Condensed from a Speech by Alto Adams, Candidate for Governor

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Condensed from a Speech by Alto Adams, Candidate for Governor
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Correspondence, 1946-1973. Adams, Alto. (Farris Bryant Papers)
Adams, Alto
Adams, Alto, no date


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SubSERIES 1a: Correspondence,1946-1960 BOX: 1

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uanuensea tram a opcee.n oy ALTO ADAM5 Candidate for Governor Folks, I Impe you haven't come hm expecting a ici af stiver -tongued cratory arid a lot of high -powered campaign promises. Tacrc won't he muc.h of either. In 1he firM place I'm nar. a great orator. and I don't r.hink the job I seek demands one. It strikes me the capoyers have reached a polm where thry comid do walh a little more t]nnkmg and nos quim so much talkmg. [n the second place I don't helieve in makmg prorru es-campaign er wherwise-unless I'm prettysure I can fulfil t them. I am simpJy going to tell you, m as few words as possil>le, who I'm domg and why I'm doing it. I am running for Rout'rnor You all know r.hat. I'm riot gGmg to stand here a; tell as friost candidates dm Lhat I m running because "my friends urged me co" or beca-ise I feel an abhgatmn to ''offer triy vah:able services to the people '' That's just u lot af talt I am running i mply because L want to. The decismn was strierly my own, I made it myself, just as I've made every decision affecting my personal hic. start ing fram the day M years ago when I walked out of a hillside new. ground and told m daddy I was going to college. There were several re.asons for my decision to enicr this race First. 1 Eccl it is a great honor ta be governor of Florida; seennd, 1 thma 1 have the trainmg and e:cperierice to do a good job; and. third, I think I cati be elected I These are al) ]agihmate reasons, and the same ones that prompt most cande dates to run,.regardless of any high .soundmg phrases to the comrary. In my case, though, -there as a reason far stronger and far more compelhng ihan any of these In a nutshel] 11 is thisI srmply do not tiac some of the things ther. are going on in government rciday.


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Condensed from a Speech by

Candidate for Governor

Folks, I hope you haven't come here expecting a lot of silver-tongued oratory
and a lot of high-powered campaign promises. There wont be much of either. In
the first place, I'm not a great orator. and I don't think the job I seek demands
one. It strikes me the taxpayers have reached a point where they could do With a
little more thinking and not quite so much talking. In the second place. I don't be
lieve in making promiseswcampaign or otherwise-~ttnless I'm pretty sure I can
fulfill them.

I am simply goxng to tell you. in as few words as possible. what I'm dotng
and why I'm doing it.

I am running {or governor. You all know that. I'm not going to stand here and
tell, as most candidates do. that Im running because "my friends urged me to" or
because I feel an obligation to "offer my valuable servxces to the people." That's
just a lot of talk.

I am running simply because I want to. The decision was strictly my own. I
made it myself. just as I've made every decision atfecttng my personal life, start-
ing from the day 35 years ago when I walked out of a hillside new~grouud and told my
daddy I was going to college.

There were several reasons {or my decision to enter this race First. I feel
it is a great honor to be governor of Florida: second. 1 think I have the training and
experience to do a good job; and. third, I think I can be elected!

These are all legitimate reasOns. and the same ones that prompt most candle
dates to runuregardless of any high-sounding phrases to the contrary. In my case,
though. there is a reason far stronger and far more compelling than any at these.
In a nutshell it 18 this:

I simply do not like some of the things that are going on in government today,

our propose to do semetlnng about it. To be more specic:

I do not like the reckless spending policies that have not just d oubled or trebled
but actually quadruEed the operating cost of state government during the past ve


I do not like this sickening convulsion in government which takes place every

{our years. .when the "Ins" go out and the "Outs" go in.

I do not like seeing poaions of trust and responsibility lsdeled out to cronies

and incompetents just because they voted right.

I do not like seeing men of ability and experience booted out of jobs just because

they voted wrong.

l do not like a system which allows the State Road Department. a purely appoin-

tive board. totally unanswerable to the people and responsible only to the governor,
to spend $70. 000. 000 a year without any semblance of budgetary control or without
even a regular audit.

I do not like the principle which permits the State Improvement Commission.
another politically appointed board. to sit back in Tallahassee and create a bonded
indebtedness of not just millions but tens and perhaps hundreds of millions without

the approval of the legislature or the people.

I do not like the bureaucratic policy which allows the State Welfare Board.

still another appointive agency, to dispense annually some $50, 000. 000 in public money

under a cloak oi strict and complete secrecy.

I do not like the unsavory inuences in government which are reflected almost

daily in the columns of every newspaper.

I do not like the bungling, inefciency and petty fina'ling which most of you have

run into at one time or another in virtually every branch of state government.

