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Title: UF Digital Library Center / Systems Meeting Agendas. September 2, 2008.
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Title: UF Digital Library Center / Systems Meeting Agendas. September 2, 2008.
Series Title: UF Digital Library Center / Systems Meeting Agendas
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Publication Date: September 2, 2008
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Systems / DLC Update
September 2nd, 2008

General Discussion

*Networking Issues
o UFDC Storage Space and Backup
o Disk space monitoring service (linux and windows boxes)
o JPEG2000 backup to development box
o New hard drive for greenstone production

Completed Work

Unified Importer Documentation ( Data Dictionary)
o Available from

UFDC Web Work
o Greenstone search results returns:
Main Latitude
Main Longitude

Released to Production

Tracking Application ( Version 3.9.8- 8/28/2008)
o Fixed issue where the material type was not being saved on Bib Items that have multiple
volumes (Ticket numbers 27154 and 27160).
o Fixed the case sensitive issue that was preventing the 'Author', 'Publisher', and 'Publisher
Location' values from being updated in the database.
o Removed the 'Target Technology' list from the 'Electronic Resource' Tab panel. Target
Technology is no longer a required field.
o The 'Status' Tab panel has been modified to display the updated list of workflows.

Importer Application ( Version 1.2.0 8/28/2008)
o SubCollection codes that are imported in the user's data file are now saved to the
Tracking database (Ticket # 27328).
o Added the new Edit_Progress method that Mark modified for the Tracking application that
saves the new Volume workflows to the Tracking database (Ticket # 27261).
o Changed the text on the 'Matching Record Confirmation' dialog form to be more
o Fixed the issue where the same 'Bib ID' was being displayed in the 'Comment' column on
the 'Importer Results Form'. This would occur when multiple Bib Items had the same
OCLC number. The length of the message text in the 'Comment' field has also been
minimized to be more readable.

UFDC Builder ( Version 4.1.4 8/28/2008)
o Updates to tracking database history changed for new progress structure
o When an item fails, any previous failure is deleted, to allow the new failure to be moved

o A launcher application ( UFDC Builder Launcher.exe ) is included to launch the Builder,
and allow the scheduled task to launch it again.
o Old collection folders are automatically deleted after a successful build
o After an unsuccessful collection build:
1. Collection folder is retained as [code]_failure (i.e., dloc_failure) to assist with
further testing
2. Email is sent to programmer

* DLC Toolbox ( Version 4.1.4 8/28/2008)
( Version 4.1.3 8/17/2008)
o Updated all the progress updating procedures
1. PreQC Too/now stores the username and location
2. QC Too/now stores the username and location in the progress table and the QC
Log table is being deprecated
3. Go UFDCnow stores the username and location
o UFDC Web link from main Toolbox form launches UFDC in internal mode
o Corrected bug which did not cause the creator name change to register as a change in
the METS Editor, causing the Apply button to not become enabled. Bug only occurred
when the creator name change was the only change requested
o Updated the FDA Stored procedures to return date in ISO format.

* UFDC Web ( Version 2.5.0 8/26/2008)
o Added new Google_Map_ Viewerand Google_Map_ ViewerFetcherto display the
coordinates on a google map, if they appear in the METS
o Added new Flash_ Viewerand Flash_ ViewerFetcherto display SWF files
o Altered existing Citation_ Viewerobject:
1. Split regular citation into different categorical clumpings
2. Added MARC view of the citation
3. Moved METS and GSA XML file links under citation
4. Added Archives and History views which will pull data from the tracking database
if the user is internal.
o Added paging to the Related_Images_ Viewer, if there are more than 100 thumbnails
o Related_Images_ Vieweris suppressed when there is only one page to the item
o Group Title is now displayed, when the Group Title and Volume Title are not identical
o Altered several of the Viewers, so they all use the same width when possible
o Added code to entirely hide the left navigation bar when nothing is put there
o Corrected some formatting in the Downloads_ Viewerclass
o Made the current volume non-linked and italicized from the MultipleVolume_ Viewer.
o Increased Error Catching
1. Ensured that all single apostrophes are removed before doing select statements in
memory. Was throwing an error which looked worse than it really was. Looked
like an insertion attack nearly occurred, but it was really just a select statement
on a datatable in memory
2. Throw the suppressed error caught while trying to build the contact_writerand
indicates if it is during post back or not.
3. Encapsulated URL parsing to provide separate error when the parsing failed.
4. Encapsulated all html fetches (from Greenstone or UFDC files) to also show the
internal URL that failed.

