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Group Title: Hieroglyphic Bible : New Testament stories
Title: Hieroglyphic Bible
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JUDGING by the number of versions
and editions of Hieroglyphic Bibles
issued (chiefly in chap-book form)
during the first thirty years of the
present century, this method of in-
structing the young in Scriptural
knowledge was widely appreciated.
Those books have, however, prac-
tically gone out of vogue long since,
though one or two of them, in
improved forms, were reproduced
within comparatively recent years.
For the most part, the woodcuts, or
"hieroglyphs," in place of certain
words, were of a rude (and sometimes
even ludicrous) description, while
the plan of presenting only detached
passages could have conveyed but
a fragmentary kind of instruction.

The present work, as may be seen
at a glance, is largely formed on a
very different plan: the youthful
reader has here, in simple language,
a series of the more notable and
striking scenes and narratives in
the Scriptures, with a modified
form of the old "hieroglyphs,"
produced in a style of colour-
printing which it is hoped will
prove attractive to many little
ones. The design of this book is,
in brief, to foster in their opening
minds a love for the writings of
the sacred historians, prophets, and
apostles of old, and, above all, the
teachings of- Him "who spake as
never man spake."
At the end of this volume will be
found four reduced facsimile pages
of older books of this description.


JEBUS CHRIST was born in Bethlehem,
a city of Judaea. Mary, and Joseph
her husband. belonged to Nazareth,
but had come to Bethlehem to be
taxed. The inn was full, and the

baby's first a was a

On the night of His birth there
were shepherds in the fields watch-

ing their "A ., when

suddenly they saw
who told them

about the birth of
the Holy Child, ..
and sang a song-
" Glory to God in the highest, and on
earth peace, good will toward men."
The shepherds went to the inn, and
there they found Him seated on

His mother's A and they

worshipped Him.


FAR in the East there were certain

wise men who noticed in the sky a

ii t ....r. W -pta il ; i..t'. lt I.- sit I,
n...,ing j. 1 Ii II.

having found out that it would lead

them to the birthplace of a great

King. When they came to Jerusalem

they went to King Herod, and asked

where the new-born Prince was.

But he did not know, and asked

them to come back and tell him

when they found out. Following
the star, they came to Bethlehem,
and there, in the stable, they saw
Jesus. They were very happy to

find him, ar.d 'i -

and gave him presents of d

and full of frankincense and



HEROD, the King, would have killed
the child Jesus if he had known
where to find Him; but God warned
the wise men not to go back to

Jerusalem, and an ; told Joseph

to take Mary and the child and flee.

He placed them on his

and brought -I....

after a long journey, into the land of

' i,' '+"-hlll r.r i r.-y.

away, Herod, in his rage, sent his

soldiers to Bethlehem to

there, in the hope that reo

he might thus kill Jesus.

But he was disappointed. After
Herod's death, Joseph and his family
went back to Nazareth, where he
continued his old trade as a


THE young Jesus grew in years and

in wisdom, being loved both by God

and man. At the age of twelve

He was taken by his parents to

at the Passover

Stin- Aftersome

days spent in the

Holy City, Joseph and Mary went
away, thinking Jesus would be with

some of His relations in the com-
pany going home to Nazareth. Not

finding Him in their b 'A

at night, they went back to look for
Him, and at length found Him in the

talking to th old

both teaching rl.-:ru ir.rl i.,r":nr a
questions. Mary and Joseph won-
dered to see the boy so wise.


