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 Table of Contents
 Unfortunate Bertram Bowles
 The curious elephant
 Sturdy Fernando
 The angry farmer
 The watchful spies
 Three tender-hearted wollypogs
 The polite Japs
 The ornamented king
 Three smiling boys
 Expectant Miranda
 An Arab encampment
 Three innocent papooses
 Little Koti
 Three jolly jokers
 An Eastern magician
 Three observing Dames
 Early Mrs. Burley
 Three friendly kings
 Grim professor Goggles
 A jovial sea-serpent
 The sad koodoo
 Some great explorers
 Spruce Sammy
 Some prudent fishermen
 Three heaping dishes of cream
 Musical Sambo
 Some dreadful Indians
 The neat waiting-maid
 Three masked robbers
 The quiet author
 A strange puzzle
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Title: Topsys & turvys
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 Material Information
Title: Topsys & turvys
Alternate Title: Topsys and turvys
Physical Description: 5, 31 leaves : col. ill. ; 18 x 24 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Newell, Peter, 1862-1924
Century Company ( Publisher )
Gast Lithograph & Engraving Company ( Lithographer )
Donor: Egolf, Robert ( donor )
Publisher: Century Co.
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: c1893
Subject: Wit and humor, Juvenile -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Upside-down books -- Specimens -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1893   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1893
Genre: Children's poetry
poetry   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
Statement of Responsibility: by P.S. Newell.
General Note: "The Gast Litho. & Eng. Co., New York"--Colophon.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00081995
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002234919
notis - ALH5356
oclc - 06004620
lccn - 16005309

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    Title Page
        Title Page
    Table of Contents
        Table of Contents 1
        Table of Contents 2
        Table of Contents 3
        Table of Contents 4
    Unfortunate Bertram Bowles
        Page 1
    The curious elephant
        Page 2
    Sturdy Fernando
        Page 3
    The angry farmer
        Page 4
    The watchful spies
        Page 5
    Three tender-hearted wollypogs
        Page 6
    The polite Japs
        Page 7
    The ornamented king
        Page 8
    Three smiling boys
        Page 9
    Expectant Miranda
        Page 10
    An Arab encampment
        Page 11
    Three innocent papooses
        Page 12
    Little Koti
        Page 13
    Three jolly jokers
        Page 14
    An Eastern magician
        Page 15
    Three observing Dames
        Page 16
    Early Mrs. Burley
        Page 17
    Three friendly kings
        Page 18
    Grim professor Goggles
        Page 19
    A jovial sea-serpent
        A jovial sea-serpent
    The sad koodoo
        Page 21
    Some great explorers
        Page 22
    Spruce Sammy
        Page 23
    Some prudent fishermen
        Page 24
    Three heaping dishes of cream
        Page 25
    Musical Sambo
        Page 26
    Some dreadful Indians
        Page 27
    The neat waiting-maid
        Page 28
    Three masked robbers
        Page 29
    The quiet author
        Page 30
    A strange puzzle
        Page 31
    Back Cover
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. ........ .


14 A 49

Copyright, 1893, by The Century Co.




i Unfortunate Bertram Bowles

/! 2 The curious Elephant

f \ 3 Sturdy Fernando

4 The angry Farmer

5 The watchful Spies

6 Three tender-hearted Wollypogs

7 The polite Japs

8 The ornamented King

N ^ *. -.-'
*K;> -^-.^ -"*

Jap!dS lioidoji aIqj

sdef Bu!IBnf taqi L

s2oG as~ay aaIqj.

s.joejidsuoD .aqj

Bid (.Sunq aqJ 1,

opueuja injisay (

qp)!IsO aq.

sa l o aoualJg aA1Jg i



9 Three smiling Boys

/o Expectant Miranda

i I An Arab Encampment

St12 Three innocentPapooses

13 Little Koti

14 Three jolly Jokers

15 An Eastern Magician

16 Three observing Dames

-;<9 ] ; ( ?t=

-~ :-----

sa!jaing fll aaijqj. 91

pioq snopanssuw aqj L- I

suaz!: pauaSq2!Su aaQqL F

lUBIDD asauiq3 aq f I

sjo!JqueM alq}.oqjuo:0 aaqjL zri

sy.loIS anqi I1

snaCeo uis dIS o

sXog Addtqun aajiqj 6



Early Mrs. Burley

Three friendly Kings

Grim Professor Goggles

A jovial Sea-serpent

The sad Koodoo

Some great Explorers

Spruce Sammy

Some prudent Fishermen

JoW.S!llV a~nq V

SWWL'urS spaaiD


luaS I-ellos 014,L

N:na 31:w9 V

IMO pijjnls V

sumoIJ patsisldWo33) aa~jt

SaA-oling si snouisnpul


Jo p ApugJaqj I ?

JUO.10 P!Alaj aqj o
I i sjapI0suiw ssaIyn, ajjL 6c

Wo ssoplinpaiy~ ~
g i ~isaiv) (j.'unq aqj. Sz :

I f
sp~iq-kt pi! puion a.oSc /L

ofuvu pauuai 9 $//

sio sniVO aaq


*lno wwj4Ig palsioq puv g~pa aqlp J J9,0 .Iuo p su o slMo9 oJUa: I4j.

