Trinidad guardian

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Trinidad guardian
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Trinidad guardian.
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Sunday guardian
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Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Trinidad Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ;


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Newspapers -- Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Trinidad -- Port-of-Spain


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Began in 1917.
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Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
General Note:
Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.

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University of Florida
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p 4 1 4 ' ''




Bulletin. "

Ofew arrivals .

Ladies' Dress Materialsrin great
variety include:


In '\CPrAM Gr, rE F AX' IT.ACK ,c. C
{ -- H1HITE. NAVY S,& MAUVE.. 7 2 l

40in. wide


S ,VOILES.40in. wide Oc.

38 to 401n. wide
(Vl,,ty,01 Shbule) 7 2 c-

40in wide 60c. 72c. 84c.


| 22 x 22y lp d

LE N BOOTS (LM.thertoled)
$3.60 $4.00 $5.o0 SiOO

NOW $3.00 $4.00

New Goods :
r.,.e.. AMI TRATY @ 8 .. t1.00, 1.4,. 1.0B
t'.I ,NDA 6 01.00, 1.20, 1.44,' I.6R, 2.41
TRITMP INDICATORS 84t., 01.08, 1.44
S TAIt.E DKLLS .. .. $2.00
lON IM NT 811F .. .. 2.00
INK mTANT. f .. .. 0 1. 61 .1*


m ON UVE!T P1505or
05O0O1LATE. -t
'.2"0OM ftmy'. (abafO t aaAtf
the Boot."




For Sot.
Etc .. ......... ..6c

BRAND'S .11 SAUCE... 1Wj.
L.EE & PERlrtN'S iAbtICE,
(Lrargrr DuoT . .. 'te
(amniS t3oit.).......... ide.

SOUP' (ITioadj. .. ide.
9OUP (Pt Tine, .i .
SOUP (3-',Pt ?inn'g@ 1A.

PORK (Large Tin) per tin...40e.
PORK (M__flnm 8Ize) per tin..2Ire.
PORK (Small Size) per tin... 16e.

Excellent Tonie) per bot.... $1 41
Doz. Paria .. .... $1 20
to Pairkng .................. 1e.

'Phones I129. 130 and 131.


The 'ao*n Whllky of a World-faled

Dest quallt at pra-wor rato.
Thousands of thene flrteil-tau mo"hlo
aupnlilad to to lmprial Goveornment.



I'AFIVIETTF. RYNGO fIN BOXF13 A120) a prLr' I aCu Bod
MO CUM1k M IOW@IU, .. $1.41 Supreme '~r 5011
MIIITt ~h1 IHIITVM (PIain fltAM). $1.20 (juaranwe .I)nnd&
VANVAl.'(Ohio) $1.00 to a. 00 Firt iiInsIuI&IJLe
hIAT PIN'!'14TNTSR "a. Marine Josrn
POHI POON(Rt.of6toCm)00080 Aeddent Thsuranmc
t-Ir l-ihit fWL 6& RODOP -(I only) $a..so0 Plate Olam it isuratte.
- -motor CaRY Inummuce.


Waterproof Weatherproof


GENTS' Fawn Waterproof S.B. Coats, no belt...@5.00 ea.
GENTS' Far Waterppoof S.B. Coats ,' ."$6.50 ,,
SGEN'T Fawn Waterproof D.B. Coats, with belt--$7.50 .
IGENTS' Fawn Witerproof D.B. Co.ts $8.50 ,,
GENT Fawn Waterproof Cloaks $,, 10.00 ,
The TELEMAC Superior Lightweight !
.. atrproo - ... 1 ,

GROUND SHEET CAPES -- $120 each j
All Garments are New and in Splendid C onditio '.

Choice Selection Smali Handle's, Light and Dark
Woods. Strong Frames, Serviceqble Wearing Covers
Prices.: 10.20, $1.44, $1.80, $2 CO, $2.64, $2.88, 9,3.00,
$3 36, o4.00, $4.50, $5.00 and $5.5j



or other structure does not
show the quality hr poten-
tial durability of our luni-
ber, but as the years go on



BI C0TS ou I PI =E.
SAUSAO-ilb. TinS--4.
BAUSAGE-.%lb. TinD-82e.
BAOSAGE-11b. Tlna-84a.
.,AUSBAOE--jlb. TIne-82c.
SSAUSAGE-O-lib. Tla -An.

you have practical evidence W MOK1 SON XFOD
of it. The sure way is to -lb. T,,im-40e.
safeguard the lumber supply WILKINON'S SLICED HAM
BEFORE you build. Dealing lhb. Ti e-4-o.
with us does that. nrrsNTER SucLIC nHAM
lib. Ti' -'--4e.
ALSTON & CO. LTD, ,liTA- l ,cR .HAM.

P-- IrrTr POl (Extra FlnB)
n Corner St r .Vinent n anr Per Tin............36. .

Queen .. tretf o(upttair ,).
tina just recoivela n new ship-
ment .of HAND-MADR NtI
FURNIT nf anl deanriptioti.
i'hnnte 142.1.

Per 74a............. a
PETIT POtE (Mroyen.)
PoIr Tin....,........9c.
Qrt. Dots......... 4

Colunlal Secretarry' Oli.,
l7th Jumn, 1.21.
The follpwring. translation of a lai
pa..ed b. the P. rain t'ri're, n. aol
prtbllhb.:., on th(, ll0h Marcb, l0 1,t r',.
lrttintt. (ho import dutl-a. on e)tahin
mineral oil*, TLe eb.,-, r,,.ir.ilj from
Hig M}eOty'6" Minlt. r at-Lina
through tho Soeretrrr of St.Ilr frr tb.
Colonies and pbi ,iblsh.. fr gtei'ral
''Ait.,lo 1 -Th, ]ri n ,r:t. f.n ot' th..
mineral oili or g asekao and

Fop Moenlig 'A fI*-mronn (Prugl R"
andd Evenfilg fW4st.ot .buk-r4P.40
A w e Opif,, bt*bl MOM'.U a~oa


The pheLl. are her by noitlfied that
tlh 1 B-4:., "11 orlat r1i .Otlt]-
bonn.i ,[, hA:,,ndy 14th 4aly.
Tl,, ,, I I I.Ill |,r,...rl dirt to
Pii. rhurnrrly. l n O- t-T
IPez, ,

A.LST.',N & 0) LTD ,
Ag.n-L. rand Tobag
Ou oeroment 'ttm'I-o rvlbo.
. .-'.-- . -t .
1 -., "" .',, :- "', ..


rar,e hur. 1.j lolthcl thait IHl Eollonu-
Cy fTlho Ovrior ha. In a.etdOnu'en with
Brollon 14 of Ordinnnce 239 beeo
plerd to order thati tho amountt of the
rontinlluton for th., year IP24, due
byj' eil, of l.-, Fr,3t Inauranau Com.
p*ai, r s ,,Ilnc buhiorr li to1 Colo n
towiariNl tbh, .'xp..adnifurpn Firo Brl-
g.drn., 5h11 bJ o T1jrvr eght pounds,
four t, illzi,. three r aii t i h lf p,,nep
(3q .1 3 L.), which ma.,t be paid Into
the Colonirl Trenuey. u, on br bfo"
the l3thl o July. 102 n
f.ler t.' aperar.tlry of One
poLoD, (1) (0 tnll b.e lnrurrc.l'fo.r oavery
y .1Il r.., p oh,, hnt tlbrnP auCrm rm L

C A PO[L ON.\I9..
ArtingR rTienaiirer.
T.ennnrv hr.amb,,r'n,.
21rd ,Jnre, 1M4.

C-L3 r ;.l will bp frp'Ar.f distie
"5'rormmuni._N to th. P papmtive
Powcr fcor tlh ne.-.riary arrn ige.
onets for dr faltfilloent.,
Limn, o Inr uary 30th, 1924.
( ; nc .j I i b- t .( P r,. nt of tho R e-' ,.
patl., p,.'brL.r,t" ,th, 1924,..
By Oominmrnd. "
Acting Colonil Serr!retary.





_ L.u.. uvvu. I I ~` ""'

rrRP~~~e~CI~~lle~oc~l~e~~e~ll~~ ...


. .................. ltl -l lV m Lr v-- MO-IMLITLI-- LM ElMEL_'L1 l 1 l,



1 r f'n .. RQ

I -

I ;

uL'UEIEiiAlJUL 1,J1X J9 24,





1 I



w I




,an ,uj, 1.1 oi taiud by th uh e of proper materials,
Fpr L-in-tun gr dustless, dur able aud resilient roads
ao for resurfacing worn out, waterbound macadam high-
w ay, tis'erning eugineers' recoumcend


(AppLied Hot).
MaiiJ- with Trinidad Lake Asphalt, seasc'ned and tough
e ned by centuries of exposure to the elements, Trinpetro
"ntjOad Binder mixed with stone provides a iuad surface
that wiU not become sticky or "bleed" under the tropical
suin. o eVsel off under the deluge of trQpluil rain.
Writn for our Booklet "GOOD ROADS IN THE

i n -'d

SRoadORipad Binder and SanitaryQl'k

E Jag p - .-.. ." .I ;* ", .-' .?

Amongst the NEW BOOKS Just Opened.Up



Will be found thl following:---

TIHE BRITrl'l 11i LEGION ALBUM, l it.l11,i-.hld inu id l'f Field Marshal
Enrl FT;iii.'; appeal n behalf oi f th'r Ex-Otlicr-or-' ain M1'n of4
the Armny, Udie price? i $1.44
THE THIR ) ROUND, I)y Sippl.r, a p irw Buill.l.. DiirunbuonId Sl.try. $1.3_2
QUINNEY'S A -VENTURES, by H. A Va.,holl, $1..'.
DARK EYES OP LONDON. lY Eilmii \WVIlln.h. .. $1.32
LUCK.IN $LOVE, by Bertha Ruck, .. F .32
THREE ROOME. by Wane.rkI D -pitnir. .. .. $1.32
THE SECOND WIFE, ly Lilian ArnI...M, .. . $1.32
4 THE HONOUTRAI.tLE JIM. try H,. --, O,.',- $1.32 r
S ENTICEMEN''. i < 'liv'. A t.ii t, ti, .1iiiiiml..r t4 Srntr', la n. n l.*'
X CONQUESTAl'" ,1 lyK. F f'l. onil, .. .. $1 32
AN ASTRO 0OMI'ER AT LARI;E,.J .\. l. 'Ii,,1'1..,,. th,. Mlr,,; ,25 ill
prize. No..'el .. .. $1.3_2
THE FOREST (1' FEAR, ly A. 1.Uordin U'nn'-t,. $1
THE WORLDM S ,IMY OYSTER., ly Elwvii l'nil "1. 2
SPANISH LOVEK. I,* Jlialo l:> Sk,-, ,, ,$1.32
n1LTIMA' !,!'V ,, -Vi V I.g'i M 'lr, $1 :'i2
\," fr o..[ T.'lhri lih,,d _, ... $1 's .


-- -- -

.Bakurs pur a o g .f 19,' !tr..
.r.i .., i.g .,' , ., Pr, : .. ,, .
Fo -_ F

PC. hr r Pr:
i'p pPm l,,ii,
~Pa 01
trr~mmi..,mmpL N
LOS pr..
lJr.p'ippr'Pmm '7... 1
1. I liP
U. 'p. ~l
P P Pa

pt ri
rr I r

P ip... pp.,

Ii 11-a


K ('A B[VdS
I.! -' I ',l I p I .A ii'


S.. ...ighmoor House
S ..... ,, i H healthy, Braig, -C l.

r .ir,,,O c,. cr nut e-tate
[.ANti Yr. .,,I b g1,r' jhT,.i r onrl i,,dT 30 mm,-,
plp,.tlu hc,,,,l, ,, ,,'t .,, l, .,, ot

r f i ... .a. i r p- ,.

'p'.,r,,r ( -,..C.pI appy Boys
r'. ... ..'.r ll.- -.,,,. 100) a,:re ,:..... ,nut e( -.'tat

nnl Mr N h.a d Girl..l -,,lir I 6Bo tI I
,i. .. .. ... ,,, ,up S your child healthy? Isr

S"" o r ,- ,, if ,,, he or she up to stan-
df, .i ,, ..i mr dard weight, of good Icolor,
tl,, 1, .. l ", ..l G r,., r ,| ,.f i.., ,.mP .n in i .rU i.

I I, r.. i .r l nir,- tr- l r. i ', pI t it, I

t..n r,'. 1 ri r. nervous, rertrler,.I ,, aler,, ples Dr.

Sit n it m gabl.
I'I,.t n,lr r,-fIl ,, ,r ,', hi l- ,r I .1.

noI le- D.8 --o P- toipVIn, and e e I
oroI t ,A i .p h, I lt i ,t r If l ,, wR r th. It
"i r. Od 'p p'r pU" 'h l l igttng
-| ,r. r.ri,,r .r Ip. 1 ,, I .. lir
,t, rOn,l W,,.r r. .:i "f l in l -a.r i ,
| ar .|i. lp \'rh,. O. I.. mi.Sa
Dp1 .r..I.. i.......Pr.. H"" xappy Boys

anrI Mr 0. N S.'ipli P..r1, r, il a ndd
I.r ,I .rl', .,1 ,,1h f i ril nirr irwho nlr l
-, ri,,,I I l,, pIaJp m, c ara --. WTl.m,,n
IN . .. ..-....,I ... i., IS your child healthy? Is
1 ill vWri,.L.rp,-..i.,, 1,l .I.f.'rp.,r1 he or she up to stan-
,. I ,.irm' r,,. ,- ...0 ... i ,- ..rr c mi dard weight, of good color,
lirr Irar rm .rp..Lwith of rich, red
.....Ir m ..... rip," r.......... blo@ffto nourish the grow-
th ipt 11 p1- rI,, r ... .,'p.Ir.r errs r ing tissues?
l,,'. YIre,. ',' IL 'r,. ll,.I him w.-I
irmlr,,-,px..i f 0 ,C r i4 1 ltr3, For children who are thin,
t,1 Itbrp.irr.t, rp rl t i rni, r.i pale. anemic, under weight,
..e 1m mmr. ,,,,, r ,,,,,i.. lin.,t ,.,..,. mm r nervous, restless, sleepless, Dr.
T1110W.,. l, V.imp rtn.' .,i ..A.. 'II Chases' Nerve Food is of the
r.,,V I I.,mrr m emi. greatest benefit imaginable.
IMll W..r-rllrp, f i ,r. ,, ,. ^ Being mild and gentle in ac-
tlon, and yet wonderfully pat-
ent as a restprittive, it soon
SHALT.T IT T RESERGE makes the blood rich and builds
OR TWEED ? up the feeble nerves.
Y Iu In Trinidad Dr. Chasu. m,& lo ir,
-C 1h-mr -nf willrIt r llg ortlp e ar P L r e for waloe b Albert H. Joun phm
TooI r.I f-ri 1 7A.,r r.'' "h'nth, Sole Dtmtributor, Port.of-Spail, and A.
*'mper limm.1ir' v for 31,i'. Or r, al, Ritchle, San Femando.
I heiRthl ,t f ies ; rnnl lispo t,.rsor
To-r,,.t 11fr,.. .flr "lm n, ength nf V..
S I rid". S1.'ml It1 `1e7a pnelt wi h r`
drit. "I... '"r-e -1mr O.0.1). pmittersnqfrot
rillz ,IlrirI in 7.. hItoaetal WooN
?mfen..ort. ee.. A Dreton iUt,0Ma
81111,411111d BLO,,",= m .... .
.. .a.

NI ps, Nips, Ni sp


They are m 'r1 bottles of R..Aver" V
Stout suitab.'i. 'r f. mil,' use, L.dia-
and those requiring a sm miller quantity
of stout than that contained in t,

pint bottle

14 Chaconii Si

Rust, Inoibridge & Co., v
rc SOLE AGEN --7-'

FOUNDF.D 1797.

The Norwich Union Fire Instrafln

Society, Lid.
Head Offices-NORWICH & LONDON.
Effects Insurance on:-HOUSES & HOUSEHO0.

Also ACCIDENT Insurance on
n ,- , '., i ,i I-".;J-- ,e r. ,,,,, i. ,. '~o {II Sll '. '.
11'. 0,2 - ..".1. n"
Net Premumn Income "
Net Paid -' .
All Policies Initired against Lou, by Ligr.ln'ng i
For Rates ,nd P riiculars Arl, v to
CIIA.C:O'J .FREI 'ir ,! ,

Rnub ix t b hiEMr ofprMn1c. e in thal
bath-the.n notheianadc t r
hi"eZ Inthaoands at boom% SCrvices AvaU.iblu fr' '
Jul.. Writer r anil
35n Alb-'rto Stret,' l

__ ~J _


'V KUTI 'nurhrrn~rh' I17A2T lmqA uiwrr rYl --~~ '-- __-. a,-~L...lWAR




ii rrmmk..I firt r0- a imh 'u I
Niirl3 j.11 ril,, rmrlr11,' 1pa I l ofrm'
hol.Ir'rl. i.N i. iniii ,rma. lr
11 m.8 Thu le Nm I 1rm ., "jm 11
mml urrrmmrpmm'm i hp N. rmI 1 1
tiiir 17 77 1m 7 mm 'a. hr.11.m1 rWi
p mPI pm lm rI, m. -[A "... l ..rpm' I
111-1 'gg PP..h' immaIV'i i:1iPi '

1 1 1. 7 1 1
COD F1t911 t
'm Ib. f ,mI ,. .

17.rrnngap r l',,rr. IOt-01,1 lb. 8tt

L 1t0 .,2 Litd
Pig-.' Sauml [-%r has.' og00S
salted haL' p--r Uarr."l J 2-1v' bt.




D forget C!Oamen S is King of Panoma.
Ti." t'. T s fr L.l'' AU Brands, al '-sh'is, all Siz.-, and :all Prices.
$6 .-'..0 Chat, for! Bloickifing.-'Trnimrnlng the very best at moderate prices.
You get everythWl di the iot ready to wear, at the HouSe of .All. Colours, the Head-
S .quarters fb. Panama Hat'. Corner Duke and Frederick Streets.


