Trinidad guardian

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Trinidad guardian
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Trinidad guardian.
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Sunday guardian
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Trinidad Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ;


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Newspapers -- Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marc )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Trinidad -- Port-of-Spain


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Began in 1917.
General Note:
Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
General Note:
Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.

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University of Florida
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I s~ !/ic r ii3Lcasbing v /u~k'

Frvd ald C Fs/,o~nt'rs


Board ol Directors:
llHonurable A. H. WrrT. Chairman.
Ho. D Lr. -, C C. Srou.MrvlR,
S. -A. O.sixr, Bll4.
A. C. s,.,'.'FRANx,,... HAvNBS, &
I.' 'e ..\u n. \V "E K.C., Stand ng Cou, l.ns .
Telephone 239. A. MATHISON. S

' Te "o 2,. A


-- --- -----


Boys, Girls and Babies



Gordon, Grant & Co. Ltd's
Produce Department

Are paying Highest Market Prices tor


Canning & Co.
The i tmier Orocers.
-S. -
17 S S \h

814 xBes

The Only Real i eulB Gro6084, I
Tr leid L. ,", ._
BERP.l' FlA.MS-4ni. pe lb. '"
ERGAL H[AM-44c. per Ib _
PIC.NIC HlM-.-3c pe lb. ---
Plum Pudding, 1l.b. tin, 48c.; 2-lb.'f t g.-
3 lb. im 1l u : DOes 3f@e0 box: Gfae
CUerr.' 42tC. ir t.-. M Tna Pish St, per
I .Ib id. 3:"-I Li b Unl; Magfc- Ve
-I- I'repeT-_L --_ .. .-. __ -.
Ammonia in 10-lb. tins--$7
SChow-Chow--.Morton's, 48c. bt
Kippered Cod--I15c. per tin.
_ : F -..i-p v .;Mrgf. --,, .n^l+ ; 1 h,

j JJ-pe-7fl zJ~j- F -----. -- -

J amaica


C-c ei.i

4 0 ,

Ficr 1, M :3 ildc 3. ?

r r in r

4i, sl

.:1:~ .2;-__

I, ._ It ur .2.Li.i -- I

Magic Yeast,
Per Tin, 12c. At

I N) uper 7
TStr'ckiuivs .1A iCossaqrres.
Wi lc, Slicerr,, Ljqu*curi Chaim-'

T -06,pe Tale GROCEIX
No. I Henry Stnrsiet, 'Phone-"--

Kerr's Photo Studio
IBwu Mdl I~t' orPmgi, pnngPboirwragfi
Miale for cn rma ardoied t. Lugra
E- L O BL0 iW ttler.

lt-u kno~w At I-I- M-i'iERR. pr~ff
ice ll ht aInr, i n the:ght

Eyestrain is Not-a -Disam

IV., felliCre llieh.eI trublc-3 br Ezpert Ezamima-
t.,n. Careful Selteila,~ from sCm.Olmecs

Alice W. Alkin
-i ..88 Frederick Street

-.Cocoa, Coffee&Copra,

_ -__ T '.. . . .. . "

- They havekalso orfers fo m i ..
'--------:---~--- ,, much pi-csur in w.shn tii" "
N utmegs, Kola -ais-_and- : L- .- ...-
ITED. St Vincent Buildiang. ". '. -- -
-".' '' ] -. -:. ",nity of tenking them for _
The Vulcan Trading C f po -' a, e ting-
120 broadway, I York, -. IP - u ."im
CABLE ADuRS'm t.'hi 1 I'F or the future.
Esq. Vncal= teel." A, ,. Et
i Importers of Cocoa, C , -
Divi-Di-. Balata and all 1 ,Is r -T e R .- '.-- 1 in.eyli.-
Commissio ., t ---.. ..__ __
Consignments fmanced b_ :w-. abn
RevlTuving Credits-"- grants -- sta b '- nL l'- C.U_ t -- .
,See n o- Ageuts,, -,L. -_,

-7 ------wl i c tf J ,-
-- . , .. --. -
l fL Jo.' .-.

- -~7

__ __ ..


'.No. 405.



A- H TTHETWORLD The Only Real ,, f,,,

.. -^- .Aan II R G A L H AA M 4 4 C p r I b p '
P ICNIC H %M--35c per lb.
Purm Pudding, 1l1b. tin, 48c. 2 lb n=
The i 'Cmier Orocers. 3 J :...t.iiu:bg D,,, -
Si I I -: I i.. 3: -Ib Un; Mage -e
'__ __ -s '.. "--.'- " . r- _"-.._p,, '. __ _E__
S- 'i g E. S.S. -UAJl" Ammonia inoLlb. tin-$ -
Chow-Ghow-- Morton', 48c. -

. . . . .. - |" --t T ~- . .. . - e lb U .
BOU, 814 l xes Kippered Cod,--.15c. per tin.

Giftsfor the Jamaica TOY-a AND GANIES.
P Stockings a.1d Cossaques.
S. ittle ones i H \'i ,c. ry, Liqu..urs, Chan.-
SVIZ -- DL'.- -
-.or ... ---_.ti-MI .l 1 1.L -- .. ..z--- ------- L-, :----: -- .- ,- .,= =-, ,- l
-... .. _- - -. ..-.. ... -. -- ..... : I THE ST DA-'D GRODE Y,
11i~ /h'- L'0; iACcasing ? 0/ -
__________________ R- 4lii 1 L!Il_? _______i. _-O_________ _S.
,1:'-, "/-.-..-- -- and L4us/I .anwErs 4 v---c---- r -------,-
... . .. ... P Boys, Girls and Babies Kerr's Photo Studio
/ "t Pi.IctI: am", Pros ,rous8P S.\,- .fa-. 7I
-. '--_-_____------ -_ -_--__ _- ,N.,,-, .,.. ""-l"J' o n --o -ir; n et. Lu----
. .- _ .. ._ ___"_--,--_- C ARDS-,_-,.. 2,- .U :- 1 g T D .' no r 0 Pnn Pbonwru
..,' -+- &- "-1. . . .__---Y EAR_.-- -,, --, Q, . .. t.. -Lst r..

-._,_.__. . ..-_--- - .. NEW -SHIPMENT.OF- -__

Magic refll ili i I o ia DisoneaushT
;" ,,-,g,'gasgvg r-fGordon, Grant Co.I Ltd's Mag1i Yeast, s... i o
SProduce Department CANNING & Co. he Irblsb perxamina-
S. cn. Careful Selecion from -

Are paying Highest Market Prices tor i "___ '-_ __


b Cocoa, Coffee&Copra,


RlNIDAD__ -M They have,.aIso ordfers fo'
Nutmegs-10-ola Lus
Boad c Df~ctF'The Vulcan Trading f xpox--
Bor lDrco.120 broadway, Yorko ~3
Ila 'iurble A. H. WriIt. Chaoirmano. CASIO ,ADOLJiB 1 t ic-j
Ho.Dr. 1; FILADA.J 4'Jli811'L
S. -.Y~lLI ol C. C. Srot.unitvn ELsq.
A Ufi't ~~ A. O~simr, FEsq. Imporiiers of Cotoa, v r', iNq~ ~.k~r
mm*r .tl .!.Nfiorpr, K.C.,Sadn IOConmel. Divt-D!'A. Balata- andj-all Is ~ TeR
A. MAHI~cN, S~r.I:,3,Commissic. et
TnephlOflC 239. A.MAE19N __s r.-h P Consign-ments Kinwcd- b,' 1 ,# Lb.41L401U018
"Re o'o ving-Credits-" grante- ISJIitb
- . - See rn'. Agents, __-
Av- o !,L.-,nrnte~tn

to sut tbut,

Alice W. AlkjfNs
88 Frederick Sbeg






"unity of t*!nking them for
- e samie time. solicitinig _
f;.or the future,

, ., c.. .n.e-



M 'W AI'7 A M

_. ... . . I




p= ,- '^ .- .-- '- . -- ".-- --^ .-U-. .. .: .- - - - - - - - .- --. : i_ .. ... '.. . :

....2 --.'--.-. ,. ;- .' -'" THE TRINIDAD _GUYRDIAN, WEDMPISDAi., g Al I .ll .. .

in lots to suit purchasers, the.following grades of


Half bags-Ainerichn Granulated

Bags Barbados No.- White

I. Hindustan

N-O. 2 yelloww

Craignist'L- No. 2 -

, Vocdf ori Lodge No. 2

;- --, ,-Brechin Castl-- No. 2

No- 2 Grey

-,, 'Breahin Casl.e No. 3 Yellow -

M ret.'te .. N o. 3 ,

Wishtheir Patrons and Friends

A flappy and Prosperous


N----... O -O -

'A 5 '

a, a. 'FOR .SALt.

':','.g^ .MADELEINE- SUGAR Oo., LTD.,
'. .^ \.. .. SAN FERNANDO. "

Le'ln fuao black mei'r ripreesentedl bhy Mr.
J. .' lcArthur), Indicted fr the murder of
r-1ltv'S'b iz-oior-ohout thb 16la-january. '
WiS '. at 'NISa ,* *s t Os- t',.:c, ile .
Tog Ihe 'u 1 La., C.ourts when Ib
.ttnour T7"1tr Clai JdattI. Smooree--u p toF-he-
The Cctt[ asaC.,tLt..idd hb hater
ia, a ,air Chile M 'j,-r. . Chie
Itcaa. i-r Jt ICt M. j a,-kLsils'. Sna'or
P1`l-ac1 Judg. ,-od Mr YJuue e J. K. D.
Hill. S .. Tio Croan uaa rpremented b y
th liHona r "J. Nbuan. I C iiarrc O Gen.
'e al. s..,]clt.t, tT- C j dete Trcia .
.C ,caitic Sollctior GOnral. and io-trocie,
ha jr. I A. -Kinog. Caos aohciar. whie the
oipaci t jur a .ns ac.mpaoiedi l tMe! .a R Siraln
il,r-nls I L sic c 1 tle, A G Sarling. J.
-N TI t tz-Par t.ata-- .,---.-- hat .aa._'_
I ,. "da ,i.i. I- a .--2'.. i-A.a r._pt allp'. L
Sr ill auii 5. l. 'i ,,. -
Hs rned s. -.' -rj o alt h tai. Ctn-ie and It
la T. ,. Iaoaea rtc1. ha atent _
in,.r isa.a src

i h a w ee unao-,auasd and tok hte
pr. c.- t ae ,ch.DA;. ti rerl o,.y ra tg.d
Hia i-i.a, ae Chad .j rice u u outd p up I
11 -ae'. T ILe aIope a Fa.i arr

- ~-- ~ c-wra- atatealsa. 7 i7--'i--TT n-T

_4 ",r.i,ra g iricc. sa. ri -t.. 1',
The. Verdict.
ton a& aeir to the clerk a; ba:haher tite,
-ald.i..jFI- La.-.-utana..a'-41ogi- -
gardiing the four oa the accused and they dis-
agree with respect to'the other two. I do not
see any possibility of our coming to a unani-
mous verdict regarding.thoem,
- TbelChief Justice: VYour deliberation has
now extended over soaeflo-ng ao five hours;
thatais Mot a very long time.
see tse lightest chance ao getting a unanimous
verdict regardingithose-twoaccused.- -
Mt. Justice a-Beriakeae'-aDo -yaoa-il think
that if won retire for another hour or two you
ican s to a verthalT onew-;ay. or another.
1t i a very seriolls thisg to hav Ia r
T.h ...., a

the ; ,., '. -,-,t -.: -.,,r i. I ll u I- t u
ii we retir- for the next six hours we can.
Tile Clerk was then instructed by the Chitf
Justice to take the verdict 1aud in answer to
Clerk tlaoremai replied as Followe
Jugaeo: Jcury-catot agree.
.Mahaadeo Guilty.
Bukridl : Jury cannot agree.
James-Lewis : Guilty. t
Joseph Paut: Guilty.

ItIskthe only kind of Kttchenware-that-gives-
Thorough Satisfaction, Madam.

', lust tbiuk aof it---eserything in shiny, glittering
.hols-soe alminulu, that champion nmeta' of 'purity
and (l mau!ines5. Tea KettlIes uith handy.ll sp-:uts.
No' buru, raised bottoms, sturd, flat cool handles with.
.0 uo crevices or hollow srpaces iuto fhich liquids-may-
sleep and accumulate. Ea y-clean, neatly rounded
-.out- corniersT eiep-i et colee anud tea pot covers held
in place by durable riist-proof inluges and numerous
-otherid,.antages iLI cnieTruciion-and rrefinemen i that mi.Ie at ecptiroually conivetient toause
T-" K O A lum inutnim U te,_n stU. -u-
We hT~C a beautiful affd- ariT i-.-fabf-Tir m _.rn KitcTen'.are, which n,.-u-vould rake pc-:asurC-
hi examining ; buit hat ht e ant pci:all t caH ,r.ur atntar to as -

Our big line of

'I W Alimiuh f auce Pans,

n. : Iall hn t a I f lt;me.---.. i:,I v.- 't h.i.,: 1..i buy antIther. TIhey hai _e
bulged sesd r- ttat pet'- urt ti:fcln: i ---ut- *C -thle-u itfeti i -lttd J-a ur-offr of
water. The cover is firmly held in place because it is set deep.
If you should for once get on to the ahiuminum idea you won't want to have anything el.c-.

- - - -- ----..- -..,,
_~nnT ^D ~ ^J no i^^ "

I _ _

Ground Provisions Depot 1 8f Ufber L
Port-of-Spain. l A L
Prices to Growers. Quoted on -
Application. renot '
....... T7 .,,V \ e are not only expectnC-

--. Then Death _Sentence. R RE_ uL VERY.
.__-_..r ,- .,t.-'.!L. a_._, a.....aa- __.-- t Dnail,, ini~PFo-t--o'p~ainrand-nigh, -e-fi
aejastra --.a-tr-,i -'a Caa.-.--r --.e.ive. -rl.--- --'b. b-
achy seacntenaholad ot bh passed upon themtT -
each in turn solemnly protestedibis innocence.
. The Chief Jutice then donned WHILST I.-LOUR fS SCARCS E
cap, nd l similtlaeously tie Marshal of the .--1O()B -
Oyez His Majesty Chif Justice is now FreShly ground LOC
about to pass sentence of death on the pri- before the conclusion of the ry l.or i 'Jeal. "
there was. deal silence. --- I l
. nHis ..onn nr p .. ,i!eso. Tobn. o u n.
at the larc, Socl Mchadeo, Lewis anwaasd Paul, a '..0, at l"11 t i
th eotee ethe Cour o istht you k Yarns & bwet.t Pt)tato ". but we at
hence to the place from whenceyou came andtob o
:ben I.o rhe pl ,-e .- exec.r-Lc where on a day a
r.l-h .,- -.. I... ,.-, hy the proper best
authorities yol h aged layhe ,teck until Teleplone 1037.
a i ....-, jugdeo and dkriah idy; HLe Honour Chairman, Ground P rovisi ons C or nnt te,
course na ibhe Crown may deem fit."
lis tIonour then thanked the jury for their.
service and disc laargedt m ta hea ihiadict-
ccnt after whichaThe Court adjourne..

Bukridy to be Re-tried For Murder.
The Law O'fficers of the Crown. have decided
agfo i r ,, 1.ule-It .:y.. he s d aher wlr;.tr

Shl, aia.l h',i ao-ifaa. a b

llc a it. nd rr t c)a I.. ,i,-e tl; 'Bape1, rt
l n l. i l certa n to
FO UNSD -'--a, s-,It t ,
- h' -avf'rr, --: r l,_Ie_
a,.tot atilol- saang tne .-ars. thb,- the.
baa, a-O C, ,e thev l,-a'- aetailaahhed thcat-

i'rederic Street, u,.,r T anuler Sl u. r
Kl d K- l bole skin) $ 1 l.o up Ladlie'
J ., c . pR r. b l e n 's B o l C a l f DC e r bl.- ''
o (".. V-'. aai hP a ter.Smal lE rmpty Cases
S .not'.D f D Photographic

,t E 'il l ,f .,-, L '.S ..- D ,ail hr SII g F r m 9 r

-The ohnson School
OF -

Beauity Ulture

Offe" tier eertvics to fht pube,,,le,. Stanoa
atltirc..ia Srieiigtaonleg. pV MASSAGE
-Oltug. Fecstl Moattg- sod BO. ie-it. -- .. ..
W. ek.Wor ne "- oi _orn .... .
BEAUTY i P; .dia._;,;-2
N- I 322.
N,:l 8. rI. ST IIR '1121,. 5
0h.c I.-'srsS:--3tt. a.d I a'I rm .,I
MNT, L,OKI. i prepard at come .. ya I
dence t11at -1 e yr r 'rhone and lt .V -
h etc. .


a l. 13 3 p a L.

Slngulneau BPos.

Phone 452

P. Bo 193.

a IB Boys' Refirn torv will deliver t n,
J 'dreas In Pult.ol Spa D, r l fire _., i
I bs. bold us- atl a chs p rate [IT :.
ap Sdperintedent.-'Phoie 381:.
,' = ---- -


_ _a r,e cargo' of_

re well stocked in ALL SIZES of tl
grades Imported Lumber which we a
UT f

SRoofing for the Future

Not a fair protection for a fc...; ; ra, but-a permanent,
substantial roof that ,:.u -n a a -r. -o. -- -
: me, iell. Je roJ roof, theellmintion
"and .:rr, roofing wb.,assuprionty
So...- ..rc.i r arc i s or.-, anitetoputty.
S -" 1-Z -- 't o I LIa- u... ta, otment -. e...k utot -

The Trinidad Shipping Trading Ca., Ltd.




White Canvas td. Buck-skin, from S..o80 to $-
'1a nivarious -:a thers)om-n --.- - t-
Black t- I
Plnte rs-'ots - 2.40 to
-PantiFt-LfherPum- --tu-, Mp0t

1 0 -N










r- I




u u t e





...........,......... _l ..... .."-_

, -- . .. .. ''T-
J 7=^-- -- -. .- .. - .- -^ ^ ... ... ..* ,- i - -



------ ._______ END OF HISTORIC TRIAL.
Four Prioners Sentenced to De3th. NA 4
.~~~~~- . .. .7.- .. . '-..

EX\STORI Le-i, tti I t 'ir lak WIC repreateoi L E r.
-~~a 1',______ a 5 i nhr nie ihe murder of
5,iSo.. tono arlio t I 1 16th J.'ooary.'
in ots to Sttit pUrch'asers, tefk ince _,ae of o.t o t \r'iLv. .i our I when 8Bn
.10311 T hoo r be ChtIc IJiir. e *i, ierta. op-up Inh,;
Tb ________.I I.ilit as 'I Ji..iL'iIti b ibi
o .-. o a Sir e ; M jii.-r. [a C h bief
1`14 Id, -ad Y juzuce 31 K D
U- -A :Hill.S'.1.Tuoe rooou aar,,prOe-ienti by-
th, Lion Iii'jJ.7 Niu t.I':eo I titarrt,,iCeo.
iie o .. ca.,. i t i &Tr- 0 3 T re L L ;ai.i
I' fo t-dire Silicilor Grrcr'.t a ol.d Io-10 .ICIr e'
Half' bacr.-Aineri&cjnGranulated IiiiM.ii A. t ioe LiColte. 0lichr.itowhile the
.i, pr ,u-isoipOped..I-AiMe r.n R Strdo5
-K _rn-s 1 1 1 'ikctieA G S~irling. J.
-Badgs Barbados No. --T White NV--L
--N -o-.-2 'rellow l~m F-A oi ica.14 Uhlfl o o'A I in
~~.raigfl111- Pul-b.'o[l 01. Miie C. f'i'. urlipI
eawi isv t .'..ii....f 0.1 h i
5101 U~~lhrOJ Lodge th e C tiof x iite 0ro .'- U
Not. 7- 2CLT
we, o--,ub,d ndLook [he':ir]iO
'.7. i iIAl .le I.L .e Of C,.-:[ cuur-berq'

, Brechin Cast N-o- ,

-~~--~-~~I~- ---. Na--" -~._ ~ _~~,_

-In answer to the clerk as to whether they

said :-The tury have uoammously agreed re-
r w ,n- thebua , ,,:a I bnJ v 11..
- r -t -l t- Ini .: r L- : I ,- t
i.i1, r A cur clmtvt;.I r,,u r, 3u..
-L L

M :" .=,. t-. rk le-, i,: L,-. -t j n

I i r i- L r

--The Death Sente

h6 ,,, i

ish their Patrons and Friends _
O 1,V t, . ,,. ,

Wish -their.,,: Paton and, Friends, I

-A apply 7 and Prosperous


FOt SA--

l : i- j- : .' F-- R . .. . .
*" -.- ,, _* __ -. ....^
^ ' ,:f--- .

q ":_ .. ....S A....

tic-Acid- -_-


Bukridy to be Re-:ried For Murder.
i i r,'-.. a, ,.i.,i h tk fu; ;i d L,"-.1u.h i.i1i

Lc.: .i i-rI t w ,.- hI 1, -: 10 W h ;

i.It. t ,, ii.i- i '11 j i i.. t i he-th i clil
i o.i nd r h. :".i o ilelrn ,.o .- u ot1 th

- ., B ., -e , theR .e r. % o a 'th, "
ir r,. i f l re.

t a 'red,_ericr _nre t n,!i Tr tnel S t.liin
tie d-I.d iaolu-e -kin) if o up Laes"'
S l ,h h mr o 'I,, 5,en ot, Oo C erii-

P. .. "t, r ... l .I '... .

T. ,!ohnson !
The l asOF

Beauty f -

OlTerO herr vice o Thbe pube
tIfl ltic..i.ii: ilrtlu lhtenloo 1
' ihlig. 1i'cl.f M tis g" gad fBO
.. .. bW-re. -r-oom"
NW. S. f'icvl-4 SIt -tT. -
OCi.e Iktrs:--Sal 4P a,
NMT LoI. s prepator t co
dencc tII n ise oar O l 'rhone a



inwenlur. Sham-

Slt]lWie only kindof Kltchewarae-that-gives-
Thorough Satisfaction, Madam.

lust think of it---everything in shiny, glittering
,..hole.some almitnum, that champion mnieta' of 'purity .;
and e l.:au!iness. Tea Kettl;hs nith hand.y.311 spouts. '|
No buru, raised bottoms, sturdy, flat cool handles with i
1no crevices or hoillo spaces into which liquids-may
sleep and accumulate. Ea'y-clean, neatly rounded
South corners-Deep_ -et coffee auid tea pot covers held
in place I,,, durable ruiit-proof hinges and numerous
oiLher_ ,d'.antages -n c.:,nlrruciion--and ri.efinuemeatci that an._ik it e,\c,:ptioually cu',enient tojuse
'T" KO" Alumiumli. Utensils. -
W\e ,'ha- a beautiful and vari& oThif mtn3,-rn Kitcietn'.are, which :,,,-'.uortd rakepkleasure
in examining ; but ,hat he ant p ,-ciailly c ',r.ur atltent 1 1toi= -

Our big line of

0m"VIu A iiiii P s

SQ ~ l.. auace Pans .ill I L-t a I f-unne .1- '' 1,01-''ti h~.'I I'' uN 3an':l cr. T he..'Ih, k

a L.., r rhMi, --tr'.' fr ail bll., nid in tztti~t i':t- -t dcp.

SMIC1 1-,l -rkti %ll oh~ IrT"BROTlERS& Co.

Ground Provisions Depot 1 Lf if nihfi'
Portof Spain UmlAU br
Prices to Growers Quoted on
Application. I
FREE DELIVERY. \Ve are not o'nl epecting
Da in-P 'I',._.r- ,- d '- fi "'il _. a large car go f _

Caoh on Delivery.-

Freshlh .,ui, nd1 L,.:,
,,rIn e tI.- . I .
T .1i ) [--F ,1 le.

\\ m ., 8 & '.'.'. it I ,.l at,,,-.

-Always Consult
46, Frederick Street.


Photographic Studio.

D -itf Sbit i orn m 9 -i i. 1 3 p i _.

Slngulneau Bros,
Phone 452 P- < Box 1.93.

1- (-E=. WVOOD.--
bht1goM j .22 IlaBoys' Refriioitoi~rftiwfeliver C'
rd ~~t Tj) 'idfeas In P-iti-of Spoi. gce-d fleii
I -f l. tSnebtfd t'torh-ap Tote Vtr
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sod I P.


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A Roofing for the Future

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- 1. ..Th e Trinidad Shipping Trading Co., Ltd.


A B!G -RAN GE -O- -MEN'S--

White Canvas /td Buck-sin, from i -.8o to $;
Tan( various-l:athers)ain-- _-
Black ,, ,- .40t
Planters,-Boots " 240 to
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a-I-t A R TON dr b o
fatIriKUO fDC-nJ I C -' P 4. The reman4reio'- of eofrt"t-liltei
"lA BE|. Ur G l Ul llERl ar. aunr ithi lnanctlaa Itn mator tr the
: ."_ ___.'- - preliea to the dapoate. uI t-i -will, therefore,
-c -"-- iae re rteAN.a rBIrn ,aM -' hi,.anecesery faor me to obtaia their asat to,
\ W INDIAN FEDERATIN, ihe aeountothe rfotheemnwraniwu,, which will
.do 'fiLes bhe to be at the rllfqg
GERMANY .MUST PAY FOR T-JE '-rae. No feewflchrgeablLeor tthearvie ,
eperience Mhoiws lbqt lhe' senr-ice of the
PRRPERENCE TO COLONIAL q 7F TraderCommissaionre&r' _nc rmnrn

tIl'tAD -GtGARfDIA,, WEDNEEa ejt, JANUARY 1,: 1919 v


S vj7 ,uo

I -: *- ->~

e co lea a00 a sta !tta ow!Irta-PL -_

-There were -I- -- .. ~o.rZgh~x~orad
MCY ph=o l bRl i 1l
i M E -trroi-mmdaiodnhrer .
rorawmtatwaamwnrm~~~~~~~~ ~-alf aiNr ~f00wit oerte a r- oo~rtqi a

oo. Adam Smith. CI.M 0, Hn Secreura
The minutes o( ate lrot meeting were con-
frme. ea
A better dated Noctinlber 26 %as reo4 tram
the Colonial Seretrr.'.srmlo, thIe hi Chitn-
ber'ntelegram to the -inoe hqn lesrarticud
to the Secretary of aonre for sub.noisaou to I-i
The Hun. SeLeiLat .r,,I,. that hlie J hadi-
cef-cd the Iolliaingq taIron rltirtooro tMr. Gd.eoa
Murray on the oul.jctr of eat ndiaion Fei tra-
tion :-
Much regret to learn the official conference
oa Federa1lo not likely awetablet nettar
-Permit-mre-o-r"litge impo-anace LaLt Indi-es
acting early In order to aynchrotie recou-
ntrincton movement here. Uulted will cati
grease weight Imperltl sirttra._TaranorSMttO_
other Chambers
--Mr.- Sumlth said t hatlie Commhiiteet -in-
aidered the triegram and rhought it wasn re
whirchwould.ntthjnrtater pro riaCLV. be dealt
with by the Asi-.ated Chai tobr,_ nd _t.T
consequenlly lor-ardC-Ito--Mr. Treipp. --.
" The Chairniau aid a-s Hor Se-rtary p Ithe
Aaoclaeled Chamb-r o( Cotmaerce. e at ounce
circulated by lelearam Mlr. Mura'e ca.le

fIt nl hL be tile means of prevenuoing d go. I
deal of unrecesnry lti;atoon and -unnces-
-e diptes It. i tull be satttfactlry
Ito the party ot-i) shipped. aq %tell as it
the POtts Gon the tne. Lthat .u Indpen-

..fe there malttrS. He for one "TCVer3 much
Alietter waso eadN tahmtr d G Frepe,-
re appolutmlent ol fe' nriemb-,fr ol the
Chamber to rvea on: 4 s-n, I editartl Com.
miteLier c nptl thileiH-iuthood h ,.M Trinildd
ISItSi. A-.tao In olio and -\. hI. CprIloot

The CIt'lanm io to.a i a- mactlbet .were
Il n--re h ia.r too o'lhere awas a moeling
oat-hi0of ,t. ritee--imar?, ta hee,-re :eperomtnetre--
priucipya dor teatlirtoin Caaodat. no c-riloer tifh
Varty soaiiui shrIe of aLalrnI tbih otrbil4it
Iheu. At th'., tite I nai ft ounld tht soie'j
ncnnrtyrta-4orardJ-kaereorderlce-nf icr-ril~e-
alloilmeata-ro the colony wToonln rtwel'e Ihaiwr
naiud hogr per anoath T a-IJV'Mf.r -arfin:
rtuoote, in are rap-omit;-a' ageantoe C "nar to
trefil the ,oritn tattethe..o.eer._meo .i

u m.lNirt-. ol the -Central o ar.1- of Heallh
was I-ll at l rm. yetetday u lbthe Councila
Cirtimher. There -were preFnr His ET
Sc-lla.:c hae Cnr.onsr. Hons A. -
Bell. Dirrtcr of fPuhi V.i Wiki P. .A.
de Vereil. -Erge-t .rener C. Or A G
tD:,-. le 'letri. A n O'Cinnlr, llam
tr.- S M. Lrurence. Dr Enirire Praln, I C.
Mierlt 0. D. rob.Lon n. Dr L',stallet
ti-in Seer-ri .
rthe-ItUtesOlte~a.1 meeting" weieon.
Oalihe qittian a imtre in rural -re-
if-rcosiouir o-whichr wa adureod frner lvst
meetinFga His Eniterta6,: nlst-i hinLI rellin.
formfion [hiat heeu g.o (friar Dr Paine ood
alsov Mr. tir'ii, th, r litter autli re:p tcrbio
- t a t te
'to ooaoiern [.rHi Ea-leoi-. Dr-Lnetalfe
aidllbe hat receioedI aIt li-r er son 0D. P.rne",
"eet h is..uosao l, to rioe-. ithe

,t--f1d.V tir, the trp itl i tfr,'ur -
ar-11- Ii rorTn--i pe as -,,le I.e .
the loboarinc cla se rthe c)i .riog pract,.

..... . -- d,. A; s ,:; ,,l id t, h!Teu e .? ; lynil N., 2 i I-;;
throughout the West In-lies to rcer me het h I be .'- 11 11a state.l h al a a loe- tt. 1 {r r oal le who vld, ado
of the Associaton. He had receeel frt he' iu hdeat ,r.. ntata. i tthhe recoi es o p wh, .ad
from two or three persons The general le fI t Ianeato t r f.eon .. ntes. t, heq.-,o and n. p, a t. -t a o ._i
.gsI-oretoogds7-r by -day-rt.
er trt a the a aateld atol..) rrnsuel.r f ithe GaaveinlUen of Caail. o'del they ee appro.,
hamber-rand -the eqeie ion-, aeta- aoce'-a or) fn rod e'-on-t-.ubigh tii, .ttlat 5hr-_, 4 ........t
for all. Hoe bad gnt-. very f strong ttter fronm altlotoir upo n ol intte o be i iot pp rha to i h W. k, L l l the .-7iit
the Georgetow ed thambt erao Chaommerce, in itlerent purcharers t bot d, be grated in ar nd prp,,e a me ,rno
whl h irared to sC ppori thre a lt Chamber l -Cantnadah Inrie Tid i ng uto-ine he roe- rrin--f i reT _oflbe-

ega rit th e da nt ofip t e mI'r -. I ri.n ]_ ri el l t o t e er n an d Fi Dl e u w ho r e e p h fl hr |l.? tm ;
ourr l-d be- hr --I.. Reid. e le adp als re-n a -re. ior ueotooira .oo .-- nt nvr_- e r fl~-t B.rar-t
calved a letter ftrom rD tvo l. o .n which he trin._ teria__er-ra teo- ent.- n ..ttCo -- t tl-s ale,, h i",
-aahael-Tr Iereretl is tt e in order er t Tre and CrurborCa t Otat. h, m, bir Doeor wi'-i ., tilt ilte tn
Sdriscussio n on the a queti o by the A arociated i er 13. stt.i ng that he bad fecete, h r c_ l .e, p.n der 1 .-H -
Chamber of CoEmmetPrce, that he woulaid be tie- e-rt ur thle Lh in5n--lS -rtoge-toThtr aD't- itthb -
pared to deter the meeting at Bar- ad ral T Ica- t f-ar,-o td ha d fad 1ibi- a. :lt g -ri .r. t oar. b. e t l t-le r -:eno
of p the- C e, te Chn er-u et e- r rr the batdentplt I h: te l egrm .-a n ae l ite nrh th Phl
e Februeary. hIbis would giei B hbaoda th noir i -"' Ahr ,lte tnr an ilt o ther I b ,,Ft e. al'n .r n.

t he'uin him ai oD &1rithhi the amId 1 tpa inn prU t rUGi n Offd al e
--ample tli to -hae the matller borghri tef rrs regr ttd thae t C h i n ctlrtd ici the ifler i tht.,a r.i n i t- i
Itr Legit..-.te Assembi nH. n lteo h hL a.t i .e.ab..h h. .Is,.tr t ir e,,i- t th rh i tlatr
--to decide--wheer -t tey- .nuhld gEo tof thee t a. -t-i *tO- r ite.r unr tei l i trl e hirh i 1 e- tit -it lit
he matter baat Chairt t tie l proper ,loat di trlt-ruting dot'or tua-x 'h f-it D, ile lh-Htatn that og wt h hr abaitaolr AI .i e a resriin t the Di4ir tattion Rocrt in o rI:.ct d catle ll a of three A wrul- do ill ,trt

gntoar th dateh ofth m ng or Ibhe d, hetaihtian The sp.nheer lh.,o m thn t ht ,out ,'r. rP.ta nP.h-d hit po.t
it would be held or not, all depended upon appuilu to ttbr onno ab d otter 1_ et ith r4
. ..h.d.. i-a n order to morecae th-, -alloitt et nn -I -ter--,--4 in the 4intuhru arT
6arbad NYs uI abtt perOi t. froIn the Collectora Coidd Hie e To ,a- aujeed that Hit

p c. bo dace i -a t tho ex t tb ing .tAlrthe ytott- P lac thetBit, -u C hsrt -ilelt 113t- hr 1 naiet tEo1
'e he ro Secretaryi tlbal ehtt the uear of- Pif L -:,'d t'e d -enlth e orr n Chtt .tinm. e o hre ;;ts tES 1,
terro the agenda wn i 1 o support theh tattloo ofl r.:ei i aB c-.Alegroti h -ar -routi te A ite m ,riedr r-o by the
the Brltfi h Emopire Pr.aJucer.' Cet- iantttoa rot recfihed bnt rM-ore a d titil b ihee orX tterrh tail l vr le-tnrt toi a
with respect to c,,Ilng for a t oiearo t i tra e o- ahrking h-ed ni- uo r ierio on hl e ..a "i'oae w .d -v rofte I .n laIri-e
ly o mr l the Cenlra Powmrctdo 1Great Britain. Tr tda, i Shti.pptr & Triifng C0r ihrpi h.dre mi ll te ra -
Mue letter from the hllt ia Empire Pro-ucern' received l Aioinlor aed onl h tiu at flc i. Dr P,'e-l t fT h e o r i 1tf
SAsso riation was rea l. Tie Chairman replied thA e Tl e .pi dali- m A i.n is ro bel,,rm. the
The tano. eCnietIr thidtIt ieet-ad to bi-n, might i- ,tltipatoig a lttr.,r hoprt, ..tltttn 9e-!tuoe' u c 3,
that the Britisah itpire i'ro-hcei.' Orgino, r-. The, ild.not had tt-oix c,>e fla onu-mant ,d tore he fel thi;t t lhe a u
lion simply Inare the Ch.m il r.rl o on- e hir-- Mrc B-art -n ,ttE- tha. t the tlgraeno tln-ted He 3 ,ai qht Tl, l p.ubt,-' he
port to the telegram H r t. bra: that no mot c- ar ren ite]. e ,n Mr Bi t ,t 1 i -5nplrt in t e
whether the Proatcera' Otig antl. ttn really Cipriatnlaupp-oried the titeat'nrt amv -nod he h,'-p-,i th
wanted ate firryo the Chamber ol Cam- hi fe h going. took ld ,eORl ale pro- at -
mere at O ll. There maO-a brS th ol ft-i'.Pro. The Chalbrmaun t ,a that hr _bAdtoL.nr_ o = -1',er A Iau It_ -he

B eriish-E pre-Pr, aducer' Orgit utmora ee. meeLaig. Hre wt. git l to bLane Lo c Al e FIrtl lde f p. -o l_ at. >-
prebeoalbhe that the British empire hoil be the mt--l imalrtar 0 le fao a gr.-aer Ie. the ar, riphon ey g l rrioa Da
Called upon to pay tne cent t German'R lear o in "lrfotad. M.,t tata thc oali tmtltd o, ot oly 3 1.0 whtst Part oi
oa-det pot ecF uery ca the roar ct tofhe oa .. Bihlath- Itaerotseri especially LjotI, George. with t lla ed h list t lit
Mr. tLSaid-lhe-- brra 7rti r thn191g regard to the pand hrerence tp.o be exte onn ant cg nvrun h h

T-lor yeea r.lil. E-gir ofup s termed to be fenced and nat he ir r th1-aI thiin tar t
GERMANY DESTITTrE OF PRIDO. epecificatl) mentioned. He wo uoa able to tr b Larence aL;ked wh
Mr. Tripp saB d there was o ply one thio g in gie hinh itthorety it hre thought it was vntd Ifo malaria
the a Germain felt, ad-that was hit ahooL the Itgbo at that ief-ted no ti| a ptttC Dr. Ltcii r tea-lie-I
pocket He did t ot believe Getmau c.reta wa- -rhijt %t-- n a eth t t itethat it WaIo r t olt ,,-I i be tag e .
I e ehr t of tclni r e to Ifn l or- n hloinge ise.- lhe r -h tent a o

art In whi h the btes were htiog when Colalr. PIH. C H, LTt
compared with ale starvation in tltgta and "hatR ended the-burihaue of thaanreaiel g ant A- ,raft rean ot Ih. Co
ie ita, and, rn view of the econae that bad the Cha lltma then wished hfor T e h5. ppy tdtred the Princt He-l I
Newed Year. He had attede the meetings at the ouoce 191i, tred. I
ctwaaaed in Iag e ll four years, aoy idea mf oott Chatber Jar the last p0 yearn od he thought i--_-_r_ oo Guobrio ri t
dehaeag compenLld tp thotn Gordond. bme iod rg crte l e at._OPeH

heTa lble-- ridicluth r It was Very-e fae clorrvae Gntso th c ril a c. or pr itEN'S.
to see--e did rm hat y clledhim were the oldest members aoud he e -rrraert.

--thfent-lorEhia-nd l i that ooybod, high table ed he dd Cort Sloow whether it sla and rane route valuable Oi
Stow, who adeotred the Ocotun alehilng lo be ihatefat fotr or to tegrete. bt all read the rnTeudaee p
ofad d oa ie looked bath altr that port-7l c.ohi t mo-ve
,tiws t irhthe r d urt g t to it--i Trtudad he wold the remember reptt.

