Title: Trinidad guardian
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 Material Information
Title: Trinidad guardian
Uniform Title: Trinidad guardian.
Alternate Title: Sunday guardian
Physical Description: v. : ill. ;
Language: English
Publisher: Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Trinidad Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Port-of-Spain
Publication Date: October 2, 1923
Frequency: daily
Subject: Newspapers -- Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Trinidad -- Port-of-Spain
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1917.
General Note: Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
General Note: Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.
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Volume ID: VID00492
Source Institution: University of Florida
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a proposal that it should encourage
efforts to produce nn internal conimbuse-
tion motor bearing the same relation
to Btandrard typeb as the stenm turbine
does to the reolprocating steam engine
Some progress wna umido with a aschema
designed to effect thin rfbult bilt t'he
outbreak of wjr lint oiera. It is in-
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nr ia -

omnS g to mention three popetviBNCE.
ShsateIeat of aair Dswrn t and
lThe prowith the Registrar Arthur d
beforeillby Mr. V. X. do VMrtanu at the
S iteelvr, foran an alleged mor hmeanor

under r the Bakrupt. W. W Ordinancstrute by
omr.tig to mention three properties in
bl the sta tement of affair e a fend o ant's
filed with the e fgistrar wa n resumed
before Mr. V. X, do Vorteaul at the

pThird Co n th Jly Mr. eerdael..
400. WilIdam Savary, Acting Soli-

cir au too objetiar forn as 'the orm-

plainan showeand Mtoo grat aton xJohnst of
K.C., and 0. T. W. Wortll nstheructed

by Mr. Ivian Henry to whether the defend-

fnmdt should not prpa other

10.o one which showed a smaller
. Defendat attended witness'
s ifor thdnce a purpose snod at no tmed-
t i trustee ask, tet or deanything be
S Wrhip: Who is; the frut int ub

,ppstateminout snUt bJqly Mr. Worrel.h
r ga ook obj ction derthe y ti
mpa ug showed too great An c'nces of
sse al over abilitiesnk There whas
10moidleoussion as to whether the de-

tane on 7taned J r hore w e to co.
to o which hoproperted a mlly.er

Worship: Didant attended witne tht

.Johntan, I ti.nk you ha.e star
ost for tha purpose and at no time

td a trustee ask. that anything beo
do. *ith respect tu tho two properties

atH daria dsf and C.oorite o
S' Johnstin: Mr. Phipp.

,T tamumt CUed by M Mr. W8ary wi
SBsaidk he could rot say i)y th-de
B Manugur who jutted dcwan n ii

Lon o alteent for the coviden rae i on
1a f o other Bank Mana:gers. That

r. ao in t e Youar hic Solei to Co.r-
eur property. *

Wr I n. e SicItor contain tht
'das l ein thN matte.
And you ay ou cnno tell fth

dsaendant wtiU give evldenefl--t say
Sdo inot Yes as it dikno nt bw

hen r yo artled to Mr. a iey

Sm time coudi n ayrch 1911 th-.d
t ant would give evidence in the.
er.a S-vasr In uaeh olcitor?
, lies he Solicitor iestruotingt
And yoau y yo crd ou tell e their
lndtorant Ywl b give evidence the say
I do not know.

'hen e you artled to Mr. l
d you became a Solicitort-Five
Mr. live was defendant's Solicitorl
And afterwards you because their
4rhtorl Yea, but principally the Es-
Did yol, ast for defendant's 1amily-
thq salo to the Royal Mail Co.t--
on usilsted In it,
.ot' therefore knew the transactions

id you act in tepeet to th mo t.
s to the Building andt Lorn Asao-
iatlon-Thsr. were two mortgages,
Bi on defendant's 'individuarproparty
ad one on behalf of the family which
o you ineou7
The one that mortgaged defendant's
interest in 50 Park Street and 11 Dun.
onald blrsetl-s--Y . -5 ,.
In thee two properties defendant
ught his brother's interestf-Yes,
ills brother's interest -which he
t from his faitherl-I think so.
And up to the time the receiving
or was made you ware the family'a
eltor and you wore, satiafi d that
endant had an ino:est nlu the pro.
is.s left by his fathrl-.TTI t was
ad you changed that opinion 1-No.,
hold not say I have changed mat
a matter of fast nothing occurred
o you change your op lnioaf-yes
etUag had occurred at the hearing
the application and defendant's ai-
i to justify his title was rejected
whom?-By Sir Henry Alcazar.
1, road what he said.
Itneei ,May I Inquire what you
reading from
ounseli From the oal asIetlte.
un-el reads).
haze had been sEms dfLlaulty about
tite F--c-s.
o yo4s emoneber Sir H. Alcauar
thes remark that the doolaratlou
anut descilbe the nature of Lbu
6 susetation was that th declaer.
4o01d pot be rolled upona-'ittat
Aul uaJny evidence on whiah e
i rel tur his title.
d yoU suggest that on that 6s3ount
your client Ias JustldedJ in uma.
lu the coancluslion tit he had no
Ut la tlihese projetllof--1i sggSt
Ing of the kind.
u remenilmber it occurrFl n more
aie'ocesilon that defeudallt meo.
Phat Aq 1a1 u4ider the lnipleI1
Itat ne heal la Iterest In the pi0"-
but aeld n interest no luniier In
of Si Hlenry's remarkslf--'t.
yea also reaesniber than t th pro-
SJade always called attet luus t
.t that Bir Ueary naeer said nay-.
of he kled?
O aot oeambar that. 'The dig
Smad4 a distel statement.
W47 you as the family'- Bolletter
that there was no d4lmtie B-
OfI ast 8 et aUe e Ltrusit-I-S.
UF dMlah lom whih pu rMtdi-,

a als know th BanuptOy Lw

-~'_lit'l]';-i:I .:: n.; *.*'. ew"I:

'Au. 7 know It was your dduty-ot
to'alow your hcli, t to nuppr.ess ,uy-
)thlng through ignorance 9? otherwise?
'-I do not think -that he sappressed
anything. The properties appeared in
the Sirat statement along with the pro-
perties he could prove without any
doubt were his until he was told he bad
no interest.'
And you know that la a liof -I have
already said the Judge who presided
than did not hear the petition.
If I told you your client had no -n-
terest in the property does that prove
a factf-Cartainly not.
And I suggest you were as entitled to
an opinion as much as Sir Henryi Well
So that you are only sheltorin tinder
that stateiment--I am not sheltering
under iny statement. I was of the
opinion riefendnnt hr.d an Iulterest.
Mr. Johnston: Nothing turns Ou
thlls statement.
Mr. Savary to witness: If you were
of the opinion that defendant lind nn
Interest why did you omit themf-I any
again I was acting by the instructions
of my client.
You remember that defendant wir.
veiry pOliselteit In mnkiig tlie I ateoitl
tlint ho w lladrisvd by emnlueft counselI
he had no tutorest lu their propertice!-
The position your client was takinRg
up with your iilstituce 'aSen t tl.,
time he considered there was no posal.
bl oevidonce of tho contents a f the will
and hL could not aisert his ritlm.
That wanl i r "cTili'T' paiIon a ,il "
suggest thaIt ens lto pos losn you we're
also trik ng upF -I had to do with pror.
ing tlio W ill ilih.lugh L dif.iuOt f6e' 1i.
so I 'onill n-i.r tik. lip i hait pht nit.h
,nd thrit ii, why I kunw t ho dci.d nation
,vae orroclh.
Y u'ou .mrnb, r il ifl, t.nid thlrt if fl,,-
Cow t i f *.'.r ti- Wll omithl ilt in .I
1.rn that dof nrid nt'e tf ilitr hal
died Intc trit nnd t eirri,'ior 1hi A tifo
would be .itiji'd tl.. ono-third. of.tli.
property, Il, a 'ehilkTn rt 'hir'di an,
the revermii of ,no third. A4 a gilt.
ter. of fact d.f nJan woald still be run
itle.-I do.1. not think so.
Ift di S1' Ihad diIzd lInatc to thbi
rr'c-,'ril d l'D1onda it would lhnia beer
r tiltld to n,..ir.irg nt all a5s Inhe; tu IL
Aud r',u tin, .r it' I,, '.e n,.t rititillri
til n ui I -r e ,' i in, I' no l ntit hI
;. i tit o t r t '. "- F '. ? -. -- ,
Yt. ,, lis.,J B.',Ir,,, r in Ii'Joi'W,, lt-
lrihv-o '. told t lr.nry I ri1 nil ri: 1 n t ,1 ll
SJAnd tfio uewspapors reports n tio
-lut asholowed tho Will was probatodf-
Yes and, I produced tit clipping to
M[r. Perclvil when ho rejected theo
Hils Worship: What I understood
.he Bank Manager tirosy'was that he
wouldd not accept it as a security.
Mr. Johnston: The Bank snidwocann
Sot aocopt it as it does not show that
defendant had any interest in the pro-
Mr. Salary: But the declaration to
.a Bank in a private matter is of quite
a different nature to Bankruptcy pro-
To wittbast In the firit statement
of affairs you diecosedt dofondnant's in
,tenshtir'o0 P'ark.Stteet and 11 Dundo-'
na1i Btreetl-tIt ust have.
They were mortgaged at the same
tinme tl the p"r6erties at Maraval and
Abretcrottb Street?-That is not so.
your in{st tions ate wrong this time.
Only the last one.
And you considered you were doing
your duty as a Solicitor and Officer of
the Court when you allowed the de-
fendant to leave them outf-Ynos. '
Although they were mortgaged In the
same deed and defendant's interest ne.
vptehdhey t hidif g-and Loa ?-TAP,,-
w11 see ,that propertlea to the value of
$15,000 wera al o included In the 'aming-
And do you think yot adctei property
in allowing the otnisionf--t was acting
on tlstrictioin. I was sot acting
alone there was Counsel and myself
I suggest to you that the whole idea
nf your client and yourael< from the
time the receiving order was made was
to try by all means imaginable to pr..
vent the Court knowing the defendant's
true positlonf-'That'e not true.
Can you then explain why It w,.
that on the mere statement by somce
Consiel defendant omitted mention of
the two proportleot-I say without fear
of contradiction that there was not
the slightedt attempt by anyone to keep
bnark anything.
A list of defendant's properties w.as
attached to the second statement f-Yt,
And I take It that you got It from
the defenda tl-Tes, I got the infor-
inmatlon from the debtor before the
recelving'brdr wai made.
A copy of the gaiqo waI sent to the,
Can you explain why you oamtteI
the Ooceoritl property--t grtpxred the
if'teinet and sent It to Counsel fir
his perusal speefring him to return It
ai me. Counsel did not retLrn It biut
sent it on to the lank before T hadi
made a ropy. When the receiving
riilqr was mAde I dill not see the nioes-
itv for the defendant tIn furnish me
wilsh a d(etallA, Itit of Ilia properties
-s he ha4 prFevlCiidy Iild him dso thit
the omission of the Cororlte Innid was
purely done Inadvertently. It bet'lt
also thol only lant the defendant twnoeil
nutaldi of the lcty *n wlnress) forgot
it Ia he knew m'coafit efifien.lnnt's pr.i.
p'ertleo than defendant himselff'
That is to say defendant reaIl In yn
4 list 'a propPrties fron..whlih iv prn.
I Pre4 ana ISportant doe4mont"tm r the
i lk and thn lie took it awayt-I haid
ito usn Iot it
sB 41at the statement yfe prepared
Ia Jol was repared from nmemdryf-
That is a fIp'e.
Diid ideia fal statement-
Ye uad sd igheid
And 'L ili sot stalks bhia that the


MA M jfiWA --. Tee. Th.unasad of dola ha,. been vaeb ly
do l"w. so t, ,,.mm o epeal e'pes remedies fr As ma

a l 'lf9 ,tt "Ta t I with n a, ae ot i.

-wig in. Om~sf&I am I do MON Atsm thma brnaet,
ZMeeni. I hv levlsItts l r BemyfBn etb otam

r --- --

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_--Payment. ________
._ouprties were omittedf--Evidently nut take up the position that you were i how long It would go on.
,lot. '.4 t'eponibltci-Wellhe tn.,,k e vererythig l rAr.SatrNN to witness: That doe
Anod theo subsequent statement )' u fur gr.usted there ls ant oa such thim e in[cit ahumts a deliberate t oUlenilt on 1
any ul'y Udiitrcd iaI rornlf-l'cs. ;iren for the preparation of the state i art of some person to foul the trustee
But ul aii dIln l 11 number of Iortt- meints. -To fool trustee? I iwou't auns
tIug. ai d euuuabranITeC.. L suggests But It Is n ,ut i on the notes?-- sc that.
.t us li more ounsudumuut in fulm it also down that I propuard a deed in .Mr. Johuston: Defendant wasn croe
.1i0la were two socrtSgoa added, tlh 1la0i at a timo hen I weas 10 years oldl. gained on it when tho'Judge uaki
mortgage to Vieir, uuil one dating a., Ylsu ate dufelitLii seuis alitt riinIg j the doeoument bo produced but
fatr baLk i, Ltlus0.-The)y tiiu onil liltiislf belhinid all knludsia of ilhudltitis '' neter produced.
ioditlonal eucumbralocca. allow lie had no luiterest.-.I'ant'u6 nk 'ir. Salary to witness: Did sy
Mr. Julbseo: Ou: piiieILs i alrOhuly .-f tlmit olulou. look upon oomiu ., lear Mr. Chll croi s nxaiiunte 1o d
loutliouudf--UxU-i'ly ilia uS.' ni i, being itritely tfonlit I,. rthI.h, l T-I think so.
T iho lJnU Lrl.) J_ 'ij'ir ;t.il tMr.'1 %I .t utlt 3. i hiat.u read :, c,,py of thei.' llntihrel agahi It tt.is umf tuluia
RIlso u llttIdl f-- 1 tell )iu .lu i.liot I, m ] 1. ij[, Silit .t-I hlittv' iInt btn bi l . tI iwhent Mr. C tlhil an.niuvd Itu ,i tef
uiu liotroa ht ttII .. r L -in iii h mIl ria Uilll. LiLy CAu. I hatILte pptfi d iti ll through aut a. to liib hthieilo'Ut f6 t11e li .)IY
JiHd you changed ).,ur oplUniia iui tIhIed piirocudiugl inform pauperis. aDunlk he hiad to call defeudaut's a
at niule 'the dived Jur i.-oa. u 6.il.a you know that dftuIdunt quibbled I station to the deed for 83,000u onillt
ni thoe Ir.:rauani rept.aeuitltro i or h YouI a iave nli buiipathiy. .nynnay from the statemeut-I- do not remce
iailur .i w ch teh.AJitood tucdua .lprrr- ,eaUL deal and on many occalsion'svusr, b r- -. --
'i4.o+-V(tS. i - .. .. '"5r tlls1rt ltW'aIti ti'rt,. ultraluf-y-.i A nil diL2 d'rlrild nor-mioduco i'oc
Uto ri youti xlIlain thatT?-OC, of tMast puLtu I EbpocII cse.. stUid e rxirnet frrn IL B.unk Of, C'oe
Iliho Irolr|.[Is U tlhe trsct L -tat Yu'j kLot- in respect of Abercriom. i.:rref-I think I remember someilhbi
iiail ictii [ut upO t ur slu 0 atL the E:. Irect. h sl d i tai s eifcinaug'irL i-. it'IuLt it iuni.
,rutii git .Mr. I.... t dt.iane h-tb a. ou irt ciembci.r tiit uunfurtuateo Lii-' .'.u ni.) refrtsh your nuimory' nt-ua,
aniiu trni.tiiy on ben ti .6f of ti. aIJ.. O I i.n t- Dult Ie ih:.rr.' t.di it. ln a,..lr, i t. it I I I.. It.spi.ap r 'r,'[.,i
L-' A.t'ltr.ty l.,, l OeI thc L -. TIE .. JiL.. buii t Vyul s gglt thiat 1i. 1 a. jUn.ir -.J .M1 % JuoisfLur. T,.' witi.',-i .n r.l,
int, dritla u up and '.mvian thI .) ..,mn l... I. i.., p[.i.. i t i L.y the hr..,l-. Do i-ti b" i'. is ?nii:co .r'.n re,.int a .:.t .. 1. 1.
.iJ a Lliul d ih, lIu ,rop. ril --.,l. Tlih. i ii tio t ].n 1 in thi bh.j ..' .V Jir.'1 .ibti.d Jdun .Ii out'ss .illa.uri .. .M r 'uii.ir r : LDon't 6rigg,,L t litl I
ur tIi. duel. A li, ,In ) 1 t1 i r Il ... .11, atJtli d to tI ll .1x dleu ratit onu i. l,,uld oInswer. z.s j-
tunllku ',,s ,~,4ILd ,uIr Lnod.i.:cL..,J. nI.t .-t.... ...... I kow onw too .) wel lO
I "u Ks et Its i0 ic -'.,p.irL,1 Au tstL ,L r.'-1 .hnetoi t I ewas Z qd(,stlo to 3'L y, d -uo'ttiIrt you'r t ,orid t bour thin
"Lth ld li de.d or trt.t diu,5l u i .t liah hq ba to decido whehhe"li"r- Jc, c.-.stmn e'd by Mr.'JohBston w,
'et -n .: lutiall-.KX.cr balu tulug tIliit ihou 0 0be01 o up luto rid.i-ac-.ter' lz said hat at the-learing the do-
.i'i"o ho tiO'Ol' id-al. uu thcreo must be some klnd of tedo. fcdant gavo every support to iLn,
uJ. \WYEIsl7\t. .Ihb prcp. i- Sipa .tiey. Court 'to shnw his Interest under liii
C. 15 hiv.tI .luu tIh I i i r t Sayrs: Tihere o .Vau o qUCe. tsiHC 's e ll w The licgistrar was ir:i'
-a.ulUt do n'u il-iLt- I.al, iULu prid. Ous ii C ridlcu-l Tio tu aII LI...,aa utr ir n-:r,.od to pto .,ilion. the d leds and to g,-..
,ug 1, get lui uri otniia in in theO dI- ,idLtEl of ihe coutore s of lihe "n I
ni it i 1 ti iU Mr. Harding's n vu el ugi.lt.l.l ti t 1 aIli.T ul Ir.. enftir t "i t n r. le t i h ii ca'I^ r.Jt
iat i.as tl time Messrs Gordon iitess: 1 ag--ree t hat iri. muIt have 'erj -lry an thr things. It oi' -curre

.ra.it L. 'ii L pressing him- 41 do .nw .' that what he saidt.- wus true 'Men (witness) th at I tlhodici ratri 1
Lo'it k l .O u..i o was hit. soii to but o wtir i ao fooiliJ shI, it .,,s up. u.- ti d1.dil u.d .Ir..l t. ,I int. irest
i -o 'J II. .,t-tlh Innl g n o ui.' tijra l in ..' i r n ll l aI nt',l i r Itold'tn t be. ni l LSitmiiioI Iae te I Iriinot .d.

And. it is otill in Mr. Ha ing' Do you suggest hwitot1d h a a rue- enMdrn at up M Tr. Ile hd beetion ltrueI
I that awhi state ts wore untruebs tio whether th winter Soliest he claimetor
Thut is e io de d on record as to th Witano: agreed thatt li iiiuSt hiae'was correct.' i nor tliigs. t eiu .l
Urdeat LM f*v pressing lii'-l do r ongr period that ho s tuaid ly did. Huntr is Worship: t urelyit tIdhe dre must lti
uuL do you irno-r iltulaend int hal olictoin but lie wtor olishu knew it wa ui some person or pl ond alive who t teret
claiming aJn interest i J*f-D ndani t troue for t defendant to hepia't matt ha evidence b a to t contents o the
hi-g da ilva had he had n interest toldou I w h e wuld bru in i nt twroh- Mr. Johnston: The question tnt roe
iAs, I saw thwe in 18 Edaroud St. reet- you allo. wed him to whether the interest e claimed
'ieu ise o dbei ed on record as to that Mr. stvary That o course c ou n be a co to: The rrect
to thactan ino. But Mr. U1-No, i did apprc Did ated by tho Mugistrat dr. r ejected at te ubo intion is
uaa been clhavellg it med h o incluprde p me at n yJoh andwri But if that apthe now being t I They cannot blmaw ho
t, over 18 yoars. ll s l nao mudo rcpeur- pese'ont the notere as no euf dec- and Bod .
ut domain the seon d r. e ygou to for th the cont ents o the Wid collected avaable t ti rsh:me e-
dwio for a longer period than hoelctunlly did. His Worhtip. Surely there must hu.
letiado you kinowtprfendra t ha d ui n ids the dci clar you kation there was u an- n pers on or perions alive who could
airing an ntre omissions they weridat true for defendant to r of thade su- vent tha as to the corent from sa of th
s usions-r thll defendant thooit every- iteret in the two prut ortward that no e contents of he i.
;ing do Silvat had prepared n interest told youment as knowhe and a pinrope st, Mr. Johnston: The ntenu st wer
an. And yot in subosm ueut statements. d tatei the dcauratlobyi.

.n p-ge li f defendant's evidelyso The onlv e,',ence was the declaration defendant was tt laiis ng he had ithe Wril
Aa whll as i-l 18 Ednard Street?-- you allowed limut to believe lie had no Witi"si Tio itnesse to the WIll
Y.I the pulioexamination def. ndaint erati s-It allowed hh what do e proe rtes untl he erd '
said h is olicitor assisted himtWh Mr Johmea n 1 put wordn But his mouths .'- Mr. Johston: Then a ea& -
toe is not theBank 121 i-No if I did Igent o id you not uggene material in this aseejectei atness: .A the ugo anatin is
.wuuLd nut have allolved hIait to Includo mont in your handwriting thag. at the now' being tatil. They caxsnnot blow hot
them. opesent time there was no eidecondcolr of th oid.
But in the second osne you took nia r the contents of the Will avaablprs Wrship: It sce to mperties put-
itivam part into proupratitn. Do you -Besides the declaration therd to it i te amender. ild swho appeared for th
nowa take up L-ho position if there Banutk says I will nat accept the docn.-
vero- uuy omissions they r' your t ask you as a Solicitor of tile Su- i""'tt that Is svery different from Bytigyin
i ns- ll defendat t it fr r Court ru th put forward that co nt of to it .
;paitei. that it, was prepared con rectlv document as ,-o. and a proper state- Mr. loJohnton to witness: aYoi stilt
iid Is igne it. ili*t forj-oou to make?-'I aay yes. sa'" that vwhen e iln>el by the JIRg'
On .ge 2 )'f defendant eyid0ti i.. wT, e only cece was the declaration 'fe ,nint waslainiing lie had ittre ..
lth'Opubli c um. o defnduo that as ridiculed n time dproierti. until hlppi rier t ari
d his r utit assisted hisMr. Jonst But i this ei- b t
no is not the .ust intelligent Showo material in thieasebtor te p e al .

,ssn \ that iou have interest in the properties put
I um pointing out that defendant d1id j Mr. Jahnstota: I only wanted to tee iti tile amended statement.
__-____________________ __-j_ -___ O'ntinuil wtoeittisc mild thr eort-

i r t o.0 pr o p r I s i i t i l e l| 1 E d .
-ih, rl nr .. n2 Il' SliTt --l l S t hn e rct all

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I nTiToic"* l of the Cn'rc.,inte l'h.rort'v
M P R T H e Ih', ni ipur a r el rU., ,,,,, II.
iiru 1led hr lbirt defer-iJaut In .,wit rII.I
_________ __ _1_ 1.0 nls il WiO not n t tJr.n 11 ,uit i iS [-
T1. 0 1 i i lo def t8o lie .l .1 Int.r
; ,',view Wilt] Air Pu l lppr ih u II rumlo r mu .l

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that Mis.l sr ,l l. n i' t ,, i ,l ,1.1 ,,, 1r. , l rr Ii ch .II .i
oill tiihat hnal ri ii, tan t', r it i l r, \.1 I I I I .
view of the factl ithit 4l v'y wir l iI i, 'l,,l ': 1 . i i, -n-
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"npprcriotion of hia.rr- iccs rerndircd. A Warm HotII '.,. , Ir, ..t
to the Club. A happy evening wan or rouadI ti t il l .
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singing of the 'Nationv Antheni, id to tgt rid o' as it was eas.y to
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tain a memorandum of mortgage num-
bared -67 and dated the tenth day of
January 1923 and made beltweean
Arstbu. do Iva of Theo ne pau and
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pan there will be put up for sale by
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S tweag the hoeas of 1 and 2 p.m.
A.LL AND INUULAU Uu a certain
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.CIlty Corpurauoi f l' Vort-ofjpal an
N Lot 49 ALK.cruzublo tLrot and buWand-
Ol .,Ul L -L' tela, I j L.tu .u. ,Jl ut A uTr
criuwby rert or. lb,, buult, by Jot No.
47 of .? b oruii.u btriit un the Li ti
by Alwreromubie ttreat and on the
ur t 1.- L-1 .%-j. -.- Mt. % a aL'Li LIrE tl
toglthtr with thon a|purtcuances there
to cluugiiig.
Daitd itaj 14th day of September,
W.23. .-'
overnuisn Auctioaeews.