KOTALKO for Palling I
GLAMOUR Hair Dressing,
and Supplies, Prophylascc'
I-itrate of Tar, Sy-up of

Phon.s 180 & 181. -


(PERER & CO. TD.,-24 Frederi )
You will find the Local '


'as woU as the
of the I
B. W. I.
_______________________________________________ i;'1

T -e f;d, log- --e m-eni of thi, SAN FERNANDO.
dinner given by members of Ihe-legal 'To the Editor,
professon in honour rf Sir Alfred The' Trionidd t uiriscn.
Lsirie-'imith, Chief Jniiu i c, lirhe Sir,-Pleuie nlllon isn i, ,mrl B.,.
Paris Restaurrnt on S'lir.i: nI.ilt. in your valui.ble colunosi, .. ,11 1i,
allrttentiIsi o .f li. Ii .snI ,. r.. I I
Mani %ry great nu .ossc.'....'ssss I
I b ei.0i ii:, e, siel... urin iie ..l ih ii.
Toasts au o sJisnr Ur1ih-Iard S-..-Iin rr n aprh.s I s
Paillottes ,nu P'inlaris n It l -..i11 klr.-wn fu.i I.[ . -.
I I.., S1. cn. inUt silor 118 i W V-F
Canapes BoU O *A e8 I irl" lif, thle Pr',.i.a. I "7 ur or t I '. P.
Canapes an Oles ,il Ci uirt is 1... 11 Mai
Col Oll "er lslh io itslsif is4% 're ll"
Je Onsommu--Moite Carlo illt for i, pros. it i,- I
redliy oieh 1.- .irs' i .iIs'iilitii Ii
1Les lopremes de Solesf-Ciarlinal tis 1 n uokh 'iI billi.ti
rI e dosie at the MrgBotrsstis. Oilisi
Le ilet de B uf-Br enoi.n.u 1c L[oause the Clerks, I' un.lerslii.I. .h ii
1- shistrueliuns not i(. litteil I. t I..
-DaUee d'Ajrgnteuil--S-..Se Diisue pablio (andul prperly e, o.. C, ....
-e d "'.A it inrerferea with the proper i n. ,
Mouso-s-Neigoseu nu Cli:.;.t at the courtt oin necounti of lils.
~ snul bhtme wlsrnct mist he erilertl I,.
le Chand.troid'de Voleille-- n.iu...I the pr.esueio lf hlliunt. Cri n,,I;I
Cmnes Or Cisil Aeliosn or i Consiit
neite-Trlis1nil tis inut be ii sue, is d Flrne (tis
Slne-Trni nllnwreii e'n ot he ni. r'lti. Th '
-- 'nolas Iopp if r'osfisi' rhil ;iI! Ii,..
Puddilegs oum l p' eynio- rude eo i lont'is, ll ihie .rig T'1. nh ',r
laUer Slhba) ois ifnlee tsiill I Ira l f.' Ili i alv it
-finl Ilth t they fls, Irii .r e
onmbe 0Iies6e--tNehterode po y dlsb or flies, ,,.,.n'ie I..,
l a st n I, i,,,k ..n.,I ... i .
CourbtlUe de I'neiie*--S urreets n'rlcrk" lliy .r i. I, i hilJ w', ,
___ flt A hnd tlhr If.'luirp (0 il` 14% -hl... r.ll.i.
J ea Mignurilsles inr l liar sl I lilr lla nrek.
W r itlri noih j tink i li l n as tliil
Ik (.. nnd spure, o l IlttI li.,' hn i..l r
.' ind w fti.r hellpl.-'lie* 'ii,
iIM Ii onvenro iIn ,,i'.I.r Ta 1-o1.,'
hi it 'I" q' it tlnll. Ihm u l h l n. l I ..
'lln-'n t nIo l d, Thp lLii(i n w \ I
Amontillado Ihlolrs nrr quile ri.qBllinle .r l I f,.. I.1
s bute ,m perl st i-o I" w mi tilI VI
11 I U ir com|.hnll tul Ione fnr-nil thlTin lI, ,k
Slhe Inltit tive wlih In nu I|rmi rt,
1. V 1 l (hqlp l| in the Ctly pren tLlinner h ll i.,rhiii.,
7 the do lisot core bnpeniUir I it 1iii
I .0i of t"il isrilren tine t Ii, Iirih' by li".
pusllr (lltll nlntts). .
"*---'" H* l oping Ihat lie minlirr Ril11 .i..
'. 1q is somse interest aonl ne uti .l ill .
Spu_____ pl mueh diely ani thnilhlili yii fir
l.,Iti IW IIm w o1' 1 O Dd "l~lVf Yours flihhf,lh'i .
A nfilemi., oBu ifts oeZmur h blpm In LiWo
-*e&s sd inetisa of bile sni l tBe AT
11. TtIt lfa btoa d o enif tants F lANCTY THATI"
I' t MOsy air o isme to It. ela sis
Smttl a s Isi theb 'e 'Alrekdv more than ha, nf
MIA wan vaonalto 4111-411tU61. the pubnfe are using JKLW

so ....' t e
K 71 -
iT::,. ... '

FROM 1st- JL

we have decided to add to our previous offer a
of 5t', making a total of

25 0 DISCO
2 5 0 Off Usua

Call in and get your 25', share of



T.I i. WINS o'rn rI i'Iihi -

ii'..l 'r. iiiri ..... I ,nil ,

,oi, r ,..f ,
,.; i., ,..'.., r,, .... f 1 .... ....I... .
c,.I.l.-i i .' ur. i cL i,,n -id, [,B ..
ti i..I. I.1 . ] l. .h .

p r.. l '. ,.' .,t r .% . I ,

P a tt .1 si r' .'-i r ,, i" l s l s ..'
Q,,-lr o .l i. i .l iii.

i. k lr.. f ,c 1 n- r .,

j 0, I. fi
i o 'li .i 'l|r .:1 1 V h

1 C k SURil Vl I. INNING.
V. Ah h It hi. s
SnI..t adl., I, Ii.

T Ii,.h I. R I' Il I ....I.
1. .Ihn.. c IPI ..p.1 A.I

R Cobs's 1 brh "i'. P ,.lun n :
P 'ordeI fs hP.. .s .. "

I t I

SURIE lP lr hNNI.' sr
F{ nk~r I~bw. Pol;" ,u .. ..




B. B
r 1

S .ar, . ... ].

T 0 It lit INNING"
0 MI It '

1.. M uii.L . i I 1
N P.uc .' ... .i 1 4
V Al oIu I . i : g1 "
iUmkpies: NM, 1[. E Mnir ;..|
i orer. Mlir O r, h h ,

llir. v yenr Iir lind .h prl> ill e,.r 11..
At lse ing i h e o ti n I Illhe s ol 1.. i
e ni lrerinlreI t.ny Ine ilisi lil. iii Ihi.
prierm cob.h pines'.

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1tirl par i hlr tha l lie ,.oiit o r i .i e ili
F'rs mr .ii.ounl o t lthen h ri e inf r o li.
I.r lm rrUplnslny I o r 'lr nl s.litol ii i n
n.llior Bon oll C"rhskh i clii i n., i'i.ii,1i.

lr antl i e un tint r ofl uil is tlp lnihl hall
rIn fanvour ol ef l hln. ri h hieAl rp li i
Iue l"r 1111 ho!lui t icpnrl. l n.-t .- lf ulis''
,.. i ie onrl, s e (l iCrlrka.I C. op lc iiuiillI"

suisr. In 12 e, wheln tol Lengie wiv
fi-sindo.1 tier, of f 4- (lhip rliine i,
(Inhlls. He le llrvp. l h i t llir I'el .t dir.
mi rineIl hiv unlir 0'., lrlli ix i

o'f nl en r of i th oe f r Ui li t' ..r.. Then
anrion rn hn lamlth l he Ci I.e l iiad l
nin py. Ing r .e WL I to ]wair l of ro
oehai. le hl rv. ie l lh .1 til srlii ii ny

coudId hlave got along wlhour erli' hkind
-melies m aonil rsnem'rity of Cafpt,
Cprfllpm; .lr.'.Chpralm Perreir nnT tl I
VlterrSnft twho, yr after yrr. gove I
fpriet bets and other thiup L on eronie-,
-tio mut W t iLeague. It we hi ex-

I r.. in 'i ', r i -:.ll ... II,
L id' ; r f'..ii? io" ifi.t; ",- f -1 r. ,ii..r,,
1. .. [II h I r I .u i ii rt ll Ir I-I,+'. IIl I. Ir-ir

I,,, ,, , i r r , ,.1.1
II i| is. s1 ar- I .IL. i tlb. I..l ll i'ti.,, "
I i* I ,". .c ri ,r ,,i ,,i,' ..i -r
Ih', ..11 I ,,'.' l rlI'.' k d l li :l, h ,,t .,Ir

21 4 I..1.r i.. sl .. ". r. ; t,...: il
' '.-'i'n. .'l .!', i '.' .'*'.l h.. ;l' \ I '' '. ". "'n r?. i T.'*^ .

I b I. 1
h. ,,' i ih ,, I,'. ,n'l .. .i. .I h

I I f I-00

1,,I. L, i ,, I. T h .

'01il ii
i'IIT.,I t,,I --

i t i .. I1,,I. i ,1 I -,, I .i .i
U i.I ,,, Is.I : ll .. i if' h'.
I ,,I 1 I, I ,

- rh It ', 1, i,, ti ,
. i I I ,
.... .,L .,t' .t.,.+ I,'h h I ., .

TI '1 1 .i iI, 5. -iT4i h. i 1.
TI', '. -Ih,' ,. ... .i i i II iI
rhl , Iii., i ,, r ,r ." ,.i
h . ii 'i, .1 .. I r .i , r I ,

Isl s it',, III i.I, l I .... I. r, '.. I 1.
.,. . ,, Ih r1 I' ; I;, .

A Miih.i~iI r,,ilh
.\ iluls u..s i.ii 1
6 Scene in 2 Act--18 Performers
W ill11. I,.r. ifil I.'h ru, ut
Girls s11l B1,1.
ACT 1.
Bceno 1. I:r. Chsriiis. ou Aih.lli.
2 lriisV l' Ii rqt, i rnlll.
0 1li80n Tsirht re.
ACT 2. r
Scene ]. 1sonin rir-nm.
2. tl Ct iolonile r AnIl llir.iui.
3. Ln Clihatnlure Orend Chnbret.
It In VWilty.
It Is I:xllnrtolliig
I is loslumorous.
Ii I I, eflued.
Jt In tniuey" nnd Full of Pep
It will be pbyerl tv Inmo of the meot
talllented vnnl rnl "hlitrionle nrtltms nf
the Colony on I
mIDAT," lith JULY'I,
at 8'.ao.' 9 0 I
Orchestlri Pri.m the Oonstnbilary loDan
eOtsW e nn nto 'On booked i at
BsusB. .ow.nnii riooo a Oo,
Or ah. t m IM ose .b.. l i.
| Urm M




a further discount

Phose 8sAL Mairin squar

I ,' .**. > 1 '






-Ti' a' 4in


14 Cents per large tin.

folK.plparng your --PJ'dicgs, Ice Cream,
Fruits, etc., et. -

Use II also with your Coffee. Tea" or Cocoa, to which
It adds a delicious, creamy ilavour.
It is unequalled for all purposes, for which cvaporate4
milk is used.
[tai eT" FrFm -.. SEI-PHEN' GROCERY
-. and Oihcr Leading. Groceries
-- 'And 'hdi .on.D rE._ I n'




al Prices

our Goods.

Co., Ltd.

t , ,,, ... ,, .. .. ,
I ," *,, i' iT .. .,,i f., ', ,

I r... i h + ,.. ll .iI., ,. [h i ... l'.. rln,..
iI l ,l If i. ilr l fll u I i
1 .12 I11 I N t Li, lr

I ,

I ar b , , i ,
I. h .. . . I... .. .

nin 32 ,,, 3 1 m, .. i. 1T ...... .
,... . : .. . ,; ,

I i ., . I.. .. ...i ..

.i s 1 -' sl i '. 'r

siIo'l . "I' l 's'll o n'Is r TI l l
lo1g I lro 1 o 1,.I T I H .rv l .b

SA few drops suffice, to
make the plainest meal
---enjoyable & appetizing-




Chaco0 Street ( Phone 800) Agent.


lB ^ 0 1 11 'it .I 'll l' IA 'S 'Ui

''f. I',- h ."' l IDANCE. n .e

d I.d. 4 11in 1 a n t 1"
.. h r i I ,.1 I.I. ,"-.c- ,.. s m.... .,,... r i, .

il. .ii ,. ii i '. .... .. TIn ii P-r-i f r A, ior.
,,, gg.p e -. .,,l,. i,,_ .
.... r ,.,,.. ,,,, ,,o.. DOMEShIC Dlp i V

I. .. i ...T 1 ... II,. Pe.naL

I 1 hI AnI r' .Ret ail ..,'h ci, i1-h i iF .
I', ,irls l h, i[.. ..' him ceilnci n i ne... 1,IhJ.

h,,, h I I..L:... 1r,, ,01 r 1 %,,, s,- -
'Cr.hki'ct hi., l i..' .IIni .i .sing .r. Best Selection of Moulding e
IUirtII erI e I I nohi, 1 , .rh.luilor

P ONES On the Hire Purchase aistem
R1A MOP NES n easiest Terms. nor depot naan

Machines hl the
of all F"Vourit
Sizes Local
and at 'IRcardO a
'All Prices.

*P*IL M tDi 6 ,t2j'S /L,% s',j 1...: '
Caroni swrsnu. ,. 1'. et 7742&: 4 f


.. ,: ';: (i,, n '

r-,, _ _


Ambrozo~i a7.4

24. Frpedpick re

I J.





'5 '.AeeAN. -- 14iJSJAlv UJf UI J4 ____. .-' 7

-. 's~ **. -


't mITE



Limited. Every department has been carefully gone through. Ladies' Dress
Goods, Hosiery, Haberdashery, Laces, Silks and Satins, Household
Goods, Men's Goods, Silver and ElectroPlate, Boot and
Shoes... and we have reduced thousands of items


to. prices that are in many cases less than.
half the original cost.

3 *


-,N .I -..5' .. i Ib I.' t
F'd R F t. 1" Ii4AI

'*-R 74 .'--. ,'- ROL'ITS RA' TINE. Tr.,- .-.I
I It n.r-:a r: -- i -! in ::.t ;. : .. 1 - I
S i r-. : D: E .-:;-r -a ...., -:-.i n


In addition to all these


* .. ~ )*.C~~ ,~ . : LE

h~1 ,
lilt & . .
liii .am.,MonnOrVoflVflT...a L. .'. ~ ..~,, -". .~ .
'~i ~ i'' .. .. *.','.C -
'.. -. .i .5

i, r
F.'." ' ' .

i ,, :.


I. , , " ,
'b it '-' -, ; ,. ; ". '. l!;C'" 1 ,-', [.l _


.- ; '
Ilk '- ,.:,r, '. .. .. l '" t 4-,l: I. ..:| .T ": "
- a,',", .L N I:. ,' - : 'r' I; R l.\ EI N .S E ,p.i Tnd '
'l, 'a '."N I '.. rI, .r 4) I ,, ila r price , a;" '. r .i r Io .0
u: nr t ; '.t'1 14e T' i toS i 2; 4: MY)yar N .i k l n XD.. .. .EL... an.... .
''.G ^.r t 12 i ,, .. ".11 "bI.I 7."i. now",.'0.
i Broh.. . . ..x to 2t INSE R.TIO r n ,.p',% I, .4 .'.ju a nO
Fanz 1* ntrr r. n '.. V1 S Ix t CD; I i c e UlaI l m n i i' r I i-'arng at1
Eon ftdi'FTnr.lfr ,*n Nk Tn "I7pBoxbn 't Re Se t $r yard. _
P r.un .'EonCifriqe Ne.. in r -oc in24t T inTS AND SHE
IL rtlirr ; ,nl' I *l "- n i j_'l l:. .I2.' BOOTS AND SH OE
"Silk H.ndl : B. . i 2.40i .
.lk I l at' I. r ., -i 1 1 ,' e have reduced .r well known I
['l, c lion'! Ii." ... i. ".' .] 7,, 2 2. ._
l, Soa c a fi l 21, o Mn e Yiops tnder landed cW willow t rbfllw .<.-
Or'l I ,... e I n, ,Mocca n ,.iTan Willw Derby, and (L
', ,T .. .. ,,. I." 1 7, .S .,"-.,a -a I ). $7.50 now .v 0 pe_
R a i n e P' 2r v" i n 1 2 M in ht A Nn or k V a n d BBck De r bys a n d ( I
(l'-" . . ',P _I 1 ," l 7'., 8. a Bn o 4S. IAr 2 now r, 00.
Bac. k ..(' mi, ', B. 24 .. ...i, Tan Willow Derby Shoes and Oxfo
Pr ,,. _______,. -. -i ';. J I 10, $7 .5 n 'o .6.00.
']N --- N ,,.,',rMci.: )-l.. Black VicX'i Oxfords. Size, 8, 9 91/

Ji'j U ~diltion to all these '.', nark Ti.:) iVmH,,w [-rery Boots $9.50 D
nr'nvr n'uw T i n e -Men'" iDark Ton W w il *oby' 1mleav B-r-me$1
*L Men'q Tan hcc lbooYs V.I0 noo $.00
SPer cent Men's Tat Glier Drtiy Shon *7.10 nr.w $:'
Disount Men's Dark Ton Willow Dlrbv Slai.s *$5.00 n
lh.u.' Man'o Tan Willow Br.ue.o. Sizes i.' 9, 10 $7
f eva 'Caskh Pi/ha Me *Whilte Nu BunkDerly Shoes. Sizes? 7 &
au M Ytrr ,\. 1 e P t ouths Football Boots. Siris 21to 5. $4.50
BoyS' Foothpll Boots., Sizes 11 to 1. 3.60

Sik]AIIJD......lWTI, 7),I W hv TuedAu el n~o3

S .,n the ,,,,r,,.. '. .

Our hole '.... t

G .-" .0 th ,: .. r 0.
R d.hl ,I u ruu re :- R
A L ri .-.'. MIILLI "tHr A
C AT.',L hS Ty
T ItnostrY GLOU.5s 7
B I cA: .kF.TS C 'RT.i"-s R
QU jL'ILTS. -a. -C.
F Al aret i.ladded m te' Sale. p
S The earl bu)er secures
A thebet.L taramins. A

|-R-N- |

r. .a-in. Boot- an I
Balk. Buoos. S'.'-

r pair
SBans) l ot. 7'i..?
Idn. Sizes 7. 81,.
S7.50 Dow $5.00

ow .
10.50 now $8.50.

ow $.00.
.50 now $6.00.
9 $10.50 now-45.50.
,now P8.00.
now $275 & f2.40.



2TPe cen tard r

. ';. .E -- i,> "1 off every .Cask Purchase

-i r I r ii F r .. . G E N T 'S D E P T .

.h Atr4
IN ,.

i n
, _I I.'. .-.- r .. '.s - 'r" It Z' -5 *- .

-, *! - I. ._ r A i "' w .- M ... .. - t- 4'.: 1.'

.4. "'r-"'. 41,K ST".iil K.'.-'l\, : r.I .11-A I br;- -, -1 -1 00
i. l .- .r .,n.., ,.' >. r. S., -il 81 1 h' hi'- ,, 0 ,ii:,Ibrh.Aa, r [ 'Si .,r 04.' .. 1 0 ,'

.r %ard mr-:
i,,l i,,[. I T ; Ii. .'

: ', i- i , i. . ,

L I.r:.-.L i'" .. ---; *t .z .r '..i , r ;' .

T ..r lDoth le.

. I 'r,.: A\.z.ortrnt-ni ff Fancy T,-i lotstb,
Tray I'lotis. Eitc., Etr. flalf-price anid o.s


N', '.,Black Dierhv Shr,'e; and Oxford-
S Renuced in '2.40 &' ,.W1 p.-r pair.
I,. in. Tan Derby B.,,ts aand .,o.-- Riluh 3d i' *.3.00 Ir.r pair.
fl ,x Calf Bropme Sho.-:- P edn ,-:ed fr.,m '".(. n I,, "..(0)
.ve-ral broken lIne or lio:l.- a ,'n. sto. '. must be cleared. all marked]
at price- regardliess of cost.
See the display in our Boot D'partm,_nt.
Boys Foothalls, reduced 10o $1.SO. '200. '2 16 & -3 00 vanirns .ie ..i.
Bixbys Brown (IAquid) Polish $1.80 now !96e per doz'u.

.adies' Tan 1 Bar Shoes Low Heels $2.r4 now *2.00.
Isadlie' Tan I Bar Shoes Low leelsa *'.16 now $1 .60.
laIlies Tan I Bar Shoes Cuban Heels $2.64 now 2.00.
I-aliet' Tan Oxfords (nuban Heels $2.64 now $2.00.
Ladies' Tan Oxfords (Samples) Small sizes marked at
less than landed
laiiesJ',un Metal Conirt Shoes Low Heels $4.00 now *2.40.
ladlie' (ilae liar Cuban Hpeels $.50 now $2.40.
Ladies' Patent Sandals Lou'i XV' Heels (f7.00 now $5 00.






I'r n P'..i lin T.. . ..

1- n "-

M .. '. tiltrawi" FIal. i ([-) n 4 "

:rr ,I P. i r h 1 ., to $1 44
Strr.. I r;: ... h . to $1.44
trp-l Br'.i-w & T.--.. i c io t $2.64
r t r 0.(o I r
ii.! 1On -96C'

SOld Jewelerp,


At Owie-Away Prices

La.] i'' Vi,' KI 'f l .".)1 n.',-r i 1)
pn- a $.ba "1 1
Ladl,-' Whic t Irplm Cur (CuLau lJ,'l, I SO
no$1 $ .41
Lilen.j' While Cano, ; Lare Boos Rubber
bi1be's la'et Boolts (ohie) *3.00 snow 1.41
Chditroa' Laces Boots 1 2.64 noiw $1 .".
Children's White Cason Lace Shhe. 02.'s
CTildren's WbHe Cara' LI.-ce Sho'o *2. 75
Cildrens Wh4ie C ;;,, an *.tS. 0
mnod .. i 1.80
Children"Bs While Ruff ,,dall 1, So. 12 r.5 21.L0
l lldre'n WhLitv r Cn'a, Tie .,0-, U S,.v16 nnow $[.so
'And Insnr oter Line n.,IkCJ nl Cost PricM.

ar !-

- ,~,
.I..... i
., ~ ..
;:.,(:.1 ; .. .; !~; . .,
~... .
. . . ~
.~.~ ~

. >,,* I.
* .1.1 ',..


