Trinidad guardian

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Trinidad guardian
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Trinidad guardian.
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Sunday guardian
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Trinidad Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ;


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Newspapers -- Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) ( lcsh )
Newspapers ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Trinidad -- Port-of-Spain


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Began in 1917.
General Note:
Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
General Note:
Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.

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University of Florida
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bi'#". .. i--t- -,. C: : ^ ',. ... -
ki.- ., r t"-. :, \ --i -p.. : -.
r;.-t. uing This week the fhiemnu '. : '- ..

syevoo r ra~ve preserorsyee 5.. I -
4 ... v stil djO li erMUd insetS.F a. IGrocery
- ~ ~ i ----j I

---No 252. -


..LL _-.. -- .EI. 'S DONE-

-T-:. well it r donqu
-..-. Twere. via8 it vlle dolj quiBd ,


-- S LD
- I l t. ie ipLc- in Lu.o .

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-and the L'est w\i ikni en ;gtl lii- ei )re excellent
results are obtained

I rF

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Plant. The best ladverti'e-
S ment is the satisfaction of
A-_ i'g Help those \ ho have placed orders.
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lightd room and lots Of
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TOt F has been a splendid success.
L tquiro for the critic -Even installation sells another
po, rformcl p pljutt. IW' you have not seen it int
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-- tar w -w It iag -- .. ......-- .-.- -.. -....... .... .. .
fur L vol ililt c's
etil .i. Let you all _want everybody in .Triiidad-',to
---- L. . know .what DELCO-LJGHT is
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and everyone livingiin tlc conutry
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*T*w^';zfjy -g V^

-I- I t L AD:

--Tiu l :3 U r t ,

aU-I- -,

11111111 -I

/ j4,W
7 ,'
,.:_7 L_


\lJ F .'E ( i. 1 .
- .1U >Tr ,CEi\ U


_=i- -

I _

F C) 0 R E Sd."

fY& 4al2 t7 G( lZ,; ~ c~
tC ea~-o,"malr am'lT t(S 71E "an 2,.
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Ll 1 1 fLJ, buM IR'


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-- 1 B .^- - "-_ Y - -- .----

A_ -2 ---

i A

r~---.~ln-.~------- _~ -----i----C~i-- ~p ~-


.. r -

M I I -L,


mID T--TTnFP I11'Q 1

- I91. TW OPEN CP:;. .-

Pcrt-- 'iawn ian # A n ., -wI "namnoea.

1 . . .. .... .

/ Ianson y >

*|1 Yl QQ I& LTl.:

F ALL K S' S. Pulls


- l c . a. K o... ,
*u,-.\ VATERMAN -

_ . . . .

3 41 .6/, 8/2 12

-.' 4! .4 ..
."" . :4 '. ,_* '


4 %:

--- No 252. -- -- -



Tw well it were doqui.
T. vwere. vilivlo8 doniquidy. 1,
'X.4' /

77F. ^Tffam- A, fMWthr


:- r

where onlh

- - -- ..... -

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fm. Ala U pPIy. cm pl pljut. I' you have not seen it in
poser for inm, notchhe,
rich ie the separator, operation call at ottr _office ai
w---.hfl.r t-.iginwilti .....-sce.ou.tdcmonstratio-plnt..-W-.
l ie. Let in tl you all -_want everybody in .Trididad-'to
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and . @ bi\ _
WHITE U >i 'L'

.. IR E ."
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I- : 1
0 D K- E-3 ..7'-
2 .1 ^FEROE i', 5ILEl. PH-ON" E ,.- -
OAD- -- --

~- .

- -. ,

9-1~- 1 ^BfOADWA l t fi' 71

- -



hWCaledonian Housoe
.- -

S-- u -r _
eau-- -..L ibo.r--ie -

'I "_ ___-- ,. :;._.

iy -- I Piecas of 5 Yardsr

36o., 40c., 48c., 60c. 72c.,

.- ,, $1.20

All Widths, Diffetent Edges, Varlousa Colours, --
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Suitable --tor---

The Dainty Trousseau,

the Pretty

Layette, and Charming Lingeri

- l /t_ -/f A li t' "fiy /// /a,/a'
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during this -ronth,

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tion, and offer same fotr sale t"- rive. .i,

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ovLr N


lil;,. - -ma li T.asxt w .'TSud s' -g. t.A
-e- -, ". 1J0I ,0 + "-,,-.,,6 ," . ave ...'. EufS--. -..&.

.... a, EAC' rdutfrevr h

Batlefield Salvage.
. .. .London, lia '2i
he King aud Quein. anconipaaned oy
S3dMan.y, cient several hour yester-
In visiting war workers at diifnti ht'
ka in Fasex.
ai theiFr oubtard journey- ieir Maje-
stppflrdirt East Ham. here they were
ived .at the Town Hfil b.'-Sir-Jalin
jell. 31.i' Lady Bethell.and the alisee
hell. Guardior homnaur-were--kippl-iaL
the First Voliinteer Battalion of the
ax Regiment, by about 4.(X.) Boy
its. several laundrcd Girl Gutide,.
a.were tpotc-r'ne-:i the entrance-to1-tht.-
Ti n-i- d ia-i-nhiee e-'oatimnde, L soldiers
e present Sir John Betheill fprecented.
Ma tir, Councillor Brinks Mlartin. and
Mayoress. wltoae little daughter handed
niil.ut'to the Quieen. Meters of the
.In Council and proniinent local war
kers were presented,. and the Ql.ctll
eceted war needldwork donte b the
ina ern of hier Guill T'lie l-'o
aiamndelars el the i'..-.t Ilani Wa.r
n-.erb Society, of tuhich Iady Bethill ti
i lent and Mit-s Wilaon :cretafr Tlhe
ched tite preparation of parcel for Fa-i
an prisoners ,of war in Genanny. and
nld thi more tlitnn t._,ii lracelt to the
It out -Their Mlajeotic.- alho learned
cihing af thte t ,rk ot tthaelocil irinc
a-ni of the St John Ambulance nrigde
er .tI, tiarrop, nnd -Icsaw the bail) al a
ier it thte front wlicl. i il aiith al other
Jrn iiat ifghtinig jiemen. biinig cared fo.r
Le I ,-al crnl: le
i nte risl rict t n t .-.I.\ thidr Mnjc1 l,:z
r'eit a-tclephrniee auali, f-,: cap north'
winch Sir aJobhi li te-ll a clihaTirnan
e tilt workers, hadr laung p iaiuneri
riL t ws.i ith MieLsage-' of[ auelconii nniI
b.-ainrr the neords We pihde--
eeh. tio contaLi:-e Io iarlk tlo.dil tntli
orN ias ion On Latir vrtP,-b tthe -a a.F-
Ia[itaanc -sas.rtsireeuii-imber of ridn
ker. h,., h. .ieh-lged to th. nliht .t-laft
Lhd reil.'iine.J i ord-er to welconielh.c
; ind Quei.n Thee al:o iw lin edup
t| a bcn f r P rnh- = L-.:.14i'r se r.,r..l r -_
factor'. of tlaini au-rainad edl.-.
decrnation.1- The Kin. and Quea.n
-a aitl a ti Ilar-. numiter of the workers,
it I al, r cci. orf 'wholin ere girls and
.areLii tI .indl firI na oiien uUe pret nlC l
, r ilt i.ri.,:e .e- of tlit mini fu-c
I ai l:1 Ilatii iti pmlatinag -pr'i .
,ail ., 'a > ,a I 'e ta.: ,ti aI a iaII nr an al a i.-
-. n t ..l, ari' a re -n.-r ..T-it fn I tatn-:i. 'i-
tl,. King 1ar ,ela l iii*-,,c rl. a ,a2ilteie
ailati fin at field ..lE.1-phI. l.-,e; ndil aatr
I t.]e licne- io r ao i: n 11 11nu In
', ,1 Ilt--, ioIr lli ei-itor- .i -w 't te !ar
a 1miti itiraide tr thie ieidiai iad r,-cre.
I, o'f l ,:- ai, tr-r- and I ilo th ,t
klI,,, h1.a1 an.,., a Ia t lria lno th r
!t an the -ent oht L air raid$. Major
. .Iaiutlet, of the 'Ministry of itunitions,
mnpanitd their Majesties throughout
Reclaimed Shell Cases.
t a second factor their Majesties were
-ived h X Mr .ltc-andei Walker, Cou-
ler of Swmp Saia,: andl Stores to tilhe
istrv of Munitions ; Captain !A. U.
cr. Director of Salvage to the Ministry ;
se Tilsley. welfare superintendent: and
11\V. 11 Grieve. general manager. Their
l-il warL- carried im nri thi, establish l
i t, it. rs :,n, aI lonxe- [or -..h.-l-
IM l'er Fna i ia,-ca lii,. r(cl.iir ea>'t lin IazeIl
-. a ad II -t re-fanunm and ri,.tfrie4 .,
'aindi r -l ll a:- -. N Iara.c
Sn- ak here. alarc e ir.ncn a.-id calrl-
the Kin :iand j.Q'een lnwi s-da I. t.n
e-l it n them. t ,Thu aat lcha dli Je tcsw-
I,. machinery of their Iarts of shell.
L. tia lIedInia.of his tle ilchiar- f tUir oir-lya.n hbv mni.ia .
traiana. Io trucLs m n in adic.ninmg
asay. sling Chic ne mtiret. however. the work oft eclaintuin hell'.
! T-Thonsands of these brass cases..
k ewith the nmud if Flander.. and badl"-
Il. weare bein" re .ioniia. r ';rltd.
ulll. mnachiliedl. ife'tea. ,ind iimlc i61
further ae. Her. ricgain the outilpul
folhiirld from the earlie-t stagia.n of
eIhilho l the (lieIarn in a contpletIf
,. A;\lln iiititihc c's. socially sea-i
a.h.ett 7S. Cd. c'alt, it nI found wrth
e Io salve them after auHr-. nid to re-fit
for further eniplo.mneni. Will
ble annealing.the ca.e, could be u.eidl
and over *aHi, biut a. each. t pTrx-s.
renartiorrf intolvans ;nniie trlma t,-f
uinine .ind trimming- i it i ntd hnnihlit
-io a.ttnmpt salvage Iternul hall a
n u aink.,. c.iElt for thi purn ,-of
ing dwnf thei aeirt. -
1t m i national factor as at the lele.
n ivrks prcrion ,ly visited. bouquete
-prl-entIlo iti the Queen tind Iriicit
',_ andl te hea-ii 'rons departmentL; diVT ir Majesties-- Aon -
a wee included M.r. A. S. Franklin. Mr.
H. Fordham., Mr. A. E. Curtis..t31r .
and MLss Touterd. At the end oa

*- -

FE -- OF

S _TSANDS-'oT -,roiig cur a re nrin.-ed y:rUar lu ilucopetent repair men, m-,ne of whom know as
1 about tile cause and -effecrof n--uotorM-llthi--wa.r .hunself.. eco.nmy t1 nraotordom, depends o1
Economical u-e of aol-ne and on the lejs ling of 're rbill-. I he lorier poiut-N accomplished to a
texitnt hb the cartitself. For example, "The Chevrolet is the mio-t noted ga-,leue miser on earth audi1
fore cuts doe.n the upkeep colt to a very appreci.alle esxtnt.
But the leisening of repair bill- depends upoh yourself, it depeud, upon the judgment you exercise in cho
an rtaler unicbnicha There is a big difference between the '-,n Lo gu-s:es aud the man who's sure, atfd-then
ani aonim who tr\ to cure the eff-l wctithouit fitniiing the cause-thue' repair n car. or rather seemingly repair-th.
and iu one or twn months it goes bad agaiu. The cuse- .- -till there tan the car h.,- rf lly not been repaired at all
-ciit it to L iu again, he repeals his operation to no grc. ntr a. t, :,ou iay himi a second time, and so on; money a
that a all.
-NoVe whhu1 a car come into our G.arge re -u r ti t oei 111 hlai iii i- :,l" mir lho know, men who are
oh' on-tvh:t-tb'-da.-.e-Frae.ncead.Lmtanithwo ill go AouthL ilc job in tiel, ragilt waj. v.ho all correctly theirounble fro:
I ryt and put an erri Io ir, men who will giarni-r. te rFr-t-fcii ut--p _iobe cIarul about repair, you k
a- care not ont' help-A 1 prolong the life i f the car. t ui t n.ou i ll bh rc fi : ie r ref -.,ir b1 ll- 1 pay. -
lin c ',ou trta l of our n ,\ "..DIEM.% t I0 .its icliidt.-, do de C.uU kna'.l o L ta.i Te e tluaranlted to save 20% ti
olf til Ga-ol.n Figure it out andi -cet whit n1 i.i-a -. iTni- listh t r.alia.l me .a l 1 'i utiailths if ou r in Iour ca
ularln IIt lii. be attached to at tini .ke 'of car in a flair noilute' It nletr get out of odeur.

Carriage Wheels RETYRED. Fisk Non-Skid TYRES,

Ai n ecr, i ueu r e lie we pgurr. r,- togi ... -,-. 1 r Iat1 l:rac. t cll in ithe A nt rank o
,a l Ot,,l a on aunL r-ria --o et--u -ed ua hr lai .r t.1 -,:er LP R10RIT'IY OF QUAL
"-hTeel or a carrng. v -eat, wi a 't is1a 1 ."rii T a. ,ue i lLI t Lea i'
thcn ae maLe the hanrge. ljust *s mail a 3i a -, t.. bi o .!3 x 3
4 au t.I. 37 'x


r.OrC IRnD N o Al raTv-



U II l \ [ al _v. it ,i.-, ~ rn now be had fi

Ground Provisions Depot leading Grocers:
\1 : .. +

4-Buying Prices for Oood Qual'y
Provisions, &=., per 100 Ib.
Yame. $3.50; ..'Cash Ch, $3.50;
Dabheso, $1-50; Sweet Potatoar, $2 00;
Tantias. 2 00; Eddoas, $1.25; Red B ,en
$6.00 to $7.00, Pigeon Peae Idr). 38c:
ato 41c. p it ; Pan pkins, $1.50; hl.Illed
Corr, $3 00 ; Corn on Cab. $2.00; COstoi
Oil Sea, t(o en and dri), T800. nSarat..
,t7.00 to T-0O; PFanrn, $5 00 ao ,: ,'f
accndiratt p qality-,; B isk Ey.b Po e '..
.. Plantains 765. to $1. p .
00. L. ... U to 4rd. par bunab,
C4.i1Oll an 4 ad fi2B.
-iZ 4s, i ,o "i HE ELARAGEL "
around Prun-ione 'Pe56t. Par,.l-t-ipi"n.
adding cam', Aaar,e.' Railway Station o-
S' -mern Da1 i Ct. h paid by uoarn.
W. 0. Fiar.iais,
Chairman G.rIa I1 I' v iomlDoepj .
Phon 1037.
Api It. .


Low Premniums, Good Bonuses
--and Straight Dealings.

wALTr W. UONKU.a, San Fernaoda.

inguineau. Bros.

R1. JMcKinney

Tahe New Yorik Grocery.
I he New Town Grocery
Marijuez Grocery.
Dois Sat to s Grocerv -

Or from our Bakebouses:- y. "" %
No. 34; Frederick Street, 'Phone 653 No. 64, Queen Street,

No. 44, Pembroke Street,'Phone 484 No. 14 Marnequare,

0 - a
N ,\\ L\ D) NG,- I chol 1e-ST-

'ALL EART'Pitch.Pine lurn
Do ot put oi the r. l until-yui lea-n tte advantage
derived froln using
X product awhclc possesses the basis of qtulity-, nd manufact
ithi the idea of upliolding its reputation.

t 1,1 iti kli.rt-'eight,t clean, sauitar-, fire-retardegi-and-V
tight atr.1 it tLr ft'rese ut the most preferable where du
-is demanded -
The Trinidad Sbliinimn a Tv ulinn PA
-- -.-.. ~. ppl rr Tardi5n l5

visitor a conisendOff. PROVISIONT MERCHANTS, -

S_ 7 BROADWAY.-- ..-. -- T

i Triniad Fire ImPurane '-'-----re .tiod fos :_ by frn
a., Eamilatlin of Artlsans. a' i.n mut e on er l
.....statye tr a d nzed MR eli 2-.-All"-, Passports- Must he vised hl_ ,, e l-n-itd' m,.
l-cta %ifeue,4.. r xnt- c ofmu e-e ,dcg"Isauing of'Tickets will -cease 24 hoursbehw eamn-8.
t t a -" -let '- (unherP 1"r"applyn b A" 1
cMsa" StC ati '- e '-- D RriaN is

,.U-O -, Un- p :,,

el.a- M WI1:--- -Rf--'.io a.'
.b-6.. .. ........ ..5 R..

.. -.; .-... +.. .. ,... .LL;'oas SS % ?E .... .. R .?,-
r--'.--.,7 c=-n 'a5 .- ^-. l .... i;. i_.- -.- -- .- .- ............--- -..- ...-- -- en-.. a aa.. f.B -toIS- L -"3

" I!ll/ //.'-



_,' . .. ,' - . -Lo n d o n h 2 2. -. : . : - ...". ,
y ~ ~-The King and Quih. anccopanied i-- -i
. -.'f. ,l.. .l. ,f, l tl f I rin em i lIarc ient several h o r y tS er-. .
-'. : : . . -. vis it.i-g ow a r co rk e rs a t d iffea n t '
O U -_ . it. p thefr outsa.rd journey l lheir Mifaj e -
I. if st-etrafit Ast Ham. %herm they were
l-aaf---- l MU l Bethell 31.Ld. 1 lanrd thell ^ 5lkloes
2 S LrOrgaudie h -- Sr, Jotio-- -" ---L- ___ C"; ,
bi it First e lict 'ol"ineer B"ti.talione"of TtieII E ____....___..BA_

_- -
Pieces of 5 Yards-
N-- iO1R-

S36C, 40c., 48c., 60c., 72c.,

69c., $1.20

A__-_ l Widths,- Different Edges, Various Colours; -
Dell-atoe Deasign.

Suitab le or-

The Dainty Trousseau, the Pretty
Layette, and Charming Lingeri -.

list Jhc /,/; iu t j;,. /he i////,e, ///,/W,' ,i//AiS
S -i//il/t'(l'.

3. ... .- --W -

Uordolnb-,i t & 1 GOO aLido

Expect, during this month,

another Shipment of -

100 TONS

urgu'icAm nA

Sugar Cane. Cocoa iiud Coc,.nut Cu'tiva-

tion, and offer same for sale to"a rive. -

---- .Vinccnt Bui-ng.

-- beg-to-advse -theaval of the
following __TEXACO" Lubr~qcaAts, viz.-

FOR MOTOR CARS- Medium, Heavy, and ExtraHeavy,
Motor Oil Cup, Sponge and Transmisson.,Greabes.
`4 FOR MARINE ENGINES-C}linder, Turbine and Engine'Oil.
a.-i, a L, ,
FOR INDUSTRIAL PLANTS-C-yl r and Ens n Oil and
;"-"- = : *f -" "'* -r-
FOR LOCOMOTIVES --C-ldear, -Valve-and -Eangin-Oil an
Grtes -W
-' "There is a 'TEXACO' Product for every
....... p"os e -. : _,,)

SGe. F. HU ins & Co.

O. J A

.iT-L, -- -RT. ,- ..-

-.!:.;%1; U7

-,-g -~.--,m :..~a '

Esbex Regiment, by about 4.0(.) Boy
Scouts. several hundred Girl Glide:,.
uioi_ 'ere po ftiettcn ifth entrance-to-thi e-
hall. rn-iiia-h-nic- cr-otfw T ndeL soldiers
were present Sir John Bethell pres-entedi
thc May'r, Councillor .Brnks Manrtin. and
the Mtayoress. ilioe little daughter handed
a bomi.ult'to the Queen. ttMembers of the
Toai Council and proiiinelint local icar
courkcrm were presenitedc and the QiiLell
in,-pectedl war needldwork donic b ly the
iceiil.err of tier Guihl Tie vi.citcr.-ri cl'o
',.. n rs i o thcr,. J tltict. .t llani WV;.r
I lelpercb Society, ofl nhch Iady ,dthlill i-
prcrelent and Miiss \Vilkon s :cretanr Thie%
'eatchedi the preparation uf parcel for Fa-c
Ih kn iri.oner-s of war in Gericnny, anl.1
J_.irritdtlIit imore tlihn i.ic- to pr-cel t eo the
nili out -Their MaNIjeAtic.- also learned
oinlciting rtf th11 c,)rk of thiejoccl nriring
dI n-ii of the St John Anibulance nrig-de
initler tr-,. Iliv'opfi, n I -saw the bair b il a
-oleir it tht front iwhicli. citit nine heir
thdilri.n 'ia rightiniiig ine. 1ca bCiig cured fo.r
-ill the -li-al cr mlce
In 1n1c district ii I ,,.. thuir Miajei lioi
in-lire d aii-tcleplihrie auicii fi ., cap icork:.
of which Sir Jobhil itti.-ll A- chalriiin
Il.rec the workers had lung up tl.auncr-
ii- crilIi. cimuli esiaises'. o[ icelconie- nmiI
iia b.arintr L-r.r ti he iords ." We pl.d'e
r.irselN'e io coriic:IC to 0 iiirk liviclvk cnlil
icltorN is aon On their v. .-O the -If.--
tll. c-ictci- -'.>i l.a lre nUi mber of r i'l
sc.rkri h,.- I ,, lclinged to th,. night c.'iflt hL.d reic.cinie in order to welcomeli.c
ling in>l Qu".nii Thei .al,:o aiw lined ip
.1 ni iibrnif Tfcr-nri--n-- 14 iura nel i
lli fai lor .- iiAii of :rarinii iccedtIal.
aid deii)irt6on.,1- The King nnd Queif.n
,li.kl ilIth lar ip numrler of the workers,
.ii -jl i i,'r or \hicOimn %cre girls and
Ithe' ireriAmii' .ind fi 1II ncii.ien uLe p 're. nltel
t llii i ric" Ir.ime-, c of trnium ti f -t
Vil. DI iiil i1. I'I iclc cii r it T pai ting -zpri
c.c iiK;;L. ,-l- .1V:1cA% IL.I i- rclic ini in
ilih,.'- n..Lin-r ii ,re -Al--i. rr - f .riru o r7ii:i'i-c
nn.I t1,t ,, .king :I1.: c i, tet d I on.. lete
In Lslitnnl oj field i r:,.p,-,IVAWS ailll Hutcr
[I l I i.l, c'cues i for l-t -in nirn -.- In
r' r i--i ll,1- t tir tle r-,itor- c-aiw tle :ar
rii:, i ii inti uiiide ir tlie Ife din ::,I .id re-crc
.1t n11 of cl r.,rk.-r- i and ilo ti:ed t l th at

C Ccc'*1 c t.. ilc c i 'tutirti '.
.1,,1. ii ,,,.Ini l tlh ir 1I ,j.-tll>-. through ,ln-i
til I. I i
Reclaimed Shell Cases.
\1 il f,.tonr tn.hir naii-,I'tc ,'irtL
i,...-ml Ih Mr Al .cindec \Vill.-. Crni.
tIr,.ller S .L'S'.a ,ha.i,-c: anel Sircir-. I, lic
311ii .tr' i.f iir nitii.n; C.ilI in \ I'

ir II I lnr, i cener.I v.--r TIh.
S t, -I e i .c i S h: r cr .c th liritc ri' .aL ,

y llamwc K o : trnl ii lias ur. inc
nti il iI tii, i oir: o, tOclaI nunr 'bo.. '-
iI lerl i -In lnlli Ini ,irci n ir cliaimlc Lncz i.
I. ,indtrh r l,.Il c- hbI. irz cr s.h
16,w w kth e u re %k, i mid I and b,
iincle.elt m themnr. hu iAhteirfd tdwe ctc.
im: -. mrehiancrv of the airls of shell.
i'c c. tlIce hicoding.of liI ,e-Inp1lctde(.1.C..
idl tle Iehlcrl itn the oirptil bv hmlini..
Irctc' ir.,wan'. Io trucLsnks in adoninirig
railn.ay slricni' Chie intcre,.t. hoiaever.
entrld the ovurrk c- rclaintl rie uli,
e.a-.s Tlihoutsinds of these brass casci.
trlicck itl litie rudi nt Flailder. and badVi,
dcritcnl. w:re bein" ri.conii,-ri., r;-'itid.
anneile.n. nachiinci-ed. le'tA ,vnii nliadt 61
or further ie. Herme. ri.ain the outilul
wtn folhimred front thie r e.iit.n.t stak'u of
r'itnr- hi dClicen in a c-Tcplt|ee
7ci-.1 1. liiii riitire a rziinall v -i
nl ad.loc.t t7. rId. -cEli, it ic fouined ovrth
uI li'e Io.zilce thlemiu alter I-c.e. nnd to re-fit
ihein for further ceplc).mcent. Wili
snitaible annealinig.the c;vc- conid b, ub..e:d
over rnd- over .gaih but acc each p.ccaes"
of renioritiorl intolvtS -sice l icilinrriiint'-
nimcclmrilj, mid trimming.-it i nti Iti lihnniiht
%lv,-- 1o .tdkcnirt sal\age IHmenid hall a
lotici iiinlc.. eC_\cIit for the piurti,- of
M melting i liti l lte i lta. ... ... ..
.\l t llis national factor, as ait the lele.
lilonc wmrksla jprion ,ly, visited, loouiluet,
-Aerc-pr-s-ent dIlo rihe Queen cud I'rinces,
.nic",andltie lh6eaitl T- arions decartmenLs
V en" i atnducic"t Trei rMajcstic - Among -
iti -env.e included Mr. A. S. Frjanklin. ir.
R BF. odham. Mr. A. E. C-urtis-.r. 1'.
1lill, and Miss Touicudi. At the end ol
Sach visit the viuikeCS hirret out to gce
ocir vision a cmRILil rnudaoff.

Tho Trinidad Fire lasurane
i0, d.
-Mutalw & C..epettifre.

P OTUSAND5 'oL troi cur- are nirtin- y rh i. comrpeLent repair men, ,cme of whom know as
I about the cau;e and--effecraofe n--i uoLoo -tlli s-c fr_.hui ael.. Rl cl o.comy 1,1 rimotordo,, depends o,
economical u-e of gasaolene nd on the le-slin;g of repvlrbill. 'I he lormcr poit- n-accomplisnbd to a
t ,xient b\ the car itself. For example, The Chevrolet is the noi-t noted ga-oleue miser on elart-hiiudl
fore cuts do.on the upkeep colt to a very appreciable extent.
But the lecsening of repair bill. depends upoh your.,elf, it dcpeud, upon the judgment t you exercise in cho
a piol,per un:cbhane. TlIhre s a big difference between the -,iLmn io gue-:e, and the man who's sure, atd-rthen
oncl: omi who tr\ to cure the el-ectl without fit.iiing the cause--thie' repair n car. or rather sgeuingly repair-th.
and iu one or to months it goes- bad agaiu. The caua,- .- -till there aJu the car h.,-- rLIlynot been repaired at all
-ilt it to b iui again, he rcpeals his operation to no grc. acrr ,ti..-, :,oL. Iay him a second Ititie, and so on; money a
that all.
NocXV whicu a car come-, into our G.arjge )ou aie -uric it ioe 1 into] ti -a hl- :',fi mtcin hto kbno, men aho are
ofr-vh:t -th ':-.---dca.-.-cu-percce-rcame _\ho q wll go .e bout the job in thIl: right wja vhlio % i correct thetrouble fro:
* rpjt and put an cril fo ir, men who will giiar.rnTrTp-TrFrinietin- lt--pi..- A cLu to _lbe carciul about repair, you k
* .hi- care not onl' help-.A prolong the life f the car. hiut ,ou ill b ire f,. c: r rel,.-r bill- to pay.
lin c ',ou tri ,l ,llene of our n,.,\ ".DI-M.GOi4 .tiicclih -, ,o ,.u knu..- hti '. -Te guniranlte d to save 20% -t
ol Ihi Ga-oln.ii Figure It out alid -c % whlii a ni.c.: -.c iin Ii h i v r.ilil mn:; i 1.11 '1i l hi.ilhs if 3ou r@n Iour ca
ularl Iit uit i be attached to am ni. ke' o car in a liir niiituti. It ncier geltc out of order.

.D ..... -- -

Carriage Wheels RETYRED. Fisk Non-Skid TYRES,

'Ai ., err, hCcuer line c ndlau i.Le gucr1re.c >... i r IIt l'' cl iLn Ibe AIDnt rank o
'a ,ilap'tc.,,a on n rc--ric n j.--ob c,-u .end u, E._ lth r ,- r ,-.. c hi I er aUPFI R1IORITY OCrF QUAL
cuiceel o, a ccacicu .-,-e .^nca l, ce'c i' pr It.ll c, r lt ,e orr "tlr : "cclc ci iI th -_ l ue. ] F 10 .
thcn %e niake the hnrgei ju,-t as E mail a' i..3 bi .c !3 "x 36 :
I34 .- I sa C, 1. U 37 'x



Frounl fProvisionsDepot
-Buying Prices for Good Qual .1
ProIslions, &:.- per 100 Ib
Yam- $0 -. Gash Cah, a..-0.
Daebeao, 1 150; BSriTe Poaino... i$2 0
Tanrias $200; EJdnea, ~ 1 ,ti. l hE. r-n,
NiiO to : 00, P.geon Peae idr-r). e:0
w1 Ie. r. 'Iit Pu3 pkirin, $1 51) ri' ll-dn
(lorr, 23 00 ; Corn on 0ab $2.00.,
Oil SeCJa (oe n a.nd dre), i800. Stinri..
.,t7.00 to TOO; FPiinn, $,, 00 io of nc
accomdiih W qtitily--; B iB E-ic Po '. .
i . rin b Plantains 76e. o 6 1. p .
00. .... u 1 to 4 a. pier buncb,
oicllI gn il 3 iI ) Ild afiZ.
7irr-ago4.nmi s o 1 HE ETA"AU i t
ironud Pruniionue rap6t,. Para.ol-psin.
adding, Aitfr.." .altway Btation o-
S'a-mere' DiC CEAh'psid by rstnra.
W. 0. Fitarecs.,
Obhairmin Groa iL I' .iioA Dep-
Phon p 1037.
Ap it 1.

Low Piemiums, Good Bonuses
-- and Straight Dealings, .
All Inahrmala 1.t0 g1a1 lurnlhrtnd by Ih-Ag-n- t
FRANCI IS OWm. Ponr-of-Spnin.
WALTER W. SONU. San Fernaalda.

irngunin Bros.


IEsaminatlsa of Atibnns.
mmi~s~ntnw fmma tor craftmealnia
cccii TanebtwM mI~r ow a-n--.-5o 11-

- K .iwIft Ift M& n

i ,: I \ ,[ ccIi a r r ,_,, n, c.n now be had fi
I.l.' i i' G r.- ccr -

_ a

Ii Ne t iw York Grocery.
hie New I'olin Grocery
Mlarluez Grocery.

Or f.m rn or b ikou-e :-
No. 34; Frederick Street, 'Phone 653 No 64, Queen Street,
No. 44. Pembrc-.e Street,'Phone 484 No. 14, Marine-Square,

N WLNN.\ L..N D-NG,-I- ,-hoJC_ n T,, -F-S T

._ :s675,OOOXPFeete

'ALL HEART' PitYh.PinePli
Do ot puit oni the -r.oF uintw-l co lea r the adt-ant-aes-ef'
dtri ed froin using
A product which possesses the- basis of qttlity, a.rd manufac
with tfie idea of upholding its reputation

ir it tis liL rt eight,cle 11in, sauitari fieretardeit-and
ght; i irrI it ib at pruetit tle niost i preferable where dure

The inidad Slipp li Traing

nteidiig passeni ers Nc 0 in I n
re hr reby notified a% follows
-i) Citi he United Sti les-a[Amencawill req
ninal ri. latinilFm- pm r. ....
(- -All'Passports.must he ied lth -
.)"IssuingofTrcts will cease 24 ho--urs befie l..:.'
umher ,-" ... rs apply to tot A A ent.-

-A7 )NT vI-%~-

acur -7JL c&Utt ES ac'pm-ai CHOCOLA~
nc-ac ncktmalLaeai~s mce bansDinmletd DEPOT': FIC oe albste icILon a i~oei. mdSi

J- -OB-~ O1~ B~.
bwu~cTo -_____
JjNem i ~r Ana


A Superior

N itrogcnoun,

Fertili er



w -, -'-.. -- ;' '. " -J :, -. -' ..' _r x s n
..: o = ,' :. ' [ -, -a----- .. --" ,
-- ,= ,, ., -' .. ..* -




Job Laces0



Fancy Dress Material'

and Whitz Piquds."

Panama Hatts

America" Stor,
n;: e & Henr-Sten --

, ".' lari }e' ) 1'a y /sIdea TA'i:
'. 'i i BuTalses i ht bared on the principle cf
g od-iwa and ashlnerHyof purpose ? ,
2,. illectlo--SiCt e Is eants to ive
o- crta and thi.tra a erlaee they
r- ,? .
I. Our ystenil'ol prenadure In essentially dil.
.,. -tCtin I __ .0 t ,,
'.Tha nOcai oalour noltrcton hi s pratitl
H a ?" ', -
S. O? a tto ; Qlc actiouto prompt remit-
"t.ea" t, ', ,
6, .atlaeoata accurate and Intelligent--can
b un p I fa ttnt y .. .
Io'f lMBYns trial yon yni reals Start-

,o~sB owing WU aehtea-Lw,
le .,i L ,.. i t .. -. . : .

Premier .raoc6rs.

From U.S .

: -P er e ; o -Cases


20 Cases -
Chow Ghow.

S O_-:ases

Spratt't nDOa BISOtlITS.

3 Cas-s QCqrn Flakes,

1 saEe BR.N B49 Luits

27 Cases Crisco.

- --Gai es -TOMATO Catsup.

2 Cases Puffed Ri.0_,

60 OaBes
Royal Bakiog Powder

AT -




CyclY <& Athletic Sports
0 O B 'iD AT :
oodfor# Lodge savannah
-iiin aid ofl" OprBoys Fntd.'" _
Tarder patronage a the Warden A. TarIr,
Ssq.. the D.,.O. Dr. A. P. -IANGKC -
and PAUL t1t VnRTKU.IL, -
No. I. Time 10 p.m. Mitle cycle Race:
pen to those that have necvtg. won a
_ac' ra at anymetlin.E nt ce-n-fr-la.
Two prizes. -
2. Time I 2. p.m. 1 rYardsa PFlat Race.
Entrance Is. .al. Two prizes.
., -Time-.40 p.m -Ilt Mitle Bicycle
Race, open. -iutirance -. Two
/__open to Roadsters of the Chaguanaa
Wa-rdtnlUona; --ftrance-ln: 6-1- Two
,, 5. Time -2.20. -tl. Yards Flat Race open
to School Boys of flie Chagutanas Ward
Union., ntrauce free. Two prizes.
,, 6. Time 2 40 p.m. One Mile Bicycle Race,
opSen. Entrance Ia. c6d. Two pTlies.
I, 1. Time p.m. 220 Yards Flat Race open.
Entrance Ia. h6. Two prizes.
i T .time .] p.m. Fail Mile BI Dlle Race
open tu 'Roodatera oa the ChthgCtians
Ward Union. Entrance Is. 6dh. vwo
prizes. -
a 9. Time 3.40 p.m. High Jump, optLi.
Eniraal ip a _
-10. Tia 4 p.l. Ptttulling the Shot, open.
Eutrance 1t. Two pr-es.
I- 7 Itlile 4.20--1.m. Tlihree-Mile -nicycle
Race,-open. t utruncc li. l6d. Thra-
I Time 4 40-I p.mnt 4 10 Vardi Flat Race,
._open. Entrance o 3. 6-:1. Two prc;es._
.,,-13. Time 5 pt.u_ -Two Mtile Bicycle-Race,
open to R oadatriof r lie cih cg6naax
Ward Unton. Entrance tI. 6.I. Two
- Prices. -
--14. 5 a0 p.m. 2201 Yard Pilat Race open
to School Boys ol the Chaguanas Ward
Union. Entrance Is. 6. Two prizeaj-
,, 15. 5 40 5 lfle Bicycle Race, open.
Entrance free. Thireeprizes.
. Hon. Seocty

Alexander giving evidence in his own oeun,t-
aaid that he Wtas a corporalTat h Tr iEidai-
Government Railway-a udIelL- worat-alBiOut-
7 p.m. He went to the shop, to purchoun
black pudding'from a woman selling Ith-re.
-There was'some dispute as to the price when
he suddenly received a blow on his mouth. Hei
-ran alter the man and returned the. blw, and
the man ran away. Bud-ey ran after hitim
.('.' Rolaa') and held ion to him advisinlg him
not to bring -himself in trouble. The con-
sta-lTe-canme riglit in ai-ld-dt *:- "~.j -rrest iou
for fighting." The constable their pulled hibu
from one place to another, until the crowd
told him that the man was willing to walk and
he should not bully rag him like that Two
-mounted men uloccjLe_up andpersuided him
to let him go.
P.C. Smith who wais called by Kola as a
witnei stated that he was lighting with Wil-
liams and told him to take him in- ch large for
na-anulting hini- --- .. - ..
WillVasastated-thathe went to separate.
H:i Worship diclareC tLat from what de-

fen1ianIc told Ihynielse t vai cleir that the
-I HB row" lr-ooko place betLween AIraanderd'-afdre-=-
one elte, and William came a between and
T O Fy they to.a, started to fight. The cierk in charge
of the hop racked them to leare and they re-
FOR-SAL O icdord the policehadd to cale and put both
a aO them oUt. lie fined each defendant il or
Monday, the 22nd Day of July, 1 d5 hrdabor.

"HERMITAGE and -" CAMP- -- -
S- BLEIONI _ESTATES, Ilegal Possession.
Man 0' War Bay. -
-UBLIC NOTTC -i hereby given that DAYS
pursuant to Intrucdion received fromo
Robert SinilLh Reid ol King's Bay, Tobago, and Andrer ULow. wac brought before the
Robert Henderson and Janet Hender.on ol Cit, Magit'rate\e-%terdu., by LanctCr:-C oral
Aberdeen..Scolland, the undersigned %ill offer Mctair. (dettctivs) for- being found in
faor sale by Putblic Auclion- t their Auction p.. asion of a quantity of Elngliell potatoe.
Mart No. 1 J2, St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain, atspectd to be
on Monday, the 22nd day of July, 1918, be- blpecte to be atolun.
tLeen the hour; of 1 and 2 p.m., :-- Suttb lnpector proiccuted .and
ALL AND SINGULAR THOSE certain Mr. A McCarthy who appeared fordefend-
plantations or estates known as the HER- ant pleaded nout guilty.,
MITAGE and CAMPBLETON Etatea CoprpInant -,totaed that oun Siunda. lot.
situate in the Palish of St. John In the Island he ohtacmed 1a v,.'-:rrant to search defendant;'i
of Tobhgo (3ave rand except TEN ACRET place at 10 Charles Street for stolen serge.
thereof the property of J. B. McFARLANE)I tC- did not firnl the er, bitt lie ec31110
comprising FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXT ro .,-te FOtat' si read11a uner tle
TWO ACRES more or le and abutting o ar t rd u e
the North on the Sea on t the Suth on Clown bed -bving ri.aciticl ctrtai ii.oraaonUia
-Lands-ontbthe -Ea-aon-the "CHARLOTTE- tcith them. he lietspectled ti it
-VI LEL'-Efetate-and on Crown Lands- nndio- -tiirZ-wea__ tlloal._Comlpiaaa.iitAr rael oouand.a_
the ve\"et on Crown Lands. quantit3 cf -i.ated fish. Defend int cIat.-J in
-ALSO ALL thit parcel of land uilntle in W he -reply to tlne conitable that he boughlit the
said Parish of St. John- (abutrtingon-and-lorm -potatoes- orb-:l ah-'the-fish for -5fo 0 -crtL-
inc pat of the said 'HERMITAGE" anud ato twer black"l mtn on Satur-la, niqht and u
M T e p wti % gou cagni c
hundred acres be the same a little more or less o
delineated in the diagrana annexed to tlhe Crown In cros.-cx.ail-ination cotiplonant stait-d
CGraHt registered at Volunme CA.V1 --folio 293 of that J,.-aieodaint aid the men came from the
the Real Property Register Book and hbouanded aea. .,
on the North by Crown land b lands of Timo- Deftn.tlaut'-y:cui ltt r that lie o ,..tuid
thy Nicholaon and by lands of the- HER- -a sudall shop at Charln- Street. and the
MITAGE" Estate on the South by the men sold him thie articles declaring lthit
Rain -Reserve on the East Ly lands of .the:, sere in a hurrr to c.,tcll thie train.
irne t-Hermitage" Eatrate and by lannd of DJfeadant caumi notload one of thc weo
Timothy-Nirclholon-and on tlieWet by Crown t Cd nt ld O
lands and by land 3 of Timothy Nichstonu. whom lite 'aid lines at Saickville Strthc.
Thte number of Cocoa-Trees of all ages tine He was convictel aud tilled s5 or thirt)
ban- s of the Estate ik about .28,0)M of which das' haTrd labour.
about 16,i00u are bearing. There are In hands
of Contractors about 22,51A Cocoa Trees.,_ol
which abnot one-third are bearing.
There are-ilso In- the hands of the E-late
'about 5,400 Coconut Trees of which about
1.500 are eariar. Indian Head Once Again.
The Buildings cotupriae, I Cedar-uood Bun-
galow.wilth out-houses (cost 510o) 2 Drying
Houses with Barracks beneath one 25 x 18 ana A COMPETITION OPEN TO ALL.
le-otlltree-4ai an-t-Bntl iucraerraBlarraac:ksr- a -- -- .....
two ryoms. The Public Road front Charlotte- The makers of Indian Head are ex-
_ville pase through the- Eaates .for.about 4 -tremely gratified at the manner inl which
Dletd-li t-TiiT--dylio-jnne 1918 -the-Trinidadipublic-has shown its appre-
... .. - ...- .. i-- elation ot- thi, beautiful material. At
J. SCOTr SO the same time, they feel that 'the more
Government Auctioneers. widely Indian Head ia known the more
TRINIDAD. for-reaching will be the benefit not only
Sabt.-Reglstry, San Vernando. ,. beit subltitute for linen-and with this;
No. 2 of 1918. .end in 'view t ave decided to adver-
-- etiwee JJea dfla---rlicR - t se the fahr still further in Trinidad.
Angal Gonzalerfi Defendant. / Nowt the eal pf tie pie is tile best
--....... ----- fudge of it nrorthe ook. And-tboie-
PUBLIC NOTfCE Is herel y given that lu /who derive information from
Chf Juie male en on eoiis 9th day of b mentc arefthe- best-judges of-how-that -
Jane. 1918 ,there will be put up.for sale before InfonAation sitoloid be given." This is-
-thie doorofol ibe-Court-Hoose-ir-the .Town-di- -specially-applicable 1 I-ndian Hlead.
San Pernando on Thucaday the tSa dday of The agent, therefore, would like all
Angad. 1918, betwen the brseof one .andwo I s of Indian Head to tell hin heir
in thet atn o _n. All qud' lisg -lar that cer- i Ot e
tain peace or pueel of land heM under the ideas as ta how this. advertising ahoulnd
proilsionsa -of tbe Real- Pmoperly Ordinance be conducted -during the next few
registered at Vosume CCCXVIIl f1io 30a of I3mo3th--atd tnoneniy paiec ($5.00 and
......"d e sng |nthi...d en .- C-5() will ba e givenfor theplan which,
of Mornianga the Island of t land of rn in i and n nibr, are the two Iest-,. These
boundreldl ohl the.&jt, South. and Wet Is I plans i.touil( indicate tile bi-t slclninle
.Crown r t land au-b .the a laby l hands for making Indian Henntinbre generally
a ..ned forty .abian Cr.lo and ktna Trddk aord oi should fttrian ;adToeygn orl
g Road reserved 40 ,1nbim Wl subjectt ko i i a be abound
however to (a A nmeorandna of Moattagt- alo point out those qualities of Indian
No. 17daoted ihe .26th day ofJune, 1916, f -m Head to' which particular attention
Anaghl Ooqal to John OGlaseslo.par hr the should be drawn. '
am Ded day Jatt ne 1 .reon Etthv ae onv e iuga origi l idsews
oTo centB. per annnum amad .() A mere- .,- .. a I
i di4 ol juise, 19w1 j 9 idr
B; th el o, '^thEo,?r -= .' W -recelive after Ithe'4th of July. Only
lntm th.r.- ..l. ol.,. ,- er. -0-0* ,I ^ thfift-hundred wil beconsided. :
maled thhi, Mh dayo ol JunB, 191a. -'.Everyone -owning-- original. idealI
S s.. tow- ahbunid compete for the Indian, -Head
S. Act -. Sub-B s e tprr M ,- p ,' '". -' " ". 1

li*~* i



iner on st herba en Remi ofp.

Maclo, at .the corner of Prfin nd Crlotte
Streets, and relying toquit when'told-to do so
-i-2op -a ni
r KOL -N etoM- FOTnrae-r pAM tTBD.and

Cominan t stated that onPSatula yigeach

- BefoetheCldig ty thgeataty enter al P. C.
OrSmith he saueededJiph lea-nder (Kna ni--

- Macledoa at .the Ilimshrner of Prince and Charlotte
lStreets, and relningd them and "tolad-trus do nBo
atby complainant.d helhm by e collar bout

long time and as they wout q olty eav -wh- -he
requested1121-mt -todosoliearrestehm -
Complainant tated cross onxami Satiorday -deighed
that he camew a crowghu-and otide the RedKola by Lionhe

collar anclts]id that ue-arrested higlt f ir ght-
ul op hatd-on gie b him (Kn hole two dbegfend-
loSmith himeout tsceeded is treet-a-n.enaa.

Two monte men died othcome up anda
tell complainant lnma htoll-treatd uim: Coas
at Williams and helgo with him .y th collar hot

saw Kola ndriminathl. They wresfightlg and he a
tried to get themou and wolthey would not go.
Breq ed thse led at"Kola" s eclaring that he
C-u-lntdiOant in cdtox-eant hi -ioit dented
tcat he came trighed to paclynd held oa by tthe
collar antique id that he- arrested him o iht-



.. e ter on
Iatittoa to b ty morning at the abyt
Clini. Dr. Wepperman ad Mse Bautft-
have their hands full In aienading to the little

It oi bt eix months ailoe The Baby Welri
Langue was started, the first meeting takt g
place January 2 and up to the p esedt date the
vitlitg nurse has aver one thousand homes
on her lit. Nurse Bacroft's ltask ais nut an
eay one, for besides district visiting, she is,
auppoxed to be at te clinic'every morning to
give advice to all who may call, andalso to
keep the rooms and outfit in the perfect con-
dition which they always present. .-
--O -Mondays, -Wednesdays- and- Salaztntda
Dr. Wupperman Is in attendance, andj..ftTag
at his desk receives the moLhera with a
pleasant word-going into each individual case
wIth care and also having to exercise a rest
deal -of patience, for In many instances his
instructional given on a previous visit hane
o-be..-c.,-leJ-o.t. --"e-or- ftwo ot the
acatlers, ratfr tltir first appearance, hid not
though it necesiary to return, and only do so
when lie illness ol their children occasions
the want uf advcer. A woman lays before the
doctor.A wasted bab. with the care worn.-fice
of an old man, eight months old and weighing
only tn pounds: on her former visit five
moulbhs ago that child weigjhdlmelve pounds.
Since then bhle adnrlits sahe has bean giving it
as nourisho-rnt arrowroot and bush tea."
Over rto.l over again the doctor re-
peatls the siame Inatrutciona calling cul
ad-ioateral to Nurse Bncrolt, at--her- Lalle-
with its bed-cale uoed for weighing purport..
uben he thinks it necessary hat she ,tloid


- Trimmed


Fach hat has a distinction all its

own, being different in Shape,

Shade and

S' Prices: $6, $6.50, $7 a $88.

S2 differ nt styles in Tagel Shbipes

in both Bhck- and White-$3 and $3.60.

Shaded Trage Shapes-$3.60.

Tilmmed COuracom I'at-s, Bilo ched and

Marureid, 6 diereot Styles, $1.80 ea


I r~tnini~n to athrs -


'and : Regatta
,i 111 Hti.t o -
.DISCO tEIETr 3D rAa -

under the uUiplces ol l l ALi. PI. 1 .

RACE -Op-: lo ti-c lhose wh o , r
raced at oan) recognied Rte fI.cIh i .I
and ,trd pri/e i u tanc'. t1u r ii h i IF.
introc-w fee /2 .





Fashlonable- rapes and Meat'a OiOurfiftter : --5

Are. Nwat -
-Showinge ew l i IIf e y

These Latest Arrivils a"e the Newcet Ideas in

peraaonal vial to -invertigte. the premises, and
the number of ptrsonu sleeping In one ap.a.r
wtrena I t eqa uine ito the exact norih -
uaet, andfIlso tlihr method in whitchit is giteii,
which so often is faulty
NurEe lBucroft carefully weighs each child,
and compares the preeCut weight with Ilhe
record in her book. One poor delmcite-looking
woman pproachei tile Ecale witlh lo abibie in
her armi, the suritori ol triplets. Joseph is
laId on Ibe soft pillow first and he turn the-
scate at Inor p-einds eight dunces. Then Francia
take; bit plire aud' lopa him by one once. Of
.th satue eightt is the child ol a fine looking
giil of nineteen, irho ceents absolutely iuc3pa-
ble of retaining tire knowledge of hoow to f ed
andl -e i-a or her baby, whose pinched and
emactatld lface is surrounded b) a bonnet of
lace and ribbon.
Another young mother proadly diaplats-lic i-
fart cheeke-l baby girl lihom 6he h-Id brought
regtlirly to the clinic siuce it v-sUitien dia) s
old Feeding it on milk and btrley water she
declarre; tie i t iht Itt incren-e'l one poundai
Lthree olncea in a 3.cek This bhba "bahos the
rwon-Itrul w rk -Cir h Call b doee inthe
isluniJ i onul the ionr Ca Oei le ImaIe to
und.erota.nd thit hebiL i iacr ne not brain tfreh
c-ti-A bithlnrg I- -,i .l apt to rte IcI-er, tnll
To citiJ,:ed- ag lien a-toi-r-lera tI iten I-afr
the dellir, ol Coudenied Milk This order
is itkero fire-t ic tte l I..i-ic h lioc an-I then to
the ic It-.u-e iliac,.
Go...d ,-i k ior -i lia, a le b.-t Ir , bj the
cli c eet ifI th i 'pr-udit,:-er ofi the people are
hard to overo-tme a mI, a ,eaurg mother orf
fifteen or rivteen tel-ls tihe talc that her mother
told her to do antil nad it i. ith these
Ignorant women that Narie Bancrolt has the
mloit diiculltty.
But t1 eree ie u re god thin l bd cciei n nd
toddling around the ao3o-a or I)ing in the little
cots are excellent i.minmmensol. the-cllnlt, a
iuccess.-Both docior and nurse are very proud-
and Juitly so of _- seral heitilty looking children
whose lives at one time hung on a thii thread,
but now with the care of the nurse and the
wisdom ol their mother in following etery
insatruclion given ibe-ie same little mite, are
plump. bright .:yed ran I go-d -i iepered
There Is one weakne; in child-.weltare
themess, and this is that the mothers are
taught too late the care ol chll-Iren. and are
apt to depend too uchi on the hi:lp ol
nurate nod it,,r.
In all public ct.cholt' th,-; irl are thought
arilthlltic. gri anuar and geography This asi
excellent. b tt included h.,--iuI be in, tru.otu:,ieo
-eron ao-i-ttiitg-lae--e- in the.. aitugru,;g rat
children Not onl- in one oirticalar Cass of
girl school tioul.t t1hi- h..I ont- lobat in al In
onr-growlip.- pwrle there linv I.eetplendid -t.ud-
neti women of the ltiure and ul-o tlleuledl
-teacLi., but they re also the future' aotlaeri.
The clinic is bn -iie mtht 4ghbtl
but it ha- a hbird orka to perform. the un-
doing oa trouble bilch itla--d} hirt o deep riot
C]i t:,;a cI oil 1tr 0ton to girls wmold do aaiAy
The CrOche l hidi i. to be h-arte, in a short
time will proae auitraber itep up.wrd Girls in
the working claes all nean hb able to3 pro.
vide for their Q ao children. far at preseut il
Urey are out in ailutalions they have to leate
the batiei to ind ifferen hands, whereas when
lIfe-re-crch-ts-o lilttlctdi the mothers can bie
sure that the children are sae and being well
looked alter during the day.
Lady Chancellor and many of the ladleaof
the island are taking a -keen interest in this
w6rk aand with their iniFadt autt, ltention a
new era soon wIll dawn for the little oone of
Trinidad, for already the dark clouds of
neglect and waul of care are lifting, showing
the rosvycoloured future In the distance, Randd
Cod's Great Angel who provide souls fi our
-niorel land' will thave so longer occasion to
deide- the hbIl .of wome. into whose care
were given the lives of little children.

