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Title: Hometown news (Daytona Beach, FL)
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Title: Hometown news (Daytona Beach, FL)
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Code enrement works to make city better:


Vol. 3, No. 43


Commissioners split on whether they would
vote for the ordinance or not when discussing
it at a Nov. 11' meeting. .
Commissioner Mark Reed said he would sup-
port the special permits as long as they were
voted for individually and were good for only a
one-time special event.
"l think anything that would bring more peo-
ple to -a shopping center or allow for further
business activity in the city is a good thing, as
long as we can decide if its appropriate or not,"
he said. .
Commissioner John Penny, however, said he
thought the special events would hurt long-
time, year-round businesses.
"I look at it as a tool to compete with our
existing small businesses," he said.
Mayor Roland Via said he had talked to some
business owners who agreed, but he also noted
that Holly' Hill is the only city in the area that

City may a
Commissioners divitcacu ul a
whether' that would hurt,

help businesses
By Bethany Chambers
HOLLY HILL In addition to bike weeks and
speed vieeks, citizens here may be getting a
whole new set of special events soon: Tent
The Holly Hill City Commission will consider
a change to city code at a future meeting that
would allows businesses to get special permits
for outdoor tent sales of products they could
not normally sell.
The idea was brought forward by a shopping ~
plaza owner who wanted to have a special' car
sale in the lot, buit w~as prohibited from doing
so by his zoning, city manager Tim Harbuck


Tough economy hitS
area hard .

The economy continues to
take atoll around the
country, and residents are
feeling the pinch locally, too.
The KIC~dealership at the
Auto Mall in Daytona: Beach
shut down suddenly, and
malspokesmaan oot OScott
and "sense." Mr. Scott said
the franchise just wasn't
selling KIAs, so the Mall is


68HIGH 49Low
High Tide: 03:03 PM
Low Tide: 08:54 AM


High Tide: 04:01 PM


70manH 57tow
High Tide: 04:34 PM
Low Tide: 10:58 AM

deal with a team of detec-
tives investigating suspect-
ed criminal activity at th~e
He and the others gath-
ered barely noticed that the
building was being cited for
code violations that could
take thousands of dollars to
fix or lead to thousands of
dollars offines.
"It's kind of quiet, the way
I like it," Mr. Stenson said.
As a division of the Day-
tona Beach Police Depart-
ment, civilian code enforce-
ment .inspectors work
closely with sworn officers.
The city's 12 inspectors
work to encourage property
owners to keep their horses,

and businesses clean and
safe, in compliance with the
land development code,
city code of ordinances and
the International Property
Maintenance Code. .
The inspectors who are
often called "officers" and
wear badges but are
unarmed have the sup-
port of two police officers
and a sergeant in citing
property owners and fol-
lowing a lengthy notice
In the last year, they have
closed 3,461 cases, but
thousands rnore are still
Code enforcement has its
supporters,' who credit offi-

cers with making slum
landlords take responsibili-
ty for their properties and
turning around neighbor-
hoods once riddled with
rundown homes.
Others, however, i have
criticized the close ties
between code enforcement
and the police and said that
the department~ has little
power to help the most
challenging neighborhoods
in the city.
"You've got a whole spec-
trtim of how people feel
about code enforcement,"
said city commissioner Pam
Woods. "Somne think they're
not doing enough, and oth-
See CODE, A8

It was one of a handful of
code violations the suspect-
ed chop shop had commit-
ted plastic window panes
instead of glass, a dilapidat-
ed window awning, chip-
ping paint, missing bits of
roof and gutter, cars parked
on the sidewalk and piles of
car parts visible in the
street, where neighbors
were coming out to gawk.
"I've seen a lot that needs
work," he said.
After chaining up a yap-
ping guard dog, an employ-
ee of the shop slinked off to

inSpectors say
By Bethany Chambers
Editor's Note: This is the
first in a series of two about
Daytona Beach code
Stenson, a second-year
code enforcement inspec-
tor, stood outside an unas-
suming autobody shop in a
residential neighborhood
one morning, last week
looking at a broken window

AcoustiCon comes to
News-Journal Center

ship for Children chief devel-
opment officer.
The partnership helps chil-
dren who have been abused
or- neglected and, if needed,
assists them in finding a per-
manent, loymng home, she
Of the more than 950 chil-
dren in Florida awaiting per-
manent homes, 38 children
live in Volusia County, Ms.
Deal said.
Eric and Brandon were
placed as foster children at
the Semrnens' Hlolly Hill
home two years ago.
Eric, now 6, was angry and
acted out, often banging his

Semmens in a celebration
hosted by the- Community
Partnership for Children at
the Calvary Christian Center
in Ormond Beach.
"Family is very important to
us," Mrs. Semmens said at the
Saturday event. "We knew
they had to be together."
Normally held in closed
courtrooms, the adoption of
six children by four families
was open to the public to cre-
ate awareness of the need for
adoptive parents, said Jo Lynn
Deal, Community Partner-

By Jeanne Willard
Brothers Eric and Brandon
Semmens can now lay their
heads down on their pillows
at night without worrying
about being separated from
each other or finding a per-
manent home.
That's because the two
boys, who were separated
when they fist entered the
foster care system, were
adopted by Richard and Jenny

Randy Barber/staff photographer
Jenny Semmens, holding her son Ricky, hugs her newly
adopted son Brandon while Brandon's brother Eric,
also adopted by the Semmens, looks on. Four other
Volusia County foster children were adopted at the
Open ceremony.

B6 Police Report
as Sports
Bs Star Scopes
Bi Viewpoint

Out & About

~_L21*r_ ~_~I _
~I.1I.I iiilCllii._ _.._III.1~R~ii~ii(_l~~l*L~ii~l~~-~ili~-i

ooo~rr s~~ ,.-iiiar--~-llu c ~ ~irm aaa9u ~ ~ ~ -I-~~'~,~,~

r; I




I uncessionaires

ly, November 21, 2008

does not have the special use permits.
Without such a permit, a business owner
would have to apply for a zoning change in
order to have an outdoor sale of goods not nor-
mally sold.
The Board of Planning and Appeals, a citizen
advisory board, voted against allowing special
use permits at a recent meeting because they
"felt it would open too many doors," said~city
planner Doug Gutierrez.
For that reason, Mayor Via said he would
"'need an ordinance with" teeth" before voting
to allow the special permits.
SCity staff is currently looking at similar ordi-
nance~s in Daytona Beach and South Daytona
in order to draft specific criteria for the' p~er-
~mits, including how many days of the year they
could be used and what products could be
sold, Mr. Harbuck said.
The criteria will most likely exclude all adult

Your Local


Richard Walker of
Daytona Beach spends
an early Saturday
morning fishing from
the Malin Street Bridge

Randy Barbper
staff photographer

Due process takes time, ~effort

Six Volusia County child ren

adopted at open ceremony

Officials: Many more children still
need homes

~i~i~;;i~ B~ ags~4~b B~B~a I
a7 ~aa. c4~a~r~a~e~~i~ I~~ i "9~~gi ~~~ s s
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I ''' ,31-i ~- nr I;,
?11'1 r~ln ''
-JI. b: .I , it.... I-
:r~~ ~
: ;-:;I~ :~*.i

Advisory boanI weighs in on beach stands j~

1725 8. Nova Rd., Daytona *1104 W. Granada Blvd., Ormond Beach
651 N. Dixie Freeway, New Smyrna Beach

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Volusia Mall B

Friday, November 21, 2008

A2 Daytona Beach/Holly Hill

Hometown News

sents 98 percent of the
licensees who do business
on the beaches.
Because county officials
have complained about
dealing with so many dif-
ferent vendors, Mr. Hood
suggested that there be
one entity, such as the
association, in charge of
licensing, collecting fees
and dealing with vendor
"We are the one group
thiat has been partners for
a long time," he said. "We'
want to be at the table and
we believe we have the
But, he said, contracts
need to be 12 to 15 years in
length in order to be finan-
cially viable~ and~ allow ven-
dors to provide the quality
of service that officials are
Some advisory members
suggested phasing out ATV
vehicle rentals, something
that was met with strong
resistant from concession-
aires who said visitors
want and expect that expe-
rience and noise problems
could be solved with
stricter rule enforcement.
After listening to public

berssuggstebdo tt fmeume
contracts include appear-
ance and equipment stan-
dards, that the number of
beach contracts be
reduced. and that efforts be
made to reduce noise and
pollution from motorized
Advisory board members
were not in favor of pro-
hibiting beach conces-
sions:from being located in
front of private residences,
but felt that noise from
motorized vehicles should
be minimized.
Saying they didn't want
to micro-manage the
process, board members
avoided dictating specifics
but did discuss things such
as color-coordinating
mobile units by services,
shared revenues, vendor
uniforms.and location of

a competitive bidding
"We feel that established
functioning concessions
should not be put out for
bid," Ms. Ketchersid told
the Beach Policy Advisory
Board at a public work-
shop last week. "There are
multiple spaces that could
be put out to pubhcd bid
that don't involve current
Citing established rela-
tionships with repeat cus-
tomers and investment in
upgraded equipment, Ms.
asked county officials to
improve the contract
process rather than insti-
tuting a bidding process.
"Entrepreneurs are the
ones who succeed in a fail-
ing economy," she said.
"Give us a chance. Give
us a new contract."
Many concessionaires
echoed those sentiments,
telling board- members
that they are worried that
county officials will
destroy the "unique"` beach
experience visitors have
come to expect, by replac-
ing small businesses with a
Iarge impersonal_ corpo-
rate ve or.0fte bd

process remain in the con-
ceptual stage while offi-
cials se c input from the
public, vendors and inter-
ested parties in the form of
a questionnaire and public
workshops between now.
and Dec. q.
Paul DeMange, Daytona
Beach Shores resident and
former vice~ mayor, ~said
existing concessionaires
are "friendly, helpful and
"My main concern is
that the existing conces-
sions would be eliminat-
ed," he said, "and entirely
new companies would be
engaged and then fail in
this sad economy."
David Hood, with the
Volusia County Conces-
sionaires Association said
his organization repre-

Adventure Boatin 8
Don'tBuyA Boatfoin The
Club. Great Holiday
For more information
please call a
386-788-3838 8

beach-rental concession
stand since 2001, she is
one of more than 100 fami-
ly-owned beach conces-
sions whose 10-year con_
tracts were extended for
only one year, while Volu-
. sia County officials create

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Kanay sart~er/SISrr pnotograpner
Pam Goodwin of Daytona Beach gets her concession
stand ready for potential customers ~recently.

concession stands.
Concessionaires cur-
rently pay a flat rental rate,
generating approximate-
le $400,000 in annual rv
cials said.
Beach Advisory mem-
bers acknowledged that
return on investment for
concessionaires is critical.
"If they are not making
money, the whole system
breaks down," said Jason
McGuirk, advisory board
After listening to the dis-
cussion, Ms. Ketchersid
told board .members she
still doesn't understand
the proposed process.
"I'm confused," she said.
"I'm not sure how the bid.
ding process lis going to
play out."
County staff members
attending the meeting said

they don't have details yet,
but some type of competi-
tive bid process is~ neces-
sary because county pur-
I e itg. requirements
A Request for Proposal is
`the most flexible way to
handle the process, said
Rick K~arl, Volusia County
Assistant Attorney, howev-
er details are irl the hands
of the county officials.
"The county council will
be the ultimate decision-
making body,"' Mr. Karl
The next public meeting
will be help on Nov. 24 at 6
p.m. at the Volusia Coubty
Beach Safety Division, 515
South Atlantic -Ave., Day-
tona Beach.
The public input ques-
tionnaire can be completed
on-line at www.volusia.
org/ concessions.

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I.-~-td---i~L-; ~i
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~U, S, IELliirrds

Lls~p~i~ ~sl SIfUTTERS

-~i .
~. '..;-- ~

COnCOSSIOnaireS 19ft UnCeffain

about their future
By Jeanne Willard
Judith Ketchersid is wor-
ried about her family b'usi-
ness -- and she's. not alone.
As owner of an ATV

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Daytona Beach/Holly Hill A3


Friday, November 21, 2008

Randy Barber/staff photographer
Participants take to the beach during last year's Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis. This year's event will take play on Nov.
22 at the Bandshell in Daytona Beach. The event raises money for arthritis research initiatives.

Walk to help arthritis sufferers aind answers

GracelSo hiu Kns, as diag

toid arthritis. "By the grace of
God and doctors," little Grace,
now 3, is doing well, Ms. Kar-
ris said.
"She's running and jump-
ing," she said. "With her sheer
will, she doesn't give up."
It's a spirit the two share.
"'I'm on medicine that I will
probably have to take the rest
of my life," Ms. Karris said. "I
have really recovered,
~idthough I have my good days
and bad days.
Taf twhy shhea wilcer
pate in the race, Ms. Karris .
said. ~It's also why she's
encouraging others to get out
and walk or run for a cure. ~
"(Arthritis) doesn't go
'away-," Ms. Karris said. "We
need to find out what's trig-
gening it and find a pain-free
future for everybody."
For more information, visit
iwww.arthritis.org or contact
Sharon Huntathunt.sharon@
yahoo.com or (321) 604-1208.

Hamit'Buward gcounts Ms
juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
The Arthritis Foundation
needs support now more than
ever, IMs. Hunt said. About 46
million Americans, or one in
five adults, has arthritis today
and another 300,000 children
are affected.
In Florida, those numbers
ae evmrde staggemig on
Ms. Hunt said. *
"For a while it was because
of our senior population, but
now$55 percent ofpeople with
arthritis are under 65. Statisti-
cailly, (the percentage) is going
up," she said. "We don't kn~ow
what exactly is creating this
problem, and that's why we
need the research dollars."
No onle knows what causes
rheumatoid arthritis, though
some have suggested it may
be, linked to bacterial or viral
infections, injury or genetics.
Not long after Ms. Karris
was diagnosed, her 18-
month-old granddaughter,

ease at the Second Annual Jin-
g-le Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis
hosted by the Central Flonida
chapter of the Arthritis Foun-
Proceeds from the 5K run
and one-mile fitness walk will
supo- sarthi r arch ini-
ally and will. send 'local chil-
dren with arthritis and similar
diseases to summer camp.
Registration begins at the
Daytona .Beach Bandshell at
8:30 a.m. For a $25 day-of fee,
participants will receiire a free
T-shirt. The top three finishers
in seven age categories will
receive medals.
Last year's event, one of 13
in the state, drew 147 partici-
pants and raised $7,000. Orga-
nizers are hoping to make this
year's even more successful,
said Sharon Hunt, the foun-
dation's community develop-
ment specialist for Volusia

By Bethany chambers
Karrs was only 60 when she
noticed her legs beginning to
swell. Gradually, they got big-
ger until the pain was excruci-
"It was very hard to wvalk,
and then it happened to my
left shoulder' and I could not
move my arm," said the
05nnon Befac re ienob not
become crippled."
The diagnosis: Rheumatoid
arthritis, an autoimmune dis-
ease in which' the body
attacks healthy joint tissue
causing inflammation and
fluid buildup around the
This weekend, though, Ms.
Karris, doing better with med-
ical care, will be one of many
volunteers helping to find a
cure for the debilitating dis-

Dental Implanth
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~Q~ ae~a
a~ ~scot ~;H~L~~

Advent entitled "'A Path To
Paradise," beginning Nov.
23 and continuing through
Dec. 14 at Union Congre-
gational Church, 1050
Daytona Ave., Holly Hill.
The Rev. Nutting will use

the newly-published book,
"Saving Paradise, How
Christianity Traded Love
of This World For Crucifix-
ion and Empire" by Rita
Byock and Rebecca Parker.
,It is not necessary to

have the book for class,
but it may be ordered
'through Barnes and Noble.
Participants also should
bring the Bible.
For Hometown News

Serving Volusia County
Ext. 9302

Serving Volusia County
Ext. 9264

Serving Volusia County
Ext. 9738

Serving Palm Coast &~ ail
of Flagler County
Ext. 9759

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'' ull q~i~l.f
~~ ,,,
: ~:~~J


Organizer-'Every single one of us
knows someone who 'has arth ritis'

sermons slated

The Rev. John Nutting
will lead four 9 a.m.
Sunday sessions ~during

The newly built
I Charles and Linda Williams
Children's Museum
f~: dE~~ II~E ~ iI~~g~at the Museum of Arts
and Sciences will open to the
public today. From left to
right: Alexandria Blinn, 6,
Zoey Zacharias, 8,
r Abagail-Hagan, '9,
Chance Blinn, 9,
5: ~ -.I.Quinn Zacharias, 12,
~I and Cory Kennedy, 12, get a
Irecent preview of the fun.

Rany tabe
stf htorpe

Intrativ kds scene entr pen tda atmueu

Volusia.County looking to buyI, rehabilitate foreclosed homes

From page Al
entertainment uses, city
attorney Scott Simpson
said. No such requests have
been made to date.
As of press time, the first
reading of the special use
permits ordinance had not
been scheduled. Mr. Har-
buck said the commission
may, however, discuss the
criteria for the ordinance at.
the Nov. 25 meeting.


Friday, November 21, 2008

A4 Daytona Beach/Holly Hill

Hometown News

word "Experiment" sculpted
in colorful letters.
That's what the chil-
dren's museum is all about,
he said.
"It encourages experi-
menting," Mr. Bhnn said.
"If it doesn't work they
have to try it again."
Located at 352` S. Nova
Road, Daytona Beach, the
museum is open 9 a.m. to 5
p.m. Monday through Sat-
urday, and 11 a.m. to 5
p.m. on Sunday.
Admission is $12.95 for
adults, $6.95 for children
.ages 6- 17, $10.95 for sen-
iors and students. Members
and children under 5 are
free. For- more information
call (386)255-0285.

decorated in bright primary
colors invite children to play
and experiment with 18
activity stations that include
that mini race .car building
station that Luke enjoyed, a
pizza place, laser harp, ten-
nis ball launcher, video light
microscope, radiology
exhibit, .construction career
area and electric circuit sta-
While the exhibits are a lot
of fun, children are learning
as they participate, said
Jeremy Blinn, science cura-
"We start to develop their
minds in physics and engi-
neering," Mr. Blinni said.
"And (hopefully) stimulate
their dreams in science."

At the electric circuit sta-
rion, children create circuits
using lights, resistors, fans
and switches, he said.
A nearby pile of nuts,
bolts, screwdrivers and pan-
els invites kids to build from
their' imagination.
Compressed air is easier
to visualize while playing
with the tennis ball launch-
er, Mr:; Blinn said, and dis-
covering how gear ratios
work is a lot more interest-
ing while building a race car
that can actually be run on a
The first hands-on science
center in Volusia County is
also visually edtciting, he
said, using colors, lines and
angles that draw the eye.

