Le Matin

Material Information

Le Matin
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince Haiti
Creation Date:
May 4, 1915


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Haiti ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
-72.2803802891673 x 18.5142993036392

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University of Florida
Holding Location:
Bibliothèque Haïtienne des Frères de l'Instruction Chrétienne
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000358166 ( ALEPH )
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8, Rue Amercluel IL.
Lea asarmme m iat Ii :
A. Iat-AU-*mac&atlbatOnS*AMOS w"
A PAS.: soum L..May.,e & CLie p, ATSHMn
A Lowuain: cian L. Maycae& CO. it. -l.5
Lu~iJ#.i lhit
A: '*AKLIN. cIIV Ka aJiMo..c S. aW I% JOuael

A NX-tAun Li ut'i PluNtyi Coziuapy 43 *0I

I.t i lAnut arltt, fi'fi to f non n soat pla r da'i

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napk U LIMlaE

de a G4;crrio

Iapu,. di.,i'.S iiii.*vlil% sie I *-
p lI 'ai -inlPii Mall s lf 14,-
" e'inali' .n I i.I'iOd li O it 8lt' h-
B il > n ii'sii. latuii a ,ia ilehmt-
@gA. + +i 1 *p r11 I.Al 1fl Ai I II t lteI

bpyesvli pt ll r il k 1 S.aa4lisl'.tllt!ile
sioW 4d o I lit tli tlle j 11 llstl t tait

i- p. ,- A'. iillilt I m ti u al et de

adliU it iilr't, I At'jlt t8 il l't l
(tagga' w sIn U ..l *

46M 8 l. i tl < I Ull .l* ii', i4, N 85
| tSitli, illi Ihn ',ii a- ls..

a 0 4 i ll tlitt avite i is It r
-llmutll f e, ll rit-tl =i lb -
ak ill ,-,if. *s i l. A I ,, i uel :

0S4 | lta *ils 0t. i tw I t1W,v I

If L- t } Zi4"'.4 ,t lCi1 ilitit, r.ol l'e)4+i-

a** v .t I,. t <-.... ... .ll. *l lJ
tn ss da t a. iii.. 1e l 4 ut*
VWare 'set A o rO 1.* 4
viv cal l il



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j Ie soin-marin idoit *Atre pui a Inurd
i1| 1 l.P.. Ii ...ivalophip I i iliriiiing le
a la r'-,6ilfr A al.' i' pressitlls inll*'rieu-
re i a imletl4 plasI foilrt ul'il a'S'Atveo
i|t\ai.,l ige ; |a tcojie eli nt4)4 asnIartwi
ja ia-,*hter is tn presstiil ,sM
S* =.- *l)*tlt 11.i l...- ,(,W 'li *i
I ftale iiv *nl.a,* : le premlir i' I 1a-
to it ',.+,lahj e.:i,,:11 !I t' ni l'cri e.-
i (,nit cou'lit ir lomt'l 11 a nav.i-
liio lt.4 Sto N deth' o''itrui' ti*44 C l eni a tls'*fi IeO
;.*i, -,*',i* i. ***i,', : ho t', !ii +i ii' .f 4 1f l 111t, 1 i f0' .'S it i '1 i, 84i t ll Ii i
Ia' 41t .4' 5 *1J fil' l tti j4it Is itt MS
. Mit*tt ii .ii 5t # i 1' It i (, ll s itltf*tit"
('4Wt ila t Ir *ttI, tit, |' Cii. l I I 4 5'
iUS Ctl tl'l i t .' al' l,.'' 4 t1" ,I 41 4- SI l

It 'j 'tl l3i4 t Vj*. I et l4 .! r v i It-

)i t) t Va# I -s t I a
q4 a I t'
Iatt il0 21 I. *
iii ill 'do It.-,
iii++il t I'ut ffi,!+,