WHEN Jesus was baptized by John
the Baptist in the River Jordan, the
Spirit of God flew down from Heaven

in the form of a -" .t. and a voice

was heard

" This is

loved Son,

I am well


My be-

in whom


Immediately afterwards Jesus was
led into the wilderness to be tempted
(tried). For forty days he wandered

here without food, and then

appeared to

and asked

Him, s;,. '

Hewasl.u, '

gry, to- '.r- -"' .. '

the st..-

into bread. But Jesus told the
tempter that man does not live by
bread alone. Then Satan took Him

to a of the Temple, which was

so very high that it made one giddy
to look down. He asked Jesus to
throw Himself down, saying that God
would take care that no evil would

befall Him. Once mnre

-i l i i .:. s i ....i

--- f s t ,rl1, _pri'-.lJlt

rI..*I di '.. 1
l.l ;pr .!..I ,!,k

tilb 1*tiinI t1. ..
"' l t r,, 1, I -

.m-- T '. n ',, tbl

LI IPr1 ri Ri w r
qmi.3^ r. d .1? Th ist: t


JESUS, His mother, and His friends,

were asked to a wedding in Cana.

The marriage party had had a merry

time, but towards the end the juice

of the which they had been

drinking ran done. Jesus' mother

told Him this, and He told the

servants to fill the -- -

with r Strange to tell,

the water was at once changed into

Ua ir..,j the guests all wondered,

for they had never tasted any so fine.

This was Jesus' first Miracle.



A MEETING was held in Capernaum

at which Jesus was present. The

room was so full of people that it

could hold no more. At a little

distance outside, four friends were

seen carry ..

He is palind, and has lost the use of

his limbs. They are too late, and

cannot get in where the Great

Healer is. But they are not to be

beaten. They carry their sick friend

to the roof of tt.e 1' break

it open, and, by means of ropes, let

him and Jesus was

so filled with

'- pity on seeing
Show anxious

they were for

their friend that He healed him

then and there.


ONE morning Jesus and His disciples

took a long walk, in course of which

they came to the pretty

of Nain, which' .r ...j -

on a bill-top. .\ J..,- ,. i ,.

friends drew nigh, they met a

It was that of a widow's only son,

and she was moaning with sorrow

as she followed his body to the

Qi_ : When Jesus came up

to her, and heard what was the
matter, He spoke cheerily to her,

bade those who carried the

to set it down. Then He drew near
and said, Young man, I say unto
thee, Arise!" And he who had
been dead

ht -'t


BEoiHon, a sower went forth to

me of the

I.- .. r i i, and the

S- 2-r flew down and ate

them all. Some f !I .. .

and. because there was too little
*f ._
earth, the plant. when the

S rose. And some fell among

choked them, so that they yielded

no fruit. And other fell on good

ground, n I I I -, li ,

somre thirt-

sixty, and



AFTER a hard day's work, Jesus went
on board a boat with His disciples,

meaning to sail to the other side of
the Sea of Galilee. The sea was

__GI rrhen they

started, and Jesus, feeling very tired,

but as the night grew dark the storm

began to rise. The wind blew loud,

a:. ri, -- ,.-r -- .o big

that the disciples were frightened

lest the boat would be wrecked.

So they woke the sleeping Jesus,

crying, Lord, save us we perish !"

The Master rebuked their want of

trust in Him, and standing up in the

B e bade the wind

n~, I the sea be still,

and at once there

was a great calm.


No sooner had they

d..- I own upon them.

i- ted till he came

S- h.i i.j- asked him his

name. Then !Ie found out that he

was possessed with many evil spirits,

who trembled when they knew

Jesus was near. He commanded

the wicked spirits to come out of

the man, and allowed them to enter

a herd of --i ._, and imme-

mndly down into the sea. After

this, those who knew the wild man

best were amazed to see him sitting

at the feet of 4

and in hisi I. I .




WHEN Jesus sent out His disciples
to preach the gospel, He said they
were to take nothing with them but

a ; nno for scraps; no

^ ; no money in their /

but they were to be shod with

r.i1 .y were not

to put on two s. They were

to stay in the house into which they
first entered ; but if any refused to
receive them, the disciples were to

shake the dust off the!.

as a testimony against them.