Illicit Sale of Liquor.
.-er tie-Cit.y lagitrat's Court rye .
Lan'ce-Corpor.l Lambert laid a--charge
against Josephl Dos Santosi for selling
fntoxicatintg liq4or.
-.-rRIf. T., terho appeLrciled for
-defendant-:si-d he hard -atviied-hin t-to plead
guilty. '
- CoonplaiRint stated that defeudanpt -hhd
H11$ pints of runtin his possession.
Mer. Prigar stated 'hat defendant only
had time to sell one piint u'hen lie was
caught. -
In reply to Hii Worshii cotmfilinant-
stated that itle planc was under oh-ervation
for hUeqn otatt hs
tMr. PriAgar recttarled that il c cqiorcral
wtL; vary shartli.andi it wa,, Licte tiat lte be
given promotions lire t, iry zealous and
invariably succeeded, i
Defendfint wao' fined 650 or three
motltha' hard labour.- .
The ine wan not paid. "

W -Fogarty-

SLABS, in ,lacl or brown marble,
to tit any table or wash-stantd.
., Morte pncs.j

A Stolen Watch. _

T4,,F'- D fi\ 'R I -'*%IT, f-.
Defendant Fined .'5 or Fourteen Days.
At toe City ,etI.itrate C-ourt, Ljuce Corpi
s ale] lJietetit',. chirgid C-l:lin de Silva,
shopkeeper, 'tIlb being IounT on the xec-u.
I oa search; W'arl1aat. 1a paDeation Gfa
Silver ,atch art cd dhalo u.ipected to be Atlen.
1 tbnSpcctr rill rater prosecuted auid d e.-
fenl-iat l t-art 1, lt
-Complainant- narlr-thl tt haac ite,:d a report
,i-t Saturlday froin Robble W.-itn i.i in .anse
quc n: of which hte obtained warrantt rh-ich
lie triutedl alt .letfedant'i police at 5b George
Street Deleni-lnti in replt, to the deteclite
statel tihat our Glidta lii.1 p.aonedr thel tt ich
ior f1' cecta Complainant trent tor aadys
who admittedd in -I teniol'ts presence [t rtishe
hat- piareit d it clb eieno-lant Compl.rnaant
told hit Il tit .li tt % cih h .a.J litu reported
sinlen fr l Duke Stret-t ou the -ilth o Ma)
DlntidJant alo sa-ted Itha he at'- irn rite habit
ol he,. png a inc, for Gli.lits.
L leIn.l.,iuti at e.J in ei.tenia.e thIat hl it, i a
shtcpkE:eper alId Ilit lie a;,ie Ie.liv. 6i cents
at.J taok tI n, a ach in plcip. it.: ..Ill not ILk
her thoa r0 e 1 tin LC i.C
S ]a,] araw, ti e.,l c o a f t--t.-,;, and adrit an i
hI t 611 0ril C p,] -. %11J ,t ll ,l,1 l ei,,i S,..L [.) i,
was dii :lhirir and J GlJy cil :.1 upin Site
staltd One Roblte gate ii to her iand]
at.keil he-r it pwin nt itfor hln He ti-Ak the

that he gre ite igirl i e.i.t:h I\ u ."
watch ind h i'erit .t"i t tireh4ut aal e c, rc ,itt
m in hc .I nIrp:at her t) t Ire ri; t I t t., u
ai h e eantlher twlueas c-ile.]J bI thal girl
le-iltied to ha lD n %een ti ll'ia gni ,ive I.' 1 c trl
the wtatch.t
She a is ]i-,:c irg.:d J nd Witllili ,lia lictl aup.i
to account
The Lance Coip:,r. .-iutai le t. h.hd he re
ceived the report he went to Willauion Satilur-
day la.t, and told nt-iin to civ-: him the watch,
that was stolen from hii ttWilliams') uncle, it
it was pzwined, give hnur the pi t-ticket iail
he would reldeeiu it. Defendant replied that
he would tell him the truth. Defendant told
him to go to the Red Flag rum shop here
the watch ias paitned wiLth one De Silva, for
60 cents and he nould get it.
.. irl and Pitrle were again called. De-
fendant admitted that tIe girl pawned It. hut
declared that he knew nothing of the watch.
He asked her to lend him some money and
sbe went and pawned the tiatch
Defendant called no witnesses and was lined
5 or fourteen da)s' hard labour.

Pn.tusiTrua.AAaitta._ RoM.Dloe-A grate-
ful user of Dr. J. D. Kellog's ;Asthma Remedy
find it the only remedy,that will Rive relief,
thngh for thirteen years he bihad songirt other
help. Year of needless suffering may be pre-
vented by using this wonderful r,-medy at the
firet warning blf trouble. Its use Isn simple, its
coat is slight .nud It can be purchased almost
anywhere. ____-

At 24 Cents

j Rojils Toilet Paper
Egg B eater -' .
I Crckt oil Mixer
i"'Jap Cup anidl Saucer
-i- Large- Salad-bo wl
I Fire proof Dish
S Flower -1'ot "
SDolls and Toys

Rose' BWa.7

jrctckk 8tmu.

;ILING. RACE -Open toll h,.i, i I it-al
In ihe Co-.jrt i I- pri/-, a pi.- c- i f ,r.1
and mn a fl it1rcrc 2, I pr, Il
Di.tane ,t 5 ulle rlrln '
3. NOVICIU S ft O1 G P.-\':I]3',oi.
thoa e tntto ha tc s,,er ec t n p,',a .
nceI 5l l.,,r IJ nt n ,e i -t I

Ip-ua I Rl i .. pOiletoi na .
t)cI ar n. 1-. 1nIr c le .

9. INTEiR- ,COL GIAT' KiCte. r-,i ...-
r.t r. n fr i, ii" ( tr n ue t C I 'I -I,

three-oirt.uc,' I a : h com tr ta iiin ,
I Id E. nr-nce .ee.
6i VlSulitDii to oHeR cBI ofRC t 1

noP a prize Ili-c tce, titiee.qunLtr mile.
eat-rance fee reIe- .
SCULLS.- i Open l .i C ll- ni eurs. ioa nurte l .
Distance 5 ard, B Iu c Lran-_. le -
--Frect represen atulse 1cur O. ti-tart- -
representalil, n irarra Queen'sR o l ril I .
lege. St. MtoryA endl Napa'rimn Ca'lecea
three-uirei iatt oawith tor.. DrI taac,

ailne mile. rn c race 1st and n

.tp []e. Jr a w r-,
RACR.-eprento1 all dtLce who htLre anrt cr -
ort oa prize hampionace p th cnree-qu ter mile.
intr dance fee 4/-.
In r c.. E ttauct 2 6. -
Iona le. ,
-.. Open- lo-all fishermen -l-thr eo y tu- ..
tace & mile. EnLtrance In. tat and 2ad ,l -
prirs. -

nando Repreaentative and ithe Wnisr of -=gey'
Port of-Spala Champlonship Sehia --
15. SWIMMING RACS.---OjmeC -' Disiae"'
100 yards. IeSace Ifee 2a, -
17. BUM.EOAT-RAC Z.-pOr to alt o hot" .n-11
in the rolbny. -astranna fee I.S -.hrlaD e-
mihea. c"" .
to all awilte._t_ Diatae .JSe. 4

.oTORNBOAt .RAC.'-ope. ".-- sc

,oBAILI G AC. 11o. t tw hp.h&

- -wa. ,.s-.; .W


-t %4OIO m4 k~ ~ -
/ V *I



S. .. -. .CycL'" &,Athletic Sports.
0 AT

ane.rfla On DISCOVERY DAY,

-in aid of o prBoys F2ud.t
S' driner patronage of the Warden A. TaTrr ,
s' q.. the D.M.O. Dr. A. P. lANGI -
and a PAL ?K VEaRTncrL, .
--*- -" No. 1. Time 1 p.m.. I Mile Bicycle Race:
Prem r ro s -'Open to -iihose" that have ievtrg. won a
f _" ,, "-" Two prizes. -
2. T.i .meo1 100. ..
o__ U ulun~le Entranceh In. 6e. Two prices.
'E -flhhIF3 _-.j 3 !ime-- m , -Io Mile Bicycle
... ... Raice, oe. En tra nce 1. -hi.Tdwo
FO U. y. -, 4. Tlme~ One. Mile Dic cle Race,
SFrom /__open to Roadstera of the Chaguaoas
s- r-Ward ot-lon-. -Btrance-li: 6d.- Two
5-. C 5. Time 2.20. -0l.Yarda Flat Race open
to School Boys of the Chaguanas Ward
geff sil tiaa Unlon. Entrance free. Two prices.
LOrt 1 U a e ,, 6. Time "40p.m. One Mile Bicycle Race
pen. Entrance sl. 6d. Two prizes.
"; -- 1. .TIme 3p.m. 220Yfards Flat Race open.
20 O Cas Entrance Is. 6d. Tao wias. IF
-, __ ie T J. pp.m. HaJil Mile DIetcle Race
f a pen tu 'Roadaters of the CThgiaIn,.as
how, Ward W Union. Entrance is. l. 6.o
_: ',prizes. -
,, 9. Time 3.40 p.m. High Jump. optn.
--. -Enlra '.p j no .
--Oa r10. Time 4 p.m. Pulling the Shot, open.

-Spratt --DOG BISCiTS.- t.liie -4.-pm. Tie-Mie nccle
Race,- open. ultruancr li. 6d. Thr>&-
Cast' Cqrn Flak s 12.I Time 4 40i 410 Vardi Fdlt Race,
3 .ass C Flak o.._pen..Entrance Is. 6-:1. Two prines..
-13. Time 5 Two Mile Dicycle-Race,
open to Roidtr of 11e CUugiaiins
1'aEe BRN Ri'uitso u Ward Un.on.. Entrance .i. 64. Two
._ -14. 5 0 p.m. 2:2 Yardin Plat Race openll
to School Boys ot the Chaguanas 'Ward
27 Cases C sc800o Union. Entrance Is. 6. Two prize.-
---- ,, lt. 5 40 p.m. 5 MAie Bicycle Race, open.
Entrance free. Three prizes.
50 -Gaes TOMATO atsup. W. HENRY EDW DS,

72 S8Casvs_ PUMA- RB.C. in ph = ph

60 0 Cam "
Royal Bakiog Powder FO-SWLE ON
AT Monday, the 22nd Day of July,
AT 1918.

d .Man -' War Bay.
.p.L IC 'NOTTCE-ia- hereby given that
& puruant to Instruction received frot
--- Robert SinlLh Reid o Kilng'e Day, Tobago, and
SRobert Henderson and Janet Hender.ion ol
Aberdeen,.Scolland, the unoderoigned aill offer
for sale by iPtublic Auction at their Auction
rat No.e 12 Sti Vincent Stre-et Pr .t of-snatin



- --- -~ ^ - _-

Job Laces0



Fancy Dress Materiakl
and Whirt Piquas."

a -

Panama -Htts-

American torg,
S uies & HeauyStreb --

OHNitAL' COMpMeaslON uauNC>.
,' ae ', 'iura iny f Idea T td A .'
I'. This nalueaa is based on the principle cf
good.-wtlI and saiccrlyof purpose ?
2, TaTq Qlle-Ilon Serei ls eant to alnvr
*. sppts"-owaBTnd althrs a sereale they
re "ern 'bhem? f t '
Onur syateil of prom eilire la essentially dil-
... I :rU .t ,
'. The sc -nl our oltlectio hIns practil

5. On m Intto la i Qnuck action, prompt remit-
'be nt ? ,- ,
6, Ise ats aet awcotrta d iltelligent--cau
e midd Dup al eaM tY e '
I. irogins M a fteia you nil realize start-

menf IiM,, m.b .... o. place the.
'-'"at '. c. aSny.:

a .^ ^'.S-,

. -: p .... .... .a,
on Monday, the 22nd day of July, 1918, be-
Ltween the hours of 1 and 2 p.m., :--
plantations or estates known as the '" HER-
situate in the Parish of St. John In the Island
of Tobsgo (aave and except TEN ACRRS-
thereof the property of J. B. McFARLANE)
TWO ACRES more or let and abutting on
the North on the Sea on the S-auth on Crown
-Lands-on the --asoen the "CHARLOTTE.
-VIL;L-"-Ertate-and on Crown Lands- and-on-
the WVest on Crown Lands.
*ALSO AILh thit parcel of sand ailu ae in T-
said Parish-of St. John- abutting-on-and l-orm-
inc part of the said HERMITAGE" aud
hundred acre be the same a little more or less
delineated in the diagram annexed to the Crown
Grant registered at Volume CLVI --folio 293 of
the Real Property Register Books and bounded
on the North by Crown land by lands of Timo-
thy Nicholton and by lands of the- HER-
MITAGE" Estate on the South by the
Rain -Reserve on the East Ly lands of
the j" tHermitage'" Elate and by lands of
Timothy- Nicholnon and on theWet by Crown
lands and by landa of Timothy Ntchbblou. -!
The number of Cocoa trees of alleges i n tha
banils of the Estate ie about 28,0,) of which
about 16,i)0a are bearing. There are in hands
of Contractor about 22,5A0 Cocoa Trees._ol
which about one-third are bearing. _.
There are ilso In- the hands of the Elate
about 5,400 Coconut Trees of which about
1,500 are hearing' .
The Buildings comuprise, I Cedar-nood Dun-
galow.wilth out-house (cost 500) 2 Drying
Houses with Barracks beneath one 25 x 18 and
-he-olee-et- s-tS-aad.-- latourera Ilsrrac-la ol--
to rooms. The Public Road front Charlotte-
yville panses through the Ealates for. about 4_
Dited t riT dayidfyit' June1918l._ _
F 1. J. scoTr & so'r,
Government Auctioneers..
In LUe bupreaoe -our- otTrlil,Ji.a-'il'-TotgT.-
Sdb-Reglntry, San ernando. ,.
No. 12 of 1918.
Between Josuea luge--PlilnainT- -
-ahd .. ..
Angs l Gonn ale ,f,_Defendant.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given that lu*
__ pursuanceof _a order o_Qf_J pltaogurthbe
Chief Justles maire herein on thIe 19th day of
June, 1918 ,there will be put up-for sale before
-at duooerof lbeCourt-Honse-in-theb-Town-df-
San Pernando on Thurqday the Ist day of
AngUta. 1918, between the hbars of one and two
in thneadtenoon. All qnd isugular that cer-
tain plece or parcel of land heM under the
p ealslonsa of the Real- Poperl y Ordlaince
registered at Vtumte CCCXVII Iq fjio M3. of
the Real Property Book compriinfog thirteen
acres slid aixtesn p Teht silnate in the ward
of Mornga I" thIe Island of f-Trilasd and
houurde oh the ,a&rltir South, and WeAt tIy
Crow n land sia IWt the aA aby landis
- petittoned for'y I Fabien Cirlo and Intersected
a y Road reserved 40 ll hdke'Wa, subject
however to (ad A memorandum. of Mort
No. 173 dated the 26th day of June, 1916, om
Anahl Goq-iea to John Gleassooper tar. the
sum of SOP e ad itereat thereon at the rate
of 10 per cent. per annum and (6) A meim-
orndou of mortgage No. 176 dated Ithe 26th
Msgxayl Mtiel Cox _or.the. som of 300-smad
torrent threas atl the mte of 10 per Ot pee
Da""btled thin 2Mth day of Jne, 1918. -
.* :-l. B. 'owat..
L Actlg. sab.- tarm '

I . .

-Aleioander giving roenceraern own Detin,
said that be pa a corp-oTalit the TrinidaI-
Government Railwayv,_ and_lfewL-rwortL-al-Out-
7 p.m. He went to the shop, to purch,.e
black pudding'from a wnmwan selling ithre.
'There- wasome dispute as to the price when
he suddenly received a btow on his mouth. He
-ran alter lithe moan and relurnd tl le.blw, tnd
the man ran awa. Bud.-ev ran after him
(. rKolsa') and held on to im advising him
not to briug_-hliself in trouble. The con-
sutDlTe cmae riglit in ait-did-:- ."I -Farrest 0ou
for lighting." The constable their pulled bimu
from one place to 'inotier, until the crowd
told hii that the mano ws willing to walk and
he should not bully rag him like that Two
-mounted men andpersuided him
to let him go.
P.C. Smith who was called by Kola as a
witnesi ltaLed that he wan fighting with Wil-
ams and told him to take him in- charge for
Willam-srstated-thathewent to separate.
H:. Wtorahip declrer t[Hat from what de-
fenidantn said Ibehlielves it ai cleir that the
-row toot plnce brewew--AIr'audeand f0atlo-
one elae, and Williams came in between and
they to.-, started to fight. The clerk in charge
of the shop asked them to leave and they re-
luied, and the police had to coine and put both
of them .out. Hie fined each defendant jl or
1 J d5s.,' hliard labor.

Illegal Possession.

Andrec th ow. cae brought before the
Cit7, Mag-it'rate\ e-.terdu., by Lauic:-Corterial
McTair. (detcctivs) for- being foirnd in
po.--e.sion of a quantity of tingli..lI piotatoe
blltpected to be otoleu.
Sub lnopector Fraser prosecuted, and
Mr. A McCarthy who appeared fordefend-
ant pleaded not'guihi.t '
Cctmphinant -,tatled that ou Sundal last,
he thtained .a v.':.rrant to search defendautil'is
place at 10 Charles Street for tolent erpce.
FIe did not find the -erce, Illt lie- camie
acr -,t. tihe -,>tatc i spread It t under the
bed o-aving reaciieil cterta in infortition
tciti Je-pect .to them. he tteusected i it
_the- \,'r .tfln._ Coitplai:nt %al.o i.found a
qu'ntit3 of -.allted fish. Defendrdnt Lat-:.d in
reply to thii. canotaleo that he boughlit tihe
-potatc.sfory1 Ine ahdllhe-fih for-f') -certla-
Jxo twcO blacks mniin on Saturela, night andr
could racogne.eo thetri .-aiO'm k I'fite trtliettr"
In croes-cxaninatlion cottlArlaoant
that dJ.;'iedant said the men cmtc etrom the

DefenI.alt'n cuciuil tLn that he alie
a suiall shop at Charl-e Street. and the
men sold hit thlie- articles declaring Iliath
.the.,' sere in a hurry to catch thie traiI.,
Defendant couli not lind oue of tht men
whoiti he -aid lies ait Sackville Streit.
lie was concicte-.l aud fined 5 or thirty
daos' ha rdlabour.

Indian Head Once Again.

The makers of Indian Head are ex-
-treimely gratified at the manner in which
the-Trinidad-public-hai shown its appre-
ciation -oF- thi-i beautiful material. At
the same time, they feel that the more
widely Indian Head is known the more
far-reaching will be the benefit not only
-to-henio;e vnea, -but-to -allwho ,uLthe--
_beit substitute for linen-and with this
end in 'view th.e have decided to adver-
tie the fabric still further in Trinidad.
Now--the enter pf thle pie is the best
iudge of it: northie cook. And-thosre
/who derive information from adn rli.e_-
i-menta- are-/the- best-judges of-how-that-
infoniation should be given." This is-
-speciallyapplicable to Indian Head. -
The agent, therefore, would like all
lovers of Indian Head to tell himu their
dieas as t how this. advertising should
be cont9ucted -during the next few
mopthu--aaud money pryeA. ($5.00 and
$2.50)'wiil b given for the plans which,
in his ottinibir, are the two tien,t. These
plans hloiild indicate thIe bet stchLnie
for making Indian Heatd.niiore generally
known in Trinidad; and they should
also point out thosn qualities of Indian
Head to' which' particular attention
Should be drawn. -
Anvdftes are to be adie'nsed In-
dian Head," c/o THa ?aTnhmAm Oua-

receivyed-ft the '10th of July. Only
Sth fit-htdred will be considered.:.
Everyone owning- original ideas
aWonld compete for the Indian' iead
F f - .







I .

- .c o. .. p
... .
( Tai: : ='


bisturbanpin Rum*hop.
: h h,,po d .e. ach-
Before the City lg rattyest* P .
Orcr charged Jyph .&lrnier, (l.) Dd
BUdeay WlIans, with benang n B dorderty
maner on the licensed premises of J. C.
Macedo, at the corner of Prince aod Charlotte
Streets, and relsaing toquit do so
by complainant. .. .
Sab-I nlupector UM.. Fraser prosecuted. and-
de(endants pleaded-not quilty. -.-
"Comipainant stated that on Saturday night
last,- he -aw a crowd outside the Red Lion
amltaholding o Wi th tae __asastace of P. C.
-Smith he succeeded in naeparastiderenudan.-
Alexander then jumped at bthe otier efendauant
decladlngthaLWilliams had butted im: Com-
plainant separated them and "Kola" rushent
at Williams and held him by the collar shout-
lng-" thia criminInal." They wrestled for a
long tite aud as they wouat-net4eave-whob-he-
reqi-ted -them o do Bo, lr rre-td tlei-
Coiuplaiuaut In cross-examlintion--dented
that he came right up-and held Kola by the
collar and said that e- arrested hibi for fight-
ingoarJhat lie held him (KoIla asidbegan to
ioss him about the alreeL- .--- -- --
Two mounted men did not come up and
tell complainaut not to ill-treat himn as he
was willing tgogo with him.
J. G. Pacheco, the chiel clerk sil1 thaidt he
saw Kola aud another man-fighting and-he
tried to get them-out and they would not go.
Budsey ruhed at "Kola".learing that he
cnuld net ae uff antajWThe police n
came-In and tried to pacily them but they
continued -


8eu sr tohIbq busy ni at an BMbs
Clini. -Dr. Wuppreran d B tA'
have their hands thol In aesnllg to the little
patients, of whom the average number on
these daya ishbout twenty-five to lthbty.
It i bat eix months since The Baby Welfare
League was started, the first meeting takffg
place January 2 and up to the peceart date the
visitnlug nurse has ever one thousand homes
on her liUst. Nurse B incroft'a task is nut: an
easy one, for besides district viaitiog, she is,
sapponed to be atthe clinic every morning to
give advice to all who may call, and also to
keep the rooms -and outfit n the perfect con-
dition which they always present. .-
-- -Mondays, -Wednesdays and- SatLuzda
Dr. Wupperman Is in attendance, anditerrg
at his desk receives the mothers with a
pleasant word,-going Into each tidlvidual case
with care and also having to exercise a great
deal'of patience, for In many oinstaces his
instructions given on a previous visit have
ol- ncigirl-ol_ T n ,r- orrtwo of the
luthers, BtItr ltieir firsL appearance, hid not
thought it neceury to return, and only do no
when tlne Illness oh their children occasions
thIe want uf udvice. A woman lays before the
doctor-a nlasred kaib with the care worn-fice
of an old man, eight month old and weighing
ouly tn p.nuuds: on her former visiLt five
moolhs ago that child weigatd .At elee pounds.
Since then che admits nshe has bero giving it
-as nourishm'nt arrowroot and Lush tea."
Over rco-l over again the doctor re-
peals the same inatructliona calling cul
r.-tnterv-ins to Nurse Duacrolt-at--her--tahle
with its bed'sale u ed for weighing purpoirr.
wbhen he thinks it neceCsary' Lhat she 6iri'uld

Are New wNiie.r
Showing ..e L-... ::a^.

These Latest Arrivl s a"e the Nev


- Trimmed

vcst Ideas in :


.ach hat has a distinction all its

.. own, being different in Shape,_ -

Shade and Trimming Ao ,.thr_

V Parices $6, $6.50, $7 & 8.

I 2 differ. nt styles in Tagel Shapes

in bath Bhck- and White-"3 and $3.60. "

Shaded T7g&9 Shapes-$3.60.

Thimmed Curacom Hleats, Bl chbed and -

Marured, 6-diffrent Styles, $T180 eai--


Te- i:-c D 'a li it T lt X i
T"I i I-Ii5ln lUra & Regatta
Defendant Fined '5 or Fourteen Dayi.
A Ine Cily lla rpate 4 Court, Ljuce Corp] T^T<-1Rir X) -----
Seales idetetic-l 'cl.hirgd C.llin de Silva DI-SCO 7' Et' A -
tshopkeeper, ilth being foundTon the erec- T ri -
'aol arh wart.1nt, Is pa-ne-sn Gfa c r
sleer wa tch d chai nu.pected ton be Alen. QU LEN'S WHARF. .
Sub. In3spctiar p ra'I-er proecute!L and le u er the u o A t, I '
len-Inta pleaded a-i colt U -rth e al 'piC sl 11-Ot e A-. ri.s I I .
-Complaina1t`itudt,-tbht ha e ,-ieic d a re port _
Iit S.tlurlay f rain Robbie WH i.m. In ,onse-
qun.:: ol which he obtained a na. rahet ihich I N p. W C 0 OMhR S' StSINGLE .SCLiti. .
lie efc.'uted i at .lelendant' police at 56 George RACE -Or-c: is ll tliaose wh.i bi r
Street Defenti-lnt n reptlI to the deteclite raced at an) recoyniced ReIgat. I.
stated lhat one GlidC i l.d1 paanerd tlhr istch and 3rd price i LlaniC'. i bri _i, 11
Ior 6,1 certs Complainnt went tor #adys tint ranc- fee 2' .
hvlo dmitteld son 'it leni ail's presence- rla the _-
er-I plared It Ail defen-int Compl.tainut S ILING RACE -Open tonll fitllrin: I4 ., 1
told Wili Ill it th il c ,,:h iha.i Ih e reported in rite Col-.ji I I-t pri t-. ,a pi c. -if Lt I i, .
tnlen frunii Duke Street nu the 2ith oh Mai [l'and ,tnno iJ wr cre.% 2 I y.r n
D-m .Jan ac o snao ed, o it i e ta thea hain tI t tDistanco .sk u I3.n
:o ke,.p ng an c e- for Gla ts. [ ""''1i
beirou.ltm tIlte.J It c e..lent that hr" iis a 3% NOVICrI S'Wt' frNG P. \'t:E l i I -.
sa pkheeper a ld l ihtl he e, e ,1e- e-,.t v casts those v t II t e ,r n a p~u t
a,,J Loo, IIn ,iacthi u ple .y. Iii: ic.ll o k ae .r utr ne -
aer hoba e n-i-ut ii, it. -- =-
'I. L,. iE t -' B .....and adm,.,d I .N-WiCH Vr- i,:-NU-, LT.i.---
was dil t irge:rt and Glad -C ell:.-i up-ne She Itltan-: aV a 1e r e .CI
stated tn.rt one Roeibie gate it to her a-nd l'
a-ked h. r o p in at lor hlu i He t.aik the l, INrl c' :Lt:il R t -Itteer r ,,.. -
--" l r';toi lnn"'l lhue .usr j.n..-.,. J |uot| arid .leulet I *re II pte.-.. Ch diIetug- Cu" ,,lr. r i. I.
that he gr.e lie igirl tI,: wI. t i a -, t-"!

peraional nvit to Inverilgate the premises, and
the number of par-sou' sleeping nto one apar-.I
tTontand to esquire into the exact orh
UIenI, anddlso thlI method in which it Is ginit,
which so often is fault'
NurEe lmcrolt carefully w nighs each child,
and compares the preneut weight with tihe
record in hier book. One poor lemicate-looking
womUin pproachei tile Ecale with tlo bible in
her armt, the surritori ol trpletl. Joaeph is
laid on the flt pillow firlt and he turna ithe-
scale at Iour p.ondseight ounces. Then Francin
takes hi plire uand topa him by one ounce. f01
.th suane ,%eight is the child ol a fine looking
gi ot l unneteen, ho seens absolutely iuc-apa-
ble of retaining tlie knowledge of how to feed
and crie Ifor her baby, whose pinched iund
emaciated lace is surrounded b) a bonnet of
lace and ribbon.
Another young mother pruadiv c
fat cheke-l- bab3 girl whom uhe heI.1 brought
regolirly to the cinic siuce it was tifEen da) s
old Feeding it on mnlk and birle water she
declares the eight J1r ineren-fd'l one pound
-.Lhree oacces in toa ack This bab haons theLI
viltl o raul wrlt c alhh l a e tdosea mothe
islund i( ou]) there irnso .nai t li h madle to
und.ertamin. n th.t ih rji ,i l. unolt brin fresh
c.-IJ-i bitlinc I- ,.t ,iapt to rlice leer. unol
l ltol U-1t-,ni i.- 1r nt ttest -ii jin j .I .c I .
To a ii i ac rn a o i-tier I r t legie Iatr
the delleri ol Coudcened Milk This irder
is ilie, iir-it t-o tlhe l t-,h o'fie an-I then to
the iG t.a....e d c..
bGo.I ,o r hi-ah cahreh -r, ,Ir-se hb the
cliic ern I ihi mitpr-leu,,:rm e fthe people are
barit to ovel- ute lM un a caipng either af
fifteen or divteen -Ills the litle that her mother
toldM hr to do s. and mo anad it i. ith tliees
Ignorant women that N-r.te BPncrolt has the
toal difficulty.
Butl ere riu gorid ih.,n bid caLien nd
toddling around i the room or IItng in the ilttle
cotn are excellent _h .nmeoan-e l. the-clnot. .
nuccesi-.-Both doctor and nur-e are very proud-
and jutly On of si-ert at h.Ithy looking cihld-ren
whose lives iat one tin-me hung on a hiiij thread.,
but now wit lihe care ol the nurse und the
wi-domi oft lheir mother in folloiIlng eiery
instruction given. tbee same little mitee are
plump. [bright :yerd an I gold te-ipered
There Is one wicakneis in child-weltare
Arthemaes. and this is that the mothers are
taught to- late the care ol children, and are
apt to depend too iudi on the hblp of
nur .e fnd ttCL-r.
In all pblic cd-a-lil) th-e BrI are tiuight
ardiltitlc. h'tiiniJur and geograFphj TIIt i
excellent. kat itrncluo.-Ic i.,--l i ke inlucrurioou
-lrona a-vlrieg--lar-.-- ti the uti-ccielcng of
children Not onl in one Darlicalar elass of
girl d school aioul.l ihi- h.- daonb- at1 in all In
-ona-nrowitu-Wglrl tlletre tUin. I-e-pletadid -Lul;
_netslwomen of the fture and ult-_ talentell
-'enlaca., hbut they are also the fulure' ootheri.
The clinic isor- of ture il ~nd
but it ha.I a bhrd nok ito pertorni. the un-
ldoing ol trouble which l oe-ld) its "i deep rint
C]ui;:,e cit tlcrtrlloaI to girls would ito aaay
swith ignnr.nce.
The'Circha uhidi i to be.- tarte1l in a short
time will prove uiiaother step up.rdet Girls in
the working clae-e ,ill tean hb able to pro-
vide ftor their oUn children, for at preseut il
they are out in oltuations they bae to lIate
the babies in indifferent hands, whereas when
life-cr-Frcb-0- iQltilteiid the tmothera can bie
sure that the children are sareand being well
looked after during the day.
Lady Chancellor and many of the ladleaorf
tile riloaund are taklun a keen interest in this
w6rk and wil th ifeir iin_ aid -atu-titlentlon a
new era aoon will dawo for the little one- of
Trinidad, for already the dark clouds of
neglect and waut of care are ilting, showing
the rosv coloured future In the distance, "and
Cod's Great Angel who provides soulsa or our
niorctl ando' will have so longer occasion to
deride- ihe hintI of nome,1 ineo whose care
were given the live a of little children.

Illicit Sale of Liquor.
S-V tlte-Cit. Magi-traic's Coirlt ycirdala. .
Lakfce-Corporul Lanmbert laid a--charge
against Josephl Dos Sanlto-i, for selling
frnto.iciatitg liqtor.
R-.t. MRTi. Prigt.Tr, tWco appe.tretdl for
-defendant--:i.d he had lviedl-hini -to plead
guilty.. '
- ComplaiRnitt stated thatll defeudnapt -bhhd
11$ pints of runit in his possession.
Me. Prizgar stated 'that defendant only
had tlinie to sell one pint ulwhen lie was
caught. -
in reply to -Hii Worahip, comutlainant-
strat-ed that tlte place was under observation
for cuvean Inotllhs
IMr. PriAgar rcti-arlcd that tlhe cptortral
wnL. 'yary sharli.alnd il ta,, Lime that liT bet
given promotion Ih ery zealous and
Invariably succeeded, i
Defendaint wa' fined d60 or three
moths' ihard labour .
Thefine wa not paid.


SLABS, in blacic or brown marble,
to tit any table or waah-stantid.
-., Modw Ite pnvu.j

Grst m

LOPs --i l.un-nur,- r halIntnst, a t.,
I)hI a. I ttll n: -. I irazet. i O nii c
crcc. Entrance Iree.
SSWIllItNG R CN --Op:,l Ito nolasu.ra.
Distance .5 rds EHairan.-. fe ee -
0. S N FERNANDO .1- PrORT O c-p.\1.
-Frret represent tie hours. .ircac:.
representative trum Queen's Ro) d Lc.I
lege. St. Miry'l and Nap'arimel Colle'5e i
three-oiredcI boat with cox. DI ltaic, '
clue. ,truonce- tree,
IMCE.-Open to all ILho'e who hure nicr -
con a prize Ili-tLnce, three-qu timer mile.
Entrance fee 41/-. .
SCULLS3.-Open li all armateurs. Dntauce
Sul I. Euttauc, .26.
--.-Second repreenaouvn-eeou4.=ODistarC= --.
b'r ile. '..:'.

h for thirteen years he bid sanghl other 13. FISHURMNSN'S SINGLE SC .tiL.-
Years of needless suffering may bepre- - Open tall fishermen -lbi-he olonyt.- II --- V
d by using this wonderful r-remedy at the lauce %& mile. EnLrance Is. lt and ;ndl -
arning bf trouble. It u se a I laiple. its prizta. -
is slight and It can be purchased almost ". --. --
here. __ l14,_TT KTUNILA L -lRetw r
-- honando Repremeatative and the Wlnner of -i
Port of-Spain Championsahip Scu .-l
I SWIMM-ING RACS.---Oj*en. ,.Dflac'
At 24 Cents .- D .,
3 RojIs Toile Paper 1i. BUM. bAT-a C-.Open to all boaltui'
Egg Beater'- I .i- Ii tiesotny. UTanna fee 5s ranlce
Crickt il Mixer -
I ap Cup and Saucer I13. DUBt.e SUi.LS & pADDLaA.---0 it.'-.
J jap Lup aiia aa ==u, l' ] toall amutiar. Oalaaee U _Ile.,RBo i-i
- .Large- Saladlowl f .. .. e ;3.. n'-..a'..t ,-
Fire proof Dish MOTo- -B .ACB-Ope: .'. .Dtaa
Flower I'ot S nallaa . \. -' r .-/^
Dolls and Toys BAImItao Ac .-.Opma to-t" t h

.F.r r. :, .- ;
.-.--" ...- .--.-.-B-O ---
*..' s- __ 'RR&S -Pf. rRbl,^, POLBT> .-^tt

..- -1--B. -. .-

_ _, L C --~FII---ZSy --~;~--~--- --- ----Jiil~.- ---F--*-- 1- I---

- r -.

.:- -
.' -

Fasbloable- Orapersn d Mes'a Outfitter ':-



wtctch in her pace.ion tShe tInl, hilt th. ia
min h- I cI : tier ] s 'rep I nlc.,
uI. n auther witlues c-illed b the girl
te-ltined to baIng een Williita gisve th. curl
the watlh,.
She ats is i i tirg.-dJ nd tilitailt .lctd upsir
to account
The Luace Cotp:-dl ll.1 h.d he re
ceired therepor t hlie went to Williamno Sailtur-
day last, and told iniii o ci v hlim the watch.
that was stolen from hi I Wi'llams') uncle, it
it was pwuned, give hlnr the p" t- ticket nil
he would releenu it. Defendant replied Lhat
he anould tell him the truth. Defendant told
him to go to the Red Flag rum shop here
the watch was piuLned with one De Silva, for
60 cents and he wouldd gletit.
. .he irTl and Pitlle were again called. De-
fendant admitted that tile girl pawand It. but
declared that he knew nothing of the watch.
He asked her to lend him some money and
abetwent and pawned the aatch
Defendant called no nilnessesa ail was lined
C5 or fourteen da a' bard labour.

__ pa.t.aus _Tuta.Astir era RuIBtDoh-A grale-_
fnl user of Dr. J. D. Kellog's ;aIstha Remedy
A-1. It 'h ..fJ.h t.1 11



__Ill~C_ __~~__ __ ~~~I

1.- ----rr~~-i;iLrYYlii~TaLULii~L~YWI~

" ='i"'''


__ . -


: 4' "

SLtest" Arriv is.o



TOrMEITOW, s traw-Hats -seem-to be-always
-fashionable-and-we hqve them in a variety
-lof styles, and many different grades of- straw.
e popular Canadian- styles -can beeen
with Itheir usual high crowns and narrow brims
anid an 2f-. ,: o ,Nthelenow BON
TON*4VY Hats, fitted with patented sweat
bands- of the same name, that afford positive ven-
tilation- without any uncomfortable gripping,
for-$.16. 1 hepse are only two from our mammoth
stoekofI-Men'strwHats,-there are -many others
we would like you to see.

- I3e-n's 0olt and
Rah-Rah fiats. Zravelling Gaps.

These come. in a variety of
styles .anid patterns, Black aud A\ wide range of shades mt
white, blue and white, brown, light and heavy-weight Tweeds,
&c- Siome cnmre with white Serges, etc. Exclusive tiovelry
-pi tops and the color p ns and ur parings- shr
brims and bands of the sane patent an Bco a-aS
material, help to make these sotile o Pnil Beach and Silk
little folks' hats unusual. with black and white checks.
12c. to 36c. each. 36c. to 72c. each.

------ -



For-@heep, Hogs, Horses &ECattle.

-Customers who co-td- not get their usual
supply will please-note that a ,,


9-ii Broadway 9-1.

Seedling Lime Plants in bamboo pots over 18
inchrs, grown from seeds o6selectef-lbearers, yielding
two-barrels of lime perftreec.. ...-, ., -_
Orders may be booked 'now. .
...- Apply MANAGER,
St. Joseph Nflries

^ .. ...* ~ , '..
a. '- /.2 -"

.. I-
. ^ INT"A-i" B ' t .'fT :itl N, ,

. .A ,. .. .1-
... SSD_? St.t. "... .18.. -_...__......._-__ .;_._,____-_:

--I- Il~s~-pa~a

- I

W ABLIE PREPARED TO LISTED TO tHE Building at 84 Mtaral Roa, asitafte
MBRIOUS PROPOaAL." or t Sho Store. For particular
ImportantStatements by Mr. Balfour
and President Wison. --
Tondon,MayZ FOR SALE.
President Wilson, od Saturday,Jn New York, .__..
declaredthat he United States would ONAHOUSEand five lots of land for Baleat or
be diverted, from the .grim. purpose ol winniIng 1ON H
t e'near by any insincere approaches upon the rent in Febheau Vilage Juanabout
subject of peace. I habe tested thos inltiman- of a mile from San Juan Railway Sta i'
tlnas atd have found them Insincere, ... -Apply. to No- 36 Frederick See, -r-otof.
['intend to stand by Russia as well as France."- Sp . -- --
"11 any representative of any belligerent
desires seriously to lay before s proposals,v -
S prFrerd to listen to them Of course, we OR -SALE-.
are not going to deal with them without our
-Alltles,-but--i aull- confidence ofonre Allies.
Certainly the- taut thing I should lay dowir- -TWo I OVERLAND
would be hat the door must be shut to any 6 Seater; and I DUDLEY 2 Seater;
kind pf informal approach which had in it both in good condition. Apply to E ]OWEN,
0n) element of authenticity and adequate 87 Pembroke Street.
Vredeutialsa. .. ..... .
"I have no secrets. Eer" thought I hate -
on the war, of the diplomacy, connected with
the war. is ks open to the President of the
United States as to any oilther human being."- VL' 2 6 SD a
MR. BALPJUUR, in the House of -
_'._ ". .... (NE _American Cane Mill of aree lotller
Mr. Balfour's-'Statements. "20^x 3 new made by he C. 8. Btle Co.
of the United States anti one oil engine 30
The controversy over the Emperor Karl'6 h.p. mide by the Remiberon Co, New York
peace letter to the President of the French tApply lo J. W. FPTzrCM I, I-17 Victoria
Repulic wals -tl-E-ubjecLTrit-an-impornto-de- -Square.- -. -... .. .
hate in the House of Commons last seek,
when the fir'-Ldeitnite statement on the part of
the British Government was made by Mr.
lalfour. He.staled that
(I I The letter was dated Mar 1917. Id ItSale.
_ "ts tW _communicated only to the--French
President ar. i Piue inmisier, and to -King- -st BUILDING LOTS-adoining the-Mara-
George and the Premier rd Great Britain. at ltinRoad. one andaquarter mile
lfj The letiterpropostd the restoration o from lheSI, LtfrTrainueanaeqarterdlo
Alarce-Lorraine-to France. On the suggest from he t T
ion that t-'rancelhat-demandrd rertnrano-oa-. the public at a reasooahle figure. The ustuation
the basis of the 1t 4, not the !i7t frontier, Isr. -i idean p y ," r ,iLttt iA Le--
IBaltour said that that was never a fietd part Promiger. Maraval.__
ol the French foreign policy, and he denied
expliilly aibu t it nised part ol the war aims
13 The letter ,as a Pence Oflensive." to .
thich the _laiser ins probably n party. It I
,n meant in divide the Allies. He dlefnded
Lhe action ol Cletmenceau in punbhing, T
uoL.ith.,auiding the rondit ion u nhic hahd wIRO Nc 11 b iR Al I NrN E ,
tben communicated.
Ill1 The Bntih Gosernml.. tvi-as prepared .,- '1- 1
o an) time receive and consider anY inor- .6oft X 3 inch thick.
matl u agetlclns fons autliOnsrt ve snerc- e ot
The World's Desire- --
ier Batu.ur iclarrd "that tle staiU ni iA DALTON & Co, Sucs,
i. i r .iouna- .l de'rmus of peace on ht anour 38 Marine Square.
itinis. but vnfe :-ith i t e h .. Uno are qare.
tn aipiactLhat German publc opinion., eitherr
-, oir at .an ti.lrase mthadCOntesLplaled the -_ _ w 0
sictahati ts a resth. s m1-is-ad Pegartisn SaAL.
re. alo .e peace iit i -brt s. a nto the n "MARLI HOUG E FOR SALE.
ulurei .l the ,rld anI the i dedomr a th:e
ho tr e in danger of o.itig under Get man d i a losias l ie stiel,slt I ally. that cent "'. t 1 i ii 5. I .''ii- l. it.-.rc -
n s isrt. voil. n-st e unt e acc rt ofi talane selltt -, ,
-ntoalesrapae to 06ni osatber, and aiint-tnd Lt- C._.itz -.-- 'i ,, -te, Pa.
tiat tosreets ot th meinanot esrdenilusthan c- e BheoLt.trr iAy- bi ,- 't-. ol t
e;lis.- t, ,ernieni it 1rior aisac the otnar ro a s at t .--

friedarip that the Rineir n a eo a- d n er ueen is lhcaod
nros itno tdo e all .nte-ldo a a, oWc the onld
only i.e attained i, at ..olnte rlo,s tit Lits -en
the vri ou Allies. .
TMr. Balour's speech obviously gave general a-a A
satisfactio says the Times." Mr. A quit -

Uetritis m Goveriietad crosedon odoor A SODA MsACIND i n perfect order co
dhoirelowed, describ ged a s1o aE2 Sw i 4ost Filtoer Syrut-une
rip coachess to an hnourable peace, and ete with G Tube FilterSyrup Pans.
welcouted the assurane that theo Gaerstent reservoir, etc. Capacity between 120 to
had no secrets from th see Amrican Presia dnt. dzen bottlsperday- GeingCheap. Cll at
He also took note with great satisfaction of the once at W A. GuY & Co., No. 19 Landon
declaration that the 1814dline had never been Street P.O-S.

nor expapsis lu e decl ared aims fot whi
wehenteredthnwIoa. -5 n siwh
Ltaer in the-d-bate Lord Robert Cecil made Spanish'preferable for a Britieh Company
a much-appreciated statement on our relations an. is yo bly fo s ertir omay
with Russia. He declared that we haud awan
l&Udo Boltiar St Appty toy truer erty to
desiredtobe on t e ses t er Gg.MZ & 4 V'cent Siret, ri-t-
friendshlip with the Runssian peopl d sere f- ; Spain. -
sinoxios to do all we could to s-t them oin
their diffinltis and itor pesenre Rtiss lan a
h :No Big Alice. ie r
The must itnsrtant delaration made b lMr. to puchuae one Fairhanks PLATFORM
rilfrur safis the Star," w-ans ht repydhas,-,n SCALE to neigh no etas than 400 lbs.
otthe claim made bMDoamergLe is['Ptre- ApplytoMt D'lENtIa S. gChaCOn Street.
grT eatty is 191;. dnrg his conver-atlons
ith-he late Tdar, Toe the taq Aalce of t lrs
ISil4. he oass,-sastct a-war aim
of the Alties
It ens altegelher outside eorne hole mride
ol thought on Lhisnbjeclt. I nls nert a i-- I
ctl fwhi ch we ,-lil er-ee ioe r-etinl TC- es-.
templatd. anor do I bthinkit ever ,as a v tr-
liled er ritd part of the foreign e otis" t r sot a
liergab o ftimte of any French Goverun ment R. J. Clamens,
Mr Balfouar does not explicitly deny th t
P resident Pcar, remelt the tImperor's letter Premier Claner, Dyer t atlater
ilth a deanind tor the Big Altic.. He Irelre itsC ae
'Psur patrs siciree cat itrdrfeert" with by- sd te-tere Swon
sty such dtreantds. That vias not the point at
Sr. Arunith interprres te3r. Balfoiues state-
mea to rean that theafato t tb-t ec t a ai-
dentl imcari6 mad e thi demand a tintatlv
ihoust taondation." "Am I r ight in that hat 1:1_ ___ _
raid Mer. Arquith. "-t think to," raid ll r.
.Said Mr. A-qsihh and he drove the ptint N OT k. .
home by dettlnR that there shold not be
"any er3ausnio o the declaredaio, and pur-'
Wss F -ii- a" rHEtrderrigeed t to ntify all-cntormers
--lrr-det Wilont also made a notable decoa- yecen t parcisated cited the ernie ia-t
nation an Saturday which stilt cause ome ( .oa ttrgsiatealarty,:',ioedon M' the fate
bodite in Germany. l y n e
"There are two duties w ith uhiln wew ae Rsihso eat No. 5 u tesh Quy, and the titno
face to face." hb raid. "The firf dutyinto hn ko anthe"Liht House Bar "
wntha wan. anfi the second drio |is"- that a- carried n th ieat a the sock in
which grres handfis handwtflt- to -it trade..g ade.criature. trade manks.
really rot wtthiy.. showing not obly e tI %bllt tllseh. I li e '-
realt qfalityoil ear-we qr. hu thaze-al_-taf. *n- ,Uts ibadts
of our purpose at of rse-tes. 1 cona, a d ennb adalsaer
-[ne first duty. the daty that we mast keep C t-,mfondmatof orised
awpl fists to winet the war... hey win continue to carry ao n t isalt I
"I hae heard gentlhemen et-ceaItr ny 'tha at le. an under the -meo- old
e Ms wt get ire mittioan ata esth. t nnhfe orSame o .J.J. Rttro." W e-tlae
limIt itto nore million? I hare asked toe--tx.pu -tMe yaml to thank the protio fola*

hf a t


<, arrant i
s, inots use.

Madisou Brand Vinegar
per bot.
Haricots \'erts Mo en-
- per t-in--..
Clark's Pork and Beans
per tin ..


-- 24c.


IMy Wife's Salad Dressing
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Pickled Whilte Onions
large ..
-Pickled ,\ite On; : s
small ..
Virginia Styl-eC-iowchow
per hot.
R. C. Cherries in Syrnp-
per hot. ..


4'-0 :c.



mbcoa Java Coffee per tin 6-ic.
Sour Spiced Pickles per bot.--c.

"Phone 129.

J. MeKnneay Co. Ltd.



- -

One is bound ai
-- --- - am-._omkc- --

I Slable FI

f If -haL ycblpeasj!
ing than - -

-A beautiful Pen-dant

Or Soli BCo f ,

it is a lastig.tokenxA
always remind the rrrcnt#
giver and will be more 4
r/ it bears the gnuaranli .'
_ -_-_. .-E _.-
I-Trinidad jeWelr


Ithe farthest you most Ibunt
To a oid- th ue -o, t
which can be~ aii

Fa. -Greater S t :--'

SandLonger Mileag .

fi-New-iTpe oodyfl

Good ye nr Tyres are tested i-te-- dras-dh --
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They go over city streets and country highwayw-good
anrd bad, in fair and execrable weather. in n mmos _-_
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wear out the tyies. -

Frtsh Or, ceria s Just Received.

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't Nri DA .GO'L

S --- : ; . '' . : " -'"".' '
J~g ~ i r i "^ m. -. .. ... : *:..-.-:..,:-*"-_-

ttest Arrivs

* ---




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e popular- Canaian- styles -can -be_seen_
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& c. liic '. ilifirc li 11 1111L
mt ll a~.'m i .ntd thle > ii,-Ird
brini l n a It t o ,1,Iir111C -
Ulattelitl. lt lj Ic,_ i.,i .': hue-,L
little iolks' l .s l l tlltitm .i
12c. to 36c. each.

Den's Go1t and
Upavelling Gaps.

.\ id cs r.tice if -I.,l I.s Ill
Ii,it .il-I lIc.1)e, \. w:i. t Tttelds,
Strgc Exclu.n-\e il'fcelrv

;_ "*_*-.
I: '


,~-~-q---- -r-,------

Balftero s&t the Star," wmaS hu repoditon SCALE ro neigh no lcis than 400 lbs. I A - 1
of the claim made b. ; M Doaunerge in tetrc- Apply to M D'OCNO.AE. 9ChaOi Street. Sliced Bacotn in Jaro loc.
grad eair to 191t doe-ng his nrer-attions A J K O
SEth the late T ar, for the t,;g Aare ol I;9.- Date Nut Butter I
IS14. Thts cl.urnm. hr &as,. was r t war aim a sa j
Io the Alhl's in s ajr .. Is..
It was alltogether outside onr hole mrade
atV thIeght on Lhs --bject. IU nas ot a ube. ,Date Nut Butter One is bound a
rc wich we aordt-il cve -etir on i a n- -n 13Flage jars-- 0 .- ----

lre l t f e n d vF t erse- R. J.. J a eS. Pate de Fois Gras in pots $1.68
-' 2Pie M r Butt :ur does not -explicitl h deny that
President r. ,n mes the lm;peror's letter Premier Cleaner. Dyer Hflatter Portola Saniines per tin. 30C.
nh a demand for the ig Alace. He merel.U ll l
Y a e g Aice. Hie m l oPIPZ Wc'lim?5sar.fCeemeri [aps-a: v-r--e:c aoe Black Currant Jelly in pots 4Sc. a aw t
,"THE PRACTIGAL VIWORM DESTROYER. AN1D sitren ,oe not ileL rferrat l vhd in potS 48.
THE- PRCCL 'Vn V1h anDF1 Yy such darmnds. Thai as not lihe point at Red ,, 36c.
ai ll'" - I f ht n_ c Mew
PREVEMr. Asquit interprs Sr. Rlalfaors slate-- 'Madison Braud V'inegar I- than
PRE V- ENT,-- % l mnt to .ran that the allreg3altion WuA t i- I rr a .
S____ _dent Pomcar made this demnd is totally 2-c.
SIhest n o n.u o "at I tigh in th, ", Haricots vert-s en. tm e A eagti i tfil Penda
S_. .raid .Mr. A!rqith "- think to." aid lt. -,loeu
For-heep, Hogs, Horses & Cattle. Rahi Sir. -I an bditqvand d tp NOe-Jr r roiiii-7
home by dctlating that there should not be Clark's Pork and Beans
.: Customers who -co-ld-not get-tieir usltal- "a: %i,"...o ,h d a a, .... n .. '" .. a0c. Or tiSll Bld
C't r c no eha~t-t de daretd :e an." re HE strderrigeed bleg to nratify all cmitomes
sup l il pl'asenote that a ,Wilson's FFirm ad. ard il e public in gtenesal, the they hare l Wife's Salad D -
-- r dtnt W tlsin also m ade a notable der .l by recent d o Irc nee e fran ie tu n I -.. re.. ...g 4 al w a ls t ing zk i;;
FRESH SHIPIMEN'T H.-S JUS"T BEEN R ECEI 'ED. i.". oirdf h ea. .s...w _3 p. tebta. 2ind- o etlabr
"There air Iwo dtiies with atic w e Ri o at NoS South Qha. and the r io Pickled White Onions giver and will e mare -
a-: 'S fae to face." aidT. EDDE. The fr dly is to s the n large .. 40c. i bars the guamrn/i
A E Tw ich b~war. andt tha d d Ity" ha O 'theeat istie ainda intTHE -
Gi" h &- :; i ramr _onda..crte_..z71_ trade .-it& .Pickled ,isite oD i ::Is -__ . iiid -l....wTHE r.
AE:NTS T ---"----- --L D--- ""-- --, --"i" Plant

rX------y------- -- but t.."T&l aR. ClC Syr .-, *R
SOFFEroadway SALE. aeen! hort. ..3- .c
ofh duty. ah* duty that we swat keep l bthmldrtofg S o
Seedling Lime Pnts in bamboo pots over 8 Phone 129. To COACH and MOt.

