Trinidad guardian

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Trinidad guardian
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Trinidad guardian.
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Sunday guardian
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Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Trinidad Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ;


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad -- Port-of-Spain


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1917.
General Note:
Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
General Note:
Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.

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University of Florida
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Copyright Trinidad Pub. Co.. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.
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^ .. -A- ,ERO`D.'ED CRHP DE CHINKR BONANZA o o FOR'. o 0.?- O Large TtS $ .00 ,
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S; .,au l nd- eeart rda, Tse. Sut I. Mad tBo Ore
T DE CHINK v H A ONL.L_____________Ws LrOGeAR LTD0

h i To encourage this they have decided to hold a T o ni.r E LA T

AT CRP D CHN BZ FR O. any part oMNa Ollar* :.



I (and W ar Safi isrZ ac en ,., Of I. ....,. ,. I .. i. ,
iT I18 u N ri enn P IE ,_ e i" M sar- John Lamo t &+ l r .. a
S Old -ou-L- T o..Js 'r, V-,n g Lo.ll..+ , L, Vd1,,,t N OTICE
I .FIR ST SA L E the ... .,..., ...,. I .

SFr-. -.From -- Saturday, 1st.J p x J:. .. .. uly pext,. r.. ..;.[ '. I.. 1,. ,-l ..o .,, .,1. Ii ,r1oo
They want everyone in the Island t o knows i FOR'RENT. . .. ..' ..,I ilia *j
THE HOUSE and visit it personally S r-
To encourage this they have decided to hold a t .. "'
S A~ LE __""_ _"_.... TILE .EN.ELA.. PUBLIC

allowing 10c o.; every d(und s or proportionate ionsy 7", ,. u.R -. .., 1. . .... ... .

-,u. $1.50; 3 insertions, $1.80; 4 insertions, $2.00; one orrl, ol-r OE, T Y., ,BALE I, ,, ,t
Material a)r aG A NI part of aa dollar. N.Jr o, . IN I t v..

*n ., 0 L . ,., ... l. ...g
GUN Eb r SNU INE I I BY "t PAFTbR S: -o . *.. .
N -. EW_.,tr R-i OVATrD PR 1 -ES "-: .PU'BLIC i .-or roti,,d tL,. I Al '" -
TV n lCome ahd gee price+ this week an' you will fi'n 7 [-,, .r .. i I ... ,e.. I., I. o r..- ,, ,, io ,. .... .. ,t-,-..

N fl-TIooi ,luroa t vv4 r-p% to sIin..i -ateF _____Fo___________ ..i----Ui :,,".
and W ear Sati sf ,action cas.e . q ... U (: v ....... :, ,, I 13 ....... i: 110 J0
T :, l r .1 ,r- i. ,- i, , T rt- l H .a.,,
T ; u d y o nIn $ 1 ;Vh 2 selo M r s LARE. IAiD Ci n."ert n 8c ;. jS. .. onl. $, 2 isi , ,.n. u,,,Sn
_$1.50; a insertions, $1.80; 4d insertions, -$2.00; one -I..'.. .a .....E S......
Srr week, $2.40; 2 weeks, $3.12; 1 month, $4.00; Husband e Tho.ooadd. ihee fa',c r, Mi:. ,,, NOTICE.
and Wife Notices, minimum charge $2.50. : UICI ROADr ,, N ppl o Ibe l ....

... [. %'f P.P wou.l r.n co.r.T e. pillars co rTER in rprt..r .r r, ..r. .yreB. .A D Ao ... ir rn l ... ...... .. r ...aprr ll.'J
h .._ ., I, I % ,t IPN C I . 1 r r
SC i4 SALE,. .oToO. O L. ,. OPENING BALL I ...,, .. .-
SBOADE-Al 1 Cartte___________ .iLStuIrday, sh Ju I Supre.- Court Bonds ,.-.-)i,. .. ,...'r
E com od o for il y I HARLEY DAV IDSON Tn I D ,S ).. Ntr.i (t ,cutl" I a., Guarantee on .. s ,V, -.r. "
--^ .P I p e.. 0 .. O ,l S 't h C ', L h .tl- ..... .. u ,. .l. ... . .a c ... .... .. ..... ....A. . I. .

S, -rfa n or ,jJe,|.de oon. ALL | i.oi .l d ll Marn Ins ras nce ",rIur. . IIr ,i of
,CCO H". 6 P. r -E7 NO- G'" AT. i. u 'r,,o, C .or '" I .ntim rn .t. .i. 1 Accdent Insurance I^"j, ,or di, .rLl
TON38 inches in Wi' t nidth formerly I B t Plae Gla r insurance L

.rC.-^ raau :iO Aru .OA rM d_ s B On.B r-_u_
HOU nd LAND ) -- -.II App' I.-P -s 'o ;. iLtt .. T. ... ....ibM_. .. 'T.D... C .l
rr'IT I ,tf b kI No -I L .t. --


L ( piolor _n r Special Mid..Wie Terms: NSORTONS HOPS F7
",?|: Mot.^^^ ". "I^ n^. c "" v. Mon_ ^ day to Saturday Morning- -$17.50 )i .1 -roi-s 72
N' 'DOS,.ANTOS Gi ROCEiY ri..ou .r ,n. r..-N f "o7k. PIr.SH -N, T'Lr, No. o t ol ] .ii ',. .., BrIaS CUSTARD

'30 ".-~ in to-c-.- a -f t-. .ow I for ft4i. n l argB trunk and Fishing. Bathing, Tennis, POE DEI R

h- 5 o. Tiq_, :0c, e o.
L c w RoS LE.FILD OLSEJ AND LAND .. '" L '. t A.E s
-28 inche in width formerly a ..of Commerc E o
Si i 4 ,( onuuo BraTI )

,j ...*H ead O office :6 T oronto, C a(ada. r P1 18, o aSZ
ru e, | 'ta bl a ,nd usual out oni ,.f P. i3oreutep i a'lbs i't r rr I i"- ec nic r
Largs gala in Irout of iiusi, u -,ior I "uiii-i'-r BUICK ROADu_. _supplied___ I pl toI-c toilr-.- GC -''erno -ent I CE.
F P.P woa] rn ort o pll o S'ER i perf, I. u A Reserve $15,000,000. l,, g, I

ran W ih I-r goin r EaMIaND WAlKR" C.V O.Pelident I \U Red P'lum- MR d O ehi' n
rAT D' G, -l ir".Apl St. ASSURANCE Co'"Lid,.|IGooseberries, -
Nr2 i n .. ,'.r ', LO "" Victoria 'Plum ...
Nche OWan TDn. o Branchof this HanC R. OPEfNS FOR RUSINES TO-D Y. B '
,. BOARDERS-Al i Pr Ct oe s. Satu rday. otr Jy.o nd22s .upremt iotu l .,--.,ia l J rt0o I-.
n,.rn? .. .. I "" " I n AI --s.rt f,.r Ill.. r 0'21 d ".
r5 i C'on ah to n a ht 1 HARLEY-DAVJDSN gT I a. Guarantee BondI or atA I

11.1i J E. GRASSETT, Manager.. TfltBA DAn
'-Cyci' t. o, L. -r., Fire Insurance. -- [ .r- t la er a
nlcoah f n a ft s ot if daw 0nS. C-io ,iuai .s.-( sl'---.iisa ri s.d Lu ij-, i t.. i uir
- GOLINO AT 54'0l A P- 'Caiilaor'' idculn ,n,, 52 ' I Accident Insurance oNrriatutrur for tho icr-
38 inches in w idth form erly "rX,,.ni;-ek ,.,. a"Pu ci,n, .... ;t' uI, ......t the, ], M t te Car s Insurance. -
w 3 G 1. _ __S,,,,,
Wri te. t n S. ai, ity N o .'--I '.P. JuAr -Ci MOTOR CYpLpE. It"", f L | ... .. iI

"auge taught free It dslted; tnlo largo ..... __..............G ocr.D p rte.
Mfr AprAo Ar, PNTn BOARD ERS oln NASFI 7 r.ATER CVAltS for hiMr. Sl"tiri FOUIR & TWO t' RI.K"' T~lutS POR I-.AIIL' Pt".RTii,' Special u ,Infignulel t. -t
far n pnr ivti, woall ing hudno. Cooirind 'lIlone 30 A WS ilrlgilio otill, .94

DOS SANTOS tiROCERY he Wlnr or "Uilwhy from nay prto NEW Stlrai P1511NC. TACKCLE No. 7 rro-' $t ecal,. BIERDS
O .N A nt hli town for ,, e. n isego trusk a s Fishing. Bathing, Tennis, POWDER

Tollot raItql u'Jlum of $2.00. Other roto. u cres lenae Clrouraras Jetr 9 ,ts. "or! -10 p r D,- BLRDS E .G ... ',,
B O1 6N4, N % Z A C o r n rt V l ,a l t1 s u d A ly a o n S t r e e t t e n o n P ho n e 1 3s1 T. J Mo to r L au t -
OZ. Tiuw 20c, eta't. '




ro .. Our Own Correspondent.) How Nuxated Iron Helped
So A Commtee meeti g in nconeclon Put Me In Such Superb Condition AsTo Enable
S w V AS JiJ held on Monday 26th sne. There ft 1S
F XA1... ($J with the To"ago roahllO L"brarR, Me To !D.rTI wipeCarpen ..p
pj wer- present lhb Rev I R Davic, .
MOOLETTE. S..-- cretary)T. F Simuel. Tan other i A A
A We of Oldr a ov.nce. ,b...eton holiday. T.e .. B JACK DEMPSEY
U- Thi. a n 1-i ,o ov a.tro,, ho ace.te of w.til, hirs lrll namongtl tlf e on- were the putttip Asubj.-ot oa discussion o And W in
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bacigRround ton polnu.nt lovestory, trgother with inrany quaint ahnd Tielureoquo with a cp. Eventually Itma decided aWeakened, Rundown Con-
cuttor t p evi a o t ii ,.rro t llAi n l, wlti'el su l htorhotroo r th 0 troubadoursrrs l i s am nge the r i open the Library c iti oTo a UseN u ted
ill land o2 T"~ry. n r ong. 0. a < endtloing l Roomnarom Iro lock to _lr__JoaTolncresseTeir !
S6 o'clock every iternoon with tle I- OR /ss5ir
SBOOTH GENTLE taA. /.ce rcpllon of Sundays. On TrhrMaysd I STRENGTH, VIGOR
lAerOrrr a p t ie iotia- r irertOr it. orirh eulir t 'trot sad Sstrrdera bantoer itoril he ape. and VITALITY
TA, IlOTON koa n To Ihntr imltey elor I 'l ulms Alrout. -1.32. Itr l10 io J o'clock as well a ito the
afternoon. The uasal subscriptions oa Today. ecogntzed as cme bo the rrnt rt the t
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TREMENDOUS ADVENTURE & 1 a erorntolfia a n CO n 1i vltig r. athIr e otoe ilnededIlL.a"",,inm Rn
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keep a book Is oten doy.s but sub- sei a l L-uperoian ao tire age, III-l geot tng ou.e Iotn..t fl le
DION An r.3od rojrl. tfr-tnirr froirm tihe perio-I t rliu the journal' from Lo r rola- tr. Exeter acribeirs lilug outside a twelve mile J ac totoempaty.d p hlletry-l tl h doton di.ia r oo ec e
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OCLAYTON MIe. i ite. i r ctll.thlir of .llrr It-er] --, f t ,l I trtrr br1r.f. L,-, k ,t lioneal t o sr .e Mm .r chile has beaee need t Oea plyehd in helpIng It si uld oaN ,u t ery,.
SALTiH OP an ig : i.rir l r -e, l i t oi e grlat r-]tel'htureo of thich Mr. CLrthl oT wr i- .fn P: The l .o fi n t roi it.rd I.brat,,in.. S he. of course, td Irn pl .r d In helping illnkingprj mto L o
| | lrphosl t hri','oeur.o, riuollltiH] to lbi niiirLtorn and tile l to In tLeo lat-.I raok of 'lift, I. enell kLu ao I n r Tobtagoniaoe d n dN pr o rh l .lr fLl. ur thaLca l- ,pr t'
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PETERP. B. TILE OOOETTEL volu e of fiction hate been received part or oI ool ora a ni f tn e- I l"r fi r" ,
S'\en r D 'i t r..- l,a 1-.o o r. o).0lo e'fl a l., totl .n r ri.or ao,.,t e ,,te tok, a ore elipec leld hoitly. I- e I c .l r
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It-nrotor i,. lI. r..i'',r el, i A.- tn il.o looa lo It Il to 010 i.0.j0 1.0- ,o.Ixr1t a-rb11 iollg- 'o-" i t. B ,3Ald.oe--EU It Lt..te ,Torso l ot'o'c r, .0" t trotrOl'ooo.-tsn joe"

A New EXPLOITB Or AB A rKEAN. Thacka'' Sc wo ta rwo, s ell- P L--' '.- --- '- l .T f
plentiful urqk1.-I ..r odriclo suchall-thatu sach s. t oetoat oe t- a KearoslaiJn aagrr aid I-Otto or tmotea
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er0bert J! tlIt. oll to rI .. o.ITt ut r tTttore i -. t llo -t i--lrlr 1 o r aio i-at l | l

ibm theed-t to-r--r n l i tott 1ia Caahir- hea r i i noitron toortt c-If ,- n rrI aetehIanaon6
t . . n, e, irit ., . o ..... T .. ,pL t r e, J i r nTa.= useasm
THorRONreRIltoLiENWtllard1ArAaLieOds- - -Ot.A
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It t oa rBe..h W a .htr' o, ..r. ,al. i., iod ... n ,,.t.r s..n.I i" l. ,ll j .i. i ,.il I". s .' o si.r-, [I,

Tlr r rrt -.ue, i .i IIt in,,ur a",,rer ^mejthee
-.. i,'.Il. .. ..g .1 u.f LIy .7' t-el s -t th E S l : .
SY No.ri. ... 1 ,. , . t .i o . t o'.' o -t .l r- ,t:. t ,l llr. .. Lc i n. -i..,.'-" ,t l 'RSh

P I. Oil i I I I k.L. I vie N& Ll a klgnw El = wer i h ,r1 I., c tha l p r c de h i - h.
li ite a I -I OR il ClI .tu a I o A a
i "th.IT1.l C -or I;..-,acc ,,o ol. le irci ... ior t- ----..1 .. --=-o--l i t l-. .Li .. . -r -"a i t r -= siaf- r4 e o "a .' to t .o... .t -r-tro
"lJ, uj ...... n.,I .... ) ....... +,',,t-";, I,' ..-.....r'-- i ... .. ', in, ], o, ii. -t),a'- t e 0rt,-.h n .t 1 i l--t. k e, l ..a.ii ri - i-re re d u ce t 3, te i !
i I^nt lt T a brl aThI ley C r ..... itt L nti in.i 'h. I .oDi, r I iio 22 p .iilThe r -p- l t i a o r ,-
,,ot" 0 .tc -.o o.. it -rev to' IrLopt Dr I3 Lra-kla ooctat ta- to oor-octl, o. Ior l a l -'h.o'tr,, a- ,""1.. tra.l 0.,: t.r ...... .L . ,

*i I-'. a ^ c Ur^ Mn u n 1, To l Mtf1 11 ,, .L BUS I NE &.
0.0a 1 ,-. ,l -- t TI --re i ILL A",M LOO,.LL ROA.D m i .-.,rt oI,. r. r. u t e ,t.e l-hltao t.. ,,' .r0 Ot L,, t', I GSMllt O
!o.' )'' vTH o STRONG ER .. I, LUEN C'. .... e i,;-L t ... ..... -,r i tht r ,u r l a I -4_ r lt tro i too B O oP- ,a A D1-"rsA Tor.r... -t a ... .. tt-t. o, 0 _

'" lc n.llr "" .... ..... ,o c .ioi hI ... ., -t. .. .. ,. ... 1 4 . | S C.. ..I , o V t -rtc'a c.. o t' ot J r u." a-c' t ,l A -"
c Cho, I.0-t W io I Chil fi. riom 1'a lo toot ta -`-a-i 0.. oIrr o tot o tod i 1 llclr il
i t ioo - T,-to- ---.-i... .00n I Int. ni Ot rit a- --r -,2'-f -- i,, ..t?, ., ,,"i e"h to , .

teri horn^^ The p of Octal t O X N .ra alto. lt]; ct o rometalog
0o *o- - l- ot r-t eitotea t n Or. I o L 0 1o ter t herc ar rzu. a o ors oap l Otto a,,.r,,er L.o c -g
I r u-I 0-0R r a-to M r re tj a-u f i e ck e ot o t

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dd. I O \t. F .- k I Sil ,: ,i1.. .1 lw bIt ,_ h 11 'EI eh-i-UG U l of fle i tl L tIu t, i i. I J ro ,'' P,. 3 -. S ci l , | .
-. YO G D S NtOD Dt..r. lew... .... s ie .o i o .- .....1. e.......... lZ.....ov,.l.....i.... o ...... .. I-
D A V I D S O N & Of eall o'cbek aIn ifnra o snc b-c tsota t

1, if, Lb, 1, 1. i I M ta l il a 1 e n6.:1 r I t 1 Wf I I-if"
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______Ttrctottia to b s8o too-nt trlrrirro 11c"or b'L)-.o r-ri n _____ -n --CS 63C 1
Tablets ':_ The Cure a l d n2a0 "UIt B 19.-r t r yllplmli 61
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ROtAeD deARD tE.L ECrsIONilbeot or t en.W e boon srhalOl butFRIR V L
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S] .; ,,, ..r. 'Ct A.'.. l ,n .D[Cb 1 URPIN, eh, Marvl oI C,," OI'" i IE"1 5..
,r.e..n-..... .Oi,...Ih. ..ot a--....t .... .. Ike oi r l u .. .... ouoI S S
----.. I ,I I 1 1 O e.. -a. 1 .. om.t1m I : lT,, i, .e t I m th o n .e i orin i -e o u t C r .I 0... .. i. h r "t.i tn.-i.k
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T4, CLt ,. .,It, u L. l -. Y.' ,er. 1 S AU-3D3V' .r. . ]i ''l i .l
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L O C U TIO N R C IT L html n mo. rtrtt tot, O oeot, c eao,%l l ed`=1 lt.'er"-i'ii.t l r hm t It.. I,.tnI--.r

Worn ManShould Tak r a II FRIDAYSATURDA Otto. at, n .......r....r.e..... t 'rait ..o r -M" .. -Int. a-l. t '___r_____ ____
out-ra- 8V -- m ., toot a arul },Ir-r .ol areh the slesoraght line itr t, Itu, ,,. [r.t nr. '. 1'/.,
S--ANN'SHI rpL'.roo t 'ira-a a ta"d oto-a- i t-It ]rd g roS h. "a-oinplel oon-e, oftro e'
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-W orn of My ouro T ake D .aolssobl'sB TI. O..T H E R FR ESH.A.ilR RVl[it .
km+ a d ig ot n2 2 n d JU L Y 1 9 2 2 ,; 8 p .m ., t,. ...a-loot.2op oi moea -th eloro a Pn,. . . . .. . . ., .
sablets; They Cure all diseasesydu eato.l .i .... ...lilt ..ou.. . l ... tamrb -t
*S to. qOL J aP UgEL A W OoLL Deo[ ,lK5 U W O R Tr LO tU. +,n0an -A d orlieIr.'rLoot.,,e I, tn _1ih

A n E ve n in g w it h t r em B oyngm6-i a-r, ,i . o

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W !& IGISI"r rI e w tl. .e-o.ime in
A.or .- E .+iTaE mpr .-r, . atn ohe "-1 j

_____ .*m,*'^ ^ .,, ^

- .- i. 'T t-D IA-.A SATURDAY, JULY 1, 1922.

