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Title: Annual General meeting : June, 2005 : Minutes ; presented at the 36th Annual Conference
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Title: Annual General meeting : June, 2005 : Minutes ; presented at the 36th Annual Conference
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Official Documents
Series: A -4

Annual General Meeting I,
Tya, June 7, 2005
I Minutes
.% ..

Presented at the 36th Annual Conference of the
Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Ubraries

Aruba Resort & Spa
May 28- June 2, 2006


Annual General Meeting I, Tuesday, June 7,2005

1. Call to order opening remarks
President Anique Sylvestre called the meeting to order at 10:45.

2. Agenda
2.1. President Anique Sylvestre submitted the agenda, included in the conference, program, for
2.2. The agenda was adopted as presented.

3. Minutes of ACURIL XXXIV -Trinidad & Tobago
3.1. Executive Secretary presented the minutes for amendments/corrections
3.2. Minute of May 28, item 6 elections
-to amend the term of Cheryl Sylvestre to read 3 years.
-item 5.2. to correct the name of Patrick Tardeu
3.3. Minutes were adopted as amended.

4. Reports
4.1. President's report
President Anique Sylvestre presented her report. A summary follows:
4.1.1. The two main objectives for the year were:
-to work on the restructuring of ACURIL
-to organize and celebrate the conference
4.1.2. For restructuring purposes the plan was to try to get the participation of all by
discussing first in Council, then with past presidents and then to the Membership in the annual
assemblies. A questionnaire was distributed to find out the perceptions about the role, mission
and structure of ACURIL.

4.1.3. Regarding the Conference ACURIL XXXV Conference theme will be Identifying information needs to provide a

ACURIL XXXV MARTINIQUE Annual General Meeting, June 7, 2005. MINUTES. On November 19, Council held a brainstorming session on restructuring.

4.2. 2.1.1. Members expressions about ACURIL follows:
A place for cooperation among librarians as a benefit to users and sharing resources.
ACURIL is international recognized
A place for professional continuing education
To help members find funding sources
Have a leadership role in assisting small libraries, may be help in developing projects.
ACURIL needs more international visibility, represent the Caribbean librarianship
Must carry out some activities between the Conference
Must provide training for small libraries
Develop a membership drive
Develop incentives to members
Study the role and participation of ACURIL in international organization
Create a committee for continuing education
Avoid separation of members by language.
Study the length of Conference
Must have local groups or chapters like Puerto Rico
Increase the Registration fee. $150.00 is too low. The conference costs are too high On Restructuring (November 20)
President Anique Sylvestre summarized the issues discussed and the Strategic Plan distributed
by past president Luisa Vigo-Cepeda as follows:

Administrative issues

The President
Duties of the President were reviewed as expressed in the Constitution/Bylaws and the Manuals.
The process for the selection and term of office of the President was also mentioned. After
discussion, the term of office of the President remained as one year.

The Secretariat
The term of office of the Executive Secretary was discussed. Council agreed by vote: to change
the title of Executive Secretary to Executive Director. The term of office was not limited, but
will be based on the evaluation of the biannual performance. Criteria will be developed.
Honoraries are to be decided. The Executive Director could assume parliamentarian
responsibilities during mid-year meeting. The president should select a parliamentarian for the
annual conference.

To assist the Executive Director, a part time administrative assistant is to be recruited. Salary for
this assistant will be determined.

' .' i within Diversity U&ni d dentro de la Diversidad. L 'Jnite dcms la Diversitc

ACURIL XXXV MARTINIQUE Annual General Meeting, June 7,2005. MINUTES.

Administrative Structure
An administrative diagram was delineated to visualize the lines and relationships of different
sector within the organization.

The Annual Conference length and cost

Some recommendations presented were:
to reduce social activities
to have only one administrative meeting
to have a less formal opening and closing evenings

General issues

Increase the term of office of personal members and their representation in Council to
three, based on linguistic area.
Decrease the number of association members and terms because there are very few
members in ths category.

