Trinidad guardian

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Trinidad guardian
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Trinidad guardian.
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Sunday guardian
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Trinidad Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ;


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Newspapers -- Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marc )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Trinidad -- Port-of-Spain


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Began in 1917.
General Note:
Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
General Note:
Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.

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University of Florida
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T~.- mN'-~cJO7&.~~- ----~ ` ~-~~~

TRI-NID AD: TUES.-At7-- JANUARA Y 1 191-..



Icelo use


Take- thL s tp:,.lunit, ,
ith ,ku- thhit r uii erous



for past patronage, aind
limitingng 3 cuntinu1.A ce
: their future --pp .-r
,. hil.: they -.-i-_h them -K

Most Prosperous
and Peaceful



.r .
.-- '-'-

-.' II Tp.\ r.2.TTr -il o f.

11 T-n Tik N

S Poi t-of-SpaiiStablcs
and Carage. .
j tHO"i l

S 460 Barr Bs



i Bst, Trbwbridge & Co.
Chacon St., Port-of-S[ ait.
TE LE.P.. 1ONE vo...,o.
S- -----
Ijx -i .[ 7


The LLadics& DHattees

Ii i.1I Thvir- ,]r.i,:rnds/ alld fitrii, -

.-_.,/-/.7,P!} .1\El\ )}E R.=l.





.... .. iV

Good y c
quered e%
every condo
ias Io nu
e\ ery lher
lyres enjoy
giving uni
Only a U
proval, on
for Good
possible II
They g
lower ncli
less troub
all the tii


- .- --

SStaniar of -
ess for thc Wor02d
ea r Tyres hii' c:n-
ery climatc-conqjuered
ditlon an aulim ,ibile lyre
ec? They ianl? -I i ell '?
r:- lithe ieri uiiiii.l ( .
ying v'.irld -".ie fa u u ,
versa! s3:iisfi'lirn.
remelln'. o s cricn -" r
nly an insisl.nt l n de .-iand
y e a r Tyr-s lhas ninde
ihe large too y c a r dis- .

ive longer mileage at a
cost-per. mile. They give
le per mile, per run, and
ie. -

'vice Station,-
6 & S George Street.

OR 51

.ff I! S ~ itS,

I\V, F.:JA;ATV, LTu.

L.,T,- ~, -,- I ,G-,-. ,' -' ,

L .

Enjoying the Public's confidence.

-? e e if -, I r., lu I dl ib- r ,b :rc I
id ,, [ na u ,- I *I a.: .,, iat -

_:. a.,ll nI .I. '. h
1 -i,: -" .,: .:l 1- ,_,,'e L ,] k -I,,J ',-
n ui.-Ili
,,n of ill J..* ,h-,, ,.-I du he-=,
.l r Ic. t en- t l n ill
.l- .._ u, ,, , r e_ 1 .

l ishl all their friends and
Compliments of
thl'- Season.
llll ....lll "llll "l ".. lll'll l 'llliillr--' -- r" -

T'rE rI t ,p.)ulir irisirum,-nrt in the entire j
S lu-:tr, l h: c .-i inr t .,r): 1 i the highest possible 'j'-
.r f Tini in-I.)Ip- th.- .'d,,,,, usel bIing strongly marke- -f
-il-.-.n. S inches deep, i83 J( f
-, i l- T he tone-: ,hen o ,..
,' i i': : r n;' .. ) 1 ..... _',:,,l L F ]nJ it tcne-y.'i:at :: .

Note:--No old fashioned doors in our machines. -

TUFM1RE EH1lBiiRaLi & 1Q

11, 1sh;g You

A Happy New Year.

Ti c r ,:.j r rcr .
hira ie Stre'e
Porl -.i-5p .


Smash (G ThCL'Percest


To irove our lie'.r in this direction:
Men's Fashionable Washties, now 12cts. :
Silk Crashes, from 3rcts. yard. -
Shirts, 60cts. and 72cts.
Tier, front G6cts. to 30c(s.

For TVE HOME : .
Lace Curtains, from 60cs. per pair.
--'- lance Lace, lOctks.

r Oil Cloth new patterns., 2 Icis.
Pictures, Balloons, Fans, Etc. FRE

+11, -

-------~---~L I a,.

THE '-
t -::.: .

- "' .' ...CANNING C ....f...A

-Mwmml-sw sm om-oll ioll I mail 11

" -'_ .' ,

~ :1
) tt& -

..... .. .. ... -MIUTARISMUI ABASHED.

~"~ ," a " St'mm" CO-RBBWroNDET
,n-uL .v un Baus.)
S- - -- a abrtaccoiti derived
e j rom T review was tiwn n The
T of a" a small -book called Dedocllol
"' "-' from ihbe World War," which had just been
Sal bt- --- tea ant einDt ril- Baroa _V on.
-AM' FreyPtag-Loringboven. who was Quantermsatrep
"._ ' General In the Greld when Palkenha&yu, B
___' -Chi-of-lte---General Stafi,- and A'--ow-
Sata oned in eilelin a Dtpaut-yCbll of tle
SGeneral Staff. Afler deali, td o the Ger-
nte man cenrshlp. Frelytag .Elbook bhas now
I X reacheyEngland, and a ratfarkably interieting
x won it is,. -
-K-t~- '' -x A, haa already -J tn- observed. General von
F rey lia gpaeias "ai0odlerlate among the
x Prussian mIjitfailnn. iHe In a maser of mill-
t Iry; hiofy, .. writer of great clearne and
%e 7 N s bfS i he i.A"r from being a tyPpicl Pan-Gernian, or
4 Xl e ao.< b'eBta rnijraridllH. He represents. indeed, the
SX--- -bent of Prussian Militarivm. Consequently we
Shave every reion-tol'be gratelurfor hisa soine-
wha1t tCnenf.peclcd lluminationi. a thli stage of
tile oar. of Germoan uTl/ opn ri inion ad
l ose of he buying public tarit pla t. pn
S I / x Much of Ihti Iboo Is and will be
o a ve ely, given r ence appreciate,]i ivbvprolnioualoldier., but the
S1 -- s co *I -o u .r.guolnt culin".ates int chapter c.ll. d ".Still
X Or Values- s conlribuibRead 'ar. ihhoti how the mot
S d 191 s!Inlell at GErtnmansoldiert utltlerejeCt all
1. to tile udiltar expand lou of Ger-an military
x iiness year-- a ent Ue? our bsf l.rngth General% oo nrt 'g argues that
Getonf bol: h5 not 1noa Tl iquote arT itnenti
l belfr thell war. nd that., "i view of the
S/" c,:notral pFeographic rxlt.tlon of tile FPaltherland,
,-"" h, rc enditure for t lt l a Tr royt. ti
''-'-'! --U-orn,,,,a , a ,.,,,It, bh tile ....r',c expenditure.lo:rthe
In w J ish lg you a. -Prosperous T. ot i r le
*/ h w e .. 7 w* i / I [ /- ,,,ii,,.. ,, ...i t ittn te..r..i n u in &F. of oll
hoo t l l8A. ,t, ,, . l. .t i rt.,G L t . i no r .: ,chat 'fact
'* [i4 I ,ft S 'UI -lt)i. ) H ,ii th rillbt n ict I. : expo u ded'
S- -- istT- d- .tt-hIC c tina n -success and ........e,,h' e.vciio ,hc....e which., a
S od hIeal/., ami a -0ood/i supp6lt I tileatn.lairi. ,i n 1 gl ot I por r
__ :- f all your needs, ,eaf a tI lic oppi- ..;, t .. u -
irsh ily oPrtnd CIcme t-ou -- ass BrancI ..,. Iu.i, i--"' 'h"""""
f', I- / gT, )t// 07 i t 7 i. ; e ,l,1 tirl. n A g lailtry c .tl technical
'hat U 70C W ill ie' e t S li CeCmn o lr.,o.F- Mc.r,.,r Lcn the l nun.rlh c e
.l n* o a R otac.,r.c IT iini g thi -pre t bi tfallter,

P-c -tto', c-.1 r r.1r latze Itr,( c nt it'ig.e -.
W hitz o d; mt n Pla nks. ,, .. I . . .. .
X Iflh,:sh ,.inJLMill /// V L i/' LtacrleaioEIE te t .%IF:,. -,-.h.a.Itti~jiltiia
XLc ia-nd rinz e r / , ........ !A-. I Lr:.Bli.-b IheC-h'ool
I'll~at l fartlsor ,, "v B-s e ',a' m C'esOf ,Il
% 7. ,ll:Fi. l t NC, filli" tK.AiN $VtkD
E .,11 I ,l.-kL r1W-- t..r to b i-_f.lL" ,rl'
d n on e hiring en4iS. -i
J. GLENDINNING & Co., i i t1 ntg t. . at' I I.-' IL...It
The Fashion Specialists. i.,.. ,,.t: r.r.-., r,, i r, 1. e i

It .,: 1 O: il t.t I. th-:u t tLb,.a t lt.
Sr.i :us.I Ino dae, .i.t tll ti q lte I -le muroloer
,l p.' pI"..tII[toll L .ia w it e n ,ll r scil) of
tliatrnt tIn i t.ot li pht" elit al', I.-: ll.tiinent
~-- --,e..e r eT c tn that rhatit Tin.:.<1V can

(The best quality Cement on 'the market. M a.t,.ici r[.... -l eA1 1a.. -

American Cement Atlas" and other brands., .-... ..
G a l v a n i z e d C o r r u g a t e d I r o n ( E n g li s h & A m e r ic a n b r a n d s .) ,. t ";l..i.i.i' I. o.L,,, n i... .. .. 1 . ...
: ^-- From 3ft. to 10ft. lengths---26 and 28 gauge, l.....,i1- .", ,2;If ^2.... .,j ,,,I r ...... I
l. I t a
Flintkpte Roofing (a cheap and satisfactory substitute I. l, [.. r.i1
WEAYOFFERA--ulu. laIIifac.-,MrotcOn.r,,,A
E g ih PC m n,--P'Ba di.if.[!tata-i liiI r cIli
I .- ... .1. t r .. -. .. .
af er G alvanized Iron.) (.., .1. .. .-&A..... ,1...:a ......c...

Pitch Pine Lumber---all heart, all sizes (Scantlings, a h,., a -t,
SBoards and Pand P nks.) I..,- .. ..... :-l [.... .. itr..t c... .

S W white Pine--Boards and Planks. i. -..i......... .. ...... ll.. ...
m`,i r,', M Q E-b p S a. ,,,',, ,pi bl le
A lso F or S al ,.,: 'ar-I", r... Ir. t.... ll .... I" .. . ..

.Aotal O v 1r 1 .\tij i ,, it L,-,laureIlle.i o)u"g

S Large" quantity Gartshore" Best Steam Coal ^.e.t...itl.ti..cti -o..1 h. trn ..i
Sulk or W harf T,.ilt... l ,till,,,l p..lCtc lie Pi .i..Jeo. l he
SIr te f SL \te o N l Iorlh Ar\nri r l Ic,; thilr.cntl.;l
(_ A le l rotllnierho ol Ih peoti plee 15trelv ought to
The' Trinida SBhippig & Trading Co.- tid do ... ,; t heti..i. f- l.., ..pic. orn .ouint
-"" ,\'* Ai.lrici,. Is onl\ htuhiue ] TI cifiinI, r.n.1 'o at
.. ....... ... .. T l l. 1ih I not nlteredl by lie Iact tlhlt It i-
N 0 T 1 I C rf ES *d in .t t i ,nz. li; r l';nl o il-lertit,n an tile
rntendng passengers for N.w York by Trinidad Line of Steamers cr Nr,, r listl e truthttc ii b.f h ptrtc e
aa-,pholer b i.u1aala* 1 10 1 I tlC 10 r11 b0e, t fr I-pr': rtelt"
. .. (_.)_Citi.M .of the United States of America will require to produce 4li,1 t....r..t, .tie i. .iat. i in, i e lie
S a lii at" pape l li.-l i' I ,l lt l ,lt c I r ticett l r1i.h h
2 (/.) All Pssports must be vised by the United States Consul ..i.. h 11 Iih nc .II...of iitL ,ook
I y issuing of Tickets will cease 24 hours bcrorc sailing. -,oil .. i.r th to Str.ct, ecr 2. ,Gen.
Ff or urfllzcrpaai, icular .apply _otheAgqents. __ ,i ..i. i":,i ii .o ....niou 1i, s ...... a'
:," M c ..w r; ,i
MEN.. t Ile t .te Ilea rttl tg I ',lY .L I-

'I L. [n I;i /;'i;,,:"' I ','o

A .f .. ... ...111 .t r' % r-,i ..-a I .I" ..i

,o dPP

"1 ~ a --- -: . .. a j .. ...: ; I.; '

T_" .......a. .. .- -,
'- ~ ; ~' . .:- "' '* .-" : ;'- ; -----<



S Thai'a jnal tiT --T -
you bad In mind per-
hap. Wall them Bak
yoor time most eajoy-
iabG by allowing aB to
supply young with te
moat op-to-date FiBblsg
.__ and BtlbingoulfitB. We
keep only iBe kind of
FihlIni-Tacle tb.- Ibat'a
fit or flshlng.
Bathbing Suite for
Women with S nlu
looking Collars a nd
Coffe, from $ 2.10 to
$.180 anob.
Bathing suite for
men, from 720o. Io $ 00

Rubber Bathing Cp-,
48a. to $1 .I I esob.
Bathing Shoop, 36o.
t"--" o 96cs.a pair.
Floating Wings, 80J.

Towels, Bath Gowne,
Soap, Perfumery, etc.





Ex Recent Arrivals :
Bags Oilmeal
Bags Heavy Oats, "Banner Brand "
Bags Citadel Flour
Bags Citadel Flour
Bags Acco Flour
Cases Sardines (in Oil)
Cases Old Dutch Cleanser
-Boxes, each 288-TaHlers Birown Gossage's Soa.p--

Drums Large Fish
Tierces Medium Fish
Tierces Pigs' Tails
Tierces Pigs' Snouts
Tierces Carnaval Lard
Bales Cocoa Bags
Cases K.B. Gin 12s.
do. K.B. Gin 24s.
do. K.B. Gin 48s.
do. Red Salmon "Libby,"

111 do. Med. Red Salmon, Li

Trinidad Import and Export
Company, Ltd.






Particulars of Pumping Engine!
For Sale,
Can be seen at Forres Park
Estate, Claxton Bay.
"NE overhead flyti heel P pin- ger, aioe
willa, Atb starting lever, cYlinder Sin, bore '
16in oke bolted to Standardt aud- e -- ld-
water lift and force pump 3in. suction .
delivery. Ote bonier .feed pump tio nt3,lon feed pu
and 3in delivery both 12in. sttoke-Bfir l '
to other Sfandard.
One dagoal cold water p 6in. bore
24me i-. k drvt a from eccen ,c from flyre
.beel s-hat. seprarle found m i, mt r-
-rom uiy vwhebelya eccen c
U_ Matire Squate.

Shoemakers -
& Dealers!

T Here's Good News


Bro-wn and Black-lKida
Just ot Aatan Horie
Received 1" ilow Ca.lf_
Reied lation Box Calf
Palor1t Box Glaze.
Tr ,LL 6P a r, LN -
From WILLOUGHBY, 85, Qee

For Rent


9, Frederick Street. APARTMENTS


are never cheap in price, but prove their economy in use.
There are many Cheap Oils,-they are always "better than any
There are also many Scrap Heaps.

arereM OILS coniseda EXPERT OILS.

ye ke.p reserve stock of LURRICATING OILS on hand through
V every crop_._


-T HER une wora treat n a NaDao j
denca. Coa.e ~R eno to The Nmbinao prep-RAWL S DRUG s m=daa,
lea. Coem or smln to The NY& 'a Stre.--RAWU '$ DRUG-_TORE.. -- - a


A pply to _ _


W. D. LEWSEY. .1
'Phone 1007-33 Henry-stre

'. .... ,s- ---- .. "-- =' ;" ..-' -' :- --- ''I '' '-'' :- ; -' . ..' ..... .. ... .... ..... [ ,e ," h'' ;... .*.. ......... .. a--


.r , -:- s F




- ~II





Mitobellf '"S1id Eay" Tias, opan end, Four ins Hand,
and Bak'd Wing In fancy and iE I colorr, 18a., 601 and
72o. eanb.
Evening Dress Ties, from 12j. to 16c.
BL'B WinpTeis, bite with black and blaok with white
edga-vary epecial-price, 60a. eacb.
Drioa Bell, "60c. Io t-l" Latest eobpea in Linen

_ ~I_~ I

L_:.:_ :::./- ;. ..- --:-.

- -"


T ge Ad. ,ftdialnth half-
he fieSt ualiht .l on Wednesult.lht 31itL. day of Oclober,
1917. l.tUe u k Iouse, No. J6, bishop' gate,
S.ondon, B.C., : le R Hon. Lord ,Ieaver-
C brook IlIe Chairan) pre- id ng. -
SViolin Strings The Cain said : e Dietosreport
S consideraale, eipi u "n,-'The assets ofl th-
ok ha ve -rctally. doubled sine he on.
-n:l- o t. of S ad t a ar,- vio Incr eaed o. m
S .-. .. 0. .a i, lni to ,r,;1, i li nre now by i r-
le -lar, e t I n ile h IT uo o ( heo B un. The
,pr- ilt bosf- l -lpr Lro t t'"he piur -" n t y a ne-n
NIG AND OlMAbNY. h" ,l(l, e aI ni o u sbMe r ( BmuicaI hare
SdTublc d lo, I n .l i lior ie n ero d br evis an
S -- iicl-._.'-innr L up:ii nliLCl ais Dir nlclt"rs ol It
Tloak a u n iractly pnr lti ed- ih .re oDrin
t lle nai, i' n-i nl tLhe LApte-lle haw collder-
-ally lIcrTeA irl. Lat lia I. Ilpe to ntll rrovisicon
i ri me i luul oilrgroewing r lraiialr n ow n and
t o he lar t en cain -t l ol the -oc ir.n.-
O i as ofi thb high pric- pr T lliiig a r
A Sigalr. ilel \We-, Indila lCcVrnllI irea en-
i d d n ii i'li .rcl r .rdo a t th e prah iil i solitr-L
NNI AND COMPANY, i ii i Cacaaaniad tao Cacanoto
AND airal. ,lllret anan ci, h Ju.a, algDrec to r o n he
__N1"_ iataou n aa i iout podruite htoeiiou n iaien

-D. - .iG Grnr M a r, ccc.u i a C lrr 'e.l cel. ai l' r io
.31 rel erick Street. hlan t v- ii, y coiidhe u ble. Tl 'il i an
aoirkL. Iau,, lo a l l yii Wlyr aipre oat. tlle dIrt
t1 C -. ic t il i ,r p ,- I ( til ibftuje on lbr,'.o-
Lcll e t, lita La i, .he .r r 50 pIF r d e o I th C
auil SIagr a liace inai m.illecroia Lo fan cmnriler-
l_ iti Tilid t hd Iere iara briln a 6VrIOLnAS rn
ou t i p arnbic. - i i h n e caintd
"r -vr niil-,i dmu ge o ill, i grogwi i ing fur
Soa I. ca i p i t i ln e I lnud.r i
'F uiprl: ol Qhn I zro|o- lour -Ill d_ r e r -nri-
ain laal l iid l a-i t pric .air rol.- Ia

The Trinidad Electric Co., Ltd. I. llC tIr i I

S. D. H ARDING, General Manager. u .i r a,, til.ol, au a i .- ,nl Iar-
CAI.L1 u,, i L-r,I' i l he ir. lulri c ,Il .i T i

-' '. T I ._- O..- t-. . ..- -- - _- - -- .. . _--_- 11 II a ---yrl.- -- ''' l -' h ii- at
--lill IIIIICUl 11 I-l ,' llriah fied oLAt. th, l ok i.

