Trinidad guardian

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Trinidad guardian
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Trinidad guardian.
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Sunday guardian
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Trinidad Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ;


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Newspapers -- Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marc )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Trinidad -- Port-of-Spain


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Began in 1917.
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Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
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Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.

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University of Florida
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-..-.-:-,.- ---. :--.. .. .. . .. . -o-.. .. -'-- -. . . *. "r- Hm -,,..-

^ :-, '- .' "*-'' .'. ; .. .. ,- *- '",. ." ;.-. : :;" .. ".: -". -:, ', ,, '- -", . --T ^ .'- "
* ,7.!: -': .-: "- '- '. y : .-, .



AT, SEPTEMBER 2, 1917.


- . N I iI ...

I - -

.-- -AWAY


The Colonial Ban
(Established and Inrorporated by Rotyal Charter, 436.)
Subscribed;Capital .... 2,000,000 in 100,000 Shares of 20 each
[6 PAID.
Paid Up r-60D,00-0 I Reserve Funds f. 200,000
SRT IoN. L U IEAV:;P I, I.. C Aii "..
. -. _,Cy l._ CURNE _, r .... r ',. cn.a. ... ir.

Hlead-Oce LONDON .. IS Bishopgate, E.C.
Cash and Bill Departments No.51 Threadneedle St. E.C.
Liverpool. ... .... . 25 Castle Street.
Mnchester ... . 21 York Street.
f-ew-y-ork Agency %.t_ . 22 Willian.street. -
. -- '- . --- -'s-- --q - ... .
Br.ulas t/krhoug/!ut the H''s' ,ni ,'. ] ipsh' G':ianaz II' s/ leu fAca.
Letters of Credit, D.maid an'd 3 Irlt ar,dJ Teh.rn .ic I, r n4- S-
Londoili New York, Pari,, th1e pr c,; n-l .'.,t,-. s I '..-iJa a.nd oilm r p iqlr are issued.
-Dprtantd I)rafts are also is.s ud o ur iLciias, Venezuela.,
Messes. COX & Co. are our cirre pander s m p t.- t.- i 1 d i.-
poiant-' Indi.sandJ we are pr:p d to i-J.;,cri-J. I ,'id drA.'t--, D *.u thi -_c pb-A '.
Tii. CI.u oNIAL 'ItK, uilth its long .-. nete --i t hrh I II.- ,i T \\i est V i-lrh-. ,ind
i.ts rmit.nyJrachchs tai in urwinnr '- rih t it ('l. ,J i. n I, .1r, -,.-i it ih- tlank
of lint,. North Ab te.-r-ica, ever, i 1 .-,1 c[h:T .'- la 1 i n( 'c-- b-i: e

Quality, Ecetmiy, t
Quantity anSef*Iee
Is Our Motto.

Ce-reals. I Tinrd
Quake.r Oats, t1_tr^eas.
P -i ake -, chic.en.
Grape NuLs, Breast,
Fre, V Geneva -I
rehdded biu age
:J WiyAe.i.
rork and
jams and Beans,
} .- 1 -un -h
la Tongue,
A'--t'"d OC t Tonguw,
'. t :;e/ d.
' i- n Curned


.. I.. l -.. I I. : ., _
Canada dna le k'e i IndIte.
.L I-I. EN rT r.POSIr ACCOUNTS ope .. J .11 ...ur ,. i-. .. L i...-n ell rC/' '. t
as in the 'vest 1Indies; also Deposit Accounts bearing interest Gouda, Sptrts
-.reand, 0s d noc,
SSavings Department. oEdam, Jien,
..... -- ,- .. ,. -. -J _- And in tins "t M laga,
SE TH PER CENT.-PE ANNUM n _b IiaInunn. I ;,! in a
l El yeaHy on 3is t May iu 30th Novernber. oquefort 6 I
S.. J. MESSERVY, aadaager, Piteneto S Vh-sstiy, n YiI
Port o hi. frannn. flaiour-
E Red & Green
NiothRilmg Su ceeds Li ke 5ucceas ,. &c.
AND Red Stir,
h1 -NMOTOR CAP OWNERS Can Secceed in getting all they want in upn, Gp

250/o -Cheaper at

R(5 Richmond Strect),, o()I E,
Our Sundries include: -Th-ermoid-Nassau Tyres, chann saying i
flflflTTfl'^T --.Red Seal Dry Cells (WVholesale and 'Retal), &c &c X ibi t ow
) CC .3-n Hand Klaxons aisd others ton numerous to mention
COME AND SEE. The R. JMcKine o
E. L. LiE NOBRIGA, Proprietr. AI Nc --
'Phones 322, 96, 867.

7:-P LAU 'i'h Te 0-4- 9,8 R EA32- _..f--: - e'-4MGENERA-L MFRfl naar

0FIPLAH- -I -II;F': MAJ4--A-K H R- T- ?-! -R

\JJ "of BC / Y -
.... ...... iis .'" L' EI1 7
.. jvo.R S/EA'T/.\/E\I c
.i//afarn, /, t /V s:rJi i'- I 'l
CO.IIPLE TE. C;_:,ar' wi/'i. a.'-



o li

'BL/C tIai7 if [,c
I-/A'1 H4lAB/T
-"rK IJ'/,) /i / ; 1/i 'eS-.



Ebtrancas on Frederick Stroat, Marine Square, Chacon and AbercrombyStreets. -

I- -.. -

$1.80 Tobago, San Fernando, Princes Town, Arima, Sangre Grande & Siparia.

BOOTS ... .23 G ntra0lfrS'o rthe Government frI -. . . -. '
S Hardware and Ironmongery ConraCtfiOrs to Prpt-0-Sain JLiuJ
"". Water and Sanitary-Fittinms .- ronongery, Tool, etc. -
IsrLong .... .12 Office Furniture -_ --Waterworks and Sewerage Fittig '
Special supplies for Medical rn:t;tul'ons Veterinary Medicines ui.dDru -. '- ,t
.60 Drugs & Chemicals & Medical Appliances Drugas-r Ariapita Almahou -s
$I 1.... $" 80 Velerinaty Medicires and Drugs.

Agencies .
L SURJELIY Bi Lancashire Fire & Life Insurance Co. The Super Six Hiudson Motoi ile P.
The Royal Marine Insurance Co.,. Ltd. 1j The Chevrolet Motor Car, etc., etc .S :.




it Ir

t 1. l. .


b- '


~~--rh------ -tiii-.; -`.-.ti-;~ -_-: :~;~~- :~_11~-: Aie-l- --l--i .

~c~------s~-----~------------------- --~. -- -- --

- -- ----------- --- ------ -- -- Ir

.. 1 I H II I I-sa~l--~----

~ ~ . ..


S-F-A- 3y -W A A A=A- 1 -1 jE qg,- A= -'

-.. .






-r -- -

64a, Marine Square.


POiT *. '-i ,P'- ,,p S.\j\ i'El 'N.' [",,

Lubri..lcaig. 9.'s & Grcases,

/ The Unqualified Endorsement \ '


ECcry Owner
Conatitutes our rnmot r alucd I


C(:)N;ECT1ING" *.I.I, Dili *li 1-l l \ IA l

T he Colon ial Dispensary.
Ou-_.Dipnt.i er, r-roa rtm.ntr in rion-l llh--!ocl n.J-with -Ih fre-shet antd
puret-D-etCi- icXThi T Tiiiures trom tre leading ngliitr.. Frenr.
and Arneican Hou-i.
Take no chances in ie fillinm of tour PrLe"ripliin The best Pharmacrt i-
tfo*ane you want to patione N.-ne but exrcfriteri, -d nnl ciTipitc'nl P'lt-ntai-..'i
are employed in the diipen-nig oh )hnr Pri'e.tception nitilch are alicluded to liy
- night or day.
W.- C. ROSS & Co.,
Wholesale and 'Retail Chemists and Driuggists.

l eaped The Su fmari es


..._ --I i i'r a Nss nin r ll l I-rn lrinrniR

SHIHItLLLE MAbI uni U nnu V il
" SPLIT-PFAS in l ob. bags
-. OCTAGON SOAP--too bars in a box -


* sJule. lityiqOllainx-a tilesipali frotin -Liut rs lie
Gen. Sir SStayirk Mudane. CuouiiLmanjr.js Chief, cnl-stor
Mesepatamian lxpedrionar, Pc-rce il-'rril)- OIlt 1 1.:.3h
ng llthe operations carried out L) Isltl it, thle rlght bal:
p--ricl extelnding from Augu-t .2fiil. 1916. CI.FA
ien Ic_ liesumetl consnniiatl. unul March li 1s t "lI'e cle
ian., ilii_ t ecyki after tlie iail of Bagliila tru.,r t,
.T -TH PROBLEM. Ctif ot Ii.r
Sir Stanley Maude first sketches the problem r ti-.-ir '
that. faced him. Tie area over which the t ti,
responsibilities of the Army extended was a trh h,
wide onae,-eiiibraciig Falhi'eh, on the Tigris ;
Ispahan (exclut-ive'), in Persia ; Bushirc, oo s:,,
the PersAtia-Wlf ; and -Nasariyeliton the '. 1110, 1,
Elphrates. Briefly put, the eneiy's plan
pponeacred ting he to conttin volvedur ain forces h
the Tigris wiilst a vigorous capniigv, ever ic
liouid-irectly -threaten Iacdia-was being de-
veloped in Persia. There were indications ,
too, of an impending r oe tiowen thae
Euphirates towards Nansariyeh. To disseminate

whert:, nald t.pcntci -eleas 'roi -Ltw. ontset
tilt tilte trle solution lf tile puro.itl cows
resIlaute offensive, Demthi enotrate sforc ,.s ,
Oil the Tigris, that effectively treated ing ...... I
luaglThaid, tie centre roain lthich the eney' i .

ro m F el li-ruary 6 hll to 16 llh '- 'h "
er til a ontlie ieanphralites, and plresrv
quiet i lil districts w ithe security of to Ith
st- a-erm charged. -
) That a n the principle wiiel riif '' '
nsiteosequellt operations, which may It it-
voaliently grouped into phases as follow:
l1) Ilrelisnioary preparationsi lean aIts- --
25thl to December 12th.
(2) The conolidation of 0nt. Position oi
lll,- Ili, from Decemier 13tli to t-J tn- 4th ,
(3) *The operations ill tite fKhaiari BIe-nd
fe i ) *I-- ..l .A. iv. . .. t .c-*-.' n'sL. 'nt
feint Jlnuary 20lh ta t 5th o, lte 'i,,
STie operations s a the Dialsra Beond
-ici Feleruary 6til to 16th.
i lThe oilptlre of Sauiivii;t t an c asi ge
lftie Tigtris, froit Fllruanron lth t, 4th
7) Jlc advatlnce nit Bagt lad, troat flbrnuar-
-,;Ih to ueich l th.

It wa otparahten imi It of
el- a prac of tile riti n f I nis t
I tlt i of acbti. op, r.tiou,, 1ut b-forL.

rtu I l h lt IT) Ij L 'r ,ith r erful fallI--l
C (If, As itt no nlya tis t -r r, t t) To

ln ngit v 1 nici ci it vn ann ii
f t i nl -1 "r- n'" 1 "

th t I XIasi; s ct j t a I l\ r o f t u h e T b -
tl s all tocis at 0wntocltle iro It Ws tte- 'ci
i,re consi hd red iesirable to r.r:s;II t I ,k al
lhadtiurt,,tis t srahil t ill the enil i 1 t ioniA r
t nrc--r t I lstttitc On-ivrmiit -int i
I, 1 d i t C) whilt It) nil I I) cm tit lldt"it to
S -itouterrer itl awl xil stft utiI ily.l tNlie lnl ofiIle

aitnst ta t l l cimi ou th, inrls ati l "on
n it,. itkti .ug t ifnrf -t i -I r fi etinlrti ,
k M rw li t Ih i ,. A - I Ii i ,, I
iot iW ,-,tltr, cati their war Ir.iili ll it
notl-. Sto rri s, alt i tnitin tit i i, I
i't- titittlit citral lli-tth li)t i i Ili
ta i ; vvirl l Slo,-- and it t.tiai ,r ''

st a'r o cntio m cotsnll n ft ,t. -
( ttmenatA i sara e. hr,,kan Up, el ii- "
general concentration li nstritl ot Sheikh '
ia c-mpht. ,'
I s dccldcl, ttl ti, t c t s tcacti- l ,
the Icti ; sirno lly, l'ct-tr tht, Turki)h trt l h I ',
c Ite "Igrn ; ttirilv- iott l tll "
airength hi rcostanii attai "- 7; I Kgit liat c, ,
.-annai:' ition.or iui ,htIt llt of thalt to i"'" "
Cv ttn its I iitt ciat,.-i ftro, on tiort, nitd iftiri to
otl our ltrnk a hont.ti i' i litA -
tie astiu l ; asty, to crilt ,- titic nt in l at t 1h.
Woakust ,lin; risgoittytitt tP I t io-t.ts
hoo s scvcr hf 4 c oti ltlItttJc atito o S. I'r U it

fnints n,_cowtr otur r-al ,, i



SGLUTEN FIE--A Milk Irothicer
- 01-- ..pOLt.LA D l so-lb. hi e

i.l- E EY CREAM J ili I and half lines

Rock Mineral Water"

;le arul, amunition, eq ipmient.
ntctre n. s.hunt the Trir-t nowe
ietA a last sanisling hold en the
of dic Tigris.
anr.g of thie Dtira .:mni, from
tFi tere igitivit an-i th.'t.ic ntnl i1
cr, cptured i- nj.:ti utl, enemy eice ted. brthing nith
I] conim ndii -I t o actit n r i ll,
l ir`0e 4i,. h.:1)lc r _..llttr1 t c iii d
ini. c.illld for ofl .nsile q li'lit ol
.iLi'l on ilnit pirt o tillh

I t- I II id r l, i rh i i.-. ii M oll of ..lT
n I t- the a,1-r tt ,n it
An. ] ,:d il., dh 1r .Ll r: 1''," 1'

-,, .-' .gt'ti 1i i. i-i-t -.I' :. 119- I
r I ,ll l l e .. 1i
I. lin nt'l Ih -, r I I -" Iii

,h -r. LL Il
. "i ih ll h ,

-iti I I i l j, A

i . -i i t-

S -i o



All Kinds of Financial Business Transacted.
Current Accounts opened on Customary terms. -
Interest Paid on Deposits by arrangement. -
Emit Drafits-Cable Transfers and Letters of Credit.
Bills Negotiated-Advanced upon or sent on for
Correspondents in Principal --CitiesAn-Europe,-America and IndiB-

Cable Address-"GORDONIUS"-Trinidad.

