Trinidad guardian

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Trinidad guardian
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Trinidad guardian.
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Sunday guardian
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Trinidad Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ;


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Newspapers -- Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marc )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Trinidad -- Port-of-Spain


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Began in 1917.
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Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
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Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.

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University of Florida
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S TE ("a~ -*

TRI-if D 0.'.

:.:iTE up*


.. - .. ..A N 1. -

The .



Takes this opportunity of
:h iunk u.- their numerous


for past patronage, and
soliciting a continuance
of their future support,
while they wish them -a
Most Prosperous
and Peaceful

R. J. iKlNNEY Co.,


Tk I
Poi t-of-SpaiifStables
and Garage.
SIHO 5 *.

.480 BarPolBs

." Atlas" IRl .

. Btust, Triowbrige & Co.
Chacon St., Port-of-S( aitk
TELEPHO NE svo. 90
..........~ ~~~ E .. .... . 7-"" .

:-i3-- .. TIJIN I DAD TU ESD-A-


The Ladies' Hlatteos

IVis l Their Jfriends aid aot(-onl

/ .'.''S -i /
cH YflHdfY Y 'EW YE^fR.

r _. ...... ... i m __ \.. .... -_


The Stanc4-rd of
Coodnessa for the W0orld
Goodl e a r Tyres hi:.e con-
quered.1 eery climatc-conquered
every' condition an aul'imhibile lyre
ihas h-) meet. Theyli :ii' up'ell
\erviMhere heii' it.?riti,)ni l
lyres enjoying wiirld-".de fai i ,
giving universal s.l isfa lion.
Only a tremen.lIous erdic l. ap-
proval, only an insisknt decmandl
for Good ye a r Tyrcs has made
possible Ihe large 'loo-J ye a r dis-
They give longer mileage at a
lower net caos-per, mile. They give
less trouble per mile, per run, and
a11 the lime. "

Service Station,-
6 & 3 George Street .
'Phm r-t49


,-., 1~~~'



a todos Os freuczcs
e nonhecidos urn

Enjoying the Public's IConfidence.

1-i e r -Jc 1. iw IIr..-. m ,1 1
rv I.:I' M ni

II'isis all tlzdr friends and
Complimntas of
thLe! Season.

- OiNiE~PXNBt~~


Colmbia Graf onola- $500:

The most popular instrument in the entire
industry. The cabinet work is of the highest possible
craftsmanship-the wood used being strongly marked
genuine mahogany. Size: 2,1 inches deep, I8
inches \v\wle, 1 3 inches high. The tone-zvolz. e o
tiis )opLar 11model i astonisthing, and its tone-quazi
is unexceptionablle.

Note:---No old fashioned doors in our machines.

Wishiig You

A Happy New Year.

STIe Red Store."
14 Henry Street.


~se0 fi- "ry' 0 ~C a



To prove our lp,'.ver in this direction
Men's Fashionable Washties, now 12cts.
Silk Crashes, from 3fcts. yard. -
ShirLs, 60cts. and 72cts. -A
Tier, from .cts. to 30c(s.
Lace Curtains, from 60cts. per pair.
-- --V lance Lace, 10cts. -'
Oil Cloto, rew pattern ,. 2 cts.

Pictures, Balloons, Fans, Etc. FREP

-- ~ ~~_~ ~- __~___


_ _.. ,- .. ..- _ _7_. ,t .

-- - -- i.--' ---" '.- : '" -._
V, 1 , .

S an 'r Fancy HomIDy Grits
Wi-iWlsi ce wet I yd of At per Botte
So.. .., . -, I,, ,.o.m_
a t in tStore. some I. H G ,
W.,Gn.a..wo. 1 Ice House Grocery.

"--~-q ""l-... .- .-,. ,'RUdy made.
- : '.'* s K r t' 'i* a iesn oat AS 6


._ ,i.-f..... A B

No. 179.


Just Arrived l,} a Recent Opportunity, (50) D0iy,

Ladies' Trimme ta tc9 s

--.ExfTu --iv- Styles on- Show To-Day.

pretty designs
just received.

lovely range in all

'ent- ..... d at i

Fine range of Special Suit Leng'ths.
WHITr DRILL, (Fine Value) 4C0.

Boot c"and .Bhoe

i Incorporatedl 12C. -

Capital Authorized . 25,000,000
Capital Paid Up :, 12,911,700
Reserve & Undivided Profits r 14,564,000
Total Assets 33.000.000
Sir HERBEFT S. HOLT, President E. L. PEASE, Vice-President and
Managing Dinrctor
C. E. NEILL, General Mlanagcr.
365 Branches throughout Canada and Newfoundland.
-:53 Branches in the West Indies, Central and
South America.
LONDON, England. OFFICE-Princes-Street, E.C.
NEW YORnK AGENCY-Corner William and C"aar Streets.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Interest Paid or Credited halt yearly.
&iort.of-Spain Branch A. S. CREIGHTON, Managor.
SSan Fernando . J. C. WEIR,
Scarbaro igh(Tobago)Branch L. R. MELVILLE
C -




E Vacuum NobiAoiOls


'PHONK 651






Priceat $1.00 to $12 00.
New Shipment Just To Hand.

- x





FO .

th ., h 1 1 , rJ ...T I., ,-1 .l t ,, u r.f u ,-,rl ',,
Sxrip.- iF.. tr. ipt'_.] F,.,t t.J I.lh; .. ..ii i 44

u t i l I l i. s .hi t. il'.. t r rs t i. I F ..:t-n ul : .
r.-al rr t ir E .r s r- to-dr v .ri h .- i

Three ne te ta .t3 It%. ir, Fr. ir I l. [ .ubIl' Coll.r-., .,. ':.'. by
the ariE-crac ,f Lo E glani,.1, all s ... ..h ':..:t.

An all British" TICV- S inchl: 1I.nrig in sIf ct.j-.-urs,
M irr.ron. Royal Pu L ,i e),t'el, Lilit aGr.y-, N.rtv,, Gre-'.-n,
4VlhitE and Black. ip-cial vlduc .. ... ... 7:cts

Z, -

a Wo Sol jo Advrfllao, Piot Advortlso to SOll.",
Many people say they do not mind paying one or two shillings
more if th)ey can get Boots or.bhous that are comfortable from
thte outset. We have just opened. a Fin: Assor-itent of
Gent's Boots '&Shoes in black .utd Mn, vici %id pa.t--.lecalher,
from $3 o00 to $7.00 per pair, which are.une7iualled in the town
for Quality and Workmanship. -
Call and le--convinced, as'--The- Proof -of the
Pudding, is in-the Eating thereof."

"THE EXCHANGE," 9, Frederick .treet.



Are closely followed by our
Tailoring Department. There-
is lwsay's something new, and tne
W\ll lixeAss,.d Man knows i here
to get what he wants That is why
he il..ays comers to Stephiens'.

~e are in a posfitoi tE
".I .il yo. ''-- '

S . For"

| ../ /^ \ N e. 3.r
1..'Sil ocks.
( '.. ..r-.- a'- elts,

" f' n i r,. + > !S + 0 L k

\e can satisfy i .k most fasti-
dious taste in Zephyr, Print,
Twill, Net, Silk. Pongee,
Longcloth and Beachcloth.
Perfectly made for iHard

Our prices range from
(Lo,.. L-, i]t ,

nat attit ?hat.,rip?
It will be n,:'-e-:ed on your-
outing, ;in. 'e l ha. thtm
at .ll pri:.';s,
17 ThbmT $Di .44 &@'$C9,'

Iathing Costumes-One or Two--
li e, w lth or without Sk;rt,

Pr?'% 9 Q. to $2.


The best shaped. $1.20 to $2,16.
?e t Hate, Panamas, Cape.
Vi'4. Specialize.

i.. ..- 7 f
LZ___ 11II

Amongst the various uses to which it can be
applied are :-
Gear Pans on Electric Care,
. Steam Shovel Gears, Chains, Wiro Ropes, & Boom Guides,
Locomotive and other Crane!,
ICiln and Oven Cars (Cement Brick and Terra Cotta),
Cable, Wire and Chain Lubricant,
Protective Coating for Iron under Water,
Curves on Street Railway, -
Gearts and Ch"ins on Motor Trucka and Tractors,
Pinion Gear,,
Gears on Sugar Factories,
Protective Coating for Machinery E"tposed to Wecather.
jd.B.--Iot ffoo7ted by Salt or Sul._lir watoer.- -
"There is a TEiACO LUBRICAIT for ever purpose,.
@c. Lo %Mo DG. i &-@Cr-6,. '
~- Agenti;'

T ...... .tl omed eH j

AC ,E -
; Voyatabp n flahs c o compound

lii l Relief is sure and certain. We Mal and gu d .ate thea
'Phone 219. 3 2 'S 6, Henr 1_..

htii<:.l* j. K

- ' -- --


- -- ---

,~,_;.,.,_I__L_______~mn-~--~PI-s~-~-~- II.~Il~-~-l--~--U- -I~-~I~smRIPPLII~i~s~~-~-L~-~-~-






-An -- NWAWWAI Mi, 1" i !" , '. I I I -- -- -. . -1 ..

., , .-



,. *, :4 -;- -: y _^ ^-?.-,' --. :.. .,'-.. ":' .;.' ..../';.-*. . ... ;- .. . .. ;-"' ._, .. .... / *

I' "- " ";" "...'."' . . ".l ,' J' ", ,"NIDAD -"'A-DIAN -T"T",;,


's -

T.o. se of ihe buying public
wko ave, wisely, given preference

ie...di-_ s7ie _9 /._su/cs_aI successf il
mx -insess year- we /fendei our bes/

x Zn PP /Wishing you a 'Prosperous
S 1915 j;jUC{. =flsv v/ z/-

ood hcai,, aim/ I ioolt, sup/pl
.. f all your needs, we /tak M/c Of opor-
r buly of ggizbi you m' assumance
S//at the /// wi/ /' no1, s/lcki,'/ll ,g
of q/for /s on oui, pa, btir ',',i
N sition we -told in ou,.:r --r e' f
S lnisncss, an d /that w' i' a'l a/a'ys
dtrriern /0 luro-me/Ir-i your ccitdOn-c
N bry continuing to gv" Bes! \"'-
> dn.7Ing 19 S.
The Fashion Specialists.

.... .........

-To TS B uilding u raud
English Portland Cement---" Pyramid" Brand
(The best quality Cement on 'the ma
American Cement "Atlas" and other brands,
Galvanized Corrugated Iron (English & American bra
-- From 3ft. to 10ft. lengths---26 and 28
FlintIpte Roofing (a cheap and satisfactory subst
for Galvanized .Iron.)
Pitch, Pine Lumber---all heart, all sizes (Scanti
Boards and Planks.)
- White Pine--Boards and Planks.
Also For Sale,:

Large quantity Gartshore" Best Steam
Ex Hulk or Wharf.

The Trlaiia Shipping & Trading Co.,

rntenditng pmengers for N!w York by Trinidad Line of Si
St atm hereby notified a lows:-
,:, (i.) Ci nl _of the United States of America will require to j
.,, izaton paper-. .
', 2.) All Paissporta must be viscd by the Unitedl States Coas
S 3-) Issuing of Tickets will cease 24 hours before sailing.
S .-. I~Fordaurthlr paJicularp apply to the Agents.

','". e-'le sL B'autiful Pianos ai

I PLAYER PIANO, just received. All
^ M]VModern and Up-to Date. Purchase
S ne these.


- I -- UlTAmsu -ll fABASHED1.

WAR. .- -
"TaT' TtImms" CoURBBs NDErN
PoaDZLv us BBU.) s.)
.....- -- -O e-tener-4-a bort-acornnt derived
Orom a. review., w r given 6 The
Time" of mal book lled Ded Dedton
from the World War," which had just been
nahiat bd by Ltetainanintal awroa sol n o,' who was QumteeoanVt'
General In the field when Palkenhasytt,
-eChit-of-he-eneral Staoff, and IT--now--
taMtioned in berlin a. l piteply-4Wul of the
-General Staff. After delay, 4t to the Ger-
rian ens orshipr. ernytag's-lbook haa now
reache'l England, and a rjjifsrkably inteieaitug
work it is. >
As has already-et- obstrved, General von
lreytag MpaseSlA, a Iorferalte among the
Prussian mJllCartists. He-is a master of mili-
tary history, a. writer of great clearnres, and
he liS r from being a typical Pan-Gernian, or
S even a llerniardll. He represents. Indeed, the
hest of Prussian Militarim. Consequently we
Shave ever reiasonto'be gratefurofr his some-
nhat nnrxtpecied illumilnatiton, ai this sarge of
the war. of German uoilicar) opinion and
S militarit pla as.
S Muich of tbhtl boo Is technical, and will be
appreciated ] Il% bY proln.ioaanal olJdiers. but the
argument culminates in a chapter called ''" Still
Read. War Wsr." hviilci tho'i r how the noest
Intellient German .soldier, utlerly eject all
ilea oi pati i-m or aitirnaiianalivtt, and look
A to Ite lu1ither eapn'Inlou cf German military
. .rEongth Gbeneral ona FrctLag argues that
e -mtinn bid not nIarly ntfaqutne arinrilenti
before the war, nod that. Ia view ol the
/ peagraphic l et.ailon o tithe Ftlnierland.
c I.,rci'r eepeni iture for ithe tl .ird riy. in
' additllion ni the necesar) expenditure lor Ihe
I'leet "anCont.ilitonally rquircrid." iHe
a 1iunki' L -.e In Iintitre. r. nim in itep of all
tllietl -'% bGeitns A IIl Ire,:,,ghlize linh t 'facts
1r ) Ic the Alrt li, t:e expandedi
-i t, louaxais lbs atti- e o which. aq
"' T 1 ..I.:.T..: Ihe % ,ur tr1alrn au l T- prOpor-
on of thb l.:in liable for n ilh r- ta
%.' 'bthill a, 1) .>-thr t., p;i, a thi
rT... 1, I hluVrtc-,.. .ai t i -.a theneceibcr anr
,' ,T,:. ,,1 A g r, Lr[Ion I t'tjl di ]0 n technical
I' ra,\p;r Mer,:.,sr aLbr c he i nuo, e.tibo'e
oho .t' I-uciil in athi 1 peal icr a fallen
ce-, 'I, I uc iri t raining ; tb- in-yn -I' h.1:l. t ria
--e'b.3 ,ea aaLiaraL [eLta Ld. baaL'.haaIn the

arket.ilt t "aat tea e fr I- r
,alge. a, t 40ite It-a a-_ih ti, l11'i.e -lioIl

i att. tae u i I.' t-td.i. t Ue

bl nia.' tr- r I .-raie ic- b 1 C- C k
~t I .. ti n tllil ia nI. at-I i-,ri rni

T i. tt. i 0 not n.c 1rat l by Ialu t cti.: Ill i I
ta li, a.- l c ,,n ,,, i.r..i ,I ta a'a ,r I.h"lel i
l .itil ma: tha cei'aI tha1-:1,.0 to1of aEurope
altor ab.e aoatd-conlfatertilol ,--,a 1 ettainte put
the ,C angeT ,,1 A n e'a a,,rI .t, ,. ir th,.in the
e ,eam grers a i r, ,d doedu ii-.lnc l-, le r prte ciider
SIp-x 'le, 'i.- n i netAit bll io ue e n cre seil) o
'It innaia-aol -to plh- t ifhe %llIa- pi :er P linent
[,'o bTh e ri.k-I tn that I rh'at atn : can
tt ltia a 0t a1 tri a I anle.- aln p r...i. of p-,',C '.,

jI t.aa ,arct-n tan I e .O n Pa ss ,tIne

n a eti t a ~ ~ '
I le tat |- r a nt,.r ai.t- ttairw ro..-,rat .Ih .p.r.l
I I- I t I tea 1-,l1.t I' .u t I 0,6, "
ni,,t n a-,ItDlhat t a %ea-t I en t At. ,i t
nds-. mn t erlUr ai' th aa l -.,t r [a
gauge. ]---rii er t

in g s, .tat .t'- ,at, lr-aF,- ;.:ua c h , e .
ita o r- m ri' ii, 'i- ..l., r a-\-. a : -, I r ., ,
-auagecltt ia-,nh e.,r,,e, 7,, iA frit .,r
ih,. i r,-,le a -I a Irr ta ,t'- l ,,ci .- t ti i,
r. n. 0-- tt... aa r' ,t..i, 1ti-art-i-I [1- p lic
Ili 1al e lim e. in abr-eii n ab, .-a-t. ,the lae ta

.F a tztariT n-i in, in b-- ,lai trelle1 ot u.g
C o-.'a l 'J r' 1 t 1 h ihtal ,c ep ,c 1 a lt I-'rnthar rj, eil
Tlc ,aI lihM ,-alCec t lt te. Preeclena of ihe
,A le ",nlloirlnen 'AhIal. le people' stile oughtto i

Th.lU truth a4n t t ltered he' thEliefae ite th ati t
o te .. little e atir i .l. iai f rontsr the rnon -
"cr N'are i t'cl iraila a attru-th P ers-i. b.t the
ea e apea l t he l eiticaterat petrpia0 e4 t, r lee pro i'hta'
thanv tir Aoln lg ,lth i attahrwohatotr present

As %n, d i m In, t h a ht r Mnt [laIrilt .n a, .

a-Ie A li-aningoh l ta- i la r-i ,l i re-itail it
canditda raairai a th liktrcthiite r the-141a0a4
tac thlatit dPilat:t l 1 .re-, f. r pr: theli .t11a t .11 1i e trlt i I
tlipU ril.i ,t ,n0rcit..ii 't y itdt-I,,, lt ar latr..
iu e alt- It n' ic. Ii%.K.1 t IT' ,ll L ..[
it-a 'a- .n l l ra' l n ale ne lt, ai tulle
le kt ',IhI.. % -t) .h fotr
t ...ill rt a-Ittar I-a... ", I. I ...

nz ; n,


lThafl just tha aslr -
you bid in mind per-
happ. Wl than. Bake
_0 your time most e joy-
able by allowing nD to
supply you with the
moat up-to-date Fiahlng
and Bathing ouifltB. We
keep only the kind of
Fishlin-Tickle that's
fit for flhblng.
Bathing Suite for
Women with loute
looking Collars and
COuff, from $2 10 to
$4 80 eaoh.
Bathing Buite for
men, from 720. to $I 00

Rubber Bathing C.p-,
48a. to $1 I eaoh.
Bathing Shboa, 360.
to 96c, a pair.
Floating Wings, 80J.

Towels, Bath Gowne,
ri Soap, Perfumery, etc.

Ex Recent Arrivals:





Mitobell' '"Sl1ide Eaey" Tide, open end, Four in Hand,
and B&a'd Wing in fancy. and ee f colour?, 8oa., I60 and
72. naob.
Evening Drete Ties, from 12-j. to 160.
BaL'. WipgTies, bite with black and blsak with white
edga-very epecial-price, 60a. eacb.
Dreea Baite, 60. to -84. 'Latest ebapea in Linen

Bags Oilmeal
Bags Heavy Oats, Banner Brand "
Bags Citadel Flour
Bags Citadel Flour
Bags Acco Flour
Cases Sardines (in Oil)
Cases Old Dutch Cleanser
Boxes, each 288-Tableti Briown Gosia'seaSg-soap--

Drums Large Fish
Tierces Medium Fish
Tierces Pigs' Tails
Tierces Pigs' Snouts
Tierces Carnaval Lard
Bales Cocoa Bags
Cases K.B. Gin 12s.
do. K.B. Gin 24s.
do. K.B. Gin 48s.
do. Red Salmon "Libby,"

1 i:1 do. Med. Red Salmon, Li

Trinidad Import and Export
Company, Ltd.






9, Frederick Street.

are never cheap in price, but prove their economy in use.

There are many Cheap Oils,-they are always betterr than any
their ----

Particulars of Pumping Engineo:
.For Sale,
Can be seen at Forres Park I
Estate, Claxton Bay. I
" E N oven head fly % heel etsm pb-ig ern inae t hIh
W. h e a Y li b ed p la te a na sid e m a ssi ve fl y i.
wbet l o wt h rting lever. lider8in.bore
16is. stake bolted to standardcl- anderinboe- --
er o atn cold
water lift and force pump 3in. ucoar ld
delivery. One boiler feedp 3uc
One di nagonal cold water ump 6in. bore'
24 el stroke drtl'n fro m bor
h e rat 's epoae NdlA riewsz

rri wn ihd Blackbd eic-c
3d Marine squiaz e.

Here's Good News

r.o-n an. d BlackKlds -
Just Anian Horle '
Received uliioww call a
e i oliaon Box Calf
Parent Box Glaze.
a- "at a ip LLL i W 1a ,a.. I 1
From WILLOUGHBY, 8 i Quee

For Rent.,





Apply to _._.


There are also many Scrap Heaps. LEWSEY. 1
are recognisedr 'Phone 1007-35 Hea,, stre
VMAUUM OiIL the world overas EXPERT OILS. 'Phone100 -3

We kp Veserve stock of LUBRICATING OILS on hand through T
every crop.


S Is g no unceeaitt ort#, us"wo -work' treatmntet hen non au" a Nyral' Ds-nedy
ach I' ...r ic o mnat. o prepared thebt .ennu a . - '
cdence. Come or send to ThelNprai sSr.-RAWLINSS DRUG to ._ R

---- ------ : -- 7,?79~T~i -







S W. G. FREEMAN, B.Sc., A.R.C.S., F.L.S.,
"i Acting Director of Agriculture.


Curator, Royal Botanic Gardens and St. Clair Experimental Statio-n.




Ex.. Recent Arrivals:


;*' .... 5 9_0o o ,,

The favourite Gillingham" Brand.

I{G' -'For further particulars aplly to

S -St. Vincent Building.


That" India Wharf Malt' has for years stood the most
severe-analytical test and'found to be a pure food and
has been highly recommended by the most eminent
SPhysicians and S:'scien-tis-t-'O"lhe- age. One of the
largest INSTITUTIONS in NEW YORK wishing
t to secure' Ithe' best STOU'I for their,, convalescent
patients, called for samples from the different Breweries
in theUnited' States and had them analysedexhaus-
_tivelyJ-in_their rLaboratories and resulted in.i ai
which gave the best results, being the most N'utriive;
of all the STOUTS. _They order no other since, .

JOHN A YOUNG, -Port-of-Spali Rl prseentativ.

it -a rn x-i irT T Tn

East Indianas Lady Lamoent was among those_
present. : .: :...
ViOn' the rstrn'mt were the,Revs.F. J.: Coffin,
' D.D.,Moderatoi, KJ. Grant, D.D..;H, Morton,
M.A., W. G. Green'B.A'lN. A; EHnter, MA.,
H. K. Kemp, B;A. 3 ,'C.Maddonal t, BA.,W,
A. Wilson', Wallen'Smlth (Grenada), W. Mc.
C. G. irry (WeaeyanS.. is (ora-
vian), 3. B. Copper (Britsh Guiana)o, H.
Ramicheran, J. Gibbons, R. Raneshlurn, the
Hod'. Gee, Iitzpatriclc, Messrs. C. H. Go-
panul. L C. Whartodn;,..,. M.:Kelshall, Walter
W. Bonyn, J. W. Alston, R;. A. Torrance, J.
C. Lewi. I.S.O, L. D. Acham, D. Mahabir,
Luok. C. C. Soodeen, J. W. Corsble and T.,
Geddes Grant.
T-fte-nantig-opene4-lwithth e-inging of a
hymn: "Forth in Thy name 0 Lord."
The Rev. W. J;.' Greed prayed and the Rev.
W. McC Thomson read a saltable portion of
scripture.. -.
The Moderator regretted that Dr. Grant had
been forbidden .to speak to them, but he had-
prepared an address which would be'readf by
hi son, Mr. T. Geddes Grant. He spoke of
the increased interest in'-Missionary 'work
throughout the world and-quotit'figuures from
the Blue Book of Missions showing' the
contributions to Mission. He showed 'what
Canada, in spite of the needs 'l6'its"o'w t
-llonme-nissions for the immigrants' coming in'
had done r foreign missions, chefly In tKorgd,
China, Formosa and Central India. Itf the
West Indies the Presbyterian Church in,
Canada-had-eitabHished two-missions-o e-in-
Trinidad and a younger one in Britisli' Guiana.
Last year the Canadian Presbyterian Church
gave $42,000. or the worli in Trinidhib and in
addition to that 18,000 of Canadian money
was spent on their College building, so that
last year $60,000 from Canada were spent on this
ission- _Theg s asndertaken had not been
Withoiit'iTe'wa-d. 'They bad raised op a, bdy
of young Christian workers of 'whom any
mission might well be proud. The local con-
tribution to mission work was increasing.
Last year it .was .$,000. Their mission was
sometimes called an educational mission.
They had 70 schools in which about 14,000
ilwere enroed In addition to their
'.eor.c..he -----aparima--Co
lege, the Teachers' Training College, the
Theological Training College and the 'Girls'
College, at La Pique. At these institutions
they had last.year 180 students, and 120
students at their extra-moral classes, thus
mnkngT a total of 300 Indian students receiv-
ing higher instuctioun by the work of the
Canadian Mission. Last year they bad 75 men
and a number femenengaged in the
preaching of the Gup el. Over 10..-students
were in training. They' had last year 4,500
children at their Sunday schools and practi-
cally all the children at their schools receive a
christian sducat'tbn. LaI ly, Christian Indians
belonging to the Mission lave been building
churches at their own expense. In the San
Fernando district three such churches have
been built- Fyzabad. Roosillac and Penal.
They had a communion roll of 2,000 and a
Christian community of abuutl9,000 or 10,000.
They were thankful for the idtascnred ofsuccess
which.had attended their work and they now
had behind them a strong force of local workers
to assist in the uplifting of. the people. They
did not stand is antagonism to any other
church. They wished to join hands with all
in bring the osbpel to the non-chrisliau
people in Trinidad. They desired to work
with the Government for the best interests
of the people under their dare and that these
people might be loyal subjects of their great
Empire, arid above all that they might serve
Our Lord and Master well. He wished to
announce that His Excellency the Governor
who had hoped to be with them had sent to
express his reress his regret that he cold not be present.
They regretted His Excellency's absence, but
they realized that after his recent illness it was
not advisable that His Excellency should take
the long journey from Port-of-Spain that
attending that meeting would entail. He had
pleasure in introducing Mr. Geddes Grant who.
would read his father's address.
Message From The Mother Church.
Mr. T. Geddes Grant who described himself
as one of Susamachar's boys read Dr. Grant's
address as follows :---
The honour as well as the pleasure is given
me s f ro=resenting the Foreign Mission'Board
'f the PresbyteTisn Church in Canada, and by
it the Presbyterian Church within our great
Dominion, on this historic occasion. Dominiont
Yes, Canada deserves such n- name. It may
well be classed as a Continent,' In square
miles i falls little short of the Continent of
lur'spe\ Who is not proud of our great North
Americari Republic, yet the United Slates with
Alaska added falls far short oL our superficial
area, silich is, including,.the nlakts 329,665
square mfks. Are we not juttly'proud. of our
beautiful island aull3. yet Canada consi recieve
lnto her capacious bosom 1890 Trinidads. She
hassine coatinaois lined of railway, tretching-"
4,0Q' miles,,; which connects Sydney,"5 Nova-
Sc.iia' with Vancouver, Britisli Colobia., Tlie
possiblee value of her resources is field, forest,'
inies and fisheries can't even be conjecturetd.
It is estimated that if half' thi ;prairielahnds of
Manitoba, 'Sakatchewan and Alberta were
brought' under' ciltivsta6n, that they 'would
produce wheatequal togthe" 'whbt production
at ,tl4 present -time -throsghout" th,"vhole
worlds _ad lthe quality of that wbent is
Domnitolirt I like the name. I like to think
how it was given. 'Wlieu the wiseacres .f
Canuada were racking their brains a half cen-
ttlry ago, to fittld alittitit aie for confederatwd
'CiXnada, a Christian statesman held- in high
esteem, amid who bore with dignity the honoiurs
conferred by Roynlty irosne-in Council, and in
effect stated ;' In the.72nd Psalin of the Holy
Book I rcad" Ilis Dominion shall be frouis'sea
to sea ahd"from Wthtriver to the ends of the
earth.'. OiE sheritage Is front sea to ses-
from the Atlantic,. to- the Pacific. ,Thein
again it -t from' the river. to'ithe ends of
the earth, friot-lihe great St. Lawrencce on'

and it is totally another thmg to get it to iatyou rign. ugudL
B:o/..tyou don't getrthe two in- one One of the main things aboutour
Boot Stoe is that it gives right fittings first of all. No matter whether
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later. We like our. patrons to talk right about us to their friends and
neighbours. Hence we shall not ever let a good patron outof-this store in
a shoe that is going to keep his corns raging. We can't afford it, that's all.

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soft glace, with rich buckle set with brilliant.
7 - 't PRIc. 6.oo
a real English shoe, with high-class appearance
and PRICE" $6.00
Cuban heels, British manufacture throughout..o
The same boots in gray $2.00
(the same in tanr- All sizes $3.6o TO $4.00


-T0LET: ,

Nos. 126, IBelmont Circolar Road,
$1525, Rigaut S
25, Rigault Street.....t12

17, Marli Street .... 9
All the above fitted with Electric
Also, one Cottage at 49, Gloster
Lodge Road....$1o.
Immediate possession.
For further particulars, apply,
'hone. 1007, 33, Henry Street.


Gr ound FProvisions ot

For Good Quality Provisions, &c', per
100 Ib,
Yama. $2.00 Tannis,, $1 75; Cush-
iastt. $8.00; Eddone, $1.00; Daabeon,
$1.00; Red Beans (dry), $18 00, Pigeon
Peas (dry), $4 00; -Bweat Potatoes $1 50 ;
Pumpkins, $1.25; Corn on Cob. $2.00;
MBllld Corn, $0 20 ; Caetor OlI Soeds,
l1ian nod dry, $800; Starob, $500
to,$6.00, and Forisa, $4.00 to $.00,
according to quality ; Plantalmn. 70a. to
$1:00 par 100, tad Bananpe 12o. to 60Or.
pai bundh acoording to qaaliiy and size.
doiiigo Roodo to THE MANAGER,"
Ground Provialones Dpot, Part.ofo6ptin,
adding name, Addres8, and Railway Station.
Chalrroan Ground Povieione Oommittee.
'Phone 1087.
'M.,oh, 17.




MEN'S "MYSTIC" SHOES,"strong gun metal uppe
firm fibre soles, a really go'bd rgain-at the price
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pegged waterproof soles, solid leather uppers.
PRICE $241

In- rei theMotor Union In-e -

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Ph. N. PAMPELLONNE & Co., Agents and, Attorneys,
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LUCIEN'S" Parlour, 61 Qoien Strae,,. 'Pbnoo 10.18 .a0 G'n 0Gea
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To The Buildin Trade

English Portland Cement---" Pyramid" Brand _
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-i B1T lT'rederick RTreeRO

-- r
The Trinidad Electrings C., Ltd.
S-- D.. HADING, General Manager.

TASTE--eHiTS- gs


T'.G A-Nh "ghay-S tai g--BCi'g

T H iT I TO- A !Y I
m5D -&ON Gnrl^n^ r


ea and the Beast.

e'_m st -extraordinar)- Motor Car-announcement in the Iiiator,

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There is INo F- About the
a 4. Self- .
?onkln ,..SW Fountain


eoo Writing Guaranteed or Money Refunded.


""*-U . '


'---a- -... .. .. -- . ... . -- -;


us.T, pLnret4imod- i ityinth
yarly geuerarioeltifbltheionlahil B
lylol on Wedtnenii-, the 31st day of 0
1917. at Uiea ink Iouse, No. 16, Bisho
London, BrC., :the Rt Elon. Lord
brook Ithe Chairmuan) presiding.
* The Chairmian id :-The Directors
considerable -. e.piaAiun, .The assets
Batk have prncti'caly doubled sctoe th
break, of the War,--bhavingIcrea e
O1i.,4n.tJA to g6,;iSUt00 inlI are now
tlie largest un rtle hiviriry o( the Bunt
proilt&_ of_ the. -aonlthamt-nCHi aJod-l
thirnl, hl:et ue utiber nf Bnuche
donlcil In .Os iliiort a period tihi
Achli'.',-pjllent P Io ny nlitln e 1 Directors
rlhuk nv.a iuatly prilothe.- ielvee.
tle ne I. nilod L he XAptr- i hate co
al ly llIcrccT-ol.L bh t ltI o lI ilUe t ill-- pr
ot 1lil lo- iUecti Oare l roa itng u m il.lrenien
10 thearnieil coat aot operation.
Oin\l[g l u the high price pre- lis
Stlgair, l. e Wti t tInil.h L9uernlly it
[ln .l [:.rcI,.-roi i -at the pri.tnet Inc
Prtol a : p, ,lilI tor[ C oCo tel d- lor C.-
t, re iii-,1 i cT- l. o- J.n- li. csti verit
tu n, :utl:rol rer, o. i, er hurrltco.
lirrca in' a tl c c onCtrret Iher,'. Ti ll
leru.? I- t b ir taunry cosiderule. TheI
c h ip 1-1- ii rii l Clicaliy Wiped oUt. lh
0lt I n oII tOIC" lijrott j .if the [bl
bW .ll to: b,:- a h lent 1 ,q50 p-r cent ,
utl S gvL I ,Imt he o tieat nifrfolLod iLa an c.3
LIT lrctnild ibere hris hbe,. a 5 rlti
.nittlI" of fr-c.? llupli i bwhic haie
,re tml0uiiO dalmgjle to lite growing:
ca irn. s et I l tLin psat,. ol ile IlnatiJ
.FuipL ;li o ol t he t crol|- .r -I- ) e

iilou.t"ilvir I.lid 0lTuirii,-, t--h, IT --t,
%tih .T ire t l- lrailyc i. h711rii.'-i n 1 F i ,:1

,,[ l i' t Ii. _l i '. I o leth e r -L i ll r
lIelil -i .lhIl0 i-A tl.l c l .llt .ll c-I

I , .r. L r in it u i,] i lcarr l
L.L .- IJ Ii he o a e i t- I u nhI i .. ,

SLI .1i-i ,l ati the. n I rl l .cJ 1, l
..ul- 1 ..t '1.-1-i-n ll. livil tie yae

1 l f. L- 1iii a l, ItI'.l -rth Si o i
ll o-l. t i l.- I ,l,,, i' t i l a.

IJ.,:ll nlL o I:..h,. ..r H
li c rii st- I 1 1.e. t -,. I ,a t h lc aL
-, -l i tIi -1.11 Cl t Otl li., ,tt,|li 1. ,

T I It- ii) Or iet ll tpo Ij
that1 1h .l I pIl J p A c ll t t il
al ,or. t ore n :i tI ,til lI

elted, inn' l,, iMr. G ei d all .Fi-

oMr. ,so c oorlil. Ttle pi
-,, ,, m u. L'c,,, i, r- 11,.-clt m Ia Nr_
[,L, t.Itr._ t tr, -a mn ciraJ Lm
ni, t-a l roilt Intl. io tho, ilhl :h ta i
o. ,,. it e r..tltl-l t f Klurr ut .\a-
The inr-,, O arlf icd be raeo,.cd t,:,
Ehut,-h t c,:tiei.tEh.311 0a; tl, v A
uii alh raL1y I mleo n e uliplet- Ir til11; ll I.r,
:-.ib iuv i ii 'iei !te 1 ,v .r a h
vt0i-t i 11PiIt U I 11 I hi I t,-."Z T ,

for tr o r t t nial iili
. lJihildillld anr o st;cc I iyNpt% ',;rk-to nh:,;j
12 2 :V.'iiih ii -ittt I .c vial Ih e-t-r Lt1. t.n11
LIb, C6o0i, yIs .i c .I -s Lerot-tuec.. The progi
Ien- L,-iuk.cnd Iir avpi eIt.luive-nC
I o-.,Uc in L.aid.. lp I, b- ei haIL red tll. C

i-lt cem Il th. Coion.- CiB,'i k.
o i. Ia- Ii!Ic rh. l Ci el C iart.r innit
lth' ,ei Ch.,ytee Parlianeur eiareno
.l do l i.r.ign unt,
"Ill d in1 l-nn Al, Ill,e ., .
al:vid-L i huce,, -ini u alEdforti helIcllc N
hi. 11 ,1 h icr,el,, pil o rauth_. ruti n ,I L
i -c1.1.-nl 1 -er r.tI.ILI nhIOU "rz ire to I

Iv ". [ LlI-triI to tpie I e oto -It c
jic 1:Iil. "''. :-'Xon ine C p--I, E"I op Voarti

r Dim.,rtuti a~Lb-,irn,,d Lh.i Boor-h,

tA-ier lt ire ic. ine. Trit- rV e

lte ., itco CrIllite L ienpar of the. E,;

-11r. lltugo Cunlifie Ocn-.",


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-:cart nlaJn lu-ciie i5-5 -t'l vi ,
ric ert el tie; ..1hra \ li ... 1 ie 1.i i .. ..i e The O ld Ea
l..- i lt i
I 1 t Woreh li pe. T-.rI,-o l. "lt 0,`- 1 Ai II.IrIh l --- i ,,i
iiullt, -i- I .., he D
i \l0CEN' FrlROM T-I" r 'tE,r7. r.P1Din A /V Fr,_,l Drug,;
1i ,o ryl.l A ; hA il. r I i h L -l1itL. I lii .- l -
-: iat l t-> v i vo, L.. C -Tli., C 1,,.' i rAl l.i

umiiof lrn-tiictr Inal R l Sa i Ol rLn-
h ,-, ard I ptin-c li.:. i.,i L'. -i--i-i, I.It .I..c',ne 1 S it

.......... he u,' i- -....... n... ... Gear-n o- e Road yrea of ma
ipr.e tiuc ol.a i- c ih, l lgt ied h 1, li^-i r
AI. t- RN en y J S r e
A i -guqtli ' I,, I O i r h,
e.dIi ....ati ....... to to, a..,.t.. in i.. ....n... FOR RELIABLi
di. i.f mr i ,.i erlo fitdJ er I.,i Real' ,ris a o pOrin-. -
alvt] lsil N a-ic l. a i .ar loitriill in he a .E-h r
.-lv nr tl i la il nle i .the i'rd fol
monta t, tllor.. a.W ll. i .Gear-toeRoad Cyresof
to ,lefr nad
avidener at 1r ,n aernil -h i.,kTei ail the of 5,000 miles.
Itirhelt eir lng0atigrol, ft.Le ,, llie Lto eiiig Sio cd
alniio. .. J. F FE
na do Mr.1an 17-t [[ il. d I n liilt o IlWlO -or.
1 3ityilroare nudI ahiig up2o )P- taln of epr ,.in,
yplhed it in oarctchi. A alirk loruhalely ail w
hilal sad handed lioao ere O "1'.C. Tot]csaiunt,
n-ito tnrcet4 Theme pc a faLr peCViout-
counid.iona ir o trffe Lces br, dlwhnnr-oh) n siat--l
delentdant-. H B
-lie orhbip reominhing Ihat deei~intii n- S

A br. m e 1 2 yeaFl wasEnmd-rteit to
Iftcelve-eieblRa tr-oeff--ih- Die tsnarfn dti fr F0
slealhbq S.frothm Joaabll.'
Cpt. I11ot d charge[ Silulmlne l WnAeMrnliwithi
gelling milk ronialnlng 12 pet cent. CA added
plea of guilty Defendaiti niay ii inaats,0iime
,6 andl0. 71-2h, r..ts in defaatt..O ..e ..Otha

onO the omapluint ol P C. reeke, cK ow.
'and R. Goustleo, oho[keeper', wre ine-d d 45
or lnrrteen daysa' hntd taLbotl e "Ch oe se.lSl g '

tablished and Reliable, House ..
i:i'ays carry in slock .:
SCl nmicals, Patent Medicines,
, ._r ,. C, Stores, etc., etc.
itlion to Prescription Trade.

rt - 'Phone 259.

Garage e 162.


Cpus- "SUI rt n
nt sizes--For sale with guaMa~i_.



il, Stockfeedm

and Salt.

-____'......--.- - ;-i


Con motive de I agesus
de Navidad y Ario NNu
nos es grato presenter _
todos nucstros clientesay
amigos nuestros mas -sin-
* cCros Votos de prosperidad y.


__am_..... ..-. ,,* --

WAR eMud neratn of the DiTeor3 Th um a- a Black or
le, divided as -ollow :--C ira ,,L1000O,.. - F o ret afe lu
bi - i -ro a_ -e
b -ehas ot t en exprtndedand Iothe i er alit s Monday. Title is 'Vol. XXV 6
;vrc z gi rying amounts have been rlturoed- the - of the land. granted tO lOwi
oergeneral fundsaol the Bank. MOTION. in Vol. Ill flio i7 delttIlnea
opsgate, t is considered that it ia not the wish of -- abuttals and boundaries t.ereof
tflaver- the shareholders to remnerate the Dirtcora, SIRPATStNG v. GOOPTAR. "Dfagtram- rol tred mO s* a
- -to an Irtealing extent, s their nunibers are This -n a motloa for judgmrvnt in ileulill menmoaodum of uTra er and al
report reduced, nor on the other haIud to sedure oh delenc- themari tothe said Certificate df-
of t their remuneration by Increases in the number Mr. L.- A; -P. O'Reillb appeared for plain- bounded on th Neoth by ladanero a e
"e ot-. on the Boad. It. as therefore unauinmotsly ti ff.- -. .- -tale-C-own d bi.rthe .Taplro-.l a Sl
td Io -deddrl on Ihe resolntion o[ the Chrlrmans, JIdgMenit %a-t egien in lerioi of the-motion- Soulh-by tle-remaining-p ltl--OI-th-Ia-
by fr --ancondtd by the Deputy Chairmtan, to continue -a hand. rm Jhe gat by the Tlparo Ra d f
sk. The a fees ,lhelCn ii-an.IdDipaLV-Chair- OQq-3WAR-UR--lSlICT'lON i he West by the rnt naatig pio a -
-'ae- roan n he -.r.tent hauls, sad ttoo create tht land. ,
a hare rmunerationo thethe other D;reci or 0 MAS OOD v THOMAS ALL on u dd
i a T annUum, irrcictive of ol o u euir Nofl n T A share of the Detfendant Altk tsabriS oeuhead
iof te rrectorB On -he Bi d. oAdjourned to Jauuxrs 14th. of and in ALL AMO SING LAR that
Daring A oleO ,-t tnko to the Chairuiri Director ; nadj r o uru.t n r a iece or parcel of ltad.known -s Lot 5 T Bra
1 ,ld- alrIo S lT o. the B.-iuk %a4 u, .] b Mr. Villige,-comprining 10,941 1-2 mpe f et f'.
ovisiOn Wilsvn ,ecoud,]l b. Ir. Fc v.a. and 'untii- .. CN O R.. . 'tine these armemore or leat), situate i n the W nMl '
..nd mnou odlv cii- SECOND COURT. cof Upper Caronali, in the Island of Trinidad" -
lihe Ch.irmian acknio\l..'lg il ntie, nu.l tile -- I delineated and with. the abul ala-and bo .n-
ig for proc ,lings h:ruI]nI.,1. AS1K .\ND .NOTHER v A\DMIN[IS 'R.TiR I datiLe thereof bhewn in the-plan saiu ed to
', '- GENERAL. Crown Grant in Vclume V folio 181, ad ...
ire ex- This %,; an c.Juini-irr tion suilt in .hb ii bounded on the North by Lot 4 andTaipro -
OtI'tiL _re. l ameI.l Well- appeared -lor -platutlll and J ioad on the South by a -Road reserved'-ad by
conuls the AdniitLr rr lnral iu p--u Lot 6, on Ihe East by Talparo Road a on the _*
vie y .agi SA -Ij . k r. . .
.o p- _, i -"joorc lt i.r o .-ss IW,--i t ailaRad resener. - -
e ity IMagstrate's CoUrt. LLESIN AD IR. OR "ALL Ao .SINGULAR that certain .
,iThIi--- - 2 --a .. h --<-_^ -- ...... iT t:De N[ R, \L. or parcel of land known as Lot BS. T paro
I.~t~rr li-Ire h t. 0 C. f iv, P1.5 be L. Thin woo aii alp5 i-lin Sit-1T ytCl ol a i g Viilrge, uahe vaid of Upper C arti nthe
"a"a a-** Thflo[C M r. G C, i.,,- M .A 11 M "'hi 6 n I ,t|.'pi'.,aIIjtu icr probile ol a ,1ll. y'llW i Ih1? \\aid o{ U p r ClIanl t thL
a n -noi Mail.uJ,,e, r lion el el-,F- f l.r. ,I u, o ,liti ii, th-. llsnd o f Trinidad, delineated and with the
I,, In, __4_ Admlni rilonr eti-r i Il oil fiit a ltala or 'Loundarics thereof hewn In. the
n iva A LARCEINY 1i' F,-,S. lrobte ,h,t 1.A o Ir.i Al !i p,, I lan annenr d to Croun. Grant i Volume XXI -
Cocoa r-n i d il' i .1 PC jONES%.A[I,..iNiSdRA'ItUPGfNF.R.\A i folio105. iandboundtd on the North byLot 312
ni Rolliu %I-o ghl, lor,1,: t bfrr l.:.i - -i I'C r > n n lo rsro l ,y ,.I. [ 1d b lparnrhdb-Taoat -or o- 3o-
--- ai irry -T.I Ito,r foir ,-, r ic La ol -,g,. iirtion. ard hby2a liet, on-Ihe East by, the Talparn .--
Lcan' orl; belo iglt, ,., o Jo:ey at the i r ,cic I ltI r,.rl- N Mr Hiaucl %V 11-f- 1U-c plaii1l. the ,lr antoli- Roed and on tee West by a sret.t
caud cLe f-li ttig. G ieral r 1 1I. ALL Alo SINGULAR that certain pec -
iLatar a A. i i i ,i , iii ii i r or rarcr of land knod n a Lot 33, Talparo
"ll The ." lenc,; ,arn th t a' .AIn, mu 1g,.c h1;1 11 rD,.cr,,; ,Tor ParrceloflandknowdnPara
y i. rl ut Ct i l,:i pth. l iih, ,It, i .CL[i ,i.liI -; PTJI.. G NEI.\L Villageiruate in the Waid of U per Caro i in -
t' ni ow i, L r c:II i, I I i i l r -0 i .lj: Ii i --,.l 171r r. lt. Ihe l.and oi rinidad, delineated and with the
. pr e- 1 14,iA\NI' I TY o\,.L L.Ir].r .Ibl.Jl, arnd boundaries thereof shewn In he
Ant ..A n i "* 1 Ii i I po a n .. vd t o .r C Grant n Volume XULt
L t-i . .. ... u .." .... ,1;... .... Y' . "-' ... .. -. 1 . .. ..... ........ .. ..... .. -....l d '. .y a st "reet n o "
il' h- v io i- 1 tB. I I I. l.'I,-, cv,11 __ l__LrtIi -lil-j.iiu.etL o i i b T lh !-T ]pactro-lBoad, -un --
-,i,,t __ tvy.. . .." 1" ,1,.e' -l"-- "i,"i Nl i i '1, N i- ] ;7 l l li," ..u lh a d ,ect ivy a street a d on the
n l-c- bialn i .lrsil, i nn -Ii'/tv. It. tI,, I,**.t l ti' tth .iL'EA L itr. r"" .i. L' I hat certain piece
er, c, i- L i, ct L, t. at- iri,- ii. iiii ., Ia .LL h i p. a and
i h hi."r l i- r I--i a t .l ,ie l u i a ', h- ,r lihi i,.1 i .r, ,t u,.iii .,.',.,-.r sr a ,'r.:tl l Il coi pr.irg es 2 roodu
il se- hr [ H Ia o I I h, I III n t 'I ocrc,-.a .lid3ie in ile watd o Upp. r -
o 'et B ,, %i i i p-t rip ., r ,i ,nd I I h ,, i.r ,r \,] L Lr. r ,-.tih, In, ,i r r, ,C L- -r., i ir i be ll ind of Trinid ad, and abutting
cl ir ei.. ", I ,- I L, i. t, No ilb rotl 3nA of Mrs. Lange ltle
,."lliPPrrL i k ,R LAP I't, 0u' L .i i i-. ,-ii. a. i.,r i... iiii Lli- on the South and East ui ,
,* hl, .e hl,, .; -, : ,I ,(,-. i 15r r ll, , l ,11 u., ,,i -ou i,, l..rd. l ( %,iri e Mc.a id and on the W ,ft
C -. r i, t --"- . ,,..-u I In f D gE R galadlo whichsaid parcel
h v-ti-,. "i ri I i ho,- i t,. cr: al Io parcl- -the firn thereat coin. hi r It, rst '.,-l i-,ca L r. ----- "iI :-re ru-.-dl cnd 28-prechea formerly -
...f, Ell! I... ho ,, ,d!i r, 2nd Battalion T I ,V ..1 i ...ot liti.. The secon i there con.a
i d.l i .nL- t 1 : d 3 p,.r .he ,. loromely part of
I m4 aca I.- i E hler I td -f l -
,nk morni Itrwin 'v tss:,Al -.0 ALL ha t parcel of land con
*._. i rt;' ru I r, p 1- .. iI ,re 9rj_-d,-j ad 30 peiches a-nd- ....
Str.d, hill, I ... t,,ih:,a:,:at ,,Le t"brd.a,.r. ,brui domtho r o
tir. I I "' ,, .. r- i Tu. ii ,,., ,1- it ,-l. I, L i h1 Northn up-n Crown landI, nit
e - a t,, ... .i... up.-,n lands ofl J e McDavidl, n ie--
did i- [-I u T a l Vs.1ii,-;.-b
n d -. 1 -ll.I It,, I -i r,,a Ionad, d o oorneia s cD avid andI ,n
s'hn-^l dt i-it --i i,, i i .i. i r .,-, ii h U ,i iilj of Do sioT go McDavil.
gI N ii.- i i issiI ihai i, iii i i -i I 's .ttol h. eo' csl ttl',. dlbtmemorandian
i ,, ,,1,, o 1,1, Ne It.isI d oNled a he 24lh day .
L D i ro I i r ,- T.iid i y tor e E.aid A lce lsab,- a
i iNi. I,,iialo __ _,___ ___ i i uic7 IIi iaz AI) AL.o the porctil
u ;, :1k ^ ldn' I T ,:,,,u ,,NE- ,, r, ,,,,,,i._. :.1 ;
Cr f.- l7r n . a -rl u.:.Idecribedtouabdecd ot fm a
t L, 1 M Ch ,i a tv'l s ii iliae a (.Ar ilt191de rda t
.. C hi ,- :'s. ....i- .s.ii ......i..... Trinidad Artillery Volunteers . .- .d. 3,,--... y o1 -.pnt, ,,.t, e,-n
e,-,, . ithr i,,-ie l .t I cad made briar, a
So --- ,l ,, cI ; 1, s-Ii 1 ,ci i I | I,, i 1 l..i 0, i a i nl rheth ad i the one
S.. i J ii J LI ri, .. i i i i,, I ,. nJ II- t a i ry E rile rkeir dl
... ,Uir-% ,I .li rl- 1 part tor secuint Ihl
"rp ii. i "11 e,-1, ,, ., ,I l... . ,i , '-. n :,pi- is i hil andi c uenry Ed rle i trerd sc --

-yI e. I l.. i r.Lb.J a ei- h,l, i.,iI i ch i,. I..-. l. l :i l i -,. l ,,n li ;. ,1 c i i. .i .t ,.-a.,iiTr J oln iT l a nd 7al
i. i l l h b t. l I o i ,i,r. A i. . r icu moe paym-n e l to
sof i t-h- re' i, hu i i- i .* .i- i h l it principal naJin of
Cailot I I -.c. ..t i.llh)-1 ,l l .11Il Ih .. 1 l1 i. it i ,i i, _, .udLl .hi-e, I- d a 0l ,,c- nib... r l. 9 i7 ll
C'^ ,' -l.'---"l ,, CI. ML-- ll-, .-. i..:.,i in l....Ji .a1 I i ivo Jr

-,Lt "I inigeh a l h u c t o i J "t i i vi t i y eI. D, y Regiotra
and .i, 'i,! ..- I ,lis ci t:i I. tij t a himI l,0 li 1.1isil,0, eipaymen tt

Rite o iiy Ihen ,iL- I,-ol-hc IaI 1,' to I... ,":l, tlv.l e la pricipal sv FO R SA LE n u
Y - Iv: aIit h -Wts -I -..r I L ItI I. ..1 -"
ic_ nh horl,, dI, ar. LF1r'"s i: :i ot-hI,.j11. . ... i t--hat-- e a ,i.o.h d ) oh a camfrb, e nd1917

l, r, I I IIl LtGALPCtl I t .-ic[ N r -itI, ii. .-i,- c th, Jt ,tcclkt cct,:cirid in.sito t No Cessn-
oTr ,lu,,..e.a, Ior.eia igid,, c-iat, t.,-g DpULy etad. aS i ,,neista &
ir, cca I t ,rvi lth -v-ills

. . .. .