If IT t

1 21,


_ ,I _, dl - ____ PI~ --~-L ~ ly I

-- i

P P --- -- I .

- r. LT



; -


I I W!

ift *

, ,.. ..,

-..-wFn2mAV' XM.V' -IL 192A.



t I


NIOTOE 03rSALU .UNDER consisting of tv'o aticital parcels orf three. several parnels of laud nod ro- 'cale. "LA
AGRIOULTURAL BELIEF I lonlland t ar fllther.f ootnlainii'g 4 cL;i Planttions situato .' die Paid lit luhrrroe
ORDINANOC ,.1921. qWIrrUo f o ful tr.r 1i 2 I i 4-5 par Wardl of ('nurn, the 11-6l Tlicreeof .-,.n- uf 1.1.t or
oLIE f o a cidr t 1li111) Mn14 .liIintop il lining. q dcrs nd 2I |uria'of n or.r.' I i. Noll
TRINI AD: Nordl, dU I ll.r 0 In- ,. 'li '. .1.. l rj'.j of l nia i.l .il l ig 'ing ton Ni.rli r.w.. i ..f n' liloio i
.1rr,.1r now ajlj o%,, i t] l rI I r pio Eiim. Il I or l'.I'I I. Sol I'(.lj. -Il of' r'.
AGRIt'CUTIOURAL. RELIEF "E' Id lil r." L ico. u '- Il.l o' .1 ll 1. 1 \ 11 10 i n l .1 li n01, li : 11,115 n HI ] r' 0I a' f t I
ORDIr NANCE, l -. .. t. u |.l IV . i .- .. '. . 1i i .f A ougns t lof.r io l, tlei t I JI .i,ini NtrlI,,r !.I
'u m N omI" lim"I r "r- .l- m'' y- I" i.w -- it' o l"f 111n %.t..1.i N bo j .l c al
RA IU FOR THURSDAY THi E A TU T' li,.. i .,l r r..r'r I -nli...j.'o.. I%,.,,, tin1 \n 0 1r .' i ..0 np 1q. olA 1 [ .L
DAY Or JULY 1024. 1i" . ..r l.i- I il .i l . l. I. I I. .. , ..jt Ill.i ..,.
Gltr r t .TL f lNn:'T l.' a olTli' 0., fi 0 hn.1i, i, s th,1 i,. IL,, l ,|ln,'l I j t. ri -M iti .. l 'in 1.i. o 1 l'i'.Nlrej I,
I "rp' ''c" In .o j N lil .g iklu tji.j vs,,1o -W i.l, ,,, 1 l'. i l A ni .ul l thf..jj. ,ll ii-, ,'il j j] h er
111a r. I V '' Il l p- 11. i :01.- I,' it ', I i1 .1 l< I h li i o li. 1i r n p il ij l rr. ,|' I I' ot l '
pl o. A.ND. IT'.l ra -t'. I 'f C. h a li'i.. Il.' iil'ni ,' I e l e h nil, eo lT h lo Il, 1 ili i,, '.h ,. 1 i

"L s .r f '| I. I, lo ll. ] 'i l l ..N ', ,i ..n | I i :,.llI n i ,o I ,l ...I ,.l l ''ll '', | i,,, r.. h. 1t

Aforin. 1 4 Ier ,l Me."Nr l T Io j ,-ll l l- Ail hil .' ., r l I.he l,,a Oi. i 1,1-l 1ii I 1, T.. i -,

G 1toj o nt p t l ed l u I ll" .ii .. l lI 11.. .l i.1. .\.f oo .lir ..I l I i ..l ll
b. t0r.1, I.. ln .- i i ..l lh,. |.Fiiili.i[ i'r i 0ill .i, 1 Ii 1 ir hrI 'iu l t i N ..- li .1 iiL-D Iliil l.Tll .ri, hIL
I v f lirt in rliu li t T ld Ilin Il ,- -i.. i ll 1 n, 'r ,r .3 ,llr i.,.rr | .,,i i, [h. t,'| h,'.| u ll."., i, 1, .u. .. i n, li :

I- i. h ,ii o ,I 5iol- ,iiit i, *4-oj l l O l" 1 I i. '.111 'l 1' .

Ie e lt hi nrl ci, tls .f Ir l ., 'el l I tll' l i, i 1 .1.. h. i l i lll ,l .I I,. .. i l ... , 1 .. ,,
i u4 rh ,. i , r O oli ..i., h i n I lt i. I ili I I Ir F.i t, i i. 1 :,,, ., 1, i, l O r.. %, t I p..N. .a ]

l iluTh l no, l o rl. o ..Ind fo!a.lolnlo ', v Oitill-u ,..l 'laIr ,,,I 'l,,ht,1 i ,1 I.,iI 'l al "i h ,J I'i'll
ceibEo ins folrc o- he r Virg T3 p r' l fl ubicf in"oi tig i: np ,n i4 til r.... ... i Aii' .i ... d ., et e" ..'
1 u ntinr'. i hI, r o nej .p i\ u .' i i .i r ..l ,. . l l i. i .ili I ,. i.. i.. .i j i i ..
S hpau i ng o n til h Nor th r -.lupn, I h n i I r ... ..r r of... I o r. 1 r .. I 1. .1
oinj n 'ol 0 ili.i r f0lrl' 'i i i o f ic.i Iih' ,I,1 I ....11 .i l .0l. 'M *I ,.-
n y1 In'lt h lllt 0'i" ri. .i fL A ,h. i ..L iu I, o r f c . .\ l .i i i l, ...l 1.., . .r l l I i

l .,oj I o n .1 r a i b t 1 "' i. .r 'r ,Z .,,,. ,.. II ., h.l' ii j..r. i.. 1,j, .l
ilol I h r. j n. I r' i f c r I ill i, .I tl i'.. i . .n ...I ,
rf tl N.I Fa l ll''l ..I.n l r ll .l n i... .,. i, .
A. i s, i h. I noi ,h.h Ile r l ,l i i'.. l l r.. ,.i l..... i.. i, ,, I,,
rnt 7.t n'In .n' i Jm i. 2-n." Fol it.,:., r i .. .. rli .. 'i i i', ,,., ..f \ l

la onrd 1 pL r ll pr l, o f l.o j n r I.- .ha l .rrl l .,e Ti. 1, .. ,< rmm .im il .1L AID 1 tNO'L In' l .''' lll. i' I -
lnl s io '' Ln. ci ,'6 *l'.ri. .. ito f ind ,,h l. Ar ll .n I ,Ioo ,I .l ii i- ( Afi'X

S .Vt i .pon i n'hl0 el.l r ;l,. lo -, N r.f i. \i C f '' .\-f ej ".ile"'I l,,| l .if \ i A.l E I i i, M ING
o er taIn t sp I' I , ., 1,1 1. i .. I... .. .
O nri nod h un t I n lip O. l fr ,ll-- T l,, iiii l. iiii i I] rn .l.fin i, 1i ...r .ht--- iii,, f, l 11 l hi P r '..liu o 1i ii .." '

h '". h illi 'nurn 1.i00 f ri .'.l i li .. T i.l, 9I-l I ,1 il 1 f i'.

Ii n it L I, .i.i Ir ... I .... i t' i
. n i l I 1 .. ll l ..... I r .i .

Ie'I I Q.I l

in c l onei. I I.,n o ilo 0 I .l i l l I i i i.,., 01. | h,, 'r I.'i t 1. I .I .r I ,.
ahvi.tln n 21 h- o r p 1 .f 1 .. it r. l Ii, of ln M

Ilori Ano. l. r n ot a 1.'i ll P l .., I. .. , i I. ., il h .. i ,..i I 1
p ei lrl ld rl f .ll.,n l Ir t l l i. l ir [ r, .r- h ..h l.i ),' it rl.. I i o r,: ,, ., h.".. lu m. .II ' .' '

'p o lh n Lli l I l 1 m lll .II. '. I Til II I -. .ll ..l. i l.. h I.." .. I .l ti.l i.., m Ilm I1 ilI

iojrm roao o tlo. onb t ew 1 o iICii r '' o el '" f' 'I" "' kIl FLL .o..NI m Id rc' I
T rlrnd un r 1 rn rr ,firm ii I1.1l fl ,i,. 1 ... i. i.. i. l I h l i' i .. 1. .. l .\] i ,l***- .. il i '.n Ln '..l rv 'mn 'll

l f t t 1 i ui p ie t iy a i i n. h .. I ea'ul u . i e r lo o o,1 .' I h 1. 1 ..I wi, i ,I
n. l on r 'p . l I l t a on.n ooiro T11 l-l I n p.. i i fI.I f1 ..I' ..lI. i i I r. It '
on 1r,1 -"h e n. lo n i ,, .,f. o'. 11,,'1 c1 ..i i t' .. i n. d-.. ,i I ... i. ,. . l' i.' r .. ,, I o .... ,i ,..rr ol* ., e ,"'

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rta- t n l r oMI oI n .I ,n O h .r n '. n 1 rt . 1, 0 I 1.. I. 1.1 i . |,i ii

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0 h ,1 .. n iou .h N th n r' l l eb, o rf ml .. B iti n T I r 0 o 0- rI.. 0,m'lc .co o'. iI'. tm
flri I i, ti L o c= a.i. of hortl oal o i iT pn l.o. d I I m m ... ti I p l. oi, n .o rt. ....l' i T
a l o r I Ol u ,I ir i r tIIm rm.i e lo c ol o IL IP I .. lei l tl. .. a.. nm I. l I ,

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rho, 1 po 'c r an, I fo, ' no .,ro r IIl n. o r .r ..o.. Ic o . .I 1 \ T. I e nl i i iu 1 ..
r tlh l i -anl 1 i ,Io 1 1 , .i 1 ri l .. 1 ll l i I' ...1 B.rI . -I, I.. ....' .

i t. o.', 11" z Ca ii.llo h. t n. o.. .r h 1on I'.IA nd OO' hio .0 .1 .. o. i,,i l ...r. I l.' T .I, .iV .. ." I ie
ei y r, f r, he e1i d Ji.s. ... nh O, .. I lo ..d 0,00 r0 ,noly' a J '.' do i ... .. ..d c.. ..o. t c .B '.... o o l
u n d pertly span l sai of hi. nr Cooillo, Ti,, .. coo d Irr., r,. o .I I I. i. ,,.. .... 10l ]0 1 ,1 0 i.... I -i.di .1. .

A Wo noas O'CIonnor fornro log 01 .1oca h oco do o, 31 Moicoi. c.i O luc ou' 10.00' .f 1
nr hl 'ta n Ihe Ens I pacoy '', il ice'11 ... oh.. Noobh nIm -'f. I blb f,... .0 mmO tof liil o .r .. p'. i i ,1.

d1 fno reoly of Je Ni a ci Ch'iAnlbla o a'. o, F r 1.' nfI, or ,,int y if n I t .i .. 100 l of,' i i ,,ll ii,. BooD i' 'io... .. ..
noj,, e t h sl d J m.l. u oen Li.. r .. ...' h n o.r m oe r ipel on I. 01000 I ...1 I .... I
,nor' an.d portly ,po un l. n of I .... ,o oltI of Mo.ei O,, .. ,. ni i i i O ..LL .ON ,SI L. i .. I cr- .l... n, I.
M.. y Lool.. . I.. o iici t O'I'.oo nor b a o. ..U n n .our .rl.ely of llh o' .. o I t ...i .. PI ",n ,,.Io onI.. I, I CrST ,IA1"
no! o. e W ol o p..i iciliy uio i.'l nd lr r o e. d c- O 0 ul 'p ii I. 0'. i of Co r 1 ,, W,,'l d 'E L. 1. DI ,lIN- M
iorl o f hO, org Do.h illo bu.r l n io l, tloc 1 o t r'I' CIhll "' I rI l'mlI l O" tn loi g of 4 50 mm" .mil.b In of
Juir, s t.t n, 'Conn or n-aili ul' too Ei I i.' "l i hod I of ,ood 1P, 0 [.i.t .iri 1.1urof t"en Iiou I
Caurn Coes i lr, t o, r o 110n1,'i l ii llu, me, I'i, 1 r ,, 1 1 .. I o..iiiUii c, and t1 pha, o . Inod TInia o ..
1' L. ALL N D S IN LAR tho n oAl',c Ci rireUiii c I n.... I r.11 ., 'och "o.\ia I\1('1".o'' t oI s o'

sR IO cere al nlst o neilrCc on it. iiout upl n BCS OUU .io .r cininl of tho roto nil npo1 nails coil -o1 4
otainr on itoal t I fth in -old. l al o mairo Iu o n I.. Nornd h I onl .'io..l of1 ie r 1 t. .il oi ni . crl If o l

n n An I'n ter 1 nTh ,', h or t C tlhilri ...E l ,, i". o .i nu'r c l ,i s' u., iil.. Coo 'l I i. l I, oI II ino t n . ison .. ll opo bo P I ...
Ar oer n l t nof n upon oni, for c o,, l.. 1 bil by i Rilor ra upo. I I 10
of P edrt A lcinin, ri e t, ,r' (,l q i,, f'ouor l h ,,,, t rl, ''0i o '' I q of ir- h oon p.i.. 10 l ,..I
parre, t of la o d nr-l h rc o.1 I. r i lf NL 't :. .oin g 0.1 e .,r 1. roo lo,', ol I ur 1 1 ,.oo . .. ..

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fn olrf nL our e y of Macl au ob, o. file t..1, o e l-ands n ow io roc re m li mmo mof I ho Criseo .l m ll mlm
W Ist e r upon n it i on foI rl I o. it] 1.. lloa. ., .. .li.1 th i; .011 n h O i ..i ii" ni,, il l bii' ni r m ,
rn i R l p no 1 1,1 r nll CI t.h, uomlnof no. [. rd of N i... Di '' o 1 L...i I'l.L' .I. 1 i i o' D I C ll,('o,,t'' 1m
Ah lf.Lt R. CIA si b'nu utI n .lg flr. t i M rU, IUnA A .l.d 11" .t .i..I) i, 1T1' Ii e rmo.:',hl r .. IIr o i i'i l .r 'u, o.l 'l
e tn t o ddrcn. nu i Pf rtP uf 01 7 ,t .cree. n i no hrnil el oi .... : o l, .. I,, i Ii ir l Ih If S i..... l0i lr Ii. ,,, .. ,i
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odils on' ch r teentoly of ..Fr w hto st rl' N i io., r.. -Il.l i ir '. IIi Ii l I '' ini [,.o l '.ii i,.1- t I t 'l i l
-Jouhee or form nr 1 of ce h a'res. l 1 bed-. i, r o I N I. f i l lr. Ipi f liV QI
Di n b ut s os n s hru a o It o nr r 'l 1 17 WN' i' ,, i Iit t .la. I t, ] dorl nl, - -t ,, .I Im l ,, i, ., Ir o rp ie .. l .r

Ld toos neerl c fo rmerly f. It'.'T , uon 'illI co nea'r,.c ne I 10 ,, 0'0,l. It. ou o ,t" l o' f Sei, 1.. 111 Mi L 1

e no d W in e Tp inrl u on lah r eaf trl. N or o f Krk,, Q o f,0 0, ill " -1 It h I .'t) l e elis3- rir. H Ip I, I ee l'
i.Dt O M )UI'U'O' ol iic n na g i I. .,t r, ol o 0.,I % It r .. .c onl1 TI..P .arhnto r i,.,, .ntih l t i. il00h bU.i
st d ahlote n g uo the North Iia po iln bf.. oo ., %-_ 4 'lIo. "' oo ol .o ing "ole NuI:. 'l.. u dL l .'..t ,
rl r sor lately of lasrl Castll AIrt.- n ro"n, on tie hor M Op'. 1 Of I.I' ih. r o hic J of trto l es i-l... 0' 1 of
Jt me o t 'eh s -no -s Oi l .' los llo, L11,iter CeO ll ". .. Icn. L.r. I' Or ll nt iiol. t ,he re Te.1in nl,,ru 1.ii%
ntwile C oOr nr eroly of the Cror oni'Ln g 7 0.n,000 I' I 1, b. s1i4 TI- rl .' ,l h. 1 i .rta i2t O.1 fn h, ..8 ThOiM Sn
o eln W pa rtl y paOl t I asnd onri l os Tn' oI.lig no., rio'" 0oId p. on Is, liaCo hi u IWil rl. '" socl, i1,
I ta fonsrsos ly rou t rl)-sg rl s t ,lortr r 1n t hWes 3r ,:t ih1 n.0 i. -i l, Il., i-, ,.I' j...e I Of Invr l. ' l itai i l o 0.a
'W tlb'n Th It Th ee po rilw lo f rmeri ri ti. l'nh i nr, i .' 0 r tol a, I1n Ii l u. i ,ll Ou 1 o it ,if i"lu .l L i i ll
'lA n Al l AND n p rIN 2 l ToL, ot t f i runeli tll"b ,,r h It. ly ', 1 D .i rit ,r ly of i ia o i o. loIn er iiOO,
n r, r A. -.ite o tiln r ,, ..r .,- j,., 1- tio ts .nl f 1nus sai l -riw.v .t ,o,.-r. i pn the ,2

'@ 5IF h e el lrolt -li-f9.ain I--r "..B l r.iW M9tih l.11 .E l S. t'1 h uOi nW
!. A~l. ID fl..i01' A 1 hoe tio3 4~l(ilhi S{I N. Ui, p~. Ip 'hi(n ~ h irhlpnlill il+ l~~~~

- '. ;. :, ,-

t sDAY. JULY' 1. 19s4.,

A ARENAL" cotaininlig
s aII I olune-l. lf of la isu rre,
Ltl renboulas Indl
I .l i l hl l~o o ll .n il I

f o i l o ,n lhe N rilth .l r.n l uni.r
lI., or oA ,1. 'of 'r b.el o

iA he \1.1 ,..iepo ndl'

n r t IrI. 1ii olh Th
, II ... i N I .i . ipo t
-i ii i.'. rt l I I R '
'1011 .i ., i. .1l ino ,. .' .
P,. I li,, .lo lh 0 I i l b11 1 illob

. I. Ii. h -. 1 .. i'.. ,i II h0

i il .1h1 .. ill, . ,

l .... I I.. i ..I it
. . .. 1, I....I a ..

, ,,, , PI., ,1 .. i

i. I I., I ,eI In .I t .

V I i 0. .i I


e le 1.,. h, i.I
,, ,I I I. Io u lolt ,,

Leritl1n Partil ou Iiool it.Al'Cu.m1,l

S I l I -ll I tI gI :I a ]h i A i tli t I
1 ]4 i. ar, l r.i',k i EE L '.ii ,r .il
liror P lhJi .a *L.A V ICTOIUA'

.. ,ir l.j r .1 M. P'AW ll.'I

-f M ... L I:YLS ,, ih. L-n ....n, .i l. ,
\V, ..L l l.. l fli. I 1 l ,,ii ,.l -' ].L .r
, Er. .\.
.21 AI.Lt SI,) I.'LO L Ihnl

tl.. phlih t l..i n.ihi .l l:. CAR MI.N "
li.... ur I 14 ,1 M i'. I ]J:'.o .o

M . 11 I: I I i .. I ,I--

*-". I .I\ .\ ,,, ... I .I I, I l .,


I,, l .. , ,

ro iA '. 1 I I 't ,h I t I,.
i .. '. ., I 1.. l ...l . l .. ..
i. 71 fITH. i; f' I,I. ... I1 1 hi r,& a

i ,l ,l . I. I l i
I 1 \ I I' I I I

training 5 arrces 3 roods and s
30 prrched be the same more
r -, si tulte in the Wardd
ula 'Cur' in the laland of
1iihiij d .ielluihc', .un.d o l i.
titbe Il' lothe hl I llno ', 1 '11
1.. I ll- Cr. >'n Idj ilI It IEDH'HU
I'AILO NOtItIhA t irl'rln d
i l V'..l,11h, i't'. ftl fe li. ;J.
ALL T' .'HAT P'.,ril ..f lu.,l rnn,
heoinn w oo otr- i u. I : 1110
.il ill o seaid Or on o.f. .ch11t-,

b the 1 .ii ii li, ..ld i I ., I 1h.
Cri, i r iin '1', i 1 l

. LL 0 10U 0 'Icn i .. o'.I .1
NOR]lrG0. rcglili- il, iIhi Viq.
1ili L .o I. f l. i
SLL. THIAT Il.til ,f. ,1'i. ...,.