=-I==AlkPrinipal Cabe Codesi -ise&



4 gfln' 0-~E-4


" FL "t ii -'' J--,. i' rot-tin i,- [l, ut-,-:
i. r - '. I r .....r lilt l l -. Li I i I
Sr i. 1 OIL it .. -E v., ,,i


I. I
'1 '' - ( l i ,,_" ,_ i- ,. iii l,
,,t L ; i, I ,-
-ih h, ".tr i

- -' i i1 i -,' .l i -
, ... .. ,,- ri- I r -f

S 1THE ARMY MiV1.:S. .... - - --.-.. . . 1 "A N
Tlhie despatch & 1t;ls tc.,p i.nt,,,,s I t ,
.oin. litla.i tnn o. ip~,nti.o ctn tl, II iI ....i ..... .. i .,. . .. The O nly Real M

S rlelattei th; tr t)in]red Nusarivtll saie agairist l, I ,W ,, F .
a hostile movement from thei ris lown tt r .-. I ...r-- -
u ai t (c h i et-rtst, tliie p ioslliility oif ohtai ill ,, .... i .... ,,.. ,. ,,,
,ittpplit o.roin ll p sipcrous dinripti son hl irt i ,,i f. i co ,,. c.,,, dn t.i r ,, d u s t
uil le i a t ol s It I si-ms ..... .... ,
) fiffi u lt r he m v t .... .[ ,. ,,^ ,, 1, l,.'i fo"r,, .. .. ',[,. .... .. .. .... .. . 1. -It: ' ,
there ;i ) pcoi -d i>l el i tusn-tt liii Turks aift ft r. -,i..... .. I.
their i iadher i a.,. ,,ti.h t t,.i i 1 . l, i ,
The i o Ipe uiia tin an hcl i nt i, i ,- .. ', i
by lith t- e. ic hlio Tit J-tot-,, ,. o l I.... .11i) -
the ,wonriti t, S Si ta olc T' ., t 1 I ... .. i ,t. Li NN Si
.las severe, ll I aily h n -- a ho i Is l ,sn' Il..t II et, t,1i fee in | I .. r... i A i i
the en ilo l it r hi a, hT 1 ore, 1,1',. 1,1 .. ....... -,,,. '" '"" Biscuits, Cakes, Sw
thranc i t ht I t tich ill the iash aio n ditit res titl.i .l, i, i i'. Ii,, .
of our troops, all had lAi lt a lv oi hich I ....r. ner.
was to beconei ore deeply ingrtsi ntlt tsb i. I'WM l I
seq1 auC t Occasions. Tite e yn le nsy s 1 gq I- t......- ... I I.. t --I. It o l ,
fiqg froot the iinumber of ital l toti ii ,, r ....... I r
were very heavy and wn e c aptnur itd nimny ri l t ,I r ti -
toners andit C onsiderable quantity of warilr rI i Lrt c,,ni, -.,T h
2tor ;s.n. t ion ta ,n tt tt a.. ".l:t, f 3 HOTEL AD
redlc tioi of"it-i l hli Ai in ii.r- ib;, ith, ie i a-it, .tr.iiis ci, r~urM
trench systern whicli the nkotr,-0 11 siTh.r-
t, ,ouh-Qu

S -- AS--

WE have all usedNRRVOTONE, and v e woinm-nd it with confidence to r or
friends and. the public in general as thebt'Bi rem. dy for headache and rnuralgiia.
1.. 1AT Mealle, 91 Circular Roasd, Mit. Gert ude Fernandez, jiing-
-.,, BIelmont. ham Avrnue. )
Johnlm .crrelra, 57 Circular Road. ICd. Smith, 3 Beflletau Road. Bel.-
tIolmont. mint. 8 Jerninhin Avenue. i is N- ng, 4 Jer n
S. C. Warner. indualty Lane, l- .

i'li.,:i, r, .. ll ,:-:it ipti,-i .s .of Lubnicin ts
n.-i M.i i.: ilt tn, :, M,:.i,:-r C-rs, Cjcks-

r GErTrS.

wholesalee Grocery in Trinidad,

*** ... 'Phone 654.

Received :
Ci Pi Ti C- $95 Fo
N;A.VA E ;
', Eirt N u r, s o "is on.
iti12LlUI,:-.itor-arird AIod4
eets, etc., Always on Hand.

ayv and Henrur I ..i u-i

AMERICA PLAN ... ...-- .... .50 per day..

7O Crner Queen aHllenry set-rat
T F' -ts T IOTEL. whinlst afoiding nil lthbs
OF-- omforts obiaina. Ie in tie cily.
s n ..LJ. reial iadantaeenr fr .. .-..- ,iat _i


A Genuine Overhead Saving





. , .
'. I, I 1,.'It I
,1 i , I I ,

I ,



- ,The Trinlctad Cabinet Makers.


-Bedroom Suites,


you may require in

make anything



.. V I D S O M Y T .T ;O

SThe Up-to-date Pharmacy & Drug Depot.


A. H. JOSEPH, Proprietor.

John Head ey & o




l -= ^____


Co ner Marine Square & Ckaen Street.

-Do YQu Know


They ae the advantages that naturally r :sul' when
__ machine_-work takes lhe -place of man. qhe human
Actor, with its liab ty to error, is dune away I ith, and
mechanical accuracy and quickness substituted.

t Burroughs'

Adding Machines

Do away with the strain of
Mental Calculations.

Since crossing the filg-ris we lid captured
Caome 4.00W prisoners, i 18" were
,i cer,. 39 guns. 22 trvnch mortars, II mo
chine guns, Fiii M.ijct'i .hip Firefly,
Sumane trt.crplnred Pirni,:r Basr.. anh
several sinllor vet e.i.l. Iesildi ten barge.
ntsn. and Odter brid,tIn material. quwn-
"itiki ol r-ifle,,, tiaonets, equipment, am-
munition- and explosivai. vehicles. and
miscellaneous stores of all kinds. In a.ditiaon.
the.enemy threw into the river eor .iheri-.e
destroyed several. guns and muqh : war
material. ,
On the 5th, -the supply situation having'
been rapidly readjusted, Lieut.-General.-
MarslilLnmarchied to Zeur (eighteen- miles),
precedediby the cavalry, which moved seven
miles further to Lajj. Here tile Turkish
rearguard was found in an entrenched posi-
tion, very difficult to locate by reason of a
dense dust storm that was blowing and of a
network of tialas, with which the country is
intersected. The cavalry was hotly engaged
with the enemy in this locality throughout
the day, apdi ok some risonrer- A -notire-
-able-featurw ,tlih'its work was G brilliant.
-charge- mndt1,-mounted b-- tle Huisars
straight into the Turkis l trenches. The
enemy retreated during the night. The dusts
stoIrm continued on the 6th, whei the cavalry,
calgai some useful reconnaissanees,--
gt.,tl.%ihs l llrt._jl2 j -d O- tilhe ilf h-te ..T-
and picked up somi prisoners. I .. lt..-i -. I:.
position, asongly entrenched, was found
unoccupied. 'lIere was evidence that the
enemn' 'had iute ided to hold it, but tile
rapidity "of -qaejl-vance had evidently p e-
vented him r onl doing so. Lieut.-GenertiI
Marshall followed the cavalry to Bustarn
(seventeen miles), and the- bead of Lieut.-
General Cobbe's column reached Zeur. On
the 7th our advanced guard caMg_.:i- contact
with the enemy on the line of the Dialahi
river, which joins the Tigris on its left bank,
-about--etht miles-below Baglrad'-Atis lice=
Around was absolutely fiat and devoid of cover
tt was decided to make no further advance
-till after sunset. Our gunboats and artillery,
however, came into action against the hostile

ptr.iil... ,ii'J t 1.'A a n. on the Illh it wsas
rlport'.d llt-ti l- _Turkt IeLaing. -Tit -
Tel -Muh.a,,iiiss l- 1;,, o i at once occupied.
andl p, d ub,', d it, buLt cnui-t with
lbh tnetis oi, ho t -ll liLe duit.:.-trta
bruari i5, t,-, M rbh i, ,n iL in -aur':
have alrea.l. ei r, -''-,t rLc.i.- Sir 'Sunley
M'aude states that early on ItII lith Licat -
General Marshall advanced_ rpi.l3y-cn B.agh-
dad and entered the city amid manifestations
of satisfaction onl the part of-the inhabitants.
A state of anarchy had existed for some hours,.
Kurds and Anahlooting the bazaars and set--
,ting fire indiscriminately at various- points.
Ilfantryvguiards provided for in advance were,
however, soon. on the spot, order was restored
without difficulty, and the British flag hoisted
over the city. 'In the afternoon, the gunboat
flotilla, proceeding upstreamn in line ahead
oi-nation, afichored oiff thle British Rtesidency,
and the two forces under Lieut.-Generals
Marshall and Cobbe provided for the security
of ithe approaches to the city, being disposed
one oan either "bank of- the -rive:r-- Vor over a
fortnight before ire entered Baghdad the
-nelly had beell removing stores and articles
of military value, and destroying property
Wlhich.he could not remove, but an immense
quantity ,f 1. I t .l,.,, I 'rt Iil-
jam a i 1 -...... .. I.
r ,lS-, ,orkshops, railway material, rollmg
stock, ice and soda watereplant,' pipes, pumps,

April 196.

- sketched, and hospital accessories -ihii Arsenal
ellih pis hands it oe capitulation tf Kut i o

Tile operations sieoperaquioset to the fall ofr ut
iag hf~ ad, fro r. N ., t. 31 ,r. h i M
December 13 to M -,arch 3L was 7,921.
brief rucctrd of tihe operations cilrlt-Id out dur-

"THE' DIALAA e ve ll m I Vt tit m) r n e'Upolttm 1
*H DIALA. -tl. first three and a half months a period of
Measures for driving the enemy's infantry prepI-atiot, the last three and a half nionths one
from the Dialah were initiated on the night of ,i., r, i. ., i i i,,- -rLh I ',, "i. r,
the 7th and 8th. Irtappeared as tjoglip 'i the .i U ....... .. 1, li. 1 irp i.. ..... -
enemy had retired, but when the Tir.t i .,, i I ioot all .rank,5biuli iat i.44D-e fnid ti n --i
.was -i auht'ci a-t- n-- -.-ruklt ld by 1.t. -r..... I ,-,n.-,.of nuonllInI lcatii, se-Vrr'. liB t thev -
mthat althioe-gugh thfre. line of the Dialapt was made have re iiile who.-is, lirt f t Tiers call
ouit artillery and m achine-gn skilfullyie atoiited, and 11is 1,. ci" 'r iii il u it t hel a l' ir rl
Five point moon lght favourned, bit the were w lilts a prel r -c ni.iw ltu of their.
all stopped by withering fire e fromal cocealetd T rs e c" i t fi' t h" l as liI i
mach ie-gons. They fonte owena st- eral Mar 41 it ht.t> t ,e ,.' b-11 il thie lrollClie l i i,ft iii,-
were after nardsight recovered in i I t ithe Tigris rier r has It tct fist i, ih,l '', lhnI
w atea focewtunded survivors on ba. a t--l nr! ighi'tilli in tii ct isti r'i'iid

other ferrying enterpo r sesawere for thtuetm being 4 nlI Sall'amt'." l l lt 11 I O,
deemed impOaeticable. It now ...... t bem Regsti'ecl el, i-'_ei',5 'is'':iits
that although the line of the Dialah s a onot i hi d ii le t air ii.f lte iii th.i
held strongly it was well deferiae, n by n Tlor- adtuleri s i ] Ctl t ai sln tht sussi ce1 s.-oi
dous gurs ad machine-guns skilaully',tes and hrt l "r it c t sil Ie lti v---e er---
te bight moonlight favoured theo tilefee. p r t t
To assist in forcing the' pae... a .eaomai ell n n e-, cris of' t hd"ss, it, ulf-,, ,,'
from the force uoner LieutenalltI-eneral Mar- ift sitsch ,s ',.,,- .h ,-s', it l,
shall was erriee d aros the Tigris n order to w.illiiai tieii "oii g I 't, 1 '
enfilade the enesy's position situ its un s %i mt it h "r It D id. h it-,r- tI,
'Fro-in ihe riglit'bank ol that river. uI t hih. I-i, I.e it,, d r01 1 1 s Ics, 111
oDufitfg the night of the a sth anic 9, a after IT Ie t il tt i -i Ira t if
an, bard meant of tie oppsiute anb thse' outiti. ib ain t i Q R I TTl I ''Tl, i-io
an attempt was in ade to terrO troot across this i.% ', ., i ish, lou s and iit, ,t Iirk
Dialah river from fhoe sepan and soitt he .1s '-Ai ..... .I'i .. i..t '
main enterprise achieved ai qualified si u s o ess ti ui a tinEr .ii ... Fif, heillt. jt Il.. hail,
the most northern a serrr hinig able to work olr sor anre ti ctrittl. i tin to ,si ti r iCprci lti-itr
ne ary an our before it wats stopped wer1 y risen Ictir iish i t .r ll,., t ,1d t
Baghdeady rifle an ma hine- fire they we of sale th moydvnc by rn

establish cd .a small l post on t eil r i ght hak Ric I ......-,, l. ,it, l -,
When dayo broke thiis party of sevnLty of ilte tliat--rtlsieI.i rtl- ii .i t i t \-t%, iint)f lth,
Lonal N orth aincashires had tlriven ltt two Commeai stier si .l s "t I l ; tn
determined countcer-attacks, aii.ri were still VR. Jiil ' ... ea .,i.iii. lotr

pletelyforced, the detachlment telld ic gal- ordinates, shilst his 1lstr tisnnod- i ns d i -t
lantly in its isolated position, uniier constoiit tiil.'e i IIIiei.iiist : is s-s ",ion t f
close fire from the buildings rligeslti' tiesi, I, s ef et i tesll t o 'ter
trenches, and gardens, being subjected to General .A. S. Ctis \. %. I) i) Old -,
rcerse as well as enfilade flre from distant has commanded wireth nI--tari-l ailit\ Alis-ti,
points along the nrght bank. methodical and thorough in' his, ilsiar, litE
CROSSING- THE '%I GRIS. b rings to 9bear oialiaO tlteir- c _i' ei ii ii coiiletsi
On their 8th a bridge- wds constructeI across knowledge of .the details, f Isis 11,e-sstnl
the Tigris, half a mile belo Bawi, and the These qualities, addedL to a tlhorou gTesp- 8 i
cavalry, followed by a portion of Liestenant- the possibilities anl liniiitions the various
General Cobbe's force, crossed to the right arms, have enitibled hit to take the most of
bank in orter toIdrive the enemy from posi- his opportunities ,her-ver setvtre lighting las'
tin.s which our aeroplanes reported that het been involved.