The Finance Committee, chaired by Barry Baker must be reinforced and start fund raising. Disaster Situation in Member Countries
The situation was discussed and the a fund-raising campaign was developed. A committee was
appointed integrating Sam Boldrick, Domingo Casado, Barry Baker, Luisa Vigo-Cepeda and
Oneida Ortiz. Executive Council members contributed $324.00 U.S. Invited by Barry Baker, Mr. Samuel Brooks, Vice-president for Sales, and Mrs. Lidiette
Quezada, both from EBSCO Information Services, made a presentation on various types of
library consortia. At the end of the presentation, Mr. Brooks announced a contribution of
$5,000.00 U.S. to the Disaster Relief Fund. ACURIL XXXV-MARTINIQUE

Patrick Claveau, Coordinator of the Conference, presented the report for the Local Organizing
Committee. The committee contracted a private conference organization company.

President Anique Sylvestre presented the program for the conference. Some suggestions were
offered for workshops and speakers.

Unity within Diverityi. Unidad dentro de la Diversidad. L 'Unite dans la Diversitl

ACURIL XXXV MARTINIQUE Annual General Meeting, June 7,2005. MINUTES. 5 ACURIL XXXIV-TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Elmelinda Lara, presented a comprehensive report of the conference organization,
infrastructure and development and the function of each committee. The financial statements
included reimbursement of the ACURIL loan ($5,000) the fees for the proceedings ($2,150.00)
and the surplus to ACURIL ($11,000).

The following recommendations were submitted for the consideration of the Executive and
future organizing committees.

ACURIL should consider having a shorter conference and although this is one of the
economical conferences, a number of our Caribbean librarians experience difficulty in
obtaining funding for conference attendance and are unable to fund their attendance.

ACURIL should increase the loan to the Local Organizing Committee by 100% to US
10,000.00 (That's the cost of down payment to the hotel and preparation for pre-
conference publicity, by May of the previous year, and not at the mid-year meeting in

Conference attendees should register and pay early. Hosting institutions generally have
tight budgets and need cash flow to operate since sponsorship is not always as
forthcoming as anticipating.

ACURIL should revisit the practice of having a president who resides in the country that
is hosting the conference. This has the potential of creating conflict and blurring the lines
of responsibilities between the Local Organizing bodies and the President.

Translation/Interpretation is very costly and ACURIL should consider absorbing some of
the costs, especially for documents needed before the conference. In the interest of
standardization of texts of translated material, ACURIL should also consider having
translator/Interpreters. Past President, Shamin Renwick presented the evaluation of the Conference.
Participants 398 (294 full time, 104 part-time)
Only 41 conference evaluation forms were returned.
General information of participants: 29 members of ACURIL; 14 institutional members;
12 personal, 1 association, 1 student, 1 honorary, 19 representing university libraries; 5
school libraries, 2 public libraries; 5 special libraries 7 non members.
Rating of the Conference (1 to 5): Website 4.1; Organization 3.8; Technological Support
4.4; Interpretation 4;' Exhibitors 4.1; Program 4.

Unity within Diversity Unidad dentro de la Diversidad. L 'Unite dins la Diversite

ACURIL XXXV MARTINIQUE Annual General Meeting, June 7, 2005. MINUTES. ACURIL XXXVI-Aruba 2006
Astrid Britten presented preliminary plans for the Conference.
Dates: May 28 June 3, 2006
Venue: Wyndham Aruba Resort
Rate: $129 Single/double room, plus 22% taxes
Theme: Human Rights in the Information Society: freedom, equality and safety ALA Orlando, Florida
The Executive Secretary attended ALA Conference held in Florida, June 2004, and participated
in the Award Ceremony where Sam Boldrick was honored with the Research in Genealogy
Award. As Sam Boldrick expressed, a lot of ALA participants got to learn about ACURIL and
established relations with the Executive Secretary. Digital Library of the Caribbean (DLOC)
The planning committee of this project, initiated by the University of the Virgin Islands, held a
meeting during July 16-17, 2004. It was hosted by the Institute of Caribbean Studies and the
Library System of the University of Puerto Rico, at the Rio Piedras Campus. The first meeting
of the group took place during ACURIL XXXIV, in Trinidad, and the plan is to meet again
during ACURIL XXXIV, in Martinique.