_hi Z Ris klt-tladnp-tI n.g d.
DOetni n f lacEolaod was prelly straoagij bri pleasant associations with the Cbhmbea Alter a tkrthmr barnenrftl
presned -during- the- last -two or three doos arn- there waono obtrly that he wished as3 to inldde ,raaf ] eeclion-
:th egard to German pympathisee-rs Her hearitly and sincerely that they would apedtt poratior Oidiornne-, tire rep
toohed'oo raedwho7W13 eaIpoeliaed With the happy New Year and mFiy more happy New TNFECTIOLUS
Dokaaed'o eta iaatoc to been cah coantrp. Vears bhaosthe members oa the- Chttarber of RCegaluotiot relating to d
THE r SOLOhrtON. Commerce. dse w-dtaoe. nere adopted as a0

Mr. Adam Smfth then moved :t" That thta BY LAW
cber strongly.?,agy, ,,- = ,of the Larceny of Money. h
tag tao mpiare Pro. aera O4l trgnau Central RH. Enretientctoplain
Powees to nor aoepn rI d e arat e wr ah anal Jcoret P. crnN .a osr a ia-s -ing ha.gv in t lal n .-l,:,an tai aon to the tegota
ohwete -o ECOu N DE _R; t o n- te a, pleaded goiltv when chaft-ed i-ore Perarado an.] Part-o.-Spsr
__a -the City Magistrate by P.C. Altell ieterleatmi r ie n'te ed tr the ruraldtisren
S Sr with strealing a dollar belonging to one Coril. -UR1GEON-GENERAL 0
Mr. T. H1 Scott old he had very rmuch Co mplaonaFt stated th-I he eteiCeted a repymrt w .The neat item or the
-pta r iog-the-rerilfimo- -An to- 6arhaut pr-o r Mronday-lant, ar-I went In 1to was the tvg rar-Ger
whether or ao Germany could pay he did not Charlotte Street where he-sa'w a "idS oa-e 'l ...i-T hl a1na
Ithick thee was the slightest doubt She Cyril of agholt serve years oad aho pointed Dr de V frLe utl l-i ,| ti
-motd-par--no-fare-ccmeeatericl-ooat of-the-wear- eeleodntI-tto.-h tie-taled-that ane- -ts---Sp.olrtt lodmn rro taooe-
ama concerned. qutte well, As to the bloo ,j Pilgrir gave him two d ,-ilara to go ott-f putnr I- L am dd uoi difter froai
0 that wao ar-ltt cnd the SaerficeesnMAde, that chase a til of mik. Defendant met trm and] to M. pma people I[ Eu
debt she would carry to the end of time. asked him where he wan going. took awuk had iledI to prose that f
AD]tus~htNr OF SHIPPINO D1IPUTR9. the rote. brought a tin of salmlo gove him lever As far n. the epi
AD ilooTlag letter~ r wa1eeelord teem Me.0 centst change acd kept a dollar or himnelt. 0A0 c-,nceere,-I, he though
A J P a la t Tacd e C SruiD ii elmf aeer. . -Pe rttt -'t -S e t -da le-di e-l t ias "- h - -e w c e P e a -It rS a rrt et a p ie -
The ".Red..oree al, but suebcem neatv y cook the- detee-tive to- the Firset uap -wha tlaw the
Port-of-Spaion.W- rofold Scqutte whe\ he had the morey inadluo-ag the Ceirrert DeO
December 7th 1918. B ri ed undrr a tee. fIe iheo hauded oier persons lail, up wmih iutl ,
h olr sh illi og s and th re ce tul t arl e en hI co n verting
The Han. Adam Smitbh C.heI.O., Defernd-nte onu Orderert to be gitn u a;C ao0 ioloted waor and oi l
lown. See. Trirhdad chamber ofatomwee rakes ,ib the tantmitlaI ead. olinaged tq put a ttop a
Dear- :.--- have receive'] Itot utoatto s front the t a ra it, ha m n
use Faird oa Teede informing mr, that Ills
are... to I- .. SALE TRMS WEEK
m9rt of cliiwa arlcsng flrne taultp shipment. -
wstohee of t c .are .Ived iu a damaged OF &A Ca -
3amgmedtla toing to defective packfngl.
Bo 2_Tha.Board oa Trade have consulted tlre $5 Gernts'_SI Shirts ori a .r75. Corner Prince-& -
aeratfoo-of Chawhberstl Commterce a1 the
Dottd Ilp daqr a nd the ,[ederation of Briti 1 3 Fan-9 P ,Shirts for t2.
Iatmto a .rft latQ whether c ir, _actsPtE. I E
wricaNd ite wecfomed hy the rool cant $2 FPranc Shirts oe .. t0P
harhve tau Ivonarblae. Gents' S0r--.i2C tI36e. 1 011 prd. MEN'S. V
-S. aem, therefore. empowered ItI appoaht
an ._teet or eap"rto to reemlite cad report 3erts' Neckseir.-- ISt .to 24c. BOOTS,_ pern,
er-c aren tram the nUrI.Wd ii
tlagrmeayor op othra ptontireof the Etmrphe. ,Vntlf Over Coodur n f 536--0 U6_ wort--t.M y
whl&c! ma. foe the timar befnoi, represent.

txag ueafcc rt f ten llh ea f p r itdi Boort and Shoes i21c. to Z.-i
toOal'uan the diaptaU. It It to h waer.d"- AT

.. ar. gDW a Ara B ot & Shoe

. --7 t.. .. . -

ICarom and Pertse

e I nad It n,]dee ,-d

Which comprised rum an an otber liquid fr
pri-one aaufferaing wrih thle .ioeor. butl
strange to eay oae of the men in ie Pie4] to-k
adnautaceof the oppoiicni) anoir hil a royal
spree one nitgItt thereby pre,-nang him
wlf ItIof Igrftme htofl-jeoln Itt caI hbrer I Toere
w,1muchaer inbe tab ILtU1 tribe prenibhg1
epidemic, 'tl ihe murght r in ,i stlon to
a hat all thie neceasa ry pree.utL ans wre
being thlr U rAn. t na .rirt- re i t i- m p -
aihleft flhit 1 Hxcelireacy might be asked tor
auffetrig f-rm true a'i+eae oare euooInng Dr.
Storer oan3dhlmrei it1,3ho optcarmem,-fr,.or
pere.-ta ito 6-di teenorertei tarnimLae.
tbe object ao tbai a+ it aret aotifriu, lthe
I,,cinlu Itin i ,a Lhl r- th- it-,illiom b 4 a -ni3L
oun ritloul, tire-i. e-r tr dWi-ctarrnif

DR. PRA\D S .-IWt.' .'.
DJr-- Pr',da-nail th-- i -h reoieoto-t -
catted ntuto, nhao the lbemuon na.s I
It the Cz e-i tic i-.-c-t, ar I
.i3 1 tn-I ile h an i5 rii.I
(,un.I-nT,, 3C the tlaca_. led. tn
rlu-net Th a dirra-t hilh t0tat 1bar-f at

4.342 P

4.35S t

4, .t- j
4 3? f
4 tea J

a oni

pprrt SI0(.
. urr- ero .. Are I Aloni- .It Qie nao ,. ol lat I In Moat- n -
nert 3L f 31714.
oba lhnme .. Mary Saverli .. Morleage of lauds in Tacatrigu
,,ure ceidoiial in.t Roal Bank of Canada .. eae ol Na 14 High Street,
ailhe'l gh "_ana Per.en'Io for two ac.Y "
at, per monute
do do. .. Covenaa. -
,mes Loncv, Phlup Francis E-n-ntnuel 01.era .. Crinveyance ol linihcinSaimn
'.uay a a.I siah Louny CGrande Sutlb, for hSb .
bm aamtu rlancadu do. -. Con% pYce o[ leude sto S.aae Ior 13.0O. -
O t i t drtelari),,, ,. n iyancrtolauds in namwa --
'u.'4., B Gt,.tt-le. Satulh fir t rtil)
o-m in tialINh A ime do. Cumetance of land in .Satma
iod'tl. aBen.jt-,III tm1 id GrAlee, Soulh for S1.1t.

Caon)ance ol alipda in Savana
--Gre -eor--f P.- -
Couae)'neeeof iuds In Sae -
Grande, South lo Im $,).
- toptoauce of cndsain toSvaua
Giande. Sc-.aolor_. _

al-i -I th! ". tailp f"i a Jrr lrt anld do.. Cite rie eolfa ndefn Saonsaa

aj t7._ ,J. a 1- i t -t; 1 I,"
te not-1 ,;t.-let Adro d,,,,a5. e olth 5rruh gr..

I ij I " u lJ .l rI u L b1 ig n Ient of ort Ss of
,tie iabl iii. o n, m-I. I-f i a it., .I .,o. .

Board auA ? I ', Lt10 t i --.1 1P -1,W Inode i .atana CGrande, oqa .

-a .-- i rr Tna I i.i-i- r,. i, to ln en t ao ofl tightas of

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,I-l" i r -1r n-l -I alt, ,i i r '', .l i r .i ' U 11r.. I..i f ornd
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at, it Ii ,1 lo in it it,--, La-mI th ,.- l,,m 4 [nII-I -A f- o -t.

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At. I ,r niita- o t i l., ftia t1,1t

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1teoo i -- .. l
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1.3 1 th-+ C .- -+ d i It, l ,, .J [ l l ''

-- ithi It Iri,- .-a .. .. --
ft I I. e

Lu e N 'rlad lI 1 ti l i- L , i. O ll-
Icq l CIr nl o i t. ri, i l- I tllr -

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th tll I c .1. a 4p. ...... ,.
.I [trealbl b at1 lt e1l.,-i l, h I . r
1 gl1erU bi ]l. atI I rhet n. 0, 1I

oli th i :ric rm L' i\,1 l,
S ecre L, L.:. hI Ai I .
.tlesit Ic -t ll II 1 .-) ci, .'.1 1l .
[11,31je of FI Z.. t '.i b 11.. .h it
-Itie ir urit ti-fir lIrI,' l'. I ,,

ti iroore to ia t he loin- c l i. % ii re.; cc kel"I"

ei a dri ina (i re ,e r I
W ith regard. ,we.r ., I ,- frv th r r
,] 3 1 ..te 1.Hr .t 1 c Ir I ,
Dill one ofIhi e e It~ o r i ',l cal l ei-i 'l
hr a itr i rfotitIa e t 1 a i rtr i-
Jnarrlet liapre b i...ri %hich bI,- r ui,,eDo, I
the vu tleg mind. l-,. ;. in-r,. 11 3 t ,ree "
ret e ol f tedlab.e n. iny-ic l lean timr -
eopjoomert bof ,ne to cu m n...rrri VV.t
hamean eIr tel -WaonIr-ibt th, R'.. sl G -.31.-arid
ihe att;n. mh, r-h tern1.3 I rfLe,'e bi beer L
uchr rest eaaor .f ,l, dSl t inll c v[ n i-CLors i x a

brinp e a eloa d ro e om to a lt t hePublict t
Bhn a lDep.rnlsPnrIn't 1,t ,
h e atIare1m3t-n tn ,baari; thee.e; d beeL.:ndI
itt Cerhy is 1tlh La, IH- lite -a- uni m-rn-ut
dbicr e n, a dr inn3the e mt I ct, a thItb e omt
.erii -at m o, ca_ rno:,r_-._L -o u t heL,--r.
c mr ernit ma aii, m- I er]D -0 At ti Io irp ce b, mji Ir-
irmpector o A ndoher,1 t byn ioo,] in hiby hmen hoe to
retal a t -p i l- .exymob 0oaf,-t, for--ir y~rf a-an---- ,
rc lorsm5 the se Ir i nail-ba ton ep Ite -h e .
offi,,rr b.? the rlaned riooatri olre of t of-
Healith I tir therbr- e noi ile-ltitr h nI at.
lertiron n the Guiereient tIre ctlleit It- the lel
etahusm ont ot the liil at attlable qUt lf&,Sa d l. Poe
be tokee---no Whch, it rrclor-., T-TetoIahd be
he oaly c-v ioo wlling 1-3 ca operate. -to- traoi i
Ire rtri- drn i umntrn [qltpectora ifr the p,.r. R.
po-re o dfilhtrg 1the arjcauj.. h i t are. likely ,Ja
to ,rie in the future.
hbut there shbnulol b. a course to traiulun g f.oec
saheliere lropecloloslay
Dr Pradi TTre eiqas tolorgrm reueeatst' -
"--37--L ..aile end, Ithere were It--qttllihedt
and there r a only one out of employees. the
The Board ao

lly selected,i___ .... ;--
k lace, lly nd Rreral puttic Ihel we
,_ r ee c, har -L= -pmrh sop-ctt he- t tocka-toldo,. 'e. l,-l
prce--5.0 O gll a if turet In the ip crard .na- b.
WONG TOMNi.. Bro so Villae,- Ward of
,N Modtarrant, d -e.not remspoaible lor oay
debtor dc ,.womf tstt by the saiJ Wong

IAIN, (i g-' L, o) U, M

TJo0ber. ,_. ALro- S ,., '
.. . J '__ 0 0 -y - . . ... j ^ f = .. .. .....





I I t iirafo Siuth for e .
...f.t.c f I hts l an rds
\i 'i', arttt i t li 6. no a C,.pr
-,orLr, p.I IE ifo,

IaI- l -ola i i001-1C5

. "l- i .. -. .- 1. 1 1 i Ar., P an e.Io r. C 2r ,r I.l '
It.ittrra'oitfn 'o'a.tin h ord

I, .i f P w OTL .-, rr I r P llv 9t r III Vd
S3 6.


aThba 1-'r. T.. i ,,d J .tt Ttrri edi -I m
p I carrol d4i nM

-,1 d I, ,gmf ol a l tach. I .13 opf gceo-.uh
aut, 2wr, ,1 6 li ol. mt- a i c- m i;rth od, i
%, 1 egtl lv sra

) i r -1 i tt r i,-tn C rrl ,lr l Cai rol the
attl .,I-".y flat el PMe arrie-i to the
,root teirdyrau .? piuelr r uI
rna rbch c ,'r ,1o. 2 ,rhagcolfca ttrn. i

i ofl ca aoar o dr pollard le. hr
-rl ml .-e lr -tilarr'lp% aml or-irn i o llh tet-
Itd-,i ani it it_-,o # ar tn-a filen cango
i-g -ei -h pg 1ig- 21bhore rsterld-at ero the
be o bouar lI b miorling wh inoco. 9 ba
d.iJ liif b.m olf Marlch. t3 Qempid gata.

Tbe Verreednln thlop bi or yl a iwh tch
. rjnel i tlie s tieni ag.ri t a sider t et l "
py ior Cr-abit Calon. a

Id t Br itih or I-oniner Ralo Gnrc. b a
aye o r loainm t OaimC r elred hare by Cthe-
sy wptI ,pcsengerr-Chomrles Sorvmsae.

SaiM. le operatireoo in-corectonFo with
e Witlliru I B Murpil. y re -cottiumr
pacea and up to the preweel bhave proved
ucc-cotl a large tankdcelnh-oiler together F
ith two anchors cad tsevralt lthotmer at aaht
stiag been hcoutght anslore pesterda1 erer the
e St Vinreot jelltp

After arno ofltver-da a.__tm tIareoamthe
.C 3 P. Ca's cargo stermer Cctaltni nree ,ttrp
rMe hteehor ye-teeh daotmorelng wni h w thnea4
i-t -reoeon.- the fohowvng praaengere iMe.
W e.nh.lmaV. _Pruaatada aedM Ce-

Therecarrived Irn the borehlor pyerteeTlta fn.m0
over-pro, okh Iaitadirts rconsiledto IMessrs.c
P. rlieaeicsauecu1Co Lid.. theca a. Seattm
ate. Hterra t.r-ur at ofcateurnwrt'---e
aroghbti2mIona'oa ieuel rcrgo for this p't
od four tors for traaahtpment. ,

The following mae"agy etfoULtby -abtha
.MS- ,tarlmea on Mondey eperLOj-,--P
to Me. Met cld l Niao m diaf L-

J \ .l,a., .1 ,dliand i 1 C: dero. For
MaL"i'- i. .--- [InaM HfLA.
Cr-Ire. it. C. L C0aire MrS RB. ft David,
Mr and Mra. d t l1loaqad)ce and Air. L. de I
Ifo.,.,te aJ igtb de.kers.
T t VlUrza i t tI-il t Aurora serinvedt line
)eaier.lay reitono troa.i. r,itobitl Colon after
a d -,' Irnp. hSbe br. -,ti T Ibhe ioIInet
curdfa tl..i bigs ol cun, 3.Ji:) planllnm anM
Jn 3irrels ol cu.rn.
Th-eere etr n err ta al ad fnar depar-
lurt. ac ardal ij the l boaur ;aterdcy.

The tollato .,g pv.-enrcrs arrive I b) the ..--

IMeltr.u I. Tto'te HSoo.
- Prorm-B .rti7.d. -- d)i, eAfS eD-'>Wc
C. Normnu.
From Grerada Miss W. Radhaa1.

EsLatn of the Latee e
MNijager-oatf Pet forne Estate,


THfR Rrcut or. u.trilrthe willow ithe elta Mr.
Os IrI thi. atiuen o n nslructione rm ,-
Ihe b-elrficirile on-. ir tle thti fe rmOiO -.r
plattraim erotlpr, a opp'R a-amoate ma

Bie Roeafl q the Ward of Oropuche:.;,
The laed It fertile antid wel-.qtare._
.Ing a river passing _theon . -.
The cotlli-ati ian ronatifto-:r n ..-
0 a) acre- thewaing trees. -
30 acrms in aIr ten ad a hif-

b 3 takiec w. -- -
A large wcows haae taft
aoustuctlir wid lae a o
sDdecd ea w e wilt1
Mritd gjed]fiWi --

S--- -- .. --r ,-

Lostul Board of eMRO.


Qnnothcarn nfl**wec

I I ' -- -

-e *ra wh ren ered ith I TI-p wil a'
i rtler pead t the 47 cie b heee were twn
deaths. As farrteraqlh motodnlor' werr Cona.i
it wasu tlrange ibrg to go to. the genl anv
Sre mer floinKg Irel .work and later to reroive
a report trom lhe Diaperer Ihtlt h-e' hb'd a
hith temperature nl ltver. ThMre WS ones
thing that alru.k him with this ephlrneic and
Ihat wal h .t the pul,-, oi. -.e.nic a.ther in

Legal Inteiigence

. . ,TR------ --- _-...-
-1N .. ..L 1:as . ._Td .. .. . = "

i r a ss? a



I~ -~f"nL~u~rr rlL~L7~' ~-C

V -Y~~t L'~

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- - -.


tin El~is Htiinilr,,
i.3 Joha P Forbei

II't7 nttrL .latii u'otoP

i- no' toll r.e,'rl tP l. l ara .-;

- "- ..",.- - * ;"rnf-wc irSl -S s.

. Tas TB4IIDAD GtVAf.DIA,,a WEDNDA, JANUARY 1. 1919. -

W dER OF iiIMMERCE. "i" The e" e eatpal ofBreoar 1 1 .,l,.,w h on +, g.... uni a t In t i g en ce.
]__ *- Partiello to he diupoie. nll Il-will, therefore, d.ea(hb Al as r lh.tnrlom et o n,:mo-reed
n=oINeDIseAN Fi iry for n meto obtain their alnenet to nD it was noL. ai B ring. thgto go to.the g n .
IN AN he amount of the. remn ito which will LATRINES FOR COUNTRY "e, n""o adoubtL hnae In r' i the n r ll a report from ikte Dapenser hal lb'-.. h Ailsa
-- -- -~i~~gt o re d k r e_.Atfl ah ingfn Mf jha at tk- i-- -w-- . . .- - - - ..h i p l .n ic -ii --gb stha tl ra .:k b lu n b forL E e p hArr i a n .
experience Showas ht Ihe serni ces of ithe that w- met w S he pul- i ant dlenti. l l %that in r
R CE Trade Commissioners _nrejmsutchIua- l.o on"I, T __. --.-F 1

on. Adam Smith. C.M G Hion "S r t I1 o,1ht |be hri means of preventing a gorI
The minntes ol Ice htr mreedniowe con deal ol unretesnry tltica lon oond-un-ces.-
C Mrme MN ..T S ry diptules It .cold hobe satlofacory-
SCOdMUNICATIONS to he irl )" l shipped,1 ba tell aso
S A letter dated 26 a-a rellrom the parn ,on ho. aide. thatat ,Ind pen-
the Colonial Secretarv. 010l1.? ,L. Charo. eot 1 ,, cial 0 Iheo otadi ng.o-I lr 'Tradeo
S beet'legramo to the k I--nv ,'Iracuod Couimtiiloncr.. shb-,u.l be lotre- o) ajI b i1-
to the Secretary of uiter foar subnia slo lto fi n .fe tfeoe roaatro He tfr one V"er3 much
Mojeaty. welcomed lhe eoa"oe~tlan.
Th.i-mih. .hlrI that lre h-Ire- A ,iNOr I OC o T o PDoDroIa
thel,- i thSeolflfi.'-1r,01-1rba Mr. GIeoa A letter was read (,ia, r W G Frees D.
eidred the lcllowegramea r Ionictr Mr. CoAleon re appooutmect of T o ,tproher iL -iol the
SMurray on Ibe o6l.j-ct of 1Vent Icod .itno irl- C,"Cberh.h r,.e ot n e ,air nc-ti. e'litorial Cow-
lion :- mihlee 1o c cp-le fhil-IrHubooh .'.I Trinid-il
Much regret to learn the offilcl noerence ae jot-. -Af, Sarn d 1. r. l- CtrnLt
ro Federal lon not likely sMetuble nost ,r 'l A, t E rn
--- Pernct"ie-i.Uige importance Wes Inr-- IIPPV OUTLT01-' FOt -O-LOIUR
irtlng early I n order io eynchroneio recon- The Ciil'rio. 0T I;Id ih,,I ate melmbewe.-re
abeoctian movement here. United nill car|t- on a'aare.i ia-aua r iwoalot'lhere wi ts m.euing
greater wright imperil arT-alit,_Tracort to- -ahol --ff.:c .,lo-Ir'.
other Chambers principal It-,,r itli. In Ceo,-dr. to c-,ci-ler the
lifdered the telegram eon though ift icon oo 1boher. At tih, at, cre It a fundao thc t sohi"e'
whlacwould,_hiokurcaler proonc, hr bederalt nao-aauta-thsaoud-c. ere-oriI nlro1 "-ri
with by the Atmo-iated Ciaincr, bndti- .F.wico ,ment-t ik -e _.colony oonoltwelve theak-
conseqcnUy ode-tirdflT[loMr. T ri-pp. d o per ol TMop- wer' t ._f-
SThe' Chhalrn aisd a Hou Secretary ofl the li"t>1te-l '.ac lea oragen lor CraI r M
Aulaialed Chamb-r of Coimmeirce. h al toace hrirf the t tn t-elo retie Go.eorment olo
cirnculated by elelgram Mr. Muiray' cable Cnnada As be bll alre.,ol in ihe pipet,-
throughout Ihe West In-lies to every member bedl.- 0,adhre iRla.ltostale. ith thereulf
of the Asocitalon. He bad receive.d -rep,.lae rh1 hire 6 giesllo for increjsi,glthe-qanIll-
from two or three peran s The enera le .all-iaedi ctin-,n o. no ..
o.nthe i

- erratf00 t-arrnger ar by I-Tyin aorro -
--- ..ftdefatifObeloE-dhaitcdby- Ike :Aicialed-
... m nibor'ind- the-queel is--soi ttlat|,-- o-a nol.-
tor all. He, had gnt.a very stiroog letter fromt
the Georgetown Chamber ol Commerce, In
which it was elated lh.t that Chamber suuld
irern-peared Io uppori i~e nij ad iselir ibheir -
oinrnialbi Mo-r I-N Red lRe-had alIr r-

enied a letr otsar Dium vnon -in-whiec e
--siha iar tItear ucearri n order Ioncr

disussion on the queollon by the Asocciated
.- Chamber of Commerce, that be would be pre-
pared to deirer the meeting al Barbads,_
ol the- Chamber--mInl--th-e i--y pt I
61 February. Ibins would gler Barbdi,Jo
---ample li ton r b-hne Ibe naioer hbroogbt 1elrr
It Lerglslaai-e Assembloy. andI to enable hem
--to ddee--wher -they- nould go- flrtlerel I
he Da.lter in Ibath Chabnier At itue ptestnt
moment olthig hd been rtfiiarl])aiwite ah
.regar'Ltn.the.daot ol the- m-emag. WbeLLthr
it won ld be held_ oru no,. all depetited upon
Mbarbadoa _.
-------.L---+-t Y.%NV MU-rT PAV.

alocion l quanu lei o be hiyppi. Ito ihe
dilltrent purchaser ahbodld be granted in
-Canada and not in-TrufJid. bnhutince he-wrote-
to the Ipapere announcing Oi -i.:r-oje tr-im

a- ei eV.H i -lmr r iol-theL-- tip:. iy--M i nrIR -ol |
Tradn an Commertce -t Otoahdacil Deoein-
her 13. stl ling batl he hdic f eeed ihb-r
giraio ol tie cIb iaLta- -ataoom'a-onT --rorc
n-oa- oiit irdBo irr hd Ill.:a I,c
lar the allortment qtr ibarl r t. l l m -n i 1
oottinnd hkogi modwthc/r reanflod laI
nelrmtte igaaiihe t i h ldtnar oa.,Iltj iiihe 0.17,
of paltng.sabirrtlm-.raio1h lelb O 0h0 IthU!-a%1
the ho4,-inaacn o io d a tI.-col-coc aio
d&iiatio.n The rpo'her ikltogcnt 0bk-o mua
app,-,.l to fo- otacvyrone_ n. ajoclha acrcere|
Ilium i amorder to lrrca cr1d-cIc,
,3.-rain paerm- fr.o.m the Collector ti Ca aonto
or thle r ctar rccl .

N. A111YII I 11"13-EAU IUTS.
A tcltNr- al the-Cenrirl Bar.l of Hesllh
oat hM ed r l om. yefeiday inu be Councal'
Clitoimher. There were preainr His ET-
Sc-Ill:crc bthe Cr.tore. nrr, ons A. T
Bell. "Dlroclr of Pubihl-c W.iik P. A.
de Vorioewl. Si-rgetor., eneraln. TDr A
D.-:,.le. tMe'.r. A n O'C innr',e, It'r .
tr .-S M. Liurence. Dr Enri-ule Pradn. P C.
Mirilat. I.. D. Bt.oln Dr L'osalle,
t1,;n S oreit re I.

metin His Fno l finratfion ,d1een g..t fruao Dr Pafeone rai
al to Mr. Al irirnrt, ihl- Iter uhI re:pc to1
S'Lt asinuer InH P.R, c-Iolercov. Dr,-Lo,iiille
js a.hbe h rc ceived. a I I-terl Iom D.
,t h -th -t s.. unable to Inloen-f tLe

'i S3"an ert.DiT pTl .. e i p- l -,r.i l nll
| cthe Ird-inc cla se the c) bo eing practi.
rolly nil N,-o 2 i I Iain ari c a Iruc ue
ln or ao plei wh cid atloraid or ando A1 ere
Sp-611lJmaanog Carom, and Pere.-

w-'dla hey ee epprrI od 0 n- locdal--I

WookL nlit the ns itan.:ce cl Dr Lasnt 11-.
qn. iuld orpore a mernor a-lam n sM itble
-lorrin r;-fcfreotltelnfibe -irl pe rp anlal-,obf-
rho lrnprct-l -h^-iimO-L- ErfS-hDI -lS--
p .i llI ohm tie in aiw ah -p.
b pol-cl b erJ.- ,-nc'n t ra thi i- .orlen
1. -'non r an .. L cb t ahr.t ..nt dounArn.m to I
b-ho, i h r r nl m-tao '. o, il l. ,c a]
th l i.-,ir,,:ti .' ,i: l -l.c r.:
)' r ,th r, th ht t ,: bor 6 e . d

Dr. Pr. .h 5_,,d hj, p.,ll[ urij_.lh -^f --j .
-ter- t,, i ri the lnu ar alTart c-f h cl n
S Ti ,i eed that oHis E i.;clen,-y wouijl- ran-t i i n r-lo-heoaDr niet --

The H1on Secretary slald tbhal he ne m.tbur ic Mr H|:.'dn,;L ied ht t on Chir. ii.i o [ a1 hr F'SPIM ,ES F
ter on Ithe agenda wa-i 10 sm pport the action ol receic. a cB tc.legraio ilo p.-inlltI ere A n rmi .ri-laounJ Ly the
the British E mpire PiodJuceri' Orian ttrisi n not recuiaired tny more J tn Lli t her Wy t e4 h ,lila.n.1 lmea -ntl o al
with respect e o ceiling for a monetar)i ndcem- working hard upo or- cJer on rbyc v te L.'n.lati
inlly irom the Ceniri PowersIto Great Biltaln. Trinidal Shipping & Triring Codoipliy hia.J mlla I' -
e letter from thle l iahl Empire Producers' received Aimilar com urlicaO i, on. rDr P. ,;Ti. P .cli- I he orfil
Asociation was reot]. Toe Chailrman replied ibthi peibh.pi tleio m lk to M .c.lorrme theIS
ThetBon. ,rCiel, -.-lif '.t oee 1d 0 Lia T,-o niglaV"i l'c op ogiga holotrc.hcpyoc-:a.acaoa pec.-.tule'r! oar-o ,,a ,
that the Bri lis r e p ro .licei-'n Orgn]ia.-_ The hi.1 nol hadi l It-c oicli. an .ii-ncdl. onen bhe felt ihlcO ile me .i
tion simply wared be Chnli b.n r to nare ur. Mr BSIr 0 rtt.e d that the t-rh i granm tried He Ito ha t tho ri u publ-, be
pot t1o Ihe -telrama li d c. ha-:a that no pcraa n- irie ro-uired. acad Mr yoa~--5na-ar0-in Ih,
whether the Proucers' O g ,Anro.iohn really therho taeme'roto oalon s -od he h,,-p--i IL
wanted a telegaroa from the Chamber ol Cacm. -.... BIE-LUAURE LEOR SUGAR. - --orld I aLl le to pot--,
mere at all. There-s .a branch o h -Le'Pro Tie Chairman slated tLih e b_.d_lrOLeeI I to =lh.tunl --,

-n riishr'Emp-ie Producer'- Org.ialon lte- merlang. He was glli t -Lae la LtAe hPrnoail -epenL _BO.L .
.. gnaphed- o-nthe-effck4oa--w' p+t-n-rP'-i-om-n -rtie--rnrrunerrn b r-ecaou e bho-hT-il- -~ lb tihe te t nr Il
prehenelble that the Brilish Empire -hould be tbe emi im[.laar l m.,cle for a gre-t-ma n.n coIllr.wio h e e'rr.yptrn .:'
called upon to pay Cine cent or German' on r ears in Tiinldad. ML.: of them would nhlr _cnlv .. Ll. hl. Pnt ofl
crime. ie g 1t1olltH riOf-r.._lry uhftbe---_ -br-ehaiicl--d-or1t.-o1.LfifrcmaicLl.t t n,,ac ri-.lIr---of -h.o
-kido-to py every centaIoflheco4l rothe Ie.--- na- tlilabNonornter., especially LIo4 George. with a folloEeo1 bai st010 oi,
Mr. .LLald-lthe-exrauordtiry thing in i egardi to the prelternce to beextended on nrot h. b loneg.- ,d, bhe h.
ibfi resolution was ba t iishouldibe asked] tor Ihe importation fi cerri.ln products aI to then would d do all teci
tal lerl hat haid bppeneJ for ie las hethe it inclauioded u_ Iromiatm.tlh-Colonle.I- -inanlou-n.-lli-nete--
-oner tears. S- SUirg s ily seemed to be fenced and not _be log-1or oithii tI oar a
GERMANY DESTITtER OF PRIDOR. pecficall) menilooned. He was nota able to r k Lrairence _kedd h
Mr. Tripp said there was only one Ihing in give hia iuthor.-, tv I hbe thought It was voul,:d lo malaria
Sthe a Geno n felt, nd. Lo at as ht about I Ie .ghe ihatr eri.edon Ih aprt.a- Dr. LCi il, roer a-
pea-bet l He d idlnothbel ineeaGertmuucrettro.- t Sr mbjeoin .I-, tnel"aallt,- i, 'lo, ltethatittwas a oora lt,rl .. aII' .a' ,1
pence about disgraece to fk or anythingelse the. ntntntion of -lhe Bri hi CAl nner t l n1 aol Woir h wo el b ,e ofne tog eob
He thoia ht [ rI inew ol bat [ e s as e n lu Itle. ofI Llocd Gtr .ge and the preo nt-G ,ernment been .f one cer ,, oelv
lr caL.m- ll include British T e lmre t or A.-Ie jaDr 3
urtn lo ki, h "ke bruie were linintehe Colonial ugar. IiJ.h rn .- PBLIC H I rELTH C
compared wiLh he taratlonin BlAginar an IId "lh l ended the-bictinescs ol thilneellpg ain.] A drat rCErl i ol e C.
Seata, nad, en vie olf the ever tl t t bad th e Chatman then crashed n <.n rth ere boppf it.1 ,red he Pabhlie He-,rlh I
ogered' ro Ike at1 lane~roear, soy idee of n New Year. He had attended the meetilgAoa- rhoe crce 191i, rncr-a csutired
dasodiandm nrouperaytloa mould he inanofpre- i ohunber Joe the la-ato0) year. acd her thborghk ... h_-S-orgno General nor
heoatble...ridiculaus. It wannvery-infaclotv he could nay thatSin. Gordoen, Mr. Sranod ir-ete hlo1, at each
ir'o el t the d er per-r-a
to see---e did nol unow whl alihey called hiuelI were the oldest members aioand The n-enil>r ere present. D
- rts an-- Eglind that anybody, highh table and he did not know whether it aas and gize role vainable s
f low, who advocated the uermtn noomelbng to be Ibifnul lor or to regret. bat all read the r rnenudiel I
se .directly indiretly wasaree inig a. he- looked back upoun that part-ol-hif life only left Infor him to move
Shereward--t the-htmaiiegs ifi ErIgld spent o Trinidad he would ien remember repr, t.
Oldtna in nJto-id sat pnreiy .aongly hs pleasant anoriatlone with the. Cbmber hler a llr ,a, rndr

rith rigardll a Gaon rmoi ihear oLardiCmei bat they would epedy iporalion o irin-e, riearo rep

: 1111 prd t o n Garla --rp H n tci '
looked'or a nybode wholempalhised with the a happy Newm ear and a m iny more bappo Ne i TNFECTIOI e
oama asnatraitorto counr n ral ny. earn pihanrte members ni the Chatberof ReUl aoinLron relalin to d
THE BrDOL Er -ION. Co mmerce. li- -- d eaio wereoradopted ase an
4110 BY LAW
Mr. Adam Smith then moved T ha tiblaeot
Chamber stogln meup pi ,a hpl'actio u of he Larceny of Money. The a, ol
Britia E'mpire roinlaeodcra -r masima iIn ail- Mon a ia .en. . e plains
leg fore no meotr, a, deod ty lro Central t !o GP..ent arlr Shipla giving .. Bns ae"a an a,:, c ationr I 1eegaa
at one t aEC Ohe re toeni do. pleaded gCil f henl cbard ar o h ore Perta do andl Por-n t-Slpi
... dOD R-thl--e Criy Magsstrate by IC. Alcell h lleea-cei e-nilcanedl Ic the rursidostrrc
Sc o rb n lt ealin r a dltlar belonging to one Cyrtl. -U RGEON-GENLERAL o
sir. 11 and ,Scott td be a Id very much Complaf ar. t s ated thILt k e recited a rep ort ,T .e nelt pteno l the
-p hinore in arcondirge-t he-tenqlu 'Ha'n- -K "- IOa- cabout-a p orn onS day-l al, ao wl ment In tJ e1 W abthe ogi oniran -G
whether Or no Germ nny could pay he did not Charlotlte Streel where he.san a "1dB ]a- no-n ,ed S-'A TT lIJenc C
t hink there nwa the aligbtest doubt. She Cyril of about ase en years on d hboun inred Dr de 'rteooi nl,4 it
__ i eto rfr _n-rmit eerieal-cenot ol-the-war -delendn- to n hln. h -tI .toed thr rae- s O loo,_t -'s
was concerned, qte well.As I athe bloo-I Pilgri gorele him two dollaranto go al- nputr. boait 0,d l tdilffeor Ifrol
S that was oDrI t and the eACifie rae, br io a til Cof milk. De.fendantr etn h nd n to .r people in E
Idebt he oulfd carry to the endr ol time. eaiked' him here h be wa going. took aIr lohd tiedi to prose thai a
ADGUSTMENr OF SHIPPINGO DIPUTRi. the note. brought a tin ol salmon,c ase him leere As far Ithe epi
_,l ilorn g loellfer f t received Irom Mr. is centa change and kept a dollar or htmi el. nas rc.3n e Ce-l. lie thought
A. J Piist, Trade i? or il6-.t -.. . en t -t -at heeld--tSr oI de-le,1-t lBIR -h-lcrk e -iet rekal-.ell- ,ai meas-, O F
-A. ..P -l The ed-lorea- lad, but sakbetlioently cook the deleclive to-- Lhle first uap-w'ho aa'. th
Srts -Spainrle vooaloand Square rbeb he had the money inclu-iag tlJe Correra Dep
SDecemr o.7tk. 1it. o rielo ndera tee. Ieto hei handed oer persons la-,I up wnh iul,
Dee be 7b, 191. hillings and there ceulp. ee en hi co vertJn
The Han. Ardaul Smilh. C.M.O., ODelendnAt SN od.-Jeil to hbeo ginau ;a aon ioltIre ward a-nd otl
Ban. Sec. Trinidad Chamber folCoalr-rce iTrokee otlb ibe tlau t ,ilI r.-J, nllnaged tqo.putr ntop t
Daar.. :.-.Lhaveerelre. In u lon b l tti On froa t I he oaly ca-t- on Ihe 0i0
thks edr of Trade leforming m, lthatl H is
Mawatryd to bar cil- -ijirca an tollto-the asjut,-
are octee to- SALE I S WEEK -
mescuta of clams narllng ivan[tlaulty shipment. __a..
(.g...whereIgords areaig to hb eou p
pandithin aowing io defective parking).
__ --2Thu Board of Tradb haverclrONtaeo flIke 55 Gents' Sle Siirts for 12.75. Corner Prince& -
Assetatirn-ol TChmbersnonfCnconrlLrre 61 the 2
United4 Fndap and thePederel.n .a IoBrtik -13 Fancc,Slrtt for $2. --
Indotrta .fin i whether a tic at 1 -Fa Shirts for 1.08. ,J-ilT OPlN I
w elnd lhe ilcomed by ihe orintrelal coan P Sa I
t- ftta-thSte'Tflin harea been liavoarable. aerts'on --,--rc lo-c. 0 pr. MEN'S.
a3.jam, ta laerelore, empowered II yapp-lretsI IOP prd. MENS.-V
a .__Jert or l;aperta to e..MIo ..o ad reportI ints' Neckor...-.ldc._to 24. BOOTS,_ per-tla
a nn e istrnurat -ands I -rJ o el t of- l.-... .". -... I.. .
ln dl ntnnba has arisen from theun Lied E-.. .... ..
Klflfgll or any other pirlofol the Eropinre. "blhWlk Overre Corli- Si1eos--- $.3 ot
hldlm fa, r lehab time being, raprese l./ I. -= =': y -_._=0
an tollto cartll rthn aignalae ....ofthe ejiv.a -r t l] o^t_- na.B.-.lsaSs... a, "- QO -M
"_- rusl .nbwrT lt'e o ^ n te pr o ae adi- Boot and hoes.-7 c. .to 240
artnles to thaet= tp. at_ be adear- AT
pad 00 er i alal niter. .. -I "H. C. B
l Ses fuir goils dad gel dal d tpli rTo ange
da m *bmethhlthlugor",a tkI-"ima"+- nf, AI7A R B Shoe
iw a fni aletisoWnl to ala innlla" 0fI Amf aa-o .rt fl >,

K~~ilvin2,-r-a --

-A -- 7

OR 19 0
lldion ol tnal:.r i
Coantcl w00 ,.

remarks he hal, I-,
nbul0O 1. fihoeH -li%
ral A ib o -r.e
,-1 i rallor -nolil

o'fr c -l',unlo .e 00.
oa r hoxtoVar lme i
1 ,]A o leilt- l.,-o

which comprised rum ian an ober liquid if-r
pri-oneta suffering noh he .lre.i,'. bul
soiange to rv one oi the noeoin ofloe r-nI nto3k
adaulsgeof the npoiilyo rao noi btian royal
spree one nrglat Iherehy pre,-nung him
sell Icoft rIeltl'. lIflaSjeai ilf hlbrrm i Toere
w.1rmrcahle,r intaiheon1"oIdlt1r1the pre nardug
epidemic, -t be tric4ht b b mr ,to Io
arf tbat all Ithe necess ry prec uLoa were
tlblelhorl Hio ExcelIlency might be asked for to do-aleIrc b-,oe iheu re nri-ons
ufferirg h-ow roar tud'oiaa-e are 1JrolIrr Dr.
Shicrtl anil lmtaluTmlikl a-okr a pcimr-nIroo.i
-er.--r, wri-b il toenr tbilei- ioro ci-ue[r
[hb object ol thi n.% n OI.n trIt crdali'fdllhe:

DR. PRADA'Sr. IFI.%,.4
coied. oi, bu,_, nhr the holub m n,,"Sun

In hr-e c e z the olorI e A, c-ced1. ton
da-aca Th a dl, o- ..o i btre.h- or- at
Or, ca-,pu ,!i,,n har : ; t ( ,- % -r r,r loot rhot1 -,i
-eJ c 1,lea o r- iOt .f ?.C 13

jor i Leliznc, n-I IIJo lh. 'C,:,0c a.
ro.,utal .-. oi a raahia.k ; n I t1 o a,1 re
If a lit-atOl r atirr-' .-,- .4I I iii ,e

1.381 kbiacl L-e Ao you ., rtronlia u.tlerro
4.3S2 Perr-~ uI.-S'oero .. An Ionia .lo ll ero o
.35 johbu l inle .. aMary SaUerlio
4 ',54 Lu e ice LD)iadia i ni Roal Ro kl t ( Canada

4 36S do
4"tIo. James Lonay, Phlhp
L-p',ny na-i leN Ih Lou y
i 3o'? Phil-mlain Iarcrnn ..a
S3ilo ired LoL1,1) .V A..l o-
otua l n, I s
Hoi a n. Be iijil, il
tindEldo til 00ll0.t ola
Y.O'rot Joba Forb'a i

.rhera a
I'l l.t c e l .1 p.-h hld.
I1' c o o:lor etapraI a ":l ls

i" ~ .llair.. ,,,'lt.o hl-Ag l

ho -

Francis E.n.nonuel 0t1,;era_

. Rrlit e ol -I.S I t M "tal, -.
.. Mrlar-ge ol Inalis n Mont.
e rt lo t127'4. 2
S.. Morage of laIndsin Tactrigun .

andy .mouth
-Co6.ce Le-,
.. C n o No If High Street, n ra
Grande Saib, fo lr 114 .