SI i 1 .11. I i
U,-lll \' \l l .e ".,..I ..I.
i'ii 1I i. i I

x ,. ,1 '- u. 1- 0 1.
h .I i h

I .I- h ll I I .I 1, 1 mi
r-,L -0L .' iIF P i ,,C .R
I? V 1Yll N It '.1


that in exorcie of the . l^
conferred on -nortgatgeew'bythe i
,1.anring sin. Lne of Psoti'
oir,', No 72usnd reotalusdt n.'
lieu severe Deeds of Mortgeag o B
l'Irit lhireerf tlned fhe th db1r. .soit
C'bllruirt 1919, rogltsored as O o. sL'
rf 19191 rnd mide between rBos P _.."
SMITH of the one part and THEn
.\O[.IATION of heo other part And'
ili,- S.. i.', l thl ri t nted the ard do ay
''f ie lih.ulir 121t glistelred, no No. *
'it lf ll-1 i n.l I '.iilc between thhe o
. i.I 1'. T,l,i,r ,.I D.o.t,hiielli Joseyih '-
...;l i .. th .. . i, part .nU lthe mild
*'ir,.I ,. 11. 1.l i i .IA 49 .ic.l. ',
.. . f II . .. i. I. .rt 0 -. r p l'ill b e '
I,, ',' I r 1.. bo Pi.,d .1oiiiui he"
I,,. U'1 i ... 11.Ij.... li ir '

I. i I, ~1 1,th k. of
.h to l, .** l i., hen, 'of I
A .i ,\%- D SINI 'L.1 t-.1 cerre in
i.. kr ..t rl 0.., u.U l..,
-f I- ..I 1. 1 O11' oi

S',i. l l. ..i ... .cn .iri, l
i .1 I
1... .. ..I- . i l .,
S .. .. 1 ,I .. r .

.. '..~ON1 .' .

IJ. DAD 1 D..10 C
h. SIAL iii IIi.-TUESi rht '.-3nd
D AY Or JULY 19-2j.
I i i i I I me I I. to
I I"' "' .. ., h .,e i

..1 .'' ,1.. ' ',.u,1 .Ii, I T."r1- ' .,o i i .. I.',1 1 1 l. "' .... I .'.0 0 i0 1 '. 0 ,i ,h
I ,.l. .. I I. l. ,.rli . h' a

.-,,. i.I.. , I i. "i . .. 1 I , ..l t , *-. t i .... . ... .

.I r ,1 . r, n . l ,
I I ilm lI-' .I.' & N )

S. .I.. f ... '. 1.I oII t .., I

[ h . l',|, .: .t'l .' i i . 1 1 1 , |, i i i, i, i 'i i i ', il, h \ LH. . r i l, . h r. .! i ',0. o ., r*.

h' ,It ,,Iil I 'l ,. ' l '
l iul e"h L f. 1 Il .. .- n rI i ll "1 ho If ie i ..r ' I ho i l II I I .- .i r .-'

t 1.1 C I .r "y f.A. It 0V.0
I 1 L 01Ai 1 L''' '1'-1- 1111411 1,'7 o' co.o.

.1 I 11 i I 1, i l ,,i ,I ,' , I In l. p i L i .i I ... 1 i ii i r ,

TIh A l 'l ..l' i t i. ... i ii i ,,l, l 11 0.h.,."' Oi..r. rh .. o n i Ii l i i ,i i v M r e
.1 I o t... I Il, 1,' hi.m ,I n. li. o i dIsm mm 'l I .Ir l l, 'm, ,,I ,r 1 N..... o t.'.I 0. Im mh,1 m,,N.I1 'I', I"e I o m .. ... 0J I ,, .

l Im o nll u e I l. Ih II II i.i 1'.. 1 1 1 '. Ir, c. , i , i. I i i I I 'hcI' -r 0 .. io .h i

I h. .uo' rto.f.Ir .Pe t 'i'%r[C 01a1.. T it ti ii lo li phc o u e toD No 0 1l iou-i Tie Bloc of
I r i 0 1.. i ,, b dm t l om 0 m m ,1 ,.Ti .l l nl I i i I. I, i I 'ImI . .IT i'l.I . m m,0, m i. .. m I1 1 1m Imm m' cut 't 'l' I",o "
h t ui.t .l i p i l, l 1 n l oh. t, i ,o1 lIi o .no o1i 2he A n.. h e
bIbl i CTe l f 1.rt1 rI i. r l .. T,' l, I ,dI h llh1 'h' ...L, .. P r |hn

c l-i .lO i. oh. l ih um ll l.... i 1 cf,.. ,.' ..I e I. '* e''i I ,11 .' I -'. h "i.0 .I I D o.I oot I Im I r-' i .I l.. er l, b t.
iler him l i ii Il. i rb q A, i r il '
io foore.",,l ke elll .i, ', i :.I l dn t h' I i I
o .lh J N', h ,' h ,' ,-li.,li Il,, h VIr.n i r.1 .r lo ,,, I "i.' ,. -' ,, ,h , .r.. ... -

Dut I .,I.b d . ci o mlDAY It J LY 924
I.. IOe f lreng -p." of o iorid e.TM O-1.e1 ,1It 1O
I, lL vlr N I 1 T "A im] t. ','ol ....i... i .I .in i'.' TCl.o.. i .. A1 1l..iE, A lD.AY T. l .. O.I... ... .. i ll r, , l t p
] I e,; l', ol,,1dm ,'. r l ],lI, .. .'l .. i.. I... r ',. .. ... .'.id." rlrr,.h,- foruI TI O1 SAL E D Yt l ,'U L Yr. ll A

)h' LA h Ih l l M t N i.. hue N ..r.h uI.. I .' ,P l'I-' .I.IN T I ..t ne. I r. ho o n
1 ni [l. It..1 ih d.' .1 .I. .. ....II h., f h,, In i' .rlo .n h,.;t -. I, . .hIl D,-,-

c i.i -l,, l ,,e !| AVITL T HIAT 'i. i-, hu ,,,l iMI f W', ;-. .. o, .,- .' ho Do or of St1- e
c t. .i,1.4.,t ,r IJ. 4V hi. C. D oh.l', 11 I 0. 111. |' "inr" I -in .,,"cn.] ,ig o ,it .' rho (';anna.

N MiF TBl I ChAiTILLO II b.ooor, o '..P, n .l ^ p e.h ; d I 1 ,; usL .1forr ngerTL h h e r n *
in io ln Th. ot l A n ii l.h hello io, O li I f C .o The A n in rt nO Firo per y r 0i l ind ain'r of ProI e rt y Or'
;, I f r th i" d,;'m ,;, 1 l ,1. rl. "1; ll,1 T,, ., I 7 h. I ..l ih. Rn Ord a l ont ed in t. se

II, iio,. t Icr h o l |no l .. t lr i n, I." o o ut ,'oir'll ie o dnd ne . it of t d t. i Dee s of 1 t. goe the
.r i ol o h E st if T 1 ,.1 nV1 olVn ho"o o C..o' .Ioi I I'otorLT .frso t I 'eooof dot.rl ed the Sl t l aor of
orIII~., litely c C 'fl...I i.dt"'I-X II'b. t

upor lull form', t tlnicty of ALL THAT Pr. ,.01 f I o,,,.lhnn.,' bl o, t o o.r' h int 1,, Beo1. 101,.,Loher 1020 o tedsorr ss No. 5o 61
... r,., 1 v & i. l 3;,\IL . ,. ,I -I, ... I I ... I i.t.-.. If ... 11 dr Ile J'il ..1i .

.Cll t lit b I" d 1 L0 te oM ., oti r or' loT- s I' l. T i t. L"ti if B en" o P i in, P Ep R T lo ,I e NA no' prt E 2d T d
abliffiltit C 11.i-`-'Miy C Vro n MI-F.&P''-dr lt reod 'Thro 'h the llT n

b.y le- ,L 1-o.i o tc '. hi te.: e j V h i oI LXIII I l. T P. Iv .l l E oot unhoi n Ie duo,' o .th 1920 Po w. 'l e r rn ;
.r. i Tmlr'll''ll l. l I 1" ri i l e rn V ',,,ll r in, | ..l ,11 f l' i.tin ,. %r... .l .1 ,, f I Iln e w t h e o a n .

i. tlt I. rin.tO lol-,csld i 1 il. AiL 1 THAT, 1 nri r of l.o T h1 l Ad d ioty n d itl nd11 b Ino r oert I.' lod 2 n l o n 02,1 cd m d e hePr n eert .s O .
3. cedsi n peo 00.1 io O ii hew ot o l ou.epinh PIDI.t NOTICE 3o 1.erhy giYen nee p ot n d THE TR AD Rlne t.D. tose

t'rl .e I to ,i i a onds meld h rineon t l.. erni arnid ,0L 1 ni ro ni I e 00 0l orot ANfDi Ar,0 LOAN AR'o MATION of
or ilt y f .II 1 cOhl o u. l r i .1 in. l p ,i Foocr Ion he u ln.tb Coelri 0 .r 00 cr f.' the .' r the othelrel t nther will t e Inl t up
S n ail o elerhly otf 'ini m nio ol' nI, T CI c i'iI. t'o of Title Inai Mil. I iorl 'f.n hei.i on Thr..f n .ln fo r in h ro rbil re d A et in .y thel
I' CrARI'RA.L n ut T cll, CI A ..- RIA Qh ININA 1 ir VA ned bON ue ltily l l1 pl ll" f I 0on hr leasle ond lo ndebetweenr QUIrtio M rt
0. 0 n ibuo 1 of ti 1,1 ,lotl iSNiLO OSCO. Ir O r l r. s alt eA IIr ..fle L J l.,f t eBioll ,s .i ,o e ,fr. anl IN.1, t..P ,PRO Fr l. Softhe e l Pomr at an t '
i.r 1 n A R I i-I hon b o. I' i nV l,o fC.X onI, folll 4 r .i Cn t S li ni'. l ilurni r lhad pl l of i n. TRIn' AD 1.ra .t1,ny l Ae S Ld d+O of
nl .I. Ihll' l Upo elt Ihe it. l ALL TTle P, t inel nt ln Iti ft e ,- ofi e lit Idl io Lt llo ell, 'n of rlll shi 0 Jul. 1_2O hAT O ee Ithe others f 1rt n

l u. 1 I f. r.rtly. o 7 R r fIr to 3in ontinnl t cilh I(A L1 1 re*en -he e on Thereofl d of Tted th ae18 2 pilt.
I, tu h. ,0H 1 0 t ie Lourt 1. tIieL lu it n e. i eorn T l sIo l l o 141. tICa I o Anpn IAI: fil Urd 2 l h l. dni *f. AN ove ber 2l tt 0 relh Merr a I
0 0,r1.i 1 T1OM"l A h O ahi o, i r ol C r 2,not del n f 0ihr, h hf i re r e .r t s Dve of' hsd st0n dr In the Yf o '
,' .i dll.rI bp ilI O 0i e AI'. I I .rt I i Ol t. IP 'elo r la.iia r n 'O cof. 8 inin th I nd t rot trI
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R ,1 mods' nnif lmll rtiolsrn i,I lonO '"lric i 2l' X XCiitu, 'i h the o'UBLt l'o 'O'uP CE1nI hereby g lt ven one part sld THE Ton lrIt DAtRn sl utI.
I lh, N, ortl h u i, i nti ldn a l't Wi Wu r a i Cnur t idellhentl d ll dli the 1 lh e Wh ill hI lllfi l l[ ul orpiie IP t .r.0 r) LOAN ARtO IA lION" o 'f

th ,"li ntIi Ot(ihN Il.q Ie-rl .uhlh m.oar.lhi t ,1n ooit. R t io n Iethc o Mlot, r r tih rr l wor th'rni and the fl enp
.1 i. Ii IouoI fl. h irl ir''13.1 IL r' il.T 'lr'el of b1,oo eon- n .t hI lIol. ,Il orl o o nP Thi t le Irn o bth .unore lo'r li ne nlle A auti oby the
.0, .A TIbLO rt' i li.cnrutil 'ItARIAinl I. IN oARIVASo Findl ,I0 F in l b Crio.o, I ba'i..luly IP2 rbih Pl .en the -I ''ra ne 's at o elir An ion Marki .

h,.i11" htrI l l ,h, il r r, liroNi t '.l .N 'Ott* 1r. 0.Citr P NI .ntithrli h r iour l 0 .0I of Oi ernuio n b'I onf 'murk' oh nro o the W.V e upe o rtsi oof
IPturoi.l I n. ,i 11s. no itolllvi- rin lino '" ,ri"lju' o51I 4.10. Pll.o 1a. lhn llino laro n i el'n O thf n-t n onl Tn eldahr wIth the hbad .dai 0
el 6i1' the..Io ol. I 1ns 7 LtL. TiTC', P r rel of land C'n-I t h ed pi oior land an) hy no d of in "s reJrl t1en h ereoi
'y\ O ie 1 Ircolt .ih TB LLO ro( nti ainio g 8 ii erc a 3 r eol t an d I CihI In rchu a ce a'nut .il 1, i l h oAle IlanrAd ho f T Ari, and A h T is 'gh '
S' o I1n rh Po to L o p trlee he tI c nr oro hae or lt sihu- i o.hlI reircluntr l0 i ina o -riole. uhion, lh.rc ANDre l N ho the sTAI MyRlohil Mert n
S .fIce fonthl, TA ierl '), m in tihe slad Wrdr of l rl dl elinele-1 to lp eriirpa le flt-oo rnno ,,r l rf Ter i of r m Pirl h h io tihe earl Trin l ido heTnw 1of
V Wen1 l. oLin the l tif rc 1f .1.l od dee-rl ,It Ib r ho po. tln.hPied N .44 rdof 1I.018 rIte l:i cl h 0 nhxe.I tI or -.aosd lmill0 iA iltnn an1d of Tri al
toh tlhil u,,IIhhoJ[' 'E l I. h i id oo l o tn 0tto et t 'In. t A CX e nWI NT'ER N' iJi ll lc l ]no lille l tic 3.11. 1.1iIf ilill.slir ig 1do.l1 31 1 t0 1 0 w o l IIfo I ,

il 1 u rroui f 0i1i. t. hi-n Ir..ilu 'it i.n rti I oll Volu L tI oCX n tiL f,,I l, eli perth eleo nf 'l I trlim er aliinl tain 1 r..I. i i124, 7p0 l2. Iot 0fee, t 2lrli 't4
.1 I'holmi 1:i n I'1. I"ARI EI.N 7:1. Plaull t r ,i Ir ,deir ita- s h ni l is IIhr : r We \'.rl TnHnUir.l"line und 198 ifeet, 2 ro .l .iid 1 i.1 r 'o L Tine IC. N.III, RT 0i1,, reg nIstered pI r'rolt theo Fru .s n irnutl I Otli r 1 it71, 1.174, '1 7 ltn, i nl he
m- r r= f o;MtI.liE m T In, 00,iloir, Cr'hr% foliohill i!f li tv ',liil .rnlI I J PiizooIll.Villu 'N-irth 'll5uh N., -1w: 352nd o'o a aroet

h I l.] P ., 11.o l1 l 1, f %, r I l !.i.l ir a 1111 Dpted: lthi, s 24th' hi ly 'e t lue, 1024' 15 f, l. Sllid. u n.fa.11 9 4i'nolfOl .I

i thy deerrhted on I th I t.3 .AI. T IIOAT .' Preol s of Nall W, h. roIi n and by l 1 o r rlod hheroO. .
a f lin eo nod as the West t..ed toii ing R part of the ,p aitand n2 illi, ti".) L a.eIOT MAIN, i i t ...Llie Thie l. .9 h

nabtl-ttnSe hurebybltore msAIl ADIAii' o';
Fall o- lig i-,heeflbofoo ,'I I A ADrA -

-- -i I

-. "A .I I .. -RR .' ; ...
4 to -- el.. .




Or T "E B .- l

, '' f fUPI

I(By At :x


on r Me .3 '':

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,C1. p '',T
L-'. ? '.S-,
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Datel is b
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that la esaecrtle
gmterred m d
- f, 12 ol
otmo Sr o. '

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., '4

2 wknx FOR W 'WSDAT THE, .t 1 V15'1I4D. P LIP I A 'I )
EXE coURTT T T TIE TE COUET OF :.1: 7 -'1E: ; O -n m' -E 3"
XD' TOBAGO I .iAD AND TOBAGO. T.' L.. 7,j3A.:,L. ji-B
1-, 7.Ht .*rJ1. i -. L1 y
i ,.t-. . : -. h L 31 ,T F. -l\ .*II -L -.jFr t,
r 5 . - -:. e t .! P . . P L a_ e,__ f-_ _L _e. ; . _
($71.41 J.. --.. ,* ": - -'l.P,, p 1 '.! B ...... --. ,n a .^q? g . -...* - :*.: .. : '-..*.:
T... ,. T -. . .: :. THOM10 A DAVTT, ELMT ANCEL HLEL team of AM SOON. an -- .
.:i .A : a -.. M O f r e f -- 7 . ,. '- -
I'i- i '.' "e :'. -r of . he r' No
-,' I r ";rI E *, I & Z -'
.,. : -. Art.: o I.t. : h.. :' .

T t
1r. 1" T ' -. .' :-. ----0t T o .- . : .. : . ..''