andlowaar-cuts, which had to be ramped to O MA"I_ -
of the 9th Shawa Khan was occupied without .-
much opposition, and aeroplanes reported, ,72TTE VORKhNO [P!- i
another poaitioo one and a half miles to the OpBRATL\ S
ilad, as strongly held. Our attack& against this
developed later from the south and south-west Among itle schemepi s ,iscusiei lor the
iii an endeavour toa turn the enemy's right agricultural dvelopmnt of Tobago durinR
flank. The cavalry, whioli at first litd been tile recent visit of the Acting Director of
operating on our left flank, withdrewilater, as Agriculture was the rstablishinirnt f it
the korses-needthd water, hut our inah-ntry were Government Co-operative Lion, Factory on the
still engaged before this position when dark- basis of the onee h-tuein g unolosfully iworke- isi
aess fell, touch with the enemy being kept op St. Lucia since 1913, ass iollowtd hv similar
by mcans Of patrols, and the advance wass factories in British Gii.sia and in "Dliei ica
resumed as soon as Indicationsaof his mith- respectively. The genetsl principle adopted
drawal sw'ere notice. in St. Lucia is that the Government reacted
On the muor i Ni.Othe 10th our troops were !he factory, at which thiey reflelie hines front
gaini engaged with tme Turkish rearguard small cultivators, paying aI reaconablv prVee-
-tin three ouflits ot Baghdad, and our cavalry p,.r barrel for theni. te- luias i- t,-i
patrols reached a. point two miles eest, of exerted aid exported. hre"n the proceeds
h-aghdad -,allway Station, n-here they v-st-se 0i sale. the money tidvanctil by the (!tOverll-
cyckgd hby theeie eniy's 'fire. A gale and uent I to complete the factory was refinited.
hliii(raig dust sitori m hitned viashon to a leow and the profits sire divided antuially attuottg
yards, and undiii er theseftsnilditions rec loain s- the farse rs in p rop r1stion t tost C e tonTisere
%ncesanihco-ovntintiom of mnvenlents besite barrels oh elino sent in flp cach farmer. It
tI hIcalt. The dry wind alld dust and iiit-e is expected that the laitorv y wrill be e'eetsd
absence of water away from the river adeldct "I To st-o as soon let iiforination -cottis to
greatly to thie disncofort of tie troiPs and hand that- tltere is tn Infiient number of Iiue
animals. About midnight patrols reinortbid the trees available t6 jIuStitiy the wnrb being taken
entaisy to he retiring. Tihe dist storiii was in handi a,'id so, oln a( the chief things
still ragiag1-biut following the Decduivills Rail- decided by the Coininit ilee which idis-cssed -ie
a05 as n guide oUr troops occupied Ilatltttit- question, was to collect information from the CAP
Rat-ay tioami at 1.55 a!m., and. it was owners themselves is to the number of trees nsa
ascertain nef th at the enem y n the rig ,i t bant in theks pos sessio i Curiously enough, the. and
had .retired tip-st tiemin oh Boh tgdic. Tros bank ger. Cole, Chairman of the_ Factorv
detailed in advance occupiedI the cite, and the1 .Comiuttee, said that If" i.Chairman of tk'
cahy' nlovrl nm hiKadhimin, sistie hifor miles Cmtmmittee isn St. Lilscin, and they asked a
nor=i-vest of iBaghidad, where they secueirtV .- itarqsisn, ltte aniswer to wsiclh resulted bet
somc prisoners. .4 in g getting [ 1e owners -6f lime trees together, Pat
andhascrhisinig the information required. It
TH1 LEFT BANK. --i-proplleed to ereet thlke nctt o-oir nteo rhreitrfli Lab
lefOn the lhe-thaWuth -qh'-Tigris lieatenati- as near as possibhiVto, the whuarf. .
Gemutral Marshall hliai, dultig the 9th, ela_....
borated preparatimois -1/sr forciig the passage oh
'crossing began at tVvpiel, it aittile apart and

..were. across mind hiad linked tip Iwith tln detefh-
....t of Ioyal North 1a..aneihires which had COCOA and COMMI ION --
sohe-roically hield its ground th ere. Metnor



S"'-Alafog ty's-R cbotton- Prices. ---
We invi your. 'n

Mam. F GARTY, Limited,

< "


T i. ,iur aim to m I-l;. ; ,. ,

S,. l. l it- I .

I 1, i i 0 l '- o- is I. , t
ii at i I- l.n li li r.s iii.
I .-tr ',' di I, ,J ,. 'i , l ..' i .1 i
i f,. I, ,t,. , ,_ r I !

- II)

, , -,
r -j ,_t rn. 11 n,,,II hir: I I ,r. '
Sl l.,t ij .... .\' .\ ~ ,\', ,_- Co
11 1.e. pint nt il I l bo-II. .I I (fi ,-. k -

In the Ladies' Department !
S.'is trying d ipay :if |a| iir -inl lalikal
bilk- at $1 S., and -2 pr yard. '
In the Gent's Department
Special values-in In Ded N erges
.'.4-i to S3 60 per .r
In -the-Boot -Department-
A %sinning line. c" [L-ei I ',rit Leather
Court Shoe with halt Low., Hu-Il--.;..(- pair.

........ -.- P 7 1- ".- 1

R. aM.S.P. Ft'-L tI If
B ndrr Cinrct wiith the DOMIN ONA G10 FPi! >i. C i P1 r f. P .- -: .
r1. -fl-I") L hd MAIL tE i m ina d s, JIlt iitI. .. j I
Bermudn. St. 1irtt Antigua. Miionterriat. Domi-,c, L, ,,ia. EUi'zd :.-t_ '.ipcvnt, rri s iai-
Trinidad, returning Northbound via the same n-,ri; -
Hfeavy Bacg Re must be delivered to he C, ..m,i,: h.,' ii r i1 l, -St Viinet T.^ ,'A B
reen 10 am.'nd-s I pen. on lteday of-sailing. Hi nd bnta'eonlv ll[ be t a"kIA
Passengers are req f etedl- see tht ,heirbaggagc i.-pro.-trlt-+abrltd prlopa.itoa1al-
et 3an be obl'tinrds, r "om ny's Oaffice. All pa.ene.' baei t he i --i
Company accipta no ,esponsibility for tame. .. .. rk .
Passage Tickets are issued at the Company's Offil-c, lc.. ,'
The Passenger Tender leaves the Lighthouse Jolly at I p. on 'aIttng da .-
For s Jurther Particulars apply to -.:-
Marine qyJ,-:;-^

,PHONE 721&


J9,11mimouneflonof Our 31 011."PW


- ., '
[; -
,o>... .
__ ; ^.p

Flowers, Feathers, Rilions, Washable & Fi e

--- SEE OUR V-einlng


-_- ou_ l :d_-: 3.... pcrya-- -

'X'klN (
I 't

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L ,-o i [-l' .j':an_ ,g

01o CA\N) D1,

Ar I_ L.-. -T LL P -


For Good ----C ars.

T THE T VRE, 'as R -ll .n,'w, is one l( f ic t n. .-
uln--' : : i ie po s c a car.
- M any a inodr ca' r is -l. l "llp Kr' i .t' t-it ] -:' ,v
Sin" ily bec;u-,c a, iuih iti .a 4- INi
Y ours ; -i ', odJ cir. 't'u .I_ ., .I .:rn ,:,: ':, in. _
A _And iu rat :oI ure it i''V f' ii '" u I1. 1 t1r iC ii .i '
0are C ,Ihlnin',.l i thln-n --'.'-oL' lli i L ]li i

They are built for lAXIM LM MIIi.FA ai.I
gile riou the nt 1.1in iui t( i Ui. ia i-,f.- ii,_ oi)n..
-- G----GUDYEAR TY'R E-Sq H V Tnuri. Tul.- ;,j-
Tyjre-Saver Accessories are eais to gi-.t fI.m 1th

GOD i^Y EI w

S ., ... .. ..

Telephone 449. 6 & 8 George Street.


750 BAGS -

Demerara White Ric

A'@' usuat tlbe onty High Class Mir.,u
k, *. ,li U"hmeit i a rtdd' suia y.
FANCY CAK.:ES, ic. v. Cril
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Ao a s tmeti bi AM l1C''i\lN I h(i BU rlsui IDp
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rra_. n ...ra t.tlo r a t c tcts- I nr----- n n r

G -A -N :_ N-- - -





The Ladies' Hatters., -



" -Styles in- -v o /'








BV -


Ii11 TR \ ',lt t. ROAD.'



i i i -

r n l.i,h i. ,. t i i-

-1 11 I,- ,-a I i ll l ,,i ii -l l- ii, i

i'ire I ,. III i ) r lir [ 1i i I h -rtII -Itt t

It' 'tt i ,:.T' l i- Ititixt' i
,1 i i t i_]'1t ItI -lh l11 11 I1 ,.., I, -t.r ,
h 1,, ii, , ,, -Ii. l' I, u , ,, [
I 11i, ht, I ti h ti ti'Ur ie i' I ti i

11 ,I ,r t.. i,h t 1,h ,
I l ') l i .. i .uca..... I. ..atti ...... ....
IIt. t-,. P 1,.I taai a t .m ihi ,,

.5t, t -I- li:,i ,- i Ia I.,1 t11 "i l i tle~ -S l 'u

iC1t 1 f, i ah ll' L IIc Ci L-t Iit I tI '[ 'I t 1.-i
r, Ih. I ,.t- antg oat o ,Iru .,i ci h,, ,_ lha I

... .. Af.." 1,,n 1 -. i

'Ai.[.NI[-:,\A FASHIONS.
TiNi. llii i it froi -t iiIt Au ,,.tra-
iii n ntt it ittlotnk.i nppear.i it lie

I i-- it.. -iuai, r, i, tAilt V-r. It Jul1. .-iL-'
i, i- I t 'hl z rea il l III.u-L, tie 111li tilc l t

lI IL. l l a'tri- i "-'.r1 i i t lsriL ua ir attiit .
.. t, .- I .i. i It hl ,, r ihe, 't ii l nlio .L re It

'ii it,, h l,-, n th rnlliJ. .ll h tou to. o.r At
'-r Ill., ml .'.111 thei'l--r i'lzol :nig., iira.
%%A 1, L "o rJ1_C 'I oLLnIerII
I h t tr i iut'oinr I t npptn l ton
i. Il, titc l -,.1,' 4lie.t- lit. c T l And .t the
t.1r6 .Ill. i t .-a 1 ha I th it, a i tll mi e. Ill
i t mi I t I-li i i t ti trli ti a i -ot. h O ..rv tIAihn't

at 1.titi ti-irn oo e-ii 5lst hire-w e ilt ll- tot
k1 ln teit nrl itot o thort lot,1 L i i utlt I
i l ini t ca rtll he. No man I lrnt an look a hero
,ll B it litl ttl'i t f ". -tu.lll ho t t 'itn thie l--
, l,_ I mt itar ull tt .,-tpi ol t- bo It. 't4!nit,
i, "t fi- .to lie '- h ctlS r of their k t t t inh ; ehlC I -"e
,,lt Iialt ,np ca l ,c. "No ni-a incall took aI
o Iillaa r.t L.,
_-, i. )q .',x x _, _,"UL '[l].~a~apr tJ~ -L.I

ant Titrc'cti'V 24A I l- atA -l, ti 0 t- ta nttit A M .SCflh d.. t01,,,t It-ir the goal I t bee the tioc'
,Oifl r, 01,--n-rto Iwt Ir i. 0,1y i IIt l e I, utr tle lit t ,r tIt'i'utii' C_ an Uaag
e f t i'% h.-p ~rk C o r ti e o r n p t io o l i t1 S la.' I- i it, a- ; t t c l,. r t t g i 'aLI t p -
ld li, t I ntI t n n" t t.'ia, l l c ,. t t'oe %oi wr; ltI 'I ITl .' Im tlld % l.'c tl.itt g fr oi t nooli lttl into
t, rl i ,, g r t ,,t i tll, or Ill te .. ,,, o I .c a u -
t......nt-.,' u IItttt-ti'- it'.-aucooler ni-lt ,.,i tea to I_.i ,wot a uitti uV-I ainl]- look

.1, it l. -li t ,,r- ,. II l. u 17 .. 1i-i i) gu Fi led u a lit y- -
dU I II,- of' r fil l he or l. Ih All. ,n eolu n r)' Ii ,t .l 1111i tg -Ii :
-- Im h,-r',I,' I+,,,, r .' ,,li hi.n ,hi---- '- -'t -.-l d i i''. J -ld i :- --' cia -' atttt -

llCCO .- -I l;iviiiz ri itaIIIto.ppillli- I liiiit-t httl-i'1hAt
(1" Tli IH ,I. I h ruol I. II ( f.1 h ,I th. I llir, I ,ic h o I

r.rIT r i. 2 It., I -. .r I -
1- r r2 1 1.11 i, I, ',, l ,,i11, "Il ,: -- C 0t l- ta

t_' iii .,'_ a i, v -) 11t, 1 .'t
1. 1 p_ l l ,I ..'[, a1 i ,rl1. fi ll I .r I I, H i l t ,, b F o tlb 'li -- l ilt y : -

d ~N E -i ,' , 1- ,0-1- ., .. h i -,g l, 1 .6..11. W. 1 1 -. I. t i hA-edl C -',,1 i -'

w - Z -;rl 1 r r -% '. ; o I I t - I iv c n -a
., '"... ...I . . 1. I. ....... ...I. r, ,. n 1 i h
l un 1 1 , 1 1 r t 1 Tr^ : -- , I i I I I .r 1 1 . l1 r, I 'e h 1 , .

.. I I t
. 1 II. t....l. I i- 11, r I h -h 1 1-1 111 i l -] 0 11 Ir, J L Ffl

"~i -o h ... ... .,, .. r t , ,_ "* ,I h 'f.1.' 'rv .. .'r.-

N ... | , n i,./ : .,, r ,, . r-, '. '. r... ,h .I i ,'.t '
I--11-I,,,r L-- r III,
!L- r -" -'I, W,

'I,, I, r q ,,, h ,,u i , ', ,,, L ,' ,r A ,, h v l t "

S -I

_ __I_ _X_ __;_____ ~e~-~B~LE~

r = 1-. .. ... L lU . .... ... I . .. I I


SVery smart an serviceable V





- OL. ___

oc. PER Y AY .


400 o :_" G'auicLr's Brandy,,

44 B3,1-i Cocuxt 4fl-is. 4i lb-,'

lI',.,l;,n Ci .:Lr. -
5. Chacon Street. -K'
1'crtorl-.S piin, '
2ilIl A 'i'4'.l. 9171. __

84 Queen Street.
D o vnuI MAieE ,rO. OF TUE' SA IB-
i' m II-nor, wr l y-not gl,\r M a lriat-_
It 5,,'3 o 1 t r [,l lai 10i buy anything o ,
,url, h.i-re cn'ethirg to Ecll. and w
id l do :.ur L1il Io de tpur of"ir 'for I -
In any itar Mc l-all tLe aclightcd laio eaio:c
AY- m --i.ii and-reC-ae tuay) snrn tvimeiet
I, uo ,u. -
-Platform scale, Iron-Safe,
Roll Top Desk, Genlleman'si
Bicycle, must be in good ordf.l,
'PIONI 841.


and DYERS.

70, _Freder-itkStreet
'PH-iONE S..

Creole Food Restaurant
25 Chailotte


The IeCadiug Pawn-broker ip1
the Island.



.. ,. -.%

INNOVATION is the introduction of
S nove Tirhe Fi-aculty ofT Originality is
often charactcrisdtk as l inventive Genius. To
some men and women comes this rare gift.
From this small; tainted number are chosen
the leaders of the w'cld. There are others
-who live their lives without the least-pretensions
to leadership; to whom a novel idea never
comes Ilut there is a large group which con.
stitutes the average mind. To them there
Comes an occit.ional glinminnicrhg of light. Let
them not be content always to follow in the
footsteps of others, but rather let them think
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Against Fire0,

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Woii I t i'.tTi l. III-N V ;T AAi T ;AIC : N. (-.i. III. NItV Srfl I.T.-'II 'I. -r. If.

ECONOMY the Watchword!

