Trinidad guardian

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Trinidad guardian
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Trinidad guardian.
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Sunday guardian
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Trinidad Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ;


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Newspapers -- Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) ( lcsh )
Newspapers ( lcsh )
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Trinidad -- Port-of-Spain


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Began in 1917.
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Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
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Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.

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University of Florida
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T Bonanza APPLES IN SYRUP E;.. - --- -"e: f ay -. t -
APPLES. !Fllh Plea ay -
ca i-- -" _- -- o._;; lai,. ...c. ,_... *.-_- i^.. .. J; -- .-'-.- oAI QnoNAMFNT,--W ln --b :IcB
S CASHKMIi SERGE 7CRAWFORD'!; -.VHISKr,.. .i f s flc hoid, pilce romr 15, to American . "
OR WOMEN'S SHIRTS. 7. per bottle. .0 each al
Only jst i few pieces lftr. They r AT THE 10c. per.
d O Tild c t l-?4o. *" a l (On. per. lb.' .-
ardt o p U a $ w Ice' House. Grocery. WATERMAN'S T. "
Srd, vey sp.. 31 ocery.

T. I N. .. I- A D. ...... ._ "2--N- . . . ..... . .

-~ ~~~~I 1pi-4i-I-~il~L. 1,1. U(Jr FL.tS ONT11' Ind IC-Y-d1 a 0 N-:'
5')ill C '%SlI 1I t$irb n-i ilriiIa ic p1. licAi- V.Aim tt .L
";I 1''i' 11) (KGIN ALlY, ASSI f1% ED FOR 111ev a fii ihcr S3Q'' Io 1,4-1-1 1 iPr.
Or lc-,A uiccar.ic in I-) da1c lamolialil of COMl lO~ri. N I t -ISIONARXV

jusLN.l 'if j i i mt i l.rrt j.Acm v a-i~i ;' .aciL3 ll( O 'unitIi..' mc1il

-1 liules Ei :111 161iili1t IA tile uiili Slri-

i-n iI i .-- --ll Lilt I L11-_C 11.-I 1[i ..... tnu
______ srrizcr-1nl"-r--tnuinr Inllul-l i 2 i-i.i-SI ac -. d

L j- t;,---

Expected to"arrive shortly friomn

Orange (Texas) by steamer, a Liro-e

and well-assorted cargo of - -

P1. h% II jL betp

-, / (Lumber Department)

y . -.. .. ..

. SI I u t

...South Qutat


. ]I r ii :III. ri d -t.:'C

sreek B:ocerie
Fr-esh C'fliuxdbErKit fin-ti

1I, .. d o brhl-I;,-
... .. l~r,.., i 1 '-i
-rcsh -C-'-ra-d dMrs, ,
Slhrin Ir,, T"',itlfe'- it,
Sr;-n-,i -. in ,- P.-I:t a--...,-, S
C.,ri,, P ,1.:1 a.l -
li_ lii ,n H- .. ; ,,.- ii
nTt l '-r.: r- ct, l .

18c. per

P,.'A>e-r, Sh ,. e Cr
-- T,-Th.7thli 7 --


R- i. McKinney Co.,

-11 ll--lv i iii

Al -. c....... -
Dlnt.~ vi

k f


t, i,5 -


'I, -
H- -



' I

I Gra-mophone and e e' rds"
. New GC 'ardrobe...
,B-ureau -~
I-1_Presa with Mi-car---
1 Mirror
-e -pF-es New Clothing
1 Cm" --_ -- ...i i r .9 *i

Sundry pi

... ,.O

i LAMENS' Sl- h ,n H- i 1Ft L- Dira S t-rrTTL-/S.
*, i,)rt .c,:/..-r., l .ji n Gull. i -i -,.'r,

S C o -ncr r l -:e l i i l r .i.- h S -i ... ..:
...,.i.i.n... r hc, ladies' matters are showing the
Ltd- _dia r .-- i -i 1l., : r.,.- I cwesi in W illin6py.:
I- I.- CLAM .",I NS. Triminl, _-" ntrinmmed and Ready-to-W ears in Tagel,
Prt .iicr Li.n.r. ', lr na.ii Chip, Silkp Canton, Panamis and Jaxas.
r.I ink .ManufuaIr.- rJr..

; of aill de.criptirns.

L LE AppliquCs, G .es, Nets,

Increass- Fapm- Efficiency Ch-io. Silk, Crnpe, Tu"lle
-isinu, lining,, "c.- i and Aeroplane Flowers.

inc' iand a Iliiindred -iisoufI
e L.I.,s are mIl-dc C. av b', celco-
Light. the cjii l-. teI c'lei'rinc
light abd power plant.
Delco-Light furnishes bright,
cleau s.-ife electric light. It will
Uipunip IlIe n Iater, riuu the cream
S scpar- or, _dliili4 s_.lnru -a.:.ih ,,,a .
S acuuI ci i seller, a I-, c ric l ia,
f. niniug; mill, riid'to.,re e
i'. --other lihtilinech-Lery.
Delco-Light helps lihe farmer
and his family to do more
and better work with less
effort, and soon pays for itself

Natul a.a Triui'T.,.i ,
bl.1-ck ci ed ri bl.i-

In all widths,
shades a n d
I' -. I <-'. ."

Lunlinniiincd Natural Java-


S-;,-.. ,-. _--- -- ST. JOHN'S VEMJABLE LVER PILLS
'' For all Diseases of the Liver and Kidney.
-cFree F lo n 'liruful Drugs. Wholesale and Retail i

THOS..BOYD & CO. 0 0-- BOLANDS -- ^




N E W\\ (L 1 l .. -

LAD 5 .
: 0 ', ,,. t ,,.- p o n,: .. .

N o.- - : .

o rcl, tle 1 ir...e'- m -t l.. t e tIc.- t.-ls.
SM1i FH : In c lie'r r ord ,I, I one iv,. r l'vi .r i car i t Lti..iii :. l .. l, ...-.f

iii L_ NI E.i I : ( iJtc -. but rii I rui the tllitI h il,-1 n i, it]n
- C :, ,.-inii ,.'. i, i.u s i L r -i n |t i] :l ,'-.:1 .t i- P .r. .i -l thIll.
in o:+u l l.- ch ,1jl.ifi J v i:, l p hapued- "r or- l"_v-,':r :i .-
C nu il I.pll,_l a p pl- in pl .. ilu t d.c..'i J ip l I io n. lit ,,n ..
a ci t t.i lly (lifferLit ; Iesid' es \hich thei t.i.,tal Jliin s- .i.l.liti i.n- .,1
any c.iiiipa'. r .i i ears. or d .r -hiill n ittr-ill-, 1.: -- .r._, r
lth ,i]t t [ ,. ,.t ,n .,th r L ::tIc .idJ i n .' r I. I I '. ', C LI .

JONEI : Thi- uch ii i .:il li- ] lf.ct, TillE TOT.\L '(_,N.' II S
ADDITIONS of their Life ,, or its i..-t foi u r decci:ti.i s
CLA.SSES li:,S n.t been cXcc l b|.I L, irf n- i ",uail ,t, .. .1
lfi, fl.r- f,mr ,in i ,- l',cA tio"=-ND J-'-i2A1 S T fI _I LY CQ -'I
For LiTe As-,ur nre Tates and other inYormrnti-.n,apply to
\V. CRAIG, A,-ent

S64, Queen Street
Ti ,J Port-of Spain
hSep. te.mbr..1.8. P.O. Box 49.

...E ...rtn x.i ; R E P A I S.
e c e s F u rn itu re e tc i - -. t I `:I -,oi l l ii t

I aBwBelrEm eLoa ne i a g ant, d Striping-A p3rC .a
-},ick & Wells,

17 Frederick Street to 19 Henry Street.



--~-~--~-~-r --n~rur~--~3a~Pr~i~ru~iusPr~s~




T UE S ) A I -L C 'I'I ) -j", J,'R PI



" 7 45 -^ "_ _ ._ ""4- .... '- .,,'--. -.:-, :,' -

IR E'S S TS. 7 per bottle.
Only julr l fe pieces lt. They r AT THE
r IarLe atHoMopnc3-1? .l End G3 We ah
rd, veiy specl .l IceHouse. Grocery. | (

'--- -- 2 -- g ... ... - --

TRIN I DAD : -T UESD A Y, -LCT'i ),t .-R

\?E ciplsaP e th.' lauAs of any Lqdy lith r k _
---'HAIR OnNAMENKT;-rDareds a---- re -RAM
Slyltv i) wi 110clanai?, p icei acorn 15.- to American -CASOL
fOc. per. lb.
C T -_I-.CA ...IN.G- &. o.. O


- _ __. -


` ~~~~I -fi n~-~~ _---- I~l----~m~---IL C

1,J ill C I11 11 1 1( ad to h 1 1 1T1 V.1 .-
- 1,1 in ORIGIN,\[A.I. ASSIM,,:D FOR lplus a Iio b ,3' O ,i .r.
or hc-l ,i acc -,r-l;Fi t ,) 1 hli- d .chlnra ion of. C O M P'O LiN .) R [ V ISIO N A. , BO NUS .ill A rl .i iT i -..ICic- i ,-I tCpE .T ._t1 1 Of '.II ",*u Il ,-: i 1
V -. l .,i ..c ] L ,, U ; z S .. 2! -j'" .'d Al l I] -,A. -y' .u v
h e rned C 1,5 . .I and f yon I'r -i .', i
-iu nC..[..lulf2 t--Te, pl r,, iir-i.i. mii, t ;cih t-iily .moi.u- nti iL ,',r
1 times tlihe .I u nt ,.( thlie o Ri uin : 1 tstiiul. t ii ii. --
.- --- ... .-, -- - i 1 g t th1 -lln. r rl ",r l._ _-_. r_, l -.
. [I -J '). [C- Wn the l "r-,- r th ,.. --., i - u l-.l
ten of :- ,w, +-m-," u .: e ,.-t,1.d-

ic r, i tl g ii it.i- f ti t 'ie tl.- ls. -
j :MirH : in io n ..ter ior- I ior, i o ne [if, r I a t i l. n tL,. ci ,

Coiit g ,, i Il iif i it .I r i ni | j i. t] u l i l .. ii iit r iii'. id h
.. u,-,ii .1 -i i-l l ,' a p pil 111 p, t -ei t d : i l L.,n ; m .I T i u .. n d n t
C hl\S E I c-t -1 -I Lw-i CP.. dCil '.r.'l .,, lv ,1.- -11i- 11 C. io iii t;,-,.n
.II tut.dly (lifferit ; l -esCi es- \hn c th t. a O n -. t.l]t .n- .
an c.,ni l nm-' ,',% r 5 .. : tr or I ,'-ge' r _h ,,uld in i ir- n 'l,, .--: l.]Jr._ ,r
th Pat th ,.. ,, urn. e a,tha.r d::tordin nr.t ". n, ppr- t
llit 'i...--o I.t .- ,n .,,-: ,J .. k. 1' I. 1l J i f -"

\\ IITI\gi t
JO(NESi : Th1i- iuch i- *:,liJd f.,ct, TillE T T.\L :'r.' I I'S
ADDITIONS of the DLIeuLtL r.ra- Life ,,.or its .LI.-t fouLr dIIcl,;tils
CLA SSES 1i:;h n,,t been Ic .cec:d., y.l II-" i ,f . n .".rapeti'. r: ...
--l-fi ii .rf,n Idr cl',+ -iou"=-i ND_--= JA:IL-..JS T FFI .'NLY ,. L -
For LiTe As-iur-nce Tates and other inYorrnxti..n,apply to
\V. CRAIG, -Agent

64, Queen Street
Til Port-of Spain
th SSeptember. l'.,1. P.O. Box 49.

-- . -_

Expected to"-arrive shortly frIom-n

Orange (Texas) by steamer, a Liro-e
~ ~ -

and wvell-assorted cargo o


,1(Lmber Depar



C 1 C re i :, ..l" ',iri,.1 -t,;ck -f
A _

Fresh C'lui-.lEr!iiit (in-tin ),
.. -.... i m -l o-l 7-
lv, -- rhr tI,-t
... .* fr r .ni F t. 5
Rr-Eclsh-Cli.-n---JM 1c- :,-La -lri-.,
ST i'inI,., T',nef-c t,-. -

KI'.rn -h. -,- PS :tL--'.. :, : ;i
.-_ Slin, HA..S;-, n TBA -O
i.iil. .,-' ii':.', K i i,.r..T-i H .- -

rJ'. M c '-inrr- C L t -

1Sc. per tin.

_P,.I.Ier Sh '"31 Cr.D i

I ll

P. J. Meltinney Co., Ltd-
7r"Thaocr'Bi ~rf^VSC!



At Read iargain Prices:
3 Treadle Mac1nes
2 Hand Machinns
I Gra.mcophone and rCF,.rds
I New C'yp y.'ardrohbe
-IEureau_ -.
1 -Presa. with Mi- .-or-
I Mirror
--Ser pices New Clothing
I Spring Matlres, 66in x *:t
Sundry pieces Furniture, etc,

'.i i '"-,T ,.-e p.

Trinidad JcWeolr L.Laq


CLAMENS' Sti,, I ,n,.i,'
e :i : ] l . i ..' rr[t n n b ,,.
C ruine r ['inL:e .il. lr-I.l- i i: Si -
,, under ith r, i fhi T Ir i.
d( ul e \V'. .- ,I i ,1 i ".i.: t,-,r;,'.
R 1. 1. CLAM:.rIs.
PnmrcJi'nk r. LrIj.r Hca t
,r.. Ink ll rfn uluri r.

IncreasOs FaPm- Efficiency


-,;1\'iW A Day ll i

.' I.i i ,i ii? f, E

. D

SL c

a. shling, ironing, l' lusc-:lI. in-
nil, a d i huiidred .if.-_soutifc
asI.s im-Ilc de s.' b1', Delco-
Light., the cniiplite' clect:rnc
eight ahnd power
Delco-Light furnishes bright,
leaiu sfi electric light. It will
luiimp hlie nater, riu ihe cream
--7iriator, liiM -i -'l I h ii, _
.acuuti cCleicii-r, l.Ctric rL u,
iuiniu nMill, .riTId'i tore :Ci.0 l
lther li-ht iinlchiLe-ry.
lelco-Light helps ilie farmer
nd his .family to do more
nd better work with less
effort, and soon pays for itself
-f.m .... **aI u..... ,er'


NE\\' LOT Ul(



a o e

Will p117..

.E'l t, D t .v T ',r ,ar,- i
i- A .

naEme lhag and Striping-A SpWiI

kic Wells,
17 Frederick Street to 19 Henry Street.

-". RA- N.----O-

a ''*/ E




i he. radies' flatters are showing the
tc'wesit in UlQilin6y.:
Trimici ', ,_ ntrilnmflled and Ready-to-W\ears in Tagel,
Chip, Silk, Canton, Panamis and Javas. -

all de.'cripti ns.
Si, BIcUes, Or nts
Appliques, Ga-uzes, Nets,
Chitjflo-. Silk,; Crepe, Tulle
Sn< Aeroniannc Pnlower.

Nat ui. I r.a Triui .-.l,
1 .,-iLck C edI ribL ln-

n ads al widths,
shades a n d
I'l I !," .. "

LTUniimncdN Natural Java--

- i









., -lii ,r "wi i .r r- dnd lli-i,'. Guui.'ft.-r

I I *

U ti 1
... Sbuth


i.....i.... .

"l .t ...

For all Diseases of the Liver and Kidney.
F-rcc Fironi l:-riuful Drugs. Wholesale and Retail

9. S.

- ~--~----~ --- -----~.. --~P-~------s~-


-- --

.* .

I -Y FI I ILI[%.. L IV %I %-1 -.1.

- -: .



A;&--.. -r.K. --.A--"", .4.-..j>"ab -

S . :' .. . . - -* -_ . . ... ....... ; ', . *: .-- 7,%. . ..-.
C"ta T-" r s.' . E i '. . '..*- .' ... ...-^ : "-

nhaiI" &C THE Kfl EAND THE-- :,f" 7ND A 'H
I i .. .. A R .. .. .

?k-: ' -- '. -' '
^'^ __- ~.--'-:- -- -

A*- **ll ^.
a-- S J.

F. .. i t

a .- ...



... .- ", ,-T in Sweetness

....- of-Toone-r-


-- ----- -- R E 6

0 ...ALSO..-
SA Full Supply of records,

Shippers of Produce, etc., to the



vuld find it beneficial to prcure our11- Rates when

- :-:ffecting shipment to. these centres, as our Principals'

:-: cable changes frequently.


The London- Assurance Corporation ,(Marine Dept. i

St. Vincent building,
I, ,-1 flIIF.Nf-

i.7;. ; I W IN 1)]1A1-1.j-j

...- '--- --- -:-


toom must be made for Huge'Shipments bought
-;by M'-r A. A, WATERMAN-; in New York.


MIONOAY, September 80,


.. a-.T ,.i.e .
OEM-I- a1 a o i' *

n .Bla. ^The Pioneer of Cheap Prices,

i How sour sweet is Music
SWheu the tune is brokec
Aud nopropornorrkrpti"-

.... ,....... .. '..-.-. .... ..


t-DIUm -ut at: r.Ih"DI"lN.i."Y'uo nee -i rn
phiMcirsI tour ordiotrl ii t jen llol hate at
land ro .ottle olfCAnJtsno _ls1aI g t.1i Fo-r
cqughs, cold, sore throat, hironchial -itile,
It Is invsluabile, lot scalds, burns, braiser,
spn lp,., it Is unsurpassed while forcasfi, sore-,,
uiters and the like it In an uoquestiouahle
lu,.ier. It ilesdlo rio testinlno[,e otiar ilian ii-.
U-c, si-lI that mill oattily i-yotue a to ila at2ec.
1lL i srIA

--n aa -nr B P~peq~Ig 7ta

_ a Ware.

it is the only kind of Kitchenware thatgiv8es
-Thorough Satisfaction, Madam.

W- 40 1 4 9 9 VpB Y, ._I W A -l .-.I


The -Break -With- the_ United .States.
)Ve pulilsih to day the first installment of
Snew-- bok which had been appearing in
The Times," entitlea -' The Kaitir as 1
_ knew him for Fourteen Vetis." by Mr.
_-Arthnr.N javis,X.D.3 on Arneriana who
1904 to Nuvetdber ,-1917, sand with-whom -h
Kaiser conversed very -frankly on many occa-
sious. r
I,, his preac.. Mr. David states that at Grst
he icit ithatu professional ethic Ls eIbeal his
lipi -,ot -litsn he -coricidresalXgrie\
crisis that confronted the eo.rIl adeud r ed
Mi Iiartifati ew-1- tha riberio e rtigproie
I et \alue to clizatioI he came to the
irsc: uon :hat his pautriotc duty was para-
motni rondt rci.:se uprirlir to the ordinary rule
of- secrecy With -tli; iewtlfe tlla-tra-or
his poiol s iOU empialioall agreed.
S By-: R A_ saoeN-DNA.- V--- -
Whl-erar r lrolke out L-et-,aeen thle Uuitle
Statla_.anil i an ,. o prL ._ i, _L _'
In hierhn I hadlitcdI..aoIrpr,.ct*Ad nay pro-
fe ir iin as r, dnln Ilthre lor 14 veris, and the
tKnier E li TIeen on- oT ry -uiiicnrt-a dioilouf" t
Irni t is I ,lo no ti r inoiv r.o-ctl) lie niuiny
i' e Kth i-r ra r . pTrAu.a0Iusi, lt, u h-t
I kur. -sIt, ni la n hri tgvhey o-ere not Itil. rnd he prsbabili tie are th-ry
were l,:,-er to 1 .'. AIS-a) t inua ioLlk,, slier oil florin, thbc Kalf-r enlifci-r tin
vLthere iroa liio .inultei to nu hour nnd h bsll
tol siicu. the topic-ol th: b'hur dth ,me. nUod
in 1ihr.i t way ue dcsio pd n more Intimate
-cqutctiarncabshTp than mifltt ouhersise bove
been pos' d itle. -
i-s- %,0t t lalata ;;. agaai oat e.- u a,1,,,
tirer -ore. a ,i-t i,,t t u ll u Ai.l!riciii cmizen
-- p ri:.t ,u noAmerican, I htre, as mi-ght
ta'lount tact a0ai-se-tI h-u, S hicd an C0rlta3V w3
ny--bad d .,eveloped-_oo-ian- proic:-ul,.al
frlta tid .nlp. I it tr taliil) o'0 stt1161t -1.1 ural
(trclt., aid w ai so g.incraiil!' rcgardld as
pacticulkact. hi,.ultlitetIleJ-_ier hriol im l!, teh,_
-i -dfn 1 -"i e -.. --t n-- b1.rh-i,."a- I
hrt l tC.entne ta aFll, -.'j, I i .
Eien tahen I t ..-a.- u 3ifid ahe pol;e-
uiuth--riricE ther, hit a-111d t rth b iece4u,,ry i-or tc
I0 report csery day [it Police Heradquanrtli. nild
to rtURin in my Lon.e euert night from p mn.
-a-IIAc am.. L- hta ni,_uucror_, sap,,nfi
aafi:)or for o th o tat o itlerand child, nor di.t
m [ nure trh-, I ch]oasid Cf-rne n, real
d-diiffcit in Is-ia In: th c, cuworY-thlieLn -tlI-etli
arrived for roe to do L-o "
An Old Treaty.
The sme d' h -i tht e kebreasline *-t Cio diplor
crnet srei,'ltone ts,% isnuuncEli the Gertosn
I.a.appperC hla.-d pubohlihd the prrsoVilons oF nr
old tateit s ateert,: Gerata, coRnd tlWttoiteS
Stalta which gaie Amirie-.,aa in Germauy tau,
Gernuna in America nine liths ister asd ,le..
rati-ala of aTr between the Le o nation ao tlic
which to ettle theLir rafiirs- and to rt.. out o
the ciainiry. ] lis tlrec .'H ri e .rli
,rninllt r.t, i i v 1us mild, in beD nice of rr.'d
erick the Greil. It ha ntire r Ltii .ieprrdtli.1
GenCoi aill rp a- it t stocre re i s
mat-y rusre GCeorm in Amua.rici ithatii IL.-r,
s're Amersin iri in rGe-rain thl- "pra:,a-. E
regardtl ing thi treaty ia.uu ti, i e 1,,t U litr iLs It e
and it eae ned mr t itmpi.arplctule tb-its Gerrm n
American rand thrtl-.. laaae trep l oai3.
ladt rhe situ stoc n been rurr.:,Of c-iu
eapedlent to intern-A lelnCIntle ,[no rossterst h3
happened to their os. count, mrrnstin Arurc.
and.r inthai-ten ta-thi. content treaty soal,
Belgium's neutrality. One -" -crap ot paper-
more orto e-swculd neser haoe been allowed to
interfere withi Gerany's destiny."
ufluenutial Germans sa crled to see In
professionally during that periud almost in-
-varintIly ucpre9,eut the. bapiirttttnr not
planning to leave Berlin. I" Nu MolaLter hlbal
happens, doctor," they declared -" even Il.he
wrort come, to the worst and war ii d:dclaredl
between America and Geromant,-you tma feel
IuIte sure the Kaiser till n.'eer let union
irm 0yo0.
tIn. the laker been It berlin At the zsi.
I niight, of course, ubbe aLd au oppritutlte
-o pait the question to h lhru-.ltarely a tr,
oil -fite inighitle iftsr-, d ,,beTho he

..T.... e-ternment Question._...
A- Ant.l r-tioniluBthiut-ra:..nalvt-l-m ine-- th ..t-I
,'niught out at this time mas ux-Auibas- i-lo
von S timrn Although he w-s nowu retired.
itlil officials life. he haid foruerss leen .otter
ul i.tLIre in GCrrtui t Sule circlt-, iin.a d tll
lrT.s,-tDite C-r ]e- iiu -t. a a la the se, % Court
-Chbomberhlin-r nd other sin high-tffcce. aH.
_ieiTTa'f wats Uniders Secretar ii _t_
A.fiais. I fnund the ex-Ambt-iaiador at hUis
pri-nite apartment in the Adlon hotel. -
i WIlrt till happen tO Auier;cauaa," I niskei]
il-osy couutIy declaesan war uciAut Gearmanni.j
T''That doctor, will depeail entirely upon
hlow Anmtrica t reati or subjects," bhe replied,
--o]t iaha-Int r -cos- tolti haitii.-had ecuptcuul-.oo
hi u rItAeriitca Interns Cr0n1s. ni couae
wre hall undoibtedlt tltat Aniericrs the same
way. antd you coull h-irdly expect any special
cnutitr raiurt n, illhouih. it it11 u illw i rtle
icllterta. C Ih'Cotirt Clhamberlailn. ;ho Ii r
pe;.oiuill T1i-, r -i'Ti hii- 1 l 1-i,:e thir--hi
get, Il." -- *--"
SBut. Excelliet ." I ..r li.'l, th ler .
tre-fif-iv FItciT'ertmny and Americ, Itudrler
slnad.-ohlich gives i1ti subjects or cilizesli o
one country .who happen to Folun- 'ine ti
tiolhh.wha r-as- is dclrt-t rme. onth
rti at, Iich a eto Up Ih is:lr lLl.i as.-I lets,-
Wr.uld r/, t prtu- t st c i Ule '-
ta lt c- e.ros ti.ic, h aa,,lea ro,. Gusr
Ottia. r ,li respect the treaty If Ansstto doi-'.
-nad then there Illt-e no tauble-l. _t_ reens 1
ore oo uclrot 4saitn-velopsent,, cd In thi
meantiume oVoilhaav- to clousefnr worry."
Suppne stlin e of your suliject In Anerlic
ihoulht act tp-auLonrtL Lt-totdalrnUp lr:.Jgse_-_t
anrli%-- faetocriei- ansit-ioultl--he lynched
which they probably sools be." I nggeated
what would Gerinris courneo be then ?"
What Getainany isould do then. Doctor,'
apl, atlowt and tflhoughtfll, aisi though
inch a contain eucr had never occurrteotd o i,
reltte-"areali, Doactor, I do aol inow wha
Ttrh'fomnewhst unaaulsiactory intelvi.ew ,itl
voir tunim ml nih li- sea orriertd icr tore
perthapi, liad tl tio leect l.-r n'list I rscere
oni jn aday or two ltter cootm Priuce tos tPleie
one o( ihe Kalser's cloie-t friendi and ra-
viserc. who called on U li piolehijonally. Ft
a year and a half tie. Kaiser had his Grea
continued d on aa ,g S.

to those away.---



40 Frederict. Street.

Our Water can be found only-aL
reliable business houses like:
or n Iu r A nldet y on Frederick
itre, buot our otd br io-.1 si
retail at our address.
Iso e Is- E e sr.-P 5 o.t,.
will soon be i ilull swing.
A. S.-Donawa,-
Nea,.r ,ncri'.in f. .-i W iter Fac
tory, 40 Frderick Street.

Home Industries Asciation.
work toncy and plan.,, calrnders. dolIs
ilo -ther fanty .- o ji i.-1 h tb,.l sow Novem-
,',er -t, -. v -jr d M L--- vs ,-al sll-& .
eM,:ra -lt Q ,; --1" a i.. i" ii aunt!

SThe new shredded whole-wheat toast ---

TRV IT with a cup of hbot LLICIEN 'S COCOA, a combiii- _
4ion of ainic: lih .lth am-i stomach vitality for the dva'.- suork.
The mno-t tigetiible and :uetaining Chocolate, tmanufacturei lh -'
-.-- extretile clanlinesv--n--t- 0-*-1l-bVh e.gtiic proce-., uand sold sat
a popular price. Not better n than th be -h ut-better than the -
oest. A thinking man's health assurance. Good for the athlete.
bette-r for thb invalid and ith aged.
Remember Lucien'i'Bread and Cakes
are made of the highest t grade flour it is prosible to import
during; tb-e war. Try bhe-ir taste to be convinced of th;s truth.


\Ve are not otlyiexpecting

a large cargo of----

_._- _ _.'-_
pie Lumber'.,.

--but we are \welt .stocked inALLSIZES_-of the
st -Cgrad5 Imported Lumber which we alt
now offering to the public.

Best Canadian Genuine White Zin. j :

Genuine Raw and Boiled Linseed Oil4


S lus t thill.,of it---cvery,thing in shiny, glititring wholesome alunil-
nlun, that clbanpioun mtal of purity and cleanhuess. Tea Kettles with
_ll ~handy-ti.-spoutsa.----9bur, raised bottom stu.n ,_flxat cool handles.
-wi th-o-revices-or hllov- spaces illu whieb litrquTds-may-soile -ps u-d
accumul ate.- -E-a y-clea-nT. ux- ed utAt corners _-Dep_. setcoffee_
and tea. pot covers held in place by durable rust-proaf binges and
Allnmteriolus blher-'ts-that-make--
: .Y it exceptioti.dly convenient to V use ".IKO"Altuiuium Utensil .

~W:1 -\-We have a beautiful and ,.aried stock of this ruoderii Kitchenware,
*- which tvou t.idali e'-pleure in examining -ut -,whuitwe want-e
s-ccialle, t, call your attention to is

... IK0" -Aluminum Sauce Pans1.

Q-e I h- ,e aUee Pau i 1 lI Lf -t .- t,,. :-i lii. a their. The hal e
bulged -iLs that present the fo,,d If,om sliding out s.h.:ii the utnusil is tilted to pour off
v.'ater. The is firmnly held in place because it is set deep.
vo-i--d-i-for -ege -to-th-a-uluntide-L n't -a nt to h ave an'thig i else.


_ I 1 __ ___ ____i_ I__~_~~~~_I___UQ

--- ---- -- ------;Vr~TI~~

.2 !:' .


Ground Provisions Depot
PortoY- Spain.
Prices to Growers Quated on
A pplicatt ..rn .

Daily in Port-of-Spain and neigh-
--.- bourhood.
lMound a-,-1 Thuit-saVs____
St. Aun's and- Belmont.
TuesdJas and Fridays-
St. Clair and New Town.
-A-Vednesd'ay s ani Saturdays--_ ..
S\Voodbroak and Long
Circular Road.
Railshay Station, Islaud Steamer
and the town itself every day.
Cash on Delivery.
Telephone 1137.
.. .W-- -G. -F REEMAN,
Choirsean, iv.G oun- tPr' i ,.n 0- ooa: -h,,te.

SCisientiRas retinu It

-L--u ber-,--- -.-Lumber,



1- i T

... _. . . . lE

'- -; THE -TBIYIDAW"WU--AB.'l1""_." "' O l B _'tf.r -_t_-

..t a ia -. ..,_ TH RAMIER AND THE AS : . ..., .

SAI I WAR: _...-. fI' f '+f" l h T A T'A7'..L

How sour s.
When te St
SdAud- no-prop


v- . .


.-' --- PR CES

A A -_FUll of w
";_ ,Pp

SShippers of Produce, etc., to the



--,uld find bit beneficial to procure our ,-Rates w en

[e---::effecting shipment toi these centres, as our Principals'

F.- cable changes frequently.

Sfla mmnn fl llflf P Qi. W I M

Lw~ wds aL SKrrtatv

.f-lj&-YA- S -- Va- B

a ^- C -- -I-~- -- -- V -.--J-.
T-he London Assurance Corporation .(Marine Dept.

&- St. Vincent Wuilding,- .n o


d i


Must be made for Huge'Shipment
,*byMr.;-A. A, WATERMAN; in New Y

SODAY, September 80,



p !,.n The Ploner of Cheap Prices.

weet is Music
une is broke
.orin. t -

Ro rr.t'-M ,r: sEDllN
ph' nicanrri ofrorrdirirs all
iandrL a title olf CanJian
cqughs, colds, sore throat,
it is 'invaluable, for BC
sp alp., it Is unsurpassed,
olters and the like it is
lalcr. Itrleerdi n11 testln
ur, ri-l that m illi satily ai

is a _.VI

=-=E=fltn--rr--rter-Ez .or~4~.fl -
e 'w~ a -u mess -w



Tie -Break With the_ United .States.
}Ve bublilsbh to day the first installment of
a new--book which had been appearing in
The Times," entitle "' The Kaiser as 1
kncw him for Fourteen Vers," by Mr.
__MAthnr.NDjavis,_.D_3. anuAnmericsn,_whpo.
19l0 to Nuvethir,-o-1917, and with-whom -lhe
SKaser conversed very-frankly on many occa--
sionus.- .
In Idi prefac. Mr. Divii states that at Gret
he feit ithat professioal lhict Louast tedl his
talp-la.-,-t m.thn he -coriiddeirei"vinr- :\e coonfrontedli.the i-.rid aiud re-ltzed
iio e ntalue to cllZstroa he came to the
-t:clu.lon iohat bis patrltic duty was para-
rounrt a nd re .,:isuperolr to tihe ordinary rule
of secrecy With _lu iew'tlfe le -r.-or
b's pIanIsrouI empliBtcarll> agreed.
aBy-Aoia-i,-N- -DAV'ar-)--
"Wheri war troLe out Let %een the Uuit a
F ateaio --io f n V __nn- priL ._ 19 l, -I '
In hlerlo I hadl lteil..aonl pr.cti'"d mry pro-
e-tIn 'as f ln lt re aor iI years, and tih
nioler C ieon orio^iiory purirtenran tiougolt
tIfni to I Ia nc, i hrt not, r.-cit l) tihr%- maDony
tt, t ll 'i. r I-. l ro ii Oi -.i a a ilonuillv. h.ul
I ,kuro., ni .o in ,f i .1- g they w re not
t -- t ,, nJd the ptir babilition are Lhb y
were clear1.t Io). Alori urahro tart
ior S% ,k-mo-o rnre, the Kifle'r-renoifc-O -r5-y
chere loro ti 1.1rinnte tori hoot urond abaho
to 'dicu-.o ihe topic-ol th,: bur lth 'l r. nia .
in Ihrit n wan i dedteloped n more inoimate
acqu'jictLaceiabTp than tmilt othbercisee b'v
been pose -
S- Wh,-%,eiecltar, ra ;a. agcioa Oemora.,
tetherore. Al011I o- rl'tt in A,,-,ricn ircmi,
-.e pori.:u n1o AnricrnoI. theo, a4 ,mig
h31 ooin 13r.a %.-'re--I hadI l'ani i.n Gtrlnanv o,.
1'-ng, od te et\eloped__ o il pFci',ora
lr-aIJ.Iinp. Inpt .erjt.Iai '0a ooIrr tao-'..uro-
(arc anlod w, so gn .nerail, regarded as
pacaicuda. Ifos-ucid terAttaej(_,iccr him riotl, th_.
- - - - - - - - -Cncttcrci-lr-oo c-nr h-c-
ti'ar] become iiah r. -a'.
Eron lh e ai .a ot.f- 3 the pol;c-
uthi'.rmitar r. it 6t-L II 1 br anece.i,,ry i-,r rI ,
to report 'eryd day r Itaoh li-eadoqunctor-- au
to remain ill my onie eor night frrom p mt

al[tO or ror that ofr shite oand child, nor did
i ,, ne tht I e a -roe n rea

whiclt to icnlel their nanuira I-o se -t out o
arrived for me to do LT,--
An Old Treaoly.
The me sai, r 6h-, tthe ibreaelnc .-toer dplter
rnatic ret-,'tion % ,,%,x nununce.Eihe Gerinc IT
I.iC_.pprc i,-d p.A iubhsliahId the rinoa'Ionn[ Fia
oid tretI-, a.tGteca Cerrneio- od tE-T"Uit-
mtny ir C grtien in A mri.r- iC irJn Iy u L
Germ.n, ii Arcnrtc ,nine ntubh aa to .r Cadl,
ratio-ofari tbeiorCen the rLo nation ra thl
whand it coetltertheiri rc'cir-b anr.] Ger at Ot
the co ntry. "- I hir tre y cou ir} tn in ip-,p,.r
ntd ium nu ri ral id. in the rote of r-r.a.
eicr tere Gre-ri. It hany' i ,er Lh i epral

Grumn-sil icnii t; ra a-n Sc o r ee im
ma-p rtcore aermon ioi amil -ric Ithat iL.
brAer mericr Borin GeCrmnra a thil 1pr.:,1
regarding this treat0 -I,-,1-,ILV 'L-11 re-tnd lt
and it enedroe m,3At iotraiL,,able hotCc. Gcrrn.
would -to-F ar harhroeo-ru r--roer
Amerrcans and thfrcl.l ', ,rii e reprrir"3.
Had the situation bcen leVer-.:fl C-ieut1,
the Gernesns aoulod oondouhtd]tl h 1.oe th,,oghlt
espediet to intern Aiecrlon nzDo mtiterio h
happened to their o eau countren -t ecn Aul,,re
atnd. in-hai-t-ert- nrthi aicent lreatye ia.
-hore-rare, rhe-fac-or that-4h;ch-a gau.ritee
Belgium's neutrality. One -crap of paper'
more orIes lwte ld Knerr ha, e been uallond t
interfere with Germany's destiny."-
nlufluetial iueranitor u it':, l- uleD t-o see i
profeissni ally during that prriud almost t
v3at trottcynpre-we,. ncite -ha5 -h-moo ai
planning to leave Berlin. Nui MatLtrl % ha
happens, doctor," they declared- even Irh
won stcomirn to the worst and waer idclre
lbeoeen America. nd Gelorrlany -yoea Ma le
lUnt srne the Kaiser lill nt er let anion
had trhoolor ic'th een t, erlint at he. toi
otightr, ocf corre, hoar boad an opprruot,
.pat the rneara00ntotta. rtl ,lorei y aria [- tro ,n1a-i
-ai -. f i fd oerhe i t r:e :lm'i'e-d, h
.r-n he npa temn ment Quee Ad onel.

AWntit ill iioppcan t AconIonic ," I n l-a.
,aght oiut at thir tlrne mar aosx-Auiba c-Icl
Tha docr will dhogh he-l e-nowIrely upo
_1hi o'fircial tliife. re ha.lafraerlr Leea p.lorer
iJ tl aI;lre in Gcerrphall Slil, ciicl -,a n 5t- il
Irpt n orDriar tel, i-ciu o AciarShoi ne. CouII
Cha mberldt n-rod orher n aI gh-office. HI
. Tiosa wa tiUnder Fecretarv for _Formic
Afiairs. I ofnud the ex-?,tt,, 14ador r hr
grouite apartment in the Adlon hotel. rte
SWIrt Ecill happen" I Aurer;a.nli I ntke
Sit- Mtoy FLculy declaren rot Ai0ritc, Ceriade
"'-That doctor, will deperl entirely upoi
how And.tricha iveati otr ubjects or he ripled
hior "utr erica ltern C Ln ori us. nf coar
wr chaoll undoabhtedI rtit Anaerirttn the samr
wdy. nod you coul' h -rdly expect asy nsTecri
conshrftralion, .r thophit. i oua ll r irnlle
letter.e l3 IE i'-Coirlte lCha, a ra Iin
pe.o-nrollrai rico-Pb FrjT1'7-l-hlh. o-t.e tir-s
.. 'But. tnXcoI-?it I I -.riliel, thr1e I-
trea-fio-rretoI'trundeny and Arerca. C rre.
ratad.-tvhlich lireubjects or callriens
one cou ntry hobl hapen to pnie rnocI'nlog 1
t oteu in marof ou dcclari-i nime ront
II lt, ,ich l ia ,l rtlp th :lIr oialaup ,ri leia,.
roth at art. -i that tat e uaC LWe I .
oJ1,2r, 0rre. nDncer,"' ho lia,,ert. '"Cc
ia.t3, t Ga i respect tlhe tretyIdo tien,, Doi tor
-ond te me-thetn re 0 s.t' c nory interview e iq
onre )ou aratet 4a1r.' evelopt rients lra inI ti
Sear and alhsie rocaisefir hs Gr
Suppnsae ine of -youra stjecs. in A er
ciOdut act-rnpsuLrLArLtt.tdlegUp. LrpJgoa -_e
-munanI o--enctoriei-s anto-aoulf--ire lynch,
which they probably nonhrfbe." 1 roggerte,
''what would GWrFoirer,'s couroa. be then? 1
What Get,,nany woould do then, Doctor,
toeopulo atowir and" thoiughtftlIV a9 thoiu
inch a cantungr'uv had never cc-urrae to r1
hlre -' reslIv, nDoctor, I do ant know wh

'Thltnmmewhtlt onsotltactory lnte-'[ewi ml
voar M rtunnm mi[htta hi.e e torrierl it tuorrr
porvhapo hadIteioi-reo_-Ior n',sat.f crcei
onob a day or two ,ter fromt Prioce ,ou Plie
one oh the Kaiser's cirae-t friends andr,
riaer.. who callu-ted ae n tu .poe elonoLe. F
a year and a half the. Kaiser thad his Gre
continuedd oar gc S.

we d, nrt aupplvar anelttdy on Fredc
Stretc but our oaited oltuks can oe r<
ret sil at our address.
Car-s10lK storsiWw ottiho-AmiY
mi-tided to .taC- ,c-rc
will -coon be in lull swing.