I' qe -.l t1 01 l41o i a lto
*i ii^as- Is rI' a Siur
a+tir I I lli m 'a i
" Aal ; fa t I s ll Il oI'ill
+ll it Miit a|;n 1* A+Jl-

i rita i .' it ai: t' or '. t ii A > :s0' ilt 4
lp a I sLt i. il t a. *llm.< t t 0 st tis*1.114-
It Wssitt' 4i r i t' i t'li li
I1 LasAt uA r I,-i, .a 4-s4si
tIIs i w a ti t a 'oa< sc.t iot ai't* at re
i.'iaIr a 1 .a u t'. e' t '|s*11 so t' plts-
lts 1 jo *' In y I a'e.o-t.* nio liewo
tit'e 1 tliirag'bl., 415.I1 a o10e ten-
A -- -- -A -.-.I

i s!r.iE
I..+I .N i)

|1 F' itnt.' I 4i:0 in lll ,ll'i;'. it I
& iIi -r', '.'.- .'* ii; i- ti' ll51 tt1 i II 1 -
i t li tt t. It '* i, li. I. i're I t i; i
I41g i 'it' i a'8r I, v *I .ar, Ala II Iy .t
5II41 '; t o a tl>1,1' ( i5 31 4.1 4 i IA Ia M
t' t" i 'vt" t p i 1, '.1 4t ( l it i tl.'is
C ,. t' '., t.', t A;i ti* 88 I i t;l t1t | iA
dl I l l 10 "I nvil 1 1 *
tidttfit %..
1:'. -A 6 l 9 ur It < I
LidN M WCas.te t
Lu 'l 1"'i I t tl' t;: l t 11
ntl A W ill o t s *>do itI 1 1 *'
tI tl t ,il t iI 'ii +t ia l.t |1 i' I thlt
(jo 1| s l' v I sitc .tlo ivt.' II tI
f.Iitt ,i 'it. ii 0. tO i 'h8) li'*

*loi -1 *i a -t. a, s !a.t u a I ii '.. .-
d ;i i Mil a -'ll:: '1 4 *i t i'n'ml. i l
e ;iif i fitXl i i.v on 10i i '. m L t -
til tr ti al' 3 t I #t'll &l'-
5lat w'4 -0'* 8; '1 l i'-,. |i .il* #t |l54

hx vi+tryim 1+450 I i+
ilI.r Iv 0 i'i *. *i i tl4 0t t l'
438 8 p, t A t 't s:e.\ ll.- .

i' t a r *' il s t.Q 4
'1. m1 >*;.i; p 4*. 3 ft 4,8*n4. Q l I
us er !

tlri.-iar. lly',rltonhm sam 'iminI.ri'.r- politique qui ne po.-vaient quie jier
e'l wi iiindu-eIi I stil rr. ili iami-i-r.-ur le p.av'- J..ns I-jabune.
il'vti-,)i.i itial Nbtini 't lth per l.- &t-I
ia. l.-* la .i,, I Otl '. Alisso Od11 hets coan itoylns Agricultuur
to. fe, otrli ,t- ri. r ta h4Iatli A rllec.hAwmoa us pu sur la siluai 'i
otlsati. I'.-on ,i-. v i i tV t., a .'ri ii .luan1ce e et uo.nriomiqiue acueIlle C .I
cavil,. Se*t as lluslit ut s& as it sli nuitic p.;y- In plsnc ei d Ce 1 coJl1i.
'* *',uilttri o t. N,.i t iow o t s 0* .in ei ,.t io .1I .'i pontr0nou r" el
1 .* a liti rv (tii lPrS f it4. i*. bi ttt ) ,pid' ltLe de nlotre mInalheuaritu%
V *- 15, t 4i1tit <- ,) #, 3idt ** A ftt, uai.i .t a
Ti ill **.( t 't iat &i. 4 l. p5* 8 i Cl .
.i ll Jf ,itf .roi u ii.,i 4 < ,3.I -t. ta.. ,p ;l .ur s t to r .tj f| attol l tI d icxpo liloio ; nW IU
it tll,- l i 8 r 5' 8 h 1. C lo s. 4 'S ililSt0 t' q 'l qu o l0 i .q ..sT
5i .itI, 58. tl 1 i CO tiiit. 8 i" 4 i -inl C aVt. 'i .t ', 1 % s ill e% "
s-uml+* lit *i .-1 -''. .t. ',It i*tr i't -,* ,t %'t Uaia- dU'" l)&'1.' pl4ltscs, JeP

li ii 4 its i0 k I IS-i 1 5 t ) U i I"rt 'i -
.l n ..* ('il I pl T p l i., wi J,,, dn.' 'l l o onol I 't p lit n o
10~ l I I*l^t >l ,1 in ii ...r t. ..U Ilt CU (15) n ch^'tt ? -

iL*. l +++, It*:* +l i|:u i +I+ + .t ++ *! ;i+ S '
luisio fis'i aiii+. ". li; '0 I i +
-1 -8 II I a I
r ,o' ,.I Ia -*IIJ 1I il It -
*t i+'-+ vxe~l'-l a