LONDON'S AIR DEFEN CES. n nt.-- f., ,t, ... -
.".t Al"^"...s.t -lT l. 8troni Piano Warrfihose_
. r R T l l'..r twrqonm w r; killedI ands evral otllirs
i In S iatlu day lso Flrankfurt wra, b-. hv i SOLE AGENTS FOR
Ill~ill ar n t.4stn h or,. Nou ,II was killed, A It-,%
It r rill t-r It- s:l tlt Ms:i HOWARD PIANOS t t
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paotsii cl .bi, t. it liariig ai l-, Th result' Ihua it iri y liI- ti Frenhr l tr"Wa ririiiI .' L. j E.1 t
t(ur th it:it ,: i ailr ,tt iiiri, n t si i n e l i ti, t 'r.imk t.rt liii oiii, .nii i ll, ii ,,iiui. Come in To-day and arrin e to taki one.
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.. .. --." e -- a. I'all ade :rom conut Iby i Mr-s. Rkussea. f Sa e the the curtain bn the assumptiobo esttrat r-t on a. i. th iT buss. P .
Lmal to in e I I etly a tol t o f Wym pi t y th th e R ag s, O corra fro m m an y estate s o u tihi ed b" the a o1 t p f ofgip g f H e I1 h(_ie fB l 1
--o- p| ." people it is called npon to govern. the SItall. Bags of swed plants. coueo tIn all Oncs mee thic tan ro eand dLl.clsed thei Mr. C.mH. .sl le rreresots-d doeefeo din_ (tie other def endail) and he alows ,, .fl ff
eectnldBtrptl..l.-t Honest and reasonable criticism is hc t"3t" of pitdactioat were piled in nutmbes areuo-,prIetialy grouped, ate! torely hxuqiti IlspetoeW. Power coduced the to 1 goorrto luo lor weck nit-iutd
1=, z . f privilege of a n vew paper w which seek._ ro i" e d wseipresetah F toons Stre s.aIirr.a-e t "Pg-" "" EV .DEaee A -t..n. ..4 h or sowene t-fe him .be
n .-', t., c a rryu t its leg. .iti a te fu..-u. a nd. U n fr er g .e.- ana ti ,.d e M f p i c ,s.dn ot i-c, trica a, a; R ois aC O M P L A IN A R T S E V f ,ENIC ;. __ gt le In t"d t rh .ctt' yo .W l 6.0 '
a' d ." t p earry out its legitimate functions and Mr. A.derson slated that he had received ocr par I nly Mrs. Han a i ovly co tt : .ana-CptL-Lmbtrt said uhat at- was t atetd in the same way?-ves-, br. Because,
---4..t.i, ,td tnohr, a4 he St Sul . : p ,r 'wte- wia up and uicsist. d twO w i t In M. Htt ae:, uhe yo-. ou tell let t h 1 U. .I
mgt 3s~' such criticism is, 'we are assured; tPA worth of (-rorls, attfd slilkiundnesa n- -to Mrs ll-ir-."as tUsTrit. i-s t-a f America: made to hin at about 4 p.m. on Frida last by e (Holdere told him that he wanted himV.
w-lcomed -as. much ihegove mh oaupethi to Honour. Wik. Robinson. ara to Beltium. jinus Jordan in eheis ohuenco ot hc oh o he Mt henae tore me as e did to hin 'I0
----- ON b odtreswh h s iDc-fly.yj.i s ewur-... e-upreuaasl boo gratitudee in glowing telnck. tint-ti.,n tie speril o her paor the cleteauts orerst curt a w-arrant to o(utreing orrcreakktltyuo twit t huldhug la
-- I to perform their appointed duties as by 0r the we-a f the Cedr eitScll w.asa perfect a t et en u of gerrn t M artha c h e itica t. h u e a %. e lalt unuIl yo u returned ftio nn bet-u. --
e--iE ta.n'. C-^a i." I the general public, who rightly look .to ntauk the Produce Stal tte l itr-. J SIr,. R2per a.a trinute of tlha .. fipr -the ple.sur Stre S t for aricles as-ed in the practice of ? Ye, ir. '
: c c ar the Prcs to rer reC--Ent their interesLs. toron Goen ani Mr. CrL hton I Frut her labour. h.l ,i n t ie plh ite i Iah H cli- slown BulW fur about tr .tu le: Tlut s how you undeTrstood ..
d a, .',: tL va B lut n tlhb their land th'- Government l r err ll to i T. l wo mnhs ad aH -so n a inean iamr l t Io ol h n tualLon -VIts. cr _. _o -- --- -
We it % t a., d a i - the Hon. aW. np.rdel. i tun, an, llr n d u be would charge I,*.,;
theti.e r_. _.t ,. 1 ao texpei frotlll ilr C rG onn's itutec o-, ::-,2S.: rlu-"sl ug yzi:ld en --. ie Tur- rc.rr Str ou.. p aom c1 uct y or bou y would not h l.a..
I` I Pressman examp~v of layatL suppalt 1 it. -I' l"PatI-Lrichl. MN .>ro 5Lull alle s5( ri.-te i i.e .s l uCL-cc hi s-sn I it Lac-c-.repurals Jessoury and I en- Gn iccuT. ;ntulcsl itcat llS?-N6.S.r. sir ..-
Ja. Ir-. thienecessary affairs of administrative verd with rtit and coconuts, : r s-..c. ,l-.' it .houl..I atl rn l iSm lie n e mn there and ex-curlea tI the r AtIIk Thii hoe ItHlder tell mer-that tli.-
iactwe-s Sc ejto. control and that community is badly Itt eI I. e-..1- r l-ct ties ut .cl s!cl e .h n-earl. 1. lauQ s Ineedle in a1 cir h otet toi undr tresr* Rici. re rum -.c4
L L . ad I . s John. l te 3cr e r r l 's t k.. .n lp st Pt -hop 'aru asked hita c -- L sea-ed w -oe newspapers n d .their. | 7 ghechftetcos fn w . tetcuorJaer\s' . -,cruch. til i retbr-e ak,1 f t stas.eo e t '
IS.a fr 1-6-.. t- I I .most tLoicgenal occupation in baiting folding tea-tables fr 1.20, ost useful d ar an to hnnt t.
*C, r a co- c Co ."I the Government in and out of season. dainty pieces of furniture. Needless to sLate I r O M-. ondIt i are a-hei .\- o or i I. 5,.. t.n h ado to th o e ra-rtui ranit hers--voui-_
Net-'- .. es...... A reputation for irrational and vindictive .hi Acrtns i cc-c 1. c.r-r, I. NEWS BR E et o.l I idetarfl _ta toler re l tha t pas e -o
l--ros - --" -" .in'u .1 LIII -r,-, i . .c s .. . - . ..a w ah ..iil lpfpr fs. Deloni-.Jant w -1; n.. In t m '- t, .t .nM u .. ".'*-
__rest- -. . .cenlaure must ine dtabley destroy the r e...' ... ,-i .. f ,.n.. t-- er-Gyc tt c. rc... .h c .e...d but -.--- thc. W, r. -.. power oftthe Press to reprc-ent c r 3s.Rsrc c -Thfe A-nttal Tecankc--ng S-w Iice of the- s .. Annu. hir,. hot c- u iii.,_e e1 set. n Im et. Isns b nt- h 3
c e.. ,- .-aL cs I-hn "c ju Tohago ladies, Mrs. Blanc Stee Mrs Coe i tec-ect lt. si ChurcLh. -lrr .rlee stea l1 'c-1 -tLnITee IC-i-ll I l i l t e Ace cc fur as hiv orr It c n -. n'
tC -o- r. :n n ..s.. juct cas . e5iIwie. c.ontained ait niite of dainty adtte c ,ies madein- ,o0 att e p ..c The pCp c;. Jones -,, eel !'eI I CIc ,n ._ctace,. -l iis L-l.... ;Lrethft t g ar.,.-L i : top s .I Tc-c
,Tr. t Ie It is the entbtion of Ti TR IDAD Tobago Of course, the famI us Tolxgo the prachir. Tire Annit --T-v- It- ?.I- c-i-' . .. -. u aI -. ,- .ou .etc h s e .h ..,-
r .d-- 2 . ,( - A c G rI.1AN to i.ce the mouthpiepeof stch -t -nnilt ,.- ,,n ale eer -.. .l ..,r p.,- c-c- ; da au- 1 I l 4e ,. ;-.V. . -, F l- l .t -hils
,oo ,Ti : r .. '- .O public he e co idmc At tI -cr 1 rs. ay Mrs. Butler, Ms B te, .. L --i e Lt . r i ,. .ri ..t ou. J We u I h-e
t ... ,-e .-t-Tu.. ,.. -e view- o u th i,.uightful majorityn. In M r. Oluir, Mrs. Snodgrass cud AIrs. "' I Tranequilty ys' c, -ern ent Schl..ol. eilt tht I I e-, c'"--I' I n-f' -nc ;'-T-e 1 tc i c-' -te u ehtc It d a
I c- e*r. lf'1. c 'c 's- e- -horto to repree.-cnt all that is best in lardin, actinoie l a. most attractive t lec- r r-ien t -ir It i" t v tha e1.1 .1..c -c-. e ' I- -I .trir c: ti cu b c c t t t
re ... . -a c- ,: r-idad a n e to merit the respect and rram a a vtretri ofi pstrty U a. Ar. Thomas IL. Cross c w ll act as P T o a C rincipa. rli .c r e .. a
support of every class. s which :-etc f re ea-beitng sole a few piotos -raps the i- cc -ua to tie )at Mr. C. L B I -n. j!- -. c e r o, r p,, i., hT. l et.--Yesl. ..i
-. . i .-Paahou-tan Ilospctal n ia -- .-I I -r.-l ceLeIe, p. -c1c
TatIorrirtp a valuation. upon cerity of pur- upt. ui te ll s ui th'-ees c e lti s Ala e ...t. e s e-apes 5 e a l pilttt.. .......eei...Icsa c tes .. .. -... :tIt eAel.- Is se ,.. --ale uct let tar 1
To-day's, Dia ry.- -. O ^ ._: S ary.,,reg i re pen -row h,-- - ." -. '
To da Se D 'a y Silt a ic- Itghtforwdard polcy. differenttmcos sue-c-su ng froi es nl ee ic-c ken. !nfttr .1 eee w ks' v pcaton Ilcriod _es Iu af.: I ,c.-'.. .t c c ... B It .-j
Con -ta ar - Jo a nie nteu- i Self-introduction i, not. altogether a t the "Allies Camp." Eacll bd is nim d pupisw, wll P nrullcd u to 9 a I - -- i .-a t rag. t
5' 1 p. grateful ta k, but before closb-ing this a .re Ict.- B ncher of 1c adornic I[ - e -tt I ...,. - .. .. ,.L.-,, , J .es- , n, c '- .o-p.-
.. t' is I. -lis table, ael cc l ilt sc fro cc fI I l Trr I.'- eC, ,. rCI'F, lV brA ht into e- 11il r -,s.c -,_er .t c A-
u -- "i ,ntial addrt!ess to our readers-ry have .ll Ia -,t - .. j. -I -e- I' -.c-~ -at. I l c, ..-. I .- 1- n-r er I k, ., .ei,, t Ir.I i_-rcln at the .-
don ic h- 8.30 p. I. ni TIeiaant d y t ..-rformn and that is w t s c lrn. ps. r -7 , .kaa a .--'" .' .,-. ,
t to Itc- eri-cuk-c TFr .,d thati s to tho,)-c F--mn s Ir, Anmirr a ,trl ty Miss I tso, are1.s5 quinlaL tatc-l'.ais' 1 !-- sc e cc- Atc ,c -,--. I .-. I ..- ..I .s: -i. _.I ..-..,-,' -. ...c 1- ":.. -. I
,. .^ l ,O p -m. ^,h of i ,-e v a e o! I -t--,-n . in..* o Ito.- .fnrit I "- ,., b c,-cis. 1, 1=;" Is It J I .- ,.- 1. -St'. I x'IIu- ,!-
ly T e WATER 30: who hape affor., u ver pra-C a t is.i- r atlts t p c tee ac th e e c- s c- s c c-. e -i- .. 1- n Lc t e0 1ee.-Ll :.

,' o rn in g - . 4 .2 e v id e n c e o f th e ir i e ter ,t in th e p r e .s e n t fi sl.t e-p o np -a r b v w h e ih .t raui. t in g !-, ,n it IM I' t 1 -, _e. n.- cTr-e c .ico-;
-After-noon - - 4 4-6 "dl' future w-elfare of tIlh- ic",1etRDIAN ccup-iced 'f iees gl iorio --s c -uant- Th, e ann t exa cc s"on for pupil teachers IY. ea 't -a c c Ln l i y
o- ". Il our advertisin- coImnt to day At the Pri nces To T.-,-Ic tle Mise wie- --e s e c e t e- va-rious c -tr--s On tu . ',, ,r .-.r .- .-I rq.sueer r,-.e- ._ Eut. --
. n e elalre h r - ttone anc d Mrs. cn-ur t rh, -r, e s s e lin - -' d in-ant- c- . .:.. .... t .; l c C i ..t

- Open ri[f S 3 -- College, 9 .m revenue is v t al to the conti lance s, 'igch1 hn l 5 Iv .....,. . . .. .... ,h . -, .. ... "r... I 1- Iap-" .
a p p ea t. a. i.c,,i . r ',It 7 I %:. 1 .nn r ..;-, "r h- ._, r. .
ets. y- 1 gkratm "- ".-Im e a l eracrcJ c cesnc c-err- -s -- n --h h, r t T -tc. -.'. I .... .c I ee LrE Cc "- "

on . pl o f a llet_ th a t oe al l r i.'. I S o .T h I n .icc r c.' i .era ,tc a i a c-.rc. r. is , , ,c. e L- i -c e r e I ,- -te e r a, t ir n c t --h
l- e e -c a p rin t i rti i c mf ty is, r ta l ab ,t ic.,c ee,.l ,,: . , r s. c c r h cr I ..'
t s m l to the ckieeanee .o "- ho .. I -r a,-I.c -te - . Of- .. I c 1 n. rI- I,,e er t -c,
nl 1 r.,. I, :a ,An %, um I. 1. ..t-.-;- n1; -. h -I-.. . . t--.s. t .* T I '* * ,* n o m^ t- -- ---

n-S ta rtes e th e Te ctcoileg leith e Ic- c -edd a f1e rn c 11c c - Ic-r1 ni Ie l fTr i c c- RcIci te tsp el*1- 1 c ch e fuc - -lt. cI Lc- c--i 1O-cy
S to h. - \6 .. I e 1 n t orere-o c-ccl supcc- c- a cnd PyIT .e i w q c HLe s T1 -- el ct.r-- te d-f clIeilar pant.
t- 6 ifithe -. lTplL of n and. Osei i pr chase s, all e.sinc-c- lale l c- c.c l 1t 1 e c- h tp =tru. 'c w -cptr c -. a f.. -ilc.. e. iac Iht.. y

ing---- ;- -- --- -- -- ---- that lie expect .u JI la A 'hotogra TI ", _,, .'lx ,n I Pr r i-ordit, .
fTON e a : c I e cide T e ivm i ot d-stree un er- at c purc -s of a, r, , ,,, m. th l etru' e le-Icec ---c c c eu rc ..
Sop Eee:ec letCon t of ted- B ,:dc-5: of cc~- -. In d, oust of w l l ir Ilse el-cc pec cl-I. 1o-win 1e1k p alec K,,-,;I ',Ilc cc- A m Ic s e- e Re c c I -- -c-I 1--1 I-st. 111s- 10 %ente Jorce

o or > tm Th ate -- pTs c 1ia luc ubralwn co ns cn cme to o e e price The er cEcTN-, .-eTe lRT [.-. [ecc-c.-ccTr. -r, a, e- c cncr t he in l '- anl 'r- e r e' ee, ,' ,, ,,,n, I n H
a niit Iy ,aho ,c h r Ire - rr, ,,\ h nAncde- iet- cnl a d -.
S openl -cte e is vie--a tcene fpll cite ie cincn ah ie of c-c k l1ic l rc ee c r i r e c.c th c-s a-n t ee t t e- c. 1c cf c-c c le
; - ,, ,- ..I.-I. .T.: a .. "-. I r. ., hL __l.- .I -l
c c t i l tlric AldeMrs Sic-il. c' h u l a an tl iany mpr thsam i ) n,1 -n-.-s ,- ,cel c nt c- ' 1 "tie; l -> r,-m irr ea e ,l r Ia .in et -a
1i WA ER. C- n I c- e.mS., .c ,-, !c-I rIce Bcr eL t s It ac - r iaItm cr-c .- e -rn Thi c .I .t..
0Nor m-g we -- s cotted c-icc Tatcble r, s Ic-ccc-ic carc-ld lelt cceur n- 1uCtc cc-eer 1n a ,Ice- r- Iee, Ic-:clc: I -r Rd th-f c. c l-le i,,,clithe c i ,- 1 cl. e- h- I 1- :,c 1cc, t rccl 1 -c- cer ,etrn. -