HEROI) had married Herodias,

his brothel's wife. For doing this

wicked thing, he was blamed by

John, which caused Herodias to hate

the Baptist, and she got Herod to

cast him into prison. On the occa-

sion of the King'. birthday, he gave

a large party to his nobles, and
I ... ij .-dias daughter, came in

I beforee all these mei.
,,_ __ et

Herod was so pleased with her capprm

that he swore he would give her

anything she chose to ask. Run-

ning to her mother to consult her,

Herodias told her to ask for the head

of John the Baptist to be brought in

a charger; and Herod, although he

would fain have refused, ordered

the horrid thing r ~i~

to be done, and so


JEsus performed a great miracle
near the Sea of Galilee. Five
thousand people had come a long
way to hear Him, and were tired
and hungry. Jesus took pity
on them, and although only five

f s and two es were to

be had, He made the crowd sit

down on '*l,-'Afk I ., -, only

did they all get enough to eat, but

fifty-two were filled with the

fragments. Then He sent them all

away, and told His disciples to take -
the boat and sail home. When they
were gone, He went up a mountain to

While He was thus en-

to blow, and, looking down, He saw

the disciples

and making

no progress .--

through the stormy sea. He came
down from the mountain, and then
the disciples were frightened to see

a figure walking on th

but a voice came to
them, saying, "It is I, be not afraid."
And when Jesus reached them, the
sea became calm.


A LITTLE family lived at Bethany-

Mary, Martha, and their brother

Lazarus. Jesus was very fond of

them all. When He had been away

from them for some time, there came

a message, saying, He whom Thou

lovest i S B, t Jesus

did not go at once to

Bethany, and at last He told His
disciples that Lazarus was dead.

Then He went, and when He came
near the place Martha met Him, and

Mary, who fell at His i

saying, Lord, if Thou hadst been
here, my brother had not died."
Jesus wept; but gave her comfort,
and, being taken

m-.., r.. ....... -. l L l i

f.-rtia ui trn
dead man


A JEW was travelling on business
between Jerusalem and Jericho,
when he was set upon by robbers,
and by them left naked and

wounded and .

by the roadside. After a while,

another i: that way, but

he took no notice of the wounded

man. Presently a

passed by, but he hl -. !i. to
the poor man. Then came a Sama-
ritan-one who hated all Jews; but,
seeing the man lying in pain, he got
off his and took oil and wine

and A When the Jew

had at a little better,

he was gently lifted from the ground

and set on the taken to

an inn, and carefully watched till he
was well, at the expense of this
Good Samaritan.



A jb I -- -: V

one evening put his flock in

when he found

that instead of

Having one hun-

dred, as he should have had, he had

only ninety-nine. He at once set

out on a long search for the missing

one, and suoeeded in

Taking it V"

very tende: -

he carried it home on his

rejoicing that he had

found it.


A RicH man had two sons, the
younger one of whom wished to live
away from his father's house. So he
asked for his share of the money,
and off he went to a far distant city,
where he spent his money in having

... softhe

\ r r 1, r r, his money was

all gone, he asked the loan of some
from the friends to whom he had

beenkiLtJ, I .1 tI..:

Hewai ... .I rr -

ing. No one would give him work
to do, until at last he was allowed to

take charge of some -

and even then he felt so hungry
he could have eaten the swine's
meat. Then he thought of his
father's nice house, and said to
himself he would go back, ask his
father's pardon, and beg to be made
a servant. He went; his father met

him with open caused new

clothes to be got for him, and the

fattedlt to be killed in honour

of his return.


THE mothers brought their

S. Je.sus.

But i ipig ? r:-!.l thIb to go
-"' and not disturb the

Master; but He took
them in His and blessed

them, say- /'T ing, Suffer
the little 3 children to

come unto M- ... .-. such is the
kingdom of Heaven.


TeIs was a poor who used

to beg in the streets of

Jericho. He knew that Jesus, the

great Healer, was to pass, and was

eager to be cured of his blindness.

So when he heard the sound of many

steps, he crying,

"Jesus, thou Son of

David, hav mercy on


me." Some in the crowd told him

to be quiet, but he cried still louder,

and the kind rjI-.j L. 1.