41' a ta la;. i !
liiH |++ t- -=* ** | ii
a i t *' t i l '
is a a I i1
t '*, 3 (1 ia. l O .. 8 I
m.% jo ,'i' / i +i I i
N 8'tl 'ti15''it*' 1. 18 i
II.'-. a' m .'' i I. 1 I 5

8 1-18 '~-. ii l"O 4 8+l,
'8%''' 1 > .t I' t\
i'i il+ ++, i'A + i +' ll+* ili
;IV, <''" +l'i|*it?.+ ,iV
l. 1i 4 to. ii;V '." I
ivt' li11.) 4tit'H*, Ji'
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1 4, i, I t ti I I i

S I+ stsit It "! .-
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il Ol h*+l ti l #Is. 0 ...
*t\ l J "i sm '14
*+ + + i -' a = *, ai'
t It IirsitU. ', p i.l

I++ lti- t i + Il Il 4 'i do* i' ri'it ra ly t. >l- 4i ta tatit- *3 c d aU -
41l'l t .i Cl t I.i' 4. 0 af l- '4 f tl 4tt
.tvt'48 t'' <11' dtl'4Mi Al 'l a 1111.' i iar
i ,i B t i in' ii l'ti i' liiSI t illS

" Z. a j-.' ia.1.t 14iL O I:I ttr 1 etc. rsat"i"l1 i a p'..leA' t ilil 4,1 j)iil P A Ir111V,,l+l tl< li4.lil 15fi i. .l, I" : ", l ',a
htJ, tArI" prl'. at *ii 'aI 4. s:i l tii l a l.i; t ir nilt s'4*I easisact 1 l. slala i,r I' m ,' 3.3. I'"-!'* l-*t'-i" t-
4t av tael i t ao l os t *l a1.1 a- ioai I U+i- emt l d 'P r l i ow t l 0tl. il, .i.t. ir 34.4 43 l a -iil'i 3s I +'ca mm' si,. |,st .i1 ci
a~ s ta qu.cmies uCoS deur t1 ', tslaih sit la ilir t,' 44 '1rS et li p *i *e c 1. l I a itas ? s i 1 Ist e 'mi lat.t i a-i
1 iolvu ui h lego sur l I*f t ir.cir. h 0s ,.(ien t,*in Ilsre ; ql.t +* I t ient .. m di5l J*iil bi.,t' .. Ie'i- ji -I i tia\ a t ,' ij i ia *'
utt avauiila e oriatf : 1e **I v*.!it n la O f t uatiou dt- vi Fr.i4 1se tni .,, ,, 1 obtt, o
l 1 Ell qu .,|is co>.4 -I n aobrIe 0-t la aj ia* .e.*. ltc, 4 0 c.,* c, t I p ** e* *t I v"1 t g t l I 1 1 1*
* li t Iml tt.esit i drt c. l t fort a', t 1i les d.1 il C-t # tt ,l'.IcR su1soJI .. aa t'*Ir It lu il #01 .st0 ,1 sI'i+ -* *' I is 1".. l a t s
I4 | l e l r pi aA 'i c O Ma f -t ^ l a c u a stra l* ,o t b i .. C 1,,.,..1r It so r-ltate; ; s I dt dl.t- r' & ui I.t -.14 t; iIL/' V'-Ia. :,i! il i ea to ei .' t i' t is i
I U ,* ut l i ell ptk lii I+:;i hi|It out Ca-i I.-Illit',t.'. lu S4111i .- U il jti ". i ,. l ,i. I+" li 10 ,,4 l-i l ij jllti,' l +l !+ i* ; -j i ,!
eAAC a tft C I pat il' ti i I it 4 41l'l, t4 5 Ill 1 It .0k e .i v IiA t, P;la 8 1t 1; -t a 5 I *tv .
; M Saa .s ,f IIa ea1 ss i f r. il Sin- i al is i' t'fi 'lt'Wt 'ia.1I. rilt e .t' i".st .., 13 t't ,ii-a "..", e:l. r1 t 'it t a l'. l t I -1itait lt .
al e u s i agail liiis' j. par illll'.', isll''i nl las *ihl I -l ( l |tu ni l .it.i !: a1I 4a sith ;ist '. 4' a t -i"+ 8 i V .l
u Ia isiu V ,iielist lisIs I -liotl dti i ig* -l thle e lt si t t S air- r a, s ir t,. seiil- i 1 I lIai ot 01
I; i i doetrul. t | .1 couvi-it < til r at.tesA et p ,,.,ir,'..1, lllslis i tr 1 a l i,, iai' iu ..n aUil -- -
i, t di l a gueirre q'ael- lus r.t'l l -l',-ii:,l, cmi r I a petilst | 4 ,. r,1 t sitl d -aoii i l -s .at l i av ii