A. S. Donawa,
Nearmt' Si.lI W.iter Fa
tory, 40 Frderick Street.

Home Industries Associatic
THE ANNU-. -.LE7-F '" WOr-.-Ne
woTk fAncy and plan, rui.'., calendera.
in'j o-iher fanty g-.. ea-i, a.- urI C hIdoum Nov
r 4t' ,lh in .. P. 1 C cLrrL.'flP n
Sir-a-- -cc c-d l a10-, '. at 5.






t----T-~---~-- --~it:'-

P ai-tt. -ait

Best Canadian genuine White Zinofi

ol Genuine Raw and Boiled Linseed Oilf.


_. ..W are.
. . . . ..---' '

- itis the only kind of Kitchenware that-gives -

Thorougkh Satisfaction, Madam.

US ust rlin11.of it---cver, thing in shiny, glittering wholesome alumi--
Snuin that chbalnpiou metal of purity and cleanhuess. Tea Kettles -with
handy-tli-s.pouts.-N-ca-buru, raised bottiomri turdn _lat cool h andrls
witk -M.t- review or" iollov- spaces uto which litiTds -may-sleep Td
S -accuuulatc.- -Easy-cleaweii 4:mon-nded oAt corners- Deep setcoffee
and tea. pot covers held in place by durable rust-proaf binges and
--numeriuS tlier- advaUg.esir-c trtcti,-,rn--and-r-oi- te-me'ts-hat-iake-
it exceptton.illy :onvenient to cuse ".VIKO"' Aluiunium Utensil,.

Wet have a beautiful and ,,aried stock of this modern Kitchenware,
'- which h '-oun ,,aulfdlc-iepleinure in examining; but whit we want-
sp..eciallc to call your attoution to is

ur-_- ----- --------- big line of

"VIK0" -Aluminum Sauce Pans.

--- One of thL-e uee Paw ill i., al tm:-. .- '-uit' L.- i- :- another. fTh-eha-e
bulged itles that present the ford sliding out ,,.hiin the utnusil is tilted to pour off
vater. The o.;c-r is firmly held in place because it is set deep.
i vdo-Wslid--fm-reetrtot--a 4maUtdej L nt antt br e anything else.


G' round Provisions Depot
o Port oY. Spain.
F Prices to Growers Quated on
-, Applcationi -


,t Daily in Port-of-Spain and neigh-
I r-Ih bourhood.
l. Moud a.d _Thitrsdavs-
St. Aun's and- Belmont.
STue.lda's and Fridays-
'e "St. Clair and New Town.
u-. Vednesdty .- antl-Saturdays--d _
" ,Woodbrook and Long
A Circular Road.
* Railhay Station, Islaud Steamer
c and the town itself every day.
- Cash on Delivery.
n Telephone 1037.
S.- -_-G. -FREEMAN, -
Charir an, GrounDJ Pro' i ,-ou,.'iU tt. e.
;i- -
3 HllnBt-Reuits.

SCristas Greetings

.- to those away.---


l___ FACTOR -
01 -
40 Frederict.Street.

,o Our Watero can be found only-at-
h reliable business houses like :
T 1, T H E V ICT R I -A ..

I The newshredded whole-wheat toast -

TR\V IT with a cup of bot LU C I EN S COCOA, o combinta-
-ion of -trnaiich It-ilth ai on-] .tmaich vitality for the d-v.'.- :,ork.
The tro-t cigeotible and :sutaining Chocolate, m ntuf.icturd 'ih -...
i e- xtrenle iclanlinres---a-t- ictil-b ), h c/gijic pr-ceo- and s-old at-
a popular price. Not better than the- bet-, -ut-be tter -than the
rest. A thinking man's health a-surance. Good for the athlete.
better for thb invalid and ithe aged.
Remember Liucien's--Bread and Cakes
are made of the high. t grade flour it i po-sible to import
during; tb-he war. Try their taite to be convinced of this truth.

._ -

\, ae nae ot oilv exp-ecting_ .
a large cargo of .. .-''

-All- H

but \e are well stocked in ALL SIZES f the
- est-gradr- Imported Lumber which we are
now offering to the public.- .
....____________ '- i

-f .' c a'A TT C'

a -A . .
i:.; ......
./.... ;


s oboughlt:

It = ....-

At E





_ _

I_ _____~I ___

--~------------, -i ~' --'-'-'- ~-1L~~Y~CY*i~Y*YYIB~L~Df~~eYPI~;~~i_~



!*Jeff,. amn a eftessam -W.-~: ~ lr~es~ l


n 1


arrlar~__.. _~___~_ ---------__---

-T -0 .- AD I AX- .* -*,.~

.y. a.

tlotion-to eYe

Scostume- -

_- - -


- - - - --

--$1.20 to $2.40.__

The t-thtat-anr- .

esA-the needs of

the SpoPrtswoman -


SporinCorsets (
V% oft n_ 8...
---$ .oy 24 ,_

doe- re-lLtre lie niularer to n critical b lly tia n

Tonk ...Player -Pian

Qtiil iy tMIL Duiitbility.
'o simply-A child can play it
--Price- -B eyind COaupiihoIhL
For paztlcutlar- ply tolhe

'I S..l.i tilillatiiI i l-iIcu tl -P i I-I bA Ir I -I-n d M mtelt iB a a
L r ie h! ,, ,lr e,'i.. ,t f Altl! ,,,; ;" ,, ,,,.ee 1 'l ,- ,',' I.l.'"' J"l'l', '.' .. ... h ll" .11 LI,),, I. -Ifi' ,;o 1,' I't"oullr]'

e.Il l u o c .. t eC I. 1 .1 \' L n. -ll ....i.. ",LI, Tr M ,' p,. '.re n orexact-line-.
S-iri of I-I .\ I i c T L t I n L I .I i [ el t'e. i l l..ll c_. *.eul llhte ll ,'na., 1 irisn l i ti l t iT l lt-i l pl ionerl n

T e 1 l. C i- a 1, 1 l. I r| h i I a !li ptr t 1. 13 %Ii i t- I lual r.-!t-% is eu-tt I illI tie -,i,- ic it i e liroet i se heaviie -
g1uu.r ..nI c I [i i,.Tlu Vl.- a.IaI. ."I I -. aC i i -Ii it, ! Ii lS 'l h ., ,,Ii,. i..l,,ec .f clr nti l ier -a
i- --1ilit 1.-a i lli -t.i l itthl. l fI =Ih Iet- rl i1-- -te-.,-" t-ii T ii t t-i r-I t r i -z.l.j.. e --

an iim pritt-ner II ntatl t- ie n tnt tne-I I I ltIr- Ii.i-, t]Ill-. p0, l l --t ntalof Ie idienttora a t-da
d a. nita- I -a i neane n I ouIa ti e ant i tir,-d irm D e ti- b it- latn ra cl .hariy likely'
a iii ciial -iod irect, Idib titll 1 a 'ia..tta,| ii- n.- a t-ttlo ,i ieel t o ata rill t
..-.. .. ... i" T l l I li," t ', ,'" I '.. .. .. ' ic tl l.t, i.. t.I-.I.,i i -,-il t iic. yra n ta -
ru-l i o t ,it,,lepUit, .-ahac TI.ll t It II d 11ail r-ln'-I ,AAI, ,.i ti .cit SF- d, ei- ren- o t,- t-tt .u .ean..
ga te .i ...o ii ic rI ihtlrn .il iN T i oa ti e li liti. Iit- itc t dtu ut, t'ir 1 r| i i i it- lt t t ie ita er eI aI al o -
Li l t ai ri t,. .,i u.a ,t-n -n fti 1.ciair: o. a- ii "- i h ,-l-u uiii ti it ua- a-_ ti it t-t h a 'li eu -inV'-
- [.rni,,d i,. ,, rt L ,- aiOij. O c, i .. .. ,.f.1- .. .. ..i i iI-_. , .... ,tl ttac.- bu tR A
"-- p pr-I-.-- 1et.,- --- Ai -.Fn .. ..WI.e l- -_ - T iI mm ll .- in, i t .7 an -tM U -ptrmx-,,-v i._wn n-.
f. d vi o e.U1 -r I c l n,- r i : ,e Ii t ii t idVltni l- noM-a-I- at--it ',,, tI h nalt .ti h l ie:n b t ad '-.-
tinted hlane inr-o -L ir aItit-c r r p ii p htr- uii c< rntre b le te tt (i the bi ottale'
i laitn ra b:atlitiu c n art rw t"ai r- n't iB]tt t hot a 0eg r -f -t1 u tii t ioler- A- e ha ree wtalln Jte'-
ta1. illlaF 4 id n it cls. icice lk c rt e ic n Lt c ou1P00It- llir l al- i On ito w ei t Lg igdti sLiaferte1 a&
ItiC serre the t lie ter, I' eni iVt ,1-i1i- i[ ... .b 1in bW. lme.d itramsfli Cai g- i'1 -. o t, rn S ptn ta
T.,I eho, M,,n- ....Ps -u "i -to from-e -It ft d.-to ft..
CUaotX" t aOf t-r.I o. ht. .'Th it-al : ,11r h a I -te. sea a" ""and" 'rceliea ti ern- 'cl.ct" - tk
acirnhei. 'S t- i e- i' h i., ils tta3, Int ir le nIt-ti c th. ted e tal tuLne-, Iii l..i
Cenfusi n t o ck n toi L tiltc- icbloe'9leill ia o a Co0r- -
' a nud ine prio elirolieru af ir i tto-n.,rinc aosea _l." o '\ e Idl.' o It01111,-0
sat dowa an the baitificill iansthtere and l tW e: r., 0 "t I W i rt ,.
- h~.iei~i-sCte propreenitig At ;s-laos places, tin- r? . .
hitt platoeoa-ru a th woGerm ont ait!ll- _OllieI .
Lacee, eshil .till se eheg iat, he s- pacib The arede. atf their jniel ad- Anely Irto KEltU E- DhIII fl.
uon eO- alt tact e. l its .. .ar .in c "~i uranc v catisbe ltuirued Ir... ether .. .denc Ito r E0 Qiay, 'Pat. t Speate_
; -- ... . .. ... .. = _ .. ... . w .. ...- - - 7-=.- ';

__l____i.__ ,_ _a_---- Agent at ROSS BAZAAR,
i inetews- ar. _
- r, *I, .. . . -- . -- -PRBDSRI'-E-s'fe "r .r --_r
A tL TR IFR OTS.rfist rejoice it the news (which is corning daily iier the '
., ble) te l Ahllle av*e ~t .ap, ot 1he Huns on the Hop, but in order to
iep sht.s o the h lotel o Goflden ai so s will be req,.ired song with the .dinary A V
Shot and Shell which our gfint bo e ur6 ladlelig out so liberaly to tkitni atr, qT I OA YS
f Ir f,_ t Pfr Ceo a; and to frnilabing thite we caen aise a b., d Tint are THE
aW-tmf Tf ,,.,ff-+i ,.n u Meic u "gi __ _'Bn-ai,+ ...... 1"_I .a... ...
w w i 'y att-e C~i po l- th e. Wy D Pu 1 rock- bttom
Pa t l ,of -",P w ,i a-nd .... T i-di a

Cycle- and:Athletic Sports. Central Road Board.: I b tt I
A rI- EN'S PARK OV AL Tie 3rd e ie feing i the Cer'C rftiRil R eoa d aead
.. k lr 1918V bill t, hl. thel t t Council Chamber. f
-T M o aP.m. on Wtdactinv.. ftle iml Ooluber,
lor holtrlAriEdK e and -Ahlefie Sports altl I l: ii e .-- .
Q.ueepdsOn' onN emlin io r Ii anaothn r I"1 n ii llt.O -11, i i-- li n .t i
p ootien ato this tau t the poai-ion al-o P i l I ,l 1 1 a, I . .
iran er i p ulir'ihI-i ", -'f-th gt -tb, "me -r-c l "-1. . I .. -tt -hr C,!. ...
i.iir l I Ore, l sr ,-- Cnu m.-- ----r .... I I L IL A. .I
co lt..lal t.las bo ljn e taree.n) eAr eu 'fo Ibi plICI, 1u.: i 1 -l'3 aI. ." Ot,. nr i c labt-....

- ofe ftuprun Rua-!. StOC A CC itt, DO
y poi rluitl a in ; e i1 e to l sor.o aIRaat half-R .
nc A - .... Te rtr_ ir.i j o. r ..h. erac ig-i ti r l 1- - -
e, -ri Call n-K- n-- n ,5 --r +-.l --V o
- e iiti i.- r in ii.j .. i.tral___tprone _____ le_ s
- I L Miaa, it-chll, Wt idItte r. Gic Red- I.. t n r _-r -.
-atn t u aetn, -- oflh-le--h r'ili, S'til' it irh-fta ii t ti t ab i U H irt _t
ir l ltip ll il p I IMtiin1i l T .lh iet I oru i rl) ,ii C' I.len,-. GlinD ,rt ... _
Sr.l l r tl n, i Siit of- the l cit s ut the ,: i i i 'T- I. I in li i
ti-nitd. .it i ..., i.ieal ur, aC RI_ ult ,c,, ftuir a, S

t.rowa in c ntc- ___p abl e r. r U .,l l l t I il Iii t ,., ill -
- l-,-alzhc nnr- c-- .t--ulj.aet-t rt. l D _O_)h._ tulltu hl S t."ll'l[ -ll.lll.l, II' i m tin i l ..'tl -.-

la T_ a,.o G I_.t L
atra' t -lai.r -lti a l. are ioi ll i li o i co l tuI l \.f L lC I;G E' .11i ca1 t. it-th'.. .. . --1 i -1 111 .....
l, A, L T.. |. -l -,t-, l tl -f ii.t.a-1 -1i gny a.. i- e -.r ld0- -romu t
S ll i llil dll l . i J . t o Tr n -.. ..
Ao etti l c at- l- i. ilIl i, i0 p rima1 ala 0.LtIIIttIl lii d i C-i1.1 'tne
]r ,d p.i---a.-- ena-.-oCr w-Gn oo- ,ds a
""" .....UVA.hetii'"i...."ii ....- '" foV au..lmInnL tlosc wil hItve to go -at-half-
_ I' _and..s.
-. . %l -.: -.,r. -.1 i- t .. .- 11... .....- u

. 1 111 ti l e 10 r t l. 1 1 1 11 1 i r l -I 1 1 1 1 1 o l i l e r l I I, 1 7 .. -L cll % 5 r e C L I il b r onq h I t s t o c k s w e C (
l-i-t -, -., e h-PT, -. r r 1 '. 1 .. ,- v.,C- i. .. .

L .CI r b 1.. II,.lit adII NlIr.n %,,jS .Q1 the 1 n .h [ ,-O T H E -V A i

-i %I', l l I l e i.tL i ih 'IC IF,, _h.,Hllr,-,' , ',,,I .tri,,\st,, .I .. . .. . .. w y

itt- tn. ht ,J I,,::t11 ellJr, un, l I1a,11-L i I-z -I. Iim t-,,t _i_-
l -ell f ., 1 1_--Ith e --11, .LI -.. I t-- -.. ...- 1,

L 1 tI, .I- -L-nIt edh a t i-
tan, 1-.."t-i the t- .c ....... I t ,1 a d 1ti

M-r J it ai-tt-cIjLh.Ln7 wIej I I'price- it-leiB G

- iy 3iait-i-ill -i
- ,enttc .C--I. t .E I R_ i EtIAl lI..- t r lit-o.o -di.- i.. .. i'. .l t it 'a --
1, ";v, 1II.r 1 ,' ,. l,- ,,- L ,aI h ., ,,r ,. 1- "-----

lI",.,-t i iU0 C ,,,,, ,r,-

th-to r .l.eirL ip i ,JO f ti :I l-,rI I
.aeU.i9i -..iUIc-.-t a ---.Ut I t ea-.I 'Ii ... ... . i ti- .t ti--n I jn -i l -- i e

ctatte t t tN t utu tt at t IIi IeI I I n -ti I 3 1) I ',Iu21 1J _

i1ht -oa itrr sc-i-el y -
n.,-r i i.. ,c- l eac titan .: r..- :. .-._...

----- 7 t-it-t.-i- 't--i Ieti--,

Au -. AL CT. R l%,vP .tII tn .i ot.teleI -h. -.

c" a 1--1 1r(Ol N -.1, i i,, iii, I,, ,- t i c11, ,-b t

t___________n of C.-n.tC i -ti a .:i.-ut un i tai r.
irnc, tlrtaai r, JaI I l ioa cJiii ci t-i I ii ta.
a :tt t f i n -0 iW i ,ll l0'1' i ta1iii- -- li l, ii t, I t1 ._ I.,_,- -- -iil ti- i
chneica l- ah-- -le-,-it ,.n, -tar C"ItItLI it i t hI1u''Iey w t

o ,tto .l., .1'.7I1....--th b m u . .. tt atIaI'e..a ti i.a---- -:t i
11 r .1 T T O.1 ,h,,, ALU OI ,- t a"i t111,t .1. E" i la it t t I Rii P B A p t

torii .1na le ritil-te- o m:. nit u 1 li i. it .ia i-aial,_i

Da r b h- i 111- -- _Lri'" "i _" "
CO ,:D~ E. or tIn ~ r 21 ,t' A~ x bJ~ ,/, Il,' FI ]' 1 ,,z-'l'l:l',r~ ,'+ e, -- .," 7,.,,,i3 , ~ h -i -,i L-7,.,"" th1'1,'.,1"."'""eh't-oI-'ll;i*. -
M en[ 0 J "~ l[ [ ,' .lrl I ,', \ I "' I I i i , i I I .i .[ 1', 'I 1, |L II iI b
D 1-Tillpll] ll I, ,i~ ~ )7 i, l, l,, hl',. ,l l- I i I Ilh i, LU Ni 'i I' ,I ,i ---O ]'l~ l j t ,I I II
R.Lto p ol t Im, et i' rJ .o n t ,J :., :c,' -o[,, U,, :,1,M il,,,iI m, I h -, ] ,, o mlI .lo u a d a ~ l l o !..
. .." T _- .01r- ,,111,', r.,-,1 1., . -Ldl,., --. ,-IN... "FO G ., 't


-No Car Ownershnutd- be-without -a pair-,as--

_-they eliminate glare and make night driving
-_quite_ easy..- -


--Just received an assortment of sizes, and you
should call and get a pair NOW.

.-We_ !s Offer For Sale :- .

Electric Bulbs.
-- -. leetrlj-I-xon -- _

Motor Meters. /
Spark Plugs.
t Double Seating Valves.
.--- JonnylEord (Light) Regulators.

So. ;. ALSTON &-o.-
G- O.


. 1


-tl IWOtA-D 7:


-. "--- - .--

w-~The Slnewso-War

S 1 tiu iltOTS.rfiTust rejoice' it he otws (which is coming daily. > er
A b..lde) mt Ahlls bhave at ap' ,'ot the Huns on the Hop, but in order
p e I ta in thhe heo. lot of Golden 1Bu isi will be required song with the o:din
ahot and Shell which our .plat bop .. at ladlelg out so liberally to 1 r nm PAr.
t ..- I_ et ,JPV ... t Ff r C .ad". and to frnmisbing thsle we can raime a bd,d Tiniem
-- tfal.wi ul t yin 1f*t a-bl tboigf t fmed*WwbByiii8-our Medici ucs-and jzawj
71W Pr.tdi iipbH C Bathe Cipobl y, we yoU t i'rocklboi
!' N W e alki=b* of 1 tb8 oo at n ta d fea us.
I IH1iiWS. a sOw,

"" .. ., -' *, \ .. ; ".'-, ', .; -.." ..--, '

,- _
- .
.or t -- t .

..... gyes a subtle`:Adis-

---- Ttin tion--to. every

.. 7 costume-- .

-_ /- W 7 _RN E W S

--- --$1.20 to $2.40.__

Tihe 0rse-t that-arn-. ---

=efswthe needs of __

Stheo Sportswoman-- -)_

__ WARNER:_ .

'nlit .P- .o.

0 -- --

. 4

SCycle and Athletic Sports. Central Road Board ":

......... .=: .( o .u. 0 n d k .1.
I' .rl N'S PARK O AL Thei3 Ii eating bi "iii d .' --rfrI f Ia oII
S . lei 1918 i t hei. at th e Coucil Chamber f t
"te a;n 2ap.I. on Wdocrca'. T 1 Z l Oct ioberI L i

leauta r- a-nTIk- ne
f'lor holrD V yce =nd- Athleic Sport- .. 1 li .i i f-illIr"ni lic tre -' -
I Q io a pori e n to a r, I a rrc t I; -l-iiii- .' .- - ..1 .. 1~ -- .1 Li t' i -
o..nilli t a kre ne iot ciom lin [ ea 0hiit .- ted b) R u17,A J.n .- -60.h ,, .. ,.I .i 1 L .'t _-.- a -
conti.i.i.. -l h ,o nrhae hen .. i for ib I sc b1is I puM ic ,lI,,i ...... ,,u l ... jn. oi I,& . -i -' ..
op- poilluuity i .ctthing ow t i R A *- -- -- ,-5 Olo- -- Roa Ar, l ,.
i utin.._r . w u- ,_^ _in -__li-n t ...... -V, ,,-- . ... : ....ii ti l i lie nar i .. .
COUVA - t-' JL:- _
-T m ilehi-T ie l, W'int -' c r. G' h c 3 A,.'d',' .-." .',;ll i i i z- -t ih a i ci-h .. --
-ii'i', i.'- j. ii- l h-.lm'**c r h'-iIL( ; '^ .h.i .,* -t t h .ui hl-i lii ll.U ih; u]- tro-L u _.rn mi- -G iti -- ~" ~nent
" M tiutilirmi, SmIth of -I the cit. ,with-the t.i- l iii,. U -- m ll Iit! 1. 1ait, 1;5 ,I'll ,I _I_'I

'" .. ..... " '"' ..... ......" t)W"" . .. -. .. 133 .1... .

,an -ii -- -
i-i,. i ... .i c -,ln. iul _i' tii. .t. t -o,- ....-ii ii ,, .,-.- -i-tI E -e *ti ro .r 1. e- l i:-tl ie Y-n o ml e -a
,,,. -. . .......ilmli r, ..o.. miii- It . Gme-i l-l ---14-.n-- --i i--.on-e J Oi o "':i -
..boss- scl,='n, ie-. '^^h tid si *hb r,..I ,,,,ih,, i'0,.'l-t C,,_, ._.Vc-.,l, collected all_ tt, v _- "o_ eln, ------
%' .iL ,- I l _h ,- kl 'o u lu i .i , ' , w . "h o se.t.. . t a i-

lr.g. gI noi upcIilni \V ill hive to -oA-at half- -;-l
S ......... _. l e
iic-25 Ai. .\kiCi NT -UI E VAUES

S n r ni 1 1_iI C L 1 1-i ,, I "+ I SHIRT BLOUSES -
Lo, u r. . . i..'. 1 :. j ... I .'.. ... I ..I

l k r i1 11 Hi A-pri l- e i iT '. I i- p' ..i 1-i I .. .. .
d.... ,, ,Ii . ........ ....... J..,.rCi,,.i. "m i t, .. .. ', .... , I _ le -R-- -. iii P id

-R L LC Si. iiRNTIri i . iiT i,
..1i ,. ,, ,..... -,, r, .. . ,j r ., . ., . ,',. ... .. . ..l . ..... ,I. ,, .".. .1" i, .. . ,- i-,-'. ___B_ ,

A-icIc; r-.l l m .iui ..uull II l ---- ll, -

I,, -,cl,-.. ,',I In I ui,, r l .i -- *- ,- .-- -'

A AhT........ ....." ,i,,, ,,, ,,LI, ... | , n o w r1n ln l li i -i- 1 1 illl Inl.-e -t - hal tf -

S i i l -. . . . .-. ,r,
- i t --, e 'h ll V*lIi h'wl' -

LIo cli a e t I i P a st id'
i i;.ii -l.- ,il l.Oiif [i,, T IL h l '. i' ..-. _n-_

FoIR i LpiSm _ri b u
h0a- uC .- Cl .II.iIl. Ic 13 -. .hill L II I i h l li 1- l .er I ,

h- i , h, l the o- -'-:n- ,. . .. ... L.. ..e. .. . .. i. h h -
La i rlI Hi.l l i llI dullll lt I nli-l .ii 1 il'
c IL o i' .. 1 I, I- 1 .ale ad P ai .
m e i ,, l :I i ..le ol L ,,lh. crud t h __ic i _-
i *p R. L m Iiiin :b .O . I i.. . ,N, ,.. ] ., 2,,. .. L .1o. i (.-
SA LTe' .- \t.- li iT i a k c t i -l i e- al -; i n . . .. .. -.
on fl tr, c, ,,ro iin,- uL . 11 t, m n l, , I, h I; i.i ,.- i'. .: I .' 1i--1 r -"l '-v1 1lj ht -.cfaL
.:- u ilm l i0 i.t. IIImI,,Im. .IiJ,.l"' I,-,r p ,I-- i lill --~ .ilrlm c I.. -I -. lli .I
.iA ci 01 --i-mi--i *Ah. urd lil i. r llrd. Irii l nl te i d ii.-Irii n- Kl i ri i i ) R m i A 1iC--tm nt h

Dc9 l 'ctd io I Ucet uli i enr n nul i t,.lb mcl n 1.1 di I l -l t tl i A i h
in- ,' eIi- i; ,,n 1'c ,iin t o .im i i" i-i---it -- it--_ i i n - l lc- am.. l a ---i - mnd t

l--t n -_ I L -i .ll.lw..c..... .- ". (-i- ... .. ...p.. i l h .l-h hn l lAY m u i i t -
Oce ...n .ITi II-,i Ltl c I i ...... IhO r L n IC. p bl iTiAe cao CaNm`-
t s. .. n o I CT- c r;.drNI ,:,,r i..4 ,,,,,r, i

iTltI I ItLJI i, -,. .ii i i- n J ,- - .- 1 r
I-,-r-1l0,, 1 0 11 t,. r P I f,: I .C

T balr li io fiie t i n ii:I Il-ancrmou d tor iiaitinf d rom, Dhl
Ihl- I:,.11,11 '.l I,_r_ I1 ,- I IM.. Il- .I 1)11111 1 1- I i it -

-,,ih-iii:i., ni, ittuR...b t, iiiti _" i ,iiii p -I1 i u litIl iil ,-. i...iiii I.h.,,. ; ,,i t;I ,_ -,,ni v, ithIl fliu.ainnect lv l
-,rii mu,-i-,iinilJ, -ii. l,, ,,t 1 l- __ nil -,J ,-- ---Ili ri li.i i.i i t,-t s-. .ig e . I-i. .- __ -- __
tn- r- ilrnl It u oim ,,hor ei r, o- ,Imio tt [I I t i-,I/IIi,- h- I ,t ,,. it.. L- ... . '.I "I I t-i' \I l'" .-- II l i i l ', -,l,
,-tl- T_ iie I--T 71"il-. lic 1 l I- I .
f r oi hoe Ih,, e ll,1 l, 1 hu1iCr. .i.cniM 1., ,e 1--,: d It.6 -I.,1i c-l, fleen""41. 1-

r-ii C.i -. i it ..nit i %.I. .t ii.- I I ,. b im n u n pei nerl
1 i..-t I tl ttIFein,;:t iIi t1t ,IIii tlenIn t1,h. hea-ie
ti h,~l, t ~I1 i ti tLI t i t, i -11,. .il - n ii in :-L 'i i . .be
-3 -h-t -ti ,- 11OF, 14 t,,h -,., It'I',-,i-j"g I

1711rue,1t1C.. IIi,-li inl t ILiIit,,t"11,.n it:e I ,,--midA Muards
i ttlllrrelltt0 A ll ],-11,uJl- !Ltrl-MtlitLe .tLL -tel:-tiL-_ e.-Ln __P.tLp1 111C

A g A t\L TT R ', BtNT A'tNCIR I :,I- q t 11th III':in III,-h n, t tti tv._ i, i t im-l- i',, -t i irle lt, 'i,- ,r from1the ht ie w -
c R R-c,-tnuti no.utopl,-.mtrl 21.mattAl / IT- 1, ThF.-h - h hn1. Lnr llj,- d loa m -, ant-17n-t-d1s.,- ---
V I' hlge, valued I1, Ct lr,,r i nar'. l i. -,. ir-h,.iei u i m .. ..o In t .. "- ... ,-i ,ti ,hea
smo-e, muit i pi It' dIhm...,t t ,tt t't'" r i -.' tic .. tilm,, ,, ,l r.e- .h. they
..I__ I ,,iIutiC .t ,hn .u t A In, t'h' u uc l.. , i t.....u.A mi i t t, -h

itAnn-C,,roal Jo M r ,l,, nh,-oled-. Itf,'.,Ine .ho1,,- i t, rh mmii it. t,' \,,,mil ti, l ,t' it, .a r p
th ed n p ett t", r.1tasqu aotdt m i tmlenir _u.- e F O RAIo .ri ..i. l o
S3epit ayte ra-'a, n lluedtat. 3sin hem.L-tan .rI rl 1- I l i-.tIF-IItr Iei iin
_. u e . .. . In, pto Lbtr. o tti t[in Gel ni-,nut, e. in- '.' r "1 ir pirs i l I,, ii i tin th l. itt 1 -clI..,f -
DoI elend :,,:d -uilh an id ,-ceiteu,::d ~-_III '-- : itt1.' 1t. .,,A -,ic ti. e1.1 1At iaa ca T heyr e.
seated te tid titdth31-11.."ck The Ir,- '. ,-,' -. '! 1,c%....i 1'cj mr A ,o l, ral tihinJ l 'ni TA be)-%w erec

TFI d D-nlat o GLu_ tDn,-a h Lehn'4I'r h , i cottul h nirs ra.kmfrtriecholrb,',--.iPi ;rr,_, .rl ore k-l]..

a 11]11 1 0-._ _--Ih ,u .. .. .n., i n , n .o- -til



-No Car Owner-sh-ruld b-e-wthout a p-air- as-
they eliminate glare and make night driving
quite easy. -.


S-ust received an assortment of sizes, and you
should call and get a pair NOW.

._.We_A1sa._ Offer For Sale:-

Electric Bulbs. _
S ---h-- lece-trc-j _ _

_Motor Meters. /
Spark Plugs.
f Double Seating Valves.
-- _JaonnylEord -(Light) ,Regulators.
"atteries,-and-otherAVotor-Accessories ,-_

:- Ge. R. ALSTON, &-Co.-
E ,.... .......

C -~- _;~ - ICC.--I I ___~ ~L - _~ _I


I I ~I"l-I~L~lr~CLpr" r_ ____~,__ _

_ ~_~~~~~____~___~~_

7 :-"-- :- T. O 1

--- SALE for Wednesday, the 23rd
SUNDER -THE DTSTNGUISHDPA.TRONA __ :_ PONPERi I.ES. dayf O1ctobe--, -118---
S:and L.u CHA NCAgLLOR. -. ,hat Propaganda Means pt hPE w nen (atmi
. .. . | -- exei',:ci. of ihe Powr' olf ale conferred on
------"-- Mortgagees by Ihe Conle-iiicing and Law of
' on, Aig 721. Propeity Ordinance No. 7? and conained a
'- A l fl Ilarl I tck In lui' al...i:L ,rul.hitn. ,r ceritaim iemorandumrn of Idongag No 42 dated ed
ih Ilo i l l rltrables ,eGh r.ouch .nore 28t- Ap-ni -7. m--li.t,-rir-e. Freai ia
--D A .. UH I B l -I -r-. k --.- ,l-hn t,.,-,--,t ea.ol.a Lii aci.e ,n. .,r-r iaOdi_ori.u a.jta ,lane. Therees AtMun, here .
O R r ,, ill I -- 8 B ,maiB j not at laul. The Ion Chba,.llor, ,a the-lla will be put up-for sale by Publ;c Auclton bv
"t c' tobeIr of^^ 1_ B m< Tan to unlererrrrm,.le the valuee of men ,nd I the urde-rd-igned 3t their Auclik-n ,lart No.
--O5th OctobeDPAr, 91 .. p'. ul in PnIsihl c, ,i hto -,-",icot nr.ii t acpvilleSr coruep r cl h; St.L P'ncrt iat r
... . I ad himI to real.:, that in modern d 6rl r .-asi on-'.'edJnezda& th' "3rd day or Oclobi r 191.-
.____.TF lOPFN T P M .A ere lc.i .uoln-r.,a. pru abe rrbh jurs of I and 2 pm.
_. _ .__ _ _....- -- -- i parit Ihmn iTiuitiion In the i m-t r vaors AlL iat p'rcl oi land situale in oiri Ward
GRAND CONCERT in charge of Mis- Nau McLell.ind a], Mr. R. Farinboroich pirtok lag ol of lOhe churEr o i inrar of Orcpuche. in the IHland of Tunidad con
BMOOTING GALL- RV\o-M th-rse Pal Cit u -or tint ed t pur-li iiru l. enil-th-- iain-ig -nn-acre,- three-rodi-ar d hirt y.
M-O TE CA.L R mbev. o '- t Sta f )"I' Ihe O1n1ll, l plAu, IlhI t, etShoul, it l pelh L-c, e the same more or I s,
SMONTE CARL -M ot the lle t i cr h.n, 6 i.- l .l w l ,p delineatcd and uil theabutials and tro udarite.
BRIDGE. SNAP. ETC. -I c,n. n Jua-i icai ,r, I,,0 r hr reof sh-r, Ina ihe plan draawoa orTthe CTOWn
BAR-t Dn'nks-of allIkind ar-Mr. M .. .-i. I hr- ar tln of t'i.-1 I J i ltle or. ,I Tarit. reh'te r a n aVolm CCXLI. at folno
S -' ce-Mir) e -iricl.atiuc r l i C/oi:c 1ut 13r i4a .. Irancr l d LbotundedJ on tihe North hb laIonic of
o--- anydt er I li it n ii.. -tthenr-c _-rpr..d 'Iabar.-i. tan the SoutL and Eat by
FLQOWERS-%TIt ten Nenakr'a. -i O i tl a ,-.- a, ,roll L -, n ln -i J rn.- rDo:n, lad1S and OundtrI iehrt[ by a tao'd.
~n rcli e borin'rg "Lttr. i 'r r ailrt 1 T D that parcel of Tand ituate ini -the slid l
Surprises or all whoscoQme.. oarn rd-Aror tdineat aC DOO
Something doing all the time, no dull moments. c ii J ii|...nri.- n i .rli d abutiali and boundarica hCrtnof zhri rn Ihe (C
S, I. 'ch L.]l-g': i "r. 1,or ; .irntt.l plnr dra ia oc. the Cio n Grant, rneritered tn
The entire show will be UNDER C(-)OVER, t. L in thelie 'ent er ,io r ,t h r 1 i irt i,, a ... ,,1i ,,)n c 1 t-e Nor t C i fl i Q r and oreca', ed oa
ol-frniu Otl e e,.' s ninaels enirmi'ment-w- ll -nnt-be It I. o dit. ii b cle
ofr ti iii Vxiiilg rr ill ut hi .. ilt.ti Ib- i- n, -. c-,t i,-t.ii-ic-n-ytt --c F .0 T ,oie rod bQ Croo-n Iti,., Pa ti-
-, .)- it.i 9nii ,i .1 -tEll r t- rn irc i r, yt ir 'e-"td tO rry -oril nod hYa rtad -
*a ~r . Ii q ...Irrr..i idr i lt 1, Ir ..ant ri.r d tort .r' t r,d n bi C-" a.. d -,E
ENTRANCE TICKETS 60c.. to be had from the follnoain' :- i" ct e .. C r. b.C .rot trod_ aadn eeI b
PORT-O F-SPATN -- Me .r- 11 S. Ftlll.r ar G-. \, R i- li- I l., rrtl j- I I ..' .r C i i'L l aid rl'-i t Isd d f c pr.',T.f -r, ]--.
SSAN VER'N NDO-Mr. R. Fr.liri..',An -ih. % The r nU ii.ii, i,- t, ,i.o ,: ,f L I jHN a C,
POINT-A-1'IERRE-Mr. E Mar-den it, r t i. la e ,Ie i ",, t Au rte .
-to-whn.m applica'ion.i.shoulJc-maile _earolv e a p .. --a l m de a--.l tumr,,.-th r pi tr, t0-ic k htiri;r ,ri % 'tf ;, t. ,,,j r, i -. --r. firtt Darr.-. No -i l '-ro--
i shlm ile'l. I inn,-,, , i, 1 r 11 n, um r .rc'y ? Ct,'jd
A SPECL.AL. TR IN will levt Ir ort ot.f Spai.n at nj, na ng ft,,, i-,,; h o ', I- ,:- c r de c'.' I,
Point.i.t- i.irrTC t 12 rii-dni;ht. - I I ir ri e .. -Ilt r %% It i r... t . h' pi ..l.. t i m o. 'l aid
.- SP-ECIAL TRArIN oI11-k- a4. -F-- i-rilo ,t -. t i ill Re n r,. ....t.. or ri in, I, pul- : ,r, ril ,-, - .
Point.a-Piterrc at 12 mridn hlit. pec ,, , ., il.. tr The ;,:t:,rd o rc l ad OI, mb:Lt .t
R eturn T ickrtr- ,fr Portt -of.S[.-tin Sr--r:i: 1 T r- int lc l, f i, 1 in r,n C I iil.t t t a '. .i'e r ,pTr du ,: 1,-,rr Ja -t rd l t
M r. H. S. fller .t dr G. Ro cbh-.rd at orl nar-i :rd c1i .- iai. F.1,r';San Fr -..r ., .,r ,, t ,. ,'
..nanduc.*Train r til- M r.R-. iF. tr it i .l ...-.... -,- in. l .,j t lhi ..t h" t ith- 1.,. j r l.a.rntr n oI L .li 1 i or -t -)I undJ icictr:
-;,:I ,h ,l ,,r.-n UL~ t I i, t u,- Iri"-' c Can I--tr-.- t nt.
-SIUIDED FROM 7,30 _.PAL . li-Aill "0._o t- -,-.- --_
s elT wivll le re eiv-it- for ti i m ent- -r Ii I"- -i. r Li.] i- - I -
Tai rt cwii l liihe etcervCrit for n.arto-? t :iira tt e ent- jr,:t ntit'iIr, i i hfn t i' .. I o- I- ... vi,. .. o i 11 t

_Siuip i_ T icl ', %1-t. c1.0 0 C 'c- 1, -. t :n
from Mesyr.. H. 5. Fuller. A v,\ Il 'xtt

Y- M I

L ol,-,r Ni

Lc;rlt-ci i
1 .i',- t-i
,,,li t i

*.... R ,', -tl LC

oir-.nop~ir i.'t I .
-- i -
it II. .
S .\ppgle PI
FruIt Jcllich
Chel ec. Fiuiti. Co
"-', N.B.-A -.i,all Tick
mLnttt'-ic-it, Stnil'.r and Con vcyance 10
pieTre antd rclurt. L.-.rli t .