.. Conreyanc ol laids in Savans

Cr)neoanceof laodirs In Sn -
Oraxde. Soulh fS-cl r I 5
a Cmeitai ne of-land in %.-mm -
Grode, Icutb for ill. ,Y .
Cronc)anrce oflaltidtinravana
Gracl ,e -.k-nnh Ic .- ---

Cn -ao ce ofal 1rnds in d iavna
Gtande Sac_-.Le-for-a.f- -

do in.C Canr enceofland InS avana Sopuah. for lA ) -
do .. Contesr nce ol iNtal d Srajonu
G*.adnJ. Suthb, i fo wi. 1

S irde. 3oalh oru i 2- --

jAenor ofca atgiument o f ght of
Board ouA u 0 I a.1 ,1..n 'Wds u Ihavann Grande, Sopth
- . . . .. . . . .f . _.
. ).. .... r. ... -.. 1 .'
EBL erdc n ra Fri ,-b I .,aub oT o. Iic ,for 5IS .
-tn -- 1 -- T . 'It Asiunnmrnt of oil tightA of
'1 n). 0 r" 1-co~ oy rr- jr -i 1rba Ir ~ ~ yr--o
--1 -, ara- di"br. r 7, W-b -_-n.. .

The u,- -I .'1r r,.3, :-LISloi -InI orInol f11 r.ghil o lands
a. .ja III-- a l a c Urocr rc S.ruoa th for
, cr iie, i'brllIa ttoi li- no Jl ,
a0 n,,c i-ot II.I.aiaap ha.,c o-I- a',.-.iomaalart.-lrrile.1 ,rigktra-.,nd.

I In- U i A ,, oraient e.1l r lr, Lti f hndr
...if 1 ,I ,' 1 1a-rI-t a r]- ,.' ,In .. n ,G rau.r Sl at. l r ,

ahaba-.l arr 0
ca l I-il-i a .Iill .io Ioicla.c1. ffroif
11;i al-c ..- l tnaci, l- In, cia- a 0000,.r[-ru:il )IPI ,. i.,i ,- -,i ~. t im c,|,.lr h -.)

I aIl.r, r l. -r ,, r ,,-, a, , ... -,,,a;, , ,cr~o ~o-o .t r r ain, . .
Th ; Id- -,I ,:,,I oo,: l,:- I ar ,1 -.9 ,I S... ,,
I-l a o 0 0 i:cle I-,t tl,.'a a-a--aol .- I ii 1i ak I"a"PI r a 1 .. aIoft i-
1.51 oIC -aria noi I l-1:Ia1:10 1 .L -- I m a Jac I ifn 51'.)T 4
aa o -.-- ----3.a"

b -I Irc-. -loaI, -o. ,a--ra- D -. of r a-a" l ror .
LI le I vu "I h+ h: LI + r -',q I: ,- u .

S o I M ,- e l IL o t.
,.lali.1,'9'" RlV'jii rIa-:aH l i""o-i- ,hlt 11,-19
| ,3H r.; E lc r m. .:. i . m: ., I I, .I".,;, .,: r. a i- % ,,I 1II I : $ -

1' l f -r. .;-I-a 0,I r ac a 00 -
to :E c i--., +,--ln. lo a o-o Io i.ll-ca~l i-c i1. lot.-, il l. I /I"l-a- l-i.i, ,.. ii.
I~ (Y!.. .. ... ... -]- it=_= LL _~~ tl - -_

- olrr arr I-, r I ie
r_ r i trI a iT-. reiT.iR

S '. i. .l I o l-. T ill ,, r
y r.[7,rc. o-',-t aIt, I-..

.Ine .cfn t hel .o -I I.r 11 .- Ib.

a ilth hi c l.1 p r . i i i i

l ain L-t loOi-l_ lk-r ---
tlhen a-fl th etali. 1 I 1I t, o ,......

lp-cik.l c L l t C 0h-c a.l I.rhijir. I o l IK er
31PreL, cs L ,, ,h , H. ..

.orde a3 J o- I he. t .I 1 ,, .. at ..1 I i ..
Dilt on 1 ofsh e 1, 0'o.i. I i, 1 t h I

ly o n t-e ban ita I hcr 0-i
F liV nrl olDt Ia-Ir cl iril II o n i bl'

i k e bhlc m ril. o-mer1t c n ro i tl nor
etpno meori berocd oer moo--Mr I GV-
Iirn r iltl l T, Ire ct n :ih:r e le.-are.olI -
nluchore oer nd ie"iier Sinil.rI. tom

la le coat ot hr 'of lic
BnIid i, ard ihora1 eotur ,o 1' Ik e nt L
dardbotit)and ld-3tI Ite al nor pIlat oar nmc,.
teril_ at a.%loe- soa'II o cndm atontr a Ih-c F
,3ron ,en-trI -a ir n ,, 1ieh h rpoice o

ceaceeor Qthe tr" nI- i ceohoalv ane cf I ISte-
riiicomt ? h lo aoedor ELe CrcOiral Bcemdi of
Healil Ilur kerl ore onrait'ol rIot ni lat-
lendou r. on lre Gr nratm Iflec illol '.rIhe
eslxaa o nio ? at Ihe loot o i f ,rolmlr tb ili el Sail.
br t oken-.-inboh b. ifrr4od V, b mekoold b
he -nl-too swillinig t lca no onp a oneo- 'h-ra- a
lernlctIOf loaeitiril n-feconralnt.t op-ae-
poeal n f id igikthe taco ncl- ticof -are. likely
to rine in n the Gru'e. ';A 7-
I-Ia,.. ln cllrur oriol l Iteatbe I UClrarltr, ,teai h-
-acloary rnepecoiol
i iten...Ile aldh. th wre, re t- risnltet
and i here uw a lyotine ,aout Oir e t pyent.
The Board [len tone, -

lly selected,A ___- .. --
cT Glace, VV cha.n a.nd ot gerera puc thI we
price---SO0 ora tltaorn h
,h-,+t=-e--pwcb'.,r- i ,Ib-tock, '...n.l.I,-
p- ---B.O ,I al fiaxure In the p carric. ,-i bs.
WONG TONM'. Bralo VIllaie, Wtdrd of
,/ uMOoUs.r ilnd -~,,roi e rsp-iiblef or Bany
e' b de or d -cr miapted, by the alJ Wang

AIN, t Ig (Sioe,) L.T ,

Jobbtr -' o _,_..-

n,-.... .. _r
._ _4C-4 ,_'.

ii -, a ,.rI I | i.o llli,
r. )uth for 50.
c I.- 1 ntlita 0h l lands

0r0o- 'rrao ca .' ,Ca priaan
6ot f p n for
1 r c : ,A1 a ulandl for

R Fa..e.-0 hrI ,too' I, II' I--IcI.-fE,, 14-,II F a
qq' ~ ~ ~~ I ,, ,fv ..Inn A 1 Ir.1- 6 rh1criplfinl I l-f llnn
', n,., rh~l (2 6. 6.
a a-o-or., h ,1- ,o l c r 0 r,,. Pr lo ohchpo o g -'ol .an ;19 15 3Co s
a ,nla I i co s m e s
i I i-a Pt., Pcoor yHl r a 3a S.J6.
1J 6.
Clan h~llo al IrCo~oer-n Po


~lo o h' ,i.h..c, 1 I ,i .of: o-r I trrT .,] h roci -t

.r-ll I" ,- r I Io L '.I T iir; l andu 0

ijr o wb2h 1 ,nl i ,: l 1h. oco, rn. : i
1-- daC 4 t l l I lo rhId ni rch l 1

,-l. :l, iirob tC. io l or 13 m-alpv C o lao
lariacia or-qeileCalmlti l

Tbe:ro- a plan sloolp Mel on,, nl elc ilr

h twu ini.ho radjk ,jru lInu aa chai
hR. Porjel b thle ,hore ent d siT tlrd the
Irc ir i r% awcl I-rir-I-aiio-i'rnia. 'aim it Ie-

a or ca rr N -l Carr. ep

1iRt rit.oNl -c ,lolk wi R plo ngri .r a R

.Li ii i-uRl_-. srtlnd rg
--,[ -I pi g. 21 tr- orole of orro-oria".

T hebar io m r. I h biiryr irrn. 9 br
d P. Hcr ai b ap o t, Ld.. Ihe a pr SItor

roe drumso ,hagi of( ycitei rood lid pon
The Veoneon olanoioop Meic.c or ,-hloir

rocx-astol a large lank ald bh-oler logethro
cub too inchors oad eserotl fatlhms of chalo
brvniog herob thought uitore .esterdau uerge the
the St VJrooet Jetry,.

-lAer a rn ol Irodaa._firm l aunocm Ithe
R.MI 3 P. C't c.rgo slemrer Crnollne terrr
Ilo the khrborr ytrerr.Tr ooronnlng wib Inhlor
sThe f an o llownte pot ing psew igeru .
LW .fbtMla_\V. Pruo odoi aLnM. C--

Tberr arrived In 'he hbrboar Yeotetutnl, Ir,.moo
lIverprcI of T De hbO r conslRged to Messrs.
G. Ilcnrilonisu,1 Co Lid.. the a a.B-eusaot
of -thu HI errlaoo t..rn -a o tesu- It--- hP
brouRuht.L 3Ilons'aol Reletaocargo for Ibslapq Pt
and later .tun o .tr.alpmetpeoa.

The followianloIgpanseg m naile fo'-ahol
I.,.IL.rM.Man mma-l kwal P-

b \ *'*lant., ,k1 I and. 1 Cuidero. FCor
M .i.r-.,-,o. "r.----.- [ as i-A. -
Cri-re. .ivs C. L Cailre, Mr R. II David.
Mr and lri. d la loluqda)c ad Air. L. de Ii
Ioiote and jight de.kern.
T ic \'nor dl, Il-or il tAurortae nrrcefl Iate
)eiler.-ly uftru io n lroao. 'rlirobh l Colon ater
a dI,' etrip. Sbh o br, illh t lolhwlnl
curf, l.1.I brigs o cu orn, 3.Ji: planlilnl n A

Tb-re weree reon or lr and oor depar-
iurnetcariolro iia the kInhouriolterday.

The folloti r g p.seno ers nart a I bt ) the .---
Sautllle lot eoeiltoo r -- E
- .Protia-'lnaon-O-. Wo-to S. Brace Pap- t c3l
an-ler I. l RBoII, Met-ri R l)oDan R. .
Methr It l T uno'lnool. to .
C. Norulan. -
From Grenada M iss \V. Rdbheal.,

EsLat2 of Etie Late ___
MNliilager of Pet t Morne Estate,

ITHR Relrcoanra.oer~th will ofl lthe la Ie. .I
II Hinl. "a,-1i? on instruction Imm
,Ih b h'n ii it.. I ir nle t tr , ena r -t-a
planri, tmrtnprlei ,g apprnpoia aeat
aoundro.r- I l t-acreq- I nat- -tie
BAn Roo.i ioq the Ward ol Oropuche;, -..
The land Is fertiler iod owellr-9tard,
.le a river panumlrg n thgouph l_
The caltiit-illn contains l'ant: -- ".,
'o Bcresn 'l hearing tree. .,(.
30 aere ir Iren 6fer Ie od hail.
10 e- n. t -reie- , tokem
A large CO
ontuructlop aW
.Oleri i-i


* hna e Ia IB
ha eantereiron an
rfa to^Be
ii Cyst Jw

- 1-

a..a. aac_ ccc.....a :-
* -, -.- .. r " __ . : .. .:=_
^ ^ *.-^ ^- : -_ '" -. .^ .- -.^ -

. '*,>._-,-.-

'~~~~Ll~__ __rr_ __ __~~;I~C1~-~--~-~J-TipEWi~U~~f;L~CCI~?~I

t a a 711 es o M
r t

I 4=4



~~_~~~~_~_~~~~ ~_ _________




. .. . . ,,

-~n~~i~nw.r r ILu~ -----~---- ------


- I-



Y OUJ certainly must
V A do some-e-plenish-
ing, for the

ay be it is a Clo
Ice Chest, Meat Safe or some 6,


other article, all of r% uh-ch

.We -ilave. "t

-uash if you have-- it;.
Credit if you want it,

_-"fl' T CNt17 D_.'Xi-C 1T r


W- rilliam- [7- h lata-Bi-hro.Dn off the end- Slu. g ati u alto, by nisarchlghis
vTamies artlobo ttelnafoalers of uotttal Bel~tamI II
_I : wanton caitllrege byl ohich lie thought to
conoste hi. ti, life "heures( of sanr1ld
docmion, m ; .old fierl. ibe 12le b'r Cr-il
Spring Rice, who.e f, ieienr.a d iJ IODne ag-I lead
the an tstvophic ttredi beija yrt onglEmTeroI'. -
ambitious ihe be and I were togethlber so
Berlin dtlug the brit decade of the new
S eipn, colal to a.e tbone mingothrlP tprrapiate
oid" t ofl he I' .l o ls, ridnlt. ,'-lJ all tLe
ierseur of b., paLr iot ic l i lO IO t re-.l
i tll'with us o1 ir e ht [Ihe la.! i er.-e '.f the
saone P.alou -,itl lhs. I,t lul.llted..andtl hati
tLera0ion1ttore e.rthhbe noomoreooalitd
it t"a tl 1 i a ii3 ihr i th.Lr ithe rF D n, xt
da.'t Ili Britl-b F aple I A up \' illni 11 ;o
chollenc.-. and a on r o.- ur n. a -inri tr vear. bas
borne 1oa-:ite nfil o'rire rho nii ke. toi
The p.'cal3 i ri, J i_._:t rtlli uL-A1 g"Ld.i -l-
e I Iro a uIna i n, bend in
come noOcd.yo1, othe of L hr oath 1
no amora ",r--hed buat "cat doo" iot [h
ldusi. TverlDs tgnOn-i.Instl IiaIh from the J.)
- --i"lO he-tm l nj-T e -d e Ito call "II.:ojioue-
idlle' all Ifrom the srmoth of lis o- raople.
I o LhoI .e tl ib.i u l 10 orn h il th e rlb r lic -
'm- ,horial, be n..tarer-t dez.oaaa-.t as "'barls
IthUtat a' fallhertanO,. -
I .rete Cier in pil bhus. fLttt n l
ioa eliltte the abeme.rtUo
-11 rlJr.i- t o hour kit d.c i i-.Ltitth. nno '.

__P .. ... .. e ai i

6t.LIer c-f tIe orrid's dc-lni-if wen ere to-
demV to hto, ctOEl 0 o lemneoo or d~emoro,,
[tre & 0al ma a- "h ha,, t 'L I.oughItt hIInt
arnif toh elietelrt o b trt. bi,,iogma..rc
ito-n a on -. WhoniaOa Ps9poSesnifOf r.athiont
.riootttetrt~unewho -,-Iino--

- -- - - I -~ -- -!
S* Th~an~xusaw~flBUHiE5E~Z'

TO A)-. Il-LDIN .
Prince Ton .n ih.-h Knollyn'
ecrc_. n DAr Y At

-ij ] 0 i a i .Vti a t of poopaoar that am,:.outed olmo-t
_____ _ ._ .. .... .. I i --- t t l eCT; [ T- a. e pr1.v. vs..
i.--l- -l WF~!---i3 t - ---poier. a
Sand intellectua forces of a -gifted and
GOOD _NEW S laborio i. ni obvious limitations
1-6- -,EW S. I.,M" V-"CAi,-l uat.-.nlnti! it liea-ie-diffli-
S..UL, ..., iw, better he was rahether tb reitor or
---ne 'mtlarre rtn t d0a rHlfo- tr pertervied rOT -
_h a tAt" comoblnud the wic-ied c.uning rf
he AmePican ollin illCo. oll age with the lustful forcefulnes.l v.:
K> sHis insatiable 'egotism w'as pnly_ equa.lled ti
1 u' s r- in-n tn dlnl i1 eliir. CUS his belief in his own hea iun- r --b-on.o:ic eo.:e
n rsn atounce a, nig reduc- ant oninipatence. He was determioti I,;, en ant
aoo. ntt~ ooin~~'on.,nr o o. iii allthingsa;s : o ar Lonrdt ia o l.I"in

--TJ WILLIAMi 11. '

at% is VALK tf.NTEr '
SI r e ha th said i n hbet. iheat I Tsh
-T_ venati scr be rho ct doan these ahait so

! -

-fr -- -n IUY1O Y b' -.1


0--'------ -
.. -- --

o T STRONG, Ltd.



21 Frederick Street. 'Phoie 446.-

O ken d every-p Hous ewife o ho uses ,
ct compiles his .- "T
~ er prese-es ate not
-dtlicious and nutiious,- but "qrpa;d -
.. other like Products are1 cheapest. T

21 e -t-rlieet. '.PhtoneWC&l. 4 4. .

an adding onuacine"---t
u-btracts, multiplies, ancd
divide as tell.
It prints figures cn a strinp
of p3erf, On ,your ledger
-lheeLs, oon your sEaeunentes,
' uit a more rapidly
and eg ibl1' tian they can be
. Fitteu by hand as a type-
rtii atr- rites-letter. -

At thIe .ame time it .-1lo-

IwVitloiti the pos'sibiIlit of
error th cOrI-recLt total cIf
'a- a r . .. .. -_. .
--^j5r+h-r;ini.."( r fi m

handling mechanism w.

January 1919-- til-n -f, ST-RtiZSIST' w "o r mtinpnho....... inrni'- i
I hi .l I 1' I .''' ii* 1" I. t' I ....I B E B ^

S: . r I I I I ,

q it. l L i t I 11 (

011 a 1 n' r l "p L 'h j.i 1 '. or :R lilt F A C T S .
'',E'' .lDES GRANT, Ltd -

.4 0 I-,,-- ,- -. ...I G rasGrass M arhet ,
l -- r nr i' P n I~ i r u... 'l -- No 17 Charlotte Street. L ....- .l .e .. r-- ,
; i -almoralou "l1 r I.. l... .. l Ei cnp a
'alourde W I
'R A.r,. .... RECORD OF FACTS.
P I'. l... . ,I '. i

,. i l',1, .,.,,,* .l ,_ln. ... ,,,.l ,>. .t Il .: .. . n.ia m i. ..i .r, .- P arr eC.. r. r L E3 -, fU r I n. l .. = a
Viol NoA- r-n Assura-ce .1..ari GEDDE G th lod..

pr I I I Dsnfrrr I OTOR CA e [I r o I I. I
-t ri lbi r t -- l r e o t e

'- N 1MOTOR CYCLESr. who ,_____ TRIC_ pa
-- m- -]-I 'llke-. Halmo'ra" Iia 'M-c.. . U------ ---oiL ad. A Educa'io-iltL *ri, ] ii. ---i--[ ----r,.-:----

.. .... :I: F....E.A A L; i i i ..... Cr.FIDiTYOIGUARANTEE -
.0, a j..., I F,-- true lo' ;crier than enihti
PtR GRAN5NULL-L rr A ,no, r5 Iir.ri -.0-t I i oh.1 werep iact1

-I- ;. 1 .-l a uh..u BOND S. --"r- Eien yra rolng uaew, ha t u pe'.ehings
be 'he J e Lr . snla l I 'g u rni e Lcol etl. h 1u Ireih r oes 1 i1., -o edi
o t o. -rG l re' envid t, I 1 ,ii Or... .. 1 31 5. rf,., i. C ,aiib.l .'. or 1..i1. 1 Ill,, 0 a i1iio Camrr..l.rt i FRE sMamioaini.
S tI.. o e)I I C.I 1 1 | i| .Tla i a,,i l O 1 p al'i i T heIl u l .0 l e i n I l v p l Ir a -. I. ID r o in e C l o t L i s t f o r t t .
.t.l hirt C pin ind 1- he In1 lst bisir gt ,l:r t to rioi.d id.on, tihe oampha l ran t- SParh
l I I a" iren e l ap Li_

," 1 .a A'ei n, n]. ioP" addlll.II ACC1DENTS TO PERSONS. l h ie e t, 1 i e This Bar s1ktiehbe l h01
h ck v. o 1 11 1- '[, lh ulhe F I I 'I a ,rl'
--- e a-o- l,,]d ,b o l tl a f .lp til] ID t- e p cr, I r. 1916- No IEre s he *l t Ie 9( ,1 A n al a,;
'A pl. I x' E >IF, The Northern Assurance "b live IiIIo-I.'.ln 1, Th t'ct.; from Fad tExtam en f n .Ie. i Mr. -ilr

S rer M .. rifAN. hei i e.u (ig h a gi n all kind. o i th par i oh iards o'"f S ince and
JIo tEpg g "e Oeuta rt tu he,. n ne reI e. eee li iI Ue o
L te i *i " ll "' I'e r. Iif ienor i tiho lil td i I ro o e ta t ur o g Hfa ol k no n ofI G

Sp Wr h. op R Ksd ,'-.- i 'L i .C p a in y i m td ri h i,,i.eCii.w B 1r.o t ie her mewrite. a. a o
,Te, tle r k' Rca. I, d I io e __ i A A. s andM U W ir s Mail
layer- A Specil tIy. I iaim B SSOPIiiail e P' i'l;.. ,i eof mi T1 of iigifa Re. H very st I ,i
i a 1CEBES'1 MUSpi iir iPr. pre-- e .I I n re- S E rib ii ,L ico ve ted i r am, r.t.e. l caner inN GON5AVLES to tie
tot L Lit "n add aa it A h0is on. irit arnthe goundo ih hegot [m te Pam
1 1h. 'P t j i -rOi p Op e n a I t p i n i i l i Eto a o d i -i B u-n e n la i r i ze a r Fte t en ri 1 0 t h e e A ti ri p h it ia n H ig h Src h ool.

F~d-eick~t~* io~t nni-atnSOP~ ~ .ii~litso. ,~iro c or.ts-i %be li5iatat mts s
g..,sI ea prcdL lbid 1Qt licr tri'ird~l i e )ad T_. w n
W' r 7'f.
a L --

RT vvrn ifhb 9 .. -

---To ..- ---e

__To Or C1ofer+.

--ii' ~ ~- -,





what is. -a-I






I I -_ .I- 1



... .......... Ic /z Itlr r III l /r rl 1



I: "~ ~_~Sfl 1~1_


- drcoi;

L reor s--

Q- 5' V' Z.' __ N"__.-fr
Na ;.-t ~ a

May be it'

* Ice Che



.. vr.


-7 y -f\ "- WILLIAM1 II.

WBS ta V 4 L n l
i-Pinsr he an t said i s hear Tubh,
v -,f l se r b he a .do n : the e, shnll, o

.....T-1 1hro u o ff- 0 U certainly must nm.eS!,I thel"efnters oa ot'tral Beli'Fm,
thn wanton chlaienge by habich he thought to
Y do some e-plenish- .s....... oU inntr hl e erose of orl.d
domtninn, my old inetI. the late tr Ceotl
"igfor the enrig . o .. .cie.. had ,I t.g ae d
ambitious 'hen he an I were together so
NEW\ YEAR Berlin dlung Ithe irit decade t the ie .
teipit, nutll to a.e tbt", in utcorlytit y Tnprr ate
-oids of the tPs'htnti. n'i.- I io. -',t1ial LtLe
er u of b., ip t.riottc i-,.i iIt re-.u
I Il? w-i th us fr ire sholt [be IaI i et.- '.l the
is a Cloxk, M irror, Picture. s ll i""i,, 1' It e ,h:t Aa d.t ih
tLe01n ti3otti-e e r t'h -rn.nomoretc.ii ''
est, M eat Safe or some 0a Britih dtpl Iupte l pooik p Sit ii "
all nehich :biiei il-ni nmote ho enll hotbre, in
article, all of i h i! ___ ih .. e. 'n.. n- i'.i h
e.;.:,-h e tbu tsu ,nd noi- tlo end ha4
come. ,oud.tlely, 2 ithe man oa ILe taith" i
W' lavet.' 0.. m r 'ertied i-bat 'cat ,do'o" i t..he
S il, ieloing. iguCriiti'noslv lytI. b Irom tlihej_ _
-if you i dhave- tile. ilal Iomth e r.ih o( osnte..
Credit if you want it, 'otL .athela.. .
Iii ia to l bhim |, It oul. be
--et i.t1le the .iet11en" e on u do-'tI i ha9
a. ijf"- v Sil s teMJiret,t ] t i Ihimn d,'s ne i, a th rn .- .

if a dent io hin, oIrmeDtI or dnmor..c
Se"n airealn', Onl; .1 L h a L taught hitM
SARCADE eto eil int .fii.Fn-o i a nielh.tingm..t.r
ARC D Ilo, miP. iWho 1, P.o9n.e.J of r'oulhlte

-. -. -' '-i. T-o I'ta IF.* fUi erend, rha eb,7,ite. Io

G R \N D . I a- teti- -, gitted aodS

i Athletic -Sorts GOOD -NEWS aticihirie "..'i e the e
SI.Prit Ttl n th ery Ronlling Mill Co., tii e iTir''-
a!i.-r u ed tt '
-Jr NEW YEARR nAY i12 In Y i -'' i
January 01 9o . i i: I- aI \ ti. 0-I ..t L rt -

.- i P. R GRANSAULL, Selling Agent L i- :iti. n .
1 h- i,. pr .Lrrier of

--'S -. ,, ,-, .:
.1 r1 1, 0 1 7 ,: i.' b Ia i I


S i-i.. la.. ..... o p y L ie .
.-- ,,tr c t t' t..di si
r,.' ,N _,'i .... i ....

- itnpl t. t ..i.o ,r,

Xr i- h i -
,:I .. F. E. G RA N-AU LL rt ll(ir--,'F. iu., .Lit l-i :bei^lt^ "

.. . ......D.. ... TR A E ..... .........
5-:0 '1 I s t- -

I ,1 d' I 1 le I F. E GRAN ULL eI I L T 1
1' -r- e.ti i a
a Fi e 't tat-c t pu- tI-it ii m ni'
apeiethuet n e ).t,. al 611A Nnis ti d i
L-'h-li caC tr'.ei Fi ..''-I I . I .. l .tI t .. .
IE l T. h e o t er A es u I r' ih ..... hi- i-ni it t o e.. "
prnee.. 13 C.rlod T R.n. e tintn 1i- .'a '

H.-- g t o t rite n t sne l any moten ou e s t te e iue

O e pri m Cal S b.o Pet se' od ti .-_hs- i coe fed it- i pemnnI Io. r
I --o -'te jett. Elle p- e.nee d oI t p e No r adn ,iA AiC t e n t-i i .ea e 111tn.a i the ,cc.
'IG: 1 R Flit T 1,T H, ,-,, bi ,, 3 ,13
_ v -eoe i-3i. t L., i e, I nn.. t e .0_a_-, .t-t t at.

F RanE "Y ORtK rcentit'e:11c.i'-1 ttI t:...... -a -s-in-ou- i citi:.l o-- h. ... Cc
tt-Wi eleiti' ''. .. ,., i-.. e C m an iLm t dn-,, 1,.I'. b I l. .t r t,- or

cThell ta',Ch pt-oe it .i.i i MOTOr CAWS ti r et", t,3ot of .hi'n""-
tti'rlte'tr o,,hac 1. no tib e ot r ed Te Gnrt a iota
-- ens-' s-a ,' i iu er"', hc t i ... [ All types of Car Insured. Own..m..i e ba.tie.- oiif,,c ,.nte.
Ltus I.- -in t.,ern:4-_ a_ t r t at Fie rea 1 t,:.ea ts tV EUCARS.

-I|T ..... i'oe J-i a t. n Is1.,f adO lo ,aT ad L.,to '. an' -eli th e prc-i mr-op ihe "
AN,;. .IMF e, t iC]".9 c i-ru tn Iice r ,st,. s .', ,'n to. the n. r- Itce C.... he,_
00al r liliD -- nnsciet ide a be h na.ia
1 ... rn t c i ... yi- et .. -.'i e tft5 1a 1i -p . .. --,Pa-]fiE-.1f,1ehe :Frv.ri'eg t

tI r --n e' apeti4 r' s i ,. t i i L I ni- ho C l .w in p Et n.t0, illke rt. le
'ar. t ni. t. -_ t. -- -IA - oo"-1 R' e---i'TAt utep to feiese ut ..
ll.soiie.. tn.o rns Sto p i T G R Tred wt'lh LJe col.] not tend to [ii' roe IClle

tt'ntr ... i -el S n dtubee F I VAos CARie nit i' in-ted d o ,c i r eal
b oy r I a- T n tttte-tec ti -AC I TO PERjON_,tn nIit inuetrtn itto|it'eh hen .

-- ' h .htI Lionis the To ts ou iths ull Les d
f igrei n nndaLhtLes one ni ith n"w'fh Ctl etn n t o heb'

M. ,. A relidnes pr,,e1tosoin e aos a k d f a of.. -- r en 'a M.o A
lien p........ 1 1 -- . ..nta ., M O O CdYCLE S. tn Af. sclnE uen' lse ine o t -I h ist
L 1 I A ,ni joI q i t 1t 1 n h n ILod t 111tntle ere n lo 'fritie op a_ d P eet

I IIP--- RacO, -E TO'N .. ..... "'n Id b,,hb L mcic ue d oter 1kin e n n. o- he
; j "' et o BM u d R.','erLC n. :1 .1 prim B O N D S. Ctt Few, hot the i... te...... T 1- ,5Co Sn w t...d
tit- t "F. ...11A. ,t us i n t'dj t --oh n -ir -nt. r the ds ndlo r
... 'r) .-'ArSpeCttli) Hom IIlndu.trles A sUolali t er cr-.n a," iq I bane .... h .-.d .the itd tltig
M uly r 'n 'tt Ithe th, ,h d then e pe...putppecl..n

w\oxz xtthot ir itl,, the'., e eer. an-i ine' n
Poice IntiI Pnnt al b h ~tO cFI

--L.- ,e-- _----- "------ i-

What is-a 11

R1:nrrlirdhs? lI--- -

an adding -tuacine ---it
subtracts, multiplies, and'
divide, as tell.
It prints figures on a strinp
c.f ppafer, on your ledger
.-sheets, oo your sLaLtements,
."uit a- u.ul more rapidly
.and leg bl'1 tian they can be
. writtenn by hand as a type-
--titer r- rit-letter. --
At.\ the same time it .-i/lo-

_-t -. -.., -,d record s
without the pj'aebilit. of
error the corIreci total of

- r-4 c-mw mnrpid"'neL

handliug mecLh-insm knn.
----" -

rho '' I.,1 Tr \our
ITr, D GR A r :0

,_ O GRANT,Lt-- ,

To Our- CsTomerS -

......-._ .

it .s-h-you--


___-__-_--___ . ... -



T li,. P ,.n l i,-n H "- ,'---.--. I-I-:. I .-.f ':,
pe hi*r.-. I ,ir,: Ci to the lI'l,,0 IDgn

"l -d. .-ard L :. r r ll- i Oiiw iioner
.3 r. trir Itl ie rn5 .,r h e mhar, e-x-,a bi
a' Cu'le-e and I V rh- :,m, year lop.p"d ith
1 r, 1 iF3 Canmr "al EJ F minai. .u
191t 4- ulr iri' f rt't tn i rte P. Cmrrnrde
Fixms ; n ",the Clia- Lit t tr for o r.
ri-i-it tld. onb ithe fampthIan tlg &Schbol
916- No Ensris held. but -e get l tsli,'onialt
Irom Frinient men including Mr. Chbaile
-- Edward-s -.iBacti-lr- of S.-ence and
metribrr of the EdJucanonal Cnir-miic.e of
Bnstol) ataing that you rg Hotlick n of
Ren. hit Hu.titi.. M 1a hsvery succeTi
lul career In EHrgland thanks to toe
ground a "h which he got from the Pam
phttlan High School. -
1917-We ihe only BY-s cho l D i the I
L land to eohain p- sEI at the Janior
Cae.o.dle RA31m1ioIt11'nt i(sQUen'5 Royl
sod t %lai'3 Col-te.a t-cepiedl
tt]%-We otre the only B-i' oichi-t:l m tie
Hlard to s -jaT' pas-e it i i 3 1 I it
P. Camrribridge xmistior! In a ddition
-oe o nour b,,ys .ont in Queen';
Cochge a.d i a yea'n tine pBaed Lti
Oxfitd ard Cimhiidge Lar31 Emoims
Seninita and to-A dt-i.rciieoa3in 5 shie-cos.-
-r,"-rn ,,--T t C--c":: L '-'.'

Sc:hox'l Re-ofpEii JanuTary 6h. l9i
__ PrLopalu

Ilew year C0reetings
F R i r-T E .- :

Victoria bar,
...... -I-t-4---- C'
This Bar stocks ute best

O aur fi utinoi arbado Rmoni

-U --- -D R NKa- -
nt Friaince. ,e Lteep large tocal o
&rdials and Wines,

', gi M, ..VW





"TERIJSoR.---S -.AS.- -


21 Frederick Street. 'Phorine 446.

76- .:
_______~ ** '

And every-Housewife who uses LUt
Product ._--omplishes -_his._ _Or O..
_-k elt,_i- otws e Cocoa -Powder. Citrou'
other preseres are not only pure,.
SditlicionU and nnutntious but compared "1
other like products, are t1ne cheapest. T4eT
demand LUCIEN'S Take no other.. -'
-- A LUCIEN __.... _:
,r Cawas BUT. F01w4sar

. D r: #I..j.. 7 i 7 L -iM

- -4."





a ....

I _~


M V f
a be -1 in r:






-~~- --- -- --~--.--L~LCj ; IYI-~-rr-Cu~r_-r-rr--r--~


Yev a i



I | I ;


~~;~ :;~~~T~----~ :~T;T~;~~- i.__~;~-L- T-~l=__.-_:;_-.~;L____~~_~_;;_;~=-;~--- --- ~r ~~---- -~11:1:

---- f

1919---: -

-PEACE.I.-. -E- ___-____ ___-_ .

~ -

.-.... Beg, to thank their numerous Friends anr Cuitomers frthe-ir -
. .patronage during the past year and to.wish them.








Gould's- Storage Batteries
Fitiol ,.ith. lt I r 0 IcI. G r ll -- a r-.LI d r pla .: and rubber
.. i ..r 1i,,rs -

A fI-r ,-.'iy C i.

