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Title: Student evaluation of teachers and teaching
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Title: Student evaluation of teachers and teaching
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Creator: Echols, Louise B.
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Publication Date: 1948
Copyright Date: 1948
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Louise B. Echols

Bulletin No. 64
Bureau of Educational Research
University of Florida
College of Education
Gainesville, Florida

November, 1948

I -




This bibliography has been compiled in order to make

material available for students who wish to study students'

evaluation of teachers and their teaching. The sources of

information used in this limited bibliography are: Education

Index, January, 19O0, through May, 1948; Supervisors of Student

Teaching, February 24 and 25, 1936; National Association of

Supervisors of Student Teaching, December, 1944; School Review,

January, 1921, April, 1922, May, 1923, and October, 1928; and

Elementary School Journal, May, 1920. Whenever available,

short annotations pertinent to the topic are included. The

reader will find references listed according to author, title,

volume, pages, and issue. For those unfamiliar with the

abbreviated forms of references to periodicals, the full names

'. will be found listed in "List of Periodicals Indexed" in

Education Index.--L. B. E.


O ,

Student Evaluation of Teachers and Teaching

A Limited Bibliography

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conclusive but stimulating.

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much more adequate, definite and dependable means for judging outcomes.

I ,


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I ,


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