-nites mill hf/1zd e/d


R Renter's despalch 0
action on the m ehiern I
- bitliant .ice. bot it
4 Throunhnul the Srm in.
Lofy rij ling t theu enTr
"'tns hLoe l Luc-n t'i

dropped rn enenuy re.
ind apaume pracdicill

Officlul: Our nirtno
Wt-m bs f I rLhiiudTed I
of [watr "ditticUa into 0,
t -dtadyi e .-aMl etn
7 ripointf og lbei sir wucb
S-I Duriong the night lo
'i attacks'were mtade ,i
Ad BApaun e Cnnibrati. or
fon tons twer ee
Behind Ibe ...
repot atgialeao ib tro rlc

; ap nirn it, -c-.iat in
2n0 yrroine I--tle Ibteu
material da, .-.-one.

nrest-ot=und Peronoe
I)' without it erterence
LonoJan. Plurch n'th.
n dropped u lona of
Is of I hlsipor-u cen ro nds
Praris. MOthe ro eell.
algei 3 oh be aoctulrted
i" was continuous and
enemy troopo near
d Psronne T,, euti.
n1 iorprtont acOrrCelltl
on .italon or dalea
Paris. eMrch _,Lit.
i.. t Sur tr ali >Itlhtrail.
eulq c t artllet -tr'C, .'oi r
on killed aodn ere

Partn. March -9, I
The great ile ntiu o dale i1 etd
On Ples-ier de-Rove thrre ar, -e lolent b lahltng
but re Genman att nckoneAliin sll-ore broke
da n, ie Iore our oIndnmut'tble rote ince
j Stantnanta irt'tlt prri-oueri confirm,,d, rt[,orti
-t tie 1a nrloUc a of the lo--en nutferd bl tae
SGerntineuo itouLt bntgilo g theom nucCer-. The
'. reanoLrel he.lev rsoarb-r rdf caryPea 1ot111.] Ito
fil the--s'- ents, -0 --ihldlt, -io iri l t-i-.-ead,,
Rooe conirntr lthi _On the uorth of Mrnnt-
didler the PFranco-Bltiih fiorcts coulnue tic.
n touse ) to holdt the Germans on a ice rnun.
-nn a ,lurg IhcRltlcerI ,Iad ona, Patl .cuaN'lle
S St. Bernard, Blriereej, Marcel, Cave an-a
Hamel. Certain column of German Infantry
and convoep on the ro'r,- between Lion cod
4 La Fee totre Lrkaa;ht under the fire -A oar
1ong range nrtullern aid d.,persed There wot
-alo na table tiller arn tiveat alonc the te.
mainder of Ite trontt ,lop the a-tile front
of the Oie there 'a notable driinnuLon A
fighting' rcurng Ilt, course of the d.r The
nifoer -,r .l tt ,D the oermaus s mt oarni.
S ested only It lo-:l alrinks a a few points of
onr front4. uh,,h ore teing rirenogtlcoed
Severe da by conoiant reinforcecrients
1rilta.c t wer, re,.dL:-il i t i -. he ai-t-'l il
n, t s. E nen rni to-oi'.inzi uOr p 'arn tir
uothb oa Prop-a. u %%ere ,,,.ttet l.a-,.r
Oficit ;tai mtrilm N orth i l: Po nm r ur
Spositiont13 11, en Ialned ol ., nfi -
S)uth of the Snaoirte h- ,hi.ltint_-
O"r tr o[,5 %e lT I-., n. n.: .. Voe r- .Ltm
oait of Homel. hilorcel ,,ol'nas- O, n the
French frout oauth -,-f iiih thif 1l1e tin;
atlrongh ile.,aiere. N., ,n tr. 't Pern-rs i aioI
Grettibau to a [61sL JLus A-to of M.r.oti-diser
Farther her s hi 'c occurrot I dy on n
this line Bli.eeu Mn,:.ontdflier ond it-I~'.lig
the French counter oldainuue coaeibtc andtI
Iresh troops are arrut icn .f L -gipuv
] the Freuch Inec i nr-:hangod .A captured
I Germant order how; rlit on Mlarch l. t1 he
objective of an eneirn .livi .in thi: ilattacke-d
S near Srt Quentin ea- I., I.e hle R.,r he-inme
near Hans, at diltaLUCe rof oor ico Il miles.
This daIt-ion actuiola penetroatcl] I; tlan
tbree les .. Mr
S Oficial. Apart-ironi-local ichintog at dilT-r-
S ent points the enemr did not preot Iti aiLatck
-Io-day north of the Somme We gjiined
gcoutd at certainplaca, South of the Somme,
heavy ho,'tlle attacks dtoelopdd dnrlnj rhe
morning in the noeigh, urhood rtl r Mezieteo.
and fighting is proceeding in Ihis rector It i,
known from captured enemy ldoumente s tat
the German latlacl;k estri-ov rrinde the Ritcr
Scarpe, had ia il oblct-live cciiturt Ao The ili
Ridge, and Arrai. The iuttack %ai- carried ouat
vwnb at lenrl Bix dnloios ini the front line tllt
finr asault divislor- in support Despile this
Since of the attack the tmpreoiaon mOdie on
oir aittle posiHouas w0l ie'onaiIr.t ible and
-" resulted in severe defeat l'r the enemy In
heavy fighting further -iuth between Bolt-
a d-Serre. trh bien no l reoter Euccess in
irile-of ltie-fact that nr i ch llion II lh ile
i division were identified faith their ellort
Pant barich 3li]h
OEffclal. Sevenly fve perrons %ere killed iud
,90 wounded. most of them be' oe women ,nd
children, when Germn o ran r e o shell. tell
Son a church near the uipilail on Goa.i Frida).
while a service as ing being held. Stroeh
ling, the Conellr-tir oi the Sbei-s Let-c1lion eo.n
mong Ihore killed. The notne church wai
iro ck on Palm Sunday cnd1 many ctasur]lie.
Londou, March jnlIh.
4 OTficial. North olf the Somme there have
S oly been IocnI nettsnu. Scnih of the Somnie
le-enemy NttLacksaeslerda) in the neighbour.
hoiod of Merieres succeeded in pressing our
troops from tie silloge. We secured a nunn-
cr of pirionerg aso the re-nil, or counter-
alstaks. The nretiv nlso noternrplttd to catnre
T-.;malv, ult failed oaler sharp rhitilng
throughout the allfternoon. During the past
"week ant Ciar.lrrv fought gallintli both mouut-
-I and afool, attI repuoIel the enemy Inflicl
Intg enry looses upon hIne In numerous en-
London, Manch 3lOt.
Renter's correnpon.,ent nt lirndqiiarterp in
France lelenraphs Thie Gernmans are rushing
orwMd artlllery nnd wenigaonizoig their force.
The olowing don os Ihtle battle. fie n'lis, Ilt
probably only n Inll before nnrtliser sinrin of
S grater intlenuty Tle situation on the Iritiish
eaiclor of Ie new bittllle front tills morning In
More satlnlnctory from tHri AllirI Etnndpoint.
"The Oillit W-ts eonaporailliply calit.
Lonldon, Mlnrcla .3tlli
Ouiclnl. Nnilla of the Sr-niuie niter n tlinit
Iali1 yelmertnyri tec ibatle broke out nfrrir Ilbln
raornhltg. The umrnr rented hlais coatily
tmacessiul autanB In Ie a region of Bolry
anul Boyellea nnd Innmediately nor ll of the
Sotnme. All hia attacka weme In con-
tllernble atrengIh and wllh irost troops. The
enemy wue thrown back wItlhi heavy Iose
61ant our pIotiton wnere maintained. We nook
It number of pfrnoners. A heavy mbonhnrdiment
of o'Tr ,lefences last ol Arrams won occotmpniled
by an attack. South Oi th" S3ommne and be-
1Ileen Ihe Bomnae anid the Avre fighting con-

-'- Tuare Is nolthlnt repultvea In Mllea'a Worm
Powderas, and they are ea pleoant to takh aa
sfaiw, M that few children will retusm them.
In -ma ann they cause vomlting through
ir e tna lacd In aa unaoaund atonoach, but thia
Ih oly a mmnsltartehllon of thei powePr.
-' tlhdaa t they am m hurtful'. They uco
"4be Ltoatify deL p tel UmPt to 1 onr atll


rioroes incesoantlyt attacks and conntef-attacksa
,ollao.t Ing ch l .Fort intea.l. .The EARTH AND HDl g.
W r entm.ny Ec-,id hi a. lhl., mornlh1 hf.op ---ra.
etnVinuu lllage. bationa held tp ou the Wtsl- CeaCunss differ, s vwe nil know, greatly in
---- -"61 ern ntoluir l-i Two saron ailtacks t..-ilnal Athe flaxoor, counsistency and appearance, but Ite
Ftioas -a er,- retcri-:'d rlitsh front rom Slrrcel to he S:.-mnie, wore active principle caswin ilat he sranie In all,and it
r ai. Io- "rpuleJ with heavy ionseasC Enemy attacks in the caeia which t so nourishing.
nda.& &aer War North of the Somme were lartacbed with great The principal n'easitmnes to maintain life are
Sfe f. ferocity and [our wave of his Inienty were pratelda, fats, starch, vegetableacidasand snlts,
btalen Lack at ..i11 points. In the neighbonr- and water, the 0rnportlona altering, of coarse,
hood ol Seire Nonrth of Albert we advanced with thLe age, sex aad habits of the conanmer.
--^nRONT. l:: an ud caplttred .1u prisoners and 40 Cheese coonlaio proLelda, fatal, and water, so to
V rn macltoe guns. complete a perfect meal, starch arod vegetable
Paris, MBrch 301h. salts mNst. be added. The former is found in
London, March 28th. Officials comuhiiique. The Dottle of the bread and farinaceous and starchy foods.,-pnd
Ourctvslry have bee-n in LOa.slguy Itoait citinuued throuch:ul-t the the latter ia easily supplied, in the lora& of
front and hoae arciered -Lole dr," sod exteded qfor a diltance ol 6h) green sarled. .
io dettaild Ric available. L kilointerree ioug the line t 'the tirecion of Some people are ogain-t children eating
o arta car airmen ore Moreuil The Gercan n'at,t QT elt can- chee-,e, this is behtaune the% do not know that a
nm. r- I-o nnrill-oircTllt tinually mire fr,.iripl acri] mtlt in a peat properly prepared and cc-oked dish of mncaroni,
tcc ior ar.thisforce ",Lot orti Ln F C-th cl.a celer-shlee ncs ralny r bol ee 6imtlar Ingredienl ind cheorese
eestecoioborl ofthit oppcdlbonoi.taw ssill prose n03valuable a meal n5 egga.or meat
e_._ -, -e,1 1..tpdho,' t -.a .bo ..L-,rft "h It Intit. a -p.. -... .. -........ .....


A-sociataed Prees de patch This memorable spread on t-Ites ol hbred or blirEcuts form a
coek end wltT a general leching of optimism splendd luncheon. In Prance castor sugar ai
find tbui I I'.tlun ore pronounced hol a s eaten with cream cbeeie, but Engliah
daily promoled bt Ite re-ullt of the lata people rnolitt prefer the more piquant eceson-
theie Idlo' lighting op l of ? ,ilt and pepper.
WVi-lhln'tTor. M arch ithr To guard igainat no l forms of indigestion,
Olichl io rtanl hO ii-i ieI etn t.:l here that e .peciallv he.artbure, niter eating matbe too
-General loab-h ti' b-b n arpptsticc- to tt.n.h. -fr- .i-lv-t-chc-et-l heta to- certain principles to
prtinrte onii]a.n of .all the .lie. ul .\mc OnoArl tie obered Chee should be finely gratled
iIlu Iorct I1 I [Ii"T- or -le.d.hid Leoite t is ooked : for Ithia rcaaon
Laou.n-u. tf,-.:h J3oh. hie hard. state chee-e i, ,b-rt becauna It can be

rlenti alid DB lll-hi t .,erno.'nil h-.te oleeI A great deal d-.pind. ulso no the cooking light
to is r. -.,ntott.eour.Al 1--..:hb Caomtt,-tder ofattear Ie a. cnakhtinp iv e'enti f, etprolong'd hbrlo
Alo ltrUihe GeiIIn he c I-'Il ri.gbhe preeut te nd. to tuhbncernin e er d preparatioee ore.
oIt is r.tin. This tc bs ee L.. tLoken to oabnt .n Ric e i. cI. vhi it eiunllg who lesome andith
ateo Nufl e 1 firni l-e .e int I tht l Iallailt h tup ty Thro,.e WI b ee o t,, e or-,ket t in f,.r the
rot French atoll Ttrti -,,h o r,, T, t rietod pLIti- el'co-e -ri. lde.In l,n-tatllthesete labes lstulNfbe
i, I r. thL oFr'nt r.1 a t, or-le t r nGa er tintl Dou i o' aithp pepper and .t k t L t. ctt la
hcasbeen e .under utheo.tDi-'d of a rrenci clo,-A l.1to--O, oceat Mofuseb r.I- a heoAe.e
Gttoralln[order fItntua reIc tl ci l]i-I Dii'tta".' i--itt h."r...rt1 'e.-n.r e, ln It'IUCre Ltt., ,1 I of
-,i rf l i-,, u. i i fIT, ti C. ar, t ,- c-._ oa c,, ,. Llc:t il aid ropt and C oi pl--,te
with the appor itmentrC, of 'o.,rb -I Poch. -ger lu
., a.,r,. ,, MP ch .rch. a rang, o sudchree it aioura .dishand
rihlI til lcl ut ihei t; I e Ati- i- e cle i a t -f ir p i tr t lere l r be o-, haroFl l
thae o i a ir.-- e 'trin- .'.-h ,l- i .. o, t- -a reuia D I ti 1 i-o.: el kncod n o g le any
Ie irole r 1the GemniaE- -, i,,a prl i r tit e. dtloalls co ceronint either :t a preparation or
W iri ne.t tl,,rct h 'Rth. cooking here
t is official r t aterdti .-n ie Cl.tlpi.] o 0,n-] Rice oad c EheRSe I I e,]ually wholesome and
i-o Nuon; rrnit tlie b.-.-pinl4 af1 St Ihli;tbeb .t' A ty Throw three o incti r of r i-e into fast
at a rti rh to- tv i r, es-i,,l ed I.' iath Cer lolling ca ied after and cook f-or toet -Sfive
o.rsin the courirtof the Soarra." .ta gnLher Uicotue- Drin and dr-t. an.] mate a satce as
ih a B.Iulo er itu Dr Dego. t Iow Melt one ounce of butter in n auce
pan aod s tr to telai table pdootoli of flour.
EWS sRe od EdE ..tdlngm ot.r. popp .rend attonta. Pour
On gTa altV hl nt i Of milk an stir o '-r the
fore intll the aeCe th icken then a-.l tour
SOURCESO. -uu eateo Icireetar ci I T r aua

f otip oonful of hi carTln i a lr ,, f n. l ith
.Ancr-rd ng to e tth e IroAtr o nre- nl ntof danger r nd wla r rnidel ,.hole. me p

twle B e.-c-h I ,' u rI e oo oa. d lot- m olt ye.'aic ^ lngdt4. e r e tc ap-
thploieeia i anhid n ni biline now .c -I T ??s ich f m" "" 0e tbi i ll" W
train.a core .r-ineuc. iaiohteg o ite am ur Beat two g-, -h. 11oa hand Kre three
en r.',ulefoArNix I.,Cl lp. l- od. alot mntnceof;tLileC thae Put ,,o ao t -on
yto noonund-I tri.- uetaw o,-tl Mi-cI at N,;Sliro lo of c o rt 'lo lloa tot a h lo i ar.ol i eI I thr
T he bn er p nlt o iNortheron P a bav te in t I--r.ealen e. yca nod a .n ieO l.N ] hI11,i onle o
ctrc axarcm-.,-J-Iaton f.-,r h -',-rcatn .t 'alter lru o0r alIh ut- rid -ar,, p the hurpoe II
IT: r Ih,- Ts.-,% ,;,,f .' ,I,'7r11le ;,.n lk l egIatla io I I s l wI,. rraa 7 1 II ,0 t, ....
ti ll- FII.t- e -h r.tnf.- to Ibjie re oatr f i tIh .'11 a-t b f g/. r. t e 0 it-

.lBM1'7u Ch ,Cre ,,, ]- ,he r ofts 'h.e 1h, jndn l o. ia ,e c : .,
oia- t fo1 ., o- t r re rtit ,r rtlns -,t t ti t ,.., la 'rat. b .ecg 'a -'ia 'tt la rge
c. n,- ,,v "he.. .itaL,1. s" fr .- ;L in-
The u ra ,,. ( ,r,:h .-,Ik tj aeSnhat,~, L h O1" .t -ah,
The ant,., ira: e roI ih Tb, I.a ,-h a. en so -ilh .,-It 1it y- .cr i tHc ,t clill of
-leo'" c lBerlin altetrr riz r ,.l...r lo.shg.q n im ittlr h .5 iOai i -.u t ,--ethree
,tr,,c,tt n. ,-,rthe '-,. ,,ln, ILIretarns '.- ,'a jca- t-tiit c,, and adatIhere t- the
se,-rtgirt I .'. cq .ih e rl t \r b.Cor It a p arcos ci:t--...- aboaro- tp.e drhb Ip, nt .i-ic h
'. C r,, Itie rItI1. Nrc. .tIrotI;i. iati r- tyili Lle witd hrei c r nit wte
oI. et,, po I, ,r Or,.., ,;dling .- t,
t-anteq'alre-tb-at-)as ufto Marh d tat edhai-----Pu
Ath t Tf il ,- -e- I- ali'r h-:,t -'.eare .artl. a tet, plece to f abat on o Lh teL G t,- iitbhe i
*e rmI- r' ..-. t- i.- th r,,o-h tliheeoenir .i h,3 ,unt- u antilhr p r a nd mh.-,,i' G m "
lent-. 11ooItl usanl. thenat-erotant cmuia-net -be ,I Chri--f a-5rt' t e,-. tn, c re
tactr-t-/I.r fIi' eohl)IZ tbrsc ,1racotrt.laalinn tI.,rr -t-ipe- .t brc.'dte tad t-r' .an e
ahC W-lrtIirt-i-,ntiii ,;'l s thik nexcllent re u-o .- T, 1e hlal 'ito-I
Lm D.teItb, ,,rlrI- I 1-.',Irl-;t F ieit nit...,'anh.. -- r ,
I-he-li it, Ita Tare ; ''.-- t -.A. rhri. or- an teha, r iomn ..IT i- Ntr or C r, 1 e,-
t ra t- .'e n I, title I t, .-- i- Ii t ur, u I i ere Ic l 't in

ul Buafl iemIt tiliuey alt. d a it ,11 ,aLr tI
relt r, i wr th- a i-nt4 h f achitr the arke hn t o uar.1.-i, e,-
e t.-oet-p i loa-.t ,at, r,--tatt.-c'l-, xh,cb ch Ct_'h .cireirE ,_.aI a- tntec.aoat to,
on- r i e tl, .l t it Or h dc t ri .- r l r T h e ~ I i do g . 1 1 t l n y r.1- r i t t ae u -
ncroa trv d ruslt' thb. It pat cj db o h p r. i ftr an.) ,e pr poTl.
Part; Sar.I?,rh i .ih l t--,itA.l .- 1tao ac-.. Ir F,,e .el
Thie tirih 'Lolialnur.-.ieier a u t Int"or-'----ar-a- -r l.'
lerpathe fromtnL-nto.o-r prIi; r,- o.- t.i g,,re ,, C r-1e, h.,lo ,, F- pclar -to
Bntish srao : theirr,-ers,,tre.:,.. ---I,.t,%t `-'-IF-a
,tre[llerv duronn tb- l, e. ti t' ..a- ,o- ,nci-:- L t L ,pr-a tiot-Ie ot:-, r arzior. .,ii
:ot t t., tm,- eu.c',-, rnt-eI.. 'lt -)% th t- tilt'herho
Perlin,A iht-o.ti -rm ,,no i u ,rr,.bto ri,-i,.1-d i-, b I. I L--hit.. t cr U.dI ,-t e
ci" e-d Jt.--later a ar. o 'tr hi .irc )uat ,, r ad -,, '.u It rn. ,
Other -artuOd the tIr,.t t.hlch1:i.teo i.-!ar ., r -e, litett- 111t r -v- e ral ,lui
hole in the already piercr-d tene tiv rice httii-tAct-ti, ltl, 7.t ,, healJr -oct-bet. dlA
Part- PMarch .,[I] i , .i -oa t I e-. hli-,
t Zo7urt,:h ,tlitt- lndrni ,-- tha Pere oh, id at- t
[o(,ar l '" :i Ili-it Getr m ais i.jdraflti p ot. 15, '
o I 7 vecarF-4o pe ond os- ,liJ s 1tten ato rbh t '.
war cont, cilhont training
f ....n i eita Lont.l.. .. TI t rch t-tb3, a-a't e' s "u t
rw-.ched it a ndtandl a rio" e Leln ,redqr tle, have -a
Wa~heolatrcc March",,h Ihaf-,it.fl!Ir '- C tC'ae. P.A51 ,A' 'M
Otffcial French deSpe tchs t" chat rIte now-. -iT e', 11
oater.m to Germany are prep-aring the people
for a PFrarn-co.Brit-,b cffenate La trsttatin [tLttel ,t,- I ,Acharoed ov Chreftt101er
the probable actiattlle' of a powerful ,-rIn of iulorioa Patter-on. of the :. a. Itette t;r0
reverses. 14luttgu:!rne of clo-eAnr bangoage to himn o
teeler-dant -lenid the charge, anf c called
TnnF OT. ....ln....tar nypor .
His Wet-tborp after hearing the ekleensae de.I
mieted the c.
o3hinrton. MNbrch 28thb.
Ati ,,iciali derpitch In rte ttlal.,nir Etnbas' -.DANGEROIS PUN.
raiF tatlats I Attrlrnn i to'rio, t h-totl-,re been dl, LilitLu oLnch. an elsteriy woman. ,ienle, the
aribfteu ,Along theo itllau frrciuiant all atou 'r ot Irol n of C-# ,:-ttte Holnter of asvotuiltu,
able erier hba-, been tueri Tafe ti lthereto ,t- .t. etl-e-o tio e tittt draatrtdiah l ,itrt-I.
fromnthetRui'.ianoand Romtinralh' rutoe A chseCi. o l t-eaoeoedr art- defeall..nt peottc-f'r
German report ftlatnthe iPranco-Britlsh Loro-cL ellole;a at another 1irt and mli-anit, ur mark
in Italyhase Ireen otithdrawn to the French -irut lrattt1 and itu.oudcatd.tetn tiltettce
frontfi.o notltrue. andi1o trofltahtaoive ntlntcti1l1Itr Dellfotad.faaatlanataed the aat-atutance. hbat
quite noecesr., i aied that or hemars4 rtakang fun.
Hio torohlp said that he cono-tLantly had
t-ees ci tbe kind iath children. They threw
CONSC(RIPTI 0 Q EQG- c .....etonanti other things natone anote e.nd

L'5.. or do treutx-one days' nard labutr.
London, Marblabch ia0. iALLESGIED LARCGN V.
.ctor.ling to ilic '" Daly tinprers" power-
furl ihilue nire Ia teing It ,ilat to f Ie In o n t ile con n plaloit of Corporal Charles!
rho GOeo.tuant far tic l~rauoclltttna tranelr Grahlgec pleaded not guilty to ,teallng
.rnnhulse-somehlceta yiolr.1 ittanonweu a ,nickel wntch ando fob from Archibald Cuth-
Parlttoet bne b t. -
C ntot,-iptioi 1 But tlistin b the noear Ifiut trom 45 tb s-lert ce. Ir behalf at f in ation
ti 5E. ipp lltng canc-criptito. iu IrLIt nd. n,; oheI teo lat t defendout atole lIhe us-tih and
Home fDetenceaFor tn pawned It attbe TrindidadJewellt rian-fLoson
Company. Ltd., ior a doltar:
ENOINHE S sTIOicaABAN"DONED. Delendant'a story wns that theo awere oll
lrontfa. OLnitA rc Oah. drinking togother nod CCthbert made him n
invieow tthecrIticlsn1ont.t arh present no the watch.
mesari virew. the Arntixteomortsuou on the The caae was adjourned Io to-,ai' for deo
wieeltfront. the Amoalramated la rrirofiety lednt a-n produce es idence ao thur. itatl wao-
inent. tong threnteue-i as a protest to the Blanu- -t,- -
Auatin Dupreaey, a youth of aboot 16 years,
AMERICAN RED CROSS. won dlacoveaed by Felix1 L4stiqpe on lin
New York, learcht 28th. profesh a nmall shop at Charlotte Street, at
The Antemerarn R-ied Cross have appropriated .. .30 yesterday morning and handed over to
no, oddislotail euit-rlmullii of f1,193.125f or P.C. Thomas. Ieantqne informed him that he
the rleitu Pedu Cro" Nearly f,,l"i)i.,14)0 wao had faond the boy hWdiin behind the counter;
contributed a1st OcRohee. he said nothing by way ot defence. -
He wan arrested and charged with being
found on the preoaisos for the purpose ot
IDelendant' .mose sea thatte went to loO
Countlt-na hva been the curet worked by something.
llolaewr'sa Corns aiu. It bk .a power of has DeIendaut, ohsb had four o revoonac mo-ic-
oim neot ufoantd in othor prrpae.otlno. lUom foreinay, brJuseneat groa doeI vyai


months with hard -labour, on tIN la st-emcB
Hia Worship told drfeudant tlhe a young
boy like him had to b ctent to gaol simply be
caomse nothing else could be done with him.
-He had bean giogt every chance already and
thart-nally omOelatr hod to be done with him.
On this morning he was peranbuloating the
ntreetas looking for thibisdoor pen to saLep Into it
Defendant must do six weeks' hard labour anti
timber deemed a rogue and vagabond.
Prederick nnuff was 'prosecuted by P.C. Wil-
liams for ris.aultino, Dookram 3ralerday
morning nat Woodford Squire.
Mr. C. S. Rene, who appeared for drtlendaant.
pleaded not guilty.
The evidence waisthat Dool-rum wascoming iil
front t. Jitte i early ye ilerd-ii morning wheo
drier'udant Interfered titb bit wife. Dooklram
spoke to him and complained to the coustable
at on Si-reetl. The partiesconlouucd through
-v-- & %e-u dlk-m nt atfflcIfrlk no

FOIR THE EA5T[I.I S:\ -.-'
Wo biaro pDr-pared ii stria rupsrilor 1i,%'lt f rJ FPam -ais Byle of JAMAIA& and
NEW ENGLAND R'UM. WF, bE. Fl.u ou LUL : ,, L ,- lut, of the very beat brandd
of WINEB, CORDIAllb. Lli,.LUEllLH .'TL. .: Wholesale and Retail.

Deienddnt "stated thai Dookr-m rushed at
him with a brick and he struck him in self.
alI Worship told defendant that he i IDn
the wrong uand be cboalId hase kept quiet and
goneon his b at% H, Interfetr'l with riTe people
and then brat t tto-man. He mort pay -rK
or do one monlti' bard llaour
Defeondant waos sllur.ed. tiae toa o ion the

J.aord Jennings ore dmrting hia baclt-,
carriage ot Carehnage Road nbilst being drnoo
wa proco ted by P.C Jtcob.
Defentant who was repre.ented bh ilr A
McCarthy, denied lIherlh-ip.. t.i It.. Worblip
after listening Toi ehlesct-: coe' itedleloenan
aod iwos-. d atne of 4,. or rtfe i.d u%
bhrd slabour
The charfg e sa rer, uemcJ ,' JEw5
MIdilouald for annoying Wo,'cn PO at Ch a
lotte Street
Eaidence sheoed that 'I.lautdol to-d bern
drliolin d or rod at ?.e- Ftg,: I... I t ae dIllt.' He
diacoveri hii 10-s unlorlnnatel) ItnTeiOdlaiela
rfter sleeping on *tniih in thrte ,quoiri nixt 11
aCbmanlara nd i-7g.u on mcd.t him foo h t
money. Defendant was repnmimadnl oI
feory Bapltrte plesred gailtv o Ihe chit .
of Lanc'e Corporal Midorrtor, of c.luoir_. Iour,oI
his, toll at the corner of Prin -Street
He n orders, to piy Itfin.,-t .. orI.-
even da s' hard lat-u,.'

Prosecutedl by Edlt.i Holler Inspector of
1',ate. trs. ilaLmore ca- fined W% for
'. "tel Itl Ro:e Swith '; for ollotnn

.,-lrh Sortie b charged .,svi L:,rv "tn
a ,'.'I ,, 0 \fo , i r. nhe r -'t:-


SanGrO e I'rane U'ishir /,gri-a
cultural Society,

i, ,-, i ', t ',

? i.. -tl, pI,,- -, ,

2 lb roe

Pleuitful Ve ],. a l ".o. r. '[o.. r
Ordinoar-. R-Ji'hre'. p.:pperr ., ..
%Igerbtale wurreo -rnd t,,,,n.
Scorer F .chbaI'Ai .10ro .IT"- .1 t4
mnt-elonEen ctb rt, ,-- .,
-'lnItlul BtIAn--.uo
Ordlnar- FL.T ,pplc
Scare Cu,amrd appIe;
Orfhnrc' ,r rat
Sca.ce Cat t nid ree fSih

l ust ,.f ,-- I th. -
nt titi: c-i 1t:ellhw
C G ,,r- ',.. i ,li
pen ges L::tra
r, i,4 I .i- -. .I. I.

t o,_i t 1 ic-lu : in
trsato- ^ILicL

(..-- -


SUJD.V, O -APRIL,. 21ot, Ss,
8,30 p.m.

,,i '' La ,., i Pr-,, r f III. Eiso lkr,c,

IJ,. i 'L'-L \fL jqr, 8' LENNELLE
By ( h. er of F ghty P..rermare.
Thert 4r e r- r. l , r ,If
',ouod'B Ann MAuris.
L, OWin a vta i .- I. ntc.
t" i-i i-'-ta - 4- .L t--

Prcu.jaLtis tor 'ie funds o Fetc iorn polr-o.
Tirchat,- o inas ,cred e ta atO a ::.
' ,I o a u
' O*archous.


1 '- l "t ." 'i i -. r |

I i, 11l ,'i I ill ,i, ,,i h l" 'I~ F!1D iihI'oUG

1 ii L i.,I l" l'*1 i t] i i lk
Ii1, l ,ig : F. t i.. ., . 1 .- . it.

2-tlz ,id 4 put- [l'ts e ;0 r"" .

Salt,:4 ". lm,- ..,, l., F l '":"":

I i t 1 ', ,_- -l

\"\ \ ll l.l ,
G-,, ..:, '1101dl B r 1.,- I
BIoneless Anchovies in oil
T r.fled Pite de foie Gras
and fancy b..- s ol a
sorted -' 1 i lLtS a; i'
Chocolate Crci-Lns. -
\.s well -s, Nutt )kfeat's
C h' rrte in I- |UeLt'.
and a Iii fromT \\ h1h t1 1. 10oose.

Tc*3zpj:ona f12

U a BeM EV @% LW.

Sale of Unclaimed Ctthinffeg
and HatG.

-rr -tf ta Ia, dian ., tharf l untR clain -
, fr.-,r/,,, 'A d 0,, "--,' i ',,, '-' t,
e,Itrris a I ,re ta ,,e I t ad Ol,' e e aC t ar '
tDep t frot,a l Jt'tJol, l / ', I r S- 1,at ti.

late a e i, ir c .". 'o i- "L14 -11o
at 1rrh 1,- ril 1 I ft (r, r at. ". ,a odr ,uat
IrM i.e .oetaned" nue' '. ti t'-;' ,.
,t-d at t/hi alore wri.ltt;oWcl aa.t
-R.J., J. Clamrnens,
prectrielr -i.ner, &Hcr w& Iater
lima ,ro tb ? ccffice ;a.a-r,- ,,

Or Oolaid Gold GR g *L .
.' -. ,.'ai':cf: ta,?7

;,I.: e d a'
I' P 1 "* ." e,".,,','t of t'&


Trinidad Jeweu 4Loaqk




From ApgiIt -

%lth all the different LaLtd% per ctof(7)- -
seven do: i. .into S if.t -

five years ol 1, rer cose of t d'oa en pintsa
cor-e.dLe bot'flei, r 00
MAtN. PFRIIANDEZ & SON, 25 Heoty St.

a t11 Lost ttoi]

-___ q
-I c

c. -
o_ : 3


** 4-'


The: TWO:

*, "- ..

" "* -:-'='r


I **~.. HI''p. .- . -

C -1'**' '

- .tBIIa~na ~ ~ 0. "---,,,~ ~~aalu~e7~, 50m ikat-.Iiietw '5jt-tgtoeO~H~ify~it' a-wiraec



_ _~_ 1- __r-------- -- I--rr -~--1~-411~-


-, + -a- .



To D D C S R N T, LOD.

9.11I BROADWAY 9-11.



,\' t :t /: ... / :,._
.')',7SO S .' : '.'. _';,


hI o Dtering at t ,iS., li.i- ig.-per
GOODS Lu th,- house i-, -per


ti . -

Genie' Walk-Over...14.9S5

HichI-grande Ladio' and Childran'o
Booto & Shoao .. $1.50 to $3.

I-redorlck Street.


01 Silver lWanted'.
Ntll -rt e tory c e It I lot .drawn' er"n
Ld Bch may, Ie fo srin dcanhe d he Fndrf boen
liver-topfs frum sit.', and wmhreito.. hood' henat
ripon EN fIarom fntdptcroph froams and-fiagrentaa
et OtIternlo snt-lter ase sL b h ot h ta e dan,
oged on-i uselnaY.
These yalleces are of nr tahoe La pon, hot when
cllh:cnetfgctteraluhy can he soldlnr the toed which
retle; a s 4ply no Solder a arsie ,ni osr wi TtIet,"oL0.
So. Imrn out yoasrrnrwli:,h disseac and ac l w
ponCan hFid. and hben sendlU-th-eb hhoken pieces
Wi ivles to Alga. ALa.-r..-tlrde a Paso en LaJ t
Lode thIlab, who .is Ia QCoe ofP he FatntKj
. t ._.I


I _'5"

WaSe *thA oQpoTrniAt\ oj

h i


- $..eait h, {CaipiVess,


in e ear

*T 2E, 32S. C 0

are npt only s superior In quality to any other Brand
an the Mmiket, but are verY much cheaper

SThe fact of being able to setlure ordersafrom
every sugar eSate in -the colony for the coping
cit. iisiltmit p oof.-

Br ali to your own interest and BUY


o.; F. Husggin & 0o.,

S South Quay.
li--,'v- --

We w lh our numerous Frinds and Customers
'' -r.'', 4 H 1 '1 '1", .1 )'A'l s '.I A' ti '.
y':"; Y ' .-,vn ..t A
:i. ;.ch, ir. vil I..-"-------
'!. (' brg nAuanfk them froi the grand stpport thy gav' e us
i u IS" Christma s--cmtt--andw-ie-are-ur,--that t-his- will-
Sni'c. Ouidurin.r 1918.
"' s'' on hand a large stock of Good Things. Th
-'i e d, appointed in not secure their C. IiM' a s plis wiP
welt to call, eCrly, or 'plihoti No 654P
- > "'Th- 64l S Reat Wholesale Grocery in Trinidad.
4StqaWgrd Grocery. No. 1, Henry S

FIZ,,- . -. .
'- ,L % '" + : "' S

plant c Prance ad led. Pre. .-
The consequences of the blockade to which
the Central Power. were subjected showed '
themselves at once. Although we ca e' ded '
la developing ota- war:-economLcobyurown ... - -
:. .-.. --e 1h ae ia em n (? .. .... .. y .the . s o the
whole war been felt by ui. That alone .
enplelas why oquienemies found ever fresh
nnribilitics of reuisLance, because the seviftxod
open to them, and why victories- which would
-- -oce-ba be.,e n-abolately--deciuste.- ad I -- .--------
conquest of whole kingdoms, dill not bring us
An" t -. wtis $etr rienbs anb ustfouers
It is the souidl which .till df cide' in war, it
is victory on the hattlefield that gives the de-l-
alon, but the effect is far inore dependent than-
it u-Wd to -be-uponu world-economic-, actors --- - -
These fuatoria nb n through the whole war of
Butl 1 1I .1f-lg i fcch e o iti ollht a -gra- Illtany
etllhr page ofl the book pint togthet r. Fre "inc y I
ob.'Lree that Germanr ,. enc t es failed to take : . --"
full advantage of tile apomsibllities of the lork- -
ni r.- t in The o e -r- i l i -ie- --- -- t .b...-. . .. .
legu n tiel C oini 01 i l i Ly little. littl -the full
eatvLnitiigi of the t.orld-ecouonnd tuationtt ,
nltkih'Ant, taueithl,t. in el nit] n U4 eb.ouc"
ile to u they lh. c ni only h ni ithiey me'l t
Ceth u 'oneictled ponr. of r. teiince in tile
Central I ower r T .Inio.
ibhee e ro'ie einte tieg ftreeircncei to the
WIIorilt o the itriO i trll lli [I e A ust lril,
I 01 on Ia-.itiotel o tcL OrtIc it the b-oo .
not thl'en. ith a i ictt-.nag. '.'T-y i Uit in cii HH-
t 'ri,. 're stg iice a otrLaghla hb t th
i.e n.,, >'ren cil ],e tml occol onU, thici.tenttl ce.. 1I.....
.ith the proi-.pct of the ,teAstro.lunikurian
armi) bring d cie d utterly bi the. lar u -pC rO -
ituuterical superiority, di-I not succied iL
,trahitng the bruve Autita unugaurian Arm .
nlu the aulniumno of I at Lenergty and on tie
Stl;--that eetk cr the m ,all aiity ,anu
deffiti ve mobility of the-Rmutsi Army, bich- -
it ltrue made ,prcgres in lhci e rc pectt i i

As r,1ga rdS t,,I, lli 5, l'.ewa lr f a H Uli l.
L tic llt Oi tf c- ?fi l h n it -i ellt in I ii1
t- -c- tthlil, i atit; nltot 1 l9- llc 1 t.11,tuit u ri i-
I. tIn l Ii i 1 t1c1 1 i ntat l Irit tic h is -
-. ft.u ', .r,-t'- ,ir ll, In- ti c. -.. iii , .S_ U s.. .

ii prt.l' i r fW, :-I ith.-,rltte iG i-iAND CUSTOhERS.5
r it1itl.D' th cA' tr ii hi- i ck e ,r
ti-- i ',Li. i,,- t ic- -" i"' -a t I. .....
o l ll i:, l f An- I l. r - tc itt lleh ni i n- 1 i ,,*
I,. ... ct t f oPOSE"sNEIun o em en t "'E.Yl AR.

1. tIl,' I l i l h IJ^ B: p i 1"'ll' r 11M.1-1,
t.u..., ck.... >.. ........ t..-. \" f I LT-L AP-PEAR NEX-T W EE K.
is 1'ri.: ._ it trv ct il. tti "r b.' Vc.ilu .t t-i -t
lo had A1 fl, rarHre ,OelOR Ul" CLe pllr, l |
le il.-, It 1 t -tlii t n i i- tiii r r L L SLcI l Ii. p ,
L I.- l h I'. I -ci t it l o r r,. r
-"r." ./ lX .- .. fc . .. .. ... -
i Look Outk! Look ut!! '
.I iti 0- t-0. ..-.I ii..-.. it' t. 'I-- -e l w tth -,
I F I. i r 1 0,f I -i 1- I --llh i, ,_ _ __-1_A lr
,I hi ,_N,,L_ A 'ge consignment on h
1 .....tcdiiy. l ifl, ,,; e..cItttiirit c ,....which cannot be repeated
li .... it, ..... Ii . t ,e ti.... t zo double the price.
1it 1111 11i ,-cnil 1tal '. e Ii t l l L

,itt lil t- Jl f i .r 1 ,., 'Y, 1 -UrtIa
-ci .tt ;.cf,.r. Ir -i. i -iutl t CIi, c,, i It
r1c c Ltp0ie tM i rctirct-rcl:miic .,n tir .C --
I-i uc.ic ci a o -ittycc ict necr c -forilytii

;CII t ci c. [ nte 1toCuips
t I, o t irn Iue iii tle c tIll i i tiL eCl t -[.I[,d l

teula nc thneC. r ', wihth lc i hthc,4 It- cI,,,

I id 0ty ol'- itc il it 1,1y. eIi-pit uI c
,lh.ure o iteav,-1 ut ,-,i gaitr it_ ites
An cid a r, r the t ,rginning ,,f th',e re, .. .
i r n t T'dad JOwr airlryip Loan
tz.C.t : ocec i ,to v,"A vu ," b Itt Arn t r L E r. T hei ,
trlhe CCue3 tgl titt h ci hcyLopL lh thev' en iu -11

Itt.icc.. ... siotio iottelt tic a git U fl e 17 Fe-derick Street.
I'M lti 'r L 111-7 1101 E;; -:: 1 0 B o y & C. A G E N T S I
,,.,ur nthle i tmis[ie ni hyptii y he sas: T-RINW AD FIRE IN i
toisr ti I [ In h el. ihe brilliantit thInditii o f 'ti es.
"pbcvc i -u In eiteel l ct etan-lte, L out the lim t), .

of rcltnt a lccit filea ble tic in btis l atter in CBN y Ltd1
tit Sti eitic ti new n-rp ou oteon Wit (M utual &eCo-
g t on tTcu n-s i;'be li-c sfo e re t ttalriteA Lagn-'lo yAnLoan'e.
Lotico ll: t wMnr .u fi tdomhil, e, i t, ttti otrutye DidAflIs-1it.

thme. I tsPcsibilitiece agut t.hae1, Ld n U eP rederickv Srent
As .. ..s'ai.. .mrin ho .in Th E o.T-snB toss0 ac
ul"r tro 1 lnevai-l oi n CieA ta lict itntlu. ,a'-

o t tI d V t nt A Nt I a cU .... .. Dividends .pai .d. an

l et pre llutg r c l eptr utht le, t ise I t s s
n .cLt eycia p 1i v tbble tttic tsthios toitr tinn'Lt

Icell" 'I'lln 0ostic.,Anew weacosr ou nist D E F 1i Chas t Filre R ats
i ts o o. pathe ..... Ic i ilnifor i V tiiPti.. by t he em u ualine. W e--- 'o r o ne.of.our m pA Na le a s
fo r eli. ctcoatnt more it lni loret of aiaht the -.-.t
tine'ohl rAofh i rosies1otfllelenTge n d ,a d mul dIAAN
o. tntu ouhtito ri 5d u nc--u hittple hitherlonuase-
o- tceblowd that "1.1rc i nde i Onlyai ,tin tlheAAlso r irea 6 p er cn t
do ... r er, o A .. in 'crab tiet... i it', fniORagM E A lc..anllScrip.iss ued-,ire.-.
intb ..... wh....I eRt ei AnDeIt !-URIio .. .. Ythe.' A...O .L..o.n-Dividends -- paid- ann
ft'lie I 're)tIIt t f is' localtMa:ufaFtut adc'romt F e-a a-n corn and s the very
F1crLng' yr iittei orti "lee c hr-lnlp"t itstr m u s ec w

*t..n c n~raam

= =.


:- __

^, _& '

_ _



. a_



I; .

. --.- p


md VNlvt Plu
ren Scwn, Rat y cd OhSz

: 'TTA

-iF-B ives0

14-Ib. COCOA

- /Saf e -I t

Perfection 7


- m ~ zmIfur Zaarart r.-=-
Ar yard.3mm :=- n tra=t zI= =mffw -
LMad- 1- iA
-- tam.. at -
fzm =ne wCc f la. ta = a.
W m:!e = nms!irr.= xI w- Is rE 5
L Cea =n 7a, a r r n-i li aC it cat Nameav
x Znam9 rt a wf- Im- Mum --- pmi-e
If ,w z - -Fr-r Ifsrhttus r
Tf kzmcvr 1=2t.4p k rm =Emm na
smd jm3 ir r a .r - L r =e
we=. -:f 7iMA t xi rs-M 3c.'&r; --=is :M

4-C-eJ Z--.2: C5 ~cZcr-- S-- zzko- - F- PR!L DA.~
= cmEaE K tar 7j f-I-,

Eta aaEas 1w- ', I1
sat~- nt..~mnI-ran'av=.n aa-Fr
-2m ntEL taa? StE-M- S:tt. at rday. Ara Enn 1 -7,
LCO t~ -~ EtoP2aD, r

ra~rk-=. -:,y ~.cna

w~97. =mm5 W n- z- ; :F.
t7.BA C.r- -'-

saU ry ayn rsaMO;a d -
Czria-cxc-.tmre~aec- 1.0
r:7- j114 n17- n ~e
vv a a DOL7Y tavun-

Thislm .


