis
ai-e investigating contributions -
to his mnpaignPfo res e
nonvotmg r rtehsee active in
tion, ut that he is not a targe
of eproa d 'ury in San Juan
gr ]
has 1-eque eddeco3r0dsde .

phia-area firms owned by seven
executives, meludmg develop-
er Kenneth N. Goldenberg, the
Parkway Corp., and Hill Inter-
national of Marlton, NJ, The
Philadelphia Inquirer reported
Sunday. All have been cam-
paign donors to Mayor John
Street and other area politi-
Robert M. Feldman, a long-
time associate of US Sen.-elect
Bob Casey Jr, and 10 of his
companies also are among those
named in the subpoenas. Henry
E. Hockeimer Jr, an attorney
representing Feldman, said his
client's companies did no work
in Puerto Rico.
Howard Trachtman, spokes-
man for Parkway Corp, said the
company responded to the sub-
poena but called the probe "a
fishing expedition." He said the
company told investigators that
the firm and its president,
Joseph S Zuritsky, had no con-
tact with Acevedo.

began at the Public Schoolin The Cur-
rent and eluded at Boys Central in Nas-
Yet Sir Alvin was a highly literate
man, an accomplished and colorful
debater and an expert on the rules and
conventions of parliament. He had a
flamboyant personality and occasional-
ly gave in to the temptation to preen,

Mr Ingraham but I repeat that it is not
fair to him nor to the institution of par-
liament nor to the country to have him
in that particular post.
I make no apologies for repeatedly
advocating in this column the nurtur-
ing, protection and development ofour
national institutions, the rituals, tradi-
tions and conventions which protect


This is the reason why judges'

* In brief



ISsued over

g OVO fROf


r I I-

In brief

Young man
is gunned
down outside
liquor store

This incident occurred
around 3am yesterday, accord-
ing to Inspector Walter Evans.
According to reports, around
3am on Monday police received
reports of gunshots in the
Ragged Island Street area just
opposite the Corner Me liquor
A group of persons were said
to be in a yard opposite that
establishment at the time.
An individual reportedly
approached the group and pro-
duced a handgun.
The persons in the yard
rerpTedly fled as gunshots were
A man who was a part of the
group ran to the back of the
yard where he collapsed and
died, having sustained gunshot
wounds to his upper body.
. The identity of that man was
not released up to press time
last night. The mcident brought
the number of homicides in the
country this.year to 47.
The matter is under investi-
g stion.

Woman faces
144 cha rg es
in connection
With thefts

A 23-YEAR-OLD woman
appeared in Milgistrate's Court
celr yl e 1 44 charges
pany reports and stealing thou-
sands of dollars from her place
of employment.
Deandra McDonald
appeared before Magistrate
Renet McKay in Court Six in
Parliament Street yesterday.
The magistrate took over an
hour to read the particulars of
the charges:-
It is alleged that while work.
ing as a Hard Rock
Cafe on Charlotte Street
tx:tween Monday, May 15 and
Sunday, September 17 of this
year, the Hanna Road resident
made false entries into the com-
any's records suggesting that
goods had been returned by
It was alle ed that McDon-
ald did this an average of three
times a week with items priced
at various amounts not exceed--
idg $400.
It was alleged thbat she stole
more than $14,000 m total.
McDonald stood before the
magistrate as the charges were
ead individually, pleading not
guilty to each charge.
Prosecutor Inspector Bradley
Sands made no objection to
bail for the accused.
McDonald was granted bail
by the court in the sum of
$20, Owithtwoss 3 u edto
February 21, 2007 for trial.





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AnzdAppliance Centre

ae ban*

is proud to present the r


171 01*d of

The Bahamas

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Sl? 4
011 *
.. OS day9
28th November, 2006

at the
. ,
Brstish Colonial Hilton
12 noon Cocktails
1 p.m. Luncheon/Show
Valet Parking Available

the photographer who claims
to be father of Anna Nicole
Smith s baby, is to get sup-
port from an unexpected
quarter Bahamian fathers
rig se mh 3 Tathers for
Children Everywhere organ-
isation is supporting Mr Birk-
head in his attempt to estab-
lish paternity of two-month
old Dannie Lynn Hope and
is willing to demonstrate on
his behalf.
coCirobuspa ader Clever Dun;
the government to be seen
supporting someone seeking
refuge from a paternity claun.
He said Mr Birkhead
should be granted his request
for DNA tests to be con-
ducted on the child to estab-
lish whether he is the father.
Mr Birkhead, who works
in Los Angeles showbusiness
journalism, claims he had a
serious two-year relationship
with Ms Smith and was by
her side non-stop during the
time the baby was conceived.
He is now taking action
through Nassau courts alleg-
ing fraud, claiming that
lawyer Howard K Stern is
listed as father on the baby's
birth certificate.
Mr Duncombe said:
"Everything we are fighting
for is bemg played out In this
to a DNA sample, and the
baby is entitled to know who
her father is.
"If we have to demonstrate

SANNA Nicole Smith in an old photograph with Larry

on his behalf, we would. It is
the child we are mostly con-
cerned about. She is entitled to
know her identity."
Mr Duncombe said the
Bahamas should not allow itself
to be used as a bolt-hole from
the paternity laws.
Mr Birkhead told The Tu-
bune last week that he and
Anna Nicole had spent $13.1.100
on baby furniture in prepara-
tion for the birth and painted
her bedroom pink at their home
in Studio City, Los Angeles
He dismissed Mr Sterns
paternity claims, saying t he

attorney was regarded by Ms
Smith merely as a "gofer" and
that neighbours called him "The
Chihuahua" because he fol-
lowed her around.


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Impligration Minister
Shane Gibson is likely to face
a challenge from fathers'
rights champion Clever Dun-
combe in the next general
election. .
Mr Duncombe, who plans
to stand as an independent,
says he is confident that he
can unseat the embattled
minister in the Golden Gates
There is no doubt that
public opinion is moving
against him over the Anna
Nicole Smith situation," said
Mr Duncombe. ,
"Mr Gibson's position in
fast-tracking her residency is
inexcusable and he should do
the decent thing and resign."
Mr Duncombe said it was
time that politicians entered
elections with real missions
and objectives.
. He said he was determined
to fight for fathers' rights -
and champion the cause of
pen ne ennd r aZ:1
cial assistance to fight the
seat," he said, "I have lived in
Golden Gates for 26 years
and I know the people well.
"I have been involved in
fathers' rights for a long time
now. People know I am seri-
ous and I believe I can win."
Mr Duncombe, hitting out
at the PLP government, sAid
that in a First World country

Shane Gibson. Kenyatta Cat ,,
son and Bradley Roberts woukI
have all been forced to resign
since the party's election vicio-
ry m 2002.
Of Shane Gibson, he smel.
"He should not now be receil ing
a minister's salary. He should
have been forced to step dow n.
Some years ago, he would
have been hard to beat. But not
now he has lost a lot of sup-
port because of the Anna
Nicole business."
Prospective FNM candidate
Don Saunders is also on record
as saying that public opinion is
turning against the minister in
the Golden Gates area.
He said his campaigning visits
to people's homes reveal a high
level of discontentment.
Both he and Mr Duncombe
feel the Golden Gates area has
been neglected during Mr Gib-
son's term as MP.



Fathers' group

, 4

" amp~laigner to challenged


The Tribune Limited
Being Bound to Swear to The Dogmas of No Master

LEON E. H. DUPUCH, Publisher/Editor 1903-1914

(Hon.) LL.D., D.Litt.

Publisher/Editor 1919-1972
Contributing Editor 1972-1991

Publisher/Editor 1972-

Published Daily Monday to Saturday

Shirley Street, P.O. Box N-3207, Nassau, Bahamas
Insurance Management Building., P.O. F-485, Freeport, Grand Bahama

Switchboard (News, Circulation and Advertising) 322-1986
Advertise Mana r (242) 502-2352

B ahamians know where truth lies

Mr Gibson swore to the House that at no
time was he at Horizons when the $10,000 cheque
arrived. Ms Ferguson said he was not only there,
but Ms Smith put the cheque for her permit into
his hands-
Now both cannot be telling the truth. Has Mr
Gibson lied to the House arid the public? Or, is it
the young lawyer who has lied? And, if so for
what reason? What reason would Ms Ferguson
have to lie, knowing that a lie would tarmsh her
promising legal career? On her part we can find
none. ,
And what would be Mr Gibson's reason for
lying? Although unusual, Mr Gibson certainly
did nothing illegal in accepting a cheque for his
department. However, his actions were political-
ly devastating, especially in view of all the hun-
dreds of deserving applicants who have been
waiting for years for their residence permits from
his department.
Although we can see absolutely no reason for
Ms Ferguson to manufacture a lie, we can find a
caus r Mr bson.him-if in fact he is hiding
behind a lie he has compounded his misjudg-
ment by repeating that lie to the House. It is
even more reprehensible that to save his political
skin he is prepared to destroy the career of a
young lawyer.
Mr Gibson only has to recall 1963 and the
infamous Profumo case in England to under-
stand how quickly a lie can take a politician down.
John Profumo, Secretary of State for War in a
Conservative Cabmet, ma weak moment shared
he broke off the affair after a few weeks, rumous
started circulating. When it was discovered that
Keeler had also shared her pillow with a senior
naval attach at the So et Embassy in London,
the political scan'ddl took oli M life of its own.
In March 1963, Profumo told the House of
Commons tha(there was "no impropriety what-
ever" in his relationship with Keeler. As the pub-
lic furor grew he confessed in June that.he had
misled the House. On June 5th he resigned as a
Cabinet Minister and a Privy Councillor. He went
down, not because he had slept with a playgirl, but
because he had lied to the House. He took the
backdoor from the political arena and wasnever
heard of again until his death in March this year.
It was a lie that sent Martha Stewart to jail and
alie-"Inever had sex with that young woman"
- that destroyed President Clinton.
We now leave Mr Gibson with a sound bit of
advice that the late Sir Lynden Pindling gave his
parliamentarians when dealing with their con-
"Tell them the truth," said Sir Lynden at a.PLP
convention, "even if it proves to be embarrassmg.
The.truth Is better than a lie any day and our
peopledknow the difference anyway. We must
be straight with the Bahamian people. Don't
blame otherpeople; take the blame yourself.
Sir Lynden was ri t. Despite the huffing and
an people know where the truth lies,

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This 11,900 sq. ft. facility will
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this no Arvice our goal is to discourage the

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particular dollar? Is it our
salaries? Whereas one may
argue that the Government
receives taxes from other earn-
ings such as tourism (external),
customs duty, stamp duty, etc,
but all of these are what makes
up the aggregate amount of
funds needed to pay our
national and international bills,
which facilitates our Bahamian
dollar to stay on par with that
of the US.
If it is then possible for the
Government to lower their
'take' on the gasoline dollar,
then, by what feasible amount?
The last I checked, we live in a
basically tax free nation where
this has een t asis o
attraction for foreign investors
(which undoubtedly assist in
accounting for our no. 2 Bank-
ing industry).
I spoke with a local gas sta-
tion owner who confirmed that
out of every dollar, the gov-
ernment takes about $1.11.
With the remaining change,
they must pay franchise fees,
salaries, utilities, etc. Hence,
they must make up for the loss
by selling "in store" items.
While MP Leslie Miller did all
he could do to help lower such
costs, they basically and grad-
ually increase nonetheless.
Warfare, warfare, warfare!
It is commonly said that what-
ever the United States says or
does, it subsequently affects
our tiny nation that can hardly
be seen on any given map
the world. Mostly, when the
economy of the US is being
threatened or headed for a
decline, then it's time to go to
World War I and II came at
times when the economy of the
United States was at an all
time low, so they say! Do we
then see a pattern with the lat-
est war against terrorisM r,
is it re ally because the US
wants to take over oil fields in
the Middle East, as opposed
to fighting terronsm? Can this
then be considered World War
III? Whether this is the case or
not, the lives that have been
lost are almost considered
secondaryr" in comparison to
the amount of money that is
being made from it, and, of
course, in comparison to the
benefit of the US (or certain
persons who are in charge of
running or ruining the coun-
Nonetheless, because of
where the wars are currently
. taking place (ie in the Middle
East) it is extremely difficult
to obtain oil during these
unfortunate crises. Hence,
because of this difficulty, the
price of oil increases which
then trickles down to the con-
m()n the o rwhan inan5
from other countries such as

EDITOR, The Tribune
I humbly request your
authorization for me to exer-
cise the liberty to articulate my
views pertaining to the high
price of petrol, in your well
informed newspaper,
First things first, I wish to
only speak about the high price
of gasoline because despite all
efforts to modify the price of
gasoline, this is all that anyone
can do at this moment!
I remember when I first got
my second hand sedan in 2003
and all it took was $40 to fill
the tank to capacity. Even
then, that was considered high
because of the unfortunate
chain of events following 9/11
two years earlier. Since then, it .
now takes about $60 or so to
Em car with as. This makes
it obvious there have been
mounting hikes in gas prices.
over the past few years.
However, sadly to say, it
only seems to be getting worse.
Is this preposterous and con-
tinuous rise in gasoline prices
absolutely necessary? Or, can
something be done to lower
the cost by Any percentage?
Well, I think that the main .
contributing factors to the high
price of gasoline are as follows
(not in any particular order of
High government tax on .
Warfare in the Middle
Eastern countries like
Afghanistan and Iraq.
Cost to import gasoline
High government tax on
gasoline seems inevitable. We
may all say that the Govern-
merit d&es not need to take so
many cents from the gasoline
dollar.,but they are inclined to
tax various aspects of revenue
in order to place funds into the
"piggy bank" or what is known
as the Public Treasury.
We must all bear in mind
though, that funds from our
piggy pay bank our civil.ser
vants, bank loans from various
worldwide institutions such as
the Inter-American Develop
ment Bank (IDB), building of
schools and maintenance of
such facilities (ie school sup-
plies, structural maintenance,
etc), subsidisation and several
other things that we the gen-
eral public may not be aware
of. Oh, and let's not forget
those increased salaries and
back pay.
,Does the government then
have a choice to not tax this
dollar? What then, should the
Government tax in lieu of this
.gM 7 (

Venezuela and cut out the
"middle man" so to speak.
Well, we do get fuel from
Venezuela, which is imported
every twenty-one days, but the
cost continues to ascend. This
matter certainly is unavoidable,
especially since oil has become
an essential part of our daily
The cost to import gaso-
line.....what amount do we pay
for crude oil? Then subse-
quently, what do we pay for
shipping it to The Bahamas?
Upon arrival, do we pay any
taxes to the US or any other
country for facilitating this
process? What do we pay the
companies that transport the
oil to us? These are just a few
questions for us to ponder? Is
this not the same concept tak-
en when we import more than
half of our basic necessities
needed for life and for living? I
think so!
When we go to the store to
purchase an item and we dis-
cover that the item.costs an
arm and three legs, we holler
"I could get this cheaper in the
States." Well, yes you can, but
are you going to purchase a
. $300 ticket to go to the US to
buy that one item? Not likely.
However, we suck it up and
buy the iterils needed for sur-
vival. Likewise, we endure the
high cost to import gasoline
because it of the most
essential items needed to facil-
itate everyday life (like gaso-
line and electricity).
In light of the aforemen-
tioned contributing factors,
while I don't think.that much
can be done to effect change in
these prices on an internation-
afleveTUYeven (to atrexterity a
national level, I do-think that
we should consider the follow-
ing to minimize the purchase of
Car pooling
Where there are two fam-
ily cars, use one to get around
(alternate cars so that one
would not stalbout).
Travel where absolutely
necessary (ie work, school,
church, store.)
Minimize extracurricular
Take shorter routes to get
to a specific destination.
Leave home earlier to
avoid waiting in traffic.
Consider buying diesel
friendly cars (diesel is cheap-
At the end of the day, while
I would like to say that the
gasohne price does not need
to be so high because it direct-
ly affects my pocketbook as
well, reasonably speaking, it is
inescapable. Therefore, as we
are a resilient people, we wdl
somehow manage to conform
to this current situation, just
to ensure that our already
comfortable lifestyle is main-
October 2006