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Yellow DhoU Uoljr Trijolty Cottiediml Tho totdy
Tilbur~teemnt. niot utUooootoro gloto of tho 41O!bC
GD,1VaiiIa~d Sheets . Ond' .ooorb. r0 of tha Vootry of h~
Best Cjanadjan os1~j~~. ~ boruo slooly u~ 1140 .1410
tA~ (ho stroitro Of 1130114 3107 "Feoro t'..4' ___________________________________
Esavy (1ax~adIan Oata fi~t Pooc~,' with 3140 Very. ttoo NJ .1
Fresh Oottonaeed ~ ~ prooIdIo~ut th.r orglLII. 1141' muumummu-
Best Family Beet. .. It. A. iteI',Ue rud 1140 Ioouoo from TIME TO1~AFAD~
-Large White Oodflsh. !~ ~ 20, ofl.,r o6i~b I*ilni 0) -
And JUSt Artlved- 'ow rhonteil.. TIm W,401,.llo(4(4d bvtI:o I)1'0CLO'0~', WANIII 0 MAN
aingiug of .'Ntyiu(4a 4111 Now Uu tdI'0,'I.4. ~4flg~ on lb 1 01 bog
SM~IU.A 011, Pts. ,'r'.1~k ~ ~ r. ~ a~ir ~.bted erIW~,~. .Owe.4101.. bet.3 the
Putah Fine Ralt woo u~uou,~ tlir.i 'Jiorgy prt0410.t. to jornilce Au lot deot tIlo.trottug lb
Coo ho u woo tltoo to.k,'o ft 0.444 tI,, oct octutred at the ClIp
Cnthedrnl whitot Choplo'. Fuosrol Court yesterday Cooatoble Ph lIp ot
.'w'~ BUY Mureb ',u beIng rootr1o~tut 'o0 hO 4111011 Seneco biked do ged a young
ood carried to tIm Ccuooiorr for 6~r,,, oamed trank 1 I ~ syib throw
Thro aCer, seero Mrooto. Gooton lolir,. .aaogo oh urn ,b,~ot tic alter I
0100, Doonlo MrCart1~y, 0.4,rwt J4Ic- tie pleaded Out gotliy bat mat run. fl
Coetby, LOIU. 1d~Cortby, (1,0. N. VIc.4ed sod hoed Ia or 7 day. The
COPRA A~D COCOA Wottfrymid~ A. W.otonauu. Ma~i.Irate buM blot the :~e~ warn ~u~
Clorthy (wito), Mirno D. Block (ui,,.o~, come oot'ot.lbe oay plore and eat
Nt,-, ~reOr.te? on.] Miso BIrirk 40.r.4re. zofottora ~hrre on one teer parnoed mud
EU Jo Ltw htro LI. '20.,. Wjo.4tIay *414.'."' O~*t0 tOe alroet~u,..4.4 -laVO.4~tC!OOO9 IL
'dr II 9. 9.alr,.rd,', M'~. 2. '01,- tjrleadoot ao(4ed hoe lime to poy mod
II ER PhIlIp loho ltr. .4V. 03. It. LAur.r4. doogeeoa.oI.4pn.
rthy Dc.unl.1 I.II,,,.h ,,o.I M,.oir~. O~0fl Iltro Sab'Iu.pec.4or bce ml,
Arthur Toryrn. WOE ptOerttntIOl4. tilo~overrd- that ttotrc
6., rg tIer'4 ahi ,,,,,,~ *,,,~, WOO 0004.,oIlt 0(41. or tIe aitlotot tIe
tIeIltt'Iuit lax he (4410 po'.4411C01
L u ~:.,tgi 'I. CoII.4'0.Irr, 0 a. D,,ri',I ~~for
National & Patricia :~c F' ;he
Best Bakers' 1.11.14. P. IL '0oIoI~CO U,.rd,.,o II(4t'J ~ Ihe h,.1 a(4d tOld JcIrud.4.4.4I he ~
I. lot. T. t'r.4.'g'ir &,,lr,..' lo,(ori, .. [(j
Dr. .7. Il. flkkooo "Ic oro
o~ Milled by ~t't:.'X~ Igool! ~
I Mr. .IoIi.:, 9. 1) lb MIr. I' Uoei~d In 04 p *-L .4 4', ri
St? Iaau'rence Flour C. i'11,,II44:;4rr6 '4 I~Ir,,.',' 'I,, ~l *.. ,,o.iIu,,.4,.4, ~ .4. 1 U
I [4,. Ii, .,,IIl, '.4.4.4 U.4414.4I 40 0
Itturird 11.1111 111,4 1 0 1..,z,.i, .4 .',.il.4.4,,.4I...4.4,4.4,.4,4 I
'01.4.4,rO.A E..Do.4Ii.4,,.A.A.tLdo.' .411,1.4,6.4,1,4, III, ,,'.,.4II1,lII.. 'II..
I .4 -
'ldpI ord l,1a41....XI.4C'..htIIy, C .2W'Id '.4.4.''.4II .4*4.4~ I . "'~~ 11.4.4
Ii.i1' d~"(' *I.4..4l.4oor.41.4, C.4.4I'1..4.14 1 1 .. .41? ..,.I.j,'c 1.4.1.',,,
P Ci~'i ,,,oi. M,.'r.Fs ~ llalin '' '' . Ii, I. 411.4,146 .4.4,I.4l,1 4,, I.,.II~.4
L','raa. .1. IX 001.4,9., CpnroI LIlIl,',,
Wiry \ViIII,,.4o.4, .3. N. .I.4.4m.i.
IF. ~

TIJEPUBLIC ,",'.'f* L. 'I LII, 1144 1
""6"'"' -.

Packed 'by ~"'~'4.~: ('1.4.44k4, U. I.. .4',II ~ 11., .4,.o,
03. hi. aid 13. NI. .IoI..4,oIoL' J. P.] .~'I.4,4,, 1,..I... .4.4,1.4' 1.,
6,4.414111d 11'I,1,'(,,,1,(4, Pr. 12. 1'. C4tr .4 .1 .4.4I,,I I'.. ~ I 1.13.4,14 ~.4
~V. Lopez& Co.
.Ill4.4,.. .l4..44~I, I'. Q.44,.ZIA.O. I. L~', i',,I.I 0'I . '.4.4.4,,,.4 3
TDII.ET .4.4.4414.41, 9.. 14II.4,i.4I, ~'~I ].IN4. ~ ~'' .1., 1,441.1 .4 Il. ~,
CROWN .4.4'.4.4,4', ill IV. ...4,11.4J. 'I
DAINTIES. tIE,,: I.4'.t1'r,,.4,'r, 9.1,.. 9.Ir, ''0
~'00 iti,. C'.44r1~r, Ntr~. L ': ii
Arriving Shortly I dir,. AIL.4,.111u.44 pi,~j.4I,. Mra. J, I,,.4,4.4,, ~ I. ~ 4.4.4 .4~ I F,4
hf Mr.. GoorCe L,~mlj'w, 1101 MIa.,o Id
~2), NIra. .49I4.4.I.44j, Nix,. Fl UIIIlI II. I,,,~,. ~1,,,, ~O ,11 l~. 144.4.101 4,41
TYaVerBO & Govia IOta. .1. T. .10I404I.4tt.4, 141.4.. 12. IonloIua 14.4. 4'(4~ .41..., .44.4.44jl 4414., 444114 aol(d .b1'
Idiot,'. Lllruhiu. ~ NIto. 11 P '0 41 1- 01.4 12.02.21.'.)
AND NIlIlord, Mrs. 41(4,1 .Nlio hduoleld, Mia.
M4r.:or, )4LIoto.4 11. '041.1 A. P'AL.r.I, It', tiIL'.6'N.
Davidson & Todd Ltd. 11.41 ,ud 11400 P4,44,,,,, 1.1101 D,,trnu,. 01
MI.4o I'.4roo'I1IIw,, Itra. rod '0I.4oa L I I I
Manufactured by 'r,.tr, NIro. .1:,uorn ve4.mor, t'0iaa volot I I
11', tt44'.4 Plots J.'1td4410144, Idra. [I 9.. Perfumery ..SJO. "t'o14'.4rl.4't.4 oud dauglttora ('0), hIno. T.
Ltd. .4.44044. Mr.. yIep'0.441e040hMtOOtI .LN~I '~
'1,4, NIlt,.4,'o Lioiaj~o (LI, LIjo, As,'.. _________________________________________
QflAD Pid.erCIiua.~I~,, 1M~.~k a
Nota 10444.49. 2' (144(41.4(4 d(4I,.44tt,,II, EfiR
Mies Lu.44 1.4,14.4,,, 1.4110. ard Mi,. U441. lull Ul~Llal
.AS:K 'FOR h~uj, iuro.. tr'jilt Ileeco. 20,4. Ileol,.','
J4~huoao, Mt.. Lorlo, Minaso MuLdiani V.4
Gossage Navy Blue. ~), 1411.0 WIISOII, MLaa Addlo Dtxuoel, PROPER Pt. (Houbes &
Wheel Pals. Agard, Mo.. II. W L uch, Mrs. land) known as the Motor
Crown Brown. dofljt~, Iiioq ~'rogot, lie.. J. T. Boat Club at Cocorite in-
(1ltt.eaa, oud hira. and St C'lol,
(Laundry.) ao~,thur doral eluding Ligitting plant fur-
And gical for Wreath. trtbolco' niture and tittinge. sealed
were cool 14' Mr. 2ioet and Mlaoo.
Flannela. I SelpIo.PeUoni~ Mr. Jonathan ~ teuders for the above will
Mr. 0. Agorit
Logge, ~. 0.4.44I4.44U444~', Ilo hilb.,a he retl(-ived bY the under-
Mba Pita.
I W1I410444, Dr. god lote.. blasaro,' the signed up to ~3 p.m. ou Ibtit
thofloord of htaougcment of
Soporioteodent ~.f 110 .&riOItIt4n July, 1922.
A.yluti.4, mnoututo' Meund Club does ii

PURIFIED CARBOLIC ~ it~~lf to arut.'pt thu highest
S GA j~ Mr.. ~ ~ Ito.. CIL~S. 'PELIE.IR.A
Uptihere Lutuodeit atti 1441.4IIIy, Dr I
nod NIra. .1. II. U~xI.4'o, Mr. F. hi. & Co. Ltd.
nod Mra. L. loots.,
pot 'Itch L3I.4.4.4I.414'r, Ide..
~iuraery, Toilt~&.~8th.' Tttoooo 03~~yd Mr. W. IL. ~1eer
-. IberIa ond 1.401403)' Mc, '01. 1.I4Ot~~f etari).
'rd., oa.~. ~. o. ~eoyer Mao .1
GONNORS~ ~"'~ ~ ~ -
Mra. (3. F. hiugglno, 711,. I. V. thur I THE
BRUNSWICK er aod fooolty,.Mr. a(4,l Nltr. LL094.4
~VottIey~ the Ottloer. ol St. morn
Q&DflWEQ DIego Umetlo Loont Jtcod Boards
gaiwasuh Ih~a Coanaxtttee of the Vr.~ I.4I.4,g OUt.' southern Pri~ter~'
thO0tol, Nit. 1.0 Mdword SW,~t and Mr.1.
.ooa~ Mc.. 0. Cl, ~toIJpteyor. ACademy Gr..aepboaea. Reroirt
Beat Se~ J'ood. .. N~edtoa. Spate ISLIto sad 51.10g.
Letter l'Ih.. 'Tyeeoeehttog Poola
cop and SlottIng Popor. 9.Vtit.og

~ IREl ~* -rg.,ueY. '.4. *.~. Pa4ud.~sdo~: PencIl.
3 ~ ~ ~t. ltttegarete oeIio'~t -
Toa.jaee' Orloket To LET US DO-yOUR l0RflITtNO
lange ot'0.nzlnote .pd he
P6 00 lIon whohe woo '.f0,0111, In aid of the IttiW: WU ARE ~R0UPT PRINTERS
3Mgb gedaft ~?bo ~pefowaneoa eoo'eutelt Tim Southern P~5go~.
-- - ~ 44, "~-~*~ 4~
kfr amiss. it.. In lit. otybo nod' V l~I~olh.e.. Mmmd Na
appna~tathoa 11010

~gls' Welcome-

To our 'Naval visitors
the King of Colours and
of -Pinama.





IN 1i, 6A I I C HIII',i I ..' X 'ilhFR
As used in all the most impor- II '(1 ':"$9 0 r-11' ,
tapt English and Scotch IMatches 4U1' n,.,,t
KI'i.tki Cbronte is ihc b..-lt 1. ,_ h-r I h, ,t ',*n l-.>: riir. (. -,
football pInop in r t ll 11I 1r(r oof tile world, ,' be ihe
most WI iler l I.roof, i .u b4 a l be.I t ne in l ne l
h leal er e-ver e n' ,nt tj I
The Clinker Associption suize $6 00 complete i
.. o. Do Do for Boys .4 5.50 do ,
Do Do for Cllddren 2 276 do -
LAC4'A.hI" \t\ LS, i9'.-Mi"s. S .\rr. PLA't.',t1".4 r l.'N. i'- 1

The Fashion Sp.ecialist. .

-. d....' -7,- .:

'rh.: ,'lllu,, ,,ll,-" ., t 11
1i, ,


'14. Ih 4, .
1.1;12 ''-


* .4 I .4.'. *, ,.,..,,.
* I I

7 1 '0 4'

1'11'1141'1' . .4'lC.4'':'4'hL'1\.''u.4 II .11.411 'II' jIti' ~ 141

P11.4 eN 1649.161' th.1u du~ wh~ IL.
Thr4t ( FIRE Li FIRE 1-"! ''LU'
9.'.'4'1l,'.4l 60'hi.42h i1'OZ'2S 421111 I.LlCl,,.4L, hQn'tI'tl.41
IC uhulki.
~c'c~ud tI 41 yo'.4i1P 444.44' Lttiti~!'~ FLU' I I'll lUll IIl6~ PIIP.4.'L" 'Cf 3W'

Ncw II~rrinQ BaI1-Mar~in-SaJe,
Hell' H t'eLl 111OtL.'utiULI, llL'u.ltI.~c' it Wi'd~ L',6'I'y
,4Ud.itio)ti (21'L~i.tt6'6l L'y' a big fill'.................
E~cpccted lld.4)I'tIy a it'll' 4,12 lIt",..' II6'W F~l~Ltl .~, U h~ h
"2 (1142 OLt'ei'ldJg Ut l~CC1fll l)1i'2L'S.
Call t.'al'ly to avoid disappoiutuwul.

Oth June, 1922.

S... .





l'lc.,41,no anticipa'

_____ Piiit.t.4~thittt'.. for

itt 'so1 ot Itis.h con'
t'ilrtttt~~ yp Ott ly to
1 I tIt~ OILy 1" IadItiCVC"

TIte loll, a~o tHU ltrie'i 'iro o tIlt'il9.IC 'AntI ttcce~s;trs retizule-
~201.4 IL' II 'ci I III. 4149. 5941 It is fro lung of ft)g)-I1LJIL' fitness
lit I '.Iti ii It4l~Lt .

N'.iif I lno,'in A~hi.4t'io.2U StIck.
Peri/ l'i,,o/.'a 'I'riLdfIt J'tJ'It'.
foe.) lano/in 'I'.h'om Puu'dtr.
IV eli'

New Attractions

I i '-i.- "'. .. 11 ,. "," r
In p._pu.,,"r .1, 1 and all si'.cs.
?Sake, 7.r idc. halll pri:c.

The Catojio Tr 0din Ltd.

_.-- "-: -+ -__ -- -"


, '1 l


LI 6'11 '.4.4..
.4 I. .4...'. ,,.4 '.4.4

,' ,
l,1 ,. .' ,i,

- .1 '.JI1..,

4 r 4' '.4. u I \ I.-.41

'I"' 1l'P4''~"'
.4 ., .4.4.4, 4., 1,.,',~ l.I.4.o.4415 .4
4.4,,., L. .rd,.roa.
.1 .r~'j.
I'' lItort, lorttlo,
.4.4 .4.4,' ,4,.4.4 .4 LI .9.1.. o~r .
.'.4, IL. .XI,'nio. '
I ,,.4,,.4.' 4,,.j,,.' I 13 KrrooLoi,
Lontoo 0,'r:'aIito.
'Oi.620e1.. .2
''. 0.46.41 Ido,,lf,,yO *P'd1,1",'o'
And rt,'r'.trrler.4I.

i IP ,'M-./LLER'S5 8

s L --r, S

'K S

IT is a KHAKI specially produced for

IT is the correct weight and strength and therefore
will give splendid wear .
'ITs the right shade .and guaranteed last dye. 2
SIT is soft and pliable in the texture arrB therefore,
will not split while sewing the seams
SIT is 28 inhes wide and 50c.: per yard
Call and see this Khaki To-Day or write for a Sample.
You will be pleased Witl it


.4 .4... '.4.,..,. ,.~.. 44C~3,4(.45~

BRIDAL VEILING, 72 inches.
Corded Lingerie and Glazed Ribbons
in all bhadcs and all widths. -
36 inches.
SPRAYS an.! FOLIAGES- a great variety.
RADIUM ALLOVER LACF-assorted shades.

- 'i-- -- -P -- ---- ----



*,' .:,.




(BEd- Maijr J. A Londe-Smtlh,

Civil luInsdiction.
A MeMillla brougb an aacion against
C M SBptlte cladming Z 5s f.r goods
Mr J E Altair ppeaed for plaintiff
and r G Ansnoetie for defendant.
The case for the plainfl was that
Sdeleadant ordered froa him., through
hi locil agent. a took entitled I h
Ried Book of. the West Indie.' an'l
relused to tccrpi il when it woe
Defendant said the agent came to bfm
seeking inlarmalon lfor the book which
was then t prepiraiton, and icked him
aO isa anorder or a C'pr. lie diJ, -.
balt when the agent told him the boet
fta cop a- .. 5 -B S he immediately!
crcCl;Ed thi. oadtr.
One witness Bave e aiderce in s&ppirt
Of this

" ,

.' Os SO'YMbAflfrle iinAw-

SAlrnnfAV TITV 1 1. f IM.