..... T-O- B Y-D & Bo.

The Inte g

Present theirjBeer,;-for the first
time in this market, through their
S- Agents, GEO. F. HUGGINS & Cob.

The best inj Brewing Materials
The Product of skilled Brewers-
'A .- clAear sarklin thirst-quencher -
e. A afl i -'-vigoraing -ey .e-. -


. i C, smB Bommision Merchan ,

Sl balm esa. 300 New SU ar Bage 265 x 44' rerpate 2' ,f.
So u,- .., ,, 264 x 44' 2 4
:;.. 0 ~30 s iw.n A 29 x 48 0 4t r7
S~.Vl Oi M Sa naL B AND SHALE LO_.

a ., '

the fc... buyer most of rhMem cannot
h-id a: almost any price to day. -

S stcckd he l.-y vtwo years ago, havist
-ar.itp. tihe de marnd 8,r these li
and, I-r9., you can h;vc every one
"-e-s.-- :6 prices. o th at you will
S'., -f -r SPECI.4L OFFER
e__' q-oe -: follu'.ing lines : -

Stationery Packets:
a lm -- - E aye s
-- : : i 7r < a W h; i sc Pecharid
z.T:_ y ---1- : b_ 5i._er. nr

Ha .d @F~i f .. -

fsres1esrs tonors: -

- -r-. shes:

; coI s amd Eyes:

imany ozers hbich may.
please youJ evefl better.

r, --%-.. . .- . .. .. ........__F.... _. _,- ,.1.- -' 1 -- __:;

-- =7 2- -

aWe rea s Times are Hard, bt ore so o2 1&
be',.g =. I.

a t- he Great S -gge. This
fljm a-ae s= -x7Z 1r-en -aic m FZ
Z LdIesrealse Tes are Hard, but mies' andson
_aBc==- the T r-mmed and rntzriaCa C ed Hats.

X_.-.r v ,-I P-a='s we. *-. .

ae. nT -1 LELLE SL IE, MaravalUI r, n Trou - , 4 . '".a .... ....
r"-'J.- .,,, r c="''-,- ... . M =' 7 s K a. rouser.s Men d sKhaki ShirtsM
M-C!= - -n_ -S T im d .Uri ed H t 1-,

Ex VATa ValuNes

'--.T r.-'r ..... Bring all the Children. L ^ "-- or i

& ib '-r ^a t .z ....iAdm. ss'sin D. tS" -. --- -,-r A
I s--rnpn I"e T)csTo z -A -a s' a nd C M1ie

The*CE = "- = -'f --E = s-z _s i __ __ _m m--
Tns a a-andU.e iH ats-.. -a

:,Tr sasn ,a ,i -._..TF.roraMe -.CH, es 3J
r-MM 1 b- a. -M! a r (ite J d na c &e co r. jos; BB
cf =-' &ELI -=, e. hire. LE Khaki -s -
&la am r us Saw ;.n-I Fet R Hats, \lcn's Working. Shirts.- ;j
En,^^^ ^ dInmanid oftih Str =an Gart p
2c*a eriir 7a- BaO re a-ti !'ISazptal fo a -

To 4CmasjLa3. aar Me t - -rc j if Lrwes_ a d od r ( l'luaaes Ike Best in

ceteI :f~eeE i ^assf Se Csake = tf!er~ --aI a VATE `DM AM sna. -

a4psi. ata~wmp s tI a p tt .JPlS.-

- a"' .m

-- ~.affictCea ** .s..tCLt w '~' ~ -

_". .- -- . -. > -.A *- .T N:*sal44^/rt*r.. 1 -- : -- *. '_-.-7 : ,
b : iB---.; --^^ ^ : .^ ,,- l --S H 5 ^ ^ ^ ^ s! !!K s ^ s al ,-' ,, .. -- *' -^ '"^ -. .' .... ...~ .'. "- .--:_ <.:.'.''w
4m r "* - --"i "A1 -- I " " ^"'-aM-IDR tj44
a"WTVWZ$ af-r-.. AI*L s, .
S 'A -ad .. .... art o ro -o i -.-
w. ra- '. E W U .r- ia m al ,, r lS _
rim= -w& r-y Smon ca iMM
-I'v &tS aW -.= = r rstlLf fl-- '--
'_; = Cit"aad SI-- n ,a .,-i --t ,= .- -
-._ e e .._____* ____ J B ''. |A B B a s~l t .m=. --, .c 'T~ .. "LS i n &173K W' =h=47m=Ea!e -- .
.=!2__ W To wholesale Buyers.
,, .. ^ 6 j -iS S-.- m m :S^= ^--,^ ,.- ~.-,--,---
dma _. ________ __
ISom nf Sal_-u eindmtr S
S- t-sk-r-ag_, m, ,.,_t.- l r r u-t.- -r,,.g lint-S._g atdaresur%: torin




i "' F SM deg& ms --= = _-



. - - -- - - --7 - .


,--. c-.- ~-I--. ~ 1.-.. .

,.':&Yi- X~'',. THE R--.TRINI-DAD *'U N TULSY,




- ...........- -= --Ineortporiated 1869.

Capital Authorized 25,000,000
api laid-Up . $ 12,91 ,700
Reserve & Undivided Profits .8 14,524,000
TotalAssets . . $ 300.000.000

Sir HERB ERT S. HOLT, President i E. L. PEASE, Vice-President and
S Managing Director
C. E. NEILL, General Manager.

--365-Branches-th Canada d Newloundland.
__ 53 Branches -in the West Indies,_.Central and _
S _outh America.
LONDON, England. OFFICE-Princes Street, E-C.
SNEW YORK AGENCY-Cor er William and Cedar Streets.
A General Banking Business. Transacted.
Interest Paid y .Credited halt yearly.

Port-of-Spain Brach A. S. CREIGHTON, Manager.
San Fernando <, J. C. WEIR
Scarborough(Tobago)Branch L. R. MELVILLE




T E have just received another shipment

of this type of Battery, and you ".
should callin Tsupp1y your -iequire-

ivment before our stock is exhausted.

These Batteries rank foremost for ^

Service ,


and Enduracer- -

and these are the factors- which go

to make an A-i Battery..

G O. aR ALBTO & Co.

Militarism Unabashed.
-the wvhoie-course-of-hils-bookJ that we did not
possess this moral and tactical superiority in
suffient measure in the West has always
relegated to the background the idea of break-
ing-through the enemy front. What has to be
done io.-not on]l ,'n a c-t,:.pratikel limited
front-to break ''In 'po-n t0- n101 y n iity.-coir
centrated-nasses---these masses will immedi-
ately be exposed to outflanking on both sides
---but to force in a more or less considerable
part of the enemy front and then to develop
-strategicMitly-te-hreat-through which-las- sc
ceeded tactically. The extent of. the success
will in every case depend upon the local con-
ditions and tcie strategic situation.
Throughout, the lesson which "Freytag is
most concerned to teach is that the new eg-
perience does not displace, but must be grafted
on to, old knowledge. He repeatedly declares
that the importance of outflanking strategy has
not'been affected by the lessons of the war;
ehat Germany must try to do is to obtain by
policy" a better starting-point for her
future wars. The following passage may be
taken as Freytag's real deduction from the
world war :---
If, as we hope, policy succeeds in future in,
preventing the recurre nce-of-such ia enacing
situation, or at any rate ii producing the
effect that we shall have greater freedom for
violent and decisive blows in one direction,
Then the war will take a different shape aud
will be more like former wars, Our business,
therefore, is to mntain the fundamental ideas
_-oLar-as.they-_iveL-in- the-German-Ariny-upLo-
the year 1914, to soak them in the experiences
of the present war, and to make the fullest
technical use of these experiences---but to do
all this without giving an entirely newt direc-
tion to oar thiukidg on strategy and tactics.

England-Turkey Flight.
Lonidon, November 22.
It will be remembered that during July a
successful air attack was carried out on objec-
tives in the vicinity of Constantinople. This
was accomplished by a large Britioh bombing
aeroplane of the Handley-Page type, which

eight, flights, Among other places, stops were
made at Ltons and Rome. The total distance
flown was nearly 2,001 miles, there machine
) .0ih 1 c'l ;. ,0ll 1..;r f ar iustovce 31 .hours.

,r rOUNSEL r i-p Cro"t: u.. t I,
Airt, c i0 C i I i .-. i p-i 1 1 c il'li
N-c .'. cr a al h..-r,-h i, sriii, .ro .e i t,, ,

Sliour[t ll, I 11." 'Ie h .'I| xrl i

Cer O IUN -sE, fnr tie i Ci".'ola ita
rn:cielt i.;s-rittlthe Crint .--lii

w i md out t Nie'S -;iionr i.. ini 15 and

thought thiir numerouChs acusnomdrs or
dUh DrT s and C emriccal s at prices-I
that. i ad. l J, odl ,-. ,o tl', cas,
ther,,eIl l'"Courwould hatle
been informed tilhtt essrs. Innit, s

Wih Drugs and Cher icals at priCes
o defy competition.

jFor the Best res-atsa
TriMnIdad uardlisan.

Splendid Va lue, in



HewYear ?Presents.


NEW GOODS Just being opened up
Comprising- -7-

Safety Pins
Scarf Pins
- Neck Chains ?


Tie Clasps -


Yesterday's Market Prices.
"-- - ----- M AT --.-- ..---
It 3-4 Oxen: 5,234 hlbs. 'Opening prices 1S
and 14 cents ; closing price 14-cents. -
1 Calf: 125 lbs. Selling price's 24 and 16
cents. "
3 Hogs: 2S3 ibs. Selling price 24 cents.
-2- Sheep t-60 t3bs.-Sttina-prieea-,69 nod- -
20 cents.
Plentiful : Talkaree, yauis, carrots, pigeon
peas and chive.
-Ordinary : Peppers, linies, salad beans and
grated corn.
Scarce : Avocado penrs, .)readfruit, celery,.
wild cucumbers and oleahageqaeart.
Plentiful : Ttinanas.
Ordinary : Golden apples.
Scarce: Sapodillas.
Plentiful : Deep sea fish.
Ordinary Cerraiguo.
Scarce : King fish and bechine.

Sale for Monday, the 7th day of |
.... J-anuary, T918.

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that by
order of Gordon Grant & Co. Limited, and in
exercise of the Powers of Sale conferred uprn
Mortgagees by floe ConvevRancing and Lsw of
Propetly Ordinonce Nno. 72 of thl'e Revised Laws
of the Colony of Trinidad and Tobagn and con-
tained or implied in the several Memoranda
of Mortgage under the Provisions of the Real
Property Ordinance No. 60, hereinafter men-
tioned that is to say (a) Memorandum of Mort-
gage No. 52 dated the 7th dsay cf October, 1902,
and made by --Mhun in favour of Gordon,
Grant& Co., (b) Maemorandum f Mortgage
No. 122, dated the 27th day of July 1906,
made by the said AI hun in favour of William
Gordon-Gordon and George Francis Bushe
trading as-nordon, Grant & Co, (c) Memo- .
randun of Mortgage No. 45 dated the h-9t day
of April 1907, and made by the said Mohun in
favour of the said William Gordon-Gordon and
George Francis bushe trading as Goidon, Grant
& Co., and (d) Miemoranduom of Mortgage No.
96, dated the 27th day of October. 1908, and
made by the said fohun in favour of the said
Gordon, Grant & Co.,.there will be put up for
aale by Public Actlion by the undersigned at
StheirAuellon-Mart.r;-No.12 t.-Vfincent Street,
in the Town of P rt-of-Spain on Monday, the
7th day ot January, 1918,, between the hours,
of 1 and 2 o'clock p.m.
ALL and SINGULAR those ttree several
parcels of land situate in the WarJ f Toco ia
the la and of TrinidAd.
TII, Ff.'F "r 'rHERi OF comprising I?
acres 2 roode atnj"`0 percita be the eaec more
or lest delmieate l in te dieita3n arinexed to
the Croan etrant to ice sii. Million i in V:olume
LI, iOlio -14. rand bjound.d on toe norm oy
IinaIs peliii..r.ed I.-r b) lamun and b lands
rofJc-teph S*.vzTn.',. ..n Ihr E. utn by lanflto Mrs.
paiiun, on Ihe E ,-'t b lar, noric J-i ph .ozzhano
a-Mnd-ltlnd- ,.--lnr.-l'-1T -ndJ -no i-.' Westt by
utrus. tlnJ r,.i c s land i r-.f r.l Ta'ainn-a-d-
,he.h i-id o.t-ii ol fand its ;aod ectvr d in
THEft eE-'0Xla Titll:R'ECOF c.or.p.-..;'i-. 14
acre I rood no.J 29 peithca be the -mti more
-or leafs delineael. i' thr diagram anir,,d s to
Ihe Cro.n Crant .a ine ai:d oh-en s n Voleme
LXII l, lin 6 a..d bL.undd or. tLe North f e
lt-d Rc.sirvwl 2- it-,o wid.? bv ,roe.n l.rd
anrd bby' iar, r.I .lurr.,n. on the Southt C.
C-ro%%n land nrd be lIno at Ifm.. I aniio. un the
East by lanridi cl Mohunand by Ilands o Mre
I'antn and on the West by a road rei rved 31
links wide and by CT'onn land ano w-ih
-parcel -of- laid-is-alfro'dercrebcdirrThcL-rrlfle--
cale of Till.-. t tIhe stid Mohun legeitete'd in
Volume C'\F-Ill f-hin l..
AND I fI: f111 ir) THi.RRUF comipriaitn- 5
da:ret Dnd J2'" p i be ile sinte niore or eiri
dclia-cd ona "itell. the aUaltltal -d n bJtnd-
Silrea the-tn-hi, '. n iii Im e diagitr.1 ailallicd i1
1De tm.-n tnots '. tier ssi,]-f rie ,n rigiired
in V'olunie C.\XIV tIllo '-25 ad bounded on
tan lc1 tieby tori-d re&etved 5 Ilaftnl3wire taun
Snuth by lands of phun and by Crown land
on lhe East by lInds of Ramnchurrun arid on
tbe WteLby-Cieoan-lt-d- .

Note. 'the above several MPlemoranda of
Mortgage and tie prIncipal and interest monwa
lcreby Tetperively secured are now vesttd it- -"
'Wdon, Grant & i o.. Limited, by vinrue of the
ollosing iiaiitun*nts '(a) etemorandum of
Transfer of oJartgage No. 49 from William
Gordon .Gordon in labour of Gotdon Grant a
Co. Llmlied, and dated Bth August. 1911, -and
I lb)Memoraadum of i'rasfer ot Mortgage, No.
50 from Robert Gervae Bushe, John Anihur
Gordun mnd Robert Smith Rteid in favour of
the said Gordon Grant & ULoL, Limited, and
dated tnh Oclo'ewr, 1911.
Dited ila 2lih da ofNovemtCer.1917.
F. I. Sotri'& sos.
Gncornmen Auctlarra.

Ie~~~,~~ ~ ~ SscIE

,. .

.V..L*LRjS L L

i1 Beg to thank their numzierous Friends and Customers
,for their patronage in the past and wish them

(tM - '- -. -L

- -- - - - - -

Come Early and Avoid the Rush.

Dayidsonl a Todd, Ltd&
The Trinidad Arcade 'Phone 26.

Surpl ise Ye our

JFrhenceo o ~

The Favourite Rum for-

Cocktails and Punches.--


The Green Swizzle of th :
West Indies.
Half a cocktail glassful--with a Irtp of ice'
-well shaken ---will -make-- ths -a-dainty--ap -ie _

Sole Man ufacturer: ,.., "."; "
-(Dr. J. G--B: Siegert & Sions)sL'

SSold by all the Leadi,, Gc .-r (k
At 66 cents per ut --.
-- ......... .... . .. ..-- -a--- t i


..:.-- -
. .. + .. ,- -

oF i

-.... .-..... ..

- But there-are still a few lines left. --Make-any-sacrifice and buy now and you will have no reason to regret. -
_: ', + :: ~ ~. .. '7 =:f ---

White Net Flouncing with Coloued S ilk Embral .COeam Berges ... ... ... ... 6/- to 10/-8
--- If- -- s I o Z. Tan.nin,, o R.a., .. ....Rrn,-',,.,

Bilk Crepe de CObins 40l. ... $1.68 to 210 ,
Brooh OCrepe 40;n .. *.. ... 1 CS ,
UInk Gloves double ipj for evening wear, at ... 1 08 ,
iadlee' Embroidered Si OGloves. a ... so60
illiao nWDlits Bilk hObntilly ntearvas. at--4 00
Nay Ninon H/8 Bliavaen ... ... $1.80 to 23 40

Grey Flannel BSitioga ... ... ...6/,7/6 t- 10/-
Palm Banoh Bouitigo, Light and Dark e'atprne '9-
Tuenore Suitings, Assorted Delagns ... 1/8 to 81-6I
Tweeds and Sergoa ... ... /- to 21/-
-- ica anduoas i Loatlnga .... -. -.-- i Ifi- t'
BhlrtIof varlou makes and quality. -

.. -ALUE,


Gents' While canvas Boots & Snowe, w th fibre Razorn -- --- ...- I to $J."
--ols end -obbm r i---n-- 866 -. '.
Ganta' Canvas Boots & Shoes, lesher solee.0G to 8.00 Rolled Gold Links ... .- --- 80a. to 8ta.
Boys' Sohool Boots Prsoot"-$3.00 and 8.60 Gold Lin -.. ... ..- .. 10- to $500
Lidies' Tao Oourt Bhoes ... .. ... 600 Briar Pips ... ... .. 2(0. to 7i3.
Ladlee' Pat Lea. roos strip and o6ao work ... 8.60 Watch Obaina... - o- 01ap"
Ladie'-,.- -,-Msddull-kird tpi-BRat $St0 to L...0 VMattbs- Rolled -Go-- '-..$-4--_-$
Children and MiBesB Mary J.Ine. Tio Pine, Oier oad Ciguretie Taub.




RD E-,

Amongthe many preparation just received for Ithe health and abcolui c inco: .
.___ -AE -
Enthymol Tooth Pn,ie Dentifice S;oodonR. Calc Tr th Pa dcr.-
Sanimra Tooth Pa-tc Deno- DO insicf cDr-. PierreiSi irI Carnlihc fooe i PaLdtr ard
nri-ce. D entltrii enEau dc- Sout. tInyJ. .
Kolv oo Tooth Pa, e. "Ani.l-yor (Muliaid"-. Colgai, Too. Pod ed r ard
Fobhan's Pyornhoe Pante. Alvo-Ilihymol (Parke DaviofI Pt;l rie.
&ri StevensAnti. Amnoebic P caljjj-jt% DrIopheColeoe- t l rinE'c/'eiTorchPBlte.
Pel-ccSTooth Paste. Dontinol. ColCIat. Rinc Bucrae.
:Cherry Blomzom Pa:ie. Mir-.iha Tooib Poennr. Phenol udir-qu.
and many otiiher viletil.
' C..... C,_ROS & OR.g lumBtd3.
I TOONE os tWholbiealp Iia Cierl ch ei & DK lO-'t -'


".. r> J .... SELF-STARTER
...i '',l '. .. saves time by
S 7 I \ i/ -i -

5 -oi- -- 6e --. ,

SThe KingofPaints. I

"- -= -t o [- -


Neother can dethrone-iti -

The Richm


StSg Bgo+atteries
Ga- solene,
S- and Carbi


'Phone 298. -.

-IAMBS hbai if, la(,,ir 1"- rhP.llic
CJ Mtsnti' that hle hs trianfen
Baek Blare to 0'O. ZQ 1 DJ
k .STRAET, nec to the Vraliretle, t
Whl *B .B (n 'c-k on oraokf a nd alaiss'
u*', ~ted qosen ipeleeet a belled a
Se. w nsec evenrTrI -

L .+ ,, ,:,. '' .

more time to type. +
She doesn't waste
",iime doing things
Sh er machi ne
should do for her.-

1 o .:c 04;0 000 000

PThe Great SOrC, Ta

f he great sse Q n the succ-s fiii
handling of business; competition,
is dependable quality..

prevent rust on any c-xpoased.mctl surFace..
has a distinct qualty---will uot crack,
ster or peel. The king of paints---uone
t-conpete against-it. -. -

Leon iathieu & C.,
E- RxE'D-AT'RIn---- -TFEIri"r.PH -i

o0nd St. garage


Repaired & Guarantead

Oils, Greases
Ide--kept in stock.


- 52, Richmond Street.

and bil
ref his
A'ICAl i
nery fit
as usual.
p. .

Fresh Milk,
Tea and Chocolate.
From 6 to 6 p.m.

, -'

-SusamachAr Church- Jubilee

eilnirrrii ithe Cbri-irn faiTih -unr l nri- n
l.d)I% lLI, on. hLer I, hl es h on l he .[ l r

i 0e l Io r ), rI ,I t ir Iii -
fir hor SIe n a ir, fo.bure I i--Rf i,, -1 t
,.?-;r r,; ti'i ''i ia irl e i- Tbr n.iv'- eic a I I,:
rid. -io i.b I otl l.:n I l ro icl. n Cir..-e.r
-ire1 al lrle i- ii u ih e l .o l c l-ul
lir ch Inir nilS o -i-- M r r Ie t
.Tinile 1 rn L a t i-l, r r T I, T. rl. II .

"-aillc r 'ih- '.. r -fre -rT- S arna c H at
Lthiae h lir. alii ir 1.Ig.r. -1:- I.ce cr n ii lr.-u
deI drncre on le n rthl ai r h iii u i :..r- r I cl
t-o i l in t ,1', ifr I r. -' r I I r.-i. ,-i -r i
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P.-flihi inil c -, in i i. S io i lr..i- n-rU A l
MI I-lT ..,.i T-h .1 a, l -r'--r -ol-the-'1 ii
.N IT .i` I .T In ,: r.' ,' ll, l i: l' I n A. In- .h 11 Of
ThdCl II UU. r, il :. iT .% IrItec ,I h I f .'% Lo,,r
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TarrJ'rriri.ii. roanI.,i..r n- pri I i," N '. h ei r

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tb, ie OI u11111 nl.t1n' "' ,'C- ro e n.,a ".-e he :
Cnlnfd-hr Snbe (! 0r In Ii-icti-g nu Me,-
tiin i i Ilani If ,. rn F ar. f.-l r e r h-ri d i
T.rorli, that in 19h l S r E bIll -c."m l
MicilE Ir f i-r thr tiI from onur ener ,n
inu Curtartl, let eroerL,,-rc Curi- an]r d r-
ta irvEry .-n. o-I inn fll-comer itr- ti-u. oa
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Ehla- in ri-cek.e. ouch o re'oAutlor-ran ,cld
nllrE n w t ii tli oii th e o I reh pi -nt Cbhf h rioil-ia, in

other citnitf Io H .si.:i loth r per taej l erl-
fuhil.:e ceqon ii ,,-td-a Id oe. or -I hih -1id
nohflet.I." r. -
r.a trl rthl I nu in I B rb,-rL.i i- c- ri iV ll
I. ril o rr- in'L o t'hM a pl e i "1 %,b,, ir,% re
irJcd- inc ali. rir- ,.le n r'qi,:,-Ire of
c.,- ri- rmt crl ,l. (-ir l-ni- fr- Ir.-. [ n,,w
vert"pl~ino Tciallo rih a the l -,eI n--.i tI .,
n in iiniri i vc- i--,rlvh r .101 hlire i-.:,L. ln.1 hEr.e
Ci-n fitIcr-If ri-er i- -r nhrglri,'ir,.
( hor in ftpr r.irarTfi1, P he fir ct Ea~t l ih-c
School. p irIflIv proiriv;d fir- hi--ri t from

i tin l of r ioi-tlr-l i- C rnom.r..e ili--t Contr-l
l.r e ic tinr. IT.- Prt-c i -io r .- rcom)or Lk,-.-
d-.lie ri-Sno Sailhodrir-Id ,i1e I ri-, ret.r,
of _hit raTlI`lei!l -itian-,,ItclfjIr e Thnr erea ro .In

irir.. rihoharl r adviot-r f.:c atl e Sc" i-c IpnrLre by
Vit k r v i Vn Wer Tuo, nI&l ir-i i -uri-coin h ire-
i:ul-er ntt1r-nl wiii iiirli-i- rllic- ci ihrI pll, er. i -
,I1n1 Frihd. o1i iteriO nipe Iira ii-ire St-n, inll-on
to -- acTT'i- aixe ;r ir .1P- 1,,.artto rr ulScant
TloeryieiIret.rtenife..racarirvp.u rdfplrrnterr
to -ld. If I tel-rnn ir-- lrm viidi,-lcr-pt- ,holleve

s ranch, ta.,r i..ll-cinper,:, h.1. niing Seberi
ciher dile of it .;r ch-irrlcieanr. O/|1geirleman
who supported tro cbooalo nFn-derrnr yare,
tiroiiLc Il d.- 1 ,1 chillren' riretI illrt
s. school. I nerin-.lenivii. i. r il ohiLt nrhonel,
hit ct-! nern-ito- ii thi orp.1., hciI tnir-ll fthe
proiflel ri- rlicreet in Iif l irtronlarine Lit
ilII 0ilinni-3. hlnt, ,1. I, if -cci. i-t r l, o tloni-r
h f- lol-ur.-" niI ricl e rifirzht -f e Io -p
i-ei- Ii. Or, if fi-f fir-i-errl,,-iit ill nricer;i
Ion rd onacr, I-, r hrioht alfn-i f' 2 oln /-1)
it, ,lllif lthie bre-nkeal r-neato lair held iqn
trwn-orifir r-i-f, iiilen lIT z llt, Ilie 1IrIrii.,trif
i--'Ith i-Ilel -i lI lire th h-,nl.. I -ir, h. ,f- inie
iir inc ,Intri a in I tihrI,, -II1, T ,'r, ,]r ele of lIre
(11 I Ofca r, ri-i-,otr,e Fir 'I., Tineoo-i
dcepip rllcitnun toI provhrle the best po-,ssible
tchnolefaciltles far lthe- .rtni .lird n In, To l itha
IhmryoI [it Ileiru tire. -hnfwlf ml teirnsperted,
ienure hi riiri-rn c, ir 1n n i T rl-i .-l I nauc o
for fhe ruillf-uoii- niiiMn I.inmob crroenid by-
Sir Arhtlinr eolhon. nudr In ,c, cl uch .ettle-
nitn1-4s agiani of ,oif t-ye a.r I u i, inrt'. Tt-s
.-ivetnlater, In lthe4 if i lof cSr W illiam.r Sben
tin fago t- lniiitri CA, ocr iI firtn-
tfIede Willi rC76rLulnl. run IIN101r p urrflFeloro
Werr-te e ntle to LE)fcollinu thepeeot-nTon soUprotL
of earlier n",ve. life inExiellecvt an itfferh t on
a snihollon tbsat wool, I equirlhlile situ perma-
sient. idllcaffiLions ntwere uhartItmqtlvtmade.
sIFd e l tlg prtrviifonr seotild cerf anly be-
accepted grapiil ullrnt-e. The-samer-spurlI easl-
(Cno~iifited aos ,flqe 8l" '...-.

N\O Chcoo Sirect formerly ocopicd b'
S Tnr ri -Oeror' araip ,r Pa :i-: rl I.,r
.Api-l. \pDly I, r o'LT,- G GLEt IiNiir Le i,
i Ed ric Lk IS--&t

SM. L- ,on th- pr-ci:-n:,

B E'TI.' .' T i.? fl. i' i- ,rn ,l t-yh
S HB O i .rE i n.I 1 .,l..p crt .o-n, -o rL; c."i- n
B iri, Guilar 3 r j C.rmal id Bin.ik Nri.-.
Fri.Jr iri-r. r in ,; le i t hi orii h ;11e-il l .,_-
hcard 'i oml-y re r fl.:


ih ,ri .. I' r,'

One Performance only

APRIL 6, AT 8.30.

Booking cloves this Week.
4/-, 3/-, Gallery 2,-.
At Strong'e Piano Warehouse.



1. Throws a. powerful chemical solution,
So feet horboniral-y, and Lo fleort ter
I 2 Will extinguirh Oil, Paint, Tar, Tur.
-pe.rt e_ and _r-_d .cr Fir-- ro r-whicl
water bs no effect.
8. Is operated insiantl-" by ona man,
require; no n[iro.niorn wtI-i n i t in use ,
coi-s-pracic-Aly' norhing to maiaian.
-, Ha- a capacity of 50 iallo-i of Chen-
ical Solution, equivalent to thousands -
of pail; ;if wrAer in rin. fighting
H. Ha; already extirn uished o i vo .-,erio Ii
fire at Sair Fnctoriet in Trinidad,
nndil cl-,ccled lha i spare d oi l fire nt
the Waticloo Factory iccently,thereby
saving much damage.
Rust, Trowbridge &I Co.,
Sole Agents,.

'Phone 190.


Granmaul's8(Ca!nalai) hocoate.

Every Package bears a Guarantee
lw' Sold everywhere.
Factor-y 'Phon" 481,.

- e. -

?1lkLif Z d UItmN C__ TIs_


.-k N ft

Whern you require anything in the Stationer.y

line. try

i f A 10

The Trinidad Arcade

-PHONE 26.

Bobo'a sSyrup op Cod Liver Oil aid Tax a anyone of the finspreparaUon
-thnt canLo got for Lbroa rleoiui. It ian oecab cembiantion of thee -
hoalth-gi-irg exti-tLs tliont ia meetingrdh mnSue f-voyr whbever soed. It n1
Strengtibciong and in gorating, ana while eoradle rmef for tough eoldsy
and bronchial ailmonts, strengthens the sy-tcm co that elats a a t It a ILIns
agreelh t o theo l ne0ai ard is easiy taou, andn tho most deicate tomNih e .a. -
-unrh iiilo 1it rcidily. 7I(e ncorlivo qouliics e hve ben atteted by -user, o --
r,,o .ls for ., ,,re tf s thait eola rn from riolmsonaryr and respirate '
d;en,6 -, .nct.,]t f Eaullita omblo !,, In diphLthL rel e, e.e and ia- aris
fu(a ,Robert Sup or Cod LiCto r Oil anl Tar can bo o ed with eed s. tl
Tor-hrop & Lynih co. ,lnredi. Toran to, afms,, P.oii ,

.- . *- a

'ER 0 L) S:NCI

- -t-A---------





. I- .
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_ __1 _11_1~_ ~~p~ _1_1______1______1__ _~ __I~




fl -A .;-" ng Pea ra lgl pq



----~------L~.C~P-Urr~i~Y~-~i~LiL-~;ri~ ;;ur~~r--r -I





1 ~L~iil LI_~ ~Y_~__~e~


.: ...::


I -







S -her. The enrr of the Lnited State VISIT OF A TRANSPORT.
11BERS into the war ha"' incrcaLd to an incal- .

YO WL pt N- culable degree the ntatrtal re-ourcri of COctaNDING OFFICiP.S TItANI. "0 0
S u ,*c,-o-. c-ira AND AGENTS. the Allies., apart from clie quest ion of MhAOR. d

aum 'a. s a -- reinforcements in men. When America -
%. o- ,,.d c-c-,.a,_a, To P av a New Year-s Day) being ad has had time to put her-vhole driving Tnr folloW ing letters have ben- -
*e: 5?- narni a-.. e" P' Publ 1-oili there s-ill be no power into tclh war the augmentation of received Ly th- tl Maorr of Port-o.-.o.pain M
S?-wa Nu N. c-l 0 publication of Tleu TkTNItAD Guit- oTce must have -ile tFcect of hlatecing from the Officer Colnmandig lthl trciop
e: 100m .= ,iAN until Thursday. January 3rd. the end. The sole purpose and aimr of Ili H.M. Transport Euripides. ,
-is w a0 r c-c 0 1.. -the Allies i- the conquest and de-.truc- H.M.T Furi, ile-. a
,- _. .. .... cb .I i a -.omr i Ia.r fion of- the G erma: n m ilit ir-, m machine. c-Lb lcCc niiiar, 1"17.
.ca p U;%. .. 4u-1i c. UC -i-rtll I lllUia. They refuse tocontemplale any termin:. Hi- v. orhip The c-ai-r,
l uddi pina. Ul.war tiou of the war which do0s not achieve Porti-.tSpain. Tri'-dad.
W Yor .nd Lanna -c." c-I:aOC,- laa TR tha.ct puirpoie. Gernian\ knoiri that l-aar Sir.- 't the cl-ne na o-i ac-- pl-arant
-- k odLlm 60 ,RT.O".P.N,TRINIDAD. p
a "-.miht .,, ac-. aJ perfectly aa, -ll and hert 0nl' hora of an i l m -:m,;iobl,n 1.1 1, :,a ire thi oubh ,o t--,
U1m thk r Lo. da. -c-c-nc-a L-, the eu-Ic-al P.,rt of-c.p-cnn our
i I.1 A .. I.NI. R'.' -7 1 91 escaping the penc allv whic h h r crime ,.tl .rt apprccc.L.n 1 he h.h.:-li irto-l el- e
-- .--- demand -i--tr- -.crlTIn" -Ti patched ci-p -c TTp-i 0.1 clci.-,;ca c;-b,-, ilirltarr- n
sLONc-to. peace. We face" the new tar with a tio.
THE NEW YEAR. determination that no sacrifice can be I cannot hope I.-c. ac Fi-. c%
ime tbiren i c i,,fnl rcIrtc -- too great, no hardships too heavy to :,[cc-flh cal-, iicc i c.- si,.c-i bc-c-i .La
Sil- bji H,,, TO.-bAV thl Chri-t;au world ,l h s endure, so that victory shall be ours at ,. itucat ti ic ......-r -I ha, Iwcn. c, \.-: re
.t thI r I ,ndinarl: in iLt nIh fht last. W e hope that the year 1918 will I avin-"ni ,rat .r-mnia Ir ieno i bin- nd
l e-rnnitd o ,aa1111tallt- 11 0 4 i' r .' t./1 I,: u iof flite tl he ,tic- H ,- Ir see peace once more restored to the i- l th,- .Iac-.rlt c-L T,- tic i c--
noat i ci a.tlal f o i Ic- c,-ni runl --ill ffiIl doh. nic- c ir world, butt it must be-a peace dictated c,-. ..I a f a.I-i --c--i- f-ci.t h,:-c- ticc- i
i net C. cIa an it an e ,1 ,u. , , to te enemy by Great Britain and her I.L. I,,i"
C is. i p rl c I,.tl S. l u ,hr., l u Ci, -rLr o l t lllll ;11 t L"h E ll'll A allies .lur ll,,,|., I .. .: 1:R Ahn I....:|. 1 '
inn- . h. f,,,.,c-,I,,r-,ti.c l in h:cli e.I- c i meI-n l r c tin-t- u Lur-Ol .-.u
m ............ .]. t-- ------AAG-wUI YARE OIL- .. oc..." 1.... -
."-ScI Coc- n,..\ ,,.,r -i .1 ,' 0ill.- lan.i-l. it nTc-c"iam-c a i.. ..UAY AG i ...-,,,..
ldiaMlittgcl Pecar'wt.. 971 f its of Iunitan- capacity and experficce tof FI
Eldim Fine Be. i.n.... estimat .e ith any degee of accuracy their aFInyOT OE ..LDS.
t w acecrp-ii. Nu .ml. 3 effect uiion the world. WVe nay-, in --n _- ,-,t_,I -c, -c I-l- I. Il.--c
pe, -. t.k o talc- t a this little corner of lth! British Et.tpire, tIcIi.iI AC-UISITION IBY j.PtI .
Icnt"l c cv-ilituire"ss in review somie- of the i.VE,, LTI). in 'S. ,- o .: I,- l-,:c hil. .. ,acuc,,.
.--Tana- a l r '- _'- ''_ .....- ---i-c- port'-t-- entschich have oc------ I -,'-.c i--cc,-., -.,. ,.
Triz -..t na-cio- i LIt c-c-cici since then. The history of thie CHAIIRMAN ON IMPORTANCE OY F 'i i .,.lt c ,-c,: .:. .....1 c, c--i..c-- -.. -c ci-a
-, --ilna c c. -tllioi am world is now Iound up in the progress TRINIDAD OIL PRODUCTION. -: c - -i ., i -
S s" Ltd..iPert sre No Q ,of the war. Iln one of his lectures otl ,c i ,* ..
,TWtrofedum Optlnata, Ltd..
I1usl e Done) per char 4d. lthe "History of Civilisa tion in Europeo L-i odou, No 'cl her 26th. Ir, r.l.r l Il ,- l .:ill r I ...
SlTd al110 aOllfi elds. :Ltt .1 -Mer Ctta i ii A l e x trao rdii a rii y gcec e ra l m e tingc o f th t Ic.,-I ,,I f I,, I, r I ",, ,- ,-cf ,.- i. .,I
._ the remarkable 1 recll suldsr lil, Roper River I,anl ariu l `hlAM erals Co., Ltd,'% wfu.
SGtizlot, eniunlciated a theory in relation held yesterday at theo Me, 20 Cptihall AvenIu ', .
To-day's Diary to the force of. ional power that is pecu- Mr. A. M ...i. .. ':. .. i ...... I -i .iii...i.- i ....-i
To-d'Iy ic c,-i _9 | c,,:.,lle t, the circtllun7t3nc- of- resolution-- ii ..r c ,-,-.i .,,c ,I I I-.---- __ .

-l-Vas Day. thepreisent Armageddn, ntedc li-d. Iltl the co.panyof certain oil claims at auaya-
-. ... -. the standpoint of the tEntente Allies. He gnyare,in i the island of Trinidad, and autho- BURGLARIES AT SOUTH
San Fernandpc Regatta. retmarcked that there nwas an immense- rising g the directors to carry the c- e into .. UAY
; c-c- --a itn"iadvantnge in the presence of a moral effect; and (2) for altering the articl-s of o- AY
Annual er-a-i-al n-ei t-car poor childrr at inlitnce of a moral power ic riic tion i accorla e with the tern b the--
.c -cN.Af et I ci I -- --afea--c-rr, a-enwhli- I. TI-.
SNueth T..ue, n reposed soley pon -conviction, Ri t .rnidad, or i nominee to be elected THIEVES RANSACK COCOA
Loandon tllectrlc Thetre,, 8.30 p.n. upon inorali creeds nicd isentiielits a director. STORE.
ondon Electric Thetre,8.30 p.midst the deltgKe of material power The notice convenicnc the ineetilg- having
Olymple Theatre, 430 aand 8.30 p.m. which at this time inundated society." been tale ad this meet UNSUCCESSFUL EFFORT TO FORCE SAFE
-- --. ((The struggle between the Rom an The Chair . il ---Gentle.. this n eet- n 8 F -- E
aig iccc been called ior the specticl purpose
City Cinema,- 8.30 p.. tand barbarian worlds cat the end stated i t notice. ing thItwyears POOR BAG RE\WARDD ENERGCETIC
c-lof thi- fourth lld the beginlin of the tihe island of Triidad has come to to the front as VISITORS.
'- fItfG VA c- ui t ,,1 '"c c--i- ii, i Iio the Itish c-capire
laornlng 5.16 A t cthc-turie c-dc the hriti c-to l ec. Yo tur directors therefore e-i i.n T cents, three fountain pens, a kni c
at~t a 5.35 Chulrch n it I_ i itell, the w t'hole iortl deavoured to o-ici-- a pci lc prti ii that islal d, and it bar of soap appear to have bei- tile
i --- nlist live been al)alldoned to purely nid, after protracted ncIgotiations, have suc- total booty carried oall b burglars, who between
SUN : niaterial force. A ild to-day the E utente cedidl in ncnring I Lr oif oil ainds Saturday night and yesterday morning broke
Rises 6.17 a.-i. Allies rpc respi lt Christ j tiian j stice a al , F, I tc-al ccn- t ti-he sc- iio t -outh c, 1a c reo ises ofl Messrs G. I.
Set G TING UR 547 pan, Christian Morality ns oppose to thle etg fi yr t l'' "r tercha ts. FrIm various J -udlcations, tcuc
pVta i to : a oh (W T111: robhtrN was evtdeV the work (if saeral m.en,
From 6.15 p.m. to 5.49a.m. I al f t he New Year, Gern.lllV Tliw i ac insilionl cl- tlift f4i, acres at sonle f whonill s lie -el cp intc d with
has nce a ain tiladc public all outline Lla g arv ear he hay which is consid- the str cs ti qt-Lion. They set to have
To-morrow's Diary. o ai c It o e e g T .Tclll- l c ih-c te ofds fromn thc oe r oi George LreL ani c oth Q^luay,c
r-cIscc as f c sis of peicc c-noni nations. il-ta c point t io fi git c Poiln i s reported I to an iron pipe for carrying off the siltorl water,
executionn of Palakdhari at the Royal Gaol, The conference with the Rusasian deele- pass through this pri iert, cnc to b) oe f egit a aig ic-cc- t Mb heIr t-l h labc i c oed loor o e
-- n'.... itannlounceio enlt of these terns, but it is rt i l izwellns il l the Ie ich ll arhn-% y to tc ah ., i ... r i. c[ lh ensure re over
City M state's Court, 10 a.m. ... scarcely conceivable that ertan v enter- d ol conisting of 11I i .. .,f peto this shed and on this sil therr are a couple
Opening of other n l Infants' Cl ic tains nnv iden that they w ill be accepted spirit and t15 per cent Ic l Cen ... -, ,,. ,,, ,..r h.L p c c i. 1, .-lws. AI)ane ul t glass c was care-
S _ot tatc ittlry lHos italcf 4,3i p.m h y the E tlente Atlliesr i l l near ess o tile poirt cc.. -- h. "11 ,1- .,_ -. ,I and then the open nag of the
Iicl I sl lttin.g tc t n t e difficulties both for the iuport o-f i achierv witnow s was easy. Thie palle was leii i bits
London lilectric Theatre, 8.30 p.m. th IKm. er ail-l- hicr loodltuIl-ty gKa g cf tihuves been fa 'lorab'l e porl td o at legth ransacked, as also was a till h '-c on cotainlg
Olympic Theatre, 8.30 p.m. advier another exc e for declaring bv Mr. John t'arkinson, MA M. Inst.M. and papers relating to the busiss In one desk
-- tht the continnr-c of the war ic due Mi., who sans thlit frc,-, ila, first IlA ai ln- ere were twu threeabc- y piclcct. oa cf
City Cinema, 4.30 and 8.30 p Ilm. entirely\ to the insatiable lust for coil- i r se r teIr t l l Triiu a is an which together c i tih a o-untlu p-uc al lin
In cici n ci c-rm ays a c- n i pecula tio I i- t -tfic estac- ishci l cit. Ice- knife were takc n, tite thieves overlooking

ar Ig-. T N OURS Ii ,,dccc In coiti- Ia Ic-c-itt-c c r i ll- thac tc-ict I -, iia )ccc c-acilie thl i-ie c- fiaft-c ; ir Icittia li anoth ertde- t ic i
o HIGI T R : ilalc- c-lcr cf hilisr sn hots I h r wilc ng- having acquired properti c i that. island n, I a1 c u ct "l iuothr iount:cU. pen wer- secure d.l
o ning 0 1 nt2 ss to com e to term s in order thatth .. it oi re-ources. "r l t ill coa ssox before lel tO ed als then r l lled,
Evening 2 tNerrible slaughter and desinrcetion Inight ee f rn en tra n llMtinin c t te atote io ot te whie s fpt sted
SUN n-n u c' thel. ,A trap door Il-tinog to cn apartment
S N : nt ft rthc I pe Prolonged. Ict to,, I io tile -l, w- cn; -a a -
Rises 6 I ah i-c speciout i trick of the kind w-e are I Le,, hcc, I cc- I clc k c, i iiff iiCc-s aSiiO d it- c Iicili
3cL 5.t;IITIN U p.m ac c'-ltc)ned to dillc i cll f(erlnlali c ea-c it a few weeks' t iIc cc- t hie ic-c werec rcicsack-cb- A h it Ica c-lc-ic-
LIGHTING TOURS : i .. .. 4.7.tit ry year v s atell vi t in ;i prar I al Itatra la/r,"^
Firom 6.13 p ..a to 5. .9 a.m. inlgs, T he aredy pu listed odel-III(Iia raulnwhile, the annuald report t of the Consc h- la to thiIc ,learLuc it cicsitd do leain t ad-c.k
c hI dated -old Fieilds of Scith Africa, which is c-n icas gone -- I a third c- untain pen was'
of the Allies arte studiousIl ign red. important shn relhc Ider in Trinidad i ,easehotn-s, aken aw- Ic leVes als" aitltlnexed a-
Onle of the principal deolands- that of contains the latest informat:ui which i as Inch anda l i chl i l, a large ,a ....- I ; .
the rcllahilitatlici oi Bel ic t n-- i-, evad ed-, fellow :--" Thie n i-er (ic f produLciU g w 'ells bo at cleet aoud pair of ptucc I r: IIcI..iS- I ,-_.- .
RATES OF EXCHANGE. t a loe i gie to t r tal inc- to 14, w the otpt i appro- c I tie ge ovr tie door lead
ATES OF E ... ... N. E.63 but asis." I nteis a nie toltons e month, 'hlt...iagplaut front tile offices..pstairs to the back ........
-- Sggestion that private person sha-llh Ife.i not-' peratin with ln atcao lt, Tctic- ciuland aind Iaa ci ompass watnch seemed also to have
SELLLING. compensated for losses incurred tthrou.teh hapitarctlon lo itic of treaty n oyer ,T i,)) atracte1 ti e attention of the thieves fromn the
lfc-c- f9te nc-ar fratta a sp i sci of disc ussi lia icctic fiew, ce iiaci t e d ic-a si- o- cc atathe tic-c had en s com fte aa Iha vcn ro ute tia
Sthe war, from a special fund cont rihLited tons of crude oil daily. Sipmen s f fact that It had been removed from whre i
9) dnays sght ...a... 4,75 to fy all the bellt- igerentc s oti a prolor- rcegud cc-ye and fuel oil are n c- larc dis- was kept was left ,behind. The safe in this
60 ... 4 .71 a thealr thais tacl a neli thod of pa -ingr r etchedd" l ord arris, in i; cr pech at th, depart ent was uoot tampered with.,
60 ... ... tonal asis. Such recent (ohIl Fielhts a leetine, added i that thTe I he thieves left bya side door leading to the
agllt. a- ... a 4.791 c war itndelnities naturally c o l lentils outpuo for ic-tober was don ule that f epte- lu b r yard, scaled ii ght foot g c v-ti e
4.611 itnehI to thc-c- betti-ereltt ac-bc- has Waitota- lc-r, owing to o hcslacr, acndt t hi-a Iact ol iron foc-se anal t entered tIce yacd of l J. i.
lCable. ... ... 4.821 Iv c-a sed intlliense losses, Inot only to re- lar shipments beiin aicspitchell iwas pretty I 'Andirade's cocoa store. Right oi[)slte that
iVn YORK, cON TRAI, O N1 T, c-lcla I-c- lie pcil c-f etcidy c a nuntries, bitlt to d I clear evidence-- that cther a c as no iClultV In pcar- of the t ance which bturo cviellc- ie of
SMOAND 1S.OncN-o ir.c- the people of enan y count ries, but to hnd t p urch t er-c "t ln having been climn bed is a wi dow of tle root
ht ... ... 1% pretmi neutrals as aelI. It will lie interesting IROIOSEI L AE O ,t T AFc cIICA N i which cocoa i stored. The il hiages were
Cabl., ... 11% prEc at s ill to learn how i erliine y proposes to inter Acc-tI,1 icV A all Uonsc wirewed ccn oc tile wioto s ltkena t fill In
PARI,. Inret the phrase '' on a proportional We believe coonfidntly that our new -i -rocm was Tco- tou isees oi iasketeat ol
I1 M ight ... .... hasis.'r' It is manifest that snch terns c \i,,i ecm e e vahr ahr e, and wtthe woill Theees the vsn werd e I adesteffd
t .5.63 1 I anhfcst tvelt c- tr s ci l d to coci centrat our efforts on te these, tile basket being only hali fulllyestenay
8PAIN '. as these cannot possibly lbe accepted, eplhoitatiro of these oil lo nds. With tLis aorn- togand the backyard was rcrewn with
2r5.. t as i ands W t lai iil cil ac-cpc- icc iid ic-c- w a rc i0c-caa
Sight ... ... ... 25. nor even.-orm the basis of discussioion ny o in have entered intQ nego- li e sks soaea steps leatig o tae cocoa
Sg ... thc Allits. WVhat Gertinany's d ilitacy atiatni s for the lease (cf ur West Afrcan t ys lla e inam e s wrailteio i bhlc ienctl which
,- --a-... L" ..I ....".. I [r. I c -A I,. I: I I,,
I Tltltt2OL "r' l r "' tlOi-lappes a rU to be i- fic y, w let ''.. 'ttl ""*ynrtd ;. .. , : o_-..... ,.,- r e- I -L --t-- L aJ e-r;-cL,-
t INcERtot .nt rwn pe.ti te shi llreceive R-d- lagnec share ,..:-- c- I-
Si-gh .I c -re Lit there is probably a belief that further rangements are also nearing co-.c- c-, I- I I i tI o i
vieories Italy wotld he of atc rial the provision of ital or our Trinidad 'ucr- Mr d'Andradei elo e po orc .ite le h co beoa
S IlE TRINIDAD GUARDIAN. acsistla iic to the g tcral campaign, and c t .i.a Ic i fact, th i o. part of i ur io t c of tTOe n c-...
-trUot...I. r a .ll le at the It r -nc awaits our ap provacl of the contract sub-c bags cNhie s-ere ittn an othic -art of the store
it, iltt,,e. foo til Old a.I* .aI yount-raai' I have received several Were neatly piled at il.S foot of tile standl so
S^tion cc-f hrcaofic C through tile Al-tes- inq rit-i- regard gln t he contingent liability of thabct c ienthe lh e a was placed o ie t loor
SOS" tfcrtIN "NtS. clirs o 1 the -esiern froait ha )i 35,00t do which np-taccre in our cccut the sound of the Impact would ht deadeaed.
Th- a re ic dy lhe iltreng n o i lIce Cl I n plc-e- C-irt t t1hc cluhlI to a it t r Tn lle door to ths offic e was nearly wreuchea f
Myn1rn, ,r, ,, 9 Ary wthe thoe rclility beell enjtirlv disposed of. It low off it, lunges, o.e hinge beiu g broken. The
S nfln rthy n-lc -r,, e l .. ,9 Armyc- w-it tlt ti re inoi c ementc s f tt reiiliac-lu file t prop-at tile resolutions c-rcn-- door wits thei ied bac and the safe lit-ed
S ,ia f p:tI.c I i c-t rotie a ln thisn -u thrcagh afa e. two rooncs at the back of thue
Collies and for hr dr stance ofl nmd t vhe eu fifteen n
.e-de--aad iti c r-hlhac Ct. i.,d I aint cfher king 1 he Blr ili h -tdValte ce tl cr -If wiill ack the sol-ictir to rear l the agrc- y f t i e y w a o ti
Calnlbraii e- e t fihave Io le the f cact weret uctce- ed c n ah oi tic-c
rrc -dnuticifo-r uac-crhtgy taci-c ti'e ng -c- solillctoir ugaw rsg e roat c- c i atttane c t
iCORRIMSPONDIINCII. fthatlGr. ntt thnl e atbear 9c- Loicia-idr--- bc-ciaiicho c the oic- di
----' l i ly en li 1til c- f-aciiol a c fioan- tc t pc-icc- ic-u"iaeen Itcl Iut icn -I I c-a bic caa ii ac-c ac d- ff' o-ac ic t h ie loo
with her dci nS ilitarv onsitionu sloi ng T Chairtua then propostfed c the fir.a; es- c-t w cLI -t wcl ct cCs. outera tie iale ac if
42&rs. oar alt eyc l r A/jt 'urrric.ta. ICort- the situn atiou Of tie pre'icdils c 11nbc hi II, St -John llUdAa iiyseconied ti- tno- plats A i-e\- oa these wtn re broken ope Icit
ate ni acu= ic h l ai c arri vc wi th t c -e dic nti enn prove ing uc palatable they w ere t ric ac-- 1w a y.
-weoif ac-c-al on one Side c/ ary Sie ltc- ha-t cia tbe c-c- The Chnirc-nac aii terwardc Iropoaii tdie Aclong tc- e weeds aca- IaLc-a tL cc-icc-ac-c re fouo i
aIe J"a ier oaIl' a)id opall le iter ti i front t iniporta h s eic ta -section of territory ; seco nd realti'nf whicli waai eoaic d Ihv r It. tila c ei-In and erec ta ba I u ifsiti to's
a t r/aid c ia e n addr-ss ut ia tie tw hnetle lttie 11Ites, caide -ch r nI i1 to. chardw- re store- a as lso a ta e ne-ioUre and cc-art
th : -l i c- frt lr, Hj t -wi e7 sarici t -r o7--bly hlcroancr -cltip lo narv, llnie fot-c hi t for The pr ,ceed-fcig i t lc-i at-uf iic-Ldc 1 Thc Itaic aga of Luc- "cc s-hi c-c-coo left
*W Via I 7?m itr tit c-mr a gwaraut.... of c-c-c-. her. In Russial ___ lactIcying oa tile natie. Fnrttiwr dowu in tile yard
,iea ia- tc-, .rgoft faa-c- ini Ru- sia, ac-ct Cac-cr-itc- dcIc-il i lal hlerand rope werefouad w cinc- belougedo
a- air arec-i cc- 1 f t 'ra of a l a ac-cIc hc- c-ac-iere nLc-a. Pl--c c-ac-c-c nc- alcc'c
a a unic-ic aats nc-ar tia/a ac-a irte/-f-a *Of I luil S Btritisl h an c-c-tic-ia I en rt il1c-t rglars theinc d ial d thuair w-ay intc c .lstou's
gr.Jaaajc-iecrcb$ e A1ic-t er ac-ra-j troops to th t issle itan ccl tch Dem erara. of'.Icllv-re -ou by way of it high wnLLduw fou vr-
~ cby ana atdrr tell envc-oi/c It ii lot ecac to forInc a ll citi illitc luokiag cho yar of tic- ecraca, sc-a-c T ey
~~ed~a~ll~ l Madar mpicd of tile iulernal caO icititi s Mtl r. c. l ilt c reitcc owm r of the race anare th 'art oul g ct-e oc-ic-uao o n thil g fro nt o-a is
Fathcrlttnd, I_ lear d u ft c-, arc-c and .i k y 7 I c-.. a Chic-aI Sic-at, bcit faunid noi ng ta n tif

t c -rgcac t ago and pDneti chyutE cand sc-cxC-

JANUARY -1, 1918.