Past President Luisa Vigo-Cepeda, Almaluces Figueroa and the Executive Secretary attended the
meeting. The project is-an on-going one, with a proposal submitted and awarded. Facilitators of
the meetings were Ms. Jennifer Jackson, Chancellor of the University of the Virgin Islands and
Judith Rodgers, Campus Librarian. ACURIL Puerto Rico Chapter
The ACURIL Puerto Rico Chapter held its First Annual Conference on November 10, 2004.
The Theme for this activity was Ethics for the Information Professional. The Executive
Secretary representing President Anique Sylvester participated in the program. It was an
excellent program, well attended and full enthusiasm. Congratulations to the chapter and to the
organizers of the event officers Ileana Rosa Sotomayor, President; Soraya Torres, Secretary; and
mentor of the Chapter, Luisa Vigo-Cepeda. The Chapter will have a presentation during this
Conference and has planned another activity, Festival on Information and Knowledge Skills,
following the theme of this Conference, to be held September 2, 2005 at the Graduate School of
Information Sciences and Technologies of the University of Puerto Rico. The Chapter is an
example to follow by other member countries.

11. Election of Vice-president 2005
Pedro Padilla-Rosa and Marie Laure Abinne were nominated for Vice President/ President Elect
2005-2006. Voting was by secret ballot. Pedro Padilla-Rosa was elected.

12. Adele Merritt moved the adoption of the report. Domingo Casado seconded.
Unity within Diversity Unidad dentro de la Diversiciad. L 'UnitW dans la Diversilt

ACURIL XXXV MARTINIQUE Annual General Meeting, June 7, 2005. MINUTES.

4.3. Report of the Treasurer
Treasurer Neida Pagan presented her report in three parts:

4.3.1. Notes to the Report
Members paid up to date: 55 institutions; 25 personal; 1 association
New members:
Institutional Law Library St. Thomas University; Florida
Personal: Simone La Rose Guyana
Elizabeth Borges Puerto Rico (student UPR)
Jos6 Feliciano- Puerto Rico (student UPR)
Linda M. Golian U.S.A.

4.3.2. Balance Sheet Assets $78,911.77
Cash on Bank 10,685.00
Fees 2007 25.00
2006 25.00
2005 5,855.00
2004 4,155.00

2003 425.00
2002 200.00

Certificate of Deposit 273.94
Funds for Automation 95.16

Alma Jordan Scholarship Fund/ 28.77
Donations 140.00
Funds for Publishing 214.79
Disaster Relief Fund 5,624.00
Donation, ACURIL XXXIV-TT 2,330.00
Suplus.ACURIL XXXIV-TT 11,831.40
Organizing Committee,
Reimbursement Loan 5,000.00
Registration, ACURIL XXXIV-TT 235.00
Deposit, Ck #618 1,594.00
Credit 20.00 $38,072.06

Unity within Diversit, Unidad dentro de la Diversidad. L 'Unite dans la Diversitd

ACURIL XXXV MARTINIQUE Annual General Meeting, June 7, 2005. MINUTES. Liabilities
Funds assigned to:
Executive Secretary 1 ,700.00
Treasurer 600.00
Executive Council 711.74
Publications & PR Committee 1,284.99
Speakers, ACURIL XXXIV-TT 1,000.00
Travel Expenses
Annual Meeting-TT
Executive Secretary 788.41
Treasurer 867.28
Honoraries 700.00
Ejecutive Secretary 700.00
Treasurer 700.00
Alma Jordan Scholarship Fund 300.00
Awards to: Pura Centeno
and Devica Ramisign
Membership, IFLA (additional) 141.25
Organizing Committee, ACURIL XXXV-
Loan 5,000.00

Organizing Committee, ACURIL XXXIV-TT
Registration & Transportation 2,370.00
Tobago Tour 300.00
Publication ACURIL XXXV 2,390.00
Disaster Relief Fund 1,594.00
Bank Charges 20.0
$21.876.55 Association Equity $95,107.28
Automation of Secretariat 6,296.95
CD/Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of Deposit I
(#010900000009) 18,123.37

Certificate of Deposit II
(#010900000008) 17,000.00

Alma Jordan Scholarship Fund
Savings account(#433-13676-4) 2,653.00
. Diversity Unidad dentro de la Diversidad. L 'Unitd dans la Diversitj

ACURIL XXXV MARTINIQUE Annual General Meeting, June 7,2005. MINUTES.