Sllr li. ,r I i i a t i llli' T Cii -ilia aiu

ohl wd a~ r0 t, iarnl.Hi' o n Co -it.t i .

TIb. 'II a I IIJ tV lid.1 1 aai b aC t
.",-. l. . .. ... ... .alJ- n i

-" FROM- ON-E "TO NOTER; C rA i a aI I rlu,

BUT ITS PRlETTY HIRMl ON atrii Irrc~A-. ia-il ifo l A- iL a a 11-'.11,11.
S. oli lr,] .i- i r ll ,u I ll.l ir ilh- ai .an t'e Iau.
. -. . .. .-- -l....l.**. k' d Lq-. 10 o l- it gro- E wi .ml rc

Ir-l]~,atia. n ,oaia Iro -i ith.r- n--t heINo 'rQ

-l i c"I L'.'iiir l b-*"1 iirtraal ii. l are p iaa i rri
Trini' Eleictri ,o itl .. .. o ..o p,, a,,,i;cit ii-
FROM" adn -- o-an ilo ~ n n r. l. l-,ni'aL, ihiiL-t ,c llrt

,. i"u iI l l tIl htlj'r L l h' Oll l t a;l n 1" "l'h
SIIA Six-Cylinder C with beautiful lines, plenty of. a l ci,
Iitary andIl Wire Wheels, aroan and Roal Blue.-Free Demon n u ,

S ,IR.111111 r I'X C11 r.ARS NOW ON VIEW. 11Lr.IIII' l lri

%THE ,"SUCCESS GARAGE-il" ?-rla.
-----;- "-- l l011-1FC ..i. al-t- "" -i p\ a tRA Oi- a t

L h. i.- ,I ,L lC l h i aiiI.,l, l j

S. SB 1- i St;I-et, .L I.I,, ol 'i, ,r. Gi ..urit .ill ainorL

=.= .... n, ... -.r...... ,, C.n -.. ,,, .,
a i aii a ',a ,., p ol[ :r0;i 1,pt-' n l t,_Ar ileA l
U-a-'r- a lo,,,,,,i a url ,a I LmaWt. a

Prim i,,,,.,- L h.o r,,- d

,11 r1 -tall,, I, 1. 1 l ircte r f, ldt,, lid ea-al
.... AM BUT" Ta LbRETiFI MI[-r,,.:ii,. .a h, r,c-h,-,roi,

,- r tr onir a l arl co rplter a-I [al i -,r oL,,h
--_-p-T- eA Sixt ne rCa ith b uC ie p............. ......entinWilkea, ........h .....'-
poweratla mo eat ean n -i ,ia.i--' l nl,:c I i. ,-t. i 0 --a ,

..l alit ii ai ,- : %Ih'l oiein ; k 1t

and proposition t0 suit every purchaser, Roadsters, Five Seaters, Ti le'lOaoai l-r, o aI a 'i,
.III,0, 1r9.h Lh 1 b I-a Pi Ip-It U p o cit-itthe N ci at,,-
SIX CARS NOW- ONVIEW. ilae.Ii-lwcicait. ,llallieloaltaoi-
AT' TM- .__ .c A, ., %15a a a h niio n 1.3I- .......,t r... -
S U C S Ci.:a:' a,.Inaii 'tioet o.u
Ir [liru -rec ,.a at ihiid 6% a t ih_ t, w.a,,araib e, e.
"[1,-,-air. [itago Cu tiir:. iaaa -."

Them -Is No F '-Ab tth --

Conklin eil.i Fountain


Pderoet Writig Guaranteed or Money Refunded.


104 jnttDEtRlCh STRgET.

a -
-"-'a.- -
LII-La,2-- ./.a~ --
- - : a -

d.thb W enm1d* by% Deputy Clamnnn .onlnat aa ". -_. -. "-.. ,--
The Chalnoan slated that tbIha d rlolden
had epprop .aLed 16000 per annum toe tie
telunerattnn of the DIrenore, This t um hu
be divided a s lowo ,--Chairman 1.000,.
rty hobirrn "0i. titrch. Director - ,
lee o( tax. Hrrelofore htil appropriation
a r not been expanded and for1 everal years
T hearing anotnts'have been returned-a the
general aund o theR Bank.
It is corsidered that it . not the wish of
the sharenolders to remnneraie the Dt-ir, ore,
-o a Inocreasing extent as l heir ounumrs- -ae
reduced, nor on ttLe other haud- to reduce
their reminneraradn by in res in the number
on the Boasd. It was therefore unauirnously
dateed o t on re o the ChBrnnn,
-naeondtd by the Deputy Chairman, to coninne
the fee ol nteLiei-airmmlanAfnr_-patv-Chair-
a no iba- prrcent hasis, and to increase thb
rtmurertion o the oe ier t D;rtectors tlo 40
pIr annim, airre.p-cicve of Ihe unl-itar of
-Pirctor on n he Brautd.
A aole oa thanks ao ithe Chairuhiu.l Director;
andiI StUil ol the B k .a- ni- 0.1 by Mr.
WilsuO, recoudci ba air. a Fito. and uniui-
mou.nlv acdi aoiii-
"Ilie Ch 1iiriiianc arkno tl...ig> il oiie, n. d theI

--City: -Magistrate'_sCourt.-
S i.-elore Mr. G C. La-,,Uo-. 5AtA M.t
M >.. .J,, i.
LARCENY [1a' F-l:,..
Nl.i I 'drr aa14. a1-a i all- at I' C.
n'a-ia. ii'.l I ,io ra ', ,r t: |,,- '.l h ni t Lan ,L o -at g.
rbelou inag g ji Ja: J ,el at the Iri-aeria M.rLe-
iet.erl c.l i r i i n og.
tii 3 I.t pui Co i El: inm-. lp'i h.I hg.: ,la Ii't
lowa hii no r r o,11, 1 a liaah pal, I l h ,-i1t1 1lI..0
11'i l N, TY Uli- [F-.CI [LD i
An iN. r I l. a cl
A tatb d -.11 ',1ili 0 1 -,.i11 Altl,] ---'l -,: ,--.,!ll hat

i i .' iil i OR T ,\P.-n 1 iaali.
.nl.: l l. r i,.ln t',i .'i la he r .- I- L .I .
-,--'lli,,- Pl1., i r~tv.:. hi.:Lr 'r ..u .It'

knol,, lh,. r i l, in.
lM, i-. r iir aa .aI -r --l i, I Ir
ne l. iclol,. i-. u ll I n .
a I la i.1. a, I. t-An -lai1, d. a
hil l .I i, l l]'.. r- Ti ai. h l .:l r l-.l ., i .-
0 .I

6nao lo m.. t: r.oia il' , .al l I h.tfLh
iatti r,-,,,t- I tIa the [aT T. .1 aa ,1 i ,
mor-lliiqi- aP .Ii- li- il -l l- : ,,I -',r

IPere dr ,: r,-0.. .I ll .' rA .:r.: ,l i.d.- .i ..

hlI I ... I.. -!l,: ll T. I -" r, lh, rI r -b

iL .,IIl -'.i-,rI .a i ,l ..4 .- .- jl IaPl..:'-- I1
dill, I ,- ,, l>.| I '. i: "C 1 iarclll al. I

i li.n.. la l'. ,, i,,, l i.. -I-. ii b l-... .,c
Irtg [h:hii,,, 'a I a-i iii l ,- ,'.,l h. ii. a

nLt M i iiv ira.. aL' t
D ,i a .i--, lia 1 ai. lla.r i.p il r,.i1-. ar, TI. d-

,.- ,laIlac- I[li i i iii- etn ,i a lll- I
daI I .a. lid -a a IaIf 1 La l a--a,, r, ,..I- '11.

gal- I J 0a :11 1a -1I '
Iin j ari c' 1 ,l .-.l ii ai .l ,,.a i- i, a .1 I h.,,: -
aa:' i 1, 11I- -I-air"I .

\ah~t J t .I" h L Ca r. l a...l .l lniN of ,,l ,.
_hp .L _,ced H n. 1111, gi_ LL-1-1t' lh..lll-i% r ,,:

l.aI ,lan h lani d i,ll i I.,- : ,- ivihlh, i
,.lo ta. c, al-ill ,, ai, a,, .i, nal. iK, lir- I,, -'
aI,_leun L. .- A ,I -. I l

-idrieato ahi- r ia i ii .kin -c iFea. II
a, i .lah IC.lll~ 11h t J -lI I ': ; l.

I iW totb t u'na-ilc n -a.o rai --t-a o l o, sli xa -
Ih l al, dJ M Ith, l, -I. -, 'tJ r i Ih, n .,!.- hiI

A I ILh ar estI IcrL. h I, reiaa r ,0 to ilhcit
I lgIa le. alria'. a i ll', hI- -Ia-ak I di aor.
g I-at l ieti. Iri Jo Bbll.-I .
f.. g v rll h eI C l ia lh a rll iii. n F, li'
Job lailo AiryTAa-ta I i aI--,aal." oa t .,1-11A ,

t e m il a 1- :1 ld aLiC .1' P IT 1. t l va-eda
Milr. M-ri.a i,, a, ai a : ll. ,:,,il, th.ligt,:
althao t .liir aiCt I I. lr i l "a i Le
L ad. a_ .tlh .. ic, lad ll. l i a, a i--, lr0.e
R..i. h aaear a- ., alh tlieL p Ia, I a ri t -l er ;
01, a rfa dlf p ai. la alalo r t al a .r l o-r iio
al .ir-adl-4 lel ial.ble l -I-i. c ia. ru ,
I~ar o t l al, l a lA ud-' h ,. 1 ir h ih,,UI a..1,
Ati ;laif v l v- 1 1 i L 'l l 'h-e ta...I *%-. in l h.a

a .tr.a Iot r--"
h a v ult]r ,-d M i-li ., te r '- t i da

pt-ted it a e o t-llr d 'acmrii I i. I'i %Ie,,
,ai'sbC R elorra Tere last faan e rh, oo
( tne b-rt i -, I.C-cfrh, o a~rl ti..aa iaLet .r e
ouwoo [,r( n t'erltoIeReal r t e an'd t he ,ia lo in.

o iont no tubJha.lrl ,:hed a u l. lL_. of
,tealo tt, r h ,ill h _
D i. n U L|fTo a II IIIor MILJOrIC.1 -1 The

hardto -u r .n

Ran daotR ,nnn I nal. a re pter. we-C rineo F r.i

si m0c^ y i--.::
lart anr Mr: Justice Blackwood I aN
W right. - 2orrrtek r oalal lawI

Monday. -Titlen i Vol. ,XXXV flgi 6A1
--- of the landsgrantedo 1 M191184
MOTION. in Vol. IIIfolio 367deltneed
---"" abultaln and bour.dariea t.e- l air
SIRPATS[NG v. GOOPTAR. Diograni r olo'aredplnk nnll G-ta 1tf; ,
Thi, -as a motdou for judgmuat in trelaull emonoandum ot Ido- raoluer.landal I
ol dTleence the ma t tIhe said Certificate 0-'
.ned r boundede an Ath e N GUtAR that cert
Mr. L. -;. -P. 'Reill) appeared tor plain- oden lte Nord th by landls
tif. of- -the-Crown-and by-ther B lpro t adTlU -
J-dgnlt ua_ girel in lteroiI of tlh ee-oioin -- Sool -by hP-e--renetan pt t a '?ingB
__ ---- fend. Ron he Rat.h by the T r*paroad and o '
ORDTA -RVTURnTS1nICT-ION. rhe Went by the rt p oini o .I o
land. -
Mv^i ^-- T ~2.' ALL rhe one undivided ie 0-e pat "" -.
M.ASS i\rOOv THOMAS share of the Defendant Altca ISabella Moatesl
Adt.;.uroe ed t oJouir-o b ih of and in ALL ANt SINGULAR that certain
Alt Lb.' iher r-i on n ila Ln w-re al piece or parcel of land known a Lot ltpo .
"adjouru Villla e,-comprting 10,941 I-2 uperfici fe
--'.- ........- -tlA the same more or leoIs), Situate In timhe W i d
SECOND COURT. -of Upper Caroni, in the Island ofTrinidad : -

ASIK .AND .'NOTHI-IR v .ADIN[SiRA.TORi darksl hereof bhewn in the-plan -Dwin to-
GIENE.Rl. Crown Grant in Vclume V Iolio 18L ,ad
ThiOs l.i aON aiu]ni-rrlrian csuit In i ai I bounded on the North by Lot 4 and.Tap
ril. Ilei.Wni ll.-appereid -or -ilttii aiu r ioand lo on the South bya -Road reSer id n by .
the Adutuioamilir .l nc ral lu t .i. Lot 6, on Ihe ERat by Talpao Road and on tlhe __
Ailjoiaral ta-c lf o r .-aaLL V.'-i bh a Rnad roesedr...- -- -
SL:LESTIra to A.MINs.I-RAiOR 3 ALL AI-D SINGULAr that certain pe .
i c iei t RA 'L ior parcel nl land known as Lot I. Talparo.
Tla Ol ai1l ,pi...'Ou icr Tprobitl o .11 Vilft aiutge. i I the Waid of Upper Caredn the
iMr Hiamel Wc1.ll~- , ,al lio, p,,,t fi tL.- i1nd of Trinidad, delineated and witU the
A.luii ri:t rlor Goetln, I iii r-cl oil ab iltala or boundaric thereof hewn in the
I'rob e ,,.1. aa r.ania l ,I. parilatlp plan anneacd to Croun- Grant in Volume XXI -
JONES a. A[,.MiNir"A'I. O G. -FNF.R., f [olio 105. and bounded on the North by Lot 12
T- fi-.r1 apliaii (or inliars -nit,, ard by-Trlparroo-oadF-o-the-Snuh-by L; --
rion. I and b a etrt, on -the Ewt by the Tapro - --
NlMr Haac` 01,110 1.u% ,- ptal o irl. tilh ,dlin i.- Ro( d and on ce West by a W sret d ot. .
Iral. Gclarial i1 [ i .u 1. ALL An SINGULAR that certain pite
D,.crc.!: rr, r, .. or Parcel of land known an Lot 33.. Talparo -
I ,.CL' r i. ,,li 'I-P'aT GI NER. \L Village, irtuate in the Waid of Urper C iar .i -a
.A ljnriI aa-. l aL r.II he l arnd toi i[n da de ineated and with he n
S. t i rr, \ r r iabui a b.ioundaries thereol she on da he
.- p iu n. xtrd Grant n Volume XUlI -t
l Clili .i M .-n.A Ids, ,i rii, I ' rd bBui d red on the N ,orth by Lot 31 .
N I'- 1. l'llNi' i 1 i., 'jullh d .'e al t by a strel e and on Ihe
,,i' M i: i I L I rl i...d -n .
i a,. 'ah- -, ..,, ii . ,. L L ir, uifl'NGLILMI that cero ain piece
o ,, "ii i. i, r .1 i" -. i',r,.r- 6r p'ar.-tl ol I jr, comnpr,,ing 5 acoer 2 rood a -
ar I r I H .1. ii r 1,-11" T i- .1 a- '1 I oear-ci ,AC l1e in ir e r aw d ol Upp.r' .-r-0.d1 p
,.''illi;l ... ,'-'.l ,'l r"l h r.. .- . r',--,i i ln 1 e 11 e 'nd ol Trinidad and abu ing -
l ,;.:.... a I f a aai a| ai ih. a oIlth b poron l Ijnd i ofl Mrs. Lange lile -
I.i later .:. i. '. a 1 -1 ,- I. ... r .1 il irrr L l ; I, t rlhe Souo h and E ast u n '
d- i .: I ll, .11 a .1 .l (1 t. ard -i re .Mc c-ri a nid sodon the W iEt "-
l- . iu linjd of ig.ju b gala o which aid parcel .
-c,1r-:,: a- ol IO paircl -the firn there coin-.
r : -i.I .; :Ire ru..d a a nd 28-perchea fonrmerlyr-
ta -. Tl u.ra I-. The seconil thereol cornm
2nd Battalion-TL .V, .. .. 3 pe orly p o
1 .... -r ,1 .ir,: -. .. ,a ,i ."ui, ,. 1 ',.O ALL lihat parcel of land con -
i.,1,, ,, I 'i . p -,,c i .re 9 _r-o'-.Jad acdid_ 3r_ petche --and . -:'-
T i 11 nIl i i I I. I 11 11 Lau r h N lir up n Crown land, u -
I a..lla.... .-r un land ol Joe M id n e ea- -d --o'
i\ I, .. i ,a ,, 1h a,, h .I i ,i,1. 1 lI i ,1 1.1 .r,,n iln d.ra nf neliaa !-cDavld and in .'
], , l, I I i i '.. i a. a. : L pr.-, jnJi of DoTiIDgo NM cDavi 1.
13 a. i,, , T i..,: Lhb 0paacr. cf land thr dlyanl
N a ,I i i Ti i .'. ,1 i 1,.a irl'.a l t B nit a memorandii n ._
n ^1,-a. ,, N. O ,' dailed t he 241h day -I
a-i -. -, -_ I ,1.-1i 1 a 4. iTfdr l lity e naid A ice lsab-l a
1,1 .., i La.I ,,. ,, ii.'i .' |- al .~.~ .._ a la.-aoir fH eoiEarlBe B -t.--- .
.aIa,7i, i, lu i r A I) AL-0 the parcilq
rL ,Lrt a-la oa ia ia ,Ietcribed to a decd at mo .
tn dn .a .Jid iar 2tai h a20 y at. -of April, 1914, regs.-
Trinidad Artillery Volunteers. r ... '.... ,.rllo -ind wade b....r.n
l-, ,a i ,ki:a i ..:.- aii llM iorhcad cif Ih one
P..'i._.-, ...--i.-I-ei- .- a i , i',t Iand a.t- uaia ripy Etale Uerkeley-Odlnn.-- --
,bULra \ ,i ile (jliil i part to o curinng ile
l .I ,. i ,i"''n Icrl aT Ih ihc z iJ d henry Earle Bitle e -
t tla t.', i I ,li I ;1. ,-., i , i ..,.. l,...I ,'i-Jlai.,, ihlara . i.l i.nci.a n ol um ol t \,41,
ir. a... ....a... . .. .. oac.1.1 ... , ,a ,h int ii cr',li t at llir rota ol 8 per Cc i,-
l aii .l i .1 I ,- , ti u i, i,-.r ,, i,. .l a A N[ ,r-i L, a s iegarda lire
h, tI ... I, ,I i l'.11 -. 1 iiiidil and l ,li.a iil) ,e-i-critc-dil sub t
_', .. 'a a l i;,,l_,ah ,,d, rl 1 i irdn u i nl i ;rfgl.,P -Nn. 7t
"* L .r.... - i 41- -4 b ii-) iti-dri-- tr-Juni. ti iiand mae d -
~1. i i,, I L- .dia l A- li6 i ' eiieAd in lavojr -
I" I i. .ip A.hhln i.r tcuLnr.;g ie paym 'nt tol
) ,, I -,i : ia iilhp A liaa.a.I ol me principal san u
Si I lli, I ler tl thern ,. 0 i.
.l i-i .al a d ,.li. t'hi -,ta d at '0 o ,venib.,r. 1917
1in t7 "u a u,Itl ,I rip,,.la, ,. r,.i-,-.,. ".- ERNE il PLU M Ia Et _
."u ..-.r .iu .,J .-h,, I :r. ..:._. ,, "" Aaiti DcpuLy Registrar
Noh C-1 I a-I -a-