S. E* FOF. TIRSDAY. 2 A .' c -' ""'
orr JULY,_

r .I.. -T1' 17r1FITL 1.%,!, C- e'

. ,. . -. , . r .J'!-

,- .. .: , : t" " r:. '- . .i r .-. "o 1- ir i .. '- '. -
SIr.B IITh FaT -I .., in . FIE TE ' I Tz .
rl i a . v for -11 TW E H nlLer ,' .CHE'" T.- ..,. .-1 , '.
;.. .- ~.*-^ *M U iC.iM L.AD 1 ,' .n : i p s lh" i-=-f o' l' i "- r. '"i ". i.. "
.. r- Ir 'I '. ,tr_'r A 1il n .- Tr.i to I," . r , L_'.0-, .o'. ,_ _.M N ,_ .r "
. N E t T ;t, Ai DA OF JULY 1i t M% I-, rSi of b, rtra doeru rentedd Loun, i C land o 1" fry
al ER C. ',I" l i ,." B 2 ilt,.to as., ]! :.'. B o.n lh^ oD"f'. SA LE T H IS D A Y .
ii'" '- an-.-' In lri ."
o f inlr o- Bal "e a 'u' " a n Th r. n an C e for l de

'ti"tge a ty lb" Co Ba I1B r"f'trld ""Io I *".r lh, ' ,DA O-irtl Pprl-of-Ppain of ""aBB lh. T. lp-". Bi r a by Crown wi "h ii l'.y ,.'.' ,' I" OC
. .. ,f ffc : ; O i t'i" n"l ," . ,,; .. .. ,.. p n yh. Co -n a r,', il Or ri-o I.., . .. , .
Sth, h tt i A il If t. L m o J. O ALL AN D tIE ECO L THEREOF o. PinFT i MuC ic ;bi. N

.,prf i 4. 3 10 biid Bhia l E p,,C6r nl A..tioegr ". priing TWELVE ACBE. b th m, 0DI c.T "- 1
a bnt W l-dIAM fbrni,. land tt l M r um r o MAC ES E d d ,ln td t hi Ert-.' D! in i- L in" n '
"A ..'d N, """. the "-r". d. .ra .nexpird at t. e 1.01,A faIA,, .nd '',,-,"",* '.,i. i:: ,. ., D.' ",'t.- .L..!." "':
o t oart 'd "O 'A trt a ag ity, fe datfd t eh April -o the- ti. alg ia 'te] 'i'l to thc Cr.'wn Grant oit smd two 01ide Tabl'.- to mt ch
,ae tn tarD Y rd lY 194 fro, Ra."'"-tia' lad Mmthm dTfe1A M at the year- rI in lamAte CCXLI f olo i h T fIa.Bo 1.woodC laI BoolihlvlYit n.IL,

illaM *ft ra Age Yib rther lll be pPt atno for o IN THE lPR ME ol gnT eO and bounit d on tI he North by Crown land Bood iii a. an d Plae wr To 1 hi
'lt, Ihr Orb r th drg d Auto TRI"' IDA TOBAGO BB. d l and by la.e of Jo n Ctafie Tanial n D, oEltaric Iron. rokr

t of id DO A the To of u' t' o a llaRie on o te Eih t a.y Bt l.j. Bid'ro!n O 1N

." 9 Btt -f IDM w 92o. ol B0 Daed l 21 dro ,P?. Dou B. rblea, wi- f M r N |
a'lo e R T2AwtAo- T-ah -. B Aldertw ares ed Antl on ei a e, ..elend t p.ri.Ktt, ,i .r-ld.. ; i a
of PAr ertoy rdia. on ef eya mad to'Io3.. P rirf 'adBY LAETOOh- .14 anp tl3ff d a n t n and-e n Iflr rln tI Toe- l O id.- 011
,it t in t ,.l' "..m11f, InJoN.'.p, I L tdi, la t I, .. B4 Jane 9 4 T.IN wIDADr C oai Si e C lH lr as B i

ad dBdinse gid tf b 3 art H A 'or n T n o Pt

4. ba- c IiAMrl la briah Man a t I xntd M, a In d dellieated In t h Ernabn Dining al D pl t l
a .oe.I 't ,e thn.ean, .. .Chwt n rT 7 an hn do'ne No n, P d s A i
d e er b to o. d aag ew r a his ANlt.q- T ID T oBA rO 1 m ad b ad at DJan a Cam TnStand- .eta erflatlio Icon.Croe
sflaid I7ai o i..1t 1 i t T. B.A T.fl w.d .' n bGl, f on f t he Lna p "t a nd OABa I Ch e ,pra, Iofah ,T t agl.- ,
.Birdt. tE H A Sd o :Io AproIa OI0-oIa n l 3IFa. lnd ad a Ea1t by a He 3 ogeao.6 T
io *w i 0 to its t b4 h -'.idtt ".1 5 e t 'mg -lte LO'iS. JOH1 nac",Aand netucriwtir, oneernasDr.gTW LV CR Sb ,esr..O

an e e av. ana nR LRA O P n P .no, ediaodDi "noat g l'e.'hirlwilth
iiN'.r6 dtat e d N the p W ieed. o ,Ai- '. .ote rw TrADan Wf rh twro a id Ho er Chea a rmawh,

tSh it Wotn .- M o1dm ebo I nn ",-APt -, A lL I rt, NUo 2 RlcmbUI ,ll ., 1tli ea OD r A ,
da d ?fo S tn- hot %unded con TR I. NI DAD1NOT n BAGO w O1711- l aT ,'ds ton. 3ir-tal D-ea-l .C'hai't and.
..S .. .-&ityA s-n Rii snDiub .ttin onour in ;RAN 1 for balla .T PUntL %Soth('a ng h ,W e tby C row ewth fUbll d^l Mee t Sae'-. S 9.
in.. tee,,onoti loath by O n U .ds a6th 10thokdayof th," ateInteieoe20, at t h a a. a. l Due Ari Chair, ', t, ; springs h t w i
,an, l l a o f 4thdayat' Aals, 1 ,4y, 'dIanne fs. 72andJ e ial inert int. ITaleGard Eih .tand tool,,Patnarr, .a a

[;eSIw -leb" b a nt| de*,srof TtlertsV, t ]t S ALE "R al =ad r t, o he an Tr, wtesnsline nt and.
Gr a-l sbeX -a,1Ml thu -I-,., lan of'a'T 'fl t rn- r e o liso nlt re w Iot f ul el n gt h].'. ,:rm h,,In

yb q tt o $ a SoBt, .', a, on ordertof11,u14 conftrednnWA bT s hy ierrCl to u ate l asan r ,'


f n, iU II ~ l 1t a I i
,.t ,lt li t 11 ,lt. I>i (: ,
'ded. 'lt ,gi.', a C aouple
. L,, u. A aIn. cousli
Offlee:. 85 FREDERICK BT.


on ,the Marlck t

die.s, Gents BoS

S. '-, *n.-
... ., . '. .. s


t 'II
." . "i I
.. 'z .
. ; , . i .ll
. _, *
. j ^ .. i . . :. i -' .
,, :' -
.. . -. -r
i~~ ~ ~ h' . ;1'
.. ,. o
' ,- * . . : - ,q i '


.. 0 T



Grocery Dept.

Just Received

L)ons' World'.Famed

LYONS' White Label,
x lb. pkb...244
Do. Red Label,
X lb. pkta,...27Q
Do. do. x Ib.i ne...5
Do. Black China 9 lb timns...-7

Geo. Payne's :
Pure Soluble G0oco
-l1b tins .. 8c
FITCH'S "Leopard Head Ham
S per lb.145c.,
B.C.L.-LUd Compound...' ,
5 ib. tinr $1.
B. &P..IRaileyl Flour- '
per tin' 20c &
St. Bruno Flake &nmoung 'j
Mixture -. Per tin
Guinne Monkey Brand Sto
,P& pi'z24c. Per'do." $V.,
.Piano s'l" & ,' .A


"" ',i,'. . .... ^ ':'J

, tract
and I


FHETHXR it be a cut, brn or al,.a h
a festqed, inflamed or poisoned wound, er
heat rash, ringworm, ulcers, abscesses or
m-Buk is always speedy and reliable. This proe-
balm contains nothing but wond&ul herbal as-
s which literally "uproot disease, and soothe, heali
purify the skin in a vway utterly impossible 'tray
e dressing or ointmet, containing animal fats.
Thour-nds of enthusiastic users of Zam-Buk, have
'led thibt it provide: the purest, safest and most'
derfil skin remedy the world Las ever known. Be,
and ge: a cx from your regular medicine dealer i
keep it always handy.
S:le Proprietors
E ZAM BUIK IAAN'FG. CO., Leeds, England.

.. ; ? ;. & . : ,'" . ', " t

.-_ r : .... ui
S. . .. '-.

.* : '.r ..*


* /

;. IZ' 1


-r ---- s-

Tweed Slinftg s+
/ 6 c.I

Super yd.

Fancy Designs, Non-cveasable.
From 48c up

$2.00 & $2.40
M --ILLAD'---5


6-No Dancing
13-Sunday Social Dance 9 to 11 p.m.
20-Sunrlay Social Da.sea 9 to 11 p.12.
2 TSunday Social Dance 9 to 11 p.m.
3-No Dancing
10-Sunday Social Dance 9 to 11 p,m.
17-Sunday Social Dance 9 to 41 p.m.
S, l Suni aT' Soeial Dance 9 t. 11 p.m
-No Dancing
S 14-Sunday Social Dance 9 It 11 pi.m.
S 21-Sundlay Social Diance 9 tIn II p.m.
28-Sun.lay Sr.einI Dnnce 1 to 11 1 n.
5---No Dnineing
Any Alteration in above will be announced in the

W"specialize in --



Wafer o Swerage


General Hardware

All Orders executed with promptness and care, and to
the entire satisfaction of our customers.


On and from 1st July next and until further
, the following Goods Trains will be rin--
Down. Up..-




No Down Goods Train Saturdays, nor Up Goodsx
Up & Down. Up & Down.
Tuesday. Monday.
Thursday. Wednesday.
Saturdays. Friday.

MJ I I. .. .. As tlng General ManagEr. .


An Extraordinary Meeting of the
Legialuatvo r unofU will be held at
10 a.m. on 'driny, the 4th July.
Alirninistration Report' of the Oov-,
ernmru't Analyst for the yoer 19231.
Raitenmint r f Rea.Ipts and Pa3)mnta
of the Port-of-Spain Oily Council for
the vcnr 1923.
Wardens' Adialulbtration reprtis for
tia year 1923.
Order made by the Govi ruar in E-.
outive Counareil dclorinIg a
portion of tho old F'ykabd Main Rlin.t
t o bdlscoutlnud as na pulll, onid.
ReeColpta and pIuhownl. oat t1, "
Joseph and Tallnpuin Difriit WVt, ,
w,-,rk A thAotrl)y fri.i, lht Mii.h, 123.'1,
Fe 2;thi Febrniry, Il1.
Mli ION.

If you could see the
germs in your throat
if youv r eer5, could magnify
like nicroib cope_. a Flance in
tite mirror would show you
these germs actually growing
in yqr iltbroat, and poisoning
Is tender lis utre.
VIY would realize enm how germi
I eilk your throat sore, and cor.,

Tablt ke genuineurah&.
inp rlewh. tle mOdh thran. f Ith aT e

Srri- .f ooht wi he t A lln iA- oedace
i aEx s.ns. "a INGd rnMA r 5
.Cold S. -, lto-I rat gen mmbfansk
FindonTake genuine

KlilIpered Harril'
V i r....I .. Fci.mrlt*hr.
Porrk Sausag. res
A ,. i 1- %. na C. i a C mi.i,.

Back BacoING

LSreaky BacoTED.


Exs.s. "INGOMA"

Cold Storage.

Findon Haddocks

Kippered effrio' s

Cod Fillets

Pork Sausages

Back ,Bacon

Streaky Bacon .

Gorgonzola Cheese

Camembert do

Roquefori do.

Cream Midget do.

Dairy Buater.

All on Sale



Ne .r Leather Go6& s
From -among a Shipment of

We draw attention to a few items of special interest



BITS WI-PS CUtR'V C OMm s. o n oDv uR' slr.S. &s .i .n.
I1 RuM

S P r 17 A ) r N T/ -r AS me i n

We Have fip nu ,


Thter's a Reason
for lhi:. demand


TI J.... 'la.1% ,, '''', t4. . -." r LLI" "IJ Vj ftJAI'iI.t^ AND SEE THEM.
ni. v,.i... I hi .. ... .i t. * ..1.1 . I" H A _DA____________1 ___ ______,
II i ,, I ,
II .... .,tiitr :in71L


TI.. t,) Thlt. .,r br_,_,_I__-___________r"________ __________ .
i... nn ,.I. n ^. : L 5 2 .'>I'I- ;, * H 7151? R

', .r' ...t..l.:, .I .o i Present Rim s

..' IIIIoo, I r n I I bjloon [y r e-.IhI,
I I 111; li, ~lhl'l -I --r -- - -

I m a h , ,oon tyres that can be fitted to

expensee of special wheels and rims.
p i ofn to" I..-I .

fo rthe L o, l ',,n r ''-- rs' t"e p tant. ndorsemeit ll
S .approvaP and aujhory .
ein t r d. Am roie A.

SA e bu ihenvaluableessonsf theIrs of

ear, o "r.i. f ,ii.i t I r hyea"r tests and experience i '
I r .e at, "',llt e an pvro e Io
lo. aI 1 i,l oar lIuall' is now available at n bderate d c to
... na. fY i alo.aiy o f the ars n ow oi n use thout the.
I It oi n la t at L ...

re i da ..ole Agents e T h uA AGENCIES, LimitesI
.i ,,n.'" h". eho,,"l.. i an s hion iPhonyg 825 & 826 1 r 17 George S.h ree .r
f 0.. p diaMCI.r rip
i u... ... hn r [ead 3 .. ..F O I
a Ih era teofI00 teTis alsobuildingballoo m ea ns h b idgth b allo t can be p fitted to

Liitear,70for d the cotocth earpip-
fa ) TlhIfoa i,t a 4fi- e llirar approvusa ateind a the full advantages of boiloyn |

period of five ve amrm, with n Rtry m e ma tum f cost. -r u
att.he rte ,fE60 for te s i

. r. 7...o.. w eo aak d y oar. n tar

o earc, ia in th e loiatm nhit ,t t at qner poodyiear lests anda ex perience.i
Eh 00 ha r o Otin third wn e tiad 00',t .put n that a tested and o rose e low........rde ar.
fo rth h andfxible de t I bmllon re of rpreentat
art on itten.r who .i to ,. EntiAh I /. .

raIarlto e for,. ,, tc nluo.'n."t lt'S as on re l v a ll other types, the na ,' If
o ihC r f e G o o d year s t sran d s b r s upr eq l a n d
be. ffywtH o WT RET --with Ibdeperdabitlhtv."l

TI ar fir, Te an ad ... i. by il a ,/.' re.... .GoI "-,
o ,i,,d 7ip.... a.... h In. r ... h, I!Lr aL L.i n ai ll eI t moeae... st.
tltr "oad and tile rwl a rpi,-'r,,f -k a tIp tI

we an ,e'rhr. t a b ..iiii,le t om.. s oal Ie t e

oP Inmoot fIha n tr"r,,.nI srn'"in Ii

tull ,la. an )A belo.Ailrl al tI ninaderlnt r I-L
firm A % Leriia Inrni Ilainans l)rig
iawre : X. E. lIkil..hl; F A. Jr.nem,
II SInmal l & C. i LInihrul DrnagStiei
II CI.rlin Alo : A. H. Joreph (ThI
N... Iklapn...-ryli Tm-ora.. A G-,.in.
P , p i f iln. and A A. RI licle
Adj*hIlamy Hullil, H m el"dua
. g .;uit'i-pd orswtuhe, '
.. t

" Mother. Graves"

tALL 16d i
ital Uia i the appolutntm w!ilt riur

28, SaekTula Streal.



_ _

I __il I I ~ __ __ __ _I

- I . .

. .


.slL~n~e I 'I

_ ..~.. ___ r-r.~uir..~-uusri~p~~lrPIsp--~.~Q ~~




," T - . ---, T..E .A GuAI TUESDAY, ,JULY 1, 92

01O wr MBWIDA 7Q O TO-DAY'S DIAaYi obv that nY fur-G
GUAM" that tariff woulT
., a. lM I Pe. City agiotratem onrt, 9.3o a.m. only render the situation more ENGAGEIENTS
o .2--.. ..e wasfi M -w .. .. : .. .. .LO NEW YOBK laum 274. Jane 2 M District Court 9.0 a. aute. A point which wa - G 'em-
S., -S... PBl aa,+idW in-,ao. n.. .... W r Win- B Fremsade Crimil B S e" n, -.
' 'o n" B ". ,rnanutu ws jas .. m oe"rb n as i -a ,m .phasised during e qur e GoySrnia 4d. Go or i

*< ai. ant.^ ,os Ma. he s ere k m I Is Q yn ?ht Wna 5U h M Mr. Dataia Bys att Chmnr Boad, Si. was the testimony given by every Bae d aadeid at tt. WprdaIs
,- qtg t a4 t Ba _ -1 An. by M"eses. Drles. Ltd. I p.m. witness, whether stevedore or d M. L.
-*. S-u- a .,.-. ---ri a. d S GsA t- W E IuIAN. -s" .20 heelig I of the Board of, whainan., that it was not the Brig h EtKeadL Ia t
Sa a. i A sd Th R Nea u aa -- I IN -- bur Bad a Wnoodford of par with which they were to angr Grade and wil be
d Sc Wila OMa ne N u- I di s sati si dbutthei lytd'O h Mr.
a- a.dsla. ln H dm i a- M in heen f- CNi- Ls Moluts- .. I.AZ BuryrM pe r I M .m es ti s C.A. .1o p m to earn sufficient to live on at thav t Hy vii the Napdiea."
, Ca. ad. a h Cnarr:-tIr. Done Bouloge and BaurbeSlo o C Poeiga---T. .. .. 4.16 barrel I .i I welcome New Sereta'r. raae, oi. to the inrqen T rdy d b a
"-o -( a .el. l ttr in e,: oa e *1 nanre n Oi1- Swx-- ar *. .. S3.1- -. a per GH WATER and ounicrtainty of their weekly Offio at 3 p.m. sla hbe wi
y "r . .xn"sbyMssr. eire Ld Io
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P,' a.#. C -'LiB the 1 .th July. I32 Tpaheet lg PAID x DV1AR 4. DO -- I IPron 6.37 pn to 2w rt work o'ut isl t ,h irm ,tt hr Iand ngr- at oe
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-ntete o' n o_ r. Bogo ne weru'ds Bo blado., f'.Toonh, n Lore Harrson Direct Line. LONDON Jn 'J Olympic Theatr. tro.t who'ht in .i.lIn.u.-- i s .-'. at p -.i E Lt ~i e' r, L pr,,.
D_^ ul orf, T U6 toE*E s r--- Bugr- 7..o Pt:. C m-TL.. -. A. i t to riderby ihrb : th ..f i thn,- Iel Ti lrn ei
urs. Po C r. Te Royaln s A l b. for r i 3 3.'- ew Theatre Sn e ndo.) 1
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La n t S. P FoOR rm Liver a new TOh MOeaOt DLB F Er a o ," t o.. ,r of ,i 'ti"d th'e Pgli'

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Sani m r ri-a *, arn.t P r o tural .mstnrda Cue 't- n. -- jl a 'v. r rW.i f1b-rrard1 C Tru dtad Ci. .i. tim. t l Fi, E Ti Dil ,r. t -lh
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Ih 3eU r a h Js r s Iod n e mie' O R ri 1 ,, fr.'om Els t | 1 t 5,- ,, .l.. r,, f .. .. I I G O R NMr N ` 1 T H O U R- '
HePR RIO s.: a fto D.eT [ _si- t T"teme BMrii Nitn erUrpp:, Ir-as ar. L i OW on .a J" .ee ao is e t I dot M1. r -

S lt E !-:h J .- f r ,.,r P of. [r- Lo b. r d in
to ar', ..- : :- ".' :;,. -- Prno -e rad A at- r T.: .aki r-O: i,.- r J J t r : .-. I_ .l-o-rds to To, eia t a.l, o -ea DEATH S !l h, .... ; i.r .1 B ,
i.'l ..... .... . s l a nd-b rf r l Ion. [fl .. e' d e "r .P-aiaiar. ti rthe t "- "': aaA "
r lwis ,--.,ird2-. wV,.or I-ei n"& .1. Z-. ,I; ,.ot -. j r.rl l, l:Z t 1 ,, .,o. i -, it". -' 5 1 r jr of C..

-MNE LT- LI V E Ma.J I rr- aLRr A. E. B g. ;, . ,,,' ,... r . c. D" r t -,', i ". .,. , -. ., ; t.. e JIl ., , .. 'l ,. I, ,. ,

w .; .-L: ,.'h ,i ,:-.I .. ,j-..-. cut th, ,? A Jc oir . p x .n3di, Go -er l e-t. ", . r M erchant T?-a ', "- ,"- I ti-: i'.^.t. .1 : .':-':t.. .,'-,r r,.11 r. .,. .- r .-._ ..r ;- '._, -- ;* ; L."
Pser t- ,t ,.. I n e-., L,.rd t,. Barb., P]:,-nt = LJ rl.,.. ,. . ,., ., .. -, ,l ,. a e r,:, r..l l,., r. 'd d L e hh e : e -,- S.a
'a :io'e 1, aii, -Vr nNcwil m.-"o, 3 -r' 'll ,'11pluno pr.' ..-mcf r n: ."y
ft.o f t W ithoU et .aeeeogcr f.2e Lmr. fr1 New Yoro ant i DEATHS T th.

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I 1 , OIL AlRES Wano
a s Nteowr- 4' t-c Ir O ;L,, _.N r ,]-,lv w i, -T ,. ,TTne," I'rT, -, -r 4.f e -. t a

A ."c J 3"';, '," ',.,' ., ,. ,a o1 E S, ,. t r ne .... I ,, ne -., ,, , ,. ."