"I look at these as sculp-
tures," Mr. Blinn said. "They
are artistic and scientific all
at the same time."
A harp's strings have been
replaced with invisible,1aser
beams, allowing music to
be played as kids strum the
Entering a radiology dark
room, children see bones
glowing in the dark while
nearby they can place an
ultrasound probe on a
dummy's torso, revealing
the magic of the human
"It's all hands-on, "Mr.
Blinn said. "We wanted to
promote active learning."
Visitors enter the science
center under the oversized

L na recent pre iew os t
to anyone around him as he
bent his spiked, surfer-
dude-styled head over a pile
of motors, gears and wheels
while assembling a mini
race car, before rushing to
test it out on a race track.
Thle Sp~ruce Creek Ele-
mentary School student said
the interactive exhibits are
"not boring."
"There's a lot of good stuff
to do," Luke said. "It's really
The contemporary high-
ceilings and open spaces

By Jeanne Willard
This is not their parent's
Children don't need to
speak in hushed tones and
flo one scolds them when
they touch the many
exhibits in The Charles and
Linda Williams Children's
Touching is not only
allowed, its encouraged in
the new 9,300-square-foot
children's science center at
the Museum of Arts & Sci-
ences, scheduled to open

But, the combination of a
volatile stock market and
the topple of several top
loan companies and banks
has created~ a nation of
American's stretched thin
financially, some of whom
are barely scraping by.
Volusia' County is doing
its part to help with the pur-
suit of $5.2 million in feder-

al funds that are available to
buy and rehabilitate fore-
closed homes as part of the
national Neighborhood Sti-
bilization Program.
"The whole theory
behind the program is
exactly what is says," said
Diana' Phillips, Volusia
County manager of housing
and grants administration.
"We want to stabilize neigh-
borhoods and avoid more
Last week, the Volusia
County Council approved
the submittal of an applica-
tion for the money to the
U.S. Department of Hous-
ing and Urban Develop-
The money will be used
on homes that have already
been foreclosed and vacat-
ed, not to protect home-
owners from going into
foreclosure, Ms. Phillips
said. .
After the homes have
been rehabilitated, they will
be sold to low-income fami-
lies under the county's first-

time home buying program,
which provides funding for
down payment assistance,
Ms. Phillips said.
In -Volusia County, the
money will initially target
neighborhoods in four
cities: DeLand, Edgewater,
Holly Hil and Orange City,
Ms. Phillips said.
After six months, the
county will assess contiriu-
ing the project in neighbor-
hoods in the cities of
DeBary, Lake Helen,
Ormond Beach and South
The Neighborhood Stabi-
lization Program is author-
ized under the Housing and
Economic Recovery Act of
2008, which strengthened
the government-assisted
housing regulations.
Under the program, $3.9
billion will be distributed to
all states to combat the high
number of foreclosures
throughout the country.
"The intent is to put this
money to work in commu-
nities with the highest need

and to have a meaningful
impact," U.S. Department
of Housing and Urban
Development Secretary
Steve Preston said in a press
release announcing avail-
ability of the funds.
Requirements for the
program are based on per-
centages of sub prime mort-
gages and the number of
homes in default or delin-
quency. -
According to the HUD
Web site, Volusia County's
foreclosure rate is consid-
ered low at 7.4 percent.
Miami Gardens City, Ft.
Meyers and Lauderhill have
the highest foreclosure rates
at more than 12 percent.
"We're going to be focus-
ing on the very high per-
centage areas," Ms. Phillips
Ms. Phillips said the
county has not yet decided
which specific blocks will be
targeted but the county has
met with representatives
from each city to discuss the
"They have been very
receptive," she said. "These
homes cost the municipali-
Sties money."
Edgewater interim city
manager Tracey Barlow
agreed that the money is a
welcome relief for the entire
"Every little bit helps," he
said. "I think it's extremely
important." .

Mr. Barlow said the
money will most likely go
toward areas of the Florida
Shores neighborhood in
Edgewater, where a few
code enforcement cases
have popped up.
"It will provide a sustain-
ability going forward for a
community," he said.
Tim Harbuck, Holly Hill
city manager, said they are
also working closely with
the county to help in any
viray possible.
"It's a great project," he
said. "We are totally in favor
of it."
Mr. Harbuck said the city
is eager to get the project
underway and has already
begun compiling their list.
"Any home listed in fore-
'closure in the city of Holly
Hill is going to be included
on the list," he said.
Ms. Phillips said the
county should receive noti-
fication of funding in early
January. She will then go
back before the county with
a more detailed plan of how
the money will be used.
"We're very excited to
. have the additional funds
available to help stabilize
these neighborhoods," Ms.
Phillips said.
To learn more abo'it the
plan, visit
www.Volusia.org/nsp or
contact Volusia County
Community Assistance at

By Jamye Durrance .
Drive down any street, in
any neighborhood in Volu-
sia County and you can find
a foreclosed home, a shell of
a building that once housed
the American dream for a
family~ or individual.

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Daytona Beach/Holly Hill A5


dirF ay November 21 2 08

Editor's note: This is a list
of arrests, not convictions,
and all arrestees are pre-
sumed innocent unless or
until proven guilty in a court
of law.
Daytona Beach Police
*Allison S. Sanchez, 26, of
724 Chicago Ave., Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 7
on charges of .trafficking
hydrocodone and unlawful
possession of Xanax. Bail
was set at $7,500.
*Bill Junior Austell, 42, of
457 N. Martin Luther King
Blvd., Daytona Beach, was
arrested Nov. 7 on charges of
possession of cocaine. Bail
was set at $1,200.
*Issac Miguel Loven, 27, of
405 Jean St., No. 2, Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 7
on charges of strong-arm
robbery. Bail was set at
*Richard Lee Boston, 26,'
of 420 Hudson St., Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 7
on charges of possession of
c cane. Bail was set at

*Jae Michael Brady, 33
o ayP.O Box 251092, D yona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 7
on charges of possession of
Xanax, possession of oxy-
codone and possession of
Valium. Bail was set at
*Latanya Yvette Massey,
41, of 208 Jefferson St., No. 4,
Daytona Beach, was arrest-
edg eov 8 on chd gest o
a sault. No bail was set.
*Ronald Yarn, 60, of 132
Mary McLeod Bethune
Blvd., No. 19, Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 8
on charges of .possession of
cocaine. Bail was set at

$1* ert Earl Davis 47, of
748 Colfax Drive, Daytoba
Beach, was arrested Nov. 8
onchae of ritin aet

officer of communication

and ,battery on a law
enforcement officer. Bail
was set at $6,250.
*Tammy Ann McGuire, 42,
of 120 S. Oleander Ave., Day-
tona Beach, was arrested
Nobb 9 on charges sof named
*Donald Van Kearse, 53, of
644 Hawk St., Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 9
on charges of aggravated
domestic battery. No bail
was set. .
*Elmundo Lopez, 29, of
133 Oak Tree Circle, Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 9
on charges of possession of
cocaine. Bail was set at
*John Frank Reeder, 47, of
568 Ballough Road, Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 9
on charges of armed rob-
bery. Bail was set at $25,000.
*Edwin Reyes Otero, 45, of
210 Vermont Ave., Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 10
on charges of failure to rede-
liver leased equipment. Bail
was set at $500.
*Arthur Lee Greer, 48, of
346 Parkway, Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 10
on charges of possession of
cocaine~ and tampering with
evidence. Bail was set at
*Michael D~eshon Hill, 22,
of 565 Oak St., Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 10
on charges of possession of
coan.Bail was set at
*Harrison Bur~son, 22, of
1069 North St., Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 11
on charges of strong-arm
robbery and aggravated
domestic violence, No bail

wTomas Darrell Wheeler,
56, of 316 North St., Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 11
on charges of petty theft
with two or more prior theft
convictions. Bail was~ set at
*John M. Haddocks, 20, of
375 Bill France Blvd., No. 32,

Daytona Beach, was arrest-
ed Nov. 11 on charges of
robbery. Bail was set at
*Katurah Alexandria .
Gainey, 37, of 644 Hawk St.,
Daytona Beach a arrs

theft and unlawful posses
sion of a controlled sub-
stance. Bail was set at
*Denise W. Holt, 31, of 209
S. Keech St., Daytona Beach,
was arrested Nov. 12 on
charges of felony battery.
Bail was set at $1,500.
*Ray Charles Sinclair II,
25, of 1717 Mason Ave., No.
334, Daytona Beach, .was
arrested Nov. 12 on iSharges
of grand theft. Bail was set at
*Steven Jerome Green, 23,
of 3650 Nantucket Island,
No. 1, Daytona Beach, was
arrested Nov. 12 on charges
of possession of a controlled
substance without a pre-
scription. Bail was set at
$ 1,500.
Christopher gamar .
Williams, 23, of 1830 S.
Clyde Morris Blvd., No. 33'
Daytona Beach, was arrest-
ed Nov. 12 on charges of
possession of crack cocaine.
Bail was set at $6,000.
*Joseph Williams, 32, of
522 Spruce -St., Daytona
Beach, was arrested Nov. 12
on charges of possession of
cocaine. Bail was set at
*Decoria Leshaun Smith,
28, of 551 Sandra Ave., Day-
tona Beach, was arrested .
Nov. 13 on charges of pos-
session of cocaine. Bail was
set at $2,100.
*James L. Sanipas, 60, of
c2 ,. Oang rA edDa 0 n
on charges of robbery. Bail
was set at $1,500.
*Joel Arde Williams III, 25,
of 821 Magnolia Ave., Day-
tona Beach, was arrested
Nov. 13 on charges of pos-
session of cocaine. Bail was
set at $2,000.

pegs, put the items sin a
purse and leave the
store. They were seen
leaving the area in a
blue passenger car
similar to a Hyundai
Elantra. The car liad a
Foi da late.

Anyone with informa-
tion about the thefts or
who recognizes the
suspects in the surveil-
lance fihoto is asked to
call Crime Stoppers toll-
free at (888) 277- TIPS.
You can also text tips by
texting "TIP231 and the
message" to CRIMES.
Callers to Crime Stop-
pers will remain anony-
mous and can qualify
for a reward of up to

Incident: theft
Location: CVS Pharmacy,
Daytona Beach
Wanted person:
unknown man and

Crime Soppers Stf
Northeast Florida is
seeking information on
the identity of a couple
who have been stealing
electronics merchan-
dise from CVS Pharma-
cy stores in the area.
The couple also has
been seen working with
a female accomplice.
The suspects have
been spotted in CVS
stores in Daytona
Beach and DeLand.
Once inside the store,
they scope out elec-
tronics items to steal,
then cut off the security

s**0~aanr~,~ ~prp~sa~1a~.~r~~~: ~~r~



Holly Hill Police
*Robert Michael Reid, 46,
of 125 Peterson Court, Holly

gulation and aggravated
battery. No bail was set.

10 Holl yt., HolHiu of s
arrested Nov. 10 on charges
of possession of a controlled
substance. Bail was set at
*James Clint Reaves, 29, of
1501 Hammock Drive, No.
13, Holly Hill, was arrested
Nov. 12 on charges of aggra-
vated domestic battery and
tampering with a victim. No
bail was set. ,

Volusia County
Sheriffs office

*Richard Everett Chan-
dler, 45, of 1503 San Jose
Blvd., Daytona Beach, was
arrested Nov. 7 on charges of
narcotics offense. Bail was
set at $1,500.
n r2Tdon M ricetBa-
tona Beach, was arrested
Nov. 10 on charges of the
sale of cocaine within 1,000
feet of a park. Bail was set at
*Lamont Desmond Stan-
ley, 26, of 1600 Stocking St.,
Daytona Beach, was arrest-
ed Nov. 13 on charges of the
sale of cocaine. No bail was
*Jerome H. Thompson, 31'
of ?84BTen essee S re Dtae
Nov. 13 on charges of traf-
ficking in cocaine. Bail was
set at $50,000.

Florida Department of
Law Enforcement

*Darius Lamar Wiggins,
34, of 523 Jean St., No. 6,
Daytona Beach, was arrest-
ed Nov. 13 on charges of
trafficking in Ecstasy. No
bail was set.



Got something to say?
Call the Hometown Rants & Raves line at

(386) 322-5900
or e-mail volnews~hometownnewsol~com.
Callers are asked to refrain from rnaking slanderous
statemen~ts! Statements offact will be checked for

.R ice dre l smt earst do'
I was on Main Street in Daytona ~Beach and came across a
poodle mix. It was confused and lost, and I called the number
on the tag. The place of work was closed until the following day,
so we called the Daytona Beach Police Department. The police
offcrer who came said, "There is nothing we can do, but let the
I didn't want him to get hit and killed. I hated to say after 25
years of being here in Daytona Beach, I have lost all of my
respect for the city.
Irian with cancer thankful
for assistance program
I want to rave about Halifax Health Financial Assistance Pro-
gram for people like me. .
I am 58 years old and have been diagnosed with kidney can-
cer. I have to have surgery. There is a possibility I could have
died if it hadn't been for this organization reaching out, offering
me assistance and helping me to deal with this.
I would like people oirt there to kn~ow that there are organiza-
tions out there that don't overlook poor people.
God bless an organization like this because without it I would
be dead. I would like to thank all the doctors and all the taxpay-
ers~ and people who help support these programs.
My life will be saved a little longer. They have my utmost grat-
itude, as well as the taxpayers ofVolusia County. There is some .
good that happens to people.
Scooters vs. SegwayS
As a resident of New Smra Beach, I have a problem with
these Segways that are allowed to go on the sidewalks and
streets. They are unlicensed drivers. I drive a scooter around,
and the Segways can actually go faster than the scooter, yet they
requiire no license or title.
Scooter owners require license, tags and insurance.
I do not understand how they can be operating as such.
I would like to see something done about it, and I would like
an answer as to how they can drive those motorized vehicles
without tags or having a title.

IM response to rants about airport
and impending lawsuit
I don't understand: When these people drove by the airport
looking for home, what part of noise did they not understand?
These northerners come down here and want to change the
rules and regulations of our own city. We don't do it like they do
up north. I'm sorry; we just don't. That's why we're here; we
don't want to be like them. If they want to come down here and
be like us, they need to put up with what's in the area.
When they moved here, they kn~ew there was an airport.
Sorry if it got noisy through the years, but it's called progress.

Stop and think about it
If the city or Department of Transportation would eliminate
and take down all the unnecessary stop signs, we could save
hundreds of thousands of gallons of gasoline per
Everyone knows taking a car from a dead stop to up to speed
takes a lot of extra gas. By taking down all those stop signs, we
could decrease the amount of gas we import.
On our way to home and work, there are dozens of stop signs
that mean nothing. Removing them would help our nation in
all areas. If all, our cities and towns would get rid of the stop
signs that are useless, we, as a nation, would save millions of
Gallons of gas per day.
Conservation starts: at home, thus our savings would je
countless. Think about it.

Noise pollution by bikers
not tolerated by resident
Could someone please explain to me why we allow bikers to
come into our communities, with bikes that have no mufflers
and allow them to make horrendous noise?
If, however, I drove my automobile into local communities
without a muffler, I would likely get a ticket from the police. It is
ironic that we permanent taxpaying citizens are not accorded

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the same privilege as law-breaking bikers.
Most Bike Week bikers are from out of town, so they could
care less about the comfort of our community.' It has been
reported that some bikers come from communities that require
bike mufflers in order to reduce the engine noise and that some
of those bikers remove their mufflers when they come into our
communities so they can make loud noise with impunity.
I resent the unfairness of this policy, and resent the fact that
our law enforcement officers do not enforce our noise abate-
ment laws.
Sadly, I believe that there is some fear of requiring mufflers on
bikes because the bikers might take offense and go someplace
else. Local merchants would predictably scream about the
money they! would lose. So, in order to help our merchants
~make a lot of money, we the lowly taxpaying citizens must toler-
ate the loud, obnoxious, irritating and unnecessary noise pollu-
tion here in our area while other communities do not tolerate
such abuse.
I challenge our city commissions.to take a courageous and
hard stand on this matter and give first priority to local perma-
nent citizens who pay the salaries of the mayor, city commis-
sioners and law enforcement personnel.
I also urge the public to make their feelings kn~ow to their
community leaders.We have noise abatement laws for a reason.
Enforce them, or cancel the law.
CitiZeH WantS issue to stick

I would like to thank the citizens of Daytona Beach Shores for
letting your voices be heard and votingg to keep the term limits
in place for our city council.
I now ask that our elected leaders hear our message. This is
the third time we have voted on this issue and given the same
answer. We are not politicians; we do not change our response
depending on who is asking the question. ,
I now ask our elected officials to please respect our decision,
and do not bring this up again,
Voter thankful election is over

I, for one, am very thankful this election year is over. I have
never seen a more despicable and disrespectful election year as
this on both party's parts.
To clarify fist where I stand, I am neither a Democrat nor a
Republican; I stand in the middle of the road, crossing party
Lines as beliefs permit. I have always made it a point to be
respectful to one another's opinions, as that is what America is
all about diversity. I even teach that respect to my family.
I certainly don't cram my opinions down another's throat try-
ing to make a point, but I sure came across a lot of people who
felt they had the right to make their point in a very negative
manner. When you smash and bash the president McCain,
Obama, etc. no matter what our political beliefs are, you are
teaching disrespect to~our younger generation and disrespect-
ing other's nights to their opmxiors.
We are also a blame society, not taking responsibility for our
own actions and choices we make with our finances and over-
spending. We blame the president for all the economical woes
we face, but where was our Republican president and predomi-
nately Democratic Congress, who is supposed to be the over-
seers of our economy?
I have always believed that we have to hit rock bottom to get
control of what is out of control, whether it be our own personal
lives, qur business lives or our country's life. We teach that
boundaries are necessary to protect our children. Well, it is obvi-
ous that many adults also need boundaries.
So let's get a grip, start acting like the responsible people we
were created to be, stop the smashing and bashing and be more
respectful to life and others.
Reader thinks today's fashion is off
What's with the scruffy new dress fashion these days? .
I don't know if it's retro, but it's worth watching the Rat Pack
on TV; you got to admit those guys had class.
Even at Sunday Mass, a lot of the parishioners look like they
are going to or just returning from the beach.

Neighbor shines an annoying light
There should be a law against a neighbor having a spotlight
clirectly pointed at your home and having two video surveil-
lance cameras pointing at your home at your windows and
door. The cameras are on at all times, and my neighbor is taping
at all times. I consider it stalking and a violation of my privacy.
I 81So have a child, and my neighbor has stated that he will not
change his spotlight or the cameras that are directly pointed at
Iny TOSI ence.
I called the police and they had him adjust the spotlight, but
he readjusted the light after they left.
I have asked him to take the spotlight off my house, and he
told me he will do what he wants, and he won't change anything
and to get oil his property. .
This is an invasion of my and my child's privacy. If anyone can
please help me solve this problem, please respond to this arti-

Old campaign signs should be taken down
How about those boneheads who used a ladder to nail cam-
paign signs halfway up the utility poles. Get out there and finish
the job.
AIG does not deserve a bailout

I read in the papers that the government is allotting~ $400 bil-
lion to AIG for bailout procedures to steer them away from
bankruptcy. Then we see that AIG asked for another $40 billion!
What was that allotment for? To finance the AIG executives on
their junkets around the world and to pay for their fancy hotels,
spas and exotic meals and wines?-
I think the positive thing to do is to strip all these high-paid
executive personnel of all their belongings homes, cars,
limos, yacht, bank accounts at home and abroad and holdings
that are of monetary value and use them to pay off AIG and
its horrendous debt.
Better yet, the government could use the $440 billion to pay
members ofAIG who lost money in the dealings with AIG, and
let AIG go to the bankruptcy court. This way, the money is in the
hands of the investors who have lost and will put energy into the
hands of the people who need it the most.
And it would be a good shot in the arm for the ongoing econ-
. Money in the hands of AIG.would be squandered again and
Club offers woman a positive outlet
Most.comments that people send in a~re negative. However, I
have something positive for everyone.
If you would like to visit and join any type of club, please try
out the Daytona Beach Shores Eagles. I went there a few times
and was greeted by people at the door who helped and guided
me to the ladies president. She was quite helpful, friendly and
knowledgeable in directing rne on how to become~ a member.
I will soon be initiated and can't waiit as I now have a friendly
place to go meet friends, dance, eat and make myself useful.
So whether you are a man or woman, go there, and check
them out. Just ring the buzzer, go in and anyone can help you.
SHope to see you there!