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th h i r r., I. I l l r inlt -
tiven ti ,, iur-' i e" ad I.p o 'r ,
ALL .t Ar -IN UL ARi 1 aet, rali

partit nflftand pin .- o t t l' ti t icrd of
Ar ,r,.J ..hi ,l r ...f 1 i.r p ar.
L ,\' T1 ,[ I: Gr L." .llin, n-.. rL .

a c l r.f Inn c"iipile> I, nI I ,rli
In tHo, leriti irir meriliir i rll ,I.l o--f
itrr.I Po. rti fl pd li'u i tl duesan.1
Ithr "1h d ., v f O rtber 11. b .

sii.l pci, iii'-live sqprrll.Ii fNet
twi.e n irtii .bl r l..iiilr and p.mn' f
An I[lieL N '1ri' in l i.i.iR th nt certain'
ary Ines l inn J pl ii.t tini tro u rni l fi ii
t.ivre fet.pl illg in Eutin 'f tl pW rt
S ct ll f n Inurdii e hupis a nl Til'-ltiii l, 11
in the rlh upor nra rr m iln llild hlii li
sili pt c.prrt nf i nint feni thousnnIt.
J1hh'sS Savasnnali Ronadl nril lun-Is of
n0.] rure Aiir e tt n tll ui th otli iin 11
drain divldlnga.rten old pinrteel of loun.
from the Ioan, trn M In lind on the
V.nit fort n l hs Eaon0. rint Aust.n
the N.n the upWn u rpon tie igl l trhin
dit1ing p anrche of mli1 rinh nf mn from
the it. John'sm BVann h Roa tinnIt lunIs
w. h thn hAtiltn nu the Bolith rsin.
N t-The elrl la.rirn Atu An g ii-,
g rn lArisong Isli .P-ecl pof[ ltie RIElva
parcel no ftend for sly Ithe reutin enas
napl threl of thn tern lif Nl in thnn
d i d dn the aty.nii p ear-nf nr fromthe
1'th t Jnhn22d day sf ABngillah Tnnhllngeth
par l nt land fr n ll the eny-two at lo
yearly runt B( one shlilllig granted bh
k 'tllan Dd of I.l.see'dated the lBtA
If MisOa e thnsanud nine himdrei
,A05) suE mwe f betwta Tios NMajal
1 Iftw ird f of ths one part ean L. L
M* SUt a 0. O ]Bset Austin of tsit
~ ed lA p.. u

t .' %6a th AVy o0t ptembw
S' .,. I "

0 t, woti 0t ,

3 ^rWR-fI Dt? A)ttt
tWtt hAtWbA -
i-i- : i4- :,*= i.. .
.. '






Ex s.s. INGOMA.

I hLisr La. I

uo..ia. lutht UL:DAL. aiiE : d DAY
UEA ouiu .jLLtL i .
JLL L i Lt
J L bL ' L 1 i-. tuJ i l u

I u, I l =. L .. t I u L .
..L .J , t' i 'Tl'.

Slluta ,r L ro LLi . .J 'Tt i, L ltla d

u. t i t-u .I t i L. L Li' .. .- uIa.a r ua
I '. a ti r ,lll pu 1 't L u r.a a.l iu t L liltii
ic -. I. rUIa. LL t i-, i a l li -t i J '. .I
attaiL6 .d d.. uL i Li'u Irat .. turci
1i ,o lulu L% 1',LI i .1 u L ud t'L' .ui-u
i-ti, tit' Nurli Li. luQutin of '1,ii~i.' r
inll un ie tio ll Lb j iLiuds sin ior,.1I
Ji L- y *,'ir11 urlu L IcILd 'ai LSi ii t Ids ofe
Jv = A lls l uu .11..-' Lu tl ly lua,'. f
nl tVr, l o Luiu iii Le a unds tf-
Jt. A0llltit o lJ o u4 o1. d I at b landsI
r L I A l I. i.-11
Tli, he b co'l Ib hur,f alsltuate li the
all W uld a .ti U'l-t r Lira.li in Ilihe ai.
1I 1. ,-1 .. ..' i l i'rt ii |ti .r i, I roel und .10LI
lit. "1 a t i u l l h. L t l. l I'l h, [[s ill
iiiVi'.1 li' t ihe L nF i. iraunt r.g il cred
li V limc Lo Li n lest I ti i .u1 ii il bouiild oi
tia Ntr th by ai.Inh i .3U, uiiCd foir by
,ihlr Vlou L jelm 0,1ii til.. i Oi i Ii LlialS,
of )'il Wr. Vrre-in ni y I-il s It Ji A
lint lniinh o1i llt .Ith lth tr 1II;Ii| ir t .,i
Affat sid by uilnils ,.f .1 A. fiir.lii-ue
liil-ont the \ -t brly tlanls of Cline. 'AIx
Id lt a ut l ittrioIc' l t i l-Y a l e nIlii t
N. 'lo \IIe i ]]Lirnii il'ii f odeblt nil
Itue qeriinciTri fu-r the l iit Eire mom10
utNsted In a the s0 l It ev ei enl Vltd 'in'I iir
I.sniy i tand thel IInverei.iLI D rid Mar
)Donnalbl by virlu o uf n hlmsiohiduiiiio nf
Ti'rfntfer of Marrgiga sNo. 112 ilatIEl
SthI lotI h dey of July t9,18.
Dated this 19th day of Bepitember,
ih F. .r. IMCOtl A a,
oernt m, t AuctronDrin.
PU ILIC InOTTCTe. Is hreby l',ro
Ihat Ijre bwillr IN put up for line by
r PubUn Auctlia by the understand at
his Anllaoa UMat No. 9 lIt Vincent
"treet,' Pt-ot--Spstn- ol Fnday lhs
Sith 1y atd Oftdber 1913 between t
he n nf 1 *atd p.m. the horse aand
not ulilldlg standing ot Lot No. 48
Clnfrl itt rnot, Pot-o -fpalhe etied
ervi feafr l inl et duo t oth Meynr,
Aldermena ted Oltiuns of Pert-o-d
ar it' e jlr t n1j
ths lit 9 p"m. hhr

I I- -aumaa,

It Ill.[ID.\ LI

LII ITED.---The Best Place to Buy EVERYTHING

~toi "'- -

Represents. the. Soundest Val es Obtainable.


Many Novelties have appeared- in Millinery this season, and our reputation for being

UP- TO-DA TE is fully upheld in the latest consignment of Charming Models. Ladies should lose no

time in viewing these Models as they surpass anything we hive presented to tie public before.

f I N: iT'.\
PIU.LIC, NOfricEC la Irel., given
tli l. h x vr-it' of the rP' f.ur ,f bitl.
Oillfrr. -J Oh Motlgilgo-et by lln, Cvi
% -- i i ,l L, f -'r.,.r Orld.
i.act'C N- .') 2 ilill ni, l iii [l, ii n ,.I1
Itu U L .J L .t i f \1l,.ri g ,ghL 1 .l 1 ih,.
31-4 id i a' .A g.ui t '-A l T r ,i itit.Il
US Ih. .1. .t I:ir" r'-.l na-l' I..

iRINLiAr)O BIL3Bi.\NG \AN- LI\d,'
.SO9 1.A fl N.N of Lh. .4..:r I .o rt
Lh ro i il -t pu.t- up r lr..
*y Public Aui tAuioll L"- te drtj:ri.giir.i
i, thei r A, il.i., M iil atf Nj I-%, ,'
u,',.-nt N,0.i.!, P in u.f Sp ii, on 1
i .. ,I]. til l[h | . ... ,' l' l, I"'..i
ii,il S ingul.ir th'l il iJ. :l lt u aJ l
.Llui.L- .Li 13 l L .lL al lu 1 l. '1",T-1 "Li
.a-itia t 4` 1i O1tr i- ['Tli: l
I. l 1171 Lf:, I .j n of-LD . l b laud T, ,: it .I

li t N[ i. ..i Bnnr I .-rnI I m n 7 n

,h Nur h I-'.'I -ti u I ,,'- ..'i L .-n
It I. .r n l i. .hr W. i u ,. -... i i n.r o -.
,i i '" 4 ti llt lr l,, f. ,:l.ts i T. ,
n 11 'i oril'l 5 l lil"- i i i 'i- .
,,ra, i- i,, i ,. '",I 'I' II,..' I.. . Ili,,
u, r 1 1 i ,i : i r ii] l11 Ii t 'i In l l 1 ,

r. ,' rn.i . l l r.' u ( -1

H l-i
l''.. tr,'r Il.. ) 1 d I\ I nl. .1

T 'lt :; ii. .' u i : tn i J ,I ,
OC ocroBER i -.i.
i !.. ,,I i i >, r. ... ir i '

l.tI d utl ll., H r ide., bt p i-'t' [*1 l")r
I T- - 10-- - 1,,

I---------- n
Ti I.N itl t,- i, . I I i ,a ''
tan I, r i a' t-I i T,1 ad- o to.: 1',, I-
i i ,, iA C.tr,' r l.V 3 I t'ti, ir. .
v.i f I r -, 2 p m
iLLL A' L C,: L' LAlta [Lula cd aitia
i ,d altituLe lu the t uaid tu'i ul uti
lt hl aOO. tl i u i ii a'i t.t 1iiimisuk
i Ao ,t ni I u. tuLL. it. ulft NoI r i-.

E ,t, h iraLita itit To' o tI. ,o
hie LLLat t, uli 1 a, a Iu L',.uTi Jn d i
l. N,,ll' y 1 rud a t r 15'I tI f tI
lhao ,lilt 0I J L- ..C i- tn h.ud On t lh
Oullll i.u, Iau d6 cf UtJ ouOab rid L.;
LI0 1U0 llOd uh toou La.t Lby Ulu ,1
It luild u hd uti I t el ,i' a lotLd t -
Isrict ui l inks inld oad by olahd.
L-.[ UliBfuuh I
DLp ditd ainu 1ietnuano d this 21s
daij OI Ld, LLl er lIrrIJr.
L. ,',. BONTUN & Co
.lt i 't nmer ihi iUlii'ohliii tie.,

OOTOBER, 1tell.
I'Ull UAN t to luatruAtlons reBctva-.I
fruhil Malai CLprlui iti nll lt ,k,,rcl',,oe l
ti.t I',-iiv r Niletxt v -ilteil In hr tby
%olItn1 uf ii lced Uf( niriga1gin dliltd tIh
.titlI ,. "] It'JU, irigliltti, l 111 Nu. ,f~l
.Il ]l.-'U lit l b etLu rtti cii Jliniio Ntr"
Lssiil.] ,. f thld ulil I-irt tI t jl Ow wild
Martll Ulurih.nl of tIu ,ilihor |inrt.ther5
ailli be Iia t olp far SIh, by tlo nuidlT-i-
sigoilt at his tueLluii Mlrt nat No. U
St. V'incent troeet In the' Town of P'oril
of Suilr in the li ian of Triildad
TLeeday the-ild October 10C3, b$-
tween the honur@ of one and two in the
afternoon ALL ANP SINUULAR thI
pnreel or lot of Inil situate u In thl sil
Town of Povt-of--pOI3 together with
the buldlsng erected lthreou i known Ias
Number Twenty-olne Woudford 'elft"
eand butting on the Norih upon lot I`o
l1 Wuoitdford Mtrest'on the souTh unpo
lot No 27 .Woodford SIreet on the' East
upon *oodford ',rset and on the West
upo.a land neow or formerly of ArotI
-and Pierre. Theo eight of rdamptlrgn
of t1i said premises Is nw eir ttd in
awy Aoes Lekaa.m,
Djsdg e 18th BSpttmbr 19l8s.
* ,. ... tto







PODLIC NOl]I C[ is lhtreby grer,. Purstuant to Iutrcicoau steeived PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given AGIROULTURAL
that exul..r ,tt l. ,:,,,er .,f Sale froni Bonifucita Sel.jolsoth aud in Lhat, lesir cso of the Po r of SaLT RAle
c,'.,,tlrd on r,, iig,,. Lv tio u,,n oxercse .f iho Power of SaJo ,'t,:i ou ,, a M,-.rr ges by the Convey ORDINANCE.
V.,l.i,,.UC i,,I L,,v u r ['r,.-...riy Or- ti her by %ni-tu of the Conv.-l i.,l ucauI g a L.J Luw of Propry Oudia nce Sa for Thrsd t 1-
dii.ii-'j N-.. i ,n.J ,..ar.ii,. l C :r- and Roi t dPruoerrty Ordinances o ;u 7o2, .I.h ea Be vie ,! LawofTrnidd i or Thursday The
f ,ai L,.,'. ,t Mi :,rf i .. .tie. 17,th 2 i n d r n 0 rt.pertively and Ithr., d T"obag,, l o.. nrlned in a er td1b3.
dI,,y Decr li ..t r Ji ,1 ittir u L Nevorad m.ar neuIa of mortgage li 'll *d loraadaw of.Uaorngae nmber9 -' PUBLIC O -t pI
.- ., ,t j,.,r ,d iri, _t.- i. frlt, w r.rnef bireig No. G ,datcd th*, da.d the O2 "a"2 ui1t i' 1 jiu""l r.l". .dt y i tb iU ton of- efis
ilX F' LVL E,'I ard 1. 1 ':' -c ."-ec r 'w, l" l"b..-ad. 's ita.tloo 'u M t y Ir ron of .a"J,
MLiQL il '1,u-,,ic,.., ,: il St. Bear. hberi,, be ing No. 76 dtld the *?th Iah, tler, wiLl be put o r Sate by tin ,,Cl org .er nGi L- pr
d i l r,,,., .C. ,,..,.t. ? ,.{ it,. .ra..y prt June. r'-ii., noth i .icorted by Sokdo' Publi Aiction by th undersigned at A r Jnr Belief dri a
oi.l T HITiNi[,.EiA LUiLDtNG iANt Purdi in, favon of t. e sail BnfiCli. his AuetL Mrt, o.n 'c S. Ja e 11d 2 SPlt'ion No. 9, of l
L A %N A )i.%jC FiuN ,f the uth er tr a h Sh ol.cti and th third whereof Stunt to the rown of SaoFernando, b J.IIer B nct rd laid
,rai iti wi'l,.... 11 -i, b. up ,rhal ribg" 8bol 1 l,1.64 dtd the 24th Octobr to the lind cf Trinidad on Fndsy the tuinttr, lhre will.be P'tUp f
Pi.blh ,i ii, rth, iunli tigied at 191 ,'i..ui b Ptara Pundt 1in 5th day of Otohar m the year 1923, P u lic t ionbt e in
hi' A.u,11-1 M.irr Nil i 11t A Lr. % ral, favour of the s aid Bonifa ita Schj)l- tcti'c r the. Colors of one and two p ot.fic o in the C8il' oo"e-n d
Sir. i r., rtf S51,., or Ita.. It LL,% th tirt ;-1ll ito t ot up for sale by 'olock n the afternoon..i of, tnen
Fart c, r.o rLatfaetro oene.to y he d o t
rl ,.t i.. t' L n iee Publitr Arctioi .by the uilaUndersignedL a ur Al that certain parcel of land state -Octber .a
h, urC. ... I 1ia `rn-nhis Auctin 5"'art 0it No. 32' o. V at P ial in P.he Walof Sooth Na.gr fi. ,'and 2p.m.
SA%,L U $,u' LAttett-erli,0 0.811nr 1a0. t o', 'urs.Cdhe Oir'r of ctofre- "ma Weslt, .n" th e I.Tal4 of Trisild r-{- A-. .,."D SINGULA i
pirti .. I i tiDA int .or Rail'pa r Thnra ara .the10i dathcOctober, ,mpriaing twenty acres, be the s-ome PP lpe t- ercels of-land silth
P Arrt Of ,i Ti'.iri fcru-r t.. asNT 192 3, betinit .the hours of oxe and ore le delineated and with the ad of Santa C
-.' , .:-r lenaI t iirln t o afternoon those srL sel lveral l t Ite'1t 1 S tboundarten ea t T ThFer ee

\ , "". :":" [h rb g0. Cr arat ai a T.
r,. t'rg f t frn L" par, p ii or lots f d h, dre t h i r itre, f in the plan n, icied to'ae n O. ila &t toUr llla~
iL rt1Ii *ltaI'1.,t i... I nt :- 1 L, l Iirt a iii d..-t frd f Tu ure an tth,, tGianat registered In Volume CC _X.XXVI rces e k t rbeoa1 e0
N i' ,Lai r n..L I f U.. 3 r- It. I o ,n inaI A of ri, .aod ,ohpr r.n l f ur to 13, ar,nd b nrn, ode on the North byl luc.tDid in th o Diagram
DAY 4 RIiTa. c Vr. l lG i t, cihitro- t aIo tr e perch,' Nacr.,ar, by Road and by Cr ow .' Land nt r ted in

I. q.-n nIN. '.0 t ,r ] l i n Pill t ..b 1j ad R in a o C
r: r I,. *i u i- ,,n ,: 33 p,, a rlut, I .. il ', lu ,r a. in i d gr uh iitt ci,, it -th b aR E t Cr Land, West CC LXX fl. 433and bo
i.rr ,ua l ,,, t, u .n.. -6t .,,,, at r ir. R,. Grantati olinoi [C.luaie C LXI L ad .f ok oo%. ort[ h nd", Easr by ro erged

'R r t.'lr..[ ..lct ,, th:n t ir', L,. i iol n 1 ,,Ds f i, s.ai .tLav t. Nor thr [." i o S u ib landilnr NofT OfT|] id V .
I.r, l.,:, .r . i ,, .. by. Cr;. A .. -n-r e .TI .:. prl .n -:d' loEa l ; ld r.n -o a n-t
11"C-'i iaI .r [- h oay f -e pt o.ember, r o e le t i farLEt .4 i .H t.iun ..i the ., l --o .t. dayu of W bL.

.- l L % I U. I B I1c r c.-r ra 1 V h o l n t rb . 5 priingr EL acres
LL' 1 I L\TIO.1niui.id Ihai Fls ollreid th, L l'lt ll -r' d1 ot .:th l ISevee 1nf f A l 3 Tht 1 sfl

Si..r l, l I p lb' ti t ir bo ua: rt.i Tai b rt Ir ut .aea B19.2l3c.ren e hi Mar e .of
S. 1 a.i n rn. ..n l Au t l e...: it iuii i e nLI An ote r. Il .: t e 1 a .o u re s or I: d t
tlit Iairai, by Crri ac a l nds ad ir in .,, i attach,-uto dS
1i N,. I \ I. I k,, o .i ad; i .-ilt c for by S . 1 '.D .inra Vn ttn olu o

1-*r l .til .l.> ,.A ri- t .r '" 1r ThUp. GIn ATe
P nt. l u .- r, , h r o, .iprl r, ou dtd ,ron the 'orth
SALE FOR TUESDAY1 THE.23rd Itn iier, tlrto ro,',4 nI thlrtien TRIIMDAD. by Cr6wn Land and oj
DAY O.'`0 TOBL. t i. 2. ef.'"Iri.-,o r-D i ,ei r1 i ,. l e o ,rf lands of .Peter hf rlai
ii ,i~ ,j CDLX]V rti-,i 17 BALE OR TUESDAY.. H 16"th Thortef ceipr. io. g Piftsg emnI
FL'InLr, ,' ,1E N ,r gi ,J ii'i.t,* lit t1. war,1 'of T i ri.. an i DAY OF OOTOB E 1023... the ame mcu e or le

S- -. [ ,ri, ,o.t I I ,ru I .r .r, r Lair Ct.'rt*i i of Tilts in Vl[
*,1. ..i -,i ri-. .- o . .. .''ni t i r -h M b an r,,wrr, PUCri C NITIC'E to hebr given b 20.i and bounded on the i er
L ....N h; r, 1 1 .. il L....I i,: .' r ,E i rn- r t: C rt, , lc irr i. d Iat .: 1 er, o of th, P ri o .L .rnd i by Cro.E Ln
S Ni r,,.o "'iJ ,: irtu,: ni a ,;or'- rI.n o r. h r. er .i tr, t i t bi ,, 0 e t rf.:r t d n Mor tga e .er,, i t i, East p artyl n Crown or
T- 0 4... :r l: I ,. i g' llt,. i' e L iri' l t tf r Cl e. .t oit .rin the Convsyan a L of iPr i:p'rt -'.i lande of one Kent
"'..,i t, Ar d ,.i c. J b tir~u ,iai,,f gii a-- l cr.h ,l tor li, o c'nal OrG el Oroane N1 aI ' cn io.- td ind
iLN ,-IA` Ll-I iUlti'U;G ft;,t i- ,-men ioh, r",Li r ,nd,,l u 1.. :. r]', Mc ni r ra,, o m ,frri (', V Dald tL: ~0t day i
irt a.,i Td F r RINiL'.AD BUILDING ii, the Ncii,L Ii, ut 'Wesal bytat 2 i tt- i i. t.. ne_ 1 t from ,io. n ;.
k% F LOtA.,. f, ,l, -o, .f II I Crown ,id s oan do i n the cut h ir n P.... i ,, -n.
inJt I, 'ta 'i ,. put oup ito In odis if W t .llom R ttcliaam Tbo W. i,,, P l, .r.lrv ,,rand. ir o

t Uh i Au i..n \l, hi tart I' "lutt i ti.r.. aiiI .in ri m .- t N .. n d ,r- n, i r -I arNOTICE0,
,1. g r1`1....-P,-t,:l,".heteriod k, theL lnaher
aLV h,,i' hi n.:-,:-n Mh .rL p rIi -" ar .' 1 : T 'itir l t''1 1' mi m tiii intlO l 't fr ia Pc'4 l'," rt.'-a l .... ure.:2 ih L.-,. --I s
i.,.,.'r,, IL I t t P,.--ri 5..', ,, 'a ,g fl .E AC E8ESt TRoE Rfut-h ALE:,[ '- i r, n, : ,.) -

I 'h hr f iCr dl n or .iI. r 19,"- N[' ] [E.J Ern MLLiCi RC nE d ,I haoi r-i DAY OiiiO E T t.,r I. ,n it h :,[ Ia f rrli1 TO uT l. ., oi I
I i.i.,l b,:,u,'i. : ,+ F.' 1r- t I rn.., ,:nr ,: ,: r t T i ',lcram, :t nia c i e; i' t-i 5i._ i,"., ir,. ', 5, ail 'turod is
LL .N0 E R llN .l tll in, r,, 'ia r onr a a vcl irLrf2 it fonlio C. i aro i i, t '- r t ir. lb .il .. i t u p I

i .ivl D a o i i._ I d 01 Irni"r 7-. 1 h-n. d thC Pr.,I NOT C le c. by ive n upo n L r d ; al. I
.,u, f .1 -1 -TA of a the': CT Ir ,D a le,l n o f J im t .gfr l
'. ., ,. r,, o r ,' .l o k otg v ,-, i,, -, ''I,, io ,' n h r n i ib b u ed

,' t inl "t. -io th' T i o- Yr n o f 'i l Pu,.ir,*',' ,, i t-- ,, fol -,-- i ir, e,,a du i" L ,rr ,-i. '.c. ,, .d l iAnd .
%l,. ,I ,l.r ,.rl -.1 ,, t u l ,, -l I a r,, l I. r r, r, ,,l-. rl .f Or ,-r i i ii,. d n "'l t

| ui ,r I r i7i. L o-if 'o p ,-rit, O ,,1r frn,." "ir t, rhAm.n t tn-it' r,, nI ,,AD y ..o-rr, !d,,rI ;] i. cm tr of I

li, tN 1 ,. Latd ,,i,, .c hr, I'ir i inripl n iu.- o, t' t l, r ii F f3u'I, w b Tp L.TICnE BRAT
-- .......Tr T iiiI .Zu T ii l --iEt iE r C
.r l, a U N i n,', T at r') i.--.j.;. ,. ., ,r i,, I, i n it,.' C .r r cf T x' l,- ti o,: I' 1t t -

uII iT WtDrNJ,,i DA', ii. T-Ir S',,Ith nn t ALo dO- E- -, oCI N S.r E, .iIT

A''t I''it'C'r r;;? t t. ut .rit-. DtA OF 0 R NaHnrd T a0 us ri-i'- tool O rF o thrue WEud b lin dpon of O ttLe
pin' lit' Tuc, ---- *h *"rrI rI I I nI h iln. 1inla of JEac moet L rs.a t ..aDItI'o h P bic. ofml
l lr.' A I.h f e t h h r o , 'l I N I 1 ish, ilfl,, , 1 a nd I i- I rI, P t hr deD Ca O l -ta_ h d -or,,- 1o u adoT-el
0 r, u a I .. t : rh .da.Ci l t R n o fr,] l |, T ,t t e r p, d . I tv, i c td r o J i ue l t l