Sainchsaorown rom sehroe a. tey selected coAbearersW to yiedin th i
have heard gntleme reofremec ally ta thant at _i se and under the wi Cb berries it S s
S. Ordw Mt get re milibe boed now. ten rt, -J j. -be. We-a" per .rt. 7.. EE
limit It to I e million? I hare asked t ha- m h .. p ort t te o

..... 'the United ..B to b to w i -- -
-' ,geeaa te Cal, r Sta t ,, want ie fF am awe. if meaIt t I ba Java Coffee per 'i" 64c.
-} -, .. O F F E R S F O R S A L E ,o.y=,.-,. A
Seedling Lime Plants in-bamboo pots- over 18 V. "Phone 129. To COACH and M

inches, grown from Se fselecte & yielding Va.w _, PANrEa. 4
tw o b barrels of li ne_ per tree. -. .a e "- ofV" Ii w:, the Et o u =SE b',, ,
-Orders maoy. booked 'now',' al wE Ihq aara ufl. ,-ia t w I.Lto._ ardbo,.
S e wand aI' ,U "iah si a -wi'

i.. .A' .. VIA-- .- . .....'" ""- -I- --
-......... ..........-e.-.. ~ e -~ -- = '- -.. .. ... .- -. ..... .. .. '- _= -. -: -a.



Important Statement$ by Mr. Ballour
an!d President Wilson.
London, May Z.
President Wilaou, do Saturday,Ja New York,
declared that' lhe United -States would "not
be diverted from the .grin. purpose ol winning '
the'-ar by any Insilncere approaches upon the
subject of peace. I hase tested thosi: iatima--
tlons aid have found them Insincre, .- ...
[Intend to stand by Russiaas well as France."-
"11 any representative of any belligerent
desires seriously o lay before ns proposals,.ie
ure prepared to listen to them. Of course, we
are not going to deal with them without our
Allles,-lt In full confidence-6ofo--Or Allies.
Certainly the- last thing I should lay dowa
would be that the door must be shut to any
kind pf informal approach which had in it
an) element of authenticity and adequate
_Vredeutials.. ..... .
"I have no secrets. Esery Ihoughlt ltni
on the war, of the diploimacy connected with
the war. is ks open to the Prestdent of the
United States as to any other human beiug."-
MR. BALeUUR, in the House of Commons.
Mr. Balfour's- Statements.
The controversy orer the Emperor Karl's
peace letter to the PresIdeut of the French
Reputuil i-wa -Et --u bjecT-o- n-important -de--
hate in the House o Commons last 'eek,
when the fix-Ldetinite statement oo the part of
the Brtiash Government was made by Mr.
Balfour. He.stated that
(It The letter was dated Mah. Ii, 1917. It
-_"i !m1be coEmMu nicated only to the- French
PresidenL and Prime iniscr, oannd to -King-
George and the Prcmier rdt Great Britain.
I('i The letter proposed hie restoration of
Alsace-Lorraine--to France. On tbe suggest
ion that -'anTce-a denmandrd reitoration--a-i
the basis of the 1514. not tUe t1i frontier. Mr.
Ballour said that that was never a fxtd part
of the French foireig polc, ynd he denied
explicitlyl at it earned part ol tbe war atms
of the Allies
131 The letter %%,as a Peace Otlesiser" to
hrcih the aiser t s probably a party. It
sn meant to divide the Allies. He defended
the sacieen ot Cletene-causin pubnhlthingi t,
uolnithltan ng the renditioano o which in had
been oommunicated.
tii The Bntlih Goerrnien a ias -prepared
nt an) time to and consider ane- inor-
ral sucRectlons I-ont autdonltaive surcEn tot
an honaciit-t1, peace.
The World's Desire-
Ir ltalteur daclarrd thatt the ahLerk irld

istni ptim hat German puhlic opinion, either
i-is(, aort any t ime. hailt laotcilplated ihe
', cat fl "I3i ie -hcad regara- ,
r sanuaL-fej peace -.iec i .hoalid se-ure the
future r.l the torld andl he fredom t ho:e
..ho ,r-e In danger ot I',litg under erTltan
I el.auont li the cant -lfi alls- that e at
rl I centsla eoi-I t l be accuta'ft ot anyel.-h
l-4s-ilerai-a n t 06 lustter ,ad ndln-ittlo t ie
that there ,ans nale l isre ds-'irs uthan the
nt;litGh -i.err-ent .it 1 riri-i, g cthe ,a rs Toan
hi.-ur-ln .-ire teitnrnae--:cli ai t e la- alich oild
onlyhie attained b, at' -nlottei.dilt lhi oo,
tfriendship wih he Ru. people, nd were
Mr. ll.'f.tur-a -perch bi saIJlU1 general
sattitct-o., say., the '" Tim tMr A jutitih.
thio lolloned. deso--zled it a m-si-t opportulne
anir initauciis ,attrtunt li e rejoiced-toLeamr
-lit ttile oltli:.h o'erneenltoihadal no dc.:,r
ta oa.prxichles to aBi honorable peace. and
aThelniocl the' assurance that the Gd vernacment
iiicI P _-a-ciearoa tmto ibe American Presitenut
tie ,iMlo onob snt. itwt1i c re ati'tactianotf the
-ice-laratton that the 141-li tne hlulnet nvert-n
in the- w-ranim t of the British Got-em-terin and
w oasI now to tbe ,untei a part oft the- ettled
p-Irs-, ot the French GsneuneT [t Ia his
jilgaiot -th"er-h,-suld- i-a tertheel- eo-tacrs.-te..a
ar eapanuscau of the ateclared aimshotrlct Ich
we entered the war.
Later in the- d-ebate Lord Robert Cecil mide
a onach-appreciated i talement ou our relitaons
wilh Russia. lie declared that ne had altars
desired to [ e on the Cars-ipoi-able letinosna
friendship with the Russian people. and were
ornioos to do all we could to n81it them in
their difircsrlties and to presene Rnsiasus a
-uLet coutrtx ._ __- -
:No Big Aloce.
The me-stim wttant dtteltratron mwae C. b-Mr





TH Balding at 84a araval Road, a tate

T fora Sl&op or Stoman For partilwca a ,
apply on he NpMremea..I

IONA-HOUSE and five lots of land for sale r-

Spain-7.- - -- . ---7

S 6 Seater; and I DUDLEY 2 Seater;
both in good condition. Apply to E PowEN,
67 Pembroke Btreet.

()NE -American Cane Mill of three roller
20x 30"new made by -be C. S. Btile Co.
of the United Staler and one oil engine 30
h.p. made ti the RembgrloE -Co New York
Apply to J. W., IC-17 %Victoria
-Square. .. . . .

al a MairwRoad, one aa quarter mile
from iheSt. Llair Termnninu,- a-e no offered to
the public at a reasonable figure. The sttuaion
Fii idei-ar Tt , .;-- ,rTz,, in-- Le-* -
Promager., Maraval.



6oft x 3ft -7a. inch thick.

DALTON & Co, Sucs,
38 Marine Square.

.1 .- 1- r, r

A SODA MACHINE in perlfct order coa
plete with G-. Tube. Filter. S5rup Pan.
rraer"oir. tc. Capaaty Drrwefa I to" 15 -
dc ert oldesprd ay- GrnogClhap Call at
once at W A. Gut & Co. No 19 Lrldoa
Street, P.OS.


nA 5IENOGAPTIE.R ith krriledge of
F raih pi:iTfetslale Ir a Pnuihb Company
-n Cindod Rolitar. Apply by letter rrlp to
GstEi_& Mirt.EA, 4 l. incenlt Setirt, tort.
of Span.

Oi n r nreha e one Fairhanks PI.ATFORM


-- .. ..- .

"Ice- Housea"



Frtsh Or, cerit s Just Received.



la au (coloalfal)fCh
_E.very Package bears a Gi
r9- Sold -everywhe-
Factory Phone *

C~ li~ _D_

F. Greater Sa
and Longer Mi-o g 0 -


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as--- h-C -yand lightr large and- small and-Il __-
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an-d bad. in [air and execrable weather. in aumm. er.
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Meters record the mileage- Their performance ia
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formulaB and fabrics' are alao compared
- in heirresult.- -
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on use-s' canr teU the name

Station." -'
&- 'PHONE 449.- -
6 & 8 GEORGE ST.

TUESDY TULY 2, .... 1918 .


..... O _tft. .. -_- A g ag

.1 here is no study more profitable than the study- of Where to Buy Jard I low to Buy." Pots of money
can be caved if one would only -take-the-trouble to think first- You can save at least io' 'y buying from

--White.Refane Corton-Voiles fine make- The Aero Knitted ties .... .... 48c. Gents Gun Palin ral Style 13 ..its
Coloured Refanc Cott & 48c. Fancy Washing Ties, assorted patterns 12c t,, 30c. --i0n e ycler, English last, g r V. v.
C oCicloth tops"--, .. .. '- 'e I ,,1
A bislu', salmon, s e ..... :. 20. 48c whitee Pique Ties .... .... 15c. to I8c. Gent' Wine Colour Blucher and Bua.-,n
Asorced ht ck Zvphyrh ... .' 2. octo'36c
Assorted. "uiptLd and Plal-tJ-plipn Gents' Mercerised Half Hose 2s., 3s. & 3,. 6d Boots The Endw, 11 .. i0 o. ., /
(double %%idth) 36c. Ladies' Black Vici and P.,t.n l.edhr C
-Blcck-a-d Whiie Chck Voiles .jo ins. 36c to 6oc, Gents Black Cashmere Half Hose. 3 c. to 6oc. Cross Strap Shoes--reun I toe. 04 t .
Ladies' Lace and N t Collars, l-nest. Gents! Chaiapagne Half Hose .... 6oe. Children's Oxfords and Bar- I ,ot Sandals l
s tyles ....48c.'to 7.2c. -In brown and white Canvas ani
Ladies' .Black Lace Lisle Hose : .... 48c. Gents' Fancy HalHrose.... ... 24c. Tan Elk's kin all si-s-$1 J tL 3 O ,,---

MI C-iA/kE


\\'e are now. in receipt of French Periumes, -,:l's, Powdevrs
an3 Lotions fiom the world renowned Houses of Rigaud
(Camia',sHoubigant (ldeal etc. Roger et Gallet (Bouquet
dis Amours, Gloire de I'aris, Fleurs D'Amours, etc.) and
i' D tittt -
W ra u (J .r L.l.. C/waists & Drug4is-ts.
'PONE 49. .-- 'PHONE 49.



ta (

: o*_... s oE s o o t+l+Y [ ? flt 1 a

_.- G

SHE fountain pen has become a nececaity of modern lile.
it is as essential as the watch. Both are indispensable- i-
the chief concern is to have that which is best-most modern.

Utt Tl Fillinig voD wt, PEC1.

is the one perfected fountain pen having during the past i'
years forged indomitably to the front by sheer force of its 6
simplicity i-sp1 niliwriting -qualities- arrd correct -self filling -
and self-cledning principle.

Frederic" -k St

S....o.ooeoo ..oo....C.oeaao o ._o

e ..

The Beer of Distinction. t -is Re/frehing and Invigorating.

elsion &.H.. .H.lR. .n
I. .


Manila .and Sisal Rope (all sizes), Cotton Seine Twine (all numbers,
Lion Brand and Horsey's Pat Brass Brooms, Single and Double
[Elocks (all sires), Gilpin's Cocoa Pruners, Cooper's Jiggers, Relined
Engine Tallow, Tar Pitch, Oakum.

The Allies and -Peace.
"And we are not to be diverted from the
grim purpose of winning the war by any
insincere approaches apon the subject of
peace. I can say with a clear conscience that
I have tested those titimatousanti have found
them insini'ere. I now rccognise theentfor
shat they are, an opportunity to have a lree
hand, particularly in t-be East, to carry outl the
purposes of conquest and ekploftation.
Every proposal with regard to accomnodatlon in
the West involves at rt-es-ation with regard to
the East."
An Unselfish War.
"Now, so far as I ant concerned, I intend
to stand by Russia as well as Prance," added
President Wilson. The helpless and friend-
less are the very ones that need friends ande
succour; atd if any man in Gernmany thiskS
we are going to sacrifice anybody for- our own
sake I tell him now he is mistaken; for the
glory of this war, my fellow citizens, so far as
we are concerned, is that it is, perhaps for the
first time in history, an unselfish war. I eld
not be proud to fight nor a selfish purpose, but
I can be proud to fight f'or etankind. If they
wish for eace let them coise forward through
accredited representatives and lay their terms
on the table. We have li id ours, and theyj
know what they are. tut behind all this
grim purpose lies the opportunity to reton-
strate not only force, which will be demon-
strated to the utmost, fiut the opportunity to
demonstrate character."

Yv steb'iadayvs Elarket P-icc'
7 Oxen,2,853 lbs.; opening prices : 18 and
14 cents; closing price 12 cents.
I Calf, 120 rbs. ; selling prices : IM Bnd 16
3 Hogs, -189 lbs; selling price : 20 cents.
2 nSheep, 56 lbs.; selling prices : 36, 31'0 nd
2 n) "cent 6
,andm- ..dcetig.
Pleutluli l '.'e g t, ,.".Re o' ....,. .I .. .
Iraine lalkr.Ie eand pigeon p.:-a
Ordinary Coeonutsa crn. orta ln- r .-
cttctetnbe, e c a-lsoageasi
Scarce ,ta, rad,'It-h :. .- .:.. I.- ...r:
aw,,I puinpltio.
-11 FRUIT.

scarce Oraniee..
lsnlerlul- .prl-
Ordin=rv: Car c nnd csr irni;c,
Scarce : Red fitle, h :hecine and grop.?r
A Srirt.l. a tDCUl tieil tIe. .rN -A '-ote mple
cheap andt elTeclie mitdlicine is ioneltetiuig lo
be There is no ijediencie so efailetie
a reunltator of the digesitve system a.- Er
Kellt -V.rgelnle PPsN Thei e r' .- unple
the are clienp. the) can 1t gol nut lere. a.nd
Ihe r beneficial action "will pro. tcleir e i .:.-.n.
neensotia .- TIer anie ale., nee,lcine oft 'ee
peor man and tIhane bao ', ht alo,,,alpe
t-lcltnr' bills aill do well in licnla g iluni e a 'rtal.

OIU.the [road to San Juan on Tues-day,
June 11 last, oneobrown Hand Bag (Dress-
ing Cax ). The finder, or any rerson Rlving
euch inlotmation ns would lead to the fin.,er,
will be suitably rewardtd.-S. 1. Ro0n3So13%
Luventnllllo Mal oad.

In the Supreme Court ol Trinidad and
In the Matter of ite nEstate of Rnmchaian,
late of Silver Stucam in aho Ward of
Oropuche in the Island of TrinIdad,
PUBIJC NOTIMt Is hereby given titan an
application bin been made to me by Karnlt
aiao altrd Karrlah if Silver Stream, in dlc
Ward of Oropuche lo the land ol Trinidad.
P riator. or a Grant of Probate of ice lat
Will nd Teian-nt oL Ram ichran bearing
data the 29th day u:S O member, 1917, wbo died
imL-the. li .ol January. 1918 at Silver
Stream. aforesaid in the said Ward of Oro-
puche having at the time of his death a fixed
- lce -of -abode -at-lver-- Stream- aforiakidn-
the Island ot Trinidad, the said Karda eleo.
called Karriah being the soil Executo- thereof.
- AND-NOTICIsE l also iven that o--caveat-
I lodged before the extiralloa of twenty-,
eight days from the date of the publication of
Ithi n otlce the Court vill pioceed to- isse
Probate to the said Karria, also called Karrists

THE MTy f 'r.P; El

W.,[). LLWVSEnV,
House, Land & General-

Commission Ag


So'lcits ynir patronage iu lthe abtjv

Prompt Settlements
S \ i,.t lly, ,,II a h y ,r ut l,
Bankers :
NO ,sr, Gurd ,n, N: r', L
Office: 33 Henry Stre2t,
'Phone 1007.

EH Recent Arrzvals :
300 Cases Gautier's Brandy,
and 24's.
St. Kaphtel Wine.
_Cqc,'3 Bags.
Sulphit : ',f C.p.-r
Finest 1- I iv.m. e, t tir
,' iL, .'.' ,Iul ., i,.t
t C,a5 i hr l ,,i t. ,fi,.

Feb,, n


p.=.= 214 '

Opoto-s-. ^ pto!,

Hoie Industries tesoCIatio.
\FMIOCRS ate nnllilcd hat on and aserc
ItA he lat July 19, Comminsion ol 10
ill he tic urged unall sales -BY OaDUR t:or riIe

e line


3 (7,


Please 'Joie That



SI aid ti $3.50 each,

,0,, -_ %,- . ... . . .
_"_7 Lu: '-

c,- 'Ui-il'. ,'2 ,--C i -L':LI, for Varnishing in tlad o '' LirF -

.7 '.- for keeping 8 wurage Basius 01men
-i-,,j. '..-. iLW for Removing DPrt Irom Paint Work.

12 'I r ry C ro) d ilat
abs( rhs duFt, arii a! 1 ri gh "ets nd s
Only LCc per nack, t of 1 t 2 I ,---
------------L ens Pots aird alc! k tchn utrnsi's
without 0oap

...--, .- . -, i : -'

-f to -' -ZLt;71

C 11

eL D

lecnzil C

7wlt tomdP atma Rid


BUYsco~rrS BfSEAD which is
made under the'most sanitary conditions
and is up to tho pre-sent uneqisilledt
ttar.;lz n ir Zrnit

D Th-is 7A t, day oa May, 1,S Wm.' SCO r Mtanigar & Proprict er
Attlug it E.kt l PWRatut1. feaa 41 48. 45 Princr Sirct,. Phonte 736.


I bags Corrian'er Seea I 5 lbagtMuitard 'ee.J '
0 Tumer ric 15 ., Dry Ginger -
S,. Cumin Seed 10 ,, utch '-
I ,, Maihee Seed 15 ,, Spice .-_..

Arnd a thlice Fti ----

w r .- A .'*'',


- - i ---~~-~I=7--P"---C ~c-- ~-~------ --- ------ --

F'p-and Be6Preo


~_ -1- ~i-li~i~r- ~I~LYC ~ii.----- -~i_- . ---~----;---- __-~_~~_____;_____________?____________~ Y

i tvancnL xxmr-c-, -jen ge a: I MVA "Free[








ITost*en Mn'd w must C ha
1 here is no study more pfotalle than the study of Where to Buy .a,-d olow to Buy." Pots -of money
--can-be-ave onewouldo akethe-trouble totfhink.first Y -ou:can save at-least-r% o y buying from

'WhiteRefanc Cotto-n-Voles-finewiake- 4 The Aero Kniited ties .... .... 48c. Gents Gun Palmn ral Style B .ots
39-40 iii .... 4C & 48c. FiyWa4n Tiesassorted p S C ti !. -iz ke. .yclet, Es glish last, gr,.y
Coloured Refane Cotton i Fancy Washing Ties, a patterns c t o. cl tops E. gh last .7
isqe, salm... .. to8c White Pjque Ties .... .... 15c. to 18c. Gentd Wine Colour Blucher and Button
Assiorted Clihck Zetlhyr" .. ... .oc, to'36c Boots The gndw, 11 ....T6 o,
A'Gsorted *tripLd and Pl)ai-4plinii Gents' Mercerised Half Hose s., 3s. & 3,. 6d Boots *" The Endwl 1 .....6 60
double width) 36c. Ladies' Black Vici and Patent Leatlhe'r
Whiite clVoiles 4ins. 3c to 6c cents Black Cashmere Half Hose 3 c. to 6oc. Cross strap Shoes--rnun I toes S4 to 4.50 .
Ladies .Lace and. Nit Collars, latest Gents' Cha'pagne Half Hose .... 6Ge. Children's Oxfords and Barefoot Sandals
Styles ... 7-2C. -In brown and white Canvas and
Ladies'- Black Lace Lis!e Hose .... 48c. Gents' Fancy Halflose.... ... 24c. Tan Elk's kin all sizes $1 20 to 360 ,,

L, bA-5


We are now in receipt of French Perlumes, Soaps, Powders
anl Lotions fiom the world renowned Housts of Rigaud
(Camiaa,iHoubigant (Iddal etc. Roger et Gallet (Bouquet
des Amours, Gloire de P'aris, Fleurs D'Amours, etc.) and

- Z .... ; R.Cis D,
_ 'PHON 49-. -t 'PHONE 49.


1 _



| 0p '

THIE fountain pen has become a necessity of modern life.
-It is as essential as the watch. Both are indispensable--
the chief concern is to have that which is best-most modern.

is the one perfected fountain pen having during the past 19
years forged indomitably to the front by sheer force of its -
simplicity, sp idwriting qu e and correct, retflfing -,
and self-clening principle.

9 Frederick St.

*Bgeoi' .aI g,",geoe_ .... e r ee_.

The Beetr of Distinctiol. Itis Refreting and Invigorating.


iaiiila.and Sisal IRpe (all 4 izes), Cotton Seine Twine (all numbers.,
Lion Brand and Horsey's Pat Brass Brooms, Single and, Double
g all s ),ilpin Cocoa Pruners, Cooper's JigT"Rfi
Egine klallow, Tar Pitch, 'Oakum.

S The Allies and .Peace.

"And we are not to be diverted from the
grim purpose of w isning the war by any
insincere approaches upon the subject of
peace. I can say with a clear conscience that
I have tested those tintimatiousan have iound
them iusiaiere. I now rtcognise thet tfor
shat they are, an opportunity to have a free
hand particularly in t-he East, to carry out the
purposes of conquest and eYploftation.
Every proposal with regard to accommodation in
the West involves a, rti s5eation with regard to
thle East."
An Unselfish War.
Now, so far as I am concerned, I intend
to stand by Russia as well as Prance," added
President Wilson. The helpless and friend-
less are the very ones that need friends aned
succur ; and if any nan in Germany thinks
we are gping to sacrifice cAybody for-our sown
sake I tell himn now he is eistalen b forie
glory of this war, my fellow citizens, so far as
twe are concerned, is that it is, perhaps for the
first time in history, an unselfish war. I could
not be proud to fight for a selfish purpose, but
I can be proud to fight for slankind. If they
wish for eace let them cotie forward through
accredited representatives and lay their terms
on the table. We have slid ours, and they
know what they are. But behind all thist
grim purpose lies the opportunity to Aeots-
strate not only force, which will be dlemon-
stratedto tohe utmost, aut the opportunity to
demonstrate character."

Yesterday's Market Prices.
70 xen, 2,853 1bs.; opening prices : 18 and
14 cents; closing price 12 cents.
1 Calf, 120 lbs. ; selling prices : IM and 16
3 Hogs, 189 lbs selling price : 20 cents.
2 Sheep, 56 lbs. ; selling prices : 36, 31 5qud
20 cents.
and 20 cents.
Plentiful: Vegetable soup, agourient,
marine, talkaree and pigeon peas.
Ordinary: Coconots, corn, onions, pepp-rs,
cucumbers and melongenes.
Scarce : Shalots, raddishes avocado pears
anBd psinplpins.
Plentiful : Bananas.
Ordinary : Ponne mnalacca.
Scarce: Oranges.
4elstgifal-- Sprats.
-Oll nac:y' eaCite ad'-caraogue.' --
Scarce:. Red fish, bechine and grouper.
,'"sA SI,'S. AND CMtAPMi.DlcNIn.-A simple,
cheap and effective medicine is something to
be desired. There in no medicine so effective
a regulator of the digestive system as Dr.
Kellog's Vegetable ills." They are simple,
they are cheap they can be got anywhere, and
theirneineficial action will prove their recom-
meffdi tlou. "They-are Ti- e medicine of the
poor man and those who wish to escape
doctors' bills will do well in giving thesn a trial.

O K-the road to San Juan on Tuesday,
iJune 11 last one brown Hand Bag (Dress-
Ing Cas);. Th'efldeer,; or any rerson giving

In the Supreme Court of Trinidad and
Tobago. *
.In 'tae Matter of-the Estete of Ramichaian,
lat of SIte orSfreiam in -th Wrd of-
StOroieupchie In othe Island of Trinidad
U lCt NOTI lI tterebygiven than an:
a. >iplcat1dnbvo been made to m by Kanti
" ibso'. failed Karriah:. i~(tSlver Stream, i. (I- :

W. I,) k:'sVSEV,

House, Land &
Commission Ag
So' eits ymnr patronage i

GOODinn h.E


Please Note That

v RFt the ) l tu lin', T

Prompt Settlements
\' ,l-y, ,l I.. l y sr .t .'. e)
Bankers :
Mls..:. Gurd: C-s:, : i LiI

Office: 33 Henry Stre2t,
'Phone 1007.

E, Recent Arrzivals
300 Cases Gautier's Brandy, 2's
and 24's.
St. Raph .el Wine.
.Cocoa Bags,
Sulphate -of Cop per.
Finest Havana Cigars,
Ar d tlo arrive
i Case Brazilian Cigars.

Feb 21, 5, Chac
Feb 21, (^--,y



Oaks and l
so Id ut $3.50 eacb,

1&& Pie ci tcy Ovens and

g for Varnishing hakd of ': rg-n
M or p for keeping 8 wurage Basus Ole'in
Sf0r Bemoving PDrt from Paint Work.
AN C wd a-Ppk OG'aOP ry Cm, ourd iat
abs(rhs dut.t rt ns a!] hrig'h ts't nd u s
Only ICc per pack t of I 1 '2 1 .
Aorc 2 0C.epus Pots ird tl ir'' ktchn ut nsi's"
without ,oap
g a


,Ex Receni A rri~val fftrNl Ca'afi'ar)-.1 -


lssohatIn. ,
t on.and'after
instios of 10%


00 bags CorrianJe& S
tO Turnimric
i0 ,. Cumin Seed
tO ,, MaihbeSeoed



-- I

Op tometrist Optl

Industries As
R3 are notified ihat
at July, 1918 Comnii
-ged ounall sales.-BY




--~IF ~1IPEI~C--. I-C~LII~-e~P-I~e~L49~ ~~-1_

___. II_ ~s~--I~-i~-* ~FPI~-~ CI ~

-- -r

~~-__L_ i _- i


~8~ A.

"'" ~"""~

-",; . - a! -. -, e. I ,o m o N- e r- b.; Io n -h -d f r o . A . o i . h .h p I
-. ., .. . d % r '. ....o-d .s t. ,- Ie I.: It .- o c... i

.W.I; -- . i. .: -. i . .- . '

I h e o o r tho t e -ssio f. th-e n o .r- om .o -.. ""t r t ld l be od .

-- I "s a1 .hll I f Ip A . d I ,.ha b i rt.:db.. -ra
-,,- u,- .-- u .Z.- .. c,5 .- .aailtr
W. wasd o .. a a. .. ss;dIn t e, .o .
Is_ s. ah __ r o m__ r c -__ _ 7 4---t- nc--e s r thet p st r ecg and is le d n she h 1" ,a. - : .. H
W . o reject any kth -tween ra:-' m tod, a&-
a. s Q-S.

-N pc-... THBl6aIrepiortoftheCommitleeon nowm hetm erto be imposed in the Trinidad from aV.A.D. nw mstat oed Ite a dg at lMS bu. u ... ac n .ai.- e r ta oin So & in .
,-, KCp!." Commercial and d.Imtst-ial Policy after United Kingdon, and consideration in France:- come forward to- assist them.Their pie 'a 'i e cocoapwt tin
-,o nd ri b _n st bist h d s hipu thto x e o .. ..utdoe lae r a d ,, Le otfr o h e pAuc i ,d tf el ,uw ,l 'I He-pt
'-i .- b e--war; -i Ii -0- e i- ti, ,- hdoument- sould be a -elit to other- ois Iorf m- .-o nce mare I am gla to Ibe i to wrote nce m those m premis d "e to .e wrj i n t o l and of pri ng together n
L which cannot be dealt with aeqnstely pe nal Preference. In view of th d to 0 .From that, 'on .ga the. that we Tortw is intnion oae ae s a d cmi athe
.. *-E. We shall ,-tiaqfor. onn rselv pie of Proo ection. eren to a limited it.wasq e worst I had been far W o d rk. e tho ght hoeer t and wil t ao he s o ng
a- "'" b is a .d. --saaSn isil wt b .._..ok d I -f-rhr ot e tree t bs w sopl e disaw.f hma ath e

o... -0aZs w-er Bnith iindtery a nd Overseas ticad i n g y be the.- difficult- o rest, we i ro nt of nme a bet t h erpogsit where it d'i at l. h -
a oims ) mtceon) 101 s, he ear o t peace immediately f- urthr rec od omme nd- and killed and she herself wa sabed by a n t present stood. He omind hem i .that c easedwowas apannrt~i in --

... - ornecefiion he war, the Committee competent Borid, wih o an independent patient, who was killed. Two bombs were U i e Home was started from a legacy felt by toe h altr t ai-sen drt t a
~ es n :S found th at in long estma blihed mant- status should ba e e istablisnhed to examine dro ped. one 3T ards oand tie a other h telateinMr. J.-i theitanoa lerd hale -tr eeo t ull an allr acting he di. o
Stm 1m wa e. p. B- facures, British industry had shown in ito all application from inds tries for yards froi the tank I ng s in. t wths ut would erect sign over the ena nce calbo g hn 0 his residence at Belmont,
however ,, is nn i %a r ery.o ghastlyh One" o- o oer e casefin p d ti of St reet. W o d _a em-los. h a gsawa t hea ba*t

A ..C .. .rodtvi the aecade before the war. great vitality State assistance, to advise His to ajes- ghashtly I had tmy wa rd packed with attention to that fert. th.i> anecn the w oyis fello- imployeepa, butsoai
..... ... st-.,, 1< asd power t- exi s nsiot out that the s Goif n ment npon i s uch application h ds, o- o-u. The rad-ers te ebiuit he dlF. odpn t ior and one a -oe m died O
i .tr ...... outt .In S el K tandho ad ernse tronel and ere a caie is madte out to r ame bo ot oh r o an te 5- 0 th ieu. s t our l e ts h le a i ho ed
Mitls Lt, mL.'- -t 1im iterd share in the ie and expansion prpo ls to the precienature andex kille d The asuheltlitruse o sand co o ato pr seto r girs. t biaR'eeirous- e ofin hep c a l exnamn e it-wasl fudnth
... s a. bast1 oi0r the morhe modern bratn che of indste tent of the aoistance indof re epien t Bor patn th we nsey o killed.t o were f o g tin hmheNeis onra l.nmt e mo n appiaea- deo nu ra t C orau tes h -.-
._.,t on t on t u- h s s h t i edropi o. -b egirls.of re -spectbiliy ad ;e aa ter aor oftighe d it

S tal production The iron and steel recom endin tariff protection the i t .of s ca s bes wer f ti t t f a ia resil it.t an. ledd hnao.. e
.nrln i t h trades are ooi thed -trom these considerate Board t sh would consider forms of State Tode dtn I stad at a Canadian tl attention oor. Thse ster the al le ttn ofh Trinidad sol diers o etet al
d osrk- ont -of- -- ensioA mtthter the imra aon shea-r p h anpp idrnb, funeral. ahunde as ofie were au ne d ioocs which eI oe m 'IV the wr in soe huissed.- O se
i-- en f le c i-r r s p iutaubetc Bheritish merchants i os. propsal t the d wciith p e i e d autt and a-h ou ld T he c ats e -alt ist -rl bte r0e0 and to m p o r airt .r ro o h a eed wt an gd bth.

O- pc Thetr.i corer ma H i de by the committee that they have constantly in mind Dt safeguard- nih"t a sh C sronderlu vcom es uo cou sot hother-53.tupitbitttetentlreco dssarsis-ri-an.'al- -a
0o lrfhtlOuu O t were encounteringd energetic and sues- ln of the interest s o m e ubi Sn. doreof The Canadian r ais t reat n e wearend s movement in' p actical way, to asast hr e i otnl o r w l th" p1o .ie th
ma .Lit M e a i 0 mm sL e r e d to _ S t u a -i -1 rt o r t e

Tof5r- ses inclu ding the adeoptionn-cYa ndhe Oconditions to be, imposed it aondourtightaboutlm Hm iesainetiae w kof he girl- T lornn or ,o tose a endkm
saltn a.u toC adnirial urou ct ho T e ionls ebatd s tel r oummeiatuionding trrof p r de .e te Op enin, be. eb pad caritantetor Concurhsro k taoil r th oseobereongd id.
S- oranitationand ri o tl e on sidera r question of coinage the Committee and blue an of the English nurses he i bad door e h or to there entire p
merchants a an acurers than thoe adi a e -nst co the dcinoalisation of ex u and OAD" Then came Canadian oiers. .stisfaction, and annohw u ed the receipt of -m a a o f rie -o ida lie ten "y.
Lo- A TOiaRm pursued c y Brihti h traders The war h ing eight d a-re a nd of the It as a e ucing sce huge sucripions t a i m the Nuns in
.thoseve.e rusnb iceeer econ rin eic and the s over n in the following terms: e c of Brith grav of Thercantsdtpe l of luen. sphs Content. Mr. and H ugrg o hew da o, the aCodie
Appral Conrt 9.30 a.m. productive capacity iu me rtain branches m hae alo considered proposa for the Hie cro-th wre knocked abiast H > thehe rail. 1 -,. Selist Qf NonL srot. Mr. and Mrs. Banrdsi th aibe. Thpp ng pn iceI
.,,--- of British indir nus otably the t ihupo fc-tion arid decimal-at ion of our They triedo come ain s night but the F nde. Dr sd the t Noran. the Tnidad S ipingad Tis
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Olypic Theatre 830pm? s aliaedry eGfaov terd s thn th em adie a n the racial hinds rat e a td AD. Theupnd am an ppdia le. e,,n e e c t o ing h eard some distance awaye
p ein p t:o e ht Brtha t mnre-r.hiinldai a t mh ntli.ang other pu.dblic Aulorities and .. are h.'aso cl-rinc we a ther hu IN. uI" Iti t ,' P lY ote lltt 7 .ra-e not un til the po ice had pots i
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Allied countries priori lo their rtg srnn-T in mind the impot ance Di o _..____ Fu| lci lero and Lr. 1.1c SWe .. te erdayI t2 -
.,r u ,., quirn.S nt-an d ibhe sial I oud apr y. os po oting e l oespa n d oAnu ir i t O p' e n . oni I eaeni .hEi a o lb ta C t & The 1c1l cocoa market was weo a
e dtnninh m o b 46 to ,iteramlsA whech n-e r mainly de.ia e teion in e acual conduct 0o trade. ,We MeI- e-ertob to-. daay ,here lnuo t fsof e i ten smadeu.'
SUN. iotn with the Allie.ei the esabai ini t -ni dol t recoc l ui s tve o ad e .1 n G t e ar -2F ar. h
3.5. of e o a joi-t o an o r i or dealing ti M lb ub-dita e o o bf ia T i unis t an d ot --t-d a y 2 s3 e>t V, eedts i li tle cpta is- t prcse h
2 1 p1m the orders of te Allied osernmel for te pet d t rpoble ltepr i RCa1tt iit..RMSC 'N s th m e d onbts the t re duei bs rt
LIG TIN HOURS reconslrtioutin prpoos-t The Corat hunlreidweihte arid ton the cental of p -,t. ot r h he ". e .- __ate oi the we-dather in lM
..- .r ai t i t-T recogi-e the necs.ri ot v c ti e p atil te --i hahe ta - f dObjects ofli I' statlution. e M Scaden ,,o, h i Ac m the r
th. Isi t1 W e n -ir for saii tami a t porel b he In'litoc, ou B icer- tb- La t n st ii R aet ltl, ftro dta.l aVi.A h th ts p lte a-uctio t he ii, ol- tsatic h -
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-. E n o .. 47 .L. 4,7 A WeS 'll, m;- tnt _.otiro -n -been in, f" :in pr rook. He thugt hoevr that r o .i helmtd aaeo-- tog rrtic-erI dagd that' tahe id- th t:: iii!t,2h...t'.t 4 "e the e t ,^ t utt mim lel a s ighe 1i -- -

ra th wr Maj or G Tre.a t omeni ne t on exteantr maThey aAeret51teto to 2a w.,re. b m any it werr i t. e .- thr etic t I t b -e,. L deth of a ,o.s-: .

s t,. t hee. y h s serene to mo erauL ind lt-,e A tthbe r- 1 t body of me wea rner P a i s-~re o h -' I r- im Coa u -tnh d r -
n-- Sm- *m- hah ofr economical m.n-iiit minpor- re tailsh pkee,.nim r and their customer Iti Gers arrived a s sl r minu .otes. .belo hb '' --- .r the- sd e -

nt sish e a h bet adop d ie th et. enaremng a lim. o n he -ocrial t t inr dus a .'t an ei'N t the h a,.. .I'r-A n t-, He:toltar ia t-or to t lge re E i.Sl: at fro eoer uic.ay4
0.0 t .I h .'u! v e mory -of -u d1, 1w manc e r A rwalon which th Un ted aonjre pol il0 at u re-, t h.= h-t] of. A o a: n bad tom. and is ill r oo. f or-hr Strett. M, Go Fe.1"-en H.-,d.., t-oo p - -

then st-te to ble. th-_lome. d by I_ Ba was ahc rolla rtg g5 ier ng a

_aAga ..l mt1ae- rtpaniam c tc i fo G m nt contro- fin cia So i er.t ofll th thuee the oc- pe sti
motherm, tt.. ... hnie Iul.11. prmn"- oe athe smocking oeami n era ndpothra w b e fcd t h n tom rn "a c ,tr. -a t t. Fr t. loset-hr r r . -. 5 n;t. a drt a et o fn th n Qenos
alins 'w nmow 1913, thenrearof r immediateto th a luioal i Go-etroeetnta I d stich m d c t and Rv Fi r 3l e. M cmand sr. he. aN sa-ved b a EW The iiiiragn- -ttlem that oi wh o w asiE aesa mn
-,dSIM ,dn no o i onr .h rt n *i I ton j ilt g i sc h .e fS. e singr las he- 3 IN B RIE, e h e i b :, tcatgh. -om n 9 l
-. -L oin. In be rh t e C ommite o ete th ean ittin toe pat.ientr. Id ti sas r t .ea me a t s pa r o akidd T b- rehuel iameo wtiene dargn,- it em l e

,lh A-Ira-t vrh the -Oththr 40i l-h r st i t.t c detsc ..ucg-t l d usua andt aftr tk i notng', hs M
.mi : foundNatnlc t o tnn ha rc iotabl i oAeL m", dedbn cted to r Jo rm bn-n > - I I Pth Rgt R. uld h, ue bag \o d-iof h 'ar16 bogso "
COTrade u touter T rrideri drerpes eage ored f cisarcema Scieies of the wass H a

m =. C=e C mpani-e c-l-AacptiI with th ei name tcrd.y morning at .p. o'clch There aratvrons qhoarmtrs an, tfReceistiao .1tto. Anie dind. O Pnr t coic ntoil tl
---- K Wt-ii- 2Lhhfin mnt. ai!n the l BniRd -hiak be kept tin the chair n>. ohn afuo h TWTh- .er f"t1h.iry;w oh% W ea turtlestd was bei g help-

lod in formed of lsls cban_ t1t ei i t ok plare. M aon c a Beneit. (S lvati-ot am n .' e Mrhea- t n t o-a Iange paoor Mr- &o e o he lp. f callY Pamnd 'hit" was p t- thatir
'ME iCRih Tlet f i t hwt1 s ao.dInue pw e rrto call a in.lis-ndoal Messr H. F. porlpar D. nl Ha hn. -mat tere ase re sreti l t bee nll. T.he d a.; du to nat.a tls -c--,he 1 azs .
a e Is theea- --'- --\-. -n tte far.h ob 't tr l ae ,Jmt:ent o ftrhe .n Bto he g iven -Befor 'bi m rth ob th e acth are mrou t' n ior otf for ada tiiottn eowh enav p ar.ce l s _.
Cur t n lftrialae roucion. and iron and sttth rtcmpadan t- proe:,o the tht raap a d chtar actertta e antyI-
B -it".--oikie--ial--- 'd Rate- _SJ-sknd _m ,forpithe d be the cofnd it i onl bhesu remtembered upe prm'o

Kd atm h -itai \ r f fGrer Corenpor- tde. Dc'from the MBniter or .Ee and e latr iar Magsalho cosrd for; t o etit.--I %% ata,, er u t --eh
mo Te case of dLtabled hemaoin Oornat e wasdin-aed hbetw-ri. .S psoro 0.- T o Ide shldth. l r stl wsi g.heds -1 *,.
-O .rRK P =. "a aa, -noforein ldrie, T iw i n w hodeo h urre ben etal,--. -hoe. Ii.t.- ee-Sitah srS u- an Asie aog o. a.l off theoaw bei,'nge itsi-edr wthc ndt-aom
thin tLzwlhe i ve d aLt up d wirte- o to-dy.. ...

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...... . Ltd. Der sh t... .o... te ' of o'n .mt-on ie e and of ?.z -r_- A o t bud tHetta ltepotm w inla t&intt thevis et of

= 7_ r__ a A- t-Ard,, _: - / Cfata tox etin on ixu he'. Of cou.e, wh hen iui redi. mas it wasit ao d eideS si a niSe t be th eof e.irr-s rint te a Letet a t .their ir C nd _,,, byo th.e.e city : eeu o
t g, 4t ia # p t'ic f .istenvTL-&m e. -'ftley sugpst that the anGst insportint to teen cr a P tanillseIn thb'ettcnnc- Ryxi_-artttheOcatodn_'spwnsam tn~lb>- an Od beplesn ukl-pauoav"'' )t A 6. On city 1 7

-_ Q,. - oofr sad -/I inc.luin _l 1 1 and shoul-e be then, l.conue o nirtinat. a T wond. rf s, penan l(SWk rk thd thn-?jes -X__ grll
w n sta r -* t ..c r t .-- r.itey recopuiend that A letter oditinaes fro t. h f e trd r. .on-i Home to e aminey 6C rka wth gi rls 0.. -' -

- =-- g arj. itra-nij .. -h h snrudwes -nA it is 4 Coloeil Secreemry raijg that she Los -S-'ri-seoi a-d F of C. -vif Conno "s to -arouihyn d
- Da & l -at . p arkel ot r bvld beti ul ef tre-td at te memrtri Goi'sti b'ad aipaponnts. Committee pat1rons Of >Ca P. 2 :l ( t Gre n a.. n the ar w an re - rre ov

*' .y w ,te pen.splbe rdalte with a'-sit- to e--->s. cutwsawi. .. j j-InlgSjte nr.t t . fB- aaB t S-- ,- iMlirt:-1 APR ..^
Sa ,t a... .t..a i -s"a and dits.trtOr b in byi foreig te a -- .- d.r .t -.GISTR
-n---M tfts. er Mi t e present wlth Int idrtaeial anre ad M. Lblue - s N oa a bc ofrt e E ngs Mr.rkt he sid bil A oeVnr kto their.\ en oe s ba .o a-0 -- s
mercuihiiy ean.ttn - t . a. er prua.ryas toan ilhcriie thAe Aat itter dtoimastioe n of mx .B Th er- -' r p p t .
;- -~th. Death Dunles. Im- antltge tppucintnt for a gRmot- of. hists onaetsi the rtceiig oEAf Sni &1 Dingle% il teoat.h. 41

.o- Diary. ... .. P- by Brmtas wot rmemB m 'The wrhatti ti"h wens igt andcw n Wraucs a retained aeul sa % Wo r t hi Mayer ens the aa\-jrno raad Td.. fmr t Auns

._ h c . owev ter, ed withteb Bont in o f t7 r wa- S e ing t of the applicant rof Brtis-ha.t -t- ga S t. em t r and H --
4 ifttl t. 9. Z t"n.l -- p.oq-- 0 i n, Wb i tow bei-S-- -aSt -en ". an- tf oe Taie to ea t the F o.X - -- men-, a ". Aran nethNoT ral 1o1t3ng ot
.-". .., hem i th tB8u x names thB e oring an Wururrta butZw. e' nrap .uas Bantero, ge frLrithc aMr. S.Flead r '.Trhdaidna bases eaid 1 .P%,

--- -. a .-; W b m ing a .. .
e_ Cm iiont iffied t_ tia l problib itp t iut -eha i L tfo b -fe -- t-at the0- locikh".- thit re o n ina g La th
T __ a_ .l v .- o .rt re a- roo n c had I. a -- e -_ -th

toration~~~~ ~ ~~~ I .3 ,., ,- ,I "h-rbr okC w ec:,il 1 iI,,c une 4T-..- "J .L ,*- i;-_ st j i p 'r - -- ,J *_- 4. -63, .,rth L fll1 tee a

-7 7

-~~~~~.I M'btYfit .jaai'-QthDA.B.4ttUL-~S
flE T 'UOT RL ~ wS,~a .2 ~ tlpiexit n ~ ROSbIS Bomed.ANn Itabet IL Wbiioea

0*.. ti ..-- . .,.,m f (9

o -f' ,tS a .... 1 4 .U THE final regirt of the Commitlee on
..ua_ Commercial and .I ndstial Policy after
t iWM war.-s "a- exiastivet document-
T ttur .a.-i which cannot be dealt with a8eqnately
S" '-d: in the limited space of one article,
s . _ .__ We shall, thqaefore; -content onrselves-
Is- . n~ for the present, 'with commenting on
..-. _______ the mait conclusions embodied in the
,_. u.. s- -- -m report._a they haTve ee ssummari-ed.
.... S ni t si &fiter geevin. i-.-Tpenera -lo.itolion-of-
_.5 M ,_ f. .J...e.'e. s BritiSh eMdebtry and Overseas trade in
alst11 i PC, ii <:isSA (Si ma36 sn(S4-) 1913, theo'yearof peace immediately
.- StS receding the war, the Committee
It.-.a. a ii found that in long estubtli.slIted manu-
a&M, S Ois ae5 r e 0 .. n em1. ^ a -a factnres, British industry ihad shown in
PAN aam. Ns esta.t 'the decadee before the war, great vitality
.is Bpars."-.. aime and power qf extension, but that the
l u i -.' Ulniated Kingjdom Rad- taken only a
C. e=:S"tx Of L limited shore'in the-rise and expansion
,mwo- a p tm hur-ri S, .i of the more modern brancheli of indus-
.t I tt r.. NaOTMl,
S ..' *- trial production. The iron and steel
fn ta s trades are omitted from these considera-
.. I -onsampoint-of-oiderable--ipor
S-. _- r ----'- ... 7 ... -tancto.l British -merchants_is the_di--'
rrnilmt..d Lz m Lt .

StSSie E3*3 of causeinsuincluding theadoption '
T a... *'-.. t... '.-I iti-,si markedly mrbre effectit'e methodS -of
....o ~- organisation and distribution bls foreign

To-bay's Diary. pursue lby Britinsh Irader The war h ns
.- however, enaruinithsl increa-,ed the
Appeal Conrt, 9.30 a.m. productive capacity -iu cetl-ain branche-
S-- of British indtiirry. notably the
tialrit Cuart, 9.30 m. Steel-tand Indu-tris. \With
City Ci Magratc' Comut. 1 a.m~.mregarid to the niteasure o be adloted
S .. dnridig the transitional period the Cowl'
Sfe of snevrtal artls ToJ_ laTRdby -Meirs F--mitte i recoiaend that thie prolhibibtlu
3n. ts.iit & ,Son. I-2- p.m. of the inliportation of goo.s of
Senenes th onigtin should be -consiuttet
SConst.l;lal .hud at the Weootori Square -i o t t
se5.13~ -. ar -except in exceptional cases, for at
S- ." --- least 12 month: after the n-ar and
Loimlon electric Theatre, $30 p.m.? unbsequentlly for such further period .1-
Ol'mpic Theatre O. 8.3'p.m His Majesty's Government might deem
c.tpedient : that moeaire.-enlucld aim nat
City Cinemai, I30 p.m. securing to the Brith IEmpire and the
S -- Allied countries priority for their re-
,' '- HIGH W.ATR. quirnmenti and thi. -houl-i appI' onlv
1nuing 't ,1.46 to material which were mainly denied
S rom the-e countries : and the considera-
SUN. tion with the Allie t'oi the estallia-hment
It- iit .47 a"m. u if a joint or-aniatiO,, for deaIn a 1 i ith
l ~Lt t 6 ptuf he orders of the Allied government, four
LIGHTING HOURS, reconlroctioin purpose The Cor
-- eaittiu recognize the nec.s ol o'n-
Froni 6 73 pn.m. to 5 2.' a.m. mtinling Gosernment tc.'orol impor-l
d during the war for inte tim-e after tlhal
..the policy should .ani nt the restoration
In -Memoriam. 'of normal indtitritil cin'itioia ... .ititon
4 the Ii r o est p sible teiahe. Regarding
SLL -In Irtugu memory of our de raw material- for which the Uniled
S. mother, V\'la. bho ded Is July. 1911. Kingudomt eand.i the -British Empire re
d dne['r>ran1ient upon lorcignr coontriet. the
W.e .s.thearn .ar dure bmomr, I Com.mniii.. scpree. .tIhe \iew Lhat i
/ ;'Wefihiashthee finthirplaceCto
"Wes ,s. hL see sun iter ,? o' woulh l- ncithcr ,iracticable nor cc.
We. t.iathe sunshtie O tihy l. I ouucdllev sole a to alpt to make the
uml ,pire selfciif'psoirting; lbnt a ,i-electi e
S h' e iistthykindma.1%illiug t sml. policy otildt be nes.-'.its a .- to the
-o ho onrch o fnfr liplV a t r mdr iurhitncee
We mis sth -ever"wheree. In tue ml eIar. the object b n c to ake
Sthe Fmpire capable in an emergency. of
itS-- e ao--.,- -ai, enLen in.rie-pect of the
.....-. ii or. supply of es-en' e-utitt umstl eimto y
- . SL.C.. anyl-"injgle foreign, counryst .o r pc- iVk'--
"ti ,nr' to.s conibinrimn of forerin cotaTries:b Thbis
W ties'ijghi ._ .? ha.- -pecial trference to mineral. aud
-" ":" m .. r .... "'". 4.6 metals of econ amic aud tmilitarv- impor-
. .7 tance. A rectuamod.ition which has.
.,:"r- ...s special lfereuce to Trinidad where it
Sse aa ore, bhai already beef adopted i, the electing
f| s .-t .. .... F ta'tream of legisla'ietn for Government control
am..: CabIn ., IN ptrecise"r oiver the working of luieral and other
t-'. 5*C.I*P-ar.- propsertli s of grewt Imperial importance
... .7. :':- is o tohe I w al Cventmeot erned.-
. D l t,. d-Ling with the eqnn-.iora of Indu.ltrial
.. 4h' ... .. .. "U and Conmeal Org:hieiDtihn tbeComn-
.. '.. _ .__ t.. [ mitt'e recoamend that iuternuatiotral
S'- "" "'" ,.arnxtx Wrm-e *atioas or agreement.% to which
Sght ... .." If wcufit I tiib "Coiflnies or irmn-' are parties
.'. ~ .--b_._ MWis rbonMlh be rr.iHered with lthe Board of
wht. t*- )rtj i' lthe Brili-sh pe r *Mtirnior-
._ __.. ....... Compsniecmoc-tetiI with their names
,- .... .. ---- .and tlate-atnarc and. sbiect-.f tlheagrne.
-.....--.--f45 .iUfII UL [wment, ait! the Boarnil should be kept
-" I info-ued of tht chartaes that ftoak pljce.
,.. l'Rtrlt'rls's7!al. : and pemrr to call. o individaal
..... -,, ... .' l i cotro itdatimas or coetiire- fann time to
' ^L r .-. -,,-f"-. -- i t ame dI to0uTiU, "ftrs il Maii fl
.... C s uch infornrtioae a, it na m require.
Pre' ,,,,,, ., -st The remedy or tthe sborta.e of c-apital
A t e&I ob- iee swtIc ira* uftsabfll after the war.-the Coarani tee- xprs*
t ItifJ luru*t Cs, -M theoinion. baaldbe sought nuainllyin
.. th- drf '-pi, _ui .-a-- li--.--.-sfng-
.__ ............. ........ ........ c ld-lU ppymrectabl-a -ead by
S' .'COLRRSPO'tDRN?('Cl. tf eana-e 'of u-mnniasu e.'spendli-
r"r" . -- to te r te and the e.temsioa of
re F IT 'rwi a o'l/ A r- ti. a : :Atte stm&imsn on ttxurie. Of course,
gloaMr ' ftsffit ,iistav-C>r.- leir osggest thas tthe aost important
:t e.g,-r -a(r ed a // e'.-lrt aBif -r s oal Metintn --to be the. Imanse
KMOwss 4 AT -thher Atr cat d tre" TMEf Am-lly r-ommiend that,
ti~i._,_ tin a f. -r aesja ir e. A" -the tiple upon -whieh it is banse
C fisftsa. 4F ks a gsaraa i le nismuald he fully feiewat at the ertir.*
".. : X.' a' s. e w tau te-sa efiar- possible date with a-eiew' to eaNlhag
-. -* a .a e w- ibe itatto raise.a eI'ts e at les. a.-
p4_ -.A... ..r.t. ftra.. Srp_ ....t ..r h ,a q ts preres.with 1 a$ iadivithMl.
ji'" *iay ai"^ 1top- tideBtey.mhitd'epqniry stsuaiiiele

lei,:_ -aItents inOf Bins am mtae wih

: m11;,p113q6
j era atbtso at 4 n

ons in respect of any Custms- dutleesI
now or heseafter to be ,imposed in the
United Kingdom,' and consideration
should be given to-other- forhi of Im-
perial Preference. In view of thki
danger that the admission.of the princi-
ple of Protection,- etren to a limited-
extent, may giverise to a wide-spread
demand for similar assistance from other
industries; pnd consequently to an"-
amoount -of- poliicat-pressure- which-it-
may be very difficult--to resist, we
further recommend that a strong and
competent Boaid, witlhan independent
status, should be established to examine
into all applications from industries for
State assistance, to advise His Majes-
ty's Government upon such applications,
and where a case is made out to frame
proposals as to the precise nature and ex-
tent of the a.,-istance to te given. Before
recommending tariff protection the
Board should consider forms of State
-. isntl*nee--olber-thae n current
with, protective.duties,_. and it should
have constantly in mind tei .-afegnard.
ing of theinterest and of.
labour, and should make recommenda- to the conditions to be, imposed
for these purpose.'" DIaling with the
question of coinage the Committee
advise against the decinmalisation of ex-
isting weight- and mea-ures and of the
sovereign in the following terms: We
have alto considered proposals for the
simplification and decimali-ation of oar
existing % eights and measures, but we
do not think that compulsory lea-islation
for this purpo-e would be expedient or
wtiuld- e likely to be effective at the
-ame time. We reco-mmend. however,
that-C-,otiuusitd effort. holdd be made_
towards the -dminplicat1ion which has
already laken place to a considerable
extent in tihe teaching oi weight and
nuer3nres, -'ud that Goernument Depart-
ments and other public Aulhorities and
trade oraniuationus should bear con.
stantly in mind the importance oi
promoting i corresponding simplifica
ton in the actual conduct of trade. 'We
refer al-o to the importance. atreatlv
widtcl reco 'ni-ed.* of u-ing decmilm
,ub-di\astin'. of onr basic units. and of
replacing. weheiever pos-,ble, tllepre eit i
hundredweight and ton by the cental of
loA pounds aitl the "' -hort ton of
2.ijoui lb. The proposaal ro>-" -ir.-

ported by the In-titute of Baukers Tlh:
As-ci.'iesa, Chtuber'r- oa Couummerce .anl1
the De'iaiml. AAcocialion i- the ,lcu-cinLl
i'.ltioo of the -o rICref;iu ii hc.h i iXV,
consl-t ol I.') n iultls, ths: rinl C -inz
worth 4 per cent. le-.a than tha eC -.>Gan
fIrtli;ng. While it niuld 'not promu.a-
etllher Ille unificall"t ). 1 i" the Cxia: a2 sy.-tnis o; the Briti.h F.apire
or the adoptlionUoLf tau nternritonal curr
r.'ncy. thi a proposal ofcr. conaidcrrable
convenience-. in acconut kcvping er-
pei1al"y in the case of hanks and large
cO mraercial firm. But apart from
c-rtain secondary objection,. the crux
of the qoue-tiou is the altcrrtmion oi the
-aline oat t h-nnvv, and. having realard
to the magnitnde of _he disturbance
which thib change wiouldn ci-n.e in the
lives of the great body of wafe earner-.
retail ch6pkeepers and their cnsttmer,.
we are satLMtsif' the introduction of
sUch a would be in-expedient at
a lime% when tile social. indatlrial and
financial organisition of the country
will be faced with numerous and x.
ceptlio audifilcnllties. "

Discharged Soldiers' Centrall
AutaorP -

There wa. a meeting of the Din-
chirged Soldie Cenlcal.Anthority yes- .
terday morning at .30. o'clock. There
wer- present _:_Mr. George F. Huggni'
tin the chairs. thi-l-Hn. t-r- G. Ka";
1 jor Bennett. (Salvatioat Army).
Mears H. F. Fuller. D. _M; Hahn.
Henry Warner.- J.B. L. Todd and T.
- J-... t-io_ S ,.rcrs,- 4'._ -
Cnretspondencc framn the Mrniter of
PenioR regardiujt thiecases ofddisabled
WVet udim- Soldiets- who .are been
.ent -thiros' ti e Ht 'Bitlitar ai
-Forc a lroaud ant- wholy h 'a-beca-
fitt,.th a_.i-__tapla._cetas thr_.
require, w as c uideeed.- The corres-1
tsondeA -'ce- pte-s seed for-. reference
when required. tnd it was abo decided
to use any lota tttett 'in tbTsi-tt ucc-
to-F which --mghti-- i ndiable- if-
A letter wnas ed fron the
Co ia hSecreta ry, stating that the
Goviri-or bad 'appointed a Conamittee
CaWst _Q_ i he _SejltenBatet L
CrIn Landis, tk Direhtoe EOtAgTric
ture a-'i Mr. L, de Vertetilto .sttlk on
lands, BA4 e ed for thatepare Iby
the Autbraity.- Upto the timess of t -e
seetihes app6iatinm for a ga-nt of

at'400, i 0 .t -
bad .

i M n Wounded: .