* Metadata Template ( Version 4.1.3- 8/17/2008)
o Corrected bug which did not cause the creator name change to register as a change in
the METS Editor, causing the Apply button to not become enabled. Bug only occurred
when the creator name change was the only change requested

UFDC Manager ( Version 2.1.1 8/17/2008)
o Changed data folder to point to new SAN location
o Corrected issue with design folder link not working for Collection Group

Currently Under Test

dLOC Toolkit Official Release of Version 2
o Working on SQL install issue

Currently Under Development

*Tracking Database ( GROVER 27113)
o Add Volume Title, as separate from Bib Title, at the volume level (CS_SingleVolume)
Already exists in image class as Sub Title
Volume field is sometimes utilized as a volume title
Import issues
Same length as title
During METS creation
If no volume title exists
o Bib Title is used as title in METS
If volume titles exists
o Volume title is used as title in METS
o Bib Title maps to Series Title (or Uniform Title for newspapers)
o Make Material Type a look-up table link from CS_BibInfo. This will also incorporate the
values which previously were image-class specific entity types
o Collapse or remove existing bib-level type-specific tables
CS TextClass_ Bib
Move Edition, ISSN, ISBN into CS_BibInfo
SCS_ ImageClass_Bib
CS Herbarium Bib
CS UndeterminedClass Bib
o Collapse or remove existing volume-level type-specific tables
CS_ImageClass_ Volume
Move Subtitle data into Volume Title
CS TextClass Volume
Remove MarkupCharacters and Comments
Rename Section Part(per previous tracking discussions)

What remains can either remain a separate table (which represents how
the single volume relates to the larger work characterized by the bib id ),
or take values and place them in CS_SingleVolume.
o Convert all the identifiers in CS_BibInfo into an identifier/type lookup table structure.
o Add Volume Title (or VID Title) to the tracking database application and make all of the
material types display identically.
Material Type tab page in bib-level form should be called Volumes, and always
display the volumes as rows, even when there is only one.

UFDC and Endeca and DLU01
o Initial MARC record creation being reviewed
o Refining mapping into Title, Name, Notes, and Subject Keywords

o Database Changes
Change browse structure (reliance from DLMS)
BibID to UFDC Group mapping (for Florida House)
Remove Page Downloads
Remove Page, Files, File Types tables
Add Main Thumbnail and Main Image (for slideshows, etc..)
o Alternate searches (newspaper, map) (SPR-311 / GROVER 1776)
o Map It! ... implement Google maps.. (Search results)
o Metadata Issues
Add Journal Title
Hierarchy Geography should have a type attribute (SPR-309 / GROVER 1816)
o Display Issues
Serial Information (SPR-367 / GROVER 1795)
o Sorts
Sort by Country in Maps (SPR-319 / GROVER 1764)
New items sort by date added (SPR-317 / GROVER 1817)
Allow thumbnails to be sorted
o Tree-type rollups
Search results (SPR-369 / GROVER 1856)
Collection hierarchy

Pending Work

*UFDC Storage
o JPEG2000
Replace zero-space JPEG2000s (about 320 affected items)
Check for JPEG2000s without attribute information (width, height, zoom-levels)

o File-level comparison and sync between production and development
o Database Resource Folder Sync

UFDC Documentation

Collection Work
o Bryant loaded without text
o Treister
o Herbarium

Work in Queue

1) Fedora suitability testing and potential migration

2) UFDC Loader Issues
a. Implement check for correctly encrypted GUID

3) Implement alternate JPEG2000 server solution (.NET / TileTech )

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