S,--oture yours early

-- Abercromby Street -Garage__

William-1 -iSMITHF.-ROBETTSOM, & C n v -_ '_no.- tr-

.t " ""ini r IiLB 1-i ,i 1 1r I
Fr _l : ,r-iI.r_-I

-. ..... Bamboo Jardiniere Stands
'.'.,I!,; Ti ,- / "
privileged to be thn .ati.ent hy IR
house." Truth asi not in. i 50 CaesSt. Rahael Wine. -
mother, the Empress Frederick, once bitterly 400 Cases Gautier's Brai ), 1 2 .
Iremarked'.- The trouble with Willy is that a
be has never been able to tell the truth not 24s an 4 's.
e....i... ..1_:-. -. ..11
is governed only by trickehry and deceit" ..aconr treet. ..
Then, when trickery abd deceit had lone tht-irtl -t- j), I /
work -the last ord-elas ..rosenmi W"t--
hbelnt ge d to him who wietldtd th mighntiiest it L L .-
sword. And what sword could ,ihavei eet i e
toin -tr i ightinr ,ik .August t94t hini ihn

... ---- =HORATTIO-CHUNG-,Ppretor.. hih. hat brought upon himself as iell the
-h le 31 ... Aberom by Street t ideon ruin he s-brnougt unpon hi, county
___ -h"nti- -tithe whole world, completes the mein ure of hi
.". i,, .. I ,, -d ,: intwhoe intinct

I r-inidads 'Red Cross
1, Iowin leIttter ha i nt ,n rectii d ii
1,"I dgqment of the September cAlec-
,Britisht Red Crois Sociely,
.3 Pali Mall Street, London i .W.
23tlh November, 1918.
aini.---t have the plieasure to
,-, ,.t.geitiie receipt Ttonighn thie Cri~n
,, ,-i. 1 r the Colotni-, of cheqtue value .26j,
ri,_,- n. in the Trinidad nini uhani n Branch of
b: Ii-h.b Red Cross Socii-ty, official receipt
n- . in. inents.
i-,-I,n] hin hinthe Finance Committee, I am
-,.to ask if you will agiin nnacpttfor
11 and convey to your comtnltteininin
r,.-.,, the grateful thanks ol the British
Society fori the further generous
Ytnoursn aithlully
ROBT, A. itrion,
Chairman of Finance Cominittie.

V01-1o Cttic- 7fldl 'JI, a \ i ry

PcacuhuI and Pros perou, l-,i
Vith thus %x.ho hav.c rel-atives. at Ithc

tu--tu, i~ in ..a ;ci in in '.IItn lt Il.I

cirlv return amonr LI5.

.. .I

- 'uurs, very truly, /


-- ISH i---

-Thti -C u-ervd


South and Central America, will pay
f hom five cents t S5 per hundred and more
\Uor further particulars write FRoI K R IAN-
OWS'U&I, 739 lenidrie. Ave E. Detroit Mich.



REDUCED in _peej,__

STRAW MATS, all sizes;

,2in. :, 6in.- -5
]2i(. x ('rt--y..5o.


I EL I JET P/LE CAz RiP.ETS from "9.o.00.
JUTE CARE TS _.o. . -

For Presents -



I-S.n Q -e., Trinidad Tobago Branch B R.C.S. -
oe -& For Sale

Treat to Peor children. rn Material and -_

Asa. Ieiin.n (*- iii ii ii. I u-
,.... n..,,uR .--CENT ARRIVALS.
- m n- e . .. I .- t ; .i. n I ..S. ,, 1r 1 F t
tatA5 ut .

tin nl1 hiin .s ty le a t , -,t, C-a C ,'l,, M n' ,a rd O il

i Red Cross Notice. $4.50 5, c ,i-is Te eaWl50
c o uc25 C -.::. D en itI t t o s t p.ii e P S t.

rr.i:nv to C : In h.U UL 1 U LT)f11.1, Blue r B;i 0I Tteren P. Taills
ttntiuthmt,-r, , -,, ,f d.... to411- Fit- " -- siz- e- 15 Tierces Ribs.
nt, i ,.M ade to o' ir Fit. . to any nd F Imil 10 Caes P aice Cane)
Sle ___ Pattern of Materia will be sent 5. each 48 ts.
S t POST FREE to our Country 0 2 Bags Duch Fine- Sl. 50 Kegs Soda Porder -

R0e C. o i4hce.75...Corner Princ. "enry Stret s. i ,
...... r .- II it],- &B o FB P i _
i:.m. r .i- ".Fta-

ma.a.'- 3r.1"b"'e ';

I t -- .... :-- .__=c -

W-- -----C-tOSS& o*-Lim-tdT - ---

Colonial Dispensary
.. ish-t-ir f - m --v -i- -a nd Cutomers

--- r E OU "E- h U, ii.iiit




: .

1919 '~~'~*. UiniFu








PE.ACTE. .E E R _____ 9--

. -Beg to thank their numerous Friends and. Ciiustmrn'Ts frthe ir -
S-- . patronage during the past year and to .wish them . ---



P. .4 CE

-.I ...I.- J C-'..... .- -.;- : =-- ...... ..._ _. nl
_b-rr WeRO SS- -o ALimited] A
Colonial Dispensar .. .. ,ir THE ARCADE. T
S eir4a4' --and Cuties b-
S- Bamboo Jardiniere Stands

I -_________0 and Whatnots|

SCO ING -SOON! ..'-, r 1i. 1,

Fitir ...It h: ih r I- '- r c IId rub -.: ,- uP;,
A Ii I ry f r hy C l.I S- C Cu . I I r C.. r..
h-- -Abercromby Stareet Galage' -rePi -_ -

,: ........ t _. ,,, ":, iFri.,,, T,,. R ED U C E D _in price,--==.'

--i 1 T Contribution. M al sizes.

Peaceful and Prosperous >. i i. .,, 1, i all
\\ ith t1h us, h. hate relatives t, 1r ,
"Fr nt, i,-in in wishing r hil, a nted. Il ,L/ T /' /A ., I i "
c-rl\ return among us. b 'I .'.ii'.. i F Present
-...uurs, \ivery truly, .... ii. ir ...' . .. ,, Sen t ,
--- S t~eet -G a~ai~e ............. .. "; ; 1 .... ... "" Ti,


PEAL ER TCOffei. For
.. ...n.. ..... e you E RI R- E. I ARRIVALS.

V, i .. tUI5Is e %.h ...... r "l--. Lii rpf- Fine S t

-1, ,.,l, -e -I o ..any ..1 "ri A. D.all

... CNTA-Y SE,{
- -- EP1_LL-O


U na blu ra denta-
dura e el lece la
G--paricenc a personal. _
Conse rvese los
dietntLs bs'ando el
mcior d ntlfrico.
El dmhl~r Lcoade Coloate
[unpia, en ycn saanrva
la deptadri a en perlecto
cntado.- Es anagradable'
coma efiCazl..

SI style at
Red Cross Notice. $4 5(
L 1, Coll ,cr c the Rf i C oro sar e n '..l
ib .A u.iII.,T. % I,1, I .I . .. rii.
*,:10 4 l-,....... ", 1 r 1 I.,, .n ,,r, | t Pk- i
, 4,-n L [ .- rL. ,i .,,. ,, ," h -
I.,, o .<- <',-rD . ....r.... ,, c ,.. ,e VuJ^V w -
Ih.. 'Ge erIT Cr. nhinn r i]],n'ecl .,1 IIle R Oral T 1 . f
I. D,, tI.,1 ,;1ii or,, vir., :,I, I I ._.! Iia..r i l. M ade to XI oL
___ ____ Pattern of Material
,l 'r ,l, ,1,,, POST FREE to ou
pr-.irl~ Ii ii liin r ir. ir c iIi le. l n Friends.
.,ca I;, : ,i, -rll'-,7, flcl L, I.h,'III yo fuF1-.l A m er ic a n
1h ,1`/ollc.* l a l- llhs c..'ul Corner Prince-& He
&stoma,'b andl Luwel-. -

rr Fit.

0 a S" L c'. S ...u: xt.. ii 1B iin

2-) aici

1000, Bngs Dmjch Fine- Salt.

.'4 I'rimis Mitiiard Oil
ii C.-s._ Blnck Tea, each:O
I-lb. packages.
I'Bo.ves Fancv Pipe s;
-tiL' BrIs. B. Si .-uts. :
1 U Tierces PaILk.1-
15 Tierces Ribs..
10 Cases Plaice Caenned
each 48 tins.
50 Kegs oda Powder:

.nry Steeta. SotTH Culp Y.

* H


211 'r .

~ r I



r7 -- -----

Co l whose report " --A correspondent from -abroad writint
A IOTNS To ,aay Commi oa e i. -NEW YEAR'S DAY 1919. NEWS IN BRIEF. nd. i.rni st s th a
SE 'T a w S i.t d al o the ern-ti for -a-g .in, iho-s at the fronl, has
S. i -- awarded the Military Crass. Mrs.
--)no IFoa. A I om A LTAoppored from-- P- -AC --who-is wrd-h-
-tV bysop a shipment o I gs letter recently from her husband. but h
s e-C ..G,. "l Orand AthleticSport at -Princes Town, ta or a .t (By. Capein lR. F. W. P-Ea-.- of Cuo-. b s p h mo meOnn 1' h .
I:-ln (Pri a'. M mom approval, andl he opposition th o t C in t F. W. REnt r .. e o-
_1 a -- one was conducted by pDr Prada with For all bhai. Peace Las meant, The second lertn ofQuen is Royal Col.'
Lodo 8 0 admirable act and emper.1919 w The Ordin- For old or 1918-1919 will commence on Monday Althog the children, Ruby Gam
k.S. .,Ecrlma. -_d rab e a i-d tsma ei rorem e, rts in Lord. le n Th n r p ni hm en
m...ny pro o rd. 1bc. T nh suL and Hoosani, who were reapectively -

0 . 11.. . ..'m- -
mel S '- --.--- cellency's'are for the children hM, bn u.I .eilmlnAi -.I.- .'-. I co mene n nrctio .e t mst!tUto. La
E tn ,d.-' -" ~ Paa cI t Cinema (pn Flaneandaf -ppm prosed not only by the inacTtraoion S I .t i ed, Ininte t dor-ein,-ie an ostrutio i i o .
-- .-ne -,tIt hMi' ) ,hc1Mot nhhers' and infants' Clinic. d 1 hr than t of : rn-i; c... na lot-pnon a O3ii la a le t but engine &Ie'-
-* agr e Sr"g[. n .p Ba heBoy Saing Leatne. h.b-l-bv Ihe I B "'"'l 1.'- -" i-' .--. 'I: ".ni ... I ...... .-. .-- I pss-nger train heom Singre Grandedue to-'
TLr. Palladinm (Tun ipaia). 8 3) pm. I p-s:.age of such admirable me-a1ure. a', Ta The em. -r ,,.tr.c-'r 01o i .-co,.Lable Cumming Jied [rom tuber. arI in Portn o.Spain at about omiddaya -
__ __ "__ "the no o---children--antheC OrdiIaInce to regular i te the \ .. t, .i e i lwa-.I- cllu-- eter.da. morningat th .Colonial re.iach- d-i e- r'-atslcrdt.y lully tlo-hb.t-n -2
*..-" To- _morr. 'os iary praon of children and hi. Ciremno Th-e .' l i lo-r .l T'. H .-pil. t* bhid schedule unme. On this account -
- -,- t 7 C T e-0-m0rr0 w S umdr -r,"Ord e-lalr The j-.. 1-h n i -i w- -1o c m oute blero to the train at.
_S d,"1i-1 .,- .- . -- - -ls c cen-or r-hip to r '-iu -ht, I "' -' r -p.- P.. ,' b i order ino prIi l ifoi n ofa -
StyMap i.i bCo'. m. t- n films hi to b1ase 'H. u r n ..Ler Cl lte Pn 1 pru w, -ten -1 service 3 apett train a itd f
"a i .-. . -."u- n ru. rt a n n t. A rt' e h-ni ti-d. -
Mai 4 .hn. preme Court, 9 l' jan s efct on the minds .. l. t
.a ..-i ]s ---b I i. o0 h .- L. rin I ..- Pei i . !'-. e :, Io
i=b fllraw-ni Ce-nf.-us," t'el th- -e C u 1 i I- n. C. iThe "ae w.-"7 r..sumed ot La.--e-Corpoiral
M1M ", SE" s' Dstrct CoUri, C .,.m I rantd th Moutzoo-e OrJnauc-.. i F. N c' -.". ,l Th -..: of the Cro S:,lic;Lor h been Sm ,, : m oon a
. i.- r o .. "" ..- the Cc1.riaan ouJth, Red Houl.e Simmons i-n.e. A hRamhiska, o a o a ouritn
-'F-hr-f--tr-r i -7s- -^ .BMzru e --U- T- it- ff aontaining legF^lE^
Ol p ic h eatre. S-3 p m. ork--tb Govru r himi f r,:e r t J r Fr.r ta t That on enuin at the War-:
"= 'ddj .. ,- ulrmpl ea e..' .'l , . 1 b 3-'A o" a '-1 e, I -- '", -" it -l i-"er"
.r e - bt.d on tit raec,,- ,e ,- d, .... dea Ofic., it .as di-. s eed that defend.
y lsF ir -i, '* *City Cinca. rn h dilid-patch to the3S.:arnr-t 1 La:. -II. I -i 1 ut' Lcid -uL ._L-maniu ilizhe_ eri n _eea -,.,-r 3- A-ia-aOfL.3-and-coar-
S - Le. - L p hpuit- thec tpin -'lone to I'b. , ;. 1 .... n l.l Ca l. b. b 1 bf wn '-u-, -- . imro- .d in drlault one
mS .tz ..- . .r p.l.t .i.r.....o ... ir 'I Ipi.. I 9.-.- r He.rr hin iore i... ... r. . ".I n= _. _"- ; I .-,l,' ... ThIe hn rl.. ,. . n ..... t i.d.... -. d ltbour.
a. "- peletr .mem ,s =-Thii 5 -, Sir Henr, Moorel-- n 1' r n:h .3m6nio, a bpmnnt., mont' mpn.- rm nt th hard labour.
- assn ,; -- n; o, *Tb *' IL ,ri
----------.. ..- -,,- -he -.t ffi zi. ni- of bo lith. Th t 'b ";, "y j- r'. .-,'' ^- '^U- n- 7y. In.... -.. .o
.- -- et and th- afr i o mBarb s i s n n :. i r i D liI o 1 h er, j a- 5a
S. -- -- in nrc, I- Tor te ,- M r d b r Xt K ating, of the
C- -,- t H i c ,hlb eft ta rt e I .' i .i . -n u i .n ... n- --l-- f 1lrx -tu -

-_ __ __-___S----_. .. _'_l__"_ .Tn,:twa'tr,-."-:,t-t r;1'", ,'-,-.. '__ Di_ F I. I h-.a_ _G I.- tryr .-

-,L rp..rz MIef dl.._N -T-.c trihate o Ei togird 1- : O - 1 b lm ift-r 0 7i rtrt-in. _irIT .d
- '_ *,- C ', a.; rTi u' t r ie .. .. lt~u Ic-h i hic h:.-. ,r. ._ __ .u h 3 o h d _in t- ii i' b inhe c l n'c at. 1 t--_
_ 1 : i : . "I It i- a n: e.-,. r rTHh i- ri-an. i ,, B la ,! r. :I, [ o ' '-,; T_ ' . -'. '- ; :[ ': *nr ;1 ; -,t t b- H ,n the ali-cti- r1 C7 _stnes,.

/_ _' : Ui ii 9 'o a t h d ed i t nn .. i l .un - ..- i i '4 1 a u u r-i -' n d t.. ... n e -
S -mnt and the Attorne e nsd t tj 1 i

At tt 1 ..I. 9 VF L9I I and, de'en er-e i in Cou ncil .- ,-, WI, i-.. i -"- .. .. .I....i .% ... no .. ...l.d- r... 2 -A .t -'b I'1I M r-Ar .h. t h bag_ ot_

W - b n i , r r'.. ,- o

1- 1t i -- A C 7 i"
THE Ti tIDAD GUARDIAN -, C I _. r In. .n. ,ei

0.. .


. I .ALS

- cor .- : 1.1 -.

'Wof so. m

T A .,-I. S.: .n M ole I t i of ,n n, L. p-
- a.ul ., -, r,-
C .rAr N.n-, I-. ica-1.,
7- 6 t -. ,a- i'

Captain [iM i r
AbMull'u 51-11.' Cs I -nin], ]- C..i l

dul I 1d 7-a. Ci / A C

w the5_1 1 1 !_ o r, Fr,

P ane' f., -'.. -', t - 'ih C 'lI. C hi
ai "te .-

7m l a gPsl' : ': Cr i


-' -.. .

S sight.- C9 "

f b f ir. n
' 'e ,remiu.;
chn bt

c. .'a s "a7

Cabl r .' l% re na -

:ii) 'i Tl .,\, F' ,1' .I- Ii-- U -,cr --" .,-" r .-"." .': -. 1 .: .- : h
a r ear ur were the Immigraon Am ndment . . a -s under: to -.- --. h-
ounnti7 -, $135 Ordnance introduced ip a pa-ni- i: bm-i u' di cr-erd cO3 se nor5hin-s .
*u / maiden speech by the Acting Protictor ch d a co' t -:b i aci3-c-;c 10s r t-s -
.41' eo. 1. :/d n ,. ayariti t f th ] r.r Marriott. an Ordinance to' trau rr ; b!-" i., t. k.-- op-."'-i, recurr,-nc." In T ere nre now twenLty patientsL at the
Co-.1- n c ina l2z t 'is t. A-A n Coni-snu:-.'. Ward. Calon aI Iospital. of
u .. . ...--- -... .. 1 -.- .. . .. .. .. ...... 'i-v- .... --w.a nd A . a m ll

m; T i thit hi x Mr%- Mr I. L:r.:. ir dclerk-
'nri -:Jt.'i an"l Irtu c .ri-7.aii-inrt the tmn[---

!il foir ed---.: H eL
and promised to rat rn tl ri.r'ae bat he
had not done so. Th rn mmilt-T a -s ad)jrn.ri-
to to-morrow for witnesses to'be cited.

Ii., I-,r,. ad h o II and the! H.:--- )mlr.- -.........- Defendant was admitted tobail in 20 with
CORRESPONDENCE. Prada's painstaking anna1 e13ort. 6 to Hi .- ce-I-nca I -.1:a .-ei a-,e ieri ts lth fever. Yesterday morn- asnurett.
-_-. -- -t -P i .-~- --.4--- ... .-. .th- -_C, i ho-.-- .- . nz Corp.oral Roseu nderwect a operation

'P a l i e W . i W n r t.i --p r. a i. G a A ,-, i
/t' ; '. .. . the Se-. inn : r I n fa i t Sa.- ana GrandE. District-A A riculti ral Go
.t --. t .r S di i-n o oiiPr- ma.-end ir-cn S, i t of whi i anCipain R. GooeaT .

,al,. -res- ingr,: --7-, odd 1ion to in. rif C h .a zrnta e srlae-ra Tunes. i.thetre nk- I'pl-oeT' t
:1 H. L,' n n the a n i r ar T as a i pr of hi Sa Is t he a! Conna 19 at p.m.,ht Lodge to state L .the pass l

TO.D'" b- ,n i New Yers Day r ru'r-1Societ a "o th-neetin..called!fr the 2ndai.stant il a a -
and a Pubic Hoi 'a, -hre -i b ., rn r ol be ,cTe I It is no srpri sin to o.earn that t C -a-t 11.o-ae. ..Londo y ram t ar Trafll en g
no pub.con f THE TRINIDAD i I r ann c-- - p ub location of Nfr.- li e rgaer _, Fgr n -ews or S .-rm
Anl 11, Thit rii ll isi dShv iaa lt a- iiThe-adsurn-nied men.niroif the St Gerard'sl these shores in Oct- : 191i t ooman1

', c --a-ini^ r0 ect.!]i--r- ....-...1...... a ocr -;c,....... .... i Kniht o theh f oo f the st M rn t-- "C .-.t.i t Ei-,
-- 'i/ -. - i-- - i- i rii i-3 t I r a 2 nmapc L | t whi C m d o n t Jh s i I .3
1.T ..' 7n-d.b- --ri I .I a-. .: . t oe oe .s.. . .-- .-t r| n a c r -,o o d e Co Co l .3B. C Cniminant a t Ihe
.E S :\-- -. i'S -. ;,: -0 1 in c i.iI are rii- lc -t :-, r- n i ties i an tt-no iin full numbers w the a-it L;al Forces Sir CIn e T. n P. e-
i i r-- l. l His Excu-lenic -- -I c : -aT r us - : of t Iiing i n of importance.C .- ,C n I IIaJ o- s. r Lange.

.I. I. r III .-. sion of ;1* "1. 1 k 1 7 1 1 :D m .J:,i0 1-!n-t---o
N.T CE. j it ,: ...- in or ni l j t r hav- a We hae been asked by the Sert ta-. r ,af
1 1I i 5 Be:. .. p rn thee c n r I,- ; sr i--- slP '-- i i-'of --ti toSa I l anI the Roal Connaught Lodge to state. i U-t
TO D Y b lh .ng New iYear5 Dao lt leci lli .o iur Societs haS a ( the meetiig called Ifr the 2nd instant L a
and a Public Hot i !a. there wi1 b -.n pI ri-3 11nd circulaX- t hd 1- L ,to- h. Ansop oned to Monda-, the 6tcth TineiTraf .

GUARDI AN natif Frilay, Jannan rd- end the Lan-3Chii. SuddenFIveath at Coloniali tIcn ua'asothe tal o data (Aatio Iof Ic Li

tat hrlirnt-Ai Labour Pa-i-. i -- th
&.bc Crini'ab 6u3rbiin -rir-, thc citfm oti r yIdi -
-m--'!,y -- - --., o--l -- nigt a ta iel* -- I .e Poo ,:,,rI he 1'16 3 a
I .- A-[ l I- iI,~ h 2 iiTth- --i-1 ".-n i --s .1 ibsraoa" ^.I r i-ri-o n- n t e iC.l ont e l i-r IurRoads
C IFr_ ti.nT-i -it i V T 5 line. .i7rrre nern:o -a- Iogersin
r 'eDo No> ,\h\" e, i\ h'-..r in n>-r or --J -o, 'iiu t n .. .>* "- t*n- ; ..i .' ".-a-r t.. .-. on..-a l l. .,._ . __:__i --_ __ h l r r '
,hn ,at -n i ).: .l.- -n.r. .n:.1 I .:r ti. Rr^h d h S t.r t [ t -- h- a fclau. t hen ', (Tf ..... Dav
TI4E SESSIO N O F 1918 i-as. h1 or. ..-., .

THE: -Tlo',xny ,:." T-- ',n r h-,- nc,:llar ....1:.. .. -.: a ,:; ; .-- ',: ._ *__--_ : ." ]--- WA. : " -----------.---'-, hr jt ; Fnar I

1 e. .slit- reT an'e un:n72 mr- iIC Feveir P r'a o
. tJ .t.. -1 i"-- a5 I ; tI -p i n" i i- I ..--.-a-

Tc ll h.en : -, t b.i.o0 a n th ... . n . .-- cture Theatres.
riel in ni" no H- a L ,n: 1 ',,3u, oa :T T ,ir r, re ,n [ "- *' I OL 'l .. .. ..PJL- 1 l ... I:- :- r :.: n ofIT LaCIN.EC., n -. n ," -r
T H'fEt" 'i i .. --i- n, .pl . .
-ti'crr ." i ty :c i-t- u -,t."a.j" .U r b-c.-.rt---rr-i .-., -,, r .. .. 1- '.t .i -,--lt .. td'L X9 IPICAN ,e ac rLo-i
1 a rl LIh C.I '. e . - '--. .I.. '"':- -. h n ,- h r ri ont d a -Pih a re p t*l I io the b Ol. e eriC al
eO di n r t r arl .r :- er tt ". 3- o ( .ras a. no a ill b -: C-a u a o o red l d aday
record ,t w ch neitt. b itanit'nabun- nut'" ,p oid.e e-n. dr-I.t...
StainueI Te aeatr e n.
on the:, -,n l r .o.. 13 .-_Pihe n s reI
i o et n t. .r TT. .' PC. h .r at he ," m net thae do- li ,lo o 'ltn th the
e I r n o -r ner :, c ri. u .ate-rie rorered -rc i l I ,` toni- ton al en h tit I e me- -nJ.'-in r I' ng
The cia "ii'i' a tri, tnt .eiAo ot-i-rbi3e
armin u f- tt.on, \ hr s oan rc -an ca. ere Ire h a F haIhr PtiIs ntrnedi / S th e .ne10 T r 1 nernes
r1C.1. 21. 1 -ve- Id .w : ,- a I r,,l ,, .t .-- _' - z w o ha wi h br tre a g hr h a z rd_ ,if l Te r,
The r ,.:.-d.a n i (If tL-tsna a -t th o r_. r nta 'tnhe lat the e br . . -r .t bgaton t r 'einim
r eof -te l .triete and r]u i-. crmboed atw . I ---- ntaran de ad C Me t ie Atlor l 1 an r, ,-

ird s be e n-i i a lla n s- o--h e d ia l s a r a t. ac-a.- . .. . .r of Liu e a cy rth il r le -rs t eur o t h alel lo i tn se
rg nh tenw i h]o in e rt oh r -.L. M dc -nS-.-'..C "" ... .. r p.3 O n e a n e- a.l-- ut in _.a cash
t ie t n rrn the Tme.. . .--. -. r E"' n.. J . ..Tis e e c r ae t. ppri b tre te ton-d eat ru dran
OrdiarFirt-tm pa ,-Ihn Gass k --= 'a d' tOWmule ti taet"rhares -
eTon.-a CI ca.aaIice ntr.l,.sshrrbhI-in al the t. neu t r a-
erntud.l a CJ th lU2LL.e uto .- lch It 1171111h a t. i -14 'o:..... -.-.:: W.'I -tx''- t- i-.. .. i_. -, I-i pla. E .) oeel S tuiI C bol e ofr la alo L Chineta ld

uala f i air Tsn E nr.Illn rrae.ac1,atn(c'bu!ci7 orrnzcr r P 1C hr iBt- e I trent.u Do bet thet-saC lnelyraepeor .w-a Tof eoe
ols thenil k-,l canelii the itc.- ofo .lC 13rcn,,er ,nirt eiing r .I
The Lard i- tttia ui t iriin Charlei Erliott. gari to-ns ;o d do at,.ron' fr,' ". : 'i '- o n 01 aoleeint hem rI tb- wer .,de on her
Ire ga, rein otelint a-tnrnr tes t-leh rd o ar. owe r

lrotn h',n ...ara. :ti' S t- in -a.n.c.tlng. t ourt i .: n.'- -" 'r- h e -- e _n- a r ,ot ai Td and I tnte e e' d lr n d ai- aes, Ti i sta
s-'ean- Ib)l Ii sit cl ,hl etartnedut had I"' r. ".- ae made aea the enuu ggrb i thb e mdir/oo Cnastm.
wiito. -i u c f-ia theMdai- cal 3 In h s- IinTrom ,er-da r Bra chle *e".tn. i p-tao Shint here

rathe heavy ti n.-e I tie = C :rtt inei a a --b 'i -- --,- 7.I---- : T-n n o. .... p. r- - - e ar 7t5nler pet
:e..' ___repair,,,o% -. (1 ,T he film i- ,- .


A ____



I- ~-

.3 -----'~7'7 -- ------ -. .


ONS Commejo n-oereport t NEW YEAR'S DAY.1919. NEWS IN BRIEF. en adats that
Ap d t atho t-- awarded the ilitarv Crass. Mrs. Harrq
IsA l pilohug. it through A LTA\I--"--PEACE.- - recentropporruniry here-arived from- -ower-who -is-aTlrpnna-nretvf
SGrand~ Athle i -Spoutsat Pete T n t or here -f Bt ot --Veeteuela by-soop a shipment of 10 bags letter recently from her husband. but he
perku no on Grnd Athletic Sport at -Princes Town, as- p ,a to (Bvl R. F. W. PREE.) of cucd. .e HI it l
t fr &l 0 p ips m mons approval, and 1he opposition to tbis pt F o m anme
Iin a- *i" ^ -one was condneucted by Dr Prada with For all th't Paace is meant The secnd n Qun oyal Col -
Lodoa Elects Thec 30 p admirable tact and temper The Ordin- For I we told our i. 118-1919 will e comment on Mondy Alhog the children, Ruby Gam
So an-ce prornse many iproremt _rd. i.onThu ptnntmen h hinustanL and Hoosani, who were raepeclcively
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.,4 r Etc dl
@ad fili Lk celelncy o care for the children In b-rn I a. i t iy fI mrit n i i j ,
Jsb u e- I "i ema (San Firnad.It s irnlteaded to core menate an instruction Ithat insttution.
~nn eat horde. e ea ri fli~t Cinema (San ru~onlo) S. tipn pma. prot-ed not only by the inauura ino:n p erIi
Su-e i T) -I Il',. and .-Clinic rn. she then ofte.--;. c-a, e ltporn-n dezirIng to quadify
.1 --Wj -rkr .- la li.,"" i tr MoheLr' Inf l adIt In- t- or Owing to -a dEftct .to her engine the-
-- It he . Saving Leaue. bo y ie I bt e- ti- - neT train lrm Sange Grande due tSoi'
The Palladi n s a ai. 3pm piasa e of such admirable me-a -ur TIhe eo r. 't.c ':e 0 .x-co Lble Cummintg' ded [rom tuber- arrive in Port-of.Spain at about mid-day '
e' c Ordinance to regulate the ni \h e J c It r..a'.. mor.ngat ith .Colonial re-ach- -ite-- eig tl t rdt lull. teo-het-n-ra
: "'- T0-mn '0w's [[ant ~plrat on of children and the. Ci- emno The.e ',' I -.... ho- t. '. H.:p.itl. hd schedule une. On this axcconst-: S
...... ..... ...0- S y. -raph-Ordnai nc .- The--latter ra" rap -Thie-- 1-h-, .1.-,i-.. n _-, i t" she -- ona-able-to c3r out the train at
0- -e ht I'Llm ib--t 1Th q an d- 0
at .tym g.t Ste'scourt. m. xh i ion o ilms el, to liae -n -h7 d D. CL c Cub. a. IletiC r:rRe baon te service 3- c ltrai.n -i fitted u d
l r Court.Jor-ao cardc o0 t d the aHeld o a ." .. en-tiRecc tio nt :tat nte -oer i-nte.d. .
BM Jee- SnpremeCourt,.9 ea on' s o Agriculture h tn r P I
je Ate--" L - .'"- DstctCur. l C0ron. h o e ,nuantcd- the MoIngoose Ordnanuce nl I, For a Tn.- t.e CrI S:lietur baT been S mL-soone, a
D nbaebe -n Simm-uis er-eutl Rain.-inoon, a lourt-ee
. - l r te-- pm i u ta .- tn Lh Red Hou, n .Mad. e n contAin en
uTnandaie l o.tic r itl-e uork-i -tbht Goverurar hiiel --f . ,' .r cc Fra stated that on enquai" at the Ware
S O te. 3.mpic T theatre. -3i p m dens O i it e i-rl e !iT r e t ati d
S" pt t- b :d on the7e 1r0c,'m -u. t. h, a. .-- dea' Offic. it uas di bst eired that defend.a
d l.. .. ..... C .. '. .. ..-- ping l e .. oi h. rh ,v .1 pTn. l. . t, .,n. f..-,,n Cn- .. al Cial,.. .. b. lbi .o n ... l .,. i.. ,o .jd in J fault one..
. pl a.m 1 .-' Sir Henrv Moore IacL .n I r *.m: n3 a sl month'- imrp-.r..jnmrnt i th hard labour.
--i.ert ar- the B-nra. Th ._- T. ,r l.., . --'
V.-- Central TL- - 3- : fil 0( plu. V-r- 03

h i s of oa 3 _Aa It= __y

--* . ." a ___.' .. . ".. . ._.._.. -. . :,,.-_ r-o.. ," '- . ... -. . .. l . ..... -.. c-I "0 -, iCl . ..: .lli. ,-- o- ,.h-ld ... i

I : ---- -. L '^ i =-*- .. ... J- ^...... . .. -_ .. .r- - -._--_._L T. I---.a. --b;d .ed
hereonofhtoc irr hr eIe S atg the lc Cle d

-| . n \ nl n ih r ;.. p i the-, t..
nis pert o o t. 1-nihe Ia'lor Saa tr-- e si r. tor

_r i5 I rr"'nr C.:m atie lIsr. a b p. ela ed. a leae
,_ .%m__ al e F1--i-",- ti-, '-a _te .:. t,.,r .r .. a .. 7 tr ho arJ unL

Osr n ,; : . i i oa i_ E TR- I t-N .. . ;:- . -_ R. u.e.t e... r 't-Ct ..b. of' e l i et- I!.. -,n .-.trb i,-.-- tn ,- ,lr e r ten "-

inHE TR',l D GU w cIAN. "1 ,. -M I. 1 V I17n-,i1

S4 1- 1" -.- - I -, .

.h h. tl 1
S,-eae~o- it . .
j,, f,-=-.C j Psi,_ge -h I- in ,,ra~ef L--,q c- ,-, --_ ,
I; ..", I 7.,- t e ,-,- CCC Plait. C ,. i-tic. .. [-- .7, "' ~ = -' -

COs E P-E NCE- --a

SHI PPING . .NTEI . . .. .' . , ..-

Al.. I- . ""lS.

_ Ce -i-, .c ,-_- at t~a -,,_ _, ci J,,
a tin 'n . t : ,e---i.:'' l" l nLl '" 1 I t -
; b he- t --.. d, -t_ I '
q. of aect.. , ,_ ._ i..... O

Car C --
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g ,e.: a ; , r. a ic l
' +t , I , ', 1 m-: ,- ,
t [ i .. ,... ; ii i II i i I ueul --

rail -, '-,
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and a Public Holt
no publication of

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. ',t .ar. Co t'tn T44E SESSIO

4C.i 'in r'-to t of-i', .l ITn T E TH oe
S dmi Gre er a.. - C, l t, is wr i a r. e on i

Trrniai. l cd l Ii e- r O th'. Le ,- 'iT s"
I g LV ,. Verr,. l-.IJ a ; '-. C-at In cellenev :n ,.- a h
At,-ac-. a al, t,- ,,,
I- 'a. -r n_ Cap:.nt '. Iie-r-ty i- Jie Lee-

mad 3. tnan oe I .LLer cr -. -aar -c-a- i ,i i ,.
the Ordinance o(
-- record of it!tch. ne
in rif.prtta ce, 5- \
Closing o -f- ails.- a-i 3 m- Ti_ -,
l f. 'Te.B t r =- :T.. :u eh C i tI b-3 h a u cl j o n e. o .r r
lr tile to,.. Fr, t,. The cre',1,on (1" 11-
'- -3r' nl a,?l .I t'. I e 'T-CC .e; es.ll). are,> Is r,,ur h 'rl\l
' o " diros press lnl 1
aiu h .- to- :a i, C. th g of -hthe tIes-r
S HJsno.hdr. u- e11 h 1 '- e o n r. deitrc it %h.e l hI.
o t." at .t .. S aadstirun he no
r _____ -OrJna-.e. ..T.- ib,
ernor Ci jorrrc
e 'as utie d % lerlthi
...... TO A -- II tLING. o[ h a stTI Le. et 1f l,
n-L .,.. -- a; Lnr,l I-aITMi- A-
"c2a ,' iaiht 'e I ,-i l i he
1- stlle citlaon tll f q..

-- ', r"' ... .... s. i tire- re t
ecSs ie" L i ". r .m 1 It ch-ls' 1.*' : "

,.1I rnIsl cal,,, I I..
jr-rna i'IG','1. tA, Ihe bearv- la-a ""
p1.-.' I premie "

t-r L I


'- .,-,-it h N I r '% 1 r:-r n - 'clerk-
nr-I :t' n l Irom c.r.tin- nt the .nto[--
C- foir "- a .:, He t di tJo-lo--
.-. i.'-.. e,--, ) return the nri.r bat he
h. n. d n ? Tb e m-te.-T- a..dourn-ti

..... =. I

.C t"' ," .I.I. 't I';:. ,' ,- "- . Arrival of Major B6ow n,

aha .t. I l ntotillc la evening
"''Tu"~U-.ii, -'C"'"'- n r,: .- .. 1" t.- ,a le. T ailed frm -
r he UI R-I.,:Ir l C-. .: 191I to ao ,mm and.

r ;,, ,i ., 'i- n th t ..- ir.. r t, . ,. .
S -e -- P .-.. .... tf. .-.. i... a - e n La H 1c. r I, t C m-. a ned'nt of the
_______ u.. ", trt. Ito ' -. .... 1 r i.t. _:, .=... "* -". 2 --- ;" .-- - .t'-aa..C.' Jr , e]]=I ..l", 1,,' ,n zn H 6' 3 --- .
-iC. in-tI- .., iM IL rnin I S r I-f"e.,ge T,-,',ns.d Fen-
S'i.' - -. -r- -- i mHi, LWa-L k nK C i"d ,,r and.,Ic.,-e
ICE.:! ... ,.r '".. .- -, ,. ..,- -,.- - -.-,- i a h I..,.., t c, I ,. C
New Year a Da v al rit I iit,. Il l ic n iantr L a:
I 'a, there vail b >n pr, -l nd r: -l '.. - .- Tram arTraffic.
THE TRINIDAD I1E J rti.pc I- b.cI.
rurinT J]l. rd .-. i- IC la-t an-I amni t Sudden Dpath at Colonial- ... ...... . ... t. A r U: P F, i l.,IIs
6t-ini n itopit
HnoCpT' trcbib- be in he rb n-_-t IChr,-c'e .e -
Su lI.: th.- crc..c.t. I n i -.. .c- .a.... . an . r. the t he_ n umb- r r-I roI nT. .IT -11 -3 .

TIi.tD~ i t ha Spai 1t zaS 1 inIrie a on( rie P--c ..aait n PII -T tes .
.h ,. ,,d 1 t a ; .1 ,. .
ee- re r i, -a ii b- l b I- I lie. Chile aere acrtsen e a-o er-son
[li. t Iit. R'a"nd Srn-L'. h. I" ho- lN e '' '- ; t y In t a l .s)
-,,t,, l'elido r=. an I tthe Pa. ; t n t r, n h n n lineuan:d
irc'lbno ,oI he. I ,.. t Ih te-lte n i .--'. *.: .'- .aicn et:e. [ 'C-t \u*t .1. a l .":,"-*T' -- ionirer-ir'i:rw] it- nl li tr, ,i. ___'tirl w D ;"
N OF 1918, -j a-0e hilrher o
TCi-nc-lIar 31-r r c I F-r pr ._
a-"Staor 8te r Typhoid Fever in P G -. i -- --- n
Sh C lE r, n :, .-, e Picture -Th eatres .