vii- l till. I tat ,1a., ,f tlarc 1 tI, thi. i t -li ruiQa [lii ,,..r i 6- 1't,, :rvn-r a PubLc 'NoticO Is
rt- -f l ..i rt tl. i arni ct raim ,r t.1 hy b ire r, fort firt ainn i rated thIn lab t dari of S optemr ber, 1 thrt will bte put up f
i. A u t o.r oLr D --F ,dT n aiin Ii' ,I t o, rg i' ii. i.rnr l let ,o Rinvern on the IP "liu y .Ouction at the O *d 0
'- .l f TJ, i.'2i' r',~, a 6 a N. 'a, t kI 1rr, a ]an- -d ann d in the West ,Sgl o td F rt, ot.o d nSpa nl
r. ,In ,ti m a,,I L. jaul ar.- i i,,, a ',' a r:rri -ti fot ,lioe Ilts ,aid sea HADR, A. BERnuDl ndc RTai n D. it ib day' of Octber,'
I.I Ior, AIdrot.rU l C i t iron -. i n'if l Ii. Ch- r ii.h m- o fAr f nd the I.ia i -a o- Aactloort r. the ur ofI 1 ad l i
It', of P- .rt.,:.f oan t on pa rt ,,I'erc i f sitArhi t, Ja rhe Wa, .olTaeari AU and Sun-eglar t
and 1 t ed John .ahAdolphun s ouag of C6 rae, ,l4l .~isare feae1 m .," ".h -.u o,, or parce, le d anBit
.u. o t h r plnar t le -I ,e oih.,l Ind the air gram a. o .a B Re loa nd inA -th
Dit, d thin i2th day of S'eptember, 'r.hcd iP the Roh r nl oGrant at vetoluer t n rR IDAD. -ad ud i priAing 'lrd
ii0.. fer t o ni Ban i i.nd0, 0on the N rth ,ad kaIoui noas Lot .
WILLAM liY. ROUSftL.Ui, Jn. tio Po, r1iie en llto on the South DSALE FOR WEbDN 1 DAY TE SI)RD ii Lord Stroet, and ]b
SAuctiue. r. i ,, A1hlie ii,.run in ln R adnnd lands DAY OE OOTOBER NEXT. N.-c upoo lands of thd-
if Reoipad,,rrat difraigoe nnd on th,- Moing 1 ctLure CentC W
'I 11NI t E,. Wtot b by the Pnrinlln eltotl and the PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby gioen uli o LordpSaeuet, i
l n Rort ir ,W'lena a icise" of tho Piou, br of Sal, hauds of Jinet O er
SUpN..-Thep arels of hl il hicreln fourth i.ou rtod Upon llrtqo (,e E ly Ig the oo the West upon
B ALD FOri TUEpo DAY Tl IN 23rd I, fift hly atid sitlyh d- 'retlb'd -.'van3souran sd law Of' I'rMhrly OF aimny, or hosovorei'
DAY OF OOTOBEIm 1925. t, 111be sohl s otijenT. to'a uiuitgsge ,laittaco No. 72 sod the tRoal Property aWo iiuyhi he abutted
N.I. 18 tN. Lsii the 11 ed 'Oct b'r, uidloance No. Donandcoutalued toAocot- Datca this 95th di -
I t I Li1 NOTICE: Is ioLrow y gero a 2Sl8 ee1o8tntu by the ld lPadnrat ta.u Memorandum of Mortgage dated 2 ljd.4
SIri eteroiso oi i 1r, 8e Power of Sale Pusl l iin fnonar of Mairt Isabell I h 18th day of October lit v0 and EbLIQT F.,
c.'l ired v, II t oign L2ow s ety to COni Brestecr crngili g tie pa leot of ude by Seebarat to Uooptar all I L rown i t ellltor and
a . la, .g i, a r, L.iti l nf Prope rtYIl 01.'1r the hn i 'ntEl iou t of $8 0 nso l In- u al' heaucu there ewill be put for s aet
IAi Dt ed o 7 Modriiagni ate,] L t, Dri td the 17thsn t e r oeranu y PubtlcAuton, by the uotersgned, o-
I.,th1 day oftprll ILI'h) rfli rede o f CHARLS AUOU BIU MI'IT' t Ids Auction Mit at High bt et
-N, tan'7of Apr li igislired n C B in Princes Town on Wednesday thu:
JAME LIF.iNCISI'TISTE of tile Auntioneer ,rd day Of October 19LB at tho hour THE ALTA -
onie part not, 'I T L I'llIIDNAl D2p.m.--
ON 4' tie ,r li, prt hers ,ii be T IN IDAD. i
lint 01i for a[-ile Ia ,,II.%- 'l o Aite iLALLathatHpNrcel ot AIATF situate In
tiY ilniietBilgnihl rat his Auction NMr' 9AL.' FOp WEDNESDAY TIM'OR SD he Ward of Sevens traudo Soo ot -"to
No. lit, ALerur,,FI'ity Strent. 'Port-of DAY Or OOToJBER NEXT. inuiprsi ln Nine n'cres thren reads sd
I ApIh ri, 'riell Ts h -the Virl tlJay of ,1 ilirty aeveni, ercles i rmoe or lOsg deLt. To the Public of
'toluar 111. boutnces the houts of PUBLICt, NO'LIO[ -in hereby given u aested in the Diagramt attached to thi l l eip yore b '
I i..I.I I .t. .hut In lturelee of itf, P,,wl'r'of i .Sale tran Grant registered In Vol. L Fol. shar. e to makeu thi
l.,AtN GSINUlA., t tant rcrtail. eonferred uso l toiorgtigees by the IbI and s&Ltting on the North by
arel of Ifn-al slllaln rat Batmoant i, o'syn s 1neng and low oftProperty Or. ode of Rahleosmuneno the South a13 ces. Demand
ilie Toml .f I'r'.rr ofSpiini oi the i ,liosnee No. 72 and the Read Propert- 5Vnalsi by Orown land and on the. East olat wherever 011i.'
InIil of TrIilhlkd k.now.ill. No. 3 Ordlennce No. 00 andcontainedin.aseer ly the Coonjal's Road and interested stik of it iS squat
1101- l L a ne ttle II 's i trlig ii4 feet on the tfu M em ora ndu m "o'0 'M mortgage N o. 40 Ay a space for a road thirty-1." i p
SNortherl. Iloiitnal y Ite, 0 feet 1 dated the 28th day of April 1919 nid le. teffetto a % l I
inc beeot rn tieSouahern boundary line mort by Aipar to Jahehgee (which saId ..prepared'is
a a at dl frit chesroi lthe Western ogag Is now ve"eJ in Gooptar and Dated this 8th day of September ",Pikle Tablets an
hc.uinlar r line and hpbuttlig tn sit ', ouoee) theie.,ll be put up for 1928. esed and Unswes
North liFpon 1d 1 on tt'Stu d eate by PubliJe kc rtionu, b' the under. l.. B INKLA, inPowdr
anrd Wit upone nn,loa of oec~lia R. signed, at Lhis Auction Mart at igh ,Auctioneer. Powder
\il0tn cni nn Ihe East upon Inds of Street, Prinees Town on Wednosday Xhza Ppwder I '
%[Ilia Waltite nith the' boildingsthe Ord day of October 1028 at the hourOXQ* quaty
thereon.Wof aa d thA
Dated this 7tIe day of September ALLthat parcel oflanidsltuatl laths Road reserved thigrty lnk wide, and i- Y G
a WILLIAM HENRY ROUBSEAU. prisLag aour aresa three rods and by T0trWe tdby a road iesep!edefof044l Y
nActioneer- twenty.elght perches morue or leaw deo. b a yara
a.Uneated In the Diagram attached "t, TA

%N M GATURDAM North by Oem 4, on=Lsa@eJbyt -L W.iStInnzA,
TOO T oe- o;ua 4 0e 0.,3.14 hP I.A., -




11 11 1 'Vi


A oo i-4ibusines$ known !M POPULA8."
nmore tlan te, a seantury the name "MAIT.LABD'i"
has been a hu the .people of this Island aod the chief
eM a Of Lhou Iment pa always been to procure for the Buying
% Public a t g Iat Values In the Dry Gooda line The Corner Store
lightly .ia 2e rtthdyCandle and to celebrate this event we have
been makin 3paratichs for the past few weeks. The Btore baa
beeneI u arrangedgd In allow of more light and air and customers
n dU sholiplng with even greater comfort than before. No
Efforts e(n pnied in obtaining the very beet Bargains in which
the eo7operatJon of our Agents in London and Now York
S h h ecoired the mi.rlietl for the v y beat in Ladles' Droes
Maote ,Lae, Embroaiderls, Ribbons. Iiehdy-to.Wenr Haot. Zephyr-
S euli.uttc,11", Shetlug, Toweol. Boots hodS BiS. Tweeds. Surges.
i. a I y1D, Ba 'Straw au1d reh 111tll, otl. We Invite every-
bad rete ti il tror l Iho Bthe rganis ad would remind you of
the r A'lug: T.re. i Value Nowhfl Like

- ____________]

x Recent Arrivals

00 Barrels "TILBURY" EnglishI
ement, Galvanized Iron'26 Guge
assorted sizes, Milled FPatna, Mirea
Syhlet, Rangoon & Siam Rice, 50 ca-ses
No I Quality Ghee A2 Tins, 500 Bags
CANADIAN Granulated Sugar.

TrinidadI lmporr & ExrfOtCo:, Ltd.
^ ^^r74Vr7)


because we

want to sell quickly what -

we have yet on hand.




With Purchases of over $20.

63 South Qua'.


Wickerwork! Wickerwork!

Great reduction of 500/0 on all
cha-ieso- nf Wickerwork

Furniture from September I st.
We HIave a Large Variety to Choose From

J. J. 'RIBE1"Ro
5S-South .Quay. 'Phone 51.

The Great DISCOVERY df the AGE.
u9E Milarial and Intermlttent Felcers As a TONIC
is excelhlnt Free from Calomel and A sonic.
ST. Paul's Phlarmy ...Corner Queen & Nelin ftreet.


OF dim PI ro -Of

t re Stock- toldk g OhtrWe AredT
an or as lares afor sail E

one ofb e o" s o tr.. l toe: PrepartedV T an Ever to Aml ent
t. tto r e e This n ha s needed the Received th
I manufair" of outboard motorse n n ___________Ig__.____
Great Britain, but their "Waternot-sie, ." '
engines are also manufDctured as i. Carriage Cloths Water Tubes 400 Gallon Galvanized Ta
bWterota' in a two.etr oe engine Colton Duck Steam Tubes Plain Galvanized Sheeta ,
with copper water jack I. It Tarpaulins Fittings Manilla Rope
well designed and built an -t prov-
ed absolutely antitfactory no very Sal Cloth Washers Window Glass
durable. It ninhes anil extremely) neat Breeckings BIts & Nuts.
little Installation for tho purpuse for Collaro Lead Wire l oap
hi s it le dconstructd. o La "Linseed Oil
i Harres 0-Mania Rope Hubbuck's Zinc
APPLICATIONS OF MARINE Blankets Land Chains Brades orks
Protect your own and FENrGNES. Waste Anchor Chains Brde' Forks
A faut which inkesl it ender for Anchors Coal Pol
your children's throats ,in.,nufuture, o.LI moe tnt. n ubs.ntial
against disease. ,L, ,,,r,,, ,ig ffr.up ,if ,,,air qu To Buy, Wisely--Buy
tites Is llt t' "" s eit'e Of qe, TParamountyalt atKls rBey
The gerins which caeO such dreaded tlieg designed to ,rn Q enest r i.ries From Us.
infectious dietaF.es ah Tonsill i t foll] powet.r, to prt.luiiii it pa i er it -
iluet,ij, Dipltlleria.Scarlet Fever, etc..' modl atoteo ri.t e of reoVlutiu t nlU ...
clt.r the systitnibyway of the noulth guti.,.r ly, to u( e thLI c,'h.l ,per iurn,m, _,f- -_-_-O
. i.d, hr,.at. A .re tiroat maymean th fo otil. is il l, uiLei'I t it r c Lim
, at ,Hii kqb3tyou lnoust intercep t i t --e -re cr ,i r~ih ,' on t - ,,u ..
. -aul de ,isty Shose gefini I 'l1.-tOf" tr' -" t ,g, mariA N n,,.,tr 'roen
.afegu.i.ud yourielt against uiilection. Iii i,.tp. 1 100 l I hbut Pg';ii l( | I' ORT OF SPAIN i SAN FE NDO .
i.1.r1. pr .ain 0r y piic.l VeSAnNl B ui -i.

_ -For erlc y g.ri;eI ea,.re uzedb utneaiw-I of the [ pr,iplicutih u[ i .l t i. n ic- 0, to
cil 'cicnce has proved them to be I [:iibioinry p.urpo srs T tl..'k enVn.pit a yAsVA rA
inefficient, and to-.d y doctors are inrjud it n iinlOr of lirh ii,- i t' il
S.gTeeJ that the M 'steleoi able method -vli.' t,. l ,,m. ,n LO.n. ure r'. 1.r.ii.
S of conbmur, di-ease terms .is to j,,n Jryu .liq-Iiirj .r A l|
make I possible cr them to live rr,,,.rii ,. t il 11 eI i rr itblitdinl
in the throat by the regular utie f t i.l r.nther i t ir,,cl .ijiple sdin: r
,k. i- Ila
.....i. is -P.r. ,.,i
T I ,. Cu.I.lthll Tb,-, TatIl f,'. l. inf't ..T..I1" .t 1'1.: I lill"ni'n. LJ
Ast a delicately fl-ivoured Fornmamint i'| I rouQh th,r In .,ilui- ,.t I,,:,l.Qt
rable r.i g dually melrs ILu fie mouth, i.l ri i, i.. -. .:, 11. rl r

,orcichrni to:to-ary U, L te that the .O Li ,h .. I.I 28 ,"
S ..ie A ir.tn C so.... o........ o tt
or sis.il d only "'encu Forwsa.ts.t A. A| ,,'l,|'. ,. ,- . ,,l)..r '- - -
t ., '.. .-.o I . -_ t,, ,.t ,, L, ,1 .. -- th o u t
| lib, 0'i'ol'h li b ,lli,',ig*. i. r r, ,I .I I T L

__________________________ drlir, Tho race for r. liktmit. 1
-- I I.. .... t .r . .... --l.Pm m
i .l. r. nro ot .L.a I ~ iii. Tin.
Gt at.eo.Fo'art.. is n c ssar to g-v e more or proven
l1^^^^/'''.1 "'i", *.."',', qu 1int'. r p.>v a premium fur assurance of
|ia,, jiB~le 'A W,/ n- in re o i j.pt. nr,,,[ io public ri.,\ i ,' .1' I lb s," \ ICC."
S i he tED oay Bb h- it nhot For the quality. for

i i org tethatte ooarth wear, that the name

.Th.. ,I.T,, pl- ,uli pay nothing extra.
It .. i o e ,m nd thir initial cost is onl the bern-
P.emier rcers. ,,,,......... P e i m

,, Ii ...r.L I . ninr o, thi. economies these new ioodyear
rh L I ,L.:."o 'iri ,.'i l... '.1 n T I '. i' iii, -
," ...1. u i '1 ..I.. ... . R ed! T ubc-s w.il e riect, a s .
. . I. .. . .I .. . ...t.... .. ..

...D ITOR, ..'',-,l lman" fn ''iy. nmiles of satisfactory nserce.
h[r i publich r,., ..t..it, sd hrIreICC.

.. ,,, n \ .ILI alde other prie by their mileage
I,,,,- ,,,, .... i,, i,,, ,..'r,,, l vou w.' 'ill appreciate to the full
Fin,- on Hadocks per lb 36c li,,. i, ,,, ,,,"',lj "N h )ie ino For the a ,.for,

Sh p..I.I ,I,;.- i. ,gr the ,o tey rlVE saved, t servicname the)m
. ipperk d Heings.. per doz96c ,, ......." ,,,. .. |iv -e rndere l, andithe' con isder ce onl he have
Prk Sausages emier per lb 48c ,. l Fr.. bed.
Mide, ,cheeses .. each60c -?;, ,,Iu''.. II Iry tl h I n.wt Goodyl ar R ed Tubes next
RoqueXor Ch .. pr)b 8c .. nly wh. i u look b onl teir
Stilton "heese per lb 72c .1.. ji. ' .. .ay GorgonzolaChr per vdeb 60c their price b r mileage
GruyFer Cheese per lb 60c 'i,, i. i., v r... .
re rsh Buler. Filch A per lb 60c 01. i t il T. ,, ri i te

Fresh Dulter, H A. per b 54c "
Gln.,rov . pr Ib SOc """[ r... a e rerand t e o fid e the have t
Back ausco e .. per lb 48c .. ... ..lT ftr,,.. ,i i r .r 1 1 bt iir
SMidgetky aheeseson ... per b 4c I l ,i,l., ,,.. Ask or Ecoo Coupons. c cash purchase of 50c.
i,,i .,.I .i.nl re.I., i. -,, r i...' of toltcs you tod a Coupo.d T ubes next
Sf l. ltor[. H' l fiti.il.] i 11 isn-
ir .il goi l ii.,l" l i, r ii, In in rt nfil.
tresh Bugler.tiutch t pelsi60 igiSii't. sitthevI,, n,,,,irgilclhh0"IR Y EE A R

l I I., 1' i | 11, 1~n r l .W.i, u Kl
lDEAPNEove -r lb 50c ,iirf.. 'II mii.or, Ariel, nil P'. .in.I Mf. tilimi. '
.Aci"Bongi lei i t sh ii n, l. r.f ,i llc in e to h

operates upon the .i.frted pertl with i4'8.i.nn, n ,,,n l P n r. '.
SAtrIakyB acon .... er nr b 45cr. l i Cnni ,i irorI i.,,hh,s,,1,, 1,00..... h,,n Arsk for Eco o v Coupons. Each cash purchase of 50c.

Mrs. K. -Wit l a nson. oif trond, 'lu'u'a, icing t ls..u fl [is ,wo uliluboritino ii' J o h n -
wrt:--. -l fee* a new"woman. to ii ll"i.,uig. li ." c1 : ;imre Iliiunt 2"r-il r e. MEN'S WEAR AND TAIILOI r
I, can go to bd i, ,e,,tru,, 'l . i ofv 'r illtcs t Ai i AOU to a- Coupo-.,,

.een ^t ^ T lltui,,',"'- rt, i hh, i neI LAY.PAINI .OS.. hAve received a fine -sort
"", ilrot I. -,nhl fiul.hlh ',t hShihdI ft I'Jnll..0

S, .ii,-. I ..I.. ,." ,. y 2W a '
SiSol l.iTRINIDADAstNtSlg k t' at "i.l.d, as a T ,
% frth 1 .lost, 0. i,, at. ""it aPhtthe825 &f826, "l17eGeorgeeSt.et

,' 0, Sor t eamlnation of nd.illln. [ .A. DINMm.

I is


r I


>, 4



Pasaeng(ra arrived from Demearra
S per s.. Jngoma: lMr. nnd Mrs.
S t ky E'Borld, and child, Mr. El. T.
Phillips, Mr. L. Carmichael.
Pear B.. Veresuela from Bolivar:
., Joseph Dalmnseo Mr. Scda[.ar, 1P.
Pores, J. T. lIfeelson. I
F From Banrrn;..jP L. Cinasagnl and 7
', seekers.
The followrlng p'iiisengern aialed
or TobgoR Inst night in tha a.e.
'. oline.
Mrs. r.,I MrT'" Gowan anil three
I hlldren, A. .. llerry, Mimn do Bols
,Iere mad Mrs. Laviniton, R. 'A.
Thoriaonn, MIl V. N'oritU:in ntnd hde
Nobriga, Mrs. t Frreilra, F. Deane, JT.
qGe Verleull Mr. Sliugiln t,,i.. Mis D.
ralhwnnite. hiMr 0 Ilifrri Miis W.
ellanmy, MIhI. Mr II .rti,nn. Minq
3 1 L tnlulline .1. t t.um rel. Mias D.
Ponnl.ison. A Rfeerl. .f. Ouinnsile 0.
A ., Borlniour, Miiq A Ihl.- n. Willliinm antd
, J. Ohnrlie R i ,elln I.. I.. Rairnlmno
S nni.1 d, Art r


ro,A.'\N rh RI1i'
I.LIZE "-ti..I f..,r T-.1 iro l'ost
Vighilt ill. utgut. tit..te r.n
r'O rIfi .\N Lri 'r
U n IN \I I i., i., f.,
Neo YriTrl n I, li. ,-t111.1,. ti in 8 .
T I.rnni I I iif- .. ., e'r,. ni,; i
and nil rrrffn r.ffT'ririr
PARIA Frdlil fr.nm, N.-. T-..rl, cr.i
the 26fh Scpc'ih,,.-r r.n I. -.In. to r, r
rive lere il t r-u n0 1" l II1,. ;11 Iri l'itnl
milling nf(t'r, t .r Iq r.f r r'. ie. ri.-.i neri
Piirairorll,,. rl lu, -irig... 1,i.i-, tugitra
ani m a il. 'fr, 'L 1 ri in-. ,r
frnm Pnri.m nr ou t. .
sa ling c.r t i .l ,I ? r '..I,' r. V k ,' i,.
Dni r, nic r.nt 'I i i ,i It" -
s no ,prd nuiil' '-5 I ,, 'i.' IT ir.'

LAMP i 'PiT \ t I 1 1.1 I.
VA 'NTiY'K .- '.. ,ri. I. r,
froni io .1.' . r.n ,'. r t.t1...i t I.
inBltnlt -,..'.1 -'.i r.,1 i '-11 'o f r
F. et -', ..-r. V-,nrl- u ,J I.. i-..t. i.lini. i]'I
'* r.-itrn.1 a 41r .tl r p stt'o1, o.,

"T. II 11 r l"

1 I5 I *K 1. o 1 ru' I ur
P 1,r l r. .. , '. lu.. n .iui

T[n, .1 ,I., I ._.._
loni-- i.- '. ',I t''i l:''
r 't i I i- 1 1" [ .-, i 'I F .r ..n.-
tn_ ,ir... F or I I ', lI M rln '

.l .t 'LINF ""
n.n r,, r, I., ,.,,I,,. r e
V FI r E .T i .. I '. I, I .. .. ,r n. "

S min t ii... i. N.- = i 1- 4 I r
n T n o, I turi ,,, r r.. t nt fur

hr,. ,tl i .... Ti. ,- ihl .1 -r..'..-- p.rt.

Cdl rnidl.Tf 'ii i. -it r ,P' I-r
L.\ vr . ,' L1;

,frr.ni ],' O.t--l 'r.. r'- "i dIo i.
n unt in il \-,11 n. h ,. o . i n' r t .'

tn ,i rL ', i r .. ,a,.-.u. .r i l .
ed. ',nr' !,i.I n t ,.coot'1 ri- lr.,t nnu .
Aliirf -' ], 1 pa T, -1,.n r.. '"' "-I r r, "

p "Tn[l '1. 1 i.['.r

rIi0 r l r ri. i-
T* O I",'. ,iu r, ril,, rTi hr...lI ,r,' .'.-ll "
rt ,1 r Irn terl ri r i

I Fnr vT,7I -fll.A 1.11W -Iml I
in V.l r -N i riltl *.nrr '1 I a r,', "m
g ,, ,I o ,n ',, cu t '. f ,.I i "I i i '-n e it ,
I ,nu,, 1. .l,, r r hu, n.r l. I 4.140 r nrk
t, r ..e ,, I"hI AmI I ''. '"
lso., t |,i .. I .,1 r .-r . nr.i nIlan-

V'- 1h i.\'T I -I r
",\NA [l,\.N .ol' ATlr r..t.'.
fr, o,, M ., l-,i.lt .n t h.- "h" S .p 1, rl.'" r r

VATI ITA(N T i ri.ArN ."N ,,r
S. TN -.I n :I.A nr ri u l f liniteln,
TollTvnr e 't lwtrlro v ". i ,t 1. Rrn ,' as.

sc pe ? Rh sole 010fu Lo -lo

tel orr sumiui for New York oil t, h

. it:
ri'i II(n rF :D Of,, r rT.i v Mr fhr-

*i din li.l (nn pn r -IRY nr un ,

"- ,t ,'r T riI, ( 'r t trilsy a it r ip
', ,' IATI InRON PIla: P'r irN %:.
I'I4IM.1A n'rltval fro.m I e ri Orar
y*R Ty with ern Nt ltrUnalL unn,

0111 tow p iy Hmb. I1efrds,
b on or liwnl is Wr alessn .
on p IT|T'II' P-----"u llIT

' 0th l e.tthA r. e l'with .rn tene 'ne 'eb
,'0 For al and y rrft i sn tIrnnlt.

S MACKlAY :Dpl-t nrrvr l frita
mad:. rntgl ('"nrn -p -rrsy wth ,!n
p nlrr--'au tnl" ".. t "nu w'n.-

,Y ^ f,VIf A .arrlal frm r
at 4 'rhn y winv Sll g p wr k thea u

'I tieA l ets1 -t ufs, es mp

It ,* .n Mnos se -

l. = ,,m,. me,

-lM, ratntse'e lhl,14n l ga"el



Kon-akljk e West lndiishe
S. fldemnn.. :

SThe SR v Nti ldsIw e tna a

The Royal Netherlands West Thdia
Mail steamer OOMMEWIJN'E winv ar.
rive here from Venaamelan ports on or
about the ,Br October, 1928 proceeding
afterwards to Demerara, Paramaribo,
Madeira, Havre and Amsterdlam taldni
cargo and mails and passengers to
Demorara and Paramaribo.
The Royal Neotherlands West India
Mail steamer ORYNBSSEN will arrive
here from La itlayra on or about the
l1it Otlober, 19i3 proceeding ;after.
wards to Darbados, Uavre, Plytamuth
nnAt Astaerdiam taking paseenierm,
cargo and mails.
TI.q Royal Netherlands West India
Mtl esteamier NICKEIRiE will arrive
l.ro' from Annsterdam via Madeira,
Parnimnrilbo anit Detuinuirra on or about
the l4lth Otmber, 193 prictodinng
nfierwiards t o Carupni o, Parmipitar, La
OuIrtyn, t'tl. UOtellio, OUnTio1s, Port.
ni.-P'rlue and Now York lilkng cirgo
ttinl innlln nil iiipaengrs for VeTnerun-
1itt plwta and Cutamio.
TIo R yR Nt'tlirl.lds WV,,Irt Indlla
Manl atc.tanir YV:NLZITi]LA will ar-
rioe Irh from A.i-atr.rdlni. vib, Dover,
tnnnloRgn.e iul drilaLdli. lu .r uLbout
the l)ih Oc-tober, 1tC3 iproevrding
.fterwnnld to Ln Onayra. Pto Cabello.
Curnanc, Pio. (it.umbin, Cartagenas
CPl.]OI andr Pio. Llnionri, luag pan.sori
g, ri. cargo .. -t taile
TI..' Rof'l Nor;lirlain.l WL.st 1la
Mail rrairnniw ORANJfI NAS.AD will
ntrri a icro from Lam i GI tliru L 1 0 or
Ib,,u[ tie rd Octlul.o r, .02" procol,'. -
ing ,liriwards to nBar.ailoa, Ply
n.utIl,,-Fliora rn -i. Artivrird.m taking
[,."totgeir., c aurtC itnd indtll,
TIh tRo).il Nhll.rrlrt .I A W, .l Inlia
Mltt .t.aint PRi N Rt F.IIEIERIK
ilENIrirK ,ill arrive lir,. from
\.'t';l'u.u'l i ,rt I ..- uI 0 -r ithous'u Li 3.1A~
t. t.) ,li. l1_3 i.ri..... iiLt nt't.rw ,id.
ll. niiiL. ri-ni, Pu' ttrnt irsit .. at krn,)
,' ,,l n. ,L. rm-n4 p,,. aiii.ur= f,.,r' P>'tii
rnt, nI.I I I'rarr ini.riU -

The Trinidad Line of Steamers.

prirnns. Wttlky and Co. Ltd -Agents.
" ,11.1 \ A [1 ) Iill i L i .l r 'irut

.' i,t 1 't- I., .i .' ir 1 ..