IMMIGRATION and Labour Minister Shane
Gibson told members of the House of Assembly
on November 1-not November 11 as stated in
this column oil November 7 that he was not at
"Horizons" when lawyer Tracy Ferguson deliv-
ered a $10,000 cheque to pay for controversial
American playgirl, Anna Nicole Smith's resi-
dence permit.
"I am going to say this for the last time," Mr
Gibson told the House, "I never ever was in the
house with anybody in ally bedroom with any
cheque. Never. I was not at the house at the time
that cheque was delivered. I was not at that house
and like the lawyer said yesterday, only Jesus
can be in two places at the same time. I was not in
the house when the cheque was delivered."
Earlier, on September 25, Mr Gibson had
issued a press release letting it be known for
"public information" that "no cheque was ever
personally collected" by him or delivered by him
in connection with Anna Nicole Smith. "Any-
thing to the contrary is a vicious lie conceived in
ignoO e idemt cr yu gelFNM.r
Tracy Ferguson, a respected junior partner, in
the reputable law firm of Callenders and Co?
Miss Ferguson is also from a well-known Bahami-
an family, her mother a former magistrate, her
'father, Avery Ferguson, a former assistant com-
missioner of police.
And this is what Ms Ferguson had to say in a
letter to Immigration Director Vernon Burrows,
answering questions put to her by his depart-
from your department (Immigration) with respect
to the application (for permanent residence for
Ms Smith). On 20th September, 2006 we received
a lo b- phone call froffiTilsstarshall (Anna Nicole
Smith) ad ,,nent residence had been approved and thatwe
must immediately brmg a cheque for $10,000
made payable to the Public Treasury to Hori-
zons as Minister Shane Gibson needed the
cheque. We were advised that Minister Gibson
would be present at Horizons at 7pm that evemug
to receive the cheque.
"We were a bit surprised as we had not yet
received any letter from your department advis-
ing us that the application had been considered
and approved.
"That evening I went to Horizons with the
cheque in the sum of $10,000 made payable to the '
Public Treasury. The cheque was personally hand-
ed to Ms Marshall (Anna Nicole) who in turn
gave it to Minister Gibson."
Ms Ferguson later elaborated. She said when
she Arrived at the Eastern road home, Mr Gibson
and Mr Howard Stern, Ms Smith's lawyer-com-
panion, were in the living room. Ms Ferguson
went into Ms Smith's bedroom, Mr Stern ushered
Mr Gibson in. Ms Ferguson put the envelop con-
taining the cheque into the hands of Ms Smith
(Marshall), who opened it, checked the figures,
left the premises.

What wye can

: J s-sI~NT


g 4 ,




Candidate must possess the following
characteristics: excellent sales/customer
service skills, excellent communication
skills, verbal and written, able to prepare
written proposals, reliable, work in a fast

pasted deadline oriented business, ability
to work with minimal


Skills required: high school diploma-
associate degree or better. Computer
literate; knowledge of excel, word,
outlook. Salary to negotiable based on



in Sta

Tribune Staff Reporter
slipped two positions in the
United Nation's Human Devel-
opment Index, and now ranks
behind Cuba in terms of
achievements in health care,
education and general stan-
dards of living.
Although the socialist state
of Cuba is often heavily criti-
cised by some political com-
mentators, it was able to
achieve a higher rating in the
UN's HDI than the Bahamas,
which was ranked 52nd two
positions behind Cuba out of
177 countries in the 2006
Human Development Report.
In last year's report the two
countries' positions were
retersed the Bahamas ranked
at 50 and Cuba at 52.
.Although Barbados slipped
one position compared to last
Sear. it still retained the top

LRWyer p

Tribune Freep.ort Reporter
FREEPORT Lanier Kwas
Thompson announced testerds
that he has decided to seek the
nomination of the Free Nation
110\ement io contest the Pmendg.
conslauency in the upcoming gen
"After playful considerallon am
discussion with m\ family, branel
.officers and members of Pineridge
constituence I hole decided to seel
the nominanon. I \\Ill be soun;
much more on this in the tery nea
future, but I hope to bring fresi
new ideas and protide Pineridge
nith a strong toice in parliament.
he said.
Mr Thompson's remarks cam.
nhalc addressing teachers and slu
,dents at the Beacon School. when
ashe and Team Pane!IJge buill .
green house for the students.
The schoolathich caters to men
talli and phisicalli challenced stu
dents. held a special assembly la
obsene National Children's Heck
Principal Sheryl Wood cipla new
that if is a time at --paling e11r:
ing to their needs."
All Thompson, who was present
ed with a plaque for his Jonation
took the opportunity roevpress he

Caribbean and Latin America
ranking at number 31, followed
by Cuba at 50 and St Kitts and
Nevis at 51.
The Bahamas, along with
Barbados, St Kitts and Nevis,
Trinidad and Tobago and
Antigua and Barbuda are the
only five CARICOM states
among the top 63 'High Human
Development' countries.

The UN Human Develop-
ment Report, which was
released.worldwide yesterday,
measures the average achieve-
ments in a country in three

cation criteria is measured by
the adult literacy rate and the
combined gross enrollment for
primary, secondary and tertiary
level educational institutions.
The GDP index is calculated
using the income variable from
household income surveys.
To eliminate differences in
national price levels in the
respective countries, household
mcome per capital is calculat-
ed from the surveys expressed
in US dollars in purchasing
power 15arity (PPP).
There were no changes in
the top three positioned coun-
tries in the 2006 Human Devel-
opment Report.
Norwa retained its number

C, -L 4

y y Me n e w *
basic dimensions of human one ranking as the best country
development, namely m terms in the world to hve, followed
of life expectanel, education by Iceland and Australia. ..f
and Gloss Domestle Product The latest Human Detelop. In the Call Hall of the munici- the systematic nolation of the
(GDPl per capital ment Report -entitled Beyond politi of Resen nght to water and identifieldie
Calculate sons f or Infe Scalcan. Potter. Polern and The re por1. w hic hw as underlying causes of t&crisise
expectant are based on infant Global H aler Crisis \\as pre- launched simultaneously setting out an ag a folf
mortalin Jan. while the edu- senate lesterdal m Macedonia worldwide.thusicar locuseson change. ,(
............, ..

laHS to stand for FNM in Pinerid

Mr Thompson said children
should grow up th a place \\here
the justice surem is fair to all par-
He said children need leaders
Mr Thompson said he belietes
sen ice is a priority and praised
principal Hood and her stall for
the tremendous work and citorts
at the school.
He said that he was particularl\
pleased by work of the poller1
class. life skills class and agr icul-
tural programme.
--Despite \our challenges lou rise
abole tour circumstances and con-
unue to achaete what would seem
to be the impossible.
"I cannot forget walking tn the
back and seeing children com-
pktell immersed watenny. planung
and maintaining the seedlings. He
\'.eloc.tmnlediatel moved to hap
The building of the green house
was a team offorthis.miself and the
FNM team Pineridwe 2111.0
--11 has been said that in the tmal
analists it is not whal \ou do for
\our children, but what \au hate
caught them to do for themselles
that wall make them successful
human beings'. I truli behete that
we hate assisted in some small \\ai
with flus principle. Mr Thompson

concerns about the dechning econ-
am\ of Grand Bahama. and the
go\ernment's neglect for educallon
from a prosperous paradise to a
place of economic decline which
leates our toung people in a state
of hopelessness." he said.
--There comes a time when we
hate seen the problems that our
children.ioung people, and fellow
calizens face long enough, and we
must remam silent no longer
I hate seen them sullering from
neglect and abuse and (can remain
silent no longer."
Mr Thompson said it has become
increasingly Jillieull in the
Bahamas for laung people to find
emploiment causing man\ 10 tum
He also heletes that leschers are
--underappreciated. mer worked
.and undelpaid" .. .
Mr Thompsan said that students
are condemned for the "D' nation-
al made alerage, but nothine is
being June to reduce class sizel to
enable theman learn more effee-
--The\lalk about cJucation betng
a top priorar\ but hate not spent
monci to complete school repairs
or build the addinanal schools
needed. I can remain silent no
longer '


SENIOR air traffic controller
Jason Saunders has returned
ty management and investing~
The opportunity was afforded
to Mr Saunders as was one of
Public Service Officer of the
Year award.
t inadwadps eksptobHudh r
cers selected in their respective
fields, the government said in a
statement yesterday.
Mr Saunders was one of
many participants from 24
countries attending the course.
The Airport Traffic Safety
Management workshop focused
on a number of issues includ-
ing how to implement improve-
ments and enhancements to the
akea ecomsmee daant o wotlO
Lowing an investigation into an
tor diSd d esll tt einst
sentmg the curriculum, and that
his only concern was the criti
cisms expressed by some in
attendance of the way western
nations conduct accident inves-
He noted that the Bahamas
conducts investigations and
r so tttheedm aB

a" rr 4

* Carpet, Upholstery, Stone and Marble Cleaning &
* ProchemCleamngSystemsremovesDeep&Heavy
Soil, Bacteria, GreaseWatermarks and Stains from .
Carpeting & Furniture, restoring them to like new
at a fraction of replacement cost.
* Carpet, Sofa's, Loveseats, Chairs, Dining Chairs, Cars,
Boats, Grout, Tiles, Marble & Stone
* Persian, Wool & Silk Carpet Cleaning Specialist
* Marble Polishing, Restoration & Care
Authorized StoneTech Professional Contractor


mas slips behind Cub

*In brief



GUESTS at this year's
Bahamas Humane Society Ball
will be treated to fine food, top
class entertainment and have
the chance to win a number of
valuable prizes.
Organizers of the ball
announced that the event will
feature a five course gourmet
meal accompanied by the music
of the Lou Adams Orchestra
and Modern Vintage.
The raffle promises to be an
exciting one, featuring a grand
prize of two first class tickets
to London, England donated
by American Eagle/American
Airlines and a five-night stay
at the London Waldorf Hilton
Hotel donated by the British
Colonial Hilton.
Other prizes include a stay
at the Four Seasons hotel on
Great Extima, a five-nightstay
in Jamaica at Breezes and a
three-night stay at the Cove at
The event will be held on
Saturday, November 15. For
. more information, see the
bHuealth section in today's Tri-

Air traffic
returns from



PR sm)




For Easy Financing

On Premises

Check Our Priod

Cal *



lS launched


FREEPORT A new awareness project
has been launched on Grand Bahama to
educate students about sexual abuse, drugs

and secondary schools throughout the
Teams of officers from the Urban
Renewal Project which is spearheading
the programme have visited five prima-
ry schools so far.
The Lucaya Urban Renewal team visit-
ed Mary Star of the Sea Primary Schoolon
Friday, where they gave lecture on sexual
abuse and firearm safety. A demonstra-
tion was also carried out by drug officer of
the K-9 Unit.
Officer Chris Barr, co-ordinator for
Eight Mile Rock Urban RenewalPi-oject,
encouraged students to report any sexual
abuse to their parents, teachers or the
"Ever since the young girl was raped in
N th ht it was ortant to
goa t sch Is to bring children up
to date on what is going on, and how they
can protect themselves and, God for-
bids, if it happens to them, what to do," he
Although the police have not received a
"great number" of sexual ablise reports
concerning young children, officer Barr
said that some cases have been reported.
"It is happening, and so with education
we think it will cause a breakthrough
because children will know they can report
it," he said.
Officer Barr said that students have
responded well to the Safe Touch pro-
with strangers and to always be aivare of
their surroundings. We also tell them it is
their right to say 'no' to anyone who wants
to touch them inappropriately."
After all of the primary schools have.
been covered, the Urban Renewal teams
will tackle the high schools.
Kenneth Sampson, principal of Mary
::,<=:Sea, praised the officers for
"It is really a good opportunity flief
would not otherwise have; coming and
dl ha bo
the community. I think it is a wonderful
opportunity and we welcome this at any
time," Mr Sampson said.
Inspector Lorretta Mackey, head of
Lucaya Urban Renewal team, was pleased
with the response to the programme.
"The reception from the kids was over-
whelming. We thought it was important
because of the Amount of matters we have
seen reported with respect to little chil-
dren with sexual abuse. We wanted to not
onlymakethemawareof itbuttoalsolet
them know that it is not their fault, and
that it is wrong for someone to be molest-
ing them or.touching them to make feel
uncomfortable," she said.


Self Insurance Tender

The Bahamas Telecommunications

Company Limited (BTC)

BTC is intending to transfer its Property/Business Interruption
risk from a traditional "All Risk" program to a 100% self
insured plan.

BTC is hereby inviting qualified Companies/Firms to present
a creative cost effective conceptual tender including a scope
of work detailing how your Company/Firm proposes to design,
develop and implement the Self insurance Plan.

Tender Packages can be collected from the Security's Desk
of BTC John F. Drive Nassau, Bahamas between the hours
of 9:00 1 and 5:00pm.

The deadline for submission of proposals is on or before
5:00pm Monday, November 17'", 2006.
Only Companies/Firms who have experience in creating and
implementing self insurance and alternative risks transfer
plans need apply.

BTC reserves the right to reject any or all tenders.



carcasses that the birds were killed
by pellets from a shotgun.
"This conclusion confirmed suspi-
cions that the birds were killed by
hunters. The area where the birds were
found is known to be frequented by
hunters and recent cold fronts could
have encouraged the arrival of sea-
sonal migratory birds," Mr Miller said.

This incident has heightened the
need for continued surveillance
throughout the Bahamas, he added.
"Refresher training will be con-
ducted on all major islands to ensure
the safe collection, preparation and
handling of suspect samples in the
event that it becomes necessary," said
Mr Miller.

BIRD flu fears in North Eleuthera
have been dispelled by Agriculture
Minister Leslie Miller, who said it has
been confirmed a group of dead birds
found last week were killed by hunters.
Press accourits on November 6
raised concerns about the dead birds,
which were found along the Bluff
Road in North Eleuthera.

"The carcasses were collected and
shipped to New Providence and
examined the following day," Mr
Miller told a press conference.
The carcasses were identified as
North American Coot, an annual vis-
itor to the Bahamas, he said.
"The senior veterinary officer con-
cluded after the examination of the

TEACHERS at Yellow
Elder Primary School staged
a massive "sit out" yesterday,
with the support of several
parents in a bid to draw
attention to the school s
Despite claims by Ministry
of Education officials that
construction would continue
into the school year, teach-
ers say not much has been
done since the official open-
ing.. Several teachers are
without classrooms and prop-
er facilities and the adminis-
trative block is yet to be com-
Already getting off to a
late start as the school
opened a week after it was
scheduled, the sit-out was
another- disruption that left
more than 750 students with
nothilig to do yesterday.
Arlene Anderson, a par-
ent as well as a school board
member, said that "since the
school opened in September,
the government did some
work but they did not do
enough. The work was start-
ed, but has not been fin-
\ "This school," said Mrs

Anderson, who was once a
student of Yellow Elder, "for
a very long time has needed
work done in sonie key areas
that has been done, but my
philosophy is: To.start work
and not complete it is just as
bad as not starting it at all.
So we are just simply askmg
to get into the key areas.
Let's get them finished."
The Art teacher, Comput-
er teacher, Guidance Colul-
sellor, and Spanish teacher
all have been displaced. Also
the Headmistress, Principal,
Vice Principal, three clerical
workers, the nurse and| the
Guidance Counsellor are all
using the same office.
"The art teacher is working
out of a suitcase, the com-
puter room is non-existent
and the guidance counsellor,
nurse and senior mistress all
share the same office. It's
obvious what the problem is,
So we decided on Thursday
as a corporate body to blend
our voices to bring some
attention to our problems,"
Sonia Storr, Guidance
problem is keeping her con-
versations with students con-
fidential while having to

Spanish teacher who's in the
back right corner and we're
all in the back of the mrisic
room. So when she's (music
teacher) having class, we are
tucked away in the back
behind the piano trying to
mark papers."
The computer teacher,
Andrea Lockhart, who has
not conducted a class for the
,term, said it is almost the end
of the first term and she still
has not been able to get start-
"I'm disappointed in this
whole thing because I am
wondering what is priority in
this country," she said.
Director of Education
Cecil Thompsoftwwho admit-
ted that he has been aware
of the problem since Sep-
tember, assured teachers that
work will start "almost imme-
Desiree McCoy, a parent,
said she was prepared to fight
until they hear her cry, no
matter how long that takes.
"Nothing gets done in this
country unless we protest.
The school has been open for
two mokiths and nothing has
been done.
Classes are expected to
resume today.