Under the Diotinga i h' I'ta on J e ,f H P
Excellency ire Goa rn r an I a'
C I lancel o

"Petticoat -Lan e.'__

-g jSj./g', A- ; :'Ct/ir )o7, ~

Amnutements, Sports, Entertain-

Constabhlla a--'.n e,." B..t 1
p re ,,Z" r* a-'' .7
= Aimnt' fe rel. I IM 1A i VtyCaor.
Help. t Bo ya who rre r ghting
r You

S '7.-

ASlngiili&teau Bros.

"i' 1,. , ,1 ., ,

MIRRORS of all sizes. Marble
.., Slabs iu black and brown.




h- -sale Y-9 -- ~ a o 249i..

Pastoral Play
Nat-:kh Sablh
Children's G;

RS OPEN 3.30
Children under I

Tea Cabaret
(East Indian Dance)
ames Rfreslitme-nts, etc.

p m. ADMISSION $1.00
.... ... ... Two shillings.
twelv ... .... One shilling,- .

3".rDRED FOXe-"

.... ... ...h o-
g _. e

e ne that elastic ste s

0 F-: IT-r ,-, ---,--. iI IIrn---tII, .-.. -- -- r -..' IIC, .- '' a' k--. -- I I -"
PIe.I h I l ..... ... .. r it ... in ...1I :r. i : i- l.. A n ts : ll
-- .: 1 uro ', "a.c -ii r ,. i _i .P- -- i',. ; I. I- S L f :r T T T'ur. 7 A. -.

,-.i . e 1. , r:" h i t I'.'' ,li t,, ,r-.. t. r f o , ' ," : ., , :' l. I 'h ,-
Ni t ,t.c,'i.,, t, -.,iy r.,t,:,-r'i.:- ,t --to , k-c.I. It H t t .i .1- it' i:t,.- i. o, r [*...
'i t i -- riboi a L siho LU ,r i r-- h O t it
i I, F. lo,,i-r,if C,::r f O riia t t,, I B oo,,, 1,, 1Sh
N U.1

',.u,, r i .n- i .,- - ,. i. il c 1 I. I A g e n ts -I,, l

M ~ ~trm id,:, adl I-..,-o LI ,,hiZ H o I -,r -r . T ,: ; ;,;'c I1 .- A 1. r r h ...
., r li oi wtn- r m n,1 a 1 I ti-,- .. -

L a ...W... ... .". ,: .1 I -I .ALho .UI da the 3rd day
I -i I)- It LI I I I-Irc.1.E -nL.1.r L. I._.11 I, If- Ab '1.....-,,,.- ...- oll,, ,,-- .- r ,' ] 1

r l l a~l~. r 1-,Lu I T- t r ri .- r '-,, . ..
....... ,*, ......".. . ........ ir i B 0 A D \N7 A Y

r-A -- V J .' n- I II r, I
% I ,- ,.,.'thc Ii ,:...C,' '-,: II.' ,r Z,;IT j .,

I ll I l ll ntl i ic lr ,. 'r .- L t I -,'" "I h. - f-
.. .' ,il e ,. ,I ..... r. l ..... ,- ine I.o V..SALE fo,,the 3rd day

ef pi-. IJ, 1. ',.r.0 ....i..;o- ,I ,,,- i,, of O cR t ober 19 .
t-r 'a--t.. I.]t..In i |iI..I .. 'We hae T ar t Tr ra n l12r Sl u L-.., - .

iid.all lrl.l- -. i tos ot -iIc. ti-nm 1 f on' u rsd I.o ri i i.- ,ir-- .. i r,
I .n d l, m od, o.-' .. i..... i 1,. .. .. 1 I- ? L e t b e v ..t w e 'e .... ...ileI.. . ..-I ,, . . I : t
-1-,. l;\ A I ,- ,:! ...- -, 01r..,aei o rretc- ALL .and SIN ,.' T \i, .to, .
Ak c,-. ..i- tl .' ,l .i,. ,. 1, ^I,. Lia' e haye in the .., i tn..s br '
CId:ipnditure Plntatio ll
i-5-,, A t .00 rJi I t'r.L : .,: t ,aT l ,l-, l-.> I.: i l.,, t o l- cr ,rght timeane THE FIRST TitE1 i-i 't I r-IEfi- -,,J..r
IIlo0 1" i.'ot.lir t a ,_ l- -T B0,. I Irudr. oI,:l r.II Terre Promis c .r ,,C-,
l-r > r-[ -i f e i n ro od a d sc ixtod y i ,a:c cr ,,1 ,- -.
lu I J h .o l toting on the '-' i THl t -,--i .- ,
inidad Leaseholds Limite I .. .- lately C I..- 1

t d Inan t r, > ,, ,I,:,r,',1 nh,r cd m i, ', ,,:t tnrit ] nn n rr ._i Gt, ,o ,,.,,:, A -{,, r .ne ... *
________ .. . ..- d, a te-cc-r ot .. l.. .. I .T R A H '.p r n
SA oon Boo
_CUH __RD A R H" acrcoando -, the n-1t11c litn r.-L 10 0 Ohl I,-e toa 'i -c ,, tiir al y n-c lar; atelt y ofFredcr .'t ii, r.
_-.trRr1:zK, ht I I .. I ., ,Z CIheaeo-, ,fr,-:m '-rn- ,
Siito- t i ...... rr.. . .. s.....r. cIrll.r-a (.. .....r . . r
.Itder tIL i r ro ,ic ,. ; rt II ic r- t ol II. ofwavr r c r, Nar rattely o C-.l t i- p-,tIit, I
cell ,c. ,the ,latroot.and L it ac I-, 'n.1 kIr tic, rI.i,"I .lr.,I- rsofavac. upon o-landsano'. or,.irr h r'.- -ric, L at
-r1,. rort i i--air I- Tit Irenn- I L
r up nr rr. .'l n T -T,
Trinidad [Light HorseO andI o Er -:I -pe IivILitta -t I, ~,_t.- a. re acr TI T IR M Irc it ,- ] r,
"Mounted tInfn l'ntrylSportst irt-r it 11n 1r or1 c n1t a lc . q ar three a i- t I -rr e r
r.1rt -r-I nor nd aHnlit r, .-I,-u. I:,t c rco--ttf;.r -11,T],aI 0Ili 0i tini -Tla t Idltrc-n 0i'ti 111kc
A ir Ls l.ic \-arI I r. r in i.. .r ,... -,r c "foisnu on i 7on -- a i . t.I lOt O I:. "a --I id ie le
"pMatt- ly-ud I'ndcair Li u t-SrrUTHn yanf th trtmpor- IIct-ole se o o .:rva.:
OnrTn icilY y" otbW, t t' d Chare s Dnpon" D BA-I- e-r. orti!- -
Jn i'L L 11N I .1e "ni e .. r., o .... ".T I,,rI
ue landco-7-1,ct c-,rn I.I k1-eth t w tc- r I :E 2o aTr I I i Ni t T t, 11RT31- O
Jo[r-..IrO& t n. tic- ', ,.~or-un C t- i tI ir icertu a rdn upon a pR o .. I, ih '- ,ir-, i
G R A ND, TS NM 9 1 ,; II t-l i- 1 .--11. Ar- ,I -.icr oIhu f f-ceo iamtsrfl oowor I,, I:'rr~ I--,c,-I. ,Iti at.I
6. i // 7 it-f1ft'l( V, O /i '7r' ti()/ ,',- 1"r.. ..-Ptot ta..o.. ':. Io.. .... ,, ,Irr taItir-1- tf I, ,,- ,n
So-arts 12 aaon Children .30 1 1 I ntl i olit eyr Set. .rc rinni of 1 Ct i ithii I in'eir-

Tickots W Strong's. Th c, in drsc tr1,, rio,,ut ,,h- b tier -a yl n s r-ni ol ytih ,arfh ,La oc tT, IRerre
frpnn rar p,- r o file.N. r 1 th 1 at.1(1 e on thy:Cr-r"r 'I--lt-i r 'f opegrt-rter i itc.-r .c r:-htlir, -nthe th e .-I itate,
I0a3 UftRAiYMiSt V'flllJt 7%I t o ... no .. i r an tc.t'.. .I'e "t.-,,RI Cc. Ito in i,,Il-r co ..... l'l ..r-i .i trofbirtrs-,u -
D00 Nr-.CREAM h, irrc e Iii,,ie rnl-t'I Sh c-p,. ,an ,31hc .or c c e .,miht. tt, the

n-ndi Ci 1-or,nhi-i r. ,,ii-ir 'n t -, ,r--% I0t r
o P ., ll.-, lh,-1l, %. I, I, I a... cr -li., artsr ,iu' ni-if .111-4o r ,.n itnn -1p-,ntiti.
liI- -, It , h I, r I,, ". i- i IrL n_ .irrja Inruit U.rt-i ', iior L e eiC r., C I '
AT}|| CARONI. -- I[ ..I I," ,',i itar I t,1,, hi .,r ,, i,,,t. ., r -15 B oIoks : in r ot 1 - Re.. ... tr C

S l t .A Utk t ,l d t enor I it,,. S.i-,tp, i,, Ir ,,.t ...... ., , . ,c tlire.%t I...f I-n Ini.r a .-f J .t n R r. L:re t
Ir tt n mI I t\anr I!- r t nI- rui i t r ti"-rc to r U1, ,: li-
A T-CAR N I-ti iietc oi]r[in,', rtorh fr, 1 i 'riIAh, r i n- too1 c-a, ,r ,, t.Ikhcn,-v t ,It .,e LCro' i i i te,'4 i .DtU "
cI. .. cr"i .'nM--ih ,- c-1...... ai,,tr; lh, r' Henniol I..tan A ,tc ,n. toA ni" a o 14 D n It ntit ratnis Ahro:,thyd, 13 ztrs.

i -.ct -" otrniarcnn.Imhau t i[m, orIrrt ou. r, 71-i-h n i, I .1 n I t n uo, -A IXT ., -,in. I*a.'t c. |n ..
l iN : ..,,r~at. - ,h i t..-. ,, at n......t .. l -W l tt opi,, a of r'ths s 'te
An East Indian Entertainment ,le...... lnu1. [ratnorttttkdtntc rr.. .rtlt istirLJ He ....of. IIe Book egntero i sniont. 13iiii.
On SATURDAY, 10th October, ,, ittt.he, n-n. dint mcIiron toshe br, THE DIAMOND BAKERY blu... 45 heaves.
I D .1nta e, erut aid Jemh.icr-lltII'd b aetc r inntrl e on- r -
1017j 2 Pi. ,`Ind ct thle irn. Theo` ratlrprel nt Rirto r n t rade' under lire,-,) me --I -ctflya .d a THE T
At pptr Ot'ti hr e enr. tie tit,, ijr.ntme l tn cti I tt rrail oto' lt- erbo e i, tie ir'' an d iy Ir',,,rle rho ertn cslile, f

Ane disti IdL i hnIelp the I Wtaiorsrc rlra if erefayttl'mn I nuhr o I.n,,l' e ,i prrl Ioti -\V-'- -'tCOru-" -ta. Cer : P,-eprte.r I 22 Vr S T. INCENT, ST, PO. oj Bu. "rea irritant it ya.'on, r and e at of fm 111or in lierIr -._o .

associated with

,ld feel you -1g.

NT, Ltd,



,1te Books,
f:for Estates om which
ng them at greatly re-

d.-ck,_aand: ar-e slightlr-

 _ie.. ..
5.0 1.20

360 1.- 0

2.50 .60

2.50 .

2.50 .6


4 - .

L_ 1 L. --



SALE for Wednesday, the 23id f
-UNDER-THE DTSTrNGUISHED-PATRONAU. OI lPON3DER.i B .ES. tlay of October, 1918: --
na_. . I and r G .t UVCHAr.NCRELL-OR-. -' Wha -Propaganda Means P MTUIC NOTILE hereby awen that n-
'I and trot CHAN -gLLO* eriercae of bhe Power of a!e con(tred on
t--ortgageos by ihe Conlnyn.adcng and Law of
S U l' .L d' ri, Aug ... Property Ordinance No. 7? and conaiEed o a
E 1rau i r a rck in lia ib' deLrrlt,: nil.h -,r cEriain ..Temorndurn of lidorgag. No 12dal2 d -d .-
the npn~~lterables eich ,ruch more 28 h-Apnrl -"l ,-r.r -m-l.a;r-cirdi.- FreLata in
O- Ut --.. at_ -1a -- 'a. T.-, nhr ro .wt .. .. t- re ac'Aucon GOVERNMENT HOUSE GROUNDSr '*,__
g, V W.Btt tt BB n i B W IB r B Bnot at'l uh. The Iion Cb-ac,,llor the 5il1| will be- plut up-'T sale b, Publkc AIlIIOn bv
OUR DAY" AiPO T- A P Ri Rn to unearetirl-e the m value of me, and Ithe urder-ignti-d iat their Auclkn lartr No. t ..
-5th O october, 1 91 8. Ia uln nt li.h. o, hi. o, lor.,. l righi..l. 1 l.rl, ...... ... ,corner c StL hincne 5 ,
SI him o rea.: That n modern i .a on -1VciJneday. th ?3rd day of October 191
S__F____________ ,\F.P ON \T f 2 PM 'rle-lintitu tl . npr 1tteihn oh turs of I and 2 pm. hr u
_-br- a. ir It ll-n tmunit It the .-t. -In wars AltL ihat pcrcc oi land siuale in Ihb Ward
GRA'ND CONCERT in charge of Ms- Nati 'McLe ll.nd awl Mr. R. Farniboroich piok largtl c I he clnrt i or on unl of Oipuchr. in th laned of Tnid con '
lden>.it r tr iriefd i purri ,iiti-ritl n-iti ob-h- iair,-bg -nine- acre-. rne-rc,:rdi-and iLhirv Y.. .. . .. _
lSHOOTING GALLPlat Ma-,,r. li, & LO li rilr, bhe, m ,ln piti u,, Ul3 aie should lE rht ptche. se the amie more or laanrt
ir MONTE CARLO--Menbe- of the Staff. Ir ) ,, e po)r .,bnl i.... il.ll kre i delin.ared and "ibh theabunals and I -icudaitea Pastoral Play Tea Cabaret
S BRIGE, SNAP. ETC. n ic.l a, J ihr plan draw orithe Crown Sab ( t Indian Dan-
S.----- R--tDn of i.kind- r B -.. n tian-l., -r- hr.- l .. Ire 1. rar. r,"'ter n Voluma CCXLI. at folo Natkh Sabha (East Indian Dance)
ao t her- c~-uir) cir.;tioiia.l loi,: [Puiar n n.r,ri-ir 4.r 31. a ,undcd on r te i Norlh bh tand. ofI
tniLother, 1 lr ofr. nmL-- .. t "--. tl hlabar,. on the Suth and Eat by ChilJdrre n '3 G el. RuLr.-. .llmensl e itc.
SFLOWERS- The Misines H-end mr-on. ai -C -ll n th .rno ol.i o,-,io n .. ir- r-;n to nd on e [by r o ad. -
P -a 1 1 rly cl ihe r;. l-. u.'ir.I a a 'ED thart parcel of ta'd ituae -ii -the said
S- Surrises or a who Come. i Warn r Orpuc.n. counting hieen. a.--.. DOORS OPEN 3.30 pi m. ADMISSION $ 1.00 v
S r-pri-- pdoro d *. l ~ ~rt rlIn cli ii.r iC-,r o'Ia l rW ijiTF_ i ccc I name r-ala aiet olr delinoa te d n f an c tO-- -
;'" Something doing all the time, no dull moments. nc.-1 it, I .. te .ic ....[..-i.. r t rri ahtt uialic arna baundaricja thCrtof hear', in the Children .... Two shillings.
h a i ,rant "r a" -irii., pl- r, aa or, tche Cnarn Grant, rteirtred tn
h'.. 11 _t rha, to m t--r. ar ,. lh a- tome CC. < R atol to in t" e and U.d^d no Children under twelv ........ One shilling -
Thie entire shoW t -ill be UNDER 0 -) ER, il u t ae t j io 1h1 nCr, ar 0, .1 l1 iir iia -o- there NtNrii by h he Qa urr' Poad recried one
Sr.i thie ere ilt i -m ent-i i'll I na -be i i.Crfi.rec '..ei t t -i t, - ii-h iudnd .lrL raij by Cr u-. i rin c.n t
4-. rAt.. L --- _t-1 -F . .i . . II Ia i b f 1. r .r l ,,c i 1r. aid o r r n d I -a t
.............. %%...... I ...... r Ale 1, .. ..... ..... l .... .... 'I.......d tot (, ....'. rin, d o.' Ct ........... w..-.a I P E3 k' l !1 d -- @ l -"i
7. ENTRANCE TICKETS 60c.. It be had1t from 1it / '.he m.. tiei to, ih.... ,t ic.. t i. .. .i. E I b Cor,:, It -_ an d on th o, by
"' PORT-O -F.SPA ,N--M -r.r i1 S. Fllll.:r ai-f Co.n '\,. R.-,,ifrd. hI "I .h,_,1Jlll L. ad n I t i.'-a rI PL-d d'j ,, C 1piImf Ulr,n.k E8
S- A N Fr-.R N A N D O M r. R ,r" re l ...... t l. n .i. LTOUIi JO H N i. C :. . . ..1t ic .-I -.
POINT.A-t'IERRE- Mr. I- h.tar-et ... .... .. Aucto,,rt .. i. 1--tnecr.-,
toanw Uaablc.'ion ihbo l ebc-made lr p nnl-. -li^,,n..t..-t-ll; l,, itt r pi t. :k lt. Ih-rr,-r- ,-p.. at .r-i n. .n" '., ., Il r,' ,,Ih;-' "r "r tot turin -- *:-_
Hrtna-imriri Agento 7.tariooa. a :nrvd Urotr s:rri1i
i;- - L-'lt -c-I PP ,r*, '.'f i. n, tcnlir,, , -_-..'.,:..r m r c -. r-crt.a, - ten run riora-t
--- A SPECIAL TRAIN raill Wiy t 'irt -t :i.] in 1at -, r p ntr R- turning fr..t i i t. : ":'. 'i . 'r, . raih 11,'. Irf Ha r le'ri,, dc rHCe lia ... d 1t .a ILI -"
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-A S P-O.I A iLt no- b f-a I .II'..-. I." '.(ortingShoes K
ifReturn Tckit oi Prtof.ST.-in S,,: Tr-i o In, oj... 1" .. \r I "] '. a-' it ...__ ..-_ .___ - --_ ---- -_

O Lctobr.00 c m t -it-re
1 ro 1 s . Fuller Ajid Mr G. R ichf.r.- t 10 .n~ i c"-.-- -al,:. F I f- ., i ..... - " .. .. 1`4 ...... '. . 10 Me .-- I n g- ,,.

.... _ r -d . .. . . .. T. r. . \.... -- .r ; .. It AL f or Thur day, the 3rd dayn i,
.SUE- R i I-. j '' '' of OcIi- iober 19U,. .-
fro ..r. -F, ,fier. I f wlti.wuiiorrtlt .ti f. i- h .,ci. r k te,'_'a' '. ,tt 1, : -, r it,= i. ,t < yl i ',l- a.[ f.t oi. et ,o u.,g -;--
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-- -- -- foru', pi-t, if.: rcll. ir.-trl- nvi.lcdiol I,%, tl i . l ;. Inw i... ''nw i 'of 3l k r Th L. --u.. .. rtII c, r I I it I . -it

lc U -`I ... n e-: that elastic Bok i aBef\ ci t i t h
; lti-i-it p R . nit 1 -i c -. c- ,J 0 :... it it '' -' a, in -.,1I rr -r. I. .I -..a A g en t

frao it -.mi.iL- Nliintt. H. `it FtI I tin t
t ". .i -cl .... thei l B-ri i. I0 Ii.O ,. '"-- - - t a t, _--

..... I t ea a l r R ,i .' .r-"j Ln. cci n a.1 hl ir I .1 , -, .r i, _ _. r_.
N_ ,' L t aC.oll.r I r -t..i i h- i t ,a I t 1.-r , ., i -- o l fe l g .
S,,--- Tiriiad i ight iHor.a iid I I. t ,-i. ii, i-,.. t., itt 1r t B Di i-lBL.\ .i. .... \ .... f-,* f. ...... ,-- SALE lap Thridy the 3rd -..
Ri-i I7i. - - - I ll ......... T - "
,r n t R t. ai0 1- 1-.h C .lt -, iiir- -

-.i T... *-i_.. l._ ....-- .na ; i w ,,',iw.. i tiSA-LE.. -,,,, .-.. ,- .....- ^tf^ .. ,, ,- ,-,. ._ _-___,.
ST.,. i't' ,. na h. : Ii ,1 .1 li .,, 1,, i 1 ,.1 .

de h i id' I,, o3 --of H hr t. s t .b 1. ** .' ,,,., ,* t .[ ti ,* ,-H.'i.. ,--,,L, i i t,- in,,i, io ir ,,,, o O .ie r,.' ., i .. ,
P I AT,.i c .r r- E-nl . -- -, r ;, '. .J r.. -.r

O*e Air Coui-enilenaI SA Ef Bh rdl t 3rd day ( 7 thi: re tl 9-
-i i-A-- i ti l C i i IE p:u f , r ., 1 O[ I. , ,, r,,, ,'

Clter- F-ttr Cota' AT a- at. 1. 1' If F. r ta ;.Re -i I I- ,r h

-r nstaa - ------'-" .---- -- ------ Gr---n-i 3n g A

p h B Y IOUR DAY F U i t ..i....hT..Pi---.-. ..-----.. .. ,i ,.T 1.. 1 .."... ----..----L. i ou r Book Ro
__AA ,' ____ itci----- i ; 1t n* .. '... ,t-ct t. In '-.
T H 'CARR ONr rFU D B H R[ C. 0 1 A rhhlcHil,,- n ,--,.,r,,h,, r In L, C
OS' ,,'-- --ti,,I L:,r II' II.i 'I.--:--i n e '.rt, I ,

-"-Tr inid ad' ,, ... .t nmt. -, t-. . . .. "- re 60
c -. tu. I.- I i. 111 Z 1 I I Fr
iN.i la On S RDAY Jnlat h Onar ctS.ober, no D1 `t,- Bt i i i t 1l ,lber mit i1 50.! IE ta

" i ,t r. . I [n H A N Ti ... . . . a t 8 p m i ,- '. I . . . t5 .. l a . . . I .- n.r. .[ . . d e- u ,t -,-,h. e t- _. __-- r
7.i C BIOAiJiY ta l it i m.m. tt yi and a-n0 i tn tic-ti t ri frl 0.l ii 800 1u nc -\
n I -
.aci.'n5 LA -rii-oa--TH D iA-OND ny--at i ac0a aQ- Th-- nit i. 2-5
aPRINCES BUILDING I 1,-t,,, el onte in :h '-ian1. Tnt bINIicD Pat i Lt .uLO I MPANYd La.- ..".

|- : t an 4 4 P t w 7 i2, PORT OFtrIPAN. N i t
U ei 'I' I it , -e p n Of l Fv ' i IGU. -& ..-1 'ti Onl a e t-.n. r h-t "-I,,-I bal l ai m--iy ---. ,
I_ r, . ....... ,c. .... i h .a... .ni.e . ...- r ... -. I Iut. en cad. ar m i.. cd

.. .. tlm t C .~d f4 O .aa.aa ... : .i i, '-. . . .. -L . ,,' a-,...."-Usual S Ie a -an
T riniaIId t A 'ig H orse hr I l. it -mu [ i, It r II' t i- .. . UP IncTl .... i i 1 ct3t2 Lt.:
rtI- LLT,1N I I r 1 I I rant --at i-Ic e -r I i I a
it .. ,- lo, CREAMSn K I,.r a -r-'r r aihii oh hr d I,, oai. iC.-a t t nu m. nI.. i ]t ... L 0 .
'. J.-,J I t...,. 1. : I.. U I trO I.-' i n ''th Iicl -, g c. tir ml i-t' It a -a-i .it t".,'.t, l,,ihu,.nI, m the rA. t r nil L-ii'r --U r,];u t-'ti,-, re.piater I .

it.. .n-i--a Itt....'at-tnt.hia...... t-n.........ra.L..- .idler ra.itet i- f L ttLn --it-- . .. .......
Y,- iit-itt.i.. n it mI1 llr It T tr1r ... c ric- n.. n. -,..

--__ OFh tlr. WD9 ,I I.. il I i n1l a- L .I j toed-a te -airn ,:. I. 'tan i .UU .Ota .3 -. I k" '

So -aras 12,noonrCh l r nr, I ..I. . .. e oI tnt- cr I, .. a at .. t n i,- -

t 0nnlS t iI hnah, f I t hit-, hi rutI.. li n ... .... tlit t tnt .. t. ..1 1 B ook - L-it-
BROADW AY. t..| i I . l .-.nii,,ti na-pr1, i ott .u.. 1r '. it-ane tr ., 'L" 3top.' a S ins.1 48 le. e-s. 2.50 eUU
m, ca. r no s .- P S o s ex An East indian Entertainmlnt t.....n .... .... an.h tItiA. it ..n...a....... ra...13.ins..-
'-- On, SAT IRDAY, 0th Oit ober, F...r %,T n-in du, eir nh,,l o iiacr Cyr h I -I ..-I. pro-cawn
,at p.m. I ,tialc.titlailrtrlroatI nll i h er ir n n erru 2.-0

,nit hr pent/ 1O` I-Irtll .n It Ear r c --- ce

I-_ .
aE :" -.; ."_,".

- C- t~d-__-.- _,-; rtee -

- '

S .HE INIDAD ,UARD N, T ', .. . D 1 ..

_d-se-.... ab... . Lr m-n- o.... -olpsi. ....L. . .

We are in r.-ce.ipt of one. ofihe most exquisite arid serviceable as ortment of samples n, b hs .vr laid vevs upnn. There is of styles and p ices that it would be impossible for any cu tom:-r to Ia:v th 3 pl-ac,-wlhout a pair, wvhathr ha bto
man woman or child. We re rot offering-long, na,'row, illshapcd; badly fittng" Shoes, but high class-footwear-fromn-on-- of the- -
-leading manufacturers_in America. ___

SU -- - ---- ____

C:F~~il~y- ffl 7nr-ge--

1I;TZiK L 210.-, .... ,- j .f

E T V : -E ., Thd Warfare Of Ideas. S ROB"RTSO3 & Co, ,

Fresh-tDrugs, Cheiricals Tinctures, Liniments, Infusions, Spirits, RthI'r Tubing, ?trthescope'| .- I fault? We need not stray an inch fromt OFFER F Ot SAL '
u i tubnog. Aom t ers. ii it s,s a o O u u s a .t *: i., - --. -i-h -a-'r S etiz, the p tth -of-r l s d b s trtruth and honour in tie prese nts a-
' Banitary Toweta and 'he (f!l.o-ag latent Remedies : -Lysol & Izal (all siz,.s), Pantanberge Ii.' or o ur Mc ase eIt er tot or 0t tw op in .l4 Is. t is 1-
..ilutiii ir,.p3 Laroze, Girard, Teyssedre and. Hl-miglubine, Normal Tonic, Tamnar lndier, straiht-'frrs-id and simpti ca>-. It does not In1cst Hl;tvTat .i Ci ,rs.
Piiules O'Creine, Gremy and Urodaal. ,need the strategy or Lth tactic, f the special Sulph tte of Coprper.
.. .s _r ...r.... i .5i r -_ . p. dr.
has rt, su,_,L:- U i I !IsI th o fors
2, CC,._. ^ .. .-,,- L , -li 1 ,- a. I(,T. nd) i -s p. Llt buh- ideshaver.-
Whotesale asd Retail Chemists and Druggists. P, and that ]othing now remaiIns 1 10 l '/ :7
'Ph 49 IP 9 ut to figh1it ot ut Germany does not think so.
at, 4r c n-- ipd,`ee-.m llj h C tI cs St. Raphael \sVinie
-=w tailoI day beguos to post oil t uue waUI, te
If Ir cities, awl lonbt ss to di OO 0 ttitl t i 2
om n Patr i wit" t n Pleasure" u titD U
SM versi: Mo tlI It s r Ilan s it t Iot Stheir-i-s.

-of ou r owsol aimr Another of Germany '
Ed best service, and where you-are sure to receive Stuper Reliability 1 test efforts his been to endeavour t1o actiuire
and Civility. for hterpelf in the eyes oa India the credl tfor
tle refornis ptaoosed in the Mostagu-
--. hhlastsoed Rport. She aso called uposn tha
JUST ADDED TO think of concessions to India's millions. InnU- t-i o t- '' F -
15-'137, merahle other recent intaon,.a rang ing frfna
The Abercrom by St. arages AB ailCROiMB1Y STREET. eel.nd to Chile, i ."-'.a its Gui i ie to tt
SPhofI-S HORATIV ) HI[NG[ C I riett'r Now is the Time. rd GL '. ",

--- rl ti' tl and HELP from
.ii.. pat ol alaf II ,
alln',e III ,, sig '!. m A F L
a. i. n t -. at o I. -in a
ait its ta lt-u
\ AN OTHER IT .t. f ron ot I) --
'!;['~ l~lt I.-- a it ti fii i SD-
,tsto ., iii t ( l ,
.. e, I r, 1... 1 ..tilt --a t.. .
t .& r ,11 t.I i, ato TOBACCO FUND. t
NR o I IT Ilst .. .rtt visp ii the toue

t.- 4 Freder ck, Street. ry t,<. ,-. '....b ....h, .. I .- ., .., ,,,. ..r n
M. I- ,,,ou e! I, i t.. ... ..- t -17 ..,,e th ore t o.. r
escriptio Prin and Enlarging of amateur t,,. highest to
11 tin Atruse po
A---.-.05--at..,ss"a,, T t __ ..I[.. .. T ... r.i.t i u ti, t erance t ... -
t r.EA N1111....... .... cn be e d S Lo P-. 7 leL 7? -3'

.i 1 I. lh. ." I ri lr l ni i -'ri.I I .a a w hich -ight
0. AFonderl te I. aa e "o all oI''...ld Silver W anted.

," ..t *JlT ,.]l lr C It ch.. n lhT ae a it a iod i it out h ait a eooi
*-s;, I. "t" N' o lv'a.. t l hora r .-ri irse n, a nin t blo, dau r d. ....a nr
l4 Fre Ieri;ek Street. ,p ...........i. ... .... .. i i ... tr i f, I .t i ... L, :. r .. '

,e:>l, PAPE L~n INED kegs crnt;,ini,^ 30-pounds each. n n f. ^; ;;i.tN.ia-ae Malit O Rala b:t
hPR I E_ r.o le ; lv,, tiiecs and lnta _F c ,y. band; fr L
.Ex p er t D l p l-in tin g a n d .4 r ... P o .1.- ogeth r ,.. ... i. 1n .e i ni .fnriLmn t Ind i -rama. i
n-.,,,o,. of ot.her thi r iatcha . aIt |; bt Il

i [ -AaaES & tMPANY -MT D I s--.-t
t tto 7,r i ..r .r ultimately toI .

-i-- i a .I -Ti i-l, ',

*'BISCUIT MANUFACTU ERS,- -totatatf t a a,- t el, al "on1

'fits t erolSrt'i't i.7lx npIwIIIr t I h ?'kI ........... ....i. hr. T1i :. fe i ,til tk.
.... --r,:.~'lITi they hate.sil.t. 1h ----- t -' a.0oat pl -at Dianon Viae Soa C
0.l~ e ket ~ tt t -r.Irtile r .e 1 e-,r al, i, hFt e Nari gi. .sn ig on Sat ur d

l'hPAPE uPi.[ned hegst, acintiiti u o h.',pu nde eac. ,.," Ini av.r.. th ,,: t.- t. n i te wlt j .. rittt
it, is, n t Is .1. r 1-:1A.. . F I l.l- o.. i... r... la tar i ,

-I'l'! t, Cl io.aot i il ,,K 1, IL g.h: A TH.iSiIndiatteteih -iill-el t t tdains
t PAl' & he y C eOs Hco lVe L D"t poud, I.1placeiatiieh., ,ha ;t .,i ,,i.-t.o tc t Via, ,..

BISCUIT MANUFACTURERS, t......jtlw. -. -- .. %%III r a Is re
r eta erA', M V L1 LI"9, s-"l' 5I1' TI'Li 9NE 15i.

a i .I s '- s ."

A. GUNZ\i .. 2Co:'. a '"..I"t, e -rl" ..
ChNt Itl. I1l LI.AI .I.5 .'. U.I h ta' .l t'IN 'INqs_ ,i. J1 r "[inet, Potl-.-f Fpin I a -is II It 1 I1, rital -i s.stl oi rse th-o

L .reM r ,I ..rI ..- i,, r v h,.h it t- 1' to t..
intr. l-m d i.,icrg n s h u, .a i l,'1: Ia
Til. i npripO llFC ,, lli.ii i nllt- is il5., a1 sv- L.
the nita-i fIlric-ac Can ii~it 'hini.

Frcshl Shipmennt o'
, DhnlillTyLes- i'v
t -a-r tt t a
.,II '' ; :.3: .S.
2'3 x -x ;i,,1 7d :.: 'OUrl,- .. .
So buy yours now..

e p of cj; az- &it oi i

d ,, -i .




S_-ifuld Ctiopng B(nks,
Cash Receipt Books,
C ],UaPoUillul.ia Boorks,
Icmor.intium Books,
T;me l.'o 'cks.
hsL;ttcL Lhil,->r I13,ok .,

i 1 2 -. ...' i I; '

Royal Mail l rating Paper.
Printers' Cards . .
Pencil Sharyeners.
Carbon Paper. '

i ,] F11, J r

Booksellers & Stationers.


-' -- -- -, ... -a' -.-- -: -
* .-. *'5 r ',' l 3 E l?.- C .

ossage's Wheel Family Soap- .io.brli Beeu
T-he Meal Soap for- Lauindry o erces Conpoutd
use, in boxes of 25 bars. .s Cases VermoutIl, pints and
ossaoe's Blue anti iBrb n Siap, qua-ts, Ncilly Prat
25 bars & 200oo Tablet c ,, Libby's Red -Salmnun
Op.:. -24l1e- Iibbo Li~r --&j _______ i
o,5- sags M. P. Rice 250/2 Bales Wrapping Paper
- ,, ist Quality Indiain Ric'- C -j ej. roan
--,- -, -L i' ', 0: i rro-s Ia crp_
oo No. 2 Rice (D n,:merar., Safety Matchr.s
too C.IM. -Rice [5: Pa'o Qilmeal '
(ist Quality, Demeray) 500 ,, Heavy Canadian Oats.
oo Brls. Clear Pork (large) **Banner" Brand.

tE RD!I oR & ~XPORT Co,, Ltd.
r-, o5tDU QUay -.
T @'1. y ~ -..-

* w'- t


~_ I__----*---L- ----=-~ __~_~~_ ____ _~_L-----~__~_T~=;=_ s------ ---=r ___ '~CIL=I

_~____II___ --l-L--~--ll -_I_---_I




7:-- i

f4j i1

( ( *Wf.~NC ~. -.rn- ~- C7


T_ B .

jV 75 E ~n_


E-~ f0 TE 7 'R -LR Thd Warfare Of Heas.
-- -- --, -T.-A "
F13Th ro7W, .crWJfifIrrw L nf- ii ------ .i r. I II _____
lacyrd T,- r,. Jr .T- Ic i T-rc~c j Ii
r i a. r..J

Comhine "Patriotismn wpitiih "l',oi Col ri in p Ik o n 0 '3
Lr T~ IN


7I3I i -T,
Ft7 k :->->,L I


ii-~-. t r-

:&l Q?7E@ i,-z

L Pj

. _, 12 1r- C- '-I",T \T

O, C (,.-


I IQ L.r- - 1 -, 1 ..I. . ... ... .. .. .. . ..... _... -,,, . I . - ..... , I., -,
.l.. ..alo c C I. Ie 1.. 1- . . . . _- CO OX, ,
F-.- J^- '-c -* *-c *, A i ci ,c ii ..i" c 1u I I - c B*-. I, .. ... .. .. ...*... . ....... I-TL)A. I-ObiOI, -IS.
r-nP j- L. 1 U.ETTER BOOKS .

l ..' D c) ........... ........ ... i ., : ./__ L_- ...... '. (-, -K ,. -
The Abercromby St. Garage .. ,, ..
v I i. I. ..n. I l
-,- 9i.. . .. E .[! i- n L" c-c- icll: Bc Ica;


... u. ..r. .ne ,. t. .n...n c o . . T H I S i n .. n .t E X R E CE.T A R,,AL S : *
S ... l t t y a nut I. . .J p e a I* il s, F , .. ,,, ir S .. b.
n d
....... i.. . . ( c - i 'i f t l1
1 I 1) t : u1 1, r I .:., , I ,,

., v,, .......-t'b..itu... ..... Th" .... .tof -s ,,R,,. uir in bL- of ^ h"r- So .ales v rmo h, pins and
1 d ,ArDLl t ,l_. :' _MoHIN ERY .NT LE. ,,.,' ..., ,,, ., .a, .:,t;,., ,1, h, p., bro.n S ,,ap, ,,-,n -a N,,lly Prat :i
J:[I, PAPE& IINED k&gs cont;iini 30-poundr. c c-ach. c c- 'ilhu__i_ N.___n__hai_ R_ il_:_ _5 brs c Iabl-t- sc ,, Libbys Red i calmcn :
PR IC E -.:t' .... Jt the _.. cty. ...... : ......... L .......b.t...-.- ....-.-..s. .wnl ^
. . it3.. .nint Indi.. n ram 5,' G P. ic 50/2 Ba, l s W rapping Papern ""

:, ,', ,,.,.,.ES & :..A.. .i.Tc. .......... ------ --.. .OLBf-"_ lF7-., t c nR. ce,,,---_a- '
FceBISCUIT MANUFACTURERSI- r i,!-. <,ii,, nK j, J, J 1 Ifhi
......L "P...ORT-OF-SPAIN. c- --- i-- --- .. I --- i u ly, mera) 500 Heavy Canadian Oats

- ----.--- ----------k----.....-------.-- ---.--.----------- ..-r,,......-,... --, Bnner Brand... .
I T- BU m mt-l- tE ELL AEVlSE l L D T -R E
I' A _UNZ-J.E S ,Co'. ,';.- .. ..... n.. .. ...s. ... .... .0,, U j.
C _NIicc IiK Lj cJ..I. ..!> M IN .i n m So buy yours
ihc-cU-. i-` cc'
-''l6 0 j a1, : ie"a I 1 3e t 1i it, W ....... .i .- .. crT .... ... i ci pl 1 -c i a l- -1 i .. .. ... i-cc .Jrc. .C o.
N I It Cc . iiic c .i w tl -iu. I. l_ _n- _- _, ___ &,' r jml iV __J ___. _____
BISCU IT M N heU hRShcbi. r, c--hi, ,l ci,-rviU L if n.. lh It[, i.n .u, ,t i .
-" Hni.-.- r ,(ii. ,j o .... i,,.,, ,,,,I . (-A Cin,.icCrt ,ri c-i r Brn na B rad..
6 seberc i iDecciy TCbic ra 50 I Iby Canadan Oza
i:, PAP' L'I, .[NED kegs icont.,iui.u-c ch"pound each. i,.... i, ... c i lc ,,e,. hi -n-., c ., M.c 2c ca Red -Salcc

A'.:i c.....qsc,. c -11 li. Ifcl- d I -a 111,1 - g
.... ... . T... ... .. i.,, .....liiV .... -lna, ,oi c .1),u l,,- s M P. Iice "Ro/I! Bahs ,Vrapp Paper .
-c,,'t117 1.O M P M V L 9 ci % I T cli.ieril i- is. ii. i Ri c,-

We are in r,-ceipt of one ufihe most excjqui.ite arid serviceable assortment of samples nd. h- er laid cyes upon. There is
such.a.variety of styles and p ices that it would be impossible for any cu tom:-r to :. v I th 3 pl-cC-wlbhout a-pair, wvhathr ha bto
man woman or child. We ;are rot offering-long, narrow, illshapcd, badly fitUna Shoes, but high class-footwjar from-on- of the
leading manufacturers in_America.__ ..