K, %,]l i"

t, t..1 1

NouraB Line
Fiu-nosa. Withy and Co Ltd -Agents

R S Z1AI\niNA 1,1 In, to ,,rr,, t1
T'iiu t ial n.h-i i uill.lh.i u i u O tIll-r u fr.mt
( il,.,iilli rn'n R.ai 't.ih
tRS A 1O1ALA Ir,-.lk.., i 1 .; i ,l. ni ,tlt ni
Rfirnu t ,l unt i, pu1,i Ler hrI will
uirrlro .I l Trin,.JJud ina Not |.|.|,or

It u i rn. i. t.ntlon t.. l.3 p it.-L s
,ti.:tmi r fr..on. O .ilt ltt itd ,itrA i..orn to
the onV.. [trnir., no..)r murtlth wuth -.dl
Jd tiolu U oi1,Ti ptg -if TI.-,4trLd
"TTt' in oe ,t i inr i ll alfT.r I ,rpportiasm
tle. for p[, .i.,.rilrun i .i ,.,rgn' fror
O(Il-u'tlt 1t- Trli.li.l, im. ,r iirj usd
rluhr West 1nijiou CJlo.,uiiur
A rro. morL. rtl eur.u. pru g'-

Windward Islands Service

The Trinidad Trad~ gOo Litd-Agents
SS [I.ANCOCIK IlOiiNTY w;,. ,inl,t
A1 l. ', I I .1. 1.1 ,. LI R. IC
runi 1 .4 -,' to rurriu rnt thl
piorl bout I?'M Or'l.l..r.
Fo',f \.Tithe 'pirtlr larn napplr to
.n; r ,\iENvTS

Prince Line

riu-nom, WlttLb' and Co.. LLd -Aenrst'


J. OanI & RHllos-Agents

La Velooe Line.
Aliton an,1 Co.. Ltdl.-Agentm.
S.H VEl'N]ZUFLA i duie to arriv
itn o frrnt l.a urtyrn, C4rrttao, PrN
fi nloitIlmln ntid (Ininn on ntP biou tit
October nndl will Ialli the nain' 1lay f
11slrbLi.lr.s. Tennilffe. Mnreillls, lanrer
nIt n nit i I leinna M inlihg first an. dr,l
risne prjalinat 'gor4i, r"juig nail tu itlli.
n -
SCansadian Pacific Steamships Lti
Alston and Co.. Ltd -Agennts
8 R. IAF.ItWYN will ltrini frnr
S P4 nw ,rn itn or anlit .1t rnI O.'lol.
"nel a lll anll thI *n 11111 In
r fiMr .Mnnlral vina TIrlmilsI t.klI
arlmn awl mnlis only.
The following are anlantssoint stillin
N H.H. lIOTiltXiN-Snil Oenlher.
t R.R. III:ltWYN--lth Orcober
B R. IOlinIRN-iOlh Nrvemlenr
TlIrnugh frqtftit rali'tn any Part
the tnnminlnn.' if nan4n nor (he Units
,1ni. will he funtnshe4 upnn applle
n .I -h-e lI- Affents.
T and helping poWer.

,e "1oampagire Generale '1Trnsatla
al -t
tis f. L*fti-1 stid A Hm. Ariantp.
4't 1 i;l.i.]ITrN nDf l,ATOT7Il
r' r 1 ini I7 ,,n ( l, ip n l M
ti nlti. 0ti unrrivrnehorne n -about 1
*0'.l Octhobr 18 a d G o
"M "'avrn. TI..C Oltosn6lt d no a
lb the same d&, takiag ergo pameag
It RUi mlls.
"i .t.,, '.TIKAB 'rem Cayene,' Bl
, "I,.. n.ml ThImsiaer will arrive h
in n f ,,hIIt"' tit 'ed ar'4 o"e'bet'1
.* .3JnmB sae 4a~', to. Ant. Ln

* ee VMtuadu4e p$Bap.

~rl___ __

-' I u----r--.Ji~ t
C' untfl* ri., -'t -.
.- - ~' -tot' -Iuttu.tud ..i rt,

B.h oAg oikt. ; c.. .4

nw. ,. a,, nt!nY. 5apL,' 98.4 ept S9, JTo.ws .. Pe,.Pw .. 3.00 1 WEAwro. A-2 '--! .
s.0 wAoanDIM B ..- &... a0. ..Q": r cn
C.aky-the ..0 &bROe--".
sailed from Montrean on the S00o Qep. F Paem. Wo- . 00m V. Q t '
linber, and" in expected to arrlye here Floors Hard Win ST. .LU AV. QR.1WA.
on or about the 4th October proceed. tr clear per brL 5. 00 5.00 A' ChOques a old bd wsdlj rowisa The WOBOBnTa n TH
1lg afterwards to Demerara. Straights per brL 5.5 5.50 to the fltnIod fi labHliai Go., ;Ltd ST. LUOA OUT FOR 10
Te Mm,-W hn et a me We'arranged'.e
The following ae the proposed ail Kilundried per 100 The St. incent re rem etat- na e ofthi T
Ings from Montreal:-. lba tsak c8.95I G.25 'eleven having se ered 'deoat ab the iw welcome ad pi."
c..- AN&ADIAN OTBr-aIQ IN'ow-B GrAReDN. Greda team by ani innings aRd 195 f the ecotmi Brsent r f
October'. New Season per runm, the final gante In- Ihe Cork Cup rinidad traced g beusan
8.8. CANADIAN BUNNE-17th barrel .. 37 $ BT Published.Every Saturday, Priese competition was commenced yesterday owd ti hf. Long b large the
October. Heavy Mas per 'Three Genta. between St. Lucia and Grenada. St. be.al the w er te'
barrl !5 | "6% Lucla won the toss sadd ele71d to u t hemints were takentI
Octobe.s barrel [ a Lucin m-o the-torn addM ele ed- to I &d- after It beganntev n

'arrTion IMret Lin-e. BooA-- BUBOBRIEPTION BATESt Uit nind up to the luncheon interval ~o ng datlosn was ava e
.... OCryltlS mU. r oontry-Year .. .. 04 had arored a lty.seven 'ruun for the His etl, the A tn wa avaborl
8.S. MEROC ANT .nsaed from Lon. lbs. 7.78 7.78 81x Monthl .. 1.02 los of two wicketl attA td IA ". T. p h.c lGvernorp
don on l.,. 21st Selitember and is Molasst BSugr F Poreiga-Year .. .. 0.00 Rcsulug at 1.45 p.m. the score A-D.. arriC'eat 830 o'ao la .
expected tc.o 'arrnt, .re on or nboul hitBluip 0.00 | 6.75 Blc Months 1.80 wan taoen to 144 for seven wiket, hey d and
the 10h1 O.tlob'r proeediug after Cooa- Town- Year .. .. 1.56 w hen the lea Interval was taken at c" pouy .y nM d t o sea. s in the
tunrds in Dnmornrn. ., Trinidad coeoa per BSi Months ,,. .78 .45.. Fir-o wickrli fell- for 97 runs, The. prgratn Stokes, manager.
8.8. SPEAKZlC mBlled from Liver- tb. 0 1 9 in the two hours after luncheon, representing t t pned with a M el
rnil nil tllo 2'illt Reop l L nd Is e. OOCTTO- I ---- At -.15 SI. Luria resumed batting tlming at thf neteat Indldas pr- .
plcte'il t-i arrive her,, or, or about Lho Mhidllang Upland j AIX.L HBBCRIPTIONS MUST BB ni,.1 in 4.31 p m were all out for appearnure of the\ peter. The.
12th October, piroc flting anflrwarda to Liverpool 16.91 I 17.13 PAMID N ADVANCB. 156. screen enlled forth, Tudianson the
YVe.nioa.tl'11, P'rii.-., Colombia. ExcaI o- I I Tih. follnwlii g nre, he scoresI- from the audlenee. onged cheeri ,
8 8. INOOMI.\ will anil for Lonldon Nnoer ork liand --- --- o l.I.nn c lruilji, ib. N. N Hughes.. 4 ad by another il w as follow
on the 3rd, O,'tolihr taking ll citrgo nold LonDon 00 days' | Dt'vi I p1 e ... ............. 18 T. Worcestershire In West Indle.ss
pbstongir'ni orufferir eight I I 33r1 .I 4.02% THE St. CIrrIr li Ci.p.e .............. 76 performances' by the eb some fin.
Loiludii ] .1 ') 4fl l..t r .v r' wi-.' ~ .. .wrmla|. Iepbtlrn l. CtJp ................ ]4 teere exhibited. Need oLIndita=
--LONDON S *i-- ATRliN A Prilitr e Phillips b Cup ..... 25 l,'o provoked consido any -this '
lLONDON t. 8 Sep.[,t. 29. TRINI AD UU lARI N Vlnio, b 1 w b uap.) .......... 0 Phil Mndison's Vau.levl "ppla
-Al ir_ .ai L-ne. II G cNamLrt. h Phillips ....... 0 (trtaind the audience .upe bthen
SS a- 'I e..iri e e nl b Phillips ..... 0 eating a.nd humorous pro n tol -
Fiuivatort -S.ott & Co. Amunt. i runt"raCrysanil [ [ PORT-OF-SPAIN, TRINl DAD Drvy.iri e c Chetubin b Phillips... 3 silting of a few local 11 on.
S. .---- ---'---r pr r it. | f-.l-dI-.'.tj .iL 1/ Mniliuriu (run cout).............. 4 songs on tle perfurm an
Laiipnrt and Holt Lie 'ehdw ae ,d.if -a ..3 Tu C R n.1,.l 3. Pord.on fnot out) ............ .. nicksa A, the chief being
SoMuse.uvudo. itto /--44/i' 12/---t/.- -i -1 "" ..- : - .'- t tr... ... ".".:...-.. .;, HOrnh, Ou r Boys nro-e A
Alston anidC o. Lt.L-Agents. eTrin a d cc ..r u-.. . ,- r." t tr9o'are Plnoan
L,4? YlC n C ]I r d to ro a Cc- T -. ^At'the LOuCtlU ,lor hefn1,1
Midding 1.n,,_]rn to ar MiddtigRid pe RECO"RD OF RIME. R sow, O .ar DerEur.
hrU. L de n, .o ol or ablut tewto 47/--48/ 47'--4/ -- F- ir r,. n ... rt i, et J.. Suall,. 1. Paefrl ,] tA e
nu. "irt N-, .-rik vin Ba ri do, Good ni' I m THE A linll -l rnlti,.n r. .rt o.I -' f..r '- rur,. Philip. lrn -fr 3l I tine i-tn pr c.ene to d I llh dit
Kitutg Fii t. -;...... I ill rt T i STLhpird Cl,,:ietl da Se. .Ip -- Pt- li. tt Oif l- r.r :.' it ftI-i-4.,li"tfr | nt lud r apD i l- .'
a-'esii 't .' ii' M "ilo -Iland at Liver. ftr l It22 lirruj .l. ,; i n rsI ni lI,,ig Lri.1.c. flr r T E P ESENTAT

fr Ili I oute t n or n iut W lre r l -a i. 01 I ] t~f, r t.iut inul it nlTord u.N f. r GREN AD, X TI nT TN 'TN P ESENTAT
im lht If MID- p :,tnt r t"r ttka f-b t 11th Bunk of Englland l
'q,: r r lI d 'e^m^a4 4o i .nv' ,ligntt;i,- Il,. cr tiniin al rl ..o rd. Gr,.-,,l,, ,',1 ,r.,. i t1,'ir f it jr.- Addr,. ,ing is Exe.le kv t4
Net Tork v, nI rl.r,ii ln, l,,il ng Irst., C onsola-- -,- tl, ( uln l P,u \ rIn. -a 1 m pi l l].tJdrloviini rirl,: -,, frinhc e prIpAr.urnb "
t l-.;l .;lp,--.ig.rai cnr Rot i Paris Fr r. ., .;' . .. t., n in lu e to
por, Mor".' 'K :l-0l11 1,131tI.'. : ", rI, h t,. 11 n u l t,-n u iuf u i tu I-i. a -
T o .I .. i. .... i.b t., tnt ,i .rt lart, OIrSelds I L v. n t ," I u l lit r'i 1.t' ii' ti."-it '1.11"a. t ihi.dInr. rt ItI;"
Ltr" fr O 1 u..,,l ,,i -1 prT i h.r at i i te" 1 "-" ,itir t'rr1 luritt I tt, i
i \ 1 0 i il"t J- .ir, N Lo, nLbr. Pulitd British OU ri ',n r... .1.. I... i ln ..*; rt,,, rrre Ie ,in et t
S 4 'i '-. ii P- 1 r, N,, ,,L.,,r. fields of Trint I i(,l,.** r r, .. h i,, i, l.,. I.- I,.I ,J l i e ent ,t,, i,-, 1 .1 a ,. l t

7 ', .i.^ -r l.. .L1d. t, .1 8.. I 1D ih il t Ll, .ull olJlhrUt t ltru~. no Iup t-I 1t, u I, 'I,' r .e hI. ,tl ritfer
,* ,,., 2, ( IOM B tXC A NtfE l ft. C iiti;.,,,,. U..tiiit,,,I ,,. ,,,,.Ii ,,,,t,', Tl' ,l' ,,, -,.L; '. .. .i ,tr.c,,, that 'n
"" U '.'Ua IrA Nk d1tn c tI fn m, .. ,'. .,. L, .. ....'LII't '.t ,,t. ' '" ", ....
arge E ntiru',s & Co Lit -Agent RATES. i.. 1 ', In ..nLfttri 4 I t rn- Latit
., .____ --- , '.: ," h, pr. uu[,Lr v. r, lain ,,I < t,:.i ,,,
1 ',,, t.,,,,r, i ..'I I r II ut' ir I t 11 Ir ,ll I,. Irt, l h .t- ],K h rulierl llli l I a r.hrltinn or oet
Oolomlribln S S Company, Inc ., '4. Yt . rl rI I '.. i- i h, ," I .. h,' ir i...i. ,,.u. I ll .. 'ui-i. u ,,.-, t l.itu 1i h. a ddInel

J.4 rirat.rr U SS vV.nel. Foreign , 1 n ,... h nr 11 1.n.' .'" i l .'' u ltttut res -
1 -cr n ) des r. o .' r itt ] ,,i r."';I Ii' t lt l -, l l.'i t Pr, ,.n i.t ree .. re: t n. unI th'rnefore
T1e Archer T o.,lng Co. Ltd -Ag t .. I 1ILC*.p, Il ltI' ili li ll i l ** it i **ii b 1-1L tuhtI tl*h.. 1 *u tr l I. f1 hi t t ( dill.
-i 1'-. M ,"-1 ur it.. fT, a -r t, 1t | .i, nit! in li. if 12 thu. "' t tI ,!'f, luii d It l^,it .l.nt n,,n n a Colon F
1'-. r .. ".... ,,,,,,n l. --------- h. ,lr. i ,h,. I"" r iI,.,r I it t |... 12 1,l,, r,,rt ] r ,.i t,, i... tO thad l
,, 1',1, ":....... .. t ,,, .- T OID A Y 'S -D IA R Y of**',, J I.r ....I I, t' 1 ,. i l" 2,t, .-rI .,. con ..t,. l. Ju r. 1- r [,, ,, -l...,,r., i i
'.i. fI .... i "ltf.. .u. w Yorkt i. l, [.---- ,1 ,*: Ill, r, .-.. 1 1 p r i.-n ul e.....,1.1 l....... ,,, lin .b a t
l,. h .' n, *. r i ,,,,. li,. .|,,i ., nr ., ,.',' ,' I. ,v ,"nb,'" t'' l p,,' '-- .n ,, ', tL,.: t.titl unmt b.:r ,:,f c,-n m]nlt .L- r y.'.u,, r ,, i ..,t in a fewn
il.I .. r N... U O .L-..r .i, .i n e.tnd i o-! L-,t dr a nd l tT hu- re li l t ..n ;.r i n r ,'e 'It II.. I .,l .,ould be t
l r.. 6, Tl.r ar a l n .a ...... r i 1-V` rlv i*ri iu r r. c 1. .., l .' t ri pl ,, ii, n .na ... e e,> b c .. u l t, ib, ui.%- ll .. ll l 11 Ind e ir- i

'i .r. i, ,i l ,r.. ,,St rtil urui cio akr.in g .. --. ti-i m t. ra, ,r. rlef t i ,r- Tlrn r. t t rti 7 li '.ba i ..'I il l l-urp r I ii -l..I i ..[' r- of e electingla hS
.ri.. rl l . ', lh I-I f. vun i W. TER I tr : n w [ il I.-H- (r t1 l' [ l l, indi I It' .. r t.r.i nttaa pot forprl
r Ij ~1 31 3.1 d t an:.1 t -ii-n dm ir. n. flatrmTI I tr..r u s a n

f..l]..onin g place -1 il h o fItrin .i,- ,t,.,in at rn|t h I. r ti.i i tr' -t- e,.irt-t l ,-, ,, ipi ZT'.- T n-, Er '' t-.eagl 'i.ad, lB

a plcall on to i tho L-.Ie l Agnc-i M-nitng fsu4 t., r imm in ind pr .-i r il I i fr ,-u- t. rtT -I;,l .I iL "rP- i i n... -.1" i-rt IndW tI'a-s..
1 I.- Anilt.I, nd a i un Fdr.anl. l.. l. .i.-.g i i |. tin v i r. 'ndt;l O Ii i I`irr' 1nJo cnao,
". i.- lr ir.,, T.r.nito i Craids NO, Li T t NG I ,UfS' 7.19 4 rn.I ,n 1 '2 rh- .. nn1l,,, n 11.viI I- th ,,tit, i|, ri.,glilit Pr'0
r I-r. .I rL M t ,it \ -i i ,r-, i . ,, ,, l, l r ur- th ei m a-
ri ,L-1 ,-1 M or, r, tur n 4-.7r, ,,, o ,iV, r', ,'r , I, il r..-. u ,', I tuf iu u -it,n ll,,- ,j.' i'f .r.. f1 .-'t o gr1 1lt .It.
----- r....nth ..r r..u, d '1
D,:,_,_____,_____________________ _____h t.= m----tt iI0r.t1.,,t1, ,:,'roti-,, i th, .h.,hl Itn -'Fit r ':.ii Ir,* f I "
Horn W esi India line. rr- I ..i. .. 'r .frt.m 1 IU, i t ,- -nr Tl ,,- h I ri ,,i' r "" ifn. i I' ii h li U
t AMU sBEMENrI,,,S. p>ru -u'-Fi' ,iruu.Tni,.r-.,, r ti',,r Ir,..' m," n r' pree,
A l 1,1-11-(re -- L. I S lr ,,, l r,> n j *r '' -l i tL- Nl .u.,r, C t.
nn q n ,uT h ...woT..1 v It' 8atr .1 -r r t n. l. Fi t a r n :rhy -r -jr~r tiLc t tthrt w e
u--l iu:-, T f. .Loni4 o Olympire Theatre, lPri. n. irl, r in nfi t ""'"'"-"n. :.ny ." '.,t-. 1ndI.. o l ,,n "TI ,. Tn,"** e ren.

TTc .. Lt zight With &tLv uaklw iti h it.,iotilt i.n'. l t i- -riu l :t A 'Jl wi a th ..ry t, W .n In1 -. .,
f r-n b' .Tl n ,,,,I h ,'t, , n ,, ., L, |d,, n L, I.,t', ',,I r t,, ,i I ,,- ,"r et .. t ,, h ,lt -,i- liratu -- c -, ,
o ., A L oL odndon l Ion Theatre. ....tO1"..ii1 ,- of ,r. i, Fr I u lil A ,, *rt t .

o CLOSINGl OF, M AILS .igl, S ar ..~, 9 tt, ltruir_ in r rr nl m ,,ill ;,li I '. li; 1- ;n t r n r,,,, I+ or,
Sl ,'r, -" --- Af ,r;,i ** '" p iin ru,," ,,,rl'. A'' rIn, ,' i,,,,I,. , i it- n . u"pri ri r, l t 1. ut Woodb ..,
it-. .. .r iounritat. ,, Ni Thonr.u ar,.l Palace Cinema (Gron F'rn in do). l.rt ..t I t h. i riu,-....-.t...i;,i ,. i.I t l su..n t P -, n LPri rt ofast

T; ,: n lFlugi'Ii- Nr irheatre ihn erranii ) .'. rf ,, r1. r. .., ;' ltlf*- ,',r 1 n ( l.uf t fir "I ito -mt
T,:ni tlu- Th, 6ky R r ~,-,, .. r tl o of d. ir,|, ".,& I r es t.. ,len r,.. o l. l
ii ori oiurotul t in i i .'t'rt t ii en u a in t 8.EV 20r t, n1. I nI l 1 2 i,72. ,i h . .'u I .I. I -.t r I.. a i n r. v n r t, : ilt... ef

N 't-O fA. N. N, h rty --- -- u l n u11 1, II,.11- 1.h n 1r'1- t. i rI t. I S ,ln it,,, I .' . t r. te
SIP i n T iay n.IO o r SH IP W IRELESS l.( itt it, .f-t11 ..... i1",1 r i. -l'u' t' le. t" e sT -" t t-Io, c h... .' [,,in1 if -
'0 l sl S r" 8iT6 .,.l;,l ar, ppwr m. ll.. , OMMiNICATION P ',n- I," *r"*,wl n, , ; f 1 \ n .. c, ,l, rlr B

ll. r n.. P I ollo ip qo in (. I r i I I..' ll.. f i t ui n i'pFtr ep i' Rlin pr. t l u I tuc t .b

'" .1r, ,T h ar ^ninr l,~r.a, u i lu' e ,in willt .Norh Post Wlm elosr'. n', .Icrf ,Ivi.1pi,.IN .' rt nf I'.ttIr-,. 1 i, -,th" *-",tin I !h., n '"e r
I .. 'l-I u-a .,., t] r, -nru,, l u p O wilro l t l, S" lttlnon ycelrtrloy ill 2, .' it|l. on[ i.ni: lni l 371 Cnm 'un *;i n t i or l1,1 ind i tin Itr --cc" 1 0 'iR Potnee, @p
h I Nni. t,,r>w I ti ,Iurl b...', r ILonidonain'I -l r. I, noil R i, Po r o n

or Mi l- it r Ri u Ti. Mper im i --- ---i--- --- Ofl| ...r P rinrieh, Pil rciri e Lh Ptrn.isiire.t al;]nr on cr* inn, s. inf in contlt iion it I- -c ---u- lintSontof-
in- O.,nMil l .r. P u Itt, .In beyIrt ,'l,,, O R ESPONDENOC. 37 of lltptl,.,nkinr ,ntrl ?-2,. 1 only nce.,ary to r .ncr to t.,
T Oi ,d. l .Irr i Rn ,i N, I i ,rin W Ii,. er IT Popt, l Ion t, nd h. r e im .t i cAr r. e r..
d I r On,,il n,,, ,..tinn ilo ,l l t 6..i.. ri,,ln .r l,." ',t ior illg t i o r "It.... rfifor nation whio h -,, t ',in ,l W L.. l W t l
l. u tI."..,,-i, tOoiin nu, on nurs l r ,nnim ns l Ol n rt2ran, A tullioriti, at S f '

I.1i1. ftr I.n l untittyrn, Pto. fonlomtbin of ii"' futue, unly nad all letleo muest 171 wOttinditip tit-'.r in 1'l" I in o ir__1
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.i n, h t ed cont M luttona he re- r in t n in t iMOlltP-TNa;t
Mi, i" f..i r L"r:rnu s, Rai t ill anti l rurnsl uiG less nr.mMnswtf e I. t l" ,,it I ,. TONIC FO B.
'l.lr i.l. .ilni.r bv the Venenile will1 ,i...,,l n..-Inp. a fnnerl..I t e ,,V.1 O, ,', t r .,o'lsot.: o t-u, bt tITAVlAi W
I.A, l.ornol u l -I t Ohhe n uo -'in,, OI__ tlp,' lHH only Peal lowGsi -lr h,,li r .. nI 1 l
tI n onurerr..tt i( nI p n. New pnpurip malls g nsl (i01plut ' yI ut s l't.ti ( llt u S to 0\I
i. tinl ,relstrnutil, -Ie Orne at 2.0 plo. ooo W Cil9ifn tll it l -t dc .l p i, IB
- Mnll. fu.r lrtinnita, BS: Vin' ont, OnRIlON.-Oni BSptlnOb.r 8, 1931 tn ]unfO to Resumie .int Iit, criri- a > J B,
| lmnrhdt.l,l.. thi. LI.ira Doilnl.'n, Mun. i l: t ll'nburgh, B"otlannd In Mr. nti no It ru',rnrc, tf the colony 1i8 irinro ,- a r h H
nrnil, Atigiure. PT. Kit., rurin Mrs. A rlltr Cirlui of "'El Ila nisio," on g and tho t11riot ha l1 of. law m

an ( h wi l he closd ty the Es t .t b T .qc. adau tr. and order, the spread of 'ediuca- | EU a
ILI Oeerl 1,t r on Sa tou.1ru)tay huhM -Nu* ** m rm s. m?. P ittT,

Intsint at .1 pim. N nw.p.prue malls -r -- tlion", and ti e infln1enc1 of religionI \ I IB I. l
S 1,1io r, liLrtbI,,:n nrlBe rlt d.oO p.m. tar'. POv been pprductive of benenfl]al L f -- ro 95 I ]1 o , ,
t---c s t .0 l E ct on the' ifhd ibitanta orf the] %\i
h M, ill. fa r ( T, rinuiii. .ion.on, lt nvre nlny. The are lowover, hri-e i
'he ,m,ll lr.,i1l lh r t I, the wIll nu 'Iin l.\N.I-On Ocltber a ;n.i, IsfiT li' of the report wiih u niiII. e n '
rtute1 ,u ,,,,.,1cor ,,2,' h, 1, te o i, th C n' rna peivinp or pr, .nqlt. pointtotndti c \roe to,