FT m... ., : FOR SALE.
.A LI, h.-ldaU. inli _
rjhah ,-a I- l an I T ,iiJtg It C g h-luing "Si. Qaintin."
l.P ~Iir. Ai. I hcr,:. g,.,fn ihral.,> an l I J, toum, Ia h,,cn comfortable und, r
l i r.J.r ..I ih IiChuur lac in,,, J 'h,:, l a i ati.iad l I at, .lui. c.r No reason l -
TmaJ,1.- 11, a. ',,'''ihe.c 1 da) W! 'Fb I o .alaar a, :r rela.,id. Atyrl Slnnoill t it t on &
1ta. r, -.11 c F-,utaJIa cr tcL,0 O ire the ,-

* 'o,. m ...v 'a I, .I "u.: A n It,, ::.,I rn ,J r r or,


2 ^ S ..' ^The Ol E ltablishe d Reliable House. .

,.. iil,---I 'c i 1ays Lc' arry in stock:
Frih Dri i,-- i:riaIs, Pat'nt Medicines,
'/// ^ r s.4o ,,.r C, 11.c Stores, etc., etc.
Sp 'Cidl ,.liiention to Prescription Trade.

SHenry Strazut - 'Phone 259

Henry 8greet Gar 0..


-TXRES*-The Fam9us- M le r
Gear-to-te Road fyres of manr sizes-For sale with a guamang i_
of 5,000 miles.
J. G. FERNANDEZ;-Propri.t.


- O -- -
S. ..FOR

Oats, Oilmeal, Stockfseed

Bran, Corn and Salt.
I I . . . . . .ii-I I i I iI: : I:

- ~ .-- ...~..a - - -.-- - - I --




Con motive de lSIestas

de Navidad y krlo Nu
nos es grato presenter &-

Ctodos .nuestros clients y
amigos nuestros nias -sin-
* ccros Vtos de prosperidad y.





-.;. ':. __
- :-- .

.. -4--

WaSe *thA oQpoTrniAt\ oj

h i


- $..eait h, {CaipiVess,


in e ear

*T 2E, 32S. C 0

are npt only s superior In quality to any other Brand
an the Mmiket, but are verY much cheaper

SThe fact of being able to setlure ordersafrom
every sugar eSate in -the colony for the coping
cit. iisiltmit p oof.-

Br ali to your own interest and BUY


o.; F. Husggin & 0o.,

S South Quay.
li--,'v- --

We w lh our numerous Frinds and Customers
'' -r.'', 4 H 1 '1 '1", .1 )'A'l s '.I A' ti '.
y':"; Y ' .-,vn ..t A
:i. ;.ch, ir. vil I..-"-------
'!. (' brg nAuanfk them froi the grand stpport thy gav' e us
i u IS" Christma s--cmtt--andw-ie-are-ur,--that t-his- will-
Sni'c. Ouidurin.r 1918.
"' s'' on hand a large stock of Good Things. Th
-'i e d, appointed in not secure their C. IiM' a s plis wiP
welt to call, eCrly, or 'plihoti No 654P
- > "'Th- 64l S Reat Wholesale Grocery in Trinidad.
4StqaWgrd Grocery. No. 1, Henry S

FIZ,,- . -. .
'- ,L % '" + : "' S

plant c Prance ad led. Pre. .-
The consequences of the blockade to which
the Central Power. were subjected showed '
themselves at once. Although we ca e' ded '
la developing ota- war:-economLcobyurown ... - -
:. .-.. --e 1h ae ia em n (? .. .... .. y .the . s o the
whole war been felt by ui. That alone .
enplelas why oquienemies found ever fresh
nnribilitics of reuisLance, because the seviftxod
open to them, and why victories- which would
-- -oce-ba be.,e n-abolately--deciuste.- ad I -- .--------
conquest of whole kingdoms, dill not bring us
An" t -. wtis $etr rienbs anb ustfouers
It is the souidl which .till df cide' in war, it
is victory on the hattlefield that gives the de-l-
alon, but the effect is far inore dependent than-
it u-Wd to -be-uponu world-economic-, actors --- - -
These fuatoria nb n through the whole war of
Butl 1 1I .1f-lg i fcch e o iti ollht a -gra- Illtany
etllhr page ofl the book pint togthet r. Fre "inc y I
ob.'Lree that Germanr ,. enc t es failed to take : . --"
full advantage of tile apomsibllities of the lork- -
ni r.- t in The o e -r- i l i -ie- --- -- t .b...-. . .. .
legu n tiel C oini 01 i l i Ly little. littl -the full
eatvLnitiigi of the t.orld-ecouonnd tuationtt ,
nltkih'Ant, taueithl,t. in el nit] n U4 eb.ouc"
ile to u they lh. c ni only h ni ithiey me'l t
Ceth u 'oneictled ponr. of r. teiince in tile
Central I ower r T .Inio.
ibhee e ro'ie einte tieg ftreeircncei to the
WIIorilt o the itriO i trll lli [I e A ust lril,
I 01 on Ia-.itiotel o tcL OrtIc it the b-oo .
not thl'en. ith a i ictt-.nag. '.'T-y i Uit in cii HH-
t 'ri,. 're stg iice a otrLaghla hb t th
i.e n.,, >'ren cil ],e tml occol onU, thici.tenttl ce.. 1I.....
.ith the proi-.pct of the ,teAstro.lunikurian
armi) bring d cie d utterly bi the. lar u -pC rO -
ituuterical superiority, di-I not succied iL
,trahitng the bruve Autita unugaurian Arm .
nlu the aulniumno of I at Lenergty and on tie
Stl;--that eetk cr the m ,all aiity ,anu
deffiti ve mobility of the-Rmutsi Army, bich- -
it ltrue made ,prcgres in lhci e rc pectt i i

As r,1ga rdS t,,I, lli 5, l'.ewa lr f a H Uli l.
L tic llt Oi tf c- ?fi l h n it -i ellt in I ii1
t- -c- tthlil, i atit; nltot 1 l9- llc 1 t.11,tuit u ri i-
I. tIn l Ii i 1 t1c1 1 i ntat l Irit tic h is -
-. ft.u ', .r,-t'- ,ir ll, In- ti c. -.. iii , .S_ U s.. .

ii prt.l' i r fW, :-I ith.-,rltte iG i-iAND CUSTOhERS.5
r it1itl.D' th cA' tr ii hi- i ck e ,r
ti-- i ',Li. i,,- t ic- -" i"' -a t I. .....
o l ll i:, l f An- I l. r - tc itt lleh ni i n- 1 i ,,*
I,. ... ct t f oPOSE"sNEIun o em en t "'E.Yl AR.

1. tIl,' I l i l h IJ^ B: p i 1"'ll' r 11M.1-1,
t.u..., ck.... >.. ........ t..-. \" f I LT-L AP-PEAR NEX-T W EE K.
is 1'ri.: ._ it trv ct il. tti "r b.' Vc.ilu .t t-i -t
lo had A1 fl, rarHre ,OelOR Ul" CLe pllr, l |
le il.-, It 1 t -tlii t n i i- tiii r r L L SLcI l Ii. p ,
L I.- l h I'. I -ci t it l o r r,. r
-"r." ./ lX .- .. fc . .. .. ... -
i Look Outk! Look ut!! '
.I iti 0- t-0. ..-.I ii..-.. it' t. 'I-- -e l w tth -,
I F I. i r 1 0,f I -i 1- I --llh i, ,_ _ __-1_A lr
,I hi ,_N,,L_ A 'ge consignment on h
1 .....tcdiiy. l ifl, ,,; e..cItttiirit c ,....which cannot be repeated
li .... it, ..... Ii . t ,e ti.... t zo double the price.
1it 1111 11i ,-cnil 1tal '. e Ii t l l L

,itt lil t- Jl f i .r 1 ,., 'Y, 1 -UrtIa
-ci .tt ;.cf,.r. Ir -i. i -iutl t CIi, c,, i It
r1c c Ltp0ie tM i rctirct-rcl:miic .,n tir .C --
I-i uc.ic ci a o -ittycc ict necr c -forilytii

;CII t ci c. [ nte 1toCuips
t I, o t irn Iue iii tle c tIll i i tiL eCl t -[.I[,d l

teula nc thneC. r ', wihth lc i hthc,4 It- cI,,,

I id 0ty ol'- itc il it 1,1y. eIi-pit uI c
,lh.ure o iteav,-1 ut ,-,i gaitr it_ ites
An cid a r, r the t ,rginning ,,f th',e re, .. .
i r n t T'dad JOwr airlryip Loan
tz.C.t : ocec i ,to v,"A vu ," b Itt Arn t r L E r. T hei ,
trlhe CCue3 tgl titt h ci hcyLopL lh thev' en iu -11

Itt.icc.. ... siotio iottelt tic a git U fl e 17 Fe-derick Street.
I'M lti 'r L 111-7 1101 E;; -:: 1 0 B o y & C. A G E N T S I
,,.,ur nthle i tmis[ie ni hyptii y he sas: T-RINW AD FIRE IN i
toisr ti I [ In h el. ihe brilliantit thInditii o f 'ti es.
"pbcvc i -u In eiteel l ct etan-lte, L out the lim t), .

of rcltnt a lccit filea ble tic in btis l atter in CBN y Ltd1
tit Sti eitic ti new n-rp ou oteon Wit (M utual &eCo-
g t on tTcu n-s i;'be li-c sfo e re t ttalriteA Lagn-'lo yAnLoan'e.
Lotico ll: t wMnr .u fi tdomhil, e, i t, ttti otrutye DidAflIs-1it.

thme. I tsPcsibilitiece agut t.hae1, Ld n U eP rederickv Srent
As .. ..s'ai.. .mrin ho .in Th E o.T-snB toss0 ac
ul"r tro 1 lnevai-l oi n CieA ta lict itntlu. ,a'-

o t tI d V t nt A Nt I a cU .... .. Dividends .pai .d. an

l et pre llutg r c l eptr utht le, t ise I t s s
n .cLt eycia p 1i v tbble tttic tsthios toitr tinn'Lt

Icell" 'I'lln 0ostic.,Anew weacosr ou nist D E F 1i Chas t Filre R ats
i ts o o. pathe ..... Ic i ilnifor i V tiiPti.. by t he em u ualine. W e--- 'o r o ne.of.our m pA Na le a s
fo r eli. ctcoatnt more it lni loret of aiaht the -.-.t
tine'ohl rAofh i rosies1otfllelenTge n d ,a d mul dIAAN
o. tntu ouhtito ri 5d u nc--u hittple hitherlonuase-
o- tceblowd that "1.1rc i nde i Onlyai ,tin tlheAAlso r irea 6 p er cn t
do ... r er, o A .. in 'crab tiet... i it', fniORagM E A lc..anllScrip.iss ued-,ire.-.
intb ..... wh....I eRt ei AnDeIt !-URIio .. .. Ythe.' A...O .L..o.n-Dividends -- paid- ann
ft'lie I 're)tIIt t f is' localtMa:ufaFtut adc'romt F e-a a-n corn and s the very
F1crLng' yr iittei orti "lee c hr-lnlp"t itstr m u s ec w

*t..n c n~raam

= =.


:- __

^, _& '

_ _


* K~~k' ~ ~T-~jR'- TH TRINTDAD *aUARDIAN TEDY .NAX~1 ~18 __

. ... ... ._ ..--, - ....-. .... ..- ... .. --- . . ..

-4 ....... ...a... ... a..r..& .w ..A w .h%, a n

__ __ ____--nd __ e pa _



.- .-.- '- Incorpora ted 1869.

Capital Authorized 25,000,000
-Capital-Paid-Up a $ 12,911,700
Reserve &8 Undivided Profits 8 14,324,000
Total Assets -. . . $ 300.000.000

Sir HERBERT S. HOLT, Ptesident i E. L. PEASE, Vice-President and
S Managing Director
C. E. NEILL, General Manager.
. -, .
_-365-Branches-throeuhout-Ca na daand Newioundland.
-53 Branches -in the West Indies,-_Central. and
-South America.
LONDON, England. OFFICE-Princesa Street, E-C.
NEW YORK AGENCY--Corcr William and Cedar Streets.
A General Banking Business. Transacted.
........ P. & w n& anECEIVL D..

I Ii

e I 0 4OS 50 T *OPED,1N .-.5-,-- r.".
Interest Paid Credited hall yeary.
port-of-Spain Brancb', A. S. CREIGHTON, Manager.
San Fernando .f J. C. WEIR
Sc qarborough(Tobago) Branch L. R. MELVILLE



T' P E have just received another shipment

of this type of Battery, and you '-

should calf- ansupp1y youi-reqjuire-

mient before our stock is exhausted.

These Batteries rank foremost for

Service '


and Endurahcer --

and these are the factor's which go
to mak-e an Ati Battery..

A i

Militarism Unabashed.
-the-wlvhoIe-course-of-hlIwbooZJ t ict -ddFi
possess thismoraol and.tactical "upr:ilrltyla
sulnirdet measure in the West has always.
relegated to the background the idea of brealk-
ingthrough the enemy front. What has to be
drue is-not onl' .:.n a c:.mpr,iratiili, limited
front-to-ireak in tpn t i en1- e.y 1 iith-.oi-
centrated-nasses---these masses will immedi-
ately be exposed to outflanking on both sides
---but to force in a more or less considerable
part of the enemy front and then to develop
-stmrategical ly-tlhe-hfea t-through wlih-an -C
ceeded tactically. The extent of the .ucess
will in every case depend upon the local con-
ditions and fithe strategic situation.
Throughout, the lesson which 'Freytag is
most concerned to teach is that the new eae-
perience does not displace, but mustbe grafted
on to, old knowledge. He repeatedly declares
that the importance of outflanking strategy has
not'been affected by the lessons of the war;
what Germany must try to do is to obtain by
policy" a better starting-point for her
future wars. The following passage may be
taken as Freytag's real deduction from the
world waroe":---
If, as we hope, policy succeeds in future in,
preventing the recurrenc-ofsuc a menacing
situation, or at any rate in producing the
effect that we shall have greater freedom for
violent and decisive blows in one direction,
- then the war will take a different shape and
will be more like former wars, Our business,
therefore, is ti tmnain the fundamental ideas
-Learas.t heylivedia- the-Germann-Artry-upo-
the year 1914, to o ak them in the experiences
of the present war, and to make the fullest
technical use of these experiences---but to do
all this without giving an entirely new direc-
tion to oer thinkiifg on strategy and tactics.

England-Turkey Flight.
London, November 22.
It will be remembered that during July a
successful air attack was carried outlon objec-
tives in thle vicinity of Constantinople. This
was accomplished by a large British 'bombing
aeroplane of the Handley-Page type,, which
flew froUNSEL and, where she cas ronstructed,
to dneofir banes ill the Medilereanean.
The journey, wasaccomplished in a serie of
ughlo flight, Among otei her plaes, stops were
et-le at I osl and ,m cTh, rit plr ce

il-n -it 1-- ili, ..-i ii,, I.1
C',err5 Oh se, i ltasl., ,,l' Il u l l h, i
trul il.07! icr n..,r o 11 s1omrs
Nehl ri.egs d tir-t, emiica'ls iiral.t ,rit,
o n I trli, O,,,_,-.-.i o["t, ., ,il ,.l,'r.0 ir.I .
i,,i tio i r- I, e i I I L' tl, i c

,".:cAte, thii'i-itlh', er pte ,t .
so by a Jvr-tl',us tiv'.)l'iris, weinel:h
w-, lind out. l i,_ le sr fI.,r tita d

unort ii.e., lr i tIIt rL-,I, -J.1ne j t tdw hc
thoughtNthis U t1.1 the an act dt for

youn r,,.Iindt., ftTLjrictced Cruns.I

-rAfrise, ,t- y ]Coutrumwould .hate
been informed hfae ittssrs. lnnitis
and Son -pay C A S 1-- -for-all

supply their nU, er6u, customers
with Drugs and Chericals at priCeS
o defy competition.

for the Best Results

Tridad uardian.

Yesterday's Market Prices.
-- -- -... ..--M-EAT-.-- .. ..
11 _;.ll r,';)" i -A l' 1 O rril: n p ic-: 1V!
and 14 cents; closingprice 14-cents. -
1 Calf : 125 Ibs. Selling price's 24 and 16
3 Hogs: 2S3 Ilbs. Selling price 24 cents.
2 Sheep --68 tbaa-StUino-p reea- ,6',-9 and-
20 cents.
Plentiful : Talkaree, yams, carrots, pigeon
peas and chive.
*Ordinary : Peppers, lismes, salad beans and
grated corn.
Scarce: Avocado pears., ,readfruit, celery,
wild cucumberssaiidcibhbageqiCart.
Plentiful: I ainnas.
Ordinary : Golden apples.
Scarce: Sapodillas.
Plentiful : Deep sea fish.
Ordinary' Carraoguoc.
scarce : Kiig fisht and bechine.

