Le Matin

Material Information

Le Matin
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince Haiti
Creation Date:
June 25, 1915


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Haiti ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
-72.2803802891673 x 18.5142993036392

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
Bibliothèque Haïtienne des Frères de l'Instruction Chrétienne
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000358166 ( ALEPH )
ABZ6468 ( NOTIS )

Full Text

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A LAM~aua: cheap L. Mayeuce & CO. 19. 8lp"
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C, ) 4 1.14 .4".INIlel i 01'a noI s'.it-a
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d .UIies a' -,-V 1 -9 114 1 'I ,44 .4! 44 4F.1'444\ 4e, I 4I- 19 4 i

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is I 41'. A.15A4 i lt lt I.. 4'' 4444 4 Olt I4. 'I .-it e'h 'Vo'4
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144.Ii l I.~ l'41 ..4 ieE~,4' 4 .1 t %,* ,I 'I 4I I -aI t'I EI'I) I l I 4'I .4
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.44-l .441.I t lail4 '41 It- III-II al I 4'~ 444
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SII -1114A II., ~ 5.1a-gt ll .~~~I I", t.i'

p.l it lit, -r. I I Gill* lf41t In.JaIt ). 4 .1 ql1 toQ w 1. e 4111 44 t'etif taile
CaI,.' oI t Ij p )A wta'a. Ia.a e .eiIm it 4e Io''pI II4 "A 41la..aI o 1-1%1rl .4 1 le-Iuk.4i at
d ;11.014,1 I44!I. A) m imi-11di ill lot )r41,'d d ii dotli' lt ila fojlu.-11
qias al's'av ajsa It do -L116 'l-11011 0i11 m6I -aI a'I.~ci-4 ~t arv~ s
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Fails Divers

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8i um4ih.&r.J t&e~ i'se.
HIS.LA~I.41.IC 1,~f~aten barnow.

Avu E'-c. Ctm m)-: Iii r4,ILLx
D%.;. I I IL: 1 jI S
Presoa 'lle du I":" ()

4s,.'heur al r1'iJL~p s J .s I ..
C ui ja ic 4' JI LIiu [Ps.r~A~teSt
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tomi a som rsotiis prIA I~alt'w1C Ju
dviri 'C sgvax d taslsi' C. kIi 1dm (Thi t -


I cIutf11.1l 'cefalale ....... P. 12 go au
Imu de P22.90

l~cI~ t !LIous ivo~llS nppi'is la
IIv()i M-11-.4 l)"iUtr (; cMg%.S Cezaau.'U
mI!'~lixk1 1t' I,.' 231,1l1 coutitlit.I
(:c~ l %It cit. sC tolie 21)11 1L11ic (. ,
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la'i -'I. t %.m a's)Ie etICle on coin-
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Trib-ino du ,'h-ATINs


I'r.m~c ril~rIde V~ille
Le 6Joia i11:.13

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