_ c_00 1A - .. L iH J 2.. J W tm s .. _r ._

------------ S~C9 -- .-Z~- --------~ ~---"

~~;-;~r~i~-~;~c~--r~---- -------------P;---- -------------Li

.::-~' ': :-~,gl~:~i~~



6 -


wl 4 - ---
- ...I-k'-ei
2' ', _2

DIO'.. t-
r ot te r .aie-
M],i.a,,,,.ut ,r.d.ntL, ..
L o, .' ', a
-N(.Tn'i.snaitinie -u- -
N arY aD,:] Loedo' - ...

S,+ LO- UOTj.

eilt ai i.--C --
deiet .......j-d ___r .
t tnitii hi Nae cledl-.

CTnd,,tI CtX I G I,d
S-.a ir .. .. a af trea,;],,, r.rF ,f

Tr rial e II l hl i
< ,.+ o ;. ,,, ..,.,.,.,, ,:.,,I+ ... .

NO 0l2.

,, ,' D .

-I A I 2 T1'1 it j4I)'.1 -

C' .,. . T p-"I t,,,"

To-day's Diary.

C 1 C ..' '.

1,, 0 l- i. i.. [ -
C, F el

S l, , IoF-I i I

-t .

r C r l i T, r
1Cbl,] .in.i.;* *"',. 1 1 T.

I-c c.I[-I I Fe" .\T 'i F.

\~~yi~cesPin in211

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T- l .---- I -. k --- Li ,ii :ll .. I '
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Jo lh "nol, ",1 ,.. Trell. r [. [ ',,I


S . ., a I ...

slight. ... I
a e.___ _
S ...

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Caile .. ... t i ..

-,eh -- ."...

Sight .... ...' r .n
INTuNIc'to ru -
slablt ... ... 1% premium

bn per jear 12

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years ago wa6 2,926 16.- Sd.-in 1917
______- Z6 '926 1-' Id .and for thi, ,year, 615.
ORT-O PAIN, TRINIDD. . It is note-worthy. however,.
... R- .,SPAIN, TR iD. -thatl--wherea,- in- om1. caite tbe-
TUESDAY, OCTiODI:J ],c. I 1. tlenJencv of Public Works Der-partma '-n

- -I fJr- .xpi.-ndiAxp ut.i -to- ex:ecd-the-vt -- -
.. .1 Tb;-instarie juslt the reerse ,, the ca-e
WOUNDING CASES. IMindful of public: expcndltarc and 'c
~.... . ____.--,--- t .oJ-,-at-t--ite-di-bt -rrte
WHEN -ioei time uag,:a iatiLeuon n -a m entSt Oli hiI idc-.IrtmentJi-t ualrateequallyv
called to the Irmiq clh.,i of" v".-.ildil g 21 .li hclfcieic:., an-I the re.a-uireiuicnt ot
C3F.l- it] tlh' Cv-lo n il tlih-r ic c .-ad- th- rt, p..:"l iLicIts. the Dirctnr nir
Vocated a tiern rmeth.-l of rcpre:-.oi Publl.c Work:- v.,:. enabled t.: reduce ih-
tilei ,were T io it .1 le. p,r-,',nii- i. a i llci L L i,:,ji Alloc.-tli-n n IVI.. tio I .'o.3 I'/c.I
c.I to te,: in tl.,- suc 'le.t,i : l- ba.l u hjat-I.r- I J..j ii. in 1'I2?1 / to /'4 38S -s4 ;d.
ward a ticndency to remcrt to the t:ii-., Th.'.a n nih r.egirl to. Gefieral Rte.venue
decade- ago, at -I.nlie .itlithorla.-'. i 1fo nrd I r ., 1 .i 1 It .s : o t ,nlV / 6S 2 .
t'necul .tr' .to -.l-al v ili h i lia idw'-icli h ,ji li t r I F 'a:, e"a 1d ainLk r_
rpea ,le- hI12, lp l,.retli t Ii1 ,:,-FT tbl ,. rr o f -" 3 ~ Y l f ---.,a ,- n-.
,a t,,n ttichn am-he:0, to ..a.'lir.,. ll laj J ,at i .[ '' 5 1 5 ir'J
Ctder. 'i'-h, c ca i 1 l u. nin a d thm-t-t c a '--" --- .- -
R--r -of-sp -ll .c--,c .. i thTo-day s Appeal Court.
irtlllorri2-'-lnir-I ilfl, 'il-I.ll llt it _______ i___________i
-"IT-l7- CL nTIT nL0 i2 2 .. I.._1-iT 1c Ft.01. - 'I :F I 'A
tl i a It i. hn l ,l .1 rI.. .-. ,-huI -T i% g I il L
r' i--l.. .. .. ,,+I- I.',I- 'I r '. ,ll ,:, t ,', I 1l'.., 7 .-- .,-r-l il t C ii, .I ,ll', h .0C. ll, lle
l 11. A i:I ,- lS[ l l i 1 i i rr
L Oit--TIi- Ir.r.teL

-i ... .. lr r.iL . . .. ,...i.ii. ir, . ,. Earthquake Shock

\V,,. 1 ...i ll h Ii.I i i .i. I r.'; l ,ill
a 4;ilI t i t., iaI -l,-_ it '.- 11 ,' r:-,c .t L -
..:re, tac F- i r .innC i,, .. ,n ,i ..F at.. .1 .l rJ l I.
ai" I I ti. t .... a.. fI, r "1 l t' ..
1.1.- t'r 2n-Mi rll 'i u 2 l r- ire lar I ia- a "ll ,.It ',l t ,
I ,- n . i rI i i

222-221.. l i .. d iaiel '.. f--] l 2 irIl IFtl r , 0,r2, t ,- I,.
T .: I ,,,,O UT.0 I ,-II. h I t, r .

' I .. Li I I'r I u' T , I u TJ || '- , t,_ la I ,n -' I r i- l r1,, ., 1, -
h ii ti .,ra a i'~_, L .. r .1n r ,,. i I l-i'. i i nl .m i L

-. ,T, -, ,ii, a,
f T l i -r... f I.Fl a i . -T_ I. ,-- T, rI-. 0 I .. l, -- al

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I' a- IL r.-'-,I IIr E-,. h, t a ,r--
Il,_'h al Itl'.n 1,I ,.2ll-n .,111I l rrF[ i I C .1 F-C : r

F -F-I. v i
-rl._ .] L Ih .7 D ,r FLlk,_- ,r% -- -- ] I I. , . ... .. r .

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-I-il i ll. ii .ai-ii hI ...n i .. .. I- i- l

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iLII .q r -I, t ii l .- ii. iihlI

N I- i rl .- Il." il ih n i,. ;,, Tn. n
a. Im U i, i I I .I I ,_

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and iJ l,,l. I i h- L .1 ,ll T 1. ,t-1-',1 1 ,1, hi
al t FII Il.I '1.11 l- iil I ir I.
r v ,iin .I I.'.r i & .: liiih l -. I 'l i1 I,- I

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i-'lF",h ,,i- i, rii -air -. I ,. ,- l a i h,.r ,r-

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l I, .I atl l Ia -I". ]

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Irli itiioa1 Ii oi f1 I hll. I.o A2' ,1 r F ,I-k
Fe' -I ti i., ',',6 eI- .2i lI i- C 1 y ,a o ll l- l,
,'th e I .ali rJ I a' . 2 l it-h,- -

t .L e H ull R. r.-it i ll I -I.eIl.r I '-" ,.ri,
Ihi I,,I ,tle Ik lhiv. "lI-t | ie.' \l VI- T ,-, V4r, l 1,: 1.,

I li th ,', iI r ti fo th Inf eIh i n i n, I

Itv i/, S. i65 0 .; I n 1 ,2 I, I .t

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2 L41.-re 1 Ia I ', F..L

II II' L 11,

BuIL1. tller.

f-c I' I I- II F -e.l 1' re I : I22 I31 I

Op I i h -I.. :.. r.1 rt,10. r. ht K


Major T ai]tacIi. -ni-Ft i' -, police
Hr.._St,.i/i.i e t .in 22 no2 .-f GIreua-ia

-f--r-fTrTlinctrtnuiL \ F-r-unI ati tr-iT
are 1T tii Sm 'li ornig.- --

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r-a- ti- n t-htere-d ntr-rthc -.Att .i .

er, .I.IAP ai i ar i 1xa. 1- ,i 2 r- !

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.A a:t-,c,;rt a Ta II iI,,F K ...n tena i ."ii t t ?t

' l,.. ---:li- .,-lr-.-,. 'l2,.,n 3I nui I.ll :,I
-- lih Iluilr L.r-incli n-I l .S- t-Agnite Guild.

rnll, -: i. e) ,_T;, ..I 1 .1.r: il l "l C- .0.1

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i ,ll ,,. t u ,h ,:

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hii, I ill i ,I l .. i ill d i

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11,.,-:1ti rL! 2Fi 1 11

rF- .,nn..I I.i ,. t I h II -

TuE TRI-NIDAD. UA.R6DA', "- oi. VarInY, OCTOBER 1,

-C FT C a7--1,.it I 2.i h. tri i .-a-.c-. i-
- ,i r jIh t. r it Tn l ri t 1 1 i l l t h a ,P--t r ,
.i l ,t2. r .= .1 ".. .:l -,[ i_ l ,- : rJ

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LIne '-S 1 I i1 .ii i [..ii J ,i :l -i 1- ,: ,J "

I.' 1i.. '1 'r .- r.F ,.. .,, rtaiF ..- .l:i ,
-,, rl i;,,:l r ,J -:l.-, rI' W ill .ihi' :r
ri llh 1]i, 1 i r i i In i

i-la,11 .ii ,1 ..- let 2. I12'''"= Iralb "l i:-
[, 11 i -

..n- ha rktl a at 2ll:--.\;eat p.' s m tnd -
it is Ia--a.h.-J thit, _ll iiplo..,ari. i ill ,li "
[lbac taer.. n. e tan en..o. ellrin n..eli..t-|hlco----

Sil.Mr:,rt RL Gi STERE .

3 ., 1 r, : KI, i ul- n to f .Ii M J King.
.'arrast ,,f re ar[ Iaids in- '

I- in:.- M r, .;: ,:A l"i ,,di in Arima. :-
-t .F, 1 ,,. 0 ar l ea i -. u- 5- .,rt-

.: I. V nJ r.. Goa-"
lh. t,:, I "e. t .nk :', luL-g. ln i .
f, -r.:. l , t L n n S t Jrr a'enl" i a r r- I.
;' n i'ra :- .-.:. ll P, r i -.Ia p:-- -
C i' .r. to Y,- thl

In- i i t, I .:'i_ .- ,... .l-,'r L, t he- itn :r,., ,nS 7i 1 it I a ,_,nnv er t a a..l I- -Iif ,rip, in lnn a?. "'
- i. t lie,. ud th, e-.F r to n .11It alanL-lh : 1i,,. ,-, 1 n e a ei '-r,,!a b
a .. 'll iid nI 1 "nr .. l IICiF al) rL] ') l '':- "r. I- i i t- i C h.a: i11 t/ r'1 I'll2 hhF 1F tl h -el e. lrealire I .,
S 1-u .. - e t [ i alto l. I -- _.II I... __ a,' hEi i-lab -' .
,,slrei 12F!1 2222] alL lie it'l~eI e~r-I iti he 11 F~ile~i~a of1111 t~iF~hu~ii~i ie d~eleicee~ La2aieU

191.9. '

After 2;4 .ar.. -, -ric.-' C.rn.;table Jordan S S. Barrister
(196) stadon-I. at lrn.,e;' Toun, resigned
rui ie,,rc,, ,,,t,,a LOST 'T SEA.
The launch I.L Fr.ince. whibh i
.it ptt,.nt iu part t expeci.'.J o sail during A.dvice have been receLvead cent
e- weet t1-*r r r'. -ri i.r- i- y W -r- G.- F Fl. o uggtn & Co., Agenta
--n-a-c-Traao -ni -ua',ure-lor-fi&rttni.iiu, r ii tiverpo5lnn i3'Ohlftlemiers;[ha
After dicharging her fre,:ight at that h . Barriiter which was on v
2 -.and. the ,'.,.l i.ill return direct t from Liee rpool to la,-o b
--'rniod.- - ----

..... tu.r .. U ,t Y- Rummage Sale at Greyfr6 s'
L- n', it .rDn, j 1;,:rr iin ,' -.r,-' ." twh ylu 1' h U"
It, ..... ..n I .. c. i......J. r t.. H all.
,ill n :,.cl in .:,rk Tih. prin-.iei- -.nt . -

S -- r,tfr'.r1-11,. Thi: pro::erdsi arel o go
At I:, i :, l .: -,l-R. .rl- j7 if-,- ri ti. l .p l -i F r h
t,., ,. i(1 1. at he C.rn:i CL: F.ttbl r i 1.2 .cat Stil .:n O.ur D. alo the auy '-
to i irr,.,v Hon h F. Bo he. 3 A. .1 ,t i. p ,. .-F, .r .r ic le .





,It.. rF2-.I 12-1t F--,-I-:- rI.- -: -'i. -2,r- .-t an I 1-, .- -I1t .-t.-1nt
... 11.... .... ..1 .', ..... F.. CT,, I.A.a. I..IF:,_I[..,.%-:I'I -
A - -. 1-2.. I r d ..1 .L f.u nLi n

u Boys' Plant Fund.
ii - r.I', .. F.. 'I I-I I r -F1 11 I -r- l .-A l '-
'Ilb a r, I I a .] a 1.
., l,., I I . I .!F. -,, ,,- '..I .. :;-rw 1" I Itr~ .dr I 2t n 121I a nu tF ..u ii. Fg ..

I't:JIt II. w t i .t i i.ava, n
I-Ir-rI I I at Fr1-, n L I
ii, .- I' 1 22 '. 2 I --Fi r1.l LI rr IF'l tI't.,I. a I I thus
l -, ... ,.- ,E % 1 -1 , ,,, - n a t
i F .- 11_.. 11- _+ e ,_ll T.- r _'1._ -T i '.2 ,- 1 -' r I. .z.-- .1 f h. 1-e ;iii -I-_ ._.F.-,,.a d, .F. t, ir'+ -; -

2,-al, "F,_.:hp, ,Il,, ':.- ..r,,.I '' ,-,,,J;.-,. ., I ,,:t,.,.' In ':'F ,]L t .22. '.'. I a

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"--T-.1-,1,,,,th,,pt,,1,h 7, ,.Flal- h. 2,,, i-,

]1,. ,I I,, ,.,-,_-rL..LF, .I LIe.,Ih , -r . ' r n '. I l r Itr Ta I. .:I
-- '-I"L--" i'-I -r-r, .- - td.-.l Lb-IL1 .111: C-Fi -, F-. T l.r -,r,. I, l --r

', .'r ,- .,, 1. I,' ; ..r ,, I ,,. 'T r, ,j .,l TI. r .L I..... TIrI,, / : .l ,_J i ,tI ..I. l '.i le .... T,,r n ,-1 ,1 ,. 11222 ,Fi
.1,,:.:r. rlhl- t-_-a. ,t.
II, .Jr 11J.I ,L Ii.. n, ,-1-
IfI .... ,l ..... .. i ... Is .it M. ak it: v

1 1 .,I; I Ii:,.r, .rl I itF.a r
1, -dI r b.1 -ill IA:, lFatieii
hrmds i r n Idli kr tu btuc.rc
,,1.- 1 I',I1.. .' ,-l +l -r .,, rI . a ,r untI for
- _- - -,.r, ,_ ... h -....',,,, ,, ...TI.-. er Ih ,.' 1,iFl, .Fl. bric--ek

'.-. .2..-. ,'..,,, ... '[. - [ ,:.u u I h n , Fr, ,- Ft l~.t.a ea.'. rgetL~t,=)l
,_-,i_, t, .\I _i_. 2,2 1 [ ,r .F ]J I li I Ii - riF

A I r FFFrIae-In C;
. . ....Local Biscuit 1aking.
I II, ....Ih. ,, . -rI I ,

.1 1 .1,1. .1 F r:.1 I---- T i- i Fir F Ia t. l- i'
,r .ea Ir ...L ..

IFmI 'r p n .7 r Ia 1 2 .1- -li

II. 1'.1. ,.F - IF 12F 2 711 Ftitolen r ce O
I, I nI iF,,-n ni.t- Lq-C r l-

rai.IFI,' --r e IZ-I- I -- I
- -- ---'i- .I II, I .i F

'11 i 1 aIi,,- i11 [ n-. .j Ia r -r ,, [ d J I t: ,. I '' i i I,' l.. Frl~,, '21 -t IIF I--I-F

I 'i. ti F-lr la iII1. -i-Ia.1. 1 I,-Ia 12
1 I r 113
r r ~fbQI,.r
IF',12 I i-I 2, --, I ... .. '-7 .... a ...... ..e :' '" a Fi T..C~..... le... ...C.,,iF S. F. ali...rh'
TI, ,I ..i..IF ,, +.,,,. ,r ,,, ti- n] I "TF I, .. I rk --FI ,, I- k,' I,.- ,'.,i'i niI:.he 'ai "FerLT.-Ir[irn l.t -
I .. [ i . .. l I,,.I ,i I, It F T,',_ i i II. ,
rI- -r :- I.~a~rr .I L L lieh,., -., l,.J,, I lrrf-l .hI,:.12,, 7-a S.e-,.F.'r:.l ]lanj fe

r i '22012 I--2rite
I IhritIIIj,..,rrd,,. I, I,, u 2,, ,p .
,I ,,I ,,1 ~ ,. ,,,. ,,I i,,al,,.it-mrr. Ta,'. ,q IFF ., r F_ i n I F, --, 'aJ cJh~.

FI.a.F.ri I 2:1,I
..... ..ri .iti:A leged Stolen Bags.

I, I,, ,' II -I.... I,, -,.I l, i , ,,',,tr-.,k--F' .kt ert tl -
,,. I 1 ., I ,i, i i , a I j r, 2, [I. c-, i. ,IlUe -

r!.F. --h-r h.,tC i ,f11 c nw I C v h r.
,,, .... i ,r,,,h.I l i,.- rIrr. ,_I a,,, .- ,,,i I h,:I ad ,-,21.,erI .r,-, .-,,-uhore -
I 1 c, -rt l ,,, ,- IF "i I 'F,,, IF _-i l h I F" 1 I l.~ ~ #'H I. . I J. l 11 j l i,.,Ip

r.I,''r..T-aire... 1221 tli e n a t -
t h -r rir I -T i a i 1FF Ia-ti -. .i tcrmi-ei-_i2 ie r
-.. . ... . . ... .r.. . .. . .. .. .i.- I B. - e

:I -I .2I I II I iIIF ir i th 2FF itanit L .Ie'- I .II II I ( Ir : w

I I, L I YII-- 1 l..:1 1 n tIr
Ih L Ii.: 13 1 fi. acI .
, l 1 1 1 2 2 1 2 F T 2 h i I ..' .1r1,,,1T1 C 1, _P i t ch-1 O i-. .. .

ri- I I.A-e'I 212 C, '- r-- CilI.., Nr 'Ili.. J-1 -D In", rcj_-ia.
I I I , I ,i 1 2 2 Fl -, , ._-,i l It - : I r -' I t ,i h rI I .CL h .- LI I L ; -- -I
L I I t, e-Ih['I ttaI C T I ,- i ia I. 'IF I C e-af. l ,n

H c mI t' :t 1n t n n u m I r, f. -.-In .1

a2.FEI-i-I-FI rL li C.r had22- t t C i cha d n ic n
I .1.'r ". ..- .- ,. ., r tle I t .tt 11 j eFr,, r, .l ( I td. c4c n .ined'-rg

trt eahed rl iuIr -le hita I-e ste ,
th. i. ,I ,1 h ,r II.. ..- ,Fe-eai._. )v ~ l ha'e .Ii _] J ,. h r T, |. 1. -F-C.,--F Fe .. t~ri.]F i. P a.eln i.eJL --,ut]iiri e'
,- n. ,r F ,, ," i, ,,,, 4.. .F2224 Liaal Salr I'.-It, : r ll,[l.,Ifl I T.- t h ,U -'--d it i I I, d-

-laII-.. r la I tiIan In fI h i het e th and.A
.1122a--l ale CcliiIc-il tee I: trine th Rouer tit It nai
f .: I ,j ,iE .1 , ,'1 ,t ,_ I. ] I:, ,,, i t n,-+,' r, I ,, I .I I ,. I n,
I ,- l t , %,,' l,,,, t- I,,i'I-FIi7I'tTI -, i-,-,,F,, ih -, i,- ,-E 4 ie. kNI i-.ictCrlaeiT-. aic. ic hn 17. cath pte

t -,- -+ '-, : n ] h e -ai_ ,: l ns. l h ,? c .a rg e d
"T ... ...... .. Ii .c nI ii r, I .I Ir r F I .. .i [ I i n, A S I I ,.rr.

If lM .k bn w- e 1s. -.1 ha
S -le I ,., F .. .. ,I I -aI ",I111e C;I, Taue7 izIr -I. t r r r- ll. t flr.I te n
b.f 11:1 1 1%I- elrrilir ir l I 1 Ei it -fal H Ia mer ,n i-, miF-' nI ticie' ei i nt
Ott. I I' I 'Ii,- ',,' uf olr Ipi ,IfTeC,' .. .er i ,n 2, lit ,t hal" T, i -',, la-u .,I, -

lathe 10.1FF-l..- Pr F.- -.. 1 E i -FI.. ernerlia lit'- keei~t~hecmge pi
F'-rlt, ,i- ,Iff.-'.1. -.n .i h .,eIV Eh. ,1 +-.. -., 1

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1'i rl- r-I If, le'h 2 cr, l2- IiI,,lt" -.: t-.1.rlauet t h, 2, r,( ,n,_'l ni c.' aini-'l
T.... i. a,,, r,i.r.Iri,,. ... ti.iI.., , .n r ..... ., l i, i ,eFl- I c,,;T, h.' i,:,,n,_, e,, ethe h-,rt,i t,,Jr ,ni,.u '.tl .

,, h -iz,--,,, F-I, .= IL I -, lidt, itte t e t -ecil i I ,e 1. oie2 it
th, I+ J~~,' Ir',th Elt,-,,-im-:k--o l~ pun e

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2.222 ,.[I 1,,l, -- 252 F I r l. .I5 I i -, LFF ..I ,, ,I.Vi c ie.lil ~l "r-,n-i-,-. i t rhhl iifter_ i-rl,- .. th iiiiiiaagtel th anip th r. '
h'-r 1i,-,-,:, 1..m, [iY_.,n l le,] o 4 "A1 .,,:,.e ,,:f en ft
..t 'I I n 'I- w 'i tn r L I ',rl C',. ? ,'. 'i- I !, _
J- :---- F .)1 -" him u"h-l''t "r h-t ," .. .. Me UTil-'r=nd Le: -':=
1r .."t .,L 1n r ., t- llc .' itI ,a, rtm .tc h id R, t e -1.he wt
:, ... .: .,.. ,..., .r , .. ii.... -I .!I .. ,n..II,-,r%01 vey" O 1 it mPitc hr om i fl e "
U,, ,. ,: -., , ; hr r,.o nI i. r ,: r l [I... ,1 .I .J ,,.,:n rrj rl
'i', .: ,. ,II,.,,,I ,r l,,\ ,..nt I ,J..rll: ') k F ",.-,.t,,. ,,i tforr. ,12 int: cE, .N r ,[:.TrFr-4 e, tDf O o oR
hit rkr~~ 1 : ,| k -; ,II[ .,. ',,=TI[ 1 X tbc e nj" 14 ; In." ,' nt -p'fi ;
): r,.l ,,, ,., -, ,.- h ,m u .I,:,Lr. -- L0 i, F ~ ,h l r .|., :f : ,a l -'. tt et n fr a ,th; ci~tat ',d ,hri. li e b tnrp ,

T rI,, bCu ta e a, I uI r r l+rled a.-.1 uc. 1 --1

-- ,:r:-d,.,i ',I ,I r ie Ir I ~ ~ ,: -, ..v.,:,u 1, ri Com pl -,tit I f f,,h d 1 [t, t o t 6 a '.


aj-- .- i -- -.

Kr -... .
S 6 TL'YE TRI-NIDA 1.). QU ARl T&. 1 "Thl'

MARKET. QUOTATIONS" (i c (&rinibtnb 6uart iah. while the general revenue alloctian ',;
yelar ago wa6 2,92(, 16i. 3d. -ii ii',"
NI ,, I i- 6 92 6 I' d .and for thi, ,year, 615,
S IOP.-OF.- PAIN, TRINID D. It is no -worthy. however,.
-- -h--whereai- in- omei caeai til-
Sl',Lr c; TUESDAY, OCTODillrJ I.. Ila lt inency of Public Worik- D-arsItur:n' -
... K ina- i' - '-. f r. .p en..-- a-n' .itU .-') c d t h Vi_ it a i, -a t I
A-- 'aci --- -i .. .. Tii a -i tnc ju-st bth reverse I- the ca-,c
S"I-- ;. WOUNDING CASES. Mindful of public expcndinare and -c

,.' -a-k-e"o-i-i-I te-d-r binn e-
S -- T ,r- I iHEN t-ic lin i ag tR.a ui on n .- mn-it, o1i lit d cr.ilrtmelnt ijuiadrate equally
i C" n.,,- "it. calld C the traTca .,l ol v'.-ai, di nlg % li -lficirmce an-I the re-iluiremcant, of
T9 I,., Cl" per lb.. 131 ] an C-6in l i ll ttl .: a- a,1- ih r :.bc ili- :ts. tli Dir"ector nc
S, .noa irt e vocaitei a -tern ni-lEhod-I o-f Ire-prei.ioi. Ptullhc \ r-- W rk c- em leJ tI:, reduce bliT -
S ','- " "'" there ere lino .1 ie- f ar- I- .-h Ci L i,:,jn Alloc.-iaa in Ili,:, to i.',t1c Iv.-..
[. a. .i' asa. t r I' to tev, in thb SUdlli iillIl, it ljt -i-. ,.JIi,] I:I 1'3 1o /.4 z3 1 -1- -'d.
I NeC yirn i.w Lo o- vawar- a tendency to rectcrt to ilt: I .-a aTh,:- sih i ra l ier tl e Ii.e ue
SlecaJc- ago, tliiille.iiiiorlica .., foi- n.J i .Ml i:. ,tIu 1 16 tlhi ; .i : nlv "a S 2 .
LO ui_ O t- 'tnecus.-ar,' ta-o ,l aa l .i hi-li li .l l _, I .) l i jt a, i-r i"., l .. 1C.. n- .
rpelrle -il) ,I .ial ar-i.lfrif- lii .Ia h, .,,c r c l. 113=.-l I i ca- i-' .-
i i s i.i.. -* l ,t.i. ra ....iiil iiii. j l i u,- .t....... fi" a .i 5.1 A i i _. ri'.J
Ir,:, l,,l t'q It L. 1)
i. i ,,c _.[.u .;._T1ii-i.. aiiiT- I i n-thi-i n '- - -
,1 : P -,,,t i- s -c-p. ii ici the Pol.-: To-day's Appeal Court.
M,.,oarsa' ..i,-; ,-r,,- :.' 7 iiilicrhla;- i-l -cirilT-a', :.l -lli a-li ___________ _____________ _

l .. ,, o Arl l-..'- i _.__,:,
-me m -- i,.L u t h St -aul ,:.h i ,, ..
I . rLI al' -. I ll .. I .. . u l i l I l .i It I a- 1
I- Cai G d l it,'ll lhit h i t 1, f 1 [LT : ,..r, .
I.a I_ % % t i I- I tr 1u 11 _i I- I I a i---

il iti,,,,, ci i, i, i r.ic l-a '-;ijl c ica-- l ia,.iL ,c,'tii a s....i iur- I i, iEarthquake Shock

a- l n. -aco I Ii i---l 5--n Il- C:i-iPU PH-
.- tir a_. .....i IIi aL 4a l i.--

utle ..- . .. r f l Ii. c 1 il 0atC.,. i
1 12 11L.,:1t i 4 1 ..Ell I- I(-. Ili, I:" .l r r

-- tm iu'lnt. riii -i i ci m il-i- i .I f i- .. tc s -a V i
i I e apa ta hI .i h Ii i. I fii iaI.I,, h '. ii-, a .i. "
Ilialarec ---r ,i a ia-i i -,ci-l h-,, -l i a--- I al a i a." i a'-i., I- i l- i j I n
. 'il, 1 1 E :l.,rii l- Git, T IiPW, Z,', ii. ] h 1 i 1r 1Ht,.- T **i-. I ..
I Ii i If .i. ... U i i-lil,.i I' L,' l, I -- i -a.. Ih I .. ," i' i 1 ,i, tl- ., 'r i ht- a, r ,i ,
a ,- l .- c I,.hl. t .il l I i ,ai i a. i'i ii I ll, ,: LII 0i ,Illul ,- i i. ,ii, cl, l I rl.l-
-.I "hand again. The result of stch a state of disclosed that at ihna of th: i
-.....i'. '' ,', lliC t ; __e to determine. lS-nV -ill,_
IN."'i'"i. a-tl, u ,,.i .'-tl, If 1 ha- a ilhri ,.,. I- II \ fa ll i I .r ,_, 1 lo; s ci a--.,. ,- ,'ll| ,,' l ,- -',I "- - ',,l,, '-l

. -.. .I-I--i-.......... "-ie iaa i c I. c i ,," ,. ,''-Ia,,ca,, I,-,'I ii-'ac, .| ,, :,,ci,.,a.
I,_ m' h T,. ', l h ,ll .lll i., ,-iI ,_f .l .k -, ,, ,, h, _h ., 1 'i, I ,I .- i ,lli- .I |
I -i L T Il ll ,ll l al hi ,. I ir.-Ii i i

ST 0 -da- I -" ii .l-... .Ill ii. a.. ic... i i]-.'. .......... .. R.. .. . . ..

hi r i , 1 r l ,, ,. I, -, ,, ,, .

S If I a

a t .... .i I c,.).I.... r. f... I i I. I
C (W. lc'a,,fJ
a- -ala a,,.li-I a-- .a .. ..i,-iew Am erican Liber an
0 1'. I,_il ,,lI (I-,,' ChI,', -.iaa i- - Loa

i -I.-- H I I~
-.-- - - -- i_. v -i, c i ,

t .1iai t 10T1. THI RO. rDG1
- I illv r- 1
rlr- iic, Ph ,-t - I. I,,. I ,',.I.
cc --i SCHEM-E , I c. ..-..... .
aI a-a. I I- I I s,- .,-, I .i ,

t a a ii. I--Ia cI .. a Il -i i -... .
ao ln.r .I TI _RO-a i i l .1 ,. ,
0c'- -,-. i, -Ili I i

.I. ..i -" . r .

I',t .- B nIl. il- h I, ,,t C i. ,,
L -- ,, 11 -l- - --,I ,, 11.,1- I, ,I I
, ,t Ih a, iI cI.I. r. I... fi l I a
0.I, I u0.'-aa-ic. r,, Ia flh Ih-. - --r I- .ii IF i r r I .-
j i ., .. .. ,i, I iF ll tiiI I F1 i I

RA. X RATES OF EXCHANGE. :Tail l i I, I I [laca II (A -ii.., I 'll.
.rL ., .. A rm , -1..,- , C,111...1.,
F .. G-lli,. I- --- .Lit- L ilr i. ,, ItI
[i% oi,, L .i- . r l il aI -all a-I-i a I I II Pi.ll lii l fI- ia- li,-. i a , I. ii1 il.

i a aa. a_ l t. r:.. :., a._ n allh' ,l ,1 '- ,1 'r 11,. c" ,i, .... ,

7 j uat. a a -aci
) 1hrc I ai -TIll,, i ,-,[, ,it,. [,i, .- I ,1 a- lill i i i TI -Ill ,,Iml h- r, I .

aT I II I ~i
Sl-ght... a.O a -h. I I .. I. l I l-l. ria, -I I

all-p r - 1 a ,. .a Ia ,, a -- v .-% I I1 I
la i a- p, fl-i i i, i I lir c l ii r, ,pll li s i r .
Cattle - - ti) ti i )'i ill i IauLL I l ,',, I Pllaa-Icn co h I, .,- ,aitA ,- i ,jg ...g-ca,
Cablt .. crt. c.. ill %i 11r -cn -a-ah ic h, .Ii I I
r .. .. T I ... a I,_dll l r ,a --1 1. i ,' -Al ir. fil.,i ..1 I- 1
tai-iit'N .it.. ti. li il a i ,iaaI lii tc 1r I -,IE a. ,ail Ik hi
a Ca-ble . . 1jrrrint,'aita-atlaai-iit l I .illi all %iiccala. a,,, ,i filledI

.-i tIl a- I a-L ill' 1"~r,"l~ie uilF' ac 1". liIl i i I v I T k r 1 ,
2aR CI i lia ., .Ihi.IN -ilk -i 1 Il aat-.i,. ill - .
,tT O a--a ,--a- t,,~ lic- la-la-- ill t -. -., ,. h, C 1i,), 'Ric,
j t ... ... per Iea I a 1,r .'rt it :I, I I I I -Il-r.h. II lIh- U. l I ILI!

3l2. tar_ _, u i : r*iin i ,iiiac .iis l au L. ii l
-- -"' ",- a l- ''ti ur. a-'-rc'b I-aL.-h a Llu.ll .-aI I Tli, .al Il. I

S orleel n u 1 1R l I aleiit I hit ii iii.i t1.1 a .1
4 All rtchq e snlao tI t miare p.i,.,le i, Lhe le lail n o i r l l Ii -i, ill ,_" ,i-Tr,,l.
- -" TnarindadI /lfin r yig._.j _________.i.ia.-l '..- r ai --a',l.t --I ,,l.i-l-sa -1,Ii -
the I'ulel, W ,Jrl.- All r I.-. l
ain., iialic]. ill a :.':Z: tila-' llh. Cli ailua-l i'l,
COBnRRJId PONDUNCB. the llho 1 ,ic,.-. h a,,,i,..\ I.
iT lo' a trBell -in li. ra-ait., iul Ihl- ',.i'k h.i, i, I
i eI. lle rs oa dlict f r eara/.l c i fru ,srtf. Car tor. t Q 1. e ttilc if rtuoa .ar ie Ila
rripf de4 ulr zdia l'eld hrii Oan o tl-tile a. o nl im, ai cali In .'7 li a-cil- i.iral ata- u, I rilh.i
ac ,fier on/i nd all n i lcJ/ r ,,.t I t l rk ali i on Ir till It I Ii ,a- ali
w im mi, id A the / npe .d ,. 'Ye u-'h.h n T .he ,"*
of e r- t, lt na er lesari /o dCturi : ur hlu th Ih,- i], r i :ra 1 i l II -I I t
-H lalitir du, buit a a a gunranltne of l ' eirr u-',L
N o. no tlce vui Ill ken f arnyn ,. lMi. B ull gocs h rihw'Iai. la-- if i -,
a i rmmmuniralln; nWr if7l enwlicite tilary of axp-c- udiLrne. Ile hi-a 1lina' II e
8"I: : .t"s k pi..," L ,wd Itt,/I auS,ri. r;pV ', B 6,y' anl ad di r#se. Ih [ ie I lnoe fo r tl e ,linl All'nclmiql
-'..., I ---'ai 5.6i0 ;in I'is it ro.c o t ,',7

I I. IIal .ri- ," l i-aaI. 1', I iI I


SCorn I
jI i i I i : f i ll I I ii a I." it 2 *.to

% i hi ,

n.i ia. I slia '-, r itk I, a ci.,"

.h Ir, i ii -1111. 11 in i ,' ,I

,. rte, Iieri, ini, Iua .
- -. t.i lbt I .

4-,. -- a=-aa-aa.-.f

i.-A' OCTOBER 1, 1


Major Tlii-T. a i-ri m t i l-if -I rolie
AL2 J ,.:intt aII nI ol .1 G jreua'IJ.:

ar.t sT hl lll orniii.- - th s- -- --i-A

FCii,-e- -:ma. -nca. l,-, and n -b ep
Tre-T iinghteried-.-r a-c -. .itt ciy- -ta ir;]- a.
r n t ., ]ec 1,- 1.,-.u ra r. -I t-:r-I, c c

-.u,.,l n-i L', -t ,il lr. l hi:a dJ.uia rtcr .

.\ a:,inc irt ill I, c i..:..n ta, ni."lit a.t ,St '

.tieC lalliiuiil, L.r-inicli -AI lla- bt-Agnii-c- i Ia J.

T h,: n,?' n ,.. ,5ii ,-,f Ihe [.., it_- l.,. ,-,.in.
a-'] naill a-l7 1 ] ,:,in I 1ill. lih 1 l i.c-t -

-iii -,i all-
i 1 lin n.l
t Oi=~ l :,, o'- 11_. at ,jr I'icv
li,-,l .it fl it .." n i',, L lt'n 1 1-, ijl : _

I l I-
'1 '. h il ir .

*' ,I , i **.* h h .-

I h. 1 i I

r I -A
7I1 .r -,, 1,1,atcI',,I , I, ,:1"

i. -r .. ... i 1 -

I tI-h i, iI ,, ,_,i .

-r _-

C I, .rc,,n-11 1.


---hi--i I,,:I -i,. la Cci I c ii"A.trd .a-l,-r-

i I I,-IJ oE I' i ..r 1 all. ,la I T a

o 1 in I
Ii .' i.l.i-a a- i. h ,,I .i I., 'c. ,I 1, ,. ""1.1

J .
i' c tr. ,,o'- ,,c .I I ,-lt a i a ll
lI'h_ -a' ,- 1 a'_L t ri,_cc t aa1_D ia_,,:_ la. -. ail1

aal. l-.- i -7-.--- -
) I a tr,. I i,,,- i -] ,].- ) C 'I U I,. t.,:,
a,. [I i I -laa .I i ,, n r. I, -l i,? -il.,

i t c I I '.: I I'OI li
-i r. cci~ir e,,.aln .dJ-'1,h l e-Clla\Lcl

hi~iitr eat Coi '- l a ,l. in d a
r, ci a1.., ,I,'c I ,I l',I ''-a,,I a- '

ir-icnrianora- a iTTefloIfL
almaI .,I ."uiI a ,th I '- laah l a-I. 'l- a-lit.