A r m.. L TL .m Ir r,.- .ad -to A e- oA -Vr n.o.t a v. I -r r --- i ,i .a-. 'i a. f ".' .
I T rs R\. ". cfa th t' ' ,t .t.. r ,, n a. -.., ,&" tCt ',.,- O-. [" """ r, {- f a, I din G rbrn eLnt e c a- --- i-
ula. 'j t:. B a Cb .' ".'. "Fl' Th Ro a '"".t "i L Tl 'd "d' L a e o. d )- il b, f M l 3 2 N T. L%, I r r j -i

--- T- "......d~.. . .. J '. T -
U2> ti s, ,a so, X G i .,-r-n .r ... n O-, .n L -, I na,. -. i) r t.i i,. r r. .. l .B I.,

,,'o -. _r o:3 mar 3 r... -- o .or. .,
,ith Ir '''at r1 -.-- t" i Te T n CL.nF

Sda ir_ .~ F. ,. . 1 _i -r poo a e 17 r ,. .I',," .
rr, J rot-ad j I a L& '. oI I R- -r I2- -m 'i
em-k -ki-- re l -], "- '%. U- r -lu d 11 I- "w*a1
withl' . 'rui n "'.hF nd CO .ag, t,. *', "2 'd.,I1 .," 6 Fca. 1 Colo and T laT TI .1". I" -'.0',a-. ;-2 !- t. -WN FM

S T- l.., ,. ATTT- R : DEMERA', A TF abir .l I _' O .'ern nre of and r..h *I rh Jn n i e
-",b . San. 1

o ,. .--'; fr. h .ir r n n.T :- ,r..e -neM ad, I R ody ). T AR SNG O u of ti wharf d. cear'. L.cau r- understood, 4 u r. I o. r, s h
rh a .-i ^ l J r-i ,' T p. .. Geore t -e-, .i rara, earlier Ii e e rI-e n Trri dad t ha only one .". r ` r Z-- plorer
tIri p e -- ~"~n- s mport and Holt L- -e. ''------. ,-". ,,-i"- ... .. ... Fr e "'b tl -- ", I sr ,,r : .n cu, J bP.n r.r d oi br. d, r r rr Ii s, t,... ear "

4K 'm ^ f r-ie. AlsWon sad Co. Ltd.-Agenta L* Veloce Line. w-1 n: ,he Gri P o sr O n Graeme Th.mson appoinKed a laced at t4' ,-illmen up lo the 111^ lor il.r r...nmuice. :

Pi) h m '-f T-r-'--ire =al S 'r n Pai o- i t<.! Ilith Jlir ird Ahstem and Co.. LtiL-- I-ta^Ageata o s.p- r i'i a.1 -g- ratSon clkw report fr ohe c.:ndll.n of t- n. alcweth.r 5o3.I W5h l.9| -ll Val,.y be br..r I hib.1 b1 the "t
e irrs. r,! f. r d .** n &' to d e Io j on a:: -, n e lcym nl an.'! rMm.: V F f .a'es paid i",,7rpreation n- .re 1" I al.l :.i ., i.. .-: Bur-
e C 1Oih 'Tn 3=' 3 1 N.t e Line M 3 o r US O M E XC an E by P' to >evd,:,- Ph'rf' n and Ia lhae paj -f C- In-u.,nal. S! "ender arr, r .,.1 ...i ,,1 0upc,

,Sl gar r.' s 'i Annei kweaf .-. a foD ws: 1. 1 il <.e iam d, f .r La Ganyr. O Alerr ill be cljsd n: the General bourer "'e-agd In loading; and < ,-mpou t n. .-, rne.,min, c=l. ,tISo b 1 .,- .rn n i walb i .-
irDI'r T acT.n C'n, ii ih ,r, .T t Co-.o Cn arn i p.t:bl--- oiHE
,.esoslcrr. d t- t :. .n ; I. -,'i L v rIIa ...e I 'j-'a ". .. r ,

C -T T. Smellie J. B. ....S f.. ----N--- -DI.N I 'T I ..-.- --- -in Imr

AI." ATRrsTt Tted T' l WA aT co' ityal Mpih-l Pacet u O.i- I ti e-. 11_ a O.BE. Atoney of Mesrs. o 0 5- -i----t It
otthS p -^ w ra n m J- frI Tm l Pi? Ct.L 7,1 1 ki i :,i G Ld., Crihw and J. Grimesa m i A T
Lad,---TcoL. '- ,, ," l dIW D:m11-'A Pi S'r" i Af".r an hstive inq ir t
; T*-Li" rl"T, du lo a rrie r.r or 3bo 1t t. J ...a. wI. Ra i- O -m- m-d1 -rn ,,s.tat as 10 pr -e.. j .| t
rar T. sr ir l P a e. s' .. pro-,.e . at,. m .o Ao ou>. d, Ia Bi radrr, p-pi, F.r L- ..a-

-t r with d-m _________ P_ _ LA^ t l'l-BiT OAs's 11.r? I atd MC*iT ls h .- r raa' ,-. Clo?d th- fact that the -arm Y r|
L4 AIT. T K .'4-. -1,r1" ' R. : -. u CL" SI,'- OF ..T.- r -P-o, 'h. ..n iL.e-,-i I -e ..t-. roftso

Ii ..' -a .o o.-- _,' i -''r-r '-. ta e i .rar r pr- i, th --- M i .cr BriCana Gdian. pInnrr shipping f firms no--d-only give, ,dr, ir.| .teu IL
..T ar. er 'uh *,' .-,-: B-I oB -,- r . rka olabo r r. SonSan avera e t
a Iar,_- f3- Is asIateo t Ie v! to - iL! f r .... .p t I m l 1-!sl-

]al _i 4 1 i i. a 11, ir w.. z ir .te k Co r - s -I I ua mpi trnt ta t plrl h i.e -ra e ith A
er.' , O- ,. n'.r. do. a"reJ Am m rs ., o at I I .m. a o,',i w,.rnc 2 0 0 go , Line' o,. St a- V A.le
ie s f r' E 'th R iem lt' me t r t err -trk r Or 9.nrlarc o fr fkeer t et -

L A P -?" M r
II Ci.t __ 51.r t .-i. '-.- e, fir ps-eger sad onrg fr h_,. C'r tha : tt 'B- r DEM-RAR ALt ebin Idl-' unare f an ht e.. lay ,A
". nieohot, S^r i re e-e.1er.. conh .?" s C" iie. la t o Toni.tal. iDeserars n et S 'CAN I.\" .QI.TT l''-' -ond A.. ^tool t P '.:. Vao--.I at - .h
ih13f-' -..e W | < Cll ie ptib-r be "t, t .-. .r- P* F'c* r id i ds t o I' 19151 ws. no a Ite-t ai ,-, y.e ate h ;
O[asTT rr''T'l s---.'nooE Coo r Co Lrn'ccmerLt re,.-d, it-L. OIL"CA;NADiAN )" \ N, o h, whA-rn .. E 2 I . e ,i t.-i. ember tl-da, om I p' 1-._;..-t-y. I.ent f in wh f dt-o ireaue h1 understo to u tu WIe tt . 1.'...
r. 'ai aen M.I. T, -. F-T I, l N ( ..o Graz: F-n CI.-7, ".h Pierc. I
that t'he Lidtl'aaha Ti oo f'ere. ta t.h Gl-a.hkd.
r j E II'CANDIAN NAfIGATOB" 0.t5 At ,a rtnei t o l oi tr u I, irm e- I be t
I ..- - t Ia- 3 e e -a 0,kep l.r a. eo trelo. [ -a-a. earlier in Ti ef H C ee1 . ta Iy . M
M_ K. AT .,: ft h. t n Veloce Line. N-om.t at th O--,r:,i P.r Otte en Ge-ame Thomsorn a--onme- a a totmn had Nthr? ,etiomna, t , Iu e-ha

'paekr b -C rr-,h'-ie iri o e f-nr. m P cr s--st tt, Jnt ar-d Akin sa Co.. Lit-Ane ., .7r t,'o not e ton choire I be T,, T A F A

W~m~ll toting PaLinn-e, Cere oa-I Mado. c-] b- elw-t at 1- Geareal 1the Supreme Co1r- the Hoos, t-re reasonahh7 and suggested P bIeenT rol-e- .tnt t hi, i A. likely

P-- r .ta p ..i ,, e auto T. T., .e-o-, Jitty and COo T.- If

-ew Ce-flpW~.RSS1thL. g...l of M,. Grimesfc
wdat, Trndad sad D en.- t, S and after an exhaustive inqoiry- lif .i lI'
"ay'a[ L~iucit. due o roeie hues on r aeat a e intat ui0- t t5 +-Osi. ".e-, majority of the Commuslion orIte
Ic_ _ u sub d- IP esgen aee pt a t Vs-a r, r.1011ng anJ 4 p.m. no lie 'th Iat'. Tr :_1 V na e ] Ib-

--3 i B nit i- Sir n_ od FadeIra the "I';e,.ae c-tl work to laborers on An average

a...frnR w nl TI '" t c i b o r mast., l rci M hi- e lend at the GeTe'rt Pear
t-p ni prcat. Nrwse'Ir -+ ping el a higher rate than g f I ap ac... r.Co l e t i

flI* 55ft -", P..a i.nduce. ment. td .. a o .or o
oIt.-b a S b T -. ,mb-_ .a tiny (a c ay wLo -beLotmre even to do ith Brs s C c S. n Ir e
wa Ist. .2 ee S sn m qit lAmlqt a Pamull m l- in eelS Iantl s wguiI preferreXd TaN-i- oIl T, 1' V-....i-d

__ _ _,,.te, t rCnn0c GRA N
Ths ..e win .. . .a ."n hiv an h tS --o fi.s ho a n
12 ", sh, tj .% P a I',. -.. 'es fir pasng r ord .nR fe-m nsa r.n shippng.
50"4.' to5T i [bie "a Ds s 'a 'e S sa I b r; 'asy" th, y

I.., e + - r -h L. ,, ... I % n!.i...,.'. '-',I.. ",.
S .-+;I,.; .. ...... "'.'.R .ails.a.'..I..... i". -,- at,'ces:I .b.o,:..urre. W..hat.ih- O rdina ce bad.b ',,' .l..... ...In ;n...r n".'i'.e...It



CONFERENCE, IN U.SiB'-, .......

Berlin,.Jtuno l7th.-Unlted. News. It Poria, l11s., June 8lth.-Eight per- M. HERRIOT'S INSISTENCE.
learned that the ,Uies ;utnd to par. sons were killed and source injured I
ipate in Londou it tho Conftrenet a tornado lhileh broke over Pooria EZPEILED GERMANB ALLOWED
Sroparatlonr ir -i tho Exp.erta' rorport aia surrounding territory early Ithi TO IETURN."
IJuly 10h. In t 14 ne t t d l ,nrn maenleg, according to available re ORDER TO -
irogn Minitor Sir ,.auI'lnt "I s prt" s. No trace a wet bound ORDER TO N L
bly Chancello,; Maro -will attend. ",big four" passeng-r train couldi bo AN NATIONALrs.
fouod Tho [rain As.s durosen at (Associated Preo- by Trinidad
ANGLO-FRENCH 6 45 a.m. TI, atorm's path wus t o I uaroan WLrolrs.)
DETERMINATION. rnlI c loujrg adL tlr al ifs 'Ia r I our
tho dh tos 't1uW1 lrtullun Of the City I Ii 3
WBLOYAL OlI A I NY NOT TO B3' Throe or four person t are ruiorL to I P inir eIrriit lS an, Ju0 u t.
have besn drowned when hoDboat ti that he is; d. -
On tho rivar front eapeized term Iod olt uL t leo Itli t t ou-tia-
RIOT OUTt ES RE LTS rof of the weather bureau wa blown tinue to bo yesuploI In' funoll
or UONSERVATVE. d tro o rdg t t / es lre. is
P.-ri s, uONe RVAi.-UttShed Pre.s. Thr w ed sThe trus O trt, ro y d e. hOLIgh he should bo do
Pfr. MrneDonaAl rtin I- have agure.-I with ho u r o a plosi aftr fdtoly hy f6 fa ntIc 1n-i tfii pi-t
it If oermanv ;p 1,,vnln. s- will ot n ],our of eherl di y spl, y. tI -
g sturird. ,t tilnt if sl, is nt drads of plate glih- wind.owon re (AsoJaed Pr-em by Trinidnd
al, e t r l]l not bc por-rIl h .t b k o .n, awulngs I from their G oiLrdlin Wirolesa )
a, Ni Wrei nt be lprarld ThIt fostinlugs and telenihOtlW an'l tra.'t __
M Ilorrirol s d', l r,,lo ,p i ln t" i lri llm d|to .
mabor of Drputl-ei yhtrrinay, w h lf In ilIr, .niiirI. ,"
ontlitned the r ,itfs of his recent -- 'h i ..,a iu
'tr:otliona In London asn Brusoel,. I tng fi ,, -nii r fI r i r r. at '-rn i '
Herioritl aln i the ,. i ilt. of hIll i SIOI RIE IN atp.. la Iroi-.-r f- ,, at, I i,
Ia n npep .h before the BSnate,. JAPAN hr b'f n cxfr- theI t o i,,' o, i
Mr. MhaDonald h lllftlIoei me thn h h--a Gt, tiiitn i.-nuil, a tri,.rA
ns Oermany gt- .ults a, URi GBDTO CO'N-r'I UE WORK. Dusncliorf Briigoli,'a l nnda n R luh
M nly proetlabh to r,:main bhfide ho --- faius ont..,,,l by the trr,...h,. .
ho told the Sunator. le OO.OPERATION PLEDGED BY ----
ed lheaLt s Ien B l.n. h, ha ,tIr CIOHMBiSTTAN LEADERS. TORNADO DAMAGE.
ii l, of B.lgi,.,i, in n uo nf coir 1 l'.hio, Jaro 27- -In FL of'
Sthe I'fu nh tn, "wpr.;nt rlI han o wi'nth Msn onr frTol tI, Unirtd 11.*T RIEPORTS EI.XA,.sIER,\T PD
'Ir tf e i.p- r 1 ,I .,v f on n h,- h v rti Jfapmnenc Clhriortian doiacrs
t he ritt. I ,irse riItot 100 urp ihd tho i n-c tea (A.roolato'd Pir,?n bh Tri.idad
oI n f TI lt,' 1-i d1.4. o, t%,e0 .rti,1 pdgedr, them Onardlno Wiret)dra
Mi ofl,'Dr, nrtlI l, Il tl t f ti hi :6l ulnt 00 lfu '
hth I ri orO in r 1. 1 If Ti J'Cr

\__ h I,.e rfeit [,ro i i ^rg l rl r h l. r ,
SlEBS MIS 1NDERSTANDING t , d i .. . .... fr.
.I I, LEAR-ED UP. .' r rn '.'.' I T .:
bi 'ii3..,],tir. tn ,:,i"7r i,-- Ti,, .- r . ii.I '. '' r f' '] "-.t-r ,, ..uI .i'r fi i ., l," ,] r ,,'j ,
Pt!rtiffrnu tr' i ,it. ,fia .- Ii,- autnlis to i 'fl ,l t r-' ut inr,

',. 9 ir i. c, l -.,.i r .'.c i.. r f..r f ... it JAPANESE EXCLt.. STON
S d r l 1 l, l l'r, ... I .rl .,,, h, ,, , *...l. .T

,. I ..'. n f, r. ...rr i STEP TO REPLY TO SITUATTO

?l oaln It tlh rrlv '.f inf Ihc Pr a (A.-r--rttl Pr 1 mot'n li t U. t ,n' TENNIS MARVELt "i1r I nnThea sl'"pi" f
M ^ lru: non Sta l'a,,fi ohio-r,-,,'.] 21.," 0,'[ n-s I'. N __ __
"hI on f I OF N Vi q1"',f...i '. t "'.f..Oi l,, OLY'Pii C a ol Oaf GA i..
P. nr.. i n n 4 i.. 0 ii.1f- -rm- s ---

'n i~ elc t ,. C MI,, r.l TRI.BUTE BY LONDON p_ I SB L-.--. ,; ID.,a l i .,.Lvc .,', I',,."
l.ohoP ". Ohl f' \ched l o ----, OTEP T O REPTL T, O S. T T t
I f -P 1r iu P tr -- --

nts de Iru rn i.m, I. 1, f 0"-n C"r ht r , o' i
SCTrd ofeA E OF. N AVYo ."i- ,T L, ..TE I Ml AR. V E . I O rdI Gi w0- e
rirsruifa-. 'n -inia tI .... ,h
billiioioilonrt, cff n t'm ro t i -.ih',,, ,'.N ', dti i flo.',h. ,i.Ioi l dc

1 1,n II T, AMASI ., O rEn.'r tl i- P 10, 11 R, ,.'^ R
OpOn ,e 1 TT ,I i in-,, i nio,' Ih JAPIN ES' XoCi iNS I
pgftsI I Fna :..l...rnfo. TRI'T BY L D P 1-c p no t .ii[ a.- ir--

o:1f-r pu :-.n t loon- .1A I out 0

mp n mr r In -i. Ihn hor h I... CS I WE D rte I,
WCR.EASE OF NAVY. a.,,.... ..... oni utal n-P TO REPLY T AVEs-

O r TIII, Chr .l.nA. her d hunard g Engliirana,., to th o
.OtR' O PO' r E-I A V I .\MEFtA men R' B inp hs i-d. r- -O a- -, 7- -A ft W IoO lit' iL \'Il i n, T _'.r'
h. G arrmO -Bpr- p.Bn L CI- 'E Tf T [ O N.
UI li Ot tIm I lb C R. if. I o. f n. an h -A- al .tor 1 I
u 5rs Di -d i opoth at dIBnU t mapLO N 1 rI ir t he r.m. L N C
onJune il .t Unil d Praea. A ,ledn oarma Mi mL h,: ol, n 'p"oi

ham T ,nIro Ia 'lor Ihl noraoe ea nLu Tonra i" n er e.0.r i" ionftn t il (AloOn tited Prei s by T iniIdd.
o s i r .r b-- al t. at r ho i ll re NIt.r bh.-fl re, prhep b ro .Gunri. n Wlleeo d OWii..[r).
h rroRT ret e h i, tc nld ,E r the band so i[ mrfcS b l rhe l Fr e 1
holshl t h rro annnond'onecid mlgt eionn r tosonno o h e inr o balrn .or .
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Si mle ,rh* r,- .,,i, ari c n f r frt ol H rRr cntrli trnr, aI ,l- ...1 ,- nrcI. th .. iO', .
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on rpna ing. TherIT r viroe" iA tAO I. LDon. __I.D
ISH AMBASSADOR pc li, s et.i... t,-O.., in ,bi.r.. ( Prit TrinIadad
L TO 111 Ihn n one......t. r evfn ta .. e b r O,. 24, (alosrdian Wireless).
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on. Ja ne G th.-Dr. D o, Tl r nh t r. aIt., r, .-,in rl.d in, i- .-..' f
hmber of th fellass,_" nco mmoLn, [ .f -- nto o Jnh -Ia. i, thD l .. d ior-il,'.

arsis, ruc. ni, .npra:h, n r- nP v oli
Dr oo.,:t ,- in a.'h.r,,l",,r nTh CHAMPIONSHIP. DEATH DENTED. n,

SlTorm f is CClr Il tlhl '" S 't hIT tTV I Arots.rtD Prssq her rt dd It
an ,A-T- A Ot nrdo:a n WDi PrLle m). ue .
GIW ,ri; BI LL. SUPERB O I rcDOM ilT OP1 l rna, f rnru
e-t-.P TOItID REDINr Wa.itr Ilopin h hi o o erk a lhe r' ThFO'-,, n,',l ,.f 1In c r ii .nh ho [lotlan i i
th __ich n o n lGaf CIra rn, ifp f f -a oh e c r IIl--i th..rrl.ih,-. Dirorohr '.I- t. St
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zOO itnOe' Pe ie TIMTuT\ GUABDIAN i,,n In ,h ahid i

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Th ah e mbr. eSrtemerts g m a iGo m th,rinn llrita re .t ntr I I tnhonen hir.,',,er, he ono, huocre p,
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iin ruig ,.nrlnnu a n er ni t s ,i B R I T o,, Oi l f-Ot.r nt.h' Ir I.h. r,' ,. r ortuf. 7,',.fk V,'hi.r'c A ,.. nt-
D tr sfrlinr e rh|brn trc o o r mI- utr I. ." ThAr ,:' I%, 1tor .-.ini in ro t oinni r ti wiTlm in u rr
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Pin-SONERS, lunT ..r. li ,n, 74. Iri s pityD herr
Gut ar d itlant Whir o uf o '
tand olhr Itol Il'tiit l, nders brforo luauo ., Pu r .'ti.a, ll un uflgmcn t re t a if
R I.EA PE Oh' rI tmNER. h e ndjno rn oo r t oaf Ie Dal one-il rinf r eel he roe s-re r i uperri e- ME
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Il ofit .? teae prime l, t nr s FI I'--ER 1OM310. DOWN o, h3URMA1r. a ,art.',n ot ley n,.r-h sIt at 1h0 410'
gale oi cid ilany erlmre. Ragc.n, Srne nh,.Jose S1h, -file- snorL ileot. On rha longl thlei, J orlontn

llMt. e i whether It w seon came down ot T hroy, tonere Barmlt oher ensnr t h wart out In 4t
45 bilolpe .Antl h 5tacC atys a me..! e rNewVo.e_ hnee. -. Whlrtmbe barowerer bad tohen a 41

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(Associated Press by Trinidad
Oadorlan Wlreles )
N ow( Al':,rL J J tu f
Aft,-r1 t,' hu rio ho ,or', f ,'-ne i ir,
fl, Drin., ri e IF i e
hI a l-i .In ,, r .c i 0, 01 ir. /o ll-
W f sotsn illanah r ,, l '... ., n 1..- I 1,, fr tirc rr i ef a.r c ,]i
Ft Klat lh TihiN a ,rit p p t-.
ed the mnat di' y rnL In con- n hi'l-rt, do.l c', o and con
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l i and in one or tvro i-,' a I.,. oli,'.
ntvrfirrcd f1 ,,h | 1 fl ,,a,;- N,
l' n T). I l k r l.. [' au i d h,.

nils by the D, ile,,.,,'; i Ly. T .,

clnitd Pie..6 by Trin~dad
-7. aI trio

O.Aif rdin i n irI i leu t -i

ti fina rI i o n
S ... , ,, ,,,,
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A-,o la I T 'ro P= n r Trn dad
OIthLrdi10 Wirole- a

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(A n.rtan.d r W trLed ntdI
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(AssocHated PrR iT TrdIONdd
G a;irdinr. Wireless s)

Tc. B ,rL i .. I.. ,,

(AsI o.-ntel Pn -r Trinld. -
On.rdian Witreoi.)
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p i sto tra. . . .... .. *I

Yop ta a 30

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cnrI .r. M l 'a r. ,,ii r.

n .r I r,, -,. 1 r,.1, ,, ,r trP 1 o e" .'
it', or -hr- -d F1 olr; r ho r b
TwN id OT S FOR Pr IEL Tr.. r.

