Le Matin

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Le Matin
Place of Publication:
Port-au-Prince Haiti
Creation Date:
June 10, 1914


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Haiti ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
-72.2803802891673 x 18.5142993036392

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University of Florida
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Bibliothèque Haïtienne des Frères de l'Instruction Chrétienne
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000358166 ( ALEPH )
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ADA& 6~219 PORT-AU4S8iW (LII Wercre4A 10 Ulml IOU

DIIIETEUR8, Rue Am~iicaine,2.8,

AponT-AJ-1-3N1t:14, Les annonces sont reigues:
p~lT-UIR G ft". A P~aT.sLr-P3Nc3: *us buresuu: do journal
U.1 A PARIS: ches L. Malyecfle & Cis 9 a rm c
tIc jRTSE S A Lou Damss chez L. b~ivcuce & CO- 39, 21,31
un vois.A B~aLIN chez Hudotklr Mosse 19. jerusaeu S. Wil

k' N Ir. IiI A 1luw-Ycea VivC~ e~al PLI)'Iicity COMPSOY:45 We.&

Lr iS bit' N U I I 0 1 *C E T I 1 SL "' Les r. Jnu .&l vs ci:I' Cu .:On tie so-it .Pits rcndu

'A ~ R A~ ~ ~ NAT Si *l04 I.' fvO~la~i~t' los red loll- iv~rs mi' )j i'' I.)rs d~uieccmfve~iti.o Irll- 'l Llcimitt' C1)e
1.. ALLEMiv GNE MI ~ LITAL R I i '.,t.-It UrIk`IlwlII~In It le Jutiwi I hr c~~'e Kwe~Loi1~. i '~ 'I.~iI)it
-~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -it f1I iw taf:Ioisil 0. t Ir irk sitt joitolr liahile nelt d1es re- ia salrgi ceIt-o f Ir litl' I 41)1 f)ilIk5.Uit
11,111.k~.1414 a v ti,0 es f:Jt oi los (P~ t' i t..I;~* I CtItI'e Ia e d Algist.3 a i ll 1-LIta4 II v.C )* I I' -'-t' Iit ) Iii Il .1 (10 *
~f l; Apt~r ~t, .~ist .ini *ii'l'Iiii due i o.. 1,ia:1ll' 1)i ariiip I. tImII 1~t irt 011 lit ra I l it 114

~ jqueIe e oiiiIIC tI Ia qiiau,4j~ot~h vl ;itales~sCI* -~ :ig I. ~,t'ii.eAor t 4'tiI 0;lsI, kitul part M Ill. Itt Va i t' 'n Ihul.It 4)II. bit-;.......;- tt:'
g u ~ t 9 p I tleti- I 4ll` % l ie I h i i a I r e d e l I o r i e l i c l le s \ t1 I a t l l I t u i I w O i 0 1 1 1 A s t jl sit i I m c l e d ,l -' ~ i t l ol' t l e~ uti l a o r w' l k :i i L 1 1 1 'l ~ i t 1 .r b
~~tiidu 0I 1P C I II B eii, I ISl gO a~ fKitit 0 r Pil il m:- e cc, Illtit div"' ~ ;1 m j, e e llh. r 'j'i oda i ii irk- 4111 f s'-t'i'e ot0 Ltit i-II.I'4 J--ii i I,-* vI. ki l~ul l I lIf,. III
Iti'Il-Itiel e le illais leee if(- la 41,11 a 'ril'ient .A la valt-ir do V5-i l w 4111 :18 .Weo1wti ts d, 41 1 m .;t4.1,1t Ir r, -,I
en rn :dlf;c, If ('li1les4li t'. 4) e6 S liI It't I li 0ti4l S11111 c ioq'lioe daiios dt d I.I 1ia1)otie Ie~i.1 I' 4111o. dit
~~ ; ~~' k'' sia l Ve; .k I r f iei, -ilature, p mire aoi SOIIt i1 C picace do- -imiitaii~-I. e 1oi 'Vw~A ~
.olr-C loP eu 11111, & i O~~ItIle e ~ ~ pI 0 I'iei ligd, c lm- aii cu jen :~SI lit'll -i411 i ert.
Jil 10~vtile I ia re c l ~ A lt I uis II ~ ~ 't~ d ~ Ill- l ite J i S 1 Iiwittiet;s alliets a i1aIII .tr k-; iti'll. .- h -;L. l
to *L~l& A i_ do en lieI ialit 1,1 :11 el luo, is *fi cuit 11 t 110111our s .4 Il 18 0. afat Limili derio
W& cI dI tbo 'I I itt Ip ess IotI. ph i- ila sire, va t ii ni t'- Ii i- P'f~lve aj ite co t- ILfttt ia r1 o jkj lte 1,i l i