And last. but not least, i do not like the whole insidious evolution in government

which has opened the door to waste. extravagance and immorality and which is at

the same time closing the door on sound. decent and economical administration of



Gentleman. I realise that is putting it bluntly. but that's exactly the way-l feel and
i see no reason to say otherwise. My feeling about the path our government is taking
wasn't plucked out of thin air or molded from s few newspaper headlines. It is some -
thing that has been building up for along time.

For nearly ll years I sat on the Florida Supreme Court: for two years I had the
honor of serving as Chief Justice of that high tribunal. During that time I had an op
partunity to view at close range the processes of state governan .1 had a chance
to study. objectively. every cog in this vast complex machine which operates on your
tax dollars. I had a chance to learn its strengths and to spot its weaknesses. More
important. 1 had a chance to see and recognise a set of political. moral and economic
trends which I firmly believe are eating away the very foundation on which our gov
ernrnant was built.

It is a set of trends which. to me. is disturbing. alarming. even frightening. By
some dent of misfortune. or perhaps misinformation, we have allowed the administra-
tion of state to slip off the firm bedrock of constitutional government and into a quag
mire of politicallyappointed boards. bureaus and commissions. most of them com--
pletely unresponsible to the voting citiaen who pays the bill- You may not know it
but in Florida today there are nearly 60 such agencies - many good. some bad. but
allo-niind you all-immune to the democratic voice of the electorate.

In brief. instead of haying constitutional government, we have bureaucratic gov-
ernment: instead of having government by election. we have government by appoint

With this situation has come all the attendant evils-waste. extravagance. po
litical payoffs and an apparent general disregard for the principles of decent. demo
cratic government. The definitions of such words as integrity and statesmanship
seem to have been lost in the shuffle. The general attitude seems to be "grab
what you can in a four year span."

Friends. [just don't like this sort of thing. It is absolutely unsound -morally.

economically or any other any you want to look at it. Basically. we have a good

government If xt to used no it we! intended-dot the benefit of the state end the peo
ple meteed of eny one poltttcal edminutretton

That to the compelling reeeon why I'm stending before you tonight. ineteed of
teking it easy in e good soft choir tnmy own lang roomt I simply do not hie tins
reckless. relentlees snowballing of government. and I've reached some rm con
clueionl on how to epply the brakes

whet I heve in mind to neither complex no: stertling- In my book the whole
needs of government boil down simply to this:

Firm common sense leadership; honesty and integrity 1 ALL levels. and e
frank return to government by the people and under the constitution'

8y firm. commonsense leederelupl Itmply when: 1 will run this state gov-
ernment on the eeme principles you employ in the operetion of your business. 1
simply meen I will not tolerete the equendertng. extravagance. petty grett and
deliberete profiteering which goes on to Tallahassee

By honesty end integrity et ell levele. I simply mean we're gmng to have
cleen noeel that ere going to any cleen--eterttng et the top end going right down
to the bottom 'he seemingly prevelent theory thet influence in government 1.
common commodity to be bought end sold over the counter does not [it 1n my
code and will not t in my ndmjmstretion.

By return to government by the people end under the conetlttmon, l sunply
mean this: Thet 1 ml] eel: the very rst Legteleture to reshuffle the executnve
launch on that the'belence at edmtmstretwe power will rent. not under the
ebeolute thumb of e governor who cannot succeed htmeelf. but rather under
the Cehmet. whose ofcer: must look the electorete in the eye every four
yeere! When we do thus we are movmg heck to constitutional government,
end away from the pouxbtltty of exploxtetlon by the next edmmletretion or
eny aucceedmg edmmxetretmn

Within the next few weeks you Will know exactly what I propose to do.

how I propose to do ll. and why 1 do not plea to deel 1n personahnea


though I can if I have toobut I want to make it abundantly clear that I shall show
no hesitancy whatsoever in pointing my finger at what I know to he basic enls
in our state government.

Well, that about sums it up. I will tell you. as I've told all my supporters,
l have nothing to offer you. nothing to promise you except a sound. decent ado
ministrau'on-one you wont be ashamed of. I am in this race committed 0411]
to the proposition of good government.

I am running On a set. of aims and objectives which I know to be practical,

sound and right. There shall he no other course. I am prepared morally.

physically and financially to either win or lose this election. I must tell you

now that I will sacrifice no principle which I believe to be right for the mere
sake of votes-u whether few or many!

One more thing: As tar as I am concerned there will be no "hot potato"
issues in this campaign. 1 am gomg to meet every material issue which
arises squarely and iace~toiace. The people of Florida have a right to
know not only go they are voting for but Varhat: they are voting for.

In the course of the campaign. I may take stands with which you dis-
agree. But I want you to know in advance that any stand I take will be
hacked by sound. mature thinking and the full force of my own honest
convictions. If that still isn't enough. you have the democratic right and
privilege of voting for somebody elseu- and I won't hold it against you.

These are the basic principles 1 have followed as a citisen. as a
business man and as a. judge. I shall continue to follow them as a can-

didate and, if elected. as a governor.