Oi l lr lealy. N.iw pt ctn r Ill.s andrme- nh-rm, SOLDatuert a\ to 3 I
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d. 1.11 [ ,n -- 1 ve#/, a should' 'I" rito n lorh mmlnluoteo with the object of A? A T[' \ i. I I oii > ,si11nh
pr m. 'Mail forWIo"rhm p niuti PaunpiOttm, Lbrit rn.crpt litsl ol lno.In nnsretia n g o m neatq 'of represl on B IEi' .-- AGErc -
eq suoldwr tt.. Chee. Coar5. Port an the j a imf rson\ beI mal
n. rt -1 1 by th1e Nickerlt will be closed -.. orter the strLcter,n f ,r4 ent, 1f 6hf :..
'l i a a"s m'p ral PimOiClRe ea Satulrday t. power aid penalties ils-aady.pro. A teND '
an lthe l ,th it.aien II anl erlgly. n P rfI e nrns an re lllcull t ra.ilb9 .121,ld for h' IiW. Wi hatr, er n0 lt ainn
.* **...- Dl/bq1 -.- sa
" Mnila T for i.rl and ceg". i nrpG on as It l ten.--lI ptenblink ,1uRmover wll" e .at@ on; o nt Be a to the a elt i-rLTD.l
-3rbdra.wrtheLvieapaDnnlleslllynMnntI .n nur-h, oLInd Iidrner f r(ftile eoon is cihrrooy., i.r~r a

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Geneva, I'f6.,i.bi.r .'?th-W ll London, Beptember 28th.-Lilbour Is
orthy of being rlinar, rine d a world beebnming increiaingly restive, iL the
orum, with voices ialing frimn four faeo'of the prolongintion of the Ruhr
continents, v.ua tho great debate in. problems and the spread of uneiriplor"
a Assembly of tho I. .gu ofNations neent. With n view to trying to gtt
o- eight, when OtLo .iilt teUs while e It1I deil nmanrids niet, I.nl.ur is doing its
rally approiLug lic. dlie.ialLon oc. utmost to foro the Governirneit to
a Council of 11Lo Lergue to trsibo.it Convene Parliiament, which line a-il
he rqUntion of tle Iiti.rprtiition of jourmne until Nrvemb(r' 17th. A
h l Coviniiii f lihe Lngidii to Jurists, oinlt i.eolini of the .Tr do Union
courgetl th old thimn pritvti'e of big- Connell niii lt', L nbounr Pairty Frceiin-
r la tes n'oere;ug thl wi. li r i ntl riv(s y,,ir1it'1y *p'. Oi.tl r..rnltui..n
ian i nut iol i iriitiai that tinit l ,'- urgently r illhig iipoi tli. Preriiier to
north l. r lli.ii, rir 1 .t, i.it .1 .i i'- uninilon Pa lirh nloiat liniiicll.[ ttly. nu1'im
ul metholis hLe fi,.II, u.ll hi, ir iiia i a slip wp raakr.I k'.l .'i*.se if "ThUe
ng Nationil lil'ri.ii e a Thlit IT Wos t 'xtretti.' gr. il o' f 1t.O .i.l i,thrin In
hard se.ntit fi.r Itilv. ia th t iii.C i GOrnin V., m io lh its Inr'tlviilihle tff'l .it
u oplid ,.i In L 'iigioo c rle, i' ll t lo i:tlit ,if li. tri,, il 1 n,, ri''" r.f
en n frl.ilgit Alainor Riaiil. iir, ih.'.n I mim.l.iplay.ii.eii nwh-,ii In liheavily. In-
f thr Itault.e atlig'ntitrii. .l 1ilt0 iliig 1 rrt',9r lii lhltnt iy i ii," lh i.,in i hrli .ni
nrlllaii t lfti ,t.hthiii i ,le ,kt r hi'Itr lv th1 i ali, il hi.i l Ir i i ,.rt c1i.1, it
penak-,r dia r, ly ur iii.llii ly, ir.n'1 ii ,,hau.iiin i ,l' .ii.pliy .iiii. or ti i n. u ilt
t aly if in' llivh g uI. 1,i hei i a.oin.i tIe ii vily ..iril..hi-. Il.ir.l. i.f O in.l.
g.i gonifli nt1 ic Ir .t. r i oi t h iln l htnn .." ('...] r tlnlr l h'i i..... ..pl. v'l.
If*i nt w r.] M r. 1;lil rrl Olarri.y. Gri,,t work] rs C'u.nritr,...o it, .' ,.i1.1'i]h ,pi-
r rlinin. s.pTenly r!ti ,.u. ,,d the Ul ..linto l n ,i i o I fi ., l ,III su% n ..,hini .g ,. 4
l or iiilt In rr.,,, .i1 it I,i ghl.t i'i P rrllnin ii n.i .i..l.' ..l' .'.f i iiiuii l .f
h rotectin g ai' k I .., n.in nL tri. r .il ll l. l- lfl.. r I g ..lni r..r 'il. i %Li.-ih
i he chlc ne ry jIn1 tyrniiy oiif t1e t in 1rn-pn .. ,u, 11.r..l I I t,t.luiltric.1
strong. Thle i.rL ati.'rtlit i, f L"inl r,1e,'i .if t,..o u' ir 'n T"l ..... .,iipret
ano trive, ar [ ckreil lihe'C,.unll of Al i,rg, hu. i orh. r, rI it inm.ndl W.irk
a u kn dl o r f ,r r h. hk l h l I ... ,. r, r f, l l] n i t,, | i( n l 'e t I ',,T I 1 i ,n
I Italv ,,Oi lO.Chlnl ,hiii n Ih...' ,*,Ii, %',,Ii riate nr,.ot liiu.i t Il t. Prliii]..'nl
'teri ticlel th., Anil.n ...lr- tl',r j' I T. ,', si.,.r ., ir m i~.i'. ,- "
lI I g t o l l o r h" I I I -' u il "t . li 1 l- i |' '. I "* ". r e .. P r r 1. irl.r ,i f t l o hi e |, -.i i.
".Ij tlco tin ix i.,' una.. ii lt Of rel. ,.,.I',- W e i,niti til l i ',i,l i .Ip
i ean i w. n. , .r i h d ,, r ,i l tl ., | r . .- 1i t h r lh r ( ] r i r I n I.. in .. I I . .'
Pnihil.'r lti.nl.e 1 l{,.h" 1 ,\',,' ,,: fi, I,-d I.. in. t i i '
fDnii t1 |lii. .. in iii.in r '' 'rt" t aOiml.t ti ,l i.. rnitr .l.. i .. I i ig h.. i.... t i.

'it t `t.u 1t i.. i. ... .. ..i i CO NFEREN.li. i i ..

fn- the n li t. l.t fi l.. '. r tr l,,. l '
" o rth e C o.t h til u r ." r'* " I i1, 0 .i .l ,n..U U. n,.' r 1' li ( nn 1
",,Cone .'l 6"of i I Tr.. ,1 A-

it ro,elvur.l 4.... II, -*..I,,...-' I E R IA L

o knoWy wit a rouli i l ii of Itle 'im on t Ua hIll to It h li(orf'r'elie of
,.thue ,nu i ..r .. ,., I.. .... .... D CONFECERENCES.
:l' ti on n i t,.,, li. I- I i.r ri,1I"

for tr O Ciunll r,. .'I .- *`.' '. 1T 't ,Ir, E8. ..t n I'r ,"N
F t Ih tte rf p l -- Itlru. Lkl Q ir E

'. hcot1 a _..I * ' '.. ti o W..liort.. '. .. *. Or
trretn not; 1114 .u ..ttty h if I t a r, n-.. N t-iVr h. hlu.. uh ..
3 D r.. ,mol r i., ,lt I l.. ,.,l .. I. 4r (i..Ifi .. ru .- I..i .. tr,

s trilr ol wiu ort '1 do li "1 "' .1.10" ir.mo r I'v ii lio r of i
of .iIu' Lofhie Of.4 Il0..'. i r.. r 1 i l' n iiniN ,,
Sl..... .to II F1., .E. A'NS ..'O. [nNER S .lA
1 Atq i fn IT, a *n re' al t .A ,til ,' ,' lLIC" toi '' I' .p' r l'* ,, .

Theidn Twt INh, r 1 l,. N,, til' n l. F r ,,, t I,, .. . oil," ,, -
n ,lar n,urn- , hiQ'i u aUlr, ,.Y, 1Iw..r.. ,,,

10j rl- n I. t .n,, ith,.l, teI'" t ,,hrI P u '.,f
F a i~ L . th| str r ., t 1 li,., ith t* h ", t,. I ,r ,.n l I. -, .. ,,

fln .h i l h. t I li I... rii th N. ae t r I
mno t I A,,,. h .*l *n' "" ... i r.le ic l.I in, ,'. r ;
n .. ....... ". *,, r ... A nDF 0. E R E N C E .

w hirl w ero lih i II I l fI

woulo n b lill.." -11
lbn" p n n A, i. *'. I alh V ..t ,r t, 'r r I ir'n o' 11" 1 ;
t hoU l ain ur ed'|' p .1' ..r l

.rle nn I p rrnap 'tt i .i ..t.t.i .Il'tl...I rt I Q UOi Tiiooe ro B Y B n T]st
the ml t tnr ot :i e,. ,, Fixo Q,.,,. DEPREJATED

r 'a a i Ir ni l. .al nt l I 1 t ',. rrn l. h. i in
n-l ,, t.1 II uI l v I r,, *.*r 1 .1 ..n f,i l . ir..r tI ul. IR

Jh Tr, IN.. l ,.1N '- ,- .. i .1 .. 'sen., l l ar. e .,.., l I l. a. ur: .i .' 'i I

I n P,- ., n ,',: -, ,., ,, i- t" L., ,1 ,. r4 [ r. l. ,.l. t 1. ..i fi-. ... n ,-I
.A, ReUrL" ,, . ,, I.., r, :. r.t T .. 1 l t r. ir."n ir 1 ..I I ,

thflI1-ROf N invrIt t I A I-'*esu sa Aua Ge taaula.I
Dr. B Rmhl I i A C,- n rl It i... .r. m, .-, .lI.. I,, ..... .I ,,. ,,r..
Ig Iihn th S 11 .. I .... IT3 IN TP S

l. l p n ell, lho 'l her. p Irita i, hi'- nil m t, T ,uhui l ,, l ,uilli i ,,ii
Ir au lt bel ,t rl u .I" a ,' an .t. i.,1,, , i'.. ,1, .lln .r ...r f sl t rie In l i r.l 4l .I il '

ynt hra ,, .1 .fa n r W tain .n In i a ul."arrllia' n.nli I ,n lD in.=r ,\ m rrll 'r f r.u t f
s.toln nI, e. h Is Ienve rI.a."r I 1. t f4 1 ....i .t rI .1 .1 f in O ,,F r
w orta Io n l i,. rr . ., e,... n i ., L, .. A .,1l, ,,l 'I.lCn -n, i ..n .. .....,I

tI s fLh th' ^' i,'. lr ,,.l t. lr;,.. ";;
th e T R I N I I I ,\ _I, L ; .\ i D I ,\ '. 1,1 i ,, ,, _..

SI h e atsl. ii, I r- r in ( nr,, i. I.r iIt..I, f
Nbaa n uoe .- rle T. c .11, nnitma ]., l. ,,r, TO.iN, r. r i h "

( Ievamflua .lN OHIs.le ent etrt, .nrn erunlf,.l unAa m .r I1 ir t niali f
o ah c l'mIM, N i (r.ry. hr .inA n a..r m rn. r.n l arly -.. .I a 1..,
*y n ----ulluh IaI el in Il ,I Miil. rnp, t'l I .r I I..

SplhTAi lq t "f n or IsIs n Wa l on is1r.n1 tDem ll.r 1 11, 1 .- n rn of

YTlelemma1 san d ja *ai.tiea a nar "t nd Istit sat n ," u' N ewton 4. c.i) '
hn .. t .p1 ,-;h .. .i .. ry r'.. l ion. i ,,.,,,o ., .
th nr y rnuq nnl- ,i t, II lI Illr t i L M AYOR OF
1he i, n Iarr 4 N.L n o.. vI i. r ON DON _

l knkr i l e n 1 * J --
T A i,,n -fn. re ,,lI"'rlIN ,( H l] Orl :fllW

1 O' I n, pA n-ill tnl n1 t1 r,vr 1ronsion, Flflh t xr Sn h.-NIr n81r
tilltr trm iln "I Murey (nunly. Nof wlinn wa lectral t- iny. n T.irl
; heI thn mift irl ut h6 r llr. o iIn a yl,or iff oInd. t fo, h+l e nltn i.h- .r.

i a r O M i ln rr.n. ll d b y d In ni,. 'r I ", hr n, M"lrt | il r i .f "f jh rI,
nL hn lu n 1 r e qr h.. t 'ri h Ot iy In ,rl f t-i17 and r Ii, Knl.hI, tl
oi ng n ei hll in pranrr te pI r nI I he lfr I, i.lic wll y r .ll h Iwn arn I n
sn plnl r % A .n ** l"nn I- v nt.f mni T 1 1 t1 Ie l il Nh erw tO 1 M r c 1l .,

%i ron n tpr dnnI ir aUlim "l*
'o- of. r{'h. wnrlid hr- r. r ii-
KLU --KLAN. i-i- n -S' -rl ,,,il -it 11, '

I ~ _~ _I





(fy' TrnniJ.li G,,,arli,. 'relllrtcj..)

Derlina It 1

nil *ln'ua'hs in the Ruhr l",i i.ri. rn',i
'*ir -'t. tF t ll t r. i'|. ttnit a .'l,'l. t i l h te
.'(I.t fhr I rally h..,.u.l, lhi. r n"re r I1-
.i .'.f ti.., ri il r.I i.t N ii t t. 1 .f iti
i"' -'-P ,ik t. O.'t 1.
iTei t{' ml hiinr t T i t ',lf;litl.'jn in" t. io
:lil.r ha, estribli.h .l th.t t1.. G n. .,rn
I',.i,o uae stool {pi,: r..r, n t11., ro. .'.i
.i Dhi-i ldoro i,, ii, v'' '.ki. dturi-r tj.l
1.. piite lo s.:,..r..n p,.lic . prr t, xl
l,.. u i r, r ,,r., . h ,, -ir I. ,i 'l 1i mriotingl
.,,.ji Ili ta'. d.i ir. i,'lih fr'i Dus tiedilrf.

Do' .i hr, Ot ,1
QG | rdrf. (). 1 k 1 l I
lii. O ra ,.,', I wi (l Il. r.il. itie ,l

S l,, r,: k ill l .. ,l ..
C,,,h, 4 ,in(..l l ., i i .- >


Pr, A.. 0 *r
S rhi, .t.j r.f ra r r'.l t I. r . I .- l
,in'.. Jfl I r ,i.l .. nr 1.. ,.Il.l. I '"o 1' r
1,, I,.r..,(gn 'h' hfli. ul Tin Ir ili
Over rti-n it', it declared, is maintainu-
,", nn ittlitudo of complete tlol:uliimeint
1 .i |,, .'[ IriDint m over.'L'nt .
Duaseldorf, Or(. 1.
.'ro.' are patrolling the

.- sibilltv for ninitaiit-




(By Trlnidlail Gunrdiin H'frelesip.
Toklo, Oct. 1.
Severe qunkea shook Tuitr, Frnier,.
s-a, on Batlurdny destroying n.niiy Iloulse
ialy tficlal rjleprts Tlhe Ins of liUf.
In feareJ to be Lcn)y. There ioreo
n-veore siiocks oroui.l 8l,.'vukr.- ti
Iloado islanndl ioutl t O mi0 lih doutl-
'est of Tolo on Sunaliv
l'unnoslt hi nn i.lannd, of 13.1"00
1itiir 0 n ,illei t o ..lail.- of Jl ii i. f'
tlh Sotlo i tnast i'mi.t nf C'lith. nn.l
il.-.ul 300 nilles ft..n- t IIr.ii I'.]K- g It
',,-m rti0od to JIpi n bO Chliin in lati>,.
Ih IIuo uapul.im .i I., 'm,: 1.15 ,7lt,

. t.\ri... .'JS D..l .(LL', 2iit;\i.


l( ii Trin.r..l, t .' ..laI IF .,- i-.

.i\t oflli'm. Il liipmilrh r.:.jn fri.ki.. .. I[
1,,,ip.i ll Smbn.b's.n i.u-"'.". rIte hhiii ,.,,-
, m ... ti tOi beo d .' r.l n l'i'tl'l.i lll 1i 'i .-,l
ltPatoawl'l.illh I .L luum
1.. r ii.' h .l-f TTra-ri li s -i'u A r... i
...f .3 i .. h...u..n. ... ,t:. :.- -

T I.i, .-... i I
i tI .,,T '. ,'. ,iu'i i u I u .. ni- i ,n ;,,r,.m.
-.n'l'li', I n'lll' TL ilJ I. r h ',l ,',l T '* l' ,|lis i 1
i .i.-, in 1t o-a utmir l. iu rI.l. m r


'oSl1'h'IaT'llm L if [I, -

Tokio, Ort. 1.
1hisatisfactllon with theo Inuniler Iit
whiilch Japinso nbusine.n.'i mn lare hani1l-
ling tho distribution of relief supplitfs
in expronsedm ln,flm v'e r'tia iriim l t .n

Pruf Fl intIuti.iT\' yOR DISORICR.
luiausselorf, Orct. 1 ,(Tyn Fe Trinidad ( n ,- lniiian 'F'i,'elr s.)
S Ti.... .i..i, '.voe arro sit'd fowr city
11 'il-- .' .onT ietiors o f etho ecnrity Wlashlngton, Oct. 1
i, ..,'n iih., d responsibility for Slumnp of more thlinn $1l,000,00n In
l' .'.'1.i an. Ameriean exports to Euripe durirngr
Aug'ust compared with Anguot of pro-
THE GERMAN codrlng yqnr sh lows lit Pominere deprt-
nmeit atptiptica but is more than offset
REICHSTAG., 1,y exports to other parts.

t,'. ",r, ,i, Gne-,i'o" TrvO' ,.s.t1 Grain exports from U.S. Inst week
London. O.'t. .1 amounted to 3,535,000 bushIel compared
,,,, I .,d- t dnoubIt a to with 4,602,000 in the preceding w rvk.
rr.-nn, .t'., '- of the nni1v of htr] _f___
" ,, .g is expro -w in cli. -
.. ,-,,iish Corresponnints in IMMIGRANTS AT ELLIS

---- -- i&
I T -., ,', Girm-Ri7;v Tr l,-ess.) (ir/. Tr nidad r.i nilio Tlirrlcss.)
London, OOct. 1. G
a\ r'r..l-.,,--,- movemu'nt originntnd Now York, er-f. 1.
' ,. :il ..rrrnisnatinns broke ont Ten lineori nro unlnnTline 8,.5D11 it-
i-t .. ; ',l i. ', ii'ijle from Berlin, says miptants nt Ellia TTnland in order!v
-,i r,.-. r'o .-;. r-.'-tch from the German fi.shion n 5000 others having been di-
,..rr.-il vertetod to other ports.

To The Editor,
TTirBIi Tho TriniidnI Iu rdia.
T UUAUU Sir,-May I .ask the flvour (iof your
innertiing this letter for Ihe purpose
.\ rlin..ur.ir. fll ju ILIDIN Gin of getting yourir r deru kl owinr n- thI it
i11'S 1RlFI., La iy inteati on to offer for slle proe
pared soil, or mould (Potting Soil),
BRIuOUB LACK OF WATER. nulted for tho growing of ronos, enrnn-
S tions, fernsi and othor phinnti. SHue l
i I'rn--I,- h, 'ait. nornto nl iut). a eonmpoSt wouldol n1.o bn of ltie ill
____r f applying to open beds wlloro tlhe old
i..1,hlu.. *i.lt, 'rt ,*On rern'oAt fire soils hanvo hoeomni worn out.
Snrprii.ne. a'. r .,inor thn n .l-rlead., Yours faithfully,
,l.,,.n .- .-.nlirt,,lo n w-,1eh 1irV-nUo .-,t W. E. BROAKDWAY,
,..nnr tIIe ,-1.1 n elrkot, 'ieinrl,e,-nigi, noil 1 Cornollo Stroet, Woodbrook.
iHi hi. rv rftnirri.....- u in'(ii pln li.ly tiHml rony-
.l1 'it urn I."e itL .i"'-tntorony ltndlr,0nis utd -
Iiiiu....'il i.tv,,l u.sI oun ite n tlt ,.vlelnlity. and known .8 .l Volv1illo t-r'i:i-n, *1,C-'
T'In in' Irni g g o'f hli <.chulrcih belli ford a it ilmular fnto. .*nvorail other
lal..i.hll.I liii.i.i.l'h nof prenopl o to tho 0 linisloa In tihe vicinlty wvern alitniigeld,
.'erie. niihl I1..-V nnw toingffuil of firn oepoinlaly that of Minriir .'Inll ind
I lpl.ng intl l,.lhldln g which woro oO'Knlffo and the liliadamitg 1i o.tliaiited'l
.-nnie.I r.wniieg to t li islenuneo of lln llo thlouiliind of dollanrm. Th le Int.ibl-
mliihqunl wi,.lnr iptily animl airy appll tauntsi liamonfeiteiil I Inek if a prope-r,
iin.-'nn fa.r ,lrhtuilgiulil g Sfire. A itrongI wilter supply aind hope that thou Ov-
1. tir -'wai blowing and tlial faiioed rnnintutt will siped up lie ehnrhono hin
the tfinsii whl.-lih spranid rapidly dle- thls conneotlon.
v'.unrling tiveryl'hlilith II path. The __
i enl I.n.l brn rppreanive for dalyis anl d 'PTII LONDON OUARANTRII AND
ilih el..ils.-of n.tinkea froin the bliat. A CIDENT COY, LTD,-, will Iniulrn
Ing niman Wvni. vl1illn for mnile ointlnd. vallr IIOUE, your OODS008, your FUR-
'fThe Inlha'l.lI.,ti intiudo staronitunis of- flX'PTRlaT, isnild verythIng ,you poInses
f.Alrt I. iurnr.l tihole IIhini, inid- tloay arilnist PIIR. If. you are unlniaire
i ore nat lengli nlluAreoifull. Not ninly. nee DBAIIJ BS LTD.- In Qtr q Btrcet,
',r'on Illt .w1iaLn vluinitntrortd aisilataiheo or 0_ .T. M. McDonugnall, ru.Pripndo,
nil awhllIe they hirrInhd,, wati r to'tho DO, IT NO'W.r;
ic'Pne rrini tliallk nht HlM Siatraonlliltng --
re..i..n,-e. ,' .. .... ,.r' ,ir t nti.,. FOAMITE FIREFOAM
ril; rllunihe Ir to. nvall h i tlhle riv a I cgh lts ,
Ith., Inant lt.11l. r l .- Liiv n. in,-th reo would hlvo stopped, that.,
uw.ler rn, tI. ilih.mi.,P. II I. r.t.-. thnIl tr Agenttsl Will. Scott & Co,
a far .. nsO p ruim. i, hl. lrrIn hljured ulit . rt- -p in
dletlol nre Ina lilng h %lnlli.r Ilih y rr- 'eti Ita' 're
rrket'I In.lirla Iin 1ighltligR Ih.. lIt.I or -
In fhiPir iotihli I a -e ,pnpo fOraii t' lit
Ihulmeiin' IChfrn I. ITf..rtls of Ilthe IR, Unless worts irne cxpelhli.1 from ile
ilghi mn' wo-rn mii.'-r. f.il. n two storo0 o 'iyNtemn I no ehilhl iin li, heaillthy.
hInhllliig h.iwa,,I I J.,,Moraloe was IMotlher OGraven' W.ir,.i 1:xleriiiliir
I.,u.nt Itn Ilin ...Iia, l,, .. nu i s ;i ta. 'i d- l- t i. a excellent inetlhli ini to' ldntro3
Joining sIul.lling Z'iI--I ly.r MI :. Alc'i.'lu i worms,. ,.