Disaster Relief Fund
Savings account (#433-36705-5) 6,700.00

Funds for Publishing

Savings account(#433-89421-3) 20,702.45

Checking account (#03-24444-8) 23.631.51

Total Liabilities and Association Equity $116.983.83

4.4. Report of the Vice-President
Vice-President Astrid Britten presented the report which included the following:

4.4.1. Committees Chairpersons
Constitution & Bylaws Arturo Ferndndez-Ortiz
Publications and Public Relations Luisa Vigo-Cepeda

4.4.2. Special Interest Groups presentations

Academic Libraries
Chair, Prof. Barry Baker (University of Central Florida-USA),Tuesday, June 7
Theme: Information literacy for distance learners-how can academic libraries provide and
evaluate library services for distance learners.

Special Libraries
Chair: Lie. Lucero Arboleda de Roa (Instituto Tecnol6gico de Santo
Domingo/Dominican Republic), Tuesday, Jun 7:
Theme: Cultural Center of Santo Domingo

School Libraries
Chair: Grace Achoy (Trinidad & Tobago), Tuesday, June 7:
Theme: Evaluating databases

National and public libraries
Chair: Monique Alberts (National Library of Aruba), Tuesday, June 7:
Theme: Training of the staff of the Aruba National Library
The role of Public libraries in lifelong learning

Archives and Record Management
Chair: Margot Thomas, Wednesday, June 8
Theme: Oral History: a tool for knowledge
Unirv within Diversi't Unidad dentro de la Diversidad. L 'Unit clans !a Diversite

ACURIL XXXV MARTINIQUE Annual General Meeting, June 7,2005. MINUTES. 10

Information Technology
Chair: Judith Rogers (University of the Virgin Island), Wednesday, June 8:
Theme: Bridging the digital divide through collaboration: identifying collections;
partners and funding opportunities

Research in the Information Field and Students Roundtable
Chair: Dr. Luisa Vigo-Cepeda (Graduate School of Information Sciences and
Technologies, University of Puerto Rico)
Chair: Marcela Cardona (Master Student, Graduate School of Information Sciences and
Technologies, University of Puerto Rico), Wednesday, June 8:
Theme: Diagnosing Information Needs of the Underserved,
the Aged, Inmates and Homeless

4.4.3. Nominations Committee was constituted by Astrid Britten (Aruba),
Pedro Padilla-Rosa (Puerto Rico) and Barry Baker (United States). Pedro Padilla chaired
the Committee. At the annual conference of ACURIL XXXV in Martinique there will be four
(4) vacancies; in the following categories.

Institutional Members (2). Two vacancies will be available for the term of three (3) years
each because:
Barry Baker (University of Central Florida) ends his three years term, 2003-3005
Carlyle Best (University of the West Indies) ends his one year term
Association Member (1)

One Vacancy will be available for the term of three years, because Marie-
Laure Abinne (Documentation et Lecture en Guadeloupe) ends her one year term

Personal Member (1). One vacancy will be available for the term of one year, because
Domingo Casado (Miami Dade Public Library) ends his one year term. The following candidates are submitted to fill the positions:

Institutional members (2) 3 years
Carmen Santos (University of Puerto Rico)
Jane Smith (Anton de Kom University of Suriname
Association member (1) year
No nominee, due to the few association members
Personal members (1) year
Monique Alberts (Aruba National Library)

4.4.4. Claudette de Freitas moved the adoption of the report. Adele Merritt seconded.
L.'.'.,: within Diversity Unidad dentro de la Diversidad. L 'Unite dans la Diversite

ACURIL XXXV MARTINIQUE Annual General Meeting, June 7, 2005. MINUTES. 11

5. Executive Secretary Oneida R. Ortiz reminded that floor nominations will be accepted until
Wednesday, June 8, 12:00 M.

6. The meeting was adjourned 12:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by
Oneida R. Ortiz
h;:j2 ~ ri .:P 1.. :

Unitv wihin C-. il fmnidad deatrO de La DtVerSidcic1 L Umtni dIa Diver(iz,

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