, .-fr ,T -- -irct ere*ar Ir L LS -MPICAsE, CITV CINE UA.
_...I --a -- i i o--r -11- C -i s-ire'," r,]to -r -na h.I. "e-i..,sa-.-
%; I-ner -f-.c Ih 1vits-r, roar r D r I, I d P l.eei re parou- bien'ai ta.rbloeetr erlay
i-ill c e -i t -. .... ... U wt aib t o h.- Ili, v a i
I hrt c in -n . .. m itnorre t...-- LII n iur -u,- e:.-.pitaop_1e uSr-- -ea t meg
S o, n ... a m a r m There In bard e T ne. ler n.e

d.. .e-..l. it ed'a si".ic... t.r e .h..r.. E Pictort Th ead s .
.e te o, c7iri e -r E mt 1 or "o.o:' -ei-. r tir ,e-.-c. b s. o oac-es .
r o d adcm en .1 secr sre: .. _- - -o pt-ae- to entremrne r eae .d._. '- 1r.,e ofher.ondrhapr- tning
:. Cao.i (ltn Iy .U "e ll ,J1. .a. =. !. -' *. t, e ar r. to Pn- i t a. "t ll Trr- r: o t ctheA

nlt-l- .o t J.--. :'neT TC e -r
- --ts-er edO l s c ri h-..b-i:---. -- -. - -,- - -e_- !-," J-s-c-- .- t--o te'neef 'an

` m p-r r-ronae atr CrooTU ri -erem S.l her fore-- e r.ec3-
co t-a sish it nab 5lkr.n treaeni h Do-.Oi -I p ie ta an d a a mean e m nitionreroa Ls. tr'Chi the ineo .
SI,. r.'.Tori hane i-inr a e :-n a rO nT -" :1".L.t..I .-- .te r. oe tr eLh '- i a. "--th e iL, .cia .Rnlalp re., T er e a
r nnear -th e ja cn. .. .. . -, '[ I.--'-.1 cth sneaetiuunam smw.e piosn n, tio.'-.t
-Iig -rtil e t-atan-i C__ -e- 1,.:1. :ei ee 7 i: r .,t .. , .. ..-...- In I. . 'n'eman ad
ie.-t.' ulbth G.3% of;equalP vi 'ral,". up (I-', '-r' .w" "Th.socca.t.chte.' .raw n -a
tr.e tat e r-I1`-u ll se-ugrsrl -Ph-N I a e, i, t he1 Z
trier John daL".IItI--?r- i t- 'sht---ce7nlbs-iterelMO'It-e' b,,, in cu-hi4toe a.h c "a.-
ot ,and- I,, sla ri d re IF

te lwo Co\' ....... I".. ...e~ntofhe D....t. .,-i:.- 9etng oI ,, "I."'i iel1unteert.We .--

utt r :,t:-za ,! or JLD'3 r, ":;r":U',', .." t:} '.,.';:'. ': I= z'' t" ".. "'" ?] ": 7'T OT"'e h; '=-l~n ahe m' -hC
D 3 sU h- ... . :c,,t ,oea o-
.. . ., .. .. .. ... ... .. ..-. .. ,. ... .. ,. . .. .. .._ ... .
t] -.nC VITa- 1 V'.y O W hi]' ']I' "'}[I... ;e E: I :I: [j7 ... ...5 ...W-




- V t--_-- --

13 r

_ _~___ __




1r --- ---- -- -* - - ------ ._I - I,

-On- Re- si.. n o DELRG- . - .- .- ..- -- i s t . son Unionists I.-&ality.
TI -QOVERNMENT. no mph for fr-. Lld Geore ithe P CE O R C D LELE RTI. I '1 ON ad December The pconpee rurn f e e

O i PL R E HO OF :Z....i- Th .. pa- DTH Es 6 U Coe. Complete Understand ith President the ff t e f th e F -C l In n 1t f
S - I - -- - ij. w- ca-ve -bIn -- oriu a oal P t i .ee-
-tCosierence-st it Parts adtot l g the' " whan red candidate al sses i dead e"-5, S bs Sii Feier 73
RO PACIF TS .- togimotu o soial reot. out y di s broke h ltecn. en .Pihn. tht heechangeo fewRdnEC hve 'bu. f Tr ar EATou BnAti 7R .76 Irish N EWton a. .ll allions with
PACIFISTS). drel~ire th t the governing calesr are on Mieteer of | ] bign Arbire, amrd violent resulted in an agreement on the..npr .cilesl f eerentth l.ri.7 r biereecon 5s .7, Ru. Rosian the bionii s and N.etiona Pnru --may
VICTORY OF StNN FhINeRSi- s ot*e the acunt r it i| the Ssanlits and counter- virtually all queLioni including the rtcen- ).7M.tre Anerirn sw.rr German he rega-ril roughly a. psupporting- Mr.
Y .IC .OR OF S!NN FEIN RS. a Faot reck-ontg a tmnoenttonrt hr Ire eoorent's sup. cling ol drtfereet te p.,L, on the -ides. I .Dei,-, The t-u-l Gerrrr-o cainaltie- arc: bisect George The nlv ;a, u. e .-win

nnunced c c rier ru rit i onr d oa lnie L ioor largely toted lot 3l l Ih n Tenent th in la ir th c b e a i h iI. ib ie n onee .c it ri1 s rb n l-ld

th ne rin -who her- Id be no men nP on -t r..
t ..i- of AC t u el r airt e s he .. nI -HIDEPUTie i t.ts. o od tr ii.- ... O n t -- .--.

a-iSto-thc r, e.l- te 1 ft G e N ur ner ( Lh r'ante e a. Lot, .-,h--: e -- s GNe ri a ,,,.Sr~, n .e c e --\E C nl tc L o iO B n U o J anar d.

tetr... th o o.~. rini lc 'Oreo her an ~ ~ he wr oa bnet t o %te ef~.d tb..... ..a.etc I e Icor e let...roni t nteaIit k- in L- tc..r.. ..
L -- i:SU"% - --- i 0 1 =21. .1 1 a . @ --- . . -R MBEN APPALI NG TTr L M OF LIFE. CO. e P .. t e -o

-'he. r tlt.J e.l, P C- ,e tFanr s-- i [l,-. ..._ besrisn .t e : ri l ',r tel n to Gre c e .t..-- e]. ,hp s e u. r cein ed. ; -ru Lanpl tier ttten -tr' th e *e- eC oraed I -tt t te. 1 0rth. Te.,.1t into e n t a "ts: EO I.athtrteie e i ) h e Eid hd

au-7 wl - MPIETH tl rt ION RWWR39j&1
-i n. h i n..... 1 o.... t. h . wi no -ctini ,inf ion st . . ab u.ti .e the e r s a h I -g -: .r. ned t t. -nE .a1 en t ne a r _b c.. -I n f i.. ,
stel he n r ;ee urlt.- dr e tl t.r .r e te nh e Lnugtr tr ar it1re R e et i] e en nt d La fL r u 'ent, ee ie t Cite S -er bi, i i rte ittn i ere " ... l, n "C ..d. e neat hr t. c ad o
.e n rttn sr e. er, T :,l i n nr t IT uL ihe l f lr t., e rn G~ieo e. i the E El. s a te l i -- A. De emberit2e ] c t rretr, e ra the rertun
a r nmeit C- e: ee e si lhutsehtt o -t it lle.-i lt- ,r e tre I, lt-,'f r- inion lu cenie ,an let e -.
a ene.eT t th l n ,eg,.. i, r te alnu t n ded r. eI re i it g . r ltr tle i i te -,itre a. CoeS thr n lr din e ret a ui tou, n k e 11enr. e n An irh hcei relieve r t r he bda-

iuho u iS 1IIl ERS a t nmu TT r 1 jiirdame De^ub 91^
-iLe tIen C rahtellet il .i- rionarrdo tC,: l c -e it c n-i .. R -..-. t t .. t, l Drc e1 -t oe r tth .bla t the on r
eeri.st4err I i ini 7T R j in -dtI

-en e., ', : t h ,e nt n e rt h a n t r t t el a th n e an In on l i t ni t r -ei o r o

e t 1 i ll. l n LII r OIP P ir E..... .omple Unde d ig W P.-. s h o a,,,i or,.t ,i F r h a sk o e o hors a d the re A rers ut s i t-C oit r l eeio nr- ther 3-
- eo tln e r- e i .r.h.. e -,r i t s. ti h e ti l r '. j ..- -. -- -.. r .. u L.. t - G t .t t tCc-l.e Co re -- t-ldert e. r i tlh . .. r I- - d -' let t ete i r entl l.e
anon ueel 1r.-ort it.em-h Ite-elh ,n".ont toeri,]-e Th,- t urt, at m hi-e- :-i-er- ,1ne t-c,, t r ,..fce.e.L Ci' sri_ ern -ste-- .--

hnti.l \. rn,:.,. n:.,r t._ s,- ,1,-ti.r ,.h.._r.e al t Me t t ..t hur e r ef rmitrt Ift .rci *Sr nt-, t t ,a '. i .... .--- .,-e.a . . .. fr, etee,, : -.m ,p. u B t

--h- u ----- e.r e ;ni e te e r =w__to r --a dP
Ied1 1 -. =. -e iel- i -d- --- -- r, Ia. .t - -ie L e ne e t-c n rr n .

- ern-e tee s ..- H n i.ri it Poie Re-ne n W-b -ilr o i tin r: l- r-. n n 1 d o ,
.~ li-Ch- 1 -%- -- ;116r6gi -a hir e I .- tlur -ec Collfeience-noGoe rmen t. Th t r te-- lat e l ie t Cte raing th oli sh N roob ci ier 118
t.r-i .dt. ...-. . t. r n A. ,u e ar i t bioek cijt ais rt c- l %%1.. ir .--tit. titi--l tr h te -In i of ht de -. i a" s v t s rt Rioe d _'ris l r

r ir Ir h, V e rLnI. thl ,:o u .nt1 i - r ` ie.." .. t hroug hout all P O AND T. n R SUABI,' Co f re-c e oo
PeAiC e .n e i c l,, -t... unt t -.ed. 'a gt e a t.. ,n e the d' .,I .rI '-, I . ai n ie t.:..- e .- In a n _. t... n I, prin. tiple:it.I totf -l ,- D e l d-..oEme h_ ah__E Ie. e tl r -ct ,

 in :t i- .- -" no r iirn-,,,tn ce l t. niC. a.] i t .t in .fp.e n t nth )il the .t [I t,,e t r..h c t -i''l --h... b1- en o," -e icier t.i.t.1_ l,. iciefitet.- t 1. ti t.-" "r T,- it-,. tn -iee t res have de cr. named l.tit
te i.d b. r lem.-. :e, T, e r l t' i nt loh.t Lren, rih- r-c ,i, trs T di c'r -... rn ient. iont. ..n -rn- M-i ts r r,.: ...' 1. fi I:ails the Accordin A.Nei r -I -nde. f t h. C n er d o u ir appoint e int

n..etee i.1- rhec k. iv s-litl t h u tolnir ton ing ,,.wait-ein, ht It ci e e Ito -m i.- P5-. Cs ier1t ta p s c itig t df ere te te tie ien n ice an ti is te rend b accc iof aerl tn Ads iconsalo Merciere Ti-w if-nl o uI-t b in -

-,- r .no.r-i r, r I "n 29th n ele ct in .w i Ina .n r m nde r ,:h ," te r ntinied ... a ,r ,---ir- a t 'l, r th n i. t.- l,.e impr. ssi on- purpo d-to R -irne--i re.p. u blic in Poland ier ..ii. .r y T-T .ii r -br ,
alu1i el Mr. nilfm C. An :'r.n (l r i-rri..n F. r ehi p n hi. cOt- Iii. i. a ii i-. u.t.. n n r -t it bu n v irsie S tyerbiiaaist itiseor-i ewitih-tw iwoTr- rsernwc being Presidentkieo. ...l.1, li s.tsf- O.Cl_ I,_ r tl
i eleforct1he -~ -rit d o n nen t-ts I n tlt.c cp iteC.nuClette it 5 Nnn]n t. e jth et .e c p _rr Fraincetr oC

3rrn. M r.r ftrr ch.e-i th .t s tr.aic a e.tb- tLe .:1, ,i: ,t p -l; ate.. i n fo uarm.t ree FALLcI naOin d the is mbter i t is sand -a r a ii e t r "tiece.

ruoune d Lin b r l dfa rm Iit nvh.erjnw pIointed Lr el A Ictd for C:u.0h..r in aer oienee' Pte dm fhull i rl whi the .c.. -n.
hirera.h s c et e1 usnd cI.. t nie Eieee-i ro nlin eo.t le oreLL t, at a a the u r s f lite n ac e o n t c- in c inim i a Ait an i a enlier t eri is ARI 0A ND TRRO STOCK.
I.lei rlo or Ch e H: n L .it n ndon Peetit Comm n:. .A r i err hr,. r h concluded '.rcied in the procession..,. ,,t
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tle r --e- er n c it Ifanerofthreewowe, -o 'i Stain -r-rpcs e. --1t b ho. o. Ilii -... gn i Ir eRM eA iT U ur BY RUSSIANS. m

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'r ; e ......... ... .. . .. .. . -' ....~s - s ~t "~ I - '7 : ',-
.at.. .' -- .i - .' """--

THE ......U.".DIA-, WE--" TDAY, TJIIDAD 1 D'-ANUARY 1 .91.7.
" .,t' 'e" ,'''. ...l-
det"dates in gTo, ouy wom"cane dift .._.
E A .hoIdanidierboto th - DEPUTIES

Ln-ip eeo&per .....i"2-, : .T I .A l 'iia--- ON-, 0- . .. a d-o n-. _e .
TI O -QO RNMENOr. l-t-rieph fiorMr Lsod erge.ithe Pt ACE rRRNCEO .D VIRTUL RN .LESEN O Dee e h. Theomplee ed, e e -.
-iiappen~r ceol.hew"reatprties isri m p N rnS (Biush Wre'ile, ) With the tsue of the new Parliamente ies the fotllowi
R O O F and in tdoLin i The pa ons tb t P _C om plete U nd erst ending W it lsPresiden t tsue fe the French lo it m ic si ts f a C eel U i e en
IO PL V H F'eseioree rischtih fuleei si ueddops of -Policy DiacusseeL. L I=.


The bronid f, IL- i ,rt L.r Lic t ele, tin ri -ilt-c
unounced i etcr; iI r rt lly a I Ii ier n
riumphis of l Ii [.il ',inr.- C ',lil n. Ihe
complete rule rf lthe A lll.t.. it he
aci uts, the,. ,.,en tan t h,,triaL- ,nd Ilhe
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ine. Thh t flhe Cr- l;,f, n ,-,t:il.l- bhe
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respite the nrunilini f r i' r litt ,su I
he ji llin a nIl ,,l- -rin ; i l p I-.-it m I0,- t
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the opjuoitu it[ii of voting gJiinit litrm

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'dir a rl a La I ral L -5a L r

L-., rribe il-e C Lrii b, r i .r
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Ft ahnie elm c- t- i ip1iteli, r tr-, i t-me
' nrifetiI.- i It lu, tic. d,, 3 n-e t lk.
- M C 4R A'-1 ; I T S S rI -I i h f -- r

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,,,L .,M ,i o Ih,,,M I u rr trI,- P 1,c
Con'L rcuce th[I LI rI e h ,: h Iner.
P tnn1...-, thu . Ol i_-tl.5ELDurut' -L
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Peace Conferences-non. in Parns caid to d-i
that the e.vhangei of the I -4 few dnycs have
resulted in an ag-Tement on theprn pcir.lef :*j
virtually all queo tions including the r'econ.
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eith Pre:dt-nt S'ul-,wn r-ulhd in :a
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Of [he Pt e ,.: Cuni rre t i i ic '- did a ul ec. ;
VCt-i it- lie s -:,rutl'iiL -f I h Ir iL- r il d
Conf-erence n -sirn Imii i, ]I.1 In ConSrf iirt

th Alltiea, at s-mne tite -durin l- i e j -l,.-.i
-iir- u i t s- a-ror -,et-. i-i ulf-rtr- r- ,on
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s Fr--22 -m e. ,: -iI .-

I :........-... . .I.T

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of ti in, :i c r- n r h 1. ., .: ,

fa Iu1t, -tr!,ul I I I, ['.r, ,.r

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In St-'ich-i- -N-w Gwvr',trmnnt.

,t. . . ,- .
-^ ^ -- -'-T -:rn-I I Ii H

meiu'nrr 4:-- 'i i --.ll- .r ,.l h Possible Reunion W ith Coalition;iik r ,i, fn,; i-:t i,- ,, i. -i f,-. -l
l ;i' rte ,. l f I I ,.r ; l- T.ri: *Iir,- lL- -iu !.Lonl .ii on. Dr-...:emblnr i, lth l t ,u r ti l,. ._i i -t a t. 1- r .T h
,et- .- -,- ,-- E .ll t ", R e,,t.:r ,Ine.;_ L I u tihe 1-,uh,,,r r h ,t, n r, 1 t n,. I ".,
S- n ,te, t;Tod P U.l..rli. ,rl :.t an, .T, .1 n 'd:,er .,I 1 (,,r thE tm : bir' i ,1:1-, -n I rhkr,"i
ti edefe ,,-i ,- ., l n, p ,-i ,Co litcor L,.nl il i ,[ n--r ; I i- I II B -I, rn,-it E r ,: ,- .! rIh.r r l ,I,, I r, lt f""-fi

-ered- I--A- =,

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nliti un lnl I s.m G the up er Of f-u r I m-., 0 III.
2 I I t ii

l iii. i h u G lt li- I, ip I; ii s f .o L -. u 1 t r'- k O t 1 0 f.Ic ci Lt 1-
Iarl e 1i u .t ,, I tl I, n t re .-II- thf-l f hl II -n[ I .tl ,'r., ,,. ,'
r-ists. On the L Ib,,: r h I .. th ,-P -t 1[.e1 erlst 'c pl on cL:,-.r :, 9 o n thl [ r n i-L, r ,Iin ,L Jr,,,', r r ,- r ,-

ijc lmost in ir% ,:-ir.rt Unt.i, oni ;t- aid, lndiepi ,i.nt, ,' Dll- rf i f.-:r it OI f" 1, t
ated bi ht n.e .Itpe- Ti e f.- fo'lerat re- n i .r r n Ithe N -.,,il l r u i" rij.-i c3', ,ir. i : -i t r t .J rhpi ii i l"., ..
A tl i.ates it .h.nes p t',lu n i r O'c C pnirir art _n F s _inm .n-I l F, n l T.:T .r rr .-,. ,.," .-t ,, l ,--- ii-. t i.n.

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on Ii M vl.iirn4 iT i I'r-i.i '--i L ij-Fri 7 '-iT iiTS Ii' frs iiI-i irlifi i i
Id r Mr. TVillNtm C .'A r rn (k.i-F F I Irl itr rrirn .F,,r h n, _. -rl - ,- i.----, "- -T tt -
b .er for the A tt th dI l .l i ,i' i n .l . l rn _:, n .u i, U. P-m,. ,.f t I .i L C h -
er), Mr. Rob-,rt L OIth t (L_, I ,1,:en: r.-trnrc e3 Linc-it C1 Stnn ,.:,llJc, t, 1 .. I,,. ] ..,.
H1 nle.). r i red, rick t :tr i-L an, N lt ttAn l .n i lr i II h.

c otr Ms rn er fr \- il,-- -it h-. irr'f' .--- i L h i ,iIia, u r '-fl.. I_ I, l u: t i ', ,. 1 r i-, ..
r g e Lrrit If ,Rrm -r i. L L O VE,-Slj iit ni n i.t 1 IR L L OI I- i. i-l li I eL' r F- In 1 L i ,1 -,t r iI b1d,- L I_1 1 r i [.. 1
l oit -I rn l-m I i-F il I I fII.--Itnn- f- -ris. th'. DLU IC, 1t `111 t I,
,i,-,t ]l-l 't r Charlc_ Tre'. l, L.ndon Pre Comment. r h .. /._
rtrh P 11 ,.l l r l a r [r ," li-r ,lt nr r ,ei rin Dechn't t. h- i .. i I ir, h f ,,i, lr .t I
ie t.irj...i.. cclirv al1 i tr nIu :,' 1 bnIitcr:.

af-.;atil i l .nr l i n D ;i,- rcl -tal .T1 Fn t ji.L Lu, -ill ]. ..--" t.1 ,i-r-, it r--i I in rr,:l ,,..1 11 l,,- -,,ur .,- .- L I.

-br u.:m ,,llon i -ri efr ihl f f. lui' hi e cf.l ,lrh lentr,i :_ R-te i i rr in I.l r .rI r i-i -l fl-c -
wtt.r, tun t Tile r ii .i l i n p st: o 1 I ll i ue" t,.' i [ ,,e -11, ,l i eit , 'i T rman ,n i i ,- e ce. -
(joi PmEr -:t ti D M 4 1IIF I L rrr1 r n.Iecen -er '

lforit-le I re th e ,ut l t e-r i w -t i ew fr E -h r u ,itf- l le r,- i t, ltn, u n r,ii .i ,l tl- ., i -i .
'e f iec tet ,-' rrt it les i I r. l ih n" l e L I - n l i - t - . -

l n -t aLt ua-etu, h r a- nr i i r t I .-- I i I .
.Parli 1ent .1 rem1rk1, f f re 1r The. TIll- hee_ ---I' C GER .N \ Li \LI I ,
l i. h i r a t e ,nihi liu-,eli-d ',-,r men. ,ite re tr re,,-r, h' .-.: i e. ui c. ,,onI Lt- ,irite dr l ,
u-,. -'Ii hluvid I i.eI .hle t. h t u n er. i n1lfL- Iet i 0 'rl ,,t f -,Ii I -r Question ofa adrmnii:-s Seu .'en .
rel.ri V, chI It -Ir r-lf nIi ,';. e, i r I all cnnr 11
in-A itIii ,r ,, -.ii ,/n .:I,:,rr.L ,of ,th e 1 1 , .,
inreh1in an tIft1in- ,: inn It 1sel bo ''et i ,l It nel i tbhur. e It Lf' t l L F-to hi,.r nbe, .-2n101 -nw thi nW-.-I. in i .
helt .u dtrcs'f.-n11,j t1 ih-Alriiiiiqn--it -i1rt n--e-I- M -- T r, It~0 IP r o- -- u-, 1 ieF I
f-t- ied nlt tini it i i li C itt cni- tiile t La ufolth f cn t irA r init
n ,,,Cle1r 1"n\ it !I ;[ laAe
bI-t e to esFnt rn i the tr i o il n n t e tdI r d, r
i l o f I V, n -,rft fIrier,-. [e11 n en,:e ,3iFatlttrl i-Crrfl-r Iliue Ii WI e ci po er
ofs-riefife" ent- eiu IG i sa ns n o eirn i t-eI -ts'ie ei.tnrss rl in De------ .

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S Iifi ninth itittme .ittlieri' D i lu la.frifi ti s T iuu 5 T ri- G t ihi ri ile -A. 0rt stir, i aii-. io -iifl uaruitfI oinie L i
t n t'c"rr'i-'""t re--- r' i0Sc 1dtt--i -t. i he, -ti riuip. ,I u i.nreItie- I; -Iue -, e pN l. --;r I le t,; Ie ,l i i-.1 r otiIn t
iriF.,-,Irn-- la,-i .e n th(I ,i ,nt rili. u- li e iti hzLarers th e e hri-io si atht q. i nt- rtl,. Pt. _t t .. th itir Rh-in-'---r i e _Pei-ktr"iflt'
r .1 f tl e L,, u I l f i- I thr 1,. th'il \h et-nLbra i T ov r w _-; ..peh I nn flt. ,_ Ld,,' a n coo!r n 1. eel In, te. [ h a"
rol ail s i- --h~-p d sor L i tnprtn iai ach compst- cti pi .-it Imbu e i- I Te *iitnite ri su i er. i .iIu it.r.s, leith tr ielr f 1. n j rI- tt l
iiil ctiufl.,i:- it.ier i r fi'ne JThe1l n -al t-u, 1 -.1 [',:t, tl it iu t I 1- :
newr VLr-.?l r I ifti tre of "11 t Ve rI t1 arut -tid ttrI te-fi ns i rlFt d I-5ii t n t -crce' lf o-if- ln ig i-s-ur-or fn -c' ri-tilan ip l ti-t i ifi ithe
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nhit ei'Frt- i.,-,hlii e tI r 1. -ti i- oi -f "h-rllirrn of 't,-itir 1le ti-ti sif ,zeae Iho t k t 'ee e:t :.-rpi-i .iu-s. t uht- sis'it vQ l-TriL1rI
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is nin F i e r',: r l:tcl. rc, Gtich .rl ,,,.) f ,..T .inl
1e p-,e l isni ai f a t. d ra is t irit ,. na-e. .rrtr_ iit-rs r /' le -,glih ,i I"0 l rh Fit-e n.,: q1h.
iinst uIll ,,11 ,iii' ", iht l, .,i--ciril ltif i -rfi, utir.i[er i, 'c W e ;itc i a' i-L ",'i* r.,itt t i o rrne rt ti li I nthii ,l Z, T ,tf .i --l.] iii tii r l -,n L.,l ch.

c r.l if- cr it1 ri'fr it ar~ei- 1' ---,, e-, Cfhi troitle ." cupnit-irls th t hi et--str' t I ,, S c ii f lie tthat lt -b, .nepis i Coth ..- c t. "-
'i - ,sclin-,1121f N- dt --ti" 'r'e- d r"rti-Triump h = -'r aiOtl l- inruittn t ust- e -', e f lr &.iu-i RI-T[iCLAND -N, fMA.i. AlurltIfILY
C ti n.iiu if l"i. ,u,,to.# cn 'iii i u.lIt,,-I 1, ci r e l Ir. l lt e p,-,t i re it ie It- I.: i, na[t -le .pf :n u- r. ri. ,, a, ir, 1 1 r n t-re s t -i;'.. e "
'AIlnl..' N 110t n Enita I oi ti 1.-nil ru-i71 iti- tt T]lerrkTiiI r- al, l -1 -r Auh rc y ershal- f c
cir is-icnuserfntiwt lul~rwiari retirree, I21Y ~'~ ii irseir hit' i.ii t's1Ier nite- i t -c I 'fit-ni s innu I;A -lifdLby MaITheCiFocKL-
ecnu rh irGed the F-it-urn el i'n th sri h ., it-e alcni' n -lli r-F, e %e i,"n r tithe tiflid"li n lpsr ---
tioe itLiders cln-ri iir, t h he 11-r hruil er..n- Parin ic. IuI.- --it- p s 11f51na sis-Isle I e -3Cf rsirr1lu.If-I1o II.,__le._.1_uI_-:--FrL I Decem er leui t-ih
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r t ire u l,',-,re old1ie i. nnt uu Ii Ie u ttaeai-t t-1tli nit lt .l i,, jtrl ineLir. ,-,t1_h1i.
.i- f. e_ Lrjz~ef i n ii eitit I'ue s'n ln to i "- i n r rI" j n-i, [ r. I C-%,. it-- i' ; T I I -. ,,'if:f f ,u'r. upN D i- il Are ir elR ,'
me "the a ifileris euric. ,o-u Fi-len: in leriingfr t ._T lr.e:o rins- Pssf'- s- i,6ll li e in -I i- t i 'cr,-s a 1-in 1 hi'e rcere ile lc i'1

iiiiuliirrn irn|di,at-e111lheIiF f eiu .r s el like i Is ve[i iieclc MrI Lko niesrre-1en.t *I i a t br' c-s rhc-il-e en PI-rn1- tlenIGne- ga Th n1 0 PersinsrKil- ileret .
aryepIIF----I'I.-lIcitclt-1 i-fl oeaceandeIniI-l erieiL -t -n td --I a. .-....i r... i. _-- f.., --
fae a t th ee( rtir:ct women eu..di l I

Iri-t& .i. . .

S.-t i. T Labourit -65- Nadrnal= Parte -Ia de-n.- --
- 1,,iJ)4 I-M. -indidi al- q es-in ideal l SIt"l.- S tcses -TR Siio Feiner-73,-
ibus far annouens are Bniti b 7,1.726. Lrish Ne ti-oa.. I-A i Oalitions with
Frenth 1. J.3r01) \nicric..eS.n S.78, Russiant Etle Ulionisis and Nationar Paro-u-may
I.7.e).jiN. A ..ia- n ".rs ,.:u:is, German be regarded roughly as supporting .Mr.
l.o t-ri:) Th'u ut l Germin e. u asltiers are Lslo Ge-drgo e The onliy opsmsTMt en will
Rivsen I,, tie Jlerlin VorwmerL- as b lrmncd B y the .ti-iuithran Liberals,
6 31 t::i a in thie .Auitnan totil L p Lbouritts and InJdepndnt .
placed ait -.1,:..0, :t-)- SS rbia in killed, .
#ioundad. ,o. Ii rsu.a nlt 2? ,, n RETURi.N OF CANADIAN TROOPS.
FR ANCE S 1.0 S IN KILLED, t50,000 By End of January.
-' LL nonl- e Dcembetr ?ell..
1,071,'3U.I Men. irtlibh V'ir-l t a:-.r ire ) Sir Ed.tward
SKe p, Mi t.i.r itr the Or er.lea. '.I'ilitn ar.
IP.i; Drecemtrir n h -li orc l Canad.- -e that b the end of
A. .iiia i.i.ti .!i .i t1eV inl aid, 1 in [ ie .. i "',l"u t ,.i i t, iu in l ha e re turne d i d
Cm hil -u.r .-, L..i.Uu lu .l. I. M Ali. io I -r oi-.- T ec. rt.. a Je up A \.wf it _
- ritlr--7:C-- r --7;Wln t-- if-'I is c- -.NotveFriu-.f -f..1tis7 I rn-tirier, tand 20.C";t .
--rl.:.. _- -in u an. '.,i,1 a r,-n killed J lh p li Ie J uri sn T h e l uh r ohi ar is n m a ua re s e an ..e
car wI. I orncc mntFran rl JJx .. __.-1i'
i-fT, -- ;I i f -i' l n I l j,.,'II 1 a, l J. ) to b.- u rt urri nJ ,n -Jajnusio s .. _

-,,,, ... S c iN QGE'. 1Au5' -4- ,i ,-i. C nni I'l, C:.,lp, a to

C,- ualli s NumNbE r i38 -.~ . d '=it-uiC f-t.C-p a.u_-
C m ... Pa seng.ts B-Oing Rescued.
-' lee-lie -I.-., l ti- i11, hF i'.nit >AD n'-I'.' :tui r r.,th.

---Deerred ao End of n ir.
_l '. I,_-- L- T ,:. r; -- .' ,. rf.r-D,,-. ,- .rri i l h. - -

, T t,, r", I-,,, 1 ,I i ... .I i t.. .. 1r ,,:, tti, lu, be len "
T- 2-i---
iii t- t-- i it ii ii it-I l e c '

i --'. "I i i Armst ice Condhons Careriet u-

I. T r I I C-,

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i t esJ.esIe ill if _
-u- r-nzu -
i -, i- i I CF.,rillr I .
De-ferred to End ao' I Jan ri ."

S' .___,L- -. L--'t 1 ,- ,rr-"hT ""

S I I- n r I Ii R-r,-,F...,i ,', i : Ii .t t

P I,, ,,. eo.n T aken I, ,F i,-i,, , r I-.
0_ 0 1 .I,,,i-ru set, _,I,

rh:~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~I ', ,,, 1IDT, ,,~r.l.i i 1.11,.I.,I]t.~l,!clilwr _-r th,;
18 00 P. i J'."r sunth,. T akenhJ .l-- ,,, i Ii l,, ir.L |'1 1 1 11 } llz -

I p 'i' I- i r n i- I
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. : 1, m .rn ,r IhIC h ,, r, u.- i
",nr ,, ,,rn n ,n a h,.rk -,b ,_r 1, ]):',H0 -

S-r .- hl i r .pe r h ohl
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u-i. ;i; ......- af What Has Erg!and Cona?"

- n e I,-,, tr -- r.l- ,- l ,. ;i -,-,n 1-. I: t rr t-,115 re t r h nar hn
C-t. cn3 au1rr r Fh i lnt ah nu h I- 'roirtaru n F3sIcarn-.
,-, iF I re r 1jr l r an'- trJ F.
B;-)t. _I(E ^ '.' -*-\ -*fnI c'i I TT'" TI b *' meI - r b _in t lr:. I re
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I itsl .. i -t' I it ii G? .. l :..... b,-,. L -e.... b ...' le c 'i' Itt .n.i.i r lle-
r i '- -1, Tr n i 1ru e et b eii bhe ie r rl ifEsir smt let ,
re. tl i-il n t f- ,1 rldt- islrl sLit- I her i,- b s, o l e f i

tn ~isr.-ier uneli at- S 3 uitI. L i aI-sII t ltJE i a it-a
u rn it, a Nirtu.)tl b eS l atbLr e. iLTe ito v,, m
IthP-r lu uiz -il.'l.t lr -th AnrobIan n-rilt
trl I--l .-r- .1 n' t l-'h .e Nt -el--i dhe n n "ie i chi' n r th erf gr t ray
VIhLNA- C Fh i fTErr F ,it [f5tt,;lihIu t .5 7 EShe-u-pt nb prouwhng Pr"iha' frotes e

S-'un 'r- .it lu r p-.h .Jr,,I ,,,h.- ,I -, -TB,-he-bido nlIyrm H un 'm de s re,: h -rieq.
n-t in h 1 .lt .,n me:,t ilo lie s.- u s iarl '
Mr thi- i ii zr, I i"r l .. ]ir, r Thatit ,'N t 'r-i, iht It" r rrglan i ci Poale-rine

leo ntIRELAND. -an r 1 ,norW.?drl olhefi
TOGOIAL N'FI F I)R 'CZECiF,'I 'k -f T; ni/r hith fand -herei suLked li-en Nazir-e


Cork Se'di rR d Moi un B ar Uep. e snpaitg
" Rumcured at Pr3cup. Ah. nw ,k- i 'lunie 7, i ei .',u ined to ai s I
S -i-iJ-lc bTheI [e'ieof t"1"-n i r ad-ofs T raieesis
d = lt r A million cr.- en marl. o raUm ss,rmh e .
Pens. fle ~csn r'i 27th UIpna iebch cross t r ief]l-rred Eahlih name.
'ofver-ht-Ld,, i ld to- citai w the CiCi',ut- Tr % here is ike he ibseekirn e-,ge -oLbrubec e iag
-T, nn I nc mnt r..f the .nl .cs t ln' uI nlew,, An . h me at. E-r n ad-le t thei 'cen. air
fund is tIV. r-%fr;,:a si-Iand a. it.' tif n u,1. Now l/ckiced clh;il6eis rear tLeir grig y
li.'pthe-mo n li le nrT irc-lr 1 h i r elonfornl b heart.. -
-.,l ies kthe -ht.rrjr._stuh2 L l'. S .ruL r ht- iI t-I t-i- h'. ,'hihlg. nd tLL sc-d l ... _.
it r ,. t, ,L thred h i nt- hi 'h,-en. 1 ta e-- ak b lc e i- e e v he -al.
S i. -eelfninu o the r i c t abli d n ei oreley weff oanur Ihe d (11
an-i in : rthi 1 l; D'_t.i.' nnert 1o [ st-tie the P sri- iLesn a ar m million oble omen.I
Iirri,:yn mrn-i-tin ld With tender. uudeunlomfeineamr"- 'f "
N__et- dream thua Ib-r-hic pinree 0,tWI' .. ", -
o IRELA, D. Co-f-.i .- tiau E V.... .- i0Lg
il,-ijnch-Up. i \- ghi =_=-_cn
RECALt ITRANT SINN P-Ptt-ERRo coFroif.i-u1ehecacI'"th1hade"abesh atl .

Cork S. '-Ii- it' Mo;-iu .: BVt.Ii nUP. Cib a zuta aL



i -


: :


-~~p-R----. --- ~-~iTi~i::_ I~~I _OL I~LI Y ~ ~ ~ .1



_ i



r. r ... ... I .. ...... ... .... .P -'- I ..... - . - ---. I




. ' Y JANUA Y .1919
-- 'esum i r u"um'Twnalr rnar nT nIar wiro'wm ran v IANrTAR'V 1 .1919 2 "

'to ur Friends

, .u .ns .and ",u-Otne"itPb-

_. W tik ou _ve,' much. fo" 'our creased patronage_ during

during the past four years of War, to sell you the very eI r
: -,- v r wr,rs Dnctv oir,--

at-the t.bLUWL.1i rP05s1L.I S a..c.
During-the past year, our Mr. A. A: W4V'rA.Cs N made an extensive
trip to the United States and Europe, for the purpose of visiting the
principal Markets of thel W'orld while there, he made I large purbase,.
Owing to shipping difficulties, a large portionu-4 Jie goods bought
are now coming in and pre being marked at tile
Among the lhripmeut nu.v ,beipg operied are many JOB LINES
of exceptional value which cauuot be repeated for double the price ,e
are selling theu at TO-DAY.
__. __OUR STOCK is n' morw /in aid T.1 -rr tiine. er.
__ -JLt A U.PS THE RFT I. n/ T,-..,,

It is ailrnri, Iipr-iable i ni y t.- a nyiii' p 'rriculAr iiC' T '.e 1.C

S Thin w:L lt ''leairt ir i & SHOES-
_ __-oumASc. -LADIES' Boors & SHOES fr..iu 95c.-,1 1I..-. 'TI]-,c

c_-- -~ _--- --------=._ _.

'. .---- -'- '-
! ^. ., ;-;*y",- : B'.-=.. '-


Your Tyre Should Have
Tihe-ini-cr tube y-.-our 1're li:.ulJ 1, i..' fun t i._i
more iN.Nii narl,' i irr ;,ir-it r ,0t h-l. tlat .air.
,n.. J 1,1 l -d.firnc i.
If i i -i;l ii ny -cie t inc. unlkr- nlliton, that
-ci. l- o,- f ,-' t' .l' l i' 1%l, 1, ..-i.i al '',l
cou .r Lr rm L -in i T tairlt, ru i
G- ,I r irn r-T h., .ir-i li v ,Jo nt ki..
(' -p .r .rc. p.. n iJ i h y r I 'l '. t1i 'ii thi. rule
They ,re ib ilt up from riny fpaper-thin ,hi.:: .
fine. rbb r, lar. i c ll up. rlc-l r a ild u i ..
g.prilt r into:. pcrfct c ir-r.r r ir. i unit. -- -
/FOr tihe r.le of y.iur .atif icti.:n, for t'e. c:-3 of
your .:ocr, G:au.yc ar Inner Tubes should be in-
-side )our trcyr




at tujnc & L ma Ol L r'F ., VCuu1 11le4
* rI.roiT% d eitikwr 1y 60i treAt 1 0 fi oti ic.. n, a.r.I.
nn a e of,* r 1 A ilra pntwr l.-.- rne ll a mrt'.ti en-i-i'... i ri rniti.0 Care
pfita.I.tilrr i sis ai1, rthithe we.ake ri.Lor. ch i An c ri ea L ;t hor proteret.
It tons .-.oir 4 .ell knoco nn iiah.wld remedi for brnnrhritl trouble
trlr..' I t, C ct- ir u iriv i'. r -
Wgoritroy & Lyman (>, LhttAt Toronto, Caauda. Proprtetora.

,Oeiirara Influega. Scourge.
--- l ,aogI o I -aa .--
The intr-za p-iJa;ie staUll eoatmuaIca p.
raeihUry u Ibated, Tming mumeroma vie.
time, the m LtuaI numbr of heh the outlhon-
-L. PrefeT not to -RLe p.lie rwt.. It ci

---la~r~a~--~--~L--I-- ;-~- L~~L_;.-- -

~_P ~_'ILIL CY~_IP~VY~~C~~m ~WUMnY:


e -lJayv.

LThtre C -Porrrtr.f e

the emterey haa seaa tar.l hat several
of them hare fall ill r O the M ayor hadI to
E:Lure itLd a ai .ulae. of t..n pr-.oonrra from Li.
Gcorg,:lo"n jail.
t.r,,,rt tr.:.r oth.:r par i cf L.. C i.:,iy -
,i-iare thatj ..-t I-c.Le b. nor at'ao.-ront of
rl... rF orp IL ri ci aL c.
d',trrirrEm rr6 m ia o..t
A Mrlcr.ri irMn n a t.i ii rt a r.-.-,:.i
I. ,-.: I rr i tr. t i .l r' -'l- 1.: er-t lly d..I
aThe Ohr, i t -.of r th.r Th.. o rL
nir. r-nv ti.t Lo- .I .l ...... : ..--I o.rrtr crci n. '-I r-,-i[,l, o the,,h,.
.] i, r, in...', l,,reai t'r.r .5oItr. y ri'
,- i.a', t r ~rr tt~~rti ".'t i ',' fa 10L'-r .