- S S S S S h~h;~L~b 75f~l~t5i



3 Days Special Display.


I Special Invitation to Visitors.
@ @@@@@@@@@@@@~ 3DG @o @@@@@@@@@@@@&'@@@@@@@', @

.,- .. . .- lin, acrra iance ith s krilbn 49 rif tLr
Thrsiliut l'tPiasnd ita in s- l A.niis i OrdI ance No.'2M
C-' *Ss. tit b l-s hle al ,. of 1'17.' liV.- l Ea -Urleus of the
"'. 't ilr -I sti5ale'rt two a-ima d o b've II-i'.1 will1 tW halI r.elwe-sn lito
-'/ Jilla tftj MEst EM.Aiao or. hti fan atia'. erk he te fao mstc iu ndt
th2 Tla i noles o-I to A: i_'-cs- ni
jieig ahes, wl non~,- l k ar A o'ckik IB the flTartoe'o is TIurAd.leAy
3 r tu5the eeusGrotss I V4l: the 1* 'a ly, 1921, alt tie Walden's
i l ._ Ama aai a iathte Oftle-, vta, for -se purls-. eof fill
**' 'gnS li "l Im h * Ingl lre ilc if t18 AMr going
iti4 ll l.B l mias st ySmb u lid4 Casidtrelf (or cleulio auit given- ao
b lb to Meta ,la. live Os t-Itlag 10 th t'tinaBt of thlr
.......i. M. 'aISnL i 'S m ma D e aslea .se sore days.b-Cre the
*SlS"- y ft-of ,ltitsm ,
t -^S Vtt4"A ""4 Waadsntar& 0a1.1 O1lcej

I ,- r 1a "- .. ... . . .

.I adl Vic-.mi llnltltit ihtdrs ant biad
il l' H to cI.t, lh t t i ,litl or 0ny
1Mon. Ltre cltrr
irtl ier.loria untistUl e.
14th Jianei lb:2.

Iritaled Eyes
flete nw- ia d wree ln ir-T Ilet
themis a Leeardi's tUiDePn I.'s loIltn
cmm itatmmtkellM nd ram m lt-oui
p Ia I oe dos. CIlet h-ell .
oioranFd re maeyr rfttudei. All
nirgltase I t.

wi be- b dJ nathe Warden'a Of ice Sin
ereneTad, en TItR SDlAY i2th J.i S oeeby gRiv lat tile Dry
191 briiwevIn lthe hours of 9 o9slo k an Gcotlduirtlnriess heItolhfOic carried
thO f-rreaotm andI il noon, unat bad 'tl-., i on under Ihe ';'le or flint o ,].
Seo'cdoo andil 5 o'clock Ik Iho iitran,.., GLNDINNINO & CO.,at i tJecun
of Ihe Rame de, for ihe pnurpoe n uf ril conl'"red itoa p 'at (Ic n
Ig the sil-t of twoe canlddate goingiittnder th e nl
of e. inl crporaled under ihe ;ficc"ipniei
Carldilalte for oelLloa I.. I, ., Ordinances 1913- 111i4 ad Ihat thc
satire to tie 'Choir man in -%atiing Cato npai n- ,sill IC it4 a l ue itoa carr y on
least ontoen dayt before tie dy a' Iht said br-aeai asf a1 i
I. P. O.-STILANOII; I ille o. J LIDIN.
Waridirn. County of Vicloria. durno.L NING & CQ LIM II rEIl,
S ll debl payable to the Ihe business
Oic. .- '- are lolbe poid Ito the Comanoa.
rrni, Dated hiU 9th d ay ol June 1922.
th-er,19=,*OLEND1 - Sign& d ...--TD,
:oth Ja,. U2S< J.' OLENDNIIIG &'O., LyD







HAft rSPooNE, Agnt,
--P__o,, _. -- 2_--2

ir' ikna.eittle r.-i.m tlted thit hat OEthim O i R.DAY TH i. -^ -
rciet "e entitled to l gne nt In SAI L t 'HURSDAY T 2
illol lochbip gave in.Ii=ean on I -L..L U ,AIT t. Ltiat .asi1
behait ao dslecd L obn tai b ,!t.- E 'jp "t iJ L. :H
A jj %lclUI iiSO aPIl e Lae aljsro L I- a -si- w
Clab Irn 1 .1 Dear
j lld met i. l tJliit l i .T.O oi Tn wn-it . .. ,.' -. t ..i,, Or.) l .r 1

? l I .l^ i c :. lI', lL VEEDOL was t e r'-.ult *.i yl.k .Sf patient laboratory
t t a lu r t m eet all of tf1 "I

i I .li "t.: I r:i.d i i.. a t 'lJ- *, tI.mai picLuh l. i i D f r a on
doe i.. L ob. L'L.'.Lr r ...L. '' : r t w n -
. O.lznu realn, c n, iF+ -oo l. i c ccaZ-1
llh L otilt : . k w rl a F a'i. 1,. r I.-L entL w hit is
.tr 1 1hi. f Aa jl.J .a7u1atofrI 1. ,
i .' 0-' ". -I w. ..L Tr VEEDOuir a as th r ,tsult i years i.f patient laboratory

i t, r I C. E .- 'L,. . : i-) T r .

,* :. .... < '.. ,+ .t ...... .. h r_,-al'r to ; fi rad hl a p ..-aly t hi t' ,: t u r, meet all f thar.
.7 L .-I it l -u .. ucu. m ita -

. .I : 't . 1 r I .: I'.- ; .; . . ; :' .. t, " L -
r it- . I i . it.t i t h i '

hemacav'j1 kj. -i world wide a th- Fault. tau-I lat nt, whic i
Ni LM -I..-.t. .. ... ..V..." till W i'.) Jd IEN N D at al r. 1 2. '

11 Vu1.,I .'-ItLt r 1,-4
t ,, "7T t:1 'i itt i ,.o1i its 1,ut,1.y .r i, .v41 ,v rh'Oe(Ah i- l.:f.rj.-.. A

IrL oA -f

b i ., i-., _n, -- lr i L r, i DA r th re u a l
h l rn. i. ... . ...- ,J i .s --. Tllill I.H friad--n tI. trb' i,:.,-1 ,[ ,,:" v -"

. : r 'ony n nmnage, 74 tn- 1U1 Ll pr n i.our (f Le Phalip .s'ngoL. -,,r Ou tih ,t Ih.- ,ve st-
12 .f.. ..,'ti d t Wty. r
'oIp ll Y i ,-a. 1..' OU f t 1- '-,hl c_ W-tl -,i LUCi

e h eet o f 31 W ll t o d p m. r p l-. r

ani.. r D. r t... ion lhf?... .t.. ..e.t b. .t. r on. i hne T,,: h.,,i it' ,.ljl ,. the Ward o th( ir er Caro ble
"ds o. ge a t, a B ad an.. la.. _.t ,am._a,."ra ..R.. C O Y.X.,_ 1 i.' L ilTD irn and o( rinidad cohi np,,: n,. usuar La C ollb-ine-

.... B. 19S. LO EiI ..' ... ". "' NOTICE 2' = " & in v I Vessrs W illiam H
i:"' *' "- fonn. t,;. fl'il ::1 il I "" b .-dc .h b st, COtt O IS hee to0
itha naalr:t ai t :o e at, .tle. NOTICE. 52 outh Quay.

S .s.,.i N i .-t th- --. r 3.,PLhone Ir
L ..... . . .. ..I.t...,' t a ' '" '- ....C E ta ll att net and_

In aO--mDdEd.L Power or I is. a r: ao atTI E
.r.....o ae rig Ji by teCle- a .or i.-... ..L n
a e u.. s vl tho-Lu".. o uby, aa .. dftt g ia, day a" ""t 1,D:. ,-. ILItI-on I.i, r e a- rtro-sLAPg..L 7-'Aibi'- twit iii pi -1'- (na sa p iaa,;a at c e..
if L TI;Lto c at7ist treyAt hIrpL : .. I -t i ailaC in tt' io'lt
All. aad b.r4., that caerotai" t'.. L.... ,,t. ft' I-aCE,' nti r:tJIA a- a bytie IlY'.1oaddr .. ___ .. a hr
rand, '_in th et at hTrnidade- r i aa0ti au. ',,ig t'.drmti P hotof -Sp air....Wodfda,
S.0.' 00 40 1 "-, V ale" g ifty Egre tL l in ".IE it '_.jt1 aia.'in fo to t ,/ it a t'e
sLe 4 o o... o n e hondagad fieet sL iz .t at a .... It' d whb "t t' i-ate ofO 1 rod 2 pLD or
ngith arn d bL n.tL on theLv%% nrila y ::riEden th r.yin. %e i'rii 1 01btaiu1'd.3"lla.t o 1P hiicp a.i t,1. addi tion|tob"
tends at .hg, e aind an&a th e TLe."6wtan Bana l no ode e,,pLenist4t 'O-&OCOY.1 LTD.bin therItenydoV i n1dad o iras usual"Cnc

pr,'l;one ten iL asRo ad ityog eether wi ls.a, .raieen tbi,2h.or not by the i adi'n e .I O",'. l tlel, i il i,_. l tle,:it[ 2t" dayt of Ju.tIt, 922 beirijpio t V

Ia.lin fet a n aarthe dali Raanedesate amadthe s icra maina he .' t&"CO,.,LTD _"..Lt thIrsoaf d slfi Ti nith pl an drawn on the
LI O....... ate.. ...... gn...rwit. h lid. LhOTeCEsi a a iar. Oa t regi'steredin be g th .a
An NBTi "ai lliad h-rain 7 M es or she isheeto
SAL ro lert TEI hSIDAY 3ird D Lro L tA an. il O.,nity nod xtle a.litt l andore.orles ,elieate
PRL he owti n g d nt-r e, t ied i tta to s s at- Peal, tr.d ern net ha-n aa-sc edM ry lJnd of Me LB co tampball on "r oth
ata ted t e Ust t-ltre t r- r o and t E s daa
o o Trald l e~arrai e s t is-a cur rd irdasat whtomEstenine t nn td 1 oXle a. Capl an d r awnon theWat u al o re
LIO NELe R. Son i'e A Raad.' . snabe,; la tirsor, t, .iranag. re- a-ll a t ith die ..o.... J....W li ta,,, to s

ar o, er o E I eE N % alt ltb R. Ib liVs Sli d rs h e e o l a d i" I i l l ar ri I s .tein-od t atmt
e-y the BRenLiew to M r ei Jadalir -mwiuitor 0=2ie barTefae e or he or th AlexChrea andtw nty er es tb uc r
al t,,o ....... ,,a e ...... as" .. '". ...olle,,ar B S ot a o
ale befoe dm ot, 0%..mote,, ges,.(t o t o he e f LOCAL RJ.OeApDTT dA..... hO M essrs am

'atedendee.aref .to he uadh, IVfa-etra %ad c thlr a he d boc nd e o m Be at b t
-hib ha- Tion e f e SaFr e nirdD L l etIi",n e .. I ContDrast m.
t Ima the l it &e Zdt dayr at Aguit CUVA .LOAL A AE the i.r ooer1. Sarastfori Bdoyt hef e r ibmi -f NOTICE.

Eo--.-RI---'---c s n-at m o ih iSa lD '.rir',at ton1i-"la a t' t t t s r r -t w ait th OAidn-IEeaWrden'o Otih o Sie t-ra



ran-Yra),RsZ 7(t

-,.. .4 *-/


Sawyer and Ex-Bombing Instruelor

Mr. Thomas Voxall. -. ril,.- i_'ri tIr:' i.mobilo!
1 ;,.t,,r., I '. ,,. ",v ; e .,i. . .... : '.i S ,er, ian '( .
1 . , I . .... h . I -i s J verl -:
S ... ,. -' i . i l t r t 'r i L 1- ',! .ii A -ne. Hat -'.
.l i i ..- 1e dt t .l i e te i l orougt k
rI i. N. --I -1 ,1 i't! t I --.- ,k in Plh. fieFti e, I"'W
,iji ..>. , ; i . .. -, l -i e.' ., an I can-d u
,. , i I i. .r t :I 1i att- c i he lt ha I dori i lit-
i.r: .-cia r,,i,-' i.- -nLs i,-. ihe orid .. be.t .\e-aie tl dll..
i'i] .., r -n e c.riv Jar.d t i he.-i- I oc'l upiedri.

Sn a N ... en. but 1 '.1'< Phl.ift r Il l

r .a- !Il. ,dr i %-,. ,d l i jr --j i an if e Reca
, .i -. L ; 1 -1
tln .11 .... t,^ \V,,rld' _.e t.n ic, f'h it rine, -=

I 'i, ; i, i i ii- li-i. e 31, wouldd not bae ti -
it I"'- i 1-l.,.in s et. Hli.,orn. London, Eng _.L

The Greatest of all Tonics
Inri'lin 1 ~~i.r..iiai La talds flud hn ',
nii....-i, -.r, ;.aia-ril Wl h.e..i..ia lala a .
leplci. ri Prremirliur D ua Fainlur.e Ilas R Il!
EItIrau ll-on ilellial tiltli|tLion Br-lenFag l a '
etrace, tllliv Lp. ol Af.pciiie Aniniell scll5 w '.'
M .- .1 In .l r - i i A lle t







Dont Miss This Opportunity.

GENTS' Black Glace Brogue Shoes ... $3.60 pair
'Ox Blood Glace Brogue -hoes $3.60 ,,
Black & Tan Field Boots ... $600 ,,
BOYS & Youths' School Boots in Black & Tan
Medium & Heavy Soles, .reduced from $6.00,
-$7.0 & $O.00 to $2.40, $3.00 & $4.00.


For 0 R Ci


.U C -

S Nol. .


68 South Quay 'Phone 58.

John roadley & Co

18^ . .:1 TH E H,(uUSE, FOR .



A nintter In which Akberally. of
San Juan claimed L25 damages from
Boodhoo of tile same locality, was
heard in the District Coiirt yesterday
Wore HIq Worship Major J. A.
Mr C. Patter instructed by Mr L.
Robern appeared for the plaintiff,
whilst the defendant was represented
b) Mr M. Perez instructed by Mr
Sydney Gilttens.
Counsel for the dtfence raised
preliminary objections to the patti"
culars which read thu< ;-
'Clahu for L2'5 damages for injuries
sustained by his donkey on the 2nd
day of May 1922, TrAranjuez Estate
through the negligence of the defen-
dant Iby tying his donkey with a rope
not sifficlently strong to anoid the
sald annual frota attacking others and
thereby nrgllgently periittting the
said animall to attck and injure the
said animalttu of the plaintifT. He
pointed out that sclenler should be
mentioned in the particulars, and in
support of this lie referred Its Wdr-
ship to- Ingli.h mnd Empire Digest
Volume 2, pargL 243 in the case of
.9cetcliel v Ellih, alio No 89 i'ngliah
Reports, page 4"0.
Hi Worship: iThe Authrritiesa
4i0)e(. lpaiilt -obn ,trr [Po'ter. 't
NIT Putter I luite akiree with
that Your Worship.
Ills Wiurstiip ; I propic-
it rout Ttlll'cos ti.t
Mr Potter I: t ai Iorv o'nIr
P Wori.tip. I dd not notice tlie
T"i'ie e w.-i then struck out aithl
cot i for thedceeudint. "
Hi V Worlhip did not certlly for
Coune-l. ,.

London. June 2.
"I an 'IJi-t Wild About Harr,"
wie t lie on -lep itelltich io a tii h it n
SPti'Ocer..a Mu* firtu-bill at Cheistip-
field II.auce ninight.
The giulit-s wondered hliethlr ha |
clinic o Ibis pice was Intentional
or jist a cLincidence regarding tier
feelings lowair]3, heri hu',band. Via-
connt Lnscelles
Thiit. g EiirtS itln11 n melul i ber- of
the ro allt rtt, n dt thi- ie dinner 5!1)
others arrvinii fur thie ball Thie
men wore umiforti.'ror k niee breeches
with the inrignin or tlhir irlers
Ele;pite Quee nMNI.r', ohij.-ctln t
jazz music, onl, there u nltze- ut.
i'rcaed on tie |iaorruiwTint t, e t. enI
tauo aeleel,-nr Thi rL i.ui]'.l-i in,-re
given lip to A lelnrIn l t',i .nd
onetetl.. ni'ch 1it ilhe *.lr,li of lhe
All iienibci, of 1. n. .i-I ;o lell
clainlouie.l Ior mitnllinun t to il nvc
lion, ntiich allihongh it a s condiil:ter
on r-imple line was the Prme, ai'.
filshbig pitl.

London June 5
Prepntraion for tle enrly .maI.-
riage -of the Dnue of York and
the manuchlter of one of t'nplard's
oldest dtcal famiFe, is indicated
by King George' -Tcreat interest in
the approacint sale of the historic
Cansiobrry mansion one of the
noblest bhonne in the Kingdom.
It bhas been in the possession of
the Hlrls of FP'aex for centries.e
It is believed that the sovereign
is anxionA to buy it for a couo-try
ubont. for the Duke of York. The
house withl ii* 850 acres in Hert.
fordshire will be auctioned this
weeli. It was thoroughly in-pected
by the 'Kinr and Queen last
They were delghitcd with the
handsome house, which tih many
rovnyal mrnemorie a it ac ation
numerous relics of Kine William I.
and King Charti s ire in the house
which I4 in n p.rfect' iste of pies-
ervalion. It containi i-int, of the
finest example? of Gibbin.' curt-
ivgs and many old niterts.
Americ ns ile interested in the
sale of the man-ions, aud it in
possible iat onice will be re; re
sented at the action.