The Hot Trea- urer of the Red Cmla Soc-iet % :e lfromiMr. H H. HuDnn One Hnu rt
a ad a n da "T er t a De t. D LiFt s i ilci ," c-a -l3n r flun
' ier cent. ol Lhe Qric-eda' lPu.l- Patriott OI
Sa-epaae -* ta
Altcr li.tinng I o additional ct 'idTace a lat aan I,
nq iry Iiucon section tlh th i d llath of Ielt ai a
.ctriuao o \'cork b.hire I:ani. tri lRi rLad ,a .
b-jo ,ji slica hn the 3rd i -aSLant bc ber re- -
a Ie-i hu-cun]. lda CC-Li, BrathIcaile. th- juT) X
Tcur tne ,l .a rdict l de t bh l.> niai .-il:eu-. i e.

On Tao s`-.- th- ach-l uLahlaal-. at P Tt1r,! .
c-odc-r Dc-r-acT Coroner. L.c-bing thib diath c,
.Of ,iiLe hih a -I'ta i-d. on o dia d i Mi t..t anu
A %ci-i.l mAM uo,nfL, fighter a wi a z rciJe 2oi
igain:t one Rupert Appf.-ubite. ti- h-. bc-it
hanged an1I remanded f.,r Lrial.
L a.lar if-t- aas-p'ce .:A f tihe- .ani r A C
cl-Ilel cip. -irl- ..III b c -l. t .l-ic c, c-I c a ie .rt
S q u a r e W |- .:..|C -: c k ,: ,H i c,:-. t 'I ir p i n t
Chucht Nr c in c t c~c-a :nty hc t a "d I ..I

c- Re .- -f :c inct-- L- iia ean -er W
.tiuiti:te:, wita aria eldon Lensdy i"th Janucc-,
a- -ic- beI iia a pc ubl- o c ,hoidat. oIncl-

-r illw Iletnnr1 L .,, 1.1 ic iciC-1 e ic-l c -lc11 -c

Atrleti c Sp rs1-:ree- -th A- R. .. I-. ill
ofn .... D-.1 , -.reial S a fo 1t .
h-ari a- ic ,- it r ,e woI t ht rii nl
-,: ,a -i I-a ,. ..c ia a i ,- c cc--t f-.a :

, l. .,- ifo r h twere leai d r r-,,n ith

N- -a rici it hnd a ---c p Iwh nd rt--.
la ire. uessrsa.- ,ia .-. c i d t.a Wel c ri .
c.c: lud Wi at ir.. Cnr, 1ugMh. a -L rtI ,I
, --e i A - c.i ab ,I ,,r. .-ac.. 1.
N I.. 1, r,, .. .,.r t, l. ,I ,iI I1,,

.arr. C lr licl, s sr s l i i-. Ca nl. I
=o--Och-c c-ac.-tead far acl-c- ac-,ace-
in Friance serving as a chaplainbwhen,.-
lasto. R. Tonstat ais the second d es.
who worked ilin this circuit to Cw-ion l I .
Srossor n ot very long ago news was r.:..-s
that Ar I. VF r attkn Vau ghail ha I i
awarded a sie ar in hono.rau
At the evening service of the Htanovera W ,\c-
leyand Church on Sunday, Mrs. J. B. Cassel,
British Guiana's priltla donna, who is herea
oiatli s ang the solos "a Tihe ioly Cit,
acd Voices of the Angels." Mrs. Cassels
rendered the solos ina n ost entracictg
an ier, and but f o the fact that her listeners
were itwithin a sacred building it is certain
that she woul have bee- louly applauded,
a wa evidence by t he so bdued M urmurs
ci appreciate he ard oal sides o ile
church c The Rev. cMr. Ilawthorn in makig
t ie al11o ic i teni s t llns a nked Mr it s. Cassels f,,r
I-r kc lliiities int cc lliig tlat ev ninc gto g aln
giving thec such ic-treat.
c-eti'-rs itf tile- c- iucca (, rani t l strict
irc -- -r fr tiih c ye-ar 191 takes
place I iinrc i.. lc--t1 i11 l tle CotclIn c-to s,
il 4 l ... .b u ciMbers are requested
to mie at3 so'clckb
The next meeting o- e f o Savi a Grandc
District Agricultural Societyr Exhibition Co-
ntitcee will be hetild on i iednecay, 9th January,
'it c a.m., in t e iWtairden's OfficeC
AA well arranged wall' cal-nadar got up by
\auilli's Priiterie has reach-cl this office. It
c-ntaic nsuch local information n that will be
of iAIC tm thUwIpicileSSllneoc-yandO thers.
Thie, nI ti cstr-en;ceral anoouice-thiatacit
cand. ater theo lt Jaccuar-, sla, anod ultil
further ivllce, tileu ratn o .. ,o letterses
Ui) c thIt -'ul ti rdcc (Ice-c .i -,' be ro-
tcedtc-c-c I c .or e-ic Ic c .cauce, or pacrt of al

irt i(t'--ec irucc, aioli, haislatted abrancri
of pr-clitincar workers o thet united Indepen-
dent Order of Scottish Mechanics, has r c-lved
Ia dispcnsation froim tile Mother Lodge, giving
hi Power to open the same as a reogisterea

To -day being a public holiday, T he monthly
sale of Crown lands and i building lots atclre
Crown Laaods Office wic-l be lihaialon G titO
instant. The upset price of the lands andI
building l otsa ppliedo fac r is 5t72.31.
At ti ltunapuna New Vcar's Day C- cle ao
Athletic Sports, Sergeant A. R. Bc-noe will
led a t eam that willt represtenttheCityoin a
cmile relay race, Thae team wiltbe composed
of A. t. tBynoe, Reginald Stanford, ic-icea
Didier, and Eo Joahnstone.
IIa)bv Walthourc the cycle star, w ho has
just returned bhome aft -er spending eight
months i France and Italy, stated that cycling
was more popular in Iboth those countries
than before t eWaa-H. e- won tile Grand
rize at Mtlan, the greatest cycling event of
the ear for furope, and )scar Egg, winner
of last ear's six days' r ace at New York, wasl

of l-lotli, twhoyi as met Jack Johnsono1,
-Langford, Sitanley--etchell, Wild a good manyc
1. cxer hasb eet released fro
,h. -i- -ilt Massachtlettns because of
Pep-ienUc-tI. Ansimilar decision was Liven iai
the case tof Jack Savage iic-cc-.acc- i ,I-i
Ioxer.c-acc tie- -,ic nc- t a ,. i i I ,
for training, but were released oc the above

Tice followif g passengers sailed recently, for
NewVYork and Grenada:iAi r. and Mrs 1).D
Ic-lrid e, Mla srs.ila Ennis, A. Wells, All.
lshister iatd cnhfl, Anessrs. J. cWalker,- f,
.\ioitac- Missr diier, r l., A. Robertson,
Mr. aud SMra. Johnstiii aIdi forc children ii 'c,:L- \. N N' dia Ia. Noreo,
Mrslic ",i.-., l -Irewo-ood Maessrs. c.
Reowick, C. W.c Hendersoo, Mrs. A. ltasoart,
liss M. Calliste, lessi-r. T. 1ill),ca ond C.
McLeod, R. ltae9n andf J.-Gouolces.
TiL- attention of Secretaries of Clibt i aiwhich
iutoaicatin c I quo-r is supplied to n-aecbers anid
guests is ca-edat i tli lact that oppliacltion%'
must fie made this moithl to the Magistrate of.
the district i' which the c-ub io situated, to
have tie same registered, ais tweot- y one days,
prior notice has to be given to tile Inspector.
General of Cocstabtulary. A Ic- n,.[-3 is Daf-

NewS was recently received by the relaive "
ITrdezicik Lawrence Ifrom the BrUahbECI.'
late at New Y'ork to the effect that he S'.
ea found dead in bhis l Toom, and on Invelsol t
-o it uas proved that he died from aaphty I..
ac o. -, e-r-apilig from a fixture. Dnteid "
,o %.I t,- tb 'ricte yeats old, halib eleaT -'i
%o-d A.U L bnlei-- t- Franklinr k-s- a .
rmit rn I h.I only icen in .New York about u
uor in.autni. He la[:a s a. wife and two
dJren. .
The C:.a..l,,balr,, in-,pit nl uo h i La e '',
a.n rsld into .a Mojlthr- an d I tIaft' Chlinc
ill be- .:r all,, bt Hii Excellency the
or t.o-u rior ai-.'alitnn at 1.2i0 o'a ock.
Bf a eccetn l ,i,:.riuna i .t her,: c-ra-a ] a [e fll---eI n
;riici,-aiac l let-a A. Dean.,--G.-dG l--iCnnes -"
ad L. itol-eri- hho pii-eid their S.:ilicior' -'
rina-l IlA-iun ahbclb ai v, a Lldi n-tne--
n.I a nd ir.l -c,f JIui. 1a1; Iie,;forc tih lufll
c.,-rt -u in 1 -j ,a., thi hll II-Lrn th1 .'3 *tl% * i c l a I to- .r tt ct.o ; c I the CatC tial G

T u. er the i l I. cI ,'ia
-l ai r-ly tiC ile to d -Ida., a R C(rcl thjeO -
ln a:t a..- l Ie ,a fto-rLa. ul, Ic oa i hi ric.n
tlit-.e -e.h. ], t hc-al i te; r cah r athei- t.a.I

I ah.ll.r i T, r e-ncd r,, r, atcs I' l
IA s,:, ea:.r '. bia artnl .lat i tirc t ,iCLIrg:..

uae tras Iought aes a. V

..1LaI a ng c-tic-c-Ic-a ,c c- I.c., ^-ic. i-aac -c -
l i TIn li 1 1, i -i -le n-

aPol.r l -t ian D -agei iu.

ih'] a vl, .he ,p.lro n a re, re tG n .]' ,It I.
Iso lh ir . 'l p- c r a- tit-. ,h J .

ol St ., ,,oy to ee, Lte icsh ,la ,c-i n-
lhrla g t,, p .o m C o i tcl. s c it .l. cc- t

t ie cia c-tyb He ls ita lo incan
pi... a-nd o,, r ic -c- in a t [ i att eiraci s of l

in refternce eiatnd t1uie appa of r ra1i Mai
he- t o ll-.rr 'a o-ate crof t i--c- d C-no r.
rdo to Mnua CanoMe-ho lftor .,, S.
on 5 Ne tret ert, Prt. ol. Spo.,,- iri,-n
M. Kra r de to tha Trin ,idatt,,r, hi r .i.o.In
S ociation br S 10 Tei r
raestered undne lth Rean Prop l. ,u,:h
C.l: ea of. tarn. parc-als at :],, I,-ia co.,
Ir- aggo11 ..g.. tic sam-e. 1rtIary Re s
Ei za R. C-la for 3601 a r ,r
anottirt mortgage on s i a-I, -N,.,rnI
aull tar $142 han per cent.
With ac-ie-ta c- prov-idiagc r re1-. c ac,'. atr hi

f ewllo i btilla roc, i Mrs. oinato, a pro! inet
Ele tntdion shl ophe eaera of Ilst iere Village .

a rreasy ol founctiont to tie.
plaoe itt t 'PI-" g to--c This afm ai, wh-yich
'oui tc. "firttolia"kndtaot be a t hed a ia'- ois re
ilag t, proiMa s n ouelC aica cccsfs ul one. OThe
o rn eill cw iSt oi ,a.i a i bott o whIis"a y
I dr a a.illt oc -eTnadc There-nei -obe.a-n
picnic and otr Ser in lcin hl attractions.

Thgis trea- eight iocral the qp rotation
for l a l resor of cocoa in tile local h ar- t
yesteRc-ay. Venecaelo n iA c a tS cc-c IXc--ac-a,,
o greater o ani ths am Ic- .fro it ar i,- c-c-c-t
er iaRnega. veestates Ifc-I-,6N Ii "-, i a ra.
nof ry ao bought Iea $12.
Within te p rccncct a -eek as orgn ticci i-r

DE c-r Cl tC- r ii. t .im- rN

-i- iitIncia n i -op r eV
Noc. e i I .. .h i .e I .lYrthe

r i I ,,,Ia il. Tis, la r .w
is t. .r ih i t, Pidt ,e ori Pat Ii s ,iei

vil pro is i -tIe i u c sf .oe- h

Private Allan Dean Wounded,

News-hasc- -eigtinr cine b f Mc-. c-ie 'c-rons,
Clark at the as te nl e thrcc- i tetact ha. nm .-
yice ter Alla n Ie anc of Itiae 105th tia hb.-,a ii
ie s coa Fu ilie crs, wa woni 1ca r 0t
Notembaer in atn esgagemoct, ft- a.ang.
of St. tat-yr Colic-ge. ftc- which he -,laic-
Codrington ColIlee a-hicioc) tc atci. ota
ithe Ministry. e nse ctInce -a rgnte f b-

Balkaran I aharaj's Appeal-

ihac-, of whic-h cc-ucon wac-as made in Sondty
icssa, theA Ccoo aill opposenaat not appc-ved.
Ns hasco pceevioccnlccac Mionedt. A. _has bee
Preiar bte isAl an t ,Oft. Ie. 1 -0 t i ali, ic c a
tiae aditminsiona s wo of ni . I ,,i
ice-e-i in high leag l a.In ,, em n 111i i c. --ne
sof wery ilc-bsierahe ,,,C T .---,e.

Df STtI Dr CsC -llei t, aftrcw- i c" h Rh E tr
Co tri egret to atiC-,ll, rr(Barbados) lila t.I.rntf
thearc- \Vis ry. e ol ie-ec-is d n "t re ic'-1 .tIe-
said andaw f tac c-htei nr,,at, of a- o ratrle-
of lit second s ort-m. -, ,.,Ic et.
No retails of ther act ic oe i'p.c-r' ,,.a a ra itt
yat to hoandc h hitti .,-itwas m, a te- in t h-at fc
onnwas orevic-e- ite on. ..i tic iointeic,]A s-,rpabe
toatedstheo sa! i cce i a- I-,ng
loggy w-ecati er c-il Lh. [ ,tn ,hs aI on the

Bazaar for the Poor Prize


TDEIT faloiw On in tha r, -I "-ari c-ac
ci% ac-gancioid *he At- iI, t
ccr-cent baa-car cor-c "h t',,r'r .

W r ner,1ih' u ttit sel tc c '. ,

o g'his. q' c- nd. ,m o rst .c-ac 1-iU"rcia

O e pair itd o i er esl ._.,: icc-i-.1 or I d ru s
fic-. J. Ic-. laritccc Off.I.t
Occc- clockc oc- Cca r.- 1 1110r =1 Ja.

- N, Tc- x 7~:t~ _'- ~ -- -


7 raK.^. .

o -oi- t.. aN
t-.ede"wft...e ,a
nwav m
ue. p- h. 2 .. f4 2t

Om anl-O ... mil
|a"l tur a ,

m Pin e o f ,
Darun n Crstal Ptr
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To-day's Diary.

San Fernando Criminal Sessions, 930 a2m-.
I City Magistrate's Court, 10 a.m.
London Electric Theatre, 4.30 & 5.30 p.m.
Olympic Theatre, 4.30 & 8.30 p.m.
City Ciaema, 4.30 p.m. and 8.30'p.u.
Morning 7.56
Evening -.. 8.22
Rises 3 On
tSets -~i..... ... -,. ,. p.i .
From 6.43 p.m. to 5.29a.m.


I iny' sia



Sight ...


ght ... 4.74
... ... 4.76
... 4.8O
?... premium
1% premium
.. ]* premium
.. EA S. .- .e-
... .. 5.61
S... 26.





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On ite ?rsl in- r.i N.-. 10 Q ue's Park
Westal. the lie r.f Mir rrs est Caining of a

Mr. D BarihoTemew. c.f Belle S lew, Palmistr.
desires to thank she numero-s rereons who on
the death c-l h vuir szeprt him,elf and hbr
daughterna elrera of rondAience, floral Iributes
and in other ways expres-sd Bympalthy wi'h
them. lIe finds it Impr.ssible to reply to all
-4heane ltera perEonaTly. and deeply appreciates
the kintDosi shonr, him and his on their sad
-ow . .. ..

Town per yenr 12

ICnntr ,,

- $15

' Foreign ,, \Hu
11l feir1qyii' sl&IfIf s s.T f Mp-t r /os> li
l'-.ful I.d d '.' l ,i'a. (a:., fJ4 -


7. Ed A/r will/// g/eld o / iRis
af er on lpir of mhecr tinserft. Car-
yf efrfdeisd shIamid write ens e Ind f (if
S lit pa#r niy and all ellers mlus A-e.
w mmeae/uird bsy the sawe and address
if the i'rSirr, mn nedFssarif fr"
mahlicatiaon, 3st as a guaraater of good
S adit. No noite will be nake oft aomay-
emws waiwmmnriatins Nrr nir Wmsoh'ited
S gsguiribtions be nhreinna ndsles armrn-
miyd / ass addrernsd exrvefie
Sauffikciestaly afnsted.

S idad GTHE an.

ji Trinidad Guardian.

Sriiab *' t.r-al ~fo -*fs fr t- E-- SHIP WjB6MTSd WANTED "

wachgOO!W seveq -twy I wnty-twb of FORrUS NAY.
PORT-O-SP DAD. these belo- ed to the Girls' ghr GOOD O O OCAL h.
Clmass, fifteen were private ~tante,. r GOODOP G OLOALMN
WDNtSDAY. APRIL 3. 1918. belonged' to 0 041 schoolsIn PA wer on of Woode
- -_ ntiandto, and -thirty-one were pipitsof otleerutoo. f od
-privatesch-ools o -i-1t -Spai-t. --
EDUCATIO. th-ese thirty-one-cadidate -only three- -A t of shpuilders p in Pasagoula,
Sgaiaed certificates. At the previous ex- Miss., have sent an inquiry to Messrs. tL
-- amination in December, 1915, not one of Q. F. Hnggins & Co. asking if ship-
Trl report of the Principal of the the twenty candidateswho wee pupilsof builders d shipwrights in Trinidad i
Queen's Royal College for 1917, has been private schools in Port-of-Spain passed. would be willing tqigo to the United S
published. The number of pupils for From these results it is clear that the States and assist in the construction of in
the first term was 142,' the second, 134 headmasters of these schools, either un- u woden vessels for the American Navy. c
and the third 145. The College fees dern-ate the difficulty of the different ex- Mr. Huggins has obtained the per- o,
amounted to /1. 36-13 4. The number -mi uio nor- nd--in--their---pupilis- -Ie th nor
of candidates entered for the annual ex. inadequately prepared. The report of to ascertain how many men are available
amination of the lower forms of the Col. the examiners on the work of the lowI r and all competent men who are p ared cO
lege and of the afilialed schools for 1917, forms is satisfactory, and bears evidence to offer their services should make d t
was 464 divided up as follows: Queen's of the good work done by the junior application at the offices of Messrs. G. o
Royal College, 86. St, Mary's College, members of the college staff, both per- F. Huggins & Co., as early'as possible.
-209. Naparitma College,-64, St.-Joseph's mainent and acting. The average marks The meu selected will be paid excel-
Convent, 105. The percentagaf mtrks gained were 63 per cent. in Form IV, lent wages and.will have their passages tl
obtained in the various snbjets"-udicate 53 per cent. in Form III, 61 percent. in paid. The Americain authorities will
the maintenance of a credha le standard Form JlIa. 49 per cent, in Form lib, S0 send a represeutulati e down here to ex. t
of leaching in these loser fori s. In the per cent. iu Form I, and 44 per cent. in plain everything that is necessary.
Cnnbridgcjuniorlocalexaminnation there the ptepaatpory Formn The average ol
were 24 candidates from the Queen', the six lower form- was 55 per cent." CNEWS BRIEF.
Royal College and 2S rot St. Mary's. EWS H N BRIEF.
There waqs, no entry from either of thflee 0o/ Trinity Cathedra(.
colleges for ilLe Setni.r Cambridge, b.lth ha t Et-cellency thle Governor i and L ,v r
having ceased to enter candidates for RASTER SUTNDAs ---fE BRATION. mea Hoasie S. Ai ho oa TeC si a ftrncoorn
thi. examination. From Naparima Col.- L U
lege, 5 seniors isere entered and 17 ONi Sundar last the Feast of Easier was p
juniors and 4 seniors. from St. Jo-eph's celebrated at Huly Trinll> Cathli-dral in the Yeiterdaiy being a cunoaliiday the liit of
Convent. Of lthe nitinhr entered by the asatutl oslul mtatuner The fi- "vtt"' bed dted- recent *regtered was not a i'lble bata
nueenS ROyal C noll, n onre failed te nwa Hole Communion at 4 a.nt. ,t which tausactin uill srpear to tomorrow '
Q-uecnn. Royal C(ollege, one failed, tuo there we sai lareg num-beT or eoi-uiniaiits l-use ol the Tirstisors Gier-As.
were absent and twenty-two passed, preieni. Following iUpOas, this. i-horrl -
nine of whoit obtained honours. From :-elbratlon of the Holy Commniion was kept picture shich was rallcid on Mondah.
St, Mary's, two failed and two were at l,. tat wisteas nst he. ld, 0 whIch Srch abv t r' F tlugito .a id uathi
absent and twenty-four passed, one of theea tolsa r targe "on 'egat i:-na-iad iarthe ae ndian Committee Fnd h i
them obtaining honours. Thirteen passed under M.,sor It. Runt and i d Auii'er of i-\'liater,. te o r. T ,m1a largosai.
from St. Joseph's Convent and four Special 1 3ic v,,si rent-dered anmog shs.: J.,,phi. Marohill. ot B n us
failed. In the seniors, one candidate from "' th them All hailt Di.r L-r.l slate ILi i the inner o e -.J 'Pr
a'nkoraing a;hi0 text the Hasiter nmhem 1,oa a oh- i-rccs C--,mpestn srearrh-i-i ot
.Naparima passed and four fd fo. rI.t rien tim the -al ad t reme-ec th1 I gncltal )s. Te tarn e w er.,.
from St. Joseph's Convent, three passed rai tlrutLi of th a ithat slept." the Dean-s ir \.ea ,' e !lr,ltll.
and one failed. Three preliminary can- preaehel an ilo,-,,cit -erm-a-u It the c rse "- i' -
didates from tis school also satisfied the hei-a that mateL ho a i tloreian the ar P.I tte d.on i the ar
examiners. With regard to lthe Oxford Ei-e atn-g. ge.s lii .11 Li prI .isr i I i
and Cambridge examination Mr. Burs- At .uenu ingg n the C-iThe.rl .s, c. I.: i- s 1 1 Litirte-J if-I I 'I,:r Th- ch oril -I 1 r
asn.'e- .13 its--n" ",u- i.. ,aesa. Sit/ 2,hl.e S
lenm wrote :- i ulmoist. The iaJle/uls,,o Chloru, ws ,J, ,I ,,. t ,,-i r..-, .-,, -
Boys of the two upper forms of the s1d'ere eW-sisiah eie,-ils cortl t cit-, al i-I i --Il1 w rce-. ,
andsOtheMay's e"hh thee T t rlenchts...-_siedhs
Q icen's 'Royal College and St. Mary's th -rmon The ccllectns a all th.- tr- i J-
College were entered for the Certificate .-:. -s ere Into i i.11 at the SLIenltijn lund. "-
Examination- of the Oxford and Cam- -h ni-.a : i I :.,, :.o .i
bridge Schools EPxatnination Board; Big Haul by Boy Thieves. I"' ill: ..... i- :.
pupils-of Form VIA heinr candidates ,,,:,r, , ,:,,., ..... ,.,L- l,.: .,. g,
for the Higher certificate. Those ---. lT- AR [ t-- ..
of Form VI B for the school BRtE.\K I'STO CISTOIS WVAR KEp,"
certificate. In July 1917, there I lOU 'sF.. ,1 i,-,:itt .. ., r l t i r.:,1
were seven candidates for t gh e lihcr 1t rT T.-, R '- tSRT'. -iT r 'T rFi.. I l '. .t ,i s.h t ,' ..
certificate, and eighteen for the School \ i. It- I: c\it. .I '. i .,, .- , i.: a:U
certificate from the Queen's Royal Col- -- r
lege, and five candidates for the Higher T u.-ci, -- .. 1 .. ,as
certificate, nnd nineteen for the School si -s a -,' oI L-,he i a Hs'mrs C-en .- "
Certificate front St. Mary's. From ,r. ,t nc e.i e-- c'.ch.-h rI-l,:.e he .. ,,
,ile Queen's Roynl College one candidate -. It -re- i- '. i tm;a i.- h,.Oc'.. .i ,, ..,,
for th e H ig her certifi cate w as ab sen t i .-A ,: l .ar, I .. .I c- ia: -. .1 i ,-a .i ,- 5.--c-
from the examination ; one candidnae'for ,, -nie '.'t ;uI , ,i. i. Tl,. '' ir
the Higher certificate, and six for the r ,.ial Ship liag nI TreJ-- C. t ...
School certificate failed. From St. lifeiJamiti pItll adei i
Mary's College one candidate for thhe C.-mpr.i.sant -t'el oI, ,.. ,
H higher certificate, and four toe the le -i .- s l iM a ,s" CO-, ... ih *
School certificate; failed. Three candi- i ,-,- ',. , ', t-,. r .
dates for the School certificate were i ..- il ,r h blin it ie Iroapcp, ir "
absent front theexamiination.- No report 1 ".--o ran ie C:.rF.r, par-l, them --
on the work of the candidates for Higher 1, ,Ib l,, a,,, so l oI.-. CI ttos ul 'e. : "
certificates front St. Mary's College has Lee ih',C:.]-i.- 11.: l he ri ilia i ... l, T. ...-.. I- - .:
been received, no report on a school be- I-: i th.- n ,: i .il ih, h-,- I. 1 k-n I-. ITs lf :.,. I' I ' i a'.'i i' '' a-J '
ing issued when the number of candi- -ii-. C.ipno1it a, "iineL- the ke. If ii. ,
dates is lessthan six. The remarks of [.i-', I i,,csI-qat.'O.t'..I ,, ." I- ". -
the examiners on the work of the pupils p.i ,ece- '. I Irra l- ,:Sh t --, t.,LlU ,a s,
nf the flu-t cnt' lPr-,, C,-,lle.;c in the b a l ,t i sr .:n tpl,,-,,, -,, in.l n ,,- ] -iL .- I le i at-13ill t ,r large 1 it
AILchor 1,al] Sch-A .Iee.r 'l,: e h inna.. I I' - -o" I ii--p h o' i .n d r
i ton-. ati I ion the sol-,sl 'I ?l M riS '- Sal ,ilei sgte L s r,,,- i a 'i ds.,I- ilh i, | C ,-at .l ie- N.,-rlLtirn [lan,li e .ti 1
f r ,I ,I's L Lt* v--- is ]. c.- i l I n, -I- IM o l b t. lr ; sl Iao A
lt i in Iie hct ,-,l l C.r-1e h.ile ."tl a TO ini i \ n- ,,;,ol os prunea ,;e ,O' t -er-os I e na B.CI-.-., |i- < l,, I h,*- er. w r a e ,t if., :i
lion are ntuhlishn .l ,It 1. t ll stt',,-,rt l e. mi- :-ce asJ E hn. xHMs% C J I',,T'v F --s.. :T ui.
rThe n nm o r, tf tla c: n.lilat: tv.thi T e M .lIt git r,'t. osr, l-,I t b, -th s. .. "u.. j .I n -ha, ,i ad .I 'A ,r,,,. 1 r1 ac.D
har e I ht-en granrti-e c.:r[n .-s.,ilc er : Hi C R C Ic t e e -o morIs, l se t- s.i, i r -toin ,l ;i ctiilren MlA F. Jl ae.
Arc.,ball, GA, A. [t1-,l.. W I Cln i F ,1n 0 K o l,"u aI and c ldroca a r i tr .Ir W }I
,Tffr. c. R. :,r.i N i. Ne .oi cle,- I Sale of Crown Lands. ,'ir t . b '. i -i:t, Mnu t j, M .
torenhE fufnna l ie, MI oet, rAin, 'r. and 1 M
ut.e'n o R,-.d C,,lli.'t :i -. F --- ra,aoI, Mr. i barneit, hIr j. R. s-..iI
AIlemnen.A ,\ ( 't rnci-:. M. A. I For-. Til.; u.I l -i aon- hl T :.le, : Crr- n ,-nno Not t i R. G. inocp lMt. M. M 1K c.p S ,i -
rfnoi r _; MirAI .i' O ot.eic S i. r ei s i 1 :er.I C-e ,.io-n itrie, i t-I-t e v-c-,t hti D. Stroad. l1iii Li- Ml r Clairkc
S a l ieru,.,n 2 ,',l i o C L, si, b.hi: lt.e-C bal s-l.e Sll c" % ,i e H sdle- d. s c ,l.l e ai nad-.i R .
Colle] ,. Ill r -.;trdIolhel.- .n ,i-fs .I holal .r. I.- re put up pi p t poihit.e .aue on La llnic -e, i. t hua he an-.i Plr I, 11 L t j .1 D .
ship stIle report .ltoi lihati l nnunailr Ithe pri.:-. tmoluntinrg to :.'m_. Plirt lots mere In --
Tiles i nor theco r.F r ietion for _iotnia ,. tie- in Motrua.s an.- one in Lo-taer The tolloa e i iartiL: t 'rcle ramonc ill- :ir-o
pa5t d Its the Cr llce Cot incil in \Un i-It C r-.a'n L-at s V, ll s.e and -S vnrna Grcnn.le recently sipon-ie] 4 hic,,-- -c ee.: i,-, 3 n-4
rre[,-ecilel. i-tsi- s-oi- no chance in the i srnure, le l 'e foal, 1i2 c til.,
191(fi the litltsl:.r t- .re N. E o. Lailir-l-ce ,i ,iui an ,I all the Ii', m te h,-,achI 4s- a n s a ge oft opr. l p, Ic,,Liages o f general cargo.
R. C. Archtibald, ittl s, A len3uihy, all ,, is piti.ner i Mr -. P G.ntie ie. at-ue b (, ,-oIgaof ip-Las 4. 1bags of ofern 7 ctn-i ulard.
of ithe "Q rlel ', a v on .I I I oille e. 31t I In tenlin t ol Crw -t a Tn Mr St C hiali 3.10,i bsg ol rice, 19 thue ri oV cantll oil S"
Sclholathips l sId, ttes :en awiar,l l aberey ere. at n e-- it le.ltn uwih thhe oalc empty gaolene edrum3 anl-on okeny o.
tothone', -i.lents t'reni lrthe ric..t- H oflc es. estetday the Depirsancnt of AgTicallr re
ex.lininnilion scere received it wn- s....e Picture Theatres. shipped to .iro. i n number s da.theea road
th ll tnto pnplrils of St. MNar''? College ,th-ciisbh plants, further experiment sa t ib-
imad bothl i g i iteiid tore tmb-ir I in tlh LON ON r teTR r cslutnre of ahicb will be tried in L hat ilan-I un-
s ho te te ol te be LIrON il.CRIC I. tie, ire auper tnnlendeuceOi Mr Sovell. Ca-.rtr
ag-feia ltte chai tiio l beio t ol the ibote. There i to i.e .aspercll inirtslnee toi.,d y at there il seCtIs Were .tlio shippeI t1 one of the cEnlidatc-, [nt nthrs ev had L:,u]ma i n Ilf.ciric Thr:atir for T" The Mnrixitian Northernss ilands In return a lfew arletteb ot
not ditdincton in Lt in nd ut Greek. the ut d oll pirenss 3hoatl. -.end their chiltsslren Io anit-rao'viams Al Itb ie &n t do u sr trial h.
marks ai,,icl s. t "ther, in, file s tinc e ATen ts t g at a e Ten in night kilr t he b eposea11 ie. nt t
rnprk h-a incd I) Ihaen onie s ,il he the lost siom wingaa o a flat avh nttcati
raltler Set II 11r t et tma lsn erSLa. '- c iou ld (i tr l the ue.ou a.p uolnilno t ut n nat ina i lta ,ie: e t--e r.ia l A"-'oan der ta eckle i s -.te rid.. a.I
be Iicdedntl it teIr ltfaitl.s, anod lleV tell ;I r tni hiss ihose, tastllr. I-le ot rnIMa, Aot ntforaltlttoo agdeatu BHbirt Frauch of 3i.
Ill 1la C fis ft II i h4 bI i f.ll. J ,linte.'. 1i I flief I ll t -,Is CliiCuitn e % rTCe 5 -, R,' -I o ire "' i T.t C hT r)' llet 5 trel Ifor oi leris g ain m i n -i us iodiuce
order or t.ecolr.httut. It li ueeol al ter oeelug ii later's i, hotodmta of 'I' intI tocnmita Lreaiehohafisdur h iz, to remain
r rftl h 'a r,,ov tir('e Prnci t( t nn antrula t en e "ostf. f of iThe' ooe nainn aF"oMV itor
iflieQirqen'at Roy.f( af(egen reuttatfhnisfaci t. [ti o-.1 ofsthftln ovrel that theI' ,iltrir til,/ si1t/ i ireh of th be Sale of Pra-luce Otditnaune.
Th ic s rk On I lue nueroipr formnq l "- No noikh ofl minesic a tate ni e u as tni-,
t~leftc college ]s never before born oul to corone o 1tt-he5 irs stieS grf- CorinG recently exposettd inclute 2;3 hoags of
p n th." Osn Thur,-,ae Alice ireI) a liioppetr t'esueznetan corn, 11,40) gaInlou of fael sl., 33
rep on is iratt lo nittei-, '-a-Ve FPam1 '.11,% as aunsisyialtbher-1teb-lhgs of ihtuoll, 29 bags of seefI, )2I budIles of
nund tlcntotil ti elrawn to lhe report of i rte-lI hlt fine li Wuril lIr-to plct reslt t cins, 11 tleres oi oranes, I-arrla of r.est,
Ihc Oxfordi nild Camlsrihlge Schools Fi- r.. dwIu Arien sa the -iser. "1 lie i ray M.3ak." 2 t-tgt o5 sugir ans 7 .tSresol alpar.gatai.
nmiitialtion Bonnl on the nntniuintiiio r |o ,r --
Hiigher ntnlI School Certlcrtes huld in OL'YMPIC TIEATRE. A, pOfion offlb fthe Suthern wall of Lapey-
glier ass Cedefte ,0 p tsIn ieepiv sltteteniel- hnuse aouse Cemetery tin been troke danwT to alao v
.-lily, 1t17. It is worthy of record thtat ou tiail.s' t anl tn Otssocr I use econsl it te ei eciloth of a g'ste. It ns exacely oppo,-
no fewer tlnlll Iluree of Illie --ix puplsl of lsialsneneit oI tie feo.ertillioinl .i riol "- Tle site Ithe one on the uorliird si,, jod has bee I
tie Ciotlege etiorel lot HiKher Cetif,. tyscrtis es"1 Isies."' s --, -ctenec f nl thi. io,ltit o aisae the -t hhtt bc.
'ain gi ur pit p eoIe. Thea p.ll tse giteba s hrl hus g
uateo Rnigj.l slishliot-lioth in M olvenrtli-pa. inasht Iitis the ciupertisital in which some There will he a mt, eirgof the new Lepsr
iOmt "Htll I school., there werr 1) mognisllicenlt htcolplav eir r lrie giaens ,\stolum tnot s.etlteo no Comints, e r.t ohs
candidates in Ads-anced Atahcmajir- Thye oan r has nt ah..)'s ii fl e-crene lc-nr.f- Coli'nasl Chamber ou tHe tl0L iuatanu.
ald only 14 gaitcdhdistinctisns., A ptpil tlou Ior itc Itinnat min.i unsi thisfilni gins- --
of the f college al,no failed disincionn i t nultaset coape 5or e-pec-iliuiaa The second 'Mtemsers ofthe Sneofat Chor who see asnot.
History, all lllOlhe" 111 Ic examiner.' Dr. Aklcin to get nt Ihe De-tll storsltipptra In renderei on the tllh inslsnl. ore asked uo
report is sloned to ho'c only just nli:s ed, thie eotirss atl tlilch is v horsJ s- ery inuereotfng inltnt) s rel'earsst ot the Esacrel Heart Cburch
firsliltelion ill ]:rench. In inghuslu Ihie paiaSt~R nThc-as.oir.l La--I5, of ste ltig lMaster to.lgs-nagSot'ocloch.
work of nil the candidates, except one, is eT i crsha itself ,tao n tltt bocteen RO't A centre s"r'etweea is Ge, re 'he Arth-ihop
said to have been ave the nvscrage. snl cvil snit s a irace inouteacDr. Adeh of Poat il Spsin muI Mr t thlets Wbt tm'-er of
nu ihmedchoof Certificate eganuinntion si. sirisee, Miss an, lie horet' eECTFpltie front 51, Archer Screet. flelmoa- s-si esti red-info
porc g f tiled o pi o i lotnl of nin el It, The eeal t Plil of rllae
gie u blenuncr of pacs.ienf-ernf 6i..!. In-sI'.- i s rk win bles an tie re- tcs'ior...,atsterd:y,
Rlshe n-ehoole the percenpale op pas i psi lil s ctisi- nd he espcts ta hind ov, r Ohm udind is
waM 69.5. The number of persons eu- astislio apdsinded. s' amo:t swewkathsne.

--1 t - -.

IMe f^ot o ', "wag- al .pa'," ,-IT
vim D lo 6, Ao --.S N _cow-D .oral .-- L .. .hg ..
e he eity,,S T" ?Oi hr on '. .' ;

day 0,. th ei -lo'me .. 5, S. :gLABOUR-w i'- n, -i
Uowag Ohs faere, al suited himself D No 'h S 'f '.
eu, tniDag fl "a wi .15pee hI neas. The p0ln1pyg veA a

h a s b jtI.u..eV e Mr. Wilson, th Secretary of Labour, proa

as railed yeatesday ;iom pS.20. per barrel
A circular was received by many merchants
i the city yesterday from Messrs. Siegert &
aon Lid., manufacturers of Angostura bitters.
forming them that owing to the increased
ot of'ingredlenta nued In-tlhe making bf bit-
erg. the irm h id "ldcided to increase the price
Ij this arucle.

or to-oulst during the war, and reomms
that all disputes be sttled -"y-a-Go-ve m.
mediaingtod. ___
Awards for Gallantry.
S Londou March Wht-,
Reuter's despatch. The Albeit Medal ia';
gold be posilhumously awarded to Co.

The local cocoa market has deciet."
nsidrebe extent Wuc-ILIf the past week.I 'es- Becker, for gallantry in liue-saving at iana
seiday states wao quoted at $13.25 per fasega, connection mid the recent ,isimax -em-
ord for good Ordina ry gradea 113 to 13 25 as Commander Triggs was blown up with a,
offered. others in an attempt to -Lave lile.- Seamen
fr Becker was the only sarvavor.
Newa has been received from London THn CROWN OF LITHUANIA.
through bt. GeorgeHuggins tothe effect that Amsterdae, March1.s.-st ,o
eangre tholy l T wlth pneumonia t Ta nly r o, The' Prankfurter oZeitung"he Days that Don
taily, is progresig tidactoly. Lih l be offered the Ducal roia.
Theic wma a ctowled congrega ii, so a the PIPSFOR
churchh of the RHoh Roary nlt 8 a m. Mass on JAPANESE SHIPS FOR U.S. I I
.a;trr S n.idtc, 1hich as calet, ed b- IS e .Ohsl ", : the
-aTiuli priest. Rev. Fr. Marie Joseph Giillet Transfer Negotiations Completed.
F. Gco.aoJ's !iece Soleanncile which tras Wihington, March 30Dh.
renlACeIC- uo% verl Ismcg ago at o,.. PalVo.'O' 'ineaas'aoin tar ihs ssasteinel of ,t l ..r .
2iarch repea'ede The ,l.31oiiljof the differ- teMsof iipaneae ohtpring to he Untted Sts .-
ant parts In the l.s ietre the smsine, Esice lor have hten completed on a ha.i of two tont of J~a
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parOWlowgu to i lues. His so lo in the "Kyrie" - I
nd the Sancua" o aerse sung blt 'ssra. A LEYVLAND LINER LOST.
E. Marlkaa~sC. S'W Slo,mosu r-p-Ctvel).
t-- Sunk by Submarine.
I-Ir. Horace G .or.. phical culture Bo-iso, Mias March _lLh.-"-
ersner, I eTncag- to otollng- la. Mdtllliard' TheLeyland litaecr icanII-sex Li'erposol ofor-
store a i-juCi ntii. bhiramcier, herihamitlcr Bslou, has been iunk by a submarine. The-
aid ,hcih..- 1il--h, Thiinatuameut heildei n e tsA the cew is onau ou.
ielt ilio -rve a- is r-, In- ris l l c-lo-a rtisith Th u ier cui wns t-,,--..ur- as e .
sile in- cru-crs t5 o ae fac:t In.e f t hinsI htlad. lc-i I aa t emso l eame ,--'
S c i,.. na 1 135 net tonnage. ''_'
5 inch i.Je. ,as built in 1o 95 L F'urne -. Withy and.
-- CLmpar), hLi t PWelt HrLlepool. Her- -
A lantit.ta lec"rre .c.-:ii,.J hb ir Mr Chi- lEogct h c.an_ .5.i feet. ,h .- C ind depl3s," '-
,- -l Srr, Ir:S Ir-ri ot sites at she 2 hs e m.> filad w h rerigerating ma- '
thl., ,LI Memorill HillH o sn i- MIi,:n chlnery and 11e uSua.l crovenitence of a firet r,
ee n n 1 I- c Arms Csiu-i -eseril cla~-steamer.
pii ures ,-.It i ,.le atL xi Iroa o l Im the
Rossi aiIT- un an.)-ic a.rc choens An it .
rF' sinI Isla r r eri (ea ., ,: . l r GRENADA RACES.
.r, Fj.. '..i.: r I .ii- nia Odd Trick XWins Governor's Cup. _-i"
nh. r cere .r, :- _.r .l April 2nd. '
'A-- f l -,:. e e,-- ica-le, Fi-,lo inn i re t s. Ju,'5 ru c s at
me t I.. it%, s Ic- sL ac, Telescope -""
:1 Ihl pi:t,_. : -'r ,l.ui i'.li Sl On Trual Sal.e slc Wa c 'aueja lt. Humming -
-- Colony Sakes lackberry lr Sweet Roy ,
i I I ..l r ." [ ... ; ,ir .i r. l -e H St. An.lrea' Stakes 0 1 Trick lit.
ri it'I:, .-L I Frank Club Stahes Wave iien Il.t ntleaxe -.
odl '.rC --. ; oN er up .a" TI k lt-o su0n3oiw3-
Maius MIr s. I I ,i c II.p|,r ur.J nd ai r -'adJ
Mr ,\ :. : ,l r. -. iclen dl Sake hbrapnel Ist, Comet -

, ic E I,'r, I '.1- \ ..- Lai-e' Por-- Seetl Ra., I Creln1


,[,.r'a I TEPHENi S C'%NNsNG.