Si.' i et_ i ti n l i at U*. t|'*i a-'. l it i: I4 ." jn r ou s !al9 *) Iit hPIi-* +; n .,.i. t. iljl i. i
" aS t as, I', : ,l lt it a ;i. I a Ill r I s la ti ar I i1ae- Iia, .....te i ,I i'd s* I Tti .. l I Tr.l l lea V i i 91 i,
id l ittaa i i ter & pl i itl Ik U t. ii I tiC 1a I tor- c uPiil A tie c tl it..I a.'i ps t p ir r. tA wri".S 1p il' llihe.r',
t' i 4 I le S it lpst ; dIt sealt ,' L l'; a** t .- Ia 'a it's m r dr.. i a I i 1 4
a uiI ri rsIA St slt i, Ie ph a' ii ",l 'psi 1 r et ,,, 't l 1a a i eat :as a:I.' .' I iar. ,.I

5'' a* ;Isiual d a taro- voua sals .1amto Va t 1 4.SeCs ttvs itcoi str A utal b dapus h'i vil e a -a
"1 ,.'lJiii''1A,, l ,' "" I)"" tAj .- d.. ,'9A; ., ar.
. ,,I r; 11dA .lod t je 14 l voi''tUtsm lit a til lt41+ 0-t111C*"a oiei + A u 1 i,,j i ; t. d ;41)ll v(t 1-. o _
Lo eat alee Ueteo as te Ca t 1on *a .4li a; r'as le C I *ntuo t ogam3ou-r dttaso b ti N, c','vestt la |>orte &a
4 teare Icilveluil t e 1* ,.ra-ll lotiIju* ainti ? Njitel elU ouNvel i. it a ut *n La tt il talt' 4 i h4 tli.s
Jr'Ji Wilssis dine r eillr' e doe tu.ts t otr qa.e perio ..Ia ,sl .ineo*f i 4 4 -a t r
l-, iaiiagl.r, qts'l p4 ut U. atlaui itoalt trolpi ils 1 ta- b u .c ', usli la u d aniiltai. C lw-lt ,,
*%ia'lt ; eea4t u s a e ot. Oka & stu r ta suit peas a|- pt l *g. Irn dnlrCi r e at ui*A %t 4 s 0t. s*,itLI< l +'a r ii r actil ioie ou s. plia dan lu.!,. sN**trls pj. te la .sitoic pour ccltb er. avec Ies I.
I ikllca"sLuilu ad dieuus, at.l veria.I1 et l'"IA -0t duine t61s pui- daiis ct l f 'niille, tsositi ur id"' Pouvo i cr' ai,,ltll' ,.A l'c tc N iontle a
it, t fac. m abji isoSlut ri. stri .nitl, eur ci:.iosg par le .Inla ,,d lel s sumiI pt a ,iss, l4 mis-j ? i* : i A.uliicl eti Jtutraval. I1
SMlll4U1ois' i.oUikaiublesell I, 1 l4aa Il e. l |r d'U lit Des L ..sIe l ut Ii s ls t I tZ ttJJJ ttu I J
S teel1sii.gie tL d li ott*y mital*a',nt. a s M. ll o.azwuI vjdotes ll ai..l .l.*I'0.-l- 1 I' -ule o toi 'oi js p >.1
S t ragidau dear.eurera lI If t s*c s -lit qtqu CIsc enli.pins e no l pier ti, sp .. 4. .m I,' n, SuS e proIuv)I ut: prol it ni.- .
I*l-, Irjsaa _n mm. tns s ent pats les vastaquuris d a ue ;una d ,. il..* I. C- s, quad tioui coi 1suAo is Jqu
it itASeM -ee allhles na"valteit de I avenir. dame.', i d Ulin, z p i. v Me i' te a, ta, ar I S- iltss des 6 ti ai "roplatii. f.sillilote d co ft tl arL! ca 4cigt? ilolilh, bi*t'Jei41 'Oilut n.:%. u a l. tt dt s tirAdtiiiou
I 0 pl11u1 avait.vl. c est c.Isrhge-jblv. I, r Iu uiite d les s o a na gruasier... U.i dlit quil a t dC I tif- ai4c sales. A suivr 1 vicuI clinch
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s at't cI lllUal a A tu asI err gun.* t eelt taej'e la-s.lLlv.'r ssire i ,noansi ubli J'vb.cavr iA 5occa -