.-0 ude the~ lv rl
Iu I tl. 1 i, . I i l. toI
I lii ii i i ,i h I, ,- ,5 i ia "I al,
hil, I, ci' Teall ,' ,St i h ." -,tl I .1

I ''- -i iii S a,'I--

'iii I cIli .,1 i.r- dh l . .:1 ia-.r
,ill -' ,- Iii ,. I i ,.ilt ii h,, l

ha nllfa-[, t e.1 _',a iii iu-,n .. cw', -.alh- cu'iauiL
arh-,. [,'ii uclaJI I, "udial in h rlv.o,
I al,-, lillil llah]d a-all ia-a- rum letl I-a

Afotr 24a- .. a-- ,L rn,..oC,tiita',ble Jorlan S S. Barrister -
(196) tatl ,nlin--I a Hl cn.'e- "-Toin., rsignbal

c, t, LOST AT SEA.
TIhe itut.r launch I F rnice. which i . -
,i pre,. it iu pa-irt a exl,-ec'.i/ to jail during Adlv'cei have been reece-i-ed recently "
rmh .c*.ta- iS-r-'Ti irlT-i.-'.Li c- i, y car-i G. F. iHugin, & Co., Agenta
lnai--c-atrgo-l-,ci a- u-sa-ior-f'artiniue.C-- rm--ln-;i-ipoa-ltia.i tt(-rener.jj 't-
Alter J- chargiing ht.r rr.-iight at that the s.. Barrister which was on vocage
-lanid. the ,:-,nI lIl return drtirc to a- t Liv rool-to, a
TrraiaadP.-a l-t.aTrini-al.-h -
-at-s --- --
Aor-e.rdirrg to tb- 'arb ,a"o-. StandarjG.' .
S:, ll r ihit eC-, ic, l Rummage Sale at reyris
InLa', aIla. .a- i.:rsiia" ,rl.,i- '.ncr m la u l ;-.a e t H all.
..t.... ..r.. .n a ..r i *. :........ l] cr,, th .. n a ll. a .. .
,ill sI- c c in ia,:rk Th-.. prin-L r -nt- . -
,iil,,.r oa au- ra 11,i:i Police Force. %i lb lla Rul ,ge C L ,:i asill It e ptl-cI on
Tr I" rA lIinkl--.u.i ,n ri:n.l \V\ ,lne-d:'.. ;2nd Oct, .r, .at .1 30 p.n inu 'Oi

A.t 0 ili:.lla n ll,,I hi- ti-a .r.. -o, ;--:,r ; ria- t6i -.5l. a-ff ,hpl--ii-in I- l
t.-. 1,. laII at -he C Cl: b:CL-itl r .i --L i I ca Staill a:an onr D[a ". ala o the aoy__ __-
to, merr.,v GHon I' F. B1 he. B A. il r -ti|,c t laP-01. -F aiL iaC hal -
Cr",T a-r litd-i t -lu --cl ,-clrk t t-i i, Il-a ial n a -
-,r ti ,c. n-t nrlrt :h, i, -, ic ll -i. t .1, i ,,h, h ",| n ,. i
L-3. i-a r. l -: b l ..: I l -,.a : |.,rd .,rl -iai.a ,, ,lart- l,-iial a han.aiL l-ra-t
jTr i' ,TrTT_ .-,n T -I imt % rPu: 17 s,1 -plknV I11.1 ,r1gint, "

Ji, l..ha . 1 i h-i ,:,,, LEGAL TRANSACTIONS.-- =

li-ri vf ih.c i i:,rt..i p "'-ia n .rr",.ri ,,n:.a ,tb c ;-.,r'Er's [rl iSTEi :R ED.
l.',:,, J _-r-.,-,:c l I.c.. l. i l -.-cT-i-: a uL ill, i '.. :,,. -
iJlll In '.ini L 1- c i..-T'.i .. 11a t I H all-,J A I T., ['t-,ali-i.iaIuir, to Ii St bI i, King. a
li.1 u lf I 13i l i l ..i U ,J i , a i i 1.ia ',- ,J '.'.a rra i t i i i l : ,rf,.;l n rc r,[ c:, rlai- "ai i

1' lli. '- fr. I -r. ,.. L, rl l.r-t i ,,il ,\:;l i J J, c ir- lto ida. Wal.
'l r.l i;i l c ,;I illi fi : ,. Mur .: l ndi in Arlma. :--

'.,,- ici Iha.r h.. i -,Cl 0 1 c--. I -a uj .e G lat
,:,. ,i ,,i 11 .,l l.. I ,, l '- I. ,"lr iI ~i_ -] .__ ,;rl ,; o- ul "n in t -.o Th. -
-iti a a i'.i ar ,i i tirrii],.Ia af .-c.'.Jl l'c -at i- .p:l-- --l
al n i o i, i,.:- ,i,.c.-Il -- l a-hI h
-ill --,i,, --- h-a?- ii-n' ,:, -i a I- i '.l-:a ln-a-..-il
a I A lilil hii -

c ul c- oys' Plant Fund.
il I --,,,I ,' i7-, cI ....a ":a ' I -In I ..

-a I- I- cli ,,'- I'--,T ac-I ,1ia-,;, -I .. .. .
T I -Ii-c 1 c
-II-i.'- i- .l ti-, 1 i.. lI l. ci - tit A M ll r I I I n uiti

III I I..IIt1T1 I- t TI ut-i

J....':, l _" .i -a-. r l, a IC .a -it .- i, i-

Ih,. I a ,r, I.- i1 uilttki, ,, ,ta-,. .
,- t, ,-i' cla.. c n i il ,a- i a-a- c: Li nia', t ,1r-
I I, .-I- i r. ". i i I I eIT. I
-,I icl iz i ii, ,-'. . a it-Isa ,L.nd
'i- ,. ,,I ta i,,- 1c.: n ,_ila ,_r .,j cT ,.,1r I ,lic Ia- l r. a- h-i ti-is-i.r

ii.--- I riiia -%i ic I r, ..", r i L r%, l I- g
alaliei n w a- i .aiaa to uaa al-l hlp or
...... . .. ..r r r
v' ,.rt "in-a Ic c, i.n

S I -I ,r,
,,i, .I- h i, ,i a -,r ty
SI M., ,1 '.11 -.11, -roi -,i h ,h M k n r-,,n

r, ,ulia i 4a TI 'e AIe a u-I.,_a-aol.

-.r--a-c--il1eat 11Ia. came nato
.......... .... ...... i- ---wa" %n- .

1. I i -- ii Ii iz1,,,, t-1 li -l. i.-

-Ait A leged Stolen Bags.

lr -. T-..y_. ,,.. ... I. - _.i i

--cal ,'i'-' -a ca- '' 'IC-l a l' : r.- C I [ l '* i 1,1 i T i- aicial 1 cri all el --

"Ita it i-i, ra, t 1 I,,,h ri la-iLL I i c,',1 sa l i ...,: aa a' a,, ,,,,-]J, "a"
ru- h r rt --.i vIrI

i.- 'L 'L' i:, -" li i 'h ni. tiv.-in l n uI-tl.: .. .
--i ic- I I I .' r. t ,Il ii1 aIr Lt i
1 1 r I j rl "Irr.-n..Ir. 1 1 t 1 C IIe-r- - I: '..I ,_ -Lf .
11i I:':ll' l.:r L1, a-,se,: d nl, I nTa- ita le rch -au'l e".u.m.o
T' I, c-ia - c an--rI.:it-t l kl--L ..11 ,tw o

S ,., ,. t InI, ni, i i orc
'1 i-a,,iT ,,,- i c a]h _-,. ..l'i; i. lia,, t l .r l .,-,r' I c h ai-.a,,-n ,,' -enr. '
St r c tI IT r.1s
-a1 ,T, iI hli c 'ea, hl -_ ,rf ,1ca- ui, .
-, I, I ,,a-~ I,.. '-u-ia;iiea la-~I"-aal-~I a a- Lis-i la,-hcek a-a,-th ie,
,,,1:. ,1 f -I1 I tahIc ti.11,-rcit s-;ia,.m.-da-1 el ut Ir:,,,, the.-
"I i ,--.c,_-I.a-- c]L-Io iicce-l tI- SMr .11cu _j He-lrm
rl -IT h: i-' ir -h arc-lIi,. ,1 ..r ill-,-a 1 a I r ,ta-l .A li a-rca- aof ]I ri, ic'. l.ic-vc
.ir .... ..l , .c i ..i .. - -

....... Conveying Pitch Oil.

lI, a.-ll: 'i l i -.. -.' the lMar. rFEii':ct.ND .N r f [''Ti-',Ic D 'o iP UR-aIl
C"reiiii c at, la-,ii-ii-lle'. a-_a-it I s I,% I 1il sain -c

i,,n t "rrncl i i. i aia,. I ~.. i,'h a, ,ll ca-c At he lie C; c ?cct ia r i.rt. ,- ;tierlnm ,
n 'U: c l ;.-, t ht iirL:,:r Couctable Sairuel chariled a-auoq-- -
h.h -1. c, ,I- I r I- i ,i li ,-flDil na m er l i nic lNar nin a a cth .-Ie, ?, 1
Ii-_ h,- -I .I lel a onil, u cea tle to ta o oolen o-n sn
r --4 El i I..r--'1, -a-I ,l:C- iral a ,1 'las T t :I, y h :t -
1 C 1.. ....:- -I r,. .l n r,, .1, i i, Sr i erl a .M ,l ir - pr ,.ctlInd ln 1 Jefeud-
T[,,., tl c ,h s i ar-li-' i n a rac st pl iaedr-nart .n.s -
n, r t i I I :lce v,,:,ul.II Complainant 1. 11,i,: Iit tatrout9 l'. u I n -
I ilia,- l aI_ cIca- -a-il -aaa _Faiil l'I l l a 7 u 'i l .a-i Inc fa-Sl ti-ir Wat'clian-ac, eT h = "
.-.ii-iiull ,: l|- \ l ill 1'i 1 I-riil.T il, clhsr lip 1 cra-a .l nl a-mu 'arla--a -
la- i Aa o.',u a' Ih,' bhim he turned tiack and
IeAan crosin E the Rl linet He asked
SIi nbt lh l uI e iL h. r.rl n It
mI', .rz,,, ,. l .a- ,t-cil, 1,a- ,.1 l... Ei cit Lit- ,.a h a61i.i ile IC a-,ilaaaait
.tc cti'lhii- 1t ai t tt ti n ln t[ le an I tar I I l h in e
i 1 lT',iar.,! l,,l r L, .: c ,r ,. i. p lr. l it a, l m it ci R.- a a w ih 1.-,'
a n-a--a 'c ,al a- ,,on1tOLn e a-r,. al, ur n ac- a ti -bihcaa n-e mfom Pltilef-r ,-
', TI.1 ,h P '.rreo u -ia-,l a IL. n' o I"ei ''nt c ion
... . . L e lI. .c -. ri ,c.r. ,, h", "' 'e .took
I . alll ila" ui t -r : n t r.. n't i la c. ,i. ,a-rl .t t..ili e ail ,-

hIi n- rT nin r. c a cwl rih-c sab t iua llsie cra ab a puf --d
nIrUs ani..itiaatn r iidabna
Lcti, r ula t l ofs thil -nea a- I al-al i- uc, ibh e tiail le1 i1 l. 411IhME
I 1 i',,i .: 1,; I, ,aca1.- 11 ai.trc ,." I c- rn A a .,rr l... ". r ae .f.1.[ a-10io uJ .
kill ,- I- l ii ralnt :I I I -r th o hit, tulrALn th a laupfa .
Th e . i i a ti"i Ic -a-in nver-a I, f, f i-h It- c-lie- ra" aao i e '
I tha - )cta-' li I .... q- :1 Ii .%aih -at F m "la ,tIll. --,- I" I C le 3 ilre l '

'- a-c-I us-Il I thb.-El ie-idtaiuag of t c e-.iia-t "icIi-a"as- 'oa- "ca,- ra.-Imh
&Y6, 4-- :.nta-


_ __ ~


1- t-

I )

-- r-t m,qqim P

~s~,,--"l"""".. ....... .I~

f""-^i~~r~. .;-**; .

.'9 __ __


TSA TnTWB AT rou o nur1 p" tr St. Mary's v Unity. Workingmerl's 'Association. Larcery as a Bailes. -
/ int the r frontier. rThe AtiriJd
a n, a iapiic l, dn tlat it I- ,r. EXCITING G\ li I I- S IN GOAL- COMPUL..SORYV E.DTCATION MarieScaly ps ef a h arn a ...

s- u e-- -- ......-M-p e.. prioe- a, i ,,r',a gmm hii in- ,-n. Tn- .i.,


iJliith : 1 n uf ri,1 l'ir lt t iin lI f' il d r l to- i ,11 l.
Arm']1 unl, .. ..rail-u it I E rni l I1runr mi.u III
:t By ng re1 ;|, .:l i'.'tl' t. ..l. l ll -. .r i E 11 Ii
in thi dla.ili. .-ln ,[ -i i lli .in ..i i -i th .

] thIc .]i,-i|[ .I '1f I. .-miii I
A niu e e ii, i iii, 'in til n. orh.rI n li c cto- r of
thi .ilt-,h: l ua' th, af d .hi r].'ln a lleil T
h h ,-*. p :1, r r, i I i rI: l r thil i I T I '
S' 'T i ,. r ,- i .ll .-r r 1- i rti,:. l il ir .'illt s ,. I
S r... .:h .l .ill n- r un l ,ii u ]l ir, :'prli' J l
th I' amta'h ,.,',;ir' d [ii ii r. a ulwit maniI Se
-.nhatiin i b I- inn i a i -r
-- .mi. il hf- Ii n
umiIi e r ,-n,_0ii .rm P in -n-inn In : ,-'s',.i,:i ,

.,lu t .2 rl ..I tl,. ,, .,1 1 1 V
inn-i r-.l r it -u iiur m;' 'n'.T ltic
- .r ii or11" pa.-c-l-p'erl-- iii."-'Tii, 7.Ii. l t r ,inir lfuim iLie
a. iL.l.ird i-.inn In I m' .I n- ] m ri l- .Illhn lr
-,. ti'ri- .tto th -.-e '*l :li."" i .,' ii'a t nit ii '' -i f i ,

in.- ii. i, ,.l I .'- -r in 'it ,1 u n, F l.-, ,i- i iiir ,_ 'n 1- mm. I
i ,- t] ii iin ..t..,li.-- I ,: -, L l u 1n it i- -rth
o- h r I l d a'i.L .- r i r... t r. I r -lIt ' U iiit

t. i,.rtard ,i Im ,. tilln rl lit tie l)esperal
A, n:rn': m di .-E h p,_.'-i tltr.i -I ,ri a cf nregi- n oo
O :-r .: i. i ii l i a the ..-

S a, i n i il',. i, II. nt .uiiI

'i i rni 1 i- .I I ii-' .n:- ri e-i' n- e'. r ,l
C -i, Oli Lin A :hl-. .'o. ih: . ,r m ..-;' I hin oflrr

i, 'n ,.. ,l ', i ir .I .. 'Ii, -ii ,:,-- n l ' u i I ti,'' i
t.-v.,c Ind,,iI d h1ihj--IIi.'im'im 1hl tl e Sor I it ore

., i i.]| i r,. -Ir .[ ii a.: r i. t -l ,in. rn--r
C_ N.i[ ,I t[ .,, t.-r l 'd i. th l i ,Ter,
'uu '.-mlir ..nnl -u- men-a', i.c1 I, anun.n'1 i',irtmer
I I I Jo

I I. rI .r it I t-; ,
ru, "- .l r all
Cr O -n tr -ill 11 than ,H I-1. i. i-ri rive
'r T ims .r,' rE ir r nni 1 1 mu ,in- ru,. lr, Cha,1ps
al t ln. l ,., 'i enable. h I- t I .I -i w

- -- lii ,r -r. -- '.c-vr .f -- .'.lu-i l tLerison ers Aisne wan
h'te I ,..u cait ut(u- ar nito hlir with lirallal Ostel anm

-,.f l,: r 1- '-C \Pi'U. I I -:. OT r .i
'er 1000 Prionrs Taken. i.
i r -.,i A c.r .er '". tl th1 11 ,PI
a ll .1 ,'i c ur, i-e t- mienm ier, -n at71n1i ij i i t'

C."n arnl - in ... ; I,-, '.m ,.ean '.,t~ l ,,,,'ni -i Gmi nun

In-, a,, lnt *li ni- -r i. h i 1,., ,,' l,. :ri .n, il ofeni i, .
,s, ,: r -1r .1' tl" w e

O ,d ," artt. '.n ihe G r,, ,l
(h %o t lis r n ,2 --t.' t u hIc s ir it r inl. Otu, -. c

-n-. e in thr vniia' e-i t,'rm c -iii rcn-t-- i

'ad htR -l pr'rr aN ,-n t '0 k n Our N
.t n i.'ke E-s.l irs 'a; I h-,t -en Ti. -l ieres .

r. r I ted lhe D,.aI.Cambrai rail at nue.hnall
ux'r ltwo u1n ue s -l inlre, l irm.ron and
O "le.v rc,.r lt tie ,- re tini- the saoth
liit ,n it:-i- ,rt ri lou --he l

til.,'E tof Au,:h-.C aclh. Thie Op-n- da .inI
ti,-,n-,'u- e ir-'e- i-l'-h Ie ,I b the. .ei. r -
Fain nnsrk ot th ii hL'lii'.e,' Le' u thai ts ar e.c or
io r7 1l i h nin" ml lep to

rhcu i r e .i i ,lr.' n ,urn l re Croirr olien- d aC ti n,,t t'ie r Itl w e pr ", -er an at a
si-r tit ni .1li 1-1. inn e Leen ci apint e n ri t. In

.1.- .ItII I o U A s I t: 15 rl'l,. I. - ai imtl n

I I e ;I et
rid. o tan.E-- L.. an r a.eill R,,'

1t10a l- LJlr' _at _ ',- Aliti.t uc ll %w11s'
o' t i l-- sh'elfrire. tle. l Ir, ,. ''1 lntr a lim n
,.! ,M..i n rL l.f s .. .. , th . .l du.-.
I- .li m-i I ll' %vnh 1 -.'7 01

m.' n.ct I ,r1 h r ,n '" : l,- r 'ash at l a II

m1 I ,rth ,I '1' T CI Th l er.- isto ci
n lcurt r ri ilrai t '%rir cr n
mie ',' time -rtalttrL.l

us io rl'im l'.ll t l i1.. 1-1! 'r irl'ra -. tia to sta, ns

;I treI It r'. ri -ne o .-eIn eri airpIc
andt a 111"ie" -1in' t ,,id .r eti ro it i .i'irii'l t urn -ec
pli I '. r1- u. I h r ,.1 I %-s t I ia r.,u i E. sntie I
.., ltIlC ,- 0Il1 1I :re i l .i- 1rti b h L~ 0

. :i b i[ner-s -: 41 -' iii ilreAt. n il-.
I r ,L r Ina at ri .- II rrI r I annEI .In1


HF li ILUi. J') Till. RUN

H-i[ m ul 'I iir 'll M I' ^__

'.-ira Po.itioiis Caplured
rni- S'. .inli h

i.l ri . i- r.i,. ., u...I i' i,- *.i tit' -
l t ._ _1 rt, i u l -r. ,. I
.-W I-_ t .--t -. 1 11 1.

["' GI i. i I,, ] I,.. rui i' i ii .i i .
it f it ,, _
lT 'lie ''it
-il th -A n ..I 11 ,.

5 'ill :i ._ .-, r r,,- W
te fighting is proceedii:.- i ti..
f Bonconville and on the heights
f Gratrenil.
Paris, September 28th.-
L I '_ r.. ning oUrrtroops
1" I r ,, ih ..

.' ini,, r and i several
ITh, Iil,.- ,:illill. Detween the
and Aisne rivers i'e continued

g northeast of Sancy in local opera-
gained some ground capturing 1.0-
s including .1 ollicers. The enemy's
north of .'.11.. ... .t was ch scked. ,
Sorltil a-,c '.. i i r 'I I a. ravine i e-
ruy and Airzy, capturing. two villa-

Paris, September 29th.'
a. On tie western .end of the
.des-Danmes ner irmps have rc-nelrd
r- Ailette at two points. In their
gnie after repulsing strong hostile
.,. t.:E.. I l. i. heights of' Bellevue
:[ ''' ir. .ii. North of thie river
e have captured Filain, Chavignon,
d Sainte.Berthe.

.\.\ nil ._r E

icnt Frenclih Pro.riis Reparled

L- ,. ri ,.

n,, Ci.f r-I.r- D

r- n

T I. '1i ~t i

1'' ir, tnii': ior. il IT n. li

-- ca, tlht. n C r r. 'h
f-i..ntl b- t n l- t

From lr aw .1 .: ,toaI; El.i tl-,
Man e i DE.nd ireI vi. rI,
O R DSn tl I.E..- l

r .O.,L-t rrc A \'.'i
1l- s E'''ria:aiii .I-i t h'rill-nn'

r rr ta,'j.ricEll r .i 'h, -1- l-a.rt E. -1 L -, .

f ron h narla, rr- ,' ." .m-r, ,

tar,,i t" t- e-, h ,lt r hh


D--i l ilrlpi and ti h Lrunse
l..'m- l.,rl I-rt,',.- .r 2. l2 .

Iand 1t rTii;ri r...nli r i.

tmn t ill. 2't.. t ii nae ''. ir I nrl.
it hici .' it I,,_:i rr

iram itl.-im Ih% ih : lir;t'-li v.hi. -are
g on Shlimiln t ,l Thim e I. r.-ai.iu .rce
inu lrlle \'Vd .. 1'1'n -I ..' en ii'.
e lni r.-' l ia n- -fl>r e iis c flm r t ll g
tell pa~inttios alarturincas p u'.Ifitiir




.f 1 .. 1 ' 1': P ,, 'i,, .a. Y r ' ,,u,/' (. /,' .l C

RoUC n S itcrrcr r"ti.
Ol'ffcila] rul;he.. a. n inpr-,ri.nt dlga
h ,tu n caipturiied I.'' Er.,,_,p ..Thic c-ni.'
rli al j ', i'L ni" ,] ri' -i.:i f :.rf u the nil lllr,' i l
rin ,. bLc.L.'LLn t111 C'.rn. r .- l \ lh
A i LL I I- ,. i i. I ii i 1; a

A .LLIL .-T ...

Prisoners Capgtured lMostly Germans,

.-r- l ..Ia F ..l- ,''-i T;.i,- i-Tts-i 1i r A --i I:t l h
i.r i, zi _()IT, i I i, t rI -F,.'r 'ni.. ,.,a'r ,]

,rot th : -'."A I '1 1 '. C, h. rot a r- i "I',.
-I L ', .ItI Ir;, t d, I --,-d t .0 ,T U ., -I or t ,

U- 'i,.hun, t ,-ii'', i.N ,\' \':.M.'R'i'is.
it *r lu
i i. 1 11 I" II l I Ld rlt l lt. l\ I

e n, .hi a %h li t .ii iOpisr taions C nl.

iio ders in,. r, cednoia- u,,rtii a cors.ultatio,.
i ti,[ r-l indlll tio., hle.r. AI i es is aiel, -

Meamirre, lie 1itar y i.errtios t ion tinCne
linue. I
.Lo ,i Septei be,:r IStll
.. ( r ... ,:I I .

AItis understood that no inerstrutions rp
arding'the Bulgarian application for action

isoir;id solicit begin atoerice eIs to tie Gl-
mirldegs in-Macedonia, until a coilsultatiotn
,between Fralwe. Great Britlain," the-United
r.-i "-" ta'Iy tAd lthe othe l ies is 1eT,
airimno, military 'opsitations will continneg


Extreme Excitement Created.

S Loind"o, September 28th.
AcirdinLoiarTe i'c, lt nRlh dtispatlh frons
ALsterdam states that Germany intends to

send a solid prottki t i ulgarlis adainric hier
Preier'soreui cALIr e IT n i'rnIsbiaceirtris
believdd that the 1;ulgaria'n Premier's action
ias taken as a res i ltf er tians rr a Caefusalet
to senid suflicient reiniorcemientsio ti he 1111-
garian froat. The'situation is causin gex-



London September 2,qth.

Sangre Grande eeDistrictdes.
",",",at fornier Premier,1has been M -
n -d 1 by theFTaipuror to form a Cabinet
ssion to' that headeId by Count
f._ ,,,,-it which rec ntlti resigned. It is

, lition Ministry.

Sangre, Grande District
Agricultural Society.

r t.1in7 1 -9 f [ti,: bove-nnmed 'Society wsilL
L.'-hhil a ilie--'.c,,rF-'-House- on Wedneodsay
.- i ru-.nt,-at I4.30 p.m.
I d..ding and confirination of minutes.
I I ,tin op eand rates.
I rpointirent of n.Ielegate.
ArinRtigements for lecture by Mr. R. O0.
it ervationrorn the Truck Ordinance.
G. ueral buqinvS9."

Trinidad Artillery Volunteers.

OF OTO.RIR, 1918.
S De '111 I' b I-I.t -a-. r. -

Dri-ll FL--i. rt 'i. .'-.I. 'na-i .i'i. ar
p- al ,..r .
-.i, Drill on Fridays, thie 18th and 25th'
,,t St. lrmes' larricks, at 4,230 p.m,
Coe.innludirng Officer's Parade.-On. Saturday
the I".lit, tle Lr II[ II Ii l. rrg.urele Ro l,
at 3.' p. i. h ,Fr, r e1I,"I'. C1, 111..11 y
l.tress riin rirrllm .lg omit.,r, h,,. 11.1i0l] u,5
to Ie Loanui I

P o t- -S lp ,i. r. C .r ir ,'j
2rut .- pr eprn.1

House Struc. by Lightning.

S LINCK Dilm-- oV si5oci;

-- "I
iCrr ren ,l *I Sri '-r':l" ille rai I.

r., cr.ij l.r. 1,,,f Sr.. I'.rrr,' in, l i prii.ft,

,ultar Ia' tr.e snetrl, il P hocii millve.Ie Ir1f 4t_ ta adI t-..e.. E ...IV.a1 1 . er nt- imar I'a cIO.., '-' n. un- i;i .i
have heen 'erv. teic n hatt'g rer I I. that'Dr.o., .l'" :l;,, .. :.'rr : h c Ein- '-,., r ,h '-i t (Ile' atte '.th
th'e di, rict andi Ma r. andi M rc..Linck. "ti, (.ill. rig pm nia:r. I.r D m n. i. csa m i n. ii ,1 I.- L ,.I 0.l f r thc c..r.
. ia i te r. rr \,wr' i n thesi r rcslileci.e r 'u.. o ,- ,,iN cI-I, r% c ,,- n kvI. ,t i !mat
rccit,, ti e s.nII si and ell in tie tr .. 11. r le I n m.i .i- in
grol id i. L ul, inia Herln few nrmi5utc'lt N 1,r aid .lMr s 1.'- la'niL,, .h Stb-nd.e. m-alu 1-e._-a "mirllit. i, .r n
,ui r tlle' incider a hn.d hirr lit-lj iiJ, tl. e S..' ,re t-.. l., ,ktihtm r lM '-'s l1...IMn, ,,t'.i .g e c..,'. .iuin.ile i .n.,,
mn]io-a .' .i% ,. in lor o i e..t.rr,, forlun.leilv ",ir i .,1une1. Pile.,r-, J. E',ill.-a. P' : .g n ,.1 i Iet'. 1 'I It inie gai-fern. 'lt lhi l i r ii. ., l
1l l the uiltelid.inrc rOf DJr. Ailtitr who W.uilev ansI J Iwiroe ip U t i, andi ,.,n tL I.' o C.i nel. (
lip i:'.,. l O i t at 1. [ Plul'snt Ihe iI).: lr I n-i- an c- o'. red to' .1, I. . r h Ill-. u I.
I-e it reclrnern rapi.lllr.-'' ThIe 1 't-.t q I...w'as Coru Care .1uii 'lra- 1t0-a oua p mi dmimio.' I., I'.o r "lh- I \V, : ir'-hil t -I .
In la .' 1 J,1.. I j i; ui i" a puda. r ih re-irn1' iii]; 1 .

ht u : ,. n l wa ,

hSt he poitnelt

1,: -:njr anid e0c -
,rttfer roughly.
I, rp-irt the con-
-."lul7.mnaut the,, '
Iu ri aL.O it.
I-rgLd dLcfe iddnn


I _


-- lCLL spec ,a -ll' Payment of _Labourers'- Wages. dnt -do rt-and 16 crnts' -woth of ake.
Mary 1a ie l w i'.. uL. i Cmpirnihni Si -- tin uo'nnday. 2.d ultimo and naner saw him
pla td At Ire ol0enni of Lthe match tie A meeting ol tlie Tilsidad WorkLinmen's again until Sunday last when he slated that
grriund ass dry and the gatrn- w s I'Er. butllt .'u'slatln Ia_ held at __St. Jlan'si._-Ira hIee .alJa inantmued-immiiant-and-hle nt-me--
ihe f-.lliani not up to a ery I lrh oer' r. Pmbrn io'lie ltrIs.l on & idav ea en- .i lasi-at -brmanager at-Trmaupnl -' -hht r-i d --
the bic o tihe L! rrds b g gen ral F .' r y L-Je- ti''leg '4 eet- and lrcked himup tn a room. -
dlefitc L p Unily I.; -J n.t 'luring t n thn chualr.nrn Tie ulleule ol the lat uiee. Defendant made a similar llt mena t before
log hilf U al los 9L ole iCnr p rportUninlr i for rag aret read counlar mert. and thirly new the lfaglfi Lrile, remarking that he was inden.
calling. but al. ir the luteri l ten the emneLrs enroll, to the a- iocianon. tlred at anu Ctale at Princes Towo and he had
riu I ll.- lt. Murt's ll d In- b- lt'r O i lhe .\lltr olllne-"lh Ithe corre.poule.nce tie' one mote month to erve as aamutmmigrmt.
eLi.ame. TIhe- a.e eadciJ nE a a .ie ,ras. Iue.u I o ai rilan.'e a.'-_ tn i.,lerc, -- Th-e Iir Worship told hiim |ai t l hi would not be
L iu ,l il. i cd J ,i2c t iihiJe Il.|r In place r1t S cr t ,rr. r aciuc ,i re that he ,.i nl tm ove E biE l irr t.r lju t neow and'scnite crdl him Etoon e
IFri, r. fcor l'iti T. Pt ipp a tac llie te ll, the ncix antl li elllll ing I tht ihll o1. nmor h's Impraonment wtih bard abonr. .
bar McCarthy while Lickalo g tlrrng plateI tico oaon take ithe c-eM ar_ leps .r appnrochtg_ _
S . .. .. ni oI e Aleged-nuAttempted -Suicide.
hill( :. ,,lie ,ir.i...ein re, oinr-.,tr, ', or... ito.......1ru - r- e m be7
in- F._. L I% 1 13 a -. I -n LI.AN ND- IN-RIVER -

1. i I r 1 ... t O -r [r "Ii c r 'n i.l'- I r i re r- r- i ii n o e i ll

of I. I^ k t, t, 1 A lg ng
J it- lXN n un .i ht Al- : IA I I1 .Lnl -,r j u-tno'o- "T .pro .. : L d .fr the C M.Ipi- trate
sh t r a r. I _riaf1 r luicu 1 a ccild o( stirs ai int eee'ibrielo charge ofibnirctir' -wr eer-
,01 u R. 1- I S rO wl I O -stl i.r i t, fil l% o itii n i ir n. o l cn er ,a rgedrc by. CsI .r ullocn r ithr
i'r.Aren'cl to y CiJll r.c cla.I'.l -Iur .:a'n'I' N e li,-. .1 1.0 el, ; ..h 1 c lg o. ,i 7in+ao e i .i St. .ai)'s
Iiuri h nno I In a.i1 i r 1 1 1 0 f t.eib -I u. -li er11-. ,1. i I.rne' I r r i- .r rd i fiate i s.

in',1n-n ri IL r' i .in l ," ii t ll -- rn i bi l., llt' truc N ln-, r ,> ed cr. u,:eun s I b l cl i tyr r .l I tan

]ir r nr,' ,in r- r a l i -le'rnu e ull a i e r u e at n a .r rr i ti J li
AS rin, ,, I.. ic ,,.1 h .. n .i..d nft r r rrl'ua prosr1ted aiur

rIar Iof, -e, ire iilrt, : i. i i .i. ri, L ,[ni. l l e ade d trui" fr dlie we nt'

nr- llv- n i ha. geiti isi'- i.' i r- l Ii'I i-Ie -ea n-. 1 I .'- i t inu ..i eit ri nd ret

uic" litares. ike ,Ie r 'llrer-ian th ei r .i r, ciie 2' i.r r i-i n I i i n toct ra b ei "i ren t nt4 eiry St ree eth e od -
T a 1f liet ad .sr-1'nI . .rfere tol l 1.onr frn Ioe n I o:a sa d a a Of or A a ad t
-. .nl r -r 1 1 ,-v -e r -ni to. -Le)o Lrd h i
a.. i' iii L.,' ir IiS, of "r. Dr Ib I r hi..r ct d e ,.n I ,l e' e sI ro, J I .

m" roso "a i llTcm r e,,,o, dtnlia iltsll, lhe r y re,. l Ihc rc ercir
,',ar. i. a ', i r . .r 'nn,, i--I , 'pr.5 'im.t I i ,,, 'inli, 'i n aet, re, h e rlat i cs i inou entr ihia d

u s, i' t b nr. ti.a i o--ii- 1 r .- i .l the a l iai ier .ar. w sin Iar turnedd ti o

Te I M o c.f- treil of te pri1n' bri1 'i.o- r1 I .rinuh Th irnda foriki n ci on rir l.;A Ci 6''i E -
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t ... i ^ii '-if ,,, ,i,,,. I t ,':., r h^. t m r I l ^.t h 'r ,, rt her, M T nJ j.,i r ,i, ii',I .h i
p i. -.i I, ,l I I ,,. I, 1 f.i. ., .r .,c, r fhe s1ixpe

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aait iia. -n, t ora.hs a rd Co algefoards c os e si d ered u byI the Govr en t mn tiade, s d ut ntingt o
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securedties-- M-cr i no'titepr-e s borrot ive .Ita -' rf nor isim t e iadtic I u m h i . i a ,i-inet Iring ,himroif -h eltairi side.wShei

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SL. Ma ry ., s. t ha- I "- .saw, t her ef rerth o at ..he tr.l, ,_ w 1 ,f.4da.. n'h,
tr aar s r loaft Ordinancr woo a child oft theirs soil iat Dfeudnn, after 'doing cinted elected t
Tilt,', ,r E M t I .lsifo t thi tl wto consivery wheth t er Life)-twola .,_Lle c l it,=s--- 1th o._ .in : ,
A strnig tria ls fell imto pediate yiu eiore hls i ss teuapport enri draelt Ourinna e tsi thU o e a n o hart h ofenndanoe s police and awith hc
i r.ann ls rtly ralte, the ie ar,,r liror ya -aio a u J d to t fnd
tinn rc a. n ..tha ia ig e prrssreet tinnnigc in. ...... irili riia ltiictwI. 11..., 1-"-- ii 1.. .. I.. I I t. ', ,,;s isy. c. t
fare o antysui y gaa cl an ves i aaua d ca'a- ri. ther iesolutinca futil' ] 0I3 . ...m -uAxih S iah -hecasse a lie sild it r, as too r ail t a e.I, -.
partial iytroed hn cirI livt.ii a'i ai eor g rle itinci s b:ose-se- sl tH 'iisirr lue. ir
Phippsi o iiu cimielr :n ,hiy lla-t',-:irit aprrto I Miflaiebolse hir(,- se ri r u ; E a a nn itt ri tbe hid o n1e. s0l r iksol s hsim on behit a re s ia Sl'a d
ga ahsa i e ard.s t\ih h sl a ft-n ltlcc r on i C;anrce, ato h ee id be fortervheu i hitunit ib tw harastu rweh arrknic -
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ast M -P drafr handt srdaa nger o usld te t e uda e th ele ed
Ttates cp iUsary area The rass [oTrh t hem o sier whetherthey u gie evideance froAn )- s him.I oher that hI oT
i itaro-n- andl he shai a sied 'Tno hcanners uprt t u rn suppleO ne i tr dayi ls lireho irebad wtha eo
wire eau ids rtly Slt ury's sun d 'Cc anoccnno r ir t.' iss .. retilV loorraurnlsnarcI-i _ore __faaa r._ cI_ Llir i- nie-_ irrao- andLcaffed
took ictrh. iP ippstha drerde u t e eri n t is' Pier1n-1aii -iu I cr .tIl ua'a'tlrati Ied. ra'ig.' 1r'ri,,r itile-eye. rIeri' s,, i.h i, iced l.ease
cen treesailaiheraernad swept js-rass, tilega t a lir fo hinatiife 1 '.11 sn rlte-xceed h l n A ofithe- henireunlia satu ts il "e a ml OO egan rI- n steona
bat rhe insid m l ena failed tongetrpossensio a.nearesi satshint o tire .i ,'-y nd iihat niosey Oitil eba hase and ,smashsip he Ore hinr, g, lt e
Exacithing pla,'rv ewas iras'eei wicthini tis r ae gi ts oaon Ien r I sha llmentit iout isinse stoannu heniioaiir!backn aotitl 'oardicattlehackrinn--'
air li lee thre roil ruhn l dnogaeva rues y rale t at rpermissio r th e H renillIenli ratie' [I stohast mii a ion-intend iotic. Se ian i dg
delr niti gresippea ct ; lite lea'siots isahre f r a'm s diGunerrnmen t_ b apr-euil I I ene Ile f with il he a ife. nh,. to ldai inniri th i sh. he
sitho t oan y n he shing putacin oathrrie s uIc lao urers are !enp p lsvt e rl.h tane u tile. iento d nrthaot s -'ihn lbaLn -Ie
Mrr. secWarnerd actedl as Oecrec. SiMr. l iir- ancc, w ech d.tud rbe han ai l grtib e diinu.
Tine ialotnhga'hw n earned th ithe first I htv,C.: TireSecretsary, ain supportrng e in ure e ohu- The mattee aas adjournoedi no to t eetsr de'
Goalen rear; hiachon, sTtacippFs, tne SM a" rni ornsidlirehad ho ailrnairtinerais.e sexperieace ieadahnitoitctehaeraitnesseo .
Ctrtil e insde -iseo ua:LM. ihips et rasey a. an in the cinhpiinte ifaci sboer. an mh a in years
Harpert phFao waruds.Wlaungheby, riciher aStc- P aa hired huan ireesdfal athourersinteet h aud wf A fte rd Fi e Y ars.
torcin, Joyce and Calhender.hale G rac le mtie Gesra ini a so ate hbo e rest-alee r p a s tArre s odAfter he aY ear
Sr tatryr team paacyre h Gailf htis w 01 the colony ciTrionidadsi d Tobaga. Then h re ted

Pie. yrConnr. t e g o rson, Acal c gwh intte h Pubhiicr Works e epartment if aoeirti scty wich tr b ASSAULT.
arithd an scgoringtkepn s rc pla cngr ha rourer sdfar the Goirh--

r---- WPicture' Theatre. large. ,nu erruato canteaclors and hsb-cir- d Pable. h.C. Tpspi'.Ini f t rI'a".ru,
tFacthrs-wh o S auorienr thisptrack nytn teirh mind iT oh ngnuiatitir nil adjio rne nt-I in. d-sli
o r r a T tinp~ n e- rent said iehalu r ha, conrat anthecanEoftite fatildMxllfart nit' r he wi tne i'eit
ah a-OLYMPIC. h e ortough' -pl n f 'ur h iu heorpbsp 1
asrilcoa tlres rWioude tesd ien rne-ped w thich re a-i-ia In-nutr 1"-in-p doler Seenant-Major Sobres prosecuted anon d
''Pearl t ythe atone sae'Tire leneI. a the G ..... eti. ... f" t a.n1..... j coid nits Aeniaartpleaded note gniit.Y e
wichia is e tnoideredf00poned n alih'r Ieryheuci ps e thelsiaouyre tenbion eid o f at T irc ages ICo n
saeisial drew a hIamperi hans noSud A. one n; aynigha t w hichrhOmaneu caseeasporiogi aoly ts o atew pte -thto October9
paroliwinu'eade hy anoericastoacrash Ge: rwads: u s n iquareerythini big nighardyand aos-_ at the eDetective Office, from MIatildoaPaiul
ailitriirinr epthbe sajdirue glued 'tIo theair uiscie Wto- Dsuach iscrtreeot. IL hasknbeenirise arid scent ta- -41IHeary Stren t torate en-
ees. O Pesidentn Wils. B erown Asseno urging oen L.jaer... n-a empIlionine l abienove ere nt ather wou ere rn...i.rii. Ilie sari' defendlaut .-at day at
ne pesoplerth egeeessity foe rising sp irmsone "Ir.;,; i fsand tie Inbaneers as a rule Date Street ard lire ran away. Henext
behold atlibertyr sod jssiice. peeeat st a-vwo fornc tire Go voersromot though slasdefendast a day or twinatteeaards rt
T he Pirct i rntisea a tf'"Prea lothe Arrn inu runa s c . sans ihe r contractors. nfered higher tie ho boner nof. t. Et'It..a.r ch ...aie.
WITratrs. iesewa sytherefor's atre e incle in fe ,
ocre --en scar, hir seas iceeoedon Snday sightLfn a nen] c nunsweep bring ash at the a-bole at ii. P as a i iarga r,,'deur In c ass,,h ..r
and gai antn OL MPens utOOisa.9pro- systemn. eaiphovrd a a .. I s
pogsnda for prepareedneess The great Mna Te.y 'etire smendirtent waspu tt tirfe vale wod iJei e sninpledaded a' rioil oe,
wh ich i 1 tns.rideurte,. Iaar e H PIi '..u c T I- -rtu r e e h w l imnan t sia uthii t iu"aOcter- "
S i rl E es at hi er ihusoutia on f Su ths Eike The Secrtharyw sas ther ndieeroed ta draw otip '' oniin mgLrri.tcd d dant
nitte O pi r Thea oree lhandsomeltroune i behe hecnisbar ue d asnier ly istobeaforwaerded 91in n a- abont 2 at.ve9 re cteieda reor -
neniibth Octoher. n Theft Tac woter heo rignry as a kecuj rrie-to
Tire onnie.tehie n ateeothe poeigr paome s n Ch orrn Thursday"f free itonesses bai being eallan-cd
behale.ot libredosbtyabn harle h- efrrelin, whosekLarceny 0o isw defeiah a dna y. o a
caesed rue whusse no'go1intn-einle-ey-ittieg

PC .inatchirirneg opsngarsiith.'artsGoonpto' Obstr eucting a Co-nstabe.

fn-. 1 47,.'it .,61., ], : I)."- -, ; .I --'zdi..d.n i --h t '-un- ii- inIm i,. ,it_ i nn t ie
e si r 6 h. Oc tober.-i rtme N "tiFiru m .efeud.-r-[.urth.1r1re tearidm ..... ..rete ...-
T helruimi. R.EI altue It eher o rP Li-mrimte l .E Th'rnity2'1p in.e won r- rs, ai' mal tnn f Wi t ses'ba1being allowedI
. .itleri ....nh .t iiAli e T. lt -r r Chair I fur i .Rs-er' vthor L r y r rm 1i ii-ii i n5' v wirta h aiii sr*.I r 1 a
1 a 4lo, 4.i.elv erival ied l 'ti sia l, I tmn't311'01C ulI' Einrm 1 r 14il I if-.rI Mr R IM T 1 int -I m)r,!
him-ti -....... i 'r i r r i n, '''' I -ur ni-i 'inilt' n

I--iri C I I-thCa I aiLiei13ar .I I;. c.. .i ''r4 _l0,hLr-t 'If
_-- -- lat1e e insi -t ti--:-iF'e, i-i-t iis" in :Iiid-
sa C_-J.IIn..nrniinJsIc ali, ot ite l L'uht

reached l ll our jecitives. Fit frer iorfli
the Fifth division captitred ellautanitlianid
cmtliiin c with the 4211 division, the Sixth
Scrips under General l Haldaime brealdniug

court carrivIthy vili
--g,tined-posses-icnirole ntg spTr ry-iuruti g.
eaistward from the village'towiard MIarcoinug.
-U--li thailr itie Seilh itiol iira,'atuttitovto-
geler with the Seventeenth Corps having
o teitrmed the line in the region of the Canaf- '
6df'.Nord east. soitlicast of Msoeuvres were-
( iil'i-"fr -nnp-fru-thglt-orttLirve-
sei it Annteux.ain Mi r.Mied uur whole Irni
litne forward. Oil tLe extreme, right the
SAnierican detachluentits captured a series of-
It c:ches and fortified -farims forming the.
oerndefeoces ofthe iiaitn fisindenibcrgs.i's-

S crt as eaittre a tnd otr advancc:cOn-'
tinued to Caritaing' antd Fontaine-aNotre--
D-cc. tIe- t irt o-11e- ceiisreal-eo
C dTiadiatis forced a. passage over thie Canial-
d N aord a pl captured the villages of Sains-
le a-r a riiim aitd'l hti'loinltgietlier with the
seo',led lieiglhtdiorurlfi.Icll a astata-(
tial progress been made toavards Rail-
Slecouirt and IIavriltcourt by the, close.
coperatit of tlih 22n-d corps soutliiand
norilth of thlie ensce and Scarpe rivers the
k55;is-iotn-oHlrissepa.-crsil tile Cattal-
i'"l -Nornd nd attacking northlwai:d ptured
ct Sany testrce and Saichy Cauttry. North
of the river ScarpLe n the 'extreme left the
iScotish troops; together with some.of our
-ilen-apqtured -\Ar-leu-x-eo-GolIe-la lid-a-
t German -trench system .in that vicinity.
'The perfect co-operatiot of' the commanders
.tid th tineig'hbouring units enabled ,is to
achieve- coipletesucccess at relatively-
i s.l -.s-: Slain lt l prisoners
have been captured together with many.,

g" --


ver 16 00 Prisoners Taken.
o .ondon. September 29th.
i .Aijcial,. Tltio.neircin.t rittovernentaroitndi
uCamrt isirocre.isin favourably. Canan-
|-di. troops le-aptured t.he defene.(stsein e
known as the iarcoino -Msiers line as
Sfir north' as Sail ly; Since the 27tli we
chavtcapouret more than 16,000 prisoners.
Official. Our, attack yesterday on the
.an,-.: tr.i,.e ,,,neeS-oscAeith outere eay,.

of the battletront ans
s and.guns taken. Our
tomt 7th corps continued
,e'mbetwneen Flescquieres
rlon heights.' The Cana-
.d beyond Savunecourt nnd
Camirai road at night all.
n passed rapidly forward
nd captured rpinby anid
.t the same-tinte the 56th
'northward "uMote" ---hoe.
500 prisoners in defenses
.T.c .a-.

ws fich fu not yet tieeron catnted, includes
a cnimplete batteryy--of-4Ocb--im-ritfisetrenguis -
as well as other-heav y c.a-ibre cation and.'
much important tiaterial.