Fatal Cart Accident at
San Fernando.
t,' THRIR-' .'.N i h )'lI 1 T

Crushed to Death.

it.:ll M :- c-' *ie C.ial' Ir,,u lbt-

Resignmatidon of Lie.t, orton.,

I,'~I.5.1 R D .: Er Tl re I.-, S e
oc io yt ble S-ay ic-,n Trinidad.

li ruan- ifr .m lo -Cn- siUrsing rthis
i-ier. He ar ..i, l I Tna.i.l a l i- he oI
S rit ar. ii o -aole rke e-r iost

t resignation of Lieut .Morton.

'dsi w bm e N P A hn C rthbe n ll sari
FOUNG i\N serED- cF ET. )1 1
En oyable Stiy in Trinidad.
LI-iet. St AhRF ,-i-ssos SPC. H .A. D C
is Di- Exerll.a:y The ,"-.o-rnir h sre-sinced
hit cat i ;on. sua lci h a rec.u stap l.rga '
WaUll Lr.. C C it torerit uisl^osr -,- ersc lCt
Lhent ,,rtc- n h-c- ,e inbr suertm an of the
erican chair ncelu the obe8., rocthe wrar
aued at 7.0, s ,id to Cina ram s ae an d wih
-aufever, lie atrr. t pTrioperly on thre s
DeceMr. l. as aMcachnie ended.r offered
the idpt C to hs ', Toveronr. In the
cOL cTama se e rtsirstsln tSh ngra eprereniative

eatrempels oubslt. lie carri-, with him
the wasmecte entiment for thendpeorle o T rin
dad. whose bhrpi.uLtlhL', hac been itlattea. .

Larceny ot Furniture.
VOUNG f t"t gSTNrgFICED ru bSK

Tt mIr lhe wa ths Dct-si io the habit i drink k-
in.s ta ein the goodX ng ; rc'timsce urged
hen GordMconlesnid ert seeuoi- g man oi re
pectable connected and had a chargeht h
of aresd, at the rity Mgd eiseatse- toCri
Te wma e tharoget tl osealing 4 Ame-
rican chairs o vla-lued at ;.&t, 2 rockers
values at 7.0,), a carpet, a gram h and
reccrdn ralueLxt 'O andaqosntitvtof gal'd
valued at 17.00, uhe Property of Francia
Aeg, tsf Iermoagam.
Mr. G. 1H. sc -cohnee defended.
Evidwscadchiced wa-us osthe ITect that Sr.
Aruaam Avos cetideat st.nge Grind|e and
ue" place at BIasilno Street. ie"c imea to
oiP"t o n Th'ursday last mid in gutog to h
ousec was informed that defendant bad opened
it ,,ad taken swo-t she forniture. He tepoated1
l too matter to the Detective Departleht, nud
P.C', Campbell serestrd defendant, who adait-
ted taking the goods. _
Mr. McRachtleasold Chit ,defeudita stras rery
iespectshly connected and had br.agtht his
people, .into absolute disgrace. Defendant's
weakness was drink, and he asked His
Worshlpi to-upt Sim on a b.nd.
Tlere were two previona conoietioas agasiss
defers.t'a- for larceny.
HisiWorship aentencedl (etendant to six
m osim~bs d tabour. -

- v'>-5. -i

On tMon-ti' lasi on l-i,- :'s grounds, iQacen's
['h; araannab. & r nie cf ncrtiket na playedd,'
It,:l rceu- "eim. repr.seim:a trepben L id. and '
Cunimig s Co T-ais s-iSd many hundred
i, -wete prost lal lot ia, ..ammodadsutlof -
is-hes andcl iher %s.lus-r- nao, Iaking adt'antage ,
-i th firne weather at hch pre.'led, turned up -
i' iarce e i u-rl ,i- ai c i trug hand wa .
, alneDiiance and sj-crur ed u ely airg at in. '-"
%Vnningi the t.:,.. Step;hs-. Lid. elecledo t_-
lbiand G. D. Taylor an lB Hunte opened the'
innirga to the g of D Pereira and Kelly -
Hunie lel iat ;4 bene caught bS Chong off -
Kell., while TlasIr'. t o member r.. Q.P C.C.)
iltsr contrihating 34 Io gc'-d style was tlr a -es
r- Lumoslen owl D Per,-id. ht. Chong ltwhi
,'set ona lt'r in h b le C ae tcArc the mi nst-c2 -'
ic-ktu s lor biis ii de Ie sas respon-ibtle or -'. i'
A Aotlinti's hicketi -leo the captain wan' 's
cat-" ir:agphedpund hideea madel.l rla,-
'T cg-ein the crearac Cznuornug C. C ol : y '
mutlcild 7; t uns o which D. Pereira's J23 ..-.
tIop core. Hall the sde.'asidown d oras35ramn,
til c .riand the end F. Rnaluns bowtled withT-
pr.t Heffect c n ibe remaining six men otdy
a errd ott Ferus totnera e 0. Tay
tor Pooled unchin.edandcaptared fie w-ket- .-=- -
A.r 36 rAo i (Cannig' 1 b.w b Chobeaten '
r cer .t the ccuclsoa, the game ihe-teams'":'-;
rHnc- -on b og Chop and peace mae.
The fol nr ir the cbowline verge -
G. D Tacingsm Lamsdenb to Perera
PB Huntee M. Ca4ng. b P. Kly f-10-
A. Ferreitra P. Ferretira i
l0. hogddoway c 1. ThC 7 -g-b. Fereira -----
A Cumbenbatch runoutt -7
F ic-smies I ha, hP. e13 0- :
A. hAgontini (Cap, I b.w b M.Chong ia
M.HenLu-dn c Scho b G. DC Tyorn
C. L. Peie r .Ferre ra 1
A Sunllivan c Lashley b S. Chang ,

S. Rochara b F. Rawl :. - -
.. Seol not out . -3
Extras -,
Total - .. B
rhe following is the bowing average .f,
Cdroug'.s team tn eLeoppotnet's innings :.:

?_). I,. R. W..
?P. rkselhiT- - Iu4-2 33
D. Prrli sr -

0. HadosTey - 3 0
M. Oiong -' 7I l1
P. Innocent 2 0 27
uhe Canning & Co.'s lear wno
Mi. Lutbi en e Seholts b G. D. Taylor -'
V Pereirah . 1.Tn lsI . . t.
I. Chong bG., D. Taylor . l9
L. Mc.aPlane S F. Eawlint "
P. X c .i rans o at - -
P. Ferreirac Huntae b G. D. Taylor -
F. frunecenti :Cumbechatch S b. .wlius-te
C. Pantn SIn .F. Ensu .. a-.
A. .asbley b. G. D. Taylor -
J.Rocbhrd b F. Rawlini . .. -
U. Pieaelsmt oat .. 2

Total -
The following in the bowTlun eaerage
-Itepbeno' team : : ,a_
0. 31. R.
F ,Dwiia'yl or I a 36
0. Hdnoiatey ." 0 t. .
B. "o-te 'i
SRatting rlest Camsbasaare knocked.
runs. of whichDolata o, Sid'S[h sia
contributed 30, 24 and 18 resptM y-ees
Finder' learm replied wt5th5 6553 oyC.C'-10
getthisino double ignres with6 ,--


SSih .t ITRCOL-A% nm
S 9ght .. ... 1% premtum


llC Lsll~l



il"6111EaQi `I III 1111 I I kimB~lll~


, THE TRINIDA GUARDIAN.. TUESDAY, JA .UAR.Y 1, 1918. ,- -' W p ^,.'.._









Ifest India and Pithiiitn TefgirTha pt CO., Ctable.
S.' .- London, Decceibi r 28th.'
The Labour Conference was convened here
to-day by the 'arliamentary Committee of the
Tratlde Union Congress and the Ixecutive- of
the-Labour Party in the Central TIall at West-
aifiter -to-oo-sbier s'nammori-fltio9' onoase
in taiu.-A--pronunciiianiento -was adopted with--
virtually unanimous show of hands declaring
that i continuing the war labour is actuated
by.a determination to make the world safe
for democracy hereafter. No sympathy was
expressed In the text of the statement with at-
tenits to convert the war into onil of con-
-quest hbut it -insisted- that-restitutin- and
"reparation, and ud.,_- certain territorial re-
adjustments, tire ri.,.:- ,, if the renewalof
armaments aud war is to I Avoided. lThe
Conference wits attended b 50 legates and
was ew td to ince otlecord a expressly
of opinion front lI sh labour onit the war
ainit of this coot y. Its adoption of the
memorandum is nsidefed especially signifi-
caut in view of the peace negotiations betweenn
Ge.- -- P ro u -o u i. --The estatenlnt -plaeced
at the forefront a dentandt for the restoration
atndl rehabilitation of lielgiu at the txpenise
of Germany. It also dealt with Al.srce, Ior-
craine, stl, the Ialkaus, Poland Turke osind
S ug: frican :coloniers oiu lines siOilar t-o
those suggested in earlier doculientt on these

subject. After the formal opening of the Con-
ferense, a letter frout the Prime Mlinister was
read. After thanking the Conferosce for a
resolution of the Parliamentary Committee of
'the Trade 'Union Congress, the National
-Counnittee of Labour, which partly suggested-
that Great Britain make a declarations of the
-waraims-of-thltetetrterthef letter said ; "A
statement in regard to the war aims of the
Entente can, of course, only be made in agree-
uaent with the other nations who are fighting
-in alliance-together i, irthe wa. The questionn
of issuing a fresh joint declaration os this
subject is one which is constantly kept in view
hb the Allied Governments, butI is not one
about which it is possible "for the British
Government to speak by itself. We had
looked forward to an interchange of views oi
this subject with delegates appointed by the
Russian Government to attend the Conference
held in Paris, bu to ourreget thouegette absence of
any representatives of Russia at that Cont-
ference madeany such consultation impossible."
As to Great IBritain's wsciittts, tie Premier
referred the Conference to his speech in Par-
liament, and expressed the hope thatbotm-i
speech would reatove any misunderstanding.
Mr. -Lloyd George's letter said that to
his mind the ideals for which we are fighting
tp-day are precisely those lor which the-Britishi
Empire entered the war. We accepted the
challenge thrown town by Prussia," the letter
continued, in order to free the world once
and for all front the intolerable toenace of
militaristic civilization, oLLto aivke-possible-
a lasting peace by restoring the liberty
of oppressed nationalities and iby enforcing
respect for those laws and treaties which are
tne protection of alP nations whether great
or small." The Premier concluded that he
wsas never more convinced that the purposes
for which the Allies were contiuisg tihe war
wgre not imperialistic nor vindictive, but
that their achievement were essential to the
future freedom and peace of. mankind. Mr..
Joseph Haelock- Wilson, '-President- of the-
internatiousi Seamen's Unios, said : Until
we have made the German nation feel that it
'has made a grievous mistake and. 'it' has re-
peuted of its crimes and foul murders, our
aims should be to carry on the war." Mr.'
James .H.i r'T.homas, Assistant General Secre-
tary of Railway Servants, said thait when
pae was reae was hed it m be a world peace.
He addeflthalt if Germany diii not agree to
labour's war aims, labour must Fight on to -e
care what labour believed' to be right.

London, December 28th.
The establishment of a republic in White
Russia has been announced, according to Pet-
rograd advice to-day. A Rada or Legislative
oly for tie territory has been assembled at
Minsk, at which place a decree will lie issued
proclaiming the independence of the new State.


Petrograd, Decemtber 2Sith.
delegstioa arrive in Petrograd on TlItrsday
eeentng. 'It consisted af Baron Admiral Key-
serliugk, who was formerly Militsry Attache to
the Gerntn Luhhbassy in Petrograd, Captain
Herhuon atnd Lieut. Vierlost, also naval
officers. Thirty additional representatives of
Stle Central lowers are coming to Petrograd
rauortly from Brest Litovsk, vtons g ztiru Col.
Mirbach, former Counsellor of the German Em-
btsny in Petrograd. Admiieral Keyscrlingk said
that thle naval delegation had coite to IPetro-
-grail -piartlicuhirly- to- dll.gctt-t le-cessnaltoi of
onival wartore. lie said that' prices were
higher itn Petrograd tallian f i lerlli and tliat
tite fitil sitlutittnt il twnulntty was quite good.
'There is i cltait tircduless with war in Ger-
tiany, Ite sidl, We want peior but we have
wanted pesce sirce the t eitci tnig. we will
not agree to ant unfavourtle peice we are
p. reparelIn to eight for a longi tite fnd have the
inranitn doso.TI we titaltc n separtirnte peane-
With Ittasria war with Riuit'O u1 lieu cannot
frighten it, -is psrticuhir ,ire with Atierica-.
Tiite -ttlly power dangerous ti) s, in-
Amterica, sitw oe tar ubot lerati of h ei--r. I we
tuad feitred tit,: A eei-cat fleet we never hotlhl
have began tlr iuhntathe warfare.s


ANGRtV C. 'NI sill 'k*mSfi i)Ii IPiACti

alati-G.rinallt icIVtp:tpo'rs "I't "i"ly Cnldemn
tle t-lireI ctitern itt trie Cattoral loiser-' Thie
'rTigi lishche ttllllsclllsu'" f llerlit sysl
l' ir i- tote I h. a, .-" f i'tlip so r.o- i pletr 1ly
ie0r0 l lht sl -' alito I a. l htt lt li t -t be lo o l
oa hnlirl,- i,- I,-,o 1i11t tite sweot 'of

-t til ngt site eol hat 11" i-.ll helih s % hieli e

TCtat.i vstotllvitistf tie cc., itI titt diplouiat-
inst ft oe ilesttoyal, all that tas been fought


for. Ifite "ielnI:e Ztirp on tihe
atolher h L.-I rrgIjda 1the COtI-lit6Ua 1ni Op-.ltng
te rolU to a pAr, a.dvaniagou a to all sides.



London, December 28th.
That the Austro-German peace negotiations
to. Russiuaare only the opening ghn, in no
elaborate peace campaign by the Centrai
-Powersn-ithe belief here.-It s --likcely thnit
the nexte step by Germany, according to well
informed London, opinion, will be a direct pro-
posl to the Allies either through the'Vatticauo
or. a neutral power. The, Russian Govern-
mentin the course of the next few days is
expected to edleavonur to get the German offer
,officially before the Entente Allies, bit as a
formal reply to it will invaole a recognition of
Atln-clolsh-vikl Government it is doubtful
whether any Entente Government will tmaket
a reply.

London, December 28th.
The MlIanchester Guardian regards the
ency 's peace propoesals as an attempt to cut
her losses, leaving her full liberty to start
again on her old gaotie.


Amisterdam, December 2thib.
The Rheinische Westfolinche Zcitung,"
organ of the Krupps, declares that the En-
tente Allies will regret the principles set forth
at Brst. Litovsk and argues that the political
abaridonment of Belgium by Germany must
be conditional on the--Biitish--evarnuaionaf-
Egypt which should revert to Turkey in ac- with the desire of its population.


Brest Litovsk, via Lonl on, DeceIt -r 29th.
Discussion by the Teutonic Allies and the
Russian delegrutes of special questions, con-
tinued on Thuiosay, at the Peace Conference.
tie deliberations thus far have progressed t
a stige where a rief inteirruptiood of the 0,ego-
delegatnes to cottaunicate with their Govern-

has an rea of about 17.i000 square miles.

Petrograd, Deceumber 29th.
essarabia hs declared its dependence to a
the Molidvian Republic to orut part of the
Russian Federal R Epublic, Bessaabia is
The laGotest r export onSouthwestern Russia
adjoining Rumatia. About haltf ItIe I-
habitants are Rumauians. Thte opoIa-
tion is in the neighbourhood of het2t,0I0,
Kishine tis theh cpti rtal of Bessarabio whib
has an area of about 17,000 square miles.


Cope ndon, LDecember 29th.
Field Mars sent aielegates respect ivey to
the Scandinavian countries, Englstand, France
published Americ to-day i tecog Lition ofthecoun-tte.
ceived, here. Dr. Kaarlo Igdnatius a o Pro-
fessor Recter will go to Airerica.

t aodons, December 29th.
The latest report on the who Rusan situation
is to the effect that the greater -portion ati th
Germn fleet in Rtlssial waters has returned
to Gerlan waters. These squadros now are

CLondon, Deceotber -Nth.
There is nothing ol special interest to report,
saos to-dy's official comsuoicaido f troot

Sto n ndon, December 2 th.
Field a arshat laig has itted a-list of
nmes of personssserving on theowestern front
as deserving special mention The lint was
published i-day int t r the London Gizette.
nParis, December 28th,
The eveotnin official coinitluniction issuesI
by the War Office follows : There was rather
spiritadt activity by both artilleries north of
St. Quentin. A surprise attack by the enemy in
the region of Vrai in tLorraine which followed
the bobthardmotn reported this Morniungas
stopped by our fire."
Cailn prevailed o dthes whole front. In the
Cerna valley t-os eseiy companies which were
crossing the riwcr werecaught under the fire of
our artillery.


Doaio l)ecei-her 28th.
Marshal Jofre 90oo0 is tosbhecoste one of the
imtinortals of the Frenitc \ 4lnoetuty. This
Jccatte known-after yestrrtdtso Sension of the
Acadeoty at which the followihg aunoince-
tmett snto tutade : The Freicite Acadetty has-
hng biee't sottlnded ot ithe subject of the
cani'lldottte ( ot Maet-ial Jsfffe it iwsltl how
Itself Itippy to receive iit Itoosomi thie
glnrioss victor of the Sat-trie.

Park, December 21th.
The ten billion xanc iauked for in the ttiril
wsartloanl ti-beenesxccededsinccordung Ios i
[tatnnttottounliaeri the Chasotber ao Deputies
to-day by t lIotz, Mitister oflFinance. M.
Klotz sild that the returnstar l the loaot were
stillI tcomplste, tI l'-. r"II s not
includifitity ltlose f5eauu r hroail, nggregated
10,276,000,000.- -


Losdon, December 29th.
Aside from bomnurdtruLtt'en aotl reciprocal
artillery duels, little is going on in the major
theatres of the war. Osl the French front the
weather is still cold, atudni dls with tile snotw
that covers the ground gverr'whbre io impeding

oprratii.ns on a large scale. The Germans
ou Saturday night esusaed an attack against
the rlisllh northeast of Ypres, where for
Se.eraI .liyb they hail beet laying doun
lieav, 'preparaiory tire. 1 hb attack, however,
Sfile f..r he Br ever othe Britih eyer the ndtch.
raked the G.'rnnais i ith their fire--alltd
repulsed them with considerable lo-ses.
Likewise attempts tuade by the Germans to
carry out raiis on smill French pats near
't. Qourndo, leiouvans an'l Vauqureres resulted
iu failure anud, in addition, the enemy lost
menui and prisoners. There ii -till consideraible
acai, 'il along the entire French Iroat In tlhe
[lillan theatre. the inlauuty lor the precnat is
still but the big eL'7 0 continue locarry out
mutulnal boimbardmlents ag uUin.I opp ng
ptious a thre hill rrgio from the- A-ia;o
Platria 6a-twars of-the-Pinte Riser -'Tu
at'uitri p uriticularl.3 prainiLirtsu oa0the ,lnute
T'.3iti,, sait.-tr ao, a re.-u i .' u-ti e e-tio f
both sides of the Pederobba near the upper
reaches of the Piave River. '



-London, Dec. 30th.
At dawn to-tday the enemy made powerful
local attacks ou a totul front of over two miles
against our- positionss. In the centre .the
oaemiy was repulsed, but on the right to the
north of Cambrai and on the left to the south
of Mlarcoing his troops succeeded in effecting
oa idgieut iii tw so atl salientis in ottrlines.-
Our counter-attacksh have ejected the"d enemy
Iront a portion of these positions ad we have
a numbidr of prisonric .ty 11 ihtiog is coh-
tiuuing-iniboth localitteli. E Karly this morning
hostile raiding plrtie which tacked ouar post-
tioniiitnitnhitbsourhosd of (Iornelien swere
repulsed wilh losses. On the -ren- inder of the
front there was nly the ustiual ailt llery activity
on both sides. The Gerrians iniade an attack
last night northeast I Ypres, it is snnouoccsd
officially ; the coiemy was repulsed coipletely.
The statement follows: ', Following the
activity of his artillery northeast of Ypres,
reported in lst night's co mmunication, the
eneoiy yesterday attack against our positions in the neighbon'r-
hood of the Yprei-St. Aden railasy. The
attack wasocompletely repulsed by our fire. A
hostiler raiding pary was driven of during the
night north of Passahendaee."

Paris, December 29th.
The statement issued by the War Office to-
ng n th right follows :---" The o onuse attained a
moderateitntensity-oil the greater parts ofthe
front, andwssp wai--tein othe region ofBeaumont
mod ou the right bank of the M'euse. Belgian
communication. I)uriing the last rew daos
there has been a moderate artillery activity.
e boinbarded lthe eneuiy orgoanisatols in the
.- fTo .-1o- lixttue Loippe, us a re-
11 ,. s-s t 51,"- I ,-hilardulent of our trenches
aud trot line commuuicatiouts"

'aris, Decemnher 30th.
There wai- s intermittent cianounading at
several points on the front. The War l office
reports .--- Tile Germans lade rails ol salld
posts sousil of St. i-entiun i the region o
iacluloing an o ficer Three Gernian airplanes
wtre brouighthown by the fire of our spirited
Paris, Decernmber 20th.
The exceptional coi- which Iisa prevailed
ill Northero ansd Central France o ring the
pastten days has now extended to Soulbern
Prance. Snowo as b tssie its appearance at

phic co ml unication a dmanleiy plact -1sre


Rome, IDecember 29th.

at i nfa nr y fig h ti g on oa la rg e sca le .

The loss of Italian shipping during the past
week front suqu arintes were three steszles ofl
morethan1,600 tons, two sailig vessels [o
tiling vessel of less than Iio tons. sTwo
steathsrs'hweredamitaigedgro- torpedoes and were
run asliore, while one sailing vessel was damn-
aged, blt was towed into port.
Rome, lDtucrslur 290ob.
Thle text of the Italian official stiatemesnt
to-day readsl:---" Or the whole front ther- was
thie usual harrassing fireuas- yselritsre-ciprocal
Itutrol activity in the toirorina vall,u asil
Valoroso. Raids attempted against ,It-
rga ans iMorate Melango and the Asiago
Plateau were r cepulse si ai fewI prioo rs
captured. Out the ltiove-Vecchin some pri-
son rs awite ltakenu in a recono laiasner rsl
Yesterday evening enemy airmen, true to
their innate barbarian it pulses which wtsre
her 26tht it Trevizo, litboarded lhllilnte,
parts oh Trevizo, Monte leluno, Casti.lon
ano loadua, all olpn cities. Itn the centre of
A1t htet e hsefthe population is drspeqt and
the fin est ionunents are ni ere r i
were dropped, killing 13 personas ano swound-
h60, There sowere only si ax soldiers nilg the
tasitasal stie which for tthe nost part wer menu
Tnd chi dren. Notmonlsite rit riter' tla ger-.
In thi e other cities thore were no casualhiesthid
virtually io dtttuaage."


[hstoti t u,-leeliber 29h11.
Four Gietosuabl inrues were culpptrerd
renetly tusp - leAutsaieau di!Aroesrs,
according tai aS riieriess or-ulirn chor ro. hid
-hiq ho feihere trom a French port. The
Baiuau, it foruier-coston nu wspaper ins -5was
aohoutro a troopshipa t the P-rench port rpccsii-e y,
lie tRid, wheni tle destroserrs stesutLd in i with
their pries. The osubmiersibles% uere 1-,li
uindter tile stolrace ot tie oecanwit h their
corningslowers open p during'ste processsof
rechargitigtheir batteries ovhsi the imerican
ilestroyers spyept down upon thio sa lidtook
theini prisoners withtot it fight.t While the
transport was still at the French port, the sea-
nnna suit datGeermau- U-boat enterei'they hnr-
Tite enenty cretc rexplaitnt that they har lbeenr
lying is soait for the troosohip to thF--open
sea auitltat wht n theta y filled to irlnd her
and title 8tt 1splieoslti low tos e crewiaunytiuuir,
killed the conmuader aeid decided to-sur-