Gei e Ialr W S;11 i tC im p t .iolati. Ili- 0 I t. Ip us l ;,lout e ~ii -i tlwta'st i aUtle e- it(Iiti oI t- itoiidm dorSoi de i )a r ,i

w 'loqikasi'~S / t41 ti ~ Utle P Ou t'is I W at.''C es t)'C iti A nl ti otlii .4I ti Carllti. -IS~e AM'llt'te l.dt'' -
qui 0'a paseotIaiicoit [al iIIt' 111 se.; 41 X ll s I .1 0 1 aeci i Ci' pls iIt\'1 1 s e jS5Q d le oiipte. C irki :~ .. L' / )L I 1 tIt'' Di11 H(, g */. .,*i
Wui sezwtmbe s' 11* I i 1a 110 t lat' 10 ci Ell \Ij toesi e IIiS Ii pt-, I a tI' i 11 Se tlt)!irg *Ait6ii l oiaf VC1i t aI*t* d )d's '" b ')I I. )'' i','i,'' I1 '~I I~v '
d l p llt etli 4U1tlit'lullel. fill 1 i',t.St (111I O 4o ,1) 114 I r~Sil -I 11is .11 l111 '1).410 I to 14 1 do l~n i i.t ia II fl'' t~ ''0 1 CCDe s'l i'(g 0;b10;ai to*..# 0 iaiv~slrre, /I*1it v i rm"a' it 1t
me oi~~e~ui i~t, d I CaI~;I .Z qie r J;v i All CeL t'\ v )' 'j j t til l,.i il Idixinel.') aj'!. ejac ~ Il~i it ,e a it *v.1111111Sk 1 111t $4i'v Cin J.~'i' s U InC ..,*1 ; I" vv.p~ ais i
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requi sem es't iW i .1 ,CCS litninle PlCit ell" 4 aI% (]u l plus ieu le c ire So t'i'ii ~t'ii lil t'~t H IT a ait Ili. 41 li401Le''I eI~tW /i'10l4 ,u lye Xe'slog )v),it /01 )'1ti 5 '.`- i/ .'~i~W ''q
do Ige oux, ltCi PlIo lltoiailiIIe (,kllt I t 0114111 Colle .if I;I' 1:4 a~~ ur,,! t 115, ('.1 Iite le r'4 ti alt, 111 0, 1'acer"a P h1tsre te e lIt,
weii cansl elip.Igl t i~ lseIILt,' IaCIi a i' sacp aVlslt ci jfIi tW ', t p1'.: in .I .'.L h pr() ot/vIer4it/ai- W r .%111% I le q'I ,iL ,, #,d t/ftlrei rlC I' 1 *t S lotr
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Mr d r zb teq-'s ;a 'mlal du Cea tiu- tI. '10!tllS a I,, Cid6-lIOIt CI till. 1yI'ii i t['i I*yti al s*Iik il 101%, et "'I~ ~dlItt 1MI.$l' #b 1,1 p' I~ o.'"/ 4ir w1 IitI' / I
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Ifs ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~'ie le~irn. pnayse16. .eId .1i1141kIl jIO~~'i ll *i2t 1 ''ti tlie ct ig, le-i'.o ;'tio t d'1"(4We avdt sincl ,at Ic lij'e deoM r'c,' beI a eimo gwti /*,- m~l.I. I";. as
C01iU re la quen~ s'tionem lal A gu eterz'e j lestir11e~ll 11ca tie t'l ita r' S l.1,01.1111'ti-ScP i4liitoi'IJ' ll ,. 'mAtio4I 4ta i~ Pa',etd
it t dilone 'u trs pays.r ( )n ylia doto Ic IioI' d mai, j.l Id lalt(I01alo te Sli'-. et 'Ig la oirois' ie aIt'-.v'la H (tW.stv'I e' csr n'ac it _2 a-i'de .1if~e4- a'plse Ic r slo
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w!'x"'X& if lut appeIa6 a-u tIc Ce arUst a peU c. tl'a'lels dkit.1 Ie' S iI totps-;.Ab1011".-.i__l'_aIe tluleI"-'dsgs~wasd n/d.d'/~a%1~le i 'ij'~i dd ~i
Sut d o m njg" avee sa 4.ou- Atimlati'tI. I'.ik1')lt'C tii ti.4I, d'.J4jllIwdetot' do t *ol tlr tie 11.Au~ I'5-' jitrule,tde chav.ibon, tde citivre, de ;.iseeIplib~tlede1,doatmer a(sitVepa'zue.
fak IcAPf"CesweLouibe do Iie,-ssejl les p'enutlCt-m'' )im,5 .'-"L I ait clt~elocim i*li' .lIme 1do lit itPiIsl'I.l~.t,(rdo a",nec .'nSisvel 'sili'd Eidl~1~
4 CeI-4.i,~pa,.suite des Iii~l-'tion-mi*ntalit t1 i t! 'stitiI le 11. C est limt v'na ollc iie (81LtaI~s lr 'cWreaiklSV6IS* des iafie 1-& 1ia:Ii ',4 tieps'e nhrteag lemen
C..tissives de sonl oula tdaIux si~clems 4ita#1' iIt' e lloe-100C0113- boui'r! eul tvi;s'.allia~istpar wmi~aago, IiI~L5
JMl Feld"tIliand, de msact ttuisit le Daiie i'-ke bilcIdeds & Ia l'alolJllOI-ci.ei't'l.tte", p Vlit mvIl u .-tebois Pf~rliCteii. 1test fort re rci- resso itPc-es i! ,t 'relies de sort sotle
bArioti., do son fretae 1'a6- ).Aniaos) joui' dit'Ielldi's IaIA i'. fl1Litcli': tanoelal1A I)i1'.,'i00t3 dU 1-i U) I t ble, dtiqase ce's raaesmss nove 4suDs
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45 1 de l z-t I" luspi'oche baii doinvamon des alle almidsL, CotLc 1)1*)-' 1t'Iac'te act diei410 Lkl "Ia Z''lie. I P ah rini celles 4614 s exploij&-i -s i ed~s ;9 Is.t &Wist r ml qs
4*'lf"tfr'a'.lt F xkdriC ViI. ViliC~e ftflE cuje ICbiejet 01 ih,iiL Uai O olprlid ium' IC ~lZS~tI, ~iO1Ji'I /51
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Wilm Vi suri~lg-O -ncnp edn e icsiue uMynie Aug-iselteabourc t'oem 311 tiasjIJ .~ iolet 'uts val56IS d etporL~rstiovs sac i'ei 1,01 b i &(p&s e'i cidthael ; dig
la ri"90medo Fr6daric Age -*vonturi'ifellent it I espcll des~oamminno maigird 6 'le a.'wieemtam sill faiII)2 a W48/j millionssde boliwcst-6 Vc;iaeui..' otc'si~phlttjiw jgI tiad*