S NORTH OF Tii AIsNf. __

Several Positions Captured, '
.c Pris, Sepemlter 28th.
O.Ticial. -ur .repeated attacks oe the
4)il:cte-tu. NortlioLthLe -' tise-i nall'-- fuorred
thtet-emlenum6 t, r'etire-towterdct-the- ive
Ailette. Eastof-the line running between
Alltemant andutlJoiy we occupied the village
oit T'ion and1te souiuern mitlsirts of the
Forest of the same narme-as well as'
"Vaudesson, Chavigan and Fort MIahlaisbn.
Further S cuth we rLeogressed ousideralv
oT e pla ort of Skilly; In the

ernmau cou(Iter-attacks o. n our right.
Desperate, fighting is proceeding in the
region of Boitconville and on the heights
South of Gratreuil. -
- v Paris, September 28t'.
_0 a. .a-U-tits morning our-troopqs
continued to attack and took' possession of
-he village of Souinep., also capturing the
egllus norim oh oo u- T-Jaonots,
takinsg- additional prisoners and several"
guns. The battle continues. Between the
Ailette aind Aisne rivers ywe continued
-pressiiig- the- eneuay last night and this
morning northeast of Sancy in local opera-
tibHnS we gained sbithc ground capturing 1.- l
prisoners including .4 ollicers. The enemy's
counter north of Alle1:iant was clicked. ,
iFurther south we pelnetriltedi a ravine hue-
tweel Jouly and AizY,'eapiiturineg. twoe villa-"
SParis, September 2etht.'
Official. On thie western .end of the
-Cheniin-des-Daines onr trIps have reacheLd
the river-Ailette at two points. In their
Champagne after repulsing strong hostile
attacks, we took the lieights of Bellevue
north-east ofGratreuiL North of the river
Aisne we have captured Filain, Chavignon,
Ostel anid Sainte .Berthe.


Methodical French Progress Reported.
Paris, _Septeue! 2Z7thh.-_
ticeal skatemett. DOe the right we
advanced our line one kilomnetre capturing
Bois-de-l'Echclle and Cernay.. We freed
therailway .frotu Challeraoge for a distance
of four kilometres and pressed on muore
Than two kilometres, northward General
It-raud's army -cntLinued ti-day to
splOendidly assault ithe formtidabli enemy
positions in the Chnampagne where the
enemy are clinging to an inextricable maze
Gerimanstriied to oppose ua but were un-
successful ; our advance continrne methodi-




Paris, September 2Sth.
Aerial operatipos. Our .. aviators
dropped 24'tons of projectiles during-I oe
.day and 23 tons durugr thenight on bivou-
ac and .cantonnients. at the rear of the
enemy's frofit lines. 42, enemmy airphluues
iere downed and seven captive balloons

taepnltuer lilt. -
srotrit/inf*Tt~rsl- ie

every part of the front throughput
Our bbtibititr ,patrols carried out
tout low altitudes altoneg the battle
any explosions .and. fires were,
in hostilee battery, positiona^-. In
extensive buinhlg -- operations
ifd ott beyrndthe enemo lines
.al airdromes and a number of rail-
iotra wr! s-'ccer ss'ullyTV iittasce.
wo eneatl II acbhin. ti and eight
were downeal tind 20 .otjcr air-
liTeIO dunt ot iof coniCoi. Nitte-


rvachel1 r -AI:S l conuidU11 We y--*beyond-
Rociie. R qe same day we enotret'Veles,-
capturing, .trok.sdeleuding 4.-.e fortress.'-
Our advance tbwards skub continues. We
have captured an enormous numi r of pris-
oners who are mostly Germans". I-tLge
qi.antities of war tnaot'irl, .iincludigK' .ve-
-al inachiiie -guIns, 3) ntoiutai-n gtut-.ood
holier.itttilhies liav' fallen into our hands,- :


7-'r, CI;.. -'It.

--- 0P RO OSAL. "'-..

Meanwhile Milltatry Operations Con-
S- tinqnue
ondon, Sqefit'Ibor 28th. .
The Govermiinicnl 'ves'terlay received front
-OifLstaial-aand- htli r-ival source ilflgarials-
ap|)licatioii foray ar atittice. Me.srm.ifal-

Mr. Lloyd George regarding the proposal.-
Paris, September 28thi.
It is understood that no instructions rp-
&arding' the Bulgarian application for an

tItitderrs in Macedonia, until a consilltatiotn.
.between Fraisei. Great lBritain,' the-United
S.tatesIta'Iy ansd lthe itler. Allies is Ield_.-
Meantime, military operations will continue


Extreme Excitement Created.
,Lonidlen, September 2tli.
A: lelc anic Telcv ripli dlspatclh from
Amsterdam states that (;ermanv intends to
send a solid protest to ulaligaria against her
Premier's reu t t fur" an 'a,'lmesticei It is
believed that the 1Bul:a.rian I'remier's action
was taken as a result ,f t;ertiany's refusal
to send sufficient reinforcements to the tMIl-
garian front. The'situation is causing ex-
-treime eciteoue-nt n(uermanv.


.- --y-s-l--i u-i- i

eLondon,e Sepemueber 2,qlh.
Accirdintig l--an lF-chanu-c Telpg-raipldes-
patch d- rom Tokio, Marquis Kinniochi
Reaionju, a foroler Ircmier, Iis hetm cmt-
-tricirtded iYs thlieTaip.-or t Ifornf a Caliiniet
in succession to' that leadild lIv Count
-Teraucnhi which receintlv resigned. It is
probable that Mar'uiis Saionju will organ-
ise a Coalition Ministry.

Sangre rande District

-Agricultural Society.

freA meeting of the above-nnaned Society will
iah-rld -at-l-he-Im2o f House on Wedneday--
4nd-instant,-at 4.30 p.m.
1. Reading and confirfnation of minutes.
2. Correspondence.
3. Proposition nf oeseidates.
4. Election of candidates.
5. Appointment of Delegate.
.6. Arrang'ents for lecture by Mr. R. 0.
Wi alsisas.
7. Obiervations on the Truck Ordinance.
S. General busineess:

Trinidad Artillery Volunteers.

OF. OTORBIER 1918. -

Sitt, 8l. llllre Rl22l ad 29tih, at the
- rl-lEill, TrBaretle Road, at 4.30 p.m.

pulsdry. -
SGutn Drill on Fridays, the l11h and 25th-
at St. James' Barricks, at 4.30 p.m,
Commanding Officr's Parade.-On. Saturday
tihe l2ti, at the Drill lall, .Trugarete Road,
at 3- p.m: sharp. Attendance compulsory,
Dress till, marching order, hats worn, caps-
i to be brought. -.
y Urler,
---- -- -R-eN-otLt's "R-rri--
O.C., Major.
28th Septesmubr. 191 R

House Struc by Lighlning,
I'- ---- -~

Grenada, Septemlier 27.

was observeId on v'Wdn sdy tin.ortnii!lat
about 10.45 afltgIed the residenceof Mr,

h i painful .
Ieemed to
iiarter of!
nes. tinrk

hid b ut was well marked sal ftuailtd to break
.-rotgh -t- srI c """- .- itts.en
5/linot- wea-ak y nn, h ,ce initiat u.. ii-
Ol hhb--wasI kept well in cheek, .old Did'ur
"t1ade soise-UsefuI toPasses lint-fatled to shoot
n accurately on anl hlit'noue occasion, whein he
tested Francis with the best shot tried by Unity
for the gaute. For St.. Mary's, Monteil was the
star ota. e ir accurately -An tackled.
, wil-ceert aiity anedlign'.-'Amorouso his porter,
wig's safe, and Cniherchth wasn tIhe hbest hatf,
O'Conruor nnd Achog centered well but their
inside men faitde tee openutr,ute the Unitv's
defencef utd eveu wIeCl they got through in
Lth,' latttrralftlhey-failed tofiad llhe-uets from
easy 'auge, BIoth goalies werO safe, hte;i
o-enciosines goal disiplayei uIch coolness s iSn
several ec nititing situts.. 0
'flee ffh-:hi6 e is the gamlet hlurief. Tue
Ctletgs ,ta: eked -of ttowards the easter,
gioa ant O'C:otpor t hialcr tehAltin ceetr-
got t p~osonsestil fr-ia pass by Scay andm
worke i'sie hutIlontit or him n i t
followed son'c nevene itlti :ulid-6leh smtu
bthe St. Mary's outsi iright tied r _

froIn a strong' ),Yti P h Iluippes cur- 1 er-e Iwho
rece-ver-thO tuntinal pa ss ir de a fecill ltry which

15 a- political1ooy., Peepitweretmioutauto
thiul. politically, a ud lie took it that their
orgnisatnou was for the purpose of giving
-peesstu tMoKtise thoughts. -
tle r;.:Jantes iBratiwaite, the Iouorary' Secre-
tary, replied thal-their resolution was to waive.
such political questions as maiy belikely to
create anyt friction between the Goverument
mid the people. They were to realise that
the adlinisittratiou of tlhe Goveriiente,
tt itt te like thlsiwas w yery serious and
I arnois tasid, sprciaily in a colony -ofsruch a-
mixedi population as Trinidad. The hands of
the Gaseretieat were filled with very serious
I problern, aid itswo ld he disloyal lorL them to
do or say it althiig tlt thay tdbt to create
a greater diiltiuss, when the tifimpire was pass.
ins'through the umot serious and distressing
epoch ill its history, Their liutv -as loyal
ltritisersiv.iis to st ld ItY the side tf tle-ir
Government, auindo lend all their energies to
lae" accouilpiiliahnient of tile contttlnltit'calseo tar
.w i ,ch it, :; empr., alie ii withi its, A)lles was -

iiilig-th lhudiner W: -ii e-rivt cii-ir attention to

found defendant standing ousisde the reservooir
The old wouan was wet from head to foot.
Thie reported that
he had seen a woman in the river and he went' .
with him and assisted n lifting defendant out .
of a basin of water. Hlie asked defendant Wihat
she went there for and" she replied that she
had gonethere for -imangoes, and she slipped
Son a stone and fell into these water. Complain-
ant left her in charge of the keeper and vwet-it
to tile spot indicated, about 50 feet-away frost
tthe ricer. .. "
In reply to tlhe Magistrate, complainant
stated that the wafer -was about four feet six
jncht-deep.Hie saw na. sign of her having
slippeduantywhere -
- His Worghliip renianile ldefeindiliant for a-week
for tiedical observations.

_tIlned-en 'l in,,i,, ..... All d -Woundin
ititotout arit o lih e geo
binatin wasittessed by the College forwards g rights, which iII times of peace woIldl hia ve
slid Brown broke through ind tried a g d je ieer considered by the lGover.ue nt mdi all geess 0
which Fraser saved. Somu e cleverl-play was oil their part, even to suggest.
next ituesesed by C lender who centered after The chairman next introduced ae the subject
nitnessed by Callenderw entered a ter .... --ein c--. ".- ME,"nitIlwi-c e. Or
convert the ball being- natl 'lbedby e-said, it as not known l.thatte present carg- Caroie ar the City
Anuareso. Ctnitycoutind is e'esnioiphl Callenu- Idratt ordinance before th- .Governmenut soei- tagi trateaseelshsonnding Antoine -
moroso.Unitacode niu eder topraes nf efrk lat eorou Ihe Workingifin's Associationl Eugene- at Harpe Place as Septeiber-2t. -
inside. MeVorran sud Didier nuade-a'crfen biied1 irAhe Atornev-Gnerae nor-uv mcrher Sergt -Major Soaersprosecutei-
rut, Amoroso ptially hked thu te a at f the Ag ricultural eocity had miadc mention Evidice behalf of the prosecution which
scrimm ageresulted i Pu hich Cui t erbatl of thilcs farIctebte l iewas wvery glad to s"e that at wascon ei- e .i, "- o o t.
cleared St. Mare took p t1hle running al es were be t t Iiattter that EFgene went to defend at's house and asked
t-tong .'rAcgdh tip upand tried to w woe- ic: u ti huc heeu r-e pelttdl ro ughtiit ohe Govern- for a howl all([i R pan Ibelonging to him and she
Ihnipps drew hii up n tr) t uis ie ap peared d in- fuieat's notice by their assiictiatiott. The Sbcr -rav'e-im-tacurffand a kick. He returned the
cetrs Unity llc sdit eiiT a.rer wa or wrohld read tthetlnl atInvuorial that wias sent cu a waeh L to I'uhis house. W.While pissio g her
sgeurer ous. Unity agai iiit pressed andicorner wa r in t 'le;rmeutiu 1913,dlbringilthei'giue house a little later, she threw two stones at
edoicud cinddulrelnt tl ui t its eas Iborcktel [ f Sir oretge 1,e iluten ; ant again since the lhim, one striking him t on the Ift side. She
oa indivie al wunbytGre l \en.i as blo t arrival of Sir John Chancellor. The matter was then.stabbhhed him in the breast wiha kfe
pl ocilui i ii broug. t to his notice in aill address to hiem by t etching another knife she said shf was goug
pvci lt tyo colhi,1 rd anils b1 halli l i ti. e iSangre Grande branch aon his first v.iit to to kill him and ,cake her lile a present tothe:,
St. Mary's n. ithat di strict. "r T s il therefore, that the King.
t s draft Ordinance was a child of theirs ald hit fleudant, after heitng cautioned, elected to
THE RE.SUMPTION. was for them to consider whether they would give evidence. She sAid that on Thur:-
A strong drizzle fell immediately before half- support the draft Ordinance as it stc Ia. or da last AIigee who lived with her
time and shortly alter the call for playt-p A Itwheher trrel at tfics cIlcto ".-sei ut;u_,le-eolo- l, Cokn.'i c, fn- -
the r ta-irt a lcatlagerous lcsriltnlce he- cstedtil The copy df the .i treorial embodying when it w as fii shed he was displeased
fore Uity's goal occurre-d and Fra the resolution of the Workhing ens Associa- heecause he -eaid it iwas too Salt. Hte con.
partially cleared. Achng tried ut itlia at Guivi:c.tre oseintod to ,ir Geoe ,e tilu,-d to h9. .ed ei-til -iturelav- whei he
Phipps- locked hiim aii.l lar;,e cle eard'. am id ITue Ihavlh l ett erail, M' .it i-liruthwia 9 g Alv lier 11 eants. Later on lhe acaiietei 'auhdle
great lhoutiheA. A free kick was glven ie0rdc i tee a- r a::sebcdnmlety tha in exceprional bcer fore-an eatue bnot h i rel
against M. Phlpp fohaiso hdsdangerousl- cases itlicv lhourere aiwere iiilplovedi. at a thatI i d not intend to have ncteing tdo -

sihCrth penlty na Te ea. withe ateltadc roaiiccedscl l mach ouh-ti eesl a o he sateo that c te Ik
o Fot ran ocnd he shine a i e. Two cakn eors o lovers .ur" sappl: their laboer.ers at tre duke te e im. pt andal her that she-had iiil-poe is
w lre s 'cur Sih St Mary's and O'Connor l te-.s rruedt, with foodsdtuffs or a tedviice hit and gripped her by the throat and cuffed
took b th.e lihipe s headed c t the first -etd e providing always that thughIe ie heri the eye. ileui -lthr itegato leer r __d _
centre andt tel second swept across the g oal her food se ffs shall not exceed thacit n the thes uent: itsdeatidl r-gan-ofligstones
but the instiidme nu failed to get poss esGon, tiearest mshoin ctle vicinity anod tht mimnuey ot thr house and s mash up her thin s, la e
lEtxciting playv was witnerssd within the last socadvinced- shall Ie without interest, audt wet to iltheback of lhe yard Came back crith-
tel ititieates,l the call tralt'Iing across lthe thlat permission ior the s-hm e shall Ile obtained ai stone caud( a soda bottle. Stie was cleaning
fieldt t is geret pace; ciht lew shots wicsre Iram the ,Gvermenit li ,ipecciidl li'ceuse dalh within knife aitoh toidhhuiithit if he
tried at theu goal and the final whistle iew through the Warceit of theul district Isle which struck t h site esitd tuind t hin with it. She
without any scoring taking place. such laboururs are o rn ployted. made te attemPt tond did-lfot kniowthat .she
Mr. B. Warner acted as ri lere "lemMr. ulteruoan te, secontted h ad stahl ed him.
The following- werethe teams :-Unity .C. The Secretary, i spporting the end ed- Thhe matter ad ned w ianrn to to-day 'for de-
Goal, hIra.ere; :Lacks, TuG. Ithipps ind te eient, said he han hail considerable experjece feudat to cite her witnesses.
Cartlet y afI-hbaor 5 : M. 'hipps, Sealey an in the eployeent otin tabour. havi: ag in years
arper n Forwards. Willoughby, Didi cr, ilc- past hired hundreds of labourers on behral of
.nJyJo0ce ond Caliender. theGovs .r entuic n .asao f te .h.i-.t.ti p. i rrestedpfter Five Years.
St tilary's team compn ised : Goal ranci f the colo o Trinidad a ud Tobago. Thee f r
bacs, lAmeorosi a tid A Moteril; rialr.khackhs: Governmet ert always paid e i t cas eh, and it was l t
iBrown, Cunihebatch and Pandmore : F orwards: grave bffene against the regulations of the 'OUNG MANI CoHAi, aGED WITa-d
i'. O'ConnorW.BowAc Gi Public Works Departmentfori eint executs-' ASSAULT.-
Pd Cnnor. A officer silploying labourera-dorei tieGovern-.
Ine at to advance any money or give orders on
7 shops ..ta ......s.....t..e.ares iso A C l'h Cile "" e "- -
Picture Theatre. large ..t...taer of contractors a stitb-con- thelyP.C.- T Lpie: cftarit t n
tractors who adopted this truck system, atiud it yoatuil tanafl, with assaulting and heating
the usual cu,ti l was nthait at the el iof the atildfut Patti at Quarry Street eOcuDetoher
OLY MPIC. fortnight thebcontractors would gii toathir shop, 9, 1913.
As antticipated, ther nsteroiece entr-ler d whi-h was generllyI a spirit'-shop, and alter Sergeuonttiajor Sobers prosecuted and
Pearl of the Arnen" or '.Thu Cihence 2ft .' r." deducting their indebtedness to the- shop, would defendant pleaded notguilty.
which is considered a one'iof PathS's verye-bestir p-i ther oflaourers The balasnceeof their wages -ICornphoinit statesh ath.r ourOctahrr9
serials, drew a butnsoper heoni on Sundtac nights which Jh- many cases, anonuenitig only to a few
at the Ohyrtpic Theatre. The mtrverlou pee-- cents. This huioauce was nearly always invested 1913 at about 2 a.m. he received a report "
paritioni'made by'America to crush Germuan ino iquor, everything being baendy and cot- at the Detective Office, from tiatlhla Paul
militarism kept the noldience glued tri their ducit e tor- such Investment. Ii has beef his auid went to- -12 Henry Street to make en-
seats. President Wilson-swas seen urging on experience +14at the Government labourers were quiries. Ile sawt defendant n.-xt day at
thus pesopds the necessity for taking up arms on nlwiiys hittiter"ff and their hnourers as a rule Duke Street and lie ran away. lHenext
behalf of liberty and justice. per-rede-cults aork for the Government though saw defendant a day or twi afterwards at
The first instalment of Pearl of the'Arto'' i n m"any cases the contractors offered higher thu house of .hfr. F ctgar' Abostdni
Aenrinc l1 hiatef aieaeh p waies. He was thtrefeosr' srop- ein v o
screen star, slch seancreeen~e~dn Sunday night oL~a iasweep being madei of the whole fort.,, arumetllentp11ea6as gardenW1te he wssO
mysgin lastnight, npen with buns i pen. system. e -itlhaed as a garden boy', \IiieitlItt,;asv
paganda for preparedness,. The greatI mystery -The amendiment wan put to thfe vote and htitu,mljunlped ovcr a wall arid esced. '

j ineumnte hove .s
SSilest Menace FtOr the Olution of this, the
management offers thee liandsonee nimtlev

next, 6th October, -
The tomle.eature of the proegramme wi, of
course. the redoubtable Charlie Caplin,. whose
imittaor closely rivalled the original, aud
ausetu the house to go into side-eplitting

Nssiags' Iis -,

T o followilig a're'tuionig the-recent arrivals
from Canads nnel the Ndrthern Islands: -
. l- i -.ic I -,i -
Wrnght, Rs MA oFlechrlwin, J.Mikford. Mrs.
Editfhrcteven. Mrs. Alice Fletcher. Air. Robert
Mias fr-e \VInstnN, Mr C. It. Frantlih anil
rotO, Irc. Loiae Reidl. Mi-'s K. Reid, NI. It.
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. llailyn, Mrs;. I. L.
:itaggs, Mr. and Mr sJ. iV. Arbuckle, ir.
a T. -IF rst ai-,liVais-.-.5' 0" .

thorn and there children, Mr. and Mrs... 'A.
Child, Meiler A. Robert, S. Roberts,
J. Rawlina, C. Butler F.P. J. lIorsford. R.
fe' *souz7qiS S.11, Ward, E. johigson,,Rev. 3.
C. Wippdlf, Mli aea ES Croneav, E. Vaahros oni
J. Brooks aii' dsEN c'Vorrani;.u i i
S jLE). ,
Thi following passeigers failed for Demer-
, ara re'nt-- -
a i.. It nelusant-el, Miss Helith Cheang,-,
'riaed a I Mrs. Jj.f.. MeulocN Misa i tendocia.
Mr. J Slister,tls Mis lc Latonur, Mesrs".
uagen c Borie, II. Fah.wether, Mr. and
Mtis ,'euug n Messer J, Ps-illln, Reginaldi
Waitley anilJ. Francis. '

The Secretary was then directed to draw up
the necessary documents to be-forwarded to

Larceny of Corn,

P.C: Dents charged uangarslnuhtt oh KEast In-
-vsitede-st-sx-eeois-t he-property of-RTrpersad
at St. Clair on Saturday last.
Sergeant-Major Sobers prosecuted and de-
fiendant pleaded not guilty. .
C aceived a report
at about. 6.30 p.m. on Saturday and went to
St. Clair where he saw Rampersad holding de-
fentdnitt--pvcket- Rimpersd hot el t
defrndlanti hail stolen six uera ne( rcorni fromec his
garden, -'I 'lield him sand l e-threw away four
ears.' Ihe hadi two in liy pocket and hRe Rau-
persa d heled o to those and defendant. was
--Ihl t th v those ak- Com iqi s,

two cearson the ground louel a going toi9 th
.garden found the other two. Defeudat at i
first said that he had bought two cents \worth
and later said thee cents.l He took him to.'
/a woma a id askell it he 'ad ibonIght n',, s.iJ
corn-frals her. Shie said Bet uibah l s ','iTi "g1
heav done o sWhiite *soe n, osuit.. tle
hustrisd cate out and said t'hati he hIid sold
hin 10 cents dry ecorn. Wh(- shotwns i
'.reen corn by Whe Constable the inan saidthhat
amount did ot ireitLtde dry roes hlike ihat.
-Rmpermd gave corroborative evideuc,-
Defendaniut's-story m wthat s: waaA d rttuk
and lay dofent'in itii garden.
His Worship added, and picking corn niean-
Defendanti was ordered to p, o dtw
tontis' hard jhumbour. -
The-Ilt- was unpaid.

gav- -tipice __ofa ingmarre.stdetedtivefedn -.
gave cviteuce of havingwarrested defendant .
a-war~ant vesterday n rn; I... ,

The further hearing was aijoutined to
Thursday for witnesses, bail being allowed
itt Il5 with a surety.

Obstructing a Constable..

--P- -Snmithchatrged-Edwhar ochard,
before the City Magistrate, yes-
terday, with obstructing lhim in the
execution of his duty at St. James on
Saturday last.
Sergt. Major Stersprosecuted and-
Mr. R. M. T. Prizg'r pleaded not
guilty on defendant's behalf:.. "
Complainant's case was that he sa, .
a man leaning agmuist a tel 'oilt -pn
tuti tot i- to mnote 011. Defend'at .t
came tup -to himu, call ued hit m ti o
declaring that all sorts of. logs were ,
being taken in lIe force i ..'
.^("I^rIrfdthLin said'11"t emgip
hisga'cvtn IIend Ithitthe ^;^

-4-foul , otla -, h.f-P~ rrm -








1 ea_ fi e El -

pPIS~g~a~iiiaarC~i~aspi~8ara~~ U ;;llf*r=-~l;==~~l-----1Wi~iil~--C~-~~

~____;____/ _ij~__ 1 _C

-1--. 11 - I I I I I -1 , - -- .: ~


_______ LL_-L


I I _




.. __ .. A A1.1-O.H., Af.- if,_ 1




i -ghllllo to thr 1110-




r~r~ffzt -~



Wood u nigs -J-t t iiTiTY i- S r '4~, (- ,rfchi-e'.- "
5 ft $S8.
_GaLhaniL- rr:_ S.~-a. ,__ _. c'_ Aus '6, 4 it. 6 r 7,
.. ..-- 5 ft. $8.- -__
-Od-- d-Ftartn-eSiprings. 3 i. 6 i-ne- $-------
Also Wood Cotn with iSpring..Eottoms, 2 Ct. 6 incl -'; S- .,aC';
-_. _ - 6 inrlies Ss o.


-T-h t-ih l- t '. '.l :-,- i,1 : -_ '-h

I -n
I "-
61 i I - 1 ;i1i h--'f

I N -- '- if -

-- Agents -



IAdo~i7Tt"d1i of Canaba

.A. FI7 A I iCON sN I iAC IT -AlC ii ..I -
-sl -"" -ul. ..
RATE: $ Year and Up.

oR-o' S '. INI AniU.
C ji has. 0. HoJgkins, Man.r
. ..... .. ,.....,,,, .

", ONIA-t. '


S 11ou ido not use it, is because s]u have
i ever tried it -

.. ...I'I ,, V- -:

f'' i t . I,,. -. -F l i .- I i -, cr 1 -1S. r p t O i N
ia l- I -.c-rr .i d I E n E.

IiT1 u -'
I.. ,, ; .. .f. .-.- i : . "'O '- r -.
A ,1 L irs-- 11.i..AlIfrIit-

S~ Motor caS"r or Sal!3
I,. .: l, l, ,,,h .11 .E .I I I "
Ill ,,. n CHEVROL aind onie FORD

lItI i- A ,1*I.iiI,-,.L-.,r.I l, .,1 niu lu. le 'I

i i -arts Leninp B-ci i, , i : ii'. au ,, | | ,I- : r.ri-J L r-.l
f , Queen' P Wetr
,' .... ,i .' I '. i,, 1,, i , th., -,,:

S I . ... I.. ., . .
.-.'.:hr -'- I-- - itr- I,. I -.o.8 L l -r.l~n r'.:!:r t

-"1,, ', '.1 '.i.iJ i 'I i i i ,,l : t--_I c ,nc . ,
T ' i I ,: i ,, i i. [h i ii r -. A ber r m b-
I -r r- i 'L' i i i'. .I I -i,-
-, 1 t F No 57' Frenderick
I"" -,.,1 I^. l a ^,:,l l ,-. Cl- .t iIe. it I-, L L5 ._: J. r I ,: ,I- i l t 1
! .,i ,, ,,. ii.r.I ,,Vl, a I ii I i ';',.ih,,O.
, I- '1, 4. 1 -.-il-V-.-L

ii. iii i", iDr. E. Pri ,da.-I
-.......'' T' ,Arthur, L.i Va uEhaBE n,

ii 1_. r

... i.. E--" -' -t.. -I.

..... t..T...T TE... -ESTN ELEGRAMe
,,,' ,I- -' : ,, E, E M,. E R

l illin"11 h l If 1 -1 c ',l^ Ili I iiii-' --
O.- I 1,.,, i- envin ll'i. : -on i i -, n, tr I
if 'iC, i'I hI rh- I-, L, ", I"-
r , i 'I. rI-, a il i..I.IIc f I, -I ,,-[Nif -

- - - -- -- i i, I ni.i ,-h._. ,1 -n
"ii it- I,--
S r n ;111 ,- i, h ,
e I. hn., i % IE, - Lii-tin-'I' 0 ,0 /
1 S i' l --,I i 1-. I. I.
I li -ll m ill heie w hic lh erilin jluiln. Sn ,o r -1 i ni o -i
.i e tn th,.,I I-kill vil,. |air h rll'. r .
/ h nity ot i ti-'r h i ie ,\,, eri n Ot p -J ,
nI si,. -,crhn in ., ,Irt bl. hii i,. ill, ii 'n-i

- - - - - - - - - - - i- .i... ............
r I l i lt Iv' 1' "

i,-t- -.o-,,. |--h-,7---- n---_- i "- -- -- _.

I T l .... ...--^-;I;n-, *h "
the iO.l l ,o-IIrc) irtb o or. u xl t ,ii,,n ih.
|ll~lll'll i.'l] h" ..rhW 11io e lu n r,1.

(,llei gl' f, .r o ii'.: tp- lle h.i O

The Conl,,tii -&-.rsr4 ks
I- lie ,ii].' pl ice ro 'a,-ililin.? L oiltmere a rnd
a-4 _= ,,Fh: -ltitie rir e 'nrI- giVen
:.u G r-rir.'i C Ii- i% ie nd cleaned.
.\ e.pu.cii,1. .i-7', o U 1 :3ln iand we io 'r- turs
inne c, u (diTii N-.,h-re elw
. Sl'iLP D RItI'IPHl'EL. Cl-aner l Dier,

Once more We Appeal for
Help to AII Crochet Workers
Will eyc 'wmain of iTrInidad and Tobago
Iwho c'aijV", .: iu'te a pice ol i rthiswrnrk,
to bhe ,'t i t a i.p,.iISal e in aod ol
u i Trin iid -I en nnd ihich thi, Itdies
nil IheIap c 'n i gel up.
l lTt i i, S l l L ..*- P r .: l I"." _, n' ;' F

noltl e' t t enable us 1o hold a -ide noiv,
I rdi t inr ti apn;s.l to all Illd is. try
t',l. -[V, IOP,;J 1. 1 c.Ul c.:llec,.-... "
neil +' Ir.l.,ll -. I n- -

S ti- -.. I :'- ii V.- Fr- I.-

! ".

- OF - -

--ILL i M, I!E\Is

SI -t-r_ ES -


D_.__. -__ ____ 7 a _,_y ___ '__

TheWVJn arnt Thlr dg O jg Crporrafton
120 Broddway, I New Yorh, U.SA.
Si 1 i n.n Umon
. . .. .. .
S 1 nportir:-. i:,t I o:,.Ca, Cop'r:. (",c nuts, Cerfar,
I_-)i,. L- i\ 1E,-: t.i anI all l: nds of tropical produce.
C n'i --ion A C*ents.
t_.,.i -. .. 1 : I. ,,. .. 1. i r d!.- I: i i ,i h ifpill d ,:,.:. iii.e t
" -, 1' :', .' ," r' '- ".'..'-I t, ,.- -i- ^ n, r. - -. -

C h rl...,t. t t -: Let.
IT1,. i '.' T r'. t -t n ; 1 I,,111 ;.1. i "

owernul Forces Bringinlg tire Store intoAclion.

R.--mi ,imi.t in:m-de f.r CI-ir 'S 'AS GOODi. The lfo in
.,_h r, l :li:,J ut" : .:r C re t -\'alues for


."ale a ,SrI staSr-s o. ..anday, ep.

VOILI.:, 3--. ,ia.'.-

fro:ml 1 -. P c-

2- .

2 1
.. 3.

T :-;I.' HIEA il,:hc 36 C--ni
D ,:- ,.1,. 44 ,, 4 ,,

_- -. ._ -LOR -
--Aen, Women- and- Children.-
Men'' I'ron l 1 ',1 )
i nn'o ln l I'i,,D 6 "t p e n l
Children'; from 43 .. '
Men, Wumen and Children's-
HATS from 12 cents.
Men, Woime- aind Childrent's
HOSIERY fr--om 15 cents.
BELTS from 6 ceijts.
TIES from- 6ceit, .

CALL EARLY to avoid the rush. 6 oil Regular Lin21S.

1!Le Pioneer of Cheap Prices.

--- ,


- iI 1 1





-- ~ CLF~.LI- ~



--The kaiser and the War;. ALE Frtp .F --
( ea t ii Aa f i sBn .... ../ ,,as,' d V LB lT
AnA eti ri*f L! it .J ,a ,I,., PROPERTY.
-.-; r-h- -..... ---, .. .. ... --2.-- -Ti r-N -

S some BeAedsteads'iti.i" tr b i. t
A T -,,5 ; h *..rc ^. i n I. ne rl a i'i- r ,i i rn. r. i p Lr.- l and .-. ti -- -.l-

The K er'r Post-card n 1 s -r crrnnia
Ra B- __m________ 1-t ""'"11, iri i Aum_.:n alN S i i n 5J n a oz
__ '-' jgi nl:h ,i uwo ut di 1, ,' -.-'Lii arid I -.Cv niim ,.-'Ii ISurfacr depoJit.-
i- -- I ,rI _r. ,l h - ( Er- r _

F-1 ---Gv

I" F I':':'OF'I'JI"

. . . . . v.S,:. ivi-....-
.... .. .. ... ..- .- .' _. '-. it. .. ....Z .. . -- _ _ a rm ,
.... ..... .."-------f-'-. -" -- .'-----. _
TU A.A ,.
-- ,........ THE TR.INIDAD. DUAR'DAN, .*T UE.E. DAY, OCTOJ.ER -1, 1-G1.-____._ _ _'

- The kaiser and the War

:. -
.. .- --"'" .. ."_ --.,- W t e I, iij ,; .. ,.l i

S i -i i i u
-f---= A T ------ ..-o .., : I II,:,-t ,- ... ,-;. ....

The [Caiser' Poz

II ,j5 S I ._ lT.T ri I I'll. I 1 iuidli

G ..r._ c .3 . . so -*;* -17, L. I_,.. G- Indies. .l
-il5 iiii,..tis $ i. 6 i.. ..i

-1~-l- 5 f .$8 _- I '
3. rtJrr.z . .. 1,,, 1 L+--1_

Also Wood Cot wth Spring Eotoms, A2 6 inc. I S Cl
I RiI i. i r Li avin.
.._..... .._____ _________ -_ | f ,,,: I_,, ,.-, ,

_- _OEY 'i'OU CAN

-T t- : ', .
.., _i I, i. l _i EIl -".i _, e ,a "

[,o i . i ,, .- I 1 ., ,,I ," ',_ .. i i'

;I c [i l5iiii J ,',it) ,, tW i [ .-ii .' .. ;_ ..-'

-1 -- j "


,i t- .i I 1 l iI'ti\.i I \ i \ i - I I _

... .