London, December 29th.
A Germawn nsubmarine was stiak by the fire of
the guns- of aip Arericaneo gIaeager steamer

~~~ __ ___

X.. I l I -;~....

I _ __ _

approaching the Englilh coast -on Thursdili..
Icoardfing to rportal of the pasuengcs anti
gunners aboard. The ship was proceeding
at full speed at alirut noon ii a sery nmootlh
sea. The weather cii'lLIOnS were such as It
make th t bet vlibti lty. A periscopefw ..
- -isilhtte.l ly the witch oun the bridge and Vtir
subm.arinle was seen plainly by the passengrr-
s It catnie to Ithe sunace at a distance ol abh:.ui
I.') yards, directly In the wake of the hbip
The ealmter was thrown about ibarplj ,and
the two guns were fired with only an inersl
of- tien seconds Ih ween The sircon.I shel
erpla-lrd andti d tis tfro t ,he A
eeu flying in ite air. Ali erardis no tr, e I
the sublint rine wais iiitile The cCs--.:..
siguallel Ir the steautr -''direct hLi

-'t.".\ I 'LA N it

.Sea, according to ai C~L trial N.eo a des2l:chi
Three frm itiWest Jutlab. The eppelin ire
ssihk tour-aeh ae:ng i-tr ck LI- toa- th e.
bRUtM- eANaiN KIN A-o h ICs.T t.
cNit s -t,, re t tcTh tror.- at ic-t r _'oi--
dii n101 -rcd o r 111cr -l-lll haL.-i, ,t iitlh s- .- us1
U... itigut'a fIr U -i i .lst i -u

ati r 1:enP 1nce ir e ..
WA ECiKErt1ZtFli't/LIN A'1

C.M.I.INi, tU' d)i: I--IUST DM'7FT.
A Znli priitaid a seaplo nesTi--ch was aii ui-
Sia, aicerdiug to a C'hItral Netas i tre ipt
fhr h Copenalge, quoting avlic-s re irriil
there frto aWest Jlutlan Thte uZppelin
staid Iwharo ofalr tlea itltrahes to the sea.
o h Petrogr.ld g ru -lis t -- ile iIh
There are persistent iiiiist sI n r slu iat n-i l

berrI ttnilasI 1ofd t nplt y oil the 2lwisa -r-
F rinandRll e a olin u wa dicatehgifirt


CAIINs 1 l IC L liltIT
With the caligy g i ifathe' irt u t
is 't troug liies rs rw r itas asr i ii
me n a sh t chve ni ito fe sister unt I r t l e
Milisry Serisi-i- Ac. Anlasosn 0 itu-ilI.
the reward of the apprehension and st

run er ff n" sll sr- k i itnut-UlleU iltc Sa
Bt- o Clas cao ted il,-n t t n ithe irs-t.' I
structions for dea -ing s th ieserterc I
abseintees witi uthoeit io leave have een issue i :
othe general police y e deteininedil.



...Ant l i.; t;ement hconc ,'r ....sts. r, -
a ilsib 15 lvritit ,t i-ii t s e s Ii it, I un- I
ufor twnev pou d theo lManilnh ii hiiou r
ron ]it snlr i r slts uere llhsvr\.ed -
trs f-stn tlie n aid w sl a-

ri-c dir, i bion...... scit',," .. ow l I eo I Its
nrd 1 i o'i-ock' iv ten n ist-s sial sil t- t
gunfire theli v iroppeadi t heir s on-i Is i ,t
high-l t ob ver 1er a s rW0 te t o Si.x.t i .
ato'l ii-eli-pouiuu 1ifsls iu I' s1 2116 iis

groups th operastirsa sriere observed I ts i

ter RIetotalli ng o peeeleven aching, only inver
Whitti reached Fthe i tiit POftur- hr D E
Inacine4. These did not a NSmpt to aRl.TS K

own one of our o omachnes, whihi s u-lair -,.
Ieseriding under control. Inadil Ation. n l,
"or h btr-eir iowariwouodnded rC u
ties o!tile operalionts, somuseofti e liso ir i
bornRhise Vollely wereitgronipl-ii ti-sovercile




Lodon, -ecelmber 29th
The Brjtll ti fov ies uler i eneri al All i l,
ioovirnier their victoriousmrhoci- b ]ei-satls
Turksr I Falestioe.Considerable frhrb prsg

htahbe uks hntlnurittn soaed n kor 'suai frjiet-

rI e ao p arti" l r yi rte s occ ptA s i o n t( luB rcht -:1
ntitwou teinus nt un-frot o thirenomtrci.i
stiysitiilunnet ti--c ulls

ale Tu iti i oa n ale t ol the Jrtih a,

i Atlit-la idiKu d, lassoni l-i is-t
sf oriler nmles Tohe tic uiale sfteinnt u
Theriayitshtroops onisrslidert e ti-icr-baclukn

.lb ut lic otmile e io n it fro nt o therl nti cui itir
To he o sreundits giveAstos thee bighlt m c a
Raenbao k til .te suenera, fouro sul tsfrmwat i-
Tshe Pnlonenisen ati so otheJeuatreitho lfs
Pt'oitrsuitiiwand difloulso tlstttwo rierlan

ire ed the stidlwens trotfteN r saitanosor on
thab altey orc eatli spite of the tIsth irsses

psisuit slosansuitficlrt. our rop

A Aieged Wounding.

I'esog Allen on Christin GuDay, at Hienry
SirenA The charge wons lid indictable-.
Sub-tnspector Fraser prosecrted at d M-r.

Buited s-os allairrd Ia ,40 with a o~arety.




Tit- following letter, dated October
3ith, boen received bvyafriend in t he
culonu from 2od Lieutenant Lindsav
Grhtta, a o-n of Mr. T. Geddes Grant ..
I 'p,:e y a ie he'a l that Lini Ji the
It F C u12. "0n Jotsv 21ti. GCrtUtan Buahe
asan I i heft air- -stasa I -piac -to"
a, 1 t-urb .ath ,Cor. bsherea .hada
hirev -Aio. f nairse at the Su:bse<, ofI Mittary
.ihi itlt.i-ed lecture uin rugg-ing
-aorn -,z st,-rk i the R f CIn ;.renerr I
,, .ws- ipr:l tl I%% rk :n le l ; the
,,, tont I, li,, t 'thro rgh ID -ojh l ltCe
i atr in n, anm -Ic-
r ~ \ i l ~ l N ,| ,, w p." r I. e,] ,Ca lm lc r a

mi. r cr
si-i as pu li ntsI 'sob e'-aohrein5r t

-r.1 1 r [L-,1 n -, ld,
go to A.exandria ai liteb t Cipriani, Bursl ent
and other H .W.I. officers and have dinner with.
I lt n. At Aboukir I gra. luated as a flying
, i -l -didi l l- i 'he necessary vtesi e 'tc.h ,e
p.y1,.I tilll ..,l [_ ll S. AAI1,, I c v ,,e -tn,
I a las t s ra-i etrh i Ca rs te

avo to leh~opollk o 1 m once More quite necar
,Ie L.,ital. Ill have linteu i, s hi ,co r e here
;-I a, it tli attig h 't .ii t.- ti m th is h,:r -I
,1I.-,,o .. ~.H uir.u i-- .lhleau sum lhn S l.t-au"
-,at u o~h -- ii ,!1 .l- iir [l l ltre- a'

go to Aranrit at I eet Cpriuwi, n sloehn

I ll besiltcd u ff to a service sqruidron, pro-
t lr ,tb ut i t as hr lYt Salooka or
Musupolanuita F ve 11w I two prutiv h&I craslys
soand orBne O.It Mflarsian and the other ont
Lhi- At Abhui I gra utwhiness a lyiverug
suhir ir t I n t fe inc mines issi sir. -s
ass no;w oun-rg1h a io-st oer gger a'y
]ai Abonkotions K traoni-ete there sorbe

Iher ctn 'lrtt niars all- he lnv courtse il roth
h is id Ae-nlri a, told Iusut- Ises h ptit rcos ti
In1 br plate. f I .se rvie un- horSid mroit pi-

:he aur.e i b ut hoV j staC itall -visited tal m l
Ths aro e orjus ai t t13nls on a sthe otb r sideo
S Ca Aro l, ab i t every nes- s to thins erk that

th arn- rather n tsappuintinent. However
:-I 1e -- t~wn Iefore I lcave IHeliopolis
sob sr o g orolib
1\ h,-lr, sight, ,.v 1130 n fbuss l- 1111.uin vis, its-i

,i titssiisillli{sli ,l heIIv t througl h t s
i \ l and u iii ,lhe s-1 i, stpan d l pitl a Ia
IN-elliU .hl4lulast NVO -'11VI j)tLprtt

1-emng really woridvrful structures. IHeliopondi
Sveri e'n tifulsp- n t fiv. iu ia oi lhtni pro-
R 11 rl i 11hl i -11 su i gh i ts hit

-" i A rn l', i g et toUla p r ill
he ir.atlh, t cuI y v rissited r -t n

S -i srt i-r its, tturasbtsis Isra
T il ar t jatuls lfo tus I V ils 00 tl e tle tor ti-e
w sTurks anigood ,e-king Therie has beenth

-Tr little tighliing here bince thet a1k Ct /i
i uttlusiihich-prov nso c i-sa trous for us. u
IhIas sprettr ot durain stu mer,)llotvuteno

1,qinn gto g t cohlil IIav hlws colle
i" l t e ni . t an dore I keIve h I
as "allowed ou ,1 oI r51 i-l sui hn aeitsv pilil,

I I"""Ilee %%earians Ih ussiiieu iksse s. tir
1-1int r-soh ii s o owh Over, n l footo s all hissilt
lull h isn inloa ntus I hi wua utsnt isis-si l thes

h.ilal-] aing. t Ihsrti fe suils n oh -llhe ists tutu
tltltni I sv-nduetcIll tha- Iate - ri b s
he in hreall uint-f li osirn turr I s ei- 9
II seyhettlu sa )t fiseu lih-- IC, -ro- the
lbI hntbi lr- iillii- -a 115515~i rshunts li\i-cll
i,' lus t usosoo,- iiAn ssi',-, i tushut ot'alrhussr'

llillt'- Laths n s lo i li-hot,il ltres has.,. -
Is, ilel Sg-hu-, ,iag houi one\ thert a si- Gaas"f
ii -' htt1 11uhi luhsrs 055 l ulusoiusto Wthu ('us l'
-' VII\ ti-a pt-ilt 1551 n~t ke.i-ist'ou whiihtr itr
has alssa,_lss g S guri ic-ad, iVhveueesurls
ou. ilari this ou 1,g hi rot. sst I hope s e -051s
slrh suihri-ssiR ,| cig. iThngseore hasodtern
si-s hute figso l hus r ei sio hu tutu Iutna Thus
I,.k i-u shi-hu proes lusi- chso.soil u oflalr is. it
bil-ist uu pre us~ enrn osui nlues out IO
sotHe~nln sis-e i-et uual hssasv Il~s s'i-os

ThisB\v i. hrt u i-,rn tain iii sl 1At six o'clock last night thie ealrethquake
::'v pil ve'l rlos-s r natchl s and lst four, ul whirl l destroyaedpart ol Guatemala City was
I Iink stirs llu tit tu1 e someth ing ihk the uCotinuirng. t struction of property- wsi ut
n1hw s e wh l us th ily an ins Clts- abated asi tu es wtous ter- ahoust shelter.
and C a ._t ,Id ece Forl: -iriners were re safe.
I- sll-lV n icksji t ; ']. nHl. .. it s- ills h s -itlae.
.... oc. .bssi hi-s soot A CITY In RUINS.

glne t, sliv t ol 1 i and u 125,001)1 PEOPLE IN STREETS.
tuil R F.C. ( elo kill.ui ,, as thk otucil arte NIM IBtER KII,LED B PFAlLING WALLS.
tlll it s ex Cipriani an s Cillrk have been Wash iton, Deerabor 30th

Shave ut recovered lrom their recent illness Guiate uala City capia of the Central
Tw others- ursn as I lacan, lavet put i in ruins n y a series of earthquakes beginning

apc ins forl t ihe nrn nh Csot r Ein m and go) ng t indn =
-M A .illsal b-lo k I ots Slh t e w lll he goiog o ra Chiristio as y and cu lmt inatig last night c
SaitS siwospik sfrtIi-isri s etbi-ha ,t-il h sloent ashocksi which courlktell t'te srrk _
a i roken harm, but le ibso quite al right again.h of destruction, A cablegram to the Navy
Sbrok i, bt hr is ti il right uga. Department to-day said 125,000 people werg
in the stteeta without shelter, and tha..a-
number were killed y-b hlling tales. Naval
vessrel in Cntr l American waters, ha vebeen
ordered to reiler all po-rsble assistance.
Following i the brief d espatchb, hibil

s R Se M r. others ... E everything u 01 o. a ...e ond
-ur sss or. escripto n as result of last night, ock.
F n l One hundred, l ,!s a twuty-fver tihoossat l people
.tii w c, To te e d ar-s Iii the streets, arts o the r country very
is 1 Oilss as-l vinid slent Ilt o re ceedre badly.
I 'ule D l, t ,, diner. Obe i abQutlt ouit iltled iyc htersay abiy a ng-
I d-airr thr n b thr m hsi n of our p aper a The shocks probably ocurrej between

Yi, li ,lk ill thl n-, i ,I sor o i.- ,, ,I ;7and 7c lock lal t night. Violent quakes
u; ls, i,.-t- I iI i s I o T ..u '1 1 .," wererecordedi at that li ttiti tieseis irlograph "
t liu sl it I I I.. I I ..It i th (ltrg, i Ul ii--1 r1 :', it-.r ,
b rt t I e utas-a Iti ni ll l sill thei a it. B hi+ alane swas sutisin sit 'f i ,.-
~liho sd iv-I5 l1iotnl hosu ho e tpe hfrom Washlngton. Earthluoakes -'to -eI,ten
-,sutuh g to'l- rss, u rs gallani hbt hla i-sw tiuch prvis sualentiu n Gtnte uialas ince the day water
-. ,r,-hlh-w 1hi1tsh, h re itsdom., I ri d r,- Chriiiast wIen -ishocks twere general through-
iut io t aI s-g. hrou ig h ; oins f u il, out ti r st- l ic. \ith each retrni nteslok
oi ,lr s i..ll isut k aI .. .i s iU 1 io.I. i ., u Zrooat,
,, in r1-a nai o :n., epv-rtl-J _
lii E l~srilsosen Scy 11,11 Ctulisehlir l ii Irom I ih it,:1 i [' hail t ',en
l J. SI. Mct 'sans ....t, h i ,,-'lslsn- 't t- ,pire .ii-ti ni clir
A. II Cipriani .s . ul t I I h u l .l. ii huh i- o I u in-
,RIheiroi i st.... 00 1' 1., ri ir fli hn o- the- -ooutil

s \. le at ... ... ... 20r I h .. .lo. ld Ifl l ll ludi of
lr- W .S Kal v ..'(I
AI .11 b -ligh. 5 It) k501IN 1' CL
r. (" A ItoniuS0i .. n
or. F.II.-,m: n ... ...Ikdys p U CR 0ICP 7
34 Its. ( i' it-., -J Oi- D ,' s ,
..., ,'10 0,experucnaing the .-his.- i to.
wsl .to get agift fornocI us ,,- Thb'ibrn.tu-ameterregiuste hs flu -'
Ftipecially musta I tenian the kindli-ss tof t St.o es em 0
,h s M a rjo rie D a rw e n t, w h o n a d e a u d h a nd N e w B r u n s w ic k W ll.St. ." h a N .A D ece n i er i ". -
painted ff ollod boxessdaintyt andu prettyswhich Y I-.,t1 td wai, ,he-ru, O , fr'
ser filled with cig rittes, anti nhich could dasY.- in u'itrruiaaatrsi-nsr. r-
hr kept a souvenir of Trinidad by the oslenr n iu ar t or ting ha"eal G aset non th i"-s-
Mr. Wv-io.i and ,t;u,.es Brothers, forthe u cr ,.'M at Ill, k "th e. r silent.,toe
gift oh 20 lbs. ofhe a in .Iag& co"tie -e3 o : sof ,
also I -ok Mr, John Mcrthy, 5r; John ..
sttliti Mrs. Rapsey rles E B .Hutthinson, .. -- -
Mi. Al'rt Stollooyer 'tr.e De, Piel tl C iNttf. .'o', .
FP rnas. Ira 1r. John Steplhens, for tia loan of 1 N .
their raers, which tookhthe tuen for a drive, T A TRR LIE i 'OFf P PRE .IIt R. :
Li"t- Ji s I Vtces and othersnnda ih.sgave in-. i ... ,L'a., us, tiustnter 19th.
,aluah u heip at thedin boc v .... all I oan,- I[li e rSitshetee boa ss. .s I ,-dl tud .C it. .

or advertisi.....e. tt I have asked you io put in. -I.'n...'d"o ei n .ta. .. ,,t the "re tesh m -
Yo ursfaithfu.llyr- 91"rs theeldon is near . deL
S ,erY ftuseuso theaait5 hitlq e t ,k-.


H.. alifaxN.S., Decembe tl..'
That there will be a comprehensive a
exbanstive enquiry into all the-circumsta --
of the disaster of December 6th was the assau
ace given by the Hon. C. C. Bi llat.wie,
Mimasterof Marine andFisberies, last night.l'r,
lallant)>e hai been giving the whole question'
hbi personal attention andi heannounced tat
stpi. hael already beeken takn to prblide eve --
p-lJIle .sfeguard to the public. When the
enquir re rsumted beft;e eMr. Justice Drysdale.'
ear facility oillbealfortJel for asarchingand.
exbaniitite tiv..-atliora ot ll ath laets In'"
the fir.:l plat.'- the Miilter-itatdt-la't--Fh7--
-not.r-there i-n crinism that thea ope of ihe -
enr.-i;r Itnilul. There ii n'.,dilpoition. he
Sli.j. to liall ille inquiryy in slIt ,el. On the
Cotranr itt %. Iti lleeite t1 hse the enquiry
a- oinprehbea-,e .co'euplt-te an,! exhau-tive as
the clrcUal t -crJ-ou,.muueld and] certainly the
eu-out.ii--n ,lt';,l ti-st the tinveti-
Rgaion i',-lJ b, direcLed \. i rinas, out .l the
aiiLa. 1 bII MIuiter poinutel oit thit Section
;l Il iLi.. Cn-It Shipl;f;ag -i, amnendelde by

tl,: -r-s r r.IlI b-ta nd-Ich gave the
C..irt i.fil l p i.,er' Ii. g Muia. r h .M ]ion s-
ter i-let LIMac Ielie public ar te a raed lbhit7-
,, -r. llt -I th ,nquay. -.3. art,,il bh gsn,.
ul...ruu ill-to tl.ta, to i-,ar
I f ,1.r: | el ,I no r- p--tav-n.a :-1 A'uch i--
aster so far as it is humanly possible to do so.

Htalifax, Decernulir 45h.
The members of the Council of the Board of
Trade alnd the Dominion Cabinet Ministers who
are viiting IHalifax held a cosnlrence yester-
dy afternoon regarding inaters in connection
wihi thLis port, l o. C. C. It.Illanloyne, Minis-
ter of Marine and Fisheries, -statle thit an im-
portalnt announceienst would soon oe made re-
garding incre.-sed facilities here for the dock-
ing of larger steamers. tie also stated :hat the
,', n, 4., .i .. .,i : '; I .. 41. l u-n
Ilit ax watis ri temporary. ],s. S C.New-
barn sil.l ed that the I;exrpoent i poiihistep s
acre:si l mditary tacili ies sit rthf.i a ssoa ito
provide unoreacconiin tLition for th ttrapso. Tue
Wellington liarrncks- wii e also repair-d andA-
ulargdI. As soon as Pier No.2 is repaired,
hips with returned soldiers will be brought to

-1.iI -iscomear bhere again for examina-
1n. ihe forenoon was sp-nt in loing over
the devaisLate disLriCtSo vanltabough, from the
newspaper stories, Federal Ministers andtheir
associates hadl been ledtoo expect to 'witness at
scene of desolation, their expectations were
exccet- sand all expressed surprise at the ex-
it o the disaster ando ie awsuloness of the
leffectoloth- great explosion.

Trinidad's Aid.

t'Nill.ER i.l -'AUSfPICE.S Oii THE TRINI-
-'. .. .. .. ... ,4 15 41
1\ Liewils luniss .ll3 ,
1,. Ifuggtus & Co. 12tl li
$3,571) It

C onoiercial Agent for Govt. of auadr,
31 1 17.

General News Telegrams.

Washlington, Decemrber 28th.

t "



.' - T Officil. On M a- Thria

OopentilanffeAnthesiv eira
Enemy'- _ressing iokitTbt eC
Sand the let cAr of
DE two miles on a ae .
O N. occupied Fairiman, K
Offensive.. --melbuc.


Official. A British d'
_~N i ---Es -'-on Wednesday and as a
or40 men lost their lives

[Other war tele



A large of slcuk of
K ing etrgotd at J4.s25 pert

!' C Ca- y .porIuniLtte trut.I Lin.
.. . Ikest] india and Panama Te/r-raph Lr-npany Cablk. is e t- Lrket
rswhriieela rate to $I1 7j
London, March-31nt. tain villager. The fighting further south hai quality.
i O The Kirg viitei the front on Thursday. been le stent.-en Grievenei was the object- SuU,L
On Saturday he returned to Buckingbamr ice of powerful enemy attack- sshich were Sugair oti hI.l. a, uIt
renewed l cessantly and led to hind to hand year, it far 1n e.ce.' CA.
-(______ - _London, March 31t3. fighting. The town renmi-no in our poaies-i-cn crystal or No 2, which
SOicial. NorthtiifJiiSoofnTthe- enemrr -aud-we- inilie, 3i-n-iderarle-loe -- on -the -it rn-lisiug fi li--r ix
hat nol anempteI to1 renew attacks to day. Germani. Bletieen Mont Diiler ond Laitgny CO
There bas been same hoavy hostule shelling, therein nothing of importance to report. Largea'tc of ibi; c,
S however along diTerent pirto of the front. the price is n-:rI '.i, p.
A-few pronet and -- ome machine-gun have ENEMY'S-ENIRMOiUS LOSSES.-- ---
1 been tecurd by 1h in local ngLtinE. To he Na Sc--io c.:o, l
-,- south of the Somme. some hostile attacks 1 t|mDiE], O .1 l.,,:,ng
- developed tn considerable strength from about- A\m.terdam, March 316t. ftouJilan large n. ,.rol
midday, south of the main road between Train oft German taou.ied are coanttuali quclt going t
Peronneand Amiens. _Fightlinug continues 1no pacing the lfronier, and it b1t been i-Ln I a gnt
the valley of HieLuce-ndr thence to the valley necessary to supplement h.n pral-car- uete ..e L
-. oLhtheAitrte, "here -the pasesson of tctc.t tght cars,te neIn Shzptrhene ar, r.t,rL
featured such at woods and rillager i hetng thave ig. Al tavilale ba.irfiec ;. -w, ie, Aolricar Sthairi .et
t. Gertmanu are being con erteid nle hoepttl tl aaioel e.
i test London, March 311.t accrumodate the uuuded. whoe ntunoiers areb.e.
Official. Nonh .of the Somme, ihe day was there ties greater ihur s- anti.cipried. French butilter ii pie
:- quiet. Immediately oath of the Scarpe, our In ome places public creri are ori-trmitl the pr,-e at ,th it
ln" e wos advanced to the cost o Feubche zens a to bing bed to bh. Tow Hall to L.e ing e i
IF (Rot. of Arri"). The enemy tote. in hib used in the service ot the Fathli-rlau-. e
-fritless attacks on the British line, have bh l
:r! exceedingly heavy, according to official infr:- AMERICAN TROOPS PEGER FOR ACTIrN
ut' iaton which we bate obtained. South of the .
S Some yesterday. alter Fccesrful counter F .shing. M.,r.-. Fire at Rich
4 attackit, we regained p s.'esion of the vill.eige The Secretary of War M k-Ther,
,.i of Deinuin Inbrilliat operations 5eaterdy, thnt necotrding to et ie rachiug the -c..gicy Giarn
3iCandian cavalry ator Britrih inflntr' in con- ie r f ence Pershns men tr.e their
paciftiD r a ,tlu r en tr pn on men, from France, _ersinir me.n t. re .
jnucrion with French troop recoptured hats in the nir Irk- chool bt- ,,1i,,p.d ,
i Moreul ad the wo I, north lhereof Thia each olier on the b ,ck--. h-n !heb lc;rn..i MOTOR CAR B \
a ernoon n heavy Germau luttck developed 1n that peri i ol o r 'Jivily p o,, uoW I., Lb -
the angle formed by the Luce nnd Avre ani zuperUe.lte- b), prot.parta of re, I -,ht. TWO 51) N bt .
fi gring In this ditr ct coutlnuer. South of -
Mmruil, she Cemnon teonttr.ckhin in the L PARIS AGAIN BOlIIlARDED Ti Oechri r
direction of Rameal. This morning the i-- o c ,hih 1t hr` Lu.i,
French made some progress between* point re b.nul 9 blt .hn Re
S jail south of Mont Di-ier aud Laitigny. an .- ir t 3t i the ptri.
rtook several villages cecterdav. Par Luoi ,ra r Germhi u lC e .-on b, re 4,ih
Loondon, April 1tA. ronge artlrlero thus mtornni nod 03a a re''l. ..-. i -uric .-. i1 i.
OiEqioil.-. Th.enenty uttacked our p- eoilion t efa, mor ebini ... co..... w-onter o 1 Ahe
-1 on the western outskirts of Aibert tWice reiter- were hl n1 WDCOI i cs ta roetowest h.ant
d reay evening rnd was each tim-a rep-irled. oIE.n cul-lien, 'onn1el0 bese hLi ar repleil,-
J Soub of the S-onae the ene-my 1t per-t.Iug cir r.--
in his attempt ton-adtance al,3n tie lle o THE HIGH COMMAND. Iro, bter-eu t'I't
the Riv-ers Luce aun- Avre, but has nitie httle ot thle time, re lBhre
' ptogn'e-s. \w' e roude crantLe ock3e ehIn uO GE R.U. --r holJing thv lunne
scLIomthruoghatich. yeehfd,y n even with N iENr. nearhi e ,
eigOCetS APPOIN Flt ENTet ch !the itoh
" -inn success. The fighting t expected ,0 the fosnel iseriarlo ed
C..,ieiner. In a loch- ooeration in this neu h- .. U If _

bourhood it was reported ye-terila thalwe_
S had calpttured-SL90.maehine guim.

SParis, March 31 it.
Official. The Getmani exbRusted by their
S sanguinary check ye.terdar mrnde violent local
d. a libcks to-day at only certain points. North
S---of Moreuil he uvide no u-cess except in the
: -' region ol Bangard en Santerre, where afler
A stubborn fighmne, he hnecceded in gaiiing a
footing in tbtt village. Between Moreuil and
J Laiign y our troops recaptured Ayencourl and
Menhat last evening. One hundred pneoners
i and14 meintine gunui-were taien -On S Alay
in the course of spirited engage u'nte we Iade
ha table advance in ta- region of Arvlleo i. On
u the Ole front, enemy detachments, c'nanisting
ol detachments c.1 storming troop- ciot-ing the
rf ernear Chaunily attempted to e-tablish then-
n. sfele at the bridgehead on Ihe left bank Our
violtent conuter acacks completely annihilated
.4this batalnon. T-hoe not killed were made
-presomnera and tbe unwoundeil pridtneys-iaken
exceeded t00. Our long range guns caught
un ler [their fire and de'itcred an enemy train
of henry artillery, lesoc r-- tern-laeatre.-
On Friday quiet reigned along the whole front,
snow and log handicapping operations.
-n, l Tetg Paris, March 31st
Offici. The struggle wan conlihued with
S undiminlohed violence during the night. As
1 the result ofl an empbihlic check adln nitereil
to a foimrulible German effort on Salturlay to
lire k through between Moot m ilIer s oi
S l Moureuil wfihn- 'rench infaitry- fire -tmoedt-
down thle Germian batltollnh which contlnualln
renewed tlocir saolt il nhunt piqlng,.
Molretll which woe captiurerl Iwl te German
and retaBken by the French, then
agisn takenuby..4.e Gernmana was finally
cIpLurrd aR tisu t lhllL of slie bWhiorat
by the Freuch trnop" en n hatre wiOlh Ietm. -
pmntale bravery. I 'Irr h anvd Iltithll troops
minrled together in the guine rankn. The
W Koia frth ul Mori[ll ere al'!, captured, na
tlnr relinlt of valaint fighting. I. llhr" reginn
we took liiny pinsaorr. between MoreiullAndl
LtnitiltTuyle Oerirmaclieck wn condplete. We
mide ptlmonersak or nlthe viieitiy of Canny-
withr-ntrle. A vig resul picked troops which
I rectalrtd Ple menti hell it again all attacks
nden tookl 70 pro l ioers. Alone Ihe remainder
ol I lieopt tlete lihai brm n iloternltent carn-
Mnalling. The Gernimans madeture raids on
the rxlit bink nf the Meilloe (Verdnn front)
wihhut anchiLevlng any eiiLt.
PaTril, March 3i1l.
llHofinclually announcetl that Bugnrlan ed
Autrlia tnroop nmae arl lpillrnK wl thbeGer-
Ienant in heir oel flelr along the Franco-
willpth trontl o
oPrls. April lat.
011clal. ThiroughouLycaterday anti l-tnight
a great battle continued with litreme violence
narth of aoite Didler. The enety directed his
efforts In artlclmr Kalong thn front between
Mloat pidler and tbe Perrone-Amltni rrtied.'
.llethrew Important forest.Into these atlacks
--hhtlhnle dgcl object of eaeirBiaR hi gains
Wihda 'h c broke up ble malting wa .
wklbhefsuiaebl todab ach. In la Itllant
,omle mtaclak In cwhiclh ona Allie save further
rFu di 9t1idb valou. we weinrnbled no'lnrew
.tl es

_Struggle Only in its Opening Stages.

The Premiter announced on Sa.rr.arh .the
appomntment ol General Fo.-h pe.
Commander of the Alied cArme- ,n Ihe owe n
ern front. Mr. 1t.p;t Georic --,1 i that the
firt days orher the Germain launchh. their
tack which n respect to corincentratien -of
troops and guns wr unparallitei. rere cex.
tremel, critucal, but thrnk to the in.r.mntable
bravery of our Iroops rand tho-e of our iithbful
allies the situation had improved. Tue trugig-
gle he said. however, wai only in its opening
stages nod he could m rake no prediction in
Tegard to the future. The enemy had- an
incilcnlabrefiranlare, he saeI., in their ability
to ght a oneo ormy. In order to meet thic.
General Foch hbar been charged by the Brii-h,
French i uf American Goverumenrt Io coori. l
nate the ata;na of the Allied atrmiei wih the
cooperation of the ritinh oan. French Com-
maudern. In a-hlitio int this neecn, n.
order to ngt nthe timmedinte need of the
moment, il lbe necesary to bring iniooper -
tio ceertainmeaoure tltogcontemplated. phould-
suc Einruallo adria. tliiclear thot ihatnirver
-happens-in thirbattle the country must be pre-
petedlor further sv-tificei to ensure the 6in.1
victory. It a1Bl3 o certain.lihait the nation will
not sErink from the rerific et required In order
to secure the result and the necessary plant re
beldigc.lrefully prepared and will bteannnounceL
in parliament 0-

London. April \IR.
There ie unnTimon approval ol the nppnint.
ineut oGeneral Pnc h a suneraliintmo ol e
Allied Forcer-Iln Prance in nie aewsoapers
including th- seo who were earlier- Jdndetl in
Their oppa,-iion of suehb proposain. Columns
are deioled to details of Geniedl FPoch'a career.



83 Enemy Alachines Dealroye&l

London. March 31st
Official. The British Flying Corps since Its
arrival in talyh ba deautoyed ill enemy
iachlnen with a too of 10 Brildah nancines.
The troupe holding the Montalle section nine
Ihe middle of March ei lie recently taken oer
a new sector on Ihe Aslngo Plateau.



Petricrad, Marclh 31stl.
The Germane begin an oftenslve ini the liec-
tio of Kork 300 mSteed south oa Moscow yes-
teray. Gfermn adveaned gords are reported
to hare been sren 12 milet distant from the
town. The tUlinlann Overanmernt have pro-
bhbed the use of e 1 ta Rnian langainge wibhiu
the bonndaneanoti that couatt.r.,

been ignitea bync .-,fith
pracIIcall ithe hAeit' ,

cmeall hija; c...a nit ,e It
tunie plight hoe,--,.e
IrM rep ldIt r h- en-Ilc, -I
the, rpu Lh .
tainee awaya. aer o
Olel-deot -cnrUr.d ia, .I an ie, and -i
quarter aund but for the,
pluck of Sn dli, t ii hi
bull.ling would, -o a
pushing the carr nw3yo.
on the eroauni niT-fir e,
etinguish-.-d the IL'me
bi.llv burnt, e;peciall)
while the Fire tBngade
inicaleut by telepione
Sub Intreetor G lnitr
andla deachmeat ar,"n
turned the ho-e on the
rood-.ork sa., hnrut c
the wirres sere damatrg
mained intm.-t. The ai
mated to) ut -W-25. 2.-1T
Both Mr. Ilectnocurt an
Irer thienr inurie3a-t Stih

Concert at t


A Concert with a sic
giamiune waa given yesc
Itouse of Refuge by
nAisled l y1 several c
Lasialle. One or twoa
ably through a lew sucr
VLcenrif, as ohl LIuvour
royarmly greeted. Mlc
alMo couIribiteLfI eujo)
graummre. Mr. ilMirry L
Judy Sbown caused green
much apprecLiled, inc
comic songs appealed
and e-ouug, bliudand ill
eorwarda in lure to na s
cInvulsedt itll langhiter
woo9 recalledI nut It
ounilenco theat firm illy all
Several iterns had to
grammen owing to ithe
pertormeln, but Mlltno.
filled In mnny of the gi
was an unqualified snien

oron. Mtlaeie Sat.

oar Lre wi advanced
at. of se man mles.-We
immsellkva and Khum-


London, March 31st.
destroyer struck a wine

rams will be found


B.LerAr, hich it now
bit,. it on hnnd, but
te. This qtalltr is

g ar-rit. ,l us twloioa t
'a brar, b t IL3 spIte st
i et eab). Tihe
t, c tcoitlrng to

u.1 ritL tN time of the
I U deerrani. Fellow
i the rac,5ti ud Id icaily.

cretl re on han-l on1l, an.! the srmat
;-: Jat f6lti.3 6l Net-
A."mnable, on.n] aI mllet
o 1.-16. Pollrock wi cold
tclci.h ,ir the nu-or
-pr to r he rket i

ntl j.11-i p,yrt iroku i

mond Street


t care tihre prlprct
t'ri .w "s.,it th,'- 'c-rue,

*ti,:t anti ,il,-.i D,,ubhli"
:tre p : h .e r tl,- Inr

I be, an. ,are iit

I s %tile [t e "Sri.,Ih
olurtng nlEt 5ng litie h,
e l h it Eouglas ,
ani in p lling t ut.

Leie cir t nlieved 1leiae.
ur ...: I t, Me Mr
hied I-Ott ttt tele'. got
* --i tll .i rn, t e n i-

rT. ,ittih -rc:.-rn notable e
ie c.. r e ,aei e-le-tmri
ih: car iuj ,Ih-.
1he s.,, h r-here tit'
lie cir,tal -rC e- .,g
lre. -nce of mfin an-i
ghibs prt.Atle that third
ha,! rahen fire Ailer
Dougla Ithrew hintself
oiling aoult in tihe duit
on hitimell Be sl
t on the face. Oleu-
led apiprited u rine
and Major de Pair ind
,ot with the tFord car
se on there eene and
, Caa.ri1u cr nil the
ompletel stand rome of
1, but the engine re.
tarit. hab been e-tr-
he c-r was not inure-i.
d Liteouglsi were treatert
e hoiplital, but not de-

the House of


i-rt -nmr enljorable pro-
terns nuternoon at tire
NMrs. Gorio Rluin h
other latdiet n iDr.-
Chitlren went aduilr.
Rin In character. Mi16
ri- of trie hIuirittcls at,
tnile Itens Ito tire pr'
Laughlin's Pouch an'd
Ft sniosuenirnttnIu-wai
id Mr. Phlt itaili-on's
to one and-I all. Old
Shocked backward and
Is Rags' and ,
r. Again antd .g-irhe
wai a very regretlnt
slowed bliutn rettee.
be left out 'f the pro-
non appearance of Ihc
r.p, and the airernoun

For the Best Results


Trinidad Guardian. -
C I. --. .

NE8.A., ._.".. c 1.

Ik-.fll il AhhtU- AnIMOfAUIt :-

Srnu yiuumllL 1i01. oCbI


.OL_- ..M y APS, .PALS SU.

p-ha inCo r. hi t he firs ca-ne jo- c

tion nppid fdr ba hot-n a o dd llowd hoi t
su spnd f w o uer,-sand o men
-The Privy Council ]udgi-d ts--liave-

been ireei ved in the appeal caes o

ent Coi.. Ltd. and, the Trinidad Lake
Asphalt Co. In the first case the injunc-

tion applied for has been allowed, but
suspended for two years, and compen-

sations Sawarded in the meantime. hIn

rights in vour of the appellants with
liberty to-.apply for injunctlion after two
ye-irs in the event of damage. The
Board of Commiis;oner-i before whom
the Appeals were heard consisted of

ner and .Lord Wrenbury. Mr. 0.
Laurence. K.C., with Mr. W. Bowstead
appeared for fhe appellants, and Mr.
Dourg lapHaig, .C. appeared in place
of Sir John Simon, wnho had undertaken

Ilo the local Courtr Ihe legal appear
anr:es sere ; tb-' .lao Mr.. L.A. \'arin
Loni K.C. and Mr. L A P. O'Reill
inriruled by NMr C. L. Davie for the
Stullmever. Iand or- and the late Mr
Edgar Agostmli K C Hon H. A., K.C. and Mr. \M. Bliche.Wil
:.on. K.C., int-truclel by Mr. P. de IP
Bast.-Ie, 1or thie Petroleum DiO elopment
_Cnho.i tiy o- Ithu e T'Id Likt PcIro-
leuin Co., Ltd. ad ur. Me r. E. Sci.-'rl.
Pcollar-J K C tadi Mr fe 'RRillv a'-pp,:.,ri-l
for thr n- appellc:int- t b-it In ,.e ,.- et an .-
rtI tr'iEl rO the ItyT Ci" ouncil Air
rp n,- rJ .aTe t uI ii h g te ni r
Sfollnieyer &. others v. The Trinidad
Lake PetroTeu"tCo., Ltd & others.

nlI..' ,h lo numl-r. .l st.e t lieOf .a.- rt -ar..
,t,,11 hl :cr -.i r -i-l i t. i. Tri r i

oi llthe l Gre al ni oarn.l T he i, h
a rttle bhi r lp the t-alnr rl e se in 1 re
leI ani high n- i, se- oe c n, fie raT l 1 inci1I

p e r iL .lt ol Itn heo m tl ts ch .r iitn. r, i .L
It, Tot i r. I,, n, l-r itI,, e lIhe i
Io n, I h i I a ii i i : ..

S hoces altohelr.- T .c t ir pl, hc.I L

tn- a, r t ," I .F--'-1 I,,r

;hen .n l a chi ,n .( iou l p,-l, > .- ip l:
ln e t I at uit en -i e ,o etlr i u

bU liv o, orJ er I s- c.-. i.ri. ) ire Iir.r t3
:li ..: ,rt it- 1

iF-.e r iiye rif ri n I e sil e. 'nl r
ro t I In tl- I. ni loe i l 1i
h- inc h irei Tn e L e' i ,n co t rol n -i.-r s-

rtl n c-i.t t a ier a. I n ritL int' iI-~

iSnras -i ntr, arilt iare.c hece ina t u En--,i l
In.hl t. anl-G c l-I i-Ic trio1.1-- 00- tieg

rtertiria n--i the -trace ouo it r n i e al i np -
the tide h, i-r.. '1lea I aPi., u ,-H- I an o.I eul 0at
Ihe aLetr alric-r.eI h p aL orI the i r aoe.
tO tin tIn dI. p t, 1 1eat the ne s 1in- t Cintrot.

cT- -ll iu at e ,thvor rn-ru i anr d other "VOie
tig rite iro an t la cer nore.nd o. natural
ai'er es n. F no lli. r'' sllan r mienIy. (a) le
oa tte Irtlehl, .r op te Eua ion it se, oir s let

Iso dite on iheiN oa praInour In tie o rtib
tper o thI t th e m ln o ctil ien R -I -it .'wr in

s ony f,: t he io f e ir n n.i', ,,,,,e a r :,e l
tneris n rin il ba nrator ilow c r e e terieurwil
the Toi -ago tain e. tinllt 1he o.,I
-,eionn, hch lab tabootein2abuo oja tici tene.
frasillo cor auiy and wi thr olehce to a,,ot
8h 'inches altogether. The pr-tele pttr ciitO
runo rfprdlT ara. itel rn-eun the ,eot.i oheAh
nI eli-alOed :'- the wcrieb .boni othet cc"e tatalo
oyxi not ec a u nIroti eshiaos iDurnog the
dr-, co-cn-uof ,hlat it L fn- r I the -irar sip re r
alien e d-i allornneber theyr a ndtermdea-
ien T- h aicht- i e -O f Ilaler-I o, h laFn d-l),- .
teor IVn rh-cioh t n Te'i r o ur1 ,. lo ra wi a
Agista plntiful and still riore ,- ionform
tupple oel waler I scores e:ot ii,-finnred Itro tre-
hdjined. oui,,rulng itbeee petro cIlid It
wan neaesainr for the respoendeuta to inea
th ea reser tolrea. They nmo eas ily countrmc
wIhy damming the i,3ttoar tinnolteeAt,
Sporan where ndiutu au control a c .-ofsder-
,.bte rnichbuiet area. In thi, reult the Itwe
rinerot e rsrr cdrphle .I U lr f aleu S e-,, ,.
0ty) aU-i ,ian BO gwaelna cresupecLtrly One
of them Imnp ouodv i the winter hem 31 acre
out oif 1i.;60 tcri, bth entire area of the basin.
Wlhenrute reaervalra are full the surplus water
et.apes hy a eplwaia prothIed for the pirpoe
on the mop of each dnem, %hlcht can be repullatel
aq desired. The restxiodentc, or their sub-
silaupeuompaIe, nowie work uumeroussnlnwelis
l.~llat within tao 3Ceit-irIx'nmxrn and in other
areas, aisttled sea eiLtAuCe and unaturoly
walerfees. For thew!c purpores they (a) pump
water aay froam the tVesflgny basin to tine
other propertier ; bM ause water from rerervoltrs
tor the purpose of operatfous on the ryarlpan
Ptropceriesowithin the basin, aud Ic) return n
p-trtlon f ithis, lat.mestnonel water rntn the
Veusfgny River,mnmpregrnated whboil oin the
result of its uos. It is ni these things that the
upplrellants complained in thin action, alleging
that as tower ripan-ian proprietorn their rights
in the 'water ol the Vein.gny River were tn-
jurmouslyifflecled by the ticrolo the respan
dSenle, in drumming the waotercourse and h.-
teeferiug with the natural flow of the oater,
inabstierting water for purposes and pro-
peities not within their rights as upper rlparetn
proprieiorn, and by poluthMli the water

,I nc- lacl).1. >' x'l- : -


, L '

-.. ,
.r .. eni- ,,.,
,., :, 1

~ T-~e~c- ~-~---~s~ Ir~ll14rrrarca~gB~13laBg~e~l$lL~

~15-L~ -

-led byMA l d y, wifthont anylnietm- e hat that t
ofsaltenthp ofathe, its nt ase bowla mate of sBle. ir t nadt 1 t
S earth l id A .be a i and a rier ntie- d l
coels utaaot rdai wtastntg, a tProf the ibeneft -fromin ren. ; tuff
year dam not be a river *Mtre pIrPom.
came at ilmesnI 't Vw t lo.beconme dry. .nggeuaios -on thie sijqct, l
ow.l-f"tests *1ds. d,.det the. tho, n..i agerti" hav e .^".:,
qneallsne ad rotrwaropW Ja raomil&hatithe any rate point Ion r ide ina onItn.'he
ate In Itd lf Ithe object dof r priant Ia I, en impoble tt the happellnru might se aMid-
have ben. applledl rionrefl ty e te wereher find relief from the natural direandlt._. u he k
to the pan tieml featlre of the wr e the. nraish -water, h adj d. -
ghUyto be interfered with, anid their laord- Io view of these nmoi attions, r i- '" ',
ahfp accept l hips thinkthik that it is Imponibk tobol tha-
The learned trialndge, C thief Jtici i uen what the respondents admittedly io Ilaio '
Smith, finds: (1) Ido not think the rights no sensible diminution la that enjaysoent of
of the plaintiff have In any material way been the streim, to which the poaseanoan o(l ert.
affected by the defendants' works. He alwayr- -me-etaitlen-the--appellanta -- fud then ---
has the sameamount ol water. Theremay or they develop their property. There can be
way not be a slight difference oa to the amount no doubt that if the respondents haeeaused no -
of salt In the water, but not in such a material anch s n-ible diminution and those Tiolatied the '
way as In my plnl i fl o -n tt annot
idIuction." (2) Most of the oilf i their wrong by showing how disproportionately
way to thewatercourne from a gusher whichit is Jhe Itos which they will uaffrr by bhetd f -
Is impossible to control; a certain amount reAraine to any loss which the appellants' .-
comes from the rain washing the ground by hire suffered or are likely tr3 s.flfer by
the well and from droppiogi fron' oil pipes, their "rongful acts, or by deell.Ig on la
It Is admitted that the delen.lanu carry ou general Importance ul the enterprisnes, thdl .',
their ludutry in the most approved uannser, i they cannot obtain a supply oi wate, r -
and I b-elieve that a suall amouut of -oil tuio mou t promptly ano_.end. Ti"ne coaL -. _
find its way front the w,-orks by drainage bta the -idrati-on may be relevant to the form of the
watercourse, but it is not owing to any negll.- reme.It. especitily l3"-the time and opporta-
gence ol the elvndants that it does so." Of ntleie which should be gcvea them for tlunling
Lthe alleged pollution ol the water, Which ire ne a.-im ay out of their difficulty, hit they
tlrrned to the etascami after being abstracted cannot operate to deprive the appwitnlntsof
and u-.:ed on the deilendauils' ripartan premites. their right to nave their wrong tedc ,ssed, if
he says nothing. In the course ofl the pro.- rung b ha brn done them.
cesdir g ehe h.dJ tie c ied nd, vlewlei the t I. Into the 'iairilr case nfl Mcartney v tLon-
III ',,. di.n-lcrr and Lough Sailly Ratilay 11904
SITnre law rrel .1g to trhe t;glls sol ripye n \ i '6). ll the llouI e of Lordsi mare a I
prnitor,re.a" rt .i M -ocuig en in '.juuc ,lrdc i[ t]a waich Iheir Lordhipi prio -.e
nal o.' case iti : A C., at p. oueii, r iswei b.-e f-alcIw The Jed lataiaio will be that the
settledd A. riparian ljr is entitled to rc--i ni-tnis are niot enitllei to usethe water
have thEc water of the sr lr- ,In. a the t hanu o o ii te- Ae essigac or its trioutones or the- e
enir:b h proycrtr 1i 0 it daJo a, it ri natjrP-ae ol cupplust; it or selling it to under-
tn iC l i.nil- i. ].-. A a to t his prper t) irlt oirri:d on upon her riparian .'
L.r.- ar l it. the ur.' inr .Ii --I ii iti0 1 .-er c rrln ar tilonis 'o n-oir a c for
i-llr r b ni upper.r. ipr-l.i.r.,r' i .l in r, birirlh-t rI. -- I t-ti of t til its. trteing.- atinleel
u ne ifh t,e on tirilro ian o ipi O Witt i n uintro.I sll thee o Aill ivl too. t 1otiiwithe
tUet~ pr.Ieri one. .I ere hI.I aob- te-art t.r. 0ehe 1 i.e t e il- pA to cartoh
th rntiaii lr''r, ll rit r..r te en i ai d r1 i c|rL ae1 i o a- tir
l 0 e,. l. I he ri fr i.i n irc- c-it-, I i .i rl3 r re il e a bmit e to

1 u -.1 ,, u[ .ro ll- l 1".. hm u 11 .. ,r l I l p formIe The" Fl ire, cti s o r .e w b hr a
rdehe nit, n l .,, -, itrr,, ic t.oie. ,. rh r a.h toft-.n:erin fpollotei It.

rchi e iraI l b. t,: ,ie , to-- the lot, r- r-otitt.l ,'ith eotl -he ,f 1 aunt) -
s -orle., r 0- e l 111 l ,, l-e It Scr-. -'A o Ih, o-i lt. P it ,.u .F i 0~, it cn -, s ler ,Le.
t.D l, .,' 1 , rI,. l l t I "o -"" ,I t r ll ,I t ,t ii the --. it -o

cthe arrIle r. it. I i, -1.1 nr. u I nI t.c e..tcm l. .n1. y 1i -tIaIIth ernst pr I ofi

aen. ble b , .nu i t (and borinB rl 5 t e na fl f 131
L~l I.n n -l Ia I e- i,:. i n I6reetl, t : p r p c, l I r, ',n ,i lCnt e i p ltll e r the al- .
M.,ro'-n lll ,, .,d ,lto- 0 l ,~,t h the r [,ul lrrfa ge so oe iira n ai e or ,urfice
-n, t. nle- u:,- s or, t oi l m i nur, L e. wi rl, h ,r ,r ..,,' a"'.. tic i- r.- .ce
atl,, n I n 1, i m r1., , l d n 1a-i : i. -re R ih It.. v ir dt,-i aI le -
l en nhlt hi-a I, I~,, 1 l o t ,Ie- A r e-Tor..711- .. irrlU t ir l .1 r-n1. t. bet

rF A.i i A ,e ,, 1 t -ll,: 1 6 onl0 l- 1 ,h r .i,,,, pI. i l,, t I h. -,l L i, l I
I .. ,_ in l Ln l 1 ,te e L,,c.- L r ,_-en. tl-.c bFiptnd-
,r I.I -I l it I hicI tl-, or, : I . i rt tI n e rh lcet itr ,-t.. r..r a
in, cr.-g cr te 1. tn 'ri r. t ..rl, t .. 1, 1 ,nt n o l .tie- been
S ,a n-Int h icL .L ,l enI -t Ii a, I r thcil coniic io n Ie'u in, l or tria e her
S I,- at at al l i o Ie, li e fi I t. i- fL r a tl r a
it 1 ore -it e fi Iiet. th dnIri l?,i- the ien u n . sinl : i ra i.

sntit:, -eouch Vi ido s oot -Ic Oratr nuvry, his catt ,t hecrm staKcs otton03
Said cr lor L e ,_,_ ct-TZ, et 1 i ,- i o o the 1 d1 1 -,34 l rI Sthere

..,F i, c c. ,,i, t t ,hey i e..ft I IIo sh e 11a t
c--t I- [itLco-be t 00ot

-,- ,,-uhio-n aI d i.r- c chi ,, ,, p rt -i-evr' the i ctrnt
id f ,'t. s c,1,', ,- g a, rc -to n' I 1 r a, l .. z,, ,
-r-lr 1 -c-I ti..irt lilt i-111-1 I- ai"ti .ho le
itdre, ,,, cIt, c. _.- I. ,I-T ,, ,icT o c ., le,, t O I-, 1,el -i Eht i t regi a
.....I. . I i-.: .. k-t . ,Ia.1- --. Ir ,- at
I f ,.'!!grih -,o i..l.ilt-, I", I. L t t any
I ,o -- ,,, t -.'-,n,' t..".cen,, ,a I,, n .- I , ihth e
% i ,. Lj, l .:r at I .. ,rc I- ret l racte

n ni,, r l r i rtai]I. c. :tic.ittl l ,e t.r titetirs r r,rlit l t rr rl ve
, -, ,,-- 11,- "Ih , l _-.1 i tc n a l iti e I hee L eit
1:1-.L--h -oc'!e Iuric'r"- i.-I,,lu 'tto, hIu cit r,, n r ter
0 a A, r .,-,i ,,,,, -''-I-l-c-r.c. ,1 ii.t IL c t -7 tin ,, I.. c ri, ,I- iit. n e-pl l

aij~ Ilh.: ,:, n rit :.I ,, rn h]- , lt ,in-11,le .,r ; o 1,1r r h- el-- acit i-a icu 'v[]ii et
_111- -If ,,CE.15 ,a 1 ,O,,t. a 1 1-c-, 1 ,1,.. ., ,. ,rrf. tt.11I nI u appaL.eI-- cit.rThe
rI, ,.en.,-.-i tI -- II Il n 11 .ii g.lrltin t ep dllu ,l such

CI' --J" ni- I'f ri- r I I I I t .'.'elt I ie, . O i-h r orumta r ,: pollur t
-. I,,Srertl 1cc .- I-lIr[ Jlh, Ih t F, L cIItpIr I Llhercshe rdesitbechannel or water-
1, r i --vit ri ,1- -taIII I h.:enR-., thilralnlh co-ur t-e n o lect riri f er i -and ro t I.rii n..thoeily
-,-O,-,ri ; u,-"--L ,-,1.u -1.c t ld...gth :.vPrr or heg., in fails Tue
1 '-,, n .llrl c l i -- L. le etcM-r-i- r'- o-t-tt et.,re [ rl l-ea~a a to fli romt p
i- t- i i-,' or abc- rpLi-i Ic 'In it. intore ,,Ir O ftc nIlt.-r os.n ganlrit eI tree it
nC i .n I '5nodIcElsi tetur iaere-f a ld h, tieba I i, 1-.l- -ilt e-. a thayreni ni eal ,no.a O walCer-
-id 'e eittioi. --Ic Octhei i co111- a it-' nd ion e- c c l-,-Iet I Il etc a:snr. Ioef t te r- tI r oIls
any he -ni-sc-r itr h.Lcbe r c. lie nicilr. r ec5ireo.r- lite ., n, ntiaoit r anl- _C0m fail ,.e
[he. t,:. ha -i thi-r.-tien.. .... n-ti al1 L~i--.f II..... ..... .ctt. etc.. et... .. i In13 --Asia fo, nt v
ri....... h .... l ai .....ttse.rt e.ahn ...p .. ar-iii t-cot the oei aoepe.'- eoly )f]).'7
,J srseeit, ct 1a c 'Ar,, ,l- i t-i Lncec -e-. ,t-ce l l et t., ,et.r od, their nao ve c r -
b-,o e r ilal, c"ol ,Itt 'p :rei u I l- e rI h- i r -, -lacetit i ltirca fatItci -re -
ti, i t, -ci I e tie-rt bleIt-h w.I. icTh, cc .- nolt. ihnrn tl. torar clluuon b,of oil ou "n""