C tfrraceom C- -ur ct-cc I b i-' C T cc- ls I-. T en c c-c f iit te -c ue lchedn. c -I SIc Sl ic-s c-c-, t-h d pc a ---c e .. l. c . I. i.. .- -lcck, et -tic-. A ou cII -n
sTa-Ooznido F" 5"a-8n.icd-c-i-sing p .mc-s .ti n c-iIcd iheeld. w In uedc t at t S -to 'c Tot hre chcnlr c -e r n h i th e Irer ,nee se l e .... 'eec- ._ p .- e,,,e ._ .l .Ie 1 -- L.c e ,..'. Ic- cat .i an d nu. t -Al Lh _.:_ "

-, I i 1 I 1let _p T-nr of par -l r o if ani A v-rtk -il &is to till- it I a- n r c un . t-, Lb n .r ,i I % f" n. l ": r, p,h r,, r. .- aid.. _-r n-n r -- _.
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m anyt Mae- mn by te a rItt il a 'alh r. Ci t r 241h fIro f90f titiag1- to 1'1 D1-P Z4SeR ctn h- the li-'k arsri ; t eI)..t ri p [ am li d-lo i o iynd ,.
Lib als t lljfor em th rta i ,:l he .. Nol ft Tnh.A Pel Il h it I. acl es... f So.-d bhe tleao ..m..a .... it Nn1,rn oi rr... eltoett re ar.- o te premd nw,, ot dthb Tnhon THC l erkG AND I -- =

I.,I Stal-p' e+ t Department a o to (or,%,.t'aas. e .arir a n, ...... or t,,, %il P,,I. ......15 ,. t h...... 4tl ti. th amid Tile) priet ,An I, r hi e a 4 -'ls. Il hoag- roEe un P- -. the- dq ,



LL` o~c~go to doL to mention~ )C...r

Plain .1Ienimrjid lid Muslin Kecrhiefs,
M.Plain Linen Kcrchiefi, ncat~l ernttc~

.1.ih F ~ .c~
I" Su 10 4J.- eac
L.~~~MPhn KercII,,hief .,
tob E~.: eah.

CUSHION CASES that will-stand hard wear.

twndo o( a sound w.ashal~le crsh i Sn.. x iSn.
36c.' to $1.44eah
Embroidered Nfuslin Cushion Cases (Frillcd)
F rncy Cushion 'tf. (llak Saicn (' round
Unit 60c~. to 72C. eah


.- 7......sses CollitiOlS


IN the finest English L<-ongcloth and
Nainsrxok, handsomely embellished with
rich needlework and dainty ribbon
threading. You could not find prettier
N ightdresses at such uncommonly-
modest prices 1 he Idacinating sh.,pts
of the ri,-hl) worked -okes are becorin
and fashionable, and they %ill positively
give satisfaction in the wash and in the
$1... ... .80 to $5.00.
... .... .... $1.20 to- $2.75.


7 .7

NONE of tbhem are extreme. All Of dhemn are wart and Practical,
-aii-ei The ~lty -details. u~ch a lw bpd -pockets, -wast-
fin~hc3, arran-ge-m-e-nt fltS ci I -and --.T-IE
grc~uping d buttons, are all. or the
n.-%Yet anrd nio~.t fctbionasle id'!a
White Drill and f'iqu..' Skirls. 24 10 3Fin-

Coloured Stiil~ed Plqu ani Alpiccr,
giri"l,:4 to -Tin. -Aaiit, A'.75 to f i 6-.
TarLan plaid SkIti~-ju~t a fe% one only)

[113,:1. nj II.10 khLJci~d 'kirv. Jii.a

T%%c, orlY Black Moaerlc Sflk SkIrri ul
c.)r monl % o' 1- 11v 11110c -

__ __ __ __ __ _.__ __ -- 5_ 0

WE want you to think first and then realize that we know
what we are offering you. Experience teichs, so we-
know what constitutes a good piano, Use your gift ol
th.ou~,hi and ywe are sure you will visit us. \Ve can supply "
every kind of piano you want and. our prices ire just the
kind to suit your pockets.
-TEO R-INg, -va_-SIAHL, -. CoD
.- Sole Agents for the Rudolph Wurlitzer Co.
Pianos on view at our San Fernando Agency.


[lIE STANDARD LIFEt: AS.S'-IA.'I' C' ( 1A.\1 sNVv is hlbiishJd at Edinumrgh. in 1323. An
w a s in e a r p o r i t e d Iy ,.p e c ia l -A c t o f I ',i lia m e ti i i t 1 9 1 U i t ii o f f h te la r g dc ~ o f th e P r ,v il he w
T l1K N E W A S MW K A M'R 1'. i ilt i li o( l t,, ll. i p n ,..LH Iw l l r i- ., F w :--
lV 'N.. '- l er df 'o)h ies issued A r" rin.
"" .. 3' 47 '41

.. ...14. ,43l ../ I 4
O .- 0 1.) .... -. ... 4 "1"4-4 '3 22,4 1 1 343
19 t ..19 ... 56 ,S64 270 l,0 )40
rticulars on application to
G, BRUCE AUSTIN, General Agent.



hictrical Appliances for-i-4uschold yonveniences
and carefully selected Lighting Fixturecs
a n^_ AT THE- 1 -

ITpansfev-Station. Show Room.

-The'RED INDIAN" Motor Cycle.

C. TAYLOR & SON--Sole Agents,
Corrt t Que nn Inn I' 1 l.n on i Srcft, -- 'Phonle 2n.

Estate and Houser Owners
I rOLCbLec i(k fIEI)O F i'u rlt
CIFIL Cidt U f

-The Grce1t Rusti f'revuiirie.
See that you get it. Take no
15EURY BROTHERS, Incorp..,

'~'C b d PI one 977.


suroun 4 he orl.,.I)vari-drnaw-rof

tical IrAwvvr-- 917 iq ()ti ts I ttl. ill,t S tart a
go 11,11, Itd. I 1and front t t)"',r
h ~' lidmikterclhtefs with- new

w at

LIT eet a l .., :..

I m t io th th rtsiIhe Gro-
U:Ue 'f hei &C1 u-1al C111 th 1

onpm lu ch It n iri
By t-v lv ta n t r b t0T1. wth l ai l l O

that gloq noathe t.\'aa fi Tt. l auhtTt I,~i-

alill a' dil, 'l In ha yi for half ng thir .
caring-r inati vI ribld th, tire, velvetilk
,i- O lrg, maT,11OSAIM VlT, Can l,

thriw A(an--,thrr Yreitr forthe Red htn -th
lilg- 4gaJ~th t o ami I.lo i n hit zm5i.I2- Iey ci
, ,, -.I 'lul ithat .- I rnk "
beI'iti0,1v 1ly j,I V fth,, R bright I lai t let',',
Poe fit juact ntkfut-w, friendnd lace.~
butlittl f. Clot. .1 OThiq ciUW A tir 111L of aisi
Iirnlecbiwidth dth- faige ontiAmeican niyi,t ,n
r yoo f otries. for 5 n~1-20 -! L._T hell ]ntie

to ineet evey ee al very ot cj~ion

patntleathertpw ,.. r si t 7c ra... ..,
give tJsic kinI, Ii (W~~tL~

new. NN J. 1)Ra fir.

.. ... .
l.r i i j i

yhout t.Qmain

Streh ings tobit -, mF T.

zrlr Jtisll 'iare) f- hl,,t f ill nt 'lChkc
al, c lours not I m tot l~
T[uai~t inywi of 'e,11 tdfor inau %a dav.
1--1.1M 11-1 onl a d ul ,t o y h ild ig.

tort-l mts comot r~ rt and I tndll-, 1,,ihtl
U.Ant. cha r- wiy~This Virus thu jugst r,-, ei
a IllIad oo in f T3 1.1o, ths. 11'yoI
t~ndinthost ~-y p io g Tuly br-at. n1.-

I wa.r jl d(t.qpair,wbtging girl, rvRoss s n
I'l.r ,, ing v tund t 1. had j 1trecy vto aI
mrn .tnidd t-rtarintit~~leq ittlk- niat gir
caug t spine,tlu,,r kdlhso ma, uvr bad cld.
I).!.' 1It )it Is BlA, t e t 0 ,-




F .. :.
*":. 2?: '.*

DALTON & Co. Suers.,



Ex Recent Arrival.

Bags W,,,- k-.ICE, i o b. s.
-Bags HELv Oars; Banner Brand"
Brls. Pic. SNOUTS
Tierces Pi TAILS
Bags. BRAN

100o Cases SARD INES in Oil .
50 Cases SARDIN-ES in-Tomato Sayce--
800 Bales ST R.W PA ER, each 5- reams-l _-
1OOO/2 Bags LIwEki OOL. SALT
59 Cases "Argo" OIL

Trinidad Imp*Ot-& Export Co., LtI
__,___ 76, SOUTHQYgbU4, '

DeetCopefin iladwares Glassware and EanrthezWa.




ocoaS, Sugar,- passes, 0oc-nutMl epra

a Coffee and Other Produce.
4e t'' r-li' LCi' 01-:: (,]:
STI IREE PLUMiES Safety lMatdhes


M-"i a..G mEpRS yLf:

SThTri --G Oal ig-80mpani t,
- -_

LY BEPTEM4ER 2, -917._ _

1--- --- ; .a



~ -


.K .............






P- --,

44.. ~ *.p ~44',
-, THE,' ~RI'NID.A15



Come From




t Men'


y _- 1 l '-_

'-i\RhR F~


IJr, I ,. h I Ii i _,_, t[ e L -" --
4.' . ... 4 a what
it i l-I k 1 do's 1pas d- in heIlish fire dlar
44and mg4ht. 4it th44t u44r.4 .llu.l4 i4- tif4ult
44we4 thr 4-- cr4L4t4 h t I4t'th r 1in holt' s and
await ur 44If,,o4. fI1, a.d h 44ire are piled ulp
4by th4 i .rt"" ill-rN4 ., wh bll 4isI far sup.'. lr r
ti nr 4 The 4 na r, htthrough w l4ic prepar' d
1,,r :, til 4 withl v m 4.asks on ou r fact-44 ,s.,
"l, u .i e t III.!S an,'l thrv )r four
hu,4 t 3 w4 ight o4 l 4 'ri4l4 4 11-tor 4, 44 j glt.-
N4' trench work, 4 i4 it i4 4 notW to b444, i.4
44444l4' 44'il4d,4 t' frl,4 l ts Up. 44 ,'
itr v,,o r division---o lty tl r rtaiujl tl -111
lost 3.400' t 4 inh4 ,. ly three , th ItI
Fo rrth R tvmientis i n M ac, \VW '. I -
quit, al lm orht the isoiunheh
"44 '.r4v4 ll4'4' h, El.lg i-'l;It" -r 4 "
f i f,, r 'illt tll- ,, tr' ll, lo 'rat, ir, 4tl ].
W ha44l44t ar4 .th4 o444.l44 4 I ,t4,4,4 4 l44 "r,44

4 4 4totg, t, 4th,-4 [r4 I -, %k. I h t 744 t 44
nig~ht in i 'nc lb lIrt a ,d t lint- fill, Lt'li I ll]] 'N".
cl no h lo g, r sit ,lrItl,- oi.- 1. (I r htwa,|k arlth-
f 'lo t ,t t 4 I 4)tt Clg'r, 't4t4, t4.444 t ,4 44(If
The- 9i4 l I 4444l4l4 l 4 'ld4 dra,4 .4 I 4 hull4 a, }
'a1111 it,,(t-v rt is iti u hscriuih b
" SO ONkn \ t.F lI.AI tC,()M.\I
-" )tlr arulhvr camil(it firl, in tit. ,1- tillnc )
- Tomit4.4I4 n ic4 it-. t 4c 4 t .and it 11114,4l ,h 44av4
A terr'ibly l .'av d i r,, g i~a I T r Ia i,
nmlrv aml --W sllall V" ngt i- ll "t 1 l t Il" ltlit ille
aJO) 4, r 44 ie44o r 44V44'td +ti t all kI or -,n l h t
joy to Ieing nni, f,- pris,crs+ .
Ni, Iwhvr'. t n ham ll -wor, I ,t l
4444n444 -l 4tt 4nt 4. 4r ,, 4i4ntif44 ]ifh4 ---r.,
food, no rdrinking iWater ill]fli%,arid.,ill,- h11111l
hur. 'A ".,. 4;L ,4 tdin I tI 4t4 th4'' -in4
lt ', ".........4. 4T44-- 4444 .4t4lint ,4 4;, 41 1
every act tht4r444' 4 4 4dmg4r4Oil,," ,' s 4 444
M art- not s in lrL'IiCl(t4,"I 4hll 14. 4 l4 ,4, 4,4.


Sat a a
c m ,I.. e par in allithe new-
*0 pe pairr est shades.
in thli, iti-t \\,i Inl,___


\ .\A T 1N ; T ' I N.. ,, 1'! .' i ,

'.4r4 44,,\ I'4'l, tl t 4 ''''''J4l 4 4-,,,,
44,,444 h,44 r. .4 iL Iq '1t 4," .