Sale for Monday, the 7th day of
3-a uary, T918.--

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that by
order of Oordon Grant & Co. Limited, and in
exercise of the Powers of Sale conferred uprn
Mortgagees by fle Convevancing and Lsw of
propetly Ordinance No. 72 of the Revised Laws
of the Colony of Trinidad and Tobagon and con-
tained or implied ih the several Memoranda
of Mortgage under the Provisions of the Real
Property Ordinance No, 60, hereinafter men-
tioned that is to say (a), Memorandum of Mort-
gage No. 52 dated the 7th day cf October, 1902,
and made by -Mbthun in favour of Gordon,
Grant & Co.. (b) Memorandum cf Mortgage
No. 122 dated the 27th day of July 1906,
made by the said It hun in favour of William
Gordon-Gordon and George Frands Bushe
trading as'Oordon, Grant & Co. (c) Memo-
randum of Mortgage No. 45 dated the e9t day_
of April 1907, and made by the said Mohun in
favour of the said William Gordon-Gordon and
George Francis tushe trading as Gordon, Grant
& Co., and (d) M emorandum of Mortgage No.
96 dated the 27th day of October, 1908, and
made by the said Ntohun infavour of the said
Gordon Grant & Co. ,,there will be put up for
sale by Public Auction by the undersigned at
their Auctlon-Martr;-o.12 .-Vincent street,
in the Town of P.rt-of-Spain on Monday, the
7th day of January, 1918,, between the hours,
of I and 2 o',tilrk prn.
,iLL and -INCtLIL'R tbnl- tlree several
paireH l ]ofin., 1ii i-e i tie W.r ci Tco ia
lie featd ot Trliil.
Till: FIRirF I HEgEOF compriaieg I:
acre 2I roodi anj perrcle be the eamc more
or less delminaed in L'I the dirir am 3riexed to
the Croen inrant t 1rre 5si.l M.i", i i ':lum,?
LIf, io I ao 14,. and bound id on rie nor by
IinaIs pelii..ned f -r b laomun and bt lands
ofJtceph *" .n there Eutryn bly tanrtof Mrs.
Pa ier. on lie b .-t bh lar,,l ci J)-.:ph .orzano
ond-b -Ilnd' ,b-MrI.'TfnIn irnJ it.' t ,' lt by
turrs lEn- ar,]i ir. tland, -.l rT-1'airnn-r-d-
sheh .-'id 1ol lfand i s l;odiC'rncd in
fie Cs-ri-irs:t;. ., i r irte ro r[oe id Meiion
iHE'. rEc'0,11i Till'Rtt cOF.aori,,-, 'i4
acres I rod d n and') peThca be the armt more
or leat delirear'a in rhe diagram annixrd io
Ihe L'rown Crant i Itne asd oh-in in rVolme
LXII llin 6r11 a.d i.miandid or. iLe Norih b
R,.d Rc.ervr 3, n-l,- i- _id? bv _roe.n I.,.d
and by itn,.- r.e ,lur fa n. on the bSoath by
t'.rovun land ard bh lanO ,t Mtr. I ani, un the
East by laid cl Mohunand by lands o 11Mr
I'antim and on ihe Ves by a road rei .rved 3
links wide and by 'toan lanud and wl.iLh .id
-parcel -of- laid-i -alO'd-ccrficdin-TrherLLrrifl-
cale of Till.-. Io tIhe rid Mohlubn legieered in
Volume C '.lIll. Il'n ]..
AND II: 1 IIInGr THifREOF coTprisin ii
o.:re Dnd 2"', p tre,. ie irlme slnl' more or1 v':
dcllacacd an. lill. the aiitu ll. nJ b.oind.
slieha bheie1-r l '. n ie Il rhe- diagrr a-iacli i d lo
1 -r.n.n t-a'no t .., lie n i,ih C1r,tLin rzisurctd
in V'toluni CAXIV iallio 22' and boundCLe on
ice h-aNi i ty ara-,d reermed li0 Itln widjr, un
South by lands of pahun and by Crown land
on he Edast by LInds of Ramnchurrun anrid on
the West he- tl-ittnl -- t -

Note. the above several Pemoiranda of
mortgage and the principal and interest monrea
sbereby rtep rcinvely secured are now vebred isr
Wdon, Grant & I o.. Limited, by virtue of the
olloaing itibliurrnts "(a) eremorandum of
Transfer of Mortgage NO. 49 from William
Gordon Gordon in lanour of Gotidon Grant &
Co, Limited, and dated 8 th Auguat. 1911,f and
b)-Memioraridum lift ransfer ot Mortgage, No.
50 from Robert EGervase Bushe, John Arthur
Gorduan artd Robert Smith Reid in favour of
the said Gordon Grant & Uo, Limiled, and
dated 20th Octonwr, 1911.
ODted tlia 21ih da of Noverriter, 1917.
F. I. s-otra sos;.
Gov ,-nmen Auctioeers.

Splendid Va!re inrr


Hew Year Presents,



GOODS Just being opened up
Comprising- -

Safety Pins Pendants
Scarf Pins 1 Lockets

Charms Tie Clasps
Charms Studs
Crosses Links


Come Early and Avoid the Rush.-

D idson a& Todd, Ltd.
The Trinidad Arcade 'Phone 26.



The) will love the taste of

The Favourite Rum for --0

Cocktails and Punches.


The ...Green Swizzle'ot tfih- is"
West Indies.
Half a cocktail glassful--with a ITop of ice -
W.. ell shaken- -will -make-th's -a-dainty-a-p-'u'. -'t^ .s.

Sole Manuahicurer ,..,' ., .....
(Dr. J. G B: Siegert& Sois)Li a>
Port-o-pam. ., :-

. Sold by all the.. Leadiwg Gra-ci,',-.
At 66 cents ANr lW,. -,'.

. ,. ._' '. _

-~-ri-~ ~

~P~IJ~s ~__~~ ---------~

_..._ _---- -------- --------------- ------------~ ------------~----. ---


~_ __~ __^~~__~ _~~~_~L ~__I__ _~__ ~_ C _ I_ I_____~~1

_ I

I~ I



6 -..-


lt ON .i

lag a ra l Mn isna -i

ger 100 Or i
TIlta ad CI n p 12 U;-1
i dadcbw llih i 4- [l -i
lidtrjleireiirla.M UIrr

IN" o- k slid Londo. 6b

'e inh A n I. 4 'L
erLn kndo N ud1.o t
c ", t i i f f I l --,i
,-. by 4-, I r, I --
oairn irun li. ul -
. ll m oldcln,. S u
*1bor uca .r 1 11 I
.' ,D, ai N-m ni i' k-
t -a OTI oci.luJ.. r at,
11' i in r -oi
S- -- E T -

ut ,I -i i .I -I
i Lr 'lld h. t l. t I.. l -i-1- ..... I . .r
Si11 nU jI lt 'I. LI ,

i- m a -. -- t
Anntual 0ird lii e i a r il

Op enrinufbrian e 4 I -a Iri r ni I
Lon|n 1.T l etrc il- l t:1 Sill hi
S lnp- i eu q .... 3 .
... ........I.I. ..l. I...

_l.iE -- h -, it

S To-daymorrow's Diary.
Ii --- .'v, r.,, -

RCiv Magi 114r n un. II

,- C hCl j ran ifhi 1..t.ul .. I n I
tLonioun tleciric lirTac, .- 31. h .11

S- O1il:.pic T nhearie 4 J n"
1 on C i 1ir i l a\ 1nHI(

C1 l iit tii
XnivMornlR ,

I,,C I it I li ., ,t-,
*i' ,, 1.1,'i lITlNfu 1 -_a .R 3 .

SFight t 1 L I I
Cabler ... I rI re I| .
1 .i Ton -min MOrn ,Ilrrow .' o i. 1.1

S li I .l
C a b lRes . t l oe I I e.
- Srgll o i:;i. r-' ah a.

S i -- RANGE.


-' c try nod l eI i gln /n
A7 l c/eoetrs hiotdJe pstile to Ol

I' O nK lirT *li- intere r 1t
[ ~rea ~-b.' hl n ,e ,r.
7 & 'e r ... to '

Ipnderr /rn/, tei an one ei/ -

the r-,/i/a, not nnnrenr'rt,& i
,| N er ca i.fAI a
.i e r/ias/ e l.. . rel e z i n t ia

f, e., R dI D reAD G r1cD
n0 uie .s I u ii"c N \T ,f

I Jitra tlI ce t" R in
Ores- ""'I snot-l'rn c. p i
/ -. ..qr i ii l r i'. c ll'i


'I .- -: .: . . .. . . - -.- . : '

-. _. ,. ---. + .., -- .-- . ..~ --.e n ut i v ~ R t n ~ ~ ~ ~ t i{. . '.... ....... ..
i o m n7 -. n c


OTIt TO UBRIERS ther-. The entry of trhe United Statoi VISIT OF A TRANSPORT. NEWS IN BRIEF., Io
NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS into the tear has" C AcreOaLdCtotanSincaG.O- The li-nn Trea-irer of the Red CO'isSiniet.3 1-,e
AND A ENT,,bedegree the....t ..... ..........IL COMIDI.G OFPI: .'S THANI.' -10 ha. p....o r riiod tautMr.Hi. f-i H. i-tun 3 One in-Hu l ,0
AND AGENTS. the Allies pat from ie question of .,'OR. drird ati Tnett DIihr b.I "1017 d ,fe l
reinforcement- in men. W hen tmerrica focipr cent. n dirLritu' ', t l. P.atrioit c.
To-1`1ov INew -Vers Day) being a -ha buhad time to put hen-whole driving Tit Inlloivsing hitter, have beO o Te .p -.
Public Flolidiv there v.ill be no power into the war the augmentation of received rby ti:r ul or of PNurt-offapain Pr
pubn itation of T tlL Tki'TI'D I Oll,,- intoce-, must faete i fc- itecti of ha1stelling from the O officer C o an If'.ding h,: tr ,oepr Arir .trnng to udd -onal o'rd ,uce i an l oi

w ,% nilt hurIV .1d 1R. 1 7 91maupndthipnng whIhivc mtr o a p mc ef yi m ie action 0 11 INo d th Ef ICIL
Thtday. a r 3rd. the end. The sole purpose and aim of IiH.M. Transpori Euripidr.i -inqLr.'twu connectio Vorln.rert nrdatir cilTelir ooad h
tihe Aillries the c norqu .i n da dectrue c- H.M.T Furnipi.&--a. o o as lw oh h, the 3rd i nstbrnt ir h ur e-
&- w Qfs bafl- ,arfian. fin.o tire Goromrn military machine. -rhE i., 1" .7. -pate-i h" -t, ud. Ia CwLr' hara'... ......... ihI "Tl
They refuse toconEtem apla art y a terain;a.- Hi t .ar-itip tThe ,Mat.o, ur e .l a ia-rdtct ol deoth 1-Y t, i n rui;A rtlle. oAll
tiou of the wacr which dos not archeve POrtt-c-1Spaip. Tridd.]lt .a U 1 0 no
3T HOF-S ItN. TRIN AD 0that plrrpoie. Gernan', k c r tha t -art Sir.- N t the clt-ec o ioir very Do ,t'ar aeaun' tha. '-J h l iioriMr. a taiaW. '
V Ttla.ndI.\he.R, T I u --nrth ,,ob- h h ,a 1. Ia i, e.tho % 0u. V- D i Coroner, U-_,bing r h d at
c sah rl1 1 i nevi a ibet et- ruo i t t-oaf-c-pin our
UI-'-DA I .N .R ', -1 1 r nC the -, nialt v w-h l.h "hi- r Ce r it e c.t e o I in of eiLtrh 1H-I t.-ad ruo di d Ied t ..riN:a ,I I at
tier.p appreon.iC-11 .-A ihe oh-'.,-.i.ari' roel- r.--a-e., asl a o n.-ttuanre I _a -i-o.
pt-1c We face the new -r'e ar a aMb
THE NEW YEAR. det cirm i ri ,icon tint rnon acrr ficcn can be rI .caitothope' i-. : a a .li nFp.Fi b o g1 a r3un:tone Ruoert App h.e-uhite. n.5a ha- b aL n c-
cang( I .]AT A Th he- -
rt,.ry shni rLiLINR' li --a h n ia,-Id II l .Il Li the m h0 rg d i, l d f t.
tn,' gro-.t eotIlih.-tciar.l !oi-r I'at ar:t 1 1ai ,.n-n ha L-, Li I-Ii I, ,- naO["nv -' lit Re i r A C
TLI-F.JA\ tihe Clirl-tbni worMcti 11.10 nidurrm .., '- ii it ,'Id'! r ill ,1,. hur- at Im1 tuol .--ri no -i -ti hra. ihrnx. : i r-'. tar-rte a,:': :1t~ anos +
a "i t- '- I it aild, thL.r I idtn a tr in it- fli gh t 11t \1 re lh op e fl lat ti n. e ,r Iir t orwill I .av in .ra trm -o i r i -ten ,-li hei n .i l on l et C opor,.r --i- ab h,6 I ta. ,-1 TO ,-Ia -e rt
,-IT NV IH, th nft :ntv ',,2&' j.are I,5 t
iin' "tIr i-1-I. rt--nic I. o ri n-to l IIa, tie 4A 1t1iia n reit thrineicir I ata,: ni, .I, ,t- th ,,,- In 0I It-i t'
lII I-rvI-I Turl ai ii -ii , I ith. n, nit: ir : I -.i tt L, u l t i D L - -I~r i,: Itnll,:] rr, i h," [,',.1,1 i,,rartr t at I-, h,, i', i,,s.,r a C Ihirtic l .i N- % n ,to r ,-ru i oneit i- ,:of Ih--:-r
11-1-:1 'i -,'-it-II [1, l.elI'-ri'- ,,lai ,-, n|111i L,',c ,Iitrn-.r.I'mn'1I-vrrfru--

,ill.]I nI," tr.Li t1t1e011-n . .I 1-I" -'. O r :. :T
I, ,,. i.' I-I l. : i lt, ier-alr aif idne-l r t n ,l
hcIt 1i.Iini r0l I Liltir..nII tid I tbIlireR -Ii- '' lr t a Ii
1.11I ItraI c --tl'.in-I-rh'I I AIIA AGUAYARE0LLITi-n '- n-etlt-nt a ill-nltrtl. I'ii
it-C111 t-il, l A tin, t11-. I vo ,:il IL rFIELD S.air .ir i --i- r--c-'. c-Idl,. tb1ii narl.

ott-I l iii., a ITI i -. Ii- ti ..-. I t h I-ofrl :.t.. .. -- i i, ili -t OI -,ber,:r
[Li'- I- r -nlriwria.1tj ir
-- 1- -3itirr

I-f 111-' Il
ih i- t-tLl." -i ,-{, f I r-,, [ ln'n tlaI ii'~ .l ,,l {,,l-I l ri, ,, I fI-I[ f',i'" IA' I c1{1P th i ttt t. -i"li. mli. a -I.-l n-ar-J1 ,r ,-I1 ~ ,!1:1I = ,,ii lO .-.
I.,,. l... n r r 1- i l... . . .. .... .. II IL -- i-f, Igrr, .. :.,, I.I -i i 1: 1 =.... .' '-... .' ... .. . . .. ... .. .. .. . .. ,, I .i ,. . .. ..i
I ll. -I I,t{,,, Il, ih li;lt' iii t--'-- r rl h ., -i, . .... ''it"'-- i t--i t- t ,h.ii .- li~t, | - -t-In r7, -till T ,I ''r -ri at[ :-
Ii. It-I--it -h -I I. i:t h,. ]itt, ,1 t h:' IM PI[ 'ORT'I'A N E OF 'it ,.- 11 M .Ili iiIit -t , I -
,.,rlt i. h _,, ],.H1]Ul 11 1,; lr. t," "'lfi\ P1 IL,..L, -,11_ P [R O D U_"' [N O N .. .0 = Li.. H' I: .. :f "h r _.. , 1 ,b I,

,'11 ,i t- iti I n lit l, iii I t] 1 [,,t ~,' ,t i i t -- ii.,'-,i'1,. 1 .I I.i. .. ii: In LII- I..ris rl it ri iU ti-li. I --llj --l".,
iIir-iL'...tII-)t IIIrI Itin...... ..

I r

r r tItLhT
I,, Ire for.... -1,I ti..,,,: i,.e- I- I .-.r1i,,LtI I ,'.I, 1 h ..u.I I
r.- I' i I. I i. "II t i f- r '-] n t i I--- --- = Ir i iLn, '' nil li.-tih tfnri I' -- ci r"=- -- -i wr.I-i 1-

i-a tie 'l-tili~ ar"I'nel'iii
in........ ..... i... i. ... ui... ... i..t... n BURGLAR IES AT SOUTH to-o .i.-
... .. . ..- 1 .. . . . . .. .. .. ...... ... -.I. r1 .. . .. . .. .. ..,,- 5
". i.. ... F1. -1, . I' .. I. .. Q U A Y .
ALU111 ,it { '.f- i J j U .r ..] i. i "I, i t...: r 1 h ,, ".... ...
_....-il., .1..,r:if I I-IllhI .:a, -
tttl~i ir tr'tr'
...1....i.....,,I..UNSUCCESSFUL EFFOT TO F.SAF. I FE, ',
tI', ,11 i rti, I t., I ii ,I 1 i. 1,, ill ,,-, h I' r Ill 'i" \+ Ti Li'i I. ,,,, ,_1...'h - -, ,1 I h ,- I

I FL !j I V CIlIt I tI I I I R I ti
i o I tI '' r m, h r i I } -i i lnt'n. I I Ir'l I -- n I i I, I

pe nohen rr r4
Pf.. L, t-

II it L-- .
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- ,I , ,,,1 ,i i i iI t i t i . i a l tl .1 I tl ~ t .',,,i't ,, i,, i'., ,i, ttu" . a ti i I . , ,I _p,: i ,., .. I+ I

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t ii .l. t[ r, ll -i.t .' Ii i1 ,u ,ll-u ',rn ,, l .. ,, I .. ,I ', r t [ I1,i1li-I- u tI ii.' in t'....' 't.- ''=1 ., / .,i' ,l' ,r' : -iii-I l i I

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It ' II I ll .. .I I. I -i i -, : 1, ' ,r i ii '. i .' ,,tt' Ii i. n l I r l , h 1 1, { 1 ~ h : i L ,, III- lit'iii ,r it .- 0-tt, I, I .. ..ll t '1i ,i a o,, l i ,i .. .
I ill if it l..1 i-.ti1-'r 11al.1 11 r..i i...1I . .... ch .. .. ... I- i in .. i i ir 1 Ir m u .- -. tI i : rtl, ,. a. 1 i itI. .