In FOSponse to reader upset about cyclists on'
Highbnidge and Walter Boardman
I respectfully suggest that the ranter read FL, Statute 316.2065,
specifically paragraph 5. This Florida law says that when a lane
is less than 14 feet wide, a cyclist may use the entire lane. Most
of the roadways in Volusia- County are substantially narrower
than 14,feet. .s .<.~., ~ ~i~
Also, too many drivers- are 'not aware that the law also
requires three feet of clearance when passing a cyclist. Using the
entire lane ensures the cyclists' safety when being passed by a
motor vehicle weighing many times more than the cyclist.
Because the cyclist is permitted to use the entire lane, having
them ride two abreast allows for a shorter group of riders, mak-
ing passing by properly-skilled drivers easier.
The reader might have been delayed 30 or 60 seconds in his
travels and might have had to execute somewhat more atten-
tion to his driving than usual. Being an attentive and safe dy~iver
is supposed to be the norm, not an exception brought upon by
Other roadway users.
The reader wants law enforcement to hand out tickets, but is
he willing to accept a similar ticket for unsafe passing?
As a transportation cyclist, I experience the full gamut .of
behavior by people on bicycles. I have seen far too many riders
traveling against traffic, rather than on the right side with traffic,
as the law requires and as safety dictates.
Just as common is a rider disregarding a red light or stop sign,
putting himself at risk.
On the other hand, I see similar numbers of motorists run-
ning red lights, zipping through right turns on red without stop-
ping and tailgating, especially with a cell phone to the ear.
The reader writes about previously published "share the
road" rules in Hometown News. Those "rules" are often miscon-
An earlier writer stated that he rides as far to the right on the
road as possible, and motorists pass him dangerously close. He
is misconstruing the requirement to keep as far to the right as
practicable. Practicable, as it applies to bicycling, means as far
to the right as is safe for conditions, which includes avoiding
debris, broken road surface, drainage grfates and other factors. A
bicyclist should ride at least'two feet ft~om the curb or from the
edge of the lane.
If the lane is less than 14 feet wide, the far to the right require-
ment is eliminated, as the rider may use the entire lane. I would
suggest to the earlier writer/rider that he begin to move closer
to the center of the lane, where he is permitted to ride and
where he will find that his riding is much safer and enjoyable.
Our area needs more effective education for both motor vehi-
cle drivers and cyclists, in order to make riding more enjoyable
and safer for everyone.

Phone (386) 322-5900
Fax (386) 322-5901
Classified (386) 322-5949
Rints & Raves (386) 322-5902
Circulation Inquiries 1-866-913-6397
ci rculration @hom etown newsol.com

i d

rP0 C

Ava lable fro

I y, ,~1l T

Commnun ty notes --w


I~ Habitat

HOme store
folrnuaHnly 695 Mason Aire, Daytona Beac

386.226.2006 s
Halifax Habitat for Humanity
Building Houses...Building Lives...Building Hope
Open M-F 9:00-4:30 Sat 9:00-4:00

rebp for F RE E Today.
a Knowledge is a terrible thing
.y ***to wastee.
7 www.hometownn ewsol.com

rl I ~ CII ~ ~ ~ I Ir

r~m r~-~-~1 =~T~Ti;l i~lKf;f~Y~cf;~c

Daytona Beach/Holly Hill A7

www.HometownN ewsO L.com

dirF a November 21 20 8

mdedling r utinesd which
wear, and she will display her
personality and interviewing
There is no cost for Amber
to participate in the pageant.
Community businesses, or-
ganizations and private indi-
viduals will sponsor Amber.

Live United Food Drive
to help local food

The United Way of Volusia-
Flagler Counties provides
funding local food banks and
emergency aid services
including Second Harvest
Food Bank, Halifax Urban
Ministries and the Social Ser-

Fec ratin Teo mntd~a y
holding aLv ntdCm
moo doD loa ood banks
will be collected trudgh Dec.
19. Each week, t fodl be
.distributed to a different food
bank in Volusia., or Flagler
Food ma dbe dro pe loffat
TheUniedWay Vlsa
Flagler Counties of ce at 3747
WvdInterna Benal peedway
Bld, Dayton Bec.
Fo m re innoadio~n, vi


Motor Meldic team f several

Wildland' Fire Team and the
Technical Rescue Team.
Effective .Nov. 2, Anthony
McCulley wias promoted to
the rank of fie lieutenant and
was assigned to C Battalion on
Nov. 7.
Lt. Mc Culley started with
the city as the physical fitness
specialist in March 1987. He
then transferred to the fire
department in November
1992, where he was a fiefight-
er until he was promoted to
driver engineer in March
He has a Bachelor's Degree
in social science from Florida
State University and an EM~S
degree from Daytona State
College. Lt. McCulley also
obtained his paramedic state
certifcation in 1995.

Local girl to compete
fOr IViss Jr. Teen title

Amber Kraft of Daytona
Beach was recently selected to
participate in Nationals 2008
Miss Jr. Teen Daytona Beach
pagealit oilNov. 23.
Amber submitted an appli-
cation and took part in an
interview session conducted
by the pageant coordinator.
She will have a chance to win
thou as of dollars in prizes
Amber will compete in

nonaa, wrssarn, a Acura Keparr speclastsr
We Also Service Domestic cars

The Volusia County Council
is seeking public input on the
implementation of a competi-
tive process for awarding con-
i cession1 service contracts on
Volusia County public beach-
To support this effort, a
Web-based public input ques-
tionnaire has been developed
to assist the Counity Council in
developing beach concession
contract policy.
The public input question-
naire is available at www.volu-
sia.org/concessions, or follow
the beach concessions Web
link from the Volusia~org
Citizens may also fil out the
questionnaire offline and
Vlsia Cunty B adhmSafe y
Division, Beach Concessions,
515 S. Atlantic Ave., Daytona
Beach, FL, 32118. Completed
questionnaires must be sub-
mitted by Friday, Dec. 5.
Oral comments may be
provided at a public listening
session of the Volusia County
Council at 6 pm., Monday,
Nov. 24, at the Volusia County
Beach Safety Headquarters,
515 S. Atlantic Ave., Daytona
(Fo 2 -re information call

The next UNA-USA Volusia
luncheon will be held Friday,
Nov. 21, at Bethune-Cookman
Civic Engagement Center, 740
International Speedway Blvd.,
Daytona Beach.
The speaker will be Russell
Pizer discussing the historical
foundations of our constitu-
tional democracy.
Mr. Pizer began his career
as a music teacher with two
degrees from the University of
Michigan and advanced stud-
ies at Syracuse University and
Indiana University. He has
had a second career with New
York Telephone and was even-
tually elected president of
Association for Research in
Telecommunication History.

president e theolu 1ira Ch
ter of the ACLU.
Tickets cost $15 for adults
and $10 for students.
For reservations, call (386)

Lieutenant~ retireS,
Of~cer promoted

After 20 yars of service, Lt
Rob Neely tired Oct. 31 front'
the aytoa Bach Fire

He was team leader of the

love for everybody and we'll
make it work."
The adoption proceedings,
finalized by circuit judges
Hubert Grimes, Margaret
Hudson and Raul Zambrano,
included keynote speaker
Renee Warren, 20, who spoke
of being adopted just a week
before her eighteenth birth-

pr cessm easer, there adobe oen -
fits for families, Ms. Deal said.
In addition to a small
stipend and medical insur-
ance until they are 18, the
State of Forida pays for a state
college education, she said.
Mr. Semmens urged people
to get more information
about adoption.
"It's wonderful. It's life

changing," he said. "Not just
for the kids but for us."
The boys bring them joy
and happiness, Mrs. Sem-
mens added
But on this particular day,
Eric, who would not tal
about the adoption, was on
the receiving end of his new
parents' love.
Dressed in his Sunday- best
silit, Eric Joshua Semmens'
eyes widened das dudge Hud-
son ann unced i new name
*a f~il
Then a shy smile spread
across his face.
For more information on
adoption or foster care par-
enting call the Community
Partnership for Children at
(386) 238-4881.

The couple, who had tried
to conceive children for 13
years had adoption in mind
when they began to accept
foster chidren.
Ircinically, Mrs. Semmens
became pregnant with her
son Ricky, now 11 months old,
when the boys had been with
them for 15 months.
"It was wonderful," Mr.
Semmn d oid They were
But first the boys had to be
convinced that they weren't
going to lose their home
because of the new baby, the
couple said.
"That was Eric's first qu'es-
tion," Mrs. Semmens said.
"We've got a small place,"
Mrs. Semmens said she told
them, "but we've got enough

Public input sought on UNA-USA luncheon
beach concessions planned

Ad option
From page Al &
head when fist he arrived,
Mr. Semmnens said
That's not uncommon with
children from a violent or
neglectful environment, he
s It's tough when the come
in," he said. "They don't trust
anybody. They've been ripped
away from their parents, thd
only ones they kn~ow, ai
placed with strangers."
Brandon, at, eighteen
months, kn~ew only two words
when he arrived, Mrs. Sem-
mens said.
One was "No" and the other
was swear word.

ff0m Independent Living USA"

{)4 Made in the U.S.A.

I~ t

* Many Models, Sizes &
Colors for ANY Problem,
ANY Space, ANY 06cor
* Lifetime Guarantee:
W~ill NEVER Leak M
* Installation Available in ~
ALL 50 States
* May be Tax Deductible
& Sales Tax-free

Community Legal Servrices of Mid-Florida, Inc. j
Volunti~er Lawyers Project

Leral Advice Clinic Wednesdays 3:00PM to 7:00PM

SNovember 19. December 3, 10, 17

Foreclosure & Bankrup~tcyv Clinic Fridays 8:45 AM

November 14, 21 December 5, 12, 19

BY CALLING .(386)-255-6573 x2445

128 Orange Avenue in Daytona Beach

Clients must meet income eligibility and asset guidelines and legal matter must be within CLSMF piriorit as i


volusia-nagler counties

.....-,, i r_,

Shower Head = 81185livingU II A

FOr Details 8< Live Operator 24/7
Cahll NOW, TOil-Free

@ 2008. Independent living USA. LC

......i. I~J~i~"I~F~~
~- L:ll-

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hometown News

A8 Daytona Beach/Holly Hill

heard, some dating back to
January. In one case, the
owners of a home cited in
August for a scum-filed
pool and wobbly fence said
they could barely make
mortgage payments, let-
alone improvements.
They were given until the
end of December to comply.
"In this economy you real-
ly have to pick and choose
how aggressive you are," Mr:
Stenson said.
Fines against properties
can run into the hundreds of
thousands. Fines become
liens, and eventually the city
can take some of those
properties by foreclosure.
aThe city has done so mn tle
pHartns aid, but they're
reconsidermng that process.
"We're determining how
successful that's been, the
cost effectiveness of it and if
we n'eed to take a different
route," she said.
The long time frame of
due process and adminis-
trative penalties have cha-
grined residents of other
area cities, too.
"What most people want
is an administrative SWAT
team to go on private prop-
. erty. We can't do that," said
Holly Hill city manager Tim
Harbuck. "The only thing we
can ~do is hit them in the
Next Week: The Broken-
Window Theory: Questions
about how community
policing and innovative code
enforcement can 'make a dif-

have no, access. Drive
through, though, and you
have six to seven people
hanging out (in the yard at)
8 a.m. and drinking Natural
"I tell them, 'You're tres-
passmng; you've got to leave.'
They; go, 'OK, Stenson. We'll
leavee' Then they go around
the block and come back.
You've just got to be consis-
The squatters, drug deal-
ers and prostitutes who
lived in these homes have
scattered into the neighbor-
hood, said Chris Daun, a
member of the Uptown
Daytona Neighborhood

ate utheanwr gdsphracept o
of uptown as a whole, which
is unfair to the many fami-
lies and longtime, elderly
residents who have taken
care of their historic homes,
Mr. Daun said. .
"These are the bad apples
that really don't want to be
accountable to their neigh-
bors," he said. "They make it
harder for us to attract
investors because there is a
peirception it's either too
dangerous or to~o scummy."
But it's; not just the land-
lords making it difficult to
enforce the codes it's the
.code enforcement system
itself. .

From citation to

Frustrating the situation is
the long period between

citation and compliance,
Mr. Daun said.
"How many months do
(violations) have to be there
before they go into the sys-
tem?" he asked. "When,
after multiple violations, are
they finally eligible to be
taken to the next level?"
The process code enforce-
ment follows is dictated by
state law.
After a verbal warning is
issued, a written citation fol-
lows, Mr. Stenson said. A
property owner will have,
anywhere from 10 to 30 days
to fix the problems, at which
point an officer will re-
inspect the property and
issue a report of compliance

Cod Enorme e B ard,
citizen's advisory committee
composed of seven mem-
bers with expertise in law,
engineering, architecture,
and land development.
The owner will then have
to attend a hearing with the
Code Enforcement Board or
a special magistrate where a
one-time or running fine
can be imposed or an owner
can be given more timne to
Each notice is served via
certified mail; Sometimes it
takes investigating just to
figure out.who owns a prop-
erty, Mr. Stenson said. If the
property switches owner-
ship mid-case, the process
starts over.
"There's a lot of red tape
and paperwork,"r he said.
At the November meeting
of the board, 34 cases ivere

From page Al
ers think they're doing too
much "

'Bad apples' affect
Mr. Stenson.covers one of
the city's most active code
districts with some of the
most egregious violations,
between Nova Road and
North Beach Street from
Fairview Avenue to the
northern city limits.
Primarily residential, with
the exception of the U.S. 1
corridor, District 2 has one
bf te mdostnunhpmived n ighe
of the most challenging
neighborhoods, he said.
. Driving through uptown
one afternoon last week, Mr.
Stenson pointed to all but ~a
few houses on Mulberry
Street and' Madison Avenue.
Each had multiple code vio-
lations. Here, knee-high
grass and RVs in the yard are
minor violations.
rTwo houses near the cor-
ner of Mulberry and Madi-
son had so many violations
they were boarded up by the
city. One still has $59,000 in
fines against a revolving
door of owners. Next door,
transients still gather out-
"It's been bad for .so long
people are rooted in the area
and refuse to leave," Mr.
Stenson said. "(The house
is) boarded up and they

.9 ~
Photo by Bethany Chambers
Code enforcement inspector John Stenson~ writes up a
broken window at a local auto body shop. Broken win-
dows are one of many code violations that can lead to
fineS if not fixed-

Photo courtesy Daytona Beach Code Enforcement
This photo, taken during a site inspection by code enforce-
ment inspector John Stenson, shows a home that has mul-
tiple code violations that could endanger its inhabitantS. I

Beach. ISC owns 12 tracks
around the country, and a
handful of employees lost
jobs at Daytona Internation-
al Speedway. NASCAR adds
to the economic woes after
an announcement that the
company is canceling the
preseason testing. Teams
traditionally test at tracks like
Daytona before the season
gets underway. NASCAR said
it's eliminating pre-season to
help teams struggliing with
the economic downturn.
Though preseason in
Daytona doesn't have the .
same impact as Race Weeks,
hotels, particularly near the
Speedway and area-restau-
rnts, bilfee hoeo hitD zns
and spend time off the track
in area businesses. NASCAR'
has assured the: local
speedway that they will-
create excitement for racing
in the da s before the
Daytonal 500, but under
current circumstances, they
can't financially burden race
Airlines continue to
struggle as we approach the
holiday season. At Daytona
International Airport,
officials saw an 11i-percent
decrease for October
,compared to the same
month last year. That
downiturn reflects the loss of
Continental Airlines in
September and AirTran
Airways in Mayr. Delta and US
Air continue to serve the
community, and officials are
hoping competitive fares
entice holiday flyers in the
next few weeks.

Thieves steal purses
out of women's cars

Daytona Beach police are
warning women to watch
themselves at local gas
stations. Purses and wallets
have been stolen out of
vehicles dozens of times in
the last few months as
women pump gas. Chief
Mike Chitwood said the area
west of Clyde Morris Boule-
vard along International
Speedway Boulevard is
especially vulnerable
because of the proximity to
Interstate 95. Suspects reach
in while a woman is pump-
ing gas, steal the purse or
wallet and take off. The chief
said they're gone before
victims know what has
happened. Authorities
recently got surveillance
video from a gas station
showing a pick-up truck
driver pulling in, stealing a
purse from the driver's side
and talangoofdPoH ed sai

cars when they pump gas
and make sure windows are
up. At the very least, women
should hide their valuables
so the purses and wallets are
not easy pickin' for a thief on
the lookout.

Speedway is teaming up with
the Daytona Lagoon water
park to offer what they're
calling the Daytona Power
Pack. The combo ticket is
$32, good for six months and
allows for one visit to both
parks. Officials with both
attractions said the price is a
significant savings and may
appeal to people doing
"staycations" at home rather
than taking vacations out of
WESH reported recently
about dozens of layoffs at
International Speedway '
Corporation, which is
headquartered in Daytona

1!1I1 Ij II ;1!(( 11111(
err~ t 11 II II n it tiE~II

fliodel5 Include:
* Wide Inward-opening Door
* Slip-resistant Floor
& Slip-resistant High Seat
Foot & Leg Massager
* 138 Jets of Warm
Hydrotherapy Helps
Circulation, Stiffness & Pain
Therapeutic & Relaxing
Deep Soak
* Handheld & Wall Mount

:4 ~

From page Al
switching over to tised
Nissans. Mr. Scott said new
car sales numbers have
droplied dramatically, while
used car sales are climbing.
The KIA dealership will move
as many employees as they
can to Nissan.
The economy is forcing
more tourist attractions to
get creative when it comes to
boosting business. The
Daytona 500 Experience at
Daytona International


Daytona Beach/Holly Hill B1




II Includes choice of all wood cabinet styles
drcolors, granite countertops, stainless steel
.- -sink, faucet dr water filtrations system.