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In i II ,,,r i ,irri 1-, fir i 'n fs 4 ro ton

'a-' hint.I I-I,." lno arlnhlh' ropovrr.

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. -' -I ; fL -



tAICHfEHS' UNIlON T T.L9. M0ayar o Z rrired at New j' VALTTABLEPOPT
ACHE.- 1 York on-Saturdy. FOR SALE.
n T U OP pl ~ C .l'- a plhle T, Mrn oa ad d ro Mr. C rown So
STATE. B"..itr -- ha- beIen diaeit'ssd "rom rho uror, will offer for sae by mueln In
IMPORTANT QUESTIONS RAISED. 1 ClIstl t b .r fr pu of the Ag ullura oll
TFOrlnr,.., srx-..en ertluable coroaphinll..,
a PROTL-T .uIlsr IN.Mr.QUATr. Mr J Bl. n i., Assetrit HEIr lI t r;v s' ral prices of land of
6A.\ RIES lur Maltr, v. bh a ho~ on .:k L. lor Johln I rd MeOarthy byhill a& -..
Thei follk..shg is tie, p ttt.,a .I ,h I '%, te, ] i,. s rd morn t : .hty Mr G I R O.nt l. at the
eEl. . I i..t...of e . In nl "e l O menmeut BIljdogs n T hurL "T h
.i,, f ,,, of l Ju,,n, ad. .. tr i I. ,r th Wo rds o
1 ., h ,'0 l ,r, fL l.iS l ,, hI] r I ,a h h, I i. n pre p n ,. .. up li ra rp o
I ,,;4 g o -11 coA pri a .
T'h lit r- .1. Tr ,If ,n , P.1.r, I t. l, r .. r ,, 1 ',0 l i n|-m L 0 Brl hil
n ,rv f, Sti ,ri. Niirg ,'r , .I. Iii nnlog, -i r.,I l a I nrilrr ro
i I..e rtr, Tch. r- In m T -, I l . L Aren .l,
I i. 1 r 'l I ,rl riiii. l i-, 1u i 1 riL' ur.I I t, S. 1 e r l -

ti. r p il.41 IL t 10 i rm n l i ll bue uiwnir ., d LT ;r. esl n.r i a n .n of the -ilantr a
.i -- II.... i r X,. I I fl If .. th 0 01011 to I F' ) '
*. Thor o In rh, O lb Pubruar, I, .r r- i i ol
h ir ri h.t.l r y ..rilu r i rPalfoorls ri l- rC- i 1 1V er1 1 s .. .
,fr ,hi I i* r ',iar 'o .. rhe .iten a ridl -r'e a lor of- ialy *ri,.r.i i,,ih. ,,, .. ', i, ,I.1 i.r,., phttlar

li* I hol gl l c i, ,- ', 'r'.r rr, llhol w'll r ,rt. ,,, a fI i ih i. tuh, n
l,., -i.l r r potp trri ., h.,g 0 to [druw !.1. i l l o tv tut-d b L .it fr t t d'r -i ,t". i ltian ti o if the planta-
"'ur 1,tblovu to II,,. a I" n f, L IQ a-d -ti, al:lId I a' I ppvars elsevhw ro in
S" ..r lea)h- dProduce dallrs paid $9 folr Etatles to d 11 1) G AR IAN
U 0 i r .- t. r 1. ., be grade of voon ye Ittrdny nnd $9.7.,
S f ,r ips ftr Ordiuary. Coconuts ftrLhed $17
.- I ... 1. i. , d ... r i Piud for ele 1 fr CIII and $ 65 nrrf Sir i C I l i i i Sr a ill presi -
i t ln-l. p i,,L Ii l,.,i .i tr ini 100111for oprae ov r th l St'ri Frn do ('ri ni l S
. .I ,', ,,r , ,' ,Ii,,i I o I ,,, Sllo .. ..A -l, l i ll ll n to d I v
r-.' ,, rMi, l' Mr'i' . . I tInrulio. ier of Way

S" "r. .';. i..., s t, l t lands '
J:, 1~ni iP r ia n* r -

,t f D.eDr. A. r Lange, Dn.M ofr a t tirtor ofth Olnpi a Ltd.
LI, i Ln'<. a. a, 1t 'ii h, ireturno a frona a rba os on arrivall rorl l mD ram n r n ulday t in
-,,7 II "... ... .,\ hl i lly in OW S F C uanodiain Carr iic thls..r ln gi rn .
Ie . ,i i rni d Duro' hii :lb alon, Dr; I. Leerikh:lmani
Sv, ,- M,. ,. ,h i( our :i d as T1 . . i t, l wil oindu t
i 7 .., dim-, n ourtin lll i .l of house iold fur
r ... l. ,, nri,. CLp Wa,:l n h 1' Wanta.FrOa.r.ltIFn ; fiituaf O 4ir -' .ft ,in.ino t, Church
l ii TFE .t torut lf o I, rs Kleinwortlh andl- Road, F ASt n 1 p o to-day.
l l I i ,' llplll, u anr tI h n froel sitn i aiIr t e r
"| ,. .. ..I. t . r I ),I i f i f 2h0 ,tl itch Iiu r _. i .. '- -liw C erk. --l -
' ' '" .' "l i nzu a. o -tt-ornlr I Tir i l i l for
I' I n l. l f tho Canada on i-o n a the ls. Char
I..,,, tIns' .tr piowiror alto lid to the direre on S : turl y nighf.
T I h, ,.... .r h r t, rai. ih 1a t ll ri.o nt w l ome i !i --v lhr Ci\
',,, I 'l. l*'1" "' " r"'1 (lL, r o ;, f h- m r
I t nt n'.t il, n The h n l n i A ani or
.. .. ,, . ...a..o 0' 3,20" r, ',, , iil,,d Ite t,,. ),edl
b I r- --lg 'T, i4

i." .. ,' , i 1 *' ,. Ithe for (the Blindl sires t.o n'lkn ,ow hdgv nth 12 gil ,- ,ill I'ev, uL e,'
l] I i.i l .,t hl, rI th gri a I nsI t f ., ,1ul n lkS (I the li C
,-,,l' *I '.. .m fit ', IIt. .ho roi-.ipt of $49. 2 .oll e' Th a l :i etuini d I oTr0mn CiUl
S. .l. .i i ,, .. i e atirno i t l n ilr of t r nbor To dado l iv ati r 'VSt'dr r-v wit h t11 oxent
Mrils- Iii .Ier It miltonr lof ;r,.,ln I ill t1 I iidr lini t, oI and 34
S ha -digl ch, 42l i s t i Iia t aiiinTar t

WAR MEMORIAL of Mr. FunnTtul Lulky ngiwthll e
Tinid ad Leasehtnltd Ltd for damage The six T oh;agor 1i ght loarsi Troop-
7t hi, loti n enfultvruion w illtt I, lers under Captain T J. Link as well
Sli ldr'r, hn' vL-t111Of Lhe T" INt salurnd. a eVvl x-me~ b -r-r,--o- the D.W-
DAD OUA.R DIN .. emi.loly t. who took part it, he War Me-
-old alt rol1d u,',hi, .ors lr who T+Iher.-wi- 1 t, Irmeetiogl ai thL1 "Y M morial unveiling Oirl, -i auy oin Rator-
nara l t o priroehl i ,--Plon (,s- t' ]A tlall ton ni l at in q.15 o'etlothk rodty,'sMlod fore hi h homes i tho
ieirdy crii d rpoitn td a MI.- ,1 W Balln 1 the ntr w BelI8r' lar-t night
'i lhr-Va.uLr iO reomo y o fn Th tlot, W ( I Pr ,niman, Dir
I.l [i. U.,r i di l l-,1eav rt, t ratr- irito T, ,, v, 'itiItg of thi, ddn tor af Agriill ,lo lg11 i gleve a lot1tll
S ot,: \11 tt 1 l hrmti l l'v tlai-h ey l in illu tra ted it, ,I,, lielrh ono So-
WEEKLY rurdl ,y ine t ,7t- Br, Itith Empird
GUARDIAN P ll wI rp i o, o ucess which at Exhibition: Ii E ello:,' eny' the
tendfd the h offered af 20 per oent din lovernlr nndi foI-v W j-- wit_ b4
Price 6 cents. L o t If T u soling prie a the portent Oint. Pri O iiion will bo
management of the Canton Trading to2 aand 1 ,Tl proceed" wfill go to
rampany0 announces a further atlndi the Boy ,oi-" Vowmblhy Fund
S, I- i. ill tion of 5 per rent thus miakig a to
t tal disnatuit of t2i per etii allowed to Sorgeoant :n S,, Acting L ane.
S i ENu I purchasers. ICorpor s I TI:,rr,, and I H S :ll
I Erl rweree and(' Const:,al.Al. ]d r .i :, 1 1 N 1 J Best
r.I M r lessrs h N ll:ig, B e., .It C'. H fop have bc n oru, k Jff th itrni- th of
h" tod lins, r d t lo-i k, s .., the il ~lc',t I %r ,c tr. H narrdis a
S ,.. i post gr:lute situdtnts.Qf thr:,Inip, JTames hnvfo-dn grfntd hnsw i u of
Sit ria ollo of Agriiultit w 1," i s' il is-1. l -i' t 6 f aor' itim
r ... ..f m.I .:- mnit t for E"Ontlanr thi afternoon on* ttwir resvecti-e. hil-ll l abi !n ,l-'"3Qt
_..l i ,,.i they appointments under the njvirc Pd., and 47 2s Il. peti r ". .
p* o re ploy- Africa.
S .. ..i...r rue Theo R tl Nirth'irlandis West dia .
,,,, . I. r i.,-f,. iomal 'Morn l rs nr+, herol y" inform ql that f ail atrumer. Venozzuela. whi-.h arriv-
I ,,-,,, I k, r, l ,rrkers, woinrls -to the fact that His Excellenpy ed hert ye.torany morning from La
TI, ,,n .r. ..I.I at ,nes the Grovernor'R "At Home" will be' Guayrn will lenv1 at 4 p.m. to-d y
I I r.I ..and ihl aon at ih o:ft ernoon of the ith July, f or Barbados. PIl ii'monuth, Havre and
,.,, r T.Tr-ho h i meetinoit fhoil'e Trinidad lField Nao l Amgterdna m taking enrgo, passengers .
.a-f T. .... ..... ..t nt' fituralia ts-- Club, f0 ed for that date and mails. Pnssongers by this steam- o i
a",. h fil, ', l , r, ir hasI bo en pow f tned to Friday after d er are requeoated to note that tWe
f r,.0,-i, -fTr c T ,'c herI noon tho I th July at 5 o'clock at trie l h unch, Silaky will leave the Light- .'
1 r,.i not Royal Victoria ITstitute. ho1 lseX, TI Ir i" 1 rI i nF' harp to-day
i 7 f ,.,, ra, n o t0 "d iif0 t bagage will
-, ,, i h, f ..h. i,- h a thte bers of the E tIndian be received at- the baggage lign tor
,lo .,re ... I ......... ,r -.nai .of rCommunitya and their friends are c r (Queensnoa. W trfte not later than 11
l l. TI orall invite f on e fd to witness the pria senJr c ar'tok this morning.
n, ,,, ,r, ,.I r de inter 0 tion of thie Farewell address to hRis
r .-r r fit Excell ency i te Governor and Lady
S . .... ' a' te TrWI eson tb'3 ofth tha E atndian dato mh c eeln excellent photoggaphsi of gthe
a-n c. r P.r --i- '--r'-t e of t'einairos of Trd inhelj rtthioo ar o a offered(Q or Ile at lPtere r. & onLtdh

7 Th,,I I It-I O f a-. the E education 1024. n it toi i hor nf 5 p.m.' frame this morning.
LloardI -,n ;, -irf, ro [ 9, n Itt ,wtther
4 e l, num e n l y i n Aryh"r'se ,
Uo ti.i ,,,hr, having eommmnitted hale
(pr'itr fa,_ i, re-i hh1,1daokr. .nC ed ih ()Strnzof
7. t....f...C...1 de thI c ra... ..t"i 0 -I4adi t- t f p M. I e n n i ng.
o, A,. ,.... ,., ,FiptBABY 'BNU NIE "BLANK"ET
h I I. -n wh 1, ,, c ,
1 rh r itid w, t oio lk t Board-
qr-I ,s or lrnor on ,o anlla0 er.
,r, ,, n.,' ,n I, WhiotewPtter ink Design
.el .. ':f-l f--c. allIl di; ,or in t bd I Size 6in. x 48in. il 80 each.'
nalintlrrin their r"ooRts Ilorrin1r h ISize 32in. x 40in. $1 20 a: h.
r M o "ll r, 0oI ,yliyp cc-ral. I
A Tito th ovi runra on, ee .trvtt In r I
aolI iof ,,lary of t,. f f s'",lia Ri, White Cotton l3'nkets
harn a Iig.t of app
Ilnnourblht- tlhe RereLary af eStor. Fancy BordNr--78in. x 78 n.-- $3 00 each.
lut by ttc present Codeo an irti-,1
Rehr, Taooor nrt-lvang a sfryltr ,
ppl, not -n ro Osaor. t A Pure oolBlankets--White
S. That ,1nmre oi.ld ht hr or era (Guaranin eed)--60in. x 80fn.-$4 ro each.

oitre. .If there was any ey'stern 'f frir s htghr grade ,rheala All 0Wool Blue Blankets
o rower or v'oe sorna as the cI'unrI'
htwo soortli--n Angliran Edueniaon
BDard nal n Roman Cntholi Edtrt,- --

heaL- Logul! rto. GLENDINNING'S
. (Continued on page 14. )
,t .-
0,+4 .

Tflih I M 1. l LJLDL 1 iU LJ LAN -r ia1,



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~AZT POTSOM ATERIALS tw til lOl5Yb iL.- 'Me aliwanedi 30. Thai 0 ~ n wM4 & iieat ft to thae ex thn f.,..

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FD. ~ ~ ~ ~~ taea pIe- -s thee mi orPysca o iet-
e-ar-aek at the J=uTenwed.. fte rgd rmb Q ae ) hy
%.NI)_ 0&rE AG M 1: ari tjRm.w~ uc 'ihTelaig Kelsa aepoe tp6tSI h
TIM & H M AT .4 I .. z- 0 &.a.s ma two. incm rl od oio t heIalk .Tey nw Iti
azooua Roqcu Jame Wlf.sdn flu, aj KIlret
~~~~~f~1e Cquffillv _____________ foraa h t aE i~ adl ofona jama. maduap of eseia a
----frtr*4 Enlad PZ11 .V rl. 0Zumdy o tpaf n svl&

*f MW 0 41fa ~ d iN lwl n b rrl6

. '* . ... ,- ', ,- ,'. -
-. ' '" t


TUESDAY, JUTLY 1, 1924..


And Offer for Sole

.7 TAN' KS

Batger's Sweets




ne with a v
al, Bronchi
"rhal -oilmen

I included in this lot are the fol- O i-
lowing rnew lines:-- o. al _l

If Cu
JELLY BEANS lea&i ..
I JAPANESE MARBLES = Druo _, .... .'
S R! I LE- HO _S c. Stores.
E "'"""LMONS &r ORANGES l'" lll""". .
T. G..dd : ....

..% Pit, -i
A" PPROoMAo_ O ._ . ._--- ..s...
.. .. 7. ... L.. ,. .rrr LTr. LV" A.
Arr. ,r .,rr. Don. rrin Tru. 3rn.. ., .. .... t
u''),0 ..n. Trrinrr. LTr.r u m.T. A Lo Llu. r ...... i ... .... ".
RA^P .. .. y1, U l '' .M, u 1i 0 u r, 2 "I i 4 du e "i J* C J-, 1 . ,2 ", 3 |
IVtoAL 1 J J Juy u .J 2I. .I
10 July 1 J .uI j4 July 9 1July 71 July 21 Jerr' 22 .. . .. ...
S n, -,-l- .OW T I.S _- .... V N 1 ,,.l _. ,,..
Jun 2 Jut 9iz J 7 July 7 J 1 J 3
vyu r V Ir T R ILN ID A D L L Z IM-b ar o Lur uby uus it 6d a blowi '
AU Puspul S r u'. b0 the "y uitod SotRie8u Consul.
All pas orim 1o,,t e .. y I uf, r i ouin rof stemer.
ruI 'fr '-u'. r u m 't,1,rjo. r ..r, r. lu ..r -- i rnD..'; ifr. ., T r ,,, ,,,, Crr. u...
U IR O b,. .rY 1g r pO, N ED-Agents.

NCHOR CHAINS ......... ..... .

Galvanized and Black ,,.. ..
Halter, Dog and Parrot. i ,I .
B . .... r.. .

Galvanized Fencing Wire. FOOTPATH

Gerold & Scherer, Sucs.
ne -58 -8 South Quay.
mm% Af TOR- "hn rllf lr- li, .
,'Phono 2109.
w OiiO A RILF.iI, 000Dq,-IRO:.MONnRv I-.TC,-
I Ilf ter ltri.r r i, ml iroh Qurny. 'PIl.n 20
I ONDO N nA {-KH nY- .,) ui S Lrho l. rI'.i, .
1i 'ItI.rOTT S H'TR.KET LHAKFRY--I,, L'rhitrilh mlrrl,t

0N1.S .K k, ~tYiflPr Os,.'PtI.r 4
CHIIOCOL.ATY, rAC.TOR1Y-62 .%borr~reuihy Arreit,
liJ'JDN1'0O2T NN .Y LIraii.l,,iiRtreo't. Phi, rni rt.

your I
will fit
all it
fit yoi



it from us. Order alIl ... ... '" .... ....." t
M illw ork from us. It ,e n... ,'.. i ..i,, 1Jiess.- i
. ... v r I,,dhi-g ,rt il,,. ]OO C lean liu ess."
t exactly. Aud best of '0r. i Mr... ]005- Service.
r,,,',,!],, '- ii.. .- li, , ,,.,, ,-,r ".,u 00% Q quality .
w hil lit, in cost ; it w ill ",,..n;i. .... .. t. Jr00 Valiu to.
,,,,, 1.1 i., i., I 'lmi.i.r 00% Satisfaction.,
1 .. ,. i, -.t. ,,,,, F I Five Good Reasons why
ur pocketbook. a. '.....i .rr. .,r-i.-.,- you should buy your
,.,,, ....... r' ,i,h. f"im, in.. Inxei BREAD from us. *
1-.4 ,,,ji, ;..,..t ,:2 P' U PURITY BREAD.
4,!, h. .. -r 1 Ii t It is the cleanest in town.
TRINIDAD TRADING t r,. ...,it,. . tte oi .THE.
TIE WEEKL.Y oUARDIAN 'Phone 7B11-41 Praie Strmet.

John Hoadley & Co.

Tennis Rackets
Price $13.50
'THE DON,'Marine Square & Chacon St.

Electrical Work of every description.
S Reliable Labour Materials.'
Estimates Free.
Terms to Approved ApplicantL.
': ..

F the medici
tue that
-ahid Cutoa


_ _

:jr"- r=jr=mjMr=-17r=-3r=-

.. 1


1, ; < /*.. ? . -- ,- : .
all good

.I 1 don
iI11 f I Ililti I--.. . Pil

T I P A IT '['I O O t

1 I iA,, : Ii

1;., -" ,I .... .

UNTON DANB OL PNE (An1- osivee
X t 4 e ,, ... l. ,. M.... I ,I .. ,, ,_ ,, .. r r peren an t ri t


SDANBOLINE (Anti-corrosive) ,
S " ""' ..... I. ,, 1 1 1 .. . t e, h h ''n s b apie d i h
LAGOLINE: ( A nti corrosive)
S ,, . , '.... ,, ,I,..- ,, ,. ,, ., .....,h- Price per gallon Comparos very favour-
S CORROLINE BLACK: (Anti-corrosive)
. ," i ste i '.i ,, r.... : i ,, Steel work dries qu lckly, covers well, nd
I ,, 1. .... I lr ,,, .,i l i f.- tho ow t. P 'ee oer owL $17.40.
% l..,* I* i f,,r, r,, Jr I, .v[.w ,,, . ,r. : .. 1 .] Coatings-R ed Bootlop, Black Topside paiL t, ,
S, ,I i ... l.... I I [11,. ., "t, I., ti, u l wu always ept on hand-Theeso are guaranteed
I ,, .i ,ilT ill lrol~u~rz I hir.tro, p to e


LL '.



~-1)1 : I


-- "-..,: "-.:-'' ''nix ,nI. IAn GUARPHL TCr A JaT 1. 1tM. ___ ., J

IV._ -E-M Al His regorio & Walters Brewe
Keep he Gras down with 2 W Comapary.r e
W E- A D CABLE Ca. th. F:s -ish TANGLEFO3 f FLY PAPER.
SThe Latest hscnc K te Arets -.h ANT POISON. '" aliers' "SPECIAL' BEE
*e FOR YOUR w UU. A.These Ca se Ob.a nod Go 'RO YA L' EXTRA STOU
HOUSE first Class wokm- he Cheapest House in Town.
;HOVUSE.l ship GGara.l2c-

e r" : .. IS ..HE TENANTSNS ESTATES" -: ,
t -.--. -, : -: ..-_ .. -.... ACCIDENTS thocola

H, J. WINTER..- .- Society, Li e, COCOA.
- -or. ; Ths.l A., a result of
-::. -- "- Pemu .rys expr nc i
S. 11.10 o czticn & man.uactur,

-- 'Ii " '" ; -


,..NDENSEDNL N MBER ONE. -Mi; ar.'Lu r cus.
MM. .CR NA. L 4Imi 4)8

S": . -.... .. IHQOMAS BOYD & CO.. Limited,

S\ . .' E U FL'r THiE
l. V_ ..,
I Ifl. ( ilC -" I IJI.rIE rc-" aitr (7 nrr .. --'


. . .
* .


Our Comprehensive Stock include'.
" TY"T ., ,.- ;i,..1, 7 .. .
TT-EFT L S-E 1 '_ f. M .'fB1
ThY V.'E F) B N SP\ L


Twtake a Ch-ance