. .


H THE scene at Yellow Elder Primary School in September,
when the school was forced to open a week late because of
ongoing repair work

shardher "office" with nine
other persons. It can some-
times make confidentiality a
very difficult task, she said.
"We are all in a big room
and there is really nowhere
to have a private conference
with parents or students.
There is no facility available.
We are all housed in the staff
room and we all work togeth-
er out of that office," she
Usually Mrs Storr tries to
find an empty classroom, but
with so many teachers dis-
placed that too can be diffi-

cult, she said.
Carla Campbell, art
teacher, said she is limited to
theory because of the lack of
facilities. "Art is a very prac-
tical and hands on subject
which requires space," she
explained. "So there are lim-
ited things that we clin do.
"The children are being
robbed. Art is a moment to
escape from the norm and
they are unable to be cre-
ative." When asked where
her classes are usually locat-
ed, she said they were "in the
back left corner next to the

I HE appeal hearing of
murder convict Maxo Tido
has hee n adjourned to Jan-
vari Z. 2007.
T Id o appeared in the
appellate court yesterday
as prosecutors were expect-
ed to make their stibmis-
The hearing had to be
adiourned, however, as Jus-
ace Emmanuel Osadebay
was unable to sit at yester-
day's hearing.,

Tido's attorney Wayne
Munroe pointed out that
the same three justices have
to hear the appeal from
beginning to end.
Tido was the first convict
to be sentenced after a
landmark ruling by the
Privy Council earlier this
year, which held that the
mandatory death penalty
was unconstitutional.
In March, Tido was
found guilty by unanimous

decision of the murder of
then 16-year-old Donnell
Conover reportedly died
as a result of a crushed skull
and lacerations to the brain,
Her partially clothed
body was found in a quarry
pit off Cowpen Road.
Tido was sentenced in
Aprilby Justice Anita Allen;
Justice Allen had ruled
that the death penalty was



Butler PF Sands


e Experience

. .
A Grand Holiday Wine Tasting

Grand Tasting $20
An n;pre.ow, assormu;:r ofes modes tid me n on. ... >.e..*, .se me!-/.

Connoisseur Tasting $40

Liam Poliger arearacha and ha Berrean C re..m: or on Re--. '

Sandals Royal Bahamian,
Balmoral Ballroom
Thursday. November 16th. 2006
6:30pm 10:00pm
Tickets available at Caves. IFK.
Harbour Bay. Shirler Street, Lyford
car and Cable Beach Stores.

Westin at our Lucent.
Great 5: Litelu Harbour Cal Rooms
Sundry, November 19th, 2000
-i:00pm ~:30pm
Tickets call.ible at Qu n's Highway
and R.ND Phi a Basses.

Prceedsto~ aI idi the Bahama~s Red Cross and the G~aran Bahamai Heart Association.

Bird flu fears quelled on Eleuthera

YellOw Elder teachers and -

Apge1 agsimst murder

.Three owners

are suspended


. f 9 9

The Bahamas Telecommunication Company Limited invites applications from
suitably qualified individuals for the position of MANAGER, Interconnection
Specialist/Legal & Regulatory Affairs Department.


To develop, manage and oversee inter-carrier arrangements with other operators
primarily from a business-perspective but alsofor regulatory purposes in order
to proactively manage BTC's reference interconnection offer mterconnection
agreements and inter-carrier arrangements and develop potential markets for
BTC wholesale carrier services.


This position will report directly to the Vice President, Legal & Regulatory
Affairs and Interconnection and will handle the. following specific duties.


1. To address all matters related to inter-carrier interconnection provisioning
including co-location and infrastructure sharing;

2. To assist in the development and implementation of a RIO (Reference
Interconnection Offer);

3. To assist in the development of strategy outline for mter-connection
wholesale carrier services;

4. To co-ordinate review and resolve interconnection agreement related
complaints against BTC at the preliminary stage;

5. To negotiate terms and conditions and amendments for interconnection

6. To assist with the PUC on matters.related to interconnection compliance
and regulation under the PUC license issued to BTC;

7. To liaise with other licensed telecommunications providers on matters of
: interconnection from a business perspective;

8, To assist in the preparation of reports on the company as they relate to
the business and technical issues of interconnection;

9. To manage all interaction with competitors and competitive issues of the
Interconnection nature melding disputes;

10. To become proficient in the analysis'of all related interconnection and
regulatory documents;
11. To be responsible for the monitoring of the physical interconnection points
of competitors including co-location and facilitiessharing:

12. To be responsible for the provision of updated interconnection network
maps between BTC arid interconnection operators;

13. To assist with the monitoring reporting and updating of the RIO;

14. To assist and advise on the reporting of matters to the Regulator involving
fraudulent activity on BTC's network by licensed/unlicensed operators;

15. To inform, educate and update all relevant company employees on all
.............. .

16. To liaise and coordinate with relevant departments in the Company in the
compiling of reports on interconnection matters;

17. To attend where applicable seminars and conferences and training courses
on Interconnection and Regulatory matters;

18. To provide a monthly report to the Division Head on all related matters;

19. To attend and assist with any interconnection/regulatory matter requiring
reference to a court of competent jurisdiction;

20. To represent the Company on any matters of an interconnection nature
involving the Company;

21. To assist in the preparation of the specifies of interconnection for Capital
and Operational budget documents for the division;

22. To assist, if required, with annual office performance evaluations;

23. To supervise junior staff and complete merit system appraisals;

24. To demonstrate when appropriate according to Company's policies and
procedures the ability and willingness to reprimand and/or recommend
disciplinary action of an employee in reporting line requiring same.

. 25. To perform any other duties relevant to the support of-the divisiott as
determined from time to time by the VP, Legal & Regulatory Affairs &


1. Bachelor of Science Degree in Telecommunications or Electronics
En neerm or related alification with a minimum of five (5) years
work experience. Possession of a Master's degree in Business
Administration would be an asset.

2. E erience in the telecommunications industry would also be an asset.

3. Strong leadership and organizational skills.

4. Strong written and verbal communications skills.

All applications are to be received at BTC's Head Office, 21 John F. Kennedy
Drive, no later than November 22nd, 2006 and addressed as follows:




offi 1 a naeaeof7 irp io
action over unauthorized
"moonlighting" three police
officers have reportedly been
suspended over allegations that
they were working a second job
without permission.
Chief Superintendent Hulan
Hanna told members of the
press yesterday that these per-
sons will remain suspended until
ongoing investigations are com-
pleted. The officers, he said, are
Suspected of unauthorizedd and
Illegal private engagement .
Just last week John Fergu-
son, superintendent of police in
charge of the Southeastern
Division and chairman of the
mi iv e EngaT mn
. from the commissioner over
unauthorized moonlighting in
light of numerous.reports.
"The public is further advised
that at no time should they
approach officers for private
engagements and that should
any person claiming to be a
police officer offer his services
as a police officer, that person
should immediately be reported
to the Complaints and Corrup-
tion Unit," Mr Hanna said. .
He said the three officers who
were suspended had allegedly
been providing a private securi-
ty service over a period of time.
"It is illegal, when it is not
duly unauthorised, for officers
to offer themselves for a fee
over what they are being paid,"
Mr flantia:saidst *
le saiduthatahe could riot
release the names or rahks of
the individuals suspended, as
the matter is still under investi-
According to Mr Hanna, any
ntimber of disciplinary actions

ii CHIEF Superintendent Hulan Hanna

would be warranted if an officer
was proven to have been in
breach of police policy. He said
that in extreme cases, officers
could find themselves being dis-
missed from the force. 7
"Members of the Royal
Bahindus police faiic ikelud
idgfhee reservists and poQce
divilhtith are. obligated to serve
this country in a way th;at is
above reproach and all allega-
tions of police misconduct will
be vigorously investigated and
the.necessary corrective actions
will be taken," he said. .

"Persons interested in secur-
ing the services of personnelof
the Royal Bahamas Police
Force for private engagements
are advised that their request
ought to be made in writing to
the commissioner of police."
Mr Hanna sour .g?.31he
public to take this route, saymg
that it would benefit everyone
He said statistics show that
when police officers are prop-
erly engaged at a private func-
tion, the possibility of criminal
incidents is reduced.

M PRIME Minister Perry Christie is pictured inspecting the craft an earlier Christmas
show produced by Ministry of Tourism with Bahamas Hotel Association.
(Photo: Derek Smith)

Hotel Association, who are our
partners in this venture."
Activities will also include
Authentically Bahamian fash-
ion shows and a straw entre-
preneur competition that will
reward the creator of the most
original straw product of the
Gospel choir performances,
drama productions and
Junkanoo rushes will round out
the entertainment highlights.
Ms Rolle anticipated that this
year's show will be especially
pleasing aesthetically. Several
exhibitors are expected to dec-
orate their booths using tips giv-
en at the Ministry ofTourism's
booth design and presentation
workshop in June.
The workshop, conducted by
US artist and colummst Bruce
Baker, concentrated on how to
create display spaces that are
attractive and functional.

THE Ministry of Tourism has
announced that it will produce
its largest ever "Authentically
Bahamian" Christmas craft
show this year;
The show, ministry officials
said, will feature more booths
and a longer exhibition period
than in previous years.
The public is being encour-
aged to prepare to attend, and
artisans are being urged to
finalist arrangements for their
booths, said Rowena Rolle,
general manager of Authenti-
cally Bahamian.
"We have grown tremen-
dously Ms Rolle said. "We
usually have 65 to 70 booths -
but this year, we anticipate hav-
mg 85.
"Most of those are already
assigned to top-quality arti-
sans. So those who wait for
the last moment may mass the
opportunity to be a part of

this signature event."
In. addition to having more
exhibitors, the craft show has
grown from a two day trade fair
to a three-day event.
The 12th annual Authenti-
cally Bahamian Christmas craft
show will be held at Wyndham
Nassau Resort from Friday.
ber 10. The show will run from
9am to 5pm on Friday, 11am to
6pm on Saturday and.noon to
6pm.on Sunday.
"Those attending the show
will also notice that our enter-
tainment and side attractions are
even better than before," Ms
Rolle said. "We are introducing
a Kids Corner this year for the
young ones. They will also be
able to enjoy El special appear-
ance by a special Santa Claus.
We will have story-telling by
Patricia Bazard and a silent auc-
tion organized by the Bahamas

'Authentically Bahlamian



Wanted for new state of the art factory-
* Must have tools & experience.
Secure job with good pay and benefits for the right person.
Part-time & weekend positions available.

Call: 394-4151 '
Fa x: 394-4159. -3

rvvvvvvvvywwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwYTYYTYYTYYYYYWWWWWYYYr '
* 4). .
WI & & A.F *



Film Fe stival

a *
Free kids workshops at Atlantis

FilmS frOM RTOund the world

Individual Screenings $8.00
Opening & Closing Night $25

Learn from Industry Professionals

Panels Discussion $10.00

Enjoy our Fantastic Events

Pre-screening Chopard & Versace Cocktail
Reception at The Cloisters
Happy Hours at Club Waterloo
Career Achievement Tribute
Closing Night Party

December 7-10, 2006

Tel: 356-5939
FRX: 356-2991
BIFF on the Web:

Death Notice



ILCI is planning to offer
Mandarin Chinese in the fall of
The grand opening on Sep-
tember 28 was attended by a
distinguished audience, includ-
ing Haitian Ambassador Mr
Louis Harold Joseph; Mr Josef
Hermanns, the German Hon-
ourary Consul; Mr Thierry
Boeuf, the French Honourary
Consul; COB president Janyne
Hodder; former COB presi-
dents Leon Higgs and Keva
Bethell; COB senior nianage-
ment, faculty and staff, as well
as COB students.
Also in attendance were for-
eign language teachers from

Head the Ministry of Tourism
Cadet Programme, and Ms
Donnella Davis from the
Department of Education.
The ceremony began with the
reciting of the "Our Father" in
English, Creole, French, Span-
ish and German, and a parade
of 15 flags from countries
around the world carried by
consuls, faculty and students.
President Hodder welcomed
the guests, Dr Chipman-John-
son briefly outlined how the
ILCI came into being and Dr
Irene Moss, ILCI project co-
ordinator, gave a slide presen-
tation on ILCI's goals.
is arh ul s2 run n:
7, ILCI held a traditional Okto-
trhkl code aCOmBs am us
. man food and beer and Ger"
man costumes.
A French movie evening was
held on October 10 and a Mex-
ican evening, "El Dia de los
Muertos", on November 1.
We would like to offer our

THE newly created Interna-
tional Languages and Cultures
Institute at the College of the
Bahamas is off to a running
start according to its directors.
Since opening in September,
the Institute (or ILCI) has been
offering Spanish, French, Hait-
ian Creole and German courses.
ILCI is the brainchild of Dr
Rhonda Chipman-Johnson,
who prepared a report in May
2005 on the need for more for-

eign language offerings.
Her survey revealed that the
six languages most requested in
order of preference were: Span-
ish, French, English (as a second
language), Haitian Creole, Ger-
man and Mandarin Chinese,
"It is significant that 16 or 42
per cent of the respondents to
the survey indicated that Man-
darin Chinese should be
taught," Dr Chipman-Johnson

MMR THIERRY BOEUF, the. French Honourary Consul at the grand opening

students and the general pub-
lic the possibility of visiting dif-
ferent cultures without having
to leave the Bahamas," said Dr
The next cultural event is a
panel discussion on the Euro-
pean Union with an extremely
knowledgeable panel: Sir
Arthur Foulkes, Former
Bahamian Ambassador to the
European Union A Leonard
Archer, High Commissioner for

CARICOM Ernst Rumer,
Honorary Austrian Consul
Stephen Aranha.
The Moderator will be Rev
Dr James Moultrie, associate
professor in the School ofEdu-
cation at COB, and former
Bahamian Ambassador to the
United Nations.
The event will take place
on November 16 at 7pm at
the Munnings Building at

Paul Mbehall bS~ls


56i Mader~ia Street,.Palmdale

ment has assisted them in
committing this wrong," Mr
Shelly said. "We challenge her
(Anna Nicole) to show receipt
flift or funds for this
"If she has a document to
prove that she owns this house
we challenge her to produce
itM mpson, and Ms
Smith are still currently bat
tling in the courts over owner-
ship of Horizons. Ms Smith's
hrs thift Mmelwi
that Mr Thompson has repeat-
edly denied *

A Sunset To Life Memonal
Service Will Be Held For Roger

Spindler, At Holy Name Catholic
Church, Bimini Bahamas,
MOnday November 27, 2006
At 6:30 PM

Mr. Spindler Died, October 16,
2006 At Broward General

Hospital, U.S.A '