----- i----

Rub It In
S Joustan Wa-LsI: "Th e greatest heroe'are aye tie h afe~ m oot misey-a at
most modest more alhin ltching. woln ,
Pasmionsa "Perhaps Sir, but their all like their hethls he i f nnt--f m mor
drnk in 'Jo.hnnic Watllker.-'... ..tha. ty" "*" .. r t d ml
tot'i s WALXNi.A los. Li. S cm uo 5 unto,,,h. oii.msis -e. Heuium llnl Itos ds of

Sole Agenti. for Trinidad, 1obago & Vt'neruela:

The Trinidad Trading- Co.. Limited ,i MllhiMEtN

Steam and Motor lload BoIlera, Traulion ,EnginoM, all Road
Plant, lItlncal ',,i,]..,, Steiamin PloughLu, ncu Motor T'ri.:
tors, ChiUoit ailo Wiieolt sudi ? Boll, Llustne luuno Ligilttag
Seta, Motors and Djinamsu, Cu'letn Cuntruller Gear, Porltiale
Steam Eugines tandi Butlorb. All t lja of Agranultural nhupk.
uon5i, 'lotir Milliung Pltnt, llifrig.ruratg mrd Ieo Mainiig
Plant, rued Steam Poner Pliat, Steamn Ceuker, Dilnfmctu.g
Appuartua. Pru a fur anll Jdulm, Oil Loeomouc-5, MuriL uOil
Euginesa, thBtom Go.aroro, Untgos, Castilnb, iLc.
Welghing and T Tli' Uacbhme of all k'ndt, .Autonu.t
Walghuitg MtcLaihu for grbis, edo, floir, augar, cane juloa
- oi'-uii.. tqih l i,,... i,.I all.._Jnli- ,.h _lVelaoariem_.e j. 2d. -
na y B a,- n d t o i ,g l t o y S i niU M l 'n ,t & t i ( i d. "-
ar and a itd o oa" wgot Dut ctoia Comiltit Lit o:r1tT
Water Tube Uollers, Supohr.i:,nSrt, etiam Coilh, '.,I .jL A,.b
Conveyingsa od B a.kren Ig Pliant, '.' t h..i I 'it..i lu, .
Stkuing, cersulr--psorting Ste.ld Cilututi .-n, etc

Ing,f t li r ,Tsr ,., ,, u ldii,,.e .i li ,.
Roof,, Bungalods (r Colunl.t J-u uT- and (li.,J., 'W....\,
tiiudtrim Laoeomatui., Li ncus far oall gaugs .uii J il-
Fir-I, L,.- ,ul.t - 'vie L.., `e- Fdol to 1.3 8 1,ii flog
dr.uio., ltis,-ucmi ,i B-:',Utt iul 0 Uu il 16 1 6 U ,,l u '1.6- LIgit ',

taOlI Storage tinka ur ill .ll-tt a., ija.luiing Jul,..-.i, ?il. .ll
8tonragO tasla; OGa work plants f all kinds. ii6.l..I i .
holdora, Ga. tl Oira. Bblat r C.i. a, IorituI g i n.-,. |-
Turbo Pumpta. Pulltto \iVimoa. l ikr 1'.. Turbine:,, f..r Jdl ut..'. W I.tIA I.,ij. I'.i. r i .iit Mi l.n r
Tu!cgrnph -,l1 FItpliorne Wiro I .a-I Caible., of IIl liiil. Pu,.
or rLbd Lihamt bll o. "Tra ,, O rh,r ,d Ge. L.. try.
Wilding; Pl.ul1. oil utidinC. icar itlugrapl. ,-rk. AltuuLnaJrr
Shooi, DBat, Ingot
Sio, ad nd a Iro, 'ura. Sl...LI ,l'a-f..iia ,o t R .I IiA
PltLb, Justl.u, d allJ Sne'u, a. all CALus... ul bu tL u4i Ulntrd
W ork. Cor, ied SIh..t stm .' T.. li tgs. utc-
St,-3l WiB RoBpes for all dauna. Slo l Oittlold B:i-, Mi ....
R..oin Aerial ol-mzi.ya. Blon,ilui, a0. iSr,.ienii.i llrn.i, -, "tl
Iloug i-'r ,d. I, i.-. ii .ir i.. .ll ,r Iiiiis,A ,i .l t rioT-
uI. L.'ullt.I t I Cl.tU u l .. Pru l: Iritn P n tl.e1. r .,.11 kllin.i.
ftU l. ood r.f t.i e. cLe
Si. r-l.ij irnillwe. if It Lm i- .tu.l rlit.," .una' elne.n -
Bath and nal Fllsgd.g., Puatet Se6 r Gas tInLerifieLr, ,irt, -
eiluwaro Driut Piplia to any aizo. (Couaionei iiand pe.:Lil
P.-.1i. Street Gullio. Plap VAlis. etU C,.,i rni. i.5.1 T- ,nks
Sugir making Maehinery an. tll Couiteur.i PI .t. tJbdrdmJi.
Ruih;,g rPrceI a B dnlia Puma i IjI .I..llo Pl p i. i.r.Ja .r..
Evaporaiing and Distilling Plast, Diatlling for Freoa
W iur, 8team Marine Egiuem.

Water Muhltra of ldl kiniSi. SuT,-ragt Work. PI. nt, Irriga .un
IltA Ikt.ordors. Gonemr.ii Water orks Plan., U I.dr-uwii A..
ceaulmul in. Pcnstoka,. Vil.e.. V'uinlh ur, DLY ',V l 'uaiL ,
PIunI..lIg frgies. StLike VNih. eCL
Mak,,r ofa PratFt r,,". r M.,Dic.nSo Sitel. Itl lxi.e.a if Miaing
M.i'thinary. Drill and High Speed Stluls. Ro-.k andi Oru Crush.
eur. bcraouniag Plant, Rallway Points and Crosings, Cnu, n% ior.
Cold Handling Plant. Drdgors and all pi.u. I.iiirno,'ne
Steel Cutlinp unnd Forgingb, Bucktais and Pina, Well DBoring
ToolS, Saws, ete.
OCjju, nud Vul ea, Sticw downs Oocks and V'alnc for L:tgh ,es.i.
duril. Plug Cocks for luto Plesures, Asbaesion dnud iutr
l'ttnugs, UU 'umpa ior niall purpuos Tube WVll Fuiupl, Purtable
Dlatilliug oud IIce making Pi.t,. Stei..m nid i,,-er li1)rioa,
Duplex Pumpa, U1dr.i lus Priouss for Ti.lture:,, Ilot Air
ngin'., II Iti.,ullaisJll., (ts.
Ilefusa Doatructard. Sp it l Fruniaces, Sl to JoL Applinunes..
'un'ed LIluuglit Furniih:a, the "Back" Dislntfutor, .Saiuf;
I'lautt fr Trowii' roius, rorfus destructora for IIosltl,taLn ',
Inmtiituinsi, etc.
E"crttling to do witL Fin Fighting, Firefloatu arid 4lisage
Tuga, F"le noaM and all Fitlt.ngd, Liquid Puel Burnemr, lotor
mir I';:iginal nRid all appuaareea.
D)unnsihe, uelianite, iOalatluu DeAsmito, Dlaating Gelatlao,
Bin.titg, Powder, ,Amimanl and Dlllutang AbAltolt, Frro-
Tung'stld, Stainlsae Steel, Ruitlao Iron, Powder iiluxng
Mart.iinc, Biluting M.iclines and all equipment, Detonatora
and Eletria DetOnmir,. Fu.weso af all kinds, Thannit Welding
procbsta'i, Carlon.frLeM~at.llic Mnnanuse., Mangnnesu Copper,
FerrA-rtaniam. Ferr..itlirim,. Clhrominm., ae. Nenl Indutirlid
Colluodlaia Ilul, produrelliis. The rIlttih Plavrluain CIl, prmluetiClui. The Clntinena Rcaitlaa Co.. Ltd, product.
tions. 'Ihormit .ld., prodictious. Motal Powders Lid., pro-
Irrigation 81ilroes nnil M ineMnory. Eleeteri and Steam Cranu
of ant l kinua, iTar noM Plhta, I urblur Plaint, Ullor
Bi.rlngs, Turn Tblt, General oantradla Plant,
t.r IL i -.. i ?i' e 'i-fio noting milr cI: Peerless,



Sale of Grass Mats

* i) -^ actQ b. lec l. R uJu L Lr.,m .- _2 1 0 _1 o /

10 feetl by.8 utl. Reduced Iontm "I1.50 $10
12 feet b. ) fet. Red.1cedifron to t-o1 2, 50.

Next-doer to Hom: I-nd-ustries.. (

The DmeraraU Lie


"A s the iti tres -,f '. I l, ..i u s it i f r,. in i

the end of lIul l is i ..,I t tha double at
til eCud f if 9 ". f.u iin I- lu l-,rce at the end
i .f 0 .'. 'it :'I :r, n j,:r tlh u d ,u 'e tli t t
it the -.-id of It 0 i f t-itne-s t

f re it ienijd .1 :, ir ti-l ______ ==
third 1li a na;s ii,.,rt ll ti I
dOLtbe th., at -____

1 i. 1 2I

Telephone 383.f l

C$279175 ru Pipre (or it duaiv and up to anu size, Sulphas
of Aonmosia, Water Proung material for Concureto and
Dtnck and 0. 1. Tubes nod Pipta of 0t1 kinds, Ziat sheeaa,
Wellt Csiog and Drlia Pipo Of oaly Weight iund size, Wan,,
Pipe tfor Ittary Drilling, Telophetrl, Telegrapt, Tramsty,
I 'ii TtfettUL ht Polts, stiantdt, and Arts,, Bottr and
CndArchdur Johnston geo, oto.

Stolt Window Frames for Pactorioe, Public Buildings, Private
mM, Chur-la' tai64ned Queeas Wndo StrLeadedet, Pa Work
of al l Domes, and al knds of s'Lights" Consa ted.

Crist Iron fipes for ILL dutepand up tu any alas, 8ulphtd :'!

W ,)ll C ?.I W g a tii D rii o P Ipao n i g h s d hl sLJ e, Wn ], "


Stillggoing stronaglI

_ _:___ ___



II 1



A M1 M AI N..I.A _
Cable AdFi= : PM I N"
-U., ,,,,,,E,.,A ,LL-,GC ,l1. TI8.Hl.MUllD. ilj **illi a.l

MANUFACTURERS' ALLIANCE The NealEngineering Company
-STATES OF OOTH AMEICA, 69 Marine Square,

Li3t of Firms and Broad Lines of Representation. GA AGE OF M LSTON & Co.,- Ltd.
This orgaials n hais Ib,,,, formed stih the tl uol.1 endeanuawitsg to pus Briltth Manuaofauetas hero
I1.,y righJily blnit .

._" ,. - ---:-.
Arrived per .3 l B lze fro Tcfobs hg
yesterday: fMears dc Nohbria, C.
Crooks, Wdliamt ., Archer 9. Busie,
SGall :.uI Crook, r ar.] Mr c r '
S4.l-Thw.;te Mr e ]i,]d Mrs. .At.,P
Misa Lareliliti .1 :m ,I M'r E A.
Gardintr, J. W ldlimia,. tauolt, J.
Quathina :iu. cfil erii< r.
A rrt uJd pe r .t. . illn h fr n .i ti
dio Fri i e I 1. D ,
DAr ii nha
St. LUL'.I. "'sK r M '.
* 11. 1 t l..ilal. l I.I.. ] 1 7 ,|,.,.1 .

i.: h i r U.0.l' I 1 .- l ,r L ,J
Co.'u.. .i. Mv it. flnr ..t
5 L aa d o Gi e, I ,. L b, ,,

i: 1'.1L M I L LINE.

CH i.' 1 i" ii
a ,. ..r .. N. fib
CI t H

Ot l, l. t. I ,, ,*. .-

L N- i 1 ,., I i


t I

I i I


fr, I. :.. ,

. .

i i


off, r
Sal ,


\ ill.


i ni iil l.n. I IiI I .

I ... .. The Clyde Stlcanim hip Company

-. I I I,' ' \.The .LAr.t, FrTtral.n Co, Ltd.-- gents, -


I oil aa I l,.,I I LI., FF"..- ,.

I {' I i i i yland Line, m a r l m J, I i' i
h'i I L 1 a '1 I i l .m pire Theat i iI .
"'"... '. II,, --- --r.1 il u.ito ,,
I- .' a ni i 1 n I i. -i-l London aea e b. -

ai i I i, .- il. T- ii ..i,, i- 1I i i.,i- r.ic.iion1 O lym pic Theatre
,,:.hil ,I..a- ,,t,, t 1." -?,1 nr,,er iausao -..
i.tiq .. r e o n i .

i ''Leryla nd Line. .nI I. '" e in 1 m a - rot
,'l i ,, I t A'ricn CLO'HAMUSEOF M AILS.

t l ',1fir" arl l i 'i t.n d nurbiid-- Sl Luci
... ....---- ., La it, .t loce Line Empire Theatrl.I

..iI *nn . l .. . 1 * s hn u d t 7o ao l i, '. _D,:iLire il bn ctlo dk. i,, .

_ I Ne. s ^ ern1 l,'-,, ; t-, po. t -t ,\plm preci. "e" Niw..pnr
I 1l-I,.,i I- ,li ,,n a .r h tn1c
S 1. 1 i I iNI .I'- N%-.t n N11e I Ihv L and on'I hea i l t tre0 p-- '

SI.I ', . .. ...e. I.r -, i i Te rilL l, ceNln O lym pic Th patre
aI II .. F.. r.e.I i. R |,N.o n .|11. 1 it. t- Oti t Toe P.',.pi i'ila

S ,,, ..... ..ndward Islands Service The New Theatre m an erando)
,, _,,, I ,,- I t ,- l [ i N III -- Tio lll % t r lr t a .ai oudevillte
Palac. Cinema (San Fernando
Ionipongil Generale Transalato in I Thillsrle RI neRssioan Reblog
.Konnklij ,q ique. \ltttItd rhe ui-,, P Sr ettvl Eo riglisTh' t.he
M ad-e... nr -rbio,.C n u nt, na l rid l .g malnl rlisi n cl o 11.30

t. T,.,, N ,T n Nonsa Line
a. c al tan. i ai i-.... -,". ... r CLOSING OF MAILS.
[a othHIi C..ll ps .. I |h lhf fas w ,eoall. EB r bsd it. St Luci
Ti.lIolni Nothil.e W t Inr .' W.-dn tgnts.St e ot r.l l JulyUri. nSt Kit
1,. .. I-so A Ne.. ,lv, tar.1s this o1 thl he shriitere nIt rbe Cloted to-dr1
itu 1itr **CilYNa 1N" will r- r.l 't re p.m. pr sely N Np ew spper mail
Ihve h tro Omtrn on or tleRut. A h. illon cloirs l ttl 12.ole30 p 30 p. m,
lAio.iiO, VE BLL l T e or 0 aSll.r". so-ii n h o ey to s al Lond vre nd Ams e
rte llr hLTlt Lefie fluoted sti. the Na ,l i n am y report and Hno en olt L Ine.
Ufi[ lhl.r. V,-n ,,, I-n. ',-, iii I n, Toradop ahe 41h Joly 'a ,,Pi
.lInn- nnn i"a{ I |t .p eclv ely. Newspsttee osllot sa d aegI L
t ite'.T lar.... i Ih Wi rdward Isla nds Service Ilation vcle at In o l.
-P rl S taQ N CCe oLiNT illR ia eoj aladan ls toetBshadoa as. Tes tiffe, ice
fron t Mobtile. uis En o 1goor. Poer sans less i arsrxle sond Genoa by IL
recesa n adlot uE. Pote. A sin thln. tBloerna sill I- closed rn t huredlay ti
Ko Mankijke .West S-dsohe n rnIus Go seri(:;e l l srdIuiqie ,i i6h July aI 5 p.m. tssecinelt Nesspasp
] di en..rout sBarbltr-,, nlout el n tsi malloise stod registratlao elose st 11.310 1 .
nOilrout on-nit "astar I citto titnleoblilo ti-
Then E npoai N tCerlaeds Wall lin .'rton hi ll a tor,-, .q iu tols .os t1 Brib do oand New Yo
Mail. ,,111i let I c the tsubahf will he vc tsed c
I o. yat Neth tan West 1n51t Ato a t .ih. Ant edteill t he 5th July. so St i ."
I Steiner O115YN8i4-,N' .w ill n Au, .atr s r, eciArly Newspaper sails andit se
ilce here nt roj n Dm,, 3n \ rn on1 so eiba.ut. Aug.i I|'th. b orIaion elope at 12.30 p m.
iol 4th talvc I p enro redon h' uc l lte_
te ri t BarbadoIro PlyouthHi avret "- ='or .I'hcr i ., sr-ieilltalr p n dY- G -- -
we Asmitserd S r Slng Paoesgern Titl "hINLN ll> rLcrt ADINt G CONtIANY .,
orS od oil. IF L r
at r asnata O.t n tsso o W t D.t ACNTi -L- afmport ,and l olt Line.
V i seosr "PRINS E'REDERIK iesao al I J Co., Ltd., alesh.
ilK" wit oarrlte, here ror Canadian Pacific Ste amships Ltd. 1 ,
S Sta se parts an o shout tho 11t.h .- -N ,,.tAN 17,000 tons d
Vuy row di sltsr to N t On t Ats-a Trading Co. Lid -t nwill n ss i -i m i ttof Jrty.
it em, Prndrsanib, Smsatsdee to- u s. rto tcnRr ak ,eGa 45iS55 ___________11,665
gon-s sorp il s mals. tono."s nlh e t, fr-.stt l altr,;ec enit
i nNer B W lSoils June 24tlh Ofre n toeottu,,, Ilmlo-tris, 'rre. LThe Canadian1 Iovernmlet M
,,ahl steesIorW nitWUIUUand Dl, ,1 li 1111I
ad Batllseso a sosabr the- port sht 8th -holy ret. Is tetaintMarineLine
i t~rt 1 nalr n terorform tLtrmorsao mond sols fru.n .
12warUsN ;sgo565 .It Curacao. thish ponrt bost.,J4th Julyf hr Daroborl d,
s=2'=t()WArm Co, n Reuao. if8. 'CANADIAN ItARVfEST:
oe4.d0ab QotZ4 ll a m 4 A I ioeton sod Otttreal, toisiog oil eo t eu.ileit tfiro Moire-el on the .itst .J

sMltian as ft d.rkos witt ha nl ost tltq 3id July, proe dilng 'nfl
kA as telrw ,OhzJU N&55A17 oee-ped fine Dmeraraduethbound, and warsod to Demerara.
all Fti here'tro..La Gulsoy nos-n Irmtlttt soa neritzhboousd. -
the eek Ji. 1 h 11-prr4-' esaLr gh freight ratrastoe s ypooany part of
a heh - -Plymouth ,I' 'Tominions of Casads or the Uaitr.t

i.' ,-




The Trinidad Line of Bteamera MIARKET QUOTATIONS.
FrsnmJ, Whithy af Co, LLAr, AtLI. Priem. Prie.
5.S. MARAVAL left this port I NEW YORlt Juno 8.1 June '.M
for New York vis Genlsd on the 27th .
Jone. and is due to arrive there 5on
or about 5t' Jol. LOu i-
SS. MATURA sririved at Trinidadl Bloded Cl (t
from New York on the SPith June andl Lawrenceo Brand)
will leave again for that port via per ag.. .I 1 o 00 I o0.0.
Gsrenris tokiig orgo, piissefsrs sod Mr-
mall. on or bou 1th July. r and Kildried per 100
q S. M1\1 AIO0 -.ill kI,.' N-e. Yr tk Is. rck .. t 1.701 $ .71i Trii.Jrli. V i -ir'..ih O tnu L h tll po r o
Lu; \" ,.,Season pay I
r trl .. .. .1jl.00 I$37.00
Nourse Line. uas yj MoIa poe
a-a lbrral .. .. .OO 0 0 1t.00
Frnsr, tWithy and Co., Ltd., .Age. ts. Suia.- I
CALCUTTA 1 AND rANGOON TO ( rtr.itls, mat. pard
INDIAN COtLONLES. Maoloas Bgar 819 |
Sdog. test per 101
l g-.< io r d IW .orr1-, ,Tm .. .. NoQ aot|No Q .
" _l:"11'%' \ iI ..rilU I tl~ ll~ ruumdad cocoa e eo
-I,,, i....,n i1 l i ', i t, h.. u .,t lb e p r
i,.I 5,, ,.tr L.-i oa- i
'I l. ' .ill .,rt-ru t r M j ling Ujpland| I
' I ,1i i 1 i i \ l .,it L pool p r
lb i i .J.
iThc-eviEaier from I rlid.ld Ic-C AN l- a j
1o COul.., il J.nracn Nv,, York andi
I11 i the inlternilon to depc.lteh 0 L.,nido tO daos'[ 1
leiomer io Itti Cdlcti]n andl R .igon o ,i1 1 3;I. I .
ire W ,est Irles .,t-. month 1tt2h N-. Toe a dI I
.td.ri ional llrila.- II rqulrtt I..ii.,-l l 1 I I' \ I Il I
, et i'pl ll.J"t' [ri-. ,nrii .u.] '.thor V.'oIt LaIErDO t i I
I ot'111i itr Iir Sen Ct. I ei
_.11i soleo euli i'. I t1 .s ilre c ran I
___h___,_e__th__,-______ _,.,_t._______ [ .I..iiilIri -tr o rid I NUii-
u rilt1- -: 1.a ,
Prince Line .t i J Jasa ev f.