Tair inn e al fIr, lte'2 -Iori i~ie l h 'Irh l int in e --- in i rI ,h i ',I .. . .I ,,I . I I IorI.,t i o a l -e h a i a ','ni" l i i i r a 'r e
,. -o in i .. i ini, aie I.,. r d in Oi.i r, ni~ fi L rrl
ar nineACa11 oil, hut Iri. m r1il I- nu1 I, ,ii n ri. t i..rt
rnaun-iy ri, teugiirtn1 enl rrrlnac:teroini 1og attn I r ... I ,,-, ,,an1 ".. Ii i ad f n nl il "1 I ,.Ik

tew's was recently received by the relative is
ViTredezick Lawrence from the'BriUla
ale at New York to the effect that hwea ,,'
*a found dead in hisa Teonu, and on lnvespisa,.-
, oo.s proved. that be died from aopirLny 2
, 1 i. c-r'aping from] a fixture. Dfeleasoa c
,o ,I r-LatI -nie yeata old, hald c.. e '. g
aod a in d h erf-Or--Fr hkliuinr- -
itsnt rn I hi l unll" Inein New York atunt, r v't'
ur rii.Eutni. He Ilparvs a wife and two
rilde .
The C.:.taebialr lai H -pitnl uoich La I etn
n i. r ltd nto Ia n o i i.r,'r air l t Inhte Ctlinic '
ill be ,lrn-ed hb His Excell eic the Goi t- -
ior t.o-rau rio.:aln.iun n at 1.t 0 o'a)--ock.. .

Br lrece nt r i,,:,riutn l her,: ar, T e ih fnll-:-
.rtril oa i ca.1 o A. r Dean.,--G..-dile-GEuines=
id L. Rol-ir-'. 'rho pii-ed their S.,licorir -' ,
o ii u i n h i. v.s '- eld .no i
r.1 aid .irl -7f Jul. I, 14I; ,,for ihte full
ic-aIlu T,-i .lal lths li inLm nl het l *4l -'

r: at ni il. i iiA ,ea oL iii- I u e
tir- i io er In i-t'r. ir.a U lie f irt.i "-al "

b, .C.:U.r.l r pr :. ,l ,t ,' .r r

iLe r r:11 ip.!i a i, i L ith -oatL.
h,. r r I i. ,,-, I. ar gire 1 ,1rc
el--- -IC7-- _aIi

"L t l. i ,'..,.. i ,, i 'I, -' r i '"a',: r ,i-. tr

, .i r...o .. IiV UisI a A p ib- a l
... ... o . MT.
r.t .......... '.Ih i .o ., ,-.ri ii J

T. ,h I o-ll o Orf o in .
M- 4 N C.-'- I ...-

.irm, ,, -nn n i, itho

', i, -i - -i Ir
V I" il -i ,i ,ih b

' 0.1S ..1 I s I I'' hi- -on,
..t'.I iL-rUng-i,

ri -a. r. 1.. t',+":"- i i.u. i ...n ,, .1
-. I I. h- .:,.12.20

Trhva Ro lla D onWourd.

IsiI T ,_ r l, l, j,

ihtilPhi b1IRNtEt
r,7 reai l c rathe
'. ":'" "'""'" "i t ri.- i. t irner.

, ,1 ]- ,,uC;..'';.".' ,, ,' l., b Ih* II, f I n idetr d
I -r t r:ulhr L ,l i ri
ii '?n-ni, iia i Cu., ,in

Bazaar for the Poor Prize:


n iinr [J,
it I...... i, , n n ii p r e,
"I- 1 i 'll i NC". ci 1 l,'

-r L.

C r, L, 1i,, ur, aGeA Ilught. .






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two &




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W. ed o r.I7, L C..,
,'en- ,,,,, OF Id Nff_ [
the ci .v
,on ,'; re/ [I .t ,-id i". -,,.-tr T-. ; ,.r C
has i -I Loudonur Ir-,hill
hsr-' "'{ .L, u.ioo [h,:erah r "/Mh.
for Lth 'L ,.ur Co .f-cre e %, c-, sll-CnIl her,-
lical today u I rite I nchinr tiiur Coi-ml tice at thI.-
IP Trade Uiio u Cogrc- ,id III. lHecut, of
Irge.. Ilre L r Yu [ in i rhI C tilr1.i li:l ,i "' t. .
i{ iuFter . co-. ile r. r. i-i ,Ira lfl n...
inre .X roi. ti iA. r I 'El Au r-pri 14
*i.* F.rirrurli, rii.)m i -l lh- L ,.- l I ..r i I,
lrk, lit 'crt i li hul e rif ,, I,,I .. ,r ,,
rauy- b a i fel. ro.i. '.it-li to ii,. ltc. ;rl- .-l
,.Irl for d .r f ,:r, hI r N: --ir th i ,,
I- expre- l ill 111 .et- -.. the lu rtrit Willt o
ept 1.1l- ii ,, t lilt e' ..r il.. .i ofl

ll / par!tifi.rr .r 11. ,, 1r,) i rriri rhI re.
T l.ustue,' .. '... .
,'A, Iirmn "ia. .u.1 sur .- t, I. The

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u in in i1 of lie p-c1e r il
ahtcn u-. -orur.. rlL dc -i ,n Tc -. rh II b.1 ,

I. r4thefG r err., it--km-I I i -i
ti1rlIr C. | l hl le JUluit, ic',,.l t,',iii l ,

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lro--c Lt r-rLrn a r ,Ii I,,II i.. hr ,.,
of I r n I I I ,,L. .-,I l

e oI it .:r IT ,I, , t ,
r,,i 0i r .e Li ii i ii 'r
lr e f i e t --- I U.. r. '1 .n Ii L, To,

CIl, e l t :I, It,,,v A ., AI -Airtr u v L. r,,r ri l,, l ; ,,
I,.riru i,,e uii lii ji. r e,: .l I. ,c 'c
S I F ? Ire err i
te 1. r 11 1 I n I cI -I- :. I r ,.11 .
m. idFueiri ii. i IA -i- ~~ 1. .r. ,ii.
1i1 r 1clrh Iral I r. I- r iL II.i i Ti- 1 l 1 u -- it Qi'l
Ire~~~~~~~rnim c --,pr v I-_ 't. -set Ft'''' .: , cr ,t., t ,.

o I I., e.. gcr h--. i-11fi7 .rirC l iL er 1,1. -i -

Iaf ie lr ulh l I hL r,, IuI .r l
Aie .-j- "ri c ric ric h I:.- ,Il ,-:-." ri l,.
l1m fi fr- l l e-Ie T Cr[h -r-uilr- Ii. Oct 0 r-- ni,-,',,

1 ~ o lif i I -- ii .1" tIf 1 -
'lice :urrirr irie I I, --t-ril i- il-,i l I I. IOct
.!c '" thr l 1 loci 1ih -fel teeZ c Ill ,'p -- l i. I, .
ie f.r Irir G 1e. rln it ,, t Al I- .:. l t C n .i-,re-
h lhd suI nt !;,,r ,t iu : .l re ; thI r,c,
,', bolllA l,. ro.l i a- ,,-,r l IIt.- I..Ie .
imny repreiecriairver a Rool -ir that C,-ri-

rh _' Cn
fer t e. r or, 1 ru- ,:I 1 I .. r
A-lm011, arc l c .r, :.i l thi. r I - 1,i t- -
srkr.ech iou l t ,I-.r ,- ) ri u r- L, ..l flue

Orh.- 1 CiJ A r iI r ni.% lIh e i. f ri bl--c [bt L rit ]A-
Ellpiri. en r i 1 til-e iar 'X0 i ,-- pl I tl
challmcll c tlroih I[, rl .- c ['ru,,a th',l : Irliti
ll b C.I]IIILI.'] In orde. r .r, frree III. .. ne
? and for.. 11 ir,,m file 11 -Ai. r b1, iner -le ., I
r ruru-i r n. i u I rI
Ii o - ol fc. -nr+..t fri- ruaet.: ,I .- i hi l- e

r-pelct for a ,- in. IrAn l ,,- i r-
e le Iprt. ction If LOP [ I n l ,r Ic ,I i t
,e IQ -r.r ilI Th,. iPcer- 1-in ,Ii 1
rIe , rii ',.r ii-.,rc Co ,- iI. 1 Iv .
i.. .r r L re .\.c . "- u A M c I I it.
roe fiewere r, I pnr rl, r -f I.e i
fol riheir .,.ot ,, --:t, rti-.: -,h it.- 1,
-tulr fr. c riI. ciiii ir.i "u-i',' .1 ,,,lo.I MrI.
I r C i c c III i-
i, ,_' I.,.eF h S.. ,..': .1,len .1 1--. U nt,,r ,l i lIb
% 1 .leli l.r ldA ,:IIL C111r 1! i-11.-L.r 1:'l Ii 1
]IL i- l 1 i .-c.c h L lI, I h Iii. rr
led. p ...... o e.1 A . . i 10,er- I i-..It i. I If.. -ir
I r an, n A! a

I. n u -, c .-, il .. ill1
fre _in .. 1 irrr-oc l- rii.,1l, .--lu- f--i, e i- c-ru l, er.I ,
Der of i.-I I ir H. ii,
cL llir Oil ti ii Ii ri ,c !
IL1 1i 1- a.t tr,, ,I :T,.rm . % ,i ,,_t a ,,e I:
u-ti-or -
e,1n Sib _'_ l bo r'. ,AT mil,4 I.I. -, III ;i I I. 'Wl -.1- to c
.n,]..nt - - na i~a ll,, Ir _, Ih :,,:, to L.,. .b

CILu .- .l .F' c ED i-.L-PifLIC iN I I Ir
,\rua; I L "r,,h.c ,. '1"
A ridL r, ts Cri-c
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r%,n. ,I et cc -I IR I I.. -I- i
ea "' tn.i or ltn e I nr i-ior i1 hrio ., n l

eal.1 3
v__ C.- F. 'I Al. N I i F-i ..,[ i
cring IN lie ifr,,l ,
IIT- IThe It ,.i rl -,e Ncri i r I
Sone d cle!, .,rrit.e. In [Ier. gr- ,l i rl. io i
, ncrl g it C ii i l I A I lir.-i.a ii r..L I-..
ri, |k h .. lo er s Ml, o er, I .lo trt 'r
r l lr 'rliLcll ;ir i I IIIi 1,., ., 1. I l l- i
Scrhu ril Licur. '.n -, hI.I I .. ,
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C i- I ,r I
lIf -t l l l r l ire i ,1rc cIrll I. i i L .I
hurl.,- l rrl iritre h n f iI. -ii 'i i b ..I

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i t e, 1 1n1 file 1, 1 -l li c' ti c lllrf 11 C iu Ie I-j l o
ifuk-ll-ll-. - greI -n~l l. cit rlhl ? ni. h.r;lt.r -rIro ..rIcio i I,
'arnet- ,lc,,l ilrhltr l. ,iiu, hl It r-
I er fir I II II i II midt t- t
I fil 17-rr 1 h 1, ,-or c L 1u. 1. c...I
,r edvcI t. ni i i L IT C-11 -uir t It .I I ll- I ,

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re mn reill. 't -1 .
f t (' I I.j, iii -i i l i h. I

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n-cr1' nit-.ti ---,,hir,. -er-

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11. -i ..... -ii .... -... f.......I ... .. .. ..

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1T il f 11. 1-Icr-Iin Ii-f .l~ ~ i. ii .ii -l .d hi, I
t irdi ,- ""ri mi i h.- mi ..i lr-fir l' t '1ri i i-, cril, i', i
end dl ii or non~t I, e.," r. fh" loeei- iF''turh
to. ',r Zs-frrrrrg - uh thic .fr pl.,r' ,de ,,c fcc-illlie
.,g inuri r sillurrinvit rue ii. ir-' I~ e"b lL h
I.Li- frace rlenruittost rfal lt fire I,..en f.,corl~l

for. The i iei' n t. ie Ztirpn on the
other b.h ri r j-g.Il the cotil-li6uin ui op-.nlag
the roiJ to a pe, a advantagioui to all _idem.



L.oonD,n December 28th.
That the Aucitrce-C r ua [-c ,,ce negotialon-i
lntaoir-c Fie mere aupuign 1. the Cenrtai
laPwoercIs It-t Liceel here- -1-irilil cin rh-u
Ike irext step l-y Gerruni n, I,,Iordng idi to iei
inforlorme Lonvlooop_. eeicniuwil Ledaii-rectro
po-..n I ii the Allf i eithcber throclu- the- Li-lrcin
or.cnc ,nltr o p-rcer Tho l u:hL auo lurir% i.
nicIn.: in l the c,,,ir of Il. ule .t A ei. ,1 ,; i .
V), TO, ,c-i--IG e '. i c r -ir'-r
Snl blre the l iIi te Alliei. but a-i .
.rrni reply t.- \it 11i inI.. t a r itcog i ran 4
h,.cll er nu L t.i-:ntli. G ..-rumniit Io
a reri. -.

f:N-MY' I .1ATTI'MPT TO[ CSU r liuR

L.,wo_ D) comtler .h th
TimF,:. '.i., h. ,,,r L ,u, nr i re' 1,r, h
I W r i T.I,
i.Lniin her 1 -u ti
- ii- ii .r.,- ,I ,t:, I Is ,u
SI.-, I, il cit- Irun L.y --n- i -

I i[: l I fl- li-rI-c it r ic
--Ai1 ii 1 el I In l.. 1 : .l irte I .

fI; r I. I'.i I ILI'I' |' ."., 1 **',\N i- Hi-
S'i n .11 I I..I. i. cjI i i" It
rohtL i-Oil i II ..l rct t],u r-ne. ifl-, ,t lit
ai.t Brn -tLL1 0 a%,ci"cucr 1 It-1 tihe polihicaI
siil orm iIori-c .I [ILe l ;.lIh G ,rUi.l mi i t
uI ion innhi cl'o l hr, frLi-ie -'T rifu --eTi r-.r,. .molin I
fe pt 1 0 c 1 r'. li Tl Elrk ILI ,

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u ic i- ,.i I r I n I I ,i.i : i i ,. rl -ir i. n r Rli p' Tir t h Innihi

II ii r .1 11 i 'ii iC. IT- -
i I, ' --,, I .c ru l

11-c 1 11-

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i-ku -.h. -,i i.. I "I,. -

i N l_ .N i I -LL iI. c O ,.11R iPi
I,,IIFi t ,r -. iP :
T.h.: I 11 .I.: -h e. .. i 1

'l, ,iL RI:I',r iif-. I

l i cii', 1t r I -1 ic --C Icr hI, "

nI1 AiN r' Ir 1w I II. r R,- -


I1-. I-"l [up P-.I Il - '.I . r ic.r. -'l.-_l..Xh -

Th ,:,r L,.- v- I -i nr
r.- l- 1 l 1.t iii I ', ,,I. 0.1 ,P.1d 11

i- n lper n- t

i Ill. I-
,,,1 l PE Ir i l P -

tip.. I I. II
our- i, ,

I n i-i .1e C. O I ,-l l F- In In.
it.-., .irirr iun- I-f if. I in I .,-

.1 ir,: Mi-fi n u- it. i .e D iia i
,It W iit 1t1 rIl 1 -f .-- I i ,'il- ,- .

FR.NCI S / TitL r fI I -Ajth, ,LOA.t4

PrI ll .i I. .n Int ,I oi .,- tl.,\ r L .-hr
In.-l .I ,'l" h l%_i I.,I.1i-l n c i-1i-k-I% i 'P nunD IN

O ilh l I..,.f-l'i' ,.


Ir hr

_1 L-.t .. . .

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lrluIR I I i I i hi--..
A. r, L I ,I:

I I -.T1 1% T. i

I -u-i-i........

curt%%.'.I -r i p uiii i-i.. i. i 1 i 1, 1'i
rn-i rnf,, r, m-i i, ,, I. in-. le I ,m iu u m, ,., h,'

Occu: ll% rmccd e 0' Ic im-o
I [iti m I n liuIn i-n.itI. ... ml n11 Itic .0 I niu -rn' i
de I-lc -Ir i in1- Ipi,,In cI cl e. .ik cin u- Iih er
t in- IIvf I Inc I ,m C a Im Uk'hi-%nIt I cII .. I,' .I I" I I r I
S I, I. .rI ItIM- C0 i.l..I i-',,Ir.roL-1 n f-C I,
i-ir .-.ufi Trer I I cI rn lmcir. mintmi mn11+,. i .,.uiiq....

rcI I I icr h .r 1, j i l ii i i

lie iii l Ci-hM'r.. c OliY r..i.,i tn,., ii. n il C% I
ii n u .allt rl l i nI r... . i,, r ...l.
411C is-i ni i .. If i.t i-rn fn ml,, cmb 1 hi-ic
ruin-h l' ii -I l ... '1uec n-, n tn, s ..... I I i n1 Ii ur .... u-
'IrI],h~- l h..i- Cci sen..t.Ie en ufcu i ici-uir-i

%illl I,._,M .f~l,,lllOt. ..l~

1 h,,,,,- o ,.,s, rr,,,,ian mesengerstrainer

opIraliins on a large scale. The Germans.
ou SturdJay night esayed an attack againlut
the Briial northeast of Vpres, where for
seI.eril .iyh they hail beep la ing don in
lihan Iprepcrraory ire. 1 be attack, honevr,
.is luiillej fcr the Britlhl ever on the catclih.
raked the G r.-rnntl attl. hei-r fire--alil-
repulsed them with considerable lo-ses.
Likewie attempt made by the Germans to
carry out raiJs on smill French ports near
B'. Quernina, Iteeonvaun anl Vauqueres re-ulted
lu failure and, in addition, the enemy lost
meun and prisoner. There ii -till couiderable
,:wivt'h along, the entire French Irnut In the
illan theatre- the niluui lor the present i'i
till but the big, Lu on co0311ue I P carry out
mutnial L'bombarrnimetis iin.L oppoimgn
p 0nrtioun in oh. thbil rrgeriodnomr the AAr-i o
P~l lre rat-tware-of-the Piie RfIter l 'oTi
',tnvt e i irriertculharI prcnrirniedJou the trICune
TPmbi.h cto r',1"r ia, eenIc- .:,v te e' t of
L.,Ih ni, of the Iederi -aa oner rithe uppe
c' the Pli ta. n R er.