tn-irote-h Lion-Jiren. n-cr~ei~h-et.-rrj eitii Onc the 's. .' et whe .lre-alof tlof -il
-1nt re. is tocitd. e aI t Tbn, n ee, IS, rE er ac4l0 t-1 t he wori e aritleii l, e orijl
to to- i rt- i f le, fort It In W.; ctaurt-, I. ct', nh,'b-- I 0 Itr -i jhe' ti t- tb-ti"

the tor~i isi-,,:U of ,,1 ier whic',h fet-hthe o"' dO, anwhere I n,1n'l-.neser beu I-eo [. the
Ve- I,- R'ter, it night Coaci boitm lbe. -:) ill.i not t) u e fL a tmIaI e ithe saterrir -uatU
incon .iderableoai o i e to te calend collo.uial'.7 chIc foe aifler p -e c. but h lnirhongh tb
c- No froi n I Na i-cuit the .-Olue water ii uaturali. uaa-Irnhable. it may
falling feour Ib-"'' c Ue IuIJ he rlt it __It-to patltore fat other dnIi -sr prpriet hL reasa ;
rotnu-e cotn g in fnoal.n'tallf to reed Ibe of Ilc oil. Tuetr Lot-i.-rp b think ths1 it nnus
lterer Ve..igny. bi-,tiht ih t ConfiueI to tLil be I iiea that tiber.,lUlourIeurocuo1)Iccsn.t5o. acu
quannity. which 'ill. ere L-b-er u hnaL, and at. tian ordinaryt egiou, no upper riparian
seerly dries t Ito lidle it It -i ... .not acLuolic prrctteoro would he enrtlled .i.. n ilct p,0
do so, nod inpans a uI f tratl wtidih inietrOne. ctc Iep by prescription.
Wthen o] these a110WaUce, ure. uadr, the In thert Case the lcymadeo'stuocinnily pu
quantit oyhich ltO resy--icore rcoone) auuv heir cntentiorin tihat the district iso an oil
alto whether can rdbind i-.-. old InCan-e no dfirrict, and the e'rpasde- nso n uslnec of 0 .
rentible dinirnurtonr. {3) Trhriegl arstey or us nits n ing and boring to a natural oureodtheiro-e
out of esery itwenti-forse the nnflst thI' cad, and tevli oreCnnuttled to carr- 00 ther "
sea keeps a cotenderable volume of eater in bucinii r totided the1 do so in a usual and
the channel of the Ve'signy In tront of proper [ranner, notirhstaudndig, that as a.
Merrimac, on'n would io o whether the result thereof some oil iniogles with lhl ruiain
ricer Wmterna1 raeiCongd inotIo minglewith rWitei, Which atotet4 la-aV41 along the rlieae v i
it Oe 1ott. IcS it he csuuotos thetduring kuownaothe\Vet~igny tRiver.' '
theue bourn the piteeace of a greater or less TheIr Lord.hips are prepoccd to recogabe."' t
voluire of.-fre.b wtter rs material only to thar-iiuappy)line-Entlish inwt, which ithe law N
eal{,ityry though it doec not appear that the governing th. oca.e Ito the circnmnrtates of a -"
wide' ricer channel in thu nieghbourhoo.i verydhfftrent cauney and rrdicularlptoa tract .'-,
could not welt lccomoiloate the increase ol land uchiCh hay great Value ma a petiok ." -'.
caused by the entrance cf greater quanltnietOf are ann little in any other connection, regavaf 5
fresh sarer. Still it -iein, clear that.I t low nitist be had to such apedlal cienmasta0
end after the turnuf otte rnde.; the basin ad in tuenrthcng Ihe amount of Chang"
opposite Merrimac call hohl only its minimum which might farke plate without ie being .an
salame of sea wate a .ndih.a.nnnhaundaont e.s.iylhodthnt the lowerfpm'aneig,,u,

I, M -- -- --- po-- ... ual51--cig ,

A- ***~:-~ *.*** .. .


-- 'U'Uh 'PRr'trln Wfl1GARDInAN


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it So Sn^^ ie.
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witstand bard and- 0l usage. r "nS1 n Store3
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ThI Corset Yo Like to Wear
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PFlr particulars of price, etc., please apply to

ordon, Grant u, Ltd.
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WE have all used NERVOTONE. a.n.I %e rLcom.mir.nJ i witr. cor.fidlnce to our
friends, and the public in atriall a. the beU t rTemedy lor headache and reuralrar .
H. A Melv.lle. 91 Circular Road. Mr- Gcrutude Fernande, Jernimg
Belmont. ham Alenue.
John Feneia, 57 Cacular Road, Ed. Smith, &8 Belle Eau Road, D.l-
BelmonL moot.
I. McCanney, 8JerninghamrAvenue. hIir-. N. Flemming, I Jerrungham
S. C. Warner. Induatty Lane. BI.-h
---- Amovynue ..-.
A. O. Rudin, Circular Road, Belmont. E. A. tlmnd, Belle Eau Road, Bel- .
5. Agard, St. Franois Valley Road. month
C. A. Durity, St. Ftai:anco Valley Jo-. A. FlImming, .1 Jerningham
Road. A reniue.
Price 10 ctnts and 21 cr S.ld by all Dtuggiist.. Whole, ale and detail at
ALEX, N. JOHN, Par'. Parimacy, BelhtonL


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.9. B O.A. D W A.fY' 115

.. 8. ,---- --
t sld year Is going out weepirg sver the di sw era whiclt have happened diing [Is lourfe
Ssand our dilaappinlment t1 I lll j not luli nl l/i.'lci r a pr.rhecy an i brne vs peace; tiut
u depa re slll h.pve hope sprlnlina in our Itent.l a- --. Ir'1iilkng o watl ICt ttit ithlrs in the
gomin- 0one. "Never say did whilt t. erl Is a it ket ri to10 he a favourne motto
.f News.. 's wr dona. .and whil e a lye Phaolorior.-. i biae ts up and ILboti,'n Ctompound to
crs ou BhcumnT Clm avec ide teson why we ah I not look forward to a
rftPPy neta yeFR.

,, II.

\VE 'S/is hour
V :/j'/ -/appt


lOin. Double Sided

Ii i..1i______I / I IJ 1, L t
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fl7 ____
Itv 1 ,t7-r D1t irlci

"I J '~ DC(. E
T7:2A1d1-o;L '01I.FR D IU KST E
ick 6r'
fiiA 1: Y 1, I Up 0, Q A 7d C, ~ AC
W. aL&Peb~eSs
t Ti.,u QU-A 1,,V FBr. u vT h

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It'''t'l I, ; r,>./.

T .. AlS 6 X(

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ply 1 1,

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ow replete p hth theory best quality of Wines and Spirits. Our f o cS 1
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IlTHE PUBLIC is hereby notified that the rates
- Jon premiums on residences in the Upper Division
of Port-of-Spain have been reduced by FIFTY
--PER CENT.- by the following Companies. Thi
-reducticn to-take effect from the 9th instant,

Alliance Assuraace Co, Ltd. ....
- Atlas Fire Assurance Compa6y, Ltd. ...
British Dominicontiinsurance Co., Ltd.....
Commercial Union Assurance Co., Ltd ...
seheral AssuranceCorpation ......
,uardlan Assurance Co, Ltd. /
-..w Union & Rock insurance Ca', Ltd ....
Liverpool & London & Globe lngranceCo;,
Ltd. ...
London Assurance Corporation ....
London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.
Lid ....
National -Benefit & Life & Property In
surance Co., Ltd. ...
Netherlands Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. ....
North British and Mercantile Insurance Co,
Ltd. '
Northern Assurange Co.; Ltd. ....
Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, Ltd.
Phjnia Asgurance Co., Ltd.
Royal Inserance Co., Ltd. ....
Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation
of London

Soottish Union & National Insurance Co ..
State Insurance Co., Ltd....
S-Sun Insurance Office
Western Assurance Co. .(Canada) ...
Yorkshire Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. ...
Motor Union Insurance Co., Ltd, ...
Central Insurance Co., Ltd., of London...
Lancashire Insurance Co. ....
Natonal .Insurance Co. of Ireland
Palatine Insurance Co. of London ....
Patriotic'Assurance Co.. Ltd. ....
Union Assurance Society, Ljd., of London.
lst March, 1918.

J. N. Harriman & Co,
F. J. Scott & Son.
Canning & Co
Edgar Tripp & Co.
Davidson & Todd
GSR. Alst6n & Co.
Stephens Ltd.
Salvatori & Scott
Tennants Agency 0
Gordon Grant & Co. Ltd
Arch. Johnston & Coi.
D. B-Harris -
Trinidad Shipping and
Trading Co, Ltd.
Smith, Robertson & Co
Randolph Rust.
John Wilson.
G. Bruce Austin.
Trinidad Imp-ort & Expor
Co., Ltd. (& Sir G
Townsend Fenwick)
Conrad C. Stollmeyer.
W. Scott & Co.
W. L. Reid
.T. Gerddes Grant.
H. B. Phillips & Co.
P. N. Pampellone & Co
G T B r ish "
Smith Bri s. & Co.
F. E. Scott
G. F. Huggins & Co.
C. A. Nanton.
Thomas Bpyd.

7* !
I.. '... '-.
I .e . ,. "-

SlBimb lIr n Ik e red In vn And 1 a lad -,,
S ,ecamech t icUu V. theMoso:.A .. .. :F a ll *- -rChr.-irs'enn
o 'hese arewill under ,he ".ition of i The lRee. Rar-Cf t o w ton,-oasis of'the late Dr.,hl
a pupils numbeing 7,557, the present day, .- e a; mNo l Aon antliem-was sung od the .,. .
Sbo ia of 70 schools with a tlal enrollment of -Jubilee celebratil. ended .. "
In 14.336. The report of the Inspector.oft ONGITUI,1TION FROM CONGRESS. na. .... .. "an
1 Schools for 1917 shown a- ary highly standard Towalrds 'h o e bof lglla hi.r J' .. ..
i o 15 iciea:yin tbe schools ol the Mipsion.- All -Susamachar ChurcbhI on Fridy evening the _______________',' '' .
ot ltheseare whioly under the duitionouatie Re. Dr- Cc.ffin who prebidtd, aid thBathe --_. '-'_ .
teachers, male as well as well female. ha been iulormed that the Eastlndian/ I - -
SId craving National n est- ient greets and avin NaionalCoe engreetind cn- 2,00/2 cs L erpoor at -
nrando-the centre the he u dnoalional work of the posl. --- ....-PPL10---0XCS-.-a--V sLpe-s_. __ -"
the Minion. Donations Irom the generous The Rev. J. C. MacdonalJ, clerk to Pres- ~ --'* -- 'S
people of Cano da have made ousile the eretionc- byery was secretary to Jubilee Celebration 2 e bl i b 's F n- i. R ef
rI onof ewbuildiangs at Parsade Lands for e Committe. o3/- case. BIUU\ f. dm ily u. ,. .
n ewNapanma. The annual comparanve re- t Co t a ",.
Su t o of the College (n the Cambridge Lca--------------S (Jllllieal -
SHaMlinatiansi and the prosecution o sthdlesa 0 dema.s..ha 500-. --bg- O-- a" l '.*
sby ns tudents in.the hitheer profeonal o rn PATR. I O
thenier ol Canada, e United Staes ou nd- but pend aS Lancer M at.ches, acn 6n gro
S. e rn.. i n ;ilt a g l n. f the icultnu r lehts and- THER -- or a. '.-G
I Mnlualfralning insuch a eh and crentle ---Tfor the Easter Season 200 cases sardine, i Ol. "
valuable wa ets to tae uselluesa and material e C'u meS Brandl I d ds .
siprogTes a of the Indians o a ere i an object L .. .. -s Cr ig I nd. .. _<;.
worthy of thea support of any Christian In a BIuy YOTMR SUPPLIES e r -
te sniverbis'di Religios insIuctaon y # -rom s- 2.5 cases racndy aSsl. s, e -a r
Work among the girs hi kept pace with . .. . .. . -- ... h- A e r. N Re ....- ... ...-_-h
that 01 the blia. Scari n.g n a stall scale 250 2 Cascs iria'ncl\ 6s. e R
In TundpUlna rilI enl llia P cal t COau vea and H gH. ,r
Priuca-. Town, it s uucw conducted in large oa re Ea tr .. . esSardies i n

Iland citred. dardoTr i dElIpdpundoubtedlybe
ab linlat he a Pique, e the Sinrah Moraion Dod Iia
an- ..ctli'. io what our gratitude .i,, thanks ^' IlIn rE &",",,, 1, .' ,v, ,, ,a--- v,,,, |
Toutt thed ...nddue to the isncreasn J 76, SOUT Q U A Y
the number ol a ools, nrl In order to gie -
reeponidibiliy of ibe ork. the TriniRc School .-L
s'A t --,,ch r e v- _s opened in 19r5. "t h- v- -_alor =-
o rk this school cannot be over-etimated.
scrihed in the Government Curnriculue, UST RECEIVED big im tof 'ES, -
additional__ instruction Lhai been given on ahih acludas Medoc. St. Jilten. Grat!.5, Saut ORU A PrLll G l HEADACHEL. Lr"
ISatuidays by Dr. Cofin, not only to these erne, Sherry, Muscatel, Aad'ira, etc. Rm5nsrsi
young rmen but to all leachrs of the Miulon cur Comnesdador Port. and E[fsador Shcrry, - AS--- - .
schools. Capping the educational workt L the Liurs, Champase ad Sapiis aof nse n r
thrrebteran taolege which was built through bust broods. Io- t-o" Sn e t 1 1 - I .-
the intumetality o Dr. Grant and which FISH-S Lo Pra Shn 1 1 .
-i-ocupies an imports tplaceminh thcadeip -MacafJl1 faJ urnsn Oil and ir, -- ---
thmeniud eatenton ol th1l.e Min I on.woik the T F O aS-.-t and WE huir.Tb.. .CROTONad camend-itboda.a lo
Dro C ny. en an e tra iei and c qplfped Coeese, Aopps adnd Grapes. fiends sa d the pubic In general a the best remedy for headache sod nmalg-a.
r C-lotakingi mel part io.the.CrltianMin lry H A. Melville. C.:ular Road. Mrs.,Gertrude Feynmdes, Jmnuds-
forf t akin clcan no the vE C riestian 1 try A..
SThere are rven ordained metin charge -- -- BemnnL .. .. b ham Aveine.
a week for all Chr iltianwotkerasnde_.sacl, Wholesale Grocery Belmont. moot.
frib then clasl s is generntly ackuawledged nm JST AvenIueDa ig .C War er, IdPy ta o- N S.
and Ils value beyond any question. monts e revenue
ro The buaching ol the c bible in the above A. Rudm. Circular Road, Buim,..nt. A. A Hids, Belle as Road, Bel .
| educational- instftttlous and the Sohdav Clr.t. IF R^A 5- A.Darcy S t. Pruruco isValley Raad imo lo g
Schools is a valuable preparation for the E s A Dun S. Fancoi Vlley Jos A. Flem ia 4 J
evangelist. Al in the past earu., the general t Road. Avemue.
Sesangellsuc sork has received deouted atten- IPrice 10 cents and 21 cent-. S-ld by all Druggista. Wholesae so r It
Stioeu. The prneunt campaign conducted byDr. ALEX N JOHN, Par's Pharmtacy BelmoL.
SWilou, late of Central India, undoubtedly "("-l_________o"oe''v-..........___________ ____ __ m
i omis at the eoangclleatloo of IC),,I'XI Indizns, I_________________________________________________
about ten dimes the Chilatian Bust Indiau
popaul entiou o f the islaund.i
And now we oilh to erpiret our deep gruli--
dloe and iucere luankd to the ureicfit- Church lof lu A s r t arI A & i nn i I il ed t f ei
In Ctnr.da loi their aunl tfih ae interest in u9, fl tlI STA-.llRlle. S E ff^ m Tl M 1n J 56in
tor the circa of inteboudt oitO ) en danr o rik D..n cid c nlH1 l il TAN A Rle rI Dll ta mand C a r 4
moot Hof 'fluTEL "aefT. J v- J---- '__
meut ol the fitld oud whose teaching, preach- I .-
ing and example nre permela ing a the life of r i- o h i a-, AS i leE e
the people sith the rtnllh esg influences ofr 'c ye nn t
Chlri etrn terut and Clrititn liTving ; the B h'm" c ane1 I A T
ladloes rom Canada ho baoe bera the pre- -N. L.eJ 1 T In dad t...z.... I y B r r, j 4
dTeceod of thc teacher' ti tb e pimuty ICl B BeI DU a Ua
uscho'l-. a si pe nialsi" iHofi io Bl cku.lder a, dArchE-
bulchd ho aure ll] wviTi ire ; aihejoA rferutunmer tl ro a. .
for griuot c ,I iiico' l .Mor cu ,iddf ,.c nd ict r- | -,,rio......1 ,O l;..n.I r I., ie gir'liii- M ill 24in. x .8Sin. Steel
pui ets, 'a trpitetoirr 'oiL rviv hoai Pinions Or. .l- Flr,. t..n -,i~t :.rrier and driving chains.
finnnciallhe to o-i. yao ible the eztahuliihrnent of Frit io ,-. \n Iftih I t ,1 -;. ri t; ill" lllh.
rhev udl is nthe early ,la i o d ahesr e geer-a
choola. GEARINi. l evPi'.. i-ti c ',;>1 ltt.e, compound geariig
Before clo.sin tbi. imniperfect hxpredi-Don of TDIIrlfl I D e Ic OIIDA Ip l n
_ o our nlim..I. pttriislt o .... (.r aothe givot I INl IUM1U rifE L *--IIUUN HhIUL 't ih sletl pmini-,s.. i ..... ..... .... I n -, ,1i. ,r ii1 .1] te sharl. -
| efo, ib Surornhar became oelf-auploitug oUB Ll ., ENGI LN II I- 'r ..r..." 1-1 i a.... l l ,L.litlU 1 x111. X l6ia
iseoene-,n ears ago; Dr. CoPin, the Principal -- '
of the ed icational ionoiitulon, a mIan coapabe Re'ersn, G dEr t.r' ,I r, r I,, ,, ,.li r )litimp5 -
of uflin t the hrgheat poiitoh n a ny Thvo- ( utlufI & Lto-opera ve.l .
Pruaser in the Southern Diotict. I = __ -- -... .
In order so perpetuate the memory of our de C r ut euy r ,e td M INDn N os2.
ti dear Dr. Grant and the ate Rev Lal eh ite security
S lund ham been inaugurated which bears their ati ainst loss by fire. One 11 r i- ,- 1 ..i n. i-i x
names. One of the objects af this Fun, Islto / 0 -:) 2bR, 56 .. R AqS
desoLe part of the nlerest to extension work Diidends aid annually n cheeks 1r-ih i;.r -s nd Cane Rollers 4 To
s hae arion. cd w.ans origin lly aimed I PrLeeevd
at, bat sot fit, has been realized. Oar emiums received, Roller hcldtn .. ,, ,|, I.,it .... I side of cti.eko. Steel Pmnons Tan -
thnkdare i e at e. ceatr ,ats. The list, Cheaesi Fire Rates in the Bar, ane Carrir ,inl t i .,i- dt l. Clutc. Megiss Carer ad. ..
oe liberality.- Colony. -6 pr dr riRng chans and clutch.
Prompei d by the principles of Christian Coln. dr ,v t- a n c u l -
helplulness and natural affection, the Nalif e f olicy-olders can call at the One ,s i . .....r E -
the burden now resting an the Presnbytetdn ht -
.Church in Canada, and to become selI-sustain- i Il l r
Ing, sef guoerning and sef-1propagating. S pe. ce V EN ._,ARI G,- I, - d, r poun ten
They hoav. begun to assume responsibility for on a crlD ssue ., ... SDALE risud
indions in Bisish Guuna, andnowur poppe o particulars apply to Steel Pinon1s t- s --S gnt-tilt' in Mlfi Spn Wheel.
fthe evangeliation of the non-Cbristia East For furhei"t a . ..onT. ...-
CatechIst In that ield. tu .... .... Juce Pump drivctn : of i .:r tnedtaite Shaft. -o..... -.-s
.. In contclheearino,y wel pray earnestly and r A. I.MATHSON,
sincerely that the Blessing o Almighty God -- -
Anslybe gIve on fI.ll Tmeosreao the workers AENeeo INC creliar Ii Pre:ss. lorindrzonalSteam- n oe d1. io "El
and worek conducted b the Pren ct hnrchinr Cao nS feT .ur il aia l
resa per Rntly smitted o f r he IN FdE o l eversine -Gear ]',cker g (-i.-tcrnor ( -.old a d Iced after Pump -
Ntdive ChDrches.M hr m AI WD Vo.1E-u, a ea nn n
Native Churche.s. .--R-ntesh. 118 --- C.entral Feed Fll0cr PIress.:, eIch conininil it 1 Plates Square, x -
mar, Henry Ramciytmn, C. D. Latin, C. -l w3
Patwnh, RSm=. nuB.-ltan, t, La tloo. WANTI E Particulars an.d [,i Ice, pIe ,C a|)l,, [0 ....
S Catechlsta : .Menra. C. C. Snodees, A.
Gir thri, A. 'Rnpchand, J. Nehal. BACK NUMBERS f Daily Mailr" ear .-r
Elders : Messrs. J. W. Corsbie, R. Mshabir, Book, il ood coendrtion-6d, per copy t i Ae B u r rta ao h a
"*SeiTeachers" Me.r... D. L=khsn P pa ,a j-i d .
S Doohie, Rasbh, E. Mutlchassltgh ions Back Nmribir of W.iitaker Almanac .. "
. r G deo. p erpt u (Ba ste-st-mw.) J. fos- (Cloth-bound Edition), ,nod IManager Perseverarce Estate1, C -_-
char Church, A. Mattad, Chaimau Fyzabfd HazlB Annual -jd. per copy. v -
S Church, J. S. Sammy, Teacher (Princirpal . 'i
School and Napariota College), J. T. Namsoo Apply 3atC "t'
PresIdent S.C.E.S., Miss Green, President TRINID n GUARDIAN Offic 's. '.-'o
Balmain, F. -Sampath, Preuldent Fyahbad ............ ..-- .-- ,[ --Sie o -.-. --- -S.-"
C.H. SocIety, Jos. Ramper ud, Presldent St.s -.----- .
Andrew's C.t Society; Mrs. J. C. Maoonald, a d
I dW.WThm -. SALE ROO. _-.
S, The Mdmlerator t obsked the repre.enfatlvea EDWARD A. DEARLE, -
of sister churches, the menlbera oithe BoToogh m A-. -.. .. Wftm-nf p ,,,,m V K'S A . ;=.?.
Codl, Mres. Macdonald and the choir and 4ol Queen o Street canfcal/latthei6 M -
sll theme who had hoonnred with their pe- at-td . I theI ffll/aslsca'tIeS- T RU.
.ience. Ire mentioned Mr. MrtLeod, br lec r. h[attheM'anarlurer :--ecU I V DEND CJ5B c P ". ,
Macrae, Dr. Jamern, ihe lfroiners Pr. h CON WATERPROOFING.
eserais sLnylon Christie, W right, A. WE PASTS Pceitrated in barrels: for msteS- W -eel.
Th ..u. 'Mr. a LtMi Fraser 'and Miso pooofing cocrei. Very cheap to use, and NA rRIT/, / ST/M4pT/Nat lN I C .
BlTckader as n mo,- others who hsd labored giver splendid results. References given m ... ...... .... V W.. :'. ;
In this Miaion field. The jJubilee celeber ation. .. y T inchTeanidrd a a Spe CO DL ri o ni[.o..,: il s It ,ri ti ar etn or eo t liver nil, au s e.'S *
had come to a close, ihey fell that they had sot RUS LA irce cheapest .dron ane S eod s],| r c ,, tr ti t "oi .nr, ip of Ihpopb hphto d ", S
t... ... T P ie rt on th e m arketb:e I I L..i..SToe a te heFnat, ittron t..e.acb t;.t. -,1 th'e"' ,11..1.....t. .. 11, 1 1 ..- .. ...|.o .ur \ y .. r .itto t t -'ttfedtlt oI d l andkcond . .. productss the surface . kI 0, .-l ,,,t ti tmit of ti-s,,,at, us It r .o- aiseot -
AR oHpetfu Ly-ub TO it ear d e o bea AGATE S-Maes your concrete nloons bard, l"trto-i G ht l, t "ing,;; "i",; r"l--a d eed i. .a .,n
Ntud bowels of imp3Crittes sod Irritans is smooth, wea oof and dastproof a sio at sl e iz;,; t iih. ,to rite r ,ttt,-r e,.t tiod ][erota orinng 1 rendseing .., ,,
naecess, whenrtheir a ctbioois Irregular The apIlied to uatin floors -eti- t t--,iti -i its lit lite ra't ions ,s
pll tha, t will do thisB work thoroua hly ace Dr. HE LPENE PANf For rulide or Inuside ,a at ..s. ad), ie ,, e.... .-i . u tar. wit' 0 --s .'
*elloti s Vegetable tilfs, which see m14 inn use. Cits from "5c --------------- per alplonl .. .. is t l-.,.i t .i s .o. li , an .. ..... e *--sI
action but mighty hinmucb They pgure ATLAS "A" WOOD PRESERVATIVER It hsa t~ev-omr a rciir aa odd entaitl, eedy, sr bmula, ,,'..-l.-
painflessy and effne ti ely, and- wo -kih a p -- i- tetd protects wood aganm t tbe ,,'raon sl eh-l htic ,it,,1,- ,Orvt hrv mct tottf e lh od, a ttd to os w l.
maneot core They can be sued tosi t tr attnacf of Insects, dry rot etc. ee treeI it, il t .istrrogly re.-ammen.l-ei au routoistg earattee sad itatW" "-..C-' s^i
by th em sot delierately oaiuatluted, Ihey a Ba wood ouost nr-t Wootd i he proaertiss of hih orilr. c '1 -' I
Go p al c1(le Ba prtecedig r ge le painted afLa .,er J.(real o tio n),tiru M a naL n or, Lm l54 m ee Esa2 e, o i .kr .
-arC 'PHONS-841. 1r-s- r. 4d C F- '


- '- ... 7. " i- -- .

..-.. .- : -
T JATfNf~tY 1, 1918 _____________-
TU*~t ___ ___ ___ ___ __ ____,--

istmas 1 New Year's HolIs, 1917918. Greeting


-'- NIDA--2th DECIMBER.-(Ch'ishnDis Eve)-and Monday 31st December, 1917.--In addition to the usual Service of
Q d"ary Loc-al Trains, a late Local will be run from Port-of-Spali at 1U.40 p.uL, arriving at Tacarigua at 11.12 p.m., and from [-['t / 'as l sting Ol r
Tacaig.a'_ 11.16 pjn. armriVug t -Port-of-Spain at 11.47 pau. .t- t..
:, TU- SDAY, 25th DECEMBER.---Christmas Day, Puble Hli day.=The Passe. er T a _di lay and Local) wit e-- ma -/'v 7fl l-- rCtfff

A'S Retun Tickers iL-sued between Monday, 24th Deceeniber and Wednesday, 26th Decewber, will be available for return to
th. following Thursday. Those issued on 31st December 1917 and 1st Januar,- 1918 will not be available to the following A r r'/'/'-".X's '' i al, 1918.
Workme Tikets Tickets I- l'al trais,.will nut b iSsud uon December 25th (Christmas Day), the 26th December, and 1st Jan- "Ih/ /' _.',' //.',l Ikmc'/
I ary,. 1918. _- --
'Port-of-BSpain Races and San' Fe andojRegatta. -es- au,/ iL/.' -'c l, and
Friday and saturday, 28thand 29th December, 1917, and Tue6dayl" anfu ,- 1-918, (New Year's Day-Pblic Holiday)
__ FOR THE PORT-OF-SPAIN RACES, AND-T-HESAN FERNANDO BEGATtA, i addition to the Ordinary- and .oaL L"c.-- -P1' Li
'--- Weekday-Servie', O-SpeJai Tains-wt rut i d : ....
San Fernando Line. }'.s /,/,',
Port-of-Spain Races. San- Fernando Regatta.
FRIDAY 28th DECEMBER, Only. RIDAY and SATURDAY, 28Lh and ,NEW-YEAB'S DAY.) I A \o. \'.' o.
___ -- II____P/9 B s 0\ ) CB EI7o.,
... DOWN. DOWN7". .'- - St '
Coava .. dp. 7-26 a m. I'uri of Spanm .. dep. 3.55 p i. P'. rt- fSpain- .. dep 925 a m. Sai F-rnauino .. dep. 525 p.m. T. L D rt '/,.o' t '- '.
Port-of-Spain .. arr. 8.25 ,, i. guu .. l ,, l l-rnr do .. arr 11 (5 ,, Port-ofSpain . arr. 7.10 ,,

as.. --Thcriwibst-he-de_:F.-e-pt-adrTatiry-24th-DGeDiSber intlietlu from whiv--dateGoods trains will nm
as under:-
TUESDAY, 25th DECEMBER, (Christmas Day)-No ,ooiLs Trains. -
- WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY andMONDAY, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th & 31st DECEMBER--G:uds
Trains on all liuni.
TUESDAY, 1st JANUARY, 191&, New Year's Day, Public holiday-N .....i: Tran-.
O n W ed .- .i.l '. 2iI .1 l iain y. I;1 :h i i u.. ,Jl. F' ,_r:u 'i ,', V. i i 'll i- ,rn ,_i .
T h e PI 'rt-'f i'-.- . l. .i .h ill l '.. l ..f t t'. l i t:in i t i .'us Ln s u t'..' 12 u .u .U Du i :emi e r 3 1st.

..._ _.Southern Steamer Service.-
Betw,:,.hln l' Jt., I ...I Ii I -'1 (.'1:17, aun.l \V\'r -:.,J,i,, n,1 iai ry., l .18, tIhe fulJowing Timr :. Tabl:. v. ill i.'e substituted for
the ordinary LtIe
S "Naparima." S S. 'Naparnma." S.S. "Naparima."
l s. I.i. .. dep. 6.00
.. p.- n. ,,, ',, ,, G 0) p 1o. L I rlr.nando .. arr. 30 ,,
.. I, -I',rn.,i.. uir llu ,, i, ,..,. ,,l .rr. '.30 i, .:.i F tb. i .b :. ial Fast Train m
' t- i"tCr tI.: Ih' 2 .1 1.1 l t 'Ep L
- IL A d-11IFRIDAY, 28th DECEMBER, 1917 -
SAlT RDA-22D'CE. ..B.. ...-.----. -- UP.-

S 8. "St-Patrick.' --. B.S. "St.-Patrick."
1' i ti.,J ,,S d .' 12 F
San F rnnuid. . . . :' U ,.i u. :e i' It 'u, .J.. .rt'. J .
'- C drt .. a 1 .I r i I I i' 1 1 tram
-- "Naparima S 8. "Nap rmla.
F-1I .,71,1 -,.,riu ,],: p t. ,
! a n F ,-,, h.-l, ,, d.l '- ' *. : .... I ,' ,.,^l ,. < A ,
Poilt ..rliu nrr t I' .. ., l1 ]
S.- St. Patrick." _
h 1i ,,:, . arr. j9 'i
i UP.
S- 8.8. "St. Patrick."
de.p. C30 i)
._ ___. ^aii l -' d u d a rr. 11,4i 1)
"F n,, 1 _'__ ,rru do d- p If 11.3U
-S-------- -- - L', t- S 'rr 1 er p
m_ -- D.Pub.S. "Naprma." i S.S. "Napruna."
*' c -r .r i J . 12 4
-- San Ftriand.. -,. p 9 i,.Ti t, -.,. I i .mr rr. 3 U
C ed ro s, .'.I.. .. r. . l .r Ill, 1 p .m train u.;
Christma Day-(Public Holiday). B.S. "Naparima."
NO. BOAT.- -F.mrnI o ..- dr.p. 9.30
.I, ,1 .. arr. 2.30)
The farv- l tlI.' St. I'.tt iL.. N:hl 1.Iri-iIa fr.. thi ,'
-- On New Year's D]ov JRetun T'il.l t- r.i' (;l I -'trt. t.
-_ double jLrirl V available for th. day ,,,,1.

-l,-r_ -: d,?p. 630 a m.
r F i a, d .) . arr. 110 CI
I F,.,r liIt 10.3j a m. i. ra n
DOWN. .- UP.
S S. "St. Patnrick. S. "St Patrick."
I' arr 1dp 5, )p

S ----- -S.S. "St. PatricK".
l N D .a t ar 9 JE ,,
Sen Frnjidj, dep. 6.401) p Ic

p m. ;


"Na .S S. "St. Patrick."
S.S. "Naparima." l...,- dep. 6.30 a.m
led.rnu .-Jo carr. 11.t
ide t:p '. di p0,. ;. .an Fe-rnanudo . dep. 11.3,)
arr. i i P,,rt.i..SpiDn .. arr. 1.45 p m
New Year's Day-San Fernando Regatta.
S.S. "Naparuna." B.S. "Naparima."
audo dLp. 6 4i.I m rn .t, . dip 6.30 a m.
air. l :1 U ,, SarI l-'I ruando .. arr. 11.00

_. -.S. "St. Patrick." S.S. "Naparima."
a San Feruani .. d.p 9 30 a.m [.'. ,s .. dep 6.30 a m.
e arr. 230 p.m. ISan Fernando arr. 11.00
',ast andi Saiu Ft'rnalido tl iP'rt-ofl-Spn u will be the usual fares.
I.-Usual Service will be resumed.
o San Ferinand for the Regatta will he issued at single fares for tbe

P 1 nck"u .Islands and Bocas Service. ____
-MONDAY, 24th-DECEMBER.-- h-lPara k -ll-leavc Potl-of-Spain at 4 na.mTf ir Chlncacheacue direct. She will leave Cha-
Seachacare' at_ .. til i l ttl l'l st >'atOn t p ''tcrl.'s, % .v 1ad1 will arri\- at P rit '-'pain ab ut 8.u25 am.
e '1 'Bt. -Paatrick"i ll Iv Port-,t-Spla;iu a .tl I i. '. Killing at all stations ti. C'haechaelare, and i ill r'etmta from there
about 6.15 p1 fur till stati,' o 'ns \'''pt Tet-er-.n', liay, arr"ivi g IPort-of-Spain about 8.15 p.m.
TUESDAY, 25th DECEMBER.-(Christmas Day)-No Boat. ,r -,
WEDNESDAY, 26th DECEMBER.-Th .'.'Paria' will. perf.ori her us-ual ,dnsdav- service.
- THnRSDAY, 27th DECEMBER.--Tie "Paria" will Jpei'furI her service as on Mondays.
FRIDAY 28th. and SATURDAY 29th DECEMBER.-The "Paria" will rus as usual. -
--- MondayDA, 31st DECEMBER.-Thie "Paria" will run usual. --
The "BLt Patrick" will leave Port-of-Spain at I p.m. t'alliug at all stations to Chaeachacar'e, aund will return from there at
M'". 15 for all ation,"e ."ct Ty't',ro'i BtV, arriving P.'-t-of-Spai about 8.15 p.m.
&'1. D TU DAYI, 5t JANUA Y.--" "St. at. tr- Port-of-Spain at 9 a.m. for Chacachivare via all stations. She
i" leave Ch(a-achaCare at 2.-3j p.m ', cal t ill tatio i and arrive Po'rt-of-Spa i at about 5.55.
Return ERxcrion tickets ainailable for the day .('lly will be issued for single fares--Ordinary Return Tickets are available
St..r the r 'otnurn riltn;Y within t ule wccli.
N EBsDAY, 2nd JARUARY.-The "Paria" will pero.i her seC-rvicr.e as on Moudays.

N.B,-For further details "a Placards. H. R. MARWOOD,
b&in1, 1. e H. R l MAie .OOD ",
S1917. .General Manager and Chif Engwer.



San Fernando _____

'E .-' J.-d-- -
Motor Accesso ies. -Engineers .. ........

1 ------ -...- --
j \. 1 .- Q 1.-4- F -z ^


Oilfield Supplies. Estates Supplies.


iPort-of-Spain, San Fernando and Princes Town)

\V 1 S I-I

Their ,Lin~erou~s CtFstoniers

9J Prosperous

flew year,

And solicit their continued patronage.


Low Premiums Good Bonuses
and Straight Dealings.
AUl information gladly lfnujieid by the Agents.
FRnANCIS DROWnE. r-on-of Spain._
WALTER W, pOHYUN, San Fernando.

Sle public in ge teral is hereby notified noi
0 togne any crrdi o_ o .' ) ilf-'-lana Iri'h
o Palo 0 eco, as I wil not be reisp ,n.ble for
any dltbt okl-de'sconors tid by her.stie having
itl rmy house and protection without an, ju.-i
cause Mince 15th April, 1913. RSIsARD iA SA mL
lKaBa Palo bao.

F- nPRIC, i

Savana f anIe Exhibition0
T E people of bthe Souther .Ditict are
as E 1vbear i mird that
The Agricultural Exhibition
and Sporting Competitions
-To be heldif APrincejs Town
-Ca 2-d'Tebrua3y, S91s, -
are opEtird to all Southerners, Schoola ieldhd.
a- 'pIat,on formarid catalogue& can 'be ob-
tia ed at lhe Warden's ofiqe, from
Sccrecaay, ard appb utiofos rt m ..ade Ir
spice pm or before 9tJanuary,, Is

*, ~


- -


I !

' *


.ueto m -4 daeclaf'aoo" Blidla to-tbat-.A
M t of abstraction t water, namely, t5
Lt4enna are 'mKenti5d ao altw al
tn working to fflow, Into the' iver
Venfa-" ...... trbtoia -" --- a; ..a tu .-.-i. poilu.
-- t- the water e rier r flowing through
__ i o _.ta-ppaellallw erripsiaiBpuoperty
STheir LordsblpJ are however of opinion
'that no injncrtion should go forthwith. The
declaration will nfeguardlbe ippellauts' rigbts
md no pecuniary harm worth mentloniug is
being done at present. The reeppotdento, by
their coanel, have gi;eq an undertaklug to
F ty fi e'- l he to time ahy rdaulitge actually
foand by the Court of Pirat lubLince to have

and, their Lordshtps opino, thry oug
to have a reasonable and ample tioe" withl
S, which to find some inean, of securing them
t selves if.their operations. They may be abl
to intercept the water re..jdred before it ha
'.. r reached the Vensiguy. so as to become th
subject o( rights In the appcllants at all. lrhe
ba my he--able to interecypt-he oll;-whichitbeh
S t free, before It rencheq the riter. If so
tnlmf will be required for the neceeary works
It aUi. be sutficlent to ghe to the appellant
l.... l -'lppl. ftorInjunctiUons to the Cour
~usatapnte "iter a perlogi of two years
Of entire, the tespondeots mustL pay the coit
here and below. Their t onrdships wilt humbly
advise It isMajesty tcorillrigly.

Stollmeyer v. The Petroleum Develop
meant Co., Ltd.
In this case a lower ripariau proprJrlor's
ght ib ithe onpollutet, ilow of waler Ila -
watercourse have been ioltate- by an upper
riparian proprietor in the course of wore ng
the up per lands, and will continue to be oac
vtolahe tiniles the latter take steps to stop
the nilaunce, which he contends are commer-
cdally Impracticable. The question is whether
the injured party must rest contented with a
judgment for accrued damages and the right
toue their damage rom time to time.
--o tliH-atllto .an Iujunuction -oi
a ppoittof lf'rig(t. Thie ciurt below (Black.
wood-Wright; J., dils.) have held the former.
There Is snme evidence that, independently
.. of any coainecicu working, rertaif amount
f petroleum oozes out of the ground and find
Its way to the stream. To that extent the
Sappellat'as right, are rights in a flow
of oly witer but the fact gives the
respondents o rTight to make it more oily
themselves. The only result la that they can-
-ot be required to prevent the escape otoll nto
the strean, in.t so far as it in enUirely due to
S natural causes.
It is also contended that volumes of salt
-- -water, -which frequently ecape from subjacent
strala wIAa. Lhe.rsapandenta have penetrated
them with their bore holes. find their way
inlo la e orreltint indepredentliof any pumping
opetatilon, whib the reairreoas cartv ou.
rof. n4y struesloual work s which they hlme
fltp 5 t tht-4aor-the B6d eiiit'-poi t lullon
W M ldeut cannot be hehl reippoi-'
ghg txiat d', i.tropnonu the evidorct
_llt _t_ la fsh this pant. Even It It o0'
l astallet that Balwatl by natural pre*suire LirnI tbllie respouderins '
Sboe hole, Would In fily ca'e flow down to the

sbotom fhe rilue where the ul ra ry1i1.
and would not be evaporated or ah!6r,1I oil
[le vhy, which is by no UIca`ns Cdeir, the lact
repudin, th1tILe or t: A 1 reorso1r oli III th
I thee V ant r I -I r ulla ILIt .L t v 1Aht,
S the appelli' part o the erenua either by
S.- erfloing the tp of thlie tprjnits' luk
W1. by bchng lhtwrntl thriougli hluimc,. ,11 b|.:

filt y nter lut Lg .. I, r I .AL t j Ir l tlle -trinin,
o snd i are t rierftitr rep, it. itle fotiur mfrit ing

appl J rui v.a,'. ,-1, tll t i ,iilg 1 0ir
Sth or na Ir .i iT ece-ir i i-i tI,, titil n ieo
Sfepc sdenetly it, r,i I. o-retio a
and the g1rallrI aul iu ,t e ,rrt.'i, r lpt.
.- -- ---'lbe gr nol o Ll IIIJlID0.I,11 14' IA0 p rln[`,Lr
XCgUI-lI3 doAI II [l.l bh I Ilb,6t CLhey hner
,lrrcuL I itaihorii a nj c ,.i i, ao1 i--%o )gc iir'
[ st idr g uat d i,. pCi pCtl1LingtharukeI ilimper ,th
Gr Light 1and Coke Comup-e v. BrocIbeit.
7 ILL C st p. pli., Pernningrtc ra ri. ]rmoi)
Hall Coal Comprti, .Ch, 5 eI t D 7,. tn
"..glih v. Metropoitao Water Board, 1907,
aY..,B, Rt p.- 03., titte Is o mere dicruat to the
rtiaLeary). The discretin of the coirlt In the
f r t of tchruol lIu eious is c rCgaorly eInrye le
Ta tlors.e: helrLoardshopet ce- no- reason
to dieptrl from no nulilorii preaclice. an-I
ltitough they fully niprecrte tIhe relictuonre
e.. dressed by the Co(onsr of ,iulndad, in view the uptchilciee-uiron uee-nF'W the pettoleum
| a dutry, t'hey rio not think that they dilc,.er.-
Latire the I-reeent frour other lTlnee
must be an islunetiour therefore, to retrain
tb' Cturyonleots litnta rm uiimilng from their
-- et. or sluffeilng to escape from Uneir ima-
pounding [nuke or reservo.ra or ofhet'ilse
dlcbarginug oil or salt waoier, In sucin n wu
that the) or either of theu shall readc tlhe
S Ri-,er Vance or its tributnrie, so asa to pollute
the water thereof to the nuirsoce or Injury of
7 tlaedsp a eere, ever, of opinion
trdsat' It"olnd flot be rilht to. enforce the in-
r junctlon at once. The tooi to Ithe reaponudent
would tbei out of olt proportion to thar--tppel.
a1tv1 gin, aud on the reIplndeuta undertaking
as they have done, lu, pay front time to tine
unch pecuolary diuingros an their work
may be fsivil to ocd to the appellant
n-iotu Iaqsrj belore the Caurt of Firat Instance,
Ihep 5h-ltl'l s 'bat-jns~ticli will be dose If the
o*3ieh t5i -tisj s- ha suspended for
r Iwo yearn to aloe an ample opportunsly to the
- nto carry out any-winks -neweasart-
e j oansve it, asmes of complaint, with liberty
further sitayeuss-t, it fpectal groouda coo be

-J~aenty accodlinily.

['/'ilOIll 1 H\'I.R
Thefr ia iniui '-itt r.ln, a ,nit I-lphoil
lrver aludng lie flitilttildis iJn- Ihe itlflc-ft
The tiirictl Mill ffic. Officer hal reaiiimti into
other lite rermi.vl of IlierchllIeii ,i f lMr
WIlairitl 'inlalor a om ilryso ago uwlitig to lire
fac thatlitirr cuiMhr v.D nly tarhill wtlii hi
S alody smilis1e [t' 1,',i'r Mr. Tmlor "t'aniie
i., I tll asil qc :ini,>d ai .unday l.'r. Tire
*fauri l oerinhbu' N -- rforn rilltii t util
S Sh plirrd.Chdlich lli II t, Itv. W T. ini t nmiil
Ctorp"ata'ltkerS'lo % a frl'inndo|li, Ilc n,),i .
lay IraltinU 6t Iifairinlei Ot Ihbr Siri lt.rimmlni
d i- ttrrQ.e .lha fasilly loumnieo
LnmoAirNO WITtH alhTCt(.
t. o IS eightt oat h iouse rf
unlmmaaust!i lnI wal set on rire rnld Mr
ItB H.1 If(s1fo. whno renled a iFhoit tililaicr
'., --amy t Sl lfor tm police On fPirnarrival
S t hbrie tefstirB(u-llilui i apparaius the
-flame had already Ien pil nut bll neghltoura.
fleao-eW Cannl 1i) Dolly Marliilal. a gir] l







mt MU new.b unlet' one
cr M hJgloa JdiUtnt ai the
ie id an. e aRly breai- Other pleces
rin g emuht,.Apart from these article
i eia giwut no damage was done.
MeCtM wu burnL oa the neck.


It will be welcome neti to practitionera and_
alt Iotheri ocer-ned ta- kiow that -tisnow
possible to transact all non coutentioua probate
and administration matter i n Fernando.
The last llfficulty hat been removed by the
"appoltniment of the Sub-Receiver at San Ver-
nasndo as the- proper officer under the Estate
DultyOrdlnance. Sorme time ago in referring
to ithe appointment of the Sub-Registrar at
San ternaudo a Dictrci delcgare" for

Probate Ordinance the TRINIDAD Gr.oOrDIAtt
pointed out that no nbuim-e. could be trans.
acted because there waIs no piofper officer here.
The Sub-registrar has alisobeen appointed dis-
trict delegate for the county of St. PaLtrick.
$12 per Month..-
At the Police Court yesterday, before Mr. H.
P. Ganlterume S.M. t1freda Eugenie Brown
charged Chas. leinrt lirown, her husband,
with deserlthg herself anid two children on
March 19ith.
Mr. E. H. Gibbon appeared for the com-
plainant and stated that defendant would con-
sent to an order or 12 per month, front Apilt
-Defendant pleaded gullty and agreed to pay-
$12 a month.
The Malagiste ordered accordingly.
A charge by the wife against the husband
for making use of threats to her on March 18
at Sutton Street, waawithdrawn.
Ramupersad Soonna pleaded guilty to re-
ceo Imong--n- e n Lhorane"-talued at about -j30,
the property of the St. Madeleine Sugar Co.
Mr. E. Scipio Pollard, K.C., instructed by
Mr. E. H Gibbon, appeared for the defendant.
.The._case_. was laid by Corporal Selferr .ad-
Inspector T. W. Car prosecuted. -
Defendant n, -d-i. -11i--.. -i... _._


Tunapuna Spbrts: g .t First
Sa. RckR e.( 75 yards.) Open. First pri
SUCCESSFUL HOLIDAY MERTING. prize by A. tL:,Vauban. n. tsce tee A.
-A A. Connetl
In Aid oft'"Bria M nd Portugue.e C, Watta .. ._,
Red Gum .440 Yards Flat Race.' Open. First -iz
Ted A thti preenied by Lhe Warden. Tacarigna. seqmd
eld n the byr nowarehouse.
T__5yuaahUe.k-, Idr.H.S____* P*rrc roLng

sin of the British and Portuguese Red Cia
fnida were favored with nearly all the
- equisie -fora- a -ccsliiineeiffng-;: good
weather, numerous entriea and a very large
attendance, the only essent al lacking being
good management. In consequence of the
faulty arrangements made there were
many complaints from occupiers ol tlhe stand
whi ire lretrred toistad'on thbe reafs provided.
co an to be able to see the evenit-, snd eveu
Ihen they lid so wlih difficult, owing to llthe
... .. .... .. .. .. ,, .

The ianrocmeut was atlso reesponible tfor teb
fact that thle half-mile handicap ladies' cycle
race wa not saitidactorily contend ,ricd will
hare to be re run on a day to be fixzd by lthe
Committee. The sports or a whole were the
mointl uccesulul ever beld at Tunspuna. tbe
L.rinds bil prounda being filled with lively
.good.olatru.d- cro.d,--all of-wholu-,erfcl-bent
on harvlng a good day's sport. The attenrdacrc
far exceeded the umot sangulin expacclriout ot
the Coarmltree and the funds fo the benefit
of-whii-li-the--Epcrta were held, ought to be
richer by napod nuny dollars when reckou-
luRs are maue. The coonpetltora ccame fro
all quarters of the islbud, aome of tile
bea eofrach district aking part. It wsn untor-
Lunate that early io the programme the star
cycliH- of Tunapuna, N. Mitchell, fell when
victor) for him seemed to be assured, and dim-
located Ios" left collar Wtiue iJeceibiatrilug bh
bing trken to the tDiltrict hoapltal. Ricvldr
was keen betweeu the various dielrict.U reprc
BeUtied, with the reull thLat there were tome
exnehlng fimnthe,.
At the conclusion of the rpourta, the prizes,
which were haodtome ouca wsre diAtribited h b
the Warden who addisaied the winners in'
congratulatory terms, and" then addressing the
gatbeiing said, that they all had to thank the
-Gommrnitce for the iay they bad managed
matters ; they had managed Lhlungs very nell.
-and--It was due to-thdr-lfforts-tbat the--bad-
hiod such a ouccestful day's sports. He'hnped
in future dcar that they would bhave a per-
manent stand, aud he had no doubt that the
-Goaerumnur-ronld do what they coulnid to help
them. He then called for Ltr'ee cheer tor

P. Didie ... .
Sergi Bynce .z
r arawhimle it wait%%" d to-Ll ,sba.i-W.ldlb_
the ,inner between Didler and "l)vnoc s o eea
wai the struggle, but a few )arJd from thetape
Dilier juAt managedti to case up and breasted
the tape barely ahea..
Thiee tiles Champiou-hip Rare. Oip n t10
two rerL'::rirrtortte irom tile all]c.,trnu derricl-.,
; I ,. ,'.ir piuyai 5t lui', er. J'.fh
. ,,,, I.t ,iiii.nt iwo, Seortiath i i,' ttia
* , r... ,.. n r-lrm ix-,i'isedh

i .'lc,'c Ilap prie i:ntrance lc
-r,. t:. ryl'u ,, al "
Wictklimin Sar Ferndol -
Bichan (Sun Feruando) lap prize.
* Reprereutatlles Irom Port-of-Spain, San
Fernandlo Tuonapna and Si Joseph, faced the
Satit,. Grea'-cr. winluag -, O lncra silh-
Wiclthau m itcond.
Hall Mile Donkey Race. Open. Firetprlte
159. Second prize ?a. 6d. Entrance lee 2s.
liaiter Wilhlami (enua) - I
Ol) t.o %atariers.
Pole Jump. Open. FirtL priie presented by
Waterman 'The Hatter." Secend prize h'
Arnot. Lombie & Co.
Joraliau 1
Oblin.r--' -. -
i.ll Mile ilic)rle R.,,, L i,;--s liIarnli
cap. Fir.t prize rrcuenticj by Mr. J. A.
Romeo _,Secoid pre b ) IMr. L. Roberit.
Eatrancr free
Onliig to the fact that the bi. ,ia-ruog-la-
thyi i.IrD tiure. cutting aliirt the race by Va lp.
iit as decideJ th t it ubuiilJ Ije run er at a
[Lmnie -dle.
Thr,.e Milea B;ocle R..ce Hi' Open.
Fir .rc pru re iil-.l r t,- the lu'l .' G K a
St:at.J ri;re b. i joctl arnTrtuO t FartaUce
fre tlo
_ Wick.hui lcab.,- w r, .
rcae i won i,-iti 1 'Wicklham a, t tr,.:.k
j.- y.rtiiaiir t a hirt right lt -ecoand pli.c

- .; .


u t pleuaeu Kuuty auu was tinFd f. ltl u Commitiee, witec w ere eiretlaav given. A
o-- ..ry., ddrea.l. g Ig W% an-liei ande u gcrile- .
65 FOR PHRJURY. IIra on behalf of frlrmitc -aid ha bey tumral SOCclt. o
B. Pacheco was giving evidence In a case in bad to return sincere th ska to the Waajel
ahich Chady was charged with the theft of if r the cery valnc ble assismiice he tad rten. -. I u rr I
wood. Chady dcfence-was that-Pacheco had lered them. WurhouThis-AlitAeuc ,lhey]aId R ON- I .' .-RIN
sold him the wood. Pacheco denied this. no doubt th.a the ery successful d v's sprt-: -- u r
Corporal Jordan proved that Pacheco had Maid which had lust come to a clo-ce, could uot uia ie O s',-tyrd altric a the Nuta-,ir.n. u i:-
that he bad h sold Chady the wood. teen Ihe tucesib h. 1 b een They s-ere a -'CL y."IclLunmlor .;-iu, hIi.. deia--.:. iral]io
The Magistrate dismissed theR galnpt deeply Inlebted to hlui ler coming cthl ere ih.,t o np . -ir 11 le .. ..t Mr n J-- - --.
Chadv and told Pacheco that he had told a -lay and c cia, uing ai jm.dge and r, -o lir a -i, 'i-on BuA ir 1 L x Pi -,l- lTe aItite.lauc
wirhed lie witch might have t .tin -I to Chidy rrmtm-umlrg the y'te.-a l re bhan c-i lb L-'t'i l user t- a ac- al-aid- Itn tic ur rI f r 1R IRv