Harrion Diroct Lino, Irid..l 0oo0 I
_____ 'I.tlltg Bit1r parr
...t s ri- .ait,. lrOato. cI, ,11't l, I' 'D .-
h i 4,7-i ,, -- i..ni4 .? l

. rn ...r 'j I
U ,-,, .a ,, + . ,. ,,t T,.,t. I J 2 .] I 2

_ __ ____

-I 1_ 111 1~ -_ -I


fI .ur A oti t: wi NEWS IN 6D1IEF, MAGISTRATE'S G01.
TO- DAY i tig nr tI official from thp R -DI
A S.5Sretariat o f Cri immerce fant | The San Fernando Brench.of the R L E
Trade to a'ierni.lnY llthem on ,Canadian Bank of Commerce will be
THE visit t d opethd for busoine today. a- everybody lies ad you
Br.itisi GOuiran iu tlr r-ler p:.ii Nens har hern receded bv Messrs not believe anybody' sid the A
Sth.l year, stUditud I .i tlhe i- il G.o. F Huggins & Co. Ltd thollhe City Mngistrate to Harbour CogO|
fit, .. .U at I IC i lrI.h.. .. I, t t-i u IiabIh t abi lel in England on le Sadler yesterday when the C
I and e nfr ntti c ,J p II. dt ,I:.v,'i rrnr t June 2,. stable toe crld him thai t r he
t t- heen told by a woman that the CL
,V ltlh,-I rtlo. l '.i I r,, Mlti D 5 Car otlhe Foreet D-. George Pompey, whom he
I .. tr, in t i Pr rlii. .1 ratlient till up dutilE charged with sleeplrg out had
I'riii Tr--;tly M .eNtiing l Cl.rril A- .i.A an. Goe trnment Pi .i care-1d from theTacarigua Indoaus
S.U.i u in rn in elll I oln r, Office itom l oday,. I icnrol. His Worship satl [urbh e ,

S -l% 1 I r, i., I rie- of ol 1 i bv p to the school ao d find outdo Ao s
S AB r HA N iil i .' i.l. 1art. iiitsh. BiI...ntlit rotri ] Itwooid hbe r tetoit charge againrg
1t 1r,. 1 ,.. ir .,J.I .,I,,,, ., i ,a, I r h,.i,,j,. t, io rli tt t them if th- rllo cd bos enlru tt .- ,; Bi
Si n 'r I' ,ii lnd l- th I slrda in tbe Antilli.. to their care to le-asr thie rstitutio .J
ALL TIE NEW OFr THE Ijl,.--, iih ii. -lolt S.rrat nr '-C a --- and nr ot u ke .n. enqin ries about- .-".g
ALL THE NEW OF THE ,, i,, ,I, ,. thp S l,:r ad Soldl; Cub Ithem Hle poStpor.e, the cae forthe. '' d '
WEEK .ldanct hi r- inon.- cn. r..:.n.nembe l' f r ,,I ,.etk I.:r ILs.e consIl.tle I13 tind out- "ln eo l
W l n l r the CluL.b l .. L i,.- L t tl J. e ,lintn tel, wheth.l i -P-,,.p,- v.. 'r
l 11 .. p"ll '1" :il r lt. td t p.rresiot their an ini te ol the Tacars u Indu- '
Sii I .i r, I,.r I, ii. ticltkea t Ih. do.-,rI. School lotr b).Iyns
20 PAGi ES l I , It h I 't"P'.. under' .-.I -
,0 , ,, l I,. ,.n l Mt F t A-,ent en 'r,1 Clt [I-, ,the na i.: l Cttl Bruce sen-l..i .,,,,,.
i,,,, II , i, ,1 ,i l r ,., h lroh l .s '".I, olt e s'.. ," le .,It to l, t. e rt I tihe I.d,,u tlialT aj .- I
,fl i , 1 rl i. n ul. ,-l k pnte School I.I I. Ci i Ma l-Ir ,te fr e- ,r- i.
ri I Iit visgir usc ~.ttrlettit to lrag cIotbe s
...... --t. it . 2. ii, Ir.4 i I i ,i IT r.. li _,. -_,,, _..[ _i B .. Lot,',T- 2to

- ---_---".... ...... ig-ho, -- tb. .'l,-sc r s' h,; ftlD COMPANY L t

L r Mr. 0101 T I .r Lli. C.
Tarill li ea..irg o 11 i-.i t .ri rL 'ITI-E .i LIi-iL T Y -1
p" "A l,,i '.,, ,.'h,1 r Il, l h ,l. T-r, ill 61X -',-.1 an ,n ," I '
I I lTotn ..- "a r Y,'r tE I' I I I I ,, .,,., .t l a', t '
i i,. i,1,1{,.,J ,i ,.,,,lili+ l ]i. ,,- i.1. It-, I r .' ,i. r,eri <, ...,d L ,,:,- *" +^ I t Fi .|r ei-t-.k" ,-,- ret, r "'Wy I-

S " i I I l l J 1 r r r , .s C l. . .r M. 1 ..., l.. ..1F. i- .At i,, } ei l a" F ,
o wr r, Y F1 -rr e l ..rt I Ci, t l I an. ii er1 1 h t
Sir )i '.11 I To I
Ti' i , 1 "1 i r n i :. ll lhe .. t ;,l n I.. i lu l in c'ml 5 in n th i t 5 r .L -
..t" 1 ,-,,-, -,rnly' -. -de;itd fhien .-r ,, ic r i,, ., be ....

That i C-' io i i ,i { i '' i ih," iaL.i.4.1 1iiif _" ,, ., 1..I'Inti r-st.*..." fra I era 4 -T'. ., e ]--1 rid

liIIII l b nist I- i t a, I lg t or ,A
M i-tb.. y .e s n. ,,,,'I,.. ,1 . r, ,l 1,. .' 1 1 -c l lit 'i +. i ,, ,I-la c l ldtidlt .- i l-o, rin .i t l \ ti .. ellci Ail S' r ''
m. ts . I e a J al r rat cR-,., 1: u!. :.n ,, ni A.
T re V -11 ci I ,on I t b ru t aJ t r , - ".
i.. . .. .1, ,,I l i 4 -. t, .i i .. i.-'t.. not -i' I l I-'_lu. l 'I i I, '"_I..,. I !
t' *'-.... .",'l," "t. '.': i '1, ,i[,l'rI [,. ,li.,, ., L r...... i,,-n ., il.l ll .o lere --- -- - . . -- -:. ,', ".'
1 .... *Tt. II. ..... .. al,,lt ft i Thi :,-r'i, irjti i / *...l lr..- ", iiiiai ai i- ,.i i ...itve ,l w' .

PAID AD L Mr F' I i.'ra. L'r.t t. S.,n lin i- r e- ic li, I, i lr, "1,imber tt c
'_________________________ | ,, i , l ,, Ft.-n,,r,,. b hb.ed L. :rn C Il.1 a,1-, ,- ,, ,let, a cil -'

,., i ,, -,,i it ,I. i. "I a --iIi i. .t-. .r" It9 hi -"

I OI nO -Da i i r* pio, -i 11 s tu... i . i i ., ,' t .. , | ; , ,-, l_ .. ,, ..,, r ,. i . -roi e th .
'ta ir ua s ; *' r [ .rc -I .:,,I, I r. .. i. t. ,. t-, ,a l . .. -tl r l iT .i th e i.,lt i S a h dto U i t--
at-,-at ,'_,1 ,,,n i,.*l. c ra i ii r,-, .Ia ,:,- li, .. 'eai t ro l 1a 0 ; [
.-i.-. -r- ,tp t-d ,p to : as, .. a I I I. a, ,,,J t t. 1, I ' IJ, 'i I I' + I .- 1 ..t _I t :.i t tio I .l*, i ,, f a troa e .
*i I ,I n .i l ia t ....Ts a r r i .. T. l. -- rt lhis

a ubli c she in th-s s in a sl- i i c r toi t ocr y;: lot
_,,, _, _. _, _r .{ I .. i I I ...' ,' o .n Irj .. -', 5 i-loden of I

Is ii I I I li it r ii. i-Airs en i-I the I r Cl--n- n prit the iei
p a y m n t i a. "- .1 ii I, ' F,-i u 'i ',: I i t -,.s, :p c,. :, r 1 ,_ i I', i 4e f [ n ,( tl i: s *. ,
D PIi I er T Fi 1e p.e11 h I e i i- I
,I.n r thel Nirotrtesretmt, t ,i lcl ,h T u 1 1 n I-. ri. i t l r ,,
j , , t, I ir I .. i. i .a e : iI ihe i ria r i i h: ,_ e it I ."
Sa-, ni .tiI, i I I e e t .i A, i, i i, 'e t I i t l : i
It I- "- M , tIF"lI. I-, ,' IE- i n ,, < rl l L-l ,1 Hrr3 ,r t I I r r.
-: .., coti a nd tU'th sO I r ea h .. a .e Ir..... I -*T., r ,,i t!lr ht lC A., pr.,',- ,I0 0l1 h, ,:l,, : {, .i,
A.I T .s ob-1 , II l i- t , to r

S I I -, c, r ,al r r d ii t AL u n ie r l e .

I ,'Ii ol nh e T,,. r , i,,ie, . I , I a t ih :. .l i l
A Iou ement o Births, Mar I I. I il. ii i C..ih S --- -A n n 1- ra. i c I, the a iland

1 li . . . I ,'I .i i, _.1. ll ", ,.,: ,1 (, e -,r, t .
..g I ..a n d eath s A _o ed .I IIIi iI i I I" I r, _.- r -clr.. I.l r".l.l-. T .it ic rttil ., h y itl- ,.iriL] i r bim
m t o nMmo oiet t- l nleb.1f
IITh h.-1 tent t r os :cor e T t -
pay nt iin advance of .I.00. Tour I Io r c-t' i l ,. l. I iit'O Il ed i.e oi
.line of verse are permitted with to is atiri i .. .. irt r, ., r ], ,,, .. .- r

Ou m ent a e IprO r d .I t, ,I, l,. .-,: ,, -. n, -r th tto tit,,l r, .. n ,,, lh o u '. I
t .,Weely Gu .,,ardian without I. .b eriti n c el , l .e
Ahi oll s thIII s rO llaIIGr. TIE, hr T A, ,,IT p.t.Zt tah C I Ceci Do l. --I -h o I, c Il co e o -1
byf,' .n ..,.. .. ...I...,-,.n-, _r a."

I- n h r Circle r neader n i. . .A. i n i- -tl.. an ophtih s i.
its aa d ba an y othem r ediitot . .. r, ,, ,I l Ii I .1 --ili i -i Oi l 1. .I i-, ii. c. l bs1goal l- I ir e ltd a i i-nrp h e ltd- a" lw i -

a r pihd ntPl c. I lum onl]..I .il 1.. C h..t..i l Ie i. 1. r it id r sinlinrt or l 0 "L h l.. -ri- T lore,,,
e i. illn l ; ..-... ii. . I r .rn. .. '.lr l iT iB.- tIlT t 'o h of ..11 i ft i1,t ed -y iti C l

,'a r e p -. I-I 1 |.. .. i I I 1 l- -c..-I.r -Is .et i I tl, iii l-ne F- i t. h t l | A is"n.lT
cost r and thus a cec a Fe c

InDl1aDler LUcIi_1 Icorpa taI -rit n it- oN,a to -i o I cauidr ah lr l cl' I

- .. "I, ,. ,i, nI-,lh n. nl, -,-rried o uut rt th e o l not r ched. e
; r --ll y.- ih IIu II irllt l n I Ih,,,. r n she !,h al i T-[inh RIts- it A N D hel ior .l
rl a A..I ... .. . ..... . lie rnIi. lo Trrr.ri 10 1 . T r rd on nh 1, oi o .
ri I i r her i ltr ,ntl I.rci% ll ih 5], -i t.l i ftr l ,
alr .. I i ... 1. l i .. A.Hvi .. .i i l I I ni. I.e

-, ihi Is I1'i \m|r or-0 li ilt-tir iti'f.l I H A V-E-A

k -., 1, I r r, t' l h rhn -ai I..., c -sle orst uster-ls moeno HAVE A CARE FOR YOUR
A n 'l. nI a t .nI 1i r t hi I rnio n,"It I i a c -tr eio I e t ree l c m e e tr .e tlliet o t sr.
isa- a.. ,.n a ,, IF ,- ldg- 1lt Al te Ille.,l e st e ih tsceid ltll r iR[EPll C
I, .- I"u I tin I 'r,",t in r0nt-ri hi final r xnnnnoornaontrsn etru
-... lath iil.i. 11 '' h1-its E. ieTeT1soI h n rBniltrr luiei o
shrn ,ui atatiOT OMBeurhti tI-- Cs-hc ea a o.nt, St rsh, s ""USE
anr lea hrb ,,ed in|th s Litr n onIh,.,'.. ,.liee ,,, d o,, ucho l

ntiits. tr I s eh1| il ritieni i-r risetitId..T(.fSiret.r ietittins d rat+uc 1 1 .f I,- Sn
I ts a.y entit adiii nc l etnt, $.l'i-tt- ulI. Yo- r S~W' r as so r

i--- l eu filit t in-fiineh ter," ttn tve ri Lt'r as nt in hA pro
I vh'|l i, fte lotitlitin Mln' ei o". ith n lhnrt htoLes period in AND
in f o lerer As-,cire t u t1. wsil.l s--i l 2 t-i es lie e catrie to T r itrlad on nitt
IIis1... t st. ,i -.. .-e . Make the Best Bread Always.
li.ness; 20 c T ts eslne ltthese, I .. .Iht ` -Ililed soitlr the lcal IA tsu0rIlt,,e,
... rlrto le ft r theI Wot Indi,. slant I so .... u puottt to. tt nco s. NEW SHIPMENT JUST ARRIVED,
or ei-r. (Issltt ir Grant whi thappenou I eod isili 'th Ibisrhe will usslor the tar J iT
ter- In Ie in Coanada at time ( 'to5 easl the field of hIs bomurs- tt is .." ": .-
tai o s t ao tlfend ti vos ire his e npeetrred. however that he will
p-rt,1,1t byhany- o ther datit-hIh: .ehos Atlo se Sn tieeIt]ors.6 L

nfIf 19tr, ltCctdi tii- ,sodperson I. ,
i t. --T z ni e l n r I I r ts r 1 i.7 c r i l a l 4


: .. m N nA G-, BI I -' .,SATURDAY, JULY 1, 192.


I ....-t. .i. -l-. i1. ..... .. ,
'.. ... ;.. - "- B- c l.i. Ju. n'@:h 3 W snat iTha w thl t 'hta Ir-! P S.;-I

No . TO TAR PA"RT of --Dc tOALCOLEE-i l4 -- i t nr,1 t al.r ,CiURT ii.. l ,.-t

S STARE CAPTAIN SHOT. A culatio, 'as the one scheduled to OLERGYMAN CONDEMNED. ,i. at g.t ,, lr d. If 'd.i ti=t C.etlol, Nu|le at ,. piurr oe of dealing with three caS '
B F O JAPANEATIIES on at. 1 e -li- t 1' "ot 't' n to t fTION 0 i tnI ,ch he hai heard. The ,rst wa
ii n i a I n 'u io I hit.. it hisionI l hr itc M .R

SGOVERNMENT'S PROMPT Tki, June 2ih.-B The Pri.vy Coun I ttem to at pr tic L A e".tstg .f i A e B-ard rgni o Edr id a,.. n h onl odjou ini l r u .n .If Ini n. e i .. nrop d for coipla ant and Mr
M iTARY ACTION. ci l p inad the N n la tr aoty, adopted at O N get ih asparrng t i. I A h"lo itell a ti C o'e iliniiLnir .. ti-... ..f i.,. I'j,..g% ..,. i. i.- .1 .... C. N Sciplo Pollardi for the rPIren-
MIhJTARY Am TiON. Te PWa .ig"os Am. Conreuc and p 1tt 'tr'ad the hS punih" Pilerdoy at ftri Oc, o. M it,.: .., i Ti,,. tl,....ri i... ri ... I ... dant His Wors p dism d the
efor din- s2 t-"h A C aa.C Ot i td 10 ln P .e e t r Ad antn to tl ro by oth I A Dire lor of U, it i .l .H li i h .1 .... ; I ,; lin ,.Li f.r n T-ti n 2 n di j e. r

Beadant June S taf Cap n a o t F r rflo te prino ipals S o r' a n I' nre to a B ct ih g. Those ortno. tut .M -Mr *i n I,, n l.k t L nn I.. ., I.t i ,.I t ,o ...... n'' th 1.uin, M r M e el Rootniu Ibr
ent e ra r ent s we me s ta dcala r Nd tn i nta 1 -deaI ne e, ch s ho t ,e 'ed Sanlof a t e ha C nnhdg eO, A t g r tnl. Q i ll i tir, h a j n -i.. i n t. .. rit;,.I ...i n 'n. i h o ,. ..i'.i i i, D Oic l ah,-is d' ti h ter Mr .ON.
adin eto P Ae wal ir ha dda Torys mod s ao AuSTRA IAN CO --RON -ER I ohioh he xl l try ar-i l to put oan ver I Royal C lleg O, NDE S. M N. L. Ii. iin..iin, 1, i ,ial, iM i , I al rl o e- te-,, t" .o
atem Da ther aO turCt s aya Dn. te.o 8EQUE DNTO NTA TESROUF. th ti rt'-at 9 5 de pth. The Pa, V rery oo- o d. ,i -. i, ,,. ,-i... i u i ,i ..'in l I,. t .h o n idhe. 1r d nthe c' ct
leg occupation of La u Lo ln, u n.- Lo Ch oun The Bo in lli Kid to i t'.n i l of or' i ..i l. l, r h .i .. , l. Li .. Ir. I i l A I Th p r p.
ace Orassing the LeN oa street bridge APpPOI.NTMEN T y. .ECBADOWmD. decide the ront ier itmP fi r champion" tit rego It h M Boi ard nbl. -n., r .' ... . fine .l... u.'1... .... ...L,3 ... ..... .I-nn............. In-.. i..- i.. -.... .nprreild ofr thu e d- oda-na t -tnd M
pay cer nin molar car was S ieed pon. ,m ln, urre d na I btb 1-ta lic. o ee ship hofoI l dif Itl ire tha o( re ated in teof h. e L .. t i' n Ir ,l.i. I I ,ti Ii .'1.4 ...* i. h.'- i n ,. I o r .'i.,int. IFol,, h r.,,i r

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a.r N w HODithoacjy Ii i o m ie al f ih ee--I I.i. uniofhitin. Th ept LU miled qtE n nie(. mNid inVrLEmuth of Balug-inmam. i ., line m.l -ilal -, .,f in Lhii mmii ,I,'i i -' mi-,. .'m-i I:i. i ii ,T hI.I. ..! iIn I. .. ...1. ,
I OI. in h undhito fhe rdunloutivs CO. 10rhin ILni nD-g Et ols' h -i -hIIoctT- t.ot.h1,tIIb ,tto.otF..,h ,i... n-In..n... :-, .. I h ', .II ... ... I 1. .I .InI ,.I.....
,O lA Ay Daa ec r u ti.r the P O P L a s Thia R. USSIA. N" Si OVIET DEl rEGATI ON. ,m Iiohi .r..ui;uled r I i .... ti.c .. f l-naI l hI"onI t u.- .ini. n-. i. i: t . Ln.... i..
ml. (Ime rl h t .o1, e Ii r.- IIial, .I Sisnt puh odat lm nrtin netiaon aitt it.oh l fir-nm ,, t o pinerr Ih. erI.ti .t .. Ii i i'iit i n I. t oed.