His side, anc hl

to Jesus, wh(c. .

He heard what the blind man desired,

op.:ed..l ~i so he praised God

for working this miracle.


THIS was the name of a rich little
Jew who was called a Publican,
because he gathered the Roman
taxes; and for this reason he and
all like him were hated by the rest
of the Jews. Zaccheus had heard
that Jesus was about to pass along
the streets of Jericho, and being
anxious to get a good view of
Him, he ran on before the crowd,

climbed a sycamore and

here he sat among -b.

and waited till Jesb. l

should pass below. Just as the
crowd came beneath the tree, Jesus
stood still and the crowd with Him.

He and called

I, to Zaceheus

-j J I'I I I.- C.r U. U].."

for He meant that day to dine at
hi-l.. f The little Jew came

down quickly, was delighted that
Jesus should honour him so, and
afterwards became a changed man.


A FEw days before His death, Jesus
was in Bethany, and was invited

at which Lazarus, who had been
raised from the dead, was present,
and Mary his sister. This woman,
who loved Jesus, rose from the

Sand taking a t.ox) of

j.,precious oil (ointment),

poured it upon the ,41 and on

the of Jesus, and wiped them

with her long, beautiful

Instantly the room was

filled with a delicious perfume, for
the oil had cost 10 of our money.
Judas, who carried the disciples'

money was grieved that so

much had been wasted," but Jesus
praised Mary for her loving deed.


Jesus had been sleeping at Bethany,
and as He was now to make His
public entry into Jerusalem, He
sent two of His disciples to bring

Him a young upon which no

man had ever ridden. Upon
this Jesus mounted, and followed
by a crowd of people, He rode down
the Mount of Olives towards the
holy city. The men shouted they

went, pulled down great and

flung their clothes on the path before

Him. The crowds on the

2i' l ir -

and the

children came

running out to

meet Him, filling the air with loud
hosannas. Jesus, when He reached

the city, entered, tr.i ri- Ti

drove out of it i!..- --- i"- m,-.

were buying and selling things in
it, instead of using it as a house of


IN Eastern lands, when there is to

be a wedding, the waited

till it .. J'aITC, 1"1.1 J then set

*,r .'.r i hl e ., r.:.thehouse

Sr i' ,\ frei the marriage

the whole company returned with

music, playing jI.i-C~ blazing,

and met the bridesmaids who, with
lighted lamps, went with them to
the bridegroom's house to share in
the wedding feast.

In this story ten bridesmaids were
asked. Five of them had their
a trimmed and ready, but the
other five had not enough of oil.
They had long to wait, so they lay
down t... j A- last they
were LAeu.. I unl c.f
and tlU., fl t VA,.i

drew nigh. The five wise virgins
sprang to their feet and were ready,
each with her lamp burning; but
the five foolish ones had let their
lamps go out, and although they
asked the others for oil, they had
none to spare. While they were
seeking for m..r-. tb- ir..,,:-. ir --. -11
passed, and lth: I ~r :r r..,r
Tl,. f... ;h "- ;rI i .,..:, l i ,:
--.. -e l-li

A >

how they grow:

they toil not /

neither do they ...,\

and yet I sa; u..r rl.
kM all his glory
S as not arrayed
like one of
these. Mat-
thew vi. 28,


of the air have

but the Son of

to lay his

I am th. ir., '
and my Father is '
the Husbandman.

that beareth not -

He taketh away; and
every branch that beareth fruit He

t that it may bring
forth more fruit.


IT was the Passover time in Jeru-

salem, and Jesus and His disciples

met together to hold their last

After supper, He

as a less..u Ca ,

erv ice.

'Then He and they left Jerusalem

in the moonlight, passed down the

hill, .over the brook Kedron, and

into tt'.1 3r ftethse-

mane, where after hours of terrible
agony He was discovered by the
I I I ,I
bani Mled by the

traitor disciple Judas, who betrayed
his Master with a kiss.