The Ope fIine _ri, te Theatt?.

-tW, bi '_1_ ur rterzeg -or r.-jrg..-lockthar j

ForP Sale. F
N i HUDSON SrPER.SIX in good con-
' dilt n Can be een or cried at No. 1.
St. air Acenue. Noreaomaee ,-Lcha .ole f ue.J
Appl io L:i:n. f Bciur'r'r., i: I Chilolte

For Sale,
LA -lo .tIoe r-r I.efipanVdc.E
Fr in 0VI D oeoirii cc b "ram rice
F pana I3ilay SuitaL.. For particular apply
I.:. T r'dAt- 1. I. forrf.. Red H-our, Port-ol-
Sipa -___





~~~prIEE~fS ._


I I 3 /i '. 1 -

"; I, A/' ) 7/' /. .. ,

_ "

,-. F...O R . .. E.

I _'_. ..... .. . F O R S L E _ -- -.

. . L ":',i.....-. . .... IV 1 / 4
, '-. ;"-:, ,' -', -c i. i .I I p -l /I I l

Kitchener Memorial frIn
Pe ntorarp -




'Sale or Dh'bll and Split Peas
iT -
,Prod -

One of 0Our Famo

Bed Lamps 4

EffmeralitE Table Lamps .'I

Desk Lamps |



-- -- --- ___I -$ ... -- -,

'--' H --1 ...... 1 --_:-_,_. \,r 1 S H Y O:|


^--" -- -- ._- --. : -" 4"'
--WEST-l-N D-IA -- L -CO M PAN
'Phone 651. .

C hirnacn.

T ., I P t. A i' F er c I
A CI" t D. ,tC- m I e L

Thursday, January' 2. 1919.1 C/-'L EANL L NL-i' f I
-' ,id'.o. Cr'-ct ,. C". Liri- 't. .r.'.-. i ;Z- ""
',,o ',' -.' i '2 and- Licensed Sanitrv -Installer4
Aem Ho -i--Ct I ,nd ValuaLtor,
G mIS .117 bor, Dholl "
-w in rdi.-mond b-T hol -. ,"..mT e d I.-lt 1 ppor-
n a'ra 9 -'- t. itun. rom Euglr- nd .nd A1 enc'ric
m--- -,e :_ A Large Supply of PAINfS
cn. nr.rn.d Ly rve. -- OILS,-etc. -
Trrr1 C o.h i i .ii 1 I h rjl' s placed him in a position
*- -: r- -1- '.- 7 T- .-r-r'--c m tbc--nicLr mig cont-acts a-T
.... .A.L..: .i '.i .-' reduced rates to those
,ro '.iL r tr -. 1 -obtaniinig locally now.

. .. .

S .'.".'. ,'""'. .......' L', .. l' 'a r C Sca-. M NrC 1e
P A i

Th, EpCdp,:n,,c in ih, .t[t_.I - -. |


S ' 'r I 1 ' ,, ,- r', A- T Tr-

..... I1 .. .... 1 i Vtin LV LOCAL R AA! EAM ARD.

.. ... . NOTICE.

-th-c 'm a -i-
., ,, ,,tb. . c
, 1 i. .i 1
r L a I

.d ) James W Arbuckle

0__J 3-

TORE, No. 42, Marine Square (cor- l
Sner Charlotte-aStreet). Apply to
JF.- REIS. 24 Mariue Square. (ea ,-.

C. OFORT.ABLE COTTAGE, No. U Fa, .F.2- --'-
,Sur- l. situated in a quiet locality. one '__.".


ement-h--boomer-,-va _'*D&

= m "

I I LN L, lrfr Ji J IP





h I i



.* .

I-'[ I U . A 1 E4

W-1-4, I

.r a-X r lv&v U .l F L JV

,U i


V-ser SITe -D.
du;ing the past four years of War, to sel I you I e vez3, e -_MOoc
il-*z Mark-
I., .,_TLhM
at. the LOWEST POSSM E PRICES'. che Mmewry &mA fia tar&j Lha Mveraj
of them brive fallLn 111 "a the Mayor had In'
During-the past year, our Mr. A. A: W,4NFRMA.N made an extensive r-ccure Ito ami6wneev of t..n proonurs from LL.c 'For Sale.-
izip to the Umited SL3teS and Eurr:)pe, for the frurpoSe Of visidllg the Gcorg, wwn jail.
M.T. rts otb-mr parti c-f iI.I? 011-iny 11i.
princip:d Markets of the World . wbile there, lie made I a rge purbase... N13 HUDSON SUPER.-SIX in good con.
0 :imon CAn Le ien r uid at No. 1.
Owing to shipping diffictiltieS, -,I 1-irge por-fixi-6kibe po-3s bought tV.., ripp, bi. Lb., L- i n St. Clair Avenue. No reaoaml-le Lffer rwfused
are now COM109 in being marked :It the diltrirEa '6 rtpcmrled.. %ppl. to
LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. 1%, IL rikliMA Man n a t.-ik otb ctiL
Among the Iiilrimeuu; nu.,%- beipg operied are many JOB LINES r -)I 1. ver-rally d..I
of guirplLng t1i.?
of exceptioual value vhicb cauu,--t be repeated for double the price ke f"; more xn-.wt I, Fop Sale,
are elliug thein at TO-D-AN'. A I, E ah-a. flic rcrlar
1 t A A, IT,. .. 1, V- -,-i. In a' AGE t0Yki aejoir-ing the E;paria Village
0 now niurk: r 11 T.-T-lu M- IIT t
OUR ST er. -iF.inFftfe_ '
-f,)rm r-r prni-crLon. I jo I.- ip-ii, o a-.1 'na F 3LIn ay Suihmr.. For particulars apply
TLICIMAZ 1. Forrfii, Fd Hc-u-, Pori-ot-
7,11E PIFST Z L I 'I :o r,.T, r. CP.
0- the -, I
IL 15 illllrj;L II1IFM)z';Ib1C L-J-1i
I.V I I.. LI 'r. r X
In Elepai _-nL T 0. 0 11-.e Th al
-he f
;7r-Ij -i F0R SALF.
CIL' 1: & n I, It
-LADIES' BOOrS & SHOES fr.-,i-u 95C.-,111 -N E PUL LM N CA R
14 ht: .... ...
F; C r. i 11 . ri
LT o
Th, Vp.d,:rwc in ih. St.1


1 0 4 H P
A r I



pbMT113g ocaly no 'rione oU i






. l-,' E S '.7,., -. '(-'

T / i'_

'i I !-- A,)



I m m W -N I I I


I h I.

-0 VLO L A M la)



1-itchener Mernoc





Your -Tyre Should Have
7 It tubr- im ., 1 11--, . T:f.u : t
m r-re N o, nici-Lly irr ;,ir- ii 1-1111:t Ivild LI..1 ,IT.-
.,.n, J, f un Fjtdincll. -
III it i-id ; it. ---lie thinc.
f."c jo f, rC.1,1., I..
i.:- briv,_- ih-cm i.:. thu r ru. i
ir h.J.1 ji-ii.. v do not
i t hc rulc
They ,r,! UmIt lip IT.)in I PY fwper-thin c. I
fine TuL.ber. laid 13,' _r Lip.:,11,%cr and %tilcimm-A t---
into pcrfca nw, unic.
r the E.-Je of yrair aikf.nction, f,-.r ihe' gc.-.] of
1)rjur .:C,%cr,. G:)cdyc3r Inner Tubes should be in-
_side Nour I-Yrc--,.




wie ot unou ana bpm pea
)T -
Pot? -


Thursda.v, Januay-Y 2. 1919.1A. U. 13LA IN UH h
iclv.n. r,:,iv. I ir -., '.I- .-I
.-rd a. C,;,,r.1 & C.,.. D O- l.. or... .. i -
crej '.-.i t..' for ir. .r' and-Licensed Sanitary
C, m I in-J. .. ..C fr. nd Valuato r,
G m K .117 bicr. Dholl
(UP R in-diamond-i- -.9
Demenra Sr
Pens tunii,. Irom Eu,-.1-ind -.nd AniermL A PROS
-A L:arge_upply of PAIN
o.n. rv.rud Ly 01US,- tc.
7 E PV C o. h Fllbol. lr.s placed him in a position
..L IN' redUCCEI rates, to th
1. 11 1-

A NurR17-1a &,5;r/,ff z( 44 71A(a TO N I C
CCJD(JL IF cum Posed of t 1, 0 pur,-A c I r. I I.,. r ..,I. I -%I r.. I
cl,,Vr -T I-,-- .--A -
or'vcil.l r I estrill Of. Phil. b 1 -.1.
pt )nC.l admIt. Li.,3 mcF.r Cd 111'14 f-iLl' 11T 1:.1 1-. .1 it -Ur.-ft of
effica-mV h 11.0 LFC&O." 1.1 .)i P .7 .. .T I..
w q& i hw-, ,f 14"rr TT
-vir -mr F t-1- ,.T-Mt -I-r7j
nn of 11,11 1111 to pn4;11.1.-. rr,.j Ito m Lb 11-11 11111.-t C3re.
palth.1.1111% 'is aii. 1, thni Lbe weak PLsi. a.uc h ar. ri-IF-IVP A A dlivol. proteimt.
It hns '.-ell kno,,u r.r,.l remedr for brnnphial trouble A
ner'-we I'll., ..f 11.0 E. a .1 10 W ." I'll". r.".t
Irle-I it, it-ip rtrvivi v nnirdning :Uvnilvo ",.I
iror-ort, o c-F j, hipli or-ler.
MorMny & Lyman Do, LLmIjvA Toroill.0, C&nAdjL Per prIetoM


-3PEkoUS. NEW.


L m, i. orr 31P I S1

'' -r -- rui-Ninvh anr lR nn AY.- -W.. NZi~ qDAY- JANUA.n T. .1. .1919.:

rq InfludgZakScourge. FOR
No ABATEIiiiINT W THE TORE, Yo. 42, Marioe Square (eor-
O ur F riend s EPI nt. %I S ner Cbarlotte-Stire"). Apply to
RUS 24 Mariue Square.
Maj.- 0
za sull e0otinuvA av
parehUy unabsted, Cl&iWiDg MUMU0125 nC-
bms, W a&uaU number of -hAh the wuLhorl-
We thank vou -,.IeTV- much fair increased patronage d _dim Y'refeT a t to make PuI.lic It IN (-OlffFORTABLE COTTAGE, No. 13 Frazier
evident. in a quiet locality. one


--- ---GREETI-~NGS--;

Jr..LJ .

Onae of Our Farmousi

bedh Lamps

bmeralik TI able Lamps..,

-P~-e~a~ es

'1.i -c nLm nII ..J i.l:L n-_

IN D-1A,-- ---O-l L ----C 0 NI P-A-N--i


.......ei .......-F S. .or.W ... . .... d
-...... ... ... .. .. IR. -.Caraquet's Trfl ro -Sale for wVe uesay, the8th dea of _-
S Dr. CaeD's Tablets- re ladigestion Canada. uar-, 1919.
All Internal Pains and T ubles due to- O LIC NOTICE hereby given rhat by
A l P n ". tder of John Baptist Dennis Se. ier and [ "' ""
____ EC OF IS LA7tD es Lis Sellier and in erci e of tested
---- QUARANTINE SSTEN. power o ae onerrd un org s by

7 ~o .h R'~s through our body. B i Cai lI -cn- e-- qu l iin ren le Ca re John PoO, of theone pt and he oi
ST.-y i- your tni1n r i 1e r -- than i p's Eund ed rience ag t St. Kilts. Ordin is Dan lie r I
food makeo strength and tnor invited of i ul matti r the We-r Indiuou a voynge to France with (No 2.261 of 19u6) and made bettfern [ie 'aid J| (T O A
-a-carT dad and Tobago sdd orbe uan A moou A w r Popro It

Ttalala. T. n 1 lChe Tbsp atuils s i Is be ,inw, "adn o al i don s ao.Ceara d oa t bt th W r od ile fI ', Jol In-ab ora a- a t- a t ne .
Til allowing letter uhr h e chang ol p ioduiu tult it m a Ba tit D lni: ali er, ti lounrh ht. .
oLf he coruf c t o let Ji h r Io 1.1 d tn sl b -- tie .
lrom 'aiororrce eo- oii e "to pr at ten yearJlJoJa -o. isi mae tolt
ha -rlr' -eo- i jlot. I t -i. It r the French B artist Dennira .lliero the other tt. the
r at or d at e al gib that the o .tu r oi with aco ad there da ted i I. dat. o r Julb, 1
food 1333kes strength_ JB- __- 1 '"" iu1- c.,,, aa efeL r IIrp- d, nau I t 1 1 ,.f , a voyage to France wit ( 2.261 o*f i'I' andl mad c ._ 5aid
Sargo u a sh i ugar to r, e ec.Li n l cL I r ml nu. Alex der Poi.r of the oe |..T i n -I lue s ai
UIOHN C. iRITTAIN, u11 ., F.B9.Se l'huroh41rool, Mansfield, En., Actured rtcles tre and thee ared back. Jh ln BD pit t i.eni ls.l lier r d ler I,.

r Claa"t l had p o osencis .t. ar vrl ..rtf .hr-l o to Ind.a LTh rler ld I. ,a l re Uoil 1 l u t ..- i or ....Id i, ,
TIrIll. They are certainly to b r me .....nded in roll run down 0a- Cl ear-b headed .... ini bolh the V.',nt |ad.*l*uth* I ..-.. & of Juh lvi .an.a.,].... 01T "..v tile .. ..-
----n- l n, E I nd a lsoIn miss of deftective draol l mlhi-lon," and Canada busy wit. 1cheuieIs to da% io AIexaader Pa ,, in favo r fI he' A't',] Jahn

of rther Ifi l hs l thexulo u a o t"d iut Irlet yla t, l. ctilu.t t.i ler. lL c aiur o t h.,.
Lwtt o i.e re.- il a bl rt-erf d titfacit n orn er-idar-J, N-i IC c t1 Vartit ra-1 7
of..DrA rf th e iourlaeI to -n e f ol- a o Ibn ei fthatipeo c-at ..o t . l.t'ihr1e Off i o 19 11Ad eth : .
,m oas d r o saefo dodea, PsOea oftr e cLL p, Aond the eT!fLo ,, ,i b h,,ht .-, ,.ld Ci A aLL It i: 1-rit -r ,d

Ia Parai al Kidney Cimpl Wa gn k s.n .d WDtin eas a their-. rter- la In aitr arho eto a rh*ohetb aop nc- Cac u n i -ta h-'re
Prisl nd llhnoe lata nt aoim a on the uoth, dii hair tracl t l o carry ter o tf pp er rOi ii the .- o r T l

poire pr chedrm00 th me furtaar iea tmori r r* t a 4o Ia- t lat

nt .i r-C on W e a rf tea I. n ori s lo r t Cn a I t ell knowe to ,ere .rn1 Seller and rneLtLt ,i al T of I j- :- r
T a b l en--b iled for roule be .clao Ihe cAoe ali oer [ I ri,1 O r C. i luLl. ll
o Li t -ttb u n ilpa to -,ri o tlh l, o n ,r hto n ,tur n i b) Ic, A an.:" ',i i, IL t .r If -h ,,, ,. I ., -, I-, .- -r

Soralt ru tne gat el In 1u1th e.1 trc ta -- n ai-, TH T o, 11 iT ,fnt T, Li t a t t .-1

______ _An u eo or a mlr a- a re aui ttrn. ia tlaeI S1 1-t
all e a.ven d ar a h1 t t lroed ,e ,o i teral ol f -o L d:L. S. er .. u'rr Lfh to t i h 1 -- 1

Siero t Ir hoe ra u t te gitr. n l a i e.t r -n-_ ,aL I, e .t iL" C tt
.. ... Dr. (Tall a Tra-bleL'Made >ofracerat rt'rt at, .rih t' e jr tr alriti c!truap, ILe arret ron-al i-rg Ca r ine would have .n t sed, th e 1 -I da o r t L
Sstreiol time. nf I me t1ere found JIaNo,.rOt ld It al o ", -.f. r- L u

e l L ri Aea: ol- a-in cuIt, o-,1. ; . ,at-a -..a-e G Or. 9i) ad. a uT BO ,DS .
-ir Wkns Stomach Troubles ah n c or mE d acg 0 J_-l G. .r .... p Ill

^lTTi \ W \anluos 'Jndfloshl, pr-eil-- ... w| ; for Ir, it leara L nder i aN %enilc rl ,ii il i (s e ALL ,t, SINGULAR th .rti '-.T ( "

~Nerve_ Prlyi Ke Wi D e thi(r Tait aiet t hoI. >-I ( Q Fa. H Jr llb or- & C L t1N d .Au, L S EP
o blll tItalian Vital ErIo th ill ht, di Ia e r ultl t toI c array a r of Upper ar h u W TrnN
A P oeand p ,er alslt fro u T to pu Then lidO P aa tU o:F d It 1t p r hs

h uvoes and DO lr ie Evi r. i t e vica to .re n t (1 0o -C' a n- J5h
Pr,-i I b and Sit. the 6 OTAIiddL _el n ti tlieaiurea..h it- -- h -AUCi on -by-the-U dert aned-at- heir-a uei- .N, TRoNI AD.

rird to lik tih tcin ol it i. i ALL AND SINGULAR that certain message i
Ulo er.1 arr toe lt-re -Re toaLlon ia d [ c ,r i LTes Ot thet1i Pd to, I. a iikic 1 1
-- d b Solici,.n" r Lt'; A 8 blet'. Ir, '; ao M ca h yso br ea had b .. upon them all Ihia ttle up,, Ihc Bi% cr .... p i in the .... of Pharmac-.. Pool LW .M1 Srm ,nn_ A Solo; 11 0i ii ,^ d". to '

"Go : Albert E Jo n: A otur a c ontinu anc Bo On Dec bear, 191S the grd shlp Carbuequet Crownon hI..ed. "
Igibursh .r.r ore s .: w ilabrton- P artowea,11 ablcet Er i |t l Loa Et John t Canada fIc or D'trara Locl ,-ALL THAT c -l. I.I r l ,-I --------------

ov !he Lenwio rd Islandp mc-t ane mtuo h lI c ia Sttiht -d L Ni te Ita rijrd- .rt 5- r i ti o.] itE M
O1 t e patrOnage. o t aiitr i ta I ta cta o ala- a S
D ir i e -t eo r i s o f i d ol] e r an d t c Iew i i d. cr- I a i
al L*11 1. andm S~. areoticrhoL -e. -, rofe t he sat ao ga, th. She Sdmir te-.d Go.ern- i- A... -' I

...........J. GLENDINNING & Co. .... .,J isrt.r ^ nflny m"'1"---- ........a. CINIDA ...,- I. I
Wlli a clean bill e Io health a nd had this e-.

-hr W. t. DheRth i D., In the Supreme Court om Tridd and 1

Sigeon SS. Ctc. Tobago11agffo
.. o _rn,,hoIin Ihe Ma ,er of he E ,'ae of Jean Du -ty. I e.
_ _ _he Wad of Ture in .e l..nd C

.----,^,------------,-----Trinicad-rl cr. D ~e ied.
-h It_ -,--r Ac Gata oo -nr. they -iatora' at-to Pooti -- k& UL,-A Ie.t.

pben ,ton- sp.i--..hii tThat Famous Blood Pu er I
We baf i a a e rea l a r s o3.1 tn o I. l..t e

memories for pieato .t . d that, %ere ALh a'8) Sd- m Id b R c i c.. .iA.u T, ate $5 ".0 1 Yea ad I

-.-______-- -boked forA trou le T de ,c h c aforesard C renc Jac on it lhe a o e Ex u tlr
Sale ofor Fridee i -the .r l t: o and R.l eie o (Iiin r dee- dl of i a. i d GET IT ATt O
B c InCgh i.e tNare She i dug ian t A t ce AII, t ptt p Br- oy P 6 Henry StreetL
AT .,_ Ttidd._h eidro..... hr\ h ..... ... heti. t.o lhor- i. e o-a ico ho o Ld ci a a u eir c-ri O F I- IiOn S

ul t d er e of e l cthe a P tae of Io ia n m No a551. V re c nth u rI-Sp,9i L t .
MT a.lO u F.,l_ !;AIi iot,,r ddtlCsrgosg crur .cl 1, r i o fr ,L ad f .... I 1, h d
-- . ....... C r- t -r tlly yrcl L It e oo 1 t t. ,u anl b Ahwi-

pd -,--,::HA---,-2 2 ,eara D ee d o h n ie dator d- Ofi Me ,t id.,'a tb-iALL A ND er It W-iL R dh l cern ., t -e -ad
D.a d r dih 1 f e. ri ... on-Spoie _eic day.. 1. e .d. hoc, 1- '
SA d e opi fAra, -ua'A 1 Ah L. T HA 8 t vI' CI ae 10 cl -. .o nT N o. ,i, r Ao e, et, no oL oe d ,io .r o
tie.ri.... tin. tVe pAo tal tcerai ol l terooai-.t Ni o r by tt ZI.c ,, ,a C hri ,cic S "t. 1 t,,r
otserai l de dcur ofry ar-t Iof the And D ,ri.ita I.:'. '% i Y I day of : .cl1%
...... bc9ro+, F u . A" + ,, ........ I I L u.l... .. 1...... r H O L D E R S O F
Thl .,0. engeru Al o the a e i ,e a bilo ee-t-re jr. :-) F. n ,- ,F LJ- kCi'., ti -,i..L,

-s, GLENDINNN,, ,,&,C of h .eari ndriflf orth , tn meer T ....... ,eTrini .....EI.. GOVERNMENT L
of c ai w-I an o t ecW IJ. a D MenI, tif D:I ho the io em -o of T Ida- d and
--- ||- C ----- I Ea ofon L.rmtd, 19ab actingai thdry " lh "' d h' "he C "

S leoll'e nd the cP id a l H atthe a s ,ci c a 1. 1en. Thl eh .

-AroretuwaO H Aeg- "i tpyr r orto f-.pat La..Sh D.-DING,,GonoalManager
Dh t e le l n he bi,1 r ailt ereafleoht c[ ot atosonc 61p h le
... I C--or a Ctt Dou rpIi Di.. ...

..i -g. W tin" upo U, ,- C 91- o t ade ae r. fosra SAaei Th F o

mr. al lie cI mlacn4 re' of r a tac to i id o ebhe at f afdl :o t a, 12 t 1 EI rtl-Sa ,
Still we were ipt n molt e rger- u orl e cth, o p eent ol hoursdoeesred o e a Ipid- )-d- :h r O. H di n ria-. "

eit t wi iln te p a a o, tae e or l a o etan Dremied in o hf oC it d o aotdu t he-- i d nV-
A weRhO PERO US acontIInua is due. ar, olu p d.. B A D ee rIhrar t, a bue d t1.1 huctog 12 at rob 1afw e
Sale fror Driay, the t dll o R so. d .. e oteN o drt ro tol ihre ."7,tc old doGe T T

NE YEAi. Lewr JATS t me.o od.l 91ch I, ,et t e9re e, as No pu .tt forrae ic cf.A, T,'E ,L1 01 "C NA A
Orime dand. iln.onv en tie tod iZ- -ap 1l.s.19,- ind -Au- R-by the- d e -vr s ot nedhit nd heir l -oTmn---t--e -WI.N t rAc,
T o all O ur -we were m %if N v ery is urntby groa tber D thece clnh Cor eao r and t p .m.
_* n d towe I o fth ful e o fi e S ac o t iof d the sod- AL LA I L t hat C.rce taint o eof te-
in, a henla Dee of Nhi rh the daed, r t d C're. e mestin the rid Wf P of- hai c
T S le ac tond m o the Vtllont, t the acindg o ith, n i A Nof 98 of c ara ff th ucddl ,erd
-of te Leu w art d Ricled Co Wfiatoh 1 so ith bie satd Wi Jl anon e ief eare rIq
E, GaAnISN.]ATS nonrt .. hr toa snhbes nder- rEast of the Dry John Paca on a, t9l'b t et
-oRichardfCo W th Decoo p ad. t n P ta patronare. W- Sal f rf Ib thousands of oo Is I, a t h
port caies ofrai IAfictsf a crew e. Tof rtt.ufa sod onothe
aG e orw hein Aw ct., Ther reaalredayt oe lracr,. o r-dee. theD
of and o2pbm br o th.e 6th doy of m tP e T rinidad E l gagruir
Bc e E L T In the alter Of the Edtate Nf a ean DurLty. latea--
_AL d net r t ou the Way d of Turhte in the riand yof

VALGOOU ESHA1:Ta T nLOm n Itt 1q too 111a 'at. Hi aPUBLIC NOTICE ii hemirby s, een tha- a-ph.
ofhTui ad tell Pou a t the orerof om p i elt F calito hn P c n ade to mte by J or t iri ia rort i
Cccen.ooe rao.d 10,n dgsoebtainda abl o r'it, 'rite tsla obd o b TnCarlad. or ..n.ed. l o.. R her oe i a a That Fam ous Blood Putr fler a
-meat 00 nd the bePtuno d man d ffiac;enL L 'em.l or thep p of A krgir stira reen o f trfe Eb Cutaoe Land Jeon ci .. .. ..
MIMde. D c.n'L ottlse w, an triou, mby t, is, td e Isoal d, Plannter. ,-ne their ,I beei ad da ite Ao hi o re am d leo-A ao I Ia Wi.-- -
-_Fes-a FFin y01,I -oI- tang e Jrbn -rda t-, ofthe m shn--al the e- 1-Pt -- t- I a- [I- ---- N l a s a a a 2
hiA first a -ppearand e. Secon .bar, c S l 7. abrex-d ,ha died on thI sad Ot tiDL core too- ee- s ct e -uh Dow c P icf It a Me
r1 '.r having atINtnxme ill [im JOB
aforeWaid. Clarenceo Jclan the l/ae Exet.rord/
N aSare fSr Friday,_the 10th day o anda rrtui te r the will or bf h_" 6soi, d- oGET IT AT r t

A exercise o the Power oe eale contained the slad W I -lab hi s e CasaeWlan n e s on ee oe the t0 t
H Ain a certn Deed o P .irigile dated the loth -lrefidsodjoet under bye a-oad Will of the said
.T andmadebe..... Victor r Welle-ley rayunof si l l annex ed dgan eLi .for f

:.J L .- !- '. T.. .:.mT i,

D r.D Casl"'s Tablets Care. Indigestion y""d
All Internal Pains and Troubles due to'-


R. -Gr anaquet's Tr -From Sale for We nes4ay, the stha y; of
Canada. anua--1919
d.__ pUOLIC NOTICE is hereby given hat by "
S order of John Ba eptit Deanen Sthller and
ECCENTRiCITIES OF ISLAT D Ernest Loise ellier end inu c n .eo of the
QUARANTINE SYSTENf. Power of Sale conferred upon Mtorigagrees by '
The Ship's Experiefice at St. Kilts. Ordinane N. 2 o the Lawi of the
T -- bColony od Tnniedad and Tobago eooXrased or .
TiE [ofllowirt letter is naiubltihed in the mphiedi the_ follqaing Mortgages and Memo.

ANYTHIING that is under a
Tcxaco rodf i t.ratteied. It

-- -- -- y-- They Sxh.- uti-oYUrf'niatoil l i, rig it. mii rl t Vo .i-ir-
food makes strength and entrrgp. of bndir malttr
iJOHN C. URITTAIN, EGQ., F.B.S Churoh41roI, Maniseld, Eng.,
wrvlle I have had oovinoain proof of the value of Dr. Cas Il' .
Tailels. They r certainly tlo be recommnnded in all run down on-
miloens, and also In sse of dlt de it vedr or as smil aln,"

Dr. Casslel's,

Dr.('mmaella rableLd rd made of race nutrilh(' a,.'rrut,'rame cntrmctp,
0, a re time uIdru.t anrd .,-.. iiurtreivi Fior
Nervi Whks nasl lomah Troubles .H IWuknahul __
Son-iy Weoasealln i indglihon l ifiHftisoe-
Nerve Psroiosys Kidney Complanlt Wasting Diseases
Nervous Debillty Pilploalon vital Ehlausi.on
_-- ~ Also for Preventml of Malarial- Fevors ad Dysentery.
V .Prl,-I Ib and ait. the 1 o6 O lIL ,eing the m, re eu romial

.otld by Smith I" A Co1 Ltd.; "'abthtM I Oo.; Of) M LCarhy
s ---d 0. eB-Aed'o Phaurmac. PAol L revue. IrDa Bon; W 0 B.m iLad
S "o : AIberl H Jouspn: 8. A EUwlUn'fi Drug sures Peof0t o atitl: eo
S""h bareb D .iv orr. C.:,Ts Wharion Pbiarmtowmi gs roFasnd,
sat-d anl b'mlpe and Bvireso lrouabooL ih Oh'e lfadlle





To all Our Fri~eds and Customers.

And we hope f6r a continuance

of their patronage.


- .-a/


-5 II '

-I Y-- I





aWide nd CENTS' Any _Width_ -
arrow- S-TRAWV-___ Bms--__
-.--Bands. HATS. -, 2-& 2-.:-


-quet'l-d-ulif FieFench rule in rCanada. .lMore
than t O hundred earea ago -onrof the French
Gorrorori diodated rlie exchange of.pea withb
the We.t Indrian. a voyage to France with
acargo of -riugar tobe ecuantt lor m ndou
featured articles there and these carried back.
to COrnnda.
Clear-besded men In boh the .oea Itdir-
,vandeapda are h Ay iti.h, rihennertorda-, ho
further thij exchange ol piodiaL DBut it maf
sougger "be creduhlt1 of oor.ieaderit. to Iarn
Of the eoCuraRelu nt tfrL 1that ihi- t e l
from nomi soutcei
The laict i alrre d too weell known ro abe
-repeated-lt- any- lengtlht.lhhat th D-:,iai1 ir-n
G, ernerntot. l .dld-. a lfe.a eai ago a- lije
of uLteamhipi Ito cirr otn ltli trladJ Pic,,ar
Shrot oere grte tlo I l te or ent.ur -iL t -Is.
rte-cirler d of oarhrcedd a ritr o a., ofl tof
of adl. ft ,t a ,hI hiot the grt ,I luller1-
--11I"YF 0T le ueIV, a a emtl, r-ce,of d Iisfac Ifno
the to rit-ha111lig t -.3 would have
strentuoua time. tIo-erer, i? .t re around
eoaraiath.r_,i rce ji Jo J.rel.h vzliz.ALai-ao.a
w ho for frtr e.rd ao ler ait o heiacrr iiletd
tLeo eDigl. dilrSjir rtclsi taorcarryocar.)-
and p aVreihoersoalft rau potrt to iaort ihen
puace piaherd ob tnie nnortre oI the vtmrioius
diti. otndo Intt oare rie uo'ao na their tide.m
thmyhoptd olr a ahow ao fraraad, 1,-tr. ie
O-lev ear' dependence d 1e Ft. -11 their o-rlly
reaod had bere upon thero all thra time
On Deooitalr 2, 191l, the ood ship Caratruet
act ruil 'ooit -t .John, Cavady. for Dhimirara
end til the Inter-ering ports. SO Started
wih a clean bill of health and hadI thil en-
dorsed at hermudi.- Sme iout.ghooeaLi_ had.l
hee._eooo:.oerIrt-edlie- ciaing iot--lra .hadJ

- healthavd-prrol-tr.--a ..f
We had bad a bint that the autloriries of
S-Sr-I I--likt--t he-prlreofrLtd-bhad-isthirr
memories l or p TAlt o.r and thatoe %ere
-boked for trouble Tbe itcta of Ihe c.,e e third
time prove-d orni eiban tib- rai i- r' and
athou bgl h" trcnche" dug in 115 hSeae not
u blaair hur a u r t, ..ahi orti rt.o ffl bae.rt t
kslI ,-, ",re or .:r m L, rt one '! rolni'rv
-n'. i Kat .11, I,1 a ... IrIn di ichargl tg cur
-urg o' teir a-If treat
A ,me p.: :e C -1 or.m,
il I e titv rnovun er ialr-., a crea one
-hun-ird c.'r-- -uI. "ti e rinc-.unterlng r0r.
a. he er I;r ithe tFat rilme t in. fll on_ .l
ine ip irh i pil a certi in l tol r rotubl. a -
t ierr --r .pa or,5 Fine of lte. ma n .o:rein
hapsib; ru Irhit. o.rna thbe r reach.1,
Kile-. iTh- tM-itcl H1-Itolt riflicer iookh lie
te raiatur.le oi ra oIly on e -Ithase a i ,nd .nd r-
it I. i e haogred 1F quan high r.:e iheap an
all pua.sengert. larhc ._h jyl a. i billof pi alib
rhil "aaE a lvit.ralom'tlet t .ICta-tO1 lttuch a:
rh-.i t h -lc. alo 11- -1a t L,:,5t O oetera, d itO
oin3iR-a i-alt-wed uaii to atI a man alt-
I um; former d, av acting ig. ii Go,.rn-r,
conve-i- b the iders that he Oal at' l. S r.,. r-
Whit right We had i-a rhe hrgh 6,n' a

Sprcrerrgt-o- pat-ye. -h
tit oil hr l i lacdo tere full tI : I t

t w. canuer-- r,4y-g Deradn Knownn as
John Poso, of dhe one paot and rhe aia John
Baipti Dennie Stelliero the olher p-t. he
n-corad theretI dated iairi'ii.h day of Jult, flra
(No 2.261 of 19u6) and made betien trh.e aid
Alerhnder Pop) of tiheone r..vtir ] lue said
Johin Brpliit D.enria'Saillier rl tihe er p.ri.
the TIfird Lberea- l NuniL.-.r.i 11 .-ied tic
1'Ji f.l, ofI Jul e It-i" auad a,. .'- f' it the r inf
Alearader Par.' in favour r .-tIhe" t'A I d John
Bptiit Dcni: iSchl er. the Iourta th itr .
d ln'd th- Islh dt ,[ F htruariy-1911 IN.-. ii3
JI hitarIdhvale bern ti -i.f MWe di
Po|'.'I l 1Iht otIe aLtn ithel i.d I h- -aht.lp
erni- Sellier and Frne-t L-.ui ellrr of, Ih
oil ir palt, and lthe IItll h r. i- nun tIrl IL
& I h l6c 1 t daJ o .f i', 4, i,11 ,,n! i [u1a,1
i, o ,,. TO xr-fi t .T i, I lL 0-1'r ,..t.
LA.L er-.iSi.Ser Il e ,iM l ; 1 pt Up ,'for I I.,:
unoier igneJ, N 12 i V.n:eur "Treeit. ort, on a Wr .lnEdt. t lt,- rit n dOaf of

ALL du SINGULAR tIli -1rluin i-c. ul
lan -r CC' ,a P.f l-titnit. t lUa l 1 *,Ia thil l 7Ir
Ot Upper C.raonfi [b the lWti hi Trnrilat
C0a13p ir-tng 1 e s, ,- ,d 1.11dt.i pirclts
-on thu p Ntrlupu
up,, Ih- rra n Rlu er I .n. ou n he t. Ult
Crown I.qpd.i
ALI.Si LL THATr CCil.ln Aitl ol a 1f
comln-.iAng r'.,e n re '-r -..r. I.- the.
S m or i-or Ir 1 h -detr t ,lth- ,lagian

l- ia '-O r i ... c..i ..n

AIL an"' i l NC LL 1 R [ [ c.raiii ,:
,it 1,er .I ul I m.. rL u ,n L.c,. ca ',i l,,uu.' i
5 1 i 1 -J1.- U e-.I ,rCa, )

I L V", 1i II, I C ".-k I
V. ,
.LL T.fTHAT cL, r
I U GN, ." I I I, I Ii

A I. i a ],- , 1 '

i ,I-'L I. tLh a r",11 ar t, o. If

SALE 1..t F -I,, j I
S ailild -U -

ten ye'r a,,c. It is made to an0 it does.

j fSr r : 1.nJ r
-i." -2 e. : i it I; r i.
S .: : :'. i: n--t lC d
L :Fu h rr-,r- e

-r, din r it'i :!.c '- '

SThe -Te::a CcmpDnyr
_I_. .l C .':' c : ?i':"r-,.aj, "fe :.a

GEO.QF. HUGGINS& o., Ltd-,-

Agnts--, SOLTTH ) UA Y.




and Ie 1ere itn m:le ldnget i LLr I--- -'--- --- .-
-e yo i org~ ep ra-O --tih -. J-l aI -- It'll --nI i1 --*-~'--'-----
eight houi e.ave uii pratiique Fo:.r this ... a I n r. d I r ... .. .j .
grtnttIudeI du to Dr Bridger rp Ir p.I. r i .-. r.Il'i ,, .. i Rate: $3.00 Year and Up.
nin W e ceetainl v ba. e v p.:.,o r a -d r j .. r,,i,
corintl s from Dr o il-ger. It 1, acin .e hin..,ttut e-a--al h a tp ,rI
pr.iique o also dhl Grenad.d i t. r .11" i P, ir.) .CI1-C : Cii, t r 1 ...l t I [. t l \ 's -' i CANA DA
to for route lime. The tt~dc,0a Ciffa cr -I piall. tree aill-tbe aaw r, a Ir 'a t,.- ir l,,: 1. N _ ._a e'ddcmi] L ie n t a.lut 0aoJ-,--ith -,.jn ,- n. -i-aior- ,l..d- 1,7. i 1 '.' i i -1 'l1Ttt h1t
mu ullude of connnel there i ; ,alit f.:t r marL NO. a I Vrnt c t 'r i
counrellors, ime 0t1 t ai l l :rce. Ha-r e on Frdlri. In.. 30l. tl i. lnI .A'.A I., .--
wecmeremetithb yn.] heI oa-cenh h.-uot Is.- Chas. 0. Hodgkins, Manget..
peered to Ihink the acutn of i bt ,il. ALL AND a-INGLLhR ii. i n t e
el 11 Wa, ithe jpAke of the seaon a pnd premisr ai -ti P- f p r --'
t. loathe Caraque iniifXltIb athanldunre j ..- 0as No na 9,. hariJu.e ih tel r e.J a- .,ir, d ., ir.t
able ction on Ih pal ol o the t ctiag Gote-, ---Nortnby L.t Nao 'it6-hC-ile Stl-o.,:r, rM e
of Ihe Leeward Islandl irmeani muah i.:. I Sout ah by Lot No t 5rer. o i
lime an.] irncon enienice to pa..i.eniei% ain l Eao t by tne Dy River a[r. oo to e i .l#'1 t.
a 1r,,s l o prohuhrl thousands of .lr araInd s t, I. Charlotte Street
ownr.v., tLr de adding g ery- n.rch It Ihe a:.IL Datid Ihia Lh day l ~-0mcitberT I'.
and coies ol tw.Ith officers and crew. r j.i crtr & Cr 4
The way in which Ihe already over ..-i rel .
crew rooe to the salinalion wa the admirai,,n Goer-nm L ALCII.|eerI