(Vy Tiii.iuo,'l Gaaroiiain 11t'irn e.)
Tai.ionii nlu, 1






". -- Ilna

Prin linistr .ild in, addr in drnwalu by reason of the fa" '
P1 i o bipnl tir IIop Lri Confereneg Tt anT h ly en el tInt 'i fr heargl tl s Ot that the w llidt'rraw. war s made bato '
IThle ,e,,ni. g l of the iolae ,nf.] Coaf 13ec ,,n RuLn l-'.r t,.l., "ri1iil S,'.,Io h1o .s ho a had acumulated the SnUm of tA
.I ,. d. tIh ok n ,r f, i lan. it Na, n October t8 i, i 'one aga iont Miathura, shUtl{gs. whih is against the rule.
rllrei llnl Lht ttholvliadliai Ginr niitai'i u l ohmrg1 ,l wilt { iult,'rc kiua und Ii r.It The Hon. Dr A. 11. MebSM .-
i .le,, nl tl haty o lori til inh utlh,,r i e,,. n -Prendlcnt of the DIretor ate met" and
-iutt girolly tIooerate rwi at th..r rbductred ills Excellency round.
0Iu.,,rnan hti f.r ,e U lii tl..itn ,.-f ar. Mr 1. .1 M ,iRg..t, Aecrn ntant of '
i.'hII rwI.[i oin Ihlltra 1in.lti r t1. l.0o \WiLhuI. the, Tubigo l.riui,hli of Ihmo Ro u.l-Bunk
ln ton Treaty. iof Ciiliii'. hin na tu,'in lri tiufl.'frtl to the
P iir'u"ae Town it brr n,' l In I tintrii r It Ii n LaL,d that the post of Clek
LINERS COLLIDE IN r t. I of thei Pe.e, Morura, will be abolished
SFOg at the e-n i-f 't-'r current month.
-.v F O 7I W >11 4 l q i J..' G' uv-1 n t. s &O- :- ;l wn-
'* _- ". IIh. -e,1 1, ... t \ tt-in p.. l _.- di. -l a "of ows., -
I N'APRUL' AIr BAIL, I IAC .1c.D f -,,1.r., ii "I. : Ru,ral Dut 4. 1. ,ials kii pla_ & u 1 t 2 p.m. todAy.
L o a W l it o r v. u :tl,. ',rruioug her, oi cthee .T th.i .Cr,,wvr .riu.,s. Ollice, urlier r.
6 -Lr..ti,, ,) .,to-1 ,
'.- 'Sit.I- Star ..r Ci'' -uc a l C.hpt...,...'- C .''' '0 rA .r1t l" rl nPic...Tt, P Vint ,r HiIm,. Ct-
i.. 1 o" 1. | 1. .. 1, 11.. 1 . a i uring I, 1. i ula- tr.u .i. t '... il-l.I --ii i S it. D Gu l. a nd
tg '. u Siu. ~ih i I LO 0..,i II' 1" 4 ,I Io ',li.i i rri ...I r',u- fr O.,. Bu. !,O ,ro h r Ir th l,: ,, i ... r ',,',pending
-I ... .' u -..il i.i,. NI. r ., T I. I., l I .f .I11..r,.l .,. -, V" ,. li '.. ,r l t .lr io t. It "'. h .m .t ir. -ri'.nrtkql

-_l l S, OFI i T ALI.AN r u.orh. mrio, till. 'i, au i r
1. ir l r. .1% li I Ih... ,.. l-fiy g. t.O r .t u F. P-r.i.mn tb to hn.;i'the

l f,., i~li 'it 111, L tui h:ll'J i t ii 'auiu t h.- 'i'' 'ii 1B LrnIM A I-irat thOi !i L" ,fi tao
.. 0ll f -. iLp. e i II -r.t. a ; l.. ( .' '1.hSI., .. u. -Qr a'- . 'u n ,n iA ".ur
SJ g p p;(py 4 I"** ll L t 14iu -..1. ^- U 11 UU AI A .. ulD

uti ur' ult..i.pLaiI u,,r 1.r l, ',,. ,' ,,t.1 ,!u ..iui h ,r " "ho
i-r' -Il,--,rh. ..h .. -,,, r..r- u 0rul r-e-r.I tr 'ho**l ''f ,"r.' *n*, flr. *. 3 &lh
Ar f. ..... ...-.l. .. -'b(. x r r. o ..rt

-'-- [, .I l... I jII a I Ltl. ", n 'i r. r M r ., -f itii 'k l
rr's tre -l I 'ho. e t.ukite ulrs O jr *-Lt. b
PRINRO AC) re r r, .f t I Ai. ii..rli.r w ih.u. 'f.It .-ot

E-A ...L. r i E... r ,. ,1A r,..l r. n'r.. l i I I. 1O -i NI ,ii . ir o..at -
.. K oin g ,l .Ena.-.limi wn i'n e.u-, 1 1 ,..mo .... up,.t
e J Tonigii a aIturl d dutl. v',strd y t e *y. [* Mr. :t. vo I Ryl n, of "tM liian Walk
The illine.4 ior Princess (iovanllna anId + (1-vorniniiii S, hool, wh. h hi l been ap-
her sisler Princess N. faida daughtter4 Dr. E. 11. Smith, '.\ 1 t, of 1h { pinteI h i su l ed Mr JK, tlinzard at
of KTtni Victor E o allnuntol w\Itnh tl n- hBe n distriv wf o has been nin ,aI l,,\, hoont \Vvetlov -n 1,1ho41 toiIt up
'.. T. .i u T'I llr uiilne r who ha s ercn .ing' fior Dr. r beeig htro m tigt. d "Ih Moultn I all Schoonl
ROYAL ROMANCE loit "ta t r tlt r.t Nuro... JComm
RECALLED, A.nl Ipctorr Shoo.
-- I1 A ,l(,,r I111 ith1" e l"'ll ila thI! Through the khil ,.ourtesy of Moeor+ s
CorrNT W 110 E1,01`1:1) w n IT [ "] r ,". t h d", 'la ight in o lding, Piwggoll & Co., the booking
BELOIAN PRINCEaS DEAD. l ti Lrnlinl f1" lhI l:th noniver plan for ..Th. Mikdlo" will beo nat
surD r o lo t L' ihl' if Pourtugal. "their oflu.e in..Prodorlik Rtreet to-day
(I- T"Hniad u diAnl Wirles.) y'. rig hn' will siB'iy th'e andt to orrow- until 13.:0 p.m. and
Paris, Ocnt. 1. u Mrs. L. S, rtt ie Vertoeill will attend .
Oount G z7.n 1 A tliit li, rh who, thirt. I Ty 'l l q ,,rt(i l of til h new}-. to tihe sale of tickets.
ers aglnrle of pe withgeohPrlincess L of uRil'- rrtelen holding of St. F nris I. Tiu eierbio A .hielu tliom-'
C rdaughtrofiingoopoldI]., of BhIleulli ttk t p ho onTh r sber y. o e-11 tor of Al h uon Churcth.
gilinti, is dead hero. d y ,irTe even l hnaseq hle ui eclally Neowton-a. n't, o As-iaintei t f rll on
SMIITAed Y PLOT to sylhroin wilh theo el rn orri t he Oran.je u N ts aiI l 'i w n -
AN TAR PLOT t ion of rv nurl e ti tf t to Tr',iini uon Ro tu'rday uand was .
-RA I I ;-__ -| rli' ...' .-,. lightly injured is miri-hh improved. bnit ,
( / TYril d ,,,,ria Ir '.. .) r ai ,.,.n ,. tit..d ,l fined .I ;hie will not be abl to take i ip dulti -
SPaiLs, Oct. 1. or-'rt .-ns nrind 1 u.,itppen.uir ior: in thi i eotoet "iuk--
The Preneir Polin are running down C ity Poliri 'Court on Tuesdaiyv 2,th for Ti ,. e Y u i- e r
n Communist plot to creilte defections the Inr-cl nv f iotor car t re, Frank y " "h 1rr l rn -
in the Army. MecConi, we as elJed up ,before the ciureae 4 Ii tol a v", e ry it 1Ste
I-- pectorOlenera'l v1 tt'rdat y- i orniurl ,' 4 Ti i to2 b ,n ba n ,i .: 5 I a lgten-
I EXCHANGE RATES. ard hii- li,-ense wns en,.aclled. i"dls uniT i rodd, 4,1 1 p ge sn-or
___ ____ driie foj Trmntdlld, 4,14,' patka;ges for
(7r 1 Trinidad Gavrdsnn i TI'irres.M.) Mr .1 T Sli nl oleu of the loual r>e Ne"e rc nr (t rhiar 1..' ,
Ne.'w Yor"1, Oct. n pr atienitos ..n tie We.at Indina t l re', a fi 1 r iurg, ,t pe r Rolland per
StoniorL -n ............-.-.-.-- .-.. $4.5..- [ riokht T,,ni,.. ,,r rnb hI '.* 'jn i -hl t> 00-m 1' 1 in" iL''.' for .. o.laa per.
rench Franc .. ........-....-r,---------v-f-rftlO. r .u r n -.'. '.r i line' r m*t* - "lJ.Sll i gs Ne -n '-
Italian Lira .............. ....-. 4 54 d ie w h.tl h,. fr ,ia L, ia.ie ol n. T k per, riri ,nd . -.
Dutch nguilder ........... .. ... 3-. ) 2:1 Liniitertir/n*le-m-, i*nntod, ri howrty F t ai 'w
German Mark ............ .00000032A 1 roe' f1t f1:til- waiil tihtfi~ 1 For ti y -nrl- o-e oasion within X e .
Ca anlu ......... ... ... .... . 97 80i I- plt fr n.of. .I eI. I Iloonthis crg.yea tit
Argentine o1id Peso .. ... 75. O Thi r.aliournlil ru,- of Mr Williani r iMaYnrn i Ieof headquarters was yes-
Japiancase Yen ................ 48.72 A. IGaskIin Iluinhti Mir. Tg- rt t irdnaV rr1,.d ti n iothe rink if Corpnri .
RSinighni Tacl ......... ..... 70.51 Prani nerhant, who wns ii 'rped M l ins id rn ithe rnk
Tnlian l i- e .............. ..- 0.73 idii il.h i O i h fro. iulti l' i e.. r inrl at t inthif, following his first rf.n n
il-er --.. ..... .... -$7 00 i. t' his iio 'i a r,l : )itiinv iro cing vernr ion, t or oralrnl o n .hii a tndiou that
rn... ...o ",, ,. T. A T.uir hc'ilt -- rsIt -o .l-.ri' ,,,t rIegli f n .-hty' in ei r, ni r tior u w ith
Ahe, Iv.T-thr of-r. P. '. Rirl which
NEW LOCAL M i.nra.trat... took p liae t the Hotel riu Paris on.
9TEAM SHIP LNE. I r. Il ,riinli,. Notrlh I isrtrictl tur .. ... . /..
I Anirm qurl'rnioilir'at ot- r ueI sir Irbr

lT a lrnic, perintell tlen offll p thie lilwiy
VAft r A E I'l 'N'V' 'pk vii4, 'rtion lounv ye nO- Thle t M irnge
lihiRN 'W' T INDIA AGIiNt'. .iriv ~ Mr. IF V IP i n i .,urt r-t iani tip C'lob
Tho nt+ ..,... \%', ,,I~ i.h, I i .... f ]*" r "*,,,,, "1 .,,, ,,,, ,,, .. .. I, ,'-
". ...... . r . I I,, f f
V lII 1 11 -N1 \I r,,I l i, , h ,, l ..I ,, ..... I.. I .... ... , ,i [. ..
loc l ,ag .11 u,,. I I... I -, ai Lu. ..- .
i Vloiniv i n.t ,, I .., I :.' ,rI. I r.- .,,0,0IIt -, 1. 1. .. i. 1, Iht l , '1 ,
r .tEngland, .a--1 ,lh.1 ili. -..t.,. -. -.,r I .-.' g ,u I..R-,l it I, ih ti
Line A .---,,|Ihi ..' e ,-i, |, ....1, fii,,t .ni ., io .. 7 ", 'r ...,1n.f, earn ,,,i l.uitlt
from Ialnn ..-rg 1 o Londono f.i i he f,'lh..l i-.h- p,.-r ti.,.i ,.Wu l u.t or i,.i,. le honse Il iIl' I l1
W ont In!.,,, r,,iul ll fr,.' -, l,,ll.| pi.,pr, nr,-a .rhltin ni ,.outnl ..f II..'
Lino B.-8-..tIlin f c ..rv fu,.,ir ,t,.. 1 to1 r'rlr.. *5 t1 1.. S t i .,,r i. o ,,, I in ti s Int icIo
I from lar'alnurp a ti il.i'.. t th ,o
West Inidio ..
..Ilno A.- (l' ir,. 1 .I wo1 k i ,.,. .
Brihgottin .. fllhirlii.hi). err a,.'
on(d nt ieat r, I'.. rt.fli. f (Tria | Lt ,
aud) (omry)' n.s-omIl ai.li.c.r) LN,
O(uityrn, P ,.r, i. in i. l.na ., (if nIl .I
oargol dira .I l ,i-Ai.l.'r ov,1 v l. ird" t r L
lteninor), IV lII, |,il..I- In' .,Ir. P .,Il'n
hll Snintr. Mll .r ii (If 1 ill .hknt ,1,1,l .i.
Port-mPi.i.to.i,-oa Ff Mnt.el. i rli l.l DRESS ORNAME
Bhandi'hoio (if ni,,inl..iil rgo,, aloih-r ai ne
in trainshipment vli Poerto Phinor). CA O UCH
Thlnl Ino willl oi. inntia tl ,, I f,.l. A UN -
lowing stonamarn.:-
MAlI llorn, 4,10n ,,|.wil .w. 1,11lt
10)22: ITelur forn, 11,7,00 tons tA.w., BUCKLES I -
Iuilll 1Pi3 i.ni lh irld liain Horn, .1.7;P 0UL
tniw d w., I.ihlt II.u- t. nnal their three
M'nh r tlnp--N.w uiillnndi:-- PEARLS & BRILLI
M R "Irn" 4,60P t.'in.' ts l.w; tat 'A
I I A"A A.iNlu rno s II .%. nnd 7 .1,_
.'41111" 4.100 lotell d.. .
TO-DAY'S' COURT 'A Unique Assortn


P,,rltiran r.f. Prerr.t.
lito.ul, & Thenmns v ,ItFiry, inr. "
tholoniiow v .Iohnson.. ,

nment of the Trind'In,
woniiud lhie ini'hi obligs l o
i,, s- i,, i- .. , y
7 i. .. I, I - r0lr
.1 1 i ,. i...,I, h h ir
i .'..ii -. 11 l for
rin.i a.in''., .I ll thu Boyils
n r.l" ia .Ini ',Il.iv lOalb
i. ca \ ,Jv.% .3.lo' 10ch,
1>h i -l.i.,rtn i thrro il s
n of lI.C ire t nlght' s
11sd 0l iin enrliy dto On
w l lr lt, .. u.-ui.. olmo lntioSn
L,.uleo Il ll.
- ii ..----- ------- ^


- -


'" '" "
.-. ',Ss,:.

in ,' 4'.L. a

aig '


The Michaelmo "ru m of the. Im.
rial College of Tropical AgHelsntre
aenned yesterday.
The monthly sale of Crown lan'da
Ike plat' at the Crowd Lands De-
rtment at 2 p.m. today.

Admis lon to the "Sronamer Ball"'
the QueVa.'s .Park notel on Satr.-
.y night c1iI1 Ie by tickett of havita-
on only amid there "will be no charge.
Mr. Frnik Aitell, Myteologist of tho
apartment of Agrirulture, who has
en m leave, rLauiiintl datiesa t St.
air, yesterday.
No information nid regard to-the
urpentler.Be'kntt tight which war
hcduled to lidk [pIuce at Olympii
naitn last night, nias trlia itillld by"


Eta Eiellany t Athe g
ateompaalid by 9 ptt- a,-D; "
Private B erear paida earilv -'
tho Iriided Co .pera t- -.,
mited, yesterday oraig to
the Bank la full 'working order
ing recently opened It. -,Rita 1M*4.'"
leney found the bank as busy Na ps.
nible although he arrived there at
nine o'clock and Use'bank opens al
eight o'ClocI. Atthea time of his EV.,
cellery's arrival, there. had been a.'
ready alsty-three deptsits and thrp
orwithdrawala. The Governor was
highly pleased at the salutary lesona
trugh to 0 'clauffear withdrawing ma
om.tunmi before be had reached ten
Shillings: A fine of six cents 'wa
.impose.l, not L.benme of the with..

d-it. Piott
&co. lii


iIO.Q'N LOD;IE P1.ur.



.1 ll 1I.. renr
nasa to c'.ey)
CASH Porc,,er 50 cents
at all our Illkcrlc ilnj Ir lil I l.e i t

a beginning 1st September

Buy "PURITY" Bread and
Save Money

'PHONE 738.

OIKA XMAS TREAT. Port of.Spainu.
Ouuet r .n, nls1 Inl'.Intilons help the
IJTTLI: ':11lLDTIFt to a
Tr-o1 t.uu,..rnd und more childTen are'
tigerlyv looking forward to their At.
IL-[l Tr'ir nnd Bi.xpence. To how many
httlel lir,rts mill )ou bring Christimns
Cbeer on the average of li 0-1 per leail.
. KJir.lly Rlel.ond. Ida (. Pierre, The,
Itndio. It' FPrederiichk Ftreet e 'hon.
7.13. lla-lti .en that Lis' and T.i kei O
.ire ltai..l '. "DorrboLoola ha Coim
titt .'

--- TWEED ?
Tos nn .n h-pae n suit le.ngth of 31,
ynTde otf pn ,"Wo.Il In,lgo Nay BSerge
good Iqunilty f.r 2'.0 per length; super
;or qonlity f. r 31.'- Or n pult length
of ureo Wool New ferinnn Tweed frnm
n/- ler Inngthl of m1% ymrd. B end
i 'f e mrl,..mit with .Tdi.'r h-dnnro C 9 D..
Pattmrn frree. Write direct to F
Roantinl, W'n,)llen 'haintfnetnrer, 42
Dewlrton RAfe-t. Itrndfnr.- Irnltmend.


(Imetwre CtmArlnmltpnn srfHenry Atrste.f)
s hloi~e I' iamnllmirr-Maso ?nfrehuml-
dime, of eury mtnrrilitlin selol wt All-
%Jaln. conesmahmSnts of I.lve Stock,
A, P' A IVa et. Ore mpan.! ledroiitu
p i~ule cesl shet g mmf W d rols With
d"Me oparnel keelr16 lson p1::01ilreee,
'hlo anad fell mine mawbIs top I,:%~
V Antit aihuimbd, I he Suite Is hm,3
iftENI ruereed In a svlobdesign mand
14 r pantirally now. Must he aold
UnmeedLately. (Ihyap ib, Cash.

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by A
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Now Novel s and S

John Bubches
Rtr of Prince Chiarie by
rho has been described as
aet writer of romrinrd since
,eamon-41 .324.
by A. S. M. Ebtkchlbnsc.
Vol-mic o~f Short Sioriem by
kuthor of If Winter Comes

in O'Lio liii irv- TI I. id
or iiiI 1 r.14 h-1.nnd Sigjarr ill
blet is very.,or o ni

A.X. ZW. Mason
0.rr11,7 1n.,.,h t. -, J.,

John Rumael
4nr;rfno .r,r: rriho t f hrt
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SY Neltie TomiCation and
Calder WtL5.

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.i i-l~.ri .n hfur-Ier ;t..rv
1.11.W i'~l geo

"I I... r'...'.. r' i T l i.flola -
tilln wl. i. r. n o 0. jull ni.,n,.int
$1 33.
DOOQR Ly H. Bell Wright.
*tt lot fc
A .' rite t,. n';s n r.imi..,. of t')
my I -"2-
l'y Mage"ry AlUlngham.
-, -
Al tal. .rt MVro., |,[.]ni
$1 12.
CAPT.UNS or s80ou.
by Edgar Wallace.
O I .1' 1 i, e t n..B il[, r 'r ,. .'2-

by Emmoimlne Morrimon
T lII ,\nflnr wiv iiun I I,, .., :
fr.., r C11is) |>rlo $1 12
by Mnr nret Pedlter
A ulir-. n-v f rnial I.o'Ie rn.-, l
pi-..-.h i,: inrrnet PtI.' .
T1111 VALr.ny or NvTER
bry Beatriee Orlnhno'w.
Tnies nif lhn Rinilli f,nrt iann,
hy Roger Poooek.
,tnIlir, .nlol. llsr, limi I lII

by a ptomtannnMlp.

Rreinre'r t Ir If you bi'y uln II r
-r'ry week yota. wilt have
LIbrury In A yetr.
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-RAl. fte A. .n. nMia
Dealeo la tfoodstuffi quoted, the tol-. INTBUCTION. In ca wof aan .it a
lowing rates for their -hl ag yester- at at itaiU to rare a me nAlpful
day when busiLa for the week opened r. Htamel lid Bth, w; ebhrged S s a ,,s.
.Mr. Hassel L.wiSSmith, wa charged is tttr for th"h pm
rice leBa. at the City Magistrate*. Court yeter. than puef s (Cuelud) ke the mat
A -m-s day before Mr. I H. Van Buren by sootihi prgTartvioetilrd... Iteo-.
LARD:- '^ w ^ Mr. T. A. Scott City Engineer, with b.um"alemtmeptc d
pro mti,,i, uand kills all po bit
Compound per 100 Ib. $15.00 (I) failing to comply wit h reqii ood poSrng. It is.uaatedtogive
COD Pm 0:-- lion to take down a.-range of buildings quick irelif b actireg lik poult aamd
Nova Seotia per butt o at 38 Park Street which in the opinion drw a. ll the impuiries from the
S4481a. 35 to" ,t3 of the complainant was dangerous and wound, ly causes ptrct t .
Newfoutdland Large Uare (") failing to comply with the reui. P no ue a ut .he 1exac fo r i
ea pIn home, bemuse As.acheep.mpn and it dowe the
of 450 lbs. (none) 33_W--.t av of a noice served him on the leW i
Newfoundland Medium tieree 22nd September to take down forthwih r C aIBe
of 450o lb. (serreo) 27.00 or make secure the eastern wall of
the. 21.00 minent danger o falling i e saive
Herrings per barrel of 200 1MA,O 00 Deftnlant o1leadedl guilty to bo .nll ie Wounds a nStmn T
Sardines per cae 553 charges. ACS LM A POULTICE
Comlnilnaint afsil that with rtgardl to Becareful toget Pln.emdre (Carhboltmd)
l'OfiK:- tlh, teom defendant had eun.menced to and refuse worthless imitations, from
Sailed per barrel of -'00 Ibs 30 00 sirmolisolm hem tn herefori: C e would your chemist or store. or poet free at .
to 51.00 withdraw that elirgo; butr, oil ilio Utlusr 1/3 and 3 .-fronm nuni '& Son, 73, Prince
Pigs' feet per tHree 18.00 h lad ouly two men .wurkauig on tli Setit,. Port of Spain. Remmilnr--
Pis' Snout per barrel 19.00 amll ni tih,t nunLer wai not siuftleint Pinrealve gi o |instant relieI-gn- ma zn
S:IteC bLef per Lbrrtl of 0 '1L. en-,i lertiig the danger it was to oth,..r nteed -in every cse ftkin dsewaseit
t'!2 CW 1.) 22 l.i. 1 esiaonte. aaIn.,itching. ord ngeco_
Tassajo per'100lO s 9 ') Ll. s orl.,i toll deTn ac t :.1 Ii,..tching orangeco poo g .
English potatoes per 1001be. 7 s ,Il no r warlit i. u ik, r r.i.der ) bIi
onir, es r 100 lbs. 4.00 ,I,,, ,, .JJ g ,, i a ,,.i ,; I I c
Aili A. I liES 15n3 Uo.1 ,.,mn e I,D l i r., 1i n nss
Lo- al perci l of ten'gr..is, T" + f,,lt,;r7,l ,. ile'r, e . .. ,, -' -w'-..
Pore.ig- per ease of len gr lss 11 | of I 1 o :,r .l,,l for r Ier.Iny i 1-I ..n u 1 I
L rcl per came of toon grossM 12t 0 f i .lun .p m-.n1 TIl,. .]to i l,rgi. Ii I TII
reig per case of ten gross ,,151 ,, .. ISTTUTE
to 15.00 jl-IUF
B.kers per bp g'r V rf 1 I ; 7.1A
Etirer. :Ter bag of 196 ITh WOUNDING WITH A
SJ.tferi per bag of 196 Tbs. 13 75- .00
RICE.- ' t OM.1AN. Ir'[D Th PBoard of Mana:..m:ut will i
In.li, n bb.g of 160 t lba r5fium,.' tfr,.[r Moi,~' lCh _iS -
URi..,n per bag or 221. fits 7 .',,, *,nL r ,2,.er iLt ,
-11f.rp'r fill 1mo n.
l';, I,, r, n' i, i[. ,. .,g -r A, n.L y *, r Sl ortlBand. T.' vrtrp,, --oHk- ]
S I- (n o 3 Mrt I I It ,r, tu ,h lv t, -'.e inra-, Etl -b ti' Ir. r Sl rn .
t..rn,n r'. No 2, per bg of .-. .n Sup. r In. t1lr,, n .i i il.:r ... Fr'ni b. Spanisi. Drv.unital i ,
Ico) Ihi -'(none) 5 75 *".,r.r.,h ul ,, ri , I. Art NT,:(.JI..- ,Ori irI M illihn'ry "
rer rr, 3 per bag of ... ,.,n .\ll. rt .. l .un. I a i lin
1 In(none.).SOl. d rr , \ a % ie. n W rew l. l be
1, ,-, ,' -. ..I lh..J-',< .tt, o,\ irr,:l .. i....r n4ler .
| A B 4 'I "_- ', "t.i, "K .. i in. u tl -,r I l. r'" ..u, : ,i
S.nnt to M rS,.Il..re .,r lu) b '-' ,.. tn l ar r i e .,r..i- ,r n' .. ,
Pori,;i.I inn ~ 8 1-,iT toapln.L, i I- -i ,ri 1 4,
lr ri .I .r o t I 1 ( r If, r n I i I n i e I i I 1 I
ornm..r, per lrr .f 11r; .. ri dri*.*i -i5 ii il rtin r I g s I 1 l '1 a' y I. i -
11.i ir. p r brig of 13i0 lbq I\ u.n |* *.U r t.. [ .hr t .\..rir tl Snt .-t ar, "-v who

SBplit f LIm r l-g
r i.. i, ,,. l, i,,,.l '"' l w ,i ,tri ii'uri -. rrr j It.' iir' ['i'.P.S
I p l |: I' r 'l p ....i I.... l . .- ; '- - 1- ... .
rli1,,-Le.o e. n f..t 106,14 4 rn'V .. -I THE JOHN H. BIYUTH
i, I p., p.'r I L. .. . I,,, , i ., ,. ,, i BUR SA R Y
inr T 'TIn' -I1. li.n.iJ' ,r.f '.,,,.1 Ii.. \n. i -
n Il.i.' R tllt. onnp r n .L .... i i .l-, n 1 1 :vii i iih ll" It r-.ni
i nor p.:r n. o :7 l i ,, i -II r ].ir,.rr inl.'I lO.
ilI'f I',r~ .r."'' "s r" ,'*,*""hT .- ,d ,, 'i1'r Ei "' .. -r .' "iid lll !
;,,+ ----------I I, ,,.,;. for ;innunll cl.iupetitiol j
EI ]',mrn ..ri v.