JEsus CHRIsT was tried before the-
great court of the Jews, before Herod,

and before Pilate the Roman gover-

nor of Judea. After being mocked,

spit upon, smitten, crowned with

* and scourged, He was

condemned to be crucified. He was

made 'r.. tL....gh the streets

of th.: t : but He was

so weak and faint that it had to

be borne by another. He and two

thieves, who were to die at the same

time, were taken to Mount Calvary,

and there Jesus was

"*. ;-11


JEsus was buried in a new tomb
belonging to a rich man named
Joseph of Arimatbea. For fear
the disciples might steal away the
body, and say Jesus had risen again,

Pilate let them 1, I .

went out of the city t. .

', -' ,,..

-"* --- -- *.-II f of our

Sunday, an earthquake took place,

The soldiers fled in fright to Jeru-
salem, and told what they had seen.

Then the Pharisee: v

bidding them say

that the discipi s
had taken away tte body while they
(the soldiers) were sleeping.
On the morning of the third
day after Christ's burial, Mary of
Magdala, who had come early to the
tomb, found it empty, and Jesus

jidngin the

he thought

He was the gardener, but when Fe
turned and looked, and said the

one word Mary !" she fell

crying Rabboni," my MIr

ter. Later in the day, when two

were walking out from

i Jerusalem towards

the village of Em- '

maus, they were joined ".

but they did not know Him till
they saw Him bless and break the
bread at supper, when He vanished

out of their sight. In the evening the
disciples were sitting together, the

doors being locked, when suddenly

"... '_. ..'I.'I.

After these things, some of the
disciples went to Galilee, hoping to
see Jesus there, but getting tired of
waiting, Peter said they should try
their old trade of fishing. So they

one night, but although they put
out their net again and again all
through the darkness, they caught
nothing. In the morning, they were
sitting, tired and disappointed, when

they saw

on the shore. He called out to them,
asking if they had caught anything;
and when they said "No," He told
them to cast their net on the right
side of the boat. They did so, and
immediately the net was filled with
fish, and they had to pull to the

shore before

they wer-. -

able to

In this way the disciples knew it
was Jesus who was on the shore.

Shortly after this, Jesus met His
disciples for the last time on
earth in Jerusalem. He led them
out of the city, down the

K- lr:?o ,D i up [ th- l.:-.,l t ..1 ,'"-lit.?,
to a quiet place among the hills.
There He stretched forth his bands
to bless them, and then He


anc .:I1h i rse.:.. .I Hih .. :..4r :
their sight.


PETER and John were one afternoon

going up to I ''-ij

to pray. When t'i.i i- ri, .

P." .-tiful, they saw a poor.

aiYilji Lrj*.: man being

to the steps so that he might

-', from the passers-by.

Neither Peter nor John had any

money to give him, but Peter fixing

his Z upon him said, In the

name of Jesus of Nazareth stand up
and walk." The lame man at once
stood up, and was so i;]d L. feel

all right again that he and

with delight, ..-,.i the

p. -..p- 'ere astonished at so wonder-
ful a miracle.


MANY good people when they came
to understand how much Jesus had
done for them, did their best to serve
Him by helping one another, selling
all they had, and sharing the money
with their poorer brethren. Ananias
and Sapphira, wishing to be thought
as generous as the rest, sold their pos-
sessions, but resolved to keep a por-
tion of money to themselves, while
they pretended they were giving it
all. Ananias first came to Peter, and

laid the money at his Now

God had told Peter --A-A that

Ananias was lying when he said he
was giving all he had. Peter there-
fore rebuked him for telling a lie to
God, and, almost at once, he fell down

- and some young men

were called in who

to his burial. Shortly --

after, Sapphira came in with the
same lying story, and she too fell
dead, and was carried out as her
husband had been.