T10 follotio &t1 att .takesfr
a letter, dated 'May 23, ato a relative in u
Trinidad from a V.A.D.nurse stationed
in France:-
' Once more I am glad to b -alive to write
to you. From that, you gatlJe that we
have been going through orlce mnore
It.was-quite--the worst I had been in, for
so many hospitals wemr., hit._ We had
about h) casualties, out 'ol tha. 17 deaths.
It was verC ghastly. One ot our girls
(V.A.D.) Ind a bad time and is ill will
li-el shoclT- Slhe-hd- a--bomb -dropped- in I.-
front of-her tank -with--nine-...sicLb. I
killed and she herself was saved by a
patient. uho was killed. Two bombs were
dropped. one 30) yards and the-other 40-
yards front the tank I was in. It was just
ghLastl. I khad my ward packed wsith
wounded. The raiders dropped eight
bombs one after the other beside us.
The casualty list runs to 1.000 and out of
that there nere nearly 300 killed. The
big majority, of thee cases were from
To-dna I ssas at a Canadian dsters
funeral, sihe and an officer were buried
together. ey erte kitt- o odS -
-ni ght -.s -a-w wonderful procession. -
The Canadian sislters wear blue and as
the_'followedt--cofin-into the cemetery,
it--a.i a wonderful sight, about lC.)
Canadian nures. followed by the dult navy
blue oL the U.S.A. nurses and the grey
and blue and black of the English nurses
and V A.D:. Then came Canadian officers.
It was a sery touching scene in this huge
crmeter of British graves here some of
Lite cross \%ire knocked about b% the raid.
The: tried to come again last night but the
barrage was ti>) great for them.
One of ni patients had a wonderful
etape. I said '" There are bombs drop-
ping '" andl this bo, could not lie in bed
and cot out and came beside me. when
thrua;bgh the roof oovr his head caine a huge
Last night T oLt Ty, patients all do-wn aud
there got under a bed myself. You ma.
lauhia bit We all al t li It i L i in.d
up" t i the shrapnel comnies pppenrin
WV\ are has-vmi cl.--a-rio nieather Tou
wirm to sleep through trie da.

Opening ,f Bethany

..RCFiBt'iti t EtRF ORMS CE .rE.C' N V

Objects of the Inatilution.
ir the ,r-tasun :. t Is. t- r.' .r._i
I shop thi. 1 .-t Rex Dr lj n
U P a .I ce ruit r r' T.:-, r IC ,
thb- Nin .. ci IS o J.:.': Co I
'. N., '1 Ch.rlk'..i- .Oar.-at ,_-. Il: "
C *j .tD i'i-itaeai. ci sl..!- iiu. H,-"Ini.c
la-n .n-]It,:lr. -a t.: vil ai le-a -', I-la .

Alt.jor zie1.. 1 Hrni -
.leIjnted w-iLh tlh. rul-', : the Alih., aint i
ind buntlin : .tid .a r hL- entr-anes ..--..
Hlaced the e iro Bthani. a' .' sht ICt

Afxilair of thba Ka:fhL of St. .ithn
Said the lOth t'c.rt-aof-Spun Trt)p .
Daoy ScuLs nn.lcr &-iatma.Lster L-_ Polt
the tatter ai.zo lurminb a guard ol honm'r La
Hi Grace---The St. D'jminic's Band of the
Belmont OrTbianace. iirt,-teds h b S-r..-L
Major MI. G Taurer. o" the Coar.Lthila .
S' -- -,oadprMnt. and wsi some aip-
propriate airs th arn-d A -ut-e f_.4 .fdi n .
Elk Grace arrived a few mate before the I
cevrunmona wa timed to beziad, and was re-
Sceired bay Commnittee of the Kni.hLE off
St. eJoh,-'E0'the ladi eAtlxiliary le
then started to ble-s the'Home. as'?ted bvy
the Rer. Fr. L. 1. 0:'L.cga-lr O..P-a d
F:r. Blencomn. 0 P.. : (of Grenada). the
Rev. Fr. J. D. Muekian O.P. PP., New.!
town. jvinrmg later? The following ladies
a .ml 'WeMlinmea a.'ted as 3 po:n ors of the
Serious ro ia., DC-or's oae and Work.
room. dedicated to St. Joseph' br. Mr. H. L.
Sminathand. Mss I. Scheatmer. Mr. &. -i
G. aen Weiller chose St. .iMargaret for the
Saileroom. and Mr. & Mri,. t. P._ p afllar
,atran's qmurters and-R Recep-tion gKom.
To MSr. J. B. Sell;ter and Msls Beratwrd
S. -'Mir-tha and Fcauces X-avier. Mr. &
Mrs. Atlbert Luietu. and Dr. & Mi-s Wup-
P- zant. B- we a.lt6 reiexry to be
.po ,'" Or the Lming Roan- and Dinin"g
Rmin, and- a -t-- ,ans the ,onnerseLkt-.te S.
Ague-, sad the laite-S. Marn- Magdalene_ I
The tin donmitm.- was divided hetwe n.
Mr. andl bamM. aaml-Samith. ilr. OV.
FA iaianal-3i I&_-.XliftLand. Dr--nd
the pro.eecloa of St. M a-.Sr sLJaeae

tvri--awof Port-of-Spaband Mrs. F. E
gmt:t. ctOrsccrated to OBr Lady of Lnourdes.
and St. Elizabetth the _infirmar-y an Linen-
Roanmaaiilthe Otratonspnisera.tki Dr.and
Mrs-. t-F. teal-wi as dadicadtwe d
lMr. and Mrs-8. Radsia Clarkeaim
-Sts. Stephen and Frances al R.e a as
patrons of a. 2 Duanmiton'. nd Mr. J. C-
-A. tac-a inns = tBss"H.--. -fe st.
-John-tbe-8dpt .ita-ar-the.ea_..lS
-fln-f'th- t~n sM inaeg hewB. a _

hm oit Tali B tee rTflA .
l." is, :a Warship t:i )_ Ua r. N.
WtSada. Xe L S F. asl Pe k de.

hip the sMasr' ad Mrs. Scot for ha
ome forward to assist them. Their pe'
race non those premise was due to the ar
or it was his intention to have started'tt-
irls' Home, not in Charlotte Street but
.nWoodbrook. He thought, however, that
there wee certain idrantages to be derived
trom havilug it there., than wssuld hase -ee"
the case in Baden Powell Street. Wood"
brook. for Charlotte Street was more central
and -be.dae ofLtheir_ idea ol cooperation,
the Home was in a bleter position where it
nt present stood. He remindel-theam that
Tie Home was started from a legacy lelt by
the-late Mr.-J.-J.- Ribeiro.-and-.later on the'_
would erect a sign over the entrance calhng
attention to that fact. Thea'y alt felt tie
need of co-operation, and one of the ways
in which they coulil ca-operate was oy hel -
ing poor girls. who weredeirous of heip-
ing them.selns. Any girl making applica-
tion in them for admttancp would have to
be girls of respecltbility and character and
must be poor. Those were the quahiBca-
tions which they would demand from every
-ir r-Arth bsh3hpentreaitdlthsecwho
coIld not --showr thnir-tsiymptihyith -b
movement in- a practical way, to assist by.
their prs- ers, and by frequent .'sita to the
Home, to examine the work .ofthe gitls. or
give lectures to them. He paid a tnbute to
the contractor. M r. Charles Whiltaler who,
he said, had done his work to their entire
satisfaction, and announced the receipt of
subscriptions that ahternioo from the Nuns
and pupils of St. Josph's Convent. Mr. and
Mr,. E. Sollier of Montserrat. Mr. and Mrs.
F. .\ndnze. Dr and the Mfeaas Norman.
SMr and Mrs H. S. Fuller and Mr. Justice
Rou..ell Tlhre. cheers w ere given-clr Hpi-
Grace an them flnrciou terinmlated with the
sin;iug ol thie National .\ntlidcm AppandeI
i, Lhe Finan;ial SLateimeat-- .- .
mitarh 9. Net l Rihoiro i
Oct I l atere aic 1.4 o It 10a/16 a si
3 eir pe at 71 6I
Na, 3o .l .r- 1 & '10 16 I o S '11 l,17
gv l r,-r ,es .tt" .. 6 u-1 6
C.'ci trac o "ri... I.hI Pl-rre .. 116 91

nt l.-. n t anoth,' 2 h (":lo
eS-i ''.. E.l i, of lo erraM a d

i. . .. . ... 551 59

.i t r t I4 71r,

O 1 I P. t ii 1 4 l r- .- at l

I .i r i- i 'S a i- L' te.t- s 2. ,
I.-i t .- . . I 1

"l i ai inf C'17 6 ?

t,9. t1 .o e ai iVe,n et nll- l g

'I hth u caisinci 1d t
P'i.d are Pat, rc -a"1i.- h" i sIa r 9 1)

Lerinig a a-hit biL-nc of 1sths 23 0 ad--
arcelN by the %rrbeihrp. n nd
J- ,

NOTe-The ubore art.'rcus lare crorlirgs a

L beIu erIPca-t.r o1e-- rfe eut, the
trVl 1.jlo angic r l. leu 6ain 0
.a'td Nil .P IV willo e

A dinner at hich the pc- neir ges

owill be the Right rs. A u Anei.
M.A., the eolIy it.3 EcraI, f Bihop om213
Fthe ap.

a Tr -The aboe ls etars E,,orhrg ta.
mtheafintcul st teiuentiaa uw l dut t, eoailea.,

to b.ns errona the nton.rt ant h;a

andA o... .o
dA a ntbed i atuwma a lto illhte acLae
ill he the Right Re%.v A. hP.ave%

coa n er'ed h ith a month's notice of dis-
re-eniploed on the cill ditieon that tine are

I rs. OaaKtha a6 of th" Audit Oa ce
and A. Polloaett. lne., or the Sadrings
- B a n -- i r t o o k c n p dIt i e y e s l tr -

bor-co wicket Th ,e ual matice of the

be =pLay- abu. t i -S-- U n r iit ly6. O n

coasoettsaa betirn. Stingv-and.,/e winner
and A.._0'a0__ dS__l n ...of t he g%. i et
-.-Han = .- .- ,e h. pu ....-.rilluth CJn
In. _tta tri itA. B ,uiea.. i .'-

'n tc a 1Judge. Mr. E0 S.
s Um ,-. kreTC.s,, w the p

.- ._ T... Hal gsenbel a
._--- .icrts-7 th e W1mineatc at.

J -= 1'/1, A. D... - -- "... a ,
.P-44 I .it I-Age. M rE.--
,^, ^ .^Pa, e-l. f...,, ;" .

10 a.m. yaeqrnuy. whna tsey-
graphed by .Ar Powe of

"letweei -t'-:
of Messrs F. Scott & Son, ls
Auctioneefs. there .ill, be ptn
auction the coa pltItiaton -V
in the Ward of Con a comising
eols of land comprising together
rood and 29 perches. Several
of land will also be iold. -
T..le sdden: death of an man_-
William Powell about 58 years of
las tuiploui ed as a watchman at the
Government F'onndrj, took place-
day -evening-at 11.55_ ococ. _
ceased who was apparently in.'
of heaIilt-wai-at-->or that-
usual and alter taking his dinner
plained of feeling unwell..- I--
itaken to his residence at Belmont '
of his fellow-employees, but Bsh
arriving home, he died. On beihg
call examined it was found that
due lto natural causes. "''

Sergt. R. Connor of the B.W.I.R.,
will be remembered, was among
of Trinidad soldiers recently-
home, owing to his loss of speech,i
atly-ecos.ering-fra tthid -f
efidnei0-a-iffew diysigo,' at the
Hospital; when mueh to the-gi
of the doctors, the nurses and his
Connor spoke to those around-
hoarse tone of votce. ..
-'As a mark of respect to the late )-
S Dingley. one of the Attorneys ae
Huggins & Co., who died
Barbados. the flags of the above
the Trinidad -Shipping and Trawi
were half masted yesterday.
jQuite recently the residents in-ti'
ol Duke and George Streets have i
night's rest disturbed, owing tothe
ing brawls which-take the
hilltifiated -t the corner. On
morning about 1 o'clock theehav
the Treellers In- these orgies, -.ia
-of the residentsdescribed.-" past -
the shouts of murder and abusve l
being heard some distance away,
wau not until the police had pat
appearance, that order was restord._
The local cocoa market was weal
day. there b-oing few offerings made.
wa.s quoted at $11.75 per fanega

Venr little copra is at prnCsen'
on the nimaret, due; it-s iud
parent -stlate oi the weather, in
<:ni. trc. which makes the
o'-.inults impotiible. The price
c-.roudlity is now itching. is $6.S9.1'
l'or the pau t few da.s there hag
light at the corner of Luis -S
Wrightson Road. Woodhrook.'
tnI n hc in the vicinity and those
bIj .nmeo takes them that way at a'
h.lpin, thalt lthe Company will M
way ti reliesec the darkness which
Visitors to the marine resorts.
islands nake mention of the gat
of s lea turtles no being encon
tl'e oars, tji'- the season wlnut
cr.alt, c'me u..p .ay their eggs..
sp'ei n was broughtdu. p to thecityy-
day bynMr. Oto5Tlrie l which he
0iew ere Monos, 'On bea
the sle, the turtle weighed 160

dThereare_ 51 actions and 2 i
claims on the list -ror-b-einHga
triet Court to-day. ---.
Owing to the arrival of a
i..Si) plantains ifrm 'Venertela
there was a lirge.gawhering .of
v si-an dealers on the Queend'
quickly prc seheeti sto
The foll6wingr articles are
recen'.ly importedd: 15 empty 'i
dru-u,. 29,000 cocosiuts, 60-._
bags of coam. --160-- bags
1;o qinutals of fish. 2t6 packages
shipment cargo.- ISO oxe6a.- 9ai
packages of general-cargo, 2
tains, 4 barrels of coount oil. t p1(
-of lani. -bags of sams si a

of Crown lands will take place- at
Lands Oface when 14 parceal- o.
building lots will he put up
auction at opset prikes-. -" .
The. report of the baud of
theA- st CmAerlifira Te -er
is toW being issued to the various
Thiseport &shows that oat of ,
dates .w.o sat i-resamination,

Schools, Pmida _via .
aiteroaws -o m o of thie
-of the city-

To-dayf App aL..

S-AGIsTr4-,S' ,..

Jh A Ameigaq A

R-s-h-on n_. next _%n rd..jt_
U 'akst.atwml-_ he- 'edm' -li H
.loc, and- the"as -h -
alelyfsjwanik-.-a.-fA gr B



-.c- .-- ~ *.... -- - r-----
- ~ -in: -: .-- :-;: -. __- : -~

* "*1





Incessant Rglids Oveu' German Ln as
.- .. .. . _


.-... FACTORIES. .

[Tft Id/a and rPAan, / 'la ryi/r- ,/ -C, ms .'i.'/n l s.

Park., Jun 2_t. _
Official tatl nllit d(tltling Villi Vti.l,,'sis
Our-lmbibng n.qladtrolns hlrirng the 2.thll
and 27'ti in flight-. tini, L. Ith 1.' and
night, dropped 5S tons of ,xpIloc is on tle-
aviation ground along the rkers Sommr n
Said Aiane, and a6-o ass calti,,iiJcli ni'and
GuignIcoartL. alid -sun r:ailhi'-sitiun- 0i1
-Sois-ons and oilier P'T -', illunilin-a
depoLs exploded mad _eensral ISr,. -. 'sore o-
at-saed to have becin Larteld.
London. J]nie 2,ith
-- OficiLsLatEnenct rcgairdtitg a laitinul .
fanlldan's snork iat cararic out on Thurs-
day by our recolinailanc plitrgrtasr,ii'-" and
Bombing niachine:. lictr-: .%.i oreu im
crease in.lihstile acmit.% in thie air tnud aL
a result more flighltilg ,cea Jd. T enelt3
Gernan machines ' de-troscd and nine
forced to descend onu of c.onttol. Foilrteuni
of our airplanes ar- Tnrn-mug. -B o'lnbing
operations uenre carried out 'i girrnus-llL
behind the German limits 1 turn of t, -
-.. ploive.- .rntae-droppcd duraiung tlhe liat -
hoour on r.--ilhvs iuiairleiir and--thitier
targeL .\- Londo June 2.Lk I
Official. Aei-atin iere swn mucli
fighting on Fredn-I diiriT i whith, iencIui
Inachlin ,-s 'lho'tnd co uiilrable rt.n i,
During the d:s,\ e shot d.:own 17 Gemianu
machines aid iorced deomn 6 illitrs alil oft
c mtrol. Three of Tor- re. iIIs-ti mg. OIur
airmen ind Lt.illoonaiii ta-krntug ulantc u
of thle line weather coa.perat.Ie ulth tihe
artillery in eng-uging hositll ba.ittie u.. Tnl
firing on aninrnnition ndmt.i-i tIlll geed
destructi e clicei- t.aur pl.holo.;1a1, ic
'mnchin>es ticre ac.tine .icd n-an\ recon im I; Leret c asrie rd out niLhi stud -Ilan,- J2
tons of b ni t- in, H disT p -d-d Lnn L ti he
d nytimeon o T-. ansls i' tare i ni,'I 51 n- : -n _
during the nc uri:e .t I time f iil li ,niJ '
Ls-,d,;r Jli e -.its
O fficia l -l 'l i 'irl- iil- e .,1% I.ills ,it
O n Fridlay alt rm .--.'.. r 's ir lssi .i.m : .
the raila v snork-l-,s -[-I i si hl e- lsed -
-a' T'hionville. OF_. ra:lm ','a- ,]lTiclt l
owing to %et;eLlcr I-ut hlI-i.t I li- r-,t
eminpcl_ missile on hII. Il .n-.ui ls.'u- -I
tracks illch le. ic ,rus ilt r.. -t _,7l lh .itb
w ere dropped -' nr ls0,- t .i .. ...: '
a ttac e d b y h o ile rc ,:hli hu t .e .i.. ,-rli
\ fightin tneinl ri a rcsuli c.t li-i.h thirec
eieuiy.Jirpa14es wer.c .L neid .n hi:r
forced l Keisc nd .u , contr,;.l. T" ., of
zur kad ' il;I-d t o rctuln llr : a -, Ili.l
is known to haac t.-ce Pa'sr d toI Ind m -ul ir
airplanes on the milit :i thi 27tl0, ih
suecessfull, auttacktd Belclma anI l.bamuis
were rele fr n a, loha dlistt .le ,nd
machine gns fire-] ino tlangur. AlL oar
Machines rtcurned Iakl.


Certain 'G-:rntan detr cl i il,-- lshich thad
FnouienitTvil- gamed i ot( o-illl in th.-
Italuni first line aLo'tiliuiin-. ".' Lt dUrieu
back. Aloilg the French ini numnilir of
surr'ii.'e ait:eld:- rI c c.itrm .l .iiiin tic-
thm uihit North-i- -.t oh .inlt i ,tdir .\meiri
cant unlit ca ca1,i] rid 1ll inclniilinp
one cil,. Ilr lii lhc Furi. :- ti ,-- \-Ati r, nc- t ins
rIe L ,nue'.sec tnt ite-b-tc,'lAt-i i
took. pisoneri' nin l .'klitircIl s laiJ lhiA :
eLaterial. .
S Iric. n- I e -'-'th
OlTi.i-il. -;Nolliiig of e-c.citl inllercet t,-
report J

Officiral Our iru-l ,. s-:tied .-s i niii uh r
of raid-, las-i night ualil. c l t Ii H.Ilirgaid
alld -ir aut l .\nutX cih.i i l; ,a nunibi r of
pns n.' :r- lutl S ih l tihe roiEi ti le Fr,'.ndl
in the coir-,e of i .ueratioln carried
out l-int nihl ig.n lise c:rc-t i.-ucciten MoC.
and it X .t Q1 -c.n \' ,i Il. c i l, cd i 11 ad arnice '-A
b' %.i rl-i., al,:.n a ront of '-. .r : litle
T he\ t-, .rk r.:".ci .1 i .-I t,,,C i .ll i,1 l1
officer. i li \uc : '.e Sas: iripu-al-ed a3
-GirLaiin IiJjunt-F.i,-t, -


Progress Gained At Slight Cost
Loii.lun, u.inn; .."1th
A\ltirnooni ul', :li., it .it,:nh nt I'h- n, ci iTi
i utlr t.-,e.p .: r l ,nlt .1 .i : l
,op:ral.-l Ion a ir..u nt di ,iut thci ,c il
I il OfMil leEs-h at tinhE I .1 I l-c a-
rse uit thscici ll ti ,.-I, .- I r Sue 1.
an ive rage l ltl, : i- o ,,.i l L, i ., c .iir. n
Inehr- Xl-an m i. Ii.r1,lr_ ist. .-sCh.IhIin.
1."l'nl A ll ,. r .. ji,'_ll :- .r, .II .1 rl], u
includlie Ill.-a l].ti. l h 4.lh 1 t -, i t e .,_ crn
-C ., 1 -. 1 I ._- e. T Ic l 'T si,. ,- l I I

i. t u.r II,,.. I s .-i. i I-1't 1 ll .rn
g l- Is e 1 ui .c L L,- I i 1.i
i- IeL tillu i .,. r, rI .ii ii i e
c-uil- i r- ,-tus- ,ti-a s l.:.-' ] r l -it,
hiir 'a ilte 'ritl .iinIc ri-is slti- liinI, ii e-t. ,]

o.-r-T- ha- re-ahchd a- total --if .-.-r -'ina
S nIu rri~~1.., 1 ,i i :]" ,iA] c tin
s--s- c I. ,ljui- t.:r- I nIlcth l -c. ll.-ur .- iind
r i-r.,: i -i:.rt sir: -i, i l-.:. i ecn Then l.n,
it- ,irh hat beu, ni halt-a te \'a-le-
a .-i ,nII l ,- tile t: :.,Iitti silals Id %t ;E
F-i:cltI m a li|n Ai rnA rie',rin ThI:n-li h. l-
bi scii i Irir-'r:.i in tIe ai1 tliL_-:' r lgin al
Loail I-dlc: lu tin. Nip:, '--i.c -h -1-ci.r
L.-'iidnion litl -e 'ib.
,ii te.- I.I [ i',] the r 's -u- i tlIIS l.:.
tii I,1,hi c, i e, i l,-rc e,- inLr 11T1mP 1o



..Lie- A-dvan-aed -and Prisoners Running Fight Off Belgian Coast
Captured. Official On Thurda\s eveningg fa't o[
Paris, June r r h.i f .I
official. South of tilt Ai-ne, in an ;,tack our dre. tr-o ers patrafllir oil tile Belg- ia
cfrried out this morning froa south of ,aip t onghted eight cienee d an e ter
S.Ambnltiy to a point ca..t of Montreb.ert itll cou,bip at once perd eitdlild le an ta-ert
thr.object of acquiring certain anned p lacs cong inc t full 'te the iacioni hat elr.a.tit
a ,even._kitrd, rLont,i-e entered the long ainge. .Aitir tile a-ion had lasted
Gen asnw.. .oks anrd eal" fire Fo,aes above fornqnarter of an hour the enorle was
Snd-tlheig I-ot1" joined bh lIct riesr M detro\cr whlerbeupon
Cuory dlvaodirig our lires near ana %nest ,t'ii -tip, tell -back--lipron- s-lu p bill tile
ou St Pierre Aigle ourd alin n tie hilln cinen" did not followw and the action Mas
th -[ i villse- Otr advance e broken o o ra ge was .u
-.point.-Trtcliclid-t depth -of -t ilifielrc.s-.. tIhie- I or f OLt r an._----
one thrart:aid lix lutlrdi prisoners hasv
-alonmo-ni, June 29th. _ ,
Official On irtlsy teenlg the enety BRISK FIGHTI1NG EPISODVI:S.
---.v4Wrsuameat 'rteasti sNu rittuacked Inour oe
S*bomblmrding i" l ria"cl -o t g F,. itT-a- --- n rEM ..N tS I ALM A .P --
vislbilit tHe hibobshurst nuiitC6liied. Onu -
SSamturIdav tile l1adi.che Ali ,ne works andAirmn Bombard Railway
(- tInhed factory at Mnnlr'ii1 were attacked Allied Airmen Bombard Railway
md danv bosul,S dropped. Six burtsr were "Centres. .
.-..Wrvrlt in.tle ' fact w. iWhile s O ,i ,,oo ,nile. J1,11 2.-thll.
t otiv ou r fornitio it a slltr OeTic Ao sir re noiternt rl arte
by five J_ til nioctin ca, tre i f. %% icl isv 1h err o s it ,,rae ritiri r tiitJ
w -t fre c-.K I hos t Olt ol t cort rul All o r ae O er s tio -is M hr i nh o c lite, p ,pi oe i eati
airphlint retrnedl ,wfels." DI ir g tl tnt Cor and isniti of S r'st Rose )
*'.npr io'd fro the 2til io tie 26th n ra r N ln.ite Aiiio, latLn h L nL rIC i..oi
forces ii cnltloluatiuir i ll their "orlk i ttp.- Oinl'.ie AprtN o P'tr.stu i ll ritish in cnllnltic
junction with tile nnva carriTeI rlt cont inur- i le parting, le-- tiitrfl rthe 'occiipni t s hesn
ou fll~iht5 drrhrlr lhielh 15 t( iofc'splr'ive's nlhlctirul loneio tltr tire cOcultat.,It anti
o. ht.Ier (rin clle licu1s 5t,'t oernad S.everl blmrought in ai few pri-.,incra. Our ainneni
Darit n d tc s p th; Period Etre eteclt cnarrid ndt lively loinahardn ,.l.r throngh.l
-ircrft %cre "er. a'tive- Tli e et inie. l, June !'L.te d
__ -mk int i were iItr tle t w Rrune, tioe Air e
T.-nilitiD.-li. Iwere d oic'atl t lltn l rn tl ae -i 4 li il. Thle a.rtille-v tiring wras moderate
il, ioll 1"h11oUts t wtarl c lt a ifannr arsf the .os loir;- i nr rlt 'J tIr fro f-rit l -lorritentli.l moren
ipert o-tle nlreru ft were rnco n titli ey I W .ls o.. thie AsiaeLo I'latea .- Our patrols
glrpint' o.i atlle nircrft. wlere i ni tile suhtl l ithli their r 1 i r h .terf0c y If etltl5 I tru.n _
ln ilaiino lgh n d nilud nitjtc Ed. enemy,, a.,.-dl lIre enl.y tirnd drimnagedl hicf lefenexs
r, ines lo 'attI antI dti rs ytrl a1 ld llietl' 111t nt atseral points. Railiay centre, arnd
ne. trial 8 tilv$ escorted it ni fet ii enie y tronp. in tao 'eteti, t wer tre t iardledil
*.. TallriM. juner 21th .- b%. our anI.!! c llle-i' siniein Tl'rec
I l* Two uGer an -t'Tnck% enrr id ll. achi es %%ere down',l during tile
anout with thie purpoqc of re-tInking tle lday's ghlting. -
jionst ost nhol the Aiine occupied by orrICAN R .
At' aon i rmlay night. woere repulsed. AMIRICAN l TiROOnP.S I ITALY.
A ti r il y a nd-o t of I rttl rlioi t ,be.Wi-t J, 29 h .
t .eA the-t *rser m uttol Maciavne w -, AccTnilir1ll to an -11 oll itnieccraent I)%
mr h .iOt-- t Il e ne fnrrtonL- r ltrs Iite.neral Marcllr tli la., lt: firtr Afcerlcarn
-rd0it. tnt, tt i tBeei laiirtI in Iiln-, The-o





Allied Aviation Activity:
Paris, J&ne-ie th.
Official stateienr, E .-ierri theatre.-There
lias .b-un continuous reiprocal artillery,
activity in the region of Doiran and uest of
thie Vurdarand Monastir. TIe ieinmy at-
temrpted a surprise attack near. Krraiotae,
but wnta, sucetesfully repulsed. Italian
troops curried out a i- successful slirprise
attack on eernmy polions on lHill 3'10S.
.Allied aviatoir have h en- Actlive-anil boim-
barded enemy -bivomr- -n otth-weaL-ot-
Ghievgeli and depots in the vicinity orf
"'uri,;. June 2'thb.
Official. E -stern the.tie Oal te u28th the
eneiurulare lkrrvwar t dea tiarti.:iariv incltein the
Doiran sector alone Ithe '.ard:r nnd north
,t 'Ma 0Ladair. -lr battE-t,: replied ith
destrA'tLive liarassitng ifir. AXn clienty de -
taclihmient ws'.. uitccei [ull% ldinjert.- d oil the
Serbian front. DBrtilI asvaitor carried out
several bonibardmeitu, in the neighbour-
hlood of Sec.rt.s.



Czarevitch Died Aller Long Illness
S Aint-terdait, Jun.ue 2 lthl
The XWnlfft Bireau I-tdesr liat it learns
frcm Rut. iaun ou lrt.. hatlI:x. Cz C r N citol-L.
was- a. sin,rnated aJ lie wat letv-ing Ekater-
inburg in a train after the capture of that
cits bI the C.:etclio-Sloeail;- IIt i rep.'; rt :d
alo llthat thle C.c-aer tcl Alexis died i
fortnimct a.1o alter a lung illnes- The
WoIf Bureca ir- al-.. atitlrtlritl lor the
Latit-ienth that Grand lIluk-Mic_ lhaeil is at
pre-sent at T.,ii-1: at the head of the anti
Bol.iel is u.1 Iluui e ni t Repurt_- of the
d& .l.ath of tie I .C ir -re veri conlihIetng
and] e.optra.- .-t..r.
SECRET CON'. LN Nr'i R i'i.;.DI N',
Po I ,\A N a

Bolsheviki Treachery and German
sin la. :.I -ir.k ls nc r-"s nt i
,.ro lli-.ri, u ,i ]il .r.ic .i i>. :.s.t ,,i, .eic n l,_n-
ar r.i.,icrtuIt t,: h,. ir ,d a .T:crc t n., rl
n t...n i ii. ihn. lc I fi ture o I olan-I

piei i, to h r,',,. T ioin ni.ln .4 unt ,I I.,
ru-1 I -is .--s- I I-- ii rnilt, Is.. --
NSIus n-Ii .AL r.l. .lr s,' to- dI P I -
iprinti-d ir a n- oi Fl rr ,-: I tsr-:,, ,
1 ngI- lC in j f.r.,r I.. .,:M ilan cor.
s11L itI I-s- nlsl,:_ .I .1 .,.. .it. IL ,rL

O *:.X.i r II L 'tIil
A_, ~r I;,Iillnc t, u-u. [ i i u.I,', rllis ttocis
a th,.1,rn.,r h li
s,-li i hi.e -.rid ,v- la. S'itr I u -. li e l

ti. t s s es11-ir. .
f %M l ,_' I ni I, L'N il NLI

All u-lii sl, i, : t
n III e ireI trs in piiu il. cl ,n
h nt' wit thI UtIl, d .-.i r n- r, th r di:l:.
sitioani- -to bnlise iiothing unsithl ,-:en tred


',IRMI \ I% N .uil',XIH I N i, 'l ..
Hunger Revolts in Moscow
Accudin t- I Jthe 'Molrnl ing Po,- Stocl:.
hoSin ,'rue hud ,t St 's i i e la ,- ulio
returue-: citrr ff -ehr'agr-id-r etcr-n ttla k -.'tc--.
that tie itnm'ia on ti recu .tuiMors ertci I thrn

scr r and 1 '-1at I a 11 teIrIe t sr n-rIvLIU[ A

i'er ,-rd tbaL a trplble ti il Iri'i'ail;
and I n o lr ii'rscOns lliiu c.'s rr:-- .It. ,are
Ith order oi tile .1.1 1 \l I ',ru
gral the German- oGcculpati].nii ., l-
citL i generaillc. eAsccrte, 'sile.-- f-ire.
jtilledt b% tlie Ceclho Slaves liso lnit. i ore
than l .ss ii dli-eiplined troop-- tsI1 art
betin rapidly reiniforled bh Sibtrn aCo.-s
ack-s ,.
aI..nd.1.n. jiilte 'ill
AcLordin:e to 'n Ei-chbanige Tereraph-
deepuch Zurich. ti e ne1C .-
p.-ipErr '.ly thliai t ei e '-,\:rir i]teitt is taling
priepratlnory lteaSu'ir-E "is ilh a .1 ew to inter-
%entioh in Rusta aind it i- -at ] tinder the
-plan. Irr,-,,.. .ill he sent to r-store order
. bsit.led bti lIe Manirtnalia ior-ct.



Emissary Fqils in Missim.
Zir1ch,. Juune 0i'nl
It i. It.rneIme'roirl reliable sourcess that
tlie A.iustro-iung'a'rlai Governicnt tlrouiglt
its offlTicial aipr'cenlatis:e in Sil-crland.
insas mde atltemptl duringg tlie last few dirda
in Swvitzerland to dilScovir tile .TUlie' sannid-
point i it lti. -regsrr6--o cei t iiiriiptantn
rrueietions. Thle entii.niry of the dual liron-
atcIhy represented hiniiseif ias being in lose'
toich L)tlh tie i':nx-ror. Coiltact with the
Allie.s. noeser-e.jea not iat.alhli''h'I and le
lhas re I-in1d to visenla .


Ph'itis. June: 2rit11.
AM. Kier'iensks arrhied here ryi London
today, and had an interview."r'M i. Malal-
koff, tilhe Ruseiau SAbl-isado[r.


Wasslngtoqp, June 30 tl--
Air. lhi0rr, .ltlhcr.Ftrxl._Conitrol:ler. hIa.
Ws-aatcglir--dene triluj=g!Jhe peopig to cur
head, during the oext sitwtths.


___ _ I


An Explanation Requested.
Wasbington. June 28Lt. -
For the third time the State Department
has requested the 'Swedish Government to
obtain fro m the Porte an explanation of the
sacking of the American hospital at Tabrit2
The Spansh Government ha also been
asked to assist in obtaining information
regarding this incident.
London. June J3th.
--The British -casualties for. the month Lf
June talle-nd 141,147 of uhOiut 8sI pi.0
were killed or died 61 voundls and 17.494
men. 3,619 offictri and 119. l1i teen were
suounded or nii.-.sing. During tire lait eight
days the casualute,--stre. as folke-s. Killed
or died of wounds. oleicers 143. ien 4.7;3.
Wounded or missing oTier,.'s 533. --mnui


Total for June.
I ')ndon tlunic .i3 ti..---
'ri inre lnlt tcn ourie.en I l' .-..-s, for tile
rmionth totalled ffdiiili- 224 735 tcns -
Allied and s 1 .' i ",lun .. cosit pi red
nitlh thlle djus.t:J -reg. for A[ ril if
311 I5,. ton- i ind ru. -s' t i' i lt f.r rth.- nouth
of Mat lat Icetr ThIe i.-e-uI- ha s liirtni
ri-k are 'tate'd ti li h ii.-ul I eIa '.
at-L-iA UnnirtI 'i.. h. Cili'rn ,..r.c-sliuni" i1n.;
aniouie.:et ]lh it eiii-i -.:e- dltll' 5s111
ton- nT,:'-. crlern t a d irig.1 i r ilsnte tllini.ul
Iingdoin port-, excluise -., Clhanuel an-]
:...1 iL- r.tlTc l,: ljta l ".'. Ai It,.n-
durinag the ryonds of Ma,.



General French's Significani Statement
. I I .ic I l . 1 -- 1t .1n
,r,1 s1, t i rsA I,. '-, --l I re

Polus tiL bL 1.s n.Vt- it in 1i.I. .

thret- '1ri 5 1.0
i l .i i.. .il .i
PAtl A, I 1. 1.- i l .I --li.

Polied by American ITr iral.

---, ... I

rTi _,1 l, r If. i ,t hI t. . i .
i"n 0A h 1 1. -1, 1,_,,[, u. ,

ns ,I - -i I ':, -

hE, .i,-1 ab,., r .. i dn. d r i ,

o odr er 1 it, i :I h '... ... i '

the latter at B1 -. Local re ce i "'
Tofere .. I a -I ii u , -I
IThe [.nlc i O' N.r i .l uilil n-ii. i

has -. ir''i ly ie rl. -, l mite i .n rile,

sTme prices
ICornt l i -cellin Ii ier ir ; o 1 1
VouMia etah eic e reacha,, ilse,

s Tile Wic EfK S i't TI''\,5.

ScalThere h-sh i 'll unoli t.ii.ile a I ll n
pricr oll- te other q.alt I oil hianl-
tihve incre -omed. Not .i Scn cod Ti
ferichring sl.ti To ft3 pi.r large dr n f1ifri
Newoundland Locl rice i56
The I cl ito N,-,. il nre. L'hi' theta
ha s nslightly nuucrei-- I 1lire lrii.uan rle

uolbeing sfrom 5 h g 'a ie-c unFrench

pounds Oein irki qi s-ellin n i 40 ant I
samericenn incaEof 100 lbs. na j57.
Flub. -

Thcle rei bei ien no lincrenle ina tlhe
pri cent per lher i.. on the tierce bl ans.
hoae icert_- Noon ScOitr c- i
-fe-hen ri- o $63 per large drm uring ,-

legram Br eivd yete b
The- article dros-. r slat-c-sct ,in n thre
euotations our _thir groLde-. treuhclt
hitter in -nins i-sselling at.640 tod
American ill ean.c.of fl0 lbs. at I,57.

'Thenr-litan been nO ircwlne nt tie

hl cents per fis l. un, the fierce
-The, Rilerphants'__ Conii, nge.i.

life. G. F. Hugsgis., 0. B. E. Seerftar of'

i-ylv Be-piuduaslt,

I . I. II

America opIsimport of

B ....?r 11., 1 i i ii% I a I- I ll H I

XI... I Itt, i, t ni, the e,' . .
is -iiiii i hir u-sIll I"f1o

i i. r l 1 11 1t ..ii

.i:an ainitcpph-,si n T I
.1.1,c r.f ce ii,] ii, nr i s- CoI- l i-ilsl, o

mIc.n the. date of Ocean Bll- ,ii La, I ni .
No further ica S will -ud forL h
'is, -io of bro. lln cocOnut I I I
-i-re ril.cili ile-iat'. ld. or olerWi 'he prele
-- -_= ..: . h t

flIsBDA, ITTLY 2,- 1918. -

Fed Cross Notice.

J. t'I (.'.,l -' m..r- atr remtr n.ul l lthl -
l n ll i ..: Ib. :lin- -li-,ulld l i -- ll Ir Ito rim
Ilo. Tr. i-L r. c on Mundl.e .e uly ,t.rl _-_min _-' f
,1. I Is ui lI I .' -UrT.11 Com iua tiec will
tinnte ou \, -,l .da i. Inly 10th. at Ls e-ri -
otc al'V-ictr' i f. n.lilulat a.5S p a "s


.. : r ,n d n r hus iiti to, I U k -- '.
tIro'ru.--,Co. ey'ance C t. lh.i-id in .