: # 10999"0
.. .
installed (24 Linear Ft.)
*In-House Kitchen Designers
*Over 25 Years Combined Experience
*Designs Featured in National Publications
*Ultra Contemporary to Traditional
*Over 15 Kitchen Displays in Our Showroom

James Tucker
Week of 11-21-2008 -

entitled "Journey to Dam
ascus," "Anno Domini"
and a collaborative release
with Native American
author' and musician,
"GaWaNi Pony Boy."
In addition, AcoustiCon
has written soundtracks
for more than a dozen
films and has won nine
Songwriters Showcases of
America Awards, includ-
ing Recording Artist of the
Year and CD of the Year,
tyith guitarist Brad Sayre
being the only two-time
winner of the Best Gui-
tarist Award. Bilboard
Magazine credits Mr. Sayre
for "developing his own
powerful and fluid style,
demonstrating there wil
always be room for~the
gutar i oaot photogra-
phy of Barbara Simmons is
also an integral part of
AcoustiCon's live imult -

merformance. Known for
Per hand-painted, irifrared
photography, Ms. Sim- :
mons shares production
and director credits with
the group.
To take h~er photography
from the gallery to the big
screen of the concert
stage, she works with neg-


*Festival of Lights: Span-
.sored by the Guild of the
Museum of Arts & Sciences,
this event will be held through
Nov. 30 at 352 S. Nova Road,
Daytona Beach. This holiday
tradition will feature- decorat-
ed trees, wreaths and holiday
settings sponsored by area
businesses, corporate spon-
sors and individual supporters
of MOAS. This year's festival
will feature more than 30
designer trees and wreaths
that will be available for pur-
chase through silent auction-
Visitors also will be able to
explore the Charles and Linda
William's Children's Museum,
wNhich opens Nov. 21. For
more information, call (386)
5fThe second annual Glenn
Wilkes Classic: The
2008/2009 NCAA men's bas-
k tbl e sn ailstar eN v
The schedule is as follows: Fri-
day, Nov. 21: Marshall Univer-
sity vs. Morgan State Universi-
ty at 2 p~m.; Rollins College vs.
Uiesty of Wicnsis vr -
ty of Utah vs. University of Mis-
sissippi at 6:30 p.m. Saturday,
Nov. 22: University of Wiscon-
sin-Green Bay vs. Marshall
University at 2 p.m. and Mor-
gan State University vs. Uni-
versity of Utah at 4:15 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 23: University of
Wisconsin-Cireen Bay vs. -Mor-
gan State University at 11 a.m.
and Marshall University vs.
University ~of Mississippi at 4
p.m. One-day tickets cost $10
fo~r a ulo ged c5 fo cid
by an adult. Three-day tickets
cost $25 for adults and $10 for
children 12 and .younger
accompanied by an adult.
Applicable service charges will
be applied. Tickets may be
purchased at the Ocean. Cen-
ter box office from to a.m.-5
p~m, Monday-Friday, all Tick-
etmaster outlets, online at
www.Ticketmaster.com or by
phone at (407) 839-3900. For
more information, .visit the
-Web site at www.glen-
*Bath and Beauty Sale:
This event will be held from
10 a.m.-3 p;m. at Florida Hos-
pital Oceanside Cafeteria, 264
S. Atlantic Ave., Ormond
Beach. Soothing ,bath and
beauty products, home spa
items, gifts for grooming, aro-
matherapy ideas, cookbooks,
music selections, toys and
a notebook carrying case will
be available. Credit cards,
cash and local checks will be
accepted. Funds raised will
See OUT, B2

For Hometown News -
Virtuoso guitarists
AcoustiCon will perform
at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Nov.
29, at the Ormond Beach
Performing Arts Center,
399 North U.S. 1, fusintj
,AcoustiCon's original
compositions with viisual
AcoustiCon's show
blends .original, contem-
porary musical composi-
tions, fine art photography
and video in a stimulating,
provocative and inspiring
way, creating a new wave
in live concerts and a
refreshing change from
the expected.
Usihg- state-of-the-art
poe GeonmooAcousdiCon
story for each song they
perform live.
In 1998, guitarist Brad
Sayre and bassist David
Simmons joined forces to

nat oerm o cou tc gut
music that led to' the con-
ception of 'AcoustiCon', a
progressive acoustic duo
combining elements of
classical, jazz and
rock. -Together, the two
have released three CDs

Th -

Aries March 21-April 19
Life continues to move
forward. You have solid
plans and you consistently
Put them in notion. Few
people or worldly restric-
tions will ever keep you
from giving birth and form
to .your ideas. Your heart
continues to .help you
make responsible deci-
sions for the .higher good
of all. Your faith and spirit
are the best reasons.

Taurus April 20-May 20
You have successfully
weathered the recent
storms in life. Your ideas
are sound, your, direction
!s positive and your focus
ihargt. aKt dre e sinhiold
outdated and un needed..
You have respect. Others
admire you. You are very
valuable to .family and
associates. Life is in divmne
or er.

Gemini May 21-June 21
.Keeping a lighter touch
continues to pay off. Your
recent financial challenges
have helped you redefine
'your financial goals. This is'
bringing light to priorities.
Put first things first and
take action each day on
your main goals. The
stronger the- balance, ~the
;~easier.the results. Just be
:.sure, to ask for help when
oru'feel 'overloaded.

Cancer June 22-July 22
Your strong sense of direc-
tion has returned. You
have survived ,recent
unplanned changes. Wor-
rying about things that
might have been is wasted
energy. Ask for guidance
from trusted associates.
There is still a lot left to do
during the holidays. You
have a superior mmnd and
an awesome heart. Use
them in harmony and the
universe will bless you

Leo July 23-Aug. 22
Your strong sense of
responsibility continues to
pay off. Whert you feel that
strong sense of inner
rightness, it's your
instincts telling you that
all is well. Never give up
on your plans. When you
believe, others pick up on
the right feelings and want
to help you in your pur-

File photo by Itandy Barber
Guitarist Brad Sayre and, bassist David Simmons will put
on a multi-media production with photographer.Bar-
bara Simmons Nov. 29 at the Ormond Beach Perform-
ing Arts Center.

ative scanners and a host
of computers and software
tb prepare her images for
projection. Ms. Simmons
chooses to shoot in
infrared for the majority of
her work because it adds ia
magical touch and dream-
like feel to her art and
AcoustiCon's production.
Tickets cost $12,

Advance tickets are
available at the Ormond
Beach Performing Arts
Center Box office or at the
door on the night of the
For more information'
visit the Web site at
www.acousticon.net or
call (386) 676-3375 or (386)

tion, call (386) 236-0518 or
visit the Web' site at
w ww. ho ts p~o t cof -
feeshoppe.com. ,
*Inlet Harbor: Reuben
Morgan will hit the stage
from 115 p.m-., followed by
Then2Now at 6 p.m., Fri-
Sday. Caribbean Posse p'er-
formns from 1-5 p.m., Sat-
*Julian's Restaurant:
Johnny Lambrusco will
perform Saturday, Nov. 22.
He will sing various songs,
from 1940s 'Swing and
timeless standards to: the
'70s. For more informa-
tion, call (386) 677-6767 or
,visit www~johnnylambr-
*Ohana Luau Dinner
Show: This dinner show
spectacular and family-
style feast, with a 6:30 p.m.
seating,- dinirier served at
7:15 p.m. and show time at
7:30 p.m., is held Thursday,
Friday and Saturday, at the


*Bank & Blues Club:
Daytona Blues Society
"True Blues" Live Jam
open jam session is held
from 8 p.m.-1 a.m. each
Wednesday at 701 Main
St., .Daytona Beadh. This
nonprofit .group is dedi-
cated to preserving and
spreading the love of blues
music. For more informa-
Stion and a futll events
Schedule, visit the Web site
at www.DaytonaBluesSo-
ciety.9rg. .
*Cuvee Oceanside Wine
&, Tapas: "Wine Down
Wednesday" is held each
week, featuring live music,
Bermuda High' performs
from 7-10 p.m. each
Thursday. John Macker
takes requests from 10
p.m. to midnight, Friday,
with' a late-night happy
hour. Breaking Bread per-
forms from 7-10 p.m., Sat-
urday. Cuvee Oceanside is
located at 188 E. Granada
Blvd., Ormond Beach. For
more information, call

(386) 615-4727 or visit the
Web' site at www.cuveeo-
ceanside.com. .
*Five O'Clock Charley:
This band will perform
from 7-10 p.m., Nov. 21
and Nov. 28, at Julian's
Landmark, 88 S. Atlantic
Ave., Ormond Beach, and
from 7-10 p~m, Wednes-
day, Nov. 26, at the Moose
Lodge, 601 W. Granada
Blvd., Ormond Beach. F~or
more information, visit the
Web site ~at, FiveO-
.*Frappes North: Wine
tasting are held at 6 p.m.
the first Tuesday of each
month. Reservations are
required. Live Music Fri-
day Nights are held from 7-
11 p.m. Frappes is located
at 123 W. Granada Blvd. in
Ormond Beach. To make
reservations, call(1386) 615-
4888 or visit the Web site at
*The Garlic: Jazz and
blues musicians perform
seven days. a week. Thom

Chambers hits the stage
from 6-10 p.m., Monday
and Tuesday. Special
guests .premiere each
Wednesday. Mark Hodg-
son performs at 6 p.nt.
each' Thursday and Friday
and at 7 p.m. Saturday and
Sunday. The Garlic 'is locat-
ed .at 556 E; Third Avre.,
New Smyrna Beach. For
more information, call
(386) 424-6660.
*HotSpot Coffee
Shoppe: This shop is plan-
ning to formally close on
Saturday, Nov. 29, with a
music party starting at 7
p.m. Fly By Night and
Friends will perform. No
cover,.Gail Delagi and Tina
Gordon of Gail Force will
perform at 7 p.m., Satur-
day Nov. 22. $3 cover.
Operating hours are as fol-
lows: From 5:30-9 p.m,
Monday through Wednes-
day; from 5:30-11 p.m.,
Thursday and.Friday;, and
from 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Sat-
urday. For more informa-

for Arthritis'
Arthritis Foundation*s

5K Competitive Run and 1 mile Fitness Walk

East of the Bandshell
vn o8:30 am Registration, 9:45am Race Start s

Entry Fee: *6eoUt~~~~~~IjNDAIO
$20 Pre-Registration / $25 Race Day Reg. ~ ir
Arhetsavondaton- Student Rate* $15 Pre-Reg. / $20 Race Day
*valid studentlID required at Registration.

Long; Sleeve T-shirt guaranteed with Pre-Registration Awards
7Age Categories 12 e' Under, 13-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+
3 Deep Highest Fundraiser Award

Register online at www.active.com or www.arthritis.org
More information call 813-968-7000 or 800-85()-9455
scuellar@arthritis.org Sharon Hunt 321-604-1208 Hunt~sharon@yahoo~com

600 Ballough Road
Da tona Beach
3 86-2e3 8-5000 o
wwwL. TileworksDaytona .com



Concert couples

music with hie ar t

video pjcin

Out &




Celebrating Our
;c.Every Bite is aDelight..* 20th Year!

Deli*Pizza* Subs*Dinners ,

I LderOC OI VVIngS r
With purchase of Any Large Pizza
S Dinein orCrry-outOnly Notvalidwithanyothermuponordiscunt*EcpirellF28-0
-' ~~g."---""i *1 2 1 *g ----"""""
1341 Ravod Ave., Hill*~:672-65 73

Logonto www.HometownNewsOL~comforl /2 priced giF tertiFicates

Open for Breakfast 6am 10am Lunchliam 3pm
Dinner 3pm 10pm
Full Bar Happy Hour Every Day 2 -7pm
2 for 1 Margaritas Well Drinks & Draft Beer

OFF.or lunch
on a SO eQet 2nd breakfast PRWRL' [ Y
... more pure ase .. ,a ,e." ""** ry

,1M '"

Thu rs Fr i-Sat-IS u n, N ov.27- 28- 29-30

Over 5,000 Cars in Show & 4,000
Oy a-- rO) V~ Filled swap. IVeet Spaces!

Sva.oo Daily Ge7eral Admission Thurs., Fri., Sat. Children 11 yrs. &
Under Get In Free' with Paid Adult sto.oo on, sunday Free Parkinrg AUTO AUCTION

Black by

*2 for $20 Menu

Monday -Thursday

- 2 f r $30 Nign
Monday-l tut- a

{- i hSe folod-ord hownl~r :

1/2 OFF Ent~rhed
w~ith purchase of regular priced entree bI'
and two beverages
Cann t3i e~D a16 rso/ters

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hometown News

B2 *Daytona Beach/Holly Hill

dinner is sponsored by 14
churches in; the Southeast
Volusia area. For more mnfor-
motion or to make a dinner
reservation, call (386) 428-
4371 from -9 a~m. to noon,


*A Taste of Wines: Port
Royal Caribbean Restaurant
will host this event at 6:30
p.m. the second Wednesday of
each month inside Pirates
Cove Resort, 3501 S. Atlantic
Ave., Daytona Beach Shores.
During this semi-formal gath-
ering, four-course meals will
be served with wines that
complement each course. A
wine expert will teach facts
about each wine. Reservations
are required, and guests must
be 21 years old. The cost is $30
per ~person. Proceeds will ben-
efit the Children's Home Soci-
ety. To make reservations, call
(386) 788-3922.
*Art Walk: This event is held
from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. the fourth
Saturday of each month along
Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna
Beach. A wide variety of art
works, free children's activity
entertainment and a special
prize drawing are presented by
the Gallery Group of Flagler
Avenue. For more information
or to request an artist's appli-
cation, call (386) 428-1770 or
visit the Web site at www.fla-
*Bunko, Bridge and Poker:
New groups are starting at the
Port Orange Adults Center,
4790 Ridgewood Ave. Resi-
dents meet at 4 p.m. each Fri-
day to play games. For more
information, call (386) 761-
*The Casements Cultural
Center of Ormond Beach:
Free tours are provided at the
home of John D. Rockefeller
from 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Mon-
day-Friday, and from lo-11:30
a.m., Saturday, at 25 Riverside
Drive, Ormond Beach. Large
groups should call for reserva-
tions at (386) 676-32 16.
*Cracker Creek's Pirate
Crulise: Featuring the Pirates of
Spruce Creek, cruises are.held
at 1 p.m. each Saturday and
Sunday at 1795 Taylor Road,
Port Orange. Costumed pirates
create a live, interactive experi-
ence as young buccaneers
learn navigation, pirate
weaponry, knotting or rope
tying and pirate lingo, all the
while searching for the lost
treasure at Spruce Creek.
Pre-registration is required by
calling (386) 304-0778. Also,
the Snow White Cottage, a
near-replica as seen in the
1937 Walt Disney animated
classic "Snow White and the
Seven Dwarfs," is located on
the Gamble property. Canoe
and kayak launch and rentals,
guided eco-history Pontoon

r tstth cnevto n ot u
more information, visit the
Web site at wwwN.OldFloridaPi-
oneer.com or send on e-mail
to crackercreek@OldFloridaPi-
*Daytona Metropolitan
Bridge Club: Duplicate Bridge
is played Monday through Sat-
urday at 600 Driftwood Ave.,
Daytona Beach. For the sched-
ule, call (386) 25^i-7744 or
visit the Web site at \www.Day-

tnoenaBr dghe o m

be presented at 10:30 a.m.
each Thursday at Unitanian
Universalist Society, 56 N. Hali-
fax, Ormond Beach. News and
analysis will be covered. Cof-
Sfee and donuts will be served.
The p blc meay atter Recu
Bingo: Games begin at 16:30
p.m. each Tuesday at the Fire-
Rescue Association Fire Hall,

f amcs snuso ve $0 akos.aTwo
and soft drinks are available
fortp chase. Il proxee~d ben
tion's various causes. For more
nomination, call (386) 424-

*Fall Dances: Dances are
held from 2-4 p.m. each Friday
at the City Island Recreation

Dyoal Bac Musi cge b
provided by Talk of the Town
and Dream. The cost is $3,

which includes a lesson at I
p.m., dancing and refresh-
ments. Singles are welcome.
This event will be held through
Dec. 26. For more information,
call (386) 676-2150.
*Line Dancing: This event is
See OUT, B3

almost-new items, baked
goods and nautical gifts for
sale. Money raised will support
community outreach and min-
istries of Grace Church. For
more information, call (386)
*Holiday Arts and Craft arid
Bake Sale: Our Lady of Lour-
des Community Center will
host this event from 9 a.m.-
5:30 p.m., Saturday, and from
9 a.m.-1 p.m., Sunday, at 201
University Blvd., Daytona
Beach. Vendors will sell hand-
made items including jewelry,
quilts, artwork, angels, floral
arrangements and Chnistmas
displays. Children ages 9 and
younger may visit with St.
Nicholas and receive a free
Polaroid from 10 a.m. to noon,
Saturday. Lunch items also will
be available,
*Skate for a Cure: This ben-
efit for the Leukemia & Lym-
phoma Society will be held
from 4-6 p.m. at Skate and
Shake, 250 North U.S. 1,
Ormond Beach. The cost is $5,
which includes skate rental.
For more information, call
(386s) 672-8500.


*Jacksonville~ Symphony
Orchestra: This orchestra will
appear with Russian violinist
Bracha Malkin, prizewinner of
the Wieniawski International
Violin ~Competition and .the
2004 Paganini International
Violin competition, at 3p.m. at
Peabod( -Auditorium. Ms.
Bracha, will play
Miendelssohn's Concerto in E
.minor for Violin and Orchestra,
Op. 64 and -Sibelius Sympho-
ny No. 5 in E flat major, Op. 82.
To purchased tickets, call (386)
253-2901, visit Peabody Audi-
torium Box Office, 600 Audito-
rium Blvd., or order at
*Toys For 'Our Kids' Charity
Bike Run: The 31st annual
bike run will be presented by
the Daytona 200 M/C to bene-
fit "Our Children First"/ A
Child's Dream. Sign up will be
from 8:45-11 a.m. at the 200
Clubhouse on U.S. 92' (3.5
miles west of Interstate 95). A
$10 registration fee will
include coffee and doughnuts
donated by Krispy Kreme and
a barbecue lunch at the last
stop Trader Jack's Roadside in
DeLand. Last bike in by 1 p.m-
Additional toy. donations are
welcome. The auction will start
at 2 p.m. Music will be provid-
ed by the Rhythm Sharks
Band. For more information,
call1 (386) 717-1888 or (386)
238-4067 or visit the Web site
at daytona200mc.com. .
*Center Stage Theatnicals
performance: "Disney's

Aladdin KIDS" will be present-
ed at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Day-
tona State College as a benefit
.for the Make-A-Wish Founda-
tion, which will receive 50 per-
cent of the proceeds. The one-
act musical is being produced
as a pilot for Disney and Music
Theatre International,' meaning
that the 27 children in the
show are the first ever to per-
form this version and will lend
their talents and ideas to helP
develop the script for~ publica-
tion in the fall of 2009. The
show will be followed by the
premiere of another ~onginal
one-act musical entitled
"Operators Are Standing By,
spoofing live telethons, written
by local residents David Bell
and Benjamin Fischer. Tickets
cost $10 each and are avail-
able by calling Center Stage
Theatricals at (386) 235-2723
or~ visiting www.Summer-


*Feed My Sheep Thagnksgiv-
ing Meal: This 10th annual
Thanksgiving dinner for needy
families in the community will
be held at St. Paul's Episcopal
Church, 1650 Live Oak St.,
New Smyrna Beach, in part-
nership with St. Peter the Fish-
erman Epis~coal Churchl. he
full-course dinner wiill begin at
5 p.m. In addition to the meal,
packages of hygiene products
and stuffed animals will be
available for diners to take
home. For more~ information,
call (386) 428-7383 or (386)
428-8733. .
*Books Are Fun Sale* This
fundraising event sponsored
by Florida Hospital Auxiliary for
the new Florida .Hospjital
ormond Memorial campus
will be held from 7 a'.m.-4
p.m., Monday and Tuesday, at
Cafeteria Annex Florida Hospi-
tal Ormond Memorial, 875
Sterthaus Ave., Ormond Beach.
New books and more than
500 choices will be available.
Cash, local checks or credit
cards will be accepted-


*'A Book and a Movie': The
Ormond Beach Regional
Library will host this event at 2
p.m. at 30 5. Beach St. After
showing "The Great Santini," a
librarian will lead participants
through a discussion of the
book and movie. For more
information, call (386) 676-


*Community Worship Ser-
vice: Grace Episcopal Church,
4110 Itidgewood Ave., Port
SOrange, will present this serv-
ice at 7 p.m. Area clergy will
participate. The Rev. Tom.NC1-
son will preach. Special music
wTl bea irced cin itr rservi e

Samts uto ran Church will
collected for Halifax Urban
Ministries. For more informa-
tion, cal/ (386) 767-3583.
*Blood Drive: Florida's
Blood Centers will hold a
blood drive for all blood types
from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Stfin-
shine Park Mall, 2400 S. Ridge-
wood Ave., South Daytona.
Each donation will benefit
people needing routine sur-

g rrec, tr a p tets an

screening, $10 Publix gift card,
50 percent off a haircut at Hair
Haven Salori and 50 percent
off admission to Universal
Orlando. For more informa-
tion, call (888) 9DONATE or<
vi"blthedcWetherske www~flori-