STEPHEN was one of the first deacons
-men who were chosen to look after

the affairs of the t He

preached about Jesus
' where and when he could; but the
Jews said he was guilty of blasphemy
when he spoke of Jesus as the Christ,
and they resolved to put him to
death. After a mock trial, they
dragged him .,r ,.
by the city U ,

laid their clothes at the feet of a

young man named Saul, and

For this reason. Stephen is called

the First Martyr.


THIS was the name of a kind lady
who lived in a town caled Joppa,
which was by the

r^^ -------

Her name meant a a crea-

ture with soft beautiful -

She was very kind to the poor, and

made them warm 'j,

But one day she died, and the poor

mothers were sore distressed. Saint

Peter was staying near at the time,

and he was sent for. He went into

the room where Dorcas's body was;

knelt down a:,1

and through itr.-

power of Jesus' name was able to

bring her back to life again.


HEROD, the t to please the

Jews, sought to kill the apostles.

He slew St. James with the

and caught Peter and put him in

prison, meaning to put him to death.

That night, a

number of g

women were

for him. In the prison he was

chained to 'j- t&T
so that he --j
could not
stir without awaking them. Sud-

denly rr .... before him.

He r, t.:.l1 to cast his

coat 4..-...r ha, iC... to put on his

8 and, without waking

the soldiers, he passed out of prison,

the ,.-r-,t S .-. I ..rig of itself

to tr L. i. 'j ... l ie went to

the house of his friends, who re-
ceived him gladly.


THIs man was the son of a Jew
who lived in Tarsus, in Cilicia. As
a boy, he was early taught to know

the& >_ \and when he was

old enough he was taught

thetrade of J making. He was

afterwards sent to Jerusalem, where
he was taught to dislike the name
of Jesus. He took part in the ston-
ing of the first martyr, Stephen, and
went to Damascus to hunt down the
Christians. On his way thither a

el -. t -* shone down upon

him. He fell from his and

his eyes were blinded. A voice from
heaven said, Saul, Saul, why per-
secutest thou Me ?" He knewit was

the voice of and ever after

became His faithful servant.
He became a great missionary
to the Gentiles, and took three
famous journeys to different parts
of the known world-to Philippi,

where he a pir '

there an : ,. .ri ,1 p. .. j

-il IB -, and unfastened the

4 5 s of the prisoners)-to
Athens, where he saw the

and the to an unknown
After Paul'sreturn to Jerusalem, he
was one day in -r-

when wicked Jews_ Ii11 0i M'

set upon him, and -

would have torn him to pieces had
not a V of the Roman guard

pr vented them, and put

poor Pail to r r

were irrl -rt, i.,

because they thought he had been
teaching the people to forsake the
law of Moses. Often they sought to

him, and when Paul saw

that he was not safe in Palestine, he

appealed to .h. Emperor of

Rome, from iLomn he hoped

for fair-play.
After deciding to go to Rome,

the in which Paul

saued as a prisoner

had a very roui. .

being -r ir:. .*.

hither and thither in Adria. To
make the ship lighter they heaved

over :, tt. which it was

laden .I -*r.. 1 rk night the
sailors heard the sound of breakers,

and on casting the f/," they
found the water becoming shallower.

So they pitched out four a to

keep her steady till morning.' Then
Paul told them that the ship would
be lost, but all on board would be
saved, and so it happened.

While at Melita

of the island showed them no little

kindness. Paul gathered

andwas lavine them on th-

1 .I i'n.., II,..

barbarians were frightened to see

hanging on :-! ., but he

shook it off into the fire and felt no


PAUL, in this epistle, says of the
wicked, that their throat is an


The poison of a

is under their lps;

Who. E is full of

( c I rt. iL. t.tierness;

to shed

F t


IT is good neither to eat

or to drink

nor anything whereby thy brother
stumbleth, or is offended, or is made


ba_ hath not seen, nor

heard, neither hath it entered into

the of man, the things that

God hath prepared for them that
'love Him,


He that

.._ Aj
and he tist .

are one; ~i.: -: r ., h il re e. ir
his own reward according to his

KNow ye not that they which run

rinm ll: t' l' rr- t the

so run, that ye may obtain.