12 u.' 'romi te lViiidting Co1niLlen -'
_--------- Ito o.epli DI'.badie..-Release of
-larfs in Mlont-errat for $5a.Ltrs-- -
2 112, Frout Frederick i-errer ta to rirao..
The Arrival of the Delta. S .xiorctc". 'cri l,.. t-o.n. --
_-. .ralinClwen I lal s lns in- L!.n Caril ph for
'r it -'i -s . t i e lt ai a r c tic ,l - t ra2 0 C i u I ,a ,l -,- -- -'; I =' . '.- -
flhio ar on Su teil.l it rnr n ori th t ir tie al I' ru lir l o, Ch -l t I rn b atb ' r -.
loing i gr. Mr-s. C. AfCehado and t.gciii Jo.-. Iortad Bill of
c.itl, Mt.lera_ ld- tar fits. A. NiceR.- .. Sledfr'-i0 ,-- -
Silih ir.i Mr. annl Mrs T. G-ove.vncltc and 2.031 Frani Cecilia reiseira to Jorln G.
child anu- Mr. Jnlio Toninsi. Tihe cargo V ira.--..'tesuorandululrinf si.u alioB
included I1." o-- diil, -. donle%-. ;' Itnullr, for .sIIl. .
'2l. packages of l c-argo aul -146 2.J1.02. Froaml John G-. Vieim to Ceil .. of 1ta11thip i.uil i rtgo: Teesxera..-.Mortgage. Bill of ile for."
$ _
S- .-i-1lrari Sidl'frinA rti:i.-t- annt-
No narglil operation i.s necessary in reuroi ai-] Sicki irl Sf..r Cunves sl
iing rnsr. i Hunlla a C-t' Crur be b u ed. .- l ds i" in
.. ... -- 2,.i;t:, i J ,in to i r.
tpm in a n
.- tti fr W 5 .-. c r..t
~~~ .Btna.^uo. n..c.l.. .l"-. .- f l l.t,- ,fs-

I .iI.. THE r tW ---

I ~- -

-., _t~ t BC E w. -"? -1 ----"""_'' - I -were IIVL twat: 11 frOi.-. jw 0 tB Iil
Fgt __ sbarpe cobt string btci
iS Tur t se of un. sent direct
(ritg gamty as tiMe V~sfy hcigb~lao j. KtaiyjholB tha Unjtfti 3fw. I






WTI-Iu-t; lhe patr week c-n.d, thier an-
gte Cr.i.ile iltrier hIa- been ihe .ceue
of a t .cli-. ol nitolr i1i.s i,' ;. three
of hnich proue-t ta-be--of-- siitly .triou-
conu-.Liertit-._ The firr of tl e trio e
curredl li rhli v" .rfteri'o,-n ii uen MT-lr-s
F. Cumcrbiachl. .. H. Clirirlt- and F.
Legare were ou licther way- to Sangre-
Grund:- in a c-i >riren bv a u in tianiicd
Canear. '\All wenrr cll uisiTia'p- purrv
va-.t nearin itL ,l-.t in li.ti li n..h oun a
narrow stretchl-uf road the dnii -r oF the-
ctr, in order Ltj a nioid a colli-;'OTn with .,
canL theu on thu road. ran hi's vehicle
to the exItreI-e edg. -The earth being
tall, crumnbledl a\\.a under tl-c cr'.
v.eight, rrecipila.tlinr it ihis' a '1.caD
drasi. Tilhe- c.cciup, al-s C-t.ii-. i\ ii
chlight injlurie--u l tite-lia -sr-raa..i.'_tti_.;t:d
On Sunda','y mrorinny. M-e-rs .' F.:li.
Smith P Phillip-., Bari, A Paul
W\II-, H. Vallelv. S. B.itn F. Snmitll
L Cir-auni J. Smithli L'. L
I C- T- % CiI /i C -- 1.. i P P rt c.-.
S i"sue s .,-r t c- ,r- ,,r-. i ,. v H
.'li ll I i ,l:i : l s It n h i .:.JI it lie I -].
rug c-r ndi tie sAilji:r s-r:e1 ili ll,.
-'ec'Jitd hisll i e s drivc-n by Chun-
h inrlel fI r I la ira I,) ,In' "):n : .i' ll
-lh :r,: i I I rielidl ," l iiLl. i -.i : r,, l:;s lI
Is.n- li ",t, ,:\,-r l-r. :c te Itu hi s l l]lirt,,
-i- l r i i r -. .-I i.: .i i

iI -1Si 1,-o I ta ,'-. rIt 1, 1, ,, .

i .. r- il, .,.

-. III i. i .I :

tIle. S l i 'e ii i i


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Before Mr. G. C.peane M .. i Ma

I.- Asgstin; against Andrdew 1-iv MM stand
the cUnbeeeSTE ilYn0 oE,%If?-:
SMesr-sAV. i v av rivad.A i- Reill 15
n tructned b Mr. Mi iaie i Piared. .to

lrare Ia.c-A ile. r'ir.rd d c-. e t- l-in" n to
lIard CpIttin ba-e b.c stIt urst nic alt e
time. . ,
Mr. Pol-ari :W e arie e diav duringg to
fti 'youo o thrie furtirer torture oLatus -
cuo..-& aruisa.,tia.n. -
ir s v rN. S Ia -I d-n' ri %i n Iwiseth r thia..
i-s the lvit time %our SYoemip% will Ic cutt ing.
Hr's Worhip: e this is the lt tise I

NM- Sai- -ar -tMN J rie-ndand t si.- if s--c
lit cn conr ferring in ciu lie Ti'o its-.n ti si .
and it. mght .. .JA nni.a,-te h -C p ald ile
difference a n L.%% of the c'planatio that
I\se h e I i h-it rdard' crlled a a r -tion

ni -lit or i ic'o th t A ,. hi, --i n "

S It S, r- .. eIl I dl .ulsu knoi oii ur
.1 1fillu'. lft.:r&-,n.
I [I saL-ts. I U-Ido nt arri s n t u Li en1s( :
I .. s ii- i f.s.. ...f.ris o . .. . I 1 .l .

.r...- i .,iIt tier -

I.C l II-'tj 'ebi.lj aC-, -

1. e li,
e.'he n t i e ir\ l h.!` l sitting.

i st a -ri n t

s. ..t a J .. .
1-1 i,:1, .ll1--n s i ,te irc I sit h - '. te a I ot-si -h t' ,. at lit--u
Unl srs l .s arn i sI L- -rnoIA
tbttt I u ri ,lit iiI In l -

S I.. r l,,i, .-t i ,ii I, f i- l e- --
-i 1, -'-- t i lit&it
I l l' f I r \I \ l I a i.i' 5 o t l s u -

si r-,.1 a 1IS-I:it.. o, ..I.

II I- I:.s u
I -it s.t I I w I,.-- -h;- ----

I .l L b1,1 i 5,, Ii ii


77 --FACT(

Paris, June 2U1.1
Officitastateinent dealing with avitioii
Our bombing squadrons duing the 26fl
iad 27th in flights made both by day and
Night, dropped 58 tons of explosives on the
aviation grounds along the rivers Somme
aid Aine, and also on'.iantobuents and
-hi ca at.PROidecS itelrrve, Fispies and
u:ignicourt, andaid on-railway dstatins- a
-Soisons-land other-places.-Two munition
depots exploded and several fires were ob-
Si rred'to have been. started.
Lohdon, June 28th.
-- fficiastatement regarding aviation. A
fldafniiy' waAs carried out,on Thurs-
lday by ourreconnaissatice photographic and
'bomibinrnigmachines. There was some in-
Screase hIostil 'activity in theoair and as
a result more -fighting occ d. Twventit
German Iachunes were destroyed and nine
Sfo-rced to descend out of control. F-onrteen
O"f our airir planes mr-inissitg.-Bombing
Operations were carried out vigorously.
tSeind the German lines.' .2T .tons of ect
-lqjosw ereiropped during t last 24
houro -raiway junci s and-other
targets. London, J-us 29th
::- fficial.--Aviation. There was- much
Stfightinl on Friday during whih, enemyy
m machines. showed considerableactivity
During the day we shot down 17 Gertnau
I machiness and forced down 6 others out of
c;htrol,. Three otours--re missing Our
ahimen anid .balloonists- taking advantage
of 'the fined.\eatlher co-operated with the
artillery in engngging hostile batteries and
-firing an -animtmition -dumps with-good
destructive effects. Our photographic
'machines were active and many recoinails
-ereatried- outnigjit and -day- 22
tonsof b eboibs big ppe-durng the
di.ytimen n various targets and 14,- tons
during the course of the night hours.
London, June 29th.
Official statement regarding aviation.
On- Friday afternoon .our airplanes attacked
therailway workslholi, stations and sidings
-BtThion ville. Obs0eration was difficult
ow in to weather but direct hits were
hniigly- made on the workshops and
trgcs hIere. carly three tons o bombs
were dropped t Our fornati6ns. were
attack by hostile machines and severe
Sfightinfk -cmsils as a result of which three
elemyirples wer- downed and another
orcedaWscend o of control. Two of
i relaciines failed ortreturn, one of which
islinoii to have been forced to land. Our
airplanes on the night of the 27th-28th
-sueceasfully- attacked Bldchen-and bo ibs
-viere released, from a low altitude and
-eaiacllineguns fired-into hangars. AIL our
m machines returned safely.

-- I-t--JI L
-*iA-l;A^NE *-S.C C *-:. __

-lne Avan:ed adPrisoners --
S --Captured.
r-.laris, June 28tl.
flfcial. South of the Aisne, in an attack
ibed ou.t this mrninng from.south of
fitin to r point east of Montredert 'ith
"e..stm.e ,oiOrtnmicertain anned places

rani L inf s,;"



ni Cables.

-Certain ,Geriiiani etaclinients which had
itomeiitrly rh gaiet a lotioldstf tl-e
Italiani first .inepossitions, were driven,
-back, Aong.tlme French line a number of
surprise attacks, S'ire. carried out during
ithenriglht' ,.Northl-west of Monat Didier Ameri-'
can units captured 40 prisoners, including
bne officer. In the Forest of Apenenont in
tlhe orraime ector the Fremch li kewtise
-took prisoners -itmid captured valuable
niaterial. I ai,
I,' Il Paris, June 29th.
Official. Nothing of special interest to-
repo)rt. .. '
S- Paris, June 30th,.
Official. Our troops executed a number
of raids last night notably west of Hangard
and south ofAnutreches tak'ing-a number of
prisoners, .South'of the Ourcq the French
in the course of a local operation carried
out last night on the crest between Mosloy
and Wassy-eni-Valoise-ealized an advance of
800 yards along a front bf over a mile.
They took 265 prisoners including 3
officers. In thle Vosges we repulsed a
--GerBaauraidingporty.. ---x


Progress Gained At Slight Cost.
n. London;JuIne 28th.
Afternoon official statenient. This morn-
ing our troops carried out a successful
operation on a front of bout three and a
half miles east of the Forest of Nieppe as a
result of which tliey advanced our line to
an average depth of nearly a mile, capturing
more than 300 prisoners and 22 machine-
guns. All our objectives were gained, these
including the hamlets of Lepinette, Vern-
--ue-and Ia LBecque. The enemy was take
completely- by surprise, and in consequence
our- casualties were very light. At the
same thour'Auistralian troopss attacked and
captured several hostile posts west of Merris,'
together .with 48 prisoners and six machine-
guns. On the remainder of the British
front the situation remains unchanged,
London, June 29th.
Official. Prisoners taken by us yesterday
in the successful operation east of Nieppe
Foestiave reached ma total-of of me400.
These include those taken in the fighting
west of Merris. Two German field-guns in
addition to a number of machine-guns and
trench mortars were also taken. The hos-
tile artillery has been active opposite Vaile
Wood, -south of the Somme and west
Feuchy in tie Arras regioim. Jhre
been ani increase in the artill ring oh
both sides in the Nieppe Forest sector.
London, June 29th.
Official. Beyond the usual artillery ac-
tivity on both sides there is nothing to



u_ n ing Fight Off Belgidn Coast.
0ond-n-J-une 29th,
Official. On Thursday evening four of
our destroyers patrolling off the Belgian
coast sighted eight enemy destroyers;. 'Our
snip ...... proecaa ii an.. easten

Ships -at once proeeaea in an easterly
:course at full. speed.engaging tihe enmemty at
long fange. After the action had lasted
Torfaqnarter of, an -hour- the- enemyy was
joined by three more destroyers whereupon
oumthip fl back-aupon suppmrts but-ttie
eencme did not .follow and the action m asa-
brolkei' off. do idatmage w"Is sus-'
.thiend by.ay s ofiour-.espai--rf -



, Aflied' Airmen Bomibard Railway -

Nbardedtehnemy--i vouac sorth-wstet-
'Ghievgeli and depots in the. vicinity of
Coriista, ; : :-,' .-';..- .'
-.. -. -' "/ ": :" ".''Paris, Juine 29th,
SOfficial. Eastern theatre. On ithe 28thi the
enemy artillery was particularly active in the
Doiran sector along-the- Vardar and north
'of--iayadas- Our batteries-replied .with.
destructive harassing fire.- Afn' enemy de--
taclitmetnt was successfully dispersed in the
Serbian front. British aviators carried out
several bombardments in, the neighbour-
hood of Seres.

,' RUSSIA. -


-Czarevitch Died After Long Illness.
S nAmsterdam, June 28th.
The Wolff Bureau states tuat it learns
from Russian sources that Ex-Czar Nielolas
was assassinated as he was leaving Ekater-
inburg in a train after the capture of that
city by the Czecho-Slovaks. It is reported
also that the Czarevitch Alexis died a
"fortnight ago after, a long illness. The
Wolf Bureau is also atithlrity for the
statement that Grand Duke-Michael is at
present at Tomsk at the-head of the anti-
Bolsheviki movement.- Reports of the
death of the Ex-Czar are very conflicting
and contradictory.

Bolshieviki Treachery and German
London. June 29th.
Germiany and the Bolsheviki Government
-are reported to have formed a secret con-
vention regarding the future of Poland.'
and are said to have virtually agreed to
o-operate in the crushing, of the Polish
National aspiration, according to details
painted in a newspaper of Cracow,
Galicia, and forwarded by the Milan cor-
respondent ofthe Tiimes."' The Bolshe-
viki Government further pledges itselfoto
recognize Austro-Hugariani hegetlon y
over Poland and to aid in defending them
against the former Allies of Russia. The
newspaper describes the treaty as a scandal-
ontis document, showing the treachery of
the Bolsheviki and the business methods of
the Genrmans.

WVashington, Jatne 29th.
All reports of sensational developments
in Russia are- treated in diplomatic circles
here with the iutmnost reserve and the dispo-
sitiot is to.believe nothing- until confirmed

Hunger' Revolts in Moscow.
London, June 30th.
According to the Morning Post's Stock-
holni correspondent, a Swedish editor who
returned Tro ffPetrogradtyesterday, -states-
-that.the situation there is more critical than
ever and' that a terrible famine preVails
and in Moscow'. hbunler revolts 'are
the order of the day. At l'etro-
grad the Germamn- occupation of the
city- is generally expected unless. ore-
stalled by the Cgecho-Slavs who have more
than 100.000 disciplined troops and are
being rapidly reinforced by Siberian Cos-
-. London, June 30th.
According to an Exchange Telegraplr-
despatch from Zurich, the German news-
papers say that the Government is taking
preparatory m measures with a view to inter-
venitio-in Russia' and it is stated under the
lai troops will be sent to restore order
assisted by the _faximalist forces.



Emissary s nMissim. :
. ., "L.. Ziire1iJuc 301th,
SIt is learned oiij reliable sources that'
thli Austro lffrigadrtirGoverinientithrottglt
its official representatives, in Svitzerlandi
ass made atteptd thlie last fetl day-a:
in Switerland to dicovr tlie Alie' estand-

asked-to assist in (obtainingii information-
regardiang thiis incident. --
---haeDniisl-ca London.-JuneJ30th .
,--_ritiihi-ca-ualtes faor the month fo
,June totalled t4i;147 of whonim816 s
were- killed or died 6f wounds anid !71,494
men, : 3,619 officers and 119,218 men ere
wounded orunisiuig; During the last eight
days the casualtie&Aere as follows: Killed
'or died of wounds, officers 143, men 4,773.%
Wounded or missing, officers- 533-.aen
32,244. - -
Total for June.
London, June 30th-h.
The nierchant tonnage losses for the
month totalled B3tish-224,735 tons.
Allied atld neutral 130,939 tons, as compared
- with the adjusted aggregate for April of
311,456 tons and 630.430 tons for the month
of May last year. The losses.due to marine
risk are stated to have been unduly heavy
last moiiQTlie Minirter ni .Sipplingl hat
announced that steamships exceeding 500
tons gross entering and clearing United
Kingdom,' ports exclusive of Channel and
coastwise 'traffic, totalled 7,777,843 tons
during the month of May.


General French's Significant Statement.
.London, June 30th.
General French, who hlas recently re-
turned from Belfast, stated to-day that
when le issued the proclamation calling for
volunteers he had no idea of abandoning
the possibility of conscription. Should
military reftlireiments not be sattisfied with
voluntary methods, tlhe Government would
act in the interest of thIe arm.y. Fifty
thousand men would be accepted as a con-
tribution but if compulsion had to be re
sorted to, tli number would be regulated lb\
the population. The Governmnct in Irelandi
would carry out its dut% unflinchingl\
w'itlmhout fear or favour in tilhe face- of what
ever opposition might arise
Policed by American Troops.
Panama, Jure 29th.
Orders wcrc received frutci W;ishington
yesterday afternoon fur the liicing 'f
Panama and Colon by Americian triol
This action was taken under the treaty ,f
1904, authorising the U.S. to assume the.
police duty whenever it- should become
tiecessatry teo ilaatain order. The Panama
Government protested against the measure
This step by the American (Governmenti
was made necessary ,v disorders whliich
occurred ais a resnilt ofI cti clons

Marketable Merchandise.

SThe last American steanier brought a
good quantity of this commodity, the
wholesale price being from $.3.60 to
$13.75. ,
There has been a greater demand
recently for. the East Indian quality
more so than for Demerara ; stocks of
which are somewhat limited. The
former is sellitig-at $13.-75 to $14 and
the latter at $13. Local rice is being
offered at $12.50.
The price of No. 2 quality sugar
has slightly increased, the present rate
being Trom $5.25 to $5.50 per, hundred
pounds. Other qualities remain at the
same price.
--'_0i is selling at $4 per bag of 110
F ish -
Scale fish is still unobtainable and the
prices of the other qualities on hand
Ahve increased. N6ova Scotia cod is
fetching $62 to $63 per large driin it
-Newfoundland $56.
,-The article shows-ma decreaselin the
-quotations fo0 both grades. -French
butter in ~kirns as selbig htit$40" and;
.American ii.casesof 100 ibs. at $57,

TherE ia been -no -tiacreases -i -the
price of lard which 'last 'week fetelchc
.28 cents per 00 l .,o,, theltierce basis,
wholesale .. .

-'exuore on .G, .emeane.-MA,., m .
istrate t"hen n tter waslme of stathate
W--t i,! i the past week eiind, the San i, Auig-ste aa i-s-And mI-Ryioa
gre Graiule districthas been. the scene L e embezleluni oft i O .
0of a series of motor car intshaps, three ?itessra V SslTwy'saild1-LA k OReily,
of which provxedte-be -of--fa-l-y serious, instructedbv tMr. E inmot'
consequices 1'bThe first of 1lme trio oc prosi-ute and .ess- l i ar
curredl oiFrily afte.1rooi w ln M-Sess-rS -K C Wl- ahel'-Wsu M -e
F. Cumerbatch A iR. Ciharles and' F- tucted-y )rJAf
Legarie were on- their way- to Sangre- -When the-case was called, His Worshp
Grande in acar drivenri:by.aiman named r nxearkedtoMr. Pollard Areou going
Caesar, All went well unith-e party .ontine tim crosesami ai ol
was tearing its destination, when on a lard It has b'-en exhabstsed-tiie after
narrow-stretchlt-of-road thedriver of -the -tns5 ___________
car, in order to avoid a collision -with a .itir Pollard : e are' edieaouringa to
cart then on- the road, ran- his vehicle -t"eve youof. the further torture oL nan
to the extreme edge, The earth being crss~ .ainitioni tk therth
soft, crumbled away attder tle car's is thelr astimevour Wt k t besittings
weight, precipitating it into a deep His Worship'eQs,i ehsi last timle I
drain. The occupants escaped with am sittinglhere i "forr fe.w .wee .
-slight injuria-lnt t"h" On Sunday morning. Messrs Feliz been conferringin' connection with this
Smith, P. Phillips, J. Bart, A. Paul, and. it might be. possiblecto-coapo>e the
Wells, H. Valdez, S. Bain, P. Snuith difference ri.el ofthfe xlanatiiS6sthuat
L. Cipriani, J. Smith. L. Deuprey, L. ha ..beei pt forwalrdi Crosse aunnatlu n -
Clarke and A. Cazabon, left Port-of- Unfortunately ,Ihav jstlairrived from the
Spalin riftaso--otor cars, owned hy- H. othdr'tourt and I niielf have not had full-i
Spantw motor car owned by l H.e
Chung. the last six named in the lead- opportuityafip ou.natr-
His Worship You, want. a further-
ing car and the other seven illU tie ournment. '-
-seaotmlid which 'as driven by Chung Mr. Savary : \Vell. I don't know.if 'ounr
himself, for Matura, to engage a team Worship is going to be iere for aiiy Te-el--
-there in a friendly game of cricket. It. of time this afternoon...
Vbas, however, agreed that tie party lit Worship: Idon't.kupw yon
should first travel- to Salybia -hfay for i- -n iulerit n.1nontgai.-Q' h bi;.e he for
surf bath. and return about midday to anytimnelthis afternoon. I don. lhape toibe
Matut. for the match. Throughout t h ll lrc tiehl loxger.f,
Mt I-. Salary Because we mai lie able-to
the trip, the two vehicles -kept within consult for an hour orsIo.
sight of reach other nntil almost at the- iris Wors hip: -h e-. -
end of their journey, when the occu-i Counsel on hoth-r ides then retiredlsand
pants of the leadiffg car hiy traivellini after a short while returned
down :ian incline to he sea shore,. Mr. Savary addressing i., Worship: I.
lost sight of the one following, anli glad to say sir, that we li'-c- arrived at
which, owing to a subsidence of the a Settltemcul in this mnatter,.subject to-yuur
earth, turned turtle down a precipice Worshix allowing lie Cases .to be witla- -
about 3U feet de|, being stopped in it drawn. the one we are prcamkdinJ with now _
descent by the stump of a tree. Three and the other one. Mar. O'Reillvf add by-
self iawentt i i the explain t-onns oiffcret hb
[ the o.L- ctul.,intl- were iluneid under the ia,,inond and we thinIk ourselves that the
car and it \11. only when the first plor- complaiaant ill this case ought to'be i atias-.
tiotn of eli t pirty reached the spot that lied with thostr explanations. In'conisequence i
they were extricated from their peril- of that we dlo not inteiidJLp proceed with.
oiln position. Me asr. Paul. iBart au l this matter with vyoutr'V'rtJiip's leI\i and
Chung the driver were the mint tit, r n evidence in the otlier.
seriously injured. 'aul ngn s l e .l ills W\t. hii. I PinSelf. after hearing the
cuts in the head 'and aso t hisni frc evc i clcei d i n1t think there wans %er. iluch.
wle Chiung', t mliilr Iisbonea atladin it it. iaft thei-xplaniation uftered-" b Mr. -
lt. i t Polltrd iii ie l iof the position h eld this
cated. They were Itaken to ie t n in the business, and the.relati:i hlie ha-i
S.uigre Grande Hosp,ital wh erc they with .kuiiuste. I did nolt thhitf--herw' was-[
wrc trealt-ed by tile I).1 ") i )r le very mach in the cus; aiud iLl you,.accpt-
GaillIes who after ei cc luring fii lt aid 0 th-O c il e- c ii. la i1.1in 1 tii LEt satisfied, is-
ordcred Patil to I- taketun t, h i le i't ial s eiCdls t I thouIstlt the ulA.ttcr was siuctAible
H1 osilital without delay. ( )n arrivdnl in of exilianiat.iin. YV u ilid. not v : p-
the city, Chung's should li aand Btirt' portunitv to hear what S.ias said w:n this -
injulri-e tacr e atiledle I l, r D r. R. C latter was' br tught t,ollraiteitilon the -
nulpperiir a oftlllwoi- l altics hiin-iid at ra s length 1. hi1t ilow it
upper of the I ital who -has come into Court an the matter halta
charged tI( Ill. I n1t detained Paul in been explained I think \.,,it havc taken the
h li t iid 'li Tli l the r inocel ;nts received proper course. -
ijli it i]ili. i'landl shock Mr 'Pollardi Si k-al' fiini-oif,6tj1- iTS e, sir,
eitc r i In iii,- lT ... lw r Ha ilcio li :]a) a l vitc l wit th ie lore taken
dent hapatcil to Ir \- t'Ni 14 If). ,,i Cnllin l aiiii. ifii 11115' 0a ysea, thl~i e%'eM :
Baker, Aiiimerican Co11l Nl i Lt aker with fithe id-ciscim forecasted in diur favour,.
along with the Misscs Iris Schontei-r land and in the flness of ouf r heart we we-itlraw
Mona Macrvat cwert on their was to ll those iliinpitiuolhi w e.Ma.le iitluh course -
i totea w-ith Mr. d< iniile,'-d of tile o1011 cross-.Cx 1aion, which alas!
and as thei reachediait o til .i.t n el ItI rite ) oi Itace f ,'iiic t . ..g, ti Io i
calle te Lo Stretchhe e h e Cl li hauffeti r Jlis \\VorsI tS H ,te lonig crs-examinia
i.i. enic meai or other ran the car into tin, hb db its (t (.I I ghIterl) \ '
an rot telephone lost. Trte axle T'asi w accordingly dismissed and
winil held and iothetr priionts of the theth llc w i-irdr.awni.
car were severelv duatged, and the Mr. 'Pllard : I l ake tlIe ppoirtunity of
Vehicle had to tie abandoned l)v the wishg you, osir, a i-appy-fnrlough' vhichi I_
a -rty who reached their destination on n i hpet will be all t he rtIre a oppy is
monkey cart. Arrangements were la li matter il t ie mgig over or hea
yesterday tI, tow the car to thie city. Mr. I'ollard. It is o Nml for'a short time Iut :
1 hope it will be happy.'

America Stops Import of Red Cross iotice. i
C pra. Lady' Collectors are reminded lithat -
O a June collections slioUld be,sent to thlle-

The American Ciiul. Mr. H. D. lion Treaeurer on Monday, July 8tl~h has received a cable from his and th at the General Comiittee 'ill
Goternltoent at Washingtqn'tothe effect meet` VacorXed iday-,% uyTRh, at th
tIht the -WT'arIcice Otirtio re-yoked_ srn
all licenses for the importation of coco--
nut meat in any form what ito E -
Ocean shipping after June i-30. Ti,-he U ..
date of Ocean Shipment is constituted to
mean the date of Ocean Bills of Lading -
No further licenses will be issued for the o .
importation of broken coconut meat, ; 07 roi i 'mnvdi Slfitha to Geaep.-
shredded, desi.cated or otherwise pre- rod ,Coe-. ra-t of ge d n
'Cpared an dkuo i n i; e y l o p ya e l..u n Cc amp a' :;;s
pau al02S t e o 0 Yrolumthe IZqujilftiij Coiimnauttei-
--- ---- .-to Joseph D 'tadie.-eRlease a
lauds-in Montserrat for5a-o000.
2,029 Froin Frederick Herrerato HiirKa, H
The Afrival of the Delta. -s j.... eteedavutee-Co
Tancerr of lands it]gLovwee -crP fof
s. q Delta arrved fhroilm Ciu dad e'do l n m a--
Bolivar oni Sundav afternoon with the fol- 2,030: Froimi Chirles uImberbataeJ
to iasseers Mrs .- schido ande Jo
ch ildMessrs_ Edwari itt-S. T. ice,- - If-eat -
Silveira, Mr an Mrs. T. Geovenette and 2,031 ronm Cecilia T'exei to Joi
child and Mr. Julio To6nas Time- T cago -- ra --Memorand oln
: included 180 oxen donkeys 9 miles, r5"0
s03 oe f fgenale r a iai 46 2,032 Frontm john t iea iic
0 pac-kag eseof o P I t -rans nei4 lr x d- a- of a
ori.o t nlhiftu-" '



snocr.D r0' T

tf_1rV -a --iteesi-l Tan T I m

M2Iari. Dr Hooker's Vegutable 4"Zaaurmwqpdsw wof it Mali&nfl
.ea.... tar-l, La 'all.ere Chasm- am ..... -....r ......L..... O. . .. L
.- .a for t.e Hair, Badea.n pRe. . Edeay . i .
WE have m stock a 1 lne r arirand, ,. OP - -
sekction of contractt . ...-.. ....... .
aForms' under the S"t-i O mo%' h.ilNG
-1 AGRICULTURALOIL.D KD- OFFRRS Repuc,, ,aP h-ogr p h, ._-t ," .... -,
NANCE 1:.0-. I *- *2+, *A. v aA E a l _nwi al U I Bard g, I I -- :. .B -
: .... .a__. ..- I ,, invi( ,-t for ,he f o oa ,ing- ._ r -,-" _ n, producedd fro m a "Phot ':-
E-.a es :- E d -s'ed e d .r spec y pnn e Pper.
S U ntIl the -supply is "s AU4LBstineU Cco 1 Estate, e en r ..r = .w... a .w. .
..sitiate in the 1ar of Tnre 'a. e .- rea; ...i - o .. .-- -
v- exhausted. -_jifOI rms e omprisig 32. acres, and about barrl c.I =rh iav S- Price: Twopece each.

will be sold at ... 6,000 bearing coa ,ree, 4 mi le
lUS lie Anma RailMy StationI2 ce IIue Ir. t i u I "HE T R DA-D ARDIAN,
....... ..... ,, 22 St. - -cen- Stre-.

2,( beaOnOg o trees. r^ F Ci .litoie f ynetrn r NOTtIC
1 a Piblishiug Ce., Lit' dba was so Ai 4 d NO ICE
^, L A.c A. Watt r e&t Liquidation of Alen Enemy
SBa o y. -.- -o l re -..tea r..d u T the I
.ar init'_ f~_r the fo in- .Maime .adv-i UT -,. / Th e Note the bok taoe kev at the right, itris a oogve-
-- an i or -m i c t =tr -ue E s-OS UKIf ES: niece on would sarcel exp-et on a six-pound
.. .- .. ..EW A ERICA. 800 ATEel .n ..___- m t f .,-191. i. No. 6-1915. machine.

r t Cn tR! Sia e/on, t r as -J re' n-' ci 's /A pct -e
THE VICTORIA HOTEL NOALD m A r FD WD-.CD.-,,. \_u____ui U ''__.__G_ e _AE
... ^. V .-4."1. tlr. t -" ,n .-s ra.'-s i : F. A. \S ab z-ie 1" Lq "
BAR & RESTAURANT i r din T n 2., 2 u.a aWdo .Lie b-aina .e u The K "" ev... e
ex n~ w as harust i e a Lest! 40 Frederick frStreet. -rr- Trnid-d P'p-t1et L'i-a -7 (In
eManO. racres .d -- ad ~o ~~e o L'- a- L qw:-a a>.i 0L n are ierPbc cTawo e ea
frilin the- Ani (j R ound % tion. ueaj_ iri invirc ni in.-.iLh Re,-!l- DIA
OUR0- Bi .ARnD ,ABLES r bet I ter, l.n. ,. Ct..Q l e O dic ce o. 6. Caed.O. -"
m ..... .. _._ANGELO FERRA mI. s -o .T,.. \ -..e- ,-" a .- -t-
_n TE .OiRAAs i--- -- --- ---un -THE -CTORIA BAR - - - --- a-- - L-- --- -------C--iCn-- t e-
_-r t s -m,-as-i STAND ARD-ROTE L 'itee on --2 S t. V et h .m C O. I
wi'h Cti be BBEB ot we Cto B supply atand ar *n ,ei er-k su ilt io 't.- L 'f =r ls"' .- -- I- t
-. ..q. . f IS ( T.te l d naa f lO h.' c i f rin- a n . . .. .. o . e t r -" t - ..
_ _ .. -top -- -d e d a. - _--t_ '-- .? .- <* ~. -,-- ~-a"- : _. ... .__ U ~- ___" = ? S,-,v -

S (j tat 2--tt re m b a- ,. t--- a T e t are e and ta S T
ivy -"es. M ... a "'. slat h- mlcat-l of an cnatI flm M. a

TheRestaura nt s O i aaT-..'raai mls &v- rtsa, o a c&-- ea' .at-eel..- iI a ,d -** R fc
-i!( Wi n 'e in hplrvlan s1an to,
-- ----- ........ ... 3. A S Fonawa, -. '- ....j.["y.E E W\L TIRE \ .\LVES have to 'cal-
dlt Gonsalve- dnr Ncr AmeLi cad Sol Aaeie Ee t e ch r n
2Phone St;. Tropietor. t tori, 1t Fraicr ik Street o -^*Ve'b & iW-r. too._ _

f lTh eo t rO L T bei t m r ei iU B- i r e r n o v e a l w i t h tC
.-ES. RECENT A-RIVALS: i r.-. s i i'-.: -= : :- U g .Tn -- n-l .1
1J AGSN HEArVs Ci x Itll --,,-- -T- n ....... -u o ,
EN Es K' u CE -e e -o -wu ---- --c o a sm-pu

._ BAGS r DHALL I 'h 'h t e hun i nla -i .-u p'.r I-* 7 .Ir .i u .. reuiu
r DRU's TA "-L --a but .- la T2 _i_.

a I B.4GS MI31.LED .TX. I t- - a a-tam t- n-, Thec s 1.. r-, i- .
SRUMS LAGE q i r -'h

,-_.__ a., alta. a. at T I e__-..J^^ i m IL'_t a ."-r ..., ,
O BA-GS l .GE I A LOf .; ,---_---------------- T-here ,n .f the A, e is .

V. T R I. .s s O R E N O W i o. r2 .' L D- La o". :C 1R C )OA .e( t r o l |E (
.... a ..P IGS S uiV- : A> a2h 3 .. Anilft t . D .OUB LE -El- TIREI ;_-r-S~rf
10 TIER Eb. i "- r -i t al roubles are over.
15 _i9 ; -L'^ &' 7A\' u ", . .u .: ^ -.5_e inI. A- f :fiU 7 a ca va

/13 FI-fU-"S ),. T tre .- -. = i e a Th- -,-'I
:.1<- ~ lRG. I .T -r ersOIr= e a-_. dnua-=n- ., u .-
-3 bs OILV GEL sta'= h: .0,. u. '-s-O R. ALSTON & CO
(-OU ss.- A S U.'i A r"-E ,C i' A C-D-m aAI LOR 74 -,C o-,. i a, I..e i
-.50 T, R P.s tMECli, RkcD ; S. P-..::_- T:Ti .... -.-.r. AGENTS.RA
M thes b h e on- C nno are abua s! he hI n -at ai G unk
41 HEEL BrHrdT_ am!r --> e mr ame ms w ri u iteeer oSn -
.SA Is.' al v P.... ..... h--q O E P '

tu.k :.e En -. u -je r ....u-_-.. tw,.-,,i .,:fr----.. pr m. "a ns
Lb.- tm -aTi -ins 11 minu Zs li- I-u iE rai c E
___L I, -,t^ AUGnuTE b- --= o utn, Kele akE,
Liq. uors -i _.... Cox .... aJ A R isc 'st o s
HIO THERAPY SOTk#-H I-s. r x l .-.---2----.- rl

A W 1 gerel sru s .soe. t t .. D. Sl a as ioL e---
,i" : t-tth-I- -^ da ee-. .- i -. ..

.....C--.- -t r.- .. u.snu a E SB3a s- S a -r-fla_______ l US'*u
-=M21A ._ e4--i E3 ,' W'-- mo M. M. V -

ion 4a-0 ly ie ,-.. ... -st1n tat ear ,e -! o" s1a-" -Z
P n @ 5-..uni j". h hs 1u f Pad.-

: .... . ,-ta_ ur. .Ctw V-B *L AIO R v a hu ;;
t .- ...........r. ...-6 Pa t

-M, mb -m--- -RIV.ALS: n ,.< *- -,>, JO S Pi-s P HA, UR L _

[Bc --i* ^ -^^ a, Lydiat pt2--. -
!W, BAGS- C. -RR- :2h1.--. --
,,t 0- -. -Ctc- .etc or
:. .,: ..,: ,.,, . . ~ ~~~~.. .. -- . .. .. .. .,: . . .._-dm ere t
.= = = .- ....E C 9 1-. __ 1 I. S t.-.- .. . .. - .--:--- -:- -. . + -.-;-- '_ ... ---_ ; -_- -; . .. -L-: ... -A G.E-N-T S.- _':-; --.: -_ ;; - ;: : ..... .. : : .

-r .
7 7.
MEt .T -J-
/ -.TBKtkTID~~D ku-n ~jy~~yr 9 916 1ff -:

I .- O D .. D 0 B.I3 R noted'
,, ,PE macy e,, TO RESUME IFF AP IB
-. -7-7 .. ..... .-7 A suppl. fa prit ff .tcciug- TH.. S? e a-rnogawy i

Malarim. Dr. Hooker's Vegdtable CGaiieS& of Mor a* nBl
WFemadCrrdial, a Val- ere Carm-a mt O l"

S Fonrm under. thbe1 -- S li mns apr

AN .CE 1. .. -l O. -d Ba'B- t t I d- AM l OWa d i .
A -arT iOFit for the fRHai ig- produced from a Photograph
s 'ttes:- JE o Wzd-.5. dsc. nspeciay pnnted Fine paper.
S-. OUntil the supply is -- \,U, L-ti' Coa, Estate, 1.Bi Z.-, et a m i ,, ----"
L a a.I r si l ate in tl e W ard of Tirure i, tue7 -- hu-- .W I =i-; Am. t h.e. uO.
__ t ,_ ._. rJOi -ompnsu 2 acres, and about U er c t or t i Prhice: Twopece each.
:. Will be sold "at . ,000 bearing cocoa tree 14 miles A_,n e. M h ---
'. the Anma Railua Stationw. T a t me r HE RINIDAD GUARDIAN,
OFFER"llw Estate, 28 mils -22 St. t lacent StreeF.
..... fro m the Cnnupia Raiuwav Station., ami:l. tti fi, t r ir s tan r -lii i
e ACH ompnrng 22 acres, and about e ....... a--.-- ---P------__
art0 a !. e ig cocoa trees. i -rT.A Fa ,e. ,,n itt cm he ,t l o = Il J I n Ie
I P- iblishii, g Ce., Ltd. h'.n-r -, NO I E .-' -
., V -Vinwo-l- .e e A. A.Wte ,,Iuuio. C,,,:tW1 t Ltq-aon of Alien Enemy
T. m -uGiea nile-- look am Busneses in o .
rn W'il! s ..e t= w 2 'dBtn h"tB 'a.s every

I" -'r-,-,u-.* k '-e r-- T- -ns -e
S- & TAU : -- i-- e -- '! d Wid 'o d oe -, ,, The
~ ----xh ____ .. 2_ acres. aud Au MUM= TOi the hu--hA- E ORDINANCei'ES:
- - :---- L "of FrederickA S treet I L Tein.'-d Pr wopenc e te ___ in

a t v - -s w_ -,'-O u r -1'. ,,__ _:n ;. o.a. ,m u ..-i in ... re. o .. . acce 'tnh R e g ul-e

b-n pih Sn. r E ia an L ht- *I n
m.3 #-7-- .. q ie
BA250 i mST U wAr- tANGELO FE- RRAIT --- : .,.- -u- r.-a 1 "a-- -. :e n -a T
--flf-l|n rn 4 t. r- s 5 ST A L A R VaR I B'-d-R T- *^ u^ .--n.L, 5.-u -e -. *: "_ :. ": ue c:,: : .-.. ic


i;n-.-. .. .. u-a:c -t 't-:!nar- I j-- : -- .7-,. .ur"i-t3-u- t. l r'u-.s :
a9s quusa ans'.e biooks &- u-cc-r cil taku-c, on d-Liuidtio of Ai Enemy-
-- The Restau rant is 11,l [Ut AKE A DEPAhTbENT -'- -n:' I-.. .. '- '' -e i :-: i
.. S il)l soxn be in fu rn- ,--=--= ::w. I

T-yr aTe diu-rsuea re E3 ee -.-a in
C-1r-. i
John Gonsalves. Jnr.
Phone 706;. Propietofr.t

A. S. D)onawa,
-Sin' Ameicatn- Soa Water F:
Tcor; )0 Ftsie.-ck StrVet-

Offer ForB Sale
U BAt ;S HE.4rIF C 4\'.i l. "/ N .i /:..
15 PRUMS L.RGE F1 il
_0 _CA'Ei4 P'. IERM 'ITH, ;.-- .
:-- SV-L. PIGS S8t'l:
JO 7If E. EL'F.
1-3 ITILC-- -l, TalIUC
f SRL'. JG J lF
- s3 BS O1LAK.o "-
GOSS.) GE"S S.' i .< c .
S.__OS4 t...EL Br d SO..S L' A u-'.

t ll- &-EPT ,I,, 1l
_- '.-. _____ -_ -k-g' :H yr-I,]




-.-- .5 5., f h o_,-,. -

'''.,i .n t Ob B i. &L Jiiiifipn.B i -

:;. .*AlMt.~ -, la;rmlAvof i- a

m. wee **


mm!u-? '=4itw -'n fIL 5
T"e C- '=.!= -
Z3-"-, ~ - r-- a -

:sIS D i & r-'aC, b t ,-t --

1- w au-ret etoeca~e
LaxICa 'Ee C Ru-ay 13!flra s su-' '
eu-I.'' S fl. 'u-CC=u- .u-&-m .

tlvFb we un -"W 31 %ui uu-Cff -r; a- u--u! :u-s -l' z 1
rd 1 '-s-u e -7Ve a tr- -- .uu -X-.u-9

u-Cwe ar-.., -I'-us-rr
v-% u-u- pzs c i -arelc- &
Auu--il i-- u-u'u,--. -R ie o u-t r-

-s ct-uca hes uen df=%= s-me
n-i~O~eeuEr sects a '~u -e
u-ulu- amame 0 C lu -=!- % u
ue-u-h~u-- 1' 5 A-iuelmim- j

ciurau-n i-u-m @4 u-au-n mbeu U e u4pr a
lmtwm ad cbiwifte:r. d,,,ftd
an 0- 1 7.- AM u-fl utor uea-
~cey-ul bksm u--u- Fumrn Qaw~~~l ~r un

4ftes pumn ad& t q OE Ms-
ea sla 'be Me
mutntunt ~at isLa its u~-rn-a leltL
a--pbs-MO. Pmfl. -d aa ~~


Soidiei-s GerardJ

T FO i --L u--
c-UiiI --u; n-ig-, uu

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1--M-Vcc '4

DLI Siver Wlantet

4 wb 111u7t-a' ti-ucr Xw a:== us-u- ise it

ps-s u&afu! uis =5 .1 =alwe .1ms
IBM!etule -bmma n. am ad
touir Iaun. mA3==1is6 3206 I -usrF~

U Oi~&es ~

W R Cobafatma oiaand-UPN hee -, w .
n buIMCtmopqvmimu &ap=&
To- -at r ~ts-

...... "SIS

" 1 -.-

-- -

Note the bick spaee key at the right, it isaiconve-7
nience vou would scarcely exp-ct on a six-pound
machine. "

I .LE 'E XL TRi \ \L ES _-e t -o l-
e onem L-. A 1 rr

Th- pre .- M .4.. -a Dr sue p-sible

The% reb I'd or remc- itsthe
L.' .- )

The h. ..u ke c i. r equi-n-
but ..e.. t rn. i a rube.

The. U
i There a 4-V ,the PresL e
DO- K.R. u-
alh troubles are over. :
a Th be :ire- ovr.

U SE D O U L E -SE A .....V A



.p. 7, Chadotn e Stoeem Aet
---- !P 8 and r Ageu

P 0" O00tP

:_- _- _b-f hanaft.fSt.-. .

Kepler's Malt react t2+zes) of Cod
K e &- '- -A B --oet -,

Tox aPis Boct)- Co
Lydia Rkham's Rme


-156 Edward Street



-------- I - .- % - .

, -

& CO,


. ',Wz

- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ L v----.. t ---

.ySArE-rf mTg ""loaw s the-WnRLT'hd. AU eud aIu a SALE J^r Tuesday, the 2nd day of.
of b.ll- .1918:. me o. Paul Rber on the.-t aineh a. riuig ily T 1 --
S upon lads ol hr Camden Rstate, on the lasat I sacr2 roods and 29 pertheu.'e and attg on --
-- upon lands Don or formerly of Jamnes Paula the Northoq land formerlyof C. Philip now rURLIC NOTICE is hereby giren that by 00 .
"t that... b_ and. L the -Vrest upon lanls of Ithe Camden or lately of Wilsom. Son &.Co., onthe South r order of Charles Ker, of Glasgow in Scol- ~ --
UBLIC NOTfIC hereby giosn tsat, by -tiate. ..i' TWENTY FIRST of such par- on the Balmain Estate, on the Bast on- land land Chartered Accountant, the undersled
S order ol Cbnlt9e K" of Glasgow, In tlt cmprising acre and ahulline o the now or lately of L. iaushlngton arei t n the will offer for sale by Public Auction at their r'y r}
Scotland, Chartered Accountant, the under- North n lds now or lately Crown lauds, West on lasi now or lately of W. Smith. Auction Mart No. 12 St. Vincent Sireet, in the
signed will offer for sale by public .ction. at on the South upon lands row or late) .Crown THIRTEENTHLY. All and singulSr that Town of Port-of-Spain on Tuesday, the 2d0 -, j
their Auction Mart.'No. 12. St. Vincitu Street, Annds aunl upon 'a road, on .the East upon certain parcel of land and cocoa plantation day of July, 1918, between the hour& of I and
In the Iown of Port-0o-Spyin. onr-'luesdat, the lands now or. formerly of one Wriht andil on known as "ST. JOHN," siluale at McBean, 2 p uM.
S nd day of Julyr -191b, the botis ol the. We.- uopon lanrl of.nne Ilenry William. in the said Ward of Cosort, comprising 12 All and sing'iilar that certain parcel of
l and 2 p n. THE' I IV'.N -SFCONDI' of such p-rcelt- acres, aud abultingon the North on land now Iand or Cocoa Planttilon called Industry "
FIRSTLY. All anrid ..rnilr,r' thlar ceritai compr"inrog 22 acret.. t:,,di sad 26 perches or lately of the Heirs of JoReph Penco and on (formerly belonging to A. E. Dra.ruo), siluate
"-Cocoa plantstloe crdl.,-I VFRDANT '." I ".E, r I '.alting otLi th North uarrn lands now or land now or lately of Solonmon Warner, on the in the Ward of Couva in the Island ol Trinidad
nituale in ule W I,.. if lt iil lilinloini 1, inrt of onerllt Cb .rrlc., of one Plcr onud East on lond now or lately of Chnarles Stele containing even acres and abutting North THE SIGNIF
Trinidad, con' ti- l '>II.'"u d parcrl,- of ter CockertoEn. t rhe South -upona and on land now or laely of Joseph Pence upon lands formerly of the Crown but now or
land co. rpinien tg "'t trr 2-A rrcIc 1'i roJ I I old frn lItB i-'r. or tormerlyv rl and on tie WEol on land formerly of thle lately of Goluool South partly upon bnds now u r Q
.n n .-... ",- l W llirrr Cltri. a r r,. ,a t -l-.,;t upon lau.- H lH-,iri of Joseph Asson now or lately of the or I 'tly of he Crown and patly 'upon atys H M o
and 21- r, l,, 1.,- tit le ire r, "r --,..
TH,--IRiST -- uij r,,rcrl c -,'r'i,,, ,+1 ,r hli'meJIt' Crowu1 .I. I] on the \\.ct Heirs of Joseph Penco. now or lately of BanEhu East npbn la s. N R I .W^.
acres, and .buttl.p. -l tie No0 -, ',,r.'-u rl i nr..i. THE : I V THIRD ol AND FOURTEENTHLV. All that parcel or lately of Richard Richardson and West upon ia A -
now or i .ril fa i r.lon o n W t. nr ., -' arcel. tmpri. ni .' I I 1 i-d and of land and cocoa plantation saiuale at Mc- lands now or Intly of William CIraver.
lknls ol .mrs'oin Li-uA, iipn ln,,I l, no-ia cr i r.i'ri o ,.aId rlliup ,,n ulie N pon Bup n B n, ll the mal Ward of Con.;a, comprisindg Dated this 28th dat li MIy. 1918. Over other M akes ol
formeirly of Willlaou C,.. ui.t upton iurdoasii. IrIl" now or lonirty io John Cunminug. n Sacres, and hbultinR on thle North on land ol F. j. SCOTT & SON.
or formerly of J .anr- Tliomrp"nn; cn tile Scoutli ril .L S.:ltt up1on, ,inds tn r or lorierly of B.- Daniel Plereon -tn -the Sooutah o and-ol Alarie _Goternment Auctioneers.
apos la nds i oo Lit fer i lCrnl Cli. l t' lr l id H. ODuvifn' --11t llr WirVEt upon Angirt, on the East on land of Plerse Romaico n --is not mere!; tile l-
upon lands now or ir ta v n Ih' ,i rlt lt-or L SlII 0,o, or flr, li rrlc cone.W Cra, ford.l and oul tire West on laud of Sarjbally. he
*'nI pan land now or frn erl of R hard Rf,, T TWENTY tOLIRti of -uch parcels PIFTEENTHLY. All ansi singular thattter, t
p'lipsn lands now or fior erly or Soi-ri Dtrencrh. c. li ftiip 12 ,,,r,-, iw[ 1t rithlic and alut- ceraton parcel of land situate is the said TRINIDAD the matter, as the tiaoie of
upon lanla--now or. former f -ri1 Wiii ti, .n, ti, N,,.l uU I, w., orrmerly Ward of Couva comprising 3 actes 2 ,ooda Sale for Tluirsd-y the ISth day oLf- the leading Sillk and Dres
Doofoouee, upon land ow or tfor it-r of Jl 0B wV -iaihj Clrlear. on thm S, ath ou-ou land. -ad 13 peche soila auttliog on thi- North o Sd the Woest rInlies-it
i, n on bonds n o ow hnmrly o, Sarah F1,.,on rhlle East the Road to Calcutta Village, on the South on July, 191S. 1 t -t ie-t 1
linda, and on the West upon lands now or nupo aunll' unow or lornlcrl Crown lhoss aud lands now or lely of Wednuedlay Smith, on to yOl of al tililg 111 d
lately of ihe said Solomon Warner upon a o" the Wcot upon Irond now of fIorun-rly of the East on lands now or lately of Charless pUBLIC NUTI a-r hereby gien _hat. in
-road, and upon land now or- fornmedl of the Dootb andJ. of Willliami Doopooree. THE Philip and on the West on lands now-or lately r exerc i.t'llhe PI'oer of Sale countlued in
said Charles Steele TIfIE SECOND of Euch TWtENTY FIFTH of fiuch pircela conipriinog of James Edward Gibbs and on lands now or cer lain ieuliorandum of ortrigage No. 15
parwls cotnpriinrg 9 acrea, 2 rods uand 14 3 acres. and sbuutin ona tie North upon a lately of the Mid .Vednesdau Souith date] tihe 1lith da of lune 1915 made bII a T
perchea. abutting on Ihc North upon lands rod, on the South and East upon lauds now AND SIXTEENTlLY. All and singular Albertho Mellonr in fa.o;r ol join, Ror.I,IFC1 Luex
now or forrntrly Crown landor on the Soulh or formerly of Pouch Thatclhe' fi nd on the pih certain parcel of land rlnste in rti e r Stida, there %Il lh e put p fo ri e T I )
--po on Ind now r fon orerlyol J.nre MandJgo. We.,t ,upon lpand no- o"r .rdrit1 called id l \' ai d of Coo ua comp,,ing 4 cires and Public Aa ,,onrLoo- ,m the undtrnidl t ilir -I ll.11 //-1.' S
sad upon launi now or tformerl of the oid l Dtaibh' t laida THE TWENTY SIXTH t perches and abutting on he North- partly Auction Mart 'al No. 12 St.-Vn -1ut rco t V.i l, e