-tih1,I mIrho Co'iatill. i m. c cth i wr a dOo TIh no- il netI'. o ; iit n tS n'k a 00 tl i t m i Im, i.. ..omi. h'.'e'I It ... lI' l ,Lt . h ol e-h-h .-.... -.. -
RfJUn e D. of it, Romniacon l -o e[ Dehngohieo. heto nnailn L .- [LAilh'...e. I
- PR ESEN-.lTATIONu TO PRIm mo the te.. nlt..i. of time tivrpo[I, l it .. l.. a foe r.. e i,-mh ti,.t. .. I 1 .11 ..... I .........-.. -II '[. t ..I....... D IP)T
"EE T'IO.N TN f IOLIRE Ow N' Brita n'aowrs, oil tin rere in n ia o hmi lena S. Iee, heiu ., for ml,,, , L ,irii ,,,l ..
COMMONS.i-rimenh no c orr i rt'itl. Ili to'o tes snhli l l'tihlihe r eon info U tcil"it't i f.e.oMa.ln ill ,.r Ih hii.tla. 'nicrling nio be tin:.I
ondo ., J nrse 5t1h, -I n the t Eose2 LE, Dt t I. I st orid lagu Cioiferee ii t a nion l. h..IrI. .If .In ,- I-a- I nn

d ra that pintll hi presauLr as the Pro- iboea amt-t aurprice Pfhr tint Prt'... MInis- intl--. I-.... I-.-TAr.
e ant Otaerailent was responble toe. Onhltlmign e lignth ,bote-liLmoR outlofiee [ us.i, COAL T'I:TI. Detl hiog with I Ie ylhln Io_ PIe ti.m. .I II..l tin. .I.f mI _.c .IvII. D.1 BBLE A PEVV SECO N D S."
the a ttaehs an the r ga s ........ l fir its Soill t.i.lhn orf lio ...ans- 'jhnF iht t... ao. I ... t't-,lk. IIaOrnti Teorim ro'lh L..n ln ,I -in r Inc iiI-n, mineN I-?lhT
tlin/M r. Chacehlilt. decla'lre~d tire .eiol, theT "'rrn, n e toil l imo.l vnililh u el-a-h riots 170 I bIa to-an. r oil c.- p I eLI ;,.l.rlehtl'.1 h1.'tItn.gilt hl Q Ee'p(hLuI:i..niei,.. r 'IstH,:n IhLL- 'C.I.

a-. It arose, as, a sesait 'farther n rIme psrto. 'Pi"ne .nab Ii ire-,'t -id toes; ,in tn i l fv.t.mill tlmiomi. olit'.ole, nina nine hou r I-n--'nn -a i. i nnip I l i he ,lii inn-Lime IIn1 I i, cn. ll .'r

.P IN IP lbs p seI pnl aS herrs sot ira s In o hs onCrile, otl -iaI fllot'w d ay for itoc too portl. t I,; lha tlrIibe. oni'o-ed I I -hlmI. rthnm, rn1y rine.hmiIinn' j i r t. trI. -Tlt1,i rio tIlt1..- C--il. g.
the IrL sh O vararseAtUE. iThe tika ermia. It w fli, Mr. tri b ni u ckhoe rutI y -- ni svir. l" taLkc tep L In t-llmnrt thn ht. tot.. i..tnr aao wm im.p .IkeMI' h. '.ionItio. t ,..- ... I
lt~l~at Gosn meesst, he3 emdeit, 5 great tIming on hi r b lorU to c.ti .l aP ity P.MDT"- N 0I tSON R WAG.E PemI..r _t. ocoa h-nv -1 .1 n., n' fi.le, s.i..,' ho-.- ,II, Ce, Ilgo Ii rho"n t]i'rg mmclitr

smmas i heistto bi s t e bjeet. Thyw K ng hnd dane, Iharl e party' ,au h 'adchled !,a i11 1T n uns 11ra W h i-gto ] s eesc' nt ,I nar.hldat-.. Ii t t. In nit r.. i.te P .e.lpo ,.l 10 fr.n-eh,- -hI Irelur delighted ltirm results. ,I_,,
i the V e porhicd forcesu, el ept 9n- jailty In the lI equ PRE SENTEDl i tiih,- oeopr ereonIj pileI-s. i r-oIh- .,"-1t, i', cen t h t h, ,h l 1 ,
r... II...........eV..... .. .coat. p esres fom ni t p is of [ mim .. per mt....'...;d I ht.. n.. . -'l.....l.. ..n' .hi of ....i.h e.1.. .... TatIt & ,o
ties.tile poss IbIlty of a C sferer I a Sn tho l, whet he J-nr lme 1oo i -hi.iot ins ,.,h. I-Ar 1 .li ). If- l nii. [ I.. in.'nit
theo.wage aesa mat, was.r setIs line bt estnl or-iod the Pen ahoolut onf teI, rt a-.owOl to make ta to he Beooed hea..
1. ''etile _Dom ins__o__t_1 I . 1 ilntsrae u c ant strike. Th e coming Can- r nd t .r..I it tna. aI IiI .'a.lon nnhiIin in l, la i
I' |Ief M the Gr ave' .... f e'........ whichh it is . to icilL ..ii.. Itoh sn t t'm. ith e i f' ..... hinmei-l i .,1.., ....'... mo ld ... ...o...ts .o I by- 'Ie1. TR N TI
saeoate e cina t o euetoee., ie Iassea h better to' sue rill d disease aaC, p'" what st eps tospo bIo g'd mic .... e r 0. p[.nted to te 0 ..... e,-'t..." hit.... iiit it .s of,,rts GRANTI. 11tl
I 1, -A Lrie~ angeaft troptfait Eiaw, 's I'-th a R s. n and eria dio-, tlbsln ,T imO tf the wage gtlain.unt o sauc114her is ..M.i. In li.l ..p-.. r".] ... I.. `... .f hr I... ...i ...r... aholn- he r-, ii i ; -"
a t son ,* ." .-ery. .foo...tut a..... otherat ....i)o who, pun iln ,,,a Inc till aut ,,,n 1. --. ,
'hI [.a 'I . .



_ . .


b ar





lniHnc M8nui0a P*0fu c


Automobile Hood Clott
New- Shipment---New Price.,


d :.:
) UUIIII- IViUIBIVII I IUUU1J. Long Grain, Semi-Bright g ..
(Finish, 54 ins. wide $*1. 68 yd
Asbestos Shinglhs, heels, Tiles, Roofing in Rolls, Packings, High Temperature and
Insulating Cements, tic., teC. 36oz RAYNBAR DOUBLE TEXTURE
ONE 3-H.P. Latest Model Drab Back, Long Grain, Semi- .40 yd
CLEVELAND.MOTORtCYCLElBright Finish, 54 ins. wide -4.0.z,,
At a Very Attractive Price. Black and White Mixture
_____ --Back, Long Grain, Semi, 2.00
.1=. .== = Bright Finish, 54ins. wide ,,0 yU.-.
S, -. .. SAN FERNANDO. '

* -a

rL -


FOR SALE SAN FERNANDO , e b n.. ,rb.'frXebl,
.r-__-_____'_'_--M e T Lindo, C om ir Oe f U, .'." .
---u--o ,, 9 tlh July, 1 The regoularfinighi meeting -ibe Aseument. applied for extra re
NEW YORK TO TRhDAD VIA GRENADA n 'ernendo Brouhb Canol toe mnezatiot and on the mollon of
Nt "- el'M. oi a the Tow n. Hell 3n rThul ay Mft Geporti Whoa,, was. .*oec .i. 0 .. S A L E -
m.orninL\g.L.His.. h e, Mr.* t rn ng. e. ,, ...r tr "j : "'"tor te B e: ioFOR- A
S h.' l 27th Inilt I, ll l t r l t Ii and 2 p.m there present were Lastere C H Goplul. Tirate-B or and '1r alan voted
I I' h ebalelahalt. B.'lerW n a o TA againstb i motion.".
S,,. ..r h.ut .ith .ulv 'BELLE E ". OA8BPLRES. Gill. A R Sinanaiu. L A Vii n ;. .
S, .. tr .tend t and R.. T,. i S,,,,i SC t. A..ito n e elhll. C on p t the Cm .e Canadian Buick 6 Cylinder Roadster
'v,,i[. l, hc 'iih .fg~t-. olil *gl, I -, ,g,'_,, I,, ii..,.i .',,r.., i..u,niJ te dcnt and R M scont... t'Qit ]'oon Mr Kelhbl Q. Pmon oo I hc c- oe.-
l.,- .I n -1 r.,.,tl .io TJ Lu c r...,, l,' r eUL.I ,., p Clerk etet Comm Ittec repotted that he Town
1 tili ll .. TL+ oa lg.:anI t f reechold property ti'tieDer hill upplied en ea iot ti e oa f
. .. i ,R-.,'111i..... .... v.,,..,7r,-,, .......... tW...a ,. oR .. D o. do. 4 do. T ouringc
7* f i 11 ll'. Jil l. -- 'The RrCtlonTer.T-co Iieial riof t llpa> t
momn1T oirT ofv O r ote ak os-6lanone. bebenr v ator.451p by cdnill
... n Sittin: : nm with lagu (ool that (Le Snm of pt1; I.. I6e pad ntot put, end a nall on i-aeK Street to 1,, Pr'iJ m ?a -t "-
N O T IC E g o .... .... o The gro. nd. the Tre.anD be n .,g o .h ,on 1t t.he h co. crete dr d' ,along ,b ,b o .. P o . dt tivtero -
aEu Large '.)o ,g eogh ,ga.i ,..oa ..oe n'averu tly iteroeab Counc.I towardri the ei prod,- principal aro ni in the g eoad He P
S l. i.e-,:rhl cottages ,nt.] outbilding.. ure of lh San I'eraondo Fge Brigade added that the enair LCommnttee did not APPLY 'rTO
la teni gr passentgers- for New York oy the Trm'ld1d L :-r t,!r.,,,, Pantr. an Seranm R,,:m .m r 19-1. approve of SheetingD he ade.. Mr G.i
.... .., ...... o o r end ... it, team...t 0 ii l'aio S ... o a.te..O S.c
I All passpcirt.a must be vised by the U t tedSlttso n- d. i l. t...rou r. e,.t d ,t- toot.. do u1eotFe re a l tt r ..p r.%eIshouldb i u ood butia 'Lotet clto E i. H-Gi & CO.
2 L Dutng sf tickc. w Ll cea i4 24 h urs b, :r.' tilling ,,. ei. 0. 3Jion W i.t r ter teo C ancil i uin q l 'giT tn nei td es aid concrete o t .
-ir ,m, .' -. r r,.... tll "t L 'ul t l A'.til W ater Storage planned ih.t h b plta l anT sa hou e Th el oam ta d ca.0 l -0 7,) 7 2 S Q,1"'
pa. ,ze fr.,,I Trmid:.t i. to N,.v. Y rk are as follh.wg.- "...... ' lo the'M g-e AI pprD c usi in d, bef apae n 72 South Qa e
it..F.I RtST L.Af' the ,f iacit.L, biloa 'th a Piopeoe htg lie oolanac Sol f cs otfo Riiilna tseao d.heents :lhcor.cIf t7
FIRST-CLASS .. . $125 00 ,,T i,, ..n.,. On eie bhoot 3 t t wa1 on ,o porrhtse pi t and terel ancIng t wn deeded ol '.
SECONDCLASS .. .. 80 00 '.. l b, hnrn oveT rte' lad rubber hnted hose to eplOac the plain get overenas citalogue prtcca of steel .
M -.y to Ibe paidl in Uniltd Stalis eurreny or its equivalent, e-~. 'r. a apC. atThe on the pre en In reIa re d w oring before beginning the wok.
Intenadmi; pAssb'enger must deposit '25 on booking their paLage.P L0 t.: i of Pr .a.n 2th Jane 1t- 22 voted. HJ. srRFa-. .
-SS. wrr.vHY & CoMP KNY. IM. o i ,T SON' f. TMlcoMi .l .. Fet ..C..Of ge e6 i te 9 wrtea t
-' : I '; p a i d h i m o f t Or O R e i l l yp R e . d i t d o o o o . . o h .o. Fi ra ct
the mattt of V.-rwnoad ev Mh-or nod nhen rain hell ood war ni the poproin Fe
THE BERGIUS LAUNCH & ENGINE -- --- .. ... .. . c eatherwea_ _:o_
GOVERNMENT Su.Ing ilti rd aj th trequird sum roe Town Sup.rlotendent explain led
COMPANY, LIMITED, Glas, Scotland.ERNMENT wasvoted, that the rps h to be unrrlake The" Mattamac" iswaierproof-absolutely. In appearance i
COO.IdMTDrovisioaSoDepot RE-AL'IF NUSINCE after 4 o'clck" t h the even.ogb with the ordinary Raincoat. Though onte-lud the weMght andt hlb..
COMPANY, LIMITED, Glasw, Scoand. Grut.d Provisions Depot E,,, AL OP NU[SNr-ChS when the rotlc auhblded__aol ....o p.,wilp he.dand l.' "
Makers of "KELVIN" MARINE MOTORS for I ale r 2 .. t cord,oagl.i eedl. donic .. F sedan hod Pa c. llepct p roy in any tcaLher. Bermg Wind and ii
PORT.O FSrPAn-. A e'e na, rtsr frl i n' ata .t lo tniitplybTaredhite donrce h ad h n Os n as Wet proof, the Niattoarnac S-tornnproof can U BN
Petrrol. GheoleneT. e& Spne, Pasaitn, Petroleam or Keroene d o b oi' to irecee it addtoonallJ as a Light Overcoat for Dri-ing. Motoring. Shoppia '-
From 3S b.- lUght Type Complete marine Eqoptme-tL One Cylnde it t 3 Ligh.tho-a Jetty-Tesephone I u3 hodn pnC on C a1 t Sr r I hi b la.It ed lit irie ro t "the"e -aSntrh coRua tme rn tMan Fobno.onm dTuler .
tuchRes betn*. 4A I-tbes terke To 6o hb p Heav Type Complo e C:te Mactoe Pn V t es nd o London.whehre RTe bTE At T HattaoTY. c Star mp oois m alio e A
Bq -ar= .7- L =r C ?l~ d "- tD,,h CA IHte, 10 ichaW ATrEkR. A-H C H .r -h cr-y a4np To e oYb d BA EAven general o W. R aAlan l oLl fe Roomy Slcve8.- mpac lo e-
tru i-ast Io tlhe men itlh respertinth --i ao Wde Slirt. Perpendicular Pocket n nd r mto a.nft F rc kown-. h ,Iti "ho
.[Guarantee given it every Engine. mj. S, w t Poaatte, Tannas morall ofl rch uisoncr as a rea ola The S-cretay lonermied the Board W.nd-strapped Cul. They are sina durable and so wate proonat t w
Edi.:a C..rn, Fart ue. Pumpk.trS, e:e. the-lackner- which peopl- displayed in over wtlch Mr Galaul presided in in appearance anil comfortable in wear driven Ram cannot penretraisit. -:;'
deptoilling bush and other tubblhh. the compulsory absence of the Mayor. tRig. r It Ur ie '
r r1 sh dh addresi pr.:-ilc .ToN- Town C eik wan then directeA to hbat the Acting Director of Poblic 19 oz.
1i l r-c.r L-bels proanded at hralway iiotrm tthe anoter Iha'theTown Snperia Works ha" r re one one f the plan. FOLDS
S' r., and. Steamer DepoLs. Emptied. tendent ine rdterng the removal oa f the lorware hed I m for t the Icluslonaol
re r ned.r free on consignmctnt of -5 gravre wao quite within his legal right i p lnmping mains and latee- tales which INTO e --
SSPA RE PA RT S a-s .retaie. paid a. and that the Crmucil wo ,it.,g R o py .he ih: S o ,taryl further sIated that the .TIS
cr iL,t .J. id-ed Payment through Col for the gravel he would pay nec-uary requirements ha-I been on THIS
leet..r i St nion or Steamee Dipot. the Coan tl'i ezpeaet lcetred ia re. elrte opd the pfan reuaned lothe SIZE d
." moaiug it Dlectr. E
Sto d b Sole A ents for Trinidad w. epi to the Conncei', equirTMr M Tt. Trinidad Leirho',os ii .- ked
Stocked by Sale Agents forTrint chur n, 0,Pro.ision 1 Tore wly a o w ngd b to a r ept 1 th er lte ot Ma 3 3 S
Wad. MondProvisions W G or how cr wai amagedbyTo"Stantharm tha San it
T h e T rin id ad T rating C o Ltd .ot- ohoneofltbe C ...r... r ptteabt t He g m t
1tte lI o --- t e arlta i 0olS'.B,5g O rJ I the Companyt Ih.t. the ca rr, n Iis t n.c.l ) F the required amonLal wirea raoed lo bh paid t on the sabiecft b had bee.a fo rEd te a tial : lota P,4 s. and -r ;cea.
For ve "The Tinhidai Shipping a3-5 Trad;a, Companp i Lt tr d.ei I I tdo, h- d, m i. Ith-e G neor for ec .traon. .tl. tr r oe of aei t a tel.. ha -e aLi one.
.MS IAP d. C a.I er ""o'B to TheB Coloalal Secretary wrote lor an e to e Sa'npo_. f a
io___lllP.Stliaf fa th d .i,gou Meh "kC1 ..... o coo l ,. o ''t-f aa" ...."' \\'-\
P' tUI J U I I UIv a concrete the pavement in front of his plated by the W.ter Athoroty wilh L.DYSCOAT. wit Beh.sili astrated
IbST uRRldn FROM b tildgog ," amo i Ford Sllan rea et to the necnoil f1o nch Imn 21a a rSa nI -.ot.C Bell. 79ns. wo -
Big Reductions in JUST ARRIVED FRO e Nter-i .red Etr-t. o st y meats .ud other etmtedl I GENI TLEMAN COAT. rt
BWiosReu oiubeinformation.of itt.-, r th- NTL N, -SCOAT.-asl o W. u.r.te
r V P- D MoNT V"IE:i'O l i he Ordince "h gire Gorore vi. h oBelt. 2joag.
0-pteen oenCnsidered tm NoIt o lesr "rtios. were glvee to Th, Sere" MADE IN
S nark P ug s the aoreodred itwseorfe the tarytoorward the -tolorm.O Wth. MADE IN ENGLAND. ASK TO SEE TI
Can b, seen at No ..'.r.. to "TheCalm t.. Seretaryfurtther% M *, he sof f ..MLnnac Sopro. ouani, L
C.MPION V. extra 52 Sout Quay. ,, ., Q. o,.,,,a ... th JOHN HOADLEY & Co., Port of S
'0O D "ri-.ex on - R H gormud Baedd. ht tera"tht.a ."T'rade .i rl sTa rrd a CeOritre sle-ef h s t Wrld (phrinr
-,,CHAM P ION -in. .Teavy "Duty Dodge.. 60c. moanu dft n othe dran- g tot .r.. h PosrD MATTE CS.
|.~ml arI .i od P3 d t POr. O.4ED m.TrE-s.
C M PION in. Buick .. .. 60e. i where t pas. ra B e. e. so agineer aWork
,kCHAMPION i2im Overlaud and E Hold,.r and ite Itahrom report l
C"AMPION .inuw Overlaud & .~ lerk Tot. .n ts.,dircle to .OM Piie further a t r
t. B J B yio. o a- the comptainant that the question I
LIBERTY 1Ain. .. .. o. 60o it The ..,eo c H R o ei.