.,::,"a'.Y ::"''vinDiT er
Ths eit barmua dinnernwie

Methodist a hurch Hollister
Hall, 209 Palmetto St., New
so rnadiBeach.oThe rad einsal

dents of Southeast Voluhia
County, will be served from
11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. There is no

d nt onsorwitl be ac eedbt
help the sponsoring churches
in their cost to provide this

community service. The full-
course, sit-down-and-be-
served dinner will consist of
roast turkey, dressing and
gravy, mashed potatoes, green
peas, waldorf salad, sweet
potato souffle, cranberry
sauce, rolls and butter, assort-
ed pies, tea and coffee. The

Web site at www.atlanticcen-
*Singles Dance: This event
is held at 8 p.m. at the Moose
Club, 601 W. Granada Blvd.,
Ormond Beach. DJ Dave
Blasko provides the music. The
dance is for the 50 and older
crowd. The cost is $7 For more
information, call (386) 255-


*Holiday Charity Ball: This
function, open to the public,
will be held at the Brannon
Center, 105 S. Riverside Drive,
New Smyrna Beach. Dinner,
dancing and a silent auction
will be featured. Tickets cost
$50 and are available at the
Brannon Center; proceeds will
benefit Habitat for Humanity,
Meals on Wheels and NSB
CAPS, the local high school
scholarship program. For mlore
information, call (386) 423_
4384 or (386) 424-2186.
*Country Western Hoe

Down: This event will be held
from 7-10 p.m. at Florida
Shores Property Owners Asso-
ciation, 2932 Limetree Drive,
Edgewater. The North Country
Band will peform and dinner
will be served. Door prizes,
50/50 and dancing will be
available. Tickets cost $14 for
members and $16 for non-
members. For more informa-
tion, call (386) 423- 1801.
*Giigantic Yard Sale: Spon-
sored by the Halifax Rowing
Association,~ this sale will be
held from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. on City
Island Parkway, -Daytona
Beach. More than 100 mem-
bers have donated articles to
be sold with proceeds to ben-
efit boathouse improvements.
Items include furniture, baby
items, toys, house wares, tools,
sports equipment, jewelry and
gift items. For more informa-
tion, call (386) 290-9700.
*Christmas Bazaar and
Bake Sale: Hilly Hill FOE No.
4033 will hold this annual sale
from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at 1240 N.
Nova Road.
*Ballroom dance: The
Greater Daytona Chapter of
USA Dance will host this event
from 7-10:30 p.m. at the City
Island Recreation Center, 108
E. -Orange Ave., Daytona
Beach. Ballroom, swing ald
Latin music will be provided by
a local deejay. The cost is $6
for members, $8 for non-mem-
bers and $3 for students. Attire
is dressy casual. For more
information, call (386) 756-
*christmas Bazaar: Grace
Episcopal Church will host this
annual event from 9 a~m.-3
p.m. in the Parish Life Center,
4110 S. Ridgewood Ave., Port
Orange. There will be holiday
decorations, crafts,, jewelry,


_ ill~l~~-01141 il- Llr~~~lllI ~l--lil~n ~-~- -1-.~._ :~ : . 1;1 ~. :i -i ~--
'~W~ -''~ "

From page BI
benefit the new Florida Hospi-
tal Ormond Memorial campus
on Williamson Boulevard
*Wham Bam Poetry Slam:
The fifth annual slam hosted
by Atlantic Center for the Arts
will be held from 7-10 p.m. at
Joan James Harris Theater,
1414 Art Center Ave. New
Smyrna Beach. Poets n ay reg-
ister by phone, e-mail 'or sign
up the night of the event at
6:30 p.m. There is a limit of 15
participants, with three chal-
lenges, three judges and an
audience. Cash awards are as
follows: $75 for first place, $50
for second place and $25 for
third place. All participants
receive a one-year member-
ship to ACA. Poets may read at
the open mic session after
final awards are presented.
This event is free to the public.
For more information, call
(386) 423-1753 or visit the

Friday, November 21, 2008 www.HontletownNewsOL.com Daytona Beach/Holly Hill B3


i~lTT~-~~.- ~- ~-

more information, call (386)
76 1-9 129.
*Ormond Memorial Art
Museum & Gardens: The
Society of American Graphic
Artists Printmakers exhibition
will be on display through Nov.
23, featuring the work of 60
artists. Participants in the exhi-
bition will employ burin
engraving practices, stencil
style serigraphy (silkscreening)

and collography. For more
information, call (386) 676-
3347 or visit the Web site at
*Super Singles of Florida: A
dance is held from 8-11:00
p.m. each Wednesday at the
Eagles Club, 190 S. Nova Road,
Ormond Beach. Music is pro-
vided by Jim & Vicki of Mr. DJ.
Entertainment. The cost is $5
for members and $7 for non-

members. Participants must
be single. For more informa-
tion, call (386) 736-0749 or
send an e-mail to Dar-
lin1l5308@ yahoo.com.
*Vagabonds Performance:
Residents may dance to the
music of The Vagabonds from
6-8:30 p.m. each Sunday at
the Moose Lodge on Granada
Boulevard in Ormond Beach.
The cost is $4 at the door.

and kayak tours and rentals
are available daily from the
Marine Discovery Center, I16
N. Causeway, New Smyrna
Beach. Fo~r times, call (386)
*Music for Healing: Spon-
sored by the Port Orange Min-
isterial Association, "Music for
Healing: Body, Mind and Spir-
it" is held from 12:15-12:45
p.m. each W~ednesday at the

All Saints L~utheran Church,
751 Dunlawton Ave., Port
Orange. Musicians from local
churches and schools present
instrumental music for peace-
ful contemplation, reflection,
self-care and meditation. At
the Nov. 19 meeting, Susan
Pitard Acree and Rusty Baker
will provide the music. The
public may attend. Instrumen-
tal musicians are needed. For

" au .










Randy larber/staff photographer
Dr. Norton Christesoli, assistant chair of the school of
music, ent~itainmenit and arts at Daytona State College,
conducts the school's first orchestra concert at the News-
JOurnal Center in Daytona Beach.

.i! Io o

From page B2
held at 2:15 p.m. each Thurs-
day at Sica Hall, 1065 Daytona
Ave., Holly Hill. The cost is $4
for members and $5 for non-
members. For more informa-
tion, call (386) 236-2997,
*Marine Discovery Center:
Mosquito Lagoon eco-tours

Music man

From page Bl
Hawaiin Inn, 2301 S.
Atlaritic Ave., Daytona
Beach Shores. Partici-
pants will learn tradi-
tional dances w~ith Poly-
nesian women, warriors
and keikis (children). A
flaming fire knife dance
and hula with audience
participation will be fea-
tured. For more informa-
tion, call (386) 255-5411,
Ext. 186, or visit
*OM Bar &' Chill
Lounge: Free wine tast-
ings are held from 4-8
p~m. each Sunday at 392
Flagler Ave., New ~Smyr-
na Beach. Tasters will
have a selection of up to
10 different wines.
Acoustic performances
are provided by Rhonda
Patrick. Free salsa les-
sons are given at ~8p.m.
each Thursday, with
open salsa dancing held
from 9 p.m.-1 a.m. For
more information, call
(386) 423-2727 ~or visit
the Web site at
*Ormond Beach
Eagles No. 3800: Games
are played at noon each
Thursday. One` mini
jackpot and door prizes
will be avaiilable. Free
coffee and doughnuts
will be served. Proceeds
got to chartists. For more
information, call (386)
*Ormond Beach
Senior Center: The
Vagabonds ~perform
from- 2-4 pim. once per
month. For more intfor-
mation, call (386) 763-
*Peanut's Restaurant
& Sports Bar: Spanks will
perform at 9 p.m., Friday
and Saturday. Open Jam
Night is held at 8 p.m.
each Sunday. The Pirates
perform at 8 p.m. each
Thursday. Texas Hold
'em is played at 6 p.m.
each Monday and Thurs-
day and at 2 p.m., Satur-
day. Comedy Auction is
held at 7 p.m. each Tues-
day. Peanut's is located
at 421 Flagler Aire., New
Smyrna Beach. For more
information, call (386)
*River Grille: Saltwater
Soul with Bob Thames
will be held from 6-10
p.m., Saturday, at 950
North U.S. 1, Ormond
Beach. For more infor-
mation, visit the Web site
a~ t
*Seabreeze Coffee
Connection: A hand
drum' circle is held at 8
p.m. -each Wednesday at
315 Seabreeze Blvd.,
Daytona Beach. For
more information, visit
the Web site at
www. drumcircle.meet-
*Venetiain Bay Town
and Country Club: Party
in the Park is held from
1-5 p.m. the third Satur-
day of each month at 424
Luna Bella Lane, New
Smyrna Beach. Lawn
chairs are suggested; no
coolers. Admission is
free. .Also, a farmers'
market is held from 8
a.m.-1 p.m. each Satur-
day at the town center.
For more information,
call (386) 428-8448.
*WineStyles events: At
the Shoppes of Yorke-
town, 1665 Dunlawton
Ave., Suite 105, Port
Orange, a weekly tasting
is held from 5:30-8 p.m.
each Thursday, open to
the public. The cost is $5
and complimentary to
wine club members. For
more information, call
(386) 788-7188 or visit
w w w. PortOr




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Hometown News Friday, November 21, 2008

B4 Daytona Beach/Holly Hill


This is the tricky part -
they will go from puffed to
liquid in seconds.


I found this recipe in a
church cookbook. As you
can see, it is very high in fat
and cholesterol.

3 large sweet potatoes,
cooked, peeled, mashed
1/2-cup sugar
1/2-cup melted butter or
butter substitute -
2 eggs, beaten
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/3-cup milk

Combine above and place
in baking dish.

1/3-cup melted butter or
13utter su stitute
1/-cup flur
1 cup light brown sugar
Scup c opped pecans

Combine and place over
potato mixture. Bake at 350
degrees for 25 miriutes.

(creamed spinach)
50 FVe5 4 ra0W fat

My dear German Aunt
Margie introduced us to this
delicious dish. Believe it of
not, it was always low fat.

One 10lounce package
frozen chopped spinach
1 cup water
1/2 small onion, coarsely
I teaspoon butter, oil or
cooking spray
Salt and pepper to taste

Shaker flour (such as

Note: Shaker flour is flour
that comes in a tall round
containerIt is super-fine
and can be blended into
sauces without lumping.

Cook spinach in water
until thawed. Drain well,
pressing spinach with a fork
to remove as much liquid as
possible. Reserve liquid.
SAdd shortening to pan;
saut6 onions until transpar-
ent. Add spinach liquid, salt
and pepper. Cook about five
Slowly whisk in flour, a
little at a time, until mixture
thickens. Add spinach, heat

SerVeS 6 t~o 8
(0WH fat

A rutabaga is a large,
round, ugly, waxed, orange
root found in the produce
department. Try this recipe.
The potato cuts the sharp-
ness of the vegetable. One
large rutabaga is enough for
any clinner and leftovers
may be frozen.
11large rutabaga, peeled
and cut into small chunks
11large potato, peeled and
cut in medium chunks
Salt apd pepper
1 tablespoon butter or
butter substitute

It is very difficult to cut a
rutabaga..In the past, I
placed it on a cutting board
and, using a large sturdy
knife and a hammer,
hammered it in~ half. Now I
have a wonderful hint from
one of my readers.
Place it in a plastic
supermarket bag, loosely tie

and place on a microwave-
safe rack. Microwave on
high,.5- to 10-minutes.
Carefully remove from
microwave and rinse under
hot, then cold water. The
wax clings to~ the bag, and
the rutabaga, though it's not
coqbked, is easy to peel and
cut. The smaller the chunks,
the easier it is to mash.
Place the rutabaga and
potato chunks in a pot,
cover with water, then cook
until tender, at least 20
minutes or more. Drain,
An old-fashioned potato
ricerr" is the best way to
mash it or you can use a
food processor. Believe mie'
there is 'so much fiber in this
root, it's tough to mash.
Season with salt and
pepper, add the- butter, mix
and serve.
Iam available for talks
from south Vero to Hobe
Sound. Call (772) 465-5658 ~
to leave a message for mwe.
When a recipe is not in my
cookbook it will have (NIB)
next to the title.
autographed cookbook.
"Romancing The Stove wcith
the Grammy Guru,"send
$1 7.50 instead of$19.50. For
multiple books sent to one
address, add $2 postage for
each additional book ($15
plus $2. 00). Send to:Arlene
M. Borg, 265 S. W Port St.
Lucie Blvd, No. 149, Port St.
Lucie, FL 34984.
Check, Visa, Master Card
or Paypal accepted, or visit
Borders in the Tr-easure
Coast Square M~all in Jensen
Beach, Books a Millibn in
Boynton Beach or Vero Book
Center in Vrero Beach.
Visit my Web site at .
www.romancingthestove'.ne -
t or send me an e-mail at
net. v

WIeb site features.

adoptable foster

The Heart Gallery of
Volusia, Flagler & Put-
nam, Inc. presents the
Heart .Gallery of Florida
photographic exhibit,
which may be' viewed at
The local Heart Gallery
will be com lemented by
thelWeb site, .www.heart
gal eryhope.org, lhc
will highlight the por-
traits and biographies of
foster children. Commu-
nity Partnership for Chil-
dren willi respond to each
request and facilitate the
adoption p process.
The Heart Gallery of
Florida is an association
of the 15 Heart- Galleries
within the state. The
exhibit is part of Gov.
Charlie Crist's statewide
adoption initiative
"Explore Adoption."
ch re than 2 750 Ifos er
chidre ar elgibl o
adoption in Florida and
more than 50 in Volusia-
Flagler-Putnam. On aver-
age,. 41 :percent of those
waiting for adoption in
Florida remain on wait-
ing lists for two years, 22
percent have been wait-
ing for up to three years
and 37 percent wait
longer than three years.
For more information,
call (386) 254-3766.

For Hometown

Hwekello smart shoppers.
Hope you had a good
This is the last column
before Thanksgiving, so let's
get busy with those veggies.
Check out my cookbook
special at the end of the
column. Happy Thanksgiv_

ServeS 5 to 6
regular andc low fat
5 medium-size potatoes
4 tablespoons butter or
butter substitute
Evaporated milk (regular
or skim, undiluted)
whole milk or fat free half
ad half
Salt and pepper
1/4-cup ice water

Peel potatoes, cut in large
chunks, then cook in water
until tender; drain. Whip
with an electric mixer, ,
adding butter. Add milk
until desired consistency is
attained. Season to taste-
Whip in ice water for the
fluffiest mashed potatoes

ServeS 4 to 6

I use canned sweet
potatoes, they're easier. If

with the
Grammy Guru

you choose, you can use
fresh potatoes.

1 large (40 ounce) can
sweet potatoes, or 4
medium sweet potatoes
1/2-cup dark brown sugar
1/2-cup orange juice
2 tablespoons butter or
butter substitute
Maple syrup
Dash of rum (optional)
Salt and pepper
1 bag large marshmallows

Drain canned potatoes,
reservingl1/2-cup liquid. If
using fresh potatoes, boil
them whole, unpeeled. .
When they are tender, peel;
cut in thick slices.
Place potatoes in pan.
Sprinkle with brown sugar.
Drizzle with orange juice,
reserved sweet potato liquid
or extra juice, and a little
,maple syrup. Dash on some
rum, if you choose. Salt and
pepper lightly, then dot with
Bake at 350 about one
hour, until most of the
liquid is gone.
Before serving, top with
marshmallows, then bake
for about five minutes until
they are puffed and golden.

continue to be well.
Scorpio- Oct.2-Nov. 21
Your mastery of small
details is preparing you for
larger responsibilities. You
continue. to excel at life's
challenges. Your warm, lov-
ing nature continues to
carry you through life's
storms. Your natural sensi-
tivity always warns you of
challenging situations
before they get out of hand
and attempt to take over.
You are divinely gifted and

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Your words are respected
by others in ways you may
not even know. Others
quote you because of your
good advice. One of your
greatest rewards is encour-
aging and helping others
find their direction in the
world. Your positive atti-
tude is contagious. Also
your individuality is inspi-
rational to those, wanting
to learn and grow. Keep it
up forever.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Venus is in Capricorn this
week. This gives you an
edge in heartfelt decisions.
Your guardian angel pro-
tects you from harm. You
are well known for making
wise decisions rather than
hasty ones. Be patient with
those around you whose
eho se at take ao different
knw what you might

Aquari s Jan. 2O-Feeb. r8

around you for the next
two weeks. The year
should end with a bang for
you. Try to find a little time
for fun things even with
your extra responsibilities.
Enjoy the ride. Take it ~a day
at a time; -Seize every
moment like there is no
tomorrow. Your strongest
wishes will prevail because
you have others' best inter-
ests in heart as well as
your own.

Pisces Feb. 19-M~arch 20
You are on your way to a
better life. You have a great
heart and fresh ideas. Con-

tinue to stand up for your
beliefs. The timing is right
to move your best ideas
forward. Listen to your first
`impressions. Manage a few
timely projects. Finish
them and then move on to
the next group. Sometimes
less is more. No reason to
be overwhelmed now.

Star visions

James Tucker offers a per-

nomat ability cat gA pori
vote reading, an exciting
home or office party, on
inspirational group talk or
a dynamic business moti-
votional seminar are just a
few of the services he pro-
vides to help you move for-
visit his Web site, personal-
spiritguide.com, to view his
columns or sign up for his
free weekly inspirational
message. Call (772) 334-
9487 or e-mail
jtuckxyz@aol.com for other
details or to schedule a

- James Tucker

to join the academy and
view videos and photos of
past and present academy
Fans also may purchase
posters, photographs and
other memorabilia of the
New Jersey Nets shooting

Turkey Run slated
NOV. 27-30

The 35th annual Daytona
Turkey Run will begin Thurs-
day, Nov. 27, and end Sun-
day, Nov. 30. This street rod
event is expected to draw
more than 5,000 show cars
and 75,000 spectators to the
Daytona Beach area.
The greatest concentra-
tion of traffic for this event
will be around the Daytona
International Speedway for
the show car activities locat-
ed in the infield. Event activ-
ities will take place daily
from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Traffic control officers will
be on duty mn the Speedway
and area shopping centers
to assist with event traffic
and local holiday shopping
It is anticipated that
crowds will swell in and
around The Bellair Plaza and
the LaPlaya Hotel on North
Atlantic Avenue in the
evening. Additional officers
will be assigned to the
beachside during this por-
tion of the event. In addi-
tion, pedestrian crosswalks
will be established in the
area of Bellaire Plaza afid the
LaPlaya Hotel to assist spec-
tators in crossing Atlantic
Event participants are
asked to use only major
thoroughfares as access
ways and to not use the resi-
dential neighborhoods as a
"cut-through" or gathering
For Hometown News

Delicious additions for a great Thanksgiving

From page BI
suits. There .is no stopping
you now. -

Virgo Aug. 23-'Sept. 22
Your ideas about how to
handle the upcoming sea-
sonal plans are sound. Fear
not. You have strong favor
"rom the spirit world. Why?
Because you have given so
much the universe wants
te pat y u back ten f Id.
order. Your faith has pre-
vailed. Relax and enjoy.
You are doing a great job.