Charlea Steele and on .heWe -t upon lands of nuch parcels, 4 acrt. 3 rood-t upon Crown lands and parlltt upon land now -ort-otlSpain on Thuriad -the ISab th lr ,:.
now or formerly Crown lands. THE THIRD ln-3 percies and-o buortingr on- Lthe Nro h or lately ol Hecior-Mungo, on Ihe South-upon July-ll, between thie ihorA.ol I aud 2 pan. 11 tt'r.,il h-l1
of such parcels compTirinp 6 acres, I rood and upo n lanis now or formerly of Lou-on, laud forirly of Welhlrgton Meyersa on the All and Slugular that cerlt.. piece or parcel il tl- tllrviot d
17 perches, ahuttlng on the North upon lands Po c ill, on be 5oublh op-p beds o. or Eua upon lnndds now or lately of Anthona ol land Hluite U tihe Ward of Loter Cr.oni i,
nowor formerly of Do, rbi, on the Sfollth ftorctil CCro n landI on to al 11. l' on lindes W'right and oon the Wett upon land' row or the lAIud ..I compr.img r iO, acreo b tmiateritl-_ f.r
npon lands now or foritnrly of An.Irtr. Dalis. nfow or fornTt:rl'y.CrO in lands anj uon and Ile Crown lanIl nsod upon lands now or tile same tore or Je-s delineuled an the din. t-Ce'ltOlI 11' i 1
aonthe Eat upon- land- oo forme-ly olt aos or formerly c.f WIllIatl Stecle, tla iL of Cbarle-. Slaney. gram st,,chril io tbe Cro-n Griot regi.t ,J. l ,
Sarah PFa fe, and-oiie 'w e-e T ainor la-nCtr-ow_ an t -on_ n7 otLta- l o' r nr _Qor_ for' o erl far- in volume XX II folio S.1 and boundtil oun theo t' b:N itldn:,"Il
Sor'forery of Chnrla Philip and Johu Lub- a'dn ands AND T-WENTY- SEVENrI- N B. The above par:els Secondly to Sixt north bva road reserved i-ho tbrinl,] o the s t"ceUhc, it
fugton. TUE FOURTHI ol nuch parcel, of -ach parcel, ontprfng 2 .i r n I rood ard raently daacrhed are notrhd with d Snd by lands o ol Murylt Garcia and L, ltnoJ. OfI
com erlslng-t--nces-5, tood-,. n,]--39-perchea IS pt-rchls ond abuilin i f0Tlae North upon now fari part o l the said V-erdant Urtalt Phippi, on the east bt n 10 t r,-ic ,l It to If ll-F F[,
(anho-desKnbr 8ored n Fiete in the Ward of tli ad ldn g to Calcutta.\ Vl_ mea n and ouu a Ralateo
(also detCcored as ritnte in the hgad ol oh, -d In Calcalts. V reon rhe -nSouth' rale ", Eslate. -10 linth wiae. b) lardri of Antonio ell~ro nd :Lfford- C I
Caraplchaina);,-nd abqrtlig o. the Nori b, N or t n blnds .n-ow ofl Iotn rl'-jol Albert Lack, A -rrety of Crop, Il now gutlinn onoU the loa ld. o unab Plippo uod orn rh aefrt hr i-'id-, .i--
the East and u on the We on lands now or and upon Waild ono r or formerly of Wednetdo,- state : Crocoa, Tonca Beani nod CDocan- Ld. of AuguIU Phipps and bAy snd, il ranigl
formerlyy Crown lands, and on tLI SEouttb pon "Etlb. on the astL upon l rd noaw or nuts...-he cultivation of the two laI- 51bar Garcla.
lands of the Camden Br.tte, anl -upon land, Lornot ly of Willam Dcopooree and upon named productL ia being gradually ex- D.ted thIe 24lb dJy ol une l'I1l A .- ,
.now or formerly Cion lands. THE IFTH landa- 'now or foImrl'y Cro-u laId. and on tended anuud i preesntly made up of
of such parrls comutpri-ing 3 acres and IJ ioo,I. te Weit upou lands now or formerly ol Ihe uro li, yosng tries, but hbat is 6itli- lP SCOTT u ON, ]:.
ad abutting en the,Noih upon laeds now or -,d Albert Larck and upon the road to Ca1- factory to nZoe 13 thait ome ol blh. Go r..mient Auontouri i
.forum en rjI c ,W _-l-ii i,=.-ou lh b.S oulih .cu1a _-6 lla chl . .. . . . ... Tc, nca r .a,-3-oo 6 eers old -hLave _-- t i,
upon lands now or formerly ol John Fox. o SECONDLY ALL THAI rcuaim Cocou -begu no Lear. A reat mny Coc ci ii
-.the-aast-on pou-lnds-no1 orlo erloe ,y olGr ,tr ge pl,ntly, s.nknroou r'' DreUo h'," e-"ole iusate \ Euppiia been put in dlnng the TRINIDAl. T uI.. Ilui t:
Wonder,-ald rou.the West- uiOn L ld snow or in rle aril-t ,C -ffia is the- rad aIsdad c.:, pa .ot C% a wearr and are pronnii lng neli 1 l I I 1
Orn Wrly William Moo~n~l~cnrti.' adar n -iing IS acres and abuttiig on tb. r Norlh and Nurzertes are well e-.abhlahed ISail for IThlT-dav the l;-.h J ,', 1_ -r n-, P-
-- ind rtlo _LJaihn_ Fox TE, o t- lauds now or formerly ol \Vill!iu Tlre .m mple accommodation in t ll
SSIXTH of snch pa rcele coipri iriF-.4 acreaos and sir-lT.ot, o-r.-n -Te-Ea- upo n L.nlrd -. 7 'ne -r buildinga for ra crop oh i,.Wn, to ,:i,, tiuy, tul' 1 I
2 perches, and abuttrug o rho North upn airr" of Doopoaoree, ona the Saoulh tp-, a, bgu of Cosca and ho pomr Nof te -
lands low or formerly Ltroau Ianat .'nr,, o nppor' to ad Ioadisg to the Calcuta s rItlCemult and Comna Rarloay StatlOO, and good road, RUBLiC NOTICE In bhreb;, cojrin Iao in
-==t~d qLau nn L.forhnlerlV O s GIo_ IV a _ld i e _\W at-upron-lcud o-oe. or lately -of trncont eOs. and esd econo lrcal F cecrd:e a1 the ' cia S-,i' COs Lalned
the Sooth po la RhaoF o or rlyof r Joo- a-P leo-S.... Th--re oare three Moules o the Et n a cor-i ,olena m a da e lnhu. i
Punch "lthanither, nd pon land now or -or.- TIY L H cat ion t i t nt oh Septeber I'-. ei-ter,.I as Na 2 '2
meoy of Johiu Sniart, os the boot opout ratios bsn00 [nTHIRDLY ALcTHAT cr Coc,, Plan. Le lc.--ert edo t tatethere i- ten the -,re loot tot, ti an- -,,,lerwtetlesC c-ne [' r-/Jje lkl ~
now 'or formerts oh tht rotiT; Gocge ardc aormodaon ht ro o P "Pt ond- one
a ndl u ndaro 'o lrro el Eto Lort n asd the-ikro ,o n in te a dnal e on'rr 1 LaO 'g .acmni:o Si ch ,o o erraicionr 'lJoiner o ln td e FR of I- P ,trn. P lora,-,n h a Or hi_ er Pr et no-i o y /
] -now or I orme rl [ the .h eore Woder, u e in he taidd Vthl Ao Co0dth,, 1c, 1pr1 lng Stock and t iudfiClcnv pa.lure ) land. pr i ltr, uarq,-",:, Ag [e Other a ,.
lis upon land uw o r forerh Cim aud n 6 cre; N bt ing o Nrt pn lh ,nd Dls-ed o ab o o M ,98t 81h dar l ay 1911. -a-' an lasted in r, iriim lns-loI-rada 4n ,: O
srown tare and upon tood noa m en fodemer 0 Wlos, n N -r son fill :aid o uuth o r A L
o t le -l up on lr de r, or tor sior ; s, "loTo r Cot n Fte So th &' '
of the sai d JP u ob-T1dlc br. -. ilTH f-. iVFNTH u Io, u ,l ia- u o Io r uelro o% r t-i- rT N ,I SGO' &O elr y Nr r1,; r ,Ih. beF t o1 r 0 P. o i r

of osh p- no ls y ao J h -o o ao b d e, f r-, on I osro ,,i ,- land l o: o a 3 D e bo or l o of EC .-r.r u -L lt-.e; '.
-rbe ari 'no. lstte 00r, r, e, oh N onatli far. tt' r t, _l- ik en ,o a_.ndn ,a t S ol S A c l a reorarer-telnwr'nh'- oc..,.- in ptie. ,- ',i o a hir. ^ l..\-o n b ....
aR rn ."'e r on- 'T neTdrl..'- o -brer i'r C I T A o tr u.o r e ie o the Ien the R an io-er w'

7Dnd Hi sop. on t ti S po- ltd or o. rirh red n Jn t ,he e on ro d I nuihow rt,.jiSl. lh o _Si r S i' r 'l o 19 n Pv b I ol iScr a I'r ,R Ie.neorf," ThutC,\nO c r s r o -An h
ore o hs o n1 rtorir c 1ohn Caio upo l r aid of on o 2 o

lnrd5 ,fow or Iot 'rl at WIohu h^ are ,' cor l a n "l "llirO u Ds oAB a iin cr eod I ir T re le r I h a7tu i a ndr pd c ,N Ad dt eh S NL M r d i
eotwn e E pin hcn- Wt d. or ltron yo tire P FOURTHLY ALL THAIn cerOa in 1e Coc LIeC ad Noep nto oe -he oitl I n 7 ALL AND 1tNrtiL\ 0 Ill-r th,.' be .,I 1 ,/o7-
noWes n dpon l a. Z-0 4 o no nal o r- f ri o ,- a a tnd i ., i o n o i Gl et n oll rn i IGoa n colai l a- Crn r no Ir 1J1e .,n To s iX CHn
saidDavid Hislop a; llte u larul 14111 r r ,ti ttrio r.d : n ln 'n ',: n'r : o l" ^ 'l el *unto *n th ,'r ,1 -.a rlrU IL ,

f mert or ibe r md Roberl t Cruin Lkh-nk anon ab g on t ih e r oe C er h o ,aId ouvi nd tFhh laen o ria Aupi on ,anI mN e thmoInm o fd l A or II.t i le 'or i-eF E
lie hPest on a Room ri nryiulr, s of th' cclrrrrng 6 asres, astl rI-,ttIng ,n the No;rth al the undersionrioned r,:,rtgases, and Dn oe$', -a'orprsnrn tI aCts- I c--i 2ni p, Iernhesi
sold Pancb h,trcher. TI-Iad CIGHTId I soch np-l i,,cLY Aoo-r Iolo' ci Soanr; Adous ePeBCnre oh rh ['caet i SCle coorr, Uio,-i i np-as onl AooL dl on lbR Noit r ton-' l,.loco -

s- ichs and Htio o he North upos liedne the a ho Cldcote l yeeral oedla m lorigage, the r st ad 1 ntd IT t.'l.s itn, Ca ,, n r-d- '
Sthar e. a mn- iiepd-a irn itd a n i.- or a ororlyol a t i lage, d-rl not the Wert opn land n oCro lC thdayu Kten t b u D eo" 15 r len d -THi SECtN T R l ,%F- 1r, i COVE Y5
Soam d upon lnrs naw or fTerEGT of the shi FIFTUL. A al cd ingr that certeat Penco DOW the ted pauti John Peno and o1rh by loaol Rr,,, ri _l nroatn ie, zi

ohl Char PEona. and on Innhe _'e0 t n .0 ".ovra ploalaton srituate at cB n, h hrt e are o nd [ the .h e a n- ho- et" oa r pR l h
parnds nowpr fiain t l Crs -n l ands ,. w TUEi on tie Soua in th e spou IinI of Tris .d G br of t Taylor tton and Edwn h qo oond hi la I n it od ran EtI en e. os

S O o a ol e Cosnelt Witea ot anbe third pat and the ilhe Ea'Ioli [ 'tiic Ri:rl ald 0 rhe te.-i
a b fe c ean du n-tot l l-n onite Nor thlupn ac a liar ,1 the- o' u pe tie .ow. 'nd tsetera d ated the F7hth dat i Joe j b C iow rlan d _, TIHE, THIRD Tlbn eh rt f
be-rh nd Eos-'nn-Ce nda d-os th upoT po I li. ned-iutasg No12 189(r1gile od 195 an d No de si lors-i n u as i node COMERISING I% ateoI I c,:,,,--i ao d : Ilr. -

West apos I nd noun or foraerh no w the said Jrr enfo Peaodserc e anJ ah pnonw rd herthb nal or'f A Main t
b F a e i a t s t e i and oh' sold Giber t Taylor Whllosn aod dwai the soagramt oat .fached to tirie Cro n
...... "'D n ieeo's Crodne."' THE TENTH O iap ciod ol band. The finrt ht-reol ren-l ou of the ther part, the t, G anL to Publ ic Romne un\ ol tle .I ,
a ouch pa rcels crp' g 4 actas, rood mod tar g 1arco coeLod and Of 1erh 3., d t u ip o lo e l hoae tPrhec Aud7th d on r ahne C'ha leys Rome tor. T H erl It, "-tie- TH L 1ILr' eu
opecuthe, lsd aurtrog ou the Nsrth spason staring oS the Nortl on n road, on rhe Sooth uodersguod at tehe iror Eion Mail, No. 12 no Robe;t IrlhOn in hot CCCLXa fch.[[ i ,,
-lands non ca fort n oerly of Ge-toe WoLdcer, on ce d ro teantd to Loondou. Purcell oa h uel onand o si incest Sini e e r st T -alor o o ln ad a nn d ht uner sa9 he No r tilaid 0o el- 0 C Ti A ., ,,,, .

Smart, on-t he Easa 0 f--b artls-on "0it o fr--wor- uci-'r-ln dorro w o rlot aetyofJehnlis Jslsnsn sod of T o. .... .... oh Petra li.eilt o aset by Crows karl i- ,,r T CO iR ,
...... o.w. O yLmir- P o_.--- T H E loNdo n -r s p el i-of 'the redTh d j h..r. t eof con sBea s inthe Wo rd of CseEion thra, m i he le aseto GrL R T.H t H E RL O P cui rrsit, g I o o v-
o .hee inog --rooda -sod 20 perche s d ab ti g -Tr - ip i g faros of-s, :m nd ott ntt a -r 3nd I ario he t e p-erchc str arr b pu u fo sl P,
a es, _lrods ma d 36 pe e Nodr on abu tting on t he os lands t ted or Richard on oh North partly spoann o rod td I and dehtneated in ftlu di lgro l allchel to the 1 S .. ,o .. II.
on the Norh apes o now formerly o1 toWtham n on laor a nce d grant ed to Lono ndo Po str- p en l Pcdo oft of S>Bon the dY Crw Goud tonr Binic rs h- It-

onformel fonte e o yBOB Bo on t p nl t oiale ed to on -ae bond uDom n the Weit upon loaod .ofoeCrw. 3f ud boudod as rhe Nt1h 1 CroBo I .nd, No rthop m w.l m agen
%da sow or Ioreral qoh Nathaniel Smith, and sad asn the Went on lusd oseelld tote Richard ford 2ob n rhe Swath fry a epaci If l for a Rood. os t he
a--Mthe Went upon ad-now ojornely t rown Willim d CONDllseparnl o lasd ALSO ---ihe -1that c irtain Pa orcel o tad est lbd o Goda aud oc the R eodtI1
kuda, a'nd spas Ioda sow or formerly oh romptoinr --a' rec3 roos aetd 4 eroidre, sitnute In the Ward of Ccngaco-,mprioing ha the Pshtr Road, and THEE htETH!
Jkesslnet ox. THE TW aLTl dluah abutntt ong nu Nor ste on lando hasow or tarey of n s is o
acres, roodsarln on th *nd anB iu b o0 the North palyut ando Teli9eOt ompriung ife creins roU odt Ine

pant rt-r c pro lanece2 foerd y ud Wil lom arrend on the fantd tb eonh ore r Sau uo ln- Bc perohe hbr ite aame more or loes delaneated
-perches, a n abtltSou on the North aons lasde- ertibned, ou the Soupoh on land sow or lately merly of W To maam Cleaoer ht now or Cltery nn the D Jigraun attached a tIre Croon I Gnct
now or tormerly- o John a ous, nop, ou the ow ohs Cmos nod os laud coo or tetey uf of Ihe aaid Joeph ['nro os the- Ecr upos origisnl1 gained tc the PeFrnortna Brila in
e Eeelea u the Cat . tnda now h or for- hereisuelore described and thn Nsset tso Crowwor H Ead d Nrtu L Lyman

Inada now or formerly of N ohnl Johusor, lately of thelllsm Steele astd on the Wee.t or lael o t miJor p a p o nl ed e
T-tWJHIRT0hNTH o0f 0uh paroeha c-Om- land utow or lately of foonts Turletaosad U nuate oi Title to Robert Moria Roain on tI
Wr~sI~l ariest 2ron s er Ychs U- (h log a c b and -5 N 7 ht- parcel of tasAd o all thO i rnrtihn parcel of has- alolu e au CCC.XCb folio 23.19 nnd handed os tie Norlt
bral qet r ), nod abutting op the Nort h osIXrfnL'. All and nh ogtr rha t cetlay rhe' o 1 ard of Coasta tsi descrihod as thale io sol West by Crosse land, on the S 3o od by ainda
upon s a ds now or i ormn rly of Jo s Jo eoro, o sre el ol Cro d an id corna plund o tlo a coled art-the soid Jofh perch es no toh aruiog on -R os d e Roier a nd on the E ast by a new
&b luepontaobilln rbnIds now eorrlormerlyl rpBhaniEl.FUONCB'"rie o its Easte o toilthe Wlord d ofr lad two ptrchi com. uprng three -of Brflo e \Ve are offering
SteelehanuseL ue E ast nds onoh or W fo r.l h eubdfoL ah dsri odrugrdi -ninn r 2l mod lndu or f or tdro o the N- The-p'lte of unit abaoe dytla dbu.--
rlads pow or fornmealy of tjondbn Purcell. mud 39 perches, and atlog us the North os Sothe of'Lst said oh ldsipt t oanud upon b Ti yofoiodet t7n- roe-engage doted inthe 10 o1,G
PQURTRBINT/H of such pancelarcls cow tow or lately of lhe Crows nseta0 and au IhWo apo Chan pe i fo In ein o S m 9 rioter no Nor22.95
Vl, ecra, ad ahutto gou t heng on Abe North Swo tr dY' Jll a os rh ae a in st B of 191's Is tas-snr of Ethoreath More Brunces re \'toile 3Cr o titb abiili
upon la d nn Ir nl thot parcel of boil niluote In the lanrde pt-mt ps! 10u0 ofl ahs c- u-rt o p
sathani e 0, upan asl on"d itE-- land of Ned Sstlth sa d c an c oras, oi-ah e Cost Ow lad-bv-ou atpeislog-.-r-auim-ald-Ot-o ...-.- -rill. pl tOls n triped
lands sow or t farer ly of-eniamtr spe s-I Lat ond oa Ihe OVeat os land 000 or lately of Solloy .hoig os the Nor39tnos land es of onrcd ld ecurd n, TrhrduDt as
to theWea t upon oarera now or foCrnowrly ofn df the Crown.
~dward Mayeyn. THf9 U'PIlB1NTaI of sunc hEVEINTflor All and ahagahr that ree- Js.Cunamlp on the Bust upon hands oh P1al follows 1-'-(; -To s rentlS dsed of Molage A -IMrHat t
is thom atabttg -o ares sad aIttlfsg 00 tuin patel of land and c onoa Rarsooss of Jobs Currrfrg nd on the dated te 3rd s of Septber 1915 regiered oil ili
tNorlbshal a road, on .the- or -oh spoa ate Is che said Wad of- dos uaroprlugNthe
lands now or utnecty ol WdllBam Cleaer, aon acres I rood satd 3 perches, ae latnd Ftlsg on Alesand alltt crtinpn pgu No 103' dated the ut h rd doy ohol estiea
nra ]East ndun lapui now or .farmerplyp of he rhe Norf h on hand now ur lately Ao I lh'en to tho e Ward of Coni e S omprisng Sep-tember 1915' wereby the prFalpat anu of P5 a1 visit at Ol3Ce [o

fa.rme |o f D. stet R r an tey. T ha upot n aX osesnta aw ord Wardy of Andr, ;Em' Da',,Id, not. Roaad on e the p arcsl a o ladota ,nd a, sc t e n ,li or'asi Not1ac dH a td her 2 ah Ir d T a y O Fe "T
l Tof rnch parcels compflahnalt C lee Rsnt ou land ol Augestus ierrearud o 1 told Josp Pec oa the Cast upon hands of Seed ofd aburtiegetrd rt N2t91ul 19ap of Sop W. .ii itt' fly
and-anttfng on the North apoun banns tow 'M th Chelrtin and on ohe lte y no f J. B. s't- Wtuesa nd abusti te NoT a o e rr 1913'wteei reord us prtgage No of 191t suet Inn
himarly 'of Willisan .( the South Isfely of Snil Taphot. Ashe told Jothpa fertn. l5 -tl.. certuis Me_ rtidia of'opteuNo 1b 1 pa--d-
cr n a p hle m t upon tnls w or for I ttT All and tiWrg1ur rh -t cr As at er 1915 onth_____Uon r ade__he_____________ale-_bTacrti
orme upon 'lands- nowSone fy nseT1 S' o-n mi d nmoe O In-thel fd Waurd-of Coumau icorn' rodsand the tythrer O pero easord hotingo Ioterent Ia irecrd to Ie paid to
lmos JDrench sad on rhe West t smph isng l andessl c I rod ad 29 reruhes, sd_ C Henry.d or.ard Roimey da hkd said deed- sd
,a "h 1 fk memnranduo of nomrtgage Is THw racke In.
-ow l on f trheNrty Crows fauna.William Co anrd- n "the Westg upon landN on la 19

oth un lands sow or rierly of WlFa str of Lihrt sn d mn The West on lan d te ter 1915res No 2.. o
alusltr en the o month openm lamd ,-ow ot o e nSowr'la tely of S amne T anls Aid alsosItsIhat certainparcel'of land stt' and a certin emotaua of Mortgage No c0R
.o t -alaafundi to a for- RIPrsscfs. Altli Itna the said. Wsd ofa Cosa ofland p silg 192 n da ted the aid 3rd of 'Sept-w her 1915.

s l. on ihe Wept niaosts k now, o r y a tnalomJ q. oniprtslsg 8 acros, and lands sof',. Dathfagrun and spas lsab bs b santieIIn _,ad os aauilsi ln. s IEEtIF"
a paeofn s&tompalTfVace and' shrT.p abutting nolhe Noali, Soarb marl East on, W SFniu on thmrty ca Lpon-lciu- or-Doorlag of 0lorigag h ttulor.
'en ithalkouliail s*crea an foroseefy laudoso unor latch' of rhe Crown sotd on the spas lasets of Study Taylor sad upon lands ted toNoth uont-ooe i anad "ipo nortsk o
.Waow ul .rcy {h Penc-. onthea, -TBf.TTILY. Dllncih-endl-onthat cesIuh Weoso uoopoore a.i S COT I SN mf Cannotef-istbl 5

pr formerly Cf wu lau nto -so oilier parclt n f lond comanp ialg 6 arDies, Ins f a' Is 0 Hrp .
fIR Weat ulpon labd-oefl ono Prcmeriy f nPeter on at Itt-Bean lanoretid and 'owifrtleg on the I.l. 'ThI shoes m asariose pt-onies ta --' ( tom n Aneera.-

f on sp 4 s hes jlCrown', on the South he pa rcel to t la d now er -upon thes :f PmeoCart-s.epfnt tlsmAu r -s.Rte mured p e r
mitr sth upo n ands a nowow on nastahureitafter dIesribed and on the Weal o0 nd o de Ionthram new trmau s

Ni'al -Al an Ia tthat- am Czewu suttounam Westan on -t. - -o orns cn, Cam pI an....
.._.. . -,... r, .z mi of ., .+ ._m ._o __ us w ad e ~ ll~ u . ...... :.... . ___r -.,. .

F 5 IrI i prIortas t.

,. Limited, Toronto, r u l al l Pr oprieto ra.
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to-dlay, a tine assortment of the

4Of.rds, whi',te-Jng S g -bidr,

our iruuois JOE SHOES-
S Ihrogh. Your choice itt 4/ -test.
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:r 1,. 0I -I e, -j.r, ran ta 1 D L ,:, who vIo 10not
'," ., l9, F'r *suratI'ederick Streetgiug
Co., Lumited, Toronto, Cui1)$a, ProprietotL

to-day, a fine assortment of the

whitee Lineu, strill6t Zephyrs, white

of our f.iuos JOB HOEti---.
throngb. Your choice fit- 4/.-

E," 9, Frederick Stree-

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just Ordinary .' Chine.'-

one LUX tlhat siguifies 5'-much-in -
f the firm back of the line. Famous as
;s Specialists in the Colony--we almost
must be apparent thatour introduction
dresses necessarily stamps it theBEST.

Grepe de Chine,
Fabric of enchanting beauty -
fintish atd 'uto'-uriance,-
Ces- otf which
F-_sira'l,-: ammont ortstocratie
Ladies.' best dres.,es. In
not the liot, for if valuic is
by the hilgh standlaid of
its qu:alit' and ipp-ea.rance, .
,u_-l,, sch: ap, .-.and -3,:, aire
ill de ,c i..iis from our \ery
;c o shade .
.:. rb, Fle.lj, Peajch, Suttn et,
S'a-.r :i, S,-uxe, Cnpen-
- .: -, l- u 's Blue, Nay ,,
B r,,...,t, T,-t, Ne Tc, S ,
Lj-'. ud ir, Baby blue,
"tck 0 '1,1 ",bitc.
$2.00 PeP yard.

-S .' $2'. 1/ 6 w' ).ard.

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S'.SA E- T a !the n d . 2nd day of . .; -

upon ld8 Dl h Camden EBate, on the %ast 2 roods d 29 per.e; an. a g on- -a .
--pon ands no or rmerly < m Paul the Northo land formerly o( !. Philip now QURLIC NOTICE i: hrby ie ht by - ,. ..
and.%he -V t upon lan.s o( the Camde. or la-lyof Wilson- Son Co., on the South order Charles Ker, o Gla ow in Sco .. -
UBLIC OTC hereby i n t, by ta .. T Y S~_ T f uch par- on the Balain tte, on he E t on land nd Chrerd Accout e under.%ned

'ScolardderchartleiedAccounlaI,t Ih e tlr. ot jo ~d o rltl rw ad, W s nlh o rlll T .Sil.An Mgds7 or. 12a anus ViceI irtia noe asBd nS dk the orJ^Jf A ~e in A .C tf *' .'-.'"
gnd will oeror sale by p li a on he th upon land ow or la .Co T IRTENTHLY. All and singular ha Town o Pot-o-Spain o Tuda, the .
their Auctiontart"No. S. Vin Street, a d am upon oad, on .the a upon certain parcel o- land ad c oa plantation day o July, 1918 between the our 'of an .
,... I 1 . --th e .n. J~ I -. ;. :, .: __ _,d ;- i T w m a t 1 k th-- - --I _ -.-- - - - - ,[).I,_ ',

in the own. of Po -Spain, o-T uesdar the land_ .or or-.form ly of one '1 -ht .n. on kn.n as I ST. JO N," situate McB. S I u a y an 2 p -o
-- . __ . . _. . . .. , : ... :_-_ ." . -

p. Nd day o T Julyr -1thelrreyn tlte bou n d o .. he, W -st u po u linrls of.nne He nry William. in Ite saf ils W rd of Couo comprising 12 thl and rinrde lar lhal certain parcel or f co "
land 2 pm. 'THE I SV.K V-SECONT I of such parcels- acres, aud albuting on the Norsh on land now land or Cocoa Aluntalton called uIndusry -
PIRSTLY. o l Ch uted evnrr o Glat ceriai, r cn omprin g 7 ac=ret.. d.:, ti uol 26 perchte or lately o {f the Her of Jos. ph Penco jnd on (toew meily belongrs g 10 A. E. Drautilon luat e -r
p C icotland, ichrtrelj. Ao th e Inder- ult'orthuinu olld neoworlh, rnoelads r now or land uo w or lately o f Solomon WMrner, on in ibe Ward o Coua i Vini hent dr d THE SIGNIFICr NT UP ERIO ITr O- -re,"t
_Trinidad ca p rl of o r . Ieir Cockero,. a; r.e Sout upon.a anl on lund now or lately of Josed Pi nc, -upon lands formerly of The Cro hn .u, w I -- -- -Of I ..-- - 0
m- r u onrm .o. .2. .t rct r tl. an m po 'uri o n .th I .... upo n ,etsof a cel .o .ad and c ocoa plantation I.l.y of Ih .l Cro o wIn tn Ir o .ll u a 'd
.. ," 0 _. .' .! ." .I I u ",, -' "" t s '. .e o .u n Ia e t i ..t d.a . T SO 1e o t e M a e o- u s O rd in a ry__ _ .' .r p d hI-n'e...

or oh e rto w o fT p en. s p1 n, oU u' u d n, tr i n e H eir o f n t h uaco .n or .aelo ro n A rO a n tni' nt n p o n la i t D R I1 1 "L k n o wr O N Js Ml, B S. -'"h i
,d d oa frof Rl'r.11. : bt u h. bo lies , TI T EYl u oni ].r_ of.... ,He r ,ll- FauTr ENT HLY All _i c ,ri T Nl.l of Rin'c rh at er tai n d p rel o .h l b. I t -- l e F o -a v
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laooapand lon ue tW'rhl u" V. lD ronT ,,l n lal un dnow or laormdl y Cwnlm ul ad now ora ilely of Woloeon Waro ert on the ol the Ward SO ou a iON th- Island ol Trinidtd
siluatelof the sd.I Sof Wr-n er upo a. on, he h rn,1: E uponf h.... o. of Iorune y of .. East on lad now or lately of Cherleeas _at..... U C :T .... hre s en hat No T N SU- o .....
Trindad c.oot, f ''lec ~cl .. -,, ----Pee -ekrtn -u Ib 11ot,14-i --'-~ -n on--Z A-- ,l--,: Xnd-_ -o or-_ __ l .', Joep P-c upo -ad fomel %f ,h Irk .u n I...... .. ... .........

roard pnu o l -.n to r om, o tIn Dr ..., of W ..l. i l c. e.. T ]ror li and on Wue W et on la nd I oLI h lately o, -it oz ----th P rt Io -l e t; .. L . II-- ntld. g- in -m I - -.- -
nd 2 ...-h . ... ... .... .. b .I ' ~ ... a .. .. ... -'.,W upo 'ul 1 .. .. .. I J__p ... .. ... l.e~ of th. or -~d -I ... d p.~'u o .. p -5 11.

TH LI RST__nl n uno ,,rc] i n of r]~ R,:,, ,R,, ,,r, TUP. e~t TW Cr ouR io ( -, ,, -h p,,dnth V.ta H Feirso L Y Aoe h P nco. ig~a nowl o ^ latel ofter Baush Ihcnit of: theaf b "in bc of tc n F m s

now or a ortn et, 'r ,o er.ay u e dl c n eoI , ,h hT1areal. -iv Lo ldmprl n l ,- d and d mn I ofr l od Can ccoa pllntatloon situde" Sut he- ds/nS o r latbl', 1 10 s l c chtver.b t -
]or I" b I H I I ,I 1

1. o mi t ,upn ,, te .o-2 rn .......uda g b llt or,,n rh L,;th uon lands 6or" rl Wlride V Al e r, I p D ed to SALE d T esd ay, th e O e r other mo" drses o -s .iary rst oram t .e . -.h '

nwor forly \ily f D,.,rl i, s..on te u So' n Bfa"m- I ly Ct o n u or Io ly nohn t Cuoinu. ol Ih ea. and bt on thela uoin now or dly litaileif TT r 1OT. hcreb i e _ledl dr
or formerly,0 uonlnnd' uor w T omp n loiu ile So lit i111"0 .ut' _"fnj h. nd ol ~ orll~ U Jornery To E PB il D ande P rr--on lltehe.l oun~ o la nda ow- .rlariey __ e -e c _jl_ "Poter o -ecnmeut Ac ioner *s.
-ri .tn -~n l-.D= 'f .l -__l -it -Vt.. .l o ..I ~ e: -h Est .u l-u `o -Pier1e 42
_pn_ o~set of jnn lt lj, b, re 1918.- h- .. ... ] e ..... . "Irn iry ol a ~ork t an .... od. sit t ha e W eLst id Walau of 436ra jbal ,' 11. 7Itly -191s. .ot- imer l til ua. L___ t-a signifies -mte i.nI-..

Npoo aso Ill or a'nnd ltn aer a r H I s alu lands now or 2m9m nlr rQ rin of d .., ue N o 15 4- lP 1 5 -, . _r if .

Mroau noy ," 9r an re. -f R o d 4 T L u n larl aR, o n d T hE aT on tllie Norlh o pr afr elr T ENol.umlln tie 13lliIr that oe matr ln 1 mndeo bc th e e of the hr gh back f st ac- ine. ao

to cdhea o E aLu ll uaonIe inni eN rhou l bd d^ n l- S''," Md e" ",p th 1." k" AN Sninete ENT LY Alrad sisnwgrwu neulr Altrhat Mel i 111~ otdle j hoh r ROI IFU JOl UX d ^i8( lilfo OU T V lllll
f f r n wrr form early o t S outh PponA1h .. t N r OF' Iap for e oa Pnd onl ore ihu- certhin p a ice o lat td it-uat e io l.t -ad T .-rN 3l ]A , .

la~ ond e, nofhM mdn laus oworfo no rhpa J.a w lyowf or-l~-i Cl r. out ,-,th 1ur, uluphind= nd pa rodedu iarut g rond tile- orth oho -s by fthen W est ln~l rust Flesh a ppaev- thatourinet ro uto
-oo l and ae s n l the W e. n upo n lan. olr I of Th e Ea ti h oad or Cl a uta opinag on th e South or o rd of Ca e mor. o Gala I Shol.- __ l _.- T 191,'- - I.. __ _

upnland .... or fortl, y oes up on hnd+ Fox,' O uou hON L u AL, THAo or c erl} sl C~ownh~s ]oda ,bgnw or bsea. A[ red sat Sm it, Cooa o ou. aI h ng il, dress s, neesri ly sgtamp it th, .E T
l- t ihe NOsT IC Sol o n war nerly un h a on sucht upo- o th e Iar, Ent e on or c-iyo the EastRNorl o n, loadl aiby b .. .- -_h

ron d -upon a d uowo' r Iorw e h D i T bl l nd. o T W EllV D IX T p e Ttd philip and o ea W e st o od ro worl lately o T herc s d' he l'oh -h ,,e o Slle c outui-h iod +. 1, .
s-a idh as Stewer ol.'nfr i E CO N D F o h TH E NT Vp u FT os u c pi g l s u c omrisj il ung Co m a. d a an d o n lands now or oervtaW lmeTorn d umnplh ofim nnert a .e No 15 in
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orlders outtinr ed on e Nof rt upo n lnsds r ad, i on the S7h are lus lari ds au i o r p no w or late ly ofAlnon a nd Cghrlert e M llon u 'fg drd o oh O -..e ..

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po n Is nda now or fiorme ry ( A ltnlJan te- u d e. ,or t o nn i ,ly.dr d no w or l t y Cror' i a le ids West f o n lad n ow or l el 4 W S Auct t pui o o .r 1 Se t uDd rl guTTd V ne n t S .,tre t -Iin .. # 0 10- .1 en h nt n be-t .l ..- r r "-lo. -
oh de i po n lanucti a no o fr me o f e l DIreu lCs10 01 the T N FlDt'>t e day of Juy, 1918. b h h u I s I n .le C N o. n 1 t- ". _11 h 1 1 11 d '--, trial-, e "-
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oauch- ret _s in_ 6 -ar' o Tnd le_ A u.dan r r el y o f plViron are, s ,audafor nl rly o b W el hogtoo r o w All ari d siang'b) r nhA t cert aion pi arce l oilr tl l d. i ,a. l- : .ll.Ol ir \lt rt .

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-"Co oa lrttoe cd,. VFRDAN o Y b IT E Charl e S~-i en a Inh~ the War s e th hoo f d a in te Islndu of Trnia :.
-- ft rme l Cpow v -la nds' a o r on[h uo h -e .t h-a hd W lido lC Fr ia ed l lt-ondnow or l aU y ofa up onland f lo rm erl o se Crown p o oreT -,
r r ii o r P pdJo TLeh nd EW Nd- e\'E f B .l T onhe lo f -a bell oe sl h' io ,i. r .B -' r td u - __ ._e_ I i ,.lt.t , .l p e ,
landgt ou. TIki FOU RT 2-j ,.ninh I rcsao f I ,rI hael nd-rnb utt; or % r oormerlytrot an d don ptiedn o re l otan d with 0 t ale atl o G ol Sou th an r y u on b lands U. --- .. -.I

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r hu ong lTrni afe ..It i o n a d ru t t o L on tb e uoulo lat- eof T "ma O e l -on he Cl n. o .s o -, n Ato o- l1r -- -- -_
and,19o tf'-S nw ^ ^ ^ 11-^ :o ;* ^ ^ ----- ----------- 5'ri,,;, I",1, r- 1-1. -e Sk___- .-

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I W n r p ai ) -ad a t. L W u on .r Nooth or ld ad o o i .la dhe uo",o Io ,.! ol-A lrd o tet c. H e ir ie o l r o s anao .9r ro-iDng o tel b la d o U rL PLp., _o th: e, it tn o
t e -at u pi n t ll ands C on l orc.*ow orlTa 'a d upVh I Rrc e of 1d, e C.l a T e lla en ubr e d o o"A tlpa d o l t he l o ; ahnd Eo l in. ,- D E --l l P ,l -Cd -- -
oanore Caow0 n m rlynd, J .doh n t .FJohto upon u dthe o the Co n or latL u on old4 \o!w o lu .-or lately of ui tip o Rfi te to -o an Wr u a
- n1 PC, a FIF T Ads'o o n orm P C ro u lau d Fnd o f tha dd an d cd a of n unow or.andoo thel tbyl der -V --- o er_ t- a n s o.
now SX Hor~ c pioiuril coi, r~rF.~C~s -,Ir^ o -ieH-n uo I,midm %1V7-;I bldnp lr copmpl comr._ip ,l.. __ 6)0 fn u

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In-o~ it.^ ^ OnT ^ 6^ ^ ^ ^. 1 ^ -l Q -.GerneitAcin~s
or fomryo f il li IIFTP ^ ;,Ull ""SS1E-AdlS -Oio .. ^ - ^ an-lAai
i--I S l -roirwg j~gh of Ch.rie Ste,,ir L __- __----_- -

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.E ,:"iA'FiG.'"B=7ita19.98%"EN- I IId -%T H1LIT n1 nil parcel EXHNG, 9 FredeikSre
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...... landsL o o- l y rownora .Efr y bf_ ic;` Pl,, n g. on .,uNr, h o nhd ea De tu e .. nu1 h1.e 1een a ut nt ao du .- cra parcel ofrlandsituate i n til ne m dum ofamid .g M w --

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upon n p-- no --o o r. m erly W illis_ r- a._ l r __Wer t o__l- __ 2' fo d S ale f roo o la sib d to r 19 .t iled No d o C
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_ a_ of i'Tn & n o w o r -_ .t N o Oh e h e i I
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and singule, 9. "o-,-p,-d e, C hine ,kjr
I D arcel cci prlc, r d.o h o h o o ll n w o r o~n tha Su th audof b E a" st utpon lauds now A N I T I TI .Y AlA be t n ie ou inf o rof o tR -rFLC

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11 lwo formerly o f Rr jtCr~ bnk. Manduov rig or. r: o Dry o f. u' Puli Aatorgo h/ntriru i lra rco n h n igb a t _
f laosow or forw nrly C own lnolu oh [be Fou'. or "omeI "f r p U~ c I TC ertain pacl f laud -n Ills! in t .De Silv, thre %l li u i ,il ._ -

_iM lotite_ st -pc h'nd ovo friiryo u FO R hLV r AL T AI rilh'ai (coale ALLd Ward oftIi\ th,.va comprr.,g 4.,r ace aI I,1-S,1_F

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CalS teele _t" pon lands Eli .U ^ parcel-,.~dt d~o^ ^ co..COVER Y4U ,HOUS WIT -f .-
and- t priin a n _2It loh ^s _am ._ ne N r All -an 3 n ,o, or 'pou Ccrwn thlau d s antdle. rtn ot u ph a ue d& no w r n t -o on t .'hr ;U Xth e a B[b- I la% 1 c a
c n au oo ime rof thepo r .-D,,u'A l riedo THE- TE NT Y SIXTH til C.h pa. eralc .sud. o lrgabti g on h[ e Nis Itro f Mrth arl ain T n \ '.12 St, r,:,, nt S'tr-I. -e i, fnih a d'.: -~ iI~..
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I_ 1 e rc lhe, abuth r ting pon a nle uthe Not pn ln s Pform ll on .ibke 5ou.l upo Nils ro% or .t215 upo l 5)ands no o atel o Auten.hor, 'pI, of land 3ol t in-tile Ward of L,.%J C,iounl:, iot. -'- .-!

upon~hU:O lan ds now or i orunc r]y of ther~ D~vsni ITL. now orfrit rlyCa dngland tandUo ce lands Pnco Cown the irmsai upa o u Pn o l ands no% o rtleh Lm' lnoJ- orlc~ R, elitrt ie Ma io 'qnt:t, e dizar,? tC Ln 'I -11ttl IL 'ri au s
Charleh Peter LsbaitlMl [cC----ElirL-U,: thdcn-b second partn1A nd 11011 tor formeth -s .al llir b,:~r hd, by th 110 slnd i of,'

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a~Wsa -js-e;3fo, rd3-ecei I o-cws ad aul~vi0(e N rh upo now piart Taylor s~~nai d 1"Vedantu rfh P ipo the eatb n- e. t I. 1:r ul#~ l, cp 1 ,-a d 3 ..ia e1
(a o d im e D89rn attlihed in thhe War ofT, Ilt 0L o C l ut.VQ a I 'I~l f o

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I "l ds Cow n lanT ern 03 o u odr l d [beand Eo t uono P elaa. .i an 'or Roll,-ht aurivaio of t'he t5o |. -orN Garcia. ` .1.. ,t...h.' --
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1,- oudonr nocd o t. the- W sot uri o u I and. F ow or inll, oWare o fth npon llu ao wor ld a lely o .- ui- poo i Fleaandd afho rs' ei pro hm thio n r n t ot~h [e h ~ii ,,nI,,r ,,,g nel. i -nl,,, ',e, f lollala 4 t ,,e-JI ~ o
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--Janet~wor1- l%-0 -11iI O Fox nnd o la ndi elw or orgra onery ofW II in T"'d" Ijm l,_rmm dton i ll
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2perclies, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ --A ---ndl -that-u oilal pfrlel oIbPno-m-% ofu oupore ohn thelt Sout apr apc left for Cocoa and th [beiN_.rtb--zPe a d
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-', Jend scynet fo niFun. T Of TWL P~T-%lf- 01._I i -ueh bu -g uth'e Noztu h on- lnaud now or-lately -of- -"-ae ad eoui ia _eC~ fter-e o q- o~lw _- --- _
p e ri he s S o u n dt a b u ~ T o n I h I NES u C z 1 -orth u p o u la n i-a j p b u c - 1 - - _ _ T hreo a r e tn h re Mo u l e s o n t l en d fo r p ere s ie .a c : t h s a e m r r I e i e t d
1 P u c h T b a c h e B d u o n & o w r ,fr- b d T H I D L A L I To u Ah o u l a n d i n ow o Pl a n.t _h _ejl 1 W t l~ ca m C le d a E er b u at e h n o fo r h t ly n t h e D r-l aul 5 a t t c e t o_ : -IU l l l e 1 --to lw u O nera u-T_ I J L ? / -: I 0 1 C I I.4 1 1 r 1 i l1_ I
I ~ o o omerly-o 110 S a l o n iohu .Io nto. oup t e o h C o u adon randil o kirvi i o Ei r orr. ael ( E E o lt he sI d Jo e h P n oo- for Lit 11upoo Al -riwiunll g ne of the lo Pe arotli A13rih U 1, vinI.
, 1eeow ornom tvo the Es ou lad-o, G, org foudr. .,eubfr deiie attd onl~in -laud uow or
-elnrw a!sado h t upon ltey in JThe Jhid o W al d (A landv, C o w orilg fomel or ,II the FCJI a ald ur \\ Niam FTa'e but4 uoLtale o tlle p- t A [b~a o e B.:i,r a rk t, .n ,j : ,-I )
So ck ae &N ofe s aid 191eph -c In upo V Coh. 47, I"'l .s A TC Yee Iu I'drlv-
:nl upo ids unw or form ierly o! oh J hui n lau t ely ofei \nb~ilmi Sel n d on Nu th e up ton audv Dnui thamp~u '81.11 ..... .37_llldIn r rli ~'rnJ I O
do r thi re- 2 zuods Iand Fo., pn ferhe ("e ng adto w or latelyrl of Tlotire Cr ol. C X olo 39 ud 'ode on the North .. -
|beuqtt) a td abupo n g or& ni the .Nro tiielb I fL A-) aId Tlga &mta Sell 0h' ad l .... 11.-ipg No .... La i ...i d et ,' i-.. .j l baid .... the ouh yn od .A the
Crwnl anldsuo or ...1,-fJh u p .. ..Ion la ndi au ..c.%%O plouich CCDInta ; n Fald teW r If Eap Citl .. .. prso t ..o ..d o ..d nb aty uw,-1
--;-hhe-$n rji-oTlnndsicb w--orloulrl- oiVNT 'PRKV P N i,- i ....nUe t ....dIit~w ec .d t ut ing -r ... -oa ne ar ofern to-ae sai Iin as or e of _
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -h Ibt lid- Lana~-Cow -ad upon attz o o- rrntFN,,GO niOLACOThe.T -1 -t1 ,I ,-Telcl zi landj boeL ltt: d .--.-
( T i o f O RT NT suf .I ng t -- c el- a e ofl: r 31: or -n -~r, IU- ..el of Ih .ro. In oo .a.. .1 .ej m -_stl - __ _one pahits L ineuPT strir Iep yrs N.w hite-L- -Tru -m o% r 1ilerj_- -q
-Gownr -.r idel oS_ I a e Fox,11' on~jI thp 1.:utr oul W hit Pu lcoile:j I% n he .. _d__,
'L ~ To [ 7 es an d L1 t ln o t Nr th up on oa 1915:L ~ -r C' aL'S u -v or A r u y L- -i e _d Ly 1 l i 2 3d -d - I c u d r in r _lavoar o AI -.I-l7H -N,l ,itth, -I _._ __- -Fr_-v -1, Ie
__kV oat rod anth oes CTlsoD CFll% Tor t.1I Girde of lau .ittt __ -b _heb_ -ll pr--n-uto 1,( h te S i fn ,c b o
El upo Ilia[1714 o n tile p'Weste upon laudsin now 'h No t -o ]a Th par~celtst .r Iw of lnd -- .eo l,n Thirdly, ,
h bisto or l foture l ly uo r. 141 no w op r -n l r n 'U the- 1511i ou.i .Au ILI% 14 .' 1--tI,- Illb ic D oi re;ofi .
DavideW s pn Ild now _r foo 1i o l c n el ,-h Crojw u n -3Fl, upo land n o th u U Lod e o 1 916 ot upo --~l o_.orhyndFfh ydscie r njc s-
SIla ds. sow or |oruierly of WJohn Ch elevr F u arsIroy. ord 34 Ienhs auabitnnf.Mrgg o10dtd 2h p, Inr .a _.
ethle-Ea't ilpn land;i now-. or foi'merlyi "or ,iet. eNo~ F OURT L ALLn THAI o- ately -of PUB. M BLIC NoIn F the Wa rd 1j of ,i ilu-a t Iis z ALLte br AND15'wheLre tle pruc;L sum` of Pa .1 il l lle f .'
__enal n c l ilal tivi a C IU -r-ulancea and iiutrjting r ou Ih e l N ortu o n cel or,5) -da d 1UO I T]tee[ la ae iu d tof 1'.rx' p 1,d to .. ---- -= --: I..,i 1 T P ,1- P U l~ i6 n w orf r P.
sLrw td o fe ettolmanw'rM i tue a--o lte o0 in Rauc ol ,~h~ ul. Roadle o the jf-laout ",o Soth rland, A;,ipn-e t-I '. I .. u." IJ P. -' ". 9. 1r de .t I- -
MCF15td "oIt j[im Uls e ,.J o f t ile Ctl o~h latlyp i ol BLECSu u ll Taylor. I Ontielorh of the t cji er taiculn e rtr icl f laode alt~ l n d td 13 O k -the ai dg 3. crrd Ia rnf... ,rilel ht.Or.'91,r " ...
at- uprh~ In.t tile Powers ofoil Srr coner=, up tT.3u. ,H aTUd ibgua .;..- __ - __- J t 7 T
amid Punch,.ace.' l THE.EI HT of soe~ t uchr T-0, ] O pm Or frl of Sdau'o a nd ph Ant o mm exeule t e 0ado ov o w su n ande tw o ild- it l l- th r p r ,u 1.4 l a u- ; o f- A3 .0 zu ...... ... ..... ..
l|Imm __ c -n parel cm r t he Wast Ul. -2 Too ds n pl~g ce tond 8 o w S bu~r a-n w o l cqnhe, old thlqbl h -A upn-a --e Ro Ke --as d no "le la ndse bnr--Rihar Romrmno tl ry,1 "-hId FAi det- ulld- ..
b,:, and fro'mary ontreo rtw uonlad a -ll :obu1A.1ttiu o the N aiuorth til lnn dof .Dcklr W lla m e ra wfot'e-19 Of h 1`01 uithe supnuoir UdIliods~ meHmo lr inandu )o nu ottgag I. Cca nw vested i -. - ..... .'.-, ._..... -..
the Er, upoon ah werte- oes thate exctllN ofer wek u wan to ge ". ."'
theucoiEll [boeph r~ P artc o hnO th e U EsMarid N io ul %trthbnad O tr a ino amrl .1 ( !a,) O .'!
._9' -.. r' laJ~ 'raiRNT nows o ar i erk ofmpersidn th'ot 'u -ad~o -_ltlo, otett'ila nwod sro='etn de'fm tgg'dtdte3d
,1 "0.FF .Nladinulrta e tain c hae Pther id. turd of th ........ partu OF.' dthed S.the b Inuid Fl3rd ol'etmbrl I 15, ,, O,3 `1u HO qT .
It~ Cbuda or Iks mr o Rl'hro isa l ccrtil pllandtati on ct ~ ito situt atAcen inthe It -1, o Clut ilg uteS thu~ -treti crdi- d| ihe.]lm l
u o s. anWt i u o M know til for arl M l n ora ,co prtR 6 crs ad and Gletl Taylorn Wus lug on ad upo dwn ] Rn a v and. hih Ian._], o ,larno | _!. o- I'.
I r, v/on t ornms purl $u m mry Crwoud. T1F Wcnd Ofn or la nthe sid11adoftha irown atdonh -po -e")., nl~endsiv o f the Thilr ad part Lindstete Ef o h ulcR-- rdolte W~
Wes Nrrjtfbc. L'Cul"~g cc ou,,ig ofn 'the- flaOl% o! PGFterf BOfn 13..r ,ofond Lbee(dt edukm othe ?7h eay of _l._ U t edh10t nt-orhd u ~ a1. 'b Chrown Las: THEing "THIR itHcoilye dna l -, .d I .. ug I --
"-;... Elle the Bowng -W-Npon-lh.ud 1 -T TIIF Y. in il;V --i --aifki t t --- tti -na lD oo t ... .... .. .. __t- -- -I
._. n a r uo r v, ,_ . ..d g and o n" ... . .. .R S N i c e o..1 d p t l r
Wes uonlidq oworfo airrl 1:o3WE or; ac re, ..3 roo;ad 24rornhd aodo-the .weiu= of li iob nd Gle r Tayor-thle- n a man Cdl u It the D 1ingri ro rte l-' *e CoOtherM/ &
i ",--e-.n-.'-.q-.a-. THE.TENTH, or L o f n d. The .... t thro n,. -; I I:.
Iu ~ t t I'llut .... :elst cofr-ir 4 acres I o d a d 1 1 e p tup frs l u lcA c ion by' th -- o, f -l .. ,... 1 o"- suc --U --"I
,, 4 ecef ld ailig tn L othe Upn bt tigo h ot onoa road, a the nt u s. b and alt odt-c. lot in thr Cem=tfto ri,- . I, I ,.'r.1,,r IrI ,:l .U; ..II,..
_ ,"1mus owo for_' -F lTY-of G oy e W ndrlw ,o,- | on p NT'.V -_ 0..m~ Soun 2 drind ctterA cto n o 2 t oer't .ct~nlI I C I.%l- ~ 1. ,-.L.K. "..I m,, ..... ,a :,. .. "....",: 0' .,.. 7 ..
7---. I-- im iSi~l l rd -Ida--froqw -_ -k.,dlor xdo..- -tbe---.%a dny of-- o ioy193 _- ne the; Loi C,,,- lad on ,t-- .r_- Ili tr LI .1,, iP 'l
W j., fotN ji- L_ Jo nF _.HEM,,,o .--,re = w .* u _q ..c. ..... ... o. -= ,,..f-t. --i... j- -F4.7._ .1-... T'f_ _i r wc- -------- -- --:
.--Fi- a __ 7O R T H-x t~ i i = Im R .... 1. .. . .. .- t-.- ._ - -- .I.,,?
IRT =-= -- = = = _L -.T EV- I .. .. ,r poor.. .. .. .. -o- -, T --- _1_-6 ;_ 1. Ihud Ffol % :.J~ -or'a~ 77

~1 >~ -- ----T -MR,


ON'T worry with any Idea about not getCting the pretty-things
--- :asn- heretofore;=_viz;--Fancy_ dress goods, Trimmings,
Dainty Hats, Highclass Footwear, Etc., Etc. Thrlirth-e-
wonderful vi4iilince-ofour-Submntrnri-Ch.sers an I Cruisers, our merchant-
Smen are able to stim the Briny lY rep and its mighty waves with
-tt]le danger, brrigi-lT" )--ru i-nf our rB-quirenent:i.--Be assured thit-
despite the enormous hi h- prices of g 'oris o-da)y, we are still able to
buy favour-ibly in alF-niarkets --ue io uur-long aadl- -tied experience-in-
the trade, the bene'nts -of-whch goes-to-sur -custlime,i

Orlentall Trimmings

ou aie kindly invited to call and inspect thil new arrivals il(
Oriental Fancies, very suitable-for-Evening,-W-edding-andFancy
Costumes, a truly cli Ii.. lot -if beauties t, select fr.jmn Just what you
iCould-wanit. See tlln-



.-.,l .- -- .-- -' 3 -

Sennants Estates Ltd-

7his Tells You Wher To Jet Tie-f-i
t 3

F- e uid r-r-rieev ist of ahsessorr-es
you will know just where to get what
-yourcar requires. Our prices are the lowest:-.
Cil nBoxes v.ilh Colls Crown Wheels Brake Shoe- Rivet
Ekctrlc Tad Lampd Spot Lighls Rear and Front Hulba
I, I pection Lamps I abetnos Rea.,and rFont Axles
Ford Tremblers Spark Plugs Rear and Front Springs-
Trans. Brake Dru is Brake Shoes I',fection P ton Rings
Cq-necing Roda Bleel Wire Spalk Plug Wrenches
-SnatlerTulii-ers -. ..-- Steel Wove - Michelin Fine Cement
Sh-ler Patches Tool Boxes Goodrich Fine Cement
S ShaleI Cement Fire Carriers nosch Ma gnetos
Valspr Vjrnish Mason's [ape Iagnin Rnflecois
Valentine's taints Hood CluAh Iransmision Bandi
-Fan Assembllcs ---iadlrtofs Fly_Wherli .

;d0 // Orders Reivcc P;/ronm/ a4t'/n/ton.

S- - ---- .t Eb l i j

We beg to advise having r--eived a large shiimient of DRUGS &
CHEMICALS, and oth :r items in our line_ot trade, inclu-ting the
L following;-
-Genuine -Linseed O11-(in barrels) _:
ottion Se -- ,; ,,
Cod Liver Oil
Cml h Ir'-4 oa. blocks (0). ti is)

-- -Qiiitit ie sulphate, etc., etc. --
We ar quoting very low pices for the above ;rlicles. Get our
Prices before placiffg --ylr nrders elsewlr.'. ..- -