International Languages and

IIORX bomb

*SCare at COUtt

FROM page one
around Bahamian courts.
Concerns were initially raised
after The Tribune received a
call from an anonymous person
o*,roud otchkaye t rda
may have been placed in the
co., cal er alleged that the
action was inspired by the ruling
of a particular magistrate in a
drug-related trial.
Shortly after, police were
made aware, and a "thorough
search" was made of the court
by experts, according to assis-
tant commissioner of police,
Reginald Ferguson.
Describing the events, Cas-
sius Stewart, attorney and co-
leader of the Bahamas Democ-
ratic Movement who was in
touch with other attorneys on
Nassau Street at the time -
said evacuation was.
At around the same time the
prison bus arrived attheceart-
room, however, due to the
scare, the inmates wereanable
to enter the building. According
to Mr Stewart, the inmates were
forced to wait inside the bus on
Bank Lane while a decision was
made as to how to proceed.
At around 1.30pm, according
to the attorney, activities had
yet to resume at the belea-
guered courtroom.
On Thursday we (the
Bahamas Democratic Move-
ment) had a press conference
stressing the issue of safety in
the courts. This is exactly along
the lines of what we were talk-
ing about," said Mr Stewart.
"We can't have our judicial
system being threatened to the
point where they can't work,"
he said. ed to ensure that our
judges are safe...the prosecu-
tors, and the mdividual citizens
who on an average daily basis
sit in the courtrooms," said Mr
StThTattorney said that not
enough is bemg done to ensure
that."contraband" is not being
brought into courtrooms.
whi heahlo ancoounrettso alm
freely in, anyone could inflict
harm on our judges and on the
prosecutors as well."
le TVe n IddtoMrx tneprob-
"Christie and Ingrayam know
the system, and they failed to


murder shocks
0 01111118111

FROM page one

According to unconfirmed
reports, Seymour was pursued
MOfatdb.y his killer for about
He ran into someone's home
where his attacker caught up
with him and stabbed and shot
him to death.
h It is believed th th poli
for questioning.
The police maintain that they
still have no known motive at
thiMme mes as the churchwas
@th n iddljaoryc ine
Members of the congregation
are reportedly devastated.
The Tribune attempted to
contact police for more infor-
mation, but calls were not
returned and no reports were


Judicial systelli operates as usual

despite closure predictions
FROM page one

that she would adjourn all her matters until the issue of the possi-
ble violation of the country's judicial system was dealt with, resumed
hearing cases yesterday.
All other courts also seemed to be operating normally.
Following the controversial ruling by Supreme Court Justice
Lyons, in which the jildge declared his court no longer independent,
lawyers and observers have been saying that all Magistrate's Courts
should follow suit.
Justice Lyons in his ruling stated that government had neglected
to conduct a review of judges' salaries every three years and failed
to follow the binding recommendations of the judicial review com-
mission thereby making the judiciary beholden to the executive
and effectively taking away its independence.
Speaking at a press conference last week, attorney Damian
Gomez said that it was his view, that accordmg to the law, all
m eistrates should follow the ruling of the superior court-as
MFGomez pointed put that for a magistrate "to embark on a
process with knowledge that1he Supreme Court has rulpd thqt it is
not independhift, it calls into questioner the entire criminaljurisdic-
He said that while other Supreme Court judges could disagree
with the controversial ruling, none have done so as yet; therefore
leaving the magistrates with the single decision by Justice Lyons to
Mr Gomez said that magistrates should follow the ruling because
there is a potential for personal liability if they hear cases during the
time that the independence of the Bahamian courts may be com-

BEC manager demes bemg
RSked to keep electric
on in Anna Nicole home

FROM e one
9 E
Wayne Munroe, who was prd-
sent at the home whell Mr
an se cti meotice and repos-
Mr Shelley in fact claims he
was told that a "high ranking
official".had asked various
corporations to contiliue Ms
g"yth's cut himbsuptphl .wM
despite alleged unpaid bills of
tho an s ftddoolftar to cause
any pain. Your own govern-

I ~- '"

Bahamas Bus & Truck Go. Ltd.


#s 0 9

world school

The Annual General Meeting of
St Andrew's School Limited
Will take place in.the school's new
library on
Friday.1 December.2006
At7:00 p.m-

Financial statements and proxy forms
may be obtained from the Business Office
at St Andrew's School



Bahama Panel Homes fromcausing
more destruction.
They say Mr Wisdom has incorpo-
rated areas of Crown land into the
four-acre plot he owns and torn up an
access road to make it "non-driveable."
The petition has been sent to the
Land and Surveys department, the
Prime Minister's Office and the Attor-
ney General's Office.
Mr Nicholas Miaoulis, who owns a
70-acre residential plot next to Mr Wis-
dom's property, has now engaged an
attorney to have a declaratory judg-
ment made on the boundaries.
Ms Daphne de Gregory said Mr
Wisdom's actions were preventing the
public from enjoying local beaches, yet
neither the PM's office nor Land and
Surveys could stop him.
"We have gone through the process
in the normal way, but we have
become frustrated," she said.
"He is encroaching on Crown land
yet these people are going; to stall and
stall until it is too late."
However, Mr Wisdom said that res-
idents who are making these assertions

about him are confusing what is in fact
his property with Crown land.
"I have my private property that I
have secured that's it.
"I have no problem with people
going to the beach. I have an area
where they can just walk right to the
beach. But there are just people who
want to stir up mischief.
"I'm a hard working fella. I don't
bother nobody. But that's all it is," he
The furore comes as the housing
minister finds himself under heavy fire
for the infamous Leilagate voicemail
scandal, which broke in The Tribune
last week.
In a message left inadvertently on
The Tribune's voicemail, Mr Wisdom
and his permanent secretary Leila
Greene were heard not only refusing to
disclose public information to the
press, but also adopting a high-handed
attitude towards a reporter.
No sooner had the minister absorbed
the impact of that than contractors
alleged a scam involving some employ-
ees at the housing mimstry.

JUST when it seemed nothing could
get worse for Housing Minister Neville
Wisdom, his brother Gerald now finds
himself in the middle of a major envi-
ronmental dispute.
Residents in Abaco claim Mr Wis-
dom known as Jerry is blockading
access to a public beach and destroying
mangroves by burning cut-down tim-
ber in the wetlands.
The row is now reaching what one
islander described as "epic" propor-
tions, with a petition demanding that
Prime Minister Perry Christie halt Mr
Wisdom's alleged attempts to destroy
a roadway and gain access to a board-
walk leading to the beach.
At the centre of the dispute is a small
piece of land less than half an acre in
size at Three Beaches, Fig Tree
Island, Turtle Rocks, Abaco.
Mr Wisdom is alleged to have
assumed possession of a piece of
Crown land.
The petitioners want the govern-
ment to replant shade trees and clear
trash from the mangroves as part of
their drive to halt Mr Wisdom's

STREES cut before removal in Abaco

.did not charge Mr Brown with any offence
T.h i s 1 neepro-
duced "no documentary evidence, for example
anr entry in the olicMrd w w so rg
d rel d bail,,,
anThe te nalnsaid that, as a consequence,
"thsey w e thncl edatodbnel eve r Br n
by the pohce on the night of April 10, 2004,

eon owtrh hrish clall ica t ns ti tn rw sg v
was, in flaact, misbehaving himself and using
bu teh th ss ar as the evid ce oeso

o Thmuling rw ported that the doctors had
as I u 191r Brown's injuries as "moderate-
The tribunal said that it was faced ivitli the
issue of whether justifiable force wagised to "
effe theebanestn Mr B winsto believe that
three police officers could not arrest one man
it o him hh engetoT ndi the ri vty
view that the defendants used unjustifiable
force and unnecessary violence to Mr Brown
.on the day in question," the ruling said.
The tribunal held that the officers were
guilty of the offence, and should be fined
"three days' pay each."
The Tribune contacted Philip Hilton, Mr
Brown's attorney in the matter, who said his
client has been pursuing a settlement for com-
pensation for the injuries he suffered, but that
up to this lioint has been awarded no funds.

which the police would not be
in a position to comment on,
D fmbo g
d erheo hsa
is the individual with infor-
madon south asj n

ofH tr added that he
stil c nten5sd) thaork a

1 emspt d y ea sMer

ically entitles contractors to a
loan from the bank sufficient
c s em @cu sre
renpm n ne ti
In response, Mr Wisdom
sMd yedeo a h tea th es

If o any concernsaon
r nd I ls h tis s

st on

tio en The Tribune suggest
ed that this matter was one


dency application is base# is
now being contested by Amer-
ican developer G Ben Thomp-
The report noted that Prime
Minister Perry Christie defend-
ed Mr Gibson in September,
but "has not commented pub-
licly on the case since the own-
ership of the house was called
into question."
The AP story continues:
"Gibson, fending off demands
by the main opposition Free
National Movement that he
resign, spoke before Parliament
on November 1 and blamed any
inaccuracies on the lawyers who
prepared Smith's residency
"Smith's Bahamian attorney,
Wayne Munroe, has asked a
court to declare his client the

rightful owner of the house. He
said politics had blown the dis-
pute out of proportion.
"Christie is obligated to call
elections next year. The ruling
Progressive.Liberal Party . .
will seek its second consecutive
five-year term.
"Opposition leader Hubert
Ihgraham says that if elected,
he would review the Economic
Permanent Residency policy,
which encourages investment
by allowing a person owning a
house worth at least $500,000
and being of good character to
qualify for Bahamian residen-
"He said the Smith case sug-
gests people who don't meet
either condition take advantage
of the law, and the Bahamas
should consider abolishing it."

*3.7 L V6 Engine

* Automatic Transmission

* Power Windows & Locks

Front Air Bags

Air Conditioning

* Radio/Cassette/CD Player

Brother of Wisdom in environmental dispute

Victim of beating by

police is disappointed

with decision on officers

Contractor claims

financing should not

be issue in allocating
housing contracts

FROM e one
The ruling was handed dowil by the Court
ofdInqu rea ur s ohdcE tconveente a
presided over by two police superintendents.
10Acc000r4ding toahel ibunal's rulmg, on Ap
unneces r 1violencaentowaedo 1 rerBrown,
caus Brown t t f d that on the da in ues-
6 he b em bybth oof er oth was

puMcrheBdrionwthe e eb Rds C sttahbeew
Davidd.Rolle and, as a result, fell to the

kickdandtstamp him about the body until he
Mr Brown said he was then handcuffed, put
"in a jeep, and'takeri to Cat Island Police Sta-
""fi6H.ano us, a mon, a nu 2
The vwrimat sats e elie was n
what he was eing .
teDluer n theann tehde E en had on-
use of obscene language and disorderly behav-
iour while at the function in Port Howe, and
that in the process, justifiable force had to
be used to subdue Mr Brown in order to arrest
The ruling stated that the tribunal had
asked the question: "Why wasn't Mr Luther
Brown charged with disorderly behaviour and
obscene language if that is what he was arrest-
ed for and released on police bail?
"It was apparent that Constable Saunders

FROM page one
According to the contrac-
or, all" o ds f
tractors" a list including

ouond dindhey d se h
min mum of three houses up
en apu roa td alnodaandt

h ct
n ,c ed hand on wrhat
as having this status automat-

- Inmteralond etlslla portrays Alla licallIas'political~l low'

FROM page one
carried by such major networks
as CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC and
NBC, as well as prominent
newspapers such as the Wash-
ington Post and USA Today.
Under the headline "Bahama
political uproar",,
, a Chmese government run site
that boasts millions of daily
readers, is reporting that
"alleged special residency priv-
11eges" granted Anna Nicole
Smith by Immigration Minister
Shane Gibson have led to calls
for his resignation.
The International Herald Tri-
bune, based in France, is report-
ing that Anna Nicole Smith is
"at the eye of a political hurri-
cane" in the Bahamas.
According to the Washing-
ton Post website, "Smith's quick
path to Bahamian residency and
the high priority given to an
investigation mto her son's mys-
terious death are eclipsing the
economy and other issues in
political debates as the island
chain prepares for general elec-
tion ex ear.of special treat-
ment surfaced after the head
coroner scheduled an inquest
three days after Daniel Smith's
death, despite a backlog of
requests for inquests into the
deaths of ordinary Bahamians.
The outcry prompted officials
to reassign the head coroner.
b led\oTs imquesthasnotbeen
a There o dstemlar om
over the weekend, which not-
pthda lae 8 1 c eq
for Mrs Smith's residency fee.
The AP also reported that
Mrs Smith's ownership of the
Eastern Road home, "Hori-
zons" upon which her resi-



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1 Small space?
a .
Limited budget?
We've got che solua ion.
Our armoire's and trundle
beds are the perfect
8 I
space-saver. up a sing e piece
of lurmture and get the functionality
of three or four pieces. Replace your closet,
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One Pece OnePri*

Tel. 9 6 6 3

Certified Member

== In- *u

The Tribune wants to hear
from people who ark
making news in their
neighborhoods. Perhaps
vou are raising funds for a
"good cause, campaigning
for improvements in the
area or have won an
Ifso, callus on 322-1986
and4 e your story

Blue Hill Road & Independence Drive



Copyriptid Malerial


Available from Commere al News


Last week, US Ambassador
John Rood issued a statement
saying the participation of the
Bahamas is vital to the success of
the Proliferation Security Initia-
tive (PSI), an effort to establish a
more effective basis to impede
shipments of weapons of mass
destruction, weapons delivery
systems and related materials.

to support PSI is under review.
Today, The Tribune presents
Ainbassador Rood's statement
in full.
North Korea's October 8
announcement that it had tested
a nuclear weapon sent shock
waves through the internation-
al community. An unstable,
undemocratic, aggressive
regime which has been actively
developing long range missiles
is now one step closer to being
able to place a nuclear warhead
on those missiles.
This ominous development
imperils the safety and security
of people in every region
because the North Korean
regime remains one of the
world's leading proliferators of
missile technology. The trans-
for of missile or nuclear tech-
hology by Noith Korea to
another state or terrorist group
could constitute a grave threat
to international peace and secu-
Through the Six Party talks,
the United States has worked
with China, Russia, South
Itorea and Japan to urge North
Korea to meet its obligations
and abandon its weapons pro-
gramme. In the United Nations, community
passed UN Security Council
Resolution 1695, which called
on UN members to urge North
Korea to "abandon all nuclear
weapons and existing nuclear
programmes, and to return at
an early dal;e to thei Treaty on
Non-Proliferation of Nuclear
Weapons and International
Atomic Energy Agency safe-
In the wake of the nuclear

e eme e * muqp
4pilme ****** *
MM 4 4m masse a
managemus e ** annumellamia el = M *
** amine a minisimills a onew. -man unulliamem
**IP**,.,, ........ a ..wa e..... me e. ... ..1 mimmi>..

the proliferators. The partici-
pation of the Bahamas, which
has the third largest ship reg-
istry in the world, is vital to the
success of this initiative,
Other leading ship registry
countries, including Liberia,
Panama, and Cyprus, have
already agreed to participate in
PSI. The Secretary of State has
urged all significant ship reg-
istry countries to move ahead
quickly to enhance the effec-
tiveness of this critical mecha-
nism for preventing prolifera-
We were pleased that North
Korea recently decided to
return to the six-party talks.
But returning to the talks is only
the first step toward meeting
the concerns of the internation-
al community. The sanctions
imposed by the UN on North
Korea to limit its ability to fur-
tlier develop its WMD pro-
grammes remain in place until
North Korea.complies with all
parts of UNSC1718.
President Bush has made it
clear that the way forivard for
North Korea is to abandon its

missile and WMD programmes,
rejoin the non-proliferation
frameworks and honour the
commitments in that frame-
work. Once they do so, the
international commumty stalids
ready to work with North
Korea to foster a better stan-
dard of living for its long-suf-
fering people.
The international community
also recognizes that the people
of North Korea deserve a
brighter future. That is why
Resolution 1718 imposes sanc-
tions on North Korea, but also
provides for humanitarian
exemptions to ensure that the
people of North Korea are not
punished for the defiance of the
regime in Pyongyang.
The Bahamas has always tak-
pn a strong stand against
nuclear proliferation and in sup-
port of international agreements
on non-proliferation. The Unit-
ed States will continue to sup-
port the denuclearization of the
Korean.peninsula. We welcome
the continuing support of The
Ikhamas in meeting the North
Korean challenged look for-

M US Ambaksador John Rood

test, the Security Council passed
Resolution 1718, which calls
upon states to prevent the ship-
ment of military equipment and
luxury goods to Noith Korea
and to prevent the shipment
from North Korea of WMD or
missile components and tech-
nology. The resolution specific
cally calls on UNlitember state
to present the procurement a
prohibited items from North
Korea by their nationals, or
using their flagged vessels or
Every country has a respon-
sibility to do what it can to pre-
vent the proliferation of

weapons and missile technolo-
gy. To this end, the United
States has been encouraging
stations including The
Bahamas to join the Prolifer-
ation Secure Initiative (PSI). .
PSI participants commit to
international co-opeiration to
establish a more co-ordinated
and effective basis to impede
shipments of WMD, weapons
dehvery systenis, and related
materials flowing to and from
states and non-state actors such
as terrorist organizations.
The more nations that partic-
ipate in the PSI, the tighte(llitti
at that \

COOL 96.1 LA%&

Learning to live in

dangerous times


08188.1Nassa ug~i~


est an yms run colusTnas!