When Bertram Bowles fell off the dock, so loudly did he shout,

si4 uufql qlnowu iallujus pur )3au i@Buol L suq q:LPjsO aq

The Elephant leans on the fence and wonders why it is

r ( r r i q )I r


daals o0 jposuiq sp)oi aoq '1na u uodn i! upiojd 'uaqjl

Fernando bears his cradle in, a cradle strong and deep,

,, i paj svAN I Wirl auwi pu- 'X!s 1sud-Jieq s, 11, 'paildai B!d BaL

What is that squealing noise I hear? the angry Farmer said.

*4q 2uip!p uuM s, j u! su o v JidsuoD patlewinwm 'lxmag alq'I

Behind each station window there stood a watchful Spy,

-,KMtM JUJ Wg} QAO4p PUU no 2flOU!jMOi2 oLU:3 S2o0 a3Uig aajql Ing

Three tender-hearted Wollypogs upon a lawn did play,-

The juggling Japs come on the stage, they bow and sweetly smile,

-al~qm u ;)Ilnb zjaqI jdayl pur Jllv ut payppl si 2uiqIliaha uaql.

-pLaq siq sT sE O.Ou sti Molaq silnI JipddS u asmtaS

Why does'this ornamented King gaze on the ground with dread?

k o

These smiling Boys in velvet caps are just let out from school.

C \4
p J


-alwl s,iotlovaarl aql;31oq Xayl 1a;0ai 'ui Iday spuaild 2 ilAluq i;)qj,

-2up~ouuyj-fo4!1W auwuio aqj umop sdils ')loud huAM 'snulD Buluu PuV

Before the fire, on Christmas Eve, Miranda hangs her stocking,

11 i o2 o1 Sn joJ owil s, 1 'payiruwai 'waTi futias uo 'sy10oS aqI

..i ~v~4'

.. I .....

1 ... .. ,*,,

Beneath tall palms some Arabs pitched their tents as white as snow;

-sieaddr qma juwt snqp si 1, 'dl .nj qrtq ui 'uo aij 'flng

These innocent Papooses thus pass their early years,

-urduf P'aAO[ J saE1 !1oX JiapjFoqs si1 uo puE 'punoJ sr 3qs ing

When she saw the Giant coming, Koti hid behind her fan,

'r~ noX Oju OAM 1 ssaupoo2 XW ,, 'p;wlul:)px; su;zFl pauaj11jj gaJ4j.

From three high hats three Jokers popped, all crying Peek-a-boo "

suourjodojd g~irl Jo pr-I u sA ip 1! wo~j pur 'spop u~qinl siH

A skilled Magician from the East, with many queer contortions,

*9IaJ~q/alAa sAopuaw ;arl Inoq I!U W4yq saIIpalrin uwoJd

These Dames have modeled skilfully the gorgeous hats they wear,

Sap oi, soqop 2oq, 2uuq naq soas iojrpads oqj 'a wl s! uqAOM


$1- *-"

.. .... ,
: .. ._- ,:; -i :: ,

I L r .?' ,F I-. .
71,:' .- b

.........,: .., ,:, ,,. ., i i..,;.. ..
"'Y~ ~~-,. -,_.: c?:,,_ i jP .I i

Rising early, Mrs. Burley in her garden meets the eye;


-suAMoyj paqsijduwoxe aaiqy q Bu:uuaq JI~A91 Mus ojaql puy

Three friendly Kings went to a show, and wore their pipes and crowns,

-Luiqolqqwasaj tpnw soop 1mO papnis Isu s14 plol uaaq snfl s, OH

Professor Goggles, taxidermist, certainly looks grim;

POIJOISIp pjg aOLp uatq pue 'ugas SmA 3lnfl siq uIprfl sJaOto nfl

- -C, -

-:?:?.i f

Some say the famed Sea-serpent cariie, and by the shore disported,



-Sup 041 puads puU OWO: 01 S0LUS SpA!1I OPAl SOlIAUI WVS ;41

The Koodoo stays alone and dreams of loved ones far away;


-ss-u2 oql ui uappiq 1SOIUJ 'SJaVIod ;A!Wu MolHoJ uaiq

Here come the great Explorers; in Indian file they pass;

-iai O1 op jou PflOM I sJ auuvuw-olqui sil JO Ing

How sprucely Sammy parts his hair the neighbors all know well,

'Xrq aqj dn 2uiuup2_ a9wv a@2nq oj-eBqjV pu asnma

Some Fishermen went out to fish but did not care to stay,

oB wiron-am I-eq m. p amqm 1 suoods 2uiunjs aojql 'si~og ajml awiqL

Three heaping plates of cold Ice4Cream were standing in a row;

*uIq ol auni r srkId puB aoinu s,oqwueS SMoaaoq ofurg ayq uoqj

First young Sambo plays the banjo, and he twangs it with a vim,

-ap1qs PLn u jua~ps awu spiiq-Xp1!iu p!Mn 1 II w puV

Some Indians in war-paint come tiptoeing through the glade,

'was e So)jul puL ui sawuo: isang Xiunq aqj 2uni si Ilaq aqj

The tray is brought in by the Maid with cap and apron neat,

paosI sasind jiaql joj ajAm X(q su!ssud SlIOIsu!lJ !T jaW aOql

(BI~ i

Three Robbers strode into the road, and each of them was masked.




j uo!Wlum!u1 j4 aas jsnf o:)!d siq 31eds ol satuo3 aq uaqt ing

How quietly this learned Man writes out his great oration,

papassr ixal saoun!qd ui 3iooq stqi jo 2uipua aqi puIJ aNM

And now appears a mystic word, but if it be inverted,

The Cast Litho. & Eng. Co., New York.





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