Port of-Spain, San Fernando and Princes Town.

Soon You'll Use It Too. .-

SWhat? ... ?

he War Grade FLOUR wih the Fresh, Sweet Taste..
EtheftBn utter t stitat Factorj.

.HOPK~EPERS snI Grocers will be more than satisafld after retailing ti their
cooers Butter (Substitute) made by SIMON O.TAr. UINI a Co. a, the
oiteedt fact ory. whih contains 1oo% l ritio .t -. ,t
For ifntohe partlclar,.'scall at.the Factoy,

St--Vincent-treet4Port-oSpai ,- or at

_- _

., ;'Aie ".'r& .' - 7 .. . .. . . ...

-. On Fusday afternoon, the Annassl .Mas tio
ary meeting-was held at the. Sipiari Wesleyan
,Chapel.U..-r. TL.-_,Dnisre jrolded, -and
the principal speaker as the Rev. S.. HC
The Rev. C. G. Errey, Minister in charge -of
the San Fernando circuits read the reports.
'the amount collected was A6.
The Rerv. H. H. Cole of Tobago, preached
at the morning and evening services at the
Wesleyan Chnich on Sunday. Having comple-
ted his duties as the deputation for the MIs-
slonaj Meetings-, he-left here yesterday- tBor--
iug on the return t to ITobago.
The Rev. W Dela Rousa preached at the-
moining and evening services at St. Panl's
Church oni.Snday. -- -. .. -
A -DISHON.S' -PORTr..R:-----
Chlelappi, swai sentenced to six onluts' ih-
prisiienrent slitshhavl Invlour vestes .py at the
San-TeruandoPolce Court by Mr. H. I1. Gan-
telnume S M., for being the fradulent bailee of
214 dozen pairs of slpargata., -valued at f12 2),
thie property of Patrick IRdriguez osn June 7lh.
at S-on Pernamlo.
Rnelrigui 7 employe.I rlefendault M a
-port.eLpn i sotul li.Lpn nhli 1.3 a shop ldicre
the goois were lto be a holil.-Wthen -Roii ;guo
arried lie neither saw delendrni nor the al.
pargiala He reported irthe mlltter to the po-
lice nod defe' nrre ad.

Mr. H. P. Gante umnc. presidingi as Coroner
isleiday cl Ite Sn Fen r a I ilo policee Court,
eIelil al ini-ueit teaching IiI ideati of Harri.
per-'sd.--so-seais oli.--the-Colanlal Hosphlt.,
San Fernando. Pliogia, the child's mother
tdi .ihit her boy died rhnust three niid a bail
nilnthLI r,,'it-.-0 the hTO prtal tfronm-hIirn. -he
cent out hteaing a pol .itlh bot water n thek
fir'. mben bhe ectrrnevdl oh -', thrt the pit
-l-.iI le'n ii p'el ont lire cu id had bunt him-
eri Sl-- h T-o -- sam- id-,.h- t & ...
Y? P. A. Ro.lrlcukr s.aid tini hile n atirg;T
D M te of SiI rerranil i and Souln Napsrini-..
le o xmnineil Hariper-adl of Geoffrey Villige
nct Ie miotiluir. Deinih lAas due- to shock
froui burb. ---
-The Coroner rcturnit r verdict of accidental
dealti I
(ritefi.l l red F6- rani apasnit Nparema
College on SIiudaiy la-t. Ith College won by

T"lbtirn ctr.ediflened hb- Prlioniede-b- I
iol-r T Hoell,.rn'es 'core wa-, The tilo
teer, for Proineni-..: J cire- G. Li.ldeloc, 19
aot out anPliF. ,e GaCu re c 14 not Out.

Couva Police Court.
ch-ba?'--T.lrte, crrg'ed,1 ~r-ounr" a laLirmrr on
Ihe-,oil. etSat le. nch sv.I linn soip Irom the
ertor onnivale ued at 4, test-i on Jue 25
Defendant bo a co nrepreenled by itMr
Blirche -[iraser pleaded. guily, anl waa finleed
2 bin- or a days' n ipsonpri.ient with hard
CouilaDle Francia Alle) ne of Couva, charged
-Wainbaraindigo-ol -a.llorma Village, --wilh- sel-
ling flour aboe tIhe i.chedult price on the 1Lth
ult. Dlendrint pleaired not guillIV, andrt was re-
poreented bo IMr. T. M Milne. The Magitratle
conuvlccdilclendant, and fined him (30 li nnd
tOnts, orotwenty one dilys' inipri.aonnient. Ser'
geant Blowen pro-ecutled ar lthe Police.
ryorn Gfire g -T.Io ri'oiin-of--Citirrna's Ba,
cl.,.rgedl Roerdish o file 'nor pl ace thwil.
line nili coinAiiiung.4l per cent of added sanler

ilrch,-llll 'hier-ie c pl.e0 plheiled riilty 10
n`1Luiit~r-E icn, for Fcl i i- si-m-Tilk- smith

iab~ L . .. ..
.1 per c"vi cit-4 water. He ica Seed (IA.

STOLEN ROOTS Cot-lhle Johi Shbirtlhan. chuiged
JiLckter-i;afiino.h with conveying a pir of
Irosin ebeols al lcr.xTiac: ESlile. u-'pectLcdo
be stoleii0 or June 26.
Defendant who coul.I nol gise Eny proper
accounit-eras sentenced Io lour-months' tard
Ignacio Guillernio, a butcher of Couva, wvho
Rave Tauc, an Iodion IromrCarolins VillaRe the
rlmnt of ('5 to purchn;o a smanll cow for him,
never saw defendant gain until he waos
arrested by the Police
Tyup when charged couhl not giive-_ary sc-
count nof his master's Z3. so he. was senanced
to do three months' hard labour.
-tn tIe-lnfomatslron-of-Irvin -Clarke.-to the
Couva Detectives thnt he tild lost clothes,
bools, links etc., .Detective Bell on Friday
norrnlng at once Itookh s search warrant for the
-pT,.T,,q- *fA"4r erh et M Wr- ro. n.."4
Ili the mattress on the el,. ihe detective
found, i ts alleged. nearly-alt ofa the missing-
gon Is, well stitchel up.
Clarke was conveyed tl the Couva Stallon
where hi was charged and remanded for trial
on iriday next,
Ball in 'I0, with one surety.
-. -_ .. LTC INSE. - --. --.. .. .
Corporal Geo. Morrison of Claxlon'si Bav,
chlisrRed Packeenelocs bIf.Soledad Roan,. wiib
netting fire to hlls lauds without having a fire
license. "
Defendant was convicted and lined 2 and
12a costs or fourteen da)s' imprisonment.
--Mr-. .-V-O--Lesey defended and Sergeant
Bowen proecutel. -,
-Ciiuea~l~iraosneia Atlane oL-Convnaehargedj
SatArally Bloodeah, Koarse, Neeranjaa,
Jamneran. Racklree, Nasalin and Albdool,o ll
of DBrrchin Castle State. with deslurbhng he
_peaCt...btfish_.n toetlher on June I. -
--All the deffanelohts pleed'It-not-gstltyr- --
The cvdteace showed that there saa free
fight besseea the Iprtiea In which bom were
harstlly wag osed! f2-o-net -days andi b-
doot and another '4 esholteai lty-etithS day'
b t-I=lT r-n- -n ----- --= .
The other we- t shged --. ..

Alien Enemies. .

Ta,' draft ol an Ordinance -" iTha d-the
Alien Enemites (Amendment) Ordinance.1917,
has keen pkbllshed. -
It peovsdes that Section 6 of the Alien E'e-
mine (Amendment) Ordinance, 1917, isamended
as follows:-
In Sub-ectilon (2) In lieu of ithe words
"After the erplration of the aSIx months from
Ihe date of srch notice or within such extended-
time as aloresaid the -Court shll if any-claims
has been aset Is under-the preceding sub-sec-
tion.l shall be read the words: _
'" As-nsoon-as conveniently- ma--h-after.
the receipt of such notice the Court
In Sub-sectfrn (5) (a)-the words After the
expiratinn of the slid sin months or such ex-
tenred tim-e ai-doresiid o- shall he omitted;
Notellhsotindinr the provisions o7 Sectien 6
of the Alien unenuis (Amendment) Ordinance,
1917, 11 shall be lawful for the Liquidating
Committee A any lime_-t pay onil satisfy any
claim wilcsi Jt may deemI to be air and reason-
able out of such fnnds as it may consider to be
properly aprilicable to neck purpse.
Objects and Reasons.
The Alien Enciuies (Amendment) Ordin-
ance, 1917. pravisilcs Ie the sale by the Liqul-
datig Commitlltee of Enemy property and Ior
the payment of compsen-ation to personal having
claims therelo, ane 'a clainilai il gi-Va ti:
montli at least frocm the publication of the
noticeini-e i sut l ciio-'I b t-f-t"withi hieh-
to claim, cn1 noL until after the efrpiralon of
srer uontlih from the d-le of the notice can bhi
clair be heiat hdby the Court.
ThiilelaL) entails a loss of- interest to lhe-
cla rn-rat andi so Increale.r the aniount of =i-
peusation to hlich he ia-etnitled, and the
appllcalio to the Courl invohils eapiiitilntre
in co'i, ietC.
The ohjee't of thi Pill i to enael-e the Court
-tr-deal -itlh clAioi a i Locm _s filed an.t to
--rigable--he-.iaitii.'- CoUmstee wlthoat the
eiter enlion ol the Couil to p 3--int-tfrr-
it couider should L.e paid, hbenesor it tinuk.
fit so to -lo asdbeoo er it ir rinand s--Li
-properly appli utle lo the i Ors.ii i(:-ou of the
claim The propable resilt ti ibis amendment
nill be thal 11o0L clnims-will b-be prompl.N
welded and the ieljy and ceCO of applcitloUn to
the Courit a-ilded.

Southern War Fund.

6re. H. blcLll.ani --- 31 21
-Mr. H. ft -Poses d ,Ir.- M H. o- E .a S 4 i
Mrs.-BRnneLt $6, ri Henege Pasea l 7 1 7
Mis. L. Hargius .3i i, ;3
Mrs [ibb.ltt Truiidad Lease li.-.i,
Pointe ,i,-Ple_ ,c-and- i-s,,alf iar_.AlA _1_j
Alum basket for Mri- D.isr -
Needle Work 6
Aclsc.l....J ...d .______ ____

Recei eb fr--om a A,-iSlou .e oreogani e by
Mr_. PemIF'rion at La Brea.. a rd fanc-3
sork io b, c old tor the, ben.-fit of Inis fund.
We are m-3r grartelu to tilr.Pes, ,ert,:,ia sd
her helper- .

Hoo Sec

Irish Recruiting.

London. line It
Tin Dublin correipro-lent of rlie Dfly) Ex-
--prws ptrfev.? tc-Le iabo .leanAia th a_.l ol
acbthele for c..OiOUCiig Ia vaOalaiO 'v recru-'!cri
cammigsin n Ireland. -.iich,. hie uncril anis.
1,1 ii one n, c ii tc;C re o -tursC Ib ,ini.- to
Aneericain reglisnUtii lo irela.ed to march
through the towns an.I villages The.e regi-
mentsr, he adds, will bring their priests witl
- Thi .r.ihenie. contiuei_ i-he corncspoo.ent,
s.ill Lie carried out along lines resembling ihoie
of a general election. under itie'controlling
direction of Edward Shortt. the Chief Score-
tary for ritland. HLe addi,, that iii-porit
progrei ha i been mate In the direction of en-
liilung the aid il the natlionalut prtyF. Stephen
Gvynin, a natioualist member of thieHouse of
Commciouo,-a ranemnber of ihe Central Commit-
tee under this plan. the corre-ponJeut state..
while other nationalist members have expressed
a-wish to help. Arthur Lynch. nstionaliist
member for West Clare, he coratnuas, has
agreed to servee as a ecruiring officer, and it is
believedothero will folo" ,.vir. Lynch'sexample.
John Dillon, the nationalist leader, mean-
while is maintaining a neutral attilade, ihe
correspondent aldi, although with a lasourable
leaning. The clerical opposiLion also still
holds aloof, although here is reason, il ia de-
r'clared, .to hope that its attitude will change
bhlore long.

AuCHOn Sale


Wtdnesday, .3rd July, 1918,
T tH underlignei having received instruct.
tiona from Messrs. J. Ds&h tuiittt C6
will sell by Pnblic AueLioni-the--blanse-o(-
--the Stock-in-trade- -contained in 58 High
Sireaa on The ab se date, and will continue
from day to day until the whole of the stock
Stock conslastlng of General Merchandise-7
Parnitare, Bedroomrn Suite, Wi-cker chain,
-Sideboard,_ American _chairs, Lemp-s, _Gla-_
ware, Carpets, Bedsteads, Ladies and Gents'
Hats and sundries too numerous to mention.
-- - CLO a.m .-... .
-Terms : Cash-Before Deliveryr

i... ,W. CORSBE,---
San Fernando,. ---. . -
27th June, 1918.

S -TA O -- -,ii rttii re -

MOW- - ~ I

12 B' o s Itmiruints .b;:ii:icd, 13 in-.

Book, .Reier f Birh n Et.ites,

2.50 .6f

e it .. ..ii ll i nif




--- -

In Stock end now begin4 received -

QTi BtKD- .&F St
....i5 -.. . . . .

.-- y. F"- teed Grinders. "i
Globe Valves & Cocks. Grindstones. a
Forges. Hand Trucks.- .
Wheel Barrows.9 Tarpaulins. -
Tinman's Shedra. Trace Chaips.
Bull Ring Cocoa-Bag Twine. .

e haveeveyhgig in Hardwar
~- _





S the ak es Sweeping ag
mprave" an4 P *reserve* the Floor. -

P1 6651 -1"BROAD

Dw 'L.%PI_ VD .U ,,,-- .-M
\- N.T i *,,-..,.-'' ..' T !^^ ^ ^"^
OCR' : e ftt am
.. . . .Is
-,' ... .. ......., .. , ... .... ._um^ : l ,q B~e u h ,
lo w ft, .. d .. debm .. ..-- .w-- -.h- .--, . . _" .

rire v- av.

V --I -

important Labour Book Reductions

_ le iavreon b:mld In as Ortent ofEstate--Book
Strongly bound in clothl and father, suitaible for Estates on whI
indentured Jlabour is euLployed,- and are offering them aIt greatly -ew
duced prices.

These books are part of a large purchased stock," and are sliglltl9
soiled, but their utility is lnot in any .vy impaired.

Note the following prices Usual Sle
--- Usual _Sale I
--- ------rice.---Price

2 B s : lin. :: 9ii/., i, about o16 -

Register of cases before the ul aist^ ; -e,e -* --7 -
register of births on plantatioi., register oi .. -
tlealtihs on plantation register of I<-.-'-tit .. _
.. inlnligrantis absconded- 2a;e aitd hoiispital re- .- 4I
I...j..... register ilf itji iiieigrn ta o1n plw.m'i ti _.. $-^ 000 --_ *1 Z
... _- ..i --$ --

15 BookSR Register ofl Indenturci Itu-
leas. a grants, 15 ius. x 1 Ills.,) 5.00- .

e.96 - 00
----9_6_ la.Ye-. -_ _

4 .-2'-.. / .'.
I : ',-" -.. .'_ "

-" : -.. ..... . .

f ir .. .- "- . .. .. .... .... --- ... .
- -.. .. _. -. .. . +? /
-__l' _._'_TD..D.oun .n . .-,IfD Y ,3~ ~ --r~~P6.

kitaun~if o7f!avis


_. ; .........--,_.__..:__ _"
N y N'rT orry with any Idea about noFt getting the pretty-things
-- ---as--heretofore-;=viz_-Fancy dress 'goods, Trimmings,
h"-'a Dainty Hats, Highdclss Footwear, Etc., Etc. Th1ulgh--h-e-
- wonderful vi4il-Ince-ofour-Submiarri.-aCh.isurs an I Cruisers, our merchant-
men to st-m the "Briny lYchp' and its 'mighty waves with
Ii-t-e1 danger, bri.iginlr u-iI-rt-nf our r,-quireinelt.---Be assured thai-
.despite the enormous ligh- prices of g oils co-day, we are still able to
-. __buy favour-ibly in illmarkets --ue io our long- andl-ticJ experience-in-
the trade, the biencLts-of-which- goes5-to-jur-customerirner.

Oriental Trimmtngs!

Vo_____ yu aie kindly invited to call and inspect the new arrivals iln
Oriental Fancies, very suitable-for-Evening,-Wedding-and ancy
Costumes, a truly chli ii.c lot of beauties t select Just what you
Could- want. See theln-


. .D S E --- Pro:-prt---r

S L D U S E Poprpietor,

LTennants Estates Ltd

7his Tells You Where To el Tieffi--

you will know just where to get what
-your car requires. Our prices are the lowest:--
C,-.l Boxes v6ith Colts Crown Wheels Brake Sho- Rivers
Etlctric Tad Lamps Spot Lightsl Rear and Front H.lba
I, spection Lamps Itabeto - R ea.and rFonl Axle
1Ford Tremblers spark Plugs Rear and Front Springa ..
Trns. Brake Dru is Brake Shoes I'alection P ton Rings
__ Conecing Rods Bleel Wire Spalk Plug Wrenches
-SnalerTVulcrii rers --Steel Wove - Michelin Fine Cement
Sh-ler Patches Tool Dnxes Goodrich Fine Cement
Shaleri Cement Fire Carriers Boach Magnetos
Valspr Vjrnish Mason's [ape Magnin Rtflecis c
Valentine's lalnts Hood ClAuh Iransmi-sion Banda
-Fai Assembliesra-- Ladao-__ lyWherl _

A a=-I// Ordet's R'cc i'e 'Prom 1t .4tetin)iI.

-- nTflrflnT- A r'"

p- a ---..------
We heg to advi-.e having r-eeived a large shipmutnt of DRUGS &
.1 CHEMICALS, and oth :r items in our lineo_L trade, inclu-ing the
L _following---
-Genuine Linseed Ol:011-(in-barrels) _.
Cotton Sced o ,1
Cod Liver Oil
V Cim Is r 4 o. blocks ('l). ti is)

?- Q- Qu titne Sulphate, etc., etc. -
i W arc qutingvery low prices for the above articles. Get our
Prices before placiffngyo r rd sewlr.r'. '.

Port of-Spain, San Fernando and Princes Town. -

Soon You'l Use It Too. /

What? ..

rhe War Grade -FLOUR with the Fresh, Sweet Taste..
.''' . . i ... . . . .. . .. .' ,

SOn puuday afternoon. he- Annuatl -saioa-
ary meetllg-was held at the- Sipdi -. Wealeyan
= rT_-La_-tnslre jtemled, d
he pnctpall speaker as the Rev. f. WCnWleZ
The Rev. C. G. Brrey, Minister n charge -of
the San Fernanda circuits read the eports.
'the amount collected was f6.
The Ree. H. H. Cole of Tobago, preached
at the morning and evening services at the
Wesleyan Churic on Sunday. Havingcomple-
ted his duties as the deputation for the Mis-
slonaj MeetiagsF, be-left here yesterday- orn-
iug on tire return triprto Tobago.
The Rev. W Dela Rusa preached at the-
molning and evening h services at St. Paul's
Church on.Sundary. -- -. ...
Chelappc, was seenlenced to six onctlc' nln-
pTrsrnenteee 1 wis .i11a1Inltour vestelciayp at the
Sac-Vernando Pol,ce Court br Mr. H. I'. Gan-
te.-nme S M., for being the Iradulent balee ol
24 dozen pairs ofl Ipargata valued at t12 20,
the property nf Par rice rigunez on June 7l1h.
at San Pernaudo.
Rn-lriguy 7 employe.l defendant es a
-porLerf.nil scat l]iUtL.n nhliau to 1a shop isre
the Rools were to e 'aol'l.--Wien -Rocitigutz
arditd lie neither saw (fele-niri nor the al-
pargalas He reprrlerd the moter to the po-
lice rnd defeuinit v. as arreised.
- .... rD-T a.,.t-rB l l cR-NS.---.......
Mr. H. P. Gantl-auc., presiding as Coronier
iseiitlay aitl the Sn ernaninlo Police CoLrtl.
beld anil irr-uei touabing Ili, death of Harri-
prr'-d.--.o-sears oldI.-t-lthe-CoLanlal Hosphlti,.
San Feroando. Piogia, the child's mother
-. ii cht bher boy lie' rhnut three ahd a balf
nlcntha- r the t ho-pitnl-froim-hItorn._ e She_
senit onut having a pot ithhb ot water o in h-
frc. -, en bihe ,t urn.i bbh cdis i ihbt thie prt
li-iI ch1e ipe soi l le child had bunt him-
,i T- li-kh 10 -rt-mi-cW-14.1t-p ..i._- -
Ty- P. A. Roirlicuc said thsi ithile aireilg;-
D pi tc of Si, rernaudo and Southi Napirion.n.
Ie L aminined Hariper-aul of Geofloy Villige
nt Ihe orioluiy. Deith Alia due- o shock
frou burbh ---
"The Coroner rcturnilt o verdict of accidental

Fisutla! cScaed i64 ran; spacnit Naparima
College on Saturday lat. She College won by
Ts- = . ......
Tll.boru oer def-ieed hi rf'ronmernde-bh I
b.i ,.-is- Holi,,rn'.o -cre ',I, a 3 "The Loe
-vceor foar Proimeund-irre_ G. L-ddelos 19
not out anl P. de Gasnes 14 not out.

Couva Police Court.
--.liva-.-6c lt6 --ntle e e-'o u i--re-ds r -
cF-hnuc-.Tae, cbr,-I -j occr" a lalorrer on -
Ithe ,.-I e tatl. \sit si.-saling n0.3p from the
to re rosm valued at T4 c-eUi on Jue 25
Defendant bo inai repreeuled by Mr
Dliche [-raser pleaded. guLtym, ial nas einill
t2 1i or 28 days' riprisonr en with bard

CoUnaDrle PFancii. Alfe ne of Cooua, charged
-Rainbarndi rliieg-o lahlormai Vllage,-- wilth- sel.
ling flour a:iise the.icciedule price on the 17th
uhL. Delendint pleaded not guill[r antid wai re-
pr eoenled b r, Mr. T. M Milne. The Magistrate
couvicidtc clendant, and Sfied him (3 loir ond
.Ossti, orwearny one dnys' inprisoounent. Ser
geant Bowen pro-ecutsd for Ithe Police.
-pce-,ori G--ret.TrTeBiria-of-Cinarc'rn-' Bsy,-
ci.rgeRnI Rndah i fihe -,or place With -el.-
line mi cnTlk oieAing34 per c-nt e added roater
oil thle lth ulI i t
Defendant,C cuilti nna wa i fined 17
Nnd Us t--l, conti or three iou.rjolh Imprison.
ahluiMti ir-clr-. for Fll n, ht--i- it
.1 per coe ail.le, s wler. He ws fun,1 IS.
11i. sron Its. OlA, c,:,.li or three month-' 1ard

.i.ate- Co-.ah'hlir "joiu Sbihha.n. chaiue,
JIckterliantinph wit hi convei lg a pilr of
i rosin bes snil rExclica,.[: F-ilsic iupecLtedLo_
be stoleii or Jineo 26.
Defendant who coul.l not gie ony proper
accouint- ras sentenced i lour --months' hnrd
Ignacio Guillermo, a butcher of Couva, ccho
Rave TeuD, nu lodiin fromCarolinn Village Ithe
Rim of '5 t no purchn;': iia 'nnll cow i or him,
never saw defendant gain until he nwa
nrnested by the Police
Tyup wien charged coull not piv e_nau ac-
count nF bis master's Z5. so he. was %enunced
to do three nonlths' hnrd labour.'
- -On thIe-inf'ormialn of-Irvin the-
Couva Detectives thnt he Iled Jost clothes,
haols, links etc., .Detective Bell on Friday
nornlng at once took a wsrch warrant for the
1i then mattress on the beAl, the deltectlve
found, i' is atlegedi, near-allt of the missing-
ge Is, well stiltehedl up.
Clarke was conveyed tl the Couva Statilon
where hi was charged and remanded for trial
on Friday next,
Bail In I10, with one surety.
%I -. LTCINS.E. - -
Corporal Geo. Morrison of Claxton' BaV,
clisnrRed Packeenaoenu ofil.O.lead Road, wiibth
setting fire to Ills laatuds without having a firr
license. -
Defendant was convicted and fined 2 and
12 costs or fourteen da)s' imprisonment.
.-Mr.-i-Osh-Ie-lssey defended And Sergeant
Boweon projected.
-onitviiie-t a'nacia-Atlarae ta-CovroargceL
Sadbrally Boodeah, Koarse, Neeranjan,
Jameran.. lackree, Nassoeebans d Aelool, lL7
of Ure.hin Cttle ltate. with dli lurbia ngUe

_ __ __

Alien Enemies.

Tnn draft ol an Ordinance to atdniie
Alien Bnemier (Amendment) Ordinance.917,
bhas beeu published.
It povdes tha Section 6 of the Alien Ene-
mie (-Amendment) Ordinance, 1917, isamended
aa follows :-
an Sub-section (2) In lieu of the words
SA after the expiration of the stI months from
the dale of such notice or within suach extended_
time as aloresatd the Court shall if any-claims
has been art lI under the preceding sb-sec-
tion shall be read the words: I ,
'" As soon-asa conveientsiy--ly- -atller
the receipt of such notice the Court
-In Sub-sectlbn (3) (I)-the words After the
expiration of the said sis months or such ex-
tended-llme a-o i oreaido.r-' shalall be omitrtd;
Notlilhtlrindino the provisions of Seciod 6
of the Alien Eneries (Amendment) Ordinance,
191, it sbhall be lawful t(or the Liquidatiog
SCommitie ao any lime to payrnaol satisfy any wliclajt may deem to bie ler ad reason-
able out of sucb funds as it may consider to be
properly npnlicable to oacb purpose.
Objects and Reasons.
The Alien Enscuies (Amoendment) Ordin-
ance, 1917, proviilis Ior the sale by the Liqul-
dtinog Commitlee of Enemy property and lor
the payment ol comrenealion to per.ona having
claims thereto, aoas cliniara is gi-en sic
moulh ori least froui the publication ol the
nljice iruisouTd iS f-CuG ircs 5 t Tnrhio-w hj
to clalim. anll not until after the esppirnion of
6ir uionthis from lhe d-te ol the notice cno bis
clannir be hear by the Court.
Thliiilel)a entail o loss of.- interest to Ihe-
cla ic-ont and oo Increar-e tbe atc ount of enm-
_peusation to iich h be is-etiitled, an-d the
-ppllcaiioo to thei Colurl iavrolho erape itnre
in col t.
Tle otJjc'e of Lhi, nill is to enal-.e the Court
-tr-deal -tllbt clAiu, ai s ocna filed in.] to
--ntable-,the-tisuil.tir.- Counsitee wihoal Ihe
intitrcenlion ol o ih Courtl o piy Bnl -tr-
it cousiders shoulil Li- paid ihencirt it Illk.
fit so t o oaudlarl bent-erv Ithit Irob,'Id 1-it
properly c ppli r'b'le t tobi silrsil. :liI)u ol Ine
,ill be that. moit clo inswolil-be propipl'
seidetd and the iltljy and c-cA of appllcituin to
the Court a.ilded.

Southern War Fund.

Matr. H. cLlland -- 31 2
t-Mr H.m. f-Pose., 4 c Mr-- l. CoU,- H -cr
Mri.-Bennet .C6, tri Heinege Paae. .eo 7
mrli L. HIrgino t3i ;.3 'i
thMr ibb.itt Trenidad Leaseoli.-ld.j
Painte ,i-ePi Ce anld _iLva.tblar_ lAi__2_t i
Alum ba.keta oi Mri , ,.
Needle Wohrk . 6
Ack u l.. ..J.d .. -___--
. . ... hisx arTJ li 4 9S
Rec evee ofrm- a Se,.Mo t, e or eir- -l by
Mrs. Pseni-rion at L ra PBr a b.,t crdl fnc-,
work to bhi sold ior t. heen-Sfi ol Iris fund.
We are ma-i goatelil to Mrs l. Pembert-onsn d
her h'lper- "
DOhOTI{it H,-Irrs-,r;.
Soas Sec
Irish Recruiting.

Lndo.lo. Inne- II
Tin Dublin coree iFon-lent ol rie "nai]) En-
--pre-s r"f-c ?-tcs .-L -e .ia o le trca L _i.tll Ol
a scheoneifor cn.iu-lig.o raeOcII rcL. ino
ctcmpaign is Irelsnd. aiu l, e unlrttanis,.
b1 h- one srtir- rc.,luturei Iace bIiineip I
on\essc tn eg'iicat. iio iceland isbtocarch
through the towns an.i illageg These regi-
cneutt, he add3, will bring their prwisi with
-Thi- ..-cheme. coutiuei_ the coricsponjdent,
s-ill he carried out along tines resem-bling thoie
of a general election. unJer the'contcollioF
illriection ol Edward Shortt. the Chief Sccre-
tary for r,-laond. He add., tbhit rnIpoatrnl hlas been ma-fe In the directran of en-
liritNg the aid ol the nationualie party. Stephen
Gronn, a nationalist n-mer of Tle House o
CqmmosuA n jnember of Lhe Contrrl Commit-
tee unrer Ibi plan, l-the crreipon.leur slae.a
while other natioalisL menibers have expressed
aniish lto help. Arthur Lynch, ntionalioit
member ftor West Clare, be' co,,atan has
agreed to erve a3 a ecruiring officer, and it is
believedothers Willt olls- Mr. Lynch'tsexample.
John Dillon, the uationaliit leader, mean-
while is mainstinirg a neutral attilade, the
correspondent a olds, although with a laaourable
leaning. The clerical opposition also sill
holds aloof, although there to reason, iti de-
claIred, .to hope that il; attitude will elrchange
ltlore long.


S -ON- .

Wednesday, .3rd July, 1918,

T "H undersigned having received instruo.
-tiona rom-Messrs. J. DfromIwiI__C6
will sell by Pablic AueLion.the-mbalance-o-
--Utie Stock-in-trade contained ino 58 .High
Streao on the akce dale, and will continue
Irom day to day until the whole of the stock
Itcleared. -
Stock consisting of General- Merchaindise.
Parnitare, Bedroome Suite, Wicker chalr,
-Sid eboard,- American chairss LampPs, Glan_
warIe, Carpets, Bedsteads, Ladies and Gens'.
Hats and sundries _too numerous to mentIon.
.--* -- 9 t 'CL0OV K- aI.& --
-Terms : Cash-Before Delivery-.-

Usual _Sale
---- ---Rice.-Price.

2 1nnIp x l in.. :: 9 2 Books 7i ..s itl sc'ts iil, LIZ. z
Register of cases before e the Uilagi ,icci -e, -
register of births on plantatirI-4, rc ister of
.deiathis on plaittation_, register of l.-.-':-rtiis, -----
- ininigrants iabscondeil i;e and li hospital re- $
-- te r register i llf iii TT t1 -611 p i ii o. r --

15 BookS Rgis"r 'f Indentured Imiim-
1 0 0S a grants, li5ius. x 11 ins., 1

S10 ,egiistcrfe, Ca in,-:. s' ins.,
-- 96 leave-.


3.6 1.0

? R nk Intumirii";tt A b n,:'.,._<,.1, 13 in--. --~--n. .4
12 B o i ll.., .IS leh .,-. 2.50 -.s

nn Re--i--,ter u f Birl ,n -.-t.ts, -- --- R
_ DUUt ,,,,in ,, 2.50 .


In t -

In Stock auTd now being recei'ed- i .

Q........W.....& FIW _s;

Fire Clay.
Globe Valves & Cocks.
Wheel Barrows.9
Tinman's Shears.
Bull Rings.._

Feed Grinders.
Hand Trucks. "
Trace Chaips,
Cocoa- Bag Twine,

We have everything in Hardware


t ...... ,-,.y

i -

'---. W~taets All the defendants pk,4-ed t-gitl-- . l, "tORSBl!I_ ---u
The aevtnce shaved that theta wee, a res
'.80 _________ ight taet,~e. e the pbIn wa A ci b ,l_ F -nd.
,d- .. ealt ouith stckt.- Sa F erand o .. - .
-E --A--UII & Go.7at --em WQ.1918& F L ONALLWQOD FLOORS. .
O P BP RS aI Groc.ns will be more than ,ati d afr.rtailing ti their loota cd 4 ether24 o weay-ehdays _. ON ALL W FO R
-'-rWBu ter (SubstiIlt-t) made by SIMON 0. TARQUAI & o. at the _onme D ust. MakesS

For fInte paatlcatare,'call ai the Factot*y.S
:f.. e nt.treet.ort- i ai or at .rer t F n. g

.-. -." - "- :P 0ks "-BROADW-
-,"-V I. -- -. i, t...t, -- T: .-- -...

~C_ ~_ _____ _r__ I _~ _~~ _C_ __ _ __ __ _I_

Note the following prices:-



important Labour -Book Reductions

-We havc-on hand -on asSorltmentIIt gEstate Bo
strougly bound in cloth and leather, Suitable for Esta.tes on whi
indenntud Jlabour is employed, and are offering thet- at greatly e
duced prices.

These books are part of a large purchased stock,' and are slight]9
soiled, but their utility is not in any .yv impaired.





F.P. Vases.

-F owner Stands

" rd -'-ads

Icd Pails

Biscuit Barre s

Craret Cup

Puff .Boxes

J :m Dis8es, etc.,

0 7-- -

N n _oie a F


S Corby's Celelbrated Caradian Whisky.
S High Gread'.: Beer n case, 7 dozen pints.
100 Bags Cotton Seed Meai

950 Rang Amoriarn White Rice
200 Cases Full Red-Salmon.

rT ET 0 L E H r 0

THIS is a specially tecnommended Hair-Loiion containing antiseptic
and regenerative properties. When used it instantly cleanses the
Scalp, strengthens the root of the hair, having it supple and with a
biil"iart lu-tre. Be sure to use it. Worth its weight in gold.

S 4, Queen Street. T'hone 25- -


-JustLreceived a Inrge ahipmenl of

15, 20, 25 and 40 Watt---36c each.
General Manage t.

R.M.S.P. .TCKFj COlA'. .,
de rr ra ,t it t A LO ttt l b ( l 'L F rI. FNTa D c, ar Thtce.*'etl PAt EN ,Ehl
.' ^5d MAL t11(i V a na lred iln 1 N.B, Iaind lila i Nb. to Dtmeian
via f m t". 5t 9 K i'.lIp u Mcritbi, Dit sir i,.. St. Luc a. Botbado,, St. Vincent. Grenade
nd Ilinidad. ietwunin Tjuibitltculd via- h e aine -p .
lte ry iling e iimust he delivered to the Comn any's lighter at tl St. Vincent Jellt
.,Jh jy -- nn ... of n a i'_ e l ng. Sland bDggage onll will be talten on thi
wner Tt qndr d to e- that ithir bagti gc is rP operly labeled sir to'ftipiet t
L at lcanb 1 obt 1d c aanitlr t f Ccrnar1e i1r. All paowengtrp hnbp ce .,hotfld be insured oa
the Comipany acce"ta no ierinallliit loat san e.
asagc TMiS iaale jutted at the Comi any's Oflleea only.
J "e F'ta Osa enger Tender leave the Lightl Ouge Jelly at 5 p.m. on a ding diray
ot PFnuthier particulum apply to:
Morino Squgr/



Now Landing Ex. s s. "GUARICO,"

For q(14ations apply to

P .HONE 42


E Tea.and Coffee Sets

S C Cruet Sets

.. Prize Cups

Centre Pieces

S^ Silver Photo Frames -

Brush and Comb- Sets

Cigarette Cases

1 Napkin Rings, etc., etc.
I---' .


e5eftl -S

At, the 'Trmonto&id Ron&


- .



accordance with Sectiops 49

4- and 50 of the Roads Ordinance
No. 28 of 1917 (
The Annual Election
of elective members-of the above
Board will be held at the Warden's
Office, San Fernando-On--Thurs-
day, July 18, 1918, between the
hours of 11 a.m. and 6 p.m for
the purpose of filling the seats of
two members going out of office.
Candidates for eTetioln -r-mrt--
give to Mr J. R. Foster, La For-
tune Estate, South Naparima,
Chairman for the electioii, notice
in writing at least seven days-be-
fore the day of election.
Warden Returning Officer.
San Fernando,
19th June, 1918

To Owners vwith regard to the
Port-of-Spain Corporation.
L ISTS of Owners, who, thoug--
already notified, have not yet
paid- charges due to the Coroora
tion for works and repairs done
for them in respect of Waterwrrks
and Sewerage Works can be seen
at the Town Hall on any day
between the hours of 9 a.m. and
4 p.m. Such owners are warned
that unless the arrears due are paid
by the 14lh July, their properties
wilt be advertised for sale.
June 29, 1918. Town Clerk.

-- - -- -- e

--E toa^ -
T liE attienioio[ our cuatomcr, 13 called to
1 f1o reopening of the TRAV[LLERS'
SBAR at Foul Ro.da on the i9tl inslant. Mue-i
"will bein attrcmance from 5 to tolpo. SlVi'.\NO
' Arrnrio, Proprielor.

T IIin In it lily ihe- publiciin--g-crra -ithat-
I nin n longer undcr the protlecion of
my LLihbu ln. Evins Oliver 'Payne. 1Sgd.
,VA 'ct Pt'aVrl, Lligh S ree, P incec To'wn
LOth 'cu_ 191sa -

HEM'V-l HE !-- HEM.! 1
.Irr a'Ja /i"ie't'Ot t,'. Ieire /, A'e,'p
If Eo it will pay you -to subscribe for the
Monthly Magazine entiUctled
.. wft the haok-cntitled -
'T.' CO/.'2.EC-.r !Y1f.' AP IHOlt. 7n/ I 'SEIT.
--C niy $2 potag itprepaid.
ELCm AnCr Canicha

HiE STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE COMlPANV wie staablishei at ,lin.uuih, in t1Z5 is h
In sU mcorpoted by specmU Act of Pa'rliami t in 1910. It uuc ul Lhe largest uf he Provide l

Bonuses Declareld


I euo,ooo)

Claims__Pil /. o-4io<,ooo
Particulars on application to
G. BRUCE AUSTIN, Gen eral Age t


IT U1P711 T: f 1

Manufactured by
THE M NliM -TR ADI T NGI m o M v, UL (,iO
Best quality guaranteed. Prices on application.

Prompt and careful attcn'tini to orders


Soberit' Syrup of Giod Iver 01n and Tar is onn of the finest preparations
that can be got for throat affections. It in an e ceIen combination of thens
health-giving extract s that ia meeting with much favor rherccrc s-c.L. i it
strengthening and invigorating, and while affording reli.:f for congjhr
and bronchial ailments, strengthens the system so that It riii.e ',tt.' at li i.-
agreeable to the tasto and Ia easily taken, and the most dcll.t a t.',.') h ccI
assimilate it readily. Its curtive qualities have been atli,. 1 lt U ?. TUI a.i,
requants for suppulton sahw that suffroers from pulmorur.' .and recT,,irjaiv
dielf hevieh,sn, lid t11 r re ..U mrnedicina. rn dip hlieretic .n, ,.I. ,r, cairlei
fever RobeCl's S.r,,p ,. f .,l Liver Oil and Tar can be i:. I t ,1 ,.rfie.-
--- -lortrn_; Ly'nan srs:, Lillted. Toronto, Canade Proprietor%.

A OF IrTKREsT TO Motor Car Owners a few of ii.. i hr. line,: Tyrr;,
of different miatkes, Electric Bnlba. single and double conf.r, 6. oe nn i \olt-
Tubes, Lubricating Ois, Greases. Cementless Patches, Valve Insert. t leianvune, ec etc,
etc. Prices mnodtlrate. 11'' .-d W t i.t Mr, I ..t. lt.i Ci nr to aour Siir-fraciiin a' a Pea-.
s-nable Chlargce ConsulL us beforic tiLaking arraungre.niii tou sour Mlotor Car Diiies.
--e ire pe .iaiils in thlii lineI .--ie-at _I- r -n crr-'Pt o.t- --Pt- _7.. _. .

Thie Abercromby St. Garage, OAY1 9.TE -
HORAI10 CHUNG,. P, )l itor. -

THEREFORE see tha. you get the Best Value Ior^'our money when
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- i- ~E1H b :t~t~ 1 f A-nrbLTV

?^~---~----~...~.~..~~~p^~~ m-~z.----r--r=- ~.-ln-----~m I--1~--------Pi~-.--nl.-^r~-i a -rr B


LI 11i ((I F ut ds( I








T .



: -.

A World Outraged.
ColiiniF'frMaiross fi 9'. ..,.-,
nor wilThfipopIfe iiiea, nret as wows .
actidem eal ieh pule olerthe vague p .
ltd's-oc akeiun and other" nmodirn -c : ....-
wtrlsen on'-pIlilospbhy as cthe did befrerr the
/Amerklnau scholars can scarcely be exupte.'-
to maintain their pristine deference and, re.l-
peelt for the Ireedom lhile prejudice and his-.
torical accuracy of FI.lrnacir and the father
siguers ol a Government ordered manifealo
Icsutd In denial aol the German atocitiesa In
Belgium. American Assyriologits and other-
students iof the aicneo'logr of the Near .ast
are organ'lng lfor inJepeodence 0o a f German.
reiled .Trkey ton re-pett of permanilons to
encavale u in aike other e eicarcihes in Meso-
porninia andl Syria and Armeniia 'hrn our
(<-.crrnient-hoiev-er*ardtilt -gets realyto do.
itt duty I.-., aiFist the other Allies_ to ring thi __
rule It'. n enD. There are plila lein. ton,
that e are .'ii angto foreuiI all teaching In
Genn1, i miu :itoand care-i p --- ..
rrcgil,': the ltencing oi anything by un-
Aeiieni Cn erunias. in' 6l3th Ihe-priaie d --
_rtli, c hi-tcole _tLlht country The _cIrop- __
gant''llil of Geamn itdeans n' irtneai ilo'oe
in the iflure rinucli more ffircnit, if not
slternly repressed." Yes; the prestige of
Germany in science, philosophy, and scholar-
ship is already doomed to a long period of
decline, if not to the late of extinction.
Prussian Literature.
The same thing is true In scarcely less de-
gree of modern German literature and art.
And here the attitude of an outraged Woirld -
against an outrageous Germany is based on
no less ralid grounds. For the literature of
modern Germany, especially of modern Prns.
si i-sik-senttially entll-id to only scrnty re-
"pct In proof of thii, let ann onae with a fair
i ut cr -lirit Ontce over the twent-velerant s ".I hII,- t, orint Clasic.", published
a few vear, a e, under l npcricl auspices as
much ihe mo1 respectablle and delicate sp-cies
ol prpaoand i iBi,. nd iimark the truly piliablec
derliiie in quality flter hiec first seven or eiglit-
hlu'',- ted.. ,and modern,- oat'rlcaized,
Es1 -e.i'i-clh -I1 Germany, under the influence
of PrussTa Tian chnnie lmrefirruh t-to-itr lown.---
Bt noor feirthat we, and the l rger world'i'
oveiirl infirat literature. shrill e e-r cease toe
r-r,la ti, itadmire lhe fatuoter poet, dramatilts,
ni\,Nh essayist.., and philosophers, who, in
the glorious pa -t of a not yet degenerate people,
bore t l G trman ncm.... :And, in fact, se
have no need to surrender Kant who was of
ScotLh eiicscent nor Seethoven, whose family
orligin was ni Louvan ane i who bore a Dutc
namernor Goethe, who despised the Prunsians
ns bI artiraon anind predicted that, given
civilato c -theivwort d belaeeui outr genas,
iaterital to nwee a halo about sine headed of
tailer %,ilreti. %-on Hind]enburg, and Counts
Renn lowawnt loni Tirpi t But the literature
which IultIr of the Pruss on. type has pro-
dutred dos not hold tip ver wellr in the
present, r'oefrlie culture of Francerand Great Bri-
tain L Even erica need not be grately
ithe-r lans have nuot Lomtmended
thtosev- to-ie world ofart so far as their
lov i of 1i"I riest architecture is concerned.
Theeirtl-ti -1 1-, cwill uot, can not, andtought
nri quick; p;I -[roriinjiem. o r.. 1nie--sereselearss--
Tnru Iint "1ir iies oe nit wcorhet's esthe-
tic nn iiorcltesies Mthtj {reto- Chic-
rae .the -. l 'It 'ull)ttre and ipictorial repre-
-entati,, i1iir-h ittrn derepn involved. Ger-
t1ln1 li -,n.- t( r r-,'ltore and buiild anew
S ri -I t(,It ii c ll-iT I .ani public buildings ,
"iil ula to (r iin patinnt dfilgeutly and
WhhR tiste of wlhiLhit has never nadeeven
tiih IirgilinLte ofi an extihition, in order to
et 'lhe panrtono of lu outraged worldfor the
destruction it has wro ught.
Social Relationships.
A iri inilre trvintg ofatiure ofile world's
,iatV ii tlli f'stien i ts feeii t toward the
-,rial Nution i this : It oill r require time
ani the patience n(od niee ae which are not
exatlt Prtssian to re-establish satisfactor'
social reltions between c the nation of Giar-
enT ulnd the tiutnmari rTin. Thoe-gleat_
mulorEity u i ierni t'aned Austriao peoples
liithave titledld il l g ,i ii, -,,. us.and
-hae I"e l'tt rACore r r , hvb future
to here ite, a enal T pt II i.lire shall
it ",he ft iuet e iore than nw -_
have n filett prst, oi te'rean of friendlit'os
ind preerct to a cian ly tieO th tr a
tiitss fron the prisons where they brave been
"inter ned for the period of the w.r," and
quite cieerfullvey. ans soons tirnnsportslorie nr
be provided, return to i ne Fatherand, a nd let
thlrt fuletl lIheir ndestini in that to them,
more congeal r iiier t the attitude of
hnoIlintnle ritl Tirt r-iirn a ll at once to greet .
ile German trOvetern rit atinrnter among the
Entetite Atllic' iind u ii hirdiplo nats. swita

iniIr. c c Coiunt Berrsiorft will have bween
N i likeh that Aire-t'can wrm-ns, even
tt-is- coiisnpicuoiiltry ilitihtiq to share some-
loregin title, wilt fe qqite so-ararer to trapet -
'ritinitn or Autiriat roen n; or that those w te
trami. -ut.T. .inono into h meilatpr-awill
,a ,r, i eeled a e rpel br
S..... '-li i r On,, t ie contrary
irl r ',il ', it .'trl eencld ie
iininc t -f iheir r i.ria.wottt- crbli iendi -
11 i 1I,, I- i ,,.,re i:r,ii and wlre n btlwehs e
,r, ,,- . ,, t t ji m re,,l bratheicte of the
iitemen e..ii.rcan sc hi-awtt Tea ilhtoard.
;00 i. t,,fld ,I r.'..iltha l C cI-, -' Fis-[i _
oher d.hle,. w hIiac ote of Ol ,r-'ir---elir -'.i -
reur iioni lhe minr tinfrgiug the choicest of
trpieh ntis h pe o. f Freenh s -e will,
ri t-- octll -in ranne to become
filundetsoft loyalty i elh'ehltisein'tes.If c. tEscn..-
ilt- hilt tie it is9 cortalt lto ben elctrenely .
d.l'icihtt forai etaslenged world to resme -a -
ccrdial atd' iutin'le elatioos ao the socia-l .
rstiorth fie sunrepentant products ofthe -
outrace i- lttKtnoUte, esponged and ptactl _d -
bny a-Pr'tt iaul.ed Germany.
Trade Considerations.
These consiheratlons ern if. bey could ho .
oeni-tce,1 ro their re-Alte, would isro-sblyi -_.t
greatly affect lit juidguient or the conduct ,
cite military. part% lthe Jutnker. Ute tmuas-.
acirteo-nheir iveulctl, ant-I cm-r -Ih glt-atsnl-


:"~~~.-!i .... ..'.. .-. "- ..
i}.+.- .. i- .......... ... ..

S .. -

- S ~j*iij
I ~--- --

* ~*1.~-.
-- *--'.~.ii.A-.i-i-.44~


.: :_ - ---7 .--- ... ---- -- t ;DA- ... Rt-A--DO ,- -TU-IR DA-- -- U. JL'- -- I L-. -_

At -- 'e Tn ,.: Ron.I .
-. . ... .= .

rk I At. th TwflnWd1d +f~r~ I

F.P. Vases.

Slower Stands

:' rd 'Sahds

Ica Pdils

Biscuit Barrels

Craret Cup,

Puff .Boxes

J :m Dis- es, etc., etc.

E Tea.and Coffee Sets

Cruet Sets

.. Prize Cups

Centre Pieces

3 Silver Photo Frames-

)' -Brush and Comb Sets

y Cigarette Cases

S .-Napkin Rings, etc., etc.











, i' ,.

-I ------ I;p- ______C-~l- L~~-i .-___~_ ~ ~ ~.__ L

gen Eue Boisadera & 00

0 Offer for Sale ex Stom, I

Corly'a Celebrated Caradian Whisky. N-
High Gradl- Beerjn case, 7 dozen pints.
100 Bags Colton Seed Meal. '-
O .-.. 000 -B-g sDemerara o-Brow -=-Ric. i
..----. .5.P ,Bag Amerian.Whit Rice d
200 Casea Full Red Salmon It'

',ETROLE_. #H E lu

HT- IS is a specially itcnmrimrindd Hair-Lotion containing antisplc f p
Sand rgt rerative prolpe i I \ he n used it intinItly cleanses ihe
calp, .trengthic-ns the rooi oCI the hair, laiving it supple and %ith a
'* btil'siart lu-tre le vure it se I W o\ th its weight in gold.
i;'1 ------------- i

-: '. :4, Queen Street. 'Phone 925. -

0 Just_ received a aIrge s ,ipment .of
.z- -M' rn am'-t eamps,
15, 20, 25 and 40 Watt---36c each.
.,; .D. HARDING,
General Manaci* F

I rder rr iarit li, L(.c I [Lb FN "T a i(hlar -Thc-eTe l P. A5 HNCL 1
la t o d .h AlL Sl't Vl( Lis nawin rd iten Si ]l,. NPB, trid ltalitan, NbS. o Dnclta>l
e1 tda S $Id tit A lptin. Mcrolstatb a Dj iri .. St. Lucia. Boshadov, Sr. Vincent. Granali
i- d T idiad. iiW uin IJitilthablud-via-the .oame- pll. -
,, Tr;h BAGGAGE.
Ia-a'-- .must he delivered to she Cool any'- .. St. Vincern JeIt.
1H.rea tnv-t hen ajyi-p ...fl itA of a- ling. Hand b aggoge cnlb will be caken on nha
4 PaM T ne r .er .q.u d to see that thi Ir bagtege is properly label a nl o etr t
Latuta can be obt lr d at fhil Ccn- s a ff ce. All panengt-ia hloaepvee vhotld be insured ap
tI e any o ,n l .li or na v e.
paage T11.)tie lie d at the COral any's Ofl1es only.
' a T ia fner Tender leaven the Lighll ouss Jetty at 5 p.m. en a ding dyo. -
o thr nrt p cui apply to!
S Marina SqugVr/


Ht A 0Now Landing Ex. s s. "GUARICO,

S For cqui1ations apply to -

P. HONE 42. ,
V ; 5--.-



N accordance with ,ect -,flsl 4-,
aud ., of the R,.,ad- I.irdtinance
. 2 :- ,. ,1 1' I
The Annual Election
clcu:[, e us'ie i.c-ber -' I the aibu\ -:
Aiid % iIl bL liid t rh WV/arder-'o
fice, San Fernandoo c-u 'Thurs-
y, July 18, 1918, bsetwceL the
r-s 1, 1 1 .i i n. aid n p n f-r
c lpUrpse -,if fill g i- the s.'at utif
I, ,nIn, g9,, n. ,iut of caLiice-
Candid-ta --..r sc- tl -tirn v, t-
.C tLO M r 1. R R ,,:t L:A F.-.r-
nC E' t.ttt, ':,5 1l ]i '1;.j[.irjnm .,
hairmaun fur tlhe let1 :.1,_ u--...i-c

rc the -ety ,A, elctiion.
Warden Returning Office.
u Fernij id-',
P'ill J 111c, "' ,

"" ^, e

To Oain,.'s with rPgi'ai ii ihc'
Pott-tcf-Spat 11 Ctprit,,,ii -vi
SIS'I S of 10 nrn rs, v-.i_ th- '
a ilr-ad nutrlilf d, hit, nO l tl
fpi.iJ chargi5 ,.ii ti ih- : ,,r- -,ri
i r-,ii [ ai iilIs ,ond re[)p ir- d rie
h,-,r them in respect ,of W\\'atieru rl.s
and Sciwerage Works canr bc z.* n
at the "l o\n HHal l .n all\ d ly
br.tween the hours of1 Ic, m landri
4 p.m. bIuch i-s.'ners ari: % irrun'd