I U. I .L i 1:11 : 'El, i',. C ,LINIi:R.
A i fACiLo
LoiD.l.. P-c t.i l
O1 illw l t'iho sr uh i tre1, c it i .. werhl
I 6Icl 0.1 a 1,: .11 fr ..t t o r -o c tA .u.1n-e
kch ocr pe iin o-- [ II c--cure .11,
ii ,, l i'. I I'I II I c1 i i i I-i lI I I. h -n, I In I
.a lnL ..iIII- h,' -.1 fr-il .t iiil hI l .i

- l. 11 1 .. L I.. L I r r---

l i i ll i .t hIi-i htii lrl

... ii ci i II i .ia t t1 .- 1 i i III. I ui rN cri
kI I h ,I'C h ,Cll h, i k-.I

h.-1, "rite-- r, h, h
, i- 0 h l i a r t e r r,, I, i

1b ..
r j il eri g i -.i r i'-i n.,i l .,. nLI il n- t

r-I .-l tilli

I- -I, i--fl Ih i-n r .1i , 1

il--ri .. .... i --i ii I I ... .

II .l, I h i 11.

llj. I'. ."i I- -


, i I. . I ,i
I. ." TI I l I k 11 -: 1.

I II" I 'n I II. iI ."... I -.

r7- I % ,I .II1 "

-i --i --. I
i 11 fu ri I f I,. ,I

C BE RA LRAL L.N[-,'-.'B V l' S FuR ,I

F 'I- I T I I I I F .I
._ i u I I .i ,- I -I

.- . . I.T. I .. .. ...

17 r1
.... nIhe ..... .-...

,,. . m oi-lul. 'n I., -..- .. ,md-i. -,

Alle ed Wounding
,-l -, r1-r,6l-p- -,I r, M T -,,rc,,'[',r,, ,,ii=
, r I it ., ,b ., ', ,
V II. IiW . ..r. C I I I i. i i i 1.m I _II_ I
,.l ruh u nJ""u ,.d .I lllr,,."."i 1

I n, 1 "1 nI a c I n rnI ,,,rn .
1t1et e Ith .- k-I 'i- i -.T 41 11 I1 i 1 .. .
r .I i eip i J Ii"-i rj i .. 1 fic I
fE',JI \, A rOILill.0

SiJ . ..1 . . j I I -I .- r i

'1 IIIJ I ..- +I I r I Iwo,, t % 'I, li c -1 ,,
i lii P- ii i -l I Mi PII -ii -- -P-

,0 -nnn- -i 1'iI Pr -i Lig -.%i ir -i .
I e Pi cinii- t hr.iiii -i i c. h, ci, ..i I-. i I ,il
i--cit...I hii l,.- ,- ir-., i Ji i Ii.I I ,,
.... . ..- I.. 'n i. --- i ... .,1 ..ll ... .. ..... .

I I-- ,n e r.-Illi a .1 .. ,. -i .
I-hl .1'+,,, ',',i ni-th', u,-,,, -', u. I Ini,,', ,r

AL' -,'EI.\L 1.-\LLM1.. ci' iGi- OR. '

11 I B Itltile li t I i .; e
-. l rill r, ,:! \,r iia.... -

0 ~ ...... fr-1 h t i u 01......... -I,

lii c -~r, I -ii l .- r.-t 1 i i. Ii .
Ir i ilru.- r -. ii,.. ,_ ,l ,{ I t--- lii; .nu- l-

.,,-I ,,, r, ,.-io ,,- I ii,, ci' -r,, ei,, r -.+,
I-c 1- c- I ,,r- i ,i l -,,, .
,fici.. ,,, i iuc i I- ..l''ur i cin ii -1
-. Ii lrr. u ,m r. I ii u .i iir u-- .ini-iI n ri cc...i

0. ri, o ,-.r .. ,,,,,uu iu .. l ... .
fu-i uircit l-in T ri.n i rl- i i,
Ii5 riIi. Oil..... i {, 1 ., I-th'ri~ II ni-I i l ii 'Iili
'i ,r' 1 l'i,.l i I n" eu i' ,'1'" 1duO I i- il 11
pp r ul ,,I I; I r~ r c u,,,,r -i' I r .t
tsI -.I III II I I I u I1 -- Ii'1 ..n u... u I -l .InI II, -I.r n-., I-

it, c c 1 Koi-.iui eiiti-r-i-i ll-I i hi[ TIi i+ iiii - -', ..
lu. 1 'r -, i-+ 1 l..1 l .C It l .uu r.',, i, c, I I.l. ..

ru-rn-c-c I|,. f -i hruin, ih-Y ,g.-m" +'
inh l,.k l k ul, fe, r i f.,,'ti i.-i-: .. ,,I

ufeccJrl~l er, .'-~ dIi--u.hnc -i- inI .rc c'T 0-t-.[ h

luilcI- rn, na iLr,, rrl ChrAic-,,,. ,,, ,i lhu ,,r,


I I I L l i ,O ,gramsL
' ii I,, ,,, .. i , , ,:,I -. It ,
, ,,... .......-, .... . , L.] .![. i i I ill h[1 1 lirl ui lI.t o ,-"

. .. .i .. .. i i i .l 1 I -

S. I Trinidad s Aid.

. .. 1 .... .. i , ,I

.I t, ,General News

T ), I i ( Ii AiI 1 A"L-

r illl, P-1iT i isPe

f I I '' I 1 1 I l I .
I L ... ...... .

I I- I r i i, I t J ""' I-It I L I I

I, i....i.i.i. Iil+. C T O ePrCi1
'. ei.--I -1 .1. I-I I '.. .
. l I. l ... ..... I -II It......... II. 11, h l .h l -- Iearl '. 00111 411

i-Ir n r II-it o
P.. '... ....... '. ." i h. 1' i lAF hI-:u t H ;

c I... l.. n I I in In ... .r, "lrl'o d r Iu i r .r iL' a
I, .. .. J.. .... tic..... . l u-Ic.." II El.. 1 ..N. n

i. i i L i. i 1 .. .... i, 1 ntl.rL .. ..t "

O ur : a lr s- r, , i -i it i P i 11 ,n. .i t,

.c f r ... .. I . .. . i ,1 i I, .. 1 1 .- ,
j.I Iri r-3ir II I. ..i I. ...m -rL" I adi L., Ler

...3 ,L,,, n F; n i . .n .n i
in.. .. . . .fT It N I

I cc,,,, I i I rI v III: in cl C
I IIII ,I I I I I ,, I .. I i I

Ih ua 1. .. Orev un 0 tLi

:iNewI l rin l' u -Il, 1e'r- t In 0 u ,pph.l1
I1 iII.A i-A c--i 1 I-I ensll pi-ier-.1-1
r.I crI,, n u.a ,I uhall ,-I-, i 'rncure ir in
c..trt lil-I u ,rcu htl ter ni

'I Ll --ihr. .",,.Ni l'tI tI h

.iiNiT P i n IFllI:E' r,, i .-( ,.".fh

I II c I -I I. I -c o nv-c if -idL ile-iine' oh a... Iet l ,'r c t n nerol C. M )
ccIa l eec crI iz ffor r uoJ ., 3Inttecn.a e ,i r _,

-ri-cmm lo I ;el I -io % edh Iircm 6he1r. Lm ue the n e.e C .I r,, i -l Ur ,m ii,- r n, oi i-th" i. e I u

i i r ;tiiuo-ci..reldnce. n iLr.luiE Iihg ho'eei ud r isnerp 1,1,tc

I, ,i- i erM C-iend ig c ,- rnak,.

p=rig the Entglico ut -on Thuri' i WITH THE R.F.C. IN EGYPT.
according Into poru of the posagcfi a sil I
gunners aboard. The ship was proceeding
at lull speed it aolut nco.n ini a serya smooth
sea. The weather c)iri Louts ere mitch as I1 LETTER PRO 2ND LIUT Lr
ake Hle heft v"iib lty. A periscope ,, r LETTER FROM 2D LEUT
-lririht.l 1Iy the witch (on the bridge and hir G- RAN -
hubm.irine was seen plainly by the pass.ngrrl-
i it enMntoe to Ihe unaace at a distance of a:.ui W I. PILOTS N TRAINING
I ) yard, direct In he wake of the bip N TRAINING.
The steamer was brown about sibarpl and. -
the two guns -were rred with only an inuteril -
of lein second 1hr-ween The suconi ehell THlt- following letter, dated October-
eplo.led iAnd dbri fronm the submrinne iA .3uith. h:as been received bv a friend in the
reu lying in hr t r. Ailer'arlis no ice o cotlonv from and Lieutenant Lindsay
the esuLantinie a icihctle [he vcor-I iia
s;gual.lI to Ithe teauilr '' direct hl. on of Mr. T. Geddes Grant
THi BRITISH TORPEDO BOAT e ,' pc c hear.1 that Lnm Jo the
DESTROERtF C 1 2 no'. -"On Jb c1Ath.l CGrattan luhe
_. DESTROYERS. i .onnu rerc
UWTil THEY W:EREi S i- Nuu.r c b r C iCo.C here had a
Lton .doo Ltccrc .l -i-i'il c Ir c it, -. -'-o-ir* e at the h S :h .l of -Ililirary
Three Britirh ro-r.p-i,:,.Lor d.,letrie-crie ,rr -r. '.-e i'nl', -. ihr ihelh,-ed le cturee In rigg" ngi.
Tbreel ritish trh rg dro-l o.t r C in ., c- rk Itb R c I'C ;, I .nerro
,unk tlrrirce -niie [ir-I--h t.jT -V i "i pc-Il.cir,t hqli orki ie.illerin- lthe
1,u k MrL-hq l, l a 1 rt o .rlbrC.2-1. .. .,.I.n r In-othr.rl n I ihm!
no. cic ioor- -I., r. Pine t k:u ILng 1 l. I, l .4| e pro-ie-dli- 1ilira
e i r er mrr iiii-ccao on;
l h "Ii il ie il.M L i i .C i t.r l, .t- ,it .r -.,-r .IiI i i. r, I ,,l, ] r ,l i ,Ir .-
h I a ,' 'Ii. -,h," l-'i C,-rr .,u c-fro
ITIi.liC fc uti i.rr io t: b i t,-l n O rlt,, 1 r Fu ,I ,i auI Iia r
6nII- I..41 ii i- i i-r ... her %v ic i -I.-,
,.'h.Tr o n o r 1, I,. fU. the ` r, on, I
\W RECKED ZI-Fi'i L N chi-.rclac J, L .,l,,,ooh ,err .us,

'. i -Lu-N E it l, ... .r ,Ii.-h I ... I -...1. h -lNl, ,II1,

-,-, I.. , it L 7h 11. 11 1 I r "
\/If.c.C 0 ,,r I C Lh t ,

,AN-A DA, JI-t I,,IIC .l.... h ,
-.1 l .- ,r 1".' ',i c " "- ,
-I 'n -,-1I; t"' i .' ..

l lr .. r ll- . ., I I I -I, i i.

_ ~ __ ~ '-I-I


HI-,D. A . -;
HalilaxN.S., Deccmbeltatl. -
That there will be a comprehensiveand -
e vbanastie enquiry ito all the drciumst -
of the disaster of December 6th was the assua
srtce iven by the 1on. C. C. Bullltoe, ',
Miiasterof Marinea udFiberiesi, last nightAlr,
Bnllant)ne hab been giving the whole question'
bin personal stlention ani heannounced t ; "
sicpi hae already been taken to prtoiude eve -' '.
potiiile sifegueard to the public. When .he
enquirv resumedtr belu;e Mr. Justice Drysdale. -
eor, facililtv.y l beaffordJe.lloraiarchingand. -
exbariii e iII., aliora 01 ull the lat in'" ---
the rr,:l P al-r the Mi ni: tr-iLtarl'l f -h---I
fir.--tf'ire Iii1 crrnis llm tht he riiope. of nher-
eno- r I- ht-. There Ii nodirpomition. he
sa.ij. lo liail lh-i enquiry in anot va. On the
cIIrnry it i liii Ilenre 1-3 ir bi abith enquiry
ni reenprebeh-, n, ,eoplirte an, exhbuitrVe asa
the clrcurt.ro0c-deernjirvledan.]d cecrtainlyrLbe
irutil -tauiurulncr,;d-uf tooltrth-c iveet-
gRailtion 1,i dUirecLeId l .bring out Al the
eitls. II lt Mit 4tier p'-ntle'l i, bth it SS ctiionr
;. 1 c.i- i.-c, ..lI Sib; p;n A.-i, asnendired by .1 ofl the'AcI- of 191o which
Ehl, [pre-,mt ni r, r i, ing tclt- gave the
Ciior Ifll po.eer_ o ini .rctrc .cn. "he Mini-
ter IJ.-.l [cit lhie puile olim ,i c ia ni red thit--
i. ull .I .111 n ul- ry. -o fat re;ihi (rnr..,
-1I.. U b^' l. LLefnM-r. _.L.le a sena d u i-. uill- ---her-
pI h-- i. o.r1i n I ..rdis I uk cu. I,.c toac .are
r, .l nL- r --' ca -.I uch i ..-
h rc ,,r- it 1.;. hru ciali .[ : .tile I If i.e.?


1 i1 1-i ro i 'rri n Rc C '. I li.oi-.rD
- 11..II. .-,.io:l .r -
I .I= I II ... ,: .I ne ifo .r n "of
I r I .- -w C 1 i rc -f-0b-

. .r .1 i .... . .I. .

I .E Ii thI,

S, T- NI-nI -

. - -~ f r,.,. vc I 00 c Il u n oI

I r I --

A- ***~:-~ *.*** .. .


-- 'U'Uh 'PRr'trln Wfl1GARDInAN


(9 .... .... ...... ___

L& Ioan a^
- s ., ._ . .. '.

it So Sn^^ ie.
Souhaient a leurs nombreux. Amis et
Clients d'agrder leurs voeux les plus
sincere pour. une bonne et heureuse

S... Annde i91S.



-4 It s-Refreshing and nsiigorating.

Sanatogen! Sanatogen!
F- .r \ ... '. r'.- :- r! IMS,-: ,nu nu,:.n I ., n, l .. I .


------a- EUEEN SREET S
--.- -----54;-QUEEN STREET.

Wish their many Friends


Customers A very prosperous New
Year 1918.


-iitgt &s<

y _J/I.

1 ~J'i *.'S/V* I.f.' 'I -~

\,,. ~

i~ IL!!

-. - Night Bell I -/ . 1 i \

I., EIL.E t. G P1. SL i- i
~Ttre;:, FERrC, s C
I_!ADE'. EIA!,t


'\W. C.-ROSS-& -Co._, LTD.

1A-n Irn i n V, I- j St5 Uj U CD c .r. I -Y -. I Er m t. T14m :m.i-r ibitj

OaT h4is .4-s'24.000-Vd. ioss-. c-, icur i~ppl Ir3s &D.; Lf Cvi

f OLLT MBL",.- 14 1-1 V1i Pr.wre 11:1
"Ll"CIEN'S"P:rr IQ:ni,,, P.i11 .~aIGas~ n
n. Bh~sepea -AL-BERT-LU-CIEN & CO.,
lCLtric-.1tir -i ,.]:r 01 Suib Q~ia) ptonj, '

I s* LAuguste &Co.,
__GENERAL an-d-
e Higbest price paid for Cocoa aol ohbr Produce.
so!c Distributors 'P.LSL1NER KEE'_
"pONE 49 1. ___ 8 & I OCHARLOUTE Sr.
~ 1New Yeaf Cards & Gifts
th dUftfl~a~~vsf~~ 5, J-1 Al!.r.I- '..1 ,..
76LWceew S.3j. EAw. JAMS-OO SOR



;ast i .a11january.

aUab t: properties.atI

LT j I o ni" --. Ls uo r c ,
Grd Rntt ad, ~ o

.-.n .. :r_ m : :.r lku. : and
i L:' !T n.T- t h. r . c ': ,:r
:i or r0. t. Appnl t- I. T

Nexr Lign Honuse Jetty
7. Th "ilt -.
This Weet,'s Prices

.;.",h i -. ,. 1, ,. fu r 4.-:
Pumpkins per lb.

,-- nd, -_ o,
: _r b I:- .

,J. J.BER.D.

ZTr. i rf elcmitz INotice.
L.. r.C F Lt ria-.- Use
r11!:-5 T, 3nrtS I vaoijrE!5 FZoj

ThosT~~a i Bona.. ...~'~.~lc

4 LL''-' '_ .-3-0sw

0 Xa R Ez a V: o

Braziian ~.zas. -
5 ha~n~reL ,~ L flnr b1,11'rl~fa a c~
Po-t-cJ-Spain. 7`w.3 ar-. ~e iin e d.

their mary Friends arid Customiers

Colmpoimnim.t-s of the


and a

~3righi t- nd Prospcr~oua-






John Hoadley & Co.,

The House for Men's Wear.

Corner Narire Square & Chacon Street. '

q Chao tr

191 !.

m- s m t os, 2 a.

Desean a .sus numerosos Amigos y
Relacionados un muy -
prospero Afio Nuevo -19-8.

x aL A xl J 4JL s41 LJW JP X

ti-c.p_.y --.wjs-,...



,svt ~Fg.qmLJO

LOdll0 Electil Teate



. I ... *-_________ _. __
SUNDAY 6th i

I In three Programmes .f_12,_10 and IQ._e7s (|e i

1..... PIT .