V 4a" .L4'Um ="G4V e- 4444.44rtilh-.r 4fa 44 444444nd [ I-% 4. ... ..,,,, m4 4- ,h- ..... 4t. 2-4",,,
Ie fro l 'Arrts h ere They .1 rras-'% t. ,

.......... they cntch ..ight

TELEPHONE 254. 10, Broad 4 o -tei ain un4 4 4 bou r, ir 4 phi 4 4 o444'4 44444 hu
e Id Se e 1917. 4

Wish the new paper all success "GIVE US FOOu AND WneT.L, HANGp, 'o1f
______ _ThanL.Lthe public far past favf s. O4s.c 4 4s I t ,4,4-4' ,
Sol t a contin an c of Tea iest s o allowing description ofr ife thin k ii .. h al th ca nn 4v 4 l4f ,L were, .
elicit ontnuance Hamburg wa written by an Englishwo ., n a crn
--ian t CO *1 '"an-who has lived in that town for many '? 4pli444 4 44'4 444 4 in;,.4ntt; d 4,1 4ut
"The Red LEON MATHIEI/ 0'1 C .O x9 \ years and recently returpeg to Fngland: wiifii coil .ull 444 441i4n it 4 ,44i 7<. 744.
SThe Red Store." POt. Box 9.4 Gray a a r ot a to i orwa 'hig ltchesad ka fe
O noothi; later Ir hollht i ,1 ..... .

4411.... 1 ,1.4 1 NoLi c t r "0 i . tf h c t .. 'vritg fort4 ... ...
AN- ENGLISHWOMAN R 'O M that I had to throw it away. People natra

4 44KO D A K S 4 4 ,40 C A M4 44RA4 44.0 U4. ec b 1 .9 7 :v ,o l4 it 4 4 f4 4t4""
4.44I4 .4.4 . rt-., M A w1 1. an r ,

Wish .the Pn OTO a'.r al suc s '"GIV,4 Us4OODAND 4 ePou n, d 4l r 4.a4 4 4skd 4 ---4,-4
s - the n 4 ,, t rlr a l 1j HA The heating p.pr4oble4nwastcr4,4, i-_L.,,u,, r ,,

Thanl4 4- the 4public4 4fa r4P 4ast4a4S4.4 -as. n ..... u .4i ..-l.i 4., -. .in ...u n.... ',.
Solici t aP B continuance o lat ,O .....X B ."< The-following description l of lifuin . ...... -, I . ,". .. c oa n hIu,,.
a n u has lived in tat t o w n polo b hutr the coalrr n erchlk ots haw ll iprdrfor

P ORT O PATHIE e, T.IN rDAD.s a recently returpe to 1 "The -d3 Ntop 1 K L Go E nlin r n I ts been hit so n iarmll i t c t ...I.. l.n,rtl l li>- in the kitch ...iei t i t up
"tLi p war as nthaubuLrg. Nat oo lllfnity hs i rgh .souar In t oii th," op;.i oen on I ,l

General Con ssion und Shipping Merchants. |[i pa"o"'11,
l hor p ere is no inort- h alk of t .in L.- ei( u . i ,II-1

-) "A victor)." iv e Is fu4d,,44d th e 4 iw l rtin t n. .I ], tol ,tt. rLL ug lhd
EA T AN FLM I4 P PR 4 0 A to-TH R '.44444444.41ll

Dnk %rs Vw lluiner iiueln Prodbc (Cocoa, CD ecy, rospe Corn, ros,, c. &Ct,.ru I d-, tkI . tT h u t1, n. hr
CR A" E -NTI S 'OF- T i COnipan ia Trasail' ilan 4.tic Espl 4"' 'e'" ai ..\;t,., i h FiR ul'dpresel aa u. ,] ,lI. ha slo.'
owmm o r, ,,. l y sight ,l Thr i' ,; i, t.roic ntl ,, l. h. "1 ,, k1 .. -1.-...1 lh..

A C L i h el thousa lsof ,, -lan a 11 r 1 1 .
EASTMAN FLMmS RXO PAPER ', [)ri ll lG OTH.ER a stalilsti .",,,_ .... ....

REXOCode A.B.C. anPI iEBE M uATLI RAL draft, vh "I t, ''
.. .. . .. .. .qS.1(-. t l. .. I .... .' 'I ,. "-it*'",^" t iL lh I.
STAND- D P, T1`110170 LBUIl ll "tE"fn1livilde44iTEon't 4.444.... 4,4i4t4' 444uit4-44,4r

S PIE R E IR A &fL C .- T.- w ev I'Io444r,,4y4louthi gwth4.T-- h h thI ott)r. iso 44sinh 4llk 4 li4 tr,

III.the old" our.i 44444 look ... 4. .,....... .1 .. 4 4 4444g ....4 to 4. 44'o
le IOU o 6f mos/t ti11". 1rtl in r, t hn t "1, .1 44 (jut -ito, 4404 S l4' tr
_______.__________________"1 __ 1 ry \ ......g\th i i ..... 4thert tho r'gh4 4, others p .....4 l 4444truss

",in 4etel.._l,11
elers inl V ei' 4UelUn PrOd ce (COCOA, C~ffee. Corn, &C e ,.[C. &c.) 4.41144441444 to ~ 4 .. .. 44 ve 444 .. .. ... 4i4 t .,k 4caerpilar 4e et, L 44,44.... .i
..4'4,.411 ',9 11 4 l 4l ,I 1444444, ,444,,'l 4,4, 4444,.arr 4., 4.4-4pp nen4-4444 4 .
. v a, no., sg as ', '.I,, .... LTh g su,. .4 4heprison e rs,,', 4444I,444, 044', ';
l IOii iii"14 l hipping M merchant, IIV Hr I ttl. I i i' .,r iia 4,". ,Ii rps i4 t io.




I ; A\ fi.


Begins Mn day, 3rd Sept.

-- -- ------.--.

3a rgairr B Darga.i nE s


Crowds of Goods HALFPRICE

I \/. k1 l)-, O.


lI'r 1,1)ll ,.r Mr. UR PPH Yin New York. -

-lIMupyMoI -ze- L CoW

Malnufactured byv I
e,.st q,.,1lit, gualt44eed. Prices on applications.
Pr4oi ip-.4Ld1 c.Mr,1nl1 intention to orders.


- -


- - ------r ~Y, YYU",M JL L" 1917. ---- --~;--

S LA 14044.4.- -.4uRY
14 'rA;14 r a i iw i '4144444Ilar S
Lord .. eficing .. ... 1. 4 I 44. A 444 I .4I.L
wHml i 44 .rT.I.Iii r i ... 4. l., -.. r44 I44
A L r'.' 4 III Ill.- '%:j r,4 4 4,4, 44444
n pi a 444dqI4fj;i.,, ', 44.,. 14 4.444'4
I .,'.. 11'44.4 A. All. II
thick Eug, and -j. :. 4 11214-F-414 4 .1.4,..
for solne hot. 44*I'I .. .1 '.1 -,%% 0-1,
Nvew,,ereto r,,. ",'I,-.-f It, --I, ''.,. .;-I...I L
next morning N -4I, I IId. 4 4 444, 44
de, whel.1,, .1 4... 1.4 4
SudnIt"n. 1.1.11 -i
s 4glil w nt 1-01I 14 '4 -1 n"-.,
'44,,4cm4Up ..4. I-4 ,..
went. 44')' 444444. '-I.- '' ..44 ,.. 4, 4.

--d re tio I. ..
,44nn4,,n4 U ) I,n,. h4, I I 4
li e I ')()( 4 r.]

CIA 4'. 444 4III44A

G H 14 Af '. A 44N 1 ,I I IAF. IiN' (-i

R iIg 1 '4csit44 gl k' I I .I..1. 1. .4 ...
Ve a r i4,14444,44444 It4-,I.-

'449'~~7 ,~

I- - ---~ C L=T



V lr


1 I

nd-y D Lt w a r THE. ESENT STIJN. ws '.th1 -au r re ci to m u r PAINTERS,- WHEELWRIGHTS, COACHBUILDERS
the nsUm e C C'O f.. a. r .q Mhr. Bland then .-made the presentationhh a ', -r. i tie j a'Lrl- dsays o he sar-Mr. Pi k AND U PHOQUe PLSTERERS.erk on S r
ig the pot of Aet C s.%c.-ctary ro ;on v,--. a par:.: .. ntning-American gold. e J..d it a iaurning desireto net, -,. ,enile r a. ___
.h -e. -.S -G[ __ t, yi. P_L._rL.1a -, SR0L5.N. x!ai ..-d tLt- ,-. ng to tle wat they had beer. i e the E-smire as soldier or chaaplain, and it Morton Griffith, althoughlealing only I61-s
Mr. Jonel'_.c, no e-,tb lic lt tte-in-, e- y naigcts'-i_. -It 1sC with Englrhi sLverr t -s hE- -hedraained ate.e to 10 eccl]sqastacal is a cool aed rth". rehareightim
one ai o another We date ah .r ea-0 announce eregs.b a Amriaws-w-their all that we are fully equipped to meet all
1901. in .i ch I' iLSbe a-: Lpco -t- md fighting side h e sid with them on tir Wh en his opportuni cam o t good h-t n oet mao
Jr .m d HeOItcael Sea-othee tome to h ith et reach ;ind height tog ether ith the your requirements- i up o-date-aand-accurate -Tools- -and Fittings
Iu hd teaC-er. a, on th,- J S,:plemL.- 1? 1: ield of battle it made no diferene (Lauaghter men who are defending the Empire Ihe gladly a(tv-antage of 40lbs in weight. of requirnt eil U p c
Ih .as-s.umed e d : .* .o.c.c.D ag ec r -d C)heers.) I[ ._ ,:,] t-. ,11 .in, hBy Scouts trained- of all kinds at Keenest Prices. we're MI.c-s AW. rlai At r Jones in accepting t.i. ; _;- i- .l. H; .i i e colours. S T KHANS CHALLENG
3;r. rnorh -.^a- e, ch P RaJm^, ,e.o montb is our StRck-taking time and Stocks must- be
a. C GAr. L's.i.; -h L T0 A n aridict>c. i.i-ci eieoiti o( a' -r of tha Bargain Store las left th is town of Cle J ohnto. ti te biaxer ad duced. \h'c ir prepared tr ,t titee tim a n S o cs wanb atoeul
G. W \ Al -nc. P A tar . ntvith litheir ap r ia iCheeri. .rdos for a much needed rest and Basileed. t has ..ei. a s eam Ca t Pr C eS. Cop rlong Wit th wee ohe all dyn hold of thia
Clark, F VS icinuirn l,,o de I ant,1 l oh n ill ,, i- h ee would Cit ie i ;iii him in i geh "he o their
son and I S qu- -e s-ying-tt-i-le Sll te he hadi achieeil tfor a contesntn to best-out of three alls in oppotnltV of get.Ung your Otfit Or any Single item Cheaper
- T Mr. -.,c .ic g hic-.m1 : to -acpprt-pie_-e-- -ini -nsas'ie-t-h eeti-e thinstIc on.sequencO of his recent illness Mr. the catch-as-catch-chn style. t I y
expressed the pleasure it gave him to occupy co-operation. It wa ls a iurce of XStisfac, Glaston W. Bonair is going to Bairbados for a tne anyw
that pF,"coa. He had one little regret : tion to him because he was a XV st Indian and change of air
That in selecting their Chairman the it ha alleged that it as impossible f NEW TUBERCULOSIS DISPENSARY, HO E FURNISHING
had not selected one who would have been W,, Ilian, o asu p tiin, l co: rl ai FOOTBALLI
', ble to discharge the duties of that office with to maintain that ree-I.ct vl w. i \ KNiX STRJiET BU ILDING NEARLY -
S reate sa cion to them and more credit to, thosepo-in Jlj e tii kcrd H n h r.,,,s h l "It, i, ,, | iae i ia pl aBeo at aa.! K a T. lt at tigEsL
ii s _cn ,- is i"t --da "e P. e sol IO't-LETED ron Bedsteads, Bureaux, Double and Single
the departure- of fr. Jone" from the ofeiii of appre-ti," of t, hu ,M iti t- l.' 6. Cl l lh The neT. Tucosis Wash -Stands; Hall Stand-- Thre e-Corner-Chairs,
SActing ,-hretar d of the e o? l ctr a Rnili it io ... 'cii-.e:. fi t It in course ferectio n i Knox Streetj rapidly W as S H. S,- d. r- Corner Ch i.-
I.- sotute to ho hii, teir c-1i re-. .. fo "r .e Girrl .".etl .a .ond isnow i t ia Meat Safes, Berbice Chairs, Cyp and Cedar Presses
small -av. how then apprecia i.-r th li- t tig tir-.'.. -, it a I st ier sea, i. awl soon after G i ofh paitees Thelaiuiegisalthe'T'scan
iei'esie if-- i i li p t Tle t ek aiei " -hei b al hi is aa i i i-ca
gh ave h t he _pR -t- e t 1 t.he kick d ( it a nd its sai to with Mirror Doors, etc, etc, at ,PECIAL PRICES. r
L- I.. irh .ito .l ul' a- re- in the net. At t h ,t nv o l ot J i nr n the l .1and. on .
l t do!a sh rt tune ht ha a' k .in of ( -,. . 'n t %v r."; I- T.. . I A -
efrome finianc'Ae uieihof view TL 1 r e J- ioa ie,'-l -111!1 ,iahti. ill,,cn tlu o r a r i i N -R -', -' 'h 'r o w' a
I,nstitut"e cwasnte Ice 1ract-, al Rci eltrc v. iJtt The- fict.i or ac't-e etd iisuhraerd ntilesn__e
thano section which concrareei hrill more pacT:- Va)TI i- ()F Tal'l-sKla "evale ar s. dnoh eecal 6 t ecar- rile .u,7 A
--rnlari-swa5 Eo o- mnaun ;-.-.l:.i v -',n' ii ,iiud Ci11llr'g -'ti c, 'le ir -o pToli, h et h etd ap cainv feapt ,arr-sI Ohi I f iI I
when Mr. lonei tookov.r v e. ac.::i ..r- )IT Clare, n,.,1, l a o ic f tlae W t, IhN of t -e A eu F In U 1a, trc A B I l.- &
t ryship and to-d.a lthev fo.rrd t in a 7,,-t Churl.,n for pr,;"dcq.'d uhich %as of v,.. southern A ateur Iall a The c c
_fouriaing condiu:: i- .. ,,n-" a .... cl a -. a a-.,te tha:. .-, .n ,a nexmt oit the Ch l-h ue: at p.m." chl oIf the work. _Ir. R. A CumE irbatch C e
,e........ manne r .... il .t ;: ie, I., ...., tt-. with A n. he w is.ihtheite . e .n.i T hth Pte pl s Store, San Fei nando.
Tenn nts Estssia tes L m THE .ItedR .iig the M- Hi ART1tiT th Drug t i Pe Store, o
The- i e i e "'l'*''t 'O I' la'Il -!'tlii'h, E -- E eight ii tPorlh -of-Spai l opn ta. S n F do the tr Prince Town)
1 ci te ltSAl l ReANDoi ws T. 1. DUNSRE eciPst,
; .:! __ _,,,,h____ ,t:_._ _:i r_ .- -,,ual. Iuc h_ f,.r -,!I, 1-t-r10 fit of hIII hea lth.a"
-11 ,-l-- lhtppen But

1" ............ : l t ',- :- ti lri ' :,- ,,!1, 0 -- r *io --. -- i g -i-h Fr --- -n A m' can '
0F COLRSE where you can taet h bet LAS aei ed5cins To et Aittc es

O no y ad th< best service! Ve carry .r i ;;:*T Scientifcally Fitted a u .j. .r h. .1 i a M...r.. PhIrmac -
do so. states t All of our inches are connected wih Teleph.
l nss l .. Eesight ort-of-Spti. S-1 Ferna do, Princes Town) "

1--71t"-. S 1.711 Il "I -1nTe h I %.:SILL -. s _,.1 o-- r.
1,.. t i p)EFECtiVE FnVe" be. _. J D UGS" AND CHEMICALS,
Where" Sho.uYH e 1t 4RtIe Egl'sh, French and American
IF RS "huee you call ,et ..... b..t x i..i... 1,-.r I t, I Parent Mi dicie, 7.i]et ArTticles
0--" Ic-iy ,iiad th-c best s \rt .cea Vie cu.'Sva t.. ,..'' : P c
[ assocrtel stsk ,,f Hatrdw-are, an..d -] at. F'hive irll a ,- .. ''Scientifically Fitted ind ..''' .. 1' l .ll r-n Pharmacy.
of beta ble t-Sell atIch chealr bttan \\h p Our him is to maintain the Confidence of Oup Costometsm
yoo require' n-Lthing Ii ltlrdes;,re try us firsi, it pts I- Y, L, N"SES I llL... i.CI...I r-:u u. .i'.:.
do so. ,t. : . .All of our anches are connected with Telephones.
Harness' ILeather Sheathini Fat I.t : . .
Basil Ski,. Garden Hase. Steel 'N.. .
Ci -tt Ql fN-'aa j:;jWire. -; caIf /\ IV F'.F

lue erle.
Saddle -olt.
Doe Hair.
Breechint Chains.
Crtp,-, ir Chamli-.i
Sail Canvas. .-.
Anchor Ch-i's,
Rigging ,\\ ire,

W atcri ', I-Ians.
flHoe'. No I & 2
Bass Br,,ains
Kitchen L'tehsils
Oil Stoves.
Lamp Ch,'a- ,'
Iron and t .. I' .. ,.