of all on bcard,. and called forth many meedo -
o raise.-Iamyomi't,,etc. TRINIDAD T T n a l G ., L
W. J. Dnain, M D., In the Supreme Court of Trnnidd and
Br igeon, S S, Cavitu.aet. Tobago
Georgown, ., The Regitry at rort-of-Spain. S. D. HARDING, General Manager.
December -i 191. [n the Matter of the Etlate of Jean Durity. late
o- he Ward of Turotie in the fIland of
Trinioad-rBlanter. Deeased.
IT C'-r a GCioo r. 1i GiriarA Padra
--I % e.--,sr i ,oDneL. tIC n coilnP:'-1'n pL LIC NOTICE it hetoby gi, en thai appi
In to tell Ou l.-uni the orer., ol fIeklld F cali.i ha hb-co made Tu me by Jrr..-. _______________ ________
ot 3oobtarinara bratori-trd Isandffa -arar That Famous Blood PurifierI
s at rind he be i uand umo- ic;en L tr or .rimi rr on ot iteof Earate ,mirr rrare o Jen
fat-gtdoaud congbi which lit.t etr tPrn Drun ialeat o he Ward ol TlTzireniitetd
made. Do-atnritittrle rw riurmairsn ne fIslard, Planrter.u t ,htheh l lat e t:t f.-I-ta.AB
it first appeariance.- D L-etmber, ll.)7. annexrru ad ho died on the 4lh t l l
-----day of Decorh-or 191. ati Ih L ti me i
S I N.. his death a t-d Claze of iaboe at Toru.e
TRINIDAO, aforesaid. Clarence Jaconl ilthe -sle Execul.-r
Sale for Friday, the 10th dr dhe l a rf reE stiit d-- GET IT AT . .
ease hcui ord haninhb Ded.dateL te i E av.ot .... .. -- --
j il0.i rljt T J019. Januar.- .1918 eg(rei-teredos No 4.a.e" aofl 1918 e b
a certnficale of which is ild hereti renounced B O 6 HenryStreet
PUBLIC NOooICE is herby raven that in the ofieeof such Execaror and Traaee unor i erb L JA N
Exercise o the Power of Sale contained the esd Wul-Balinine Catellano one ot Ihe
in a certain Deed of NItriroige dated the lOih hbeneoticiner under the d Will of the said
dy ofJuly 19It (Ret isfereda s N.).22 of lilt) deceaedl having cansented io Le uaei Ad. __ ___
and made between Vicorn Wellesley a onyun of minitrration ofl to eie ale ol the s1idi desis.ed
bho first Prr rl RL-harJ Cul y Williams also cilh his said Will anrnexed being grated lo.e
called "fRichaid Cuff" of the Second part and the said Joon Frncai solle'-tu-Lurrnce Wal- Sale for Friday, The 24th day- of CrI,, Lr,, ,,1 h ,-;i A peiih;oard faor
Anin d lium toe third p o t I t er ii be deta Walleno and Ao ds Waolen the naturals-,l e -it ih-ta't-lFad l ,L it d
o rn e eI e ie cpin O .i th a "n t alc i Wlu.l -trchiayelt. thesaid,,t ih,e uii ih fy aJda on nC ltllo
put UO for...le by Pub|ic Aucuton by l ther .ir hLa .arlan lohe l- di ..... le ,,..I L',; -
eiglanled01 rt.AihefoAuctin MoartrNo.2 orl Vie- other remaoiring three beneficiar e nder te LItrolli,,rl en ,,,i. L. it I ...l e nd y ir
ceut street. Pout-ul-Spoo, oan "andet e inO euad GWdlofi the said ldeceased cwo eraeinfaut IPUBdia WNticr ii herefr gi ee ta W-1 n ler tir C-u Lro-i riot troir-aericd be a
dof IJoanuoary 1919 between the hours o u nde ee fr the geo twenty-no yeaMe a n brieen ner toli Ida 'slalce ar id I n exrcle rl R-'O---DI re-I3 30d lewde on theS second
sod a pbae- born on the 6th day o NoIvember. 19rI0..The tlhe Pocer of Sale rInterrno itrltn ) otgingeq therrot ernprtn og if e Acreo end one perNso
AtLL oni SINGULAR those fW several par- 19tb day of November 1903. and the 3.d day of by the Coo ieyaorgce nand h-tn of -Properl, fiOr. I- I. Ij t ha t ,mue moreorIee adle-
relf.of land altuaef l Hoat hobarg3oin Village In January 1907 respectively by document in f fiance No. 12 e7' tire rt e r,:td La. L I ; he r. nerd,, in be dagror oatLIef laothe cowe
t Wa ardof Savane o Grande, Noeth in fhe Iland c writing filed herein made choice of andi elected [ Colony of Tit ni,,,,rt ad Total_, c -oat61 ,1 l OW n- IGrite ,leont he N orthin yol rtile XC .V -olio .5 d
of- Trinidad, the Frnt thereof il te_-1eu oh. J ie .re --Wao W ole i ten noauriaht oiimplied 5 I.v N illo a .Rao ..r i mera l o r -.n It oh oid- o. bhe Nr ath b O fb n oRed ,Ir r l
acrec. one A rod and e ithteen pe-rle o and abult.- f atier to e. thefr Crur or ner uporael lorte gge Na i i-fN tu0e, r tiloe rl.i. -f i hN. a I-ckfd .onte Salh by lad o|I l
ing on lee c orth by- lands of IaacLong. no lhe purpoe of taking out Lettersoft dmnnie ira- and utidle hr ChaNie i Nnr oe rr.n t on latuei rnL[.itni md by Ctown L.end, ono the -&i lli
Sao lnodse ol Thaetr Loom .med by lane on of the Eatei fl the bald deeaied eae Onedih aid Ide Wultce. Theini lr.e par,p I, ale Croa .Lrif vnod ou-dLFeetl by e4
of felt Doreer eot the East by land of S afda Will annseed for their en de iefitanil nePahlic Accitu oia te Auctiorn aelf of the AS mon Jordan. -.. -
Benjamin t-ewile and by lande of John until one of them shafl attain the aoe of2l Inoderotgned No 12 it. Vinceyt trern. on Pit-" Nate ""a
Daret asd on the W e,- t fbvands of 1 Yerar .d the 2t day c (f reanu a lr a h l between Ithe Te p l ar s o r 5 l -.
IRfchqrd h 'a noomi r nod 0by rade sof fi AND NOTICE ti so ela n l iep bt if nocaveate ho ura of I and2 2 p or.fTh parcel of lend ibor el.
Havote ; nd th ne Second th-ereof 'cor noriaj ig I s lodged before th e expirato'-n of tw etri eight -A LL and ,1N G I 'LRo.f Lior e 1t0o In er. por -ill be li sul .ject to a M e
th e e eceref -an d e h ff ijoffr l i =ne f Pp -u er FI w r-fro t-a t +h a da, reNd h _lth e p fto t- nr ... ela of veal oatd s,,u e .v/ A, h.rll i. e-t o l." riot s-:_ e.r 12. dated th e Si th f
-of Adelaide Loneyn oOu-q no uut h I r-a oros rho -- y Rwthd uan --, Grayl Soioth-f.n-t.e.. l_ ofTe .lir oh. -B nA- - a.r r eIn- L .taa i adblh '
-wenry- Lf- hgtfot. on the Bort by lands of[ I of lies-v ot dolrtotaunv of tIre astner Of the Ieirse thereof-oonpriott.g ne-l sioet, te red re c,
Jo-ipoHarrefete anda n the Westoby land a of badt deceased withl hbis saO d Will annoed band seventeen pi.tere (I.1a. It. 17p) be the Ltk fohto ecuriag i y cane .tl -
Ar, ibald bci nnot s.- -. .. .-aco n y. -. -sets mo e-VWe- leta-_dell ores to- tlo- oe oqe-of-E W-end-f .
Dated thfe s tW l day of Decembers 191 t, aoeld this 5th day a fDesr ber. 1918. a lcheld 10 o beCorwn Grool eaerle ed in.Volume nase ot1 f0 tee eb"rnate ',
P. J. ,co rlr ON, (d4) T. A. THOMPSON. CXLV. folio 351 and bounialna m 7tre Neet by pitted thinied d
... .. .au.,sorr Aactlcey.o T T O -laeds ofJosepth Coo;byaRoa 1JO tRobewide-" "
mo ,t6.. -l -an. b- Dd l- vfe -Jamce,5tionthe-SnRob-1 -lovi






- -C: --

-- - -a- -a-- S -
a,7~~~. -, *~f- -*r- -- ________ ___


- -,=ar 1,

n -- -- i



_I _



Appointment Cancelled. -
T appointment d Mr. Horace Ker
.LdcTteperof t PrrFrt-aof-pain Distrit
Court, to the third clerkship infthe offiHe.
Sancrlled bry onle of His ERcTllen- tlhe
_ Corniior.
S-- _-- .

Tr T In WrTArnin fAnnThDI W. i VW fMAAY. JIA- TTAfY i. 1 910.

UNDER BOLSMEVISM bt s t S5r eBethe da su t T S O B
-ower on theU determination to Uo tangh rad her two v=ns were altrd skfac Ew n I U -
-EWSPAP R -C kE. SPO nT'S w n. .otesK '. _. -
PRISON HXPERIENCBS. gsnlae sppontt aSu atesaesn usmth sta gaine ILisf-dn n trrgsse. TLi yorn cot
--- our ge r we not about. Ae head enr ad a ewlymrried nifse a lbe h

B VIrCo aoDEir, Pttregrad Correspon-

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Fupelld wiher sid ua west truniteu -
sonahly until he oand oat et th the Hug
pre Ie declined to be Inee f ighted degree
feifehd b his. attempts t trighalmt i. BHe
then .uneideefaioto rho Ia sftusofnotO

I rantier Escapes.
It is the bes y out, ip fis el] y t bl
untd lathf n dino ipretences dutefaeet
manner ofsendi-ng BrnSh Trefu out

Ragoo Miharnj of Sutton Stoeet wis charged uglibh--and drop the ell of anonymity to "re fite Red Guardsncarerated. They hd way carriages at the Pelroged termians before V Y. .
by Inp e .C.tior ttj today t the relate purely erTpeneriees Theri mordeTed a mEnu coomilted to their custody, (tihnrg. Teo yoang ngliUbmineo wbo bhad 1 / iO-" .. Z" E
Potike Conrt with IU treating mnle by cor& Lh)rt'yyears of lite in RiutA, Itee y'eI I .burwb re not ,irneu nns i orr the murder, whicli been occupied o na orke m n the e i i / out ..,
e b in it wi h a teronnbr" Dreedant. was of wich were It PFetuOgral, bhich is mons ia no crime at all in Iitsherik Rusias. They of RHsna, and had spent fire monh .
afied l fourteen days' 'imprisonmeunt. emphau ally not R i now or iat nr ime hid bd senl tO eort four pnrso rs to the iorilDg thetr way o too t t I -- -
---- sjnr il rrul founder Jell hn lie rk nn- Piclrture. Oat of the psoners tell by the trai at the s.ame termius and arinved at Lt E i -- - .....- - --SEK
THB WAR PUNDItr. fished ad his natton ot s rages tune, i In tirlier from ae or ilJness This hap- frontier station twentir-four bogrs after we bil- "
The war Pi odite osa P ainrt- .Pic re ta king wrong dirrecri s, wtlhot i rthe g uid an eb hich PI e t o-I on ihe Palta Oi a fe w bau drel be n entrir found a till u ne.r In .
,r a,,h"i ,entoloil Is e rpetclted ttel sLe -Ionle coald mike go e d tg ch, ol I r attli r ourni t ,c.rti They shot ,be man tormalin thr, J rcbled the urd l estn i / at n
itl torre there ro e nis the e ol s Oerh t hen th st.! e on hserhob e d L si ftleaiptr.. rree the pD.ot Isint to the i Filand. free men, at thet. .me ime Tb.
J raiTdhll ,ntlureis. an te L, et me L4 a I Ncr, quite i ro uie prc.e.,c with Ihe dea, -tcrly v"lkl.- hall a i mie asN from the b .e J P ...
T H E PO ST O iF lC- 2 -- tra c -cal i- m pt r b-,htl for mU n ". tea ,oni t, i- i. 13 eLr .r d t oa ..l,;ts .' rrim ng al the Pre tro t. t r rti mn n t d ericon .rar]] o t sl \ .- clrk "f IhecE- a Fei tnado Pi Osfoice -ttl r ;'.te r o s Lo U i n.: wmult I',-a,, ti- le. bu t ha .I a- prr.(, lio.nhow. Therefore Ioal, &.-1eere lu',.wig hirels .tis al- e l [ ----\A---- .- -~
hahisnew doetieal the General Post O c e. The ..s ,ntrioe t ; ,u-i E.n. rr om A-e I. i I s eart r 'io lt .... ii, oflthluh -t t 'i tthi ... etre oro t e ir T a t h CONsUd N,-' . .:-- -- ..-
T.o, ,rr. o ,e tI on r-,t- t If- .| i t e i e elr I 'r L -11 7, r A ll ILeE t he er itO 0e cont ary, rr m .tOa L h rear o eerme e or n- erone u at fitia c o t -c a e ups S. "
A-~ prt--- r c.r t I- I ,aP-ir c. equite ulr-tnt-too a-e7 t ch i i t e -re e ro F.-1 G- t- rr-lIti-rih r -- ..
e nat e wae-T tnio- n -I 1 I ier1 -h-i.e c I.i -br tln I e I c p -er.r M . a .. .,r.... .... 0e ,-- s ,.
=. SE- l- C. UR. ll._L. ..t,^c.,,,.c,, i^. to tr : m trtc i li I'.i n ortd
S B BE3SON. po ci-I, ,n he Stair. c:,..blc ul beng .J,-uie ed. in ri iite:r 'and [nlt These e Iiniteuaos Iclin. tI'e bhlckguoi,. iot dec itrd i lt i ncre -. l / .
h-s -- o-,-:h. ..ER t.7 lElC ro, lo, oe!Jl S,1. I .l e n thr. ach bea ur tXZ a oin ne r olher l c" m..l, onaly mae t r aout -q e' e /n r a u- l T"
-t'itaaic atier 1 i e CE C LT o a P rerorn irC thej. si-ed :lorihio i-or.- irris trw-i mind-%du on rt- oshtid-- ends't their hi-wed Lho o -b u the wFer e is betelr C iL Je -rC
-- -- sterdal, "nenioon Me G C iLaurence.- t -!'le Ara: I .utag lb-a,.-T-,-rnT-m a n-r n --imneI dav-sn--- m-bt-dayl- la tght-bidira ; with tib r ibw 4 Cottryr I,:, ITih- r ,iiL cel oaL-clte . [- r" -- -J .-
rn b iehnohl a t POal' t iec eta. pre. .tie, pef-l nr ...-ties, ris i ,il-i in Ruin il Vy lIni ileo ech i og corn de)eor rcirilnigh rtl t hlie Emperor Nicho tis t Itdeld. and "./, "
Ar B C. CBee.O. h[ereirentirngliIM IEr. with i-r- inrie -.>..ll. s,ir -,r iin '.i\. \ -, e l e; te Th-e In. o' ibeCto d m. i.te tri l rr i uiaI o. L t hror rilch re -li; the Empeo Ni e I T
a AI.res esrafo ihe .etu ir otii at role jii o, the- m-..e ct tb e T r onJenr en ,e. W ther rei ih. o un lie throe wll omm d Atr e Ilo .-
hi-i coai r e osk t h L em to, teih t. -t o. Alt eati ri n l or ever tw .i.ho-h ti-i corsn ee t t ein t.iera ch i ,_ _T he to __i en ra ons. "li
=erife.etllrhtewo I illt ilboped LtAL with hea i.icriif.. l s,-tb R o' 11fy -0 ( O i .1 sent l J 'ew _____ 1 '
Mi. i nO.- abuy.nis ti --- 1-t.. -a i s o-t.ii- -' toe o -a --. Dutch- M tidfoAUi'd r -r-- .t.t -i s l.. 1__ __1 .. .
Me i pltedr B C.rlIto.I 11e from ,'i-it- Lrhe I *oA re .i.e th it or oom in No --I iine k Th ..
Me. B C. era-o erlie-l Irma the sot-ri Supprei-son of the Truth. L iei sclroltr mo-ed. as o uni-i coalm.=ita fly t n -"- , -

mentr a slsc'r aetedair Hr w .nor a p i-eln e.c,,,,rl. .i -, .ei 1 a I ,., we ein a -- - .,
'6n. prwmRlv Lib II jn .n -r le B .f-BTS
I : i-mod t.ediro rtemp -5et t-LHe WtLt Ii, ti-P O LTCE I
hie win. promoted to Cleek BE Ike, Clonico a -.SAo aVZ e tr h t tI or b
.e itoi anod en Ir)- 9be wn-e toh the trrge er e o t tl e i c , it I i o t set roe-i h the e eI I -i-tr e t -er .
.--- Ge nerali- Ct Ostesnd-cr et t .CIk. i'i 9ri-te' i.- h...o t so i-,e r-e, o,,b:t'- o t 1961.1 er l -r 1. j m .hctr B u ,, _t L- 1.1.,,ci d C o i o S o t .- -
r ,t ; in d ,e 11, ,- i '.-'.- j -,'e o. :,'i:,- t-r,;o w 'tt L h t,, -n.I I. i-erL -Toe" or, n it^ c T hedeir old P.5555" QmfetO --
ger Ces _rte..-ed e i- tl.. -i i e YO ARFer, i ffordt U aintrNoE Ii
t- eet- -, ,i r "u r' ,,' I -i-,i."" -,"" i- ,-,, t'I i- t'i" ;'ree i cta 11 _.i:_ ih- i._1 - 6 t _
P 'a.CE- T- 1 E I 4 + I-n .-" -

r- r UsS :i- l ia- ChiefrC r uie. Hlin-,:30sot ah hy Ile no-i-. .w7pelen C- eo loeu re i
L'-,! r 1 b r 're. ,'- 4hm ., I , .c i i,, r-.. F'H ,i I t c -', I t i-, l i ,i : e ern s i tl t--c. I & aea .l _mi -
.......e.a.. ',ne r suit he ....e cv it. I..... , .i .. t ,,UMy .o .. .O e n

l, e- .h- It I-.-.I- 11 ,'. ,f Ur Ill all,' a L, . s r t oi t n. L. i e rI. o s ta n P- o

,3^ ^?^ y ^ S "m^o^ :s .- I j 2 POWCRPAINT
Mr. Maha hr 4 a n!ei^ oilser 17j cr. r--r I I 41" -1 I_ era g.'lon of In -1 It 13 i U I r3 t Aia.: cu r P I rS.
I-r t F i r Pi- l e1t 1 b Ie-er beI, r 1 i-- .i-: . -'ro-g1tte '. .L I%.:r t .. . w. . .. I .I t.m .palnma, mie -,-, l o - i ..
I ,,k .r cnTbar, d o._,n, ti ,. i- i 7., %. n'. t e ., ,.; v.,- erd. n ri .--- -J- 'i e-i r -c .euare eei T Iurface. Tn e ingredients instead of b g -
h tng I hiI .1 in l, ,,, ,, ,, ,i -, c,_ ;. r rei -. ,, nr I ., ,"1t I Iole-,,i -t c l l n C.O er .I 011 d e- mixed with cold water -- ------

Tlh W R P wITsW11 r e adbi b t perfectlyPbeded, Irne-speJAdng paint mixt---. -
-- -- c _. ..Re -_,,-,c__' I-r- ,- '. I .. ,: , n i e ._ r- , ,. ,, tII, c l.. -: w s ,ic- td afor I D, E F T r ._
H alt 0 .T-r C o "o.n i- ..,te ,. , F c ,, 1 .g -I -- 1-I -. I. .,i, .1 n i ICh I I ,.-I j, i-i i-o Re t -i i i Jie b 5_ .

1 aF C -. r_ - I :, Z V.-. pl .... - , t ,-, l.r *,r (r'. o I, h C D rd .- r e, .- I I,_ h l .- to i ll L l-B : c h I -"--'
.o e .- .RI. '. ."... I .:.. . lu - .- .... tl se" I ei ,-| l, T i-i- r ,o r t a m h . o r Ih - -nt . -- - --- -- I -
ALE eor_ Thu dy-- hei 2nd_ -e-b -;ri b lb i----- pmeni --- -cu --.
ci--ee ;i-i-cd eiodi- i -- -ot-]- el-, 1- -- i O

e. i f. _d r of p lt' e r. d A .. -t ar i .5. 1- i-or C--.I i.. ee.t. u . -- -
"61 .b i h sai noo,'.Ins o'm'. rIl0 rT' n r "- o-, Vr '' -- on i ',. I: Ten I- houad" I:mprisoned 4-1i e t 105 t m y \ inaan important TIaal, | -ope ri nm .-nd -"b- -dl 4

d.. a .1. ou .A "il ..r. l A ug.- h - "s a, l. a r .. . T o i .- l , g I _=T n P P r i. h i .. .. .
-' In] d '--.',c... ;h l 1 .-.. ,.i ,I' .I,- .: I.- r i . l lo -l- 1- 1 mr-- 33 .1g. e ev ol o. to-l r.-.. o-d I r 7. .
ala- i l d !iIz ..-n l Slr.Il,- .11 Ze-7, - .- :e ,-1 I -: A .- ., I .--a I-n- n-o^J -u --lb -- 1r sa P oms d IQ P, W :_ It 1.

.. .... .. -' ' . .. .. ,- J l. ^ a .. 0I -T .h 1 hd "-:ho' llso ,hat1,11-,C ,c OI ,,iu ,a- -p+ nd l ed El l: 7pZ.
i --- ,-.--_ -=
'n-- C i iB,--oIe o. Ouc-ti- i-u- T-. I-e-!- - i- C-L-1 --Lfr-.-- w- 1se e-- p t all.tS

p PrRrl i Ni i. e a hu ni l I ,-- k p rs, t gaske For D-ugs and I Chemicals of r .
_f--, a 1 ,, hpI I -.1 I I rae ralan ..... ...I it'. ..... -1 I t LL 1 E brd I .r- Q-.l-'- |onO ..
r -r- 'a1 ..r. , ,..... ,. a.. O,.R,.- ..I f-.-l- Ar Tis-i ci ,,, ed-ni. tot ce i.n Io I

oil tl;tc=; trI rda-n ; Ira be lters .. h A.-e ,. ,-CJu be OI
r, o ],h. ... 1,11 -, ,:I 1 -,l,. .,, .- -, A.- ,c"I ..- -I. l "' IL,, !I .-h=i go e i-ei-i rs ri- o It i--c -r- ... I r d i ,m o-,: R,,.- .-.. Io J{ 1 .: o t t

: r u l.h`, ,,," ;, .1ll Ft I .. I . .. ^ '" .if- ; u 0, pi,:o and -9,- 0 -:, IIJ" IV a ra. "',; '" - u l ,i I ;t LL: -1 til3 i rexIcline-, [
i I r C-.h A,, i li . r rt .. -, ,, . . -.-. ,. i ai-r ierIs, l i.o a5 p s .. '-- iu a
.' l r ir_ I e-. -. I' I Ii-, Ic ,.. .-I, eI. .; 1, 5. 1 a t L I --,i -, hph e , IIt, o- : r e c i e u I .

i' u t .~au d ,, -he ti i- .c ..e 'e , ue l . F, I C 1.. I. I r-el i- .- i. -i.e .. . -
h_ al ,. --i - ,.r7,,. if..:t w -
I -r.t ---, h- ,. t : "-' -ri-- i- H - rL i- e 5, rFTlY ii , _- ts.r.- e i3- C i I m P 4a l -7 .1 .L, 1m

l rP I.h-..- 1i j-i, ,-al-. , e r ir I -I g,-.l ofD o p i t Au

ioih om--=-lj-1 eti ----ne ---, -r', -- u ., e . r eIlI .. ,a6 ,A 11.e . e'- ,, 1, :| bllu b*y oJ1,rar huntdedl h certain -dh - s -
"n l-n -i -- i-- - ----ii- i-- -', --euei -h-, -i- ,, .i
--Az. ho -- ...... .... .. -.. , .,,,,, - ... -- -- -,.,A 11ie lP l V I f- ffs Pow m st h

-- i Wo-- Rlti c Ii r- I Lot ic .,er- tsce-i bin p`7ren -o e pi i t ;-
i-ti---- e r- I ti-C'O I bttoi- ,-h t--er-c i-i-i- .n e-tue nerrhrec in'-Jeco-re,?. I-r~e oi--c,--t il ore hr.the'r
ttr. tcu e trh.' Rotlerttor ler leu ech se C e in.,et Iou .e1t1 Ir"', netnNe ci ; -ro I w.e cui--i a. -eeei-I lc. -n
d -r e tE.-. r to I -er-'. -t-z rr-- ..r .o t -.. .. I .... .. .-sIre- c hrr e en t c..- s -r n--.___, ,__ _le Uiu- ..r I ,L-- ,-C- ig d t ttli- of l,.cog
the r the C! ,.--,,- t ,r si -e F e ho-e-o re- r I e see -hI Its c be it r' t- the OI-- .."ti-i-Sd --I t ,t -

.ir. r cT d .F og rd. to c u.. ,; '= .d te n -h- rol l tt -oe ha u U L oc r t
I - - ,--. u. ---I r .- ~ -,v) - .- .+__ .- t --,- --d . . . .- .- -.-p-e-t---- -- --

TI-Il! -A E Ii Pa .u F- er-ar i-ceo r.-. he.. .... to --- or. ,-t I -, noel- r mea -. ,nor .. --- -----
aer .l.-1 -o C1,)erol, so- l-- i ton. . . t. c. s u h-r...s the wie Pr-. 1o 4 mr.t S p cj_ Ches-s n n e ii-t-re I.., 3 11-1 -
b- I CE lur eloru ''.m o SLIeEe Or 3l, t. -,re. r Inuc hred atIh n i--me snce-. I- .-.;a -eIaImIIo". T. hee -U K-, .-- ?- -
Et r I -r.. -.Fe a .elm e r o tbet rr:ut o l re. ,e ree I t ru n t ACpoNe ri i- n" ..
-te- -e .- IeTr14 -N re v .m. crecnrt e I.%erohst for tgiee.-o ntmh e 1 ,n I~ -m
.J. .. 11, of .b 1 I. tb -,n-IIImen&. baled-Io .I ?_,I ,-u-sr. '7 ?t t2e\0i e ? [-IZ M22o ueroone Youn? 2 t I N wintls Et

rose Ie th.e tor I..., C oiIe- s i- T 'nsteni-ti ....Go od 'be.ome ; s r ... I p LI Ten "rho,' .- Impr ed "--- 1y a I"t T -
day p Jnr y, 1919. kid e .e" p lan I e I Ie' e ,; ,; s a I ...somebil.l--do- oI I 4 Men dccrc I U L Q l --l. -eda e xhE.s. & SA l -

I uen-an ers it, eat c' Moitou rho te s o r It a alt roe ereuhtd ei-bt ri-.te', I-I-t t.o t he1 `(eO a er, too lsHe .e & "t,4 -L4I" In FIU -eu e of h s .2-S

lorboaro in- roael o t D oskie ee1t .Irrt iei l I ee .t rP- c, I-ei ts er Is w en cet r Iee tc rs-. .mi e a$i,,aa S .orr~-t.'s.pi.og tz h r ,
mtoC Ci P e'alia. rl s iihefu t r on i h o t mr rracepd. i selher 1 i -7m -r ft he estl J- n h rt e-orh m t|rue in ... r a ... D' N'eure houselhere i a "eit'IF b.itr
ds r b la 5th s he Se-ptmer.tilt ord : i-its 0. tI ,c t 'I n t s" e p '. er, c u I a, if e.6
L, ,,.. -, .. . 4 ,, In.. o,-j 0,i-i- I -
matt byp the r oi d g sive .nn rae-r catned a I i -oh. ,ele Ie n I-c I ah I-..h he, tai n I aTenThot s m pr ..iso ed, 4ads ;r e s oiy Vtin aN lb o"ot-tuo M ak ,. er -a ga ro Nom tsxed paint,
hwit b e p Op iule b yehi e ona ti r net-, I rarolsil, it... . . "- eh S -.. tvoe -. A.A. RITC
dririgm i el s ni-bs. u ne s or thei r Alrtcen .la o Iti- IIIgt ool i aol'rtulru s h otetti the d m l l three odar c el c.the C ej stronger merE so t .
e ,rr tt e ,hi-i- ,nt-er r \ee si t -e-ds w _etl or n h t r i fl 0 Pack up -n L,, p i n lte. ir o r em a-d so-teeon tea kes p9a9,eI-

us m. ho-I nnWe Iiibropmc rhe e i th i, sml ko super no r I -- e eb
i mud rit nole In t he I 'sstl cutt e o d k. an tl i slee t he tf .r ]m.ya o I is-at a H alC arty or yes ma bed s toin.srts
..s... .i.. . i. ..:t-. t, .r IF be* :
tfi'roser. n 51 r ood R mJ. dll fIrE rre r1ces o h .1"t., i, are orth b'iert t he e It lioe-e Ip = o'-utf te Coorei-lu i s s a p -t- em
rr l- t Go I sisfiud r Trisldsd n t- pt-n tA is rautfet or sh'tic recer -ltre been i- t ,es.almlnalg the ynok oen bm i 84' wl hi gh Dac '.'iota oIfe T F_ a 'y N t
s-"-" mar-s te-s ai d dlior'ate l to tltrrew.biepren n-oes-rtoiiteer_. _.hdr hydA r elT S gese 4dI A a %T* -- -




-4-----7W merb _ir in-am 1 Itim e a onto iqohm_ ego da u siot i W M








*f p -4 ; V . -

SAppointment Cancelled. UNDER BOLS EV ISM I I V T- .
S-power o the dr .on to i 1e through d .er two w %.dy .- '
T. a a sto-t df Mr. Hor .cr NEWSPAPER7 w. I Co r R-SPOwEoTS - ot ev .
Cae ert ot thi f rtd c Spain Dh i7it PRISON EXPo IENCcS. S ou uptt es n ttie utPha- hem ugun-.n entertres -T youn t
Co toh d crkhi in oice o gol er not bout. e h t os r d ha ar ed wi ns the .
... .... m u o -. .- _.

B stcloed hi rter i His erzcl the l-re. u r, pfT wnk=e d tn s .om ed t t. e it c.od .- F Is r. tier Escapes : wo
or rt, FATE OF TkE TSAR. n y until he -oua d ot thet dhe Ihioh b t t wy oe, t;d o in y lobe
b.. I be --. TRlIDA In tIDihe igtdRu a ethgey Alef uda 1e u esmpe._teiee d. pF t.
__ 6 11____ I" o .co 3a C etgdCo -n thn . ........ t... nea not e t sim

"r d A -o- rr' a -e rdtr.Lrsd C en- i toe ss d dttPtr i fwiltoillo He h ei Dtr nrO ueor futmr Beuem f a wodru tAh r d rS

; uo hfi of Ston charged Rugb noh iatd drop The srTes cI anonymty lto r trfir Red C They ha p bf rir s o t he Pelrs aou rd Iafter t be -V U \ .
y t ctr C. -e 5terd *I" th-c pr p -o--t- epenco T e rred sweet committed to hu r cIr t dy o tatee.g. Two D w. d yce an I 0 B gt .o e ho ai,

Pole Co with i t ng m by co- chrry y.nE lir in R-oe e pai. I bourie to t -er .t tr s ro e -oth
-. tting it with ro obr Dr dant- ol 'ic were Pet j. bi is moh mn no ie t all lthei Rus ia. They o Rssett, nd had spen t fire mcah / WiANT -\ -
TH WAR PND fiieh. >, ted b -in uo t P c ls g ne ilu i i.t irer tror ageor I Jul e This m p- Iront r station th e t l.our bs sogrt ale i t n I / d
uTin tblapetol t i is e etercdlt d vcMa r c comour Emc.t The geh- t sho cirnr h-ahurt here, an rce- rter mu et t hIlyali he n to lor at_ a__ / i c_ .n ete nc e tru ti o
wliedgt r St PRISON E IC .RLENC 1S a Mch ad ca s h. 13ty' U T(iqu i -auit-
e ie-rt hoeelrn-lislhecrCrIrrrhie t S ... Sceo ni u i. te eieo ren burild ,nl" r bbc oar ordar eot rc ,nae mth p roor re h r ro dah _ohr idne l-r Th .
C ai- t o eeell twlurs an re tthe th r meon esi i auh, ou a ooer-c.c p r l." Oiret O th e t Ies fi l -c a d t eniht-e oat hll .a mile ea .t i e -U. -_i ,I .
THF POB.B ST rO EPOl.- Ircr mi f oi -hl.r t re cprc eeI. I .- i.. 1Te fert o ,.eir uTd 0I00eo am l o r e Prat e .r P Iee- teei or u ch .s drecrIeon paralr. le lc i ir / S
ie. Mian, I.tre lo. e pe ri o he p r dt eGecf a r-olee, es th e l-pro otinch f h h et o te o I re. h ter ri. :er..'.:rh. nhre, old their -rn int r- arg.-,e i l ..C o n ..I .L p e .
b-i c s caner r e lb -e e Ih ianeg toicel o r ceer mhal -e TV- cr" ul ot.1 prti ..ile loa o u. j re tlor e D cer h. e iri i R l C ciri l ai-e i O I I

b_--phsnew d'- 1ltea l a ee eerl Pe r,, Ihee-creerel _TTi e nrel Ic o -batr. ciee ceepre r et Fe.ceely --,'mrt- ter.ere.p_ .Thr ar- -- ... .- --- -
- R he 3 ir NtlSp l T TOe eT Uicr io e. t .wot. ri,..o c,1 r e ro r i rc n ier nr r d e dK r -' mc toe cin-.t iod r ol- e r . -1 1
s B cl r.ep h c rtb l. p e. .tr,, h of r.c -,.elt r e Lc r efrHis t l in.c P o Sil a-l d -s l' mom sa -eceitr e i .r .... ierot-ir iiI r d c c- pal eI n U - - .
iivra- FAT OF llp.lH T r. < adf] un tl. r thef o nd ctir ofithr athReO WO IAl o at ,"e p -qC1ie I-e.'_- ? / -P .
' -- G-.-'-,-a-ecoLE kI n1 li- ., ..'- dec-l ind o -- n E xt 9 --a te re-'r .M oc-- -op-:' -- --e- dmiI.-l -h a-.tempt at- J.-i .. ...-- -,A+r-I-:--- -,--- .. i-9 o .I
j_ ally rm The t, r_ 1. -.,
_ _r. .C_ _ u./1,7e m __r -- aI -uso
"c bthiU'ol nhe Po-r Oi ,cgth li. c re tdc (li nl .e, c-p, is il~[- eec1 c RU-iLI e ethye Intile- ts n crheeroid cor e.rl dee heir erDgio- cni e he r ee mpiarl l icht- ac r Td dil d. atd a -/V C, \ /. Ifl']
1^ M dr B C. Be-.wn, h lrutblmc-pcdthatr, with it"ert-h frei .lr..l.r.,-it rde t.- 1in ,', i' c.0 nrl- j...l ioe ol:-co ..... _hrlha,__s._ tie t_ I.nchre lir_ Ihe Em1eio_ 'ch_'__r_ __ /-_ ?- fIl '
,Vi n lS "ctrtt's. 1 u] lhcm lr a t, Dcn cr tno. ol mh n rule a ,otc ,e r ah e Ta-err.c- L het hoent T-e-ee tlr 'torte C rnriri- 6T ,ie ctien i piee-.. 'o i thron e -am m-z.__ -ll e P,. ____, "- '-,
o_- .... A.-.i.A-o-gsirlii if.,lh -- ...'tfit ..t-P ........ .. LD-.ti ..c p-t.ulrMmnistes Aid. ..._____ __ 11 ___________ -- -- -15
use r c sr o frrt itao Hl r we Ihect 0 chre i i i' c l Te-oe ire we gread etitelra i ore ..
HuMe. B C. erthe reircet teem the once-c Suppro ofion of the Truth Lhey rced toa carriag raotlth coPrer rt mns a inhwa who 1 .
.. ... Cour. t it. I6 I- r_ J- o A.. Malle p.. C--. -- *-- -g 5 'years ,------l ,. i ,.re --o-buf ,-n.--r te mder ic oc pid" tilt -ar work to LI I fi nith -V '?- .

t It w "m. Pria rd s ia sa not in o i -i.e n. e. c s ccp .er uIsi o R t fr e m ..te.Ee o cl -r -i ..i
Z_ .:, .c+T~eOn" nb. ae n r i-o e rc fco-under lef-sl I Pi ec"retriere.l tl of the- prisoners hele by th' t th e same le __ __ -tr,

S1 '. .p tons laet arrivieder-r lee eo h e pre- d c h r r r es-.T h e ...------_-.
S. I . . a at ic -c-ooi It ie te tie c1 ike nd bc a c-.c of at.lit ur ,te -eo sh t cb m oo f ,ral ., teh s -rartnh. .h- -
i r c ci. r Ci rP Clr at T e .S t. t e'1- h t o e e iv -w .. m e e I Neroi iq i .r,,i a. _:,, co t, he Fl. o t i -lp-t d C- c1 hlf H -seie awlro m . .-0. P t ,Efor k ". .I II U I

C.- 1,3 '5' -_ - ...."...
d c rh c tG .:, t i a-"tc eta c I .eepiag c ri: a -r. r i t ile r Iel' mIrgcim r 'te fraree" l teri,: fot , e mwaee p-irt-critr e I-" fGrd
'.e era nt'erirc "c- u e net ,r. ,P-- -,t ji.t & P..-O- I .1'---t .... ,.nt -- : -. ",:
p iDewe a[ t hG nPo I rli '- o.h.R A; ,"' of- i-onc ;,r .to rc iahccoidcteege c.l thecr -ombi io -c Toeil Taoned nIie -h c a
titot trainga an -- Cciid., .. ,mS1 silt e-s teevaCe erlic e Ic-u ,,,i c- ,eee biIet with .rr Catea re L-

i'f .hp.o-. r ,f,' ;I, ,1.1 , W ife.. -,l- :I, **P actnp 0 d h, contrary, ,.i'l l! ,Il l -l nssielcy of crelm, us -_'-m ical relt.o IlC p-'f
F- nTH l.AT T0N TctcRe-e.k. e e e I e fin^ cen'o l ct alin (r Cr,_ T rlora- tl e --- -.
Fd L I. C r ." ,h It Cf l t II -.c... ... .- , '- I, let Dew nc he mZ soreT hr .-.I