~~~7 .77...,j

Why1\ take ucai wihac you snp0

77 7 -7-.
L -3
4 jj
;-r'-1 -, L -O T.-I

w r"-' nrifr IIs 71+4.14a i, ,.-u .'
g jby with I-oure ':-i:' T .'rfI,

SO A P -im z4t 1SZP a 1, rf':t c L!' ITa s;
am anI brlf

11eIt. itt17mmmof1 bu I..e ISr0'P' is fself- I.C. l] L z. m
.,r" L

advertised-bye- disiwg -.u mi- ...,t-I-
p f -t L- 1: '~r

gT F. PFAR% L~dL, LONDON.b10IR LAX Of- .R- I, am i! Ih

.t 2.WI '!ic-.w ..~.a... a u Z-4. M T.qk. flk~ U h. MW -4 twilmstlthi TL,, 2, 64sra e ~ ~ ma u
S O A -"a! h rb.4Bb!- V. W-Mus 4qtFa-fw e S lt --t ir C ltd.:--a inn. wal .lift s-raAS. a..
X -u O K. 01% h Aa.. a Iu hi u)d, a..
-Tic 6- We 'nfl l l Ahu .*Anb i.t tb-y y-ef Sd o

IuqEn aee S. 3 cmps rw-` uwnvmln
I= brWO V OM ". op W a.. .'l n. ,-2%,1 - itOras .5IleXke

A ~~ ~ ~ udz, TuAB It.~ fhflc' ibm~U 1 Ire gdr LIP ne. trr~

2S. .t. S... t...L... en ag S Wa lbs a t asOmits
wz' -w-7- sl hMIeClr t-i eaA Aiw -30. 3- nu04ta,1m

146Twi im"-i-Ol
Lk".-Oft'A 01"aw XmqTjw" ipam 148ml 1._ 11, b`irl rr~ir- 16
mm. c-r Am W&* rr- Ine c~r I.Act! s
F i' I -I.. I 1 .r O-A im 1--fe. ll and 11;" J=Z. rk

GOOD fffic 3"amrk kh a *w w-
'Utme "WW-04,twe am 06 Mrs. P2.1" 08ka-,.4 "w
-4., ., 6 : -15100 dir A Iso
X0 -T .11", wank 0.4h;~d ~
Mat " dL thil69jr. 0dm hsarGed. -s
'fi ON11 UUkiGitw b l w. low T. A.~
~bd~~lL: : ~~r~.~am lo lill. P
so coo& dill=. ClL I-
IILz ~ e

.--.. ........ ... .o

.- -j _AMATEUR F___ __
o .- EAG

. ... *. .S

ACCD IR T.eF. A. and theu
*- CO- L.T :- Cm -..r..",a.O
., a-- .. i. ?, .' : '-- . A ... L n f" ''

,-f ?:.. a : ...? : I
S-----...-...- .. .,

KMAXI*| AffililtIed to &
VB WE, -, :.. CU .Ig
COU T BONDS, Tri. ... ...f 3 .t
"'r- -( ,* R..... c"nM.h ,',. I
DKLITY. -o -, ,- : M .- ,l to :,.S

o.CER _B !rr. ant. |H r

M-,E VBZ,,L. UAKU X,,.

p mmgjt W Km i '*lpt 1 --





SS1vA yIOFblL I'A-&E

---- IJ )-JWVV



Every Day.
I - ar=-lil-.l---l_ -r =----.-----____y_ a

MI =1 F-ji I MU

-- r ------- ep t. Preoo dlng to
NO.RTBOUND Barbados, St. L .e.i
OA-LETUR 12 Jully 12 July Daemr'h Donu.luia, M,'ntrrat.
I Antigua, 6t Katt.
Itc,0 July Bermuda, St. John,
.,LI,,ONE YO lIy L asd TBakifax.
T IBBOUND Bermuda, & Demerarn .
-CHALEUR | 4 July I 4 July Northern l I
CFIONECTO I1 July 18 Jily lands. I
5eavy Baggage must be delivered to the Compaul 'a Lighter at tro
A Vineen Jetty bilieen S n in. and I p.m. o:n th, d,,: of mtong N rth.
Srun .. Only hand bapg.Jge wi l Li taeiur on th Tender.
P aaea ger~' Tondo laveA St. Vincent Jetty at 5 on sailing days.
All ceilings subject o ,hg without not'i e..
Passengers are request I to Pee that their bng eS. pratp rly labelled
prior to shipmnct. Labels ,'U t In obtained at th, oompauY'A Off0 c'. A
4 se egers' banggage should b~e in l ,.rt T he C n y .oa i t. p t ti ru.rpon' li .ht
SI eTickets ll be i I t i tie Comlany 's Oflke i only.
Passenger and mait oer i.: frnm New York to Chtrb. rg, Snuthnaip .u
m a il IT 'm b u rgg by th e pi pg nai luxa ri oue ie, n ,ti'r. ,o f thu OQ 1It clk s.
Pare. from stoh.o up.,

Just Arrived

Morris Oxford Four Seal ei

Inspection invited at the offices oi


A Morris Car Never Wears Out."

'sweet Bread'

This i the name of the finest

day. All Bakers are advised to
give it a trial.



I re)) no ra.'. n-w -- - -m -.a

^ \MARGARET ELIZA 91 illCK L' '' 1)@@YLC )@

OlE ,,... ., islinclive in Appearance & Design |
M O R EI....r, .,i,.,r ,., .o ..... .,...
S GQOD e have just retei'ed from the anadian Fac.
., .1or'.and o1r fo1 Sale
"' Iev r F,,'-'i,., I i,': 3 6 Cylinder 5-Passenger Touring Cars

l ........1',:.. All fitted with Four wheel Brakes which ensure quick @
Sl....... ... .. .. stopping in an emerg, nc and without skiddrg )
h t, r i, IAr, AFE FOR DR I'FR I '1 it. F 0,TFlHFR C.. S-
[,r ,u.-Ar AS'.I GERS I S,\-'F F ,ROI DL A.GLAt-Collision
S" . fUGG!NS -oCQ.< a..0-|

; :3 a i m n of 81 yeirs of nae, but sill enjoin1. life, i2 . .
I t i e L-kvin interested in' tl.e sant oriesi
. '3i ehioe, ae i3-,rt li a rt. atJ'h raa.d It. 5. "' i. .. .* *- .T .ALP3.
SI r i ir like to about my own ex eri e , '. '
e r., enieriiaii the Royall,,a11.B. Cl. BI RMUCTIONS IN PRICES OF I
%%; ., cui-id e ra ll y r n d o w n w ith R h e ,m n i > nd RT , iN O O D S
No uririi,, n:iI tund reat relief in taking Plinstferine .nce .i F OODSTUFFS
Itfir. ^h ,iri I feel tile pains beg_!i.n nf. I int t tke a ...
o:i coi ,,ec,whichdoesmemrcgoodrth.A an h,,,,,clse" ,: Owing to large stocks in hand and
r. ......rand. I .mt-ep b-,.,t on,,, ,'... big shipments expected, the undersigned
.a,",i,,i 1 i,r r ot .e a .- ,..., -..'.f hirm have decided to reduce prices of the
I i, ....t -it ' .al 'l"' . 'follow ing from July Ist:-

SSFE R IN E Flour, Rice, Sugar Salt Meats, Fish
h Greatest o all Tonics or ...," ,,," Oats. Bran, Oil-Meal Corn-Mt!, \'Wrap-
.... : "o s ^ ,. Debili Ne e:',gi s Faine; Main ie.... ping Paper, Fine Salt, Butter, Lard
aI ..tirnci E *t-rnlhy Wekaou i: L .iulJ Nf erve Spphot AlHerm. Er. ,, A.,7 /i 1
ia.. i....... aS. urea.s.i.. lm N le i .. ihn um.i. ... .. i ... om pound, arley, ago, etc., etc., etc.

Dr \ "M , ,, r,.l LIM ITED .
'- Ir M. F. M i

.i- MOZE &CcOt

... YESTErDA.We carry a Smarf Assoriment of
S n M A t,.,F, T PIT __C J ___I____ __
MV IO,,_ We carry a Smart Assortment of~

,The morning toilet should be the most
'refreshing and invigorating of the
day. It will always be so where Royal
Vinolia Toilet Preparations are used.
They "key" one up to just the right pitch of
personOd comfort and fitness that 'helps so much
to carry one through the day's work. When
buying Toilet Preparations always ask for
Royal .Vinolia.
Each of these Toilet Requisites plays its needful
part in the toilet of the (wellrgroomed' manr- '
Royalty Vinola Shaln S3tish., i Spelal Metal Csse.
Roal Vnot.a Tooth Paser. in Thbea
Royal Vinol.a Sol,dified Brill.antin., in Metal BoaxM & Tabs&.
Royal V.noTia Ta.cum Powder, is .

, +.

10 .'. I
I ''r,. r I :, ... lu u v li.. Ti

-1 I H. .!. IT' It; Cln n p i.%2

Orl-vitry:l.-hlniag fs

Pei.ntiul: Deep ir, fish. I
I Ordindry:-Benhin, salmon
S Seareei-T'nan lde, .shtunpg.
Mlllet'tl Worm Pqwdersa Bel"lom I'il.
They inmmedltoh" attack the worniu '-
Sad expel them from eR'e system. They
,are'complet In themmelvof,'-not only'
,a a worm deatroyir, bat al a'highly i
ithe dabllltateod" nyalems to he llthful-
I' ae.waiibhoat whil the gRroirth of the
Sohild.will be rqlnrdoaid Itli e1ellua .
'tln %weakened..' . *

for Ladies and Gentlemen at prices
that will make yon buy.

3 Pieces Fancy Tweeds far Ladies' Skirts.
20 Wjite Pesian Lawn at 15c- per yd.
36 Panama Hi as at lesa than cost.
12 Rain Coals to be sold at your offer.
40 dez Men's Merinoes at any price.
200 Gents' Straws at 72c. each.

July Bargains.

S ,,A.,r

: .' "-E.."M ...

S-" --

i?, .< .",

_ _~__











N1rrrnTIlIA V .Iil f L_ T-l

(Claxtizaed from page 1 Why Your ShTould Use The charge for inserting these Advertisemerns is pr inch A REAL BAAM.

I insertion 60c; 2 insertions 96c.; 3 insertions;$20 oe...Ist. k
10. TbJL-- I!-E UW!DX PTZI r EMPIR 4 insartion-m S132; one week $1.50; 2 weeks $2.12; ace utori"losudtGs
ehHs1 month $.00. Band and Wife Notices, mini 1
point'n R h f C,.:21 1 Tim Whichmum charge $2-00. g h ,L5 hvn
IU U U*T)IE 7th OFTill' BIG 19 Ed 1. -1J_____ ____L-
Payne s N, cars oldI IC oy
with rIs -.e SALE BY AUCTION TO-DAY 2; SCOTT SCEHIE STRrET f,,, FLCf ur'tr1,I 1LIWI apply
I .Iv urt'li R-zn `4. Ann ii'-,I'ln
--v rr6 rildad Cocoa. Dil- ilsilfrDri4LLi-ntecueo
1:-,U3 l ri.iing I!, ir n~~n x l. I' :
Tonight to Thunday...5.30, .'" I I 1.,.1 ..
S11 ".1,.%ro! &Ej thew bwole of bLs i i.. B.,~.ii~~ 3,,. 4.2J L l
T I Iii ,lii.)d Furnliure.-
on Reason No. 2. 64.BS I ... F

MI El f.Ir -in. .,-- or mom. Apply S-14 .o. 3I. ,~ I
The quality of Payne s Tr nid ad Gm '.1u. PPtY r. .
Cocoa is equal to that of the most r-THE MOTORaene Jun 16, _____ N It N

1b~ ___________ ____~r
ROCKS 6-:~ ~ 3., . Al3Slr
bals- But the price is very much lower-.A.. _ __ _ __YLoO C .L r -------------
4r LU.C QJYTr or rtsas STREET .I.r li. .31~.3. P,~ ~m
...ce~I '~~ 1 6 ~ i'l -eurl'-. t.. !J, NOTICE.a-
(jet a tin and see for yourself. ep
r n btal-m lc I t,, c.~ 4~ 1
a f I hE~r~~r~ iren' le ~e
..'rrb.r c 3=3 y 1u. r1.aeii ra
I T.o.. 40 T &EDE cr m STREEI T 3~I .;ro

333 ~c ft7. LORAS&l O 8 33Tflz '. ___________
EI M 't m

hli ~brrmf. t-e eurk-so and~m

Son, o. '.q) iC. .i ~ tIe ~~T or, 1 tr l.rr, llR ~hlll~ ~r -n T-,.(
'I STor 13 O S1 t .TVi! t .

P- '/.rI u.. . .nod-:

Pr., I I j'w.r I. pan2 goda ne No 9 ii
iii i il. StL&gh a t-. CTLO4.1j N
PRIDAY uS .L.I~l i~3*l .* -.,. ~~3331 ~ *'~p~i' D F'Uatair. t Dm. *33 r,. .,. r1'. I
7AP,'ak it.droP 13. 3 I e ll
I.. ,.. . i~~~lt 335.03.1 i,,.?1 _ __ _ __ _ __ 31e

i'll. _____________ .. ,1 no*t.3'' P3--.,
-lI .. EW THEATRE (S _"aSi CRS 1.1-Lii ih'jnl.i P 4T1fT

1W. ~ ,,r ~ 'l P 'Itm1Dets Dsc:. Sra-A.AtE UNTICU rE17111171 K I 3 Arsa1 comfort-L~t
Refu r .1 h fl- B ardng Loue y _.-r, IY 1", W 7
___. 'I "i3PP3.F ' U'1.1A.t airh at Darts r3-- far I"i* 31.-.f.f7Lir,.,. cs
FRIDAYE N C .N IDJiltl.'U a3 st.01.,4 t. 1'I *.- W .3 3.sI [-, ,. .3 3 'd ..SePr arsdf. ,j e va' .'t of

____ New P1164 WE'NARD 'ie1 Mi AD 3;z.31 ff. 'r.i"I
10e .13 V3A1 I WILLEifh.11,,nla MULE AR'1 (7, H1...S.NES
Ic r. Wadet Sho v 11.
-- ir-*- ____ ____

1witII, Ill- 111 ioh [3i.,iDrggi. __Su __ ___ __1__1._

f I ICr n Tt. Ue. h PI ai .uP,,i mcf S irsrpern e .1 erve -13 i.

oUt siil. el b-311.- -inI a 3*3* 5.2 p- d olati-a Lb.I...-12 lecg3 nor u1 .3 's.ISp .r LaiI l fI.o.-
T :! h'. %I I I" -Ifl' t e.chake 33333,1Valhaop .

SOU = PN CA s N DIDATEp.11,..i,.-'n13 INroik I ODGE CA.- T1'~~e ~ ~ 1.1 103, l pth '3.1: JI'33 di 3Il.33''.--w 3-'- f- lm.npssFa
- Terit ~ I one. a ois.LIs3tfl '.' 11-i 33ii115O 031- tr wi 23111 103k 3O,3III L., of161. V t1 1iCben at. t'1Ih 41 53 f ons 1U.. ,ion andmeh Iqu..- r 'Iti 1a-
IC5 I Ifiew-5P roll 'sizilr LEON Ae.iRD 33
1911- r~~i1 he 130rtt ~ ,, ~ ihim I..-2i.l n., bet n al n a 1, sp onot:Litt F rr 2t ry.I J i'hat d,'. .; i rI Vi
an- r,,ard -aI!ile toite-aalarI -f othe I-t;j arl'Wtlligh mad left to too M =e CARTly L A'IipD l, r epo' rd adEI 31 .iS'' J 0e 131
wie d 's 05 e p ea ra -ioo t e ps. 5 eo A 51z5 g l ft ne t a w ,! S e a ILLA e oi Fl lt ,1i iIrl e La ht.- d RIt ICEvh- i 5 ror a n 7 4 p it r lv
ofit.nan"I 13 ...I.3 .' -. I . Lj I. .re...h3w-a-.1 r-lf rogor m en anr33ob ln A Api-.1. Apea t te are f 31, a u-i Gi-o I. 1."tr reif .4*0,'3Laral iftisn t te fee k, hd1) t Ain to.. .4 rs td i.ix- .T.'' i h 1.A I3 hI ii-B EL A

I ind __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ fil 0 ih .it' t.r__ ___34.blo_ __ __I___,
ar te h.I nheaj p r- tI rtoa ahoal th,,i r.- a t heo oi, eeL. P 13 -r I el n -h- Ni, f o e t t 3 i ~ ~ Tos Iut f e -efur f
it I E "," t c. I .I a PKi(tos C rlle t ~ ni s a l~cm i t i- A t h -o k 0 1 111-.L to, hivLlu g i I ea d E D6n'.o C sfm t U h p3 3 3. f t o r-rh oi o o

I r J. an1w iat baTo,! 1 6d.].--.r or J otun e. ot.
10 tus Ie Code ot tOittreo-loltnOfVroI
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