B E L L .'S *-. S :evT

"Everite" Corrgated Sheets LUNG TROUBLE

FOR ROOFING. l. :- Bron of T nee...p. N.B
Was Cur-d by Catarrhozone of
Lung Trouble and Catarrh,
Aftor M-nndrer9 of Other
Rormede. Failed
BELL'S I Poiiic h Is f Other
It '..r t Lr,, i"',ir' n.-o Ih t ther h
for Exteriors of Buildings, Covering I .i.i.'. b''l r. I
i--. -- .1 .. ..... ...: 1, .. .t ',*-.tI rrh,.- ,:.... LtI-, i ",
Wails and C:ilings.r J
i 0,' ..'. i. .0 U.
SI ----u----- ir i *i.; ai l... j
SThe main Reasons why the. Should ,
Ir r, ,rr.,',l..3 1i
be Used -.-
., li .. t i. r L i;.i. r .-. Ir' I,. 'lhro, rl
1.- R apid itly Il l :',> 11s ru, .ti,;. .. ..., . . ...
2.- Reductiou iOf kifill Id tliiir t, :1 l uinlln.". '. :. ', r l ..l
,] --l3.- E O~llOIll al ill .-."i,,, | | .i i.,- I,. ,' oJI ll. It r.1
3.- E coni e1 al i I I., v. . rm 'l u g.. I t m.
:*if r.,.1 IT'. r in,,.rr..t, I t arn ,,I I nam
*l.-- (_oC f ot'o sIlh -A l'1't Ilun.'' .I't .llh -d ow ing I.) It I h ,0 .... .... Y ,,, 7., 1,, -:--i, ,..,.1. ort i,
w e i hll. ,['lrl" . . \t' t r i 'f to arr z," ne i1
i ,I* r rnlinrrrit 1 ,i en' clgn. n o i "am-
S- 1 rrt. g i ...riii ln i cur n1 i.' nt rrih-
rnIl U 1 1 l a l o f i.l n o I nh*a r Ith
i.-- Insultiolno f l at iiI col. ..r ... c u cnti, n. h. I.
7 A bsolh telv irip)irvills in t r,.*ath ler. r ... .n ,,.. I .Or1 ,i.nro ,n r, ..1
8U 1liln i ti itinoll iflot r ,i-eich meal.
8.- Ev.erinslting, witliout Upll I;L p) c<: t. l..ity ii.,. c1 ni,.o ,the btlio.d or nil
t- I"1,11.a i asand build up and strengthen,
9.--nIplroved by age. i- ".. ai"ni |
Thi o ca and eonnstitutlonal trr..at-
10.-Nit allffeted by Mi liltill changeslnev. in,,t I, nl ntwy erfectlvi. ani caro
SIi'.e tIlit have been gi en up ne o
11.- All e L iii l t ,tll riatlirtt i f tlhl i tl rior ot 1 i-rnu'r. Monny caralt bnyv or prnodluri
l It n ing i blittr. avid o git cmured It r
building. Is nbilitoly necesary to use Catarri- .
Is. .12.--Easily cut to ilty Khapl)e an d size. ozrobe oitniied from ,ll Drug Btores.
J3.-No warping, flaking of ( iillngfratiol1. Hniu Agenti: W. C. ROSS A CO. LTD.
14.-Not affected by vibralioun. oo' ispensayr
,15.-Noil-abHorbcld.i 1
- 16.-Im.niince to danilp, ruo, vermin, oet.

7 *" DE"OITEr 9 iLiR nuOMPOScOI I Ro '11R1

Sf{or Wooden or Conicrete Floors. "u."'I -

I- s(n r' ln' iurL
SOLE AGENTS lor Trinidad andTobago :

the Trinidad Tradin Co,., ltde -
-," ,i F ~..

%. b
ot -

r 'cc aan' 1 A i. d i.,ndgpm e

1)dSINLL; B-)- 57 BrIdgetownBad0

J. W. HITCH, the Famous Cricketer, late of Surrey Coal
now Coach' at Blomnfontein, writes: It I feel a bit off colour, br
nerves a bit rallied, a doic or two of Phosfernne tones Are up wonodeti
niabling me to go through any amount of exertton without any sl12a
>ff or fatigue. Candidly I think Phosferine is A I for making i9
fit' to ply at their best: one feels fresh enough to move about "M
w.lhnut being di Ire rliaile .o llit eyes and hands never fail lirougliout the liazdeidt'
longest gmnia. .
Pmimt' find th*t Phoderineo i peculiarly sdopted t o children of a P.S
ekly phy3sq o'. to'thol u r. ,owng ,hir ,..tri Two drop,..
enld ane g. t-,!d to brace up hie uthole oyvtem. ,totuor onlour
chbler firmn-a to the flehk rnew tse appetite and encourage a Isormi
thy grow.wth.k and ltMhe .... ties rfortify L" hbody eg not lttci atof i
Iis iT Ml valumLtl to wtomn, be ,,e w household worries and fammlrai y o

The Greate o all Toiaes IoI

EImea.4 -- I Eg of AAppetli" Beela
P"el el'ritE I Rheititii-,
del U N bre sold tranes.(be the i e t .b mon








~- .1

tV I


a56Cilk Foo-d o./
.-hteProblejas, cne of which
:every Ma-LIcr bas- to fa9ce.
WIcr'Atr.3rcasI Fecding,wur~z'y Fails
Ail' r'ini -i 1 .1 Fod li. I m n., rast, l -i'

C.-' e:.nniant 7reasi Feeding "
ri. r, -d lN Ian6hn-r-d s hsmsd
4~. -.-i n. I-m
'. 1 tinL- .i n- 11. damn ,
-14 ~ tn cm .' al t

L ~ l -




I i.,-- .




RMD GURU, MDym_0T]1'

(Red Fox, Hilda, Regatta, Anly, etc.)


V J 1 pd fffTango' Fairy j

h'eryoneu Admnires its kxquisite- T~rotppl~SosC ~nd&

The lustrous beauty of Holeproof Hosiery is but .Worn by Rich and Poor alike.,
the outward expression of 'a superfine quality that --.
.4as wi1l. iL looks.. Ya34 p;Ay~ro pycmiw A~ _________ ~
-- a~'o birti '61'o




'F LU I t-vt Sra~i. .... I t), ,,, i.. I r- !.f-1 -- '..,

271 'Spteuibcer. 7h 15 7"I .. ~ .HE
~SJ. MAYA1RO will u.~v tlii Ir. frit,'.* T2' Fn.TT r?1 -1 1 TS FIRST 171;L1 ONLY
vin renada talLing caij~r. r ~ tii '~rrl .l~ __
sengizead mrids, ali~ U IC.tdr L 'A~E..Ii.. i'ST NrAA~X
-ege i --i 211-1..' ., I ,

hereby noLfled as Nl O TICE. ofBE N I .
2. Timing oftik t wilciio2 ir ..fr m ll;o .r Clh 111-Li,
t talos of pauiagefom rnadt -mYr cri oo, Pr ND (1 CO A E ,,-11... V R L SR C I I G
""Iilet clams Pansaga iln~ Lr. iil Ca~rr.,n.-irirri'~"'~i', 'r Vrilr iI iAl f.. ..o r
___ (Ni asg L NT.
7r Lo al Curenc '1.1c vr II. .crrrg pirrr iii4. t r~ nI b17 I. U11r 1 .11 'i
Haled Tax I. .. 0 8 Lrcal Cururccy. T B '( O i 1oli'
r_10 ur.:rrirc Ill j ,rr.ir l.r .1110-i of i lt-
Thtinding pusensen must dopool1t 525 on cooking Gair parnsagc. *.1.00 be. t0 ) Ing~ I iii'r *.rr IT ~ .
1.. FUNESWIHY& CMPNY LMIED r~io ~.I i..i..i~j~ ii47~OiLILul ..ib /rhe Latest NTews l3tilletias Ore Received in
FUNS8 ITY& OPAY LMTE.EIONEY I r .iiu. itI,. 0h...
"air letrlrrrS'Jir "Pow ,, u ., Ili %.. rIt mr 017e Ei',el N 1ight frijrr 4ll Oiler th
-~~~ - - -~~~Dl n MX' V F R EE II.r ?riv oji A ljF4ihL riVI,r r:.. I" iirul.' II 'orid'and TRINID.4D G L'-1WR~IA i Readers
t Iurnillg liitlro ,ii for Ii I la ..,
COME AND SEE THE NEW -CORONA' GROUND PROVISIONS d,;:,,j .,i u TXA111.'r. I)Fr Pi 1?'P.AlT1T F' NT hsFrilr' itiT.lga'zdNw
DEPOT..rn l.I frir erlil Agrii~li !id iin i,vii,.iirini THE TeaNt One Da3' Ahead o~f a y other -
1031 1.110m %VTOONOtui fi.vi ilin T E T INIAD RADI6 N wspper whle any important and
W I~r.Idli~Day f~lR li 3uu a. iU r li i~d i'rlric iit w th ir hrri i interesting m elL ss ag e's ar e' r-ec eived which a
VILC~~~~l. iz,1.iii.i rii ii.,il Bu in ss L115. l iri~e 11-j'ir i I i pii eI l
LiiI Ip' s rc l' ,ir ,-i. rr U ll Co rm-ll IrrlLiiiT o I not tinluded in the' Purblic NJews Service.
Ornili Prniisi~ttri ir o fnil-rr i*r Os I''i'1ti ~eab~ iiri(iiII~i of 11,0 TrIrnI.II Ut-iI P-honjM 136. 7-- l'e up-to-d11 tt %,oil nmust ra
t.- XIi..rl j.1 l....i NA Al C rr THE TRINIDAD GUARDIAN.
HOW TO KEEP YOUR 'I lA VjI .1~,1I'Idr. Al ans

.1 rr,. p virsr l..., linlilIL, Ili ('rllll r j. C lial, d1

Ai 1 'o iT Ii 9,R *iiis v 01mh~ir~ ii~i NIIi. hIo u Jr .
ITS th very Latest develoynicn-i in Port-tbl.,. I I~ 'll1L ~ .r:~~l*:.~.:~.JrrrtV 1.1
r~dwhen you ge't 1t Y9u wlII agree that It is -1wondcr of i-,-i..r ...1. iI., i, .itirp.EU([ENE BOISSIERE & Co.

~,5* '.__1 S

TM T&Nfl1DAD) GtrARDA!= JS),OB22

SyOur Children's Safety z




We will prepare an Estimate for you FREE. '



1ri O 0l0c0, .I -, 'Phone 1475.

iar Stocli-Toking Bargains This Week.
ED Cay Flower tots. Japanese Cups ad Saucers
One Gallon Enamelled Jugs, Gas Tumblers,
Enamelled Buckets, Scrub Brushes, Galvanized
Buckets Lawn Mowers, Donkey, Pony and Mtle Collars,
Collar Pads, Riding Saddles, Carriage Hamness. -
BARGAINSI BARGAINS !-...The Cheapest House In Town.


'The Most Popular Musical Comedy
Ever Produced, will be Staged



With a Cast of . . .
'The most de4albte .rnt~beautiful slage-preseutatlon
ever seen.

NOTE .Booking at MNssys. Golding & -Pig ott
I- t=-' rom 0 a m. to 12.80 p.m,, and atthe EIJRP IR
Irom It. m.-*to 1080 at night,


... $1.00 72c. 60,.


Hardware & Electric Supplies, Ltd T.A, a F, A.
Have a Cuutracrt w;Lhtlid 'LoBrEtiD6' PRACTIOE AMC
San Fernando Borough Council ,o -
For the Installation of Power Plant, S itchboard, Tran Trie Pceiile, and PrbobblO teams mett
foremen and High l'resure Distributing Mains, and there ytt^Io .tr n p Alir,,.
ugre have the c .. m the -*.*Imug IIer-
Colo rolil T .ur Iament'

Most Competent Staffu .I
EtcProt. .
'FOR THE A, W ibey .,:.Ltd 1, d tI";.4 h, I' got

Installation o0 Electric Lights'l |...

In-Private Homes in San Fernando .-"" Im ..
iA l -. c cc ,uraIc; kif'ITs CT1.1-o f ~ .-B r i, .Is h ,,, r '!
lustitute of El'o.acal I gi eetr .' I,, ii..i o i ,.r, ,., ,,.
__ ]_--1_ i_, i ie, h l l lir II,, ruo htcd I1,.
Estimates Supplied Free. ,......,, ,

Start No and be Ready for' XMAS. ""i',; ,' V ...
1 _lj I Lt. h Iibli J ,l I In ruLi i u rr
I C;1 b. I a '0 d. "l I ,l r I' 1 I. ,
One Shilling brings 16-18 Candle PoweIr "' 'L I
Light for 50 Hours. T,.,,f0 '
__ __ _-___ _B 1! p ti.[ hib u f rtil h '. rL l lli i I.I
a, i I"Q uni hlitg'id
Hardware & Electric Supplies, Ltd U ...i k n .Ii1 l 1
U Boil I 'r31 I fr,',* Iltln ,IL 3At l
1 t_'I 1o 110 al, l '[ ut lo I i i,.: ,Irl-d ,1
San Fernando. 1,o .,n, o, f a i'rn ..:ireo .",.
frulilcm r T'lr.y r,',n]nur d li, "

%4 m' il i r,' n r, i t' bll a i 'l ,nn,

hme4n ed lbut L. r, 't to Tilrn b. B,
1 5 d l. c ii m 1BOTT rI b l :'-, I I f u.

an _dd "with the mrobo 'i. a J. Tan
t'e te lin, up r follow .--
PArobbiA.O P ridea. 1 d To'la. T ,-
A NF\\ SHIPMENT OF t urO Whlson, "Thom ard Foareil t
TIhe Hobart .~l-E.iAL".. home beauties to choose from. e. onl{c,:, Browo, E. Ahensg
Come L"at I to OPltObe .L.ah or Tenma Ptnas bI oe I alciupe. Or, iandi

S C B(DIBOOUIBEDOOS) fri iloubl. p ,lrrdr Btr, i Duprl, r -
-'Phone 14. a Po lir l irthe CcnAiniipe e O l tn&i non, A oia.io ground rel,6 V. q m
BA ndTUDAY r OV. ciong

---- gIKuA No. ai irs Augu lo olloig t ll piny for Shm-
~tlemn (1.00 |1_ L__di_ _.0_ _l _xcu_ Ly Onil l roMil, lit I.. r. rock a-.

(DXIB XUIg D.) frotlelb, uuie CO, l'l',of0r ,10 iii Olt,"

(I'nylo at tiho do or. YrJuu or 1ihuy t Piior nt tuij hhls I The abouh m-Ut hiu A Cumilngyd on
rl I o wrr for tht .ollowlu muiy I Or nb thu An ttLun o11 cly unduti g, I b joll
T DAY. rd IO | now VIIK I lu i... 7 naid 1 olou. ~Ue W. rwn T. i uort. Po g, J
-(A Th BeJt rie. dtni.d Isi Cugtpl .erJo fllro ilgll boi] l up Bfulld h.-

(b) The Best Ladles' CoEtun, for sinle by the uud ntem gi.d 1lt lls ReIferee i Mr. 0. L. Wllliami
(c) The Beut Oentlemen' qoStume AuLtion Mnlt ut N.1. IU 81. Vinoent LlneemIou i nte. 0. B. Dourly and
-- street In tie TuIwi of 'ori.of.dpainl, L. Orant.
DANOING .15i P.Il, on T'ueday the Lt0ht Otober, 198,
between tie houn, of oneo aunl two In INTER-iOluOL 700TBAZ.Ls
Iovfy's ull' Blgulr ianr In attendsnore the fteruoou ALL THAT I'ABOEL OOMP0TITION.
S___ or lot of land omnlirlilung Nine Aore, ---
S* Two ILoodi rind thhity.tive Pl'rclhe itni OPENINGI DAY'n PLAY..
ate in l ie Wanrl o Uusnnpo In lIio -
Is lland of Trinidad ldelineited In lIothe I' lu ,onleiflr, with the ]p'.8
-ldiHagrOm nattchied to tlh ,Jo.ynl Orant Itlur-H.h'irnol l,']otbnll ('onl titllon fur
I t OUR NEW AND ,ARGOKR nt volume ociIXXlrfoll 11885 of lirth Iln lIhnda ouk C'up any bRgun yB.ter.
R DIBMIS IS Rre nh.leatir win- liegliter Ilook lnd bounded on III, lily hflOeriIon on tho qIu.un'i Jark
upltioa. That meni mnor Oaode North by Orown ltand and by inds buavunnaih. A large nmuibeir of Ibr,
Mone Roomn for the monvr" of Roe. Moruno on tthI Boulh by Oruwmi froin the elomenatry school. hI tie
-AJTiis p8 A nstoerN Shlpmenlt2 l 1ands on tihe Eint ty liaida of Roe city *Ba In attendan e io In addultin
Sl Oood, are reooularly Meorno and by Crown I oas and op I7 d*veral othar spectators who FI-
uent e n 6 00I island 'sod l the Wes by'1land I petllloned for by iblited great enthueluenm In wlhfit
ag a .. W a1 "udl Gppy FelIx and Iniereeoted by the proved to be interesting games.
SMiiO 300 ] 3 Pit t-znl diver witlh raserei 45 'there were to *nomne ein e d for thr
i "SBiOOK, wR Iall we ailon eMigh bank. day. In Ihe A Sectlon, Behnonl
A~ AlUat, NIIWBPAPBR Dated IhTi Idn Oetober 19c1. WeVloysyn opioIed Woodbrook B.0.
:*? .Mraildi Good, T ,oys .O.AfLEh AUGUSTUS BUIlT.,

I pf i i i Oh ldrelj itfferltg from worms soon
-i' / r w theami( the' l o 1.iplpem aid, tiny Ithte r
UlAo ,ad. aIs .an ., e ei elsIsLb ,th eo po.tU o,. thee. prt.,
1 9--". s rlO NO Itlles by the writhnlgs pnd fretting of
T -g a t niNr o tiV. the cEild. Until expelled nd the eye
(a T Pet Ge.Pila ereni OS l, .tenu elon4 1 them, the Qtl d Wi nnoi t
Mull u N... ?B. E Tregan tic i mI lth, llttler'e' W" orm
DAN 1 px rnd. .'in l Powrei are proept and ejoleltD, not
,U' enly Iotl th 1e s1ahh "leatto ot wofrl, bht
b i.eh.'..r' alen o as a teaso tp w n: eildsea tIhat
IN.il S'sDedI BB 'us bvIthA L .m ps ag
or/ lo fIld o--I~g ieA rs

Ul W.'ntship in raItely aildi Gontlo
nIIo ut fLhI lugl ilprolclsLni 1 tuilk
ju t.it. 1 UJ t)'lu.uowo Lbd cOUllLdhl"
.Iiini. An Mr. aIiluget Lod muld tnnl
l. not Ill iso B1 O I lRav bAlst thld
.uurl. 1 havo at hle eu &a .tow Oc.
uilluanltL duI1u J Whjlo iu lLJ u l hant-
,11 4) secltoud hi t ghre LoCHL latdBt"at
... th la, l r lu lUsLLl I nI elslll

Mla Wrnlship in a woman name.i
Virglna Weeken whom he had convict
oil of ualtg obscene lnguago I You
re 11 filthy tongued uinlml YOU ou ought
n be alminmEd of yourself. Tho
nxat time you oome back
you wilt be groled without
a fine. P1y &S or one 1montl,

ILuua l e egal p Prol "I ll". I 1. 1 .W ,0
iku tlo mIuuis l yqg gnullum Ian hat Lht. -
ulLCOUN ls I aiw Ut Ii l Mlllrulur, MiA J A O "
utl t'UtILof-bpall grou dull iepo 1is oiil l -
110t hk lli l .ta h e al ita e e ve. li VIu thl *Ji i. l [ ;i I 1 ti, atol) l T
ln ItLitlounes. luu lAni. given s urly llU,.u, t L t r,,.
...iniano Iln thu Iut aisA u thrurl uu ,. ,L uu aL, t ud L Mrs.
t' il t ul t .n "room' iIiii l iiiI lu h t
--i-- ""S" -. ,It ttI. U gl .U by .o liutI .
ud U .. Nuluu. .1.ul gh d hth L u tiour. ILsA N a ,m l
.Lu1 i' oudbutheu m o IOU.1s lut 'i.n h u i o Jure wliLh It, MtnLI -
.1ALru INn ehe U *gtlolu. th u's. 0uu,' %Ad I IOn order to .leio her,
Altor a nue slzUInig]. butinveu lb. hll o01 ul-sgulses hILmoslf us I .Won.
buy, Woodbrook'-l.u. dei.x.ated Ill- Usi. ig ,u AllSL'' A C ourt lady
uu..1 Weole.an 1-u Lile in the U LIUt&tta, is detelndlne o cu& short
Zm,.tlon the game reauitod in a draw this love naflir, and cr uta a dhcotr.
L LuaC In iLhe guruuen lat1 jui aL
-- the bh.ipy eoupIl have received the,
Ocongrfaumatlons of the frlen ds, who
T0-DAT A ino Idea tha he is the Mikado'
map. At the palace, aR.ourt Ia held, I
ili(Jt1MOM) NDrliIc ''. im.d theo Lkso proclaim ms -at-sha
PILODLADILLY i.t, his daoghter-lq.law elect and I
The. ollowing wil ieprorrseut lich- awatLa to hear the sentence sPT
fitond trueL t- nounteed on his yn for leaving lI.
I"iLt.M I lEs (CnpL.) ondil slt palais, Inn t.1he end, lo oio fe*ot
ashuriff, O'Neal and. Ultuu, lirri- Katilhb, aod they doide to hat un
u.1,n Thorpe Joseph, AlMoore .and res- things and so brii Ihapi'peu to
c.all .oervp. i Graham and Wyke. Yum..yM anM aki.Pooh. Thie opera
Thy above manthl will be played iana in a 1n d .hlolslo9 9 s 1 ,
on is A ,iml*ti'e sodea gu merey tesyt T
S ,ou l, I "la -

-.'N-, -

n -







Our Free Ham Competition is proving a gre
success. All our supplies of
Have been sold and dealers report increased demand.
pending the arrival of next shipment and to *J
increase the interest of consumers, we have decided.
to widen the scope of the competition by in.
k. am wrlt" -,-gien;, ~W,4iat xmas.
For every 100 Capudes MONK BRAND 5tOUIr
For every 25 Capsules P.TFR DAWaON'S !1

For avery 1.500 Fronts THREE STARS MArCHES

Su1nt colltctiug now. Lazi day lor receiving Capsules
-. an&d,..ront0 lbh.-btcemner, 1923. 1 you want any
iunher particular" apply o -'-

67 Marine Square, Agnts

I' l '-T-< *KT Tt .^A'

At i he New Dispensary.
54 Queen Street 'Phone 9S

We Realize-
That in other lines of Biustietsa 0ou can bu} a poorer qual'
atLilc .. ta loIeIC price, tilhuut doing any particular hm.r-'

But- in the Drug Business, we can't t
those chance, ;
"a't tet ha n .ol Itle purein-t and b at.
U.ui buluppliwcb In Lulope and Aiiericia ro the fest kag
houuct u1io Uti-nltLa udinIG anLd N1.ipte. ,
IYou Take no Chance when you Buy from a,


61 ,r t .L. o a h g. Lraril t|.
(MUNICIPAL) M.r, mr. ,.ii P
ELECTRICAL WORKS ..L. 0...., .t ..1.. o
ORDINANCE, 1922. -" ,- o T ,&u
r...:j .rr-.. Au |.. ord a l, .. ,-. t. i:w 4liat
*',l..' :,it.i"^ 1a> ,.,t o nL.t. Ir l-. In "'111 ,1 I, I.At n nc.,.h,',ed. ).j
it b u ,.,.., u ..b l .I ; a tL ,ib..I., '. i Au,, 0 ull i.Lu b il"Waa
'.uon tr LA. IP 1. goltl f lb.g "Ottay a.u
IC t toc ,.ig;' d rlo0i rIrg. u1.' ..,. 11- Lo.A liUu tOiL oon they Wia
l ed, anlid l OI i LOd i itL" o1irfi .,*un boh nueii use wood andl
,. L iecu.l ouail on MC -. 6 ,.,aia. *ILo amp 1asi bOat
:lt1mb.i 1-'.i, rundreC t5/il In l Lo mLC. .Alms aud he l
re puriiahl d in accL.rd.'l uo Wlt 11O ,la ILA tAl.A l a itr", &A ad hel
IquirbAlnts.--tlIc on 4 ..id ho As ined 3 ort
nLDI.1F P. KOX.O-, a1" .ddgbili i. 10. or l4
Town Clnk..
0a 'oriutno. ilrws'o;. A__I
lit Ostobir, 103. a l
lin liu Iuljuv iu( stjulitiona thu 4. UOt. L A ,1C
ier fiblub 111ali bL uJ Iih t ul l ld II I i
Ou.igy Lu.OLaut in AU irf.110iat ot. / wiA doll
lhJoutaUd impL.'lr B 1uLU' t `ljg udr Lu U i.
.-Lt'iilr noltbt,' e 0l IIC 01 uAi volI c rC LUE -"l' S' '_'
g oneb hour. i r ihh
I L.t 1. 'AUere the Borough Council l, 11 ial Si
charge atfy LlIcoumur by L4the uI," U1 1 0. "
atLtuIl quantity oL eGuila.y 0 o9 juY,'.'1"1 ta oa tiS
1puhetd to iu. they shall uo A a ue t iua"r an t, wALh
entiuld to charge him at 0 aI. wis, li
price nul .,.ueoduig tU i~L.- l7 1', "" ,I i t hi wiate'
lowing rutta poVr MonLI mil 'Fa tA 0 a
any quntity u, le thani u 1 "ge rip 0 or
Ihioe unite, a sum not ex- I'lly al. bomO
AAnl ; JAI 0.d, occaslona y A
O0ding twinly ceanta a unitL t-S C ia I loduiod. A' i
IWheire energy l esupplieod for % iOULJy 0 i.tlroduced. To
Iponer uiu.t at a ualu not eprt m aato" line' .org
.ouadJg wtw elve eut ,e 0 or a
unit.lg wue o l It-had io"mpletely s-Bomp
3. WhAer. the3 Boroutgh Cobu- uul thlI.t .LwhoiD rhad- ah
cIl chIrgo mnLy LOu uuit. r by *1 'ltr. iurk shades
th eilectricul qumuitlty con- IIotL popular in Leodon, b
tulied in the supplyy gi.u L 0e LOOt L ar ooe In bri
to him, they shall bo entitlLd cliJuding th new tone
to charge lumn acordingi tj sO* od suc aI
the rat/c set rh in ar.olu. Ii te sucais ofo uch a omn
tHon 1, thb quantity of energy cut alid a drIemakOr, *h &
supplied tu hnm bn ItkI i "BhornI duaeor jacket Suits a1
to be the product of such It ll e i
electrical quantity and the
declared pressure at the con-
SSmer'e terminals, s may be ii chargean
declared by the Borouh the number of
CouneLl under any ragula. which he ct
tlono made under the above supply they shall
ordia ne. to charge i b At M
Prodded that where, them speafldtl in Bedot
e .ivoive" a tranfoi. quantity of Vv a l
mtion of the energy. lupplled o him belno clo
on the consumer's premises, t-he uppostl n thSat
the quantity of energy eup- soamer uses the
plid to him may be taken speolfed by himn
'to be the product of Bnch prqViloas of hbe
'ita-d_ ".r.esnre on the I thaLthe has used ibt
m=as divided by the amber I The above Resolutions'
UI "148 le the ratio of the ed by the Miln goverUot
b,- 3 ee.. I v n0 oi s he .371h