,eimg impiroued. He Cfined Paceco Ca 3. or tertiul re alt.,- a -. i.i, : ,,, ,h 1 oti herh-i ..i..h d ....I ..C.-.u... .... f h, r l
ourn irlonthb' iuipriaoniiLnn isltl hSard J l,ounr tho bad precriule- i f h i i itho-e h ru, ~ 'i-, l a-a u. r tcait a l, i -|
-- -T t llafuL.,.l nlt.i te pr,'.- whvi li r ere ma a-i-Ir. .-.. A l T S "
rime pr H F OF A MUID E. i-ilt largely .-,p.:,iic,, i .r t ile ,u:ti.iur be C Ib.. I u ,i o c r -I i ,- ,
'riiaviJ Sluck pleaded guilty to the th ibet of a .. ..-triL- i ,ii-ch h.-I.I characti..-r ,o:l he ] porti He btr -l m i ,! u ,,1 u rr, i eh- u.I- .... ..
inen from St. Ct cll an r. i 1 31Uhimpi aimnc. a 11 11. picr i. .- iu .r :- 1 : -
Io,',.1-1,,1-1...... ....Il,-br .I..: It.: PE._-,,,
-R KEi Li ar f i ta air . i,
rurcot us111ti-roe- ItI mr. The Results. oer.r..-.,l I lit rtuIr-. -a- or I i.u7tr ,.ilc:tc-J tW --- -- ---------- ---
ha .-I ..-i bevv-.- mr ,a rh
CRICKET. it. -di -;Ir :it-.1i.aa i-7 I.1.1.- lliaa;sr ItNIT ar t-o r --ir---s515r
Tr1. l r u.' r,,t '1-i 1 at ar r,, n 'l- ,I ,, .. "
T'le R, HAM U i CLiP COM _i t lIrat ie eti, ,r al t,,.', h, ro N 0 B A R

l...i.y TOb ) ii, '. tii i i':, ,,, lA. : i,'_-trth, t.ti_, r it-., hhu !.in i i l, h c 1,,,- a ti, -, tl 1|
., i l d 'NTi A I it J. lr, 1 ;- l. .fa: e Ie .i- itJa l t-,--., ,Il, isl, il- lLai-- 11- u-, j
aml T,Ai.,l l c-I.aiuv c i-'1oi0,N.i tI t.t. .U . . "-m amN U m. i m v -a -.

oil na d sr o n 1 .-.. I e .,- a- ,1r, r n I..-II-c i r,'i-'- t,, i.l . ,i ..- ,I,-m1o10c"-i ,-"l.I,_eke ... i.I-.
it. 1., it ar .,]e , p .c R a le. t. u-, .I., ,. .. L t l iii,, In,

I -i.'' I. l. -.,1I ,.r.i i c i Iia 1 R e .1-itt Firs p am a I Ir .-'t,l "ed "
"t rel r cal. u t mlr ,,U alat,.rt, I It d r, Ie, ,-L C ,Nh i-' '--- .-I i- I i t, .-rw. ,rlu ,.,Ia- ,i m .t -i

A R I W A o b s^ -^V h, L,
., ,, -, 31o A 1% r,.:11a i.t .,d ort. Co.LibiorIt ,, I t .- a, .. .., H 'n-o t I-tu a t.. a

ft r I,-, A .1 a l I. r c th i, .h m i-e i L r i,,oL-,, I rh r t
his eLi, not at .tlu ar.iii diha Second l ar, t e c Mr I ohe ht E t'l t lli, e i n lu l -' e c rii d irtrJ he

lAo r u irbMerond on te roumra nd i nl auce l ree r-. 1 i bar]ro ce co-n-c He ab d aem g ,Nm a-bR oRrDr c i
Slc r, S ic `1- ,. k t r iu i .rI- i -0 f ad.,i, ,O, .] Io re
C RCel il di C, wa c O p c ed t h ofirn u st Irp t la.Cl tuaal uo.,iul Io I. ai t, e l.:in oti i.-. > .e yaoilt A 11 l c b, ,TO I

lor e h os by 8 won The h i nr ta-ic- n .ic mt ica ln it m s d c aat iut r cmrim -i-5 i It
all cat liornr Co4 lle. nd E P Ioeph e 1 and tr e by C M L. re f.l i D,. p hI. tiam. ai- tl. thl l imo t eL mm-a in
of 5i- ,c ok q Hili T arriinl l theirbl r at hatch.d i wloi U ;. (_ rcao -are b-i a a-,Ihit -l, ia ti t a, ,. ne -

Tret r rhe lit II ,, n Li Si, c i, AOh b harrow y Dr o ai al.111 n l l TilraC eli naus I ia u ar. l l rihr p l I l e t o a tp t a a .. h
2 e s li ac eno t o t. i n g. fola d c 'a .b a- i e hpcr i p e e n o I' fi ll. t ae b -:c H R a. r e rb- P "hla la er a et m mhe a 0 1 hbe w, a ll
1 1orl i! n il t.r... l,f_ r 16ic[ r rfl la pl g I ll-lle. TO hall. ,,I ,. I IrthanI. ,: ,-, i n,lture', wc l lv Hel .ed a r igi ,!q elt- re.' r '

Robertiie i r. rethi g hl e blu lli .o i I l-o e ael Oe I n m o hoi n -c in e t or' nd Prif
"lh~ a~l n ~'l i I ilii,- l \' r i t.l ol, l ea. r Pay Pk. Cic o r.i, il,- ter Ib ei. n Thc e I t, .,iTa hi rl 0 le i am-

-CR ICK E a r fOa of ll'eIa' ( ., i N ||DA I. H M iflo- iccl.R ,e 0pe (L n .,).. O1 Ir. pn p r . .. ni-r n [I, I "l su P .-.
SIorer lr .-e i rt l <, nlei eu as ,ro ble o dupp For io h action oai d To rns, Vci cl
A HOiR .,RN v :;. S Y \Re he b OLcGE. ilh,rI ]eoeoe,.lvl e-, a N rI 5 G , -dHllGt: -,-r- e a1d ci111.

tOH Mondayn atr Il t .Pah e pe r N- a I- .,y 1 ,Iee l Ie nc a.r1 t Ml nr ,I a-k m ,lr hi, ,.aF vole r 1 11 ELIl
tfrom St i tr) trC olle ge ,P oi,,l l n e Pli me I ,1, -p I bct, 1 yen-Ir co r. thtIlit e !e .i- ai .
here lo N pl t-IHoloru C Cl I b lh ru ba.yted i Ra,.ed i S"a-oi,-a- rtr,&Cai. u i us ,,:tr reared- P i u ... R:a-.: an, belllS tar ils. re ,r ii

i29, Gen La rence 12. St. ISiar) n o .,llege on iup.:r r peed t h l ipe ntOa.-H R t. p'o, t mit a at er at o he e wa tt
wAre out or o n3 iLIAtiae togdIay o-,the.lgound.c:,ur.,elaceaLiellee. Irdoom he aret to ,rOIc hl, could r ,a or-:,t Iry,,t R R ER
of- 1 ie Vluur., CC., us;I Ii rIet ,t g.oe oro I ra.First p r, s iaa orHenr ,rtplale hbow gtie feared r

i h Oc t t i c e n. he h oa a n fi r-ba-n - "-2 clu c ls li ryc. W HA RT O an

prl is Al rr,,y -h pb th A i- 1- - 1i ntranc-10.ah-iwnn --Ii.-ih4Rr
C. ni r t o eer, aI e t to the1 yoe T t 3 B INGS Port-of-Spi it .
_iin ed l lywCR i and t it r b arm c nc e i ri-i- . "t!heI n 2 c a- r th I MMsIlTm ,dTiufrS ..,Pho 626.
R Ill a e w anr the riai che R Iae p rre b a sf iti t, e h tie. T o cuFen.c r, Iii. p jr h Nt im
ta g l.Th, N dON tCC v.Q.R hc, m pracewno a S ahatori, ScLt&e o. is'nethen r reredmPoLba-ueha h air- d s i.ho td r Sn ifr
tiddiaiaw dSecond ,rocp bbYuArroRoberteEcngthIout getin plcIifitnhwere oa. hie h w o-rl b rr -yn PPlP p e
At Ar teu a iMn hna ler Mnnday on the grounds le d tra0 ce fee lst. RntileOowlpen.aPhl ze ort of chrcs They weu, ,rl an,] i gem thE [ YOUR ORDER e
tob the Stennro C C. a ver u Int0eresting gfamo I Gread eb. I nubato-rout hinti a4 metoh boto get the bdl ar-
tim rick of.... Wq l.,edW belo .... eOSe l le1hi 01, u nit thephrizeb Sr... ,ll y .. were ..... a i'Itee olpo p ..ri.. treo,
C.C ant Q R.Ch whichfl q uth ed in a detesa SGreet fly-n vor nrie In thi Irce, the lnul lievtheri: erg-lues t'he pritn oV1 ,:,3Ilthe yardJ Tnhalt l
(sa the visitors i y3 t8 runs. The home tea m othette -p lptorowh,:, w.a3Ihongllt to bit, e showed hicku hatcheduiu aml'ry ,dFeb, a- J p%
was uaptng ned Iye V. .aitistadele wete isliorA 'yually beatlic pll it cthelnave l ier i 'lyio a lrthR c ar ep 'tia01sIlloemconch
Rew v. S loorley. The game la-elv-t, Iese L'v th." spol ti m for tir ,!a I au- I a c Lerae rof ritIll e tioun. The iucubitor,inpal rca ofiur caI-r11 i
theo r dispowr l, wns pci t a le gramiuic pl-t r y a bict cletlen'gth s us lruamu ui. gettingrnecoalI aumliCIWeret _Out. TIIo__sI 'C ma, saldrbei ra -
tiry n....-_ i m r- plae-by-balta- l wheel. it. oe. r. pleted at 94-0 p.m. e explained t n detail the ;hre teJi the eteeF-nti
Timhe utn le teal i Pall of im e klfrlogo. elec Ied li Slards l7at-Rlace. Open.Boa (L it prize caru i g of ch' cks.-aThey--were La ken fros rthe
toi bt,uae-tri Meidonitnfo l Davis ItIealm g pl crid -by" J. Glea0lin tin e Sz.CO. t uror de I inubiatorie i rn e odaysu o fiet beingcolelsto i ond
0he botinari ofs Wallenannitrl- ri dge. t aturtee prize by l trc M. Rigsby. otrauiceiree Is. were peunes rgupotito Pe hPthree-etonthto' ola.s ,ih.a'es
firat file ,licketr fell q' v ckly.r f .irlact i al e st Sergit. ITtCOO I the) vtte.e givenrfiletria aoe uthea fard Then Pr1s0"? COi aeriba-,tI) allutprpi i.,l
short itiin-iru fo t fr1 h oral- nv aspe Swta r I Tarte nI . . pitpyuweut2 to thea diltie o p01o s himat Ire-Baire a d S i-tlIe
changed when R. Iflt i re wet to tile iynoeu .at the plit'l Tu the rapce, bumt DlJer oPlyrsi th Rit kqtnsa I Legyhor in fine cued..
wick, iSsViii.u71hIn,;n nn,| hitthh4 freeh.Il.?ev i-;'not laru hI ndcaf-I rp close ro uTaco rT ba-i e SI m Daerebeten. The ilalue irea of the ci d r 'li
In Antitots er Litc DroJ I. K.loliarJ lgs Uath B tno. r-just v t~imein r. a m is u sparerti aely s rnt aa1,o tIt r ii surptIibg t i n c
hunabng. it ,,m ,ine ,, ite rso ,,,e o twile nod.. .. ......lo.e I.o.-ic uclace (1,11-ui0 .v .....t that vo th aoe ... tHrP o ap e a
Ftirewb rios En73 s t, onllrle I~ lihrontrifirired3 a .n ug moprize pr Ciented ir hya- mr ,,irit m Ire p 'oiru .I. colIytiy ,o.eiriaclahl) brrraheere.C H4sOin rCtoHo
'After hruChethev ttqf,,.,the bowlingo c iit y. eci bySte. A.butira- r er amibyseGsi--i a arealwaysrautometac .faririnnotet.
0. to1ba`is l.0 e McDer ,I- its,, ellee. 'r.eDo rle freo itt ing c The dietiis %isarrangedl a
latest 14,i let l tpscorerm ,iti lls titleu hlI tle Misst eIroe ti(D'Ah.e) .1 ,- ,'enrthern p s etn osppoweast,
a t oa s ee bratd a i r-, r imel,,I wear y a q C r aa- r [ t .p that the lowl wrhhl obtaaiismadelanibe rch d atrno
it, lle i repre.tornlLutg Tn,,p n ,.-, rwI r y. .
arm irt--I ,Ilpdd leIiouupdforrthsnr,"urah, laT-o.c-.sBartholotmew,etmonilebNIi,' rlion-iTtHEiataiveinem ent

sinkby curinghnq tr. ulc E-nin-It hin lnew h nd Iltgh F11111-1e OpmVu-i a i., ri" em rflyeAS.-r Ir I T E exres rner wi agai-n r devices in order to b-
Currie btonWill h r Ou ittm-lln [,hIra "'"i t. tl tI O." I A.r fee o t-: rolth are alwa, rlfir n
ec i,lent toIv.i-. -3eituvbe C.i--r- r- _at_,echemicalsiued can b__p__ rcha__,,_at_&3
S ... mit.P. th... public......... ...... + ....... .-.i _-llfr

ril, I rI l c 1 4eylit u bi.e that It.anit n htm iuit!, 1It iuma. jiIP

Ie ni i..u .. n otaiclrcils w irhoat a n it three apr ..m time iriShI. At the mural of so IMMEDIATE "tu s.o 626. F
T ar t A ,ir 1 91 9 fd bn aot r i tse tb anmg a hu l I n fo es w h i l e W hi e n h e .

. i n- -a

a ... a .. -.-, -

nipi'- 'li- - -' ,... . - - -, -... u a a ' .. .a-

c., -..... ....... r.. .. ..... .'

Uz ~ -~
:.rOVt~Lk M'-.-- -% #re~le




i %I]n -| Heart 'itch P
r s ),ju re lware, the kr
'ir,: ,-.] the latter rots in a veq

* -' : iltt you get only i
L'lilther. "*^

t. ..] .. i orders- to tus.-



for Di ..


DRUG 8TO3E8. ..1

iou of Orders, and Pains.a fl
als which we observe.- -

inccs Town,

L"Lttlcs. Plantations, Factorires,'
oad Properties,

Mis iirry times more effective onA fin tS
iaflnm-,nable materials, sa oils, gsaiOStI
m Ir-am O to 75 fee. T. by requtfe
ipr.raLJ aoa- essniuy. u They cmn oa
r-diate Ceme.
ot this apparatus; it occupies bng
y drug snore at very low cost. T

hese Chemical EagineJ.

A '*- 'r T





~_____~~ ~~~~~_ _~~~~_ ~~__~~~_~~_~~ ~~~







TT will well repiy )our visit to this Departnent if you are g
a general, part, or piece furnishing. However the
just the same for a new piece of Furniture to replace
_shabby-looking -one,-as-or-a new suit, dress or it,
season .-
Furniture being made right HERE can be Sold. C
that was our aim for launching out into the manufacturing
Our prices are cheaper. Buy your piece. or Suite
Prices DEFY COMPErITION. Just tells us your want,,
ings and We will make [the Prices Fit, EVERY TIL

\\'e specialise it this deprrtimrnct and ,s would invitte yo"
us a trial order, ,is % ,ire in a prisition to thoroughly satid.-,
are sure of it. C,' niare our usrk ind you will be conviW
have a beautiful SelecK-,..... i M' :.ulJi t. choose from, .

SThe ""COEFORT' 'Recliningsh
tccl Firaine, adjusts itu t mtLiCall)ti u any pusitiun, Folds Flst-
delightful piece of Furn ture "t, lit.e to see it is _j
Just a few Received Mirked Cheap, SEE IT.


. 1 e n o ielh

. -... ...... la... ... ... .. .. .. ..

.... . .. .. ..... .. .. ..... .. ..a "- ... . .... 7

num r o ri








DUNSIR$%IB', 4--a

WABonyu n

_ .- .'..... ._ __ '.


6, !.. ,



-'-THE TRINIDAD,- GUA-BDIAN --TPE'D AYt -EriAt- 1 -- ..-



& Co.

A l'occasion du Jour de 1'An,
_n u n o u-: -f ai s ons _u--n-
devoir de presenter a tous nos
-clients- et -amis -nos-plus sinceres
souhaits de bonheur et de pros-
- perite. -

___ ___ VWISHI -. .

...- YEAR.--


Con motive de las--fiestas-
A-0-o ,-N-u e-o--n-o-s---e-s--

grato presentar i todos nuestros
clientes v amigos nuestros mas
sinceros-votos de prosperidad y-

The Trinidad


Come Back to Arizona
Far Away in Ho.nolulu
_She's Dixie.all the Time-
For Me and My Gal
Dance and Grow Thin
Itr Butterlly
- Everything is GoingUp


LatesTM-usic Received.


* Hawaiian Blues
Brown Skin

What do you want to make those eyes at
me lor -
Goodbye Broadway, Hello France
My Own lona __
Simple Melody
Hawaiian Butterfly


- 'PHONE 446.

King of the Tyre World.

We'-offer for sale Michelin Outer Covers and Inner Tubes in the
' following sizes:

x 3 3 x
30 x 3
3 X
875" 105
820 X 120
Ssi5 x 105
SSIo x 90 .
__765-x .105 -
76o0 x 90
The price is a little higher than the ordinary grade, but the
long life of this well" known tyre mare than compensates the
additional cost.

S 1 rG '

Cnl.ONlst. Bull.rFlINNr,

ING up City Gurage. 3ii etiiiry S:kr .
S ,a,,l .. ... .. ..pplied tl.I or nig lit ,
pA-5POnlTS Lalrael 3 Ir 7-.c. I'A r iand C,.l.U I.rl. 'n iOne e1'.
PERMITla ISmall) I lor 4Bc. AL "

Kerr's Photo Studio, I 'tho,,e, Rulda Bcfo 7I remotea
0 t u a .k ic'G S 'L B X Ik T ., ( ot-.-_ '--'-' i ', ''"* ' tn ici R cad, San lc rnan do.

Don't Strain Your Ejes.


heir oustomer5


_-igh -them

p happy

and" jjrospoPOU

flew e.


lour de I'An. IIou flOSSt
fai'bunt Oil11 '.uvor deIrjr-..
seat~er LICI 1005 lAS
PIm1i I Ir-:Is lus SOircurcS.
eru1tl ..bonabtur t mIc
pr Spcrjril.

j. s. r..
Ophthalmic (-ffice,
39 Frederick Street.


Ground Provisions
For Good Quality Provisions per
.. lO Jb .. - 1l.50 Tanniag "1 50
Cash-Cosh -a3-,O0 Eddope. 1g00
Daeheen 1 00 (d.r.) 1200
Sweet PotainoB I 001 n',5..;ir,,
Corn on0 ob4 0 be.lltLCe_(r_ 00
OsaBor Oil Beedle, o'ean and dry, $3 00 per
100 lbs.
-Staro0i6 00 to-$7-00 perl0O l.-. accord
ing to quality.
Plantaina 70J. to10 00 per 100, ,,c,:rdiDg
to quailty r.l ] -.
Binana 12.?. to Cua. par Lanori, Lc'ordicg
to quality and rie. .
Cones'g good to TBE MANAGER "
oionnd Provmiones Dpot Port cI-ptio,
.addir. AJpit.:ea and Ru,tlwsyBtaii.-
C-h W. 0. Fh;i ,ir ..._.
Chairman Grounrd lPrt i-i.o oi '-. n. l. turi
'Thoia 1007.


We have twelve good second
hand Pianos for sale by such
makers as Brinsmead, Allison,
Collard, Strong, etc. An excel-
lent opportunity to secure a good
instrument cheaply.
'PHONE _841.

T iE E STAN.L. r LIFL A SI tI1..AN : t .. C r \'. ...1 .'lNl l ,it Edr,. -;Is,-; IF?. a Ind

-" . .. .'^-t -- .... --- N iiiP e' -lT -' ,-' l- ,'--- r-s-i. ,' .

.- ,.i I, .10 A. 1 ,.'"
Particulars on-application to
G. BRUCE AUSTIN, General Agent,

Mantffactured by
Best quality guaranteed. Prices on application.
Prompt and careful attention to orders.


Under Contract with the DOMINION GOVERNMENT a regular fortnightly PASSENGER
CARGO and MAIL SERVICE is maintained hfrm St. John. N L., and Halifax. S., to Demeraxa
via Bermud.a, St Kitt, Antigua, Montserrat. Di:minica, St Lucia, Barbados,.St. Vincent, Grenada
and Trinidad, returning Northbound via tie uarme port..
--- BAGGAGE. :
Heavy Baggage must be delivered to the Company's lighter at the St. Vincent Jetty
between 10 a .. and 1 p.m. oh the day of sailing. Hand h3aggat, only will bi taN.icon the
Passenger Tender.
Passengers are see that their baggage is properly labelled prior lo -.hipiment
Labels can be obtained arthe-Company's Office. All passengers' baggage should be injured an
the Company accepts no responsibility for same.
Passage Tickets ae iemued at the Ccmp:1nj's r.'. _______fices

The Passenger Tender leaves the Lighthouse Jetty at 5 p.m. on sailing days.
For Further Particulars apply to '
Marine Square

S ...Let Your 1918_Profits Double Last Year's.-,..

(Sole Agenta.)
S EB :, C A. D W AY. IDo .1 A.-M

1 I

-s ---''~~I

-- I -~ I i. ~-L



r .I IsIP




Ina r oil

UIF U.,l B. U.

Our Policy is to supply-smart -
and. reliable.
at reasonable prices.

5- 4

-- -. -


need good dressings;

We have them.

TheM T0q vd1 gtrs.


SCorby's Oanadian Whifky

Distilled and Bottled
Under Canadian Government Supervinion.


D LCIA TOILET CREAM, a delicate c4nollient ior toiler u / asoft .amoatch skin. preierv-
ina it from the action of cold, and bright sunshine. RECOMMIENDED FOR SUNBURN.
I.AIT LAROLA.-A preparation possessing cooling and refreshing properties. It alloys
,. kin iritalion. Gentlemen will find it very soothing after shaving.
SBEETHAM'S GLYCERINE & CUCUMBER, when applied to the hair, will be found to render it
and soft dlky.
S:Also LAIT ANTIPHELIQUI, a French preparation for the cdin.
--'Phone-925. Wholesale-& Retail CheMiats. Night Bell.

the TrMiad lectrio !Iof Ltt.1

A cabic hs bccn- reeced from the Direc/ors s/a/ting
1/ l1) 0 '/li wll'no p/ay any D:,1'dc;:d oi // Ie C,".mmon
Slock o i/he Comp.any for qua;'r/ nd& ng .J I /ac ch s,s

Gae cial c-Maner.

S Under ConMtrat illb the DO MINf ON GOVER StNT a regular Three-weekly PASSENGER
1' CRGO and MAI SERVICE i maintained from S. John. N., and Halifax. N.S, to Demerar.
via Bermuda. St.Kita Anti ua. MnntsenTat, Dominica, St. Luca, Barbados, SL Vincent, Grenada,
Trinidad. returanit Northbound via the lame ports
..... .. 'BAGGAGE. -
Heavy SsngSpb must be delivare to the Compsany's lighterdat the SL Vinkr-nt Jetty
6eotwen 10 a.. and 1 p.m. on the day of sailing. Hand baggage only will be taken on the
t.Taaa ee T. .na. .r ---
'isiaeoBsenger -are requested to nee 'that their baggage Is properly labdlod prior to chipments
5 Lah s can obtained at the Cotmpany' Oire. All pa iengera' Ktggge a should be inaured as
4 thaeCompany accept no responslbilly for same.
Paomage Tkicte are Iasued at the Cnnpany's Offices only.
The Pasenger Tender leaves the Lgktliouse' Jetty at 5 p.m. on snaling days.
or Further Particulam apply to:
SMarine .Squaro

eaoria tSoteU
S crrlag andclour Bar and Billiard Room.

VARNISHES: SINf the re opening" further
a ii, improvements have been made.
1,rcrut.. a.r. Rech rche Luncheons
W1Oen'. can. now be had at. the shortest
1LI ..' notice and at moderate prices.
De Verteuia & Co. pie
n enery rete. Ptmtie r .' The Cuisine is of the
3o lliery sir-ri. T'ione IS _.
Very Best.
OU.-R, -PECI"A..jT ftrHE BAR is replete with the
) rt 'Finest stock of
S airits. Liquehjrs,. Wines,

a - / 7-' t"
'. --'n . , .- , '

Good as Beforel
Stronger than Ever!!
Under the 'ole M! naem.nt on i r fil. lonF
experienced Dt-acD J. WO.W:," -e hb.ocl ,g r
irin., the CARLTON HOTEL ,c rua teeter
thun hitherto, a~le to cII i.i fre .cincc C-if
one and all trF:emariailj.e improve'.-crni in
ever/ direciuon I
Chiicest flenus Dallf.
Special mea3li uppli ,d at qjic:l:..:t notice.
Don't Fail! Visit T iE. CARLTON.-
'eraci te Ilcnr -i rrct .,ri, Marnue aqunie.
J. WOOD, 1 Inagor & Prcprielor

TItl FLBItC in Eon.t I r erebv nrcfted
o notlto a'e ar' c-'edit r iany person or
paieonc itn my nan-. tceit upon a' anrnen
order sined Ihv m.'vll c,r frr la,-,i .tme
Spain. March .?nd, 191i8

here nrnrify ihe ppuni, in g-r,.ral that i
Cam not under the proirctilon r i rmy huoanrid,
Corneliou Jain..-. l,,cam to lt hib bou-,e _e en
nearqa-iao for rteauoncblhe cra.e ELLZ-'G1TII
JA&aiis. Sinajra.

SEG to ntola ri hr. cubh.c tht I wil
tat bcld mviell r. oD.bre r any debt or
da nb' r cctnr t-",I i. tni i tl e .[boe ilphan. e
Th'ima6. ?he DWvIniF Ingi r,- roau-a anj pro.
clcicn ORtr ,i- a ITv rI. c Fr,.:'.l-.

Ihereby warn the paonIC :i general that I Jo
not hold myself ri--poniblt Ifor uny debt
contracted by arc cwife Marv B lardell. ohe
bemg no longer under n/ icOntol. J. Blea-
dell. -

T HE PUBLIC ia here .w.rned not to.bliv.
or ,n an) wag d.-l win n p'cpeityl'M W.
High Street, can Fern u--. si lhat prop-iYt
waas ol -T Il-fr. Jime Acllih irliv nti3 nimr
Joaieph Lozire hv dead doled March
S1th. 191B. 'rI ,;J H a,-.b, n a,,d Kelo,-Il.
Solicicor3. for Jamrica Allnhar.

CH\UFFEUR lo anit _' B ,i-.t". and F< rd"
' Cai. WDrg-.i r Ior, per day. Apply 10
Wa..'riL-.i0 USINBi. C.rapichalnua.

Apply to MAr. JAM'ia E Kox, Monnger, Wancrloo
Estaic, Carapchaimh.


* It is the Little Things
that Count:
You need go ntqfather, to be asusoed
of the fact, lIhon to
,ae. a-you-t ilLcaonsulhtil1Aule tan.
who mill giea propealty ownrsa sll
possible help in srctirinl their ranr
despite higl cst of living. by
ling their agency Inin hands.



T IL STAND.iRD LIFE AE -ASStJi. 'NCE V .al A av U ,-i- ,1 i.m L, i-. i1sZ!6. .Luc
s tas I c.rprrated L.) r l cL-J Atct of Prl.ameit in 1910. It i. uzi o r ,Ec Lare: r fi n be P'rF idc.
l uac i ric in a mcBniam.

in? .':- rain,
i :r iv:,
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Particulars on application to


Mlanuiact ured by
est quality guaranteed. Prices on application.
Prompt and careful atteCioon to orders.


51, Marine Square,

Shipping & Commission Agent,
Import & Export.


New York & Toronto



Brown GCnvwas Play Oxford 1


e"1r" D nT' "

Embody all the Latest Styles and are notable for Perfect

Fit and Comfort, We Illustrate a few of our lines, but

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S Government BnOdaflaio ,., .'-, c, -
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- ---- ~


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i- -- f N H H wif .

i m PA

p."leswil paradeat the D. .ll for
F IIRST..B&TTALtO,.'" .-';.. -. (.,
.. .. -6TH," 19i ._-1 .-. .-, : ., ." .

paie.C.O. for will paradeat e Dll oom d for .-.Copl

Fsoy W. RI-c Captaln,
Adjutant 1st Bat. T.L I.V.

W, Jrd April--Pbysial Drill 8.15
Friday 5th---Company Drill (Compnlory e .on
the savannah. "The Balthiion will
lease the Drill Hall at 5 p.m. puctn-
-" .. M-- ca-i-. rhrUK -.o ."

Chaguanas Police Court.
Before Mr. C. P. Huggnos, S.M.
Sergeant A. Parrii charged a mile ast
Indian known as Lutchman from Chin Chin
Road. with being found in pi,:.easionof teo
wheel, a cart Eaddlr,a bretchiug. and a palr of
beqTtLict.. r.,n WeduerEda, Maxcha 2;.
ir Ayolul Gha.., appiarid lor the dtlend-
&at i tio t1i. u Ltier 'ai t. i t ,1 o Th eta-

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rii;.ul p rind b4irm g o anuiti- *' ......r at

k.ECK. LESS'i F IF'.i"
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-- BUT--

Authorifyac ; ::


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.. j. ,: ... ... .- THE' TRINIDAD GUA.RDIA N '. T ES A A tTA Y 1 918 -
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i.i. A. Doyle 0ofo ara do h' dine 'hefrln '.e t Inp. Ic ... th fi FARE ,._ .S O T

hIlls ie it inens e dw ,quite r ag i H le tter of the old n erlnt oio y l Ie I -on tie "" i "T 1r bt M-r-u- h i "- -d lbh u app-cap' wl ad y ou
'a oA P aro nal Ann no ro O
+: a p n n h am Hs .. '. Medenarid Perian lterr not 'of r, leadin sro a as --inL to o-thar ad n n : b t Lrt o .i.a. f r tr in: .. ,Jr y
".^- m D no on _L t Mm. ort. leave s n dob t -i: m a ofntebs pg nte atl n -- iA"' t & o les o fi s a y, u-r _.i _t h L.,a ) i l u r tioy _ha Loriv s ;o"'_ __--d a-di es t- bin,- Iia: Ais

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... . . "- .. ---- :.. ... . u--- --, -- --- "-.D a --
H' ar so he _og wa o-- _-cm lo okngaM c Osrn mcI. iu hter.. - "- -ind o .f n s..ja.. -e i in td ( u e s b-.ul m dte a ful pa rt.i.culars so d .Hen r c h lc h t ... i-.
... by Harold e atpresbe nr-i.,,t-L i: gathsin, I Tnnrdsd is t Mr ctremh i eTepectd t.ha -t oeaort wol hAS e- r. .eady
lnajrhsreaardeo-setided Hill*ntallrlfrrifteof-l-lIliahrt ; 1413e a ss rtanc byd clea nin up the nesh and
0. o An- ,enado.le uo l la r dlot__rh..e entomnologispts. had. adde FAREW EL n,.r n ra, *, re -lr ot,,ier, lMel ii- n= -setlif,,, ii ,....e. wy o. th so. OF TI -
. Dr. Ik A... Doyle, I) tian na c- iir' r e nt sv" o I 15 oti r (p). so Ihe hrlt A c. liten otlist air Iill be delaye d. . ,_.
far' msera r tated thet he 10idr r ecove red l "I '. or II Wn raIn A. I- 'I
-r_ id ,on .C P h:sa t ind ,n Tv n id e -e.i tps lsr.-lo of.H r lo ib th w il- nF l bR a A Y.. '.1'
c l l H asts p r0eesto h a .r l.... '.L, .y... anrn;._ |wa t -qb ,fit--o_ Tit, s t1. oo th "acirrt .t...A..-, Cre La | .t.a r.- l. ant..C-l,-...l. P -"-ao- "'

e n dy Sor leave e to ru tiespas o ln of p Itot. aRCl LAt as to T" 5 on -- i ns'
Hrn repi e .i, be il was looking ell T ei1,nI, .. oroGiliert Carter Bal M otha sl er' lere s "ol_ _,l .v r_ _ M A N E.'TO D Yat p .i Sh n n

f. _- I .l inas--s io p-1 o11 .. .c.. -l or Sai 5.-r.lympi, .urn t.i Toe le r' --'- i rl i rks i It-I -i.dr- Q .. n eve '-..- ic i an nd rl le -th -. . .....
tr---g-1buri Sr.- lin- st-re---dE- -tl,--l. .CS- _______ .- r.-. - cr n ,c. -a-.
trrt- l-re T erh n r e.o 'rn,- t I,:tn-e',r, c rlo. i' Sb\rco 'r1.7r,. givinl efur.n c Pei -1o \ a "r e lnA
Eeg iSl titirtis s itiS i Ca lnlemel^. lire Bl C p Triira ffiai can ts tl ye rt b-- -l-st-il tie ai ir v e r r-r cu lro It is 13 ____P __Y --,...__..
r .: d i., .v. ..l I-sr il i .,... I,- l. t -ro i boors.' ;,, S-ri-c a, e i ,.li ve-I f-lilu-: P.r. i ee ..ti i. -hl a 5 .
.- =i-:H wi m JP lf As let Nt I-Ia '-sI** 3snI v. --."eon L\p"o T ke -- and-h tR" Clinil Sciii hea *J- ___
_- r Ci- I o b ro t cImio, I,. eonia In ,u.,oo.i y Ilicl no herl'Wvle e nd -, '- r r ''tl .i "' __" __ .__" ___mu .fur w ords f r Si-p,, ce.- -_ .
l ri t Ike Ir. i rsrm .d.- ----;'--- r-.--_ Tbreelsertio s or thireo r tis -_tt Itii hiir A s PI rO a l
. .... ... So ... I ._- --- -11
Cill e itiru i s I i in l a-ir.e r"r to i'eii s r ail t ir Se L rcl 1, '"ti S ;It o iti" 'e pIi h 'or i di,, IIS All nA, Ii, sod ri r- i d
. _nl 5.rrsl le ballet 141 i iest st. Of tte hi set Ira they n.o- s ofr th- Lute r ilorry bit tc1in ..-,- Bnt-iso'. W"dsndi. s inel -,. 'a.. '-
S.e tiat -tlrt i nis -rets.'.t Lti .- _.i: _r._ It it, r i n tl ttii- i t i t eih i r I ke eotsr]-iil ir Siteke- Nareerfrics be reL" v-l the -%--
I. .. T ....p. -1. *i- . .'-. *i. . -. .. ..... .,1 ... b,,.. we... re ,, i.n i.... .. ot, at _.atir a n .t s an1-a y -"
tIv. r Igberl osr n.s, uar %r ,.l ", ,dn o ,,t si tb rib a Ltle....e. o- i al ... i.. a l et,,] ..i... .-" ',"- .. R-i"t ,,lr 'ii ltlbt a r w -sn- --r 'i t--i-i-- poe -- D r ,. t. ..-
_. our t 0 n Tise t"li-iI i i- -kiti t iaile rei or raeDinI
..- el1 , _i ,. h _. ,. .. . ,,, ,, n ,.nii u- tter.: l- -- :'--- _i- or1 ,in ri the ii- -9 5 A to
-i -0- lirie1.lucd LiLoet l- ,.'; te-Igbill. litit:r If -ifei Sorad- Il. Gtoersil anI ,c.
.. "'str n---. irite e i-. t i-._'_. ie:t..,u ,Il-sit _t -i ,,,-;'ln rI: i; -L:t o1-. e u -p l orb-agit ii It:Li S. -o ..
.. os eni;y-iJOO ------ oiictlIir .i lia ________-I I li "* -*"** hln.*"-: i ., is--.^ o -tt.^

Intl Ii bt si I -i.nre - r l e It r I I, -ar
iii r-. I ek r-i m -trai t-i t iie-. lIrirC-- 1t s Iu ,iti I "'* l.liefte l l" ---:P b ic---ee n f e-it a-. I i

PRO. L r.---_ ... ..P. R M -TR O_ SU __- . r
s,- p iot- bi -e ,' ,II,, r r ly t hor Ibs ia] i-h i.n yo l I be- ). -,i 1ittr' "rS., w ,A T Column \Vith,:uI nl .-' th. A S S a
-.. .h s-. O I l t -t i si -iti i..... I; i .. ..... S.,h ait...i. it-. .- ti ti...- h WiC ...E S .A. -""
A ri.olI ii llrt ,,,,,-, oIk t r lr.. ;f l -,h, I- =6!!!_t- !F.i.t- t ,-- i1t,-l aI, ...ur t. tltst ,,. i,"t u .i, L**I J t I- t i itL' aI th .1 i no -- -. --- --t t-rl -i or

1. itteti -Kal.t-ii iam-i iss |i- sLEt. rtc [ Pr I nrth oon fr n hillin- Wm fl
,, - ___: p-_rIii. cmrr, I ca-,,,,,,iii- -,it t! a, 1.1 slU ,.- l Rtill!a r.a.irt, it- l-:-,- ril

THE-OUR S H ,R-LE 'S-.-, -,1r l,,. -:, IB ..^. CL rem
----_ e C. Of Nllir .i i tu rilie.iet-4 S..rk ___-l__llat. r.l its slrh.-* r-3 Asd ui it, .__ I. __ ,
ir Iti,., i,-h.,it-nsrt,l t.i u I.i Co-r -I I I n :Lli lititier Iod' doll, r the h,..i.,, el o n;.. -- '"__t________l__ ____ __._.. .

Ict, li. isec%"P I er .C.cltt l os ime no Sre t anblI 1 11 - --
i-c t Fr -; sf tI iliisitt ii h l ic. I.s T h.. ... ................ .. .. T RO-P. '
--A Is..... ..... ...... .. [- ......... o, fl , .7 I I~ r I. t t

riot. lI- c ,,l ,.-1- ,-[I. dtiseI11 .is i ii, io.i ,i ti'lle sr'17 hrlin t ircttiu . ,',I- r. A E E...... ... I.L,,.,
Motif l J hil\. ir Ed ..hi.sit -t'nit-ia I I ei s a L R. h
[sLi,-irri'C-iL b t u',t -i-,lt; I 'iti ,,11".,' i u-,,,ir-I,tiai. ll- It rlt CIri-tJi is ir ,-.

itUti-M U .8DA tSu
b o ilr ct n e r I nii..l -i -i, h it- cL I-l-.l etf -ets I r S m I,

ai t I .. .rt-ir C re i s U1:.1 ET J IU RU IU L 5
tiri 'r i (0-ia ..... AliNr.e Iloi e It I r I -. -l ti". --- --
_ front ,,,r, r, -.iit ,thatl.!. c-iLt,-,-, ',I ilt 1itt, litl,.:it t- r I .--I, '. til-hl - C __ -I ; -.'
,e F[,ri D "'. s ,-rI".rTHREEc,-gl),' ofIal l st ..... ",I h-rl T H e H O T Ef......
- ==U,- Ht I .. I~, h.-, :1. ,, !; _, l -. 1 't-"-- -"'- -L. 11- -.-.,--- - - - -- - - - --l- --_I., ,i- .

-,- -R-- -- "at"" I- ed ..I O mii 0 I10 heitn.] slo ie iet
I'' -' r itrt i I n he I- i t E l \ -- l,-,i,- - h .r : .. .. d ih i I a' . h
---- I m l i-, .'b '.-l -. i, _GIN,,,- ,I I, ,.I h I.IN ,' c I.) I Ia .-.,
L - i- t-I unitd .[. i--ti fI -,n t ,I i ,,I i h ,,i it h I I 111tlh, l.i, ,,t- ,i,,,' ft ,.t i,,,P AE C, -.I IIIN E I IAr
S.-. ,, it c l- I i. .. I fl t ,,.. 1,. i ii, lii I- .- ._ IE..J s7 ..... .. ... Ito- i -, __ ___
!,, i I i sh e it . 1 1 :. r .. ... ... .- -,
,____ 4.. 1 ........... ... r t. A doal .... . __ __
I, It a---- Ct It It .. ... III i I I-'- -I- -S i I.i -1 i -1t tC it ,-'. ... itt -fil L-1 n t i ...... rI 3It- T o -NiAh t.

..t hip ... e .. l: .. .. I ...let-.i-t I. I- I. . ... ," t i- ... I r -I -SJ r 1ii. 1O ,',
i.- ,,[ll-ll t-s- t e'i, tl ,IrI.ei. G o l,. ,il Ielel is*' c in-, Iii 1 i ll o I. -,L.
il- c '- a I L ........ I., r..... ...... .. i'... rsi l' .- " 1% . I 1- I- V ........ -.h -
. , ,. D i i.)l,,.i, ,, i-. fe,.. ... o Ib k. r ,t II o, .tuV. .....ll ,,H,.-t,, "c.IE

...i.. iv i..... .i... mi Ban Inano Regatta . ll. NICK
I_ 4 ,l,-',..e--1-7,l 1" 1_ 1_ ,.11i1.1 a ,_y Exec ti. C m te :rm i- I'- ---LIN ... .. -. _
irenit-s .... , .. t ...I.v.. .. .. II n I ltt -i t sr .. s1 .. li.u ..e . 1. ..lE M
Tu- liii lD.-ter.,It ...... leo --l-u .'.e,0.'. ..... h s tItVleT VSi ltA_ .___.ei... -" n-t 1t -hm --?ihin- lit.. r -i ...I I te1-,-e V-1. L. ue tt e tI l ut I t _,_,_rNEXT_61hIstantf,
. i c. tr d.,IIIaL_ Al t s ir Fla+ts,,ie .. aae, -D ..... wall. .a I nhe b lses, t otrOyiC. Bers ach. Ps-in t--ie "T,'e i. I-' `" o i t
I - Di- i ... I .I- 1.1 I C -u4til .- I.
I I i. I - I' I__ h-. I-"T 2.. F sR e n a,,n Io a nloa:s. n o I t s
tuba pe"i _I -. -n, I il '11 vii %:-s " u ,s r e' Tins I.,n anr o I .'m ,-r. 1 nte I -, -... ,._- -_ EDN ESDAY
I. .. .. c ..`.I .Iti ONI -E t ain)etIat..r et A Pe as l '- d- Ileltin o offer Lon ,p...r.. ....h-tnt. ,nsI I. ..... ... -,fr -

sti- ... ti, l, et d, h eIl ... .ntl l ,It e kti i l'-er l irgatt a. .1t:.1-u-, "I J.' yl,:Ic.t't-r
.: `rc -. ., tI.,,- Is oi l .. .... itim.ll 1oe n' S i \B..i r.-TIl. n. I ,l' ia-,p t' all b -r) 1 I i k .nn ..I...lotli-r,I n: I- tz i-- o" .- i.. .... I my........ .. T ht S ens
re ir I Ill -.rIe ti .1 , d SvnusA ,' llO,: IB.d 11 Lotr0ttis a E'. etliica _- I me ItUtti I'to ti, --_ub
.-., .... i . IJ, ra-Pi' t B... e..... r-t r It.,= .. I I. Lt.' .. I t o, .. I t dl .- ,I:..' I-n dm-I... i t---I t : -.1 1 -.1~-] D 'n' Wr s s
.iI te nor r,.,, o d I -Ire ', ie 2. r- lers B R In l slel. wTh 1 Co &mo it. Cst iro m ile p .r I. ro t., L7 I. J- I --i L,.-t l t-eiJ ,l..1",'"
l, I .. 1 h l r-lllO hin r t. 7 Fou r-O e R e ( i nI o 1 r ll S I)ll .-- r ,ll rnCed fi.s .,r l m it I -iiI .-, t m ..., l,' V ,iv -i1.c

..In-ire .-.:.l.. r '-n .. i .i- Fis. hermen' .Doubl c ; I fing I .. Rac . .I inFlikrlo- ru. ...w..r . I .Iec 1.11 tr P1 t- .. ..,
stroll tt I I I-I..ituIi.. ,IIie eg-ise 9. !"Race.llmaImirrC.. .., ID I -r,'- r l. v I.'t.t ,1, gtehnto n. Mon I
,..r,,.. i 1car?, I Io O W a ,.e r ,om a e.-. I II-0:1 I fraa lal o si --tilt ., t I -r fl- T -. 6--
1 NIe t 1 :,I--1.'e rr -. u It I [ mar e.. i I.. F,,--Oared Rare.. tn ,gI- .... R-pt'rsti Cr e.. ,,w:, n... .n : ... Lisa ,Pir l 1 .U r t..... I. 1 L- I !I,--.
Sn,-tr it I . sli _ri' t.., I t.. ,. P r un A... CI.. I: n..... s I - I h B tn ar C r. t 1 c lotoo t Il olo.a ...I. C Ftos Resau an -: -=,H eU -S trej.i ra -
I I..l. I. S n B e O s h it .. .e nr. t ,.-, T-7,- -1 | .-,, f .FarI-_ .,f 0 Lil,., 1Sale-.LL U I -b e t_
--- If ,I_-- I -f ttr, n --6 _. _-_.rnt '--r BIoat RainIin. Race-O Crest ll n1 fo nr wb--I11 I th Cna. II rnr a P;h' i t ,-. h l Fr-l ., u .0 F-t ;.,chI- -I h e 10 e a tr'ma Ts

-. -

l 12 THE

- TO- aInT.... "

The Sensitional METRO Play in 6 lorfg parts

Featuring the Handsome Actor BUSHMAN.-

Selling Rum. I -' -s '.. .. r '.pa -'.
Orders Were Ift, e- [bi r;*thegas J
S C o a sa e t b 'ire r. -as LO Le d-a
C C--=-.; ',* L:: Cl-t' :, .1- .- :,- )al' '- ti ;.d t I i i' .-<-,.'. "- bawLegtb- -,-a
-. ". - '-r or--r t at tr Tr'L-s "o; n -r. h' r n- = -.. .

r ,-.--r .abshoe r
c- a - 7 Z U 1

n Terry's 70th Brthda

A Tidni

Bn llian

J .. r.' I-, L- 7..

_. ,u n, I Lb, c--,.

ght Baonet Fight...T
F T i ILI.1
a r a I a "Iprog -l .,-
. ,or By T.rn.c.ria- . r i r I' L 3 I fra- l "-
.'A ...r. .l l ...-. -,.rI L.,V
1, .L.--,1 .1 ,,th . .
:1 I' t l-t 1 l,--.t .- I-U-I .,r_

a~- i 'ii.. r, I. "i ,,M

-r ;r

S. a '. -. .
. I ... r i, .. t --n, r ., -

L a LI r n. lit Au, -3 ol nu T -- 711
d i ( l -r; M I, L t :., I .I M,, CA .
,- h ,i.r i. i' r -*i r -,, ; I l_ m. ith r:-, lj.- -Ir
r. r .- -.-.-t e -- I

I n aturda. April 2-
U- l I, j .. j I.. a. a... t 0- rI-.iri .

... 1 .3 r i, i ..,- :,1 . I r. , n
3 _o'ii .- .. .l,.aI, T ... 1. 11 .e.ia t.IL a, a1 1 |n.

"I.- a. -Ia- D*.---I ;
I rI '' r a "n

a-c I r he IM I 5 a I n
-Ljaa-.ari .'rna W T I- ta --it
fr. I - .q- .- 'a- h .- a ', .'. I .. : tb
fr-a I''atli- EtT-i-a(t. P i-a., .R.P T
,i 1 '-,.-... r-, r- r- .. t.... ,. .... ,1 l . l., r ..
I r, I -l a* -r;-' ri,- I- ,r I .a 1 ,- iaL- ' iI 1. l l IA ,l -. i ,i ..Ga ailr,', 1 4 V"i
i. nIa i tl ia -i 'rk.ll: i" L. J ier IlaA .tn-- r Im.' orI c a. -
w, ;:.V.a- 'f it, ia" ," oe,.-C. TOr r a .
a lr C ,' I fr lhri re org l r i I. -b n a-.r. "' S
nr.. -..d.aI iln. and .. i p, ur ,. la' BAt t n, OVrAL
ar -,. ,,, lli n'" "......rr 'II > "'I u On Saturday, April a2 .
il lr h e a. I l t ih,. lu a ai. ll'. r .rat -..
ltr ril ;, Br -.-1 ulari .:t I -, r bal r-.
aL'i at r ml c-rnir The til.rarOc i- ,di z tfi ri. i, T-l !1 IL ir-A', ..t.Lrna
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v., I up t h ll, ithre S, l Ir i ipirei if: o Ir r C ,.D., i i I nr C D. ,.
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an -,. w .rk nii n lIo f a% tu tlaul limac I IIiiC. b &l Ec zr ar a -n-ra -
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artl,,ron t osuc cana a %II I hIl.lit et.ault -M a ror T OTS -
alarm. -T- '
w itraThe iahr' eiie an rail. hadl ticeni,,-nr. tire. DPaei, ie.- r tCnee. ltra. it. r. S:o .
ntii ad r..Ihraele tl ankiatac ard tcrrtie a I ...I .-Ml,[n Sci I tie.
=an,1wa I n. to quael Ie a f1U ( a tli9,11 Mi eI fe; (el. l csI r a i '). a .L Om cn
fa ill- Ibe y t id Ih d rther e a n a Iialrilir, The licifrea ilh a,.
stoppo,'--" fan le ace i f'),a acli fallm ill
shIft*. na-, the high le l atilfiher alec tart ire CrotjIf:.
otiic-iaitld c.-rtaln guide-paileT. Their ioG r hir. M zilrde.
.___a=mnaaadczhte fal.ndia.i -nWiL at rre weal LnitTtmn, lilt ntOss Alia GLN LS.AL
laio 'Gir up to thu ,earo' :r at tar ibe .. . a -s. _r - .. .
lied, adld, failifind i le'd bhiAit.led 1 men o"I' "Itn era. Ce-o fee Linden Iei CiIa
column t fofa a-era"ote a nc s f acar. ILtiag aa.orl .Charlie n aIb. eir.
"tme 1I -prealet theie ea',rl; f raieraPo na
merying them towLeI- sea. 'tbnii &ott Aim Taaataasr.Q STAL.
'Onc acta the battuallaas dipi 'yed. oC"h M,e. Ie t, i rlacellardnfind r L i .oW a.
jea ar rtkatr objotl'e, mait iv p-.
aniacall r lc bath Inv p( rI tl ha ,,t, I e .rM. A. PEREZ,
colufn ,lhtch hwto change Iranl there tlmea
in tanybtalue" of al tUse sight acid iol O Sre#- O&Te;r


The Trinimad aRdIan

I The-Mw ISetonsfa f -Ski-
Additional Twelve words or ecse
Three pence.

-_. n r h a- Fs -,ai ,. -

iw.-mt N -".-

_-- ptmrrf_ **-.

REoad ril be d 3ed to al ui2c tnfrorm Wed-
r.esiv. 3-d A'sril to FTiizy. ih April. 1918,
bct days jin-,-e. so .-lti it m=y be rebl. Lt
DireMar of P;ablm WortL
25:h. Wtas D-a'nfWLmaI&
2.5 X.b.-, IiS&

Rescues from the "FIorzel." MANA3ER WANrE
COer -E ETATE iF fenheaiby
NE FOLNDL -' DEPS G .LLL'..TR".. P Yrca.t. --'zr l Dafhg r :t
.i t -N F O. Flb 25a t a
- ,;:-a:-," a-- -F.S--i ,.. 1 F -' t t Cc- : z' et..! -'.,9$? is par .U .m .'.
-.7 rS''.'nr. : N 0 T 0 E'
C.7 -ta it.-1 h Ea,-' CL:
ri.- .-e .I T-e l e c a--.- .

.....--. ;a ..- I ='- i; -.p ,i-_ Departrn. -nt of Agriultutre.
trn l tro Th bt3 -21 a Cec ..., R i

> ir PTnz ; b A "T s E; a
to;: t E.. 1.'- -i.-. .- ... -'ac NOa x t IaCA

, -E...-' I-u a:. -.- ..r- ...-,- -.a- .

'.- F". -,.':, ," .-' ,. ,o: ^ 'O T!CE.
ir-a,-,l-,rc .--., .a

,.e Ltd

I..'1, n '7 -1.'t;- a- .. ,_..- ..

A}1ied Armnies in R-andsrs- ..r- -
i M-_ i l -.r r F 'i.r L i -A- -.-a-.1
;: .** t.3- . t, 1. [ :, e -.r 19 1 n.:. 2 A
I"' -.,. --- a a 11 I. ,
S. -rA -. r.I- -. t a:.-:,r, l : I..3 Re j arm- L

.Ia a 7 11-1-.a-aamll
SI, -- .- - '.. r- a:.i l. R -.rd E j
T- ,- I , -" : C': -.i-- T.. --. 'I 1 -,I I a -

It 1^ L^ ^ '!' ra.] -. R a-a.. E-m- ir.
I, L a t. a,-. F,. _- ,.;rX-.- h-. tLrc t 191 _. -. anI
a1 l, r --a ,-. T,- o ', i f li__-s T. I r.:. ,
aa:lenr si r .,- C. t I c i--F r vI e

'x ., r l 4can .,n-,-h2. L-eId 1 r --r 3.
I; -. ,., a : aLTd-L.; nr -,.-

-------w i p i .-cre lA" T E TRI
UA tRhD t, :, h .N tr 1917 Pce

-Ldmgl > n core y.arn :1 cF
7' -- t t 17-1. e.;-a ce 2d

':, 'r . .. 1- i o. pe.- r a ,m r i....! S E I.
r i b : :'r 0 3 ri!d CJu`ty f,_.r 1 ... ,i Q
a 11 a M
r- r.-a o,. '' Cc ptl
b --a-L C - u I Pn I
i, t .-, .-3. :n r. ... i., Foreign , .. Si8.00i
nI 1 -'. -, e fn'-'n it nLcesar t
-1.... ]' '- 'j7.- '-"-- Cre m c os t of paper and
Sr printing our suppresent a e r
rre ldc antly coMF -IlEd to inra crs aer
the price of THEual TRINIDAD
GUARDIAN to Topll be as under: per
"Paddington Pach, ngecoumn ony.

-im ;. i-rn r inSer O .. .... 3 ..'

-t I r1 1:17 %llumR .
.-i--,. ., .-- ,-, ,. .,-. .:,in .-. twow.n per annum .... $ z.00
a.rI he- r; t It. ,r, ., t', C -Mutry' par annum .. 315.00
.- a -a': ,- i.a- O-II I. i'i r, n:lne.i l -:-Ir a -f l -- .....0
"'-Per-nch,-tinglecolum o I

c F. n eb. S ..Cng e c it
,.a --rt i r -. ..i.,-, .t. .. ci an ,r,- rini.- to nake-i a ,ma increase o 1 ten per
cont." b .r ,-- n -. m l- ti no t n our present adverti in
c-. .. ,- ,. rates for monthly c-for o ntraw c after
-. B,. and Deaa March 3 t.ths, 84
13 bar. a- .a h -- --.I.h hi, The rates for ca0-ual al'-ertrh --
u n.1" 1. t. a-,n I Tai r i--r. bta t H merits thrill be as under :
-1- i.. .4 Petrinch, ingle column one

1r, ht Hb.1 %17ll. lly cre %-m C. A L C ding onet rs eo S .,
jij- %1, 1 . 1.."..- -.,. a a,',.r.. 1-, insertion, . ... 36 c.

l ro i loin ..l. -i-iT -' n i j cl' ... i Per inch, s ingle column en
ic ,o R 'oc .- cien.l ti nt two insertion. ... c.
.. ,' P inh, single column
,-Perinch,single column'one
p ,e of" The 'arm'' I i--h' "h. i.-- ]-The -
-. I- a' l'.. . I. n ,'I'; v week- .... *... 9. c.
i-ear-....a. .. -..: .... Perinch, -inglecolumn two

It--a a-a-. "'. a---. li.: :. ,, ta'aa-.,,~i ..a, Per inch, single coumna
Mr. PW-1131. ,e- -. -n ,r:k..... ,i s a..t.! Per inch, singlecolumn one
ioia ~ct,,1v ii,",An ,lh-a 1b, Allen h.1"ii'
i ,li..... ,,- -='l ....'. 7 ;:D w. ,-,ire-- m onth .. .... ... $1.65
ecco-antcredinlinrh- Ia,-r-sha' tn lehiiL an
uncircspromc;; ........ et .. "ii.- ccrc% c-1 H.t ,.- -usband and wife Notices, $1.00
(-'.dmi, .n of -,r di. 1 ac'. t "
r ]-.leSir ..- ', --Itl-,, itm s0n um -for one week, each
protr,,,li-li.- a a: "a.ii.... cn l..,irni l.Ia t I .. iC additional week 50 cents-
i-r ta -- i .... I-a.-...r...e.. t I- irr B'rths, Marriages and Deaths, 84
to pni.-tbari t nr', ir'. lr- a-'- r ac1.-,.. t : r"ipen
Mar. tel,.-LaI I bir goten 7eeddig per line aver one inch.
Ic JI e. 1 .11. ;. ,Llni ,. na-aster him tE In rdMemoriam Cards, 84 cents in-
lBrighton F 1,'o.t..naily -rere a -yrchalf ,, cledi"g one verse of four fines,
C51tof miller" and "CCr-aucjdruth" In public
corre"shpondence. ou.,s. ---

p- ---- --- "aS---------- ---- ~ -

u m m






m,, - A

- .---.--ri*'t-



-I -

1___W~ ___l~q~l ~ ~ __




-AND -


and Lionel RAR!;VMORE OF STINGAREE in the ;-


Sl'.VD.4- NEXT 7th:
e w4Nh oL7- M1ABr221;
A METRO Wonder Phy in fiae parts. -
From THE SPELL OF THE YUKON by Robert \V. Service.

CO,'lfN.'G : Pen:nng:on's Choice (Bushman, Beverly Bayne and
James 4 fries.)


,.,iO W R' '7 ;.

as Finest ov
t adnei sday [.i

Sea rcenec, d and grand. The story of
vic .mrl'. love for,one woman, re'edaing
the hoe;.st good man, and the wea'kref.s in
the other, also the untold mytezry of a wo-
01 man'ns heorL

^ d: Cu? tr oil LP


'.,r .i ,- e So
1 --"i A t,>ry pathetic in
t- tragedy.

Will be introduce d ,
at the screMning | [
The Manxman`" a T Grey ask'
and ,-ill appear on
the 14th. bh poto-play that
Seathrals with its
s "trainge mystery.

a Enlighten Dng I

13 Thy Daugh- Hercule es..
j M otherrn, protect your The Petnama
girls by showing Send the Pacific .Exposition
them things better Childran i .
known than con. to the _-IVl'iation, a Pre-
cealed. M matinee sent Djy TTopic"

2 OOFFICE, B5, arine Sqas



Fea "ng Lieu Hope an -Cleo Burke."' -

Csmpany, L Jid., ci tTb .

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F1 imagetiff 6.0 b406511d4732299cce2073764e828764 2492276
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AR16 c8fcb29ac3899336e0ab915501e16957 89774
AR17 173db9498aaf2e55cd7f3f858793d5d0 37765
AR18 a3c662dc1454a4d65f792e8d06e82395 93119
AR19 75f331a81ce4fb3defad4064cfcfc3af 37850
AR20 a55f028213268663937e2854ac313792 88295
AR21 83767086529f44bdedab7ba2841a83ed 37528
AR22 eb841a9bc181c49c60642f683783487e 96515
AR23 b9da124f858ee333bb834c455329b35a 39043
AR24 fe14157c31c08b30314e14d48fd3fb7f 71037
AR25 5882223ed6a9ec71bf9d9f4e17d6b25b 77437
AR26 30c602767f44be985970e2008f70e61a 16328
AR27 2104174ea0934656fee064900879ac28 74008
AR28 ae32b8e5bdd68477dc251854d886dbde 16643
AR29 abe4f509e81497c3f6ddc9695af93384 74396
AR30 38ad6872c64785acefbcc107306e914b 15764
AR31 1d34d5000268e684c5ff30c53336d1e4 16334
AR32 2ecb6787184e00d3c0840d1cbcc83e7d 73773
AR33 246e387b892abe5a459a9438be955dc1 16105
AR34 0df370ee577fab9874714953407cf720 73690
AR35 609e125ece39bca57b55d2f7ce61d310 15661
AR36 15feba5d69e1b59d8923e329db5b719f 77596
AR37 0fae2171c1006b9dc5b50970e6d65fb6 17551
AR38 4a4645c18c9cf4c3a63cf500e00597c5 68986
AR39 d607bf78dfe774f05695ad88cc4ef906 15035
AR40 7fc4d1ebc8f46d50252726195d6ae0f2 76056
AR41 9232da3d7b6abdc8665871885897bcd2 15622
AR42 573119730311cf5cedfd1a9f0fa0c2c2 74411
AR43 161e9b70969254c7941e88e35fe98f71 14895
AR44 40ec14346bf2fa60155cf8f6b51e3abe 74059
AR45 8b3df5a142a5a4fa209bed8709b09f82 16606
AR46 f6ab212875f49af0a73f601dd1693189 71271
AR47 14a6a4bffe672c37359e0342b9b42ab1 15942
AR48 84f041ab5f6f210fd11f571db2af91ed 42155
METS:structMap STRUCT1 TYPE mixed
METS:div DMDID Trinidad guardian ORDER 0 main
D1 1 Main
P1 Page
P2 2
P3 3
P4 4
P5 5
P6 6
P7 7
P8 8
P9 9
P10 10
P11 11
P12 12
P13 13
P14 14
P15 15
P16 16
P17 17
P18 18
P19 19
P20 20
P21 21
P22 22
P23 23
P24 24