Imlion/l,; e -dvie dc 1 ln

par~alssclL i atvI./1?stulde.,, C'f/I' ipf
hifierad la crvtLIuOlt'nu eenle '/* ur

phis Idiwf/ 111I1/Idv'v's pw/ q mv(1ijP 1 /"N
A pad/cs, a/,jmu eviI'IvLv~~

lull'de it ''dU1m~ 111 Ii / 'flld/1,

d'A int~riqui'

La crise minlsierielle

en France

PARI.S8. ILtie ioetLa
tt~fl tituet 1 4-iIi iiiti''It4.t*, mi it i ;ti~i!'

lair.e Ics git i~lws'de I l fiie it.

Mlort tie (Gabriel Ferrier

pj(:Id'O fletlb.ich. que p0 ir '-oir ]a vie ell! 1Et on dit q ue le brlnhlofl'1c de
Wpub iq-re rosei t e t in etliecre tori'., spi oiimsCUvi
D omhdn ea tlne' aptics Ic ~itt: cnsc p~ir je lie sJ!s coin 'etilvamxlce ddaii".,)it c~ur biessis. Or.,
oI inblien td. tmpt-i de kumnmel. ,e ct.tii I'aitire s-)Ir.LJ3 Iwile Ren~e, ell
Notes ~p'eIOl le solirre ,I a eE ~f''ZtS~~% I' u A voir I existence Igrarlde cornp igie id hoininies anire
1011, '0 41114,l:1itIIIA-'-.' I- P i. 'to- P1;4 ,-;nuS 5t'' putvs in res couleurs. 'Tout ment galanis p1 eiiait es d"ish et aill
Pt d Iiiaa '' ;o ~~'ivoi t~'s roufMon C0111ilic a.Vt'C M11101 Ltoyil de si f ~ tti maLii~rch, r Iv-t-mti.r isq.u'A uiwe
1-1 v~til Wild -*-i-to Xiwiwir !ett; frou ieu\ &mo'0ti% le regard, heure trei avanc&.s de laIiiti.
Pc'still~ itvi ~t'iit'mj. ittiid d.ii tn'.,Iivitw% chez qui cc'-t 1Le sietir Rogir isir d~a b ir A eu
11.11 111.II, ite p4!Iiess~e que de It'ur 1.6% deti\ raii'onls t sie na~~t
J~l, I'1*,it '-4II i i P d iih- aI dtz. ser IIi tipt',i t .os deL((I emluirrI eux I a 1.t deiixlicrn.: G Ciadt Ale moment
PICLS1I4'iit ;oit41\1-imit4'do1.1 11-1116- i voile 0* pe Iv'-; Inil'.de prehdic uno repos ;ii f.iismiir dc
WlIToHi'I,i IIII 11,1.:cs lailI; Amur 11.i dciii,,c le premier ban tmitdcr les verr,-% pair Is batr-nen
V11lfi4iIII.ll A112 '0l' jiit itt 't'Ict'ICiet 11011tC IfIIISIO1 ft leIcseun i l kI 5.105 tu IiC ~ i'-s'r LIX COIlrnjp. A ,I () w;
Il111 Ilt'1S.'4d I, 1 lv1PS.fl'lv'/.' I ii tii01 (' ilr i u te s'LI ie I1%i'sItI'tlteALIt de M l .\ili eorgt.'. Ic djli miii r.tI.
tjuaiitil~cillE. inleic!'. ~~'i' ititle\Icpr~ic'stai !e commuMildt ndci juti'sIV. pnrtel
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