\ nL-LV [ '. r:

.- l 'i; l i .I -.

Tennants Esta tes LitedL



u-n. aNGL aN
t t .t i D)E TRUTH."

S 1pplicd to the Navy, Army and.all Government
Institution,. lIr whom T7H-E BEST is at ill
times icJLretcd and obtained. This famous M.Ik
has met with' unstinted- praise from Doctota44e-
whole\vold over. By far ie-hest .fb Inifants,
- growing Children and Adults. It'sjust splendid.

"Royal Extra" Stout
a" ,fiecial" Lager Beer



T Fhat is just what you
\ I want, anid it is what voul
shOLId ha\eC fir it's what
c erybody- likes-

Reliable Goods, Low Prices.

To be Convipnced Call at


an Fernando,

Where you Buy Well & Cheaply.

'PHONE 71..

'.B.-Orders bl PIos/
receive a7.rifl/ A /iflntioli.

Sale -o Sugar
TaI ST ) \OC ', 4th 'It epi..iil. 11 Ju -,

-SOiS F. J. Sco..T-T & Si l la-i ii
AuctioncCrs. under -intrutlion tIm
Mlessrs: Ihe Trinidad Shipping and Trading
Co ppAny, Limited, will offer lot s .ale at the
On Tuesday, 4th Septenlil-,r, 1917,
At 10 a.m. prompt.
J.R, 65 Bags Granulated Sugar
A Rc 19 AJ. di


-------- -


The schemesthat makes a bcer,.,,r a er ;_i-t. l-stlinl, sal,.k what otherwise would be -
wasted that converts the rent pv... pi.. arial house property; thut creates the tenant.
.landlord; that develops thtndependeC ,-e (hn man with a -,ke in Il community ); that
-secures-to the wife and kiddies the hr""' -nt ht upnmeli death of the breadwinner!
Think of the Protectio/'ou Secure undermne of these Contracts
If you die during the term't .I' "i E r PheEer I ree of mortPTe debtA)r
and receive in cash the ah ,r rit ,ar E E OF CAPITAL ACCOUNT.
Say death occurred during ton Ih, pp, would at, term 'e,- selctedl the socret, in
addition to cancelling the mor Oil prop,-ry would pay your heirs 1,ooe3 in HARD CASH
for each fiooo borrowed.
SFor Life Assurance fs' Terms of Mortgages (Home.purchase or (dminy), and other
information, apply to /

s'~ io64 Queen Street, OH
tr of Sipain, I ti.Spremeer, 7, -.- c- :o AKCHI i.UD JoHNi .o-&- Co --
,--_" ' g? 4.O. 9. O.
L 7 Corner ofDuke & Fredeoick Streets. j S tr e-
/Central Hotel for Contry F'olks tra nscting bs ine L' LI
Thgeo clean' and airy b -droois. Recet reio,.teda gI -"THE BSRBk DOS MUTUMA
u.,derght c.f London. lso, Unr ed for Purity and Ben
(.,.s. etc. Exhihif~nn Meal. ct lree

I I_~_______P__I__EI~YYYYL____


The Trinidad Stores.







Ladies who appreciate quality, which really
means satisfactory service, will readily see on looking-
over our stock that our Dress Goods,PRoots -and Shoes
and H household requirementsoffer fht e-'-st opportunity'
for coupling desirable choice with large savings.

Ladies Outfitting and
/NIGHT DRESSES frcm . 84 each.
KNICKERS .. 1 20
CORSETS, -et, etc. .

. Chafrs








what youi

want in

the Ho-Use

io. n

- hl.Hj HJO

- -... -I Lamps.


DlDepot for
St. John's and Balm
Popular. Reomdies

6 Henry Stte

T -. -' ,'PHONE 59.
In Trinidad and Tb1xigo should in their owuninterest send
- their orders for Printing- Bookbinding, Ruling and

of reliable quality.
Linen Table Centres from .
$I 0a, -
Linen d'Oyleys from- icc.

Lace Table Centres from
Cold. Table Cloths, etc., et "

(Succrs. to WIILSONS LTD:)

Big; Boxi) g Contest
AT TI. r .-I "

A large andabeautiful-assrt.-
-- -ment-of

Silver and Electro-Plated
Silver Mounted Bottles.

Gold Brooches, Bracelets,
'- RIngs. Safetv Pins

etc', e


A--. -


General Conuitnuniot n of lt, Rterttv Colnfra
tcrnit3, 6 ain .
Cla. .tlr.. F: TiH l tlO.V %N.i .
*iepuotimt (,o tlii Ifist-f Sactr'lhlit. -

,l o l 1d T 1 ' 30 a .

I t1I. I'-h ,r It t

7 I

LIADny Chancellor, Mliss-Cliancellor anti mai
arrived in Tobago on Tuesdav, August 28
After landing at Scarborough tthey motored t
SoveTrnnteiHt Hnuse, Mount. jijiap s,.wheri
0- .. ... t. ; M': t'.-.I,--y weeck hay
E .- 1,'l 1 ,,2'. 0.,'' 1 liar fir.t-A-'1
people. The wish is expressed ol all Sidetr
that lie will So to-joy her visit, that her stah
d th i ti w N -ill b e ,i m o t tha, n v a.,, a t firs t c]. |
All the liay I schools re, otled t n Mondas
last, after four wet.ks- vacation. This is tilt
first y"ear (if he extended 3lidtsumime
vacation, which was fonrivir-i of o.hl
twov wt-kls duration. The ftore of habit
is strong, and complaint is made that there
is tthe tuisal percentage of absent ,s -Scholar!

tutoring thftt.o Oitfi et-i-Ier, l,'ut o ricahling
the dpartu to the teachers' oon ,iti n, the
A'sista In osptor, Mt. Ste, r has r i-arred
roindi tf examination in Tobagountil Septeron-
ber 21st.
By t elze last week ir J. Streaker,

I I r. r t

ar e c n- A.. R. i , e.a ..It .i
fh. l i ini, i I !at th r' j )l in 'ries

tr. h, a i.. U i.iL r Of ftI
i a A nr .l t.i.i-t A In t -r if f c. 0 t, .n:t
rin all o Jr thi tJhll -dn ei, his sues tor I

A to s et-- in, BI( t he -- l- i-_ es y -a llo. tire' 8lie
estant .At iut . ii, to I
vian Chorch in 'Tobago anti pastor 'of the
Church at lnoreah, announced to hin 5 congrTeg-
--tionioi Sundaychtethat.-4ollowing advieei
( received the"-evious Friday he and his wife
and, daughter would be leais g Tobago n S -
S tehber 30,th, f the United States f Amerieta,
aind a ontntti /eieins would arrive shortly after
his departure to ncardry On thle work until the
arrival of the Rev John Weiss, his successor
ill office,

A titeting a-a.i helt in WeVi sley Hall on Tiles-
day evening August 29, tlie object beliak, to
foarm Oin Atfrimltnral Loan Society. Several per-
F. tl attend,-t A itian nich interest tasshown-in
Treasturer. Tr,. ivlim- clon is, 1Tie Srar-
fMr. Sanfordtt "Ilrotttne att Mr. John Preeotd
as ntht-ra.

A Tin 11 agla ast-u -a founra vhii n Angtsit
an s 9th at the Petit Troa Bai,, froin whi.ich slhe-
was taken by the tlestpilte itsttiiorities to Scar'-
borougih. There in 'nothiing- ti show waere
|o she came frout, or to whltt vessel t' s
b belonged, ,if any, but her waterliagged coidi-
[ tion Shows thai she had been i distress tor an
very long tiiie. 'rhie titatter haviitg tee-n? re-
ported to Triinidad, an order itas ltee sent Jere
to sell her, and the sale is fixedI fo? tire 8th

Co., Ltd.
(Mutual & Co-operative.)
A- -bsolute :seiur4y ^Liata'tlc-iL
against-i si-th riter- .-.
Dividends pail annually on
Premiums rcceivted.
Cheapest Fire, Rates in the
-Policy-hohlders can call at the
office for a
6 per cent DIVIDEND
on all Scrip issued.,
For further particulars apply to
18 Chacon Street.

( ./ ': ', ,,,, ", F, -. T
it','"" '.iI -. SEa', lE .

etC, .





Rust, Trowbridge
& Co.

Orchids! Orchids! Orchids!
About 8.000 Orchit of teeral vare;llts.
"'CATrLEVYA"-a Specialty.
To cii-ec a,. -ti, rar. ,
Ail I -. I,.f :l I.,- c-rei should psy a visit
10 if1h, rdd t lu, t .uet ,,l M '. Louis John,
I Homet..d 13 Robinstnville, 5elm.- .L .


Good House Agent & Collector I


IV/ .i t a.. tjt t. oi V i-(otr' a n O OD 'F l:RlO'Y i ,. to ,;/ur oirn.3 "
-A,. u-i/ S/rO ;.iou 110/ E.' IlE / t., in' ,t C i.' Il cr'lare sai t s of moni,:1.
Call at BUREAU, 29 St. Vincent" Street or 'Phone 171.I

Marques Grocery 1
Ci,r. ,of ( e-iford & Frc-dcrick: Strevtq. _. -"
.Lar-, F .lpmrcnt rf Canned Fruits ;and D.tes in Package,
L.,bb', C s 't-, M ,e. nit i r n \ -L -,itus tare. C -.'.t
.5 Cases lVichelsen Bay Rum, 7-lb tins Mustard Condiment


.inl C;S ..-I C ,.'ir, 1-lb P.-ck.-ige Spg-i-tti at 10c. each.
ne 480. S. F.-MIRANDA--

LS Auguste &
Dealers in Cocoa, Provision ancFCoalie Sores,
8 and 10 Charlotte Street and 36- Marie 8
PHQNE 4 & 495. .T
P mio i E 2 1 8 .12 -

and other dress ma-
terials dainty and
smait beyond dclp-
scriptionii. WHITE



.ante t9 3' m

Preacher Rtt-v. S. Al. Hav-hrrn 1 a 1
Preachl r Rtiv. A. ,Citon 7P.p 1
Preachii- r Rv. A. Git i a.m.

C lMrnodern Ln .. o -

Su,,njct:, .iT ''imes' of .i -, -
I- Service s i 0 i m i, p . -

Preacher .Re. G. Ea

Preacher R"e. J. ,einbert Poole.

I fiI ,li-Ti I i~It

Tuesday, 4i1, 7 t in-s i rt r, isee,. Squad 2
T -oes ny, ith, 8 p.m. Rifle tres," C 'I
tni atict ft ri-ill. -
C- n ic rI an l-s
B Ifayon'iict fighting.

for- Recreation. Roole duty---Corporal-
1.C.O. for drilling recruits for SeptD mvcr- S
Cay. Sergt.-Major McKinnTery. -
"" e o. .STM, ItV,
.A. iiii Adju int, -
S I il lb talif n T.L.I.olnters -
7 -