U'- IJ MBO oin.. wn.. .. .t. 6,, sert..o=,ett-nh.t ot t. .b.+neyo Ar Offering at Special Prces

S- nc m T trt ed cal O ff Thoe Deeig mritaedic .r IRON IRON SAFES, Etc.
.. io,;, ,,V., + ,.V ,L JLX. I..Hjg^ WjR. ofoui u.i+., od b* k iy.,Bd.irrPADLOCKPV.y.ysUsaaVt D.ii EETS..
u. .. .et .Ei I a_ ..e. u-
,da a .Ot.t,..- Tate ..... ta -7 e .Pone 61 '"
tap". -, I Lw If .,,e.. tin,. ri h e knide&oa k-,Tn
,. tho etdrno Ca r o tamS~d gin T nim woa f ,. tsI fn.a, pceete ta . S i.nell. Mr ... ... e, .. .taed .thie
th ig l l e dii.a -a -",I-m-" .. -
:f..+ "-' !'.'" !, 4Dlm m 1,t.'Ittt ..."q .' -- +eta ,,. t= ;,- dr.d+on o .,,.. .,... ? ,..'n- ,, to Iwfir m: le. f.i6r-" _'e

-- - -'--



ATUWRDAY, UIhLY 1, 1922, :

____ _____________________ ...~r .r- r- r- r -


Doubly Sure.

Before you paint another building, find the 6
store that sells the paints' manufactured by

,Brandram-lienderson. Ltd.


For either inside o-r outside painting, dip your
brush every tim,. into a B-H Can-that's
the way to be sure of a

Paint or Varnish

that will give perman nt protection
to any wood surface.

H Nalifaxt. u. M i. n s

SCanada. i,,

Sa Go -and Get it


c' ',---.-..,i f
R ttr-'- ,.,-O I.t77

The Great Attractiveness of

S(Red Fox, Regatta, Tango, Huida. etc.)

is not confined to the price

Their unsurpassable comrn-
fort, excellent wearing
qualities and shapely
.appearance make them.

Prime Favourites

and ar., the, centre .,of
att-action where footwear
is concerned.


Alt The 'ILeadifjo Stre's.

\\'h other \'.,rI i l .lt II. II.t
or for eve 1- iv \'.1 ir,


"- -"." 'now 'fn^ -Th t . -n"r'il. r,- ..T I. r\ ',-

i il a t. ', m i i., I i (. ,l , l i ,ii i t,,i _] i

I ini li, fi r '''N HI if



U vp prme




.1J 221rd F1 I

U t hrt raia t c I pll i w ith a ginan k ....iit ,'1 l *,1 1 -' | t ri J. I" "
rr --rvif ]atI -ho frt e d- o', til. \' |'7'1 i N -\'IIlA I..I 1
hVOt) 0 0111 ni ian to thie poor Iu
THE EMPIRE THEATRE "- .i-ir...... ,ta -'"'i ua r.rin
-------- ST, AUG 9. ... a h .. ai.. red u i, r,..... n L,: ,ln,- .... r....
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9Ah AND C ur I ...U lu ..aabl.ed th, brafe r '''n'i,":1 .rn ....
ED nov v t an ram aorA h1, without I nC1.U CL ,-rli', r..:1 I I ,1
SATURDAY, AUGUST 12th at 8 p.m. ir nt. pa or, a, wal "enoughgrp -
Io be ip rad hobbleo raut, OvaryL I r r nd e r
Soo n st - ad, tno hrp stabbing lIifnp re i l r ii .l ,.r
p nnlu-, that mnlio lifa a misery. Ac-i,\l- _I rL ,-i.'.' l -'- ['a p I--n 1.
Ilont ,JLIt that una Littleo fill with Iilulli iJ .. bl rri
i n., l i" wator-nad urelie.II tr i-i cI ,l- rI 'o i a -i
'he 'erry-GoL RuZd f6Io3S
Ca- l rdlff w1e01.-"1' s ulfered V ro a a d'- -nl ra.lun ini in Ru,<.. a thc%
By MRS PrFREZ, M B.E. I "lo d oy al bcm 'o pains f en. l in (,tln
r tll_ _11 tr r, i. s ernil. j. Uc-leroga- hlay on, of- ilh Ii 1. D nc-rle .-1iiburb
bhtu t 'rr bHl ibN o tiackls wolid come " Len -in'fli .i.:itpl.lI the a n''
The leading atlis.I of Trirnidad will feature ii latlest 6uccese on budduDiy wrthiout ihu lo t warnr- ulituati u i ,i.-tinrlrir a sIx .lonthli'
in Song and Dance from London and New Vork. ag, r ari. atabbag painsa in Ih back rest and ns:t.l. i r..'b ,r undJ. r raa
AVulnna made mi holploers. At night for a .lil I, rir n nr% The chif
Tickets $1.20, $1.00, 72c, 148c (Unreserved) ,L i uue t i Yi .dwn it wasidn o lst t ,h initi i... ,a i lna. ,,-. ,:
Book at Messrs. Golding & Piggolt. af a I at ory. I ri, d amny rmida kee' bep l...n .:.l ,urirni
0 0 0 ;0 0nn o' uomed t o g a -,.ny bru l tI ro-l a
C iicd a einnpi ,r .if o Wi'ltt's Pa-ls-
Sud gae oh.-m a trimu aid found reliet,
o-- irtEr (io r .irjt d, a ,o Ihi. lodui- TAMPS BRING BIG FIGURES.
id mu to kc-up on with them. I can *I BIN BI IU .
U n 'a su xoo" 'thtth-y haso done me
Si ( 0< < tl:, aiorld oft aoud. rhae paina gradi Pars, June 1.
0 lly lir me, aid I have bneon quite
S're1 or thae dreoadd complaint eer Aln.o at a ruillion Irancs lad bte
n r I condatl. reeommoand Do nl thlie nm of the second
W* 1t's p 'I I 010o o0111Or SU orler." io\'t Soi% c c.[ liitc if ti li IInstalment
But Mrs. bA tona h, anot merely of the fatocus slomp collection oi
F O a beS Lal. ig a abonr time. she had Fariari de I, R,-noliere. The rumonf
Sb, on l ,for over tOn year renllzed will bt used by the French
LIME STONE BOULDERS ',. ,or ..i ,tatpnen"t f. b.. qinatrlle th
SL curii e int e'aoirn t isl n li n ,D the Pol frlio rllr tli eilln, to
D AI 1 .16h d 11rt. 1 -2n. 10., in W',it'a I'lli i rio d t i nWoh t0 he kidneys. W c t l l l e be
RO AD 1V TLA1 3in.r 2,l. WV,') b', iLd ULr'no a hangao to a rliealhEd 1. intdoiTI.
nlluddj blujih color n YOu kLnow, boeyoid A tlio-centl H liriri 111111i u li oMLe
,]lSO il $ u bhrl, that tu fl-di bhas beean fircs iirie brt.urlit the top figure of
l to the righe t 0ot. They have flushed the doa 1 (i00i Ha franen. It nahb
he nimlurinuy out-at i0 u kiduaij, driv. tbot hlit b\ l iii.-terr -f London ftir
Sulverised Agricultural Limnestone for ei, = ltll .... '"u .ub. ih Arthur Hni i.Nei, Yor-k w-i o rnio
n mr .n h0 yo 1 a 11n ralid"I, wlh ECAtu d ,A 1l -I1t, 0 IGIII Io c-itl
r M anurial P purposes. r .s .io i. d, t hekiduy boha- cr.. I Inir .-.' .. if1 i 5L1 tr .ora
M a i l U ni oulo nd ria. rand the back.I rlle ic-reio nlilt .Ir00 Iith,l and
Uahh ia and iirnanratiam -tih lll raei just a t ( ,I- ihit ( ti 0l'f t lr c rim ft.
si ur a c soho r uhn n iaLo m thie morn. f saeiefor
-rag. 17,5 r
PrtceS On application tO / D Witt' Klidnoy d rBladirer Pin Lik on o lioton Lb.c ht
Dro Wid by Rhoniy i lrPi ado a blac i'f -olr r-f Ile live-ccnt rod-,
ar s oldby ahmita and itorakt operm i f f r[ fat oifotr it ri hcnca.
THE 5 ryw ro III orvrIry ,part a the u .vi-.

Trinwidad Trading Company Ltd i n lDg -e n.
i r a o Dry, Ltd, or: the o. A Woman's Cheery Disposition
1. 1s s.he
1,?,n r ,cat '.t n-., i to h atrhcor d md ,, thon."
,E- U'__ _ _- "------_ cuild matk' lifti miAni-rai I..' by bntI ?
ceranhky, -i-b endi npto1on at ,'s G.od
ba tr thL enil [ otno sh..ry dinpuallio.n. If
uran l a aim alri h la.r nr lI i rnaholl ptCi rto women
GnOc "'- A& ENr'S N3W HUkALTt1. the Womiana

ilr. EnginePall-. Rig PAIN. DrillinK Tools. Sinlke S. teiui y e .. y h drlt. I S^NO'S NEIW rEAl1T toP e
Collars, Slilp, TOr11,s, GnirrWhe, la, etc U iup "' *p e orga nss thai rpthe O" l L h th ill p(raorn
Dlhlan or poaltion no object. A P.oo1 Card will bring i o .IJ thrL1ll,.11 litoatil EW 1 ne1 dratrealt
TRNiDAD WEWLDMG 00. CA -,,, e sad. tural aetiaontnthet Laleheal.t
'5tw emi g L s. Ot a abuttt tudyJ'aom luuta druggist,
>W 0 0alnda bir company. enprbinyrt bySielh & Co.,
w U.1 a I I leadwa.. 1 FrSedertek etrnt, Port-of-Spain.

M.l .. i p

it y "' ",r 1 --" -1- :' : .. : I

] ... rind *u i- r ig ,-),
\\ ON

Scrce rI, i

1in t.i r r .. : l

i-Iclii l -t OO r IoSi I

Plr n ilrl i.r.'-ir
SUrimna- m-Cil jnaie a ao311 l
c ,aIce 5,,ho, mon3 LIte. Sr ,u el


All /


ITS F \\'-. ?i. ', ITS FLAVOUR

Gol01din Pipoit
& C.
Ball -bearing O Mouth
Skates 24c up
New Eveready
Victor Torches Dsrin uished "ty its exquisit: aromn and del ci.u-i last.
Dance Batteries ecidedly Ihe bLlt c .co.a obltanble at a teusonabl. price.
RLcords Bulbs A Itr5h ahipmrnt jusl came 10o hand which Is now re
Inr dinribution.
Geuuiue Mainspriugs For Sale at all li grocery slores and.all "ood 'shops.
English For
Dunlop AllMakes PIET LELY Company
Tyres and Talking
Tlibes. Macliues. ,4 Marine qtare .. Solo AS

Many Guarantees.
By using a RARSOME concrete mixer
you Iherit nil theso:
.1 luitiinlc Oft olltpult.
.1 giuarrnlolrtr ofI li.w ..,L per ullU oil
i tmur.ircl of a o uro proait
i.ow Iip.Tr cOsr, LOW MArNTE VEN. e
.\NCE CogsTo. YYou) Eyes
P. R. .GRANSAULL, or ,-
nt,. 1 YourGlasses?
Bole Agent. 1 WIrlrk
Thouca 1257-1429. 1 Wrighton 11ad. 1 -

I-a --

- *1 2*T.'.. ~ 3 ii'P - *.~. *-'-Y::.- r.S.. .f i

it is



Frederick St.

- '"'q." ,
-..: : *.. ;'* ...*** -*.. ^ a

I". I

r -

i i - _-P

i I

I ff- F-=Jr==Jjarr=-- =--Jr==j-==r jr=jre=jE r--=j F--l F--









I -



5!Louis 904. London 1908. Turin 1911.

Manufacturers of Household, Toilet,
Disinfectant and Polishing Soaps.
Established over 100 'rears.

. .. i- --' -



, t II



N R.-RO,BRISSON (.< lid..

-' '7SP 42"""S.^ e a9St7^ '^ C

'J~ L .-. ---- - ---- ---- ------------- __


The f hius Thai Count!

Uaity andPrice



I he Big Store

Son hei o i iy ll he Ill
S 81sBtig point oat to.motrow.-nilY e.
S u vPrench TotleTa wlh i l ilIhellci hauling Ira gri c.
rand of Frenchl Bun-'oi. in nil tlhir le c, illiresi
At IRtE NEW DISPENSARY," 51 Queen Street,
S, Phout 9,15. (Il)v ..nd Nilh Sa.rvi ) .
S -', 'W have just leled a rli lIli l.t un t Itruts [10111 a ic i r
-' d B Otler rennch huoniK ai, ld (ui lweir Tui ltt Ouelah nuld Sweris

.3.-.-' :* ,jnl .: u
. '.J. T-`W h.. v .nq pmn leteIy tIr TrIerIc.lI H UG A In o,-r I
Ce ILe. Cmop unlei 1I.'in -"wII] yI u. (In_ 14. O

THE. NLW BAKERY, San Fernando.
1 '.' lT alu I siA o ul, die A .o bd e ont u lfki, '
,t.1 -J ltd Tobbelmb 35i d West
t ,: the,,nh dp.e;,r:. da d:.L
blglir eI A o to he the Bed,
r.m."' LTD. a Prna.nda.


I.:. Ile -,

Policeman on Larceny Charge

ii l. iih I 'gi o'' r .t e o i II
;t,] Bh ,he e.o.! L 'e o I z t'I a ,1 ,c
,- reI h imi. re~A: 1c '.., re, 1 -h RR .
Ih ,'.,.-hi Al 'i u, ',n i n a
.llR iorrnrii l iog 'r I bI Ielecliit
.,elg.iRlR RlelerCI 5lth TIhe I .enRf ,oi
propcil t ol tle,rl Ti-'enn, i'. g
from alorTg'iRe irig I.., ,:om-
LInIte -eIri een 'tiI r r I.n.d .i,- D
The P llce ,,w ll t ep,eret3Re'1 R_,f St.,
I R .c.cra iF, LL, ii iIt r t and t i Z
Alchbliald Appe ired for thie letrundqei
holIling Mr iK Th'OrD's prip ri.
Trhe 'Ifen rdlrsn rwereT hi.'rrndl Ibro
, Ib. l ,lr' e a&,s 1R.,1 l1,'L. I Ir "Ru1
c iUl edUf od 1101 h1 3 he,`L- tr. I 1, M 11-111. 4 l
TheR Sti'ge. l pTiaR l .f rul. 1 ,6it' thlle
bil lbhlcR l wR an iCc')r lingiv f .txnl i
the *oi nl l 2:.I ecch
Coalrlea av Tln1t.CCe rlhlli F lpia
or bhe reduction of bill ,,n1 I be idefrin
denIt vAcre kept In cultodif.
iohbera illke of P.nilteCc Street. a
Clsno l boalemanl lbrR'er arTel tls hreen
gitcRIone' l, he Police ,i one imivhiCi
icR In iale ,enRe RIn e b.ell llRn isIem
IlRr,, hisl 5.6llit S 1 -r'1 r'. Clcmrern
Ic'Ruie lI.c Thinre.iny i.nri bI where
1.3l1nla 1 'br'e not been Ir.ceel
Counene. lrle ,. n.coa-d ranenr l tIr R
r, inicllrn ol ball whicllh was then lilfed
s II.'Aio r.rch
I',irthir InformatlOn which his come
I0 ihe Police delloael EIhll the plan
tiler Wileir les been lu p OireP on
ouphd1lRerinblre clde ani1 ,in fli ofi ITl
nun.3 e tly Ire Val Rei .he all me
upon 1111 rhi b tl t li ilepO tied.oil i t Ill i
ol land In Ciicon Sir.TI In wl'
vciaity While iIRTd ownli elip of whlich
ii-s becu drielenid br nil lie nelilhboDn:.
I'he unclimnmri loarli were Itkn a to
the S a Rllo.
A LRG:'. IS Li .
S lr RRupel U t Archbl.d., I'. l' r at
La.. hal bee ppi I It., IR1'
acellencfy Ile ociveraor in reiti-e Ih
Barges LII oj Ibe IlnorouRb Cat.-cill aor
lthe est 1923.
& 'irfg Vet.aillB liow wIIi ;b
given Is Ban I'einatdlio al the Nes
I fewyle to edht lldimoe'rc1\ Tihe
tionuvoflI ul, HiailtI sm'ctprptsel Ihree
Sciipnble American lldle s id a co'u
bhinnatilon ol loca llentr eepieeited by
Sam. Jtbnnle Walker, Phblll.n, Ned and
O'Binii with Jo uan Iehrl plainlr. I
Tbhe PregaIm .ii i Inclde toniege
declnsg. d >ll 115um ler end bhsnmorn...
Jlien and cou lairsloUnI. rllj iepar-i
ion ban been nfudn I0 ncrlnnimodsrr
rhe lirse I lntcldaaCe and :pli.Caal uand
44oBablte senlgs rWel gnariltIesL.


Huge sh
Mule Cc
V Water (
House E

SATImDTAY. tlY 18 22.


oot Fly Paper, Glass Fruit Jars
iipnent Coal and fron Pots
y and Steamer Cutlasses
dollars (Euglish and -inericau) dollar Pa',,
Coolers, Cafitieres, Cooking Pots
Bruoms. Bass .Broom.-
cOILET ,'APER..6c Roll.



]1. r. o---Yr--
S I ri,, I, rl,. l.* 'l, h' .



I.I'u] 1 ,..1

Ahheged !Wdundrg'a fohcattle frill ...w, -lv, -iIni


0 1 i ..'b u- I

I lie

he' I!bR.jI

I D I "; R" IC'.i., .,

Lil r ~

'S Hj~ = D1 rc~ns2

IL.~ I h

1> u!}it -J

At Bedtime
When you feel you want a drink lst
thing at night take the best of nlllhot
AlWays keep a bottle of Bovril handy. It
is such an impor'int and useful food that no
household should ever be without it. Bovril
provides a nioir fishing meal in a minite-it
gives new energy, it protects against colds and
chills. It tempis the appetite in illness aind
convalesceice \vlhen solid foodg are di'ta'steful,
.-Have you tried a spoonful ofBovril'in hot
milk before retiring ?

a shave

Isn the House. |
* O U ',




-,D X RA
---- I --- E
,ff '' ^" -.'.-:'. -^ ..T.\ -. -

,2-^ lo&J h / -. R j X R 7 -_..,""

.'. ,-.. -

I . .. tat go
I i~flg' fTh

ji E

[UN Asi
I r lb Cr3 ti l S 111:,%)

S 'I BOYD & U 0C O.