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22
vou continue to experience
positive results in` life. Your
focus is getting stronger
every day. You can't do
everything at once, but you
can remove nonessential
things from your life.l f
your heart isn't in it, don't
do it. Just be sure to make
quality time for yourself.
Patience is a virtue in itself.
Let it unfold and all will

Vince Carter launches
new Web site

National Basketball Asso-
ciation player Vince Carter
launched his new Web site,
www.vincecarterl5.com, on
Nov. 13. The new site will
include a blog, videos and
pictures, including video
and photos from high school
and college and down-load-
able extras such as desktop
wallpaper and Vince Carter
bu oeant rl5.com also
will allow fans to dowhinload
free phone wallpapers.
Vince's Embassy of Hope
Foundation will be featured
on the site. The Embassy of
Hope is a nonprofit founda-
tion established by Mr.
Carter, a Daytona Beach
native, in 1998 to help
address the needs of chil-
dren and their parents.
Vince Carter Youth Basket-
ball Academy campers will
be able to download forms

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Daytona Beach/Holly Hill B5

Friday, November 21, 2008


three streams. With a hard
charging outgoing tide, I
had little more to do than
toss the jig as far as I could
and let the current push it
back to me. Using that
method you won't feel the
strikebut once yu t e u
Four of the trout would
have been keepers and one
Sof the snook depending on
how you squeezed the tail
and depending what the
length limit is this week. As
I struggled to measure the
snook, I had to wonder if
the fellow in Tallahassee

wonder (as I do) just what
effect Matanzas Inlet has on
the High Bridge area, I can
say that water began to get
green much earlier than the
river south of there a sure
sign that the fresh seawater

tco pichk kpfm To n a
Basin down to Dunlawton
Watch for the bait to begin
returning, and try to stay
with it. The fish will be
hungry and keeping close
to the bait schools.
I ran into Karen Barrett
who is a dedicated surf-
fisher in Ormond By The
Sea. Out early, she had a

couple nice whiting, a blue
fish and a big pompano and
all hit dead shrimp.
If you have not eaten
pompano, you still have
something to live for. It may
be ordered in one of those

eooru a asr d nhe late
to try to get your mind off
the small portion, but if you
have a little patience, they
may be caught in our surf.
Use sand fleas, clams or
shrimp, and fish in close. *
As I related up top, I had a
pretty good day at High
Bridge, so two days later I
went back different day,

different tide, different
results. No trout in the
mouths of creeks and no
snook anyplace. I fished
hard for one small trout, a
rat red and a ladyfish, all
taken on a gray and white

now wol hv klear
that you can't go back.
Dan Smith has ised the
watern of~rolusia C hnty foer
40 years. When he's not fishing,
the retired contractor is
heavily involved with the
Ormond Beach Historical
Irust. For questions or
comments send an e-mail to

throughout the
inshore, which is to be
expected since they are out
of season. The bite should
be strong until the New Year
when they become legal to

mtkme et utneo tarton as
line stretchers, you can't
find a better companion for
cole slaw and hush puppies.
I dragged my skiff up to
High Bridge recently and
had a pretty good morning.
I used my usual chartreuse
jig to land six trout and two
snook fishing the mouths of

whoecame up with tatt dea
squeeze a big snook' ti
while trying to keep it alive.
If you have not tried it, I
would suggest starting with
the family goldfish and
working up.
I am pleased to report
that the turbid waters of the
Halifax are starting to clear.
For those of you who

Randy Barber/staff photographer
Cortez Davis, No. 11 of the Mainland High School football team, snatches an interception out of the hands of No. 3 John
Christopher of Seabreeze High School during a highly anticipated game at Municipal Stadium in Daytona Beach last
week. The 34-7 Buccaneers win was their 500th~in the history of the school.

party this weekend to
finish off their season.
Beginning this week on
Thursday, Nov. 20 and
running through Sunday,
Nov. 23 the ladies of the
LPGA Tour will once again
hold their year- ending,
limited-field ADT Champi
onship in West Palm Beach.
32h eADATfea ues theetop
tour vying for the presti-
gious title at Trump Interna-
tional Golf Club. Once
again, the winner will walk
away with a check for $1
million, the largest in the
history ofwomen's golf!
Last year's ADT presented
us with high drama as
Lorena Ochoa carded~a
Sunday round of 64 enroute
to her first ADT Champi-
onship. The win capped a
fantastic season for the
charming lady from south
of the border.
The format remains
unchanged for 2008. The
first cut will be after 36
holes with 16 players
moving on to Saturday's
round. The second cut will
come after 54 holes and see
only eight players tee it up
for the $1 million on
Sunday. A sudden death
playoff will settle all ties,
and each of the eight
finalists will start with a
clean scorecard on Sunday.
The final round will be
played in four groups of
two, with whoever shoots
the lowest round claiming
the prize.
Local favorite, Morgan
Pressel will return for this
year's event. Fan-favorites
Paula Creamer and Kristie
Kerr will also be in the field.
Perhaps the greatest woman
to ever play the sport will
tee it up for the last time
here as well. Annika Soren-
stam, who earlier this year
announced her retirement
from competitive play,
hopes to win her fifth ADT
title and end her career on
the highest note possible.

seldom seen in Florida. Add
blustery winds and U.S.
Open- quick greens and you
have enough trouble to
leave the even the most ill-
tempered of superintend-

en gdrmfcltnas coliditions
are, the course is set up to
challenge the best ladies mn
golf, butthwthu embalry

penal slopes, rock-hard
greens or rough so tall you
Ticket prices vary '
dependting n dhe dayeand
parking for the event is at
the Shell station on South
For ticket information for

In 2005, Sorenstam
became the first to win this
event four times when she
suc ess ully defended her

Ochoa will look to defend
her title and solidify her
spot atop the World Golf
Normally wheri the ladies
tee it up every week they
aren't given the red-carpet
treatment that their broth-
ers enjoy week in and week
out on the PGA Tour. This
event is the exception to the
rule. You see, Donald Trump
plays host and he pulls out
all the stops in an effort to
not only show off his $40
million Trump International
Golf Course, but to give the
ladies a taste of being
treated like the true profes-
siondl athletes they are.
The ladies are treated like
royalty. Trump gives each of
them a BMW courtesy car
for the week and offers
them rooms at his exclusive
Mar-a-Lago Club, complete
with spa treatments and
massages. He even goes so
far as to make sure they
have their own brand of golf
balls to practice and warm
up with. These are treats
that the ladies seldom see
on Tour.
In keeping with the spirit
of the event, several chari-
ties will receive a good
portion of the proceeds
from ticket sales. Ronald
McDonald House Charities
and The Children's Place
and Home Safe are just a
couple of those who will
receive a check courtesy of
the Tour, the volunteers and
those attending the event.
Trump International Golf
Club is one tough course,
with water on half of its
holes and elevation changes

DINING SET wood, 4
tall back chairs, 2 sets
to choose from, $75

& misc items can sepa-
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School spirit

G Bay onax yodm b

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Hometown News

* D t Beach/Holl Hill

Classic Carm Autin
D yona Int'I Speedway
Sel h ur clssic 1a 000
sectators expected
Over the weekend. Dan
eutins lan-495- 11
Dan Kruse FL#AU1075

Needs Motor Work.
$200. 386-345-3939 Vol.
5000 btu $50, 10,000 btu
6-00986%e~at V condition,

Table- 7', electronic scor-
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smal toerme um ns z
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seat, $20, 386-424-1751

full size excellent condi-
tion, ready for gift giving
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BATHTUB- Porcelain on
steel, almonid color,
$9, 36 42u6-200 Volef,
BED, BUNK- Al shape,
wooderi, $195 ob.
386-255-7668 Vol
BED, Twin- new mattress
10b xpr b b, rwn wod,
BIKES- ladies/mens, (2),
single speed, $25each,
Extra strong car bike rack
$15, 386-316-4492 Vol
BeLINS meUMNUr- c2
doors, w/mounting hard-
ware, $40, 386-671-6805
BUNK BEDS- red metal,
bottom is full size, top
in00 386-e690-6 98 Volo
amp motor, like new,
$50, 386-295-0365 Vol
$35, Patio set wl6 chairs,
$30, 386-316-2407 Vol

Park, Daytona Beach, 2
prime lots, Garden
Vr nqilit $d 5y 0ilsided
for $3,500 obo.
96 36-49 4
PARK Plot, Double Niche
available. Retails $3600 '
Must sacrifice. $2600 obo
Details: 386-615-1 oral
Gardens single space, 1
casket, 1 vault, 1
interment. Retail $6,680
Asking $5,195
Woodlawn Memorial
Park, 2 lots, Catholic
section. Both $1995

*ADOPT* A truly loving
family, financially secure
home will provide every-
thing & Cherish your ba-
by. Patricia. Expenses
paid FLBar#0247014 Call
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fax Academy's boy's head
coach. "This year, we are
starting all over."
In a district that has seen
other schools build up
their programs, Halifax
Academy will have an
exciting and interesting
year. The past two years,
three teams have regularly
been state-ranke~d
throughout the basketball
season and that trend
should continue this sea-
son, making the learning
curve for a young team
The team will rely on a
lot of new talent, including
twins Lavawn and Dwawn
Fountain. Both boys are
10th graders and seem to
have fit in well at the
school and also with the
other members of the
"We need a little more
practice, and then we will

be good," Lavawn said,
"The team will do OK once
everything starts ~to come
Along with the Fountain
brothers, the Knights will
rely on the experience of
Chris Marshall in the post
to anchor the team. Chris
is the lone returning
starter and will have to
improve on his play if the
team hopes to continue is
past success.
Senior Tyler Dutton and
junior Nathaniel Wingfield
round out the projected
starting five for the
Kmights, who open their
season with a pre-season
game Nov. 21 in Palatka.
Their first home game will
be Dec, 2 at Alliance
Church on Beville Road in
Daytona Beach.
For more information,
call (386) 252-9557. .

For Hometown News

When any school gradu-
ates seven players from its
basketball team, the fol-
lowing year can be called a
rebuilding year.
When that school is the
smallest school in Volusia
County that offers state-
sanctioned athletics, it
makes it even that more
The Halifax Academy's
Kni hts boy's basketball
team ended the season last
year 17-9, one of the top
winning percentages in the
county. But after graduat-
mng four starters and seven
of its top eight players,
things look to be a little
different this year.
"Last year, we had a good
group of kids, leadership
and ability wise," said
Shamus Doughertyr, Hali-

faADO3PT nAc srlloving
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etsc'* en er,t nGi s
gelico, Strombergi Rick-
enbacker & Mosrite. Gib-
son Mandolins/Banjos.
1930's-1960's. Top cash
paid! These brands only
please. 1-800-401-0440
GU S wanted coilec orW,
Wi chester, J.P. Sauer,
Drilling~s,~ Luger, Gatling
S nngfeld, Doubles etc-
7 2-5128-7020

Running pr not $200 &
up. We pay cash! 24-hrs.
Call 321-631-0111

more~ Elite Side by Side
26cuft. Bottom tilt freezer.
Brand New paid $3200
sell $900. 386-631-1106

Household Merchandise? Under s200?
BY EMAIL classiified @HometownNew~sO L.com
or log onto www.Housetown~ewsOL.com to place your ad
Please IMail, Fax or Essaal Your Free Ad No Plaone Calls
Thanks to all of our readers for submitting your Free ads for merchandise priced under $200.
A gentle reminder: We allow 4 lines only including your phone number and only 2 ads per month per household.
Ads are scheduled for 2 consecutive Friday publications. If you sell the item, you can cancel it and submit an ad to replaceit
AII FREE ads must be submitted by mail, fax or email. We cannot handle phone calls for free ads at this time.
And finally, please remember to include your name and address when submitting your ads.
Our advertisers make this service possible, so thank you for supporting our advertisers and
thank you for reading the HOMETOWN NEWSIll!
1102 S. U.S. 1 2400 S. Ridgewood Ave. #22
Fort Pierce, FL 34950 South Daytona, FL 32119

cousvosTEC VER
State Certified
Contractor specializing in
Insulated Roof Systems,
for manufactured homes,
hotels & flat roofs.

Low lp PI he Roof

Low Cost!
Lifetime Warrant
Florida License
386-451-5772 2

Call the best
classified section
on the east coast!

88 u drer ct f r iisn

Quick turn around. Deliv-
eyGulf Coast Supply& gw

Highlight your
ad and get it sold
fa st!
Whether Buymng
or Selling we are
your total source
for classified!

Bil' Gt 4UrlRoom, al
r taledsfo Fre e smro
r:ammng~ starting under
Recorders to new clients.
Call now 1-800-795-3579

F"INE LINE Walipaper &
Paintings Wallpaper in-
stall & removal. Interior
&Exterior painting. No job
too small Serving Eastern
Volusia 386-492-5350

www HometownNewsOL.com
Photos with your ad,
High Definition Slide
Shows and more

499 5FL RID CO P
Complete &L Includes
otat Fes Coemlpr?
mation packet: www.
amerliawyer.com Call
toll free 1-800-603-3900,
Spiegel &: Utrera PA. L.

S i~eDe 4Esc OM9ami.0 n

derful~ choice pregnant?
Loving, stable, financially
secure couples seek to
adopt newborns or in-
fants. Expenses paid.
Call 24 hours. *Atty Ellen
Kaplan FL Bar #0875228

Sell or Rent
your home in
The Hometown
Martin County
Ormond Beach

Satewide... 24ci Hours
Personal Injury Criminal
Defense Attorney Refer-
ral Service, Protect Your
Rights. 1-800-733-5342

*Bankruptcy* *1 Signa-
ture Divorce, *Missing
Spouse Divorce, Child
Custody & Support, Prop-
erty& Debts OK, Cover-
ngAll Areas Low As
$6858 7E~stabli hed 1992"'

LLC $149 wl Free Single
Member Operating Agree
ment CORP $91.95 In-
cludes S oreAtttornK y
Attorney Nick Spradlin,
Ta MiOm nd WPag
1 -8 77 -8 45 06 21


* Handicap Bathrooms

I ek bhwes/F~Mau e

* Sprinkler/Soar Panel 8
* Bathlatchen Remodels a :
Commercial- Residential
Uicensedlinsured* CFC050578

with an ad in the
Hometown News
SMartin county thru
Ormond Beachi

Get excellent care at our
smal licensrd adult lvn
Available. 386-677-1080.

Running or not $200 &
up. We pay cash! 24-hrs-
Call 321-631-0111

Specializing in DOOR
installations, Chair Rail,
Crown & Base Molding,
.Attic Staiurs,toKitcheno Cab -
other carpentry solutions.
30r yeas sLic e & In-

CHIMNEY & Dryer Vent

icesI 3rne7 7-3eA

A NEW Computer Now
Brand Name Laptops/
Dskt ps.b Bad/Nom Cre t

8 45-028Payments.

I nCutsm Hom ermord
ing. Decks, Gazebos,
crmenr 8 ie& prover n
needs! Call Platinum
Construction & Custom
Framing 386-235-7674

The hiring of a lawyer is an
sol ot be bsd sol l
on advertisements. Before
you decide, ask the lawyer to
send you free written infor-
mation about their qualifica-
tions and experience.
no- wyerae Foipaermitte lawd
sell legal forms and kits and
type in the factual informa-
tion provided by their cus-
tomers. They may not, how-
ever, give legal advice.
Pease TelTem...


Photo courtesy of Shamus Dougherty
Lavawn Fountain, No. 3, tries to make a move around Dwawn Fountain, No. 10, in prac-

:~.:;~~ii~:j~i~~q~ '~-l~lo*~rS Bstina * Orch (11slandlTi *V ~erh r Pie ~' itiisat n Por St. Luie Jensen Beark Stuart Fan~t;: (~:
I~ ~ ~~o .._;8;~~~~ aBMi~~U Pinit Pakni Bij: Melbourne Th(kBeahes Itorjd~dj~ Rhicok* 1erritt Island Cocoa Bcech Suntree Viera~ Titai~sville
,.il;S:: *-,att S~t. of n *Purt Orange South Daytrona Neir Smybra Be~acil I'lEwp Oak Hill* Diaytoda Beac~h Holly Hill Ormond Beach
We~ime chqa yor caiiletd th 1 nm first Insrti:.I ometown News Is not ~resosbor enors alter tne fral0 7140 ptbHr reserves thes right to editj; etre ol eeldfya f~iseemens without prior notie. T~he publtsher assumes no financial repolpnsibilty lr errnors or dikr


~I~B~E~T~II' L.UZP~ZP~T~"~U;.":~~f-j.. rr. i-;--r "
1 r . '
-n .i~-r ~F "L~31~ C'".'-i

Hometown News aa

volusia county 386-322-5949
1-866-897-5949 Fax 386-322-5944
Email: classifiecl@Hom~etownNewsdL.,com

~Logon to www.HometownNewsOL.om~



Driveways, Patios, Additions
* Visa & Mastercard Accepted We Pull the Permits 8
* Fast, Courteous Response State Certified Contractor 2
* Locally Owned and Operated Licensed & Insured
Call 10P Easy quote &P No Obilgation
(386) 795-1 843

<"# ITCHIENS &On Sp~~i1

o 0 Ob too Big or too Smal II
el'ile *Sheet~ Rock Plaster %




~i*~~;~'~;i~'~f~~',~SfS8a~ll"~""""" 9"e Ir I

inside sales
Classified Advertising Consultant

in our South Daytona office
Ware looking for a dynamic teamplyr
woenjoys telephone sales. Youmut
have very good computer skills, typing,
and be personable on the phone. We use
a consultative sales approach and have a
loyal customer base as a result.

TeHometown News is an idpnety
ondcommunity newspaper. Our news-
papers circulate from Martin Cony
truhVolusia County, giving you a broad
range of sales opportunities.

Thsis a salary + commission, full time op-
portunity. Our benefits include health, den-
tal, 401K, paid sick time and vacation.

If you have the skills we require and are
eager to begin a new career, please email
resume & cover letter to:

or fax: 386-322-5944
coe we drug test


Florida Health Care Plans
Full Time Positiois
Monday Friday 8 am 5 pm
Off holidays and weekends
Comprehensive benefit package

Must have knowledge and interest in Diabetes care. Good computer skills and positive
attitude with Electronic Health Record System. Excellent customer service skills with
good follow thru. Must work closely with Specialist to insure continuity of patient care.

Strong customer service skills required..Minimum 1 year clinical experience in Physician
office or hospital setting required. Pediatric experience preferred. Ability to travel to all
facilities for long or short term assignments. IV Therapy/Venipuncture required for RN.

Minimum 3 years clinical experience and or /referral pre-certification experience in
Medical Surgical, Pediatrics, OB, ER, or ICU required. Strong customer service, oral
communication skills and ICD 9 CPT coding required. Medicare criteria and Case
Management, Utilization review a plus.