'IC AdcijY~ttdifhL of (L u iba

A rA fN I CON EiNTi .LACE, iC -O li. -

-RlATE-: a Year and Up.

Chas. 0. Hoghkins, Man ivcr

:i.(RAN' AUiLL'S
t ,* i *ONIAB4,


I ou do not use -it, it's Because sou have
S ...- neverftried it.


Ci'. lld' kci

.l n .il oui ."
>a n I, IC r u t .

,i l itr .\ i,.1 ,.-
vrl,: aiir'uC.,.1 a
t .card
rr .l ,

7- -. r. -.

V. vi. G.iNNLM.
.... -A ron -ar
1. ", Mr i: -[ir er ,,Ire, .

,,, -I -i.ui i.d .I i .t ci. '- p C Ir LI. .i l 'i J:l ..:
I l a P .p r, I,
iI I "'- I, -, r '
I.,11 ,-,Iri_ .;D ii nrI i S n

'i-... 1.. r, ,, i, "-. ]

il.i:ii. : I Motor Oars For Sal3

T. I' " i ,-, , u,, , ,, n, : n -. ,
i, ,,,!, m, 1 n,1]5" -

'f'i r. t k .'i r -j l
Il. 'i:. 0 , r u -
i i r Ei r i- r

;"" -- -i r-i J .ri- l :
' B -,. "; ", Hi,, I l,, ber c mbL v I:.-,

r iF L 7 Frederick

; No 8, b rcrmbl yStreet,
',,I i. i .. .,,,,, c c ',, r h 1' 11
' ,.Prada "
.. ... Arthur L. Vaughan,
.. ., , ,. r I I ,r I ,

i o t II
ii r-'i-

LNot a 5p' iiiI~


iotor Launch 'PTE&RL
L ,- '_. 1: 1 ,:- trry 2
p_ -l ;;',-ll ,n:r S.

DALTON & CO., Sucs.,


JI n.I-:r 1 ;-,.r.- r1.I-.-,'i-. | _EMEMBER _______
A IV1Ir I t..1 1- I7
....OIw ',er i..1l .. The Com ,t'titiii -I'er orks
I, k" it I- 1 1''- I he n-l., pilce ro r.-'iliia-f Luilonmern rid
,>1 i iy--l ,J-.h I-hII' I per e.r.i. SivEn
S n n. I'I I 0 .- t i -, ,i ".,.. i. .i i n G r.' I d cleandcei d.
1,, b. l heard Ir l ife 1 ,:nw r ic.n. I.
i,,l,''.l',,l fit, r'.,- i.. I.' ,,, 1.I-I PANAMV iA HATS
r I,.av i lI..,-I nI,' i v ,,u.r I: \. i ,ci _,h l- an; a .ill an vd wOe i. rU '
.t -l.i v iir-li -i i-. j'. r, 1 i", ih h -.1ii ,, n il iv -, e n cu ,qg ,n iit-u.nia ti fo n N .3h,- [e e luw
r l .-.,f ,ii.' -.h ii O i-, lr.i r c.ll .RIl'N LDi' r.. ti'P HI E L. Cl-aner c- Dt er,

o'..'nce More We Appeal for

II ...... I ," .. I",,'II Help to All Crochet W workers
i 1 c' lh l I O fl ll I I. ,1 1 ._I__
I hih tillh licihehr u.Ir ) or -ieilno- .t e- I 'wnmin .I Irrhildad and Tobago
1 -i 1] ,i o uti u "t tihe ,.i .- nw ho c' ,# ? 1t";. a kte a putce o [ .this .w ork,
I i tel Itnit I knc,.li .-i i, -iti,-- p-rli' to ben i ,d .I a a Spiul Salte in aid ol
0II.111 .1 c,lh cr o h lim i Aniericiii Ceriiintv t1 Trin Midri men and vhich thu d d13ies
I li l t. "in .' i ,l..irt % lit l. 1I.I ,'- Ie'- 1 ,,t i I1 The-lil pi ini npB nr ic w e m ina r i get up.
[ l',hld ;.".*' ,. ,,: .f ..I' l1i. it, r LW I r ]J"". dal l. i, d: pit st ,,ll i't .li-,:l 1.,.r ,_,F':

SIin r l"
olher ant" tlc't rla c Or o.f, In u1-u I tnlall ia,.it ol L. iial c.i .v

.1-",,,e .I. ..V ... ...... 1,1,, ....


- IF - -

A... w

I 1- iLL /IP R. 7iIEV'TS

.. . -- L-

_. 7- --- A--T- -- __.-_



heInlan Ttrzdafli~g Corporatfon
120 Broddway, I New York, U.SA.
11-, i ,.I I, i ni t 0n ..,
L I .r...,. l ; .
port:-. i :, i t :, Cop :, I. Ilnus, Ce:ar,
I-)ii I; B .i ai and ll l:inds of tr i: cal produce.

1-1- 4..' t,:. '5I:-iet. . .

iill I i iT "'- t I i I ii n ii I

powerfull Forces Briinging tire Stor e into'Acion.

R. t ,., uit i nii- de f- CIF R STINM AS GOODS. The folo.'ing,--
._Ath ,Oli d ut: r Ylues for



r~ucatoS 0 7bu a

W OHIlT COrTON fr,: ulP Ccii BOOTS and SHOES
VCoILS, 2; ,-..:L- A-. Men, Women and- Children._
KER .ICHI :F [ CLOTHS ,., I .f Men' roi t 1 )
PRINTS,. ,. WonE '- ir,:,- 6' Cent.
TOWP.LLING .. I- .. Children'i from 43 .. -
KHAKI ,, 2-l ,. -
DRITALLS .. L iiU, \ uien and Clhildren's

BLACK SERGI. ,. 3 E HAT S from 12 cents.- _
-EC1ACI.AL ATTTE NTI-DN. ., Men, Wonleu-r nd Children's
TNDIA:'; HF.. '' i:ch:, 36 C-nR I HOSIERY fr--.m 15 ceW ts.
i, ,: . '. . -' . 1 B E L T S f ri m 6 c ie tl s .
Do: .. l 44 4, 't. .5 TIES fromru 6cent' (

CALL EARLY to avoid the rush. 6 oil Regular Lin.3. "

I.e Pioneer of Cheap Prices.

ii -

\ '




_ ___ __ 1 _

~ __ ~ ~___~~ ~__~__~_~__~ ___~_ ~ ~~~



141 W s -.. -- Irm






ji. 'VOURED by instru.iv -us rece,,d i -... .
I f~ n -, 'F. -F ---G-NNES. -Es,.,:, the. I
undJ rsi.-rveJ v.ihll c.f r or 'ie by Puibli.
'rnpniii a. 1 2. S, I L. Vin eat tunt,
_i, ia 1i ., h i, L e'. ern be hour, of one .
ane :,l-, In .n
. --'I r pin[rc.. Of Ind at-'.Iavar-o- Itu te
,tEV EN 1lHUNDREDL AND Nl\11r '-
I v,, .C 'l ardiy pl i in C, ,o
i ,n.J i ..i.c-Trim ,: _il Surface depoc it.- \ "
-- r l'.ull ii.n: u-i.ii -. ribntln :r dlEill --
d^pp llt' -- ~ -- -- --- ~ -- p ; ------------------ _


3apt~r. -ZO.

--- .d -Longer i g -

GC a r T'.Te-s are t:sted-in the mos: dra.!ic .
--s "'=-_ -- .. ;' .'- _-- -"~ ,A _tr im ber-of-o- r, o ---r 1-
c.-r-3hea" y and lipht, laioe and -mall, and all-
lpadd.d to (-ll cpacity-are run twenty-four -
Sli-ours evry day equipped-with-Good-ye-a-r s---
,a o- m r c lrit, sre lt and country highways-good
~-_-__5.i-.'Ji, ini fir and -etecrable-'deaiher7 in- sEmirrl--
-.:in., winter and fall-and their ore-iourpo_ e imn- .
.car out the tyre'. -----
'Ielers record the mileage." Their perfr:rnmir.-" i
narr.pi-J.d il hat of other brand-i The ,.'a--
rmulas and fabi ac are also compared ".
n l l. -their E. -

cf !Gc:dj i a r e.ccl! nce. They can- '
niot lie. -And countless meters .
on users cars tell the same i
story. -"

-I-Rt1 -DA G{ Nelte-S -
Li P.
'PHO) NE 44') ) A 4-
6 & 8 GEORGE St. .

.aell Ii-


- -P ~ rt -o f .S p c l n n d S n F r n a n o I -.

- uo es

S.4 CR7ED HEI IE4i."
L ',-',, L...'.,,v .; .. ',';-/..< .

Pen Painting Materials



---- -Gauze -


-Traced D'Oyleys & -Centres

- -^-----

I I siFREDERICK STREET. - rfljM 446.- A



- -~ __ -- ------ .--- -- -- - ~

The Kaiser and the War. --rA m''....
LMY EI iirnreain Dlta aii% ll Iii ra./kf).-.z1,01110J eIt.,%%a
ii Lhti-. iliil ~ iCi-~ a1 ia ,*em -a ea.- --I -----______________- E-- ---U.--

l-n ,IRriif~rn I~rrrlenaal-rlIretnrnna7ma liih'e' a'au-
..eine~lhi-at~rtel lt,re.. r.-tilhaapm ite

AILIE IICIL III de Iwo wre 113,0)I 1 IU,1115 e -tIhCII W
ILClI~I~t"M 101 .,-. - --
VJ I rI iaiigc'ItiA 1 e. 161 ..ii 1%ia

ci.I L hu

If-. In if 111.1E 1-r~L 11 1 1 till I or I1I~I

I h
Oil 10
1. I ici

1 1,ir i, F- 1V L-) Iv

I, I 'I''' ii ii III..

Iii, I rc' .-it % ,I I .iI I
-I-- 1 21r.,'-r-Ci"'Iii-r '14 I' ui- u uT

'Ti4' .511,. T''r ,hrr~~i- TtT- T iii ':1i

iigtray-s Market Pric-es...

N F GF. 'AI J. F. -3. iE'C.
i...ii I iT' ,'iii. ..........''

-7 7-.IT

I,. i I. i: c ii .-I. i. I iii .o .n ,g o rITT, li.iUih h',"

Pl ain Sail-in .
IF;sth f or,,, I. :;L I r. mc rHh'~li,,% r .-

The Stan dard--Grocery.
Ill 1, 1 fl .Ili U

VOP:i ii i, rr~ I~i., r I

Ri iii I 31"C. I.- inIl ''.

LOI'SlERS lS ic Fcr !, Ilb. L L,

Ifn.. n

Kippored HERRINGS, c-r tio
-1 -" L ft" L30c.r l



lIb I Ub i -.

HEINZ'Tom-ito Suup

-Per I'.i 0 1 ,ia

-- -v. i 2 I.. -;) 0 I iTj- ,

ill '1, pt1r J
IL I r
B.u''."Iii I"~


7 7ri

n- Mi Onb. i

. U -- .. .... .... .. .....

r I tlhIII


I., EhE U i-

h -

I ~ ~ M 7 .-;L- --7 ,1______________

.I ,.,,.T.- .' Ii .4

F, AS, 'i''F.'Ili".l.

CI iucc' DATL,--, 1I lb.-_________________________________

H iT -'''NiGI&I Co.
fRC'FE5S~f-l.- LThe yen iC;'iVCINid~4.".I



'IA, ]_ .Ip

ii'''~~ ~ ~ 4.T-T 'TT',I 4Ti
rl i Sin, rT t. cr~,iu i'A".Th,-i'LI 5incl,4

1 FE4

'-I I L lii

Wines, Liqueurs, .Champnagne.. ,5i u I j i" .'. tI. '.

Offers for sale -High Grade MaIiuIdactured Ieather -
*and Cl;ic- Kid; the best kind eer intro- Remember--Our, 15-YMear-Old
duced. in this Colony, just arrived CARONI RUM.

Lard and Cotton Seed Oil. The Standard Grocey

'Phone -442. 14 & i6 St. Vincent .StreCt. '"heOrl'Real Whot ale ocery i 'Tr in iad
-": 'ihose 6 4| 15. 1. lhenry !.xtu I.

A. A. Watcrmar.,,

S kCiWii. anirii, id A, nn Sri nT p.
%fifinrg Par-er.' Vhif.'iiig P.];. Ij
pacbti Note tapti. It,114aa,'. W,1'i.n1 r~d
Cor r~lfrilfle Pos Cr Hubrber l1celi.
American fRWazainIfei'.inctuding f'LicaleatCiii
lure, Saturday Ht nneiilPoset 4Ic., at JAbSVli'
-B00K bTUCRJ. "aFaerrtck re.

S .l l- i .l -

I 1, i' 1
The ab vel isour re1 r Does lrt appeal oI you?

i I I. 1 i l .. .. l l .. ,
LIll,, 'e,,_[h alt.. ..I , l

Local p-,i U i riiT, 'ioucld riE ,l ictf 'tocliio r. .' fii nre.
I t t,- .] t, _.i l ..hi I. ,_ IL ,-- 1 : l '. l 1 ,1 t. in:i- 1 i ,1.

Kctp Your f, onev i' YGUi' o iol y It will Pay You.

__W hY-ot In T1infiad'D

-~Tclcphonc 289. :i'hiTU

I -

k e havoc .just ... 1ptl -- '-'1 [P -"uot Twilt:Cotton.

SS -and _. in es, 'at .Sc C. ., 96c.:and $i.20-
per yard ; .'

S XCHATNGE,60c. P 9,YARDerick Street.
'THE EXCHANGE,'.'- 9, Frederick Street, |


I.- .-.M .

a m


- I - --f


- i i r,ieila tll a ea si-al-ent-Ma N, '-T / .


p i.-319 f i ilm i P -







'--~' -------~-- "'

, i

- I

I '

u. L lit



----~- i T ~----I-





________7 - -. -a-- -

The Kaiser and the War.
'e I) i L -T I re
F rea er-Safety' of- h~~ jra mert --of-[ 1, r.-fl h ah lhr Lti- -
~E~ia~~~c~tv ~ lj). Elroy~r~ r,-srj rne( lrfllh a vi lltd
:~t~oore nl-Cr wre 113,111 llbLAll) ei-rlmp FT F_

Ir -P~w T i-Can !R
d-Lv -er It0cr.-g- i. uIrw-drnn.
I IT aiuh a.,iih jijr
r((i~llTwin'' THE.
G aJ ; r sl, TeT ai-L t- -s d-n the ri- ti.' L ha;T
r ....1 L n11b ,r- f rootruV Ii, % vi II I Ij.IIIuIII:- -, c I-. I h tj r I T
lnJ iipht, lai ne and small, and [II 1P '- -
lcndtd toy IA cljcpacity -ar run t w nty-foue rlr ie-r Iri,.', [h, ri ic
1 r-ITO'urs icvcr5 day' equipped-ivith.-Goody c-sir s.' 1 tiig All L TilR-S t1101111W-1.1_ __.
i IKippored HERRINGS, PC], bo
jl-oriiirLL Isand country highways--good d0c. i l therli 30:
___-i-lol, iird c-e t rable w caiher. inc s.mi-
an _--d _an_ ex
rinwinier and fail-and their- one-iourpoe -c .m 1. ~ la i I--- AM'q~- 12 -
-J''out tire tyrec-. -hLi- i k________ ____________
I ciers record ilih mileage.' Their Per1uFT-rI rL1r.' 1 l
nc-are] %,41- Fhato f 6t & er brand. The -o u hi. al 11... c.1 j1. 1, 1' i Iv
So rm ul a nd labl i c ~ o r le i aLt co m p a ir d H E';" IN Z T o in ito S ull p
ormulas and fabgra l~ omeei ic5 are alsol Ir~I!I II11III~ II
__ __ n their 01 --er IT- iu'. 7,' 1

af'- G.:dy, iie.ticclknre. Theycan- ,* '~..J ''
notjlel--. And COrlntleos meters ( /r. I I I .- .-.... I -a Ib I .. v i r
on isers' cars tell the same "7;.* I p ..*. i.. ,i- -

on udels ... ,. ..i ... ai... '. dii.
1% Ih:ll- l. ro oal, L. I.,IILLI L1_
A .-Ick 1'1. Itili _

6&8GEORGE- St. Al -.1,__
-54,v, J -t -T r-.iiu t i.i.r I i/ i-.,i
________ I r,i-~c.,.ui- I~ i--u-i a.. iii-., -,,. ,I .Ip r..I.~
i-I -Iniii -iu' '-- - .7 L I
A x P-1- ,,
11ll1. 1~1 11.lL~l- 11I1R 13 1: .

I-... ___ 15.0

T H. S- .J '-LIMITEM..
;Port-ofr.-Spain and San Fernando.

T1- Pi ues

,- 7' .'1-- l-'r- _

Pen "Painting- Materials


S--Paints __

.... ', -* Gauze -


-Traced D'Oyleys & -Centres
-_.- ---__ ______"_______


;LE..A.T JEJr .

V hI X' I
II-U. r,-'

.1 h

cuiu,..i...I - P.i 1 .. 'I-u-' I Ia' aI

ji _-LI u .v I uIi L -c.I Tv w -e -

Plain Sailing,

Th19 Stan dard--Grocery.
IT IIII L11-i L11 I lit 111.,

76AGTIC VF i-P po-llre Iill.. i-

-. iT. I., r i ill
Iiufs r IillI.2 h'i .

Wines. Liqueurs,. CChmpagne.

Offers for sale -High -Gr,ade \IajiuLactured weather -
Sand Clnici- Kid; the best kind e',er intro- Remember--Our, 15-Year-Old
duced. in this Colony, just arrived CARONI RUM.

Lard alid Cotton Seed Oil. The. tanaNd. irocefy
'Phone -442. 314 & 16 St. Vincent ,Street. I" he~',y Real Wholrale Goecery i 'Trinidad
I -"-, -. . r ro 6"1, No. J. f rc ry-i' tet.

-11. -. . . 1 .. . -

L111" 1ii i.CCiiiLIcuiA
r Co. TR 11
HIRE INS] 21 I -iAO ,~mITD1

A I I 'I ~ ~ -- l-- L

X '' ili1 i I I i I -
Dr J F. PESTANER I'--- -- - t 'l,-
III Itpi Ili

I. I Jl I J.*- I iii i I i I

Ii 'a0 T h e h-' is b o Ur riFoir'1 Duel I ne ap peaI I oum

tj I L- 2 1 1- U I E-II-- II I t 1 t

11 l. H Ill I ,i Ii
ChiTre -rat. ii-I'.hO ia .c

orr ICE

\S 01-1 -4
i I, I L J I bI
.11 )1 11 L C- I COt j 1 111 1 C.,i
.l11111Ole C 111111ii. I i iL I Ii

A, A taii.' HLii iter a.,

S ktji(Wi. ande A, .,1 4 'nri c-tTi- p-
pIcbt5 Noite I-ar-sr. lV.'iiichl.g .1.. ut-r
Co r~tlfruue Post Ca.rds, 'ir~ntr Itulber IHeet.
Amriaeili-O lWlair5'A inclo.i~~ding f lyki,.at Cut-
alire, Saturday I %t n Post i. c., at j A 51 VI'
-BooK taTUREi. d I'ecerrick $ie1

Loca puU~7rIiF ud crncrt tacfi'n lookITh-e-fruti-.---

Kc~pyour filnev UilV-Gul, hL`-6n It will Pay You.
Why i*~ot An T-rinfi'ad.10


Telc',phon 289. i i i l ,, \..
Telephone '209, = _____ .', :M.\'lfU~.'.i

lauJ6t uIL(utR SO N' S.

,,,3- ES^;T'Zk-'It..

-.-, S4 -. I ,o- .nc-hes, at C .c., 96c.::and $1.20-
'. "-" per 'yard

H XCHAT,60c. P 9,YARD.
'THE EXCHANGE,'..- 9, Frederick Street,

S '

,- .,'4
'., ; ,:

-- .LA10 IuL uoEiI 74-


2 7 ... . .. .. ,




I r -- ~e 1 I~'CI~L~~---_. Y~_IY--r*rI~LIIIY~L~r~U*i~FT-~T~ii~ ~hDIIAICLI ~1; nn - '


,,,- j

*__. . . ____ .- .-_" ..... ------ 7 -.1._ _

* ,- ---- THIN PA D UA bIAN I T I 'AY c't" Q tH :-l- ,l- i- '. -- .... ...
-r _a. Tbe Tr -1pr cae
-- ISn- *--1. ^^_ l 1l1[y^nlilf nL ra^ SAN FERNANDO. ,.,,o .. ,- .
^BS --H -- UIfl1VM~. c the I:n Thus .nualv caried on-a
W-- r U-,l J I L--i I l-- _..! .. .- - = - i- .- 1 _- .._ o . - --_ -- _. _7 .
S ; ^- - -. --:- --- e,:ep~on. l --- ll"b-tlb I ic-... -h -.. . .1i = .-.- _ T-- .- --. --'.. . --- A '';
..... The People's btere-San Fernandn. ..- .Hear-. ..epdon. : in- ., _--__ -___. -_..

L- lwir^ I drienFL Satin for idmg DrK. e- ..- .L X or

es T . -.- : :P" L&e 2-. K .. t. w GHAVE- j "-- .

s" I.'ER rt \ S / A-- .- ~

-f IT. 0^

.,- o -.---:- - ...... .. =z--.- :-* ,a-_; '...a ;-,_-..--', = -' ....... ..........._____ _-. __. ...____ _. ---
- -I...OE.' Su- mer. M erino Svi_-- Pan[. ..P n ... .... .... ...: .... .. .... .." .. .. -. / ( \ _--

T. L. DUNW S EProprieor

ennantE tate ,Lt IL
. . .. . '-.----- i ---+- p- ............... .... T-.. ---- ... ~. . -, - .--_.. ... . _- --_- .-__ _ _ _-___ _ -_ _ __ _. *


7- in
S- i, , ..

re n s--

. -_ V . .T1.. . .c.. .. "fU.A . .. i - .. ,: ^ ... : -" : ... ... ... . .. _ _,s- _
S, W - .-.. . .a.n I-ole .- .....:..,- -T-. -- l

N/eh H YOa A f Com a I c J . .: .: -. '. ..,._.r.
dea n. -...' .
Ii p ow der or a A 5 : ... .. . .
. -_IT .- .. - -. - . ...,. -"-_' = -5- 'B
v .. -, ...... .i -.- E-,....m

The Vl cacao Company Inc..- b 5. --.: -- i .. .-:- .. --ea
-R _ -.: .._"._ _',_ _... -.._ ---_'-... ._.."._:...-_ .. ..
--*lb 18 3t h Stree E T Ay or. I . -- '- - .i. .ti.. A -,- A
f,,,ilg ru Sl a "' a t rair To b E ... .pa |. .ba" .. . ._ -- "
Sr"--- ..... ... r -. - . : : .. -- . .. : il! .: ".e .. be
_.RICE - 2-6 and 5--

Tri'nidannan,6, Ptdl Es anLas. S* i -..-..... ... '
___ _. . . .. .Com pany m ..iN..... d f. -
ticUe -D i nocns .do
QoR. vaYU L THOUME FIRST '.- . .__. ..R D A P ,.in -

SSpSAN P ; .Z For the Newe a. and best Sa Fench- -. .. " .e -o . r -
-it----.- :iL. .' L .------

.- - _, .. DRUG S, CHEMICALS. -V 1 R.OCL- -aC.-. ._ .

.*.u sO...... ..._ Apotheca. y Hall, CA 3LE. X H. I.l I'5 UU.. U .ic .re u.....-- Ed, -,1

bId IlSH RlE CROSS FUND. Son Frtedc GS j b wm be rncdred
e :.-y.- d .i'e e-.i. .- A- : T C .. I .E e .... .- . . IMMEDIATE RETURNS na T-'Y ... L." "-, ra ,
li .r....pi. -: .. ."-_ion D niaist. .- -. SAN FERNANDO .0 0. C ....LE P. . .. C.
7 __ ,. -7 -' : .: : - --- :-:7 . .. . . .' ': _;L -" .... .. -- . : : ... . .. _'_ : .. . " ' : -F- ,-

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .b1 .ts = .--,... .. .'i.. e-t,. --1:,: N"ew'i Y."--.ork-''. ... .." ... .. "


- - - - - - - - - - - --i----- - -- - -- - -- - -.

I'11 TMP THIN%11AIV' UIUARN~AN, F=rTIti 1 II~ --.__ -

SAN FERNANDOI uk sei or the 1 iie am, s:crI ot t jm.
X 7- ILI & 11 G1__________ cibe mtts. This was -&.d1 rrted M- rl d '
i n i'iiii THE t~-ii m \o1TO T.i'*g The f..-...Jjpew -P

A---rr ...-s pto .. .. ..~ .s . -Pa 'xC .-!- hr-_
T-rhe -P- -e's :stre-San Ferrr n anI-- : __ __ I 1
-~,K v I' o r c.,;:re- .-S.-v-

Ladies* PT. L,&Lhi...E. a w "b- III. W. F.
-I B r7 1

X .7e E F::
L.rL irk.1 SL S tii It I Vc.1 ,Jnf D 1 s4j:-17
C;:os r FI

_W_ At 3

_~ n_ n

p ~ 7! _ _-:LT- __I:z,-

4.ONOE 'ar Su- mer Mler~ino S~hixrti...& Par sj __________ U sL...e
WEAIt. and W'oolen Underwear- -________~tec

TL. DUN SIRE, Proprietor>7. .... 1
'''-.z --A-


en nants Estates, chLtd1 .I.,.,.

______ t~NA.0
)QT 7 i~-- ~--,-..-

~ ~ .- U

"Headcruarters in the Island..' Prsn1to to4rCL :
I- ~. _-. _' --. -


owe armB~eL~g-,,.5,$lt .. TRY .

r j v -

A. NI E -n5
Trinida er Merinor~asni Pf-
_ _ _ _ _-u- i_s__eaTrnh

I' -- -

T. LIN De M en hSW6m
IS 11' E, Proprietor. 0 e'- .-

bu~~~~~~,ne ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~I,. fo ;i I.h O O'SJ P Y 1 R V ne
c T

come~~~Copay todedmhi Lit. ~. .

t~ir~ ~na :se~so~a ~ S~n F~~rd~BUY NOW from j~~ ~ ~ LAE~
ff n- -an t 8 E 18-a-t- s -9 L tL




EEugene Boissiere &Co0





o..... f.. .. -

Siop -ieon globind kep r red mn p Paht ni.i "n
-- H al oie -d .Canl Con-ti
udion Gulol r 0 -13a
e e lh marinee L,;ranol
sB rop h uo g n e .IrO Pp P h1 m 3 _
c -oor Wholesale and Retail.
54, Queen Street. 'Phone 925.

i -

The Triidad Electric Co., Ltd

e AMPS, LAMPS.- ..
Jiut received a large shipment ofa
lMetalli Filament Lamps,
15, 20, 25 and 40 Watt-36c. each. -
Gtieral Manager

.i 1 e .o PACKET COMPANY. .
indier Cnntred -itlh the DOMINON GOVERNMENT a egicelar Thrce-.ueplil4-RAS3SEN.ER
CAPCO nnd MA1 f. ERVICE li mrcinteFnel ircm St John, N.., und ialitax. N S. to Demrerara
via .rtcilra St. Krtt-,. Antrivin Mr.ntarat, Dnminik a, SL Lucia. Batbadio., icr Vincent, Grenade,
and Trinidad, retuhring Northbound via th.i enme parts
Henry tHaRsBie munt be delivered in tbe Ccmr-ny'a lighter at the St. Vincent jetty
between In -a.m. and I p.m. on the d.w of sailing. Hand baggage only will be taken otn the
P.L,-ctrer Ti,,I-r.
PA, ,.rrT,', [Tre ri re;u-i e to nee Iltht heir brc. 'ce hi properly la'ell-.4--prie.r 1 'hiprmti s
Labels con be r.hir.ned Ec tht Criman.', a iTice. All panicngrie' baggage iho-ild be insured as
the Co ir' -nv r.-l t no reapncnilhilltv I-ar,.
pasElie Tikl tis sr t- rucd at Ibh Cumpany'a Wicem onlv.
The Pansegr TeVl&r leaves the Lightonuse Jetty at 5 p.m. on ailing days.
For Flrtner PrtiarT apply to
Marine Sgaare

Manzanilla Lcial Road Board.
T END .-;r i ll c I.,- re iin dJ ibtI oh I ,.-e c-
time Mjanrmlli Loal a:o,',l i-m.ind p to
-n ton ~n, ,,m ,:r, I i'-
Li "' c. h .. i, a. h,,,: 1: cvi, c. th%.:r. i '1% "

tained on applicatiou-to the Secretary "of the
Mnianzaila Local Road Board at the Board's
--Olic n .t-S onn r n Grand-it.i. t-- -_
-2=h t B "od bIuL'.ut Iiud itsiel tu ,L--l Lhe
lowest or any tender.
(Egd.) F. STEVENS,
[ P Chairnan.
OfIce, Sangre Gcrandc,
11th September, 1918.


Bc tr 'e cof ihe rhage -p3raningi le cta5'e
rc,ad are trndrrciong nerce rmi tepmcr by ii-e
-c. l, l arl i l e uo C-replea-_ -
(Sgd. A. W. IBBETT,
.Chairman. t avraima Loc-al Road Board
San Fernandt. 25ili ceptimbrr. 1,1?

T'IE PUBLIC i., herebv noiificd that I hall
not be leeponu ibeii i.:.r an detti cr dtbit;
cr.ntrarc[d ,y ev htu;band Jirrmi Aclh--.rn 'af:o
known ac %caog ,'oo, cc,, 1 c. r,,im -iihi-aleut any
'it cuan four year uc.-.eC ari. n c-w .%khI
aloutar I :rn ic.rrart. C -THECINE ,ACIiONG.

SNFRC'RIMATI.rl i- ,a- rr, x
.-. rd.t^ ,lrinc amt-r ia- i i C .tul., miini. i.
nilla, rpli '-" r. ,.h I.-l l l i t, ,c i-. my i.metinic
dufmii- iie .ear- 1" oCr-ii ,rrcabaut. and -ha
u-jrce noi been hnrd f r-ifrrmacion ad.
clre:eEd oL. LLE\%ELL.YN ROBERTS, S,:lecit.
toir. 6 St. Vin:nrt ltrett C.r, ELIZ IBETH
hMORRItS Caigual.


E co N i 'x i th e tire o ihe pda e r-.d sve
zr.,j t ,,-:,r Cr .-Ille -, L I. tuchIrnor-,
rt- In r I I nII- teca deIr.
t',[Ic IJ at
At_ _toe Rali-lto Tailoring
S Establishmelnt.
and lithe > vI|-, -.dI J ,.t c .n ,-a ...ur s cl-,uh fO.-
icu a;ld mi J er ,:," -ir ,-cIrt re.atctcl i i, -..
i,0.. t Ira n.i, h uiet .. c.. C-i C da l ,aId
be coninacea.
W. T. CALLENDER. Tai'or A. Culler.

s- .

To ContractorS, Builders, Estate (2) REASONS FOR GLASSES
P rop etors &--Oi -Co0 gai o n rowesi.
rTica-an-h sclentriic l ainnlerAon
S Correct Leumeq. Popn rly tied.
c . ., "A. W..Alkins;

T ...,



- _E .-- .- 14J-.9 STORES.

Ecs Ln r A._- Rp i-- .

K -- ----u-l-i

We keep BOOTS & SHOES for every want, for

every-taste-andfor ev-ry-sliapw-of-foot. -- supply- --

the righrShoe at a reasonable price. q4 -ands-e

-such-makes -as-t-he -Rex,' -Victory'-'-Bar-rister-' and-

in Tan, Black Vici and Russian calf, at

IT r pr gain -
3m b* 4 .ru ,m it iah i
l,,. ,l h a ,L ,ie i, co j i, or c i-
rrtii.. m t 13, 6 -1I ,tha ,.c, . r i;
ea, lil c-, 'rt nr.. c~t l.anci- arc-I ch:,r-c.IL
1 c,,, b l' ... .. ... -. ...ii naI- ni

-f l .......y T '- ..LI : ..... .- L ,. -
LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY L"` n.......... ..5. n i ,, .i. l .to .
1825. ti ri ,cia c. a. .,e"' , : ,'n L-Ia, .:-,I.
The enquiry u w,. In, c l ou tr R.
'L T 11.U;l iL .tL Li cE A i i.j I ..:l -,in_,' sI \ ... .i ,h ii ,c -.,.c.l n ia s. a,-1 I PauT cl-i i, I '* '1 r' ',,- : ,h 1 "
-l, i. ,e ci.r,' .,. ltrr,,itLI,'-,,-i ..... ..e"e-i . -. ----.-. THE "._'." F, EF, ,_11 \ ,-.[
-R evenly e -a"IuhertJ...... t .i.In ii-.-. ...hA
R revenue 0000 bout 19 sunueT ., iI. cr.I I- .
O 111FLISeS D declared 170,000 with the wilful nur..., ... ... ,n
___a___ ___ d__Fp ort l dintr ct, n F . -,
Accumulated Funs I3,660,000 September, 1 918.
Claims Paid 3 ,430,000n,or a Mr. V. .. .. ,
4- accused.
Particulars on application to Similar evilcnce iI I.! ,I ...n. ,:,l,.::t
G. BRUCE AUSTIN, General Agent,7 d.aritohen iea i,r n. r, n
deceased disclosed tu I i r, r
hc .- ,I n el.c -I..' ,.i L. :
I V Bj e "iPL tt w. Ti1f'.c -11 i. ,il
~AND twas a rupture of it- pplau i n- b'-I l-ag
ile the AND liver cI .,.
AoLe utee re.go.....-.r.n. ,I,,.. .....
MLal canditiou. thrbis opion it'euth, was due
A-ANURIAL- LI S to hemorrhage-from the nlpture of the i-een--
Manufactured by The doctor added that there were weals on the
THE[ -TRINIDID STPPRIG i- DIG COMPANY, LIMITEsi, tck prdedoe b nCourt.
Besi qutiality guuaranteed. Prices on application. fitted that the cirrhosis of the liver and. con-
diticn a- Of tjei. ,i cilht b ,-1n .at t .
h-lm-i id t,kLi --Lce 1,h. rii ,,'[h, i-nu [-
Prompt and careful attention to orders. 1,-- I.',ia acta rtIc i,,:e oal at.:o prrIdICd
-i. ct -Ic, U ti "l e dr In luto 'cian t Tb.-_
ant r.i, Laokn r ,ri Ran- l cncaof-I t% l-a y -
IraaIu, 1 r ho,

-F C DLIVER ILA )TAR -- ---- --ln o--
Itn-c i' t.. 5 --li-n,,o f,, .l. i e -t,- i e-.c a-..- the

otbet's BSyrup of CCIJ Uvor on a d Tar is ont or hathiiE it r-rinarat a iru a I 1 c .-; ] ul
Lint cian I. got for Lra affe.vCion It la an aclle t combtination of tba 1.. [i. at -I; l,: e 11. 111 l ,...1

anD.I bro .. al aAl n ltg,.strcmlt;gben tho.ys.temn so that It rc bis-attaLc.. It .la p .1-n. ...a.i.. g, 11.. 1 n >i. eu
agrcableo lo ItLo irr a ] a0 &easily alien, sd 0 moilt dk li.-te BlOMamn can.E c a hi: .. -, l ho t eo :ri :od.1 tChat.;late it renadly. Its cua t e qiabltls Lave bcen attested by uer%, and fo UrJI cu that te acc d kat ithe lsi
requrse for cupplits VIt M Pufrecrg from rTilmionarr and rCEi.;rtIcrP1 n1,1u (,.:.,r R Ing taue
deultrb3r,.-:tqs ,Go ..l I l ._;nrl ._..n s, a f-.a o- ,ricC.1A .: FaOR Till: PrCi;ECUTIiN CLO-S-D-
fe -or oY: crl'ts .-r.,r. of <--.: L, J h n r Tar .-nLi I., uA i ; eFwthidh c .ner e e. e i7>ba n bee a led th, e
llor-.a liaop & Lymn C.,Limi tod Torno. Caa. .-iapniotnor-, a -rh-,a..1:" te oert'ia re court
-OFCOD LIVER- OILA T A 'A CA.uuR.l dched -ardea nce. up-u

S-- ar,- o t-i i h oiIb tl. uHe aI, vlti, her of -d.
icrla'rn' fecio fo nbrim-onohol a tjIrt-[rba a.-....I ir ict.ea. --aL, ., Ib-inantl

T :h t B an of Disti notion It Refrilieeing and Iomb nat igoratinn g clh,. I-c ad .cr-,,tJ it. U an .a!. he acc.-

uLId lIoe l, l m nt tgtb t ntl r no that It r tac. It a- ,ainat ili a:th ae I -
grcIe h biea v liea nc the m to c an he- n ho ther
Rinn ditl lie. gO IIRh I D nr the nI ttli a lha -
ar.,,'s Ic 0,- c.r that uhreoco rn tulelm tnrr ndu re ,;ralr in, Inr lung time uit

Uf:Lyman n i -n ren i-c- cn ian ac',c I
ofreevidenceti--c i bl,, Fa -r lt, e al r citeoa r
TheBee of th t ItistI, - cbd,'t t,: c-at, "imd 1 -anM-clh n-,1us d.n
iunbtnl ca'.chIUnCmT U ijacIhere a.Irte ,o u l all tI_ hver.

"- Lager Beer I, ,, r.

bIl the i eng eocce] i tt i n r, arh l.s.CAi to, -cc n-a cl

_______________ turn IliheI t,____L___,___h_________h_


Win. Fogarty.
k wlant :C;u,1 "i li n,:n. i
Pu" t C .

res lt i LL -, -r
Premier'.' and Polaine" absolutely guarantee More o-dant laodeotci carat, i
Po,.L-r, Simouthb-r Rirnning,-Loungcr-V Wear.. --

^^" .o. of Fo thelest a iRs

'P.- A nwa,. Trinidad euardla\. I

1111- :-_!


TIe TriMniad Shipping & Tradfig Company, Ltd.




- '


~... '-Verdict-of Manslaughter---
.: the Couut-Police Court on Friday morn- -
ia Hf Woir,.rlo.1Mr. Mr. A. FoTcde,eling S.M.,
Lt1e death oi Pcaonwassee. rho it is alleged,
r!iuer6d at_ LQuIena Road. Frict on
F-rndr,. rhe 2lbl c ScpKiLrohcr.-tniS
Thef, i-,4l n biu-ecac.led -,-a doctor Jno. Alex.
IM.Tarlne who, Lbein swor, .ad -he- is the--
7 0 'I._.. ol-C .-iaA..3-O.-n-lu:_Di lht the 2)th
of ljecimob.t. 191B, he iciebil ihe-b5iol' a--
ilead Indian min whi ch iclvnrcilerd by one
_ _Ernc-t l ocsteli 1r FiecK-otl as- -, o, f *ne.
I'U.-UHa^Ce. The l,d, -wA-,,13_ l -aon.thelAL__
Que a Main RP.,il, Fre.port Aldtr sIewing
tht bho niaesi rdlre- ,ti ren.oi il to tLhe
not iuroi nutLcL,.-: I the Ct ii\ lijttici lio-n-

it-- ,t-t 'r in mr rIitam
at.i i [c-p..rk c, i n bo- the 1".,, e.tltd
"P, iic ,e tfortuet.-laU Nrqr- He i the -
.Io Pnn- .en ithe Li Qua '-W I..,Rde in

Il 'rc. |ir,.. i, 'r.- n, h r iLu w1,1hr'~ rnJ in
l y ci e a ,n 'it, i i- i i,-i', rcr oNh
,ilti,e-- reLn .d ithe q,_t hI,, ,ci Indli ioiran
I cicl. c-nl dJ .iro~n;ag 'aud ti-rri -i 1.-o0.-
i-ad n-hattn" I r c ,,uih .] 1 lie told hicit his


-'% -i

An'RE,- -YO

. :.. . . ...... -- '-- ..... . . . . . .. ...-

S ..'