J ; .M ARI -. .. .. l .. --- .

Tri idad riLin nrac





Telephone : Telegraphic Address
No 146 San Fernando DRILLER TRINIDAD


Well stocked Bar Downstairs and Saloon-
and Bar Upstairs with Barber's Saloon.V
Courteous and Civil Attention Guaranteed. 'Phone 10 ,
Proprietor ... C: C. DA SILVA, -"


_ _ ___ _ __ ____ _I_ ___

A C,

THE K.10


z y


U lir,j IIIII


J L,





Four Beautijul designs now on Show. The colours are per

Z excgedingly pretty, Call and see them. Price : : : .40 yard.

SALVATOR, SCOIT ., Th Trinid Stores

Ae 4 AV WL
rrrrrerr~r~v&Yr57zCoZ,Cz c LTJSZZS'j -

SI p. o pron Pro.eedIng toI
"HAUD Rh .I " t ......... I. .i.
HALEUR 15July 15 July I i. r....
FP O O 13 aUl" Isa Bet-
dUTUBOUND y I. 7 Ju. 1 maas4, nd North- Dme
H" GNECTO 21 July 1 I t l 1 eru Ialnuds. I
HEay Baggago ult b eo delhvorol to tho Company's Lightor at th e Sn
ino o ryat1 b att l t.t O U d 1 o, tc. it of aiug N-rtl.bhsnod.
IOnt loard h g ob Ie tako on te Tcntr.
l s'P^ rscog 'rtd.rIt in', ,,t dotty or 5 p.m. on sorting doyo.
A~lt sr', nahijeot lt c i~ug wtthCtt o.tiee.

ET pa6 ogorc, ora rou--:ted LO -- thult ihcir lbngI c i prorcr i
irr thl i oott. Lri. l d .. is 1.0 cLtno It tic Cmr,pun.y'a Oit ,o. AlI] preon-
e ho gor bho uld be' insured Th o Comp;,a nccl.t no rc(.pno6tillty for it.
Tickot will be inrued at the Company'a Oflces only.
I R igular Sr -Le frontm N t" York to C d,:' bourg, t, -t l.r..ption und IlatoUL rg
by largo andi luxoricu EloLmnra t f tiLr "Oldutina" m'i' d "\V ndy.h.' cli as.


IF you are satisfied with the Set
F up and general appearance of
your Advertisements in The.
theft we feel we are entitled
to consideration when you
are thinking of placing orders
f for the Printing of Office



Eugene Boisslere & Co.
H. A. Creamery Butter ... at 96c per double tin
Small Edam Cheese ... at 36c per lb
Finest French Claret $35.00 per half cask
'PHONE 252 .

Central Boardof Health GONS,-A pspm., ....,.,
,:1t.r .,Bo,,,,,ofiH,,,,fahr ,l StM,, I I PRICES MOST MODERATE
NTC ) h "Or.11et- TU I ^Strong, Scrviceable for thi7 Ra' r1
S, , 0 ....i ,: to .. PRE .MIER GROCERS Season
is" '- '-,- T n p i -' s n,' Ltit lir' - -- |1,,11 Lr IT CE i
Km,"^:..'.-':,,",1 ..1 .'. er NEW SHIPMENi-Y 11111
r4. sltse c I 1: p t' i r s
\ -.t't1.1.- -r.l r ih J u HUNTLEY & -PAL\LMER'S
Si s s t si..l ...o- /- .. . C.. ..s e embroicl. 1i ry a, : inrsing Con F OR
r ,' l ,'i '.'ll l ,u e C 1 I, ,h,1 I', [' 'w I" .' ,re 1 1,6 V uh L i h , 1., F O R :J-.R
i. ,1- I I .' ire, c l ,ot o, l a i' c i. ., .
P. t te.sttre. -I h toru nnd AIn cruds 01irr-sn ind
.n .1.... .. 1.. er, ut u. l ana per Tin$l..0 -
S L" *-ci l r I l I II'I rcn[[- I ICED FRUIT CAKE Lag,. T,.i Tan \Xil Call H0 H F,'j[ i i Eo-, -.-- --
S .' .. c l r I t 5 40 v Black B ;ox CaIll De$rby i4.
.. 'L ....". i. I r A' hl t- r. ,l.i .- c / T an \\'il'c,.l Cal. L;.rogui S1hoe- .10. 1-
lrt 'n rT n wily. DaTr',. Sh,-ue $C Sii
1 ... in hr tn .rsuI. tF11 P ull Pel llbt in 30c Tar, W llo, Dcrb'., Bo tcs,.

...t.. B l.RR n iE' ....H HEO W D S s .. From Monday Morning Counter-F ell!:o v. ,
,, ' I Rernnants a Bargain Prit:cs.
S ..LI--Isi". ,11-.1 [1:
IL.... i .... ,. i I. '.. r ,ot h SB -- -- L
:" r.-s.Bit....." a' "I .- .. .- in THE CALEDONIAN HOUSE.
-I, % I I I A R G VR i N F, ....i,,,I' h.
L ost-c. 'srs i ,1 rr [c tt ,It lb i ns lull ie-ghl -32c

W- 1 4l,'-ai hi jd adi ct-_ r I nrlf .'i.%
MONrSEBRAT LOO.iL, ROAD h o-, f .l-l-tg 3t Ir lohG ,1 lib tns 72c F _sssi i l ho >,.5 c :'r ',-:. .sic -s i]",- ,0 i hrp i r ',s t (l
BOARD inAl,. in 1 re dI t .i of a c-,,l --- c :. I72 cni .r- ,1 mrue r .,jt., t r r n. jltr t r ca,,s , ,., W l, '
S b__ 'l I, pu gn g arIt In front ol ,I n, \5T ril [ i i it C i. i n:.t r "" .
In L ... ro, h -Isten it o i s Ih t o, d crd It II d ,1.. fi e., ad then Il. T. "i""nt r., e ,or ,r. n so :r, h is lt tao our iccIc orc IIe
So B,. c L'-i l ,, :ll l i e ii .... .i n IO R S i .FS ul i .. "i l i :r l "
t?, i I.. Sc so .. IF ,. "-ibt ,-o uIe. tsn '-, n 0 h., rI ,_ ...r l Is Ii.,., Is e
it. ..aI-Ichcg. I 'onnet-i-n it .a J Ihe RaoalI Usc of Frrle t tzors in Fropical Agriculiure
l i!. n -, sto ,O s r,,,, .i.s.[ .*ll i]l; I hi
nsl lo se, 1, c.- irt Wthc, -r, l t'. t.] o tl g-,t'hr C. I n r1 in .,.hr. Iar I c:r'a: 1 t, .,I The Culivaton an. M ,nurir.g ol uS tar Cane
ith "i,, cI'[.`' 1 t 0 l. .- bo r lrdcrd- rd n, inn i1i .91 i i j 1 I. i "The Culllrato. and Manunna of VeceleLik and Ground
i i T ClIedatod n and MN.urr,ng ol M,scellaneoc.u, Tropical
I- ^I 'h;t'*... l .. 'i ."." A aERICA and Su Tropical Fruit.. (
I.--....' ..... ot D IAcM O0 N D C R EP A M S .. o.. n ',: ,:,I,, s. ,- il', : i... I.. ...
,.nl i, rorr, THE EX-KAISER'S MEMOIRS. 0ib Tubs $3 50 I Per lb 48c Chilean Nitrate Committee,
,c rln ture- 1. 100 CASES 68 South Quay. Port-of-Spain P.O. Bx 234
Neret of the noe .1 tIe ormer HA1G & SHAIG l _ =
t- ...- [eRirs -... hail to .e, O-- -- HAIG & HAIG--, in .t Ilc inu, the i ta ian IF e Stars Scots Liqueur
WE PRINT, BIND AND Ie -.. .. 'irs ...t c .. o K Y YOUt CAN GET
RULE riocrn 1.%. lc. t riCoossiorreivr ltsntorons \T[J 7YI O lC N \GET
RULE I ,-.:i1 ,. W H0I 1,- K. I I
Ol'l'f ir rlilTl',h.,i ll 1 noil 1I 1r. iTht So. I.. It- l \'.t.r['.ll heitdlt sC. r !
S .is occ.u. i iahire rl].tr Hi.. ici Per Case $26.00 | Per Bol 2..10
We ooU Oriitomr and Blilpping Formn ,111 cIo n oIll i the I 1 t- ctieC, I _V_ b%
oomproan7 Formns. aoor-nrenr Voiiall, rie.p O rt, I- i.rt \til Ihat rfee.vcel --
era. Bnalll'fs' Frormii. OoCo Books, L, I I-. endi r c. n T oe ilcp-,rndertl
BOI ty ContrlbutloB eg1 I.n tr, Ori Ioci l Il l t tiTnNolliR to pli1v 1o TO THE WHV OLESALEet DRUG .BtArDE. /', i^f ) iIE
Book., BcrlLbtlng Pads, ac.. Be. ihel K.,,- era eoiprna nt the ortlbrres
WE MAKE RUBBER STAMP rnd t ei1D lT'a BYe FiI, 1 doz Lo,, it
ell Stnmp P.Ida, Dutira Prrtnttnc ofllli.. .r. I k .nor I nlrie o 'T t' iOI ,tT'S S YI I ,s dioz. Lt.... 'I" I
Acco. orle ..... i..b c..iidii Holie' ollern in Il lo. L A n i ELECTRIC BULBS
---- lat.s v.-% tied I ih clhealp inolto ltoI l I SALTS, Sri t.r tIJltb.. |I "
-The Horsford Printing nwoolt, dclmr' tIOWAIDo LrioM SALTS, ;I o I.r
I ti its Nolth notrinl tht lhe entire- l. hi I AT
W works Ltd,, (,('cTImtt. r Fre' trninto an- rIn the uOWARD'S QLININC it,. r,
1S AbL-recrubo y 56 bri s 5 rlont cl... | sr nlcisi cl rli, tre c\. I c- ,t 6 so.r ounIo.
in raer w1F paid $2.St),000 io fire CASTOR OL a p.- gnuo .
anti tl0 Ole 0n 11 nI LI, ES, s.i In! a 1l,
BE NA' i r n t l i. T.AT8 Alllabury's alykl), "Le. 'r, f r
BENARES1t -eIo ro 11 re i ng aldroxi doz,
trint.1,lvy sir l',Ot. il n0 m rki. FIlUIT SALTS, DOAN'S KirN-.Y r J l -
BRASS WARES, Piofensor "udig Si,,. ftegn ;PILS?, OE WIxTTotKol. bE
1, Ipoilti.'alteperttoftlhe Ul4itein pscIrs, PILLS, and O "ILL "COO"LPOL,,,D1
econl, toa f-nPot-page c-,lunrsn oi ....TE .A TOE I
Mirzapur Carpets, Solar Helmets .Ae s h e nr, ;ete o te NTER t a I( TORE.A Whiter Light, A Brighter Light
Malacca Cane Sticks, ljtcs. e the NnI tI 4 r, aecreek St. 'PLn son ,
lenturca ,1 hrnlling stoar-v. sInrOlllly
Silk & Embroidered- Goods, Etc. of a 1, Ltr.t ne fi in.' of hor, thie .______________ ___ __
S' Kaiser I o..k woas bought afier rn Os DM At/Dr I0 "
I eniiacinal rice and .. hard. clean D o I r vS'
TIkALL INPIA STORES, "&,I uc. i4pot....1n Antecican K D F R A & GO b24 FREDERICK J
A ,Thegrariu orgai PePetttnchle To- ;, FREDERICK V-
2o ChLote ste t Po-f-Spair geV ltung defends the Kartrer o t STREETr .- -
nI. 't tllng the -ook to Americans. j" -


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LYUJ 1; 2

Red Star Diaper'
lOx22 at 1 80 i 10z24 t $1S.9"

III a aco J=1 at "Mariae * MIERUBE...T H o, e, e or -o be .te. e e HABITUAL CRIMINALSEAST INDIAN MAN
I -ErJZ C" US ;.] La t% -mNDME_ or OF -en-m -ROBBED.
.. . . ro e i e- i - . r e tt',l a-,- O--.DI.6. ,.ANCE. -.. .
TpS P. ---lPe. r -- -t a r! ,i;- t: s.. r. ,i b-secIa (.2) of sa, iSn 2 of theS FOR
n TO a CH R dCH. !e t . ... - .d-ds ..ta f rco w' -r -.. r S tre t LE s H tab al Crn im a- Or ,M ., I PICK POCK ET.
Two -laspc r I i a i: 1- a-n t ;i t h S a RlouemCamel is C a A p -_ n-IdNorma r tr
r M ar7 M arti sn z tl thbrg. o t l I IT Dr.1 o- ore .r o a f ter f Gopoo a xe Atwe ar- Haby court isay I hee hag i h a m te m es pneal lrew
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On q.M r s o t ..A r t a o r r 'w i.t IrP- r ted % o m %: 1.i c rta se. "" mad ea J ttes 19S when hir utore.
dal c and a, ol.t.1 ab,:-It, pr '--prs .a ap; 4-7 4 t .e sO1 E A ,. ,net. l Lp, -, ocn,, p t ilyl etn b am ate -lieotherstorpe-ttand.larceyw... bnd larceny s.
n. -. .m so tte-& .o n Si m.i... t. t d U 1- .-ts. i t C bL r...t !o iln O I p n a n -neetr hm our liienas ie ; r Acting Cit-a S olrrate
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a- i ta t i- t .... -t5z ere =.mee ms *tp L a'A1z ;.u..- kim ..ia s mac to o order e obtainr- B rt an n Sn =- s
S o "- at H A-. lei .al : S.: o 'b',. -. -- 7 .: '. -. a.. : -. - l r, ti.t .T, Ca h I a r whas
? 'I -', 11"f'. r r -"d a "t-i t 'a. J -,, o i mr ay i of L-uc i iI a ny 't t kIi i nte trln tea i to ited Mitani
O- e h= -io r' .i t " k :: sa e =,=- - t ih l i3 rM-el g; :. !, '. ,, XM" -.T I aser I Ba c e 71 h eB a C ito hCo aS .

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Stie !r"o- ei .. the Detem hL e .a It pwthere i bythe

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a k'IPt'j.. r i- s *.- I I1 c oo I-o-,: n-, h, -r I t -i .o ios 'oe -5 t h; it DI h i B 1 k c oa

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I' i :k" e s or __ _i i 'a cke lll) r ,LTa et A, 'he,. 7 ,' .i ', r.l T e: e; Lr t; -l r I TH b e e n Te teIis

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o' L 'L 'r r - b ,' . .erL 'aiI. i- Il I i i"r- th.e hi ,," *i dur a4 aEis tle c nc ar .d I nla p ..
- -- '" n'iL rat-rh o - .-hm 'and other ineseDishes e tre the i-3 l o le oBispockb
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2 IT.- 'I. 1r1 ) l A .T !ma&k w tp order a e robtain- imce s ilat:rrbirey hter I*nated s
Lt*' b d, i .7. 'rlr ls a l ol 'P lk I iPm'.a'D- hItt1 b it

sir I!' t\' zeirtet a r-si. ood uly d.f y Tb TairaoRan

A Paramount Picture. a bt Oie t t C h

,. 60d Hoc-de ": ald 24c Pit 15lo
C s7.n' eeon Eh d iteodnnt. Ioatmeai

I 4. 73" -9 9E. tOATt t15 At a i t

n child bringing Key an dsciptio to t Matnee -how o- this picture will be admitted at half price, 0 apr e e
. TH I It K 4 B- ..-co-a ..... T ooR-etIr Com -y. -
!L rr I- A Para ont Pc rloe. w
j* S'-DtY: A,- !'-'o- an Cred- It: I-o --e,- lIno-eo-o o t a -o Si tll id I to ed e



S. A -Parme unt Pctre.

H, e ri a' Ley.ii tah Plaow to wpoaner Goo rof M. p c ot h ll b andmttd a a p v
T 0)ii THngtga e nyds Eipi NtoIGHT MatOccIShowo tiDpcUre.. willRbe ao Cmtt edya af oc.


MatLnee Saturday 4.30.


8.30 ITo-night

SThe Cruise of the

Suda" : li Make: Believes"

S_ __. E11.BDR" U
y 8 "TI WORLD 1(KI -- "
.. t iat._a -


" Matinee Saturday 4.30


Wm. S. HART in

"The Poppy Girl's Husband."

Everyone from Balcony to Pit will have a chance to win
the Merry Widow'Ptize to-night.

.*.j^ -^f j~a~a~efjCs~tf^jg~gtS~g~i^t~~~ihSa i^

f,':.IIUAD U.IA A Nait -Prnt d.< fo the Trinidad P blimu, Co. by J Prt dge, raing t
Pa+,{. +-,; r' ,, .,
V f >-',- I iIi III i i t II

To-night and To-morrow NigM
The Russian Refugee Violntilt
l:alian Baritore Singer,
Wacse sphl:ndid performance-s qt the hImpirc have d-lizhled tl
loring fc!Lk f Por-of Spain wrl entertain San Fcrnandian..
S PrFw:-Bmay., L It s, ; Bck ; B .; l,2.;

:e '

SF..I i. H NLE l Ll., __._._ILS
To-night and Sunday 2nd 1 HE SYNCO)PATED VAUOCF
CO.-9a.Artiri.,. coambriing 3 American Lady Dance
-.,2 ..o. ctn..ts ta eNew. Y ior -.---'AJohnnie Walker, Befki
SNed.Al Philips and O Bnen (Comedtaun "with Johnstoi
S the Piano nd L Walcolt directing th- Cnmpany. Pi
gramme comprises latest New Yok Dances by -iae
So angi Kail. ue', rnot. QJ irtltta. :ketche Jokes. Picu
Entire change of Programme each night
Prices !alcon 3s. Area 2s & I- 6d Pi Iis.

i s


Marine Engines
(34a9to 49EL SLUM

AZPd snunn- erh-.nbls

Dalton & Co., Limited:
Port-ol-Spaim. Trinidad.
Karmat ManuactarhingCaan..MUi )
cao CAMa.-KE2Ua-





'1 t"r

A fresh shipment of HOLLANDIA MILK is ready ft
distribution. .
It is proven thmt two Lino of HOLLANDIA yield the "
result as three tius of any of ihe other brands. -
It olvioMly follow that each tin of HOLLANDIA is wal
one third niore but its price is not higher than that
It is to yoor adrantage to use none but HOLA*N 'll
. he bt in Quality and Cheapeast iiane.
very retail dealer is nppoid to sell lIOLLANDIA. -"
pa,- 9a't Wui. it. please ,il us a-nd we will re to N
that 'o be npleid.
Bay HOLIANDIA and help to keep dowa I he price of ,M
Us in a Trinidad Hwcpha and Gmuaent Inst

4 Marine Square .



Why Run The Ritk?
O U may oe, or ." robbed of,
money carried in your pocket or
kept at home. Why run the risk.
* T PDeposit -r wages&-, 2w, larv, in our
Sa. a Departfmentf draw oqy (por
s,^our, inea~to reqiieremejs and
*- -. tlU prof-tiq 'ount arnin >,'. .: -

Capital Paid up $15OI-X., L\j
Resern c V. 5..., o,00
Port of Spain Branch T.P 'ahcaeei. .n t-soe


ti& t TI j


" ,+,d