Please apply online at www.fhep.com
FHCP is a Drug/smoke free workplace g
Human Resources (386) 676-7153 2




GET A New Computer
Brand name laptops &
desktops. Bad or No
Credit- No problem
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dreedi -o popbdemorsm l-
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peutic Nasa Visco Mat-
tresses Wholesalel T-
$299, F-$349, Q-$399.
K- $499, Adjusta-
bles-$799. Free Deilvery,
25 year warranty, 60
Night Trial, 1-800-AT-
SLEEP 1-800-287-5337
approved guaranteed.
Bad credit? No credit?
No probleml No credit
checks. Name brands.
Checking account re-
qured. Free bonus h ch

www bluehippo.com

Walk-in Clinic
Monday Friday


5-Way $12
3 Year6D~tme $26
Bordetella $14
3DX Heartworm Testing $22
Routine Woryning $7-$1s


Worming $7-$15
Fecal Flotaion $11.60
AVI 1 iachps $30

Heartguard Plus
Fmntier Plus Intesteptor
A wntge Fln


Spay/Neuter by Appt.
Animal Health Inc.
Full Service Vethrinary Clinic
549 Beville Rd
South Daytona
1104 S. Nova Rd.
Ormond Beach

$75 each. 386-677-3038
Fender, Gibson, Gretsch,
Martin. 1930s-1960s. Top
cash paid. 800-401-0440
2 keyboard, beautiful ma-
agn.~anl ,rexcelijntd cn~d
386-252-9437i. $120

Hand injury must sell
featured in magazine
"Rodcrafters Journal"
$100 & up 386-663-7233

Photos say it a~lll
Photos with your ad,
High Definition Slide
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A NEW Computer Now!
STOVE, WOOD burning GET A New Computer ONLINE PHARMACY Brand name, Bad or No
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est weekly payments Prescr option! We will 1-800-640-0656
STOVE Apartment size available. Its yours now! co titor's
ti~wpa~htero~e r1-800-932-3721 m an8c7754 rNEWaCoemptetroNow
$60. 386-756-0342 Vol .C1 S~~h PhoneMedication.com Badekos Bade lporp No
SWING, CANOPY- new, PHI"NTERMINE'- SOMA, Casit- Nwoeelproblem
$85, VD suround*REDUCE YOUR Cable Fionicet & more. Doctormetavibl.Isy
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box,$60,386427-563 Digital Satellite system Shipped FedX 1-3 days.
installed for Free&pr-wwEsudexco ANWC trNw
TABLE, DINING wl6 ramn trigudr1-877-453-7701BrdNaopdrNo
36s77-s3 d2 k,$00 0.Fe Digital Video Credit- N0 problem
Recorders to new callers QLUALITY PRESCRIP- smallest weekly pay-
TABLE, DINING- with 6 call now 1-800-935-9195 TION Medications, excel- ments available. Call
chairs, Ethan Allen, hard DRCTFEE4om lent service & reliable now! 1-800-838-7127
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tion, $200, 386-478nd-61 System! 265+ Cha nels Call now for a free quote A/C & Cool/Heat Central
tio, $00 38-48-615 Starts $29.991 Free HO, 1-866-839-9581 or visit System new mobile
TABLE, Round- 2 stools, Showtime, StarzI 130 HD http://meds41ess.betterlif home or house. Top
30"x39"high, perfect for Channelsl Free DVR/HDI pamc!o rns pt 0ya a-
a2n0 386-672- 31kit en NstasI r u800 9 d-04 ranty. Wholesale or less!
Free deliver Call 24hrl7
TABLE, SLATE- 45" I -YYY days. 1-800- 89-0709
round, very heavl, brown IDIRECTV FREE 4 R o
colors, new condition, "DIRECTV SATELLITE SselAl25 n
$135, 386-756-8101 Vol OUHLSaewrpTV: Save $23/mo~nthF for nysels FREE 465 Monhsn-
TABLE,. TILE- with around with 2 recliners & month o HB Starzreg cludes Movie Channelst
wooden chairs, seats 4, sleeper, $400. TV, Pio- Showtime! Credit Card 130 HD ChannelsI Ends
$200, 386-615-9092 Vol neer 0 wattahe~d52cab- tTqI ed1-866- 6E~x~pert Son SAsrk Hw99Parce
TABLE, VINTAGE- Drop DVR/HD 1-800-973-9044
Leaf, good condition, KITCHEN ITEMS, book
$100, 386-304-5722 Vol cases, desktop PC's, **ALL SATELLITE Sys- DO YOUR Christmas
dresser, TV's, tables, tems are not the same. Sh~~b~omHppin Fom.Hme
TOW BAR- Roadmaster, Recliner, AII must go. Programming starting Ubeivbe Sigs
424 co7dition, $200, 386-871-2504 Hn~de o20gra mmonth NmechBranrd El ct nics

$200, 386-677-6122 Vol HOVER' SCOOTER 4 FREE BOOK Free Book!

WSER 6D -99- 7E, 66th od. O ran Ge.Bl! a 4-oo al p oly n ents I
WASHER-008 & Drer- upe installed for free & pro- you? The Bible clearly
capacity, excellent coradi- I..FT CHAIR Excellent r;ammigstari g under explains our future. Non-
tion, $195, 386-689-3019 condition, dark blue, 20 redgtlvideo Denominational .
New $795 Sell for $295 recorders to new callers, 1-800-784-9211 or Free
We kgHh~edBES~~~t g~t Mc2 386-673-5695 Call now 1-800-725-1835 bookonrevelation.com
0uln Mba 28551b ofweight ICmA hrm m

curi, full boys size 16,'
5t12 $L60 8s6-6S2p-r1g ut
ABLE wheelchair. Like
new $75 321-543-4621

WNSHis rD Va ,EnR
2005 (3)serVa, new,$5'
386-760-!93 78\3~w Vol


TpORSHardwod91 st 8 pyrig hted Material
PEfnse 19 Synicaed ontnt
erprefinish, Plus A .y d~ ae e
A yel ,I Dlie: Available from Commercial News Providers
Locations 800-356-6746 ~- -


Systeml 265+ Channels
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System! 265+ channels
htaot i t a! rele3 H O
Channels! Free DVR/HD!
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installers! 800-203-7560
Systeml 265+ 'Channels!
Starts $29.99! Free HBO,
Showtime, Starz! 130 HD
Channels! Free DVR/HDI
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Installers 1-800-216-7149
With your new Computer
Brand ena e lptp, blb
Smallest weekly pay-
ments call 800-804-7273
With your new computer.
Brand na t laptops, bad
Smallest weekly pa'y-
ments Call 800-804-5010

shod h use h tokhea
Male Multi Po apricot col-

pups 1 male & 3 female
AKC champion blood line
on both sides. 1st shots
health cert. 772-468-2500

U ae o wet Refer n
ces $50. .910-922-3511
KITTENS- Healthy ador-
able. 1st shots, wormed,
SN YI 386G300D76H70E
KITTENS- litter trained, 2
w/bob tails, 2 multi-color,

spa 95w 386 78-5 e
Ready to go. Fluf y, ep ful
cetAC 4m0. 38 -



Tell 'em you
S aw it in




Commercial Grade, man-
ual operation w/ exhaust
line $200, 386-761-8066
GOLF BAGS $15- Lynx
G8R-761-812 VOL$8.

Gsed,F $2.B0AL dozegoo (
dozen total) or $10 for all,
386-788-1132 Vol
Walking wlseat &. charger
826-2 8- 65 I o r.
GRILL, GAS- wlside
burner $50 386-760-6083
GYM, Workout- Weider
Pro OLC rack system,
olympic weights bar ca-
ble, $200, 386-238-5597
HAMMIOCK- new, double
w/stand used once $100,
Bike rack to fit over tow
hitch $50, 386-576-6359
Excellent Condition $35.
Sofa/Chair $65. 2 Tables
$30, 386-427-8286 Vol.
tric. 2- w/mattress $100
takes both 386-673-4570
new, $100, 2 large pink
mah 38-09 924 oil5

386-405-7234 Vol

386-304-0056 Vol
JACKET, Mot rvle
Ladies, leter, I(,
thnslt 38ea n~s~ula-

wACrKE Spiri e utaC)
hood, zipper pockets.
lined, $25, 386-238-6056
late r0blc 330 -88ede

ladies, black, extra small
$1,38 -n767 617 ather
20', excellent condition,
$50 386-788L 735 Vol

386-422-0573 Vol

dATo SnyCVaio- v 2
7mem~ory345 screen,

$e, 14, 38 -402-wl0b g
new, $100, 386-767-0830
type, runs but needs tune
up, $50, 386-238-4045
rescent,. (3), 48", $5
each, 386-423-2646 Vol

-r~ EMl

secialzin rsoinex Afr
American hair, for senior
Nsosisteadurjin facil ties.
dys CslNe de74im edate-


netic $50, Bedspread
queen/king, gold & velvet
$20, 386-760-5942 Vol
Delar Bchtqp $
386-756-2015 Vol

MR- $T200 2 dessOMP3
each, 386-615-1200 Vol
Kota, All-Terrain, Elec. 12
Volt. 40 Ib. $200
386-427-8458 Vol
PLATES & Platters blue
depression $5 ea. Lenox
X-mas platter $30.
table top, 1 to 4 players,
good condition, $125,
386-677-5020 Vol
$25, Bar carrier for cars
$13, Shelves, walnut,
$15, 386-676-1363 Vol
front & back door, alumi-
num & a933ustable, $200,
White. Little' Use. $199,
386-760-0252 Vol
fiber like newn $75

Rf EATR 90-4 h 5

AFrEer, FLOR- 2oo bolt
386-6 15-178644 I 81

5,386-492-7316 Vol
SAWE, CHAIN- h omlte,
18",. 46cclke new 3; hrs,
83N86- 8 174 1mnul,
nra, gburwnb nz $150

crynew Home, ir mapule

$8,386-760-2106 Vol
SED-, 6'7"XE ,issi
$1 0ob76w6 9her. TaoS

$0.386-274-7115 Vol

Relner- $15each, Cap-
tabinst bed, Cairs, $25 ,
ec,386-2-671-37 Vol
SFE NAKER-fl rndew,
pr7of. sound $1200

386-682-4486 Vol 08

Pet Nanny Plus

DailyvisitSr 24 hr. service.
and De ndable.
Pllus ~ i




$60.00 (Up to 29 Ibs.)

$70.00 (Up to 29 Ibs.)
$80.00 (Up to 59 Ibs.)
$90.00 (Up to 80 Ibs.)

Animal Health Inc.
Full Service Veterinary Clinic
549 Beville Rd
South Daytona
388-6-7-5208 g
1104 S. Nova Rid.
Ormond Beach $


ROCKER, Baby Buggy-
Antique. Wood. 6 Draw
Desk. $65. 386-441-2004

Tral PSpend X-MVE i
fonas$5S0prign- n! Ji
Hip Hop, Blue Jean Envl-
rne el M sict doers
Jan 1-888-361-1526

Dr VhE!P~ositionileavaila
tl kASrAP iCd)L- with
& Premium bene its' a
much onm C akI o it
transport .com


Tel 'ent you
saw it in

ConsultFar nh sL n care
company is currently
Ieuy Co 1 e e t
expn .t 7iret sel21ng
income opportunity.
call us at
Lb8e 1511-1618 yor ww.
Tell'em you saw it in

ush o gaim represent
~tions. Must be ree to
osay -8766- inec-
YHiri 18-24 Sharp, Moti-
vaeGuys/Gals for im-
EpdiaPeeq ra ceortatio
Provided, Da ly4 Pay, MCal
1-866-745-31 72

Orvl D7WavNl SpO d
. -MasC ifl/e as, S rn
Si n-oni Join Hip H p
icu Jan ni~rw Tm nt
Start Today! Debbie


Tie! epplyayOn ine Hom
daey over 750 Compa-
Hnreds eo ct

tWS IPf s fek vu-
change students. Or earn
re a Intr ati nalanFe lw
ship.org 1-800-647-8839


Hma Fs HAfO dabDe
chure. www.coritinental-
academy com
ma! Fast affordable &
accredited. Free bro-
chre. www.continental
accredited. Free bro-
chure. Call 888-583-2127
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chure. Call Now!
1-888-820-9985 www.
HVAC: TOP 5 Recess on
NrPero Crae~ed H~eation
ally Certified 3.5 wk Ac-
creditation. EPA/OSHA/
NoCbCER aCeemt fed.A iocs
Financing Available.
training with membership.
Noexperience. Ecole at
615-228-1701 www.

AD Ef HIGhHom ecdy

$399. Easy payment
plan. Free brochure
.com 1-800-470-4723
Train for high paying Avi-
torn Ma n raonv%. P
gralmfieFinancmil aca e
assistance. Call Aviation
11n 8iut~e4 38M~aintenance
Home Study earn your
adult thigh sco sdT ploma
$399 payment plan avail-
able start today: www.
dlplomaathom e. com
mputers,*Criminal Jus-
tice. Job placement as-
sIt ncee Com uteralavai -
qualified. 1-800-494-2785
ATTEND College Online
from Home. *Medical,
.Busin s, 'Pa ini a
Justice. Job placement
assistance, Computer
available. Financial aid if
qualifid tr-OO 510-0784

ATNDhoColleged Oln
Business, Paralegal,
Computers, Cnimlnal Jus-
tice, Job placement as-
si tance.inComputer aivaii
qualified. 1-800-494-3586
AVIATION Maintenance
/Avionics Fg duate in 1d4
financial aid if qalip ed
Job. placement .assis-
onnce. Cl dNationaltoAdvia
800-659-2080 / NAA.edu
CAN YOU Dig It? Heavy
Equipment School. 3
week training program.
Backhoes, Bulldozers,
pa emenst a~sos anco
Start digging? dirt now.
1-866-362-64 7
School Diploma at Home
ork wyoshort we ks

Nationally Accredited.
C-l 0o 58e OBrochur~e2
Fast! Accreditedl At
Home or Onlinel
1 -87 7- 27 0- 9 83 0

Cash Npwilinury lawsuit
dragging? Ned$500-
$500,000++ within 48
hours? 1-877-386-3692

FsestO Cahe A nc s
on Injury Cases-within 24
hrs. Owe nothing if you
lose your case Apply free
call now 1-866-353-9959
plus $399 for Court costs
let our experienced Pro-
fessionals handle your
entire Bankruptcy Fast,
tEasy, No Risk, Guaran-
td &Proven. Call Now
1 8 00 -87 8- 22 15
ww w. S GNHERE .org
Better Business Bureau
Please Tell Them...
I Saw it In ,

Auction Florida Statewide
1000 Homes must be
sold! Free catalog
1 -800 -6 7 8- 05 1 7

OCEANVIEW1 Beautiful
4Br/3Ba, 3 story, 2 yas
new! Sacrifice $375,000 s
386-566-7239 by pwner
decorated models, single
family homes from the
$160's, community pool,
grand entrance, 15 year
warranty. We can also
build on your lot.
386-478-14.15 SeaGate
Homes.com. crc#057202
Plantation Plnes Horse
Country 3/2/2 2 + acres
completely remodeled,
New Kitchen with granite
counter. Owner/realtor
REDUCEDI $199,900


$134,900 Lrg Family
home 3br/2ba 2 carar
47 Laurel Oaks Cir.8al
Shawn Matthews @
Re/Max All Pro Realty

it today with only $3900
dw, $896 mo Bud est
Mobile Home S s

Acres. 4BR/2BA home &
A/C workshop. spring fed
pn two b~a Mpole barn.
Centre Cherie Stockhol
Affordable & Effc v
Hometown News

chise- new to this state..
Looking for motivated
families to ownloperate
3-day week business,
huge returns seen by all
- 7 chyaisese r

BUSINESS Opportunity
Sales People wanted for
Windshield Wiper Manu-
facturer. Unique Product.
1 7 05 -9 4 9 0 0 6 7
1-989-414-2714; Email:

Photos with your ad,
High Definition Slide
Shows and more
Classified 386-322-5949

3BR,2BA, "Green house"
lots of upgrades, wood&
tile firs., nice landscape.
Ready Now $159,900.

New loa cabin s 9000n
2acre-5acre waterfront
homesites from $99,900.
Easy access mountain
828-247-9966 (Code 41)
TAINS 2 acres, breath-
taking view. Building
Tract, tall shade trees,
river access, beautiful
pristine property. Se-
renity for only $49,900.
Owner Financing

Negocio. Gana 48% y
MasI Vende Por Catalo"
go Productos De Cama
Y Bano. Prestigiosa
Marca Intima. Liama

7co arts w .
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TATES $95 down $95
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Streets in, electric in.
k.n 6ot 6-7tN~o credit

ful Wooded Mciuntain
Top Cabin Site on
Breathtaking 5 acres.
Views, River Access 8
Morel Near Dale Hollow
Lake $24,900. Owner
Financing 330-699-1585

onial Colony South 55+
large ndblwd, 2br, 2ba,
nfr.with FL room.
accs. Open House Each
Saturday 10-2:00pm
1294 Bunker Hill.
$22,500 386-383-4685

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Daytona Beach/Holly Hill B7

.Friday, November 21, 2008


a m


B8 Daytona Beach/Holly Hill Hometown News Friday, November 21, 2008

'_n- .E ... .-. 1 6 LINES

a gg 4 papers $539
IB an? ai papers $95

8 1 papers $199

G: et 3 Weeks FRE El 12 paes-$3
.ADD A PHOTO ON LINE5 AND.IN PAPER!'. 13 papers $149

VO9uLU A CO NTI (4 p ers) -Por rm ng/New Sl4 ma aS 159
Daytona; Daytona Beach/Ormond Beach) r
BREVARD COLIjNTY (5 papers) (Palm Bay/Melbourne;
Beaches/Suntree/Viera !Rocid]edge :
Cocoa/Merritt Isl./Cocoj Beh, C .pe.
(Vero Beach/Sebaur~anl
ST. LUCIE COUNTY (2 papers) -
(Ft. Pierce/Port St. Lucles
NIARTIN COUNTY (1 paper) (Stuart/Jensen
Palm Cit~y/Hobe Sound/

\E MometowiNews i,


ho ies VWaoo~dee BluFa
nancingI Ask about Mini
Vacation. 3 days, 2
nights & Travel Allow.

TAINS 2 acres, breath-
taking view. Building
tract, tall shade trees, riv-
er access, beautiful pris-
nine prpty 0Sernt fr
nancing 1-330-699-1585
Beautiful 20-acres, Near
Booming El Paso. Good
Road Access. Surveyed.
Only $15,900.
$200/down, $159/ma.
Mn~eredBac keGsarantee.
www.sunsetranches com

Eproer t es c Nb n sM hms
acreage & investment
property. Views & creeks.
Free color brochure.
Western Catolina Real
Estate Company, Inc.
Murphy, NC. www.


Satudy d o 22

'1 to 3 PM.
$5,000 down in a ca hiers cheeackhfo each
ae 5fboj i~i~ ct o ts ppoa
Lic #8: H & M # AB110;
B. G. Hudson, Jr. #s: BK3006464 &AU230

i;;i~;~irr~$ci~hara*~LLe~~"-"s ~

-~Tr II II I


(11-08 9-291 Fnncing,

'Hancock Co. 650 Acres,
Financing, No Credit
Check. Deer, Turkey &
Fish. 11br with 11ba
lodge,12ac & 8ac lake
www. ReedPlantation.co

SELLlRENT your Time-
share Nowill! Mainte-
nance fees to high?
Need Cash? Sell your
unused timeshare today
No Commissions or
Br rml ees. Fre I
timeshare .com


financing. Reduced to
$14,900. 386-547-4175
VERO BEACH: Motivat-
ed Seller, Financing Avail
for Furnished 2br/2ba, FL
room. $62,900 plus op-
tion to rent.or buy land,
Wholesale I Investor
F.O.B. Factory. Single
Mod lar D mes.WideEW
3/2 $29,820, 5/3 $47,500
(2,040sf) 1-8i00-769-0952

Investment Property
Central & Eastern GA &

Picin yS $5-300 /c
lonand jaynie stricklad@
gamfobre~nm~biz or cla
Todd Crosby todd.crosby
sales Save 60-80% off
Retail! Best Resorts &
Seasons. Call for Free
Timeshare Magazinel
1-800-639-5319 www.

b A-$,se /As,
open land, great
hunting or future

str~e i~~rcom
St. Regis Paper Co.