Meet the characters
For 0 DGy of FUn

*TOTCCC:Cerre CCry-XX)

74, 2086 Vol. 2 issue VI

BTCCdanects Pinewood Gardens Community
BR1 ars Sadialshmaibsp luR

walk ac emedises was vene o
a as once amasser seem
Ullsrtmeniic livialE) has be
womeaning enanwswanc

own usesMilearneeallasal
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brannuous samenset massemical

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noduct on MSeeir fatened a
strong them to a new way

queemedlky madineces seposter,5M
Willis off Radlio Mason abo pudesse

awardians a do see a
solid that it was an excell
for casterness a




Abaco Catches the ViBe And BTC Lends

a Listening Ear to the Voice of Abaco

an awle...aian me asson one economy.
ver meagemensenseenseecease
dee aroselbeg duouglanet Wee Famelly 4
nge Meards teamMaugallE waldening dais
mes emealows..wyessmeasumiersse
en T'eediaDatWar
ess escousehemsesea popeda vaineer
annoummerlrounMes@eg fee Abene
emear was sensesedes. Time Town
m senses weeks wese head an mania
ans nadamer a see Mance needs aesort
Higle Sdamet, weas deeneed a guest
success as lamedgeds of Alecallare
alereded due seeset.Eade night was
fueandbyediHesentenair persondby
Radsour seed Picrewe@ Forbes in
CooperS Tueen. Dardirag the Town
Meeting assiomers in Itae Abaco
teennaeeity were aflorded an
appostudly we espeess deefer views
to donor WICooketheir gdeuarsons and
SMBER due SIT Enemaise Management
pp.944,g a
CEO of BTC gave a dynamic
aest and assued du= people
d a MM der GSM er W be
a Mr.Hemy vior Pu= sues
gins for alusthern Ba hannes addressed
ent M custouter issues including
aAutar 4 in

I _

ggga iimg im

Ms.Adene Garke, Acting Senior Manages
Abaco. A number of custmasses also won
voice and data devke which enaMes As
users to receive their er nail on their
cellular device. The audience was also
M by MM BTC &
Flora&EarL BIChanceaftheCusternes
"You Tak We I.Islert

local subdvisions and the closing of one
of 810C's Abace Payment Centev.Ms Felicity
Johnson, Vice Prestdent for tegal s
Regulaory & Interconnect also addressed
questions about prhethnion. The night
was also IMed a number et compliments
inducing custernert high praises
to the BTT Abaco staffespeciany Mr.
Enelin Sawyet Manager BTC Aboco and



Tel: (242) 356-7764


.. I -- ~ II ill II r

CAVES POINT #3427: Classical Bahamian architectureaqua
ocean and the Mediterranean flavors this unique seven-acre gated
community. A dazzling 3,600 sq, ft. Penthouse apartment features 4
bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and Penthouse veranda with sweeping
views of the infinity swimming pool and turquoise sea. $2,250,000. 242.427.9778

Daml8DOS Sotheby's
INTERNATIONAL REALTY t 242.322.2305 f 242.322.2033



JUSTICE Stephen Isaacs yes-
terday ordered that Mohammed
Harajchi's Suisse Security Bank
and Trust be wound up, and
accountant Raymond Winder be
ing the end of more than five
years of legal wrangling in sight.
Justice Isaacs' decision to grant
comes eight months after Suisse
Security lost its final appeal to

Tribune Business Editor
he osed multi-
m oank .doClar
reverse osmosis
plant is being relo-
c Tb n a tPle7y tTrr ,
with the Government expected
to decide the winning bidder
Donald Demeritte, the Water
& Sewerage Corporation's chair-
man, said: "It's now going to be
positionedat Perpall Tract. The
Arawak Ca\ scenario was a lost
stand that a decision [on the win-
ning bidder) is imminent."
The Tribune contacted Mr
Demeritte after one bidder on
the contract, Consolidated Water,
whose Bahamian Depository
Receipts (BDRs) are listed on
the Bahamas International Secu-
rities Exchange (BISX), told an
analysts conference call to discuss
its third quarter results that it did
not know the status of the
Arawak Cay plant bid.
RickMcTaggartpresident and
chief executive.of Coilsolidated
Water, said invesponse to a ques-
tion on Arawak Cay:"We halen't
heard anything aboutitfor quire
a few months. To my knowledge
it's moved forward.andwe'venot
been advised by the Golernment
as to whether there's a success-
ful bidder I'm not sure what the
.*, Consolidated Water had bid on
-l* the contract in competition with
'-1 BK Water, a subsidiary of BK
Par tners. BR's principals are
RNIXHoldings chairman Jerome
,Fitzgerald, businessniart lifork
Finlayson, son of entrepreneur
-1 Garet 'Tiger' Finlayson, aild ex-
Burns House chief financial offi-
cer, Phillip Kemp.
Mr Demerille .yesterday
declined to comment on who the


the consumer, keeping prices arti-
ficially high and offering poor ser-
vice and choice. Giving Perpall
Tract to the BK group would cre-
ate competition with Consolidat-
ed Water, potentially lowering
the price the Corporation pays
for its water.
And the Government is also
likely to look favorably on
groups stich as BK/Veolia/Sable
that have Bahamian involvement,
wanting to place privatized infra-
structure assets into Bahamian
hands as part of its Bahamiani-
sation policy.
Filrthermore;Veoliais a glob-
al brand rather than a regional
brand like. Consolidated Water,
a factor understood to have
impacted the Corporation's deci-
Some sources have suggested,
though, that Consolidated Water
n as Ihe lowest bidder on the Per-
pall Tract plant contract. although
this has been as puteel b\ others.
who hate said BKil eolm.Sable
were planning to prot ideseikices
that then competitor did not pro-
pose to.
Yet even if it fails to gain the
Perpall Tract contract, Consoli-
dated Haler believes it is still
well-placed to obtain additional
supply contracts in New Provi-
Jence, due to the economy a
growth and new Entestment pro-
jects coming pn stream.
Mr McTaggart pointed out that
the Water & Sewelage Corpora
tion had recently won a contract
to suppi _1 water to the Solith
Ocean Golf & Beach Rescwt. a
property beirig acquired bi the
Stillman Organisation, n ble h is

proposing a $500 million expan-
sion. -
Further opportunities, he indi-
cated, came from the now
approved $1.3 billion Albany
Golf & Beach Club, and Baha
Mar's 52 billion Cable Beach
In the Bahamas, we believe
there are still opportunnies for
additionall business," Mr McTag-
gart said.
"Demand continues to grown
Nassau, due to various golf cours-
es and hotel developments under-
way. Our customer is being ver1
aggressive in getting supply con-
tracts from the hotels. rather than
them supplying themselles
"Albany, South Ocean are in
clote proximity to she Windsor
plant. He think there are some
more opportumtles there to sup-
ply water to the Bahamian gov-
The move to Pe rpall Tract has
not requild a rebidding of the
contract for a plant which at
intended to suppli Kerzncr Inter-
national 5 Atlantis property and
Bahallal. with water
The sw lich from Arawak Cay is
required because a ret erse osme-
sis plant located there would
interfere with plans to make the
area a tourist destination, as
envisagedby the plan torevitalise
harbourfront Nassau and down-
town Bay Street'
In addition, Baha Mar also has
an option to base its marina at
Arawak Cay, and a reverse osmo-.
sis plant would generate an indus-
trial image to both land-based
arrived in Nassau.

successful bidder on the-now Per-
pall Tract plant was likely to bp,
but The Tribune understands that
the frontrunner is the BK Water
BK Water, whose principals
also attempted to unsuccessfully.
acquire Winn-Dixie"s majority 78
per cent stake in Bahamas Super-
markets.earlier this year, their
.$50 million bid outmatched by
the $54 million offered by BSL
Holdings\ have other parties in
their bid
If successful, The Tribune
understands that while BK Water
ancfsell the water it produces to
the Water & Sewerage Corpora-
tion, the plant's operations wduld
be run by French company, Veo-
lia Enerserve, under a manage-
ment operating partner agree-
ment. Also involved in the
BK/Veolia group is understood
to biSable (Bahamas), an entity
run by Bahamian engineer Jud-
son H'ilmort.
The Water & Sewerage Cor-
poration is understood to have
recommended the
BKil colia.'Sable bad, but the final
decision on whether to go with
this coilsortitim has yet to be
made by the Cabmet.
As pretiously reported by The
is concerned that handing a sec-
and ret erse osmosis Coli-
solidated Ware r. In addition to
the Blue Hills contract it already
has, would give the company a
monopoly over New Providence's
water supply.
lif onopolies are generally
regarded as bad for business and

SEE page 6B

Tribune Business Editor
THE Governmeilt is seeking
private sector support to estab-
lish a series of apprenticeship pro-
grammes 7thioughoul the
Bahamas" and raise awareness
about the importance of training
to job opportunities for Bahams-
ans, The Tabwe was told yester-
rian Nutt, the Bahamas
Employers Confederation's
(BECon) president, said the Gov-
ernment's Train Bahamas Work-
force Promotional Programme,
which has yet to be fully
launched, was designed to makl=
parents aware of the job oppor-
tunities and professions available

to them.
He added that the initiative,
which aimed to drive.home the
imper f ancyof training and edu-
cation to dilli dexelopment and
attaining lobs. was pan of a wider
drite to ensure the Bahamas had
su ff iel ent work erswith the
required Abilities to meet the
needs of the foreign direct intest-
ment projects commg on stream
in Ihe Bahamas.
a Mr Nutt;said BECon hadindi-
cated to Shane Gibson, minister
of labour, immigration.and train-
ing, and the parliamentary secre-
tarywhawillhandlemuchof the
project, Agatha Marcelle, of its

S'EE page 5Bj

investors attached to the
Bahamas and Cayman Islands
was around 1 percent, while for
Dominica and Belize it was 8 per
cent and 10 per cent respectively.
"The Bahamas, which is per-
ceived to be stable, has a rela-
tively lo\v risk premium. In a
country such as Belize that has
been experiencing financial dif-
ficulties in recent times, the mar-
ket has adjusted to place a high
premium on equity m its mar-
ket," Mr Morris said.
"The market risk premium is

SEE e 5B

Tribune Business Editor
THE Bahamas is among the
Caribbean nations with the lowest
Market risk premium, the return
investors look for to compensate
them for the risk they take in
investing in a particular country,
due to its tradition of political
stability, an accounting executive
Frederick Morris, an executive
with Nassau-based KPMG Cor-
porate Finance (Caribbean), told
the Bahamas Institute of Char-
tered Accountilnts (BICA), that
the market risk premium

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most visionary position at all times.
We need to proactively manage the
ratio of skilled to unskilled immigrants
entering the Bahamas through more
effective immigration pohcies, and better
management of the entire process.
According to The Economist, Britain
under Tony Blair implemented policies to
attract skilled workers that resulted in its
ratio of skilled workers to total immi-
grants rising from7 per cent in 1991 to 32
per cent in 2001. The Bahamas cannot
wait for another 30 years before giving
this matter its much-needed attention.
If one were to conduct an open and
honest assessment of the total number
of immigrants settling iti the Bahamas
annually (both documented and undocu-
mented), you will find that far too many
of them are unskilled and untrained gen-
erallabourers. Lee Kuan Yew, the former
Prime Minister and principal architect of
modern day Singapore, has long argued
that "trained talent is the yeast that trans-
forms a, society and makes it rise".
Unabated imlitigration of the unskilled
and untrained will not raise our society in
the long terin, but further strain our frag-
ile social services. Until next week...
NB: Larry R. Gibson, a Chartered
Financial Analyst, is vice-president pen-
sions, Colonial Pensions Services
(Bahamas), .a wholly-owned subsidiary
of Colonial Group Intermitional, which
owns Atlantic Medical Insurance and is a
major shareholder ofSecurity & General
Insurance Company in the Bahamas.
The views expressed are those of the
author and do not necessarily represent
those of Colonial Group1nternational or
any of its subsidiary and/or affiliated
companies. Please direct any questions or
comments to:

can then be made about the future status
of these persons.
Silver Lining
To offset the potential negative of a
declining population on GDP, the com-
bination of raising worker productivity
and extending the retirement age could
mitigate, or certainly help defer, an eco-
nomic slowdown. In recent years, pro-
ductivity has been driven by the greater
use of technology in the workplace. The
irony is that as 19e increase technology
in the workplace, the skill levels of
required employees also moves higher.
Implications for the Bahamas
How does this all relate to the
Bahamas? To service the new invest-
ments projected to be made in the
Bahamas during the next five years, our
population n all h:ive to grow significant-
lyalong with our worker productivity lev-
In my column Of November 8, 2005, I
noted the commerits of Malcolm Martini,
the Government'(planning advisor, who
indicated that the population of New
Providence alon(could probably grow
to 300,000 persofts cir maybe more -
over the next 10 years, from its current
base of about 15(1,000 persons, based on
the projected new investment projects
already on the dr wing board.
Both requirements raise interesting
questions-for the Bahamas. First, our
incoming guest worker population has,
and continues to be, overwhelmingly
unskilled workers from the region.who
tax our social security system heavily,
while also requiring on-the-job training.
Secondly, workeeproductivity, or more
correctly, the lack thereof, is an ongoing

challenge that the country must address
While we have a lot of persons unem-
ployed, every day employers bemoan the
fact they cannot find suitable employees.
Generally speaking, far too little effort
and investment is being made in effec-
tive training programmes, notwithstand-
ing that there are some commendable
individual efforts being made by a few
I would be very surprised if the
Bahamas' experience over the next 50
years (shrinking population) mirrors that
of the developed nations, simply because
we could have a burgeoning population
dominated by unskilled illegal immigrants
(with very high birth rates), who in turn,
tax our already sub-par public education
system and ourpublic health system, if we
do not pldn properly.
,My view is that our experience will be
the opposite (i.e. population growth) for .
the reasons ened abov e; and the fact that
we seeiningly cannot stop the uncontrol-
lable flow of illegal immigrants from Haiti
and Jamaica. Also, while issues such as
CSME have quieted down for now, it will
come forward again, with pressure to
allow 1;he free movement of people. As
we are the nearest country to the US and
our standard of living is high, we will get
more than our share of legal migrant
Similarly, we also need to come to grips
with the fact that we will require skilled
immigrants to help us build, expand and
sustain our economy. This is why I fun-
damentally believe we ought to develop
policies based on the H1- B type visa
model for the future. This is not a popu-
lar position within the country today (one
for which I receive criticism), as we tend
to be very xenophobic at times...but then
again, a popular position may not be the