._ 1_

r 1 11, ,~~-s~c~

L __ _ _~__ _

~ __ __

I L, ,.'LdnIN r, IIT I-' V1,

V- ELD_ 1'1 1. 1i1L ...i. Ito v d1.1-11 ,-. ~ l, -.L LL' XmaEIIII

'Joi01 0 'n' i i.. b~ijoili.l k OTDAY* IN COURT.
I ion'l iII .II,imo.tU.. Lnu dL,. U1NIb'0LaBl:S
.0..1.dM~.o ,' njl L ~1 IriIN lain I rUII It lb I o
I eiI16.ln, V I P. I Z6Lr, J ..11 U ., iiio 16n. .lg I I.-' IIta d lit I I
L'.i~oi ..&LI ILI Moultot 1 'L . UQL ni, I b!0 1 N, .) OU ,f i1
U4 9 i Wgi ori001l1J1Mr AiMaIn I, ILITb,.' L113.MAoag13ILtrtoI i 11
T'.L ji0 loi olj, L N.Ug 110 E )l ll 0 E11 b l t'oI-: f. Ih ,,hrlt 1- prefe il.-
r %I, Ll''.-oi berS uo binolebl oh I" i,- uLT I'..ib,, --Ia c'b .rga g-,T' II tr, '.
'It- 1-11,. V.~o~nt Ii. !bO -I,6 ""iCj I LOi:0. l1 m p j I L.o,. J0f I I 11g-ol
III '0 1 i1i'i'L I "L'00 [,jIobk 'l A b .I ~111'',b ,

L:,, E..I I" 1010 LnI,'r 1..o~ r I Ol -'.4I orm Hit'r,,
Ii 'd IM, 1'I u l'mo It lou uloo 11A n'
,.0 I ml.' ,.o'o nn~' ,n I I bi- ngt U em',on]' I
Vi., iocni ..ntI I UOthlj. I vLIILL.. I it D -1 A-I I. LfEI oat ~I r,
ion0 t0t t ,ttIjtr.:.86 t it a pIJ aloin En'lid and oddf W i. ur a
ILLt ,.' i-o CA I L r m aa"I Bo I bvIII.' nd ccI
bUuttel of glItLL:tioatl 1ci.to us. % aI fic. days.
pn ouldOr YOU b~uounj lonbe~nj IC' When covIln:.tlng m nni
ib,, fair and Impartil iiian ooncILL i. nry Cobham .f01 COU11199 an obstruc
Win ~ byou. Omep,,ch L ioll.,UL.-O o& r fh '. it'U' ls Worship nremarked, I Rii
loort ban alwix~s inspired confideni,t;nnhrilid thore is .A gb-al ,.itil togo mtoh
ILI yomvr ndiLmisiatlo u -n Of JUBEtln. Lfinnfig 1i1 tb-) trE-elt .
1-0di J,. e~yit-3oMCh 111010 01,711111to lad Defendant waseaiood 4. rdd. or 7
,roIdatepreanibil d oe eliugip of it. % II eon I a ,I -nw "Md~thl, iongoage in)
Willn ocr jpactition/lsn. LhEDr-,inoi,-o b.)' nec d to tn tbproelt I'I531d th.3
bLctlvunfi1te.0 oct ILoI"'modYn-r iln~tt(I 1' d0 toOO no3mad John WI!.
Iurbihip, ba"aNO o *boonnK..o L Ii mt"1ho p13iled 9gn11TVto being
corlaltland 50 far no 1 'inn uouiw6-1.0 nirunkr And uWitgobscemio languipoo
I 81Oall do o ty bent to OluLata~lu.tO~.Goct in the, bupl, anud aeaor a ne ou
-ILL1,01On. OIstyou Ilike, that's the plinfelr yon
UA(315Tj1ATL8 '111lNeSwas ",Ol(Ind LI 101,. or 1I[T Da.

-a! S 1W V. V,- -,

zi:E~gM-J=- iM E--0 F'M

Be sure to Visit -..Saltlori, Sc&nt & o., The Trinidad Stores thl

We -cotmpleted Stock-Taking last -week and will be Offering, a

Slightly Soiled Goods, Slow-selling Lines, Remnants and Oddments at LesI

than Half Price.

Come and See

33 29




i arriv .

27 BdIs.

William Tell" Brand.

St. Vincent Building.

Playing ,to Win
Winnlfg In sport as In IIfe demands strength, energy
milnd ."itlity.
In nil tie branches of athletics, phyalcal condlllon In
as Important an skill.
Quiker Oalt In the le ding energy food of thle world-
It] has twice e nergv inits of meat.
i IN famed evceryvwhere a I ood for strenRth ail
Svlfiailly-It han over three tilnmestheh ody-buldulll elements
of lice.
ph )%lclnn of sal nations preiscrlme It--thev know It
I spractically the complete fooi-allmost the ideal.
Quaker Oatr, the delicate, dellclqs.' dilgesiflle and
easily asmaimilted food Is equally' gnod for adolt or child.
Try it thily days...ae Jor .yourself the Impronvmegl,

SQuake'r OatS
MACxr N LTD. gola npBreunsaU

,--, Q


I-A 113r I3I...3.I. rI.,
.g I i-ni. ... .......
.lz I. .1 i if- 1,i b
'r I, v, I.,..I,.Art(.

invitc.,IMMipp It.I~r-r 1n--m ,. iN ,-,
cb1ror-I. Ho hi. .1ill- ii ',w,-- rh
f', i ll 1,15 1a.. 3.-nI I ,., ,,..

U. ,.0 U ..i.... I 3. .3.. 3

ri-I ..- 3. T,3, I. 3 3 r I


[w-i 3. i t... -I w i ...... 3i

11.4 .11.u ,, 1.1,1.
IiII 1'

A 11 11.,331,:10 111 l I3ir

I. hr-i MiI-r. i,~-

HI-~p? at A fri-I Ri ,3 1 co 'a
leeto ,,n;'3ijl f.r m,in.jnirl. r.i-, toe
rree Alm33niic.


Steamer. Arr. Derpt. From I Proceeding to PORTER BOBS EMPLOYr. orF
Grenida, l t. Tineea ,
....... B I .B atdos, Bt. Lu0ia, At the y t1Ul .:,mr,,,..',m C.t t yve.
C AL UR ii Oct. i Oct Demerata Dem-IoaI Monta r,rI,y bl f,'.i. Mr. It. Ii. rV,,, l1r, .
CUlGI^NCTO 1 -.' O I | u Oc. rao, n BL KltoaI City i ,,gi .t, I., r. ,,,.,- .1 .
SI [ .-..- --Bia-al.- ta g 1 n obitrinetion a l 1. I't ul r. *
-. r S.iuity nil Et ltit J r i b (2. ig
nt rTHBOUND)Ha a I Ba via l a l. .ur,,1 u p, o.ibi..n r f t'u ,, f1
01TIGNECTO I 1 Oct 12 Oct. Bermuda, &I Domeasrs. np ,..,, s pct.l- i h i- .;,
T 'VIOT | a0 c0 t. I O.-t. Northern [ I .l e, n ..',i, ,i,,-IIl | l. ,.l,. .l .,1 I
,, I _il]Bl ll ,11 ,. i nt. ,: .. I. . 1, I
Beavy Baggage must be dellverdto d the Ct mpany htera or th .. .. .. ao 7.'r
Vinrent Jotty between 10 a.mi and 1 pm. o"n the dry oT n .',,r<,. '.
botmad. Cnly hbnd baggage wUill be tak, _n. th Tender. i,,i ,t I ...... ...
Passengers' Tender leaves Br.. Vincent Jlt7 t. Op. r,..iut Pfor c.lusin nu .,.-i At
S sail go subject to hange iout noteel.. r .. r; ,
Pso e eass e are requ ted to see t t,,a .thOir bag og '- I '-", .- '
eangers' baggage should be insured. Trho Company except. no rspousbt. I ..... ,,
Ticket will, be Iss. ed at the CmIpany '* f' i .conly. n.,,,. .."i i i ........
NEW TORK MAIL BEEVIO. l .. r ... .. .
regular service from New York to Cl,erbourg. BoL thampton and Rana !, tk. .,i
borg. by lrge and luiix rious stuiiners .,f "th Ord na' ,las.. l,- .. iF, ..-. ...v.1t ,
-a." ". --. ,- h ,. .' ,r p.. i '*,'", *' ^ f e
,-. lo--- i----- -. ., ,.i.,, .. .

FOR. SALE L 1111-4
Ex S. S. DAKOTIAN, -l 1...1. I .. .r-,i ,, "

20 Bdls. Flat Galvanized .. '0,.' '.. ;..I.." '1.

IRON SHEETS- "Comet" Brand. I. .. .
I, .... 3 fin ,I :, r .1. .... I I n .

r .,.. P Oranie Nassau"g ,,, ,., ,.1.

34 Frederick SLrnel


06posile Home Induslries

R. A. MOZE & C0.

$250 Cash to be Given in Prizes

Wl'1 WII.L GI1VI"' : -Il T) TIl t P IISONS

before Ihc 15th Dccemb.-'. ONE HUNDRED
DOLLARS for the higc ll, number of Capsules,
Fifty Dollars for thc n1:t highest, Twenty-Five
Dollars for the thiha highest, and Five Dollars

each {or the next fiftciit highest.


Rust, Trowbridge &'
14 CH(.CON SlaEET.



Reccips Iwill be given for not less than 100
.Capsules Slft- .time.


- -, -' .






Queen's. Pu rk Dotel.


I II:. NIMn ,go%3Jc.-- I II vs Qi 1',, r-, i P Irkc H )Ie I',. arringhig3
a S, S-I I I..-t a I .q. Ir.4q I, r 1F.'..S NTURDA'.V. OvC'ie, WYb.
1 '23. "" " "' L113,1 ci will Or b, 13.-let of invintiojn only..
Evenlo,Z Drive.
A SPCIAAL DINNER m-'i Ci F. r-T he.~ uid,.dCo0Luuvn,_ng
I,.3 3 1 ..- t i o ni 1 1 1 1 1 e' e n i r i g S p e c i al % l o gi c
will 1:,e l I a -I ngi .ii i liner IOI M1 tv -b ILI0p in Taibles can be
rerierved IhIV Pbriooi,. "142 Qi (-..j

one I 170.

S-'errie Sts Coni[I ile.
Wnltr Service PlipiiJg ain
Cant lion Soil Piperp nnd
Slei.Im Pi ..iug (Bronm ,l n. I
lloeu, Iorka, Prrcking.r1Ti1
Shovrel. Spaisri Pickaxft
Paintl Oli. V.rulIhlis. 1.:I
Plain Cnlvnlnilz.d Ion Shet
nnd 260.



4 Broadway.
Si,,,'s In Stwerage Connections.
t .'in 0nd Connection.
lom. WV8te
1. WN inches.

ir. .18 C 200.. 22 G., 24 G.,


SViys Examined .,

',''MATA ".'.


~-r.-.' -,



Them on the Bargain Counters in our Corner and Centre Stqres.

Give youjr ~BAB'V t~he Rich, Pure
and Reliable

I ollaildip. --Nb1k1

IIfY- h ivoi en'td-in a-i o ,' h-n art from TO DAY -iK-:3

OB17 'A.4 INE B1. El?)ITRYI IHLRL.Iz Insis o ,ttiirygait.

Ro A.. MOZE & 4 CO,


Oiv-.n 1 BrUtilul GloU to
Lino, Floors,
r ,-ies-
A.42ti ti'ftand Preserving."

r v f;' 3-* .- ,..I .. *..... ......ii,


w .. i U' dr. 'p .,--r A1. 1r7 WI n A

.11 -. I, Ij. I. r .o 'IrI3q .1 onri Ito notbanr P,. ;n3..r
d.j...ir-oi'. .triI .dj,, i El. ..... I vt- ,-.- trIinr,3 in th.) Bovininz
Pli T Lr.rl (.i V% 1 !'........ r T. W ,n Ifr-j-rm

- II L3l11111 ICrl i;` ~- T--r_ "'.. -'.-T----=r_-~-?fi

h. -



W~itr ~ oolers'


3MR. ARTHURf DE SIIJVA went to the Blank In 1921 3i his pro-.~.. .....~
R&NXRU"CY~~~ perLieaY? necirr knew that. JAF O E U
I sappeae you cro surprised to beer HV O ~E U
-PMS t unwi-Why yes.
Mr. ILijrourri I Iverumed at the time
(oont~oe4 tralm PAP 3.) lii. prepl iritrJ tIII &LrI for )rru w~is liv.
111iz Wil Parvt ritiw i' Wholesomei and IDeliciogs
%i~~in 3or tiv, npzin t-Y n10r~15tc.
solnrr tii is in V101 1,. LadI nr-riciion ti: if,.. J' i 1-t inn -iiii- rm-2nr. ltr.
-at Dir emni ,.h i i 6, r !:nl Mr. 111,L r n I 'le l .~i hiri. for It
Mt~ T. ri.zgr' 1LN I r .rI s itur m: *. ).,arr I I ." ncL br-l I ahkin.,ro u c s
her tinre. orfs judignic t 311t trr1 for Ii 6r 1 .-'r, I eay 5 ye..ra cd d
hoin I 1, uimi 0., ir.,per of .10111, ..ga I ;I iatc.! him for it.
Will r. f.. r I -.. I ,Tir til 11 .1- 1 ti' ilir .-zi %vi~rir at hi, if u t get busy. W\e ale SpecidV its iri our lines
wi-., a~ I Lirlh i prpr13ty rjr ~( p ll it trind 0iiirti
iboI ~ ro Ier ril i tr~ir5.t 'r~~r-re .. i,.-ri~ii"rner. ud our pr i e-s nrr rea-a able. Our Black Pudding
the ~ fr th Cour r, ho r 1 10 r11it LI,. w d pi
t? ~ and C~. I I,~ at 7c eac tfui!1I kw 1r.0%, 1. o n-, 1%ii' n1 .ii Ld o~r Cervaltas (Bologna Sausage) at
ll-% r % h-I I, ,rl , 'r;I- arc?-Sipirtv. 11,11I pork prrc-dut at mcd O'it prices.L t
I% kt I .eri,.rv TI 1r LLi 'in 11"t tj.i.ni. .-Li if I ,iii hint
hai 1 b 6, 11 ~ ~ i' t"" did not LL,1 3(i r
frl, 1ii. 1,v-I fig r 1h'. i 'iF.1--I. SAND) & CI5AIMNS.
rur..C I t iiq I,, lu flS 1
1,. r.h ill j 0,01. The'li Paitpi Resta~illuA.
.n o t I. .ini. I,. it rh-3 -At Fir. I nf i
i ~~~~~INM anh.nnL111-

rbt. tin dmri rr~in~- I~ oprIt bo -.ais al PAA CECIEM I'San Fernando'))I
%.Ir .4.lnshr 1, ui~g~ st u~ a I. thorl it waslh. fr ..r iii TO-NIGHT',
uiinir.% n I I i n Ln.n ry w. Iiy x r -Iirn r.

T 9. 11111... ilutbc .TKnrl. r -LO;T RONIANCE." 7 iz~ris. -_

I~~i. 'i.. -, a,~ ~.. II -H ATT
Lo- I -r,..,w r l.n o rn nI it~, n I ,3 % 1I rilT' I.,A
-h .. -~ -. THE SKY RANGER~I' 7 Reelsis aI

ia.. I .~ t74.~a~- ~ ...en. II Jl I l n dpr Ix i -F ,r.rll i i 3ti'v

;.. i . I .l I I ,)- . -I :1cr 1 1 1 1 n- I . l1, n- I.'..
1 11.10L., - ....rI~i 1 1;k- nt b1- .rni l~Ii

12 i I 1lni ., p-.I-' UA W .I

-IIIIl I-- --.".o-I---I,. Idi I OAEiii~
.n; 1. nnIi,- .. -.-I
IIl.n. 1 ..1 1- '...n n I I I V
F, n .I Ii b I toI %n I Iil
-~~~~. I.- ,1 -I.,I.. I -
1,,1.-it ."r1 t .- .l. L I n .n r1 I ~
)n I`, .. I p., Q..
l Iun I I i I rub. Ii~.nn 1rnI.nnI -- Inl

it .in ......... .F.... Fi 110 P.O: t
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.~~~~~-n~~~~~~l.M A I LO IS HIAIl r~e1 ___________________

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-W's" lieus this Feet% rf lie- iriC -. H IN n"- oI 1'ltnrroni Hinter ... all M- Wight.,
t~tt-n,",1-1'O~. Cr. Inl l~i A-t iinni.~~ %IIII Rl-I Abel Marrninejnrenlirnr. .11.-A lrrv
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F;~ pita' IY1t will. vfeaii~et tn the V.I.fnun~rr.n-i. n-1 -n1 irer~rurnfll i ti- fl.,rwlvg A( hif.-n uni. nmlding lile giltt

th. he Key"lItI 101AN.w forhu firewate who1 Untol ,lat ______________________to
soi )wp bM n etatnmi wilt pro lonig Ikea wo -u uIN"l~mE LAo.V.rmim~' u 1 7~ CAW
YAW 06 IVoadn #mfte"9-YU~ QUN .- were- Orlna F. r14dyI o
a&,n~ 7T shaf re qu~~ in Ap~ aet*R theren 1.btef
Hk, Will a~r 40 silmeWeAl Obow4 that your 41,1' just' afew an hand, YOU CHANCE.lne)t n dit-ue o .lni

C i k d a Ip e s t h in k 9 1 C ol a Ttn s r e.a o p u r c h ia s e eno a h a ttg n in O n e O)y c la

ha, P7 Bh or "I ay d ove, e rnilt-lq Rn rn*tih me-tlani i o0ii30 M I-mt UP-f
0 ,Ut -beIhr ,.- d7-r.. Pl'.n. .-I-&- P-' -i-nor .,._,one hnmhv'. N'rb 5lnR ti-pt 6 wilth .ini.
aa4Uwa. ~Sfl~p~lathUI 3jmA in orl Ri firmn tpu 4.-Ilag with- ter. Ifar P050. Apply to 10. ImtImaOka~ew
W4.anea bayin alfiit lawlin In l'ano..on Stiect Woodbrooit.


Final prtsentatlon cf

'The West Indian
Cricket Film'



Qnivergal jeacI De
Pri duct ion

Lu .x

'The Great
Air Robbery.'
Prices ..l'c 2-1c 36c nnd *4Sc


The BlgeRCst MUuic.l Production
ever 6saged in Trinidad.


K Trir '.


T i~urir,!. I ~I- 11 fl RTS

Thomas Meighan

'The City of
Silent Me
Supported by
Lois Wilson.
A P.ir. iro.uri -Aitcrft Pici rn


TONIGHT ... 8 3
51h T'io. rarunie

'With Stanley

in AJricu

Wednesday 4.30 & 8 !C

The Final Programme

With Stanley
In Afric

LONDON ... Jazz' Show
Saturday 6tb

Phil, Madison,

Walker, Berkel

OLYMPIC Saturday

People's Nig




'Ruth of
The Rocki

(Suial in 30 Part.)

1st Progname on -

Matinee ,imd light,


'MriuidA TYa1dOM-


. ,
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,a': l~'.
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---- --L~_I*I~~~ ~ ----.~-~

__ _~


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1Ops 30L- 3
I~ n DiBlackr Socka (Plaiopj~l /241,.
W Whfle dh lar'.




no chWg for inserting these Advertisements is per inab :.
1 insertion 60c_; 2 insertions 96c.;.3 insertions $L20
4 insertions $1.32; one week $1.50; 2 weeks $2132;
1 month $3.00. Husband and Wife:Notibe, mini- ,
mum charge a00.j

LbPROPERTY AT SIPAHIA nnl ad.in- I Eriua.ir 1 -d 1'2i S I 'acksill'
lg L.It,!%3. itgrimid ll "i, Ol 11,lii Cnnl ..fi'r p~i-.i I OffZCe. Apply-. -
wuier r uplin T.ILilain i pii hLl CUu ll di n
t'tl-iil .Jt h In nnirilr*s'l t nit tu idldieu
Mrll, on iii.- l 1n aI UloLr bring nni'lplid GOODW LL.E'S BAY, Ga.Pare
by"'or Ir p tenuln plnir :p CIl fr-rIIId lot Sovuriber nert. Applyit
1o fin.1; P. 1,rr, 3 .11,rx., h: i '-d-, -f Ur Loo 1. Pujadna No. 10-`
Sirrul, -i. Ci iC, P eritr fSpa mQO. n or 'P rh.ie 3[,3.
der pcm.- -A. SQUAKt: f_`out..l;uh, l FrUnt G
di-iit-I dir' (1--.U p. ,. -.1L uiienue I. ?0i
0 NEj LARGEA FLR PROOF VI&R M a-ILc A pply 't.o
STEEL SArr meiandr mcsIeOl Iq r
,n ina n.ld i. 2. .- uni..p in. l36 ins hiL ul NO,3,3W,
dvall-It 1:.." .. -', d ~rnv, iiisidt .i DW RD S RE T-lrr
.' l htih- ;I. r.-r '-irfv N. ari new.- NIl. t N-, 3 Edr-ard Str f
To ppM A I I.Li. 1, C1;, Inz r. -1 r, A-pi ln to MCE1c3arnce

AVN~~~Y,.6c~lI -~~tPS P3
n., ThirJiLI -ICVl. fII r-ii hlni Trami ritel ERrc. S'RE.;ET, 1Air.- niij cojmfori...
vvr ;,ii ia n.-.Irin n. ellcntn101nr For '' ri tro .n-~ ln c liL o p a

,TH :,.rnI EI --* .' ESTATEI ifor .I .. 1, n'TrC ier

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L ~VlL~ 5 PASSENGERB jp~ Renta.,cI~rl plrt]o D&

~ nu] 11.1C nnts Fnrir-I-. rin~h, 'rO LARGE AI(D AIRY ObTI~I
it~s .; ~. ~wr.in' i .i S..nh r i- '-ir. ~.jvpin. servIatnl-
I~~~ ~~ 1, zp.I ND r oAi ,E 2 3T. i. '. T,. run-i. c1;, $

Ii IRD .- .- flIini. i r ffl
.- i-. i C I !,l. Nl. am Pr

__________WANTED. -
orricrSs COO&

NOTICE, Lo p2;: aLf~.nrc 'r ui~r n m;iqUJNd
O E A Im .".I i ii Sr eete-
S I~.. i nr i I~- ~ -n r I i -r r ..rrm.n a

For I n A BROWN WALL T-O rtv
II. fn ,. cnOT-i- U..inil .rrn17,ncC-.,r- i' r.

'S TIN G E R C Ai. u i i iiu Run FI re p-.
CU___I I -5 ASE GE RnalA4-
O"T'TIE PU I V rLI 14 It-P.-! uX ~ r o i I.t~rto21o
P .- -,I

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1n,'T r, an i d li I. in L
0 AX-Cnn nD, ;-CniniFDEnu2-3 COm1-i Lld Tl,
SEATER ON &-CO.SLERl -rl.lnuuui 5 1.JIm-g~Prnrr
Ag in. w R -hoI-iJEY,
10 L-p~r P., Li I I Brr.1,.jjv. r Pon-


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A CLYTN SJT R te Ehonti'A-G
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taen ino 1( frm ofS unmlnII jd i r..].nni%-rlif cqen t
wi I ftrs- r lil ;''110 111Cq('111111 -It fm I` .o
the, M'Iti CE.Noviinl.oripj1114111 t il e 51o 0'n I sale at the911
a poitoar In ,n pmanrato tsroindnod DO
ofAdam SyON Smith. All debntn niv-a rn '
dna o'-nd own__y th l.t -7-ni-atECONOMYa P

NodU e.,fteNed maiviven (lineaet hj YPhri ll v- prrice ils.
Ili' the lenn liron d b hNVILL BOOthe P r nrx ideShe
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Lbt las. baReT11 Ili at h1(0. Wtnn atrfCol. Ie'111"G 19 e @ a dyor
,-I iln th e n ti1 n~ Prd.31on RatNo. 'l 'o-r ukA
m -_ Chi-n Sr,, tint his n im. f Sptn iar 1, A i,4r aie-qn
Pi -. ) or lri.RoBf SIRTI' ON, l.
ed y M.uiEArol&sl ofr r.4 Road.


":.Y .-v - - r-

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