ID- rect-f-rom'--ndia-- -
!Consignment of very Finely flavoured,
really High Class

For particulars of price, etc., please apply to

; ordon, rant Co.,Ltd.
St. Vincont Building.
I-- AS--
WE have all usfd NERVOTONE, .rd e nJ, n it witr. conridince to I ur
friend-s and the public in nc r IatI a the bct r idy lor headache and nreural ,.
H. A Melt.le. 91 Circular Road, MrN Grunudi Feinanrdk Jerninit
Belmont. hamn Alenue.
John Ferenia, 57 Cacular Road, Ed. mith, &P Belle Eau Road, DMm
BelmonL mont,
I. McCarney, ernitngham Avenur. em hr.3 N.* Flemming, Jerrungham
S. C. Warner. Induatty Lane. B.l.
ij.ri -M-- 011L. --
A. 0. Rudin, Circular Roald, Belmornul. E. A. lindm, Belle Eau Road, Belt.
S Agard, St. Francoir Valley Road. month
C. A. Drity, St. FianciD s Valley Jo. A. Fl.mming, 1 Jerningham
Road. Aenue.
Price 10 ctnr and 21 cr I t rtld by all DEuggirit. Wholeale and rieial at
ALEX. N. JOHN, Parod Pharmacy, BeLlhoniL


Ex Recent Arrivals
THE Fou.-ai-wL. -
Harvest QTieen Flour, 2 oz.4 pkgs.
Octagon Soap.
h Gluten Feed- lest Stock FLead.
Morse's Orange Pekoe Tea
White Rock Mint. ra) Il ter.
- Cream of the-West. F-our.
i aif Flour.1-

S. B., xO .A :D-W A-' 1

9.1 8..---
SaId year I sonsin out epig ever the di.nlera whlc have liappened 'daring is course
and our dfpla ienttllmetl l lan It net lulflt Kllh 'nein' prc.ophecy and t br in us ieace ; tuL
ui vi ae stll ] hpve hope sprlnallnr in our i nit e ,t., an -. P-IihlnR )l wald ICAr lrtII Iillrga in the
m oe.n Never say did witld tler lI a a .h1 .A # ke" ti uvj to hbe 'a favourne motto
lM.Isn.- war dn... -.and wile we Lay. Phoklol,.. ,biA ae up and OLoi... C .ompound lo
ureoulMr "BhuuMallrcIhae Ian l o >eaon why we h I not look forward Io a
..F3Ppy ne a yeR. -

7-:' :- :;!:: =- :



(1.' urs/i'tr~7,,nrols /-1,icns and dus/dloes
.-V/jr' I-1A/i/i(71ld Pros/erous .Alezc'Year.



lOin. Double Sided

1T M 1)1 1.11 a ri.-5-
I'll NI .1 F.rI ..

I......... ... 1
I i-T 1 i .

I. /1. 1ah, :' /hS 'au 1/ 5/1//'

LAL,?csii t, .STILJEN'~fAS u~.ct a su's 7aH.~s
)!cl.'"'YIts ~l..IL 2 '/O>~J Iit \OO

I ,. Fi. ,,i,(.u ,,i '_1,I f.,:,,,,i,,, i 1 i.....L. -l.... --
'lJi ,,h _,,. I.,. .1. .1I ._ I.-Ir i .

j e
li 1. .I.I. a 1 *1 ,

cre 7 1

wt: -whenith a iall p ient d
T.i i, l h 1ah1 al 4uL %;0|

S-,, n ,, :'tl. n n.,.
I 0,,Nc d,, r i I ,,,- ,,,-*

I A'. I, I _, NT T r l
P.. ... 11 .... 1 1 N ..

Sno reple nhhe ry best quality of Wines and Spirits. Our Stye
m~ l u~ u P TP, PJARMmC tnics ad New England Jra111 now hulds preferen..e agaist all
Cor Park Pembroke Ses. s -
64a, MARINE BQARE. QUIC SVB. The Black Cat Establishmen
Ir F IT 'S i '. r, f.h I,-,

l~c~ ~L _



4FAILJ'A17Y 1, 1918-- -

S, sw..r.nt ays_ .-amr- serve. ... .

S* ad NeW Year's holidays, 1ngs:

,_ Loca~l Trains, a late Local will be run from Port-of-Sal;a at 1U.40 p.mL, arriving at Tacarigua at 11.12 p.m., and from s/ our
c 1.16 pzn. arrr -g at Port-of-Spain at 1].i1 p-.m... .
.. . D ay _. _\ in' _ = ....a_
hC t]UESAY 25tP oliday.-ThePaseengr ra Ord d Loal) wilrBss -, m' _7yt r

A.llReturn Tckers sued betnweu ,Mon v. 24th DCecenibr and Wednesday. 26th rDecember, wuill be available for retun to
S the following Thursday. Those issued on 31st December 1917 and 1st Januar- 1918 will not be available to the following _A P!, '/':- X ', 19 8.

Workmenos Tiekets I.- lIcal t,,id ,' u ,t b, is.uh December 25th (Christmas Day), the. 2tLi D.cember, U iid lst Jan- l /1

!, Port-of-Spain Races and San B andol Regatta. Csh,'/ ,///-' A,-', and
Friday and Baturday, 28thu]and 29th December, 1917, and Tiesdayr-T an 1.918, (New Year's Day-Public Holidayy)
FOR THE PORT.OF-.SPAIN RACES, AND-THE SAN FERNANDO REGT'A, 1U addition to the Ordinaryv and LL-iL. .' .. /t_,.

San Fernando Line. -. ) .,s /',

Port-of-Spain Races. --San_- Fernando Regatta.
-,--, DOWN.
Conva .. dp. 726 a im. 'url of-Sparw .. dep. 355 p im. '..r-.f Spin .. dep 925 a m. San Fi rnauo . dep. 525 p.m.
Port-of-Spain ... arr. 825 ,, i.i.,u a .. 1 ,, l-rnandou . Irr I 5 ,, Pornt-ofSpain .. arr. 7.10 ,,


_________TThcr -- l-behe-_ui.',d-n t -_rilT-ir, t1i-tp-tMorfT-iay, 24th December indi Ke, from whihb-datreGoods trains will run
as under:-
TUESDAY, 25th DECEMBER, (Christmas Day)-=No i Gooils Trains. -
WEDNESDAY,-THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY andMONDAY, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th & 31st DECEMBER-GOiuds
Trains on all linci.
TUESDAY, 1st JANUARY, 191&, New Year's Day, Public holiday-N,:.....i Trau,.
O n W ed n " '. 2udi .l ;m iin y. 19 1.-. : l u-i .IA i _.- .u -',I ,i- .,. v i. Ill 1..' ,'- n,_i.
TheL PIort-,-t'-.S-' am t.ii i i...... i '.. kl 'l k ..-. u ,t'.,r i. l i_ l:]ia L l. I u t'.. 12 uin.,u ,vu D 'iiiem bl r 31st.

Southern Steamer-Service.-

Betw, 'ridi.-y, I '.,'i.m ii -I 21t.,1- I7in, au..l \V'dLiu
the ordinary ti -
S S. "Naparima."
.,,____ .. ip.- n30 ain.
-i .r tl.: l .1 D.L 1u 1 t l;S

1J ,. 1, n1

. "St-"Patrick." -- 8.S. "St.-Patrick."
,r l,, J I |..2' 12 '
San F-rnna dJ ... h' ;J' '. Ii.iu. :- Ii, 'i'.J ..rr.
C'ed rt .. an 1 2 ,; ,, .r 11" 1- trau m

S S. Naparima ni S S. "Nlapa in

S Poilt '.roiu rr I., .. .. .1
. "1 St. Patrick." __ -
~O DA" DEE. E. t l p m.
li ,, ,:.s . arr. 'i U ,


-B.S. "Naparida.'
San Fi.-rdu d 1. rp i I-
Cedros .. ,n r. 12.2 .

1i.. 3

8.8. "St. Patrick."'
I a.,.- .. dep. 30)
i',i .F Ih-aL- d.u . a rt. IJ4 "1.
a,-fui_ '. d p. I 1.03
IL',rtt-o.Spla arr 1 .43
-I UP.
S.S. "NaparLma."
S r.. p .12 4
-' i rn- .ni.I arr. ;3 'U
,1 ,-r l 1. .3 1':' p.oIh tra L. '

J:,iitjar., INAihu liiu llcaving 'rhax, ja~lk! I"ill be substituted f(.i


iapanma." S.S. "Naparilnm.
-- I'.'i:.' .. dep. 6.00 a.m
pdi. j 4 p m. SLa F rna.ndO arr. 30 ,,
rr. '.31:1 ,, i~ F:.i the .ib 'po:al Fast Train
FRIDAY, 28th DECEMBER, 191 -. -
: -' -- -- --) -- U P -----
S S.S. "Naparima."
1-c, --: d'?p. 630 am.
aid.) .. aarr. 11Oi t)
Ii",," h. 111 t ] a i n ira i


S S. "St. Patnrick" S S. St Patrick."

"...h ., sarr 1 .. r h, .]" p i .,0 ,
- S.S.' St.-Patrick." .
,i .a ,i rr 9 i A
."S 'i I ,_rm dc,, 3.ep. 6.401) p hi

,S S. "St. Patrick."
.n "Naparima." l...-cs dcp. 6.30 a.m
nu r,, d r [:.m -,: F rnaudo . arr. l.{ ,
,.;at [ uu1o ad,:.p : -i a u.i. i F, rnijaudo . dep. 11.3)
p i a, arr. .10 P.,r.-uf.Spain arr. 1.45 pm
New Year's Day-San Fernando Regatta.
p.m. S.S. '"Naparuna." S.S. "Naparima."
I San 1 rua Jo dLp. 6 i.i pm [ ,,-r.., ... dip 6.3o am.
a ,,., -.. air.* 11 : ,, u6t, l"~F rnando .. arr. 11.00 ,,

y Pub Holiday). DOWN. DOWN. UP.
hritm Dy-(Pubic oday). 'Naarima." .. .S. "St. Patrick." -- S.S. "Naparima."
NO. BOAT. -- a F.:rinoa ..- d,.p. 930U a SanP Frnando d. p 9 30 a.m. ,.' .. dep 6 301) a m.
[ '1 4 .. arr. 2.30 ,, Ca ,s arr. 230 p.m SaIn Fernando arr. 11.00
The fare-- by' ti, St. I'. I'ailn. :i ,I N ,lii- "l'llr.. thl ,- .,ast :idl Sa;u FI rua do t,:, I',lrt-of-Spanu] will be the usual fares.
THURSDAY, JANUARY 3rd.-Usual Service will be resumed.
On New Year',s ];ay I itu1n, 'l'lct-. Ir, f'iou (it PPort., to. San lFelandad for the Regatta will be issued at suigle faces for the
double journey ivailablu for tth.- daly i.v \.'

at 6 i.. Islands and Bocas Service. __
-- MONDAY, 4th-DEOEMBER--4l-Th-"Paia-'-witl-l eavc-l=P t-'f siahi at f .iii. fr Chaceljnacr'e direct. She will leave Cha-
cachaeare at 6 a-.I' .. 2ll ill at all 0-statio ._'i.-o',- i 'l',.t.' r,.n's B ay ;nd will iarriv- at PI -Tiie "BL. Patrick''k ill ilellve IL'rt-ot-Slp;iin iat 4.0111 p.m. I '.lliiitg at ill stati-ns t. Chlacahacli' ire, and u ill retmui from there
S about 1.15 P.uri. for l sta i s e,' 'It 'Tilt-r.n'- liay, arriving PIort-of-Spaiu about 8.15
S TUESDAY, 25th DECEMBER.-(Christmas Day)-No Boat. 7,.,
SWEDNESDAY, 26th DECEMBER.-The .'.'Paria" will. perforin her us-ual ,Veduyridav sen ice.
THURSDAY, 27th DEOEMBER.-iThe "Paria" will' prfurm her bervicc as on Mondays.
FRIDAY 28th- and SATURDAY 29th DECEMBER.-The "Paria" will run as usual.' -
MONDAY, 31st DECEMBER.-TlIe "Pal.ia" will riu as usual. --
The "B. Patrick" will leave Port-of-Spain at 1 p.m. ealliug 'it .all stations to Chaeachacare, au'd will return from there at
.15 .n- for all stations excelit Teteron's Bay t, arrivingg P<.ort-ofSpain about 8.15 p.m.. -
'tUESDAY, 1st JANUARY.-Tl'he "St. Pa t ve Port-of-Spain at 9 a.m. tfor Chaeacha are via all stations. She
/ ill eave Chactachaeare at 2.1- '.IL, c'all at ail lttiois and arrive Port-of-pa n at about 5.55.p.ui. _V
Return Exle'woIn tickets iiaillable ftr the day owily will be issued for single fares---Ordinary Return Tickets are available
.t Jthe r wlui'h aall110' within ofiewleeli.
S WtDH DAY,'2nd JA UARY.-Thc "Paria" will perloru leri service as oii Moudays.
-or further details ee Placard. H R MARW OOD

-R. MA . O-
4 e,11. a n +dEtwr

I..4 BO



Str .~nFernanndo,

San Fernando. ...

SMotor Accessories. Engineers' Tools.
' ". ___._ ___, *. .~.

YE '- -- -- -
- ---- ---


infield Supplies. Estates Supplies.

^~~~~ ~~~ -V"R "* --A-' *^ ;

Port-of-Spain, San Fernando and Princes Town)
\V' 1 S 1-I

Their ILnumIerouLs Customers

d Prosperous etew Year,

And solicit their continued patronage.


Low Premiums Good Bonuses
and Straight Dealings. Sa
Anl infonrnaon gladly futninihtl by Lhe Agens.
- FRAnCIS B OWNE, Pori-oI Spain._ T

S- --- -- o-

HIE pabllc in ptneral is heyeby nouitied no a
10 giveany ardil lo_ ini 'nlec.-lana lrijh Ap
of alo Beco, as I wnil nor be responable for Lai t
any ldtb1 or-debasmonirild byhi' hersne haiug- Seren
lIi my houe anrd prolcLion wilhbui ao y juni spic.
caiuse unce 151 h Aprl, 1913. RJCIAIRD SAml. F.
ilU. Palo e dro.
s.... a a w/


ivana frande Ehibition1.
HiE people of the Southe Disjict a a
as o-t10 bear in mi -d that
e .Agricultural Exhibition 4
and Sporling Competitions ,

-be heI trliFt ces Town _
-2 a-Februaryl, 11-,
oi .i e to all Southerner, Schoo b eiadl ed
,,, lori and catalogue,-&can 'i be ob -
d- at the Warden's OffihBe. q from .isa
-LaSy, auS appbcriot,,a rr .made l or .
c m1 or Wore It Janary, iS. --



5W.; -52. """~i''~~ :'' ~rr'

I I. V.r

.. -

H N ,. 91



& Co.


devoir de presenter a tous
-clients et -amis -nos-plus--sil
souhaits de bonheur et de
- perit. -


_ V I S I .. .


Con motivo--de las fiestas
d-el- A--o- ,N-u-e-v-o--n-o-s--- e-s-

grato presenter 4 todos nuestros

clients y amigos nuestros mas
sinceros-votos de prosperidad y-

_______________________________________________ I

The Trinidad Stores.

My Own lona
,- ". Simple Mel idy
Hawaiian Butterfly


ISKi_ g ofthe-Tyre -World.

We'offer for sale Michelin Outer Covers and Inner Tubes in the
following sizes: .
.. . 3 4 4 X 4
3 2 2
30 X 32

-_ _

'"^K' Rdai~lon,

30 x 3
875'x 105
820 X 120
8,5 x 105
io x 90 .
-- 765-x ..105-
760 x 90
price is a little higher than the ordinary grade, bat
of this well" known tyre mare than compensates
Il cost.


R IN upCiy Garave. 131; tic-ry S:rc-.
. .r M'~' 1'j~~irao- Lais ropplred dI.r cr ngn irII I
p ASSrPOnTA Larail 5 Inr 72c.. Ar an~d CALLral.w.~rs. 'Pluoot1'."P.
larnTS is all) 2 Inc 48c. A

IS11 V I~ lIOVRLA OR CAR In excellent
-r~..r~~s rsd.'A~co.d It ~ror 5113 gh nd day.
Kr'Photo Studio, Ihne Ra 0LO~S'I[mt
k__ ~Aey1 San kernando.

Don't Strain Your Ejes.

Mheir oust(


-Past patronage


Mish them

a happy

and prosperous

r'low- year.


AH Vc Io \Jrdu Lt'L
l our de r2 l. n, u. nr-ut
faihlrns U11Lh i ll'ur deIIC -
seat~er L I tUOl'S II-A l..
PImio ilaplus l0 olirrci.
2rUlh.Lit- ',I,: bonlicur rt -Ic
pr- oprcritl..

J S. -.. M-r
Ophthalmic Ofitce,
39 Froedrick Strect.


Ground Provisions

Far aoed Qua/hr, Provisions, per
100 lbs.

Crirrb Coil, 3.t jEddn12 I1CIO
Darb, RooRd Pearno
ftlebt PotlarFB1 0 0 P l'd kit. nIf I n
Corn on Cob ULj lyn- X _en :rlO
Crt I t.i.. ,n anod -'iN, '3 Clu Fer
100 Ibs.
Sisrn 00 uOto -uI) par NO )lhk. o ccord
leg in qoolili
Plantilsier70J. aoS;](00 Per 101)i, rwc.rdn
to qoali-y BY.] f
Bionanam12.?. to Cuo. Pa oerL-aic, eLuordirg
to qoalli~y hnd oriz. -
Ootsoflngcdidrto '*TBE NIANACr R
maonna Prov4;onA Orpot Pirt t oEptin,
_h ddir-p Aidiv ru AOIIRmlrway-Siaierixm..
Chairman Ground W. 0 F; 'r. it
Thour, 1007 .


T liE STA.N.. R LIFE A OISUI -rL: i .1 ] \T: .' U I IN, l Jir Edr i,-;r. I?- .nd

Si L f ,\V SLI l...,;NC L .. :.1 ,l,,,, ,, , I, _,, ,,,- ,,J, ,, ,,: ,.,, ,: : -
<. *.". .. V1
,.: ... I ', ... ?I i ): ,-

Particulars on-application to
G. BRUCE AUSTIN, General Agent.

Manufactured by ,
Best quality gua rauteId. Prices ocn application.
Prompt and careful attention to orders.



J. ..n..,,o.J,. 'LCKET UCOMPANY. .
Under Contrictl nih the DOMINION GOVERNMENT a regular fortnightly PASSENGER-
CARGO and MAIL SERVICE I mainUtined from SE. John, N L, and Halifax. N S., to Demerara
via Bermuda. SL Kius, Anngua, Montserrat, O.irinica, SL Lucia, Barbados.-St Vincent, Grenada
and Trinidad, returrnmg Northbound via the arni e port.
Heavy Bargage mul b- deliveredoi l te Comany'i lIghiter at the St. Vincent Jer>,
belteen 0l a-m. and 1 pm. c.n the day ofl a.ijng Harnd tagaj, only will bh ta rncoi Ule
Passenger Tender.
Pa& engers are requflsed ro see ltha their bag&age is prop-al labelled prior lo do.hpmen
Labels can be obtained at the Crmpany's Office. All passengers' baggage should be in-.ured as
ite C,:,mpanv accepts no re.-oniljilty for t ar-i,
Passage T]il.cls are umued at the Crmpanj's Officer onlr.
The Pioenk.O r Tr.rer ileaes tr. Lighth.u:e Iity at 5 pro. on iading days.
Fcor Further Particularq apply to
Marine Square

We have twelve good second REWARD SWEETENS LABOUR
hand Pianos for sale by such ...... Let Your 1918_Profits Double LastYear's. -
makers as Brinsme-ad, Allison, INSTAL A NATIONAL CASH REGISTER.
Collard, Strong, etc. An excel-
lent opportunity to secure a good T. GEDDES GRANT, Ltd.
instrument cheaply. (Solo Agenta.)
'PHONE 841. 1"A."M 11



LateSBMusic Received.