OCTOBE R .1 1918.

t a

7 EugeneBoissiere& C





\t e _________________--__-

_ ellcndiquarternad kenp -nil n ..rlel ain o l IFrench PFalt t bl.dicinis.
- as-ve n-e n Of-enn-tno.,, ci tole dohor,%, -;----

T l,- 9 .' -

r- Arl" tl 'idla Anlier e
S- Goudion Guot Ton -
Jc-. ....Jr, ri!-;_Rc,,:i e Re iPe
e,Ju ol Si 'p ni .
it' etiale chno ... Carnine Lefrao1
Ilstt 'Oenio N .linc Elixir ilra i ...
Sirop H-iemoglobince op P lni-,-
\ Bll phorine Cap-ule Cognit
eel 4. . e Wholesale and Retail.
P- 54, Queen Street. 'Phone 925.

t', 'F -4 "-------------------
I'l The TPiaidac Ele tpi i ,- d

ol : ju received a large shipment of-
-M letallfb Filament Lamps,
11. S5, 20, 25 and 40 Watt-36c. each. -
liy "- S.- D-HARDING,
cl i Gtieral Manager
o i

at, i or CnnetTi" wlih the DOMIN"ON GOVERNMENT t iegniar Thrce.-epid4-PAS3SENGER
11, i CAPCO nnd MAll. ERV'ICE .i mnrinteF.ned trrm St John, N.R, and lalilax. N S. to
S- ,, vina Wnnridr, St. tKrt-. Arriving. Mr.nit.riat, Drminic, SL. Lucda. Babathd., cra Vincent. Grennad:
S, nd Trinkiad, returltig Northbound via thi. enme iparis
-te c BAGGAGE..
Hr' le 'aRBaFe must be delivereA i t he Ccmrasny' lighter at the St. Vincent Jetty
between in a.m. and i p.m. on the fI sailing. l and baggge only will be taken ot the
S P.wccrveer Ttnl-r.
ea PA , ri -r' ro rie; -i'ld In nor tbAl heir hri.ec1'-e i-I propporily la'eoll-4--prirr f.a 'hirpmentil
SI Labels con bei r.hirne-d ct thi Cr-l.Iina,'-- lI'fic. All pearcnuger' baggage a.hild L.,' insured as
.-' rhe Co nri-n renv Fi-.-ptq no r I.-' "I1,."
Panolge le T itns ait iureud at tbh Cuimnpiny'a Ofices onlv.
Thie Pasmengor Tept&r leaves the Ligbilnmuse Jetty at 5 p.m. on nailing days.
For Fr their Prilartil apply In:
i Marine Sanare


i To ContractorS, Builders, Estate
A -oroprietozfr^tOittOm es.
i l:. " 'I , S ," .' i .. .


T e Trinidad Shipping & Tradfiig Company, Ltd.
ii^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^

h .! ., 7.:. r, 9 ,1 I. STORES.A! ; ll.

... 1 ,L ..c. LIFE ASS.,RANCE COM PANYrnh,, 11i4,,re1, im-Ihit l,,-
______- -- __8 A N -..---_ A______ .. U....i...... .
...o. .. .lnC E .n ... ...~l,- -lilp :o j ___1825. ,'

Manzanilla i al Road dBoard. U 1H: I CT
ENrrF.;%,ilib-r, ni.l i. ,b, lit.e C- LIFE ASSUR A C CO PNLIEcSANC CO PANY ili.
tl r lli n I. d niu np l p 182t i5. .i L . i, ,. ,1 ,. :,' i.:l.ll .
,:-,Ii --I ,llll j, li,-- h,.r I 'T-- Lc .- I...iA T. C --iral at h. -.I'i, i r ,.r. ,l. ,. Ir, t,. : -i ^,_,ctir R.
0 0 I li-., ',njf A l _ _ _ -il l ili ld RTaa

TPNI r;M R BUILDING F : liiiL'1^ .!, i
l d...rr T li ji ,,,.,. IFR .

1 1 L ,c tir l l l t d 3 1 0 t .1 1 ,-r-5IF P. r

iP I N -OT ICE 6iRlj A ,I.r, i i -7...i .h ..r ,h ,: ,
M t 1o. L -naF, r d .. Ii lL r U . . 4- J1i.W l- P",7 Ir-e L r u d ("L) --"

C 11r1'i T1sr tRha in I-3. r .oi I L, nn
r ad re irl I ing ec.. .. b. he .Manu.fac.urcd b .1, li- ..*i.l ii], i i L ,., .,.,'- ,ii.

Chairman. a im Loc-l Road BEarJ Best quality gl aranteed. Prices lo application. l- -

COCOA ESTATES IN TIE WEST NDIES. ei iiacPic1liii... Ic -
o Prouipt and careful attention 10 orders. ri.bainud ce l iic e r od ea pC' .ol d b
I ITE PUBLIC i; hrebt i no t h od that I 'bhll h. i L ,an icn.. i, ny
nSte A.- W. i I1 dE THE THREI NI NA O PPIG A -d OF f TRADING COMPAD lfill [lTE Ie m
st ca,'" i fo .r ye jars -- ,L od f II., 1,.- h i1on-n ti,
.Chir m a ltcbFCcchc bd DccAct-cc 1r alnit uPrIIs oIIUppltca "U JU iit tion I m&LU, I u, l oi, h U r -ll,]IrIU],.i. II t-ihie

S nIri dr 1 1?Ia I eli ,- C i I le L.11-1- e t
a nin dccri... 1,-. ,

durl c ll ct for Ir af lon tnt com-r llnation oi tl r i i. o ln
Se r ta a d- bc th eth nhlh fai- I leor wh-br --re r e. T l iu

r: Ed OlL. LLE\ ELL.. ROBERTO, .. ad whil_ Ardin D rl. for co -g i ct 1 i -ll"
kino RalWo i aE- rn l IcIE m ie h cI c.
-.-i--------a.--c- A...;t iBfLT;lT idc-i-clkllaii C'IT 1-.1P1of0 ir dai on- o Ibta b ena li Ei ....-'i'"" i.... "' i -a ib-..on, i

Ecola r aac e. nb l h Locl oare neari -.di f tlbct J r ff ed. t cr efe: e ntep li catp h,,, .. htu o'e "ni-.- a n! h,..-. l h. Court .,

56, FREDERICK l STREET, 1 n . u .
nt 19 i lib-. LE t TaloEring t__ c c n CcuuI I Tchl d oC cil nee atli tdf -nce. upu
Establishnc m ent -t h n t n e I a i rcle et ht Ii h er ofn

W. T. CALLiNDER. Tli'onr Ah Celler.d t

TAKE\I~Ui~lit: & Lym oC Lim t- Tnt c a nto a 1.ned0
t-aNOTIbCUSE.o b O iB i CTfOD LA RGES TA R-d- -rA NDbg c...... F .i" h=c.icniil.. ,i,,.-,

n Ir .if itrci __he)I cd no Cican ap i-in. .R -e'Sr o Cd r-i if iin:. I-Troisone of iL i---. ;I ci li Clir-ie

T o ln, ,ic r esitnc -. "in i c d n re 0 -. Cr n i c e -- : -
-(2)- ESENTIALS -- - -- --
TL.rpld! Shcie. iiac'0 minilion Premier'.' .cn g PolainI" absolutely guarantione More rai hla -e -11i c i 4 Le il die
Co r lLm -L ltL oLr a- ldf- '.,i, ,i IIi i -i ....i c .-a I 1'a

56c, otbeDh.r r r. l tins.c- a Polt, vingothe r Ricioning. Lo rcar la
SAct nl ld ,c Il i h pa thlee pr s es at the top of .

W-i F oi car t c pla" "d C a rtes t he s tf ls n i
T HE PU LI i. ti o.iesr. I,; ddt tI. "ciI I-nl i he hi-iiie laeTda uPlcaa a. d -ir.e.:rod L.
li, ibn irI' Uacr l-,;-i I I L-Il' -.l , ,l it -

-r T I I3 fo of upp D i12 11 Ii P R1. /fom itng and c ;:gdo.ruicn c mi nra cnpg t o l ipn h l
,,c. a. t- e...-1.
-il ilore l .&C ,,. teea CIi r.IrIt o ne1 ,,I0eC i..
'liedbra:itt t ie.c-min.e ;h--c- o i_

A t the a e-"lo-nailo rin ng. . ... e e toi-bc- i..... i . - I -}...p.n

['ab "6 .. ... ... 't a ..... CD a. '-' "tn.. . . ... . .
W.. .. W CA ..":r_1),r ll 1 "..Ia,{[l,' a Rel' yVof 0''rt'la d L o f .-... ,U... -Ii,,, ,hl. m ,
ndl, rI.'n':r. .ho k.! IIi t:,l~m .,:, el~~e "l ~n ~o ~ol .fr lt~r:,l lt~t 'lons II L P~n Iltceler ttom ha~'io ottb .. e ,ng ,. ia .:.,e ,ullhIn' ,ue .re,, .s.

,h '-- u L..a -d I` ,.Z./: .Tl::,n ]i h. -. a rl ai'i -,..h h, l,

and he li-i~er~l.,;, .J l~lfi+ l CI o .r r~. l fo t', .. .. I. -,1+ tl ,.h~c .=t!+Jl

-We keep BOOTS & SHOES for every want, for -
every-taste- andforev-ry-sliapwef-foot_ --Wrsupply- i

the righVr-hoe at a reasonable price. 0dlt-ad-M-cee

-such-makes -as--the -Rex,' --Victor-,'- Bar-ristr -and- .. .
^htfle^ IYoukesureSnikIqtkeTza r nh 1h wz

in Tan, Black Vici and Russian calf, at /:a,.

--- PA-


.. . *, f' .

k, iiMU

== = - -Il-


~ 'Verdict-of Manslaughter.--
.1 he Co-.. Police Court on Fidan morn-
;nr Hi Woril.r. JMr. A. Fordiccing g S.M.,
ltn g-nir Caner.-aene -ri. 't y ijtry-niT-.lo thing
t11e d~ith of oonwassee. who it is alleged,
_c. _oJeipern at LaQuena Road. Freeotdil on
F-ndii. the 2lth c Stpe cr.e- iS -.
Th. i',nl bln.u caile! -", adoctlor Jno. Alex.
IMTarl nhe wbo. Lin snorn, .iad b-e-is the---
-1 D '1.0. Iol-S.ninA.- i-e--a-a riil the 2)lh -. -Ah
I ftjecnin l). 11., he v'ienil he oils al -
idead Indian mun which ., liinrifred by one
_..rn-t ,lodclie Of Fie t.olt rd f ,.-f /
PI'ut~ax.eH The L,o,iw,,w 11 113ng-on.tbej.__ ,
ale ain Rri, Freepori Allt r siewing
tiht b. l nioues a ..dre, ,it renoil toL tL .e
Dnio uljrI J t.t cL-to Il tihe :1 i\i n li miiJnIct Hion-
n | i--,tf ti'Ir-,u a r-i i- r i.-h r oe-
hiu k i icepr n .i- tnd jhe clh cillvd
iP[.-- ine. l Irc e lfaoLu -Yec, rs e n'l the i .' ..
,l.-ol P, -n na h. e L cc ic r 'c-- l Rc,d in-

' r,& ,% -i rc i .- .i .,... S a a,
i'l.-lLe ttC il -l %-T *-"---r lU i ,
ti' a 1i 1 1Ii- :le -, l .. r .-I
, I-t,, e .-h r_ i. the. 1,, -,- be .. ,In, l5nc tan
ii, l ll.d-ir.J :trahlgc,i ,lig ing- ,da -
i I, l r. Ic-,rn him ,char I lhe rn-,lIr
anid reht hi- ]- ciiii-.], lie l aid blil his



.- .Govern eeCMNot l .. -K-.
-t V1 A_ h _Int
mportaion o C utTt F utna-tsmo
... .. c 1- _e m the United States.. A. _fi l _ UNv |
....*) - - T. ---- -"--- 1"1: .... .. ._... .l-.r.. ._ ...... _. _I . ._________ .. ...
T --u" the"

TO-NIGHT and TO-MORROW: .-... :- r I-

A_ -PEARL WHITE (Elam e) -- i..., .-- I-

-- an A e rican "OPEPP- -. -M-C_-- ~ i

--",- NO T IC E i .' ir ......r ' -C
S _______ v -__ _____ -H-

....PPT- -- F ._`6111-er W -ond erful- W "eSt '
ITHE --Si LOENT MEN l r.E n t t pit oc raphy

M- . ;.>.ir-. , ,i i ,- ,,- r.,',.,,, '.:,-,.,- , . . .. i.Sc --*.:- I L I' t T -/1 L 1 7- L2s. L/Z.i 2.Iia S N .'
P-,I l" u ,r,-.. V;- i e in the nortrava i i, ITt.- ,. . I .' .
...]I IS ...... rd. T 0


71 id mi Auwrous IReu sts SAN FERNANDO.

P_.- 9 ,,

__h\V- ,3 BILLIE BUR KE& HENRY KOL ER The, R', M,| ,

TH- E E f --- -- -
ill>TUL ilE T :f'!J-.,. ['-E^ S~iWX N TR M'D l._

The Czecho-Slovaks.

arc hearing much the-e da'-, about
h C7tcho-Si- aks in Sibria and it
itt.!c hu nour '
w-it thI ong, strtimn.G iiame. As al 'ln
said to ic tll utlihr day, \ho in thuc-

devil arc those lows out in Siicri ---
thli -e fell,-iw ailth the iini that i:; o hard
f.,r -. -, r to pror ouri ce ? I dun'l t
-5:-ii I l.!IOw much aboiit them." A good i
i t'. i c s.ile I -x, so far as ,
o l .v l.,. if the Cziecho- Sluv.c s i c-
imt, 'r us Vankes'to pronounce in the
main ,r.-' Bohemians, members ofthe breed
Of I,?n 'livhn prcl hiell iiongt iwiit other !
illutr.-ci. ,. i,.- r *i .*i [l st and John Ziscan
th re C, i -.-... I the Kreat General.
M tt-u L r ,r 1:i 1 - : ..;rr-h -.!

J r ni-i-' i,.'-- i' I ii t Ii,. ,le r -i i c. I
tili.i [ll ,lii.: rI I l- I i ll.'l '*. II'.

- ,eIt. ' i i 'i - i I

I I, I-, I,. n p I:.1 li, ii I
a aiiii r l ,i t.. I i .
i3t. vci n d,: l I h :-. l. u n,. i ,,r-, .i r, i iI

_J iangu mi I .,.i .-nir.i. 'p ,i .i- li-a I
an-.] -x i.t ill l, li-i-'i I --,i ,uiiii
co Ua to n 1 ,N I Ih.l1i li,_I h i' i r- '.r I- h I1
the,-c hamn i..i l -If a. IttL ,.,l.I h ,.1 I.-r.r
ojinil etd. ditnla LtIi nui .,l,. "C'" iI'I
have reining cfre'n taos.nd ncr t n r I
the hslor," o llaIohiiiii ri, :r I., tile .tilh.
that enlc n ol tr nl i lii.l i I. [ ;
c'ly lmiuch t.o In. tiniglt ji.. i ,',i I
lethargic bli il. Ihe-Icie fli little ,f fit,:
NVIhite Mnlntnia tile Bllivilna int, I -,.
mal I to have hid the lnhitn n l c Iare v it
contend ing ng in. l those li. -cit-,re I., in:

lute Inilh in lh e til in thI aIT
ntl-i of inilic cig v tiitli t. u, ni lu, III it
6hiiier: \ '- %i ,inre l i-i'l lineh i-plcilur thalii
that of j Zica. lhe n-in 1 in nmiv -c ll
be cnl Ii lie Fal1ier of M.le rti Mililitarv
--Sdvcnrt. I. i by thin inconpinirnbl- I-illle-
winner, and otlbi .trainuil i:, ini. tlihe
Iln ritl iaiin mini-n \,cre nlin.r.i t coilsai'll,
victlirkus o'r lie liipn-iraln.l-i.t. 'I liey
were looked up on .i-l<-eing uncon.luctralilc.
No other people or whonm liiilory gieti" 1*
any knowledge liha, nch a superb fighting
-em-on -iLpo unlmaritha -the mighty arniic of the l mpTeifali It .k-
Tup nIir-in i-in .ilT-stIclti iTi ii t irr ii I e I
at list hi;lil '[ i llhe onc-iili'ng olli i
SZinca ,and 'rocoplie Ii l.; Nnt until
tIe lkheintrl s tnri e r eak-enedi by, thle di .
of tile ItLdels u wer ici L -3 e li ni
beaten biy their ownitul nlteiiiaries Dut
This iplrl idl vailn r wai nt'.ic r c lu i .ll ..I
,xceptl iillhf, T i. v "I Ili' ir iw-ut.,d .ii l,-,li.
Lical lit ...tlhr li itl li I., tin'ik n-i lle ui nuiil In live' milirr lithe la ., f their
.. own n_ il.ii;a l. eii.rling o tlile f.iltiecntil
about thr almnoS. hillitilL.illou h c ol r
the Plilgrini Fa-ilicis ild the di-..istr ,it the
WhiteL M unlain, ilt i i itler, isn't it, thali
the Lsxbhu.Slovalis and the descenldnts of
the Mina bholounded this'Nation, should


-lr ai r ri d aiihe n ia intI p ',t a '
ShNver'. And queer, again, is the faet that
thc ( tint. of their men who laiilehdl at i Twentyifour word; for Sixpence
.'* ..1'. t t .i ll. !.IthtI Three Insertion f or One Shillin,
t Additional Twelve .ords or le-
ti, ;, ,,1 i .s r i.,i.. ,,- ii d i Three pence.
tile u ii l idii .t a s u iu n
iid s areeo g .

1 y IK % -
.-- j- -
iac ci-.
-- - - - - - - - - -i..

Pruz-izional fly a :

I-' ...... I_-_-

~- !. -. i.j : -
I -- T ,''* , , .. 7 1, ,I Ct e

- : : , .T,,, ,


S Ilr l [ I il, C l r e I ., ,, e L i ,, c
l i, a r il, I T, ,. , I i. ; Ji.I c'. -'. I !r T' -

TIif N i." i,..1 1.k I: ib C .L I -c i 'r'-' i-
'_ c- .i, I 1i' L : ,2 l c i .. l ni c t

I- li ,i I t .l ',,,. I i,:,.,; ('l,,b, i en. ,t. _in ]'i.... I__,_,, i
i i, -s-3i.,. i,,- T I t. -i -,. cll i I,., ,I

r-I r
1 1q AN .'1I -, r :r.

'li2-' -,oysters.
ili t in ..I r i t.'n-,I Ii. e l
Vin' eit ri;ret. In r !ir-o ,-Spin. .I. S C E [,li [[nh Ie O r e
; 'No enc Citi He ace ei e 'n-l ict-i .ric n f.elh, u,,,hr-t r' Il i
1 1c l ih t -. i lh i i i- ,,, t. ,:-I Tor ,
7 1 I TI.-I I i.-lii.. Inu. ]. u ,- ,,i ,, T ,
iic A1. 1 %11 hi I i.II- lii ,', ,ir'1 V I or a.. i u is,
].. IttILll'.i,_, I.I I p ic-i,.I 0.pWI,,h-.. IT. ,I r l a-. ira te

.-l lhr.-n bn Ca, e I

---I~ nl r4 'h k F cy.t. IT! ,:a ,,, -,, C r?,-.:__, ..U. t, :_t

I',. cc,.liI-nti-h h19c1. Irti u t ,e ,

RI CA lM .Il! ..l,
Sepiimber 2, 1918. Sec ry .C.C.

.'.The Tr I ua rdE n uard

Tii Trinidad M uadhn

I- '


A- - .. , . .

I L- r -- ._ I

:- , G-- -

c, ,i r 7.



We u rnish i Material and
ina-.-e ,ou
STropical Suits,


T .il,,re, l. to ny

-- 5_-D AY,




c rpe EViMl'aii JMdiarl] Mystrery0'

\\'tli':s .)in-, thl- Gang "- Comic.

T -,,:,




,epa rs !

Repai rs

\'u-,r -,lI, ne,'J? rCiJ -ne: vin,-r
It I,,- t hive it d:one now.

L. a n t ,I

ur special 0ffe

Ir r e monm h orni) 'r. m r

Enamelling and Baking
Enamelling, Baking and Striping -


II Ir ill l"nds eXecUtedJ at tsh.rtE -,ot'ce.
(All workk guaiariteed,i
E US A TRA----.
THE- :

,e .:-:-.1- .-: Henry Streel.c ,

st:le at

Mlade-tql-Your .. I \LF'ELES' RIPAI:G JOR" *,'(onmicl.
Pattern of fi aerial will be sent
POST FRE tour Country Coming: "PEG OF THE RINGG"
I r;.nda.
f,,,' 1 .1 T,.;',,h ;' "'. ,.l i -. i'nut.l, i n ] f,1 h'i!lel i i. h Pr'o el r. I, i n >,P'aNi]; ''*'
am erican Store .. .... .}i. i'i .. i l-pc, y Ei' ii f.-i,,.'
Corner Prince & Henry Streets,
Port-of-.pain. l .
U -l;-
-- ,' ,';'i

To 1 held under the Auncic l of. ti c
Queni'ts lPark Cricket Ch;l i on
Saturday, November 2, 1918,





-, . -l ,
y - .* ,.

1 __--_ __ _- "

___, g -iGovernment Notices - _

io rip ta on of Cu tu Fruit*... a..
the United States.. u. _..__ JJV v V J
- - n r,-.-I.]-,-. _ __--"-- .-__-- ..-__


WI- r: it, ____ 'm TO--IGT: -
P.EARL W TE (Elaine) --

: As an Anmerscan "JOAtt- OF -.- -- _

C rA -- r 141

.71 m N O T IC E

if- -. c--- -i - A. I-1 Ot A m eri W wonderful \V est "
'i -__1_ .- ;-T. I iTf2 .: ---Rit i -T A 'i .,. I -..' .l.'i..'t. -",Lr._..., .-:.,; ..'1 n E .!', [|rnil il,-, 1 t ,r',, r a t. Fph,:t,:,. Sraphl y ,
S - 1 .---- t. p oto raphy
SI i i .._I_,- ],1 A-_. ...

,I,.. i .I.- ",. ,- . SAN FERNANDO.

uiAsi- cR.. .kiI- d ;- 9 .. ____. I x-t-. A MONDAY &-UE.DA Y

S 1 \\ BI LBILLIE BUR IE& HENRY ROLLER Ti"e IP;.-..._ i ,|,

i 1 T i- E iT E -T f :- I l -., I I :-ii-." -; i. '

'- - __

: ,. . .
II i -- I i t, ,, i .. ,iI j r ,r

i-- .. ,I i .. ..

I -- '1 I -i i. ,I ..: i ,, I

- -- i'l-l 11'.'I r .r , i ..-i
A F' i. T

i Tri --u-i : ii --. ." T ;,,, .,i [ ".

- rii : 2 !LI: iiicr r \j .
111 1 L.1E
j I ..r. i I ,

S I-- .I 1 11.I Ib l' 1 ,. ',..- T I "
2,Tn,,"I ,., t . I .' i.,:,,

i-In _5 2- I..,,' iii : .',' i ii i ; ii, ', -
I- i : i l iih 1 ., \i 1 _. ;
_' n- I ri tItr r
S I L 1 .Ini n r:eT.e

V , "-,% I i-.F e I ,
I-, : t- ., tIe, i 2. 1 i I-TT tI ,e- i,,-
: l ii, i liti F. r,

I r -, t r, i I I I.

x, -I- II I

'il .. I .
ri r. it

-i n r. I. l. l i tin i l- i ,,. .i -.r-
cli r ,. i t i Im ni, I : i L --

oh I w I,. r i . 1. 1 T ir i.-1

.n ls -1 l i,. r ,hi er .. r r ,[ h h r ..,1
rh1- le '. :, In:i, lI',. i .iiii, ; l l- ri.I l -
ivan Patr.- ll INull . ;11.i I .I .. i I.. .
ntulrm-.. -r tnT im i I -,qn I rt ,.i ,
1 A, v(r t g ii ,ri.- v .l .1 .i I
ha ve I n,.. i d' .-h -i n i t. l i iilhr ,i

cot.eninu i Ln o.iiiii i. i" 1 ilire ir a
t n r a n-is o il l -u iii i I I n -1
te ini. 1.. h I"- ini It r in it i[ e a it

hit o f- i.. 'nin tnin tlel .l'. ini Tn 4 i> .,
,maid to uhar .eld the linlili nf iti-.n in
contendiing renait lose -c %iere It -m
- to deprivc Illen l 0ItIliiir i nt iiIt :111in4l I rcie
rae lib erties. I i -fil. .- al.-- .
wlte Initli itn ,lh5j5 1.i t l.i in t lic, aln.
trai t oitlar tTh u-i 1uu, ib it
inuhil l er erit % nm o re l a'zlin- |lc.,il.,i r th aii['
than of u 1 Zisci. ithe rn-,l h nin,. t,- ei i
be cnll- Ilie F-. nl I ,of .,rl t-.ri Mili,.rv
----Scie- n e le. by th in inontmenbirt- i-le
r winner. anId ol-iE. bi liti lie
Il.l tin i Ll inii, I wre:- n liTr,.t c-.isn.-a I
victtrnkiust over rlie Ii Tre h.l I l eiY
weren looked ur. n Helu-ing unornluctIblet.
No other peo-ple or hnim lihtoy hge. "
any knowledge hail aici nt superb fliliing
11 Ui-rfpon-mnlihi tli < cpnri.-nI ILn L
-the iolgrmy anrnie acs t hle ln ti.- t lnt I .
thu ail [i tlnll i prln :i i I --' i I.L-il
at f i rlus hi t i .I tig t onc ,li n' -t lliil, .I
i-ca ans d It 'rcoi ce hI: i.;rit. Nnt until
tile i chm intiSi r tt reakhn dhcit be, thet is

e a el lllic o o...nn tllv.ll h, Lin hou.l
khn mie n ll In live l ui Iinr Elie ., i tll t .ir
beaowen t1 .l hi.r". Retw.rIt 1I tetie fltlt: h t
t thi li:s rinit't, il -taitci as i re, i--lrtn.i r i.11 ie

i W lte %.. ltuHti i it isl ilrnt, isa'tL it, tlht
the ULcrutdSlovalhs, and ih descendants ofi
a sthe = sho ouonded this'Nation, should
i' 116' knwldg 9 l u'r g tn


Twenty-four word; for SLxpence
Three Insertion; for One Shilling
Additional Twelve words s -or lei--
Three pence.

L11 i-i FI-.IL i t o -
I iN

'd C-. ~li-r ..n.. I

*LI .Is'tr. I,.] I

aI,--] IF
ii ii it t I i

S.... O.... ysters.
1 1 .-fit., S ofin ,lc .t. I igar tI i v,
Vincent mrr- t, Port.ol-Spain. ILAM /,C!IEE s ell..rrly the Blit Oy tere.
Nnrn "llt ,r cwr .rd Lnl nj im .n1 ,- .- .- er .rph ar
by II,..- ,, ".,or .m ethre da, s 1 II, ,-, -. i I ,*, I rd hr^ n -,o 'cri' ,
o I, ow-------- --- "-- --p-- "

L.pI i f? ,, th sI t S pe r
,cre t I, C 7

-NOTICE. Allth Best Stores

i l

|I epitt u 2 nr. Iln. N
Seplember N. 1918.


T AIaD.'tHrcIaE I n

The Trinidad Luardian



, L, 1 ,,
E ', -i . .t-i; -,-, I ,,

T i -
a ti ,.- .

I, i r,,i -i -t ii, I, I. .


We iUrni_-i' Material and
ma-k--e you

Tropical Suits,
\V,.II Tnil,,re,.l ti ;

style at



SM ade tqc-Y-our Fit.
Paitern of Ni.lerial will be sent
POST FrREE to our Conrtry
f r;-;ndg.

jamericans Store,
Corner Prince & Henry Streets,
Port-of- pain.


*' i' ,'..9.'-a . .


II R L -Ir
__ .' : __l :_ J~ ,.b ,u,_,_ .


" \Vt'l- 3lin-, thl Gang "-Comic.

Repai rs !

Repai rs

I. ,
T I. l i ant 22" t .i

Our Special Offer

Iur r ne monlh onl) Ir. m ist OctL.:r-

Enamelling and Baking
Enamelling, Baking and Striping -


Rcp-,ir i I ,all landls ex:ecuteJ at shd nrte .-,nottce. -
(All work guararnteedi

.-. THE

S::. Henry Street,. 1




\- \VlFELES' RIP -G JOSC '_omicL.).
--__-._- -

Coming: "PEG OF THE RING."

lLv Lr *.

S _- .

The Czecho-Slovaks.


Saturday, November 2, 19138.

P t- il/il 1n i- i .


Ilsrasaslarpas rl--~e Ig r ~ ~ I;l;$l~ti*~iii-6*0E~i~lL~

- r P ,


7t I1%'


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G23 J23 45773273c73e58339251b2c7f0ace404 738930
G24 J24 30411566641a043f1c45a5d96e0a9f8b 736371
E1 imagejp2 a63e9e49abe220d14fbab6993a3ec029 1653171
E2 93cd35d3835c2be57fbfcdfd8c1e9a91 1861783
E3 e810443c59b50958d8f6c097e0ffc637 2331041
E4 d6f06783a59b170ef548e0ce28def707 2598325
E5 46ebeee409651274875e1217d0774bce 2614078
E6 cf0ce745b26fa75574787e742d2a568d 2895595
E7 4d2677b819b2fee2e3c74bff22bb3111 1516012
E8 64d5b29ab62b2377ddf0bd8a9767a386 1882832
E9 6621f2a65b7db9c2250cb752aebf0ce1 1351770
E10 e21fd9bc19c03c3fbccdf3086bbe62ad 1710896
E11 16c2cbd725a8d25eb1d43b682b474dba 1534331
E12 9a8bff35ba6b8dee31b87c4f81d387f1 1774664
E13 bcdb5c9d72a3c7fa46a3e4ec518fd5b9 1552830
E14 ae105f73061ce83737ec2cc17dfd44b5 1942091
E15 f1fe37a6643248b167cb2dcd47a8e183 1551725
E16 34ee0ebb9e1fbcd7c7d9a879f3b0720d 1825007
E17 2d779c83715953788ae21f045d11665c 2674780
E18 9516182b65005f5449cc65407e74275f 2775349
E19 7b89f5de987fd970430ab8765cf3cf88 2717754
E20 a9c008c920ba2e770387ccc0fc94b80b 2867023
E21 616ed44dae7aab714a6b49615e34579b 1582712
E22 25bcf9dc258541732a6b3df54c2438b1 1935952
E23 b501d47b104e7e01aa3c9e60590fd490 1352346
E24 b754615fb438ef5601d57cda0dd74281 1587614
F1 imagetiff 6.0 6aa7745994cdcc30cb31f6054cfb8059 2792648
F2 7576ce06ecd487d625f2156ce422e1da 2957986
F3 99301ca68ca4ed7bb15f310c52564d0a 2747996
F4 b1f9ec2b1a2a897782a3cb2fa8b76f30 2917090
F5 2959ac511a99af6c41e58f5ddcc96dd9 2642268
F6 71e386c5443e6158fbebbf6242eb9c3a 2901226
F7 76a9d0bf48aee4badc346aa242dd910e 2696364
F8 aacc6867c08d1d3b6ddc99740c8c7b35 2986314
F9 9b13a199be9bb7ec9975e0c2d478a50e 2638284
F10 50fe65cb4ae451fbcc6414a4602fe355 2964426
F11 d98cf9bb275dbabea542a7443fa99b99 2707608
F12 09dc50b73fd5dbde099244ae79c7fb1d 2956186
F13 75f32acd61285a3a94b3df255aac0e0c 2659644
F14 0c2b0899270e93bc7de39b80f803d8e9 3013066
F15 062f7df11483ca06afd3f8533e5b803e 2741776
F16 012f305a9f36be9a8e626fa6f3cfc4ba 2973498
F17 630819dffc62b04809f16e9d11c22bea 2701228
F18 ea91bdfe93d8755a07c8c0c24829cbad 2780834
F19 4b6043f5a9f43a9de6f3dc1b65abd29a 2741332
F20 eceee0cd13d586f60cffa5ac0ac29604 2872642
F21 523d04249d441ee8f2c9605a133c4745 2663000
F22 e5b1a27974c533a6a0f4441d82ed461c 2930446
F23 3dd4e8ad06bfb20ad2d35486e356cfcb 2685160
F24 0a1fb538ed68af12858f510186cac85b
R1 textx-pro fadd66e4b253218733f9e0f7736e840b 161786
R2 e7a241affdb8e9ea0a75f198f8df6802 169753
R3 ad7e7f8470861f461fd38ce833f22108 344083
R4 a20f67d6f8e79587b4b4f063fa255e6b 334909
R5 a76724e5d7ad913ec378b207f2d18a66 292852
R6 e76a8fceeca7a646dd5976c582f280cf 253362
R7 2094f1e4760ecf7bc6540d9aee305784 410222
R8 acf1ef56262c0eef52a8358fd3b501f2 332187
R9 eff053c4a6f9f01ee362ea6916765779 221371
R10 51cc09012191600f9ba26b582780f224 136633
R11 7c73d5f1e48cba77cb0b83151eff5bfb 511430
R12 375a7adccced76beffb81b96332382e6 523541
R13 087d6a6eabf7c68c8270570adc026a18 701561
R14 f73a33e416ff6d56fe31f1a8585beca1 682347
R15 2e5ca17ea06794f341a2a185dbf37da4 187023
R16 7f5d9d26e66fa03ab44ff7f0b19717c0 190220
R17 1cc10ba9646f1e122ea9a46b35bbdf69 144037
R18 b404ce9a7ae7628667a43a197cbc2cb3 144102
R19 8b4ca10b71d027bdf839dadf9d7d2d92 110029
R20 4653ecf6eeb42f7a6d617bc0c5176483 50961
R21 34c911b4edec10d91bc224d1838d407d 307862
R22 11281f4e586ca0c4413b0ded8ba26ff4 275455
R23 c87b116719993286f1e043e3fe027051 223040
R24 ee107bf374c74e55550353d52c176e3c 188567
T1 textplain 3183592ea33b69b686fa4efc8ae1a65f 7828
T2 8acf4a4d5541fbef6490cbfed1a8804b 7690
T3 2254400f984bcace3c65dc341e5b2583 15400
T4 63534cd4ccc6c4ab2080b778abf7dafe 14860
T5 f0f0e84478268a36d9109675f3e86d0c 11379
T6 57664900a1d39f447c661137cbc762fb 10329
T7 2b8e5594306b7d5daaf48635a60f7ece 16610
T8 32fc884c83749f579fc84e12d6074624 13093
T9 3b44b2cdf50dcac0903eab2f5d157a3d 10046
T10 442650a443688a0dd670d3b9cd7ff872 5121
T11 3967334c2a16aaf04f112824172ca559 21674
T12 b64b7eeb863b8439be82f19ad94837ec 22101
T13 df158b8e72cc40234d1412edb79cf39a 29359
T14 fd5676aa47d7fbf2495b2de87f62d000 28046
T15 36ad7dfe77763ac3922bf1e3177714f5 8365
T16 065e07c7a3eb5d20db7c110be6d019fa 8479
T17 84b26a36777dd6dd978dca998bcf44d8 6337
T18 4af4c38dbb0fb23f3d8b0a4aa17adbad 6671
T19 4667bbfdb55d6adae3e9ba1f39ae25f2 4850
T20 26917e6ccc76e34e14dd87284a229aa2 3187
T21 3ab5756c6543d202163c96670bd71158 13626
T22 abacdaf91e4348d1078553e490872fe1 10638
T23 f90a479ef1953920c3c8d74da5b690cd 10696
T24 7cce16ced7017c3bbaf78cc37c13efc4 9241
UR1 739d1e2fc135a0b1987e80747bb24f71 38645
AR1 1a275fe6a7b8d6827e120879cadf865c 91771
AR2 0f3686f262a2b307ca4039d91fe51a4c 96474
AR3 f88095b33dc93cbbc946f850eb2a7035 40028
AR4 53eed1cde33704f1bc908e3d590a76ad 89280
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AR6 b7aacf0b9c5feeb9c7d6c521d894ec0b 92076
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AR8 99cfd940a56c61022c013b6c00a91689 91971
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AR10 f6bdc245b85103dfea50fafd1161a571 91077
AR11 254c63af0404573919246d80f3425dc9 36512
AR12 dd83c194babdfc181bd394bb917ae6dc 91884
AR13 5858ab7a1d5be7f1ba3564a95437133d 36823
AR14 6b3314c3b7a6ba7c8cd556aa70e9049f 91983
AR15 0119ce48e3a18d1e6bbf2f0a9dbcf4ae 37875
AR16 346cf637d9f0ee8b4ed4b5bb3490350a 84177
AR17 84169dff1a1242a3891678d4b943099e 36532
AR18 73885a0547b5c3a64ede0abc5975dc96 87012
AR19 758583bcf7a363d99479aa1d0ec98be4 36229
AR20 1bcb24cd41b3ca8d6ea9c1baa8b85dc2 93641
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AR22 c4bb6ade6cc5ae5f6fb993b5c3b94018 91811
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AR24 69597cc8c84f344b1f049a8e1fef501f 67219
AR25 b94f1b7235c248b2be81c698a7029b46 63721
AR26 7a713e93d358720c5b5fa61e572d2297 13281
AR27 892559c3ae4b859e1fa8c9e8a0f86064 69576
AR28 29685f36a76b30e5d71839442af0a6f3 15444
AR29 664c16fe863f9dad28994a6b24ea0afd 70636
AR30 58e98d16fbe14458bc5e12d9f9316bcb 15455
AR31 15bee7d2c3f515a94f463edeb987a0d1 15349
AR32 bb2d59f45d8847c261d49d9a12c053b3 73876
AR33 d758c9dab4b48ed6360f8d28de678f84 16043
AR34 5d80f802dbae82b2e76fecc8d9189ab1 62298
AR35 99b52a244069b0f2ee93892f0ab79b20 13159
AR36 7d3ac8175fd5cfaa8412409b65170962 68645
AR37 dd10b8561f39c7da7268a6460b1670a4 14793
AR38 422b5e4db40cab664b13b24e11f62590 67289
AR39 bb9d64ae99b4acacca1a5a0fcdfee2e9 15046
AR40 61219667959df96045c7f73da36fabef 70019
AR41 f272dc7ae2b4d1ee3ff6d209b92bc9de 14119
AR42 41512aec8873e2b3906a77a8de866c34 65700
AR43 2e00eeb41d95ba2591c4e1cef601b9f9 13305
AR44 256bff36f109044b3ba92368b3f91236 67736
AR45 a03664b7a76b054a2abe239fb2233dcd 14692
AR46 e33564b28fe1d82a81831f94051d3c90 60752
AR47 70d957e8cd2557b8bf879383c92caf8e 12896
AR48 4a18c0d72b34d3d2c4fd7b1d72804d1c 42164
METS:structMap STRUCT1 TYPE mixed
METS:div DMDID Trinidad guardian ORDER 0 main
D1 1 Main
P1 Page
P2 2
P3 3
P4 4
P5 5
P6 6
P7 7
P8 8
P9 9
P10 10
P11 11
P12 12
P13 13
P14 14
P15 15
P16 16
P17 17
P18 18
P19 19
P20 20
P21 21
P22 22
P23 23
P24 24