Group Title: UF Digital Library Center / Systems Meeting Agendas
Title: UF Digital Library Center / Systems Meeting Agendas ( DLC-IT & UFDC Meeting Minutes )
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Title: UF Digital Library Center / Systems Meeting Agendas ( DLC-IT & UFDC Meeting Minutes )
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Publication Date: January 4, 2011
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January 4th, 2011 DLC-IT Update

1. Recent Software Releases
a. UFDC Builder ( Version 2.9.9 Released December 20, 2010 )
i. Updated with new SobekCM Library and SobekCM Bib Package class libraries (dlls)
ii. Modified save routines to only save the behaviors for a brand new item
iii. Builder no longer supports DELETE type METS files
iv. Added support for new DarwinCore zoological taxonomies in the METS files
b. UFDC Web ( Version 2.9.9 Released January 4th, 2011)
i. Add ability to view number of items/titles/pages added between any two arbitrary dates
ii. General user interface experience
1. Reworked the following html subwriters to simplify and clean HTML code and
rendered page(s):
a. Statistics subwriter
b. Internal subwriter
c. Collection subwriter ( home pages)
2. Modified the background and foreground colors for focused controls to be more easily
readable, especially for those with color vision deficiency.
3. Translations Added
a. Brief search results
b. Facets
c. Serial hierarchies in results and item group viewer
d. Citation view
iii. Item Viewer
1. Add ability to have an external link related to an aggregation to appear in the citation
2. If only a language code is saved, try to do a lookup before showing the language text
3. If an 'Accession ...' indicator exists for an ARTIFACT, it appears in the top of the item
4. Add new YouTube video item viewer, displays when a YouTube URL is placed in the
Other URL section
5. Add buttons to the top internal header for editing the item metadata, changing
public/private, and editing all the item behavior
iv. Item Editing
1. Seperated previous Edit Item options and templates into one for editing metadata and
another for editing behaviors
2. Behaviors which were actually at the item group level moved to an Edit Behaviors
option at the item group level
v. Metadata and online editing
1. Add support for the mods:Classification tag, including mapping from MARC and
template element
2. Added support (but not yet the template elements) for simple DarwinCore XML's
representation of Zoological Taxonomy (i.e., Kingdom, Family, Genus, Species, etc..)
3. Updated other title form element to include display labels for uniform titles
vi. During online submission process, all JPEG and JPEG2000 files are added as page image files,
rather than download files
vii. Internal Header
1. Added ability to collapse or expand internal header
2. Added internal and editing abilities to the item viewers, both at item and item group
a. Edit Item Metadata
b. Edit Item Behavior
c. Edit Group Behavior
d. Mass Update all items for a single item group

e. Ability to set public/private/restricted flag
f. Ability to delete an item for system administrators
g. Ability to add and view internal comments
3. Added place holders for later abilities add the item group level
a. Add new volume
b. Autofill volumes
c. Edit serial hierarchy
viii. Static web content viewer
1. Update web content info writer to populate the tree-view through AJAX as the user
expands each node
2. Add to site map ability to control which URL robots can index through
3. Static web content now includes description, author, and keyword meta tags from
original source file
4. Sitemaps can now have multiple root elements
ix. Memory Management When pulling an item with multiple related items, build an item group
object, rather than storing the list in each individual item object
x. System Administration Add external link to admin aggregation pages to allow editing external
xi. Bug Fixes
1. Corrected issue preventing pulling usage stats from two arbitrary dates
2. Corrected occasional issue when adding the more complex elements (creator, other
title, subject) that use would be incorrectly sent to the Javascript Required screen
3. Update [SobekCM_Get_ltem_Details2] procedure to correct first table in item group
case ( returning more than one row unnecessarily )
4. Correct issue with search field collection not always populating correctly (introduced
while opening aggregations to robot indexing)
c. SMaRT Application (Currently in BETA)
2. Current Work
a. DLC Toolbox / dLOC Toolkit
i. Reinserted pages appearing the wrong spot (after the division they should appear within)
ii. Rename *.tiff files to *.tif
iii. Include the QC error message in the html qc report and verify it is logging in the
tracking/history pages correctly
iv. In QC if there is a processed package's skeleton (folder and METS) left behind, offer to delete it
when the user selects the row again
v. QC.jpg files should not appear in the FDA METS files
vi. In spreadsheet importer, add .xlsx to the file selector filter
vii. Remove the error message about the registry value vis-a-vis spreadsheet importing
viii. During import, donor's automatically getting ( endowment) added.
b. METS Editor
i. Batch update functionality will be completed to allow batch import from MARC and
ii. Limited support for DarwinCore added .. only the zoological taxonomy portions ( i.e., kingdom,
species, etc..)
iii. Option to save METS as *.xml file, rather than *.mets. This means the file will no longer
automatically open in the METS editor when clicked, but otherwise no functionality is lost.
iv. Correction of occasional issue where the template forms may "flash" as they are loaded
v. Correction of links to new online help pages
vi. Correct bug: "the 'METS File as XML' box pops up before the checksums are calculated and a
'This program cannot display the webpage' message appears."
3. Future Work
a. Finish Tracking UFDC
b. Greenstone Fedora Solr/Lucene

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