Advertising rate card for Panama City News-Herald

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Advertising rate card for Panama City News-Herald
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Campaign Materials, 1956-1970. Advertising - Correspondance & Proof. (Farris Bryant Papers)
Farris Bryant


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Bryant, Farris, 1914-2002 ( LCSH )
Florida--Politics and government--1951- ( LCSH )
Governors--Florida--20th century ( LCSH )
Newspapers ( JSTOR )
Political campaigns ( JSTOR )
Political elections ( JSTOR )
Political advertising ( JSTOR )
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Bay County -- Panama City
30.15 x -85.65


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SubSERIES 2a: Campaign for Governor,1956 BOX: 5

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Copyright Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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ADVERTISING RATE CARD Issued and In Effect January l. 1953 RAT C A RD No. ll PANAMA CI TY NEWS (l\tornlor Except Sunday) PANAMA CITY HERALD ( Evenlnr Except So.lurdo.7) PANAMA CITY NE W S-HERALD (SundaJ llfnmln f) P OB L I SltED BY T U E B a y County Publi s hers , Inc . A JO H N D. PERRY NEWSPAPER W Ea,rt 56 Str,el, New Yark 2!, N. Y. 1 2 South 12th $!reel , P hllarlrlphill 7. l' a. RE P RESENTE D NAT l ONAL l , V by JOHN H . PERRY ASSOCIATES 122 So. ;\llehlpn .. C'hlcago 3, U l. 5 Third Street. San Franels<:o 3, Calif. Room 7-268, Gen. ~Julur• Bldg .. Detroit , ~llch. !978 \\lll sltlre Blvd .. Los An~l es 5, Calif. 610 Georg-ia Savlnfs Bank B ldr ,, AUonlmld-Carrler, $18.20 per year, Mall, $12.00 per year. Comb.-Carrler, $31.20 per yeru-, Mall, $25.00 per year . t Johu H . Perry. Sr., Chairman of Board John H. Perry, Jr., President "ew 1 .'ork PbU:ultlphia Ce<:11 B. Kelley, Publisher. Ht: l' IIESESTEO SAT I OSA L LY by JOH N H . PERRY A S SOCIATES Chicago San Frand~o Alhlnlll Detroit Lo s Aogclet


1 -GE:\ERA L AD\'EIITISDIG : a Comblnollon morning nnd cvrnln11. daUy b Evening only c \tom1n1 only d . Sunday only [ll'r line 12 P<'r line 07 f"'r line 11 Pf•r line Color Extra , minimum 1,000 llt1"" 30•~ . R,,.,r,atton:. 10 day, In advance oplal05 or molS 3 days, No cnnc,llatlon aller 10:00 la. m., 2 days ln ud\ 1 n-nce. I Dally Comic Page35 and 70 lln•• by l cols. accepted at regular blo,'.k and while rate Mllllmum 13 limes Ii, 13 "'l.'CU Al cohoUr bevrrag•. tobacco produc~s . and prt,pnclnry rcm•dlc.,, not accepted 1: Position ChargP~ Exlrn-Next tr, r1dl11g U,'1,. lull po.,ltlon 25',. h \ttnhnum Ot:pth R O P many lnchf""I; mph-tl'd m both papers within 3 clays ST RIP S: Rare, n,ollnble on r~uest, cLO~ I NG TIME : 3 w <'It. before publlc•llon '.\ILC'UA!'I I CA L REQtlREMENTS: !'Qr lull puge cumplell' color muls d colur pru,,rs must be rurnl>hed by advertiser . 11 od IS II'$! Uu,n full page whether blark and white c,r rotor II mU>L bl' combined in mat form •fU1 co1111cs to malr.c up lull J)llge, cUol of th= full page mat,; to be paid by llllverllser Prlutrrl by NEA S•rvlce, Inc. Selld pr,mr• nnd mau to Buffalo Ool.,r-Pre.s.,, Inc 195 Maln st., BuHalo, New York Page size 7 tol wtd• by 20 deep. C l RC:l ' l ,. \ T lO N: Nol Paid-A.BO 9-30-52 Herald-Tota.I 13.649 Aug. 31 1952, 14.341 1Pend111,, ABO AudH I %.-(' L-\ SS lnJ:D : Morn1111 only 5c word, r\'enlng only 7c word, combtnallon 9t word rier Insert 11111 Mini mum 90. Dlsplar Olosertlon. Set body type. Bold heads tbBJ'lled double. Must be mark t'd '"Adv." b. P,o,1llon Run or paper. c Black heoclllrte& charged at double rates. I-C0"3USS IOS S AND CASD DI SCOUN TS : 15<:• 10 ai:encies; l%, 20 days. S~ I ECUANI C AL REQUWEftfEJSTS: o Width of columns 12 ems. (Class. 101, ems> b. D•pth or columns 301 Jta cs. Line to page, 2408. c. Etaht columns to poge. d. Full page 16 x 21 ~, Inches. e. Can use mats. r. Hallwne sc.reen 65. g _ Not re•,ponslble for key number unless cast ta mat, or plates. It Copy must be ns many lnche• deep as cc,Jumn wide .

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