EARLIER this year, The Economist
carried an interesting article entitled
"incredible shrinking countries". The arti-
cle suggests that contrary to popular
thinking, the world is not headed towards
overpopulation but ratherin many devel-
oped countries, the population will actu-
ally shrink by mid-century.
The article states that by 2050, the
United Nations is predicting that popu-
lations will be lower than they are today
in 50 countries, including China. In fact,
shrinking population is already being felt
in Japan, Italy and Germany. In certain
Eastern European countries the fall is
expected to be far more dramatic, with
Russia and Ukraine's populations pro-
jected to fall by 22 per cent and 43 per
cent respectively.
The impact of a shrinking population
The Economist wrote: "Demographic
decline worries people because it is
believed to go hand in hand with eco-
nomic decline. At the extremes it may
well be the result of economic factors:
pessimism may depress the birth rate and
push up rates of suicide and alcoholism.
"But, in the main, demographic decline
is the consequence of the low fertility
that generally goes with growing pros-
perity. In Japan, for instance, birth rates
fell below the replacement rate of 2.1
children per woman in the mid-1970s,
and have been particularly low in the past
15 years."
The concern among global political
leaders is that if your population con-
tracts, then so too does your economy.
Businesses then become concerned
because a direct consequence of economic
contraction would be shrinking domes-
tic markets and so on. In the geopolitical
scheme of things, a country's interna-

tonal importance and world ranking is
directly related to the size of its Gross
Domestic Product (GDP).
There is also another demographic fac-
tor that developed nations will have to
contend with, which is the fact that as
the first set'of baby boomers reach retire-
ment the working-age population is pro-
jected to decline more rapidly than the
overall population.
Attracting skilled labour
This helps us to understand why coun-
tries such as the US, Canada, Australia,
New Zealand etcetera have for years had
provisions allowing educated ahd skilled
immigrants to settle in their respective
countries with relatively little or no pub-
lic fanfare, while simultaneously mount-
ing a very public campaign against
unskilled laborers entering the country.
For instance, in the case of the US, we
know all about the Mexicans crossing the
Rio Grande River ,or being smuggled
across the border in Sothern California;
but the chemical engineer or physician
and his/her family entering through JFK,
O'Hare or Dallas-Fort Worth Interna-
tional Airports goes quietly unheralded.
For years now, the US has implement-
ed a system whereby they grant H1-B
visas, which allow highly skilled workers
to work in the US for a period of six
years. After this period, determinations



An Exhibition of the Art of

Romero Britto

The Most Celebrated Pop Artiit in the World Today "
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December 1 3, 2006 December 4 6, 2006
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Chicken 4

IWe Sandwiches


'Bahamas briefings lead

to extra financial business

mume a
Saint Benedict 9 Saint John's
Uwivust TV

Director of International Admissions
College of St. Benedict/St. John's University,

He extends an invitation
to interested parents and their
college-bound students to meet with him
to discuss the academic and scholarship
opportunities available at these two
preStigious institutionS

To make your appointment

Career Opportunity


J.P. Morgan Private Bank is a leading wholesale global financial services firm
that has been operating in The Bahamas since 1960. We are currently seeking
applications for Senior Fiduciary Managers and Fiduciary Officers.

The selected individuals will work with Trust business and function partners
to ensure that fiduciary services are delivered in a manner consistent with all
legal, regulatory, and maternal requirements. The candidates will also serve as
a techmcal resource to wealth advisors, investors, and relationship managers.
Senior candidates are expected to develop direct relationships with clients and
have the flexibility to travel.

The qualified team players will possess 6+ years trust experience, with 3+
years mentoring others; a professional qualification, ideally in law or
accounting; knowledge of investment product services, fiduciary and trust
regulatory requirements, and onshore and offshore jurisdictions; excellent
written/verbal communication and creative problem solving skills; and the
ability to assess risk in fiduciary and trust matters.

J.P. Morgan Private Bank offers competitive compensation and benefits
packages. Interested applicants should submit their resume/curriculum
vitae marked Private and Confidential" to the Human Resources
Manager, J.P. Morgan Trust Company (Bahamas) Limited, P.O. Box
N-4899, Nassau Bahamas.


t 242 328 3500|f 242 328 8008 |

GLINTON SWEETING O'BRIEN is seeking two qualified
A . . .
ttorneys-At-Law to join the firm as Associates spec1ahzmg m Real
Estate Law and Litigation respectively.

Applicants should have strong academic records, particularly in respect
of their legal studies, be organized and diligent workers with sound
analytical and writing skills, and should have the personal skills necessary
for direct professional interaction with the firm's most important clients.
Two or more years experience is preferred but is less important than
ability and the right attitude.
Successful applicants will receive a highly competitive salary, including
full medical insurance and will participate in a generous profit-sharing
scheme. More importantly, the successful applicants will join a thriving
new practice in the early stages of its growth, and work in an enjoyable
and challenging environment while having the benefit of careful and
thorough training from experienced practitioners.

Interested applicants should deliver their curriculum vitas to our offices
in the Destinations Building, 303 Shirley Street no later than the 1st of
December 2006, along with copies of all degrees and certificates earned
and at least two samples of written work prepared by the applicants in
either an academic or professional context. All applications will be treated
as confidential.



LEADING financial services
intermediaries are already
deciding to send extra business
sim:::e'sfoo s;
by the Bahamas Financial Ser-
vices Board (BFSB), on private
wealth management and invest-
m tn u sin aries from
Europe and northern and
southern America, who play a
key role in directing where the
financial services business of
high net worth clients goes,
spent three days in the
Bahamas, interacting with
industry participants, regula-
tors and the Government, and
examining this jurisdiction's
apo oe cy u that I was
going to go to Cayman for a
SPC fund, but have chosen to
use a Bahamas SAC [segregat-
ed accounts company] fund
instead. Many of my other
objections, such as lack of seg-
regated portfolio companies
and mandatory local custody,
have vanished as a result of the
meetings," said Ethan Johnson,
of Morgan Lewis & Bockius.
Claudio Skiinik, a represen-
tative of the Skilnik Value
Fund/Skilnik Investment
Group, added: "The high qual-
ity of the different sessions pre-
sented provided the audience
with great knowledge on the
Bahamas jurisdiction.
"Topics such as the different
types of fund/corporate struc-
tures which might be set up in
the country, the current state
of the regulatory environment
and the development of capital
markets activities m the jilris-
diction were discussed in great
depth, and contributed very
positively towards showing the
constant improvement which

r THE external intermediaries participating in the 2006 Bahamas Briefing had the opportunity to

has been taking place-in the
Bahamas financial environ-
And Daniel Simon, of the
"The conference has already
generated its first client for me
so that can't be bad."
Presentations given to the
intermediaries by Bahamian
financial institutions, regula-
tors and the Government
looked at products such as
foundations, private trixst com-

pansies, investment funds and
segregated accounts compa-
Wendy Warren, the BFSB's
chief executive and executive
director, said the feedback
received from the 21 interme-
diaries confirmed the belief
that the Bahamas Briefing pro-
gramme was an essential part
of the BFSB's external com-
munications and business
development outreach.
Bahamas Briefings gain first-
hand feedback on industry
development from practition-
ers in the marketplace.

*A book for Security
Companies to use
for training their
Security Offxcers.

A book for Security
Officers to read and
gogy, 44, gaggag
of their occupation.

.1 hook for Security
Eniployers to learn

A hook written by
Paul TThoanpson Sr.
Fornier assistant
Coluxuissioner of
in the training
advancelnent of
Sectarity OffICers Anal


He fail Price S 10.00
Per Book
Bulk Price S 7 5 O
Per Book

LENNOX Paron has promot-
ed M:irco AT. Turnquest, from its
Nassau office, to the giartnership
with effect from November 1.
2006. This brings the law firm's
o. 17 associates.
Mr Turnquest joined Lennox
Palon in 2000 as a member of the
commercial litigation group. The
last six ) ears hate see n tum plai
an important role in the group.
which handles complex and mul-
tijurisdictional litigation.
Mr Turnquest specialised in
complex commercial litigation,
with particular emphasis on insol-
vency and trust litigation. He acts

for both local and international
accountmg firms, trust companies
and banks. *
Brian Simms, head of Lennox
faton's commercial litigation
group, said: "Marco's promotion
is a testament to the respect and
loyalty he has wqn among clients
for his intelligent and straightfor-
ward approach.
. "He is a committed and enthu-
siastic part of the team, and we
are pleased to have him join us as
a partner.
"His promotion represents an
important strategic step for the
firm in the development of its
comillercial litigation practice."

Hal 325-254 I -3


Lennox Paton ets new part er







The Ansbacher Groupspecialists in private banking,,fiduciary services
and wealth management, has an opening in The Bahamas for a


Reporting to: Head of Private Banking


* Client relationship management of high net worth banking
* Ability to manage projectS
* Ensure execution and follow-up of bank reviews to minimize risk.
* Analyzing of financial requirements of prospective and existing
* Participate in continuous quality improvement initiatives in the

*dLee ngea mail team of relationship officers in the achievement
of department objectives
* Developing and maintaining cl good relationship with other
departments to ensure efficient and timely customer service.


* 5-7yrs proven experience in the Fiduciary/Banking field
* A Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Bcinking or Finance
* Strong problem solving and leadership skillS.
* CUSTOmer service oriented
* Highly proficient in Microsoft Office
* Solid analytical skills with keen attention to detail
* Strong written communication and presentation skills
* Strong investigative skillS
* Ability to multi-task '
* MUSt be able tb work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
* Must have the ability to establish cind maintain a strong working
1810tionship with key personnel and work effectively in a team,
Please send C.V. to the attention of. "

Hyman Resource Manager
Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited
P.O. Box N-7768
Nassau, BahamaS
Fax: 325-0524 ---- .
E-Mail: hrmanager@onsbacher.bS -

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NOTICE is hereby given that BENNY LORFILS OF
BAHAMAS, is applying to the Minister responsible for
Nationality and Citizenship, for registration/naturalization
as a citizen of The Bahamas, and that any person who
knows any reason why registration/ naturalization should
not be granted, should send a written and signed statement
of the facts within twenty-eight days from the 14th day of
November, 2006 to the Minister responsible for Nationality
and Citizenship, PO.Box N-7147, Abaco, Bahamas.

NOTICE is hereby given that LEORIS JOHNSON OF
the Minister responsible for Nationality and Citizenship, for
registration/naturalization as a citizen of The Bahamas, and
that any person whp knows any reason why registration/
naturalization should not be granted, should send a written
and signed.statement of the facts within twenty-eight days
from the 14th day of November, 2006 to the Minister
re ons b for Nationality and Citizenship, PO.Box N-7147,

Pricing information As Of:
Monday, 13 November 200 6
BISX ALL SHARE INDEX. CLOSE 1.6.50 0. CHG -DO 41 / "t.CHG -00.02 / VTD 299.32 / YTD "e'o 22 16
1.85 0.59 Abaco Markets 1.06 1.06 0.00 -0.109 0.000 N/M 0.00%
12.05 10.25 Bahamas Property Fund 11.00 11.00 0.00 1.627 0.380 6.8 3.45%
7.88 6.90 Bank of Bahamas 7.86 7.86 0.00 1,148 0.802 0.330 9.8 4.20%
0.85 0.70 Benchmark 0.80 0.80 0.00 0.208 0.020 3.8 2.50%
1.80 1.26 Bahamas Waste 1.65 1.65 0.00 0.168 0.060 9.8 3.64%
1.49 1.10 Fidelity.Bank 1.21 1.21 0.00 0.188 0.050 6.4 4.13%
9.95 9.05 Cable Bahamas 9.94 9.81 -0.13 2,600 0.659 0.240 14.9 2.45%
2.20 1.40 Colina Holdings 1.83 1.83 0.00 1,700 0.046 0.000 39.8 0.00%
12.10 9.00 Commonwealth Bank 12.10 12.10 0.00 0.943 0.660 12.1 5.45%
6.26 4.12 Consolidated Water BDRs 5.16 5.19 0.03 0.134 0.045 38.5 0.87%
2.88 2.10 Doctor's Hospital 2.70 2.70 0.00 0.348 0.000 7.8 0.00%
6.21 4.35 Famguard 6.03 6,03 0.00 0.428 0.240 14.1 3.98%
12.OO 10.60 Finco 12.00 12.00 0.00 0.763 0.560 15.7 4.67%
14.10 10.00 FirstCaribbean 14.00 14.00 0.00 0.927 0.550 15.1 3.93%
9.50 9.25 Focol 11.61 11.61 0.00 0.885 0.500 13.1 4.31%
1.15 0.95 Freeport Concrete 1.00 1.00 0.00 -0.170 0.000 N/M 0.00%
10.20 8.05 ICD Utilities 8.05 8.05 0.00 0.532 0.270 15.1 3.35%
9.10 8.6fi J. S. Johnson 8.70 8.70 0.00 O,527 0.560 16.5 6.44%
10.00 10.00 Premier Real Estate 10.00 10.00 0.00 1.291 0.195 7.7 1.95%
Fidelity Over-The-Counter Securities
14.30 12.25 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.60 15.60 14.00 1.923 1.320 3.1 9.04%
10.14 10.00 Caribbean Crossings (Pref) 8.00 8.25 10.00 0.000 0.640 'I 7.85%
0.54 0.20 RND Holdings 0.45 0.55 0.00 -0.002 0.000 .. 0.00%
Colina Over-The-Counter Securities
43.00 28.00 ABDAB 41.00 43.OO 41.OO 2.220 0.000 19.4 0.00%
16.00 13.00 Bahamas Supermarkets 14.00 15.00 12.50 1.750 0.360 8.0 2.57%
0.60 0.35 RND Holdings 0.45 0.55 0.45 -0.070 0.000 N/M 0.00%
BISM Liaise Motors| Funds
52wk-Hi 52wk-Low Fund Name NA V YTD% Last 12 Months Div $ Yield %
1.3128 1.2582 Colina Money Market Fund 1.312821*
3.0017 2.5197 Fidelity Bahamas G 8. 1 Fund 3.0017***
2.4829 2.2754 Colina MSI Preferred Fund 2.482888**
1.1970 1.1395 Colina Bond Fund 1.196970****
Fl' IDEX CLOSE 1 -= eTO 30 9 .. 2005 26.09%
1: . 1 ._ _1 ._1- _1 _1 . JE LD last 12 month dividends divided by closing price NAV KEY
.. .... 5: :.s 10 $ Buying price of Colina and Fidelity
52wk-Low Lowest closing price in last 52 weeks Ask $ Selling pace of Colina and fidelity 27 October 2006
Previous Close Previous day's weighted price for daily volume Last Price Last traded over-the-counter price
Today's Close Current day's weighted price for daily volume Weekly Vol. Trading volume of the prior week ** 31 October 2006
Change Change in closing price from day to day EPS $ A company's reported earnings per share for the last 12 mths
Dally Vol. Number of total shares traded today NAV Net Asset Value *** 31 October 2006
DIV $ Dividends per share paid in the last 12 months N/M Not Meaningful
TT"I TRADE CALL: COLINA 242-502-701*1 F IDE IT1 ?42-356-77&I FOR ILIORE DATA & INFORMATION CALL (242) 394-2503




8 FRONT row, L to R: Peter Muscroft, Andreas Rentschler, Craig Gomez, Wendy Warren, Michael
Allen, Earl Cash, William Whitaker; Second row, L to R: Dennis Govan, illichelle Neville-Clarke,
Leslie Isaacs,.Suzanne Black, Alan Davidson. Back row, 0 to R: Michael Farrant, David Sussman,
Alyson Yule, Jan Mezulanik.

Attorney elected

BFSB c airman

Accountants (BICA)
Suzanne Black Bahamas
Real Estate Association
David Slatter CFA Society
of The Bahamas (CFASB)
Paul Winder Society of
Trust.and Estate Practitioners
Leslie Issacs, director offinan-
cial services, Ministry of Finan-
cial Services and Investments
and Wendy Warren, in her
capacity as BFSB's chief execu-
tive and executive director,
serve as permanent representa-
tives on the Board.