Come Back to Arizona
Far Away in Ho-lnolulu
She's Dixie all the Time
For Me and My Gal
Dance and Grow Thin
-. lr. Butterfly
Everything is Goinglp -
S Hawaiian Blues -
.BoY Skin
What do you want to make those eyes at
me lor -
Goodbye Broadway, Hello France

- -- ------~-------


- - 111 ---~-~------ --- -------~-

--------- -- -- ---- - -------- -

-- -- ---- ----- - --- -

I- -N- -

- -- --


. I



A l'occasion du _Jour de
" n o us i~~usf a s o n s

. ........

olseu~li''uC t' I ''.. I- ~

ao-q -o, - . '' "
hapoF I" h enjoyed himself Iie thrat v"Y (mo THe LECTOtEB. .
Slla ld l) -__2 .- n am e .) I .r ordiaon 14t. h d ,ib, e nhj.ect, .bib
.r.0Beity oaldlornany dv urioB i re trai t nej I tj l ahe 'hai-ttdIovbe
Ssrecess the aof i re cl. osea n Oa 'y. y close connecteS ha cll t he t fiaed
S -"nti '' u t et a. uihnh d.. . .. hat'. as ha e nt on lthy wauld ak that lha t Ia
E;gi_, t g .. .ss .o i n T hea n n ', t - to -f.
c e. s Nwa received Jby M, iur Trfpp fromr O cae r e t r n n 1t. closest blking, stn ras. mcin l thE
t A. H A lt ,SeoelaToa the W.a t ,-m n a. ate -B- ..era to am a' thae t, ph. 4) kinds of fries de. r -W.. ae.
Webg @M-ct wica athle, at prent bwhichi-you bsetbr~ken-Ja the -cra- mate a uisaf othie butterflies- of the island- in
idb who are at nt S prVdce t
at -With regard to Pr.tte dD .1 v I ai n of- tlosa whicurr exis t Mei .11 ears 1413. and during the last lour at iNe %eans the
Dr. H E. A. Doyle, D.M.O. of San tFernando, hu liornu I he ha t ti l ii t Iif It speaker and other entomologistu hbd aolded
S Ast oalt sated h he ofi an -Fertenandom he hl h i a-, totier 15 or 20. so they rnght clare 4I,)

- I t r th at I h e h i recr ed fro m na m5 ) T
li r. Polard: Dues our o lounoc tir k ,r too blur- lu-i dioered in Tin'ida ,. He thought
his t x t llsess and was quite fit again. Hre et of the old.-q.r.atiao thfe too tr o te
was at preset. taynng at Shoreham Camp.- i that lly wre alauy glad to trt a poit on
Medes and Persians ahereth not Thr s poiCh they were ahead of Barbado" sill le
Let. .se Daurutv w on short leve ho d no doubt that thi Season of peace I and Rofa-n he
Lha r had al to Asite. att. He aad.I m n t al oee aould tell tIedri that no less an authority thau
c w ooi r o s. Gr gilbert Can ter s ud that there were ny 213
"-"Harold Dayl e whout bethought se.i lonkang cairao s ot. lL^ubtheo^ 7oi ul btre riieatas.a ^ . -d.. .. (t.. ugh e..
Inbehoug cases Cour tLuhter
naiti brll lis l iir el, srroyt. a aiep 1ceT. Y, itt 6ths I Tnridad aere tar i, o re n s
:Harold Eckel wasgiren a -iF ) ." a- bM rPollard Nor J : ltludh ibyn-ittttoruaoshe'hre acttual trr 0) t n-
t4- he former e i;a,'trd the onicer to .ee.omner, l then o gno c sm e h-.r I.fii, ,,,.i ,,i- t, hert- M.i ist en .e ,%
Ech-l tRo a coesnilsion. He is at present on The cae weas e lally ajoured to a s o a i h
e' tt oth;of Trn,,Lr das theylialof the huttertl;e.
a r ite u da34 leave to repor -to a Cadet llth instant. r Tbe loitort Of nt1ths and butterfhlte wis serc
.- r'f.reply an] 7Te fPatccn hclr8 wk Mothe nd butterolieo we re %r'
wL h.,e. e ,, h a.sopt, ,,, Ir, i r.-r Olym pic Theatre. c iAi. ,, T i r .. ri-i. ,, I ,t r.l...i oI B Ti .
A repiu .l l tieI illihlt he % L,.t-3 lnto st, cure tit i On the f ,ill iJplt., I ho t rr hi-e cifto 'o o
AjIo a to]ni n aitortrdi,. -,h,0 wl lit,! ogie. caterpillar. -pup
lente fort!"' I i g iir it r of life. N tal itg toe irrri clu'rt lot trI t r i r
S a --cei-i-.' -- h-t. C gtl h r le .'e ,
... .. .s.E.. h hof, ite Bell Campini n'-ic llth 'iip.: hli lt tlrte prl, a- life 01r d hilte tirly e, 1 t1-I ter. t
S croa i h_..ori l_.l Coui p i. _.i ten I,uo J i,.uh dr. LlUU- uttLII. thatd h.-L tle ot--an. oa,
) .I n. I.i 'il l (. l T tinie.i l.o ,' Ir l ti eg ri- il 21 butrs. S-nt Of"tholll
R!. .. a itin n an Ex-tlI rttrth-Policeman.G t ...... ,i .... ..... o, t.. ..... t, ,- ....l. . _ -... .,
I Ra IT -.trt C llcr,: I- ltli a t n: ll. -- tt tiir att' -i -

L in: o ,'ol Trri 'a'ii;lr.o n A l etro "e ssiraa v s ln..-,rr rIrii_.,'. ,-l rial. iiu iar 8 l.'
A auuel. l. trtl i )l. OiR >l iIiX ll ,'II. It r icit." r ir I r it I Pai i ', r
I aT or I r1-.. lt ,l
e ,L,,11as .. it f.l ,rll,. i..Cn lbl o rcit-, i t,. e-i it Si,,s ", r-l_ I; ,ll
r II the loo or t i at vi: Ill L 1nl Nuti.rn l *Th ib t .lral r3 irlialtit. i llt *f c ii H -r litllilrh t nn r ,,,,iit o .i.,
No rlh0oe h -u0c t rearhii ]rlelsat illlir, t -l re Pt1 -l 8 1111 l, n 1 t t..' I ii, ..i tIll .. ,,l 1 s r lt I c irti a l"' lotti- ata .; nort.." ofi
110 \-,n.IPti'tie- l r ,r hat \t iLAlt IAil -i'i11i11 r(r11- --Pr 0100.1`- ` -.`Alii ftt rl i--- ti rj[uw e :rs it i .
"o [ne tatc d iu h, |ho ogi ,l 'l o ntA I tur I. Sw i m i n O l. Race. 0AIf -ri. Dl l t t leup m o Ilkge i oru oi lre

.n hh. Ie ,-. ac^ ? ^ , .N .^-oC, ^. Saty a .ssitt
i c. s Rn (fi'ller f TI re ite r. f our'h: t. t ---a d I I'

TI. re au l. .I -..'r all tl trts it ,t tl -t l pl l i.a l l.tL i..llri clali' ,)G i- une.l i, t l- Al a rs' nIr-, hoalil h

pep ue I ro t ,. 1. Gra. y Pole a nd B l Rid .-Adt ,,, (,,0[JO 1f.m. P h, _a1l eI, II ,a, ,p rlo
aol thath a t % i 1 ; Pt rl,. D I.[ .a .,rb D h l, I, n. ,rlr th: ,, or. T I, m e . tl
SrA c it 'i l l n uI .,ll .r oT- e i o lh pIeI , hi ho ael h. ii' o hll uh nr tIela a. o ro n d
,I -l it l, i It. h e II b z..e ii ITwtor" h' f P
5' '!t -r ,- y n DirgIe,. .d the 1. .T i a r.n a
jeI I a nd it all o ll h i.1 i__ l ti it'tiw .r. t i o aTf it I:,. 'l t c k oe -, i. nl1. ,.:u c 6 ,1,: 1 w g .),- .r
fi t r c 1. o n l;, Ik l li |'--l i'Pii-,r-a l- tlirl t- ,i ocnh,:,, t idl .it Ii L t yer i mliia nt- Ito

.* .. 0-11L- I, S .be "It: REGIN ALD LA 1rALLE

iorl; Ii itt. h.-i p r. I i>.at it ri Hle .1 o13Secretary.
AI. i . .. .. i ii, 1-lr 'r LItI.. 1: 01 a .I Ir. i> ",J : it :1 lie r-l d t he Ic tl ritet Slr Ui nt i
. is r ,, la h II it III,' I,.I 1..I -,. LT _-t II ,'. -lti I' 1 tro t ie an- il t. 1tl er,-I- 1 tl'r ,

Reckless. Chauffeur. . ti' .. I"..

.-2 _-- -It he,, -hrc _ ,, ____,__,aparmd
'-It -r lt'.-. at 'ie C"' u p tirl.-, B-'L' ,' ilC C l.u ., 1

4 ,het ii,. 1 trl A ' I,,, i f,,-

I4-e h lollrrli l r hue- A -,l:Iiit o nr het fIri .a- lh r
hmi L Iait.d. ab 'i I- t,--,' '-l11 1. Ll NI,2"1,:etr. a n0Fe n an d R a tta i ... il rl, hI" .- ... ... n c ll-
_ _.-t. n __ T-1 I. -.r :hu tilt. 1 h. f-i '.o . r.. T .' t :II lr
,tt li lt-I.1 A nit ,:,r~u. I it rIt' I I I I- II ITI i.t.i In 1 I
bro h or.h. M r rii Irr.tti It n al i in, i.t: .nnun a
I'h ,o I Iat loll I , rit-I ,,r1,l l ,,snait i

""- l 'n c-, tl.: t --nd m 'i. 1- 'if, ,'.Ir- o ir0 t-h.'. c .... h.. ... d. a

... ew. .I .. "ti!ll lie tu lu lli ac ,- -it,- I -, A Io ra1 s, a ra D aa-
iII'JIM', toasta -rt 11i. 1tr Ii te Cassa-y mil h

trio k t la te e hnFi e e D b.ti c. I- I eh at F o S ...... 1.11w .(
hTlt Itm.:.,r lt. tets ll9'. S.i 0 mmengiR ave.tee "
... eo t ,'r I .e t ,Ir' a ,lin7 f-,er Er Pay. I
,:Idl eli. thl r-I Gi-i s.. tih. tl, g na 1, .Fo rOae Rare- (in A s). -.. u ni I i matirs Ct,. Si. Fi .
Wtlorie e,,tt f.,-i5 [ll t n. Prane l A ree, C isthus e Cap e Irab Suam tr. aauee. S1a1am I'. Cu. hI u -n t
dI"r"-* t lir lui, Ilt I. Iir o tnt R c ,, il Fd o a ae d rave, fin e is- c R-tse iso Cr ewal, Asll Pei aE ii s o

s a it iti 'ihtol, Print. a t na
Itller hfmn rtt flhcr nli l 2 .m II P rea- y l e a.. B RieA `I m a m D

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The Trinidad Guardian-
"SMALL .WANTS" Column.

Twenty-four words for Sixpence.
Three Insertions for One Shilling.

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The Wonderful METRO Play

\Vith the Adorable Screeni Star


'i'Nfle'lce Th Scnritona

-SUNDAY NEXT 6Gh Instant.



mmences The Sensational

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ull- at

This is "Some" Serial.
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CHA.VULI-E C H.-\ILIN ... ... 2 -

Coming: 'The: Million Dollar Mystery.' 46 paw

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...-- N_-=-NE-X-:TT-H:URlD A-X

"The Vampires.,

LODGING HOUSE de Verteuil &

Creole Foo -Restaurant .3D.-0 Hnr street. "
a L O .--... -- 1 m
The TRiA GUARDIAN For Sale. I their many
. .'. ..4 O --THE- -UN ON--AC .- and Cu ti n P
A1sI FREEL.A4L 1jD, -and Prosprpt)y d
Proprierreir i 91 S.
2r Charl i treet

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3Q egos ParIt r art-nt &. 1. A. a: .Irh

Government Mesw a nlys!ip "c. e
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crlant Protection Orttt ante. - A a p .
A N Assis.a;t Inspector uandr the Plant FAREWELL, PEFORMANO, OF T- E FMO .M
protel.d n Oldjlf e" will b- in the .. .V". -
SSury dla Oi. o n sand. B r the |
All comp amts. as t Paras)l Ans o wn i l I1
L9srtrl. sftI ,ld .a tadireased to n hi- ia n n
dttal nati he Warden' office, Ss e Grade, N II
Eivin full particular and exact.lncarton.. 1 1 U 1J
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S-Dve:asistamc-bye. leaning p:. the e 1nS
rise-hn_ t-any-.oher.-way_ ;-otl Lt _fws e t o h- A c
will he delayed. .[- --
%m be de" W. W E BBOADWVAY,
-- Autlng Cloed Inlctn. '.P 'lant Protection
.OrdlonCe- MATINEE, TO-DAY-at-4-pm. Shai
STANDA.P-Df Time can De antali t al the
Saurey Ofice on and alter tie 17th tD
...ib. ta 1bs o Cerz fand TO-NIGHT at 8 p.m.
\,alio 1917 Tn,;,-r-i nc rcr -, tel. ."
15,, 1',- r' ^ ppear, In Their Most Marvellous- Acti


I M P ., -- r- '. -MR.


- .- ...... .. .... ...... =--


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lcsh Newspapers
mods:identifier type aleph 000354929
notis ABZ3083
oclc 12086429
mods:languageTerm code iso639-2b eng
text English
mods:note dates or sequential designation Began in 1917.
Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.
mods:publisher Trinidad Pub. Co.
mods:placeTerm marccountry tr
mods:dateIssued January 1, 1918
marc point start 1917
end 9999
mods:frequency Daily
mods:recordIdentifier source ufdc UF00081212_00499
mods:recordCreationDate 830720
mods:recordOrigin Imported from (ALEPH)000354929
mods:recordContentSource University of Florida
marcorg NDD
mods:relatedItem original
mods:extent v. : ill. ;
mods:detail Year
mods:caption 1918
mods:number 1918
mods:subject SUBJ651_1
mods:geographic Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)
mods:country Trinidad
mods:city Port-of-Spain
mods:title Trinidad guardian
Trinidad guardian.
alternative displayLabel Distinctive title
Sunday guardian
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G4 J4 c99e111fe797686ae86e04cb78bae776 734855
G5 J5 0d4e390569c9e162a0eba5191524fdce 740739
G6 J6 a18607416a575477777ccc2bac7c5435 781208
G7 J7 7e97b0ec05377d87b62387e6a839c824 763742
G8 J8 750ece9f9fd773050f9953e8bec71a16 644564
G9 J9 baa697bef8f2b3a1cc30747d8afd68a4 688287
G10 J10 c18e1a22e540470d4a2857c778cdd592 709884
G11 J11 5868b3fc2158d60ef417cca446524fbb 645498
G12 J12 f1440c59f532eec77905bf551b9ed8f9 791074
E1 imagejp2 90ee005bb79953306a855056cf556acd 1200131
E2 d6d77e737c70bee90c7c5f5e1a3cdb6f 1567153
E3 0574a405259d5eed694180166fe061e6 2003230
E4 1e1a4bba6295ec2f362655e51f49ced5 1826827
E5 0626f50e26046f3d5d86a483e76cbf91 1510015
E6 c2a6c12320903c84d5c2ca75b1e7e14d 1279873
E7 bf25b74aeb17519b19b54c0a54f11c7c 1390800
E8 729cccefce7dea08ab2ffdb73f40efab 1557600
E9 b47e5efb4bd028988df7816f3b24cb4b 1837513
E10 cdd40ae8f078cd4f07fddc30f694488c 1709744
E11 65722eca11da81888ce7787e3d161329 1683329
E12 16c4169215c79702c26afc48806ad077 2027072
F1 imagetiff 6.0 c4f5284e21bcd1a3f3c41f8afa86c202 2709394
F2 6bdbd61bd465e51027e5c936ee59f8bb 2814454
F3 4bf34cdefad0156cc368efc6e74929d5 2771674
F4 95d9ec264ba3498abb83e7b7c2eddaf5 2708850
F5 7e9509dc87646128ec62e63592f813d4 2735854
F6 5d3ae58e412ef4b77a5989d8befbfa73 2786610
F7 513a2dc782c220cbbe6745ff192b77c7 2854866
F8 cbd856d70fe126eaaaeeced29287d9c5 2756370
F9 b762ac9f8a21fb7797bc9abd119619c5 2767194
F10 15c3f5cc549e24aad2eda29becae217e 2809042
F11 25e9ce04538fc3896e3383a4101088e2 2935654
F12 01759697ef1214b4b55a0a7db0b12304 2836962
R1 textx-pro a0b0f9b1595178f1a7fac2a71a608a66 93557
R2 c4a322362112c3766bfe58a0cecc2f43 299180
R3 a3999b5b5a50134a8e0f36b052abee44 504969
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T1 textplain 3ca786b461399a9286bb0e2d8127dd52 4242
T2 46a4587ac104a681a2ca6c084633764f 14642
T3 85c03b796b0f90375ade009dba14cc25 24597
T4 e341b4df691a93158f111510e03d65d0 8401
T5 f257dc5abf2cfb0e04e6a6629d49a292 12341
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T12 c77ec65a284c0e6f8a5cedc9cc6491b4 13782
UR1 4563309797b3ab8326e181baa2fd1875 14872
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AR17 ea71ff4d44c471863c40a93e31e19e06 15265
AR18 ebcb0eaf5cc294c98f51cb5b388d78d2 67995
AR19 a783046a72873bb84c9a79dd6595cabe 15049
AR20 59e75e74aa98eabee13c80ccb1b8fab6 62219
AR21 a6d90d67e5eb641538f5170176c60441 14335
AR22 05b732cb4561b59d4fcba3766d726a46 71949
AR23 b1d181d00c19dbaa8962b29ac82ad5da 15380
AR24 fbf948b062eb0c1e6fcc74c983b2d4c7 25170
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