VC tor

No.F 4rederick St. &il 3 Henry


. . .. III 1

..-. -

- ---------------- --------

;-- -~-~~-~-~~-~-~'-T~-~-`-~ ---


'h WI V 0 1' I I & II U -%




-. o s.. ...- .. a ,.' uu, pIctres It two parts entitled "Police." Peqple ,,d ,t-e-u s e o t02 first of Ithe placed in the'laiftle line, -and- dra n out
lir. E. Forjonel of Sionth Qua) wa. caught tm never iulrhied mor at at any filni before tIhan srn5's amd ot&rs cil// 6e fbo/it& etd in nrautu.le atd reduced; 52 ditisios. Tis year.
S one of shes Winds liailEt on a passage Irom tile did last week at Chrlihe in Slanigliauid."- u' asureqef i t ss ur countng two months' offensive, Prench and
,. ." eaondi Ctirddeonlfe I and capsittu v aud Lih dctcffvr-ne bern,-en ie new trand of -.b. Pr.h. from Apalt. hL to Jai ne..t. bau
S -,id-otreaa. Some orlie .crew ti.k to ffie fcccnav- ChapltLi acdi the ol.f Kfe) lon,. is already used up and, wr-thdtac.R n 110 diinm onos
S curials and others. w1tel i uid ginu t noroton o -r onoiceable. n i tiunini SLIIHa plem. I -TH A I i 11 I T out oTf 157. N.oq__w the;eare twoJact -whn icih _-
.- _. l- in-or&n lo' sw dalre to h bankolht- ced-coatnl ing-iltil-WeAs:dnce1 2]- _- ea co rt..There In o a,-cL
-=- --1-Ti c,-r la t hb ei.7fftiu-,Jly-ia-i-L-inmfe-i ihe niext Fo, lna,..r-pla}--il tr ;.i on th ", RO MTl ob? qthe The ore wll ,n rwi to bo.ta
The-rey. siroi .cs-arent ,tWok Haold of- the Dtrvl's D.ughl tr"on si pirLat i cc is rom f rnt I o sides. And .Iely thi -o b Ix. d n'czi -d a
-..-. s .up-vrned ca.n-tl feOa' CA Tit d her' lully tx the Ihhblai. oem GioconLi." and iln hi.licefth .... ....- -pen-nn-o--- ng ,-- ---- .OKI
__ nitieauc an> _v l he jc in-- rsaouef-o-UId- -i -feenoircd--Al n.-TtliNt Bai a t- ilhttile rt te c n tile n mtrrijiacic. bnital aoul tn- The Rul o-ian pos,no fu one It',n ad-
,- iaiiatieIe .tlh -nt green .thIough shich Elie rel wLoappeartrl in ". Nepitnt-s D'uupliLi.' mIrla ilaiV G mia . ,p ,.nle of lgI a uncervin ona. lls 1a1
-. -OnL s-o wend .il Way to UIt -cc ,l 'tc oiciitnl long icgo ti-cy lo. e tie oil NL s i pn .a n K.,e tce-e acg.i i ,
I ~ ti3.cIl-hl ii,.R a .a II prorran. e o v11-11nrc wll t l 1%- by the pin oI L alt-eo. I ry elab -a&fi. g. Id the t-utral
.'.. Inu A tlegr"tapt-.t4 reveivedI LeT 3 y't'til1ay ,1 } w n, uliich i, fro l tiLe p...n' of 1F" W fitlhtcrn in ihe field. All hii itt.ltt ok.i could IPo%%er No plan Lin be m.ade on the lU., Of A
t_ Iortning Ic- hL.' ows er t icc- the c tecl tliat tlh' I .l|.riuhg, the rNlIiLhtr ao I-l-lt i -i." ,g ,-. .-.-_. ...l_ I, l -i t ita. "'-- Tagf .atc tu i- t-- -t-tlc- ir-
i.S/-r.e-. lia-i L.,I.t Ioutil quite i tL-actfl .4c11 .t1-y cn-I -ct-.--4nch- a'.oT'.-ia ii -, ob Wcu, til" dic t na fli al will to ln iv "oiling on ol,-ff ea ., -ith tice rettld ti, Lie
I h-clnut_'voy-cit ce\' t .L- ,i--"rre-cf aca :-g-dirn-IKT.. %lju l at th I.r,,,,lon ntolct ee lh i ucen al lot i t ite %agin of a vi toriou -a-.r ftichece,, noyt Icc) ,able to r itake anyc n, iclr
e-....-- -i nottl iisuredlr and cot sr_,omelhiung ike r l L.oci r r c-ll chil % oill their f ioir Ilig n, l t II tt.I l cIIle Il iasb.-n fue ni to t ec nccct it. t,it r a1o. t ol leo'rpc, awo c row a itro -b- ,I-trn
a., hI. 0 to bnouild. til %%. hin of . h a ., doqluc e- wel tiat cn-b
1.50 o build. tii- a c welcome ne ,tn lo W\\at l tii i e ]t. in l l.iit ; ti. .. clues not nele the tcicing of tc-books f'"ct W" lie d -
S Mr. Forjonel The ,c-,ip ilt, c regi-tltr'd tlc,t V'Lr tcEct.. TrciiddIu I. ] I . nlm litr- --%i o l- lllTcr.nin I- e I c-1 Ifteri on HIL e Wetlern fJioGut r
1I . t i.i oncu a ti r . ,, c ...t .i ....tlt r- cia l .oi .J ,,L t :r, TlFc..,ic .. ,, ., ,,- Ile ... 1 ,, 1 .. "' l oftd e. e cf .oit so it I. c ii tlcid yecar P .c c c in i Carrn t h
a.scll.r htere (.ntct.,-i '%t.,1c ,l).tLr? "' .cil ilc ir,ricll. ,] lll- ,ir. w ict .rcr flcic to, f ul) l n ogrnnn sent --t, e e.. til ) 'r o.nt uns-c T, ie erat
c.... aci,l.r I, Mi... r1L A .IL II, 1Sl-c.1 til tcrn ,ntr a eil t l ha t Iu. otloI oilv (cr1ll I IniLI ..hous.- nirr. whichitu hc. cbc- r-n bu.-f
AMERICAN-WORK- IN _____ i. ....c. ..c. .
11R 1. L. .I-. t I _J pe-,rd th, French fo t*]" LTiw h n-j -

l U T I lC. "- n.t i l i t .cl. W cvi frost O te .B.t"IU .
vh- rrcr duc l "I ct.c-ce. cu
Tic. -Xer I,1 .. ... t icl pu i, .r iLthi. fu[[ NlSJlt FOR A SPURT. t'.I..:, -- itn Icuifeu ie 5`cr ulco ci t1 bo- ccm.
T[ trl V Ml-..S C. AV' LL 'l, i-c ,ni Il,,', n l, i ,, i -ln it .r ,,en | -i'n, Ir tn,h nice lhas b io ve oever fought butterr '
Si D REF N NDFER nJcd M r. ,.. cc ...,'. biLt vv bl n.i.vr li a-. I- rh \ it I icl its il d1 ticthe wallL bItit it B "" T' I"I C ric -j,. EM I -,_,_v.-= -
S 1 I i .. i ri e .- *, ii.a-. .. o "c .Ve rict g-tt e- T-i t.:- L -t
_r w ..h I[.- an -nd 17I .iI..w thr_, e., ir e- anu e orm oui- agrtillery Tion .- ,--- IL : t I
.,,,, H\rL % It c,-,r, ,I -.rc. p lt-.t t tc-,, -,. .. i.i.t.,. !', I .- lt. uli,.'-t l]eiod of tn.'war in 19 -15.. Il ic.c. .' tt 11 .t.i "It,"h, -lr t ,r ,o ,ren ... .. .- C I -:I'

rd 1 I 1 o -1 alltwhi fli Alliei- ue i lrie .-iaicy ;wh9ic
I1,t i Itr t tl.- eti.c ct ,t ,l.h ., t. c- h 't i "11-' i'" h. ,r tct i -, ccii the Alies we-re faeef t 'ii I "' I t It cc. t i -ti, "* bl c C LIil" 01011

N ilcl. i -1,- t v- inct. ,,ctcc ii r t-i. t., .i, c .eici u a : 1.. ccclong Io Iie coetr IEtpv o t or e tlt Nohl sea No 1,1` ct icll ul U-nitt ItiIc '-,c-' ccii. e '
-a t1 And rea l~nr I~,t ',~,-,',rl I, a thdn tonr ll, e -.,h oh wort,1. h p ir "'n'I t %t .-
t--.a. ti. n n ,Iil. ,-,rti .". ...... e i. .l, ,,rt ... .r.i I c he iloche beaten, cc the nuion hi L .. .... iMc. ti, l -
f ir f -*' ,^ 'ru .ll, I Ui l- Aj,, V lI E, .E S r rr .. .I, 1., o.
I n oI h.~r l-,'- ri -J r tie fat is, order ,og I., .r ,, I li i .. ...- -a. e- arl .a.intonr e rL e Au 1 1" I ..
fir ti- cit nErli ht ,tic. ri '' '.i i A ,, ,ti3 I I w. di.. d nle o r th. field. ror e ae an e .-, r.''n. I I .r
q n, s l i-l .. tc. .- t .. l .- I,. t I- I A ,T ,--I ., .l. ir t.-lin--c racer. W erenc-c c .u p ro.., .. r -i e Ii. ri -ccr cin ..t.. .. l .
SK; w .. ,. .cHt ;i .e .. ,, i ... LA RCENY O F.I I -.' I .t. ,t, : C .. c is pls 1. ry I -c c i .--t . n .k I .. ... ... a .
o,' i t ,il-r t-.l Iot. I -. I, l c.ll I .. rc. ,I,,,L ,,.1i hii.oi w sterein>gt of nic en i at.c us. c u i elt- e i. g ftor hi

,,dc re n-. I1 ,,, l a w L *. r f th' fir p l, ll o u r ft. he1 -e1 iT .In g o. t h .',.
.t. c r., Ii'-ll n ou r '. I L % e at r de int-tc' l ,l--abi tm li N h I -, tc s I -,, , t he I, -l i Id t 11, s
I, , ', cthl:i n I tr . I EIt. v, c ic, 1. ii I.. I .. tI n I. r p o,,. h .litit t a ni p o l w o - -
Ec.- .i. ..I I i i ... It t i..t I - i i- i -tI. .... I -,i, t,,,I..c.. .c.i.. .... l- l i. .. h I c .. c

ti'-cic , i, I-i,., ; -,;.I^ .L ,- at er --ito .tiltt r e tih S BRO H i- owi -
--l c T ll, ,...,, A, .,. ,.1I ... . .. trio at c .. P tIl -Pi i'C .1 ,
It A I I- I A . r, r .... I h- .. f Ic '.I Lv. . .. .... I r, :, I, , ,
th fIL -. .lr, ,, .-,,i Il i ,.I. 1 .'^lr I I I. -h. t', -'' 1. .,-I,,,,,,I ,.lh, I 'IL V >. .,h ,.I',I ,,, t-r-. ,
Tict v. ;r ,-.. -- ',' L- c-' A t, iI .' .- il.l a .1'' h ,. I.'.. .i t I,
I,f--i-n l --i itci 1. ti It i-i-it. it Ic..ccItiitcotI.
-: ,: : : i - t i c It-t 1 r.. I II

t S.[. t- l- n . . . ..- .. I. ". .l i j .. 1 .. 0. .l,, 11. I lia ,* .1 1 ..'..... In,, A*l1et .rl i ,,v<- X ,O I M. B ,, l ,,n, i
I.- -I : ,, .' I ccil .c.. .-p IcI... I t. I 1 -.... .. ,..... .... .... I ,A 1" I t i .i-ticr c -w t ,, _c c I- -t,, I ..._ i ,-
tcht-cn cti,, i' I ,, r -,cI thrr -oou h ic Fs .o till ,. I ...e.. Ccc, I ,, r ,'A ; I
:- i c ,i,---cI 1. I I i .i it i j I t
,itt itl i -, ._ ,, 1 w e That i- taus 1)n'k o il i W tri ..i' r' '' 'e I ,',h-
... .. ni I I i- gII .. - ,. I -c.t I ... r ii g c il t ,rl c i ict-t ..ti1 o ,A--c ii . . I ... ..
ic c ct ," .. .. i I, Ti 1 "' , ,i ott-,.e cit ei.cIt-.t. -id... IT gtrcngth i t w r ot til 0 , . I.. , A ,.. I -

I I It, Lt.t o A ,e..-.. It Ih.e c .i 'I I -.. .. A I .
hI L- ", c r A fc -," 1 I, 1. l -t I gi"c" ,- '. titc. c A I I A .... I ,I, l-
cc c. 'i,, ,t, I cht r ,,ti c e i c c c
... -.-- I I 1, I t i, c g t, t-i"t gcei-lclleiP, r A t I, I
t ,," A~ 1- ..I ,,r A, I ip. .. .. | ,r :... A. U --BOAT TH IEVES. I, .. .. .... i, i ..i1.'il.-.-cc- ,- ct
t,,,) A, t th ".. ..I Ir c, ci Ac., P',[cc ,-rt-i i i 'o l ntd n M I ,, ,, h . I I.. .- I I.

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I' ida n- i I- n I T himst c 'l1,1.c-t is tie Itle of`il "icle htin e E lc- lf l d ,
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"The Pomp of

-;E- T -eRec (


-. -- - - ---

Eart Pr..;

- FILM .. :,

RTY .%
3;E.... .^
_." 1


Monday-to Wednesday 5th Septemb K-

The Beautiful Film

66 Au I cm nLt Secre "

AhD --

'The Fa~le~n Standard'


i) i- -i. I ., \ -..

" Char Ae CYaap12n" $m "Police"-2 pa'ts.

Next Fos Matter Play in 6 part, ice "D.VIL'S DAUCHrER"

Beginning MUNDAY, SEPT. 9th.

Beginning Thursday, September 6th, the second Programme of

,l.ur ittri, N .,urn:r': l.c,l_________,_e.. -

i-- f .. ,- P- --n
ly.,ondo '.". /.'/. I'*...'/. E le o:,' Nf ..ak .l'*7,ea. --

hi. 3 '1 tM .Tl T-i JPTE LI;." .
FrutO L the f.uious It 1i;cr pla. La Gioconda." T is is- t
the i c nLid ol" tihe M-l s.tcr- lays cI, f V~ .LL.i Fox,- ad you Wi --
lhnow just w t pt w 'p .oct

REGULAR P iCES *. .... .... 4 ^N 36 crm-._
-W-- ;'

A-Competent -_Acting Secretary. .

Ait> b E tva eo f nt rY of the ROYAL VICTORI L 5
m b'b e tn 1 ur day, -th S eu r .c hlNS0 flJ.;t-:1
ACTIrG HON. SECRETARY. A P lic-l l a .-
". :FOR SALE. "
s Leew id D a lt ,I T b.go iinof n as ]-".'- > ,--. _- _ I
lWcV''''ll Coau.' five milerom -Scar. A N AGRICULTURI .,WAMF T LEASt-
rlcOUgb. on(, level .niolor car drilncctod. lIarlh ojuin nl nurcha.lnm;) (or a ler of _
Situart in to ltt its ,f fora~d covted oSe ire s irestaceol 100 150 an-r.plontled iaa ,
oith coconut and otlher Iun tiree. Ran C-'on co d.-e aan coaona, wiih farefly JtibM'3"-
wNter stored in iFon bolr. DPe of lhe holy. i the6 erpn Rent o rep" 7 -n' r 6 10.8 1r r tlt*.
-i Uoe ao a Govrcdmert. Illech 05:6. An of the value. Go-cd opoortunityf'c Vr"o'rTt ".
ideal ,eninerce for a Dicrer, P..liIe rcaron oto cs cnab'e to volt after esate peronslf3.
H n. Tr Bhs e i.A N D A| -S 9 t h !

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mods:note dates or sequential designation Began in 1917.
Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.
mods:publisher Trinidad Pub. Co.
mods:placeTerm marccountry tr
mods:dateIssued September 2, 1917
marc point start 1917
end 9999
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mods:caption 1917
mods:number 1917
mods:subject SUBJ651_1
mods:geographic Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)
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mods:city Port-of-Spain
mods:title Trinidad guardian
Trinidad guardian.
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Sunday guardian
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E11 f0ba1ea1da80d022fbffa37ff1dc9662 2275326
E12 4005e31ef89a4c8f13118b9001c15eba 2227108
F1 imagetiff 6.0 ed3f3c7948fce21b709b04414f465887 2635404
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F11 1e6e9f1d3e395ab917f0240d0b93c87b 910308
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R1 textx-pro cb6936fbeb5d4a41920535fe89cc9d94 160033
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T1 textplain ff1d042e77814af62ca4a0c3cdcde630 7781
T2 8037d07b995cce3e17be4908fd2c6f9f 12482
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T12 1b4b90665368011d25195a7d23e03bb0 19458
UR1 55b88b46a2977e0311c9fec08e74e0ca 38953
AR1 7e2f41c2f5cd9e320f10cf73d11d0846 92643
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AR11 cec891515202a48dc0f63ce7acebb5e8 12642
AR12 a18ebc3c891d4f2a8fe4f08fbf0f433d 96288
AR13 42368bebec6147b8626aa2c811fa9041 38899
AR14 8b1ab361821eb6d406c63039fa5145c9 99991
AR15 bc5fa985109b57747e4535894782bbd4 39253
AR16 3274946b65cf83c0c3470722f4ddb331 91911
AR17 a8e7fe45e3ea04de6cd66ada214ca092 37904
AR18 1e275ab28b8be402450a1a9dd0464c1d 80059
AR19 7f992f35bec1960879ebd25a06ae0ffb 31389
AR20 801b6c7317333e0d1e881e4fb9468eaf 76764
AR21 2aa4d3c361281004c13067a884914543 31746
AR22 453411c898dd29d1f194dfa80dcf9195 80033
AR23 4388d17c98d727d5cbab1578c9146aec 30974
AR24 0974c6b04a6175dbb92d574708d08f74 25177
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