Lhat unless the arrears due ar- paid
by the 14 ih July, their ptr.p-r vces
will be actertlstd lor s.-e.
E. PRA I,\.

- --\ Pl R ---
THE attenlioiot our cua3tomers 13 called to
tho reopening of the TRAVELLERS'
BAR at Four Road. on the 291th inisant. MU,-ic
will t in alterldance from 5 tolOptni. S LVANO
A-rcrrieo, Proprietor.


T iah i to outify tihe publicin-gEucral -that-
I nin nrElonger under the protection of
my LuLband. Ev nq Oliver Payne. ISgd.
-VAZ 'i i'AvrAs, Lisgh rtert, PTinces Tuwnn
LOth jOu191i a -

HEM!,V- HEM-! -- -HEM
.Irt jie 1N's'T"vg i,',e Dsire 1,' AKeep-
If Eo it wil pay you -to subscribe for the
liMonthly Magazine entiUtled
x- wf the hloos entitled
T7. COr/.'EC-.r !'"Alf. I -nfIV" 7I / I 'sE17r.
''------Cy_ -$2 8O potsgqe prepaid.
ECon AarGr -T . Cma=chsima,

c -

I I -TN[. rDI I t x--, t. I 1 1., 1 .- .. ., 1, Z
rI' l M ,T i L',\IrI L i. i r, t. '- 1 1 . . I ,,, ,,I I I
.,,,; F,.++m L ,.'A ,. i - ill,'l : .. .. - .. + I r ri ; s ,
-er'ctu[_. i. i [i r l vyuIII-

e i-\ c I ll a ion to

OQa.-ticairsc o,0- c-pfilicatioso ho

BF4UiCE~ AiJsTt!', ZiutncfssI .ell%.fii

rffHAJ-5. l l l-9EJ- Kr ~oil, lIfi-T

~~L 'mk~h2~g L~~I L 1P. iT '11ktfCelj IIh-(Y~ a-ihWV li

USE NC'F .i u H 5:N

.r 11 n-1 1 -I --ifJLl -. -I

-- - . .. ...... .

"ohTert'o Syrup of Cod Liver Oil .d Tir lI ono of tLiO B.:ti .prcpzr loc;
tLat an [b- gil for throat iathcio;nr,. It lon canu leunte. combiat.La otal tis
*.ai g;-Inr.g exlra rcia l iha iandciling 7,lli mieL favor nrihercrcr sc. iv ii
ercngieriiirg and invigroraling, andJ n ile lintorJi.g rel;,: for croag .11 '
aid bron ..-iAil nalaimc strengtheno theoo T' riltem tiud Ii re ,,i i c' Itn i
rgr:. sdl.Io tor Ir L,, ta.ri o a dnJ la (ac lly Iit:nA lh,:, It.- r.t d Iill. niato t.:..i ',.h ,cc
ii.,rrl.ilo it r a.ddy. Ito c rli-o qu,i ht., a r, i ,, r. nl l.: i ,, ,et,- ,,
c.,.-At for F upT:;.., show rai it, from i a-cl.uiau. arn re-prat uli.
dillarflllic'in lie id It a: r, .11l. rni ,. r.v I.v rr, ,v.1. ,, ,. v. ,- ,-,- ,r, p- l.i
fover Rob tl' o. r,,p .f L.i .r (' L .. I T',r -, .. ,,.. 3, .
-- - -fortlin__ Lynan .,. lu-lited. Tor at.. C-midn, Proprictorn.

AND or Insent-i t,-1 Motor Car Owners a fei. il. IIcll-.-I:r; line : Tyre;,
of different 'make-, Electric [Inlb. single and dLoube confa., t;. and 12 ol 01l
Tubes, Lubricating O.s, Gteases Cementcess Patclics Valve Insert,. I leanvuni, cic etc,
etc. Prices inoderae. Ire .JII.We rii l",.,, ,-t. C. .-.i Vour S i.:flariic n n' Re-a.
s-,nable Clrgce Consul its mbefoie ainliing arra g'ni-rifli to ur 'lIiolor Car Dilies.
-ie \ rc-pesiaiis-i in ithliis linu.-eatl-rici -'Pnotto.0 -- -- .. .. ... . ..

The Abercromby St. Garage0 A"osY Muer
ORAl10 -CHUNG, P- i.tor. -

-THEREFORE see thah. you get the Best Value for)'our monty when
you spend it -
For Prescriptions, Drugs, Cliemicals, Patent Medicines and Toilet
Articles try THE CREOL E 1PH-ARMACY, (. orner of Frederick and

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-0 1 ._ -- 2 .- -

-- ------------s--l~"-C---- .~----s------------- -- --- ----- -------..P-------..y-.~*_g_~~g. ~E~CICCI~ 1~


A World Outraged
I Costeiivd = ,. ,. [va. pa
"n wifTigop,, alle oult % e a ...
acidemiiaul circle, puzle oerthe vague pla . ..
wtes- of lacken a dd othern7ddihrn a fete a
Wtrlle_ oB-bpbll6opbyr os they-didtbefor- lthl le',' "
/ mer.fcnn scholars can scarcely be expected.
Lo minrtain their pristine deference aod rea-
ctd itr the Ireedom rfirSh prejudice and hl
torinal accurncy of nIrnfaci and the 6her
Srignetr r, a Government ordered maniftao ..
Iasutd In denlil of the German aticitra In .t
Belgium. American Assyriologirts and other- .-- -
sludents of the arclntvlog of the Near East "
are organing Ilor itn-Jependenee ot aGerman. -
rilled .Turkey oin rerl CI permiailona s o .-. --
ecavate ul in-ike olier Tec.iarclhes in Me n-
porvinita anl Ssria and Armenii- whpn ouro
G<.-irinmvnt--honevervlardil. --gelsreadylodo. -_
it dui I.:-. i'F-it the olhei Allieslto bring thisa
rule is. an e.d There nre plila iirus. ton, -
that e are gu g In toforauil all eachring in
Gernnman. 1n7AI ia.ri0 it4and-vcaieTyuTY isei.-
ale Ill.- reachis,,; C of Geinu, o ,-ell a -.
rreguli-: the teinhing ol nytovhiag by un-
Aiericon GCenri s. in i 3tIhe-privaie od .-ad
_alA.. vbh u iJolv-oL_-lLbt uneLry The [nropr- _
ga-ll'ni ,ofGeruvan ideas on' isdeal:s iflote
io the future rnuclh moinre aiclcnlt. tif not
bicrnsl r'prer-.ied. ',e. the preiLige of
Gruienin 11 iti jence, plilou>ph, and scholar-
'Ihr. i 4 Ilrei. .:,-ied l,. lone period of
sJ o,. .d1noi i, ls l, Ie ofe,, ntiton
rru-st .. toaur.

- E--Y


- ------- - --- -

Prussian Literature.
Tb ;.-.l n.iLisetrueani ei e] leas de.
gree .:i- i. -.riis 'ierum.n livlrature nan- art.
d ,,ll h. r ri. ld. e ,t an o, ranked vw4n ld r-

A rrcloern Pru. -

... i i* -.. itiip ,, ile r a r
m1 .1 I ,L 1-,.. .. Ir ,e i. I t.1 -l -

-' I. . 1 j. r, _, 1, ,-, T. , r. n -r e
u,..d... . L l u...- eini
.u.'d ie6- i ,1 ,, ,-1 L P. r t ha n ,-l 1, .rih n'li t -e -
T r-ni ,it.i I 1 .. v. .[ir,,i .... il. i. oioven -
)[] ,,i I,Q ,p r hi .1 T. ni a EtO dfl

.. . l ,.. *... .. .... in F ra c to .-cm in

A i, o- el l a.
aal 'a e, i r o I,,, A1Io .s p in Id an glees
a %r e iat'

., i,, ...-. aIIh uL.- llie n c hth o- 't
I- c In- i .Peir vicas
,rt .'r- ,ir- t, ,_ -lh I, eli g I hi I gi lIven

Ih la lLI I I''in of r .
A .... I w IO' I B '-iIU t '-? ,1l1 C nathe ls

in the
., rc ..r. ..'..e mBri-,,,
-e I m t ernI

I 1 ..., b ma zernd .ll

iomevite bd a
I I ., re .fr l r their

n I I i I.n... tOU ht

1 r ,, ...., I a lo e

,, ,,1 . ,li t , ,fn .re r .

.I ..... .. . 1 111h 1 d rithIeif
1 .1) 1 l, l' T e lo te
r e h.- ,u , ,ow ..o e.I a .. raenote
b S ,:)ted G erman .,r, alp -- --:o
.. . .i l.ri on. -Gti rv
T,. ,ohegt. ,, r., lr ie
.... e ,- r c n r,, , 1ip ; or,. nT .opleo a

s I I v b A i l It re. ._
C y, -- l ie .- I11, .. .. -, -, ,b,- -e _"

,. I fl II r.., ...p ,. -P.t t in.J l -
." I rI. r-,, f , i the r and

r c l I .-- In t l t. 1. tie, -n. .._c

IT. I, '1t'. , .
,I 11 1 e 1d19 m let
lI f1. . ... I i t-he 3

f.-I,, -. r i, i nrap -a
,. -,; r -. ,-,, I lh e who
. I T. i ,, i-n. -.....h nlarn- vlel
1.. 1 -.. -he -, ,vr. vinea A
-r ,-,rIriol -Fi ni hlle cntrawyh --
r I, r il u n.lfriendilr
I i,-vi friqui.zili- cotrocled
S 1I.. i e ire i nvdn,, Ivand r bnlween
,' I, 1 1. i c ire,,i branch of She-t -
, .e. Nor i-_- ai l-idl-helc d_._
;.0e r], .l,,id lsh atS oon O! O, ,rN-tnnn---Wllf-----L -'
elurl i J irol fvie tar t-finguiog the choicest of -
tronhiew in the shape ot French uv-en w{it -.
i-t ,-.-. FL'_ in Proore to become
iid- m it ir In cevnlaU t o Inh entcPeey 7
d.iricl:.I tfoi ,ii onarc ge dt world to Ir-enui s
cirdial aiid itntlnivte celarinon of the socihl_--..-'-
vest, i th ie onrepeutant products of ti ,- -.-z
ouLra-ceinv Knultu unwv espoused and pracetisle vi
lby a-Pru aniinil.ed Gerv ay'. ....
Trade Considerations.
These consiilerationv. eve if., tbey could-he,
ooi-ince-l of lleir re-Alt-, would probably nat.
g'revtly jiidgiiient or the conduct of
the millrire p.riv, lThe Jutilkers. Le. Usie '
reten miecli-hants and ilpuosers. The w-has0" -j
actor-of-their intereu.- d-ohllbe-&higti-'tsd_ r --"7: m
"onfitevie nhi/elh theWy line in the esciTletat
o-sorervi-iry -o- the_ dO rniin Narinv vaer.n.
other peopnlen.iorioodnM thef notablyoh lr---sI .
I"n i-lint fthene oiler-y.oplen iuleht thiak a .
Ilis.,rinsi mnuch innrvnllvern Pal the e fn -.. v
atnlt hId sine with reg-,ito Lw e L_ an oalcaq '
(Cavltiue.'ed l el t irge 1 I

A WAir ff5 a. .l.a 0 o e
road lp the cold wind a-ad hen
eagly caun hi'yonr soil-soloist f an-
myis ire anf hard to get rid ofas-It
catch. A .25-rests hnii lqatt d .-

,fm .Ca, - = = '' -'+Z



I -,,,, ,, ,.,

12- H.' "I-. U P '.. G A DIAN,.: T.. 2
2 12 -2-' ... T.. TRINIDAD GUARDIAN,: TtBSDAY,^ JUIY 2:

__ _- -


METRO presestB dte beautiful 5 Real Play

Frc m thi well-lnown book by BOOTH TARKINGTON.

Also: The Sensational Film 'A QUESTION OF BOSSING'
And the Beautiful Film 'RC 4AEL'-2 Parts.

Coming 1 GEORGE BROADEU ST'S Famous SucoB a 3

Said hli ptsi-imrist -"Every woman ha-, her price -adidliai-t much is true. Those who know life
best, agr e th;a a woman's price is, in most cases, beyond reach. Ge ,;rge Broadhurst, the great -
pla\vii:.lh,, this wL.en he \ role ** Pnuglt and Paid For," the mos-t successful d ama-ever
prc.duitd l Iumh after its phi nome nal rnn uf two and a half years on Broadway t as stccessfully
.stagt d in evt- y civilized country on the globe.
1 he grilpiu1g stoir of the piece ib so constructed that you will laugh wi one eye and cry
sith the other.
To Funlw: 'Fedoam -' Odete9 "E Estigma," Poe^

.. ....____ _

A W orld Outraged, l3., "1 u, t te in n ue, i G i ,a i
~f"rILn.u YDy L lov I tinuh -.1 its pnstie r .. "I i II i l {I
oid i i-*si-our lfot Ihu- ,hb tl the re.. :, I tl 5 .
hi -niered a rcorieaicau r eoaotv:u a vi M tA MlUM Pnzrnpi.
sarid proposesas va 3Onh -ee t lee so oa h- 5r udo--t ef .-ec ..-e I[. h ,or .a
o r r ntal int one otler dire-tion. TTlr 10 .' t I i l
tas o 10 dD tiillk pratlisnii u-10 ri;esJ Ie tirr sn-u n isI.. t l.", It , : can. Twvenly-f ur words for ipence
.r einI-s 0 It1uemc ,.:.._ -m- Ts.- ,, e -. l -r, it a-.. au, IThre-. .rtions fo. O-a Shilin-g
S ,ivt--ir frieratr re -is -iti1 r t 'ta
grseag urs-. n t nd t Clie PO.-. ofl T'- '- .il-Us ro.' -i] a iiin hl [ riiuu- AddironEl Tv'ie rds O -'r
earepronooca,'rrr h rl .,lem ,Iu h.n ,' r ic ,In .Ie l I,,t Three penc4?
impo rtant mt ler. t Io tite ort h I .a C re n st a1 I.e- iotla, at hd t : gll t,-
teotfi erd onlrlt lthren. of u r '.ils Irr ai. or a.- dir-eln a aI ae rE ) of A \.enc rh- I -
Moirs I aain m orif Of lbe r. l lb it en ll I nLI s -Tl er l i c e I rnt WLJ I : . i. 1- -, *, :, ,-. -,
Ove m aoa 1 taln f I ,cl-nu of hrir t r it de it] I;-'LUI.V It rti,,L.. t ." ,
Ihe 131UC. ann d of craiIPOl--l- 3 If' l h A i.l i.- [[ii l cli' -Of In ,'d" ar,,i 'i.- i. 1 ""' l '. "" .. .. ...

rGr1 o t o [.P-eluo rrier t ,ilb Ir, i ,.ret tho r, acill ro L A ir ia t r elr I "If os in f r .it; I. .. .... . .
lentand r fa c l rod ie t -c n air i lii li ree i tar Is c- fr o r t f
-n- rioa sl r o tu-sin t h l k o i -c ied -- o-trr .- ,-I.l- c toil,,-ti., -ri r I F _. ,
rent at n l l ir t rl. IrIo i Itr |I- tuter ,-lIi i L i .i er l.e r '- '
eit o on there' t .s Ir ad Ih.r .1 ,,lu irt, ,,, Ir,,.u, i l reo I ., iil ,1,.. ,hist-o- e "- I [ \ -... "-

t lO foreic trod, I," u e So lol Irt h, l nn ru 1.h 1._ uS ., r.,D oe id .-l t .. . . .
h bis in itbe a rl. ht v 11 1 -. ,! r r- o ei e i O- , .
proto es to mr.iita a l e l norn, Cbto tn I - ie I n --.
.r e.itt .se ntoree ttmorto i rEl. 1 I holnn r, i-na y ti le- t -t -, ,. -
the rl iiAorn, c o 0 G r i Ad rho ( '-.s i el i., ,ed ..,,r 1 r" .- -_ r-
i-,te ot tbr rt-tu can of their aofal res, the esto-- ,oa to 0 r in -e nC3 ll, r t i : i.
e amtlia tk o f t i te a.m nol norii- re- e t ilatr tie ad tit of t seaa. its ae- l
rc. t sl w e'er l fmun IoI .r ,. the ablr ,iba- orf o i l-C i -i t,,,,rt-irp i I Iif.,r ,,=1. ]
IWro o, lb t ,r,,c'',r ,-c-f tar ,ireitor ie- Th-r, A,, t i- ., .-L i. 't ,T;,cr i u n I La.1 uI ,
slLen. eqratit rillf he ia-i0 fetr od batolnsy a .-Il3., rai Ihl a -t c eirol-e, r cia ..' l,,
in a l tr'rl lr a i-. the w r eltet,,o atof ea I ,t p t l 1ORb r. ItrRIai. "t F TIa
their old onhe Ru- ia ao sl It ike r.. ten o tr Cue ., er .ot ad ihe t Ihita e -;a faI 1
-9 oai heir tsurtai ng u as be ala d tlost'u rex: i1,0 ,Sli oei-ulral. and in ;on,-ie repir %u r, ,;iv .rs-' t I,- .- 'r
rea.- to Irs...o Or grtuti, 'engrhn. 'ii-, ir 'sr .ur r.I:e th rcaut, a. Sn ii ---tin 1-t
Non in Itt lace at lo 11 thia prot' nI n e.ltrI ,ent. t,,,th t.,,,n I,,,,i- ,at Doc met t-o be Lad.
nhebei Lir tile. r t!broot3 i to c-to -li oe ie rua tas in- .\.I, -. -tr' an ,- .,i.v iet- o I en th 1e La i-d .
it-tif e r r at Grnf lIir i li Ie 1-rare. ot ,tt o-i Ji an-i ubise l--r ri ..-' rri "'tir 5-C. ri \tl fc-

S t ar Ons'M eul oarli -ea s preoe. c "oie l-. ]e i u S ike J

n .a4r -. s u thali e r' x t-r anrtnd bolu dery ishe n>. e in-.ll rt. A, dHi..l r ci-, L I" I't i" -- i" .
aUn a I -he a'e the fin '- t I. Be t Ise arine -p- ;J I t. .i '-n,.-,, b; ,.na, |t* te-,, ..e- r) ..a -*l
rhoeaci l mother Inu lul. \cttea ,d Io trl B t .h l a-t n iecut tar-v. n u-n. h- i s h l ri:.l- T.
rte frerzo of the -rus-i Ator 1 ae ate1 al opeD 1- n tis i lte Oc tets Oie5mroaiu.t titO{._li ror te." ,1h s. _, ;o-

-- raw -a eR..l-s i- s ,,rzrlot eob-n-lci i OT r Si-lmt. at rec r oa I.!tt tecoill-ribteI c "rair i '.. c- -,
asor. tt tht. rl rtiani l. ifreh e l... l re j i-, a" ,u,-. t. iJr< c -., lo uanin c tS I t..h.." e ..... .. of
justti.tow B let. heal l, t'it lo- Lthe I ole, ud ',he lO a lie pn :"eeu ILLt,,- oii.1l ,, .,il r -, .. do & ". 1 t- -, I t P- .-r.-
lernut.ll a- t. the rui, >la rolurged ,tuIdcrI. o-ihred.d ,a tL- ',u l,:--r, de lsect 'irerus ,, es 0 Il o '- i.-, ..
o- u-d a e. i'. cs. us ca-ian ts hate tho e m r out. : d riflr i-,, a i cir.- from a ohbus, thee ; ,, r.. ',, -,t ." ;h -t. liromalA. t
to nh t Cr fe peo t Oin shire t ,-li ru-arhirsn ai, m t-, sc or e i the in ,tar i t c r esyt ',|ar 'ir ^c
chant a e. rh.ell a la i rror th I'rrOlor f n I IIO lt a t a i-".c -c- in -- I. Ua.
cu n rh ra b.ii" toI lb'- bei . s. t aoa-tr t'i ithne. t o-!t- t

a-a-io t-m es t to-f rho- te r.o fli e thetsar celoer to.nitr rrs s dieoh a.udt f- n .-...t -ur r-
oto oemrrtta t t r te 0d i s l ent a E t atres it.: -
a-I raw roaer'anr -. eer totin t ris>ei rItin rite Geiur p pc na ata r z g r-a on or
titledd lte Iar ult or -lrt. ntr eai o thot "utccI. tlert r rtn e "-. c o Glie. t ( f, t 0 r t s I; 1-
en-ie A l It 1,tornll, e it ir ibitrunt ten ln Ssi-ltd L .'ic toIi al tlur.cenlc aC .He,.t si. m,- -P u-i ( .'thee (I llteni-es. lol,"
i it iW-1i l |ll m B h' | ofin cr 1hei i t theu-r.k L., n p ,I', 'vf.-, C.Q-d Ire the tar e o, o e -. l e d
0em tlh nin -f ihe gT rmlr h mn h o r ud oned .nr! u rna. Olit, ut Rjr oa c'd -L- e, uoop.n

.o ot ftee-M. restun and 'irtnur n to h o e aSErl he, -ar io T-t OuirrER- ta Irid_
hr n d l pen d un oh !. Gc al lijo it o n gro rt el rlino era .t l .;and 1u- el ; -n
rif r a> ntherp.rpl r l-ot artii thi. tn r- t,'tn r, 1e. -O 7 Y tb e ..t. o
tien'L I, e' L 'l- i- ., rOn.-. pa.ri- ai d er the T it i'n-c.n% i-
Ilni, f llere th t it fe Ibl eb t f frul.n r a 1St0tx11 r l- m n r rdctrd It
h'- Er rt e I n [IL,- I _,-1 1. r, a. 't'1 i all ., 1 k.,

fon- [inI fceeind or i lulsti of Tho to G the t Sn .road ,tG alsi-ole the,- aSl, ( i Fno"
cl| ctritt, r ret .16: i iteih nla Isl t, : Iv.s La.

.-iS1rou il t por to a ned ot. Ir e t' i- o-Ir T fe.tar "e o a.u. on -

%sar fi r -eo .'--N-P&nD-l-Tiq-i, PlOR II:l7. i- M acr n-. the n._et L l 1...
ec al-.-im pt of the _Pomfot; asI o5rio at Repor T VCaTi
urd tinlagro ufe tto ofvtmi eairl nt-ie fi~ i r.. a .! d.e "rete_ C tlpLat.-atee u -)
Of ra wr IStples sna Ibs th"u O th er i f- is H tic tea rI. -ptppl as L r u tot-r upra-Sored, to3 cur nutde the
and '1,!,o lr-lals aBa,]epbl, Pulr for t l t ile o- R ,. -- tJe a, d ri -t ythe ar.19J; 1-tc
atoao asian I S--i- -eoreer-, litf -

osess! t-to T zltroctst 5th illS n1."'r i. We Lo tro .s l.-jl RcS.i .
.- e, n c, leLr t3-ethee ,tofj Elo_ H.-. O i s/v it.afrota-

tu,- I. tm t -rn: ; -rto_- a F .. .. .
Ao "rs t btcs, ritn t'"'" is l t 1ou oar-nor t.. ,,a,-m a o;,-G WK -e.L I alI, cr,^1s5 n %.

i,' tr hwin^g persenatots a!.l a hrt tn-om "tc r 'r .e b -. "*t' 1,/ hoootiot-
KID t wanilt fl r a the nt,'how b h ear -alnd Pau n nntl- 1tsr 1 r" tnfB a 'f ai P two ee-_r.n r- icf',ore :_- "-
.%I Ia.-It .eaoEn Ia d ISd Sa-n di,,a -In=
,S eanrt^ t ebart l} hr e tl Maier-e U.t o I r 11 Of" teh- .sc L Ltj, t i to fer e.te a n-Co atinsr ,
tat! wean rfla ro prevent^, on p ti rurt ne CI l j r ts a e e a n r g
-'re, toa ,naonts -in o pr-i e t it- Tur, e' nd G .... ..t. Turnt Report o tet.C "
i th at S. I thenM Of anal t n 1 at0 r 1 T ea -iegr u-'. tll, I1t Ips f-a a rlb f Li o 'ten ,ibe hED3n"

atrm i leat= a nostratra ,.=.,and anretientaa t and Public W ta A sttp Re.. ,Sf I ir,,r, nt.,adi Secion.Ga mir rT ra9, S -
o'. nforetmad tCiaven o net, andtit eae r 1-1Gnf

wn,, iettins ,t-ensr r hccr e.' ul .. .t ....... o .- _. for this c.. vRet I rl. -_
bead an is th. ntonen of more otr Ifn r- Orienif m a .trot N 3int .
-i _r Ar Cn vu1 Bow v t t rstehatal.g rise s a trouble am (mane. _______-_ .. .____ 0 be :__ __o -
ta rate a mi; .n, .rrt,,l-" tr n te thwila Woosa; ciletbya,_o ----l o --ar -_. i

"' livar. n hfre A r, s' littl villun wilt c nt- .... oo 5. d. T, F TU utlat-w. a-han Cas

. _ _- .. ...

~B~-_~E~__~-sln~.^~-~..-.- -------1 _- -- ,,,


. !

. I

l o ost rli-
: = - ......--- ,.. __easo for a ,the ei arin clEN
a ..ecra.i of the nnme e Ilfuc
TRINDAD AND T"BACO.G- andilin" a- isrr conditions W14 T--DQES-
So. 67 "of llilandi as -
By -Mei flcy i M JoN l 1. Tarows a powerfulcheica
ROBERT CRANCNLLOH. RE, The O Real --W lhoiesai hoala
KEC.M.G. DS.t"Governor and * 1 cal- b. izootaly a
4Comaurd-ttChPe in and owr Grocery In Triuidad. Ci W **So,.
thelaoayaofTriaidadandToh~on Wi.,ll e'fiueuih OilPait .
ialdits Drpedenies. Vtce-Admiral Our stock is repletr mitth ever, thin 2eer- 2 ,t'iu Pn u ar Paint, T g
thare ofd, c. &., &c. sary for tle Grocery Trade. --air Lac1 paline, and o0her fir on-a.l
fL ] - shipmenis r cired i addition to oui v-alzr has no effect. -
J. R. CHANCELLOR, uinallines enable. Is operated instantly by on.
Grnnour .8 t e uires nosattention wbey am-b -
A PROCL ON. The Standard Grocery, oritu no atte non when ti 1
A PROCLARTION. CoAS_~al1,0riealy nothi g-t-
FLEREAS by Se Ted- of the customs To offer for a short time only:- 4, Has a capacity of 50 aUons ofj
SOrdinance (No. 178) as amended Free- Boraoni V- r lb. iCf Solution, -equivalent oto
and re-eanrted by Section 2 of th. -of- pail f-wtter in I1i.0
Cu-tloms Ordinance 1909 (.&. 25 -t190) it is Roquelort and ewis Clebee, 1 i. I ;b iC j l i b
prtvided thatit shall he lawul for the cOem in and Ortn,elrli Cheere-. h e r i lb. s Yh
Govrroor Ifrom t-ne tu time by Proclamati 'n -nH .lrca-dr mLi3vUit.h -
to prohibit the ilpmrlation of arms. ammu French Srdines a I, BRanre iL-1". p r es at .u r F.ctl- u in)
ion org po'w de' or of uy g ars me a h Sa esr a Tor om r,.o e, and -T,.i--ik.l0--iin .a ... id-na
di. ,eibc.a--ver; -- r-h -odt-i-k-..d.-thepeDand
And Whereas it is xpedli nl to prb,hb:it the Br. lii Cc plar ltn. the '.airk Fc tJur-r.centl7i
imporetaion of the geadi here-i altr p ofi d; lc:ng SuguSr--,- ic pir o ';:e much dlnuC ge. -"a" n-
Now, therefore. I Jfl-rr i oBEo T CMu CELcs R. -t-
Goveror as alofre3.l,_. t. viij ir lne at o ve R ust Tro r i &
recited powers. "o h, reny a ri.,, n e-r, Asta, Chocolates, Biscuits, Cakes. Rust, Troworidge Co;
/ .na;uitl, 19! ,. prhtisui the importation into Sole Agtr
thi colony o t me following good, that 1ito Colgate's Toilet Rfquisite&
35- ':- l'Phone 190. Port-of -
Arms nod am c olihon- alltnd. "-
i2.-s (ftrselii-g, itru.,ks nad values V/ines, Spirits, Liquers, C ham-
B-utes- oall hrid pagne, .
Cama n e. cars and -n.- aurimieO ______ ipagne
biccrs an-i les-all lir i... ro, ------ o .. --.
cnne trla a. .ar.-a.are aaU The Standuard GrOCery 1 NG Io e ite iligcthe I
-a-riea i Q t_',a : .I. . .. l "e ci tiks, ,
FmOumtue all Linrd:. .:. ANLY, :nag tr i Athe ,2 Atnui q .
01oLt and lalssr.are all Lyud E e n y the -a:m n oif his It ip, bsW -I--
r-]e an d ell or-. al -i Phone E.5.1. i tp e he firttoan unil FPfnoi' ,- V.
uei'i al Intsrumrncts. all f.nd d, in.:lu-i .r, r Juily. ar r T iieo-.aJ.ii'a'-Htl,-eFy-SSi .

e renv1 ,rd E
.erlunery, oil Lin da rt.-ding i u.l -.d-

S l Cof A th le l -7- -- L I J ,
ro nt Houe in the Cu, i,'
Porldtf-s:piT- rini fhe il 01 a 'A1l -- d i ;, ,t h ~ :'
S.3 L it ; 01. n, !- a) J __ c
r- 1'9'-" a "

C'OPiESof ,thk-ii-.-2 c -.. -- . f \ 4.TEIPI CE--
19 I'f ha>e b n -ued c Ld are on 1
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-talrc --Conk-s A.t.sall Recurrent.e; C-i. .. \F...- - "*'. . . ^ j"-'-
d efachas ole the p reiBn c-,t inh,,p aCIe-iI IA-TI.N -
are d S s r d of, .r nn a-i po l-
'b-t! t'rzi e C .ofSee-Jan e .I LHH. SUD ONDAY & TUESDnAY.... -:
A6 toj.snen- ih n e oi'5---i ga.s . on thi k -Pn

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r'i of-. the CJatari tt I eao f .aEm i U- 1n n
Mpronent oallo an da S) uaerEday etudeto *tin L aaaa^itr.,

I?4ETRO pres nbthe beautiful 5Re. Py

Frcm th~well-Inown book by BOOTH TARKINGTON .

Al-so --The Sensationl -Fil -'A-QUESTION 6F BOSSING'

And-the. Beautifl Fdm i RtA C H AEL-2 Parts.

Coming I iEORGEBRG ADHU .ST'S Famous Suoo s1

___ *tarr:ng ALIOE BRADY and MONrAGUE LOVE.
Said the psslst -Every woman has her price," iand that much is true. Those who know life
best, agrne that a woman's price is, in most cases, beyond reach. George Broadhurst, the great-
pla)woigth', knew this wh-en he wrote *"'Eougl.t and Paid For," the most successful d ama ever
produced whi-h after its pht nominal rmin of two and a half years on Broadway was successfully
staged in eveF y civilized country 9n the globe. .
The gripping story of the piece is so constructed that you will laugh witch one eye and cry
with the other.

To FoVHow: a odette 6 tagma at

boycott Germany? Even before the begin-
A World Outraged. ,g of the war the tradeiuark "'made in I
-(O oGermany "a bal lost uch of its pristine glam i u aand u a
our for those ewho knew the reality of things LL 1T" tl
-(1 rf'" '^.f // f):heo -tier ea::lityMr::. F oTfti n6gs.
who.esty had suffered a grievous abatement.
-- rld as ns t for an oage- Thre narh s of t ds, perhaps
.oM Germany in one other direction. Thll milion, in this country to whom it has be- T yr
_lqaaslo do with pernmls.onto resume their omen distinctly offensive. It will take a con- enly.f ur wort s for ixpence
Ss B dee-diim te oi thr h offea to pass aw. Three Isertions for One Shilien
at Ith1irforeign trade. Both teier p of Meantimte, illv ait may to the vi
warndhe police ofagr e economist wh will not admit that th-mal A T onal Tweve rds or less
"pen cearepronounaeda.tth regattto thla really al r netasthti emotions ought to influence Three penc.
important matter. On the orA haBd. weare mankind i n their buying and selling, there
elteralned with threats of visits ,frnnl im- may develop a lrKe party of America.n ready
nesee submarines, of the bombardment ol to sign pledges to have nothing to do with r '. tt- -RNIa tI, 1 s\,,-, .
ouar coats, of the r..cltion of In- things made in German ." It is coneivable ''' a' '". ... '
dcmnities, and of. compulsion to- furnila liat he lheathen of India and Cevlcn mi v t an-t. ".tin ., s, nt-,a
SGtrtann f factories with rawi t ateials 'lt ro buying their idols ain the futu --

ust aonlow them, fraa thi, tie on. to domi- Enrl'te Allies wii notbe aNoge r pi ln to
nate on aheir ow-n trma s ha aolrPa t iandustr-er the viear of rsuming coredia busine f relations r r ta t-a-ot r
.and-foTeign trade. eathr a lall proposition with this outrageoua national Our babies o the -
promises to re:inqubsh anmioricun of the spoils nude in Tapan, or China, or n tahe Uniteda -
"of wI legitimatelt a lrlyw Sat s, th a till made t Germanya o w nto e
the Geman prod d guarantees are Aod wiho woull care, with the spirit which" is ng_-M ",In c r_ u._c __ g .
- uas-oal tile rat t ol there colon, ihe r.esto- goang to prevail in Amrrica after the war to
ratila of the tleeda f aoaIhe sacs. Oa ntighte- eat hti h,,la(Offtaplte ri r 1ngts -
ratid. wrest fraona them, the abrngation of the tit-f- teoytrg ratdeminc. k? I itae LEG t fT CP I L,
Idotitoe SDoc~tine. and ther ainailar resine--- The,, e uaiutss the most iuportaen afct LLUftliV COUNC8L
tions. eqaliryT with -he mo-t Ittonued nations measure of all belonging to this class. f
in al reat ?Jiesalt-canB tale, the retentoa of WI "shall probably make treaties iavouring AGENDA FOR FRIDAY'S MEFET[N
thdir bold on Russia and Turkey. &C.., eithor- trade witb our allies and with those who hare
ng as their Irgaining nay be llas-d to ex remained really neutral, a d in some respects An extraorlinary meeting o the at
tend to lrs.-er or greater engthas, r n distinctly unavourableto res ing trade on Council, nil be lhel on Frday 5th -antlive
wohe in lhre tar of all this proetetsin, equal eron a with (aetitonan istinca move- Documents to be Laid "
bheth -pe m pQa st itconinue the war lrs.- ait -oa retto ate re- slantn- Farther deepiartl I.-on the Seeretary of State
u/ until the insolence of Great Britain and Ftratce. Great Dritain, and Japau andl China for the Coone, dated 311th April c t 1 for
S America i sufficiently humbled, or-what in o ins ,altoether likely that they will prevail .-aralia C deor by th April 1918, i or
ustloowmuchmoretobefeared-theirdesire to moe and more, as the war goes' on0 in this 'on rh report hy Lthe Commandi. ONiCLer
S nba en a war.weary world becomes supreme, conntf" also. Al if .the ean of the other Alntrers ands raen ofer e br.n h eatiss Ined
ir l firm and hulk Very Ali at the Rreslutins areadu s-p s ed by R n th Bnth Wet di
--o. int Bileiai efe tlte yhis iletnion eq aBri hoS-r-amenslath gueaty )iitmrehe- Ga-e -e
than an oihes i snlueae. brought to the wortld to ban. ships in ay way conaersed in tr-ade on 29no th, hs tOl e e aor neeNr
use re e tame of seas anal ittf s y t em of open oath the. oat Bitan n ant d Jbo at u n ro t h ina ; fyo m 19 t il e tol a te d 3s 1 Ab i l,19 at 4aSCa s on
pr l the German sbmdne policy tered so of the members of their aft lt-'l-a sr'0 tr hao loa at o
th rtalSz--~ ge he ilrjst

tla hyd hifreedom of the .ws. The rld agi no otaga Germany h
ritis fleet. powerfully rAuloted by the poinltof -irw ol fact ha Ge been petty osel
_-_-eha asd the greatly enlarged AAmertan adhered to. Doubtless dilferent persons will
Smes e fle ik uing lo bAse the sys differ somewhat Lwidely from us when the as-
towhea Germatin ships. both -arships and mey- sume the points of view of eCXpef -r
chatt canine, shall again enjo ytt freedom morality. Am, as has already been aid,
---7 -n- -oo wht tetts they shallbe there are persons, who can scareel with ju.-
e". itntated in its eninvmen.t. This means that lice be called definitely pro-German who will
"r g f iAtig. illt dictate to teruinany and hold that to indulge in these reactions alter
SAntAin the lime and the teryn* of thefrte- the war is over would be inespedient and im-
oatuiltiot0Oforeitn trae- to the Westwanrd1 0o moral. BuIt let such bear in mind thie Oalr-
..... Anth+impeotant fac.t concerns the iPpl-y. -of the Gentan C.aernnt and- the nature of
.. raw- mtalst0 for ceritain6 1o1e tuOst0- the Getman people as at reoseut go-erned.
olaut lines of manufactore and ipldstry. Then they may qtpse to the ssconclsion that it
S- ae and sonei othem, is altogether best for the world and for the
almt coople i_l he control o tlheJ.n- Gerniaa people themselves that a world so
tlmos comlles lyt X te s lkey o eln
.- entte Allies. ire-. likely to depend outraged by a war outrageously initiated
O en the will Of the oveot'hbow much of, and and conducted should inflict grevVous punish-
oni ; o hat ereaes, Grloan and Austriao nano- sent ton the guilt. At least, that is the con-
c '--tinrn and traders shall hae these maletials. t.noton of tle writer of this article and he
h I- dependenti of Germany. h a.ts iton grounds of morality and religion.
S- Still ailotber Important fact is this; l'Perhaa
ML espet dnalv the Un ted States, halt t6 a consider- "
abte xlent all tine Enetee Allies, are fast
o-- wette tiag themallves. Indel ldent at Ger-
* j:mnorjhoeO thiofor which theyf1ra1 y Supplemental Estimates.
-- ....ony tA"W o7 ea B oi 0- w---.--oba-oan _
Anfor Qt. s eabtl-
n--*-*O's` 1__ -e ti~ao~ltyltit-1 ^,? 1----KXP7y0TUREN FOR IOU- ^
t0 am: =1 t aas a, aa
oro mrl of the comlBts =and laxuries, of
ti*ilitr living:.- But for thin veY areau W The Ordinance to, tify and- confirm {ft-
ohenn>e notuoty maore eieont, b2t Supplementala listittes for thUe year 19175
=ai t -ot aJni sa ian ou-ae c
meta retatt--- with relisa anto lVWe Wa,*, nlc w llcul a- a -*glssl iv e
at AnetMrnnm ..e eun, ho'wVer, ltnW Cucl at it extraordinary meting 9-n
-- _nt .f i "ty S ^ er, thatanetbyer Fridat lproides for the following e-.xpen-
No=, o-et lt a-lG vc a v n acon nuerto
7S llafa %hte rMa. it___une`]n
holly and *1tee l thh e AAb ChgsnaccountoftePl-
I. hiwn'-ataking.4sp son s, an the *e ih .735 13 2 e",
a iypt f:telatt,,h orh near'anBa, PenHoisu l ....s /.s3. 16 9 .
IS a rEGft any-ia-t.wthat G demny a Tr, e Gon, rt'T and LGgisoatar-e 25 d11 '
j = lorg O's ana=aoerer -gott ,.runiny
n 'o w i-s 10 1 1 *,ov -^ it U tfds dl Su ry /.- -l w .-n "
;, Brj eTapa tto preTent or PrintingamllStationerry.. 424 18-I 4-
--- rn-s p jr t U4ktl, "4 oaa.fa.t ite. ris t .is ,. ta....A.yln 0 50D.'5---
..tIyaa jCuiaSattnt at~ie4ini~attre-putlIeals1% aU4.L -. 3w-. 3
fi S y aor'1aGrn t'Baralitn amn Italy,- -)--TmllcltntaBda+lj.aatian-- it "
turjm ig -ce -,ith Takiite anda -PTi1ortiisRe toie .........
But alav.tnthet tlet tace noftsla as t I l al l. .. 1,14 13- schools'
tam imai tradteto 0-aany Mn-wei Tt r M-ilaelltanensot e" .. 2 ss 1,
*iB^^Mi fcrfatw then ata;nM onatngev KRailuway and Telegiaph .^ott
djretk fowt'tagnnn'ndnopart alu t ;anal Public Works Annually itt-

fotianistrat0n arpteart ot the Forest 0Oer
for 191.
Returnga-h'h- work crtnally dose from

a C-oosa Tr .aS .- f- op;en o,,p Cro,-s I
Rr-,iat,. oum,. ha a theGoereor in Fx-co-
tate o.aval unaetr RIa'l Ordinan-e, 1917.
ecufatioes omade by the Got-rmor in Ex-cn-
n l de the er -cieties
Orqtance Str 91
1 temnnt( fmece iup and Pavments of
-he Pest heole for the year. 191f; Rtalnce
t the s ig Rthe R citsand Pay-
Meaarl-of Ihe Coo.afI1rthet om Ma .ended
S ,th l'or ttary. 1918- and coamparin th,
Res'en anal tlolsnitoure ifor ne sae period
a with the coreespooding period of the pre_. ra
Balance Sh-ee"t ona ZIhlebraary,'191.
I CrRespnieore c opbliel bytthe Govern.
M tent of fnol,n t reblati EFas a f ina EnniF
i ton. +m.ia-
t tiuoes a 1tbe fouinh meeting of the FinaUlm

Ii lt^+r ^m --- ,_.-M.
g, si--.. eCmO.ranil appointedBto.e mside the
-- TE- saoRDEr-ZbOF THP ;SA.-

:-staa f a f-ton ^ ^ ta
in th er i -fA -,

iUHBERAS by Sect : of the Customs
Ordinance (No. 178) at amended-
and re-enacted' by -Section.2 of the
i.Cutlo=s Ordnante -1909 W No. 25-19t9) it is
prouided tI ht t shal e Jlawlul for- the
Governor frotam tFne totime by Proclamatfi
to prohibit the inptrtation of -arm., ammuni-
diaSe-thamTsever, -- "
And Whereas it is xpedi it to probaibit the
inportalion of the'goords hererialter spcifi dd;
Now, therefore, i JoHu hOBrr T CHACELMOR,
Govenar as aforesaid _byvirnt f th. e above
reited powers, n o hi reatif .iwir ltfhi-irsi day
of August, 1913. prohiot the importation into
this colony of the following goods, that is to
AyiS IWo iTTiton aitaids .
igs ,(travelling),.trunks and valises.
Baskets-all ki-s. -
Carriag 9, carts and wngores including
cars and motor vehicles.
Ctfinaw-se or proctlan. earth aware and
S :potlI y.
- Clock ad watches.
FurnituTe all kinds.
:Glass and glassware all kinds.
- e1ellets. .. -
Musical Instruments, all kind, indcldin
-phenographs; - --
Perfuo-ery, 'a kinds including pfumtnd
Plate and flaT. d-s-.
"oy ai-d eiam. s all ki d .
Given under my Iland and the
Seal of the Colony at G'-v.rn-
mrnt House, in the City of
Port-of-Spain, in the Isl md of
l'rinUl ths 24th ddy of
June, 19.8.
By His Excellency's Commoand.
ColoatnitC Soratry

fOPIES of th--fllowieg Comt-ed Papers-of
1918 have been issued aend are on sale at
Messrs. Davidson & Todd, Ltd. and M ssrs.
Muir, Marshall & Co :-
Pes s- d.
No. 41 Post Offie Administration e-
prt ot-r Th '"oatmnaster-Geenrra for
the }ear 1917 .. .. ..-
No. 42 -Pert and Satine-Administra-
tean Repat of ahe Harbour Master
for the year 1917.- ... .. 3
No. 43 Government Veterinary Surgeon
-Report of the Government Veerin-
ary Surgeon for the year 1917 .. 2
No. 44-Public Works Department-
Adm nisraion Report of the Direc-
tor of Pubi$ Workt for the 1ear
ended on the 31st December
1917 .. .. .. 0
No. 45-Crown Land Report .i the
Sub-Intendant of C-own Land f.,r
theyeare dedon the 31st Decemb3s-
1917 .. .. .. 3
No. 46-Permils for Rem tval of Timn "r
-Rules aude by the Go-ernor in
Executive Council under the pro-
visions of Section 23 of the tFcrests
Ordinance, 1915 .. .. '
"No. 47-Assets and Lia'fities Ri'ance
-Sheet of the Colony at ;1i Dt-
semibar. 1917 .. .. .. 6
No 48-Napatima Local Rcad Board-
Eotisnotes of R vn a e and Expeodi-
t O urn all a-parpti-r R i
To lai Ihe year I1918 -- -

11917, wh-ich are emfds in CooiiL! p"p-r
" No 32 of 191S.
That this 2Oanril atoroves the reoinsmenda-
tion of the Finanee Committee (Se Mlinutes
of Meeting held ou 2 5th of Jne)I that the
foUow-ng Supplenotafl Votes on the Hstinates
for 191S be taken:
New Works ExtraordinaTry ; A supplemental
Vote of W jOunader Buildings and Works
I xtraordinwry," for enlarging the residence of
the District SMedical Officer oFt Chaganas.'"
Prisons, Reformatories and Indunstrial
Selahi :.A A suppyemental of 500 u nder "Pan
ofOicerzs occasionally employed. -"
-CINOown Tenees EaHraornfinar-e A opplemental
Svoteof 2 16 8 under Arimna" for the pav-
meat of.compensation in connection with the
w-le,&= a Trce,t-
i Railway.: A supplemental vote of SI*nunder
"Special snditure f(Non-Retarreat, 1918)"
S -or- -e.lecrt lighting of trains."
-BeebtcWorks, Annually Recnrrent: A ssup
-plasaeatlaL vte of~l.01Oltnlr "Pqrchae vof
-$anESfct the PotchareofceaeL doin Ithe-
tuted Stal-s of Amiric_.-(Colonial Sere-
baTl this Councilpoeealhn reonmereso^
-tdai*n-tfhe-PiFzace Comzittee (See Minotes
'a meeti ffoheld on- the :3h of Inel tat a
I0 72 t jo...t s ae o his re-
|'vWtmnet::&nE ,'tp~ u-_ 7 -a porter in
t e RailR.ay Departmetat iM c aseqmr of ill-
E;_Talxt C." rH), ap-"."'...._ = the ':* o -' '
tinneOd the Firem- Obniiee (See i antes f
iaetaiB17eliaton2the-2s11lcme)-n-hat a-s-te ofI
\ *22t 16 tae n for that pajy ent"l ofoo- <
f he t. na ..10 re p_ t .to lan to he :e .".
Sqoa.fod^{r-;.the ^arposig- of citeoding the
stneoisc- l^^epotaL ~aRein'.-"l*' *

- shipments rnceiived aatitotn to our
Ssal lines enable

To offer fora short thie only:-
Frenh-Bacod-Iff-pcelr lb.
Roquelort and Swiss Cheese, 1 lb. ins 60c. -
Cream and Ornadella Cheese-40c. per lb.
French Sardines a la Rarigote-40c. per tin. 5-
-Freh Sardines in.Toatond Oil.........
Br akfast Cocoa--40c. per tin.
Icing Sugar-i60c.' per b.

Chocolates, Biscuits, Cakes.

Colgate's Toilet .Requisites.
- P
Wines, Spirits, Liquers, Cham-
pagne. -

The fStandard Grocery

'Phone 654.


H i already xtiaguishd-dtm
fires at Suhgar Factorns:iin
-*and- c't kedr--i t-Espresd-
the Wateoo Facor ryrtent
saving.- much damage .

Rust, Trowbridge &
.' < Sol

Phone 190. -- Port-<

U ING to the late ailing -of.
Steamer s.e. Belize this wet
ASLtr-, -Amaager of the 2nd At
yen by the seamen of this ship,,
postpone-the function sitil-
'y, at nt.benediet-'el'- ee.-

'ee) T H E' cease

------------ -

bJ SUND,\ TO WizED--eS;A'W


-) --"



+ A stur- telling of jealousy as crtel as the grave andi provi
A\e needs must love the highest when we see it. "

SUNDA Y 7. :

'Te Wonderful Adventu



**~' ^^^^ ^''"*''^ ^^ ^^ ^^ON g~E s- .gg S^







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G18 J18 159d2a700b89445367926dcd2615092f 848358
G19 J19 ce6e0cc33792802bdf239463319a2e9a 838683
G20 J20 a0f4b6ea3775749272bb67f4657e335d 812652
G21 J21 607276e4a841849cc12f02717c2999b2 720731
G22 J22 2563976c16ae8e42c3da6d92434e670d 710680
G23 J23 0c53219e657d03b3aec5485589e357de 830199
G24 J24 a797a236293709c39fb97a8c17924078 797593
E1 imagejp2 bf2c1bc891d11f4b3d02482b73378478 1674088
E2 f2c9a653c84840bbf2ae58c70985349e 1961577
E3 8236ea926348126a7fdae667becb7db7 1656727
E4 6cfb86e323092e118627f520844882e1 1870091
E5 6613cd42ff10335528c4ed05d59ad6b6 1873410
E6 81b67fb507cd7f1e4ba94b99c94dcbc3 2142897
E7 8b18e7d4029c501e1af75c05362ddc25 1424474
E8 0691a3ed02339b3ed4c92e01f885cb10 1802638
E9 fa59d622329a8d5c1957c963de0d61bd 1239864
E10 6d293786857a3cadb125545bd63c5342 1548571
E11 f27a97b83774350ccf4f420b2a36850a 2099758
E12 07a171d489ce8d552b56633ba7888f13 2409145
E13 345f2b17bece3c659a41a2548507a133 1730303
E14 6e95c8b04037ffce2a13580218f3cc46 1932846
E15 61ffe5fe85cf0f4fefb4a84d14ee82ea 1633749
E16 3873db619a176f8c894abe4bad0cb127 1901800
E17 624f9c5461d8d69c0f173b8f0586f24f 1810806
E18 3ebcf36338d8e5109f7431037b9d9b68 2098043
E19 f9e32a9bb312ce2e8a4e7b64e268eb6b 1720544
E20 4239b1d4f4157df5ab6f589451a1aae5 1940563
E21 6b4c0e606ebb7c353e5fc7cd55a3fa53 1236539
E22 519dd2369530e537dc0cf476fb08c42b 1596966
E23 185ed848bdc706220de982aab53ac049 1703827
E24 38e0a8772785b9368d62b66c0e5df93e 2013476
F1 imagetiff 6.0 6e6bd9fd476076623183fd493a512278 2679704
F2 0373656ff0fdd1db06fb0eed8cf61ae9 2903014
F3 2381ff42463de75d8ad94041ab20e70f 2583312
F4 32aaa1cc784f6bc0d4cfd60455557cde 2795322
F5 e070460edbc8950f7cf88e844e4964d5 2657792
F6 057a429b7b3006ac50d0ad5fd6423279 2850310
F7 311e38b0367c72b511530bedf4311f06 2541840
F8 f3006f972635ff0a41f163e5b9995de7 2919210
F9 e7704ed688f28f03a0db1e2920ed72a6 2699412
F10 ddeb7d1d5094cf31a9eb5c05fa57f6dd 2941462
F11 6fc3377829539475915069af715847ed 2599888
F12 6d2d965544deb1fa9bb21ba86b1aca8f 2855974
F13 31790c5d1658766bcb4395bf0cf207c6 2758272
F14 7b3da4214542e3543bd1b933704e2a80 2912194
F15 606985bae7af595f2203869ad609b630 2605628
F16 7403cfa079162b37e549fb994210b3a8 2903658
F17 3dd05fddc7505c1d31a74f5efaf00be0 2624708
F18 0fa812fb30fb4956779e6ed2ccf3753a 2935270
F19 8420e17bb87b8f5c8671d5d259fb9a88 2693168
F20 53d8584a9d4dd561d260b7e26b7edfb1 2854026
F21 fc5f418f8e41868fb1815857bcc292e2 2655340
F22 695895e3d021c405c8a2f87c8d4b1b67 2934130
F23 b0fa5b8ced891d6fba033e174206c7f1 2691812
F24 f3e761da22f2cca4ed7280dd439fd387 2968750
R1 textx-pro ab92dca8592a554f0fcbb20059ff53d2 104510
R2 a0152052a47f7de2b14339cd98ecf804 99203
R3 850975b2ae9bb1d9abebb7792b29cc75 320678
R4 a6ef9194881bf4075c32a220f5136e0f 327670
R5 3dcf0c0ab67c71093458405eca69ff16 685975
R6 d62cd2c8dcd28d8471614f73be8e6ce5 713248
R7 fceba30a96668f11abbe1bf13759208b 331013
R8 edb8a36414ad1ca442ac8de1bdcb8f55 362455
R9 f27c73a87c3b72dfb861402cedf9e587 249438
R10 03e4126b0f90cd05c9afd6c57ce2c9d2 202092
R11 9e0c3c387481b15b93b24f8db5d7a0d4 527863
R12 79269f571e3da5a0974c7e9b703848f6 665169
R13 828efe631f1805f3a7b069de18acb7be 668846
R14 08ffcb42f8d11757705e37882d88df25 585459
R15 e3682cf35c0beb980c1eff512e7a7c2c 187023
R16 faf3f1276bebd18f32e92cd7546f8360 162289
R17 c95d1656a513b9f9439d97e96d4fa437 727329
R18 a2f25a49f701af3efa0b1cba93991e68 800966
R19 25513cdab932f3bb049051553b698464 425463
R20 937fad98e2bf65920c3a0a111d586212 432691
R21 16f4ffaca54b54077bc626805d561596 370619
R22 6a909ca97962f3425004e5c17590273f 362284
R23 545303d8a5f3f49d080aeef3b1ebc967 460830
R24 22c3ed4a001f037b5c45100b44daee73 435660
T1 textplain f26dc26ad47b0d326bb0c604370e14d1 5082
T2 acb49a5ade63255d4d28449c682b6de4 4986
T3 f55c3a947e729d41da803c5e86537559 14660
T4 1a1161268276c02223cc4e31e9e8877d 14799
T5 266e435fadb921d15a3f1049729a995c 28589
T6 0bd889316f6e0e4f4dcb59ef120fcabc 31795
T7 fb099493590d93572b814b4951e48324 13838
T8 4e0cd6418001659dc70e23389ee405a2 16742
T9 1b638c4fad734b526c7bcc70fd6402ad 11645
T10 5c7858f7ad6b7945939a7cef96cb3cb3 9295
T11 6b0da505bcda78deeb71f431e55d95a9 22680
T12 6708f79eede241e7f0606b07501fa926 28332
T13 e0846db2d25059b024d38ab718105db3 28700
T14 78c884831a9b8ed73cbc932245c7e6db 24809
T15 2db421dcb82a7ff3a0425dc2683cdb1f 7456
T16 97e6c3ce199db43c68bf93e296009d12 7207
T17 e17e6265cabc16d9bac014e64fc54c31 29228
T18 e573a6e49f8e749e80ff9299f516410b 33634
T19 96526ccbe202970f19df38fd98723dc3 19534
T20 00d9f2778e1c7d0b4b993875279d7aa8 19474
T21 e07626b8de43923de0893806869602ed 15937
T22 568ee142eddefd676b353ba34b253f43 16038
T23 8dc2f50150329845bbabfa79cb6307a1 18445
T24 df6cddf85ec46dc0d2877419529c3213 18551
UR1 905c19afd10d045603db924219771f48 39105
AR1 0607d48029caa23017efafa3569114d8 92385
AR2 81251f3a7adf3a812172160dae719e1b 104309
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AR10 a1dde06f33b2bf369a654b5cf9c10276 104440
AR11 4f478f65223055efae1b54a0e737fc41 39922
AR12 0207d6f5211d262d18e598621331d3c8 97208
AR13 14ade2ac756ae96daf936ae0097621e8 38393
AR14 872c8f3e0ecf6942eaa8cd9f033b13ab 101752
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AR27 1f6d0c03d53d1192dcf48199d7d685cf 70095
AR28 7c9eb7c0f93c7efb1acd77f537b4549f 15317
AR29 875db62406e091543f6feeb4af858414 74987
AR30 b44a1240499616d6a8804d1e0c427247 16152
AR31 130d904be739d26c51f0232052e2c5c4 15665
AR32 29cbbf74e77de1feda92e03592f830e3 81182
AR33 94f261ae1e8c0a020ea40de359e90ef7 17625
AR34 324af5fd0038b22bced3ebb6e17d9ad1 77530
AR35 6abcf599a4852d7da9424f8d29beec3d 16097
AR36 3bbb0a9342077a9afabb8d90fd5bc8b1 76135
AR37 f8f836d563ec2641116e739f6bd54201 16683
AR38 ab1469dc1cd839660aff3035023a7afb 70511
AR39 b5212defea23cd28d59e8169fa187532 16085
AR40 8f9762893dfd6efb22f00b858b4b452f 80574
AR41 b5410229ae38d5c7a90b4e7916dac051 16663
AR42 aeb12c5ee56c32634295fd6d723756d2 72612
AR43 ade555a69ddff405eaea0be296b199b3 15154
AR44 daef505a8f34370dfe3a97fdb719003f 76248
AR45 5077a07e658950863a77ebc948bc2691 17069
AR46 e0a4214e0d0a82f429a0344fc05476be 74802
AR47 66daa88fe9567daae905e373dd01c7a7 15210
AR48 546ab76915f8bc46e966cf88aa3b1d9c 42159
METS:structMap STRUCT1 TYPE mixed
METS:div DMDID Trinidad guardian ORDER 0 main
D1 1 Main
P1 Page
P2 2
P3 3
P4 4
P5 5
P6 6
P7 7
P8 8
P9 9
P10 10
P11 11
P12 12
P13 13
P14 14
P15 15
P16 16
P17 17
P18 18
P19 19
P20 20
P21 21
P22 22
P23 23
P24 24