EVERY one is needed to do the work
which God has planned. Thus Paul
says -- : I~ u.not say unto
the t-- f .'.. need of thee.

Nor t,.. cannot say

uno -: i bTi n need


O 9'"where is thy sting'?

_._O .

where is thy victory? The sting of
death is sin.

ST. PAUL, telling of his sufferings,
says, "Thrice was I beaten with

once v..

Thrice I suffered I
A night and a day have I been in the

-;-"7 YI'03 -

-_1 r WIL
-a A&4 .


STAND, therefore, having your loins
girt about with Truth, and having

on the J .tt teousness,

and yor _el j shod with

the preparation of the Gospel of

Peace. Above all, taking the ,

of Faith, wherewith ye shall be able

to quench the fiery A- -. I" of the

wicked one. And take the

of salvation, and the. of

the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

CONCERNING the last day, Paul
writes:-" The Lord Himself will
descend with a shout, with the

I ll
voice of the I' and with the

God, and the

in Christ shall

r,.- first. Then
S- r. [I, ,r. .. r. 1 ~'emain shall
be caught up together with them

in the to meet
the Lord .n rr vnr, .ad so shall we
be ever with the Lord.-1 Thess.
iv. 16-17.

THIs was a boy who was very kind
to Paul when he was stoned at
Lystra. He was early taught to
know the

having been instructed by his

He became a great favourite of the
Apostle, who wrote the two

named the 1st and 2nd Epistles to


SPEAKING of the. this Apostle

says that although it is a little

thing, it can do great good or harm.
"Behold," he says, "the great

- though they are so

great are fierce winds,

yet they are turned about with a

very ima~ll

whithersoever the listeth."

-James iii. 4.


THIS was a gentleman, from whom

a slave named Onesimus

He (Onesimus) went to Rome where
Paul then was, and became a

Christian. Paul wrote this ;

to Philemon, asking him to take
back Onesimus, and offering to pay

any which his master might

have lost by his flight. Philemon
himself had become a Christian
through Paul, and so the Apostle
hoped Onesimus would be received

as a


In telling of people who had once
been good, but who had returned to
their old wicked ways, it Peter

says that like ruey

have returned ri tir .-.it, nd

like -' their wallow-

ing in the mire.-2 Peter ii. 22.


THIS writer tell rnf the

which '.t-t u.:. th- -! tjir .Late,
but left their own habitation, and
which God hath reserved in ever-

lasting s under
unto the judgment of
the Great Day.-Jude i. 6.


THE Apostle John, who wrote this
book, saw in a vision the heavenly
city, which he calls the New Jeru-
alem and he writes thus about it :

h i ... .,. .:,t t .. r.er

o' i 1 ,:, ..'...h : .. 5t

for the glory of the Lord did lighten
it, Ll I .. ,I. is the
Light r t

t 'IL and Me
GENESIS 1, 2, .,


And the earth was without form and
void, and darkness was upon the
face of the deep; and the

ll, ..

of God moved upon the

I -= -o -o .. ""-s -
of God more pon the salers.


Waar in door verfcheide afbeeldingen
een meenigte van Bybelfche
fpreuken verklaart werden.
Tot vermaak der Jeugd. en omr te-leeren elken
2aak nuaukeurig af te fchetzen, en by haar
regte naam te noemen, ook de fpreu-
ken der H. Schrift by na zonder
moeite in de geheugenis
te brengcn.
Uit de Hogdtfcbe in dcHoUaml be taal overgeft.

By GEa RIT BoUMA n Boebverkooper in
de St. Luciefeeg, in de SegryneBybel. 1736.


LUKE III. 9. 71

And now also the A is laid

unto the root of the trees every

S therefore which

bringeth not forth good

is and

cast into le '-

Ai l roe also the axe is laid unto ihe root of
\ i every tree therfrefe which brinaeth
,,jt l.t.l good fruit is lacwn down, and cast into


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