MICHAEL Allen, an attor-
ney and partner with McKin-
ney, Bancroft & Hughes, has
been elected as the Bahamas
Financial Services Board's
(BFSB) chairman for a two-year
term. His deputy will Craig
Gomez, an accountant with
Gomez Partners & Co.
The BFSB Board consists of
two classes of directors those
elected in their individual capac-
ities, and those elected to rep-
resent professional industry
Those elected in their indi-
vidual capacity include: Earl
Cash; Christian Coquoz; Alan
Davidson; Michael Farrant (sec-
retary); Anthony Ferguson;
Miguel Gonzalez; Dennis Gov-
an; Michelle Neville-Clarke;
Andreas Rentschler; Andrew
Raenden; Charlene Storr;
Arthur Strommer; David Suss-
man; Michele Thompson (Trea-
surer); Wilham Whitaker; Paul
Winder; and Alyson Yule.

Those associations elected to
serve on the Board are:
Jan Mezulanik Associa-
tron of International Banks &
Trust Companies (AIBT)
Cherish Cox-Nottage -
Bahamas Association of Com-
pliance Officers (BACO)
Ivylyn Cassar Bahamas
Association of Securities Deal-
ers (BASD)
Wayne Munroe Bahamas
Bar Association (BBA)
Peter Muscroft Bahamas
General Insurance Association
Kendrick Christie -
Bahamas Institute of Chartered

The Law Firm of

of Fort Nassau Centre, Marlborough Street, Nassau, BahamaS

is pleased to announce that

Mr. Marco M. Turnquest

has joined its partnership.
We wish to congratulate him on his achievement.

The Partners of

_ _~____~~_ I

**--- -

\& r B
a ce sum
Has a vacancy for a

Site Director of Finance (Operation)

To provide finance and accounting leadership and support for site marketing
and sales efforts, resort operations, and some new product to market initiatives.
To ensure accurate and timely onside financial management, reporting,
forecasting and budgeting of all on--site Ritz-Carlton Club business units(sales
& marketing and ancillary profit centers) and the Homeowner Associations
Safeguard company assets and maintain a strong environment of financial

-Prepare budgets and forecasts for all business units.
-Monitor and control project budgets, commitments and final costs.
-Maintain accurate historical data to aid in the preparation of pro forma
economic performance models.
-Manage investments & banking for all Ritz-Cariton Club units and
Homeowner Associations.
-Oversee timely reconciliation of all bank accounts.
-Ensure communication between personnel and others
-Ensure all invoices are processed timely, accurately and ensure cost are
withm budget.
-Perform all necessary journal entries and analysis to accurately close books
on period basis.

Please Send Resumes to:
Attn: HR Director
The Abaco Club on Winding Bay
P.O. Box AB20571
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

gas a Vacancy for a


Queen's College is seekmg to employ a Cafeteria.Manager to operate the Q Caf6
beginning early 2007.
The successful applicant should have experience working in the restaurant
industry and relevant supervisory experience. He/She should demonstrate
effective communication and interpersonal skills. *

The major deities of the Cafeteria Manager will be to:

plan, organize and direct, control and evaluate the operations of the school
cafeteria; including but not limited to:

Assisting with the recruiting process for prospective applicants.
Overseeing training for cafeteria staff.
Establishing staff work schedules and monitoring performance,
discipline and staff evaluations.
Advising and planning menus for students and staff.

The successful candidate will also be familiar with local health and safety
regulations for the cafeteria and its workers.

The starting salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.
I-lowever, preference will be given to candidates with training received at The
Bahamas Hotel Training College or other recognized culinary institutes.
We offer a competitive benefits package, including gratuity, pension, health
insurance, discount on children's tuition.

QueeIt's College was established in Nassau in 1890 by The Methodist Church and
is a member of The International Association of Methodist Schools, Colleges and
Universities (IAMSCU).

Resumes, covering letters and application forms can be returned to:

The Office of The Principal
Queen's College
P.O. Box N 7127
Nassau, Bahamas
or mailed to:
So as to reach the office by November 30, 2006
more information can be obtained at our
award winning website


Goenmn eystann ntaie'cosBhms

Price includes rustproofing, licensing and inspection to birthday, full tank of fuel,
24,000 miles/24 months warranty and emergency roadside assistance

IT 0
EAST SHIRLEY STREET 322-3775 325-3079
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FROM page 1B

"The aim of the programme is
to try and set up apprenticeship
programmes throughout the
Bahamas, especially in the Fam-
ily Islands, to train the young
cople there who have recently
pome out of school and are look-
ing for employment, especially
with all these anchor projects
they're looking to put there," Mr
Nutt said.
He added that the ultimate
goal was to ensure that all anchor
projects had a "local workforce"
from which to draw employees,
improving job opportunities and
living standards for Bahamians,
and reducing this nation's
reliance on expatriate labour by
filling in skills gaps.
"One of the things the pro
gramme aims to do is educate
both workers and potential work-
ers about to enter the workforce
and parents of children in high
schools, about the need to look
beyond professions such as doc-
tors and lawyers for career
paths," Mr Nutt said.
For the Bahamian economy

i. To promote the expansion
of apprenticeship programmes.
ii. To commence a phased
expansion of the technical and
vocational programmes present-
ly being demanded by industry.
iii. To organize relevant
training programmes designed to
equip Family Island high school
students,.recent graduates and
displaced workers with the nec-
essary skills to enable them to
take advantage of employment
and entrepreneurial opportuni-
ties in their respective commu-
iv. To reverse the current
trend which-presently requires
Family Island high school gradu-
ates and others to relocate to the
major population centres of New
Providence and Grand Bahama
in order to obtain entry level
technical and vocational traimng.
v. To bring about a
greater utilisation of the technical
and vocational trammg resources
already resident in Family Island
vi. To accelerate the deliv-
ery of technical and vocational
training programmes to Family

"The Train Bahamas Work-
force Promotional Programme is
an awareness and public relations
campaign, which is intended to
heighten public awareness about
. the critical role which skills devel-
opment plays in both individual
and national development to cre-
ate opportunities, while at the
same time unveiling the Min-
istry's strategy for equipping
recent graduates and displaced
workers across the Bahamas with
. employability skills."

Island communities which are
both accessible and cost-effec-
vii. To contribute to the eco-
nomic growth of the Bahamas by.
ensuring the existence of a pool
of skilled labour from which busi-
ness and industry can recruit.
BECon added: "The Govern-
ment of the Bahamas continues
to announce the development of
large-scale anchor resort proper-
ties across the islands of the

Bahamas. These large-scale,
labour intensive projects have the
potential of providing enormous
employment and entrepreneur-
ial opportunities for Bahamians,
"The Mimstry of Immigration,
Labour and Training has been
mandated to accelerate the rate
at which Bahamians are being
equipped with employable skills,
which will enable them to access
emerging opportunities, during
both the construction and opera-
tional phases of these projects.

and nation to grow, the BECon
president said the economy need-
ed a vast range of skills that
stretched across all professions,
and Bahamians needed to focus
outside professions such as bank-
ing, lawyers and doctors.
Mr Nutt pointed out that
Bahamian employers wanted to
hire Bahamian workers if they
had the skills required, and were
in sufficient supply, as opposed to
importing labour.
He explained that it was "a
time-consuming and costly
process" to obtain work permits
for every expatriate employee
hired, in addition to the fees paid
to the Government for each per-
"It's better to have the oppor-
tunity to employ Bahamians.
Many workplaces who have
expatriate staff would prefer to
hire Bahamians, but because of
these skills gaps they have no
source to draw on locally," Mr
Nutt said,
BECon's latest newsletter said
the goals of the Train Bahamas
Workforce Promotional Pro-
gramme were:

cent for Jamaican firms and those
in Belize.
Mr Morris said any investment
returns had to be higher than the
interests rateg e dsa
which are seen as relatively risk
He added that the Bahamas
had one of the lowest govern-
ment bond rates in the
Caribbean, standing at 5 per cent.
"The risk free rate is largely
affected by inflation levels in the
n eMra ibadddeda
.with low levels of inflation; the
risk free rate is relatively tame.
"Countries such as Guyana
and Trinidad, with inflation levels
of near four times those experi-
enced in the Bahamas have risk
free rates around 11 per cent.
Jamaica, with inflation levels in
the double digits tops the charts
with risk free rates near to 13 per
Political risks also entered the

equation for an investor in deter-
mining the valuations placed on a
business and whether to enter a
market, Mr Morris said.

Apart from political turmoil
and instability such as the kind
experienced in Haiti, he pointed
out that government policies,
such as the Bahamian Govern-
ment's emphasis on state owner-
ship of public corporations, also
imq co sr nt c ii s phy
towards businesses may also
encourage or inhibit business
development. If the governmen-
t's emphasis is more on state
ownership than on private enter-
prise, then the resulting loss of
efficiencies can limit the growth
potential of an economy of coun-
tries such as the Bahamas, which
has one of the last remaining
state-owned telecommunications
firms,' Mr Morris said. b'

e- -:...

Elantra GL5 4-dr Sedan and 5-dr
Hatchback come fully equipped

with: 1.6L DOHC engine, automatic
transmission, air conditioning with filter,
power windows and locks, power tilt
steering, radio/cassette player, high
mounted brake light for added safety.

Optional extras:
CD player
Keyless alarm.system

by Commonwealth Bank

Bahamas has lowest 'market risk premium'


affected by the volatility of th?.
r b ocnk T emsa tossshthe
considerable variation, mostly
due to the size of the markets.
The Bahamas has shown rela-
tively stable growth over tkhe pa
two years in its stock mar y
we can see that Trinidad has
gone from a significant amount of
growth in 2004 to minimal levels
so fra nxtt h
over 100 per cent growth in 2004
to a contraction or negative
growth in 2005."
The Bahamas was also among
the Caribbean nations with the
lowest interest rate payments on
the corporate debt of large com-
panies, with a rate of about 7 per
3ent conipMed to highs of 18 per

Hiyundai Elantra

.i ...


Le al Notice

(No.45 of 2000)

In Voluntary Liquidation

Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Section 137 (4) of
the International Business Companies Act No, 45 of 2000,
COREY INVESTMENTS LIMITED, has been dissolved and
struck off the Register according to the Certificate of Dissolution
issued by the Register General on the 25th day of October, 2006.

James A. Ramsden
15 Union Street,
Malzard House, st, er, ersey
Channel Islands ,, .. -
A 1 LE 1 i5 an 1 atiquidth SY


(No.45 of 2000)


Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 138 (8)
of the International Business Companies Act, No.45 of 2()00,
has been completed, a Certificate of Dissolution has been
issued and the Company has therefore been struck off the -
Register. The date of completion of the dissolution was the
6th day of November, 20()6


Possesses valid qualification as QS or Accountant

Minimum 5 years experience in a responsible, senior
accountant or QS position

Working knowledge of the business of construction a
significant advantage

Proficient with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

Good communications skills

Resume should be sent to Mark Scott, Development
Department, The Abaco Club on Winding Bay,
P.O. Box AB-20571, Marsh Harbour, Abaco or
faxed to 242-367-2930

containing 19,129. Sq.Ft. situate immediately East on
Mackey Street and immediately North on Brice Lane
in the Island of New Providence one of the Islands of
the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

the et Title Act 1959
o Qui ing


of the Petition of Philip Brice


Pursuant to an Order of The Supreme Court dated
the 28th day of June, A.D., 2006.The Petition of Philip
Brice 123 Mackey Street, in the Eastern District of the
Eland of New Providence, one of the Islands of The
Commonwealth of The Bahamas showith in respect of:
0 -
ALL THAT Parcelloflaid coat g 19,429 Sq.ft.
Situate' imnYedidlefy""'EMt on Mackey bet 'hn
immediately North on firice Lake in the Islarid of New
Providence, one of the Islands of the Commonwealth
of The Bahamas.

The Petitioner, Philip Brice, herein claims to be
the owner in fee simple in possession of the said
piece of land and has made application to The
Supreme Court of The Commonwealth of The

BA 9 d vek i t1e3t th seaid ic of
investigated and the nature and extent thereof
determined and declared in a Certificate of Title to be
granted by the Court in accordance with the provisions
of that Act

Copies of the Plan showing the position boundaries
shape marks and dimensions of the said piece of land
may be inspected during normal working office hours
at the follow laceS.

(a) The Registry of The Supreme Court, 2nd
Floor Ansbacher Building, East Street North
Nassau, Bahamas

(b) The Chambers of EDWARD B. TURNER
& CO,. #10 Petrona House, Fowler Street
off East Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas.

Notice is hereby given that any person having Dower
or right to Dower or an Adverse Claim not recognized
in the Petition shall .on or before the expiration of
Thirty (30) days after the final publication of these
presents file at the said Registry of The Supreme Court,
and serve on the Petitioner or on the undersigned a
Statement of his/her Claim in the prescribed form
verified by an Affidavit to be killed there)vith.

Failure of any such person to file and serve a
Statement of his/her Claim on or before the
expiration of Thirty (30) days after the final publication
of these presents shall operate as a bar to such claim.

#10 Petrona House
Fowler Street off East Bay Street
Nassau, Bahamas
Attorney for the Petitioner

lion. (representing Suisse Security's
Doing so, the sources suggest- creditor) agreed that there was
ed, would ensure any debts were no opposition to the winding-up
settled before Mr Harajchi and application, Derek Ryan, who
his family departed the Bahamas. represented Mr Hara]chi, voiced
It is unclear whether Mr Hara- strong opposition to making Mr
jchi has managed to liquidate his Winder the official liquidator.
Bahamas-based assets yet. He claimed that while per-
It is unlikely that Suisse Secu- forming his duties as provisional
rity's depositors and creditors will liquidator, Mr Winder liquidat-
recover all their investments, ed a stock investment that had
deposits and sums owed. incurred a net loss of $1 million.
Mr Ryan argued that as a result,
111011 he was not sure Mr Winder had
received permission to dispose
In her arguments on the Cen- of the investment.
tral Bank's behalf yesterday, In light of these claims, Mr
attorney Claire Hepburn, of Gra- Ryan asked that Mr Winder not
ham, Thompson & Co, told the be made liquidator and,.barring
judge that all the legal require- that, he at least be required to
ments to facilitate the winding-up present some form of security.
process had been met. He added that although Mr
This included publishing Winder worked for Deloitte and
notices of the intention to request Touche (Bahamas) in all matters
the winding-up in Bahamian relevant, he acted in his own per-
newspapers and the Wall Street son.
Journal. In addition, she said that The claims appear to relate to
a notice of intent was sent to Suisse Security's investment in
Suisse Security, something which 72,000 shares of Nasdaq 100
was not being disputed. Trust, which incurred a net loss of
Mrs Hepburn said all the $857,736 between January 4,
requirements of the Registrar 2001, and March 6, 2001. Mr
General in regard to the wind- Winder had liquidated this posi-
ing-up of a company had been tion.
met. However, Justice Isaacs said
She also quoted directly.from that as Mr Ryan's claims were
the Privy Council ruling, which not submitted in writing, he had
stated that in light of the evidence no evidence on which to consider
presented at trial it was "incon- his claim. He therefore ruled that
ceivable" that Suisse Security Mr Winder be made the official
could be allowed to continite liquidator without security.
operating as a bank. Noting that there were no
Mrs Hepburn also requested opposing arguments to the wind-
that Raymond Winder, who was ing up of Suisse Security, Justice
currently serving as Suisse Secu- Isaacs ruled the process could go
rity's provisional liquidator, be forward, ending five years of the
made the official liquidator with company trying to get the revo-
all the powers relevant to the cation of its license overturned.
post. Speaking with The Tribune
She presented affidavits of after the ruling, Mr Ryan said he
character references for Mr had further evidence to suggest
Winder, noting that he was very that Mr Winder should have to
familiar with Suisse Security, hav- provide security before he was
ing done preliminary liquidation allowed to be the official liq-
work m the five years since the uidator.
bank lost its licence. He would He said he intended to file
therefore be.thesbest person to writtehilocuments to that effect
finalist the process. R limhtitti ttely. '
She alsoadedthit dj njur a.. m.
Winder's standing as managing Mr Ryan added that this was
partrier of Deloitte & Touche very important, because his clien-
(Bahamas), he be granted the t's reputation had been tainted
position without having to pre- byreportsthatfundsbelongingto
sent any security beforehand. Suisse Security's depositors and
While all the attorneys present creditors were missing.