I.r' I re .. . l. .e... .e. c, ..e ee-.. -r . l. ..r, M lc e ',,c/ .. .. 6 .... p.. orCrt nr. .... . .u tt. ,io-L a ,a r.,. o.: m k 7h . 0,, 1 "
1te" Z--- tee 'P -. !t ,-r-re cir .- cl--, ,-p. i O (e eoe ,D-,rd D h U.".o .- ,i il &l_: -__ "------

day | R' 3 r" "r {. e~I cr, creel ee-'ct ,-l -e ,--, --,.ie ..... ,tl. w -j b.l. do c anreds pSV TT 7o- Ie,-e,.eeo -.-tO- rc----.c e ,-- -- ----I_ ---.r-- --r_--
ie' a t ric ett- r c- r-t . . nO.teed.C..-cr.. bech
-fn-- - e --- l --- --, ''" " '." ."', .e --' ee o- c, ti' --- Hl It '
S b l..*.r r .... .. . .. a, T n l. Irr. wishe t i b 1r5 I c \ i Ia T Jtielib Cf lOll . --

eer i l i i .. tern Fi G I .h I le ..l.t Thici Ii D c h el i .Zi rf po age
ip i- tn eia l eC crte ? d ,,, Olr r-,i. e ci-. l.erirl. l '. : ai n.el,, l I I t . I X 1 ..o ao an ol .lh In qoo .lAc bB.- h E I A l --

l f e B C. l", '" P 1"3 . ........., TO Fr..... Too; -ter Perot |'! .. ... . . I ..... -,% T ii M ed',n. of P. Q ualitJ .... .' .ol^a
Ire"tl iP va~rlI ar "P Fl I on rd. Uir_ No sl:rirf Iato I Iriu done| Ih m far ,TT *iah< Last n m& Tbr, ,-eI nn men .j We thei r ceig, on t trn1. will -. All. . . . . .. . ... ,- ...

cr,,, e' t", ;.r- urn. I ccc' c'e to lu, e... .t. c,-e '. l'- ,.. c-er T -^o,,',^, ,,\ l d, le., p ^. "*^ gaB
r__ 1 ir rsLr ol ODv Hl oE |,n hr. i Powdpnin befor c-n-c E e o tubes1oI iha t eeha
r r l o ,ile .r C- c no e ; t -.l ,- ,-,-- 11 , - 0 -d h
.,, o u rl Ce rt O. ,,u b r I n er .F DSt an cIeChe ilee ievil e ". r3
7-'c:' r ewr7he1:r c1.ite~ri t tri-rieaccut IAN FEfN:e- -b-r

o tr. e e:, n.. -rI e- re e I .o, r .e-.k p'e, i r ,,s oe r tesi te e .L .o1o"

;,- at wk t.. ; e Coneta dr m He LirQ- ,u,'e a ur I he -,. __ =m whar ,'I verr 7 1`_-- rew- l y0, n eI squa4 fe,[r- .".heringredi" tJte.d of -a -
T.. ,, .. ,- ,c I -". Mi ruf .... p'. It I ie P ...... w.ere ad b. ..e t .r tOc- Oh e Ia e M. Te era i ptla sul-_
,: ,a. R. ad.. taog ..I t oi. e the ,- .... . j .I..s 1, - . . o t a th o-. -_ A .. ..- -_ d.

-I M ap rte o "^ Wa^ t eett fne itC t _r- 0 fl ee r I C) A Wlee t - _

ec R sT L. t re- n ic-'-1e t 1 r1n R Acr i t _elr't.. ci.Ierc -r M-d i
Ie Ic n k er .- c at t F-icEcrte T I tI

= "ce. 31*VA1 '3 ^41---- V0 I-z," - .- Ei c .. .r .. .
A rit I' n.... Vee uri t- ne nr inl 'Fi ,- 2r2, ngl et i P o r ttare kneb ikm W b knis to .re -e
,' v c.-crci eplcmtedcc to tlee rk t ... ..I e bei. ol-tri-l I-I hc. .- --!o.-.! Ti .. e he -c___h- I rites he_ mer d hote od s-ier to ib l

;o -- e.irs& and i n...... I' he w1,nt t6 h.rt .iM^i' weir 'r;r'iOr iG. 0m ii.i I) left ohi.j 1* n- D- IV IDDI v'otrrlrlllj 6TnB P o p iaf M-e-| -blk. ",I "
d i f C-. -9. - e;eu bt It F r c i- r c, r i. i ,t
I e i,. tr. c n...... l ","t'"e t ....c ."'"t ...-..ri 't -11t' e'eI c.5r, s r-io-.... e... r e...-.ceinlert. m:bIe- o L e ..E.p.ccu Nc e e e_.e.._ .- :

.e decadee .r -t c -_S, ,!1.. e b t ot r er c .; 1 -et ,.tl l u ,h r-cc al c n !h e, r -c tile c i Si d e - e- - -- -I i C 3e
at tDc t _r ondb dere _oirerc re eee erl:,- teed e m 'n.I L n cor-e Nir itecre ereimr'e" erceetc c- L aecer tholb liaRl pul.tio ,.
11c triy 5*m hi to 9e19. l0et F E o t3 . I ....r te ,.- I he r ow bee te ld i l ... I tp im mes _ie era, g-l n of ip pa n
l!,:e M Pr dles ece t oa chief ot Paci o ticete a lcare t Or e I n ulcb n io met p etc uric rk of I. 9.d icrnes ttcc Poo -ttrfuy The tgedrcntir tated of la -

wee th C -u-t` a he deo el n t r tee the -c-O. e e ic tee h or t- "e -t:h c0 eic l 2r Re e O c'ipt
r'-2 i- tn ieea's' tht suat her br.-I s, c ....hee.tre le, -Ii redr r -I -' I i. .t-- 'i ln to inbttiIcon Ii. il un. e t e-T-" n adhEs- -csb s ta

i. tcegfsr a IL 6 ,e h r .he-' k in ,reeorr11 I .r ,- ",1 tr' l ent i 1e, I ,r et -b le b 9i Ig lipire ,rre 'e unoillT e a | thlle d eb-el--la ,trori w. ioke IIIn Tcl I r-. -, r I. ..
the Per I..r er `. d. 1n tc ecrl at Ih cc cI at h pco e rd t I e rCk"cH9 I o creareal i- S113 re lation t akes phacee rs

I cIre -c noe.r- .o thIe shee -tir 1i5l ,r b e. e- c
.7_ed h th S eC L I, t o A e t .--. l I hb c e ri 0. ecr -_ "tte eel cop e - _.
t aI- LN e t Iaiied L, M b.63 t o n La eec-ictee o t1t 10 cer daiatmelr Cl I I __ce_

; odaiy f- Januare 1 919. -n iete-. -h- d renri le 7-0:o. ""' -: d t come b ell A de e lc e IUL L E _J t.R 4 A rll. -_ [ & S.l
._ Ilee- l t oeo 'hrI mcnd tia oricib reet sli edu r c11a
tlI ____- -e "leer hit to t+e .tt, r , Ir..r h '- tUtebaaec IiT- -'i "ei LA! 1 P ." .c. a t - h r1 t

I e ,r l it T-jkr e r - r c Wat..,, .'

Ir- I I .. I ,. .- LA C --, .h_ _.
3L5__ .e I o Ten I hems =a1. ,
111e -neeer at (bi An _ce -tr -c __ mnaa tIinoieo nwo tha dot threeC aol~ etigic 1tea3,o lrni o-I hi core-an~ ..m )ee-e .ee nont

* ..aS ~~BLNDAD1~tLj ~4~i~sata~-~Z. ..

a. --a- mg-

A I'occasion du Jour i l SH n mui7 I dt la fiesta
14 DAn no_ fainnA i____ i 1 Nuevo nos
;. 1 1

l--- dtpros- pet ---- - ..- ..----.

d ""--e I- WLs i
! I.,^.. ,k o, ,.^^ ^ ^ .,,-,:.^,....-^1 - 1.. : N ,o .- _

uEugene Boissiere& Co.



T __ -} _- _ -- = -_ _- -.. .. ,


| -- ovcl oncs-pur--up- irn-lo- l. Bo es jiist -
-- nice enough for the girls.


'Po 925. 4 Queen Street. Night ell.

...... A7I5FACTION .... .. I
-- -I u ORI-- MKE -
'. ERVICE I -- |
"'he Citfy Igency"
- ..- ..'I"i t c -ewan i -Th d o- -youar-rent-coHecting-- --
(Banikers Messrs. Gordon Grant & Co., Ltd.)
'PllONr. 'Itl.- 3.. HENRV STREET.
4. ______

Unde trCOa rawlh the DOMINIONGOVERNMENT a regular Thrce-ieeAly PASSENGER
ARo and "MAIp. S RVCE t n; iintulnd from l John. N.B md Halifax, N ., to Demoarar.
V%= to. 'SKjts.AntitLira.i bootocta. Dorlollca. SL Luca. Barbadoult. Vincent% Greoada
- Tridad, returning N o houndio a t a tep t
.;ary gap - mustbei h dele--rel to tie Con. m an"y'-l bt'r tr-thir St-V.)dn'etJerp--
e m 10 gal. and 1 p.m.on Lire dt y.ol ali. h bad baggee only will be taken on the
Q agmeFrart, reqtelted m aee that their ia properly labelled Prior to shipments
can bo obt.uah at the Com y OOnce. All passengers' bmage should be iantued at
athe are i matIe'ConmaaOy e onlt ry. .
The P =il'Tter tCaves LghbtLhoue Jetty at 5 n. on aatlln day.

S ,M-_riase S uar.

Begs to aotify the Gener.l Publi 1825.
that h h : t. rtcri ed T ilL._. S N [t *r .... u i.t t i t s .. i ,r, in
.. -.-, ... e e i n n
iTtvnnut 0-0- -

- ind .il ll ..r i .ii : t ..
rrduce-, :r gr-ids-'_,r ,.. ,-i t i,,,:-
tI 'uur al'. auta c. ... -
COMMISSION-half to 5

C REs riL. :,l Fnr natio Socicci a- e r-
-im t:n or there the 311 i id un Iill t r.

3. Am, urt n1t4cled itni ial S.cunry
SRtetrir of Fitenl S.
N I. ti n i.t n ice- ito ait or, t udi 1 a '
roin t1 tbe R Lnng ir c re


-" -., -F
SPi'LiN TERt tt L G.CI.

r- .-IRAP. iN E'_IPRY '
1, yo. -,, ilen tie ,t ,, ti

LITHR.ilRI 'N" .\ TEliR
19 1it Ic stepti ,l t o L,,?

t:,e3"l-,d i ,'-.Tr ,,, ti dm l .t ht
it o iie .ri .ti p .lprOgreqine dam .
aicatlnon IT h
The Correct English Publishing
I niTor, 1 S tl '.S or A lmeticz

O general Builder anLd Conracor,
Building. Ren-atutg and Paint;ng
Contracts un,.cr .laen at reasonable"
pric-s -W Vorkm,in--h p punctually
guarar-teed, a'. Valuation of
'Propf i ty.
"Trial Orer Solletted.

BonusLI-S D,-,l ary- L
Accumulated Funi, -
Claims Paidl


3 5,430,000oo

Particulars on application to -
- -- -- G. -BRUCE AUSTIN, General Aent.

0ocoa and BSugar Planters,

Prepare your. Lands for Record Crops "


W e are n-v..' I p :-itr n to n_ t ill I u .Is care-
Iull, .!d prom 1Y [.tad.. J [-. .
Mansuuacurer __

Robert's Syrup of Cod Uver O 2and Tar & o of the thest preparto=ad
that can b got for throat affectloa.' It Ian pwM ean eOmhliutioLpf.. thee
teallth g;ring extraTit that L a mieet mluilknmneh-avo -wbereTer ued. I -t
lrtagthenng a"nd Invigoratag, ad while .affordlag roller for cougTa eoldt"
andt hbronchal ilmoanl, streigtheaens te aytem so that Uresists attack. It la
agre-able to the tarte and is e nall tLaen,%nd the most deneate a stndo eaz
as;mdaiito it rea.l3y. Ilt uerlre qnalitea tare fbTeen atllstter by uaev7, tand
reqoert. for tnFi1pes show that sufferers from Tulmonary and restn-rator
- diturbancesfi-.d it a r-Jiahbl mediciL.irn. o ihtheretiit nstq and in a
fevr ..t - I I. J.L;;er oa an.J Tar can ha u-. -,itrh cnoc, ofn- -,

-_ B LTER S -

The Beer of Distinction. It is Refreshing and Invigorating

A Vro rapr.

Lo. Llmted, Toroato, CLadAr. tr. rlcton .

LanrceCorporal tainiert Idetective) aaged.
RaimsondGoares, a .Youbg h-break K.


Eng'lavlng I



S5- _-N p5-" pMT-tf i5 li'jh.< d wn-M. -
Th li malirr being indictable., accused was
cautlunt.n oiotto pi.a,
Complainant ,tated thit at about 9 5I a.m.
on Sunday morninig-lhereceived a report at.-the
Detcti Offe OSce Irom '.Ilrson Strtet Station.
He rw drcfndarni at 5 40 i m. on Monday
ki.t : tSt. VinIcnt hlrcet hin a e ,cr- ol nir Park
Street He told b hm that leinldJ Ito ee him
at Ihe Detn-i .e OiL.:, b.i it -a- alleged lha
he wa,eeen tt Henr' A Pam'5 no r, Piccadjlly
.is.Lrel.-.a d-.---.]- iO.lltf-. bad- been --tolen.-----
H ie aid e knIem .ib-thg boit it Comn-
plaimunnt asked him t he ba.] any money on
him. he replied thbla hb hiiA noihitg more then
3.rCL.nC o him Ciant e al,.acem.
. ,ari&I I[be torr ir,% L,rce Cr,, Scoit,
and hlie i:1 1 delcr,.iint thit bhe oul take him
ro the D ,icun Office andi Earcb him. They
bLarted -I ns tLey re.cbed the gate ot Lhe
chrge-.rt. u i hie Eai he h1'j i-ome other manto y
it 1him. C ihi-plaitanr thi o-roi f- him t--the
,eti.-.CsI e Orfio -. arau c .- re-Lig him I.iiuiii
: r t ." ,Jo up orf.i i, P Trca! ury notes,
S o !l n ti b. I s lirig, sicxpitncesl and
-6 f h.- h-- E-,.1 -.;,zl. [SI .1 r;^.- had- g t tia. hatlL_ _
nizt obllltig9a he iaflle-l n-tll iue money and
,un li nit-c3-LLIta It" .ih rme other
i-ney'. A Ci6N u ird Gecirge OCricIIlL n13
c Ci ,icoipht) blhc.i cMplenit si ri-
Brood its, -i. iR tipi c, -.imhg.
i T-'. i, l I ei..i .t- m--
-.r e T eii i- 9ail ith- s-- -i, .

-- t-iori.i aO,

T i,-kT. l., Ma U lrices It bles
,h v ( hA. li i a o L iii."t,,t worth

I Photo Friies, L. -L

S nd all kinds of A
L No .COPANY .. L Td

Rings Necklets',
Brooches, -Pes. dauts,
Trinkets. -,Wracelet s.

-7 -Wsst Watch.s,
1A large assortment.

Solid old-Bangles,e,
gome beautiful designs, '
at all prices. "



A Photo Frazoes, L
R and all kinds of A
Novelries. T




-_- . ..

'= ,. ,- ",.. -_r ; ...... ---'lPAD --'A ^ &i ;;.f! B ^ t L ..

f-A. I I I


Fid i


e Co n et ,de tee) charged.

- -._
}. _ __. __ .

A loccasion- du Jour 11'ISH/ n mutio dc la fiesta
S I.An no ons ntrEr r. \ --- Fio Nuevo nos

'-_-.- T .. -. s -r at).. presentar a

_nos clients et amis nos plus d- CuL e t ue "tros clients i
s- -inceres souhaits de bonheur.. - a n nues-rosmas sincere,
S- de -prospe-- - -- ---- -l- vttTs d-prciTdlich
r I----- --e-- C-------
--- p .-,

Let One of Your Resolutions for the New Year be to Buy all_ You Want from --
.... ...... .. -
, : ^. _=-.#,-. m .. ;.^a^ ^ ^ ,i ^ ^. d b m-.. ;.. .g m; _,.. _, .. ,

Thl icalter being indictahle. accused Wu o
cautiDoa, not to p.ha.
Complainanl state, th t at about 9 50 a.m.
oa Sunday moriig-Le.-ecteived a repowlt L-te e ---
Detective Office Irom '.Ilrsson Srre StBaion. ..
He owr defucdant at 5 40 rm. on Monday
r.St t St. Viuicnt .lrtet e corT -ilt Park
* Street He told him that h antcd to see him
at the Deterci.e O(il.:, sI. it -a alleged that
he oaseen at Henry A:t tan' or, Piccadilly
S.StLrtle-.adJ----J-le. had h en --lole.-------
He bard e kc n r. hio_ about it Com-
plaimant asked h im t ei b.]J any money on
him. he replied th-t h d i-A nothing more than
3 C-oULia .n him C %aDol,,not is aCCGm.
panel ni Ihe tmiri nbi Lnce C, nrporal Scot,
anIl he 1-.l delcrInlt itht be oul.l take him
ro the D recute Office a, Ereactb him. They
bLarte. --1 ai they re,.ched the gste aot he
chatrte-ru- .a hbe eaid he h'i J -Sme other Otnoay
I him. CriiplaintnrD ithCi-ro-j-h m- t-theo --
EiClie Oic. r, ca el.-eLtig him l.aound -.
S-Tj rnUdJ up iof -i. rTicrasuriry notes,
I too f octe. i h- Ilig 2sixpIncesa and
atz obilliag he b ablelr l i rle money" oand
ur thurt o.-i-LLaIt riJc -lnb sre other
-.'ioe", A Cn aollr] CGe-,rge CricIIiOr, 113
ar.trd. cr pauiar .mpilarant ie rc- i.-Cl -i u -'l.--. tr .athiog.
ot r.,h e tir, -, "
Craolrro ir m nj tnm
I-lor p urg aill it:- q.-i 0,n,

: uel..

_____ -_ ................ 55 II 3 j____

Eugene Boissiere& Co.


a T r-a "rl ."-


.-- u- --+- E S- T -A-- = --- -- -

SL on -p-ut up in ,lo-1. B es just
-- nice enough for the girls.


'Phcoue925. 4 Queen Street. Night tell.

. .... --- r- "- B--;-E- OU R- 9- 9 FES-OLUZIDIT -N- I
....... ..... -- -A7[I FACTION -- .. .r -'- -
"'hn City fgeney"
-- -. '1 i -Twanc-ih nr'-yo.or-rten t-coHectiing--- -
(Bafkers Messrs. Gordon Grant & Co., Ltd.)
"niONY l 3.3, ENRV STREET.

U ,der ontrat wlei the DOMINNIONGOVERNrMENI a regular Thrt-e- weey PASSENGER
nde ArndMAL .cSFRViCEW to nelttined frotm 5L Johs. N., and UHaltax, N S. to Dem ,rar.
y on asad S A nt. t irra. Monterrat. Dominnica SL Lcuia. LL rbadoe. 9t. Vincent, Grenada
r n N "hbOund BAGGAGE.,,
S. p.m. on the d& y. o lng. an ba only will be taken on the
qii 9e9er ed t that their basesge in property labelled prior to shipments
cnto obtained at the Com y Office. All passengers' baggage should be broured am
LO = 4ore it a shConpsny's Offitn only.
TVA PRM p "T= lever "liae gU hiou Jetty at 5 P an- o a tling days.
-- '- ..._ .-_ ..ri S uarj.


Bees to aotifv the C,-eneral Public. 825.
that he h -t.irl ,j .u T.! L \hiils,.t.irredr j'.iPN r, ,,i F ,.. _,u

S addu to , r L e nu . / ,,,-,,,, -
-i nd t.-ill :ll ..r . .. B onu D J -,-, ,- -,
prnduce-l or gr.ds-._i- ..r l,.i, irit ,,: I I \ -- ---'----- --- --
I. *,our a.l'%-nt "c. Accumulatedi und;S / D (,6c,oDo
}COMMISSION-half to 5 Claims Paid .
- accordingly. Particulars on application to
.- -..- ..- .-- -. G. -BRUCE- AJSTIN, General Alent,

C ECRErARiES iol FriLcnaai Socjeti, ie r.-

"00. 1.ooa and Sugar Planters.
2 r ,m:.un Jcr,:jh.r'-l W O:..err.rrent a.inir
S lin ti- iI-,o--------
3. Am:.nur.t ,iceled n il al Secunly
-.. tu-.ati i Ti.i:.;,r 3 H-ar., Prepare your. Landi for Record Crops
':H,\RFL A. .CHiLD b- uing
Rt. ,=trrir of FitenJl i ': i.
t art b,.l-ie l n,irng a .
tarJ to Ito Reo_.,irar

--"A-,7.RhT .; e rl,-F e P-, --
--- --I.: c-e t- crn- a aO.C-.-cac. ht. LOC, U---
----,RATroP. IN i-ERYO -
3ht yor,, r roWireno rIo-, itn, oll f, ,-t '
.cle-i "i

LI THR ,ira UEliR
to C,', a itiastr ie'p r,,/ ,,dirr' i- to 1 ,

it I t in lre ,n.r e l progretie doaa.
e ',,i ,ti -ire t, itiierto gertInatOiO9r =
action wnih
The Correct English Publishing
Co., o
ii hoe. i o rteiEz-

0_ neral Jtul/der and Cnoractor,
Building, Rencwivlg and Paint;ng
Contracts al, n at reasonable"
pric-s -Workm.,n-h p punctually
gijararteed, a's Valuation of
Irplet ty.
Trial Or tr SollacitOte.

W e a-re n.'. in a p._:it:n to nc:amL -1 m.u.Is .1-,:.-d:rs care--
full, rlad prom l- a .llad..J ,-.
MF anfRA1 LurerIM : 1 LIMI__ED

Robert's Syrp of Cod iUver O and Ta fl ge of the fit st prepacartlod
that e ne got for throat affectlona'It an= f poetmenet thee
health g;Vrig eXtrartI that la meetg withmeh k -faor- wherever- e. Il- - -
treagthening naad Invigorating, em whl a relef for cougat, oldeca
and bronchial ; ilm aEti, strelgtlena the system n lhat -a resists altabk. It L1
agre-eable to the tasoe and Is eaally talenad the most defeated stomach an
as;mlurtoe it rca-dly. Its curalre quali es liare been alesIted by uses, and
requeistr for ar.ptl;es how that sufferers from prulmonary and reqT-ratory
- disturban-ce ird it a rediahle me.irna. In i.phheltreie Icase and in aa n
SRe 1.'- i a.J.L;er 0 andJ Tar can hoe u.0 coc. t oft:-


- -- WALTERr -.

"Spici al "Lager Bee
The Beer of Distinction. It is Refreshing and [Invigorating

-,n lh,-" -b-rir", l]-l'.r".,r.. l,il-ih-p i|[nr-i.='r.if.l
T" .Ir) -. c. A -I er I h [c r,I, laIT b I.
ih aIr'r' cli i h .:ll l i. I.. r -.r,-, a-utd c'roati
-T, -I D r ':,-.-r n-- I-., I..i -TL.u
jibha ,u. Li. ,: w: th
r 1I ..!- -



Pin_ -, Nu.. [vti,
'I' r,__. h..-1 t 1 'e; .l .ICE.,
Pi.i- --- Pea iiim-- -

-Wist Watches,
a,' l irn ,. -. n.,.,rn nt

Solid Cold Bangles,
Some l,'aiuliul Je igns,



Trin k-et B.-xes,
Photo Frames,
and all kinds of
Novel ries.

Eng, having A spe. al


",-,---...........--- ^

S---. - n; --
, L _--- -^ ^ _.^^_,.,,,nJ ~ ^ .'-l,';'^





I -

I ---




Vo, imailed, Torlto, Canadaj. A rleton



5 00 RS

- -.----- ~iZffL~ziarrV ~11 --
_____ 1E7[L1j~.~~ m~~'

. At


S..yn. _.iptcaCtCn

-First Instalment in 4 Reels of Lhe remarkable Serial of Love and Ronmance-


- -- R


-By-t--e Great- British-Writer,. RUDYARD-KIPLIN-G -

1emember I Bemember! I------

_____ -Thge Grand_ Gala Performance in Aid of the VENEZUELAN Sufferers from the "FLU'
Fi airuLjm.o-t Hlfs"ExceeiicnC -the tGzoveflo.1, Sir John R-. Ch~ancellor.--

1rliufdaa .mericarfn Trd iCi 1
Notes.ii. otce
IN,.L~ R .0C16 P-- LTt-The- ]London Electric Theat

_____ _____ _____________ *i r-=The Master Ke

l.. I1u.,,73 .0
A .I C 11 RAL PR~1 0 L' UA`7-R T.'I ~ THEAT
I *Cs~ 1o~..lI...~1.l.lI'
-:.10d~l1. 1:1. 11111.o,~0oI,. AI-ula .1; l-'.'.0TIT.

EI, 0 I f1 PU Q,rlle 1.1 .. 1 ~l Ao..r. L L.rl`000 R E D r j.1uu~I

i f .. 1 .fl.rru 01 k.I Io'~l~l0l RlC fIl RII 11. I- I..0 q..______________ 1________ _A
or l i 1-.1 *PAlTHEPEs~ YLLe oWMENACWria
--of~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ it.. I.o.' I ,F-! J,;-. ,I .. )IIC
m u ll. r I .. l it .. ,.I loll V e l o. .
nc a oot0.- 1. o ,1r o1 o. L.A O UI~t f I 1 I~'A~ FT.o ,. F" .o1.FI a0 I0'f .oto ..0 -. E IN OU1 RTI L .- i
1100 Po~~~~Ioo1t A, l 1. Soe --it' 11lIL0 1-" 1~l Foci b1. It,1110
0(o) THE110 RED0~ll100l.I~lO Cll~ll Io.~~,o R.00 loG L E.1..II' 111.

Co0i~.0OCONUF~T.; .111) 0000T 00 01101 ,- TOOLI aNllDAR. 9 L ur T udy iof2

361r C'1- o WrI .~ Io I00f 1 Oll~Ol 1o11000 l-.0 cvl (1.01.1Al,.0l0o0 f 01'0 .
Flol f 0111 Meo0 iCq. l 1, WI-oo MAINC. MACHiNEW, o, .o'.0'1 r .. ,.rO. r,
-c ILLI h '0hl01 T ,1001 ";.j:.kO". .,. '-.
t",C~ on'l 01ne CI-i SUPPLI --.of o SPt. 001101.0 1,r.LF FIN 2ooof I,.,~ i~ 1, eii,
sic 1. of~ 011 -11 o10o5 C.0F0010 F1o Ao Po 17ol~ : o.'-A Ili Y., lo.I1:,o-ot".fo
0-A1 T- 101 11 00r. of ro n~n l 1.000101 Q Ia n1 1 ~ m -1 z '
[IIIPR I110 II hfe 001000i oloor fov oo
..o-o'lofo oo. ,l .0.00e FORAdm TH _.Ct~~rML1_1 T R -Y E L NO'W AY~R EOL ND A S
,.,lI.o. .gf1n(7T. Jollo chIi au0. r. IA No. 0..0100Ioo
ris I C IIr -Litl .r C -I- Too oilo~ll.0 ir-r ..o1, po~ ro ol -oo rie .~~
h v 1,t of Im ore, o01 f0 0I000 1010.011 Id ol lo1,ml o o ~ eosn f f h In11 cas o0,.j it0a otso .1 W ole aL Re ta l l I I 0d
AQ"'~~~__ i'-d 11'Pl~gWl llIoNa~ E I OUT:!.;aetj
Ill. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l. 07' 0101 o1l0~~ 0 1-irijiir p4o W st lrde% we soll l~Ioo.. cfSle~. it 14 0c- roof lit, 03 1r viso r:P -.O Ind. 00 brOo.11i
Imil _) 0 0l tlcucudg" u iid~ t r1 .r -,IalICI
.000101.0 0dN p,:. .,r k. %. I Wf, to .Ik 1 0 Co-l l ido t I a1o obo l.01 1 lo Ile cio it010001 1.1 n ir.pc G IZ1C .o-JSedg13rfg JI N,
F-A o I,.00 e n1 b O Lf.A .c l then..
-11c lIlolill -f 0A ER AN O

_~ _~_ _C~


I_ __!



k4 m.-

llZTfLi~~ttrrr s rcitn I -
- -- -t4 A -


l.ymmpi anni.r Ctni a


First Instalment in 4 Reels of the remarkable Serial of Love and Romance-

__ - ..-. AND ABqVE ALL -

-i .. . li a R D A K L-
-" --__-_. ..__. _ ____-- -tbe-Great British-\Vriter, RU.DYARD__K-PLIN-G - -. ..




,,- : Remember R Remember! .I

__'. -The_ Grand Gala Performance in Aid of the VENEZUELAN Sufferers from the "FLU"
--_-....e___ .-. Q Z fai-ik =rdnrl iT ir et h utrrun.:, If Hisj Excellency -the Governor, Sir John R. Chancellor.

inidad-merican Trade C ii., 1 1Notcs
N" o. ,,, I 1 The- London Electrc Thea'

In -'--" - .--'- ^.-A- NG4 GRANEM THEATI

____.. .... o - . .I. .c-;.. . '.. -. ---r'" ----K.';,;;,- I.. PATHE Presents the W wonderful Se il -..
;L J T -- -

c i a pit l .l *.. ,,i', ', ,:,. .1 N I . ..iJ .* '-C- n r tL .L
,., ir,. l .. i, I:Te sj Mark ', e4, t Ti,-.. I I
-W Icoi:k I IT.P

;N _. 1,1;:l.lip'1 llT'RIr,: il. i' i"Cr' *l r" h. -I ... ,O:hi,.I',, nl.h L L T H E P A i "" n-. .

-r...,.., ..,,. .,i; ,,, T I .,, .- IL "_ _j ... .,. QUEEN'S ROYAL ( OLLEGE To-night ---
Ch,' (0 ii- l.-I-il.-- / - .,_ t_.r oo-s,, c. i_ --r. -. ir- l1" .nnih \n .I ...II iPr .Tr, -"i T. ,r 'l->- k O i t "tts S i -'

P :r . i iI 1 ii,--- iT I .i ,i-, i t 7 .i h-, N JO TD i L t LA '

bIco -In ol' ^ ^ 1^ ^;1;'^. n L NOTICE RA ^SPUTl1 THE BL^CCK MONK 'SundaHP5thWand Mal
or i. t- '--, ,1 -..4 ,L . _. l_ o, .. .....4 lo-.- .,Lt ..,,,'. -,,R /.'-O R 'T'; : I FN.' . S ,
I T0 \-N of.trhch ifiutoodgit'shlldiJre, 00 Pi., ho .i
^ ~ ~ ~(! si slc'r-'C ."i'oc'g l le odl"'' oel* '.'"ito ..i .t -t ,. .. li_- ...1n.& ,r "* "1 ,er L''' Wond rfu Sei. -fl FD
111to ; .-Vl~l Ill IT iioitoitr-ll NI T-n ll .i .

BI; et o- iI I. r Co.nlt TIID|.0| 'r-0 1 o 1 04i1 0Cl T i i" 0o w
."l,,,, '- --- 0-, t c 1 o l-lola- -i--- Iti oB E R -l h it" tr e l il . dl .l rh .E
l.l r tI soG 51i p1 U

lEit ,qti.. ib -fre ,h iI:l- i I. te o :. b.. .o t l. :" _'_' .- _.' _-_ ) ... - T..Yesterday's M ar et Pr.ces.-P

.. ..'l t.e... ,, -- ite.... ..-.... .i
it cci oNi -i1T nLAS T : TLcST
COCOl r u g^ rir Il n -E

1 ... 1. ,c -C i ar o tren t. I rNe t N- too. i nt otl rm [ 1 d,. ito r i. "Q/ceN ROA G
i I ,1 [:,as ,lote Porr.n 1 sdS ip U. nl 'cre l hid k T tIt".o d ArI S- or" -,
SC ,IN 1 C r. I A "-A

,,, T r i. r . ...
I` h 1- T t o N T A -: Ie T l lolrC te or "rp d Lo r ub I a h raam.-. --i T H E %. wl R -
er in' C -I- LjT. oil ir-r..1 $ 11,01itLuliU.1t r -ichitfi i;Tis R EMBER THE BLACK CAT ESTABI

Ae M of H!a r roo.nh u cJr b Auct on uo. r8th -hmo - 5 t- ai M -
ii'o e l it- ,iiis''or tp o osth leleo~idw uorni. 0 h i l toc lost of he o l T eeea. r i t i r l it . .. I v-- --r:o'
%-; . ', .or of 1 11 fieril I- ta. 1 Ilk, t o _ = _ -d -ob- C f. .u;. also -
7. ................. i. C :e. .- _T o R -. 'PHO .,

__ '"_"_' '.,- .. .. ... ,__ .. .... .. _---'j--R -- . --i;-, I_ '_-- . ---- - -.-- -

* 1 "


_ ~


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E14 3546e79801d1d962bd1bab63a7ae6b6f 1882214
E15 a8c27ff3d4e1032a14b0798c85434129 1206508
E16 99f2e1d56be21fb45cd9f6bf30f13343 1485705
E17 6aefe50e8e948c33bed41a060ba16acf 1446305
E18 efe7a5862b3b0b049ea39fcdd757efa9 1784416
E19 761b2e273113315f6fd359239077bd71 1602452
E20 27602adfac71a07946ecb69726370b73 1874580
E21 9e793bd6a70b1b363c10c5d8d67315e6 1278299
E22 e6d31085349647f579c5ce2c790e8595 1576345
E23 5192f11d45789a6b99d5d47ce56d8d54 1407674
E24 2c7d1749da0e9d675021955ef2c93e3e 1669777
F1 imagetiff 6.0 0896d35aa77f8ff101c72ca9badfea4f 2354644
F2 840cd7694a612918558ea187f55d6f3a 2667344
F3 604412adc79d07d8931021f890daabb9 2353984
F4 6df055ee00360f3ed41871541f3cb023 2597270
F5 ee3b7bf99a9de3495a5cc24a555438c9 2354780
F6 9ab838ad77dbd141e43d05b4a0582da1 2574552
F7 da5779bd10fa64191965d371ca5333fc 2354088
F8 0a3f4e73c5fbe9b2d9065fa7be5a75c0 2581142
F9 7888eb42e0ef3b8232baae1d68d8b53c 2353628
F10 9e7ff3cb76fcf14bf014198744dfd5c8 2624724
F11 970cf3ada8ab620742ee0a82eb1e2d51 2354312
F12 d3bdc010a297243f1ad51d6c3ec548dc 2570918
F13 1c3ba146b0e877ac020348a5e55bd9f8 2354616
F14 2fb0422c1d1c66619b230cc8414a42f4 2616618
F15 00fb81e0a03cca7ac2a00e2d62cd5bcc 2353596
F16 127b25a28b7c99f46a136bbb7b54c8ec 2597476
F17 646219e5a64e1bb08a6332d9d662a892 2343948
F18 3e2e82f6a14f60acf94b05f46e237a0c 2661730
F19 e7a49054faa9f93eb82da75b7e0b97fc 2354716
F20 10b77c114f20229d365ebeeeb40267f1 2571090
F21 35dc7720384634885edfd1bd1e7a9b46 2354008
F22 8aadce957a31dabdf1e3a466e19249b5 2642938
F23 0affd17cc6004352d8d473526a297626 2354260
F24 1f9956fa53dcc843c5be7c0d865df718 2529002
R1 textx-pro cc0c0f16868e234b4cb7e9fd5f6cf98f 90655
R2 d97b749ddb6afcd85f8e13defc635e04 96921
R3 0a4cd9f4f147cf3f4b161a2fa646b24c 229711
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R15 c53204a70c3a95e1930a2a40f5883553 181546
R16 99e3026659f1d2d6ddc1c181a5b6d6d2 162993
R17 80e7a90ada08cdbe160c14a79a78fbe1 329061
R18 dbf59d2dcd69030f478e7fdbc7b87c48 474429
R19 0c8aebb89d37fd0454361418b6bfe02b 448164
R20 7b94e61f865e8bd3ae8ec53c36a8e55e 340624
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R23 62dd81fe3137042ff7b7cbfe0952c00e 102948
R24 74ed6e735380197a52dfda92f459d939 109473
T1 textplain b73124d2acc3daea3d383a38e0ef89ca 4549
T2 8b36fa905790dd9f7f8e4fcb95a047c7 5033
T3 8475f1895f86211cc80ffba5d27ecf47 10572
T4 3069ef36e2039f21841ca2bbb3a32175 8791
T5 4f1693097f7c379ea65b1aabb33dfe30 30066
T6 cd5ed0ec55a7a2095dc16c7bccc7f6c7 31985
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T14 9f7a69712345d169eb9f8270dc568da9 25211
T15 7c7b652fe9ea6b7f8296280b9a33ea11 8490
T16 64965c68407896943f0d01b0189284f7 11366
T17 6034cec1b6942121e1546c696728ec75 14740
T18 11e6180be588bd7d46e43807d7d0a478 19881
T19 f4f4dc7edf64869ba664150a72a3b9fb 18135
T20 e3515e9b66651ef8f0c430103402168c 15118
T21 6ff9d30d557a55d41f6f8700702a6e94 8822
T22 0f9c549eea26dfed6588a5a1d3aa81d7 9917
T23 b032ec51af44d51a9bb90ab6f07bcd0b 3479
T24 2c47e249315980eb8f2a455513b692ce 4390
UR1 b6041814f85680224551287b711b3d6a 40043
AR1 3c55657e6c7cdc1fd057e1d689455bea 97415
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AR12 f1cf592a3a736aec0a7d6a1d162165dd 97080
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AR27 153893a698083e18528a4c25a27482d0 68612
AR28 c14a08bced40a7cf3a8d6ca34b207f5c 15172
AR29 51293adc216ba6a4ae55a3081ab5273c 72800
AR30 86a3204bd8e6a925b6cb87f39c1f0f37 16585
AR31 1fc0a356657e2490f99ff87866f36af3 16314
AR32 7cec8d26fa80f5e75eb458990c761bad 72234
AR33 a98319d58f845a4202b2e8b6189cbec8 16013
AR34 a63df02b1c359a4788e486be9a57062e 72851
AR35 c4b808fdb04b76b5d65ab91ca426c2c6 14909
AR36 2469d0899e446da1aad5608716c649a3 71356
AR37 a89ae9ad03615804d1092037273b6181 15477
AR38 e158cdcbb6f1c8382062e34f36835f66 62836
AR39 a036d129e458bba23323641b3c86aaf6 13956
AR40 1d87aafc907ab91aecf5eb8b92a560b1 72470
AR41 14956a408d1bea2b993bd4486fde0b94 14654
AR42 84db7658d197a96bb3720d7629fc3d32 69752
AR43 9784341011344fbfe53e928afc4e230d 14062
AR44 bbf4390eb50789410bbfa5927723c264 68396
AR45 6cb3e83199e37937842385427be52fa5 14832
AR46 1138cfa4fdfe4fae92c29443c3e03ef7 66570
AR47 559e43c2d0fa530278b3e2dd44e19f22 14546
AR48 7768bd1412321555671a660e0a0d0436 42160
METS:structMap STRUCT1 TYPE mixed
METS:div DMDID Trinidad guardian ORDER 0 main
D1 1 Main
P1 Page
P2 2
P3 3
P4 4
P5 5
P6 6
P7 7
P8 8
P9 9
P10 10
P11 11
P12 12
P13 13
P14 14
P15 15
P16 16
P17 17
P18 18
P19 19
P20 20
P21 21
P22 22
P23 23
P24 24