4 *6 a "nIu_ UtP li ndi Cuolrvl L IIEIpAUL' ou l.en du Iinil isiii I.asl on I.ilt u J ..... S /.. .;,:.
-e-n, t uef as enl t r parler. Lu-eaw ea l cAt ,In e f ir tWon.
l^ie nis ell 'Le.qua c bla"r 'autre. TJous h les ijoyeu matl D.Iius q pI lI i c.tii:cs.vous vous
*liuo ds cuuibutable, el.ilT di ALS de Clurbo ss Ei lam vale etll lae ri''i i'rgi'el c qttee 1o crs ti isoji%
u1. p 2 pog U'l u" l det ce' 'I, 1 IIebreI io "4 i .tent tadiei jue I'air empoit oneuit deli pro,, 1.s a. ea ..-c ic Coar.osiiti 0 1t
ains' qi ar haU flculi d U.PS DE BOURSEWm i... 1*! l pr. hurus pour
aPlus lU.gtemops dense If -- i UIUs la vie des peoples c e tr .
*lAd Sa-u-tu. v ea ,llt lit out cusiene. Nluus soeseue I adver-I Hali A vois Jcain ins anxc "use-,
ll 1,u ir lan1 oItd' tor- )I anadricjiia 67 priue *iasrsd'uu' v Mamie. maso-Sll e. II filt prcsari.c.4, ovuua t -. %La trOa.I 4 lA
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leSr paa ido taunt nt, a o ad 1 lI .nonI Iu ,-1 vo aiiat tInramns2sr. Lr- isumlus oa vi .ompt e
na P* Wr a Mrnir jous o .gm g44a. *d*g 4 1 4 )A sL iu Q""' Iii" t te e 1a .J --V S
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lMf ift kcai elue w lk de G. S f 44Q l s ve dil I1 vdoeieaitsues. AlL&issl n l t etk4 ciarcso PASa auz Ioiivs icaI
l r1i iM iasiimer Nlchidmil . a */.sue aoeps erdoams mIt&u wASLpuawumi i i tuds sic.m it. nd sA das sticks

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;.i. '.,t "5i !st' +j lt +v J t IlpO i Ip
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+A tip ;,,.- d+cr; no'rc re ll m at
a .'. dou itfiit c itb1m .I
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.la I .. p a : l I. a ntloa
L t ,i t i i 8 1 l (' U prt .A
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S I t.'i .i quc t .a: c a cette p+t
I. +y, xttC sI plvnicvur d&-at
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tie )1D nherque

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x'. + + l (t + f' utre*

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7 ,a iat. 4 1 8I8 I li'i' illrn .1 te; h4illlMId '

fi.ii (\ 8 l i3'v iit I' l iat 1 t tI sa .tll, ji a
I te'r ..l ua? t Let rt i.nliti .
it ltr, tit' a *"', IIt"''so, t
N l f.oil'i s it *' u e ait t yant ew ti.
'*' .11 s it'C tl4d *t merltr Ii, l'illb.trdc -
oat'ttl it y a Iiu h t lpe tesnr4r sti ,il
t0 t'.')1 .1 t t1 LQ 'ii anti lla. ,C_ 6 r co
A;i'c d. o tt r, % itl 'titi h it t au |0ae8asa
ie t) ito aV s l tilti elI r1t- I ioV4 il a *&
[ ufi cU"t' ii .tjisuetui i arr'4 di g ir.

Cuaits Divers

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Lia Pelite Atalsort

.Aianonce %A ia oombreuse ctienitI U,
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filletes et JAmmes. ji.aschaumsseus C011
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