Chiaiu ProiP nid, gp

C3o,0a t ifSW Pcific
Beautiful Mountaintop log
cabin site w/br athtaking
views, g un round prop
woods, 30mins. from
Cookeville, $29,900.
Owner financing
dise Foundl 39ac, Wood
ed wonderland,7r Springs'
Family or Church Retreat.
Was $595,000 Now
$395,000! Estate Brokers
USA Inc 813-986-9141


excellent hig
to live

St. Regis Paper Co.
1.25 Acres, Florida Mini
Ranch ~"O" Down
$138/mo. Guaranteed
Financing. Cash 'Price
$49F00ri1 87-U9 -6600

Georgia Lookout MTNI
BetV ue by Mt

Huge Parks. 3-5acs.
Starting $10,000/acre.
Ca Finac o 7 wth

Agent. 423-991-3780


Print snc.1r ol

Make Offer 912-223-7559

tracts in Toombs County
Georgia. ~County. Road
frontage & private roads,
cleared & ready to build
or put double de. Some
0/k frn cS. rade
ferent tracts to choose
from. 912-427-7062
Northeast Ohio 5+
Acres beautiful building
site. Open view, backed
Ogw~oods w~alktoO r k
financing 330-699-5723

Affordable Hunting &
Fishing Poet.
100Acres for 79p000
w/10% down & no credit
check. AII sizes available
up to 20000 acres.
(877-772-4452) ,

la r Are a loi ncin N-
terfall, 4 Large Ponds
Mountain Views, Pavilion
age uildng.D astictall

New log cabin shell on
I1 aoddp n es

Visit: fallcreekland.com
or call 1-877-622-2246
cbin sel hn i.7 wcr s
$89,900. 2acre-5acre wa-
terfrorit homesites from
$99,900. Easy access

Sveral pE sE a albe

lan, hard oo s, 0 ws
terms 352-483-4546
Florida Land. Beautiful
area near springs & riy-
ers. 1.5 to 5 acre tracts.
$1500 down with no
credit check! Call for free
color brochure.
sp 4BeR, 2).5 B hnle24 0
approx. 2 acres in Perry,
FL Located in Taylor
County in Big Bend area
of Northern Florida, about
50 miles east of Talla-
hassee. Beautiful pool &
patio area w/tall privacy
fence, gazebo w/hot tub.
$2 3780. all (hom
386-208-2589 (fsbo)

iNB9 R9e ra uon H at -d
w/deer, turkey, hogs &
timber, 42acres- 85iacres-
120acres- 235acres-
500acres- 730acres, on
Little Salkahatchie River
Below marketlI
Call owner:
(Brokers Protected)

rest rResot Sas ns


mentary! 3 days, 2 night
accommodations. Poqay
nothing- .High Rle
Treatment. Las Vegas-
at a fabulous resort casi-
no. 1-888-704-6946

Office / Retail Condos
1366sf &up Buy or Lease
tGreat Lcationon1/4 mle

EpDGEbWdA R -ber/iz-bead
at liy 0erom dd sze

Nancy 386-847-1296
Beautiful By Ownerl
55+ park, 14x56, com-
pletely remodeled &
landscaped. 2 large Bed-
rooms + baths, FL room
w/orto t, fxr logcar
CI an home great park.
$16,900 386 677-8659
community, 2br, 1ba MH,
dble roof, some furn.
$3,500 as is. 5 others
from $3500-$8000
386-672-1276 /451-4018
artk ENWra3br2ba iI -
roof, vinyl siding $47,500
386-672-1276 /451-4018

up E $L
in a lovely 55+ park with
pool and clubhouse. Low
Iot rent! Newer section.
A great buyl Modular
beauty, 3/2, 76x16, cath
ceilings, fireplace, locat-
ed at Life Village, Must
see inside $34,000 or
bttedrofer Call owner

relwood Est. 55+ comm.

2ba .bl i"de Fr3 N r
cooktop stove, A/C &
heat pump 2yrs new, dble


Baut ul komesite only

Only $37,500.
Owner financing
Call i-803-505-2161

TENNESCus~tE 2/n2e mf
hoe, on o3m acre lot.
Skylights, oak cabinets
gas fireplace, $49.900 nc
lot rent. 423-753-2009

RUSHI 1+acre to 2acre
homesites, wood, views.
Starting at $59,900. Tenn
River Nick-a-Jack view
tracts now available Re-
tirement guide rates this
area #2 is U.S. places to
retire. Low cost of living,
noim3 069-2741.
or 1-866-550-5263,
Ask About Mini VacationI

TINN E cea~ge 2M Oa~c
beautiful homesite. Mil-
lion $ viewl Secluded,
utilities, overlooking Ten-
nessee River, close to
Marina, Schools, Shop-
ping! $49,900, low down,
owner financing!

Including 22 In Titusville area

AY*DgEC 3 *1:00 PMI

~~ fitusville, FL

ing your first home,or your 10th this year,
today's housing market and low interest
rae make this an ideal time for you to

for rent $1100mo. 3BR
2BA, 2CG Halifax Plani
station 6mo. min. Scrn.
Lanai 386-615-0742 or
Lakefront 1922sf. 3br/2ba
2car ga[., eat-in-kit., open
floor plan, tennis/pool,
r~eat schools, extras*
1250nto. 386-441-0351
2br, 2.5ba, jnacuzzl, fire-
plen Ou itL w/ourt
$995.mo 386-672-9991
Lg. 2br/1.5ba townhome.
Near Embrey Riddle &
Publix shopping.$695/mo
Small pets ok. Incentives
offered, call 386-767-6533
2bril.5ba townhouse
central loc, incl trash
pick-up & pest. $650/mo

Mainland 2 bedroom

Call Bril 9486 02
Almost 2000sf, 3/2/2
completely updated, lots
nftile, newecar et,Ncelain

r ns, lcate 2 ff Nova B
ALao Village, immc2/2,
gar wope ner, quiet, adult
fareoa, wd law ncar inl.
$725/mo. 440-582-3606

Ph woto er ad ie #3703 ww


OPEN DALbY 12 TO 4 882796 Cdl)
1&2Bedroom Units! Offering pool, tennis, NORTH~kis~cO~~ 82-4-96CAO LINA

yins cetwo ndtrnore! See f yourself... ]Prudentia ser Sah t$490
Or~yopontmnt 36-77-312 ansactRelly, hec. on almost 4 acres.
Or B Apointent386-87-252Wooded with bold
streamr 1-86F-'RR-RFO9


mmmm ~
SOUTH DAYTONA Lake 3 blocks to beach, Huge
Front! Furnished,TV & In- DAYTONA BEACH- PONCE INLET 2Ocean 2 story Victorian home.
ternet included. Full FRONT -Efficiency on views. Furn. 2br/2ba, 4/3.5, Igfam room,Ig eat
house privileges. Private 2nd floor, large front patio Completely renovated.. in kitchen, formal dining,
entrance/bath. $525/mo. and pool, fully furnished, Nrivate kBeach dccess! wood floors, central alc,
+ 1/2 elec.386-316-2979 utlitiecseapai -m nush cbee Sma met.g 07831564mo e hood.v Sea rez

~.Ce lxbl38 $620909pe 9mon PR RAG mo. +sec. 386-212-6537
386-756-8019 Oceanfront Efficiency DAYTONA- HOLLY HILL
HUTCHINSON ISLAND Condo. All utilities includ- Absolute best value.
RV Iot. Nettles Island. D TOAB CHIE ed, $650/mo,$650 /de- Almost 2000sf, 3/2/2,
#1191 big corner lot. bdATN t ost Aalbl ow omltlyudae, os
Waterview, Southern 2 beroom apar ment 386-212-0741bl N o fl tile ewy cparpet, celin
exposure. Annual $700 or near' Main Street. Walk to 362-04 fansl,~ lowcapted off iNova
Seasonal $800/mo + Beach, Boardwalk etc., POT RNG ated 3rd St.a $95+ t
electric. 518-848-4472 $975/mo includes utilit-Viago32Rertsye 38-7195
PALM BEACH Gardens le.il94-0-00 r W1 Oca DAYTONA- HOLLY HILL
Oaks East 3/2 pool home DAYTONA SHORES youe inc. $9750 mo.+se! Absolute best value.
view NeaarGardmnm LMaa tT r.efii b e dep. 954-913-0112 cm letel20 udted,3 lt
Annual $2300. Seasonal pool, exerc rm. cable/utij of1 tile, f new lcarpet, ceiin Nv
.avilale.Cal Raltr- inc. 6 mo Ise. $850 & as oae f oa&
'561-775-0639 $800. 386-788-2749 ag a W 3rd St. $925 + util
VERO BEACH vacation S.DAYTONA- Bi 38-7125
home. Furnished 5-br DAYTONA SHORES 2/2 $625/mo. Lrg bright NEW SMYRNA BEACH-
3-ba gated comm, pool. Oceanfront, 2/2, $950 freshly painted, spotless. SIDE- 3/2, ,Pool, .1/2
Close to ocean & 95. I-term. Incl. water, cable, Off Ridgewood near block to beach. Ceramic
$1800/mo 305-992-3170 3601 S. Atlantic Ave. Publix. Incl. water/ sew- tile, new a s o
a ~~~Details: 386-767-2029 er.Susan 38621-212797 pet/sokig 000/mo 0
InAvail. nowl 80735-5922

Dont 06NhA firBC2/H2 u~nfurann Os 8.o 50 e3B 2B VERO BEACH: Move in BA D-82 o
1275sf. kit, dining, 50' 1300sf. Bonus office area special Newly remod- beac pet 00ys neot
priv balcony Poolclbhs, $785. $595 dep. Great eled. 1br & 2br from $750/rn, 386-316-9834

3-36r 052C)5 t d g~sC 3-6 9143 Rst. 7253013 aprpksinc 1lc gs
-es ** ** NEW SMYRNA BEC rrC~ tdecnes Pt niehnooed bak-
beach. 2/3 furn. Tennis yd. Must pass back-
DAYTONA BEACH os vi Jnt/ pi DAYTONA BEACH 3br ground 386-416-8464.
Cntra Ma6o Art msbrv $1350/mo 630-248-2194 2at el a incds /I RMOND BEACHt Cleahn

2611red Id/1b Oen IWONtoc nuee p 8-53e94hhd brh crD t.auble,k gte~r

2RBAe ono sncmok ORMOND BEACHSID b n D r mm, r i
Ol se c 86-76310070 c. arage 3og-ate olnc ue wiack-i 8coats $90m 38-63 2963
DATN EC-$5 e.386-441-9218 65-50637 8 euiuoeniw
OadcanfotFr acsill. all Ocafotlt eta k 80o $0s
til, Jcuzi ubCale ORON BECHSDE DAYTONA BEACH Afodal &rlibe
Dyoal utiliti hoes incl. Huge 3-bdrm -6 Bunalo BeachsiRde home 3/4 / Hmtw es

POOL. Loets ofametio es. $850mo.ee Cenrmtrle Air hadw trahinle flars, W/ posCLAShoSIFIEDS
Good Deal/m $695 mo. + FaaencWaedrardarport. Peits, O aK. i $140/oses $90o36632
Pese c. 2-5-47 alBl 948600 386-846-4745. 38-2254 ~Dg.$0/o+$10m ,to k~
-ATN TW AMR- $3I RTATIII41-21 M5-8-37

close to river, 1231 Mora-
via. unfurn. $600/ mo.
Water Included
gle flr triplex, great amen-
itie1 spoo, O eanW Vliag
srcd pch $625mo incis
See photo online www.
.com Ad#37726

comm, aotz ibr re
2/1.5, wld, near every-
thing, $699/mo Rent to
own also 386-566-7239 -

A1A So. of Dunlawton
2nd flr outside entry.
Oceanview ea 20xi2' Kt
wgait coutro e
$750mo. No lease cir 1st
mo free with 1 year lease.

Eda Ao6 R Modb t
oet in er r,Slo2u0 sq ar

ti g 1 Eo Fr

B4e00s fuTo wll renovaa d
Cainaveral. Caoi Boke s

Affordable & reliable
Hometown News

Lewis Drive. 4/2 C/HIA,
$750/mo. Or Rent to
Own. 386-295-6294 -
Cute 2/2hle, CIHA d/ oL
roo, no pets, $850/mo.
Spacious 2/1, tile thru
out, w/d hook up, C/H/A,
detached garage, off
street pkg, walk to beach
$825/mo. 386-681-9339
PONCE INLET- 2 bedrm
2 bathrm 2 car garage.
f oia ,om. wlkarg
beach. 95 month.
386-322-4691 /295-0365

clean 2br. New carpet, &
paint, private lot, WID
incid. Porch $650 mo
Avail now. 386-761-3129

oer clnN -obulew d
ruh inside, Iprt3r1b~g screen dl~
smaking/pet rp$750/mo
1 ewr I e. 'Law~nL/

PortOrange- 52 Cyress
Pond Rd. Summer Trees
55+ comm. 2br/2ba
wcmm pol faurn o~ru n
A exar018 RE

SHaOR SA 2br 2.ba iohn

wadh brathros $ d-
Call (386)871-4907
HOLLY HILL Brand new
.townhomel 3/2/1, lake-
front, 4 miles from
beach. Great loc. $1100/
mo. + dep 304-421-6828

Woods, 3/2/2, excellent
cond, screened porch &
backyard. Central to
shopping & schools,
Co~seR t D~un wtmon &
sale $185K. Rent to own

A1A S. of Dunlawton sin.
gle or double secured ga-
ra-}ecbor stoaerr Iac
required. $250 single
$400 dble. 386-322-3600
cated north' US1, office,
bathroom, 1000 sf, con-
crete block, overhead
door. $495 mo. Also
62s 5at si lar7 6ins.
Affontable & Effective
Hometown News

WA~t,"", WINTER SNpe-
Smyrna Beach. Stay a
backh wedo er or fmila
1enin 1wnsbfla.com

Bo ol teooHolid ysI
eou beakw nw. mo8 n3a
views, hot tubs, Jacuzzis,
idly. 1-77-21-3335 ~
Call Classified

Centre Business Park.
1000 sq ft & up of ware-
house space with or with-
out offices. Ground Level
or dockahigh. AIso / of
Ormond Business Cen-
ter 2400sq ft &up wvare-
house space. 1000 sq ft
office space. Located 1
mile So 1-95. Jeanette
386299-7055 Free Rent

Storage Space available
24 x 30 single door ga-
rage on private property
$225/mo 650-580-6337

Place your ad in
Hometown News

1-6 bedroom vacation
homes. Beautiful ocean-
fo pr perties. Hd ted
We ls~y & ogwekn

Wntein the AR n~tin~si
memories today. Foscoe
Renta s 1-800- 13-7341

ea. AGUS frEBC9H
nite, or Oceanfront house
fr. $199nite/$1399wk
Oceanfront wedding $349
or29Hiitstor scoun cruise
fr 259 904-825-1911

mmmm Tillllll~~
1938 CHEVY street rod
Chevy V-8 auto. A/C.
Almost perfect condition,
Interior redone. Reduced
from $22,500 to $12,000
obo 561-767-0441 .
miles, mint cond $52,900
Days 386-589-3620 Even

Er~~m~s lr~
State of the art 2-part
carbon metallic chemical
process. Repair yourself.
100% guaranteed.
1-866-780-9038 or 1-866
-750-8780 (Se Habla Es-
panol) www.RXHP.com
2000. Burgundy, 6 speed
auto, T-tops, leather, All
power. Owner ASE
certified. $6K or trade for
Minivan or SUV.

Sell your home with
an Open House
Ad in the

Limited Cony. '99, 80K
miles, top line loaded 1
owner garaged looks &
runs like new. $4850.
Must See 386-566-6204
Cancer Research Say-
ing Lives Through Re-
search. Fast/Free Tow-
ing, Non-Runners OK.
Tax Deductible. Call 7
days/wk 1-800-728-0801

and sell that boat

U I U$
Scooter, 300cc, '08, gets
m full warrtal wns~h d
Must selII $2800 obo
386-846-3733 /682-5900
Motorcycles Kawasaki,
1970-1980, 21-900'
KZ900, KZ1000, H2-750,
H1-500, S1-250, S2-250'
S2-350, S3-400, Cash
Paid. 1-800-772-1142 or

Travel Trailer. Like new
cond. Awning w screen
room, slide out lots of
upgrades. $15,000/obo

Photos with your~ ad,
High Definition Slide
Shows and more

State of the art 2-part DONATE YOUR Car-
carbon metallic chemical Help Disabled Children
process. Repair yourself. with Camp & Education.
100% guaranteed. Se Quickest Towingl. Non-
H7a8 5399/ -86-5-7 8 K R r ers her. Sc
80; www.XHP~com Kids fund. 866-448-385
Mustang Cobra, XSE-V, DONATE YOUR CAR-
245/50R16 Brand New... Veteran's Lodging, Inc.
$400! 772-812-8338 Help support homeless
tggggffgg$$ffffl Veterans & Victims of
Natural Disasters! It's
IN A HURRY Fast & Easy. Receive a 3
-Vacation Certificate. Call
TO SELL99? Before the Tax Year
Ends. 1-800-841-6225
Cg|| thg
BEST v .v ~
ClaS~ifi9Running or not $200 &
sectionup. We pay cashl 24-hrs,
SectionCall 321-631-0111
On th GaS
bed, 3 axel, dovetail, 24'
CLASSIFIEDSI long, heavy duty. Very
386-322-5949 g"d ""ndit"" onst
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 772-633-5265

FLEETWOOD 1996, 33'
fully loaded, excellent
cond. Living room pp
out, alc $13,000 oo

Facloy es M .e
Manul~tacrr Clos0Eems
Glmantlscounts, Gas
Card llorances
23' 810 B+
$34,900 080
'07 00A BlAST
170 MPilTo Hlb ~uler
$13,995 080
06B OlilBACK
glane noun r wome

Classified 386-322-5949

34' WELLCRAFT Scarab
II, 1985. Twin 454's,
clean fast cigarette boat,
fully equipped, ready to
run, full canvas, sleeps 3,
dry stored Brevard Coun-
ty $19,500/OBO. e-mail
frphotos & details at
SBCruirier@aol.com or
call 407-422-6095
BOATS; 1000's of boats
for sale www.florida-
mariner.com reaching 6
million homes weekly
chhroru hou tro rida of s
Fishing Captains, Dock-
-0-3 9in307 & More
BOAT 20ft, 1997, 115
HePw aanmaa 'otb ard,
trlr $9950 386-383-4903

23' ALLMAND 1970
Pleasure Boat.
Fiberglass-hardtop with
bracket, no motor.
$500/obo 386-295-7180
Engine nsge1989. Run grat!
38wtra51r,42d at axie.
34' CRUISERS- 334
Espirlt Cruise .or Llve"
A- oard. Air/heat, stove*
micro, refrigerator, full
en I sure, c~ololus mAr
Sleeps 6. Runs great,
avilablma Inaeixd.Har~b
Marina, Daytona Beach
Priced to sell: $26,900
OBO 407-310-2678 (c),
Ho otoanNewsOL.c ww.

17' WELLCRAFT 1999
Boat with trailer, well
maintained, stored inside.
$4000/obo 386-547-4862
20' GODFREY Deckboat
2007 115HP Yamaha
4-stroke. 39 running hrs.
Still under warranty. Lots
of extras. Must sell for
health reasons. $22,000
386-446-6862 See photo
online at www.H-ometown
NewsOL.com Ad # 34871

PgP t .7Ji7 4
Photos with your ad. -
High Deflnition Slide
Shows and more

mm~~t miiPi
NEED TO HIRE?? JEEP LARADO 1995, Tell 'em you saw it in
white, 4 wheel drive, cold HOMETOWN NEWS
CALL CLASSIFIED alc, new tires & battery,
386-322-5949 runs good. Asking $2700 CLASSIFIEDSI
386-252-9437 386-322-5949

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