Bachelor Party Entertainment


namassasassonsawas FOR PEOPLE Mfo SFUTTERWILL BE


Base Road Business Centre

(opposite Christie Park), is no
longer authorized to do
business on behalf of the said

(g ,





ourt approves Suisse

Secure winding-up

Suisse Security's "continuing
non-cooperation and obstruc-
tion" relating to the funds missing
from the two IBC accounts at
Barclays and UBS had confirmed
the then governor, Julian Fran-
cis's, position that the licence had
to be revoked.
The $8.4 million held at Bar-
clays Bank was transferred out
of the Bahamas shortly after
Suisse Security's licence \vas sus-
pended in March 2001. Given
that this happened five years ago,
Mr Winder is likely to face quite
a task in tracing and recovering
these assets without the help of
Mr Harajchi.
Several sources have suggested
that possibly the best source of
recovery for Suisse Security's
depositors and creditors would
be for Mr Winder to attach liens
to Mr Harajchi's Bahamas-based
assets, especially his Paradise
Island residence, which he is try-
ing to sell for about $24.5 mil-

itors, depends on whether Mr
Winder is able to recover almost
$20 million previously held by
two International Business Com-
panies (IBCs) affiliated with the
The Privy Council earlier this
year described as "extraordinary"

the situation relating to Suisse
Security's missing cash and
investment balances, which were
held by two affiliated Interna-
tional Business Companies
(IBCs) Suisse Security Hold-
ings and Suisse Security Invest-
ments which held accounts with
the former Barclays Bank in Nas-
sau and UBS in Geneva.
Suisse Security clients had
been instructed to deposit funds
with the two IBCs, rather than
the bank.
Mr Winder had reported to the
Central Bank that at March 2001,
after the licence suspension, he
controlled only $5.485 million of
Suisse Security's cash and invest-
ment balances, compared to
$27.14 million shown in the 2000
fourth quarter report.
The missing position related
to sums of $8.4 million and $11
million supposed to be held in
the accounts of the two IBCs.
The Privy Council found that

Commonwealth of The Bahamas



at Suite #14, Second



FROM page 1B

the Priv Council a ainst its
licence re location
The ke to how successful
Suisse Security's winding-up will
be, and how much money will be
returned to depositors and cred-



JORHHR PTIScilla Swainformer

Administrative Officer of

Godfrey "Pro" Pinder & Co.
Barristers at Law, situated


ssrs I GN-429s

(a.k.a) JEROME SAWYER, of 24 East
Brooke Street, New-Providence, onWof
the Islands of the Commonwealth of The
Bahamas, has made application to the
Supreme Court of The Bahamas, for Letters
of Administration with the Will Annexed of
the Real and Personal Estate of RUTH
Brooke, New Providence, one of the islands -
of the Commonwealth-of the Bahamas,
Notice is hereby given that such
applications will be heard by the said Court
at the expiration of 14 days from the date
Nicoya Neilly

NOV. 16, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/npr/00555
FERGUSON, of Nassau East North, New
Providence, ohe of the Islands of the
Commonwealth of The Bahamas, has
made application to the Supreme Court
of The Bahamas, f or Letters of
Administration of the Realnand P rsonal
late of Nassau East North, New Providence,
one of the Islands of the Commonwealth
of the Bahamas, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that such
applications will be heard by the said Court
at the expiration of 14 days from the date
Nicoya Neilly
(for) Registrar

NOV. 16, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/npr/00548
BULLARD, of Cowpen Road, New
Providence, one of the Islands of the
Commonwealth of The Bahamas, has
made application to the Supreme Court
of The Bahamas, for Letters of
Administration of the Real and Personal
Estate of RUTH BULLARD (a.k.a) RUTH
Road, New Providence, one of the Islands
of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas,
Notice is hereby given that such
applications will be heard by the said Court
at the expiration of 14 days from the date
Nicoya Neilly
(for) Registrar

RO. BOX N-167
Nassau, The Bahamas
November 16, 2006
Probate Division
In the Estate of GEORGE F. O'DONNELL,
late of the City of Regina, province of
Saskatchewan, Canada,
NOTICE is hereby given that after the
expiration of fourteen days from the date
hereof, application will be made to the
Supreme Court.of The Bahamas on its
Probate Division by MIRIAM J. CURLING,
of the Eastern District of the of the Island
of New Providence, one of the islands of
the Commonwealth of The Bahamas,
Attorney-At-Law, the Authorized Attorney
Grant of Probate in the above estate
granted to ALASTAIR JAMES MUIR and
Executors, by the Surrogate Court at the
Judicial Centre of Moose Jaw, on the 26th
day of April, 1983.

Nicoya Neilly
(for) Registrar

NOV. 16, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/npr/00550
Whereas NICOLA NEELY, of Bouge,
Eleuthera, one of the islands of the
Commonwealth of The Bahamas, has
made application to the Supreme Court
of The Bahamas, for Letters of
Administration of the Real and Personal
Estate of DOUGLAS NEELY JR. Iate of
Bouge, Eleuthera, one of the Islands of the
Commonwealth of the Bahamas,
deceased. .
Notice is hereby given that such
applications will be heard by the said Court
at the expiration of 21 days from the date
Nicoya Neilly
(for)Registrar .,-

NOV. 16, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/npr/00551.


~~ .. T ~U.ESDAY i-NOVEMBER 14, 2006, PAGE, 7B

NOV. 16, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/npr/00554
Cable Beach, New Providence, one of the
Islands of the Commonwealth of The
Bahamas, has made application to the
Supreme Court ofThe Bahamas, for Letters
of Administration with the Will Annexed of
the Real and Personal Estate of RUBY
IRENE MAGEE late of the City of Barrie
in the Province of Ontario,
Notice is hereby given that such
applications will be heard by the said Court
at the expiration of 14 days from the date
Nicoya Neilly
(for) Registrar

RO. BOX R-767
Nassau, The Bahamas
November 16, 2006
Probate Division
In the Estate of CONRAD PAYNE, late of
7138 Valeriana Ave., Citrus Heights in the
State of California, one of the States of
the United States of America,
NOTICE is herebyogiven that after the
expiratiortof fourtHhilay'
hereof, application will be made to the
Supreme Court of The Bahamas on its
Probate Division by ARLEAN P. HORTON-
STRACHAN, of Robinson Road, New
Providence, ohe of the Islands of the
At-Law, the Authoiited Attorney in The
Bahamas for obtaining the Resealed
Letters of Administration in the above
estate granted to JUDITH M. PAYNE, the
Administrator, by the Superior Court of
California, County of Sacramento, Probate
Division, on the 4th day of October, 1999.

(for) Registrar

NOV. 16, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/npr/00549
Whereas MINERVA FORBES, of Bacardi
Road, New Providence, one of the Islands
of the Commonwealth of The Bahalmas,
has made application to the Supreme Court
'df TTI SEWnas, Tor Letters pf
Administration of the Real and Personal
Iate of Bacardi Road, New Providence,
one of the Islands of the Commonwealth
of The Bahamas, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that such
applications will be heard by the said Court
at the expiration of 14 days from the date
Nicoya Neilly
(for) Registrar

NOV. 16, 2006
No. 2006/PRO/npr/00553
Whereas ANGLADE COOPER, of No. 52
Palm Beach Street, New Providence, one
~ef the Islands of the Commonwealth of
The Bahamas, has made applicationia.
the Supreme Court ofTFiel3ahamas, for
Letters of Administration of the Real and
Personal Estate of WAYNE LUTHER
COOPER late of No. 52 Palm Beach Street,
New Providence, one of the Islands of the
Commonwealth of the Bahamas,
Notice is hereby given that such
applications will be heard by the said Court
at the expiration of 14 days from the date
Nicoya Neilly


' Knowles and Nestor

offtoa t1 er in hin a

Senior Sports Reporter
MARK Knowles likes the
position that himself and
Canadian Daniel Nestor have
found themselves in at the
Tennis Masters Cup in Shang-
hai, China.
The duo pulled off their first
match in the round robin seg-
ment of the Gold Group with
a 6-3, 6-2 victory over the
French-Serbian team of Fab-
rice Santoro and Nenad
Zimonjic yesterday.
Both played in the filial last
year, but with different part-
ners. Santoro took the crown
with Michael Llodra as they
defeated Zimonjic and Lean-
der Paes.
As the number three seeded
team in the week-long tour-
nament, Knowles said they
were delighted to get off to
such a great start.
"It was good. We played
well," said Knowles from his
hotel room. "It was a very
* convincing win. It was a good
* team to beat, considering that
** they played in the final of
"It was very good that we
won it. This is the year ending
championship with only the
top eight players in the world
here. So it gives everybody a
chance to win a couple of
While all the teams will earn
$50,000 for participating, for
every round they win they will
receive a extra $15,000. Win-
ners of the semi-final will take
home $25,000, while the final
winner will earn $100,000. The
team that goes undefeated will
be awarded $200,000.
"The goal is to win it. We
are definitely excited about
the win we had, but there's
plenty of work still left,"
Knowles charged. "That's just
-* one match, but we look to
build on that and get stronger
as the tournament goes on."
Knowles and Nestor, who
played in the final in 2004 and
2005, are scheduled to play
the No.8 ranked team of Mar-
iusz Fyrstenberg and 1 arcin
Matkowski on Wednesday
and then they will face No.2
seeds Jonas Bjokrnian and
Max Mirnyi on Friday.





* *
- -
- - -
- -
-- *
* - *

* -* *
* *
* *
* -
* * 9
a ** *
* -
- -
* *
* *

a 4

"Fortunately for us, we had
a very good match, but if we
don't go out there and play,
we could get beat.
"So our focus going forward
is to play every match and try

"Everybody is tough at this
point," said Knowles, when
asked if they were concerned
about any of the teams. "We
just have to go out and play.
"We're talking about the

topeight teams in the world,
so everybody earned the right
to be here..There will be no
easy matches. So you just want
to go out there and play your

to getbetter an better
as the tournament progress-
The semis are set for Satur-
day with the final on Satur-

=:_, 2meS Blake kn(kEs OUt Naall


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centy a hkism go victory


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es* m

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... ~i-"~ ~~' ~~."" ~,,~IWA4~d~FB ~,rle"M"~~~~D"~D~"La~nry""~-~arrrasnarPI


THE College of the
Bahamas Caribs split their
exhibition double header

The Fighting Blue Jays
had all five starters in dou-
ble figures as their men
knocked off the Caribs 88-
76. Thomas Young led the
attack with 25 points and
eight rebounds.
For COB, 6-foot-7 cen-
tre Jeron Johnson pumped
25 as well.
On the other hand, the
Lady Caribs prevailed
with a 58-41 triumph after
leading 31-12 at the half.
Guard Christine Sinclair
canned 16 and center
Kiavonne Newbold
chipped in with 11.
Kristen Partch had a
game high 25 for the Lady
Fighting Blue Jays, who
came back to out-score
COB 29-27 in the second
THE Catholic Diocesali
Primary Schools Basket-
.ball League \\ill conclude
its regular season action
on Wednesday with the
following two games on
tap at 3:15 p.m. St. Cecili-
a's at Our Lady's and
Xavier's at St.Bede's. The
playoffs are scheduled for
contmue its regular season
DWDavisGymnasium .
with the following games
on tap:
vs Scottsdale Panthers (L)
and 8:30 p.m. Passe vs Sco-
tiaBankDefenders (M).
Wednesday -7:30 p.m.
Scottsdale Cougars vs
Lady Hornets (L) and 8:30
p.m. Technicians vs Police
Thursday -7:30 p.m.
8:30 p.m. Diamonds Inter-
M)riday -7:30 p.m. Scotts-
dale Cougars vs Lady
Techs(L) aryd8:30p.m.
Police Crimestoppers vs
Scotia Defenders (M).
Sunday 3 p.m. First
Caribbean Bank vs Lady
Gold (M) and 5 p.m. Dia-
Passe (M).

The Tribune 58< Etami 31sralb
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1% Dolphins is.Vikings


*** P.O.Box

CONGRATULATIONS~I~W toMxelLgtor.WNE f the Dolhins nd Chiefs drawing ~~ I"$~~$llsBIIs~



Fax: (242) 328-2398





H SOFTBALL H MOST valuable ple
By BRENT STUBBS ..- er Avoni Seymour ge
Senior Sports Reporter ses to deliver a pitch
against St. Andrew's:
ST AUGUSTINE'S Col- she helped Sa.
lege Big Red Machines ,, Augustine's College
regained their Bahamas regain their BAISS
Association of Athletic Asso- junior girls softball til
citation's junior girls softball wish an 8-5 victory ye
title by sweeping the defend- Ierday.
ing champions St. Andrew's (Photo: Tim Clar
In another great comeback
effort, SAC sent alanine bat-
ters in their line-up to the
plate, scoring five runs as
they rallied past St. Andrew's
8-5 yesterday at Freedom
They had taken game one
last week with a 10-9 deci-
sion and coach Rebecca Moss
was proud of the victory.
"The girls worked hard. In
both games we had to come 5 BELOll': St.
frgm behind, but overall Fm Augustine's College
proud of what we did," she Red Machines' first
said. sacker Terae Sweerint
"We were do\ n and we swings her has against
came back in the last inning the St. Andren's Huri
and won it last week and we canes as they won ga
did it again toda1. This one t wo 8-5 yesterday at
really feels good because of Freedom Farm to clisi
the way we were able to do the BAISS junior girl
its" softball lille.
Trailing 5-3 going into the (Photo: Tim Clar
top of the fifth, SAC took
apart St. Azidrew's, as the
firit four batters, Melonie
Hillhouse, Annique Williams,
Gernika Gibson and Terse L
Sweetingalong with pitcher who had a perfect two-for-
Avoni Seymour, got on base l iv eda \' scored t woruns
andscored. apIece for the Bie Red
, Seymour, who belted a lklachines. Gibson was two-
two-run home run over the for-three with an RBI and
left-field fence in the Big Red d
Machines' 10-9 victory in ru co eC.ulmer had a pair -au
game cine, was named the of walks, scoring twice to
most valuable player for her leadSt Andre w 's. Demi & .
performance on the mound. For bes \\ asone for three
With her team leading 9-5 .lth an RBI and run scored.
going into the bottom of the Jade Strachan \\as also one-
fifth, she allowed one runner for-three \\it ha run scored.
from the Hurricanes to get .4nnisa Alburi suffered the
on base. In fact, Can dice .
loss on the mound.
Fields, who reached on an Desire the loss St
error, got all the way to third. .4ndrept 's coach Peter H'll-
ButSeymourboweddown son said it was still a pretti
as she did for most of the ecod series that could hate
game and retired St. .
Andrew's in order to hold gone ei epl bd with the
ote win her second in girls. H'e lost both games in
the fifth Inning. But for a
For Seymour, it was a great I unior gir ls standard I
feeling to turn the tables on thought it was spectacular,"
the Hurricanes, especially as H ilson reflected.
they battled back down the ..we made a couple of mis-
takes todal that hurt us.
"Either we ended it or they .. Butlusrwhen nehada
would have ended, so we 'couple of chances to pull 11
tried to stay focused," Sey- off \ve couldn't ger 11
mour stressed. "We just went
out there and hit the ball go 1 credit to SAC. The\
good and we won it." played better in the end and
Seymour and Hillhouse,

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